glassman_blog.jpgBefore we get back to business with the latest rainy day blog for the weekend, here’s a photograph of Guy Pratt, Marc Brickman and Ian Pearson, in Glasgow, with Ian’s beautiful glass sculpture – or Glassman as he’s affectionately known.

Ian, as well as being a blog regular since our early days, is a professional glass-blower of some talent and made this fantastic sculpture himself, based on sculptor David MacIlwaine’s original wireman.

This stunning piece was presented to me backstage at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday evening, along with several other lovely gifts and a £100 donation to David and Polly to pass on to Crisis, the homelessness charity.

It was such a wonderful surprise and I’m incredibly touched by your kindness, so another big thank you to all involved.

Now, as promised, I’ve got another poll for you, courtesy of Ripper.

Which were your three favourite live tunes from David’s tour?

It’s not easy picking just three, I know, but please don’t list more than five. It would be interesting to see which tracks you feel were presented well in a live environment.

Thanks again for the goodies. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

328 thoughts on “Glassman”

  1. that’s quite something! i’d love to see more pics of it if possible. it looks just like the wireman we’ve come to see as david’s logo. you have some talent alright, ian! no wonder the ed loves it. it’s lush.

    my three faves from the first rah show (with two extras if we’re allowed to name five):

    1. take a breath
    2. echoes
    3. the blue

    4. a pocketful of stones (can’t stop playing it since seeing it live – gorgeous)
    5. wot’s… uh the deal

    special mention must also go to the beautiful ending of ‘high hopes’ and david singing better than crosby and nash on ‘find the cost of freedom’. in fact, he put them to shame and they were fantastic!

  2. Thats awesome. I’m a glassblower as well 🙂

    My favorite tunes live were Echoes, Comfortably Numb with David Bowie, and On an Island.

    I have to say I never thought I would get to hear Echoes live.

  3. Top three songs? It might depend on the night, and whether someone was a guest performer. I would say 1) Echoes, 2) Take a Breath, 3) Smile.

    Part of the reason I feel strongly about the latter two is that the live versions were far more impressive than the studio ones, despite how impressive On An Island sounds as a studio album to begin with. However, each night, with different sets, different songs stood out. It’s a very tough choice. DG and his band were most definitely ready and rehearsed to record this for DVD, making the performances flawless for most if not all songs.

  4. 1. Echoes
    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. Take A Breath

    Picking No.3 was hard! It was between TAB, OAI, FOS and CBTL, but TAB just pipped it due to its sheer ‘rockability’! The lighting for this song was also amazing.

    Peace, David.

  5. 1 – Echoes (Got better and better as the tour went on)
    2 – Wot’s…Uh The Deal (Who would have thunk it)
    3 – Take A Breath (A MONSTER LIVE)

    Honorable Mentions

    4 – Fat Old Sun (Love that solo)
    5 – High Hopes (Love that ending)

  6. That is some piece of artwork there Ian, congratulations on producing what looks an extremely intricate and beautiful piece.

    And now onto the question of the day. It’s quite likely that there will be a couple of obvious entrants in most peoples lists, so I thought I’d come at this from a slightly different angle.

    I absolutely loved Wots…The Deal. This probably had as much to do with it being the first time I’d ever heard it live as anything else, but even so I found it quite moving.

    My next choice would be Arnold Layne from the 29th with David Bowie. Again a new live track for me, but the more I think about it the decision to ask David Bowie to sing was inspired. Apart from the obvious, I can’t think of a more appropriate person to sing those lyrics. It just seemed to me to be one of those moments in rock & roll that will always be remembered.

    Finally I’d like to choose a track from OAI, Red Sky At Night. Just how talented is one individual allowed to be, it’s just not fair! To be able to hold an audience with a solo on what is not your #1 instrument is just staggering. The RAH was silent as David played that sax just in front of Richard. It was one of those ‘shivers’ moments.

    Thanks again to all concerned for putting on shows that I will never forget. Now if only I could win the lottery tonight so I could follow David ’round Europe for the summer. *sigh*


  7. Good to see that others like Take A Breath…great track.

    My 3 are…

    Fat Old Sun
    Take A Breath

    with High Hopes and Great Gig to follow. When you think about it these tracks span 35 years, so it goes to show that David has created great tracks throughout his entire career. But then we all knew that anyway!

  8. 1 – Echoes
    2 – Take A Breath
    3 – Comfortably Numb

    4 – Pocketful of Stones
    5 – Where We Start

    Thanks again for the wonderful Chicago shows!

  9. 1) Echoes
    2) Fat Old Sun
    3) On an Island

    Honor roll

    4) Shine On
    5) This Heaven

    Obviously this is a futile exercise, because #’s 3 thru 20 might change daily. The first 2, however, are set in stone.

  10. 1 – Echoes (simply stunning)
    2 – Comfortably Numb (the guitar solo sends shivers down my spine everytime)
    3 – Arnold Layne (on 29th with Bowie, such a surprise)


    4 – Take a Breath (really rocked live)
    5 – Pocketful of Stones (great vocal from David)

    The whole of OAI came to life for me at the RAH and I can’t stop listening to it now and remembering…………..

    Thank you, David.

    Jacqui, Coventry

  11. Wow, that Glassman looks impressive! And delicate, so be careful you don’t break it!

    Now, for live favorites: it goes without saying that Echoes is THE favorite, and Shine On would be another no matter where or how or when it’s played. So I’ll exclude those, and rather pick the following:

    Then I Close My Eyes – a bit like early Pink Floyd, actually
    A Pocketful of Stones – classically dramatic
    Red Sky At Night – beautiful, sublime

  12. CAPTION – ” Marc the security guard, arrests two dodgy looking characters trying to steal next years “Turner” prize winning entry from the Tate”!

    McKinley Moore said “Thats awesome. I’m a glassblower as well :-)”

    Thanks for compliment, coming from another glassblower means a lot as I am sure you understand.

    My 3 best lives are

    Take a Breath
    Arnold Layne
    Shine On Crazy Diamond (from Mermaid)

    You keeping score Fed?

    Advice please on coping with “post-gig” blues

    Ian Pearson

    [Yep, I’ve got my tally chart on the go. – Features Editor]

  13. 1. Where We Start – understated, emotional but very memorable
    2. Fat Old Sun – always very moving
    3. On An Island – a new classic, and much more complex than it appears at first.

  14. Favourite three:

    – On an Island
    – Echoes
    – Comfortably Numb

    Also very, very good were The Blue, Shine On You Crazy Diamond and High Hopes.

    Saw David at Le Grand Rex – Paris.

    Great job on the site.
    Joao Rocha – Portugal

  15. IAN YOU ROCK!! Can I just say: I love Brickman in that picture!!!

    Gimme some funny captions here Rudders!

    My live favs in no particular order:

    ‘Siiiiiiiiiiiing to meeeeeeeee, siiiiiiiing to meeeeeeeeee’


    ‘Wheeeeeeeeeeeeere were youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?’

    ‘Forever and eeeeeeeeeeever’

    (oh and OAI of course..) *grin*


  16. Hi FEd,

    Nice picture of Ian, Guy and Marc with Glassman … Ian looks so proud of his ‘little man’, don’t you think? I’d love to see a photo of David holding Glassman — such a remarkable resemblance!

    My three favorites live are:

    Take A Breath
    Fat Old Sun

    As I’ve mentioned before, the whole of On An Island took on a new dimension when performed live … absolutely fantastic, as if the songs were just waiting to blow our hair back when turned loose on the stage!!

    My best to everyone … take care!

    Washington State

  17. My favourites:

    1) Echoes
    2) Take A Breath
    3) When I Close My Eyes (love seeing David play thirty different guitars at once!)

    There are perennial favourites which we all know and agree upon, and should probably eliminate from the poll (e.g. Comfortably Numb, High Hopes).

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABRIELLE!! Congrats on the Double Nickel!!!

    FEd, my friend, you are more than welcome!


    “Don’t-get-your-panties-in-a-bunch Guy” 😉

  18. How do you know if a drummer’s at your door?
    The Knock Starts to speed up!!!!

    What do you call the people that drummer’s hang around with?

    There is a reason for these really bad jokes (told during a Placebo show some three years ago when Steve broke his Snare).

    Just got back from the Fnac store on the Champs Elysées where a certain Nick Mason was signing many a copy of his book. I took the liberty to “interview” him on behalf of the bloggers here at

    He thinks Alonso is gonna win the next Grand Prix and he prefers Macs to Pcs. As we can tell, he has very good taste (aside from the whole Alonso thing me being a Button fan and all)

    So that’s it. Was great to see all the old Floydies there with their LPs of Dark Side… (wish I had mine…I mean my mother’s, she still has all the original stickers) and one bof even had Piper…!!!

    As for best live songs, I’ll chose from the show that I saw (Grand Rex, Paris):

    1) Echoes
    2) Take A Breath
    3) High Hopes

    Anyhoos gotta eat. Bit of long entry but I did have something to say so I’m sure I can get away with it.

    x x x

  19. Forgot to say how nice that sculpture is (let’s hope it doesn’t end up on e bay sometime next week).

    Well done to the whole team, you’ve been fab oh and course to the band, can’t remember what they did…!!!!

    x x x

    [If you see it on there, you know who to blame. Besides, whatever would I put as the starting bid? – Features Editor]

  20. Ian, that looks brilliant!! You Rock.

    My fav tunes:

    1 Echoes
    2 On an island
    3 Wearing the inside out

  21. 1. Echoes (23 minutes of pure experience that reminded me what it means to feel truly alive!)
    2. High Hopes
    3. Take a Breath (playing it right now!)

    Marc in L.A.

  22. Wow, what a wonderful sculpture! Ian, you are a true artist!

    [Isn’t it beautiful? – Features Editor]

  23. Ian wrote:

    [Advice please on coping with “post-gig” blues]

    That is a good one.. how about a new blogentry especially for that one?! *grin*

    For me lots of sleep helps and reading and posting on the blog and looking at.. oh.. ehm.. nothing.. I didn’t take any photo’s off course.. ignore me.. *whistles innocently* 😉

    hugs, Bianca

  24. Incredibly difficult, but here goes…

    1. Echoes – naturally

    2. Wots…The Deal (with the slide guitar; what a pretty little song, so good to hear it live after all these years. Get’s the number two spot as it proved a nice surprise, and showed that DG is not afraid of plundering the back catalogue for forgotten gems. Let’s hope next time there’s plenty more unusual tracks from yesteryear selected. Hey – maybe a good choice for another poll? What neglected track(s) should be dusted off for the next tour?)

    3. All the rest!

    No, that’s cheating… erm… Fat Old Sun, possibly? High Hopes? Take A Breath? On An Island (the track) sounded a lot meatier live, as did much of the rest of the album, which also sounded great. Loved hearing Robert Wyatt on Then I Close My Eyes – he’s a legend, and his contribution made a difference to the reading of this track.

    Oh man… this is HARD!

  25. I’d be surprised if Echoes doesn’t turn out to be the most popular choice. I never thought it would come across so well in concert, simply amazing. I just hope the DVD does it justice.

    My choices, in order, are:

    1) Echoes
    2) On An Island
    3) Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    Features Editor – It’ll be interesting to see how long this forum stays active now that David’s tour is all but completed (less a couple of outdoor venues this summer). Hope you have tons of David Gilmour related topics to keep it fresh. Til the next posting…..

    Raymond in Orange County CA.

  26. Echoes (Sublime)
    The Blue
    Take a Breath

    Some of this unfamiliar stuff in time will become classics!

  27. Very hard job with many great songs but top 3 as follows

    Fat Old Sun
    Take a breath

  28. 1. Echoes at the Royal Albert Hall – the two were made for each other and it was a fittingly epic venue for an epic tune. Played to perfection, and the rearranged version, along with some amazing variation by all, but especially Guy, Steve and Richard.

    2. Fat Old Sun – I loved the way it built from a soft lazy acoustic tune into a get-down rocker. I said it before, but I never wanted that jam to end because the groove/vibe was just sooo yummy. Fantastic juxtaposition I think it’s called…

    3. Comfortably Numb – who could fail to love it? The emotion pours out of David’s fingers into the strings and grabs me every single time I hear it. His performances of it that I heard this week were unbelievable and showed exactly why he’s not one of the most influential guitarists of all time 🙂

  29. Well first of all every single song preformed was a little gem ! If I have to choose three

    1 Wot’s…Uh The Deal
    2 High Hopes
    3 Echoes

    On An Island , Arnold Layne, Comfortably Numb, Fat old sun all equal

    Sorry I can not choose hahahaha

    hope to be suprised with new songs on the setlist this summer tour !!

  30. ok I love these little polls.

    Here are my three:

    1. Take a Breath – Dude, it was totally killer live! Made me want to get up and start moshing. LOL!
    2. Echoes – Pure Bliss
    3. This Heaven – Really Bluesy It was great!

    I saw David on 4/20 at the Gibson. I must say it is a great pic of Ian, Guy and Marc the glassman looks fabulous!! Great Job.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  31. Oops – pressed post instead of submit…doh…

    Also wanted to add how good the entire On An Island played out. It flowed together with a much more classical style, in that each song, or section of songs, felt like acts of a play. I’ve listened to the CD/MP3s a lot but the performances of OAI really brought all the pieces together in a way that I hadn’t heard on the CD. Like a story woven together but that needed the author to read it to me to properly punctuate it. That might sound nuts, but that’s the best way I can describe it.

    Ian – Your work is beautiful – have you made yourself a prism yet, Mr Glassman? 🙂

    Have a wicked weekend all – England just destroyed a very weak Jamaican side in a footie friendly, the sun is out and I do believe that means it’s a BBQ evening… have fun all


  32. All the songs were great at the Manchester gig, but my fave 3 was:

    1. Coming Back To Life
    2. Arnold Layne
    3. Echoes


  33. Take a Breath (absolutely a killer song live!)
    Comfortably Numb
    Wish You Were Here (great audience participation at Radio City!)

  34. 1. Echoes
    2. What´s the deal
    3. On an island

    4. High hopes
    5. A pocketful of stones

    Can´t wait for the DVD. Hope ALL Guest-appearences are on that.

    Love to all

  35. Sorry, didn’t get to see the tour so can’t pick 3 favourites. Instead I’m being cheeky and jumping a day now we’ve got to 296 posts.

    Lucia and Bianca,

    What are we going to have to do to pursuade F’Ed of the merits of Radiohead?

    The Bends and OK computer in the top 10 – I think so (the Bends maybe top 15)

    Better than Rubber soul – maybe. Better than Brothers in Arms, Hotel California (pah), Pet Sounds etc. Abso-bloody-lutely. A great album cannot have so much filler. Better than Oasis – don’t even start. Same of course is true for WYWH and the WALL.

    It’s not a question of rip-off or the “PF of the nineties”, it’s the common values.

    It’s about blend of power and melody. It’s about importance of theme. It’s about moments of transcending beauty interlaced around infectious rhythm. It’s about integrity and evolution of musical style. It’s about soul. I could be writing about PF or Radiohead – I am in fact writing about both.

    It’s funny – and ultimately a good thing of course – that we who are united about DG are divided on this one. I guess F’ed in your defence it’s difficult to love a voice that grates on you (but seems full of fragile emotion to us !?!) – it just shows there’s a whole lotta great music out there and you just can’t please all the people all the time (unless you happen to be playing Echoes with some great mates of course)

    [And let’s not forget that David likes them. I should probably stop slagging them off… – Features Editor]

  36. Ian sir, what a talent you have!

    My Three faves from the Bridgewater hall and Tues night at the RAH were;

    2.Fat old sun
    3.Comfortably Numb

    Have a good weekend all!!!

  37. Fantastic sculpture, Ian. Brilliant representation of the wireman artwork!

    Favorite songs from the tour (as if the whole show can’t be favorite):

    1. Echoes – nothing more to needs to be said
    2. Comfortably Numb – and old favorite continues to please
    3. Then I Close My Eyes – a nice mellow, musical poem to sit back and relax with (eyes closed, of course)

    Honorable mentions:

    4. Fat Old Sun – love the electric version, great to see it still being played
    5. Coming Back to Life – touching personal song, but a great groove just the same

  38. Hello Everyone, the entire OAI set, from start to finish I don’t give a shit that’s 1. saw that performed straight through at Massey Hall. It’s one long song as far as I am concerned. 2. High Hopes, 3. Fat Old Sun.


  39. first of all I would like to say a big hello to david, Guy and the band for making the 30th the best night of my life. Seriously.

    My top 3 live songs were:

    1: Echoes
    2: take a breath
    3: arnold layne

    and can I just take a minute to express my views on why David gilmour is one of the all time greatest guitarists:

    1: He is totally and utterly original – there is nobody that sounds quite like gilmour.

    2: he has consistently produced superb guitar liks and melodies across 4 decades – which other guitarist could say this?

    3: And finally – he has a certain magic to him that cannot be put into words.

    Thankyou David and the band once again for an unforgettable night. Hope to see you in france!!


  40. Three favorite live tunes:

    1: Echoes (Stellar)
    2: Comfortably Numb (to hear and see this one performed live for the first time ever, no words…)

    That was easy, but for #3…

    3: Take a Breath (such energy)

    It was all so great!!

  41. It’s hard to pick only three when the whole show was amazing but…

    1. Echoes (I still can’t believe I got to see this live. One of the most beautiful pieces David and co. has ever created.)
    2. High Hopes (My favorite part was the closing nylon guitar work which everyone yelled and clapped and shouted over…grr.)
    3. I can’t choose between Coming Back to Life and Smile! Oh Polly you are a lucky woman!

    Quick question…is that David’s guitar work on the song “No More Lonely Nights” by Paul McCartney? I’m pretty sure it is, and what a great collaboration of 2 excellent and talented musicians.

    Thank you very much for your time, have a nice day!

    [It sure is David on ‘No More Lonely Nights’, Shirin. – Features Editor]

  42. Echoes of course
    Comfortably numb
    Wish you were here

    and maybe another…… Fat old sun !!!

  43. My top three were

    1) Echoes
    2) Take A Breath
    3) On An Island & Fat Old Sun (a tie here for 3rd)

  44. Only 3, that’s a tough decision because seeing David was one of those rare concerts where I enjoyed everything that was played.

    1. Echoes – Never thought this one would ever be played, but it was just simply amazing. I also loved the lasers.

    2. Take a Breath – This song is a totally different song live, not that the studio version is bad, but it just rocks so much more when played live. And the light show was amazing, nice use of the strobes. I actually heard this song on the radio yesterday on my way home from work, nice surprise there.

    3. Comfortably Numb – My favorite Floyd song, I’ll never forget it especially the guitar solos. Also, Rick did a great job singing the part of the Doctor.

    Oh, and the glass sculpture is just amazing! Nice job, Ian!

  45. I have to say my favorites were:

    The Blue
    Fat Old Sun

    Honorable Mention: Take a Breath

    Ian absolutely beautiful! Lucky you F’ed!

    As a subscriber to XM radio, I just received an email with David’s performance/interview dates.

    Mon., June 5 at 6PM Deep Tracks – XM 40
    Weds., June 7 at 9AM Fine Tuning – XM 76
    Fri., June 9 at 2PM Deep Tracks – XM 40
    Sat., June 10 at 3PM The Loft – XM 50
    Sun. June 11 at 3AM XM Café – XM 45

    [Yes, it’s coming on Monday. Full details then, including how to get a free three-day pass. – Features Editor]

  46. Will the RAH posters be available for purchasing on the Web store?.I was going to buy one but by the time i would have got back to N.Ireland it would be in more than one piece!!!!

    [Well, if there are any left. They were limited editions. I’ll find out for you, Paul. – Features Editor]

  47. Echoes – pure magic, amazing to finally watch it played live!!!
    Speak to me/ Breathe – set the tone for the show and was amazing ( I managed to watch the rehearsel of this!! : )
    Take a Breath – Mermaid front row centre(so intimate, loved the lights)

    An amazing overall show at the RAH on the 29th, My jaw hit the floor when Mr. Bowie came on
    Is there an e-mail address we can send pics to?

    cheerz, Vince

    [I’m afraid not, Vince. We didn’t want fans to take photos, so it would be hypocritical of us to take them and use them. – Features Editor]

  48. This is really, really tough.

    1) Echoes
    2) The Blue
    3) Dominos

    Wait…what I really mean is everything from both sets!

    By the way, it’s an amazing sculpture.

  49. Tough one …

    Okay, in no particular order:

    On An Island
    Take A Breath
    The Blue


  50. Tough one …

    Okay, in no particular order:

    On An Island
    Take A Breath
    The Blue


  51. omg, that’s such a beautiful sculpture, ian. you’re so talented and generous.

    my 3 choices are

    1. take a breath
    2. the blue
    3. echoes

    but i especially loved the first half. echoes is going to top this poll, but that shouldn’t take anything away from oai. any 25-minute floydian classic will steal a show, especially with those amazing lights and lasers. but we weren’t all there for the floyd stuff. hearing all of oai was a real treat. thank you, david.

  52. [And let’s not forget that David likes them. I should probably stop slagging them off… – Features Editor]

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, thanx Tom C! Seems like together we finally did it!! *grin*

    How about a big hug for the both of us, Lucia? 😉

    Hugs, Bianca

    ps: Arnold Layne by Bowie was also one of my live favs.. :-p

  53. 1: Echoes
    2: take a breath
    3: arnold layne( with ol dave ‘cheezy footballs’bowie.

  54. ps,the other day you were on about david having a solo hit single,surley take a breath is a much better bet than smile!?

  55. The best three, well you could pick any of the songs as there was not a single dud, all were just outstanding, but pushed I’d list in order:

    Take a Breath
    A Pocketful of Stones

    plus everything else!

  56. Salut � vous mes trois premiers


    Mais je les aimes tous,un Gros MERCI � DAVID pour ce beau mat�riels super je n’oublirais jamais.Le jour ou j’ai connu ta musique tu as touch� mon �me gr�ce � elle j,ai traverser merveilleusement les �tapes de ma vie,MERCI j’�tais � Toronto les 2 soirs et cela seras toujours le plus beau moment de ma vie LE NECK PLUS ULTRA IL N’Y EN A PAS DE MEILLEUR. BONNE CONTINUITER.BYEXXX


  57. 1. Echoes
    2. Time
    3. Coming back to life
    4. High hopes
    5. wot’s… uh the deal

  58. 1. Fat Old Sun
    2. Wots The Deal
    3. Echoes

    Fantastic tour (and album)! Easily one of the best things to happen in 2006 so far. So many hours of enjoyment already. Here’s to hoping that David’s creative juices remain flowing – like a river trying to find the sea.

    So blue…

  59. Had not read the contents of this blog section when I responded, but just did. Seems to me that Echoes followed by Take a Breath come out close to the top and deservedly so.

    Both are great pieces of music, both were played so fantastically well and both were really appreciated by the audience.

    The band were just fantastic, that is really what we think, but no more so that during these two songs.



  60. Had a wonderful time playing with rock’s finest guitar player again

    Love Richard. Guy is pretty good also.

  61. 1. Echoes
    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. Take A Breath

    The only problem I have with this survey is that when I see someone elses favorite, or think about a favorite song, it also becomes one. Thanks for a fantastic show that left such a lasting impression.I saw the show in Chicago on the 13th and it is still fresh in my mind

    Thanks, PK

  62. My top 3 from the Clyde Auditorium last saturday.(Which was THE best gig i have ever attended).

    1. Echoes
    2. Fat Old Sun
    3. Take A Breath

  63. My top threeish from RAH – 29/05/06

    1 – Echoes.
    2 – Take a Breath.
    3 – SOYCD

    4 – CN
    5 – Wot’s.

    Bianca / Rado glad you made it home safely…
    Rudders, I’ve mailed Simon the “Irregular”…
    Simon, how’s about Polly if it’s a girl…
    Ian, you’re one hell of a Glassman…
    FEd, keep on Fedding…

  64. From David’s solos set:

    1. On an Island
    2. Take a Breath
    3. Where we start

    From the Floyd set:

    1. Echoes
    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. Coming back to life (total sound & arrangement surprise: so much better than 1994!)

  65. Saw David and the band April 5 at Radio City Music Hall. My favorites from that night are:

    1) Echoes. As a fan of David and Pink Floyd since I first heard Dark Side of the Moon in 1973, I was hoping that I might get to see David and Rick do this song live. I’ve always held the Pompeii version of this song as the gold standard. Finally, in 2006, my wish was granted. This song is just so good live – it was an incredible experience.

    2) Wots…Uh, The Deal. This song is a real sleeper. Being a true ‘deep cut’ from an obscure Floyd album made it a real treat. The band sounded great, and I was thinking to myself, “They could re-release this song as a single in 2006…it stands the test of time and is a true gem.”

    3) Wearing The Inside Out. This song is my favorite from The Division Bell. Between David’s tasty guitar licks sprinkled throughout the song and Rick’s haunting vocals – this is a classic…Rick Wright’s writing at its finest. Thanks for including this in the setlist.

    Beyond that, OAI was a real treat with Crosby and Nash.

    What a great tour and a real treat to see David and the great band he put together for the tour. Guy and Jon are real talents and a big part of the Floyd / Gilmour / Waters legacy now with so many years touring with the various incarnations of the band. Dick Parry is always a treat, too!

    My only hope is that April 5th wasn’t the last time I get to see David and/or Rick.

    FEd – congrats on your gift – you certainly deserve it for all of your hard work and moderating these blogs.


    [Thank you very much, Brian. – Features Editor]

  66. (KenF: It was really cool meeting you as well. I am sorry we were an hour late, but at least you had fun going all round that pub all that time asking every lady with even a hint of red in her hair if her name was Bianca, right? 😉 And thank you for commenting on my attire on that day. I felt dead sexy in my black skirt and my cowboy boots! GENUINELY SPIFFY! *GRIN* – Bianca at June 2, 2006 11:04 PM)

    Thanks for that Bianca.

    Yeah, I was getting some strange looks/replies from some of the other ladieees in red…, but none came close to your Carrot top ;o)

  67. The most popular so far seem to be:

    Echoes (49)
    Take A Breath (31)
    Fat Old Sun (17)
    Comfortably Numb (14)
    On An Island (12)
    Wot’s… Uh The Deal (10)
    High Hopes (9)
    Arnold Layne (8)
    The Blue (7)
    A Pocketful Of Stones (6)
    Coming Back To Life (6)

  68. 1. Echoes.
    2. The complete OAI set – I’m sorry, I just loved them all, but if you force my arm behind my back, I’d possibly say ‘Then I Close My Eyes’.
    3. Fat Old Sun.

    The glassman certainly looks fantastic in the flesh, in errr… glassy sort of way!

  69. From wednesday at the RAH:

    1. Echoes (really worried when it was approaching 11:00pm and this still hadn’t been played)
    2. On An Island
    3. Take A Breath

    But of course everything else was superb as well. It is by no means easy picking just three! The waiting for this show over the last few weeks was excrutiating, but I wasn’t disappointed.

    Thanks to everyone concerned.

  70. Echoes
    Comfortably numb (though whats uh…the deal was incredible)
    and ARNOLD LAYNE!!!!

  71. From Radio City April 4th:

    1. Echoes
    2. Fat Old Sun
    3. High Hopes

    Has Richard Wright posted here before? I think this is his first?

    Very cool indeed. It was a pleasure to see you in concert Rick, it was a superb performance.


    [Yes, Guy assures me that it really was Richard. – Features Editor]

  72. [And let’s not forget that David likes them. I should probably stop slagging them off… – Features Editor]


    You are a gentleman and a scholar.

    You have earnt me a cyber hug so I can now go to bed a contented man.

    The list just makes me want to see that DVD even more…

    From the postings my favourites would be

    1. The Great Gig .. – if I was allowed to keep only one piece of music this would be it – but hey that was my suggestion in the first place (see posts many moons ago)
    2. Echoes – a clear favourite from all who were there
    3. Shine on – from the Mermaid / BBC footage – I was struck dumb by this inspired reworking.

  73. Tough one this

    Manchester :
    – Arnold lane
    – Take a breath
    – Echoes

    In no order

    RAH Monday :
    – Echoes (the best , Rick was just awesome on this version he really was going for it
    – Arnold lane (Bowie,perfect voice for this song
    – On an island (even better live , and i mean all the album, it was even better live than on CD

    does yesterdays comments break the record for the amount posted?, Oasis, a good tribute band a combination of the Beatles and a wanna be Ian Brown(Stone Roses front man), theres a good solid band the Stone Roses what do you think Fed there 1st Album was a cracker, Oasis should not even be in the top 100000000, thats like putting The Australian Pink Floyd above the real thing but at least they are honest and say that they are a Tribute band

    love to all the Bloggers out there i hope this is not the end of a beutiful thing Fed

    Take a Breath Mr Gilmour and Family we love you

    [I was never a fan of the Stone Roses, but credit where it’s due. – Features Editor]

  74. Hard to say. The shows had few weak moments. I saw both Radio City shows and my list is:

    A Pocket Full of Stones
    Fat Old Sun

    Honor Roll:

    Take A Breath (space interlude and final lead were mind blowing)
    Where We Start (I wept)

  75. Caption: Having been overlooked at the Grammy’s, Guy is presented with a red ribbon and a “Davy” consolation award for artistic integrity.

    Caption: Marc and Ian give Guy a few “pointers” on craftsmanship.

    Well, If I had attended the concert I would have looked forward to hearing:

    1: Wot’s…,Uh, The deal
    2: Echoes
    3: Fat Old Sun

    Oasis the #1 album?? (re: blootoon’s blog yesterday) It’s bad enough the band members heads are big enough (I once heard them quoted as saying they were the second coming of the Beatles or something like that) now this will just inflate them even more.

    I don’t know if £85,000 is a lot of money to produce an album or not. I think Geddy Lee said it best when he said if you have to spend a great deal of money to produce an album you must not be very good in the first place. At any rate, I find them very, very unoriginal.

    Congradulations FEd. You deserve it. “Procrastination is the thief of time”. I’ve never taken the time to thank you for your hard work, so thank you very much.

    Thank you Polly for your kind words. Thank you David for your great music and inspiration.

    [Thank you, Joseph. – Features Editor]

  76. – Echoes (I’ve never seen it live, and it’s quite an accomplishment!)
    – Take A Breath (So much better live than the already-great studio version)
    – Wot’s… Uh, the deal (Because although I’ve heard OBC, I’m not entirely familiar with it, since the Floyd themselves never considered it canon for their gigs)

    I doubt I would drop any song from any of the playlists I’ve seen, but these three for me were special.

  77. Hello,

    Nice “sculpture” Ian!

    1. Echoes; Monday at the Albert Hal
    2. Arnold Layne; by David Bowie
    3. Take a Breath; from Amsterdam (there the lightshow seems to be a bit more impressive).

    Have nice Sunday,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  78. Is this THE Richard, if so a very warm welcome and best wishes for solo Album

    Richard Wright at June 3, 2006 09:54 PM

    Interesting choices on live tracks. No votes for “Smile”! Maybe the next single should be “Take a breath”!

    Ian Pearson

  79. 1. Echoes
    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. Take A Breath

    It’s really hard trying to figure out the best from the best.


  80. 1. Wots uh the deal ( this song has been so enjoyable for me personaly for 30 some odd years, and it has finaly rippened….the hair on the back of my neck stood up )

    2. Echoes ( classic, perfect fit performed well….you would almost think all these songs on this tour were made together )

    3. On an Island ( saw 2 performances, Leno show and Gibson, both were outstanding with Nash and Crosby, and that guitar kicking in to top it off. )

    4. Arnold Layne ( Rick’s vocals, and that new heavier beat….I had that version in my head for awhile. )

    5. The Cost of Freedom ( breath taking )

    There are so many more songs from that show, this was very hard to pick only 5, the list was probably chosen from years waiting for certain songs and the surprise factor. Make no mistake about the impact of every new song from On an Island, the whole show was perfect…not one bad song in the house.

  81. – Arnold layne
    – Fat old Sun
    – Echoes

    (or anything else DG chooses to play)


  82. 1. Echoes
    2. Take a Breath
    3. Comfortably Numb followed closely by
    4. Fat Old Sun.

    I took my 18 year old daughter to Glasgow as she loves the OAI album and all the Pink Floyd classics- surely this a great testimony to David’s talent & music as I noticed a 16 to 65 year old age profile at the gig. Without doubt this was the best gig that I have ever attended it was just perfect.

    Many thanks to David and the band for making it such a special and unforgettable night.

  83. 1. Echoes
    2. Take a breath
    3. This Heaven

    Tough to choose the favorites it was a fantastic concert from beginning to end. My least favorite is easy, Mica didn’t do it for me in great gig.

  84. My Top 3:

    Wearing the Inside Out
    Arnold Layne (both D Bowie and R Wright versions)

    Naturally all others are great too. Hope the DVD will have plenty of extras!!!


  85. I was lucky enough to enjoy all 3 shows and I say:

    1. ECHOES
    2. Coming back to life
    3. The Blue

    Greatest shows I’ve ever experienced, let alone attended! Can’t wait for you to come back to the U.S. because I’m taking my mother to see you live!

  86. I’m going to see the Piazza Santa Croce show,and after all these comments,I’m trying to imagine ‘Echoes’ played live.Hope that David will perform it at Firenze…should be a great experience.

    I’m curious to listen to ‘Then I close my eyes’,too.


  87. 1. Echoes
    (by a mile the best track- stunning, especially the guitar climax with the lasers 😀 😀 )

    2. Arnold Layne
    (sung by Rick- what an absolute treat)

    3. Wish You Were Here
    (I went on the Nick Mason night… the reunited post-Roger Floyd right in front of me… as a 27yr old that meant SO much to me.. didn’t get into music until 96ish so missed the Division Bell tour!)

    Highly Commendable 4th place: Take A Breath
    (my personal fave off new album, a great rocky version)

    Can’t wait for the DVD– fingers crossed the Nick Mason stuff is released so I can watch and rewatch those precious minutes 😀

  88. Arnold Layne, Fat Old Sun, Echoes. They touched me, not perverted like, just in a good way!

    I want david to release a live cd as well as the DVD!!

  89. Wearing the Inside Out
    Coming Back to Life

    Take A Breath
    This Heaven


    PS – Great Pic

  90. Ian, Awesome work. I’d like to know how long it took for you to create this wonderful item. The detail looks spot on. I think that David should commission you to create another one these and then auction it off for charity. But then our Feat Ed would not have the only one. So maybe its not such a great idea.

    Angelo, It’s great that you have a sense of humor with the panty thing. It seems that you have something in common with BigAl. Shine on my friends.

    ukveronica, you do know that it has been said that chocolate stimulates the same senses as a roll in the hay or as listening to David Gilmour play guitar.

    Lucia, Radiohead? OK if it floats your boat. But it is clear that it sinks many other boats. But then I also like Kraftwerk and Jean Michel-Jarre.

    Bianca, it does seem like you were the life of the pre-concert party. Wish I was there.

    My three songs would have to be as follows:

    Time – always one of my favorites and the lyrics are just so meaningful.
    Echoes – it was the first time I ever heard this track live – wow, it was a wonderful treat – even better than chocolate.
    Comfortably Numb – in earlier posts there was one person who mentioned they were tired of hearing this tune, especially on the radio. I think you can never get tired of hearing a great track like this and hearing it live is just 10 times better.

    And I can’t leave out a track from OAI. This Heaven has to take it for me. It such a funky type of track and it was great to hear it live.

    O, Fed, can you clarify one more item. At the London RAH shows they gave away these sleeves with some labels. Right? Am I correct that there were no disc? Just labels that you stick on a disc once you download the tune from the DG site and a cardboard wrapper to keep the disc in? I’ve been seeing some of these turn up on a popular auction site and I cannot believe the money people are willing to spend on some cardboard and stickers. I mean if you were at the show and you got this item, then it’s part of the memory. But hard to believe the ‘value’ people put on this kind of stuff.



    [Isn’t it crazy? Fans in London were each given a free cardboard slipcase with a circular sticker inside. If they download the new single, they can use this to make their own CD. A nice idea but, as always, one that backfires when fans take more than they are entitled to and start flogging the spares on eBay. – Features Editor]

  91. 1 – Fat Old Sun
    2 – Echoes
    3 – Take A Breath

    What was priceless was seeing my daughters face (who’s only 13) at the end of each song, her saying “oh my god did you see that” and me going “I know! I know!”.

    To show you how much it meant to her, she went from not telling any of her mates that she was going to see this unknown guy call DG to changing her MSN name the next day to read “I saw David Gilmour Live Last Night” – a rare honour indeed.

  92. In no particular order –

    On and Island – because it is a beautiful song

    Echoes – because I loved it from when I first heard it on Radio Caroline in 73’ish.

    Funny story – short version. I was out sailing with my buddies about a year ago, and as I was alone at the chart table I put Meddle into the CD player.


    Shout from the cockpit “What was that?”

    Me “Dunno – are we in shallow water?”

    CD Player “Ping”

    Panicky shout from cockpit “You’re at the chart table, whaddo you think?”

    Me “Tack tack tack!!!”

    Crew, amidst much effing and blinding, changed the boat’s course from one perfectly safe piece of water to another perfectly safe piece of water.

    Once they discovered the source of the music I was ostracised to chart table duties for about 23 minutes, which suited me no end as I could pump up the volume to Echoes at sea. All in good humour I haste to mention.

    Pocket full of Stones – “He’s not guilty or afraid “ – darn right. More importantly, “Though the earth is dying…” I’m not sure Bono’s policy of appeasing the most powerful higher ape on earth has worked, and hopefully in the US presidential election in 2008 will deliver an environmentally conscious candidate, as without US leadership the planet will perish. The physics in question are perfectly simple

    And Arnold Layne because Richard sang is in a jocular manner. It’s a funny song. If it is not funny (if you are a small child and approached by Arnold) it is terrifying which is unacceptable. Like Aqualung.

    Have a great weekend, y’all, as the sun is splitting the rocks here in Dublin

  93. 1.The Blue
    2.Fat old sun

    A fantastic gig on the 31st.

    Sincere thanks to my good friend & rhythm section partner Simon for making it possible to attend.

  94. 3 favorites? You are too cruel Fed….

    2.Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    3.On An Island w/Crosby & Nash

    Thanks for a fantastic tour filled with incredible music David!!!

  95. 1. Echoes
    2. Take A Breath
    3. Wearing the Inside Out

    Now had I saw a show with Fat Old Sun, it probably would replace Wearing the Inside Out. Can’t wait for the DVD!

  96. Three favorite live tunes from 2006 tour:

    1. Fat Old Sun
    2. Take A Breath
    3. High Hopes

    Features Editor, will the limited edition Royal Albert Hall poster be available on



    [I don’t think there are any left. – Features Editor]

  97. Well hello there Mr. Wright! (or can I call you Richard? *grin*)

    Welcome to the blog, what an honour! I am sure it was your son in law that put you up to this :-p.

    And I agree on your last line 100%..: Love Richard, Guy is pretty good also 😉

    (And lets not forget the magnificent Dick Parry RAAAAAAAAAAAH!!*grin*)

    hugs, Bianca

  98. Top three…

    1) Wot’s…Uh the deal…This was a very tough choice between this and Echoes. The clincher was the song’s sentimental value from an album that is close to the top of my PF fav’s. Also it was the first PF LP that I heard way back in 1972.

    2) Echoes The interplay between David and Rick towards the end was sublime…

    3) Fat Old Sun When a song that languished close to the bottom of my fav’s from my least favourite PF album gets elevated way up the list due to a live rendition has to have a place in the top three….

    Cheers, Howard

    PS Yes I am packed..just in case you are wondering

  99. Echoes
    The Blue(from the 2nd night at RCMH,awesome!)
    WTIO(I love ya Rick!)

    I really loved both show’s I saw.1st and 2nd set were just beautiful and everything I could have ever hoped for.I am still struck by how much better the OAI tunes are live.It’s almost alway’s the other way around.David,you have my undying support and admiration.Thank’s for a stellar trip down memory lane and the start of a new journey,as well.

    [Six? – Features Editor]

  100. Richard!!!

    Thanks for posting, and great tour!!! You realise that I’m now scanning ebay for sound modules with good B3 and Farfisa samples? You spanked those keys something funky…

    Good luck on the new album! I’m looking forward to it…

    …and Guy isn’t too shabby, indeed… 😉

  101. 1) Echoes – only thing that could have made it better was if David and Richard played it shirtless like at Pompeii……..:) (just teasing)

    2) wot’s….,uh the deal – one of many suprises

    3) Shine On – Dick Parry awesome

    Went to the Rosemont show on 4/13, made my own “bootleg” of the concert afterwards and that the only CD with OAI I’ve listened to since.

    FED thanks for all you’ve done!

  102. 3 best live tunes (in no particular order!):

    (1) High Hopes – because the original is brilliant, and this live version is better still with the closing acoustic section – it is so beautiful…

    (2) Echoes (of course)
    (3) Take a breath

    Damn that was hard: couldn’t mention OAI (with DG brain-fade), Red Sky, The Blue, Comfortably Numb, WYWH, Shine On…


  103. Echoes: Blew the studio version away! Can’t wait for the DVD.. I would vote for delaying the Pulse release(Hey fans, it makes a great Christmas gift too!) to get my hands on Island Live sooner!

    Fat Old Sun: I never dreamed that I would get to hear this one ‘Live.’ Born too late. Blew the studio version away! Here is a case of a song that was conceived some forty years before it’s time. Or maybe like a fine Merlot…

    Another Brick in the Wall Part 3: I especially liked the intro part when David took his candy-apple red Strat and smashed all of those TV sets, although I think it might have come off better had he used the black one. 🙂

    (No, really it would have to be: Take a Breath)

  104. (1) Echoes
    (2) Take A Breath
    (3) Arnold Layne (Rick’s version, didn’t see Bowie)

    And I’m not just copying everyone else for the first two, I would have put them down anyway even if I hadn’t seen everyone else’s posts.

    I was tempted to list “Castellorizon”, though, ’cause nobody else did …

  105. Based on the Mermaid film and what I’ve read here, my favorites would be:

    1. Take A Breath (the Mermaid version was simply breathtaking)
    2. Arnold Layne (always my favorite Barrett song)
    3. High Hopes (was surprisingly nice in the Mermaid film)
    4. Echoes (the best giutar playing in the history of Man… and I know I’m exceeding my quota, but man, I can’t help it. Three songs, Ed/Edwina! Is that some cruel hoax you’re trying to pull?)

    I waited in eager anticipation of On An Island for around ten months between the time I first heard about it and the time it was released. The upcoming live DVD has me in even more suspense, because there are so many great performances to choose from… Bowie on “Comfortably Numb,” Crosby & Nash on “Island,” Mason on “Wish You Were Here,” Paris on “Great Gig in the Sky,” Wyatt on “Then I close my eyes,” Gilmour on “Echoes…” I mean, how much better does it get than these wonderful performances, this amazing new material, and the man who is responsible for it all… At this point, the upcoming release IS my holiday wish list. Thanks, in advance, for releasing it.

  106. 1) Echoes – by a mile
    2) Take a Breath
    3) TIE: Coming Back to Life and Wot’s…Uh, the deal – can’t decide which

    Saying that Echoes won by a mile (in my opinion) isn’t to mean that the other tracks performed live were anything less than spectacular. I am embarrassed to say that despite being a big Pink Floyd fan since ’95, I had never once heard the song Echoes until I heard it for the first time live. Same with Wot’s…Uh, the deal. That just speaks to the shear depth of this man’s musical library of accomplishments – phenomenal.

  107. For me it’s…

    1. Comfortably Numb (with Bowie)
    2. Echoes
    3. High Hopes

    – Runners-up. Take A Breathe / Find The Cost Of Freedom.

    …but to be honest I was absolutely spellbound throughout!

    Many thanks to all involved in the tour – you did a grand job!!!

  108. 1. echoes… simply breathtaking.

    2. a pocketful of stones… one of the most (if not the most) beautiful song(s) i´ve heard.

    3. shine on you crazy diamond… love the arrangement, very emotional, almost made me cry.

    I attended the RAH show on may 29, and it was the best musical experience in my life so far. And name another artist who can get such heavy names to guest on his shows, I mean… David Crosby, Graham Nash, Robert Wyatt, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Bob Geldof… he does seem popular, does´nt he?

  109. oh pish posh! I refuse to pick…it can’t be done.

    On another note….my thanks to dG ,the Bandsmen, and all the dG organization for everything they did on this project. As a fan, I really appreciate all the work you people put into this. It seems like its been a 2 year roller coaster ride waiting to hear and see this music. Having this site to goto each day made me feel like I was part of something unfolding and riding on a monster wave.

    You’re all the Best! Thanks for doing it!

    And Dear Fed…thx for helping us connect! It’s been real fun!

  110. [We didn’t want fans to take photos, so it would be hypocritical of us to take them and use them. – Features Editor]

    ahem! fill in the blank, Edwina: ____ ___ ___?

    okay, now that I got that out of the way –


    1. “Echoes” – never in my wildest dreams did I think I would EVER hear this song performed live. I smile every time I think about it. Wish David had slapped a little more distortion on the guitar a la Pompeii but that is a small grievance.

    2. *”Take a Breath” – rock me, David…

    3. **”Wot’s…uh the Deal” – have loved this song since I first heard it. After WYWH, one of the first Floyd songs I learned on the guitar. Wistful and wonderfully meandering little song. Another tune I never imagined I’d hear live. THANK YOU, DAVID!

    *tied with “High Hopes” – anything that can make me cry in public must be powerful, and hearing David’s guitar work at the end of this song at the second NYC show was emotional to say the least.

    **tied with “Pocket Full of Stones” – because David’s voice sounded so very beautiful when he sang it live.

    (If I’d been at a “Fat Old Sun” show I’m sure that would have made the list, but I wasn’t so…)


    [You’ll have to give me some help with that blank I’m supposed to fill. – Features Editor]

  111. First Guy, now Richard!! We’re like a black hole, not even light can escape. When will David & Polly post?

    Glad you enjoyed yourself Richard, come visit us anytime. =)


  112. tough decision

    I was at the second New York show and that is the only one I saw so keep in mind I didn’t hear a few songs live, but also keep in mind that I am not complaining about what was played, I loved every single song and had the time of my life.
    These were my favorites in this order

    Comfortably Numb

    The first 2 were definitly the best but I had a touph time deciding between the 3rd and: On An Island, Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Wearing The Inside Out.


    What a tremendous pleasure hearing you sing and play on this tour. Most definitely producing some of the finest renditions of these beloved songs. Thank you. You are sounding wonderful. It’s inspiring to see you playing at the level you’re playing, singing – and performing at!

    Looking forward…

  114. My fav’s from the two shows i went to (Manchester + RAH 31st May) were

    1. Comfortably Numb
    2. Coming Back to Life
    3. High Hopes
    4. Echoes
    5. Fat Old Sun

  115. Here’s my favourite top-3 of DG live songs:

    – Echoes
    – Shine on
    – High Hopes (including the superb ending)

    Really liked the show in Royal Albert Hall on 29/5. Fantastic atmosphere, audience and of course a great performance by the band.

    Like “Paul Sexton” wrote in this topic, I would really love to have one of these posters of the RAH-concerts as well.

    I saw them the day after the show, just to find out the RAH was closed and it was not possible to buy them. And I had a plane to catch… 🙁

    It would be great it there were any posters left and sold in the on-line merchandise store!


  116. 1. Echoes
    2. Take A Breath
    3. Comfortably Numb

    Echoes was just about the best thing I have seen and heard in a live show.

  117. 1.Echoes
    2.Take a breath
    3.The blue


  118. Very tricky this one……….

    1 – Echoes (very moving for me, I last saw that in 1975 at Knebworth!)
    2 – Take A Breath
    3 – Arnold Layne

    However, Wot’s Uh…..The Deal deserves a mention and it was a tough call for 3rd place. Comfortably Numb just missed out, but everyone likes CN anyway!

    Special mention has to be made for David Bowie singing Arnold Layne. That would have been No. 1 for me, but as you asked for David’s performances, I had to omit it. This was simply stunning, Bowie added style and panache to a timeless number. A performance of epic proportions, likely to never be repeated and a stroke of sheer brilliance Mr. Gilmour – thank you so much.

    Poole, Dorset

  119. [… I cannot believe the money people are willing to spend on some cardboard and stickers. I mean if you were at the show and you got this item, then it’s part of the memory. But hard to believe the ‘value’ people put on this kind of stuff.]

    Absolutely right! Maybe one could also try an sell ones mother-in-law there for an overinflated price! But I think this are, as another well known musician from a well known band said (ahem, if I may cite him here), the “Powers that be”.

    So glad to hear some words from Richard Wright on this blog! Richard, hope you are getting along well and are having fun with your new solo project!

  120. Well Richard…

    We really enjoyed watching one of Rock’s finest keyboardists playing with one of Rock’s finest guitarists…(and I’m not talking about Jon and Phil…even though they are pretty good.) You and David are such an amazing team. The blend of voices and instruments is simply fantastic. Thanks for going on this tour!

    -Chris McKay

  121. Hi everyone,

    first of all, very well done to all the fellow bloggers involved in the plan behind the FEd’s back. Very well done again! FEd you deserve all our appreciation for what you are doing. Thank you very much.

    The Glassman is so beautiful, Ian Pearson you are an artist.

    Well, talking about music, my three favourite live tunes from David’s tour are:

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Take a Breath


    [Thank you, Roberto. That’s very kind of you. – Features Editor]

  122. My favourites are:

    Fat old sun
    on an island
    comfortably numb

    “take a breath” was worse, not because of the music, but because of the damn’ flashlights from the light show. The flashing was so hard, you had to turn away from stage. (frankfurt)

  123. Im sure Ian could sell hundreds of those fantastic glassman sculptures to the bloggers and retire on an island if he wanted to.

    1. Echoes. A dream come true
    2. Wearing the Inside out.
    3. Comfortably Numb.

    Its so hard to chose just 3, but im so glad i got to see the whole of On An Island performed live as well.

  124. Extremely difficult to chose just three songs from the performance on the 29th at RAH. The whole of On an Island was excellent and came across much stronger than on the CD, but in the end were pipped to the post by some of the Floyd numbers:

    1. Echoes – I haven’t stopped playing the original in the car since then.

    2. Wearing the Inside Out – always a favorite of mine from The Division Bell and I hoped I would see this live.

    3. Shine on You Crazy Diamond. Loved the new intro and mainly unaccompanied vocal arrangement.

    And as an extra must mention Arnold Layne and Comfortably Numb with David Bowie.

  125. It seems that Echoes is getting the most votes around here! No surprise about that…

    Mine were:

    1. Echoes
    2. Wots Uh The Deal
    3. Take A Breath

    My head is still in a rush after the RAH show on the 29th! My trip from Sweden to the UK was DEFINITELY worth every penny!

    Richard and Guy – great to see you guys around here!


  126. CAPTION: Ian parts with his masterpiece but will Guy hand over the JIM’LL FIX IT BADGE ?

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  127. My three songs

    1 take a breath

    2 High hopes ( new ending something special to witness live )

    3 Fat old Sun / Echoes or coming back to life I can’t decide . you could hit me with a pointy stick for hours on end and I trully could not pick just three the whole thing was so magical.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  128. hmm, tough one. I attended the second of the Massey Hall shows in Toronto and I would have to say:

    1. Echoes
    2. Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise
    3. Take a Breath

    Also, Coming back to life deserves a special mention not as much because of how it was performed but because of what it means to me and my sheer delight at seeing it live.

  129. 1: ECHOES
    2: Comfy Numb
    3: Breathe

    4: The Whole Show….

    haven’t got Echoes out of my head since…

  130. My top 3 favourite songs from Secc Clyde Auditorium were .

    1 – Echoes
    2 – Take A Breath
    3 – Wots umm a deal

    I could have picked a lot more tbh , Awesome Gig David . Many Thanks for Coming to Scotland


  131. 1) Echoes – never heard it live, the Albert Hall did it justice – stunning
    2) Fat Old Sun – the jamming session at the end was great
    3) Arnold Layne – just a pity I missed Bowie (went on the 30th May)

  132. 3 favourites? That’s easy:

    1. Echoes
    2. Fat Old Sun
    3. Arnold Layne (w/Bowie)

  133. My favourite 3 from the Clyde Auditorium:

    2.Fat Old Sun
    3.Take A Breath

    Once again I must say what a truely wonderful night it was on the 27th May the whole show was simply stunning. It was the first time I have seen David Gilmour play live but I certainly hope it will not be the last.

  134. Hi

    1. Coming back to life – i have waited so long to hear David play this song and had the opportunity of telling him what it meant to me – very emotional moment for me!

    2. Echoes – unbelievably semsational.

    3. Arnold Layne – fresh and exciting as if it was written just before the show.

    Of course the rest was absolutely blinkin’ perfect as well.

    See you folks…


  135. My three favourites were:-

    2.Breath/Time/Breath reprise
    3. Great gig (with Sam Brown – Paris Olympia)

    Thanks to all concerned for a memorable experience.

  136. I had the privledge of seeing Dave and the band at Massey Hall in Toronto and my 3 favorite live songs were:

    1. Wish you were Here
    2. Take a Breath
    3. Echos


  137. Can somebody help me off this cloud? I have been home for three days already and I am still up there.. starting to get dizzy from the height..

    Hey, is that Matty floating by there? HI MATTY!! *grin*

    hugs, Bianca

  138. 1. Take a Breath (F****** Amazing!!)
    2. Breathe/Time/Breathe
    3. Echoes

    April 10 Toronto

  139. Three favorite live tunes from the tour . . . .

    1) Comfortably Numb
    2) Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    3) High Hopes

  140. Old

    1. Echoes
    2. Fat Old Sun
    3. Comfortably Numb with Rick singing!


    1. Take A Breath
    2. The Blue
    3. This Heaven

    High Hopes was fantastic too! Loved the acoustic at the end and it was great that there was no premature clapping so that we could hear it in it’s entirety.

    I just hope Rick’s versions of Arnold Layne and Comfortably Numb are included on the DVD!

    Rick’s versions were far better than Bowies and I’m afraid Mica didn’t do it for me at all. The little Dutch girl from the Australian Pink Floyd backing singers does a superb job, so if you’re reading this David then look no further!

    I saw all three shows at the RAH and it was fun sitting in different seats each night. The best seat was in row 5 on the last night!

  141. 3 songs eh…? Not too tough of a question! (that’s sarcasm by the way!)

    From the April 9th Massey Hall show in Toronto…

    1) Echos (saw PF do this live in ’75 in Hamilton)
    2) Take a Breath
    3) Time

    Honourable mentions…

    4) Comfortably Numb
    5) Wish You Were Here

    Can’t wait for the DVD!!!


  142. Best 3 tracks?

    1. Echoes: Yes I know ,most others are voting for this as their No1, but there is a reason…it was stunning! I’ve loved this track from the first day I heard it too many years ago and to see it performed live was a magical moment for me – thanks David!

    2. Wot’s….Uh, The Deal. Wot…err…I mean what is it about this track? It’s one of those compositions that, on the surface, seems almost too simple, I can even do a passable interpretation on guitar!!), but it possesses a certain something. I guess for me it reminds me ‘of a time’, and it always, without fail, lifts my spirits – thanks David!

    3. Shine On…. When I first saw the acoustic version of this on the Festival Hall DVD I was blown away by the new interpretation. At the Mermaid it again almost bought tears to my eyes – it’s such a beautiful, beautiful piece, made even better. At the first RAH show it was lifted up another notch with messr’s Crosby and Nash adding their perfect harmonies. thanks David!

    Pushing those three were a couple of OAI songs: The title track was one of the highlights of Mondays show – again the backing vocals made it all that more special. It really is a very, very good song David, musically and lyrically hitting all the right spots.

    The other is ‘Take A Breath’ for being great fun! It was the song at the Mermaid when things really clicked into place, and it’s the song that 10 year old son Luke, with his nice new red Squier Strat, is currently learning….slowly…but he’ll get there!

    F’Ed thanks for sorting out my posting nightmare the other night – fingers not doing what they were told! I’ll resubmit the saga of the shirt once I get the nod from you (I’m sure it’s not on the site…)

    Enjoyed the England game by the way, though 6 hours to get from Surrey to Manchester wasn’t exactly fun……


    Neil ‘Pudders’ Pudney

    [You’re welcome to send it in anytime, mate. – Features Editor]

  143. Ian,

    First let me say you have a great name (I have a son named Ian)! Beautiful work on Glassman. I think it is really special you could share your talents with the folks here.


  144. Based on my experience at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam:

    Echoes – Fat Old Sun – performed by David so unbelievably intense just like we were back in 71!

    Take a Breath – great song and great band overall

  145. 1)Echoes-superb,especially the fog fill in the middle hiding David, Richard rocked too.
    2) WTIO- waited for this song for years, thanks Richard,and your post today.
    3) Fat Old Sun- amazing guitar at the end David, typical extension of the lead and another first live rendition for me.

    Ian, YOU THE MAN.

  146. Sorry,FED!I tried to slip an extra one by you but you caught it.I had to give Richard some love since he was so gracious to post here.I’ll move “The Blue”,to extreme honarable mention.

    [That’s OK. I’m giving up on tallying up the votes as too many people have voted more than once or selected their three favourites from ‘On An Island’ and another three from the second half… – Features Editor]

  147. i do think that smile has that simplicity that is almost to simple to be a high rated song…and it is great of my favorites..but its very hard to choose just 3…so i wont do it

    is there going to be more live dates??or is it all?im hoping for portugal

    keep going

    [That’s all for now, Paulo. – Features Editor]

  148. Ohh only three well then.

    Arnold Layne
    Find the voice of freedom
    Comfortably numb/echoes (I can’t choose)

    Good day

    What a wonderful sculpture.

  149. First of all congrats to David and the band for what was an amazing tour. I saw the guys back in the Rex in Paris right at the start and even then it was amazing!

    I’ll have to say:

    1)Confortably Numb!
    2)Echoes – Lighting was awesome as well
    3)Take a Breath – This track was meant to be live… in the studio version it gets a bit “lost” but live it blows minds… and heads!

    Thank you David for your wonderful music and hope to see some more dude… you know you can!

  150. Comfortably Numb
    A Pocketful Of Stones
    Take A Breath
    Wish You Were Here

    ..waiting for 26 August:)

  151. 1. Echoes, of course.
    2. Wearing the inside out.
    3. Take a breath.

    No, no, wait:

    1. Echoes.
    2. Comfortably Numb.
    3. On an Island.

    No, OK got it now:

    3. Red Sky at Night.

    Aaaarrrggghhh! I’m having a stroke.


    Fed, thanks so much for providing us with this blog. It has been so wonderful to see so many people sharing their thoughts and experiences.
    And most certainly thanks to David and the band for playing such intimate venues. I don’t think the OAI and concert set CD’s are ever coming out of my CD player. Best wishes to all.

    PS. Is the DVD out yet? C’mon, it’s been almost a week since filming.

  152. Only three selections, very difficult as each and every tune at the first Massey Hall concert touched me in different ways. But if you have to have three I’m not much off from others:

    1) Echoes: great to see Mr. Wright posting and his important part in this song and the number one choice of many indicates his great talents don’t go unnoticed

    2) Take a Breath: I agree with all that the live version was tremendous, enhanced by the tasteful lighting that complimented and did not overpower the music.

    3) Fat Old Sun: Always been a favorite. I have an old BBC recording of the BBC Power Hour I believe it was called with a live concert from just before Meddle was released, where it sounded like the boys played before a crowd of 20 or so people. Both Fat Old Sun and Echoes on that, but nothing compared to seeing David and crew live.

    Thanks again to David and the band, the crew, Polly, all the families involved in an unforgetable experience.

    Thanks also to Fed and all those involved with this site. Seems I can’t go a day without checking the site, always something to learn and experience. Something I can’t say for 95% of similar sites.

    Keep up the good work.


  153. Hello,

    Some people work even at Sundays; police men, nurses, cab drivers, features editors, me and … But is that so hard when you just have listened with your boss to;

    Echoes… 23 minutes… !?!

    Nick from his lovely work.

  154. Did someone say something about Rick Wright having a solo project in the works? First I’ve heard about it. Can someone tell me more about it? (I know, this is David’s blog, but Rick is David’s mate, to say it the way a Brit would say it, and he’s been in two of David’s great bands…)

  155. Well of course Echoes! Then I Close My Eyes was beautiful as well. The ones that took me by surprise (and I had high expectations) were Coming Back to Life, Time/Breathe Reprise, and Wearing the Inside Out.

    Nice to see a picture of Marc Brickman on the blog.

    Enjoy your Glassman!

  156. 1. Echoes
    2. Arnold Layne
    3. Take a Breath

    And thanks to all involved people for giving us the posibility to see the concert at the RAH. An unforgetable experience.

    Wonderful gift – Feat.Ed. you really have deserved it.

  157. My three favs from the Manchester Bridgewater Hall gig would have to be:

    1. Echoes
    2. Comfortably Numb
    3. Arnold Layne

    The input of Richard Wright on these songs was brilliant!!! He really is a legend and made the night even better with his presence. Arnold Layne was done by him superbly.

    Thanks David and Richard!

    Michael C.Smith

  158. At Radio City on April 4th…

    1- Shine On…
    2- Take a Breath
    3- Wearing the Inside Out ( a surprise )

    Hey FEd,

    I’m not surprised to see how many fans have “Take a Breath” in their top 3.

    Terry H
    NY, NY

  159. 1 ECHOES a masterpiece that sent a tingle down my spine

    2 COMFORTABLY NUMB a classic and my favourite floyd track

    3 TAKE A BREATH a hit single in the making stunning live visual effects

  160. Hi FEd and Friends,

    So Guy’s not the lone band member posting!! Welcome, Richard — I don’t think I’m alone when I say ‘y’all come back now, ya hear’!! We’ve been having a great time on the site (with the exception of a few extremeists who eventually fade away … with FEd’s help) and it would be great to have more input from you and others in the band regarding the whole tour experience from the inside out, so to speak!

    From a performers point of view, what would be your three favorite songs live, Richard? And Guy? And Jon? etc. etc.

    I hope your having a pleasant weekend FEd — have you figured out the perfect place to display Glassman? Background, special lighting … what fun!

    My best to all of you always!

    Washington State

    [Funnily enough, I always had the perfect place – I just needed something special to set it all off. For Christmas, I got these crystal candle holders, mounted on a mirrored plate. When the sun catches them, they look beautiful, so they’ve always sat on a windowsill in the front of my house (it’s all very safe, it’s a large windowsill). Now Glassman stands between two candles on the said mirrored plate and looks radiant. – Features Editor]

  161. Dear F.Ed!

    As I wrote after the first show at Albert Hall, I’m speechless, and I have been untill now. …

    But now I need to express what I feel about this so please bear with me… (I will post more later, this is just the beginning)

    First of all I’m really happy that you got the recogniotion you deserve and still manage to stay anonymous…well done! And thanks to Rudders and the gang that pulled it off, good work there! I would very much liked to be involved as I feel that you, F.Ed, really deserve the attention. I know it’s a blog about Mr. Gilmour, but you and your team have made the experience much greater with your work. Joining us to build up the expectations towards the shows and connecting so many people with a common love for Mr. Gilmour and his work. A truly wonderful job done! I hope we haven’t been too much hassle!

    As I said you really deserved the attention!

    We just love you!

    And now for my top 3 songs from the tour! I guess that it will change from day to day depending on the mood, but today it is as follows:

    1. Echoes – The way Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Wright work together on this song is truly magical!

    2. On An Island – (on May 29th) The song is great in it self, but on this night it was enormous. With C&N on vocals and a first solo shared between Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Manzanera where they are both on fire (so much that Mr. Gilmour forgets the lyrics) it was an experience….

    3. Wearing The Inside Out – Beautiful song and with the wonderful Mr Wright at his best! This song made me cry on several occasions…powerful!

    In addition I must say that WYWH and Comfortably Numb with Mr. Gilmour, Mr. Wright and Mr. Mason was true magic………

    Best regards from a happy blogger!


    PS! The glassfigure made by Ian looks marvolous, very nice indeed. (good work Ian, you’re a true artist!)

    [Thanks very much, JT. – Features Editor]

  162. 1-Echoes
    2-Fat old sun
    3-This heaven

    best of rest

    Arnold Layne
    Shine on-he missed a note in the beggining! 🙂

  163. Echoes
    Arnold Layne
    Fat Old Sun

    Shame I missed out on Wot’s the Deal on both 30th and 31st…but you can’t have everything…. Nick Mason was the compensation!!

    Great to meet some of the people from this blog before the RAH shows. A special hello to Bianca and also Steve (Rado?) from NY. Great to meet you guys.

    (..Way Cool to get within 3 feet of the great man himself at the after show on 30th)

    Great to read all the good comments from everyone.

    Andy (AKA ‘whizzyfinger’, Mate and body guard to Matty)

  164. 1) Echoes
    2) Take a breath
    3) Fat old sun

    – High Hopes because of the sublime (in french) acoustic ending.
    – Wearing the inside out because of the feeling that David and Rick have ever been great playing together (I had the same feeling when they played “Breaktrough” together in 2002 at Paris)

    Fed, I’m just coming back home after 3 days of vacation et “j’ai la flemme” d’aller travailler demain ( = pas le courage)! Je n’ai pas trop “la patate” ( [la “frite”], ça fait trop belge… excuse me , Ralph, I’m teasing…)


    [“J’ai la flemme”… Je dois écrire la dans mon livre d’expressions… – Features Editor]

  165. To all the bloggers on the first night in the Queen’s arms on Monday night I’m curious to know who was who ? . Bianca I know you wheer there sitting facing the toilet I think ?????

    I passed so many people talking throughout my stay yet never mingled ” silly me”.

    I was the bloke in the burning man white ” Wish you were here T shirt sitting inside the side door with my Mrs , I did try my best to start saying hello I’m a Blogger but alas my Mrs gets embarrased with me talking Floyd/David 24/7. Mind you it did not stopher buying the pink hemp bag and 2 T shirts and singing her little heart out all night .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  166. I would have to say –

    Then I Close My Eyes
    Fat Old Sun
    Arnold Layne

    Thankyou to all involved for putting on such a great tour!


  167. 1. Echoes (stunning does not begin to describe it)
    2. Comfortably Numb (stunning again!)
    3. Fat Old Sun (wow what a jam!)
    4. OAI – the whole album performance – absolutely fantastic.

    I’ve been on vacation for the last few days, and perhaps I missed it somewhere, but I have a quick question. Besides the already discussed plans for the live DVD of the RAH shows, I’m wondering if there are also plans for a live album release as well? I think I read somewhere that every show was and is being recorded (audio) and thus any show’s performance could be material for this. Just curious.


    [Nope. There’s no live CD at this time, Kurt. All focus is on the DVD. – Features Editor]

  168. Hi,

    Ian, Glassman is Masterpiece

    My top three:

    Echoes (unforgetable)
    Wearing the inside out,
    Comfortably Numb (seeing second solo live is really special)


  169. This is a hard one because the show was solid throughout. The PF classics (Time, High Hopes, Shine On, Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb) were excellent as usual but it is the songs that I had not heard or seen performed live before that I enjoyed the most:

    Fat Old Sun
    Take a Breath

    Honorable mention to:

    On an Island
    A Pocketful of Stones
    Wearing the Inside Out

    Great Show all the way through.

    Thanks to David and all involved.

    Mike from Connecticut

  170. A very difficult choice,but here goes!

    From the last night at RAH…

    1. Echoes
    2. Wish you were here (Nick’s drumming made
    all the difference).
    3. Fat old sun

    Honourable mentions…

    4. On an island
    5. Coming back to life

    A truly magical night.

  171. 1. Wot’s…Uh The Deal (my all time favourite song in the history of the world, ever, apart from Out of The Blue – but he didn’t do that).

    2. The Blue

    3. Echoes (Richard Wright was fab and the “lullaby” line gets me every time)

  172. Hi Fed / all,

    This is really hard but here goes;

    In at No 1 it’s Fat Old Sun: I was at the Manchester show and I chose Fat Old Sun as it is one of my favourite Floyd tracks, and to hear David play it in full was a complete surprise to me – I loved it.

    At No 2 it’s Echoes :(Mad light show too)

    No 3 Take a Breath :(The build up to the guitar solo, then the solo is literally breathtaking. Lights, again amazing!) Not sure what Seb meant above when he says the studio album gets a bit lost though??? Personally think the album version just edges it on the guitar solo part.

    Also ‘On an Island’ was superb. 4th.

    5th…. All the rest!

  173. Hello bloggers!

    IAN, your sculpture is wonderful! The resemblance with the “home page” figure is incredible! I hope we are able to see the others gifts too. Your and the other bloggers’ initiative was fantastic! My compliments! And the band’s members collaboration is really a great example of kindness and empathy!

    My 3 songs are:

    1. FAT OLD SUN
    3. ECHOES

    I choose this songs because the variations compared with the original were a great and wonderful surprise. They really left me without words! TOO MUCH GOOD! The energy of Fat Old Sun (it sounded like a lot of positive laughters!), the hyponiss of Echoes (it transported you in another planet), the elegance and the emotion of High Hopes (it sounded like a good life’s lesson). They were fantastic!

    At the end, about Radiohead I don’t need to convince you (Fed) about the emotional power of their music and Thom’s voice…just I can’t understand why you hate them so much! There are something deepest…do they remember you a old lover than you want to forget? Do you want to hurt me because you hate me? I can accept that! It would be very sad for me, but I can resist! Do you want became a member of the band and they say you can’t? Somebody is paying you to tell bad things about them? Be honest, Fed! Can’t be just chats! Every time you want to say something bad about music you mention Radiohead! Why? Do they deserve success less than…Christina Aguilera, for example? So, why don’t you talk about her? Is Thom a bad person? He can be strange, but I think he is a good person who recall attention about a lot of important things…like David, at the end! And I thing they are right, because they use their celebrity to do good actions…

    Tell me the truth, Fed! And…GUY PRATT! Seeing that you usually post on the blog, please help me to explain to your friend Fed that Radiohead aren’t the enemy! Please, Guy, help me! Bianca, Tim and I aren’t enough! And I suggest to join to the blog’s rules this new rule: “NO ONE CAN BE ANNOYED FOR HIS/HER MUSICAL TEST”!

    But, for the last time, I want to try to explain you why I love them…I know you can find it boring, but please, Fed, read it. And I want to start confirming all my sympathy and all my respect for you. You know I think you are a very kind person, and I still continue thinking that! No one could be this work better than you! Not I, of course! And now that I finished to write I saw that this post is really long! SORRY FED! But I prefer no cutting what I write because…it is what I write with my “instinct” and I don’t want edit him to make a sort of “university lesson”! I prefer it is “natural” as it was born! I wish you would read it, then you can decide to cut or delete it. No problem! I trust you will decide to do!

    And I don’t think I have to justify my music tastes (even if I think is funny that the same people who say me “Why do you listen Radiohead? They are so depressing!” are the same who say me “Why do you listen Pink Floyd? They are so disturbing!”). Well! I don’t think they or I were depressed neither disturbing! I’ve never met Radiohead or Pink Floyd, but I know I am a normal, kindness…and I listen Radiohead and Pink Floyd every day! And sometimes I can be strange and I think all around me is wrong (but I used to think about that just when I’m alone, so no one who know me could tell you I’m a depressed and disturbing person…I’m a great pretender!) and in these moments Radiohead and Pink Floyd help me to think about things and I always find a sound, a sentence, a syllable of Thom and David or Roger Water’s voice that is for me like a revelation…and I don’t feel alone to fight my strange battle!

    I don’t think Pink Floyd and Radiohead’s music are the same! I just say they have similar effect on my mind…when I’m happy or when I’m sad…because both sound in the same way of my mind…it’s just a feeling…and maybe David (or Thom and the others bands’ members) aren’t happy if I compare their music with my mind…but what does the music need if not to move the string of your mind and of your soul? I like the way Tim defined Thom’s voice. I love his post! THANKS TIM (and thank Bianca for the support!). And I think that the fragility of his voice is a wonderful thing in a planet where everything have to look powerful and perfect! I don’t feel powerful and perfect…I have a lot of fears and inadequacy’s feelings. About my present, about my future, about the lifes’s of the people I love, about this planet who seem to go to the drift…and if there someone who say me that I’m not a paranoid, neurotic person but that this bad things really exist and that maybe we should start thinking to do something to better that, I feel stronger…I wish a world with good people, not a world where everyone is handsome and powerful…I love Thom’s strange eyes because they are real but, for example, I can’t like a 60 years old Mick Jagger who wears and behaves like a 20 years old boy, because…that’s fiction…(I hope noone mind if I mentioned Mick Jagger). I know you can’t always show your fragility and it is right!

    When I work I have to be reasonable, responsible, fast and brilliant…and sometimes is really hard…because there is something else in my mind! Not just job and not just the way I have to look in front of the people…I HATE TO THINK ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE WANT I WAS…what’s wrong?

    If music gives me the possibility to think about me and the world around, I’m happier. And Radiohead and Pink Floyd give me that! Then I love others bands and songs too…but if you ask me which music I could be, I will answer: Radiohead and Pink Floyd.

    So, I love joking and sometimes I love to joke about Radiohead depression and the ugly Thom’s face too. No problem! But there something else and I don’t want you became a fan of Radiohead (even If I wish!) but I’d like you understand why I am a fan of Radiohead.

    I think a Radiohead sentence could explain that better than all the words I said in this long and long post: “You’ll maybe be the president. But know right from wrong? But in the flood you’ll build an Ark and sail us to the moon”. This is what I hope for me and for the planet! Someone who can tell right from wrong and that, if something will go wrong, build an Ark to save us. Do you think it is depressing or an hopeful thought? And when they sing “Karma police, arrest this man. He talks in maths. He buzzes like a fridge. He like a detuned radio” I don’t think it is depressing, I think that it’s truth! There are people, in these world, who’d make you arrest just because he don’t want to hear what you say. And I happy to have someone who help me to remember that I have to listen what people say, because I don’t want became a Karma Policewoman! Is it depressing? I think it isn’t! And excuse me, but if you think these are depressing you should say that “Wish you were here”, “Dogs”, “Time” and a lot of Pink Floyd’s songs are depressing too! To you think that! I don’t!

    Listen me! Read FAHRENHEIT 451! If Radiohead words and mine didn’t work, maybe the book could help me to tell you what I meant to say! And now can we do a deal? If you have something that you’d like to ask me or speak about Radiohead, I will be happy to do it. If you have to use them just to do bad example, CAN YOU STOP, PLEASE! Talk about Oasis, Robbie Williams, Jennifer Lopez…and above all TALK ABOUT DAVID AND PINK FLOYD! but not Radiohead!

    Even because, as you can say, this boring posts are what you get when you tell me bad thoughts about Radiohead! So, for your salvation and mine, use (you and I) Radiohead just for a constructive reason! Otherwise I will send you a longer post too!!! REALLY REALLY LONGER!!!

    At the end I hope you are not too much bored and that you think I am angry with you. I’m not angry! I still think you are a really kind and clever person…and this is the reason because I wish you will be able to understand my music’s tastes…I don’t like you think I’m depressed and disturbed just because I listen Radiohead! For other reasons, maybe! But Radiohead aren’t guilty!

    OK! STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Are you destroy and bored? 😉 SORRY AGAIN…but I have to do…for the last time! I PROMISE!!!

    I wish you sweet dreams, mate!

    See you tomorrow!


    [I’m just teasing you, mate. Oasis, Robbie Williams, Jennifer Lopez… They are all rubbish. You are right about that. However, I respect anyone who likes them if their music makes them feel good, and I respect you for liking Radiohead (I understand your reasons – they are the same as the ones that I use to justify my love of so-called “unpopular” musicians). I just personally find Radiohead boring and whiney. Thom’s voice feels like fingernails being scraped down a blackboard to me, yet I love Bob Dylan and no one can say that he has a good voice. Roger Waters, too. But I’ll never say another bad thing about Radiohead (unless someone wants to pay me to say bad things about them?) because I truly don’t wish to offend you… And because I just can’t bear another post as long as this one! (What are you trying to do to me, Lucia?! Why don’t you just get the thumbscrews out and be done with it?!) – Features Editor]

  174. Now that Echoes has proved to be the most popular song played on the UK leg of David’s tour, how about this for an idea: When the 5.1 re-mixing work is done on the WYWH album (asap please) why not do the Echoes track as well and issue it on a separate disc? (Royalties to Crisis)

  175. First of all I would like to thank David for a superb concert on the 29th. I was fortune to see him at the mermaid through the kindness of the Features Ed, but nothing prepares you for the real thing. Two and half hours of mind blowing music(or was that the chap next to me smoking a joint doing that). Which 3 were the best though, difficult but its got to be…

    2.Comfortably Numb

    Carry on the sterling work Ed, I have followed this web site since the start and I think its brilliant.

    PS. Can anyone tell me the significance of the number that is printed on the Smile CD case and sticker that were put on chairs at the RAH..!

    [Hi Nick. My understanding is that it’s just to show that each one is unique. Numbering would be, in theory, the same as the number of seats in the venues (say, 2,000 each for Manchester and Glasgow and 4,500 for each of the three nights at the RAH). If this is the case, then the numbers probably go up to 17,500. If I hear otherwise, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  176. 1. Coming back to life
    2. Arnold Layne
    3. This Heaven

    But all were brilliant!

  177. Hiya F’Ed – as promised, the story of the shirt…and this is the edited version!

    We have all had an absolute blast over the last few months, culminating in blind panic on last Thursday as we waited for news from Guy, from you, from anyone!!

    I’ve just checked my Outlook folder named ‘Fed’. It contains 327 emails!! Actually the first one is from you, telling me I had won a pair of tickets for the Mermaid Theatre show….but the next one is dated 18th April, when Rudders got in touch after I asked you to publish my email address in the blog – good job we got in before the rules changed eh?!

    Ideas for ways of saying ‘thank you’ were floated around, but the Liverpool ‘Fedmeister’ shirt was there from day one and we all quickly agreed that was a great idea. Then Ian Pearson casually offered to ‘come up with something’ in glass. What a star! We’ve been fortunate to see the various stages of production for Glassman and it’s a truly amazing piece of art, produced by a truly amazing artist. I’ll let Ian fill you in on the trials and tribulations involved but, a word of advice, don’t put Glassman on the roof of your car…….

    What I can tell you about is the shirt! Your fellow Red, Ali, is a cyber mate of mine off a Rush message board and it was his suggestion to go for a Champions League Final shirt. Finding one was a bit tricky, even trickier to find someone who’d print what WE wanted on it but eventually I found a source and the shirt was secured. Originally we were going to have it framed but the group decided in the end that it was better left to you to decide what to do with it – I was concerned that by framing it you were only going to be able to see one side for a start! Hope you think we made the right decision there?

    Now all we had to do was work out how to get the items to you! Rudders had made contact with Guy for the ‘stop smoking’ thing and he was the logical person to ask, but we were still a little stunned when he said ‘yes’! It was arranged for Ian to drop the Glass off at the Glasgow concert and I would bring the shirt along to the RAH on the Monday – I ended up getting an email from Guy, giving me the Tour Managers mobile number, I remember terror striking me as I thought of some Peter Grant (of Led Zep fame) figure telling me where to get off when I phoned…. Anyway, here’s the email that went out to the conspirators on that Monday night – put bluntly F’Ed you nearly didn’t get your shirt!!….

    “Hi All

    Shirt and cheque successfully delivered…..just! Having promised Guy we would be up there by 2pm, children, trains and weather combined to delay us until almost 4pm. Guy had emailed me the Tour Managers mobile number but, even as I dialled it I knew they would be sound
    checking….sure enough – “sorry mate, they’re sound checking, can you ring back at 6?” So we walked round Kensington Gardens for a bit then headed off to the Queens Arms, passing the recording trucks outside the RAH from which the sound of ‘Comfortably Numb’ could be heard (still sound checking then…..).

    Phoned again at 6 – straight to answer phone! Panic was setting in – with all the chaos surrounding a first night and DVD shoot I figured I’d blown my chance and everyone was going to be far too busy now. Much discussion followed in the pub, along the lines of ‘you’ve blown it Neil’ – aren’t friends and family great in a crisis!! We decided to go up to the RAH at 6.45 and see if we could blag our way in the Stage Door but tried the Tour Manager again as we walked up and, miracle of miracles I got through and he put me straight onto Guy….we arranged, once again, to meet at the Stage Door. We realised that this was just going to be a straight hand-over now, this close to show time, plus I was slightly concerned by the conversation I overheard before the phone went dead….’You’ve got to meet at the Stage Door Guy’. ‘Right, where’s that then?’. ‘It’s the door you came in earlier Guy’. ‘Right…..and that was where again?’

    So we waited for maybe 10 minutes – no Guy! Eventually a harassed looking Tour Manager burst out the door, phone to ear…at which point my phone rings…. ‘Oh, hello! Don’t move’ he says smiling, as he dials up Guy. Guy it turns out has come out the wrong door and is being hassled by some less than courteous ‘fans’ but makes it round to us. A quick hello and a shake of hands followed by the handover…..and that was that! ’20 minutes Guy’ says Mr Tour Manager and off he goes with a cheery ‘Enjoy the show’……”

    Both Guy and Nick, the Tour Manager, were brilliant – I must have been the last person they wanted to hear from with half an hour to show time, but they put up with me gushing for about 2 minutes. I never got the chance to explain why there was a business card in the pack though – with ‘Thanks Rudders’ scribbled on it…maybe someday 😉

    Right, that’s waaay to long for one message so crop away F’Ed…back with more later and take care!

    Neil ‘Pudders’ Pudney

    [That’s amazing, Neil. Thanks so much for all the trouble you’ve gone to. It’s very much appreciated (and you definitely made the right decision with regards to not framing the shirt, because I can’t bring myself to frame it, myself). – Features Editor]

  178. RAH 31st Echoes
    Mermaid Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Mermaid Wearing The Inside Out

    Looking forward to the DVD.

  179. [Did someone say something about Rick Wright having a solo project in the works? First I’ve heard about it. Can someone tell me more about it? (I know, this is David’s blog, but Rick is David’s mate, to say it the way a Brit would say it, and he’s been in two of David’s great bands…)]

    Only rumours as far as I know. But it would be mighty cool of course.


  180. Hey Fed,

    So David has played a handful of Syd tunes in the last few years. In ’94 Floyd played “Astronomy Domine”, then solo he’s played “Terrapin”, “Dominoes”, “Arnold Layne” and I’m trying to remember what else.

    My question is, when is he going to break out a “Scream Thy Last Scream?” I guess he’ll need some vocal training first to be able to hit those Alvin and the Chipmunk-esque high notes. Would “Vegetable Man” be better?

    I kid of course, but those two songs are not without their strange appeal.


    [Aren’t they all fantastic? Hats off to David for playing them and reminding everyone of Syd’s genius. I wonder if he knows all the words to ‘Word Song’… – Features Editor]

  181. 1.Echoes
    2.Fat old sun

    4.Arnold Layne
    5.Take a breath

    4th time lucky for me, saw Pink Floyd in 1989 and 1994 and Dave in 2002 and I finally get to see Echoes live……pure quality.

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