'Smile' single


David’s new UK single, available now, is ‘Smile’ – and this is the artwork.

You can download it from iTunes (including an exclusive demo version of the song). More download options coming soon.

If a boring old CD is good enough for you, then the two-track single includes the album version of ‘Smile’ as well as ‘Island Jam’. Please don’t pay any more than £2 for the CD single. If it’s selling for more than this, ask why – and buy it somewhere else instead.

There is also a limited edition 7" single on clear vinyl. This is the same as the two-track CD, as it also includes the album version and ‘Island Jam’. One for the collectors, that.

BBC Radio 2 currently has ‘Smile’ on its ‘C’ List, which can be promoted to the ‘B’ List – meaning more airplay – if enough people request it. Let us know if you hear it, let them know that you want to hear it…

David’s XM Radio session is coming up very shortly (9am ET) on XM 76/Fine Tuning. If you don’t yet have your free three-day pass, sign up now and tune in. David and Phil Manzanera performed acoustic renditions of ‘Smile’ and ‘Where We Start’, as well as answering questions, so it’s not to be missed.

You can also hear this session over the weekend. Please see the previous blog entry for details.


  1. nick king

    Hi, thanks for all your comments i think its such a shame so much popular ‘music’ like rap does dominate the charts. Dont get me wrong im into alot of different styles of music but i always find it a shame when i glance at the top 40.

    Another thing i was disappointed to see was that when On An Island hit number one alot of shops in my area still listed it as about number 13…

    Still the test of time will reveal how good this current music is…im guessing more people will be listening to the Floyd in 20 years than most of these newer artists.

    [Wet Dream (damn hard to find it… and expensive…) is a great work, and I love Snowy White guitar. Needless to say, after having seen him live, I’ve frantically collected many of Phil Manzanera’s albums, really delicious]

    – i agree and think its a great album…anyone know of anything similar…Zee Identity?

  2. Lucia

    Dear Nick and Chantelle and the others

    I’d like that my parents had listend Pink Floyd when they were young….unfortunately they didn’t. I’m not 16 y.o. (darn!) but I’m younger than Pink Floyd’s generation and I can say I’m really proud to listen them and I really don’t worried about the bands look like (but I love Johnny Depp for how he looks like!…but he is an actor…it is different!). However, I love Pink Floyd, I listen Pink Floyd! There’s nothing else to say!

    Anyway I have to admit that no many of my coetaneus listen my same music…but it is not my problem, it is their, that don’t know what they do!

    And if there is a thing about I don’t want question is my music’s taste…as our bloggers confirm you! I love Pink Floyd and I’ll never stop listening them, even if no one of my friends wants to listen them with me. And, at the end, I was used about it….other than music, my friends don’t love my cinema’s taste too!



  3. Michael in New Jersey


    Good point on modern popular music. Being part of the “MTV Generation” I totally agree. The Buggles had a song, “Video Killed the Radio Star” that was somewhat prophetic I think. Before music videos, our introduction to artists was with our ears first. I always appreciated that Pink Floyd rarely supplied portraits with their album art. Meddle was one of the few and you had to open the bifold cover to view it. It told me, as a listener, that they were only concerned with the quality of their music.


  4. Tim C

    “Florence and Venice will be the wonderful framing of 3 striking summer’s show of David Gilmour”…

    I have to agree with Lucia (actually F’ed I want to agree with Lucia, YOU HAVE TO agree with Lucia)

    I can’t think of anywhere that makes a better setting for an evening in the company of David and friends (with whatever colour of wine in hand).

    I was tempted to invite others to think of the “ideal” location for a Gig but I fear it would bring an avalanche of requests for David to go to the back end of beyond

    Boy, it’s difficult to keep up with all the threads at the moment. And you don’t help F’ed with your sneaky back-dated comments. Big Brother needs eyes in the back of his head.

    Lucia, have a nice trip. We’ll miss you.

  5. Tim C

    [for this dinner that is shaping up, may I recommend dessert of a small amount of armangnac poured over peach sorbet? Or perhaps a flan?]

    Sorry Fed, enough is very nearly enough, but you just know where I imagined that flan ended up don’t you!

    [I dread to think… – Features Editor]

  6. Whizzyfinger

    Hi all, especially Stephen(Rado), Bianca and Matty

    Stephen Radovanovich sent me some photos of the Queens Arms crew !, plus some other stuff he took around London while he was here for the DG concerts at the RAH.

    With kind permission he has allowed me to upload them and share with you. Thanks Stephen

    If anybody wants to identify themselves from the group photo then please do.

    (Click on my name (link) to the view the page.


    Andy (Whizzyfinger)

    [It’s just the group shot, sorry. We can’t publish your concert photos after all we said about taking cameras to the venues. – Features Editor]

  7. syncopa

    I hope someone can come up with the answer to your question about the line from a song “envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned”?

    i’ll venture a guess…

    how about envy is the bond between those who wish to know, and those who are damned because they are in the know. those who are hopeful are envious of those in the know. the damned are envious of the hopeful because, ignorance is bliss.


  8. Andrew


    Boy you really dig deep in the Pink Floyd catalog.

    The lyric you refer to: “envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned,” is from a song called Green is the Colour. A composion by Roger Waters and it was on the album MORE (which was a soundtrack). The complete lyrics are:

    Heavy hung the canopy of blue
    Shade my eyes and I can see you
    White is the light that shines through the dress that you wore

    She lay in the shadow of the wave
    Hazy were the visions of her playing
    Sunlight on her eyes but moonshine made her cry ev’ry time

    Green is the colour of her kind
    Quickness of the eye deceives the mind
    Envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned

    This release is certainly one of the more obscure items in the catalog. I do have a copy on CD, I don’t think I ever even saw a copy on album. And I know I never saw the movie.

    Hats off to you on remembering this lyric.


  9. Andrew


    The other album that had images of the band was Dark Side of the Moon. Inside it included two posters – one of them was a green tint poster of the pyramids and the other was a concert type poster of the band. Other than that I can only think of David’s solo releases which the first two both included pictures of David on the cover.

    Interesting isn’t it. PF really never showed images of the band. But David’s solo efforts did show David with the exception of OAI. And the images were plastered on the front cover.

    By the way, I imagine some of our fellow bloggers may not even know that PF used to package little goodies in some of their releases (posters, stickers, postcards). The CD era pretty much erased many of those items. But I think the 20th Anniversary release of DSOTM did include some reproductions of the original goodies (I’ll have to check that out later.)

    Believe me, I’m not pining for the old times. I’m just stating how different things are and how they evolved – some for the better and some for the worse.

  10. ~Matt~

    Nick King ~

    I have both Wet Dream and Zee Identity as well as Broken China.



  11. Shelley

    [re: Smile – I’ve always been a sucker for a waltz.]

    Does anyone else find themselves walking on a concrete sidewalk, hear your footsteps fall in time with the waltz beat, and it immediately cause you to start humming this tune because of it?

    It happens to me all the time.

  12. Michèle

    Fed, you want to help me ?

    – to Bert [Hope my glass of Sauternes will cheer me up], wowh ! very good taste ! : Sauternes with ” foie gras ” (Fed, please, in english ?), while listening to On An Island, it would be ” l’extase ” ( Fed ?) !!!

    – to Jan [Lucia and Michelle…you are becoming almost as amusing as Rudders and angelo.But only ‘almost’], Ohhh, it seems to me a “matcho” (Fed ?) ‘s remark !!!joke, of course !

    – Ikkar, Sylvie, Jorge Luis Rivera, à bientôt, promis, sinon, Lucia, même en voyage, va me maudire pour mes trop longs commentaires…


    [Foie gras is the fatty liver of an over-fed duck or goose, isn’t it? Not for me, thank you. I can’t think of anything ecstatic in that. Il me fait malade! – Features Editor]

  13. RealShemp

    Jan asked, “I hope someone can come up with the answer to your question about the line from a song “envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned”? I am very curious to know what this is as it is not familiar to me, but quite intriging.”

    That’s a line from Green is the Colour, isn’t it? “The quickness of the eye decieves the mind…”

  14. jan

    My husband has the Dark Side of the Moon with the two posters and two post cards. A very nice keepsake. Great things these cd’s tho, esp since they have included more pics of the band inside.

    Years ago(far far away in another life) I had a 45 rpm(?) of Elvis that had 4 songs on it. Was unusual for that time too. Like a mini album.

    No not a ‘macho’ remark. Certainly not the FEd, either. Just that I am enjoying reading your postings here very much and both you and Lucia make me laugh. Many others make me laugh as well. I wish I spoke both of your languages and could read and understand more of what you post.

    Where is Rudders??????

  15. greggeyah


    Rather than a “woo-hoooo” near the end of “smile”, it’s a “who-ooooo”… I keep listening to every track exhaustively…

    Also, has anyone noticed that piano note in “the blue” so reminescent of the “echoes” intro??? Near the end of the chorus… sweet detail…

    I’ll keep sharing cool things I hear during the trip… exploring them sonic landscapes…



    MORE OF MY MISTAKES: when i was talking ’bout “simplicity” and “e-bows”, i meant to refer to TAKE IT BACK…oh goodness… hope that David nor anyone else read that… *shame*

    By the way… this is what i look like when listening to OAI: º0Oo(-.-)oO0º

    i’m just a new boy….

  17. Michael in New Jersey


    I have long since been missing my DSOTM posters, thanks for reminding me! I remember lusting over Davids black Stratocaster hanging on my bedroom wall (I’m sure the ladies were lusting for something else). But in that case, you still have to buy the record and bring it home. Kinda like the toys at the bottom of the cereal box, eh? I don’t really miss lumbering around with the vinyl, but the miniturized packaging is a bit of a bore. Now that I’ve hit 40 I soon won’t be able to read anything on a CD insert!!

    (F’Ed, I’m with you on the foul…er,uh…fowl liver, I’d prefer guacamole to that anyday!)


  18. Tim


    Regarding the M4P file you have. This I presume is an iTunes download, as that’s one of their formats. If you have iTunes installed and downloaded it from there, it’s pretty easy. You won’t easily convert it any other way, as it’s a protected file, so use iTunes. What you need to do is make a playlist in iTunes with both Smile & Island Jam or any files you wish to burn in that playlist. Once you have them in the list, you can right click that playlist and one of the options is to Burn a CD. Don’t use NERO, use the in-built burner in iTunes.

    Once you have done this it will create an audio CD for you, which can be played in standard CD players. Hope this helps?


  19. Andrew

    Wait….I just remembered that Ummagumma also had images of the band members on the cover….over and over and over and over again.


  20. Veronica

    If you knew how they made Foie Gras you might not want to eat it anymore, they force feed the geese, and I mean really force, it’s horrible.

  21. Michèle - France

    Fed, Michael, Veronica, have you ever tasted foie gras (=fatty liver ?) ? if not, come in France, try and you will enjoy, sure !

    [they force feed the geese…], btw, you never heard a salad cry when you digged (?) it out of the earth before eating it ???? (pardon, Fed, cela s’appelle de la “provoc” de ma part …je le sais !)

    Have all a great week end …


  22. Veronica

    [ Veronica, have you ever tasted foie gras]

    No and I’ve no intention of doing so for reasons shown above.

    [I’m with you, Veronica. – Features Editor]

  23. Michèle

    – OK, Veronica, I had understood ….

    – Fed a perdu sa langue…française ? ou a une indigestion rien qu’à l’idée du foie gras ? We had a deal (?), don’t forget…

    – Help ! I can’t buy the clear vinyl ‘Smile’ anywhere ? how to do ?


    [Excusez-moi, mais l’idée du foie gras est horrible pour moi. Avez-vous visité Amazon pour ‘Smile’? – Features Editor]

  24. nick king

    [ I have both Wet Dream and Zee Identity as well as Broken China.]

    Matt what is identity like?

  25. Antoine Meunier

    Dear F.ed,

    You don’t like foie gras, it’s probably because you’ve had a bad experience. If you can, go in Périgord and taste goose Foie gras. It’s probably. Food is like music, don’t you think so ?

    My best wishes to you for this week-end

    [The same to you, Antoine. Have a very good one. I’ve had no bad experience with foie gras, I just prefer some animals in the wild rather than on my plate. – Features Editor]

  26. Ikkar

    Dear Fed,

    To Michèle et Antoine:

    n’y aurait-il que les français pour aimer le foie gras? et le foie gras frais, donc? avec du Sauternes, comme dit Michèle… et encore, on ne parle pas des huîtres, des moules à la sétoise, … et des cuisses de grenouille… Oups, sorry, Fed. Are you sick? – and I didn’t mention crème chantilly…

    Dear Fed, laissez un peu tomber le Blog, and enjoy football! (je Ne devrais Pas dire ça, n’est-ce pas?)

    Ikkar, with love

    [Je ne pourrais pas manger ces choses, désolé. Je ne suis pas un végétarien, mais je ne peux pas imaginer manger certains animaux. Peut-être je suis une grande hypocrite ou un grande bébé… Travaillez moins et observez plus de football? Oui, on peut dire cela! Les mêmes pour vous et bonne chance pour France. – Features Editor]

  27. Veronica

    [n’y aurait-il que les français pour aimer le foie gras? et le foie gras frais, donc? avec du Sauternes, comme dit Michèle… ]


  28. Bianca

    thanks Tim (and everyone else that came with advice on the M4P files thingy)

    That is how I finally got it burned!

    Hugs, Bianca

  29. chantelle

    Andrew, I salute you.

    Let’s hope that if some of us still have some sort of apreciation, and haven’t joined the darkside, that things won’t get worse.

    Well one can hope, I suppose.

  30. Antoine Meunier

    A Ikkar,

    Préférez le foie gras mi-cuit, c’est vraiment ce qu’il y a de mieux.


  31. Michèle

    A Antoine,

    … et de canard de préférence.

    A Antoine et Ikkar, …et c’est ainsi qu’on fait “bloc”…mauvais jeu de mot, je l’avoue…


  32. Ikkar

    A Antoine et Michèle,

    cela me semble un débat typiquement français, non?.. mais on ne s’en lasse pas…”ils” ne savent pas ce qu’ils perdent…

    Ikkar, with love

  33. Jeremy King

    For anyone interested I paid £15.99 and £2.50 respectively for the vinyl copies of OAI and Smile. Perhaps I could have got them cheaper, if I had not ordered them through my local independent record shop but the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. However I would have been happy to pay more; does anybody out there regret paying £3.50 instead of £2.50 for DSOM back in 1973?

    If you get the opportunity, please buy the vinyl editions, you will not be disappointed. You will only regret not doing so, when in the near future they are out of stock. In keeping with the music contained on the tracks, the vinyl is of the best quality and the packaging/artwork superb. Packaging of The Floyd output has always been a key element of their output and it is gratifying to see that David is keeping faith with this ideal by treating his solo work with the same respect.

    How many of us willingly paid £10 for the David Gilmour tour poster? Me for one; well the poster contained within OAI is easily worth £10 and for a few pounds more you get a brilliant record together with a beautiful sleeve.


  34. Michèle

    C’est vrai, Ikkar, c’était un mini débat typiquement français mais très sympa et inoffensif, sauf pour notre ami Fed …

    Mais Fed, quand même !!!: [ I would rather eat worms than… Features Editor, (‘more awards’, june 12, 09.26 PM) ], foie gras worse than worms ? mais ne vous inquiétez pas, le débat est clos, les plaisanteries les meilleures sont les plus courtes.


    [Oui, oui… Je vois l’ironie dans mon expression originale… Pardonnez-moi. Mais je ne mangerais un ver (“Berk!”, non?) et il y a plus de chance de moi mangeant tous les vers dans le monde que donnant mon appui aux… les ordures! (C’est une occasion parfaite pour moi dans dire: “Fais-moi des vacances!”, n’est pas? C’est mon favori!) – Features Editor]

  35. Michèle

    But the problem, Fed, is that I don’t know the expression in french “Fais-moi des vacances” ???
    Je connais “lâche-moi” ou “va te faire foutre !”, mais c’est très ( beaucoup trop ) vulgaire …perhaps it’s what you meant, but I don’t think so…


    [Non. Peut-être ma memoire n’est pas bonne. Je me rappelle l’expression d’école. Je veux dire “Give me a break”. Peut-être on peut dire “Donnez-moi des vacances”? – Features Editor]

  36. More nice folk

    Artwork’s nice. There’re some places out at the water near us, very nice, reminds me of those. Though looks nicer in the artwork.