It’s been a while since we had a competition and we found the Five words (15 June) contest interesting, so thought it would be nice to have one for each ‘On An Island’ track.

We also like giving things away to David’s dear fans, of course.

We naturally begin with the album’s opening instrumental, ‘Castellorizon’, and we’ve even got a picture of the beautiful island – taken by Andy Watt – to help you… or completely throw you off track, as the case may be.

The rules are very simple. List any five words that spring to mind when you listen to ‘Castellorizon’.

We want words only, no sentences and no more than five. For example, you could have mellow, dancing, smile, nightfall or bells.

Don’t pick any of those, though. You won’t win with any of those words, I assure you.

There’s a prize for the first person – and only the first person – to suggest the exact word I’m thinking of. Good luck.

Thanks again to Sharon from the East Coast for the original suggestion.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

229 thoughts on “'Castellorizon'”

  1. – Holiday (we’ve spent most of ours in Greece and the next one is coming up)
    – kali nichta
    – inspiration
    – dramatic

  2. I’ll go with: soulful, ambient, dreamy, enchanting and euphoric

    by the by, On an island is the sound of summer for me. It just fits so well with the hot sun!

  3. Dear F.Ed,

    Here are my five words for ‘Castellorizon’:




  4. Is it all right if I have a go FEd? I don’t want to look greedy I haven’t even recieved my P.U.L.S.E competition prize yet and here I am having a go at winning another one :o)

    As I’m very unlikely to win a second time here are my 5 words.


    Thank heavens it’s cooled down a little bit FEd
    I was very nearly cooked alive yesterday phew!

    [Of course you’re welcome to play along, James. Your prize is on its way. What with everything last week, it was one of the things we put on hold. – Features Editor]

  5. hi ed. if i can’t have ‘dancing’ then i’ll have prancing, wail, calling, sigh and chime.

    good luck to everyone else who’s playing along.

    ‘castellorizon’ is such a great album opener, isn’t it? i love it. thanks for the excuse to listen.

  6. Salut à tous

    Bain de minuit

    Bonne journée à tous
    Sylvie de Québec

  7. – haunting
    – tragic
    – suspence
    – heart-rending (? veux dire ‘déchirant’)
    – revelation


  8. Hi FEd,

    I do hope you are enjoying this wonderful sunshine that we are being blessed with of late.

    My five words are:

    Goose-bumpy (do hyphenated words count!)

    Keep smiling.



    [It’s very nice, isn’t it? I wonder how much more of it we’re going to have. Hyphenated words do indeed count, by the way. – Features Editor]

  9. We have a winner (or two, to be precise).

    Would you all like to know the word now, if you can’t work it out for yourself, or see what others come up with just out of interest?

    If this word appears a third time, by the way, it will not win a prize.

  10. Ciao a tutti,

    Today I don’t write much: overexposure could damage me 😉

    five words:



    Hey Fed, I have a request. In Firenze (I will be there) I would love to have my On an Island Cd signed. Please tell members of the band, anyone, to stay 5 minutes among people after the show. In Milan we were just a bunch of people waiting. I know, I know….It is a somehow silly request….but pleeeease

  11. [Of course you’re welcome to play along, James. Your prize is on its way. What with everything last week, it was one of the things we put on hold. – Features Editor]

    That’s ok FEd you did such a great job with Syd’s many tributes I know how busy you were ;o)

    Syd was the 5th non visible member of PF for so long it feels sad to know that he’s not here anymore.

    I am excited to find out what you have sent me though! I can’t imagine what it could be it’s just like waiting for Christmas morning when I was a kid again.

    Have a good day FEd

    [The same to you, James. – Features Editor]

  12. atmospheric

    five words only when so many more could be used!


  13. [We have a winner (or two, to be precise). Would you all like to know the word now, if you can’t work it out for yourself, or see what others come up with just out of interest? If this word appears a third time, by the way, it will not win a prize. – Posted by: Features Editor at July 20, 2006 01:17 PM]

    Bet you I know what it is. It could be one of two words. If I’m right, then someone is going to be disappointed. Are you going to stick to the rules and give one prize or two, Ed? If it’s the first word I’m thinking of, then no one has any right to grumble if they guess it after you’ve told them that the word is already on the page and you won’t give them a prize. If it’s the second word, and assuming you posted your message as soon as you saw your word, then three people have so far guessed correctly (one person after you said that you had a winner, so maybe that person has no right to grumble either). It’s a close call on the two who got it.

    Tell us, Ed! I need to know!!!

    Anyway, these are what spring to mind for me: trippy, complex, dark, sea, beautiful.

    [Are you psychic, JJ? It’s the second word you’re thinking of and I’ll have to get a second opinion on how many prizes we give out. With ten tracks on the album, we can’t go giving out more than one prize per track/competition and rules are rules. I would like to give two prizes, as the word appeared twice within five minutes (the second time before I had declared that we had a winner), but now it seems wrong not to give three prizes, even though my announcement had been posted by the time it appeared for a third time… I think we should stick to the rules and have just one winner. Sorry to the two people who have, so far, guessed correctly. – Features Editor]

  14. Gilligan
    Mary Ann

    [If only there was a prize for the funniest, Matt. You’d win. – Features Editor]

  15. Congratulation to the winners.

    my five words


    ciao ciao

  16. Ok, for reals this time…


    [Maybe next time we should make it compulsory for people to do it acrostic-style… – Features Editor]

  17. Oh FE ED..

    If it is me, you can’t giveth and taketh away like that. After announcing there would be 2 winners, I think you need to bite the bullet on this one.. Fair is fair. ;-)))

    Cheers, Howard

    [Sorry, mate. It’s not you. It’s not “languid”. – Features Editor]

  18. F*Ed-

    Thanks for the kind words. I hoped that the Gilligan ref’s didn’t offend any members of the Gilmour camp. Just tryin’ to lighten things up a bit after such a rotten last week.


    This was a nice bright way to start the day…

    Have a great one pal,


    [Same to you, mate. – Features Editor]

  19. I have no time, today, but Castellorizon is my favourite track and I have to put my five words:

    – introspective
    – warmth
    – wrapping
    – breathe
    – memories

    All of you are in my heart!
    Bye bye!


    P.S. I’m not going to Venice, but Florence…and I will be there just the time of the show, becuse I have to work in the afternoon and I have to work the morning after…..so, the only way to meet us is the barn party! And you know that only FEd can organize it! But if you’ll meet a not very young girl with strange hair, try to call me!

  20. Ok Fed,

    I want a prize!!! So In order to make me win you have to make the “most annoying blogger” contest. I think I would have a chance to win. hehehe.

    [Don’t be silly. You speak your mind and I like that. Besides, I’ve already called you “the funniest, brightest, most wonderful blogger the world has ever seen”, so I can’t change my tune to such an extent. – Features Editor]

  21. Ciao,

    out of topic and for those who will attend Firenze show. Do we want to meet before the show? How many of you are going?

    ciao. 🙂

    [Would a ‘Meet-Up’ blog entry be useful for arranging this? Let me know. – Features Editor]

  22. I know one thing for sure it’s not me ‘again!’ that would have been far too spooky.

    I have never really won a prize before, so to win 2 in as many weeks! well I think I would have been the luckiest unlucky person (if that makes any sense) on the blog that’s for sure!

    Amazing more than one person has guessed so early on it had hardly gotten started at all had it FEd!

    [I wasn’t ready, that’s for sure! – Features Editor]

  23. That makes it Haunting then I guess. And I guess Michele wins!! n1 Michele!

    [It sure does. Félicitations, Michèle (ne parlez pas plus au sujet de votre anglais faible, j’espère!) and commiserations to LynnR and Deborah, who also guessed correctly. I’m sorry you couldn’t both win. Michèle, please let us know where we should send your prize. – Features Editor]

  24. How can I resist…in no particular order.



    [Thanks for passing on what I requested, Nisha. We’ll sort out the case of your missing T-shirt, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  25. OOH Fed,

    right, you have been too nice.!!!!

    Now, seriously speaking, you forgot to add that I was charming, beautiful, wit, brilliant……(hahahaha)….what? what does it mean I am not funny?!?!

    Ok so get this one (not politically correct but inncent fun) : A blind man and a deaf man are watching the fireworks during a concert of pink Floyd. and they talk: “BOOOOM”……”green”…
    (HAHAHAH…feel like an idiot today….what? what do you mean with “you ARE an idiot”?!?!)

    Ciao. 🙂

    P.S. I said I had to shut up….sorry

    [You make me laugh. – Features Editor]

  26. here you go Fed, in this order as you listen to the track, these are thoughts that are conjured in my mind….


    hope you guy’s like them.


  27. My bad for not reading throguh all the posts before sending on mine…I think the word F.ed was thinking of was “haunting”.


  28. Ok Fed,

    [I want a prize!!! So In order to make me win you have to make the “most annoying blogger” contest. I think I would have a chance to win. hehehe. – Posted by: Piergiorgio at July 20, 2006 02:14 PM]

    He he I like that, very funny :o) I don’t think your annoying just because you see things differently that’s what makes this blog so much fun, how boreing it would be if we were all the same imagine what poor FEd’s job would be like!

    Good luck on winning that prize if I can win something there’s hope for us all.

    As long as Fed has enough prizes for everyone that is.;o)

  29. Matt

    Speaking for myself, No offense.

    I love Gilligan. He would have been a hoot to be on an Island with. Pineapple juice, coconut cream pie and plenty of sunshine. Ohhh yea!

    Can’t forget the GRASS. Skirt that is.


  30. CONGRATULATION MICHELE! A good gift for your wedding anniversary! If it is a t-shirt, you should wear it while you are in Venice!


    P.S. Does David know how much a little house in Catellorizon cost? I could be interested…but only as second chance…if the barn wouldn’t be available! We could think about a time-sharing…

    [Sounds tempting… – Features Editor]

  31. Since I love Mathematics, I think I have to be a bit logical..so,…Fed,…??? no more suspense, pleaaaaaase…

    Anyway, for the fun, and to please Piergiogio, five new words out of competition…

    – Castellorizonino = little C, yes…
    – Castellorizonione = big C, in the meaning of ‘famous’, yes…
    – Castellorizonetto = sweet, yes…
    – Castellorizoniaccio = bad, not, has to be cancelled…
    – Help me, P, please for the last one…#splendid C…

    Am I a good pupil ?

    Wow, still more difficult to speak italian than english !


  32. Should

    [I’m afraid not. You can add more words, but there’s no prize at stake. – Features Editor]

  33. OK, in case anyone’s missed it:

    Congratulations to Michèle and commiserations to LynnR and Deborah.

    For the record, my five words were:

    1. Haunting
    2. Stirring
    3. Jolly
    4. Chime
    5. Dark

    If no one had guessed the first word, then the winner would have been the first person to have guessed the second – and so on.

    There will be the same contest for the other nine tracks from ‘On An Island’, so you’ve all got plenty of time to think of your words in advance. The winner will be the first person (there will be one prize only), so you’ll need to be quick. In the interest of fairness, I’ll stagger the publication of those blog entries so that they first appear at different times throughout the day, giving as many people a chance to get their words in quickly (if you’re in North America, 11am UK time is not a great time for you, for example).

    To mix things up a bit – and to stop anyone from having an unfair advantage – do let us know of any imaginative ways we could do this a bit differently. Matt’s acrostic-style, for example, is one idea we’ll definitely use. For which song, we’re not saying.

    The gist of the competition must remain (five words only, the first person to guess the right word wins), but if you’ve got any suggestions, please let us hear them.

    Thanks again for playing along and I’m sorry that LynnR and Deborah couldn’t get a prize as well as Michèle. Rules are rules and all that…

    Michèle, please let us know where we should send your prize and congratulations again.

  34. 5 words for me are:


    Shine on to All!!!
    Matt in Maine

  35. WAOW !!!!I have just seen your post, Fed, I’m so proud to have found a (THE) suitable english word, and above all THE same suitable word as our SuperFed, that means that English (sorry, Welsh !), French, and many other people can share the same idea, the same feeling about the same passion in the same time…

    Thank you very much !

    ( I feel a bit uncomfortable though with LynnR and deborah…)



    [There’s no need to feel uncomfortable with anyone. You guessed first. Well done! – Features Editor]

  36. Hi Fed,

    My five words in no particular order


  37. [The winner will be the first person (there will be one prize only), so you’ll need to be quick – FEd]

    HEY FED! Is it a nightmare! Life is already hard, job is already stressing, english is already a strange language for me….I HAVE TO BE QUICK TOO? And in the meanwhile should we touch the top of the nose with our forefinger, jump on one feet and turn around ourselves? I give in! I’m sure that in Castellorizon and in the barn in Wales life flows much slower! OK!


    [If we had lots of prizes to give away, we could be more forgiving. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  38. Very well done Michèle, of course I was going to say haunting all along but I thought I’d give someone else a chance to win this time!.

    Oh who am I kidding I wasn’t even close I made all that up the credit is all yours Michèle.

    I wonder what your prize will be? I have asked FEd what mine is but he says he can’t tell me, I think we are in for a nice surprise that’s why he won’t say! eh FEd?

    [I hope you’ll like whatever SNEd chooses for you from his bag of goodies, but I don’t want you to be disappointed. They’re things we’ve got lying around the office. It’s all David Gilmour merchandise, so you won’t get an old stapler or anything like that. But please don’t think it’s anything really, really special. – Features Editor]

  39. Idyllic

    …..now I can go back and read everyones elses thoughts!!

    Cheers F’Ed, hope you are well and not too hot, my sportsground resembles the Sahara!


    [I’m looking forward to some rain now, I have to say. – Features Editor]

  40. Hi Fed,

    Here are my 5 words:

    1. Flowing
    2. Mysterious
    3. Haunting
    4. Welcoming
    5. Floydian

    All the Best,

  41. F*Ed ~

    Where did “Jolly” come from?

    Just curious…Is it an across the pond thingy or is it the universal jolly as in Santa’s laugh?


    [It’s just happy and fun. That ‘folky’ part with the cümbüş is great. Makes me think of gypsies, dancing and baggy trousers. – Features Editor]

  42. Your “Sorry!” is the biggest prize for me!


    [Oh, you’re so hard to please! – Features Editor]

  43. Ollallà Michele!!

    Tu sei una studente molto brava (got it?)

    You made some little mistake but I am not very sure as these words doesn’t really exist. 😮

    We can also say:

    Michelina, michelona,micheletta( or micheluccia), michelaccia.(pronounced the italian way, from Michela)!!! hehe . I like Michelina.

    And …Feddino, feddone, feddetto, feddaccio (or feddazzo). Feddazzo is really direspectful though. hahahha.


    [So if anyone says that, they’re banned. – Features Editor]

  44. Sharon, Thanks for the game. We were long overdue one.

    Victor, I agree, Castellorizon is fabulous album opener.

    Fed, Although I could do with a t-shirt in this weather it is to hot to trawl back through the previous five words. So I will just do some anyway:


    All the best
    Pete – Coventry

  45. [Oh, you’re so hard to please! – Features Editor]

    What do you want from me! 😉


    [You could make me a daisy chain if you want… – Features Editor]

  46. Congratulations Michele.

    No hard feelings Fed. Rules are rules. It will teach me not to hum and ha before plucking up the courage to post. There have been several occasions when I’ve intended to post something but have put it off and then the moment passed.

    I’m just pleased that I got the word you were thinking of. I’d better get my thinking cap on for the other 9 tracks!

    [Bless you. Good luck with those. – Features Editor]

  47. You can have anything you want…but I’m not sure you can even walk on water!


    [No, can’t do that. – Features Editor]

  48. [these words doesn’t really exist]

    why do I still make these mistakes?!?!? feel sick…

  49. [I hope you’ll like whatever SNEd chooses for you from his bag of goodies, but I don’t want you to be disappointed. They’re things we’ve got lying around the office. It’s all David Gilmour merchandise, so you won’t get an old stapler or anything like that. But please don’t think it’s anything really, really special. – Features Editor]

    That’s cool FEd anything you nice people send out will make me happy I’m quite easily pleased you know ;o)

    Remember I would have been happy with a pair of On An Island Underpants!

    Thank you also to the mysterious SNEd

    P.S any old staplers are also welcome :o)

    [You can’t have our stapler. That’s really special. – Features Editor]

  50. well done, michèle! 🙂

    some good words. this is fun. i wonder if polly would approve, being a writer and all.

  51. Here’s to winner number one Michèle! Other ideas could be:

    – when you get to ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ you could ask for words starting with T, I, C, M and E.
    – Choose a song and the letters P.U.L.S.E are the beginnings of the five works (but maybe this is about David’s album so we shouldn’t be doing that).
    – Choose one five letter word that sums up your feelings about a song and then choose five more words for each letter. i.e. song Smile, word Happy, words Honor, Assendant, Purpose, Propose, Yearning. the winner would be the person who got both the first word and one of the second words correct (that should drag it out a bit longer).
    – Five words, one with four letters, five letters, six letters, seven letters and eight letters.
    – Instead of five words that spring to mind how about five words that describe the images/places you see when you listen to a song (a subtle difference I know).
    – If you wanted a quick one you could have a five venue list, first person to guess five venues from the tour in the right order as chosen but yourself gets the prize.
    – For the blue simply choose a list of five colours?

    Right, I’m done. Hopefully something in there helps.


    [Thanks for that, Brendon. Some great ideas. – Features Editor]

  52. Hi all- good topic (with or without a prize). Mine are

    3.Fiesta (work with me people- with the fireworks, it’s not just a “party”).

    Hey I wrote my words then read other entries. Congratulations Michele! Very good picking the right English word!

    And congrats to the people of Poland for the news of the Orchestra and the P-guy (won’t try to spell his name without having it in front of me) accompanying David in Poland! Should make an already magical event all the more spectacular!!!

    I said it before, but will say it again… I hope there are thoughts of trying to include some of the material from the show on the OAI DVD… it would be amazing to see David perform OAI with the orchestra!


  53. Dear Piergiorgio, I understand you very well!

    Anytime I see my post I realize how many bullshits I write (sorry for the no glamour word!) and how many mistakes I make! But our very kind english language friends don’t matter about that…and neither me!


    [Please don’t worry about that. We all make mistakes and I hope it doesn’t sound patronising when I say how wonderful it is to have so many people writing in their second-language here. As someone who wouldn’t be brave enough to do that myself, I really think it’s fantastic. – Features Editor]

  54. “You can have anything you want…but I’m not sure you can even walk on water!”

    [No, can’t do that. – Features Editor]

    You might if you asked for 2 canoes and wore them as a pair of shoe’s :O)

    [True… – Features Editor]

  55. I know what it is, it is so obvious, and I respectfully wish to replace two of my original guesses, Dreaming and Confusion with the following:

    – Dying
    – Being born

  56. Well done Michele 🙂

    My 5:

    Antithetic (is that even a word?)


  57. Tres bon belle Michele!

    Damn!..foiled again.How about a contest on guessing my mother’s maiden name F.E. I might have a chance with this one.

    Maybe on some of these you can do as radio stations do for their contests,such as 5th caller to answer correctly wins.This would open up the odds somewhat.

    [Good idea. It doesn’t have to be the first person. – Features Editor]

  58. This is hard … yet fun, thank you FEd :o]

    1) Enchanting
    2) Zen
    3) Oasis
    4) Blue
    5) Whimsical

  59. You guys are playing games while I’m still in bed. No fair 😉

    Congrats Michele!

    My words are


    So next week is my birthday (26th) and my anniversary (28th). We are going to Las Vegas for the week. I’ll still be checking in from time to time, I gotta have my “fix” LOL.


  60. Hello dear F.ed,

    I’m not interested about the prize and I think it’s too late. But If there is one word I can see it is “Space”.

    Have a nice evening

    (Maybe it’s too simple ?)

  61. […how wonderful it is to have so many people writing in their second-language here. As someone who wouldn’t be brave enough to do that myself, I really think it’s fantastic. – Features Editor]

    My pleasure! I love having so friends from all over the world! And if any friend to meet is a journey to do…THERE ARE A LOT OF HOLIDAYS IN OUR FUTURE! I have to go to Wales for FEd, to Holland for Bianca, to Canada for Rudders, to France for Michèle, to California for Erin…sweet dreams!


  62. This might make you laugh a bit FEd, I use the Firefox browser and naturaly I have the blog in my bookmarks.

    For each site in the bookmarks there is a little logo EG: the little On an Island album logo for the main DG site.

    Well I have a seperate bookmark for the blog so I can come straight here, but for some unknown reason firefox insists on giving the blog an ebay logo.

    I thought you would like to hear about this seeing as you like ebay quite a bit no?. It gets everyware doesn’t it the dreaded ebay!

    Oh the irony of it all ;o)

    [That’s mad. – Features Editor]

  63. You are a tease Fed. My five words were:


    Now am I in with a chance!;-) No cheating here of course!!

    Best regards to all.

    [Nice try, mate. – Features Editor]

  64. I think you guys do a great job with your English. Heck, sometimes I need a dictionary to look up some of these big words people use on here. I didn’t comment for a while because I was afraid I would sound uneducated. I have deep thoughts but I’m not able to put it together in words the way I would like. From what I have seen here,those of you who do write in your second language, “Thank You”. If you didn’t write in English I would never understand anything.

    Melissa 🙂

  65. I was going to say only i could enter a competition after you already announced the winner but ive just noticed im with good company & not at all alone, some people are just too dammed clever &……… quick.

    shame on us lot that dont read the blog all the way through first.

  66. I know what you mean Lucia. I’ve only been out of my country once and only to go to Mexico. Now when I do go to travel around Europe, which I do plan on doing at some point, I’ll have lots of friends along the way to meet and visit with. That sure beats just going to just “see the sites”

    I’ve got “insiders” who know good places to go that aren’t tourist traps.


  67. [Please don’t worry about that. We all make mistakes and I hope it doesn’t sound patronising when I say how wonderful it is to have so many people writing in their second-language here. As someone who wouldn’t be brave enough to do that myself, I really think it’s fantastic. – Features Editor]

    i’ll second that. you guys are great. you don’t ever have to apologise to us for making a small mistake in english. most of us english-speakers only know a few words of other languages and we don’t even know how to use them properly. like ed says, you are fantastic and contribute such a lot to our community. we love you. 🙂

  68. Oh Damn, I would have won too had I been not living in this cursed American time zone. But yeah, “Haunting” is the word that does come to mind when one listens to that track so I am not surprised that someone got it so quickly, job well done to the winner!! and I am glad to hear that you folks over in jolly old Enlgand are having good weather, it is pretty good too on this side of the world.

    Right now I am listening to “About Face” and let me tell you for all those plannig on buying the reissue you are in for a TREAT!!!!! tell all your friends once you get a hold of your copy. Feat. Ed. and all have a wonderful evening.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you

  69. A day late and a dollar short – that’s me in a nutshell.

    Congratulations to Michèle…


  70. Very odd that I happen to be listening to this when I stumbled upon today’s blog! Let’s see…

    – Anticipation
    – Nascent
    – Summery
    – Recollection
    – Wistful

  71. CAPTION : As high hopes is about to start Steve shouts ” Which bell do I hit? ”

    P.U.L.S.E Very well done guys.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  72. COMP.

    Meloncolic transition

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  73. On today’s news item..

    How can it be that Canada is not listed as a #1 member of P.U.L.S.E. DVD sales,when we were the first country to reach the platinum plateau for “On An Island” sales?

    The only thing I can think of is that we are truly David Gilmour fans for what he is doing now rather than what he has done in the past.Kinda proud of that!

  74. blue

    i know you have a winner but i like to add my nickel’s worth.

  75. Blue, Breeze, Historic, Waves and Soul.

    Saw part one last night, onto number 2. I liked Bootlegging, interesting bits by the way.

    Marc, you were,and are a genius. Tim,and Gary’s high energy performance don’t get enough credit. Thanks guys.

  76. it has been fun reading all of these responces. hope you guys do this again sometime…. 😉

  77. My five words are;


    Yet again, I arrive to see I have missed another comp. I really have to get my act together, at least I have another 9 goes I suppose! I was thinking blue and relics (because of the old looking houses) as my main words. I never did work out what ‘the’ word was Fed. I’m easily confused!!

    Cheers all,

  78. Hi all

    I know its alredady been won but I want to post my words to


  79. Dear David Gilmour Blog Team,

    The death of Syd was obviously a shock to all who have been a fan of the Floyd over 5 decades and I felt that you handled the news with dignity and respect and it says a lot about you as people. I was astonished to hear that people had taken the opportunity to promote their own desires and interests re a Floyd reunion etc.

    The sites comments about the above were 100% right and I fully support the stance you took.

    Now is a time for moving on and I was delighted to see that you had done so.

    The site is excellent. David and fans alike should be proud of the work that you are doing. All the very best for the future.

    Simon Gair

    [Thank you very much, Simon. That means a lot. – Features Editor]

  80. Oh , and in case any one cares I’m still at it!

    Good job accountancy is such a fun profession…

  81. i’ll second that. you guys are great

    I’ll third it.

    If you only knew how many English (and Welsh, and American etc) muppets expressed themselves soooooo much worse than you guys….

    (and Lucia, you can get fresh by our rivers any time you like)

    Right back to the night shift … (no, please, don’t feel sorry for me, stuck all alone over my abacus)

  82. [My pleasure! I love having so friends from all over the world! And if any friend to meet is a journey to do…THERE ARE A LOT OF HOLIDAYS IN OUR FUTURE! I have to go to Wales for FEd, to Holland for Bianca, to Canada for Rudders, to France for Michèle, to California for Erin…sweet dreams!]

    And what about England (lovely Norfolk) to see Lucia’s “Big Brother”!!

    Now I’m really feeling sorry for myself.

  83. Yeh ! It’s my day ! and what a happy day …

    – First, I won ! I think I was very lucky since I didn’t even understand the other words that Fed was thinking about, I had to look for ‘stirring’ in the dictionary, for ‘jolly’ ( I only knew ‘Jolly Jumping’!), and for ‘chime’, the great mystery! what does it mean ?

    – Then, I received so many congratulations from all our friends, whereever they come from…:
    Lucia, you forgot, for your holidays projects, you also have to go to England for Tim, if not…,
    James the teaser,

    Piergiogio (hey, maybe I understood [tu sei una studente molto brava = tu es une étudiante courageuse ou une bonne étudiante, peut-être ? you have of course to translate in english !),

    LynnR (fair-play ! well done),
    Brendon ( but I didn’t understand very much all that you said…),
    John (not from Florida !, very important!), you,you made me blush,
    Erin ( oh, I don’t understand the difference between’my birthday’ and ‘my anniversary’ ? )

    I hope i didn’t forget anyone

    And now, it’s too hot to work again in english (38°C, for at least three days !) so, bye-bye, or ciao, or bonsoir à tous !

    Fed, we had a deal, don’t forget, so, if I can guess your words, you can make (?) a speech for me in french ! ça me manque ! Et encore merci.


    [No deal, but I can tell you that a “chime” is the ringing sound you get when a clock or bell strikes. Think of windchimes and the sound they make. – Features Editor]

  84. A. Mesmerizing
    B. Emergence
    C. Blooming
    D. Departure
    E. nfinite

    Thanks for all your music David,

    From south-shore of Montreal

  85. Hello All,

    The words that speak from my soal:

    1. Peace.
    2. Joy.
    3. Love.
    4. Depth.
    5. Tranquility.

    Fed, they might not be the right words but they come from me.

    Have a good one, thanks

  86. ****** VERY IMPORTANT ******


    Dear Tim,

    share my thoughts about The Eraser with you is a big honour. I think you already know that I love Thom’s album! And you’re right when you say it is more similar to Kid A…and I love Kid A! I don’t think Thom is perfect (I say this for Piergiorgio!) but what can I do if he is my King Mida? He transforms in gold any word he sings! I’d love his voice even if he sang the London’s telephone number’s list! And in The Eraser his voice is so limpid…I have to admit that if wasn’t Thom who sings, maybe I wouldn’t love all of the Eraser’s songs (the Clock, for example. Maybe if…I don’t now…it is vocals by Liam Gallagher, I wouldn’t like it)…but with Thom’s voice all became wonderful!

    It is like David’s guitar…about Thom’s voice and David’s guitar I’m not able to be objective! I feel any word Thom sings and any note David plays passing in each one of my vein…and at the end is not important what you play, when you are so powerful communicative like they are…maybe it is a way to listen music very stupid…but what can I say? I prefer feel music instead of study it! BUT I’VE NEVER MET DAVID AND THOM, AND I DON’T THINK THEY ARE PERFECT!

    So, my dearest Tim, the only doubt I have is how much better the album can be with the good arrangement of the rest of the band! I had the opportunity to listen one of the new Radiohead’s songs (15 steps) and it is simply fantastic. Something similar to Idioteque and 2+2=5…and when Thom sings and moves his head and starts with him frenetic dance he is..yes, Piergiorgio, he is perfect! hi! hi! hi! 😉 At the end, I love Thom’s album very much…but now I want the new Radiohead’s album too!

    Thanks FEd for the opportunity to write all these fool things about Thom…even if they seem write by a psycopathic mind! Don’t worry! I’ve not intention to start following David and Thom in all they place they go! Their shows and Cd’s are enough for me! But if David want to invite me for a tea in the house-boat, I will be glad to accept! I don’t want to be impolite!

    Now I stop to write about Radiohead and if someone want to ask me something about them…I’ll answer just at the presence of my lawyer!

    Sweet dreams!


  87. Dear Features Editor,

    – reverence
    – tranquility
    – sadness
    – hope
    – fellowship


  88. I have five words. Mystic, Raw, Enchanting,Cirrostratus,Delicate.

    This wasn’t hard at all for I really enjoy this song.

    I hope everything is going well and that you have a great weekend.


    [Thank you. The same to you, mate. – Features Editor]

  89. Hey FEd,

    Maybe it is a little unfair to choose ‘the first person’ to post something everytime, since we are here with lots of people from other timezones who are not even up yet when you post your blogentry. And even if you post it at different times, that will be unfair again to others.

    So wouldn’t it be more fair to them to collect the right answers after 12 or 24 hours and then pick one of the names of the people who guessed right out of a hat or something?

    Just an idea. (And don’t make the words to difficult, because that way only the people who have English for their first language have a chance. My English is pretty good, but I still have no idea what ‘acrostic’ is for instance)

    Hugs, Bianca – Who always wants everything to be fair even if life isn’t 😉

    [Good points. – Features Editor]

  90. [ You guys are playing games while I’m still in bed. No fair 😉 ]

    Erin –

    It’s the price we pay for living on the Left Coast. On the plus side, we get a full set of entries to read when we get up in the morning.

    Here’s my go:


  91. [So next week is my birthday (26th) and my anniversary (28th)]

    Wow, your 26th birthday and your 28th anniversary huh? Hey.. hang on.. You were married two years before you were born? *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca – in silly mood from the heat

  92. I really feel guite sad now, After I posted my 5 words, I thought I would start reading what all the other good people wrote. Then I find out the contest was over. I was wondering at about what time you post the Blog in Pacfic time zone. So that we may have a chance to sign on sooner. Of course my words wouldn’t of won. But It is fun trying.



    That discussion started at june 20th. So go to that blogentry and scan all others since then for the words Barn, Party, Sheep, Band, and Evil and you will probably get the whole picture.

    Or just read all entries by Ian (who came up with a bloggers reunion party), Lucia (who wants to live in a barn and sell necklaces to sheep for some reason), me (Evil Genius and unchallenged leader of The Band.. well.. one of the two factions anyway), Erin (who came up with the band idea in the first place) Tim C (who is as nuts as Lucia) and a whole bunch of other people that want to help David cook in the kitchen, join the Barn Band(s), play Radiohead songs, smoke Doobie ciggies and share the sound proof box with FEd.

    So start doing that now and we will see you back in the fall probably *evil grin*

    Hugs, Bianca – who’s sillyness is turning into evilness as the hour grows later.. muahahaha

  94. Hi, Fed:

    Thanks for helping us to move forward (emotionally) together with another contest. My five words would be:


    Have you received Canadian sales figures for P.U.L.S.E yet? I’m sorry I’ve been so busy I intended to research it myself and report to everyone.

    Best wishes to all those who will be fortunate enough to see David’s show in Poland. It sounds like an incredible gig.

    Kevin in Winnipeg

    [No, staff at the Pink Floyd office will be the ones getting all the low-down on the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ DVD, not us. – Features Editor]

  95. I know there’s a winner, and I have not read all the entries. These are words that I think of when I listen to Castellorizon:


  96. Extraoridary
    Finally (I respect David ultimately but it was a long wait–and I love him no less for it!!! 🙂
    Still (marooned).

    F.Ed., It’s worth mentioning that although I’ve always loved Floyd, when I first met David Gilmour’s first solo album, while in college, I saw it as my favorite album–perhaps the best album ever. Of course since then I’ve resisted the urge to rank…..but I still love all three of the solo albums.

    A couple weeks ago Nickster said that David is a better guitarist now than previously (and he was clear that this was not a backhanded complement, but instead spoke to the genius of David in his present live incarnation–and I knew, after seeing both shows at Radio City, just what he meant. David has, of course, been the best guitar player ever, but he HAS gotten so much better, as hard as that is to fathom.

    In this quiet time before the next leg of the tour, let me say again (as it needs to be said) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Can’t wait for France.

    F.Ed.–I agree with all of your posts of late and continue to admire your excellence. We all appreciate your hard work and all that you’ve achieved. You rule!

    [You’re too kind… – Features Editor]

  97. David, Serene, Optimistic, Touching, Masterful

    I know the competition is over, as Michèle won (congratulations Michèle!) in a record-breaking time of exactly 2 hours and 12 minutes! Wow, that was fast! Do we have to set our alarms here in North America FEd? Just kidding. . .

    Photo Caption: The always prevalent Addition Bells are constantly singing on Castellorizon.

    [. . .when I say how wonderful it is to have so many people writing in their second-language here. As someone who wouldn’t be brave enough to do that myself, I really think it’s fantastic. – Features Editor]

    Nonsense FEd, I have personally witnessed you writing in French and German, and you’re good, so don’t be silly. I want to encourage more languages here, as it helps me to learn more French (thank you Michèle and Sylvie) and Italian (Piergiorgio’s lessons 1-4) and I want to learn more Spanish and Russian as well! Perhaps we can provide English lessons for those who have questions?

    And as next week is Erin’s 26th Birthday, and her 28th Anniversary, uhmm, how did you. . .OHHH, those are dates, silly me. . .perhaps we can also acknowledge (through a poll or acrostic word-smithing) that yesterday (the 19th) was the 21st Anniversary of the last day of recording for the WYWH album at Abby Road. . .or, that Aug. 5th will be the 39th Anniversary (ouch!) of the release of PATGOD, and I vote for that because my Birthday always falls on a 29th!

    It’s too damn hot for me to even think about my coat, so I’m leaving now. . .

    [I wouldn’t go to a predominantly French or German forum, though. I wouldn’t be brave enough or fast enough to keep up with the pace and sheer depth of discussion. – Features Editor]

  98. Metaphysical…..hmmmmm….that sounds familiar.

    Too tired to think of 4 more, and I’m guessing I lose. Night FEd.


  99. Ooops, almost forgot, that today (the 20th) is the 10th Anniversary of David playing at the Alexandra Palace in London for the Dalai Lama benefit for Tibet.

    Hey, this gives me an idea. Maybe we (as overly-something bloggers) can put together a ‘On this day in history’ sort of thing for David. I know, it’s a bit obsessive, but hey, if Vernon Fitch can gather all the info he has (as well as getting a credit on the P.U.L.S.E DVD) then it can’t be too much to ask, can it?. After all, we are simply reporting historical facts, right FEd?

    [Except that muggins here would have to find answers to the inevitable questions and look for confirmation each time there’s an error (and a dozen people wanting to correct it). – Features Editor]

  100. Hey Fed,

    [There will be the same contest for the other nine tracks from ‘On An Island’, so you’ve all got plenty of time to think of your words in advance. -Features Editor]

    Since I should be asleep at 3:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) which is 11:00 AM UK time. . .can I submit my five words for OAI early? I’m sorry. . .I already know the answer is NO! Besides, I’m sure you have a trick up your sleeve!

    Sorry for being a request pest. No pointy stick needed, I’ve already sharpened mine and tested it. . . I’ll get up early. . .

    [We’ll find a different way of doing it, don’t worry. You won’t have to be the first person to guess. We’ll pick a random number and shut down the blog after so many hours so that we don’t have dozens of late entries. No doubt some people will find fault with that, too… – Features Editor]

  101. Good Morning!

    Or, since we’re already into languages:

    God morgen! Buenos dias! Bonjour! Guten Morgen! Buona mattina (I think) and last but not least – Bore da (the last one might be a language you are, or maybe should be, familiar with F.Ed)

    As you and several others have pointed out it’s great to see so many people write in English when it’s not their native tongue. I am a bit thrown of when people write in French, Spanish or Italian as I only understand a little bit, but there’s always Altavista-Babelfish to help you out, even though the translation there definitely are a bit far out sometimes.

    A good thing about this site is that everyone is improving his or her English this way. If you check post from a few months back and compare it with the ones that the same people are posting today you can really see a massive improvement! The only way to learn is to speak and write.

    I have been in love with the English language all my life. In Norway we have grown up on English football, Monty Python and all these old BBC series (both serious ones and of course all the humour shows). Also we do not dub foreign programs so we get a chance to learn a lot at a very young age right in our living room without knowing it, brilliant!

    The “word-competitions” here do improve our vocabulary a lot also. It’s great to see a lot of words that I’m not that familiar with. Looking forward to the next one!

    It’s great to see this community and how people really are interacting. You are all such a lovely bunch!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    All the best!


    [Diolch yn fawr, JT. – Features Editor]

  102. Whether or not it’s too late, I really liked this blog entry, so here are my five words…


    As a quick side note, I was eating at the delightful college commons just a day or two ago and thought I heard Time over the chatter of everyone that was there. I look up, and there is PULSE on the screen in front of me. Put a big smile on my face.

    Thanks FEd, have a good one.

  103. Excuse me, mates, but I need an English lesson…after all the fantastic Italian lessons of Piergiorgio! It’s true that “Losing my religion” means “leave the patience”? I have always think REM’ song was about “leave the faith in God”…or it means “to be out of God’s grace”…that in Italy is the same that “leave the patience” and “be angry”? Phew! It’s too difficult to learn english if you change the words’ meaning!

    I remember one time FEd wrote me something similar to “It would be telling” and I become crazy to translate it…at the end I translate it with “That’s a secret”…is it right? And “take the hook off” is something like “escape from troubles?” I need a dictionary of “english phrases’ real meaning”!

    Thank for the explanation
    You’re great!


    [You’re right. I can’t speak for REM, though. I hate them as much as Radiohead. – Features Editor]

  104. some people just don’t read, do they? the competition ended yesterday, guys. we have a winner…

  105. ciao a tutti,


    hmmm…I posted my five words. So I think that if I want to put myself at the center of everyone’s attention as I always do (pfff….I am getting reaaaaaally annoying, hahahhaa), I should tell something off topic.

    Don’t worry, no politics, cynicism, patronizing, war to the music business (ciao Syd) etc. etc. Just a plain conversation about music( after all here in Italy is a sunny friday and life is clement with us). It is since sometime I wanted to ask to you bloggers this, to see if you feel the same I do. It is just about a song of On an Island. Here we go.

    The track “Then I close my eyes” it is a fine instrumental piece, very floydish. I like it very much because I always felt that it create a connection with a very old track, seems the young “son” of that track. No idea? come on….It reminds me of ” a pillow of winds” one of my favourite floyd songs. A pillow of winds has “in nuce” many many elements of future pink floyd music, never noticed that? Listen well to that song and you find a line of guitar(if I remember well), interspersed among others, that will be “re-used”(horrible term) in future….and exactly in “the wall” album. I don’t remember now exactly which song but I think it is in “hey you”. Try to listen to a pillow of winds again and tell me…..

    so I just wanted to share this. Tell me your opinion, I am interested.

    Ciao. 🙂

  106. Here it goes:


    I was lucky enough to see one of the On An Island shows and would like to add it was very nice of David to include some of Syd’s songs in his set. He was keeping the spark of Syd going Before Syd passed and not after. That is the sign of a good man in my book!

    ~Tomi Sue~

  107. Michelina,

    first I supposed was a mistake..now I am sure you got my name wrong (but don’t worry :-).

    It is not Piergiogio(even if pronounced in french could be sweet). It is Piergiorgio. And from now on if you all like you can call me with my nickname (since I am the only Piersomething here) ….Pier!!!! (pronounced about like the french Pierre)



  108. Dear Michèle, if we want to be rigorous, you are “una studentESSA”, because you’re a woman and italian is not like english! In English you can’t always understand if you are talk about a man or a woman…infact I still wonder if, about FEd, I should write “he” or a “she”…so I used both!

    “Studente” is less correct in grammar rules, but is more “politically” correct because it doesn’t underline if you’re a woman…and in some situation female words are used just in an inferiority’s meaning…I often use the male word, but not because I’m a feminist….only because the male word often sounds more elegant! “Il ministro”, for example, is really more elegant that “la misnitra”…that is nearly ridiculous!

    However, dear Michèle, YOU DESERVE DAVID’S PRIZE…after you lost the World Cup! Hi! Hi! 😉

    Just a silly joke, sorry! Congratulation again!



    Tu = you
    sei = are
    una = a
    studente = student
    molto = very
    brava = good

    Ciao Michelina, hello everyone and…Ciao Feddino! hehehe. (my god, I am disgusted by myself for all this sweeetness today, hahahaha…I feel like a charachter from winnie the pooh…bah, maybe is the sun, maybe it’s friday)

  110. Re: VH1

    Hi Fed, I can’t seem to find any mention of the P.U.L.S.E screening tonight in the UK on VH1. Doesn’t seem to mention it on SKY Guide, and in my feeble attempt at searching VH1 UK site no mention of Pink Floyd. Just wondering if you can help, would love to see it, but don’t want to sit up and not see it.


    [I’m just given the lines and they’re very often incorrect. Could it be Saturday night/Sunday morning instead? I can’t see it listed. – Features Editor]

  111. [And what about England (lovely Norfolk) to see Lucia’s “Big Brother”!! – TIM]

    It would be fantastic! I start searching some information about Norfolk County…I’m sure your sheep are very beautiful!


  112. [You’re right. I can’t speak for REM, though. I hate them as much as Radiohead. – Features Editor]

    I don’t understand why I still love you! You make me despair!


  113. Great news by a italian newspaper! A research proved that after a man slept with a woman he becames more stupid! Infact, when they slept alone they answer good to a test but after they slept with a woman the answer worse! FUNNY!


  114. WOW! I just got my prize from your good self and the SNed I am absolutely delighted with it :o)

    thank you so much it was a lovely surprise (even better than one of your staplers FEd ‘if you can believe it’!)

    I think you were teasing me a bit saying the prize was nothing special FEd it’s lovely I couldn’t be more pleased :o)

    Thanks so much too you all Mr FEd and Mr SNed and not least Mr David Gilmour & his band, not forgetting Polly for my lovely prize.

    I’m just off to play with it now, I don’t want to give away to much for future prize winners but the On An Island under pant’s fit me lovely ;o)

    Have a great day Fed and SNed

    [That’s good to hear, James. You’re very welcome. Glad they fit well. – Features Editor]

  115. Lucia wrote:

    “In English you can’t always understand if you are talk about a man or a woman…infact I still wonder if, about FEd, I should write “he” or a “she”…so I used both!”

    Lucia, I must be a real dunce, but in Italian, French and Spanish, I’ve never understood how a table or chairs can be male or female. I’ve looked underneath them to see if they’ve got any ‘naughty bits’, but apparently not. So how do I know whether it’s male or female.

    In English if you address a person it’s either ‘sir’ or ‘madam’, and if you don’t know their gender the assumption is that they are ‘sir’.

    Objects are without sex, except for motor cars, ships and aircraft, when they are often affectionately called ‘she’.

    In the case of F’ed, it’s just F’ed who we assume is a male until he says otherwise. ( that’s right, innit, F’ed?)

    In Italy, Lucia, is a Fender Stratocaster male or female, please can you explain?

    Vince Carr

    [That’s right. – Features Editor]

  116. Fabtabulous
    Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Poka Dot Bikininess


  117. Â chroeso F.Ed! (You’re welcome F.Ed! I think this was correct?)

    Looks like I have to get back to my DIY Linguaphone course in this fascinating language from one of the worlds most beautiful places….



    [Aww, bless you. – Features Editor]

  118. – OK, now I know I won because the word was very easy to guess…no matters, I’m so happy…

    – [No deal – Features Editor]

    J’y crois pas ! Are you the same Fed ? You’re the only one who is not kind with me to-day…Maybe you are jealous not being allowed to keep my prize for yourself ! joke, of course, but maybe I could turn “deal” into “pleasure”, it’s OK? I do love when you speak french !

    – I’m very happy it seems that there is no on this lovely site any ” Babel Tower” ( nothing to do with the awful “Babelfish”!) surely because of David Gilmour’s hidden influence …

    – Lucia, be sure I a thousand times prefer to have a David’s prize than the world cup !!!you know, I watched football in order to please my lovely husband, a kind of “compensation” (?) for his patience with me about all this David Gilmour’s invasion !!! (hey, Fed, there are good deals, aren’t they ?)

    – very happy also with the big sales of Pulse all around the world !


    [Pardonnez-moi. J’ai pensé vous dire “un discours” (comme un discours pour dire merci) et vous savez que je peux seulement parler pendant longtemps au sujet de la banque ou le supermarché! – Features Editor]

  119. Speaking of chart positions… I just checked the Austrian charts to see how P.U.L.S.E is doing here. (I have to say that I checked the charts for the first time ever – those chart toppers are usually not the kind of music I prefer, so I don’t care a lot…) Much to my surprise I found that the highest new entry in the album list this week is “The Wall” at notch 11. I assume this is in aftermath of the P.U.L.S.E DVD release, as I see not other obvious reason. Quite a surprise, isn’t it?

    Ahhhh…yes… The P.U.L.S.E DVD entered the DVD charts at top noth, displacing the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and their recording of “La Traviata” to second place.

    Have a nice weekend, everyone!
    (T=-6 days, and counting…)

  120. Hey David Fed & all, Can I Just say firstly I finally got my copy of P.U.L.S.E yesterday and just as i expected it was excellent.

    Now for my words:



  121. Hi Fed,

    is it about time to start talking about the Summer concerts?

    David feelings, intentions, fan’s expectations…or what so ever…

    How is the band? Are they still playing together? Let us have some more news, when time permits.

    Meantime, have a great week end.

  122. Lucia, “losing my religion” does indeed refer to losing one’s patience. It’s a slightly archaic phrase that’s used in the U.S. South by the older generation mostly, but not exclusively.

    Ed/Edwina, Marvin says “Shwd i chi?” and I say “Namarié.” (figure THAT one out!)


    [Elvish? Pass. – Features Editor]

  123. Hi all,

    I got my copy of pulse, its great!

    my words are:


    Doin a great job Fed !

  124. ocean, blue, island,escape,paradise.

    Hope you have a nice hot summer everybody!
    Sylvie de Montréal

  125. Ciao.

    Dear Vince,

    the question was to Lucia but I like the subject and answer you. Lucia expressed something different and probably you didn’t get it.

    First of all in italian, it is true, everything,living or thing, has a gender. A fender stratocaster is a guitar, una chitarra. La chitarra is female. We don’t know why, we should go back in history to understand why THINGS got a male or female gender. Maybe an academic could answer you. (personally I think that a guitar has a feminine shape ;-).

    articles are female or male.

    a,an = uno, un (male) – una, un'(female)
    The = Il, lo (male sungular), la (feminine singular),i, gli (male plural), le (feminine plural)

    So we go back to what we were saying. Lucia wanted to expose another concept. HUMAN BEINGS and LIVING BEINGS (animals and plants) have a gender, right (ok, plants don’t)? She wanted to tell that if Fed says that he is my FRIEND he doesn’t tell his GENDER. In Italian this is IMPOSSIBLE. I can say that I am your “amico”, and I implicitly (right?) say that I am man. Lucia says that she is an “amica” and she says with this that she is female.

    In english you are not so…sophisticated. Nothing has a gender and so you need always to specify that. Fed can speak about himself for a lifetime in english and I could not understand his sex. In Italian is immediate….

    Hope to have answered and to have understood well Lucia’s thought.

    Ciao 🙂

  126. Gerry (Pooooooooor Stavi),

    VH1 here in the US, showed P.U.L.S.E last night/this am from 1am-2am est. Earlier in the week I didn’t see it listed on the guide. It was just by chance that I found it. The night before I had my bed room tv on vh1 recording “The Drug Years” (which was an awsome 4 part series)so last night when I turned it on there it was. No words needed for all of us who have a copy. but for thoes who can’t purchase their own copy for whatever reason it was a great treat. I am glad David and the others allowed them to show it. I assume it was their choice.

    Fed, did you or anyone else happen to catch “The Drug Years”?


    [Sadly, no. – Features Editor]

  127. [We’ll find a different way of doing it, don’t worry. You won’t have to be the first person to guess. We’ll pick a random number and shut down the blog after so many hours so that we don’t have dozens of late entries. No doubt some people will find fault with that, too… – Features Editor]

    I think that is a BRILLIANT IDEA.. Who ever came up with that one FEd? *GRIN*

    Hugs, Bianca – still silly even after 14 hours of sleep (well what would you do in this heat when you didn’t have to work?)

  128. to Fed:

    Either it’s welsh humour, or I don’t even understand french language, but, what about “la banque ou le supermarché” ? very strange, very strange Fed, the heat, perhaps ??? but I’m happy you’re not angry against me…


    [Non. Naturellement, je ne suis pas fâché avec vous. Silly! Mon vocabulaire de la banque et le supermarché est juste plus fort. – Features Editor]

  129. Vince Carr,

    I can’t speak about other language because I don’t know them, but I think that in english (but also my english is not very good!) you can know if a person is a woman or a man just if you read Sir, Mister, Madame, she, he and so on. But you use “THE” or “A” and “AN” for any words, while we have “LA/LE/UNA” for the female words, “IL/LO/UNO” for male…and so on…and if I say “I went” I use the last vocal of the verb in this way, for example: “Io sono andatA” if I’m a woman and “Io sono andatO” if I’m a man…

    it is very usless when you speak about things (I think that Fender Stratocaster is female: LA Fender Stratocaster) but it is very useful when you speak about people! For example, once time I called Jan “good boy” because I’ve never understand SHE IS A LADY (HI JAN, MY FANTASTIC FEMALE FRIEND!)…in italian I think this can’t happen! Just complicated rules but…I have problem with some foreign names and I was very sorry when I have confused JAN with a male name! SORRY JAN!

    But remember even if the last vocal of “ECO” is an O it is a female name, because ECO was the name of a female mythological character….but a lot of italians don’t know this and use to write “UN ECO” insted of “UNA ECO”, or better “UN’ECO”…but I don’t explain the ‘ rule…it would be too much!


  130. Hey Lucia, I first thought maybe Jan was a man as well, since it is the most used Dutch first name for males.

    But when I realised this was not a Dutch person, I figured it would probably be a woman, since Americans use ‘Jan’ as short for ‘Janice’ a lot.

    About the ‘gender’ of a guitar. In Holland a guitar is male when it belongs to a female and female if it belongs to a male, hahaha

    I know Guy has a bass that is named Betsy, but my bass is called Bas (which is a very common Dutch first name for a male.. I SWEAR! *grin*)

    I am looking for a new bass though, so I fear I will have to think a little deeper to come up with another name. I already have a tent named Bram, so I can’t use that.. 😉

    Hugs, Bianca

  131. Hey, Pour rendre fou tout citoyen de Grande Bretagne entre autres…:

    – a guitar in french: “une” guitare – female
    – a piano in french: “un” piano – male
    – drums in french: “une” batterie- female and singular(?)
    – a drum (I think) in french: “un” tambour – male
    Strange, but full of charm…

    Oh!!! very much easier for a french person to try to speak english …we don’t deserve any congratulations !


  132. My words for castellorizon would be:



  133. Hi all,

    Fed I agree with you 100% on Radiohead, but REM? Can’t agree- I love em. I see “losing my religion” as taking God out of the box that I (we) tend to put Him in… we think we understand something that is way out of our league for understanding. Thatr’s the beauty of good music- it means different things to different people!

    On the structure of the current “contest”… I think the first person to get the same word was absolutely a fair way to do it… but I think the drawing of a name from all who pick the same word is fair too. For those who are upset by it- its just a fun contest- getting a prize would be nice, but that’s not why we are here… is it???

    LOL- just because I have a list of words in my pocket for the next track doesn’t mean I’m anxious for a prize!!! Have a GREAT weekend everyone! Stay cool!


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