Guy Pratt


Come on, then. Let’s hear it for Guy the Gooner.*

You know he reads this from time to time, so let him know what you think of his amazing bass-playing prowess.

He’s been Pink Floyd’s bassist for some 20 years now, touring the world twice with them, and so many other huge names – not least David on his current ‘On An Island’ tour.

If you’ve seen Guy’s stand-up shows, do tell us a bit about them.

Maybe he should start promoting himself as The Comedic Genius of Pink Floyd? Just a thought.

Anyway, please try and keep your comments fairly short. That’s not meant to be rude, it’s just that people tend to skip through the longer posts, which is a shame. It’s always better to post several times instead, if you just can’t contain yourself.

Don’t forget that you can catch an hour-long edit of the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ concert on VH1 tonight if you like your songs interrupted by adverts. Please note that that’s VH1 in the US, not the UK as we originally said. Our apologies for any disappointment caused.

Let us know if you’ll be watching with our latest poll.

Have a good weekend, all.

* A Gooner is an Arsenal fan, in case you didn’t know.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

167 thoughts on “Guy Pratt”

  1. Aaaw, what a cute pic!

    Hey FEd, didn’t we already do this two blog entries ago? Or is this the one where we can win the ‘I Kissed Guy’s Butt’ T-shirt? *grin* (Or should that be ‘Guy’s Prat’? What do you think?)

    Just kidding Guy, you know I love you, right? 😉

    Hugs, Bianca

  2. For Guy:

    Much of this is a repeat of my post last week after viewing the 2nd 1/2 of P.U.L.S.E. :

    What stood out the most for me was Guy Pratt’s amazing bass and vocal work on “Run Like Hell”, blew me away. Come to think of it he somehow made that anthem-like bass line on “Money” his own as well….. any chance of ever seeing a video of his stand-up routine ?


  3. Hi all. What a surprise to see this pic of Guy! Being out of the western world, the only things I have are the pulse vhs and some gracious freind brough me DG Live Albert Hall! and when I think of Guy, I think of the youngest member of the floyd team. Dude.. you’ve grown up! 🙂 No pun intended! Keep on pushing the bass to the outer limits. btw.. another good bassist I have become very fond of is Justin from Tool. If you folks like slick fingers…he’s the man! like Ole Geddy from Rush. Cheers.

  4. I first heard Guy with the Floyd in L.A. in 1987 and he’s a fantastic bassist. He has the melodic qualities of McCartney and the technical abilities of someone like Jaco or Stanley Clarke and his playing is a pleasure to listen to. Aside from this he’s incurably mad and I hope he never finds a cure for this!! 🙂

  5. [Anyway, please try and keep your comments fairly short. That’s not meant to be rude, it’s just that people tend to skip through the longer posts, which is a shame. – FEd]

    Sorry, I know I’m one of them! But it’s so difficult, for me, to be short! I’ll try!


  6. [But it’s so difficult, for me, to be short! I’ll try!]

    Just post each line in a different post then Lucia! *grin*

    Hugs Bianca

    [Trust me, you don’t want to do that. – Features Editor]

  7. GUY? SIMPLY FANTASTIC! He is a great bass player, good voice, GREAT DANCE AND JUMP ON THE STAGE, he has a lot of smile for fan and write fantastic posts on the blog! He did a great job with Pink Floyd and he continue to be fantastic in David’s show!

    GUY, I have to be short (FEd ask us) so I use just 3 other words: YOU ARE FANTASTIC!


  8. He certainly is loaded with vim and with vigor when up on stage ain’t he! It really does, for me, make the music that much more interesting to listen to and a show with him in it more entertaining to see him bouncing around like t-i double g-er. 🙂

    I saw him at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, he came out the front door looking for someone and he was 1 foot away from me and all I could do was stare, amazed to see him come out like that honestly. I couldn’t utter one word. WTF!

  9. it was great to see you doing your thing at the rah, guy. i was at the first london show and thoroughly enjoyed it. just where do you get your energy from?!

    all the best to you for both the present and the future.

    “pink floyd’s comedic genius” – good one, ed.

  10. me again. as the ed says, it’s better to post several times than to post a really long one if you can’t contain yourself.

    this is a polite note to those who write lots in their posts: i’m one of the people who prefers short messages. i tend to skip the long ones to get through as many posts as possible and i imagine others do the same. please keep them short and sweet to make life easier for the ed and also so that guy can read everyone’s message. he’s good enough to drop by and listen to what we have to say, so we shouldn’t make it a drag to have to read through lots of long posts. the same goes for david and polly of course.

    thanks all and no offence meant by that. i love reading the blog no matter what.

    rock on, guy. i wanted to add that you are a better bassist than the old one. and that’s not meant to be nasty, so please don’t go attacking me for saying it! i’m just paying guy a compliment.

  11. It’s about time bassists get some recognition. Some players are good enough to bring out a more lead guitar rift on a bass. I think it adds more depth to a song.

    Way to go on “Money”, Guy, I’m impressed!

  12. Hi all! Glad its Friday after a rough week at work with several friends and co-workers layed off and having to do a bunch of overtime to compensate for the loss!

    Guy Pratt- what can I say? Guy provides the fun-loving personality and the amazing bass. His work on the last few Floyd tours and Davids’ tour has been phenomenal! Just check out his work on “One of these days” on PULSE! The guy is a crack-up to watch. He truly is an excellent musician as well as an all around entertainer! And a hell of a guy when you consider he went out to hang with Gilmourites on Davids’ tour and he has frequently posted on this site. I know of no other artist who does that!


  13. Oh, and on the VH1 showing…Why watch with interruptions when you can pop in the DVD? 🙂
    Not to say that I wouldn’t TIVO the show if I didn’t have the DVD.

  14. What was it David said “Bass players are ten a penny but a good wit is hard to find, so we hired him.”?

    I love Guy, he is absolutely great!! Seems very down-to-earth.

    God, FEd, if David and the band are rehearsing for the gigs, I hope the studio has air con!! This heat is doing my head in.

  15. Guy is great! Loved his bass playing on the ‘on an island’ tour!

    FED do you know if any of his shows will appear on DVD? Or if he will publish anything about the shows?

    [I don’t know anything about that, sorry. – Features Editor]

  16. Remember The intro of One of these Days and Money ?

    He was perfect as well was his duet on Run like Hell. My god 12 years…!

  17. Guy’s work has been a joy, and watching various vids and DVDs over the years, it does seem as if we’ve watched him grow up somewhat!

    Glad also to see P.U.L.S.E doing so well; roll on David’s own DVD, where we can once again marvel at Mr Pratt bobbing about all over the place, making it all look so dammed easy!

  18. Having seen you playing with David on the Division Bell Tour I was real excited to know you where going to tour with him on OAI tour,and you where as fantastic this time as well. You add show much to the show,and it is obvious you love what you are doing.

    Thanks for the wall of sound, what a joy to see and hear you.


  19. Well what can I say about the great Guy Pratt I first saw him on the Delicate Sound Of Thunder video when I was just 13 years old and he still looked younger than me!

    I guess those great bass tones he plays (plus a little drinky now and then ?) had been preserving him in some way?

    I liked him from the start, later I got to see him Live with Pink Floyd in 1994 and I still thought he was great.

    Well many years have passed and I think I can now say that I finaly look a little younger than Guy.

    When I saw him with David this year there he was yet again …being great!

    I think its safe to say after so many years of listening to and watching Guy Pratt that I think he’s really GREAT.

    Thank’s guy your well I think I said it didn’t I ;o)

  20. I vividly recall Guy playing Time at Massey. If the new DVD comes out, I do hope they show the intro as Guy palms two strings which is the drum tempo. What a brilliant idea, is it yours Guy? I still don’t know. Keep Boppin Mate.

  21. [Trust me, you don’t want to do that. – Features Editor]

    hmm…we’ll see…if you’ll be kind, maybe I’ll be kind!


    See you on Monday…or tomorrow too!


  22. I couldn’t imagine anyone else filling Rogers shoes but Guy. Although I imagine Roger has bigger feet.

  23. Ok, so Guy’s a gunner (and David too)…as a spurs man myself and lover of all things Gilmouresque it’s hard to not hold it against them 😉 Am *still* reeling from the whole Campbell thing, years later…

    So about “our” Guy – I say that because he feels that much closer to our little community, as a poster and as a down-to-earth guy who spent time hanging out with bloggers pre-show.

    For me, Guy brings a different energy to the mix. What makes it work is that it’s just right – not too much and not too little. Watching Pulse again on DVD last week reminded me of how great Guy’s work was on that tour. “One of these Days” in particular stands out because of the chunky bass intro, but Guy’s groove can be felt everywhere.

    It has also been great to watch Guy develop from mop-haired younger Guy to the mature groovemeister that we see today. It has been said here before, but Guy’s physical presence on stage is wonderful…it’s all part of that different Guy energy that works so well.

    I thought I got a hard time at school for having a surname like Fine (“I didn’t ask you how you were boy, I asked you your name”) – but I can’t even imagine what it was like for Guy. All I can say that there must be an immense sense of satisfaction looking back at those people from where you are today 🙂

    Thanks again for being part of the family, in all senses…


  24. It was great to see Guy at both David’s tour (Glasgow & London) and also in the more intimate setting of the Edinburgh Festival for his stand up show, which was truly entertaining!

    I took my girlfriend to the stand up……don’t think she knew what to expect when I said “we’re going to see the Pink Floyd bass player do stand up” but we both came out in creases!!

    Guy: Were you nervous doing the stand up? You were sweating like hell! It was a bit warm, i’ll give you that. Loved the bit about waking up at the airport in the wheelchair! Always makes me laugh.

    Cheers for all the work you’ve given us over the years.


  25. What was it that David said? “Bass players are ten a penny but a good wit is hard to find.” That may be so, but Guy has a good wit and he’s a GREAT bass player and can sing to boot. Go listen to Island Jam. That was excellent bass work.

    I’d also like to take this opportunity to nag Guy yet again to get his show over to this side of the Atlantic. We’re getting bored over here.

  26. I’ll make my posts shorter too. . .

    I’m wondering when Guy’s “Dancing With The Stars” onstage aerobic video comes out?

    Perhaps an extra on the OAI DVD?

  27. As a good Pink Floyd fan know, 60% of the bass tracks in the Pink Floyd records where played by David Gilmour. In the show’s the problem is not Roger Being there, the problem is that David can´t play bass guitar and lead guitar at the same time. The only person who know’s David in the last 20 years and is a great bass player too is Guy.

    And becase he is a Arsenal fan, he is in the Pink Floyd Club because as a fan knows the members of Pink Floyd i think where Arsenal fans in the 70’s when i wasn’t born lololololol And the example of this is the sound of thr crowd in the Meddle record. llololollolo

    Keep on Groove Guy.

  28. Guy never seems to do in show on the East side of the country! It is about time he came to Cambridge and performed his one man show.

    Anyway, I popped by to say that the ‘Three Men in a Boat’ television programme in which Griff Rhys Jones, Dara O’Briain and Rory McGrath drop in on Mr Gilmour at his houseboat is being repeated on BBC2 on Wednesday 2nd August at 21:00. It gives a great look at the amazing location where some of On an Island was recorded.

    [Thanks for letting us know, Dave. – Features Editor]

  29. Guy,

    it was a big pleasure to see you in Milan last march. Your energy on stage was so contagious. I saw you with Pink Floyd too, and I think your contribution to Pink Floyd/David Gilmour has been and still is huge.

    A great bass player, and a very nice blogger. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences on tour.

    Ciao ciao

  30. Hi all

    Guys Bass playing was just great live, nice fella too had a good laugh when my missus and i were bantering through the gig at the bridgewater hall, Rick Wright also had a little banter from a far, that may have just been wind.

    He is just as important to the Floyd and Gilmour as any member past present or future.


  31. A bunch of us West Coast bloggers were hanging out in the bar before the Oakland show and in pops Guy to have a pint. Chatted with everyone who approached him, posed for pictures for anyone who asked. He’s absolutely the genuine article.

  32. John said “any chance of ever seeing a video of his stand-up routine”

    Hey- I second the sentiment… I didn’t get the chance to catch Guys’ stand-up tour. It would be great if he did put the show out on DVD. I think with the last 2 Floyd tours and his work with David recently, he has quite a following that would be interested.


  33. Guy Pratt = Bassist Extrordinare. If Jon Carin is the 5th member of Floyd then, Guy is the 6th. If some weird circumstance were to occur and the full Floyd were to reconvene I would still want Guy there. In my opinion he is that valuable and important. So thank you Guy for all your hard work, keep it up!!!

    Thank you very much indeed, Good night to you

  34. Fed and friends,

    In case you would like to check it out, VH1 Rock Docs “The Drug Years” all 4 parts will air on Aug 12, 5:pm-8:pm EDT. Good Music.

    Oh yea PF is included. I think it is on Teenage Wasteland 3rd part. Odd, I don’t think Syd was ever mentioned. Hmmmm.

    Melissa (*_*)

  35. Guy’s a great bassist.

    Listening to his playing on “Delicate Sound” as a budding bassist back in ’88 helped shape my style and inspired me.

    Now eighteen (Eeekk!) years later I still listen and get the same inspiration.

    To my mind he has mastered many different styles of playing but is a slave to none.

    And “One of these days I will learn the solo from Money!”

  36. dude

    Tried to keep my comments as short as possible. Ouch!!!! That stick really hurts!!!!

    Have a great weekend everyone
    x x x

  37. Guy,

    We love your bass playing and your stage presence. You always seem to be the guy who is having the most fun up there. Your work has obviated the need for a full PF reunion.

    Also, thanks for your tour reports on this blog. It was great to get your perspective on how things were going as each of us waited in anticipation of the show coming to our town.


  38. Been a fan since he was in Icehouse, another favorite of mine. Was glad to see him in the “surrogate band” along with Jon Carin in 1987 and that had continued through today. I remember reading something where Guy mentioned being in the front row at a Wall show at Earl’s Court in 1981 and how thrilling it was to be in the band only a few years later.

    I’ve heard excerpts of his stand up show, would love to see a video release of that, indeed!

  39. Hey Mister P.

    You really know how to make a mean bass talk, man. The picture above displays your clearly “a bucket of smiles”. I’d love to hear some material sometime, Guy.

    Peace, Love, and Happiness

  40. Echo all of the above. Speaking of Echoes; was watching Pulse the other night, and it was good to see that Guy’s “Echoes bunny hop dance” featured then as well. He’s been doing the his little skip dance in three different decades now, so it must qualify as a trademark of his by now.

    Anyway, love Guy’s playing and truly appreciate that he makes the effort to meet his fans. I missed him at Luka’s in Oakland, but it’s lovely that he dropped in to meet some of the bloggers. That really bridges the artist to fan gap and makes for a far more enriching musical experience.

    Cheers Guy! Glad that you’ve stayed on the bus for all these years.


  41. [you are a better bassist than the old one – Victor]

    Yes, and a nicer one, a better looking one, a better “jumping” (?) one, a closer-to-the-audience one, a better singer, a better blogger, all better…and surely a better friend for David…


  42. Hi FEd, Guy and other ‘Irregulars,’

    I totally agree with John above regarding Guy’s amazing bass playing on “Run Like Hell” on the P.U.L.S.E. vhs/dvd — absolutely fantastic! I love all his work, he always seems to be having such a fun time performing. A real song-and-dance man, too! I remember someone posting to this site once that Guy’s dancing and jumping around during the On An Island tour was ‘distracting’ and he should try to control himself!! When I read that I actually did LOL (laugh out loud, right FEd?)! His enthusiasm is contagious — makes you feel that he’s enjoying the show as much as you are.

    When I ran into Guy outside the Kodak Theater (twice) I felt as though I knew him. I’ve watched my Delicate Sound of Thunder and P.U.L.S.E. video tapes more times than I can count. Seeing him (and Jon, for that matter) go from kids to grown-ups over the years made them seem very approachable (this is probably due to my ‘maternal’ instincts, too) — and Guy was such a regular person, I felt completely at ease talking to him.

    I’d love to see his stand-up act, too. As David said, ‘a good wit is hard to find’ — much more likely to find twits these days!

    Take care everyone! It’s a crazy world out there!!

    Peace (at least we can hope)!
    Washington State

  43. Guy Pratt…

    As DG said… Good Bass players are ten a penny but Guy brings humour to the role…

    And when you see is haircut during the DB tour you’ll understand why… 🙂

    And get your butt over to Toronto for a one man show… please….

    (Fedmeister… missed you 🙂

  44. I’ve seen Guy a few times in action on tour with Floyd and Gilmour and I think he adds a much needed energy and smile to the line-up. I especially like Guy’s melodic bass riffs and I would compare him to a McCartney, but with a bit more funky and heavier, and he gets great and warm bass tone…great work Guy, you are also one of my fave bassists of late.

    Guy playing “One of These Days” from P.U.L.S.E is more psychadelic than the original version! One of my favorite basslines, ever.

    Who could be lucky enough to say that not only has his great bass playing skills managed to make him a member of Pink Floyd, and work with the likes of Gilmour and many talented musicians, but ALSO BE A FAMILY MEMBER OF PINK FLOYD’s RICK WRIGHT??? How I envy you Guy Pratt! : )

  45. Following on from SuperFed, I wonder what superpowers bloggers would give to David or Rick or any Islanders?

    Would they be a duo like Batman & Robin ?

    “Fender & Hammond” perhaps, or “Strat & Kurzweil”

    Bet that’ll set some brains racing!!

  46. Guy playing is impressive and he’s the most extroverse member of the band, it’s so nice seeing him jump and smile all the time.

    I’m approaching to play bass now, so please wish me good luck… I am often told I resemble Jaco Pastorius a lot, but just the face unfortunately…

  47. Hi Everyone

    Hat’s off to Guy for his amazing bass lines & talent. (I especially like the ‘knee kick’ he does during the end of ‘Sorrow’ towards Rick on the P.U.L.S.E DVD)

  48. Great job as always. I’d love to see the one man show…can’t really afford to jump the pond though…so keeping it short…


  49. Guy Pratt is incredible! I’ve seen him live 3x. Twice in ’94 in NY and on the OIA tour in NY this past April. His enthusiasm is infectious– you can feel his joy to be jamming with David and friends as he dances and hops around stage. I really enjoy his presence with Pink Floyd and now with David and band. Fed, does Guy play independent gigs in the US? If he does, I would certainly go see him.

    I also love that Guy checks things out on this blog and occassionally shares experiences from touring. He also responds frequently to fans on his own website. It has been a pleasure reading his thoughts.

    In essence, Guy is extremely talented and seems like such a nice gentleman. Hope to see him again soon one day.


    [I don’t know about any independent gigs in the States, I’m afraid. I’m sure Guy’s site would be the place to announce such a thing. – Features Editor]

  50. OK, I admit it was strange at first to see another bassist in the band (going back to the 87-88 tour) but I was blown away by Guy’s playing and I thought his enthusiasm was great. During the ’87 leg, I was fortunate to have great seats to one of the shows and I remember him smiling – a lot. He seemed to be really very excited about the great gig he landed. And who wouldn’t be?? But I also thought he added a really great, unique sound to the band.

    Unfortunately, now I have to rethink everything about him after learning he’s an Arsenal fan. Kidding! 🙂

  51. Guy, you’re great!

    I had never seen you play live until David’s On An Island tour, and I have to say, I’m a fan now.

    Come do your one-man show in North America sometime. Pretty please. 😀

    With love,

  52. Wow, first time seeing him was 19 years ago. I remember the boundless energy, the buoyant and jubilant nature to his bass playing. Great to see NOTHING has diminished. To make it look so easy, to have as much fun, and to get paid for it.

    … and WIT!! I want that job!!!

    May the road rise with you, Guy! You’re one of the best and a perfect foil for that David Gilmour character that stands to your left!!


  53. first post..

    after a longggg day at work, I watched PULSE with big screen and surround sound (not to mention a lovely cabernet..) last night. a fantastic experience. THANK YOU!!

  54. After watching P.U.L.S.E, I was wondering how old is Guy and isn’t he married to Richard Wright’s daughter. I bet he has a great time playing the bass with David. Please let me Know and I hope you have a great weekend.


    [We don’t discuss age here, but Guy is indeed married to Richard’s lovely daughter, Gala. – Features Editor]

  55. Guy’s bass playing; first rate, Mr reliable. Plus he’s a nice guy, a good egg and always has a smile for the fans. However I fear he’s going to need his famous sense of humour this coming football season, with the way Chelsea are shaping up.

    But one things for sure, “Didn’t he do well”.


  56. Guy is such an accomplished bassist and a pleasure to listen to and watch perform. And knowing that David prefers only the best, he wouldn’t be asked to play in the band if he wasn’t good.

    Both of my seats for the Division Bell tour and OAI tour were too far away to really see Guy close, so I have to say that I love the AOL Sessions. The foot stomping in Take a Breath and the intensity while playing the upright was a joy to see. It was a lot of class to meet the fans before the shows. What a Guy!!!

  57. I like the work he does on ‘Time’,it’s amazing,and love the way he uses the 5-string bass,an instrument I didn’t loved before(the R.Waters way was the E turned to D…),expecially in ‘Keep talking’.

    See you soon,Mr.Pratt

  58. As I note a few days ago, I just love the way Guy rocks his bass on “One of these days” on P.U.L.S.E. And I frequently find myself listening to his bass solo in “Money” recorded on “Delicate Sound of Thunder”.

    Seeing that he tours with David Gilmour again was the second best news in the recent past for me. Second only to the fact that they will play a gig at the Clam castle, just around the corner from where I live.

    Keep rockin’, Guy!
    (T=-6 days, and counting…)

  59. I may have mentioned before how myself and katrina my partner, managed to get in the after party for the band at earls court 94. I managed to wonder off back stage, and got chatting to one of the security staff who was stood next to a line of guitars. Guy walked up to the guard in question, who happened to be a lady and told her to make sure she kept a close eye on his guitars. Ill never forget that night very special.

    ps one of my all time favorite tv shows is the original randell and hopkirk.

  60. Hye Fed has anyone come up with a meeting place for venice 03/08 where we can get together have a drink and a few laughs before and after the gig

    [Not yet, but we’ll have some ‘meet-up’ blog entries next week, so keep an eye out for those. – Features Editor]

  61. “…Over and over
    My friends say I´m a fool
    But over and over
    I´ll be a fool for you

    ’cause- you- got-

    Walk — PERSONALITY !
    Talk — PERSONALITY !
    Smile — PERSONALITY !
    Charm — PERSONALITY !
    Love — PERSONALITY !

    – And ’cause you´ve got
    A great big h-e-a-r-t ! ! !….”



    P.S. — LOVE your onstage ‘psuedo-ninja-semi-crouching- tiger-moves’ — I think (?) I’ve even caught you pulling a one-headed snake style with your guitar before, aiming that immeasurable chi of yours toward my man Carin — (watch it, you!)

  62. Hello Guy

    My son Joel is learning how to play bass and is using you as a mentor for technique,style and stage presence.Needless to say he was besides himself seeing you play at Massey Hall.Thanks..I can’t think of a better role model.

  63. Guy’s great!! I can say that since I’ve meet him. I’ve never heard of any band member coming to a bar and having a brew with some fans before the show. It was so cool. As soon as he walked in he had such a warmth and openness. The first thing I said was “Hi, can I give you a hug?” (What can I say I’m a hugger) He looked at me as if to say “Of course, silly” with open arms. He told us that he could play Echoes everyday for the rest of his life and love every minute of it. He really is as much of a fan as we are, he was just fortunate enough to get the gig. (I know I’m not suppose to use the “fan” word, but I can’t think of an alternative at this time. My brain is fried too)

    I’ve never met David, and even though I would REALLY want to hug him, I probably wouldn’t ask since he always seems so reserved. I didn’t get that feeling from Guy at all. I knew he’d say yes.

    I could talk about his playing, but you all already know how great he is, and he’s quite a dancer too.

    Thanks Guy for everything!!


  64. I saw Guy performing with Pink floyd first in Nijmegen in 1990 – or was it Rotterdam in 1988.. cant remember, time goes so fast when you’re having fun.. but i love the way you “run like hell”

  65. Guy? Words can’t really do justice to how highly i think of him. He plays the bass as if it were the conduit through which he channels his soul.

    His hair on the Venice 1989 TV show is shocking, but I think all of our hair was then.

  66. I had the pleasure of seeing Guy at the Kodak Theatre concert in Hollywood. Such a treat! He just sparkles on stage and has such pure, rock n’ roll energy. He always looks like he’s enjoying himself — would love to catch his comedy act. Yes, he did very well, indeed! All good wishes, Guy!

  67. Guy Pratt… What is there to say about Guy Pratt?

    He smells like elderberries. I have proof.

  68. Guy, I love your story about auditioning for David. Glad you showed up in spite of the “big head” from the night before. It’s worked out well for all of us.

    “Gooner”? Any relation to The Goon Show? Hmm, I suppose not. See, that just shows what I know about football. Don’t tell David. Erm, GO ARSENAL!


  69. Victor… with you on the better bassist.. and no insult intended either. Just love Guys’ energy and obvious enjoyment of what he is doing.

    In an earlier post someone mentioned the change in Guy’s maturing in his playing and now that I have seen P.U.L.S.E(gee that gets to be painful) I can understand what was meant. Loved watching Guy in Chicago. I think he would be a great fun person to know.

    Just my 2 cents, but About Face and David Gilmour solos are wonderful and a different time and sound. Particularly love..’Let’s Get Metaphysical” and ‘Near The End’on About Face and ‘So Far Away’ and ‘I Can’t Breathe Anymore” on David. Glad they are being re-released.

    (just add my name to the long list who still are looking so forward to the OAI dvd. That smaller venue is just fabulous. I loved David’s In Concert dvd…except I also loved seeing the very young David at Pompeii…but he has aged very nicely….Piergiorgio..I am not exaggerating!!)

  70. Hola Guy,

    What can I say other than…you are the man!! You are so cool. Your energy just comes off the stage. You totally rock. Hope you do your one man shows out here in the US, especially in Fontana. That’s where I live. Lovely out here but hella hot.

    Catch ya later

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  71. Caption: Guy, upon hearing about maybe promoting himself as “The Comedic Genius of Pink Floyd”, begins to blush and starts laughing nervously.

    Guy is one of the greatest bass players around. I would like to again praise his performance on the P•U•L•S•E DVD especially on “One of These Days”. (Arsenal fan?)

    Have a great weekend mateys! arrgghh!! {|8^{D>

  72. Top man is our Guy.

    Anyone who can cope with a disorganised bloke trying to deliver certain items to the stage door at the RAH deserves a medal! 30 minutes before he’s due on stage he should be chilling in the green room but no, I’ve got him wandering around the OUTSIDE of the bloody Albert Hall, fighting off hordes of admiring fans, trying to find me!

    And that’s before we get to his bass playing, his singing and his all round stage presence – as I said, Top Man!

    [Dont forget Guy, Leatherhead Theatre ;)]

  73. Well, thanks for clarifing the gooner thing. I mentioned before how much I enjoyed Guy’s performances, and I will say it again, great spunk! Loved the entertainment, and by god you should a title, why not, thats the thing these days. The Comedic Genius of Pink Floyd, would be good.

  74. Just spent a couple of hours this evening with PULSE – have to say, overall impressions, very good. The technical wizardry is great – very clear and sharp images despite the lack of technology available when it was filmed, gives me “high hopes” for David’s DVD!

    I particularly enjoyed the Dark Side of the Moon CD, I love the last parts (Any Colour You Like, Brain Damage, Eclipse) which aren’t normally played when it’s not a full DSOTM run-through. I’m not too impressed with the extras except for the “Bootlegging the Bootleggers” tracks – I love Marooned and Poles Apart from TDB, and here they are. Always wanted to see that whale video.

    A bit disappointed that “Astronomy Domine” and “Hey You” weren’t on the CD – I remember these songs from the concert I went to in 1994 and they were great. But you can’t have it all, I guess …

    Special mention to my favorite bass player … love the vocals in “Run Like Hell”, Guy. Thought your eyeballs were gonna pop right out there.

  75. Seeing/hearing a band that has David Gilmour,Guy Pratt and his father-in-law Rick Wright in it is some of the most fun you could have in a concert hall with your clothes on 🙂

    PS, we had some very nasty storms in Eastern Pennsylvania where I live. Had no power for 2 days but dug out my old battery powered walkman cassette player with the radio. First thing I got to hear-Floyd-Another Brick in the Wall. 🙂 Everything goes better with a Gilmour solo 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great weekend FEd.

    [Thank you, the same to you. (Too short, aren’t they?) – Features Editor]

  76. i’m very sorry to say those things here, because it has nothing to do with Guy Pratt but i don’t know where else to ask about it.

    there are some confirmed live shows of david in europe for this sommer, is there any possibility that more shows could be arranged and if yes what has to be done. i mean it’s just up to the promoters?

    would david consider playing in greece? in castellorizon, maybe on an island?or athens?people here love pink floyd, david gilmour and richard wright.

    many apologies again for saying that here..

    [If there are any extra shows anywhere in the world, we’ll tell you about them here and, of course, at No extra shows are planned at this time, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  77. Guy,

    You are a master of your craft, a brilliant musician all round I say! The energy you put into the shows is faultless. I too put a great deal of energy into my job as a sparks, but I bet you earn a damn site more than me for enjoying yourself. LOL

    On a serious note I`ve been roped in to do a car boot sale on sunday morning at daft o`clock…so,

    Have a good weekend all!(even if mine is filled with the encumberment of such a treat!)

  78. It’s late and it’s so hot that the chocolate chips in my choc chip cookies have melted…and this thought came to me: is Guy any relation to the mighty John Pratt, Tottenham legend of the 70s?


  79. I have to admit that even though I saw both previous post-Waters Pink Floyd tours and I did watch the original PULSE VHS tape, it was not until the OAI release that I really knew that I’ve seen Guy Pratt before. I never really focused on the musicians in the PF except for the 3 original members. In any case, it has been great hearing his playing on both the studio release and live show of OAI. It was also wonderful to watch him on the new P.U.L.S.E DVD.

    Thanks for the bass licks and for joining us from time-to-time on this blog.


  80. Guy Pratt’s talent and versatility added so much energy to PF’s Momentary Lapse and Division Bell tours! He was also the perfect choice for the On an Island CD and tour. We’re still waiting for his stand-up comedy tour of the U.S. Bring your bass, too!

    Bill C.

  81. Yeah Guy! I would love to sit and talk with you about Kevin Gilbert. Too few people know about him. You bring great spirit to the stage, and to the music. Job well done!


    MW ;)- Chicago

  82. Hi again FEd,

    No posts since 4:20 your time? Hmmm, sounds a little suspect to me. If it’s as hot in the UK as it is here in our little valley in the Cascades of Washington State (and the rest of the states), you must be baked!! A little play on words, just a little one for Guy. Unless, of course, ‘4:20’ and ‘baked’ don’t have the same double-meaning over the pond, in which case it’s just the time of the last post and you’re very warm there, too.

    Too hot to be clever … assuming that I ever was.

    Where’s Rudders, by the way? Has he fallen off the planet? Now there’s a man who can keep up with Guy in the humourous-banter department!

    Bye for now. Stay coooool everyone! Jeez, those damned over-used vowels, as in ‘pleeeeeeeeeeeeease’ tour forever and ever!!! I must be in need of a cool drink!

    Washington State

    [It is very warm here, but I have to be completely honest and blame laziness. – Features Editor]

  83. guy,

    your deep pocket bass playing will not be undersold. you are so lucky and so talented to be hanging and playing with such an amazing group of artists. you are also an artist. one of these days…

  84. Guy,

    Was so great to meet you in Oakland before the show. As always your contribution to the band is amazing. Please keep up the live shows whenever possible.

  85. Hey Guy, love the dances you do while you play. It was hilarious in Chicago on the 4/12.

    Taaaake it easy.

  86. Guy IS Pink Floyd’s bassist.

    Guy IS a very good guitarist.

    Guy IS a great performer who brings any stage he is on to life. I have seen him do this many times.

    And he seems, by all accounts, to be a perfectly decent bloke.

    So hats off to Guy to sharng his unique style and talent with us all.


  87. I saw Floyd in 1987 at Madison Square Garden. One of my heros at the time, Tony Levin, played bass on the MLOR album, and I’d hoped he would tour with the band. When it was another musician I’d never heard of, I was disappointed… at first. A few songs into the first set, I realized that Guy was at least as good, possibly much better, than Tony Levin. By the end of the show, there was no longer any doubt but that Guy Pratt was a top-notch musician (as was Jon Carin, whom I’d also never heard of).

    Fast-forward to now, with Guy lending his amazing skill to David’s album and concerts. David knows a good musician when he sees one, and in the case of Guy (as well as Jon, again) he’s made the right choice to stick with the master rather than try out a different musician.

    It simply is not true that bass players are a dime a dozen; the music would have sounded much different with any other bassist. Guy Pratt is an amazing musician.

    If you’re reading, Guy, thanks for twenty years of great music.

  88. well..he´s a great bass player, the tours with the floyd and other artists show that.

    keep up with the good work

  89. When he first met Gala (Wright) did she think he was the great Guy in the sky?

    So apart from stealing one of Rick’s daughters away from me, me thinks this guy is just amazing, and he has written some fine tunes as well (check The Orb for that: Hamlet Of Kings from Cydonia to name just one)…

  90. [If you folks like slick fingers…he’s the man! like Ole Geddy from Rush. Cheers. – Posted by: saad at July 21, 2006 03:42 PM]

    I agree saad. Also being a huge Rush fan I really appreciate Guy’s plucking abilities. I’m listening to “One of These Days” from the P.U.L.S.E. DVD as I type this & concentrating on the bass line more intently as this is the topic at hand.

    WOW! Amazing!!

  91. Glad to hear Guy is a fellow Gooner. Haven’t seen his comedy show but I love his playing style on anything I’ve heard him do. And having been employed by Pink Floyd and Roxy Music must look fantastic on his C.V.

  92. “Anyway, please try and keep your comments fairly short. That’s not meant to be rude, it’s just that people tend to skip through the longer posts, which is a shame.”, says F’ed.

    Here are a few fairly short positive comments about Guy. I started off on an ABC basis, and then decided “Sod It”, and went for the full 26, so some of them had to be shoe-horned in a bit. Here goes:

    Xenial (Of or pertaining to hospitality.)
    Yang (The male element in Chinese Philosophy.)

    ……….. and that’s my short tribute to Guy.

    Vince Carr, in a warm and wet London.

  93. Guy Pratt.

    I seen you in Paris on the MLOR tour and since then I have seen you on the DB tour in Earl’s court and the 3 nights in RAH and all I can say is your stage persona and your live playing is second to NONE . You are in my book a cemented member of the legend that is Pink Floyd.

    All that to your name and more considering you help out other little pop groups eg Roxy.

    Your doing something right Guy and long may it continue.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  94. Ciao a tutti,

    I am one of those responsible for longer posts. (by the way no one has an opinion on a pillow of winds? sad no one has his opinion to give me). I’ll try to be short: guy is good.

    But , as always, I don’t agree about longer posts. Why should I read 10 posts like this:

    guy is great
    I love guy
    guy is a god

    Gets boring. I like exchanging ideas, opinions, talk about various music subjects, read some fun by all of the bloggers etc. etc.

    That was a personal opinion though.

    Ciao ragazzi (GUYs ;-)!!!

    Guy, if you read, in firenze wait for some fans..there won’t be many..I’ll be among them. thanks :-))))))))

  95. Just wanted to say Guy is among my favourite bass players, alongside Tony Levin, Pino Palladino and Mick Karn. I do appreciate the fantastic work he did for PF and David. And I like his vocals as well. I have never seen any of his standup shows, I’d love to though.

    Btw, anybody remember the great bass line in Earth Song?

  96. Guy is simply amazing as a musician and a showman. Plus, he deserves LOADS of credit for being so down to earth. I think lots of musicians and people of every trade have a lot to learn from Guy. Plus he gave me his pick at the second Toronto show and interacted with me throught the whole thing so I couldnt ask for much more!


  97. Hi FEd,

    One thing that really sticks out in my mind about Guy was during the Floyd tours in 88 and 89 he played some great funky bass during “One Slip” and I couldn’t help but boogie on down during the song.

    He also makes one note (well two or three – but you know what I mean with that eternal E string being played) sound great during “One of these Days”.



  98. Guy – The best looking non-glassblower in the latest BSSG Journal. Hows the smoking?

    Hey glassblowing on P.u.l.s.e. Forgotten about that – “Alternative us and them.” Tell me Fed, will there be glassblowing on David’s DVD??????????????????????

    Ian Pearson

  99. Guy feels the music flow through his playing. I remember when Angelo and I did our reviews of the Kodak Theater show, how impressed I was with his playing and how he enjoyed the show. Obviously, this week, after reviewing P.U.L.S.E. there were many things for me to rediscover about the Floyd and Guy was one of them. He’s a tremendous bass player and he really gave the Floyd a different and better approach.

    I respect Guy’s work and I would encourage anyone to listen to him.

    My dear Fed… lots of weeks since I could write on the blog… how are you doing?

    Lucia… this could be too late… but hell you won the WC! Congratulations!

    Well… see you later guys!

    Guy: Shine on you crazy bassist!

    [Hi Jorge. I’m very well, thank you. Hope all’s well with you. – Features Editor]

  100. Fed, I hope you won’t take this wrong, Because this is Davids’ web site. But with Richard being in the group. I like to say that that as a musician he has always been a inspiration to me.

    For it was David and Richard back in 1968 playing together, That I started my own group. I will always respect David and Richard for that. I don’t play anymore, But every time I hear David and Richard play. I always think about the great day of the past and how they have changed music to another level. I hope David will keep putting out great songs. For David and His wife Polly make a great team for writting songs together and I hope that Richard will do the same…

    A Loyal fan of David’s web site,

  101. Dear Fed, and all,

    Back… Oh, I missed you…even if sun and sea…

    Well, j’avais envie de vous écrire des mots légers (ambiance fin de vacances), répondre que Guy ne peut être qu’un magnifique bassiste et un type bien puisque David joue avec lui depuis si longtemps, que…

    et puis, et puis… je crois que je n’aurais pas dû lire les nouvelles laissées sur ce blog, surtout pas la nuit! Syd, ô Syd…

    Pendant ces vacances – où rien ne filtrait du vaste monde que le Mundial (sh*t!) -, ma fille m’a demandé des nouvelles de Syd…

    Il vit encore?

    Bien sûr…

    J’ai failli ajouter qu’il était immortel, puisque nous sommes/étions tant à l’aimer… J’aurais sans doute dû le lui dire… Mais est-ce que les gens que l’on aime, meurent vraiment? Sans doute est-ce pour cela qu’il faut continuer à vivre, malgré tout: pour leur permettre de survivre…
    Dire que nous lui avons tous souhaité son anniversaire ici même…!

    Pardon, Fed, de revenir sur ce topic, très en retard, mais… Et puis pardon d’avoir écrit en français. Ces mots-là ne seraient pas venus dans votre langue. Sorry. Je vais tenter de dormir.

    Ikkar, with love.

    [Bienvenue, Ikkar. – Features Editor]

  102. Guy, if there is a word to describe you as a comic, entertainer, blog writer, it’s CLASS! Thank You.

    Hey Roofer, are you settled in yet? LOL.

  103. Yeah, me again,

    Lots of nice words for our favorite Guy! And well deserved.

    Born in 1962 I believe, if his website’s biog info is correct, which makes him only 11 years younger than me — and I commented that talking to him was so easy partly because I felt like I’d watched him ‘grow up’ in Pink Floyd, then said something lame like ‘maternal instincts’???

    Hottest day yet. Something on the news about the Whitney Glacier at Mt. Shasta (in No. California) MELTING due to the extremely hot weather!! Yeah, global warming is just some fantastical theory cooked up by crazy scientists who just want to f*ck with the powers that be! Aaargh.

    Glad to see that Rudders is back … or maybe it was me that was missing. Hi Rudders!

    Oh, ‘lazy FEd’ … an oxymoron if ever I heard one! Rest up, have a cold drink, I won’t panic if the posts aren’t up-to-the-minute next time. It’s just been a weird couple of weeks and I was being ‘needy.’

    Washington State (of mind)

  104. Morning FEd, everyone,

    Saw Guy in Versailles 1988, in Chantilly & Werchter 1994 and now in Paris and London.
    Most of it has been said. Top-notch bass player, entertainer, the “different energy” and the fun.

    To me, definitely member of the Floyd family. No pun intended with Guy being Richard’s son-in-law.

    Would like to see the stand-up act. Any chance of a hop across the channnel for it, Mr Pratt ?

    Best regards,

  105. Guy is a great bassist…everyone knows that. Few questions for him though…does he play regular guitar too? Does he write songs? Any plans to do something solo?

    On another note, the success of P.U.L.S.E (man it’s annoying typing it like that) in Australia shouldn’t be overlooked. For the first time in Australian music industry history, the sales of the top selling DVD were higher than the sales of the top selling CD/album. No small feat.

    And on yet another note, my (rather overdue) sympathy to David and everyone over the passing of Syd. I’m sure this has been a difficult time, particularly since David said recently he was thinking of visiting and saying hi to his old friend. I think if the sales of P.U.L.S.E are anything to go by, we can rest assured that Syd will not be forgotten. Ever.

  106. I thought a Gunner was an Arsenal fan?!

    Anywho, Guy seems a really down to Earth bloke and a fantastic bassist!

    [That, too. – Features Editor]

  107. Hi smarts! I want to try to be as good as Rudders (well cameback, mate!) in acrostic (I can’t remember how you write it in english, sorry!)

    G – Gold
    U – Uvula
    Y – YEAH!

    P – Player (bass player, of course)
    R – Radiant
    A – And
    T – Tender
    T – Teammate

    OK! I’m no so good as Rudders, but I did it with all my heart! I hope Guy will appreciate it the same! HAVE A GREAT DAY!


  108. Hi Fed,

    did Guy go to the Bergkamp testermonial, tickets as hard to come by as a Gilmour concert but watched the game on TV i got goose bumps when all those legends walked out at the Emirates stadium. The last time that happened was at the RAH on the 29th May.

    [I’ve no idea, but I can’t think of many better ways to spend a Saturday. – Features Editor]

  109. Oh another thing, ive mentioned this before but its still true….has anybody ever seen Guy & Gordon Ramsey in the same room … the same time?

    As a Chef Guy, you make a great bass player….one of these days,

  110. i met you in leicester before your gig there, had a chat and you were a nice chap! Very good bass player too! Tell us about Micheal Jackson again if your guna blog!


  111. [But , as always, I don’t agree about longer posts. Why should I read 10 posts like this:
    (..) guy is a god]

    Well, Piergiorgio, looks to me like so far you are the only one that has posted that.. so I think that might mean you won the ‘I Kissed Guy’s Prat’ shirt.. *grin*

    (sorry kid, I am in a bit of an evil mood, must be the weather ;-))

    Hugs, Bianca

  112. Hey, kids, what about The Barn Band?

    Okay, so we have split up into several factions because of the Evil Genius of a Bassplayer (who was that again? *grin*) even before we did our first gig, but I have been let out on weekend leave from the mental hopital which means I am doing much better (although I had a club a guard and climb over a gate in the middle of the night to get out.. not sure what that was all about. Plus I have taught myself how to play bass while wearing a staight jacket (and you all thought playing behing ones back was hard.. pffft) so how about a Big Barn Band Reunion?

    We could play for a good cause.. like for the poor Italian girls living in barns in Wales starving because the sheep are to cheap to buy their bead necklaces?

    We could call it Live Barn!

    Pier, if you are good, you can be in charge of keeping the doobie smokers in the hay free zone. 😉

    So what do you all say? Lucia? Tim? Erin? FEd?
    How about it?

    Hugs, Bianca – typing with straight jacket on.. *grin*

    [Sounds good to me. – Features Editor]

  113. [Trust me, you don’t want to do that. – Features Editor]

    Is that a challenge FEd? Sounds like a challenge to me.. *evil grin*

    Oh, okay then, I will be good.. for now.. 😉

    Hugs, Bianca

    [It’s not a challenge, honestly. The Delete button always wins. – Features Editor]

  114. A cheery hello to Guy and everyone on the blog…from the former Marthasville (now known as Atlanta).

    I’m a fairly lousy blogger — always want to ask too many questions: are David and Polly birdwatchers?, does David like to cook?, are there theories as to why some people prefer songs in minor keys? — stuff like that so, I’ll say instead: happy weekend, Guy and everybody. That includes you, FEd!


  115. Guy never fails to impress me and is always on great form, he just strikes me as a great guy (pardon the pun) and wonderful to be around.

    And doesn’t he look cute on the dvd!

  116. Guy, I must admit it: I didn´t like a lot the way you played the bass at first. Not exactly the notes you played, but the way you moved while playing. I thought, Floyd is not so frivolous as for having a Guy (pun intended, of course)jumping around on stage and a drummer that seemed to have an epileptic attack.

    Now I´m getting used to it, and I actually found it funny in the Royal Albert Hall.

    Moreover, now that I see PULSE, I actually continue finding it funny seeing that it adds some movement to an otherwise still stage (appart from the jumper drummer, the dancing ladies and Jon Carin´s head).

  117. I think the great thing about Guy is his versatility as a bass player. His fretless bass work is good. He plays a great slap bass, but he also can segue into playing those wonderful bass signatures made famous by that other bass player Floyd had. He replicates was he needs to in Floyd songs, and adds his own embellishments adding new life to old songs.

    I love it!

  118. Guy’s bushy hair in the P.U.L.S.E. video was funny as compared to now. However, we all change over time, don’t we?

    When I saw David in Chicago earlier this year, some of us were hanging around outside the entrance way in the back. When Guy was walking in I yelled “Hi Guy!” He smiled, waved and said “Hi” back.

    To a big fan, it’s those little things that one

    Best Wishes to Guy.

    From Mark in Virginia, U.S.A.

  119. “So what do you all say? Lucia? Tim? Erin? FEd? How about it? ”

    Yes indeed – it’s been far too quite on the Barn Band front. I have been busy working on my own solo “Norfolk Windmill” project but I have NOT left the Barn band.

    This is unfortunate from a musical perspective because I am crap, but I can always guitar-synch if need be.

  120. How rude. I have not paid tribute at the Guy altar yet.

    I’m afraid I’m not expert enough to judget Guy on his technical excellence but suffice he say he seems to sit very easily with the PF and the DG sound.

    I’m interested by that earlier post that pointed out that the 80’s incarnation of PF was a little “overplayed” although I think that’s more an 80’s thing than a Guy thing – A momentary lapse was for me a momentary lapse in standards generally.

    I’m very interested now to compare the playing on the OAI DVD with Pulse to see for myself that evolution of style.

    (sorry I’m posting long, but if you’ve got this far down the Blog I’m sure you’ll bear with me.)

    Most important of all Guy has proved himself a real friend of the Blog with his (slightly less frequent) posts and his role in F’eds gifts and contact with the Bloggers during the tour.

    RESPECT for that and I’m another man who looks forward to catching that one-man show, fully updated for OAI experiences of course, WHEN you bring it to Cambridge (Floyd’s spititual home of course). There would be a guaranteed Pint of Adnams in a hostelry of your choice before the show.

    What do yous say old chap. I’d even forgive you your Gooner foolishness.

  121. [he just strikes me as a great guy (pardon the pun)]

    Ah, that’s okay, I am sure he has never heard that one before.. *grin*

    So.. a question for the Brits and Americans: those of you that actually know a guy called Guy, do you find that you tend to avoid the use of the word ‘guy’ when talking to or about that person?

    And those of you called Guy: do you use the word ‘guy’ yourself? Does it sound weird if you do? Am I asking weird questions? *grin*

    We know the name ‘Guy’ in Holland as well, but we pronounce it the way the French do. (like the word ‘we’, but with something between a G and a K at the beginning).

    It then sounds a lot like the Dutch word ‘wie’ (sounds like ‘we’) which means ‘who’.

    So I used to know a Guy that we always teased by saying: ‘Hey there is Guy! Wie? Guy! Wie? Guy! Wie?’ Then the Guy in question would walk away angry and we would fall over each other laughing..

    I know.. very childish, but we were only 25 at the time.. *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca (pronounced: Bianca, not By-anka ;-))

  122. Guy is a natural member in the Floyd/Gilmour camp!

    I’ve seen him live 11 times, with Gilmour, Floyd and Roxy Music. And his always a pleasure to listen to.
    Wish I could see “My bass And Other Animals” also, so please get it out on DVD!

    We love you Guy!

    Best from


  123. Bianca, I there, whenever & whereever, just let me know. I always up to support a good cause =)


  124. Gabrielle, don’t feel bad about feeling “needy” we all do from time to time. That’s what friends/bloggers are for. We’re here for yah!!

    A local city, Modesto, had the highest tempeture ever recorded – 112 F, on Saturday. My grandmother use to use the saying “Hotter then the blue blazes of Hell” I’m starting to understand, all too well, what that mean.


  125. Yesterday, i think there was a bug on the computer. No chance to blog yesterday; so i try again today.

    Guy, you were fabulous, fantastic and very clever (brillant) on the Toronto show. I loved you.

    By the way, Rudders, it is nice to read you again!!!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  126. Just a few quick words to say what I think of Guy.

    I think it’s fair to say he’s a part of the Floyd furniture now, and all things ‘Gilmour’. His energy and enthusiasm on stage realy are a breath of fresh air. Even when he plays on the old classics, the enjoyment is still apparent, as is with the other guys to be truthful.

    The fact you have taken time to spend a few minutes posting on this site and speak to the fans is a great tribute to yourself, as well as us.

    You seem a truly smashing bloke, keep up the good work, cheers Guy.

  127. About the highest compliment I can pay you Guy, is that it took a long time for David to get off the couch and back on stage and I’m sure, if gifted and witty friends like yourself were unavailable to tour, it wouldn’t have happened and then the ripple effects through the time/space continuum are too frightening to imagine. So thanks.

    One question, are you a comedian who always works on his material, trying it out on anyone who will listen, or are you the quiet deadly sort smiling to himself in the corner, taking it all in and revealing it only on stage?

    My ex was a sometimes professional comic and one of my fondest memories was being privileged enough to hang with the guys after the show, hearing the post mortems on how they thought the show went and the stories from the road. Comedy is not easy, but the buzz when it works is quite something. Kudos for you being brave enough to take the stage solo.

  128. Guy……,

    A great bass player.

    He looks like very sympatic. I think he is.

    Need I to say more?


  129. Ciao a tutti,

    so there will be ganja in this barn? DO I LOOK LIKE A DOOBIE SMOKER?!?!? what do you mean with “YEEEES”?!??!?! alright, ok…..;-)GEWELDIG!!……I am coming and yes we all will smoke in a hay free zone. And then I will tell everybody “Ik houd van jau”!!!!!

    Ciao 😉

  130. Saw you for the first time on the PULSE DVD and I must say very impressed. You also did a great job with the vocals on “Run Like Hell”.

    One of these days was stunning, wait, I better not do a track by track review.

    Anyways keep up the great work, and hopefully the Floyd will live again? Or at least a new DG solo album 😀

  131. Guy, you’re a real swell Guy, and a top-notch muso. I’ll treasure my autographs forever.

    The beers are on me should you ever swing down this way.

  132. HI folks

    As well as being a good bass player Guy is a very funny bloke wuth a wealth of good stories to tell – and boy he can knock back a few glasses of lemonade as well.

    When i referred to him as a ‘rock star’ he corrected me and said ‘no I’m just a working musician’ – a very down to earth chap

    That said – Guy where are the drum sticks for my cub pack!

    All the best and i hope that the next leg of the tour goes well

    Best wishes and good luck to those with tickets for the up and coming shows – you lucky people!


  133. [so there will be ganja in this barn? DO I LOOK LIKE A DOOBIE SMOKER?!?!? what do you mean with “YEEEES”?!??!?! alright, ok…..;-)GEWELDIG!!……I am coming and yes we all will smoke in a hay free zone. And then I will tell everybody “Ik houd van jau”!!!!! – Posted by: Piergiorgio]

    THAT’S BRILLIANT!! I mean.. GEWELDIG!! It’s about time we heard some Dutch in this blog.. I just didn’t expect to hear it from an Italian!

    Love you right back, baby!

    hugs, Bianca

  134. [Didn’t he do well…]

    You won’t get any argument from me KenF! (Damn, I completely forgot about that line, can you believe it?!)

    hugs, Bianca

  135. Fed..

    What would it take to bring the guys for a show in Paksitan? Or I am just goin looney thinkin that it might happen someday?



    [I don’t know, Saad. It would be nice though, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

  136. Ok.. so tell me this. Is there anyother band that is like the Floyd or even DG? Is there someone worthy of being compared to PF or DG? I ask because I honestly have not found any one that comes close. Do you agree? to me… Beatles? No! Stones? No! Zep? No! Cream? No! Who? No! Door? mmm, maybe..Rush? also maybe, Hendrix? No! My question is why do we feel this way about PF / DG? why? As for me, David..your lyrics got me through my most turbulent years. I dont know you, nor did I know Syd, but i have this respect for you..which is like the respect I have for my know?

    From the bottom of my heart.. Thank you for giving us the music that has reached into the deepest crevices of our souls and thank you for helping us go through our turbulant times 🙂

    Guy.. all this goes for you as well. Ever since 94 when I saw you on the Pulse tour.. I’ve been wanting to become a bass player.. and also a guitar player and a drummer…not a keyboard player tho!

    Long blog.. yeah it is.. shoot me :þ

  137. Peter,

    In response to your question over Guys’ writing skills, checkout “Growing up in Public” by Jimmy Nail. Guy, produced, played & part wrote the album, that also Features a Mr. Gilmour guesting on two tracks.

  138. [Lucia… this could be too late… but hell you won the WC! Congratulations! – Jorge Rivera]

    HI! HI! Thanks Jorge, even if I still wonder is you refer to the World Cup or the Water Closet!!!!


  139. [I have been busy working on my own solo “Norfolk Windmill” project but I have NOT left the Barn band – TIM]

    Are you fighting against them? Let we know if we have to call you Don Chisciotte!


    P.S. Sorry FEd, I’m writing a lot today…I feel good and…I love speaking with my blog’s friends! But you should have realized that my daily post ARE SHORT!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Salut à tous

    Le type Pratt est un grand talent, pour moi il fait partie de P.F. je le trouve sympathique et amusant.J’étais trés heureuse de vous voir à Toronto.

    ON vous aime.

    Sylvie de Quèbec

  141. I have to admit, I do tend to shy away from the word “guy” when talking about our Guy. I hope he answers your questions . . I’m a bit curious as well.


  142. Salut Sylvie de Montréal

    Tu est de retour ca fait plaisir de voir qu’on est au moin 2 dans notre patelin sur ce site fantastique.Si tu viens à Québec et que ca te chante qu’on prenne un café ou une bière fait le moi savoir sur le blog,je ne passe jamais une journée sans le lire,c’est devenue mon journal quotidien.

    Sylvie de Québec

  143. Hé, les deux “Sylvie”, je me suis souvent demandée si Sylvie de Montréal et Sylvie de Québec ne faisaient qu’une ! Maintenant, je sais…et j’en suis ravie ! Pour moi, c’est un vrai plaisir de vous lire toutes les deux!

    Il semble que nous ayons pas mal de choses en commun…je voudrais bien aussi partager le café !

    Si un jour vous venez en France, je vous offre le champagne!…


  144. Fed: Dude.. it would be a dream come true. Just recently, a local pop star talked Bryan Adams in to coming here for a fund raiser concert for the earthquake victims. It was a first for Pakistan. Just Imagine..if…. 🙂


  145. Howdy Guy,

    I’ve always thought your bass lines on Floyd tunes added a nice ‘funk’ element. Your grooves have brought a nice element that makes people want to bop their heads…and watching you do the Guy Pratt Gallop, or whatever we’re calling it, is just fun to watch! Your having fun mirrors the enjoyment we’re having at the gigs!

    Thanks, Guy….

    Hope to see you again soon man…

  146. Salut Michèle

    Merci pour l’invitation,tu es la bienvenue pour le café à Québec.J’ai moi aussi un plaisir à vous lire toi et Lucia,(les autres aussi).Je me demande si tu demeure au canada ou l’europe?pour Lucia aussi je me demande? parce qu’on pourraient faire le party de grange au CA.Je suis sûr qu’on a beaucoup de chose en commun.Dis quel date tu va voir David? Moi être capable j’irais à toute les shows,à Toronto j’y suis alleé les 2 soirs,j’aurais bien voulu rencontrer Sylvie de Montréal ce seras pour une prochaine fois.Au plaisir

  147. Salut, Sylvie (du Québec), et bien, vois-tu, j’habite en France en Europe, j’ai vu David deux fois à Paris cette année et je pense, j’espère aller le voir à nouveau lundi prochain à Vienne toujours en France, mais j’ai des problèmes de “timing” pour le lendemain, on verra, ne perdons pas espoir…ça fait toujours plaisir de partager une ou des passions communes, j’ai été ravie de te lire, ainsi que l’autre Sylvie qui écrit parfois.

    Lucia habite en Italie, bien-sûr, à Rome.



  148. Hi Sylvie (de Montréal or de Québec…or simply Sylvie…I’m confused!). I hope you don’t think I’m impolite if I don’t comment your post where you called my name too…I can’t understand it…sorry….a part “l’invitation,tu es la bienvenue pour le café à Québec” (ah! SO you’re Sylvie de Quèbec)…but if you inviting also me for a coffee, I will be very glad to come! A friend of my went in Canada and told me that it is FANTASTIC! And I will be glad to invite you in Italy for a strong italian expresso…with cream, so it will be not so strong!


  149. Hi Guy, you are an incredibly bassist!!! Excellent!! I love your way of performing. And you are a gooner like the real bassist of pink floyd, roger waters!

    So the bassist of pink floyd is mr. roger waters. You are a great performer and session man of the floyd without their original bassist!

    I’m sorry for this but it is my thought.


    [Guy can do many things, but he hasn’t yet invented a time machine, nor has he developed the ability to re-write history. – Features Editor]

  150. [Guy can do many things, but he hasn’t yet invented a time machine, nor has he developed the ability to re-write history. – Features Editor]

    “Fed l’impulsif !”, c’est aussi pour ça qu’on vous aime…


    [Vous êtes trop aimable. – Features Editor]

  151. [Guy can do many things, but he hasn’t yet invented a time machine, nor has he developed the ability to re-write history. – Features Editor]

    He hasn’t???? Oh man.. I am SO disappointed in him now.. *sob*

  152. I love Guy’s bass playing, he and Roger made me want to play the bass guitar myself. I haven’t yet since I’m only 13 years but at 16-17 I will.

    Anyway I just love the way he plays.And his character from what I have seen in interviews.

    If you are ever going to read this I have a question: Is there any chance you might make a solo album.

    If he cannot respond then maybe our great friend the editor can (please)?

    [Sorry, I’ve no idea. If Guy sees this, maybe he’ll reply. If not, check out his site. – Features Editor]

  153. ciao a tutti,

    scusate se non scrivo in inglese ma per me è un pò complicato.

    Io chiedo se è possibile se “PINK FLOYD” si uniseero tutti e quattro per fare un concerto qui in Italia, uguale a quello che hanno fatto a Venezia nel 1989.

    Grazie ciao Stefy

  154. I love Guy’s energy. It is perfectly clear that he thoroughly enjoys what he is doing, and I believe that comes through in the music. A more poetic, and maybe more accurate, way to put it is that he doesn’t just play the music, he becomes it, the same way David does.

    Here’s a question, too – as much as you jump and stomp and whatever else people are calling it, you must need to wear good quality cushiony shoes or else you are one of the lucky ones whos body doesn’t mind the abuses we heap upon them through the years….


  155. Go Guy! Great job. Finally took time to snag a copy of P.U.L.S.E DVD to compliment my P.U.L.S.E CD set. I saw you during a stop on the Division Bell tour. I saw you during yet another stop on the On An Island tour. I am a fellow bass player, and I am proud to know you. Keep thumping for all of us!

    Cheers, Guy R

  156. hola soy de argentina y aca hay varios que queremos que David toque asi que lo estamos esperando, Guy es un genio y mueve lindo el bajo, pero si yo quiciera un bajista en mi banda ese tendria que ser Roger Waters

    CON AMOR fede

  157. Saw Guy’s show “My Bass and other animals” it’s a must, Being a Bass player myself,if he did not pick up the bass he could be a world famos stand up I’ts a must See. Saw him at Port eliot lit fest, please guy add more dates this year!!!

    Please someone book him!!

    Big Will

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