Let’s have a random, slightly peculiar, off-topic blog for those who are sick of the football.

Today’s photo, taken by Brian Rasic, is from Monday night’s ‘P.U.L.S.E’ premiere.

There’s a prize for whoever dreams up the most interesting way in which one might make use of those giant eyeballs.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

148 thoughts on “Eyeballs”

  1. Are they bouncy? I still need to get me a fitness ball of approximately that size..

    Hugs, Bianca

  2. Hang them in the Oval Office near the ceiling, staring straight towards the desk. And above that hang the Live 8 electronic sign that says “NO MORE EXCUSES”.

  3. This may sound silly, but I would use them for making a bed. Put some brackets on the bottom of each one and attach a large piece of wood (bed base) to the top of the two eyeballs, using each eyeball for either side of the bed. Weird but interesting…



    On Fri monday morning I shall be buying a large pair of ears and would love to borrow those eyes as I shall be watching my copy of PULSE in a darkened room somewhere in Dublin ,can’t wait.

    option two. I would like to get a pair of these eyes for all the pro roger anti David people out there and urge them to buy this DVD . I think their eyes will be well and trully opened.

    NICK. Great review well put

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  5. We could interpolate Storm Thorgersons Nice Pair photo of the blurry spectacles (inferring the specs belonged to the photographer). But I’m afraid that would make a rather boring photograph….

  6. They would make great cue balls for my oversized billards table.

    This stuff is going to make a nice donation for the charity.


  7. EYES: Hmmmmm just thinking with this talk of inflatables they could have had on inflatable EYE over the thames but then I thought Alan Parsons might get ticked off with copyright ha ha ha sorry ………..Sirusly I’ll stop now

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  8. Somebody call Jim Henson Productions. I hear they are making a new film called “Jurassic Muppets”

  9. Somewhere there is a Blue whale bemoaning the fact he cannot view the newly released “Pulse” DVD….

    please, somebody stop me…..

  10. ….how about we inflate them with helium and set them loose at a Roger Waters concert?? That should get a rise out of him!

  11. The eyeballs should be used to bounce painfully and repeatedly off the heads of those people still begging for a Floyd reunion.


  12. [Sadly we won’t be able to test out your ideas, as the eyeballs are being auctioned off for charity]

    Don’t lose hope F’Ed. We can always get Rudders to pledge the highest bid can’t we?


    [Good point. We should have a blog whip-round and see if we can buy them. – Features Editor]

  13. Uses for eyeballs:

    – Mount them on Nelson’s column so that he can have eyes in the back of his head (or cooler still, mount them onto the Sphinx to give it eyes…)

    – Give them back to the poor blue whale that David took them from

    – Anyone a Prisoner fan? They could be rovers 🙂

    – A very cool white ball for a massive pool table (with a spare)

    – Give them to Mr Blair (or insert politician of choice here) because he needs a bigger balls

    – Get all the pairs of eyeballs and make a massive Newton’s cradle out of them

    – Inflate them and be sure that they ‘accidentally’ come loose from their mooring and fly over London…oh wait a minute…

    – Lend them to the Navy because someone must be able to get an ‘eye eye captain’ gag out of it

    – Take them over to the London Eye for the obvious photo shoot (I think this one is actually a good idea!)


  14. i would put one in my front garden and put the other one on my roof and use it as cctv camera

    aaron burrows (slough)

  15. Hi FeD and all at dg.com…this may be somewhat altruistic but what the heck IMHO :

    They could be used to focus the attention of the world on the need for TOLERANCE and PEACE.

    One eye represents the moderate approach to life’s differences and inequalities;it offers HOPE…

    One eye represents the fundamentalist approach that offers DESPAIR…

    We start off placing ONE in New YORK or Washington DC…..

    the other we place in Palestine or Iraq…

    the EYES are then moved periodically around the cities of the WORLD…..accompanied by displays of ART etc…to reinforce the fact that we are all Human beings living on the same FRAGILE PLANET…

    The basic idea merely paraphrases Mahatma Gandhi’s VIEW :that if we all keep following the PHILOSOPHY of an EYE for an EYE..we will ALL end up BLIND :-c

    I would ask ALL the members of the PINK FLOYD to release a UNITED piece of WORK (just for one LAST time ..and then for them to be allowed to MOVE on to whatever suits them NOW )

    This would show the way (::( )::)

    This would be my use for the EYES 🙂

    Altruistic yes, but I believe in the power of music to heal….sorry for going on

    M 🙂

    Love and Peace

  16. F.Ed,

    We could put them on the sheep for the Barn Party,

    We could make a new disguise for F.Ed,

    We could make a huge CP30,

    We could give them to a few choice world leaders who a) need to see things more clearly, or b) think they are Big Brother and need them to watch out for everybody

    They could be the new logo for Hooters,

    How many suggestions are we allowed?


    [I’ve been fairly lax with the rules today, so… ten? I’m not counting. – Features Editor]

  17. I think I’d use them to create a floating raft and float away to my own Island! Sorry hehe…

    I’ll then pull them ashore and use them as a couple of large scatter cushions. I’ve got to be comfy on my Island.



    P.S I can’t wait until next Monday! 🙂

  18. I remember seeing a fork sticking up out of a motorway on an LP cover artwork somewhere in the distant hazy past (long before new fangled gimmicks like cassettes came along). Hmmm, I wonder if there is any jelly in those eyeballs?


  19. Hi FeD..REF previous suggestion ;Just thought if the EYES cannot be divided, then as ONE solid entity,they could still be displayed around the world.

    This would still make the ‘PULSE’ image a very powerful symbol for peace ??

    M 🙂

  20. FEd, if people would like to see a clearer image of the ‘eyeballs’ you are welcome to link to a scanned image of my ticket from Monday evening.


    [Good thinking. – Features Editor]

  21. Beach Balls!

    Or, point them up at the ceiling & put glass over them to make a coffee table.

  22. Mount them on the lighting display and have Lazers shoot out of the eyeballs!


  23. Maybe they’ll look good in the offices of American experimental group The Residents, who’ve been using giant eyeball masks quite like these Floyd eyeballs (well, a little less giant perhaps and complete with top hats) since 1979 or so…

  24. Hi Fed,

    Great to see the picture of Dave, Rick and Nick together and looking so happy.

    What would i do with those eye balls? Well they look like they should be on Dr Who, i would give them to the Dr to keep in the Tardis they could keep an eye out for those BLOODY DARLEKS! That just wont go away.

  25. A few poor ideas ..sorry, I couldn’t limit myself

    -Insert into the head of the next generation flying Pig for the next Tour, gathering or other appropriate publicity event

    -Insert high efficiency color selectable lights and hang downward as chandeliers

    -Encase in a large dining room table with a Glass top

    -Attach them to my shed in a clear protective case to scare the damn deer away from my wife’s flower garden

    -When the time comes, (hopefully a long, long, long way off), insert a portion of the band members ashes into each along with a complete catalog of music and launch into a geosynchronous orbit (Be sure to include a blinking red pupil in the center of the eye for safety of the future travelers)

    -Loan them to a permanent museum exhibit of Storm’s work

    -Give them to Rudders…He’s the creative one in the bunch

    Of course, the charity idea is the best. Please let us know if its online…

  26. Footballs for England to use in the next World Cup…might give them a chance to strike on target!!…groan and ouch!!!

  27. I thought they were already being ‘used’ in the Big Brother house by someone named Lea?

  28. replacements for those who cannot see. i know someone who has brand new eyes and can see. they are plastic. or just bring them to the beach party.

  29. Since France won this night, I’ve got a silly idea:

    The two giant eyeballs represent Italy and France, but which one is Italy and which one is France ?

    The ball on the top is the final winner of course, so we have to wait until Sunday to have the answer…

    If the ball on the top is France, I will put them on top of my fireplace…(waow…2006: the world cup + David with the giant eyes that he plucked out of a blue whale !!!)

    If not, I will give them to Lucia …


    [You are very diplomatic. Bless you. Félicitations sur la victoire. Est-ce que je n’ai pas dit que la France serait les gagnants (“les gagnants” – est-ce que c’est l’expression correcte?) ce soir? Une prévision était correcte! Oubliez l’Espagne et l’Allemagne… – Features Editor]

  30. I think they ought to of put them in the middle of a major roundabout on the main road into Cambridge,with the slogan ‘Welcome to Cambridge.Birthplace of Pink Floyd’.

  31. They could be used as a bouy on the river. Just how erie would that be to a pot head in an air plane. OOOOh!!! What if you sank them just a few feet underwater in Loch Ness Lake.

    Aint I smart? Yes I’m an American. Pleeeeeeeeease don’t hold it against me.

    Oh and if possible tell David Gilmour that I cry every time I hear “Wish You Were Here”. I love that beautiful soul which gave me that song.

  32. Just heard that Planet Rock in the UK will be broadcasting an interview Nicky Horne did with the guys at the screening.

    It’s due on air Monday 10th July at 8.00pm UK time. Seems like there will be some DVD giveaways too.


    [Thanks for letting us know, mate. – Features Editor]

  33. I have two suggestions:

    1) They would prove a major challenge for a juggler.
    2) Could they be painted pink and strapped to the groin of an inflatable Pig? ;-P

  34. Here’s looking at you in a BIG way.Careful what you do cuz “The Wall”‘s” have eyes..huge eyes.

    How about placing them on “The Dark Side Of The Moon” so that it may at last be able to see.

  35. EYES: maybe another release from OAI could come in handy for using the eyes.

    ” Eye socket full of stones ”
    ” Eye know eye know eye deserve forty lashes.

    Or lastly they could have been given to a few of the refs at this years world cup , sorry I mentioned the WC.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  36. How about mounting the eyeballs at the end of my street, to keep watch over the miscreants(there is a word Rudders!), who roam the streets. It`s that rough where I live, even the dogs walk round in pairs!LOL

  37. Anyone a Prisoner fan? They could be rovers 🙂

    ” ah the memories ,Prisoner that coupled with Jon Carin Looking like a slimmed down Lou Ferringo ” sorry can’t spell fer , ferr, you get the point” from the hulk . Tv greats

  38. Put them on the front of the space shuttle, to scare off alien races =)

    All the good ones were taken


    PS – Great picture – Did Polly take pics at the event?

    [I don’t think so, but we do have more photos coming shortly. – Features Editor]

  39. Inflate them and make them fly over Tony Blair office.

    The most important thing is that they are being auctioned for charity.

  40. Erin asked if Polly took pictures on Monday, she did I saw her with her camera.

    [Then I stand corrected. – Features Editor]

  41. I just want to say thank you David Gilmour, so very bloody much, for ruining live music for me. You have set an unreachable benchmark. Everything else seems so pedestrian in comparison. Before I first saw Pink Floyd, live gigs gave me such a buzz. Since, every other gig I go to feels a bit flat (yours and Waters’ solo shows aside of course). I saw The Eagles last week. They were superb, faultless, yet I just found the show… nice.

  42. What a truly awesome version of “Smile” you have on the news page today – is it a special mix or is it on the single, perhaps?

    Yours, awaiting in eager anticipation of the PULSE DVD since I ordered it last November…. and getting ever closer – time to get really excited 🙂

  43. Caption…

    (If Johnny Depp was present)

    “Eye Eye” David..Decks are swabbed and am waiting for further instructions.Behold “On An Island” in the distance.Blimey…Take A Breath!

  44. Let’s take a vote on who is the greatest guitar player of all time.David,David,or David..The Eyes have it.2 big votes to nil.David wins!

    Sorry F.E…just feeling silly tonight.

  45. I think the PULSE Eyes should be christened as the official trophy of The Blog, much like hockey’s Stanley Cup trophy. The winners of Blog contests will get their name affixed to the eyes, and will get to spend a day with the eyes, just like the Stanley Cup winners. FEd will become the official Keeper Of The Eyes and must wear white gloves when handling them.

    First up for the trophy should be the 3 lucky PULSE previewers! Many thanks for your reviews — I really enjoyed them and can’t wait for July 11th!

  46. due to copywrite issues the eyes cannot be painted pink and attached to the pig. the bits had to be removed from the floyd pig used on subsequent tours after rog left.

    the eyes have it.

  47. I don’t think the ‘eyes’ should be used for world government purposes as they will be abused.

    Obviously charity is the greatest course. There is a charity called Seva that started serving the blind in India. They now do work for many purposes in many countries throughout the world. The Grateful Dead were/are a major proponent of Seva’s cause. It would be a wonderful charity on which to base an ‘eye and eye’ donation, which very much relates to Martin Dove’s previous entry.

    I would love to the see the eyeballs reproduced as balloons for upcoming shows. As I am a great fan of ‘The Prisoner’ (Thanks Nickster!) the roving eyeballs could look for people who are trying to record the show with their cell phones and either capture them on camera or they could render them useless using remote pinpoint lasers. . .he, he. . .lasers.

    Or better yet, make enough eyes to install individual speaker/cabinets for any adequate PA system and place them around a performance hall as both a reproduction and acoustic equalization, not to mention an unparalleled set design, solution and you have IMHO, an award winning entry on many levels.

    Storm obviously is the primary artistic designer, Ian can do some glass fabrication for the photovoltaic and fiber integration. I, along with the sound people involved, will perform all acoustic measurements involved to maximize the appreciable acoustic properties of any environment, along with doing multiple analytic psychoacoustic evaluations, which the rest of you will very much enjoy, I promise!

    Then those involved could enter the acoustic reproduction market with high-end limited edition ‘balls’ for events anywhere that appreciated fine artistry. . .

    Yes, yes, yes. . .I’ve got me coat. . .and don’t forget Seva!

  48. You go to a friend and ring the doorbell. When he opens it you throw the huge eyeball at him. Make sure he doesn’t have a weak heart though..

    I also have a friend with only one eye, he doesn’t think his glass eye looks very realistic and it is too small, because it keeps popping out of the socket, so he may be interested in one of them as well.

    You can also donate them to the Lowlands Festival in Holland. They can use them as spares for the Echo tent.. (see link)

    Or.. you can go around the neighbourhood to collect loads of old newspapers and then buy a few large buckets of wallpaper glue and shred the newspapers in it untill it turns into a sticky grey gue and then use that to recreate the rest of the whale around the eye..

    Hugs, Bianca

  49. Send them to the Statue of Liberty with a note that reads;

    “lifetime warantee, free replacement eyes incase of blindness, signed the French!”

  50. Me?.. the creative one! No pressure then…

    “the most interesting way in which one might make use of those giant eyeballs”

    They remind me of an old Billy Connolly joke…

    Billy told his father that because he had become rich and famous he would buy him anything he wanted…

    His father thought about it and said he wanted a prescription windscreen in his car because he hated wearing glasses…

    Billy duly paid for a prescription windscreen and his father jumped in the car without his glasses and drove off…

    An hour later his father came home accompanied by a Police Officer… The story unfolded that there had been an accident involving a car that had overtaken Billy’s father and the car had veered off the road into a hedge. Billy’s father stopped to help and called the Police…

    Billy spoke to the Policeman and asked him what happened. The Policeman said that when the driver had overtaken Billy’s father he looked in the rear view mirror and all he saw was a giant head with two huge eyeballs staring and blinking at him…. he crashed the car!

    Maybe not the best use of the eyeballs but an amusing story…

    I’ll put my “cap de thinking” on and get back to you…

  51. Huge and groovy eyeballs. These will generate wealthy charity donations, which is great.

    Well If I could take just a close look, I’d try to find out WHO ARE THE GUYS INSIDE the pupils. It really intrigues me, plus each eye has a different “view” of these guys and what I think is a beach.

    If I had to use a fake-eye, I’d use the one in the top, for sure, the light reflection makes it look rounder than the one below.

  52. I think I would put celestron speakers in the iris and hang them from each corner of my practice room. NOW THAT WOULD BE COOL!!!!! Of course I would need four!!!!But, they really should be auctioned off for a really good charity. I hope a charity that gives music to the poorest of the poor in the world.

  53. EyeEyeEyeEyeEye!..Where does one start with this competition topic?.Eye guess eye would like to see them hovering over our precious planet, monitoring our every move to make sure we don’t screw things up more than we already have and giving us non-interactice advice,(don’t want an all powerful big brother up there,do we?) on how to correct mistakes that we are making and have already made.

  54. Caption: Richard whispers out the side of his mouth to David, “Do you have the feeling your being watched?” David whispers loudly through his teeth, “Nnnot nnnow Richard! I’m gnashing teeth for the paparazzi!”

    Eye carumba! What big eyes you have! The better to see through you my dear. This reminds me of the way my eyes looked when I saw the last cell phone charges incurred by my son.


    -Sell them to Billy Idol. When he goes on tour again he can use them as a prop when he performs “Eyes without a Face”.

    -Sell them to Visine or Clear Eyes ,especially the top, bloodshot one. My eyes are sensitive and that one’s making my eyes water. I sneeze at bright sunlight.

    -As a practical joke, you could mount them by the keyhole of The Rockettes dressing room (what an eyeful).

    -Do you have a neighborhood busy body? Put one inside the shower curtain or the bedroom closet (if they have a strong heart).

    -Sell them to an unwitting gypsy/grifter/fortune teller (all politicians apply). You can donate the panhandlers money to a real charity.

  55. Dearest FeD

    Any chance of us finding out when/where the auction will be?

    Although I am thinking hard it will be very difficult to beat this one from Michael Kelly:

    “Hang them in the Oval Office ….. Live 8 electronic sign that says “NO MORE EXCUSES”.”


    [This is being arranged by Pink Floyd’s management, but if we do hear anything, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  56. It would be silly to have 2 people to each wear an eyeball over their head and walk around a public place of utmost seriousness, say a courthouse, and just act like all is normal and that they belong their.


    BTW, what ever happened to the supergroup contest? I worked really hard on that one. I hope you will name the winner soon so if it’s not me I can say “damn, mine was better!” 🙂

    [To be honest, so many people listed more than four artists – and artists from all over the world at that – it soon got difficult to keep track. Maybe I’ll go back and read through the entries again if I suddenly feel profound patience washing over me. Otherwise I won’t bother and will hope that people stick to the rules next time. Sorry if you made a good suggestion. – Features Editor]

  57. I say we use those eyes to keep watch of the Government (here in the USA, wherein the Government seems to be heelbent on watching us).

    Okay, not into political statements? How about we use those eyeballs in a biiiiig game of double beach volleyball. That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

  58. IIIIiiii have always been here,
    IIIIiiii have always looked out from behind these eyes,
    Seems like more than a lifetime,
    Seems like more than a lifetime.

    I would use them to take in all that is Pamela Anderson!

    Bob in Victoria, BC, Canada

  59. Idea #1: Inflate both eyeballs. Use one to protect my precious P.U.L.S.E. DVD (once I get it next week). Use the other as a pillow while I watch the DVD or listen to my CDs.

    Idea #2: Use them in a new type of fund-raising event where celebrities have staring contests for charity. The unfair advantage they offer should be worth big money.

    Idea #3: Take the pair of them to a different eye doctor each week and enquire about contact lenses. Document each visit in photographs and end of a year produce a lovely coffee table book called “Behind These Cold Eyes”. Donate book proceeds also to charity.

  60. Caption Competition:

    Some balls are held for charity
    And some for fancy dress
    But when they’re held for pleasure
    They’re the balls that I like best
    My balls are always bouncing
    To the left and to the right
    It’s my belief that my big balls
    Should be held every night


    Sorry couldn’t help myself =)

  61. I would put them high atop the inside of houses of worship. Churches, temples, mosques, etc.

    However, the eyes wouldn’t be aimed at the members, but rather at the pulpit.

    Moving onto a more important question….

    Do the middle of the eyeballs blink a red light over and over and over?

    [That would be good. – Features Editor]

  62. David, Richard and Nick have one thing in common… They should be on the front page of GQ magazine. I can see why David was a model at one time.

    [Ladies – you know who you are – don’t even go there. – Features Editor]

  63. Maybe allow the Bush Administration to use the rather large eye-balls just long enough to finally find this Osama Bin Laden….Geesh

    Where in the hell is this guy hiding? Is he real? Why are our gas prices so high? Why are the North Koreans firing missles on our country’s birthday? Why must we continue to allow our soldiers be ambushed day after day in a war that has no real reason? Where are those WMD’s? Why do american jobs continue to go to China and Mexicans continue to flood our country to work what jobs we have left? Why is the american classic luxury car “Cadillac” being built in China? Why can’t Pink Floyd re-unite for one final tour, life is so short?

    Why can’t we all just get along…..

    Thank you David for sharing your wonderful music with the world as it seems at times to be the only thing that keeps us sane.

  64. Attach the balls after the next orbital flight to a Pulse Sattelite to keep a close eye on everything.

  65. The eyeballs should be used as a delicacy for the next round of buffoons to go on I’m a Celebrity.

  66. The eyes have it… There’s always a tribe in Peru looking for new symbols to worship… Then again… the most obvious thing to do would be to give them back to the big blind Blue Whale…

    Don’t “listen” to me…I also heard that the entire Pink Floyd back catalogue was going to be released with scratch & sniff covers… ;^)) Click on my name and enjoy some “eye” related humour!!! He he he ha ha ha!!!!

    Anyway, they “eyes” certainly “look” great!!! I’m sure someone “out there” will find something to do with them… All for a good cause!!! Jolly good show!!! Tally ho!!!

  67. Put them in the left and the right upper quarter of the “Dark Side of the moon”-cover (or in other words: on the left and the right side of the “Dark Side of the moon”-prism, slightly above it)…. It works!

  68. Put a web cam inside each eyeball and random deliver them all over the world….and see what happened, including differences between rich and poor world, between happy and unhappy people, sane and insane, between life-ways, children and adults…….

    Are we still on time to see that differences? Or the globalization has already come?

    I wish i could see in my computer screen images from thore random eyeballs……

    You have just to chose one!

  69. Dear F.Ed,

    Just put the eyeballs into orbit to watch over the world! The music of Pink Floyd was the first in space so it would only be natural….

    Good thing it goes to charity!!

    If I had the money I would have bought them, I’m not sure I would be allowed to have them in my livingroom though…



  70. Do you still have that fake beard lying around somewhere, FEd, and is it inflatable to the size of the eyeballs ?

    They would make a good design for a hot air balloon.

    Hook two balloons together and fly them over North Korea with a banner attached to them : “The world is watching… closely.”


  71. I would put it in my bathroom so anyone taking a shower would have 2 giant eyes staring at them…

  72. Ciao,

    This message to thank all the bloggers who supported Italian team and especially Victor, Andrew and Marcus.

    ciao 🙂

  73. Well, as I am classic motor cyclist, I would like to stick the eyes on every car so that the could see me and other motor cyclists on the road.

    Or…I would stick them on Tony blair’s door with the caption “Big Brother is watching you” enscribed on a plaque underneath the eyes.



  74. Good morning FEd, fellow bloggers,

    I am actually quite fond of this idea of all of us interested bidding together as “The Blog”.

    Any ideas on how to make the practical arrangements ?

    Would it be feasible to open an account for us to make our contributions and have a representative attend the auction ?

    If we lose the auction, I would propose to donate the collected money to one or more charities of David and Polly’s choice.

    Is this something that you or one of us could coordinate FEd ? Or would somebody from EMI be willing to take care of this ?

    Do you know when and where the auction will occur ?

    Quite a load of questions yet again FEd. Sorry for that, but I think we have another opportunity to show that we care.

    Makes sense ?

    Best regards,

    [It does, but I don’t know how these things work, unfortunately. I’m sure a lot of money is needed to win and, possibly, you need more than money to win. Pink Floyd’s management would be the ones to ask. Even if we did win, what on earth would we do with two great big eyeballs? I don’t think the idea would generate enough support to make it feasible, sadly. – Features Editor]

  75. Somewhere on a distant planet in a parallel universe the planet Optrex has mounted a frantic search to find their prime minister and his deputy (Eric and Ernie) who seem to have been abducted!

    Another giant eyeball minister said ‘I see no way forward without them’.

    Little do they know that ‘Eric and Ernie’ have been taken by Pink Floyd to the planet Earth, to replace a couple of their lame leaders called George bush and Tony Blair.

    The planet of the giant eyeballs loss and our gain as poverty war and Mondays have all been eradicated on the planet Optrex.

    So my use for the giant eyeballs would be to let them rule the humans, they can’t do any worse than us surely?

    All hail presedent Eric and prime minister Ernie.

  76. Happy Thursday,

    My first thought was that they could be fitted to Ronaldos back so that they could maybe help him stay on his feet.

    I then thought that they could be rolled from one end of the UK to the other, by different groups of children, (assuming that they are not to heavy) generating cash along the way and highlighting child poverty. They could then be transported to Europe then the U.S. and other participating countries for a similar exercise. All with the goal of highlighting and raising awareness of worldwide child poverty.

    The reality I guess though is that they will end up in a hard rock cafe.

    Pete – Coventry

  77. Hi Fed & All,

    i’ve just managed to sit down in a chair after putting my back out on sunday, i never thought anything could be so painfull (i know ladies, i should try child birth) Im just wondering how im going to get out of this chair, Fed, you may get a following,post asking for an ambulance if im unable to move.

    So….. the eyeballs, i reckon they could be turned into a bean bags so they can mould them selves to my back & someone could keep me company while i moan “ohhh, me back, me back” on the other one. we could then have eyes in the back of our heads, so to speak.

    im outa here

    ouch! me back, me back, me back……

    [Oh, poor you. I did something to my neck once and could hardly move. It was unbearable. So you have my complete sympathy. – Features Editor]

  78. They should be placed in front of the White House, the Kremlin, 10 Downing Street, the various parliaments of all the major powers, NATO, UN in rotation to remind the polititians that the Eyes Of The World are watching them all the time.

  79. I know a few statues on easter island that could do with a fresh pair!

    you could hollow them out and stick in an aquarium, that would be cool, suppose that would make em fish-eyed (insert the final cut lyric here).

    perhaps you could use them for the OAI dvd front cover… stick em on a beach – on an eye-land. ouch

    hmm, mebe you could get the pulse eyes and make a massive set of sunglasses for them, that would make a cool cover!

  80. Mount the eyes on poles outside the London Eye as advertising material.

    Fed, might one enquire as to where the items are being auctioned for charity? Is it on eBay, or at posh nosh dinner & dance?

    Vince Carr in London

    [I hope it’s not bloody eBay. I wouldn’t have thought so. – Features Editor]

  81. I’m slightly surprised the eyes are still open with Nick’s Tom Magnum shirt he’s wearing.

    [It’s a shocker, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  82. Happy Thursday,

    [Why can’t Pink Floyd re-unite for one final tour, life is so short?]

    Brad, your right but you have answered your own question here. It is also a short life for the band members and if they dont want to do it then we must respect that.

    Pete – Coventry

  83. Bah (or indeed baaaah) – someone got in the sheep’s balls ahead of me.

    Put them in orbit with an embedded speaker (in each pupil) and a solar panel in the iris and have them play the PF back catalogue in a permanent loop, forever ………

    I would find that rather comforting.

  84. If France win, hang them from the Eiffel (weak pun intended) tower.

    If Italy win, hang them from the bell tower in Lucca (even weaker pun intended)

  85. Attach them to the nether regions of an inflatable pig to get around those pesky copyright laws (but I think a couple of people might have mentioned that one already ;->)


    Zorbing. That would really freak people out if they saw a couple of eyeballs flying down a hill at them with people running around inside…


  86. [Why can’t Pink Floyd re-unite for one final tour, life is so short?]

    Yes Brad it is. Life is so short, my pet dog died two days ago-I watched his last breath, and I buried him last night. Life is short, but the days are long. Sorry havent posted for a while, you know how it is. Somethings aren’t just worth it. But then I want Laurie back to this blog and I will encourage her to. We need each other, we dont need a Floyd reunion.

    Ian Pearson

    [So sorry to hear about your loss, Ian. – Features Editor]

  87. Get a few more of the eyeballs and make a giant Newton’s Cradle. They would make a good video backdrop during a new Pink Floyd tour perchance?

    Click my name to see a Newton’s Cradle in action and imagine them as giant eyeballs!

  88. [Caption] The band were very surprised to see that Roger had turned into a pair of giant eyeballs. But thought it was very nice of him to come! especially as he wasn’t even in the band at the time this was recorded.

    Sorry Fed I couldn’t resist it

  89. [Caption] Pink floyd announce they have developed a new mp3 jukebox player to store all your Floyd Music on.

    Called the eye pod it has only one real drawback ‘the size’.

  90. Awww Fedmeister!

    “Sorry if you made a good suggestion. – Features Editor”

    And I though I’d given you some of my best work with…

    David Gilmour
    Ronnie Wood
    Eric Clapton
    Jimmy Page
    Jeff Beck

    Call them “Five Strats, One Amp and a Lead” and just sit back and watch them duke it out on stage for who gets to plug the guitar in….priceless entertainment!

    Never mind… I’ll keep plugging away… 🙂

  91. Ed/Edwina wrote: *Ladies – you know who you are – don’t even go there.*

    What, and get my mouth slapped shut again? The guys can get away with it but the ladies are kept in check. I rest my case.

    Estrogen for everyone! the first round’s on me…


  92. Another use for them could be to break them up into tiny pieces and add a single piece to each pulse DVD bought?


  93. hmmmm…giant eyeballs…maybe a beautiful pendant lamp?

    They could be the…I don’t know how you call them…the boxes of the radio where the music comes from…WOW! They would be really beautiful music boxes!

    Or, with an appropriate hole, the…I don’t know how you call this too (WOW! My english is awful!) however, the helmet for the heads of the motorbikers…or, at the end, the garden statues insted of Whitesnow and the Seven Dwarves!


    CONGRATULATION, MICHELE! Now, for italy will be very hard!

  94. Going off topic for a moment, I’ve just picked up the latest edition of Mojo which contains pictures and interviews from the Mojo awards where David received the Lifetime Achievement Award. It also has an interview with John Martyn (and one with Thom Yorke for all you Radiohead fans)

    [We’ve got a copy, so expect to see it on the site soon. – Features Editor]

  95. [I would use them to take in all that is Pamela Anderson!]

    Ooh, that gives me an idea.. You could use them for a Pamela Anderson impersonation and then you can finally stop having to say: ‘Hey, my eyes are up here, you %$#&*^@!!’ *grin*

    hugs, Bianca

  96. I suppose you could use them to keep an eye on yourself!

    You know just to make sure you don’t get up to anything naughty.

    Unless of course you are really bad! In which case you will probably have them wearing a giant bra and be taking pictures of them for eyeball’s monthly magazine.

  97. hmm, anyone else notice that ‘da boyz’ are splashed all over google news ents section?

    DG breaks wind – it’s a sure sign of a reunion.

    R Wright mentions the word Roger – secret bedfellows for the past year and a half apparently.

    bloody papa-rats-i

    Nice to see them on the page however 🙂

    hopefully some floyd / gilmour virgins will give it a click and end up joining the brethren!

  98. Tomorrow is the beggining of the San Fermin festivities in Pamplona, Spain. The main event is what is known as The Running of The Bulls, where some bulls are freed in the top of a downhill narrow road and they run after people from all over the world until they reach the Plaza.

    Im spanish, but ecologist, and would exchange the bulls in the race for those eyes, so that people could run like hell trying to avoid the balls without making suffer to poor bulls.

  99. I’d shout at them all day and make them do stuff.

    Then, they’d be bossed eyes.

  100. I think an obvious, though not very interesting suggestion is the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

    What about a Global Chain of ‘Pink Floyd Cafe’s’, where fans of the Floyd can congregate, chill, drink coffee, or beer, or smoke something, or whatever…to the sounds of Pink Floyd and related music.

    Each cafe could be adorned by various Floyd artifacts (such as the eyeballs / Flower Petals / Bricks / Inflatable Pig / Platinum records / Division Bell statues).

    A great way to both preserve the Floyd’s legacy and all the great work they have done (together and solo)…and also to bring like minded people together (like this Blog has done).

    I’d certainly visit the local ‘PF Cafe’ in any city I visited…to have a nosey at the bits and bobs on display…and to enjoy a cold beer with the best music to…er…enjoy a cold beer.

  101. THE EYES……symbolise music that is a wonder of the world…

    So obviously they should float in ‘The Hanging Gardens of Babylon’

    And where is that ??? On An Island…perhaps…???


    lets hope the auction raises a lot of cash

  102. Maybe they could act as earrings….

    So many ladies are silly on this blog, n’est-ce pas, Messieurs ?


  103. I see the puns are making the rounds again…

    Knowing the live DVD of David’s recent tour is coming and an alternate cover might be needed..

    David could carefully balance his feet on them whilst standing in the sea (Storm would be safely docked camera in hand)

    ..now don’t sling your arrows at me but at that moment he would be (by all acounts)….”On An Eyeland”

  104. Re The Giant Eyeballs.

    I think they should be given to a charity who work with children who are born deaf and blind and only have touch to sense the world. Sure they would have a fantastic time with them.

    But unfortuantly I see them ending up in some far away land hidden from view but for the buyer.

  105. These two giant eyes bring one thought to mind:

    Create spectacles out of them with a giant nose attached. It would make for one outrageous costume party outfit. Certainly would be the talk of the party.

    Are they heavy? You could use them as a promotional tool. Hire someone to walk around aimlessly in a city carrying the eyes wearing a Pulse t-shirt.

    Or have them walk around a city saying, “I’m looking for the PF reunion but I just don’t see it coming.”


  106. ~Erin,

    Very impressive on reciting the AC/DC song. You do know that Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones both recorded songs that go well with that one. Do you know what they are??


  107. [To be honest, so many people listed more than four artists – … Sorry if you made a good suggestion. – Features Editor]

    Even if you did sort out all the ones that kept to the rules, you may have been able to find an upper echelon of suggestions, but finding one that was better than all the rest would have been virtually impossible. I thought mine was decent but I saw ten or so others which were just as good, and if you asked ten different judges which was the best you’d probably get ten different answers.

  108. Using the eyes to let people know that there will be “no more turning away From the weak and the weary No more turning away From the coldness inside Just a world that we all must share It’s not enough just to stand and stare Is it only a dream that there’ll be No more turning away?”

    The eyes could be used with Crisis to help us stop turning a blind eye to poverty and hunger. Help us open our eyes to the fact so many people do not have food, water, money, health care and basic human diginity because it has been stripped away from them.

    Use the eyes to open our eyes to the needs of others who desperately need our help.

    Give to Crisis – go to the links page. Take a stand and open your eyes.

    Sorry FED just frustrated at the apathy of so many leaders.

    When is the charity auction and how can we bid?

    [I hope to have details soon, Brian. – Features Editor]

  109. Id put them behind a toilet in a ladies lavatory in a shopping centre. That would stop the big queues you get!

  110. ok, so no plans for any future pink floyd tour so, i have a super duper idea for you!!!! how about popping back over to pompeii or ideally in the field at the rear of my garden and making another film? there would be no need to worry about an audience, (you wouldn’t be able to get billions of people there anyway!!). making a dvd would be absolutely magical for us fans and i would love you and the guys for evermore if you would just give it some serious thought!! kiss kiss and a big thankyou. ps may 29 at the albert hall was absolutely brill, faultless and classy!

  111. thanks For The sympathy regarding my back Fed,The doc has put me on diazapam & i feel everso slightly woosy so excuse anything untoward.

    Does anybody remember in the late 70’s that book by Kit Williams called Massquerade where he buried a golden hare & left clues in the book as to where it could be found?

    how about a similar theme, only a song version by David & Polly where clues to where the eyeballs can be found are in the song lyrics.

    “on an island”….nah, too obvious

    “set the controls”…. a bit too silly

    “Dark side of the…..someone already suggested that

    David & Polly its no good, every one will guess the “old” stuff”, it will have to be a new CD followed by a tour.

  112. gilmour ,i am criying ,one question david: you tour is for europe? italy,france,germany,london ……. spain(españa) spain not is europe ,please you visit spain . i am you fan number one in spain ,i have your lps .

    –please– anything is posible?

  113. “it soon got difficult to keep track. Maybe I’ll go back and read through the entries again if I suddenly feel profound patience washing over me”


    Now if you and Rudders have got time to list all the insults ever made from day 1 on this site – and hang it over my head like the sword of Damacles – I’m sure that a quick review followed by the conclusion that mine was best will be within your powers.

    By the way I noticed that Craig Bellamy (add him to the list) was arrested in a Cardiff nightclub, bless him. My opinion remains unaltered.

    [It’s not the best of starts, is it? – Features Editor]

  114. Hi!…I´m from Argentina, and I´m wondering if anyone of you can answer me a quite stupid question (I bet you will!)..You see,I wasn´t able to buy the cd yet, and I wanted to know about the lyric of On An Island….it says “ebb and flow…let it (???)…..”…Everybody keeps on telling me different things!!.


    [It’s “Ebb and flow, Let it go, Feel her warmth beside you”, Sol. – Features Editor]

  115. Oddly enough, I’m in the process of writing a fairly surreal movie which features an old couple building a giant wooden fish on wheels (long story). And at one point, long before we know what the hell they’re doing, they’re spotted carrying two giant eyeballs, much to the confusion of the other characters.

  116. Some ocular lyrics – seemed appropriate…

    Firstly, some PF eyes:

    – Eeeeeyyyyyeeeeee have become, comfortably numb
    – Who are you and who am eye
    – Come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and sh-eye-ne
    – How eye wish, how eye wish you were ear,
    – And eye’m growing old,
    – Thought eye’d something more to say…

    And some DG eyes too:

    – Though the earth is d-eye-ing
    – Eye never got to you by being kind
    – Remember the n-eye-te, white steps in the moonl-eye-te
    – To find my way home to your sm-eye-le 🙂


    p.s. Loved the suggestion of putting one of the eyeballs into orbit. Would be even better to put it in orbit around the moon, so that it spends time in the Dark Side 🙂

  117. Hello FEd and friends…

    Ian, sorry to hear about your little baby (your dog). They become so much of our families it really is like losing a son or a brother. Remember to celebrate the life more than you belabor the loss.

    Maybe you should get a new little puppy to help cheer you up and liven up your home.

    As far as the eyes, we could go to Antarctica and build the largest snowman ever built. The crane the eyes in and place them on the face. That would be fun.

    Take care my friends…

    Henderson, NV

  118. Hey how about ‘Pink Floyd bowling’ You could use the eyeballs as bowling balls and you could either use pink floyd members/associates or because that might hurt them we could use people who have been mean to them or something I don’t know I just liked the idea of using a giant eyeball to knock somebody over just for the comedy value.

  119. I hate to bring politics into this topic, but it is clear that these eyes could be used at a Parlimentary meeting. After a vote, they can be unveiled with the statement, “The eyes have it.”

    Maybe not.


  120. [What, and get my mouth slapped shut again? The guys can get away with it but the ladies are kept in check. I rest my case.]

    Fraid I am with Debs there, FEd..

    I think I may have to change my name to Bianco every now and then, so I can talk about David’s instrument without being silenced by the anti-feminist FEd.. *grin*

    Hugs, Bianco

  121. [Ladies – you know who you are – don’t even go there. – Features Editor]

    Fed, don’t be like the politicians, and hid from the truth. David has been and will continue to be a magnificent looking man. I know Polly’s got our back on this one. We women have every right to drool over any man we choose. Aww Fed, you never let us have any fun!!

    That’s not really true, I’m quite surprised that you posted my photo caption. To tell you the truth I didn’t think you would.

    Andrew – No idea what songs- Please share =)


    [As long as it’s not taken too far, as has often been the case. This isn’t the place for it. – Features Editor]

  122. Congradulations James on winning. You had some great ideas.

    I wanted to add one last thought. If Pink Floyd ever decided to get into the candy business, they could make eyeball pops. This would be a great way to introduce PF music to a younger audience. Of course they would be sugar free to save people’s teeth.

  123. I love that scan Colin. Especially the back side of the ticket. Thank you for posting that.

  124. Hey dave and the gang,

    Maybe a moment late and a dollar short but let’s think about this.

    Eye(ball)s are the windows into the soul, that remind us what we are and what we are supposed to be about. Forgetting the politics and b.s. of the moment; what are we ourselves doing to impact the world around us? How are we ourselves exisiting?

    What our eyes see, is what enters into us. It is the balls of a far different kind that make us who and what we are. Ayup lads –

  125. -Convince FIFA to use one of the eyeballs in the World Cup Final.

    That would be amazing 😛

    PS. France are gonna win!!!!!

    Toronto, Canada

  126. Sick of football? I don’t think. If Italy will win the 2006 World Cup, due to happiness, my eyes will become as big as the giant eyeballs!! If the “Azzurri” will be defeated, I’ll use the two eyeballs to cry on them!!

    P.S.: today, for me, is a special day. Exactly 18 years ago (I was 15 y.o.!) I fell in love with Pink Floyd after seeing an italian public tv reportage on the Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour: it was love at first sight! July 6th 1988 – July 6th 2006: thanks Dave, Rog, Syd, Rick, Nick: thanks for all the emotions you’ve been giving to me in these 18 years…

  127. [We need each other, we dont need a Floyd reunion.]

    Smartest thing I have heard on the blog all year!

    Ian, I already emailed you about this, but I wish you lots of strength.

    Big hugs, Bianca

  128. [The eyeballs should be used to bounce painfully and repeatedly off the heads of those people still begging for a Floyd reunion. – Posted by: Deborah at July 5, 2006 08:23 PM]

    i’m obviously too late to enter (congratulations to james on winning) but i wanted to add my bit to deborah’s suggestion by saying that using the eyeballs to bounce painfully and repeatedly off the head of one george w. bush would be good. that’s the best use for them.

    i echo what bianca says. losing a pet really hurts. hang in there, ian. x

  129. I understand your points about “we need one another and not a Floyd re-union.” But I think my point is that Pink Floyd unites so many different people from so many different parts of the world.

    Just look at this blog. How many different countries, states, provinces, etc. are represented here? Do you think we all would be talking to one another if there wasn’t the music of David and the rest of the boys to unite us?

    So I will contend that the thought of Pink Floyd coming together as one would be a way to bring this world closer together and would be the ultimate statement that all people no matter what differences they might have, can get along with one another. I know I am dreaming here…but life is too short, and we have way too many wars and people bickering over stuff that means virtually nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    God Bless you all….please don’t stone me for this opinion.

  130. O.K., just one last thought. . .

    The two eyeballs remind me of a limerick I once heard:

    In the Garden of Eden lay Adam
    Complacently stroking his madam,
    And loud was his mirth
    For he knew that on Earth
    There were only two balls-and he had ‘em.

    I only hope the eventual owner will feel the same way! Sorry FEd if this is to risqué!

  131. [We need each other, we dont need a Floyd reunion. – Posted by: Ian Pearson at July 6, 2006 12:28 PM]

    I’m with you on that. Sorry to hear about the loss of your pet and friend. I know that pain.


    We have just heard from Pink Floyd’s management that the giant ‘PULSE’ eyeballs are not being auctioned off for charity after all. Neither is the signed guitar, nor the signed posters of the DVD artwork. So there is no auction coming up.

    No more questions on this, please. Any news and we’ll let you know in due course. Thanks.

  133. ~Erin,

    The two songs that go with the AC/DC song would be:

    – Big 10 Inch Record by Aerosmith (which you can find on the Toys In the Attic release).
    – Star, Star by the Rolling Stones (which you can find on the Goats Head Soup release).

    The Aerosmith tune you will hear on the radio from time to time. The Stones song you will not.)

    Also, to add to something that Shawn said. Eyeballs are really the one feature of a person that does not change. In other words, we can all get fat or skinny and we all get older but the eyes pretty much stay the same. Which is why you can always find true love and beauty by looking into someone’s eyes. Just my thoughts.


  134. Ian P.

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your companion/pet. They sometimes seem like your children.

  135. Something struck me today (Saturday) while reading the Independent which had both a fan’s review of the Roger Waters gig in Hyde Park and, separately, an interview with Rick Wright: what a great time for us all who enjoy the music of Pink Floyd and its constituent parts. David’s album and tour has been fantastic (repeated indebtedness for the Mermaid tickets) and the recent Roger Waters performance in Hyde Park has been well received.

    Now I realise there’s those that like their favourites to be preserved and replayed in pristine form but I enjoy hearing music played live not least for the inevitable variation that comes with the makeup of the band or emotion of the moment.

    So, in the last 12 months we’ve had the PF4 on stage together and the separate performance threads led by Roger Waters and David Gilmour. I, for one, am very happy for those threads to flourish in the custody of DG and RW to deliver more brilliant music.

  136. “So, in the last 12 months we’ve had the PF4 on stage together and the separate performance threads led by Roger Waters and David Gilmour. I, for one, am very happy for those threads to flourish in the custody of DG and RW to deliver more brilliant music.”

    Here, here. Positivity ‘R Us

  137. I think the eyes (among other Storm Thorgerson designed props) would best be used in a Pink Floyd Domed/Planetarium/Cafe experience located in Folsom California. A wonderful spot at the end of the Historic Rainbow Bridge overlooking the lovely Lake Natoma where you can often catch the University row team training. The reflection on the water underneath the Rainbow Bridge reflect the shape of an eye and I often imagine the Pink Floyd circular screen with Storm’s films suspended in the middle making a unique Pulse concert experience to raise funds for the creation of a Unique Futuristic Oasis (UFO) to embody the essence of a Pink Floyd experience for generations to come.

    James Mickelson Folsom,CA

  138. Now that King-Kong had lost his “eyes” he will be very furious !!! …i mean real mad !!! …UNLEACHED and destroying everything …who will pay the bill for all that ??

    Cheers !


  139. Hey James, I’m right down the road in Sacramento. I know where you are talking about. I can’t believe there is another blogger so close to home!!


  140. Cover Them with rat poison and frosting and feed them to people who don’t like David Gilmour

    [Perhaps a tad extreme… – Features Editor]




  142. Put them in a lift somewhere. Imagine people’s reaction when the doors open!

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