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Thank you all for the messages left yesterday for Steve Di Stanislao. He was blown away by them.

There’s not much to report, as everyone is being extremely secretive at the moment, but you can hear a repeat broadcast of David’s Front Row interview with John Wilson today if you missed it when it originally went out.

You want BBC Radio 4 at 1:30PM UK time. Just click Listen Live for that.

So from Front Row to Front Cover…

Today’s rainy day blog suggestion comes from Piergiorgio, with a little extra from Nickster.

Since there’s been a lot of talk about the DVD (that’s David’s forthcoming DVD, not the Pink Floyd one that we don’t really want to discuss too much)…

If you could choose an image/title to put on the DVD cover, what would you choose and why?

And how about adding a ‘P.U.L.S.E’-type flashing light or similar gimmick? If so, what would work?

Please note that we’re a long way away from having the cover finished, so we won’t be showing it off just yet. Any requests for details about/examples of the artwork will be dismissed with a huff, so please don’t ask.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Hi all,

    DG’s RAH DVD cover:

    Royal Albert Hall on an Island (use an aerial shot of the building and then surround it with sand and sea, optionally featuring the DG Wireman).

    PULSE-like gimmick:

    Initially I thought of a soundbite played on opening of the package (like those tacky birthday cards), maybe one of the soundscapes from, or something that sounds like surf lapping at a shore…but it could sound horrible, so…

    … howabout some heat or light sensitive paper, so that the actual packaging becomes dynamic and a function of the person holding it, or the time of day. I had in mind something like those t-shirts that would change colour from hand heat (or even mood rings??!). Just an idea…


  2. For the OAI DVD – A nice collage of concert photos interspersed with island shots would be nice, perhaps placing the actual OAI album cover in the middle of all the photos. But please don’t put another photo of David with a big microphone shadow on his chin (like the one used to promote On An Island) – that always annoyed me.

    Install a button you can push on the front of the DVD case that will play ocean sounds or a tiny repeated clip of Castellorizon. Let’s see, would that push the cost up too much? Maybe so.


  3. I like this entry. Got the grey matter ticking overtime. Heres a suggestion:


    DG face down on a beach with both arms outstreached holding a fender, like someone who has been washed to shore after being shipwreacked, fender strat the replacement to the piece of mast that the shipwreack survivor clutched onto to stay afloat…

    gimmick – i have 2 ideas for this:

    1. get ian pearson to mass produce tiny glassmen (hey i want a cut of them profits ian!) and use a Led to pulse a ray of light through glassman. Awesome 🙂

    1. get a real life sample of some Kastellorizon sea water and seal it into a little bubble, with the possibility of having a little battery operated wave machine / spinning starfish (or some other local marine life) inside the bubble.

    if you listen hard enough you can hear the cogs grinding!

    whats my prize?!? oh a coat, hang on that’s my coat!

  4. Hmm, perhaps that cover idea could be expanded to all members of the group…

    DG with a fender
    GP with a Precision slab
    DP sax
    SDI drum
    RW keyboard

    etc etc, you get the idea …

    oh and torn clothes and sand and seaweed on them… you could even chuck in polly as a mermaid…

    and i guess you could chuck in a few bloggers as the ‘native savages’ ;p

  5. [If you could choose an image/title to put on the DVD cover, what would you choose and why?]

    Wow! Really difficult….I think a ‘PULSE’-type flashing light or similar gimmick could be funny…maybe the back cover could contain a bit of sand, with a plastic cover….or maybe some special smell who remind to the see…or a seaweed in the plastic cover….or the dvd could sound when you open it, like the birthday card…

    about the front cover….I think it could represent similar to the pages (with the glassman, of course!), because I think that this site is one of the greatest thing of this tour and that it represent who much David is loved and respected by his fans, and how much this tour has worked good…I think in 2006 there wasn’t a tour so good as David’s…and maybe no one tour had never organized in this wonderful way….


  6. How about two eyeballs on a beach??? 🙂

    I think a picture of the huge DG vertical flag on the side of the RAH building should appear somewhere in, or on, the packaging. This could look good on the back cover of the DVD.

  7. For the cover: A picture of me plantin’ a big kiss on David would be excellent but highly inappropriate. (Sorry, Polly!) Might not do much for sales, either. (I’m not as good-lookin’ as I used to be. Quelle domage….) 😀

    Can’t think of a gimmick but what about including an insert of an original photo by Polly? A great shot of David that is frameable? I always love little extras inside…postcards, stickers, photos, posters.

    Cheers, everybody!


  8. i think the case should be a slightly padded affair,

    the card box should have the front of the RAH padded out in dark colours ( slightly 3D ) and then ‘david gilmour’ text across the top, ive got it in my mind, im a package designer, so if you would like a hand, a few sketches.


  9. I favor no button or other gimmick on the cover. The music speaks for itself and needs no cost adding doodad to attract buyers.

    A 3D cover like the Rolling Stones Satanic Majesties cover would be cool.

  10. i think the title should also be as simple as ‘Royal Albert Hall 29-31/06/06’ very standard, I know, will think further into this however. But it needs to sound grand, maybe a track title?

  11. Title of the DVD ” The Hugs to all Tour”

    Sealed on the cover spine a small mirror which would brightly reflect light from a torch when you were searching for it in the dark. Open the DVD box up and an inflatable guitar whooshes out!

    Ripper said “(get ian pearson to mass produce tiny glassmen)” Ahhhhhhhhhhh I have a cunning plan which actually is the complete opposite of this and involves a certain HRH and all will be revealed next month.

    Anniversary plans to celebrate this site I see are gathering pace. Like the idea of a barn party Fed. You bring the hoe and I will bring the down. Fancy dress anyone? We could dress up as a member of the band. I vote me to come dressed as Guy!

    Ian Pearson

  12. Gimmick:

    A laser in the spine that when you press the button fills your room with a green ceiling of laser light, just like DG had at the RAH.

    Cover: A picture of David’s hands and a scan of his brain. That way we’d see just where the magic comes from and how it gets to us.

  13. Ripper –

    Great idea mate – love the idea of an LED-illuminated glassman. With white and blue LEDs available and a rotating graduated filter underneath it could gently fade between deep blue and white. A photo of that could be an excellent cover too…

    IanP –

    Fancy doing a special limited edition blogger glassman? I’d remortgage for something like that 🙂

    Titles: Am trying to think of a good title for the DVD but that’s particularly hard, because the shows weren’t exclusively OAI or PF. It’s hard coming up with something that really captures both sets, because it was so much more that OAI Live, or a DG’s PF favourites. “Islands” or “Island Life” are bobbling around in here, but neither quite hits the spot. “Shining on an Island” was another that doesn’t quite work (and sounds like a sequel to the horror movie!). “Live at the RAH” is always a good backstop but just doesn’t seem to do the shows justice. Other braindumps:

    “Islands and Echoes” – I quite like this, because Echoes represents the echoes of a distant time (i.e. 2nd set).

    “Postcards from an Island”
    “A Retrospective Island”
    “Island Travels”/”Island Journeys”
    “Islands and Memories”


  14. Assuming we can get Storm to do the work, I think the image on the cover should be the party described in yesterdays Blog by Michele et al as we could use the artwork budget to contribute to the cost

    If he could be bothered to lay out all those beds on “Momentary lapse”, assembling the Eiffel tower, Collisseum, and assorted beverages should be a piece of cake

    The title – “An intimate evening with David Gilmour and Friends”

  15. The only thing that I can think of at the moment in regards of a DVD cover/gimmick is to employ the same picture as the OAI cover. The only exception would be that there is an effect used which gives the appearance that the water is ebbing and flowing on the island upon which Gilmour is sitting.

  16. Happy Wednesday,

    For a front cover picture then I think that a panoramic view of the inside of the building would look good. It was an amazing place.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: 1966, the linesman from god – 1986, the hand of god – 2006, the throw in from God

  17. i’ve been thinking about this for far too long. thanks, ed!

    i think the packaging will be kept to a minimum in fitting with the whole ‘carbon neutral’ thing. i don’t care for gimmicks. ‘pulse’ was a floyd dvd, this is david’s. he doesn’t need all that.

    i think it will look as close to the album cover as possible. the colours on that are lovely and we all agree that we think of ‘blue’ when we think of the album. surely he has to go with the sea mofif?

    the title should be simple and to the point: “david gilmour – live in london” or similar.

    i really liked the black gallery background with half of david’s face. he looked really menacing there. i can’t find it now. was it on the ‘stuff and nonsense’ page? anyway, maybe a black cover if blue is out with that image on one side and the lettering on the other?

  18. How about filling the inside cover with sand so that when you tip it up it reveals David and the Albert Hall, like the litho ?

    Or, for a deluxe version, you could make an ‘On an Island’ version of a snow globe, with the wire man on an island and filled with sand and water and seagulls so when you shake it they fly around ?!? To top it off you could have a stobe light in the bottom that flashes when you shake it ! (Well maybe not the last bit).


  19. I wonder what are they being secretive about?

    I have this conspiracy theory that David will join Roger Water as a guest appearence in Roger’s show in Israel (Tomorrow!).. Hmm.


    Cover – No idea. Really.
    Gimmick – Echoes. A small microphone and speaker that repeats (in an echoi way) whatever is spoken to it.

  20. I love Ripper’s title for the DVD: Still Marooned. Perfect.

    Incidentally, in the bus home i was thinking about the topic, before i read it here, and i was thinking that the same image as in the RAH special edition T-shirt and Poster would be used: davids shape over the RAH building. Unoriginal but effective. Anyway, i would prefer something fresher… Maybe bring the boy back home? i mean, Storm Thorgerson?

    I understand that the stile pursued throuougth the live of On an Island is rather different, but I think he could translate the postcard-like and hand-drawn imagineri into real-life-picture. He’s a genious.

    The gimmick? well… its not exactly that, but i think that a postcard should be included within the package, maybe one of Castellorizon, im sure there are real ones. Otherwise…

    Makes sense?? 🙂

  21. Hi all… my first thought was the glassman that our FED was given for all their hard work. I think this would be a fantastic nod to David (it’s him after all), to the hard working FEd, and to the Gilmourites since it was a dedicated band who made the Glassman happen (sorry FED- I was contacted by Rudders to do “something” early in the process, but got dropped out of the loop as I no longer have internet at home- sorry… but I would have gladly participated- all hail those who did!).

    Gimmick? I dunno- I’m not too worried about gimmicks… a nice booklet inside more than makes up for gimmicks.

    Have a great day all!

    [Bless you, Tim. – Features Editor]

  22. [If you could choose an image/title to put on the DVD cover, what would you choose and why?]

    A picture of F*Ed swimmiming in the sand 🙂 It would be very avant guard…Or David in a school boy outfit ( ala AC/DC ) swinging on swings…Oh c’mon!

    [And how about adding a ‘PULSE’-type flashing light or similar gimmick? If so, what would work?]

    I would like to bring back the ill conceived concept of smell-a-vision for this release. When you break the DVD seal the smell of sea and cocoa butter out!

  23. DVD Cover: Wire Man & Wire Woman on the blue beach watching the birds fly away.

    Wondeful changes to the site.

    Thanks FeD


    [Thanks very much, John. – Features Editor]

  24. I liked John Covert’s idea of the using the Wire Man & Wire Woman on the cover, and I liked Victor’s title of “David Gilmour – Live in London.”

    For the gimmick, it would be neat if the DVD “cover” could be fashioned like a book, as the OAI CD cover is. Then, there could be a ribbon of some kind (maybe a blue one) inserted into the book, with a miniature Glassman charm tied to the end of the bookmark.

  25. Hi Fed & all,

    how about some sort of hologram of David/Wireman/….glassman even?? on the cover which i reckon would have to be blue.As far as a pulse type flashing wotsit, is this going back over the same old ground??

    is there any thing that could be included within the cover that would reflect the hologram onto a surface of a room, im going too far now how much would that cost to produce?.

    loads of pics of the concerts should definately be included.Were any taken of the audience during the concerts at RAH it would be great fun trying to pick ourselves out (for the lucky ones that went)

  26. Title for the DVD? I like,

    David Gilmour: Island Jam

    I know it is the name of the bonus track but I think it really fits. Come to think of it, on this tour David has yet to perform Island Jam.

    The image for the cover. I’ve said it before but personally I really like the cover of the Smile single. Something along those lines would be fabulous. Or, how about a prism with light shining, o, sorry that was done already. LOL.

    As for gimmicks: I have to say the one release that I recently picked up was the Rush R30 special edition. Inside: two DVDs of live performances, plus two CDs of live performances, plus two guitar pics, a cloth backstage pass patch and a booklet. All very nicely done. I think it would be cool to get a DG guitar pick in the package. Of course the wireman tour pin would be a nice plus too since it was not available worldwide. Also, how about some postcards like PF did with Wish You Were Here original release?

    On the far side of gimmicks. I remember the screen of smoke on the stage right before the band started playing. How about a dry ice capsule inside that bursts into a cloud of smoke when you open the case? It will only work the first time you open the case. I’m sure it would freak out some people. If you really want to make an impact, remember the old gag of a snake in a can. Have a seagull pop out of the case. OK now, I hope all of you know I’m joking here on these last two…

    By the way, all of you that have the original Pulse CD with the flashing LED. You do know that you can change the battery in the package once the light goes out. If fact, I highly recommend you take the battery out if it is not working so that it doesn’t corrode inside the package and ruin it. There is a cardboard tab that you pull on to remove the LED unit. Inside you’ll find a double AA battery.

    Thanks for asking…


  27. Sometimes less is more, as the whole OAI cd is too me, so no gimmicks needed!

    But I love Polly’s photo from 6/16 blog, a photo with that sort of laser in the background, showing the whole band would be a great cover, plus give a little tease as what to expect when you play it!

  28. I had the 3D idea as well, in the 60’s they used to call buttons like that “flasher” (Presidential campaign buttons, Beatles buttons, Stones Cover, etc…). In recent years the amout of images in a flasher is far more than they used to be, causing more of a *film effect*.

    The possibilities for this are are a couple from me;

    1. An image of the stick man turning into the actual David

    2. A panoramic of the “Mist Cloud” , it would be cool to see that come out and swallow the band and half the crowd….but I don’t know if it would work?

    You could also incorperate some Gulls into it, that would tie everything together. For the final touch, use clear or blue plastic for the case.

  29. COVER ARTWORK: How about a hologram of the wireman walking on water with the title ” A Tidal Dave” sorry scrap that one how about . “Inside the Blue ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  30. My suggestions:

    Cover: Various guitar picks (representing Davids main instrument and his solo effort)swimming in water like little “islands” (because this was the OAI-tour and OAI was played as whole in the first set); ripples around the picks could symbolize sound waves (a reference to the “Meddle”-cover, representing the “old stuff” played in the second set of this tour, and because of “Echoes” being played.)

    The title then becomes obviuos: “Live Picks” (because of its double meaning)

    No gimmicks needed.

  31. Fedmeister

    Could we have a DVD version specifically for the malcontents who went to the concerts?

    Title: WooHoo Dave You Rock!

    Gimmick: The DVD spine would squirt out Seagull guano occasionally to the sound of someone shouting “Bring it on home Dave!”

    But seriously…

    The DVD title: Not On an Island – On Tour!

    Gimmick: An LCD heart beat monitor with the words “Still beating” across the top…

    [I like it. The ‘WooHoo Dave You Rock!’ gimmick could be a bright LCD screen that you can never quite avoid no matter how much you fidget. – Features Editor]

  32. Caption Competition…

    DG’s predilection for wearing an Angel costume on stage started to concern the rest of the band…

  33. random brain dump:

    You can do some pretty neat stuff with fibre optics these days. I’m sure you could simulate a wave or flaming glass/wire man with minimal fibre and battery power.

    Infact the wire in the wireman would probably work with fibre optics…

    i like the idea of heat sensitive covers. Perhaps if you throw water on it, it reveals a secret message.

    Same thing could be done with some invisible ink. The more hidden ‘easter eggs’ the better if you ask me!

    Having the DVD come alive would be really cool too. For example – some kind of sound detection, when it is in ‘earshot’ of take a breath, the DVD turns into a read green strobe.

    glow in the dark paint – a mark brickman type effect when the DVD is in the dark, this wouldn’t be visible in normal lighting, so it gives you 2 covers for the price of one…

    solar powered lights, those little lights you put in your garden….very similar to the pulse led, but this one would never go out 🙂

    packaging – fish scales / sand / rock / guitar strings texture.

  34. Addendum to “Live Picks”: If you want to include a gimmick, then you could stretch the symbolism further and include a real (a “live”) guitar pick in the package.

    really my last post for today, I promise …

  35. All my good ideas for the DVD case are already taken. =(

    But as for a title… How about “No Man Is An Island”?

  36. The Title could be several

    On a long lost Live Island
    Island’s Surround You.
    Smile Your On an Island
    Island Dreams
    Take A Breath Your On An Island.

    Just some dvd titles i came up with tried to have some sort of connection with songs on the album.

    The gimmick a flashing blue light.

    Rock on everyone and take care
    Aaron Burrows (slough)

  37. Hello, F.Ed,

    The site looks great, Web team. Thanks for the updates.

    for the DVD cover, I would suggest keeping the same style as the CD, with the book- style packaging and colors.

    For an image, there is one in the Kastellorizon Galleries of the room that caught my attention. It has a table and 4 chairs, with only one chair down on all 4 legs. The pic, to me at least, looks symbolic of one person, namely David, by himself at the table. There are three other chairs available, they could have at one time been occupied by 3 other people, (use your imagination on which 3 people) but this time it is just one. It could also be looked at as David’s solo work being performed along with PF classics.

    The pic also has, on the Right side, another table partially visible with 2 chairs down, that reminds me of the sidebar David took when he sat down and worked together with someone else briefly while OAI was going on. The other table draws some attention from the one in the center, much like Live 8 drew some attention away from David’s work on OAI. (Or maybe I am just reading waaay too much into one innocent picture….)

    Anyways, have a great day all.


  38. [and i guess you could chuck in a few bloggers as the ‘native savages’]

    Could we each have a commemorative pointy stick to shake ?

    [I think it goes without saying, Tim. – Features Editor]

  39. For the cover: perhaps something more minimalistically surreal, and certainly noir, of the seating and stage from either the left or right of the hall, and in black & white photography. Mannequins? Hans Belmar meets Man Ray, perhaps…? Typesetting done like an Underwood standard. Band photographs should be very Doisneau, perhaps the band members entering the theater on foot. Gotta get Wright with a cigarette in his mouth.

    I’d vote against the gimmicks. I thought that the _Pulse_ CD was a little too…. hmmm…..

  40. Hello Dear F.ed,

    Here is my idea for the DVD Title

    You could choose “Castellorizonlive” with a nice picture of the band on stage mixed with a photo of on an island, to stay in the spirit of the album.
    What do you think ?

    Have a nice evening.

  41. The DVD title: Not On an Island – On Tour!

    I love it! Good idea, Rudders! David should choose this, of course! Short but effective


  42. I would love it if there was someway for the case to make the sound of waves crashing on the beach when you hold it, or press a button


  43. I also like the title “Island Jam”!

    For the cover, I like either a simple shot, a view from behind David as he plays a guitar facing the ocean, or a shot of him sitting in a chair on the beach he enjoys going to strumming a guitar.

    No gimmicks- it doesn’t need one.

  44. Perhaps a give a way to some lucky people who purchase the DVD. Some secret code hidden in the DVD itself or the packaging. Maybe the winner could win a trip for two to a concert, or a meet and greet with David, or perhaps a signed guitar from him. I’m sure the tech people could come up with a way of hiding the secret in the DVD or packaging. Maybe a scratch thing, like the scratch lottery tickets.

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  45. I had another idea, if you are considering a light. Put it in a “light house”.

  46. [Cover: Various guitar picks (representing Davids main instrument and his solo effort)swimming in water like little “islands” (because this was the OAI-tour and OAI was played as whole in the first set); ripples around the picks could symbolize sound waves (a reference to the “Meddle”-cover, representing the “old stuff” played in the second set of this tour, and because of “Echoes” being played.) The title then becomes obviuos: “Live Picks” (because of its double meaning). No gimmicks needed. – Posted by: Georg Kunz at June 21, 2006 03:36 PM]

    Inspired suggestion George , that would work really well.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  47. CAPTION: Because of what happened on arrival in JFK airport, Our hero arrives at every airport in a wooden container marked TOP SECRET .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  48. I have to thing about the design, maybe look over the gallery for some ideas later today for my 2 cents worth. As far as blinking lights and other packaging gimmics…I think that green packaging, like the OAI with the soy based inks is a better direction to go.

    I think a continuation of the OAI concept with the wire man would work.

    If you want to look for new imagery, how about finding a fine artist’s (perhaps one that David & Polly collects or admires) for a painting that would tie in well. There seems to be a separation between fine art and commercial design which I find arbitrary at times.

    A freind of mine commissioned an oil painting for an album of hers, and I also designed the cd jacket with the graphics, font, etc. Another singer named Shawn Colvin put out an album with another local painter’s image on the cover which peaked interest in her work too. This gives hands up to the visual fine art scene.

  49. I’m not too good with words so I decided I should just do this.

    Here is my design for it (click my name below):

    [Impressive stuff, Jason. – Features Editor]

  50. First I want to thank everyone who has worked so hard on this website and i love the changes. I love Polly’s photos & her novels ( i have read each one 3 times already).

    My idea for a image for the David Gilmour On an island dvd is as follows:

    the deepest blue background with the up close photo of David from his tour programme book and hallograms of images during the rehearsals and that includes the one of David and Polly singing ‘smile’set in the background, add in the seagulls & a few waves.Add a tasteful touch of silver along the outside of the DVD.

    My reasons for this image(s) for the much anticipated David Gilmour “OAI” dvd is simple and yet to me says alot. It is a actual demonstration of just how personal this beautiful CD and all the work that went into it. Personal aspects of David with Polly and have family and happiness.

    I would venture to guess exactly the way Mr. & Mrs. Gilmour intended for this CD and the tour venues. Up close and personal. The picture of David from the tour programme is as close as a camera shot can come, it shows all the work that went into this masterpiece & forgive me would also show David’s wonderful ” blue” eyes and Polly’s radiant smile as seen in the rehearsals of Polly singing and playing the piano.

    The non spoken words between David and Polly say more than any “stick man figure” for this DVD. I have nothing aganist the stick man now but not for the cover of the video. Show the images of the best husband and wife team and that is David and Polly.

    Again it would also represent what i believe Mr. Gilmour is trying hard to say and that is family is first and everything else is a close second.

    Steve i love the way you play the drums and also ring that bell in High Hopes. You are a true talent and a super drummist.

    Linda Penner
    Wmsvl, NY

  51. Personally speaking I don’t care to see any flashing lights or any goofy gimmicks. Keep it plain, simple and dignified (keep “dignified” in mind when you read idea #2). Here are my suggestions:

    1. (The “Traditional” concept) A shot of David caught in mid-cry on stage, eyes clenched shut, mouth open, mimicking the glorious screams of his beloved black strat. Perhaps not too original but certainly a fan favorite.

    2. (The “Artsy” concept) A photo of a strat lying in a shell-littered bed of sand, submerged (Meddle-like) under blue tranquil waters (that’s H2O…Not a sad, calm Roger). The back cover could then have David dressed up as The Skipper swatting Guy Pratt (posing as Gilligan of course) over the head with his cap!

    (Sorry…I’m not too sure how many of our little Gilmour community out there is aware of Gilligan’s Island! It was a bad 60’s sitcom here in the States that lasted maybe three seasons but has remained in syndication for about 643 years. Marooned on a tiny desert island with five other castaways, the Skipper seemed perpetually annoyed with something stupid Gilligan had done and would waste no time showing it!)

  52. How about:

    David Gilmour
    On An Island & Old Treasures Live
    Royal Albert Hall – London – May 2006

    I don’t know about a gimmick. Maybe a concert photo on a sticker.

    Best Regards,
    Stephen Radovanovich
    NY, USA

  53. I like todays photograph…it would make a nice cover. But….I really want to suggest the “Back-Cover”… (with a devilish-grin) On the back should be a “Tour-Bus” that has beached itself. David should be dressed as the bus driver collecting tickets from the band as they board.

    (hope you guys get the joke….)

    [Yes, very good. – Features Editor]

  54. What fantastic imaginations in this blog! Here’s an idea that uses bits from others – a shot of the ROH’s stage area, but the stage itself is a beach, with a band of wiremen in 3D (must represent the whole band, for their immense contributions, after all!), in different playing positions, depending on your viewing angle. Title: On a Live Island. Also must have a booklet of Polly’s live photos inside!

  55. How about in gigantic green neon flashing capital letters:


    …c’mon, it would give the Gilmour/PF Society something to lose sleep over for a while.

    And Fed…tomorrow: U.S. – Guana

    …I have Guana 36-0.

    -Chris McKay

    [I’ve been surprised by the US. They’re ranked fifth best team in the world, aren’t they? That said, I think a lot of teams have disappointed in this World Cup. Good luck to them. – Features Editor]

  56. Many children’s books have neat gimmicky stuff like handles for moving characters on a page, pin wheels, pop-ups etc.

    When moving a handle, one could have David moon everyone with the phrase “Roger who?” tattooed on his ass.

    I know, I know….this idea is truly tasteless and wrong and politically incorrect (chuckle, chuckle).

    Raymond in Orange County CA

  57. Hey Fed! Your brain, today, worked good. Tomorrow is Thursday….YOU WILL DO SPARKS!!!

    Have a good sleep this night!


    [You’d better watch out, I’ll be as sharp as a pin tomorrow… maybe. – Features Editor]

  58. DVD Title – “Three Hour Tour”, this references the theme from “Gilligan’s Island” where SEVEN castaways were MAROONED….ON AN ISLAND… There are SEVEN members of the band (I guess that would make David the Skipper and Rick his 1st mate Gilligan??)…. Also, the shows were about three hours long including intermission….


  59. I say that there should be a very small inflatable raft inside the package. How else are you going to get off the island?

  60. How about…

    A black sleeve with a prism and a single beam of light refracting through the prism displaying a range of colours the other side…

    Waddya mean it’s been done before? Where? Who? Storm who? What kind of name is that? 🙂

  61. Caption Competition…

    Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church and Ultra-Orthodox Jewish sects were outraged by the announcement of the 2008 David Gilmour “Messiah World Tour”…

  62. If we’re going to go Rudder’s route, we’ll need to find a way to have the DVD case fly across the front of your set to grab a beer every couple of minutes, especially during the really good solos, and have it completely obstruct your view during Pocketful of Stones and Where We Start. And the special edition should come with a pointy stick to combat it.

    Hey, there’s another good title for the DVD. Pointy Stick.

  63. The idea I have is to somehow have the instruments playing each other. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before. I’m not sure it really fits this particular project, but it could be fun.

  64. I don’t mind what the DVD set is called, but can you go easy on the gimmicks. Let the gorgeous music, lighting and video speak for themselves.

    The On An Island CD pack is very arty farty, but you get dust on the disc, and in the recent hot weather, the rubber button holding the disc slid down the inside of the cover, when the adhesive softened in the heat.

    Please can we have a regular DVD case, and an early release date would also be appreciated?


  65. [The only thing that I can think of at the moment in regards of a DVD cover/gimmick is to employ the same picture as the OAI cover. The only exception would be that there is an effect used which gives the appearance that the water is ebbing and flowing on the island upon which Gilmour is sitting. – Posted by: Julie Gunn Davies at June 21, 2006 01:09 PM]

    I was thinking the same thing^

    Hell, you could put those DVD’s in a plain brown paper bag and I’m still going to be picking ’em up.

    Brad T

  66. Cover: The RAH Flag was impressive and so that would be good particularly with some low sunlight – which is how I first saw it on 29th May.

    Or a statue of David sat on the rocks as per the siluette on the album cover – obviously with some twist to it (speak to Storm).

    Title: “Live On an Island” which can make sense if read right!!?

    Gimmik: A sachet of sand from Calleztorion? Or a pop-up book style shot of the band on stage with a paper strip to pull to move Davids mouth.

  67. Some more title ideas (courtesy of Polly mostly!!)

    “Remember that night” (I like this one more and more
    “Let the night surround you”
    “Take a breath”
    “Where we start”

    or maybe
    “Amongst friends”
    “Echoes from an island”

    Livery – you already have a strong brand identity with the CD / singles package so this should be continued with – building in the Meddle ripples would be a nice nod to the past.

    Not sure about a gimmick, but how about a (very) special limited edition available only to Bloggers with a good posting record (to avoid carpetbaggers)- could even include a signed photo of F’ed) – name your price!!

  68. i would package it similar to the on an island, the cloth spine and carbon neutral thang is super. just make it blue, and have lasers smoke and sound effects. you could call it the living island, or some such name. or just dress it in a sharp looking polka dot shirt.

  69. Hi Fed and all listened to the interview on a radio 4 today very interesting, Ian can you send me your address as i had to wipe my computer and lost everything good job i have backups , sorry Fed hope thats ok , no gimmicks just hope we dont have to wait years we need it

  70. DG Dvd title: Contemplating the twilight

    For the cover art/picture : At night , David looking outside his Astoria houseboat from a window with light open behind him…

    Have a great day !!!


  71. Okay, I’ve changed my mind on the cover idea. The DVD case should look like a black t-shirt. That’s all. Just a black t-shirt. And the title of the DVD – “David Gilmour’s ‘On An Island” Live” (the obvious).

    Or perhaps the less obvious: “I’M BACK AND I’M LIVE, MOTHERF*CKERS!” 😉


  72. How about an title like “What’s On” and a cover just like a black box with David Gilmour name and the title.

  73. I would like to see a paper gatefold box much like the wonderful Pink Floyd London 1966/1967 that was released last year on DVD. The image used should be any of the fine stage shots that we’ve been seeing on I also think a folded poster insert (just like Darkside) would be really special. What collector items will we be paying tons for on ebay in 15 years if you guys don’t plant those seeds now? Do the poster.

    I don’t like the plastic clam shell boxes, and I don’t really like gimmicks of any kind. I realize the Pulse blinking light was a huge marketing success, but not my cup of tea.

    I can’t wait to hear more about this release.

  74. Why not using (old fashion looking) postcards with Pollys wonderful live photos from R.A.H., scattered in sand? You could (hand)write the DVD title on the back of one card, maybe something like “Greetings from an Island trip” and put some of these cards inside the package.

    Or make a photo album looking cover instead, maybe with an embossed wireman on it. Would fit to a nice booklet in the same style.

    Or an open fender case, filled with sand…

    But whatever it will look like, I’m sure I’ll love it anyway!

    Have a nice evening everyone: David, Polly, F.Ed and all the gilmourians!


  75. A title to put on the DVD cover ?

    I like:
    – Island’s fascination (maybe not correct in English ?)
    – On an island’s intimacy ( because of the choice of intimate venues)
    – Rock on David’s island (my prefered one because David really rocked on stage)

    An image to put on the DVD cover ? I don’t know, I like very much a photo from the “gallery seven”, n°11 because it represents David with his two guitars during the wonderful and delicate end of High Hopes.

    A gimmick ? no, definitely no, no need at all !
    that would seem too much superficial and artificial for David’s music !


  76. Hello FEd and friends,

    For the On an Island DVD I haven’t come up with anything witty for the title yet. That may be more of Rudders’ talent.

    However for the cover/case I have an idea but it would probably be cost preventive. The case could be made out of a sandscape that actually contains sand from Kastellórizo. An example of what I am talking about can be seen by clicking on my name.

    The frame could be made of a clear plastic to make it cost effective and durable for handling with a colored backing. The sand would be multicolored. The owner would be able to make a different sandscape simply by allowing gravity to settle the sand in different patterns.

    Each time the case was handled it would alter the sandscape into a new form which would create psychological parallels to how the music is listened to. Every time the listener experiences the music of OAI there is a different “feel” they get from each song and this is would be physically represented by the case.

    Kinda deep, I know.

    (FEd, I am including this link not as a promotion for the manufacturer of the product but only to provide an example of what I am talking about.)



    [No problem, Brad. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  77. Evening all.

    I think that it should be simple and bold, just like the prism. I do rather like the shot on page 5 I think in the gallery of him laughing playing his guitar I think he’s on Astoria.

    Gimmicks? None required I don’t think but some little cute things would be apreciated.

    I love Ripper’s idea of the shipwrecked thing and the fender, genius.

    Good topic though it got me thinking.

  78. I can think about a cover with an island shaped like a guitar (pref. a black Strat), with the three pickups fluorescent in light blue.

  79. I’m not being original, but wanted to second George’s “Live Picks” title suggestion, especially if the DVD compiles footage from multiple live shows and sources. Including an actual Pick would be nice too.

    While I’m at it, might as well suggest including 3-D/magnifying glasses (ala Tool’s ‘10,000 Days’ CD) to view several of Polly’s great shots, along with fantastic Castellerizon views, in-depth and magnified.

    Happy Summer Solstice!

  80. I’m with Rudders on this one – but favour the ‘through the mobile phone camera screen’ shot of the stage of the RAH – but you can’t really see the stage or the performers because of an annoying glaring white light……. ::)

    Seriously though, I would stick with the cd style approach – same generic artwork, bound cover – maybe double fold if it is to be double DVD affair – spine the same as the cd again all mounted in a slip case.

    No gimmicks, this is David, not PF!

  81. DVD Title: On An Island, Remember that night… The first line from On An Island seems very apt, me thinks…

    DVD Image: Wireman image of David standing on the dome of RAH. Links the album images to the images from the venue…

    DVD Gimmick: How about a sand-filled Hour Glass(51:39)on the spine.

    Or a “Smile” windmill complete with rotating sails…

  82. This is a difficult one for lazer lights have been used, Eye balls,An island and about everything has been used from solo albums to when David was with Pink Floyd. I would let Polly do the cover for the DVD. It seems that Davids’ Wife is very Talented and what ever she comes up with, It will be GREAT.

    No more silly Questions about when thing will be released. I can just go to the calender. I really hope that you will have a some more surprizes comming up…


  83. I did thing of something that would be good. Have the cover look the sixty’s posters from the Fillmore West concerts with David and his mates dressed as if they were from the sixtys. Fed, Remember how you looked back in that era.


    [My feeble brain won’t go back that far, mate. – Features Editor]

  84. For the cover, it should be like the litho for the RAH but with David standing with his guitar on an island, instead of the albert hall.

    And for the gimmick, (i think this has been mentioned) a laser on the spine that fans out the green light. and perhaps a strobe to remind you of those moments during, `take a breath` and `echoes`. only problem is, i`ll have to find a way of changing the battery on this package, it took me ages to work out how to change the battery on the pulse CD!!!

    Cheers all.

  85. You people are so funny.. and so creative, you make me feel all fuzzy and warm inside.

    I want ALL of those packages!

    Of course if DG and co want to go for the low cost option for adding sea sounds to the package, they could just add a shell.. 😉

    Count me in for the barn party! Where exactly is the middle of nowhere though? FEd? Have a map maybe? Any pigeons in this barn? No parrots I hope..

    And if we go with Ian’s option to dress up as bandmembers, then I want dibbs on coming as either Stevie or Jon. That way I only need to do a dye and perm job, but I can at least keep all of my hair.. *grin*

    Can you tell I feel a little better? I didn’t see any sleep last night untill after the sun came up though. But then it is summer since today, so I can say that I saw it coming 😉

    Happy summer everyone!

    Hugs, Bianca

    [The Middle of Nowhere? It’s somewhere in Wales, I think. – Features Editor]

  86. First as said before I think the idea should be similar to the CD, being carbon neutral. We know David and Polly give a great deal about our nature and how we treat it. A 3d/hologram changing between David and WireMan would be fantastic, but I don’t know about the carbon neutral part in that.

    And I think in the booklet one of the pages should be about The Important Stuff. A great way to get more interest in those items !!!

    Title ? “Tonight let’s all take a breath in London” (somehow funny reference to ancient Pink Floyd).

    I know it’s been used on Richard Wright’s fantastic Broken China album, but how about half WireMan half David diving into an areal shot of the Royal Albert Hall, which is somehow placed on Castellorizo ?

    On a side note : Portugal, we’re ready for you 😉

    [That should be a very good game. But what I want to know is whether or not Dirk Kuyt is joining Liverpool… – Features Editor]

  87. Gilmour “Live” OAI Tour

    Picture of Fedster Glassman on the Cover

    and a guitar pick inside, along with the DVDS of course. Later Everyone.


  88. HI FeD some great ideas out there re DG’s DVD title/image idea/…can’t top those

    BUT just for the DG concert goers everywhere how about …

    Title : “On an island the 2″ LCD screen and Red-Eye Edition”

    sub-title :David Gilmour 2006 ‘The Bootleggers and Camera-Phone concerts’

    Cover Images :Blue/Sea/Birds/Wireman etc + some obtrusive/surreal ‘techno-twaddle button’that locks/unlocks the DVD case.

    Insets to include…concert photo diary + scratchcard which reveals ‘PLEASE DO NOT Photograph or Video the cover of this DVD under any circumstances ?/? ‘

    Probable RESULT : ‘hmmm wonder why they said that…? where’s my camera ?? just let me CLICK/click…oh no..whats that silly button done ?..IM LOCKED OUT !!

    CLICK/Click.DVD case locks and only OPENS when you buy a very expensive pair of OAI underpants.

    The End

    ps Congrats on the new site features.

    Martin 😉

  89. on the top of the dvd: David Gilmour`s.The name will have blue backlight On an island.Also blue backlight led pictures of David on the middle of the cover sticking out like 3 dimentional,with a guitar in his hand,with green laser light coming out from behind David,going out like a fan,around lasers will be backlighted with green led

    Any way David Gilmour and on an island most be backlight illuminated,with blue coler light


  91. FEd – I was so pleased at the word choices on the 15th! I had been sick this last week, and not online, so missed it then, but I am just tickled to see so many entries reflecting emotions, and honestly there was not one that I could disagree with.

    Hey, do I get a pair of OAI undies for suggesting it? 😉 Or maybe ‘FEd rocks’ across the er…back? lol.

    Good choice of word for the contest too. Thanks for keeping my suggestion in mind, it was nice to read all the lists. And all were good.

    melting on the East Coast (US)

    [I hope you’re feeling better now, Sharon. It was a really good idea and people responded to it, so thank you for the suggestion. – Features Editor]

  92. i really like the poster with david standing on top of RAH…

    this would make a great cover

    and as a gimmick i would love to find one of david’s guitar picks…. pleeeeease???

  93. Caption: At the old star’s request, David plays “Fat Old Sun” for him while he sits closely behind beaming cheerfully. Hey David, you are the “light embassador of morning”, aren’t ya.

    It’s kind of hard for me to think of a title other than On An Island Live or David Gilmour – Live On An Island. How about Island Jam Sojourn.

    As far as a cover, I think that this pic right here (one of Polly’s I gather) would do just fine. Or maybe a Steve Knee picture. You could sneak in a joke that no one would pick up on until after they bought it like a small pig floating along with some birds far off in the horizon (just kidding). It could be in the nice binder or book form like the CD as a companion to it with similar disc artwork too.

    It could do fine with or without the light I guess. But if it did have one maybe it could be blue this time. Sort of fitting. I remember when I bought the pulse CD in ’95. The light flashed for 3yrs. before the battery died. Nifty. ;^)

  94. For the concert DVD I think it would be the best for Marketing, given David’s association with his former band, to have a photo of him either during Echoes or Comfortably Numb from the US/UK legs with the lasers on stage. I think from a marketing standpoint that would re-inforce that connection and then more people would be inclined to pick it up. Having a flashly light kind of a gimmick would definitely do more to make the connection.

    I don’t think the kind of images that are on the On an Island cover itself are going to make people want to pick up a concert DVD. It’s just my thoughts anyway. More people are going to pick it up (and discover On an Island) by milking the Pink Floyd connection, I think. I would.

    I love my blinking light PULSE CD set. It’s still blinking (faintly) after all these years. I think it’s the route to take to get On an Island even more exposrue.



  95. I hope there would be collectable booklet that comes with the DVD. Photos, musicians’ profile and their thoughts on the tour, lyrics, etc.

    As for the cover, I like the OAI CD cover. A variation of it would do well for the cover DVD.

    But please no gimmicks like the Pulse light. That won’t last and it looks dated after awhile.


    Brian from DownUnder

  96. I would love to see Ian’s Wireman in a holograph photo with Marc’s Green and Blue rays reflecting through the glassware. Title: On An Island Tour.

    Caption: Father David is inspired and plays a MELODIC tune for the audience.

  97. Ciao a tutti,

    before I will start getting nervous for Italy-Chzech Republic…I answer my own question. By the way, I had to laugh for some of the most humourous suggestions.

    But I have a serious answer (sorry).

    Image: A very very close shot of the hand of David palying a chord on the guitar “neck” (I don’t have the word now in english for “tastiera” in my mind…sorry). Just the hand and a part of the neck. this must be a live foto. Behind there are lights or reflections, possibly blue.

    Title: As suggested, it should keep the DG and PF sets feel. So I suggest (drum roll): “A pocketful of songs”..what makes you think of? A saucerful of secrets…..!!!!

    Gimmick: The cover must be all made in some particular fluorescent ink. When the light is off the cover is reflecting somehow…

    Ciao 🙂

  98. Hi Ho All,

    Rainy Day thinking; which, by coincidence, we are having here.

    Album cover: With a golden dawn sky background, a butterfly opening it’s wings hanging from the open cocoon.

    dvd title: Take a Breath

    “Flashing Lightbulb” gimmic: Make the wings holograms, a picture each of David and Polly facing each other so their images alternate as you move the cover.

    Rock On

  99. “moving island”

    instead of a flash light, can add a sound of the sea (a wave….) taken for Castellorizon? Can repeat the wave sound every hour or whatsoever…

  100. Just listened again to the Front Row interview all the way through, and without any distractions, and I’d like to suggest a new title for the DVD.

    The Magical Music of a Modest Man. (bit of alliteration there just for Features Editor!)

    By modest I mean his attitude not his talent. He talks of playing the guitar slowly becuase his “fat little fingers” can not play faster!

    Everything about his approach, from his appreciation of his situation (which he calls lucky) to his talent suggests a man totally at one with his world.

    The absence of bombast and arrogance really does him credit and lends even more weight to the fact that we all know on this blog, he’s a bloody genius.

    [Well said, mate. – Features Editor]

  101. May we order the DVD directly from the blog and have our personal copy with our name and both Fed’s and Dave’s signature?

    We are just one or two persons…aren’t we?

    [Well, I don’t know about that! By the way, did you see the map? – Features Editor]

  102. I would really like to theme the dvd with island/ sea shots (greece of course)

    Why not give Storm a call??

    Title: DG On tour

    Title 2: Holland wins the world cup!!

  103. One fansite has a download available where David is playing his trusty Strat in dark water. It’s quite a brilliant picture. However, the water should be Aegean Blue & not sinister black.

    As a gimic, how about the DVD smelling of Feta cheese or maybe not!!!!!

  104. It could be called “The Blue Album” and just be sheer blue, no writing at all and no extra gimmicks. Everyone would know it’s a Gilmour album. Only trouble with this idea is, I think some other band used it a few years back.

    Seriously, a simple pic of the band playing live, a title like “In Good Cpmpany: David Gilmour Live with Special Guests,” a booklet with lots of Polly’s pics from the tour. In place of a PULSE-like gimmick, I’d include extras like a poster, or a bumper sticker. Perhaps a wallet-sized photo of David. People come to treasure these things. (The post card from “Wish You Were Here” is still a prized posession after all these years: I got the album in 1977 or 78 as a kid. Same is true of the photos of The Beatles that came with my White Album: still prized posessions.)

    David’s music does not need to be sold by gimmicks. “OAI” has done very well with just a simple image and excellent packaging.

  105. Raymond in Orange County CA

    ORANGE COUNTY? GREAT!!!! I always watch the tv serial O.C.! I love it, because, for some hours, it let me think I would be still 16 years old! The Peter Pan’s syndrome is a ugly matter, mates!

    Hey FEd, I’m watching out…the weather is cloudy but….I can swear I see something shine….maybe an airplane?


  106. For the cover, I think a holographic image would be pretty neat. Maybe the lasers from Echoes or the light show from Take a Breath.

    In the end though it doesn’t matter if the cover is plain old white, I’d still buy it. 🙂

  107. Several species of small blurry ideas gathered toghether in a post and grooving with a disc

    – Quite fond of the wire man & woman idea for the cover
    – Title : “Blue in red”
    The obvious blue and the RAH red.
    Variation : Blue Island in a Red Sea
    – Title : “Pocketful of Blue”
    – or simply “David, live”

    Speaking of Mr. Thorgerson, I almost bumped into him during the break at the RAH, May 31st.

    More ideas bubbling around but have work to do now, so I’ll get back later.

    Best regards to all,

  108. Hi all,

    Steve Rado – I love your idea of ‘old treasures’. It has a magical feel to it that seems really right.

    Raymond – Toooo funny – am still grinning like a fool with that album cover in mind 🙂

    I’ve been following this thread closely because it’s one of the best so far imho. I think it’s something to do with the abstraction from the music to graphic representation that makes it so interesting – because it really helps show individual concepts of the music/experience. Almost like an weirdly inverse Rorschasch test…

    Seems to me like the underlying discussion is about whether to use gimmicks or not. On one hand some people think that David’s music speaks volumes and no gimmicks are needed, and on the other hand some people think that it offers creative oppotunities. It’s all v. interesting, and I can’t help but wonder if DG and co. haven’t been mulling this over for some time. Here’s my 2p:

    This is a showcase of David’s work, not PF. The first set is OAI in its entirety, and the second set being David’s favourites from his time with PF. It covers such a wide range of music, from Arnold Layne to OAI, and was performed in such a magical venue, that it really is an epic showcase (not to mention the fact that the boys were on fire Wednesday night). To keep a simple design without any frills would be understating the event too much imho.

    There was something about the Pulse LED that just made it feel that little bit more special, maybe because it sat there beating like a little life of its own in my CD rack. Small touches like that, used well can be SO effective. I think this release deserves something like that. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a gizmo, but something that makes it really special and stand out (not garishly of course, but in quality). A big book opening to two DVDs would be lovely…


  109. David could take Alberts place as the statue, that would look cool!! lol

    I think it would be a nice idea to have a selection of quality photos of David and gang taken by Polly in the boxset, that be really nice.

    cheerz, Vince

  110. Title idea: One Man one Island Live

    The gimmick stickers of pictures of the band members on tour. Or a live picture poster like on The Wall digipack release from a few years back

    aaron burrows (slough)

  111. TO DEBORAH:

    Hi mate, have you news about Laurie? Please, tell her I hope she feels better and comes back soon on the blog…



  112. Title should be something nice and simple

    David Gilmour Live 2006

    pretty much sums it up for me. Those words in the black script against the OAI blue.

    One of the pictures where DG is is picked out by a single spotlight against a black background could be used inside the cover.

    and at least one backwards message has to be hidden somewhere in the soundtrack. maybe a personal message from DG thanking F’Ed and the bloggers.

    Now where did I put that meat sandwich?

  113. [The Middle of Nowhere? It’s somewhere in Wales, I think. – Features Editor]

    Oi! Fedmeister…. NOOooooo!!

    [Ah, but you’re assuming I don’t know the place. I know it well. – Features Editor]

  114. Here’s a thought for the cover: Michelangelo’s David with Gilmour’s face imposed on it. Hmmm… maybe not.


  115. I know this is off topic, but…

    Great new pictures in the gallery section.

    Can you give us the story behind Rick and the teddy bear? ( Night of a thousand furry toys?)


    [I can’t, but I’m sure someone can… – Features Editor]

  116. Fed, did i miss the map?????

    Sorry to ask you where is it? I thank you very much in advance. I apprecite it.

    Have a great week end.

    [The same to you. TicketOne have finally added a seating plan for the Florence concert. Click your name below for that. – Features Editor]

  117. [The Middle of Nowhere? It’s somewhere in Wales, I think. – Features Editor]

    [Oi! Fedmeister…. NOOooooo!!]

    Why not, Rudders? It sounds good….I agree with Wales, on condition that it is in the middle of a green and fresh grove…not too much sun and too much hot, please! But remember that the blog’s anniversary is in december….no too much cold too, please! Sorry…I have some problem with the weather! FEd, you should pubblish a picture of the place you are thinking about….But is the party by night or does it start the morning and go on all the day? Ok! I’ll buy an open flight ticket!


    [The weather could be a problem in December… – Features Editor]

  118. Title for the DVD is hard, but I thought of this:

    David Gilmour and friends Royal Albert Hall 2006.

    With some nice photo from rehearsals on the front cover, or of them all just having a laugh together.

    On the back a lovely photo of the glass man that was made.

    Finally an insert with a list of all the names for the DVD suggested here.

  119. Happy Thursday,

    ‘Albert Hall Mother’
    Thought so, crap title

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Equador followed by Holland, Brazil and Germany in the final. It would be great though.

  120. one last effort…

    howabout a fender half buried in the sand, or even a fender,keyboard,sax…etc all half buried.

    oh oh i know… a big sandcastle in the shape of the RAH?

    or an island landscape with pink sand?

    or the RAH with a red sky sunset?

    hardest thing is a title I think…

    ‘Remember those nights’ or ‘shine on you crazy island’

    think i prefer ‘still marooned’ tho

  121. F’Ed,

    Thanks to the web crew for the new site changes. In particular, the daily trickle of new gallery pix is “deafinately” something to look forward to each day. Polly has a nice hand with the camera as well. Good work Polly!

    SN’Ed seems to be applying addition by subtraction though. Whuzzup wid dat?? Give us something to talk about SN’Ed!


  122. A barn party…it sounds so good….and it remind me the Dukes of Hazzard tv serial…Bo and Luke, Boss Hogg, Rosco P. Coltrane…and the General Lee! GREAT! It was really funny!

    We should wear only chequered shirts!


  123. On The DVD cover have two designs have one design on one side and on the other side have an alternative design.

    The slogon on the dvd could be some of these.

    Live from an Island in London
    One Sound One Man David Gilmour Live 2006
    Dont you wish you was On an Island

  124. Sorry Fedmeister…

    But as we seem to be bending the Blog House Rules for a while with talk of the PULSE DVD I thought I’d bring this to everyone’s attention…

    I ordered my PULSE DVD back last October 2005 from AMAZON. The selling price then was $39.95 Cdn and the selling price now is $29.97 Cdn but I am still being charged the original price!

    I’ve asked whether they will amend the selling price (No answer yet) – if they will not I’ll simply cancel the order and re-order!

    So for all of you Amazonians out there with orders that have been placed way back when the Fedmeister was in shorts…. Check the price differential!

    [That’s not very nice, is it? – Features Editor]

  125. Dear FED,

    Do you know of any plans for the Albert Hall Concerts to be released in the new High Definition Blu-Ray format? (I know, I know, ever needy and never satisfied fans).

    I just wondered as I remebered reading on the blog that it was shot in high def video and Sony (David’s distributor for the rest of the world outside the UK) is the main company behind Blu-Ray.

    It would be a very cool “extra” and the format name “Blu” Ray just sounds right for David’s On an Island material!


    [There are no such plans, but it’s something to think about. – Features Editor]

  126. I think it should include a coupon for 25% off OAI underpants at the internet store. Or FEd Rocks undies….

    Cover art…The outside cover could be those kind of 3D pictures where you tilt it one way to see the picture and a different way to see a different picture. Of course, one would be the wireman, the other could be David in the same pose. I liked the OAI ‘book’ a lot, it would be a neat theme to stick with. I know several people who bought their copies of the CD just for the book.

    Title…I agree with Still Marooned for a title, but my other favorite idea for a title is simply “David” We’ll know who you mean.

  127. Good news, fed. And thank you for that. However, my question and our big concern refers to Venice.

    I will check ticketone for news.

    Definitely, the matter is that there is no way to control how seats are assigned.

    We bought a ticket without knowing where we will be seated and if, at that time there are free seats in a better position. And believe me i am sure there are. For those…? it easy to imagine. And sometimes, closer to the concert day, they might become available!

    And the real fan, purchasing the ticket the first day, the first minutes,….are not happy with that, of course.

    Anyway, I know it is not up to you.

    thank you again and enjoy your week end.

    [My apologies. We have been promised the Venice seating plan, too. That’s not on the site yet, but it should be there soon. I’ll let you know when it’s there and, rest assured, we have raised your concerns with TicketOne. – Features Editor]

  128. Lucia and Nickster – Glad to hear you liked my idea. David Gilmour could sing……”Soon the moon….so soon.”

    Lucia – I watched the O.C. a few times and have to say it’s not representative of most people in this area. Truth be told, the weather is nice most of the time.

    I’m enjoying the daily changes to the website, especially Polly’s new postings in the galleries section.

    BTW – Polly was running up and down the aisle right next to me at the Gibson Amphitheatre in LA. She had to tell off an usher who didn’t like that she was taking photos and standing in the aisle (“with itching feet and fading smiles can you hear me”).

    Raymond in Orange County CA

  129. Hey, cool questions!

    First, I’d mix up gimmicky with a cool cover persepective, rounded out with a “play on words” title for the front cover.

    1) Front cover – something similar to Neil Young’s Time Fades Away lp cover; the stage shot is from the perspective of the artist looking out to the vast emptiness of a panoramic view before him (perhaps even shot from behind the drum riser, encapsulating most of the band).

    Now, here’s where the gimmick comes in: the view could change depending on the angle to which you are holding the cover to your eyes (like those old “action” baseball cards with numerous images changing as you tilted the card left to right, mimicing “movement”). One image could be a VERRRRY Storm T/Hipgnosis-ish desert island littered with various enigmatic aquatic items in the typical quasi-trippy fashion of Thorgenson. The alternate photo would be of a concert audience (using a true to life photo of an audience, or an audience of “wire-people” – much like the image used by Ian to make glass man).

    The title could incorporate elements of the album On An Island, the live concert experience and desert island motifs (as in the classic “if you could only have 5 CDs to be stranded on a ‘desert island’ with…” question). The back slip cover would have a nice shot of Dave and Polly looking off into the sunset, which is where the song titles would be found (as if the two of them are contemplating a higher meaning to the song titles).

    …. ok, so… too high brow a concept?


  130. [The weather could be a problem in December… – Features Editor]

    Lucia, bless you. F’ed is using English (or Welsh) understatement here. I don’t think you know quite how green and fresh that grove in Wales will be in December, but using some old fashioned English slang it is 100% likely to be p*ssing it down and cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

    I feel this would dampen the party atmosphere a little. I think we will need to re-locate from the Middle of Nowhere to the middle of somewhere else.

    [You could be right. – Features Editor]

  131. [Can you give us the story behind Rick and the teddy bear? ( Night of a thousand furry toys?)

    I can’t, but I’m sure someone can… – Features Editor]

    Talk about stories.. did anyone ever actually tell the pigeon (or was it a parrot?) story on the blog? FEd? Rudders? Ian?

    And Lucia, I love your ideas for the barn party, checkered shirts it is! How about getting that bloggers band together for the party? I got dibbs on bass, but no one else has joined yet. Or were you all too disappointed when Guy declined?

    You will be WAY MORE disappointed if you end up having to listen to a bloggers band consisting of just me.. I can’t sing very well.. It would be so bad, we would only be able to hope it would probably turn into stand-up! *grin*

    C’mon… a good drummer to start with? anyone? 😉

    Hugs, Bianca

  132. Andrew wrote: Here’s a thought for the cover: Michelangelo’s David with Gilmour’s face imposed on it. Hmmm… maybe not.

    Son, I like your thinking! If we can’t have the real thing, bring in a decent stand-in. 😉

    TO LUCIA – Laurie is okay, all things considered. She’ll be pleased that you (and others) have asked about her.

    By the way, that’s an excellent photograph of David at the top of the blog page today, and thanks for all the new gallery shots. I’m pleased that the Canadian platinum award pic finally got up; I’d almost given up hope. Now when do we get the vacation photos of David attempting to put up a tent for the kids, or David snoring by the pool on the chaise? The webmasters could put together a slide show for us and call it “WHAT I DID ON MY VACATION.”

    (PS – Edwina, you rock. Keeping it in the road with a gentle hand I see. Cheers, mate.)


    [Thanks for the kind words. It’s a nice one, isn’t it (the picture above)? – Features Editor]

  133. Lucia…

    Even though I live in the wonderful province of Ontario I still get defensive about my home country of Wales…. but maybe I was premature with the Fedmeister as I do get the feeling he/she has a soft spot for Wales maybe…

    December anniversary!…why not have the celebrations in Canada and we can enjoy the snow… -15’F is an average temperature so wear lots of layers :-)… But the hot-tub runs at about 100’F…. 🙂

    [Nope, it’s going to be in Wales. Canada had concerts. I’ve decided. – Features Editor]

  134. The gimmick a personally signed Picture of David in the 1st 3,000 dvds sold.

    aaron burrows (slough)

  135. I know this is off topic and I might be behind on the times on this one, but I just read that the World Cup has gone Carbon Neutral. Same with Al Gore’s movie. They deserve a pat on the back for that.

  136. [How about getting that bloggers band together for the party? I got dibbs on bass, but no one else has joined yet.]

    Bianca, I’d love to join the band but I am only learning on my red copy Strat (soon to be featured on that Pulse DVD) and I don’t think I would do your Bass playing justice.

    I could just about strum along to “Wish you were here” or “Comfy” but you would have to sing …

  137. [I feel this would dampen the party atmosphere a little. I think we will need to re-locate from the Middle of Nowhere to the middle of somewhere else. – Posted by: Tim C at June 22, 2006 05:46 PM]

    Relocation, relocation, relocation….

    How about The Back of Beyond.

  138. [but remember that the blog’s anniversary is in December… Lucia]

    Lucia, I think the middle of nowhere for the great big party could be…”on an iceland”… we could invent it and have a wonderful Christmas night !


  139. Hi f.Ed,

    Deborah said, “Or perhaps the less obvious: “I’M BACK AND I’M LIVE, MOTHERF*CKERS!” ;-)”

    That might work better for Ted Nugent. It is an attention- grabber, though.

    F.Ed wrote, “[The Middle of Nowhere? It’s somewhere in Wales, I think. – Features Editor]”

    I’m having problems Mapquesting it. Is it spelled different or something? Maybe I need the postal code.

    For a title, how about Between the Moon and the Tide? or Treasure Island?

    There is alot of good ideas being floated about. It’s good to see them.

    Have a good day, all,

  140. Fedmeister…

    Let’s see how good a memory you have 🙂

    How about the DVD cover being a picture of the inside of Sydney Opera House with the audience staring in disbelief at an empty stage…

    The title would be “Did Anyone Tell David?… No They didn’t!”

  141. Dearest FeD,

    Thanks for the great news with regard to the re-issues of DAVID GILMOUR and ABOUT FACE.

    I always get a smile on my face when I check in on this site.

    By the way, so many of the ideas for the DVD packages have been brillant, what a creative crowd we have here!

    Have a great day.

  142. Lucia,

    For the barn party, Johnny Depp for you as long as one of our German bloggers can bring Annica Hansen. Any objections?? FEd does that work for you? I’m sure that would warm things up during the coldest periods in Wales.


    [The more, the merrier. – Features Editor]

  143. FEd,

    Good work to all round on the changes to the site. I’m quite enjoying the additions to the gallery pages.

    Care to shed any light on what Rick’s doing to poor old Rupert?


    [I’m still waiting to hear that story. – Features Editor]

  144. Just spotted the wonderful pics of Rick with Rupert the Bear in the Gallery.

    Please could you give us the story behind them.

    [As above. – Features Editor]

  145. [The title then becomes obviuos: “Live Picks” (because of its double meaning)]

    Can I say something about that?

    I think it sounds terribly weird, but that has to do with the fact that the word ‘pick’, although spelled differently means something very different in Dutch..

    As a verb it means to steal/swipe/nick but as a noun it means… how shall I put this… in English there is a word you sometimes also use as a first name and it is short for Richard. 🙁

    Hugs, Bianca

    ps: Tim C. I love your suggestion for The Middle of Somewhere Else, but in that case I will need a new map/directions.. FEd?

    [I’m just looking for the right barn. I’ll let you know when I find it. – Features Editor]

  146. May I recommend the Helix in Dublin and for the laugh, sure invite the band and I’ll bring the guinness . I heard David is great craic at a party . ” I understand he is WIRED MAN TO THE MOON MAN” God thats just dreadful stuff Geoff stop that .

    Talking to myself now , that’s not good is it………..

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  147. I’ve seen a video of Mr. Gilmour backing Mr. Bowie at the Royal Albert Hall on 29 may. As they finish playing “Arnold Layne” I can clearly hear myself bellowing for “DIAMOND DOGS! DIAMOND DOGS!!!” ( I have a very big mouth.

    Will I get a credit if I’m on the DVD?


    ( not ENTIRELY serious, but I can definately hear me! )

    [No credit, but you might get a few pointy sticks for being a banshee and for promoting bootlegging. – Features Editor]

  148. Hey Rudders!

    I ordered my Pulse DVD on Feb 11th, 2006 for $19.97 (including shipping) from Amazon.

    I think the price has gone down about $0.70 since then. This is in the US though.

    I would cancel and re-order if they are going to be stupid about it.

    Good luck my friend!

  149. love the glassman idea with the led shining, that’s just too cool, i’d buy two!! i had a buddy cut the wireman out of reflective vinyl and put it on my truck for the chichago shows. when the sun shines on it, its a rainbow of colors that look like led lights. have pics if interested feature ed. just let me know.

    as for the cover, a 3-d version of the wireman logo, just be simple, you’re the king, David and all know it!! make the inside special with concert photos and whatnot.


  150. a quick question how often are the band at Bray studios rehearsing?

    i want to say a personal thank you to Polly David Guy Jon and Dick Parry. It was really nice to meet you Polly at the Mermaid gig thank you for signing my ticket thank you so much.

    David it was an honour to meet you for the 1st time that night at the Mermaid and thank you so much for getting your picture taken with me and Guy at Guys show in Windsor last month a dream come true cant thank you enough.

    Guy your a really nice person was nice chatting to you after your show scott page and the uber mullet gag makes me laught to this day.

    Dick parry really nice and friendly person top man.

    And Jon i said Hi to you as you was walking down the steps at Guys show in Windsor was nice to chatting to you again as i met you at the mermaid theatre backstage door your a really nice person too.

    I have a lot of respect for all of you your all nice people and im honoured to have met most of the band a dream come true.

    I really like the site and the pictures are just wonderful Polly some amazing pictures.

    Rock on everyone

    aaron burrows (slough)

  151. Some of the ideas are so creative and wonderful. might be one of the most creative bloggers on this site. I really liked the idea of your cover closeup of hand and guitar and the ‘Pocketful of Songs’ title.

    Torn, because I also liked the idea of the OAI image or the cover of the programs book with half of David’s face with the great blue eye looking out. Plus the blue colors set the mood for the whole island theme. Serene blue tones.

    I’m not certain about a gimmick, but I would love to see included on one of the dvd’s a ‘smile’ video of David and Polly. I think that would be a beautiful addition. Polly is such a huge part of this in so many ways, that I would like to see her as well as her lovely photos.

    And the idea of including a ‘postcard’ or two of Castelrizon and pics of the band in a montage of sorts appeals.

    Titles mentioned that I liked as well were ‘David’ and ‘Still Marooned’.

    You’re a clever lot.

  152. Whats up, Fed? Why did you cut my contest idea out of my post? Didn’t want to get a trillion posts?


    [Ideas are for me to consider in my own time. If each and every idea was published, people would immediately start adding their thoughts and there’d be too many people discussing too many different things. – Features Editor]

  153. Basic cover Art – Hundreds of Rafts or boats washed up on a beach With a prominent wooden sign – ‘An Evening on David Gilmour’s Island’ or – ‘An Evening with David Gilmour’ (Storm could do this justice)

    Or instead of the wooden sign a concert poster from the showing Davids playing that night on this island and that why we have all been shipwrecked for the night.

    Other Titles:-

    An Evening On An Island with David Gilmour & Friends
    One Island – One band & Friends
    An Evening On An Island
    One Evening On An Island (Ok I know it was over 3 nights)

    Or I like a previous Bloggers choice of Pollys lyric:-

    ‘Let the night surround you’ – ‘An Evening On An Island with David Gilmour& Friends’

    Gilmours Island – (A Gilligans island take off)
    All aboard for Gilmours Island – spend an evening with us!!

    RE:- Gimmicks Who needs Gimmicks – just David & Guitar is enough!!!

    Inside the DVD box A postcard – ‘David Gilmour invites you to a night on his island with his band and His Friends’ – a number of lucky people could have either a real invite to a DG concert or prize or Exclusive Memorabilia. Or a note like one put into a bottle and washed up on the shore with the invite on.

    Or really hopefully – Inside the DvD box a CD either OAI Original basic version (before instrumentation and Orchestra etc..) Or OAI 5.1 or an Xtra CD with Live tracks.

    Hope I haven’t nicked anyone elses titles.

    Keep up the good work Fed!!

  154. “How about getting that bloggers band together for the party? ”

    I play keyboards, rythm guitar, and would love to sing back-up harmony… Maybe Deborah and Steven Rado’s son can join me on guitar and vocals? 😉

  155. ….oh, and another thing about that Barn Party…

    I’ll wear the checkered shirt, but who’s going to wear the Daisy Duke Shorts?

  156. Aloha to all. I have lived on an island for my entire life–on the Island of Maui. Somehow, David Gilmour’s recordings have played an enormous role in the development of guitarists here ever since I can remember, so much that DSOTM was the catalyst for me to begin playing guitar as a teen in the seventies.

    OAI has me equally moved & entertained.

    For the DVD cover, I imagine more of a boxed presentation that has the tourbook reprinted inside as well as few postcards depicting island life on Kastellorizon, such as the man fishing and harbour views. They should be done in a style something like the printing technology of the 1930’s & 40’s.

    As for the gimmick, the postcards are actually decals, that when peeled from their card backing reveal the same image imprinted onto the card so that one could still post the card to a friend (thus recommending that they pick up the album for themselves) yet one would still have the decals to put on a guitarcase or old refrigerator.

    That would be nice.

  157. Hi bloggers!

    I knew today that my test’s mark is really really bad…damn! I hoped in a miracle! So, the possibility to be voted down during the oral examination are growing day after day…BUT I HAVE A SOLUTION! I spoke with a friends of mine who have some problem with the national test for engineer….and we decided
    to escape because, at the end, we don’t need to be necessary a journalist or an engeneer! We want a healthy and relaxing life…so, if the test go bad, he will escape from Italy to go in Greece to sell little necklaces on the beach…but I don’t love too much sun and hot…

    so I was thinking: could I borrow the barn of the blog’s party? I will pay a rent, of course. But I think I prefer the green english counry rather than the sunny greece…

    And when I will be in the green english country I’d like to found a no-profit association to help someone or something…I still haven’t think about who or what…

    but the most important qustion is: who’s the owner of the barn? I have to discuss with him about the rent! And I could mow the grass before our blog’s party…and install the colour lights…it will be a wonderful life! Better than Miss Marple!


    [You always make me laugh. The barn will be in Wales, not England, I’m sure of that. There will be green hills all around it, no pollution, no roads, no noisy, dirty people… It will be beautiful. If you appreciate that kind of tranquillity as much as I do, then you can use the barn whenever you like, rent-free. But you can’t go playing any of your Radiohead CDs. That’s the catch. – Features Editor]

  158. How about an all-blue cover. Nothing on it, just like Spinal Tap’s black album. “How blue can this be? And the answer is none.. none more blue.” Ok, maybe this is why I’m not in marketing. 🙂

  159. North or South Wales, that is the question? South Wales is closer for me so that would be even better!!

    [Sounds good to me, mate. We don’t want to be too far from Cardiff, do we? – Features Editor]

  160. Rudders

    …uhmmm…yeah! Canada sounds as good as Wales…I agree with you too! I don’t worry very much where the party will be, as long as there is a party, a barn, beautiful people, music, beer, food…and tolerable weather: not too much cold, not too much hot! but can you rent me the barn, after the party? I have great plans!

    Hey FEd! But David and the band are going to join us…they can’t miss! I bet that Guy will come!


    [Of course they’ll come. We want David to do all the cooking, don’t we? Perhaps he could play a bit as well. It depends on the ego of the blog band’s lead guitarist. – Features Editor]

  161. title and front cover… how about…

    “conveying the/my muse” with cover art consisting of a take off of the steve knee artwork but have david serenading a siren/mermaid/venus with three little dolphins in the backround.

    as for gimmicks, they’re nice, but reduce the packaging and spend a little more time on easter eggs etc.


  162. “on an iceland”… we could invent it and have a wonderful Christmas night!

    What a wonderful idea, Michèle! We could have a huge Christmas tree with a lot of lights! And with the checkered shirts we could wear angel’s wings too! We’ll look really nice! And FEd, Rudders and Tim C (or anyone want) could wear like the Christmas kings and bring beer, food and David’s CDs like gifts!


  163. [I’ll wear the checkered shirt, but who’s going to wear the Daisy Duke Shorts? – Angelo Ortiz]

    AH! AH! Maybe Annika Hansen! And who’s going to wear the white suite of Boss Hogg? Hey FEd, bring your dog…you could be Rosco P. Coltrane and Flash!


    [My dog wouldn’t miss it for the world, mate. You’d all have to play with him, though. He demands attention. – Features Editor]

  164. [I’m just looking for the right barn. I’ll let you know when I find it. – Features Editor]

    Will it have a door that Peter Crouch could hit with a banjo ?

    Hang on, Banjo’s, Middle of Nowhere, checked shirts, it’s all turning into “Deliverance”. Let’s stop before this gets nasty.

    [It’ll have to be a big door. – Features Editor]

  165. “who’s going to wear the Daisy Duke Shorts?”

    I will volunteer for that, however I will warn you, I am 25 stone, sweaty and very hairy. 🙂

  166. Bianca,

    Thank you for the explanation on the word PICK in Dutch. I love hearing how different words have different meaning in other parts of the world. I know the U.K. as well as Australia has some very interesting insults with common words.

    By the way, I’ll bring my guitar to the jam at the barn in the middle of nowhere. The question is if anyone on this blog has a pedal steel guitar and knows how to play it.

    Angelo, wouldn’t the Daisy Duke shorts go well with your twisted panties??


  167. [Of course they’ll come. We want David to do all the cooking, don’t we? Perhaps he could play a bit as well. It depends on the ego of the blog band’s lead guitarist. – Features Editor]

    I take it David has perfected his culinary talents during his 12 year exile in paternal domestication? What are his specialties F’Ed?? I’m guessing it won’t involve roast pig. Presently reading Inside Out, enjoyed Nick’s recollection of Ginger coralling a pen full of pigs during the Animals tour and demanding their freedom! Would love to get David’s take on that episode!


    [Apparently David is pretty handy in the kitchen, that’s all I know. – Features Editor]

  168. [Of course they’ll come. We want David to do all the cooking, don’t we? Perhaps he could play a bit as well. It depends on the ego of the blog band’s lead guitarist. – Features Editor]

    Actually FEd, it depends on the ego of the band leader. And that is me! *evil grin*

    And I already said David cannot play the bloggers band, since he isn’t a blogger. *eviller grin*

    But I will make an exception for kitchen duty. After all, he is kind of the reason we are here, so it will be an honour to have him cater the party. :-p

    Now about that barn… Fed you told Lucia: [then you can use the barn whenever you like, rent-free. But you can’t go playing any of your Radiohead CDs. That’s the catch. – Features Editor]

    But I must warn you though, Lucia and I have already decided the band will play at least one Radiohead song (so anyone who applied for the band so far but doesn’t like Radiohead, you can still get out now.. *grin*)

    However, Lucia promised to spend her spare time in the barn (that is when she is not trying to flog bead necklaces to Welsh sheep) to build you a soundproof cabin where you can sit with headphones on listening to OAI while you will be able to look at a screen that is showing you wonderfull footage of waves and islands, while the band plays Radiohead songs to amuse the caterer. 😀

    Hugs, Bianca

    [Harsh, but fair. – Features Editor]

  169. All of you are so inspiring; I’ve always felt that the greatest minds are those that come together. While I came up with a couple of these ideas on my own, everyone else came up with (and posted them) first. Therefore I’m going to work on a conglomeration of other people’s ideas. I hope I’m not bootlegging. So Fed, since you’re allowing us; I must put in my two sense worth. Sorry in advance for the long post, but this is important!

    While I liked the idea of the clear blue plastic DVD case, that’s not carbon neutral is it? Jason, killer work on the DVD cover mock-up! You spent some time on that, Cheers! And to Buffalo Phil. . .I haven’t laughed so hard all day, thanks!

    The 3 DVD releases should be as thus:

    1). One designed for the general public (limitless release, nearly identical to OAI, w/minimal graphics changes).

    No Gimmicks. Suggested Retail $30

    2). One designed for the faithful (5000 limited ed.): (Thanks of course to Tim C.) The ‘limited edition’ version should be in a slipcase similar to the Live Wall release. No plastic, but plenty of space for a large book of specialties. Those specialties include, but are not limited to, a picture of Ian’s Glassman (in a holographic photo-thanks Frank) lit by a special Marc Brickman fiberoptic setup; Polly Blog photo’s w/Rudders comments (say, the best six or eight over maybe two pages); High-Resolution Steve Knee photos of Castellorizon; And of course a page dedicated to Crisis and The Important Stuff (Thanks Piet). Also it should be wrapped in a Brown Paper sack w/twine (like a package just washed up on a beach: ala WYWH (but brown paper instead of black plastic): Thanks BradT!

    Two Gimmicks.

    Gimmick #1. KenF.’s idea about the sand filled hourglass on the spine. Now the sand doesn’t necessarily have to be from Castellorizon, because it may be like Hawaii, it’s forbidden by custom to remove coral from the islands. . .but, the hourglass must be in the form of a lighthouse (thanks Steven Barnhart), with a shining/rotating? blue beacon LED (thanks Joseph Morse). Power it by photovoltaic, and light activate it for evening (darkened room) purposes.

    Gimmick #2. A coupon for a limited edition lithograph of the ‘special’ DVD cover. This cover will be done by Stanley Mouse or some other such great poster artist. All the surrounding lettering will be done in the ‘60’s Fillmore style. (Thanks Thomas O’Connell). This poster will have Black Light (Glow in the Dark) features, and will reveal hidden surprises to different people at different times. I’m not sure how that last part will play out yet.

    Now my title was already taken (because I didn’t post soon enough) by Lee Alexander, bravo Lee, great title, (which was a slight variation on Bill C.’s idea), which I would like to augment:

    Live On An Island
    (space for pict/graphics)
    Royal Albert Hall
    May 29th-31st
    with Special Guests, Nick Mason, David Bowie, Robert Wyatt, & Mica Paris

    Suggested retail price $75

    3). The final design will be for the insane/never-gets-enough type. This release will be in a VERY limited (500) DG designed, Fender Strat guitar case (maybe a bit smaller than normal-I forget who to thank for this idea) with a DG signature inlaid with mother-of-pearl (or black onyx) on the case. The case will be trimmed with a silver fiberoptic strand that changes colors continuously when the case is opened. There is also a soft blue light that comes on when the case is opened (which you can’t quite see in full daylight, but as twilight approaches, the faint glow of soft blue LED’s is sublime.

    On the inside of the case will be a full size pointy stick (thanks Michael Kelly) that fans can use on the full size Etch-A-Sketch (embedded in the case lid) to draw their own inspired ‘wire-people’. There will also be a set of five Storm mini-Litho’s. Of course you get the poster and limited edition DVD box set from above.

    If the laws allow it, there will be a clear, small sealed box with some sand (and perhaps a couple of small shells) from Castellorizon. Also included will be the “Messiah World Tour” boxer shorts (Thanks Angelo) as well as a few (as yet) undecided goodies. Oh and yes, there will be a guitar pick.

    Suggested retail price $1000, with all proceeds going to Crisis.

    Barn Party: Being in December and all, wouldn’t we be INSIDE the barn, and with enough Guinness and Irish Whisky, does it really matter?

    Because of the conversations on this Blog, and because I have friends who really care for me (?) I will be going to see Radiohead tonight and tomorrow at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. I will be thinking about Lucia, Tim C., Bianca, and especially you Fed!!

    What’s that?. . .yes, that’s my coat over there. . .why do you? . .oh. . .

    [You have my sympathy, Marcus. I really feel for you. – Features Editor]

  170. Andrew,

    I’ve got a lap steel I can fake my way around. This barn jam is starting to sound more like a PF Tribute band. Anyone bringing the Hammond? Better yet how about a Farfisa? We can get F’Ed to dress like Bowie (Ed/Edwina doesn’t matter, Bowie’s always been a bit androgenous) and sing Arnold Layne.


    [Are you having a laugh? I’d want to see the money up front and it would have to be a pretty penny, too. – Features Editor]

  171. [Angelo, wouldn’t the Daisy Duke shorts go well with your twisted panties??]

    You guys are scaring me…..

  172. [the barn will be in Wales, not England – FEd]

    Sorry FEd! For a minute I forgot that Wales is not a part of England…but a part of UK…right? And YOU’RE REALLY FUSSY!

    [If you appreciate that kind of tranquillity as much as I do, then you can use the barn whenever you like, rent-free]

    Oh! I love that kind of tranquilly….but I can’t promise you I won’t play any of my Radiohead CDs! But I could feed the cows free…can it be a good deal?


    [Don’t make me get my pointy stick, Lucia… – Features Editor]

  173. [I will be going to see Radiohead tonight and tomorrow at the Greek Theater in Berkeley]

    Marcus Buick…..I don’t want start again, so I will say just 5 words and I’ll use lyrics which we like a lot: I WISH I WAS HERE!

    Greet Thom and the band for me and told them that I’M WAITING AN ITALIAN SHOW!!!!


  174. Michael,

    How could we not play tribute to a few PF/Gilmour songs? Of course you realize if David is cooking in the back and hears our renditions he may slip with that knife (or maybe with that axe). Careful with that Axe there David.


    I echo FEd, my deepest sympathies for your evening. The pinholes in your eyes should heal after a few weeks.

    The other question is if David Crosby will be invited to the barn party. He’s always good to bring along some “stuff” even though he constantly gets in trouble for it.


    [Pinholes in your eyes… Classic. – Features Editor]

  175. [I think it sounds terribly weird, but that has to do with the fact that the word ‘pick’, although spelled differently means something very different in Dutch.. As a verb it means to steal/swipe/nick but as a noun it means… how shall I put this… in English there is a word you sometimes also use as a first name and it is short for Richard. :-(]

    Thanks for the explanation, Bianca; I wonder if these sort of things (precarious different meanings in different languages) already happened to real album titles in rock history.

    If “pick” means something like “to steal” in Dutch, then “Live Picks” could possibly be the ideal bootleg-title….

  176. [Don’t make me get my pointy stick, Lucia… – Features Editor]

    I’ll feed your dog to when you go on holiday….and I’ll play a lot with him but…you know you can’t ask what you asked me! You’re really hard to please! I should speak to your mother about the bad things you say to me! She’d close you in your room! At the end….RUDDERS!!! Is the barn in Canada still available? I’ll feed your cow and you dogs too!


  177. [Are you having a laugh? I’d want to see the money up front and it would have to be a pretty penny, too. – Features Editor]

    ROFLMAO as a matter of fact!! Name your price F’Ed….

    [Let me think about that… I’d need therapy afterwards and that’s not cheap. – Features Editor]

  178. [Bianca, I’d love to join the band but I am only learning on my red copy Strat (soon to be featured on that Pulse DVD) and I don’t think I would do your Bass playing justice. I could just about strum along to “Wish you were here” or “Comfy” but you would have to sing …]

    Oh boy, now don’t you all go thinking I am actually any good on the bass! I haven’t played in 6 years! I can play “Comfy” though, but not with any of the nice fills Guy usually does.

    So come to think of it, this band may be so bad, we may need to make that sound proof room a little bigger. I am thinking the caterer may be the first to flee in there and then there wouldn’t be room for anyone else and he looks like a bit of strong guy, so I am doubtfull anyone would be able to wrestle him out of there once he is inside..

    So we will definitely need a bigger sound proof room. Maybe a sound proof kitchen even. But then I am sure Lucia will have time enough to build that, because I seriously doubt Welsh sheep are all that interested in bead necklaces.. (sorry Lucia)

    I love the idea of FEd dressed up as Bowie. And don’t you start about wanting money as well! Guy had a good reason to demand that, since he can actually play AND sing. What can you do? *grin*

    And I would think the Bowie thing would make a great disguise for you, as your fake beard must be starting to smell a little funky by now.. :-p

    Hugs, Bianca

    [The beard’s long gone. I’m going for the clean-shaven look now. – Features Editor]

  179. [If “pick” means something like “to steal” in Dutch, then “Live Picks” could possibly be the ideal bootleg-title….]

    Maybe.. but then there is a change it may accidentally end up in the DVD player of Dutch porn collectors as well.. *eek*

    Hugs, Bianca

  180. [we could wear angel’s wings too… – Lucia]

    I don’t think Johnny Depp would have any look to you, Lucia, if you wore angel’s wings !, you should better wear electric tinsels upon your checkered shirt (btw, I don’t even understand what “checkered” means !) to catch his attention, but be careful, Vanessa Paradis could be hidden in Santa Claus sack,… maybe Fed could dress up (?) as Santa Claus, he often wears a fake beard !


    [Papa Noël! Of course, it will be December. Forget this Bowie lark. – Features Editor]

  181. [But I must warn you though, Lucia and I have already decided the band will play at least one Radiohead song (so anyone who applied for the band so far but doesn’t like Radiohead, you can still get out now.]

    Bianca! I knew I can trust you! So…if we play JUST ONE (I don’t ask more) Radiohead’s song…I COULD PLAY PIANO AND BE YOUR RICK!!! I play Mother and Vera very good, at the moment…but for December I can learn more!


  182. [How could we not play tribute to a few PF/Gilmour songs? Of course you realize if David is cooking in the back and hears our renditions he may slip with that knife (or maybe with that axe). Careful with that Axe there David.]


    I’m right there with you mate! While we’re at it, we could play Careful With That Axe and have F’Ed do the bloody scream while in his/her David Bowie costume. That would be a hoot….


    [The scream would be real, though. It would be down to the band to time the music just right so that we reach that point the very moment my sanity finally snaps. – Features Editor]

  183. [He’s always good to bring along some “stuff” even though he constantly gets in trouble for it.]

    It depends on the ‘stuff’.. I will tolerate no hard drugs in my band, but that other stuff I have no problem with.

    Other then that people smoking that usually become INCREDIBLY boring to hang out with.. but then we can toss them all in the hay stack in the back, where they can just be boring together without bothering anyone else.

    (although hay.. flammable.. hmm.. Lucia, you will need to make one corner or the barn completely hay free I think..)

    However, if we do not want to get in trouble for that, we may need to move that barn party to Holland after all..

    Flevopolder anyone? 😀

    hugs, Bianca

  184. About this checkered shirt thing. I’m not too sure I have one of those, but I’ll be sure to bring my checkered past….

  185. [Papa Noël! Of course, it will be December. Forget this Bowie lark. – Features Editor]

    But F’Eed, what about the money?!!

    [Are you going to throw in a sports car, too? I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to a Porsche Boxster. – Features Editor]

  186. [Papa Noël of course, it will be December, “Forget this Bowie lark”- Features editor]

    I don’t understand, sorry….


    [Excusez-moi. “This lark” est aussi “This nonsense” – et je préfère Papa Noël plutôt que David Bowie! – Features Editor]

  187. [Are you going to throw in a sports car, too? I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to a Porsche Boxster. – Features Editor]

    …must it be a right-hand drive model??

    [Unless you want a nasty accident! – Features Editor]

  188. Michèle: checkered…I looked it up in the dictionary and it should means something as squares….I’m the last person who can explain english words! I’m sorry! Think about the cow boy shirt…wait! I send you a pic! But if you prefer lines….OK!!!


  189. This string of posts has gotten extremely amusing. Very entertaining indeed. How can you not be laughing at the images that have been conjured up.

    FEd dressed up as Bowie as the band plays Careful With That Axe Eugene. Of course the follow-up to that song would have to be One of These Days.

    I’m sure the band would sound like the end of Frank Zappa’s song Joe’s Garage. Maybe we can even release a record called David’s Barn. Of course it would have to be a limited release of say 100. Then it could quickly be classified as out of print and unavailable because only the ones who attend would dare buy a copy.

    Bianca, I’m not into any of the “stuff” but I have to say that before the people who smoke get INCREDIBLY boring, many times they get INCREDIBLY amusing. It all depends on the setting and the mood. But I do agree with you that I am also totally against the hard stuff.

    Thanks for all the entertaining posts.


  190. Bianca,

    Being that the event would be in a barn, wouldn’t the band also have to perform the entire Animals release in tribute? FEd can you help us out with the sheep sound effects??


    [I’m sure we can get the real thing to join in. – Features Editor]

  191. Checkered – think of a chess board.

    Lucia, where do you come up with these images? Is that a relative of yours?


  192. [Being that the event would be in a barn, wouldn’t the band also have to perform the entire Animals release in tribute – Andrew]

    Oh! I LOVE “ANIMALS”! Please Bianca, play Animals too! I hope that Animals aren’t going to send away us like “The animal’s farm”…they would crash our party….


  193. [FEd dressed up as Bowie as the band plays Careful With That Axe Eugene. Of course the follow-up to that song would have to be One of These Days.]

    Yes!!! And how about Ian doing the follow-up vocals whilst wearing his Gilmour beenie. That would be smashing!!

    [I’m sure the band would sound like the end of Frank Zappa’s song Joe’s Garage.]

    reent-toont-teent-toont-teent-toont-teeno-neeno-nee, brother.

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