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Thank you to Mariana for letting us know that there’s a nice interview, which is worthy of a listen, over on the World Cafe website.

As well as talk, there are live versions of ‘On An Island’, ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’, plus bonus performances of ‘Smile’ and ‘High Hopes’.

Last week we told you about Q107‘s ’40 Most Influential Classic Rock Guitarists of All Time’ poll.

Courtesy of Rudders, here’s the first round of results:

31. Joe Walsh (The James Gang/The Eagles)
32. Peter Frampton
33. Steve Hackett (Genesis)
34. Alvin Lee (Ten Years After)
35. Jeff Healey
36. Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)
37. Rik Emmett (Triumph)
38. Ace Frehley (Kiss)
39. Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac)
40. Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)

If you haven’t voted yet, then sadly you’re too late. But don’t miss the countdown. Ten more will be shown next week. Of course, we don’t want to see David listed next week (anything less than Top Ten would be an insult, I say), but we’re also keeping an eye out for the great Syd Barrett.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Glad I sent that link then! I thought it was widespread knowledge! I felt a bit silly sending it, I thought I was going to add to the pile of spam you have to go through! hahaha

    Well good then… Hope you all enjoy!

    [That was very helpful of you. Much appreciated. – Features Editor]

  2. Great to see our hero has been excluded from the bottom end and here is hoping he aint in the next round up.

    david has to win don’t he I can’t see anybody on that list to touch him mind you I tend to be somewhat single minded when it comes to all things David , but prove me wrong!!!!!

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. (anything less than Top Ten would be an insult, I say)

    Don’t worry about that! I’m sure David Gilmour’s Blog Army have done its job! If David wins, you should decorate us with a virtual medal of honor! And “On an island cover” could be our flag…can we have our training camp in Castellorizon? It wouldn’t be bad!


    [Sounds like a plan… – Features Editor]

  4. I’ll make a prediction for the top 3 . . .


    not saying these are my 3 picks necessarily . . .

    what a perfect spring day here in southern Michigan . . . hope all my fellow ‘blogmaniacs’ are also enjoying fabulous weather on this Monday . . . .

    the world seems particularily nuts today . . . . doesn’t it . . . .???

    [It does. – Features Editor]

  5. Talking of surveys I have just read the interview in ‘record collector’. In it David mentions that he once went to see Tommy Cooper in Southend. So in honour of this:

    Two fat blokes in a pub, one says to the other “your round.”
    The other one says “so are you, you fat bast**d!”

    Man goes to the doc, with a strawberry growing out of his head.
    Doc says “I’ll give you some cream to put on it.”

    “Doctor, I can’t pronounce my F’s, T’s and H’s.”
    “Well you can’t say fairer than that then”

    Two elephants walk off a cliff…… boom boom!

    All genuine Tommy Cooper jokes

    Pete – Coventry

  6. Caption Competition

    In a parallel universe we see David Gilmour in his basement trying to play the lead solo from Castellorizon… the first track off of the new album from Rudders…

    Yeah right!!! :-]

  7. Excellent Pete, of course not forgetting.

    He said I’m going to chop off the bottom of one of your trouser legs and put it in a library. I thought, That’s a turn-up for the books.

    And the back of his anorak was leaping up and down, and people were chucking money to him. I said Do you earn a living doing that? He said Yes, this my livelihood.

    So I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me Can you give me a lift? I said Sure, you look great, the world’s your oyster, go for it

    So I rang up a local building firm, I said I want a skip outside my house.He said I’m not stopping you.

  8. Hi all,

    Great interview with David on NPR’s World Cafe. I loved David’s comment about ‘old fashioned’ listening, of sitting down to enjoy listening to an album in its entirety. I’m definitely one of those types when it comes to David’s music. Personally I’m a bit more militant in that it’s almost wrong to listen to tracks out of context, especially for DG and PF material. Radio edits have their practical promotional use, but the real joy is listening to the album front to back and getting “on board”, imho. I think the digital media age (mp3s, playlists, streaming) has brought this kind of listening behaviour to the younger generations (as well as the importance of radio play on sales). In the old days of 8 tracks, LPs and cassettes, jumping between tracks wasn’t as easy as it is today…where creating playlists or playing individual tracks is trivial.

    And on David’s comment about “not being the most articulate individual in the world” (from the interview on NPR) – David, you are THE most articulate individual in the world when you play! In your own words, technology hasn’t really contributed to the ‘Gilmour sound’ – it’s all about the way you play. If this isn’t articulation, then I don’t know what is! 🙂

    Happy Monday all…

    – still reeling from yesterday’s football dramas, but at least Lennon made it to the England squad…

    [What a crazy way to end the season. – Features Editor]

  9. Hello all DG bloggers,

    First I wanted to say to all hope you had a great weekend!

    I went to a casino on the East Coast and saw a Pink Floyd cover band this past weekend. They were good, but this has made me appreciate the art of what David is able to do even more. David is a truly amazing and gifted musician who’s art is inspiring and enjoyable. He brings something to this World similar to what Picasso brings to painting or Frank Lloyd Wright to architecture. He is the pinnacle of guitar licks and I am happy I had the opportunity to enjoy his music in my life and one of the few fortunate one’s to see him live.

    Shine on,
    Matt in Maine

  10. Marian, thanks for turning everyone on to that World Café link to hear David! I’ve listened to it and it’s wonderful, especially the songs performed.

    Wonder where Chet Atkins will fall on the influential guitarist list? I saw Chet in 1964. Hmm, seems I’m a victim of Extreme Advance Age (EAA).

    (now playing: “Not Now John”)


  11. The local classic rock station here in Cleveland (98.5, WNCX) just finished a “Greatest Guitarists of all time” poll and here are the top 20 results, as taken from their website:

    Top Guitarists of ALL TIME…based on your votes!

    #20 Peter Townshend
    #19 Neil Schon
    #18 Billy Gibbons
    #17 Ritchie Blackmore
    #16 Lindsey Buckingham
    #15 Joe Walsh
    #14 Alex Lifeson
    #13 Brian May
    #12 Jeff Beck
    #11 Angus Young
    #10 Phil Keaggy
    #9 Tony Iommi
    #8 Carlos Santana
    #7 David Gilmour
    #6 Stevie Ray Vaughn
    #5 Duane Allman
    #4 Eddie Van Halen
    #3 Eric Clapton
    #2 Jimmy Page
    #1 Jimi Hendrix

  12. This is OT so excuse me….

    I was excited to see a great photo of dG in the “stuff&nonsense-tour pics” playing his cumbus. I got one for my bday and it looks exactly like davids. Of course, I can’t play mine a lick…..yet.

    However, I found a large community of cumbus-musicians in my area and it seems no two individuals tune the same way. Which makes me wonder how dG tunes his?

    Plus, they are all trying to figure out why the price of these instruments has suddenly increased…. hehe…. I think its because of our guy.

  13. Hi All

    Dear FeatEd, I trust DG will be in the top five, anything less will not do! As there is not a lot else being reported I hope you will humour me with this bit of sillyness!

    We all know by now that the band doing shows recently is the “David Gilmour Band” and not Pink Floyd reincarnated. I was pondering the other day that as that is the case then it is not Pink Floyd that are playing the old Floyd numbers at their shows. So could the David Gilmour Band be the ultimate Pink Floyd tribute band?

    You are absolutely right… I’ve got naff all to do wiv me time!!

  14. Hi Fed, I’m excited (as usual to be coming to the show on the 31st, yes I got my tickets last week and they are together) I was wanting to make a disk to listen to on the flight over, could you point me to the latest set list?

    Thanks and you’re doing a terrific job!!

    [Thank you. On each night of the tour we have had a blog entry for fans who attended that show to pass comment, so each night’s setlist is included. The date of the last concert was 20 April. – Features Editor]

  15. 2 Top Tommy Cooper Jokes;

    Man walks into the doctors. The doctor says please lie on the bed. The man says why ? Am i ill ? The doctor says i don’t know, i just want to sweep the floor !!!

    A guy gets stopped in his car by the police. The policeman produces a bag and says please blow in here. The guy says why ? Am i being breathalysed ? Do you think i have been drinking ? The policeman says no, my chips are too hot !!!

    Do our friends from the other side of the water know who Tommy Cooper was ?

    If not get a DVD !!!

    If its good enough for DG !!!

  16. Dear all,

    I want to thank everybody again for the support
    regarding the annoying eBay-stuff. It softens the disappointment just a bit…

    To kingzorghh: I indeed hope this isn’t Gilmour’s latest tour. If David plans a new tour, I’m sure I’ll be there.

    A new tour… Mmmmmm, maybe the FEd can help us out on this issue? 🙂

    Thanks again fellows…

    (But I will cry myself my two eyes out when I’ll see the DVD…)

    [A new tour would be wonderful, but after two months, six countries and 12 cities, I think they deserve a break from even thoughts of getting back on the road! – Features Editor]

  17. Glad to hear the weather in the midwest is nice. Here in Sacramento, it’s gonna be in the 80’s all week. Just Perfect.

    To describe David in one word, “Peaceful”
    Could you translate that in French for me Fed?

    I’m getting so excited for the RAH show and I’m not even gonna be there. Since it’s the last show, I’m sure there’ll be all kinds of surprises. Can’t wait to read all your comments. You lucky dogs!!

    Glad to see you aren’t updating as much Fed, I hope you’re enjoy the “down” time.


    [Paisible? – Features Editor]

  18. Lindsay Buckingham is so underrated it’s not even funny. I’m not saying he’s top 5, but he’s certainly better than #39.

    Perhaps the key word here is “Influential”. Underated players would influence fewer people than overrated players. I consider Van Halen to be overrated, but I’d have to admit he’s influenced more guitarists than Buckingham.

    Which would make it curious to see how David would rate as an “influence”. Certainly his music moves people and influences guitarists, but more on a subconscious level. Van Halen clones are easy to spot and are well in abundance, whereas Gilmour clones are almost non-existant outside of tribute bands. You don’t have to be a clone to have been influenced, but being a clone sure makes it easier to spot the influence.

    David could have played every note on Abbey Road for all I can tell, so it’s not like he hasn’t had his share of major influences on others. But it’s tough for the non-fan to see that. So if a fan interprets how influential a guitarist is based on how they’ve influenced other guitarists, they’ll be less likely to vote for David. Whereas those who vote based off of how their taste in music is influenced are more likely to vote for David.

    [Good point. I think many people vote for their favourites, or confuse every adjective with the word “Best”. I voted for Syd Barrett. I think he’s had a huge influence on all the jingle-jangle Britpop bands of the 90s, for example. I wouldn’t say he’s better than Hendrix or Clapton, but I consider his influence vastly under-rated. – Features Editor]

  19. Alert de rouge… alert de rouge… 🙂

    The Albert Hall ticket site “SeeTickets” are listing “single tickets” available for the 29th!…

    And I’ve just watched an eBay profiteer not sell two tickets to the 31st! hahaha!!

  20. Spagetti Van Halen is very overrated…too much noodling and not enough feel…

    David Gilmour is the standard to which all guitarists must measure up to…

    I have spoken…

  21. On the topic of Better, best, best guitarist. I believe it is a mistake to group dG into a mix of these fellows. What David does is on a level above the others. That is to say what dG does is more “texture”. Nobody layers an arrangement like Gilmour. Someone like J.Page can wow you with speed and technique but dG brings another measure altogether, one of an added spatial(-ness)(is that a word?). There should be a separate list for this type of playing. I can only think of 3 guys for this group….

    1-Jimi Hendrix
    3-Steve Howe

  22. What annoys me about the Top 20 List is that Syd Barrett, George Harrison and Hank Marvin didn’t make it to the list. Syd laid down the greatest blueprint for Pink Floyd, the road map that David and the guys followed and fulfilled. Leaving Syd off the list is downright tragic!

  23. Dear Fed,
    and all,

    Hope you had a great week-end.

    Don’t you know, for us, poor little frenchies, yesterday was a sad day… and for the Real too, I think. It was the last match of OUR ZZ!!!

    I know it’s off topic, I’m sorry, but I had to say it. And cry? Euh, no. Tears will come when we win the next Cup… because we’ll win.


    Have a nice night, with sweet dreams…

    Ikkar, with love

    [A sad day indeed for anyone who likes to see football played the way it should be. – Features Editor]

  24. Hello, Lucia, “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”: in my mind, the 3 most important words, not only in France ( but they don’t have to remain only words !), they could moreover appear on the “important stuff” on this blog ! Freedom is precious and priceless, Equality unfortunately not often realised (at least in France) and Fraternity ?…I have a great feeling of fraternity on our blog !
    As for the word ” équilibré” to describe David, I don’t know him enough, but I think so…I think it’s a good word to describe you, Lucia, don’t be angry, it’s a “compliment” !

    Thank you for speaking french, I appreciated very much !

    [dogs have owners, cats have servants], yes, and I’m the “servant” of an independant cat named “Floyd”…true…

    Fed, “modeste” convient tout à fait, je pense, à David.


    [J’ai un chien. Il s’appelle “Floyd”. – Features Editor]

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  26. Hi there,

    I’m the writer for the Legends of Classic Rock, which is the program on Q107 that will be featuring the 40 Most Influential Classic Rock Guitarists of All Time. Thanks to everyone on here that voted. I could tell you where Mr. Gilmour falls, but then I’d be betraying the voter/writer confidentially agreement.

    I will say this though – any suggestions for what song you think best represents David’s playing would be much appreciated, keeping in mind we just won’t have time to play either Echoes or Shine On…

    I think the shows will turn out well, and I hope everyone gets a chance to listen online. Thanks for your support.

    [Thanks for dropping by, Andrew. We’ll be listening! If anyone wishes to suggest a track, you can click Andrew’s name and scroll to the bottom of the page for the Feedback link. Feel free to also let us know your suggestions, but no long lists, please. Everyone knows that three is the magic number. I’m sure that a maximum of three tracks would be great for both Andrew and the blog. – Features Editor]

  27. I haven’t written you for awhile, But I feel that I had to share this with you. I went to my best friends grandsons funeral. While I was there they were playing a few songs from On an Island. The man was in his very early twenty’s. So I was talking to his mother about the music and she said that was her son’s favorite album.I’m so glad that even with the music of the young kids of this time, That David Gilmours music is still loved by all.

    Thank-You David for the great music and I hope that you and your wife will keep writting and recording music.

    Thomas O’Connell

  28. Wow! Love the sound clip/loop today on the main page. Can’t figure out if it’s an alternate edit of “Take A Breath” or something completely new.
    Either way, please keep these clips coming FED. It makes it well worth the visit, even when there is nothing learned in terms on new news.

    Robert from Toronto.

    Ps. With regards to our last correspondance, I’ve called the RAH 3 times with no luck of finding any “returned” tickets. It looks like I’ll be at the mercy of the touts. That’s cool though- it’s a once in a lifetime chance to see the MAN, in a legendary setting.

    [Sorry to hear it, but please don’t give up yet! Returns are coming in all the time. Did you see Rudders’ note about See Tickets? Their details are on the Live Dates page. – Features Editor]

  29. Hi F’Ed! Hope your ok and apologies for not being around the last week or so but sadly my father-in-law is very ill with cancer so all our time and energy has been directed at him these past few days. He’s a wonderfully positve fellow though – frankly puts me to shame!

    Anyway…..not long now till the RAH gigs and the excitement is building. I see from the ‘Later….’ website that they run a competition for a pair of tickets to see the recording of the show so, may be worth UK based fans taking a look from this coming weekend, (currently the comp offers tickets to the week 3 show, David is week 4 I believe?).

    Finally F’Ed, I’d lke to remind you once again how fortunate you are not to be a Palace supporter – talk about blowing it big time ::) !

    [Sorry to hear about your father-in-law, Neil. David will indeed be on the fourth show, so that will be next week’s competition. We’ll remind you, with full details on how to enter, over the weekend. – Features Editor]

  30. Thank you Mariana, what an interesting Interview. The interviewer David(couldn`t catch his surname!), was excelent, he put Johnathon wossy`s efforts to shame!!

    DG is right however you do have to make time to play his and PF albums in their entirity.

    The faster tempo of `Take a breath` really made the song ROCK, I really enjoyed that version!

    And the poor Roadie who sold David that strat to get a loan for his house, that guitar could buy him several houses now I bet!!

    [That was David’s guitar tech, Phil Taylor, who purchased it in 1977. Apparently David persuaded Phil to part with it some eighteen months later. – Features Editor]

  31. I hope David is number 1 in Q107 guitar poll, he certainly deserves it, although I have to say that three of the names at the bottom of the table `so to speak` deserve to be in the top 20 at least!

  32. RE:Q107’s ’40 Most Influential Classic Rock Guitarists of All Time’ poll.

    I voted, so don’t blame me. Based on numbers 40 – 31, hope springs eternal. The Triple Threat (AKA: Steve Hackett, Ace Frehley and Billy Gibbons) has had me tossing and turning at night!

  33. Caption: David nearly pulls a hamstring when executing an exploding riff from ” ‘Careful’ With That Axe, Eugene”.

    I like the latest poll results. Glad to see Steve Hackett made the top 40 (my 4th choice). Glad to see that David has not been mentioned yet and most likely will (not too soon). I think he will make at least the top ten if not #1. Hoping he will be #1. We’ll see.

    I see someone posted another “Greatest Guitarists of “all” time” top 20 poll results. Not to intentionally berate it, but shouldn’t it be of “our” time?(Think of the thousands of guitarists over the centuries that people in our era have never even heard or heard of).

    At any rate, it’s a nice list and it’s nice to see some guitarists on that particular list that have been neglected/omitted in past polls, most notably Alex Lifeson (Why has everyone forgotten Martin Barre? Hmph! Dam good riffologist).

    Anyhoo, David is numero uno!

  34. Hi, all!

    Thanks particularly for the continued bits of music which welcome my visits to this page. It has all been interesting, excellent stuff.

    Last week I voted for DG (thanks for the heads up, Rudders). The World Cafe stuff is also amazing. I’d like to speak also to David’s claim to not being particularly articulate. I don’t agree, but it’s not just the guitar playing that is so precise and beautiful. The lyrics of Sorrow are also among my all time favorite, a brilliant poem in a lot of ways.

    After a long stretch of listening to nothing but Floyd, the solo albums, and On an Island, I went back to my other favorite bands for the past week. When I returned to On An Island in the car last night after a weekend out of town, I found that with a bit of distance from it, I was again struck by the fact that this is an exceptional piece of music, lyrics, and guitar playing. I’d call it the best album since The Division Bell.

    One other quick note–after being blown away by Rick Wright at Radio City, I bought Broken China from Amazon. It’s incredible, particularly Tim Renwick’s guitar playing.

    Hope that Guy and the rest of the crew are having better luck than I am with the dirty sticks–I’m rejoining the battle as of…tomorrow.

  35. Hi Julian,

    “So could the David Gilmour Band be the ultimate Pink Floyd tribute band?”

    Heaven forbid! It’s more a case of “the king is dead, long live the king”, imho. Out with the old, in with the new and all that. It’s called progress I think – when others would rather knock out old material (“riding the gravy train” as a certain person commented ironically in a recent interview). The setlist for the tour has been a tale of two halves – first set being David’s recent OAI material, and the second half being David’s PF material…to keep everyone happy. Personally, and I think most OAI lovers around here will tell you, if you’re still focusing on the old PF stuff, you’re missing out on OAI. If you like PF, you’ll hear a lot of PF elements in OAI…give it a go…. you might even hear the reason why you love PF so much 🙂


  36. As a guitar instructor, I must say to you music listeners, the best guitarists of all time are, in order:

    1. David Gilmour
    2. Jimi Hendrix
    3. Joe Satriani
    4. John Scofield
    5. Alan Holdsworth
    6. Joe Pass
    7. Stevie Ray Vauhgn

    Do you have English muffins in England? Or: Are English muffins an Americanized Crumpet?


    [Hmm, good question. Didn’t the translators of the first Harry Potter book change “crumpet” to “English muffin”, along with several other things, presumably to obscure the British setting from American readers? I’d rather an American muffin, myself. – Features Editor]

  37. Is anyone aware of any UK guitarist surveys – either print or radio?

    Canada’s Kevin

  38. Caption…

    “Here’s one for you Q107!..Still alive and well!..Not responsible for your apnea so “Take A Breath” now.You may need it indeed!”

  39. I detect a lull in this site and not before time. A time for relaxing maybe before the biggie. The Mermaid show on film reminds me of other film connections. It was hundreds of years ago that I saw “Crystal Voyager” where the last 20 minutes or so were devoted to a surfer performing to “Echoes”. Anyone know if this is available on DVD.? Talking of which someone gave me a DVD with “Wizzard of Oz” on which had DSOM as soundtrack. Now I am well aware of folk saying how this music fits the scenes but I am afraid it did nothing for me and cant see the connection. Other Floyd/Gilmour films I have enjoyed are the obvious La Vallee(OBC), More, Zabriske point and the Committee. Favourite is still the Pompei one and London 66/67 not forgetting The Wall and there’s loads I have missed. Cant seem to find “La Carrera Panamericana” on DVD though, have it on VHS and thats got some good sounds coming from David.

    Ian Pearson

  40. For the Cleveland list…no Mark Knopfler? And David is not in the top 3…are they kidding? They must also think that the Cavaliers, Indians, and Browns will all win championships this year, too. What a joke.

    Brad in Fort Wayne, IN……counting the days for the Regal Cinema’s showing of Mr. Gilmours concert at the Mermaid. Greatest idea ever for those who couldn’t be there in person…great job F’ed!!!

  41. Hi Fed,

    Having got my guitar as a pressie for my birthday i am filled with even more admiration for any one who can knock out any sort of tune let alone our hero Mr Gilmour, however, I learned 3 chords yesterday will see if I remember them tonight, then learn another 3. Soon I will be able to play all the notes of any tune…………but not necessarily in the right order!

    [Good luck, Graham. Keep at it. – Features Editor]

  42. HI Fe’d et al,

    great news we shall be going to the ball! RAH Tics arrived and its now a reality! Only 3 weeks to go.

    I’m surprised at Linsey Buckinham bearly making top 40!

    DG is sure to be top 10 maybe top 3 – I hope Rory Gallagher makes top 10 also.

    Thanks for all help with tics etc,

    Tom B – Dublin

    [Glad to hear you’ve got them. Enjoy the concert! – Features Editor]

  43. If a guitarist is to be measured in terms of his influence, then there is no way Syd Barrett could place above David. David taught Syd to play guitar.

    We really undervalue teachers. Good teachers usually are the biggest influence a person has, yet they rarely get any recognition for that. David gets a lot of notice for his giutar playing, as he should because he is definitely one of a kind. But he is also a teacher, for at least one person who would go on to become notable. That doesn’t get mentioned outside of Floyd biographies.

    If you make a list of the most influential people in your own life, it’s a safe bet that many of these people are teachers. Let’s never forget that.

    So, David, among the many things to thank you for… Thank you for Syd Barrett.

  44. Hello my friends!

    In Rome it’s rainy…more than rainy! It seems an AMAZZONIA shower….as we said some days ago, climate is really change…and it seems not a good sign…

    However, dear Michele, why should I be angry if you say I’m èquilibrè? It is one of my life goal and I am happy if you think I have this quality! As you say, I’ve never met David in my life too, so my opinion about his “balance” is just a feeling, but when I read some interview to him I think he is a moderate mix of a lot of good and bad behaviors….and in my opinion people, in there life, can’t be only happy or only angry…they should feel every kind of emotion and learn to manage them…and I think David can do it! hummmm…not clear, I know! Sorry, I can’t explain better!

    And, dear Michele, now that I think about…I know some others french words! “Alos’enfant de la patrie”…but I don’t think it is the right way to write them…sorry!

    Hey FEd! In Out of the Picture Polly mention names Syd Barrett in the list of the disappeared when she finds her father’s name. Reading Syd name was very nice! But I still don’t trust Tony! While I continue to think “second Lizzie father” is a good man…Am I going to be contradicted? I can’t understand Lizzie! Ok looking for her real father, but why did she “hate” her second father and her sisters? They don’t seem bad people…but, at the end, some emotions are maybe instinctive and irrational…or should I have understood some that I wasn’t able to understand?

    Boh! I’m going on with my lecture and, maybe, I’ll find out it!



    [You will find out. It will all make sense soon. I know the part you mean about Syd. Lizzie finds a picture of some handsome man in the filing room and even though it’s labelled “Syd Barrett”, it’s not him at all. You just can’t get the staff these days, can you? – Features Editor]

  45. ok, this is really mad, I decided to have a look at the site, (after having spent almost a month without looking reading the fan fare) and, as soon as the page was on my screen, the radio I’m listening to passes “On an island”… ok, coincidence… nice!!!

    next song that passes: “Breathe – Time – Breathe reprise” !!!!

    Very nice Gilmour-Floyd day 🙂

  46. Nice of Andrew from Q107 to drop by! I suggested:

    On An Island
    High Hopes – live version from this tour if poss
    Fat Old Sun – live version from this tour if poss

    Lets hope the right man won!

    [Good choices, Joolz. – Features Editor]

  47. Happy Tuesday,

    Really hope David sees these Tommy Cooper lines. I am crying with laughter.

    Rudders, great lead into the poll. It is really making for some interesting comments.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Two cannibals eating a clown. One says to the other “Does this taste funny to you?”

  48. Hi all,

    I tried to send my proposals for David tracks, but an Andrews email is not active. I wiil certainly try later but my proposals are:

    Comfortably Numb
    On An Island ( every time I listen to it is getting better, second solo is excellent)

    To Robert from Toronto I was luky on 4th call to RAH, so keep the faith

    warm regards


    [Thanks for letting us know, Tomasz. – Features Editor]

  49. Hi blog,

    2 things…im in a hurrry so forgive typos…

    1. Tickets have been despatched from our offices
    according to SEE tickets tracker! WHEEEEEEEEE

    2. Andrew at q107. if I couldn’t pick echoes then i’d probably say time from DSOTM, great vocals and blistering solo. Can’t think of any other track that is worthy, except mebe a few from the division bell…but I’ll stick with time

    cheers & adios

  50. Dear Hysteron proteron,

    I’m not an expert, I’m not a madical doctor, I’m not a chemist, I’m haven’t all the knowledge and I’m more unknowing than a lot of other person. And I don’t think I can save the world but, without scientific reason, I’m sure that if in Rome the politics decide to involve the tube and people decide to use pubblic means of transporting instead cars, solar pannels instead carbon equipment, waste basket instead throw things on the road, the life in Rome would be better! And I don’t say stop using electric lights, air conditioners, oven, tv, pc…because we can’t and we don’t want come back…but is for you so different use recycled paper than new, white paper? For me not, so I try to use recycled paper. It are not very important actions…but I will be happy if in this way I preserve the earth just 1 minute more! And if more humans do it, it could became 1 days, 1 months, one years, and so on…Is like charity: if you give 10 euros to a poor person you don’t delete the hunger in the world…but you help that person. And help that person is not better than help noone? And if a lot of person help some poor person, maybe in the earth would be less poor…we can’t save all the poor…but we can help someone of them…it is not a dream! It is simple…if we want!

    Forgive my english, but I’m sure you can understand what I meant to say!



    [You put it beautifully, Lucia. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  51. Hi Fed & All,

    Hope your all good, I was surprised at the votes so far one of mine at 32 peter frampton Oh I couldnt believe that but David WILL BE #1 I just Know it and thats all that counts

    Well take care love ya’s all MWA

    I LOVE YOU DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Hi all,

    I just phoned See Tickets and they had two left, but when the operator refreshed his screen they had just gone. Damn. Thanks for the tip anyway Rudders, maybe they will get some more.

    That interviwer from World Cafe did a really good job I thought. Much better than the usual interviews.


  53. Hysteron Proton,

    I also felt at one time that environmental actions and such were largely pointless. I completed a degree in Environmental Science in 1998, and in the three years I was student, we had it hammered into us that any sort of action was a waste of time because it’s too late, and no-one listens anyway. But since I finished that course – thoroughly disillusioned – I’ve had that disproved time and time again. People DO listen, even (don’t laugh) politicians.

    The point in taking any sort of environmental action is this: we each have an individual resposibility to do so. Whether we have any appreciable effect in our lifetimes is neither here nor there. We’re stewards, nothing more. We have a responsibility to pass on the best kind of world to live in that we can, to our children and their children. And if not for them, then for every other species on the planet. Personally, I don’t believe we’re the be all and end all. Even if we do wipe ourselves out, shouldn’t we have done our best to ensure that there’s at least SOMETHING left? Otherwise, we’re basically defending the right of human beings to continue f*cking up the planet in the way we have done for the last few hundred years…

  54. From Q107 “any suggestions for what song you think best represents David’s playing”

    My choice would be

    Fat Old Sun
    Take a Breath
    Comfortably Numb

    Ian Pearson

  55. My suggestions for David’s top three tracks, that best represent his influential guitar style/playing (and that aren’t 28 minutes long!):

    1. Comfortably Numb (2nd solo at 4m30s)
    2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (radio edit of pt I-V, fading it from those legendary notes at 3m58s)
    3. Time (at 3m28s, David’s solo)

    I enjoyed that one – much easier than the top 3 most influential itself, and lots easier than tracks of my years 🙂


  56. From Q107 “any suggestions for what song you think best represents David’s playing”

    Hmmmm a hard one,

    Ok here goes

    1.I think David Gilmour’s style is astmospheric rather than manic so at number one I would have to say Shine on.
    2.For the “AXEMAN WHOOOOOOOOO SOLO WHOOOOOO FREAKY MAN ” rock out stuff I would have to say either end solo of C NUMB or solo in MONEY.
    3. For myself I think his work on NO MORE LONELY NIGHTS is so distinctly David Gilmour . It’s not that it’s my favourite piece David has done it’s just that when you hear it you know it’s David.
    4. If I was to pick my favourite God knows this blog entry would be even more long winded than it already is.

    ED: Got confirmation from SEE that my 29th tickets are on the way yet still awaiting 30th 31th ……
    Rgds Geoff

    [Keep us posted, Geoff. – Features Editor]

  57. Felice Anno Nuovo
    Joyeaux Merdi
    Happy Tuesday,

    Ian Pearson, very strange that you mention the Crystal Voyager film. I saw a DVD on ebay yesterday. I saw it many many years ago. It was a support film for ???. So come on Ian, remind me, what it was a support for. Pompeii, Monty Python ???

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: “Doc, I can’t stop singing the green green grass of home.”
    “That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome. ”
    “Is it common? ”
    “It’s not unusual.”

  58. Hysteron proton, hi,

    I read your post and I understand what you are saying.I agree when you say that the small things we do have very little effect when looking at the bigger picture.

    However surely it is better to do something? in my opinion doing nothing and saying ‘it’s nothing to do with me guv’ is not acceptable.

    I’m sure none of us think that putting a glass bottle in the recycling box is going to save the world, but at least it’s something.

    There are many beautiful places and species on this planet, I for one would lot want to let the earth go without a fight.

  59. – [Could you describe David in one single french word ?]

    To Ikkar: my three “official” words: délicatesse – pudeur – esthétisme – but my very personnel one: “jardin secret” (au même titre peut-être que “secours” ? who knows ? )

    – […and I’m the “servant” of of an independant cat named “Floyd” – Michèle]
    —[ j’ai un chien. Il s’appelle “Floyd” – Features Editor]

    To dear Fed: Waohhh !!!… maybe, we could “reunite our two “Floyd(s)”…pour une grande bagarre !!!( LOL ! as you say in England, don’t you ?)


    [La Bataille du Deux Floyds. Non, je pense nous avons déjà eu cette bataille… – Features Editor]

  60. I voted for

    David Gilmour
    Alex Lifeson
    Neal Schon

    David being number 1 obviously but it would be intresting to know who David would vote for, as well as the rest of the band. Maybe Guy could let us know.

  61. Yippee!!! Just got my tickets to see the great man up here in the north west and in a comparably tiny venue too!!! Can’t wait for the show!! Then I have another chance to see him a week or so later playing bass for some bloke called David Gilmour!!! – Anyone else going to any of Guy’s solo shows? The flyers say he will be spilling the beans on many famous people in the music business, hope he doesn’t say anything too bad about David or we might end up with another bassist for the UK dates!!!

    Also a bit disappointed that I’ve not seen Richard Thompson’s name mentioned on the top guitarist lists yet (I really should have voted!!).

    See some of you in Manchester on the 26th!!


  62. Our time is probably running out. From an inhuman perspective that is normal.

    Consider the fact that of all species that ever existed 99% is extinct. The rest is cultivated by us (just look at cows, even as short as 3000 years ago they were very different animals).

    No reason to assume we will live. But every reason to try to save what we can. Better to go down trying, then to go down beaten before the end was there.

    Life has an amazing power to adapt, and we as a species are the first that may have the power to change the fate that is written in history (or geology to be more precise). No harm trying.


  63. Hysteron: I have to side with the FEd on this one, in that the entirely incorrect attitude to take is that of either “It’s all hopeless, there’s no point”, or “I don’t contribute the *most* pollution, therefore I don’t have to be efficient”. I have to add though that while Kyoto is NOT a solution and is certainly flawed, it IS a stepping stone. The world of politics and business moves slowly, and it takes a lot of time for things to turn around. Pollution and climate change are two trends which scientists are starting to really get through to politicians/businessmen (in part via the buying public), but so is the idea that we have a diminishing finite resource of raw materials.

    Ultimately, we’re going to have to change the way we use, store, and capture the energy we use, be it by choice or by requirement. Whether business moves willingly or not.

    Recycling of materials when and where it offers a clear benefit should be the norm, and not the exception. It shouldn’t be a buzzword, nor an embarrassing label (eg. recycled paper not being as high quality as new paper).

    Stick a bunch of solar panels on top of new builds and office blocks, and reduce the power required by those buildings; so long as it’s clean, power doesn’t have to be drawn entirely from the national grid. I often wonder what saving we’d see if we fitted the buildings in a city with solar panels.

    Things will shift gradually. There can be no quick, knee-jerk solution, when we’re discussing the lives of billions of (selfish) people. And I include myself under that “selfish” label.

    (If we could crack nuclear fusion, we’d be sorted 🙂 )

  64. [For the Cleveland list…no Mark Knopfler? And David is not in the top 3…are they kidding? They must also think that the Cavaliers, Indians, and Browns will all win championships this year, too. What a joke.]

    Much of the way people vote is what there favorite band is, I’ve never understood the big deal about Eddie Van Halen, but have always thought someone like Joe Satriani is way under rated. PF is my favorite band, so DG is my favorite because of the mood he sets, and his playing sends chills up & down my spine!

    Just people’s opinion, that’s why Ford makes more than just black cars! As for Cleveland sports, we are truly the longest suffering fans ever!

  65. Just a comment on recycling. Of course Reducing and Re-using is better than recycling, but every little bit helps.

    I just read that MEC, a Canadian outdoors outfitter is switching to compostable bio-plastic bags (made from corn) which are supposed to biodegrade within 4-12 WEEKS. Of course the bags cost the company more than those cheap plastic bags and the consumer will be paying for it, but who cares about a few extra cents per purchase if it means we won’t have those plastic bags lying around for centuries in landfills and the great outdoors! My only problem with using vegetation as a substitute for petroleum is that in North America, urban sprawl is wiping out the best farm land.

    Songs that represent David’s playing:

    Comfortably Numb
    Wish you were here
    This Heaven

    Hope the bloggers who are trying to quit smoking are successful. I was lucky, I quit when I was younger. Good Luck!

  66. Hysteron Proteron,

    You speak truth in much of what you say, unfortunately. My disagreement, as has been echoed by our Fed, Lucia, and Kxx, is our place and power in the grand scheme of things.

    Will recyclying one can save the planet? No. Will a slow shifting of the consumer mindset influence corporate choice? Perhaps, and that one chance is better than becoming complacent in our responsibility.

    I’ve wondered about green solutions. There may not be enough viable soultions for the current industrial/military complex, but given human ingenuity (and greed more darkly) I’m sure there could be ways to make certain green alternatives viable in regular society.

    Is it delusional? I’d like to think it’s a matter of principle. Thanks for your post, you always make us think…

    I wrote a song once about having hope and doing little things that build momentum…so, with regards to “The Important Stuff” and turning the tide, may I share ths….

    “And down on nowhere corner a man alone walking home sees a homeless man and smiles.
    And from the placid waters of inspiration in her mind a scientist finds a cure.
    And from the fruitless womb the sound of life is heard and what was barren now bears fruit.
    And from the hollowed chambers of marble law makers a politician speaks the truth.
    So beware the cynics and all the non-believers. You will live to live the change.
    Just don’t give in and don’t give up”

    Think that it’s possible my friends…

    [I tip my hat in your direction, Angelo. Thank you for sharing. – Features Editor]

  67. (You just can’t get the staff these days, can you? – Features Editor)

    Dearest FEd, I looked it up in all my dictionaries (from english to italian, from english to english) but I couldn’t found these sentence and I can’t understand what it means…and that drive me crazy!!! Can you explain me the meaning with other words, please? I’m curious…I’m learning a lot of new words since I read this blog! This is a great english school and you are a great teacher!
    Thanks a lot!


    [Forgive me. It means that the staff/people who work for us are not good enough. People say it in jest when they notice that a mistake has been made, such as Lizzie finding a wrongly-labelled photograph and having to spend extra time finding out who the man in the picture was when, ideally, the label should have told her exactly who he was. Maybe she thought badly of whoever made that mistake but knew that it was a simple error and we all make simple errors sometimes. It seems like quite an arrogant thing to say, but everyone knows that it’s meant as a joke. “You just can’t get (good) staff these days, can you?” – Features Editor]

  68. Ehm, Lucia…

    Now that I have decided to read Polly’s book as well, you are not going to post spoilers in here, are you??? *eek*

    And when I have read it can I join you two to the salon TV shows? I actually studied literature in a far away past so I may be able to help you out of any tight spots, if the ‘pretending to be experts’ thing fails.. 😉

    I promise to wear a necktie as well.. *grin*

    on another note:

    The SEE tickets site still mentions singles available for monday the 29th.. not sure if that is still the case if I read Martin S.’s post,. but maybe it is worth a try for anyone interested.

    hugs, Bianca

  69. I’m just listening to my 3 DG tracks for the 107 most influential guitarist poll – David’s solo (and indeed guitars) on Time gives me goosebumps EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen to it! No-one else can still do that to me over this amount of time (pun intended) 🙂


  70. * From Q107 “any suggestions for what song you think best represents David’s playing” *

    ~Wish You Were Here~

    Those would be my personal favorites that I felt reflect Dave’s “style”…

  71. Hysteron proteron, FEd and ukveronica,

    I think Veronica hit the nail on the head – recycling is a good way to get environmental issues into the minds of the general populace. Wherever you go, there are growing recycling resources that help educate by reinforcing an environmental message. In the UK here there are recycling banks at many big supermarkets, many councils now provide recycling bins (i.e. recycling is happening in the home – not unusual for the US, but relatively new here in the UK), municipal dumps provide wide ranges of recyclables. All these things provide an environmental message and are becoming increasingly pervasive in our lives. IMHO this is a good thing, because to the majority it just isn’t a priority.

    “No revolution without personal evolution” is a personal motto of mine. The responsibility to change rests with us as individuals. The key is communicating this to other individuals in meaninful ways, and acting on beliefs daily. Recycle, ride a bicycle or motorbike (i.e. reduce emissions and oil dependency), buy environmentally responsible products (e.g. recycled products, 2nd hand where reasonable). Do whatever you can and be a role model for the next generation – we may be too late, but our children certainly aren’t.

    – voted green at the recent counsillor elections

    [Speaking of big supermarkets, can I add that you can dispose of all your plastic carrier bags at Tesco stores? 100,000 tonnes of plastic bags are thrown away in the UK each year and each can take up to 100 years to decompose. – Features Editor]

  72. quick question:

    My tickets are booked with my mothers credit card. She isn’t going and I am wondering what I will need to do to prove that I am er me, if that makes any sense?

    [If you live at the same address and have the same surname, I can’t see there being a problem as long as you take proof of your address along with your mother’s credit card statement. Any utility bill will be fine. – Features Editor]

  73. All this talk of the environment etc has had me thinking and I have always been a bit sceptical. This mainly caused by remembering promises of the paper free office when computers take over. They never had big green recycle bins about when I started to work. The reason being that, I believe, we waste more paper now than ever.

    I have never seen the point of the need to go to work to pay for the car (or any other comodity) that takes you to work. Vicious circle isnt it. Before you buy it think ‘do I really need this’.

    The rarest comodity we have is time. You cannot buy it (yet). Yes we have to work for a living but get the balance right. Dont give it away to your boss so that he can benefit from it, dont waste it. Use it wisely. So enjoy every moment with your family, friends, the birds that wake you first thing in the morning.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Two Aerials meet on a roof – fall in love – get married. The ceremony was rubbish but the Reception was brilliant.

  74. Thank you very much for the clear explanation FEd! I thought in a more difficult way than it was necessary! I though it was an english phrase that I can’t translate literaly. Sorry! Thank you for your patience!


    [My pleasure. – Features Editor]

  75. Forgive me, Bianca!

    I promise I don’t spoil your reading but…try to read it soon, so we will be free to speak about it! And I think you can join us to the salon TV shows too! Which is the analogous in England of the David Letterman’s show?



    [Oh, we have to go on Newsnight Review. We will have to disagree on several points, use words like “malaise” and one of us will have to suggest that, quite possibly, Lizzie harbours complex subconscious thoughts of using sex as a weapon in the greater female struggle against oppression, which is inevitably a direct result of her being forced to exist in a cruel male-dominated society against her natural will (in no way is that a spoiler, it’s just an example of the type of random feminist nonsense you get from time to time on Newsnight Review when they start over-analysing everything). It’ll be great. The sofa looks very comfortable. – Features Editor]

  76. “The rarest comodity we have is time” So true Pete and it’s just getting worse and worse.

    “No revolution without personal evolution”
    That is a great motto Nickster.


  77. One final batch of Tommy Cooper gems

    Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off.

    A blind bloke walks into a shop with a guide dog. He picks the Dog up and starts swinging it around his head. Alarmed, a shop assistant calls out: ‘Can I help, sir?’ ‘No thanks,’ says the blind bloke. ‘Just looking.’

    It’s strange, isn’t it. You stand in the middle of a library and go aaaaagghhhh and everyone just stares at you. But you do the same thing on an aeroplane, and everyone joins in.

    A woman tells her doctor, ‘I’ve got a bad back.’
    The doctor says, ‘It’s old age.’ The woman says, ‘I want a second opinion.’ The doctor says: ‘Okay – you’re ugly as well.

    Tommy Cooper 1921-1984 🙁

  78. Plastic carrier bags, now there’s an issue. Do we need them. All they do is give free advertising. I can remember (just) when you had to do with a shopping bag. We have 3 for our shopping. I couldnt give a monkeys what I look like. They have served me well for years.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: “So I rang up my local swimming baths. I said ‘Is that the local swimming baths?’ He said ‘It depends where you’re calling from.'”

  79. David Gilmour must come to Argentina.. it`s the only reason for me to live.. i cannot die without see him in live concert.. i pray to god all days for that. = (

  80. High Fed i have been thinking about the best tracks that represent davids playing so here goes in no order

    01:Comfortably Numb
    02:Shine on……
    03:Echoes for the atmosphere his guitar playing creates

    of course the list is endless from the early stuff right up to on an island, lets face it when he puts his fingers to the guitar every sound made is classic David Gilmour, cheers all see you on the 29th so so long to wait, suspended animation (i wish you could put me in this untill that date see ya all

  81. Pete from Coventry, yes I vaguely remember the film Crystal Voyager was supporting but cant remember the title but think it was about little people, strange but help needed here.

    Ian Pearson

  82. “Influential” being the key word:

    1. Robert Johnson
    2. Les Paul
    3. Muddy Waters
    4. B.B. King
    5. Jimi Hendrix

    SRV was a great guitarist, as is Robin Trower, but both were influenced by Jimi. Page, Clapton, and to a lesser extent, Beck, were all influenced (and readily admit as much) by Robert Johnson, Muddy, and BB. Without Les Paul, well, think of all the guitarists who play flying-V’s….

    I would think a better list would be of “Unique” guitarists – those who have such a difinitive sound that you can recognize them by hearing one phrase, or sometimes (in David’s case) one note.

    Kinda innaresting that Neil Young hasn’t turned up yet….

  83. WOW FEd! You’re ready to go to the Newsnight Review! I need to prepare some good reason to disagree…but if I found the good reasons you can be sure I’m very good to disagree!!! We can do a great show!!!



    [We could argue that Lizzie’s character has more canine characteristics than she has feline ones? – Features Editor]

  84. Dear Fet ed and Hysterion,

    I agree that recycling is not our salvation. But to sit back and say “all is lost so I will do nothing” makes that person MORE of the problem than those who are ignorant. To be enlightened with the gravity of our situation and choose to not even try to make a difference is in my opinion worse than the person who goes about his business in a clueless state of bliss. I don’t know about all of you, but I have kids- young ones who get to inherit the mess we are making now. I agree that it will take an amazing turn of events to change the hearts and minds of people/government enough to have an impact. But I think that event is coming. When oil runs out and the alternatives are too expensive or impracticle to enact, our whole world will be forced to do things different or die. I know you think our only course is the latter, but I don’t share that view. If you believe in evolution, you believe that species have overcome for millenia. If like me, you believe in creation- our creator gifted us with intelligence enough to overcome harsh realities. We’ve done that for quite some time now and I think at least some of us (not the billions alive today!) will continue to do so.

    We can slow the waste down and buy time- not much perhaps, but just maybe enough to come up with good alternatives. Take a bus for now, drive under 60 mph, don’t use plastic grocery bags (buy a cloth one and use it for shopping- we waste 14 million barrels of oil a year on plastic grocery bags alone!). There ARE things you can do now. Don’t be selfish thinking its too late. Think of those that are too young to be responsible yet- it’s our job. Get at it!

    BTW- 3 songs that represent DG? Shine On parts 1-9(I know, they won’t play it, but THAT is the track that does it), Comfortably Numb and Marooned.


  85. This is a bit off-topic, but I was wondering if anyone has any info on that cool laser used in the US shows? At the LA shows it looked like the lasers were all coming from one device, and were bounced around everywhere by mirrors which was a really cool effect. The Total Production International article was written before the lasers were added to the show, or I would think it would have that kind of info. The tour spiked my interest in such things, and was just wondering 🙂

    I wish I could go to London to see David again.

    As far as the top 100 guitarists thing – David will always be really high on my list. Lists compiled by polls and whatnot are silly to me, since all that really matters is what you feel yourself and what their music and playing does for you.

    David’s playing directly inspired me to pick up guitar playing, something I’ve been learning slowly over several years. *Trying* to play his parts from many songs only increases my admiration of his guitar playing. So, I guess you could say that he’s the #1 guitar player in my book, and as far as I’m concerned no other top-10 list matters.


  86. I can’t resist…

    3 DG Tracks:

    Money — Pulse
    Fat Old Sun — Live OAI Tour
    The Blue — OAI

    …but how do you really choose just three? This could be another one for a slow blog week…

    [Good point. – Features Editor]

  87. And the Magic 3 from me…

    1. High Hopes (with the acoustic end)
    2. Take a Breath
    3. On an Island (extended version)

    Enjoyed the listen on World Cafe –

    Thanks for all the great info.

    PS: Also got my merchandise from Anthill. But I think the labeling on the Sitting Blue Tshirt is off. I ordered an XL and that is what the shirt they shipped says but it is SO BIG that it would probably fit a 2XX person. So keep that in mind if you are ordering from their North American store.

  88. [Oh, we have to go on Newsnight Review. We will have to disagree on several points, use words like “malaise” and one of us will have to suggest that, quite possibly, Lizzie harbours complex subconscious thoughts of using sex as a weapon in the greater female struggle against oppression, which is inevitably a direct result of her being forced to exist in a cruel male-dominated society against her natural will (in no way is that a spoiler, it’s just an example of the type of random feminist nonsense you get from time to time on Newsnight Review when they start over-analysing everything). It’ll be great. The sofa looks very comfortable. – Features Editor]

    RANDOM FEMINIST NONSENSE?? We will do great on disagreeing with each other there already.. *grin*

    *looks up Newsnight Review in the BBC listings to check out that sofa: 10.30pm on BBC2… can do!*

    Lucia, no apologies nessecary, but I can’t read the book soon, since I have to wait till I am in London to get it. And that wait is already soooooooooooooo looooooooooong.. Can’t wait to be there already 🙂

    You don’t happen to come to London end of the month as well, do you Lucia? If would be a blast to meet you. 🙂

    Hugs, Bianca

    [Were the SW7 bookshop links (in the previous blog entry) of any use to you, Bianca? – Features Editor]

  89. [Were the SW7 bookshop links (in the previous blog entry) of any use to you, Bianca? – Features Editor]

    Yes they were, and I will email ahead to make sure it will be there. Thank you very much for those FEd!


    [My pleasure. I’m sure you’ll be glad that you got your hands on a copy. – Features Editor]

  90. [We could argue that Lizzie’s character has more canine characteristics than she has feline ones? – Features Editor]

    Good point, mate! Just I finish reading the book, I will prepare my address by counsel for the show…I hope to win the hearts of the audience! And if the movie director will choose me as Lizzie in the film…could I choose Johnny Depp as Tony? I’m sure Polly agree!

    Have a great evening!


    [I don’t know about that. I seem to recall that Polly has earmarked British actor, Anthony Andrews, for the role of Tony. – Features Editor]

  91. The greatest threat (IMO) to the enviroment is the human population growth rate. While our ability to stretch environmental constraints have been exceedingly notable in the modern era, it is simply not sustainable without creating unmeasurable social division or environmental carnage.

    [Indeed. The Earth’s population has more than doubled in the last 40 years. – Features Editor]

  92. Hello, F.Ed,

    Three picks for Q107;( I wanted to pick Dogs, but with Echoes and SOYCD being too long, I would presume Dogs would be too long also.)

    1. High Hopes
    2. Sorrow
    3. One of these Days (PULSE version)

    Hysteron, I cannot remember who coined the phrase “If you want the world to change, be that change”, but this is one place we can be that change. Recycling and other forms of conservation may not appear to make that big of an impact. But when I recycle, conserve, and be respectful of the environment were I live, my kids will learn from that. These kinds of things are how we change the culture. They will be influenced in a positive way about how important it is not to be wasteful, and how the smallest things can make the biggest impact. We may not save the world from ourselves. I do not have a crystal ball to tell me what the future holds. All I know is that throwing your hands up and saying ‘this isn’t going to make a difference so why bother’ is just a defeatist attitude. One of my favorite lyrics, “Hey You, don’t help them to bury the light/ Don’t give in without a fight” takes heart for me in situations like this. I agree with F.Ed in the fact that individuals should do everything they can to help. We have to be that change.

    Have a great day all,

  93. my three suggestions I sent to Andrew (Q107):

    – The blue (album version)
    – Take a breath (OAI tour version)
    – High Hopes (AOL sessions version or “DG in concert” DVD version)

    Good choices ?

    [I think so. – Features Editor]

  94. Hi everyone,

    well I voted

    David Gilmour
    Jimi Hendrix
    Eric Clapton

    In my opinion the best songs which represent David’s playing are:

    Comfortably numb

    But if I can add an extra track, the acoustic guitar in “Is There Anybody Out There?” is a masterpiece, so sweet and delicate. It deserves more consideration.

    Bye bye

  95. Ian & Pete,

    Crystal Voyager was shown as a double-bill with a french sci-fi called The Savage Planet.

    Those Tommy Cooper lines had me in stitches 😀

  96. [Speaking of big supermarkets, can I add that you can dispose of all your plastic carrier bags at Tesco stores]

    Tesco also do the ‘bag for life’ wherby you buy a big for 10p and use it until it rips or gets a hole in it, they then replace it for free.

    The idea is that you re-use the bags as many times as possible rather than getting a new one everytime.

    I’m no fan of Tesco, in fact I don’t like them at all (too big, too powerful) but I will say fair play to them when it comes to providing recycling facilties for their customers.

  97. Hey FEd,

    Ok, a 3 song list of songs that perfectly illustrate why Gilmour is the master of the ‘Caster. No problem….. errr, emmm… damn, only three!!???!! UGh! ok, here it goes (and in no particular order):

    Sorrow (Momentary Lapse of Reason)
    Young Lust (The Wall)
    Marooned (The Division Bell)

    Andrew, thanks for dropping by and great work on the writing of The Legends of Rock show on Q107… I listen to it every chance I get!


  98. [Speaking of big supermarkets, can I add that you can dispose of all your plastic carrier bags at Tesco stores? 100,000 tonnes of plastic bags are thrown away in the UK each year and each can take up to 100 years to decompose.]

    Dear Fed,

    in France, many supermarkets give no more plastic bags. Or, bags made with maize. I’m sure you have such bags in UK or USA.

    To Michèle:

    [“délicatesse – pudeur – esthétisme -“]

    I agree. Même si “esthétisme” est peut-être un peu réducteur. Il me semble (mais je me trompe peut-être) que l’esthétisme fait fi de l’espoir et du désespoir. Et il y a tant de désespoir et d’espoir dans ce que fait David! enfin, à mon avis.

    [“but my very personnel one: “jardin secret” (au même titre peut-être que “secours” ? who knows ? )”]

    Yes, who knows? I said “Secours”, as the most important help someone can need in his life, I think.

    Have you seen the exhibition about PF, à la Cité de la Musique, in Paris? It was the first -and last- time I saw the famous guitar of Syd Barrett, with mirrors… Incredible. And so moving. Troublant.

    Ikkar, with love

  99. Dear F.Ed!

    Just an update on the RAH tickets sold through See Ticket:

    The See Ticket “tracking” site informs that they have recieved tickets to all 3 nights from the RAH and that they are in the mail and on it’s way to me….. I guess that everyone waiting for tickets from See Ticket will receive them in a few days.
    At least we don’t have to worry about the tickets arriving too late!

    Best regards


    [Let’s hope so! – Features Editor]

  100. Hi all,

    I`ve sent my three suggestions to Andrew at Q107, and I think I had a barmy moment! They are;

    1. Fat old sun
    2. Fearless
    3. On an island

    The third selection I understand, but options 1 and 2 I chose because I`d just put my guitar down after playing them!!

    Nice of Andrew to post!

    all the best.

  101. I suggested Andrew the following songs, representing much his guitar and his voice too:

    Fat Old Sun (Atom Heart Mother 1970)
    Time (Dark Side Of The Moon 1973)
    Confortably Numb (The Wall 1979)

    Mentioning Polly’s Out Of The Picture, it left a deep track in me as well, I hope to see it in a movie one day…

    [It would make a great movie, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

  102. Where do we begin in regards to the 3 tracks they should play that represent David. he alread said no Echoes or Shine on… because of the time constraints. I would say the following 3:

    Comfortably Numb- this guitar solo is probably one of the most famous in music
    Marooned- This is not a long track but I think it really represents David “open sound” guitar playing and is a beautiful piece
    High Hopes- I chose this one because he sings and plays everything within this song.

    Those are my 3, I enjoy reading about other people’s choices as well and the motivation of why you chose them.

    What are your 3 FED?

    Matt in Maine

    [Again, it’s not easy choosing just three. I think ‘Sorrow’ and ‘Marooned’ would be good choices – especially if played back-to-back – as, for me, they highlight how diverse David is as a guitarist. Both tracks are very powerful and emotive, but in different ways: the heavy echo effect of ‘Sorrow’ is deliciously dark and the note-bending/Whammy pedal fest that is ‘Marooned’ is so light it leaves your head in the clouds. Has a Grammy ever been more deserved? Anyway, I’d plump for one of the new songs, too. ‘The Blue’ particularly stands out. – Features Editor]

  103. Here are my 3 picks:

    1. Marooned
    2. Coming Back to Life
    3. On an Island

  104. I have no idea where to begin. I had the pleasure of seeing David Gilmour on the April 16th show in Oakland. David Gilmour is the reason I started playing guitar. I remember hearing the solo at the end of “On the Turning Away” and I looked at my dad and said “if I went and bought a guitar, I wanna sound just like that”.

    I saved my money for months and bought tickets to the show and airline tickets from Spokane, WA. I had just enough money to fly down, see the show and then fly back the next morning after sleeping on the floor of the Oakland airport.

    One of the most memorable moments of my life occured before the show. I had the honor of being just one of maybe six people to have my OAI cd signed by Mr. Gilmour. He even asked my name and signed it to me personally. That moment, in and of itself, made the whole trip worth every penny I saved. I could have just gone back to Washington after that, skipped the show, and I would have been satisfied. It was great to be able to show it off to all my friends when I got home and show it to people who were at the Paramount that night. My guitar hero just signed my CD… “To Tim… David Gilmour”. Unbelievable moment for me.

    I got home and put both my newly signed CD and an autographed Evander Holyfield card into a zip lock bag and placed them next to my computer on the desk. Both Evander Holyfield and David Gilmour have been the two most influential people in my life (that I dont know personally) and I had the honor of meeting and getting an autograph from each. I dont collect autographs or anything like that, I just happened to be lucky or given a gift fom God in both instances.

    On the Wednesday following the concert, someone broke into my home and was after my computer apparently. RAM chips were taken out and a few other things. They also took the autographed items in the ziplock bag as a “bonus”… I guess.

    I have very little in the way of material posessions, but even if I owned everything I wanted, those two items are priceless to me. Simply put, they are the most important material items I have… without question. I am absolutely heart broken. I have called the police and there is nothing they can do without some sort of evidence, I have asked around and I have put up $500.00 reward signs ALL over town. I have done all the things that a person should do when a theft has occured. Getting violent and going about things in that fashion has crossed my mind as I think it would most people… its only natural to be angry.

    They could have taken my TV, DVD player, my sons video games, ANYTHING!!! Those things can be replaced. But they didn’t. They took my two most prized posessions which happen to be totally irreplacable. Words cannot even begin to explain how devestated I am about this whole thing.

    Writing a message on this forum is my last resort… a plea of sorts. I know it goes against the rules and I apologize. But if God saw to it that I got autographs from my heroes, then maybe God will find a way for me to get them back. I dont know if Mr. Gilmour reads this blog personally or if any messages get passed his way… but I will try and have faith. Maybe David would remember me if I sent some pictures of him signing my CD? Maybe since only a few were signed, he would remember me without the photos. I just have to have faith that something miraculous can come from all of this.

    This is a plea of desperation to Mr. Gilmour. Even if the signed CD cannot be replaced, I will always be honored that he took the time to do me a favor that could never be returned… he signed my CD!!!!

    Thanks again for a wonderful evening and I will never forget it. I hope this letter finds you somehow and I pray with all that I am that maybe you can help me. Thanks for taking the time to read this and God bless.

    [Tim, that’s awful. I’m so sorry. – Features Editor]

  105. argh…three songs to show David’s versatility and why we think he is really the most eloquent guitarist???? Can this really be done? Not without sacrifice.

    For this moment mine will be:

    Hey You
    Comfortably Numb

    But who can exclude ‘Any Color You Like’ ‘Marooned” and the only reason I would ever listen to ‘The Fletcher Memorial Home’ or ‘Dogs’ would be for those blistering bits by Gilmour. Look folks, I’ll be honest with you, I am a 64 year old woman who has gone absolutely nuts for that Gilmour sound and proud of it. I love reading all the wonderful things people have been writting in this blog. Enjoying the jokes and banter.

    I want to tell all of you who responded to hysteron proton (like the expressive Lucia) that it wonderful to hear what you have to say and it gives us all hope. The worst thing is not to at least try. We are all guilty of wasting goods here in the u.s. esp, I feel. So it feels good to try to be a small part.

    While I am entering this on my pc I am listening to On An Island for the umpteenth time and can not understand why I can’t get this on my classic rock station here in Minn…maybe the station lives under a rock???

  106. Dear Features Editor;

    I need to beg for your assistance once again in the selection of three songs for Q107.

    Can you enter for me?

    Hey You
    Comfortably Numb

    or have I take liberties?

    You kindly posted David Gilmour as my favorite guitarist which I greatly appreciate.

    [Consider it done, Jan. – Features Editor]

  107. [Perhaps the key word here is “Influential”.] – Michael Kelly.

    there was a box on the online Rolling Stone today, polling among three choices for most influential concept album OF ALL TIME. DSotM was one of the choices, and blew the other two away.

    [That is to say what dG does is more “texture”. Nobody layers an arrangement like Gilmour.] – alternate gilmour

    i agree completely. but on the topic of texture, someone should mention the late great Michael Hedges! i saw him live, and i couldn’t believe one man got all those sounds out of one acoustic guitar, all by himself.

    this is an interesting topic!! oh, and oh boy it’s Hysteron back again – i couldn’t agree with YOU more, FEd. ’nuff said.

    – laurie

  108. [J’ai un chien. Il s’appelle “Floyd”. – Features Editor]

    Not a word of a lie F.E., mais j’ai une chatte appellez “Pinky”.Perhaps we can get them together and they can tour as “Pinky Floyd”.

    Think “anyone” may have an issue with this?

    Or we could go Floydy Pink if you want marquee status.

    [Well, I have a goldfish called Ro… No, I’m going to edit myself before I get in any trouble. – Features Editor]

  109. I was just about ready to make “The Final Cut” after reading HP’s harrowing words of doom, but then read Lucia’s encouraging thoughts and changed my mind. I enjoy reading her posts. They make me “Smile”!

  110. Three favorites:

    1. The Turning Away

    2. Sorrow

    3. Wish You Were Here (Not because of the musical integrity, but because of all the fond memories)

  111. Top 3 David’s are: Echoes, Shine On and Coming Back To Life.

    A horse walks into the bar, the bartender says, “Why the long face?”

  112. Oh, Bianca! I’d like very much come to London (I love London!), but I think it won’t be possible….I fear I won’t be able to have a journey ’till August…very sad! I know I could come just for 2 days…but it’s one of my faults: I am an anxious person so I need to live with a list of priorities and I can’t do others things ’till I have deleted some of my priorities from my list! And in this moment I have a long list! I know, it is a very stupid behavior…but when I feel the responsability about something, this is the best way I can manage it! can you understand?

    Maybe, we will be able to meet in August. Will you be in London?

    Thank for the idea!

    have a great day!


  113. Whilst not wishing to undermine the most exalted guitarists of all time, David Gilmour included, please spare a few moments to consider another famous guitarist whose name I have been unable to find mentioned in these blogs.

    If you listen to one of his most popular works ‘Guitar Boogie Shuffle’, it is set in a 1950’s/1960’s soundscape, and before the likes of Hendrix came along and showed the world at large how to make a guitar talk.

    I speak of Bert Weedon of course, without whom some of our most famous guitarists may have given up in their early years. Here are a few comments from Bert’s own web site:

    “I wouldn’t have felt the urge to press on without the tips and encouragement that Bert’s book ‘Play in a Day’ gives you. I’ve never met a player of any consequence that doesn’t say the same thing.” Eric Clapton

    “Mr. Bert Weedon – Guitar Wizard . . . this guy is a legend . . . there are thousands of us so-called guitar heroes who first saw live TV guitar playing by Mr. Bert Weedon – Guitar Wizard . . . thank you very much for spreading the guitar and your enthusiasm to all of us, who are very happy to know you.” Brian May

    “We (George Harrison and Paul McCartney) went through the Bert Weedon books and learned D and A together.” Paul McCartney

    “Like everyone else I bought ‘Play in a Day’, and started off with it – good luck with the video.” Pete Townshend

    “We all started off in our early days through your book ‘Play in a Day’ – thanks Bert.” John Lennon

    “You wait for the Bert Weedon’s to come along and show the way.” Sting

    “In the centre of London there’s a very “in” club. The stairs leading down to the bar are narrow and cold, but there’s a slogan daubed across the wall in giant letters that would warm the cockles of anyone’s heart – ‘Bert Weedon is God’ . . . known to many as the man who taught the world to play electric guitar.” Record Mirror

  114. [I don’t know about that. I seem to recall that Polly has earmarked British actor, Anthony Andrews, for the role of Tony. – Features Editor]

    ANTHONY ANDREWS???? Isn’t he like a million years old by now?!

    (I still vote for Johnny Depp as well, and I haven’t even read the book yet, hehehe. Or how about that Viggo Mortensen chap? He is old but attractive..

    Ooh, that is something we could argue about on Newsnight! Haven’t seen the sofa b.t.w., it was too boring, so I zapped away before any sofa was shown ;-))

    Hugs, Bianca

    [How can you call it boring?! No wait, you’re absolutely right. It is. – Features Editor]

  115. [But if I can add an extra track, the acoustic guitar in “Is There Anybody Out There?” is a masterpiece, so sweet and delicate. It deserves more consideration]

    To the best of my knowledge David did not play the ending on ” Is there anybody out there”. I could be mistaken though .

    I remember reading somewhere that he handed over lead duties when finishing this track????

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

    [I believe David has said that he could play it with a leather pick, but not as well fingerstyle, so the end of the version that you hear on the album is played by Lee Ritenour. – Features Editor]

  116. Please, it comes to Brazil! Everybody adores its musica! It asks to the Stones, here much cultured people that would adore assistiz them. U2 crowded 2 stadiums 180000 people in 2 days, being that they do not arrive nor in its feet!

  117. Hey all,

    Just a quick note to tell all people from holland: if you want to order the book “out of the picture” you can do that on it’s not expensive but will take 2 to 3 weeks to be delivered. i ordered mine there and i have to agree, it’s brilliant!!!

  118. Regarding Hysteron proteron’s post: I too feel that it’s important to have hope. Remember in that wonderful film, The Shawshank Redemption, hope, even though it was a “dangerous thing”, was the answer. “Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.”

    Too hokey? I don’t think so. If we don’t have any hope, we’ll all give up and it is a foregone conclusion that we’ll destroy everything. The easiest, laziest thing to do is to give up.


    PS–There is a very good special on global warming on HBO: Too Hot Not To Handle. Well worth seeing.

  119. Hey FEd, this is something you said in the RAH ticket update blog entry:

    [Maybe you can try the RAH website, too. Cheaper than ‘phoning all the time. – Features Editor]

    I phoned today and asked if returned tickets would show up at the website at the same time they show up in their system, but the lady on the phone assured me that that wasn’t the case. It takes a while for any tickets to show up on the website and it is much more likely they will have been swiped by phone by then.

    So anyone still out there on ticket hunt: it is better to phone the RAH.

    Hugs, Bianca

    [So there you have it. Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  120. Tim…et al

    I would suggest we all keep an eye on eBay for these items…

    – OAI CD signed “To Tim…David Gilmour”
    – A autographed Evander Holyfield card

    It’s the place that they would most likely use to get rid of them…

    Pointy sticks at the ready fellow blogmours!!!

  121. Happy Wednesday,
    Joyeaux Mercredi,
    Felice Anno Nuovo,

    I am about 36 hours into trying to come up with my 3 choices and am no nearer. This is difficult as I keep flitting from the noodling period, which is my fave era, to the more recent period where I guess more realistically I maybe should be. However, apart from OAI my top listen is ‘Island Jam’. This has really hit the spot.

    Nice posts this morning particularly the one about Bert Weedon.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: I bought some HP sauce the other day. It’s costing me 6p a month for the next 2 years.

  122. FED, Geoff Duffy , thanks for the information about “Is There Anybody Out There?” . It’s a news for me.


  123. [I believe David has said that he could play it with a leather pick, but not as well fingerstyle, so the end of the version that you hear on the album is played by Lee Ritenour. – Features Editor]

    I knew I didn’t dream that, I just couldn’t put my finger(style) on the guys name I guess you could say our hero aint too “PICKY” who plays on his music.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

    [You could. How many musicians would be honest enough to think of, and compose, a beautiful piece of music and then openly admit that someone else plays it better? To put ego and pride aside, to let that person record your music on a hugely successful album and then take every opportunity to declare this in interviews? Is there a suitable French word for it, Michèle? I’m thinking “humble” sounds good, but I’m sure there’s a better word out there. – Features Editor]


    Oh, FEd! I didn’t know him so I searched pictures on internet and…he is not as handsome as Johnny Depp! But I wish he could be Johnny Depp just if I am Lizzie..and I’m too old to play Lizzie! So he could be another one…uhmmm…during the next days I will say you which are my favourites actors for Out Of the Pictures protagonist’s faces…for Lizzie, maybe, someone like Misha Barton, from O.C. series….young, nice but not too much…panther! Can you understand if I say pantherwoman? Like Anglina Jolie, beautiful but danger! She seems always say: “I will use you than I will throw you…GRRRRR”!

    Which could be yours? But…the film is really going to be realize or is just a future idea?



    [There are no plans to turn it into a film, but the question was once put to Polly and she said that she’d like John Hurt to play the part of Jack, Miranda Richardson to play the part of Cordelia and two unknowns to become famous thanks to playing the roles of Lizzie and Savannah. So there you go. I’ll have to think who I’d cast in these roles… – Features Editor]

  125. Hey Mike from Michigan,

    “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

    – Mahatma Ghandi

  126. I am a great fan of David Gilmour and Q107 and My top pick was David Gilmour.

    David and the band just want to say I CANNOT GET YOU OUT OF MY MIND AND DO NOT WANT TO.I HAVE GONE TO MANY , MANY CONCERTS OVER A 25YEAR SPAN AND YOURS IS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL IN MY TIME .I have just returned from the Bahamas and on my balcony every night on a Island was what I listened to with the ocean waves.Thank you

    Looking forward to DVD.

  127. Tim,

    I’m sorry about what happened. Maybe it’s just all the detective shows I’ve seen, but it seems to me as if whoever broke into your house was after the ziplock bag and the computer stuff was the bonus (or the diversion), not the other way around. In other words, it was someone who knew you had the signed CD. I’d look for it on eBay. Something like that could easily fetch $1000.

  128. Hello Fed and All Ive just finished reading andrews post and Id like to give you my suggestion
    for which song represents Davids Playing And I thought out of FAT OLD SUN OR SMILE What do you think Fed?


    [I think they’re two very good suggestions, mate. – Features Editor]

  129. Hey I almost forgot here is my top 3 Guitarists sent to Q107.

    1) David Gilmour
    2) Gary Moore
    3) Robin Trower

    cheers from Mississauga Ontario Canada

  130. Waiting For David – Day 1

    First impressions of the title of this Blog could suggest that I am about to assail you with one of those hard hitting, heart wrenching, socio-realistic docu-dramas in the mould of “Cathy Come Home”.

    [Adopts standard movie trailer voice-over voice]
    “Coming soon on the Fox Network – Waiting For David … “

    In some regards I guess the analogy isn’t that far off the truth as the wait to see my “go-to guy” seems to be dragging unbearably and I am suffering both in a heart wrenching and hard hitting way because of it. Actually that’s not true. My wife is doing the suffering. I’m just irritating the heck out of her. Like an over excited Labrador bouncing around yapping and waiting for you to throw the ball for me to fetch I’ve been waking up every morning with my “Is it the 31st yet?” look on my face.

    No it’s not now shut up and go back to sleep before I recreate the theme from Shine On with a Fender frying pan and your head … Bing, Bung, Bing, Claaaaaaaaang!

    OK – I get the point.

    Unfortunately for you guys all of this pent up excitement has got to go somewhere. My original plan was to regale you all with a day-by-day Blog of my wait to see Mr. Gilmour in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall on the 31st of May on a daily basis beginning 14 days before the big event. Unfortunately I can’t wait that long so we’re starting now with 21 whole days to go. Lucky you.

    Today’s instalment is all about how I got the tickets.

    Actually, in the first instance, I didn’t get any tickets. I was somewhat gutted especially as despite all of David’s mutterings I just knew that the gig I missed would be the one that Roger, Nick and Rick would all appear along with Lord Lucan, Sheargar, Elvis and conclusive proof of life on other planets. Such is my imagination and my luck.

    After realising that my life was over (yes, yes I know that I have a beautiful wife and a new child due at the end of July and a great job and a lovely house but you don’t understand – my life is like OVER! … and yes, you’re right darling, perhaps I should go and sit in the shed with the garden tools until I’ve got some perspective on my life … but it’s raining – how about if I say “sorry” darling?). Anyhow – all of a sudden some extra seats get released. Apparently they’re in the choir stalls and you spend the show looking at the back of David’s head but flipping’ heck are you kidding me? I mean, I’ll be there!

    Now unfortunately (at least with regard to ordering DG tickets) I work in a busy A&E in the heart of London (ER for our transatlantic friends) and that’s just not the place to be able to take time out to get onto a ticket line and repeat dial from nine o’clock until you get a response.

    [Camera fades in to a busy trauma room. The team are assembled as the trauma doors are swept open by an ambulance crew with a bloodied road traffic accident victim. A calm voice takes control of the scene …]

    “I need a c-spine, chest and pelvis and two big lines. Let’s get some O-neg on the go and I’ll have two DG tickets for the 31st – stat!”

    Hmmm … I digress.

    The good news is that my wife’s dad volunteered to take on the role. I say “good news” but to be honest I was a little concerned as he’s not exactly up on popular rock music.

    “Hi there Neil – I need you to get me two tickets for David Gilmour at the Albert Hall.”

    “Gordon Giltrap – who the bloody hell is he?”

    “No, no – it’s David Gilmour. Have you got a pen? It’s D – A – V – no, no, there’s no-one called Albert in the band. That’s where they’re playing …”

    Not a good start but hey – I crossed my fingers and thanked him for helping. You’ve got to appreciate the effort. Anyway, against all of the odds and after countless re-dials, my father-in-law actually gets through to the ticket guys and happens to connect with a fellow Welshman (I’ve held back on mentioning the “Welsh” thing up until now as a) I didn’t want to appear racist and b) I didn’t want my wife to send me to the shed again).

    Well the two of them get on famously and discover that they used to live near each other’s villages and so eventually some really good tickets are duly purchased. Interestingly enough the ticket guy was very particular about ensuring that we would definitely be going to the gig so the tickets weren’t wasted and also making sure that they weren’t destined for an eBay auction. My father-in-law was absolutely adamant that the tickets were heading for very appreciable fans and re-assured the ticket vendor that his son-in-law was a huge Travelling Wilbury’s fan and has all of their records.


    I got the tickets though so I am eternally grateful to the in-laws and even more appreciable of the chance to go and see David after I thought my chance had gone. I’ll be back tomorrow with my further adventures as the countdown continues. Cheers!

    Today’s concerning thought: Where do they get the seeds from to grow more seedless grapes?

    Today’s most obscure track request likely to be called out all night by the drunken idiot allocated seats next to mine: “Play See Saw! Whoo-hooo!”

    Today’s concert worry: Where did I put the bloody tickets?

    Today’s comment from the wife: Is he sleeping with those bloody tickets under his pillow again?

  131. Hi all,

    I would like to say thank you Marian for letting us know about World Cafe. I enjoyed it very much.
    By the way, I have a little question about musical material, was there another session for World Cafe or AOL session material was used.


    [I was wondering the same thing. I’ll have to find out. – Features Editor]

  132. To Tim:

    I’m sorry for what you have lost, even though, being a Pink Floyd fan of the old school… I’ve never been into autographs and I don’t support that…

    Fans of my generation and older consider much more worth a handshake and a smile than one million autographs.

    I would suggest you to keep watching ebay though, soon or later that’s the place where you’ll find your autographed cd back…

    Good luck 🙂
    G.Luca, Amsterdam

  133. (dG did not play “Is there anybody out there”??)
    [David has said that he could not play it as well fingerstyle, so the end of the version that you hear on the album is played by …]

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Say it ain’t so!!!

    That’s one of my fav things to play…it HAS to be dG. Sometimes when I’m in a shop looking at a new guitar, I’ll play that to test the harmonics. It’s always fun if people are around because it gets real quiet and you can tell they are thinking…”hmmmm,what is that…I know that tune…”

  134. phew! I thought about my 3 best represents David’s playing but…it’s so hard! I agree with the people that named High hopes, Marooned, Comfortably Numb, Echoes, Shine On You Crazy Diamond…but I wonder what less there’s in “Have a cigar”, “The Final Cut”, “The Thin Ice”, “Mother”, “Raise My Rent”…too much difficult choose…I fear I can’t join to you with my list…but, at the end…does some one disagree if I say that the minutes between 10 and 14 of Atom Mother Heart Suite is fantastic! I love that song. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Pink Floyd are genius!


    [‘Mother’ is a very good choice. – Features Editor]

  135. Just to add to the bad jokes….

    “Two nuts walk into a bar, one was a salted”


    “A baby seal walks into a club”

    [That second one is just so wrong… – Features Editor]

  136. Lee Ritenour, that’s who it was, thanks FEd, Is There Anybody Out There was the very first guitar piece I learnt when I was still a student, it’s an interesting arpeggio with the melodic lead on the bass line, I think it was written by Roger Waters though.

  137. Hi all im made up today as i have just managed to track down 6 albums from a band called Shriekback that i lost years ago, i have tried for years if anyone out there wants to hear a band that always credited gilmour/floyd with getting them started and having a influence on every song they recorded , give them a go , have you ever heard of them Fed if so what do you think they are a band from the 80’s onwards but not of the cheesy kind that came out of the 80’s, i am of to work to relive my youth through music , only music has that quality of letting you remember if you have not heard them Fed give them a try

    [Never heard of them, but thanks for the tip. – Features Editor]

  138. [Just a quick note to tell all people from holland: if you want to order the book “out of the picture” you can do that on it’s not expensive but will take 2 to 3 weeks to be delivered. I ordered mine there and I have to agree, it’s brilliant!!!]

    Thanks, Emiel, that is the same online store I was talking about. But since I will be in London in 16 days (woohoo!!)) that will probably be quicker. 🙂

    Hugs, Bianca

  139. well..i have voted..hmm..maybe 7 or 8times in mr.gilmour and 4 or 6 in syd barrett…do you think that´s illegal? =)

    [I won’t tell if you won’t. – Features Editor]

  140. [Maybe, we will be able to meet in August. Will you be in London?]

    Hey Lucia, too bad you won’t be in Londen for the RAH shows. It would have been nice to meet you.

    But am I missing something here? Why would I want to be in London in August? *confused*
    I will be in Holland in August, because that is the month for the Lowlands Festival (think we can get Guy to perform there?) and a long awaited Pearl Jam concert.

    Why don’t you come over for the festival? We will have a blast! 🙂

    (FEd, should your ‘fame’ have died down a bit by then, you are most welcome to join us too!)


    [Thank you, Bianca. – Features Editor]

  141. My 3 songs from a rock guitar perspective:

    “Comfortably Numb” (the epitomy of rock guitar leads)
    “Have a Cigar” (fade out lead, pure frenetic perfection)
    “The Gold It’s in the….” (David stakes his R&B roots)

    My two cents (USD of course!)


  142. I distinctly remember David confessing that bit about having someone else play that gut string interlude on “Anybody..” I believe it was part of a series of interviews conducted by L.A. D.J., Jim Ladd, who later toured with Rog on his Radio K.A.O.S. tour. That piece is one I most enjoy playing on my guitar. David may not have performed it, but it is quite perfectly phrased.


  143. I actually prefer the way David plays Is There Anybody Out There? He played the version you hear on The Wall film.

  144. For Q107:

    Comfortably Numb – this should be a dead cert. Best guitar solo of all time. And his voice is majestic as usual.

    Coming Back To Life – In my top 3 all time fave songs. His voice is incredible in this one. The solos aren’t bad either!

    Marooned – This song really shows the element of ambience and atmosphere that David can create with his guitar. His guitar is actually singing to us. It’s beautiful.

    Peace, David.

  145. Tim,

    I`m sorry to read about your signed DG cd. I would be totaly devestated in your shoes aswell!

    I will keep an eye out on ebay. The other half, Natalie is always on ebay and I have told her to keep an eye out too!

    Hope you get these items back.

    All the best.

  146. There is an auction on E-Bay right now for a signed Gilmour “On an Island” CD and the auction is coming out of Washington- don’t know if that is a help Tim but I just saw it and wanted you to know.
    Hope you get it back, that would be worth more then anything in the World to me as well!

    Best of luck-
    Matt in Maine

  147. Hi all,

    I agree with the Fet Ed on David letting Lee Rittenour play on Is There Anybody… hey you play to your strengths! Snowy White has played alongside David many times… doesn’t take anything away from David. Also, to the person who said David isn’t too “picky” about who he gets to play, Lee Rittenour is actually an accomplished guitarist in the jazz genre. In fact he made a CD with Dave Grusin called Harlequin that is fantastic. I’m also partial to the song Rittenour plays on called Countdown- pretty darn rockin’ for “jazz”!

    Have a great day all!

  148. With risk of being brutally chastised.

    The evolution of our planet includes us(briefly when you consider the vast span of time). One day the sun will supernova thus eliminating our solar system.We as humans will have long vanished before this happens.However,while we are part of this evolution, we are consuming Earth’s resources as are needed.This is part of evolution…using what we have, and a lot of it is irreplaceable.Pollution,green house effect(I don’t believe the latter…just an excuse for researchers to get grant money)are consequences of our existence.We just hear more of extreme conditions occuring here and there in our times due to modern mass media capabilities.These anomalies have been happening in different eras throughout our planet’s history but our good old planet always seems to recover.Why should I conserve natural gas and freeze over the winter to save it for future generations to be comfortable.They’ll figure it out.I’m here now and want to enjoy what our good planet has to offer me.If I wait until I am dead than it is too late.Our resources will run out.It’s inevitable so just chill out naysayers and enjoy your time here but do recycle and keep it clean and remember that OUR time does includes David!

  149. John (not from Florida),

    DISCLAIMER: This rant comes from a respectful place, just remember that…..

    Most organisms live in balance with their ecosystem. Your premise is gluttonous. Responsible energy solutions would allow you to heat your home without harming your surrounding ecosystem and with the added feature of being “renewable” so your energy source would not run out, so what do you lose? If anything, you’d save money on your heating bill, perhaps enough so you can see David at a few more shows than you normally would.

    Now, with regards to research, if it is said that the planet always goes through these cycles and corrects itself, that opinion happens to be based on the interpretation of a data set(s) compiled through research, so your point there stands on weak legs. Yes, there will always be money for research, and big corporations sponsor a lot of it to support their behavior. However, we are seeing a growing consensus in the scientific community (even among corporate sponsored researchers) that the planetary ecosystem is tipping out of balance.

    To leave the responsibility to future generations does not seem like something a responsible parent would say? I don’t like the idea of my children or their heirs paying for my irresponsible gluttony, so I am making changes in my behaviour.

    Perhaps you should listen to “Pocketful of Stones” a few more times?

    I am well aware the planet will die some day, but using that excuse is flippant and analogous to saying “Aww hell, I’m going to die anyway, so let me just have a ball drinking and driving home regardless….”

    This is my first rant here, and a very rare one from me in general. Congratulations, John! You’ve ruffled my feathers! LOL!

    Reign us in Fed if we’re drifting too far on this….

    [Nah, I’m enjoying it. – Features Editor]

  150. [You could. How many musicians would be honest enough to think of, and compose, a beautiful piece of music and then openly admit that someone else plays it better? To put ego and pride aside, to let that person record your music on a hugely successful album and then take every opportunity to declare this in interviews? Is there a suitable French word for it, Michèle? I’m thinking “humble” sounds good, but I’m sure there’s a better word out there. – Features Editor]

    I agree 100% ED , Understated excellence are two words that spring to mind when you talk about David’s music.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  151. Well said Angelo.I’ll get me coat…But all I was trying to say is that personally I don’t believe that the ecological state of our planet is as bleak as is being presented to us.I am conscious of our environment(rarely go over the speed limit,mower tuned to a T,recycle etc.)but definitely not an extremist(tie myself to a tree to prevent it being cut down.)Just trying to live a relaxful but responsible life without the burden of having to save the planet.

    [This is my first rant here, and a very rare one from me in general. Congratulations, John! You’ve ruffled my feathers! LOL!]

    Wow Angelo!..ruffled your feathers even more than Claude and John (FROM Florida)I don’t know whether to feel proud or terrible about this.LOL back to you friend.

  152. John (not from Florida),

    LOL! Don’t feel bad, it’s good to get ruffled now and then.

    So we’ll just agree to disagree about the current state of our planet and whether or not it’s a burden. That’s cool.

    …and leave your coat where it is, too….

    Now, that Hysteron proteron is a dude/dudette who seems to have thought about our condition pretty thoroughly. If you’re out there, what insight do you have about the positive possibilities that aren’t necessarily “delusional”?

  153. Wow, lots of stuff discussed here. Me? I’m just browsing, but I thought this would be a good place to say what I wanted regarding the band. I was fortunate enough to be able to get tickets to see David Gilmour at the Kodak Theater on Hollywood Blvd. and also lucky as well to get a hotel suite right across the street. I had never seen Pink Floyd or any of the band members live before. When the Division Bell tour passsed through San Diego in 94, and I watched a pig shapped blimp float past my house along the beach, I thought, maybe next time. I have to work. Who knew?

    I was able this time around to purchase tickets on eBay (twice the original cost, but many times worth it)and drove the 2 hours to LA on April 10th. The Gilmour experts, while waiting in line, all said that Mr. Gilmour was to play solo, and the cheloist from his 03 live DVD would make an appearance. That was fine with me. I was very surprised when the lights went down and I heard the heart beat beginning of “Breath”! After that, the band went right into into “Time”! I think my eyes teared up a little…I could not believe that I was 100 feet from my guitar idol, and Richard Wright, and some of the 87, and 94 world tour members. Guy Pratt and friends, (Roxy Music keyboardist name escapes me), but I was stunned by the fact that I was in the presence of greatness and did not need my binoculars. My copy of On an Island was delivered on March 10, so I was already familiar with the music. It takes a while to appreciate because it is not yet classic music (in years), but everyone enjoyed it nontheless. Afterwards, the band did some real Floyd classics to treat the audience for another 1 1/2 hours. Gilmour was at his very best and I do think he sort of stayed away from most of Roger’s music, but HAD to include just a few. “Echos” was outstanding!

    The laser show was incredible (remember, first timer here, but I do have Pulse), and my wife sat there with her shades on in the dark. She was afraid of getting a migraine, which she does often.

    In closing, the show ended with Comfortably Numb and it was the very best rendition I have heard. Of course it was! It was live and I was there! I want to say thank you to David, his band, Richard, Nick (thanks for signing Inside Out), and of course Roger for 36 years of the best music I’ve ever heard, beginning for me in 1970 when I was in 10th grade. It’s timeless.

    One more comment and then I’ll leave. On the chance that David Gilmour might actually read this post, (hey, it’s his web site, I’d read it…) my personal favorite song is Sorrow. And DG proved his writing ability many times post RW. Thanks guys.


  154. Since this thread began with a guitarist poll, I would say to the post predicting


    would have been spot on…had it been from anywhere BUT Cleveland. It’s Cleveland. How they got to be the home for the RR Hall Of Fame is anyones guess. On my one and only visit there it was a pretty abysmal place, both layout and collection.

    How EVH beat out DG is the pure evidence that it’s a CLEVELAND poll, one that has a remarkably high margin of musical error. They do have a good gritty basketball team though.

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