'P.U.L.S.E' on PBS


WLIW, Long Island’s PBS station, is to show ‘P.U.L.S.E’ this Sunday at 8PM.

If you pledge some dollars, you get a free copy of the DVD and, unique to this pledge, you’ll also get a bonus disc containing three live songs from the AOL Sessions, remixed by David’s resident engineer, Andy Jackson.

The three tracks are ‘On An Island’, ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘This Heaven’.

Please note that you will not receive the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ DVD before it is released.

The donations go as follows:

Donate $70 and get an ‘On An Island’ CD
Donate $100 and get a ‘P.U.L.S.E’ DVD
Donate $150 and get both an ‘On An Island’ CD and a ‘P.U.L.S.E’ DVD

More on this story over on the Latest News page.

We have three competition winners from yesterday. They are Chris Royle, Karima and Nisha. Congratulations!

The word that SNEd and I agreed upon was Melodious, but that was because we didn’t think that anyone would come up with Mellifluous – which Karima did. Nisha was very close to Melodious with Melodic, so we’re very happy to declare you all winners.

Please let us know where we should mail your T-shirts (by leaving a comment in the usual manner) and please be sure to let us know which size you’d like – medium, large or extra large.

Thanks very much to everyone for sharing their thoughts. It’s always interesting to read how the album is perceived on an emotional level and it’s wonderful that so many people from all over the world settled on such similar words, proving that the album’s themes are highly evocative and powerful to those who take the time to let those feelings wash over them.

Today’s picture is one of Polly’s fantastic Royal Albert Hall shots. You’ll be able to see more of them in their full glory soon.

Today’s exclusive DVD-related whisper is… I’ll have to think a little longer about that. There’s just so much that I could say… Maybe later.

For now, that’s your lot for the weekend. Have a good one, everybody.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

151 thoughts on “'P.U.L.S.E' on PBS”

  1. Wow! That is so cool about the PBS broadcast of Pulse and the OAI connection.

    So if I read the Latest News section correctly, the AOL bonus disc will come with any of the pledges indicated above? For example, $70 gets you the OAI disc plus the bonus disc?

    By the way, any chance of seeing the shirt the three lucky people won?


    [You’re absolutely right about the AOL Sessions disc. Not sure about the T-shirt, though. – Features Editor]

  2. You are so very mean!

    Please tell us something about the dvd or else, I’ll……um erm I’ll, cry!


    Pretty please?

  3. Oh what a shame I didn’t win a nice pair of On An Island tour underpants fed, I would have been so proud (not to mention contented)

    like my mother always told me you can never have enough underpants!

    I wonder what she meant?

    My hearty congratulatios to the winners ;o)

  4. Alright Fed… that was just MEAN! Ok, Ok… I’ll wait til next week for more DVD details (like I have a choice???). Oh well- you’re forgiven… we can’t help but love you, after all we’ve been thru together!

    Congrats on the winners of the T-shirts. But I must say “melodious” is aweful close to “maloderous”… oh that just stinks- I’m sorry! No coat so I can’t get it. Just let the door shut softly behind me.

    Anyway- have a great weekend Fed and everyone, and to all you dads- Happy Fathers’ Day!


  5. Congratulations to the winners! Well done…

    Can’t say I agree with Mellifluous as a good word to describe OAI personally but that’s what are opinions are all about 🙂

    And why is DG pictured asleep under a sunbed canopy? Surely that’s invasion of privacy!

    And don’t call me Shirley! 🙂

  6. [ Today’s exclusive DVD-related whisper is… I’ll have to think a little longer about that. There’s just so much that I could say… Maybe later. ]

    Rolls on the floor groaning.

    Have a good weekend.

  7. Sounds like a quote from a David Gilmour-interview. He must have been asked about something, and have now finally made a desicion. Maybe not?

  8. I usually never win anything but this is one prize I am so happy I won !!!

    Thanks so much – this is way cool…love you all !!



    [Congratulations, NIsha! It will be on its way to you on Monday. – Features Editor]

  9. Oh Fed, you’re such a tease!! Making wait ALL weekend for our next tidbit of DVD news.

    I guess that PBS show is only on the NY PBS channel, and not all PBS??? Angelo, buddy in the Bronx, help a girl out . . I know you’ll be recording it =)


    [New York only, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  10. PS – Can we see the shirt now Fed? Huh . .can we, can we??

    Congrats to the winners!!


  11. Caption Competition:

    Poor David was all pouty-face after not winning FEd & SNEd’s recent competition, but Polly cheered up her good little boy with some tasty bread pudding and a Brickman laser show….

  12. Wait a tick…I thought the word was something you could wear!

    I’m such a dolt…


  13. [Today’s exclusive DVD-related whisper is… I’ll have to think a little longer about that. There’s just so much that I could say… Maybe later.]

    No fair.. we will call you EEd from now on: Evil Editor..*grin*

    FEd, I mean.. EEd, I did a little cartoon about DG. Can I show it on this blog?

    Hugs, Bianca

    [Yeah, of course you can. (Would an evil person say that?) – Features Editor]

  14. Hello, F.Ed,

    Congrats to the winners. PULSE on PBS? Will it just be just on the NYC affiliate, or are there others that plan to show it? PF on PBS… Now besides Red Green, (which reminds me…I need some duct tape), I have another great reason to like PBS.

    What’s the deal with cutting off yesterday’s entry? I feel cheated now, F.Ed. Ruined my whole day. (Well, not really, but I was surprised).

    Today’s whisper… a big tease? keeping the captive audience in suspense, who are lusting for any little nugget they can cherish? The anticipation is unbearable, F.ED! C’mon, something, pleeeez? (Is that desperate and annoying enough to get you to cut loose of some info?)

    Have a great weekend, all


    [I think I can bear a little more, Mike. Maybe I’ll crack later today. Apparently the rest of the US gets to see it from August. – Features Editor]

  15. FED!!! What a tease, you can’t give a build-up like that and not deliver! Toying with our emotions, now I am going to have to listen to “On an Island” to try and cheer me up.

    Enjoy the football mate! Should be a great weekend of matches with a lot of tems vying to stay alive.

    Any chance the PBS special will be shown anywhere else besides New York? Please do let us know.

    Thank you,
    Matt in Maine

    [It will be shown elsewhere from August, apparently. – Features Editor]

  16. Caption competition: “I’ll get you my pretty! and your little dog, too!”

    re: DVD info – Now Edwina, you’ve resorted to teasing. I never thought I’d see the day. Is the DVD package going to include an assortment of Bernie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans? A bonus video of David in the bath singing “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”? (OH, PLEASE!) A front-row ticket to see Roger lip-sync in person? Tell us.


    [I’ve claimed all those front-row seats myself, sorry. – Features Editor]

  17. Hola David, con gran alegría recibí tu nuevo disco, cuando lo tuve en mis manos y lo puse por primera vez en el tocador de discos comprobe que en la musica eres como el vino (mientras mas años mejor), toda mi vida desde que era pequeño escuche los Pink Floyd, formaron parte de los mejores años de mi vida, disfruté con cada sonido de sus discos, y ahora que escuche “On an Island” me sentí niño nuevamente, descubriendo nuevos sonidos y ambientes que no habia experimentado, me alegra mucho que sigas en esto… recibe un gran abrazo desde Chile. admirador forever… Salvador.

  18. Hi again Ed!

    Just to point out that PBS does not rely exclusively on donations from viewers. PBS in fact recieves a good sized grant from the US Gov, and does also accept paid advertising. The difference is that PBS does not interrupt their programming, but they DO take paid advertisers. PBS WITH advertising and the government sponsorship simply does not provide enough money to keep the network afloat, so they do have what you are referring to as telethons a few times a year.

    There was a time when PBS was absolutely commercial free, but it hasn’t been that way in many years.

    As to P*U*L*S*E*, I am waiting for the official release in July! I haven’t even pulled out my VHS in a year knowing it was coming, but I will tune in and order that bonus CD!


    [Cheers, Tom. – Features Editor]

  19. Hi Fed,

    Listening to a CD is a truly personal experience, with very different understandings, likes, dislikes and emotional responses.

    We punters who buy OAI take on board, David’s music and vocals and in a sense they become part of us. We perhaps understand something of every artist we listen to, but are seldom able to pass our own thoughts back to them.

    OAI is a superbly crafted piece of work with a bitter sweet taste. There is the warmth and emotional comfort of the easy living on a Mediterranean Island, set against the the dark thoughts of a person whose three score years and ten are running out towards a perceived nothingness.

    Fortunately, “….when you drown there’s nothing else…..” is a very far from the truth, and as one without any religion whatsoever, when this my 34th incarnation is finished, this 60 year old looks forward to returning home to the comfort warmth and love awaiting in a place often referred the ‘afterlife’, but a vast improvement on this, ‘the punishment planet’.

    Thank you David for your wonderful music, as it helps make this life more tolerable.


  20. Yippie skippie!

    I won. How fun! Truth be told, mellifluous was actually the first word I thought of when reading FEd’s message outlining the rainy day contest. Thank you Sharon and FEd for the great idea. Interesting though, how we all did seem to be on the same general wavelength.

    Ok, so it’s day two here in paradise in Barbados, only it’s been raining hard for the last 5 hours (straight down sheets of rain). But when it’s warm and balmy, it doesn’t seem too bad. Time to curl up with a book and proper british tea – it is Barbados after all – with the occassional break for the World Cup. My husband is Dutch and so no more needs to be said about which team interrupts paradise. Would it surprise anyone that his swim trunks are orange?

    Re the prize: […]

    Again, thank you!


    [Well done, Karima! It will be mailed out on Monday with our compliments. – Features Editor]

  21. Caption: What did you say Guy? Rudders didn’t win yesterday’s prize!!! Good weekend, I’m off to work Monday. This has been a swell ride. Thanks Fed, and Sned, What’s up?

  22. caption for the day

    “David shows of his jedi powers by producing his light saber…….”

  23. love pollys pic of david. I was in a box above stage left and although we had a great view it is great to see what the view was from front of house, looking forward to the dvd.

    could i ask though is there any truth that daves first two solo albums have been remastered for release soon, if so when and there any bonus tracks


    [It’s true, we’ll tell you all about it soon, but the bit about bonus tracks is rubbish. – Features Editor]

  24. Caption: After rehearsing, David retreats to the greenroom to rest up a bit.

    Congratulations winners. Mellifluous. Great choice Karima. I like that word. I used it in a poem I once wrote. Have a great weekend everybody. I’m off to see Keith Emerson tonight.

  25. Ok, Im going to go ahead and ask the obvious. If I pledge $100 does that I mean I get Pulse before July 11th? If so, then I forsee this thing raking in some serious loot. Just curious.


    [Chris, I wondered exactly the same thing, but I’ve received no word on that one way or the other. If I can get an answer, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  26. awww come on you have to gibe us more on the dvd!!!

    Tell us how much of each show will appear on the dvd……………..

  27. Fed you missed my name of the winners list im sure this is just an oversight on your part so ill let it go …….! can we in the UK get this pbs on Sky ,internet can you tell me please, glad you got it Rudders i was getting a bit worried love to all the bloggers and the Fed and rest another night of and where am i sat here instead of in bed with my gorgeous wife

    [I don’t know if others will be able to watch it, but you’re more than welcome to check out the PBS website. – Features Editor]

  28. just curious will there be a live On an Island album in the future?

    [Everyone’s too busy thinking about the DVD at the moment, Aaron. – Features Editor]

  29. Now, that is a great word “Melodius”, it sounds like some Roman thing ~Maximous Melodius~.

  30. Attention all David Gilmour fans – particularly the ones who are outside of the U.K.!!!

    I just got my copy of the Smile clear vinyl single delivered from a U.K. record shop. It is worth picking up this neat item. The vinyl is extra heavy and the graphics look better in person than the images posted here. Do what you can to get this item, you’ll be pleased you did.

    You can now return to doing whatever you were doing….Thank you.


  31. Ed/Edwina, what a tease! “What shall I tell you about the DVD? There’s so much to tell, and I may tell you later… if I feel like it.” Grrr!

    Actually, it’s kinda funny. I mean, at this point what you tell us isn’t going to be earth-shattering (unless you tell us that David’s decided not to release a DVD after all… or that it’s grown into a 3-disc set, in which case I’d better start saving for it now). I trust that you’ll tell us all about it in due time.

    Just to clarify, New York’s PBS channel is WNET-13. WLIW is the PBS channel out on Long Island. It’s nitpicky for most readers, I know, but someone in New York City may be dissapointed when they cannot receive the broadcast tomorrow night.

    I checked on Amazon.com and found the release date for “Pulse” DVD is July 11. Cool. I’ll have to talk someone into buying it for me (hint, hint).

    [Thanks very much for that, Dan. Our apologies. (See the half-arsed information that’s given to us by some of these people? They want your money, so you’d think they’d tell us the right bloody channel. It’s ridiculous…) – Features Editor]

  32. ‘morning bloggers!

    CONGRATULATION to the winners of FEd and SNEd’s competition…even if I don’t have completely understand what the prize is! Underpants…like the Super Goofy’s uniform?

    And CONGRATULATION to Bianca for her cartoon strip! Really funny and well drawn. You’re really an artist!

    Kisses and hugs


    [No underpants, just a T-shirt. Yet I suspect that someone might wish to manufacture OAI underpants if they felt that there was money to be made… – Features Editor]

  33. [with the occassional break for the World Cup. My husband is Dutch and so no more needs to be said about which team interrupts paradise. Would it surprise anyone that his swim trunks are orange?]

    NOT ME! Wahaha, that is so funny.

    I am not a football fan at all myself, so when I was in town yesterday afternoon I was actually surprised how much orange I saw all around me, but I was even a little miffed about the shops closing at 5.30 instead of 6 because the game started at 6!! Talk about mass hysteria..

    But it was funny because when I walked home the streets where suddenly deserted and the whole city had gone whisper quiet. And while I was making dinner I could guess the score from the sudden sound explosions of cheers shaking the building and scaring the bunny.. *grin*

    I had to go out into town again after the game and after cycling through a heaving see of orange, that was drinking beer, singing songs and blowing horns, I arrived at my friends house who had been watching the game and the first thing I said to them with a smirk on my face was: I suppose this means they won? *grin*

    There is something catchy to all this happiness. I think I may like this World Cup, as long as I don’t actually have to watch it. 😀

    Hugs, Bianca

    ps: FEd, thanks for posting my cartoon, did you like it?

    [I did, it’s very good. Thanks for sharing it. – Features Editor]

  34. hello! I ‘ m Simone, lucia’s nephew. I ‘m 10 years old and want to say that I love david’ s music very much. My favorite song is “wish you were here”. When I will be adult I hope I will go to a david’ s concert

    bye bye


    Hello guys! Some days ago my nephew passed an english test at school and he loves very much speaking english…so I thought to let him write some words to David. He is a great David’s fan and he always sings “Wish you were here”. He also suggested to sing and study this song at school, so we discovered that his english teacher is a big David’s fan too!

    Ah! I have a great news! I PASSED MY EXAM!!! The first part, at least! I don’t know the mark, but the important is that THE HALF IS DONE!



    [Congratulations, Lucia! That’s great news. Congratulations to Simone, too. He’s welcome here anytime. I think he could teach a few people about the English language… – Features Editor]

  35. Hey Lucia! You are back! YAY!

    Thank you for your compliment about my cartoon 🙂

    I am also almost done reading Polly’s book. I saved the last chapter for tonight. But you can start asking/discussing everything before that chapter already if you like, Lucia.

    Hugs, Bianca

  36. Just listened to the vinyl-edition of OAI for the first time, and I must say, that I’m really blown away! Besides the fact, that nothing ever can beat a first listen on virgin vinyl in general, the sound on this IMHO is even better than on the CD-edition of OAI; quieter parts in the mix, eg. some of the string sections, Caroline Dale’s Cello or the quieter Hammond-organ-parts come out much clearer and crisper than on the CD, and I think the overall dynamics and the stereo-picture are also much more belenced on the vinyl edition. Obviously this edition was done with great care; a really great record!

  37. CAPTION: While taking a well deserved rest in between shows our hero gets a lovely cooling fan down with some bright and lush palm tree branches.

    Congrats to the winners of the Tshirts ” He says through gritted teeth” , no no well done .

    Have a great weekend folks
    Rgds Geoff Dublin ( Dublin )

  38. One more thing about the DVD, then. It will include a super booklet with lots of photos…

  39. Fed, what does IMHO mean ? I have seen this word several times on this blog and I don’t understand … And if you don’t want to give me an explanation, I will ask Lucia’s nephew to do it for me ! (nouveau chantage, je sais !)

    [One more thing about the DVD, then. It will include a super booklet with lots of photos…Features editor]

    …Wow, what a news !!! and it will be on sale in stores, no ? you are teasing us ! pas joli, joli ! mais vous restez notre Fed favori, ( on ne sait jamais, vous pourriez nous proposer un autre jeu et un autre prix, vaut mieux rester en bons termes avec vous …)


    [Le DVD sera très different, non? IMHO means “in my humble opinion”. You will also see IMO (“in my opinion”) from time to time. – Features Editor]

  40. will the broadcast of Pulse on PBS be from the new recut Pulse dvd?

    I hop on Davids On an Island DVD we will be able to use multiple cameras for some songs and view songs from different angles. That would be awsome for Echoes and Take A Breath.

    [Yes, I should assume so. I’m rarely told much in addition to what goes on the blog. – Features Editor]

  41. oooooh, a super booklet?! You really know how to make our mouths water FEd!

    If those 3 AOL session songs are part of the PBS donation thingy, does that mean that they could possibly also be an extra on the OAI dvd?

    Congrats to the t-shirt winners!

    Peace, David.

    [I really don’t know. There will be a disc full of extras, so maybe. – Features Editor]

  42. HELLO!!!!

    My friends and I are ready, all together, to watch Italy-Usa match. Pasta, wine, beer, icecream… and a huge tv! And our flags are ready to be waving joyful! GOOD LUCK TO MY USA BLOG’S FRIENDS…but Italy will win! 😉

    I hate football….BUT I LOVE THE WORLD CUP!



    P.S. I watched some minutes of England-Paraguay in Barcellona, in a english pub, which was completely full of english people, till out of the doors! It was so funny! I don’t know how english are when they loose the match, but when they are really nice when they win!


    Don’t worry FEd, I won’t argue about football as I did for Radiohead! I don’t love football so much but…I love Italy, so…BE CAREFUL the same! 😉

  43. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for the better late than never DVD tip. I trust these will be mostly Polly photo’s?

    Excellent work on the blog recently FEd, especially with all the footie going on. I will say that I’m not happy about ‘jolly ‘ol England beating “The Island Nation of Trinidad and Tobago”.

    My reason? My previous housemate is partially in charge of building the first major hospital on Tobago and apparantly he knows some people involved with the footie club there. As would have it, had they beaten England, each member of the team would have received a large barrel (like 64 gallons or something) of fine aged rum, and I would have been invited to the party. Now, sadly, I won’t be going to Tobago to drink aged rum with the footie club.

    Did you know that Tobago is Robinson Crusoe’s Island. . .and it is home to the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere?

    So, if anyone is looking for an Island to be inspired by. . .not that we don’t already have one. . .

    Oh and if the US gets beat by Italy today, then that’s it for me. . .good luck Lucia, good luck Piergiorgio. . .you know we’ll need it!

    P.S. FEd you really do make a difference. A RAH Litho is now available in the North American Anthill store. Nickster has already taken care of me, but you really do make a difference. Thank You!

    [That’s nice to hear. Thank you. Next we want the pin badges available in North America, right? And a price reduction. Sorry, I didn’t say that last bit. Thinking with my fingers, you know how it is. Too much sun. – Features Editor]

  44. Photo Caption:

    “Ahh, thanks for the extra lights Mark, now I can find that quid I dropped. . .”

  45. Please, no comments about the match

    But, at the end, Italy made 2 goal: 1 against Usa and 1 against…itself!

    What a awful match!

    Sweet dreams


  46. Salut à tous

    J’ai une question pour le rédacteur,pourquoi dans mes messages il y a toujours des carrées qui remplaces les a et les e?

    Merci Sylvie de Québec CA

    [Je ne sais pas pourquoi… – Features Editor]

  47. Salut à tous

    Félicitation Chris,Karina et Nisha

    Meme si je ne suis pas d’accord avec la réponse on sais que cela est mélodieux �a aurais pris un mot beaucoup plus grand que cela � mon avis.

    Quesque vous en pensez chef?

    Sylvie de Québec CA

    [Obviously we had to settle for a slightly obscure word, because we didn’t have 50 shirts to give away. So this is how we decided it: SNEd and I each chose five words (well, I chose ten because five just isn’t enough, is it?). It was hoped that we’d have a matching word in our lists, so that would simply be the competition-winning word. My ‘melodious’ and SNEd’s ‘mellifluous’ were the nearest match, so we were going to toss a coin to decide which one we should go with. We thought it more likely that someone would suggest ‘melodious’, so we settled for that one, but as so many suggestions came in before we got a match, we agreed that we just had to look out for both words and declare anyone who got them (or very close to them) a winner. Of course, I think ‘melodious’ is perfect… – Features Editor]

  48. (Today’s exclusive DVD-related whisper is… I’ll have to think a little longer about that. There’s just so much that I could say… Maybe later.

    Posted by Features Editor at June 16, 2006 04:43 PM)

    And then almost 20 hours later:

    (One more thing about the DVD, then. It will include a super booklet with lots of photos…

    Posted by: Features Editor at June 17, 2006 02:04 PM)

    Dear F.Ed!

    You certainly know how to tease…

    I know we all want information about the OAI DVD, but I think you started early giving us some goodies. Not that I mind, I love to hear about it. I just hope you haven’t open the bag of information too soon, it’s a long way to mid November (as I believe is the official release date). So this might backfire you know.

    Think about all the questions that will pour in now…what will the extra’s be, which songs from the RAH shows will be on the DVD, will Bowie be on it, will there be pictures from the “after show party”, will our dear F.Ed be revealed, will I be able to see myself and all my friends at the concerts, will I be able to see someone I know in the opening intro on the DVD (my guess is that there will be some helicoptershots over RAH including over The Queens Arms, well that’s how I would direct/edit it anyway)

    I believe it will be difficult to please the “Gilmourblog-gang” when we ask for more goodies every day till November. But I must say it will be one hell of a DVD if there is enough extra’s to toss us something every day for 5 months…. :-))

    Anyway, I love the way you tease us. We just love that we have some place to go for official information and a good chat!

    And for the American and Italian bloggers, It was a funny game and a diplomatic result…..



    [Almost 20 hours later… Doesn’t time fly? There certainly won’t be something revealed every other day, and the questions can come flooding in, but there’ll be few answers. You’ll just have to wait and see where and when we get the urge to let something slip. There are still decisions being made, so obviously we can’t give too much away. It’s going to be one hell of a DVD, though. – Features Editor]

  49. while I was fishing yesterday. I was thinking about a concert that would have two of the greatest musicians in the world and all the money received would go to charity of their choice. I thought that David Gilmour and Neil Young would be the perfect pair. They both started in the mid sixty’s and they both have written some of the greatest songs every. What do you think Fed.


    [I think Neil Young is fantastic, so yes, I’ll go with that. – Features Editor]

  50. I love pictures!! I thought you were gonna hold out on us all weekend Fed. You just like mess with our heads, don’t you?

    Happy Father’s Day to David, Rick, Guy, and all you other Dad’s. Enjoy your day =)

    I don’t watch YOUR football, but I love my country (just not the people running it at the moment) . . . .so GO USA!!


  51. Caption: David thinks twice about laser-eye surgery

    World Cup musing:

    Weren’t Ghana fantastic in this evening’s match – with a bit (no make that a lot!) more composure they’d have outscored the Argies pasting of S&M 😉 Just hope they don’t lose out on goal difference.

    Can’t help feeling that both Ghana and Ivory Coast would have walked away with England’s or Germany’s Groups.

    Heroic performance also by the US to secure the draw against Italy.

    [Czech Republic-Ghana was the best game so far for me. An amazing performance with great team spirit. – Features Editor]

  52. Hi FEd, just a short note to thank you for all info that you provide to us all

    I visit the site everyday, keep those DVD tidbits coming

    On your last post, i was a little puzzled – if you were refering to the DG Wireman badge – I was fortunate to buy one at the Massey Hall show in Canada.

    And speaking of the Massey Hall show, Guy said that this was their best show to date

    How about a top five list of favourite shows from Guy (if possible, hopefully Massey Hall does not get bumped)

    As for the DVD extra’s my vote is for some bonus footage from the North American shows -> Massey Hall anyone.

    Thanks again to all for making this site what it is – Amazing!!

    [Thanks, Joe. I don’t think the pin badges are available to buy online, though. We want to get that changed. – Features Editor]

  53. cant hardly wait for the new pulse dvd i have the vhs but it is about wore out and dvds have much better quality also.

    Happy Fathers Day to David and all the fathers out there,have a great weekend.

    i think its great that children like Simone love David i have a 15 year old daughter an a 11 year old stepdaughter that love “wish you were here” to and a few more to, of course they dont have much choise around me i have loved it for 30 years and hope they will love it for 30 more years and keep it alive foever. David and Pink Floyd are truly living legends in my book and as long as we have people like lucia an myself teaching our young people about good music the will remain alive forever Thank You Lucia and everyone who hands down this wonderful music tradition.

  54. Question:

    In an earlier blog it was stated that it was Polly who is on the cover of the “Smile” 7 inch vinyl release. If that is so, who took the image? Was it David behind the lens or did she do a self portrait with an auto timer? Or was the image taken by someone else?

    Lucia, if you could, you should take your nephew to the concert. That would be an experience he would never forget and you would have created another loyal follower of David Gilmour.



    [I’ll see if I can find out some more about the artwork, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  55. Hi FEd and friends,

    My Amazon order for PULSE DVD delivery date has been updated to July 1, 2006. Of course, when you consider that it has been two years +/- since I originally ordered it, I won’t hold my breath too long!

    Erin, I missed Letterman that night! Maybe I’ll catch a listen from one of the download sites.

    ‘Mellifluous’ — I love the sound of that word, but I agree with Rudders, it’s not a word I would put together with the music from On An Island. “adj. 1. Flowing with honey or sweetness. 2. Smooth and sweet; honeyed. Used especially of sounds and utterances.”

    Maybe it’s just me, but it smacks of overly syrupy sweet. But, then, ‘smooth and sweet’ … okay maybe. I still equate the word with a smooth-talking snake-oil salesman. Or maybe it’s just because I’m allergic to honey!!

    And, since someone else has asked the translation for some of the common text-message abbreviations, I have to finally ask … what’s LOL? Lots of luck, lots of love, look out loser??

    As you can see, I’m tired and delirious, so I’ll spare you any further ravings and drag myself off to bed. Strep throat is a total drag!! Time for a David Gilmour fix … 2002 Meltdown sounds just about right to me.

    My best to all of you.

    Washington State

    [It means “laugh out loud” and please don’t hold your breath about the DVD, especially if you have a sore throat. I don’t know what Amazon are on, really. – Features Editor]

  56. Still on an island…but have to come back soon..sob…

    Cheers, Howard

  57. Oooh so exciting. With the photo’s and the dvd and everything, yey! I think that we should have a huge gilmour party!

    Have a great day everyone, oh wait it’s yet another commercial holiday, have fun with that.

  58. In case you haven’t noticed the change to this blog entry, please note that you will not receive the ‘PULSE’ DVD before it is released should you make a pledge to PBS tonight.

    This is mentioned here to prevent anyone from pledging money in the belief that doing so will guarantee a copy of the DVD before anyone else gets the chance to buy one. We don’t want you to find that, as well as being out of pocket, you get the DVD at the same time it hits the shops – and possibly later.

    Please feel free to pledge money if you want to, but be aware that you will not get the DVD any earlier this way.


  59. Please, brazilian fans are desperate to see David Gilmour here. Roger Waters came, but we know that without Gilmour he is just a shadow of what he was. We need Gilmour here to complete the gap in our soul. A lifetime without Gilmour is cruelty.

    I, in the name of all brazilian fans, beg David Gilmour to remember us and come here to fill what can not be filled by anyone else.

  60. [Thank You Lucia and everyone who hands down this wonderful music tradition]

    Dear Clarice,

    I love spreading the fantastic things which other person did and do for us! I think David’s music could teach to my nephews and niece more than I could! This is the power of the artists: be able to explain, with music or a book or a draw or other, what “normal” people are not able to say. And it is amazing! But children have to be “educated” to the arts…and with my fantastic tastes ;-), I know I can do a good work with my nephews and my niece!!!


    But in Italy the fathers day is the 19th of march…two fathers day? Really lucky this fathers!

  61. [Lucia, if you could, you should take your nephew to the concert]

    I should had taken him to the Rome’s show…to Florence’s there are too many difficults, beacuse the 2nd of august I’ll work ’till 9 p.m. and my nephew and I don’t live in the same city…I won’t have time to go to the city’s he lives and then go to florence together…but he will watch the DVD, of course! We have a projector lamp, so we’ll screen the DVD in a huge wall…it is not the same than the live show but….it will be nice! We already did it with Live at Pompeii and The Wall. FANTASTIC! But we don’t left Simone and the other children watch The Wall…10, 8 and 5 years old. Too much young!

    Have a great day!


  62. Hi Bianca

    I’m really happy that you finished Polly’s book…but I’d like to wait for Laurie, because she is part of our reading group…and I hope she’ll came soon with us…

    Deborah, please say Laurie that I’m waiting her and give her a hug. Thank you!


  63. I got my smile cd thingy in the post the other day, thank you very much indeedy!

    [You’re very welcome. – Features Editor]

  64. Many Canadians receive PBS broadcasts from northern U.S. markets such as Fargo and Detroit, so we’ll hopefully have PULSE to look forward to in August/September …

    Congrats to the t-shirt winners … 🙂



    the 2nd of august I’ll work ’till 7 p.m. and not 9 p.m. (in Italy 7 p.m. are 19.00…I haven’t paying attention…but, the correction is important because…at 9 p.m. THE SHOW START!). And honestly, I hope I will be able to escape from the office, in secret, at 6 p.m.! Shhhhhhh! Hush! It’s a secret!


  66. Oh,c’mon,FEd…You might as well tell them…David is playing in my backyard next Saturday.1st set will comprise the whole of OAI and the second set will consist of DSOTM and the entire AHM Suite with a to be announced brass ensemble.Special guest’s will be Phil Lesh on bass,Mickey Hart&Bill Kreutzman on drums,Crosby & Nash on vocals and acoustic guitar and of course,our own beloved Richard Wright on keyboards and vocals.A magical night indeed and all proceeds will go to fix my house and lawn after you’ve all gone home.Show starts at 8:00 pm and directions will be posted tomorrow.

  67. Just checked here in Connecticut to see if we would be getting Pulse tonight, but alas no…

    But we can still hear the Music of Pink Floyd because our local PBS is broadcasting a concert by the Australian Pink Floyd surrogate band.

    But I would much prefer the real thing….


  68. Hi all,

    Since the FAQ secton seems to have died a natural death, I have a few small questions, one of which FeD might be kind enough to assist with, and the other can be answered by any of you good folk:

    1) Why does David not use DTS as an option when releasing DVDs? I don’t want to sound unappreciative / ungrateful…it just seems a little strange that the Floyd have always strived for the best sound possible, and convention still seems to hold DTS as a higher quality than Dolby Digital (and on a purely selfish note…I’d love to hear David’s new DVD in DTS…I do believe it sounds better).

    2) I still don’t really understand the SACD malarky. Having forked out thousands for a top-shelf surround system a few years back, is it really the case that to fully enjoy SACD you need a Sony system capable of reading it? My system only decodes Dolby Digital and DTS into ‘proper’ surround…it’s a bummer if the only systems capable of producing the full surround effect are made by Sony. I haven’t bought the SACD version of Dark Side yet…for exactly that reason.

    Anyways, thanks in advance. Just one or two small things that have been bouncing around in my empty head.

    [Unfortunately the answers aren’t bouncing around in mine, Peter. – Features Editor]

  69. Dear Fed,

    C’est la Fête des Pères aujourd’hui, so…Happy Father’s Day !

    and, please, Fed, sing for France this evening, because it will be so hard for us against Corea… et parce que s’ils perdent, ZZ et ses copains vont rentrer à la maison un peu trop tôt à mon goût.
    But, great news: vous nous prêtez Cissé (enfin, I mean, vous le prêtez à Marseille!). It’s too kind!!! enfin, sur un brancard… lol

    Ikkar, with love

    [Bonne chance! – Features Editor]

  70. Hey Ed/Edwina:

    I thought I’d share a story I read this morning in my area’s newspaper, The Albany (NY) Times-Union. It’s about what ticketing companies here in the USA are doing to combat scalping. Since this is a topic of concern to David and his management, I thought I’d pass it along to you. The first half of the article is about the problem of scalpers, while the second half of it is about the ticketing industry finally growing a backbone and doing something about it, controversial though their approach may be. Thought you’d find it interesting.

    [Will do. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  71. Pulse, Pulse, Pulse, intials, intials, intials, whats it all about? What does PBS mean and should I be bothered. Thought only the government used intials. You dont word for them do you Fed?

    Bad morning for me. Imagine – church service with kids singing a special hymn for their confirmation, it was exactly same hymn as played at my wifes funeral. Now that was tough! Late Pulse? No big deal.

    Welcome back Susan, we are rooting for you. Now all I need is to hear form Laurie.

    Ian Pearson

  72. “Birthday greetings; bottle of wine” to James Paul McCartney on his 64th birthday today.

    (now playing: “Rockestra” by Wings, with one Mr. David Gilmour helping out on guitar)


  73. Hi F.Ed,

    F.Ed wrote: “…I’m rarely told much in addition to what goes on the blog. – Features Editor”

    So F.Ed must be a mushroom, right? Kept in the dark and fed a bunch of… Well, at least you are human like the rest of us. (Sorry, forgot, no guesses as to F.Ed’s Identity)

    David should make OAI underpants available. If they can have Spongebob, Spider-Man and boxers with little hearts on them, among other (sometimes ridiculous) things put on underwear, why not OAI? DG could be to Fruit of the Loom as Michael Jordan was to Hanes. Who knows?

    Anyway, enjoy the weekend, all. Happy Father’s day.


    [It’s true. I wish I had all the answers, but I don’t. – Features Editor]

  74. Well, I have a lot of time now to catch up on the blog since I broke my right foot this weekend running into the lake to save my 2 yr old son from drowning! He has been getting more and more confident each time going in (you can walk across the lake, that’s how shallow it is), but he tripped over a log and you know how little ones don’t quite know how to get themselves upright again in those situations. His face was under and I ran in, and must have stepped on a bunch of rocks or logs, and broke my foot. The “pains” of motherhood!

    Fed, I never got the chance until now to tell you that you deseveed all the neat gifts presented to you at the last RAH gig. That glassman is stunning work by Ian. Hope you are enjoying him. (the glassman, not Ian).

    Lastly, I wanted to ask you how much control (I hope total) does David have with the contents of the new OAI DVD coming out? I ask because I am hoping that that performed songs will not be cut shorter (like God forbid, Echoes).

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Tara (NY)

    [Sorry to hear about your accident, Tara. Take care of that foot. David is in control of the DVD and is involved in everything. He won’t let you down, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  75. Any news of a showing of P.U.L.S.E on british t.v?

    [Not at this time, sorry. – Features Editor]

  76. Wow – I’ve just realised I’ve won, that’s great! Thank you very much indeed. I must admit that Roget played his part 😉


    Thanks again. A great ending to a great weekend.

    [Congratulations, Chris! It will be on its way to you soon. We hope you like it. – Features Editor]

  77. I’m very sorry but I’m rather confused, I know it must be rather annoying answering these sorts of questions but I’ll ask anyway.

    I’m confused about the release date of the pulse dvd, in America it’s some time in July I believe but what about in Britain?

    Sorry if you’ve answered this question millions of times but I couldn’t see it up here.

    [Confused? Join the club! We’re all confused. I could be wrong, and I apologise if I am, but apparently it will be out in the US on Tuesday 11 July, so I presume it will be out the day before in the UK? If I can get a definitive answer on that, it will be made clear as soon as possible (as will release dates for the rest of the world). Sorry to be vague, but it seems that ‘vagueness’ is in my job description. – Features Editor]

  78. I think that we all should wait till the Editor lets us know when we can expect the Pulse DVD,David’s two solo albums and Davids newest DVD to be released. I have heard so many rumors, That it makes me sick. If you buy the Pulse DVD off the internet now, It’s a bootleg and its junk. Anyway who wants to rip-off the Musicians who have worked so hard to make DVD’s and records for us. To the Editor, Let’s have somemore contests, So that we can win t-shirts, hats and etc… Its always fun to win something and it will help take our minds off the RUMORS out there.


  79. was just wondering today what became of the poll on Q107. dont remember seeing anything on the blog about the top 10. checked out that site today and found this list–David’s right up there in the elite list 😀

    1 Jimi Hendrix
    2 Jimmy Page
    3 Eric Clapton
    4 David Gilmour
    5 Eddie Van Halen
    6 Stevie Ray Vaughan
    7 Pete Townshend
    8 Angus Young
    9 Carlos Santana
    10 Alex Lifeson

  80. I live in the Catskills, NY (2.5 hr drive from Long Island) and was not able to get the PBS airing. My parents live on LI, I told them to watch it. My mom is a Floyd fan and remembers my teenage crush on David.


  81. To Susan, “Here’s to you”. Welcome back.

    Fed, I liked Joe Canada’s suggestion for Guy’s Top 5. Maybe we can get a response from some of the band too.? Or maybe, it’s a personal thing which is understandable.

  82. Caption…

    “Who knew?.. Superhero Green Lantern is a fan of David and attended one of his concerts.”

    Congratulations to the “word” contest winners,Chris,Karima and Nisha.Nice work!Thought I had it for sure with “liberation” F.E. as in the past you have used this word to describe OAI as David’s latest solo effort.Damn…wanted it so bad.Have more contests please!

  83. Hola, soy un fan incondicional de Pink Floyd, me encanta, llevo desde los 13 años escuchándolos, y es una gran pasión que tengo. En cuanto he visto que sacaba David Gilmour un disco en solitario me lo he comprado y por supuesto que es una auténtica obra de arte; de todas formas, por favor David G., concédeme el placer de mi vida, que sería veros a los 4 Pink Floyd en concierto… muchísimas gracias…. I WISH YOU WERE HERE…..

  84. FRAK!

    I forgot to set my VCR before going away this weekend!!!!

    Oh well, let me take a nice long leisurely read of The Blog after some time away…

    Happy Father’s Day to David Gilmour and all you other daddies out there!!!!

  85. Hi FEd and friends,

    Joe from Canada brought up the question of having Guy possibly list his five favorite shows from the tour.

    I’ve been pondering lately what songs Guy (since he’s a semi-Irregular) might list as his five favorite songs to perform, you know, from the musician’s perspective. Now if Richard (having already posted at least once) would like to participate, I’m certain we’d all welcome his insights! In fact, how about if Jon and, oh, David were to chime in? And, while I’m dreaming, how about letting them choose any songs from Momentary Lapse of Reason up to On An Island?

    I know I ask too much, but it certainly would be interesting to see if they have as difficult a time choosing just five as the rest of us!!

    Watching the tapes from the two PF tours, David’s Meltdown DVD, and then experiencing the live shows recently really has made me wonder what the experience would be like from the other side of the looking glass, so to speak. I certainly hope they get as much enjoyment out of the performances as they give!!

    Just a wish!

    Washington State

  86. Bianca said

    But I thought it was a parrot.. did anyone get a good look?

    Posted by: Bianca at June 15, 2006 10:58 PM

    Well the one I saw was green, sqauwking and flying, theres not many things that do that so i guess it was a parrot.Hopefully others can confirm this. I think Simon and Neil saw it too.

    Ian Pearson

  87. I sometimes feel ashamed of being french … France is (almost) eliminated …

    What happens to our Zizou ? : too old, “has been”, sad, very sad …

    Two heroes of mine are M.Gilmour and M.Zidane. Zizou made me dream but is getting too old (and maybe earns too much money as do all “great” football players !).

    M.Gilmour is not too old of course to play guitar and to make me dream …Fortunately, he is not (or no more) a football player …

    I have seen pictures of him when he was young, playing football in France with Pink Floyd and Steve O’Rourke against a team of french singers … Wow, il avait fière allure ( bien plus beau déjà que R.Waters!)…

    Have you ever seen these pictures, Fed, or Ikkar ?


    [Oui, et il y a une bonne image avec l’équipe de ‘Pink Floyd XI’ dans le livre de Storm Thorgerson, je pense. – Features Editor]

  88. Ciao to all of you,

    thanks to Marcus for his greetings (or should I say wishes?). I was away from the blog for some days.

    Well…what to say about the match Italy VS U.S. my fellow bloggers? It was awaful, violent, without fairplay and with little football in it. De Rossi is responsible for the gratuitous violent hit he has given, it is not the first time we play so hard with hands and so little with foot. And the Americans? Well, someone should have explained the players that this is football, the real one, not the other american one!!! a match 10 Vs 9!! Ridiculous. I don’t care about the score, it was a bad game. Still have to support my team.

    So fellow bloggers, has anyone watched the movie MEDITERRANEO? Opinions?

    And Fed you make gifts to everybody. And what for me? Like putting my name in the first row of one day’s blog with a photo of….I choose Di Stanislao, for the drummer’s work is always the less exposed. And add that I am the funniest, brightest, smartest etc. etc. blogger…….I know I am sooooo VAIN (should I say stupid? hahahahaha)

    Ciao a tutti;-)

    [I think we can manage a picture of Steve for you, mate. Think of a good ‘rainy day blog’ idea to go with it and it will be done. – Features Editor]

  89. To Bianca,

    i bet eventualy you will watch a game especialy if the Netherlands progress, & you are right it is infectious.Its good to have a bit of pride in your country.

    Our office has many many Nationalities working in it & we have a mufty Day once a month(wearing casual clothes & you donate some money to charity to take part) the last one i wore my David Gilmour T-shirt…. & underpants.)This month because of the world cup we are going to wear the soccer shirts of our home countries it should be very colourfull & a bit of fun & make a bit of money for charity.

  90. La Tiza in Tucson Nov 1974

    Brought me in after spending a bit of time in the desert. I saw the keyboard, but I took the Peyote.

    Then, in 1998 I think it was? the Yes concert in Vancouver BC,,, we partied in the second row. You gave me Allan Parson’s towel.

    Yes, Those two were/are the same guy. I’m grade nine Juliard, you know. I never mentioned that, did I?

    I was wondering if you remembered me from Tucson.

    Tiza was kinda pissed at me at the end there… It was about a marble. A little blue marble. And where it got to…

  91. Note to all the blogsters out there:

    Never (I repeat NEVER) just skim the helpful posts on this wonderful site. I did, and had I read them through, would NOT have waded through a partial evenings worth of dramas on PBS awaiting a pristine version of Pulse that never aired. Read up, my pretties!

    Oh, and I have an unexpurgated peak at the new DVD. A DVD insider passed this information through a fence to me:

    it will be round, with one hole in the middle. Silver on one side, really neat graphics on the other.

    (just busting on ya FEd… can’t wait for the next morsel of info you are going to lay upon us with word of this new Dave DVD in the works!)


    [The discs are going to be round with a hole in the middle? Well, that’s just another silly rumour… – Features Editor]

  92. Ikkar pleaded “please, Fed, sing for France this evening, because it will be so hard for us against Corea”

    F’ed, you obviously didn’t sing loud enough.

    Ikkar, your English is very much better than my French, but I think the phrase “deja vu” might mean something to you?

  93. I know we have a good number of bloggers for whom English is a second language – and they do brilliantly to follow the sophisticated and subtle use of language for which this site is noted.

    These people should be informed that Jumpin Jeffery’s entry does not make sense in any language (apart from maybe Vulcan).

    (Lucia, have you noticed Thom has a “solo” CD out – F’Ed must be sooooo excited).

    [Oh yes, I’m on the edge of my seat. – Features Editor]

  94. Hi,

    I would like to suggest something for David’s new DVD release. I imagine him as a perfectionist (like Roger) and, perhaps, he will turn down my “invitation” , but here it is:

    Everyone here with a musical or lyrical temperamento could write the lyrics of a song, as it exists into his purplex mind, and provide them to David. David could then choose one of the writers and make music from its lyrics and include the song to his DVD. This could be a gift from the guitarist of the greatest band ever – Pink Floyd – to the inspired individual, a personal dedication of him towards the fans’ mind and consciousness. “Coming through in waves”… one’s thought is another’s voice…

  95. In response to Ian Pearson:

    Doesn’t PULSE stand for Pink Floyd Ultimate Light and Sound Experience?

    Thats what I heard anyway…

    Peace, David.

  96. To Tim C: [Ikkar, I think the phrase “déjà vu” might mean something to you ?- Tim C]

    Tim, since you want to speak french, what you said to Ikkar, cela s’appelle “enfoncer le clou” (Fed ?).

    Don’t worry, Ikkar, we will get over that together with a glass of Champagne …


    [We don’t want to say that Tim “hit the nail on the head”, of course, so “twisting/turning the screw”, perhaps? – Features Editor]

  97. Dear Fed,

    Michèle (oh oui, je les connais ces photos!!! how can I say? slurp?)

    and Tim C (thanks for your kindness about my english),

    Yes, Tim, “déjà vu”. Unfortunately!!! The beginning was great, and… But the referee was AGAINST us… (on se console comme on peut!): the second goal was valid. Sh*t! I don’t speak of our coach! comment peut-il ne faire entrer Trézégoal que 3 minutes avant la fin du match?! et surtout se permettre de sortir Zidane à 1 minute 30 de la fin?!!! No respect! re-sh*t!!!

    Ikkar, with love (quand même)

    P.S.[lol means “laugh out loud” – Features Editor]

    Fed, how do you say “laugh in petto”? lip?

    [I’ll have to pass on that one, I’m afraid. I’m having a Stupid Day today. – Features Editor]

  98. [I sometimes feel ashamed of being french … France is (almost) eliminated – Michèle]
    My dear, I know what you feel….don’t mention Corea! They put Italy out of the World Cup in 2002…good luck! I’ll sing loud for you, tonight!

    TIM C, I know, I know…but my mouth is sewed after FEd threatened me to send a virus to my Mac if I speak again about…you know about whom! Isn’t true! FEd don’t threatened me…but I know FEd doesn’t like if I speak about…him…and I don’t want displease FEd…otherwise he won’t cook pasta for me in the “dinner of the peace”!

    I’d like to say thank everyone for the beautiful welcome to my nephew! He was so excited! So, continue my work of musical lessons will be easier!


  99. [Everyone here with a musical or lyrical temperamento could write the lyrics of a song – Syd]

    Good idea but…I fear no one could be so good as Polly! Not I, at least! Good luck to everyone who’d like to try…I suggest them to let them carry by some glasses of wine…or absinthium, like damned poets!


  100. [I’m having a Stupid Day today. – Features Editor]

    Too much revelry yesterday night, I bet! Good boy/girl! You deserve it! Have a good rest! Whatever was the reason of your “stupid day”, don’t worry. Tomorrow will be wonderful! …I hope!


    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  101. I fear today was a Stupid Day for me too! And I have the impression that the speeches didn’t offered good point to speak about…sorry! But I’m already think about a funny game for another Stupid Day!

    Good evening to everyone!


  102. even when feeling well down, Davids music helps me to feel a little better again

  103. FED, did anyone ever list the “set list” from the RAH concerts? I was particularly interested in Wednesdays, as it had an additional song that wasn’t played on Tuesday. I appreciate your efforts.

    [All blog entries pertaining to a concert include the setlists. Scroll through the comments and you’ll find them quite easily. There’s always been a show-specific blog entry on the night of the concert, so you can search by date for the concert you’re interested in. – Features Editor]

  104. This afternoon, just as I am about to leave for work, my phone rings and a friend is calling me and asking me if I am sitting down.

    He tells me he has lungcancer. It has spread to his bones and lymph nodes. There is nothing that can be done. He is only 44 years old and he hasn’t even smoked in years. And he is in pain.
    It wasn’t someone I saw very often, but when we did get together our conversations always went deep. Deeper than with most of my friends and there are little people in this world that I know so well and that know me so well as he does.

    And now I am losing him.

    I am so confused right now..

    [So sorry to hear this sad news, Bianca. – Features Editor]

  105. Ikkar and Michele,

    You must excuse my little mischief about Zizou and friends.

    Believe me when I say the “boot will be on the other foot” soon enough for England

  106. Hello friends! Hello FEd!

    Hello Angelo! The only time I have seen someone use the term “FRAK” is on the SCI FI Channel series “Battlestar Galactica”. You must be a science fiction fan such as I.

    I have used the term “friggin” before and have heard other terms used to mimic and deliver the same expression such as “farg”, “frick”, and “puck”.

    All of these words are replacements for the word “f**k” which did you know was is in a poem composed in a mixture of Latin and English sometime before 1500?

    The use of these substitutes is done to soften the harshness of the original term and to give the user of the words less of a “potty mouth” impression.

    I am not a common user of the original term but have been known to let it rip when experiencing unexpected moments of pain, pleasure, shock, surprise or have been graced by the presence of extreme beauty. But the latter would certainly be done in a low tone almost unheard by others with my jaw dropped and standing still.

    (Sorry FEd…I really don’t know where this is going or where it came from…)

    Okay, I’ll get me coat…

    Take care all.

    P.S. Welcome back Susan!!! Get well darling…

  107. Good to hear that PULSE is on its way for real. Can it truly be next month? Fantastic. I have been threatening for years now it seems, to have a blowout party when the DVD finally comes out. Those non PF-loving friends have had a reprise for a while, but no more! [insert Snively whiplash voice] HA HA. And then there is the prospect of the recent tour DVD. Oh, lovely, lovely 2006.

    I enjoyed reading Bianca’s rendition of her day in Holland during the recent World Cup game. My husband came to the states in his 20’s and while he loves it here – and so he should 🙂 – there are times when being an ex-pat has its melancholic twist, particularly during important Dutch soccer moments. On the other hand, that whole weather thing in Holland? – not so much :-). He’s fortunate that he’s able to bike to work, and for some reason that makes him still feel a bit Dutch.

    It’s coming to the end of our idyll here in Barbados. Aside from full frontal laziness, the biggest highlight here has been swimming with the sea turtles.

    I don’t know if others play the six degrees of separation game elsewhere (you know the one where you are supposed to be able to link the actor Kevin Bacon within six degrees of separation from any other actor), well, the OIA six degrees game is in full swing here ‘on the island’ (1), where I read a Peter Robinson book whilst lying on the beach that had a detective putting on DSOTM in the story (2), and heard WYWH at a beach bar (3), and … Ok so I am stuck for more examples, but I know they abound!


  108. I thought english people were “gentlemen” :

    Last night, France- South Korea : 1-1

    Most of today english press comments : ” football : french farce ! ”

    Wish I couldn’t understand english language …


    [Malheureusement, les médias ici peut seulement féliciter l’Angleterre. Les médias britannique est anglais et très patriotique pour l’Angleterre (ainsi c’est difficile pour le Gallois et l’Ecossais qui doivent avoir (?) connaissance des héros anglais chaque jour pendant la Coupe du Monde…). Aussi, les médias anglais crée beaucoup d’ennemis pour le gens anglais – et l’Allemagne, la France, l’Ecosse et l’Argentine sont les ennemis. C’est stupide, n’est pas? Je deteste l’atitude. Nous oublions (?) notre histoire en Grande-Bretagne trop rapidement… Mais les accomplissements de l’Allemagne, la France, l’Ecosse et l’Argentine ne seront pas bienvenue par les médias anglais, je regrette. – Features Editor]

  109. Dear Fed,

    again, sorry… just a response for Michèle:

    [Don’t worry, Ikkar, we will get over that together with a glass of Champagne …Michèle.]

    OK… after all, it’s just a game! that’s what we say when we loose, don’t we?

    Ikkar, with love

  110. Ciao Peter

    Yes I’m disappointed as well about the unanswered FAQ’s, I had a lot of questions especially on guitar gear.

    To try to put it simple, the SACD standard consists basically in a much higher sampling frequency D/A conversion (resulting in more details and dynamics), that of course a normal CD player can’t reproduce. Many artists hope that it will spread like the CD did, but it’s not happening yet, the old CD format is still too good and consolidated.

  111. Hello to All

    Here’s another thought, that i believe has not been mentioned. Will there be a Hardcover or Trade Paperback Book published about the tour? (Maybe Polly can write this & show all her pictures – no better candidate!)

    That would be cool, since i have seen other Artists do that.

    I would definately purchase a book about the tour (along with Official OAI Tour CD)

    Just my thoughts, what do others think about the book idea?

    Joe from Canada

    [Good idea. – Features Editor]

  112. To DAVID & co,

    I forgot to mention during my last blog that, on wed 31st may during your final show at the RAH, my friends & i thought it would be a gr8 idea to start a mexican wave,(in between tracks of course)! Well, we tried & we failed miserably.

    We, & a few others thought it was quite amusing!
    Fellow bloggers, did anyone see us? And FED, do you think there was a reason why nobody joined in? Too engrossed maybe,(very understandable)!

    Anyway, i hope everyone is very well? Can’t wait for the DVD to arrive!

    Much love.
    Laura. Exmouth, Devon, Uk

    [It’s not quite the English thing to do, is it? I thought the English have to be reserved and dignified at all times. They can’t go putting their arms in the air. – Features Editor]

  113. Sorry to borther you again, but we still don’t have any official seat-map for the San Marco square. We all bought a lot of ticket and we don’t know where we are.
    That is not correct, absolutely. Of course they can sell the tickets they want, reserving the best for whoever they want.

    I know it is not up to you. But can you help the Italian fans in someway. we appreciate. thank you.

    [I haven’t forgotten about you, mate. I passed your message on (on 14 June), but I’m still waiting for a response. As soon as I find out anything, I will let you know. – Features Editor]

  114. “what do others think about the book idea?”

    Excellent idea! I’d be second in the queue (Yes we Brits do queue!) for the book… and the Glassman/Jersey story hopefully gets an airing…

    You can just imagine the interview…

    “Mr. Rudders sir… we’re ready for your interview”

    “Dahling!… my hair, my nails, my make-up isn’t ready yet”

    And when Ian gets interviewed security would be called because he wouldn’t put the blow-torch down… “Step away from the blow-torch sir! step away now!”

    And the book packaging wouldn’t be difficult to imagine either 🙂

  115. Thanks FEd,

    I cried so much yesterday I couldn’t even focus my eyes anymore at the end of the day. They are still raw today. My colleagues were great though. In the afternoon I went to one of my two jobs and my ‘boss’/colleague/friend sat down with me and we just talked while I cried. About everything. About my friend, about the loss of my parents and finally we even got a little work done together.

    When I was home I called my sister and some friends, ate chocolate and drank wine straight from the bottle.

    At night I had to go to a scheduling meeting of my projectionists job. I had my other ‘boss’/colleague/friend there alone with me for half a minute, so I told him what happened to explain why I wasn’t entirely sober and after the meeting he mentioned one of the films I still wanted to see, was already out of the theatre as of today. But there was a small theatre free because of the summer schedule, so he sat me down there and put the film in the projector for me. That way I had some diversion, but could cry all I wanted as well, since I was alone in there.

    I have such great friends and colleagues. It fills me with warmth, but at the same time, makes me realise I am about to lose one of the warmest among them.

    When finally the meaning of On An Island got through to me, I realised that (for me) it was about the love there is in grief. After all, if there wasn’t love, there wouldn’t be grief. That is why grief never fully goes and never should.

    So even after someone is gone you can still feel and enjoy that love, even if there is a little pain attached.

    It is what I experienced after the death of my parents. once I was through the first 2 1/2 years of grief, the hurt wasn’t so bad anymore and I could feel that love without feeling devastated.

    But now that I am at the very beginning of a grieving process, there is so much fear as well. And I am angry too, something I never experienced with my parents’ passing.

    So I am suddenly listening to OAI a lot again, trying to focus on the calm and acceptance in that song, but it’s hard.

    He doesn’t want to see me as yet, since his calendar is already quite full at the moment, but he told me to email him instead. But I don’t know what to write.

    Sorry to bother you with this, but grief has been in my mind a lot since I discovered this album and it is probably why the shows were so emotional for me as well.

    And now this..

    Hugs, Bianca

    [Please, it is no bother at all, so don’t apologise. You are very welcome. Writing helps, it is good therapy. Get it out of your system. You are a big part of this community, mate. You have friends here and if we can help in some small way, we will do our best. – Features Editor]

  116. Hey Fed, how this day? Is it Stupid again? Mine seems stupid…and a little blue…


    [I don’t feel quite so dim today, thanks. My brain is slowly starting to whir and clunk. It’ll be motoring by Thursday, I’m sure. I hope you feel better soon. By the way, I have saved your ideas for a rainy day blog. Thanks for those. Today’s entry is already written and will be online shortly, but I’ll certainly use your idea in the not-too-distant future. – Features Editor]

  117. I know you are a nice guy, thank you very much.
    You know, I have a lot of Italian fans asking me every day for news.

    You know, David (and the Pink Floyd…let me say that) have a lot of fan in Italy. We all love you…..

    [Bless you for that. SNEd is on the case and will get that map for you, don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  118. Hey Joe (from Canada),

    I too got the wireman pin from the first Massey hall show (4/9); I usually don’t get tour books or tshirts (though I did purchase a tour shirt for my friend Jennifer), but pins and other ephemera seems much more of a unique way to remember the shows by. I guess I have a passion for trinkets!

    As for the book idea, I’d say that would be an awesome undertaking, though perhaps a bit difficult. If its to be of any heft and length, I’d think there might not be enough to write about. Maybe if it were in the form of a diary it might be more interesting and give more substance to this undertaking (not to say that I’m of the ilk that likes to pry into people’s personal entries or anything like that).

    I can remember how excited I was when the Who’s Final Tour book came out in the early 80s. The thought of having a detailed book documenting the whole “final tour” was mindblowing to say the least. Sadly, the reality was that the author did very little in explaining what happened from show to show; this was more of an excuse to make money off of the final tour moniker.

    I’m sure if such an endeavor were seriously undertaken by Polly or Dave, it would be truly remarkable. Knowing how private they both can be could make this dream less a reality. Come to think of it, if someone as fiercely private as Neil Peart can spill his soul onto the pages of his second book (Ghost Rider) there is still a glimmer of hope. So who knows.

    Great idea…..

  119. Thanks FEd,

    and thank you Lucia and Ian, I got your emails. They mean a lot to me.

    I am writing an email to my friend right now. It’s weird…

    Hugs, Bianca

  120. Bianca,

    I’d like to echo F’ed – don’t you apologise. Expressing how we feel has been one of the great joys – and sometimes sorrows – of this site.

    Many people will feel touched by your words. We all wish there was something that could be said that could make it better, but of course it cannot be as easy as that.

    I have a great soulmate who is the centre of my universe and one day we must part. We have known this from the moment we connected, it cannot be otherwise.

    This is the bittersweet nature of love and this loss is the price we must pay – and I would not sacrifice a moment of our time together to avoid the loss.

    I think there is comfort in knowing that a person you love will never be diminished, will always exist in your heart and memory and for sure it means that we must live fully in the moment – “all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be”.

    This is why, in sympathy with the themes of OAI, I am glad that the Great Gig got an airing on this tour. For me it never fails to connect with this theme – raw emotions, breaking in waves, a reminder of our fragility and yet ending on a note of reconciliation and acceptance. It is a beautiful piece and, ultimately, feelings of grief are a thing of beauty also.

    I hope you don’t feel I intrude.

  121. Hello, F.Ed, all

    Bianca, I am sorry to hear about your friend. It’s always hard to think about a person close to you facing death, especially to something as ugly as lung cancer. It’s also natural to feel hurt and angry, along with all of the other wide range of emotions.

    I have also lost a friend to cancer. He was my friend since the first day of kindergarten, and after we graduated high school, we lost touch. When I found out he had intestinal cancer from a mutual friend who looked me up, he was gone so quick that I didn’t even get a chance to contact him before he was gone. He was only 24.

    There are alot of questions that may never be answered, and alot of feelings that may never be resolved. I understand totally how you are feeling, and I offer my condolances and support. (Big Hug) Be sure to make the most of the time left, and even in the midst of the hurt and grief, try to have a few smiles.


  122. Bianca

    I feel such an a** writing my previous blog when yours followed straight after it…

    Words won’t really help with the situation but we’re here for you and you vent and get angry with us as much as you want…

  123. Dearest Bianca,

    I am very sorry to hear you are in such despair. Death and sickness is an unfortunate fact of living. But it is natural nonetheless. Your friend is not gone yet! Tell him you love and care for him while you can.

    This type of sickness is hard to witness but one blessing is it takes time. I lost a truly best friend to a massive heart attack. He died in his sleep at age 36 quite unexpectedly. There was no chance for expressing sentiments, he was suddenly gone. I lost another dear friend to breast cancer. She was 35 and had three beautiful daughters. She fought valiently for a year before she died. In her case I was able to tell her how much she meant to me and my family and it gave me peace.

    Do not wait too long to share your true feelings. The love we share with others is the only real truth in life. Bless you, our thoughts are with you.


  124. Bianca,

    Write what you feel. Especially if there is something that you really want to tell the person that you hadn’t done so yet. It is your opportunity to express yourself and you can take that opportunity now instead of regretting that you didn’t say something later.

    I lost my older brother last year but before he went he was in the hospital for six months. I would visit often and it was a bit awkward at first because you couldn’t figure out what to say. “How are you? and It’s nice out.” gets old very fast. But you know, the situation forced itself and we actually did get to talk a lot. In fact, this weekend is the one year anniversary of my last conversation with him. He slipped into unconciousness shortly after that and then July 15 he was gone. But that last conversation we had was great. We didn’t talk about much but we just reconnected.

    Your friend is going through hell right now and we all know how it is going to end. Don’t be afraid to just reach out and say, “Hey, how are you doing?” You know the answer already but who knows where that conversation starter will lead too. And remember, there is always the opportunity to remember the good old days and talk about that.

    I hope that might help you a bit.

    Stay strong.


  125. Hey All!

    Living in NY I was lucky enough to see excerpts from Pulse on the PBS broadcast. Quality was excellent. It appeared to have different camera angles on some songs from the VHS tape. Can’t wait to add it to my DVD collection! Fine job on the quality reproduction Mr. Gilmour and team!

    NY, USA

  126. All seems dark today…

    – Bianca and her friend, sad, so sad …
    – You, Fed, and your “stupid day”, what happens ?
    – football and all its loosers and its bad comments…
    – PF unofficial sites invaded by R.Waters…
    – this blog which seems too much deserted…



  127. Bianca,

    I have no words in front of these situations. Never. I only feel “guilty” when these things happen to someone else, and all the cheap talking about everyday things seem so stupid..but we are not guilty, it is life….sometimes I feel like we all should live every day of our life like it is the last one.

  128. Dear Bianca, I join to Fed’s words: if I can help in some small way, I will do my best



  129. Hi Bianca,

    I lost both my parents when i was a teenager, my father quite suddenly & i always regret not saying things i should have done before he went. As others have suggested on here make the most of the time you have.Your friend will need a hug as well as you, his emotions must be all over the place.

    My mother died of cancer & that was horrible to witness, when she eventualy went, i felt very numb it was a very strange experience, i did n’t cry it was almost too painfull for me to come to terms with, i wish i had of cried but i could n’t, not then any way, it was years later that i think i came to terms with her going.

    because i was so young i did something on the eve of mums death which on the face of it sounds really callous, mabe it was me not admitting the truth. Any way that evening i went with my mates to watch a football match, i could see they did not know what to say to me & some looked very embarrased but for me doing something “normal” after sitting in hospitals for weeks seemed the right thing to do & by the end of the evening thier aukwardness towards me had gone. That football match was very special to me not the match itself or the result although it is so very vivid still but i felt 50,000 mates were giving my Mum a great send off. I felt part of something & not a lost soul after all.

    Im not sure how my post is going to help you Bianca but if this blog can be your “50,000” then i hope we can sort of help you.



  130. Dear Bianca,

    Am so sorry to hear about your friend. Whilst there’s not a lot I can say or do to help, I hope it helps you to know that you’ve got friends and people around you who care for you… drop me a mail anytime you want if you want to talk, vent or ramble…

    Big hugs from London,


  131. [my brain is slowly starting to whir and clunk. It’ll be motoring by Thursday]

    Well! I’ll waiting for Thursday…but maybe tomorrow it will be already running fast. I’m not bad but…the sky is cloudy but the air is muggy, my job is boring… and I was very sorry for Bianca’s news…I’m just a little down because I don’t see happiness around me today…I wish someting good would be happen soon…I hope it will happen soon! To Bianca, first of all!



  132. BIANCA: My heart and prayers are with you and your friend .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  133. you’re in my thoughts, bianca. look after yourself. we’re here if you want us to be. x

  134. Hi Peter!

    1) Why does David not use DTS as an option when releasing DVDs?

    re: question #1. Unless there is an official announcement, we will never know for sure. I agree with you Peter that DTS sounds better that Dolby Digital (AC-3)!

    My speculation is that because the DTS algorithm is yet another royalty, perhaps those in charge wish to avoid a fee? One could argue that the majority of recent DG/PF/RW recordings are released by Columbia, a division of Sony, and because Sony is a founding member of the DVD standards consortium (which choose AC-3 as the surround audio spec. for DVD-Video) there might be a conflict of interest? Maybe someone at Sony and DTS are having a feud? I’m really not sure (and wonder) about this one. . .

    2) I still don’t really understand the SACD malarkey

    re: question #2. SACD (Super Audio CD) is a high-resolution (and Sony proprietary) audio format. DVD-Audio (the competitor) is a high resolution audio format that doesn’t have the same marketing prowess.

    It’s true you do need a SACD ‘decoder’ to read surround information on a SACD, although SACD’s have the benefit of being ‘backward compatible’ i.e., they play in regular CD players too. DVD-Audio discs only play in DVD-Audio compatible drives. It is my opinion that, in general, SACD tracks sound better than DVD-Audio tracks.

    Sony is not the only manufacturer of SACD players. I have a Pioneer SACD and DVD-Audio player (it plays both-and CD’s as well). I bought it for a bit under $200 U.S.. The only reason I bought this player was because DSOTM came out in surround. Despite the fact that DVD-Audio and SACD are dying formats, I’m still looking forward to the surround release of WYWH (and I hope it’s on SACD!).

    If I were you Peter, I would wait until HD-DVD and Blue-Ray are firmly planted in the store shelves, and see what the next high-resolution format is. Perhaps if the powers that be REALLY wanted to get into high-end surround, they’ll release an Ambisonic encoded disc that also include wave-front synthesis guide tracks. . .now that would really be something!

    Sorry for the long post of techno-jive. I felt I could give Peter some ideas, and possibly answers to his questions. And then I read Bianca’s post, and suddenly, none of this techno-crap seems to matter anymore. . .

    Best Regards Everyone,


    P.S. Bianca I will both cry and pray for your friend. And YOU! Please let us know if you need anything!

  135. Bianca,

    I am very sorry to read about your friend. That is devastating news indeed. My friend’s father died last week of lung cancer. He quit 20 years ago, but it still defeated him. He also wasn’t as young as your friend (he was 62). I hope you are doing a little better today.

    Thinking of you,

  136. Thank you so much for all your reactions. I felt a lot better today. But yesterday I felt guilty for being so upset, more upset than my friend seems to be while he is the one that is dying. And today I feel guilty for being less upset.
    but then I have enough experience with grief myself already to know that I don’t really need to feel guilty, but that doing so anyway is all part of the process. So I am just taking it as it comes.

    All your stories and experiences really moved me. Tim C., you didn’t intrude at all. Your post is actually very special to me and I will print it and hang it over my workspace to able to read it every now and then and remind myself of why the pain is all worth it.

    Having been through a long period of mourning myself and having found myself to be strong enough to climb out somehow and get my life back on track, I do know that I will be able to get through this as well.

    It is just that when you are really deep it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of that every now and then, and that is what your stories do for me.

    It is all part of life, isn’t it. And the older you get the more goodbyes you have to say.

    Tonight I visited another friend in hospital that had a baby last saturday. I had already been there sunday, but I just so needed to hold that fragile new life in my arms again. It made me realise that there was no place for this little fellow if others didn’t make room for him.

    And I know it feels unjust in this case because my friend is still so young, but then nobody really promised us we would all get 85, did they? Although we all secretly want to believe that they did.

    How strange life can be. How incredibly wonderful and devastatingly cruel at the same time.

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. And it moves me that there is room for these kind of things on the blog as well. But then I think it all very much touches the soul of the music we are all here for.

    Many hugs, Bianca

  137. Oh Bianca, that is awful news, my thoughts are with you and your friend, I`m so sorry to hear about it.

  138. Bianca,

    I’m saddened to hear the news about your friend.

    Isn’t the big “C” so cruel.

    It has a habit of claiming people who don’t deserve to be put through such pain and agony.

    We all seem to know someone who has been struck down when they still had so much to give.

    Hopefully this community will help you (both) through this torrid time, as the many messages so far have shown.

    There is also the solace of David’s music to help get you through.

    Faithfully yours,
    Ken Carter

  139. Dear Bianca,

    Just some words for you and your friend, just some loving words… that’s all I can do, but I do it de tout mon coeur.

    Ikkar, with all my love

  140. Bianca,

    I am so sorry and wish I could say something meaningful that would make a difference, but there are no words…

    Just an expression of care and concern to a special person I’ve met in this little corner of cyberspace.

    Be as well as you can, and let the emotions come as they may…


  141. David Grey: wasn’t it Pretty Uninspired Light Show Essentially?

    Ouch… FACED!!!

  142. [Sorry to borther you again, but we still don’t have any official seat-map for the San Marco square. We all bought a lot of ticket and we don’t know where we are. – Posted by: ALEMAN at June 20, 2006 07:16 AM]

    Have a look at this link, mate. A map has finally been added to the site. Hope it helps.

  143. The only place I can post at present (until my husband and I get our own pc)is here at my office..where they expect me to (the nerve!) WORK of all things. Don’t they understand that I have a whole weekend of blog to get thru?(And FEd-telling them I have wind won’t keep them away, but after reading Bianca’s posting, the tears I was crying did.)


    We all want to help in some way. One of the most wonderful things is that you can post your sorrow and anger at some of life’s awful things on this wonderful site and the people here care about it and you. Thank heavens for music as it can help heal and speaks to all of our moods.

    I had a nasty bunch of years going for a while. My mother died of cancer in 2000: her sister, same year, her other sister the next year, had to put down both of my cats (either side of Mom dying…don’t laugh, they were my ‘girls’) My uncle got cancer in 2001 as well as my sister and, well, just leave it there, too many to cover and every one has someone they can mention. Each one is difficult for them and for us.

    I appreciate your anger. Anger at what your friend is going thru and your eventual loss of this friend. I want to add my sorrow to the others in what you and your friend are going through. I am glad that he has a caring person in you to help him get through the rest of his time here.

    Isn’t it amazing how people seem to find such strength and calm even tho they are the ones going thru this awful thing? Your friend must be a wonderful person that you are able to connect in such a way that is so meaningful to you. Good friends are precious and the only way you get them is by being one. So he is lucky to have you, too.

    I am rambling too much here. There is just so much I want to say about this, but most of it has been already so very well expressed by others.

    You and your friend are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so glad you felt you could come here and share this with us.

    [Bless you for that, Jan. – Features Editor]

  144. [It is all part of life, isn’t it. And the older you get, the more goodbyes you have to say. -Bianca]

    Bianca said it with words. David said it with a Stratocaster on Castellorizon.

  145. Five Words:

    Music rarely affects me to the point where I am taken to a different plane of thought. Yet, I found that while listening to D.G.’s “On an Island” that I was taken to a peaceful place, with a perspective that seemed above and objective from this world and it’s cares, yet, at the same time feeling more unified to the life of this world. While listening, I felt:

    1. REFLECTIVE (Contemplative of life, in an ‘at ease’ manner – not stressed nor focused on failures/ disappointments. Recalling pleasant times such as: walking on a beach as a child watching seagulls float on wind currents; looking out a airplane window, flying between two cloud layers with a beautiful sunset radiating colors on the clouds above and below; stroking my wife’s face to comfort her through the birth of my daughter 16 years ago; fishing with my ten year old boy, on a nice relaxing day, with a gentle breeze tussling the leaves.)

    2. SERENE (This word describes how I feel well. This is better than happy at times, as it is more relaxed – which leads to the reflection.)

    3. MEDITATIVE (I know this word is similar to reflective, but there is a distinctive nuance that strongly expresses how I feel listening to this music. I feel melodious with nature, and with the creator of both nature and of me. The music seems intricately joined to, and at one with what it depicts, and I in turn feel at one with the music and unified to what it depicts, and even more so, in a deeper, spiritual way manner, I feel connected in the unity with my creator and with His creation).

    4. HARMONIOUS (Wow! I don’t know anyone that can make a guitar sing the way that D.G. does. It gives it a personality and a life. I can picture the intensity of David’s face as he pours life from his soul into the music. The expression of that life cries out to my soul, and pulls me along on its journey.)

    5. EQUANIMOUS (A sense of balance, despite the stressors in this world. Listening to this album gives me a sense of being above it all, with tremendous equanimity – like being peacefully balanced on a powerful, churning wave –I used to be an avid whitewater kayaker, and there was a place I visited many times, with a large, free-standing wave that reminded paddlers of its incredible power when it wasn’t approached perfectly. Paddlers would end up 200+ feet downriver, after being torn from their boats, and occasionally having popped a shoulder out of its socket. But, after a few hundred approaches—over a few years—Not only was I able to ride this wave, but I was able to do so without my paddle. I could just sit perfectly on it, using my hands in the water and slight fluid movements of my hips to peacefully ride the wave, feeling it’s great turbulence beneath, with crashing sound drowning out all other noise, yet, in a way, feeling at one with the wave, going with the flow of it, attuned to the life of the wave, as though it were tame. Not trying to manipulate the wave, because it was too great a force to fight against, but rather to go with what it wanted to do. Sitting on that wave was equanimity to me, and the music on this album gave me a sense for that same feeling of balance, and control, while riding the beast that life can be. Going with the fluid nature of it, and not being intimidated by it’s magnitude.)

    EXTRA WORD that depicts how I felt listening to this soulful music:

    BLESSED (Appreciative for being blessed with being able to purchase and listen to this music in comfort, without fear of bombs, with a full stomach, healthy and with access to healthcare.)

  146. Bianca- I hope you see this message- since this is an old blog entry.

    I just read your post and those who responded to you. I can completely relate with you. I had a friend who developed breast cancer while she was pregnant with her second child. It quickly moved to her liver, her other breast and finally her brain. She refused to terminate her pregnancy (she and her husband had difficulty conceiving and the baby was desperately wanted).

    Unfortunately being pregnant accelerated the course of her cancer. Chemo and radiation were horrific. After having a birthday party for her 4 year old son and then not remembering a single thing about it a few days later she refused any more treatment that would rob her memory. Less than a year after her daughter was born she passed away less than a month short of her 30th birthday.

    Like your friend, Michelle and I always went deep in conversation. We were best friends for many years-deeper than even my wife and I (that may sound wierd, but we connected in a way I have never experienced before). It was an absolutely devastating blow for me. To the end she was trying to be hopeful that she could beat it. Sometimes- often- they can’t beat it.

    There isn’t much to say- just let them talk and be there for them. I think it is natural for the victim to shed fewer tears than those who love them- all part of trying to be hopeful I suppose. And does denial hurt anyone? Let the person deal in their own way, but don’t be afraid to let your feelings show.

    It is a tough time. My heart goes out to you deeply- and I find myself 2 years after the fact getting quite emotional all over again. I’m sure that will never go away- but trust me, it does get less frequent as time goes by. I’ll pray for you and your friend.


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