'OAI' soundtrack?


Another picture from the Bray rehearsals – this one dedicated to Bianca, as promised – and another random rainy day post to keep your brains from turning into footballs.

This one comes courtesy of everybody’s favourite glass-blower, Ian Pearson:

If ‘On an Island’ could act as the soundtrack to any film, which film would you choose?

Let us know what you think.

I promised you something about David’s forthcoming DVD. Now what did I want to tell you…?

Oh yes, it’s going to be a double-disc set. How’s about that for starters?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

179 thoughts on “'OAI' soundtrack?”

  1. A double, excellent. Can’t wait for that one, hopefully packed with extras. keep us informed Fed, your a star.

    Re OAI soundtrack, it would surely have to be the blue lagoon.

  2. CAPTION: When Dick saw that red sky at night coming from yonder,” quick David catch one of these” he bellowed.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. Double disc?

    Oh I’m so excited already, breathe just breathe!

    Gosh see how little it takes to get me so giddy, it’s pathetic.

    It’s really hard to think of a film, I can imagine it being a good soundtrack but I can’t think to what.

    I’ll get back to you, my brain hurts.

    Bye for now, kids.


    How about “Walkabout” with it’s lack of narrative and stunning natural views , also the enviromental message in the film could work well with some of the themes addressed on the album. Also with the 2 children wandering the outback on their own ” Take a breath” might be apt.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin )

  5. What a great community of fans that has been created here. First post for me, but I’ve been reading from the start.

    DVD is highly anticipated.(Of course!)

    I caught the first Chicago show and was amazed.

    Movie soundtrack: King Kong? Ha ha!

    Thanks FEd

  6. Two discs? Ace!

    I’m glad of that. Two discs leaves plenty of room to make sure the quality isn’t compromised, and to hopefully include all songs played over the three RAH nights.

    Any official word on DVD contents yet? Probably too soon… How about an official rumour? 😉

    [An official rumour? Let me slip into fan mode for a sec. It’s gonna be, like, crammed with extras, man. There’s gonna be a whole disc full of ’em. It’s gonna be awesome. How’s that? – Features Editor]

  7. Well with footage from three different concerts it had better be a double-disc set! There’d be riotting in the streets otherwise!

    “On Golden Pond” would work. I don’t mean to add THAT many years to David’s age, but it is about an older couple in an isolated area (though not an island) dealing with a rambunctious kid (“Take A Breath” would fit in there nicely). What with their memories of times gone by, the things they are dealing with today, and their desire to have a good future together, I think it’s a nice fit.

    Also if the book Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut were ever made into a movie, OAI could work. OK, “Where We Start” would be playing while dolphin-people are swimming around a million years from now, but it would still work.

  8. A 2 DVD set with a 2CD set of just the music along with a small book of pictures will make a nice deluxe set just in time for xmas.


    [And a partridge in a pear tree just for the hell of it? – Features Editor]

  9. Seems to me it’s a soundtrack already. In other words, for me at least, it inspires me to create my own “movies” which unspool for my mind’s eye (I’ve got a 70mm screen somewhere in the back of my brain…).

  10. Movie soundtrack, wow this is hard. A few thoughts would be:

    The Beach
    The Blue Lagoon

    Obviously centered around the island theme.

  11. Great news on the fothcoming 2-disk Gilmour DVD!

    I think “On an Island” would make a great sountrack for the movie “Castaway” staring Tom Hanks who is stranded ‘on an island’! The music would go very well, as he reflects time passing as well as the remembrences of a loved-one whom he might never see again. The music would go w/ this film perfectly! What do you think of my answer to your question?

    [I think it’s a good ‘un. – Features Editor]

  12. The DVD is going to be great! Will we see it in stores before next summer?

    [Yeah, of course you will. – Features Editor]

  13. *Oh yes, it’s going to be a double-disc set. How about that for starters?*

    Horribly excited now. May have to have a drink to calm myself… wonder if it will be out in time for my birthday in early November, Edwina? That would solve my daughter’s yearly “what to buy my crazy mom” dilemma.

    Hoping for some Spare Digits again. Meet David, my personal guitar instructor. Nice.

    OAI soundtrack? Charlie Chaplin’s “Shanghaied.” 😉


    [It’s too early to say a date yet, but maybe. – Features Editor]

  14. I thought of a horror flick that OAI might work on: “The Brass Python”. See above for the promotional poster.

  15. Well, I can’t really think of a movie partly because there is just too bloody many and partly because my brain is a little like mush right now. So I am posting, to gush about how flabbergastingly (not sure if that is a word, but if it is not it should be) fantastic the news of a double disc set for OAI DVD is. My only regret now is that I am now chomping at the bit to get a hold of it. I guess I’ll have to make due with that PULSE thingamajigger or whatever that thing is to tide me over, until OAI comes out 🙂

  16. Phew I havnt posted for a while, but double disc? Wow, that really is great news! Do we all get free copies now Fed? 😀

    [Dream on. – Features Editor]

  17. Dear Fed,

    [If ‘On An Island’ could act as the soundtrack to any film, which film would you choose?]…

    for me, OAI se suffit à lui-même. Avoir des images “déposées au pied d’une telle musique”, serait réducteur, et imposerait la vision de tel ou tel cinéaste… Let us dream!!!

    A contrario, mettre de la musique sur des images… it’s more interesting… A vos plumes!

    Ikkar, with love

    [Je suis d’accord. – Features Editor]

  18. This may be too obvious or ironic. But would OAI work well as the soundtrack for Cast Away??


  19. A double disc set? FANTASTIC! I cant wait to find out what will the features be. Is there a date of realease yet?? I suppose end of the year right?

    Great news FEd!

    As for the question in hand, I’d say OAI would be a perfect soundtrack for the movie of one of my favorite books of all time:” The unbeareable lightness of being”.

    [Yep, end of the year. – Features Editor]

  20. Hmmmm I’m not sure at all should I get this dvd…………… Who am I kidding reserve me several copies will you! :o)

  21. hard one this,

    but i have thought of one

    “LORD OF THE FLIES” the orignal Black & white one that is.

  22. Wow Fed so you do keep a file on all suggestions for quizes and there’s me thinking you forget everything you read here – shame on me!

    Any film with minimal speaking, maybe a slient such as “The Plank” or better still some of Buster Keeton’s work. I like Peter Greenaways films in particlular “Drowning by Numbers” at least I think thats what it is called.

    Hope this Blogg cheers Bianca up. Come on Bianaca tell us that funny story about the pigeon!

    Ian Pearson

    PS “Glassman” on car roof story. Briefly, glass looks better photographed against sky. So I place “Glassman” on car roof to take photo. Just about to and it starts to slide off roof. I panic and reach to save it. It then stops sliding and I go back to taking photo. It slides again and I reach out. Three times this happens but I managed to get photo OK. Oh and bye the way all this took place in public road with passers by scratching their heads at weird “Glassman”!

    [I’ve got a head like a bucket, Ian. No wait, a memory like sponge. That’s it. – Features Editor]

  23. Too bad ‘Lost’ is a TV show, OAI would be PERFECT. In fact, I always wished they had used ‘Marooned’ as their theme.

  24. Hi Editor, you wrote…

    As David’s management, we don’t want opportunists to prosper from recording and selling David’s art, just as we didn’t want opportunists to prosper from flogging tickets or home-made T-shirts. I personally see your point, as a fan, so there’s no need for anyone to justify trading live recordings here. I’m all too familiar with the argument of the trader. However, the official line is that it’s wrong. – Features Editor]

    I won’t argue, not trying to at all and I HONESTLY appreciate your answer. I especially appreciate the fact the we do have a place to make DIRECT contact with the actual powers that be! This IS the friendliest artist site on the web, and I thank you for keeping as nice and friendly as it is.

    [Thanks very much, Tom. That means a lot. To David’s great credit, he’s not out to suppress anyone. He’s genuinely flattered that people care enough to trade live albums or to form tribute bands. Live and let live and all that. Of course, any manager is extremely protective of his artists and their art, so the official stance on things such as bootlegging comes from the management. Of course, it won’t stop the practice, but we can’t be seen to encourage it. – Features Editor]

  25. Hmm. OAI as a soundtrack…tough. Here’s list of island movies that I wouldn’t pick off the top of my head:

    -The Island of Dr. Moreau
    -Lord of the Flies
    -Delores Clairborne
    -Jurrasic Park

    It would need a more romantic remake, but how about Neville Shute’s…On the Beach?

  26. HHmmmmm…………That kind of is a hard question for me since my movies have been limited to Kids stuff. But maybe……….Millions??

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  27. Hello, F.Ed, all.

    Caption Competition- Dick Parry cuts loose with his rendition of the Benny Hill theme song…

    OAI as a soundtrack? How about for Shawshank Redemption? well, maybe not.

    Anyways, have a great day, all.


  28. Such a good film hasn’t been made.

    [Bless you, mate. – Features Editor]

  29. Not actually a film, but a tv series… is this permitted? Well, anyway, here goes: LOST!

    A superb series, and I think OAI will fit in perfectly to some of the more dramatic or reflective parts of what is a GREAT series, in my very humble opinion…

    A double disc DVD eh? Hopefully all those guest appearances will be included! And if anything will help keep people’s chins up, that will!

  30. Sorry, this place is as boring as Daves new album. How can anyone rave about his album! It’s a sad depressing dirge of mammoth proportions. You either have to brain-dead or stoned to get any enjoyment out of it. It’s as bad as Rogers crap. Sad. What a shame things go this way in the end.

  31. I reckon in my limited wisdom, that “The Beach” would be best suited to OAI.

    Then again, the original is still pretty good 🙂

  32. Castaway (1986) with Oliver Reed & Amanda Donohoe is probably an obvious choice, though I actually think it could work quite well.

    I wouldn’t mind hearing some snippets used in ‘Lost’.


  33. Anyone tried to listen OAI while viewing “The Wizard of Oz”? 😉


    “The Island”?
    “Blue Lagoon”?
    “Cast away”? (on an island)

    Blegh… watching too much football makes me silly.

    [Same here, but isn’t it a wonderful kind of silly? – Features Editor]

  34. Good evening,

    double-DVD? that sounds cool… speaking of sound: DTS 5.1 surround is natural option, I hope?

    “On an island” as an OST? that kills the pleasure of hearing the music and of letting the imagination wander in its own pictures!

    well, if it must be, what about “Frankie and Johnny”, of course including Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” in the OST edition, perhaps adapted to guitar… or just played by Mr Richard Wright!


    [We can’t tell you too much about the DVD yet, but more will be revealed soon. – Features Editor]

  35. I’d choose the movie The Beach. I know I’ll think of more later. Probably some chick flic

  36. Double the DVD fun!! Super-cool news FEd!

    As far as the movie goes, I think I’m going to try replacing the Crystal Voyager soundtrack w/OAI, I’ll report back if it’s cool. I don’t think I’ll try it with The Wizard of OZ though!

    [Not even if you buy the LP and play it backwards? Never say never. – Features Editor]

  37. Photo Caption:

    Dick Parry, about to fall due to the weight of his tools, is miraculously held up by a single beam of light.

  38. Fantastic news about a double-disc DVD!

    Hey, poor Fed, aren’t you allowed to take a leave for a fortnight or at least a week, now that there is a temporary lull in activities, and after all your acts of heroism on this blog? Just watching the world cup, going for a walk with your dog (if I remember correctly), eating and drinking fine things etc…? Guess we should – as you would say – “get the pointy stick out” and talk in earnest with your boss, or, if you are your own boss: “Down with self-exploitation!” Sure none of our fellow bloggers would moan if the blog would pause for a week or so!

    [I hope you won’t wave any sticks at my boss, Georg! I’m sure he’d let me have all the time off I could ever wish for should I request it, but it really is a pleasure to do this for people who appreciate his music as much as I do. Besides, I get to listen to that music all day (as loud as I like), watch all the football I fancy, go for the longest walks whenever the mood takes me… I can’t ask for more than that. – Features Editor]


    *bouncing up and down all over the house while a slighty startled bunny is looking at me from under the lounge chair*

    THANKS FED, that just totally popped me out of my depression *grin*

    (Any news on him wanting to adopt me yet? *GRIN*)

    What also helped was popping by the music instrument store (or whatever you call that) and try out some new basses. I had a friend with me who was trying out a guitar and he suggested to play a little blues jam.

    No don’t yell at me but I haven’t really played in over 6 years so I actually had to ask him how a blues went again. But once we started to play I didn’t have to ask anymore.. or think what note I was playing, it just all came natural to me and it was SUCH a thrill!!

    I really thought I had lost all I learned on the bass by now, but I haven’t and although it was just the two of us it was so cool to be playing together again!!


    I love film even more though, so I will think about today’s blog question. (Good reason to sit and listen to OAI with headphones on and see what film images start drifting by my minds eye :-))

    Big hugs, Bianca

    ps: the weather is a little cooler here AND the airco is fixed :-p

    [Glad to hear that things are looking up. – Features Editor]

  40. Not trying to sound flippant here, but the movie OAI goes BEST with is the one inside my head. The LP is so unique and so special I can think of no film made, past or present that matches the special place the LP creates for me.

    When I ‘watch’ OAI, the pictures are always different depending on which lyric strikes me at that particular listening.

    It was the same when I saw the gig live. My mind was POURING out pictures and images, all different from the ones I experience on listening to the LP version.

    Back in the 60’s, here in the US we used to have a term for a style of music best exemplified by the early Floyd. We called it ‘Head Music.’ That meant TWO things, music a ‘head’ (meaning hippie, freak, or whatever the then current term was) would enjoy hearing while under the influence of mind altering substances.

    It ALSO meant music that would ENTER your head and fill it with pictures. OAI is that kind. Just open your mind, let that music massage your frontal lobes for a few moments, and the pictures WILL come!

    That being said, I would be interested in seeing a Gilmour/Samson written version of a screenplay for the story already IN the music.

    I STILL say that lyrically Gilmour has never had a better collaborator. Polly’s work is very very deep, and a perfect match for David’s guarded cynical optimism (as opposed to the former bass player who seems to continue to revel in cynical cynicism).

    I was a bit surprised in your response to me yesterday that the site is administered by David’s management. Very few artists management would be concerned enough for their fan base to set up a place like this with free downloads, direct communication, up to the minute (REALLY) news, humor and a GREAT ever changing loop in the background.

    I’ve been working in the music industry on and off since 1973. I am seriously impressed by the effort you folks are taking on OUR behalf. You don’t NEED to, and yet here you are.

    I attempted the same when I was working for a label here called Rhino Records. I tried very hard to respond to every letter sent the label (pre-internet), positive or negative. It takes a hell of a lot of work and effort.

    This ‘fan-boy’ thanks you oh Fearless and Nameless one (or more).


    [Thanks very much, Tom. That’s really nice of you. – Features Editor]

  41. Good question…

    I think a film could be difficult as the album is 50 minutes long but it would be perfectly suited to a documentary.

    A Jacques Cousteau or David Attenborough underwater/nature documentary would be perfect… Picture Blue Whales swimming and feeding with The Blue playing… marvellous!

  42. I think I’m stumped.

    Famous guitarist, contentedly sits on island, reflecting on friendship, love and happiness. Walks hand in hand with soulmate, casts fatherly eye over precious children, smiles, makes love, and knocks out a few epic guitar solos.

    Not exactly “The Wall” is it! (well except for the epic guitar solos of course).

    I’m not sure that movie has been made yet but it would make a bloody good concert DVD.

  43. Hmmmmm…

    “The Wizard of Oz?” No, some other band has the monopoly on that soundtrack.

    How about Tom Hanks’ “Castaway?” In keeping with the “island” theme and title.

    “Animal House.” I’m just picking a fight now.

  44. Caption; “too many saxiphones…theres no such thing”

    I think that OAI should have its own film made too go along with it, much like Shine on you crazy diamond had for the pulse tour… if mr Gilmour needs someone too play a younger version of himself i’ll volunteer for the job 😉

  45. A film? I’ll refrain from saying “2001” or “The Wizard of Oz”. Actually, I think it would have to be an understated love story – something like ‘High Fidelity’.

  46. Will there be a dvd coming out of the live dates at the royal albert hall in may 06. i was there. it was great.

    [Have you been living under a rock ever since? – Features Editor]

  47. I just took a bath especially for this blog entry (now why does that remind me of Weird Al..? *grin*) so that I could soak and listen to OAI through headphones at the same time (which wasn’t easy since I never took a bath with headphones on before and I tried to keep the cables dry and all.. My discman was on a wobbly stool by the bath and I had these visions of toasters dropping in bathtubs, but then the discman only has two 1.5 volt batteries, so I don’t think the damage to myself would be all that great, although I am sure the discman would have become irrepareable… (is that a word?)

    Anyway, all I have been able to come up with so far:

    Castellorizon: Science Fiction film. Specifically a trip through a worm hole that end up at a beach on a beautiful planet. (Does anyone know which specific film I am talking about? A hint: prime numbers *grin*)

    But then the last bit of Castellorizon could also be for a western, where a cowboy is riding through the desert on his horse.. slowly.. hehehe

    That is all I got before the music and the hot water sort of lulled me to sleep (don’t worry, my bath is so small, I am stuck once I am in it, so no risk of drowning there.. must remember to keep the toaster away from the bathroom though..)

    Okay, enough nonsense for one night (or maybe not.. you will find out later.. *grin*)

    hugs, Bianca

  48. 2 disc set, WHEN FED!!! LOL.

    OAI would perhaps fit in with ? The Birdman of Alcatraz. Tough question Ian.

  49. You might like to know that David’s Front Row Interview with John Wilson gets a repeat broadcast on Radio Four next Wednesday (June 21st) at 13:30.

    [Thanks for that, David. – Features Editor]

  50. Oh boy, a double disc! Like everyone else, this has me even more excited for the DVD. Can’t wait to hear what kind of extras are going to be included.

    Soundtrack: Hmm, that’s a tough one. How about for the TV show – Lost? Ok, that’s probably crazy & its not a movie but its the first thing that popped in my head.

  51. Any film with Alan Rickman in it that I could watch curled up on the setee with a bottle of bubbly after the kids have all gone to sleep – that would be heaven enough for me.

  52. Caption Competition…

    Guy’s prank of putting red powder in Dick Parry’s saxaphone didn’t impress him at all!

    Hmmmm… I wonder why we all believe that Guy would probably do that in real life 🙂 Sorry Guy!

  53. Wow what great soundtrack ideas already. “Walkabout” is in my Top 10 all-time favorites.

    How about “Castaway”

    Fun blog idea, Ian


  54. Film: My next one, due out in March 2007!

    2 Disc DVD- Joyous words!!

    The rehearsals and etc. on the last DVD were wonderful.

    Great news FeD, thank you.


  55. DOUBLE DISC????? Nice!!!

    BTW, I’m from the US…. I could care less about the World Cup. 😉

    And I have no clue about the OAI soundtrack thing. Sorry. lol

  56. Caption. Dick soldiers on in a sax solo despite the weight of his other sax pulling him and arching his back (A tad heavier than the english horn, eh? I’ll bet he’s glad he chose the saxaphone over the tuba).

    Great news about the 2 disc DVD. Looking forward to devouring them when they are served. Also looking forward to June 30th. Well, whaddayaknow. NPR rocks!

    Hmmmm. OAI as a soundtrack. That’s a difficult one. It would have to be a romantic one, wouldn’t it? The best I could come up with are –

    1: The Notebook
    2: A Walk In The Clouds
    3: Chocolat

    Ooh! I know! How about The Wizard Of Oz?

  57. Hi Fed

    Two disc set does this mean the Mermaid Gig may also squeezed onto it as well? Hope Hope
    It would be a waste not to release it in its full glory or have we got to wait to see if the BBC does something?


    [I can’t comment on that just yet, Steve. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  58. I really haven’t listen to Elton John, But now that you have told me about “Understanding Women” by Elton. I’ll have to listen to it.

    I’m really enjoying how this format is going. I think that the movie “Open Water” would be a great with On an Island as it soundtrack. While they are floating in the ocean, They could use the music to remember their past and what future could hold.

    Take Care

    PS I have a strong feeling that something is going to be released soon. Could this be true Fed.

    [It could be. Are you psychic? – Features Editor]

  59. Hello FEd! Hello (ir)regulars!

    I think OAI would be a good soundtrack to the movie “Castaway”. Both obviously have an island theme and would fit well together.

    Take care all!

  60. Double disc? Fantastic. I hope all of the special guest takes are on the DVD. So we can all enjoy the ones we missed out on:)

    The most appropriate venue for On an Island is On an Island….It just so happens that Australia is an Island…:) there’s still some time left in 2006!

    As for the movie? the first one that comes to mind is Castaway.

    Maybe the series LOST could soak up a few tracks too?


  61. If “on an island” could act like the soundtrack of a film; i’ll choose: captain corelli’s mandolin.

    Bye, Bye


  62. Star Wars! (just kidding)

    Some film along the same lines of:

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Broken Flowers
    American Beauty
    Lost In Translation…etc.

    By the way Fed, did you see Germany beat Poland tonight 1-0 with forty seconds left in the game?

    Alles was ist sagen kann: GEIL!
    -Chris McKay

    [I did. They left it late, didn’t they? They thoroughly deserved the win, though. They could have had three or four goals. They’re looking good. – Features Editor]

  63. I have used “On An Island” and “Where We Start” to accompany my slow-motion video footage from a 3-day trip to Cambridge and Grantchester Meadows… Suits it PERFECTLY!

  64. Wizard of oz? Damn, wrong album!

    I don`t really watch films so I can`t think of anything, I suppose it would have to be a film with lots of water in it!

    Or how about; On an island DVD;)

    On the subject of the DVD it sounds like it is going to be a great package, and I can`t wait for more info.

    Have a good day all.

  65. The Wizard of Oz (just kidding…)

    Had I the time, I would make a film for the album. I think that’s more fitting. I’ve only managed to put together a photo collage for When the Tigers Broke Free so far. In fact, now that summer break is coming up, I think my next project WILL be something from On an Island. Ah, thanks for the inspiration, as always, F. Ed.

  66. A double-disk set? That is excellent news for starters. I will look forward to that. Please tell us more!

    [Keep reading… – Features Editor]

  67. Mmm…

    Very interesting question my dear Fed… but I would put it the other way around… wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could create a movie from OAI? That would be awesome… something describing everything a person feels on the disc…. I’d love to have something of that… truly! Anyhoo…

    How’s everything going for you guys? Everyone’s alright?

    Fed, congrats! Spain did a great job and 4-0 to Schevchenko’s sounds amazing, right?

    Shine on guys!

    [Spain will get even better, I think. – Features Editor]

  68. On An Island movies?

    – Madagascar
    – Alcatraz

    Well, they are islands. I’ll get me coat.

  69. Im thinking Castaway, moments of pure peace and tranquility, then theres Take a Breath……!

    not the Tom hanks one i meen the one with Oliver Read (was it called castaway, or am i getting mixed up)

  70. Great news about the DVD

    Soundtrack; “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad”

    The latest news about broadcast on World Cafe…June 30th on my calendar is Friday, the article posted for Saturday, June 30th….so is it Friday or Saturday? ( I’m not trying to play Editor, I just want to hear the program )

    [Right you are, Stephen. Consider it changed to Friday. – Features Editor]

  71. Without a doubt the film that springs to mind is the excellent Castaway starring Tom Hanks, the lyrics might not relate (although the line in Where We Start “We’re Home Again” would have been pretty perfect for the ending.

  72. just a quick comment about who could use Davids talents, there are lots who would benafit but just for future referance whats he like at Lip Syncing, it could come in Handy you never know

    “Well you can not just right off this final scene……will someone turn the tape on”

  73. Thanks for the DVD update F’ed. I cant wait to have an archival record of the tour I saw in Toronto at Massey Hall April 10.


  74. Happy Thursday,

    Hardly ever watch films (Quadrophenia was the last one) apart from concert DVD’s but I do enjoy wildlife programmes. So maybe anything with David Attenborough or maybe Springwatch.

    Pete – Coventry

  75. Wizard of Oz of course! Sorry couldn’t resist!

    A double disc! What fantistic news!

  76. 2 dvd’s? Great, can’t wait.

    I have been on the first London show, and it was more than excellent. Every day I still think of it.
    I was also on the two Amsterdam show and I knew that the shows were excellent. In London I was there with my wife and even she said that the London show was the best ever she attended. I must agree with my lovely wife.

    Normally the music is based on a film.
    Now a film must be based on the music; the title of the film … On a Island (of course).

    FEd, when are the pictures of the London shows (the 3 Amigos = the 3 Davids for example) published on David’s website?

    Keep up the good work.


    PS Tell us soon more about the dvd.

    [Sorry, all I can say is that they’ll be on the site as soon as possible. The webmasters have been very busy lately. – Features Editor]

  77. OAI soundtrack would have to be with ‘The Big Blue’. Absolutely fantastic film and this album made me think of that one immediately.

    Lovely to hear a double disc DVD!!!! 🙂 Thank you David.

  78. Ciao a tutti, hmmm. This is a difficult question. What about Fantasia by walt disney, a special version that matches DG music? Or 2001 space odissey?

    About the DVD I can only say “I KNEW IT”. Previously I wrote “with all these special guest and alternate songs it must be a 4 hour DVD”. Thanks folks!!

    and about these alternate songs. WE, and I mean WE have to prepare the setlist for the Firenze show. Many that will be there have been in Milan too so we need something different don’t you think?.

    Pass my Idea to the Band: include Arnold Layne, Coming back to life was not heard in Milan and…what else? well I have a personal dream. What about playing also Shine on you crazy diamond Complete? Part two is so cool and could give space for improvisation so it could be fun also to play.

    Ideas from other attending the Firenze show?


  79. Only a double???

    Just joking… Great to hear it will be a double disc, could mean a lot of extra stuff…. The main thing is of course the RAH concerts, but I hope a lot of the “making of OAI” filming will be there. Interesting to see the working process..

    Can’t think of a movie that is good enough right now, so I’ll just use it as a soundtrack to my life at the moment…

    Best regards


  80. Nice idea… double DVD.. very nice. Merci beaucoup !

    maintenant nous allons attendre sagement…attendre… movie : “ailes du desir” ?

    hope to see you soon again David with your Band !


  81. oh yes, that is great news that is. End of year just can’t come fast enough now!!

    Soundtrack – has to be castaway with Tom Hanks. He hardly says a bloody word for about an hour (except for the odd chat with ironically enough – a football :p) so you could hear every note of the album!! aah yes gotta be that.

  82. Double DVD…!!! GREAT NEWS. Lot’s of “Extra’s” then…

    Still working on the soundtrack…

  83. This Soundtrack thing isn’t that easy…

    We can’t go squandering David’s music on B movies, can we…

    Hmmm, I know, what about…

    CAST AWAY (Tom Hanks)

  84. of course, “mediterraneo”.

    The opening with “castello rosso” when the soldiers are left behind and they see the fires in the distance from the battle.

    When they start to enjoy living there, of course “On An Island”, song, sharing a dream there, with high hopes…and the sense of destiny.

    “The Blue”, when the captain is painting. “Red sky at night” and “Then I close My eyes” can be anywere . “Smile” for the love story in the montains between the two guys and the girl, her smile is amazing. “When we Start” after the wedding and in the end.

    “A pocket full of stones” is the theme of the nostalgic guy, the one who wants to leave the island.

    I forgot “take a Breath”…well, of this song I am not so sure. Who has seen the movie? any ideas?

  85. wow 2 disc dvd cool cant wait to get the dvd. I saw at a Guy Pratt show in Windsor someone was filming that show is that going to be an extra?

    On an Island soundtrack would be good for The Beach movie and Castaway.

    [Again, I can’t comment on any of the extras. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  86. The Shawshank Redemption because there are lots of references to the Pacific / freedom / redemption, etc & I think On an Island would add to Thomas Newmans beautiful score. It’s my favoutite film of all time & what better way than to have my favourite musician of all time sprinkle his magic on this masterpiece.

  87. On an Island as a soundtrack?

    Well, I’m writing a novel and IF it gets published and after that IF it gets turned into a major motion picture, I’d be glad to make a soundtrack out of OAI.

    I’m not sure, but I assume that getting published and then getting paid millions of dollars for the movie rights happens to everyone who writes a novel, no?


  88. Double disc?

    Does that mean we might get the pleasure of, for example, hearing both Rick Wright and David Bowie sing Arnold Layne?

    [Maybe. – Features Editor]

  89. [The DVD is going to be great! Will we see it in stores before next summer?
    Yeah, of course you will. – Features Editor]

    ehm.. What exactly is ‘of course’ about that??? You know why I am asking right..? right..? RIGHT? *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca – who has only been waiting for PULSE DVD since march this year, but thinks that is already WAY too long!! 😉

    [Ye of little faith… – Features Editor]

  90. Dear FEd, fellow bloggers,

    Not such a film fan really. “The Abyss” came to my mind.

    The “two disc DVD” news just made me even more impatient now.

    At the RAH 31/05 gig, I jokingly and with a sheepish look asked the camera man on Phil and Guy’s side “Will the DVD be available at the exit as we leave ?”. “Well, I guess we could do that.”, he returned the joke 🙂

    Something from that night still fascinates me.
    A few of us were lucky enough to meet Nick Mason as he and his family were leaving by the stage door. Somewhere along a lady leaving asked “Are any of you bloggers ?” JT and his Norwegian friends and myself confirmed. It appeared as if the lady wanted to tell or ask us something but then hesitated, said “Oh no, never mind, I’ll probably get in trouble”, and wished us good night.

    Have you any idea what that could have been about, Fedmeister ?

    Best regards,

    [Beats me, but I’m curious to find out more if anyone can shed some light. – Features Editor]

  91. Hey Cornelius,

    Nobody forced you to visit.

    Tell us where you live and I’ll come and crap in your favourite armchair – then we’ll be quits.

  92. Hello,

    please come on and write a movie scenario about some rocker souls… living on an island..I know the title and the soundtrack…do you know “OAI” by David Gilmour?


  93. Mmm nice a double DVD! Great.

    Yeah the OAI album could be great movie soundtrack. Maybe it’s the ultimate movie soundtrack of

    “A David Gilmours Web-bloggers live”,

    (staring the Features Editor (finally we’ll be able to see who he really is!) as main character, with of course Rudders, Nickster, Erin, Luca, Vicky, Bianca, Angelo, YOU ALL of this great Blog and of course with a guest appaerance of the amazing Guy Pratt), when we look back at the age of 64… for me it would suite excellent… (I hope 😉 22 years to go…

    “We waltz in the moonlight and the embers glow
    So much behind us Still far to go…”

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  94. If ‘On An Island’ could act as the soundtrack to any film?

    Than it should be a movie about Capri, close to Pompei/Naples. Listening to “On An Island” give me and my wife Helga memories back to our honeymoon at Capri. We were sitting on the roof of the hotel, enjoying the food and view of the town Capri by night. It was a warm and quiet evening, the atmosphere was marvelous, and you wish this unique moment of happiness would last forever. When listening to “On an Island”, the music and sound recall these fantastic memories. Let’s make a film of it!

  95. Last week I got my copy of OAI on LP/vinyl…

    The sound is so much better than on the Compact Disk! It has a realy huge poster! I suggest to get your recordplayers out the closet and buy the vinyl album, I am not joking it is really a different experience.

    I also would like to ask if there is a live album coming, DVD’s are nice but you can not play them on your regular sound system (I am still missing a Compact disk or vinyl release from the Meltdown concerts). And when Mr. Gilmour decides to do so…. please please please also bring it out on vinyl.

    [We’re only thinking of a DVD at the moment. – Features Editor]

  96. On an Island as a film score? I guess that would have to be Shirley Valentine, cos that’s set on a Greek island, innit?

    I sat in row 2 of the stalls at RAH on Bank Holiday Monday, and the show was brilliant. At the moment I have to rely on my memory of the whole audio/visual mega experience, so the DVD release can’t come a moment too soon for me.

    Please say a big ‘Best Wishes’ to Mr. Gilmour from me please.


  97. Hi everyone re:OAI as a soundtrack how about Guy Ritchie’s ‘Swept Away’,the one starring ‘er indoors’the lovely Madonna.

    Film’s crap BUT with the benefit of David and Polly’s superb lyrics/musical content HEY PRESTO instant cult status…well it was set on a deserted Mediterranean Island !!!!…. and the male was Italian..CUE DG and band’s upcoming Italian shows…..???

    And as for musical collabs.and I must stress it is ONLY a RUMOUR at this stage……DG and Madonna…..WOW…….is it just me BUT that raises some seriously dangerous possibilities and thats only in the sartorial discussions…

    MADGE to DG “David,ok then, NOT the Versace BUT the Armani is SOooo you!!!
    DG to Madge ‘Look..whatever.. but for me a BLACK t-shirt is just a BLACK t-shirt OK ??’

    Caio and summer greetings to all the wonderful bloggers on this great site.


  98. [Sorry,this place is as boring as Daves new album. How can anyone rave about his album! It’s a sad depessing dirge of mammoth proportions. You either have to brain-dead or stoned to get any enjoyment out of it. It’s as bad as Rogers crap. Sad. What a shame things go this way in the end.- Cornelius]

    Cornelius, have you any sense of humour?

    Here is my answer to you:

    Sorry, your comment is as boring as yourself.

    “It’s a sad depressing dirge of mammoth proportions. You either have to brain-dead or stoned to get any enjoyment out of it. Sad. What a shame things go this way in the end.”

    Sorry, sorry for you, Cornelius, but yippee for us ! We all love this blog !

    Sure, les français sont impertinents et insolents ! Oh, Savez-vous qu’Il ne s’appelle pas Dave, mais David ?

    Je vous souhaite “tout le bonheur du monde”


  99. a 2 Disk DVD did we really expect anything else, i mean lets think about all the quality that will not make it onto the 2 dvd’s, i bet theres hours of quality guitar riffs and alsorts of curios that will remain forever unseen or (this is more of a tradgedy-in musical terms,lets get this into perspective)the hours that are going to be un HEARD this will not do !

  100. [maybe anything with David Attenborough or maybe Springwatch]

    Good idea, the blue planet would be a good choice, springwatch dosen’t really have much music in it, apart from the opening titles. I can’t believe it’s the last one tonight, so glad all turned out well with poor old ‘Runty’ I felt sad seeing him there all on his own.

  101. Piergiorgio – I totally agree with you about Shine On. I mentioned some time ago on this blog that I couldn’t understand why David didn’t do the complete version, it shows off his musicianship so well.

    Great news about the DVD!!

  102. I think that OAI would make an excellent soundtrack to the first half of David’s new live DVD – and if it needs to have been a film that has been on at the pictures. . . hey, what a great idea, a limited cinema preview release of the DVD, I’d go to see that at my local flea-pit!!!



    ps – I saw someone with a hefty looking video camera pottering around on stage at the Manchester gig – does this mean there will be a documentary about the full tour included on the DVD or have bootleggers just got really cheeky recently??

    [Lots of things were filmed, so there’s lots of material to choose from. – Features Editor]

  103. [An official rumour? Let me slip into fan mode for a sec. It’s gonna be, like, crammed with extras, man. There’s gonna be a whole disc full of ’em. It’s gonna be awesome. How’s that? – Features Editor]

    FEd, I must say you make it sound like all fans are stoners from Southern California. But I do think your response is very funny. And your response to Steph about living under a rock is priceless.

    All this World Cup stuff must really be making your silly.


    [Daft. It’s just not right. Thank God there’s a four-year gap between each one. – Features Editor]

  104. [Guy’s prank of putting red powder in Dick Parry’s saxaphone didn’t impress him at all! Hmmmm… I wonder why we all believe that Guy would probably do that in real life 🙂 Sorry Guy!]

    I can believe it Rudders.. *grin*

    Okay Guy.. put the powder on the ground and back away slowly from dear sweet Mr. Parry there.. or suffer the wrath from this Dutchy!! *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca

  105. [I hope you won’t wave any sticks at my boss, Georg! I’m sure he’d let me have all the time off I could ever wish for should I request it, but it really is a pleasure to do this for people who appreciate his music as much as I do. Besides, I get to listen to that music all day (as loud as I like), watch all the football I fancy, go for the longest walks whenever the mood takes me… I can’t ask for more than that. – Features Editor]


    How does one happen upon such good fortune? Let me know when you plan on retiring, I’ve been considering a career change! For now, I read in envy. Thanks for caring about us!

    [Pure luck, I reckon. – Features Editor]

  106. Caption Competition: “BPLTPLTPLTEEEEEEEEEEEET!……oops….”

    Soundtrack: “Lost in Translation”

    Double Disk?

    …a little twitch of the lip and the tingle is back…

    …that is soothing information…..

  107. ….as for this movie soundtrack thing. To place OAI in the background of anything other then my daily living seems absurd. I think we’re putting the cart before the horse. The only thing that works for me is creating a beautiful animation, ala Fantasia, in harmonious synchronization with the record as is. Imagine the opening scenes to “Castellorizon”?!!


  108. [An official rumour? Let me slip into fan mode for a sec. It’s gonna be, like, crammed with extras, man. There’s gonna be a whole disc full of ’em. It’s gonna be awesome. How’s that? – Features Editor]

    WAHAHAHA, I think I just fell off my chair laughing!

    Hugs, Bianca

    [No offence intended, of course. – Features Editor]

  109. [Sorry, this place is as boring as Daves new album. How can anyone rave about his album! It’s a sad depressing dirge of mammoth proportions. You either have to brain-dead or stoned to get any enjoyment out of it. It’s as bad as Rogers crap. Sad. What a shame things go this way in the end.]

    Oooh, Cornelius could you PLEASE post this at as many places on the net as you know? Because always when I find something INCREDIBLY cool I am afraid lots of other people will as well and then it gets too crowded and it’s no fun anymore.

    I prefer to stay with the little group of die-hards we have now.. so the more potential newbies you can put off… *grin*

    What do you think FEd? Am I too evil today?

    Hugs, Bianca

    [I can just imagine the devil horns poking out. – Features Editor]

  110. Double DVD – Includes all the guest performances from the 3 nights I hope.

    Soundtrack: David Gilmour Live at the Mermaid Theater.

    I have no imagination today.

    Guess I’ll go lip sync to Radio Kaos or something.

  111. Caption for photo.

    “Hmmmm, this heat lamp is just what I needed for my sore back”

    Bob in Victoria, BC, Canada.

  112. [Guess I’ll go lip sync to Radio Kaos or something]

    …I am truly LOL! Thanks for that Mike…

  113. [No offence intended, of course. – Features Editor]

    FEd, you’re among friends here and I don’t think you’ve offended anyone. You’re just being very funny. And if you did offend them, well sod them.

    Curious, what were you doing prior to this blog?? I feel another sharp witted response coming here…


    [Oh, lots of things. – Features Editor]

  114. Stephen,

    And what about Gigi? Does anyone know if there was any significance for that LP cover appearing on the ininite photo series on Ummagumma??

  115. F’Ed,

    Pure luck and a bit of talent have opened the Pink Floyd door for others (i.e. Sam Brown, John Carin, Guy Pratt). They have managed to carry on their careers from that launch pad to wide success. Have you, on your long walks with canine friend, pondered what lies beyond your exhaulted position as Features Editor? Perhaps you could propose this as a blog item and “get by with a little help from your friends”??


    [You lot think far too much. There’s still time for me to rule the world, I’m sure. That would be a laugh. – Features Editor]

  116. [I hope you won’t wave any sticks at my boss, Georg!]

    Of course I wouldn’t do this, I’m not crazy! … but maybe at the chap who did the proof-reading on the sticker of the Smile vinyl-single??

    Have a nice day, both of you, fed and boss!

  117. It’s hard to choose a good movie.

    But I won’t take the whole album, just a few songs. In my view “Castaway” with Tom Hanks will be perfect. And maybe “Star Wars Episode III” with “Take a Breath” for the Light saber duel.

    What do you think dear F.ed ?

    [I agree with Knut Arne Vedaa: such a film hasn’t yet been made. – Features Editor]

  118. Wow… another great thought provoking “rainy day blog” question to get the quivering grey matter synapses firing.

    Truth be told, when I first heard Pocketful of Stones, especially the lush orchestration, I thought immediately “Man, this sounds like its taken from a motion picture”. Usually when I first give a song an initial listen I’m wont to hear the music before the lyrics (its always been an innate habit of mine), but once I clued into the song I mistakenly thought of it as a song of suicide. Why? Well, if you’ve seen the 2002 film The Hours, Nicole Kidman’s mentally ill character (Virginia Woolf) ends her life by putting stones in her pockets to drown herself. Don’t know why I thought of that when I first “heard” the lyrics, but there you go.

    The fact that most of Dave’s songs conjure images in my mind (and I’d assume others), his music (especially his instrumentals) are perfect for movies along the lines of Koyaanisqatsi, marine life films / documentaries, hell even Disney! His voice is unassuming and actually quite disarming, plus his work with orchestras would perfectly make any Disney feature come to life.

    On an off topic yet on topic related subject, this morning has been quite odd for me. 6am, I’m watering the lawn and the water pattern on the new growing grass looks like the glassman image from Dave’s new lp; the sprinkler unit I have is a GILMOUR unit; I’m eating cereal and oat flakes take form in the shape of Dave playing his Strat; I’m driving to work and Q107 is playing There’s No Way out of Here. Wow, freaky huh? Is this a other-worldly sign that Dave will be making his way back to North America ? Hmmmmmmm…… Food for thought!

  119. You guys aren’t thinking deep enough . . There are a lot of movies that take place on an island. I would rather see it in a movie that moves through life, and hits the deeper meaning of OAI.

    However, Castaway seems to be a favorite and it does both (takes place on an island and moves through life). And Wilson is a VOLLEYBALL, NOT a football. I have a Wilson, I got it just after Castaway came out. So when people think I’m crazy for talking to myself, I tell them I’m talking to Wilson =)

    I’ll have to agree, that someone will just have to write a screenplay for it.

    Hey all, we could start our own PF/Gilmour tribute band. I know we have at least a few guitar players, we got Bianca on bass . . I know we gotta have a drummer and keyboard player among us. Maybe we could get David to be our special guest . . .now that would be a GREAT DVD extra =)

    The DVD news did raise my spirits some, thanks Fed . .if you could give us a little “fix” like that once a week, I think its the perfect prescription for this post-tour depression.


    [Will do. – Features Editor]

  120. Wouldn’t this be a dream come true-David Gilmour teaming up with either the great creator, Hayao Miyazaki or Disney/Pixar’s John Lasseter for an animated film? Yes?? *smile* :o]


  121. Hi all! Wow! A double disk DVD! Fed you are going to stimulate as much interst in the DVD as you did in the album aren’t you? I can’t wait! Can you say if the material that is available for the DVD is already filmed or will the summer shows and the Poland gig be fair game for this project? Either way I’m excited about this project!

    Now as far as soundtracks go… I can’t think of a movie to play OAI as a soundtrack on. But in the 90’s Miramar films made video albums of David Lantz/Paul Speers’ albums Desert Vision and Natural States showing footage of the desert southwest (USA) and Pacific Northwest (again USA) respectively. The videos are great and were made to match the style/tempo of the music. They worked fantastically well. I could see OAI being made into a similar project with footage of Kastellorizon and other island scenes. Would be very cool. My copies of the above mentioned videos were lost years ago but I’ve managed to get Desert Vision on DVD. So far no indication Natural States ever made it to that format. Those so inclined might try to get a copy of Desert Vision. Very cool stuff.


    [I can’t say anything about the extras, sorry. – Features Editor]

  122. [I’ve got a head like a bucket, Ian. No wait, a memory like sponge. That’s it. – Features Editor]

    There ya go FEd, a combo that no one came up with yesterday, Buckethead and Gilmour, oh and you said:

    [Not even if you buy the LP and play it backwards? Never say never. – Features Editor]

    I’m sure you know that the Vinyl is not being made readily available here in NORTH AMERICA, but my overseas agents are working on it. The really messed up thing is that I have the equipment to do this sort of thing (playing records backwards and such) and I know that because the record is clear vinyl, that I can shine infared through the top, ultraviolet through the bottom and achieve a state of complete musical independence from this planet. I don’t need no stinkin’ movie. No need to respond. I provided it already. I’ll get me coat. . .

  123. Hello fellow bloggers,

    I think the double DVD will be tremendous and something to be coveted by all.

    As for our friend Cornelius, I have to say I disagree with the comments made concerning David’s album and this site. I respect your opinion but totally disagree with your assesment and believe David’s album is rich with themes and ideas and this site is the best run musical web site online. Other sites don’t bring people from around the World together as a “community” where we can share visions, dreams and appetizers of life. I enjoy hearing stories of others interactions, where they are in the World and how David’s music or this website has affected them in a positive manner- take the negative energy to some other musician’s website. I think your comments were very obtuse and do not belong in a community such as this.

    Shine on all!
    Matt in Maine

  124. The lady at the stage door said “Oh no, never mind, I’ll probably get in trouble”, and wished us good night.

    [Beats me, but I’m curious to find out more if anyone can shed some light. – Features Editor]


    [Must have been an imposter. It wasn’t me. Which night was it again? – Features Editor]

  125. I would go with “Cast away”

    a double DVD yippiieeee, i’ll have to send my husband and kid away for the weekend and watch it over and over and over and over again…

  126. Fed, I thought of you this evening: wow, Crouch and Gerrard, ce ne sont pas des gars de Liverpool ? Heureusement qu’ils étaient là !

    Et dire que maintenant, je m’intéresse au foot autre que français ! vous rendez-vous compte de votre pouvoir ??? hallucinant !


    [Oui, le vrai résult était Liverpool 2 Trinidad et Tobago 0. Heureusement pour l’Angleterre, ils étaient là. Mais l’Angleterre étaient chanceux encore… – Features Editor]

  127. RE Gigi on Ummagumma


    Actually not sure what the significance is. I’ve a sad feeling that I knew, but have subsequently forgotten!

    Of course, there is someone who might remember…

  128. Dear Fed,

    [Well, I’m writing a novel and IF it gets published and after that IF it gets turned into a major motion picture, I’d be glad to make a soundtrack out of OAI.Matt]

    Hi, Matt, if you want make a soundtrack out of OAI for YOUR novel, you have to hurry… ’cause, I’ll do it BEFORE you…

    Joke! My novel will be finished in… 3 or 4 years…(with luck…)

    [Sure, les français sont impertinents et insolents ! […] Je vous souhaite “tout le bonheur du monde”. Michèle]

    Comme dit Molière, “que ci, que mi”

    Ikkar, with love

    Dear Fed, did you see England today? and your Reds? J’ai pensé à vous quand ils ont marqué (enfin!) leurs 2 buts…

    [Oui, ils étaient chanceux (comme avec le jeu du Paraguay). Pourquoi beaucoup de gens pensent (?) que l’Angleterre ayez une bonne chance d’être les champions du monde, je ne sais pas. Le vrai résultat était Liverpool 2 Trinidad et Tobago 0. Le résultat flatte (?) le performance. – Features Editor]

  129. [Hope this Blogg cheers Bianca up. Come on Bianaca tell us that funny story about the pigeon!]

    It totally did Ian, you guys rock! But I thought it was a parrot.. did anyone get a good look?

    Hugs, Bianca – not very good at bird spotting

  130. FEd about the fan mode thingy: [No offence intended, of course. – Features Editor]

    Offence about what? I thought we already agreed we didn’t like the word ‘fan’ for various reasons. One of them being the behaviour of certain people calling themselves such.

    You even changed the name of the blog!

    So I say: offend all you want, so we can have some more laughs.. *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca – still evil 😉

  131. Can I just say that I am TOTALLY behind the Myazaki idea? I am a HUGE animation fan (yes, ‘fan’ this time, comepletely fanatic about it.. *grin*)

    I think we should send him the record and just let him come up with a movie. Should be better than Spirited Away and Howl’s Castle together!!

    And I think using ‘Pocketfull of Stones’ as a soundtrack to Virginia’s drowning scene in The Hours is a beautiful idea. That scene is very special to me and I think the song will now be even more special to me as well.

    thanks Beppo.

    Hugs, Bianca

  132. My two cents or two pence for that matter.

    How about we all ignore Cornelius and his opinions? Let’s not stoop to his level. It’s not worth the time or energy and it just starts to set a bad tone overall. But by us focusing on the positives – it will certainly drown out the negatives.


  133. Ive booked to see five shakespeare plays at stratford on avon end of august i think some of the tracks from oai would fit real well with some of the bards finest plays. Two of Englands finest poets together what do you think.

    [Sounds good to me. – Features Editor]

  134. We have been attending David´s gigs in Frankfurt Germany as well as in the RAH in London, where one really got the notion to be moved to a the beach of a Mediterranean Island, just in time to be defrosted here in Germany after the unusual cold winter. So we returned home with the feeling as if we would have spent a holiday weekend on a Island or even in space. I’m sure, no other artist, no other music; no other show can accomplish that like David and his gang!

    So any movie or film covering a Paradise Island is right for this spellbinding album. Anyone sharing the love for the sea will also love this music and will know what David wants to express with his music.

  135. Salut tous

    Je crois que sa musique serait sublime avec tout les films d’Amour, parce qu’il faut absolument avoir un Beau coeur et une Belle �me pour aller puiser un son sans pareil, qui apr�s va chercher et toucher tant de monde.

    Merci je trouve ce blog vraiment super

    Sylvie de Quebec CA

  136. Great news about the DVD, a double disc will be fantastic!!

    F’Ed, I wouldn’t know if the powers that be are open to suggestions for the DVD’s extras, but a slideshow presenting some of Polly’s fantastic photos set to David’s music would be quite the treat. Or maybe even a slideshow for each song on the album – kind of a “listening party” idea for the music. Maybe for the Super-Deluxe Collector’s Limited Edition?

  137. Looking forward to the DVD, I’m sure it will be awes…. sorry!

    I’ve happy today, not only is it Friday, the sun is shining, I cycled to work without getting wet. As if that wasn’t enough I’ve found out that one of my favourite authors, Jeffery Deaver is doing a book signing near me next month.

  138. First an admission – I’m late getting back to work so have only flicked through this thread, so apologies if, as I’m sure it has, this idea has been mentioned already!

    Surely the film IS ‘On An Island’? The story is there is the words and the music and it shows in widescreen in my head when I listen to the album. That’s the power of good music, it conjurs up images to accompany the sounds……err….man!

  139. [If ‘On An Island’ could act as the soundtrack to any film, which film would you choose?]

    It can seem petty, but I choose “Mediterraneo”, directed by Gabriele Salvatores and filmed in Castellorizon. the movie is really good and both give the image of the journey, the inner life growth, the relax of stop following something that are not so important (and maybe you wonder why you did it so long) and find something that make you feel better…something so simple but so pure. And, of course, On an Island is the musical portraying of the natural wonders of that little point of the earth…I suggest eveyone to watch Mediterraneo!


  140. Really happy it is gonna be a double DVD! It could be a very nice Christmas gift for all the bloggers. Thank you, so we won t miss anything of the tour and the RAH show!Thank you, thank you, thank you! xxxx Bisous(kiss). Sylvie de montréal.

  141. [Hey all, we could start our own PF/Gilmour tribute band. I know we have at least a few guitar players, we got Bianca on bass . . I know we gotta have a drummer and keyboard player among us. Maybe we could get David to be our special guest . . .now that would be a GREAT DVD extra =)]

    Count me in Erin!! But don’t you think we have to extend this invitation to Guy as well, since he is a blogger? He can’t do bass though, since that spot is taken by me, *evil grin* but he plays a mean guitar and don’t forget that sexy voice, right Deborah?

    And sorry Erin, but David can’t play since he isn’t a blogger *grin*. But Richard officially is now, although with only one post I don’t think we can give him more than a guest appearance. 😉

    Oh and we will all need some kick-ass internet conference software (with no delays in it) to be able to do some rehearsing, since we are scattered all over the world.

    So Guy, what do you say?
    What do you mean ‘busy’? Busy with what?
    Roxy who?
    they still exist?? 😉
    You mean they are more important that us?
    Money? No, we wont be able to pay you any money, no. We are all broke after the recent DG tour..
    So you are saying that bread on the table is more important than blogger fun? You don’t see US eating do you?
    Pffffffffft… It’s not like you couldn’t lose some..What?
    What four year old?
    Oh your kid..
    I guess you do need to eat when you are four years old..
    In that case..
    Never mind..

    I guess we still have a spot open for a singer/guitarist in the band, any takers? *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca – who has too much imagination and who is going to check out a Curbow by Cort four string this afternoon, woohooo! 🙂

  142. Hi Fed… as long as people are making suggestions for the DVD (I know I know… I’ll get my coat when I’m done… wait… I live in Southern California… don’t own a coat). Anyway- ya know what would be really cool is if some of the sound bites we heard on the web site over the last several months (Davids’ bits and pieces) made it as the background music on the menu items. Just a thought.

    And a question: do you know if the vinyl version of OAI will be made available in the US in the future, or should I try to get a copy through the UK?


    [Good question. I’ll find out for you, Tim. Please bear with me. – Features Editor]

  143. Hi’ya Guy…

    Hmm, gonna check out that one out…could use a good laugh….

    …which reminds me…”Fast Show” dvd….hmmm…

  144. Bianca,

    In reference to Guy’s services. Though we can’t pay money, we can always play “Money”! I wouldn’t mind having a slog at that!


  145. Bianca, you always make me laugh =)

    Money? Well Guy, we were gonna ask you the same question . .how bout financing us? WHAT?!! Come on this is a sure thing!! C’mon, I got kids too.

    So I guess we need a computer genius to come up with a program, any takers? Fed?


    [Although I don’t deny that I am, in many ways, a genius, I’m certainly not a computer genius. – Features Editor]

  146. [Although I don’t deny that I am, in many ways, a genius, I’m certainly not a computer genius. – Features Editor]

    And so modest too!!

    FEd, you do know you are killing us over here with only being able to post to older strings. But we are patient, we will wait…


    [I’m just pondering on which piece of juicy DVD gossip I can share with you… – Features Editor]

  147. [I’m just pondering on which piece of juicy DVD gossip I can share with you… – Features Editor]

    Add cruel to modest!

    There’s an idea of a rainy day blog – five words describing our FEd.

    O, the wealth of trivial information you must know about the goings on in DG management. I can just imagine.


    [Not really. – Features Editor]

  148. In line with some other suggestions, I say Planet Earth, the recent BBC series. OAI would be a perfect accompaniment.

  149. [Although I don’t deny that I am, in many ways, a genius, I’m certainly not a computer genius. – Features Editor]


    [FEd, you do know you are killing us over here with only being able to post to older strings. But we are patient, we will wait…]

    Speak for yourself! I won’t.. lol

    Oh and they didn’t have the Curbow by Cort, so I tried other Corts, but I don’t like the metallic sound.. I played a Fender Jazz, but I couldn’t afford it, but after that all I could do was leave the store, because the rest just sounded bland after that.. damn.. (okay, is this like.. actually interesting to anyone but me? *grin*)

    hugs, Bianca – not watching our Dutchies play football, but able to guess the score from the noise the rest of the neigbourhood is making…

  150. Withnail & who??

    Dammit! You mean there is an English cult film that even in 2004 was still on 13th place of best British films ever made and yet I have NEVER heard of it before???


    In my defense, I was only a teenager when it came out, but still.. I am quite upset..

    I really dislike you right now..

    Aaah, okay, maybe not.. 😉

    Hugs, Bianca

  151. I believe the background music for “This Heaven” is the entire soundtrack for a film noir, with Nora Jones & David in collaboration on the music and Quenton Tarrantino writing the dialog. Until written it would be nearly impossible to cast (beforehand). If the chemistry is right, it would be a prize for any actor! I REALLY love the entire album so much, I’ve already worn out two CD’s.

    George in America

  152. Too late, Ed. My brain has already turned into a football. Isn’t it wonderful?

    [Oh, it is. You won’t hear me complaining. – Features Editor]

  153. I guess I am making up for lost time. I’ve been catching up on the rexent postings and I have reached a conclusion : On An Island should be the theme for a movie bearing witness to all the regulars convening on Castellorizon.

    Walking those white steps, going inside a cathedral to light candles, remembering our own, going down to the harbor, dreaming of Red Skies and hearing the siren call of Gilmour piercing the night , showing him with a backlit Red Sky.
    Mapping the stars, we all lay in a circle gazing into a star-lit night. Throwing stones across a still pond. The warmth and the laughter…

    Oh……ouch…my head just exploded !!

    The soundtrack in my head is of us here…on THIS Island known as The Blog…

    God, I love it here, the warmth and then…

    I take a breath !!

    Cazart !

  154. Oh, some other movie ? I’d go with ‘Lord of The Flies’ , the original. Great to be back.

    Cazart !

    [Great to have you back, mate. – Features Editor]

  155. I am agreeing with those who feel the movie ‘fit’ for OAI, just hasn’t been made yet. But am recommending Peter Weir as a director. He usually uses such lovely scores. Gallipoli featured the Bizet aria that David sang on his In Concert dvd. Weirs film style could certainly be a good fit to the music from On An Island.

  156. Whatever about the Wizard of Oz/Alice in Wonderland/Star Wars silliness, I think OAI goes very nicely with Sex and Lucia.

  157. Sex and Lucia? I hope IN YOU MIND mind this two words ARE NOT connected!!! But if you mean that OAI goes very well with sex OR with me, thanks! This great! None has never say me something so beautiful…I go with On an Island…WOW! I’ll put it in my curriculum vitae!

    However, OAI let me always about a journey…maybe because I often listen it when I drive…Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland are journey…so, they could be right! But it sounds so much Mediterraneo too…uhm…FEd, what does David think about OAI and a movie? Has he some idea? And wich is your?


    [I don’t know. I don’t think that David would want his latest music complimenting a film. He is very proud of this album – and so he should be. The words tell their own story, they don’t need actors and scenery to do that. Even the instrumentals tell a story, paint a picture and evoke a mood. As so many people have observed, this album is very personal and means whatever you want it to mean at different times. I don’t think there’s a film out there today that’s as powerful on the eyes as this album is to your ears, but it’s interesting that certain parts or running themes have reminded you all of certain films and that so many people thought of the same films. – Features Editor]

  158. I agree with you when you say that the words tell their own story and the instrumentals tell a story too …and this is the reason because it’s so hard find a movie which really as powerful on the eyes as this album is to your ears. An abum so great as OAI don’t need nothing more than music!

    But I think that a lot of times the power of the music can add a lot to a movie or a picture…I’m a fan of cinema, soundtracks and video clips too. Sometimes the fusion of the senses can create something of wonderful….”The wall” is a great example, in particular the parts with the draws (i’m thinking about “Good bye blue sky” or “Empty spaces”) make you mind fly really high…or really deep…it’s amazing…and this is one of reason because I love walk in the road with the headphone…the world could be beautiful, but when you see it with a good music it becames better too….it’s amazing!


    [That’s a very good point. – Features Editor]

  159. Err… sorry Lucia! I didn’t mean that! I meant the wonderful spanish film “Lucia y el sexo.”

    But it does go well with you too. You’ve been the heart and soul of the blog, so On An Island does remind me of you as well. 🙂


  160. [Err… sorry Lucia! I didn’t mean that! I meant the wonderful spanish film “Lucia y el sexo.”]

    Good! It sounds better! But in my curriculum vitae I’ll put the same that I sound like OAI!

    Have a good evening!


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