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Steve DiStanislao was extremely flattered by your recent posts, so how about letting Jon Carin know that his contribution to David’s ‘On An Island’ tour was also greatly appreciated?

Not only has Jon worked with David on this solo project, he has also toured the world twice with Pink Floyd and been a regular studio collaborator since meeting David at Live Aid in 1985.

Blog regular Jon Egia goes so far as to say that, if there is such a person, Jon is the sixth Floyd.

Let us know what you think about that.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Makes Perfect Sense – – he’s on tour with Roger at the moment as well. He’s the common element or bridge if you like, between the two bands. Quite a utility man!

  2. Obviously, Jon is a great musician. I feel he has learnt an awful lot about Floyd music from David. I feel slightly uneasy about the fact he is playing (and has played) with Roger. Jon has taken all the knowledge he has learnt from David, and Roger is benefiting from it, so I feel rather mixed about the situation. Sorry.

  3. Obviously Jon’s expereince and talent are well regarded in PF circles. Jon I have seen you a number of times, and I have very much appreciated every one. Thank you for all the contributions you have given. It has made a difference to all of us.

    I want to know how Jon compares his experience in David’s band to his experience in Water’s band. That would be very interesting to hear about. . .

  4. Hi all,

    What really impressed me about Jon was the range of his talent – vocals, guitar, slide, keys and probably more that I didn’t pick up on. I found myself on several occasions looking around the stage to pick up on who was playing the part that I was listening to, and on so many occasions it was Jon.

    I hope it’s fair to say that his contribution wasn’t as immediately obvious as say David or Steve, but absolutely critical nonetheless – for me he seemed like the glue that held everything together (along with Phil as co-anchorman). As I said, once I noticed his contribution to the overall sound I heard it everywhere. Thanks very much Jon! 🙂

    In other news – am thrilled that David’s first solo album has been remastered and is due for rerelease shortly. I hope that in light of OAI and the Pulse DVD releases that more people pick up and listen to the eponymous album. Favourite tracks are Mihalis, There’s No Way Out of Here and No Way. When it appears if you’ve not listened to it, give it a spin… some real gems in there.


  5. Jon is like a great utility player on a baseball team. Put him in any position and he’ll do a great job. He sings, he plays keys, he plays guitar, he’ll even dance and juggle flying pigs if he’s asked to. And he does it all as well any other great musician would, and he does it with professionalism. If there’s one person in this world I am truly jealous of, it’s Jon. How many other Americans wouldn’t want bestowed on them the unofficial title of “The Sixth Floyd”? But of course he’s earned that title.

  6. he´s a damn good musician!!!and he is part of the floyd…i saw him playing with roger waters in lisbon this month(rock in rio 2006) and he was great…specially singing us&them..great choice and great voice…keep going,you rock!!!

  7. Photo Caption: Wondering about the future, Jon goes to his Ouija for a read. . .

  8. Jon definitly is the 6th Floyd ! He’s the most dedicated to the great Floyd legacy. The way he worked on the Momentary Lapse tour – and I bet to the Roger Waters tour – by listening back carefully to each gig to spot any flaw and do what was needed to correct it, to make the experience on par with the Floyd legend, files him amongts the most important collaborators the Floyd ever has.

    On this tour, he continues to shine when he widens the sound experience. Just listen to the way he incorporates bits of music from deleted parts of Shine On to parts that are played, that’s pure musician pleasure.

  9. Jon Carin knows Pink Floyd.

    I mean, he understands how the Floyd “breathe”, he knows how to glorify their songs. It is a very important musician, in the Floyd history, and it was great to see (and hear) him on the On an Island tour. Beautifull voice, hudge keyboard player… and great slide player (that, I didn’t know…).

    Congratulations for his whole career !

  10. Happy Tuesday,

    Jon’s musicianship is obviously outstanding, his contributions are obvious and he appears to be a really decent bloke but (and I am going to get a beating here) classing him as the 6th member of Pink Floyd is a bit strong.

    Apologies in advance for any upsets.

    Pete – Coventry

  11. Recently I picked up a tribute CD Roger Daltrey tributes the music of Pete Townsend. Low and behold, Jon Carin was part of that performance as well. I since learned that Jon has worked not only with PF, David and Roger but also with The Who. And I believe his meeting at Live Aid was when he was playing with Brian Ferry and David performed with him as well.

    I also understand that Jon at one time had his own band, Industry. Anyone ever hear that recording?? Any comments on that??

    In any case, Jon is a greatly talented musician and it is wonderful that he doesn’t play favorites in the PF divorce.

    Thanks Jon for your efforts.


  12. A truly remarkable musician who is obviously having a very busy year!

    Good luck with the rest of the tour!



  13. Jon Carin – He is an amazing talent! Seen him on numerous occasions since AMLOR Tour. Lets not forget he was behind Richard for Live 8. Very impressed with his abilities on slide as well as keyboards. He just completes the sound. It says a lot about his personality being able to play with both David and Rogers bands. I am a little uncomfortable about him playing with Roger but the man deserves to make a living. So keep up the fantastic work with both fantastic artists!

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

  14. [and great slide player (that, I didn’t know…). – Posted by: Frederic at June 27, 2006 03:57 PM]

    i didn’t know that either. i was really impressed with jon when i saw him in london. he seems like a really modest man, too. thanks for the part you’ve played, jon.

    and late congrats to colin on winning the competition. have a great time at the dvd screening and let us know how it goes.

  15. I got to first see John on the last other guy tour in 2002 and was very impressed by his ability to play the slide and he was tremendous playing “Dogs”. Jon was even better with “On an Island” tour and truly is an integral part of keeping Floyd’s music going. He is a key piece for those of us who did not get to see the original band years ago and helps us get to see the people we revel. He makes it possible to see pieces of Floyd but hear the music in a way that would have been identical to PF’s presentation. I for one was giving him a standing ovation when he was introduced at Radio City.

    Keep the music playing…
    Matt in Maine

  16. Hello feature editors and bloggers alike. First I want to say that Jon Carin is the 6th Pink Floyd and his talents are beyond description. He is greatly appreciated as a fine artist both with the on an island cd and tour and with David’s solo projects. Your the best Jon!

    A quick mention since i have been reading these blogs since the date it started I want to give my hats off to ” Lucia”. You are quite famous and you are addressed by many fellow bloggers along with the feature editors.

    Another note I would like to make is I too collect all the entries that I have posted to this site. Under ‘comfort foods’ I could not help but notice that my entry is indeed in there or at least one quarter of it and there is a note from the ” feature editor” stating,” Credits to Chris McKay he’s the mad one, not me. I just step out of the way and let the lunatics wear themselves out.”

    Surely you are not referring to me as a ” lunatic” are you? This really hurt my feelings and i am not sure how to react to that comment from the feature editors of the site that i admire so much. Since it is written in my entry i do deserve some explanation to this comment. Surely David and Polly would not tolerate any such condescending or cruelty to their fans now.

    Lucia keep on writing you are definetly appreciated on this site. With sincere admiration and a little envy. Keep up the great work Lucia.

    Mr. Jon Carin keep that beautiful smile.



    [With the greatest respect, I can edit whatever I want. If I feel that something is inappropriate, then I will edit it. I also decide who “deserves” an explanation for my actions. There is only one blog editor and there only ever has been. I have made similar remarks since Day One and hope by now that anyone who considers themselves a regular – as you say, you have been reading since the blog began – will realise that my comments are an attempt at dry humour and are certainly not intended to be condescending or cruel. I am sorry that you have been offended, but please understand that there are very clear rules and if you breach them, you can find that your comments have either been edited or deleted entirely. This is my right as editor and, frankly, I have enough faith in my professional judgment to publicly address anyone who wishes to question it. – Features Editor]

  17. Jon Carin,

    You are a very gifted musician. I don’t think I have heard anything you have done that wasn’t very good. You have earned the “Sixth Floyd” title. The ultimate testimony of your musicianship has to be the fact that both David and Roger have utilized your talents extensively.

    On the subject of Jon playing with Roger’s band, why shouldn’t he? He knows the songs, he is versatile, and this year he is working his tail off for both of them.

    Good luck on the remaining tour schedule, Jon.


  18. I have always felt Jon was a world class multi intrumentalist. Definetly a valuable asset and touring arsenal not only for Gilmour/Floyd but for any touring outfit or in the studio.

    I don’t know Jon but I have discernment for great talent.

  19. Yes I remember I saw Jon the first time in 1988 in the Momentary Lapse Of Reason tour.

    He contributed much to the PF resurrection at that time, and is continuing to do a great job.

    I think he’s extremely talented switching from an instrument to the other rightaway, like few others can do.

  20. Since the mid-80s I believe it’s fair to refer to Jon Carin as the 6th Floyd member.

    He contributed to writing the single, “Learning to Fly” and belted out the ending lyrics to “Hey You” (sounding better than Mr. Waters) on the Division Bell Tour.

    Prior to the mid-80s, there was no need for a 6th Floyd member. But then again, take a look at the number of musicians, producers, and engineers the Floyd consistently worked with: Bob Ezrin, Andy Jackson, Michael Kamen.

    I don’t know if my rambling made sense or what point I was setting out to say…


  21. Jon is extremly talented and a very lucky person he is very mult-talented and is pretty much a member of Floyd as he has lets not forget played with both Roger and David numerous times.
    Also i have spoke to him twice and both times he a really nice person and has time for the fans.

    I would like to hear Jon sing on a one of Davids songs before the tour ends and considering both Roger and David respect him alot by using him in their tours shows he one of the best musicans around to be playing with Roger one day and David the next cant get much better if your a Floyd fan like Jon Carin is.

    Take care folks hope you leave a comment Jon.

    aaron burrows (slough)

  22. I like his style (the hair and that waistcoat in particular) on the Pulse video – very cool and very 90s!!!

    As for his talent, there’s nothing more to say on that, he’s a genius, both with Pink Floyd post-Waters and solo Roger (just watch Roger’s In The Flesh DVD if you are uncertain, Jon’s vocals on “Dogs” and his contribution on Keyboards are awesome).

    Also don’t forget that many of the people who worked with David go on to work with Roger and vice-versa: Tim Renwick; Bob Ezrin; Snowy White (I think he worked with Rick at first, correct me if i’m wrong); Michael Kamen and of course the genius that is James Guthrie. I think it just shows how talented these people are and how much they contribute to “the Pink Floyd sound”, without them I’m sure things would not be as great.

    Anyhoos, that’s all for today.

    x x x

  23. His face while playing the slide in countless Gilmour and Floyd songs, or the one when singing the very first words of Dogs in Roger’s ITF, tells everything about Jon. Devotion for what he is doing might be a way of explaining such phenomena. Isn’t it true? he feels every word and every note he plays, and we can feel he feels, for sure.

    His voice is often to be found in a second layer of live and studio songs, and this makes his aportation somewhat obscured. Some other times he’s deliberately shadowed(live8, or am i wrong, anyone?). Rather nicely, he has been ever present in David’s shows.

    Jon: I have seen you in the RAH and in Berlin not long ago,and i must admit that my impressions about you grew even further. You’re such a great artist, and please, make everything you can to bridge the relationship between Pink and Floyd.

    Just a couple more things:

    – I proudly share my name with you
    – Do you feel the same extasy while making the ironing at home? it should be similar to the lap steel! 😉

  24. I really enjoyed Jon performance on this tour. Is there anything that man can’t play?! He is a true talent.

    As far as people being upset with him playing with Roger . . I think he sees that David and Roger are different and they brought different things to Floyd, and appreciates them both.

    He should be our fill-in for the Barn Band . .since he can play just about anything we would need.

    I must admit, since being on this blog I have started to enjoy socc . . . (sorry Guy) I mean football =) I made it through a whole game the other day. I have a newfound appreciation for the sport . . it’s growing on me. It will never replace American football for me though, if you can’t tackle people, what’s the point? =)


  25. Jon Carin is like Deco in the Football Portuguese Team. He is the fifth key to the Pink Floyd sound 🙂

    Thank you Jon

  26. Jon’s awesome. Someone above mentioned his slide playing and I couldn’t agree more. It’s great to have someone in the band that is not only a fine musician and vocalist but one who can grasp the feel of the music. That’s why he works so well in the band.

    I’ve had the pleasure to meet him a few times as well, and he is a delightful guy, really nice to talk to. He has an album out now, you know… it is under Ruchard Butler’s name but it is as much a Jon Carin solo album as it is a Butler album. He produced it, played on it, co-wrote it…It’s a deep album that pulls you in from the first track. Once it is on you are drawn to it – brilliant record that the more I play the more I love. Check it out. You will not be sorry.

    Someone above also mentioned the reissue of the 1st David Gilmour album and how much of a great record that was. I have to also state that it is also one of my favorite albums of all time. I never tire of it. For anyone that feels this way, and in particular loved the single, “There’s No Way Out of Here” you should do yourself a favor and check out the band Unicorn that David Gilmour produced and played steel with in the mid 70s. That song originally appeared on their album called “Too Many Crooks” (it was called “Unicorn 2” in the USA). That album is a 5 star record.

  27. Jon is great, Jon is cool, Jon is cooler than an ice filled swimming pool.

    He plays the keys, he sings a bit too, and when he’s not with David he’s go Roger to do.

    Oh Yeahhh

    As you can see my career as a song writer hasn’t taken off I don’t know why?.

    Come on you lottery numbers!

    You have been great from the moment you joined all the best Jon :o)


  28. hI fED AND all

    its my pleasure to put a few lines down about the man that is J Carrin, He surely is regarded by most as been the 5th or 6th Floyd member depending on where you put Guy Pratt, his voice surely compliments David Gilmour , his playing is perfect and he can play as David said anything thats required, he also does a good david voice wise as i was recently listening to him on a certain live album by some one and in my opinion Dogs was the best track on there showing that he is surely worthy of the pink floyd badge

    thank you so much Jon for all your input

  29. Hi Fed,

    This is an observation from my other half during the break at the Royal Albert Hall, her first ever concert. I dont think she meant the cultured silver hair’d one(Rick) when she said

    ” who is the young good looking one on the keyboards”

    “he’s good is n’t he” she whispered when Jon played that slide guitar bit on “take a breath” & i have to agree.

  30. Re Lesley coment about feeling uneasy, as much as i favour David to Roger lets never forget the input to floyd Roger gave without him would we be as into floyd as we are we can not ignore how massive Roger was to floyd up to 1985 so come on surely David and Roger did some of there best work together, but saying that Division Bell is a fave

  31. Most certainly agree that Jon is the 6th man. It must be a great feeling for David’s renditions for slide guitar to be played live, to complete the full sound of songs. What a talented individual.

    Thanks Jon. You’ll need an extra long vacation when this year is done.

  32. I thought that Jon Carin was excellent at the royal albert hall and most memorable when playing Take A Breath. I did not know a lot about him before the tour but now i know what an important role he has played.

    I will look forward to seeing him play in Roger’s band this Saturday at Hyde Park Calling.

    Thank you very much Jon for your excellent contribution and your are an outstanding musician that has many talents.

    Thank you ( for allowing me to get excellent tickets at the royal albert hall. I had an excellent view from the 7th row in the arena.

    [Very glad to hear it, mate. – Features Editor]

  33. Cheers to Jon! A wonderful player. I met him at House Of Blues in Chicago w/ Pete Townshend I was working on the audio mobile. He also was great on the last Waters tour. I was way impressed by the slide work on Davids tour. The transitions were so seemless. Great vocals as well!


    MW ;)-Chicago

  34. “Jon has taken all the knowledge he has learnt from David, and Roger is benefiting from it, so I feel rather mixed about the situation”

    Lesley, don’t feel mixed. If it makes Roger’s shows better musically that’s a good thing isn’t it?

    Didn’t catch the shows so I can’t comment on Jon’s performance – save to say he’s been a constant thread in the modern Floyd era and clearly has the full confidence and respect of David and Rick and that’s about as high a recommendation as you could want.

    My desktop still has an AOL still of Live 8 and I think occasionally of Jon sitting behind his own smokescreen, happy to play the supporting role and adding all important texture and weight to the sound.

    Jon, we’d love to hear from you …. don’t be shy.

  35. Jon is one of the best. Obviously when you are playing with some of the greatest musicians like Rick Wright and DG it is hard to stand out. Jon is the perfect compliment to the keyboard tracks for PF that Rick so graceful put together. Seeing Jon on the solo work just feels natural. It would be more odd if he wasn’t involved.

    Jon it is clear you love your work with both David and Roger. Thanks for all your great performances. I wish I could buy you a pint in Chicago for Roger’s show!

    All the best,

  36. Great musician.

    He has become a familiar face. I can see why David (or Roger) would want such a talent in the band.

    I would agree with saying that Jon has become a part of Pink Floyd.

  37. If david Gilmour picks you to play a one off gig that is enough of endorsement for you to play with any band in the world, if David Gilmour uses you for every project what more needs to be said.

    Fed if david ever needs a second guitar player in the future for a one off gig in his toilet I will leave my full time job wife and kids.

    Dream on Ian, how do you manage to type things like this while you are in an sleeping state.


  38. You would say that Jon is the fifth pink Floyd. I just wanted to know who Jon use to play with and how did David find such a great talent. I really didn’t know that he played the slide guitar, Until Jon played on Tour with David on the last tour. I saw him play on the AOL sessions.

    Fed, Have a great day.

  39. Jon Carin is the Pink Floyd utility player. He has played with David, Roger and Pink Floyd. He has played keyboards, lap steel and provided both lead and backing vocals. All of this has been top notch work. On this tour, I particularly enjoyed his lap/steel work on Take A Breath leading up to David’s guitar solo. Excellent!

    Jon has been an important part of the music for a long time now. When you hear his name, it is impossible not to think about Pink Floyd. Besides the principal band members, Jon is one of the few people who will always be associated with Pink Floyd and remembered for his contributions to the music.

    Thank you Jon. I hope you continue your great work with David/Roger/Pink Floyd for years to come.


  40. Jon Carin has definitely been a valuable part of the PF, RW, and DG legacy. Whether a song needs extra keyboards, guitar, lap steel, or vocals, he has the talent to make it happen. Jon’s acoustic guitar, vocal, and synthesizer playing on Dogs from Roger’s In the Flesh DVD are simply amazing. It was a great pleasure to see Jon as part of David’s top-notch band for his On an Island tour.

    Now, when will we get to sing the praises for the inimitable Guy Pratt?

    [Soon. – Features Editor]

  41. Hi all… just gotta say I became impressed with Jon seeing him on Rogers’ 2002 tour- the guy carried “Dogs” and is a fantastic musician! For the OAI tour I was surprised to see Jon playing slide on Take A Breath instead of David… I had THOUGHT it WAS David playing. I think that is compliment enough- to be mistaken for David Gilmour.

    By the way- has Jon ever recorded a solo album? He ought to… one of those where he plays all instruments and sings!


  42. John Carin,

    All of this talk in here makes you sound like a two timing philanderer!! Can’t fault these folks for having loyalties towards Mr. Gilmour. I am not sure all of these folks realize that when your not earning royalties, you make your living on the road! More power to you!!!

    Let me set the record straight and recognize that you are simply a true professional. You are like the primordial ooze that brings to life all of the subliminal backround from the studio, onto the stage. You are never expressly noticed, as it should be, as you are “backing” these amazing recording/performing artists.

    The fact that Roger Waters would have you as well is because you would be anybody’s first choice to help perform the Floyd catalogue (ok, I concede he might consider Mssrs. Mason, Wright, and even Gilmour before you). (I wonder why he hasn’t asked the same of Guy??). Your ability to seemlessly move from keys to lap steel with vocals is indisposable. I saw you on both of the Floyd tours and was very impressed. That band brought all of the fullness from the studio to bear and you were instrumental (pun intended)!

    Thanks for all,

  43. What can I say, he’s fanastic at what ever he plays, he certainly deserves the recognition and he is part of what keeps the Floyd spirit going. Well done Jon, I look forward to hearing from you again on July 1st, you were great at the RAH on the 29th by the way!!

  44. Jon playing is just amazing! He seems to be a musician’s musician.

    The fact that he has played with so many greats speaks volumes of him because they could have chosen anyone, but they chose him for his talent and personality – I assume he’s a great guy who can fit into any touring band. I like they way his playing fit in with Richard’s. Just Magic!

    There is not much on his website yet, but I guess that he’s been kinda busy lately 😉

  45. Mr. Carin you are a monster! Thanks for all the great music.

    I must say I cringe a bit when my fellow bloggers weigh in with regard to Mr. Waters band.

    I look at it this way, that’s somebody else’s business. I really don’t know anything about it but what I hear, and when it comes to Jon Carin- what I hear is damn good!


  46. Jon Carin a real fantastic musician. I saw him three times this year and will have the pleasure for a fourth time in July. So I must say I´m also a big Jon Carin-Fan.

    Would like to hear a lot more of him in the future.

  47. I saw him at Roger Waters’ show in Stavanger yesterday. It was nice to see how he got to play/sing David’s and Richard’s parts on several occasions, such as Us & Them and Comfortably Numb.

    On David’s shows he seemed more in the background, though no doubt important. I’ve certainly got the impression that he’s a terrific musician, and a favorite of mine too.

    (Roger is slightly selling out, though, if you ask me.)

  48. Jon Carin is insanly valuable, I know this is David’s site but anybody who saw Roger’s “In the Flesh” tour knows how hard the man works. “Dogs” anyone? Yes, I would have to agree that Jon is basically a member of Pink Floyd, after all he was there at Live 8. Frankly if the band ever gets back together (a big if please dont get upset at me Feat Ed.) I would be very shocked and a little pissed if Jon wasn’t in the mix. He is that important. To wrap up ill just say that ANYTIME either David or Roger do something a show, an album, JON NEEDS TO BE THERE, PERIOD!!!!!!

  49. I saw Roger in Zurich Switzerland in may 2002. I was surprised to recognize Jon on stage and completely thrilled when he start singing “Dogs”. He’s very smart and talented, this is probably why he’s playing with David and Roger who are demanding people. I remember his long hairs in 1994 during the Division Bell tour 😉 He was very applauded in Paris in march.

    Thanks Jon for your work.

    Olivier in French Riviera.

  50. Judgement (Always displays good…)
    Obsequious (flattering to the rest of the band)
    Naturally (gifted)

    Consummate (in what he does)
    Accomplished (as a musician)
    Revered (amongst us all)
    Integral (to a couple of bands!)
    Normal! (so rumour has it!)

    JC is the unsung hero! The power behind the throne! Harry Corbett to DG’s Sooty! or to use a food analogy… JC is the ingredient that is essential to the recipe but you can’t overtly taste it but you’d know if it wasn’t there…

    So that makes JC something akin to an Onion! 🙂

  51. Caption Competition

    Guy found this old picture of Jon taken during his days as a Bingo caller at the Kursaal, Southend-on-Sea!

    Guy! I keep picking on you! Sorry 🙂

  52. Jon is obviously comfortable as a multi – instrumentalist, and the slide parts he covered on the OAI tour were great. As nickster mentioned, sometimes you had to do a double take to see who was playing which part. A great guy to have in your camp.

  53. Jon Carin is a brilliant musician and an integral part of today’s Pink Floyd sound. Why else would his talent’s be utilized by both Roger and David. They both see in him what was once lost and so far, yet to be recovered. What I enjoy most is that I am able to play “Dogs” for my thirteen year old and he can see it live in concert. Since there is little or no footage of the Animals tour Jon is our legacy keeper…

  54. Jon Carin is a really gifted musician! I have seen him twice now this year: on David’s OAI tour an on Roger’s DSOTM tour and on both occasions he did a tremendous job! And not in one field: singing, keybords and a mean slide guitar as well!! Very much #6 Floyd.

    Would that make Guy Pratt #7?

  55. The fact that he is not only part of David’s band, but of Roger’s band as well, says it all!

  56. I have always been impressed by Jon Carin since seeing him perform on the PULSE video. I think what he brings vocally is a certain ethereal quality, and instrument-wise his versatility is admirable.

  57. CAPTION: after being blinded by David’s amazing light show Jon takes time to learn his parts via a braile system.

    best of luck with Roger Jon you trully are a gifted man.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  58. Jon Carin is definitely the musical man about town! Not only have I seen him (1st) playing in the Water-less Floyd in 1987 and 1990, but I’ve spotted him backing Roger Waters in 1999, Pete Townshend in 1998 (at the Harborlights show in Massachusetts) and was extremely fortunate to have met him twice during the Who’s 1997 Quadrophenia tour.

    As an artist, to me his role in Dave’s band is the “go to guy”; he sings and harmonizes wonderfully; he plays slide guitar like an ace; he recreates (beautifully and impeccably, I might add) the original keyboard sounds and nuances for the Floyd’s most well known tunes (coming to mind immediately is Shine On).

    From my front row & center seat at the April 9th Toronto (Massey Hall) gig he was what I would characterize as the human embodiement of a musical “linchpin” to Dave’s group. What struck me most was how careful and in-tune he was to all the musicians on the stage, making eye contact with Dave and the rest to keep all the ducks in a row musically, so to speak. An all around VIP!!!

    On a more personal note, I met him at the Boston Four Seasons hotel in July of 1997, just after the Who’s gig at Greatwoods, Mansfield. Along with a group of friends that night, we spent the most glorious after concert experiences drinking Cosmopolitans with the late John Entwistle and his posse, Simon and Ben Townshend, and assorted entourage.

    Fortunately, I nabbed Mr Carin as he was heading towards the bar, stopping him momentarily to tell him how much I loved his playing, especially with the Floyd. He was immediately the most down to earth and approachable musician, bar none! When I jokingly told him that what I missed most about the nights Quadrophenia performance was the infamous Floyd pig, I got the biggest laugh out of him. That laugh made my night, hands down.

    So, here’s to you Jon. I’ll be seeing you from the 13th row in Toronto, with your backing band including Roger Waters and company. I’ll be sure to send you a wave hello!


  59. Jon-

    Well first off…you’re fantastic. Secondly…you’ve toured the world with Pink Floyd on numerous occasions, toured with David, played at live 8 with the Floyd, use Kurzweils, and sometimes be generous and lend your expertise and services to that one guy for tours in 02 and 06…yes, you are the luckiest man in the world.

    -Chris McKay

    P.S. Jon is like bread, though he’s not the main course, he’s always part of the meal.

  60. Jon, do you ever get any time off? 😉 You’re a hell of a musician and you make a great contribution to Pink Floyd and David Gilmour’s music.

    I’m kinda taken with that dark curly hair of yours too but don’t tell anyone.


  61. Hello all/ Mr Fed.

    Just like to say that Jon along with the other ‘regulars’ are almost like original Floyd members. I didn’t discover Floyd until a year or so before Division Bell was released. Obviously some of these guys had been on the scene a while with the band. Along with Guy I consider these guys a major part of the band, and now with David’s band. I honestly don’t think the music would sound quite the same without Jon. Shine on Jon, you’ve done a wonderful job.

    I couldn’t say all that without a mention of the rest of the band who just seem to enjoy every minute of what they do, which in my opinion is what makes it all come together (with a little bit of added genius as well like – can’t think where that comes from though!!!)

    Also I think the expression on Mr DiStanislou’s face is great when he’s drumming! Top Man.

    I have been busy for a few days (weddings, getting drunk, decorating, getting drunk, err getting more drunk and watching footy. Did I mention getting drunk?) and hence missed the comp at the weekend, so a little miffed at that. Never mind, I never win nowt anyway – congrats to Colin!

    Guess I’ll have to settle for watching Pulse on DVD when my new TV arrives.

    Re: DG vs Food;

    David Gilmour’s music is like my fave Indian takeaway. I can eat it every week and I never get sick of it! Rubbish comparison, but surely better than Cheesy Wotsits??????

  62. Jon is a fine musician, He makes a big contribution to the sound of the band.

    A few people have passed comment that they feel uncomfortable with Jon playing in Rogers band, lets not forget Jon does this with David`s blessing! I forget where I read this interview, but when Jon was offered to join Rogers touring band(2002 tour I think), David apparantly said, “you must do it, he is a great guy”.

    I hope this puts a few minds at rest.

  63. Fed

    Great choice to include a page about Jon as I thought he was sensational in London. I was really impressed at how well he played and sang on everything. He is an incredibly accomplished musician and I loved his slide guitar playing which for me is one of the sounds I most associate with David and Floyd. He nailed it everytime. Jon – you are a star and i loved that you never stopped smiling throughout the show – you realy looked like you were enjoying yourself. I’m glad you’re apart of the team.

    Talking of Floyd stars, i saw Dick Parry play with the Violent Femmes in Hyde Park on Thursday and even without knowing it was them, I instantly knew it was him playing. His sax playing is so distinctive. He looked to be enjoying himself with them.

    For Ian, and anyone else going to Hyde Park this weekend – there is a big screen, behind the funfair, that shows the football. The setup is the same as the Wireless event last week. I was worried too but the organisers have confirmed they will show all the matches.

    Hope this helps


  64. He’s definitely a bridge between Roger & David and looking at the past few Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and David tours he definitely could be considered as the sixth member of Pink Floyd.

    I’ve always enjoyed Jon’s work, especially when he was sung on “Dogs” for Roger’s last world tour. Hopefully we’ll see him around for many more years to come!

  65. As well as being great at the synthesizer, Jon really knows how to work the Hammond organ. I always loved the way Richard used the fast and slow tremolo on songs like Breathe, and the Great Gig, and Jon plays those songs well, As you can see in Pulse. Jon and Richard sounded great at Live 8, as well as at Massey Hall back in April.

    I also am glad he plays both David and Roger’s shows without picking favorites. It is not easy to jump back and forth between bands and set lists But he does a great job. I particularly like how he sang David’s part on Dogs for Roger’s In the Flesh tour while playing acoustic Guitar. I usually don’t enjoy hearing other musicians sing in place of David, but Jon sang it with like a certain respect to David and was really well received.

    He is very accomplished. I look forward to seeing him again this fall with Roger. (Also look forward to the “DVD of the year” around Christmas.)


  66. It’s very interesting how Jon Carin has literally ‘merged’ into the Floyd’s sonic landscape. He’s really gotten into David’s and Rick’s musical souls and seems able to channel all that. A great example is ‘Shine On’ on the recent tour – those synth solo snippets and sparse piano parts that he plays under Rick’s burbling Hammond – really amazing that he can comp another player with such authenticity and beauty.

    No wonder Roger Waters has sought him out. And yes, it would be wonderful to know his impressions of playing with Roger. But obviously, we aren’t going to hear any of that in the press!

  67. I can honestly say that I’m as much of a Jon Carin fan as I am a Floyd fan! Every time I see Jon Carin play, I’m struck by the way his body language and style reflects an almost emotional connection with the music he’s playing. Whether you see Jon at the beginning of a tour or after he’s already played the same core setlist for 100 shows in a row, he’s still got his eyes closed; passionately swooning with the music, like someone being captivated by a song for the first time.

    He also balances live experimentation with reverence and deep respect for the original songs that he’s playing. All the while, he’s having a great time – which you can see in the looks he exchanges with the other musicians (particularly one Guy Pratt) during the shows.

    Finally, despite all of his achievements and notoriety, he really seems to be a nice guy that’s completely unaffected by fame. I spotted him before the show at RCMH (second night) in the audience walking around to make sure his guests got to their seats ok. I even e-mailed Jon years ago when his interim website started up, and shortly received a highly personal and friendly reply. Unbelievable…

    I do have one question though – perhaps for FEd: From what I can tell, it doesn’t appear that Jon played on the actual OAI album. Is this because he was busy working on the new Richard Butler album, or was there another reason?

    [I’m afraid I don’t know, but Jon has had a very busy year. – Features Editor]

  68. I rented the ‘In The Flesh’ dvd of Rogers tour with Jon Carin, Snowy White and D. Bramhall(?) to name a few. (what a talented group there!). In my opinion if David and Roger both request his skill, he is indeed very talented!

    I was surprised at his musicianship. Playing keyboards, singing and playing guitar! I was excited to find him in the lineup for David’s tour to Chicago. He can be one of the Floyd as far as I’m concerned, but he doesn’t strike me as a person who needs that. He seems to be like David in that he can play with who might need his talent and does not need the limelight to shine.

    What I have read about Jon, shows him to be quite a nice person as well as an exceptional musician.

    I would like to know more about what he has done. He seems a class act.

  69. Hi FEd! Are you to see Bob Dylan? Good for you! I hope you’re enjoying!

    I’d like to thanks Jon Carin for the WONDERFUL contribution he gave to Pink Floyd and David’s last tour, in particular. Is a great pleasure when you can listen someone who can play keyboard in a so fantastic way…and he makes not only that, but more and more! (I have to admit that piano and keyborad are my favourite instrument…a part the guitar, but only if the guitarist is David!)

    I want to thanks David again for giving me the possibility to had the great experience…and even if at the concerts there are just half of Pink Floyd, I want to say that all the musicians who go with David in these great tour are so much FANTASTIC that I didn’t feel the lack of the other “half”! Yes, I wish I lived in ’70 and saw Pink Floyd when they was all together…but I’d like to add that experience to the 2006’s shows…because I’d never wanted to quit the memory of the FANTASTIC show of the last march…

    Maybe I don’t explain exactly what I mean to say (I need to study more english!) but I think you can understand that those words wanted to be GOOD words!



  70. Jon Carin is fantastic! Saw him at both shows in Amsterdam, and recently with Waters in oslo. He contributes so much to the richness of the sound. I am very greatful for the part he has played over the years with Dave & co. Great voice (especially fancy his backing on “breathe”), great keyboard-player, great man! 😀


  71. Like the other responses, I have a great respect for Jon’s tremendous talent. Unlike some of the others, however, I also have a great respect for Jon – for being able to play with both David and Roger. Yes, it was David who taught Jon about the ‘Pink Floyd Sound’, and I think it’s great that Jon can take that knowledge and apply it to Roger’s band(s). There’s certainly enough Pink Floyd music, David Gilmour music, and Roger Waters music to go around. We should all revel in any music that these two musical geniuses can produce, and thank Jon for helping it sound so good.

    On a final note, I appreciated Jon adding some strength to the harmony during Echoes – it made Rick’s voice come through loud and clear.

    Jon Carin rules!

    Brian from Upstate NY

  72. Naaah! Come On! The sixth Floyd… The Floyd are 5!!!

    Obviously he’s a great musician and contributed a lot on late Floyd and on OAI, but please don’t call him the 6th Floyd. -.-

  73. I couldn’t argue with that statement.

    The fact that he co-wrote “Learning to Fly” which in turn was a major contribution to the very successful return of a “Roger-less” Pink Floyd is proof enough.

    Plus his abilities playing live are simply fantastic. I was blown away during the “On an Island” tour how one minute Jon was playing keys and harmonies and then next he was making some very sweet sounds on a lap steel guitar. That’s versatility!

    Amazing work Jon, keep pushing Mr Gilmour to tour and record more often!! ; )

  74. [With the greatest respect, I can edit whatever I want. If I feel that something is inappropriate, then I will edit it. I also decide who “deserves” an explanation for my actions. – Features Editor]

    [I am sorry that you have been offended, but please understand that there are very clear rules and if you breach them, you can find that your comments have either been edited or deleted entirely. This is my right as editor and, frankly, I have enough faith in my professional judgment to publicly address anyone who wishes to question it. – Features Editor]

    Go Ed! Quite right. You are harsh but fair and if people don’t like it, then… Well, they know what they can do.

    Anyway, Jon Carin is clearly an extremely talented musician (how cool does “multi-instrumentalist” sound?) and from what I’ve read on here today, he also seems like a decent bloke. I’ve enjoyed seeing him play on two Floyd videos and can’t wait to see him doing his thing on David’s DVD. It sounds as though he did his job(s) well.

    Hats off to you, Jon.

  75. Jonny, you are an amazing talent, I watched you work with David in Toronto in April, and we are looking forward to seeing you here again in Sept with Roger.

    Jon because of you and the other great musicians that work with David and Roger, it is like getting to see Pink Floyd twice in one year. F*ck it just join the two bands together and make Pink Floyd a fifteen piece band, how good would that be.


  76. I think that Jon Carin is like Guy Pratt and(even if he’s not in tour with David)Gary Wallis,they have joined David,Richard and Nick in the better way possible,I think.I appreciate all that Jon have done,I dream when I hear ‘Breathe’ from Pulse,I heard ‘Momentary lapse of reason’ when I was 11,and soon loved the sound of the ‘new’ Pink Floyd.And loved the tours,too.

    But I disagree with mr Egia.One thing is playing with Pink Floyd,another thing is to be Pink Floyd.I think that maybe Dick Parry could be called the ‘sixth’ Pink Floyd.

    Do you agree?


    [Fair point, Emilio. – Features Editor]

  77. Jon and Nick Mason are the two keys between David and Roger.

    They are the key’s for what we are hopping for a long time.

    It’s no secret to know what …

  78. Jon Carin is an amazing keyboardist and guitarist. His work in both Pink Floyd’s and David Gilmour’s projects was amazing. Seeing him and Richard live was amazing. Me being a pianist/keyboardist I have always loved the way the instrument can add a different layer to songs. He is definately the 6th Floyd and a great addition to the already talented On An Island Touring band.

    P.S. His slide guitar solo in Take A Breath is amazing.

  79. Numbers this, numbers that. . .

    What about Mr. Rado ‘Bob’ Klose? I’ve heard of him as the 6th member of Pink Floyd for years. Very similar to how Peter Best (or was it George?) was considered the 5th Beatle, or was that Billy Preston, or Stuart Sutcliffe?

    And then you say ‘What of George Martin?’ And I respond, what about Bob Ezrin, James Guthrie, Alan Parsons, or perhaps Michael Kamen? Again, this numbers thing is a little weird for me.

    So many people have given their best to give us ‘The Pink Floyd Sound’ that no one person can be held accountable (and certainly cannot be given a numerical association)!

    Why couldn’t it be said that, this year, Jon Carin is PF’s #1 man as he has played the most (as well as heard, and seen, the most) live PF related music this year? Who, of us, wouldn’t give what, to be in his position? Hmmmmm?

    Mr. Carin, please continue to do what you do so we can all benefit from the love you have brought us!! And Thank You!!

  80. Caption: As his nimble dexterity is barely captured in this pic, Jon demonstrates that the hand is quicker than the eye (or his own apparently).

    I agree with Emilio regarding Dick Parry as the ‘sixth’ Floyd. My brother and I used to wonder, “When are PF going to invite Dick into the band?”.

    I also could as equally see Jon Carin or Guy Pratt as the next Floyd members. I really enjoyed Jon’s playing on “Pulse” (VHS). Looking forward to seeing him on the new DVD.

    I don’t have any of the reservations that some have expressed about Jon playing for both David and Roger. David’s achievements as a musician stand on their own as do Roger’s. For Jon to be able to perform for both PF legends must feel like an honor (you know he’s having a blast anyway) and I don’t think anybody could be more at ease with it than the three of them. Just ask Mr. Mason.

  81. I saw you in Pontiac Michigian (1994), Hollywood Califoria this year, and I will see you Oct,3 here in Phoenix. I think that says something in itself, however…you should be told how well you hit the ivories, and rightfully so! Good job man, stay cool, stay loose.

  82. Good morning FEd, fellow bloggers,

    Saw Jon back in 1988 on the AMLOR-tour and in 1994 for the Division Bell. Jon now joining for OAI did not come as a surprise to me.

    He has proven to be a very talented, versatile musician and a true professional.

    David made his appreciation quite clear (RAH 31/05) by introducing him as “Jon Carin, who has become one of our regular troops”.

    Jon touring with David. Jon touring with Roger. How much more ‘Floyd’ can you get ?

    However, if you insist, I would think Dick Parry to be the 6th Floyd.

    Best regards,

  83. Any Floyd fan who’s a true blue fan, has been a fan of Jon Carin since we first saw him with Floyd on MLOR tour. You can’t be a Floyd fan and not absorb all the detail of the music and the experience as a whole. Jon Carin is an essential and integral part of that Floyd experience.

    You Jon Carin are a very beloved member of the Floyd clan. Don’t ever underestimate just how much you are thought of.

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  84. Oh dear …

    Forgot to congratulate Colin on is Pulse competition win. “Congratulations Colin”. Enjoy it.

    Have been doing some catching up yesterday. The ‘barn band’ stuff was quite fun. I play piano, keyboard and a bit of guitar, so yell if I could be of assistance.

    Greetings from Antwerp,

  85. Jon, is great!!

    On the In The Flesh dvd of Roger, Jon preforms the first part of Dogs. What a voice and how he plays the gitar. One of the best parts of the dvd.

    Completly true about that Jon is the sixth Floyd.


  86. Jon, obvioulsy music comes first. Who cares who you play with? 6th member of Floyd? errrrrrrr. Who’s left in? How does one join? We all know how one leaves! So who’s keeping score and does it matter? Questions, questions, questions.

    My Beaver Scout footbal team lost 14 nil last night. My training needs a bit of work. I asked one Beaver Scout why didnt he try to score and he replied “why should I, I’m having a good time and thats all that counts”! Yes thats all that counts. Seems the World would be better run by 7 year olds! 6th member? No equal first or just part of the team! Dont leave Jon.

    Ian Pearson

  87. Is there any instruments that Carin can’t play? I think he is involved to create the right sound and he knows the secrets to re-create the Pink-Floyd athmosphere. Particularly in the second part of the OAI show.

    I don’t see a problem to call him the 6th Floyd. He is at least the Pink man for the 2000. The man who can assist David and play and sing so that is possible for us to enjoy to the Pink Floyd music live again.

    Thank you Mr. Carin, please carry on playing with David and Rick and the rest of the present band.

    (I know you prefer playing with David than Roger…) – well actually i don’t, but that’s the feeling i had.

  88. Quite simply he is very very good.

    Without him any band would need two or three other members to take up the slack.

    Just surprised he doesn’t play drums as well! 🙂

    Haven’t said it for a while, but many thanks again for all your time and effort F’Ed, it really is appreciated.

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  89. What a talent, what a musician!! He is just incredible!

    His contribution with Floyd in the past and on the Gilmour tour is truly amazing. In my opinion he is also THE musician on the Waters tour that can play the old Floyd songs…

    It says a lot that both Gilmour and Waters want him on their tours. They also introduce him almost in the exact same way. With a deep respect and as a multi talented musician that can play any instrument and perform whatever you ask him.

    I must say that I love the way he puts his heart into the performance, he doesn’t just play his parts he owns them…

    When thinking about it, Jon Carin is probably the musician I have seen live most… at least 12 times, and his is always great!



  90. Emilio

    sono assolutamente d’accordo con te 🙂

    I agree totally, even because for me the real golden Pink Floyd era was between 70 and 77.

    But of course later musicians like Jon Carin and Tony Levin are all very relevant to PF and David.

  91. hi!

    sorry but I don’t know where to write this, so I write here hoping you can help me…

    you probably already know what happened with the ticket sellers for the concert in Venice. they are incredibly not serious, and they make a big mess everytime with every concert. It seems like they joke with us.

    I bought my ticket 1-2 hours afters the sells opening and they gave me this seat: […]


    one month later magically appears that my seat in row 3 has became row 3 of PL15, that means in row 23 !!!

    you can image the disappont, when they sell you something that is not a “real thing”!

    I personally know other 25-30 guys with my SAME PROBLEM

    PLEASE, for the next Pink Floyd world tour 🙂 keep away from

    at least I hope Mr. Gilmour will be informed about all this

    Riccardo Granzo from Venice

    [I’m so sorry to hear this. Riccardo. We are investigating. – Features Editor]

  92. I have always liked Carin. He’s done a wonderful job with Floyd. But I must say that he really impressed me on this tour. He is an extremely talented musiccian and he really seem to do everything he can to to do everything as perfect as possible (without making it sound like a rutine).

    I’ve seen him both with Gilmour and Waters this year and it’s great to see that they introduce him with the same respect and awe.

    He’s always been the 6th Floyd to me!

  93. I am sorry if I have offended people, but nothing anybody will say will change my mind about Roger.

    I felt right from the beginning, as soon as David had announced his tour, that Roger seemed to scrap around getting a band together to put a tour on at the last minute.

    In an interview Roger gave last November he said there would be no tour with Pink Floyd, then suddenly around March he was saying he could see them doing Dark Side of the Moon. How strange that he should put this tour on, knowing probably that David and Rick couldn’t do it!!

    The only reason Roger wants Jon on the tour is he can do David’s parts so well. But then Roger has said that David is dispensable. He even said it an interview only last October. The interviewer asked, and I quote, “You toured with Eric Clapton, and on your live releases Jeff Beck and Andy Fairweather-Low play guitar solos that I can only define as David Gilmourish. Is that your way to make it clear to Gilmour that he wasn’t indispensable? Of course, he is not indispensable, but no, that guitar sound just fits well with the music.”

    Why would Roger try and get guitarists with their own well-known styles trying to sound like David, but he won’t seem to admit that he misses David’s guitar?

    Anyway, I just don’t think that Roger has turned into this nice guy that people want to perceive him as now. He also said in an interview last October that “he was not in the mood” concerning reforming the band. That makes me laugh, “HE’S not in the mood”. Considering that David had already said about a couple of days after Live 8 that they wouldn’t reform, Roger seems to think that if he says “jump” everybody is going to jump. I am glad that David has stuck to his guns, and I personally hope that there isn’t a reunion.

    Somebody said on this site there’s enough Floyd songs to go round for both, so why does Roger always do Comfortably Numb, Shine On and Wish you Were Here, all songs in which David had a big input. It’s as if he is trying to say “I can do it better”. If I was Jon I just wouldn’t feel right trying to be “David” for Roger.

    I could go on and on. I am not trying to cause aggro here, but just trying to explain how I feel.

  94. Linda-

    Obviously you haven’t spent that much time on the blog. When Fed said the thing about the lunitics, he was joking. This is Fed’s wittfully sarcastic personality coming through, and that’s what we love about him. Don’t take offense, he’s just having fun, like the rest of us.

    -Chris McKay

  95. Would be cool to hear from Jon what goes on in the two Floyd camps… Let us hear some gossip!

    – Jon, is there a story behind the jacket you wear on the tour? Seems like it’s a good friend…

  96. I can only echo all of the comments about Jon’s great playing, singing and dedication to the Floyd, David Gilmour and Roger Waters. It is such a shame that he was out of sight during one of Pink Floyd’s finest moments, Live 8. I’m sure one day we’ll have an explanation as to why this was the case!

  97. I really respect your work Jon. I really enjoyed to see you playing both in Hamburg and Royal Albert Hall. I also saw you in Copenhagen in 1994 and in Earls Court in 1994 and yes, I always saw you as a real Floyd member Like Snowy in the early days.

    I must say, ok you can’t remember, but in 1994 in Copenhagen you stood in front of my shop close to you hotel. I went out to you with the Division Bell cover. You were very very nice and relaxed. Suddenly you said to me, please give me the cover, the people who have printed the titles had giving me a wrong musician title….so you Jon, just made a thick line through the title. I laughed and thought you were a nice funny guy.

    I really like you playing and singing on dogs on the Waters tour in 1999.

    I wish you the best.


  98. Hi Fed

    While we’re talking collaberations and other artists did you know John Martyns Shaw Theatre concert came out on Dvd this week and features a very talanted guitarist called David Gilmour.Its available at all the on line stores if you don’t live in the Uk.


    Ps.This is a great web site long may it continue i just love the blog.

    [Thanks very much for that, Robert. I thought it wasn’t out until 3 July. That’s what HMV are saying. It’s definitely one to look out for, no matter how/when/where you get it. – Features Editor]

  99. Thank you for your extraordinary work and your magnificent talent, Mr. Carin. David was brilliant at Radio City, but the whole band rocked! Thank you so much.

  100. Emilio’s point is a clever one.

    Steve O´Rourke, James Guthrie, Snowy White, Storm Thorgerson, Michael Kamen, Guy Pratt and Polly Samson (and more we don’t even know) also deserve a lot of praise, if we forget about the possitions for a while.

    In David’s new album, The Features Editor is undoubtely the second star 😉

    We want T-shirts dont we?

    [Flattery will get you everywhere, Jon. – Features Editor]

  101. I have to admit I didn’t first look at Jon Carin at Paris in March, but he catched my attention when I realized he was playing the lap-steel on Take a breath (one of my favorite live- songs), I thought it was David, I found him amazing !What a great musicien ! (et si discret lui aussi).

    I am proud for him he has David’s confidence, no matters if he is also touring with R.Waters, I simply think and hope he feels happier when he is touring with David’s band than with Roger’s one…

    But, playing with DG, RW, or even PF, doesn’t mean in my mind that he is either the sixth Floyd, (PF est pour moi une “entité” -don’t know the word in englihs-, pas la somme de plusieurs membres), or a key between David and Roger (I think there is no need to key between them)


  102. Jon’s multi-instramentalist skills and a voice that complements David’s so much make him an easy candidate for sixth Floyd status. He was fantastic at the final RAH concert I had the pleasure to see and I look forward to seeing him with Roger Waters & Nick Mason on Saturday at Hyde Park.

  103. [J]am – Extemporizer extrodinaire
    [O]mnipresent – present everywhere at the same time
    [N]etworker – a member of a professional or social network

    [C]onvivial – fond of good company
    [A]lacrity – brisk or cheerful readiness
    [R]adiant – beaming with joy or hope or love
    [I]nterstellar – occuring or situated between stars
    [N]oble – of excellent character

  104. Dom, just a slightly off topic note, Snowy White worked with Floyd way back on their 1976 live shows, his audition was recorded by Roger and used to link the two halves of Animals’ Pigs on the Wing for the 8-track version. Bloody good guitaring it is too.

    Now, back to the very worthy Jon Carin appreciation…….


  105. [Linda- Obviously you haven’t spent that much time on the blog. When Fed said the thing about the lunitics, he was joking. This is Fed’s wittfully sarcastic personality coming through, and that’s what we love about him. Don’t take offense, he’s just having fun, like the rest of us. – Posted by: Chris McKay at June 28, 2006 09:14 AM]

    hear hear. some people need to get a sense of humour and stop being so damn touchy. ed, i don’t know how you keep calm with some of these messages coming in. fair play to you.

    [He contributed to writing the single, “Learning to Fly” and belted out the ending lyrics to “Hey You” (sounding better than Mr. Waters) on the Division Bell Tour. – Posted by: Terry H at June 27, 2006 04:33 PM]

    i couldn’t agree more with this. jon has a great voice and sang that really well.

    i also wanted to say that i remember seeing a video interview around the time of the division bell tour and jon said that his role in the band is to leave space for richard, or something like that (just to fill out richard’s parts live). i remember thinking then that there’s no ego with this man. he’s happy to play his part in the background. good on you, jon.

  106. Dear Linda,

    I have to confess that I haven’t still understand if your words for me are good or not! They seems, but they are into a complain message…so I have some doubt! I hope you have not problem with my posts, but I’d like to say that I trust in FEd’s work and I think that he never put chains to my messages. I’ve always felt free to write what I want, but I also convinced that FEd have to delete or bevel the words that he thinks inappropriate. At the end this is not “OUR” space, but David Gilmour’s space, and FEd has the responsability to do that this space respect the rules that David and the staff decided.

    And we have to respect this rules too…otherwise we should decide to open a our own blog!

    I can’t know what doesn’t work between you and FEd’s work (and my bad knowledge of english language don’t help me to understand the problem!). I’m sorry that you don’t feel so good in the blog as I feel. I love this blog, I love all the people who write on it, I love its Features Editor and the way he works (even if he says bad things about Radiohead!…but I forgive him because he’s going to borrow me the barn!).

    I hope you can find soon you’re way to stay in the blog…I think you will be always welcome!

    Thanks a lot to say “keep on writing you are definetly appreciated on this site. With sincere admiration and a little envy. Keep up the great work Lucia”….but don’t envy me! I can assure there’s no reason! I worked in “formal” places since I was 21 y.o. and I’ve always stay with professionist people who are 40-50-60-70-80 years old…so I think I’ve just learnt the way to stay with people who I don’t know very well…but I can assure you that in my deep I’M REALLY LUNATIC! Not wicked, but a moody and hysterical person, of course! I’m sure your contribution to the blog could be better than mine!



  107. I think Jon is indeed an integral part of the Floyd & David’s latest solo work. The fact he has worked with Pink Floyd, David & Roger obviously shows he is highly regarded within these camps.

    His playing blends beautifully with Ricks & increases the atmospherics within the the Floyd sound. Jon the 6th Floyd man, why not.

  108. I honestly think Jon Carin is the most talented session musician ever!

    Im not surprised both David and Roger are using him, multi-talented, perfect.


  109. Jon,

    You are without a doubt a key contributor to the Floyd sound in the last twenty years. I like to think that keyboard players (especially in the Floyd genre) have the burden of creating the atmosphere/wall of sound behind the other instruments. Not only have you perfected that, but, with Floyd material, you GET IT!

    I imagine you’ve spent quite some time perfecting those samples/patches and effects to create that sound we have grown to love and expect, and that work as well as your style and technique are appreciated.

    Now, when i saw you perform the acoustic and lead vocals on Dogs, I was floored and my admiration increased exponentially. I always thought your voice complemented Gilmour’s, but on lead vocal AND guitar you proved that you can get as close to the real thing. (I challenge anyone to listen to that performance with eyes closed and not imagine a 29 year old David Gilmour before you)

    I’ve emulated you to some degree (and Mr. Wright of course) on keys (my first instrument). It’s hard to do what you do (especially with my bargain basement collection of sound modules and recording equipment).

    But I was impressed the most when I met you at RCMH where you came in with your daughter. Our kids are the same age…. and I thought, cool..this is just a guy who’s bringing in his child in to spend some time with her and see what daddy does for a living. You were also very gracious to the fans who just shot the breeze with you…

    Back then when I asked you about this Blog you said, “Oh man, I’m too afraid of that stuff…”

    ..well, how do you feel now? We consider you part of the family….

    Here’s to many more years!!!

  110. When i 1st heard Jon sing on Rogers In The Flesh cd and Dogs it was really nice to hear Jon sing and his singing reminds on Dogs on ITF of David on the original album version. He is an incrediable talent and very lucky to be be working with either David one day and Roger the next (wish i was him).

    aaron burrows (slough)

  111. Hello everyone,

    Jon Carin gives a great musical input to David’s music. I realised that a few month ago when I had watched AOL Session from New York. After that I was lucky to see the first 2 London gigs.

    Last sunday I watched Delicate Sound of Thunder and also was under big impression of Jon’s music.

    Other news from Poland:

    David’s On An Island returned to the first place at Polish Radio Programme 3 Top 50 last week.

    The other Roger postponed Ca ira open air premiere in Poznan and now it is scheduled for 25.08. Just thinking may be he (RW) will be invited to join David’s band following day. It’s just 300 km north.

    Hope it is interesting for others and You enjoy

    Warm regards

    Tomasz from Poznan, Poland

  112. Oi! Noooooo!

    This is Jon’s day so let’s quit the cr*p about whether he is or isn’t the sixth member of PF, whether he should play with RW, why he couldn’t be seen at Live8 (pretty obvious if you ask me) etc etc!

    He is a supremely talented musician who is fortunate enough to play with many great bands!

    Sorry Fedmeister…. too much caffeine this morning… 😎

  113. Happy Wednesday,

    Can I first off, thank everyone for not giving me to much of a hard with regard to my comments yesterday. To me the Pink Floyd name is very sacred.

    More important than my own thoughts though is the feeling that comes through everyone when we are talking about a member of Davids team.

    Very impressive.

    Pete – Coventry

  114. Ciao,

    didn’t have time today to read all the posts. I’ll do as soon as I can. So I will answer the question I did about the colour of the Italian football team: why the colour is blue (azzurro) instead of green/white/red?

    the answer is: azzurro was the colour of the Savoia family, the former royal family during italian reign (1861-1945). We decided to be a republic by referendum after the war (luckily I would say, considering how much lack of dignity that family took over themselves and Italy, even in these days!!!) but we kept the colour of the shirt azzurro. that’s why we use a colour that has nothing to do with our flag . Any italian national team is blue. what? what does it mean no one cares?…..

    about Jon Carin there is not much to say. He was part of the “third” floyd incarnation from ’87. saw him live three times 2 with PF and 1 with DG. He is a Floyd (and I mean this as a compliment).

    For fellow Italian bloggers: I read interesting news on a very reliable PF-fan site.
    1) from this weekend “Pulse” will be broadcasted in any Mediaworld in the Hi-tech section for promotion. We all can have a preview if it just going in a shop!!!!!
    2) the two DG albums remastered will be sold at a price around 10 Euros. Very good!!!

    Ciao. 🙂

    [Thanks for explaining why the Italian shirt is blue, Piergiorgio. I was going to cheat and find the answer myself, but it’s better this way! Very interesting. – Features Editor]

  115. I’ve just read through this edition of the blog and I’m amazed at the coments about Jon Carin working with David and Roger. Jon Carin is a highly competent musician who is hired to do a job, which he does admirably. That’s it!!!!!

    He’s entitled to work for whomsoever he wants.

    Also, why is there still so much carping on about reforming Floyd. Both David & Roger have both stated that it’s not going to happen – accept it. They’ve moved on why can’t everyone else?

    Personally I’d love to see them reform, but no one else is privy to what caused the split and there are always two sides to every argument, and the only peope who know the real situaton are those involved. My own natural inclination, due to being a guitarist myself who greatly appreciates David’s playing, is to fall into the David Gilmour camp. But I hope I’m mature enough to accept the fact that the reformation ain’t gonna happen.

    If Roger Waters makes new music & I like it I’ll buy it. Same goes for Richard Wright and David Gilmour.

    So grow up and stop moaning and let both Gilmour & Waters get on with their lives, they must both be heartily sick of being asked about reunions.

  116. I have already mentioned earlier about the rescheduling of Ca Ira. I hope that David enjoys the 26th August for himself and his band, it doesn’t need anyone else. Can’t really see Roger lip-synching with David.

    [Allegedly lip-synching, I hasten to add. – Features Editor]

  117. [So grow up and stop moaning and let both Gilmour & Waters get on with their lives, they must both be heartily sick of being asked about reunions. – Posted by: Mike Ticehurst at June 28, 2006 01:39 PM]

    well said, mike! i couldn’t agree more. as you say, they’ve moved on, so why can’t everyone else?

    i personally much prefer ‘on an island’ to ‘the final cut’ and who is to say that, if pink floyd got back together and made an album, it wouldn’t sound more like ‘the final cut’ and less like ‘on an island’? i don’t want that.

  118. Lesley,

    While I agree with where you are coming from with Roger, I do not agree with your final conclusion that Roger shouldn’t play those songs. Just as it was wrong of Roger back in the day to stake claim to songs that David had a major part in creating, it would be wrong of David to do the same to Roger. And actually, if you read recent interviews of David, he’s gladly admitted that Roger has every right to play those songs and has given his blessing for Roger to play them.

    And to go one step further, David has also expressed his wish to see more people play his works. Well, if he doesn’t mind if anybody plays his works, who better to play his parts than Jon? Jon knows David and his works as well as anybody else in the business, and if anybody can do David’s work justice, it’s him. Sombody above mentioned that Jon carried “Dogs” when Roger played it on previous tours. He did! And I think that makes David proud. David isn’t the kind of guy to get caught up in “one-ups-manship”, and he’s too good a musician to get jealous.

    Anyway that’s my opinion. I’ll be going to one of Roger’s concerts, albeit back in the lawn seats, not up front like I was for David’s shows. And I plan to have a good time listening to songs I love. I’m sure I’ll be wishing David makes a surprise appearance (fat chance of that in Camden, New Jersey) but I won’t let that ruin my good time.

    One thing I will say though, I’ll be cringing when I hear that sax solo and the overly loud drums (it should start out soft) during Set The Controls.

  119. – Lucia, I totally agree with you about Fed and his work on ‘his’ blog (since he is the ‘only blogger’, he said…) and I first didn’t understand why Linda felt uncomfortable with Fed or everyone else on this blog …(but, english language ?…)

    Fed and Lucia, keep posting your funny and silly comments, please…we enjoy them…

    – [Some people need to get a sense of humour…- Victor]

    Of course you are right,…so…why doesn’t anyone congratulate me and my compatriots (?) for the french victory yesterday against Spain ?…feel free…I would like to…LOL !


    [You did great, my friend. Congratulations. I’m happy for France (I’m also sorry for the Spanish Liverpool boys… I suppose this means I’ll have to support England now). Yet the best team won. Good luck against Brazil. (What does Nostradamus know about football, eh?) – Features Editor]

  120. Wow…all this Roger/David stuff…ENOUGH! They are not fighting anymore so why would we? They are both incredably gifted talented people in their ownright.

    Now to the subject at hand, Jon Carin. The guy is amazing. It’s interesting to note that I have seen him play live more than I have seen David, Roger, or Pink Floyd as he has been a part of every show I have seen. (PF 87, 88, 94 8 times. David Gilmour 06 once. Roger 99, 00 4 times plus I’ll be seeing Jon several more times again with Roger in Sept when he plays US). Can’t wait to see you again Jon. The guy is amazing.

  121. Hi, F.Ed,

    If I may comment on Lesley’s post; We could spend (or waste, depending on your view) alot of time analyzing interviews and ulterior motives. I have learned over time that people are generally guarded on what they say in an interview. Even then, things are many times spun and taken out of context to fit what the writer or producer of the piece wants to communicate.

    On another point, for David and Roger playing WWYH, C. numb and SOYCD, I think all it really boils down to is that both people love these songs and love to perform them. Both admit that these songs in particular are the best of their collaberations. There may be some one- upsmanship going on on a sub-conscious level, but it is the nature of the business to try to better one’s performance each time.

    That being said, I do not think it is fair to say that Jon is in essence a surrogate David. Jon’s talent stands on its own. He performs in a way that reflects the essential elements of a song, and at the same time he pours himself into it, making his performance genuine and not an imitation of David or Rick or anyone else. That is why I think David and Roger both hold Jon in high respect.

    You are entitled to your opinions and ideas about Roger, but I personally don’t think it’s fair to Jon to be critical of him working for Roger.

    Have a good day, all,


  122. I’m glad to see your thinking is like mine,mr Egia.

    I want to say that I love Jon’s work,and I think he’s one of the best musicians I’ve ever heard(and I’m so selective,I’m a musician too),and i’m going out of my skin until 2 August.

    I would like to put in your list mrs Torry and mr Harper,don’t you?


  123. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jon Carin in concert twice — once with Roger, and recently with David — and he is fabulous! He’s truly a “musician’s musician” with his versatility and talent. He makes it look way too easy! I struggled with piano and guitar lessons in my childhood, so I’m always in awe of those master musicians like Jon who make it look like the most natural thing in the world.

    Best wishes to you, Jon!

  124. OK… I see some of you bloggers doesn’t want the rest of us to mention Waters VS Gilmour, but I must confess that when I saw Waters live here in Oslo a couple of weeks ago it was partly because I new Carin was going to be there. We stood right infront of the stage and while the band sounded like c**p I caught myself just staring at this extremely talented man in the back.

    Jon I’ve seen you 5 times this year and I just want to thank you. You’re amazing!

  125. Fedmeister…

    Switch off the “Comments” field and go for a beer….it’s getting out of hand! 🙂

    This is Jon’s day!!!

  126. Dear Jon,

    You are an absolutely fabulous all round musician (not to mention the only one that has been able to hold on to a full head of hair through the years – you look like you haven’t aged a day!)

    And I am sure I can speak for Lucia by saying that should the Barn Band ever split up we are both very much looking forward to having you in our two seperate bands. (And although this probably makes no sense to you, trust me.. it’s a compliment!! ;-))

    Hugs, Bianca – Evil Genius of The Barn Band

  127. I know this part of the blog is to praise Jon Carin, but God, if David does another tour, he will be able to sit at home and put his feet up and send Jon out on his own to do the honours!

  128. [why doesn’t anyone congratulate me and my compatriots (?) for the french victory yesterday against Spain ?…feel free…I would like to…LOL !]


    You have beaten me to it. Perhaps now the deja vu is for 1998, not 2002, eh?

    I have a fondness for that French team as I won +€300 by predicting they would win in 1998 and 2000.

    We English are generous in our appreciation of other teams (except Germany, Argentina, Australia etc etc of course)

  129. Michael Kelly vs Lesley:

    I should agree with you, Michael, your arguments are irrefutable, but I understand Lesley’s view and feelings very well; I wouldn’t have wanted to first say that as she did, but, do you know David’s power of fascination on women ? Roger has not any power of seduction…it’s just a poor and weak female opinion, completely wrong, but so it is, …and so I am, sorry…

    [I suppose this means I’ll have to support England now – features Editor]

    No, definitely no, you told us you are not english, you can support France for example !!!


    [It would be a nice way for Zidane to leave football, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

  130. [And I am sure I can speak for Lucia by saying that should the Barn Band ever split up we are both very much looking forward to having you in our two seperate bands – Bianca]

    Oh yes! I’m absolutely agree! And I suggest to ask to all the others member of David’s band to join us…they could stay behind to play and we could just pretend to play! Isn’t the same Pink Floyd did during The Wall tour? The result would be probably better! But just for some song…then, the real BARN BAND let itself run wild!


  131. to Tim

    and how much are you prepared to pay this time to bet on a french victory ? two pence ?

    Don’t be miserly (?=avare), Déjà vu is for 98 of course !


  132. Jon’s is to music what baseball fans refer to as a 5 tool player. He does what you need and does it beautifully at that. Would love to see Jon do a solo album at some point.

  133. Jon Carin doesn’t need to work Pink Floyd music. He understands perfectly the music of the band. And his voice is perfect for the duets. That’s all.

    What more can we say ? Does he have a default ? He plays the keys, the guitar, the percussion, he’s a great singer. A perfect musical director.

    Many fans consider that he is a member of the band after all these years now.

    Always a pleasure to see him play.

    Congratulations Mr Carin.

    Antoine Meunier

  134. Oh Michèle – how I do agree with you about David!! You’ve made me feel better already!

  135. [and how much are you prepared to pay this time to bet on a french victory ? two pence ?]

    Unfortunately Michele I have already invested money in Brazil this year and stand to gain + €400 if they win so I will stand by that.

    Oh, and by the way I hope Thierry’s head is not too broken from the Puyol assault!!

  136. [I have already invested money in Brazil this year…400€…]

    Dear Tim, don’t come crying on this blog on July 9th, you will have lost your money and your self-confidence, sorry for you…



  137. Hi Fed, Let’s see now…

    David – Guitar, sax, almost anything else + vocals.
    Dave Killminster – Guitar & Vocals ( I’d love to hear D & D duet, a la Wishbone Ash).
    Greg Lake – Bass & Vocals.
    Terry Reid – Just for his Vocals!
    Keith Moon – Biscuit Tins!

    Off subject, is there any way that the backroom boys and girls could set up a “search” facility for subjects on the Blog? For example, I know there was some discussion over David’s new strap, but I lost track of what day & when etc.

    It would be great if we could type in: say “strap” & find all references to it.Or “Rudders” & find all the wit & wisdom coming out of Canada. Some of us are big fans but lack the time to spend all day checking the Blog every five minutes for any changes.

    So Pretty please with ice cream, cherries & those little silver balls on top. Is it possible?

    [Unfortunately, it seems that it’s not possible. The search facility is one of several things that we hope to change (or that I nag about on a regular basis with no success). – Features Editor]

  138. Hello,

    Saw Jon several times (pink Floyd twice, David Gilmour twice and a mounth ago with Roger) and yes he’s a Floyd. Absolutely.

    Have a nice holiday and take some ceedees with you.

  139. Great Thanks to mr.Carin for him performing on Roger’s show in Moscow at last Sarturday. And for personally meeting with fans and autographs after the show. He’s fantastic openhearted man, but not fantastic musician only.

    His playing and voice, especially in Us and Them was wonderful.

    Wish to see him again with David’s band.

    Sixth Floyd, I agree. Like Storm.

    Best wishes, Jon!!!

  140. To jon carin; i was on the right side of the Massey Hall in Toronto so i was just above you. So it is you that i have seen the closest with Mr. Richard Wright and i was delightful. How a great musician you are. THANK YOU!

    Sylvie de montréal

  141. Roger… Bless you…

    It would be great if we could type in say “Rudders” & find all the wit & wisdom coming out of Canada….

    Thank you 🙂

  142. Fedmeister!

    Tim C is adding to our “insulted” list…

    He wrote “We English are generous in our appreciation of other teams (except Germany, Argentina, Australia etc etc of course)”


    [How long is this list now? Too long, I reckon. – Features Editor]

  143. jon’s sonic mastery impressed me just as much as david’s did. i still tell stories of him perched on the edge of the massey hall stage, guitar on lap and his music in my mind. excellent job, good luck with all you do. i’ll agree with fellow blogger about the sixth floyd. a lot of what is done live would not be possible without jon and his work ethic. he makes everything better. cheers.

  144. “Tim C is adding to our “insulted” list…

    He wrote “We English are generous in our appreciation of other teams (except Germany, Argentina, Australia etc etc of course)””

    I don’t see anyone on this list who could possibly have a complaint.

  145. [How long is this list now? Too long, I reckon. – Features Editor]

    You’ve got me worried now. I have been racking my brain to think of who I have insulted and I can only come up with…

    1.The Welsh – retraction issued, foregiveness (graciously) given
    2. Sheep (by association) – retraction issued, sheep unprepared to commit to apology
    3. Australians – no apology necessary
    4.That negative little sh*t who posted a few weeks ago – retraction unlikely
    5. F’ed but only in a loving way and often under extreme provocation
    6. Bob Dylan – only re vocal qualities
    7. Shane Macgowan – Ditto
    8. German / Argentina football team – falls under category of fair comment

    Apologies to anyone who feels insulted and has been further insulted by my failure to remember insulting them.

    I’d hate to think I’m in anyone’e little black book.

    [No need. Rudders and I have been listing any group which may have been offended by any comment since Day One. It’s a collective effort, only we’re not really trying, so it’s no effort. Which is quite worrying. – Features Editor]

  146. [I just don’t think that Roger has turned into this nice guy that people want to perceive him as now. He also said in an interview last October that “he was not in the mood” concerning reforming the band. That makes me laugh, “HE’S not in the mood”. Considering that David had already said about a couple of days after Live 8 that they wouldn’t reform, Roger seems to think that if he says “jump” everybody is going to jump. I am glad that David has stuck to his guns, and I personally hope that there isn’t a reunion. – Posted by: Lesley at June 28, 2006 09:06 AM]

    he’s having a go in the times newspaper today, saying how he was on the floor with his feet in the air when he heard the reggae version of ‘money’ on the momentary lapse tour. he also says something about pink floyd being david’s baby for the last 20 years so obviously “he doesn’t want to relinquish his grip on it.”

    sorry ed. i’m not trying to stir it up again. i’m just backing up lesley on this one. i think these comments can act as a very good reason for there not being a floyd reunion, which is why i feel people should stop hoping for one.

  147. [No need. Rudders and I have been listing any group which may have been offended by any comment since Day One. It’s a collective effort, only we’re not really trying, so it’s no effort. Which is quite worrying. – Features Editor]

    If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands I’ve got some ironing that you could do ….

    [I’ll give that kind offer a miss, thank you. – Features Editor]

  148. To Victor

    Thanks for your support. I, too, have read the article in The Times. Something interesting was the fact that the interviewer said that Roger “hasn’t taken a close interest in their Waters-less guise, which might account for his surprise when I tell him that next month’s release on DVD of Pulse (from their 1994 tour) contains their performance of Dark Side of the Moon”.

    “Is that the case?” he smiles. “I didn’t know. I gave up after I heard a reggae version of Money on The Delicate Sound of Thunder …”

    Now, I’m not sure whether Roger means he didn’t know that David performed Dark Side, or that he didn’t know that it was on the Pulse DVD, but, if it is the former, I understood that David asked Roger to perform Dark Side in 1994, and Roger declined. Is Roger telling porkies?

    After reading the article I came away feeling that Roger is after the sympathy vote.

  149. Hi everyone! I’m from Argentina. More true words were not said about this brilliant musician who is a common face. I want to make a special mention of his performance in P.U.L.S.E tour. Thanks.

  150. Well, Jon is a very great musician.He can play everything.I understand why David took him with Pink Floyd and his last solo album. I hope that he will stay with David for the next album (solo or PF).

  151. [Now, I’m not sure whether Roger means he didn’t know that David performed Dark Side, or that he didn’t know that it was on the Pulse DVD, but, if it is the former, I understood that David asked Roger to perform Dark Side in 1994, and Roger declined. Is Roger telling porkies? After reading the article I came away feeling that Roger is after the sympathy vote. – Posted by: Lesley at June 30, 2006 07:03 PM]

    it must be that selective memory again – only remembering what he wants to remember. sorry ed, i don’t mean to cause trouble, but you have to admit that the timing of these comments is very convenient for him with hyde park tomorrow.

    [Yes, it is, but don’t forget that you can’t believe all that you read. The newspapers do love to stir things up. – Features Editor]

  152. I have seen and enjoyed Jon Carin’s playing and singing many times since the AMLOR tour back in 1987. Jon , you are very talented, watching you play and sing ‘ Dogs ‘ in 1999 in Toronto RW and watching you play side-by-side with Richard Wright with David this year at Massey Hall in Toronto was truly amazing. I truly admire your musical talents Sir.

    Take care and keep the PFDGRW flame alive Jon.


  153. I hope we can now all agree to disagree about David and Roger. No matter how you slice it, there will be differences about this issue.

    Michelle: I liked your comment about trying to agree with Michael but understanding Lesley’s view and “David’s power of fascination on women” and Roger’s lack of attraction, as in.. zip, zero, nada. (altho, I think Richard Gere could play him in a movie about the Floyd..but how could you find someone who could possibly play David??) Michael, you have no idea what a ‘wall’ you might run into when pitting David against Roger in most women’s minds. (I’m sure Mr. Gilmour has heard it often enough and has had enough of us ‘adoring females’…And Polly must be even more tired of the subject.)

    Michelle….I would like to nominate you the most ‘tactful peacemaker’ in this blog. Your remarks to Linda and Piergiogio show a talent for finding a balance. As in the above comments, where you always try to see both sides. Bravo. I salute you.

    Lucia: I think you are the best kind of ‘female’ lunatic and Rudders is the best ‘male’ lunatic on the sight…(except when FEd makes a particularly witty comeback)

    I love all the lunatics on this site. And I agree that Linda, you should not run away, FEd is really very kind (underneath the phoney beard and bluster). It’s just that crazy ‘foreign’ dry wit of his.

  154. (I am certainly not a blogger or even at all the chatroom type, but for Mr. Carin, I will definitely take risk to surface here…)

    Fantastic blog list so far for Jon’s sake — believe me, there is NOTHING out there in cyberspace of a fully worthy and heartfelt dedication to this prolifically talented, humble gentleman. So thank you for creating this special page for him! (If his own website does not fully launch by Christmas… –well, being the digital visual artist that I am, I am daring myself to launch a full-blown site on his career’s behalf as a holiday gift –maybe sooner!)

    This man’s talent and career since he was an ’embryo’ simply blows my mind!

    …Though I have always held the historic sound and art of Pink Floyd in my personal #1 slot since I was old (young) enough to dig legendary rock (and I am of Jon’s age/generation, by the way), when Jon joined up in ’85 I loved Pink Floyd even ALL the MORE! –a young,fresh and newly solidifying dimension was then added to PF, that I’ve grown up with, to date. I cravingly look and listen for Jon in EVERYthing PF. ((So this is my answer to you, Mr. Blog Master.))

    …Now w-a-a-a-y on the other end of the spectrum (and I wish I had space here to cover all the in-betweens on your timeline, Jon…), I have to admit this comment right here and now, and I hope it translates positively:

    I’ve been listening over and over ALL night to the ‘State of the Nation’ video!!!

    Amazing voice! –(you were so young!)–And, most obviously, a master instrumentalist/programming whiz!

    Look at you today! God bless you, higher than ever up that mountain of your career!

    As I sign off here….

    The other day I was just gelling on some of your work (yyyyet again!) and just penned out a bit of lyric with you in mind. A stanza or two from it:

    ….Love to swim in your sea
    In this theater of mermaids
    In your rhythm of soundwaves
    You gently sway me

    –These serpentine dreams
    Weaving on through
    Your abyss of deep blue
    Streaming luminous greens–

    This bliss before birth
    Your song can suspend me
    I think I’m transcending
    In the womb of the Earth….

    God bless and keep you and yours, Jon Carin!


  155. I thought I was the biggest Jon Carin fan in the world but “LG” has really won the prixe. Sorry that I’m late to respond to this, but with Jon Carin in both David’s and Roger’s camps I think it’s much easier for Pink Floyd fans to accept that the two of them has gone different ways. I think neither David’s or Roger’s live bands would’ve listened so nice if not Jon Carin was there.

  156. [Roger’s lack of attraction, as in.. zip, zero, nada. (altho, I think Richard Gere could play him in a movie about the Floyd..but how could you find someone who could possibly play David??)- Jan ]

    Hey! I was thinking the same some days ago, during the Live 8 anniversary on tv! Isn’t it funny? They look like so similar! Really funny! Maybe, we could find some actors for the others members too…but I think no one will be as perfect as Roger/Richard! Who’s for David? uhmmmm…I don’t know! Let me think!

    Bye bye Jan! Sweet dreams to you and all the others!


  157. I have a lot of respect for Jon as a musician, and what he has brought to the table for Pink Floyd and Dave’s solo work. One can tell that he is not only driven by a passion for more, but he also has a deep respect for the music and musicians he works with and helps to recreate/arrange, and to great lengths, better versions of Floyd tunes, and bring some new originality and put his personal stamp on it. He is a mutli instrumentalist and fits right on in, he should be proud to be playing with the best, because Jon Carin is one of the best.


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