Chin up


It’s clear that a combination of three football matches a day, lots of sunshine and post-tour depression have left a seemingly indelible mark on the blog community.

To take our minds off the doom and gloom (not to mention the talk of Nick Mason’s reunion wishes and the inevitable comparisons between Roger Waters’ tour), here’s a rainy day blog, courtesy of Michael Kelly.

Which artist(s) could most use David’s services as a guitarist, vocalist, etc.?

Remember that it’s just for fun and no long lists of acts, please. We want to know why.

Maybe you’ve got a favourite song that’s just lacking in a certain area. Perhaps you feel that David could create something interesting with a hitherto unexplored genre. Just make us laugh.

Chin up, everyone. It will pass eventually, trust me.

I’ll start telling you about the DVD next…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

219 thoughts on “Chin up”

  1. um… roger waters? it’s just a joke!

    [Yes, I probably asked for that, didn’t I? – Features Editor]

  2. Roger Waters….

    (Sorry F’Ed, I couldn’t resist! Besides it’s true)


  3. I think that David’s voice might be quite nice on something Brian Eno has created. I imagine that the softness of both musicians’ sounds would be very complementary. Just a thought.

  4. Since this is in the what if category (I doubt your trolling the market for David!)

    The late Peter Bardens from Camel. He did some really wonderful melodic keyboard work over the years and I think David would step right into that vibe.

  5. I think I would like to see David do a one off on Guitar/Vocals with someone totally different to (and I am not being funny saying this) the more ‘mature’ artists. Why not a funky rift with the likes of Pink? or melodies with Embrace? Having said that why not team up with some of his heroes of the Guitar world such as Eddy van Halen now that would be one to see.

    He could do the next World Cup song so that any such blogs may not be quiet during the football!!!! I am sure David will be sneaking in the odd match or two while taking a break from touring….

  6. Now you have me going….

    I would love for David to collaborate with Daniel Lanois and Emmy Lou Harris. The music those two have produced is amazingly haunting and poignant. Add David in the mix, WOW! Hmmm what else?

    I really must get back to work…


  7. …Phil Manzanera OF COURSE !!!

    I discovered the man with One Slip, then I bought the last tryptic (Vozero, 6PM and the last one) and I think this man is incredible !!! 6PM is one of my favourites records…

    But, in direct second position, it would be Roger Waters of course… No Floyd at all, just a few touches of guitar on his next solo record…

    Dare I? yes… a third: Richard Wright !

    Thanks for the great work made on the site and the blog, I have to say a warm thank you to the editors of this place… It’s been the most funny 6 months on internet since last christmas.

    Carry on, regards


  8. John Martyn,some of the songs they did in the 80’s were superb and John should be playing to a larger audience!!

  9. I maintain the a David Gilmour/Bono combination would be interesting and fun. I can’t wait to see the DVD to see how the pairing with David Bowie came out. Also a pairing with Mark Knopfler and perhaps Neil Young might yield some fun results.

  10. Well the obvious answer is Roger Waters, so he doesn’t have to go out and find people who are willing to try and sound like David. Whether he admits it or not, he’s never done any solo stuff that holds a candle to what he did with Pink Floyd. Amused to Death was the closest one, and it’s still lacking.

    Well McCartney and the Who (as well as solo Pete Townshend) have had Gilmour play with them live, so they’re out. How about Wilco? I like Wilco and I like David Gilmour, therefore wouldn’t I really like both of them together?

    My pick: Wilco

  11. I would have to say all U.S. artists are in dire need of David’s services (guitar, vocals, music arrangements, lyrics, etc).

    Have a good one FEd and looking forward to hearing updates re: DG’s DVD!

    Juls :^D

    [Looking forward to being able to tell you about them, mate. – Features Editor]

  12. I think david should join up with Eric Clapton…i mean the guy needs someone in his band who can play the guitar 😉 (only joking mr Clapton)

  13. Hi folks,

    what about….the Eagles? Well, I’ve seen them on tour and it was marvellous. Mr. Stuart was perfect as a session man to replace Don Felder, he was playing respectfully note by note with class. But I feel that the slow and very melodic kind of music the Eagles do is right for David Gilmour. I mean: DG + the Eagles writing a new song together. Come on…it’s perfect…about same age…5 voices…the slow melody of DG….WOOOOWWWW!!!! Actually this is a good idea. I am sure someone will propose this to them. I want part of the money they’ll get…I am the “creative genius of Geagles”(yes, no mistake..GEAGLES)!!! LOL


    [Great shout, Piergiorgio. Maybe there’s not enough time to rehearse for the London and Manchester concerts, but Glasgow and Cardiff? What are they waiting for? – Features Editor]

  14. Well, aside from my own projects, no guitarist ever sounded better behind Macca (solo).

    I think we all now know he would also be a perfect blend with CSN.

    In the realm of fantasy pairings, howzabout Gilmour and FRIPP! Now THAT would be something to hear!

    Now, about that DVD…

    On a seperate note Ed., I am curious to know the OFFICIAL David Gilmour stand on tape trading. It’s no secret that all but one show from the tour have been available though certain sites.

    In some cases up to 4 or 5 DIFFERENT recordings from some venues are available. There are DVDs of complete concerts (shoddy, but viewable) already in circulation.

    I confess to being one of those that have gobbled up every note of every gig of the tour(lots of fun coming up with best ofs), but I have not heard how David HIMSELF feels about us out here poring over his every note on unauthorized audio recordings.

    By the way, I personally have NOT recorded ANY! I make it a rule to be sure to see an entire gig before getting tossed!

    I also have indeed purchased through the years multiple copies of every David Gilmour related recording, I do NOT see these recordings as an ALTERNATIVE to officially released product. The ONLY way to support ANY artist is to give them real DOUGH for what they produce.

    By the way, I kinda miss “Fan Fare’ as a name for the page.

    Thanks again!

    [You can blame me for that. I thought it sounded a bit cheesy after a while. As for the trading of tapes, then the official view on it is the same as that of any kind of bootlegging. Obviously we aren’t going to approve or encourage it. As David’s management, we don’t want opportunists to prosper from recording and selling David’s art, just as we didn’t want opportunists to prosper from flogging tickets or home-made T-shirts. I personally see your point, as a fan, so there’s no need for anyone to justify trading live recordings here. I’m all too familiar with the argument of the trader. However, the official line is that it’s wrong. – Features Editor]

  15. FEd,

    How about Radiohead?? Don’t you think David would at least bring some talent to that band??? I can hear your laughter loud and clear over the pond now.


    [Laughter? I weep at the very mention of their name. They depress me that much, they don’t even have to start singing. (Lucia’s not back yet, is she? Don’t tell her I said that, will you?) – Features Editor]

  16. Artists that require our heroes help.

    1. Roger…no! no! I promised I would not , sorry at number one please see below.

    1 I would love to hear a rendition of otis reddings ” These arms of mine ” by David and a swooping guitar solo built in .

    2 As with the above I think David would do a great arrangement with Justin Hayward’s “Forever Autumn”

    3 And an obscure choice but ” Rudder’s might agree” , what about David doing Gordon lightfoot’s ” Wreck of the edmund fitzgerald”

    4 HALE AND PACE NEED NOT KNOCK ON DAVID’S DOOR AGAIN !!!!! Sorry had to say that.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Oh, you didn’t like ‘The Stonk’? – Features Editor]

  17. Mercury Rev

    Great band not nearly well known enough by Gilmour and Floyd fans.

  18. Jack Johnson, with David on and Jack on vocals, and David on guitar.

    And Roger Waters 😛

  19. Hmmmm, now that’s tricky.

    The one common thread that connects the music I love is virtuoso guitar, and tending towards the heavy end.

    There are two artists who I think would really benefit from the addition of Davids soaring solos.

    Joss Stone – a lovely voice which could slot nicely into an On an Island type set

    Coldplay – maligned by some but I think they’ve make some epic songs which lack just that special ingredient.

    And from left field F’ed how about Bob Dylan – but I’m afraid I couldn’t let him sing – he could maybe just shake a tambourine.

    Brazil are samba-ing away on the TV – hey things are looking up already.

    [I was hoping that someone would suggest Bob. Cardiff on the 27th would be grand. They could even do a reggae version of ‘Like a Rolling Stone’. – Features Editor]

  20. Opinions….are like a–holes, even if you not interested they are everywhere. So,with that, I can’t contain myself anymore ..and I have to blow. Here is another (opinion..or is that a–hole–self-critic here) to add to the crapper…

    I personally would love to see david/richard/roger/nick create some new material… (the old is great…and I would like to hear more, but one can only read yesterday’s news for so longgggg).

    Having just been completly blown away with the whole OAI experiene.. the one word that describes all that is “BRILLANT”…just brillant. Just imagine …(yes, Polly..this includes you!!!!!) sinking hearts and souls into a project like that ….who knows ..even though this is a different point in time…..the result might just be the best crown jewel yet(sorry, mum) And if ….not and if it brings joy to just one person…..the world is a better place!!! Keep it small, keep it personal (OAI style), stay hungry to do it right and I will have to think of a new word…..(bigger and better than brillant) You all know , we all know…. It would work!!!!!

    We blog about the money, the tour , the dvd, the movie, the shows….. but really in the end…it is just about the theeeeeee MUSIC… OAI, is new and is GREAT MUSIC…… “where we start is where we end”

    Being a tourist in London last june.. I watched Paul walk out of Abbey studios ( matter of fact…took a pic(he approaved) he in the doorway…Abbey Studios signage glimering over his head… a great moment. As i turned and walked away …. my mind was not on the white album, or yeterday….I wonder what wonderful work we might be presented with next…(he was working on the tour..or so i was told)

    As Mother once said ….Son, you have a wonderful opportunity in front of you….!!!!! (smiling…)

  21. In answer to today’s question, David would definetely be of service to the movie industry. Not only can he flat out play, David has the uncanny ability to play his style to fit naturally to the images, nature, with intensity. It boggles the mind to see that he hasn’t been approached by anyone. Could you imagine sales and the hype?

  22. Based on what I saw at the Gibson Amphitheater I’d say Crosby, Gils & Nash would make a fine album. The harmonies they created live sounded very nice and led one to wonder: Stephen Who? And while not the same style DG could handle the rockin’ guitar chops that Neil Young offered that band.

  23. Well it’s not raining here and I’m not depressed (though I have a long list of reasons why I probably SHOULD be depressed) but I’ll bite…

    I’d like to hear David play guitar on Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ in the Years” – not that I don’t like the guitar solo on it, but I’ve always tried to imagine how those lovely “fat fingers” of David’s would handle it (wonderfully, I’m sure).

    Wouldn’t David’s voice go well with Justin Hayward’s (Moody Blues)? I’ve always thought they would blend very nicely. And sorry, but I still wanna hear your bathtub rendition of The Walker Brothers’ “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore,” David. 😉 Come on.


    [Did you not hear David covering ‘Reelin’ in the Years’? Was it at the Rock-a-Baby benefit (1991) or one of the Hysteria gigs? – Features Editor]

  24. LOL! Thanks Fed! This is going to be good…. looking forward to Rudder’s post on this one….

    My thoughts:

    Sara McClaughlin. Why? Her melodies and harmonies seem to lend itself to David’s voice and guitar.

    The Gypsy Kings. Why? Let’s see David throw his licks on a flamenco-style rythm.

    Eminem. Why? That would be deep, dark, and delicious colaboration if the song were right.

    Shakira. Why? Let’s see David throw hsi licks on a latin-arabian influenced ballad.

    Me! Why? I write music….and I can dream can’t I? Besides, my solo licks aren’t quite down yet…..


  25. On a side note, I wish David would create something with me…….

    …..well we can all dream!!

  26. ummh…. me, of course !!!

    ummh…. a joke of course !!!

    ummh…. but a dream, of course !!!


  27. Hey how about Mr Gilmour and a Mariachi Band. I think that would be cool. HAHA. Actually I think Mr. Gilmour and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) would compliment each other. They both have great sounds, in my opinion.

    Hope you guys are having a great day. Two more days and my kids are out of school for summer break. Oh Boy!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  28. hmmm…..

    After the 29th RAH show I would like to see D.Gilmour / D.Bowie & R & D.Davies re-working some great Syd songs.

  29. roger waters for sure…who wants to listen to comfortably numb without the voice and the guitar of David?

    then “dream theater” david could help them by singing so we won’t have to listen to Labrie..

    and last, “damage done”…a greek band that david could teach them how to write music.

    sorry for the long list…

  30. I think that David would be/ would have been good to lend some production assistance to The Who.
    My reasoning being that, however much i love The Who, they sometime put just too much into their music, too many layers, and too much happening. David’s production skills would maybe have left out some of the excess, and give a more dynamic sound.

  31. I think it’d be nice to hear a collaboration between David and Eric Clapton. Hearing some blues standards or even just some mucking about out of these two would be an incredible album.

  32. Hello,

    I think it would be great to see David Gilmour and David Sylvian working together.


  33. I was listening to guns n roses today (no kidding! 🙂 and think Gilmour Fender solos would fit nicely there instead of Gibson ones…

  34. Norah Jones. I think he could have added some nice guitar playing to some of her not-so-jazzy songs.

  35. Would you, dear FEd, ban us if we say Roger Waters? Many of us think that, but don’t dare to say it! I think David would do it brilliant in ‘Perfect Sense part II’ (a little similar with what it is done in Dogs). Of course, we cannot force people, what matters is that they feel comfortable with what they do; and David certainly does it excellent!


    And Rick…? 🙂

    Ok I will shut up! =)

    [You know, I have this strange feeling that I probably should delete all mention of Roger Waters from this one… – Features Editor]

  36. I guess I should have thought of an answer when I came up with the question. Aside from the obvious one which many have already stated. Well here it goes…

    I know most in this group would turn their noses up at American Idol, but that rock singer from this past season, Chris Daughtry, has probably the best new voice I’ve heard in 15 years or more. Put his voice together with David’s guitar and I think you’d really have something. I could even imagine a song where they trade vocals: David’s soft soothing voice contrasting Chris’s hard rocker voice.

    Who else… Sigur Ros has excellent musicians already, but add David to the mix and they become the greatest band of the century. I could imagine an all-time-great-first-take-is-all-you-need Gilmour solo in just about every song of theirs I’ve heard. David and Peter Gabriel would also make a great duo. Peter’s such an great songwriter. I can think of more, but I wouldn’t be keeping it short if I named them all.

    I’ll name a funny one though. Weird Al Yankovic, helping him with the guitar parts of his new song “Take A Bath”. “This kind of soap is hard to find… Don’t forget to scrub your big behind…” Or something like that.

    OK now what about the DVD?

    [I can’t remember what I was going to say about the DVD because I’m too busy chuckling about Weird Al Yankovic! – Features Editor]

  37. It’s been chucking it down in Cambridge for most of the day but it’s freshend up the air nicely so it’s not a bad thing. 🙂

    I’m not suffering from ‘post tour depression’ it’s the footy that’s making me gloomy *sigh* We had the rather interesting senario of news on every single channel at 7pm this evening, that was it, I finished reading something called The Island by Victoria Hislop. Good debut novel from her, quite thought provoking in parts, hope she writes more in the future.

    [You don’t think you’ll see the light as the tournament progresses, Veronica? – Features Editor]

  38. I dunno about one artist in particular, however there are a few songs I’ve heard recently, and thought “There would be a great place for a Gilmour solo . . ” One such place, is the newest (I think)from McCartney: Riding to Vanity Fair . . but what do I know though?

    I’d also like to see him cover some Skynard tracks. Really good tunes already, but I’m sure David’s soulful playing could make them even better. Bad Company would be good too.

    I can’t think of any newer bands. David’s style doesn’t really fit with any of the newer bands that I listen to (IMHO).


  39. Why,myself,ofcourse.We’d go straight to the top,Im sure of it.My project is just begging for DG’s soulful guitar.Man would that be sweet!

    Does David ever listen to demos? He must get all kinds of crazy stuff sent to him I would imagine.

    [Lots of things are sent to David’s management. David simply doesn’t have the time to give such things his fullest attention, and feels it wouldn’t be fair to anyone who goes to the trouble of submitting their demo to only give it a cursory play minus a complete critique, so regrettably the answer is ‘no’. Sadly, when you ask yourself what people really hope to get from sending their demo to someone like David, you realise that they don’t just want him to say that they’re good and could go far. They want him to endorse them, give them a quote for their website, play it to his mates, help get them a record deal, play guitar on the finished version, advise them on arrangements… So we think it very unfair to put David in a position where he has to turn people down or disappoint them in any way. Besides, you can imagine how big the demo mountain would be if David said that he would listen to them. – Features Editor]

  40. CSNYG…Crosby Stills Nash Young & Gilmour. That would be something else!

    I also think that Gilmour’s soaring guitar and vocals could meld so well with the haunting music of Sigur Ros. And of course, since Rush and The Tragically Hip are my runner up favourite bands next to Pink Floyd, I’d love to see Gilmour jam with them as well.

  41. ….I think Vasco Rossi (the famous italian singer you know :)) could use David as a guitarist in his live show…not bad isn’t it?

    …more seriously (if it’s possible) it would be nice to hear David playing guitar on the Enigma music…hypnotic


    Marco….and see you David in Venice!!!!

  42. I think most of the bands/artists around these days could do with the presence of David in their music. Most of todays music sounds so…bland, compared to the music David has been making the last 40 years. Obviously there are execptions. Coldplay are one of my favourite modern bands. Imagine David doing a collaboration with them?! I can just imagine Coldplays beatiful music being graced by the great guitar sound we all know and love. Chris Martin and David’s voices would make some blissful harmonies!

    Looking forward to the DVD news!

    Peace, David.

    p.s C’mon England!!!!

  43. When DG featured on Jools, a fellow guest was one Mr Paul Simon. During an interview with Jools Simon, refering to having met David in 1964, made comment jested that it could have been Simon and Gilmour (as opposed to Simon and Garfunkel incase you miss the connection). Now that would be interesting.

  44. Ha ha ha ha ha,

    What’s going on, f’ed. or blog ed.? Roger Waters …

    anyway, please no reunion, i’v seen in last two weeks, both roger waters june 10th and david gilmour may 29!

    so i’m waiting for a tour by nick mason (drumming, NOT talking about a book) and richard wright….


  45. Celine Dion! It would be kind of bizarre to see David playing and singing in duo « My Heart Will Go On » in Las Vegas… 🙂 Or maybe David could sing in french with her ?!?! 🙂

  46. Hmmm…I’ve always liked the beginning of Division Bell…that genre of ambience is so vast and hardly tapped as yet. You could have segues of period instrument of the baroque and beyond, and then drop out into some vast hole in the ocean of synthesizers.

    What about something like Tangerine Dream…twenty minute sound-scape free of the limpid tentacles of the limpid green…just hit record and let Andy sort it out.

    I think Peter Gabriel could come in handy on something like that, as well as Eno… The best however would be some of the members of Tangerine Dream on keys…that combination is in my best of band hybrid wish.

    Hell, I’d love to help,


  47. Other than Roger Waters (who usually writes interesting words and seems to have good ideas but could use a musically-gifted collaborator), I’d say how about…The Allman Brother Band?

    I’d like to hear David in a blues format and think some of the classic Allman Brothers Band staples (like Blue Sky, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, Stormy Monday) would sound amazing with David’s taste and tone in there.

    But in the end, do they really need him?

    I know someone who does.

  48. Heres another thought…perhaps a little callous but here goes anyway…….

    Mica Paris 🙁

    Anyone at RAH on the 30th will know why.

    PS….29th Bowie, 31st Mason, 30th Mica (I’m going to murder one of the best floyd tracks ever)Paris. Wots uh…the deal??!!

  49. Yep, I knew Roger would be at the top of the list! But, in the spirit of the question…I’d love to see David help out The Moody Blues. I think he would harmonize well with Hayward and Lodge, but I’d also love to hear the Gilmour guitar magic on some of the Moody classics. Not to take anything away from Justin Hayward, who is fabulous in his own right, but I’d love to see some kind of dueling guitar solo blowout extravaganza between Hayward and Gilmour. And, I believe Gilmour did join Hayward and Lodge at a charity benefit awhile back. This was a fun question, Fed!

    [I will deflect your thanks towards Michael Kelly for the suggestion, Lynn. – Features Editor]

  50. Well, I was thinking Roxy Music. But they have a great guitarist. You might think I’m crazy but what about Elton John(I’m not a real big fan). He plays a great piano, But with David playing for him on guitar. He would have a greatier sound with David playing lead guitar on his solo’s.

    I’m really sorry for all the head aches you and David are going through.But this is a good way of thinking of other things to write about.

    Take care Fed

    [Have you heard ‘Understanding Women’ on Elton’s ‘One’ album, Thomas? David plays some wonderful guitar on that track. – Features Editor]

  51. Well it’s been done, but I love when David and Pete Townshend jam together.

    What about a one off with Marillion or Porcupine Tree?

    Michael W. ;)-Chicago

  52. One more….. What about Peter Gabriel?? Now that would interesting..


    MW ;)-Chicago

  53. Just an idea: How about David getting together with Orbital or DJ Tiësto? And I don’t mean that these DJ’s/Dance Acts just take some music from David and make it into a dance song. I mean an actual collaboration to come up with something new. Something that would have to be peformed with live guitarwork. I think that would kick ass..

    (Didn’t that Guy standing next to David in the picture above already do some collaberation with The Orb, or some act like that?)

    Okay, you can stop kicking MY ass now, it was just and idea..

    Hugs, Bianca

  54. Obviously the Samaritans group would benifit from the calmness of David and is rather appropiate considering the mood today. Who remembers the advert for the Samaritans “Is there anybody out there?

    Love to hear David play guitar with REM on “Everybody Hurts” because nobody doesn’t.

    Personally the artists that would most benifit would be Dali, Magritte and Lowry. Now that would be a great reunion tour. Talk about paint the town red!

    Ian Pearson

  55. Edith Piaf, the vocal equivalent of David’s guitar in that I don’t know what it is or why I like it but it sure makes the hairs on my arms stand on end.That is the magic of music, it defies analysis, enchants some and leaves others cold. Long may it continue to confuse.

  56. Everyone will say this but RW of course, why because it’s true, everyone saw Live8 enough said.

    Neil Young, why, we have all seen what David can do with Crosby and Nash, I think with Neil it could be mind boggling, imagine those two playing guitar on Like a Hurricane, f*ck it throw in Stephen Stills too.

    Fed I knew you would get the post concerts blues, I’ve still got them from David’s Massey Hall show. Bad enough that I going to have to go and see Waters. Good job guys in picking the blog action back up. Even Rudders was stumbling.

    Later everybody.

  57. I know, I know I already posted put this is a really good idea. David should do a cover (flushed out with solos) or a duet with Paul McCartney or something to the song “yesterday”. Although he didn’t write it upon listening to the song, it begs for David’s voice and or guitar. I don’t know who has influence over him but whoever does should try and convince David to do a version of “yesterday” as it would be extraordinary, and I am not even close to exaggerating on that point.

  58. I second the Brian Eno vote. How about Daniel Lanois, Eno & Gilmour – what a combination that would be! Maybe Peter Gabriel on guest vocals & keyboards to !

  59. How about Van Morrison? Imagine a 15 minute version of “Into the Mystic.” David on slide during the verses and cutting loose on two solos in place of the horns on the orginal recording.

    And what if you added the low key atmospheric style from On an Island to “Astral Weeks”?

  60. How about David and Willie Nelson? I’m thinking a psychedelic “Whiskey River”…

  61. I think David and Norah Jones would’ve been interesting. I think she is able to make music that will fit nice to David’s style as a musician.

  62. Hmmm Roger Waters?? Other than that no one in my music collection. Or at least no one that I think is good enough to have Mr. Gilmour play with them in a band. I think R. W. and Mr. Gilmour joining together as musicians and even just as friends goes without saying…Irene

  63. Caption:

    Q: What’s the longest word in the dictionary?
    A: Smiles. There’s a mile between each s.

    Gnashing teeth for the paparazzi. Oooch!! Not the case with these gents. I remeber at my wedding reception I smiled so much for snapshots that by evenings end my cheeks throbbed (the pain was soon after forgotten – hubba hubba!).

    I think as far as David augmenting any artist, I can only think of Bob or Jacob Dylan right now (I’m sure I’ll think of more soon after I post). Then again, I’ve always only thought of David colaborating with and complementing his contemporaries (and vice-versa). Steve Howe, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, etc. How about Kenny Wayne Shepherd?

  64. How about returning some favors?

    Crosby, Gilmour & Nash sounds good to me.


    David Bowie and David Gilmour could team up.


  65. Hi Gilmour, I’am a brazilian boy. My English is not very well,but I would like to know when you he will come here in Brazil to make a show. Taste very of its musics, I find that never you they had made some Show in Brazil.

    thank you

  66. Just like to add, what a great photo today. Even Guy is SMILING(somewhat). David comments, “I’ll be in the South of France, call me if you need me.”LOL.

  67. Hey ~ Happy Birthday to Me!!! Chin up, indeed!

    In answer to the question at hand, I think David & Neil Young could do wonderful work together.

    When I saw the Division Bell tour back in the summer of 94(?) I will never forget the way David sang the verse, “a distant ship’s smoke, on the horizon…” the way “on the horizon” came out just sent shivers all over! It reminds me alot of the way Neil sings “somewhere on a desert highway…harley davidson” on Harvest Moon, or “Dont Cry My Sweet One,” from an older album (cant think of the name right now?) I think it would be beautiful…and what a show thatd be!!!

    I heard rumors David was going to be touring with David Bowie…any truth?

    [Happy birthday to you, Amy. Go easy on the rumours. – Features Editor]

  68. Coldplay? Their sound (at least in television concerts or on DVDs that I’ve seen) seems a bit thin. Nothing David’s rich guitar textures and resonant voice couldn’t cure … 🙂

    BTW, congratulations to all English bloggers on the football. A ragged goal, to be sure, but what was it Beckham said? “It’s three points …” ?

    (your colonial correspondent in Manitoba)

  69. Roger Waters needs David bad. Waters lip syncing is bad.

    Other than that I think David’s vocals and guitar work would be great with Radiohead!!!

    David would also be great with Pearl Jam. Him and Vedder harmonizing and playing leads along with Mike Mccready would be mindblowing!!

  70. simplesmente david gilmour,eo e o melhor gitarrista q eu ja vi…eu viajo toda vez q eu escuto uma musica dele…eu so muito fã do cara…estou torcendo pra que ele venha no brasil nessa nova turne…muita paz e saúde pra david gilmour…

  71. Ok I’ll bite…..Russell Watson.

    I like the idea of mixing these two voices….Davids emotional soulful guitar, and Russell’s classical voice talking to each other. Davids singing voice would also be a nice pairing with Russell Watson. You just need the right piece of music. I get chills thinking about it.

    Photo Caption.

    Hey Guy, do you thing we could make the cover of GQ?

    Not a cats chance in hell David.

    Cheers from Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada 🙂

  72. Has David ever been asked by Fender to make a Gilmour Signiture Series Strat? Would david consider it if asked?

    Thanks Kevin

    [I don’t know, Kevin. Somehow I don’t think it would be David’s thing, do you? – Features Editor]

  73. Good morning Fedmeister, fellow bloggers,

    A rainy day blog ? Sunny weather here in Belgium. Have to agree on the post-tour depression thing though…

    Rudders’ hilarious “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” caption in the April 18 section would open an entirely new genre. Might be worth giving it a try on one of the upcoming open-air gigs 😉

    Seriously now, I found David’s contribution to Richard’s “Breakthrough” in 2002 a good example.

    Personally, I feel it sounds a bit “flat” – or should I say “tame” – on Broken China. But when David and Richard got together and played it, it had undergone a metamorphosis and sounded absolutely brilliant. Actually one of my favourites of the DVD. David’s solo is one of those ‘spinal shivers and goosebumps’ ones.

    I think it is a good example of Richard creating a very nice piece of music, a raw diamond. David comes in, the two work together, and out comes an absolute jewel.

    For some reason, Katie Melua pops into my mind. Very attractive voice, wide range, and sings in a somewhat similar manner to David’s guitarplay.

    On May 31st, Eric Clapton played here in Antwerp. David and Eric sounds like a good combination to me.

    I could probably go on for quite a while on this 😉

    Best regards,

  74. I’m thinking Madonna. And I’m thinking David could help her by smacking her with his guitar, preferably with the Les Paul gold top. Wouldn’t want to damage the Strat, after all.

    [For encroaching into Pink Floyd’s rehearsal time at Live 8, I think that’s very fair. – Features Editor]

  75. Robbie Williams. David could play guitar, sing & he might as well play his own songs as Mr. Williams is bloody awful.

    [Perhaps another candidate for Peter’s ‘guitar slap’ treatment? Sorry, I didn’t say that. – Features Editor]

  76. I just hope all of Pink Floyd will work together again.

    They are the best when they are together. I will never stop waiting for that to happen.

  77. Hi there,

    The jokes made about Roger in the previous posts are fun 😉 and yes I can confirm that.

    After the Tsunami disaster in Asia at boxing day 2004, 50 (of my favourite) musicians gathered and made an absolute fine single “All Around The World”. It became a really beautifull single, the best I’ve heard in years. Specially the long version, with seven guitar solo’s of seven great guitarist in a row… madness.

    But promoting the single didn’t worked well… so they only sold about 2.000 copies. I know there were efforts to reach David & Nick but they failed… Maybe a contribution of David would have increased the sales.

    Because everything was done voluntary and all the profits will go that the victims I think this was really a good plan.

    Maybe he should make an addition and do an extra edit with only one guitar solo… The people there can use our help.

    So “All Around The World” extra edit by ProgAid and David Gilmour.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  78. Howabout filling freddy mercuary’s shoes and get queen back on the road.

    i’d love to hear David and Brian May perform a Guitar solo duet.

    I can also picture DG singing Bohemian Rhapsody and headbanging to the end bit. :p

  79. Patrick Moore on xylophone, David Gilmour on Guitars doing the Planets suite….total space rock, man!!

    [With some ‘Keep Talking’-style vocals contributed by Professor Stephen Hawking? – Features Editor]

  80. Happy Wednesday,

    Great idea Michael, very thought provoking.

    I’m not sure that David could enhance anything already recorded by this band, I dont think he could, but it would certainly be interesting to hear the results of David working with Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree.

    Again, not wanting to knock the bands output, but I always wondered what difference Davids guitar playing would have made to music by bands like Soft Machine, Nektar, Tangerine Dream. All different bands musically, and nothing wrong with anything they put out, but had David been able to slot into those bands………………I am ramblinging now ar’nt I.

    Pete – Coventry

  81. First, David could call up Clappers and help him out with some orchestration in his live performances. I went to see Eric & David at RAH and while Eric played well, it was very much a band playing songs.

    Second, David could come out to Australia and finish his off his 2006 world tour! It’s the only leg he has not done yet. Lets face it, its a long time since he’s been here! (Sorry I could not resist the opportunity) 🙂

    Third, David could duet with Moriah Carey….only joking…you said to make you laugh..or cry!

    Forth, it could be interesting hearing David and the Edge jamming (Edge could do rhythm)Bono and David could write some lyrics together. A joint project with David and Bono ….Now that would be interesting! they could focus upon global issues, as well as stuff like forgiveness and reconciliation etc.

    just my 2cents worth!


  82. well, jokes apart, yes, I do think roger waters. Or maybe radiohead, yes, why not?

  83. I think that Daniel Lanois and David Gilmour could probably create something brilliant.

    Obviously Dream Theater could use some help from David…


  84. I have always thought that Radiohead has a certain quality to their music that is often ‘Floyd-like’ …I thiink David’s guitar and vocal style would fit in very nicely with that band.


    Brian from Ballston Spa, NY

  85. I teach at a county jail, and sometimes I reward the class by letting them listen the radio. The imnates are all into rap music, and as it’s a reward for good behavior I just grin and bear the rap music. One imnate said that after months without music, an hour with the radio was like eating a steak.

    I am of the humble opinion that rap music is sh*t. It’s really hard to listen to. Sometimes, as soon as I get home, I have to put on “OAI” just to get back into a proper mindset.

    Which brings me to my idea… David Gilmour has the musical chops to improve just about anything. How about a collaboration between David and Jay-Z, or 50 Cent, or Dipset? It would be a strange concoction, but David’s career with Pink Floyd was full of interesting surprises.

    On quite another note, I imagine The Greatful Dead reunited with David’s voice and guitar. Wouldn’t that be cool?

    (And if there were ever one man who could have one foot in rap music and another in The Dead, that man is David Gilmour.)

  86. [Oh, you didn’t like ‘The Stonk’? – Features Editor]

    Posted by: Geoff Duffy at June 13, 2006 07:47 PM

    It aint up there with The chicken song or agadoo
    and my favorite novelty record The wonderful Joe Dolce’s Shut up a your face.

    Actually just thought of another David collab I’d like to hear . What about Oleta Adams and David doing a renewed version of Woman in chains .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Oh, Geoff. How could you leave out Mr Blobby’s 1993 Christmas Number One? For shame. – Features Editor]

  87. Hmm I would really like to see David work with Mark Knopfler on an album now that would be something.

    Something I would have really liked to see is what “The Final Cut” would have sounded like with David, Nick and Rick’s fully helping with the album not just doing what Roger said.

    Though David we would all like the see Pink Floyd back again lol.

  88. [Laughter? I weep at the very mention of their name. They depress me that much, they don’t even have to start singing. (Lucia’s not back yet, is she? Don’t tell her I said that, will you?) – Features Editor]


    F’ed you are a bad person and must now go to Room 101 and listen to Thom singing “you do it to yourself, just you” in a loop. “Big sister” Bianca may well be in attendance with an especially pointy stick.

    [Please, just give me the pointy stick and I’ll stab myself repeatedly. – Features Editor]

  89. I think it would be great to see David Gilmour and David Sylvian working together.



    Sorry dreadful
    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  90. Roger Waters and/or Roger Barrett!

    P.S.: Saw Roger W. live a week ago, it was f*ckin briliant. He played a lot Dark Side stuff and even some Animals. But it would have been even nicer if David was there too!

    Cheers, Jorgos

  91. [I was hoping that someone would suggest Bob. Cardiff on the 27th would be grand. They could even do a reggae version of ‘Like a Rolling Stone’. – Features Editor]

    Bootlegging and computer wizardy could put that version together very easily indeed. I mean if David can record it with his childs keyboard as backing imagine what could be done with that tune professionally.

    ps I don’t bootleg but I have bought a lot ” Mostly terrible hence I wait with baited breath on news of the DVD…

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin )

  92. Johnny Rotten! – He’s a closet Floyd head & he’s used some great guitarists in the past, namely Steve Vai & the late great John McGeoch. David could chill him out a bit!

    Or – Jan Jellinek, German electronica artist whose work is haunted by the ghosts of the early 70’s stuff, the first section of Castellorizon kind of leans in that direction. Or, on a similar tip, Biosphere.

    Other guitarists? ….Bill Nelson.

    ….If he plays with Coldplay, tell him to take Stevie D & Guy along as well to liven up the rhythm section.

    Oh yeah, got a stack of material here that could use some guitar!


  93. First thoughts (without delving into my music collection):

    Angelo beat me to it by suggesting Eminem. I reckon a slightly different version of ‘Lose Yourself’ with one of David’s signatory solos in the middle would sound pretty special.

    I’d also suggest a collaboration with Massive Attack could work out quite nicely. Some pretty mean & moody lyrics with a Gilmour accompaniment would definitely appeal to the aural senses.

    Not particularly funny FEd I know so how about lightening the mood with lead guitar at the Spice Girls reunion gig (which we all know is bound to happen). Aaaaaagh!!!


    [What a terrifying thought. – Features Editor]

  94. It’s easy of course to mention artists he’s been collaborating already in the past like Pete Townsend, Brian Ferry, Kate Bush, Roy Harper.

    I think all of the guest artists in his tour would team up with David very well. Then I really would like seeing him with Alan Parson.

    Coming to younger artists I would definitely suggest Coldplay, yes, their vocals reminded me David since their first album.

  95. Richard Wright
    Guy Pratt
    Phil Manzanera
    Jon Carin
    Steve DiStanislao
    Dick Parry
    Robert Wyatt… Whoops, been there… done that… must move on…

    Roger Waters
    Richard Wright
    Nick Mason… Nooooo, I’ll get me coat…

    Richard Wright (recurring theme here, me thinks)
    Kate Bush
    Alan Parsons
    Robert Wyatt… Mmmm, nice…

    Coldplay… could be interesting…

    Robert Plant
    Jimmy Page… could be Very interesting…

  96. Sorry, but for me there are only three men they really need him:

    Rick Wright, Nick Mason and Roger Waters

  97. Take a Bath ! I just nearly spat out my sandwich ! Lol.

    I agree about Sigur Ros, David would fit in perfectly !

    Veronica, I hate football too. I went to the British Grand Prix this weekend hoping to escape it, but no, they showed it there, in the circuit, during a race !

  98. Hi all,

    Are we allowed to choose anyone, living or dead? ‘Cos I reckon it would be great to hear David play with some of the blues greats – Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and the like. Not that they “need” his services, but it would make for some great jamming…

    I have to admitt, I’ve been feeling a bit blue the last few days as well…the best cure seems to be sunshine on the beach, if anyone’s near the coast…


  99. [I’ll name a funny one though. Weird Al Yankovic, helping him with the guitar parts of his new song “Take A Bath”. “This kind of soap is hard to find… Don’t forget to scrub your big behind…”]


    I think you just spoiled that song for me – I keep singing your lyrics in my head.

  100. [Just an idea: How about David getting together with Orbital or DJ Tiësto? And I don’t mean that these DJ’s/Dance Acts just take some music from David and make it into a dance song. I mean an actual collaboration to come up with something new. Something that would have to be peformed with live guitarwork. I think that would kick ass.. ]

    Bianca, I have to agree with you on that one. Orbital came up with some great guitar-driven dance stuff; how about ‘Satan’ with David on guitar?


  101. [Oh, Geoff. How could you leave out Mr Blobby’s 1993 Christmas Number One? For shame. – Features Editor]

    I had a metalic Blobby doll,” VERY PINK FOILED “sorry. Good song for HOUSE PARTIES I have to agree. for me there is only one christmas number one and it was 1979 …… nuff said.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  102. PS: Happy Wednesday,

    Talking of cover versions etc has anyone else heard of the recent release called ‘Return to the dark side of the moon’. It is a cover of DSOTM by members of Yes etc. Only available in the U.S. as far I understand.

    Comments please
    Pete – Coventry

  103. Stephanie said: “Sorry, but for me there are only three men they really need him: Rick Wright, Nick Mason and Roger Waters”

    Agreed, fully. Still one could live in hope. After witnessing the very moving reunion on Live8 anything is possible.

    However, Gilmour and The Shads would make interesting listening.

    I am so looking forward to David’s DVD. I am anxious to hear Echoes and Wot’s uh…the Deal? along with the excellent track entitled On an Island. Gilmour’s brilliant guitar work really sticks in my mind whilst I at work.

  104. Well, a few less ‘usual’ ideas, just to make it interesting:

    A Japanese pianist called Kieko Matsui…does some wonderful atmospheric stuff that would benefit from David’s input;

    Enigma…same reason as above;

    Crowded House…they’ve broken up, but methinks some of those wonderful songs could be even better with David’s voice and a Guitar solo or two;

    Doves…a newer band with a pretty good sound.

    Kermit the Frog

  105. David and Alan Parsons together on a full blown CONCEPT album with David and Alan ONLY doing all the vocals–no other guest vocalists. Why with Alan? Hell, look what they did with DSOTM.

  106. Hi FED, seems some of the obvious gets easily pickud up and repeat….but on the more seious side, talking magic and spell, there would be Antony and the Johnsons (rather polarising, I agree, or Rufus Wainwright, simply as I think their sould complements Davids in playing) and Sigur Ros. did you ever listen to their first Album? You ought to do so, there is some womderful stuff on it!

    By the way, is your National team qualified? Sorry, cheeky,

    cheers, Robert

    [Unfortunately not, but perhaps that’s a blessing. – Features Editor]

  107. [Have you heard ‘Understanding Women’ on Elton’s ‘One’ album, Thomas? David plays some wonderful guitar on that track. – Features Editor]

    Nice one! I’m not crazy about the song itself, but David plays a great solo in that one (it’s got a little bit of the Comfy Numb guitar melody in it…). And I think that Paul McCartney should be very happy for the first solo in “No More Lonely Nights”. It’s a Gilmour classic in my book!


    [That one’s really special. – Features Editor]

  108. ROTFL!!!! “Take A Bath” and Wierd Al!

    Now that is great! I spilled my Cocoa Puffs….

    My friends and I were big Wierd Al fans at the same time we were Floyd fans and would spoof everything when we were in our teens. This is totally inside-joke, but an old fisherman from the Catskills, Seymour, was our regular muse and provided a constant supply of funy material.

    I wrote spoof lyrics for the entirety of “The Wall” and “The Final Cut”: “The Oar” and “The Final Cast”….

    I know, I know…but it kept me busy during my summers in the Catskills…

    …and it beat spending my time stealing lemons to throw at city buses in Washington Heights, NYC….

  109. Hi all,

    out of topic my opinion about football.

    I hate football. As a sport in a town yard made by common people is obviously good as any other sport. I hate the business called football, you know what I mean. and personally I am not much into sports. However….

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    “dogs of war”.

    sorry for this “outing”

    [No need to apologise. I think you’re absolutely right. – Features Editor]

  110. – Since the beginning of this new blog’s entry till now (12:28 PM), the name “Roger Waters” has been named at least twenty three times ! (ok, now 24 ) Some people live in the past, or are provoking (?).

    I can’t imagine M.Gilmour reading all these comments, I hope he doesn’t !

    – I would suggest:

    – Jeff Buckley if he was alive.
    – Members of the group Nightwish, I love them, does anyone agree ? Do you know their own version of High Hopes (DVD live 2005 Helsinki), very interesting !


  111. I would say the band Keane!! I saw them perform live at the Dutch PINKpop festival! Although I think they are a wonderful band, it’s time that they also start working with a guitarist. I have both albums and to be honest, the next one is not very different from the first one. So Keane, ask David to join you and I am sure the third album will be comploetely different and have a much broader sound!!

  112. Have to say I think the Orbital suggestion was a good ‘un, but how about System 7 (Gilmour and Hillage would be one hell of a package!) – but my favourite would have to be, as I suggested in a earlier post, Gorillaz. David’s guitar mixed with their zombie trip hop would be the perfect summer record! (and they might be looking for a new guitarist after Noodle had a nasty run in with a couple of attack helicopters in the last Gorillaz video!).

  113. Well, I think David Gilmour would team up perfectly with Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree.

    Besides that, DG + Radiohead would be an interesting combination as well.

    I would be the last to say that these bands *need* DG, as the question was “Which artist(s) could most use David’s services as a guitarist, vocalist, etc.?”. They do fine without him.

    But I think that all the “technical” guitar players (the Petrucci’s and the Satriani’s) with thousands of notes per second could profit from DG’s style of playing: one long note of him adds more to a song than the way of playing of these fingerwizards does.


  114. To George Rivera:

    Merci, George, c’est toujours une grand fierté pour moi de lire du français sur ce blog, surtout s’il vient des USA ! the Kodak theatre, je crois que c’est à Los Angeles ? Je pense que David y a joué “fat old sun” (woh! le solo final…) et aussi “wearing the inside out” ( grand moment d’émotion et de complicité entre David et Rick à Paris…)

    Toutes mes amitiés

    Je suis “hors sujet”, Fed, excusez-moi.


    [Vous aidez-moi avec mon français. Ne soyez pas désolé. – Features Editor]

  115. Here is one to think about. I would love to see David collaborate with Oysterhead (Les Claypool/Stewart Copeland/Trey Anastasio). Wow, Les and David working together would certainly create some interesting stuff.

    I saw the earlier post about demos but my question is: Has David ever discovered or promoted any talent?? Sad to say that I don’t know that answer myself.



    [Yes, he has. He gave Kate Bush a helping hand, as well as Unicorn. – Features Editor]

  116. Hmmmm… NOT Roger Waters… PLEASE! I like Roger but his voice just hasn’t stood up to time like Davids’. How about Kitaro? Because…. Kitaro does mostly instrumental work. He has an other-worldly sound like Davids’. The two would mesh together wonderfully. How about David, Kitaro and Jon Anderson of Yes? Now THAT would be a supergroup. Check out Kitaros’ Dream album with Jon Anderson on vocals on 3 tracks and see if you don’t agree that Davids’ playing could have really electrified an already fantastic performance!

    Can’t wait for the DVD news. Oh and to the guy that suggested David replace the vocalist for Dream Theater… had to laugh… Lebrie really is kinda lame on vocals… except on Change of Seasons (Dream Theater is realy great if you take Lebrie out of the mix- when I saw them in concert he would leave the stage for extended periods while the band jammed…that was the highlight of the show!).


  117. Dear Fed, thank you for the good job done. Hope you can help italian fans once again.

    I am registered on the italian forum “” and we all had been purchasing tickets for Venice venue since they were available trough the ticketone web site, without knowing the position. We have been told we were having the best seats availble. Now, basing on the work some of us did, it seems our seats are even worst than those still available or purchased later. Furhtermore, there is not a map for the venue and we would like to know how the venues will be arranged. Are all seats flat on the ground or there will be some higher platforms?

    Thank you in advance for the news you will be able to provide us with.

    [I certainly hope we can help. For now, I’ve passed your message on and will let you know when we get a response. – Features Editor]

  118. well if we’re talking living or dead, then how about Jim Morrison. Little red roster, gloria, maggie magil, love her madly, SPANISH CARAVAN wow now theres a thought (no offence to Rod intended)

    Hey F’ed, do you know if DG has ever turned anyone down and if so who? Just curious.

    [I’ve no idea, sorry. – Features Editor]

  119. Richard Thompson. Great songs and great guitar, DG just plays them better.

    And of course RW who, if he ever needed David (which he clearly did), it appears to be now more than ever.


  120. I think I understood the question “à l’envers” (in the wrong side ?), english language is going to make me fool !

    Of course, R.Waters needs D.Gilmour, mais cette affirmation n’a pas sa réciproque…



  121. man, somebody stop me, this is taking over my life!
    Anyone remember the Clive James show in the early 90’s? He would end each week with a performance from one MARGARETTA PRACATAN (not sure of spelling) and her abismal auto keyboard accompaniment.

    Could DG be what this legendary performing was missing. I think maybe it was. 😉

    [I think you’re right. – Features Editor]

  122. I agree with Josh. David singing and playing “Yesterday” would be outstanding. I can’t get that out of my head now.

  123. Ed/Edwina wrote: Did you not hear David covering ‘Reelin’ in the Years’? Was it at the Rock-a-Baby benefit (1991) or one of the Hysteria gigs?

    Really? I had no idea! Is it available anywhere? I have to hear it.

    I agree with Kevin Scott about David sitting in with the Allman Brothers (since Duane can’t be there, for obvious reasons). That would be excellent. They’re playing here Saturday night minus Dickey Betts; I’m hoping I can get off work early and catch them. I believe Derek Trucks will be doing the guitar honors, and he’s a very capable guitarist; I saw him perform live at a local bar when he was only 13. Impressive.


    [I’m pretty sure that I didn’t dream up the whole thing… I think. I don’t think it’s available as an official release, though. – Features Editor]

  124. Hello all .

    Re the question of the day: I concur with the obvious sentiment about Roger (that’s a slam dunk). Bloggers have suggested some really great pairings out there …..

    Others to consider —

    Richard Thompson – would love to hear the blending of their guitar lines and songwriting sensibilities.

    Neil Young/Stills – ditto as above – a little more raw-edged than Crosby/Nash

    Richard Hawley – that would be an interesting collaboration

    The Finn Brothers – their gorgeous pop sense graced with some lyrical guitar heft from David

    Bonnie Rait – get her back in the blues playing slide with some lead guitar turns from David

    Neko Case – again, adding some rock heft to her alt-country musings

    Eric Clapton – a multi-layered mostly acoustic set??


  125. [Clive James show in the early 90’s? He would end each week with a performance from one MARGARETTA PRACATAN]

    Oh my gosh I remember that! Whatever happend to Clive? I used to sometimes see him in Cambridge, there was a restaraunt there he liked visiting, I haven’t seen him for years.

    [However world championship is not football]

    No, it’s 22 overpaid prima donnas chasing a lump of air around. So in answer to your question fed I think there is more chance of me skatboarding to work than ever liking football.

    [Shame. – Features Editor]

  126. This Blog is almost sounding like that Bonzo Dog record the intro & the outro

    Hi there, nice to be with you, glad you could stick around.
    Like to introduce `Legs’ Larry Smith, drums
    And Sam Spoons, rhythm pole
    And Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell, bass guitar
    And Neil Innes, piano.
    Come in Rodney Slater on the saxophone
    With Roger Ruskin Spear on tenor sax.
    hi, Vivian Stanshall, trumpet.
    Say hello to big John Wayne, xylophone
    And Robert Morley, guitar.
    Billy Butlin, spoons.
    And looking very relaxed, Adolf Hitler on vibes.
    Princess Anne on sousaphone.
    Introducing Liberace, clarinet
    With Garner “Ted” Armstrong on vocals.
    Lord Snooty and his pals, tap dancing.
    In the groove with Harold Wilson, violin
    And Franklin McCormack on harmonica.
    Over there, Eric Clapton, ukulele.
    Hi Eric!
    On my left Sir Kenneth Clark, bass sax.
    A great honour, sir.
    And specially flown in for us, the session’s gorilla on vox humana.
    Nice to see Incredible Shrinking Man on euphonium.
    Drop out with Peter Scott on duck call.
    Hearing from you later, Casanova on horn.
    Yeah! Digging General de Gaulle on accordion.
    Rather wild, General!
    Thank you, sir.
    Roy Rogers on Trigger.
    Tune in Wild Man of Borneo on bongos.
    Count Basie Orchestra on triangle.
    [CBO:] (Ting!)
    Thank you.
    Great to hear the Rawlinsons on trombone.
    Back from his recent operation, Dan Druff, harp.
    And representing the flower people, Quasimodo on bells.
    Wonderful to hear Brainiac on banjo.
    We welcome Val Doonican as himself.
    Hullo there!
    Very appealing, Max Jaffa.
    Mmm, that’s nice, Max!
    What a team, Zebra Kid and Horace Batchelor on percussion.
    A great favourite and a wonderful performer of all of us here, DAVID GILMOUR on gong.

  127. Other than the obvious and predictable answer of Rodger, I have two other ideas.

    Some sort of rapper, I can see it now gilmour and 50 cent, what do you reckon? I mean it would make a change from the usual standard backing tracks it would be great!

    I also think he could show these arctic monkeys a thing or two about what real talent is rather than a load of hype.

  128. Alright Graham …. I think you’ve had enough …. better give me your car keys!

  129. I would like to hear David either play with John Mayer or with Stevie Ray Vaughn. I think his blues and jazz background would blend so well with Stevie.

    I would love to hear him play with BB King at his restaurant in New York City as well, I think the 2 of them on stage together would be a tremndous treat.

    Shine on!
    Matt in Maine

    F’ED, who is going to win the World Cup? Lot of teams have looked flat thus far, your thoughts?

    [Spain for me. They looked good today and a goal from one of my Liverpool boys, too. Brazil were very disappointing yesterday. – Features Editor]

  130. [Alright Graham …. I think you’ve had enough …. better give me your car keys!]

    Fred, i would give em to you, but cant escape the straight jacket they put me in.

  131. Going back to the Daniel Lanois suggestions. Besides knowing the wonderful music he has produced, has anybody read Bob Dylans autobiography? My favorite part of the book is Dylan describing the recording process he went through with Lanois. I thought it was very insightful and really gave me a higher respect for Lanois.

    As for the rest of the book, it was a sketchy read IMO. But something I would expect from the ever mercurial Bob Dylan. And yes, I think Gilmour and Dylan would be a very interesting brew!


  132. Dera Fed,

    So, qui avec David?

    Nobody, of course, ’cause “il est tellement au-delà”… So, maybe, what do you think about that? David playing with Orpheus, the son of Calliope, epic and heroic poetry muse, and with Euterpe, music and lyric poetry muse? Don’t forget that Euterpe is joy and pleasure muse too… C’est tout David ça…

    Ikkar, with love.

    PS. Henry was bad yesterday. Zidane was not really good yesterday. Aaarrgghh! I’m dead, right now. And Spain was… No! I won’t say it… you said it for me, Fed. Snif…

    [It’s been a strange tournament so far, hasn’t it? They say that football is ‘a funny old game’. Il y a beaucoup des déceptions – Brésil, Angleterre, Etats-Unis… L’Allemagne et Portugal, aussi. Ayez la foi en France, mon ami. Maintenant, voyons si l’Angleterre sera aussi chanceux (?) aujourd’hui que contre Paraguay au samedi… – Features Editor]

  133. Coldplay seems to be a popular choice with this topic. To tell you the truth, I can’t stand their songs mainly because of the whinny voice of the lead singer. Therefore, I feel David’s voice (and guitar work of course) would help that group out tremendously and make them more palatable for me.

    I also agree that most of the American bands need more musicality. Playing songs with 3 power chords and a screaming, not singing voice, does nothing for me. That’s one of the appealing aspects of David Gilmour/Pink Floyd music. No other group has come around with that sort of ethereal sound.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what extras will be added to the DVD. Rock on David Gilmour!!

    Raymond in Orange County CA

  134. I hate to say this but the post Graham did reminded me of the part in the middle of The Fletcher Memorial Home.

    “ladies and gentlemen, please welcome reagan and haig
    mr. begin and friend mrs. thatcher and paisley, etc. etc.”

    By the way, I know that David is not very fond of The Final Cut. Does anyone know if he ever performed any of the tracks from this release live?? I know that RW has.


    [I don’t think so. – Features Editor]

  135. I may be a little behind in music. Today’s music just doesn’t impress me, so I rarely listen to the radio. As I was reading the blog today, I started downloading (legally) some of the artists mentioned. I’d like to thank you guys for turning me onto Porcupine Tree & The Doves. Of the bands mentioned, I like these the best. Orbital is cool too. Yeah – something to be excited about. =)

    Fed, thanks for turning me onto Elton’s “Understanding Women,” I have to agree with what was said about it eariler. The songs not that great till you hit David’s solo. Fed, you said David doesn’t listen to demos, I was wondering how he got started with Kate Bush. Could you give me the short version, or point me in the direction of where I could read about it?


    [You can try the link below, or track down ‘The Rightful Heir?’ article from October 1990’s Q Magazine, where David talks a bit about how he came about her demos. – Features Editor]

  136. Listening to some early Jethro Tull albums, a DG solo with the flute man would have been interesting.

    Matt, unfortunately Stevie Ray Vaughn is no longer with us but that would, indeed, have been a heck of a duet!

    PS, I love this picture of David and Guy 🙂

    Hugs to our footballing FE’d.

    [Thank you very much, Elaine. – Features Editor]

  137. There are some really interesting and wonderful ideas posted. Some are outstanding. I’d like to add Joannie Mitchell to the mix, her rougher voice to David’s softer smoother one.

    The best for me would be called ‘The David Gilmour band’. He would have 2 to 5 other players. His guitar and voice, maybe Richard Wright on keyboards,maybe a bass player, Chucho or Guy, sometimes Caroline Dale on cello. Backup singers? He has always had a wonderful group to pick from. But, keep it very small and only expand when the composition needs it. If Phil or Guy were available, they would be my picks to be part of the band. With a selection of new Gilmour music and any old music he would like to do(NOT, Pink Floyd, but any jazz, blues, pop, classical, operatic, rock and roll)

    My office mates are wondering why I sit here laughing to myself…can’t tell them that I am reading the blog. A cheer about the new DVD is making them suspicious, however. Am watching over my shoulder to see if anyone is approaching with a net in hand.

    [Tell them that you’ve got wind, Jan. That’ll keep them away, leaving you to blog yourself silly in peace. – Features Editor]

  138. going to hyde park next month so it would be great if dave and rick showed up.we can only dream i suppose.

    who knows maybe we will see them at the t-shirt stand

    [Ah, but buying or selling? – Features Editor]

  139. Roger Waters! isn´t a joke!

    Obrigado David Gilmour por existir!

    (Translation: Thank´s David Gilmour for existing!)

  140. Looking outside the box I have gone for either Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Scissor Sisters ! That might make for an interesting combination.

  141. Alright,

    All of you have gotten me to drink the Kool-Aid and since Young and Fripp have already been choosen I’d like to pick two other musicians who’s playing I love:

    – Keith Jarrett
    – Peter Hammill

    Now I don’t really think they’d go all that well together, in fact, I can’t even possibly imagine David collaborating with these guys. That’s probably why it could be so cool!

    Photo Caption: David (with his Shine On) and Guy, Smile demurely under the Fat Old Sun.

  142. Pete Townshend (think of Love in the Air, David Live in 1984) SORRY ,I am a day behind, busy day

  143. Hey Todd, I was thinking about Pearl Jam too! but not because they would be great together. To be honest I have no idea if they would fit together at all, but PJ is my other big musical love, so it would be a thrill to see what they could come up with.

    I do think Eddie’s and David’s voices would go well together.

    hugs, Bianca

  144. [F’ed you are a bad person and must now go to Room 101 and listen to Thom singing “you do it to yourself, just you” in a loop. “Big sister” Bianca may well be in attendance with an especially pointy stick.]

    Good catch there Tim C. We will not let FEd get away with insulting Radiohead again, hehehe. We promised Lucia!

    I actually think DG + RH are a great combination!

    [Please, just give me the pointy stick and I’ll stab myself repeatedly. – Features Editor]

    Now that would be no fun for us, now would it… *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca

    [You’re all sick, I tell you. Sick. – Features Editor]

  145. Let’s see, what about Jimmy Buffet. On and Island with Margaritaville. That would be fun. I am sure we could through down a pint or two.

    Also with Stevie Ray Vaughn. Its nice to dream.

  146. [has anyone else heard of the recent release called ‘Return to the dark side of the moon’. It is a cover of DSOTM by members of Yes etc. Only available in the U.S. as far I understand.]

    I heard it at a party. I was underwhelmed.

  147. one final thought on this one. for the 1st time in years I’m listening to the Waterboys. David would fit right in on Fishermans Blues. Sweet.

  148. I think that David could do some fantastic work with Moby, in his gentler moments.

  149. Hmmm, lets see, who could best use David Gilmour’s services as a guitarist and vocalist. Well as Juls said in his most eloquent manner, all US bands could use his help. I guess the US is the only place where they put out rubbish.BS. Now, as far as interesting colloborations, I think David with King Crimson would be interesting,

  150. Any of today’s bands would greatly benefit from a DG solo/arrangement.

    Alas,no matter how good they might be,none of them have the sense of dynamics and scope that DG is blessed with.

    As a result,most modern music,however tuneful,’flatlines’ in comparison.

  151. Caption Competition

    The finalists of the “Rock Idol” competition were feeling pensive as the results came in…

    [Hats off to you yet again, Rudders. – Features Editor]

  152. Which artist(s) could most use David’s services as a guitarist, vocalist, etc.?

    What about DG playing with Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys?.. their soaring backing vocals behind DG’s voice and guitar would be very interesting…

  153. I`m with Piergiorgio, I`ve just returned home from the eagles show in birmingham, and I was impressed with that Mr. stuart too, I`m sure Mr. Gilmour is a big influence on him, as certain songs they performed had that `classic` Gilmour sound and style. I said as much at the time to my father in law, but he is slightly mutton, and didn`t hear a bloody word I said!!!

  154. Roger Waters !!!!!!!

    pink floyd back again it’s my dream!!!!

    Just 1 presentation in Brazil!

  155. Rob Thomas= ( Matchbox 20 ~ “Smooth” with Carlos Santana )

    I think this new Generation has some great talent, but they have a different edge. What would interesting is to see them blend… like with Carlos, but this time maybe with something different.

  156. I think David’s guitar, and vocal harmonies would be awesome with Mazzy Star.

    Mazzy Star’s music is what I would call hauntingly beautiful.

    I think his guitar solo from “The Blue” actually would already fit into some Mazzy Star music, may need to change the key though.

  157. Interesting question!

    I think David should guest on a Bob Dylan album. That is mostly based on David’s own stated admiration of the legend, though I appreciate him too.

    My own (weird) idea for a collaboration would be Todd Rundgren, another longtime favorite of mine. (He can write/produce pop hits effortlessly, but he chooses not to in favor of experimentation..even when it does not quite suceed, it is at least adventurous.)

    In very different ways both artists create lyrical concepts and themes in their albums/songwriting that would benefit from such gorgeous guitar work. Not that they are lacking on their own of course…but I think David in the mix would be fantastic.

  158. David Gilmour and Roger Hodgson

    Imagine OAI meets Crisis? What Crisis

    Might work.

  159. [Wankie Al Yankovic – ‘Take a Bath]. Thanks, that song will never sound the same again!!! lol

    OK, artists, what about Bjork?? All you need to do is remove Bjerk’s vocals and replace them with DG’s strings and et voila!

    Or how about DG as the 3rd member of ZZ top (or is that 4th?)! How long would it take him to grow the beard?

    You could have DG animated as part of the Gorillaz.

    Also, I am noticing this blog is starting to get a bit ‘anti-Roger Waters’!! Now I’m all for Rogering, but give the guy a break! What’s he ever done to us?

    PS. Beckham to score the winner tomorrow (today even) & Walcott to sleep in for the match after his afternooon napp! 2-0 England.

    Roger Mellie

  160. Dear F.Ed.

    His name has been mentioned a lot here of course, but I must join in….

    Mr. Gilmour, Roger Waters really needed you last night at the Norwegian Wood Festival……

    Other artists, I must say that some collaboration with Peter Gabriel would be nice… and the combination Kate Bush/David Gilmour is always a winner…



  161. Graham Knights,

    LUV the Bonzo Dog DOO DAH thing,
    Mmmm, nice…

    Smashey & Nicey to do the introductions in the “Jazz Club”…

  162. – Fish
    – Joe Satriani
    – Chemical Brothers
    – Pink Fraud

    Feeling minimalist today.

  163. The Proclaimers.

    Anyone who’s heard them will know just how much help they need!

    Vince Carr

  164. Hello you all,

    this is NOT a monomania,its’nt a dream,it’s a drop of truth, just truth:Nick Mason,Roger Waters and Richard Wright absolutely need David Gilmour.

    No nostalgia but the band who created the sound of the Heaven cannot disappear.

    When I close my eyes and listen to solo tracks by RW I think…mmmh I need guitar,sound, voice and magic atmosphere of David Gilmour, I need the hands and the silky keyboard of Rick,I need the touch and the smile of Nick.

    And everytime I listen the wonderful David’s tracks I feel the absence of a little bit Roger’s anger,energy and words and ….

    I know Pink Floyd is over,but I’m an optimist and PF band,now is double (for my poor mind) with some different “nuances” and.. anyway.. may be for a right interest a miracle can happen twice…

    Every singing and playing man in the universe need David you need a sound wizard..isn’t it?

    Many,many kisses from Italy

  165. Can I add twelf points each to the suggestions of both Moby and Björk?

    That would be two truely awesome combinations!!

    hugs, Bianca

    ps: Erin, good to hear I helped you discover Orbital, they are my fav dj/dance-act.

  166. Radiohead should play The bends live with david gilmour puting in some of his solos and singing… for the second half Roger should play the whole Amused to death album with improvised guitar work from david and singing…

  167. [has anyone else heard of the recent release called ‘Return to the dark side of the moon’. It is a cover of DSOTM by members of Yes etc. Only available in the U.S. as far I understand.

    I heard it at a party. I was underwhelmed.]

    Has anyone else heard “Dub Side Of The Moon” by The Easy Allstars – You wouldn’t think it works, but it does!! The only things missing are David’s guitar solos (replaced by ragga toasting – or whatever it’s called). Unfortunately EA have just blotted their copybook by doing a record of dub reggae Radiohead covers!!



  168. Compelled to saying an obligatory “everyone can use Dave’s vocal and guitar help”, I took the time to whip up a dream list of artists I think Dave would collaborate with quite nicely. Furthermore, I’ve broken this list into two categories, distinguishing each by musical genres I find Dave’s familiarity / comfort playing within versus something a bit more askew from his usual output (to inspire Mr Gilmour into thinking and approaching the playing situation from different realms).

    Having said that, here goes:

    familiar ground:
    Pete Townshend – both masters of their own craft, I’d love to see Dave and Pete hanker down and create something akin to the Townshend/Lane 1977 masterpiece, Rough Mix. In other words, something musically organic, lyrically direct and sincere, atmospherically laid back, provocative and beautiful.

    Richard Thompson – a premier songwriter and guitar player in his own rite (IMO a master of all trades!), I’d love to hear how both of their styles would enmesh (Thompson – sonically efficient and economical, but with passion; Gilmour – ethereal, image provoking, and dripping with emotion). The counterpoint of Thompson raw and achingly beautiful vocals to Gilmour’s lullabye-hush voice would balance and complement each other to no end!

    Peter Green/Jeff Beck – to see Dave make an album with guitarists he’s been influenced by would be unbelievable. Blues and blues rock at its best.

    Sarah McCloughlin – her voice is equivalent to Dave’s playing; empassioned, rivetting, and unmistakable. Throw in orchestration for full effect and you could fit many musical flavors onto an 80 minute CD!

    unfamiliar ground:

    Ozric Tentacles – the only thing remotely coincidental with Dave’s playing is the bands spacey compositions. Frenetic and energetic, I’d love to see how Dave would intertwine with this group.

    Steve Morse – another monster of a guitarist, I’d love to see he and Dave sit down with acoustics, punching out some classical / baroque playing (ala Morse’s Up In the Air), or delve into fusion-y territory. Again, the output from these two titans would melt anyone’s speakers!

    Robert Fripp – as out there as you can get, the Frippertronic paved soundscapes would host Dave’s guitar quite nicely, setting up moods and sonic-scapes so vast Dave would have a field day.

    Norah Jones / Cassandra Wilson / Dianna Krall – jazzy vocals, piano driven compositions, and Dave’s guitar weaving nicely thoughout the musical tapestry.

    Moby – a little techno “cut and paste” with Dave’s guitar blowing softly over the procedings would be very much like Jeff Beck’s appearance on the song Skin Thieves from Mood Food Mood Swings CD.

    Great idea provoker, FEd!!

  169. i think david should collaborate with spiritualized, because his guitar would be the cherry on the top of their wall of sound!

    and he should do something with roger barrett AND
    roger waters, maybe some spoken word stuff with
    sound and music. add some slow drum and a flowing keyboard and there we are…


  170. The neatest would be if he helped the Dead, they would need someone to play and sing Jerry’s parts. That actually could happen if David would want probably. He probably would sound better with Dicky Betts, who I am checking out tommorrow. I love to hear David go on an Allman Brothers tune like Elizabeth Reed. The Allman Brothers would be fun too, (Warren Hayes &/or Derek Trucks)

  171. Daniel Lanois
    Sigur Ros
    Brian Eno
    Porcupine Tree
    any Steve Wilson project
    Alan Parsons, again
    Richard Wright
    Lisa Gerrard

  172. I do need Mr Gilmour as my solos don’t work too good….the name of my band? “The bankers”, we don’t do it for the money…;)

  173. I was watching David Letterman last night, and he had Neko Case on. I’d never heard of her. Did anyone catch it? (Gabrielle?) Anyways, it was very good, but she could use some rippin guitar solos.


  174. Hmmmmm how about someone like Mark Knopfler, I love his solo stuff and I think David would be a great addition. It would be nice to see David appear at one or two of his live gigs as well.

  175. As a first time poster I would have to go with one of Geoff’s suggestions. Justin Hayward and David Gilmour would be an unbeatable combination =)

  176. Vocals for and guitar for and with Leonard Cohen. Good ‘Floyd time’ paced music, much space for tactful and elegant guitar work. David’s clean barritone (I assume?) voice would compliment Leonard’s songs as well as Leonard’s much deeper gravely voice.

  177. As a first time poster I would have to go with one of Geoff’s suggestions. Justin Hayward and David Gilmour would be an unbeatable combination =)

    Posted by: Andrea Wright at June 15, 2006 06:25 PM

    Why thank you Andrea and welcome to the circus,
    I have always thought David could add so much to that track.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  178. “Unfortunately EA have just blotted their copybook by doing a record of dub reggae Radiohead covers!!”

    Sounds like one for you F’ed.

    I’ve got an e-bay bid in for “Dub side” right now – I’ve heard good reports.

    Whilst nothing is going to beat the original, I think DSoM is a piece that can stand all sorts of re-interpretations. e.g. it could be done unplugged, with a jazz feel (and husky female voice), a lttle rocked up etc etc.

    David doing anything over the next few years ?

  179. Maybe he should do something with Richard Ashcroft. For me one of the best singers ever….
    I only miss some great guitar work in his songs..
    I think Dave would lift his music into much higher levels. I really love Richard Ashcrofts music, but as i said i miss some special guitar work.

  180. I’m way off. Keep coming up with some sort of Alan Parson’s/Kraftwerk kind of thing. Sorry, too much work, I’ll get some sleep before posting next time. Bob Weir?

  181. How about Enya? Or her sister Moya Brennen?

    Or how about a guest performance with the Chieftens?

  182. How about joining Zappa (plays Zappa)? I remember reading that Freak Out! was an inspiration for Piper…(and for Sgt Pepper). And watermelons in eastern hay would be rather fitting…

    Shut Up ‘n Play Yer Guitar Dave! (or you can singabit too if you want)

  183. Which artist(s) could most use David’s services as a guitarist, vocalist, etc.?

    I try to make up for lost time!

    There’s no an aswer! Every artists should use David’s services as a guitarist, vocalist, etc.! His talent would make better every kind of music! But Sigur Ròs could be a very interesting choice…I think their musical settings could merge in David’s guitar and voice in a wonderful way…better than Radiohead!

    Hey FEd, I hope you love Sigur Ròs! Don’t break my heart with them too!


    [Honestly? I’ve never listened to them. – Features Editor]

  184. Bit late on this one but…..Porcupine Tree would not only be a suitable soundscape for David’s guitar, but perhaps he could have a word with them about their live sound! Last two times I’ve seen them it’s been utter pants…if it starts out that way in September Mr Soundman better watch out because I will be having words!!!!


  185. I’m sure I can’t be the first to nominate “The Doors” but they never had a lead guitarist yet still managed to create atmospheric music which was original and exciting. With the addition of Mr Gilmour they could have been bigger than U2.


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