John Martyn DVD


John Martyn’s ‘The Apprentice in Concert’ is released on DVD tomorrow.

Recorded in 1990 at London’s Shaw Theatre, David is a special guest and plays on the tracks ‘John Wayne’ and ‘Look At That Girl’.

This concert was released on video in August 1990. Long since deleted, it’s naturally hard to find and much sought-after by collectors.

Let us know what you think of it if you have it on video. We’d like to know if you think it’s worth fellow fans adding it to their DVD collections or not.

A live double album, ‘Dirty, Down & Live’ was also released in 1999.

It’s the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ screening tomorrow. The blog will be open for comments, but none will be published until Tuesday afternoon, so please bear that in mind when posting. Thank you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Best wishes with the Pulse screening. Exciting stuff. It was while hunting around for a DSOT or Pulse DVD that I found this bloggie place. Still prefer the DSOT version of Sorrow to the Pulse version though.


  2. Not familiar with J. Martyn. Please elaborate on this musician Fed.

    Portugal and France, I’m in heaven,wow. Good luck to the final 4.

    [Have a look at this website, Frank. – Features Editor]

  3. Dear Fed,

    to Howard Bayliss: you said “I am now back in Canada and already miss Greece. The countryside was beautiful”…

    Could you send us a postcard from Greece? we all could travel through postcards, posted in our blogs or else. What do you think about that, Fed?

    Well, I’ll post one for you in a few days (when I’m back… euh, I wonder if I will be back… Oh HOLIDAYS!!!)

    Have a nice week, and Bonnes Vacances… (sorry, Fed)

    Ikkar, with love

    [Fine by me. – Features Editor]

  4. majestic, i love the music you do, i was lucky to watch the concert you gave in new york, on april 4th, i’ve cryed for an hour, it was quite emotional when david came out playing castellorizon.

    so, thank you very much!
    tobias, from argentina.

  5. Ooh, so you’re going are you F Ed? Lucky sod! Have an indecent amount of fun.

    [Thank you. Did you say “fun” or “beer”? – Features Editor]

  6. Didn’t know it was going to be released on dvd, just ordered it!.

    John’s the man!!!!!!!!

  7. We’re touching on David’s concert appearances so it is probably appropriate to mention that while sitting in the traffic this morning I had on a CD ripped from the stereo soundtrack of the Meltdown DVD, and for a while I was carried off into another world by David’s playing.

    It reminded me of how special it was to be in attendance those three nights at the RAH, and how finally seeing David live and at close quarters was an occasion (in fact, three occasions) that’ll stay with me forever. Images from those concerts are forever swirling through my mind in quiet moments.

    David has stated something to the effect that he finds it hard to come to grips with being such a big thing in people’s lives. But that is the power and beauty of (true) art, its ability to captivate and enthrall, and leave a lasting impact on its audience. Our ability recognise, appreciate and elevate art that is one of the key attributes that differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. By association with his or her art, the artist is elevated too and becomes a focus of admiration. David, as an artist, is one of those special individuals who reminds us of the beauty of the human race and its achievements (amidst all our negative attributes) and allows us to transcend the ordinary and everyday.

    With respect to David’s celebrity, I read the other day of Paul McCartney lamenting the fact that people currently seem to be more interested in him as a “celebrity” than as a musician. However from reading and contributing to this blog, and maintaining a general interest in all things Floyd, it is my overwhelming impression that on the whole it is the music that is important, rather than any voyeuristic fascination with David as a celebrity. I mean, we all love David and I’d bet there’s not one of us on this blog who wouldn’t give away his or her grandmother at a moment’s notice to meet him, but it is the music, first and foremost, that touches us.

    I’m not at all sure I’ve put this eloquently, but I hope everybody gets the gist of what I’m saying.

    [I thought you put it beautifully. Well said. – Features Editor]

  8. Caption: Although having only played keyboards on the studio release of OAI, Phil has an “axe to grind” as he demonstrates his abilities as a riffologist and confident guitarsmith. (Each new pic makes it harder and harder for me to come up with a caption. I like the challenge).

    Hey Fed! The last 2 days I thought there might of been a bit of a blog jam. But I gathered you must of been getting a little R&R (you deserve it) or with all the captions for Friday’s post,you had a lot of sorting out to do (I try not to tread the fine line).

    Hope everything is alright in Gilmourworld (Don’t get ‘Fed’ up, your doing a great job! A lot of fun for me). 8^D

    [Bless you. Everything’s great, thank you. – Features Editor]

  9. Caption:

    Phil keeps asking himself, “How does David get that sound out of his guitar?”

    Brian from upstate NY

  10. Caption Competition..

    The Phil Manzanera animatronic puppet broke down mid song and the engineer worked furiously to replace the receiver just under its right armpit…

  11. Heelo Hello Hello is there anybody in there?, Just type if you can hear me , is there anyone at home……, Hi Fed and all, i have the above on video and i for one will be updating on to dvd as the video is a realy good album its worth adding to your collection

  12. Caption:

    David, it is OK that I borrow this Strat for awhile. Yes?


    No David, I swear this one is Eric Clapton’s and not your black strat.


  13. Hi Fed. I’ll wait with interest to hear what people have to say about the John Martyn DVD.

    I was wondering if the new Pulse DVD is predominantly the Earls Court concert like the one aired on TV or a combination of venues?! Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Incidentally I reckon the new Pulse DVD will be released and arrive before my new TV arrives that I ordered 3 weeks ago. There’s a lot to be said for interenet ordering! There is no way I am watching that concert on a piddly little 20″ thing in mono 🙁

    [It’s the same concert, but with lots of extras. – Features Editor]

  14. Nothing to say about John Martyn’s DVD, I don’t even know who is John Martyn…

    But, about the picture above, I would like to say that I have a great respect for Phil Manzanera, being a rock star and being able to stay in the shadow on David’s tour. he also was very nice to fans, giving autographs with a big smile.


  15. As I remember, John’s introduction of David at the Shaw was “hey – there’s some freak on stage!” As well as John Wayne and Look… David also played beautifully to “One World” – hope this is also on the DVD.

    It was fantastic to see two of the greatest british musicians ever on stage together. Saw John play near Huddersfield recently with Spencer Cozens on keys and Alan Thompson on bass – a great gig, though John’s between song ramblings incomprehensible from the start! Great to see him back on stage – he still has the old magic.


  16. It was a hot and sultry evening in old London town and I’ve just returned from the private screening of the new PULSE DVD, due to be released next week.

    A full and detailed description of events will follow in due course once I’ve had time to gather my thoughts, but first of all I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ again to FEd and the team for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. I met up with fellow bloggers Nick & Adrian (good to meet you boys) and between the three of us we had a thoroughly memorable evening.

    Details will follow soon enough but let’s just leave a little teaser shall we?

    Did I say we saw Guy?

    And Phil Manzanera?

    And Dick Parry?

    And Storm Thorgeson?

    And Nick?

    And Richard?

    And David?

    Sees ya’ll soon


    [Glad you enjoyed it, mate. – Features Editor]

  17. What’s your picks Fed and Sned. I’m taking Germany and France.

    [I fancy Germany to go all the way. – Features Editor]

  18. have fun at the screening. all this gilmour is so great. it’s what we needed for years and years.

    keep it coming please.

  19. Hi all,

    What a day! I SHOOK DAVID’S HAND! 🙂

    I don’t normally get all gooey over physical contact, but it was immensely cool to shake David by the hand and to say thank you. I know I’m a nobody in the bigger picture of being a fan amongst literally millions and millions, but it was one of those things that I have always wanted to do. I said it to Colin and Adrian – it was definitely a checkbox in my ‘list of things I have to do before I die’, although I hadn’t held out high hopes for fulfilling it.

    So, how the heck did this happen? Thanks to the wonderful FEd I went to the Pulse DVD preview/press release along with Colin and Adrian (competition winner + the Mermaid Two). I’ll try to recount as much as I can, but there was just SO much to enjoy.

    Leicester Square was still baking hot at 6.00pm when I got there. I parked up in a bike bay next to Leicester Square, and as I got off my bike I noticed literally hoardes of women and quite a few police. Turned out that the Pirates of the Carribean premiere was on and Johnny Depp was there….hence frequent and random bursts of female shrieks. It’s a hard life having to fight your way through this kind of crowd on the way to see a private screening of the impending Pulse DVD 🙂

    Anyhow, met up with Adrian and Colin beforehand and we went to the cinema. There were a few nervous moments when we got there because our names weren’t on any lists – and we got that ‘uh oh, not again’ feeling – but DG’s PF person saved the day with a quick call – the tickets were en-route and arrived a few minutes later, much to our relief 🙂

    We passed Nick Mason being interviewed and photographed signing a statue of the Pulse cover icon (two Pulse eyes vertically stacked). Pretty cool entry sliding behind Nick and onwards into the unknown.

    There were drinks beforehand and the three of us took a position in the bar area. Dick Parry strolled by. We looked at each other and grinned. Adrian points out that Phil Manzanera is just behind him. Guy walks past a seated Storm Thorgeson. We look at each other again and grins get wider. “Kind of feels like we’re in a trendy bar” I think Colin remarked and I know exactly how he felt. It felt kind of surreal just hanging out as brilliance casually swirled around us. Definitely felt way out of my league in an amazing way. Oh, and tonnes of journos that fortunately all looked the same, and I looked the same as them (balding, glasses, stripy short sleeve shirts, occasional helmet) so blending in was easy (apart from the permagrin).

    At about 7.15pm we all head downstairs to the screening. Just before Stuart Maconie introduces the evening, Colin and I are eavesdropping on a pair of the journalists in the seats behind us, having a conversation about PF/DG/RW and about artists performing as they get older. They were talking so much crap that I almost wanted to interrupt and correct, but lack of bottle and unfamiliar surrounding kept me in check. One of them admitted that he hadn’t heard OAI…which pretty much destroyed his argument instantly.

    So, the DVD – we saw 1 hour and 15 mins edited from the FOUR HOURS of footage on the Pulse DVDs. It was amazing to watch it again and to relive parts of it. I was there on Thursday 13th October 1994, which was the 2nd night – which became the 1st night after the mishap with the stands. I watched the video a few times after it, but I hadn’t watched it in literally 10 years…so seeing it again, especially in the context of the Royal Albert Hall shows recently (as well as Roger Waters on Saturday) was enlightening.

    What hit me immediately was how everyone looked so much younger, and with so much more hair! Some classic hair from everyone involved – no-one escaped, save maybe Dick Parry.

    Musically it instantly hit the right PF places, but what really hit me was just how much David’s playing has improved. Not that it was bad, I don’t mean that as a left-handed compliment, it’s just amazing to see/hear a song like SOYCD from Pulse and from the recent RAH shows so closely together because the improvement is amazing. I know it’s 14 years or something, but it’s a wonderful thing when your musical hero just gets better and better over time.

    There was non-concert footage edited in there which was lovely to see – lots of shots showing the sheer scale of the stage/equipment/rig/tourstuff, as well as some lovely relaxed mucking about shots. Endearing stuff and a peek into an otherwise closed world. I’m looking forward to these kind of extras on the DVD as much as I am the concert footage itself.

    I forgot how impressive the Earl’s Court lasers, lighting and audiovisual had been, especially the films spliced throughout the performance. The DVD appears to have this faded in and out through the music, so as to accompany the music. There’s SO much to read into and to have fun with that you can probably watch that DVD multiple times and still keep noticing new things.

    After the screening, David, Richard and Nick sat down at the front of the stage on three leather armchairs and were briefly interviewed by Stuart Maconie (who asked some really dumb questions if I’m honest) and then it was opened up to Q&A from the floor. Usually at my university I’m the one asking too many questions, but I just couldn’t come up with a good one to ask. Some great questions that I wish I’d asked, like what did they think of the Scissor Sister’s cover of CN, to which David smiled broadly and said “entertaining”. Big smiles all round. Nick said that he liked the interpretations, like Dub Side of the Moon, more than the tribute bands that “perfectly copy our mistakes”. Another question was the eternal Oz question, but this one was whether any of them had tried it, which had everyone laughing.

    What was lovely to see was the friendship between the three of them. They played off each other and all seemed very relaxed and open. There was an open acknowledgement (and inherent acceptance) that they worked on their various projects, including each others (and David alluding to Nick’s recent work with Roger). I just wish I could have come up with a good question, but I was just loving the moment and I wasn’t going to ask a question just for the sake of it (but I was damn close!).

    On the way out David, Richard, Nick and Guy filed out past me…so I smiled at David and said ‘thanks very much’ and shook his hand. Briefly introduced myself to Guy (hi guy!) and Nick and then floated outside. People were taking photos and cameraphone pics, getting albums signed – maybe I should have, but the only memory I need is in between my ears. I pressed the flesh with my musical idols and it made today very special. I can’t quite explain how it feels, but it feels like something I had to do has been done. I didn’t expect to get the opportunity, but I’m just so grateful that I did.

    So, FEd’ll Fix It, today you fixed it for a 35 year old Floydhead to meet Pink Floyd 🙂 I can’t thank you enough. Really. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – you’re ace 🙂 xxx

    Oh, and the Pulse DVD is going to be seriously kickass…Monday 10th July…

    Thanks FEd, thanks David et al. for just being you, thanks Colin and Adrian, thanks bloggers 🙂

    Loved up in London,


    p.s. Happy Independence Day to all the americans amongst us 🙂

    [You’re more than welcome. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

  20. By the way for our U.S. based friends, I heard that there will be a repeat of an interview show David recorded for the show ROCKLINE. This interview talks track-by-track about On An Island. In New York, the show will air on Wednesday night (7/5) at 11 or 11:30 PM (I’m not sure of the exact time) on Q104.3. The link will give you some additional details. I don’t know if you can listen to this streaming off your PC. Maybe FEd can help fill in the blanks here.


    [I’m one big blank, sorry. – Features Editor]

  21. In 1993 I was given this as a farewell gift from my musical friend Bruce Stringer as i departed to the uk with my band the the australian pink floyd show and i had never heard of John Martyn.

    I was of course gasping at the fact the lord gilmour was on there and ever since i have had a most pleasurable relationship with this show.

    It is intimate and john is excellent, he plays some beautiful delayed les paul riffs in one song…sorry title eludes me presently, anyway….DG came on and while he didn’t do a gilmour he meandered about teasing and even john martyn was egging him on.

    The most annoying thing is, unless this is on the extras, if there are any, is that on a compilation DVD i have there is a sound check clip from this show which has David doing nearly all the delayed guitar in another tune not in the show and it’s excellent! along with a short settee confined interview.

    Regardless, answer to the question, it is definitely worth getting, even if DG wasn’t on it, like i said, i hadn’t heard of John Martyn before and this show is lovely, i was shocked to read you saying it is coming out which is why i have just blurted this out excitedly.

    Love the site, love the man.



  22. Hello dear Fed and you all,

    I’m going to translate a little bit of an interview by DG on an italian daily newspaper “Il Messaggero” (Rome)

    The writer is Marco Molendini.Title is a programmatic “declaration”:”Pink Floyd?..I’m thinking of the future””..”My music is for coming years and I think the optimum is trying to forget the days of “the glory”…”.

    …”Roger Waters is the one who has the right and privilege in touring with “Dark side of the moon”.Most part of that music and words were written by him”…”There is no more rancour or bad feeling..if in a recorder studio we could play and stay together but it is NOT MORE TIME for reunion or mega tours…”..”Now we’re sixty y.o. men,we started many years ago to have girls and money but, on the road, we have had a wonderful story,we created something absolutely new,we did “THE RESEARCH” and “THE CONCEPT” music…but now,now it’s so different..!”..”I’m a husband,a happy husband and father and I work with my wife…and…I don’t understand Keith and Mick (Rolling Stones)…may be they are still amusing themselves on touring…!!! Mr Gilmour will play with his band in Italy on 2nd Aug in Firenze and on 4th and 5th Aug in Venezia.

    And that’s all.

    A little bit sad story…
    Kisses from Diana,Italy

  23. Well said sergio (from Brasil) – we would be certainly happy to find english subtitles useful for fans and students who want to improve their english in the most pleasant way!

    tonight Italia – Germany, which would you like to win?

    no news about Tom Stoppard Rock’n’Roll- I’m going to London next August, shall I go and see it?


  24. what’s rolf harris doing in the background (left of pic)? i thought he was in james a’s band!

    caption: “oi! phil! get out of the way. they can’t see rolf playing wobbleboard!”

  25. [Thank you. Did you say “fun” or “beer”? – Features Editor]

    Wouldn’t have had you down as a beer drinker… hope you behaved yourself! I’ll resist badgering you for all the details as you’re a very busy F Ed.

    [Two beers. Sad, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  26. I’m not sure that I understand very well [I fancy Germany to go all the way – Features Editor], if so, I’m very disappointed, Fed, I thought you would have prefered Italy-France for the final, at least to please Lucia and me…


    [Je n’ai pas une préférence. Je me sens que l’Allemagne gagnerai (?) la Coupe du Monde. I just feel that, after seeing Germany beat Argentina with such great team spirit, they will win this tournament. Good luck to all four teams. May the best one win. – Features Editor]

  27. [What a day! I SHOOK DAVID’S HAND! 🙂 I don’t normally get all gooey over physical contact, but it was immensely cool to shake David by the hand and to say thank you. I know I’m a nobody in the bigger picture of being a fan amongst literally millions and millions, but it was one of those things that I have always wanted to do. I said it to Colin and Adrian – it was definitely a checkbox in my ‘list of things I have to do before I die’, although I hadn’t held out high hopes for fulfilling it. – Posted by: nickster at July 4, 2006 04:02 AM]

    i’m really happy for you, nick (and adrian and colin too, of course). i’m glad that you and adrian got to attend as well as colin. how nice of the ed to remember the mermaid cock up and get ‘the mermaid two’ in. you deserve it, mate. good for you. looking forward to hearing more from adrian, colin and ed. don’t be shy!

  28. This is the page of the “Messaggero” Diana was talking about. Click on the page and it became largest…let me know if you can see it well…


  29. Lucia, I’m with you, I hope Italy will win this evening ! Don’t worry about Fed’s sentences, he is too much diplomatic to be honest … He has always supported Spain and nothing else matters for him…

    Excusez-moi, Fed, mais vous l’avez bien cherché ! J’espère (sans être diplomate) que vous avez passé un excellent week-end !


    [Merci (et vous êtes un bon diplomate!). – Features Editor]

  30. GETTY IMAGES: Nice photos I must say, but lets hope the backdrops and props don’t find there way onto ebay. maybe their management might have a giveaway and maybe just maybe invite regular bloggers to take part.

    ED: I’m know it’s not for you to speak on all things floyd but hey surely PF managment read this blog and might acquiase to my request.

    CAPTION : Phil freezes when Guy whispers ” PSSSSSSSST Phil it’s Virgina plain not Arnold Layne that we are playing now , wrong tour man! wrong tour”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [I took a fancy to the giant eyeballs, too. Someone asked where they came from and David, without missing a beat, said that he plucked them out of a blue whale. Nick’s supposed to be the band comedian, but David was on form last night. – Features Editor]

  31. I don’t suppose that the Q&A from the screening or any part of it was taped?

    Wishful thinking I suppose but one can only ask and hope.

    Thank you.

    [There were lots of people with cameras, but presumably it was all for the press. – Features Editor]

  32. Fedmeister…

    Well done for sorting out Nickster and Adrian… I think I mentioned it last week about them getting a t’shirt… this was most certainly a better “prize” than that!

    Well done… 🙂

    [We’re still ticked off at the BBC for turning them away from the Mermaid gig, so hopefully last night helped with the disappointment of missing out on that. – Features Editor]

  33. Hi Fed,

    It was good to read the accounts of the three people who went to the Pulse screening in London.

    What a nice way to give a treat to some of us who appreciate David’s and Pink Floyd’s music.

    Dare we hope that a similar competition will be organised for the preview of the RAH DVD, so that a few more of us connoisseurs will have a chance of a similar experience?

    Keep up the good work,
    Vince Carr.

    [It’s too early to say, but I should hope so! – Features Editor]

  34. Glad to hear you got to shake David’s hand, nickster. How big is it? No seriously! Hopefully some of his magic rubbed off on you. We could all use some magic like that. I’m looking forward to hear the others experience.

    The Getty Images are good, the one with David and Polly, the caption calls her “Paula.” LOL


  35. Andrew wrote: *I heard that there will be a repeat of an interview show David recorded for the show ROCKLINE. This interview talks track-by-track about On An Island.*

    This is good listening for anyone who has yet to hear it. A friend of mine gave me the promo CD and it’s wonderful to hear David and David alone playing excerpts from OAI and talking about the music. When I’m not listening to “Echoes” late at night, I like to slip this CD on and drift off, listening to David’s soothing voice.

    Congrats to Nickster and the other PULSE attendees! Dead jealous over here of course, but thanks for sharing the experience with us.

    John Martyn is news to me except for Beck’s cover of his song “Go Easy” – when I pull in a decent paycheck I’ll have to check out the DVD. I’m still saving up for the upcoming PULSE (off work this week with no pay and am scraping the bottom of the barrel).

    HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! (seems I’m still far from independent when it comes to certain Brits.)

    (now playing: “Dancing in the Head” by The Mekons)

  36. Thank you Features Ed for the best night of my life, I was thrilled to be a part of the evening, and shaking hands with David Gilmour is a dream come true(I still can`t belive it happened!!). I also shook Nick Masons hand and said hello to Richard and Guy.

    Watching pulse was brilliant, like Nick I hadn`t watched the film in years, but the new edit`s of film and extra footage made for a great audio visual experence.

    As Nick and Colin are far more articulate than me, I`ll leave it for their posts to fill the gaps.

    Thank you again Features Ed, It more than made up for the mermaid,and was a great surprise.

    Thank you to David, Nick and Rick for putting up with me!!

    and Thank you to Colin and Nick, two great guys it was an honour and a pleasure sharing the experience with you!

    All the best.

    [It was our pleasure, Adrian. Glad you had a good time. – Features Editor]

  37. [I took a fancy to the giant eyeballs, too. Someone asked where they came from and David, without missing a beat, said that he plucked them out of a blue whale. Nick’s supposed to be the band comedian, but David was on form last night. – Features Editor]

    Excellent answer Mr Gilmour , now where is my copy of marooned……………

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )


    Félicitation pour votre témoignage,je suis tellement d’accord avec vous,vous m’enlever les mots de la bouche.David et la bande sont comme un bon vin,ils se bonifient en vieillissant.Et je le considère et compare à une bouteille maîtresse d’une bonne cave à vin.


    Merci d’avoir partager avec nous votre expérience unique,j’avais la larme à l’oeil,moi c’est mon rêve de lui serrer la main et de lui dire merci.Heureux chanceux suis contente pour vous merci.

    Sylvie de Québec

  39. Good news about the screening, thanks for the recap Colin, Nickster, and Adrian. I can’t wait for the DVD, I never saw the video, but I did see them in 94…..looking forward to it. It would be nice to see DVD’s of there earlier shows (solo and PF)as well.

  40. Thx nick for sharing………..

    One of my favorite movies is a flick called “Field of Dreams”. Its about a guy searching for his dream until one day his dreams come looking for him. I think this sorta happened for you. It’s like being up close and personal with the “Band of Dreams”. Congrats….

  41. Ed/Edwina, please don’t make faces behind my back and call me (probably very applicable) names for being off on a past topic, but right now I’m listening to an excellent song that desperately cries out for David Gilmour’s touch on guitar. It’s a song called “TV Waves” by the Fruit Bats. Have you heard it? Reminds me a bit of Dream Academy, that sort of thing.

    Anyway, there’s no guitar solo on it so every time I hear the song I start thinking how very very good David would sound right about HERE (disclaimer: I’m in no way associated with the band called the Fruit Bats).

    By the way, I was in the grocery the other day and heard “Life in a Northern Town” by Dream Academy on the piped-in Muzak. People in the cereal aisle backed away from me with worried looks as I sang “hey ma ma ma ma.”

    (••Dear David – still patiently waiting for that job offer.••)

    (now playing: “I Hear You Knockin'” by Dave Edmunds)

    [I’m afraid I haven’t heard it, but I’ll take your word for it. That probably doesn’t mean very much, seeing as I feel that one of David’s solos would brighten up any song… – Features Editor]

  42. Hi All Fed.

    I cant beleive the response to the Big John Martyn dvd thing, were do you start,ok,The man John Martyn hes been there seen it done it! good mates with Nick Drake,likes a drink,likes a toot, beleived at some time after having a drink with Richard Harris keith moon and Oliver Reed to have been nailed under the carpet of his hotel room, whilst having a nap.

    Had a bit of a ding dong with the boy Kossoff,the guitarist out of Free.

    Plays his gitar from his Heart, with a voice that could grind grave,or sooth a baby to sleep.

    David also appears 3 on three tracks on the JM cd; No little boy. A good intro in to the world of John Martyn.

    Go out and buy the DVD close the windows shut the doors and have a steam bath in your living room. turn it up and watch. Blame me if you are not stunned by this concert,its superb and DG just caps the show.Oh and dont forget that old 1973 album Solid Air,Voted by musics people to be one of the most influential albums ever.

    [ps] Big Johns a Scotchman and the Romans built a wall to keep men like him out of England.
    I beleive after having one of his legs amputated due to serious illness he is on tour ?

    [PPS] sorry to go on but,if you cant get a steam bath in your room boil several kettles of water and fill a bucket and place that by were your sitting.

    Go out and buy you will not be dissapointed.

  43. How fun to read the Pulse viewing accounts from Colin, Adrian and Nickster! Thanks for that, and I am thrilled you had a wonderful time.

    Tara (NY)

  44. Hi to ‘Nickster’ Great report mate,glad you guys had such a cool experience (thanks for sharing it)

    And ‘hugs’ to Diana for her ‘sad story’ from Italy-very interesting reading…..but on a happy note NOT only does life go on a BUT DG just gets better and better….

    Who knows he may even release a special for the bloggers at Xmas….?? What do you think FeD ?

    How about a ‘Blue Whale Eyes’ t-shirt or an exclusive download of ‘Fat Old Sun’ with Whale-song accompaniment ??

    Cheers to all
    M 🙂

    [It all sounds very good. – Features Editor]

  45. So 24 hours on, what am I to make of my evening with Pink Floyd?

    As anyone in southern Britain will know we have been enjoying a wonderful spell of weather recently and yesterday was no exception. There is only one way to cool down and that involves beer, so myself, Adrian & Nick met up at a pub just across the road from the theatre.

    It wasn’t until we were waiting outside for our tickets to arrive that we realised this wasn’t just a screening of the long-awaited DVD. I suppose the fact that Nick Mason was stood behind me being interviewed was a bit of a giveaway!

    We made our way upstairs to the bar and as we stood looking round, the names began to get whispered between us. There’s Phil Manzanera…look, Guy’s just there…there’s Jon Carin…do you realise the man who designed the most iconic record cover in history is sitting not 6 feet away from us? It was all a little surreal but at that point I thought that was it. Wrong!

    As we entered the theatre for the screening, all the central seats were reserved for special guests. Fair enough, I thought, so we positioned ourselves about halfway up on the right. Then just before the screening was to begin, in walked David. And Polly. And Richard. And Nick, who promptly sat themselves down in the row just to our left.

    BBC Radio 2’s Stuart Maconie then introduced the evening, explaining that we’d be seeing a 75 minute edit of the DVD including all of DSOTM, followed by a Q&A. The 75 minutes flew by, the sound was fantastic and as Nick mentioned in his post earlier it has been cleverly edited with the films that were used on the projection screen at the original shows.

    At one point it was necessary for me to take a little trip to the bathroom, which was negotiated without incident. 2 minutes after I returned to my seat David got up to do the same thing. I can honestly say that I would have freaked out if he’d walked in whilst I was in there :0)

    The Q&A’s passed off with some obvious questions, some not so, but you could feel the warmth that existed between the three of them, particularly Richard & David. Like Nick, I didn’t have the nerve to ask a question and so left it upto the useless…oops, useful journos. My guess from what I heard? Don’t expect to see PF in the near future, if ever.

    The event ended and it was again necessary for a trip to the bathroom (hey, any bloke in their 40’s will realise the predicament) after which we decided to go back up to the screening area just to see what was going on. It was at this point that I wondered if I was dreaming. We were trying to find Guy, just to say hello, when we realised that completely by accident we were standing in a very small area surrounded by Pink Floyd. All of them. And they were discussing where to go for dinner. Nick & Adrian shook various famous hands (I bottled it!) and we walked with them to the exit where a couple of people were waiting for pics.

    And so they walked away into the night, as did we after inanely grinning at each other like kids. It will be a night none of us will ever forget and my thanks again go to everyone involved who made this possible. This has ended up more as a fan-boy piece than a proper review of the DVD which I intended, but I don’t care. I’m still smiling now.

    Cheers FEd, I owe you a beer or two methinks.


    [I’m just really glad that you all had such a good time. – Features Editor]

  46. Hi Colin & Nick,

    Well put lads, it was great to read your posts on last night`s very special treat, I couldn`t have put it better myself!(as we did discuss how we were going to put the experience in to words).

    I don`t know about you lads, but for me the reality of it hasn`t sunk in yet.

  47. Nice review Nickster, thanks for sharing that. The next best thing to being there, is having a true fan relate their experience and feelings!

  48. Just spotted some bad editing in my own post, ruining my greatest piece of writing yet. And I looked at the Getty link and I want to know who the hell Paula is? What’s Polly going to say when she sees the incriminating picture?

  49. Fed,

    I am sorry I might have missed this. There was a contest for the best guitarist that this site was following a couple of months ago. I was wondering how David finished up. Also, I was wondering what the website was so I could check out all of the results. Thanks


    [It was the Q107 poll – click your name below for a complete rundown. The Top 10 was discussed in the ‘Night 23: London’ entry (29 May) if you’re interested. – Features Editor]

  50. …Mensch! Dass war aber unglaublich oder? Zweiten Finale…zweite Nachspielzeit…mensch.

    Nicht mehr zu sagen.
    -Chris McKay

    [Das war unglaublich für mich. Ein trauriges ende für Deutschland. – Features Editor]

  51. Just to echo Rudders thoughts – thanks for sorting out the ‘Mermaid Two’, what a fantastic gesture on your part. Frankly it sums up this place, and especially you my friend, you’re one in a million 🙂


    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  52. Have had the Pulse DVD on order from CDWow since January. Am now even more excited about the day that it will drop through my letterbox.

    This is probably not the best place for this request but I am desperate. I am down on my bended knee begging for David to come and play in Ireland. Nothing in the world would stop me from getting to one of his concerts here, and there’s plenty more than me who feel the same.

    Saw Roger Waters in Cork last week, and Nick Mason guested for his performance of Dark Side Of The Moon. Would love to see David (and Rick Wright) – the other half!

    Great album buy the way. And a beautiful package. Forget about mp3s, as long as artist like David are around, the album will never die.

  53. Colin & Nickster!

    Wow!..Really enjoyed your reviews.Wish I could have been there.I have the VHS version of PULSE,and it never ceases to amaze me everytime I watch it(usually showing it off to guests who have no idea what is about to inundate their senses)…but to actually view the long awaited DVD incarnation with “The boys” in presence must have been a priceless event in your lives.

    Nickster…In a previous post I boasted about how I came inches away from snagging a John Bonham stick. Had I gotten it,sitting here now and thinking about it, even though it’s not something that you can take home with you,getting a grip on the hand of the man that creates those timeless guitar moments would mean more to me than anything else.You lucky duck you!

    As far as John Martyn goes,everytime my kids play and try to impress me with the new and avantgarde artists such as Jack Jones(although they are good and I like them)I always dig out my old vinyl albums such as “John Martyn..So Far So Good” to show them where these influences come from.I will definetly buy this DVD.John Martyn is just one of those “best kept musical secrets!”

    Gotta go..Germany and Italy on now..extra time and still nil-nil..Can’t take it!

  54. To FeD and all :Just a few early quotes on the ‘Pulse’DVD I’ve allegedly heard so far:

    ‘The Pulse DVD is pure heaven for an air guitar maestro such as myself,I urge you to order it NOW’
    Tony Blair-Prime Minister.

    ‘Totally splendid,it made me want to swim the English Channel again’-David Walliams of BBC’s Little Britain.

    Pulse was ‘Bleedin marvellous’quipped Johnny Depp and was ‘rite upset’ that he went to the wrong film premiere in the first place !!!

    ‘PULSE are a group with a limited future’said Max Ego,pop-celeb journalist of Musik Bullsh*t Monthly ‘as they are heavily influenced by the Pink Floyd’

    Smiling and waiting for more reports

    M 😉

    [Very good. More, anyone? – Features Editor]

  55. Fedmeister…

    In response to your comment… “I took a fancy to the giant eyeballs, too”

    Apparently (so legend has it) the leaves of the giant mirror ball which opened up during Comfortably Numb at the “PULSE” concerts were given to donators of a particular charity… what anyone would do with a six foot mirrored leaf I know not… but if someone wants to pass on the “eyes” then I’ve donated to CRISIS… 🙂

    Or Fedmeister are you looking for something to make up a bookend with the Glassman 🙂

    Let’s just hope that wherever they go it’s for a good cause…and not wasted…

    [Indeed. – Features Editor]

  56. Fedmeister

    Idiot Wind… Bob Dylan… what a cracking track!!

    And! I heard Let It Be by the Beatles today on the radio… haven’t heard it for years… it truly is a superb record…

    Anyway… I’m off to the re-run of Italy – Germany… oooo errrr!

    I know who I want to win the final… 🙂

    [That’s one of his best. “Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth… You’re an idiot, babe, it’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe.” The man’s a genius. – Features Editor]

  57. This DVD reissue sounds interesting and I’ll be happy to invest in it. I’m sure most of you already know about the Fender anniversary concert that DG played in which is also on DVD–it’s rot for the most part until David comes on stage, and then it’s exceptional, including a gorgeous rendition of Marooned.

    Nickster: Your description of the Pulse screening was amazing and inpirational. That’s why this blog continues to rule. F.Ed., you are a wise and generous sort…but only two? Two what?

    [Brain cells… I mean, beers. – Features Editor]

  58. Nickster,

    Thank you for your report about the PULSE screening evening.

    Wished I was there.


  59. I’m so happy for you and your italian friends, Lucia, congratulations !


    [Absolutely. Two great goals… Good luck in the final. – Features Editor]

  60. Thanks Diana and Lucia for linking the interview on Il Messaggero.

    David is also mentioning last Neil Young album “Living With War”, which is a great rock album. There’s a choir of 100 members working with him, and he included ALL of their names in the credits, a real MANIFESTO.

    I just thought about the kids (now adults…) singing for the choir in Another Brick In The Wall p.2… I wonder how they look back at that experience, that also was a rock manifesto.

  61. Happy Wednesday,

    Monday sounded fantastic for the competition winners. Thanks for sharing your memories.

    Pete – Coventry

  62. Ciao,

    let me express all the joy of Italians for the best match of the world cup. WE WON!!! Great…so many emotions….the old rivarly with germany….enemies in an enemy stadium. Such a great Victory. All italy is waiting for the final, every italian. We are a great country. We don’t need to insult other europeans…we just play football…. FORZA AZZURRI!!!!!!

  63. Ah FED,

    I forgot a comment to you, but don’t be offended. First you said spain would win, then Germany….you don’t get much of football. Football is like life is not logic, that’s why Italians are so good at it, we turn problems in strenghts. and italian bloggers were humble, but now all our joy can BURST OUT.

    [I think I should stop making predictions! But football is a funny old game. On paper, England should have beaten Portugal and Brazil should have beaten France. That’s why we love the game. Italy’s goals were both beautiful and worthy of winning any match. Good luck in the final. – Features Editor]

  64. I just wanted to say how good it was to read that Nickster, Adrian and Colin had a great time at the PULSE preview, especially after the Mermaid kerfuffle.

    I’m really looking forward to the PULSE DVD but can someone clear up a little question I have? I’m pretty sure that the answer is no but I don’t suppose the DVD includes the splendid BBC Omnibus edition that preceded the airing of the PULSE tour on BBC1? My vhs version is very ropey now!


    [We can’t comment on the DVD extras yet, sorry. All we can say is that there are loads of them and they’re great. – Features Editor]


    hi! hi! hi! 🙂

    ITALY WON!!!! Despite FEd ritual and dance of defeat! Ah Ah! Sorry FEd! I’m so sorry you don’t love my team…you hurted me so much that…I don’t want your barn now. I WANT A NEW BARN IN FRANCE, near Michèle, who is so good! Or better, not a barn, can a have a Châteaux de la Loire? 😉

    This one, in my name, is good enough for me!

    Hey, Germans! A lot of honour to your Country. Win wasn’t easy!


    [You won’t want to watch the final in any barn with Michèle because she’ll be cheering for France! I don’t know what all this ‘dance’ nonsense is about. At the start of the tournament, I said I would like to see Spain win, but unless Spain is your country, you can’t truly feel the elation or devastation of football. You can’t shift your loyalty. I didn’t want Germany to beat Italy, I just felt that they would. I’m not upset at the result. Italy’s goals were both gorgeous. I hope there are a few more like that in the final… which France will win (relax, I’m only joking!). – Features Editor]

  66. Here is a small and nice comment from Lyon (France) about David’s album, in connection with his forthcoming concert ‘au Théâtre antique de Vienne’ on July, 31st.


    [Merci beaucoup. – Features Editor]

  67. hi everyone great story nickster im glad for you to have met David and to shake his hand i know exactly how you must of felt as i too have met David (twice)im very pleased for you that you get to meet your idol.

  68. [I just thought about the kids (now adults…) singing for the choir in Another Brick In The Wall p.2… I wonder how they look back at that experience, that also was a rock manifesto.]

    – I think this might answer your question…

    Here’s the press story as circulated worldwide (click my name).

  69. Ciao,

    am too happy today, too happy….last time versus Germany was 1982, was a little boy….but this is DG blog, right? right.

    I ENVY those who have had the possibility to meet DG, RW and NM. It would be a dream for me to have just an autograph from one of them. Now it is a time of nice surprises all together, the FINAL and the Pink floyd DVD all together…fantastic weekend. And then? depression until august when I will be in Florence for the show. 🙂

    Ciao a tutti. Au revoir…hello, see you…szia…OLA..but, above all….tchuss meine Deutch freund, ich kommt…BERLIN!!!! hihihihiihi–HAHAHAHAHA…..(I am getting CRRRRRAAZZZYYYYY)

    Piergiorgio (aleeeeee…oh.ooooooh..aleeeeee…..oh.ooooooh)

  70. good win for italy yesterday. i’m happy for you both, piergiorgio and lucia. good luck in the final. i think germany did brilliant with so few big stars in their team.

    i’m with ed on this. my country wasn’t there and that’s all that matters. you can ‘support’ another country for fun (for bets!) and wish them well, but you can’t feel the highs and lows when watching a country that isn’t your own. that’s just fickle. so ed, i don’t think you were too bothered to see spain go out or germany lose last night. well, unless you had money on them winning the world cup?

    [No bets were placed, honestly. – Features Editor]

  71. Nickster, Adrian & Colin – sounds like an incredible night! So glad you had a good time.

    Nice one FEd ;->


  72. Dear FEd, when with your diplomatic language you say “maybe Germany will win”, it sounds also “I hope Germany will win”. Maybe you should edit about your diplomatic language! This could be the next blog’s survey: “Who thinks FEd hoped that Italy didn’t win?”.

    I hope France will win against Portugal (go Michèle go!) but IN THIS MOMENT ITALY IS THE ONLY TEAM IN FINAL! And I’m sure that if Italy will win or even if France will win, Michèle and I will be happy for the other one, because we have mutual understanding..and, I really taked for England (because it is the Country of Pink Floyd and Radiohead) …but you failed four penality! How is it possible? So, i think you’re just ENVIOUS and so you love doing predictions about the italian defeat!

    …however, I want the barn again, because I still love Great Britain…but I want the castle too…and the world cup! I want all!


    relax, I’m only joking! …till I won’y be able to put to use my plain! At the end, you’ll take only for italy, and listen only radiohead, and drink only white wine…ah ah ah! The blog’s revolution is near!

    [You make me laugh. – Features Editor]

  73. Hi FEd

    By any chance, do you know when/where the signed PULSE items will be auctioned? The trio signed a guitar and some eyeballs, and the AP is reporting they will be auctioned for charity.


    [I’ve no idea. If we hear anything from Pink Floyd’s management, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  74. Hope you don’t mind me chiming in again about the other evening…

    The one thing that struck me during the Q&A session was when Richard mentioned this was the first time he’d ever seen what the fans see. He had never watched any of their performances before and was completely blown away by the sheer scale of the thing. He really did like what he saw, which is good to know.


  75. PULSE Reviews

    Incisive!…Jesse from the Fast Show said “This week I will mostly be listening to PULSE”…

    Lascivious!…”Me?…the 13th Duke of Wybourne at the PULSE screening with a group of student nurses from Hull?… With my reputation? Has no-one thought of the consequences?”

    Unconnected!… Ron Manager “Mmmmm… PULSE? 12 years?… just like Italy in the World Cup Final… every 12 years… Ballack? Shadow of the man he used to be! It’s a far cry from small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts. Isn’t it? Mmmmm. Marvellous… Good tunes as well…

    Nice!… Patrick Nice of Acacia Avenue, Bromley said “I was sitting in the garden skimming through Walpole when the ‘phone rang and it was David… he asked me to come to the PULSE screening and play in the band at Gdansk… which was nice…”

    [Love it. – Features Editor]

  76. About the whale eyes.. how about donating them to a blind whale? (maybe the one they took them from in the first place?)

    Baaaad David for taking them from this poor creature. Shame on you! *grin*

    Now what will we need for the presentation of The Barn Band DVD..? Giant cow udders anyone?
    (Think David will be available to harvest them for us? Or how about you, FEd? You seem ruthless enough for it.. *grin*)

    hugs, Bianca

    (And special hugs for Ian, because I think he can use some today xxx)

  77. [The blog’s revolution is near!]

    Count me in… *evil grin*

    hugs, Bianca

  78. Thanks Bianca! You are invited to come there! We could have a castle band too!


  79. Just wanted to share with you the news that 80 y.o. B.B.King performed in Montreaux for the last time, very touching.

  80. FEd, I never understand if I make you laugh because I’m funny and nice…or if because you pull my leg…I fear I’ll never understand that…strange humor, english humor!


    [Both. – Features Editor]

  81. Happy Wednesday,

    Great DG quote I have just read from Mondays film premiere

    “my plan is to just meander on in my own particular way for the time being.”

    sums him up really I guess.

    Fed, you said “On paper, England should have beaten Portugal”

    maybe if Rooney had gone straight to ground then who knows. If you cant beat em join em. We have to learn to go down quicker.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Good point. – Features Editor]

  82. FEd! How both! I was waiting for some kind words! Phew! You’re too tiring for me! I need a holiday…you wear me out! Or I need someone who help me to argue with you…I should employ an helper and let him/her sign as “Lucia”…he/she could be really wily and bad…so, maybe, you woulnd’t have always the last “diplomatic” word!

    A.A.A. Posting’ job offered. I’m looking for some clever person who write for me post and persuade FEd and all the others of the blogs (seeing that he/her has to persuade, better all than ony one!) to agree with me. Bad salary but good free italian holiday!


  83. Another quote from Mondays premiere that made me smile a lot. This time from Nick Mason….

    “Just looking at it again, it does remind you that it is great fun – I don’t think there is a better job in the world, really….”

    Oh yes there is Nick, the sweatshop where I work. I’d come here for free………God I must stop this lunchtime drinking.

    Pete – Coventry

  84. Hmmm….FEd picks Spain. They lose. FEd picks Germany. They lose.

    Lucia/Piergiorgio, you should hope that he doesn’t pick Italy now.


  85. Great reviews Nickster, Colin and Adrian, you were all so fortunate to be there. As a side note, Rooney was truly Gobsmacked. I wonder how the Portuguese player will be treated at Man U next season? Better find a new team methinks. I think France will win today, they are so smooth and swift. Good Luck to all, may the best team win.

  86. “maybe if Rooney had gone straight to ground then who knows”

    Personally I think most of them go down quicker than a $10 Hooker! I think more of the balletic displays should get red cards!

    Unfortunately I think this World Cup will be remembered more for the cr*p refereeing than anything else…. 🙁

  87. Colin, Nick, and Adrian,

    Congratulations on a once in a lifetime experience. We appreciate the recap from each of you.

    F’Ed, this is a prime example of what makes this site/blog so wonderful. You folks make it happen (even in the face of impending doom, such as the boys names not being on the list)!! It keeps me coming back for more.


  88. Glad that Colin Nick and Adrian had a great time and a surreal experience it took me a while to sink in after i met David Guy Jon Polly Dick this year 1st at the Mermaid and 2nd at a Guy pratt show at Windsor

    here a some photos i would like to share with the fellow bloggers.

    – at windsors art center me david and guy

    4 days until Pulse is out yay

    aaron burrows – slough

    [We can only have one link at a time, so I’ll add another the next time you write. – Features Editor]

  89. Is anybody else out there laughing as hard as I am that the media has started yet another reunion rumor over a couple of quotes by David, Rick, and Nick stating that they simply would like to be playing some music?

    I know… I want it to be true too. But then reality sets in.

  90. Yesterday I was at a baseball game, and during a rain delay I was able to catch the beginning of the second half of Germany vs. Italy in one of the ballpark’s saloons. The baseball game started up before the end of the half, but I stayed in the saloon. What a great match that was! And what a great way to end it! Congradulations to Italy and to all Italians (especially you Lucia). I hope they win the whole thing.

    And yeah the Phillies won in the 9th, but nobody cared.

  91. Good morning, F.Ed

    Great reports of the PULSE screening. Thanks for sharing your once in a lifetime experiences with us.

    How about if the giant eyeballs get sent over to Capitol Hill, one for the White House and one for Congress? Maybe that will….no, it won’t. Nevermind. Nothing will make them see. Sorry, just a fleeting thought.

    It sounds to me like PULSE on DVD will be well worth the money. Thanks, David and the PF team for bringing some new life to an old classic.

    Have a great day,


  92. [you won’t want to watch the final in any barn with Michèle because she ‘ll be cheering for France… -Features Editor] and […and Brazil should have beaten France -Features Editor]

    Lucia, don’t listen to Fed anymore, he wants to separate us and is jealous of our good feelings to each other and our wins.

    So, until this night, I’ll support Italy and you’ll support France, Ok ? Then…hmmmm…no matters which team wins, we will stay both proud of our football players and we will stay friends, don’t we ? … to prove to Fed that he was wrong to turn us against the other.

    And to forget all these pressures, as for the “castle-barn” party, I would prefer this one because I saw there David and his small band for the first and the last time in France (Chantilly)) in 1994, symbolic ! and very much place for our millions bloggers and even a beautiful lake to take a dive (or to skate, if you want to have the party on December…)

    Do you think we should invite the naughty Fed ?

    of course, Fed, you know we love you despite your lack of fair-play…


  93. Hello Everyone!

    I just wanted to say thank you for the enthusiasm exhibited on this blog.

    I have always been a fan of footbol, but only this year did I really get it. I remember Brazil winning in ’94 (it was ’94 wasn’t it?), but since then, I havn’t had much of a knack for it. That is, until this blog showed me how many people unabashedly love this sport!!

    I watched Italy yesterday and was literally biting my lip until the last couple of minutes in ET and with Italy scoring I was jumping up and down! I thought it was a great game.

    I was thinking of Lucia, Piergiorgio, Diana, (and all our Italian friends) and how happy you must be! Watching the people go crazy in Rome was something wonderful to behold!

    Now to bring this back to a DG related topic. . .with all the effects David uses, why have I never seen him use a Theremin? It seems as though it could be a wonderful effect if used in a proper manner, which David would do with complete eloquence.

    And to Colin, Nickster, and Adrian, you lucky, lucky people. . .as was said by a couple of people above, it’s a great charm to know that representatives of this blog are bringing us news that we could trust in no other way. Any newspaper journalist would have put a different spin on the event, I’m sure.

    And to FEd, our dear FEd, not only do you make us greater fans, you allow us to be citizen journalists. As well as feeling like a part of an extended family, you and everyone here have brought me closer to David’s music, and for that I can scarcely think of the appropriate words to thank you with. I love you all!!

  94. Hey guys!!! Lots of time without writing… I’d love to share so much with you… but I guess.. it will need to wait a little bit more…

    I just changed jobs and it’s been hell… btw… congrats to the lucky ones who got to meet the Floyd at the Pulse preview!!!

    Still… I didn’t want to not be in touch with all the community… I hope I get a decent PC with WinXP instead of a Sun Workstation with Solaris soon!

    Just to say Fed… haven’t seen what was your reaction when Spain lost in the WC… Mexico was taken away too… and yesterday Germany… who are you going for? I would say… “Aaalleeeez les bleeuuus!”… c’est la meme chose pour toi Michele??? Excusez moi pour la manque d’accents mais il y a pas en cet ordinateur…

    Shine on you lucky bloggers!

    [I was surprised to see Spain’s earlier-than-expected exit and disappointed for the Liverpool boys, but I’m not going to make any more predictions. I seem to be giving teams the kiss of death and I’m being accused of all sorts by our French and Italian friends, so I’m just going to shut up about football until the Premiership gets going. – Features Editor]

  95. It would be good if a tv channel aired Pulse a day before its release date here in the uk like on ITV4 or BBC4 that would get lots of attention on Pulse wouldnt it.

    aaron burrows (slough)

    Do you have a Pulse.

    P.S. Click my name to see Dick Parry at the mermaid gig

  96. More Pulse reviews

    Lucianno Pavarotti celebrating Italy’s soccer triumph; DENIED reports that he had broadcast the PULSE dvd @ fortississimo all night long…But he did mention something about ‘Nessun Dorma’ and ‘magnifico’…

    bravo Italy and bad luck Germany

    Victoria Beckham said ‘Me and david -thats my david not Polly’s lovely david – loved ‘Pulse’ for its depth and musicallidociousness..’ and added ‘Don’t you just love those lyrics to Great Gig in the sky..oo,oo, ah,ah,-laaa ?’

    Jamie Oliver TV Chef ‘Totally Pukka -the DVD is so brill and emotional it would make an onion cry mate..’

    Smiles all round ;And have to say FeD the work you put in on the site is worth considerably more than your present wage of TWO BEERS !!!

    M:) Allez Zezou….bon chance France….

  97. I personally think it’s great that the kids who sung “Another Brick In the Wall (Part two)” are getting their share. I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t before and have to go after it. Don’t backup singers get royalites? I’m not in the music business, but it seems they should. After all it was those kids that got me into that song, since I was too young at the time to apprecate the music. Same with my 4 yr old son. He fondly refers to it as “Leave the kids alone.” The past couple times I’ve played it, he’s really gotten into David solo at the end though, air guitar and all. Don’t worry all, I’m raising him right =)

    Johnny Depp and David Gilmour in the same vicinity . . .(drooling) can’t think of a better place for a girl to be =) Glad you all had fun.


  98. Michèle! I love your post and I love your castle-barn! Football won’t divide us…neither FEd! I think we could have the annyversary blog party in FEd’s barn and the spring blog’s party in the castle-barn….about invite FEd to our new barn…maybe! If she/he will be nice in those months!


  99. As I had no idea who John Martyn was I wanted to share with this blog some interesting tidbits I found in Vernon Fitch’s PF Encyclopedia (very worth seeking out) on John Martyn:

    Martyn, John – (1948- ) Musician (guitar, vocals). Born Iain McGeachy in Surrey, England on September 11, 1948. Studied guitar as a teenager under folk singer Hamish Imlach. Signed with Island Records in the early 1970s and recorded solo and as a duo with Beverly Kutner, his wife. Later signed to Warner Brothers Records. Has done session work with Lee “Scratch” Perry, Steve Winwood, Back Street Crawler, Burning Spear, and Claire Hammill. He has released numerous solo albums, (including) “The Church With One Bell” (1998).


    John Martyn-Couldn’t Love You More (1992). With David Gilmour on guitar on One World, Could’ve Been Me, and Ways to Cry.

    John Martyn-No Little Boy (1993). With David Gilmour on guitar.

    John Martyn-Live (1995). With David Gilmour as guest.

    Live Shows:

    John Martyn-The Shaw Theatre, London, England, March 30-31, 1990. With David Gilmour on guitar.


    John Martyn-The Apprentice tour (1991). With David Gilmour on guitar.

    Again a very special thanks to the research of Vernon Fitch, without who, I would not have been able to reproduce this information without very exhaustive research. Just thought I should share this with everyone!

  100. [Hmmm….FEd picks Spain. They lose. FEd picks Germany. They lose. – Andrew]

    Hey mate! You’re right! I hope FEd take for Portugal now (sorry portugal, but Italy is my team and France is the team of my frind Michèle…you should understand…!). But now that you wrote this…I fear FEd is going to take for Italy!

    But…who David is taking for?


  101. Colin, Nickster and Adrian, it was good to hear that you had such a great experience. Another wonderful example of how different DG & the management team do think outside the box to bring in the public.


  102. For Italians: unfortunately , the news about MEDIAWORLD broadcasting pulse proved to be wrong…maybe this week?

    CIAO 🙂

  103. [Johnny Depp and David Gilmour in the same vicinity – Erin]

    Don’t say again, Erin! Anytime I think about this I’m too much envious! I continue to think that we should invite Johnny Dep too to the barn party…at the end, David already met him..they could be friends…David could be heppy if we call Johnny too!


  104. Sorry FEd,

    Had I read the link under Frank Par’s name above I would’ve known about the John Martyn website that has way more oodles of information than the PF Encyclopedia. It was fun to peruse and thank you for introducing me (us) to him!

  105. to lucia and michèle: stop picking on our dear ed! you ladies are wicked! he never said that he didn’t want italy or france to win the world cup, just who he *thought* would win. people did expect brazil to beat france, just like they expected england to beat portugal. after two incorrect predictions, he now says he thinks france will beat italy in the final. he doesn’t really care about spain or germany. he’s not even upset that they’re out. he only said that he wanted spain to win because his beloved liverpool have so many spanish players in their squad. i also thought germany would beat italy, especially after the way germany saw off argentina on penalties. if there’s no money riding on it, there can be no loyalty to a country other than the one he was born in – and scotland, wales and northern ireland didn’t qualify. (he’s not english!) he’s wished you both well in getting to the final, so all this talk about not inviting him to the castle-barn party is just not on! just because he’s rubbish at making predictions, doesn’t mean he should miss out on a party! you know he’ll only drink two beers!

    [Thanks very much for that. Good observation skills. – Features Editor]

  106. Fed,

    I was very interested in Colins remarks about the Q&A session:

    ‘The one thing that struck me during the Q&A session was when Richard mentioned this was the first time he’d ever seen what the fans see. He had never watched any of their performances before and was completely blown away by the sheer scale of the thing. He really did like what he saw, which is good to know.’

    You wait ’til they all see the Royal Albert Hall footage of DG’s concerts, including Mr. Bowie et al, ‘coz from where I was sitting in row 2 it was bleedin’ amazing.

    C’mon, hurry up and get the DVD on sale in Tesco Jersey!

    Vince Carr

  107. “you failed four penality! How is it possible?”


    Don’t get us started on England and penalties.

    Bottom line – England look at penalties with fear, with a losing mentality and “quelle surprise”, they miss them.

    England lost because they did not dare to win and tried only not to lose. Italy and Germany both tried to win and made a beatiful game. Let’s hope France and Portugal try also.

  108. Now what will we need for the presentation of The Barn Band DVD..? Giant cow udders anyone?

    How about a big inflatable sheep that we can fly above the barn – but we would need to put large “balls” on the sheep so that the “sheep concept” was not mistaken for any other large inflatable sheep …

  109. [just because he’s rubbish at making predictions, doesn’t mean he should miss out on a party! you know he’ll only drink two beers! – Victor]

    AH AH! Good point, Victor! Poor FEd! Now I feel a great shame and I’m sorry for what I said…no! Isn’t true! I’ll be glad if FEd join invite him to all the party I go…even to my family’s christmas dinner, if he/she wants! But he/she thinks that Radiohead can’t stay in the “best 10” poll, that Italy will not win the World Cup…what else he/she should say for hurt my feelings? Say that Johnny Depp in reality is a woman? I try to be nice with him/her…not for him/her, but because maybe if we became friends he/she can let me meet David!!! 😉

    However, also this time I’m going to forgive all this sorrows…and I do it just because YOUR POST WAS REALLY FUNNY! But just 2 beers for him/her!


  110. FEd! How both! I was waiting for some kind words!


    As your “big brother” and self appointed guardian in all arguments with F’ed …

    In England (and Wales) we pull the leg only of people who are funny and nice so “both” is the right answer. And the nicer and funnier they are, the more we pull their leg (which is why F’ed likes to pull your leg so much)

  111. A Quick note about the mirror balls…

    the Floyd 1994 Mirror ball bears a striking resemblance to the Mirrored Disco Ball which Madonna is using for her entrance on her tour… hmmmm….. maybe she was cutting costs? 🙂

  112. “Unfortunately I think this World Cup will be remembered more for the cr*p refereeing than anything else…. ”


    In England it will be remembered for crap performances I can assure you.

  113. Great reviews from the PULSE screening, Colin and Nickster. It sounded like you had an amazing time.

    I’m glad after the Mermaid problems, that you got to go to this instead. FEd, that was very thoughtful of you and the team.


  114. Tim C,

    you know I agree with you…I said this just for annoying FEd…you don’t know who many Cups Italy lost for the penality! With France, for example (France 1998)! I still remember Roberto Baggio (the best italian player I’ve seen in my life) who failed the penality 1994 World Cup. It can happen! And I really taked for England! Honest!


  115. [As your “big brother” and self appointed guardian in all arguments with F’ed – Tim]

    Oh yeah! I feel in good hands! Thanks! Could I call you during the arguments with my family too? 😉 I have a fantastic family…but we scream a lot about everything! I think you could call us…LUNATICS!


  116. Lucia,

    I’m all for adding Johnny Depp to the Barn gigs. You know, he does play guitar =)


    I have to ask, how much longer do we got to go on the World Cup? It seems like its been weeks . .

    [The final’s on Sunday, so not long to go now. – Features Editor]

  117. Sorry to read England left the World Cup a litle earlier than planned for all you footballers.

    Just an OT detour….Live 8 was a year ago!!!!!!!!!

    What a year for David. 🙂

  118. Poor Fed…

    Hey, Victor, do you think our dear Fed needs any one to defend himself ? Fed is our Master, our “genius creative force” of this blog, he does and he thinks what he wants of course, no problem, just fun, and we, wicked ladies, can say him what we want, sure he is proud we take care of him (please, don’t deny, Fed !), we love him, come on in my french castle, Fed, you will be our king and we will serve you and more than two beers…and vive Liverpool and its boys !!!


    [If I didn’t worry that Linda might get her knickers in a twist again, I’d say that you’re all mad! You make me feel very sane. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  119. Hello again FEd, everyone,

    Very nice to hear that Colin, Nickster and Adrian got such a treat. You lucky b… 😉

    Best regards,

  120. [Could I call you during the arguments with my family too? 😉 I have a fantastic family…but we scream a lot about everything! I think you could call us…LUNATICS! – Lucia]

    Sorry Lucia, but arbitrating in a lunatic Italian family argument may be one step too far even for me!!

    I know how this goes – one minute everyone is screaming at each other. Then I stick my nose in and instantly everyone is unified in screaming at me. Much better to be on the side of the lunatics I think.

  121. [How about a big inflatable sheep that we can fly above the barn – but we would need to put large “balls” on the sheep so that the “sheep concept” was not mistaken for any other large inflatable sheep …]

    I don’t get it.. What inflatable sheep was that? I only know an inflatable pig..

    And why does the sheep have to be male?

    Am I missing something????

    Hugs, Seriously Confused Bianca

  122. Tim C and Lucia,

    “…one minute everyone is screaming at each other. Then I stick my nose in and instantly everyone is unified in screaming at me.” Tim, at least they are agreeing on something, that’s progress, right?

    Is there an italian version of Jerry Springer? He works wonders over here for resolving complicated family issues… or is that exploiting people’s lack of dignity and self-control? Maybe it depends if you’re a ‘Glass is half full’ person or not.

    I am relieved to know that F.Ed has a reinforced sense of sanity. What is that like?

    Have a great day,


  123. [I don’t get it.. What inflatable sheep was that? I only know an inflatable pig.. And why does the sheep have to be male? Am I missing something???? Hugs, Seriously Confused Bianca]

    Thank god bleedin heart artist is barred from this site Bianca , because I’m fairly sure he/she would have strong views on this.

    Algie the Pig was apparently female and when during MLOR tour the 3 other members including David had to ammend poor Algie be sticking a pair of HMMMMMM ” Meat and two veg ” onto the pig as to not or to offend immediate past members of said group.

    Rgds Geoff ( Dublin )

  124. My Dear Bianca,

    We are not going to get into another gender based arguement again, are we?? Why don’t we fly an androgenous sheep named Ziggy?

    We could satisfy the patent lawyers by stringing one of those fine Italian beaded neckless about he-she’s wooly neck!

    Sparing your confusion,

  125. Dear Sylvie, could you or perhaps somebody else on this blog please translate your post for me? I see my name there, but being an uncultured colonial from the Southern Hemisphere I am completely unschooled in French. I can do a good impression of Rene Artois though if anybody cares to see it…

    [Sylvie thanked you for what you wrote (about attending the RAH shows and how the music touches us) and said that she couldn’t have said it better herself. She also remarked that David is like a fine wine that gets better with age. I hope I did that justice, Sylvie. Now, this impression of Rene Artois… – Features Editor]

  126. “Am I missing something????”


    My inflatable sheep is a parallel of the PF pig with a Welsh theme (like the Barn barn split is a parallel of the PF split etc)- and the balls is a reference to the great pig divide which symbolised that proud period in PF history.

    There’s a golden rule of comedy – if you have to explain it, it isn’t funny.

    I will now get my coat whilst crashing and burning in flames.

    Fellow bloggers, feel free to vote

    A) Bianca, evil genius and much loved blogger lost a subtle joke in translation
    B) Tim C is not funny, never was, never will be.

  127. Justice at last for the “Mermaid Two”.

    Thanks for the reviews Nickster, Colin & Adrian.

    You lucky bloggers…

  128. [There’s a golden rule of comedy – if you have to explain it, it isn’t funny.]

    That may not be your fault Tim. Comedy also depends on a certain amount of knowledge present. Compared to most of you though I am an absolute Pink Floyd Ignoramus. I don’t know all those details you all do, because.. well.. honestly.. I just don’t care *grin*

    So your answer is: Bianca, evil genius and much loved blogger (really? aaaaw) lost a very funny joke because she simply doesn’t know a damn thing about this Mr.P. Floyd :-p

    And I still don’t understand your great pig divide explanation.. and I think Geoff tried to explain it to me as well, but I don’t think I even know in what language his post was written, so that didn’t shed any light on the matter either.. (Sorry Geoff.. ;-))

    Anyone else that wants to try to tell me why my giant udders have been changed into a giant sheep with balls?

    Hugs, Bianca – still very much confused..

  129. [I’d say that you’re all mad! You make me feel very sane. Thank you. – Features Editor]

    Hey FEd, I got news. I just asked one of the psychiaters that did the rounds on my ward of the mental hospital today about that remark, and he stated that people that feel very sane, are most likely even madder than I am.

    He wanted to know your adress so he could send a little van to pick you up. He even made sure they will bring one of those nice white jackets they gave me. The sleeves are a bit long but apparently that is all the rage around the Dangerously Insane ward these days.

    So I guess if I got your adress right, I might see you at breakfast. But only if you are ready to be taken out of isolation by then though.

    I love isolation by the way.. nice padded walls..hmmm..

    You will love it here FEd.. Oh, we will be so happy together!!!

    Hugs, Bianca – who just LUUURVES the new pills the nurse just gave her

    [Do they have pineapple juice? – Features Editor]

  130. Nickster and Colin,

    Both thank you for your report about the PULSE premiere.


  131. Bianca

    Just between you and me. A potted history.

    PF used to use a giant inflatable pig at their stadium gigs (name unknown) as a tribute to the Animals cover pig – an iconic PF image.

    When PF split, amongst the acrimony, RW claimed ownership of the “pig concept” in an attempt to block PF usage at gigs (1986+). To overcome this, the “new pig” called Algie had visible balls to show it was a different pig and he was able to make an appearance cavorting over the crowd for “one of these days” amongst other numbers.

    So, my sheep is just a welsh update (because there are a lot of very nice but apparently unforgiving sheep in Wales, who have me in their little black books) on the pig and was prompted by your cows udders (not YOUR cows udders I hope you understand!).

    All clear ?

  132. How many words about sheep, pigs and cows…I’m so confuse! Are the sheep good? Are they finish the grass? Are the fight with the pigs? Maybe, instead to raise animals in the barn, is better if we decide to raise the fields…I fear in this barn I’m going to work more than in Italy…Bianca and Tim, you’ll help me with the animals and the fields, right? FEd, can you borrow us your dog…we need a shepherd dog for the sheep!


    [He’d be delighted to have an excuse to run around barking, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  133. I am a little upset. I don’t ordinarily subscribe to these sort of blogs etc, I am a little long in the tooth for such things, but I admit to merrily joining in with everyone else over the past months. Not as proliffically as Rudders et al but one hell of a lot for me!

    My grumpiness stems from the fact that I wasn’t invited to the preview of the Pulse DVD on Monday. Now with the greatest respect to all you other bloggers, I was the one carting Piper At The Gates Of Dawn round to all the parties in 1967 and was the original fan LOL. When everyone had become suitably drunk on their 1 pint of shandy and didn’t care what was put on the record player, stereo’s were not common then, I would slip PATGOD on.

    Normally accompanied by moans from the assembled bodies spread over the floor, I would turn the volume up as high as it would go. The lights would already be out in recognition of the snoggers in the corners. Eventually I was told I could only come to parties if I promised not to put on that awful record!

    I found ingenious ways of smuggling it in and would quite often put it in another sleeve. Once I think it came in a sleeve by The Beatles which was wholy acceptable. I even managed to get someone else to put it on using this con, I think I was busy with a young lady in the corner at the time. But as the opening bars of Astronomy Domine opened there was a roar of “JULIAN” and I quite legitimately was able to deny putting the record on!!

    Of course, if you went into all those party goers homes around 1974, they all had a copy of Dark Side Of The Moon…turn coats!

    So as you can see dear reader (and Fed) I went through a lot to educate you all. However, I am so glad that you all have developed such good musical taste and are such loyal co-fans of Pink Floyd and of David Gilmour in particular!

    Bless you all..

  134. [All clear ?]

    All clear Tim! Thanks a billion! xxx

    Oh and about the cow udders.. who says they aren’t mine? They ARE mine.. mine.. ALL MINE!!!!

    (hmm.. maybe the new pills are not working properly yet.. either that or I wasn’t supposed to take them with FEd’s pineapple juice this morning.. *grin*)

    hugs, Bianca

  135. [He’d be delighted to have an excuse to run around barking, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

    AH! Your dog always works to make you be nicer! 😉 I start loving him too! I promise you that, any night, we let him run around, run around, run around till he carry all the sheep back!


    [It’s a deal. – Features Editor]

  136. AH! You really want to leave your loved dog in the barn with me and the other fool member of this blog? AH AH! I already can see when, one night, you’ll hear the ring of the door, you’ll put the beer on the table and stand up from the chair (you’re probably watching football on tv in night clothes and slippers!). So you’ll go toward the door and, opening it, you’ll see your loved dog with a bag of provender tangled to a long stick and a desperate look. And he’ll say you: “I escaped. That people are mad! The play strange music, they say fool words and then they fall on the floor and start and endless laughter. And someone builds strange carvings and call them “glassman”, “David”, “Polly”, “Guy” and “FEd” too! And then they drink a lot…And I was the only one who worked in all that farm! They joke all the day while I run around and around with the sheep! The only one who worked as hard as me is an holland girl, who love to farm strange plants with stellar leaves… Please, FEd! Save me, please! Let me enter and hide me…THEY COULD ARRIVE!”


    [That’s a good point. I couldn’t put him through such an ordeal. – Features Editor]

  137. Loved reading the accounts of the Pulse screening by Colin, Nickster and Adrian. I could just imagine how it felt to be there. I’m so happy for all of you!

  138. [And I still don’t understand your great pig divide explanation.. and I think Geoff tried to explain it to me as well, but I don’t think I even know in what language his post was written, so that didn’t shed any light on the matter either.. (Sorry Geoff.. ;-))]

    That’s because I made a pig’s ass of explaining it but you get my drift.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  139. Hi FEd

    Don’t know if you are aware, but thought I would just tell you that on BBC 4 at 10.30-11.30 pm on Friday, 14th July, there is a profile on John Martyn called “John Martyn: Johnny Too Bad”. Thought I would pass this on just in case anybody is interested in finding out more about him. The programme says “A profile of the songwriter whose drawling vocals and virtuoso guitar have inspired many”.

    [Thanks for letting us know, Lesley. Perfect timing, too. – Features Editor]

  140. It is a treat to read Julian’s stories of a long-lost era.

    It is a reminder of how history has made us what we are today. I motion that we start a project to record the memories of old-timer Floyd fans before they’re all gone…

  141. Lucia,

    Nice to see you are still in good form. I hope that family of yours are behaving themselves and not fighting.

    I was listening to one of my favourite songs just now – Little Wing – and it occurred to me that you must have met Jimi Hendrix in another life, because he seems to be writing about you ….

    “Well she’s walking through the clouds
    With a circus mind thats running round
    Butterflies and zebras
    And moonbeams and fairy tales
    Thats all she ever thinks about
    Riding with the wind.

    When I’m sad, she comes to me
    With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free
    Its alright she says its alright
    Take anything you want from me, anything

    I hope you know the song – and I hope you also know the version by Stevie Ray Vaughn where the guitar is just sublime.

    Like the song says “Fly on little wing”

  142. Tim! Wow! thanks! I have no words…and I don’t think I deserve all this…at the other hand, you and anyone who write in this blog deserve it too! …I’m really honoured from your words…..”Little wing” is so beautiful…and the lyrics are so sweet…I love it too…can I save and print your post? …it could be my natural “prozac”!


  143. Tim….or it is just to prove that english are always gentlemen? Are you using me in the “etiquette” match with Rudders and FEd? OK! Count me! Now I’m waiting for Rudders and FEd’s nice words for me, then yours again, and then Rudders and FEd…and so on. In this moment, you are winning, Tim! 😉


    [We all love you, Lucia. You’re like a little sunbeam. – Features Editor]

  144. [We all love you, Lucia. You’re like a little sunbeam. – Features Editor]

    Sweet words, FEd! Thank you….but Tim was sweeter! Don’t lose your heart, I know you can do better! When you write your messages, try to think about David music, not about me!


  145. [Are you using me in the “etiquette” match with Rudders and FEd?]

    I didn’t know I was in an etiquette match ! I’m sure we would all score 9.9/10.0

    You can trust me to be 100% straight with you Lucia. Not for me the Machiavellian world of “black books”, delete buttons and pithy last words.

  146. Pffffft.. Bunch-a-Suck-ups..

    There is no one that loves Lucia more than ME!! She is MINE, ALL MINE!!! MUAHAHAHA.. *evil grin*

    hugs, Bianca
    (just kidding L.. ;-))

  147. Bianca,

    We’ve been neglecting you.

    There you are, evil genius and inspiration behind the barn band and we are not paying you enough attention!

    Perhaps I should have said “most-loved” instead of much-loved? But what’s in a word, eh?

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