'P.U.L.S.E' competition



The lucky winner is… Colin. Have a great time, Colin! Please check your e-mail for further details.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Sorry that you couldn’t all win.

I’ve got a real treat for one lucky UK fan.

I have a pair of tickets to attend a special, non-public screening of ‘P.U.L.S.E’ at a secret location in central London on Monday 3 July.

There will be one winner only. You will need to take photographic ID and proof of address with you in order to claim your tickets.

I need your full name and postal address (I don’t need any details about your guest).

As always, this competition is for regular blog contributors only. First-time posters will not be considered so need not apply.

The blog will be read-only from midday tomorrow (Saturday) so that no late entries are possible after this time. It will return to normal service when I have our winner.

This competition is open to UK fans only. The address you submit to us must match that of your ID.

Please only enter if you are sure that you can attend on the evening of Monday 3 July.

There’s no question to answer. Your names will be placed in a numbered list in random fashion and one number will be selected by a second person.

So, let me know if you’re interested in seeing the ‘P.U.L.S.E’ concert a whole week before it’s released, including all the necessary details, and you might receive a congratulatory e-mail from me over the weekend.

If you don’t hear from me or see your name on the blog, please don’t ask why. My reasons are clearly explained and there can only be one winner.

Please be sure to include your full name and your full address. I want one post and one post only with all the relevant information clearly contained. (Please don’t make unnecessary work for me on the weekend.) I anticipate many entries and, if you give incomplete or incorrect details, then you will no longer be considered eligible.

No questions, please. This is all I can tell you for now.

Photographic ID and proof of address will be checked at the door and must match what we already know about you, so the only person allowed in will be your good self and your lucky guest.

You need to be on the guest list to get in – simple as that.

Rest assured that names and addresses will be visible only to me – and the winner’s details to EMI – and will not be made public in any way.

The blog will only be open for comments until mid-day Saturday (UK time), so, if I do not have your full details by then, you will not be considered.

So, be quick and the very best of luck to you all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

121 thoughts on “'P.U.L.S.E' competition”

  1. Excellent competition!


    Have a great weekend everyone.


    [The same to you and the best of luck! Just so you all know, in the interest of fairness, I won’t list your names/addresses in the numerical order in which I receive them. This is because everyone will know the order in which you have all entered and will deduce your number from that. I have a numbered table and will paste your details into a random field. Only I will see this table. When the last entry has been added, and any spaces have been filled, I will give SNEd the number range and a random number will then be chosen. The name placed by chance beside that number will be the winner. – Features Editor]

  2. Nothing to do with tickets to Pulse screenings or anything else, but an amusing review of OAI can be found here (click my name). Our David as comfort food?

  3. Are you mad, of course I’m interested in seeing the finished product! Though I’m probably in bad books for trying to send in that link to the pulse preview site!


  4. Caption Competition

    The new Madame Tussaud’s exhibition featured some of the best “beat-combos” around…

  5. Fantastic Prize!

    I can only console myself with moving into a new house which has a media room… I move in on the 10th of July so you can guess which DVD will be played for the inaugural flight of the home theatre! 🙂

    That’s if Amazon actually answer my question about the price differential!

  6. Caption Competition…

    David has second thoughts as a real Spitfire is hoisted above the back of the auditorium….


    David, still pensive about Hysteron Proteron’s last post, considers an anonymous response on the blog…

    Hey H.P., where have you gone?

    Good Luck to all you fans in the Mother Land!

  7. Hello Fed, disappointed at not winning any ‘On an Island’ underwear in the last competition I thought I’d try this one :o)


  8. UK only?? Does that include former colonies?

    [Now that would include half the world, so no. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  9. I know you’ve all been holding your breath on this one…

    Amazon have replied and are charging me the new price – a saving of $10 which is getting donated to CRISIS!….

    Check your orders guys!

    [Take it to the bridge, Rudders! Fight the Power. – Features Editor]

  10. FEd,

    It would be great if there was a way you could number the posts in the blog. It would make it easier for us when we return to pick up from where we left off instead of reading through the posts to try and find the last one you read. That way we could just record a number and jump to the last spot. Just a suggestion. Thanks.


    [It’s a good one, and one which has been passed on. Maybe one of these days. – Features Editor]

  11. Fingers crossed for everyone else

    hey F’ed where is the picture taken from Bray studios is it?

    Caption – Nick sneaks up on drums in rehearsals

    [No, I believe that one’s from the Albert Hall. – Features Editor]

  12. [Now that would include half the world, so no. Sorry! – Features Editor]

    I’m still laughing at that one. Your wit is as sharp as those pointy sticks.

    Thanks for the laugh.


    [Bless you, mate. – Features Editor]

  13. Good luck to all the UK bloggers! How I wish I was there!

    Barn Party: I can help David cook, I know a little bit about that, but I can’t wear my Boss Hog whites though!

  14. (This competition is open to UK fans only)

    I am willing to concede that parts of America are still actually part of the UK. yes? no?

    [I thought the UK was a part of the US these days. – Features Editor]

  15. Yes please for the Pulse competition

    [No first-time posters allowed, sorry. – Features Editor]

  16. [Now that would include half the world, so no. Sorry! – Features Editor]

    Somehow I knew you’d have a biting retort! You’re not pining for the good ole days are ye?? England still has a chance for dominance in the World Cup, eh? Apparently America is still trying to figure out this game of socc….er…uh…football.


    [I thought you were going to say that America is still trying to figure out how to dominate the world for a moment. I’m certainly not pining for those days, mate, and England will have to improve a hell of a lot if they’re going to win the World Cup. – Features Editor]

  17. [I thought you were going to say that America is still trying to figure out how to dominate the world for a moment. I’m certainly not pining for those days, mate, and England will have to improve a hell of a lot if they’re going to win the World Cup. – Features Editor]

    Frankly F’Ed, I’m pining for the good ole days of American isolationism. I’m thinking of running for office on the ancient Monroe Doctrine. Best of luck to England anyhow mate!!


    [Well said. I think our countries have got a lot to answer for, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  18. Happy Friday,

    Good luck to everone who enters.

    Have a great weekend

    Pete – Coventry


  19. [I thought the Uk was a part of the US thes days- Features editor]

    C’est méchant ou c’est rigolo, Fed, ça dépend si on est américain ou pas…

    Pointy stick…


    [Oui, il était vilain. – Features Editor]

  20. [Well said. I think our countries have got a lot to answer for, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

    …I’ve had my laughs for this morning F’Ed. So, in all seriousnous, I have to agree. Would love to chat with you over a pint someday….


    [Bless you, Michael. But not this early in the day, I hope. – Features Editor]

  21. Good morning all!

    First off, Warren L, that review is the most hilarious attempt at a “low brow” review that I’ve ever seen (and I’ve read some doozies at Amazon!). If the rest of you bloggers haven’t read it yet, you owe it to yourself to do so. NOW! Scroll up for the first post on this topic.

    Second, Caption competition:

    (Dave, thinks to himself) “the pig is DEFINITELY not going to fit down the back of the hall… bloody hell!!”

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  22. i’d love to be considered, ed. good luck to all.


    there have been some mad posts today!

  23. [Bless you, Michael. But not this early in the day, I hope. – Features Editor]

    Surely it must be approaching happy hour in your neck of the woods? On a Friday no less. What’s that country song “It’s five o’clock somewhere”?? Cheers mate, bottoms up!


    [Fair point. Where’s that beer? – Features Editor]

  24. Hello Dear F.ed,

    You know what ? When I woke up this morning, I was telling to myself that I wish I was born in UK. After what I read on the on the today’s blog Page, I’m gonna ask the political asylum for musical reasons !!!

    Have an excellent week-end…

    [The same to you, Antoine. – Features Editor]

  25. CAPTION COMPETITION: David – “I have completely forgotten the next chord.”

    (Ed/Edwina, can you please talk David into hiring me as a pinch-hitter photographer? or hire me to muck out his stables so I can get a work visa and get over to the UK in time for the PULSE showing? Maybe you could marry me so I can become a legal UK resident? Really, I’m not asking for much.)


    [I don’t think you’re asking for much. Besides, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. – Features Editor]

  26. Congratulations to the pending winner!!

    ..On a related note, I just can’t wait for the forthcoming U.S. contest (F’ed, I just know its coming) where David comes to a secret backyard ~1 hour from New York City, plays guitar a bit and chats at an afternoon barbecue for one lucky fan and his family. (o.k. before the abuse starts, I know this is a tired dream to post again but what the heck. I need to do something while waiting for the DVD release)

  27. Regarding the photo above. Is that from RAH last show encores? It looks like Nick Mason on drums in the fuzzy background. Not enough hair for it to be Steve. Yes?


    [I think it’s from the soundcheck. That looks like Nick’s manager on the right. – Features Editor]

  28. [Fair point. Where’s that beer? – Features Editor]

    Next round’s on me, mate. Have a nice weekend!


    [The same to you. Enjoy it. – Features Editor]

  29. In reference to the album review…I suppose it goes to show that one does not have to know much about music (or the artist, for that matter) in order to write a review. “Whole passages” ripped from previous albums? Has he even listened to OAI?

    Granted, some of the songs have a familiar feel to them, but that is Mr. Gilmour’s style, not recycled music.

    Good luck to our UK brothers/sisters on the passes for the screening of Pulse. Wish I was there (Sounds oddly familiar, doesn’t it?)

    Thanks again, Fed, for all you do for us.

    [Thank you for allowing me to do this for you. – Features Editor]

  30. Since we seem to be allowed to talk about PULSE just this once…

    The VHS version of PULSE had the definitive version of Sorrow (somehow the CD has a different version), but my copy (and maybe others) has a problem on the stereo track, so I always have to switch to mono for that song. I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE the DVD will have the same version, without the skip of course. That and the extras are the biggest reason why I am looking forward to this DVD. Hopefully our winner will report back on his/her experience to let us know what the DVD is like.

    BTW Sorrow also happens to be the song in which I play my absolute best air guitar. David himself would be impressed with how well I work that air whammy bar.

  31. Will David and the band be there and will the lucky winners get a chance to meet the band and get a Pulse goody bag?

    Where in London is the screening going to be or is that top secret?

    [Questions, questions, questions… – Features Editor]

  32. Are you sure the screening won’t be in a barn in the middle of Wales?


    [I can answer that one: I’m quite sure it’s in London. – Features Editor]

  33. Great prize. The nearest i’ll get to seeing the boys play live again!!! (apart from in my living room most Saturday mornings while hoovering)

  34. Hi! I wish good luck to every one enters the competition. Excuse my bad english, because I’m french . I download smile and I think it’s a very lovely song.Thanks for this. Merci en français et à bientôt.bisous!

  35. Nickster/Adrian

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for you to win this prize which may go some way to compensate for the Mermaid Theatre c*ck up… Good luck 🙂

  36. [Now that would include half the world, so no. Sorry! – Features Editor]

    [I thought the UK was a part of the US these days. – Features Editor]

    [I thought you were going to say that America is still trying to figure out how to dominate the world for a moment. – Features Editor]

    Looks like Fed is in rare form, I needed a good laugh today….thanks.

  37. Dang, and my passports not updated. Suppose we can claim (or admit to) our English heritage for this contest? Don’t bother with the pointy sticks (which seem to be out in force lately), I already know the answer.

    Hurry up you UK bloggers, get your entries in and the best of luck to you. Don’t forget to tell us all about it after. We’ll be waiting here impatiently for the news.

    FEd…you guys are really doing some cool stuff lately to keep us all entertained. As if this site wasn’t already super. I hate to leave work on the weekend now, because I don’t know what I’ll miss! Must get a life.

  38. Love the caption someone posted with David having a ‘senior moment’. Thank heavens, even guitar gods are human. And we love them for that.

  39. Yes please, I wouldn’t turn down a chance like that in a million years!!!


    Don’t suppose you know what time it finishes? 🙂

    [I don’t, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  40. Keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed for this…….!!!

    My full name and address is:


  41. Fedmeister

    Are you going to the screening? I hope so!

    I bet you can’t wait for the deluge of blog entries in July after the release… :-@

    The PULSE DVD is already number 3 in the Canadian Amazon best seller list and number 4 in the UK…

    [I am going along to this one. I missed the Mermaid gig, so I’m not missing this! – Features Editor]

  42. Dearest FeD

    What a great giveaway.

    Best of luck to all you UK Fans!


  43. Hi F’ED and all.

    Very tempted to enter this compo but I won’t as I feel that I have already taken enough from this site (Mermaid Theatre, priority RAH tickets and a very fine t-shirt, thanks again). So I wish the other entrants all the best and congratulations to the winner!

    Have a good weekend everyone,


    [Don’t be daft. You’re as welcome to enter as anyone else. Send us your address. Glad you like the T-shirt, by the way. – Features Editor]

  44. I´m thinking about changing my domicile (but only after end of the soccer world championship 🙂

    Good luck to all U.K. bloggers for this great prize.

    Have a nice weekend ALL !

  45. Good luck to all UK residents who get to be part of that contest, once again wish I was a resident across the pond so I could enjoy good music, good beer and great futbol league action.

    On another note, I bought my father a copy of “OAI” for Father’s Day last Sunday here in the States and he told me he has not stopped listening to it since he got it. He was never a big Pink Floyd fan, he seemed to be more into Eric Burdon, but he is now become a big fan of David Gilmour and continually asks me about the album and concert and just David in general.
    So thank you David for you have brought my Father and I close once again, because of your music!

    So much behind us, still far to go…
    Matt in Maine

  46. Would you please add my entry to the ever growing “PULSE” tickets competition.

    Thank you and good luck everyone (as they say on the lottery),



  47. I want David to record with Rick Wakeman

    Sorry, I had to get that off my chest…

  48. I’m just another resident of a former colony myself, so I don’t qualify. Oh to have been born a Brit.

  49. [Hi Chris! What does the shirt look like? We all want to know. . . – Posted by: Marcus Buick at June 23, 2006 09:04 PM]

    Yeah, come on Chris, give us all a fleeting glimpse of your exclusive.


    (now FEd.. when will you have a competition for female Dutch bloggers who’s name start with a B only? :-p

    But then I pretty much have everything I need already, so I’d probably end up with something I didn’t even want.. like your funky smelling fake beard.. *grin*)

    hugs, Bianca

    [I wouldn’t be able to part with that, sorry. So many good times… – Features Editor]

  51. No Live 8 ticket, no Mermaid ticket, may be I’ll get lucky this time … after all I am Nick Mason’s favourite Floydette … well that’s what he wrote in my copy of Inside Out!


  52. Steve,

    What an honour to see your to post, or is that honor. Depends which side of the pond your from, I guess 😉

    And then there were three(Guy, Richard & now you)

    Thanks for your candid words. They provide another fine insight into how the On An Island touring troupe has formed a really strong bond with each other and the empathy that exists between you all.

    I particularly respect your comments on “restraining” yourself, in order to blend Nick’s “amazing and unique” style with your own.

    Thanks for sharing your comments with us mere mortals.

  53. This is sooooo spooky, I will be in London at the weekend for a certain Hyde Park concert and have taken the Monday off so I don’t have to hurry back. Seeing Pulse on Monday night would just about make my year. High Hopes!!!


  54. First of all sorry for my english.

    I just want to say one thing… Thank you for all your music, Pink floyd or David Gilmour solo.

    In my opinion (not a big deal), your music is simply wonderful, possibly magic.

    When i listen David Gilmour Guitar i can explain my feelings. You are the best ( At least in my opinion!)

    Emanuel Pereira – Portugal.

  55. Wow what a give away. Fantatsic competition. Who wouldnt be interested? To think I wasnt going to log on, let that be a lesson to me eh? And I will be in London on that day, recovering from the Hyde Park gig-suppose thats blown it for me. Well heres my details


  56. Caption: After ignoring an annoying fan’s incessant request to play a PF tune not on the set list, David pauses briefly, stares him down and subtley flips him the bird.

    Great contest. Good fortune to everyone entering (Alas, I reside in Americrap). Have a grrrreat weekend!

  57. Good luck everyone

    I wish I was able to enter but due to prior commitments I would not be able to go.

  58. Good Luck everyone!!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    One of the few times I wish my we had moved to England. Oh bother!

  59. Please consider me for this great prize, Ed. Thanks in advance and good luck to all.


  60. Warren and Fed-

    Between you two guys and your antics, I got the giggles this evening…or wait, maybe it was from the Becks at the bar. Nonetheless, thanks for the antics in whatever form they may come in.

    On the review that Warren posted:

    I would have to say that David Gilmour is either my Frozen Pizza or those cheesy potato things my Grandma used to make.

    How about that for a posting Fed? What food is your David Gilmour?

    -Chris McKay

    [Definitely. Next week. – Features Editor]

  61. To David Tankersley,

    I have to admit that I cannot detect any signs of “Dogs Of War” in OAI.

    But remember anybody can be a reviewer, and most reviewers aren’t the discerning lot that we David/Pink Floyd nuts are.

    Still, for what it’s worth I thought the review was quite amusing. Have a scroll around that site – I was kept entertained for ages reading reviews of other albums.

  62. Good Caption, Deborah!

    I got a good chuckle out of that one….

    By the way, may I say that OAI got me over the hump at work the past two weeks…. Thanks yet again David!!!!

    And congrats to you Rudders on the new home, just got a place myself in Ellenville, NY three weeks ago….. OAI is great on those curvey forest-lined Catskill roads….

  63. Good Luck you UK fellow bloggers. Wouldn’t it be especially kind of the Fed to allow a few more winners to the list. At least a chance to meet. HHMMM?

  64. June 22 1975 Floyd Played Milwakee County Stadium before a Evil Severe Thunderstorm stopped the concert for a short while.

    David was using a Black mirrored Telecaster in which he played the two Animals songs “You Got to be crazy” and “Raving and Drooling” Dogs and Sheep. In a recent photo he was playing a white Telecascter. Were any of those guitars Syds by chance?

    [Beats me. – Features Editor]

  65. did anyone catch the excellant Robert Wyatt documentary on bbc4 last night a very interesting man with some radical thoughts and ideas, if not look out for it they usually repeat thease things on this channel well worth seeing in my opinion , sorry Fed i know its of subject but with the conection to mr gilmour i hope you dont mind also if it is on again wat about putting it on the calander

    [Good idea. – Features Editor]

  66. Good morning FEd, everyone,

    I can make travel arrangements for a hop accross the Channel quite quickly, but migration arrangements are a different story.

    Good luck to all UK-candidates

    Have a nice weekend,

    — btw : How about a competition with Belgian candidates only ? 😉

  67. Micheal in New Jersey asked: UK only?? Does that include former colonies?”

    In which FEd replied: [Now that would include half the world, so no. Sorry! – Features Editor]”

    That made me laugh out loud then my husband thought I had lost the plot. Excellent!

  68. The competition sounds sounds great. Sign me up I just got a new C-Card, so if I need to fly to see David Gilmour that’s what I’ll have to do.

    Also, sorry if this is off-topic, but I wanted to let David Gilmour know that I think he made a great couple of tunes in The Narrow Way(pt1-3)-I mean the lyrics arn’t the greatest but I think those songs were the beginning of the Floyd sound that would later come about in Atom Heart, Echoes, and then of course culminating with DSOTM.

    Fat Old Sun is just a great tune and some of the solo Gilmour songs like Out of the Blue and Short and Sweet I think are among the best of all your works. The Sonnet turned vocal masterpiece was beyond brilliant and I can see how much Michael Kamen will be missed.

    Childhood’s End though is one of the best rock tunes written by anyone ever.

    Thanks for letting me blather on, I’ve been listening to older Floyd/Gilmour this weekend. Can’t wait for Pulse to hit my hard drive. Man, the versions they did of Astronime Domine and ALL the they wailed out songs DSOTM are legendary. There’s No way on earth Waters will match one second of what David Gilmour did twelve years ago. But of course I’m going to his show anyway, just to make sure 🙂

    Just wanted to say that some of (all of really)those old Gilmour tunes might be ‘oldies’ but they’ll always be the best.

  69. boo hoo, theres no way in hell i’d be able to get to london on the 3rd. I bet i know the winning prize too shiver me timbers. Good luck everyone!

  70. Well, It looks as if I’m going to have to move to the UK if I want to have a chance to win. How’s the fishing in England. I hope you can catch steelhead or salmon there.

    I do want to say that my hat is off to Polly for the new pictures that have been posted.

    Have a great weekend Fed.

    [Thank you. The same to you. I’m going to see the Eagles on Sunday, so it should be a good night. – Features Editor]

  71. Hi FEd and all friends,

    Good luck to you all with the competition. Jealous is me…

    Here’s an idea…

    Whoever wins should go to the viewing and figure out who the FEd is since he/she will be there too and take a picture. Then ransom the photo back to FEd, sell it on Ebay or send it around to the the rest of us so this curiosity can be tamed.

    OUCH! That stick was sharp!..Where’s me coat??


    [They’re on my side, sorry. You’re on your own on this one. – Features Editor]

  72. Congratulations Lucia and Piergiorgio (and everyone else in Italy). The Italians did as much for the U.S. as they could have. The U.S. didn’t (and won’t) have it in them for quite some time. Congratulations Ghana! Good luck everyone in the next round!

    I forgot to add Crosby and Nash to the special guests on my DVD release title in a previous post. . .

    And Radiohead; Oh FEd and Andrew, to a point, you are correct. I am removing a few pins. Not from my eyes, but from my ears. Don’t get me wrong, the sound guys did a spectacular job, it’s just that the whiningly piercing vocal of Thom. . . is, well. . . uhhh. . .Lucia I said ‘hi’ for you no less than three times!

    The light show could very much have used Marc Brickman’s expertise. I hear Radiohead is releasing a new album in a couple of months and they will be doing a tour of medium to large arena’s. So Marc, if you’re looking for a gig that could use your hand. . .

    The show was what I thought, no greater, no less. It was not loud, and was performed well, despite some technical difficulties. I will admit, I admire a band where four of the five performers all play on drums. That was cool!

    The PF relation to Radiohead is relevant though. And here is my opinion why:

    First, their use of technically demanding equipment was impressive. They were pushing sonics, wireless, and instruments to a level I have rarely seen before. Their ability to run this equipment was almost flawless.

    Second, they played deep, hypnotic music. It was very easy to loose your thoughts to. They use loops, synths, and weird proprietary gear to make the sounds they achieve. No one else sounds like they do. Their live show sound is VERY different than their CD. Their time signatures and changes are of a composition style that is quite unique.

    Third, the production surrounding the performance was complex. There were ten irregularly shaped screens behind the band being fed by ten projectors and ten independent cameras (six remote, four fixed) with a quality complement of fine graphics. This provided nice, and interesting, visuals.

    And if DG/PF ever needs an opening act. . . uhhhmm . .hmmm. . . not in recent memory I guess . . .mmmm . . .nope, they don’t . . .never mind . . .

    Oh yes, and Steve, thanks for your post! It means more to us than. . .than. . .uhmm. . .I don’t want to be hokey here. . .uhmm. . . DUDE, Thanks, I mean really. . .

    I will go on tomorrow, but only if FEd lets me. . .

    [You can continue on Monday when the comment forms return, mate. – Features Editor]

  73. i know its a really silly question, but i really wanted a RAH poster but didnt have enough cash on me at the gig, now there sold out;( any chance of obtaining one F ed?

    [They’re out of stock at the moment. Visit the merchandise page for UK/Europe – now called ‘Fan Fare’ – and you’ll see it. – Features Editor]

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