Selling London tickets


We have had many requests recently from fans wishing to sell their Royal Albert Hall tickets to fans on the blog.

After some consideration, we have decided that this is not a good idea, for several reasons.

First and foremost, after our stance on eBay-type profiteering, it would be hypocritical of us to allow a miniature eBay to exist here.

Please see the ‘Your ticket concerns’ entry of 2 February, for more on this.

Even though many of the requests have clearly stated that these tickets are available only to "real fans" at face value, sadly we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. We are not prepared to put fans at risk of exploitation, nor are we prepared to intervene should things go wrong. Too many things can go wrong.

Frankly, what we have done in challenging eBay profiteers is already over and above what anyone else has done. Tickets are not usually refundable. That our authorised sellers have accepted returns is a big deal. That we have taken tickets from would-be profiteers and made them available to fans at the normal price is a very big deal.

So, if you have spare tickets that you wish to sell, then instead of looking to sell them privately to individuals – which is risky for both parties – we once again urge you to return them to the point of sale for a refund.

This will mean that those fans who telephone the Royal Albert Hall box office daily with their fingers (and toes) crossed will have a better chance of successfully acquiring tickets.

It also prevents the risk of failed payments, tickets being lost in the post and refused entry into the Royal Albert Hall on the night of the show.

Please note that no requests to sell, or even swap, tickets will be considered from now on.

More tomorrow on what to do if you have purchased a ticket from an unauthorised seller, such as eBay, and are worried about being refused admittance on the night, or if you have already arranged ticket swaps with other fans and want to know where you both stand.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I just read that Best Buy electroncs stores, which sold copies of “On An Island” with the bonus “Island Jam” disk in the USA, is set to open stores in China and Japan. Might this mean that at some point China and Japan could get the bonus disk at Best Buy?

    [Interesting. Sorry I can’t give you an answer, Dan. – Features Editor]

  2. Fedmeister

    There is another small group of fans who have won tickets in competitions who can’t go… any suggestions as to what they should do?… Thanks.

    Not that I’m one of them… my suggestion would be that they contact whoever the tickets were won from but you may have another suggestion…

    [They’ll be covered in the next entry, along with those who got their tickets from eBay and those who arranged straight swaps with other fans. Thanks for reminding me. – Features Editor]

  3. Caption Competition:

    The judge says “Would the accused please stand….”

    Sorry DG 🙂

  4. Hi my friends here….

    Im here to CRY ! I really dont know where to scream so I come to my favorate place and ramble on …

    As soon as I realised that there is going to be a chance to get tickets for london (29-30-31 of May) I ran and bought my tickets from Canada to london. then I came home and waited for the moment. then I went to the website and it was saying ( and still is saying) SOLD OUTTTTTTTTTT ….. Im soooooooooooooooooo sad right now and dont know what to say. I was so so so so excited and got all my trp planned and I could not even TRY my chance of winning a ticket… not fair not fair not fair. One lucky dude gots a free ticket or buys all the ticets to sell on ebay. some REAL FAN like me who is willing to pay for a trip from Canada to london and respects the official sale doesnt get anything… what am I gonna dooo ? 🙁 🙁 🙁

    that was my two cents and this was the only place I could think of to come and cry…

    David David David….

    Kasra from FAR FAR FAR Canada

    [As we’ve been saying since December, contact the Royal Albert Hall and ask if they’ve had any returns. They have had loads! Tickets sold out immediately, but because we have been stopping eBay profiteers, taking their tickets from them and accepting general returns from those who find they cannot attend, reissued tickets have been available all the time. You just have to be in it to win it, as they say. – Features Editor]

  5. Whilst this is completely unrelated to the ticket selling post by our dear FEd, I just wanted to share an enjoyable coincidence with you…

    I’ve just been on hols to the US, and as I sat down in my seat for the journey over, what started playing in the cabin of the Virgin Atlantic 747? Only “Smile”! What a great way to start a holiday… and yes, I did indeed grin – while my wife raised her eyebrows, mistakenly thinking she was going to get a brief respite from my Floydian activities 🙂

    Cheers all!

  6. Halo there sir fed and other gilmour adorers.

    Very nice picture today I must say. I am pleased that the decent folk are getting their chance to go to see the great man without being ripped off. Perhaps there’s hope after all. Perhaps.

    Anyway I leave off the cynicism and just think off how fabulous it will be when I’m seeing David on the 26th.

    A teacher (who is rather jealous I must say) was telling me that it’l be no fun becuse I’ll be the youngest one there. I think he’s jut a bit jealous anyway I’m going to see David not the other people there, he’s just a little dissapointed as he went to see Eric Clapton and the audince weren’t very lively and it was a little dull but I can’t see that happening at a Gilmour concert – happy faces all arond me thinks.

    Anyway good evening to you all,

  7. Certamente é um absurdo ,e uma falta de respeito com david e, também, com os outros fans,tal pratica deve ser banida.

    Gostaria de deixar também un apelo, por todos os fans brasileiros de David Gilmour, gostariamos muito de ter a oportunidade de assitir a um show do David, por isso pedimos, que ele considerasse, a possibilidade de realizar um show em terras brasileiras.

    Sei que é um pedido difícil de ser atendido, mas deixo aqui o apelo,e agradeço a atenção.

    É muito legal esse blog ,é uma forma de nós fans mais distantes podermos ,sentir um pouco mais proximo ,dos acontecimentos relativos ao David.

    Pena que o cd ainda não chegou no Brasil, não sou um fã, mas sou o maior admirador de David Gilmour, gosto do som , do timbre, da simplicidade, da inteligencia, da forma como ele toca guitarra.Gostaria de conversar por alguns minutos com ele , para mim ele é a fantastico. bom tenho 22 anos e ´hoje , é a unica coisa que escuto.Tambem escuto B.B.King, Eric Clapton, mas não com o mesmo gosto que escuto David tocando.É sobrenatural

    Rafael Coelho Sirqueira

  8. Hi,

    Quite right! Can;t wait to get my hands on some of those Austrian tickets.


  9. Gostaria de deixar outro recado.

    Todo o cd é fantastico,ao menos parece, só tive oportunidade de escutar algumas partes das musicas,

    Gostaria de saber como alguem pode criar algo tão legal, tão soberbo, tão lindo.

    Mais uma vez parabens David Gilmour

  10. Careful though. The official line from the RAH/Trinity Street I got was this:

    * They won’t accept returns, as per terms and conditions of sale (if you bought from a reseller, contact the reseller).
    * The RAH will cancel tickets on ebay, but only tickets they themselves have sold. Even fixed price, ‘buy-it-now’ sales.
    * Trinity Street won’t accept returns, as per the terms and conditions of sale.
    * Trinity Street suggest you give/sell to a friend, since the tickets don’t have names printed on them.

    So I’m probably going down the latter route. Though obviously things are pretty safe if you’re dealing with a friend 🙂

    [Don’t forget that Trinity Street handled the presale tickets only. – Features Editor]

  11. I bought a ticket via Dutch Ebay for the gig in Amsterdam march 20. It turned out te be a cancelled ticket (the barcode was cancelled), and I was refused entrance to the gig. The ticketcompany didn’t want to help me finding the original seller. Luckily I was able to buy another ticket outside the theatre just 5 minutes before the show, so my night wasn’t a complete nightmare, but it cost me a lot of money. So my advice, don’t buy tickets via Ebay. Even if they appear valid including hologram, the tickets might be cancelled.

  12. I agree, sell the tickets back to RAH. The true fans can have quicker access and less headaches for you Fed. You have enough pasta on your plate for dealing with us lot. LOL.

  13. The Evening Standard interviews were excellent. David and Polly have their hands full.

  14. My question would be, why are so many “fans” looking to pawn off their RAH tix? Are you all nuts?

  15. Hi Fed,

    Fair point, there are however many tickets for sale at face value on some of the Pink Floyd Fan sites.

    Any word on the sale of tickets for the 3 shows announced in July ?

    Why don’t you run some trips from the UK ?

    What a blow out that would be !!!

    [Ah yes, but I’m not allowed to criticise fansites. I promised myself that I wouldn’t, partly because many are very good and partly because I’ve been hit several times by webmasters who frantically threw their toys out of the pram when I had the audacity to suggest that their constant publishing of rumours – in tabloid-like fashion – is problematic for us, as well as being a source of torment to the fans. Dare I say that fansites selling tickets is just as problematic? I’d better not, just in case more toys are thrown my way. – Features Editor]

  16. Good for you guys!

    I had to admit I was a little confused with the contradiction of it all. Seemed a bit.. well you already said it yourself really.

    It is nicer to go to sleep with a clear conscious, isn’t it?

    I just hope not too many people will be disappointed by this and I do hope there can be a solution for fans that have already swapped tickets with permission of this website.

    But then more tickets will become available this way, so at least not all is lost for the people that were duped by Ebay creeps.

    Hugs, Bianca

  17. [BIANCA: I read your post…and I didn’t think you were really brazilian, but there was a moment I thought you could come from Australia as you could be my neighbour!]


    I thought you were from Rome.. how would being Australian make me your neighbour? I am pretty sure Olanda is a lot closer to Italia than Oceania is! 😀 (How about some more geography classes? *grin* Although I spent a vacation with a bunch of Aussies and at the end of it my Aussie accent was EXCELLENT! :-D)

    If you come back to Olanda, you must visit my town at the German border. I am an excellent tourguide! 🙂

    mucho hugs,

  18. David Kenyon,

    I found your photo’s of Guy’s show. They are great. You really captured how funny he can be. I was ROFL-ing at at least half of them. 😀

    The champagne story was funny, I shall try to remember that the next time I drink champagne with cool people, hahaha (or to remind my fans the next time they drink champagne with me *GRIN*)

    But I had to look up ‘hangers-on’ and according to the dictionary it means ‘parasites’. Why would anyone want to be that? 🙁 I don’t even like the word ‘fan’ since it comes from ‘fanatic’, but I use it by lack of a better one.

    FEd, can’t we make up a new word for that? How about ‘I am a real paz’ (from: ‘passionate’, or does it sound to much like ‘spaz’..? How about ‘pazzy’?)

    Rudders, since you are our English language expert, do you have any suggestions? 🙂


    [Sadly, I also have a problem with the word “fan” these days. Any suggestions as to an alternative, Rudders? – Features Editor]

  19. Caption: Not wanting only to be immortalized by his music, David poses for a bust. (He should probably have his hands bronzed. Just kidding.)

  20. I purchased my Hollywood Kodak Theater tickets on eBay for a little less than twice the face value. I did this as soon as I found out about the tour, and also found out that ligitamate ticktets were sold out world wide in 60 seconds. What else could I do? I figured that I had very little time to buy an eBay ticket before they were also gone. I got great seats, and I had never before been to a PF or David Gilmour concert. There was no way I was going to miss this. I do not regret what I did, but I’d like to know how the seller got those great tickets in the first place.

  21. Thank you again for bringing this up, but now I am more confused and worried about being denied entry on the first 2 nights.

    If one is given tickets that are purchased by another (presale)- are names going to be cross-checked at the door? Will I be denied because I am not the person who purchased the tickets, but instead is the person whom the tickets were given?

    I’m quite nervous now as non-refundable transatlantic tickets and hotel reservations are paid in full.

    [“More tomorrow on what to do if you have purchased a ticket from an unauthorised seller, such as eBay, and are worried about being refused admittance on the night, or if you have already arranged ticket swaps with other fans and want to know where you both stand.” This would be the same thing, Vickie, and it will be explained later. Please sit tight. – Features Editor]

  22. Dear FEd..

    can we in North America buy items off the UK site? Hey Yea,was reading Pollys web site its cool to think we have one thing in common we both like Derek Acorah he is so cool, i agree not as cool as David but cool in a different way. I think its cool that On An Island was released on Davids birthday great birthday present. Hey FEd. can you tell us does David an Polly have any animals? just courious i love animals of all kinds.

    All for now Blessed Be to all!!

    [Hi Clarice. You’d have to ask Anthill about the merchandise, as it’s down to them where they send their products. I didn’t know that Polly’s site – Out of the Picture (see the Links page if you haven’t already) – mentioned Derek Acorah. Are you sure you’re not thinking of someone else’s site? As for animals, then I believe David has always kept cats, dogs and horses. – Features Editor]

  23. I think its cool that David, Polly an the enough to not want there fans to get cheated for there tickets, most people wouldnt even care, an its awsome that they give to charity and are concerend about global warming these are very important things because of them i am donating to Friends of the Earth i really believe we can help with enough voices stating there opinions thank yoiu for leading me in the right direction to a real web site that i can trust.


  24. Caption Competition – “David waits in Doctors surgery waiting for that glowing pyramid to be removed from his back”

    Good on ya Fed for implementing rules, shorter messages are a blessing.

    Can I suggest also no more football talk and no David/Roger criticism.

    Support you on RAH, but are there same probs with Manchester and Glasgow?

    Finally am I allowed to write a “short” review of Glasgow concert?

    Ian Pearson

    [Shorter messages are a blessing, although I appreciate that everyone is free to skip anything they consider too long or irrelevant. You are more than welcome to review the Glasgow concert, Ian. That’s what the blog is for and probably the only time that long posts are encouraged (sort of). The seemingly never-ending ticket saga concerns London only, so does not affect Glasgow or Manchester. That’s not to say that there haven’t been the same problems, but London has been the target. The day I stop talking/singing/whingeing about football will be the day I die (sorry, but you have to allow me one little luxury, I do read a lot of rubbish on a daily basis – and, of course, I mean the stuff that doesn’t get published… mostly). Lastly, to forbid the slightly-tedious-but-quite-fun-nonetheless discussions about David being better than Roger (alphabetical order dictates the name order, naturally) would be to deny freedom of expression. Much of that is of relevance and as long as it doesn’t go over-the-top, it’s allowed. As has been said by others, if there were more rules and more forbidden topics of discussion, we’d be pressed for something to talk about. But one thing that is creeping in and boring me to tears is talk of Roger’s shows/tickets/songs/voice/socks. We’re not having any of that, purely because this isn’t a catch-all Floyd site. It’s David site and it doesn’t concern Pink Floyd at all, never mind other members past and present. We are not obliged to promote other artists and comments about Roger’s concerts, as great as they may be, will be treated in the same way as posts about the Kasier Chiefs’ new single or Britney Spears’ new pregnancy: of no relevance whatsoever and promptly binned. Now look at how long you made me make this post, Ian! Shame on you. – Features Editor]

  25. Just read something interesting on a website that Rick has turned down the chance to appear with Roger W on his tour of D.S.O.T.M it also says that Mr Gilmour was invited last week but as yet not replied , to all fans out there dont hold your breath , it aint gonna happen

  26. Happy Tuesday,

    Bit off topic but it does have a connection. Last night I played in a football competition where the semi finalists and finalists get to play in another tournament at the Ricoh stadium this coming Sunday. We needed to qualify from a previous tournament to get this far. Anyway, I am pleased to report that we progressed through to the semi final which we won 4-0. The final is tonight and Sunday beckons.

    Throughout yesterday I was a bit tense and anxious. It was all to do with the football. It was important to a lot of the lads where I work and you dont want to let them down. I read the blogs but just could not be bothered to write anything. This made me think of the recent interview in Mojo by David where he mentions that he still gets nerves going on stage. When you read that type of thing, and with all his experience, it is hard to comprehend (at least for me anyway).

    By comparison, our football is a tiny thing compared to walking out onto a stage in front of thousands all with high expectations. However, I got a little taste of that yesterday. So, and moreso today, my upmost respect and admiration go out to David and all of the band.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: A classic game last Saturday Fed.

    [Indeed it was. Good luck with the final, Pete. Let us know how it goes. – Features Editor]

  27. my wife got me tickets from unortharised broker for my birthday, she wasnt to know any differnt. does that mean i wont get in with these tickets

    [It means we don’t know if they’re genuine tickets, Tim. The chances are, they are. They were probably purchased from an authorised seller, held onto until the show was a sell-out and people would be desperate for tickets/willing to pay top dollar to get to see the show, but we cannot guarantee this. This is why we strongly discourage buying tickets from brokers, touts, eBay etc. – Features Editor]

  28. Hello my friends!

    I read the interview on Evening Standard and I think that David’s words about coke were very good, because it’s the honest report of an experience, no sermon, tears or verdict of guilty …just a honest life’s story from a man who now feels better. Because, at the end, strong education or impositions don’t work…a person need to feel something as a real experience and feel that the other person who is telling with is not a judge or a teacher, but a simple human who shares a human feeling…..

    Good David…and very brave! Admit error is never simple…but have the possibility to tell that now you consider yourself a “better person” must give a lot of pleasure….

    Ok! Now I have to work….HUGS!


  29. The fancie of the fan

    It is not a secret, Pink floyd did not record many live album (the delicate sound of thunder and the Pulse. We also have the live version of the Wall but it doesn’t count from my point of view), but let’s talk about David Gilmour’s work wich is of course my purpose.

    During this tour, the fans heard many new songs coming from a very good album, not a masterpiece, we must be honest, but the best album (at this time) of Mr Gilmour. We also heard many old songs arranged in a different way (Shine on you crazy Diamond, Fat old son, Dominoes, Wot’s uh the deal ? Of course there was Echoes and what about Arnold Layne performed for the american fans ? and many more) I’m sure that will make a great DVD. It is known that David Gilmour has no plan for a live CD but with all this material why not ?

    I know what you’re gonna tell. Is it really interesting to have the same songs twice or three times ? Well, for the fans, it’s interesting to have a different version of a concert. This tour was really special, especially if this is the last for David and Richard (sorry, but I feel obliged to associate Rick Wright with David). That would be great to have two souvenirs froms the tour.

    Maybe I’m stupid, but I think I’m waiting for unrealesed material. And you know what would be one of my fancie ? Beïng invited in the Astoria studio to record 2 double live CD for my personnal use. But I think I can always dream. Don’t you believe it so my Dear F.ed ?

    [I’m with you on that one, Antoine. – Features Editor]

  30. BIANCA!!!!

    Yeah, I come from Rome but I meant to say that for me there was the same possibility you were be my neighbour as you came from the other part of the earth! Fifty/fifty! Fifty my neighbour. Fifty a place opposite mine….oh! What a toil! You are trying to drive me crazy, my friends! But I will stand! 😉

    When I will come in your town you will be our tourguide. It’s a deal! If you will come Rome…I fear I am not a good monument’s guide…but I know very well the bus routes…Is it the same?!!!

    Have a great day, my dear!


  31. Hi

    I bought my tickets through the presale, and both arrived safe and sound. One ticket for me another for a mate, who for his sins lives down south. I have already sent him his ticket. I did get a email when I asked before, but can’t find it now, sure it said to bring the credit card I paid with just to be safe. Got to take it anyway to pay for the hotel. Since it was pre-sale payment wasn’t to Royal Albert Hall, should I bring along copies of the emails and the letter that came with the tickets to verify they belong to me?

    Just to add to things hospital have told me my consultant appointment is Friday 26th, nothing major serious, issue with my shoulder that is ongoing. Fingers crossed he doesn’t suddenly decide to get me in the following week, till at least seen the gig on the 30th.

    [Albert Hall staff won’t be requesting any forms of ID for those with presale tickets, Gerry, so you’ll be fine. There’s no need to take anything to the show other than yourself and your ticket. Take care of that shoulder. – Features Editor]

  32. Jim Dent

    You asked “but I’d like to know how the seller got those great tickets in the first place”

    A lot of websites have “pre-sales” for registered users. For example I am registered with the Q107 Radio Station website and was granted access to purchase tickets for a Toronto Concert later this year. I purchased the tickets a full day ahead of the general public…

    Within 20 minues of me buying the “pre-sale” tickets approx. 30 tickets were available on eBay at grossly inflated prices.

    This is how some of the profiteers get access to good tickets ahead of time… I’m just waiting to see when the tickets for DG’s additional dates in Europe start appearing because unfortunately they will…

  33. Why buy tickets if your not going?

    I couldn’t get tickets to see him at the Albert Hall or Manchester.

    So I just don’t know why real fans can’t get tickets. When people get them and decide not to go.


    [This is a big part of the problem, Jack. The truth is, returns and refunds are not the norm. We could say that, if you have a ticket and cannot attend the show for any imaginable reason, that’s simply not our problem. This is what is usually said (and why people rush to eBay to offload their tickets, which we want to stop). So we have accepted returns, issued refunds and reissued tickets, which has been extremely complicated at times, but is, I personally feel, the right thing to do. That said, it would help if people didn’t snap up the maximum allocation of tickets willy-nilly and actually made sure that they would be able to make use of them first. Some of the reasons for returning tickets have been unbelievable and, when facilitating each return is rather a complicated and time-consuming task, it is irritating knowing that much of the trouble that we are going to could easily have been avoided. It’s the same thing with eBay. To make ticket-buying an easier and fairer experience for the fans, we need the co-operation of the fans. Bidding for tickets on eBay has certainly not helped us to help you. The touts whose livelihood is reselling tickets at ridiculous prices are a bigger problem again, and we need more than just the assistance of the fans in stopping them (although we haven’t always had that, either). Depressingly, in such a greedy world where everyone seems to have at least one of their thumbs in the pie, you wonder just how much help is available. We do understand, of course, why people resorted to unauthorised sellers to get their tickets. There’s no need for anyone to be defensive or to try to justify their actions. We’ve heard it all before. It’s just a really difficult, awkward situation for everybody. At least we’ve tried to make it better. – Features Editor]

  34. [I don’t even like the word ‘fan’ since it comes from ‘fanatic’]

    A fan is something you stick on your desk to cool yourself down in hot weather.

    What about Supporter? that’s ok I think 🙂

  35. Hey there features ed…just wanted to say good work on this blog…certainly looks like a full time job!

    Just wondering if there was any chance of asking David, in the nicest possible way of course, if he would consider the extended intro to Echoes at RAH…where it doesn’t go into the vocals straight away but goes round one more time….that bit is pure magic. Never mind if you can’t I just thought I would try.

    Keep up the good work


    PS – How good was the cup final on saturday…absolutely amazing, Stevie G is a legend!!

  36. I prefer “connoisseur” to “fan”. While the term sounds a bit too aristocratic, it suggests a softer, thoughful, and critical appreciation vs a more blinded devotion.

  37. Hmmmm….

    An alternative title to “fan”…

    I quite like “buff”… it has an old english feel to it even though it originates from New York at the turn of the 20th Century…

    So in your best James Mason voice say out loud “I’m a David Gilmour buff and proud of it”

  38. Hi smarts!

    Please, forgive me if I butt in with a silly question I aim to my English friends or to everyone who know that. Some day ago I decide that I’d like to became like Miss Marple, the adorable old woman created by Agatha Christie (I’m a fan of Agatha Christie)…of course I hope I won’t found a corpse in the library…..! However, I wonder if Miss Marple’s town – St. Mary Mead – exists or not. I can’t found it on the Uk map….maybe some of you have a friends who live there!!! Do you know where is St. Mary Mead?

    Thanks to everyone is going to help me to organize my old age! If St. Mary Mead doesn’t exist, we could build a new town where spend our old ages together! A town for pensioners fans’ of David Gilmour! …uhm…we should choose one David’s song like “national” anthem!



    [You’re crazy! There’s some good news for you coming later… – Features Editor]

  39. well…one more time this site has shown that its perfect=) …hmm..let me stop with this…seriously i think its a very understandable position,and the right one…i dont think it would be good for the site to allow some kind of paralel bussiness around here…if some people would be honest and play by the rules others,not to say most of them, wouldnt…so its already to enough what you’ve done…its doenst make any direct difference to me but anyway..thanks again

    by the way…i want to wish the best luck to arsenal tomorrow…hope that the mr.gilmour’s team give him a nice surprise

  40. Can’t wait for the movie tonight!

    Anyone in Phoenix want to grab a brew before and or after? I’m catching the 8 clock show at Desert Ridge Amc. My wife and I were planning on downing a Guinness or two and getting some chow over at Jillian’s which is right near the cineplex.

  41. I would like to warn people who buy tickets via ebay etc. This is what can happen (and happened to me).

    Someone orders a few tickets. He (or she) receives the tickets via mail. A week later or so this person calls the ticketcenter that his ordered tickets never arrived. The tickets are assumed to be stolen in the mail and the codes of the tickets are cancelled (there is a barcode on them and the ticket numbers are registered). So this person gets a refund (or new tickets). The cancelled tickets look 100% valid and can then be sold via Ebay etc.

    The buyer thinks the tickets are genuine and at the night of the performance is refused at the door, because the barcode corresponds to a cancelled ticket.

    So IF after all you decide to buy a ticket via an unofficial way always ask for the sellers ID, and call the ticketcompany if the unique code on the ticket has been cancelled prior to buying the ticket.

    The same thing happened to me and it wasn’t fun I can tell you. So be aware. Tickets that look 100% ok might be cancelled.

  42. Dear Fed.

    I believe that was on link from Pollys site but i cant find it this morning,or where i was reading it from last night,i mite have been mistaken about the Derek Acora but i thought it was worded to say she did,i mite have read it wrong,ill keep looking.

    [That’s OK, Clarice. I think I know which site you mean and we don’t name fansites here. – Features Editor]

  43. Hi F.ED,

    2 Weeks until i see David at the RAH and i cant wait but i have to admit im slightly concerned at the amount of returned tickets that are being re-sold along with the confusion when the pre sale tickets were first sent out and so many people wernt sitting together ( was that ever sorted ? )

    I would hate to arrive and find that my seat was double booked !

    [The split-seats shambles has been sorted. That only applied to the presale tickets. – Features Editor]

  44. I am the biggest of the younger Pink Floyd fans… and I think that adding ‘ON THE TURNING AWAY’ to the setlist for the UK and other dates would be a great addition, so PLEASE play it! PLEASE!

    [Jonathan, have you written anything else on this blog other than that? – Features Editor]

  45. What a handsome David on the blog to-day ! isn’t he ? Lucia ? Maybe we could (you and I) try to meet him and ask him “is french or italian cooking the best one ? and he would answer: “it is Polly’s one” of course! I have a friend very close to me who often says “the best cooking is the one which is “made” (or “done”, I don’t know ?) with love, whereever it comes from !

    I speak of “cooking” because I become bored

    – with all the tickets requests problems, even if I can understand them.
    – with the discussions about David/Roger (Fed: alphabetical order…).
    – a little with football stuff [shame on you, Fed, toooooooooo long. no, it’s a joke! ]

    However, more seriously, after reading the evening standard interview, I do want to say “Total Respect” to you, David and Polly, I wish you “tout le bonheur du monde”

    [pardonnez-moi, mon cerveau est idiot aujourd’hui – Features Editor]

    No, Fed, but too many french words are trying to get in your brain ! (as are doing english words in mine):

    “Mieux vaut tête bien faite que bien pleine” (citation du philosophe français Montaigne (1533-1592) (“pour votre culture générale”, as David had said to our english friends at RAH in 2001, after having sung “je crois entendre encore” de Bizet)


    Is it shocking and presumptuous if I suggest “friend” instead of “fan”?

    [I think that’s a nice suggestion. Je suis fatigué avec des billets, aussi. Zzzzzzz! – Features Editor]

  46. Tonite is a big night for me at the IMAX…

    Since you are mentioning your soccer (hehe) teams again, I thought you’d like to know that our best national news hour (msnbc-Keith Obermann) covered your Arsenal sports arena being built…. some sort of bad paint issue.

  47. “buff” is a good alternative to fan. How about enthusiast? Maybe to many letters for some.

  48. Fed, surely you have already this information: David is not listed between 40 and 21 in the top 40 guitarists (Q107) – tant mieux!


    [C’est fantastique! Merci. – Features Editor]

  49. CAPTION: While shooting the cover for forthcoming single ” Smile” our hero was having trouble getting into character.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)


  50. The Royal Albert Hall does have some tickets available for ‘returns’. I phoned up today and there are some available for £65 each, front row of a box – so my advice if you’re prepared to spend £65 on a ticket (I’m sad to say I’m probably not – even though I love DG I do squirm at paying more that £50 for a gig!) phone the Royal Albert Hall box office


    [The telephone number is 020 7589 8212. – Features Editor]

  51. F’ed

    Apologies for being a bit behind the times but I felt the need to (belatedly) congratulate you and yours on the cup final victory.

    You may recall I am the Manc (from Norfolk, mind) married to the “Red” (love triumphs over all) so it sticks in the throat a little when you win our cup (OK your’s is the big one).

    The connecting thread is that I am currently logging in from the charming library in Governor’s harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas, being very much on vacation and very much “on an island” (we got there in the end) and I would wholeheartedly recommend all DG fans to get down here once in a while.

    The cup final is all the more exciting when you have to follow it on Sky’s website with updates each minute!

    And David’s album suffers nothing for listening whilst looking out over a sugar soft sandy beach to a turqoise sea, I can tell you.

    Time for a rum punch and I’ll look forward to my daily fix of fan fare next time I’m in town!!

    [Cheers, Tim. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. – Features Editor]

  52. Top o’ the day to you, FED and all. I’m listening to NPR Show interview w/ Dave, AGAIN. I’m prepping m’self for David Gilmour Day here in S. Florida, USA. Thunderstorms in the forecast. Our rainy season started w/ a bang yesterday.

    Picking up two friends later today to catch the Regal Viewing @ 8 p.m. EDT. Listening to everything Gilmour/Floyd today. Deafinitely psyched.

    Also, just this morning received word from m’cousin,Sean,about the other tix and we are confirmed for our reservations @ hotel. Plane tickets from Aer Lingus confrimed too !!! God, I better bring at least 5 rolls of film for m’holiday !

    As I was checking out other postings throughout the past few weeks I noticed one from Ken F. It would be fantastic, if possible, if at all to join you gents for a drink before the show. It would be nice to meet Ripper, Simon, Pete and all. Perhaps I should foot the first round. Damn, I’m still all nerves aware. This will be penultimate experience for me.

    There’s No Way Out of Here < playing now

    This day will be a good day ! I’m sure this will be filled to capacity come tomorrow morn’ with other peoples opinions about tonight’s EVENT.

    Well, it’s time for me to garb mself for the day.

    Think I’ll dress in black. Hmph ! How original is that ! I wonder where I got that idea…

    FED, keep your head above the water tonight and tomorrow, I suspect it’ll get quit crowded in here. Remember…Take A Breath!

    Black shadows dance…

    Think I’ll really commit to not smoking today !

  53. An alternative to fan….maybe brat? I can’t speak english very well and the others alternative in rhyme are “can”…like watering can….or “ban”…or van……..

    without rhyme…I think about BEES, because they are attracted by something good like flowers, but they “get under your skin” with their whiz (as we do with our post!!!) but the product something sweet like honey….and aren’t we sweet as honey with David?!!!

    I think it works! BEES!

    Kisses and hugs!


    [There are definitely some brats in David’s fanbase, Lucia. I think the bee analogy is really interesting. Just look at the people buzzing around here! You get the occasional wasp (more aggressive, serving little purpose, they come out with rubbish), but fortunately we have more bees than we have wasps. – Features Editor]

  54. A Fan is someone who likes something/someone.

    A David Gilmour Blogger is not a fan. A DG Blogger is a HARDCORE EAT BREATHE SLEEP On an island etc. LOONIE BIN. WIBBLE…

    with that in mind i think the word ‘nut’ or even ‘nut job’ is the best bet.

    pass my jacket, its the one that fastens at the back.

    Caption: David was feeling a little bewildered as to why Clarke Kent refused to chat with him.

    [That works… – Features Editor]

  55. My daughter is 22 and Loves the Music of Pink Floyd, as I do,so when David announced the tour we where really excited and then dropped from the roof when it sold out in a few minutes.So we did what we had to do and that was buy tickets off Ebay for the Chicago show.We paid what I felt was a fair price, the seats where good and all went well.

    I don’t know what the solution is for scalping tickets,and David Gilmour is one of the few this will happen with, but when he sold out 70000 seat arenas in the mid 90’s, does not tour again for 12 years and then puts out a fantatic CD and goes on tour to 10 cities 20 shows and 4000 to 5000 seats, well do the math, a true lover of the music does what they have to do, sometimes spending a lot of money just to get to the show, no less getting the tickets in the first place. We drove 1500 miles and took 4 days off work to see David,I would do it again today,so glad we got to see the show. Thanks, PK

    I wonder what percent of the people that saw the OAL tour had to travel a great distance and do what it took to see it.

  56. Here are my two cents on the “fan” issue. Supporter doesn’t sound right. Like athletic supporter. Kinda funny. What about a aficionado or enthusiast? I think those sound cool

    Going to see Gilmour tonight at the cinema it is going to be cool.

    Renee B. Fontana, Ca USA

  57. I ended up having to buy my tickets on ebay for the April shows. I understand what you mean Fed when you said “Bidding for tickets on eBay has certainly not helped us to help you.” We’re just die-hard fans/buffs/enthusiants, I guess. Most of us figure this will be David last tour, and for many of us, (especally other young whippersnappers like me) our only chance to ever see the Legend. I hated the fact that I was lining someone elses pockets, and I think that is the only reason why this is now an issue. People who should be getting there pockets filled aren’t and as we all know from the state of the world, it’s all about the money.

    I don’t mean David and the band, they deserve the money. Their the ones doing the work.

    I was actually surprised that concert tickets were priced so reasonable. Other people I’ve gone to see from the same era have had OUTRAGOUS prices. I won’t name any .

    (ahemahembiglipsahemahem) =)

    I ended up paying almost double the face value for Gilmour’s tickets on ebay, but it is the best money I’ve spent, and I don’t regret it a bit.

    Maybe now that the UK is doing things about ticket profiteering, the US will follow suit. Oh wait, it doesn’t have anything to do with the oil . . . well maybe in 2008 when Lady Clinton takes her seat. LOL

    Can of worms, anyone?

  58. Dear F*ed:

    Not that it is any of my business, but…

    … when Yes (the group) or one of its members tours, at one site they have an online hub for each show where fans can arrange pre-show meetings and get-togethers and they also allow them to resell tickets. However, the tickets are only resold at face value. It is just fans who have available tickets connecting with other fans. No greedy poachers or profiteers! You might want to consider such a rule for the blog – or not.


    Mike from Connecticut

    [Interesting. Thanks, Mike. I’ll check it out. – Features Editor]

  59. Fed and bloggers-

    Is it possible to add “restrain from using the word ‘ain’t'” to the Guidelines list? I mean absolutly no offense to anyone, I just cringe anytime I heard and/or read that word? Then again…if we banned all people’s pet-peeves, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have a blog. So maybe you all should disregard that last comment…

    -Chris McKay

    [I’m not a fan of it either, mate. – Features Editor]

  60. Hi FEd and extended family!

    First off, I have to admit to being one of the ‘stupid’ people who, whether realistic or not, had great fantasies of finally taking that trip to the UK that I’d always dreamed of. I was lucky (‘stupid’) enough to be given the chance for a pair of tickets and did purchase them through Trinity Street. But, for reasons I won’t bore anyone with, I can’t go. So whether ‘stupid’ or just caught up in the moment, I apologize for being one of the (it turns out) many who are looking for deserving, nice people to attend on my behalf!

    I agree with ukveronica re: the ‘fan’ word — have never cared for it. Prefer the alternates suggested by her, craig, and rudders! Fan-atic has always kind of given me the creeps!

    Since we’re speaking of ‘supporter-connoisseur-buffs’ I’m now trying to determine if, after all of my good fortune (and 3,000 mile round-trip) in being present at 2+ DG & Friends concerts, I can justify an 8-hour round trip drive to see the Mermaid Theatre show in Seattle!!! Aaargh! Stupid AND greedy? Mea culpa, mea culpa…

    Best to everyone and especially those who have a second chance with those added shows! And, to Guy and Jon, it looks like you ARE going to be quite busy with comedy shows and extra touring after all!! Good for you!

    I’m very, very busy getting ready for our tourist season (our business is in our home — ya wanna talk about stupid!!) and have YET to find the time to do any more than quickly scan the site. Good job FEd but it seems that some people are adding rather than subtracting words from their posts. Stay fiesty and keep your whip (or pointy stick) close to you at all times!

    Washington State

  61. This is off topic (as if I’m ever ON!!) but thought I’d throw it out there. I rarely get the chance here at work to go through all the posts (ok NEVER!) so this might have already been provided by someone else. SO forgive my possible redundance, but here’s Q107’s updated list (thanks again to Rudders). No DG yet!

    21. Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple)
    22. Joe Satriani
    23. Frank Zappa
    24. Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
    25. The Edge (U2)
    26. John Lennon
    27. Steve Vai
    28. Duane Allman
    29. Randy Bachman (The Guess Who/BTO)
    30. Joe Perry (Aerosmith)
    31. Joe Walsh (The James Gang/The Eagles)
    32. Peter Frampton
    33. Steve Hackett (Genesis)
    34. Alvin Lee (Ten Years After)
    35. Jeff Healey
    36. Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)
    37. Rik Emmett (Triumph)
    38. Ace Frehley (Kiss)
    39. Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac)
    40. Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)

    [Rudders did submit the list yesterday, but as the ‘European Tour’ entry had exceeded the 200 comments mark, I didn’t publish it. With so much to tell you about regarding tickets, I was going to delay it until things quieten down a bit, but you’re quite right: we need to let people know that David is in the Top 20. – Features Editor]

  62. Hi All;

    Fed, Just a quick question;One of my party to the RAH, a female, when told of said ticket, her first uttering was to say “Oh my God I am going to be close to Richards Organ”.

    Is that Normal? does Richard know that groupies of mature years lust to be close to his Organ still?

    I was shocked.have you ever encountered such tails before?

    Is she a fan? a connoisseur? or a buff.

    [Either she’s an old slapper or she doesn’t have the dirty mind that you and I clearly have. – Features Editor]

  63. LUCIA!

    [You are trying to drive me crazy, my friends!]

    Aaaah, you caught me there.. *grin*

    [If you will come Rome…I fear I am not a good monument’s guide…but I know very well the bus routes…Is it the same?!!!]

    In Rome? It probably is! 😀 If DG should play anywhere near Rome (somewhere starting with a P. perhaps..?) I may actually come that way sooner than you think! 🙂

    And isn’t Rome so much more romantic than London? *just teasing* 😉


  64. [I think the bee analogy is really interesting. Just look at the people buzzing around here! – Features Editor]

    So, does that make David the Queen? 🙂

    [Ah, good point. – Features Editor]

  65. FEd, i read that Tom Petty – who is touring this summer – is also going to make sure his venues do not honor tickets bought on eBay.

    perhaps David has begun a welcome trend!

    – laurie

  66. Great that you are all thinking along here, guys!!

    So far we as a substitute for FAN we have:

    Paz: sound like spaz. I still like ‘passionate’ as a noun though. ‘I am your biggest passionate!’
    ehm.. right… needs some getting used to, maybe?

    Supporter: hey not bad! I only know that from football ‘fans’ (maybe that is why it reminds me of jockstraps though? 😉 )

    Connaisseur: that means you know EVERYTHING about a thing or person, right?.. bit stalkerish maybe?

    Buff: ehm.. right.. buff.. as in.. skinnydipping? 😀

    Friend: ‘I am your biggest friend’.. oooh, if only..! :-)))

    Enthusiast: that would have been my next suggestion, brilliant! (and I am not just saying that because Rado said it :-D) ‘I am your biggest enthusiast!!’

    Brat.. sound like pratt, hahaha. Doesn’t David already have 8 brats?

    Bee: ‘I am your biggest bee’.. could work.. bzzzzzzzz

    Nut job: I am sure there are many that would carry that name with pride! (I would.. *grin*), but it may scare the person you like into calling the psychiatric hospital to come catch you with a net? 😛

    Then we have: Afficionado (what does that mean?) and another vote for: Enthusiast (yay!) and one against the atletic supporter.

    difficult isn’t it?

    So FEd, any chance of changing the name of the blog into: buff fare/ nut fare / brat fare / bee fare / friend fare / etc?? 😉

    hugs, Bianca

    [I want to go back to being plain old Blog, actually. – Features Editor]

  67. Yeah I dont like the fan moniker how about Bobblehead? It made me think………………

    I Wanna Gilmour Bobblehead

    I want a new album, I want a new tour!!
    I want to hear those strings bend a helluva lot more Hear the volume;
    hear the cry The Wailing of your guitar Don’t be so shy.

    Give me a signed photograph or just throw me your pick
    Please sign the album I’ve already got Ricks!!

    Play Atom heart mother or why don’t you play More?
    Play ‘Mihalis’, play ‘Near the end’
    Play me your entire back catalog, drive me round the bend.

    Come and play at my barbecue or at my local hall
    Come right round the house we will all have a ball!!!!

    Don’t forget your guitar I hope you don’t mind!
    Play us the song that has just entered my mind.
    Play On an Island from beginning to end
    let me smile At the start and again at the end.

    Give us your guitars we can auction them now
    We can all save the world we all know how
    How about a Box set? Or Triple live CD all on an island just for me.

    PS- Can we all come round for tea?

  68. “I’m a David Gilmour buff and proud of it”

    Rudders, I think you might have just come up with the perfect blogsters unofficial home made t-shirt slogan, lets see them worn proudly at the forthcoming UK dates!

  69. [And isn’t Rome so much more romantic than London? *just teasing* 😉 ]

    Teasing maybe but I have to agree (sorry London dwellers) Cambridge is much much nicer, Cambridge is beautiful, historic, diverse, cultured. The traffic lets it down a bit but you can’t have everything can ya?

  70. Dear Fed,

    I tried to look for old french terms for “fan” , even if I know nobody will like them. It was just for fun (we need sometimes…).



    You know, very few french people know those 2 last terms. It’s rather “élitiste”, and if you look in a dictionary, there is quite no chance you find them. Mais rien n’est assez bien pour David…

    Hey, did you hear the french news? Two men attacked (with guns) the town hall of Saint-Denis, the town where Le Stade de France is, just to have … tickets for the final, tomorrow. Connaissez-vous leur prix au marché noir?! jusqu’à 4000€ l’un!!! incredible! Can you imagine?!

    I’m sorry about your no-holidays, dear Fed. Sorry? No, please, believe me, I’m not that hypocritical, I swear. I am really sorry.

    Ikkar, with love

    Have a good night.

    [“Zélateur” has a nice ring to it, especially when said loudly in an exaggerated French accent. – Features Editor]

  71. Dear FED

    I would point out the split ticket shambles was NOT sorted out – i was offered replacement tickets but the promoters would NOT tell me where the seats would be! So to say it has been sorted out is completely untrue as i could not accept replacement ticklets when i did not know where they would be.

    My email was not reponded to and so I still have unsatisfactory split seats which i paid a premium price for.

    This coupled with the fact my pc blew up followed by my mobile and my washing machine all in the last three weeks means i can only hope that my luck can improve – soon i hope.


    [My apologies, Matty. My understanding was that everyone who had received split tickets had been contacted by Trinity Street and the issue resolved. Let me see if I can get you some closure with this unsatisfactory and highly irritating (for me as well as you) matter. I’m spitting feathers over this, believe me. Please send me all the details you think important and I’ll pass the matter to someone who is very helpful and see if we can get it sorted, even if Trinity Street couldn’t (yeah, sue me for saying that). – Features Editor]

  72. I find it amusing when an artist is against profiteering re-selling tickets when they sell thier shirts at concerts for $35-$60, guess it all depends who is doing the profiteering…

    Here in the USA we believe in the free market system (goods are worth what someone is willing to pay for them!)

    cancelling tix seen being sold on ebay is just plain wrong! After someone buys them from the venue or ticketmaster, they are thiers to do with as they wish, who do you think you are cancelling them?

    by the way… I attended both the Kodak & Gibson shows here in LA, best 2 concerts I have been to, paid a little more than twice face value from a ticket broker, worth every penny!

    [Maybe that’s the attitude that has messed up the world to the sad point we’re at now? – Features Editor]

  73. It angers me to hear that people are now trying to sell their tickets which they obviously just bought on a whim without concern whether they were actually going to attend the concert or not. Particularly, as the tickets I’ve received from Trinity Street were supposed be priority, yet they’re stuck half way back on the Arena floor.

    These people are lightweights! I’m a dedicated fan who helps to run a forum. I attend many Pink Floyd associated gatherings and meet up with fans all over the World. I’m really disappointed to say the least with the priorty ticket promotion.

  74. Just to let you and Matty know that I took advantage of Trinity Street’s offer to sort out my split seats problem. I was informed that the replacements would be in a ‘similar area of the stalls’. They duly arrived in Block L -a little further away but still excellent seats. Overall happy with the efforts to remedy the cock up.

    Thanks to the Fan Fare team for your intervention, all my e-mails were promptly dealt with by Trinity from the point you became involved.


    [Thanks for letting us know, Pete. I’ve passed Matty’s comments on (not to Trinity Street this time) and they’re being taken care of. Do let us know what happens, Matty. – Features Editor]

  75. HEY FED

    Any news on the unauthorised tickets issue.

    [It’s coming later today, Tim. – Features Editor]

  76. I must be having a bad month….I’m irritated by “Free Market System”…

    “…goods are worth what people are willing to pay for them”


    “Goods are worth what people with resources can pay for them at the exclusion of those without resources who can not compete.”

    That may be fine and dandy for certain luxury items, but when you see what a “free market system” has done for those who can not afford food, clothing, shelter, or even access to clean water, you begin to see a darker side of the equation…

    A “free market system” is in a sense an oxymoron…

    Hysteron proteron? Wish to add an opionion there….?

    …check, please….

  77. Just thought I’d mention that DG is actually playing in Manchester next Friday – yes, I know the Albert Hall is a big deal and all, but those of us here in the frozen North didn’t have the benefit of eBay monitoring and all that stuff. Tickets ‘sold out’ within minutes, of course, and have been appearing on eBay – and other, so-called ‘reputable’ ticket agencies – at huge prices ever since. That’s an area that I don’t think has been mentioned much so far – agencies who get advance tickets and then flog them on eBay or else offer them at enormous profits (someone called Westminster Tickets had RAH seats at £ 195 !)

    I first saw Pink Floyd in 1969 when I was 15 (my first gig) and then throughout the 70s, so was pretty keen to see the man this time around – and, you know what ? I’ve just managed to get tickets from Ticketline after checking on the off chance that there might be returns or whatever, so to anyone else in the same position – don’t give up….

    [The focus has been on London because it’s the Royal Albert Hall staff that have monitored eBay and agreed to accept returns left, right and centre (and made the other two authorised sellers accept returns as well). I’m told that Manchester and Glasgow don’t have the staff to man such an operation. Personally, I’d like to see this policy adopted everywhere, with a similar offensive unleashed on the likes of the vile ticket agent you mentioned, but there you go. Just my silly little opinion. You need a team of people who are committed to make it work first. Too many people put money over morals. That goes for the people buying from these profiteers as well, of course. – Features Editor]

  78. just to let you know, I am a huge fan of David’s music, but not the Socialistic views of this board,
    cancelling tickets that people are selling is WRONG!

    when you buy something…it is your property, you have every right to sell it for what ever someone is willing to pay for it! sounds like some of you would have done just fine in the USSR

    guess it all comes down to who is doing the profiteering!! what do you call selling concert tshirts for $35???

    thank god I live in the USA!!

    I wont be buying the DVD, not supporting any of this nonsense!

    [I personally call selling shirts for $35 a rip off. Then again, no one has to buy them and they are made from environmentally-sound materials, so they would be more expensive than your usual, run-of-the-mill tat. If there were no shirts, we’d be in the wrong. If the shirts were cheap and tacky, we’d be in the wrong. They’re only there because people want them. You might like to take the matter up with Anthill, an American company. – Features Editor]

  79. I dont think it is a ripoff, as you do…

    I dont see anything wrong with making a profit! David can sell the shirts & programs for $100 each, they are his to do with what he wishes….if someone is willing to pay that for them…that is GREAT! more power to him!

    I’ll bet you wouldnt have liked them to have been stolen from you because the shirt manufacturer thought you were profeteering by selling them for more than the price they sold them to you for..

    (by the way, I bought 4 shirts & 2 programs at the shows I attended for myself and gifts, wish I would have bought more, could probably make some $$ on eBay)

    [David probably could sell them for $100 a piece because there will always be people determined/stupid/greedy/vain/needy (add your own word if I haven’t covered everything) enough to buy them. David doesn’t set the prices. If he did, I’m sure they’d be less than $35. My opinion is that they’re too expensive. My opinion is that people who buy more than they need are selfish. My opinion is that those who go through life trying to maximise their profit at the expense of others are greedy. I hardly think that the shirt manufacturer will complain about the price or how many shirts they sell, seeing as the shirt manufacturer gets most of the money. – Features Editor]

  80. Isn’t there a slight contradiction here ? We’re told that DG – rightly – wants to stop profiteers from ripping off genuine fans so far as ticket sales go, but then that ‘David could probably sell [shirts] for $ 100 apiece.’

    I know he’s not charging $ 100 apiece – and actually $ 35 (about £ 18) is pretty much what I’ve paid for shirts at various other concerts – but you then say ‘David doesn’t set the prices. If he did, I’m sure they’d be less than $ 35.’

    Since you think they are too expensive, the question could be asked – just who does set the price ? Probably the merchandising company, who must have made some arrangement/agreement with DG’s management, who presumbaly could then have stipulated how much they considered a fair price.

    And buying a t-shirt at a gig does not, surely, make us greedy, vain or stupid, any more than buying his latest album does ?

    [There’s no contradiction, James. I’ve given you my personal opinion. I think the merchandise is too expensive. However, I don’t make the decisions. I deal with the fans, not the merchandise. If you go back, you’ll see that the first word I used to describe those fans who want to buy the T-shirts was “determined”, which is not nearly as negative as the others that you quote me as using. I think people have the right to buy whatever merchandise is available, but they don’t have to buy it if they have a problem with the price or the quality or the overall concept. There is a big difference between buying the album and one of the T-shirts. I love the music. I don’t personally feel the need to walk around in a T-shirt displaying my love of the music. That’s just my opinion and you are free to disagree with it. Like I said, if there was no merchandise on offer, then people would complain about that. – Features Editor]

  81. Let’s see if we can tone down the rhetoric a bit…

    The During the U.S. Constitutional Convention of 1787, there was debate over just how much democracy should the new country have for itself: too much would lead to socialism.

    James Madison, the chief architect of the document, was concerned by the watering down and chaos created by too many voices having a say in a government created by a pure democracy (the Articles of Confederation was an example of this and something they were looking to avoid).

    So they came up with checks and balances: monarchy (one), oligarchy (few), and democracy (many) are represented at all levels of our theory… and that’s the problem.

    Our checks and balances have been overrun.

    That’s why during the Great Depression the Federal government had to implement a host of “socialist” programs to stem the tide.

    Social Security being the prime example…

    So when it comes to being “willing” to pay, there is a line you cross when that becomes “able” to pay. Have we crossed that line yet with shirts, tickets, and the like? I don’t know… but it is a question we, as Americans or human as a species, have to be aware of to ensure our “democracy” doesn’t become overrun by the needs and wants of the few.

    I know, I know, Hysteron proteron…it has already…..

  82. I think this ticket thing is getting a bit out of hand when some people start bringing dg into the context of this debate. So i would say to some people, who have mentioned dg concert tshirts.You are probably the ones who are selling tickets for more than the face value lets not forget, this site is in honour of our hero and how long have we waited for a site like this. Lets not spoil it, just talk about the man and his music.

  83. I know touring is hard work, but would it be possible for David to add more dates to the North American tour, like in the southern United States.

  84. The merchandise is too expensive and that’s why I won’t be buying any of it. But it’s there because it has to be and you take it or you leave it. I leave it because it’s clearly overpriced, but what else do you expect from Anthill Trading – an American company?

  85. I have an email from the RAH to say they will not accept returns – I bought 4 places in the gallery then my brother & I got 2 each in the stalls from the pre-registration – afterwards…

    After reading your entries, I have emailed again to see if they have changed their mind – seems a shame to waste 4 places.

    [You’ll need to be quick. You don’t say which night these tickets are for, but no tickets will be accepted back within the period of two days before the concert (so if the tickets are for Monday’s show, you’re probably too late). This whole thing is getting complicated. If you bought tickets, then bought better ones, there’s no real need for the RAH to take back your spares so close to the event. They might not be able to sell them, after all. If you bought more than you need, they have the right to say that it’s your problem, not theirs. I know that raises valid questions of how on earth you can get rid of them when reselling is considered a definite no-no. Believe me, I know, because this ridiculous ticket saga has infuriated me. But I’m afraid I don’t make the rules. I hope it works out for you, Mike. I hope you enjoy the show and get those spare tickets to someone who can also enjoy it. – Features Editor]

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