Super Group

bray038_blog.jpgLet’s get back to some silliness.

Andrew wrote a few weeks ago about a reality show he’d seen called Super Group.

In it, five rockers – Ted Nugent, Sebastian Bach, Jason Bonham, Evan Seinfeld and Scott Ian – were set the task of working together, writing songs and performing live – all in a 12-day period.

So, if there was a UK version of Super Group, which four UK musicians would you team David with?

And before anyone asks, no, you can’t pick Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason or Syd Barrett… We know that many of you desperately want a Pink Floyd reunion, but let’s keep this on the fun side of fantasy, without a serious debate ensuing. Can we?

If you’re feeling really imaginative, give the band a suitable name and tell us why you chose it. Make us laugh. You never know, there might just be another T-shirt at stake.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Hey FEd…can I play too and answer “which four UK musicians I would team David with”? Even if…you which is the first Im thinking about! However, I don’t want the t.short: I WANT THE KEYS OF THE BARN!


    [Go on, surprise me. Thom… somebody? You don’t have to worry about the keys to the barn. They’re yours. If your fantasy band is interesting and funny, you could get a T-shirt as well. All suggestions are very welcome. – Features Editor]

  2. One more…

    David Gilmour
    Roger Taylor
    Rick Wakeman
    Kate Bush
    Sam Brown

    Booyeah squared!


  3. Well… I would go for Ringo Starr as drummer, Jack Bruce on bass, Keith Richards on rhythm guitar and Steve Winwood on keys.

    For the name, well, Palmtree is maybe too painfull, let’s go for Royal Albert…


  4. [Which four UK musicians would you team David with – Features Editor]

    C’est pas juste, Fed, vous devez retirer “UK”, y doit pas y avoir de “chouchou” ni d’ultra-nationalisme sur ce blog !…(joke)


    [Je me sens que vous êtes correct! – Features Editor]

  5. HMMMMM, how could I possibly name a supergroup to top what I saw in RAH over 3 nights but hey her goes.

    LEAD AND VOCALS “daaaahhhhhhh ” David Gilmour
    BASS : Mark King
    DRUMS : Keith Moon
    KEYBOARD :Jools Holland
    GUITAR AND ADDITIONAL SOUNDS ” Wait for it ” Roger Whitaker.

    I think that would be trully great .

    rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    CAPTION; Even with the green light David’s music stops traffic


  7. Bono – vocals
    David Gilmour – guitar & vocals
    Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead) – synth/piano/guitar
    Jimmy Chamberlain (Smashing Pumpkins)- drums
    Chris Wolstenholme (Muse) – bass

  8. My list is boring…because I haven’t a great musical culture, along the years and around the earth..but I have a lot of t-shirts, so I don’t worry about that!

    – Thom Yorke (Radiohead) – voice and soul: because join David guitar and voice to Thom’s voice is my greatest secret dream to recreate the legend of Ulysse and mermaids!
    – Jimmy Page (Led Zep) . guitar – THINK WHAT GREAT DUET!
    – Keith Moon (The who) – drums – eccentric and talented. It’s good!
    – John Deacon (the queen) – bass – I think he has to be a really nice person and a great musician, of course. But if he is busy I WANT BIANCA to play bass!

    uhmmm I haven’t find someone for the keyboard…ok! In this moment I say George Gershwin even if I know he was american…! Ok! I’ll think about that this night!



    Hey FED! But this Dylan’s concert?

    [It was very good, thank you. – Features Editor]

  9. Also this time I was the more prolix! Sorry! The synthesis is not one of my virtue! HEY! This is a short post! I’m improving!


  10. Super group – I assumed this would be about the Barn Band (classic MK I line-up)

    assuming they need not be alive, and are in their prime

    Drums – John Bonham
    Bass – Roger Glover
    Guitar – Jimmy Page
    Marracas and Vocal – Joss Stone

    What a sad old bugger that makes me look.

    The name – Anderson Council. (under review)

  11. BAND:


    Now please don’t take me up wrong , I’ts purely for fun and it’s no sectret that all the above gained a few pounds since starting in the music business.

    But hey a funny band name could be ” THE TRAVELLING BEERBELLIES ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin and “doulbing and doulbing my waist size everyday too if the truth be known “)

  12. David Gilmour
    Sam Brown
    Victoria Beckham
    Kate Moss
    Polly Samson (to keep an eye on…)

    A suitable name : “The Glamour Band”

    PS: I would have liked to add Lucia, but would have been diqualified since Lucia doesn’t seem to be English…


  13. I can see another Bonzo dog moment on the horizon but ill try & refrain

    Bass – Mark King
    Drums – Ginger Baker
    keyboards – Keith Emerson
    vocals – Brian Wilson

    Guitar- David Gilmour

    & now for a name “GILMOURS GUYS”

  14. Ah,you cheat,FEd.Why does it have to pertain to UK artist’s? Anyway,I’ll stick Graham Nash on keys/vocals,Entwistle on Bass,Ringo on drums,and,of course,Dick Parry on Sax(haha,FEd,you forgot about Dick on your list of Floyd alumni we couldn’t pick!).

    [It’s Andrew’s suggestion and I think there are just about enough top-class UK musicians to make several very good bands. – Features Editor]

  15. Well now this is silly and fun. I’ll pick Terry Reid – lead guitar, jason bonham – drums, bill wyman – bass, danny kirwin – guitar, dave davis – singer. Now would you pay $60 to see them in concert. I hope you can figure this one out.


  16. David -Guitar
    Paul Carrack-Keyboards,Vocals
    Steve Gadd-Drums
    Sam Brown-Vocals

    Name-The Gang

    [There are lots of non-UK musicians cropping up… – Features Editor]

  17. David: lead guitar & vocals
    Paul: bass & vocals
    Keith: rhythm guitar
    Jools: keyboards & piano
    Ginger: drums

    Of course it would have to be a young Keith. Or at least a healthy one.

  18. Hi F’ed and fellow bloggers.

    i would pick for a super group

    David Gilmour – Lead/Vocals Guitar
    Guy Pratt – Bass/Vocals
    Steve D – Drums
    Gary Wallis – 2nd Drummer
    Bob Dylan – Vocals
    Rick Wakemen – Keyboards
    Jon Carin – Vocals and any backing instrument required

    Backing singers

    Sam Brown
    Polly Samson – was nice on Smile
    Annie Lennox
    Claudia Fontaine

    take care folks.

    aaron burrows (slough)

  19. imagine david, kate bush, keith moon, ian anderson from jethro tull and james dean bradfield from the manic street preachers in a band.

    i’d call them something naughty, like the f*ckers, just for a laugh.

  20. Wasn’t knocking UK artists,I just have a fond desire to see David play with the surviving members of the Grateful Dead(my other favorite band).Phil Lesh has been giving a nod of sorts to Floyd by covering SOYCD and WYWH.I would love to hear David,Phil,Mickey Hart and Billy Kreutzman play together…Why this old hippy would probably drop dead of a heart attack.

    [No offence taken, mate. – Features Editor]

  21. David Gilmour- Guitars, Vocals
    Phil Collins- Drums, Vocals
    John Paul Jones- Bass
    Elton John- Piano, Keyboards (Hey I’m sure he can play the board as well)
    Pete Townshend- For extra guitar fun

  22. David Gilmour – voice and guitar!
    Reni (Stone roses) (drums) – pure funk, one of my favourite drummers
    Bobby Gillespie (Primal scream) (Lead singer)
    John Paul Jones ( Led Zep) (Bass & keys)

    and Bez!

    Now that is pritty diverse, but know one comes up with those bad asses!

  23. [There are lots of non-UK musicians cropping up… – Features Editor]

    I thought that too, but wasn’t sure. Exactly why I’m not doing this one . .I dunno who’s from where, except for a handful of people.

    However, if David is in the band, I’ll buy tickets, albums, whatever.

    I hope we’ll do appreciation days for all the members of the band. (I couldn’t see you just doing a few and not all Fed. We’ll need a day for Polly as well).


    [Absolutely. – Features Editor]

  24. David gilmour
    Pete doherty (bez had a previous engagement but I hear pete is rather nifty with the old marracas and the ocassional bit of playing when the mood takes)
    Ginger Baker

    It would be the very best band in all of the world, after pink floyd of course.

    As for the name I don’t know I’m not very good with names, you know what they’re so fabby they don’t even need one, so there!


    Performing hits such as:
    “The Low Spark of High Heeled Foxy Lady’s”
    “Shine On You Heavenly Stairway”
    “Hey You Joe”
    and “Black Dogs of War”

    David Gilmour – Guitar and Vocals
    Steve Winwood – Keyboards and Vocals
    Mitch Mitchell – Drums
    John Paul Jones – Bass and Keyboards

  26. Well this took a bit of thought but I have narrowed it down to these select few

    David Gilmour lead guitar and vocals
    Ginger Baker bass
    Tony Banks keyboards, synths
    Larry Mullen drums
    Eric Clapton rhythm guitar, backing vocals

    The name of the band would be The Icons of Rock

  27. David -Guitar
    Paul Carrack-Keys,Vocals
    Norman Watt-Roy-Bass(Dr. Feelgood)
    David Palmer-Drums(Rod Stewart)
    Sam Brown-Vocals

    I Hope these guy’s are UK.

  28. How about the UK Gilmour Boys (instead of the WB Gilmore Girls).

    David Gilmour – vocals & lead guitar
    Phil Collins – backing vocals
    Ringo Starr – drums
    John Taylor – bass & eye candy
    Boy George – tambourines & choreographer

  29. or maybe

    DG with
    John Lydon
    Paul Simonon
    Joe Strummer
    Steve Diggle

    wait for it … drumroll … that would be Punk Floyd

    I will most certainly be getting my coat.

  30. Introducing the British super group “Uncertainty Principle”

    Guitar and Vocals: David and Pete Townsend
    Bass and Vocals: Sir Paul McCartney
    Drums: Ginger Baker
    Keys, Flute, Vocals and Studio Wizardry: Alan Parsons

    All of these extremely talented musicians are contemporaries, and with the exception of Ginger Baker, they have all worked with David before. So David could concievably round them up on Astoria for a recording session or two.

    Then book the RAH for a week of shows and only sell the tickets through the fan site. The band wouldn’t have to travel and of course a four DVD box set would document the occasion for all who couldn’t make it.

    Imagine the guitar interchange between Townsend’s rhythmic, staccato style and David’s souring leads. And four part harmony with all excellent vocalists.

    And the name from quantum mechanics; once you see them, they’ll be gone.

  31. Well, David could play the sax and dance for another long awaited reformation band.

    Victoria- lead singer and stylist (Say goodbye to the black T-shirts, boy)
    Mrs. Halliwell- Songwriter (time to forget about who took his daddie away!)
    Emma Bunton- Babysitter
    Mel B and C- for randomly moving around the stage
    David Gilmour- Sax and coreographies

    The name of the band? 44U (if polly’s not around)

  32. Ladies and gentlemen I am so very..VERY PROUD… present THE SQUATING DONKYS

    David Gilmour: Cumbas/Vocals mostly in falsetto
    Patrick Moore: Lead Xylophone/Astronomical! Observations
    Rolf Harris: Wobbleboard/Vocals
    Keith Moon’s Ghost: Drums/Blowing s**t up
    Les Dawson’s Ghost: Piano
    Leo Sayer: Staying very quiet (OR ELSE) even if he does feel like dancing!!!

    If you don’t think this group is super then I see no hope for mankind.


    Please send cheques for £30.00 or $70.00 made out to:

    Mr James.A
    IME records
    Highly Illegal Towers
    On An Island
    RZ33 7XX

    P.S I have reserved you a signed copy Fed ;o)

    [Thank you! I trust you’ll get Rolf to sign it for me? – Features Editor]

  33. Dry Wit and sense of humor indeed! The Super Group that I would choose would consists of the following musicians and talents:

    David Gilmour
    Pete Townshend
    Roger Daltrey
    Tom Jones
    Cliff Richards

    Now there has to be ‘background harmony’:

    Polly Samson
    Sam Brown
    Durga McBroom

    and of course the extraordinary wonder of Rachel Fury. Not only can she sing but she is extremely appealing to the male eye and maybe some females. Hey you can not deny when someone is THAT hot looking no matter what your gender or ‘preferences are’.

    The name of this UK Supergroup would be: “THE KNIGHTS & PRETTY YOUNG THINGS”

    Because I believe the seasoned male artists have been ‘knighted’ by the Royals and “Pretty young things” well that speaks for itself all of whom are much younger in years but not of talent.

    PS: to Lucia, Rudders, frank par, angelo ortiz. victor. chris mckay,vicky and michele ( from France) & to all the other bloggers in this site I have the upmost respect for you especially to angelo ortiz and to frank par who have been very respectful to me and my entries from the beginning back in December of 2005 if in doubt and bored go back and read some of the entries you will notice that my name is in there from day one under the old title of “fan fare”.

    This Super Group would of course need a “Head Master” I would give that ‘lovely title’ to the ‘spectacular’ –FEATURE EDITOR!

    With a Load of Laughs and of course a much needed personal dry sense of humor and wit and a ‘informed’ suggestion from bloggers that this lunatic needs to ‘lighten up’ here is the first step.

    My regards to the ‘poor feature editor (1) for all of the garbage that he has to go through and the sarcasm it is a hard job I know but someone needs to do it and you have the professional knowledge and of course the power to control this ‘part of the world’. That is why i name you as the head master to the SUPER GROUP OF TALENTS IN THE UK.


  34. i thought the uk supergroup already existed, and were rehearsing at the theater? hahahaa.

    seriously though….

    jez williams (doves) bass
    lawrence colbert (ride) drumming
    brian eno enotronic and treatments

  35. Oooooo I do love being silly, so much better than being an adult!!!

    Right here’s my supergroup:

    David – Guitar, vocals, geniusness
    Me (Dom) – Guitar, Bass (no I can’t play but that’s not the point is it?), Cleaning, Cooking & Monty Python quotes.
    Natalie (a friend of mine) – Drums (no, she can’t play either but she does have her own kit, she can’t be any worse than Meg White can she?), vocals, attractiveness
    Welsh (Natalie’s friend) – Cornet, Welshness
    Emma (My friend from Uni) -Triangle, Scousness (La)

    This, my fellow bloggers, is a super group in that we are super useless (except David, of course)!!!

    As for a name, how about “Spoonface”? No real reason I just think spoons are funny!! Hmmm, I think I need help…

    Anyhoos, the men in white coats will be here soon

    x x x

  36. I think David would do an excellent job with some old mates of his (remember ‘Amnesty at 30’ anyone?):

    David St. Hubbins
    Derek Smalls
    Nigel Tufnel

    They could perform “Dark Side of Big Bottom” or “Another Brick in the Bitch School” and to top it off “Shine On Stonehenge”

  37. Hey FEd,

    in my opinion and in till now, Michéle and Graham knight sould win the t-shirts! Too much funny!


  38. Ok, so my last post was pushing the boundries of sillyness. Here’s a more serious suggestion:

    David – Guitar, vocals
    Thom Yorke – Guitar, Keys, Vocals (sorry FED but he is a genius, i’m sure Lucia will agree)
    Nick Drake (Mother’s suggestion) – Guitar, vocals,
    Zak Starkey – Drums (The best drummer alive today)
    Jools Holland – Piano, noodling etc.

    They shall be called “The Moonbeams”, a nice psychedelic name that’s also quite happy and cheerful.

    Anyhoos, tea time (yay!!!)
    x x x

  39. Super Group… Hmmmm

    Drums & Vocals – Phil Collins
    Bass – Roger Taylor
    Rhythm Guitar & Vocals – Mark Knopfler
    Keyboards & Vocals – Elton John
    Lead & Vocals – David Gilmour

    The Band Name…

    Has to be “Two Queens and the Medallion Men”

    Two Queens… Elton and Roger (Work it out!)

    The rest have some form of award from the British Honours System…

    David Gilmour CBE – Commander of the Order of the British Empire
    Phil Collins LVO – Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order
    Mark Knopfler OBE – Officer of the Order of the British Empire

    Got the old brain cells working there Fedmeister! I’ll need to have a rest and rub myself down with a damp copy of Exchange & Mart!

  40. “The Genesis of ZiggyPinkBeatHead”

    David Gilmour (guitars & vocals)
    David Bowie (lead vocal)
    Paul McCartney (bass guitar & vocals)
    Thom Yorke (keyboards & vocals)
    Phil Collins (drums & vocals)

  41. Inspired by Graham knight, I’d like to suggest


    Do you know the tv film?

    They would be Polly Samson, of course, and all the wife of the member’s of band: Rick’wife, Guy’s wife, Jon’s wife…who is not married can carry his sister/daughter/mother…but I don’t know their name! A wife’s band could be funny! But if David has 4 dauthers, they can be THE ORIGINAL GILMOUR’S GIRLS!


  42. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you…

    Deep End, featuring:

    David Gilmour – guitars
    Robert Fripp – guitars
    Brian Eno – keyboards
    Guy Pratt – bass
    Stewart Copeland – drums

    My super group is a concept band though, based around the mix of these particular musicians and specifically for an instrumental output. Not that I don’t enjoy the vocals, but that as you all know with tunes like Castellorizon, sometimes saying nothing says so much. That’s what Deep End are all about… 🙂 Think soundscapes, think bluesy excursions into other realms, think experimental blues…no rules, just pure exploration and fun. Think Island Jam in space…


  43. David Gilmour – Guitars & lead vocals
    Mark Kelly – Keyboards & effects
    Andy Ward – Drums & percussion
    Tony Levin – Bass & funny walk
    Tracy Hitchings – Backing & lead vocals

  44. How about a group called, “The Talking F*Eds”

    David Gilmour and four future politicians discussing world affairs…

  45. David (Guitar and vocals)
    Jimmy Page (guitar)
    Duff McKagan (bass vane type waters)or Andy Fairweather Low
    Drums – ian paice
    keybords- (another man on 80´s The wall tour)

  46. And maybe for some complete silliness…

    Bob Geldof…
    David Gilmour…
    Jools Holland…

    With a tribute to that wonderful Manchester Boy Band… renamed S*d That!

    (For non-brits the original band was called Take That and featured Robbie Williams… so I’m told…. apparently… I’ll get my coat)

  47. Supergroup eh?

    David + Living people:

    – David/guitars & vocals
    – Dennis Deyoung/keyboards (should I feel bad about that?
    – Paul McCartney/bass & backing vocals
    – Neil Peart/drums
    – Will Ferrel/cowbell

    *together they form: The Golden Girls

    David + Dead people:

    -David/blah blah blah
    -Freddy Mercury/co-lead vocals & piano
    -Jim Morrison/lyrics writer
    -Any of the guys from Spinal Tap/drums (get the joke in there anyone?)
    -Johnny Cash/could he play bass?

    *together they form: History 101

    There you have it…
    -Chris McKay

  48. Or what about…

    David Gilmour
    Ronnie Wood
    Eric Clapton
    Jimmy Page
    Jeff Beck

    Call them “Five Strats, One Amp and a Lead” and just sit back and watch them duke it out on stage….priceless entertainment!

    Sorry Fedmeister… I’m on a roll…. 🙂

  49. Lead guitar & vocals – David
    Other guitar & vocals – Gary Moore
    Keyboards – Jon Lord
    Drums – Mick Fleetwood
    Bass – Mani (Primal Scream)


  50. The Champion Brothers:

    David Gilmour – Drums
    Dennis Bergkamp – Lead Guitar
    Johan Cruyff – Lead Vocal and Bass Guitar
    Pele – Percussion
    Arsenal – Choir

  51. David Gilmour – Lead Guitar
    Robert Plant – Vocals
    Roger Waters – Bass
    Nick Mason – Drums
    Rick Wright – Keyboards
    Jimmy Page – Rythym Guitar

    (Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin)

  52. I love the Super Group show, so this is a fun question. My super group:

    David Gilmour — lead guitar, vocals
    John Lodge — bass guitar, vocals
    Jimmy Page — guitar
    Jon Carin — keyboards, vocals
    Phil Collins — drums

    I also liked Pedro’s idea for the name: Royal Albert. Some other possibilities for names: Grantchester Meadows; Saucerful; The Echoes….

  53. Dick Parry – Mellophone
    Prince – Lead Guitar
    Me – Lead Guitar
    Guy Pratt – Lead Guitar
    Mr. David Gilmour – Timpani

    Why not?

  54. My non-floyd U.K. super group, called MADCAP:

    M anfred Mann – keyboards
    A nnie Lennox – vocals
    D avid Gilmour – guitars, vocals
    C hris Squire – bass
    A lan White – drums
    P aul McCartney – guitars,bass,vocals

  55. OK, I thought long and hard about this one (my one brain cell is exhausted!)… so here’s one for the record books:

    David Gilmour – guitar and vocals
    David Crosby/Stephen Stills – backing vocals
    Greg Lake – bass & backing vocals
    BB King/Peter Green – 2nd guitar and vocals
    Keith Moon/John Bonham(in their later years)- dual drums

    Due to the “well rounded” stature of all musicians involved, I’d call the band “Main Course and the 2nd Helpings” (a close second was to have the band play nothing but shmaltzy lounge-crooner music and call them “Girth-a Kitt”).

    Ok, I’m hitting the send button and slinking off to hide under the desk….


  56. Hai,

    Let’s mix prog / rock & celtic and add some youngster to Mr.D.J.Gilmour;

    David Gilmour – vocals & slide
    Christina Murphy – vocals (Magenta)
    Bryan Josh – guitar (Mostly Autumn)
    Nick Barrett – guitar (Pendragon)
    Matthew Cohen – six string bass (the Reasoning)
    Angela Gordon – flute (Odin Dragonfly / Mostly Autumn)
    Troy Donockley – ullian pipes
    Frank van Essen – drums & violin (Iona)
    Iain Jennings – keyboards (Breathing Space)
    Anthonny Phillips – organ (ex-Genesis)

  57. a Super group with David…

    How about Slowhand, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Keith Moon.

    They could call themselves Senior Trip.

    Have a great day,


  58. I have a weird request Fed. This is probably more of a FAQ thing, but anyway I was wondering how big David’s hand is. You measure by fully spreading fingers and measure from top of pinky to top of thumb.

    The reason for this is because I’m having a hell of a time with some chords and it feels like my hands are just too small. I’m about 18 cm. Just curious, and afterward you can lock me in that lovely white coat if you think I’m crazy. I think the heat is starting to get to me.


    [Fair question. If anyone tells me the answer, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  59. Zak Starkey:Drums
    John McVie:Bass
    Robin Trower: Guitar
    Rabbit: Keyboards ( I know he is from Texas but he has been around UK enough to qualify)
    and of course David Gilmour: Guitar Vocals

    Name; Beyond Words

  60. Here’s my super band: “The Coconut Memorial” aka “Sinking my island”

    Maggie T. – Lead Vocal (she didn’t accept to do the backing…), words and inspiration
    J. Major – Bongoes and backing vocals
    W. Churchill – Banjo
    T. Blair – Flute

    And here come some words from their first single: “The null”:

    “Shameless lords
    Politically so null
    Middle-East cries for you

    Still, marooned
    Incompetency drifting through
    No more to choose
    Just null…”

    David will be in charge of composing the music, these guys definetely need some talent behind them!

    [Just joking, hope I made you smile. Don’t take me too seriously, Spain has got the blues today! What a sad match yesterday]


    [I can just see Tony playing the flute, standing on one leg, Ian Anderson-style, in ridiculously tight-fitting trousers. What a scary thought. Still, if it keeps George entertained… – Features Editor]

  61. Drums: Bill Bruford
    Bass: Chris Squire
    Keys: Alan Parsons
    2nd guitar: Mark Knopfler
    Guitar: David Gilmour

  62. Shockin’ Pink

    David Gilmour:Guitars,vocals
    Thom Yorke:Guitar,vocals,wings
    Ginger Baker:Drums
    Colin Greenwood:Bass
    Jon Carin:Keyboards,vocals
    The London Philarmonic Orchestra conducted by Ron Geesin

    Front-of-house engineer:Andy Jackson
    Backline chief:Phil Taylor
    Multimedia:Features Editor


    [Bless you. I’d rather play the coconut, but a job’s a job. – Features Editor]

  63. David Gilmour
    Jimmy Page
    Mark Knopfler
    Jack Bruce
    Jason Bonham

    This guy has nothing to do with the uk but i always thought that Roy Buchanan and David playing together would be nice

  64. David Gilmour – Guitar
    Pete Townshend – Guitar
    Paul McCartney – Bass
    Roger Taylor – Drums
    Elton John – Piano

    They can all take a turn on vocals.

  65. David Gilmour – Guitars
    Paul Rodgers – Vocals
    John Entwistle – Bass
    John Bonham – Drums
    Rick Wakeman – Keyboards

    NY, USA

  66. Stevie Winwood (keys), Dan Hartland (guitar, brass), Steve White (drums) and Damon Minchella (bass)

    Name? The Real Thing 🙂

  67. ~Matt~

    Roger Taylor of Queen, or Roger Taylor of Duran Duran? Both are great but, very different…

  68. Salut

    Enfin j’ai trouvé un super nom pour un superbe groupe,les (Rockeurs Agricoles)

    David-chant guitare
    Timothy B.Schmit-guitare
    Don Henley-batterie
    Bernie Leadon-clavier
    Joe Walsh-chant avec David
    Avec un décor de vaches dans le clos à la place de porcs.

    Sylvie de Québec

  69. Steve Winwood – vocals and keyboards
    Mitch Mitchell – drums
    Peter (Hookie)Hook – bass
    Johnny Rotten – vocals

    My band would be called Spit and the Dogs.

  70. G-d this one makes you think! How about,

    David Gilmour- guitar and vocals
    John Bonham- drums
    Steve Harris- bass
    Steve Clark- guitar
    Rick Wakeman- keyboards.

    Or for a really silly one,

    David Gilmour- guitar and vox
    Ali Campbell- guitar and backing vox
    Robin Campbell- guitar and backing vox
    Earl Falconer- bass
    Astro- trumpet and toasting(whatever that means?)

    and call themslves WEB50

    I appologise in advance for asociating David with a reggae band (it is just for fun!), and to my former employers for taking the mickey!!

    Thanks Features Ed you ARE the best!!!

    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  71. For me it would be:

    David Gilmour – Guitars
    Carl Palmer – Drums
    Paul McCartney – Bass
    Matthew Bellamy – Piano
    Chris Martin – Lead Singer

  72. So just for fun..

    David G.
    Tom Jones
    Elton John
    Nigel Olsen
    George Harrison
    Dame Edna(backup singer)

    name maybe…’Swinging 60’s’ or ‘The Tea Cups”
    (please don’t ask)

  73. For all involved to build on their existings work and really compliment each other:

    * David Gilmour (Guitar / Vocals)
    * Kate Bush (Piano / Vocals)
    * William Orbit (Synthesisters / Drum Programming)

  74. Well, the super group…

    David Gilmour – Lead guitar, vocals and backing vocals
    Peter Gabriel – Vocals and Lyrics
    Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
    Chris Squier – Bass
    Bill Bruford – Drums

    (Do you notice that I’m a progger??? 😀 )

  75. Well, I’d have to rope in Robert Plant on lead vocals. The man’s a legend, and still in great voice. He’d be a wonderful foil for some of David’s solos. Not that David isn’t a superb singer though. In fact his guitar fame usually overshadows the fact that he must be one of rock’s best and most versatile vocalists.

    Oh yes, Ian Anderson on flute. Perfect accompaniment to Dick Parry on saxophone.

    Jimmy Page on rhythm? His soloing tends to get very messy (especially live), but there’s not a soul on earth can out-riff him.

    Umm, at the moment I can’t decide about the rest of the band. Drummers and bass guitarists can be bought by the kilogram I gather… 🙂

  76. Hi Mr Fed / All!

    OK, Supergroup…

    Top of the shop – David Gilmour – Lead / guitar (reason – it’s his band!!)

    Joint Lead vocals: Ana Matronic – That guy/gal from Scissor sisters to add something a bit ‘different’ and not because her/his band did a version ‘comfortably numb’.

    Keyboards and backing vocals: Steve Winwood – Class vocalist as well as unique tinkler on the ivories! Getting on a bit now like!

    Guitar: Robben Ford – This guy is the business! Totally different to Mr Gilmour, but a great blues guitarist. Also getting on a bit, looks young for his age! Looks more girly than Ana Matronic!

    Drummer: That guy from Def Leppard Tony Kenning I think! – Err, he has one arm and can still drum like hell. He deserves a spot. And he’s getting on a bit too!

    You never said they had to be alive did you F.ed and this is only hypothetical right, so I’ve included;

    Ozzy Osborne: Wait a minute, he’s not dead. Well not quite. Sod it, he’s in too, on stage as a pole dancer, with a tambourine! A pink one.


    Elvis Presley – Purely because he looks like Ana Matronic and this would confuse the hell out of the audience if they cross-dressed.

    The Band is called ‘Never Mind the B******s, coz she’s got none’

  77. Sorry F.ed, how rude, I meant to sign off on my last post,

    Cheers, I love this site! Great work!

    [Thanks very much, Dave. – Features Editor]

  78. Mark Knopfler!I almost forgot him.He almost has a similar tone and sound as David.That would be amazing to hear those two together.If you listen to Dire Straights “Ride Across The River” you can hear the similarities in their playing.The guitar solo at the end is very Gilmouresqe,IMO.

  79. hi guys my first post just turned 16 saw gilmour live and cried in comfrtably numb waters on saturday yeh

    any way for my band hmmm

    David Gilmour – Bass Guitar And Vocals
    Mark Knopfler – Lead Guitar And Vocals
    Bob Geldof – Rythm Guitar And Vocals
    Ginger Baker – Drums
    Annie Lenox- Piano And Backing Vocals

    i would actually be interested to see gilmour play his techinque on bass

    and the funny thing is all theose musuicans are still alive and actually play those instruments and sing

    As For A Name: Pianobar Fight

    i chose the name as i think that with annie lenox being as creative as she is and all the others there will be a fight between the genre
    i came up with fight then thought about floyd in the ufo bar so i thought hmmm pianobar fight

    i hope i manage to get a tshirt somehow i couldnt find the shop in glasgow bought a programme tho

    lets keep my fingers crossed

  80. David Gilmour – Vocals and Guitar and song writing duties
    The bloke from The Doves on drums
    Ian Brown – Vocals & Song Writing duties
    Any Bloke from Kraftwerk on keyboards
    John Deacon on Bass

    Would be good me thinks

  81. John Paul Jones: Bass
    Keith Emerson: Keyboards
    Phil Collins: Drums and Vocals
    Pete Townshend: Guitar and Vocals
    Sam Brown: Vocals

    Hmmmm……..I’ve got more ideas,so

    and across the ocean…

    Geddy Lee: Bass and vocals
    Carlos Santana: Guitar(he might have to do a few leads)
    Neil Peart: Drums
    Billy Joel: Keyboards and Vocals
    Melissa Etheridge: Vocals and Guitar

    Terry H

  82. The Band is already formed, and I have already seen them, and so have you Fed. David, Guy, Phil, Steve, Richard, Jon, Dick, sure throw in Bowie, Sam Brown, Nash and Crosby.

    I’ve said it before in this blog and probably will again, they are the best I have ever seen period. When you can take already brilliant piece of music like OAI and make it sound even better live there is nothing more to say, other than good night everyone.


  83. what about David Gilmour together with the Monty pythons? he could play guitar to the lumberjack song!

  84. I decided to use international.

    Drums – Neil Peart of Rush
    Bass guitar – John Deacon of Queen
    Keyboards/vocals – Dennis DeYoung formerly of Styx
    Guitar – Joe Walsh

  85. David Gilmour – Lead Guitar, Vocals
    The Edge – Guitar
    Chris Martin – Piano/Keyboard, Vocals
    Ringo Starr – Drums
    Lemmy Kilminster – Bass

    I think that would make for good reality tv!

  86. David Gilmour (nuff said)
    Eric Clapton (yeah…he can play a bit)
    Mik Fleetwood (he’s got wild wonderin’ eyes)
    Paul McCartney (yeah he’d definitely fit)
    And last but not least..front man and lead vocalist, Mik Jagger. (no shortage of comedy there!)

    This lot would henceforth be called, “The Blue rinse legends”


    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  87. David
    Roger Taylor
    Elton John
    Sarah Brightman

    …and jammin’ through the night “until them fingers are raw”… shockin wish, i know 🙂

  88. David Gilmour-Guitar,Vocals Eric Clapton-Guitar,Vocals Tony Levin-Bass Jools Holland-Keyboards Steve Gadd -Drums

  89. My ultimate quintet would be

    David (Guitar& vocals)
    Mark Knopfler (Guitar & vocals)
    Charlie Watts (drums)
    Chris Stainton ( keyboards)
    John Paul Jones (Bass)

    I’m sure Eric clapton would fit nicely as well and we all know David Bowie can sing well with David as well but I think Knopfler fits David’s relaxed approach to his present music


    Guitars: David Gilmour
    Even More Guitars & etc: Vinni Riley
    Drums: Bruce Mitchell
    Vocals/Lyrics: Sinead O’Connor, Polly Samson

    I can hear it now.

    I have thought about this throughout my day – put a smile on my face.

    This is fun Fed, thanks.


    [Thanks to Andrew for the idea. – Features Editor]

  91. David Gilmour- Guitars, Vocals
    Mark Knopfler – Guitars, Vocals
    Phil Collins- Drums, Vocals
    Adam Clayton – Bass
    Alan Clark – Piano, Keyboards

  92. I would say:

    David Gilmour Guitar/Voice
    Chris Squire from YES Bass
    Niel Peart from RUSH Drums
    Steve Hogart From Marillion Voice
    Clive Nolan from Arena

    What a Group!

  93. My “Super Group” five are as follows:

    David Gilmour: Guitars and Vocals
    Robert Plant: Vocals
    Jimmy Page: Guitars
    John Paul Jones: Bass/Organ/Etc.
    John Henry Bonham: Drums/Percussion

    That should just about do it. Please let me know when tickets go on sale.

  94. David Gilmour – lead vocals, guitars
    Sting – bass, vocals (Sting and David’s voices would sound great together)
    Phil Collins – drums, vocals (One of the better technical drummers of our time, wouldn’t know it from his pop stuff)
    Jimmy Page – guitar (genius)
    Keith Emerson – keyboards, piano (Richard Wright and Jon Carin would be my choices to fit David’s style, but Emerson isn’t bad)

    Very creative musicians.

  95. David Gilmour- Guitars, Vocals, Helikon Accordion, and Cow Bell
    Paul McCartney- Guitars, Keyboards, Sousaphone, Walrus, and Vocals
    Peter Gabriel- Sledgehammer, Vocals, Flaming Djembe, and Phone Booth
    Neil Peart- Drums, Fife, and Baritone Horn (he’s Canadian, but he’ll do a drum fill for the Queen)
    John Paul Jones- Bass, Didgeridoo, and Vibraphone
    Sade- Backup Vocals, Glockenspiel, Tamborine, and French Horn.

    Group name: “4M: Melliflous Millionaires Making Music”

  96. Guitar/Vocals: David Gilmour
    Bass: Roger Glover
    Drums: Bill Ward
    Keyboards: Rick Wakeman

    None of this double keyboard, double guitar, double bass player stuff so many bands do now. Four. I would have gone with Cozy Powell on drums too, but he’s not with us anymore. I run the Black Sabbath website so I tend to gravitate towards those guys, hence my picks.

    If I had to pick a second guitarist it would be Tony Iommi, Ritchie Blackmore, or Brian May. But I was going for the classic fourpiece.

    Name for this group? “The Devil’s Sweater”, because we have no chance in hell of seeing that. Hell would have to freeze over. 😀

  97. David Gilmour (guitar, vocals, composition), Peter Gabriel (vocals, composition), Chris Squire (bass), Igor Khoroshev (synthesizer), and Steve DiStanislao (drums).

    I really think it would be great if David were to attempt a collaborative album, perhaps with Peter Gabriel, Jon Anderson, David Crosby, Pete Townsend, or others. The symbiosis could be something quite unique and musically amazing.



  98. David Gilmour; guitars, vocals .Paul Mccartney: guitars, vocals.
    Eric Clapton; guitars, vocals
    Peter Gabriel: vocals, piano Phil Collins; Drums, vocals

    Sylvie de montréal

  99. Okay…it’s been a while, but this one sounds like fun.

    UK only…need the thinking cap on…as I think Flea on Bass would make it very interesting to say the least…and Freddie Bryant (12 string guitar) & Gilad (both from Trio Del Sol) on Percussion – oh my! I am a bit biased as Freddie is my uncle 🙂

    Lead Guitar & Vocals: David Gilmour
    Guitar: The Edge (U2)
    Drums: Mike Joyce (The Smiths)
    Bass: Chris Squire (Yes)
    Keyboards: Vince Clarke (Erasure)

    I don’t know what it would sound like…but it would be an interesting mix of personalities and styles IMHO. I can’t even begin to think of a name…I belive I’d need a few cocktails before I could attempt that…

    F’ed: not to be taken as a plug, but if you get the chance to listen to Trio Del Sol (a great jazz fusion band) please let me know what you think…I would love to hear David jam with them!

    [I’ll listen out for them, Rob. Thanks for the tip. – Features Editor]

  100. David Gilmour
    Steve Winwood
    Alan parsons
    Paul McCartney
    Ray Cooper

    Band name = “Raul Phluk’enmusk and The Flat Rabbits”

    The story; as a teen I was very much into music, and so was a large group of friends at the time. Between each of us we knew everything there was to know about every band out there. There was this guy back then, that shall go nameless, that seemed to know more than any of us. No matter what band we talked about, he would have something to comment on about that band, and even knew many bands that none of us were ever able to find out about?

    One night when he wasn’t around I told the other guys I was going to test him on a completely fake band name and a made up band member name as well. The next time we were all together, I said ” hey have you ever heard of Zelmo Zelephapecker, he plays drums for Raul Pluk’enmusk and The Fat Rabbits”?

    ….Just like clockwork, he said oh ya he’s from Detroit. Everyone broke out in histarical laughter, it was one of the funniest moments in my life. For years I have allways said if I ever formed a band it would be called “Raul Phluk’enmusk and The Flat Rabbits”

  101. David Gilmour – Guitar and Vocals
    Neil Pearl (Rush)- Drums
    Tony Levin (King Crimson)- Bass
    Roger Daltrey (The Who)- Vocals
    Jon Lord (Deep Purple)- Keyboards and Hammond Organ
    Rick Wakeman (Yes)- Keyboards and Synt…
    Keth Richards (Stones_ – 2nd guitar

  102. Ready Steady Go!

    All English…all living


    The Cathedral Group

    David Gilmour . Guitar / Vocals
    Peter Gabriel . Lead Vocal
    John Paul Jones . Bass
    David Sylvian . Keyboards / Vocals
    Bill Bruford . Drums
    Tracey Thorn . Vocals

  103. David Gilmour, Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck. Take the first letters of first names. You’ll have “Dr.J’s Band “. Fed I would include you and Sned but I don’t know what both of you play. Any hints??

    [I just play on people’s nerves. SNEd plays the guitar a bit, though. – Features Editor]

  104. David with…

    Jeff Beck – Guitar
    Stevie Winwood – Hammond Organ(only)/Vox
    Elton John – Grand Piano(only)/Vox
    Phil Collins – Drums/Vox
    Guy Pratt – Bass/Vox
    Mica Paris, Sam Brown, Kate Bush – “Fox Vox” Choir

    …call “Bent on Brits”

  105. Caption: David introduces a new (old) number into the setlist. With trusty axe in hand David gives the audience a side glance and with a coy look says, “Let’s Get Metaphysical”.

    David Gilmour – Guitar, Vocals
    Justin Hayward – Guitar, Vocals
    Chris Squire – Bass, Vocals
    Rod Argent – Keyboards, Vocals
    Graeme Edge – Drums

    Hmmmm. I don’t know….call them Abstract Visionary (pretentious?). Might as well have a UK artist do the artwork too. How about Roger Dean.

  106. Super group

    Shirley Bassey
    Jon Anderson
    Nerina Pallot
    Either from “The Proclaimers” -no one could tell the diference!

    Name of Group “The Glassmen”

    By the way Fed forgot to say how good the Site is looking with photos and calander etc..

    Glassblowing Journal out now and copy with “Glassman” pic in sent to you Fed, (and Bianca!)

    Raining here in the Far North, hope its dry in London for weekend.Maybe “bump” into some of you.

    Ian Pearson

    [Thank you very much, Ian. I look forward to seeing it. – Features Editor]

  107. Fantasy Band:

    David Gilmour – Guitars / Vocals and all other instruments he can play
    Pino Palladino – Bass Guitar
    Terry Bozzio – Drums / Percussion
    Brian Eno – Keyboards and all other gadgetry
    Nigel Eaton – *HURDY GURDY*

    You can’t beat a well played Hurdy Gurdy! 🙂

    [Well said! – Features Editor]

  108. Here goes…

    David Gilmour – Guitar/Vocals
    Don Henley – Drums/Vocals
    Steve Winwood – Keyboards/vocals
    John McVie – Bass
    Randy Rhodes – Guitar

    I’d call them the “UKreign”ians.


  109. Happy Thursday,

    What a cracking blog !! and so difficult.

    David Gilmour – lead guitar, vocal
    Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree )- additional guitar
    Richard Sinclair (Caravan) – bass
    Mike Pinder (Moody Blues) – keys
    Michael Giles (King Crimson) – drums

    augmented by Mel Collins – flute and sax

    Band name: Fantasy League

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: thought an earlier blog that mentioned David with the Grateful Dead was valid. So maybe we could run this one again on a different rainy day but this time with U.S. musicians.

    [Haven’t enough people already done that in this entry?! – Features Editor]

  110. No, no, no, please, not Rick Wakeman. He plays 20 notes when 2 will do.

    1. David Gilmour (Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar)
    2. Mark Knopfler (Vocals/Guitar)
    3. Sting (Bass/Vocals)
    4. Steve Winwood (Keyboards/Vocals)
    5. Larry Mullen (Drums)

    Name: Classic Collection

  111. My listing would be –

    David Gilmour – Guitar Vocals
    Rick Neilson – Guitars (he would make an Awesome pairing with David)
    Timothy B Schmidt – Bass vocals
    Roger Taylor – Drums
    Jools Holland – Keyboard

  112. Which four UK musicians would you team David with?

    Kate Bush
    Phil Collins
    Chris Martin
    Mike Oldfield

    “The Barnstormers” , because they would be…

  113. My supergroup is:

    Didn’t they do well?

    David Gilmour – guitar, voice
    Peter Gabriel – voice
    Guy Pratt – bass
    Mark Kelly (Marillion) – keyboards
    Ian Paice (Deep Purple) – drums


  114. Fed,

    Ive changed my mind about the band name. can i call the band “TROUBLED WATERS”


  115. Drummer: Callum macDonald of Runrig
    Bassist: Phil Lynott
    Vocals: Fish
    Guitars: DG

    Name, in keeping with the food thread…..

    MacDonalds Phil Lynott of Fish

  116. David Gilmour – Guitar/voice
    Simon Phillips – Drums
    Justin Chancellor – Bass
    Brian Eno – Electronics/soundscapes

    The name – “Roger and out”, chosen for the aviation aspect, the finality (ie “no more talk”) of the expression , and the sauceiness of having “Roger” in the title………..

  117. Hey! I forget him! Can I add BRIAN ENO in the band? Is he english, isn’t he?


    [You sure can. – Features Editor]

  118. Happy Thursday,

    Tim C – Punk Floyd, very good, that entry tickled me.

    Can anyone remember Kenny Everett. ‘Allo Sid Snot ere’

    Pete – Coventry

  119. my super group would be:

    David Gilmour – lead/vocals
    Sting – Bass/vocals
    Jools Holland – keys
    Ginger Baker – Drums/percussion

    Of course for the final mix they would need to bring in backing vocal from Sam Brown, Claudia Fontaine and that really sexy one from Delicate Sound of Thunder.

  120. I know I’m several days late, but I’ve come up with an entry for the caption competition for “‘PULSE’ competition.” You’ll probably wonder why it took me so long to come up with something so pathetic.

    “Defiantly setting out on a determinedly solo tour, David was at first unaware of the ghost of Pink Floyd shadowing his every move. However some strange lighting occurrences, odd sounds in the mixing desk and a few vandalised pie crusts backstage began to play on his mind. Finally Polly developed a film containing concert photos, and there it was! Faint, but unmistakeable – the ghostly figure with a strangely familiar visage seated behind a phantasmal drum kit…”

  121. DG
    Bill Bruford
    John Wetton
    Jon Carin (what wonderful musician..)

    …mmm name of the band? Pink Crimson or Kinf Floyd… :-))


  122. Hi Fed my group lets think about this one

    David Gilmour(you know what he does)
    Paul Mcartney(Bass, but definatly no singing please your voice goes through me)
    Ginger Baker (Drums)…..

    or what the hell theres only one british supergroup, see ya

  123. Quote [Thank you! I trust you’ll get Rolf to sign it for me? – Features Editor]

    Are you sure you only want Rolf to sign it Fed? Patrick gets real mean and refuses to play if he’s left out.

    Last time it took three members of the band to restrain him when he didn’t get to sign something!!

    Thankfully Rolf saved the day by fending Patrick off with his wobbleboard.

    (How about that, throwing a wobbly at a wobbleboard!!)

    The only person I don’t have trouble with is David
    I may encorage him to break away and persue a solo career!

    I think he might do very well ;o)

    [Go on, then. (There’s always one, isn’t there?) – Features Editor]

  124. Quote [Bless you. I’d rather play the coconut, but a job’s a job. – Features Editor]

    I must ask you Fed what sort of coconut do you play? is it a 57 reissue with nutburst finish like mine?

    I bet it’s a really expensive one! how does it sound?

    Don’t worry if you can’t answer Fed, I expect you spend any spare time you get practicing like mad.

    BTW I think there may be an opening in a supergroup I manage called The Squating Donkeys (you may have heard of them?) the lead Cumbas player/vocalist is leaving to persue a solo career and I need replacement STAT!!!!

    Can you join ASAP we have a gig booked in my local church hall TONIGHT!

    Contact me on 01800 2847654 3845978

    P.S don’t forget your coconut!

    See you tonight then

    All the best

    James.A your new BOSS!

    [It’s a Tesco one that’s been cut in half. It’s pretty basic but it has a cracking tone. Cracking. Get it? Oh, that was cheesy… – Features Editor]

  125. Quote (You can’t beat a well played Hurdy Gurdy! 🙂

    I ran into a hurd of gurdys once absolutely terrifying! they’re alright on their own, but when they get together in a hurd……well you should hear the noise they make.

    It’s enough to make your Gurdy Hurdle

  126. HELP.. I don’t know who is from the UK and who is from some other country.. so I can’t think of anything!

    hugs, Bianca

  127. Now I am thinking of Bono, but he is Irish, right?

    Okay here goes…

    David: Drums
    Sting: Guitar
    Ringo: Bass

    Band name: ‘Changing Places’ *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca

  128. Afternoon everyone.

    Frank Zappa – guitar
    John Paul Jones – Bass
    Zak Starkey – Drums – thats Ringo starrs son name isnt he played with the who in 2002 at the Royal Albert Hall show.
    Jon Carin – Keyboards

    the sexy Sam Brown on all backing vocals

    aaron burrows (slough)

  129. Super Group… Hmmmm (I’ll get it right this time!)

    Drums & Vocals – Phil Collins
    Bass – John Deacon
    Rhythm Guitar & Vocals – Mark Knopfler
    Keyboards & Vocals – Elton John
    Lead & Vocals – David Gilmour

    The Band Name…

    Has to be “Two Queens and the Medallion Men”

    Two Queens… Elton and John (Work it out!)

    The rest have some form of award from the British Honours System…

    David Gilmour CBE – Commander of the Order of the British Empire
    Phil Collins LVO – Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order
    Mark Knopfler OBE – Officer of the Order of the British Empire

    Got the old brain cells working there Fedmeister! I’ll need to have a rest and rub myself down with a damp copy of Exchange & Mart!

  130. Happy Thursday

    (…mmm name of the band? Pink Crimson or King Floyd… :-))

    Davide – spooky, I thought exactly the same names when coming up with my band name.

    Pete – Coventry

  131. David Gilmour – guitars and his ethereal harmonies
    Ian Gillan – vocals
    John Paul Jones – bass
    Bill Ward – drums
    Elton John – piano

    Band name – The David Gilmour Happening

  132. Ciao,

    not much time to write today….:-)

    I have one now.

    You (FEd) – Drums
    DG – Guitar
    Robert Plant – Voice
    John Paul Jones – Bass


    CIAO 😉

    [I like it! – Features Editor]

  133. [i hope i manage to get a tshirt somehow i couldnt find the shop in glasgow bought a programme tho – Posted by: Liam at June 29, 2006 12:00 AM]

    You were too busy picking up other people’s ‘Smile’ wallets from their seats, that’s why!

    I’m not being mean, I’m just pointing out that some of us have better memories than others.

    My band would be: David, Pete Townshend, Ozzy Osbourne, John Entwhistle and Donovan.

    I’d call them The Dave Gilmour Five.

    [Play nicely, children… – Features Editor]

  134. dear Linda,

    as I said, I didn’t understand very wall what happened (sorry, but I understand just the short sentence with subject, verb and object! But I promise you I’ll study english more!) and I posted about your enter just because you have named me more time…I hope I didn’t offend you. It wasn’t my intention, I just want to say that you shoudn’t worry about FEd’s work, because I think he knows very well what he does and, I repeat, I think he let us very free to say anything we want…anyway, whatever the problem was, I hope all doubt went away and we can start speaking peacefully again.

    Have a great day!


  135. David Gilmour & The Tweenie Experience:

    David Gilmour – guitar, vocals
    Jake – Vocals, guiter
    Milo – Drums
    Bella – Keys, backing vocals
    Fizz – bass, backing vocals

    With Special guests:

    Orville – Vocals on “Learning To Fly”

  136. David Gilmour – guitars vocals
    Slash – guitar
    John entwhistle – Bass
    Brian Jones – Drums
    Rick Wakemen – keyboards

    The name of the group: Tongue Tied and Twisted

  137. Ciao,

    an unrequested comment on the “lunatic” affair.

    There is some people here that take themselves far too seriously. a good amount of Irony is welcomed and helps us too stay with feet on the ground. I do personally don’t like excessive Expressions of LOVE. I think understatement is an english feature together with irony and dry humour, some qualities I like of English spirit.

    So “lunatic” was humour and only one blogger felt offended. Fed has been far too polite. Lunatic is ok for me, is funny reference to dark side of the moon, to my comment about smoking pots, to the silliness that makes this place fun. Fed you have my approval: be dry, be funny and sometimes……cruel. 🙂

    Ciao LUNATICI 🙂

    (By the way “the lunatic is on the grass” means that he is lying on the grass or he is smoking grass?!?!?!?)

    [Thanks for that, mate. – Features Editor]

  138. Hey FEd,

    Great new article on the “Press” page (Sound On Sound).

    I’m not really a technophobe, but it is a very interesting read and gave a great insight into the production of OAI.

    Of particular interest is the interview with “El Magnifico”. Lots of credit is due to Phil, me thinks…

    What’s quite fascinating is the fact that all of David’s electric solo’s weren’t added until the very last moment, and even then it sounds as though he had to be coerced into doing it…

  139. [Bless you. I’d rather play the coconut, but a job’s a job. – Features Editor]

    I was tempted to team you, Bob Dylan, Thom Yorke and Shane McGowan as backing singers (oh the sweet harmony) but then I remembered David has to be in the same room …

    Such a creation would have to be named the “4 hoarse men of the Apocalypse”

    [It would be one hell of a din, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  140. band members:

    david gilmour – guitars, vocals
    tony iommi – guitars
    jello biafra – vocals
    al jourgensen – guitars, chaos
    patti smith – vocals, guitars
    william s. burroughs – voice from the off
    pino palladino – bass
    garry wallis – drums
    jon carin – keyboards, vocals
    myself – guitar, catering, drinks

    band’s name: astoria’s post war dream

  141. The Tenors and David
    (Irish Tenors)
    Finbar Wright
    Karl Scully
    Anthony Kearns
    David Gilmour

    You said make you laugh.


  142. (maybe we could run this one again on a different rainy day but this time with U.S. musicians.)

    [Haven’t enough people already done that in this entry?! – Features Editor]

    OK one for the Americans – let me know

    David Gilmour – lead guitar, vocal
    Neil Schoen (Journey )or Bob Weir (Grateful Dead)- additional guitar, totally different styles I know
    Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead) – bass
    Gregg Rollie (Santana) – keys
    Michael Shrieve(Santana and ??) – drums

    Pete – Coventry

  143. Fed, how many of these lists can you cope with?

    I’ve always found David’s sound goes well with a smooth female vocal


    Beth Gibbons (Portishead) & Julianne Regan (All About Eve) – Duet style Vocals
    David – Lead guitar & backing vocals
    Matthew Bellamy – keyboards/piano & guitar (Muse)
    Jason Bonham – Drums (John B’s son)
    Brian Bromberg – Bass (amazing player), though I’d have been tempted by Entwhistle if he was still with us as I’ve been lucky enough to witness one of his mesmerizing solos

    Band name: Hauntings

    Oh, that these guys could get together! And they’re all alive!


  144. Supergroup:

    David Gilmour
    Jem Godfrey
    Steven Wilson
    Mike Portnoy

    name: Icing Fire

  145. Great topic Fed,

    My Supergroup would be:

    Vocals, guitar, bass, & drums – card board cut out of David Gilmour.
    Rhythmic movements – The Spice Girls.
    The group name – Spinal Crap.

    Sorry Fed I’m sure this will start a flood blog entries re: the spice girls reforming.

    All the best

    [I hope not (yes, you can read that both ways). – Features Editor]

  146. NAME: I was going to say Relics but maybe United Plingdom would work if the band consisted of the UK’s elite axemen.

    HMMMMMMM ” AXEMEN ( THE LAST STAND ) or maybe if you did find a niche in the this supergroup Ed we could call it FED,AXE.

    rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin) I play the spoons you know………..

  147. [It’s a Tesco one that’s been cut in half. It’s pretty basic but it has a cracking tone. Cracking. Get it? Oh, that was cheesy… – Features Editor]

    I don’t mind hearing about your cheesy coconut Fed. I bet it is a cracker!

    Especially if it came from Tesco

    I hope that didn’t come across as a bit subversive ahem!

    [No, you’re alright. – Features Editor]

  148. How about;

    F.Ed on cocunut & lead vocals
    SNEd on Guitars
    Guy on bass
    David on drums

    Named ‘Right Said F’Ed’

    There is a lot of good clean sillines here, Gotta love it 🙂


    [Do we have to shave our heads and wear vests? – Features Editor]

  149. The SuperGroup shall consist of the following:

    David Gilmour playing the electric guitar with:
    1. Robyn Hitchcock singing humourous lyrics, and also perhaps playing some rhythm guitar
    2. Andy Rourke playing the electric bass and wearing a parka (‘cos he’s from Manchester, la)
    3. Ian McLagan parping away on His Organ (the Hammond variety) and grinning inanely like he does
    4. Larry “Legs” Smith on tuba and tap dancing

    Andy they shall be called “Mryna Loy & the Sour Grapes”, for no reason at all, other than it sounds good.

    The album shall be produced by Apollo C. Vermouth, shall sell 14 copies and shall enter the charts at number 4,706.

    And we will hear, and it will be good

  150. Hello fed,

    I thought I would share something really horrible with you to ruin your day.

    I’m so embarrassed this happened in my country…

    You don’t have to post it anywhere unless you want to…well…unless you want to ruin everyone else’s day too.

    [Let’s be wicked. After all, we might want to sign up one or two for the Barn Band, if they’re good enough. – Features Editor]

  151. “You (FEd) – Drums
    DG – Guitar
    Robert Plant – Voice
    John Paul Jones – Bass


    Love it!!!!!!!!That just cracked me up-made my afternoon!

  152. Paul McCartney
    John Lennon
    George Harrison
    Ringo Starr

    “The Gealmours”

  153. Already submitted but can’t resist this one,

    David +

    Justin Hayward
    John Lodge
    Graeme Edge
    Ray Thomas
    Michael Pinder

    “The Moody Pinks”

  154. [Let’s be wicked. After all, we might want to sign up one or two for the Barn Band, if they’re good enough. – Features Editor]

    AHEM.. WE????

    This is YOUR band now, FEd?? WHAT did I tell you about that? Do I really need to repeat myself here? *eyes shooting fire*

    And if it is going to be you and me fighting over the leading position in this band, we have an even bigger problem:

    You see, we are BOTH evil.. so which one of us is going to be the nice one…???

    HUH? *evil grin*

    Bianca – the UNCHALLENGED leader of The Barn Band >:-)

    [Just wait until your solo albums flop, mate. – Features Editor]

  155. [Named ‘Right Said F’Ed’

    Do we have to shave our heads and wear vests? – Features Editor]

    Not all of you would need to shave your heads… *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca

  156. Hmmm…decisions decisions….okay here we go:

    David Gilmour: Guitar/Vocals
    Peter Gabriel: Vocals/Piano&Keyboards
    Justin Hayward: Guitar/Vocals
    Phil Collins or Greame Edge: Drums

  157. HELLO GUYS!

    You know I love the idea of the party…and you know I asked to live in the barn forever…no! Wait! Forever is a very long time….I prefer to live in the barn when I need to stay in peace, to think, to find myself, to stay in harness with the nature….nearly 8 months a year! However, I’m curious to know where we are going to have our fantastic party and where I’m going to live 8 months a year…


    [Cheeky! – Features Editor]

  158. or to this one?

    Or to…what?!!! I prefer the last one…BUT I TRUST YOU! Choose a good barn!


    [That’s more like it. – Features Editor]

  159. THE Ultimate Band:

    David – guitar
    Jimmy Page – guitar
    Jack Bruce – bass
    Ian Paice – drums
    Ian Gillan – vocals

  160. David Gilmour: guitar+vocals
    David Bowie: vocals
    David Crosby: guitar+vocals
    David Steward: keyboard
    David Holland: drums
    David Byrne: bass guitar

    name: The Edwards..

    Hugs Bianca

  161. I know an even better one..

    Vocals: David Gilmour
    Guitar: David Gilmour
    Bass: David Gilmour
    Drums: David Gilmour
    Sax: David Gilmour

    name: ‘Not Available for Live Performances’ :-p

    Hugs, Bianca

  162. alternate gilmour- you didn’t ruin my day but you know that faint taste of vomit that’s left in your mouth after a long night of drinking and puking? yeah….i got that.


  163. David – Guitars & vocals
    Jon the 6th – Keyboards & vocals
    Paul Buchanan – Vocals & Guitars
    Steve D – Drums
    The groovy chap from the David Gilmour in Concert DVD on Bass.

    Name = The didn’t we do wells

    [That would be Chucho Merchán. – Features Editor]

  164. I have considered the options and these are my candidates.

    1: The ultimate SuperGroup comprised of David, John Bonham, Jimi Hendrix (He was discovered by a Brit and launched in England), John Paul Jones and David Bowie. Their name “Hendrix and the Artists from the Stars”.

    2: A SuperGroup of artist’s that David would probably most enjoy playing with. Comprising David, Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Robert Wyatt and Pete Townshend. Their name “Comfortably at Home”

    3: A line-up that would most enhance the performance yet not detract from David’s musicianship. It could only be Robert Palmer’s backing band from the “Addicted to Love” video. Their name “Cor Blimey”.


  165. David Gilmour(lead guitar+vocal)
    Pete Townshend(Rhytm Guitar+songwriting)
    Tony Banks(Keyboards)
    Ginger Baker(drums)

    Name: The Dark side of the fields of gold, where Tommy is selling fresh cream by the pound”


  166. David Gilmour – Electric and Vocals
    Gene Simmons – Bass
    Jimi Hendrix – Secondary Electric
    Jools Holland – Piano and/or Keyboard


    That drummer from Queen, but I can’t recall his name! How embarrassing!

    FEATURES EDITOR – Do you know his name?

    [Roger Taylor. – Features Editor]

  167. I don’t really care who he plays with to be honest, what he does with a guitar is beyond words.

    Er, David, you going to put together an album of guitar instrumentals and solos? A pure instrumental work of nothing but your guitar work would enrich the world beyond measure and would be a treasure to hand down to future generations.



  168. [Do we have to shave our heads and wear vests? – Features Editor]

    Why not? Bald is in. (at least on this side of the pond) If you wanted, you could wear those hollywood style latex caps that make you look bald. You could even have Sinead join you so you guys would feel more confident.

    For vests, how about the ’70s disco- style Village People Wannabe vests? That would be a hot ticket right there ;P


    [That’s one expression for it, Mike. – Features Editor]

  169. Guitar/Vocal-David Gilmour
    Keyboard-Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater
    Drums-Neil Peart
    Bass-John Paul Jones

  170. Linda, I would like to tell you that I don’t understand where is the problem with your posts, why are you angry or disappointed? I don’t think that Fed or anybody else ever wanted to offend you …

    I personally enjoy reading all kinds of comments, funny or serious, I think it’s the wealth (? = richesse) of this blog to feel free…

    But, on the contrary, Piergiogio, when you say [there is some people that take themselves far too seriously…I do personally don’t like excessive expressions of love…], maybe some people like Linda could feel still more uncomfortable, it should not encourage them to post again and I think its a pity …

    So, let us everyone tell what he wants and as he wants, funny or not…

    Michèle (oh, wish I could speak better english…)

  171. I’m gonna be a spoilsport and say I just want to hear David without all those people – just him writing and playing and singing. Hard work, but he’s up to it. He’s my Super Group and he’s damn good at all of that stuff – doesn’t need any help.

    No t-shirt for me! whatEVER. 🙂

    (PS to Erin: I think David’s hands are oversized – and fantastic.)


  172. Here is a super Group!

    Steve Rothery Guitars
    Steve Hogarth Voice
    Ian Mosley Drums
    Mark Kelly Synt.
    Pete Trewavas Bass

    David Gilmour as producer and giving some Advice on the tracks

  173. here’s my super group

    david gilmour/guitar and vocals
    kirsty mcvee/keyboard
    mick fleetwood/ drums
    dave hooky/base

    the name of the band could be the real x factor

  174. Brian May
    Ian Paice
    Ian Astbury
    David Gilmour

    Think I would call it the perfect soundmachine

  175. David with:

    Annie Lennox – vocals
    Chris Martin – keyboards, vocals
    Guy Pratt – bass
    Roger Taylor – drums

    myself 🙂 – sound engineer

  176. Guitar/vocals – DG
    Guitar/Vocals – Warren Haynes (Gov’t Mule/Allman Brothers Band
    Bass – Tony Levin(Peter Gabriel’s band amongst many others!)
    Drums – Gavin Harrison(Porcupine Tree)
    Keyboards – Donald Fagen(Steely Dan)

    On the face of it, a terribly serious combination but, I do believe, one with much potential.

    I think a suitable name would be “Smooth Water”.

    I would pay vast sums of money to see this line up…….honest 🙂

  177. geddy lee – bass
    neil peart – drums
    jim morrison – vocals
    eric clapton – guitar

    david gilmour – guitar

    that pretty much beats the lot of ’em. now all it needs is some sort of science defying machine to bring back jim (rest in peace) and were sorted.

  178. Andrew ..your response to my question regarding the cords struck by David which to me sounds like almost tripping over a string very fast and going to the next string(or note) you responded” part of Davids’ style in playing is to strike one note and then bend it up to another note. It is actually quite challenging”

    I am sorry that I am so lacking in any technical description regarding musical instruments. Which makes it so difficult to communicate what I mean.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and for trying to explain this technique to me. I still am having a problem trying to understand why it sounds like someone tripped over a cord(it is a very fast short sound) and then is followed immediately with a different cord? Is this the bending that you are talking about? If I have caught on then splendid. It is something that catches my ear and really enjoy as part of his style. I am trying to learn to recognise his sound. I think it is so really wonderful. After I have not heard one of the cd’s for several days, and play it, it is like new music again.

    I can not pick one piece of music that I like better than another. I find there is some group of cords or a particular manipulation of the guitar that always makes me say I like that one the best. Until I listen to the next piece and then I am saying the same about that one!

  179. Four musicians to team with DG:

    DG at 25
    DG at 35
    DG at 45
    Guy Pratt as he is now.


  180. Hello everyone

    It’s been a while..I’ve missed you.

    Chuffed to see a few of you had me in your supergroup.

    Still got the love baby!!


  181. David – Guitars, cümbüş & Vocals
    Rick Wakemen – keyboards
    Pete Trewevas – Bass
    İan Paice – Drums

    Band Name: Asistoly

  182. David Gilmour ( Lead Guitar)
    Rick Wakeman ( Keyboards )
    Sting ( Bass )
    Phill Collins ( Drums )

  183. Guitar / Vocals – David Gilmour
    Bass / Vocals – Paul McCartney
    Guitar / Vocals – Keith Richards
    Keyboards / Vocals – Jools Holland
    Drums / Vocals – Reni

    What a beltin’ line up, Gilmours sublime guitar playing,Maccas unique bass playing,Keith with the ultimate riffs to die for,Jools bluesy licks on the ivories and the fantastic drumming & surprisingly sweet backing vocals of Alan Wren.

    As for a band name,blimey, what about The stoned exiled pipers at the speed of sound

  184. Hello to everybody,

    I have read many names, and a lot of them I don’t even know.

    I would like to see David with:
    – Mick Jagger
    – Tom Jones (why not?)
    – Phil Collins
    – David Bowie
    – Roger Hodgson (Supertramp; Is he from the UK?)
    – Paul McCartney
    – Bono , the Edge, Larry Mullen and …
    – George Michael

    The question was 4 names, but these names and the many more mentioned, there can be a good CD made.

    Is there more news about the OAI dvd?

    Have a nice weekend and I hope that England beats Germany and Brasil.


    [There’s no more DVD news at this time, sorry. Soon. – Features Editor]

  185. Guitars/vocals – David Gilmour
    Drums – Neil Peart of Rush and Phil Collins
    Bass guitar – John Deacon of Queen
    Keyboards/vocals – Dennis DeYoung formerly of Styx
    Guitars/vocals – Joe Walsh

    That is my dream supergroup

  186. I think this is pretty cool band:

    Jamiroquai (vox)
    Kate Bush (back vox)
    Julls Holland (keys)
    Moby (drums)
    David (think what?) 😉

    name of the band: The Hits Makers

  187. Here is a super group for you:

    Sting, bas and vocal
    Vinnie Colaiuta, Drums
    Elton John, piano and vocal


  188. David Gilmour
    Ry Cooder
    Brian Eno
    Robert Wyatt

    The name of the band would be: “Who needs a drummer when you’ve got this lot?”

  189. also, i wanted to ask, how come Sebastian Bach was on a us tv show, i thought he was dead??!!!! and also, i didnt think he was a rocker?!!!

  190. David Gilmour – Vocals / Guitar / Pedal Steel
    Dave Brock – Vocals / Guitar / Synth
    John McLaughlin – Guitar
    Geezer Butler – Bass
    Simon House – Keyboards / Violin
    Barriemore Barlow – Drums


  191. Happy Friday,

    [an album of guitar instrumentals and solos? A pure instrumental work of nothing but your guitar work would enrich the world beyond measure and would be a treasure to hand down to future generations.]

    George, wonderfully put, I could not agree more. However it aint gonna happen is it.

    Pete – Coventry

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