World Cafe… again


You can hear a repeat of the World Cafe broadcast today.

It can be heard on more than 180 radio stations across the US.

Either find your local station by visiting the website and selecting Broadcast Schedule on the right, or listen online to XPN from Monday to Friday at 2pm EST.

Easiest of all, it’s also available on the National Public Radio (NPR) website. Just type David Gilmour into the search field.

If you missed it the last time it was aired, don’t miss out again. As well as answering David Dye’s questions, there are live versions of ‘On An Island’, ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’, plus bonus performances of ‘Smile’ and ‘High Hopes’.

So, if you’ve got 36 minutes to spare today, now you know how you can fill them.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

89 thoughts on “World Cafe… again”

  1. CAPTION: Rick ponders changing his name to Wakeman in order to qualify for David’s supergroup, with Mr Wright our hero thinking to himself ” What is a supergroup without Rick Wright ”

    to be continued……………………

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. Hi FEd,

    Thanks for the reminder about the World Cafe re- broadcast. I have it on now and it’s a great way to start this July 4 extended weekend!

    NY, USA

    [You’re very welcome, Stephen. Hope you’re enjoying it. – Features Editor]

  3. [caption] Rick thinks ‘Oh Bu**er I’ve forgotten the words to this one’ perhaps if I sneak away nobody will notice.

  4. Thanks FEd, but where am I going to find 36 minutes if I have to be in here all the time defending my rightful claim to the Barn Band?


    Hugs, Bianca – posting from the local mental hospital *grin*

    [In my experience, there are always some minutes to spare between 2:11 and 2:47 in the afternoon. – Features Editor]

  5. Caption Competition…

    Richard was flummoxed by the fact that David had taken to wearing Leather Chaps on stage without anything else on besides his t’shirt…

    Sorry… very sorry… 🙂

  6. Well I am now back in Canada and already miss Greece. The countryside was beautiful and my compilation PF, DG and RW CD was perfect for the occasion. Listening to the Crying song from More and watching the heat haze over the aqua sea was awesome..lovely and lanquid.

    We should try and get a DG tour group together over the next year or so and go visit Castellorizon. What do you think guys?

    Cheers, Howard

  7. Fedmeister…

    If the previous caption was too risque… how about…

    Richard was perplexed at David’s choice of wearing yellow flares in an attempt to appeal to a younger audience…

  8. And that picture is about 12 degrees away from allowing me to wheel out the “Zaphod Beeblebrox Audition” Caption as well…

    Polly… I need all the help I can get for this non-existent Caption Competition… 🙂

  9. Caption Competition…

    Jon sulked in the background because he was the first one out in the game of statues!

  10. Howie! My man! you’re back… 🙂

    I need to take you out to a place called Beers’r’Us soon… 🙂

    Fed… a long trip I know but you’re welcome to join us… 🙂

  11. how about…

    caption: david soon got tired of richard’s catalogue poses and turned away in disgust.

  12. Fedmeister…

    This looks to be turning into a Caption Day… sorry 🙂

    But what else is there to do on a Friday! Work? huh?…. oh yes…

  13. dg: “i was the model, not you. and you’re wearing the same t-shirt as me. it’s just not fair!”

  14. [Richard was flummoxed by the fact that David had taken to wearing Leather Chaps on stage without anything else on besides his t’shirt… – Rudders]

    Well as legend has it he did name Comfortably numb ” Come on big bum ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  15. Great memory jog Rudders……..

    I used to have a pair of bright yellow flares. Thought I was the dogs doda’s.

    Now theres a rainy day idea. Lets come clean with our old fashions

    Pete – Coventry

  16. Happy Friday!

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve found the past two days really difficult without any football. 4pm came and there I was frantically scanning for the Germany Argentina game. I have been institutionalised by the World Cup… I’m lost on non-game days…

    Am off to Hyde Park tomorrow to see The Jon Carin Experience 😉 If any of us are going to be there tomorrow, mail me and we’ll meet up (e-mail is my name at my nickname dot com) and have some fun in the sun whilst someone plays/murders PF covers… 🙂 (sorry, but this heat and lack of football is bringing out the cheek in me)

    Have a great weekend everyone,


  17. Caption:


    Wish you were here…..uhm…….

    Uh… C – D – Am – G…. ( no, it was D wasn’t, it?)

    I knew I shouldn’t have drunken that Buckfast yesterday……….

  18. Caption: *thinking: ‘maybe that kebab for lunch wasn’t such a good idea…”

  19. think I’ll join the Caption bandwagon:

    Richard looked perplexed as to where David hid all of the water bottles.


    The Band were having major trouble pulling off their Jimmy Hill + Bruce Forsythe impersonations.


    F’Ed’s new Richard Wright halloween mask allowed him to slip into the blog photo without giving the game away !

    35 days and counting!

  20. Caption: As Rick exerts his telepathic mind-control powers, David suddenly realizes that he ought to cut rehearsal short and take the band to a nice, long, expensive lunch.

  21. Rick’s caption:

    I should be on my yacht sailing right now, Jon can finish the set!

    Sorry FED, had to go with the caption theme. Oh I always have minutes to spare for this!


  22. [caption]

    Rick: “Hmmmm … he’s good but it’s not quite what we’re looking for”

  23. Great Caption Competition Rudders (The 1st one)- LOL

    That’s a sight I wouldn’t mind seeing 😉

    Howard, did you see any barns on Castellorizon? We could have a barn band gig there on the tour! What do you say “evil genius?”

    Caption . . .

    “What is that son-in-law of mine doing now?! Just when I thought I saw all his moves . .”


  24. Hello, F.Ed,

    Rudders, you’re starting to worry me. Make sure you get plenty of rest this weekend, ok?

    Caption- Rick is curious as to how F.Ed (just off camera) gets such a clear timpani sound out of those coconuts…

    So has anyone been awarded t-shirts for the supergroup blog, or did I miss it?

    Thanks for stopping in, Guy, it’s always nice to hear from you. I, for one am chuffed (I think I am using the term correctly…I am not very familiar with English slang) that you mingle with us irregulars. I was starting to wonder where you had been.

    Have a great weekend, Blog. (This has got to be the only place where being irregular isn’t an uncomfortable and potentially painful experience).


    [I need to go through them all again to see if any of them tickle my fancy, Mike. With so many non-UK musicians being listed, and so many people listing 40 musicians instead of four, my poor brain soon gave up and I lost track. Maybe there’ll be no prize this time, on account of my muddled mind being more muddled than usual. – Features Editor]

  25. Is this barn going to be big enough? Maybe there should be an East-West barns…..

    I could help with a satellite link. I would only ask that nobody invites the Japanese Prime Minister…(he thinks he is Elvis and we mustn’t have any of that….)

  26. How marvellous I could listen to this sort of thing all day, thanks for the heads up.

  27. Caption…

    “That’s not like Richard to have a brain fart!Better do the Numb solo.. Aah!gain! fill in.”

  28. Caption:

    Rick: “Wonder if that young man has seen me teeth…”

    Well it made me giggle.

    It’s Mr. Wright’s birthday next month, any plans?

    Much love and all that
    x x x

    [Not that I know of. – Features Editor]

  29. [Richard was flummoxed by the fact that David had taken to wearing Leather Chaps on stage without anything else on besides his t’shirt… – Posted by: Rudders]

    Cheeky,very cheeky!…pun intended…

  30. Caption: ‘Rick Ponders curiously after forgetting how to tune his piano. “it’s electric Richard” David thinks, too busy tuning his strings to be bothered to tell him.’

  31. Caption: How about…

    Rick says ‘Do you fancy McDonalds tonight or shall we get a kebab?’
    David says ‘Not now I think I’ve got something going here!!.’

    Right, it’s Friday night, I’ve got to find something to do… good weekend everyone!

  32. Your captions are cracking me up! Thanks guys and gals.

    Angelo- now that you have a place in the Catksills, any plans to check out some shows at the Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center (the original Woodstock sight)? My husband is going with some friends to see Phil Lesh next week. We will both be going to see CSNY on Aug 13. We are literally a walk away from this place, so if you’re attending any shows feel free to have a beer or wine at our place beforehand. We will be party hq and also a crashing site for those not able to drive home after the concerts.

    Hey Fed, any chance David will be joining CSNY on this tour… I know, I know. They don’t tell you anything! Calendar shows Aug 13 is a free day for David. What a great idea if he came out here for a special appearance. He can sing Ohio (one of his favorite tunes) with Neil. Imagine that?!


    [Honestly, I get everything far too late to be useful. – Features Editor]

  33. OK, I WANT ANSWERS!!!!

    Apparently, today’s World Cafe broadcast was live. Ladies, Gentlemen, and especially you, FE Editor, this isn’t true.

    The songs used in this broadcast were simply the ones used in AOL Sessions a few months ago.

    Believe me – I am correct.

    So, FE Editor, you better change the title above to ‘Listen to Aol Sessions again’.

    [I didn’t say it was live or original. I said it was a repeat. – Features Editor]

  34. Thanks for the reminder Fed. I thought I had listened to it last time, (and maybe I did) but I don’t remember David talking about how Take A Breath was about the kids. Music is such a wonderful thing and can be interpreted so many ways. I always thought of it as more for a spouse (not necessarily David’s). Listening to it again with David’s intent in mind, I could see how kids fit into it.

    Another thing, you gotta help me with Fed. David refers to PF as a pop group. I’ve heard him do it more then once. I don’t know if it is a cultural thing (English vs American) or what, but when I hear pop group I think of: Britney Spears, Spice Girls, N’Sync, and the like. So I feel like: UGH, David, you (and PF) are WAY better then that, please don’t put yourself in that group. So is it a cultural thing, or do I just have the wrong definition of pop group? For me, it’s hard to categorize PF, they have such a different feel then any other music. But if I did, I would put them as Rock and Roll.

    Help me out guys, Fed . .


    [I think it’s more a modesty thing. I’d say that ‘Pop’ is even less serious than ‘Rock and Roll’, so maybe it’s that. For what it’s worth, I break out in a cold sweat whenever I hear him say it, too. It reminds me too much of the Eighties. – Features Editor]

  35. Thanks for the link, I’m listening to it now for the first time.



  36. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

    [The same to you, Jan. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  37. Hi Ho All,

    caption … as his good angel in white fades into the background, David Gilmour vainly turns, hoping to avoid his bad angel in black, who looks on eagerly … “play more Rick Wright tunes, play more Rick Wright tunes, play more Rick.”

    Rock On

    i am remotely morty

  38. FEd, considering the draconian censorship you’ve subjected me to on frequent occasions, I wish to protest loudly at the mention of David’s Chaps being allowed to slip through. Rudders must not be allowed to get away with that sort of thing. Rein him in or next the girls round here will be asking for a photo of David’s bottom.

    [Yes, quite right. My apologies. – Features Editor]

  39. Caption: Senility sets in, David tries to find the right chord for Shine On, G Major? Richard replies ” I think it’s in G minor David, I think?” Jus kidding guys! To Linda, you are very welcome. Thanks.


    And what a great match! I think this time none can say something against italian victory! We have run all the time and the goals were made during the game. Not lucky, but a good game. I’m really proud of my boys! And we played without Nesta, who’s a very good “defender” and who has the most beautiful and longer legs of all the World Cup! And the next is against Germany: good luck, mates!


    I saw the match with the friends who came to David’s show with me and I spoke them about the barn party. They asked me if they can come but, above all, my brother in law say that for the next party we can use his country house. So, we can organize a spring party too! GO BLOGGERS, GO!

    [A great win. Congratulations! – Features Editor]

  41. there have been some great captions today. thanks to all who posted one.

    congrats to italy and germany. i think germany could go all the way.

    have a nice weekend everyone. x

  42. hi Guy and welcome back you are a permanent member of the only true Super Group , you and your Bass are welcome in my Supergroup anytime , before you i never had the respect i now have for Bass players , of course been a floyd Fan i new how impotant it was to the sound but you give so much more than Sound you give your all i saw you twice on he Gimour tour aslo on the MLOR Tour and the division Bell tour let me say your Bass playing on Money gave this Fave of mine a new sound , you are real quality man , thanks for all you do looking forward to THE NEXT time Pink Floyd tour, even though Roger will be there , he can lip sync and you can play bass lets face it bass was never strong point- only joking guys- Roger i love you Lip Sync as well

  43. Yep – just wanted to say ‘Hi’ to Guy – safer on here than outside the RAH Stagedoor eh?

  44. Floyd is definitely not pop,as far as Im concerned.It was and still is,art,and life itself,if you will.The only other band that was on their level was the Grateful Dead.Nobody took music as far out as those two bands.The music of Floyd is so visual and powerful it can lead one down the path to spiritual enlightenment,culminating in the grand experience of oneness,or God,if that’s what you need to call it.That’s what happened to me one fateful night and I’ll not profane their music by calling it pop.

  45. Warren Loveridge wrote:

    **Rudders must not be allowed to get away with that sort of thing. Rein him in or next the girls round here will be asking for a photo of David’s bottom.**

    Uh, this photo – would it be a readily available item she asked with ladylike interest?

    (ps – World Café thingy is great; I caught it first time around.)


  46. Howard – I love the Castellorizon idea!

    Fed- thanks for the World Cafe info. Very nice.


  47. Rudders – the Leather Chaps caption made me laugh out loud, twice!



  48. I have to admit that this image definitely lends itself to captions. How about:

    David and Richard playing a round of Name That Tune.


  49. Caption: At the beggining of “Where We Start”, David and Richard pause, draw a blank and forget where to start.

    Caption: At the start of “Loss For Words”, David winces and literally becomes so as Richard forgets his cue and continues nibbling at his toffee into the mike.

    This silliness makes my day, Fed. Have a good weekend all. [|:^D>

  50. Quote [Rein him in or next the girls round here will be asking for a photo of David’s bottom]

    I vote NOT to see Davids Bottom!

    Sorry Girls

  51. “David refers to PF as a pop group”

    If you check out the back covers of your early Pink Floyd LP’s you will see the wording “File under popular”, so I suppose David was only saying what he was told to say all those years ago!!

  52. FEd,can you tell me if the DAVID GILMOUR DVD OF HAMMERSMITH ODEON(1984),is an official release or a bootleg?Im trying to verify it for someone.It appears to be a multi-media set,consisting of both DVD and CD…Look’s sketchy though.

    [It was only ever officially released on video. – Features Editor]

  53. AAAhhh! Here I am catching up on the blog in the hamlet of Ulster Heights, NY…. we’re here for a week and I can feel the stress evaporating as I type!!! All I need is a little OAI….

    One thing I’ve learned in my line of work: some people out there are very deranged indeed……

    …myself included! LOL!

    Hi, Tara! Thanks for the invite, you are like 30 minutes from me (as is S. Rado). Now I’ve got two bloggers-mates up here to visit, how cool is that! I’ll let you when I’m heading your way, and I do want to check out a gig or two your way…

    Rudders, you made me choke on my coffee!!!

    Caption Competition:

    “Richard Wright and the band were flabbergasted at David broke into acoustic version of ‘Radio K.A.O.S.’ and ‘It’s a Miracle’……”

  54. Can anybody tell me something about Tom Stoppard’s play Rock’n’Roll? They say there are references to Floyd, and I love Stoppard too…

  55. Caption:

    If I had a hammer, I wouldn’t hammer in the morning, maybe I’ll hammer Davids head for singing this song.

  56. Hi Fed,I just looked at Caroline Dale’s link and it’s expired.

    Forza Italia!

    [That’s a shame. If it’s down for good, we’ll remove the link. Congratulations on the win, by the way. Good luck against Germany. – Features Editor]

  57. My condolences dear England on your loss. I watched this game and I should add it is the first game I have watched in any part in several decades. My only interest was in how it affected my fellow cyber posters here on this site.

    I also have to add that….none of it made sense to me. I am guessing your knees and feet must be hard as nails. I broke two toes last week and cringed every time I saw a kick. Ouch! Ouch!

    My impression of the English is that they played it a little too safe. The ball always seemed to be on their (20?).

    Plus, it appears you can just tune in the last ten minutes of these games to get the most entertainment for your buck..? No?

    Also, also, also…I can see why people turn into berserkers after losing (or winning) one of these games. Its like a girl rubbing your crotch for hours and then abruptly stating “oop’s..look at the time…got to run home…sorry….bye”.

    (not that I know anything about that from experience….damn it…..)

  58. I heard from Deborah that you all were discussing David’s backside so I just had to come over and see if that photo has been posted yet. Uhmmm, where is it again?


    Happy weekend, FEd and everyone!

  59. Michele

    I was wrong. Vive la France.

    I am now financially, and in all other respects, embarrassed and I could only afford 1 glass of Bollinger ’97 as a consolation for both England and Brazil failing to progress.

    And before anyone else says it, England were not good enough to go further, penalties or otherwise.

  60. Really sorry for England…I support you…congratulations to Michéle, Ikkar and the others french!


  61. Dear Fed,

    Off topic, I know that, but I have to thank you

    1) because I’m sure you sung for France against Spain and Brasil…
    2) because when I was so sad about the results of our team, YOU said to me to keep faith… YOU’RE GREAT, FED. Did you see Zidane?!

    Euh… sorry for spanish, brasilian,… and english bloggers… my condoleances… Sorry, it was just a joke (de mauvais goût, I apologize…)

    Have a nice sunday…

    Ikkar, with love

    [Hi Ikkar. It was a great result against Brazil. Zidane was magnificent once again. Good luck against Portugal. I think you’ll win again and will face Germany in the final. – Features Editor]

  62. Sound on Sound with Andy Jackson is a great press piece. It’s amazing to read such intimate details of OAL from an engineering prospective. Way to go Andy, your insights and ear have definetely played a huge role in David’s, and band’s successful career. Hats off to you mate.

  63. Can’t find the concert on NPR. Nothing comes up when searching for Gilmour or David Gilmour either. 🙁

    [I get 12 results when I try. You want the first. Try clicking your name below. – Features Editor]

  64. Thanks to remember me that stuff.

    Concern to the new OAI DVD, I would like to make a suggestion which would maka happier a lot of DG fan around world: Please include the english subtitle option for the lyrics and chats during the show. You knowm, for us, DG foreign fans, it is very difficult to follow all show details because of the language.

    We thank you in anticipation.

    Sergio (from Brasil)

  65. Dear F.Ed,

    A bit off topic, but I thought you like to know that the value of the RAH ticket I gave to Eyal’s friend Avigdor is donated to the charity organisation Yad Sarah (see story on attached link from their website). I also received a “thank you” mail from the organization. So Avigdor did some good there!

    The picture is from the Queen’s Arms and from the left is a Belgian blogger (Ralph, I think), me, my friend Asle, Avigdor and my friend Joachim. Picture is taken by Eyal….

    Best regards


    [Thanks very much for that. It’s a great story. – Features Editor]

  66. Hi FED

    Rick is thinking………………………..mmmmmm I wonder if the aussie floys are looking for a keyboard player, the fella with long hair looks nothing like me, but then again hes a bloody good board player………..Maybe not??????????????????????

  67. [I thought you like to know that the value of the RAH ticket I gave to Eyal’s friend Avigdor is donated to the charity organisation Yad Sarah (see story on attached link from their website). I also received a “thank you” mail from the organization. So Avigdor did some good there! – Posted by: JT at July 2, 2006 03:59 PM]

    Good on you, JT. 🙂

  68. Hi guys! I finished now to see a little summary on tv about the Live 8. The summery closed with Pink Floyd…and it was correct, because they were the best! David’s voice and solo guitar were incredible! GREAT DAVID! And I listened all the words that Bob Geldof, Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela and the others said…what happened in some part of the earth is horrible…and, while I watched the show, I was thinking about the hit to London some days later…and I wonder how is possible so much hate and pain in the earth….how can we continue in this way?

    I don’t think anyone should leave his/her house to go to work for some good project in Africa, but there are so many different way to help…I really think we are becaming a cynical society, not only in poor populations, but also in the people we have close…but maybe is only that I’m an eternal unsatisfied! Sorry! I don’t want to let you became sad…I only wish some answers… But I started good and finished bad!

    So, before posting, I want repeat: PINK FLOYD EXIBITION AT LIVE 8 WAS WONDERFUL and I can’t understand a lot about music, but I think David’s parts were the most difficult (a lot of solo part and he sung more – and better..with all respect – than Roger) so, I think we can admit that David was the great hero of that exibition!



  69. [I think you’ll win again and will face Germany in the final.- Features Editor]

    FEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! How can you say this? Don’t you think about me, Piergiorgio, Roberto and the others? You should be impartial with the “bloggers”…

    You are not professional!


    [But I’m honest. Am I not allowed an opinion? I didn’t say that I wish Germany to win. I hope the best team wins. Honest and diplomatic… – Features Editor]

  70. [Rein him or next the girls round here will be asking for a photo of David’s bottom – Warren Loveridge]

    Warren, you’re “just a jealous guy…”


  71. caption

    rick is thinking! is it just me, or can anyone else see that big monster with the big eyes on the right creeping up on david.

  72. To Fed, Tim, Lucia, Ikkar, and everybody…

    I’m just coming back from ¨Paris where I spent a super week-end, not only was the sun shining (30° !) but France won ! I will never forget Les Champs Elysées invaded by the crowd (and I was there !) What a “saturday night fever” ! Everybody was shouting, singing, smiling, laughing,even with the portuguese supporters… The big mega fiesta ! Les Champps Elysées sont déjà la plus belle avenue du monde, mais là, c’était magique, blancs, noirs, beurs, les gars des banlieues,…tous chantaient ensemble…

    Ok, Tim, thank you, ok for champagne (better than money !)vive la fête er merci à vous , Fed, de nous permettre de communiquer…


  73. Thanks for agreeing with me about that pop thing Fed, it makes me feel better (a little less crazy).

    Lucia, I did like the first barn too, but it looked awful drafty. Isn’t it cold there in December?! It looks like the house on “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

    Happy 4th, my fellow Americans
    God Bless America
    (We need all the help we can get)


  74. Well,if that is the case,FEd,David should be notified that his VHS show has been transcribed to DVD and is being sold on both Ebay and and who knows where else.

    [Yes, we all know about that. – Features Editor]

  75. Caption competition… What I wouldn’t give for a nice cup of tea and a lie down… All the water is wreaking havoc with my prostate… ;^))

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Atom Heart Mother!!!”. Enjoy!!!

  76. [Can anybody tell me something about Tom Stoppard’s play Rock’n’Roll? They say there are references to Floyd, and I love Stoppard too…]

    I think the play is based around the Czech band “Plastic People Of The Universe” who play a “free Jazz” style of progressive rock and were frequently harrased (and eventually imprisoned) by the Communist Czech authorities in the 60’s and 70’s. I’ve got a hand full of their CDs and have to say I sometimes struggle to listen to them (gets just a bit too “free Jazz” for me on occasions). There was an article about the play and Tom Stoppard in a recent copy of The Times (one of the weekend editions) that might be on the web by now. (. . .and while we are on about The Sunday Times – Jeremy Clarkeson’s motoring column was taken over by Nick Mason this week and a very amusing and illuminating read it is too – much better than the car he was reviewing!)

  77. Oh Michèle! I understand perfectly the fun of the celebration of France win…not need I say who much noise italian’s celebration was! Good luck for the next match…we play tonight…I hope italy and French will face in the final..but I hope that the end won’t be the same of the last times!!!! uhm…maybe, I prefer play against Portugal…! GOOD LUCK, MATE!


    [I hope the best team wins. Honest and diplomatic… – Features Editor]

    Welcome back, first of all. I’m starting to feel the posts’ withdrawal! Maybe I was wrong…but I think you write your sentences so as you are always in the right side! A minute that sentence is good fo one…a minute later is good for the opposite too! …really wily!

  78. Fedmeister!

    You said “I hope the best tea wins”

    Me too!!! Earl Grey for the World Cup I say!

    [Quite right. – Features Editor]

  79. [Me too!!! Earl Grey for the World Cup I say! – Rudders]

    Rudders, Fed, please, I would like to understand…”Earl Grey”, isn’t it a kind of indian tea ????


    [That’s right. – Features Editor]

  80. [team-tea]

    Oh, Fed, je viens juste de comprendre !…. I didn’t notice first that “m” was missing in your word…Rudders va me prendre pour une idiote …
    Fed, j’ai quand même la trouille pour ce soir…
    “trouille” (=grosse peur), mot à ajouter dans votre drôle de carnet…



    [Oui, c’était une erreur stupide – maintenant corrigée, naturellement – mais vous êtes corrects au sujet du Earl Grey. C’est délicieux. Bonne chance ce soir. – Features Editor]

  81. [Bonne chance ce soir. – Features Editor]

    Merci beaucoup, je crois qu’on en aura besoin.

    Je vous prie de m’excuser si je vous ai offensé aujourd’hui, à propos de la coupe du monde, c’était pour rire bien-sûr, j’adore essayer de parler anglais avec tous nos amis, c’est formidable et vous m’aidez beaucoup… merci mille fois.

    Suis fière d’avoir vu l’article de Lyon dans la section “presse”


    [N’inquiétez pas. J’était ne pas offensé. C’était drôle. J’espère que vous savez je souhaite la France bien – sincèrement. Parle anglais avec tous nos amis ici, s’il vous plaît (et français aussi, naturellement). C’est un plaisir et bon pour tous les nous. Merci encore pour l’article. Nous cherchons toujours les articles partout dans le monde. – Features Editor]

  82. WOW: That was a great show. I listened to the rebroadcast for the fist time. Mr. Gilmour was always my fave from the old group and I was pleasantly surprized to hear the program on World Cafe. I am a new listener of World Cafe, and, well I’m sure I’m going to listen more often if they play more Gilmour. 🙂

  83. You can still hear it. Nice interview. Shame about the write-up.

    “His latest release is a new solo album, On an Island. Its March release date was accompanied by an international tour of both the United Kingdom and the United States.”

    And Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Canada…

  84. I want pink floyd to play in the USA ….either in LA or NYC so I can see them in person

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