Finally… XM Radio


There’s been a great response to the weekend’s poll. Thanks to all who contributed. We’re delighted that so many songs have been suggested.

We trust you’ve all got your free three-day pass so that you can listen to XM Satellite Radio online later today, if you’re not already a subscriber?

If not, what are you waiting for? It’s finally the first day of the broadcast, so get yourself over to the XM Satellite Radio website and sign up so that you can hear the session that David and Phil Manzanera recorded whilst they were in New York.

As well as chat, they performed acoustic renditions of ‘Smile’ and ‘Where We Start’.

It barely takes a minute to sign up, you only need to give a name, e-mail address and password (no credit card details are taken), and you can listen to the session at the following times – so be sure to get your timing right when signing up for the three-day pass:

Monday 5 June at 6pm ET (on Deep Tracks/XM 40)
Wednesday 7 June at 9am ET (on Fine Tuning/XM 76)
Friday 9 June at 2pm ET (on Deep Tracks/XM 40)
Saturday 10 June at 3pm ET (on The Loft/XM 50)
Sunday 11 June at 3am ET (on XM Café/XM 45)

Hope you enjoy it!

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

130 thoughts on “Finally… XM Radio”

  1. CAPTION “Oi who pinched ma teeth!”

    Thanks for all compliments on “Glassman”. Interesting the level of focus on length of time to make him. It probably will surprise some at how quick I could make it but it takes years to learn. Maybe the longer something takes the better it is and is that why “Echoes” scored so high?

    Linked the “Glassman” entry to message board to glassblowers worldwide and am now running competition (for glassblowers) on celebrity customers. So far “Fed” you are “bubbling under” with President Clinton. Keith Urban, Daniel O’Donnell, an actor from “Emmerdale Farm”, Bryan Adams and Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The last two received iddentical glass items in case there was a squabble!

    ian Pearson

    [It’s not like them to squabble! – Features Editor]

  2. On the subject of “Smile”, which we’ll all be listening to on the XM Radio broadcast from today, just a reminder (if indeed it is needed!) that in the UK/Europe that the “Smile” single is now in the shops.

    You can get it on CD (there’s a sticker on the front saying you should expect to pay no more than £2 – hopefully no-one visits dodgy record shops who have peeled this off and are charging £3.99!) and on clear vinyl. This was surprisingly thick vinyl… no flimsy flexidisc, this!

    Oh and there’s the legal download too. Ideal for burning onto CD and popping into the sleeve given out at the UK dates/on sale for interesting amounts of money on eBay…

  3. I’ve just about recovered from the excellent show on the 30th at the RAH. I was pleasantly surprised by the great live versions of some of the songs that I’m usually not too bothered about; Arnold Layne, Coming Back to Life.

    By the way, I now know why you didn’t answer my question last week re. whether there was the remotest chance that Nick Mason might join the band for a couple of songs!!

  4. Hi Fed, & fellow bloggers.

    a bit of a girly moment coming up……

    while David was playing “SMILE” on the 29th my missus lent over & snuggled up to me, i put my arm around her(soppy sod that i am)…..”it felt right”

    I know it has allready been mentioned but im really looking forward to seeing some Pollygraphs from the RAH shows.

    Also, great to see Richard posting on here too.

    i know its the wrong bit but a fantastic sculpture by Ian

  5. Caption: “ARGH, Ripper is going to Venice!!”

    p.s. woohoo 🙂

    it’s like christmas all over again!!

  6. Anagram of the day:

    Features Editor = F’ed is a torturee. LOL

    as in we all torture the Ed with our posts :p

  7. Ian,

    Did you hear about the glass blower who accidentally inhaled and got a pane in his stomach?


    Great job on the Glassman!

    Best Regards-


  8. Sorry Fed another post off topic.

    i went to a local Air display last summer at Dunsfold, did i dream it (stange dreams Graham) , or was David flying there?

    [He might have been there, but I don’t think he was flying. – Features Editor]

  9. Fedmeister & Irregulars

    I’ve had a couple of days to rest after last week… I was absolutely knackered after the shenaigans of last week….

    Then on Saturday my wife said “Oh you’ve had a letter from David Gilmour with a hand written note”… blind panic set in when she couldn’t remember where she’d put it!!!!

    When we eventually found it and I came down from cloud nine I opened it and it was a note and picture from Frank Par from his last concert! So my apologies Frank when I said… “That’s not David Gilmour that’s Frank!”

    So for those brief few minutes I was elated…(sorry Frank)

  10. Hello,

    The release of “Smile” should have started today:


    “Search for a better way to find my way home to your smile” well we’ve all been there, but none of us have found such a beautiful way of saying it. Smile has a lazy gentle sound reminiscent of Meddle and Ummagumma and if you’ve ever seen the David Gilmours riverside studio/houseboat then the song should conjure up images of a sleepy river slowly passing by. The fragile slide guitar and rhythm are perfectly accompanied my an intimate vocal and Polly’s perfect bvs, not too much and not too little a perfect song 10/10. I wish I’d written it.

    Andy Edwards from the Welsh band Ezra.

    Another sublime review:

    A Pocketful Of Stones

    Sublimely meandering through dreamy melodies with a carefree smile while been slowly drowned by a collection of minor chords shifts that inevitably win over, sinister yet of incredible beauty, provocative and gentle in the same breath, a few passing thoughts in the form of a lullaby seamlessly married to music, every word carried with total musical description of it’s own meaning, the weight of the world swinging below and of course the apparent fool refusing to notice. Work of genius.

    Bryan Josh from the band of York; Mostly Autumn.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  11. Urg!! I can’t stand paying for radio. I know, I know. I already pay for cable TV. But to me radio is different. And I realize you can get a 3 day free pass – but then all the e-mails will start about a subscription.

    Maybe I’ll do it.

    [Oh, go on. I did. – Features Editor]

  12. What is ET? Extraterrestrial Time? *grin*

    I am guessing it is Eastern (Daylight/Standard) Time, but just to make sure:

    That is 5 hours later from the UK, right? So 6 pm ET would mean 11 pm in the UK and midnight in Central Europe?

    hugs, Bianca (not good with numbers)

    [I think so. I’m rubbish with numbers and time zones, myself. – Features Editor]

  13. Excellent! Thanks F’ed.

    I have already signed up for the hassle-free
    3 day trial.


  14. Hi F-ED,

    I have been looking forward to today, ever since going to DG’s concerts and receiving my SMILE CD wallet, so that I can download the new song, “Island Jam”.

    Today is the 5th and was supposed to be the day I could do so, but I have not been able to find anything. I have scoured the website but can’t find a thing – am I missing something, or has it been delayed. Can you help me?

    Best Regards

    [I can try. Let me see what I can find out. – Features Editor]

  15. Dear Fed,

    I know it’s off topic, but I have 2 questions (if I may… May I?)

    – Can you say how many gilmourauders are on this blog (I mean, those who post, because, for the others…)? It seems that we’re more and more (great! c’est ce que l’on appelle “l’effet boule de neige” – how tell you that in english?)

    – The other question is for all the bloggers, and maybe for you, Dear Fed (?): I know that many of you are musicians. Can you tell me if you are/were good at mathematics, or not? -because, it’s always said that music and maths are close. In which case, I understand why I NEVER could play a note !! :-((

    Well, sorry, I told you it was off topic…

    kkar, with love

    [Good questions. I’m rubbish at both maths and music, which might explain why I don’t know how many people we have posting! If there’s a way to find out, I will. I agree with you about there being a “snowball effect”. – Features Editor]

  16. Dear FEd,

    The shutterbug in me is curious to know what camera Polly has been using to shoot these great photos. I saw a glimpse or two of her shooting from the floor at the RAH but was too far away to work out the camera. It didn’t look like a modern SLR to me judging by the longish lens she had on it, so my best guess is a Leica or something with similarly great optics. Any chance you know such things FEd?



    [I do and you guessed well, as it is indeed a Leica. – Features Editor]

  17. Sorry FEd, one more thing – gotta ask…

    In a previous post you alluded to being at the Queen’s Arms before the RAH on Wednesday night (if I got that right). I know there’s little/no chance that anyone would have recognised you, but if you were there did you recognise any of us? Whilst I really don’t need to know anything of your identity, I couldn’t help but look around all the faces and wonder. Would be cool if you saw some of us though 🙂


    [Sorry, I didn’t have time to call in. I almost did on Monday. – Features Editor]

  18. FEd, Bianca and all others who are interested:

    ET is Eastern Time. At this writing it is 12:29 Eastern Time and 5:29 in London. Therefore a difference of 5 hours.

    I hope that helps.


    [It does. Thanks! – Features Editor]

  19. [Sublimely meandering through dreamy melodies with a carefree smile while been slowly drowned by a collection of minor chords shifts that inevitably win over, sinister yet of incredible beauty, provocative and gentle in the same breath, a few passing thoughts in the form of a lullaby seamlessly married to music, every word carried with total musical description of it’s own meaning, the weight of the world swinging below and of course the apparent fool refusing to notice. Work of genius.

    Bryan Josh from the band of York; Mostly Autumn.]

    just as long as mostly autumn don’t cover it! they’ve crippled every floyd song i’ve heard. i’d still like my money back for that pf critical review dvd.

    will be listening to xm radio tonight.

  20. I just read in yesterday’s posts that a few people don’t get “A Pocketful of Stones.” Someone called it the weakest track on the CD.

    It is absolutely one of the strongest tracks and it is among my favorites (I keep changing my mind about my “favorite”).

    Anyway… now it is running through my head and it won’t stop!

    I’m still at work for a few more hours and I’ve got a lot of work to do here. I thought I would take a few minutes out for a harmless peak at the blog. Now I’ve got to fight the distraction!

    …one day, he’ll slip away cool water flowing all around…

    Oh well, guess that didn’t help.


    Mike from Connecticut

  21. I was at the 1st London show and I picked up my free sleeve and sticker to download my copy of the ‘Smile’ single. I would like to know 2 things:

    1. Where do I download
    2. (most importantly) Are these versions of the single supposed to have ‘Island Jam’ on?

    [Well, iTunes is the obvious one, but there are others. I’m waiting for full details and they’ll be here soon. There’ll be a blog entry just for ‘Smile’. – Features Editor]

  22. [Urg!! I can’t stand paying for radio]

    I know what you mean, and I don’t know about radio in the UK, but us Yanks have to put up with cr*p on commercial radio, and XM is fabulous! Deep Tracks plays more of “On an Island” than I’ve heard from the terrestrial classic rock station I’m forced to listen to at work!

    $3 a week is well worth it!

  23. Hi All,Fed.

    During my improvement rant the other day I forgot to mention Dirty old Dick!,Well we all reckon that a man of his status, who plays the Sax like he does needs a Dirty old Black Jaguar to drive to the venue in,he could also get Guys trampoline in the boot. p.s, plenty of dry ice as he exits the Cat.

    Bloggers its not over. Radio 2 web! Its only a click away!.and also did anyone see the Pigeon watching from the dome on mondy night? It looked like it was on somthing to us,I had some Binoculars and it looked sort of glazed and happy!

  24. Evening all,

    After a particularly crappy day at work it was nice to come home and be able to download ‘Island Jam’ after hearing so much about it from our American chums earlier in the year.

    Mmmm, I like. I really do. Is it just me or does it remind anyone of early Deep Purple? The combination of bluesy guitar and prominent keyboards immediately struck me.

    Or maybe it’s just me being colour-blind 🙂


  25. Feature’s ED,

    Don’t worry about trying to find out about the download for me – I am so impatient, that I just went to Virgin and bought the SMILE CD!

    For those that may not have heard it, the bonus track ‘Island Jam’ which is included, is great. Go out and buy it, £1.99 at Virgin and worth it just for the extra track.

    Now this means I have the give-away CD sleeve & sticker unused, as I won’t be downloading now. Maybe I can sell it on eBay? Can you believe somebody paid £23.50 for one at the weekend (plus postage)!!! Now a pound or two seems reasonable if you are a collector, but £23.00 – some people have got far too much money!


  26. Hey Editor of ours. I have several tech questions I would love to have answered, but there is ONE in particular that continues to boggle, and I am wondering if in your infinite resources you might be able to come up with an answer.

    The last night here in the US at The Gibson, David used for Arnold Layne (and ONLY for Arnold Layne) a very old looking white Fender Telecaster. It’s not the Telecaster part, it’s that it was white.

    Through the 1980’s and 1990’s I would often see David playing his REALLY old brown Telecaster at(so old it’s actually probably a ‘Broadcaster’ the original Tele) Deep End, Macca at The Cavern etc. and I couldn’t recall seeing a white one.

    Then the other day I’m watching some extraordinarily old Floyd vid shot in very early 1968, and there is David playing what I believe just MAY be the SAME WHITE Telecaster.

    I know he has a wonderful collection of guitars (that I can only salivate over dreaming of owning), but was the WHITE Tele here in LA, his SAME white Tele from 1968? If so, I have to tell ya’, I am even MORE blown away. The idea he would be performing the old stuff on the SAME guitar he used upon joining the band.

    Thanks, and thanks, and hey, did I say THANKS?

    And yeah, a single day hasn’t gone by without at least ONE listening of On An Island.


    [I can’t tell you, sorry, but if it stays here for a short while, I might get an answer from someone in the know. – Features Editor]

  27. [Urg!! I can’t stand paying for radio] if you live in the UK you do pay for BBC radio through the tv licence.

    I was just about to ask what time ET was in the uk but somebody has already answered that question, ta very much! ( I always thought ET was something from outer space ;-))

  28. ….Postman came today with my CD single of Smile…(ordered last week from a retailer that uses a dog and gramaphone as it’s logo!)

    Can’t beat getting it on day of release….Of course I wanted it to complete my collection even though I have the album….Worth it to have Island Jam anyway….

    The CD cover and label from the RAH will stay in mint condition me thinks!!

    I now have withdrawal symptoms after all the excitment of last week…..must check to see if anybody is accepting pre-orders for he DVD!

    (Hey, they are accepting them for Guy’s book on Amaz*n so why not!!!!!)

    Andy (AKA Whizzyfinger)

  29. Bianca wrote:

    “Matty and Andy.. I love you guys! you have a special place in my heart 🙂 Wish I had your email adresses.. *lol*”


    Steve (Rado) has my card/email, feel free to get it off him and I can pass on Matty’s address too.

    Be great to hear from you.


  30. I may be wrong about this but:

    I am in NY and we are currently in Daylight Savings Time. I belive that during this time, the difference between NY and London time is 4 hours because we have jumped ahead 1 hour in NY.

    If you think about it too long, your head will explode, but just thought I would mention it.


    -Tim B.

    [It’s much too complicated. If you’re not in New York, it’s probably best to listen all day, just to be on the safe side! – Features Editor]

  31. Hello F.Ed,

    Isn’t it amazing how the Press can come up with some of the things they do? I just read the updated stuff in the Press section and I don’t know who they think they are fooling with some of the stuff they publish. Which brings me to another point; There was talk on the previous day about Nick saying something to the effect of David now being in the same place as Roger was 20 years ago, which prompted F.Ed to get out the pointy stick. Not having read or heard exactly what happened, it wouldn’t surprise me if what Nick said was spun to mean something inflammatory. To give Nick the benefit of the doubt, maybe he meant that David wants to do his own thing and distance himself from PF, go his own way, like Roger did 20 years ago. It’s hard to judge statements like that unless one was there and got the whole context.

    Anyways, XM should be a good listen. Looking forward to it.



    [You can’t believe half of what you read, unfortunately. You can believe us, of course. – Features Editor]

  32. Congratulations to David on winning the Mojo Lifetime Achievement Award, which I believe was presented by Mr Manzanera.

    A worthy winner from a magazine with class and a readership taste.

    [Mr Manzanera did indeed present the award, with a funny introductory speech about how many spliffs David is inadvertently responsible for rolling the world over. More on this story later. – Features Editor]

  33. Hi FeD:

    QUESTION: Do you happen to know what is that little rectangular box with four knobs under a circular opening containing some sort of red-glowing tube or bulb inside? David places it on top of his amp, and I’m intrigued… looks like some kind of tube preamp… but not sure…

    Dreaming for a sometime jam with Mr. Gilmour… HAHAHA… dreamer…

    Truly yours


    P. S.: If this is not the place to ask such questions, please let me know. THX!

    [Hi Greg. Questions are meant for the FAQs page, but there is no way of submitting your questions at the moment. I think this one has already been answered on the blog. Can anyone remember and save me from trawling back through the posts? – Features Editor]

  34. Hi, are the concerts in venice outdoor?

    [Yes, they will be open-air shows. – Features Editor]

  35. Hey Rudders, I almost fell over with the last post. Hilarious INDEED. What a compliment. I fractured my left foot the following evening. Good timing eh! Hi all Irregulars, including you Fed.

  36. Hmmmm…No XM for me.Should’t be a problem,though.I’ll have my greedy hands and ears on it by tomorrow night.Lookin’ forward to it too!

    I was just thinking,if and when,we figure out how to open a worm hole,we’ll be able to travel back and see every Floyd and Gilmour show that ever was!The sheer beauty of it smokes my brain!!

  37. I like how we’re known officially as “the blog” now…does it create the illusion that our ‘voice’ is being heard? Or does it reinforce the fact that we actually do have a place where opinions, stories, facts, and rants can be jotted down in a web-log format? I suppose it’s all relative however. I mean, the blog is the blog…yes, there are guidelines, but I find it a place to become part of something bigger. I find it nice that finally people with this common interest no longer have to meet and talk in the classic rock section of your local record shop. I find it nice that we can have debates, yet still be able to find a common ground in this amazing music.

    No longer are we just “fans” in this sea known as a “fan-fare”…but we are entries in a web-log. We are the blog.

    -Chris McKay

    P.S.- Ok, it’s late, and I’m over-analyzing…humor me on this one though.

  38. Well I really enjoyed that interview, very good indeed. I wont say any more for those who have not listened to the interview tonight.

    I`m in the same boat as Tim, as I`ve searched to download the single for smile, to put a CD in the wallet but to no joy!

    I still can`t get over the post DG show blues I had the best weekend of my life last week, so much so I`ve framed my tickets(sad isn`t it!)

  39. Did everybody catch the XM cast today? I missed the 1st fifteen minutes, but it was good. I liked that version of “Where We Start.”

    I thought it was pretty funny when David was asked about review and he said there were some people he wanted to kill. We are your army of irregular bloggers with pointy sticks, David. Just give us some names =)

    I also enjoyed when he was talking about getting Dylan’s 1st album on his 16th birthday, right around the time his wife was born. Don’t feel bad about the age difference David. My hubby is 12 years older then I. I’m a bit more mature then woman my age and my hubby’s a kid at heart, so we meet in middle.

    Good thing I have XM through Wednesday so I can listen to the 15 minutes I missed, I have to get up at 6am, but your worth it David.

    Come on Phil, give him a push to do the other 2 albums worth of music. I know your in good health David, but I think waiting 22 years might be pushing it alittle.

    Thanks for another way for us to get a Gilmour fix.


  40. Clemens:

    thanks for responding to my question about Rick Wright’s solo album. Hope it isn’t just a rumor.

  41. Anyone hear the XM broadcast? Did I make it on with my WYWH comments and question??



  42. Caption: Holding it of for sometime during the performance, at the climax of the song, David can no longer hold in the urge….and begins to sneeze. AHHHHH Ch (gesundheit).

    For Ikkar – I like to play guitar and keyboards, particularly classical guitar. I’m okay but not good enough to be considered proficient I guess. I’m pretty good with trigonometry (which can either be a very fascinating or very dry subject). I have to know some because I program machines. I’ve often pondered over the math & music connection. I would really have to conclude, though, that it boils down to having a good ear, a lot of patience and dedication.

  43. Well I have signed up to this XM thingie. Now what? Do I wait until something comes through speakers? Cant hear anything yet.

    Congrats David on winning a MOJO. ( Whats that?)

    Ian Pearson

    [Click your name below, Ian. They awarded David a Lifetime Achievement Award (note that hardly any mention of this is made on their site, the rotters). As for XM radio, go to and click the LISTEN NOW button in the top right corner. Once you’re signed in, you should see a welcome page, recognition of your name and a box telling you when your trial ends. Next to that, you’ll see a white LISTEN NOW button. Click that to launch the media player. This is where you choose what you want to listen to. There’s a great selection ranging from Old Time Country to Uncensored Hip Hop! David is on next on Wednesday at 9am ET (1pm UK time?) and you want Channel 76/Fine Tuning for that. Hope that helps. It’s the least I can do for my favourite glassblowing extraordinaire. – Features Editor]

  44. Congratulations, David, for gaining a Mojo Honours Lifetime Achievement Award last night!!

  45. Hi FEd, et al.

    As I was browsing the changes to the site, which I like, I noticed that a limited ed. Royal Albert Hall Litho has just been made available. Now I really don’t wish to be a “whiney” American (I’m actually a Canarican-dual citizenship-Canada and the U.S.) but the fact that Anthill is, for some reason, not making the litho avaialble in North America is causing me to write to ask why.

    I am a very passionate collector of PF related music art and this is a piece I would love to have in my collection. Just one. But alas, I may be reduced to ask the great thief, EBay. I really don’t (actually won’t) get EBay related anything anymore after more than one bad experience, thus, if I could get one from DG’s site that would be a great thing!

    And another point about the site store differentiation, the pin. I have been collecting DG/PF pins and badges since first seeing David play in Berkeley in 1984. At every DG/RW/PF show a pin (or a set of them) was always made available until David’s OAI tour. Had a pin been available I also would have purchased one.

    Well, I guess I can move to Italy. . .not only would that not be a bad thing, but then I could get the poster AND a pin and then see David and everyone at least three more times! Hmmmm. . .

    [Marcus, for what it’s worth, both SNEd and I took the time to whinge at a lady from Anthill about the merchandise after the final RAH show (when we really should have been getting drunk), so please feel free to whine away. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m not a fan of the merchandise and some of the decisions that have been made truly baffle me. I’ll pass your message on, but I don’t know if it will make any difference. – Features Editor]

  46. just a quick heads up on another poll –

    BBC doing a music that has changed your life vote, and Dark side of the moon is in the shortlist. What are you waiting for???!? get voting 🙂

    [Indeed. Click Ripper’s name. – Features Editor]

  47. Hi !

    Just a little word about the press section. On June, you can find an article taken from “Le Soir”, wich doesn’t come from France ; it comes from Belgium instead ! I mean, I’m Belgian and certainly proud to be, as so many other fans of David Gilmour could be, so please, remember this ! Thanks a lot ! (And hope to hear news from a Belgian concert at the autumn, hm… 😉 )


    [Terribly sorry, Nicolas. It will be changed at once. Thanks for letting us know. – Features Editor]

  48. David just recieve a lifetime achievement award from Mojo!! He obviously deserves it 🙂


  49. Hello all fellow bloggers from one who’s been away tooooooo long!

    Just wanted to congratulate David on receiving the Mojo Lifetime Achievement award – hugely deserved, and nice to see it awarded during a year of fervent activity.

    As for Ikkar’s question about music and maths well, I was a drummer for several years, and with most bands being able to count up to 4 was sufficient. But then someone would want to do a Frank Zappa cover version which had 87 different time signatures…

  50. Hi Ikkar

    yes correlation between music and math is true I would say. My father was musically very sensitive and he was a math genius.

    I’m a guitarist and math was always easy for me even without spending time on books. My sister plays piano and is a scientist.

    I think there are many cases like these between us blogger fellows.

  51. CAPTION : David enters the now famous “Faberge Egg balancing competition ” j ust for the crack mind you!!.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin )

  52. Hi Fed,

    Just noticed “our” hero has just won the MOJO lifetime achievement award present to him by a certain Mr Manzanera.

    [Very well deserved, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  53. Regarding Smile. Where does one go to get the legal download please?

    Thanks in anticipation!

    [Hi Sue. I’d go to iTunes if you use that. I expect a news story on this shortly with more details, so please be patient. – Features Editor]

  54. Happy Tuesday,

    Hope everyone is ok. Apologies to all who made it to the pub last Monday. We got to London later that expected and the first pub we found was ‘the goat’.

    Fed, I am writing down a few thoughts from last Monday. Hope you will accept them when I send them through as they are probably off topic by now. And, I am due an extra few lines as I have not written in for almost a fortnight.

    Seriously though I would like to sincerley thank David,, yourself and anyone who was involved with the ‘first 200’ ticket allocations last December for a truly wonderful evening and cracking seat.

    Pete – Coventry

  55. i’ll be listening in the uk on wednesday at… 1pm or 2pm. i’ll just listen all afternoon. 🙂

  56. What’s up with that little picture of David for the Lifetime Achievement on Mojo? Is that all achievement is worth?

    Greggeyah, if memory serves, that device is a tuner….how it works I have no idea….. looks a little “Dr. Frankenstein” to me, but I hear it works great.

  57. Tom wrote: “Through the 1980’s and 1990’s I would often see David playing his REALLY old brown Telecaster at(so old it’s actually probably a ‘Broadcaster’ the original Tele) Deep End, Macca at The Cavern…”

    As a guitarist myself, I have a deep fascination with all of David’s gear and guitars. I just recently bought Live at the Cavern CLub, not because I am a great fan of Paul McCartney’s, but because my guitar hero is on it. My first “good” guitar (a 1988 red Strat) was completely influenced by the one David played during the MLOR tour.

    I, too, noticed the wonderfully worn Tele he played at the Cavern. Not a big fan of Teles (because of the high-end twanginess), I thought he still got a passably good tone with it. Any fellow musicians care to discuss the EMG pickups he now uses with the EXG and SPC pots he has installed on his fav guitars? I am considering buying the same set up for my Strat…

    And BTW, thanks Fed for all you do for us!

  58. Ex Fan Farers and current Blogees could check out the BBC radio two Site find the Jeremy Vine presenter and click on “music to change your life” then vote as to their preferance on one of the 10 listed great songs one of which is a prime track from this site owners back catalogue.

    Quite a bit of publicity is being given to this poll .

    Best wishes

    peter jenner

  59. Greggayeh…..that little box David has on top of his rig is a strobe tuner…..gotta play in tune – even though he could make an out of tune guitar sound heavenly!

  60. [note that hardly any mention of this is made on their site, the rotters]

    On the front page of Mojo’s website there’s a list of the winners – curiously David’s lifetime achievement award is featured at the bottom of that list for some reason – BUT – there is a comments box at the bottom….. I’ve left a comment, howabout some more of us lobby them gently…


    [Good idea, Nick. – Features Editor]

  61. On Mojo’s site you can listen to a great assortment of older and more recent Pink Floyd’s songs…Do you know yet? However, better say that two times that never!

    About the BBC competition…I thought to vote Giuseppe Verdi…vut then I prefer The dark side of the moon! I wonder how could they think about Giuseppe Verdi! Very good but…really a strange choice!

    Bye Bye!


  62. I don’t mind buying a batch of the lithos for non-UK regulars, and then forwarding them on – just to facilitate this, not to make any money. Drop me a mail to nick at my nickname dot com and as long as there’s not too many (10 seems like a manageable number) I’d be happy to oblige (providing this is cool with FEd and the powers that be – if not, please delete this post).


    [Very kind of you, Nick. – Features Editor]

  63. I don’t want my fellow bloggers confused especially the ones over the pond.

    The time difference between New York (ET or Eastern Time) and London is definitely 5 hours and not 4 hours like someone else mentioned.

    And just an FYI on the topic of paying for radio. Although I know that commercial radio is many times God awful – there is another alternative called HD radio. HD radio is similar to XM in that it is digital and commercial free BUT it is free, you just need a receiver to get the signal.

    Unfortunately David is not on HD.

    For me, when there is nothing I like on commercial radio – that is the time to plug in the iPod or put on a CD or even a record (if anyone here knows what one of those happens to be).



    [Thanks for that, Andrew. Some of us are very easily confused! – Features Editor]

  64. Congratulations David on the Mojo LA Award. No picture though, HHMMM. Well deserved.

    Fed, I wonder how the Glass Man would look with Marc Brickmans’s lasers blazing through it?

    [I think Glassman would manage to look good sitting atop a cow pat! – Features Editor]

  65. This Maths/music thing explains why im so cr*p at playing my guitar.

    My stepson has ADHD & Aspergers Syndrome, albiet mildy, however he can add up quicker that a supermarket till, he can also play piano but when i listen to him i get the impression he is just “typing” the music out without any feeling.

    I, on the other hand cant add up, avoid darts like the plague for that reason & have trouble learning the guitar so thats probably proving the theory, unfortunately for me….& the rest of the household. Early days guitar wise so i think i need to Persevere.

  66. I have somewhat mixed feelings on David getting the Mojo Lifetime Achievement Award. I think the recognition is wonderful. But I also would like to think that there is still a lot of life left for him to achieve more. A Lifetime Achievement Award makes it sound like you are at the end of your career. I certainly hope he still will keep on going and bless us with some more releases and live performances. Based on what I saw at Radio City Music Hall, I don’t think he is ready to hang up his strat yet.

  67. Fed,

    Is there a place we can watch the presentation of the MOJO award?


    [Sadly, no. – Features Editor]

  68. Peter,

    are you the Peter Jenner formerly manager of the Floyd?

    For those who don’t know his career he has been the first pink floyd manager in the Barret era, and after 1968 he produced Barret and other English bands. Someone must correct me if I am wrong.

    So, welcome!!!!

  69. Andrew,

    I have seen too many prizes for the “career ” given to dead people who never saw a prize in their life. So it is better to enjoy a prize for a while, looking at it at the top of the fireplace.

    On the contrary I think that a prize for the career to David Gilmour has no sense. His prize is his popularity, his platinum records etcetera. When it comes to prizes I think it is better to prize relatively “minor” (in terms of commercial success) artists….

  70. David T, I recently bought the EMG David Gilmour Pickup set up but I have not installed it yet. That guitar is still being built.

    But in a recent issue of Guitar World magazine (May 2006 with David on the cover) – he states that one of the problems with touring years ago was radio frequency interference – especially if you use a huge pedal board. The EMG pickup solved that problem for him but then he didn’t have that “Stratty” sound. However, these days things are better shielded and he doesn’t have the same problems so he goes back to his older strats.

    It seems his Strat of choice is the older 1970s Strat (the black one) that he changed the neck on several times and outfitted it with some Seymour Duncan pickups (apparently customized with the company).

    The article talks all about this. It is a really good article if you want to know more about his equipment, OAI, Live 8, PF and much more as well as some discussions on how to play several Floyd tunes.

    I hope that helps.


  71. Piergiorgio, I agree that it is better to enjoy recognition when you are alive than dead.

    But I don’t sense David is really into all that award and popularity stuff. If he was he would have done a “David Gilmour presents Dark Side of the Moon” tour (pretty low blow there – sorry Roger). Sure he is proud of his accomplishments and I’m sure it pleases him that we all like him so much – but I sense his ego is very much in check.

    I just wish they could have named the award something other than a Lifetime Achievement Award. Maybe they should have called it the Musical Living Legend Award or Master of the Stratocaster Award. Anything but Lifetime Achievement. That makes it sound like he is dead.


  72. “QUESTION: Do you happen to know what is that little rectangular box with four knobs under a circular opening containing some sort of red-glowing tube or bulb inside? David places it on top of his amp, and I’m intrigued… looks like some kind of tube preamp… but not sure…”

    Sounds like you’re describing his Peterson Strobe tuner.

    “Through the 1980’s and 1990’s I would often see David playing his REALLY old brown Telecaster at(so old it’s actually probably a ‘Broadcaster’ the original Tele) Deep End, Macca at The Cavern etc…..”

    As far as I’m aware his old “brown” (sunburst actually) Tele (the “About face” Tele) is actually an Esquire with an added neck pickup.

  73. Hey FED, it’s Ray here. I am finally over the hump. Went to my Doctor today, got a clean bill of health. And I’ll tell you I do, I feel so much stronger.

    And I had a thought as I was just going over the mornings posts and I have decided to say the hell with it I AM going to Venice for the Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th shows !! I’ll be making my purchase for the tickets in a short bit. I WILL be seeing my favourite guitaist come hell or high water this tour !

    And I have always wanted to visit Italy. Ever since being a kid I have always had a fascination for history. If I was to have speciality in history it would the Ancient Greek & Roman Histories.

    So I am planning this. My tour of Italy ! I can get myself two weeks vacation. Gee, too bad it’s not Pompeii ! I plan this now, get the tix, book the flight and everything and have it all paid for within the next 3 to 4 weeks I’ll be all set. All I’d need then is a tour guide ! lol

    Ah, the sense of giddiness is coming back…with PURPOSE !

    I’ll be sure to see some wonderful glasswork there too !

    Oh, so Rick Wright came on here ? What date/time did he come on, it would be interesting to see what he said. A new album ? That would be great !

    I can’t wait to give my personal top three live choices. I’m sure ‘Take A Breath’ will be one of them !

    I am stoked now ! Damn, I’ll have to get an Italian Language CD. Have to at least have a rudimentary understanding of the language ! All I know is everything food and wine related in Italian. I love cooking Italian. My Veal Picatta is to die for !

    Damn ! Too bad I don’t know anyone there !

    Oh well…I can just imagine ‘Red Sky at Night’ live !

    And it’s great news about David receiving the MOJO Lifetime Achievement Award. Would’ve loved to have seen that in person.

    Hey, FED, you have a great day – I’m cutting out of here to do some research and get my tickets.

    Oh…the thrill is back…

    Who knows…I’ll probably swing down to Pompeii. Oh yeah…the thrill is back…

    Cazart !

    [Glad to hear you’re better, Ray, and hope you enjoy your trip to Italy. Richard posted in the ‘Glassman’ entry on Saturday 3 June at 9:54pm. – Features Editor]

  74. Any chance that we can see the award ceremony or some sort of I dunno transcript?

    Or perhaps an interview with mojo? I need gilmour!

    Good day.

    [You can buy the next edition of Mojo Magazine (July, #152). – Features Editor]

  75. Just wanted to let you all know the new free download of winamp has a certain radio station on its yours for free dont like advertising but thought ide let you all know Cheers Fed love to all hope it helps

    [A nudge and a wink back at you, Simon. – Features Editor]

  76. To David Tankersley:

    Can’t comment on the EMGs with special pots. I plunked a set of EMG-SAs in my ’75 Strat (black w/ white pg) in the late 80s after reading a Guitar Player interview with David. Cured that nasty buzz I was getting from the average mid 70’s PUps that were stock. They’re still in there, but I must confess I find the tone to be a bit stale. I think David has said as much of his and has made wide use of his black ’70 Strat on this recent tour as EMI is not as much an issue these days in live venues. He has Fender PUps in that axe that were installed by his guitar tech at the time. Incredible tone. I mainly play a guitar I built from Warmoth parts that has a custom set of Harmonic Design pickups. Incredible tone! So much so I never play the ’75 Strat. I want to put a set of Lindy Fralin’s in that beast someday. Jam on!

    PS: On the math/music subject here. I am an Electrical Engineer by trade. I used to think I was an oddball being a musician as well, but over the years I have met other musically inclined math types (or mathmatically inclined musicians if you prefer!)


  77. Off blog topic, but if you’ll allow me, I’d like to pay respects to the late Billy Preston. He was a wonderful musician, and his influence is seen throughout the music spectrum, Beatles and Stones included.

    RIP Billy.

    To Andrew, how about calling the award, lifetime achieving award, aka the work in progress.


  78. Andrew,

    I don’t think Lifetime Achievement Award sounds so bad, but I do hear where you’re coming from. Still, as Piergiorgio says, it’s still nice to have your life’s work acknowledged whilst you’re here. Personally from what interviews I’ve seen of David he seems like a very understated man, modest, and so laid back as to be almost horizontal – but whose playing shows an inner intensity of feeling that comes out via his guitar. To be giving that much joy to that many people for so many years deserves recognition – even if he doesn’t want it…

    Out of interest I took a look back at the Q107 results to see how many of them were (a) alive, and (b) still producing quality new material, and I could count 7 (I didn’t include ZZ Top, but someone can castigate me for that). And the coolest part is, judging from last Wednesday night, David is not only on form but 30 years later he’s at the top of his game and still improving. You can’t really call that anything else but a lifetime achievement, or a lifetime of achievements…


  79. Do you know when we will get the final results from the greatest guitarist of all time poll?

    [Do you mean the Q107 poll? If so, you’ve missed it. David came fourth, behind Hendrix, Page and Clapton. Click your name below for the full 40. – Features Editor]

  80. Congratulations on David’s award!

    I tried to buy the Smile single today and none of my local shops had it. There are no decent music shops left near where I live. I will try and order it online. I’m looking forward to hearing the Island Jam again.

    With regard the Important Stuff section of David’s website. I recently read an excellent article by a George Monbiot and the name rang a bell with me. I then remembered seeing his name here.

    Hope David, band and crew are all having a well deserved rest!



  81. It has been said that “creative genius of PF” had lip synched songs at his Rock in Rio concert…
    but…[you can’t believe half of what you read, unfortunately – features editor]…???

    At least, I’m happy to have learnt this expression (lip synching) to-day…


    [Ah, well, that could be true. I don’t know about that. You’ve got to love the press sometimes. – Features Editor]

  82. FEd,

    I know you said that David’s original solo work is being re-released. I noticed on a music site that there are SONY catalog numbers assigned (81516 for David Gilmour and 81517 for About Face) and it is eluding to a release date of 6/27. Both releases being remastered. Yes?? Can you confirm this data?? Is this a worldwide release date or just U.S. Either way, sounds like great news. I’m sure fellow bloggers will be ready to line up at the end of the month if this is true.



    [I can’t confirm it, sorry. As soon as we can, it will be on the Latest News page. – Features Editor]

  83. Whew… Thanx guys… Angelo and Tankersley… F’Ed… indeed i tried the FAQ’S before posting an off-topic… Anyone interested in sharing musician-like info??? I guess it would be a nice thread…

    Thank u guys… What a nice space… Let’s keep sharing musical and equips stuff (of course, having to do with Gilmour)


    (from Venezuela)

  84. Re Maths and Music

    I am an accountant by profession.

    If you heard me play my guitar you would assume I was a slow-witted idiot.

    No contradiction there then.

  85. Great news about David`s Mojo life time acheivement award, Very well deserved.

    I too had a look on Mojo`s web site to find out more, and it is true one tiny picture and few words. So I took Nickster`s advice, and I threw a complaint in aswell!!

  86. Andy, I already have Matty’s email adress. I emailed him twice but he hasn’t answered me yet.

    I went down to iTunes to download the Smile+Island Jam single, but I seem to remember something about those iTunes files only working on an iPod..??

    And my CD-player can’t even play MP3’s. Can someone tell me if I will be able to burn them as normal tracks to CD before I purchase the files?

    Hugs, Bianca (who has come down from her cloud today.. bummer)

  87. I think it is most unfair to suggest David is what Roger was 20 years ago if that was what Nick really said. As far as I understand, Roger wanted to disband PF and pursued his solo career. David is going solo but he so far hasn’t indicated that he wants to disband PF. Of course things can be interesting if Roger asks to be back and what the response would be from all the existing 3 PF members.


  88. Rudders,

    Can you give Simon a nudge with your Pointy Stick.

    I’ve mailed him twice now, but have had no acknowledgement from him, to say he’s done the deed.

  89. Thought it would be approprite to mention, today is the anniversary of DDAY. Let’s take a moment to reflect our true heroes. They have enabled us to remember them . Lest we forget. Peace.

    [Well said, Frank. – Features Editor]

  90. Hi FEd and ‘Irregulars,’

    I just clicked Rippers’ name (thanks FEd) and cast my vote on this Jeremy Vine BBC “Song That Most Changed My Life” poll. When my world is at loose ends, this is just the sort of easy task that I feel competent enough to participate in!

    Is it just me or does it seem odd to anyone else that Dark Side of the Moon is listed as a song? Actually, I suppose when most of US listen to the album we DO consider it one multi-dimensional album-length song, but somehow I don’t think that’s what BBC meant. I think that all the other choices were songs from albums of another name. The next question I should ask myself is why in the f**k would this even bother me enough to bring it up!! Like I said, my world is a little bit at loose ends right now — I guess that explains alot!

    My next simple task will be the XM radio free introductory offer deal — see if I can figure that out without having a meltdown. I’d like to hear that interview Erin mentioned about David’s 16th birthday present being Bob Dylan’s first album … brings back my own memories of getting that album at 12ish.

    Hey, I was just watching (for the millionth time) the Dark Side of the Moon DVD (making of..) and when they are talking about the female back-up singers they show a picture of Doris Troy. Is this the same Doris Troy that recorded “Just One Look” back in the ’60s? That was, and still is, one of my favorite songs from the early days.

    Was saddened to hear that Billy Preston has passed away … saw him with Eric Clapton the last two or three tours. Like all of us, he went through some bad times and bounced back. Just watched the Concert for George the other night … Billy’s energy always seemed to be so contagious.

    I’ll say goodnight for now … sorry I’m in such an old grey donkey funk, but I’m certainly grateful to you that I have a place where I can ramble on amongst friends. Take care everyone!

    Washington State

    [Hi Gabrielle. It’s very easy to sign up for the XM pass. You’ll have no trouble. By the way, it was the same Doris Troy. She also sang on the Rolling Stones’ ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, wrote The Hollies’ big hit ‘Just One Look’ and gave Elton John his big break by letting him tour with her in 1965. She died in 2004. – Features Editor]

  91. Happy Wednesday,

    Well I bought my copy of ‘Smile’ yesterday. Not wanting to talk down the title track which is, as we know, a beautiful song, but ‘Island Jam’ is just something else. It really hit the spot.

    David, the non release of an album full of you cut loose in this way would be as mystifying as why George Best, Ryan Giggs etc never got to play in the world cup finals.

    It is an awesome piece of music.

    Pete – Coventry

  92. Re Financial Times Press

    So the Division bell was dismal was it, what is this guy listening to if he thought DBwas dismal he must be a spice girls fan or some thing lets see him produce an album with such lyrical musical quality as the DB oh it makes me mad and i know it shouldnt i know its all opinions but come on The DB was up there with the best and let me tell him it introduced a lot of new fans to PF Gilmour me not been one of them but ive talked to lots of people who found PF through this album, oh well critics are only people who cant do the job they would love to do any way who actually reads the financial times NOT ME
    sORRY fED

    [I agree with you. It’s my favourite Floyd album. Let’s get the pointy sticks out. – Features Editor]

  93. Quote

    [On the front page of Mojo’s website there’s a list of the winners – curiously David’s lifetime achievement award is featured at the bottom of that list for some reason – BUT – there is a comments box at the bottom….. I’ve left a comment, howabout some more of us lobby them gently…]

    I was also a little surprised at the placing of the news to David’s award. Blink and you would have missed it. I would have thought a Life Time Achievement Award would have gathered slightly more coverage? I’ve also posted a gentle response…


  94. So, no one is going to tell me if Peter Jenner was THAT Peter Jenner?

    I think that the music /mathematic issue can be put in the following terms. I am an electrical engineer and play guitar and sing( quite mediocre. kind of “chitarrista da spiagga” – seashore guitarist as we say in italy and if you get what I mean). But David Gilmour is no engineer and no other great rock or classic guitarist is either. So If you are a great guitarist you don’t have to understand mathematics. But maybe if you understand mathematics you get some music. I studied music notation etc. and actually there is mathematic in music. actually mathematic can be found in many aspects of human creativity. My philosophy teacher used to say that those who understand mathematics understand philosophy and vice versa. And I agree with that. In mathematic you deal with multidimensional worlds……..


  95. Hi Bianca! How are you? And you Polly’s book reading? Does it go on? About the tracks, I think you can change them in Cds format with any burning’ programm. You just “tell” to the pc to burn a AUDIO CD (I can’t remember very well, but I think it is called AUDIO) instead a MP3 CD. It should be easy…let me know if you have this two different choices…I hope you can understand my explanation!

    Have a great day, my dear…and…READ!!!!!

    Laurie…where is Laurie….?


  96. I have a feeling we seem to be “drowning” under modern technology with all this downloading, uploading, sideloading and inside-outloading on anything thats silver/black plastic/metal with knobs on and flashing lights. Still waiting for OAI to be released on 78rpm, any news on that?

    Ian Pearson ( who is off to “woolies to get a “Smile” but may end up with a grimmace!)

  97. [And my CD-player can’t even play MP3’s. Can someone tell me if I will be able to burn them as normal tracks to CD before I purchase the files?]

    Bianca, you should be able to burn the tracks to CD as audio files, you might need something like Nero burning rom to do it. Or if you have windows XP you should be able to click the ‘copy these files to audio cd’ option.

    Hope that helps

  98. LOL! If anyone is waiting to hear David Gilmour on XM Radio right now you’re being properly entertained by “The Rabbit of Seville” featuring Bugs Bunny and Elmer J. Fudd….

    What a juxtaposition!!!

    [I just heard it. I thought I’d finally lost my grip on sanity for a moment. That said, I’d rather they play it again instead of this bland Genesis nonsense. (Lucia you don’t like Genesis, do you?) – Features Editor]

  99. At the most basic level, music can be broken into 4 macroscopic concepts:

    – Timing/Tempo
    – Pitch/Frequency – how “high” or “low” a musical sound being generated is
    – Timbre (the quality of sound emenating from the given pitch/frequency – i.e. brass versus strings (and then nylon strings versus steel strings), etc.)
    – Intensity/Amplitude – the loudness/softness of the sound being generated

    Obviously this is a very unromantic way to look at music.

    Similarly, mathematics is broken up into many different branches each of which requires different human strengths of depth perception, memory, and analytical reasoning to decipher and master, i.e. trigenometry/geometry, linear algebra, calculus, etc.

    There is some overlap in the mastery of certain fundamental aspects of mathematics with certain fundamental aspects of music, particularly where timing and frequency/pitch are concerned.

    At the music composition and performance level, if you have a strong comprehension of the physics and mathematics of music and harmonics, for instance, why a G, B and D played together sound musical, and why a G, B flat, and E flat played togehter sound like noise, it can potentially help with improvisational performance or composition.

    But then there’s a lot within music that has nothing at all to do with mathematics. Like human expressiveness and emotion, tactile coordination of fingers and limbs, muscle memory, vision, auditory sensitivity.

    So as someone who has studied a lot of mathematics and a lot of music theory but can do nothing other than make obnoxious noise with a musical instrument, I believe for most, myself included, there is only a loose correlation between one’s mathematical propensities and musical capabilities.

  100. May 29th 2006 will, for me, remain as one of those days that you never see very often and want to last forever.

    At 1pm in Coventry cathedral ruins I was watching the Richard Sinclair band (ex Caravan) followed by Soft Machine Legacy and by a little after 7:30pm I was in the Royal Albert Hall watching David Gilmour. To me this was a musical heaven.

    My insistance to staying at this afternoon concert meant that it was a quick dash to London with the intension of trying to find the Queens Arms but ending up in the Goat.

    Never having been there before I naively assumed that the RAH, in terms of capacity, was a round version of the RFH. That was the first surprise of the evening – just how small the RAH was. The interior of the building was far more beautiful than I had imagined. I have seen the films of Cream playing there but being in there was a whole different experience.

    From the blogsite I knew roughly what the set list was likely to be and, like many bloggers, I hoped that certain tunes would be played. But when it came to it, and the concert got under way, who cared.

    The whole band were magnificent throughout. The music was IMHO played with love, enjoyment and raw emotion. The band seemed to smile a lot, as did David, but now and again he pulled that familiar frown that seems to happen when he is in intensive mood.

    The audience were by and large very good. Around where I sat they were certainly very appreciative and respectful to the music and kept their shouts to inbetween songs.

    All in all this was a very special experience and I would again like to take the opportunity of thanking the DG website and the Fed for leaving me with these special memories.

    Pete – Coventry

  101. [That said, I’d rather they play it again instead of this bland Genesis nonsense.]

    Oi! I like Genesis.

    [I love them, really. – Features Editor]

  102. Well, I generally have to agree with Flying Pig. In fact, there is no direct correllation between mathmetical and musical aptitude. My experience still is that there is a minority of folks who seem to be similarly inclined that way. Believe me, I have met many a brilliant scientist or engineer who was barely capable of tying their shoes in the morning, let alone play the opening lines to “Wish You Were Here”!!!


  103. Hey Lucia and Veronica, thank you for your answer. I will purchase the files and burn them to CD, since I already have the cartboard CD-thingy from the RAH shows! 🙂

    Lucia, I am reading Polly’s book, but slowly. I only read in bed, and I have been very tired since I came home from London. So I read 3 chapters so far and I try to read one chapter a night.

    I love it so far. But I cannot believe what an assh*le that boss of hers is. WAKE UP LIZZIE!!

    But then I got involved with a man that was a lot worse when I was 18 myself.. I guess you live and learn, huh?

    Hugs, Bianca

  104. Glad to see there has been some modification about the press section (cfr. “Le Soir”) and all my congratulations for David’s Mojo Award, he made it once again and deserves it probably ! May “Smile” get through our Belgian radio stations… Love,


  105. Flying Pig (or can I call you Flying)

    On a blog-site full of wit and wisdom, your explanation of musicality vis a vis mathematics (posted 01:29pm) stands out as a beacon of clarity and knowledge.

    This week I have to practice the riff to “Money” and I shall feel better for knowing that just because it sounds like a baboon plucking a banjo does not mean I am thick.

  106. What’s wrong with Genesis? 🙁 you’ll be telling me next you don’t like Abba.

    [Don’t get me started, please! – Features Editor]

  107. [(Lucia you don’t like Genesis, do you?) – Features Editor]

    I have to confess I don’t know Genesis very well (what a shame!). I listened something, but I don’t have their Cds and I don’t know anyone who listen them…maybe my brother in law has one or two Lp…but I don’t listen them…But I know a lot of people love them…so, be careful with the words!

    Bianca, I don’t know what assh*le means, but I don’t love Tony charachter….no no no! And Lizzie seems so ..submissive…GO ON, mate! We’ll spoke about it after you finished! And, you are very kind to worry about me and I hope you left behind your back that bad love story…. men are terrible, I know! 😉 HEY MEN! I’M JOKING!!!!!!!! I love you!


  108. Ciao.

    Just to come in support of FEd. I don’t like Genesis too….

    And to be against FEd (sorry) just a personal opinion about The Division Bell. Certainly more intimate than a momentary lapse of reason (not better), very strong sometimes (with the absolute peak of Wearing the Inside out by Mr. R.Wright) but most of it sounds….errrr…..I am sorry to say but….already heard. Nearly every song sounds like another one listened before from a previous floyd album. Now After many years I appreciate it more but…never liked that album much. I am sorry to say that as I am an absolute Pink Floyd fan, but this is what I think.

    [That’s fine. I didn’t say it was the best Floyd album, just my favourite. – Features Editor]

  109. Just finished listening to the XM interviews. Really terrific stuff. I thought the interviewer was very respectful and asked some thought provoking questions. “Smile” was done very well, but I really enjoyed “Where We Start”. As David put it the song wasn’t really designed to be presented in such a stripped down environment, but I thought it was an intimate delivery. Pretty much like having Mr. Gilmour playing a tune on the couch in your living room! I particularly liked Phil’s comment that David probably has another 2 or 3 albums worth of material on those minidisc snippets. I say we give David the rest of the year off and then send him back in the studio!! Just kidding David, keep on living life as it comes and we will take what we can get and be grateful for it!


  110. Fedmeister…

    Bland Genesis nonsense eh!

    And I was about to mention that I’ve now got Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks and was going to wax lyrically about your musical taste Fedmeister!

    Damn good album…. 🙂

    [You know you’ve always been my favourite, don’t you? – Features Editor]

  111. On the Genesis front, I’m in line with David’s opinion. I much prefer the material with Peter Gabriel. Gabriel is an enigma. The early Genesis stuff is right there with the theatrical genious of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust years. What an amazing era of music. Imagine going into a record store in 1975 and choosing from contemporary offerings from PF, Genesis, Bowie, King Crimson, etc. Wow, there will never be a similarly amazing time for pop music. I may be a bit jaded, but the modern market just doesn’t offer the kind of artistic riches that it once did. Sigh…..


  112. Oh, fine Fed. I see how it is. Playing favorites. Rudders, you brown-noser . . . =)

    Genesis is alright, I like Phil’s solo work better though.


  113. Lucia,

    If you want an introduction to Genesis, check out “Seconds Out” the live double album (from 1976). It has some good moments and I think you would like it.

    I will leave it to Bianca to explain what assh*le means (I am too much a gentleman) but if you want a clue it may be where you wanted to put a pointy stick sometimes.

  114. Hi, F.Ed.

    I agree with Flying Pig for the most part. One thing that I have noticed in my experience is that people who are good at math/ science and music tend to play and write in a style that is more structured and technical whereas someone who may not be as good at math/ science tend to play and write in a style that is based more off of feel and instinct/interpretation. I have also seen engineer types who claim to be musicians that can’t hardly figure out which end of a guitar is up, but can tell you all of the theories and terms. I have also seen people who can barely even spell guitar (or gee-tar) that can rip out some spectacular chord sequences and riffs on about 9 different instruments. But isn’t that the beauty of music? You can be an engineer or an engine repair tech and still enjoy the same thing.

    Congrats on the Lifetime Achievement Award, David.

    Have a great day,


  115. Dear Lucia,

    never seen you but since I am Italian from Pavia we could even meet sometimes no? where are you from?…..errr…no, no..I just wrote to explean you what assh*le means (hihi)

    ITALIAN LESSON N° 2 (FEd also was interested I think)

    Assh*le is literally “buco di culo” . Sorry it is vulgar, but that’s it. Actually it can be translated and is used insted of “Stronzo” (that is….errrrr…..a piece of S**t with an …errrr…long shape).

    Sorry for having been vulgar here. At least all you native english speakers know what to do if in Italy someone shouts “STRONZO!” at you.


    [Thank you, Piergiorgio! – Features Editor]

  116. Tim C, I am speechless. You could have painted a little better image.

    Yes, let’s let Bianca and Lucia work that one out.

  117. Mike from Michigan,

    You make some good points there. To observe some higher profile artists as an example I would suggest Robert Fripp. Fripp was an accountant or something before embarking on his career. Some of his compositions are, as you say, structured and technical. While I have had the utmost respect for his creations I find his style to be a bit robotic. I, for one, prefer music that is more organic and derived of inspiration rather than architecturally constructed. I view David’s style as more organic while Roger’s the latter (he in fact studied architecture). As an engineer type, I have sort of unconciously avoided approaching music from a technical approach.

    For me, musical ideas tend to arrive out of improvisation. They just sort of happen and one sort of takes note. Hmmm, that’s interesting let’s remember that and come back to it approach. This is all sort of personal, of course, since nobody here really cares what the hell I’m doing! I dig what you’re saying anyway. I’m sure most here prefer the results of the organic approach as David Gilmour pretty well epitomizes that…..

  118. What the heck is all this ‘Genesis’ stuff about?

    I mean anyone knows that Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy round out the basic tenents of Hebrew law?!

    Ah…the Plains of Moab….

    …i’ll get me coat….

  119. Bianca,

    Regarding the MP3 files and conversion to audio CD. If you don’t have a player that plays MP3’s, it’s not quite as easy as some are leading you to believe. However, it’s not that hard either, if you know what to do!

    You will need to convert the files from MP3 to audio CD files, which is the format recognised by CD Players. Then you need to burn them to disc, using something like NERO. There are software programs you can download for free, that will convert for you.

    Another point, is that when you convert MP3 files, quite often they will not sound as good as an original audio track, depending on the bit rate that they were converted to. This especially applies if you have a high end Hi-Fi system. If you only have a standard system, you won’t notice the difference.



  120. [Rudders writes: Fedmeister…

    Bland Genesis nonsense eh!]

    If I’d known this when speaking to you earlier fom the middle of my field……. although in the long run it may have been better if Phil had stayed behind the drums ::)

  121. To Do List…

    Must go to Genesis site and start a Pink Floyd discussion on their Blog…!!!

  122. Dear Fed, and all,

    Thanks to you all, for your answers about my question about Music/ Mathematics… Well, in fact, all your answers are different, of course, but I think it’s logical… and, fortunately, they are different… even if it’s not consoling me on my deep handicap about playing music or playing (some tell it’s a game!!?)with algebra… 🙁

    Ikkar, with love

    PS. Who said that “les matchs amicaux” weren’t dangerous? Did you see Cissé? Aaaarrgh… the Chinese!

    [A fracture of his right fibula and shinbone. Nasty. – Features Editor]

  123. [Must go to Genesis site and start a Pink Floyd discussion on their Blog…!!!]

    They don’t have a blog but they have a forum where I might go with pointy stick at the ready to inform them of all the Genesis bashing that’s going on here, poor old Phil.

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