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As you know, David was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award by Mojo earlier this week. You can now hear his acceptance speech here (jump a little over the halfway mark to hear it, if you’re in a hurry).

Today, Jeremy Vine announced that BBC Radio 2  listeners have voted Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ the ‘track’ most likely to change your life, ahead of the Beach Boys’ ‘God Only Knows’, John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, Aretha Franklin’s ‘Say A Little Prayer’ and other classics.

David ‘phoned the show and you can hear what he had to say by visiting Jeremy Vine’s page and making use of the BBC’s Listen Again option. Just click Fri to hear today’s show in its entirety.

More photos from the band’s final (for now) rehearsals, like the one above, to follow next week.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Fit in as much football as you can.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. congratulations to david and everyone who’s been involved in this assortment of music and magic and memories. thank you for what you’ve done. i am really impressed with the music and words you’ve created recently, and not recently. you are a magical special being who transmits a lot of happiness. good luck. come back and visit us someday.

    cheers. good luck in the cup.

  2. Bravo David, Richard, Roger and Nick. Not only did a single win first place, but an entire album. That’s impressive. DSOTM is the all time classic. Maybe Richard will play Any Colour perchance on the final tour? Still love that one.

  3. Just received my copy of the “Smile” 7″ vinyl-single and can tell you, it’s a beautiful collector’s item! And indeed the thickest vinyl you have ever seen, as somebody on the blog said quite rightly. So if you can get hold of a copy, then don’t hesitate and grab it!!

    Have a nice weekend, everyone out there!

  4. Gilmour deserves more than just a lifetime award. He deserves… More awareness!

  5. It’s been a glorious day, the sun continued to shine, my vinyl copies of On an Island & Smile have arrived and the world cup has kicked off. Plus DSOM was voted the track most likely to change your life, proof that your/my vote can make a change for the good. If Pink Floyd had been a football team they would be have been Brazil in the 1970 World Cup with DSOM the final performance and of course David would be Pele’; unparalled. The weekend starts here!

    However spare a thought for the music virgin who didn’t get it; hopefully his condition is not terminal and they do say Time can be a great healer.

    We, as participants of The Blog take for granted that DSOM was/is life changing but hopefully the poll will help convert the uninitiated.

    DSOM is as part of my life as the football team I support or my summer holidays, indispensable. Much, much more than a disposable piece of vinyl, a timeless classic that sounds as fresh and vibrant today as when I bought my first copy in 1973. In the preceeding 33 years (it can’t be)I make a point of playing it at least once a month, I never get bored of it and it still moves me. It flows seamlessly from start to finish, with a combination of lyrics and musicianship that is as cohesive as I believe possible from an entire album. As if that is not enough, the artwork alone should make it an essential purchase; perfection persona vied.

    Whether or not mankind is capable of humanity as Roger questioned at the time, we can only hope so; especially in light of today’s unstable climate when it is possibly more important than ever. But I know the world is a better place for the prescence of DSOM. No matter my mood (happy or gloomy) it always lifts my spirits to a higher level.


  6. re: Jeremy Vines on BBC2 – I listened and what can I say? There were some real w*nkers on there. I wish David could have told them that. He was more polite than I could have been. Anyway it was ludicrous putting an entire album up against single songs. Silly. It’s like asking “which is better, Sgt. Pepper’s or ‘Don’t Be Cruel’?” Oops, sorry – the group that did “Sgt. Pepper” certainly endorses the use of drugs. We’ll stick in “Pat Boone’s Greatest Hits” instead. Cast your votes.

    (I’ll leave the football to you this weekend, Ed/Edwina. Have a good one. And remember the consequences when alcohol and football combine.)


  7. Soccer, officially called “association football”. I didn’t know that. Now we have the best of both worlds regardless of interpretation. Makes sense.

  8. That Bruce chap made me laugh! If I was talking to the great man himself (DG of course) I would certainly listen more, I don`t think he even heard any of David`s responses!

    I`m also intregued as to how these two induviduals (music virgins?) can hate music so much? one of them described the music as `pop`. I would call it classic rock myself!!

    Paul G, addressing David as Dave got me reaching for the pointy stick!

    Anyway, Great news DSOTM is a GREAT album and deserves it`s place as number1 music that changed our lives!!!!

    Have a great weekend all.



  9. Caption Contest:

    Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air…

  10. Congratulations David! Dark Side of the Moon is a really long track.


  11. Greetings all,

    I’m finally safe at home in NZ after a few days stopover in Bangkok staying with my uncle, a 17-year resident of that inscrutable city, and I’m now suffering a nasty case of jetlag and the unsavoury prospect of returning to work on Monday.

    However of course it was David Gilmour who was the focus of my 3-week sojourn and those 3 shows at the RAH provided memories I’ll hold dear forever.

    FEd, I know that you’ve edited comments like this out of previous posts of mine, but please let me publicly pass on a huge thankyou to certain people who went out of their way to get me to all 3 shows – they’ll almost certainly read this and they know who they are!

    I was also very encouraged to see, while standing outside the RAH on each of the three nights, that the scalpers were doing very poor business. I even overheard a minor argument between two of them where one appeared to have infringed on another’s territory and they were both grizzling that there was nothing happening. So good on you David fans, I’m proud of you for not encouraging those swindling rogues.

    On an annoying note, I want to wring the very neck of the NZ customs official who removed my limited edition RAH lithograph (No. 300) from the poster tube in which I’d placed it for the trip home then rudely stuffed it back in, badly creasing one edge. I didn’t notice until I got home and removed it again, and I am very upset about it.

    Still I won’t let it mar what was a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime Gilmour experience.

    Cheers everybody.

  12. To David … and Richard, Guy, Phil, Jon, Steve, Dick, David Bowie, David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Polly,

    Thank You.

    We had the privilege of attending the concert at RAH on Monday the 29th. Next morning, we had to hoof it to Heathrow to fly back to Washington DC where my daughter was graduating from High School a few days later. It’s been a crazy whirlwind of a week but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

    While we only had two full days on the ground in London, this trip has already left indelible memories for all of us (myself, my husband and my daughter). We packed in a lot of touristy things during the trip, but the reason we came – the concert – was the crowning jewel. London was glorious, as was RAH.

    What can I say about the concert that hasn’t already been said? I was grinning from the moment we boarded our BA flight at Dulles to the last moments of the band goodbye on stage. Sometimes you anticipate something so much and it inevitably falls flat. This time, the concert totally exceeded and demolished my imagined expectations. I loved the wee flubs, and the camaraderie of the band, and the oh-so-tight professionalism.

    But what I really wanted was to see and hear David play guitar, and boy, did I get that. I barely took my eyes off the stage. My daughter, who got the other of the two pre-sale tickets, told me later that I never stopped moving in my seat (sort of that subtle enraptured rocking). My poor husband sat alone way up high in quite possibly one of the worst seats but managed to make friends with an Aussie sitting next to him. Quite a few people told my husband that he was a saint to give up the good seats to his wife and daughter (AS IF girls can’t be nuts about DG’s music – hrmphh! – little do they know just how nuts these particular girls are about this particular music). My daughter, as you can probably imagine, is getting a lot of mileage out of this little sojourn to see DG. On the cool-o-meter, what tops this (maybe I am just a wee bit biased in my definition of cool)?

    Truly, every song had something wonderful and special to offer, but I was particularly taken with The Blue, Take a Breath and This Heaven in the first set. The entire second set will go down in my memory banks as “The One” that I really can’t imagine being eclipsed. As SOYCD is my “life-changing” song, there were real goose bumps when the telltale intro started. Coming Back to Life was downright amazing, and of course, Echoes made me cry. By the time, Bowie came out to do an outstanding version of Arnold Layne, I actually clutched my Dutch seat neighbor (who had inscrutably hinted at a “special” guest and keep saying no to all my guesses as to who that would be – needless to say I never guessed Bowie). Comfortably Numb has always, and will always get me in the solar plexus, and it did its magic again (can one have two life-changing songs?). We all know that second solo so well that when the windup came, I tried very hard to just take it in and not be sad that it was ending.

    So Thank You again.

    David, I hope that you have truly enjoyed this tour and thrived on the pleasure you have given to all of us who were fortunate enough to see you make music. I hope you find the interest and the desire to do this again. I’m thinking a semi-regular mini-residency at RAH. What do you think?

    Love to all, I’ve been reading when I can ….

    PS – Kudos on the sculpture FeEd (it is beautiful and well-deserved and I loved Guy’s heartfelt post).


    PPS – (Sorry it took so long to post, I know the blog is on to other exciting things :-), and I am totally breaking the length rule, but it will be my only review of the concert, I promise.)

  13. Just wondering… I see that the Poland date is still not listed under “Live Dates” in the main site. Is that because it’s a festival and not a DG concert per se?

    [No, it will be there just as soon as we have the ticket details. – Features Editor]

  14. DSOTM,to me,has always been a microcosm of the cycle of life and death.It is the greatest album of all time,IMO.Meddle changed my life and then DSOTM transformed it and set me on the path to higher consciousness…The whole of creation is woven into that beautiful album and that is why it continues to stand the test of time…It is life itself.

    David and Richard,thanks again for an awesome tour!

  15. those damm night shifts my wife is up stairs in bed im down stairs with my sleep pattern all over the place what to do , oh i know ill have a look at the blog, my computer now knows where to go now i have linked this site as my home page honestly i pay for broadband and the only thing i look at is this site, can i just say congratulations to Roger Waters for a good wright up on his shows, still cant get my head around DSOTM without David but congrats anyway at least our friend Jon Carrin is there to add a bit of his quality to it, come on dave next year maybe give it a try we need a farewell tour, we realy do, it does not have to be a big one maybe 11 nights in Earls Court, Nick has all ready said he would be the Henry Kissinger(Go Between)here is hoping and im an optimist

  16. I recently picked up Ringo Starr’s latest album and was surprised to find David Gilmour on a couple of tunes. ‘Instant Amnesia’, being one. Great stuff!

    I also wanted to chime in on DSOTM being so influential. Well it’s been a integral part of my life ever since I heard it my freshmen year of high school(1986). I even tried to write a paper about the song Brain Damage in my AP English class during my senior year. My teacher said the song was cliche and hardly qualified for good poetry much less one of the great poems of the western world which we were suppossed to write the paper about. I thought she was just being square until I hear Roger Waters himself say that he was surprised he got away with it, saying that the songs were ‘sort of lower sixth’.

    Anyhow, when I saw Roger Waters in 99′ the DSOTM stuff was just OK. I didn’t compare with the DSOTM that Floyd did on the 94′ tour. David Gilmour is the voice, the guitar and quite a bit of the soul of Pink Floyd as well.

  17. By the way, I checked out my twentieth anniversary edition of DSOTM and aside from the really neat box that it came in there are 5 “postcards” and the usual CD booklet with lyrics and pics. None of the postcard images are reproductions of the original posters from the LP. I guess if you want the originals, you’ll have to scrounge around. Now, I have to go look again – I think I may still have an extra copy with the goodies.

    One more note on DSOTM. My father-in-law was a huge fan of that release. I now have his copy of the album as well. What is interesting is that his copy doesn’t have any of the goodies. I know that when it was released – he was too old to hang them in his room. His wife wouldn’t let him. So I wonder what he did with all of it.

    Yes, I am a nut with that release. I think I have at least 3 or 4 copies on CD. As well as at least 3 copies on vinyl. I am bummed that I never got the MFSL version when that was out – I saw it in the store and passed it up. But I’m considering buying the SACD version as well.

    Congrats on all the accolades you have been receiving David, I can’t think of a better person to receive them.


    PS – Deborah, you mention Pat Boone. Did you ever hear the release he did with covers of metal songs by bands such as Metallica. Yes, Pat singing Enter Sandman. Cover has him wearing a leather jacket. I have a copy, you listen to it and you want to do drugs.

  18. Caption: David keeps his chin up in a wistful rendition of “High Hopes” as Richard “chimes” in.

    DSOTM, Re: ‘The track’ (life changing). What exactly do they mean by ‘the track’? The entire album? At any rate, I wholeheartedly concur. DSOTM opened my mind musically, intellectually and emotionally at a very impressionable age. It still astounds me.

  19. Hi,

    I just heard on the radio that Nick Mason, Roger Waters and David Gilmour will be going on tour for Pink Floyd. Is this true? I’ll definately go.

    Im also going to go and watch Roger Waters perform DSOTM and selected songs off WYWH and The Wall

    [No truth in that, sorry. – Features Editor]

  20. I’ve been listening to Radio 2 all week at work. I couldn’t believe it DSOTM won! Unfortunately I was called away from the radio just as David spoke on the programme. Thank goodness for the listen again feature!


  21. I think Wish you were here is the best Album ever, but if Dark Side is voted in, I’ll go with that. Well done David, Nick, Rick & Roger & of course Syd.


  22. hello,my name is Dino,and I from Croatia, I’m 14 years old, in my hole life I been listen Pink Floyd,you have nice page. goodbye,best wishes by Dino.

  23. Just received the Smile single. I’m listening to Island Jam and it is excellent. Nice cover too.

    Very funny that amazon is selling the CD at £4 and there is a sticker on the cover with “expect to pay no more than £2”. They could take off the sticker at least.

    Congratulations to England for winning the first match. Sorry, I hope that the final will not England-Italy, just for the quiet life with my wife hehehe.

    Have a nice weekend everyone


  24. I have to ask . . .why is Nick Mason stirring the sh*t? You know the more it’s stirred the more it stinks.

    I’ve come to a place where I’m comfortable that PF isn’t getting back together. After all David said it and so has Roger. Ok fine. However, I think everyone here (comfortable or not with them just doing solo work) would LOVE for PF to tour again. I mean how, could you not. Is Nick just getting everyone’s hopes up? Damn it, I just got them (my hopes) down and under control!

    I just wish they would make a decision (if they don’t do anything else as a band, just make a decision as one) one way or the other. Having everyone saying: no, no, no and then one guy saying yes, just isn’t cool. The word for today is communication. I know after all the interviews David has done, he’s got to be sick of answering the question: “Will PF tour again?”

    With Nick saying stuff like “I’ve just finished playing with David at his recent solo concerts and I’m about to play a show with Roger. I call myself the Henry Kissinger of Pink Floyd! It would be down to me, I guess to sort it all out.” and “I’d love for it to happen again and I really do think Pink Floyd will play together again – but it would have to be for love, not money.” Poor David, will be answering that question till the day he dies.

    Sorry Guys, just needed a place to vent that . . .I hope you all understand. Any light you can shine on this Fed (or anyone)?


    [I’m in total agreement with you, Erin. That’s all I’m going to say. Cynics may assume that Roger needs the publicity. I don’t know or care if that’s true or not. All I know is that David’s not interested in a nostalgia tour. – Features Editor]

  25. Congratulations, well deserved, nice to see ongoing recognition for the greatest album so far!

    The “most likely to change your life” is fitting, for Dark Side of the Moon. I can tell you that in 1974, the song breathe pretty much brought me out of a very intense trip I was on. I’m not trying to glorify or suggest listening to pink floyd and tripping out on something. I was 14 years old, it was 1974, and the sixties were not exactly over yet. Anyway the song brought on an Epiphany, something like the “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” speech. I can’t describe just how powerfull that moment was for me, it was like I just woke up all of sudden. The rest of the album after breathe fit right into that little epiphany… and it was like being in a carnavale as a kid. I was literaly changed from that moment, I had become a mellower person after that….it was a big moment as I was growing up.

    Over the years, I have actualy gone through 4 copies of the album. I don’t exactly connect that experience with the album every time I listen to it, but I haven’t forgotten it either.

  26. Alot of the world didn’t have a clue who Pink Floyd was until Dark side of the Moon was released. I have loved the sound of there music since 1967. I really think that David is really one of the greatest musicians around and glad that he received the Mojo award. David, I hope that you will keep putting out more great albums. On an Island is a great piece of work. God Bless Thomas

  27. I don’t want to start any rumors, But I heard that the release date for pulse is being released July 11/12 with the chance of David’s first two solo albums(Remastered). Is there any truth to this or are they spreading lies again. I know that David must get tired of these rumers. I also was wondering if David new DVD will be released before Christmas(For it would be a great gift to give to friends).


    [Yes, we are all sick and tired of rumours… – Features Editor]

  28. [I don’t want to start any rumors, But… – Posted by: Thomas O’Connell at June 10, 2006 10:00 PM]

    ha ha, very funny.

    congrats to david on the mojo award (nice acceptance speech) and congrats to all of pink floyd for the bbc’s acknowledgement. dsotm would not be dsotm if not for david’s voice and guitar, so good on you david. you deserve all the awards you get. it’s about time you got them.

    p.s. that fan who rang in could talk the hind legs off a donkey. how rude not to let david get a word in edgeways. he really annoyed me. he did say that roger’s dsotm was “interesting” which could be a polite way of saying it’s rubbish. that made me laugh.

  29. [I have to ask . . .why is Nick Mason stirring the sh*t? You know the more it’s stirred the more it stinks. – Posted by: Erin at June 10, 2006 07:00 PM]

    I agree with Erin. I’m very disappointed with Nick. David has said his piece so many times now and has gone to some trouble through his website to try to stop the rumours for the sake of the fans who keep getting their hopes raised for nothing (sorry, but some of the fansites are awful and I don’t want to see them here) and now Nick stirs it all back up. I’m not looking for trouble, but perhaps Roger and Nick need David? I don’t remember any of Roger’s albums or tours doing so well.

  30. Hello Gilmour, I am Brazilian and taste a lot of vc and of his fabulous music and compositions. . .

    However I don’t want disappoint him/it, more the brasil will take more that cup with certainty …

    happiness and have a good weekend
    Jairo Rodrigues

  31. RE: David’s Comments at the MOJO Awards.

    Glasgow seems like a lifetime ago… You see David, I told you that if you kept practicing…

    Didn’t you do well? Cheers! 🙂

  32. I heard a rumour that Brad and Angelina were….

    oops,wrong blog!

    I agree with Erin, too. How many times and how many ways does David have to tell journalists, radio personalities, and even other Floyd members that he’s not interested in touring as Pink Floyd? He should just tatoo “done with Floyd” on his forehead so that those annoying questions are done for good. I hate repeating myself 100x. He must cringe everytime that comes up.


  33. *Andrew wrote: PS – Deborah, you mention Pat Boone. Did you ever hear the release he did with covers of metal songs by bands such as Metallica. Yes, Pat singing Enter Sandman. Cover has him wearing a leather jacket. I have a copy, you listen to it and you want to do drugs.*

    Oh yeah! I’ve heard of that album. It would (theoretically) take a LOT of drugs to get me through the entire thing – I think his cover of “Crazy Train” touched the lounge lizard part of me for an instant and then… eh. Pat’s schlocky white bread cover of “Tutti Frutti” was even worse and he was SERIOUS about that.

    Sorry to get off-topic there, Edwina. Just to keep things kosher let me say I desperately love DSotM. It is timeless. The world will be be listening to it hundreds of years from now (hey, if I’m wrong there’s no way of calling me out on that prediction now, is there?).


  34. surely nick has a voice as well , i agree with you that david has said his bit but in my opinion Nicks drumming was also a major part of Pink Floyd, he is aloud to have an opinion / hope, ease up eh he obviously wants it as much as us

    i also have accepted the fact that this is it for floyd, to be fair to nick David has also said he will never say never, as you know everyone just how much i love David but doesnt the term ‘never say never’ keep our hopes alive, as well they need to be as one voice but juist occationally they are all guilty of getting our hopes up , all it takes is the slightest comment from any of the four of them

    i personally believe we will see floyd in concert again, one last time when ? who knows, come on guys one voice together or know voice at all , all credit to nick he he can do his henry kissinger bit on David and Roger, over the last year all four have hinted that it could happen for a special occation , there fore they are all guilty of raising our hopes

  35. David Nick Richard and Roger, DSOTM is on it’s way to going down in history as a truly brillant work of art, thank you boys.

    And David, OAI is I think is on the same path, Thank you for sharing with us.


    P.S. David and Richard, if you guys showed up and performed DSTOM with Nick and Roger the world would come to a stand still and she could use that right now.

  36. Well we’ve almost come full circle…We’re back on the PF touring again discussion!

    I posted a blog entry months ago about this debate and unfortunately I can’t find it but all I can say is don’t even consider a re-union unless you have something new to play and as the Fedmeister said don’t do a nostalgia tour… You are all much better than that…

    DG has moved on and moved on with this wonderful album and tour and the deserved recognition for both… RW is touring with nothing new and that to me shows that DG has become what RW always wanted to be… The roles have been reversed.

    Fans/Buffs please just enjoy the wonderful PF/DG/RW albums we have and be thankful that Live8 happened for that worthy cause…

    David… you are receiving a lot of worthy recognition for your virtuoso playing and the songs you write… you are in a wonderful place in this time of your life please stay there 🙂

    On a completely seperate subject I’ve just received an excellent AOL box set (via eBay) of the Live8 concert with a miniature Fender Stratocaster guitar and the money I spent went to a charity…

    Maybe our focus should be on being charitable to our fellow human beings rather than a PF re-union!

    [Well said, mate. – Features Editor]

  37. Fedmeister….

    Just an idle thought… where is the “Glassman”? In the office or at home? What did the rabble at work say? Is the SNeD jealous?

    And thank you for your comments a few blogs ago and I’d like to put it on record that you are my favourite Features Editor as well… 🙂

    [Bless you. Glassman is at home, looking absolutely splendid, receiving many a compliment from just about everyone who visits. – Features Editor]

  38. Caption Competition

    DG and RW tried to re-create Quo’s “Rocking All Over The World” opener from Live Aid but settled on Comfortably Numb for Live8 instead…

  39. [Fit in as much football as you can.]

    I’m sick of football, sick of all those stupid flags and sick of hearing about Rooney’s foot. Hopefully England will be out very soon.

    Anyway moving swfitly on, nice the hear the Mojo thing. And that guy ‘Bruce’ from Sussex who was on radio 2, is he still talking do you think?

    [I should think he would need to stop for air at some point. – Features Editor]

  40. Hi,

    Did DSOTM change my life? I don’t know, it was there all the time, listening to it on a very regular base.

    My older hippie sisters & brothers did listen to the great bands of that time. So the DSOTM became a centerpoint in our “home” collection. The album did have a great attraction to me. Mainly because of the cover & the weird sounds. But no I didn’t liked the music so much, “Time” I thought was cool and yeah “Money” was really fun. Me trying to understand the lyrics with a English dictonary.

    My interest in music started with Alan Parsons “Tales of Mistery & Imagination” & “WYWH”. And then the DSOM grabbed me…

    The ultimate version of the DSOTM was the PULSE tour.

    Yesterday we witnessed Roger Waters version and yeah it was impressive and think my son, of 15 years, got a life time experience. But David Gilmour absence was to obvious, his voice and his pedal steel guitar playing.

    Snowy white, Dave Killminster & Andy Fairweather-Low, did an excellent job, but no the best parts of Roger show where his own “Wall, Amused to Deathe & Final Cut” songs.

    I’m glad I saw Roger again, but David stole the show, definitly!

  41. [Gilmour deserves more than just a lifetime award. He deserves… More awareness!]

    Posted by: Kareem at June 9, 2006 08:14 PM

    Well said Kareem,

    I am delighted for David on all these awards coming thick and fast and they are all long overdue and well deserved but I can’t help think why are they all coming now that David is back in the limelight. Surely David’s music and his former band’s work are always in the limelight.

    Anyway enough of my rantings well done David and long may it continue.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  42. I have to say that I really don’t think the isssue is whether PF play again.

    The real issue that all fans would feel gutted about is if we do not hear the music of Pink Floyd played live again.

    David and Roger’s tours have shown beyond all doubt that there is a deep and continued appreciation both for the recorded legacy and especially the chance to hear the music re-invigorated through live performance.

    David’s distinctive style and musical sensitivities mean that OAI feels very much like an extension to the PF catalogue – I mean that wholly respectfully and as a compliment by the way – and I believe it of Amused to Death also which developed Roger’s own themes but importantly with lighter touch in places.

    The sentiments expressed post-poll around DSOM are testimony that it is perhaps the only part of the Rock tradition that has become a “piece” of music that can and should be performed in it’s own right.

    It can be performed badly or well, but I for one want to see it performed and (sorry F’ed for a minor rule breach but I’m on nobody’s payroll I promise)I’d settle for a tribute band let alone Roger or David.

    Nothing lasts forever. Let’s enjoy this fantastic ride for as long as we can.

  43. I stopped reading Rolling Stone a long time ago, but the cover with the 100 most influencial people got me intriged so I looked at it,unless I did not see it, no mention of any Pink Floyd member,none the less David Gilmour who should without question qualify.

    Reminds me of there top 500 most influencial Albums where DSOTM was #47(beaten out by Thriller of all things). Oh well, just wanted to sound off this bit of useless trivia.

    Thanks FED for a place for people like me to waste ink.

    [Not at all, you’re always very welcome. Some of these polls are ridiculous, aren’t they? – Features Editor]

  44. I don’t see how Nick Mason’s comments are so inconsistent with David’s. Has not David said he’d consider another “one off” gig with the band for a worthy cause?

  45. I know which one is pink, it’s DG. Thanks for the shows and the great work you put out, your music simply moves all of us. Please come back to Oakland for another (solo) gig. Take care and god bless the enviroment.

  46. Dark side of the Moon as ultimate life changing ‘track’. Rightly so!!

    And as if by coincidence I have yesterday (june 10) attended a life performance of The Dark Side of the Moon by Roger Waters.

    Great show, but boy…what did we miss Mr. Gilmour. It is all well known to us, but it was yesterday again perfectly clear that no one surpasses the master!!

  47. – Woh ! A friend of mine went to London last week, he came back to France this week-end and he brought me back a copy of the ‘Smile’ vinyl single ! What a nice surprise ! I couldn’t find it, neither in France, nor on Amazon …

    – Nick Mason, un faux-frère ? maybe…it doesn’t matters whether it’s true or not… I wouldn’t anymore be pleased with a PF reunion, je commence à en avoir marre de toutes ces vieilles histoires, we should better live in present, enjoy what happens and respect David’s wills…I also get tired of rumours…

    – I have not yet told Jorge I was very, very delighted when he sent his lovely post, partly in french, thank you very much.

    – Fed, l’Angleterre a gagné, bravo, “vous nagez dans le bonheur” ?


    [Non, je n’ai pas même observé le match! Je ne suis pas anglais. Je suis indifférent avec l’Angleterre. Je voudrais que l’Espagne sont être des vainqueurs. – Features Editor]

  48. Congratulations David on a well deserved award and of course Pink Floyd for DSOTM acknowlegements but more importantly, for simply being Pink Floyd.

    In response to JJ and Erin re ‘Nick Mason stirring the sh…..’

    While DG and RW have both said it is not something they are looking to do right now, they have also both said never say never. Nick Mason is the only band member that has maintained a neutral position throughout the well published fall out and therefore, is the most likely member who could truly make it happen.

    DG has made it clear that a big put off for doing another Floyd tour is lugging all the kit around the world and the huge venues to fill. Perhaps following on from his OAI tour he will come to realise that Floyd fans would be happy with a scaled down affair. The Pink Floyd is whats important, the music works with or without the effects and visuals.

    Roger Waters solo does not really work for me, but who can deny when they re-united for live8, it was magical.

    I can believe Pink Floyd will do a farewell tour at sometime in the future with Mr Waters back on board, more so than I can believe England will win the world cup, and I do actually think they have a chance this year.

    Having said all that, I saw them in 94, I saw them at live8, I saw DG at RAH and I will be seeing RW at Hyde Park (he is RW after alls said and done), (and my band ‘My Best Shirt’ (disbanded) supported Sam Brown at Coventry and Gloucester around ’99/2000 (I was the trumpet/keyboards player)) so while I would definately be there if they did announce a tour, I can be satisfied that I have at least seen them all and more than once. Memories that will stay with me to the end of my days.

  49. I don’t understand Dark Side of the Moon. It has to be the most overated album of all time. I am a big fan of you and Pink Floyd is probably my all time favorite band, but The Wall is so much better. That album changed my life a lot more than any other by far. It has the most personal and heart felt lyrics in it, I just don’t understand why people don’t listen to that more, there was even a movie made after it for crying out loud…Just thought I would state my oppinion on the matter.

  50. Quick question Fed. I have just copied “Fearless” for a new member of my staff trying to impress him with my football trivia, and as he is a Liverpool supporter seemed appropiate. What is the chanting at the end of song though. Yes I know its the Liverpool crowd but at what match? My sources say either Everton or West Ham, pressumely these are teams that Liverpool played. They all sound the same to me?

    Re RW and DG thingie, take a look at page 179 of Nicks book for a great photo of the two, dont they look proud. As long as there is life there is hope, as Elvis told me me when serving me fish and chips last night!

    Ian Pearson

    [I’ve no idea who Liverpool were playing when the crowd were recorded, Ian. That would make for good trivia. The fans sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ regardless of the opposition, home or away. – Features Editor]

  51. [je ne suis pas anglais… Features editor] ???

    Oh, Fed ! you are not english ?… but you support Liverpool, don’t you ?… poor Cissé, you have seen photos of his leg ! brrrr…, awful ! and poor France …(World Cup)


    [Oui, c’est correct. Je me sens desolé pour Cissé. Il mérite de la bonne chance. Je pense que la France ayez beaucoup de bon joueurs (et Henry est un les plus fantastique – je souhaite qu’il joué pour Liverpool, pas Arsenal). Bonne chance pour France! Dans la vérité, je n’inquiete (?) pas qui gagne le tournoi, mais je veux les joueurs de Liverpool aient un bon temps. Il y a beaucoup de joueurs espagnols avec Liverpool maintenant. Il y a plus du joueurs espagnols de Liverpool dans le tournoi que les joueurs anglais de Liverpool, ainsi je veux les voir faire bien. – Features Editor]

  52. RE:

    Sorry Guys, just needed a place to vent that . . .I hope you all understand. Any light you can shine on this Fed (or anyone)?


    [I’m in total agreement with you, Erin. That’s all I’m going to say. Cynics may assume that Roger needs the publicity. I don’t know or care if that’s true or not. All I know is that David’s not interested in a nostalgia tour. – Features Editor]

    Posted by: Erin at June 10, 2006 07:00 PM

    … in any case, what still gets me and where I probably lack the full understanding (desppite having seen PF 88/94, DG 2006 and RW 2002) is why is everyone crying for a tour? DSOTM having got the great appreciation it deserves, would there be not much more sense in David grabbing his guitar and oiling his vocal chrods, RW getting some ruff melodies together that need a hell of a lot of feeling and musicality added (by DG, obviously), David having some great melody fragments where RW can add his touch, Rick warming up the Moog and Hammond (or whatever substitute he chooses) and Nick, well, being Nick and playing the drums – this might lead to anohter DSOTM or WYWH or whatever. A tour is just a fleeting glimpse, for god sake. An album is worth a lifelong partner… . Of course, it would add strain to the four peoples lives for some months, so anoutehr idea, RW asks David politely to add his guitar on RW solo albums and David asks RW to add some lyrics to his? Sounds crazy, no?

    Cheers, Robert

  53. Reunion – it ain’t going to happen!! If anybody has seen parts of Roger’s tour on the internet, you will see that Roger isn’t playing bass half the time, is (supposedly) lip-syncing to a lot of the songs and playing God on the stage. How on earth could they play together with that ego!!

    In Guitar World Roger Waters gave an interview (make no mistake Roger hasn’t changed). The writer said “Ninety minutes in Roger Waters’ company and you are left with some resounding insights into the nature of artistic success: That no amount of money can compensate for lack of respect”. Well I’m sorry but I’ve lost what little respect I had for Roger for lip-syncing (he’s not Britney Spears, for God’s sake) but Roger die-hard fans will back him because he is Roger and their excuse is he is ageing and they’re his songs. Also, die-hard Roger fans would not like a reunion, imho, they are totally into Roger’s solo career and want him to write new material. I also suspect that Roger doesn’t get as much of this “get back with Pink Floyd” stuff as David does.

    As for Nick Mason, I’m not sure what he is trying to do. If he wants them to get back together again, making comments like “David is like Roger was 20 years ago” is not going to help, or is it just a publicity stunt?

    [The views expressed by Lesley in this post are in no way representative of views held by David Gilmour or David Gilmour’s management. Made me laugh, though. – Features Editor]

  54. Happy Monday,

    Agree with your comments Rudders re: Nick Mason, and the fact that David does not want to be part of a nostalgia tour. However, Simon Emery I also agree with you. Nick Mason does have a voice. A voice that has been associated with the band for 40 years. And I am sure that in the last chapter in his book he mentions that he hopes PF play again for an event such live 8. Respecting Davids angle I cant see anything wrong with that. If you love something dearly you will natrually want it to continue. I do not agree with any thoughts that Rogers tours need any kind of publicity.

    Pete – Coventry

  55. Hi all,

    I didn’t know of Nick Mason’s rumors until I read here.

    With all the things said by PF members we cannot believe but what we see. So I don’t believe Nick Mason’s words as much as I don’t believe DG words. Moods can change. For sure I don’t live hoping a reunion.

    But as someone else said, Mick Mason was the “glue” of the floyd, being there all the time, in any incarnation of the band, and ,I think, helping the Floyd to come out from more than one moment of impasse with is “calm” . So obviously maybe he really wants and hopes to play with all his ex bandmates and he is the only who can put them together again.

    David Gilmour doesn’t want to make a nostalgia tour. So I have my personal dream and suggestion to the 4 floyd how about to reunite: an album where DG RogW and RickW write one third of the songs each, lyrics and music (NM never was really in the “writing” process). Then, as a band, all four work together in arranging each other’s pieces. This would be a fair comprimise and a beautiful album. ooops…time to wake up and stop dreaming.

  56. Finally found the time to post here after we came back from London.

    We went to the May 31st show at the Royal Albert Hall and it was just fantastic. What an amazing Show.. Fat Old Sun, High Hopes and the rest were just brilliant… and Echoes – WOW. I was just speechless.

    We met with JT and his friends from Norway at the Queen’s Arms before the show. JT gave my friend the ticket he promised and we simply didn’t have enough words to thank him. Again JT: THANK YOU!

    I hope this isn’t the last time i’ll see David on stage, altough I have a feeling it is. In any case – it was well worth the travel all the way from Israel for this!

  57. Dear Fed,

    You’re not English???!!! And you support Spain???!!!
    Well, so I’m sure you’re happy for Nadal… just like me.

    Ikkar, with love.

    [Well, I don’t really care who wins, just as long as it’s a good tournament and the best team wins. – Features Editor]

  58. Good morning, F.Ed,

    DSOM is definitely a worthwhile album. I won’t go as far to say it changed my life, but I learned alot from it.

    Ok, here it goes again, the rumor virus. in case anyone hasn’t noticed, Pink Floyd has been going to re-unite since 1984. Let’s not get excited about what Nick said. He is just expressing his confidence that it will happen some day, and he will probably be the one to make it happen. Everyone seems to take what these individuals say at any one given moment as the Gospel Truth. We need to remember that they are human like us with the right to change their minds at any given time. (This is one thing Musicians are very good at). This stuff isn’t set in stone. All one can do is believe it when you see it. If it happens, it happens. Don’t hold your breath, and don’t get excited when someone says Yes We Will or No We Won’t.

    Anyways, have a good day all,


  59. I have seen PF, RW, and DG several times each and will never get enough. Any time any combination of the three get together I will gladly spend my hard earned cash to go to the show. This year has been a bonus. Any time I get to see two of my most favorite performers playing some of my all time favorite tunes is a great opportunity.

    I enjoy The Blog. I read daily and post seldom but love hearing all the comments. Although I was fairly certain there were other people out there that appreciated David’s fine art as much as I did, I feel very at home here at

    Thanks for the site, thanks for the comraderie, and most of all thanks for the music.

    [Thank you, Mike. – Features Editor]

  60. Croatia 2, Brazil 0

    Hehe…yea right…

    Anyway, its never enaugh to say thank you David and your merry bunch, for making my life ritcher and more beautifull.

    And you too fedmeister. You rule man! :o)

    Just thought that it would be nice to stop by here again and to say hi to you folks.


    Cheerio everybody! See you around!

  61. Hell froze over once and The Eagles reunited. Who is to say it couldn’t happen a second time. Just don’t hold your breath.

    I agree that Nick Mason should be allowed to say whatever he wants to say. Nick certainly has been the neutral party thoughout this entire time and certainly has much to gain in a reunion. Afterall, you don’t hear of a Nick Mason solo tour. Or a Nick Mason solo release. The other three members could very easily make a living without reforming. What is Nick going to do??? In fact, I think Jason Bonham is actually one of the few drummers out there who can form a band around him and make it interesting.

    The drummer is a key member of the band but is certainly not the leader (except for someone like Phil Collins). Afterall, look at The Who, Moon dies and they still go on. But then again Entwhistle died and they still went on as well. Look at Zeppelin. Bonham died and the band ended. However, Page and Plant did get together several times since with other musicians and boy it was as close to hearing Zeppelin again.

    No disrespect to Mason but we all know that he’s not getting anwhere without the other guys. So at least let’s let him dream, and we can all nod our heads and move on with our lives.

  62. Anyone think it odd that “Stairway to Heaven” wasn’t on that list of life-changing tracks? Or is that too played out?

    Hmm, “Stairway to Heaven” and “High Hopes” would make a great mash-up. Wonder if I have the computer firepower to attempt that…

    The Queen of Wasting Time a.k.a. Deborah

  63. Fedmeister

    [I’ve no idea who Liverpool were playing when the crowd were recorded, Ian. That would make for good trivia. The fans sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ regardless of the opposition, home or away. – Features Editor]

    Who says it’s Liverpool though? Could be Celtic as it’s their anthem as well… (places wooden spoon in the sink after stirring the s***)

    Ok… Fedmeister…. step away from the delete button… arf arf 🙂

    [No chance of that. It’s definitely Liverpool. Celtic fans don’t sing that well. – Features Editor]

  64. Here’s a great idea.

    Each member of PF can record tracks individually and then send them to the next member to add their parts….

    O. Wait. Been there, done that.

    Time to move on.

  65. F’Ed,

    Is it my imagination, or has the World Cup sucked the life out of this blog? It’s been awfully quiet the last few days…


    [I was wondering the same thing, Michael. I must take the blame for that, too. – Features Editor]

  66. Hello all, I just got back from Elandorf, a music festival in the middle of the wilderness in central Illinois that is held on private property of 200 acres. Elandorf has been held every year in June since 1975. Nothing comercialized, it was started by a freind of mine and a few hippies back in the day. People camp out all weekend and drink and grill food.I brought my On an Island CD out there, for which the sound engineeer is a big Floyd fan, like myself. I just wanted him to play a few songs. I came back to the stage and he played the whole album. Later, I heard it again and again and again. It is a very sacred place to some around here, this year enhanced by the beautiful work of On an Island. Thank you David for making Elandorf extra special this year!!!


  67. Ah, the reunion comments. Brings a smile to my face. I can truly cherish the feelings of many to want this amazing band to have another go ’round (I’d love to see a Gilmour/Waters Floyd too but I’m not nearly as optimistic as some on this wonderful blog). However, if you stop and put logic (not emotion or desire) to task, an lp- fueled reunion can’t and won’t happen. Here’s why I feel this to be so…..

    Primarily, there’s been far too much time passed since Gilmour and Waters have been able to work “cooperatively” together to produce a new album; both Dave and Roger have strong beliefs on the vision of Floyd and I’d bet the farm that neither would give any ground at such a late stage in life. In short you just can’t get Dave to slog through the stadiums without an lp of new Floyd musings.

    Mr Gilmour recently stated that he wouldn’t work with Roger on a new album, so to me its all so much a null and void hope. Nuh uh.. not going to happen. Kaputz. Fini. However, if there were another high profile, one-off performance for something as special as Live8, I’d bet they WOULD reunite for that, but thats the ONLY reason I can imagine to get the four of them on stage together.

    Finally, lets face it – Dave has been claiming (at least for 4 years or more now) that Floyd was a finished as a band. I can remember hearing an interview Gilmour gave on the BBC in the early 21st century where he claimed that Pink Floyd was basically a spent entity, a done deal.

    Now, where does this leave us with Roger and David as solo artists? Well, Roger is doing this tour for his own reasons(at least a month young as of this writing); there’s no new product (barring his recent opera CD release) but I’ve a strong feeling he’ll be putting a new lp together within a year of this tours end. With no threat of a Pink Floyd album/tour to compete against, it could be a win/win situation for Rog. (Conjecture alert, not an insider leak).

    As to claims that Roger is lip synching to his own songs, thats just absolute rubbish! Just watch clips of the latest show in Spain to catch a glimpse of the truth. For whatever reason he’s doing this tour, I could care less. All I know is I’ll be in the aisles with my fiance when his show stops in Toronto in September.

    Finally, when it comes to Mr Gilmour, well I certainly hope he has been renewed and re-invigored by the extraordinary response to his latest tour, as well as a personal satisfaction of a successful recording. I’d like to say that there’s some merit to waiting years between albums for his newest offering, but time is ticking away. Selfishly, I’d love to see another release from Dave in the near future (say, within 3 years or less) if I can dream a little bit.

    For now, I’ll look forward to Waters Toronto tour stop, await the RAH Gilmour DVD release, and relive my past dalliance with Floyd/Waters/Gilmour concert experiences(in whatever fractured consistency I’ve been able to view them in).

    Floyd is dead, long live Floyd!

  68. ‘lo again FEd, everyone,

    I agree we’d better shy away from the reunion-stuff, but over on Roger’s site there’s footage of a press conference in which Nick states that David had invited Roger to come and play at the RAH.

    Preparations for 14/07 was all that had kept Roger from joining.

    Best regards,
    Belgium (where it feels more like the Mediterranean now, 32 C)

  69. hi ,im loser ,spain not is europe? spain is a fan of the music of gilmour and pink floyd. not is just .you next concert in spain please . i am fan .

  70. *warning: some minor RW spoilers coming up*

    I am depressed today.. is anyone else depressed today? And I am so tired I just want to sleep all the time, but that may be the hot weather..

    I think I am depressed because somehow it suddenly feels like it is all over. I saw Roger Waters last saturday. Which was nice.. but nothing like the DG shows and eventhough Snowy did a good job on guitar, I kind of missed the warmth that David gives to the songs somehow.

    The light show was kinda lame compared to what Marc Brickman can do. I did my best not to compare to much and try and enjoy the music and all the little differences, but that was hard since they were using the same round projection screen and some of the same animations that were used on the MLOR tour by PF. And having big air filled items float by the stage didn’t feel very inventive either (at least it wasn’t a pig though).

    It would have been nicer if he had been a little more creative and made it into his own show instead of this. But that is just my opinion. I did like that he chose some other PF songs as well, since I had never heard those performed live before.

    But when they played some of the same songs DG and PF have played live since RW left the band, I noticed how flat his bassplaying was and I missed the little fill-ins Guy did/does.

    I still had loads of fun though and I had a great day with my sister, so I definitely do not regret going there.

    But the RW show was my last Pink Floyd fix.. This all started in march and now it’s over..
    I think that is why I feel depressed…

    Anyone else feel depressed? I feel depressed.. it is totally stupid, but I do.

    Hugs, Bianca

    ps: FEd I dreamt about you last night. Think maybe I have been spending too much time on the blog?

    [That’s worrying. You didn’t tug on my fake beard, did you? I dreamt about writing a letter to my local newspaper to try and stop a young boy from being prosecuted for something or other. I don’t know what on earth that was all about. Strange. – Features Editor]

  71. I have to throw my two cents in on this conversation of Nick Mason “stirring up the pot.”

    It would be great to see the four members of PF play together again. I hope they can find a compelling reason, event, or feeling that makes them all want do it… but please not a nostalgia trip.

    If that is going to be the case, I vote for keeping things the way they are. On an Island is a GREAT record. The show I saw in New York was FANTASTIC. As a fan, I would not want to sacrifice these things just to see the Pink Floyd name in lights again. I would rather see David performing On and Island, High Hopes and Echoes in an intimate venue than have to listen to 70,000 people in a football stadium talking through those songs and screaming for “Another Brick in the Wall” after every song.


  72. Congratulations on the D.S.O.T.M award David,Roger,Richard,and Nick .

    I went to see Rogers version of this great album in Lichtenvoorde on Saturday it was an experience I’m glad I got to see but I have to agree with the other bloggers your guitar playing and distinctive vocals were sadly missed.You were however there in spirit as I had my On an Island tour T-shirt on and many Dutch people came up to me and expressed the same view ;0

    I have now seen that and your brilliant performance at the Heinneken earlier on your tour this year and hope you do one of these outside performances in the UK as these trips to Holland though very nice are costing me a fortune. lol

    Ps Looking forward to your DVD coming out soon.

  73. You have to give Nick Mason something; kudos, chutzpah, balls of steel, strong denial mechanism, hopeless optimism, you pick, for articulating out loud, what is no doubt a fervent personal wish to do it again with his band. Whether it’s a likely go or mission impossible, it doesn’t really matter. Nick speaks for Nick and ‘our David’ has, and will continue to speak for himself.

    I am probably not speaking to all the members of the choir when I ask: when has the word ‘nostalgia’ become a pejorative word. Is it currently fashionable to lambaste any and all things that smack of nostalgia? In a recent issue of a British magazine I devour, one of the interviewees made some comment that said in effect that nostalgia is heroin for old people (don’t’ have the exact quote).

    Quite frankly, from time to time in my middle-of-the road perch of 47, I need a bit of good old fashioned nostalgia, particularly when it comes packaged in the form of the soundtrack to my life. Anyone who has recently attended a concert by Sir Paul, or CSN or the Eagles [insert name of any band with longevity] will know instantly how deeply fulfilling it is to be witness to a live version of multi-decade musical excellence. The Eagles, to take an example, are just amazing live when they are in the mood. Joyous, incredibly tight and boy do they know their craft. And they also know how to play it tongue-in-cheek with their references to Farewell Tour I and II and so on.

    Any musician has the right to do whatever they want with their own intellectual property – the music – be it perform regularly on a media-dubbed ‘nostalgia cash-cow tour’, or ‘sell-out’ to advertising companies who use their oeuvre in adverts, or sit on the music and keep live performances in a virtual vault to be aired only rarely or never again.

    For me as a fan, a listener, a devotee, I believe the ultimate compliment I can pay to an artist is to respect the decisions he or she may make, even if those decisions go against my fervent hopes and wishes. I don’t think it’s a crime to hope, wish or ask for something; it’s wrong when entitlement gets in the way of hearing the answer or being patient when a soft ‘maybe’ tantalizes.


  74. Bianca,

    I think there is only one thing that will bring you back out of depression and give you a great feeling going through the end of the year when the OAI DVD comes out. You need to get tickets to see David in Florence or Venice.

    If you can’t do that, then dim the lights, put OAI on the stereo and turn it up to 11. Recreate that concert experience in your head. Use a flashlight to make your own light show. That should be entertaining.

    Call to action for fellow bloggers – any other suggestions for Bianca to get out of her depression??


  75. [That’s worrying. You didn’t tug on my fake beard, did you? I dreamt about writing a letter to my local newspaper to try and stop a young boy from being prosecuted for something or other. I don’t know what on earth that was all about. Strange. – Features Editor]

    Well, that sounds like something you would do, doesn’t it?

    And no fake beard in my dream. You were just you and you asked a girl sitting next to me before one of the shows if her name was Bianca, and then I said ‘No, I am Bianca!’ and you didn’t say who you were but you had a message from David and Polly for me and I instantly knew it was you… nice glasses btw.. 😉

    But I guess this ‘message’ thing is what got me depressed as well. Have I really become so pathetic that I need to dream about getting a message from a musician I admire.. ???

    That just feels so sad.. I better do something about this before people start calling me ‘fan’..
    Yuch.. 🙁

    Hugs, Bianca

    [Dreams can be very cruel. They pop into your head at the most inopportune moment and make you ponder on things you really don’t wish to dwell on too much. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I think that anyone who looks forward to something over a length of time – especially when you’ve been buoyed by others on a regular basis – feels down when that wonderful thing is over. It is depressing and there are plenty of people here who will agree with that. It’ll pass, honest. As for the boy in my dream, then if he’d committed a crime against myself or someone I care about, then I’d be in favour of some medieval contraption such as the scold’s bridle or ducking stool, never mind writing a letter to get him off the hook. Very odd. – Features Editor]

  76. Ian Pearson wrote: ‘What is the chanting at the end of song though. Yes I know its the Liverpool crowd but at what match?’

    Maybe I can help out, being a fellow LFC nut. Back in ’72 or ’73 a celebratory vinyl record was produced on behalf of Watneys Red Barrel(insert Monty Python joke here) that contained the crowd sounds and songs of our famous Kop Choir. Of the two matches recorded, one was when we played Bayern Munich and from what I can tell that game was on 10th March 1971, well in time for our friends at PF to get hold of the recording somehow to include it on the Meddle album released later that year.

    That’s my theory anyway. I’d love to be able to find out if that’s correct *nudge nudge*. And yes, I do still have that vinyl record, containing as it does an intro from the great man Bill Shankly.

    Sorry if that’s OT FEd


    [That’s very interesting. – Features Editor]

  77. [Is it my imagination, or has the World Cup sucked the life out of this blog]

    Ah see! another reason to hate it lol! By the way I did discover something vaguely good about football, Tesco was utterly deserted!

    Michael, I was reading about something that happened in New Jersey over the weekend. A pet cat chased a black bear up a tree and wouldn’t let it come down. It only did so when the cat’s owner made in go indoors, did you hear about that?

  78. Note to Features Editor

    Hi, Some time ago someone offered to send me their spare copy of the promo CD cover given out free at David’s UK gigs as I was at the Bridgewater Hall and there was no sign of any. You said that it was being sorted and I sent you my booking ref, address and payment details. Any news? or should I contact EMI?



    [It’s being taken care of, Ian. Just wait for your postman to deliver it. – Features Editor]

  79. Which one is Pink ?…. very, very, very boring !
    We have heard or read 100000 times this kind of discussion ! no more interest for me …

    Let’s take the pleasure where we find it ! it’s a question of feeling…

    I feel personally very much closer to D.Gilmour’s behaviour than to R.Waters’s one but I wouldn’t like to try to persuade anyone to do the same. (Oh, excuse my poor english, I feel it’s not good)

    Ikkar, qui a dit ” tout passe, tout lasse, hors le souvenir” ? PF est un merveilleux souvenir, ne l’abimons pas, ne le salissons pas !

    M. Gilmour, merci de ne pas vous laisser influencer et de rester fidèle à vous même.

    Fed, very, very boring your job to-day, isn’t it ? Merci pour vos réponses en français, j’adore!


    [Merci. Il est bon que vous aimiez et appreciez (et comprenez!) mes efforts en français. Il est très bon pour moi parce que je dois pratiquer mon français. Je suis sûr que je vois beaucoup d’erreurs, mais je pense (ou j’espère!) que je m’améliore. – Features Editor]

  80. [Is it my imagination, or has the World Cup sucked the life out of this blog? It’s been awfully quiet the last few days]

    Couldn’t be because our favourite Italian is away from us could it?

    Now F’ed, this “hope the best team wins” nonsense will not do. This is the World Cup and (friendly) jingoism rules.

    Presumably on your logic you were shouting for United all through the 90’s?

    And don’t look now but watch out for the Germans playing possum again.

    [I would rather eat worms than support United, Tim. Fat, muddy ones at that. – Features Editor]

  81. Hi F.Ed

    Y’know for years I have listened to the football crowd, and have been unable to completely de-cipher what they chant at the end.

    Some times it sounds like Liverpool Liverpool and others it might be Everpool Everpool, or even Liverton Liverton!
    Did someone deliberatly tinker with the FX so as not to alienate Scousers from the World of PF?


    Many thanks to all for the Albert Hall Gigs, had great seats – thanks to the pre release lottery people, thanks to you for all your efforts and your righting of wrongs!

    [‘Tis “Liverpool… Liverpool…” – Features Editor]

  82. Mike from Connecticut…’I would rather see David performing On An Island, High Hopes and Echoes in a intimate venue than have to listen to 70,000 people in a football stadium talking through those songs and screaming for ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ after every song’

    Amen to that.

    Even tho I have never seen the whole of Pink Floyd perform, I so agree. The small venue with the superior group of musicians was absolutely beautiful. It can only be topped by more of the same.

  83. this latest rumor has me feeling uncomfortably dumbed down. I guess it would be the same if those Beatles were still around.

    Anyway, my reason for returning is that I have not had any luck connecting to the BBC sites…

    I haven’t made any pc changes….maybe their server is overloaded? I hope I don’t have to raise the hood on this box…….

    [Sorry to hear that and sorry to state the obvious, but have you tried working your way through the site from the homepage? – Features Editor]

  84. Hi Bianca. Don’t be depressed, you’ll have us all at it. I think wistfull probably applies in my case but I’ve drivelled on on that theme in previous posts.

    Actually I am a little depressed by the amount of Roger bashing that seems to lurk just below the surface. From a fan perspective I do not believe that pro-David has to mean anti-Roger although I have some sympathy for those closer to the David camp who may find it harder to forgive and forget.

    Anyway I’m going to maintain a celebratory attitude to the whole thing and reserve the pointy stick for the defence of Lucia’s barricades.

    Chin up, grouch over

  85. Hello fellow bloggers.

    So I go to workout at the gym this afternoon and guess what music they are playing (this is a World Gym of 2 floors, not too tiny)-‘Take a Breath’!!! Boy , did that sound fantastic that loud!!!!I can just imagine what it sounded like in person.

    By the way, the World Cup was on the high def TVs at the time. Sort of like being IN the blog 🙂

    FEd, keep doing this voodoo that you do so well.

    [Thanks, Elaine. – Features Editor]

  86. Well, now that the USA is as good as done for another four years I guess I’ll chime in on Nick’s little slip.

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, as much as I love PF of old, it’s new music that gets me excited. Now if David decides to change his mind and get the old band back together to see if they can top DSOTM, then of course I would be overjoyed. I would also bet every nickel I have that they would succeed. But you know, the band (including his lyricist on the sideline) he has now is capable of doing just that as well. So in the end my hope for the future is that David keeps making music and sharing it with the world. Any way in which he choses to do so is fine with me. I say that with full knowledge that David is not obliged to make or share any more music for the rest of his life, that his only obligations are those to his family. But if he does choose to share his new music with us, and for as long as his good health lasts I think he will simply because that is what he loves to do, then who am I to question how he labels the package?

    Now I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be first in line to see a Floyd reunion concert. But if given the choice of a Floyd reunion concert with no new material and no concert at all but a new album (PF or DG solo), I’ll take the new album.

    And one last thing: I love Nick, but he should read the bottom of his band’s web site before letting his tongue loose. Or at least check with his bandmates first. I’m sure Rick was none too happy with having to deny a concert appearance that Nick all but promised.

  87. Rudders, you are bang on. Here we go again. I feel that if a reunion is in the works, I can only see 1 humongous show world wide. Enough said. No more.

    A many, few years ago, I met a nanny in Toronto, she was flabbergasted to hear the audience on Fearless. She stated it was Manchester. Who knows? Got to ask the band to find out, right Fed?

    [There does seem to be a lot of interest in this. What’s that they say about little things? – Features Editor]

  88. FEd,

    I was wondering whether the version of YNWA on Fearless was taken from recording later used on the LP ‘the Kop Choir’ (released 1972). If it was, then the Reds were playing either Chelsea or Bayern Munich – alternatively, maybe it was a BBC recording?

    ‘It would be so nice’ if Richard or David could spill the beans 😉

  89. Buzz words seemingly and recently prevalent in the blog seem to be “music that changed your life” and “nostalgia.” In my mind, the two go together.So what’s wrong with a Pink Floyd reunion tour to give so many people who have supported the band all of these years pleasure to,for a few hours,relive our fondest musical moments and also introduce youthful music fans to the magic of the greatest band ever.(intact)I can understand that members of the band,for whatever reason, may scoff at the concept of replaying old material over and over again,but isn’t entertaining and the purpose of it, all about the fans in the audience who have come to love you for what you have done in the past and ache to hear it all over again in all it’s glory? And of course new material would be ecstatically received but not necessary.

    This is not a lame request for a PF reunion, as David’s show at Massey Hall has brought me and my youthful son great pleasure, but is just my general concept of “nostagia” and “music that changed my life” involving any band that has done so for me.

  90. Re: Lip Syncing, Reunions, Etc.

    Roger is DEAFINITELY (Obscure DG reference) not lip-syncing on his current tour.

    Yes, it would be nice if Nick and all the rumor-mongers, would quit stirring the reunion pot. I don’t see what anyone expects to come from such an event. Live 8 was a great moment “for killing the past.” I love what David has presented over the course of the past several months. I cannot imagine Echoes (or any other PF song) being performed live and being any more magical than what I witnessed in Chicago, just because Roger was to David’s left on bass, or just because my ticket read: PINK FLOYD. Well, maybe it would be nice to share the experience with an additional 70,000 “brand-name-loving, sing-along” fans. Note to self: Put the pointy stick down, and take a deep breath…

    Likewise, I am learning to appreciate a new (for me) genre of music thanks to Roger’s Ca Ira. I will be first in line for tickets, if there is a live performance of Ca Ira within a 500 mile radius of my home.

    I will take notice of, and give credence to a Pink Floyd reunion when the people of Antarctica develop an electric generator that is powered by snow and ice. 🙂

  91. Hi Mr Fed / All,

    Haven’t had time to read all comments above, but I wanted to say a couple of things. Now I don’t like putting ‘language’ into my mails but this got my goat a bit! Also on Nightshift so feeling moody and tired!!

    I listened to the Radio 2 show with David on Friday and a couple of things struck me as odd;
    1) how come they had 2 people on a ‘music orientated’ radio show who didn’t like music. Surely if they don’t like it, f*** em!
    2) Who was that d*ck who was trying to partially blame DSOTM for encouraging drug taking. That is just annoying and ignorant!
    3) That guy Bruce who wouldn’t stop babbling on when David was on the line. Who wanted to listen to him anyway?????? I know he must have been excited but come on…..

    On the debate of PF ever touring again, I agree with Rudders, unless you have some new material – forget it. David is touring now, playing Floyd tracks (better than ever in my opinion), with Rick Wright (So that’s half of Floyd) oh, and Messrs Pratt, Carin and co (So more than half of the ‘modern’ Floyd). Roger Waters can’t sing anymore, and Nick Mason would never be missed on drums for pure playing ability anyway, that’s not to say I don’t rate him, or miss seeing him play, so what’s the difference? OK the difference is the 2 guys who had a huge impact on the band, but unless they brought out new material they wouldn’t be missed really would they, admit it!

    Anyway what I am saying is that the big difference between David Gilmour touring now, and the Floyd touring again is that DG has combined some old Floyd stuff with HIS own material, great material, which in my opinion rate very highly amongst the best Floyd material.

    I saw Floyd at Live 8 and it was magic, but for me that was the end, I never thought I would see them perform together again, and I still believe that.

    But like anyone, if they did a new album say, I’d certainly give a thumbs up to that!

    PS. Who’s that guy further up who thought Dark Side is over-rated?? Ok I’ve had my opinion and he can have his, but I’m afraid Eric that that’s just Bol***s!

  92. Anyone else feel depressed? I feel depressed.. it is totally stupid, but I do.

    Hugs, Bianca

    U got the blues Bianca yeah but you got US HERE right so dont be blue! I felt so flat last week thought I was a pancake, then someone covered me in jam and he presto I’m a scone!!! No one should ever feel stupid being depressed but hey if you know you are then you arent because real depression takes years of practice and denial. The best solution is having a good network of friends, doctors cant prescribe that in a bottle but youll know if you got them.

    Re RW well its natural to compare, bit like Sainsbury’s is better/worse than Tescos! Ill be at Hyde Park on 1st to see Lighting Seeds( nudge nudge). Maybe I will feel a bit like a vegetarian going to a meat market, ( shall I wear my David “beanie”? I will be on my own so that scares me. Yes depression comes in all forms and although I wont be depressed I will be lonely with 25,000 others, hard to believe but true. Have a fun day

    Ian Pearson

  93. Unless all four PF members really love to reunite and work on new materials, I don’t think they should just get together and tour to please the fans. Live 8 was special and they did that for a great cause. I am happy that that was their last public appeareance together and the memory of them hugging each other was very emotional to me. For now I am eagerly await the release of the Pulse DVD which may well be the last PF tour concert.

  94. Venice concert tickets arrived today. yippie!

    my post RAH depression has completely lifted and its blue blue blue skies from here on in.

    As everyone is jibber jabbering on about PF, I have a little question…

    What happened to the division bell outtakes??

    I have reason to believe that there was a load of unused material, and that it is gathering dust somewhere (astoria?). Howabout either

    a) chuck it onto the On an island DVD as a bonus.
    b) Dust down old pink?

    ok b just isn’t going to happen (I pity the fool who thinks that they are). But as TDB is right up there as my all time favourite record, if not at the top. I bet there is some seriously quality stuff just lying around!! I would love to hear it.

    Peace out sukka.

    p.s. I ain’t flyin’ in no airplane

  95. Bianca, i know what you mean, it does feel like the last day at school at the moment, i just try & do something each day that is a bit different, new.If you are still hankering after more PF stuff i think the Pulse DVD is due to be released in September.

    & of course there is the world cup, that may have made you even more depressed of course but for me its something else to occupy me.

    Mabe time for Fed (any chance Fed, to chear our Bianca up) to introduce a light hearted rainy day Blog, as its raining this morning, its still too hot(sleep inducing) in this non air conditioned office, mabe i better do some work

    ta ta for now

    chin up Bianca

    P.S The missus saw an advert for O.A.I on ITV this morning

    [Bianca, you can choose the topic of our rainy day blog if you like. Anything you like, just let me know. – Features Editor]

  96. Sorry in advance, I need to vent…

    FT quote sun 4th June –

    Gilmour’s back catalogue was the subject of the second half, which included a ponderous trio of songs from Pink Floyd’s dismal last album The Division Bell.

    Grr, that really has gotten my back up that has. Like what planet is this reviewer on?

    how many copies of TDB were sold? millions.

    how many copies of pulse were sold? millions.

    how many copies of the upcoming pulse DVD will be sold? millions.

    How many times would I like to kick that idiot reviewer’s ass? BILLIONS

    rant ends.

  97. There are a couple of things that strike me in the whole reunion discussion.

    1) David has flatly said he is not interested, although no where has there been any official statement that Pink Floyd is through. Perhaps David wants to keep open the option – probably because he feels he’s earned it. Let’s face it, he did lead the band in the post-Roger era and even though I do not think the music is as good, he pulled it off.

    2) Nick and Rick, of the four, probably need the money the most and see one final tour as a cash cow that is a little too irresistable to pass on. But Roger and David have enjoyed far too much autonomy since 87 to start over again together – one can’t drive backwards, can one? David got a taste of Roger during the Live 8 rehearsals and it made him very uncomfortable, depsite Rog holding back and trying to be accomodating, the tension was still there.

    If it happens it will be the greatest money grab in the history of Rock. I say we let sleeping dogs lay undisturbed and stop fanning the flames. What the four of them created together is magic – pure magic, but that is over. At least we have them in our midst still working and creating and that is something to be grateful for. After all, they are in their sixties!

  98. Bianca,

    how about get out of depression?

    Hmmm, let me think a few possibilities

    – put OAI at high volume as Andrew said and add a pot (a joint, or however else you call it, una canna). you will float…..

    – Come to the concert in Firenze with me. Both David Gilmour and me will be a delightful experience.

    – Go to your pc and prepare the Floyd & Gilmour best of the best, mixing up tracks or pieces of them. Create a nice cover. put it on the stereo and listen. Light another joint. Repeat the process (another compilation , and “let’s roll another one”).

    – Take your collection of PF and DG cd’s or vinils. Take away dust from them, put them close in chronological order. then make a mess, take them out. put on the floor all together, look at them, get physical contact with them. Still another joint.

    – Wait for 10 july and buy THAT DVD (cannot say more). dim the lights, light a pot and enjoy.

    – Begin to be a completist buying ALL PF discography, rebuy new releases of old records. collect posters, items of any kind. smoke another joint.

    After this you will be very depressed as all your grass is finished….at least you enjoyed it!!!!!.

    Ah, to be politically correct “I don’t agree with the opinions expressed above and I am not trying to invite anyone to use drugs. All of the above is personal opinion of my distorted mind which no more is contact with me, which I am not risponsible for.”

    “…..On the wall hung a tall mirror
    Distorted view, see through baby blue…..”


  99. Hey Bianca, I know exactly what you mean. Its now 2 weeks since I saw DG and I yearn every second for more. I found a way to lessen the pain though.

    I created a playlist on my pc that mimics exactly the set list of the 30th at RAH, where possible I have used live recordings and then loaded this onto CD. I have found this a great way to re-live the concert and I hope this will see me through until the DVD is released (fat old sun sounds a bit lame without that amazing guitar break though, and I’m happy to have the original of great gig cause Mica didn’t cut it for me). And lets not forget the Pulse DVD has just finally been released.

    Should be plenty to quash any suicidal tendencies for now (although I recommend you should avoid listening to the wall at all costs ;-).

  100. [I would rather eat worms than support United, Tim. Fat, muddy ones at that. – Features Editor]

    Another recipe suggestion for Lucia’s pasta party…

  101. Hello again FedMeister, fellow bloggers,

    Ronny, a colleague of mine was so kind to just hand me over a review of the RAH shows as published by “Humo”, issue nr 3431, a popular weekly magazine here in Belgium.

    From what I read, the review appears to be a copy/paste issue though. They managed to get the dates wrong (30, 31/05 and 01/06) and Phil Manzanera is said to be an ‘unannounced special guest’. Someone at Humo hasn’t been doing his homework… I’ll send them a little letter about that.

    I found no reference to the article on their website, but my search was only superficial. I’ll dig a little deeper at home tonight. I do have a scanned copy which I would happily send you if you like.

    Best regards,

    [Thank you very much, Ralph. We always welcome press from around the world. I’ve just sent you an e-mail with details of how you can send this review to us if you’d be so kind. I’m sure that everyone would like to see it. – Features Editor]

  102. This is really wierd, i had a copy of The Division Bell on cassette when it came out & on saturday decided to finally replace it with a CD, now all this talk of the Division Bell…..Its still a great listen in my eyes(eh?) ears maybe.

  103. To those people who think that Roger is not lip-syncing, all I would say is check out some of the reviews on other fan sites.

  104. Dear Fed,

    [Ikkar, qui a dit ” tout passe, tout lasse, hors le souvenir” ? Michèle]

    Je ne sais pas/plus. But there is a sentence of Chateaubriand, in a letter :

    “Je ne sais rien de ma destinée […] Je renonce à tout, hors à quelques souvenirs”.

    Ne surtout pas renoncer aux souvenirs laissés par David ou PF…c’est la seule chose vraie en ce bas monde.

    Ikkar, with love

  105. [I would rather eat worms than support United, Tim. Fat, muddy ones at that. – Features Editor]

    [chants mantra…must not respond… must not respond ;-)]

    Bianca, to help you out of your “funk”, how about exploring some of the up-and-coming bands in your area?

    PF and David have influenced a lot of musicians, maybe there is some new young blood out there that you will discover and can get into, who are the “next PF” (if such a thing can exist.)

    Or else, try putting on some PF/DG records that you don’t normally play and rediscovering them – that’s always good. You suddenly find yourself thinking “wow, I haven’t heard this in ages…” and you’ll feel a little better.


  106. Bianca,

    I know exactly how you feel. I guess we all deal with that ‘David Gilmour Withdrawl’ in different ways. I actually have had to STOP playing OAI all the time and reading the blog at EVERY second because I kept feeling this sense of loss that this wonderful ride was over. I missed the buzz of meeting fellow bloggers too, and coming here to the Blog kept knawing at that ache believe it or not…

    I recently have started playing OAI and Floyd a little bit more as it gets me through difficult times at work (which has also helped to distract me). I was going to buy RW tickets weeks ago, but I can’t bring myself to do that either because David is a tough act to follow…

    This post-OAI Tour thing is weird, isn’t it?

    Every person is different, but sometimes a little space gives one a chance to ‘re-boot the hard drive’ so to speak. What I have also done is play guitar and piano a lot more. I play whatever moves the spirit and work on my guitar technique (“still far to go” with that by the way).

    I’ve also bought a couple of photo albums and am putting together scrap books with pictures, ticket stubs, and other tidbits of my journey over that one unforgettable month (I’ll get you pictures soon, Gabrielle).

    I hope our David Gilmour doesn’t wait another decade before he tour’s again because that would really be a bummer, though honestly I appreciate that he doesn’t owe us anything…. I think that this has been one of the most unique fan-artist experiences ever. It’s not exactly a “Dead-Head” sort of thing, but it is a fabulously intimate environment between David and Polly, the band, and us across thousands of miles.

    If it happens again, I’ll be taking the time to plan better and save up the cash to travel around again, and the next time I’ll be crossing the Atlantic!!! In the meantime, I’ll buy my DVD when the time comes and reminisce about the first five months of 2006 when my world revolved around his music, this Blog, and all the wonderful people I’ve met electronically and face to face….

    Feel better, Bianca. It will pass in time…

    [Bless you, Angelo. That’s really sweet. – Features Editor]

  107. Two comments.

    I finally ordered a copy of the Smile clear vinyl single from a U.K. record shop. Can’t wait to get it, only because of the cover which I think is so neat.

    Second to Veronica, yes. Last week there was a cat who chased a bear up a tree. There was a picture in the paper showing the bear up in the tree and the cat sitting below. The amazing thing is that this didn’t happen once – it happened TWICE. See, there is some credibility to the David and Goliath story.



  108. About the Italy Dates,

    I have fond memories of Firenze and Venezia. We went to both cities for our Honeymoon in 1994 and visited Florence again (same hotel and room)in 2000 on our three week excursion through Europe before we started trying to have children (our last ‘Hurrah’, so to speak).

    Our balcony in Firenze was face-to-face with Santa Croce and a block or so removed from it so we would wake up and go to sleep looking straight at that wonderful structure everyday. August 2, 2006 will be exactly 12 years and one day since we first set foot in Firenze. I’ll never forget our first night there waking up from an afternoon jet-lag nap looking for somewhere to eat and passing some lady yelling at her five dogs…. “Bastardo!!!” That was funny!

    The temptation to go back to see David in the piazza there is strong, but I’ve pretty much exhausted our resources at this point. One day we’ll go back….

    Have a great time all of you going there. The piazza, from my memory, is much smaller that San Marco so it should be a nice intimate gathering….

    Are they suspending the Santa Croce bell tolling for the concert, or is David going to incorporate it into High Hopes at the right time? That would be deep….

  109. Is David Hooks really Roger Mellie “The Man on the Telly”?

    Such wonderful expressions David used although I missed Roger’s catchphrase “Hello good evening and b*llocks”

    David… I’m only teasing … your post was amusing 🙂

  110. [Michael, I was reading about something that happened in New Jersey over the weekend. A pet cat chased a black bear up a tree and wouldn’t let it come down. It only did so when the cat’s owner made in go indoors, did you hear about that?]


    No, I did not hear about that one, LOL! There have been lots of black bear stories in NJ over the last several years as these wonderful animals have made a comeback in the most densely populated American State.

    I have one of my own. About 5 years ago my wife and I were hiking with our dogs near the Appalachian Trail. My wife stopped and yelled, “bear!”, and I of course paid little attention. That is because I thought she yelled “Bear”, which is the name of our recently departed Chow/German Shepard mix (sniff, sniff truly the best dog in the world).

    Beth continued to yell while pointing up a tree, which was escaping our to dogs who were now leaping and barking. I saw the bear and said, “that is a cub!”, we need to get out before mom shows up! While calling off the dogs Mom did show up and she was coming after the dogs who were presently running by me!!! Yikes!

    Now every nature show I’ve ever watched says do not run from a bear, lay down and play dead. Forget that, I put it in high gear and tried to catch up to the dogs (who had forsaken me by this time, mans best friend, hmpfff!) I could hear the beast snarling as it was crashing through the underbrush. Luckily she stopped after I ran about a 100 meters or so. Probably I was far enough from the cub at this point, she decided to go back after it.

    As for that cat, it must have had a serious attitude to tree a bear!

    Thanks for the laugh,

  111. Pink Floyd Reunion, Which One’s Pink, Nick says…Roger says….David says…. Rick minds his own.

    Sounds like a bunch of headlines from the Globe, doesn’t it?

    My opinions:

    If PF got together for a tour, I would be the first in line. However, at this point I don’t expect it and I certainly won’t fuel the fire. My God, it’s been forty years. Who can blame any of one of them if they prefer to leave it behind.

    Roger Waters. I’m rather sick of the bashing he gets here. I may have contributed to it a bit. The truth is Roger Waters is not a “natural” musician and never has been. He cannot sing without an in-ear monitor because he has great difficulty keeping tune. He does not have the brilliant gift of intonation that David has, and never will. That does nothing to diminish his enormous creative talents and his prolific ability to spew forth thought provoking ideas.

    I have, and will support Rogers solo efforts. Even so I have always found his live performances of Floyd material to be lacking. That is because Gilmour is irreplaceable. Anyone can play Rogers bass lines. Nobody on God’s little Green Earth can play David’s guitar lines. Sure, many people can note-for-note Davids solos, but nobody can emote them the way he does. As for Roger’s attitude over the years, it’s made me sick and tired and I really have a hard time identifying with his miserable bleeding heart routine. But I respect him nonetheless.

    Nick: I like Nick Mason as a human being. He can say whatever he pleases. Let’s not forget it was Nick’s partnership with David that fought of Rogers attempt to napalm the whole of Pink Floyd. That cooperation brought us MLOR/DB and two wonderful world tours to bask in. I was HUGELY grateful for those opportunities (as were the likes of Guy Pratt and John Carin I’m sure)!!! If he desires to get the band back together, big of him. I’m sure David can deal with that without we bloggers coming to his defense!

    Richard Wright: His musicality along with Gilmour makes up 80% of the “Pink Floyd Sound” IMO. Those two on stage ARE the heart and soul of Pink Floyd. I think Richard would agree!!

    David: I missed your American Tour. PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  112. [No disrespect to Mason but we all know that he’s not getting anwhere without the other guys. So at least let’s let him dream, and we can all nod our heads and move on with our lives.]

    Sorry but I have to disagree and would have to say that if you meant gain as a financial need then Nick would probably need it least of all four members.


  113. F’Ed/all,

    For your viewing pleasure. There is a link today at titled “10 pound cat chases big bear up tree”. There is footage of the bear in the tree with an orange tabby at the base, hysterical!!

    Thanks for the tip, Veronica!


    [Unbelievable, isn’t it? Thanks for the link. – Features Editor]

  114. Happy Tuesday,

    Ripper: not a critisism, just a comment.

    It does not matter a jot how many records are sold. What matters is that you enjoy them. Understand your frustration but I can equally enjoy, for example, an album by Coventry band ‘Indian Summer’ from 1971 that sold in tens as much as any album that sold millions. As Roger Waters ?? said in the Pompeii film ‘so long as it moves you’

    Pete – Coventry

  115. Bianca, Angelo and the others who wrote about the post tour depression. Thanks for sharing that, I certainly thought I was the only one. I felt quite silly for being depressed after having such an exhilirating few months leading up to the tour, and an epic show to see. It was amazing to me how depression set in the morning after the concert, when I realized it was over (for now…) I am glad to hear that I’m not alone…

    That being said, I can’t stop listening to my OAI cd at least once a day…it helps:) Can’t wait for the DVD though.


  116. Hi F.Ed,

    In regards to the whole discusion on a PF reunion of any sorts, I just read some quotes in a publication called Tech Magazine that may put things in perspective;

    “Who in their right mind would ever need more than 640k of RAM?”- Bill Gates, 1981

    “I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers”- Thomas Watson, cahirman of IBM, 1943

    “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home”- Ken Olson, President, chairman, and founder of Digital Equipment Corp, 1977

    “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is of inherently no value to us.” Western Union internal memo, 1876

    “We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.”- Decca Recording Co., rejecting the Beatles, 1962

    “Drill for oil? You mean drill into the ground to try to find oil? You’re crazy.”- Drillers who Edwin L. Drake tried to enlist to his project to drill for oil in 1859

    These examples, besides being great for a chuckle, just go to show that we can’t know for sure what is in the future. it’s useless to get all worked up over what’s said today, because it just very well may change tomorow. it’s not worth bickering about.

    Anyways, have a good day all,


  117. I thought I’d comment about the post-concert blues that Bianca and others are having (including myself). The idea of making a CD with the concert setlist is a great idea, I’ve done it.
    I have also been watching the DVD David has already given us, as well as, Live 8 and countless other clips and bits of PF that I’ve collected. This has helped . . .some. It’s like Fed said though . . When you are looking forward to something for so long, you are bound to feel the blues once it’s passed.

    If PF does tour again, I hope they give us a couple years notice. I’ll need sometime to save. Do you know how much those tickets would cost?! Do you know how fast they’d go?! Hell, I saw tickets for Roger’s show, for LAWN seats, going for $100 a pair . .FOR LAWN SEATS!! Ridiculous! How else do you think those promoters offered such a HUGE payday for a PF tour after Live 8? That money isn’t coming out of their pockets, let me assure you.

    I’d rather just go see David and whomever he decides to bring along. After all, David (and his people) take good care of us. Wouldn’t you say so guys? =)

    Nowhere to choose
    Just blue . . .


  118. PS – Fed, you keep saying pictures are coming . .they might help our blues.

    [I know, I know… I’ll let the webmasters know. – Features Editor]

  119. [Let’s not forget it was Nick’s partnership with David that fought of Rogers attempt to napalm the whole of Pink Floyd. That cooperation brought us MLOR/DB and two wonderful world tours to bask in. I was HUGELY grateful for those opportunities (as were the likes of Guy Pratt and John Carin I’m sure)!!!]

    I agree completely. Nick and David put their financial future on the line for the MLoR tour. They personally underwrote the tour and risked losing everything if Roger won the pending lawsuit to cancel the tour.

    One of my favorite PF memories is the flashing drum sticks Nick played during the intro to Time on the MLoR tour. I thought both Nick and Rick were fantastic on that tour.

    One thing to remember about Nick’s playing: some of the best jazz drummers are very loose with the time and intentially play behind beat. I think Nick’s loose style is one of the improvisational elements that defined the Floyd sound. His playing on Pompeii is exceptional.

    I do, however, feel his comparison of the David of today with the Roger of ’86 was unfortunate. There’s a big difference between making a personal decision not to continue and actively sabotaging the careers of your former bandmates.

    I heard one interesting quote of Roger’s recently. He was in an interview for Ca Ira on NPR in the states and the subject of the Floyd breakup acrimony came up. Roger cited some recent psycological studies that found that people can unknowingly invent memories to support their viewpoints. He then went on to concede that it was likely that his recollections of how things went during the final stages of Floyd were suspect. I was completely shocked by this admission and I thought it was the most mature thing I ever heard him say.

    For myself, I’m perfectly happy seeing David play in whatever lineup, setlist or venue that gives him pleasure. If that’s PF, the David Gilmour band or backing up an old friend for a few shows, give me enough notice to sort the plane fare and I’ll be there.

  120. [Is David Hooks really Roger Mellie “The Man on the Telly”?]

    Dear Rudders, ‘Him’ I can assure you I am not. But I am getting more frustrated by things like that. Must come with getting old, although I’m no old ‘fogey’ yet! lol

    Glad you found the post amusing, I wouldn’t want to sound like some sort of preacher, there’s enough of them in the world as it is…

    [Dave, I have to say that I was waiting for someone to suggest that you could be the mysterious Features Editor. You’re in good company, mate. Come and have a rant here anytime. It’s good for you. – Features Editor]

  121. Being here at work I generally manage to skim just a handful of posts to get a feel for what’s going on, so forgive me if I get a bit redundant.

    First, a hearty congratulations to you David on the very well-deserved Lifetime Achievement award from MOJO. If there were any doubters out there, a single night experiencing one of your incredible shows would have shown them why. Truly.

    Second, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is a “track”?? Ok. I guess if you take into account that every song flows together seamlessly it’s a “track”! I’ll jump on board with that one.

    Finally, I see that several people are speculating over the return of Floyd. Personally speaking, I think David’s made it clear that right now he has not a single drop of desire to go there. I say “right now” because you never know how things will change. After all, with all the interviews over the years where Roger claimed he would never work with the other three, you’d never have guessed that WATERS would be the one to proclaim a desire to get the band back on the road or into the studio! So…likely? No. Definitely not right now. Possible? Always. And if it never happens, well hopefully that just means a lot more solo albums and tours to come. Enjoy what is, not what was or might be…

  122. [I do, however, feel (Nick’s) comparison of the David of today with the Roger of ’86 was unfortunate. There’s a big difference between making a personal decision not to continue and actively sabotaging the careers of your former bandmates]

    I have not seen or heard this quote from Mason, nor the context it was made. I am willing to give Nick the benefit of the doubt that it was said somewhat tounge-in-cheek and meant to give David a little prod. He was too personally involved with Roger’s attacks to really believe that. If not, he’s made good on the promise to Syd to “…be joining you there”. Do we call him “Crazy Emerald”? He strikes me as someone from Oz….


  123. Very interesting blog… too many things to discuss…

    Fed… isn’t that a picture of Arnold Layne??? I’m pretty sure about it… that Telecaster was only brought once on stage!!! Can you confirm this?!

    Regarding DSOFTM… obviously congrats to PF and specially to David… I can’t explain what I feel when listening or playing DSOFTM’s tunes… it’s something else… I love TIME… it’s a song that really moves me emotionally…

    About the post OAI’s tour depression… I totally agree… however; I think… for me it got into something very different… I began listening more to music… and trying to write some of my own… which is turning to be pretty fun… I’m no David Gilmour, I’ll never dream I’ll be like him… but what the hell? Music is to enjoy it yourself… So my OAI depression was solved by playing and listening… and now my soul is not so hungry…

    PF to tour again… well… it’s a very nice hope we have… It would be a dream come true… but as many have said… OAI and David live… it is much more than what I could ask for… I’m very happy to have attended the Kodak’s concert… I loved it… and for me… it was like seeing PF live… because… to ME… David is the Floyd… that’s me again.

    Did any of you see Mexico’s match @ the world cup? 3-1 to Iran… I must say… it wasn’t such a good game… but the day was saved with goals… weird though!

    Michèle ça c’est un plaisir de te lire et partager ma pensé avec toi et mes amis au blog!

    Shine on mes amis!

    [I should think that it is a snap of David and Richard performing ‘Arnold Layne’, Jorge. – Features Editor]

  124. I must say, I feel for all of you that are depressed. I have to add that for me it was the total opposite effect.

    Yes, I would love to see David again. But I did get to see him play this year and after that experience it actually envigorated me to delve back into his work. This tour allowed me to see and hear him in a different way. Much more intimate, much closer and without all the stage effects that typically come with a PF tour.

    Yes there was the light show but there is some kind of light show at whatever rock concert you go to. There were no crashing planes or beds, no video screens with animation or clips, no flying pigs, no fireworks. It was awesome to just see him play with some lights for effect.

    Being a guitar player myself, I would love to have been 10 feet away watching him at his craft. But even where I was sitting it was awesome. And to me it seemed that he really enjoyed himself and liked sharing his talent with us.

    Yes, it’s a sad thing that the U.S. and U.K. legs of the tour are over and that there are only few European dates left to perform. But I am happy that there are some more people who will get to enjoy his performance. And I’m fine with just reliving the experience in my mind. I still get chills when I listen to Echoes.

    And I have to say that this Blog is great as well. It is fun to have this interaction on a regular basis. AND I think that when this Blog ends, then there will some major depression out there for many. Let’s hope it doesn’t.

    Thanks for the forum.


  125. Hi again bloggers,

    PF reunion or no PF reunion? I’m one of those who doesn’t care, because when I need to hear PF I simply slide a cd in, and there I go. Personally I have no desire to spend however many dollars to hear a “nostalgia” tour. It could never live up to peoples’ expectations anyway. The boys are older, they’ve moved on and left us all with some of the best music ever created. Its over. All things must come to an end, and PF’s time is done.

    Love to all,

  126. Hi FEd and ‘Irregulars’,

    Did I actually read that right? Eric thinks DSOTM is one of the most overrated albums ever? That must be why it was on the charts for, oh 14 years!! Overrated … I don’t think so!!

    Hey Angelo — thanks, I’m looking forward to photos! They’ll give me the opportunity to ‘remember a day’ (one of my favorite songs) and take away a little of the post-partum (tour) blues (tell Tom Cruise scientology won’t help either — I’ll stick with my tapes of Delicate Sound of Thunder and PULSE for my spiritual fix).

    Best to you all.

    Washington State

  127. Hey everyone, thank you so much for all your nice words to get me out of my depression. That was all so sweet. I had no time to post this afternoon, but I did read your posts and it made my day today a lot better than yesterday already.

    FEd I think you are right about dreams being cruel and that I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. But I am not done with this though..

    I do not think I still have the money to go to Florence or Venice. But even if I had, I am not sure that would be a good idea. I loved the shows I saw so far. But it should not become an obsession or addiction and I would also think the impact of the shows would become less and less, if you know what I mean. If I saw too many I would not enjoy them that much anymore.

    I can find myself most in Angelo’s and Vicky’s ideas. What works for me sometimes is to take some distance. I decided to NOT listen to PF or DG, but instead I threw the latest Pearl Jam in the player, since it will be the first time in 6 years I will see them live again in 2 1/2 months from now.

    I wasn’t surprised about this little post-tour depression. They are normal for me after any experience that was very intense and/or emotional, so it was expected. It is the main reason why I could never be a musician on a world tour myself. The aftermath would just kill me.

    FEd, I am still too desperate for rain to think of a rainy day blog topic yet (it is still over 30 C here and my airco just broke down.. aaaargh), but I will give it some thought. Thank you for the offer.

    Sweaty hugs (sorry), Bianca

    [No problem, mate. Take it easy. – Features Editor]

  128. Well there sure are a lot of different views on this blog, That’s OK.

    For myself Anytime there is a chance to see my 4 heroes live, either together or solo I jump on it. I only wish I could have been old enough to see them live during the seventies. There probably isn’t going to be too many more tours, but hopefully some. Though I would love a PF album and tour, I realise that a good cause will be about the only way. I’m hopeful in the fact that most, if not all members of PF have basically said never say never.

    Nick’s drums are the drums of PF. Nobody else sounds like him. (Andy Newmark sounds pretty good on OAI though)

    Richard’s piano and Hammond organ sound flows so rich that I can never get enough.

    Roger’s lyrics and his ability to compose good sounding music always mean pure listening enjoyment.

    As for Mr. Gilmour, the way he speaks to you through his guitar, and the sound of his voice, have an uplifting feeling to any person suffering from depression. He truly is one of the best musicians of all time.

    I agree with the comments above from Tim C., we could use a little less Roger bashing. Everybody makes mistakes in life and I’m sure Roger is sorry for the ones he made with the rest of the band. He did say he was acting childish in an interview I read.

    Whether it’s PF or solo, please continue to make music guys. You are all incredibly talanted and we all love your music. OAI is wonderful.

    Piergiorgio, fuma un altro!!!

    Good day to all.


  129. Amedeo

    If you think this is Roger bashing, it is nothing compared to the things that are said about David on other sites. The language is absolutely disgusting!

  130. Lesley

    I do not like to see David or any other Floyd member bashed, and if I were to read anything of the sort, I would write the same on those sites.

    Also I don’t agree with the things Roger said or did that contributed to the falling out, however I believe there was a good friendship at one time, and if there is any possibility for the past actions to be forgiven, then I’m all for that.

    Always remember; There is no dark side of the moon really, matter of fact it’s all dark. The only thing that makes the light is the sun.


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