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bray113_blog.jpgFor those who have asked how they go about downloading ‘Smile’ (the edit or the demo) and ‘Island Jam’, here are some alternatives to iTunes (in alphabetical, not preferential, order).

I hope they prove useful. Let me know how you fare, as I haven’t tried them all for myself and others would no doubt appreciate the recommendation.

HMV – Pay for each song or download as much as you want for £14.99 a month.
Napster – Seven-day free trial. Napster Lite tracks cost 79p each.
The Raft – Tracks cost 99p each. PC users only.
Virgin – Each track costs 79p.
Virgin (US) – For fans in the US. Unlimited downloads for $7.99 per month.
WH Smith – In conjunction with Napster, but get a 30-day free trial instead.
Woolworths – Again, each track costs 79p.

‘Smile’ is being played on BBC Radio 2, but not nearly enough as it should be. Don’t let me stop you if you want to e-mail the presenters and tell them that there’s this great song…

Today’s photo is taken from the band rehearsals on 18/19 May. This is where they warmed up for the three London shows, which we have greatly enjoyed you commenting on.

More photos from these sessions coming soon.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Gosh, I love seeing David’s multi-musical talents. It was a treat hearing him play live all those instruments. Great photo!


  2. I have to say that I have yet to hear Smile played on a U.S. radio station. The only tracked played right now is the title track. This could be because the Smile single was only released in the U.K.

    I also have to comment that I was taken aback when I saw Woolworths on the list. It reminded me of the department store that went out of business here in the states years ago.


    [I do hope the links work and that downloading your chosen track isn’t too difficult. Please let me know if you’ve got any gripes, groans, grumbles or any other interesting word that begins with a ‘G’, guys. (A bit of alliteration for you there, Rudders. Damn, it’s been a while.) – Features Editor]

  3. Caption: David!, “theres a train a comming”

    Fed, I find it strange that the Pigeon sighting [Dome,RAH 29.5.06] has gone unnoticed??, We reckon that a three hour gig, and all them lazers and things, must have made it drop a least two parcles!.

    I did overhear a French Lady comment after the show that she didnt like the topping on her Icecream, I wonder if theres a connection?.

    [Eh? – Features Editor]

  4. I got the Island Jam bonus disk with my copy of On An Island because I bought it at Best Buy here in the US. Island Jam is a great track, and I’ve got no idea why David would choose not to put it on the album. Those of you who have not heard it yet are in for a real treat.

    Here in the US, it’s no longer available at Best Buy (or anyplace else for that matter, except as an online download).

    By the way, love the very blue pic of David playing the slide guitar above. One of Polly’s?

    [It sure is. – Features Editor]

  5. Despite being in the process of renovating a house I broke off to go to RAH on 29th May – brilliant. ‘Smile’ was one of the many highlights. Down side to all of this is I have not seen this webiste for about 6 weeks though it is still up there, all up to date and informative as ever. My ‘new to DG’ partner did have one suggestion though for the gigs, could Mr Nash be supplied with a guitar to at least hold during Davids solo’s??! I would love to see a collection of HIS best ‘air guitar’ moments – please don’t leave them on the editors room floor when doing the DVD!!!!

    [Or a potter’s wheel and some clay. Maybe he could do a ceramic version of wireman without even realising it. – Features Editor]

  6. Getting back to the XM interview. Did anyone catch the bit about David copping the guitar lick from the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” and using it in “Echoes”?? If anyone (besides David) had told me there was a parallel with those two songs I’dve fallen out of my chair! But now that he pointed to it, I can hear it now. Very cool….

  7. Hi all:

    Nice Photo, I guess they rehearse with the lighting as well. David looks good in blue.

    I saw some pictures of him at the Mojo awards and he was wearing a white T-shirt under a suit-type jacket. I guess all the black ones were in the laundry.

    The following is a short interview with David in this month’s Guitar World magazine, about how David started playing guitar:

    Q: What inspired you to first pick up a guitar.

    A: Probably Elvis Presley. I liked the way he held it. And those early Elvis songs, like “Heartbreak Hotel”, were so great that they made me really want to play.

    Q: What was your first guitar?

    A: It was a Spanish guitar that belonged to my neighbor. His mother bought it for him, and I borrowed it and never gave it back. I think it was called a Tatay. And I’ve still got it.

    Q: What was the first song you learned?

    A: The first one I learned was probably “Rock Island Line” by Leadbelly. I had a Pete Seeger guitar tutor record and book. He showed you how to play the chord of D and suggested a couple of songs that worked fairly well when played with just the one chord.

    Q: Do you remember your first gig?

    A: I was in the Boy Scouts. I took the guitar to a sing-along where we sang some campfire-type songs. I just strummed along, playing an open guitar, without knowing how to play a single chord. I sat right at the back. Luckily, they could scarcely hear me strumming all out of tune.

    Q: What was your most embarrassing onstage moment?

    A: When I was a teenager playing in one of my first bands, the amplifier developed some sort of problem and started to make a very loud roaring noise. The amp had four legs screwed in the bottom, like a piece of furniture. While I was playing, it moved across the stage until if fell over and broke.

    Q: Did you play it off cool?

    A: I don’t think so, no. I sort of stood there and probably wailed with embarrassment.

    This should be inspiring to those that are just starting out. Even the greatest have to start at the beginning. I guess that I had just imagined that he picked up a guitar and started playing his favourite song within minutes.

    I wonder if his neighbor wants his guitar back? ;o)

  8. What a nice cover…is mrs Samson,i suppose.

    One of my favourite pieces of the album.It seems to come from another time.And I like ‘Island jam’,too,great blues experience from one of my favourite bluesmen ever,David Gilmour.

    Good work,see you at Firenze

  9. Hello,

    Again a splendid shot of David (playing High Hopes?).

    This week a German girlfriend, Doris ( x thanks), tipped me at David session work with Chris Jagger, yes indeed the brother of Mick. David contributed two songs on the album “Act of Faith”; “It’s amazing (what people throw away)” & “Junkman”. Really nice, and must haves. The man is touring in Europe, the Stones & David Gilmour too, who knows they team up…

    Did I missed more session work of our hero? The latest I got is Phil Manzanera’s fantastic “6:00 pm” & Alan Parsons latest album (both from ’04)?

    Have a nice weekend,
    Nick from the lovely South of…

  10. downloading’s not for me. i’d rather buy the single on cd and rip it to my ipod.

    i e-mailed several radio 2 djs and asked them to play ‘smile’ for you, ed.

    [Thanks very much, mate. – Features Editor]

  11. I just signed up for the Napster 7 day free trial, but I can’t seem to find the Island Jam. It has all his other songs though.

    [Oh Wendy, I am sorry. The sites listed are the most popular legal download sites. You’d have thought they’d have them all. – Features Editor]

  12. YES!

    Good news!!

    Today between 12-2pm on The Jeremy Vine show they finally played Smile.

    And frankly. It’s about bleeding time!!

    Oh and the news on the street is. Jeremy Vine is going a thing at the moment to get 2 melephobes (sp?) to get into music. The public chose 10 songs. And Pink Floyd are there! With the Dark Side of the Moon album. (I know their entire album, but they played Time) Anyway. Jeremy Vine mentioned today on his show how David may actually be on the show tommorow (Friday 9th June). Along with Brian Wilson, who has a Beach Boys song in the charts aswell.

    Basically they say what song has most changed their lives.

    Just thought i’d give the heads up.

    [We’d better tune in, then. You can also play yesterday’s show. See the link below. – Features Editor]

  13. Just brought the Smile cd single for £1.99 at my local independent record store (they also had vinyl On An Island for £12.99)

    Can’t believe HMV are selling it for £2.99 even though there is a sticker on the front saying you should expect to pay no more than £2.00!

  14. Fed

    Whilst loooking for something on Amazon I saw this single from 2005 Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve) featuring amongst others David Gilmour. What was his involvement?


    [He plays a bit of guitar. It’s a charity single in tribute of the late John Peel. Others involved include Elton John, Roger Daltrey and Robert Plant. – Features Editor]

  15. Maybe he could do a ceramic version of wireman without even realising it. – Features Editor]
    Now I really would love to see David do that!

    Have to say that all this downloading is not very artistic and somewhat clinical. I mean how can you download the artwork? How can you feel the texture of the cover and appreciate the design as the creator wished. Got my single from HMV, hard copy. I mean, who in their right mind would download “Glassman”. Oh and by the way loved your comment Fed about “Glassman” on a cowpat. This has given me so many ideas!

    Neil great shirt story eh! I had forgotten about the glass on the car roof. More later.

    Ian Pearson

  16. Looks like David has “mohawk” haircut in that pic… or am i just trippin? It’d be cool to see him having that haircut (lol)… no, really it would.

    Anyone voting for Dave to get a mohawk???

  17. Real nice photo.

    Well, I made it home from London to Australia. 43 hour return trip. Was it worth it? Every second! I am still pumped after the concert on the 29th, and can only hope along with a zillion other Austrlians that David and the band decide to head to Australia to close what has been a spectacular year thus far.


  18. Dear F.Ed.

    As I am sort of collecting I’ll go for it all, downloads (done… no trouble downloading from iTunes), buy the CD singles (done…), I’m waiting to receive the 7” vinyl single and today I got the OAI on vinyl (It is lovely to see the artwork as it should be!)

    I just enjoy all the variations, all the different formats, and as it is not that often something new comes from the ”Pink Floyd camp” I just love it when it does….

    Best regards


  19. Dear F.Ed, all bloggers and of course our Dear Mr. Gilmour, his beautiful wife Polly Samson, The Wonderful Mr. Wright, and the rest of the incredible musicians in the band!

    I feel I have to sum up a bit, and must say the last year has been an extreme experience for the Gilmour/Floyd fans. We are used to wait 10-12 years for things to happen, but the last year have been something special. Starting off last summer with Live8 (I was lucky enough to be there) and the information that Mr.Gilmour was working on a new record. The great news in the beginning of December about the tour, the launch of this website and the pure luck it was to get tickets to 7 shows.

    Even though the expectations were high we all new that Mr. Gilmour wouldn’t let us down, and it has been far better than I expected……..

    The record was released and must say that On An Island IS a masterpiece and it grows as time goes. Great songs, both the music and the lyrics (”dreamers may leave, but they’re here ever after” is a wonderful line and is now written on the wall outside Abbey Road Studios to remember all those who has left us in one way or another) I truly love the record and definitely rate it as on one of the greater ones.

    I went to the Paris and Amsterdam shows and was blown away. The concerts were great and the experience of meeting, and getting the autographs of Mr. Gilmour and the wonderful Mr. Wright outside their hotel in Paris was kind of a strange highpoint. Although I felt a bit stupid hanging around there (felt like a silly teenager again), I did feel that this was the one time I just had to do a stunt like that (first time in my life and sort of made up for a 30 year wait for the opportunity). I came across the hotel by accident and as there was only six, seven people waiting there I new it wouldn’t be any mass hysteria, but a quite civilised thing. It paid off to wait. In the end Mr. Wright came out just to give us some autographs and sort of say hello, very nice of him indeed. And a bit later Mr. Gilmour came out on his way to the L’Olympia and sign my On An Island cd, Thanks!!!

    As if this wasn’t enough there was still the 3 nights in Royal Albert Hall to come. And I thought the nights in Paris and Amsterdam was great……….

    At the RAH The band was just fantastic, Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Wright was on fire and the guests was amazing. For a Pink Floyd fan I must say that the apperance of Mr. Mason was something special. It was PINK FLOYD! I bumped into Storm Thorgerson at RAH and managed to thank him for all the art he has given us over the years (both Floyd related and everything else). I even managed to get Mr. Mason’s autograph at the stage door after the show and I assure you that there is no chance of these signatures ending up on e-bay, I’ll even put it in my will that they are not for sale what so ever!

    But, the real bonus of all this is that these events, and the blog, has given us new friends all over the world. It has given us another opportunity to do some good, do something for people that has been unfortunate in life or suffers for some reason. This of course, makes us also feel better about ourselves…. It’s a really positive circle.

    I have tried to contribute both to help people in need and to bring some joy to fellow fans. I have given away a couple of tickets to fans that couldn’t afford to go the concerts. I met up with Eyal and his friend Avigdor at the Queens Arms and Avigdor got the opportunity to see the last show. He will contribute to charity as was suggested on this blog and he is giving the ticket value to a local organisation in Israel called YAD SARAH. I have also donated the value of two tickets to Amnesty International…

    So all in all this has truly been great, both regarding the musical experience, but also regarding the “important stuff”.

    So a huge thanks to you all for “allowing” us to be a part of this!

    Best regards,


    PS! Hope I didn’t bore you too much!

  20. I think I`ve droped a right clanger! I only clicked on the link above and chose the Chris Evans show to put a request in. On the reasons why I have contacted the show, I said; My girlfriend is a nightmare(joking of course), I`m really worried now as they have my phone number!

    But for David and us bloggers I`ll go through it!(if I get a call).

  21. Hi FEd,

    Regarding the “Latest News” item from Mon. 5th June – Time To Ring Some Changes.

    “‘Fan Fare’ may reappear with fare for fans”

    Does this imply DG related items will be available for purchase, that aren’t already on the Merchandise page? Things like ‘David Gilmour’, ‘About Face’ remastered CD’s? ‘In Concert’ DVD?, etc. etc.

    Hey, how about some “Glassmen” as well, come on Ian, you’ve got a captive market…

    Not to mention the “other features”…Mmmm??? What could they be?

    [Sorry to disappoint. We just decided that we didn’t like “Fan Fare” and reverted back to “The Blog”. “Fan Fare” seems a better title for the merchandise. – Features Editor]

  22. Caption: David almost buries himself in the part when he plays “Then I Close My Eyes” and almost nods off (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz). David: “A moment of silence please.”

    Another nice pic.<;~) Golly gee willikers! I don’t have the foggiest notion what that is, but I really fancy that spiffy little doodad on the piano in the backround. Shine on you crazy diamond!

  23. Dearest FeD

    Again so very very thoughtful of you to post all the download links – thanks!

    Any chance of someone asking/nudging iTunes to make Island Jam available on the US site? Right now it is only up in UK and one has to have a UK Credit Card to use and etc ……


    [It would certainly be better if everything were made available to everyone. I don’t think it will happen, though. The US had ‘Island Jam’ months ago thanks to the Best Buy chain. Besides, you could nudge some people into next week and it wouldn’t make any difference. – Features Editor]

  24. Dearest FeD

    Again so very very thoughtful of you to post all the download links – thanks!

    Any chance of someone asking/nudging iTunes to make Island Jam available on the US site? Right now it is only up in UK and one has to have a UK Credit Card to use and etc ……


    [It would certainly be better if everything were made available to everyone. I don’t think it will happen, though. The US had ‘Island Jam’ months ago thanks to the Best Buy chain. Besides, you could nudge some people into next week and it wouldn’t make any difference. – Features Editor]

  25. Fellow Bloggers

    I’d like to share a “Seamus” moment with you. I have a year old Boston Bull Terrier, by the name of Roscoe. We have discovered that he is quite fond of singing along to the guitar.

    I worked out the chords to “Where We Start” the other day. While giving the song a run through this evening Roscoe came running in from the yard, took his place in front of the grill of my Fender amp and started crooning! He has a rather pleasant falsetto howl and handled the verses pretty well. Trouble is Roscoe loses interest after a couple of minutes so I’m left to fend for myself for the rest of the song! Do you think he’s ADD??

    Any chance David might consider a remix to duet with a Boston??

    No….probably not, but there’s always blooper television!

    Enjoy the day,

  26. To Andy

    I’m posting my reply here, because obviously you can’t be bothered to look at where you actually posted yours. I saw your original post and your second, so don’t go blaming this fan site for not posting your derogatory comments about David!!

  27. [I can’t, I’m afraid, but it would be good. I hope you’ve voted for ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. – Features Editor]

    Of course i did Fed

    Ill be Listening to Jeremy Vine(BBC Radio2) this lunch time & let you all know if David “pops in” .Those that miss it can use the listen again option.

  28. Caption: Is David re-creating Antonio Banderas’ role in Once upon a time in Mexico?

  29. Apologies in advance for making you probably hit the delete key to this, but…

    I have heard of a strong rumour that a certin man has the ball rolling on another album?!?

    I really hope it is true, and am now going to save up some cash for the ’08 tour :p. A man can dream can’t he?

    If this is true looks like you’re sorted for employment for a bit anyways, lol 🙂

    [Now, which fansite gave you that idea? – Features Editor]

  30. if david is going to be on jeremy vine’s show today, we should all make sure that we’ve voted for dark side of the moon. it is the ultimate life changing album, no doubt about it. click my name to vote.

    we should also e-mail jeremy vine to thank him for playing ‘smile’ yesterday… maybe he’ll play it again!

    he’s on air at 12 until 2.

  31. Hi F.Ed and fellow bloggers,

    It’s been a while since my last post as I have been busy making life altering changes such as relocating back to India. So this post now comes to you via the East…

    Looks like I missed a whole lot of stuff while I was gone…what a wonderful gift for you F.Ed, can’t think of anyone more deserving of it. Thx bloggers who made this happen on behalf of all of us.

    Did also want to share that British Airways is currently featuring OAI in it’s entirety as part of it’s inflight entertainment programme on it’s flights in and out of the UK. Can’t tell you how much more enjoyable that made an interminably long journey. So if anyone happens to be flying BA, be sure to check it out.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


    [All the best to you with your new life in India, Nisha. Nice to know that the people at BA have such excellent taste in music. – Features Editor]

  32. F’ed,

    I’ve always had a deep respect (and I mean that most sincerely) for you but whilst undertaking my big brother duties for Lucia I have realised just how many posts are made to topics / days other than the most recent one or two.

    Apart from making it impossible to check that you haven’t made a sneaky comment (promise me you won’t) on say March 5th, it shows that the job of Fedmeister is akin to herding cats.

    Humbly yours

    [In fact, I’ve recently closed most of the old ones making them read-only, so now you can only post at the May and June entries. This is partly for the benefit of those who write the most beautiful, eloquent sentiments in response to long-forgotten discussions. Unfortunately for them, it’s quite likely that I’ll be the only person who’ll appreciate their words. – Features Editor]

  33. I don’t understand very well what they tell us on english radios, but I just connected me to BBC radio 2 and I think I undestood Pink Floyd is the winner with DSOTM ! it’s true ? wowh!!! Congratulations !!!


    [Absolument! – Features Editor]

  34. Congrats DSOM won “Music that changed life” and David on radio now on Jermey Vine.

    Didnt we do well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ian Pearson

  35. Hello F’ed,

    Just got my vinyl copy of On An Island… Cor! It’s a lovely package… Sounds great as well!

    I was wondering if it is Carbon Neutral like the CD and Tour programme… I can’t find the little logo anywhere… or am I being blind!?


    [That’s a very good point, Dan. I’m sorry to say that I don’t know. I’ll find out. – Features Editor]

  36. Just listened to Jeremy Vine (and panel), with David on the phone. Well, nothing will convince me otherwise that this is a big advert for Roger’s tour. No disrespect to David but I think he has been conned, again, like he was by Roger for Live 8!!

  37. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand anything in what M. Gilmour said at the BBC interview about DSOTM and it’s first place.

    Why do english people speak so quickly ? or , rather, why are french people so bad in english ? ( some of them !)


    [You have to speak quickly to be able to get a word in before another person starts talking! The main points were that he is proud that the album is still so highly thought of, is amazed that it’s been in the US charts for 1,500 weeks and doesn’t feel that Pink Floyd ever promoted or endorsed drug use (citing Syd Barrett as an example of how drugs can ruin a person’s life). He also took time to praise Roger’s lyrics and to thank the fan who called in to compliment the ‘On An Island’ album and tour. – Features Editor]

  38. Happy Friday,

    Smile is obviously getting the exposure but I have seen only one or two positives for Island Jam. I have played this to death already and do feel that this is a classic. The guitar, organ (presumably Hammond) and bass playing is quite wonderful. Am I in the minority here?.

    To the 16 year old who is into Richard Wrights, Wet Dream. I think its fantastic that you have discovered it. No problem at all with that.

    Finally, the posters from DSOTM. Thanks for the memory. It made me think back to when I was a teenager. Being the youngest I had the ‘box’ bedroom. It was covered in those posters plus one of Rory Gallagher, one of Pink Floyd and all the bits and bobs that came free with Sgt Peppers. Great days.

    Enjoy the weekend
    Pete – Coventry

  39. “…far to go, so far to go, still far to go….”

    Nice choice on todays music F’Ed!!

  40. Note to all. Derogatory comments about DG that Lesley refers to are from an Andy – not an Andrew.

    I don’t want to get any pointy stick attacks.

    Whew! Glad I cleared up that one.

    Now I won’t have to keep looking over my shoulder.


    Andrew (not Andy)

  41. Caption:

    “Leading by example to reduce worldwide energy use, David plays by the light of Richard’s new hydrogen powered miner’s cap while simultaneously pedaling to power his amps”

  42. Question for all of you Gilmouratti….

    Anyone figure out the music to Pocketful of Stones? I’m double checking my humble attempt to do so…


    And a Big Congrats on Dark Side of the Moon! That’ll get play today in my office for sure…..

  43. Happy Friday! 🙂

    Firstly, grats on DSOTM being #1 in Music That Changed My Life. The central themes and enormous sound (and of course David’s guitar and voice) set it apart from almost every other album by a long way, imho (and I’m just SOOO biased).

    Secondly, quick update on the lithos – I’ve just spoken to Anthill and have ordered an additional 4 for those of you who mailed me. They’ll come to me sometime next week, and then will forward on to the various addresses (mostly US and Canada I think). I’m on holiday tomorrow until next Thursday, so fingers crossed the lithos will be waiting for me when I get back. What I’m trying to say is you can expect yours the following week. Will mail you all with postage costs and my paypal details once I’ve got the lithos to hand.

    So, I’m off to Spain with the family until next Thursday – have a FANTASTIC world cup everyone, especially England….I’ll be watching the first two games in a bar someplace, wearing my number 7 printed ‘nickster’ england shirt 🙂



    [Have a good one, Nick. – Features Editor]

  44. Congrats to the VOICE AND GUITAR of Pink Floyd for winning the most Influential……., did any one here the opinions of the non music listener he put DSOTM art No 9 with i think he said Julie Andrews, he was not very nice at all he totally missed the whole depth of the album and the point that it happens on so many levels this man might as well of blaimed the fall of the world and its drug abuse problems, talk about missing the point, when this question was put to Mr Gilmour his answer was brill as he pointed out never once have PF enhanced the drug issues in there music yes we all know the music of PF can be enjoyed under the influence and nmaybe alot of fans of PF/GILMOUR first heard thease under the influence the point is still 20/30/40/ years down the road we are still there listening to them no longer under the influence but even now still understanding the quality and speaking only for me i still am able to get new things out of the music when i listen and im no longer under the influence, thank god for a world where freedom of speach is aloud what else would i have to wind me up, still as long as i know what ever i say is correct and what ever i hear that i dont agree with is wrong then things are ok (joking), very occationally im wrong, well Fed and freinds im of to enjoy the pleasure of Gilmour under the influence of the Kids fighting , the dog barking and the wife nagging.

    The Sun is the same in a relative way…….

    [What I want to know is how on earth a grown man can declare himself a ‘music virgin’. Isn’t music with us, and a part of us, from the very day we are born? Doesn’t it act as a soundtrack to our lives whether we like it or not? How can anyone simply denounce all music? How very strange. – Features Editor]

  45. Our David! He’ll spend his time off accepting awards I suppose. Maybe he’d rather be pottering around in the garden…

    Some of you may have noticed that Laurie has been quiet on the blog for awhile; she says “hello” to everyone. Unfortunately her dad who was ill with cancer died early this morning, so please keep her in your thoughts.


    [Please pass on our condolences, Deborah. That’s very sad. – Features Editor]

  46. Hurrah for DSOTM.

    We rock!!

    I see the MOJO Blogadmin rumbled us on the move the Gilmour award up a bit :p

    [You did well. Did you download the podcast? Click your name to hear David accepting his award. – Features Editor]

  47. Kind of OT but this morning I was sitting in my car trying to get out of the driveway to my apratment complex. Everyone had stopped to let 2 very long lines of baby geese cross the parking lot.

    On the radio at the time was “Another brick in the wall” with the current lyric being “We don’t need no education” as sung by our illustrious DG while these two lines of geese walked in time to the music ala the kid sequence in the film.It was hilarious, wish I’d had a videocam 🙂

  48. Just listened to the BBC2 stream. Congratulations to the band! Well deserved. What wasn’t deserved was that nutjob, Peter Oborne, blaming Pink Floyd for drug use and declaring them as “evil”! This chap obviously has his head up his arse. I don’t know his politics but I sense he could easily get a job with Fox News here in the States where his ignorant moralizing would be wholly embraced. What a quack!!!!!!


  49. “why did bruce the fan talk more than david?!”

    I reckon Bruce must be over the moon(perhaps even on the dark side of it). He got to speak to speak with David.

    & slapped wrists for Paul “Hi Dave” Gambaccini if we all know its David, surely a man from the media should as well…there again ask Chris Evans …is it done deliberately, as a wind up?

    When Bruce said “I Live in Sussex too” im sure I could hear David’s toes curl & him thinking, oh no, a stalker. Confronted with speaking to David i cant imagine what inane stuff i would blurt out.I reckon Bruce did all right,at least he got Davids name right!

  50. Fed, I thought you were joking when you mentioned that people were selling their ‘smile’ download sleeves with label on ebay. I just looked on their and you were not. Amazing !

    One last thing about the RAH shows. Not sure if this was mentioned but the number of empty seats I saw was quite sad. I guess the touts got stuck with tickets but then genuine fans had missed out. It was a no win situation.

    Pete – Coventry

    [It wasn’t ideal, was it? I’m still quite cheesed off about that. – Features Editor]

  51. ok I have read enough and I want to put this Roger and David situation to rest. Lets just think for a moment. Roger needed David and David needed Roger to make Pink Floyd. End of story. I like them both and cant stand to read about David vs Roger. They are both intelligent Musicians and I respect them both. As a matter of fact Pink Floyd wouldnt have been Pink Floyd without David Roger Nick and Richard. We all have our opinions dont we, but I believe in my comments that is the truth. Its all about music isnt it?

  52. [Getting back to the XM interview. Did anyone catch the bit about David copping the guitar lick from the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” and using it in “Echoes”?? If anyone (besides David) had told me there was a parallel with those two songs I’dve fallen out of my chair! But now that he pointed to it, I can hear it now. Very cool….]

    Unfortunately, I was unable to catch any of the XM stuff. This statement intrigues me. Is it possible to describe which riff from Good Vibrations he was talking bout? Very interesting, me thinks.


  53. Fedmeister! The Master Of Disguise!

    Pigeon sighting in the RAH – your response “Eh? – Features Editor”

    Plausible deniability! Love it….

    [I’m genuinely very, very confused. – Features Editor]

  54. FEd,

    Thanks for the synopsis of the BBC Interview in Michele’s post. It was perfect since I have not heard it myself.

    As for DSOTM, let’s not forget that David contributed to that release just as much as Roger. It is an incredible release and let’s think back to when it first came out. At that time there was nothing else like it. And it has certainly withstood the test of time.


    [You can still listen to it, Andrew. Click your name, then look for the purple LISTEN AGAIN banner. – Features Editor]

  55. Hey Laurie…

    We’re thinking of you… remember… he hasn’t really gone as you will always have those memories tucked away which will make you smile…

  56. Yeah very strange a man can get to his age without been influenced by music i mean was he not a teenager, did none of his friends listen to music, i doubt anyone can trully be a music virgin as he called him self what ever style of music one way or another we are all influenced by a type of music…..arnt we?

    after here him i now know it was not my fault when i experimented once or three times when i was younger its obvious now Pink Floyd and Mr Gilmour where to blaim, ill instruct a lawyer right AWAY to put in my claim for compensation for my mis spent youth, god there are some idiots about

  57. [Unfortunately, I was unable to catch any of the XM stuff. This statement intrigues me. Is it possible to describe which riff from Good Vibrations he was talking bout? Very interesting, me thinks. – peter]


    I think David said the guitar part was at the beginning of “Good Vibrations”. Where it applies to “Echoes” is coming out of the space jam with the Martian Seagulls or whatever. I think it is the fourth movement of the song at about 16:30, David is playing a staccotto line and the rythm is almost reminiscent of the bass line in “One of These Days”. Hope that helps.


  58. That sounds really cute, Elaine! But next thing you know the kook fans will be out trying to synch Dark side of the Moon to nature!


  59. Dear Laurie,

    votre père vivra tant qu’il sera dans votre coeur…

    Ikkar, with all my love

  60. Laurie….my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your father. May your memories be a comfort to you.


  61. Hey All –

    Just wanted to let you know that I found the import “Smile/Island Jam” single at Tower on Sunset in LA. Odds are then that all Towers in the US will have it.


  62. Hey All –

    Just wanted to let you know that I found the import “Smile/Island Jam” single at Tower on Sunset in LA. Odds are then that all Towers in the US will have it.


  63. Hi everyone,re:the BBC radio 2 ‘farce’. I would have to agree with the people who have aired their criticisms of the so called Award ‘show’. (regards to Michael of New Jersey, & Simon Emery amongst others..)

    It was shallow,unperceptive and biased.

    Of course there is no such thing as a ‘musical virgin’.That was just a pathetic construct more in keeping with mind-numbing ‘reality stlye TV’ rather than objective Public service broadcasting.

    It also served to belittle lovers of ALL genres of music….and it seemed on the day the ‘nutjob’ Oborne was indeed primed up and just waiting for the Presenter the dopey Jeremy Vine to mention ‘drugs’…and before you could say WACO.. have a cheap dig at DG and PF 🙁

    Power to you Mr G for remaining so calm and composed in the face of such open hostility 🙂

    The occasion was meant to be a CELEBRATION of the power of music to bring joy and positivity into peoples’ lives as represented by DSOTM.

    Instead the BBC let the ‘lunatics’or musical ‘Luddites'(your choice bloggers?)off the leash….result negativity and total EMBARRASSMENT.

    I dont need to be told how significant DSOTM or OAI is to me,and i guess you bloggers probably feel the same ??

    Still,the sun is out :the rant is over and the beach is inviting…..


    Martin :):)

  64. Hi Ed. Cheers for the link, I haven’t heard it….yet 65% down 🙂

    lovely day, if a little boring, I’d normally be down the beer garden, but am saving every penny for venice! 98% now. I’m off for a listen!

  65. Laurie,

    Sorry about your father. There is nothing that can lift the pain of your loss other than the passage of time and your remembering the great memories of him.

    I lost my Dad in February and it is starting to get easier. Just hold tight to the love you shared and you will pull through.

    I wish you God speed in your mourning turning to celebration of the life he lived.

    Henderson, NV

  66. “I guess the touts got stuck with tickets but then genuine fans had missed out.”

    There were certainly a good number of touts touting all around the RAH on the three nights I was there, but I saw none of them having any luck selling. Like you say, Pete, it’s a damn shame that real fans probably missed out because of those pricks. A pox on the scalpers, and I hope they’re financially down the gurgler as a result of their avarice.

  67. Caption;I said theres a TRAIN! a comming.

    Fed, not being to greedy in my RAH comedown, do you not think Roy Harper, should have come on to bang out have a Cigar?,Would have been nice.

    [Yes, that could have been good. Roy’s great. Yet out of all the songs David had to choose from, I’m not surprised that this one was left out. If you think of the lyrics, it’s another (very good) attack/whinge and perhaps David just isn’t into that right now. – Features Editor]

  68. [Just got my vinyl copy of On An Island… Cor! It’s a lovely package… Sounds great as well! I was wondering if it is Carbon Neutral like the CD and Tour programme… I can’t find the little logo anywhere… or am I being blind!? – Posted by: Dan at June 9, 2006 01:33 PM]

    Apparently, the way it works is that the carbon neutral people they get their calculators out and work out the effect on the environment of an average CD, including the cost of packaging, transportation, plastic, paper etc. They have many variations, depending on how many pages there are in the booklet… Because vinyl is such a tiny proportion of the market, and because each version is different, there is no formula for it. Therefore, sadly, the LP is not carbon neutral.

  69. I see your point Fed.

    Ok, Roy Harper on stage to sing once.

    the title track of the album of the same name, then that would have fitted. Cracking album, and Davids guitar playing is sublime. that would have been nice.

    We reckon that Roy has waved a few Woodbines in the air, in the RAH in his days.

    And he has a better Voice than that Chap who didnt have any shoes on [only joking ].I will get me coat.



  71. great photo . blue, slide guitar and D.Gilmour . i can imagine melodies.

    and I want to congratulate photographer. mellow, master hands in humility…everything is in same picture..

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