Comfort food


In the continued absence of any real news, Warren informed us of this interesting review on Friday – which likens ‘On An Island’ to comfort food – and prompted Chris McKay to send in the following slightly bizarre suggestion for a rainy day blog:

What food is your David Gilmour? I would have to say that David Gilmour is either my frozen pizza or those cheesy potato things my Grandma used to make.

Yes, it’s silly, but it’s Monday and surely we all need a little silliness to get us through a Monday.

If you don’t wish to degrade yourself by joining in, feel free to sneer at those who do from a safe distance. We don’t care.

Today’s picture is another of the band rehearsing at Bray. If you haven’t already noticed, there are many more of Polly’s fine photos in the revamped Galleries section. We hope you like them.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    You wake up early, this morning! Did you have the breakfast on bed too? 😉 I’m just pulling in your leg because…YOU LEFT US WITHOUT BLOG FOR TWO DAYS!!!! That’s cruel!!! Be honest! You took away the comments fields so you wouldn’t find millions and millions of comments to post, today….you’re becaming really wily! But I’m pitiless! So, during this days, I wrote comments and saved them on my Mac…and now I’ll send all of them to you! AH AH! Are you ready to be cover of comments?!!! But, at the end, I’m always a sweet girl, so I hope you had a great week end and a wonderful Eagles’ show! And congratulations because yesterday England won in World Cup’s game


    [Cruel, wily… It’s all true. The removal of the comments forms also served another purpose: to stop late competition entries from coming in. The last time we had a similar competition, entries came flooding in for a whole week after it had been made very clear that the competition was over and the winners had been announced. So that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. The Eagles were fantastic, by the way. – Features Editor]

  2. Congratulations to Colin on winning the Pulse comp.

    (I can’t believe I’m taking part in this but….)…David, you’d definitely be my rich, dark chocolate mousse…..

    I think I need help!!

    [I’m not taking notes, I can assure you of that. – Features Editor]

  3. What are Frozen Pizza and cheesy potato????

    However…David could be my fantastic mix of meats in a funny, nightly barbecue on the beach! With a good beer or wine, of course!


  4. Caption Competition

    El Magnifico’s laser vision was slightly out of kilter since his playful scuffle with Guy where he knocked his head and dislodged a lense…

  5. So break the cheesy potato things and pour the wine
    I need no blessings but I’m counting mine
    Life is much more than money buys
    When I see Frozen Pizza in front of my eyes…

    -Chris McKay

  6. [Cruel, wily… It’s all true. The removal of the comments forms also… – FEd]

    You have always a good excuse! I bet you had good marks on school: intelligent and wily, but not very hard-working….beacuse enjoy with your friends was better. Is it right?


    [Absolutely. I think you must have had good marks at school, too. – Features Editor]

  7. Dear F.ed,

    This post is not related to todays “food topic” but to the Pulse DVD:

    (Although I would probably compare Mr. Gilmour to the finest quality wine…It only gets better)

    For the Floyd/Gilmour fans in Norway there is a chance to see the PULSE DVD on a big screen with “concert sound” at Oslo’s concert venue Rockefeller on Wednesday this week. EMI together with a filmclub is showing the concert (not the extras), but it should be a nice happening…

    See attached URL…(It’s in Norwegian, sorry)

    Just to let you know….



  8. Yes, this is quite silly, but fun.

    Definitely Chicken Noodle Soup with some Hot Sauce added. Comforting, but spicy enough to make my eyes water, like David’s solos do.

    Go England! (they have a Canadian on their team)


    Bass Guitar – Bianca
    Rhythm Guitar – Myself & Tim C
    Keyboards & Rhythm Guitar – Angelo Ortiz
    Lap Steel Guitar – Michael in New Jersey
    Keyboards & Backing Vocals – Lucia
    Tamborine & Backing Vocals – ~Erin

    [All good and fine but we still need a drummer, lead vocals and lead guitar – Andrew]

    What a great band! But….can I leave the piano and became the lead vocal….IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY SECRET DREAM…pleaaaaaaaaaaaase! My voice is not so good, but when I was 8 y.o. I won the second prize in the competition “The kids sing”, organized by the Church of my town…is it enough? 😉 I promise you that I will be a great front woman…pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! And don’t worry, find someone who plays piano better than me…won’t be difficult!


    P.S. I said you I saved my posts!


    DEAR! You entered in my favorite bloggers list! And you also joined in the fantastic list, with Bianca and Tim C, of my Radiohead’s friends who have to fight against the “FEd’s system”, that wish we betray Radiohead…he said us that he has the “delete button”….just a button and he can delete me and you from the blog, as if we’ve never exist…we have to stay careful and fight the system silently….for example, Fed loves when you say something good about his dog. And sometimes I do it, so Fed is happy and I can be sure to survive a little more on the blog……Fed! YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU! (remember Marcus; silently…..)

    And the band who performers all play on drums has to be really cool…I look forward to see them!


  11. Don’t worry! This the last one! And now I will stay in silent all the day…maybe!

    Fed, you answered me writing that, maybe, we should forget the big barn and find ourselves a nice lunatic asylum…but we could play just funnels…and should forget “squares” shirts and wear just white shirts….a little sad…NO NO! THE BARN IS THE BEST! But maybe we should anticipate the anniversary in Spring….and…WAIT! And if the party would be in “Grantchester Meadows” (…the river is green and sliding unseen beneath the trees…)

    It could be a good idea…but after the party I want go to live in the barn the same! Btw of my future in the barn and my exam: saturday I saw I t-shirt with the written: “HOWEVER IT GOES, IT WILL BE A SUCCESS”….I bought it!


    [Spring? That’s miles away. It has to be December. – Features Editor]

  12. DG likened to pizza or cheesy things….!?!

    Breath into the bag Rudders… breath slowly…

    That’s better… If I were to liken DG to food it would have to be Fillet of Scottish Beef, Wild River Salmon, Strawberries and Cream, Scones and Clotted Cream…

    True British delicacies which served up correctly will ne’er be improved upon and you will look back and smile when you think of them….

    Pizza!!! NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 🙂

  13. GOOD FOR YOU, LUCIA!! Yell at FEd for doing this to us! hahaha

    Honestly FEd, if you want to turn of the comment fields so you could have a quiet weekend without dreading the monday, that is fine, good for you.. but tell us beforehand would you! *grin*

    I wasn’t sure if you meant to just turn off the comment field in the competition blog but accidentally turned all of them off..

    The one in Front Row is still off as well btw.. (not that I mean to add anything there, just noticed it was)

    I think Holland is out of the football thing. Last night there was a game and I actually started changing channels to see what was going on everytime I heard a cheer or an ‘oooooh’ coming from the neighbourhood.

    And I realised I was actually feeling sad everytime I saw it was still 0-1. So maybe it is good that they are out, because I was almost starting to care. But then why do I feel a little sad still?

    Hugs, Bianca

    [To be honest with you, if any entries were left open over the weekend, late competition entries would have been sent there all weekend. Believe me, it made sense. As for ‘Front Row’, then it’s staying closed. 235 comments and something tells me there would be more, which the majority of readers wouldn’t think of looking at. So you’re stuck with this one, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  14. No brainer for me…A generous helping of corned beef “hash”. Nothing better to smooth out the rough edges!


    “Just thinking about John’s hash is giving me that luvin feeling!”

  15. I can’t decide. It’s a toss up between chocolate covered habaneros and a sunday roast. The chocolate peppers because of the contrasts in David’s music, and the sunday roast because it’s always tasty and always welcome.

    Or maybe a full cooked english breakfast, because it always hits the spot and never gets boring – and keeps you going all day 🙂


  16. I’m going to have to give Dogs of War another close listen, because I’ll be damned if I can make any connection.

    I guess David would by would be my mother’s meatballs and ziti with a fresh Brooklyn semolina loaf to mop up the sauce with. Don’t let my Irish name fool you, she’s Italian.

  17. Hmmmm….first thing that came to mind was a Tuna Melt sandwich. For those that don’t know what that is, two pieces of bread with tuna fish and cheese and the whole thing is toasted.

    Ask me in an hour and it will probably be something else.

    Will all the foods mentioned here be at the Barn Party??


    [I think it would be rude not to include everything on the menu. – Features Editor]

  18. Hi Fed, congratulations Colin! It’s probably right I didn’t win as I did get to see it 5 times at Earls Court!! if you went to any of the Earls Court shows I hope it brings back wonderful memories, and if you didn’t go enjoy pretending you are seeing it live (not too hard to imagine on the big screen I think)

    Now down to the serious business…. I see David as a coconut! just like you might find (wait for it) “On An Island” (I do apologise) versatile, sustaining, probably the best thing to eat On An Island (plug no 2) plus you never get tired of them.

    Also when cut in half you have a musical instrument! Especially good for pretending to be a horse with, if you are that way inclined (Fed?).

    Disclaimer: I am not suggesting in any way that David should be cut in half for any reason as he is not a real coconut.

    [As someone who once had the great honour of bashing two coconut halves together to make ‘trotting donkey’ sounds at a Christmas play, I’m with you all the way on that one. – Features Editor]

  19. Has to be pizza with onions, mushrooms, pineapple and jalapeno peppers…sounds gross but tastes great…

    I’ll get me coat now…:-)


    PS: Still waiting on my prizewinning tshirt Fed, which I am sure is on it’s way. Thanks again, you all rule.

    [Yes, it has been sent. Please let us know when you receive it. – Features Editor]

  20. Hi FEd

    Glad you had a good weekend. You deserve it.

    David reminds me of my favourite Ferrero Rocher Chocolates!! Yummy!

    [Thank you, Lesley. They’re also addictive, aren’t they? – Features Editor]

  21. Comfort food for me is Chinese Food so I guess David would be a Crispy Fried Chilli Beef or Sweet n Sour Prawns with friends whilst watching the footie.

    FEd, I saw the Eagles last week at Twickenham and they were utterly fantastic. They did three encores and could have done so many more – I know I wanted them to play on.

    I was in the stands on a hot summers day, and as the venue is being rebuilt you had a completely, unobstructed view of London with a stunning sunset behind the stadium, whilst Take it Easy was playing. That vision will stay with me for years. Plus they havent lost their voiced at all and still sound exactly as they do on the labums. Sheer brilliance.


    PS. Great result for england even if it wasn’t a spectacular game.

    FEd as a Spain supporter – did you know that Spanish daily 20 Minutos claims Nostradamus tipped Spain to win the World Cup. It quotes one of his prophecies as follows: “In the sixth month of 2006 the King of Spain will cross the Pyrenees with his troops. The legions of Beelzebub will battle him in central Europe and suffer doom and destruction. The Holy Grail will then come to Spain.” So get your bet on 😉

    [Hi Vicky. I had heard that the writings of Nostradamus had been wheeled out again. Spooky. As for the Eagles, then it was an absolute pleasure to see and hear them play. The crowd sang along to some of the classics and it was simply beautiful. There were some fools sitting near me, though. Shame on me, but I kept hoping that one particularly irritating woman would topple over the balcony. That’s not very nice, is it? But you can’t flap your arms in the air and try to gee up everyone who’s sitting behind you – people who might just want to see something other than a complete stranger’s jiggling arse – when they’re set in plaster up to your armpits… It was good to hear some of Don Henley’s solo stuff, too. – Features Editor]

  22. Hi Folks good to see the blog back to normal hows everyone been over the weekend?

    Afternoon to F’ed and the band

    Are photos from Guy Pratts show in Windsor going be put up in the galleries i was there and saw Polly taking a few snaps after the show and during the show i think.

    Take care everyone
    aaron burrows (slough)

    [I know nothing about that, sorry. – Features Editor]

  23. Since the Barn Band section is closed, id like to audition for it here. I play drums and guitar, not at the same time, but still….

    I will also be bringing a variety of dutch cheeses to the party, along with some fine Edam cheeses for our magnificent Fed!!

    I will start on rehearsing the songs from animals, along with some other songs (requests anyone??)

    please post the definate line up for the barn band when we are fully organised…..(lol)

  24. Let me start by saying a hearty ‘thank you’ to all who were responsible for the fantastic PULSE competition. To say I’m a little stunned would be an understatement. I must have read and re-read the email I received yesterday at least a dozen times just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

    Thanks, of course, to you Fed for the professional way it has been conducted and hopefully all you fellow bloggers will have an opportunity to win some goodies in the near future.

    Now on to something a little spooky…

    Because the comp closed Saturday lunchtime, come Sunday morning I’d put it to the back of my mind. I checked my email, nothing there, and then realised I needed to do a little shopping. Amongst the usual Sunday morning fare of bread, milk, newspaper etc I remembered I needed some deodorant. I grabbed two tins of Lynx spray without really looking as to what ‘flavour’ they were, stopped off for a coffee and went home.

    I got home, turned on the laptop and there waiting for me was the email from Fed headed ‘Pulse’ screening, Monday 3 July. After jigging round the room in a thoroughly childish way, I decided to put aforementioned toiletries in the bathroom. That’s when it struck me. Without realising what I’d done earlier, the flavour of the Lynx spray I’d bought was…



    [It was meant to be, mate. – Features Editor]

  25. [Spring? That’s miles away. It has to be December. – Features Editor]

    FEEEEEEEEEEEED! We’ll freeze our body!!! Do you know that? Instead of wear chess t-shirts and Daisy Duke’s shorts, we’ll need to wear as the little shepherd of the presepio (I mean Christ’s nativity)…and we have to be careful with the fire…there’s the hay…LOOK THE PICTURE! Are you sure?


    [Oh, come on. It’s no worse than some of the things that Bowie has worn down the years. – Features Editor]

  26. C A I P I R I N H A

    cool, dry, full of swing and tang, with an edge, enjoyable on a beach, a porch or on a stuffy summer evening in France or UK or Germany, …, or actually anywhere in the world and sooooooooo addictive,

    cheers, Robert

  27. DG food? i cant get my head around this bit.

    feeling negative today i can only come up with this.

    Roger Waters = a turkey twizzler….or tripe.

    [Steady! My dog loves tripe, by the way. – Features Editor]

  28. Ciao FEd, ciao bloggers.

    what kinda of CRRRRRRAZY subject is this?? I knew that people smoke too much Ganja out there , too many joints. But since we all are full this green grass in the head, I will join today….. 🙂

    David Gilmour could be my coffee, which I need every day to be ok. I mean the MUSIC of David Gilmour and Pink Floyd, not him.

    By the way, I told you, Fed, that Eagles were still very good. Did you like Mr. Stuart soling? The perfect session-man, no?

    In 45 Minutes Italy VS Australia….nervous, nervous…..

    Ciao 🙂

    [You were right, he was very good. – Features Editor]

  29. There is no question. David is my ’97 D.R.C.-Romanee-Conti. And my back up, a ’67 D’Yquem. Oh, food? Japanese Wagyu from The French Laundry. Hands down, very close to the best life has to offer. Just like David and friends.

  30. Ok, Gilmour as food. A stretch, but I’m game!!

    A 5 course meal consisting of:

    1) Caesar salad
    2) clams casino as appetizer
    3) 6 oz filet mignon (medium rare, please!) with a side of rice pilaf
    4) a nice side dish of sorbet to clean the pallette
    5) finished off with a nice Cuban ‘perfecto’ cigar (say, a Cuaba Distinguido) and the requisite glass of Macallan 15 year old single malt scotch (on the rocks, whole not chipped).

    (looking back at what I just typed) Eegads! did all that just come out of me? hahaha

    Enjoy, all you punters!

  31. MMMmmmm…comfort food….

    If it’s desert, I would have to say Sella D’Oro Swiss Fudge Cookies and a tall cold glass of milk. Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookie dough would do just fine…as long as I have milk…

    If not, maybe a nice well seasoned “Pernil con moro de guandules y platanos maduros” (Roast Pork Shoulder, rice cooked with green pigeon peas, and sweet plantains)…

    …washed down with a well chilled Corona and a wedge of lime in a freezer-frosted glass mug…

    Holy sh*t, I’m hungry!!!!

    Hey Fed, I’ve been so busy at work that I’ve neglected to comment that I’m liking the changes here (and do one or two things I promised to do two months ago). I see the light at the end of the tunnel, though…. A big “Good Job” and a pat on the back to you, FEd & SNEd (and the other anonymous keepers). I think my bout with the blues has passed….

    I’ll check out those pics later…Thanks Polly!!!

  32. Chinese Food is my David Gilmour.

    I crave it, and when I get it, it’s awesome. But it never fills me up, it leaves me wanting more, and if I have too much, it puts me to sleep.

    Yep. Just like “On An Island”. (in a good way, of course)

  33. […As for ‘Front Row’, then it’s staying closed. 235 comments and something tells me there would be more, which the majority of readers wouldn’t think of looking at. So you’re stuck with this one, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

    Hmmmm….FEd, seems like a contradiction here. If you think there would be more posts to ‘Front Row’ how then would people not be reading it? I know that was a very fun post that people were enjoying (including yours truly).



    [I’m sure that this entry or the next can veer off course and end up in a ditch of silliness just the same. – Features Editor]

  34. The coconut connection make sense.

    Mr. Gilmour and the others in Pink Floyd did after all put money into the best coconut movie ever – Monty Python and The Holy Grail.



  35. Lucia, you took the words right out of my mouth. We are two of a kind, I’ve been saving bits of writing for the blog too!

    Man, I go out of town for a couple of days and I come back to all kinds of good stuff. Now that Steve is an “official” blogger (I’M still calling us bloggers) he can be in the band, so we got a drummer. I’m taking a guitar class in the fall, so by December I hope to be quite a bit farther along on the guitar, but if not good enough to play with the band, I have no problem peeling potatoes in the kitchen =)

    Angelo, I luv yah, man . . .but leave the thong at home =)

    I love all the new shots in the galleries, I could see a lot of personality shining through. Great job, Polly and thanks. Fed, you can never do that again!! Leaving the blog so there is no way to post for over 24 hours. I thought I was gonna burst. I talk to people here more then I do some relatives.

    I went out of town to spend some time in Monterey. It was my grandparents 75th birthday party. My grandparents were there with their brothers and sisters and my parents and all of our aunts and uncles, then my sisters and brother and cousins with all the little ones we now have. 4 generations!! Just amazing, and in such a serene area on the beach (Asilomar, for those of you who know the area). I couldn’t help but think this might be the last time we are all together like that. From the young babies, to the older wiser adults and everything in between. I didn’t listen to music, but OAI (and what it means to me) was playing in my head the whole time.

    I don’t get this whole thing about making David a comfort food. My comfort food is chocolate, but I’d take David over chocolate though. I like the comment about wine, since David has gotten better over the years.

    Glad you enjoyed the Eagles concert Fed. You deserve it.


    [Thank you, Erin. – Features Editor]

  36. Since Lucia, Bianca and myself seem to be the people getting the band together, I’ll speak for all of us . . Emiel you’re hired!! What you can’t play guitar and drums at the same time!? What’s the matter with you? Oh well, we’ll take what we can get. =)


  37. Actually the ’96 Romanee-Conti is better, but I’ve never had it. . .only been told about it.

    I can do sound for the Barn Band. I am a soundman with serious paychoacoustic training. It would be lovely to lend a hand. . .

    And with out going into too much detail, the second night at Radiohead was so different from the first night, I almost thought I had seen two different bands. The people who knew what was happening said this might have been the best show of the tour. I was blown away. No pins, just soft cotton. I was actually considering going and seeing them close the North American tour in Los Angeles this Thurs. and Fri. because of what I saw in Berkeley on Sat. I don’t want to raise the ire of our dear FEd, but TimC not only are you correct (the second best show in town, PERIOD) but, Bianca and Lucia, I am a convert! Thanks all!

    [Glad you enjoyed, Marcus. I’m going to see Bob Dylan tomorrow, so I’ll get my fill of whining and droning then. – Features Editor]

  38. Happy Monday,

    And if nothing else this blog put a smile on my face.

    I eat several fruit youghuts a day. I love em so I guess I would compare David to a yoghurt.

    Fed, My Mum used to make smashing cheese straws from left over pastry. Hardly had them since she left so if we have a cheese straw expert reading this then I would be glad to test your results.

    Bought a Mojo magazine at the weekend that was dedicated to The Who and the 70’s. Interesting PF article and interview with Roger and Nick from the early 70’s.

    Congrats to the competition winner. Enjoy the evening and let us know how it went.

    Pete – Coventry

  39. Here in Atlanta, GA, there’s a drive-in called “The Varsity”. If he were a comfort food, DG’d be a couple of chili dogs with lots of diced onions (a Varsity tradition), some crisp onion rings and a large frosted orange (basically an orange sherbet milkshake). This is especially good on a hot Saturday night in July.

  40. [Oh, come on. It’s no worse than some of the things that Bowie has worn down the years. – Features Editor]

    Bowie was very cool with those clothes! And I prefer wedge heel and paillettes rather than the boots made with sheep…phew! You always have to win…I was thinking to organize another party against your…but maybe David wouldn’t come and so all the bloggers will choose to go to your party…so…ok! Only your party and only in December…


  41. Breathe Rudders. Keep in mind sir that it’s not the quality of the food, it’s how it makes you feel. And there’s nothing better than a six pack of beer and a frozen pizza in the evening. Now if I were to say quality of food, it would have to be something along the lines of Steak with a Mustard Sauce or something like that. But that’s only for special occasions. David is something/someone that I can enjoy on a daily basis.

    …I hope this explaination lowers your stress level a bit. 🙂

    -Chris McKay

  42. Good day, F.E.

    David can be my Spaghetti, like the strings of his guitar…(in Italy we have “spaghetti alla chitarra (guitar)” which is a special way for cooking them)

    Secondary, thank you for what your staff is doing. Your great guys!

    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  43. what an idea! – gilmour could only be a ‘manna’ from heaven.

    I am a recent PF fan. I knew about them, but 30 years ago all my records had been stolen by thieves (it was a shock) – I stopped listening to my early age music. Suddenly last year I read a book about 60’s and 70’s in England and another about The Wall and the lightshow. it was like punging in the past. Since then I’m only listening to PF and their solo albums too. I bought all the books, DVD, CD available and I even went to Rome for CA Ira! I saw Gilmour on March 26, and Waters on june 5 in Verona. What can I say, no possible comparison, perhaps Rog was shouting too much or the music in the open air had lost its suggestiveness, it seemed fossilized.

    Gilmour performance in Rome was a surprise and an unmistakable pleasure. If I were given to choose my personal paradise my choise would be Echoes as I have listened to and seen at the Auditorium. By the way Steve was perfect!

    On reading the blog I understand that Gilmour gives his best at RAH, so I must keep fit and next time I’ll come to London.Many ,many thanks: you have changed my life!

    P.S: About OAI: in Italy a melliflous person is “a wicked person that with sweet words tries to make you do something you don’t want to do”. What about BE? I prefere “mesmeririzing”

    DVD cover: Gilmour in an hammock with a child: the rest of the winner quietly confident about future!

    Best wishes – Top

  44. [David Gilmour could be my coffee, which I need every day to be ok. – Piergiorgio]

    What beautiful words, Piergiorgio! I wish I wrote them!

    Italy VS Australia….SPERIAMO BENE!


  45. Brownie cheesecake!!!

    Congratulations to Colin! I hope you and Fed have a fantastic time.

    I still cannot get my trip to LA and the Leno show out of my head 🙂

  46. He would be my ben and jerry’s ice cream, or jersey creamy ice cream. Yummy.

    And of course my caffine kick.

    Wonderful question, silliness defines mondays I mean back to either working/school, it’s obsurd!

  47. FOOD

    Hmmm I could say burgers , fish kebabs or something like that but I think David and his music have taken over so much of my life that the only substance I in take that has any resemblance to David’s music would be WATER . I need it I cant function without it

  48. David is my Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding joined with a tall Guinness….

    Cheers F*Ed!


  49. Hello, f,Ed, congrats Colin

    Comfort food…Where I’m from, it’s things like Ice Cream and stuff. The author of the review is talking about Mashed Potatoes and Meatloaf, beans, all the things that were a Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house.

    Man, I am getting hungry…

    DG as comfort food… For me, it would have to be biscuits and gravy with hash browns. To me, that’s just good stuff.

    For the barn party, how about geting the lead singer from Radiohead to fill in, as a special treat for F.Ed?

    All this talk of food has my appetite awakened. Tme to eat..


    [Only if I could pick the song for him to sing. – Features Editor]

  50. [As someone who once had the great honour of bashing two coconut halves together to make ‘trotting donkey’ sounds at a Christmas play, I’m with you all the way on that one. – Features Editor]

    Did that coconut arrive in England by African or European swallow??

    [I’ve no idea. I must have been about six years old and more interested in making a noise with the thing than how it ended up in my hands. – Features Editor]

  51. Quote [As someone who once had the great honour of bashing two coconut halves together to make ‘trotting donkey’ sounds at a Christmas play, I’m with you all the way on that one. – Features Editor]

    You didn’t tell us you were a musician Fed! was there no place for you in the band then?.

    I would have loved to hear one of your coconut bashing solos.

    Maybe on the next tour eh?

    P.S when your time comes rush to the front of the stage slide down onto your knees….head back and give it all you got.

    [What a scary thought… – Features Editor]

  52. Colin, Congrats on winning! Be sure to share all the juicy details after the showing.


  53. Has to be Polish Kabanas sausages in a tomato & herb sauce & Pasta, washed down with 17 pints of Biddenden Kentish Cider. Marvellous.

  54. suppose it has to be apple pie without the crust, no hang on that’s for Nick Mason’s blog.

    I guess it would have to be water – i couldn’t survive without it!

  55. Today’s blog is making me very very hungry !

    I can’t stop thinking about strawberries and cream !

    But I think it has to be a chinese banquet – I could eat that every night for years and never get bored !


  56. Hello F.E.

    I’ve already posted my topic of the day entry but just had to share with you my thoughts on the world football championship.

    Being a Canadian, my first sport love is of course hockey, however,having had a lot of free time on my hands at this time, I have been following this tournament on the tely(high def no doubt..exilarating)

    I have become totally transfixed with the skill and the athletic ability of every single one of these players and how they play as a team and sit on the edge of my seat with every move. I watched England win their match yesterday and thought of you when David Beckham scored the eventual spectacular winning goal.I cheered.Pundits have been saying that England have not been playing to their ability so it’s scary to think what chance do other teams have if they rise up to their true colors!

    However I must say that,as a not so knowledgeable newly football fan,so far I have enjoyed watching the Brazilians the most.Like watching poetry in motion with a smile on it’s face. Correct me and berate me if you must but in my humble, they rock!..and would be a dream for me as a viewing experience to see a final match between these two football powers.

    Italy and Australia on now so got to go, but I just have to ask you to please explain to me football’s “offside” rule.It is different than hockey’s rule and don’t quite get it.

    [Glad you’re enjoying it, John. A player is in an offside position if, when the ball is played to him, he is closer to the goal that his team is attacking than the last defender who is defending that goal (not including the goalkeeper, obviously). Therefore the attacking player has an advantage over the defence, so play is stopped and a free kick is awarded. Good defenders keep in line and move forward/away from their goal to leave attackers in an offside position. This is called ‘the offside trap’. A good attacker stays level with the line of defence and hopes that the linesman doesn’t deem him offside when the ball is played to him. – Features Editor]

  57. Steve would be the cripy seasoned drumsticks. El Magnifico the Hot Sauce. Richard and Jon the Ceasar salad and garlic dressing. Guy the Bass Ale and David the best aged red French wine topped with a Cuban cigar. Polly the Hot Apple Pie with melted cheddar. I’m starving. Gotta eat now.

  58. fresh baked, homemade cookies. the ones my mom makes. i’m such a sucker for that.

  59. Caption competition:

    In an effort to help security suss out would be bootleggers and cell phone photographers, the new El Magnifi-nator has come equiped with spot lights mounted to the side of his head. Oooops!!! There’s one of those pesty tapers getting the spot light treatment as we speak!

  60. Hi FEd and friends!

    I’m going to go with Haagen-Dazs Light Mint Chip ice cream and a refreshing mix of fresh fruit for that Island feel!

    Colin, good for you! Make sure you put on lots of Pulse before attending the screening — if it really works for something SO exciting you could make some money giving testimonials for the deoderant company!!

    FEd, did you LOVE Hotel California?? I never get tired of hearing the song and the guitar bit at the end still gives me goosebumps!!! On the other hand, David’s guitar work in general gives me goosebumps ALWAYS!!

    Looking forward to July 11 — will it really happen, finally?

    Washington State

    [Loved it. Great song. – Features Editor]

  61. Food ?,no, but if beverage is allowed, :Champagne

    because Champagne = Classe, Bon-goût, Elégance, Paix, Amitié, Partage, Bonheur, Succès…

    and M. Gilmour or M. Gilmour’s music = Classe, Bon-goût, Elégance, Paix, Amitié, Partage, Bonheur, Succès…

    Sorry, I cannot translate all these words in english, only: Peace, Friendship, Happiness, Success …(Fed ?)


    [Class, good taste, elegance… – Features Editor]

  62. Congratulations Colin for winning pulse. Look forward to hearing all about it.

    Food, – well its got to be corned beef sandwiches. I have eaten them every day now for over 20 years. Except on Sundays and holidays. They are safe and reliable-you know where you are with a corned beef sandwich.

    Whats this about Lucia saving messages and then posting? How thats done?

    Got a football problem. Apparently England are playing a match on Saturday and I will be in Hyde Park. Will there be any recognition of this as I dont go much for football so how do I avoid the subject?

    Having said that my Beaver Scouts are playing football Tuesday night with 4 girls in the team for first time. We are playing the local youth team and I am artistic director. what this means is that I follow the theory that more is more and just keep adding players without taking any off. So at the end of the game you have 24 boys aged 6 and 7 ( and thats just my team without the opposition!) swarming around the ball kicking in all directions because I dont believe any game is won by scoring goals!? – Thanks for deviation.

    I have just noticed that there is a blogger called Ian going to Hyde Park. Thats my name and a blogger called Matt Pearson. Is there a secret world going on inbetween bloggers? Talking of that come on Rudders tell us again about the pigeon. Bianca wants to know!!!!

    Ian Pearson

  63. Italy vs Australia

    Oh man…I don’t know about this one.Kinda felt like throwing up.Again I’m new at this, but was that really a legit call? Please comfort me and tell me that it was so I don’t feel so bad for the heartbreak the Aussies must be feeling.

    [I didn’t see it. Anyone? – Features Editor]

  64. The lucky Italy won against Australia! YEAH!


    [There you go, John. – Features Editor]

  65. I’d say chicken soup as when I’m ill it always makes me feel better just as listening to Davids wonderful guitar playing does.

    I’d happily take up the lead guitar for the Barn Party by the way, I’m not too bad a guitar player.


  66. Does “On An Island” have any chances of getting Grammy award nominations here in the States? I love the album, but I don’t know how the politics of award ceremonies works.

  67. Uhmmm, thinking of David Gilmour as a food? Are u crazy???? Maybe that’s what the mad fans at the airport thought of David and his family… just joking, don’t want to start that discussion again!

    By the way, I was totally astonished on Friday when I saw the events list for Madrid during the summer and guess know who’s coming…

    I don’t know if he has done it again since 1973, Roland Petit’s ballet is performing with PF’s music again!!! That’s amazing, isn’t it?

    You can click on my name for the festival’s link.

    Hey, FEd, won’t you take any holidays this summer? Anyone going to Castellorizon? My girlfriend says I’m nuts, but I’ll be attending Roger’s (sorry to mention this name in the blog!) concert in Magny-Cours in July and then I’ll be watching David and the band again in Venice. I just couldn’t resist to repeat…


    [Have a great time at both, César. I haven’t given the summer much thought, to be honest. – Features Editor]

  68. This is one I can’t answer. I can’t see David as a food. I could see a guitar named after him.

    How was the concert last sunday, Fed. They are really good.


    [Fantastic, thanks for asking. – Features Editor]

  69. Congratulations Colin; have a great evening/night.

    Comfort food? A nice glass of claret. No make it a bottle.


  70. Hi everyone,

    funny game today and I like it. Just to support my city, Genoa, I could compare Gilmour to a plate of “trofie al pesto” where trofie are a kind of pasta, and both are from Genoa.

    The plate has to be served with white wine and if you are in front of the sea, the picture is complete.

    Have a nice pasta al pesto to all

  71. Well if i need comfort food, i’ll generally have some marmalade…i like marmalade….marmalade…i like marmalade.

    sorry everyone it was an obvious gag but i couldnt resist.

  72. I’ll Play in Lucias band, i can play lead guitar for you, i can play lead and rhythm for most of the OAI songs and Quite alot of Floyd Songs too, still trying too crack time though.

  73. Dear Fed,

    Gilmour as food… are you crazy? Je pensais que lorsqu’on aimait, on perdait l’appétit… but, maybe I’m wrong? So, if he was… des orangettes(orange confite recouverte de chocolat noir)! but you know, I really can live without eating during, euh, let’s say,… more than this, yes yes…believe me!

    Ikkar, with love.

    PS. Bonsoir, Dame Tine.

  74. Comfort Food…

    I shall mostly be eating various assortments of beans, after not winning the comp.

    Yes, That’s right… PULSES.

    Congrats to Colin.

    I trust you will give us all a detailed revue of your day, next week.

  75. Hello FEd,

    I am writing in connection with the PULSE screening competition. I felt a bit disappointed not being able to be included in the competition. It was not my first post and I sent my details in time to be included but for some reason I was not. I know that probability of winning was not enormous with such a massive interest and response but it would be nice to know that at least I had my chance as well…

    [I’ve checked and you were entered into the competition, even though you posted your details to the wrong blog entry (‘OAI’ soundtrack?, 24 June, 1:44am). – Features Editor]

  76. David as food, hmmm, it would have to be peach halves in syrup topped with vanilla ice cream.

  77. Oysters
    Apple Pie
    Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast
    Dutch dried cured smoked bacon

    aaron burrows (slough)

  78. Good to see you back F’ed – definite withdrawal symptoms over the weekend.

    On to the business in hand.

    Comfort food sounds too stodgy for David – we’re talking finesse, a master craftsman, creating a wonderful all round experience – so how about …

    Red mullet and Scottish langoustines
    Poached with summer truffles, new season onion purée and shellfish vinaigrette

    Braised, wild asparagus, poached quail eggs, caviar and nasturtium flowers

    Warm chocolate, salted caramel ice cream, almond tuile

    With a glass of Bollinger 1997, and what the hell let’s have the cheeseboard as well.

    And let’s not forget a juicy bone for that adorable dog of your’s F’ed

    (Lucia, how am I doing?)

  79. Bit of unfinished business from Friday if I may

    [As for ‘Front Row’, then it’s staying closed. So you’re stuck with this one, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]


    Of course I am always on your side. However I am also trying to behave better because I have been bad (baaaad) and am in disgrace.

    I will take your advice and be extra thoughtful to F’eds dog – this is easy because I like dogs and I like F’ed so I will be bringing lots of juicy bones to the barn

    “can I leave the piano and became the lead vocal”
    – of course this is Bianca’s decision but I will support you 100% – I’m sure you have the voice of an angel and Bianca I’m sure has the voice of a little devil so you will make intesting harmonies.

    I am a bit worried about sharing rhythm guitar duties with Andrew as he will be pricking his eyes out with a pointy stick when we play our encore (Paranoid Android) – and I imagine there will be “panic and vomit” as well – so we will have to unplug his guitar so that he doesn’t sabotage us.

    We now have a drummer and it looks like F’ed has another talent (donkey trotting on coconuts) which we could use in the band to go with the animal impressions – so I think we can start rehearsals any time soon. Does the Barn have a local pub which will rent us an upstairs room for rehearsal?

    That’s enough nonsense from me (for now)

    [Why am I reminded of this documentary I saw at some ridiculous hour a few months ago, where several people with mental health problems formed a band as part of their rehabilitation? Are we going to be driven around in an open-top bus, playing to confused-looking pedestrians? – Features Editor]

  80. Now guys, I’m a bit concerned that these topics are going to be taken too seriously and David himself will end up served at the Barn Dance, dressed, stuffed, basted and lightly flavoured with a white wine jus.

  81. I don’t know…I don’t relate DG to food…Im thinking more like good herb or shrooms,though…Hey,you gotta feed your head too!!

  82. Comfort food my arse!!!!

    David would be my favourite food at my favourite restaurant so….

    Le Plat Royale at Bofinger in Paris. Try it, I strongly recommend it to anyone who loves seafood and David’s music 🙂


  83. [What food is your David Gilmour?]

    Really weird… Sounds a bit like cannibalism, doesn’t it? My imagination: a horde of life-sucking autograph-hunters at the back door of a concert hall (or insert: airport etc.) waiting for David to come out and greeting him with: “Hi David, nice to eat you!” … shudder…

  84. My favourite DG food would have to be a pint of beer, I like most beers as I do DG`s songs, but when you get a good one, it is a bloody good one!

    Glad you enjoyed the Eagles Features ed, I saw them myself in Birmingham a couple of weeks back, and I found it a little bizzare that `boys of the summer` and `sunset grill` were performed, as the eagles were in the same boat as floyd when Don Henley released building the perfect beast. I belive the eagles hadn`t spoken to one another for fourteen years, but it was very good all the same!!

    Sorry for being a little off topic.

    congrats to Colin.

    All the best.

    [The things I like are never off-topic, mate. Glad you enjoyed them, too. – Features Editor]

  85. very silly, but I’ll answer..

    As a vegitarian, I guess Ethnic Gourmet’s Pad Thai with Tofu. Hearty, sweet and with a kick.

    I just caught up and saw the rest of the posts with album cover ideas. I saw one link with a design idea, and just for fun to share with you I am posting one of mine.

    This was supposed to actually be for an ex boyfriend’s album a few years ago, but he abandoned the project. It reminds me of Gilmour type moods, at least to me when I hear his music…and the recent lyrics of sinking or swimming really link with this…in fact I was going to call it sink or swim but thought that was a little too obvious and cheesy.

    I don’t have a website so I linked it here…

    [Very impressive, Jeanne. Thanks for sharing. – Features Editor]

  86. Hi,

    Rich posted on March 10, 2006 02:21 asking about tenor sax sheet music for Pink Floyd ‘Money’ and ‘Crazy Diamond’. Has anyone got this (and also sheet music for the sax part on ‘Us and Them’)? Here’s hoping someone can help…


  87. David would have to be my tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich – because I never get tired of it, it hits the spot and it makes me feel nice and warm afterwards. For the encore: dark chocolate covered cherries (and not those cheap ones that are artificially flavored!!).

    And if no one offers to play guitar in this truly weird Dukes of Hazzard band, throw me those Daisy Dukes and a Strat and get out of the way….

    (PS – Ed/Edwina: just think, if you can come up with a contest every Friday, you can shut down the blog, put your feet up and watch football all weekend, every weekend. Yeah, we’re on to you.)


    [Busted. – Features Editor]

  88. BTW…To tie in with today’s topic:

    When I went grocery shopping earlier today at Whole Foods I found OAI at the checkout aisle. I was surprised to see it marketed there, but I guess that may tie in with the “green” printing.

  89. Mom’s chocolate brownies with a cup of hazelnut coffee. This sounds a bit heavy, but this album is my treat.

    Brian (IA)

  90. Baby back ribs, dinosaur BBQ sauce smoked with mesquite. Leinenkugels creamy dark on the side.

  91. Let’s see… a nice tasty trout, strong and used to swim against the current, smart and refined, with spicy vegetables all around (his band…hehehe…).

    For our upcoming party band I’m ready to contribute as lead guitarist.

    Let me share with you what I’m listening to right now, a couple of magnificent albums I would suggest everybody to hear great David’s work:

    Unicorn – Blue Pine Trees – 1974
    Roy Harper – The Unknown Soldier – 1980

  92. I`ve just watched the AOL sessions again, and it brings back memories of the two shows I attended, absolutely fantastic stuff!!

    Sorry I had to get that off my chest!!

  93. Back in the day when all the PF stuff was new,,, there were tons of velveta with rotel served up with our choice of weed.

    So I guess if I were to play this game I might say cheeze-dip. But I won’t…somehow I just don’t feel manly saying that…..hmmmm, what the heck… about mentos?

    P.S. I want to play some the barn band.

    “something from animals,plz”

  94. Caption: During rehearsals, veteran rocker Phil Manzanera (one of the comfort food chefs) puts the rest of the younger lads in the band at ease with a reassuring, benevolent glance as a warm, glowing aura eminates from his face (“Be still, my child”). ;^]

    Hmmm. I really don’t know if I have a comfort food. I eat and like almost everything. As a musical entrée, I always thought of David’s music was a little more special, something to dine out on maybe. How about….

    Angel Hair Pasta in a lemon cream sauce garnished with Crimini mushrooms or lobster medallions poached in clarified butter. Actually, I really do like Chicken Con Queso with some avacado slices. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ;^] A side of sweet potato french fries (I’m getting hungry). Wash it all down with a few mugs of Belhaven. Scottish ale is the best. (*gulp*, aahhhhhhhh!) =D

  95. Ed, I am glad to see the David Gilmour albums are finally being re-released. My wish and hopes for them to be re-issued are finally answered! The original CBS/Sony now known as Sony BMG CDs sounded awful in comparison(in fact, David Gilmour’s 1978 album was not ever issued on CD in Europe but it is finally being available in Europe again and About Face was on CD for a short time in Europe). With James Guthrie and Doug Sax working on these, I can’t wait to hear them.

    I am holding off on PULSE DVD for the DG remasters. I know Amazon said July 11 and they say now January, 2010 but I take your word July 18(here in the US) and the day before in Europe)

    [Hi Terrence. If we hear of any changes from Sony, we’ll let you know and amend the calendar at once. Let’s hope not. – Features Editor]

  96. I would have to say Mr Gilmour reminds me of a chorizo and egg burrito

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  97. Feature Editors just when I thought things were too serious in my life you come up with this wonderful ‘silly’ topic.

    First I want to say of course I have noticed the updated ‘Gallery’ section of the one and only David Gilmour official web site and Polly’s wonderful pictures are much appreciated by this fan. Now for the ‘fun’ part.

    On an Island and ‘comfort food’? I would have to say my delicious Chinese dumplings that I make from scratch with my very own speciality sauce. In that category I would compete with the best of them for one thing I do have going for me is that i am a pretty good cook and baker. I make almost everything from scratch.

    Another very close second is when I think of David Gilmour I think of “sweetness”, so I would have to say my homemade cobblers that I make with different variety of fruits depending on my mood anything from apple to peach to blueberries topped with real whipped cream with vanilla and sugar in just the right amount. UMMM. I am getting hungry again —I think i better listen to On an Island again today before I decide to blow my “forever diet”….besides David Gilmour is much more comforting than the foods that go right to the hips.

    Thanks for cheering me up today. Here in Western New York it is raining and very dreary. I can’t think of anything else to make me feel better than to ‘pop’ in the CD of Mr. Gilmour’s and go to my own “little island” in my mind (temporarily of course).

    Linda P.
    Wmsvl, NY

    [Credit to Chris McKay. He’s the mad one, not me. I just step out of the way and let the lunatics wear themselves out. – Features Editor]

  98. Whatever the comfort food is it would be perfectly aged and prepared, served in a stunning presentation at exactly the right temperature and portion at dusk to a table filled with dearest friends.

    CONGRATS COLIN – the “Pulse” synchronicity makes me agree with FeD- twas meant to be!

    You must fill us all in afterwards with a nice long report!


  99. Chocolate. My comfort food is good ol’chocolate.

    Glad you enjoyed the Eagles, Fed. My father played the Eagles every Fri night when I was a child. He would sit on the deck with a scotch on the rocks and tell me what an amazing group they are. His favorite tune was New Kid in Town, and that has a special place in my heart because of the memories of listening to that song with my dad. I don’t so much like the “classics” as much as the tunes that did/do not get so overplayed on the radio. I love the songs “Ol 55” and “The Last Resort.” I never heard them cover tunes like those on their tours, but the live shows were still incredibly excellent, nonetheless.


    [Thank you, Tara. I was hoping for ‘Ol’ 55′. – Features Editor]

  100. Thank you David Gilmour for all the comfort and support your music give me now in a hard time. When I was in Glasgow on your tour my (now)ex-girlfriend cheated on me and made my life miserable. Thanks to your music I still have something that makes me happy and help me to look at the bright side of life..

  101. If we are supposed to be thinking of David as a food, does that meen that we are supposed to be thinking of eating David?…(that was the clean version!)

    Marie Calendars double cream lemon pie….mmmmmmm, yummy!

    I feel for you Fed, flappy arm jiggling arse’s are no fun….I hope that wasn’t a Yank. I just saw Dwezil Zappa with Napolean Murphy, Terry Bozio, and Steve Vai, it was a great show. The crowd was well behaved, and Dwezil was pretty interactive with us, Frank would have been proud of him. It was kind of an emotional thing for me, I saw Steve Vai playing for Frank…about 26 years ago. It was great to see that guitar work back then, and great to see it again with his son.

  102. Gilmour is not like comfort food – he’s like a fine wine: extremely tasteful, best in small concentrated measures, and just like a fine wine a Gilmour CD takes years of maturing before its released!!

  103. Dear Fed, dear Bloggers,

    another theme. I like the very interesting soundscapes on the David Gilmour Site. It’s nice to have look behind the curtain of the CD production. Who made the soundscapes? There are from the multitrack arrangement? I hope to find more of these soundscapes for the menus on the new David Gilmour DVD and, please, the promo-clips of OAI and SMILE.

    I’m waiting for the concert in Munich on a very good place. Hope, I can see parts of the lightshow. Or, I must wait for the DVD.

    Thank you.


    [We just think of the sound loops as goodies from David. – Features Editor]

  104. Comfort food for me always has to be

    Shepherd’s Pie with brown sauce.

    fulfilling, makes me feel warm and the sauce gives it a bit of a twang. And I can eat it all day.

  105. Special thanks to Polly for the nice pictures!

    She’s becoming professional photographer 😉

    Love and Bless from Iran for David and his family!


  106. ok Fed,

    feeling more positive today, apologies to your pooch.

    DG as comfort food, when it cold outside a nice warming casserole, any type but its got to have dumplings…its no good Fed, im still struggling Dumplings & David Gilmour!!!…. help me some one, but i do feel warmer inside after eating a nice casserole & listening to Davids warm guitar playing are sort of a similar experience.(there’s men with white coats outside now)

  107. [how about geting the lead singer from Radiohead to fill – Mike]

    [Only if I could pick the song for him to sing. – Features Editor]

    Where is the trick, FEd? I think David could be happy to duet with him…WOW! It would be FANTASTIC! So..can invite Thom to the barn party?


    [If it makes you happy, sure. – Features Editor]

  108. Forgot to post this last night, but Erin is right, you are definitely hired for the band Emiel. We really need a drummer and I kinda like the idea of a Dutch rythm section.

    Lucia, if you throw a competitive party I would come to yours, promise! It may be just the two of us, but I am sure we would have lots of fun playing Radiohead songs all night on just a bass and keyboard… *grin*

    So just in case we WOULD have TWO party’s.. is there anyone else that would like to come to OURS? After all, you already know how much fun Lucia and I are..

    The other one will have FEd with smelly fake beard and a corner full of dooby smokers being boring.. *evil grin*

    Any other defectors?

    hugs, Bianca

    [I’m not happy with this, Bianca. How can anyone be boring wearing a mask and playing the coconut? I told you, the fake beard’s long gone. – Features Editor]

  109. Edwina, do you know if David also attended the Eagles concert?

    Next weekend’s contest idea – how about a secret easter egg hidden on the site? Winner gets one of Guy’s used bass strings.


    [I should hope that David attended one of the two London concerts. I’d be disappointed if he didn’t. – Features Editor]

  110. DEAR JOHN, I don’t know what a legit call is (penalty, maybe?) and I don’t know football’s rules so good…Australian’ player didn’t want to do a fault to Italian player, I think…but maybe it’s not important what you want to do, but just if you stop the player into the area…I don’t know…but I’m happy that it happened! GREAT TOTTI! We was lucky…but I think that Materazzi didn’t deserve the expulsion…so, a little unlucky and a lot lucky!

    I’m sorry for you, John…but…I’m happy for us!


  111. Mental Health problems !!

    Mental Health problems !!!

    The blog’s finest minds come together for a musical collaboration, using our modest talents to provide a little barn-based entertainment over dinner and we are suddenly in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest ?

    And are you our Nurse Ratched F’ed?

    It’s enough to make me break out of my leather restraints.

    [I’m sure that was a documentary, not a dream. It must have been at least 3am… – Features Editor]

  112. David as a food, eh?

    Most other music is garbage these days, and David’s music is a rarity: music that changes my mod, the place I am at. It transfers me to another place, a place I like being. So I have to come up with a food that does the same…

    There is a restaurant near me called Grandma’s, famous for its pies. This is unbelievably delicious fare, and they make around thirty varieties. For my money, their apple pie ala mode (which is served warm) is the best dessert food on the planet. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

    This past weekend Grandma’s had a promtion in which they were giving whole pies away. They placed one small ad in a little local paper, but that was enough. People came from hundreds of miles away and began lining up the night before. All the pies were gone within an hour of opening: thousands of them. And two thousand people were turned away because there were no more pies.

    This is what I’m comparing David’s music to. It’s worth camping out overnight just for the chance to get a pie, but the reward is absolutely worth it.

  113. Dear Fed,

    [I’m going to see Bob Dylan tomorrow-Features Editor]

    Passez une bonne soirée.
    Ikkar, with love

    [Merci beaucoup. – Features Editor]

  114. Re the “Barn Party”, sounds deffinately on. Can we make it a “bring a poster” party as I’ve been in a lot of barns and walls are pretty grim. I mean how on earth do those animals not get bored. I know where to get some good DG posters from or we can make our own and have a bit of a competition on the side.

    Ian Pearson – hugs

    [Good point. – Features Editor]

  115. Hi Fed (again)

    just noticed the updated galleries, wow, you lot have been busy, some great photographs especialy the RAH at sunset, did Polly nip out during a break to take that one. (i can see that being used on the DVD somewhere.)

  116. [If it makes you happy, sure. – Features Editor]

    Dear Bianca, Thanks for your support…I know I can always rely on you! GREAT! But you understand that after FEd said that I can invite Thom if it makes me happy, I can’t organize a competitive party! I’m just a silly girl, anyone can buy me with some nice words! (I should stop to say girl, maybe! I’m not so young, unfortunatly!)


  117. The photo gallery is looking very good these days. I have to say I do like David with a bit of stubble!!

  118. “so I don’t feel so bad for the heartbreak the Aussies must be feeling”


    No need to feel bad (Well except for Kylie) about Australian heartache old sport. No need at all.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword …

  119. Dendermondse Karmeliet (15th century Belgian beer, authentic monastic recipe).

    No discussion there 🙂

  120. “after FEd said that I can invite Thom if it makes me happy”

    A word of caution Lucia. I suspect foul play. Nurse Ratched may be lurking with some chloroform and a straitjacket.

    I don’t think we can have Lucia, Thom and F’ed in one room together, not even a big barn. Something would have to give ….

    [No, of course not. – Features Editor]

  121. Any other defectors?

    Count me in Bianca but I suspect F’ed would be glad to see the back of us.

    [Not at all. It has to be one big party. – Features Editor]

  122. Ciao.

    Lucia, thanks. Always some good word for most of us. 🙂

    And yes all italian Bloggers, we won!!! And when you win it doesn’t really matter how bad was the match….the important thing is that our road to victory is still open. FORZA AZZURRI.

    Little quiz: why do Italians have a blue coloured shirt instead of a green/white/red? Let’s see who knows…


  123. ian pearson said:

    [Re the “Barn Party”, sounds deffinately on. Can we make it a “bring a poster” party as I’ve been in a lot of barns and walls are pretty grim. I mean how on earth do those animals not get bored. I know where to get some good DG posters from or we can make our own and have a bit of a competition on the side.]

    might i plug an effort from last year?

  124. [I’m sure that this entry or the next can veer off course and end up in a ditch of silliness just the same. – Features Editor]

    Well this is much more preferable than some of those posts from months ago that took a negative twist and sucked the life right out of this thing.


  125. Tim C,

    Now why would you want to unplug my guitar?? That is not playing nice in the sandbox or the barn for that matter. Of course with that kind of encore I may get ‘the bends.’


    You know that it wouldn’t be nice if you and Lucia had another party and didn’t invite FEd. We owe these connections to him. And isn’t it more fun to pick on each other in front of each other than behind their back??


    Good luck listening to the Dylan whining show. I’ve seen him a few times and have yet to enjoy it. He is one performer who is much better on the stereo than live. And even then in small doses.


  126. Thanks Tim!

    I need you and Bianca help me so that I wasn’t too candid!

    Joking a part, we have serious things to decide! What the BARN BAND is going to play? I think that this evening I should go to a Karaoke to train my voice…


  127. Thanks F.E..Makes sense to me now.In hockey an offside call is related to a blue line painted on the rink in each team’s defensive end.An attacking player cannot receive a pass when he is across the offensive blue line when the pass is coming from the defensive end.

    Hence in hockey,offside is line related while in football, offside is player related.I guess you could say that in football, the defending players are the blue line(hockey speaking) while in hockey the blue lines are the defending players(football speaking)

    Are you confused yet? I sure am now! not sure exactly what I just said..LOL

    [I think I’m with you! – Features Editor]

  128. Happy Tuesday,

    So despite the reservations of one of our contributors (apologies forget your name) I have got a copy of the recent ‘Return to the Dark Side of the Moon’ album as played by members of Yes, King Crimson etc.

    Although enjoyable ish I now understand your comments. What is also made me realise (as if I didnt know already) is just what a classic DSOTM actually is.

    This new version does have its moments though.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Thinking back to the incident yesterday when the Italian player ran towards the Australian player, who was lying on the floor, then proceeded to fall over the said player which made him roll all over the place and gain a penalty……….

    well can anyone explain why the bloke who converted the penalty then ran off with his thumb in his mouth

  129. As I’m a convert, I suppose I must also be a defector. . .

    Band Name Suggestion: Lunatics on the Grass

    Make whatever meaning you want.

    Bob always puts on a fine show FEd, I’m sure you’ll have a GRAND time! Have a great day everyone!

    [Thank you, I’m looking forward to it. The man’s a legend. I feel it’s an honour to see him no matter what he plays or how he performs. Besides, it provides the perfect opportunity to perfect my Dylan impersonation. I do a mean ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’. – Features Editor]

  130. Ciao Roberto!

    I went in Genoa some days ago and I found it wonderful! Really strange, but wonderfull too! I stay in a hotel near the acquarium and it is a strategic location, because in the morning I worked, then I walked through the narrow streets and in 5 minutes I was in the old city, and at the end I come back to the old harbour and had the aperitif in a little bar on the dock, in the “meddle” of the sea…WONDERFUL! FOUR DAYS LIKE A QUEEN!!!

    And the trofie al pesto are delicious! Can you carry them to the barn party too, please? 😉 Hey bloggers! If you went in Italy, pass one day in Genoa! Trust me!

    How is your wife? Was the little girl born? Let we know!

    A presto


  131. [well can anyone explain why the bloke who converted the penalty then ran off with his thumb in his mouth – Peter]

    Because he is father since a few of months. A little son with a beautiful girl. I find this young family really nice and I love when Totti dedicate his goal to his wife or his son. It’s so sweet!


  132. Hmmmm, I just can’t seem to add to this menu. I think the problem for me is I see Gilmour as Brain Food not Comfort Food.

    Ahh that does it, how about lightly seared Ahi tuna, with soy sauce and wasabi washed down with a mango smoothie….brain food.


  133. I don’t know “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, but Radiohead sing “Subterranean Homesick Alien” and I read that it is inspired to Dylan…but I don’t know the reasons? I hope you are not going to insinuate that they cribbed Dylan? Probably they are friends and Dylan loves Radiohead!

    Ask him, when you go to the show!


    [Surely Dylan has influenced everyone. – Features Editor]

  134. Hello Lucia…Please don’t get me wrong.As a new football fan I was not cheering for any one side.I was watching for the pure pleasure of sportistic(how’s that for a new word?) art. I am happy for you and all Italians,as I know that football is a national passion for your country.

    It’s just that I’m new at this sport and don’t quite understand all of the rules.If the penalty in my question is within the rules then I cheer for you. But if it is not, then I wonder how a match of such magnitude can be decided by questionable officiating(if it was so.)Perhaps a tournament of this level might benefit from video replay such as is the practice now in other pro sports here in North America to settle disputes.Referees are only human and, as all of us,can make mistakes, but this is the World Cup and means so much for so many so all calls have to be accurate and accounted for. Sorry if I offended you.I didn’t mean to…Luv John

    [The ‘video referee’ debate as been going on for ages. Apparently it would slow the game down if the referee had to consult with his officials and watch video replays of controversial incidents too often. But just ask Nickster about goal-line technology. I’m thinking of a certain Spurs goal which wasn’t given against Manchester United? – Features Editor]

  135. First, I have to say . . . melted chesse on apple pie??!! WTF! I’ve traveled all over the US and have never heard of such a thing. Is this a European thing? What type of chesse? I’ll try anything once, twice if it hurts 😉

    Jeanne, you are another one of our great artists here, thanks for sharing.

    So this is where we’re at:


    Bass Guitar – Bianca
    Rhythm Guitar – Lucia & Tim C
    Keyboards & Rhythm Guitar – Angelo Ortiz
    Lap Steel Guitar – Michael in New Jersey
    Keyboards & Backing Vocals – Lucia
    Tamborine & Backing Vocals – ~Erin
    Lead Guitars – Peter Baldwin, Vince, GianLuca, Deborah and Alternate Gilmour
    Drums – Emiel

    Well folks, I think we have a band!!

    I’m so sorry Mr. Gilmour, our bill is full for the night, but we have lovely seats for you and your wife in the balcony.

    Yes sir, we know who you are, and I know that it is a loft not a balcony, but we are in a barn. There is room in the kitchen if you like . . .

    Maybe Polly will be our offical photographer . .whadda say Polly?

    Fed, the Eagles last week, Dylan this week . . is this one of the many benefits for working at Enjoy =)


    [In a way, it is. 2006 has been a very good year for live music, I say. David must take a lot of credit for that, too. – Features Editor]

  136. Don’t worry John, you didn’t offend me…also because I’m happy if Italy wins, but, at the end, I couldn’t care less if Italy looses! (I hope I don’t offend my italian blogger’s friends!). I don’t love football and World Cup is for me just a moment for stay with my friends and enjoy myself with the joy and the pain of the game!

    I really don’t know if the penalty was right or not, just because I don’t know the rules…I agree with you and if the penalty was against Italy I’m sure I would use your words…but what can I do now? Should I cry? I think I have to support Italy for the next matches…and hope that the they play better than they did till now!

    I’m one of those that prefer a good exam and a bad mark than a bad exam and a fantastic mark, because to be proud of myself is more important than the result, for me. HONEST! But in these case what should I do? I’m sorry for you, but I will continue to support Italy!

    Can you accept that?


  137. [John, No need to feel bad (Well except for Kylie) about Australian heartache old sport. No need at all. Live by the sword, die by the sword … – Posted by: Tim]

    Can’t really tell from this post Tim if you are Australian, but if you are, don’t be so passive. Vigilance is required at all costs(except compromising sportsmanship of course) to becoming champions. There will be other opportunities to be sure!

    Oh God F.E…What have I gotten myself into here.Kinda getting a feeling how it is to be you!

    [You just can’t win sometimes, can you? – Features Editor]

  138. Lucia, you should have contacted me! I could have been your guide in my city. Glad you had a good time here. Anyone who wants to come is very welcome.

    My wife is fine, thank you, just a month to the final countdown.

    Trofie al pesto at the barn party? Great idea. I can ask my mum to make them! Hehehe

    ciao ciao

  139. [I’ll Play in Lucias band]

    EXCUSE ME??? You must mean MY band!? *starting to look red in the face with fumes shooting from ears*

    You can’t have two leaders in one band.. it doesn’t work.. we will end up fighting so much, the band will split up and there will be law suits about who can keep the name Barn Band.

    And in the end Lucia will tour as Lucia: the Voice and Keyboard of the Barn Band and I will tour as Bianca: the Evil Genius of the Barn Band.

    And fans will start comparing our shows online and Lucia will be the sweet loving musician and I will be the mad evil musician (and proud of it) and FEd will have to choose and will choose Lucia and then I will finally go starl raving mad and end up setting fire to the barn and blaming it on the doobie smokers…

    So how about calling it MY band…? *evil grin*

    Hugs, Mad Bianca

    [Oh, you’re naughty. Other naughty people will be wondering, so I’ll ask for them: will you lip-synch on tour? – Features Editor]

  140. [Why am I reminded of this documentary I saw at some ridiculous hour a few months ago, where several people with mental health problems formed a band as part of their rehabilitation?]

    Did you see any carrot top Dutchies in that band by any chance? :-p

    [Are we going to be driven around in an open-top bus, playing to confused-looking pedestrians? – Features Editor]

    BRILLIANT PLAN!!! *grin*

    Hugs, Mad Bianca

  141. [Only if I could pick the song for him to sing. – Features Editor]

    Now F’ed this looks like a set-up to a punchline – so may I enquire what song you would chose for Thom to sing?

    An opportunity for you to show your magnanimous side, or failing that taking another cheap shot.

    [Tim, you’ve got me all wrong. I’d obviously ask to borrow Lucia’s Radiohead CDs and would pick my favourite song. – Features Editor]

  142. Oh FEd, you always suck the controversy out of my posts. Is my sense of humour that bad?

    [No, but I feel that some readers may be lacking in that department and it’s just not worth the risk. For what it’s worth, I laughed. – Features Editor]

  143. [PS. Bonsoir, Dame Tine – Ikkar]

    ?????? …”Dame Tartine” ? La comptine ? “il était une dame tartine, dans un beau palais de beurr’ frais, les muraill’s étaient de farine,… elle épousa Monsieur Gimblette, coiffé d’un beau fromage blanc…” ???? sinon, expliquez-moi …Je ne comprends pas…

    [with a glass of Bollinger 97… – Tim C]

    waow!!! Tim, I’m curious, where do you come from ? but, did you ever tasted Champagne Mumm, I think it’s the best one ! (and sponsor of F1, Lucia…)

    Fed, I’m sad for you, but so happy for us this night !!! France- Spain : 3-1 !!! everyone burried Zizou too soon…outside, great “cars horns concerts” (? = concerts de klaxons ) Fortunately, I think and I hope you enjoy Bob Dylan’s concert !


    [Merci et félicitations. C’était un grand résultat pour la France. Bonne chance pour le match prochain. Bob Dylan était superbe ce soir. C’était un nuit fantastique, merci. – Features Editor]

  144. Michelle took the words from my mouth…could only compare David to a beautiful champagne or rare wine. (maybe with some chocolates ..wait did someone say strawberries with clotted craam..hmm maybe raspberries)

  145. [Bob Dylan était superbe ce soir. C’était un nuit fantastique. – FEd.]

    I’m really glad you liked it FEd! A ledgend he is!

    [If I’d been wearing a hat – and lots of people were wearing hats of all shapes and sizes – then I’d have taken it off to show my deep respect for the man. Not only was it a great honour to be hearing a legend performing live, it was great fun trying to identify which song he was singing. ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right’ was… so very different. – Features Editor]

  146. I’m reassured FEd, but it’s a pity that others take things so seriously. But David himself strikes me as a bloke who could handle a bit of off-kilter humour. Am I right?

    [Yes, I think so. – Features Editor]

  147. [I’ll Play in Lucias band]

    Oh, right! I agree with Bianca. This is HER BAND, not mine! She is the soul of this band and only she has the power to decide what the bar band can do and what can’t…at least I don’t show all my talent and win the power in my hands! No Bianca, don’t worry! You are the creator of this band and you’ll always been!

    [And in the end Lucia will tour as Lucia: the Voice and Keyboard of the Barn Band and I will tour as Bianca: the Evil Genius of the Barn Band. – Bianca]

    Uh! I would be so proud to “play” David’s part!

    [Lucia will be the sweet loving musician and I will be the mad evil musician – Bianca]

    Probably! But not because I’m so loving…probably because you’re really a little evil! But (I might be worng and with all the respect for his INCREDIBLE TALENT) I think you are nicer than Roger!

    [FEd will have to choose and will choose Lucia – Bianca]

    …it would be a great honour (but I want SNEd too!) but could I countinue to listen Radiohead? FEd, I would be your boss…you’ll have to be really really nice with me!

    [At the end:
    Rhythm Guitar – Lucia & Tim C
    Keyboards & Backing Vocals – Lucia]

    YOU’RE OVERRATE ME! I’m not able to do all this things…and above all I’m not able to do them in a good way! I think I should do only the chorus!


  148. …. And in the end Lucia will tour as Lucia: the Voice and Keyboard of the Barn Band and I will tour as Bianca: the Evil Genius of the Barn Band…. etc


    There have been some good posts over the months on this site but that one gets the cherry!

    Evil genius indeed !

    This could be the new “Ruttles”.

    Your solo albums might be

    “The pro’s and con’s of pitchforking”
    “Absolute bl**dy kaos”
    “Bemused to death”

    And an opera about the Peasant revolt and the dissolution of the agrarian society

    ETC etc

  149. [Can’t really tell from this post Tim if you are Australian, but if you are, don’t be so passive. Vigilance is required at all costs(except compromising sportsmanship of course) to becoming champions. There will be other opportunities to be sure! – John]

    I must clarify – I am not Australian but English. I genuinely mean don’t feel sorry for Australians – it’s a rule.

  150. [Not only was it a great honour to be hearing a legend performing live, it was great fun trying to identify which song he was singing. ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right’ was… so very different. – Features Editor]

    i heard that he never sings the same song the same way twice. glad you enjoyed it, ed.

    [Chinese Food is my David Gilmour. I crave it, and when I get it, it’s awesome. But it never fills me up, it leaves me wanting more, and if I have too much, it puts me to sleep. Yep. Just like “On An Island”. (in a good way, of course) – Posted by: erin at June 26, 2006 03:32 PM]

    i think i’ll go with erin and say that david is a nice egg foo yung.

  151. Lucia & Bianca,

    I am rather concerned here. We have not even had our first rehearsal and already there is band squabbling. Even David and Roger have a better track record! This is either a sign that you are both supremely qualified to be rock stars or the rest of us should be trolling for a couple of new members.

    F’Ed, how about changing the locks on the barn??

    [They’ll be slipping off the tour bus sooner rather than later if they keep this up! – Features Editor]

  152. ehm.. guys.. gals.. I AM KIDDING!! Jeeez.. *grin*

    And for those who think I am Roger-bashing: I AM NOT! He may have a flare for the theatrical that I don’t share with him, but I do think he really is a creative genius and he is and will always be one of my favorite songwriters and lyricists, regardless of what personality he does or doesn’t have.

    So FEd, my answer is: No, I will not lip-sync on tour, those will just be rumours from fans that are even more evil than I am, and I will not lower myself to even comment on such rumours, I will just let them slide off me and go on doing what I have always done best, which is being an evil genius.. *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca – who WILL slide off the tour bus preliminary for reasons that she gets nausious on busses and therefor demands a private jet for her tours :-p

    [Glad to hear it, mate. – Features Editor]

  153. [F’Ed, how about changing the locks on the barn?? . Michael]

    HEY! YOU CAN’T DO IT! I HAVE TO LIVE THERE! Not joking on my future, please!


    [I wouldn’t dream of it. – Features Editor]

  154. Bianca, it never fails . .every morning you make me laugh. What a way to start the day!

    We will not have a Roger/David issue because I’ll be putting an end to it. The one thing PF was missing was a strong woman who doesn’t put up with any sh*t and to remind everyone what we’re here for and fighting is NOT it. Maybe Nick or Rick played this role, but their not female . . .I am woman . . hear me roar!

    Now on to the setlist . . .


  155. [The one thing PF was missing was a strong woman who doesn’t put up with any sh*t and to remind everyone what we’re here for and fighting is NOT it.]


    One woman, perhaps. But, four women in the band??! Aiiyeeee! I grew up in a house with 4 women!!! I’ve seen sisters pull hair from each others scalps! If this band ever sees the light of day (or the barn for that matter) it will be a miracle!!!!

    Michael ; )

  156. Michael,

    I used to fight a lot in high school. And I have always HATED woman who bit*h fight (ie: pulling hair, scratching, slapping). I’m not one of them. I’m a force to reckon with, and I can give you numorous refrences to back me up. These days I prefer to just put the fear of God into people to make them behave. LOL

    This band will make it, we have too much love not to.


  157. [We will not have a Roger/David issue because I’ll be putting an end to it. The one thing PF was missing was a strong woman who doesn’t put up with any sh*t and to remind everyone what we’re here for and fighting is NOT it. Maybe Nick or Rick played this role, but their not female . . .I am woman . . hear me roar!]

    *grin*, You rock Erin!! But I was already thinking, because we are all pretty intelligent women, such a thing will never happen anyway. I may be an evil genius, but I have a lot of common sense and integrity as well 😉

    (Who is the 4th woman Michael?)

    So I guess the crisis has been averted and the band will stay together after all. YAY! 😉

    Hugs, Bianca, Evil but Fair Genius *grin*

  158. ~Erin,

    I’m all for the love thing. I’ll leave it to you to summon the fear of God! If you can do that in the face of the Evil Genious, we might blow the roof off of F’Ed’s Welsh barn!!! I’m most inclined to lay back and groove, and witness. Much the way I did with my sisters….

    Peace Out!

  159. [Your solo albums might be

    “The pro’s and con’s of pitchforking”
    “Absolute bl**dy kaos”
    “Bemused to death”

    And an opera about the Peasant revolt and the dissolution of the agrarian society
    ETC etc]

    Okay.. that’s it.. if we do split up for some reason Tim C. is definitely going with me. This is the kind of creative input I need for my solo career..

    (I guess it’s a good thing I just decided we won’t split up, isn’t it? *grin*)

    Hugs, Bianca

  160. FEd, I’m glad you enjoyed Bob’s concert. I have seen him in concert twice in recent years and he blows me away. I’m so looking forward to his new album (finally) in August. So how many other blog regulars are Bob fans?

    [Hasn’t 2006 been such a great year for music? – Features Editor]

  161. [Okay.. that’s it.. if we do split up for some reason Tim C. is definitely going with me]

    This would unfortunately mean that the evil genius (or should I say geniale slechterik) would get the worst of the musicians!

    I would have to guitar synch I think.

  162. [Hasn’t 2006 been such a great year for music? – Features Editor]

    I notice that the new Muse album gets a 5* from Q magazine this issue and is referenced to 2 other 5* albums – The Wall and OK Computer – so F’ed I think you could find droning and wailing of the utmost quality here.

    Thom’s album only gets a 4* but then so did OAI so I wouldn’t rule that one out either.

    As I have mentioned the T word I feel compelled to send a cyber stroke to your dog, F’ed. As I am so obviously fond of the dear creature, could you give a brief description (breed, colour) for me?

    [He’s part Spaniel (of some sort), part bastard. He’s mostly white, with black patches, and is very cuddly. – Features Editor]

  163. Well since our barn band has sooo many guitar players, I guess David can play the sax for us.

    I take it that you know SOYCD, Us & Them, and Money? What?! Well we can give you over a hour to figure it out. Bianca, we’ll have to start with The Wall, our sax player needs some practice time. Polly you can set up your camera right over there. Thanks for coming guys =)

    So when we get big enough to have a website Fed, will you be our Fed?


    [It would be an honour… If the money’s right. – Features Editor]

  164. [(Who is the 4th woman Michael?) – Bianca]

    At first, I was going to say something clever. Like; “the fourth woman shall remain a mystery, and will cater to my personal ego and insecurities”

    But alas, I was refering to Erin’s latest barn band lineup that includes herself, you, Lucia, and……..Deborah on lead guitar.

    I am glad we’ve put all of this discord behind. I am willing to take this on as a challenge. Women have been at the center of my universe in every other aspect of my life. Resistence is futile….


  165. Hello, FEd,

    I’m sorry I’ve been so long in contacting you… Unfortunately I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at the end of May. I had a huge surgery (cancer had spread), but am now home & recovering well.

    I missed your “surprise” at RAH, and was happy to read your e-mail, and I have a long way to go in catching up on the Blog.

    Just wanted to say “I’m glad you were SURPRISED” by us “irregulars”… hee hee….

    Sounds like it was an awesome night!

    Take care,

    [Bless you. You look after yourself, Susan. – Features Editor]

  166. Wow…. thank you my friends for all the good wishes. I’m getting stronger by the day, but am also dreading 18 months of chemotherapy, to start next month 🙁 It’s a very scary thing
    to face, but I really have no choice.

    I’m just so glad that this happened AFTER David Gilmour’s show! I would have cried if I had missed it!

    I’m going to do my best to stay strong & determined and beat this thing. With encouragement from friends like you, it makes it a whole lot easier…

    Thank you

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