'Smile' single


David’s new UK single, available now, is ‘Smile’ – and this is the artwork.

You can download it from iTunes (including an exclusive demo version of the song). More download options coming soon.

If a boring old CD is good enough for you, then the two-track single includes the album version of ‘Smile’ as well as ‘Island Jam’. Please don’t pay any more than £2 for the CD single. If it’s selling for more than this, ask why – and buy it somewhere else instead.

There is also a limited edition 7" single on clear vinyl. This is the same as the two-track CD, as it also includes the album version and ‘Island Jam’. One for the collectors, that.

BBC Radio 2 currently has ‘Smile’ on its ‘C’ List, which can be promoted to the ‘B’ List – meaning more airplay – if enough people request it. Let us know if you hear it, let them know that you want to hear it…

David’s XM Radio session is coming up very shortly (9am ET) on XM 76/Fine Tuning. If you don’t yet have your free three-day pass, sign up now and tune in. David and Phil Manzanera performed acoustic renditions of ‘Smile’ and ‘Where We Start’, as well as answering questions, so it’s not to be missed.

You can also hear this session over the weekend. Please see the previous blog entry for details.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

136 thoughts on “'Smile' single”

  1. If anyone wants my spare copy of the Smile CD case from RAH, I’d be happy to mail it to you free of charge. With a little ingenuity you should be able to google my name and drop me a mail. Please don’t reply on the blog.

    Personally I find those CD cases a cheap marketing trick by the record company. It will make me download the single, though, so it seems to work. Island Jam is terrific, by the way.

    [I agree with you, mate. A shocking waste of paper, too. Just make sure you don’t give it to someone who will sell it on eBay for £20. – Features Editor]

  2. I’m listening to XM Radio. This is really good. That was a gorgeous version of ‘Smile’. I’m so mellow right now, even the noisy audience isn’t bothering me. WOO! YEAH! WOO!

  3. Pay no more than 1.99 my eye. It cost me 2.99 from HMV but worth every penny for Island Jam.

    Pete – Coventry

  4. Can you provide any other details regarding the artwork for the single? Is this a photo or an illustration? And is this a real place or imagination?

    I can tell that the birds flying in the background look a lot like the birds from the cover of OAI.

    In the end, I really like the image – even more than the cover of OAI. It would make a great postcard as well as poster. Maybe you can have it on the site so that fans can send it online as a postcard?



    [I wish I could, but no one tells me these things. All I know is that it’s another of Steve Knee’s creations, with the boat and the birds sketched on to what appears to be a photograph. It’s very nice, isn’t it? I’ll see if the webmasters are willing to put a larger version on the main site so that you can see it closer. – Features Editor]

  5. Oh, great : exclusive content on itunes ! Lets put my old computer and its free OS to the trash to buy an expensive brand new one with an expensive, restrictive and proprietary operating system ! That would really share the vision behind a carbonneutral cd !

    I remember thinking how good it was to have a non limited, freely playable cd, how it shows that a gilmour fan is still seen as a fan, not a consumer or a pirate … Yep, Must have been unintentional.

  6. I have to add – to me it is very Floyd. I know that is not what David may want to hear, but it certainly has that feeling to it.

    I love it.


  7. Any chance transcription that interview´s XM radio?

    [Not from me, sorry! – Features Editor]

  8. amazon.com 12 dollars (about 8 pounds)
    amazon. uk 4 pounds
    and in Italy Cd singles are sold at 5 Euros or more (at least where I searched).

    2 pounds are 3 euros. No more. I am sorry but I decided time ago to boicott anyone who will sell Cd singls at these prices. It is a matter of principles. So I think I will not own the Cd (which I like..the “old” cd).

    and then someone speaks of the market of illegal music? please……..(very acid today, sorry)

  9. [Can you provide any other details regarding the artwork for the single? Is this a photo or an illustration? And is this a real place or imagination?]

    I might be wrong but…isn’t she Polly? She has got long black hair…the pic is really good and the colours give it an everlasting aspect…I love all that blue color!


    [You’re right. – Features Editor]

  10. It is nice to see that FEd and Lucia are FINALLY agreeing on something. Not that I want to start that whole debate again…


  11. [I’m so mellow right now, even the noisy audience isn’t bothering me. WOO! YEAH! WOO! – Posted by: JJ at June 7, 2006 02:22 PM]

    the audience were annoying. why not just clap politely? i don’t understand the need to whoop and wail. still, it was a great pre-sentation. i missed a few mins. it was a pity that you couldn’t pause it.

  12. Excuse me Fed and the other friends if to-day exceptionaly I speak french, but there is no other way for me to explain what I think about this maths – music connection…If you decide not to post my comment, I will understand. Don’t worry, no naughty thing in my post !

    Ikkar, je ne sais pas si vous vous imaginiez faire couler autant d’encre sur ce blog en lançant l’idée d’une éventuelle liaison entre les maths et la musique…

    Simplement, j’adore les maths, je suis prof de maths (pas de grimace, svp !) mais je n’ai aucunement l’intention de me prendre la tête avec ça.

    Je ne pense pas, au contraire des mathématiques, que la musique soit une science exacte, ni même une science, les maths parlent à l’esprit, la musique parle au coeur, pour moi c’est une affaire de feeling, la musique me touche ou pas, et ce n’est absolument jamais rationnel ( donc pas scientifique ), le même morceau de musique interprété par deux personnes différentes ne me fait pas le même effet et le même morceau de musique joué par la même personne ne me fait pas non plus le même effet à deux instants T et T’ différents, tout dépend de l’étât de réceptivité dans lequel se trouve la personne qui écoute.

    Pour en revenir à David, quand j’écoute “the blue” ou “a pocketful of stones”, il ne me viendrait jamais à l’idée que les maths y sont pour quelquechose dans le jeu de guitare ou dans l’inspiration !

    Dernière chose, nous parlons souvent musique avec les élèves (ça les motive !), bien-sûr, ils me parlent de rap, de Marylin Manson,de gothique ou au contraire de banalités françaises, mais je suis toujours émerveillée de me rendre compte qu’un nombre non négligeable d’entre eux connaissent et apprécient Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, un certain M. Gilmour, mais oui, surtout s’ils sont eux-même guitaristes !

    Ikkar, it’s always a pleasure to read you on this blog, “total respect”.

    Fed, Lucia and the other friends, it’s the last time, promised !


  13. [It is nice to see that FEd and Lucia are FINALLY agreeing on somethig]

    What a nice thought! Thanks Andrew! I think that FEd and I would be able to be agreeing on pasta and wine too!


    [Oh, it has to be red… – Features Editor]

  14. [Oh, it has to be red… – Features Editor]

    The pasta or the wine?

    [Aha! – Features Editor]

  15. Fed,

    Meant to ask on my earlier post……..In all the posts I am catching up on I read the one from Guy Pratt telling us about your presentation. How cool and well deserved was that !!. Anyway, have I missed a blog with your memories on that night or maybe any pics. If I have can you point me in the right direction.

    Cheers, Pete – Coventry

    [Have a look at the ‘Glassman’ entry from Saturday 3 June, Peter. – Features Editor]

  16. [Oh, it has to be red… – Features Editor]

    OH NO!!!!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE!!! FEd….I PREFER WHITE ONE! I’m not joking! I really prefer white wine! But, at the end, I drink red wine too. So if you’ll cook for me, I will carry red one! Promise! uhmmm I wonder if I can trust your cooking abilities?

    MICHELE!!! WHAT A LONG POST!!! You fell in the trap too! Really funny! I can’t understand very well what you wrote, but it sound very poetic…I can’t say nothing about music/maths. I love music but maths don’t fashinate me…at school it was my nightmare!

    Have a wonderful evening, mates! And, for dinner, I invite all of you to drink a red wine glass for David, Polly, the band, this blog, and FEd!


    [You’re a sweetheart. – Features Editor]

  17. Hello, F.Ed

    Andrew wrote;

    “It is nice to see that FEd and Lucia are FINALLY agreeing on something. Not that I want to start that whole debate again…”

    Even a blind squirel is bound to get a nut at least once. Don’t start celebrating quite yet. We’ll see what happens now with the Wine and Pasta.

    Smile is a good song. It’s my understanding that the Album version of Smile was basically the demo David made, and after working on it awhile, he decided to just use the demo version. Is this correct?

    Have a great day, all.


    [I think you’re right, Mike. – Features Editor]

  18. Hi, Lucia, [you fell in the trap too…]

    Yes, nobody is perfect …. but we have in France not only good red wines but also excellent white wines, and…champagne !!!Wouhhh!!!


  19. Hi, i am a huge fan of Mr Wright especially his Wet Dream album, Fed now that he is a member of the blog is their any chance of him giving an update on how his solo work is going?…i know this is davids forum but he is part of the band….:D

    Also would be interested if anyone agrees with me when i say that being a 16 year old fan of David and Rick i certainly feel as if i am in a minority has that always been the case with people my age and Floyds music or has my generation just got bad taste in music?


    [Richard’s welcome to write anytime, Nick. You’ll have to keep your eye on the blog. – Features Editor]

  20. it has been a very long time since i entered a note into the “blog”. The song smile is so beautiful. The image in my opinion is of David’s beautiful wife Polly.

    I love this site and greatly appreciate and thank everyone who has put this remarkable site together to all of you i give you a heart felt “smile”.

    Also at this time I wish to congratulate Mr. Gilmour for the prestigous nomination of Mojo’s Honours List Lifetime achievement award for 2006. I can not think of a more deserving person & artist.

    Keep up the beautiful photos in the gallery. I hope everyone has a great and healthy summer and holiday!

    Linda Penner

  21. Yes, “Smile” is a good song…and the proof that Polly can sing very well too! Incredible! She is beautiful, she is a great writer, she has a wonderful family, she sings very well too!

    I think Polly can be a great model for the others women…or let they feel envious! I’m not an envoius person, so I prefer thinking of her like a model…someone can remeber a song which said “envy is the bond between the hopefull and the damned”? 😉


  22. Sorry Lucia but F’ed is, on just this one occasion, right.

    As I imagined it the wine was definitely red, perhaps a nice Chianti, served with some Fava beans. (inhales … ffffffffff).

  23. To Nick King,

    Good for you for taking an individual path. When I was sixteen, hmmmm…….oh yes, 1982! In ’82, “The Wall” was still in fresh rotation on the airwaves. Pink Floyd was immensly popular, but the average “fan” wouldn’t know anything earlier than “Dark Side..” I pretty well owned the whole PF collection , plus every solo album out there, (including the very strange Waters/Geesin, Music From the Body). I can tell you I was very much in the minority with my obsession. But what can you say, there is no accounting for taste!!


  24. Hi FeD and bloggers.Having just been listening to the Island Jam (yeh I know it is soooo cool eh ?) is there any info about who,what and when etc ?

    Any gems such as “David had just drunk his last remaining caseful of ‘Pompeiian aqua’ and the soulful guitar licks were inspired by ACUTE sadness or impending dehydration ? ?” No…thought not but hope you get my drift ?

    ps.’Mister Hammond’ on his old time keyboard just oozes class alongside the rhythm section.Great stuff.


    [Not quite as interesting as you’d hoped, but… It’s a blues jam featuring David with Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens on keyboards, Guy Pratt on bass, and Ged Lynch on drums. A video of the band jamming at Abbey Road, including the wireman animation, was originally David’s Christmas gift to fans (see the 26 December entry) in exchange for a voluntary contribution to Crisis, the homelessness charity of which David is vice president and a long-time supporter. The Best Buy version of ‘On An Island’ in the US then came with an extra CD featuring ‘Island Jam’. It is now available to fans in the UK who purchase the ‘Smile’ single. – Features Editor]

  25. Hello Dear F.ed,

    I have to say that I feel a little bit sad. The tour is almost over, the DVD will be issue for Christmas Eve. After that what will be next ? Time is running out but Mr Gilmour still gives us good music.

    In France, when you’re 60, you get retiring. When I see Mr Gilmour (Sorry, I really can’t call him by his first name) the way he plays the guitars and he is singing, I think he can run the mile. In fact I meant (and I deeply hope) he can record a new solo album. In my view, he can totally express himself wich is maybe much difficult when you’re in an band. But this is only the point of view of fan.

    And you Dear F.Ed who see him very soon. Do you believe, he will record a new solo album.
    My best wishes to you.

    PS: No chances for a chat with Mr Gilmour ? (well, it’s true he must be busy)

    [David has plenty of material, plenty of talented musicians lining up to work with him and plenty of fans who are keen to support him. He knows this. Yet now isn’t the time to think of the next project. This one’s not over yet and David certainly deserves some time away from music to take in all the achievements racked up over the past year. There have been many, haven’t there? – Features Editor]

  26. £2.99 is the cheapest I have seen “Smile” for. Just come back form “Woolies” who tell me they arent ordering it because it would cost too much to order with £5 postage. So I will buy from this computer. Fingers crossed and all that.

    Apols for late posting, but this is review of last night at RAH from my brother in law. Background was that I was given ticket and couldnt go, so passed ticket to David,( my brother in law) on condition he writes about it so deal complete!

    Great Gig (but not in the sky)

    Walked up Exhibition Road by the side of the V&A to The RAH – got there about 8.00pm. Saw Bob Hoskins going in – he’s very short!

    Thought the concert was really good but I think two things spoiled it a little – one is the RAH acoustics – it’s too large and boomy for a rock
    concert – couldn’t really hear the words that well. I kept saying to myself that I have been spoilt by the Mermaid theatre gig which was so intimate and crystal clear. The lights at the RAH were good though – lots of lasers etc.

    Mica Paris covered “great gig in the sky” but I could tell it wasn’t what people expected – there is just no substitute for the original and she only sang low notes like she was really struggling. There was applause afterwards but nothing like the standing ovation which every other song got. I think a lot of people were expecting David Bowie – word had got around from the 1st 2 nights.

    Unfortunately I had to leave at 11.30 because the last train from Paddington was at 11.55.

    It was very enjoyable – I loved all the Pink Floyd numbers (of course) and I think had it been the 1st time I’d seen him I would have been ecstatic spoiled with the Mermaid gig and I will never forget hearing those Floyd numbers for the first time.

    The other thing that puzzles me is the huge number of people using their mobile phones, cameras and video cameras to record the concert? Surely these people cant be concentrating on the music while they concentrate on filming. There will never be the sound or visual comparison to the official DVD so why waste the effort???

    David Gregory

    Ian Pearson

  27. Nick King, I agree and think that you are in a minority at 16 but I also think it is an evolutionary process.

    In other words, you go with the flow with what it popular and discussed but then once exposed to other musical styles you find something else you like.

    I know with my daughter (14), she was into bands such as Good Charlotte and Avril L., etc. etc. But I would also play classic rock and ask her to listen to a song here or there. And she also recently made a friend in school who is totally into classic rock. So now, she still likes her Blink 182 but she also listens to some “old stuff.” In fact, the other day she told me she liked the song American Pie by Don McLean (go figure).

    It really is generational. I grew up during the hey day of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Bad Company, Queen, Rush, Pink Floyd BUT what was really popular was disco. And it doesn’t mean I don’t like bands from earlier generations such as Chuck Berry or Jerry Lee Lewis and I like some of the newer stuff too like Jet and Les Claypool/Primus. In fact, I was probably about 14 when I started to get into Pink Floyd.

    Go with what you like and don’t let your peers pressure you. In fact, if you talk up your side and play your stuff – we may have several more 16 year olds getting to Pink Floyd and David Gilmour.


  28. Hey Lucia, I prefer white too.. *snicker*

    Okay, so now I bought and downloaded the Island Jam file, but it is an M4P file (whatever the h*ll that is) and my Nero burning software will not accept it.

    So what can I do?

    Hope someone knows how to handle this. Since I am Dutch and this costed me a whole 99 eurocents I am determined to make this work.. *grin*

    hugs, Bianca

  29. Is it just a coincidence that “Smile” is my second favorite song on the album (the title track being my absolute fave!)? I bought the CD on the day of its U.S. release, and now I’ve downloaded “Smile”, too. It is sooooo good to have David in my head all day long! Can’t wait for the release of the vinyl format!

    Love to David from your long-neglected friends in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.!

  30. Personally I am hooked on a 2003 Pacific Crest Cabernet Merlot. I would recommend it to any Merlot lovers. That being said…I think I’ll go and open a bottle.

  31. CAPTION:Ok , so I have my tickets for the gig in France , now which way do I start swimming Hmmm?

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  32. for those in the u.s if you directv satelite television service, xm channels start at 802 and higher. all the channels are available

  33. Nick: I’m 25 and have the same issue… I agree with you and have been trying not to focus on that to much… Music is for your own spiritual enjoyment… And even though there are shameful cases (say, reggaeton) of distastefulness, remember that musical taste is a rather subjective matter… you can see that even between people in this blog… it’s impossible to come to a unanimous decision over which is the Floyd’s or Gilmour’s best song… so there you go…

    By the way, I was gonna post something else but i forgot… argh….

  34. re: Smile – I’ve always been a sucker for a waltz.

    re: the XM thingy – got up too late this morning to fool with it. With my dial-up connection I’m assuming I’d have a hard time accessing it anyway. Anyone else out there with a dial-up connection who was able to hear it?

    re: Richard Wright – I was THRILLED to see and hear you on David’s tour. Please visit us at the blog whenever you can; we appreciate you taking time to stop by.

    *and now a totally off-topic PS (sorry Edwina, but you know…)*

    •••DEAR DAVID G. – I’ve almost finished “The Master and Margarita” by M. Bulgakov and it is excellent. Thank you very much for turning me on to it (hmm, I now seem to remember a dream I had last night about wreaking havoc on Moscow with a pea-shooter but never mind about that).•••


  35. Woah! I like today’s mood in the blog… it’s… to put it in words… intimate… and cool… to see everything’s as usual… Fed arguing with Lucia (always makes me laugh!) and then telling compliments to each other… very interesting and unexpected posts… and finally… a great post from Michèle!!!

    I got to be honest… Michèle you really got me with your post… It is very unexpected to read about someone’s feelings and own beliefs… specially when they seemed to be very well correlated and talking about music and math. I’ve thought of what you talk… mainly on the guitar playing part… I’m 23 yeards old… and started playing my guitar @ 12. It’s been a long way and… in my teenager years… I learned the technique… the mathematics of playing… you learn the way to play correctly, etc… I was mostly a classical guitar player… and then… here I have a point where I don’t and do agree with you… it depends on where you find the convergence… for a lot of people… music turns to be merely math… because they don’t have the feelings to make it different… and trust me… When I was 15 I could play the same musical piece in different times and moods… and they’d practically sound the same… but then… I started living and growing older… gaining some experience from life, from love, from people… and then… today I can tell you that no longer I can perform the same piece with the mathematical 10^-12 precision… but you can feel what I’m playing and I can change or get along to your mood. And I most say… also… that music really gets in your heart and your spirit… when I was at the Kodak in April… I experienced something that made me feel alive and Echoes moved my own self… and invaded my spirit… there are no words to explain it…

    Mais bon… je crois que c’est le moment de m’arreter avec le discurs! Je suis très heureux de pouvoir partager des sentiments comment ces que tu a partagèe avec nous… excuzes moi pour le francais mais il fait beaucoup de temps despuis que je ne le utilisse pas! Encore je suis heureux de pouvoir te comprendre! Bien sur!

    Well… that’s about it for the day… I guess… I’d love to hear from you Fed what is it to you to hear music… what is it to you to hear David Gilmour’s and everybody elses tunes!

    Shine on you philosophical bloggers!

  36. Hey Nick,

    I know what you mean about being in the minority, as far as music in your age group. I’m a little older then you, 26, and my generation is the same way. In the early 90’s while I was getting into the DB & MLoR, my peers were listening to Vanilla Ice and Paula Abdul (YUCK). Just know that you got taste!! Music nowadays is even worse. There are a few good rock bands today IMHO (Audioslave, TOOL, Velvet Revolver, ummm yeah that’s about it). Pop/rap music is the biggest thing in the States though. What a waste!!


  37. Hi everybody (and FEd),

    when I received the mail from David Gilmour about the Smile-single and the new tour dates, I was so thrilled and eager to see where the new gigs will be played…

    The DG-management forgot again that Belgium is a European country too 🙁 ?

    Another night spoiled…

    (Hope my glass of Sauternes will cheer me up… 🙂 )

  38. Oh yes… I play and sing “Smile” on my guitar to get me 4 month old daughter to sleep… it works wonders… It’s a beatiful say… er… lullaby??? (hope it’s no offense) There’s a “who-hoooo” near the end that i particularly enjoy… Gets on the tender side of me and takes me to Winnie the Pooh-esque forests… heh… who would’ve thought.

    By the way, to say something i read in yesterday’s or the day before post… the first PF song i heard (saw the video actually)was “Take it Back” and i was stoked…. immediately followed by “High Hopes”… So I truly hold a special place in my heart for The Division Bell and Polly Samson for being those two songs amongst my favourite (High Hopes, despite it’s musical simplicity has an enormous emotional charge on me…) It got me on my way to using them e-bows…. hehehehehhehee


  39. Caption Competition

    Jedi Pol Gil Mour watched in silent contemplation as the Evil Emperor’s BattleDroid ships drew closer to the shore…

  40. Can we get the Smile “demo” in the US? It’s not on the US itunes store. Also- why not release the AOL sessions to itunes as well?? That was an excellent set!

    [This is UK-only as far as I know, sorry. – Features Editor]

  41. You know I listen to Radio 2 every single day.

    From Sir Wogan, to Chris Evans.

    And I swear they have not played Smile yet!!!

  42. Hi,

    Did you find out if any of the RAH posters will be up for sale?.I also have a spare cd case from the gig,it was my girlfriends and any body who wants it just let me know.


    [They are now available online. Please see the Stuff & Nonsense page of davidgilmour.com. – Features Editor]

  43. I had a second fruitless look for the Smile Single where I live. One store in town a major chain said they could order in it at £2.99. Not the advertised and recommended retail price of £2.00.

    I would be happy to pay the extra if it went to a charity for example but not to the shareholders of this major chain. I will buy the single from somewhere I’m sure as I would like the Island Jam track.


  44. [Also would be interested if anyone agrees with me when i say that being a 16 year old fan of David and Rick i certainly feel as if i am in a minority has that always been the case with people my age and Floyds music or has my generation just got bad taste in music? – Nick]

    Good for you Nick! I became a Floyd fan at the age of just 13, way back in 1976….imagine that in a Comprehensive school in the NE of England during the explosion of Punk! Still, I survived unscathed and, to this day, I still have to explain to the uninitiated who David Gilmour is.

  45. Hi all,

    Today I received the recording of the recent ‘Later with Jools Holland’ with David as guest, from my father in law, an advantage for having English parents in law :- ) . I really enjoyed it, and finally I can listen to Arnold Layne, fantastic.

    Now I can’t wait to receive Smile single that I ordered from amazon (hey postman where are you?). Usually I don’t buy CD singles, it could be the first, and their price is not that fair too, for just two songs. I can say instead that I am not a lover of mp3, I mean for the quality of the sound. They are good for playing on PC or on ipod for example, but when listening to music through a high quality sound system, I prefer audio CD.

    Piergiorgio, your Italian lesson is great! Since lots of our non Italian blogger friends will come to Italy this summer to see David, they need to learn Italian. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go around shouting ‘STRONZO’ though.


  46. Good day to all of you out there im still riled by the financial times press cutting i meen who gives thease people a voice i ask you ……freedom of the press my A***E,…..

    is that it for summer dates or are there going to be more added

    just want to say i have been listening to John Carin singing dogs on a certain DVD, wow this man steels the show is voice is brilliant very gilmourish, have you heard it Fed

    well the withdrawel is happening what musically have i got to look forward to , o yes Pulse and OAI DVD, nOTE TO MR gILMOUR WHEN YOU HAVE HAD A REST WHAT ABOUT PUTTING A cd OUT OF ALL THE STUDIO OFF CUTS I MEAN HOW COOL IS Island jam , of course take some time of first but please mate your country no your world needs you to redress the balance of all the rubbish out there in the musical world

    what about all that fuss about what David has supposed to of said about the Rolling Stones, talk about the press taking things out of context , i assume Mr Gilmour knows the members of the Rolling Stones if you read the interview and not just pull one line out it was obvious there was no malice there i get Google alerts about DG and the press from around the world who picked up on and highlighted that one line, the free press i will fight for but come on eh it was prob the english press who started all this im not sure i would fight for out Tabloid Journalists and i use the word loosely

    Rant over sorry Fed i get annoyeed by these things

    love to all out there

    [No problem, mate. To answer your questions… That’s it for the summer dates and I know the DVD you speak of, but I haven’t seen it. – Features Editor]

  47. Hi all- been a while since I posted. I was going to comment that the picture on the single looks like Polly (with a cape on, head down… similar to the photo of her with David walking away- I think the page for “Where we start”. But someone else said it and fed confirmed. Nice shot!

    Hey Fed- you said Richard Wright was welcome to post… do you know if he reads the blog?


    [Apparently, he was with Guy on Saturday and wanted to know what all this blog lark is about, so he had a quick look. Only time will tell if he’s hooked. – Features Editor]

  48. Hello all,

    I was wondering if anyone knew if we in the States could purchase the “Smile” single? I do not want to download it because I want to physically buy it and have been unsuccessful in tracking it down. If anyone has any help on this that would be great.

    Strangers passing in the street…
    Matt in Maine

    [I seem to recall someone saying that Amazon UK will ship internationally. – Features Editor]

  49. I also meant to mention that a different version of “Smile” is actually played on his most recent DVD, David Gilmour in Concert. It is a great version and you can really hear the differences in the song from when he played it then and what it sounds like today. Good show of how a song can change with time.

    Shine on!
    Matt in Maine

  50. F-ED,

    I have seen the ‘Smile’ single for more than £2.00 on the high street (HMV for one). I got mine at Virgin Megastore – £1.99, so go there guys.

    However, if you have the OAI album, I would recommend downloading the Demo version from iTunes. It’s only £1.58 for both Smile and Island Jam, convert to a CD and you have a slightly different version to the album. Great if you have one of the tour wallets. I have bought the Demo version from iTunes and burnt this to CD for my tour Limited Edition sticker/wallet copy of Smile. A bit mad I know, as I now have the ‘official’ Smile UK single release and the downloaded demo and the OAI version……

    Great idea for the fans, despite it being another way for EMI to cash in! Still, at least David will be seeing some of the money, so that’s fine by me.


  51. Dear Fed,

    If I may, I’ll write in french. May I? Yes? thanx

    To Michèle: Merci de votre réponse. C’est vrai, je ne pensais pas faire couler autant d’encre. C’était juste une question, qui en fait, me tarabustait un peu…Je suis entièrement d’accord avec vous, et avec certains de nos amis bloggers. La musique parle au coeur,… Mais en fait, cela se passe au niveau de ceux qui écoutent. Qu’en est-il de ceux qui composent, jouent de la musique? les compositeurs classiques, pour transcendants et inspirés qu’ils fussent (par quelque puissance que ce soit, n’entrons pas dans ce débat), n’avaient-ils pas, aussi,en écrivant leurs symphonies, concerti, fugues et autres, des structures mathématiques en tête? C’est juste une question…

    Vous êtes prof de maths… Je ne fais pas de grimace! Je n’ai jamais rien compris aux maths, malheureusement… et j’ai une profonde admiration pour ceux qui savent un peu plus que, disons… 2+2… De même que j’ai une admiration sans borne pour un musicien capable d’une improvisation. Cela me laisse toujours sans voix… autant dire que je suis à genoux devant David…

    Vous parlez musique avec vos élèves…? si j’avais eu un prof de maths comme vous, j’aurais certainement aimé les maths…

    Michèle, continuez à intervenir sur ce blog…

    Ikkar, with love

    PS. Vos élèves parlent de banalités françaises. J’ai vu Cali sur scène. Je n’aime pas vraiment sa musique, que je trouve assez insipide, mais que ne ferait-on pas pour sa fille…? Si vous avez l’occasion de le voir, allez-y. C’est très impressionnant SUR SCENE.

  52. I thought I’d really finished posting here but had to come back and share a funny ‘post’ I read on another sites blog.

    “David Gilmour can kill only using 2 notes”

    True, true….but I bet if he used the “whammy”
    he could in one note augmented.

    [Oh good, because apparently there are a few people on his list. You’ll have to listen to XM Radio on Saturday if you want to find out more. – Features Editor]

  53. Red wine Features Ed? And you led me to belive you don`t drink!

    As you know I like a beverage of the alcoholic nature and I always say that it doesn`t make you a bad person!!

    [I’m not a big fan of the stuff. – Features Editor]

  54. to Nick…apparently not all of your generation has bad taste in music…yours is pretty good if you are a Gilmour and Wright fan…Good for you for keeping an open mind and trying older music as well.

    Can’t say all the old stuff was better either…how about Tiny Tim? Don’t even want to go there.

    About the new ‘Smile’ single cover. Isn’t that Polly Samson just beautiful.

  55. I have just received my copy of “On an Island” on vinyl and I’m extremely impressed with the gorgeous packaging it comprises. Looking forward to hearing it on my shortly to be completed rather super revamped turntable system.


  56. …only 79 pence from 7 digital and no need to buy £10 of credit first…

    They just charge the amount to your chosen card.

    Island Jam is a must-hear track, I’d love David to do a Blues album sometime!


    [Please see today’s blog entry for this link and others. – Features Editor]

  57. [Oh, it has to be red… – Features Editor]

    Perhaps as a Freudian slip you were referring to her dress. I’m sure Lucia would present herself as a stunning Lady in Red!

  58. Don’t worry Nick, you’re not the only young Pink Floyd/ David Gilmour fan, I am also (17yrs old). I just love the music however I believe we are in the minority, it’s all rap etc in todays youth culture I believe? Lets try and convert as many people in to Pink Floyd/ David Gilmour fans as possible!!

    Cheerz, Vince

  59. Hi to my ‘twin’

    Thanks for the safety remarks for the holiday. Hope your was wonderful.

    Are you have trouble dealing with our Chicago concert being done and over with? I find I really wish I still had it to look forward too. Will be looking for the dvd, but the live concert is such an phenomenal experience.

    Have you seen Ian’s wonderful glassman? Elegant, and the FEd has installed it in what sounds like the perfect spot.

    Lucia and Michelle and FEd …you are all becoming almost as amusing as Rudders and Angelo. But only ‘almost’

    I still can’t believe that the real live Richard Wright has posted here too!! Love ‘Wearing The Inside Out’, very moving song and love any of his keyboard work.

    Polly, you are such a beautiful person. I am enjoying reading your short stories at present. I like your style of writing and story telling. (hope you don’t mind being addressed so informally)

    And David….well for some of us it is just to hard to put into words! Polly, I need some help here. Best I don’t post my own words if the two of you really read this stuff. My face would be so red you’d get a sun burn from way over here.

  60. Just seen the new “Smile” video and it’s very good. It really captures the “feeling” of the song. And it’s nice to see David and Polly together. It’s a rare sight in rock ‘n roll land.

  61. Rudders,

    “Smiley” offer is STILL open…

    Simon has been mailed again & again… Can you reach him, he seems to be blanking me!!!

  62. Dear Xave:

    “Oh, great : exclusive content on itunes ! Lets put my old computer and its free OS to the trash to buy an expensive brand new one with an expensive, restrictive and proprietary operating system ! That would really share the vision behind a carbonneutral cd !”

    Or, you could just go to the record store and purchase it.

    It certainly seems to me that David and Polly are doing everything they can. Case in point, we are discussing this.


  63. Dear Xave:

    “Oh, great : exclusive content on itunes ! Lets put my old computer and its free OS to the trash to buy an expensive brand new one with an expensive, restrictive and proprietary operating system ! That would really share the vision behind a carbonneutral cd !”

    Or, you could just go to the record store and purchase it.

    It certainly seems to me that David and Polly are doing everything they can. Case in point, we are discussing this.


  64. Nick,

    we are proud of you… when I first started listening to Pink Floyd I was 11 or maybe 12, but yes I have to say teen agers nowadays are, in average, far from that taste.

    Wet Dream (damn hard to find it… and expensive…) is a great work, and I love Snowy White guitar.
    Needless to say, after having seen him live, I’ve frantically collected many of Phil Manzanera’s albums, really delicious.

  65. Quality quote from the Mojo awards:

    David Gilmour to Brian May: “Evening, Prof.”


  66. Caption…

    Polly harks out to sailing David.. supper’s ready. With a Smile he Takes A Breath while admiring The Blue,Then Closes His Eyes hoping for a Red Sky tonight On this Island named Castellorizon which can be compared to This Heaven from Where We Start,.. whislt Polly picks up a Pocket Full Of Stones….

    Feel free anyone to add a punch line.

    “Supper’s Ready” F.E…Awesone Genesis song.

  67. Very nice art work. It’s like something out of a dream or a day dream. I have to find a way to get my hands on the vinyl stuff. Behold the warmth of analog!

  68. Hello F. Ed,

    I was wondering where I could purchase both On an Island and the Smile single on vinyl here in the States?

    And as a completely random but amusing side note, my mom left me a message saying that the Meltdown concert was being shown on a Persian TV channel. Much like oysters, good taste in music seems to transcend national barriers.

    Ah, well thank you for your time!


    [I wish I could give you an answer, Shirin. If I find one, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  69. You said not to pay more than $2 ( sorry American keyboards dont have a pound sign) for the smile single. I had a hell of a time trying to find one here in Phoenix, and finaly gave up trying. All the record stores said I could order it as an import, and that was alot more than $2. Anyway I did order one on ebay…..I know, I know… but it was only 2.99 pounds, for me about 3.50 American dollars, and I got it yesterday.

    I can tell you it is a piece of art, it’s the thickest vinyl I have ever seen, I am going to frame it and hang it in my rock and blues room.

  70. I do like early Genesis only, I do like red wine, and a cuban cigar, and a guitarist by the name of David something or other. LOL.

  71. (Also would be interested if anyone agrees with me when i say that being a 16 year old fan of David and Rick i certainly feel as if i am in a minority has that always been the case with people my age and Floyds music or has my generation just got bad taste in music?)

    Don’t worry, Nick. My mom wasn’t too impressed when I brought home the Ziggy Stardust album at 16 and again when I brought home DSOTM. For her, music was defined by Eddy Arnold or Anne Murray. So it’s all a matter of perspective. Today there isn’t the great generational divide there was in the 60’s and 70’s.

    Do today’s teenagers have bad taste? No, they just get hit harder than we did with advertising, cross-promotional tie-ins and music that thieves brazenly from earlier artists. In this context, PF possibly sounds even fresher and more emotionally relevant to your age group than it did to us the first time around …

    No, I don’t think you’re in the minority. Many people your age appear to be discovering David and PF for the first time, which is great.

    Just remember that when PF were starting out, artists had more than one shot, and were allowed to develop a personality and a sound. Today, popular music is frequently used as little more than one aspect of a marketing campaign for a TV show, sport beverage or new clothing line.

    The fact that David is so zealous in protecting the PF legacy and the music (while simultaneously keeping SB’s music alive for a newer generation) says volumes about him as both an artist and a person. A rarer thing these days, I think.


  72. Andrew said: “I have to add – to me it is very Floyd. I know that is not what David may want to hear, but it certainly has that feeling to it. I love it.”

    Whether Mr Gilmour wants to hear it or not it just goes to show you what a central cog of the wheel he was within that unmentionable band. I would say Gilmour’s sound was one of the main staples to the band. So there is not one thing that he should be ashamed about. It was probably Gilmour’s guitar, coupled with Wright’s keyboards that really made the band anyway. How many people REALLY listen to lyrics (and I mean in the way of ingraining their meaning into one’s thoughts and actions) anyway? It is usually the music that attracts us in the first place.

    I really like OAI a lot. It is on a par if not better than he first solo album. It has that lovely early mellow seventies flow about it. Gilmour’s guitar work at his best.

  73. A further point on pricing… you should not need to pay more than £12.99 for the gatefold sleeved vinyl album of OAI now avaialable in the UK.


  74. I hadn’t discovered this site when Island Jam was featured at Christmas so I was really pleased when I heard it was being released on the Smile single. Since I got it I haven’t been able to stop playing it. I just love that bluesy sound.

  75. Hello everyone!

    This is my first post here, which I’ve been desperately meaning to write for the last week since I went to the RAH gig on the 30th. Like others, I am still suffering from “withdrawl symptoms”, and dearly wish the dvd will be available soon, as my memories from the concert feel more like a dream (they’re that good!).

    My girlfriend and I were up in the East Choir section, and although I had my doubts before the night, it turned out to be an excellent position to see the concert from. Guy was right below us looking like he was really enjoying himself, and we had a head-on view of Richard “doing his stuff” on the keyboards. Looking back at the audience during WYWH and noticing that so many were singing along really did make us come out in goose-bumps!

    Having been a Floyd fan since I was 14 (I’m now 33, as of yesterday 😉 ), I can sympathise with the teenage blogger that feels in a minority with others of his age group. It actually felt like that for me too when I was 15-16, although I did manage to “find” someone else at school who was also a fellow Floyd fan.

    On the website, I keep looking at the page with the info on the summer outdoor concerts, but there still isn’t anything regarding the Polish venue. As “my other half” is Polish, we would love to go over there to see David & Co. again in August, but so far haven’t found a way of getting tickets. Can anyone help?

    If we go I promise to write to you all about it! Btw, is the concert over there going to be with an orchestra??

    Anyway, congrats on the website and blog, which I really enjoy looking though, and especially a big big THANK YOU to David and Richard and Co., for the best concert I have ever been to. I was literally speakless afterwards!!

    [Hi Paolo. A belated “Happy Birthday!” for yesterday. Details on the Gdansk concert are still sketchy, but will be here just as soon as possible. – Features Editor]

  76. Can I do a suggestion for the setlist of the upcomming concerts:

    On a island (the album)
    Wish you were here
    Shine on you crazy diamond
    learnig to fly
    On the turning away
    Breathe (reprise)
    Us and them
    Comfortably numb
    One slip
    Run like hell

    and maybe a song or two from his first two solo albums who are beeing remasterd I believe

  77. hi i was wondering i was at a Guy Pratt show in Windsor and i saw Polly taking some pictures after the show i was wondering if there going to be put up on the site.

    [I don’t think so, but there will be more concert pictures added to soon. – Features Editor]

  78. quote Mike : It’s my understanding that the Album version of Smile was basically the demo David made, and after working on it awhile, he decided to just use the demo version.

    It’s certainly a very different recording to the rest of the album. David does like a ‘shed load’ of echo adding to his voice, it’s refreshing to here what are great vocal chords in a purer form. I know I’ll probably get flamed for this but I feel he uses far too much.

    [We don’t flame, we jab with pointy sticks here. – Features Editor]

  79. Sorry Bianca…I have not idea what a M4P file is! Never see…sorry…

    About white wine, good choice! I know that the real wine’s experts say that red is the best…but white is so sparkling and glamour! Hey Michéle: a glass of dry french champagne is a great idea too!

    Hey FEd, tomorrow I’ll start traveling for some days…I don’t know if I will be able to read the blog…so…DON’T TELL BAD THING ABOUT ME, during my absence! Remind that “the Big Brother is watching you”! Bianca and Tim C. (the big sister and the big brother!): controll her/him!

    I’m listening Genesis…no bad but…Pink Floyd are another thing! I don’t want compare them! I said this just because they are coetaneou, aren’t they? Genesis make me think more about “Yes”, isn’t it? oh! I love Yes’ “And you and I”. Do you know! Really nice!

    At the end, an italian music news’ site today annouce: “Florence and Venice will be the wonderful framing of 3 striking summer’s show of David Gilmour”…And it is true! Piazza Santa Croce e Piazza San Marco are much more beautiful than a room in a theatre…the shows will be really incredible!


    [Have a safe trip, mate, and don’t worry about us. We’ll be good, honest. – Features Editor]

  80. Hi Fed,

    Just seen your reply to my question about the posters.Are the ones on the web store the same,i just bought 2.

    [Yes, I assume so. I must go back and delete that message… – Features Editor]

  81. Hi Everyone,

    Roberto, thanks for the compliment!!!. I thought it was a good occasion to teach something funny about our beloved language.

    I want to add that anyone who has questions or issues about Italian language can ask and I will be happy to give other funny explanations. I could prepare a full detailed bad words (parolacce) lesson!!! but that would be tooo much. hahahahhaha

    To the 16 years old guy who is in PF music: I had the same problem at your age when it took months (or an year …) to find ONE Jethro Tull fan like me in a 600 people school!!!! But if you really like Pink Floyd and spread the music around, you will be considered cooooool and full of music culture. Definitely. You will be unique. ….. I always said we must have faith in younger people. hehe

    One thing more about Division Bell. We all just love the first Pink Floyd “bite” we had. When I was a kid “A momentary lapse of reason” was released and I loved that album. It was “new” to me. I never thought to the Division Bell as an album that would stay in the heart of so many people. It is really right that music taste and feelings is such a personal affair……..Still today though I like “high hopes” (not the first time I heard it, anyway), I find difficult to understand how that piece of music is considered so special for many (“MY” pink floyd piece is Shine on you crazy diamond)…… ah, in Italy we say “Il mondo è bello perchè è vario” (the world is nice because it is varied)!!!!!!!!!!

    Ciao. 😉

  82. Deborah: “The Master and Margarita” is really good! Very strange but really fascinating! Now I’m starting to read Huysmans’ “Controcorrente” (I d’nt know which is the english translation. Maybe “Counter-current”). Someone between my french friends (or the others too) can tell me if it is good?

    Perigiorgio: I come from Italy! Had you some doubt? 😉

    [Perhaps as a Freudian slip you were referring to her dress. I’m sure Lucia would present herself as a stunning Lady in Red!]

    I will do it if she/he will wear in white as Lawrence of Arabia!

    Jan! Hello MY DEAR WOMAN! But I’m not becaming amusing as Rudders and Angelo…I’M BECAMING MAD!!!!!

    Now I have to work and then leave…SEE YOU SOON!!!

    I wish you wonderful days!

    Bye bye!


  83. Michèle, vous etes donc prof de maths. Bravo! Je suis la plus nouille en maths qui existe sur terre. J aime bien vous lire en français, cela donne un petit répit a mon cerveau. Moi, je travaille en restauration, dans un superbe hotel dans les montagnes!Désolé pour ceux qui ne parle pas français! Sorry for this french moment but it s so nice to write easily for a while.

    Think of you.

    sylvie de montréal

  84. Just a few points:

    I have to clarify that when I made the comment that “…to me it is very Floyd. I know that is not what David may want to hear, but it certainly has that feeling to it. I love it.” I was referring to the artwork for the single Smile and not necessarily the music to Smile. I actually think Smile is very David.

    Erin, by the way, I think there are actually more than just a few good rock bands out there today. It is just so much harder to find them because they don’t get the airplay or exposure. MTV and VH1 used to be video music channels and now all it is reality show after reality show. You don’t even get Beavis and Butthead anymore that at least had some music exposure. And shows like American Idol. Talk about yuck. I hope David never agrees to going on that show to help out the contestants. I wasn’t happy when Queen did it earlier this year.

    One thing that is making me nuts is the U.K. exclusive stuff that is out. For example the tour pin, posters, Smile single, Smile demo, etc. etc. And I know U.K. fans were going bonkers earlier this year when Island Jam was a U.S. promo. It is certainly a tough situation when you’re a fan. Believe me, I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be done. I just have to find me some U.K. friends that I can exchange with. Any takers???

    By the way, last night on my Mac I was scrolling through my iTunes library and I clicked on the studio release of Echoes. I heard David play this live back at the beginning of April. Can you believe that it still made the hair on my neck stand up straight. More than two months after the show!! Awesome… Bianca…see you can get back on that cloud.

    Also, I recently picked up a used copy of Syd Barrett’s The Madcap Laughs. Of course this is post his involvement with PF but I understand that at the time both David and Roger were involved in this project with Syd. I think that musically a lot of this release is a bit disjointed BUT there are few gems on there that would be wonderful if David could rework them today. I think that certainly could be an interesting project.

    Thanks for reading…


  85. Lucia, I believe Perigiorgio was more interested as to where in Italy you come from – Sicily, Rome, etc. etc. I also bet he wouldn’t mind seeing you in that red dress.

    Hmmm…it would be pretty funny if FEd was a she and attended the pasta and wine dinner dressed in white as in Lawrence of Arabia.

    Enjoy your trip and don’t worry about us. We won’t talk about Radiohead while you are gone. It would be no fun. We’ll pick on you again when you get back.


    [I have to cut in and say that asking, and refusing to answer, personal questions may offend, so no more personal questions, please. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  86. Just heard Smile on Jeremy Vine, Radio 2, also on the same program Money by Pink Floyd.

  87. No problem… I understand your point.


    [Pardon me, Andrew. I knew you would. It was for the benefit of others. I just so happened to tag it on at the end of your post. – Features Editor]

  88. [David has plenty of material, plenty of talented musicians lining up to work with him and plenty of fans who are keen to support him. He knows this. Yet now isn’t the time to think of the next project. This one’s not over yet and David certainly deserves some time away from music to take in all the achievements racked up over the past year. There have been many, haven’t there? – Features Editor]

    Dear Fed,

    It can be very difficult for us fans, even the crusty ones like me! We build ourselves up to a particular event, the release of David’s solo album, only 20 years after the last one, then start to salivate over the blog reports about the concerts in America and suddenly we are cueing in line at the RAH. Then there is the release of the single and, and….then what? Oh yes, the DVD at Christmas time!

    Now they are just a few events that we hang on, but we do so for a long time. In amongst all that David is beavering away at doing something, whether it is a concert in Gdansk or doing his House Husband bit, unless it directly impinges on us, it doesn’t really register with us. So I guess it is not surprising that we start to look for the next expectation.

    But you are absoluteley correct, there has obviously been a lot of work by David, his friends and colleagues (and not forgetting you dear Fed) over the past year and of course it will be continuing for a while yet.

    We will sit on our hands and try(?) to behave!!

    A big thanks to David, Polly and the band and You Mr Fed for the opportunity to share our thoughts. Bless ya guv!

    [It’s my pleasure. It’s perfectly understandable to want more. I don’t remember a time when we, as fans, have had it so good. It’s hard going back to the way it was before. I also have to sit on my hands sometimes (which makes moderating the blog quite a sight for sore eyes). If I had my way, David would be singing 24/7. Maybe that’s why I stick to the blog and don’t get much say in other things… – Features Editor]

  89. In response to Nick’s comment, I do somewhat feel as though I’m in a minority. I got into Floyd and David around about a year ago, just before live 8 and haven’t looked back. Some people can’t understand why I would want to listen to the same stuff as their dads but unlike them I listen to the music! Not the image or whatever else goes with it. People just don’t seem to get that anymore, that it isn’t about whether or not you fancy the person who’s performing – it’s music for goodness sake! In fact one person asked me whether I just pretend to like this sort of music to chat up older men! I mean she genuinly asked me that! (I don’t by the way)

    What is the world coming to?

    Good day to you all.

  90. Chantelle,

    I have to agree with you. There was a time when music was taken at face value and it didn’t matter what the person looked like or who was in the band. (I also hear that is why many go into radio.) Years ago you would listen to the radio and say, “gee, I really like this song.” Today it is “wow, isn’t so and so hot (as in good looking)??” In the end, does it really matter? Is being good looking help you make better music?? Do you think that way back in the day (I mean way, way back in the day) people cared what Mozart looked like?? If you liked his music you listened to it. And that was that.

    What is this world coming to???


  91. Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 says he hopes David Will “pop in” to his show tomorrow, Fed Can you confirm?

    [I can’t, I’m afraid, but it would be good. I hope you’ve voted for ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. – Features Editor]

  92. Hi again everyone,

    I don’t always want to sound annoying by criticizing someone else’s opinions. But I disagree with you about the “good music” subject. I am not so old, but am not a teen ager too. It seems to me we are making the same old discussion “old times were better”. this discomforts me as this doesn’t respect the young kids.

    You see even Catone during the Roman empire was criticizing the situation in which Rome fell with “modernity”!!! According to you the world is just getting worse, music is getting worse, atrtitude is getting worse etc. No. I personally may not understand some new things but I have faith in the young people because……human beings are the same, the same as thousands years ago. We love, hate, we have passion for music etc. So good music has been and will be made, young people used to follow models and look and will do the same.

    Only one thing I want to tell to young boys: always use your OWN judgement, never follow the mass, just follow only what you feel is true ..for you.


  93. [Only one thing I want to tell to young boys]:

    and GIRLS tooo!!!!!!!

    Sorry 🙂

  94. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off topic.

    I saw Igmar Bergman’s “Hour Of The Wolf” last night. Very intriguing to say the least. There is a party scene where the laughter/banter soundtrack is almost exactly like at the end of Welcome To The Machine. Does anyone know if there is a correlation?

    It’s almost dead on….thanks.

    P.S. Go rent this flick…its disturbingly brilliant

  95. Bianca: An M4P file will presumably be what can be downloaded from iTunes. I’ve never used iTunes, and am waiting patiently for the alternative download options that I can use 🙂

    However, google points me at a tutorial for converting your file from M4P to MP3. Take a look to see if you like it… You may be able to follow the instructions to let you convert from m4p to m4a, which media player *might* be able to play.


  96. I like Smile because it’s the only song David has written that I can actually play on guitar.

    And the slide work over C is divine.

  97. Lucia..hope I am not too late to wish you a wonderful vacation…We will miss you! (you are only MAD in that you are passionate about things)Your posts are much fun to read.

    For this dinner that is shaping up, may I recommend dessert of a small amount of armangnac poured over peach sorbet? Or perhaps a flan?

    I hope someone can come up with the answer to your question about the line from a song “envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned”? I am very curious to know what this is as it is not familiar to me, but quite intriging.

  98. Hi, thanks for all your comments i think its such a shame so much popular ‘music’ like rap does dominate the charts. Dont get me wrong im into alot of different styles of music but i always find it a shame when i glance at the top 40.

    Another thing i was disappointed to see was that when On An Island hit number one alot of shops in my area still listed it as about number 13…

    Still the test of time will reveal how good this current music is…im guessing more people will be listening to the Floyd in 20 years than most of these newer artists.

    [Wet Dream (damn hard to find it… and expensive…) is a great work, and I love Snowy White guitar. Needless to say, after having seen him live, I’ve frantically collected many of Phil Manzanera’s albums, really delicious]

    – i agree and think its a great album…anyone know of anything similar…Zee Identity?

  99. Dear Nick and Chantelle and the others

    I’d like that my parents had listend Pink Floyd when they were young….unfortunately they didn’t. I’m not 16 y.o. (darn!) but I’m younger than Pink Floyd’s generation and I can say I’m really proud to listen them and I really don’t worried about the bands look like (but I love Johnny Depp for how he looks like!…but he is an actor…it is different!). However, I love Pink Floyd, I listen Pink Floyd! There’s nothing else to say!

    Anyway I have to admit that no many of my coetaneus listen my same music…but it is not my problem, it is their, that don’t know what they do!

    And if there is a thing about I don’t want question is my music’s taste…as our bloggers confirm you! I love Pink Floyd and I’ll never stop listening them, even if no one of my friends wants to listen them with me. And, at the end, I was used about it….other than music, my friends don’t love my cinema’s taste too!



  100. Andrew,

    Good point on modern popular music. Being part of the “MTV Generation” I totally agree. The Buggles had a song, “Video Killed the Radio Star” that was somewhat prophetic I think. Before music videos, our introduction to artists was with our ears first. I always appreciated that Pink Floyd rarely supplied portraits with their album art. Meddle was one of the few and you had to open the bifold cover to view it. It told me, as a listener, that they were only concerned with the quality of their music.


  101. “Florence and Venice will be the wonderful framing of 3 striking summer’s show of David Gilmour”…

    I have to agree with Lucia (actually F’ed I want to agree with Lucia, YOU HAVE TO agree with Lucia)

    I can’t think of anywhere that makes a better setting for an evening in the company of David and friends (with whatever colour of wine in hand).

    I was tempted to invite others to think of the “ideal” location for a Gig but I fear it would bring an avalanche of requests for David to go to the back end of beyond

    Boy, it’s difficult to keep up with all the threads at the moment. And you don’t help F’ed with your sneaky back-dated comments. Big Brother needs eyes in the back of his head.

    Lucia, have a nice trip. We’ll miss you.

  102. [for this dinner that is shaping up, may I recommend dessert of a small amount of armangnac poured over peach sorbet? Or perhaps a flan?]

    Sorry Fed, enough is very nearly enough, but you just know where I imagined that flan ended up don’t you!

    [I dread to think… – Features Editor]

  103. Hi all, especially Stephen(Rado), Bianca and Matty

    Stephen Radovanovich sent me some photos of the Queens Arms crew !, plus some other stuff he took around London while he was here for the DG concerts at the RAH.

    With kind permission he has allowed me to upload them and share with you. Thanks Stephen

    If anybody wants to identify themselves from the group photo then please do.

    (Click on my name (link) to the view the page.


    Andy (Whizzyfinger)

    [It’s just the group shot, sorry. We can’t publish your concert photos after all we said about taking cameras to the venues. – Features Editor]

  104. I hope someone can come up with the answer to your question about the line from a song “envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned”?

    i’ll venture a guess…

    how about envy is the bond between those who wish to know, and those who are damned because they are in the know. those who are hopeful are envious of those in the know. the damned are envious of the hopeful because, ignorance is bliss.


  105. Lucia,

    Boy you really dig deep in the Pink Floyd catalog.

    The lyric you refer to: “envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned,” is from a song called Green is the Colour. A composion by Roger Waters and it was on the album MORE (which was a soundtrack). The complete lyrics are:

    Heavy hung the canopy of blue
    Shade my eyes and I can see you
    White is the light that shines through the dress that you wore

    She lay in the shadow of the wave
    Hazy were the visions of her playing
    Sunlight on her eyes but moonshine made her cry ev’ry time

    Green is the colour of her kind
    Quickness of the eye deceives the mind
    Envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned

    This release is certainly one of the more obscure items in the catalog. I do have a copy on CD, I don’t think I ever even saw a copy on album. And I know I never saw the movie.

    Hats off to you on remembering this lyric.


  106. Michael,

    The other album that had images of the band was Dark Side of the Moon. Inside it included two posters – one of them was a green tint poster of the pyramids and the other was a concert type poster of the band. Other than that I can only think of David’s solo releases which the first two both included pictures of David on the cover.

    Interesting isn’t it. PF really never showed images of the band. But David’s solo efforts did show David with the exception of OAI. And the images were plastered on the front cover.

    By the way, I imagine some of our fellow bloggers may not even know that PF used to package little goodies in some of their releases (posters, stickers, postcards). The CD era pretty much erased many of those items. But I think the 20th Anniversary release of DSOTM did include some reproductions of the original goodies (I’ll have to check that out later.)

    Believe me, I’m not pining for the old times. I’m just stating how different things are and how they evolved – some for the better and some for the worse.

  107. Nick King ~

    I have both Wet Dream and Zee Identity as well as Broken China.



  108. [re: Smile – I’ve always been a sucker for a waltz.]

    Does anyone else find themselves walking on a concrete sidewalk, hear your footsteps fall in time with the waltz beat, and it immediately cause you to start humming this tune because of it?

    It happens to me all the time.

  109. Fed, you want to help me ?

    – to Bert [Hope my glass of Sauternes will cheer me up], wowh ! very good taste ! : Sauternes with ” foie gras ” (Fed, please, in english ?), while listening to On An Island, it would be ” l’extase ” ( Fed ?) !!!

    – to Jan [Lucia and Michelle…you are becoming almost as amusing as Rudders and angelo.But only ‘almost’], Ohhh, it seems to me a “matcho” (Fed ?) ‘s remark !!!joke, of course !

    – Ikkar, Sylvie, Jorge Luis Rivera, à bientôt, promis, sinon, Lucia, même en voyage, va me maudire pour mes trop longs commentaires…


    [Foie gras is the fatty liver of an over-fed duck or goose, isn’t it? Not for me, thank you. I can’t think of anything ecstatic in that. Il me fait malade! – Features Editor]

  110. Jan asked, “I hope someone can come up with the answer to your question about the line from a song “envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned”? I am very curious to know what this is as it is not familiar to me, but quite intriging.”

    That’s a line from Green is the Colour, isn’t it? “The quickness of the eye decieves the mind…”

  111. Andrew:
    My husband has the Dark Side of the Moon with the two posters and two post cards. A very nice keepsake. Great things these cd’s tho, esp since they have included more pics of the band inside.

    Years ago(far far away in another life) I had a 45 rpm(?) of Elvis that had 4 songs on it. Was unusual for that time too. Like a mini album.

    No not a ‘macho’ remark. Certainly not the FEd, either. Just that I am enjoying reading your postings here very much and both you and Lucia make me laugh. Many others make me laugh as well. I wish I spoke both of your languages and could read and understand more of what you post.

    Where is Rudders??????

  112. MY MISTAKE—

    Rather than a “woo-hoooo” near the end of “smile”, it’s a “who-ooooo”… I keep listening to every track exhaustively…

    Also, has anyone noticed that piano note in “the blue” so reminescent of the “echoes” intro??? Near the end of the chorus… sweet detail…

    I’ll keep sharing cool things I hear during the trip… exploring them sonic landscapes…


  113. MORE OF MY MISTAKES: when i was talking ’bout “simplicity” and “e-bows”, i meant to refer to TAKE IT BACK…oh goodness… hope that David nor anyone else read that… *shame*

    By the way… this is what i look like when listening to OAI: º0Oo(-.-)oO0º

    i’m just a new boy….

  114. Andrew,

    I have long since been missing my DSOTM posters, thanks for reminding me! I remember lusting over Davids black Stratocaster hanging on my bedroom wall (I’m sure the ladies were lusting for something else). But in that case, you still have to buy the record and bring it home. Kinda like the toys at the bottom of the cereal box, eh? I don’t really miss lumbering around with the vinyl, but the miniturized packaging is a bit of a bore. Now that I’ve hit 40 I soon won’t be able to read anything on a CD insert!!

    (F’Ed, I’m with you on the foul…er,uh…fowl liver, I’d prefer guacamole to that anyday!)


  115. Bianca,

    Regarding the M4P file you have. This I presume is an iTunes download, as that’s one of their formats. If you have iTunes installed and downloaded it from there, it’s pretty easy. You won’t easily convert it any other way, as it’s a protected file, so use iTunes. What you need to do is make a playlist in iTunes with both Smile & Island Jam or any files you wish to burn in that playlist. Once you have them in the list, you can right click that playlist and one of the options is to Burn a CD. Don’t use NERO, use the in-built burner in iTunes.

    Once you have done this it will create an audio CD for you, which can be played in standard CD players. Hope this helps?


  116. Wait….I just remembered that Ummagumma also had images of the band members on the cover….over and over and over and over again.


  117. If you knew how they made Foie Gras you might not want to eat it anymore, they force feed the geese, and I mean really force, it’s horrible.

  118. Fed, Michael, Veronica, have you ever tasted foie gras (=fatty liver ?) ? if not, come in France, try and you will enjoy, sure !

    [they force feed the geese…], btw, you never heard a salad cry when you digged (?) it out of the earth before eating it ???? (pardon, Fed, cela s’appelle de la “provoc” de ma part …je le sais !)

    Have all a great week end …


  119. [ Veronica, have you ever tasted foie gras]

    No and I’ve no intention of doing so for reasons shown above.

    [I’m with you, Veronica. – Features Editor]

  120. – OK, Veronica, I had understood ….

    – Fed a perdu sa langue…française ? ou a une indigestion rien qu’à l’idée du foie gras ? We had a deal (?), don’t forget…

    – Help ! I can’t buy the clear vinyl ‘Smile’ anywhere ? how to do ?


    [Excusez-moi, mais l’idée du foie gras est horrible pour moi. Avez-vous visité Amazon pour ‘Smile’? – Features Editor]

  121. [ I have both Wet Dream and Zee Identity as well as Broken China.]

    Matt what is identity like?

  122. Dear F.ed,

    You don’t like foie gras, it’s probably because you’ve had a bad experience. If you can, go in Périgord and taste goose Foie gras. It’s probably. Food is like music, don’t you think so ?

    My best wishes to you for this week-end

    [The same to you, Antoine. Have a very good one. I’ve had no bad experience with foie gras, I just prefer some animals in the wild rather than on my plate. – Features Editor]

  123. Dear Fed,

    To Michèle et Antoine:

    n’y aurait-il que les français pour aimer le foie gras? et le foie gras frais, donc? avec du Sauternes, comme dit Michèle… et encore, on ne parle pas des huîtres, des moules à la sétoise, … et des cuisses de grenouille… Oups, sorry, Fed. Are you sick? – and I didn’t mention crème chantilly…

    Dear Fed, laissez un peu tomber le Blog, and enjoy football! (je Ne devrais Pas dire ça, n’est-ce pas?)

    Ikkar, with love

    [Je ne pourrais pas manger ces choses, désolé. Je ne suis pas un végétarien, mais je ne peux pas imaginer manger certains animaux. Peut-être je suis une grande hypocrite ou un grande bébé… Travaillez moins et observez plus de football? Oui, on peut dire cela! Les mêmes pour vous et bonne chance pour France. – Features Editor]

  124. [n’y aurait-il que les français pour aimer le foie gras? et le foie gras frais, donc? avec du Sauternes, comme dit Michèle… ]


  125. thanks Tim (and everyone else that came with advice on the M4P files thingy)

    That is how I finally got it burned!

    Hugs, Bianca

  126. Andrew, I salute you.

    Let’s hope that if some of us still have some sort of apreciation, and haven’t joined the darkside, that things won’t get worse.

    Well one can hope, I suppose.

  127. A Ikkar,

    Préférez le foie gras mi-cuit, c’est vraiment ce qu’il y a de mieux.


  128. A Antoine,

    … et de canard de préférence.

    A Antoine et Ikkar, …et c’est ainsi qu’on fait “bloc”…mauvais jeu de mot, je l’avoue…


  129. A Antoine et Michèle,

    cela me semble un débat typiquement français, non?.. mais on ne s’en lasse pas…”ils” ne savent pas ce qu’ils perdent…

    Ikkar, with love

  130. For anyone interested I paid £15.99 and £2.50 respectively for the vinyl copies of OAI and Smile. Perhaps I could have got them cheaper, if I had not ordered them through my local independent record shop but the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. However I would have been happy to pay more; does anybody out there regret paying £3.50 instead of £2.50 for DSOM back in 1973?

    If you get the opportunity, please buy the vinyl editions, you will not be disappointed. You will only regret not doing so, when in the near future they are out of stock. In keeping with the music contained on the tracks, the vinyl is of the best quality and the packaging/artwork superb. Packaging of The Floyd output has always been a key element of their output and it is gratifying to see that David is keeping faith with this ideal by treating his solo work with the same respect.

    How many of us willingly paid £10 for the David Gilmour tour poster? Me for one; well the poster contained within OAI is easily worth £10 and for a few pounds more you get a brilliant record together with a beautiful sleeve.


  131. C’est vrai, Ikkar, c’était un mini débat typiquement français mais très sympa et inoffensif, sauf pour notre ami Fed …

    Mais Fed, quand même !!!: [ I would rather eat worms than… Features Editor, (‘more awards’, june 12, 09.26 PM) ], foie gras worse than worms ? mais ne vous inquiétez pas, le débat est clos, les plaisanteries les meilleures sont les plus courtes.


    [Oui, oui… Je vois l’ironie dans mon expression originale… Pardonnez-moi. Mais je ne mangerais un ver (“Berk!”, non?) et il y a plus de chance de moi mangeant tous les vers dans le monde que donnant mon appui aux… les ordures! (C’est une occasion parfaite pour moi dans dire: “Fais-moi des vacances!”, n’est pas? C’est mon favori!) – Features Editor]

  132. But the problem, Fed, is that I don’t know the expression in french “Fais-moi des vacances” ???
    Je connais “lâche-moi” ou “va te faire foutre !”, mais c’est très ( beaucoup trop ) vulgaire …perhaps it’s what you meant, but I don’t think so…


    [Non. Peut-être ma memoire n’est pas bonne. Je me rappelle l’expression d’école. Je veux dire “Give me a break”. Peut-être on peut dire “Donnez-moi des vacances”? – Features Editor]

  133. Artwork’s nice. There’re some places out at the water near us, very nice, reminds me of those. Though looks nicer in the artwork.

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