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Today’s picture, taken by Polly, is of Steve DiStanislao rehearsing for the UK shows (and, as requested, is dedicated to Piergiorgio).

It seems that everyone has been impressed with Steve’s drumming on tour, particularly when you consider the hugely important role a drummer plays in any band – and the fact that this band has, more or less, been performing together for at least 20 years.

David Crosby says that Steve is the best drummer he’s ever worked with. Steve says that is the best website he’s ever seen (bless him). To repay the compliment, if you’d like to leave a short note for Steve today to say how wonderful he has been, please be our guest.

Seriously, if you caught the band on tour, we want to hear your thoughts on Steve’s drumming.

We’d also love to know what you think of the new additions to the site. We hope the Calendar will prove useful and that the Press archives will encourage more reading and less questioning.

A final word on the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ DVD:

As you’ll see from the Calendar, it will be out in the UK and Europe on Monday 10 July. It will be out in the US and Canada on Tuesday 11 July. Australia and New Zealand might have to wait until Saturday 15 July for it (Tuesday 11 July, if you’re lucky). Japan will have to wait until Wednesday 26 July.

More details when we have them, but please remember that this release is nothing to do with David’s management. The questions, complaints and cackles are somewhat wasted on them.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

118 thoughts on “Stevie D”

  1. Hi, just to say that i heard Steve and the rest of the band at the Royal Albert Hall and he was phenomenal, i always think it wrong that drummers recieve such little credit. Thanks Steve for your contribution to the band it was/is greatly appreciated by many!


  2. oh yeah! Steve is really a great drummer! I don’t not exactly what a great summer is, but anytimes he start to hit the drums, during the show, a great energy explode from the drums to the hall. And it was like if the veins of your body flow and pulse with the sound. Fantastic! And I think that drums are one of the more difficult instrument to play, because…you have to use all the limbs in the same moment and but not with the same time…strange!

    Oh yeah! Steve was really good, above all in Fat old sun, in my opinion. And so funny and smiley too! Just a complain: when he threw the “sticks” (do you call them “sticks”?) I was too much far to hold them!

    Good work, Steve!

    Bye bye


  3. i saw the rah show on the 29th. i was well impressed with steve. it must be hard stepping into a band like that, with floyd fans being such an unforgiving lot as well. i said before that i was a little worried about a newcomer joining the fold. you didn’t let us down, steve. you did great. all the best to you. my toes were tapping all night long.

  4. Steve certainly did himself proud on this fantastic tour . Guy and Steve worked very well together on all aspects of the show new and old stuff and I must say David has a good ear for drum n bass.

    Well done chaps. All 3 nights in RAH fantastic but who was that guy on the 3rd night giving Steve a well deserved rest, he wasn’t bad either……………..

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  5. Steve, I think you have done a great job on this tour. It takes someone very talented to be able to emulate other proples work, and also make it your own. It also takes talent to be able to show the restraint and “laid-backess” (yes, I just invented that word) needed to play Nick’s style. Great job…you have a new fan.

  6. Many thanks for your clarification of the release date of the Pulse DVD….we really do appreciate it, as the official PF website is sadly lacking in info relating to this.

    I was particularly impressed with Steve’s rototoms at the beginning of Time at the RAH concert on the 30th…..though it still would have been nice to have seen Nick playing the encores on the 31st (here’s hoping it makes the DVD!!)

  7. Good drummer and fine gentleman as well. I waited with my two boys at the stage door after the first R.A.H. show maybe to catch the band. a long wait and many encouragements to leave from the door staff (“The band left some time ago”)and stevie D emerged along with Mr. Nash. very late and only a handful of fans left but they were more than happy to chat and sign autographs. One less able chap in a wheelchair was picked out for special attention by them and they gave him a hug with due ceremony and many photographs were taken. I am sure he will long remember this and it must have been a great ending to a top Gig for him.

    Top Drummer and a Gent!

  8. I have to say that when I attended the Gilmour concert at RCMH my focus was not on the drumming. However, it must have been good because if it wasn’t it surely would have stood out. To me the drummer is the backbone of a band. Without a good backbone the rest just doesn’t stand up.

    Now the question, will this recognition of the drummer lead him to think he can go out and have a solo career?? LOL.

    OT, FEd, can you believe that Radiohead played last week in NYC? I missed it. Which certainly is a good thing. But I read that one of President Bush’s daughters did attend. I’m sure you’ll have some kind of clever comment.

    [My brain has gone into overdrive, but perhaps it’s best that I keep my comments to myself. – Features Editor]

  9. Steve-

    What you did with “time” makes you one of the best drummers in the world alone.

    -Chris McKay

  10. Steve, you are the happiest drummer I have ever seen. I know nothing about drumming. My graphics guy for glass journal is also a drummer and he thinks you are great, from one professional to another thats good enough for me. I made a glass drum kit once, have you ever used glass drumsticks? That will focus the mind.Bang ouch, bang, ouch etc….

    Bianca, you know what I am saying/thinking. And to everyone who has experienced a loved one dying, never never see it as a loss. By loving others we are strong, strong enough to survive anything. Together, yes us all here with Fed and each and everyone of us , here for each other. What more can one ask for. I have cried a lot recently but know only those without feelings shun this and I would rather have a heart than be a machine. Hugs Bianca, real hugs.

    Love Ian Pearson and of course hugs

    PS Cant wait until the first anniversarry party of this site. Your house or mine Fed?

    [I think we should book a great big barn out in the middle of nowhere, myself. – Features Editor]

  11. Since I did not see the last show in London, did Steve give up his sticks to Nick Mason at the end of the show OR did they roll out an additional drum set? I imagine that Steve took a backseat. Just curious. Thanks.


    [Steve stepped aside and let Nick have a go. – Features Editor]

  12. Steve, you impressed us indeed and you’ve got a bunch of new afficionados who will follow you in your gigs.

    I wonder if you speak Italian, given your surname.

    Ciao e a presto.

  13. Oh! great idea the calendar page

    good evening


    I agree with FEd about the barn in the middle of nowhere: wild and intimate. Good choice! I’ll cook pasta….Michéle and Ikkar could carry champagne, some friends from Argentina could carry their good meat….who carry the salad?

    [I don’t know, but we need plenty of Carlsberg and loud music. – Features Editor]

  14. I like the new Calendar section in the site. I like that it notifies us when the re-release of David’s first two solo efforts are scheduled to happen. It was also comforting to see that there was no PF reunion concert scheduled in any month or year, I guess this confirms it again. But how come you don’t mark David’s birthday past 2010?


    [The calendar only goes up to December 2012. It must know something that we don’t. – Features Editor]

  15. I loved watching Steve. He always had a huge smile. I think he might have been dancing around with Guy if he could have. He threw a drumstick right at me after the Oakland show and a bratty teenage boy jumped up and intercepted it. Oh well.

    [I think we should book a great big barn out in the middle of nowhere, myself. – Features Editor]

    I LOVE this idea Fed, just let me know when!!

    Bianca, my prayers are with you and your friend. With things like this, I don’t think there is anything that can be said that will make you feel better, except, WE”RE HERE FOR YOU!!

    With friends surrounded
    The dawn mist glowing
    The water flowing
    The endless river

    Forever and ever


  16. Fed,

    Got to say, nice improvements on the site. Love the calendar section. Great to see the re-release of David’s older albums. I have been looking for a long time for the About Face album. This will finally complete my collection.

    [Thank you, Wendy. We hope that the calendar will prove useful. – Features Editor]

  17. I knew he was good when the first drum hits on Time kicked in at the Glasgow show. High Hopes is another unconventional one, but done perfectly.

    Well done, that man 🙂

  18. Steve DiStanislao!

    Fantastic job drumming! Especially on Echoes! For you to stand out with everything that was going on with that song, guitars, keys, bass & lights – You were fantastic.

    Secondly, I was fortunate to meet you after the second RAH show and I must say it was a pleasure. Thank you for being a nice, respectful person and very easy to talk to.

    Wishing you the best throughout your career.

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

  19. Steve, thanks for joining the tour.

    We have all been impressed! You really know the music and where other drummers will take a chance and put in an extra gear (that really can destroy a good song) you know when to be silent and not get carried away.

    Especially with Pink Floyd and David Gilmour’s music there is a lot of silence, but still you add an extra “spice” to it all.

    I have seen several shows and can not remember any mistakes. At the first show I saw in Paris it was a very positive to listen to the attention you have for details, even the tiny drumroll in Echoes was there….

    Also the connection between you, Guy an Mr. Gilmour was amazing…..

    Hope to see you again!



  20. Hi Steve! I didn’t go to any of the shows (sniff), but all I’ve heard is good stuff about you. As Victor said, Floyd fans can be quite unforgiving, so I’m sure they’d let it be known if they weren’t all that impressed with you! I heard someone say that they were a bit disappointed when Nick Mason took over for the final songs on the final night, so that says it all for me. All the best to you.

    I can’t wait for the DVD!

  21. Steve really is excellent, and I’ll second Lucia in saying that he really shined on Fat Old Sun, especially the part where he starts up the band again once David straps on his Strat. Gave me chills, it did.

  22. Steve did a great job IMO! Saw you guys in Amsterdam, a night to remember because of a great band with a great drummer playing my favourite music!

    Best to all!


  23. Hello

    Was i the only person who noticed that Mr DiStanislao got completely and utterly lost in the intro to time on the second night at RAH? So much so that Guy Pratt was gurning at him whilst Steve looked at Gilmours back imloring him to turn round.

    The band had to play an extra few bars to let him find his place it was very funny from where i was sitting.

    All meant in the best of humour


    PS Rado – it was the first night at RAH you met Steve – i was with you on the second night when we met you know who.

  24. Hello FED and All, I haven’t been on in a while and when I got back here, I must admit, I like the new changes.

    I am seriously looking forward to seeing Steve D. in Venice. I have my plane tickets ready, now I just have to book a hotel room. Any good suggestions…anybody ?

    After seeing the Mermaid Performance and the AOL Sessions, I tip m’hat off to Steve. I can see why Crosby likes him so. Maybe Crosby and Nash will show up for Venice…hmmm…that would be sweet. Any hints , FED, as to who may show up for the shows ?

    Bianca, my heart – goes out to you. My condolences to you in your time right now. Please take good care of yourself and know that we are here are with you in your time of need.
    God bless you, sweetheart. I have read many of your wonderful postings over time and enjoy reading them. I can appreciate what you are going through. I lost my Grandfather last November and in ways I can describe the loss of someone dear…it still trifles me at times. Like Father’s Day here in The U.S.. It royally hurt, but I also found a new sense of peace.

    Especially after listening to OAI and putting it in to context, you can’t help but embrace the Life they’ve lived ( here ever after…)

    Take Care, Bianca, my prayers are with you.

    Anyway, I am back from a Sabbatical. Good to see some forward changes going on here. Ever improving…

    Well, Can’t wait to see Dave ( and the most excellent chops of Steve D. !! ) perform in Venice !!!!

    Ciao !

    [No hints, sorry. – Features Editor]

  25. Hello FEd, Steve DiStanislao and friends,

    I would like to say to Steve that I think you have done a remarkable job joining with David Gilmour and the rest of the band. Your talent is smooth and you do not try to overpower which would be the temptation for many.

    I would love to hear you playing with David on some tracks from AMLOR like Sorrow, One Slip and Terminal Frost. What a treat that would be.

    Take care my friends,

    Henderson, NV

  26. Welcome Steve!!

    It’s so cool to think the musicians we love read our comments, I absolutely love that!!

    I believe I remember hearing David say (at the first Oakland show) that Steve came all the way from California, then I remember hearing somewhere that you are from San Mateo? Could this be true?

    If so mate, I cook great BBQ (for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike) and if you are ever looking for/interested in a great meal in the Oakland Hills, by all means, it’s on me!!

    I also collect transducers (Neumann, Schoeps, DPA, Etc.) so if you’re ever looking for a specific model let me know and I’ll hook you up! Not that you don’t already have the hook. . .

    Your playing in Oakland was inspiring to say the least. I don’t remember hearing one bad note from you on either evening. I was sure you were going to miss the tempo on the bell, which you never did. Bravo!

    Do you ever hang out with Nick? You guys ever talk shop? Oh how the curious minds would love to know!

    My Best,


  27. I caught the Toronto show on April 9th, and yes, I was blown away by Steve’s exceptional and precise drumming. I have to admit that for a brief moment, I tuned out everything and everyone around and all my attention was focused on David (just because it was my first time seeing him live and the excitement was overwhelming), but then I snapped out of my trance and actually appreciated all the wonderful musicians playing alongside Mr. Gilmour. I especially liked Steve’s drumming during Fat Old Sun and Echoes. Wonderful!

    Thank you Steve!


    PS. Nifty changes on the site.

  28. Steve’s drumming was and is fantastic. He is obviously immensely talented and has done those old songs justice. That is not an easy thing to do no matter how good you are. But luckily for us fans and for David he’s nailed it.

    On top of that he is a bloody nice guy! I met him after the 1st RAH show and he kindly signed my concert booklet and went of his way to sign my brothers too! Thanks Steve!

  29. Steve was fantastic in NY opening night of the N.American leg, which I had the fortune of being in attendance. I very much noticed his talent in tunes like Time, High Hopes, Echoes. He always looked like he was having a grand time (and that’s hard to notice when you have someone like Graham flailing his arms and legs around in utter excitement and musical appreciation whilst holding a semi-filled wine glass).

    I’m depressed now reminiscing about the concert. Why did it have to end!? Why!!!!?


  30. Steve, yes indeed my friend you are a talented man, your contributions to art of sound are very much appreciated. I dont know if it was just me, or if you added a little extra to Arnold Layne…but it sounded great….and that was not even one of my favorite Floyd songs. Thanks for your part of the tour Steve.


    Go see Al Gores film “An Inconcievable Truth”. This is a must, this film is the most powerfull film today, we have to pay attention first, go see the film! If you beleave you can make a difference in this world, go see the film. If you don’t think there is anything wrong with this world, go see the film. We have to come alive, start becoming more active, and if you beleave as David does, go see the film! We have to act now, use alternative fuels, buy a hybrid, get rid of a gas guzzling vehicle now!!! go see the film!

    [You heard the man. Go see the film! – Features Editor]

  31. I’ve been to the two Paris gigs and crossed the channel to attend the fantastic 29th may concert at the RAH : Steve is really one of the best drummers I had the chance to hear live

    Thank you very much Steve for your wonderful playing ( which fitted perfectly with both dynamic and melodic songs) !!!

    What an incredible band ….

    And sorry for my bad “french” english…

  32. Ill bring plenty of our famous Heineken beer to the anniversary party!! Should i bring cheese for anyone??

    xx Miel

    [Edam is my favourite. – Features Editor]

  33. In deed he is a spectacular drummer.

    We all love Nick Mason, but this guy is great.

    Keep on rock’n Man !!!

  34. – Fed, the new calander section, a great idea, very practical !
    – Pulse DVD, glad to see it will come out soon, but, now, I can’t wait for David’s DVD !…
    – Steve, you’re the best ! I enjoyed very much your drum-playing ( ? or drumming ?, oh, I don’t know…) at Paris, and, at least, you are not asking for a PF reunion !


  35. I have been unable to go to any of the concerts, but watching the Mermaid gig, AOL Session and Jools, I thought Steve was excellent. I had mentioned this when the AOL Session first aired.

    Like the new-look site!! I see on the calendar no reunion on 26th August, Roger cancelled his world premiere of Ca Ira in Poland in July and it is now on the day before David’s concert. How strange, is he trying to steal David’s thunder yet again?!!

  36. With all the talk of P*U*L*S*E*, the RAH DVD set, and a few others, what happened to the planned June reissues of David’s first two solo LPS? At least they were supposedly planned for reissue in April, then June here in the US?

    There’s some GREAT stuff on those LPs (Murder, Short & Sweet, Mihalis) and I am presuming the reissues will be remastered for better sonics. Any idea when we might get our grubby little paws on these lovely items?

    As to Stevie D, here in LA David introduced him as being from Southern California. I think he offers David a little touch of that Brian Wilson Southern California ‘blue-eyed soul.’

    He is absolutely the best drummer I have heard behind David since Nick. And on top of that (I just know I’m gonna get heat for this) I actually believe he is far more technically superior, all style aside.

    Whether it was his High Hopes, Take A Breath, or Echoes, his drumming was spactacular in its lack of showing off. For all the tapes I’ve heard from the tour, I honestly can not recall one blown beat. Not a single one. If anything, Steve shows how wonderfully sloppy and real David actually is!

    There was no player more joyfully sloppy on tour than David himself. That is NOT a put down, but it DOES show how willing to ‘just go fo it’ David was on this tour. So different from PF in the past.

    Each tune would expand and contract according to his mood of the moment. Maybe an extra chorus here, an additional solo there, all laid out with nothing but talent to hide behind.

    There has never been a tour like the Spring 06 Gilmour On An Island tour, and I am certain I will never forget it as long as I live.

    And I STILL say our Gibson gig was the best of tour! Pure magic!

    By the way, I have today ordered my NINTH copy of OAI. Everytime someone comes to the house and hears it, they walk with my own copy! Amazon still is offering them for under 10 dollars US, and at that price, I’m buying one for EVERYBODY! When this thing goes triple platinum, I think I’ve earned a dedication!

    All my best to my pals in the Euro zone!

    [Someone hasn’t paid enough attention to our new calendar, tut tut. – Features Editor]

  37. Kudos Steve! I regret to say I didn’t see you live but did catch the Mermaid show on film. As some have pointed out, especially in the company you keep, it’s the space between that counts the most. Your performance on the division bell in “High Hopes ” was positively metronomic! In fact the rest of your performance was flawless as well. You appeared to be enjoying yourself throughout, but who wouldn’t!!!

  38. Steve is a really good drummer watching and listening to him at Royal Albert Hall 30th May he was just brillaint on Echoes some amazing drummer i have to say good find David.

    it was great the Royal Albert Hall the night i went 30th May i called out Nick Mason hoping he was going to be the night i was and David replied “not him tonight” 3rd time seeing David in 3 months for me that was.

    I really like the pictures on the site well done Polly really nice pictures.

    Take Care everyone in the band
    aaron burrows (slough)

  39. I attended the April 4 show at Radio City Music Hall. I thought Steve was excellent. Particularly on Take a Breath, Echoes and during the guitar solo on Fat Old Sun.

    If you are reading this: Thanks Steve. I hope to see you at future David Gilmour shows.


  40. Hello fellow bloggers,

    I was just thinking about the concert (I got to see Radio City) and how amazing Steve sounded on the drums. He is an amazing drum player and is very technical in his ability to sound just like the album and Nick is truly amazing. I know he has spent years at his craft and it is easy to tell with how well he played. I think his work in “High Hopes” was truly amazing and the skills he brings to the band are very well-received.

    Shine on Steve!!!

    Matt in Maine

    PS- FED, I don’t see anyone being able to stop Spain although they got a good shock yesterday. They just seem to have too many weapons and seem to be playing well, your thoughts?

    [I didn’t see the whole game, unfortunately, but they’ve got some cracking players and they’re scoring goals. – Features Editor]

  41. Steve is a truly great drummer ! He reminds me a Nick Mason from Pompeii as he can play loud and powerful (like in Echoes) or gently with a great feeling…

    I hope to see him once again in Gdansk !!

  42. Im going with the consensus here, steve did a wonderful job filling Mr Mason’s shoes, not quite the same in style and technique but a damn fine job none the less

  43. [I think I should book a great big barn out in the middle of nowhere – features editor]

    I would better suggest a great big party with all our bloggers friends

    – on an island in the middle of nowhere

    – on July, 28th, to celebrate Rick’s birthday

    – with Champagne of course, (but no foie gras), for Ikkar and me, we could also bring with us the Eiffel Tower

    – with an enormous plate of pasta for Lucia, she could bring with her the Rome Coliseum and one (only one) CD of Radiohead.

    – with tea for our british friends, and please, bring Big Ben or Batter-sea station…or David Beckham…

    – with chips and beer for our belgian and german friends and what could you bring? (I have an idea for Belgium, but I prefer keep it for myself !)

    – with the wonderful tulips of Holland for Bianca, and be sure we would take care of you, Bianca

    – with hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bigburgers for our american friends, and la statue de la Liberté bien-sûr…ou de Bill Gates…

    – with maple-syrup (?)for Sylvie and our other canadian friends, you could show us les statues de Jacques Cartier et de Champlain…

    – with some drinks (?) of Poland and maybe some boats of the shipyard of Gdansk or even…Lech Valesa

    – With…
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    who wants to add something?

    – let us not forget Steve and his drums, all his band’s fellows , they would have to bring their talent !

    – do you think we should invite M.Gilmour and family?, and Fed with his black glasses, his fake beard and his glass man ?

    What a wonderful party it will be, so intimate…(euh…, Fed, how many bloggers on this lovely blog till now ?…)

    Of course, we would have to choose our party-island close to Brazil !…so our poor brazilien friends could finally see David…

    Good night to you all … and apologies for my approximate english…and the too long post…


    [Je ne sais pas combien de personnes nous avons ici, je regrette, mais je pense que nous avons assez de personnes pour une partie tr̬s bonne! РFeatures Editor]

  44. Salut à tous j’aime votre facon de travailler,de nous tenir informer aussi de nous tenir en haleine avec suspense ce blog est vraiment extra!

    Pour toi Steve je te félicite pour ton talent,tu est encore un beau jeune homme, prend consciense de la chance extraordinaire que tu as de jouer avec le et les meilleurs de ce siecle il faut étre absolument génial et c’est le cas,je t’es vu au 2 expositions � Toronto je t’ai trouver vraiment dedans,tu vois tu n’ai pas le par hasard.BRAVO bonne continuiter.

    Sylvie de Québec CA

  45. As a bass player I pay a lot of attention to drummers & Steve is a very fine player. I was introduced to him briefly after the Wednesday show & can also say that he’s a genuinely warm & friendly person too.

  46. Steve did a steriling job, as did the rest of the band at machester and the may 30th at the RAH, and handing over his drum kit to Mr. Mason(sadly i wasn`t there), is a measure of the decent fellow that he is!!

    Can i come to the barn? i`ll have to bring carling, as carlsberg is not my favourite, that`s if you haven`t fell out with me Features Ed?

    [Of course you can join us, mate. I say we should have beer from all over the world, personally. – Features Editor]

  47. I will confess somewhat sheepishly, that recently a friend of a friend left me copies of the shw I went to in Oakland in my mailbox. I know, roio’s=taboo, but I did not solicit these, this person gave me them as a gift because he knew I was at the show and that I loved David Gilmour. Mea culpas aside, upon revisiting the show I found that it was Steve’s playing that truly stood out for me. I hadn’t been as aware of that at the show itself; undoubtedly I was concentrating on David’s playing at the show.

    Someone else pointed out earlier that on Echoes Steve was outstanding. He played the song with a different energy than Nick, but with as much taste and restraint. He obviously enjoys playing that song given the obvious passion with which he plays it. I also enjoyed the waltzing, shuffling riffs and fills he played throughout the shows. I think it must take a degree of restraint to play a Gilmour show, and Steve never sounded like he wanted to take off on a Keith Moonlike attack, yet he still managed to sneak in these great little energized accented fills while staying “in bounds” so to speak. It’s great that David and Steve found each other. He is a wonderful addition to the music.

    3 cheers for the rhythm section by gum.

  48. I missed that there was a new entry already, so I just did a post in the previous one. Sorry. Not all there today.

    Steve is a kick-ass drummer. I’d love to be able to play with him. I am not sure he would feel the same about my bass playing though.

    Hugs, Bianca

  49. I know Stevie since 1997,he played his first Gigs in Germany with Carl Veheyen from Supertramp!
    I saw him many Times on Tour with Carl and in 2003/2004 i visit Stevie at his Home in LA!

    In 2005 i visit him on Tour with Crosby & Nash and i´m very proud that he played with the Great David Gilmour! I saw him two Times with David Gilmour!

    A Great Drummer,a wonderfull Guy and a good Friend!

    Harry from Germany!

  50. I had the pleasure of catching both shows at Radio City. The drumming was out of this world. Of course the first set was brilliant, but if you consider the genius of Nick Mason, as we all certainly do, living up to that standard in the second set was nothing short of breathtaking. THANK YOU, STEVE, for doing such an incredible job. The shows were a blast–your work was well appreciated.

  51. Steve slipped into the groove so well, it seemed as though he had been in the band for as long as Guy & Jon.

    Saw him at RAH on 29/05 and was well impressed.

    Gave the “Division Bell” plenty of hammer during High Hopes…

  52. I`m so sorry for posting an upbeat comment before reading the updates on the previous blog, regarding Bianca and her friend.

    June is a horrible month for me as this month marked the 18th anniversary of my sister, Anne-Marie, being killed in a road accident, aged nine. I was fourteen at the time, and the police belived that i had not witnessed the accident, but i did and will take those haunting images with me….

    I don`t usually discuss this, but this year it has been hard, I think probably because natalie and myself seem to be on the verge of splitting, hence my lack of input into this community recently.

    I`m writing this from the heart as devestating news does hurt me, because i can relate to how people are feeling at these times and it is shit!

    Big hugs Bianca,

    [I’m sorry to hear that, mate. – Features Editor]

  53. Hi all,

    Stevie D’s drumming really blew my mind in so many places. The one that really stuck out for me was Echoes because he filled in so many different parts with his own style, but it totally enhanced the piece for me. As much as I like Nick’s drums I really have to say that I preferred Stevie’s interpretation, and for a diehard like me that’s really saying something. I found the darker bits that much darker and harder with just that little bit of extra bite that meant so much. There’s a fluidity and purpose in his style that made it Echoes 2.0 in my book…

    Also I have been blown away by every single drummer and percussionist that has played the bell in The Division Bell (seems like such an impossible beat to keep in the context of everything else going on around it). It was really fun watching Stevie tap out the off beats on his right thigh – it wasn’t a regular pattern and it seemed to be a practice exercise. Totally zen drumming my man! This man uses the force…

    On a slightly different note, and apols if this has already been covered (been v. busy recently with Chapter 2), but I caught the television advert for OAI on Friday night. I just want to say how well I think it was done – television adverts can be SO horribly cheesy, or misrepresentative, but graphically and aurally it was beautiful. I loved the colour palette and kaleidoscope effect with all the album icons. Great stuff.

    Regarding the lithos, they’re here – I’ve been snowed under with editing Chapter 2 of my thesis for the umpteenth time for a deadline with the Prof on Friday – as soon as that’s out of the way I’ll get them poster tubed up and sent out. They’re bigger than I expected and printed on lovely thick parchment-like paper – also hand numbered. Poor sod that had to number 1000 of them…

    Gotta put my nose back to the grindstone. England tonight – I’m still numb. Not a lot I can say, but wow, Stevie G could well turn out to be man of the tournament…


  54. Oh yes, one more Pulsey thing whilst I think of it (haven’t posted much recently, so there’s a backlog!):

    The red pulsing LED in the spine of the Pulse CD set was one of the coolest things to hit case design. My LED worked for AGES longer than any of my friend’s copies, and I bought it on release day – at least a year, maybe 18 months longer. People would see it flashing away in my CD collection and say ‘wow dude, I can’t believe yours is still going’. I always put it down to a direct correlation between the amount of love for the album and the length of LED life, as if listener powered 🙂

    I really hope that the DVD has something similarly as fun in it. A Star Wars like hologram (think R2D2’s projection of Leia) projecting David’s CN solo would be lovely 😉 (other similarly daft ideas on a postcard for a rainy day?)


    [Funnily enough, it fits in (sort of) with today’s blog entry, which is coming soon. – Features Editor]

  55. Caption..

    “Come on Steve..Try and smile a bit.PhotoOp you know!”

    Massey Hall’s acoustical environment will never again be witness to finer and more precise drumtones! I still get goosebumps just thinking about it.I have tried to explain to a friend how you Steve, during “High Hopes” were striking “The Bell” with one hand and keeping beat on your drumset with your other hand at the same time, all the while keeping perfect time even though “The Bell” strikes are ever so slightly offbeat.She couldn’t comprehend.Just got to be there I guess.This of course is just one of the highlights.Drumming for the entire concert was spectacular…gentle when it had to be and intense when it needed to be.

    You have set a new standard for this venue and I was there! Thanks Steve 🙂

    [Just a complain: when he threw the “sticks” (do you call them “sticks”?) I was too much far to hold them!]
    Posted by: Lucia

    I know how you feel Lucia… I was just a few inches away from snagging one of John Bonham’s tossed “sticks” during a Led Zeppelin concert(Led Zeppelin II album tour) that I was at in the very early 70’s…Rats!!!

  56. I saw David and Co. in Oakland. Steve was an immediate crowd favorite that night, and not just because we were told he’s a California boy. His drumming was very musical, dynamic and clean. From the laid back songs like Blue, to driving songs like Take a Breath, to PF classics like Fat Old Sun and Time, Steve nailed it.

    I think everyone that bought tickets back before the tour started wondered, to some extent, what kind of overall sound they’d hear in a small venue with a “stripped-down” band (especially after the giant PULSE). I was amazed at the musicianship. The emotion and thoughtfullness behind the playing blew me away. Of course, the crew had to take it up a notch with the lighting and effects, leaving us all that much more speechless.

    PF nostalgia aside, there’s not another group of musicians I’d want to see David Gilmour play live with.

    FEd, and all the others involved with this site, you’re amazing. There’s no one else in the world like David, his support group, and his fans. To be able to bring everyone together here (not just the blog), to be able to share things we have a passion for, is simply wonderful. While I have not posted but a few times, I’m a daily reader. Thank you for all that you do.


    [Thank you very much, Rob. That means a lot. – Features Editor]

  57. Steve

    you have great feel and groove for Davids and PF’s music. I’m sure anyone else’s for that matter.

    and it doesn’t hurt having Guy around to inspire you.

    Hope to hear you again live.

  58. Kudos to Steve for his performances … You’re HOT! Saw you in Oakland, Cali. It was the venue where there was a bit too much puffing going on … apologies :^O

    Luv ya,

  59. Hello Everyone, in my 50 yes count them 50 plus years of attending rock shows none surpasses the performance I attended April 9/06 at Massey Hall.

    This is the best band that I have ever heard hit the stage and Stevie you are a huge and important part.

    Thank you Steve and the rest of the crew. Fine job boys and you too Polly.


  60. Hey! The new calendar only has David’s birthday through 2010! Did somebody look into their crystal ball and see something unpleasant? I mean… David’s going to make it to his 65th birthday, isn’t he???

    [The calendar will only stretch to 2010, even though it displays 2011 and 2012. – Features Editor]

  61. I have to say that Steve is very good drummer. How did David find him, Plus what band did he use to play for? I bet that touring with a band thats members are my age and having their family with them really can be an experince. But I forgot that Guy was there so Steve had someone to party with.

    I really like the changes you and the staff have done on the format. Thanks for all the info Fed.


    [Thank you, Thomas. Steve is the drummer for David Crosby’s band, CPR. He has also worked with guitarists Joe Walsh of The Eagles and Carl Verheyen of Supertramp. – Features Editor]

  62. I caught the Regal Cinemas showing last month of the Mermaid show, Steve’s first public outing with this incredible band. You would never have known that from the musicianship itself. Steve more than held his own, especially in “high hopes” which I particularly enjoyed. Steve seemed to be enjoying himself nearly as much as Jon, who is noted for enjoying himself during a show and which certainly comes through in the music. Steve’s alright, in my book.

  63. Steve, We really enjoyed your drumming when you came thru Southern California, I noticed a big smile from you and big round of applause from us when Mr. Gilmour announced you were from Southern California!

    Mr. Gilmour once said that bass players are 10 a penny but good ones are hard to find….when speaking about Guy….so it is safe to assume that Mr. Gilmour would also know how to pick a good drummer as well.

    When I saw the band up close and personal (I was at Leno) it was obvious you were having a lot of fun! Keep it up…the folks that have yet to see you deserve your best!

  64. Even though I didn’t attend the shows, I’m sure Steve went down very well. Why else would he elicit such fine praise from David G. and David C.? So, a job well done, Steve.

    Just one question. Why do you have two drumsticks in your left hand? A regular one and the other charred to a crisp (Won’t taste very good. Have a wing instead). =]

  65. I’ve been very busy with the day-job and a volunteer project for the last few weeks. Reviewing some recent posts, it it hard for me to be my ordinary smart-ass self… So much has been posted about the “Really Important Stuff.”

    Smiles, great-big hugs, lots of love and a boat-load of prayers for our friend Susan. Hey, Dog’s Mom: It is amazing that the FEd conspiracy went off without a glitch, given our talent for secrecy! 🙂 As you probably have surmised (based on your e-mail in-box), Homeland Security and the Secret Police will not be employing our Keystone Cop services anytime soon! Please know that the Irregulars, and countless others by extension are with you in spirit.

    Tears, great-big hugs, lots of love to Laurie…

    Great-big hugs, lots of love to Bianca (who has forever changed the way I hear Fat Old Sun) and many prayers for your friend. Never underestimate the power of faith and belief.

  66. Steve was great… I agree Time… and High Hopes were the highlights with Steve… I really enjoyed the concert…

    Fed… I was wondering… will the OAI DVD have multiple viewing angles? I think that would be awesome… being able to follow the concert from different perspectives… and follow each performer letting their soul out…

    Cheers my friend… Spain is doing great at the World Cup… how are you doing with that my dear Fed?

    Wish us luck with Mexico’s game tomorrow! 😀

    Shine on guys!

    [I don’t know about multiple viewing angles, so we’ll have to wait and see about that. The World Cup has been great so far, hasn’t it? I should have put a bet on Spain going all the way. I really think they could win it. I haven’t been particularly impressed with the so-called favourites, such as Brazil or England. I think Germany will concede goals when they come up against some serious opposition, and that will make it difficult for them to progress. It could be Spain’s year. Good luck to Mexico against Portugal. That should be a good game. – Features Editor]

  67. Love David;s music, but hate his liberal tree hugging politics, just read his “important stuff”

    musical genus David is for sure! but very ignorant when it comes to Earth science! it blows me away how people can get sucked into believing that crap

  68. Thanks Steve! I admit as well,Echoes, and Fat Old Sun was exceptional after Sing to Me , Sing to Me. Can’t wait to see everyone again on that.

    Thanks Fed, Sned and crew for the new additions.

    Thanks again David and Polly for allowing us to express our thoughts and ideas on this wonderful site.

    P.S. Did the kids pass their finals?

    [I don’t know, Frank. The results won’t be out yet. – Features Editor]

  69. What’s is the date of release “Pulse DVD” in Brazil and South America?! David’s “On An Islanad” too, because i’m not see in never stores in Brazil!!!

    Thank You!

    [I’m sorry, I can’t help you. But as soon as I have a date, it will be added to the calendar. – Features Editor]

  70. Ciao a tutti, buongiorno.

    FEd, thanks for the photo. and thanks for playing my joke (about how much I am GOOD, the best etc…..hahahaha). the fact I chose a Steve image tells everything about my opinion of his job. He was most of the time in the shadow out of lights during the show, was playing with good timing, he was solid, without the typical desire of some musicians to stand out playing at higher volumes or fillin’ every space with drum rolls and more. A word for him: humble. Good Job Steve!! See you in Firenze.

    About the Pulse DVD I must say that it seems that in Italy we are receiving the same treatment as for OAI, having the DVD on the shelves a couple of days before the rest of Europe. Seems it will be out on the 7th of july. Italian bloggers enjoy! it will be a nice weekend.

    Ciao. 🙂

  71. Top Drummer!

    saw Steve drumming at Manchester and was mightily impressed.

    “who carry the salad?”

    No-one, waste of effort, no one ever eats more than a lettuce leaf anyway. Meat is what you want, big thick slabs of it between two thick slices of Bloomer. meat juices running down your chin and between your fingers. Washing it down with an ice cold beer straight from the wheelbarrow full of ice.

    [I’d like to apologise to any vegetarians reading… – Features Editor]

  72. Hello my dear,

    is this another stupid day? I hope things go better for you…i miss the old FEd and I’m really sorry if something is going bad for you. Maybe, is just a bit of weariness…relax, enjoy and have some rest. …a little journey could be really healthy…but I’d bore so much without my blog daily appointment that…if is really necessary, I let you go! You have my blessing!

    However, this morning I found another article about David on this newspaper. Nothing new…I think they copy some line from other interviews…I don’t thing it is an exclusive article…it doesn’t sound ao original…however, I let you decide if publish it in the press page or not…hear you later!


    [My brain is working today, thankfully. It really struggled on Monday. How about you? Thanks for the press. – Features Editor]

  73. Stevie D,

    i was at RAH on the 29th you was “ossam”

    I wish i could drum, but after just having taken up the guitar(i can now play apache & i ran downstairs shouting after getting it right for the first time, i felt really proud of myself) i think that me attempting drums as well would be too much torture for the rest of the household.

  74. George Gipe,

    Can I adapt your word to Laidbackedness? Must be difficult to emulate Nick’s very distictive timing. Steve seemed, strangely, slightly too good for the ‘Time’ intro (too precise!?#!) but this being massively critical. Steve actual improved on Nick’s ‘live’ playing on the less Nick-defined (my own new word) pieces and He must have done some serious swating up on Echoes, best version I’ve heard!

    Andrew, Solo Career? Remember that Nick has his name to an album (Even if it was mostly other people’s work – it’s just that his was the most marketable name in the band)


  75. It’s good to see the man with the sticks getting his deserved share of the spotlight. I spent the evenings of May 29th & 31st happily bashing my legs and the seat in front (sorry folks, whoever you were!) trying to mimic Stevie D’s excellent work. I thought I was quite good actually 🙂

    I’ve never even sat behind a kit myself but I’ve always wanted to be a drummer, it’s just never been a practical option living in a flat for so long! I even wrote in to Jim’ll Fix It in the 70’s asking if he could get Phil Collins to teach me his part of the drum solo he does with Chester Thompson in the Seconds Out version of ‘Dance With A Volcano’ and ‘Los Endos’

    One day perhaps, we can but dream.


    Hugs to you, Bianca

  76. WHAT A GREAT POST, MICHELE! Your analysis is so accurate and you didn’t forget nothing and nobody! Incredible! What a promoter! But could I add some point?

    – [on an island in the middle of nowhere]…not in the summer please…my skin is really delicate and I could burn my skin…none loves the country, here?

    – [with an enormous plate of pasta for Lucia, she could bring with her the Rome Coliseum and one (only one) CD of Radiohead.]…I’m very moved about the CD! Thanks! Could I bring the Castel Sant’Angelo from Rome? (Don you know Tosca, the opera? In it setting here too) I think it is more suggestive than colosseum…. Watch the pic in my name…but if you prefer colosseum, I’ll bring it!

    – [with the wonderful tulips of Holland for Bianca]…from Holland, tulips are not the things I was thinking about, exactly! 😉 (Bianca, take care…let we know how the things go…)

    – with hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bigburgers for our american friends, and la statue de la Liberté bien-sûr…ou de Bill Gates….[If english bloggers bring David Beckam, our american friends should bring Johnny Depp…or does he live in France? In this case, YOU SHOULD BRING JOHNNY DEPP!)

    – With…
    – with…
    – with…

    If the music is by David’s band, I think we don’t need anything more!


  77. [Was i the only person who noticed that Mr DiStanislao got completely and utterly lost in the intro to time on the second night at RAH? So much so that Guy Pratt was gurning at him whilst Steve looked at Gilmours back imloring him to turn round. The band had to play an extra few bars to let him find his place it was very funny from where i was sitting.]

    From what I could see fairly close to the stage, David was knelt down messing about with his guitar effects controls during the intro to Time. When he didn’t appear at his mike, Steve just kept playing the rototoms hoping David was going to stand up soon. After a while, Steve just decided to go for it and move onto the main drumming part of the song, at which point David had to leap up very quickly to the mike where he only just met his vocal cue…”Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day”. Somehow I think that bit won’t get onto the DVD!

  78. […big thick slabs of it between two thick slices of Bloomer. meat juices running down your chin and between your fingers….]

    TonyK! I’m not a vegetarian…but I’m neither a serial killer! Your words are terrible….you have a noxious vision of a dinner…I hope we’ll never meet in a restaurant…


  79. I forgot to add my thanks to the team for the ‘calendar’ option, it should prove to be very useful. But…

    I must draw your attention to the fact that an entry appears to be missing for David’s accoustic show at my local pub on January 7th 2007 for the occasion of my **th birthday. I’m sure it’s just an oversight by the management team and realise they have been very busy of late but I’d appreciate an amendment being made at the earliest opportunity.

    Invites will be in the post in due course.

    Thank you


    [Pardon me, Colin. As soon as I get my invite, it’ll be added. – Features Editor]

  80. Caption: That face surely rings a bell

    Steevie d is almost as good on the drums as steevie g is at football!

    The man is rapidly becoming a legend! Hats off sir! Echoes was blinding, same with take a breath on the 29th.

  81. Steve, you’re a fantastic drummer – and always look like you’re having such a great time! Keep up the good work.

    Bianca, so sorry to hear about your friend. My thoughts are with you.


  82. I think Steve is an excellent drummer. I had a good view of him on the final night at the Albert Hall. It’s always difficult to see drummers live as they are always at the back ! But I thought he was a very emotional drummer and was really giving it his all. Can’t wait for the DVD, so we can see more of his style and am looking forward to air drumming along with him !


    P.S To Bianca, so sorry to hear your news. Unfortunately I know what you are going through. I lost a friend of mine to cancer, aged 33, only a couple of months ago and my dad 18 months ago. David’s music has really helped me get through this year. I hope it helps you too.

    [My condolences, Martin. – Features Editor]

  83. Happy Wednesday,

    I do agree with all the comments so far with regard to Stevie. However, a big round of applause must go to the non PF members (and I mean that in the kindest sense) for their contributions to the 2nd half of the show – the Pink Floyd set.

    It must be very difficult when you are, in effect, stepping into the shoes of original band members and playing their music. You must feel like the focus is on you.

    I have probably worded this badly but the sentiment is that they did a fantastic job.

    Pete – Coventry

  84. Excellant job drumming, Steve. I was there on the 29th at RAH and actually noticed on numerous occassions how tight the drumming was (those few moments when the man with the guitar wasn’t the main focus:-)). And of course, who could not help but be influenced by your infectuous grin. Everytime I looked over, there it was – mega wattage!

    I love the calendar feature – instant information – no extraneous click throughs or individual page searches. Pretty soon there will be a massive search engine off the site, huh?

    Bianca, how brave to share your pain, anger and confusion about your friend. Everyone talks about the time ‘after,’ but the time ‘while’ is just as painful since two worlds – one of loss and one of normalcy – seem to exist at the same time. I’m glad you find music helps. It is always my first line of defense.


  85. To Lucia,

    [you didn’t forget nothing and nobody – Lucia]

    Yes I did, I forgot I so much enjoyed “Irish coffee”, so Geoff Duffy from Dublin could bring it ! Couldn’t you, Geoff ?

    [Could I bring the Castel of Sant’angelo ? Lucia]

    yes, of course you could, everybody could bring what he wants! freedom !!! (but, isn’t it a museum, now ? not so funny for a party…)

    [Johnny Depp ?…- Lucia]

    Well, it seems he is still in love with Vanessa Paradis…so, no interest for you or me…Think about someone else…

    Oh, Fed, que de délires, mais ça ne fait de mal à personne, n’est-ce pas ?


    [Nous sommes tous fous, je pense… et c’est fantastique. – Features Editor]

  86. Hello again FEd, bloggers,

    I think Steve did quite a good job. And clearly, from what I saw in Paris and on closing night at the RAH, he was enjoying himself. Way to go, Steve !

    Bianca, veel sterkte toegewenst.

    Best regards,

  87. To Michèle,

    [Yes I did, I forgot I so much enjoyed “Irish coffee”, so Geoff Duffy from Dublin could bring it ! Couldn’t you, Geoff ?]

    Oh! Yes Geoff. bring Irish coffee please…and Guiness too, please! When I went in Ireland I drunk pints and pints and pints! Wonderful!

    [Could I bring the Castel of Sant’angelo ? (but, isn’t it a museum, now ? not so funny for a party…)]

    Yes, it is a museum but…it is very beautiful, above all during the night. If we empty, it can work very good!

    [Johnny Depp ?… is still in love with Vanessa Paradis]

    Phew! I don’t know? PHEW! If Johnny Depp won’t come, I want Irish whisky too! GEOFFFFFFFFFFF!!!

    Do you think we should organize some game….a Rodeo, for example? Uhm….we need to think about that…..


  88. When I was at the show, I was very impressed with steve’s playing. Althought I’m not a drummer I think it would be hard to have been in the audience and not thought just once, gosh that was rather good, he was amazing, he is one of my friends favourite drummers, she loves him.

  89. [What’s is the date of release “Pulse DVD” in Brazil and South America?! – Posted by: Marcos de Vargas at June 21, 2006 06:29 AM]

    It will be released in Brazil on 10 July. Please see the calendar for further release dates. More to be added just as soon as we receive confirmation from EMI and Sony.

  90. Caption Competition

    The Soup Dragon from the Clangers is back again to interview Steve…

  91. I work in a music shop, and there was a lot of people who didn’t like the “on an island” cover because it was so thin and made of “paper”…and didn’t buy it because of that..

    I think the cover was great! but if i had a choise, i would buy one with plastic cover…

    I know the “on an island” cover was good for the nature or something, but sadly most people don’t care…

    It’s so easy to download these days, so a good solid cover really is important! People feel they get more for their money and it looks better..

    So please don’t make a “thin, paper” cover for the dvd!!

    By the way, RAH was the best concert i’ve been to ever, and i hope Venice will be just as good!!

  92. Yo, Steve,

    I can’t remember having as much fun watching a drummer play his skins! You always look like you’re having a good time. So many drummers have that seriously intense face like they’re about to stab someone, you look like a cool guy having a great time!

    Hope you stick with David for a long time, dude….

  93. Fed est un mystère…mais quel est votre secret? vous parlez vraiment de mieux en mieux français, vous faîtes de moins en moins de fautes (même d’orthographe !). Vous progressez “vitesse V”, vous m’épatez, … Sur votre “bulletin trimestriel”, j’aurais mis ” Progrès constants, grande motivation, beaucoup d’humour, une patience à toute épreuve, dévoué, surdoué, a mérité la mention Félicitations”


    [Dites-vous “Bénissez-vous” en français? Si oui, bénissez-vous! Merci pour les compliments, Michèle. Vous êtes aimable. Mon secret? Comme une bonne étudiant, j’ai fait mon travail. Je trouvé de nouveaux mots et expressions pour employer. Je besoin vérifier le correct verbe souvent (je dois parfois tricher avec cela, et le genre est difficile pour moi aussi), mais mon vocabulaire est plus vaste maintenant et, souvent, je pense des mots français, ne pas anglais! C’est fantastique. Beaucoup de choses (mots, l’expressions et aussi les leçons drôles d’école) retourné à mon cerveau quand j’ai pris du temps de penser. Remerciez Dieu! J’ai étudié le français pour cinq années dans l’école avec un bon professeur et j’étais triste de penser que beaucoup des mots et d’expressions étais allé pour toujours de ma mémoire. J’ai besoin d’une excuse pour penser et rappeler parfois. Merci pour votre aide et la patience. Quand vous écrire en français, je dois lire et comprendre – c’est ce qui m’aide avec mon français. Merci. – Features Editor]

  94. steve. we’ve been raving and drooling ever since the show in toronto. you seriously rock. like a good drummer should, and you’re great. i was super impressed with everything you did. keeping it tight. and echoes…oh mang, you did it. thanks for everything.

  95. Mr. DiStanislao,

    Excellent job on the drum kit. At the two shows I attended in NYC, you looked as excited to be playing as I was watching you and the rest of the band play. Thanks.

  96. Caption:

    Steve can’t contain his joy after his left-hand does it’s Swiss Army knife trick – drumstick, mic, bell and cymbal for starters!

    [Ali, it looks like Craig Bellamy could be joining us after all. What do you think? – Features Editor]

  97. Stephen Barnhart,

    Although the topic is important, I must say Gore is a bore and there is no way I will ever see anything that he was involved with. To quote a line from The Odd Couple, he’s an inane drone.

  98. To Fed:

    Je pense que plus grand monde ne viendra s’exprimer sur cette entrée du blog (20/06) puisqu’il y en a une autre depuis déjà hier, donc je me permets de vous répondre en français:
    Non, on ne dit pas “Bénissez-vous” (=Bless you ?), on dirait plutôt “Soyez béni” ou même “Que Dieu vous bénisse”, mais ces deux expressions ne sont plus tellement employées ( parce que “trop recherchées” dirait-on chez nous)

    Mon problème sur ce blog est que j’aimerais écrire beaucoup plus souvent en français:
    – pour vous faire plaisir, puisque vous m’avez plusieurs fois dit que vous aimiez bien.
    – parce que c’est beaucoup plus facile pour moi de m’exprimer en français qu’en anglais, il est probable que je dise parfois des choses en anglais qui n’ont aucun sens, je me sens souvent ridicule, et ne sais dire que des choses simples et banales, donc je ne peux rentrer dans aucune discussion sérieuse, très frustrant!

    Mais si j’écris en français, on va me critiquer (ça s’est déjà produit) et c’est normal car ce blog est d’origine anglaise , parle d’un (exceptionnel) musicien anglais et parce que la langue anglaise est universellement reconnue…

    Donc pas de solution miracle pour moi…

    Si vous le voulez bien, je continuerai à ” baraguiner” en anglais et de temps en temps en français en essayant de ne pas ennuyer nos amis anglais ou Lucia ! mais vous avez raison, ce blog est aussi pour moi une grande école “linguistique”

    Je vous remercie de votre compréhension et vous dis “total respect”( c’est aussi bien du français que de l’anglais, non ?)

    Apologies (for or to ?) our english bloggers friends


    [N’inquiétez pas. J’aime le français. Si les gens voudrait l’anglais seulement, ils juste peuvent ignorer le français, l’allemand ou le portugais… C’est mon plaisir au voir le français ici. C’est un grande aide pour moi et, je pense, d’autres aussi pour voir beaucoup de langues ici. Il y a trop d’anglais dans la monde! Je comprends votre expression: “Il est probable que je dise parfois des choses en anglais qui n’ont aucun sens, je me sens souvent ridicule, et ne sais dire que des choses simples et banales, donc je ne peux rentrer dans aucune discussion sérieuse…” C’est très frustrant pour moi aussi, avec mon français limité. Mais nous pouvons pratiquer! Je regrette que “Bénissez-vous” n’est pas dit en France parce que l’expression est beau avec un bon bruit, n’est pas? “Fais-moi des vacances” aussi! – Features Editor]

  99. [Yes I did, I forgot I so much enjoyed “Irish coffee”, so Geoff Duffy from Dublin could bring it ! Couldn’t you, Geoff ? – Lucia]

    T’would be my absolute pleasure to bring a drop of Irish coffee, mind you I have my own recipe ( Thank’s mum ) it’s more like an Irish capachino sweeter and stronger than anything around ” A bit like David’s guitar playing you could say.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin , just to the right of the prism’s terminus third crock of gold on the left.. )

  100. [Oh! Yes Geoff. bring Irish coffee please…and Guiness too, please! When I went in Ireland I drunk pints and pints and pints! Wonderful! – Lucia]

    Guinness ah now we are talking , been there seen that done that bought the t shirt, hmmmm that reminds me of someone I know , wonder who that could be . Does anybody remember seeing a long haired handsome guitar player wearing a Guinness Tshirt hmmm, anybody ?.

    For Irish Coffee may I recommend Paddy whiskey 1/4 gill, two tea spoons brown sugar, a tiny drop of honey , unwhipped cream floated over a warm spoon and spinkle with some flaked chocolate, served with a warm fire and let me see now????? Ah yes ” A pocket full of stones as company” mind you it tastes so good This heaven might be a better choice.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin , boiling a kettle)

  101. [Ali, it looks like Craig Bellamy could be joining us after all. What do you think? – Features Editor]

    Sorry to butt in but my good lady wife (Julie) is a Red and the language was definitely blue when she saw the news – “obnoxious little tosser” seems to be a sanitised version. Not at all in keeping with the grand traditions etc.

    As a Manc I can afford to smile indulgently and snigger. That boy is trouble …

    But then F’ed, perhaps you favour a Welshman in the team ?

    [There have been plenty of them at Anfield down the years (Welshmen, that is, not obnoxious little tossers). Then again, there have been a few obnoxious little tossers, too. I think he’ll be good for us. I don’t think he’ll get away with any funny business. Besides, having attitude is a good thing. Roll on 19 August, I say. – Features Editor]

  102. Just catching up abit…I finally heard Davids’ contribution on the Elton John cd. Wonderful(no surprise!)

    Am wondering if someone can tell me what it is that David is doing when he plays what sounds like a quick note befor a note. Hard to explain as I can’t play a note. But if anyone could check out these selections they may get what I mean.

    On ‘Marooned’ at .57 or .58 ……on ‘Great Day for Freedom’ at 2:21 or .22 ….I’ll find more. It’s just that it sounds like a note befor the intended note. It seems like part of his signature sound. Any idea’s or am I just bonkers?

    A new temporary employee in my office is from La Paz, Bolivia. He saw my montage of David and OAI on my cube wall. He has played guitar for 10 yrs and has been trying to explain some of how difficult it is to do what David does with playing, switching guitars, adjusting foot pedals, singing on queue and directing the band. I think that it was pretty evident to me just watching this at the Chicago concert, but interesting to hear it from someone who knows a whole lot more than I. I have asked him the above question, but some of the problem is that they still want us to work!!! And me running to his cube with my portable cd player and earphones might tip them off.

  103. F.é, vous etes charmant en français et Michèle vous etes EXCELLENTE en anglais, meilleure que moi qui vit dans un pays majoritairement anglophone!Cessez de vous diminuer tous les deux. Vous etes adorable a lire autant en anglais qu en français. Ceci étant dit, I must say that Steve was incredible in Toronto! My brother in law found him a teenager look and gave the impression that playing drums was really , really easy for him.I noticed him very especially ,of course ,on echoes. He was fabulous!!!

    Wish you a good night everybody.

    Sylvie de montréal.

    [Merci beaucoup, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  104. Jan,

    I didn’t check out the tracks you referenced but part of David’s style in playing is to strike one note and then bend it up to another note. It is actually quite challenging.

    Of course when he plays the pedal steel guitar, he is sliding from note to note.

    In either case, you have to have a good feel for the instrument and a good ear to make it sound right. This is why he is so great at what he does.


  105. Waow !!! Sylvie, que de compliments ! c’est très sympa, ça fait très plaisir , donc, j’admire beaucoup notre ami Fed, parce que je pense qu’il est plus difficile pour un anglophone d’écrire en français que pour un francophone d’écrire en anglais car la grammaire française est très compliquée…

    on est compliqué pour tout en France, c’est un réel problème…c’est compliqué aussi pour le foot, ohhh, ce soir, je crains le pire ! Ikkar, où êtes-vous ?

    Bon week end, Sylvie, et Fed, et Ikkar…


    [Les mêmes à vous et bonne chance pour le France ce soir. – Features Editor]

  106. Hello all,

    Steve Di Stanislao here. I just want to thank you all for the kind words and ecouragement that you’ve expressed on this blog. I can’t tell you how flattered I am that some of you folks like my drumming. It really means a lot to me. I am proud and honored beyond words to be a part of such an amazing band. To be able to play music with David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Phil Manzanara, Dick Parry, Guy Pratt and Jon Carin has really been a dream come true for me. As the saying goes, “you’re only as good as who your’re playing with” which in this case holds so true. Playing with guys that are this good can only elevate your “ game” to a higher level and I know for sure that working with them has vastly improved my “game” and musical vocabulary.

    Like you all , I have been a fan of Pink Floyd music for many, many years especially David’s extraordinary guitar & vocal work which for me defines what a great musician is all about. I can go on and on about how great each one of these gentlemen are as musicians but what is really impressive to me is that here are these rock legends known the world over with a body of great work a mile long and they are just some the nicest, most caring, funny, genuine and most humble people I’ve ever met… Polly and Claire, this means you too!!

    Some of you commented on how I used restraint on the drums and here is my view on that…

    Nick Mason to me is one of the greatest drummers / innovators of all time. He has such an amazing style and is so unique in his approach just like Ringo or John Bonham. When Nick plays you just know it’s him and he is a huge part in the Pink Floyd sound which really makes those tunes Breathe (pun intended) hehe. So without trying to imitate him which I could never do, I wanted to honor his original feel and approach while still being myself which was also encouraged by David & Richard . Guy and Jon were also very helpful to me with this approach and gave me valuable suggestions along the way which really helped. Thanks again to everyone for their support and I hope to see you at the upcoming shows… I can’t wait!!!!


    Steve Di Stanislao

  107. Steve,

    Thanks for posting. I speak for everyone here (not that I have any authority for that, F’Ed step in at any time) when I say you are completely welcome and deserving.

    Being a younger musician next to these legends you are truly living a fantasy shared by many, myself included. It is very heartwarming to hear you confirm my suspicions about David and the rest being truly wonderful human beings. I could not define my envy (Any way to print this in green F’Ed?)

    I wholeheartedly agree with you about Nick Masons talents. In fact, every member of Pink Floyd seems to have that knack of finding deep expression in what offhand seems like sparse presentation. It always pissed me off to hear some musicians write these guys off as being somehow technically boring or whatever. They just don’t get it. That so many people are moved by the music these guys make is truly indicative that they speak to the true soul of music.

    Thank you so much for sharing your perspective Steve. (And for honorably representing us Yanks!)



    Thanks for posting. What a honour! I love your post…and I hope you like ours! I repeat my congratulation: you contribution to David’s show in Rome was great and your smile joins very well with the smiling faces of all the others band’s member…I love the joy on you and the others whole you play…you are able to communicate us the joyful to stay well together to share great music with us. It’s fantastic!

    My compliments to you and to Nick Mason, the beautiful butterfly of Pink Floyd (Nick’s t-shirts in LIve at Pompeii are unforgettable!)

    Have a great evening, Steve

    Come back soon


  109. I’d like to commend Steve on his drumming also, he captured the music perfectly. I think he achieved what he just outlined above, by trying to keep the essence of Nick whilst trying to be himself. Being a drummer myself, I can easily be ticked off if I don’t like the drumming, but I had no niggles about Steve at all! It all gelled perfect.



  110. Steve,

    Thanks for sharing your views and participating in this blog. It means a lot to us that our communications are not just read by each other but by the musicians involved as well.

    I hope that you find some of the banter going back and forth as amusing as we do. Gee, it takes so little to amuse us. Doesn’t it??


  111. Welcome Steve,

    It’s good to hear the encouragement you received from fellow band members, though that comes as no surprise really. It must be quite daunting when you got the call to play…

    Steve: “Hello?”
    Caller: “Steve, you got the gig, you start with David next month.”
    Steve: “Great”
    Caller: “Yeah, just one thing. Could you manage to learn the complete PF back catalogue before you leave? Just in case. Bye.” Click Brrrrrrrrrr


  112. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for posting, man. You just added another reason why this little corner of cyberspace is so special. That was a great post and another cool exchange between the band and us fans….

    I was like a kid again at Jay Leno: I was air drumming while watching you have so much fun… You deserve all the praise and more….

    Did this whole experience really happen? Remembering it all is giving me such warm fuzzy feelings…

    I’m going to play OAI backwards to see if there is some kind of alpha wave subliminal message to “chill-out and spread contented thoughts” or something….

  113. [Sorry, no first-time posters allowed. As was made clear, the competition (‘PULSE’ competition, 23 June) is for regular contributors only. – Features Editor]

  114. Hi Fed

    I know we shouldn,t take photos but got a good one at bridgewater hall where I belive we had the best seats in ther house, if you want one email me back. Rick Guy and Steve spent all the gig having non verble banter with my wife and her friend. Greatest night of my life by far.

    Any how I see people posting stuff bout liverpool FC what can I say a season ticket holder for many years and forgot more games than they have attended and also a scouser. Keep football for a saturday afternoon.

    [Thanks for the offer, Ian, but we made such a fuss about fans not taking cameras into the venues, we’d be hypocrites if we put those photos on the site. – Features Editor]

  115. Everybody posting on how great Stevie D’s drumming is, just’s let’s me know something I have known for years! Glad to see everyone else catching on! 😉

  116. I really like Steve DiStanislao’s drumming. He was great during this OAI tour, as he didn’t try to drum too much, but just did the essential.

    But there was something AWFUL, at le Grand Rex, in Paris.

    I sat on the first row, in front of Guy Pratt. Not too far from Steve DiStanislao’s drum kit. Thanks to David Gilmour, the show had two parts, and in my case, it was a great idea : During the first part, each time Steve DiStanislao kicked the kick pad (Don’t know how you call it : “grosse caisse”, in French, the one that you kick with your right foot), it exploded my bladder… On every kick…

    I didn’t even drink a beer, nothing… But even if the show was really great (and it was !), I reeeaaally wanted the first part to end, just because of my bladder exploded by each kicks of Steve DiStanislao.

    I never imagined that being on the first row would hurt that much 😉

    Anyway, congratulations for your great work, Mr DiStanislao !

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