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We discussed Jon Carin being perhaps the sixth member of Pink Floyd recently, but, as was immediately pointed out, what about Dick Parry?

Dick provided Pink Floyd’s most famous saxophone solos, including ‘Money’ and ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’. He toured with Pink Floyd in the Seventies and, most notably, was a key part in the band’s ‘Division Bell’ tour.

Since then, he has played with David many times: in Paris and London in 2001 and 2002, as well as touring as part of David’s ‘On An Island’ band.

If you’d like to leave a short note for Dick today, please be our guest.

We have a winner from yesterday. I was quite tickled by James’ eyePod idea, so James, please let us know where we should send your prize.

So many of you made similar remarks about using the giant ‘P.U.L.S.E’ eyeballs to keep a watchful eye on our world leaders – and there aren’t enough prizes for you all, unfortunately. This would definitely be the best use for them.

Author: FEd

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  1. What a pleasure it was to hear Dick Parry live again after such a long time. He adds so much to a song,I look forward to the next time. Thanks for the music.

  2. An outstanding musician who deserves his moment in the spotlight as much as anyone connected with David and Floyd. Thank you for your memorable contributions over the years and may there be much more to come.

    Best wishes


  3. Dear Dick ~

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said about your glorious talents? You have given us some of the most thrilling, beautiful and awe-inspiring moments in the history of music with your incomparable abilities.

    Some of my favorite moments of any Floyd record are the instrumentals and your sax playing can only be described as heavenly. Us and Them will forever be my favorite Pink Floyd song and your attributes are a HUGE part of that decision.

    I have been very fortunate to have seen you play a few times over the past thirty years but to have been able to bring my son, Matthew to Radio City Music Hall in New York to witness your brilliance was certainly a highlight for both my son and myself. To watch another generations jaw drop reminded me of myself when I first saw you. Thanks for all the legendary music and moments you have provided us all Dick, it is an honor just to be able to write to you.

    Your fan,

    Matt Parish

  4. Dear Dick, I have loved you and your sax-playing ever since I heard “Money.” You’re a musical genius, hands down. Thanks for coming on tour with David this time around. The boy ain’t bad on sax but he needs to step out of the way when you crank it up. 😉


  5. I agree – Dick Parry certainly has heritage going for him. (He’s Pink Floyd’s “Billy Preston”.)

    Incidentally, today marks the 29th anniversary of Montreal’s infamous “spitting” incident. That was a defining moment for me as I feel it showed Roger’s true feelings for the audience. I’ve only ever been to David’s concerts ever since.

  6. What a lovely surprise I don’t usually win prizes! I would like to send you an eye pod Fed but I couldn’t fit it in the envelope!

    Maybe when they invent the eye pod nano I can send you one.

    Oh and I’d like to thank Dick for his wonderful sax playing he got me into the saxophone, an instrument I wasn’t too fond of until he changed my mind BIG TIME on Dark Side Of The Moon.

    Just a great musician simple as that.

    P.S I hope the giant eyeballs make ‘an ob see n’ amount of money for charity.

    My address is […]

    Thanks Everyone

    [Congratulations, mate. – Features Editor]

  7. Dick Parry is, to me, definitely the 6th member of Floyd. His sax solos are powerful, sensual, haunting, and just utterly fantastic. I was so thrilled to see him on the OAI tour this year.

  8. If anyone should be the 6th man – it should be Dick, IMHO. He’s been there since the good ole days were good. I can’t imagine some of my favorite Floyd songs without him. I would love to see him and David do some dueling saxs sometime.


  9. At the cost of being severely poked by a bunch of pointy sticks, I would go as far as to say he’s the fifth member, because I think he’s contributed more to what the masses think of as “Pink Floyd” than Syd ever did. I don’t say that to belittle Syd’s work, we all know Syd’s work was magical, but when I think of Pink Floyd I’ll think of Dick’s intricate sax work before I think of Syd sliding his lighter down the neck of his Telecaster. His sax helps define that sound we all know and love.

    Now excuse me while I dodge for cover.

  10. To Dick,

    For way over twenty five years I have been entranced by what people call the Pink Floyd sound, from Syd’s era through the pastoral era via Dark Side, wish you were here onto the angst ridden Animals, Wall and Final cut era and finally David’s MLOR and Division Bell.

    I have my favourites WYWH , Obscured ” highly underrated ” , Division Bell and of course Dark Side and I have been very fortunate to have seen Pink Floyd live on many occasions firstly on the MLOR tour . I was blown away by the sheer scale of things but what struck me on that tour was some songs were given poetic licence when the sax was played , now I am not putting Scott down in any way it just lacked what I call the Pink Floyd sound.

    When I listen to WYWH it gives me shivers still and Dick your sax has a large roll in creating that ambience and atmosphere , coupled with the most well thought out and haunting melodic guitar work of all time bar none this culminates in genius . I seen you on the DB tour also at the meltdown gig and 4 times on the OAI tour and may I say a splendid job you did.

    I guess basically the best compliment I can give you is for this Dublin lad you are an integral part of THE PINK FLOYD SOUND

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  11. It seems to me that Dick’s session work and solos with PF and David were meant to be in some woo-hoo cosmic sense. I have always thought – with regards to the recorded work – that there wasn’t a single note missing, out of place, or extraneous to the task at hand. Dick’s contribution has been wholly integral and indelible.

    On another note, my contest t-shirt arrived. Lovely! I am so pleased. Please accept my biggest thank you for following through and sending it across the pond.

    Haven’t posted much of late. It’s freshman orientation time here at the university with all the excited new freshman and their even more eager parents trying to bond with the university. It all ends tomorrow – thank goodness! I love the shiny newness of orientation days but it sure is fatiguing. Next week I get to change hats as it will be my daughter and her not quite so “shiny and eager” parents doing the bonding thing at her freshman orientation in Boston.

    PS – To Ian P. – my condolences on the loss of your dog. The dogs in my life have had an immeasurable impact on my outlook, personality and happiness. That they – even in the best of circumstances – do not have a long life span never fails to bum me out.

    [I’m glad it reached you, Karima. – Features Editor]

  12. Dick Parry – Another great musician.

    Doing a wonderful job for such a long period of time. I´m really glad that I had the opportunity to hear him live this year. Hope to see and hear him again.

  13. Good to see young Dick getting some well deserved recognition. His importance to a number of crucial PF moments really only goes to emphasise that they were not successful because of any one persons contribution – no matter how important that may have been. It was the amalgamation of a number of supremely talented people into the whole that made them so special. And yes, Dick does warrent full membership of the club Pink Floyd!

    I am fairly confident that you could identify Dick at some distance, even if blind folded, simply because of that unique sound he extracts from his instrument (careful Pudney!!)

    Oh, and how the hell does he do that ‘sax-change’ (I said careful!) thing without garrotting himself?!

    Top man sir, and thanks for all the fish 😉

  14. Caption: “I WILL get a bubble out of this bloody thing if it kills me!”

  15. Ahhh…Dick Parry.

    It was wonderful to hear you on the OAI tour. You switch between saxophones as smoothly as David does going from pedal steel to strat.

    Thanks for doing it all again and giving us an opportunity to hear your talent.


  16. Yeah, i liked the eyePod idea! I’d come up with the thought of donating them to Nelson, but the Nickster beat me to it. Then I thought, hang on, he’s only got one eye!(Nelson obviously, not Nickster) Wrong though, saw a picture of the good lord the other day – they are doing some renovation work on the column – and he clearly had both eyes! Strange that……..I wonder if the eyeballs would fit?

  17. Hey- Dick IS a member of Floyd- just like Jon and Guy. His solos brought an extra dimension to the magic of Floyd. Until the Division bell SOYCD had always been my favorite Floyd album and Dicks’ sax playing was an integral part of that album (as it is on TDB). Its great he came out of retirement to play on Davids’ tour. His style of sax playing is as distinctive as Davids’ guitar style.


  18. Hello F’Ed and fellow bloggers! Just stoppin by to let you know I haven’t forgotten you. I’m delighted to see the Blog, (or the FanFare as I remembered it) is still running soundly.

    Just received a book titled “Guitar” by Richard Chapman. Its a nice read, with a forward by Eric Clapton. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of guitar whether you play or not.

    Immediately I looked for some deserved praise for my number one guitarist, and heres just an excerpt: “…One of Gilmour’s characteristics is his touch. He always manages to produce a rich sound… His solos are powerful and intense with expressive upper-register playing using bending and vibrato…”

    Pretty nicely put I thought, on a techinical level, although I’d go a step farther. David speaks the language of music perfectly, his innovative guitar expressing all the good heart and soul a man could ever want to put out there. Cheers to you again, David! I do hope to see you and your Strat back in Chicago!

    “Wake up to find out that YOU are the EYES of the world…” (Hunter, Garcia) Love the eyeballs! You guys with your toys…

  19. I…… deep breathes….. just got my copy of pulse and it’s fantastic. Sound quality brill and the extras are worth the price alone 29.75 euro. I had rang my record store looking to see if they had it on the shelves to which they said no not until tomorrow so much to my surprise I’m returning a dvd to my local video shop and there it is staring at me . Great stuff

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  20. MR DICK PARRY…he´s part of the floyd…can anyone imagine money or soycd without that sax??

  21. only one word to describe Dick Parry: soul.

    deep, old all knowing soul. I don’t know if you get any better than Dick.

  22. Dick Parry’s contributions to PF/DG – though intermittent – are invaluable. Shine On, Money & Us and Them are on my list of top list of favorite Pink Floyd songs, so from my point of view he has clearly made an impact. In concert, his solos provide a nice counterpoint to David’s playing. I particularly enjoyed his playing on Then I Close My Eyes and Wearing the Inside Out on this tour. Both performances provided a different take than the studio versions. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing them again on the DVD.

    Thanks Dick! I hope we get to hear more of your work with David in the future.


  23. if there is such a thing as being the sixth member of Pink Floyd then Dick Parry has been so for over thirty years; that’s longer than Bill Wyman was a member of the Rolling Stones.

    I had the great privilege of meeting Mr Parry after one of the On An Island shows and he was an absolute Gent; Shine On!


  24. Ever since the days of Red Price on the ITV show Oh Boy, I’ve always had a soft spot for a well played saxophone, and on Late Spring Bank Holiday Monday 2006 at the Royal Albert Hall, Mr. Parry delivered a superb performance, which caused shivers down my spine.

    Nice one Dick, can’t wait to see you on the DVD!

    Vince Carr in London.

  25. It’s great to see Dick still enjoying being on stage, always a tad shy, but very important playing an emotional sax, kinda like David plays his guitar. The soul guides the fingers that play the instrument. Same can be said about Nick and Richard, BTW.

    I’ve never heard anybody playing the Money, WTIO, SOYCD or other solo’s like he’s done year after year. And the switch between the 2 saxes midway the solo is one of his finest.

  26. Wow! Where do I start with Dick Parry and his sax solos for Pink Floyd? I remember the first time I listened to “Shine On…” as a teenager and I just couldn’t listen to it enough! I’d put on the headphones and as it would fade out, I would turn the volume up to get every note and nuance. Even at 36, I sometimes still do this (it certainly beats 98% of the music out there today).

    David Gilmour mentioned on the Classic Albums DVD of “Dark Side…” that Dick was the only one they knew who played sax and they were too embarrassed to ask anyone they’d heard of. I think that it’s one of those things that worked out perfectly. I just can’t imagine anyone else doing those solos.

    Truly great work!


  27. You are fishing for compliments, it’s obvious that each musician playing with Pink Floyd is Super, every note is impressed in our mind, what can we say more? I often think that when the moment of my death comes (as later as possible ,I’m not in a hurry) I hope to go listening to SOYCD!

    Perhaps Jon Carin deserves a special mention, as he is able to get along with both David(which is not difficult) and Roger with his terrible caracter. he should be rewarded with a gold medal!

    Bye bye

  28. Dick, you are the man!

    Please don’t misinterpret me as having a go at David’s sax playing (I mean, I can barely play the fool), but sitting at the RAH the difference was immediately clear when Dick stepped on stage and the first notes of his SOYCD solo rang out around the theatre. There are probably websites out there devoted to arguing over the exact order the list of the world’s best sax players should take, but to me there was no doubt I was in the presence of a virtuoso.

    I love listening to a great sax player, and to me Dick stands with the very best.

    Cheers Dick.

    P.S. The good Mr Bowie’s sax-blowing is often overlooked. Was there a bit of a pow-wow out the back on the Monday night at the RAH? David, David and Dick? A bit of the old “my sax is bigger than yours” type of thing?

  29. Thank you, Dick.

    I had the amazing experience of seeing you both nights at Radio City this spring and on the Division Bell tour in ’94. It is truly amazing what you achieve with your saxaphone. We are all forever grateful for the genius of your talent and for your willingness to perform the work necessary to share that talent with the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  30. Mr. Parry is a wonderful Sax player. His contributions to the Floyd sound on Dark Side and Wish you were here are outstanding. I really like his playing on Wearing the inside out. It’s great to see him still in the loop. I hope it continues for many years.


  31. When I heard Dick was added to the DG tour, I thought “now there’s the icing on the cake!” Thank you Dick for your stellar performances on the tour. Look forward to seeing you back in the SF Bay Area.

    Congrats to James for his eyePod invention … how ingenious *<8^)

    Have a good one FEd and thanks for keeping us bloggers entertained (u the man!).

  32. i love a bit of saxophone. thanks for your contribution to the floyd, dick. it was good to see you on tour with david. i caught you in london and really enjoyed. all the best to you.

  33. What a sweet, lovable, incredibly talented man..
    And what a saxy sax-switch!

    Still no news about whether Mr. Parry is willing to adopt me yet?? *grin*

    Big hugs, Bianca

    [I send him at least three begging letters a week, but still nothing. – Features Editor]

  34. Anyone who became acquainted with PF through DSOM and WYWH would think of Dick as an integral part of PF and the PF sound.

    Like all classics, they can’t be imagined without those pieces, just the way they are – and I’m sure a lot of personal favourites must be the intro to “Us and Them” where Dick simply “breathes” life and soul into that piece – it’s beautiful, sublime and it catches the mood perfectly.

    It’s been great to see Dick pop up in later years – as noted above the “Delicate sound ..” performances do not stand up in comparison.

    Original and best. Looking forward to seeing it for myself on the DVD.

  35. Dick,

    Love the sax tones you put out.

    Don’t tell Dave, but my 16-year old daughter liked you the best at Radio City Music Hall.

    Mark Estabrook

  36. sometimes it sounds like you’re playing two saxamaphones at once. that’s so cool. thanks for coming out of retirement to wail with the coolest rock band around. that’s awesome. keep it going mang.

  37. Mr. Parry, it was an honour and a privilege to see the live performances of OAI in which you played such an integral role. It was exciting to listen to you play the material using the original frame but with the subtle and diverse embellishments of a truly fine artist who can improvise with discipline.
    It was also so very inspiring to see the love of the music that was evident from you and all the musicians on stage.

    I would be interested to hear you play on Red Sky at Night. Of course, this is a very personal song for David, a mournful farewell to friends now on distant shores (for those of us who can believe in a Vallhalla) but it is also an exquisite piece of music and I think you could offer some diverting interpretations.

    I wish for you the best that life offers and thank you for being part of music that is worthwhile listening to again and again and again.

  38. [I send him at least three begging letters a week, but still nothing. – Features Editor]

    Damn.. did you tell him I really am just the sweetest little orphan?

    And are you sure you left out the bits about me being an Evil Genius that lives on the Dangerously Insane ward of a Mental Hospital? because I am not entirely sure that information will actually increase my chances.. *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca

    [You have a point. Maybe we need a new approach. – Features Editor]

  39. Caption: ‘Well gosh and golly, did one of those darn kids put Silly Putty in my sax again?

    (Or was it that mad blogger I accidentally adopted?)’ *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca

  40. [The only one who worked as hard as me is an holland girl, who love to farm strange plants with stellar leaves…]

    Hey Lucia! I have no idea how I missed this, but I think Fed’s dog needs glasses (or new eyes.. giant eyeballs anyone?). There is no way I would be the one to farm those plants in the Barn. I am pretty sure that would be the Piergiorgio..

    So maybe he needs to cut his hair? Either that or I need to shave my beard.. *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca

  41. Caption: Playing in the altissimo range, Dick builds up into a crescendo and blasts an F#, turns red and begins to smolder.

    Yes indeed. Dick is an integral part of the PF legacy (Raphael Ravenscroft Who??!! re: The Last Straw….uh, er I mean The Final Cut) . When saxophones were rarely even a feature in rock music, Dick was exhibiting it just like anybody else would with their guitar or keyboards. Dick is to the sax as Dave is to the guitar. Some women think he’s saxy. He not only complemented PF music, he made it richer (i.e. Us And Them).
    ^ D

  42. (If you’d like to leave a short note for Dick today, please be our guest.)

    No Fed, with all due respect I don’t think so. I usualy do keep it short, while reading through alot of long post everyday. However, there is too much to be said for Dick and his part!

    First of all, Thank You Dick for the fantastic sounds you contributed on albums that will live on way after we are gone. Everytime I here retoric from a certain band member being the genius and creator..and bla bla bla. I think what a bunch of misguided nonesense is that? A list of about 8 names (and I am sure there are more) comes to mind without whom such great works could not have been possible. Among those names on that list in my mind is yours, without that sax…those albums do not exist. I don’t care who’s idea it was for the landscape…it is the artist not the paintbrush that provides us with the classics.

    I first saw you in 1977, and had the tour book taken apart and tacked to my bedroom wall, and yes your picture was up with the rest of the band. I saw you again in the 90’s, and this year as well. I hope I will be able to see you again, I am very proud to have witnessed your craftsmanship throughout the years.

    I can’t imagine being apart of a legendary bands greatest songs…you did well old boy!

    Thank You

  43. Ian,

    Sorry about your loss, man. Good thoughts to you. The dog thing is real, no doubt about it.

    Sorry FeD- I know this is response to yesterday’s chain but I wanted to be sure that Ian saw this.


  44. Mr. Parry –

    Your sax solos are as instantly recognizable as any on guitar by anybody in rock and roll- and that is saying a lot.

    Great to see/hear you in LA at the Kodak.


  45. I had the fortune of seeing Dick play sax in ’94 and again in NY this past April. I love hearing his parts in DSotM and WYWH and OAI. Smooth, sultry, and breathtaking, how he plays.

    I wanted to send my condolences to Ian. It is absolutely heartbreaking to lose a pet, and I am so sorry to hear of your loss.


  46. Dick,

    I just want to say thanks. You are truly a wonderful sax player and I am thankful you have been such a big part of David Gilmour’s tour and previous works with Pink Floyd. Again thanks for all the memories.

    Take care.


  47. What a treat to see you in Chicago! Your sax is a defining part of the sound that I enjoy so much.

    Thanks for doing it all again!

    Brian (IA)

  48. Dick Parry – Legend!

    I know absolutely nothing about sax players, and can’t really name any, however, I know I’ve heard plenty of songs with a sax in it, and I’ve heard Floyd’s songs with Dick’s sax in it, and there is no comparison. A totally unique sound, from a totally unique guy. His sax solos can make a song what it is in a way that David’s guitar can. I know I’m biased like the rest of us, but he’s got to be up there hasn’t he?

    I hope he goes on for quite a few more years yet.

    Shine on Dick….

  49. This boy’s gotta set of lungs man, Dick’s saxophone cuts through every song like a razor. He should deffinately be considered as “the honorary 6th”. I had the pleasure of catching him on the “on an island” tour with Dave in Toronto, Canada. Continue to shine Dick 🙂


  50. Hi FED and all,

    I completely consider Dick Parry an integral part of Pink Floyd’s soundscape — his work on “Us and Them” (moving fluidly between the sweet/sadly gentle touch and the driving, powerful sound and back again), combined with Rick’s soft touch on piano, is some of the best music I’ve ever heard!!

    One question — has anyone ever heard him speak?? Does he let his instrument do the talking? Maybe that’s just a little too personal. I’ll just refer to him as ‘the quiet one.’

    Geoff, what’s this? You’ve got your PULSE dvd already?? I’ve got to check my Amazon account right now — I should have three copies in the mail very soon (one for each of my kids and one for me)!!! I saw an ad in the new Rolling Stone which said “available now at Best Buy” but thought maybe they were premature — could it really, finally be ready?? I’ve had my order into Amazon for at least two years now.

    My VHS copy of PULSE will be retired to the vault for safekeeping while it’s still intact. I’ve watched it at least once a week for …. a long time!

    Thanks David, Rick, Nick, Dick, Guy and Jon (can’t forget Polly) — now that just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? You all have made such an impact on so many people’s lives over the years past and will continue to do so for many years to come!

    Take care everybody (and that means you too, FEd)! I really enjoy being part of this community we have here, ‘irregular’ though it may be!

    Washington State

  51. Mr. Parry indelibly stamped his place in musical eternity. This music and his contribution will be played I firmly believe for as long as mankind exists. Probably even beyond.

    Exquisitely timeless.

  52. Dick, you made me cry at mermaid. I didnt expect you on stage. It was wonderful. Its only when one compares your absence that you relaise whats missing and boy were you missed at Hyde Park. I know size isnt everything but you have one huge sack of phones. Just how big and how many can you carry and play at once. Keep on blowing

    Ian Pearson

  53. Dick, keep playing!!!

    How many alto sax players does it take to change a lightbulb???

    Five. One to do it, and four to comment on how John Coltrane would have done it… ;^))

    The “feeling” for “today” is “The Dark Side of the Moon!!!”. Enjoy!!!

  54. Dick Parry ….

    The saxofone solos are Dick Parry. Can you imagen the Pink Floyd music without the saxofone? Well I can not. The guitar of David and the saxofone of Dick is like chemistry, put there some keyboard of Richard and a few drumsticks of Nick and you will get…..

    What I most remember of Dick on the OAI tour is SOYCD where Dick comes up to play his solo. He does not comes up, but suddenly he is there on stage. He stands on the stage with 2 saxofones a huge one and a smaller one (see the picture above) and during the solo he throws away around his neck (I believe) the big one and continues playing with the smal one.

    The first time I saw it during the first night in Amsterdam. I was there with my father. My father was listening with his eyes closed, so he did not see it. The second Amsterdam evening right after the break I said to my father: “Watch the saxofone player when he comes up and plays his solo.” My father saw the switch. The switch of the second evening was even better than the first evening.

    The 29th of may Royal Albert Hall. I was there with my lovely wife. Right after the break, when the band begins to play SOYCD, I said to my wife: “Watch the saxofone player.” My wife also saw the switch of saxofones. She was speechless.

    Today the PULSE dvd is in the stores. Of course I will look for Dick during SOYCD to see if he in 1994 also throws away his saxofone around his neck.

    Tonight Roger Waters will play in Rotterdam and of course I will be there too together with my father (75 y.o.), my wife and my daughter (age 10 and she also loves the Floyd music). Of course there will be a saxofone player, but not Dick Parry. I will have to live with that.

    This is how I feel about Dick Parry.

    Well all you bloggers and FEd have a good weekend.


    [The same to you, Carlos. Have a good one and enjoy tonight’s concert. – Features Editor]

  55. We all love Dick and it is always a pleasure to be listening to his wonderful sax.

    So, thank you Dick for playing and thank you David for let him play.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in Venice!

  56. Mr Parry a fully fledged member of Pink Floyd? Definately.

    The best thing about his sax playing, is that he makes it seem so simple and natural. Listening to it you never get the feeling that he is playing any notes other than are neccessary and the soul and felling that he puts in are inspiring.

    As Michael Kelly said earlier, there is a strong case for Mr Parry being more of an influence to the ‘Pink Floyd Sound’ ( whatever that might be) than Syd.

    Kudos to you Mr Parry, you are fab!

    Kudos to you too, F’Ed, you are fandabadozy too.

    [Aww, bless you. – Features Editor]

  57. Ciao,

    I perfectly remember Dick playing the final part of “shine on..” with two instruments, in Milano in march. An incredible emotion. That moment was one (among many) of the best moments of the show. hey…the photo is exaclty from that moment, didn’t realize.. His sound was fresh, exciting, powerful and clean.


    Go on playing with David, you still ROCK. and see you in Firenze….

    Ciao 🙂

  58. It musn’t be easy, for Dick Parry, to wait, every night, until he can perform two or three songs with the band. Be here he is ! What a talented player, so subtle.

    I really love his “Wearing the inside out” intro.

  59. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Dick. He’s wonderful. Thanks for touring with David!

  60. Dear Fed, I hope I’m not being inappropriate posting this on the blog?

    I just wanted to express my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones a year ago today. On the tube trains, and the bus.

    And give tribute to the wonderful people who helped the injured the best they could until the emergency services arrived.

  61. Where there’s a sax, there’s Dick! Or also where there are two sax, like during the show! His work with Pink Floyd was fantastic and during the show, anytime he walked into the stage he was welcome with long applause and joyful scream…he deserves all of this and more too! But…be careful, Dick! David is becaming very good, with the sax! He could steal your sax part…you could learn to put around your neck five saxs at the same time! Maybe David will not able to do the same!


  62. Dicks sax is an importsnt sound to Floyd classics Shine On Us and Them. To see him playing with David at the mermaid and Royal albert Hall was a great moment his playing has got better over the years and his playing is top knotch.

    I have also met Dick and he is a really nice person it was an honour to him.

    aaron burrows (slough)

  63. I feel woefully inadequate at adding to what a number of people have very eloquently said above. But I do feel driven to congratulate and thank Dick for the wonderful contribution he has made over the years to enhance our pleasure when listening to the various Pink Floyd and David Gilmour tracks that he contributes to.

    Perhaps I can relate a short story to illustrate the point (if the Dear Fed will humour me?!).

    In 1987 I was based in Dover (UK) with my job. I had arranged with two other colleagues to take them to a Food Fayre just outside Paris which entailed me driving them while they imbibed anything that resembled alcahol. The eldest of us was a spritely 63 year old whom I shall not name, but was a legend in our industry (Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution – for those who may be interested??). He was by his own admission an amateur player of the saxaphone.

    On the way back from Paris, after two days hard slog trudging round every drinks manaufacturer for the inevitable samples, the other pair were drifting in and out of sleep whilst I chaufered. Our elder friends sleep pattern, mainly the snoring, were legendry. I could hear him during the night with 6 bedrooms seperating us! The earth did move! As I was keeping my own company during the drive along the Autoroute I decided to put on some cassette tapes. I think there were some Roxy Music and of course, Pink Floyd.

    About three quarters of the way through “Us and Them” the snoring stopped in the back of the car. In the rear view mirror I could see my colleague peering ahead of him intently. I couldn’t quite determine whether he was trying to shrug off the deep sleep or if he was about to throw up! However, to my dissmay as the track came to a close he said “Can you play that track again lad?”.

    “But of course” I replied, thrilled at the fact that I may be responsible for yet another Pink Floyd convert. And I had to “Play it again lad” a further 7 or 8 times. Now he had never heard of Pink Floyd but he new good music when he came across it and particularly if it included a sax.

    Testiment indeed I think to Dick, I hope you agree?

    All the best to you all.

    JC (Original PF & DG Fan)

  64. Mr. Parry is just great!

    A very important part of the Floyd sound and a lovely addition to the Gilmour tour! It’s really special when Mr. Parry comes out and just blow you away…. Impressing change from the large to the smaller sax on Shine on by the way!

    I most hand it to Mr. Gilmour, he really sure know how to put a great band together!!!

    Best regards


  65. I just wanted to thank everybody who wished me congratulations for the giant eyeball competition.

    You are all a great bunch of bloggers, it’s a pleasure to post with you all :o)

    Have a great weekend everyone and or course Fed.

    [They’re good souls, aren’t they? Have a good weekend, mate. – Features Editor]

  66. Dick Parry is an ace sax player. Simple as.

    Keep on playing, Dick. You are a big part of the Floyd sound and I’m glad you joined David on his tour. I know you’re old mates from Cambridge and have done a lot together down the years.

    Thanks for the ‘Us And Them’ solo.


    We have just heard from Pink Floyd’s management that the giant ‘PULSE’ eyeballs are not being auctioned off for charity after all. Neither is the signed guitar nor the signed posters of the DVD artwork. So there is no auction coming up.

    No more questions on this, please. Any news and we’ll let you know in due course. Thanks.

  68. Mr Parry’s contributions to Floyd are simply excellent. His style is a perfect match for David’s guitar. 6th Floyd ? Definitely.

    Thank you Mr Parry for joining Mr Gilmour on his OAI-tour.

    Best regards and have a nice weekend,

  69. Completely agree with all of the above…

    Some questions for the Dickmeister…

    1. Did you have to practice the “switch” between saxaphones? And if so did you end up looking really silly when you practiced it without the saxaphones? 🙂

    2. Have you played sax with anyone else? If so who?

  70. Dick Parry is as much a part of the “extended family” as Guy, Jon and, more recently, Stevie and Phil. Pink Floyd & DG would both be much reduced without all of their valuable contributions.

    Maybe when the tour’s over, they could start up a band – “Sixth Floyd” anyone?!

    Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend all.

  71. Dick,

    Loads of exeptional people hail from Cambridgeshire, yourself included, you are so talented but I’m sure you know that already.

    Hope nobody minds if I just take a moment to remember those innocents who were killed on this the first anniversary of the London bombings, bless them all.

  72. i think Dick Parry is a very underated sax player his playing on Davids tour is outstanding and is key to Pink Floyds sound.

    On a side not it would be funny if mullet king Scott Uber Mullet Page made a guest apperance before the tour is out lol.

    aaron burrows (slough)

  73. Dick Parry’s sound was so distinctive for Pink Floyd he really deserves to be considered the real 5th member. Can you imagine Shine On You Crazy Diamond without his solos?? No way. His saxophones are in the rock history.

  74. FEd,

    The weekend is coming and you know what that means??

    This blog doesn’t get updated as frequently. It really is like an addiction. Of course, I’m not saying that you are not entitled to some down time. You sure as hell earn it with putting up with the likes of this bunch. I’m just expressing a frustration.

    So will you leave us with a new tidbit before the weekend starts? Enjoy your weekend, watch the football (soccer) matches and have a few beers. At least two.


    [It’s just the final now – on Sunday. That will be a sad day… I think we can manage another rainy day blog entry for the weekend. – Features Editor]

  75. – Glad for James, I had myself thought by reading his post it was a very good and funny pun. Congratulations !

    – I think that not only is Dick Parry an essential and great musician in Pink Floyd’s life and sound, but he also is a devoted and faithful friend of David Gilmour, very discreet, he always answered in a positive way when David called him, specially for the DB tour though he hadn’t play a long time ago. Maybe he did give desire to David for playing saxo himself… (excuse me, I feel my english is not good at all)


    [Don’t be silly, your English is very good. – Features Editor]

  76. Mr. P

    I’d seen you do this before but my girlfriend was massively impressed when you swap to a different sax, mid solo 🙂


  77. Fed,

    Following Julian from Aylsebury’s French adventure tale, I couldn’t resist these few words:

    “‘Scuse me”, I said to the pharmacist, “but ‘ave you got anything to stop me snoring?”

    “Yes” says he, “Take a Dick Parry Sax solo 8 times every night, and you’ll never snore again!”

    Vince Carr in London.

  78. If anyone deserves to be called the 6th member of Floyd it would have to be Dick Parry.

    Jon Carin, as talented as he is, is just a “hired gun” IMO.

    Anyone with the surname Parry has got to be OK…….

  79. Dear Dick,

    Just wanted to add my appreciation and thanks to all the others here for your contribution to PF (and DG) over the years. I just can’t imagine DSOTM or without your brass – it literally wouldn’t be the same, that’s how much of an influence you have on that album in particular.

    How about a Dick Parry solo album? 🙂


  80. HEY! Who is going to play the sax in the barn band?


    ..a holland girl, who love to farm strange plants with stellar leaves…hey Bianca, no allusion! Just a joke…but no one in the blog comes from jamaica…so I think about you for this job!

    Amsterdam life is very popular in Italy…so i can’t resist!

  81. Dick Parry is just superb !

    Just the way he plays is so expressive. The excitement and anticipation of seeing him waiting in the wings to come on for Shine On, is on a par with waiting for David to launch into the solo in Comfortably Numb !

    Brilliant !


  82. According to me and the others who thought like me,Dick could be considered the sixth Floyd,not only for his fantastic way of playing(large but powerful,don’t forget he’s a Charlie Parker fan),but also for the nice person he is.

    Dick,when you’ll pick the scene at Firenze,I’ll cry for joy,I’m sure.


  83. Happy Friday,

    Rudders, some more useless info (to be verified). I am sure that Dick was a part the Violent Femmes. Also I am fairly certain that he was associated in some way with Jokers Wild.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: The junkshop find of a lifetime (well 2 actually but only one concerning DG. The other is to do with Paul McCartney). I once found in a box of records a Jokers Wild 7″ single. Still have it.

    [Dick has been playing with the Violent Femmes. He was never a part of Jokers Wild, though. Jokers Wild were, most of the time, a four-piece and I believe David Altham played saxophone when it was required. However, Dick did play – as did David – on Quiver’s first album (‘Quiver’, 1971) – Quiver being Tim Renwick’s band. Quiver’s drummer was Willie Wilson, who, along with bassist Rick Wills, had been in Bullit with David after Jokers Wild disbanded. – Features Editor]

  84. Dick seems to be a great bloke and his sax contributions are timeless and I’m delighted to have seen him at the Earl’s Court in 1994, Paris in 2002 and the Albert Hall in 2006, but it is silly to say he is the sixth member of Floyd. The sixth member of Floyd is Storm Thorgerson. Definitely. What would a member of the public recognise on the street first: Dick Parry or the DSOTH prism? Eh? How many Floyd albums did Parry play on? Three, I think. How many seminal album covers did Thorgerson design? Virtually all of them!



    …or may we call you Dick? While you are probably not what Syd Barrett envisioned when he suggested adding two chicks with saxophones, I think you added quite nicely to the fray.

    In fact, your sax solos on “Money” and “Us and Them” are as distinct and recognizable as any David Gilmour guitar solo. They are classic rock icons that stand the test of time. I LOVE the sax solo in SOYCD as it segues into the “Machine”.

    Thanks for the memories,

  86. I have to say that I always hated saxophone until I heard it used so brilliantly on DSotM. Completely changed my way of thinking about the sax. And I’ve loved your work ever since. Thanks, Dick.


    PS–I saw the film An Inconvenient Truth a few days ago and highly recommend it. Interestingly, Al Gore said the words “dark side of the moon” within the first few minutes of the film. In the midst of all the critical, sobering information Gore was presenting, that little phrase gave me a frisson of unexpected delight. It was like an Easter Egg!

  87. I was so happy to see Dick Parry at the Kodak Theatre in April. The memories will last a lifetime! I was absolutely riveted to my chair during his solos. I’ve realized over the years that all of us who listen to Floyd are quite conditioned — we react instantly when hearing the slightest Floydian sound in the background. So many times, I’ve been in an office or in a car with a radio playing very low….a Floyd tune will come on, and I’ll catch a snipet of Dick’s sax and know it’s time to crank up the volume! Thanks for so many wonderful moments, Dick!

  88. Good morning, all.

    “Now excuse me while I dodge for cover.”

    Michael, it’s OK to voice an opinion as long as it is objective, honest, and respectful, which yours was. This is one of the greatest things about this Blog. I don’t agree with you, but I didn’t pick up the stick. it’s all good.

    Dick Parry, thanks for your contribution to PF and David’s work. It just adds so much. You have definitely earned a Floyd membership.

    I am not going to ‘number’ Dick’s membership- all that seems to do is create unnecessary debate. I personally don’t understand the ” ‘x’ should be called the 6th Floyd, he did more than ‘y’ did” arguements. Dick, Guy, Jon, and the other people that are the icing on the cake of Pink Floyd can’t really be prioritized. If any of these people’s input is removed or replaced, the music loses something.

    Eye pod…James, that is worth a prize. Congrats.

    Have a good weekend, all.


  89. [It’s just the final now – on Sunday. That will be a sad day… – Features Editor]

    FEd, you can’t discount the third place game with Portugal vs. Germany. Or is that just not as thrilling??


    [Excuse me. Of course, it will be great. I’ll look forward to that. – Features Editor]

  90. Hi again, F.Ed,

    I would also like to offer my respects and condolances in rememberance of the London bombings.

    Ian, I am sorry to hear about your pet. Hang in there.

    Again, have a good weekend.


  91. [Don’t be silly…-Features Editor]

    Fed est plus gentil quand il parle français…


    [Oui, c’est juste. C’est vrai parce que je ne peux pas tordre (twist?) la signification des mots. Je ne sais pas employer le sarcasme avec français. Ainsi, j’employ les mots correctement dans la langue français… J’espère! Pardonnez-moi. Je ne désire pas pour offenser. “Don’t be silly” est une exclamation anglais de choc ou d’incrédulité, parce que votre anglais est très bon! C’est fou pour vous de penser que ce n’est pas bon. C’est fantastique! – Features Editor]

  92. Lucia wrote: “Where there’s a sax, there’s Dick!”

    What clever word play.


  93. Nice one Fed,

    I wasnt sure about a Dick Parry/Jokers Wild connection. However I certainly did not realise he played on Quiver.

    Cheers for that.

    Pete – Coventry

    Have a great weekend everyone !!!!!!!

    [My pleasure. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. They’re very welcome to. David is credited as ‘Fred’ on the Quiver LP, if my memory serves me well. – Features Editor]

  94. [It’s just the final now – on Sunday. That will be a sad day… – Features Editor]

    Bis : Fed est plus gentil quand il parle français…

    Fed, will there be a “Ter” ?


    [Oh, je ne sais pas… Je ne peux pas être trop gentil – en français ou anglais. – Features Editor]

  95. “Ter”

    Fed est très, très gentil quand il parle français, il est pardonné…mais il doit continuer !


    [Merci, merci. Je pense que le français est un beau (ou une belle?) langue… Peut-être la langue français incite les gens à être beau (ou belle), non? – Features Editor]

  96. Dick was just awesome at the RAH and Mermaid theatre, also he has made such a great musical contribution to several Floyd songs. I can’t help but think he has had a large influence on David with him taking up the sax and all?

  97. Dick Parry is an amazing musician, a true master of his craft. From playing in jazz and blues bands throughout my life, I’ve heard a lot of sax players, whether it be recordings or playing live. Dick Parry’s sound is one of the best I’ve heard.

    His tone quality, his ability to play smooth, silky, soulful, and powerful in any combination separates him. Great musicians have an ability to actively listen and feed off of the other musicians around them, and Dick is great at this. His solos fit the song, the moment, and don’t try to become animals of their own. His playing is like David’s guitar solos, so distinctive and melodic that you can sing along.

    Dick Parry’s contributions are major, not by the number of songs, but how he makes those songs that much better.

    I wonder how much of an influence Dick’s style has on David’s sax playing? And what does Dick think of David’s playing? These are the type of questions interviewers need to ask these guys instead of the same old Pink Floyd reunion stuff.

    I’m so glad we have a great site and forum to talk about our appreciation for the great musicians that David and his friends are.


  98. Dick Parry is the man. His solos are, to me, as iconic as Gilmour’s guitar in the songs he plays on. It’s hard to imagine how Shine On, Us and Them or Money among others could be what they are without his fantastic playing.

    So, Mr. Parry, thank you for your wonderful contribution to the music I love, and it was a tremendous treat to see you not once but twice as part of the On an Island tour. You rock! I hope to see and hear you play again!


  99. I was thinking since we already have sooo many guitar players for the barn band that David could be our sax player. He may need to learn a few songs, but his got until December, that’s plenty of time =)

    I’ll check out those songs Andrew, I’m not familiar with them.

    Have a good weekend all.


  100. I would like to suggest, however, that Dick be considered the 6 member of Floyd. Surely Syd, as brief as his tenure was, meritas automatic inclusion with the 4 others.

  101. You’re very welcome James! Hey we do the same smiley :o)

    Happy 37th Jonathan Fenno … Shine On You Birthday Diamond!

  102. Good evening,

    dear Mr Perry, I am afraid I only know the work you’ve done with Pink Floyd. I think that all you did with them was just perfect and will endure for many years; I am ashamed that I didn’t yet dig out any of your other works in order to appreciate it properly.

    I am pretty happy to have seen you live twice and would do it again undoubtly.

    As for PF’s sixth member issue, master FEd, I would list ex-aequo some of the many talented artists who worked with them though the years and had direct influence on their sound: at least Dick Parry, Clare Torry and late maestro Michael Kamen are obligatory (in my opinion).

    If we think PF wider than their music, we would have to include their manager, late Mr O’Rourke.

    Have a nice weekend!


    PS can’t wait for next Monday’s news concerning Gdansk venue. Na zdrovje!

  103. Dick Parry

    My all time favorite Saxagenarian…

    Thanks for the wonderous melodies,


  104. To Brad:

    [we need one another and not a Floyd reunion]

    but [just look at this blog. How many countries, states, provinces, etc. are represented here? – Brad Fuller]

    Yes, so we don’t need a PF reunion to reunite ourselves : look at the previous official blog about PF, it has been closed because there were too many problems, too many insults between bloggers…(DG and/or RW)

    To day, there is no PF reunion and yet we are all reunited friendly, we are tolerant, we can discuss seriously, or we can have fun, perhaps only because of the “David Gilmour spirit” ,I think we just need that (…and Fed’s rules !!!)


  105. Ed/Edwina wrote: *We have just heard from Pink Floyd’s management that the giant ‘PULSE’ eyeballs are not being auctioned off for charity after all. Neither is the signed guitar nor the signed posters of the DVD artwork. So there is no auction coming up.*

    So does that mean you’re just gonna send them directly to me in a week or so? 😉

    Oh, come ON – at least the GUITAR! If I promise never to say the words ‘sexy’ and ‘David’ in the same sentence ever again?


    [If only these decisions were mine, mate. – Features Editor]

  106. Hy all im late to respond as usuall. It goes without saying that dick parry is the 6th member of pink floyd how can any of us listen to DSOTM without thinking of dick, by the way was it dick who gave dave the lessons!! see see you all in venice.

  107. – to Jan

    I’ve just seen your previous post (july 3, 11.36 PM) and I want to thank you for your nice words, that’s very kind of you !

    Oh, I didn’t know that “jan” was a female first name…(I’m not so much comfortable with english words…)

    – [PS France are gonna win !!!!! – Frederik Poulsen]
    – [allez Zezou… bon chance France – Martin Dove]
    – [I would say…”Aaalleeeez les bleeuuus !” – Jorge Rivera]

    Thank you to all of you, sure, you pleased me ! et de toutes façons que le meilleur gagne dit-on, ce n’est qu’un jeu, il y a beaucoup plus important dans la vie !

    Good luck in the final, Lucia !

    I wish all of you a great week-end.


  108. Oh Deborah. Can’t you see what they are going to do? They won’t auction those items off because they are going to become future prizes that FEd will mail out for various blog contests. As soon as they find an envelope big enough to fit the eyes, they will post an interesting blog competition.

    Geez, I guess this is how you can start a rumor.


    [Damn, you’re good. – Features Editor]

  109. Dick is definately the 6th Floyd. Before animals they used no extra or backing musicians, but had Dick Parry. He might not have played with both Roger and David separetley, he was with Pink Floyd before the divorce, in the studio and on the road. Would have loved to have heard Echoes with Sax I have heard about this past tour but did get Wearing the Inside Out, which should never be played with out him (I know it never was but still).

    Dick inspired me to want to learn an instrument and started a love affair I now have with a good sax solo. His sax led me to find John Coultrane and other greats. Did Dick always do the Sax Switch in Shine On and I just never noticed it before this tour or is he just showing off more.

    Dick jams. I have heard he toured with the Violent Femmes recently. Who besides Floyd has he Played? I want more Mr. Parry

    [You could try John Entwistle’s ‘Mad Dog’ album for one thing. – Features Editor]

  110. I was at Violent Femmes page and they look like they are on a non-stop tour and bouncing all over the world. Did Dick play with them and David, it looks possible the way they randomly bounce sites maybe they stayed close to David tour. So if I buy tickets to see the Violent Femmes at the end of Aug will he be with them, If so I am going or is he a special guest, select dates, Wots…the deal

    [I’ve no idea, sorry. – Features Editor]

  111. “To day, there is no PF reunion and yet we are all reunited friendly, we are tolerant, we can discuss seriously, or we can have fun, perhaps only because of the “David Gilmour spirit” ,I think we just need that (…and Fed’s rules !!!)”

    Well said, Michelle.

    et se rappele, tu est brillant.

    (which I am evidently not, Je crains (?))

  112. Pink Floyd would not be Pink Floyd without the distinctive sound of Dick Parry’s Saxophone on DSOTM. And his work with David is just as important!

    Speaking of Pink Floyd, I just got a note from Amazon informing me that ‘Pulse’ has been shipped!

    Have a wonderful weekend to all!

    John P in Chicago

  113. Simply put, Parry is an amazing talent. In my opinion, Parry is to the sax what Gilmour is to the giutar (and that’s quite the compliment, coming from a DG fan!)

  114. Dick Parry`s contribution to the music of both PF and DG`s music is brilliant, I wonder what would have been if the Floyd opted to go for another saxophonist? I can`t see the end result of the classic songs and the new classics in the making quite being the same!

    A question Features Ed, I`ve retold the events of Monday evening a thousand times, and my dad Gordon asked if we saw the Fed, to wich I said `no`, but I wondered if you saw us? if you did I was the bloke in a blue t-shirt with a number eight on it.

    Have a GREAT weekend all.

    P.S I`ve had my RAH lithograph framed and now takes pride of place in my hallway, it looks fantastic!

    [I might well have done, actually. Was it a light blue shirt (with the ‘8’ in navy) and do you have short, dark hair? The only identifying factor I had, of course, was Nick, so I did keep an eye out for a man with a biker’s helmet. I saw two possible suspects, so perhaps I saw Nick as well. – Features Editor]

  115. Caption Competition… well almost

    When I look at that picture I start to imagine a priest from Craggy Island trying to unblock a complex array of the local Plumber’s pipework…

    And then during the next DG solo all you would here in the background is “Feck these pipes! Fecking Plumber!”

    Fedmeister… just a heads up but I’m moving house next week so will not be as “irregular” as usual… I will endeavour to touch base when I can… missing you already 🙂

    [Bless you. Have fun with the seemingly never-ending unpacking. – Features Editor]

  116. Dick, everytime I hear your solos, they send a chill up my spine. And to have seen you a few times, you’ve never let me down. At Massey, when you switched saxes, what can I say. Being closer made me realise how amazingly talented you are. I hope the switch is viewed on your solo for Shine On. You have got my vote also mate. THANK YOU.

    P.S. Be forewarned, don’t play with David on a street corner in France, you may end up in a heap of trouble. LOL.



    [Profiteering? That’s what bootleggers and touts are involved in. There’s nothing unethical in earning money if people choose to buy the DVD. I call it getting paid for your efforts, myself. But, rest assured, I’m sure there will be charitable donations. There usually are. – Features Editor]

  118. Ian, sorry about your pet. Ours is twelve and we are starting to realise there are fewer days ahead and behind. Losing her would be like losing a family member, so I can only imagine your loss.

    Dick Parry has earned his stripes in Floyd lore and then some. I feel very proud to know that David Gilmour is such a good friend as to convice him to play the sax again during the last go around. Seeing him perform with Gilmour again on the OAI Tour was wonderful! Hats off to you, Dick!

    And I echo the thoughts on the 7/7 anniversary. I’ve been thinking about it all day….it’s a scary world to bring up children….

  119. Well FeD, I go on vacation and I miss a chance to enter a great contest. But as you know vacations are also great when you can chill out and get away from it all and go sailing for a week in the deep blue.

    I would really like to say that Mr. Dick Parry is a great musician and it is great to see him out there playing with David again.

    I hope you have a great week-end, Fed.


    [There are plenty more to come, Thomas, so better luck next time. Hope you enjoyed your vacation. – Features Editor]

  120. – [Well said, Michelle. et se rappele, tu est brillant. – Tim C]
    So, Tim, where is my poem (or my song) ?

    – [which I am evidently not, Je crains (?) – Tim C]
    Don’t be silly, Tim … ( Fed taught me that expression…)


    [Tr̬s bien! РFeatures Editor]

  121. Hi Dick, your sax still moves me after all this time.

    They say you can tell the value of literature by how long it lasts. Newspapers, for example, are in the bin before nightfall, whereas great classics from centuries ago are still widely read.

    Not many albums from the 70s still sell, which is a statement about the quality of Dark Side of the Moon and Wish you were Here. Those albums will still be selling 100 years from now mate. Damn good job.


  122. Dick Parry is fantastic, I loved his swopping saxamaphones during his set when he toured with David it was ratehr impressive.

    Those sax solos on money and shine on particulary are certainly some of the best I’ve ever heard, I mean he may not be a superstar commercially but to me he’s just as much a part of Floyd as the rest of the guys.

  123. Hi F.Ed,

    Been a bit irregular with my postings as I’ve been busy running all over India trying to get life started again. Am happy to report that on the employment front a job has been secured and that the search for the other necessities of life (food, shelter etc) is well underway. I do try and check the blog as often as I can and although have not had much to say lately, have enjoyed the PULSE reviews, eyeball contest, barn search and other postings from fellow bloggers.

    On a somewhat related note, did want to mention that the T-Shirt gift for the “melodic” word contest was never received at my US address. Not sure what I can do on my end to follow up but am happy to try if you’d point me in the right direction. Here is the original mailing info I provided. […]

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


    [That’s not on. Leave it with us for a few more days and we’ll see if we can find out anything. It should have reached you by now. Glad to hear that you’re settling in. – Features Editor]

  124. “Michelle, ma belle sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble, tres bienensemble
    I will say the only words I know that you’ll understand (!), my Michelle”

    That’s an obvious one, I’ll be combing my MP3 player for something suitable….

    Bonne chance a les bleues pour dimanche

  125. Dick,

    You are truly a master of your trade. The way you sauntered out into a spot-less stage of Massey Hall (April 9th) and effortlessly blew we mere fans away with little more than a sweatless brow, carrying not just one but TWO saxes to play, says it all in my book. Grace under pressure.

    Though, I have to say Dick is most definitely the 6th member of the “musical troupe” known as Pink Floyd, a close 6 1/4 is Snowy White! One must not forget his invaluable help in latter Floyd tours standing along side that David Gilmour “titan” on guitar!

    Nuff said…. kudos to you, Dick!


  126. Hello Dick, it’s a nice feeling to be able to speak directly to you.

    All the above accolades are how I also feel, and I can’t think of much else to say really. You are a part of the soundtrack of my life that’s for sure. The most emotionally effecting pieces of Pink Floyd music has you in it. Us and Them, Shine on…and many others. The whole, is greater than the sum of the parts. This last (almost) 40 years of my favorite music has been pure joy for me. Thank you for being a part of it. I reckon you are a really nice guy who probably wonders what all the fuss is about, but there are people all over the world like me, who have a real respect and genuine affection for you Dick Parry.

    BTW, is it true that you are a farrier?

    Cheers from,

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada

    [Dick certainly has been a farrier, Bob. Apparently he gave up music and it was David who persuaded him to return for ‘The Division Bell’. – Features Editor]

  127. There’s no way out of Strawberry Fields

    Sgt Peppers Jug Band Blues

    Numb Sound Of Silence………………..

    I have so many more

  128. [I might well have done, actually. Was it a light blue shirt (with the ‘8’ in navy) and do you have short, dark hair? The only identifying factor I had, of course, was Nick, so I did keep an eye out for a man with a biker’s helmet. I saw two possible suspects, so perhaps I saw Nick as well. – Features Editor]

    If this chap was devilishly handsome, then that was me Features Ed.;)

    [I only remember seeing your back, sorry. It would be inappropriate to comment on how handsome that was. – Features Editor]

  129. I can’t imagine Pink Floyd’s music without Dick Parry’s saxophone playing. He is an irreplaceable part of the sound and, as far as I’m concerned, truly part of the magic.

  130. Salut à tous

    Bravo M.Parry pour votre brillante carrière je vous trouve extraordinaire.Je trouve qu’il ni a pas de place pour un 5 ou 6 membre de P.F. pour moi vous faite tous partie intégrante de ce groupe merveilleux, sinon votre musique ne serait pas ce qu’elle est.Merci

    Sylvie de Québec

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