Refused admittance


Following on from Monday’s blog entry, we’d like to address your concerns about being denied entry into the Royal Albert Hall if you have a ticket you swapped for another, received as a gift or purchased from an unauthorised seller.

Although we have been strongly discouraging all dealings with unauthorised sellers (such as eBay) since December, we acknowledge that many people still went ahead and purchased tickets against our advice.

This made our task of challenging the profiteers even harder.

The Royal Albert Hall staff have diligently monitored online auctions for months and have forced a great many to close early, meaning that the would-be seller’s only option was to return his ticket to the RAH for a refund, making an extra ticket available to the public at a fair price.

This was, clearly, to stop touts from profiteering and fans from being exploited. We did not want you to obtain tickets in this way and at this cost.

If you purchased a ticket from eBay and are now in receipt of it (assuming it’s a genuine ticket, which we cannot confirm – you’ll have to take your chance on the night and see what RAH staff have to say), then you’ve slipped through the net. In this case, you will be admitted. The seller has made his profit, you are, quite likely, out of pocket, but you will be able to see the concert.

In part and in principle, we would like to deny you entry as, by bidding on eBay, you have exacerbated the problem of ticket profiteering. But this would seem unfair. We have always understood the desire to obtain tickets by any available means and have no wish to deny the fans from seeing David in concert.

As you can imagine, this has been a real dilemma for some of us.

Our concern has always been to stop people from selling tickets for personal profit at the expense of David’s genuine fans. We do not want fans to have to miss out.

The same applies to anyone who has purchased a ticket from an unauthorised seller, such as a ticket agent or broker. Assuming that your ticket is legitimate, you will be allowed into the venue.

If you were given a ticket as a gift, you will not be denied entry. We have not stopped people from purchasing tickets on another person’s behalf, so you have nothing to worry about.

If you have arranged ticket swaps with other fans and have concerns over being refused entry, then you are also safe from threat of being turned away.

Lastly and very importantly, if you have tickets that you do not want, then by no means should you consider selling them as an option. As we have said all along, please return them to the point of sale for a refund so that other fans – the fans who have played by the rules all along and patiently contacted the authorised sellers, as we advised, to enquire about returns – may be given the opportunity to purchase them at a fair price.

By selling tickets privately, you are exacerbating the problem of ticket profiteering.

And yes, we’d like to see lots of appreciation and gratitude for making this difficult decision…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

137 thoughts on “Refused admittance”

  1. I’m constantly amazed at that efforts on this site to correct and assist on ticketing issues as well as communicate to the fans. A hearty handshake to the F’ed and folks behind the scenes in trying to resolve these. Keep up the good work!

    [Thank you, Craig. I hope it pleases most fans. I know that those who ignored eBay and all the other shameless profiteers might feel a bit cheesed off, perhaps hoping that those who gave into temptation so easily and gave their money to crooks – thereby making our task even harder and limiting their own chances of getting returns – would get their comeuppance. Some people only got their tickets a week or so go after all, and that after many speculative ‘phone calls, so they really deserve credit for staying true to their morals and keeping faith in us. We’re really grateful and proud of them. But we don’t want any of David’s fans to be disappointed. We’ve always known how loyal and passionate his fans are. Many would give their right arm to get a ticket, and we fully understand that. We did what we could and we hope that’s apparent. The most credit should go to Nancy at the RAH, who has worked her buns off to sort out problems, even those that shouldn’t have fallen to her to fix. I’ve lost count of the number of reissued tickets that have gone on sale to the pubic thanks to Nancy’s hard work. If you have a reissued ticket, you should thank Nancy for it. So please zap your thanks Nancy’s way. – Features Editor]

  2. Saw the show at Regal Cinema (Edwards Marqee) here in Houston last night. It was excellent! It brought back fond memories of seeing David in Chicago last month! Thanks again for a wonderful experience – now I have to wait for the DVD!

  3. CAPTION: Let there be more light and alas green is the colour.

    CAPTION: SALE ON David Gilmour string puppets available from stuff and nonsense buy now! BUY NOW! BUY NOW!

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin) I’ll get my coat

  4. I had to use my dads card to buy advance tickets!, so i was kinda worried :-0 . I woulda just taken an inflatable guitar and told them im a backing guitarist 😉


  5. Fedmeister

    Well done to you and the team… a very complex situation which will have some casualties I’m sure but as we all know you can’t please all of the people etc etc…

    I still haven’t heard from Tessa Jowell by the way!

    [Thanks, mate. I think there are certainly fewer casualties this way, but will people learn their lesson? I think not. – Features Editor]

  6. well, all nice, but not so correct. I purchased my tickets for the RAH in advance as many fans, but I had a problem. I wanted to return them but they kindly told me that it was not possible and that the blog was misundertandable. I want to make clear that it was impossible for me tu return the ticket, get a refund and give another fan like me the chance to buy one.

    I of course managed to give them at face value to another guy, but the tickets got lost in thanks to the royal mail( so far) so, no tickets and no money back. Feels like (so far) there are going to be two empty seats in the middle of the albert hall.

    Or maybe someone just stole them and my tickets are already on ebay….

    Just to repeat myselfe, return the tickets was and is not possible.

    [It is possible. You are quite right to say that, months ago, it may not have been. If you spoke to someone at the RAH box office who wasn’t fully aware of the change in policy, you could have received incorrect information. ‘Refunds given’ only applied to David’s concerts and the RAH plays host to many performances each week, so it’s quite likely that someone, somewhere, would make a mistake. Unfortunately, you get that in every office and call centre the whole world over. I’m sorry that this has been the case and will let the RAH know. We can do nothing about lost tickets. I do recall that you had some trouble with Ticket One, which I tried to assist with. I would have tried to help with this issue had you let us know about it. I appreciate that this is no consolation to you now… – Features Editor]

  7. Somewhere between a rock and a hard place this situation. Fair is fair is fair is what this decision is.

    Ebuyers were well warned in advance so if you want to rant DO IT INFRONT OF A MIRROR, not ere.

    nuff said ed.

    now how can I convince my wee woman to go to italy, or france hmmmm

  8. Me and the wife unit made it to the Ft.Worth, TX show last nite. And the first thing we noticed was the sound just wasn’t there. It was clear but no beef to it and they had it turned way down. I knew it wasn’t the fault of the film crew. My wife went to the restroom mid show and noticed a man in a DG t-shirt complaining to a manager about it….and several other people waiting right behind him. After the show we asked them what was up with the sound quality and they said the surround sound was broken and couldn’t get it working. Something is very wrong here…going to a concert film with the sound broken? They could only apologize and give us passes to the theatre to see a future movie. We went home disappointed since this was a one off. We would go again if the sound worked and did a re-run.

  9. Just read the entry regarding the ticket situation for people who bought off ebay etc. I hope anyone who has bought one has a genuine ticket. I would hate to think that anyone who bought from anywhere else other than the ticket outlets has been sold a fake. I think you made the right decision, and hopefully we can all learn from this. That includes people selling tickets on ebay for whatever reason, and those buying.

    I hope everyone going to any of the UK shows has a wonderful time, me I cannot wait.

  10. Hi there, I think the decision of allowing, dispite reservations, entry to the people who have purchased tickets throught ebay etc,, to be the only option. Judging by the amount of tickets that have gone through ebay over the months and assuming the Royal Albert Hall has knowledge of these sellers, there would be hundreds of empty seats and a probable riot.

    Your efforts have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

    I must be honest, sorry to you, If I hadn’t managed to secure seats legitimately i would probably have used the ebay route.

    As a matter of interest, I have read that a concert by Guns ‘n’ Roses at Hammersmith will use a new technology for ticketing, whereby, somehow or other, virtual tickets will be sent to your mobile phone and the phone will have to be scanned on entry to the concert hall. Maybe this could be the beginning of the end for ticket touts.

    Cheers, Steve

  11. Hey Dave and the gang,

    Well, still recovering from the pinch of the new guitar purchase; however, I was very fortunate to have a viewing of the London “Mermaid theatre” film bit. My what a show, “High Hopes” continues to move me, and the guitar solo following the electric slide is just so touching. It is a bit wierd because I found it a bit impossible to just sit and not make funny faces of feeling with each bend of the fret.

    Music comes from the soul, of that I am certain. There is a purity that is not captive in any other part of life. My hope is that I can continue the passion into my own musical endeavors and in my life. Again, Mr. Gilmour, and everyone who continues to share their love for music – thank you and have a great day –

    Kind Regards,
    Your friend from far away

  12. i Guess i have to thank Nancy for my ticket then


    we love you Nancy we do, we love you Nancy we do, we love you Nancy we do,
    Ohhh ARSENAL WE LOVE YOU…….sorry, that slipped out, its getting near kick off.

  13. Huge thanks for making all that clearer than a clear thing F’Ed. I for one am mighty relieved, not thinking at the time I was at any risk of not getting in, but then realising that I might have a problem and get caught up in the whole ebay thing. But, as you kept reassuring me, my case was a little different.

    I have just read the T&C’s on the back of the RAH ticket and it clearly states that ‘those holding tickets purchased from touts or other unauthorised outlets are liable to be refused admission’ Black and white, and for that reason I think a great number of people owe you and those along side you a great debt of gratitude for pursuading the RAH to bend their own very strict rules.

    Ebay is a world phenom…feronom…phenimono…..well its BIG!!, If it would finally realise it should take the moral stance and prevent the sale of tickets a massive blow would be struck to the scalpers the touts and the leeches. They play on the genuine desires of fan’s to see those they admire and respect perform, at whatever cost. Venues should also be aware that they need to offer full refunds though because those that do not do this are pushing the punter towards the online auction sites…the fact that many use external ticket agencies does not help the situation either.

    I’m probably over the word limit – apologies – but I for one thank you F’Ed, what you do for us is often above and beyond the call of duty.

    You’re a star!

    PS: Rudders – how do you spell fenominum :)?

  14. Excellent, this is the way all great fan sites should be run; fans have been put first from day one. I’m sure there will be few who disagree, thanks to you FED and the website team you are getting rid of all those ticket brokers/scammers and allowing us fans an opportunity to get a ticket at a fair price instead of paying double or even triple their retail price on ebay. I myself have been lucky enough to get a ticket via returns from the RAH, by doing this I feel I have played my part in stopping all ticket touts!!!

    Cheerz FED,

    DOWN WITH THE TOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dear F ed

    Well done. As I have said before you deserve a knighthood for your efforts.

    For those who bought on ebay
    I have only one thing to say
    You should have listened to Sir F ed
    ‘Cos your tickets are now dead
    And the touts just get away

    I must say that if I had not been lucky enough to get tickets to see David & co at Manchester, then I may well have been one of those trying to get a ticket by other means. I feel very strongly about the touts profiteering out of dedicated fans, who ever their favourite star is.

    I have noticed a guy who has been selling tickets to see David at Manchester on ebay who had the tickets very early, even before I received mine. I investigated his history & all he does is sell tickets for Bridgewater Hall. It looks like he works in the box office & gets the tickets straight away & then sells for profit. This is surely wrong & should be stopped, but how?

    Anyway, again well done & I am sure the knighthood will arrived in the New Years honours list.


    [There is a risk for anyone with tickets purchased from any unauthorised seller. You will only know for sure that your ticket is legitimate when you present it to RAH staff on the night of the concert. There is nothing we can do about that. We didn’t want you to buy from unauthorised sellers in the first place for that very reason. Some people will get away with it and will be allowed in, but others will be turned away. With the greatest respect to those who will be refused entry, that’s the risk you take when you buy from any unauthorised source. We’ve been warning you of the dangers since Christmas, so any complaints will fall on deaf ears (and will really be taking the p*ss, as we have every right to turn away anyone and everyone who has a ticket that did not come from one of our authorised sellers). By the way, Richard, if you want to send me any details about this suspected Bridgwater Hall employee-cum-eBay-seller, I’ll see if we can do anything to find out a little more. I like to think that the venue will take such accusations very seriously indeed. – Features Editor]

  16. Whew!


    You have taken a huge load off of my mind and heart!! I am so looking forward to 3 RAH DAYS OF DAVID GILMOUR!!!

    Anything from Los Angeles you would like as a sign of extreme appreciation?


    [No need for that. Just enjoy the shows, Vickie. – Features Editor]

  17. Hello,F.Ed.

    Hats off to evereyone who is involved with this process. I can only imagine how hard it must be to control the touting going on. It really does mean something that David’s people are working together with RAH to stop the nonsense (Thanks, Nancy. I hope you get a huge bonus for all your dedication). Most artists would just shrug their shoulders and not be bothered with trying to stop it.

    To anyone who still thinks David is a selfish, spoiled, uncaring, yadda yadda whatever, take a long, hard look at what’s going on. It doesn’t get less selfish than this.

    Please, ticket buyers, do your part and play by the rules. I understand that desperate times call for desperate measures, but this is a situation where principle should triumph over desperation.

    Have a great day, all.


  18. Has anyone noticed that at times when David is really getting into it he looks more and more like either Sydney Greenstreet or Jeremy Kemp?

    (I better duck……haha)

    [I’ll publish it because I have no idea who these people are and I’m too lazy to look. – Features Editor]

  19. Caption Competition – ” Those pyramids sure get around, first it was on David’s back now its on his head, wherever next?”

    Hey Fed I am sure you are appreciated for all the efforts that you and the team are making re tickets – Did you ever in your wildest dreams (or nightmares) think it would all turn out like this????????

    Ian Pearson

    [Um… – Features Editor]

  20. Well I bought a pair of tix in the 4th row center orch for the Gibson Amp. on the day of the show for $700 – roughly double the face value – from a licensed ticket broker. Can only imagine what tix would cost to see the reformed PF — probably about what it cost to see the reformed Cream at the RAH (and one hears stories of folks shelling out upwards of $1500 a ticket for that one.) Nice, then, of Mr. Gilmour to so obstinately refuse to reform the old band.

    Touts concerns before genius, I say.

  21. To the Keepers of & Nancy from RAH:

    There is no reason for you to have to deal with all this ticket business except a genuine concern for the fans and to do what is right given the amount of profiteering seen out there.

    Your efforts were nobel and greatly appreciated by many, and I want to thank you all personally. You cats are cool…. and this round is on me….

    [Thanks very much, mate. – Features Editor]

  22. For those interested in going to München – the tickets are ALREADY ON SALE!

    Hurry Up and check out my name.

  23. This is only my second post, but I read regularly and enjoy the comments very much.

    I just wanted to offer my support to the Features Editor, who I think gets a lot of grief from fans (albeit unintentionally at times) but deals with it admirably.

    As for the outcome of this long drawn out saga, I think this is probably the right solution. That said, I understand that it must be galling for the Features Editor, and others, to let people who knew the dangers all along – yet still went ahead and purchased from unreliable sources – get away with their greedy actions.

    Greedy. This is what they are to my mind.

    I understand the arguments and acknowledge that one’s desperation can get the better of you, but I have been amazed at the greed shown by many here. I do hope that there are no complaints when some of these people (who are no better than the touts to my mind, in the sense that they know that what they are doing is immoral, yet they still proceed because they simply have to have) find themselves ejected from the Albert Hall. I am a great believer in the phrase What goes around, comes around.

    I say that not to be offensive, merely to state the obvious: if you play with fire, you deserve to be burned.

    Be thankful that you are dealing with reasonable, compassionate people who could scupper your plans but don’t have the heart to. Or have more heart to. You will not always be as lucky in life, so please learn from this episode and be sure not to make the same mistakes the next time.

    You are part of the problem and I, for one, have no sympathy for you.

  24. Dear F Ed,

    I’d like to take a moment to voice a respectful, but “dissnting” opinion on the issue of ticket resale.

    I’m of the opinion that it’s very impractical and also unnecessarry to try to restrict ticket reselling. I know this may be an unpopular opinion among many readers, you, and David himself.

    If a buyer and a seller are willing to strike a deal, then I say “let it happen”. You comment that these “Ebay buyers” are supporting the problem. This is true, but I could also say that David playing a limited number of shows at venues of limited size is also supporting the problem. The demand is far greater than the supply! Of course it is also unfair and flat-out silly to use this as a serious argument for David to do more shows – that’s his choice. The public is not owed anything here.

    Lastly, I would support the ticket sellers, artists, and promoters doing everything that can reasonably be done to give the “common fan” a good opportunity to get tickets just as easily as a high volume broker. It’s all about equal opportunity in my view…

    Anyway, that’s it. No need to get too political or philosophical. I’m guessing allot of “silent readers” may agree with my thinking. The music can appeal to left and right wingers, and all between. I’m looking forward to a great London show.

    Thanks for the blog site – well done.

    [A fair point and I think you could be right about the “silent readers”, John. It’s a tricky one. Hope you enjoy the show, anyway. – Features Editor]

  25. CMON david come back to the USA PLEASE. i took my whole family to see you in chicago, my 4 year old daughter loved it, with thee exception of some tw*t in front of us complaining about her LAUGHING AND TALKING ABOUT HOW PRETTY THE LIGHTS WERE. PLEASE DONT LET THIS BE HER MEMORY OF IT…SHE STILL SAYS “THAT MAN TOLD ME TO HUSH” AND TO THE PERSON WHO TOLD HER THAT YOUR A REAL PIECE OF WORK YOU LOSER…

    anyway please dont forget us fans in the USA we want an encore!!!!

  26. Dear FEd and the Gilmourauders,

    Well done on trying to bring order to chaos. Not an easy task but you guys have seem to have gone way beyond the call of duty, and I’m sure everyone appreciates it.

    I don’t know the ins and outs of ticketing, but in the future would it be possible for to either take ticket sales in house, or to contract a 3rd party to manage it? With multiple outlets it seems a much harder task to manage…

    Anyhow, it’s so refreshing to see an artist take such an active interest in his fans. It really does mean a lot, especially in this increasingly over-marketed and under-delivered world we live in. Thanks again, and again…(and one more for luck)


    p.s. COME ON BARCA! 🙂

  27. I have been a daily reader and occational poster to this site since early March and I have to say that the effort put forth to the benefit of the fans (buffs) is truly amazing.

    Accolades to you Fed!

    And certainly the quality of this site is a reflection of David’s integrity, class, and his concern for his buffs.

  28. [CMON david come back to the USA PLEASE. i took my whole family to see you in chicago, my 4 year old daughter loved it, with thee exception of some tw*t in front of us complaining about her LAUGHING AND TALKING ABOUT HOW PRETTY THE LIGHTS WERE. PLEASE DONT LET THIS BE HER MEMORY OF IT…SHE STILL SAYS “THAT MAN TOLD ME TO HUSH” AND TO THE PERSON WHO TOLD HER THAT YOUR A REAL PIECE OF WORK YOU LOSER…]

    I am guessing that dG could never satisfy everyone’s demands. Sorry to hear that the people in front of you wanted to hear the show.

  29. Hi Fed.

    Just wanted to tell you that Tickets for Davids Clam Castle Concert are already on sale!!


  30. David!

    Please PLEASE (I’m sure all caps is more swaying) plese oh please come back the United States! And bring Nick with you. Well, not only Nick, but I would really love to see Bob Klose as well! And why not Bob Geldof…he’d love to see the U.S. And could you PLEase PlEaSe please come to Bemidji, MN!???? We only have a population of 12,000…but we have a lake and lots of fishermen!

    Speaking of fishermen, you could bring Roger along with you. Ohhh…and if you bring Roger, can you bring PP Arnold along as well. She’d be great for “Great Gig.” Oh yeah, I was wondering if Rick could dance on top of his keyboards during “Great Gig” like the aging keyboardist from Styx does? Oh please David…please please please. I mean, it’s not like the U.S. didn’t already get its fair share of dates or anything…I mean, we deserve it or something…!!!! oh please!

    -Chris McKay

    …sorry, I think I had a molmentary lapse of reason.

  31. Got a quick break at work so…

    Ok once again I’m completely off topic here (everyone who’s shocked please raise your hand), but I thought I’d drop a very quick comment on the screening of the Mermaid show last night.

    The film was a pure delight, bringing me back to Massey Hall with a big smile on my face. Though certainly still a long way from the transcendental performances that would take place on April 9th and 10th in Toronto, this “dress rehearsal” for the tour was very tight and gave a glimpse to what was to come. The band sounded beautiful but would improve dramatically over the coming weeks. The tiny audience (maybe 200 at most?) was extremely respectful throughout (no doubt because with an audience THAT small, David could just waltz into the crowd and bop any rowdy lunkhead over the noggin with his strat!).

    The setlist was truncated and, in fact, many of the solo sections were shaved down considerably (for instance, the outro solo to Comfortably Numb in Toronto was about three times longer and IMMENSELY better). The camera work was decent throughout, focusing largely where it should: Gilmour’s hands!

    The sound, unfortunately, was a bit of a disappointment. It had that compressed quality that you get from a radio broadcast (ie; quiet portions are louder, louder portions quieter) giving it a rather even “flatline” feel. Too bad because that tended to reduce the dramatic impact that many of the songs contain because of their dynamics. But, small price to pay for a wonderful trip back to April 9th and 10th!

    The film began with what I assume was the video to On An Island and then went into a short interview/”making of…” segment . This was the promo clip that ran on Amazon for a bit…the one I watched here at work about 46 times (don’t tell anyone!!). The concert then followed giving the whole thing a running time of roughly 80 minutes. All in all a very very enjoyable way to spend an evening.

    As a side note, the crowd at this particular theater (the Regal in Williamsville…a suburb of Buffalo, NY) was very polite and well-behaved…very much like the folks I encountered in Toronto (love you guys!). The event was sponsored by a local radio station and they held a drawing for posters. My girlfriend (who held #328) assured me SEVERAL times that even numbers were superior to odd (you guessed it…I had 329), but I was the one who walked away with a poster! HA! IN YOUR FACE WENDY!! (sorry…THAT was rude!).

    Ok my “quick comment” has turned into a ridiculous ramble (what are the odds?). In any event, the film is well worth seeing and would make an incredible “extra” feature to SOMEone’s forthcoming live DVD (ahem). No kidding. Sure would sell a lot more units. (Sorry FEd…a bit too obvious a ploy there? Maybe I should’ve tried something subliminal??)

    [That subliminal stuff doesn’t work here, mate. I’d have tried it by now. Thanks for the review. – Features Editor]

  32. This must have been a tough call for all those involved within David’s organisation but I do think, on balance, that it’s the right one. I have sympathy also with John’s comments and I believe that it is truly dedicated fans who are willing to pay the exorbitant prices some of the tickets are going on Ebay for but as the saying goes, ‘you pay yer money…’

    [It is an awkward situation, but are you saying that those who coughed up the money to pay eBay sellers or touts are more “dedicated” than those who read our advice, kept faith in the fact that there would be more tickets coming on sale and kept ringing the authorised sellers day after day after day? I have to disagree. – Features Editor]

  33. I have purhcased tickets for the Monday and Tuesday gigs at the Royal Albert Hall. The Monday ticket came straight from the Royal Albert Hall and the Tuesday ticket came through the intitial sale on this website when I put my name in for a couple of presale tickets. BUT, the tickets for the different nights are DIFFERENT IN PHYSICAL SIZE, but have the same look and layout. Have I been duped by someone masquerading as this website?

    [I’ll find out if Trinity Street’s tickets (they handled the presale) are different in size. Please bear with me, Oscar. – Features Editor]

  34. Isn’t it? Mmmmm. Marvellous…

    Small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts… marvellous images… birds singing in the trees… tea and croquet…Marvellous

    No-one there? Mmmmm… what’s going on? Is there a game on somewhere? The local park? Two schools playing each?

    Marvellous… Isn’t it…

  35. Dear FED ,

    you know portuguese?

    I am brasilian, but sorry about for my english,I like very much,for fan fare, very cool.David Gilmour ( fantastic )

    thanks rafael coelho

    [Thank you. I’m afraid I don’t know any Portuguese (apart from a few swear words, that is), but you are very welcome to write in any language at any time. – Features Editor]

  36. Hi Guys…

    I was due to be busy tonight but something came up and I had to leave work early so I thought I’d drop onto the Blog and let you know how much I appreciate the work done here and what a friendly bunch all you Bloggers are…

    Anyway must go now I need to sort out a few issues with my boss and then go and “smarten up” the car belonging to the guy who sent me home…

    Cheers 🙂

    [Oh, you’re mean. – Features Editor]

  37. Good on you F.Ed and others responsible for trying to stop the hapless fan gouging when it comes to concert tickets these days. I’ve seen just about every big act in the last 20 years and have scalped only once during that time for front row seats – to see PF play in Washington DC in 1994. It was worth every penny but completely went against my principles. Have never done it since.

    Still reeling from the Mermaid Theater concert on the big screen in Ballston, VA last night. What a wonderful show – the Mermaid seems warm and intimate and it must have been truly magical for the folks that were actually there on Mar 7.

    When my husband and I got to the show last night about 20 mins before show time, we were the only the two in the theater !!??? Happy to report that it did fill up a little more with fans who were mostly appreciative of the music that was on display.

    It’s funny how one notices the small things in addition to relishing the music itself –

    — David’s BIG SMILE after a superb rendition of “Take a Breath”
    — Audience shots with fleeting glimpses of Polly and the little ones.
    — More audience shots of boneheads with cellphone cameras – saw at least a couple.
    — Guy playing double base ?? on The Blue.
    — The simplicity and elegance of Shine On. Dick Parry stole the show on that one…wow !
    — The quiet satisfaction on Richard Wright’s face after “Wearing the Inside Out” was beautifully performed.
    — Cage like lighting around Richard at the start of Comfortably Numb…
    — David’s wedding ring on his left hand..must’ve have switched it for the tour.
    — and too many more to recount….

    In true concert-going style around the world, a movie watcher two rows in front of me decided to check his cell phone DURING the show – the bloody glare from his screen was bright enough to make me want to poke him with something especially sharp. I guess he/she thought 80 mins was too long to wait.

    But notwithstanding – a great evening – one that will bring back very some good memories over time.

    Sorry for the long post – but just had to share my evening with people who totally get what I went through last night.


  38. President Putin is hosting the G8 this year. Please click on the link provided and send an email directly to the Kremlin. It’ll only take a few seconds; the email has been written for you, although you may enter your own message instead. Don’t let them forget the promises they made in 2005. It is literally a matter of life or death. Doing this small thing may help.

    This was the cause for which Pink Floyd reunited.

    [Good point, Gem. I was e-mailed this yesterday. How does Sir Bob find the time? – Features Editor]

  39. I saw a premier concert last night in Scottsdale, AZ at a movie theatre. Although the conert was obviously focused on the ‘On an Island’ CD, I was wondering if that concert is available in its entirety on DVD. The lead on Comfortably Numb was incredible.

    [It’s not, but David will be releasing a similar show on DVD later this year. Keep an eye on for details. – Features Editor]

  40. Hello,

    I was able to attend the Cinema Show last night here in Orlando FL, The film was great but mirroring the comments I read from the other theaters the sound was way to low. I have a good system at home and usually watch the David/Floyd DVD’s LOUD. This is the only way to do it! At the theater it was just loud enough to hear. It’s hard to complain as it is a great idea but hope they can improve for any future showings.

  41. Dear Fed,

    Sorry for Arsenal. But I wonder if the referee “était à la hauteur” d’un tel match… 10 against 11…!!!

    But, I swear, I sang for Arsenal (out of tune?)

    to Michèle:
    [-Ikkar, to replace “fan”, no, no, no “zélateur”, too snobbish and and with a religious connection I think, no. I suggest “chouchou”, a friendly and funny french word which means something like : favourite, prefered, beloved…]

    – “zélateur” has not only a religious connection, but, I agree, it’s rather snobbish.
    – “Chouchou” seems to me a little too, let’s say, childish…No?

    Other suggestions:
    – fou de…,
    – fervent,
    – passionné,
    – amoureux.
    what else?

    Have a good night. Quand même…

    Ikkar, with love.

    [N’inquiétez pas. Je n’ai pas perdu le sommeil. La seule équipe dans ma (mon?) coeur est Liverpool. Mais j’ai voudrais que Arsenal avait gagné pour le Premiership et David, naturellement. – Features Editor]

  42. I completely respect your attempts to disrupt ticket profiteering and exploitation of David Gilmour’s worldwide loyal fanbase. But with all due respect, if this was your goal from the onset, the original ticket suppliers should have exercised more sophisticated techincal measures to defend against such activity from a point-of-sale point of view.

    If I had leveraged a ticket to one of these shows, regardless of where I had obtained it, and had made special arrangements to attend the show which may have included a lengthy flight, and then was denied entry, I’d be quite dismayed regardless of how much advanced warning was provided on a site I may not have seen. If you had many people in that situation, I suspect you’d have a potential riot on your hands.

    [With respect, if you had leveraged a ticket to one of these shows from an unauthorised source, riot or not, we’d have every right to refuse you entry. The terms are very clear, everyone knows that touting is wrong (and anyone with half a brain should realise that buying from a tout merely exacerbates the problem) and fans have had the added advantage of this website and blog, where we have repeatedly given you information and advice. I take your point about ticket suppliers doing more. I wish we all could have done more to make this more successful that it has been. I wish there had been no silly cock ups, for want of a better word, and that no fan had to ask twice for help. But we stand by what we have done because we know it was the right thing to do and because we did our best (even if it wasn’t good enough for some). – Features Editor]

  43. [Has anyone noticed that at times when David is really getting into it he looks more and more like either Sydney Greenstreet or Jeremy Kemp?]

    Jeremy Kemp maybe, Sidney Greenstreet was not particularly attractive and was in the Maltese Falcon so he’d be about 120 yrs old.

    David is still a hottie (sorry Polly!! 🙂 )

    [In that case, alternate gilmour, you’d better watch your back from now on. We wouldn’t want any pointy stick-related incidents, would we? A slap on the wrist will do for now. – Features Editor]

  44. Tough game today, missed the red card incident. How the heck can Arsenal hold off Barcelona minus a player and almost win the game. Felt really bad for the goaltender, so many shots on net. What’s up with Wayne Rooney’s sister? Why pick on her, did she do something wrong? Welcome back Fed and Sned, keep up the great work.

  45. Caption: During an unworldly presentation of Astronomy Domine, David has a close encounter with curious, “higher intelligence” as a beam comes down from a UFO to probe his thoughts.

    [A bit of lippy and maybe a wig and you’ll be fine, Joseph. – Features Editor] – Thanks for the offer, Fed, but I already have my own. I’ll also be returning your bustle. Thanks!

    [I hope you looked after it. One can’t be seen out and about with a shabby bustle. And before anyone asks what a bustle is, look it up! – Features Editor]

  46. Dear Features Ed,

    Thank you for sorting my tickets out. I`ve just received an email from Nancy, and it`s all sorted, she said she will send the tickets as soon as she gets them!

    I`ve also bought my tickets for vienne, and I`m going to take Natalie(as a surprise), so I`m singing “up on the rooves” again, just like when I found out I was going to the Mermaid!!!

    So a BIG Thank you to you Features Ed and a BIG Thank you to Nancy, you have both made my night!

    All the best.
    Adrian(smiling from ear to ear)

    [Pleased to hear it, Adrian. Hope you and Natalie have a fantastic time at both shows. – Features Editor]

  47. HI, Fed and bloggers. Haven’t posted in awhile.

    I went to the Mermaid Theater show at Edwards Cinemas last night with my wife and two sons. The show was excellent! Sound at our theater was really good. We all really enjoyed it, can’t wait for David’s official DVD of this tour to be released.

    The theater we went to didn’t advertise this show at all, I couldn’t believe it. There were only about 25 people in the place. Not much of a turn out. But all the better for me, I got to kick back and just enjoy without the aggravation of a crowded theater.

    That’s it. Just letting everyone know I was there to see the film and that it was great! Have a good night everyone, Hi Tim, Erin, Angelo and Renee, see any of you in October?

    Mike Lewis

  48. Dear FEd

    I am very impressed by everyone’s very apparent commitment to doing the fairest thing in terms of the ticket dilemma(s).

    Great Music and Real Life Ethics Lessons. Can’t beat that!

    Enjoy the shows everyone.


    [Thank you, John. – Features Editor]

  49. Last night my wife and I went to the mermaid show and there was alot of people there. But I hate to tell you this, But the sound system in the theater had a blown sound woofer and the music sounded bad. Alot of us complained about it and the management said it was the concert it self that had the bad sound. We all laugh at this. It wasn’t the the concert, But the sound system at the theater. I do want to thank David for the concert and maybe it will be released on DVD.

    Thomas of Portland, Oregon

  50. Regarding John’s reply, you are correct about large venue ticket sales, but you would still have to deal with scalpers anyway, You Just Can’t Win. Besides, I do believe that David is allowing us admiring admirers to see him on a personal level. Small, but quaint. I thank the band for that.

  51. Arlo Guthrie came though town awhile back and said “it’s easy to live in a shitty world, there’s no work involved”. Yes we appreciate what you’ve done, now we need everyone to get on board. We need to start doing more to make this world right, “scalping” as they say in the U.S. is a good place to start.

    [Well said, Stephen. – Features Editor]

  52. Hey FEd

    I think there may already be a Saint Nancy, but there is likely room for another (Saint Nancy of the Royal Albert Hall). I am most certain that we don’t have a Saint Fedmeister, so you don’t get a suffix.

    You all have gone way above the call of duty regarding the whole ticket fiasco. You are better people than am I. “Let there be wailing and the gnashing of teeth as they cower outside the ticket gate of the master’s performance,” say I. I hope everyone who didn’t play by the rules and are going to be taken care of at the RAH show show some act of appreciation (Go to the Home Page, Click on the Links button, scroll down to the charity section and pick one. Charity: That’s what you’ve been given. Pay it forward). Hope you all enjoy what will be the greatest concert of your life. Wish I was there!

    I’m gonna have to work this out with the Pope, but in generations to come, Strat loving people around the world will gather in small groups on the Feast of St. Fedmeister and St. Nancy of the Royal Albert Hall. They will raise their pointy sticks and sing “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” out of tempo, and out of tune. And yes, at most of those gatherings there will be a drunken cousin who doesn’t understand the meaning of the ritual. Obliviously, he’ll shout out, “We don’t need no education!! Ya!!.. Ouch!! You poked my eye out!”

    — Shirin! Every time I read your posts, I smile. One of my favorite DG moments for 2006, is the look on your face during/after “Wish You Were Here” at the Tonight Show. : )

    [I hope there can be at least one ringing mobile phone during the song and one that’s casting white light into the watering eyes of the person behind. The Feast of Saint Fedmeister… Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Cheers for that, Kevin. Charitable donations to David’s favourite charities are always gratefully received, by the way. – Features Editor]

  53. Hey FEd,

    ‘Know anything about the publius enigma?

    NY, NY

    [Only that it fooled a lot of people and soon got boring. – Features Editor]

  54. there, thats all sorted out then. good job F’Ed, Nancy and co. Most ppl wouldnt care as long as their shows are sold out….its nice to see you guys take the extra effort.

    Went for the concert recording yesternite. Pretty fun. Lots of closeups of David’s fingers moving over the frets. David shud think about making instructional videos of his unique style….you know, pass on his legacy and inspire the next generation.

    2 weeks to go for the real thing at the RAH, cant wait 😀

  55. Hello there F.ED,

    I was lucky enough to get a pair of the lucky 200 pre-sale tickets for the 29th May. These turned out to be two seats seated away from each other. I received an email from the organisers (trinity street) saying the RAH would exchange them for a non-split pair if I wished, and to return the tickets I had, which I did.

    Please tell me there won’t be any confusion with seats on the night!!

    Great site by the way and I’m looking forward to the gig.

    Cheers and thanks very much.

    [No confusion, Charles. Now that the RAH have taken care of things, there’ll be no problem whatsoever. Enjoy the show. – Features Editor]

  56. Dear Ed,

    Hmmm, I have a comment to make and I am a fan and also someone who used eBay to obtain a ticket – this is my story:

    I have been a music fan since the early seventies and a big fan of groups like Floyd, ELP, Genesis etc. I love DG’s work and have all his albums, as well as everything Floyd produced. I used to go to concerts in the days when you had to line up at the box office and I would sometimes be there for many hours before the tickets went on sale, patiently waiting with the other fans.

    I recently bought 2 tickets for David’s concert on eBay for £250.00, but I only needed one (I could not find a good single seat available). I then put the spare ticket back on eBay, as at that time I was not aware you could return them. I was immediately contacted by a buyer and agreed to end the auction early, selling the ticket at what we both thought was a fair price of £125.00 (half my purchase price). So that actually meant when you added up my extra fees, I had paid around £135.00 for mine.

    Yes, I have helped the profiteers, but when I bought them, I saw no other way open to me and was desperate to see David play. I was (begrudgingly) happy to pay this price, if there was no other way to get to the show and my buyer was very happy with his ticket. I know that a lot of the sellers on eBay are in it purely to make a profit, but there are genuine fans that can only get to see shows, by using eBay, so it does offer some alternative to not going at all, if you are willing to pay for it.

    So it’s quite a dilemma and what’s the answer? Well I don’t think we can go back to the days of queuing for hours and hours, but until there is an alternative to agencies like Ticketmaster, then hundreds of tickets will be sold to people who have no intention of going to the concert’s. It is a shame that real fans cannot get to shows, but unless artists stop their tickets being sold by agencies, it is never going to change.

    And I think to close things like eBay sales, does not really address the problem – it’s a bit of a ‘sticking plaster’ on a deep wound solution. I checked a few minutes ago and you can still get tickets at for prices in excess of £200.00. These are the guys that need closing down, at least eBay allows genuine fans to re-distribute tickets without trying to make a huge profit?

    There are many other ways around the problem, if you think outside the box, but it would need a concerted effort by many, to change it. I don’t believe that will ever happen, so I think we are stuck with it!


    [I think you’re right in many ways, Tim. I have to say first and foremost that we have always stated very clearly that there’s a risk with purchasing from unauthorised sellers, that you should return your unwanted tickets to the point of sale, and keep contacting the authorised sellers to ask about returned tickets. If you can return your ticket to the point of sale for a refund, knowing that this is how other fans are going to be able to obtain tickets, then why would anyone need to consider eBay if not to make a profit? But anyway, back to your comments. I personally hate Ticketmaster and the assorted agencies that charge you for the pleasure of taking your money from you (I’ll get sacked one of these days, but it’s only the truth). They don’t give a damn about the fans just as long as they get their money out of them. Ticketmaster, for example, messed up plenty of times, but do they care? Do they have a serious rival? There’s your answer. Queuing for tickets will not do (although at least people put some effort in then, unlike now, when everyone expects everything to be presented to them on a silver platter and gets stroppy if they don’t get their way). To my mind, the answer to this is simple, but you need people who are willing to put time and effort ahead of convenience and profit. Is that going to happen? I think not. But let’s dream. A combination of one seller (preferably a venue with its own dedicated staff who know what they’re doing and aren’t out to make a fast buck); names printed on tickets; barcodes on tickets; everyone taking ID along to the show, should there be any technical glitches; an easy computerised system of accepting refunds and the problem, if not solved, is eased. With the technology we have now, I can’t see why this basic stuff isn’t possible. Libraries and coach companies, to give just two examples, manage perfectly well with it every day. – Features Editor]

  57. F,ed

    Thanks for sorting this ticket problem out.

    I do wonder though, why the people who are prepared to pay big money for tickets get such a hard time, when there are people on this blog openly addmiting that they are going to all 3 shows, that to me is GREEEED.

    Is there anyone out there who can recomend some good bars/restruants around the RAH.

  58. FEd,

    ‘scuse my ignorance, but why the differing price tariffs for ALL of David’s open air shows?

    As I recall(please correct me if I’m wrong) the RAH tickets were all ONE FIXED price(£65).

    Could it be that there are defined areas/zones at these venues(i.e. the closer to the stage, the dearer the price).

    This concerns me slightly…

    I know prices haven’t been announced yet for the Venice, St.Marks Square shows, but if they also are NOT one fixed price how will this be justified.
    Is seating going to be installed?? Or will it be all standing.

    Your clarification in this matter would be greatly appreciated…

    P.S. As a precaution should I take my wellies/wetsuit, snorkel, flippers, etc????????

    [Again, I’m afraid I don’t have any information for you at this time. Details are still being thrashed out. I don’t think you’ll need the diving gear, but I assume some seating will be installed and that some seats will be better than others. This was the case in the RAH. Sorry to be vague (for a change, eh?), but as soon as there are some hard facts, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  59. FEd.

    Are there any more dates/venues to announced???

    There have been no signs to indicate that NO more events will be announced.

    Can I be so presumptuous as to assume that there will indeed, be even more blissful summer evenings to look forward to…

    [There should be one that we’ll announce soon. I like to think that it will be later today. – Features Editor]

  60. “Bliss”….

    Now there’s an alternative to fan, buff, nut, etc.

    I’m a David Gilmour bliss….

  61. Commiserations to David and Guy for last night’s result, were they there ??

    A brave performance by the Gooners….

    Never mind, you can look forward to playing the Mighty Whites next season, subject to a positive outcome on Sunday….

  62. Hi Fed,

    i would like to make some questions about David’s concert in Venice.

    Before starting, i would like to thanks again David for his love for italy. We are proud of this.

    In an italian newspaper, a journalist said that thr concert in venice will be acoustic. Is this confirmed? Or will we hear a gig like on a island tour in milan and rome?

    Thanks for answering to this curiosity.

    Greetings from italy,

    [Hi Aldo. I have just this minute received an answer to ALEMAN’s question, which is the same. I can confirm that they will not be acoustic shows. There will be lights, lasers and the same band line-up as the rest of the tour. More details as soon as we have them. – Features Editor]

  63. This is totally out of subject but I love the live picture… Will it be added to the tour gallery section anytime soon?


    [It sure will. – Features Editor]

  64. My first and probably last post on this blog:

    PLEASE stop whining “ohh David, come back to XXXX. We want an encore”.

    Have a Kleenex and wipe your eyes, for christ sake. Gilmour has already been in your country once! What more do you want?

    There hasn’t been a single show in all of Scandinavia, but you don’t hear me complaining (until now).


  65. Hey Movado, I was at the Mermaid theatre and it truely was fantastic. I got on the tube after the show and just said to my dad “did that really happen?” Only to be spoilt by a daft delay at kings cross and not getting home to Sheffield/Rotherham will 2:30am. Worth it though.

    On and Polly was sat exactly behind my dad and one of his kids behind me, wonder if when they zoomed in they saw my jaw at the floor.

  66. (but I was the one who walked away with a poster!)

    comments Buffalo Phil – Whats was the poster? Was it of David? Sorry but just inetersted and I am not wishing to bug anyone.

    Incidentally I have only counted about four people on this site going to Glasgow but the show is sold out so pressumely most people dont know about us!!!I asked the Clyde Auditorium what time the doors open and they didnt know, said it was up to the promoter. Well I hope its before 7.30pm. I would hate a Mermaid rush, at least I know where I am sitting.

    Ian Pearson

  67. Regarding the movie Tuesday night: the sound went up and down in the theatre I attended. It started off pretty loud (yeah!), went down for a short time (did someone complain?) but then went back up (did someone ELSE complain???). So for the most part it was “up there” and sounded fantastic.

    Also, there was a guard at the screening room door. We had to have our hands stamped…I guess they were expecting theatre jumpers.

    I do wish there were more local events where David Gilmour and Pink Floyd fans could meet. Oh, wait…maybe that’s what the “internets” is for! There is something nice about actually meeting real people, though. (Even anoraks.) I’m so old-fashioned!

    Sorry we’re such a demanding lot. It’s just because we love you!!!


    PS–So sorry about Arsenal. I was pulling for them even though I don’t follow soc….er, football. 😉

  68. Mike Lewis,

    I don’t think I’ll be traveling anywhere in October or anywhere else by myself anytime soon for that matter. My wife gave me a trip as a present recently, but I’ve had a change of heart for multiple reasons…

    As a family, we may go out west instead this summer and maybe we can have a chance to catch up then (including maybe with Gabrielle up north!)…

    But all that is fluid right now…

    In the meantime, I’ll be hoping and waiting (and saving) for a Gilmour U.S. tour in a few years, and when he does, a return trip to California will be on the agenda!

  69. Caption Competition… a topical one!

    Inside the Louvre the inverted pyramid did point to the the Holy Grail but it wasn’t what everyone expected… it’s DG live on stage 🙂

  70. Hello guys!

    Just to say that I don’t have time to write or read a lot…but I have always the blog page open in my Mac…so I feel you closer!

    Have a great day!


  71. Hi FEd

    I heard the words ‘bonus tracks’….’David Gilmour’….’Bank Holiday weekend’ all in the same sentence on Radio 2 this morning. But missed exactly what was being said.

    Any ideas??

    [I wasn’t listening, sorry. I’m sure SNEd will let us all know. – Features Editor]

  72. At the end of the day, when a fan misses out on genuine ticket sales for one reason or another, then the fan would be willing to pay whatever the cost to go and see their idol. That is what it really comes down to. If the fan really wants to see their idol, money would be no object. No-one makes the fan shell out, it is down to individual choice. It is down to their own wallet. If they do not want to pay a silly price, then they simply won’t. The touts know this of course.

    Isn’t it rather more likely that the ticket-master, actual artiste and promotion company are the ones who are losing out on the profit that the ticket tout makes.

    [The tout, assuming that he has a batch of real tickets to offload, would have bought them from an authorised source, so the authorised source received payment for the cost of the tickets. That’s all that matters to the authorised seller/artist/promoter. The tout then sells the tickets on at more than face value, thereby profiting at the expense of the fans. This is what we want to stop. – Features Editor]

  73. […A combination of one seller (preferably a venue with its own dedicated staff who know what they’re doing and aren’t out to make a fast buck); names printed on tickets; barcodes on tickets; everyone taking ID along to the show, should there be any technical glitches; an easy computerised system of accepting refunds and the problem, if not solved, is eased. With the technology we have now, I can’t see why this basic stuff isn’t possible. Libraries and coach companies, to give just two examples, manage perfectly well with it every day. – Features Editor]

    Wholeheartedly agree with that suggestion. It is possible, and should be done.

    As a Glastonbury Festival regular I have seen this implemented over the last couple of years and it works. With the need for photographic ID it makes the whole process of touting tickets very difficult indeed.

    And as for ‘booking fees’….don’t get me started!

    [Same here, Chris. In fact, I just wasted a good hour of SNEd’s time by ranting about booking fees, among other things. – Features Editor]

  74. Dear Fed,

    I know this is off topic, but:

    I’m working about an exhibition for 2007, and I found this sentence by George Frederic Watts (an english painter, 1817-1904):

    “The great arts are not merely to beautify and rejoice man’s being, they are absolutely necessary to its balance and completion”.

    Don’t you think it would apply to David’s music (if I do understand this sentence!)?

    Oh, by the way: “my heart = mon coeur” …

    Ikkar, with love

    [Merci. Je pense qu’il est parfait pour la musique de David. – Features Editor]

  75. I got my ticket. Seems that I will be having a summer holiday in southern Europe this year – will probably be going to Venezia too.

    Is anyone here familiar with the venue in Vienne? I bought the highest priced ticket, there was no seating plan, but it says “carre or”, which an online translator says means something like “golden square”? I’m wondering afterwards though, perhaps in this kind of venue the farthest away seats might be the best.

    How about Venezia? Will that be standing only, or will there be seats?

    [I don’t know. I wish I could tell you. – Features Editor]

  76. – Ikkar, yes “chouchou” seems childish, but where is the problem ? Is there not a child’s soul inside every David’s fan ?

    – Fed, it must be a nightmare for you, night and day, trying to solve all these problems with tickets, and to answer all these questions ! what a fantastic but frustrating work you do, you even don’t know the ones you try to please ! Well done and thank you! Now, forget all these problems, have a rest, ‘take a breath’, ‘smile’, play football, sing for Liverpool, do anything you want and remember: ” y a pas que le boulot dans la vie !”

    -to conclude, I think “que vous êtes une perle rare” as we say in France to name a perfect person who is irreplacable (? this word sounds odd to me, I don’t think it’s correct ?).


    [Vous êtes trop aimable. Merci. Et le mot “irreplacable” est correct. C’est parfait, en fait. – Features Editor]

  77. I’d love to jump on the ” COME TO IRELAND ” ” COME TO IRELAND ” bandwagon but hey, as of five minutes ago my partner agreed to the French gig .

    So it’s credit card time again ” Fingers crossed ”

    ED: Sorry about the 1st leg 2nd leg thing, shall not happen again

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

    [No need to apologise, Geoff. Have a great time in Vienne. – Features Editor]

  78. HI F,ED.

    I totally agree with everything you have done and said regarding the selling and buying of tickets on E-BAY,i also agree with your comments on Ticketmaster who i have used in the past, they are just as bad as E-BAY sellers and profiteering out of fans desperation to see there favorite bands so while your on a roll F,ED how about campaigning to get booking fees abolished! because in my eyes its just another way of ripping fans off.

    12 Days to go until the RAH concert for me i cant wait

    keep up the good work F,ED

    [I’d love to. I hate booking fees as much as the next person (you pay someone to take your money from you?) and I agree that it’s another form of exploitation. I don’t think we’d have much support with that one, though. We didn’t get much support from eBay. Funny, that. – Features Editor]

  79. At last that’s all the footy over and done with for a little while, got the wretched world cup to put up with this year though.

    Why do some footy fans cry when their team loses, it’s a bit wussy ain’t it?

    [Oh, you just don’t understand! It hurts. The pain! – Features Editor]

  80. What ever happens Gabrielle you are a true Conisseur/Fan whatever (we are now )well done its people like you who make supporting Gilmour such a personnal experience, thanks

  81. Come on Leeds you can do it , unlucky Arsenal and i mean that (although it does stick in the throat a bit to say it)

    [You don’t think their goal was lucky? It was never a free kick… – Features Editor]

  82. Dear all,

    quick caption: “And if your head explodes…”

    And now for something completely different:

    1. Don’t ask FEd about tour dates – they’ll post them as soon as they have them.

    2. FEd and have been amazing about dealing with the ticket situation, despite people fuelling the black market contrary to advice. Please please don’t turn fanfare into a ticket advice forum.

    3. See Rick Strang’s (brilliant) list of things not to say, also see FEd’s Blog House Rules.

    4. Upsetting FEd is Bad ™. Upset FEd and you upset lots of us, so please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, think before you post. Tall order I know, but go on, try. If it hurts, stop, wait 5 minutes, try again.


    – trying to be practical and not teachers pet…otherwise form an angry mob line quickly in an organised fashion behind me…you, yes you laddie, you behind the bikesheds… 🙂

    p.s. Lehmann absolutely deserved to be sent off. Damn shame though. Great for England that Sol is back on form.

    [I was thinking of you during the game, mate. I knew you’d have enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

  83. I’m having a horseshoe tournament / Barbeque on August 12th….Can Dave and the boys come and play?

    Horseshoes that is!

    Natch, F*Ed You are invited

    Lemme know,


    [Thank you! – Features Editor]

  84. (put the pointy sticks down)

    I’m sure the Greenstreet family and fans thought well of his looks. As I said in my post…its when David makes his “funny face”.. when he is really hitting a great lick.

    [OK, I forgive you. – Features Editor]

  85. Tonight I am going to a concert here in Chicago that I will admit is a small venue (around 300 people).

    They handle all of their own ticket sales.

    Basically there are no tickets. You purchase on line or in person, and are put on a list. When you arrive on concert night you must present your ID which must match the name on the list to get in. I forgot my ID one night and was not given my entrance. I had to re-purchase it that night.

    This system seems to work well, but i can see how it may be hard for a multi-thousand seat venue to to something similar.

    I think it can be done though.

    Also I agree with you Fed about Ticketmaster, I think they added about $35 onto each seat for “handling fees”. They are the real touts.

    John P from Chicago

    [If they wanted to make such a system work on a larger scale, then I think it could work. Call me naïve, but if they had a few hundred queues all around the venue… I still think the barcode idea is the one. You could even have the venue staff zapping people as they line up. Anyway, enjoy the concert tonight, John. – Features Editor]

  86. Hey Mike – I’ll be taking a trip down to Mountain View in October, but I’m can’t afford to go to LA. David was worth it, but Roger isn’t, not in my book anyway.

    kingzorghh – You and your girlfriend have a great time @ RAH, you lucky dogs. I hope all is well with you. You’ll have to send me pics from your trip.


  87. Since David is playing outdoor venues these days, there is one he may want to know about if he comes to the USA again. It’s the Red Rocks Ampitheater, outside of Denver. This venue is semi-natural, absolutely beautiful and altogether surreal. I am not writing about it for my own benefit, because this is around two thousand miles from me and I could not get there. I am writing because I think David would love this place.

    Closer to home is a semi-outdoors ampitheater in Saratoga Springs, NY, called Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC). All kinds of players have performed there, including symphony orchestras, full-scale balet troupes, and every rock band you can name. I’ve seen REM there, as well as Neil Young, James taylor, Yes, and the Philadelphia Orchestra. This is another venue that I know David would love, if he ever came to the US again and wanted to play outdoors. (And, it’s just twenty miles from my home, meaning that I could see David live for the first time since Momentary Lapse.)

  88. Hi there FEd and extended family!

    Just a quick note. I convinced my husband that the 8-hour round trip to Seattle area to see the Mermaid Theatre show could be worked into doing business-related errands as well … yea! It was great!

    Haven’t been able to do a thorough reading of posts, but I did notice Angelo’s mention of bringing his family up to the Pacific Northwest. Your wife would love it (as would the kids)! And Simon, things are looking up!

    Well, I’ve got to go now. The temperature has been HIGH and the river is rising faster than we would like. These conditions usually lead to a few acres of our precious land being washed away. Can anybody say ‘global warming’?

    Be back soon.

    Washington State

  89. “Why do some footy fans cry when their team loses, it’s a bit wussy ain’t it?”

    its a sign of a real man is n’t it…erhhhmm

    My missus was watching something else upstairs, she detests the “Beautiful game” ,she came downstairs just after the final whistle, she must have been secretly keeping tabs on the score as she walked in she asked if i wanted a cuddle, i think she was trying to hide a smirk.

    i got the 29th to look forward now so i was n’t down for long.

    Is there a list of equipment David & the band use, i am fascinated by the logistics of how it all gets moved around the country, or is there more than one set of stuff.

    [There’s a good piece in the Press section, under April 2006, from Total Production International. I think it covers the logistics of the tour. If anyone can suggest anything else, do feel free. – Features Editor]

  90. Back in the early 1980s, the Rolling Stones tried a new approach to combat ticket scalping. It was a mail order process where you would send a stamped self addressed envelope and then there would be a drawing for tickets. If you were picked, you got a voucher in the mail that allowed you to purchase two tickets at the box office only. I did send in about 10 chances and yes, I was rewarded with two tickets.

    I realize that this is a much more cumbersome process but it does attempt to combat the issue. Back then you didn’t have online options. You either stood in line for hours or you bought from a scalper. Heck, I remember being 6th in line for a chance to buy tickets to the last show The Police had in the U.S. I stood on line for about 3 hours prior to the sale. The show sold out by the time the 3rd guy got to the window.

    Scalping of tickets is a huge industry issue. Probably bigger than live bootlet recordings. Of course the difference is that with ticket sales the artists get their share, they just don’t profit from the increased price. Unfortunately, it is an issue that the industry (DG excluded in this case) does not really want to deal with. And the fact that with most performances (once again DG excluded) you can’t get a refund from point of purchase. It just doesn’t make it easy.

    O, by the way, I did get my ticket to see David at Radio City through Ticketmaster about 3 days after the show went on sale and was sold out. It seems that sometimes tickets are put back in the que if there is an issue with an original transaction. So I got lucky.

    Personally, I don’t have an issue of reselling a ticket if it is at face value or a nominal (say 5%) increase.

    Thanks for letting me share.

  91. Just heard Getmetickets on News, wound up. Power to the people eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    David’s concert being re broadcast on Radio 2 over bank holiday weekend I heard that. To do with Radio 2 club.

    Ian Pearson

    [Full details next week, seeing as it doesn’t start until 29 May. I think it’s worthy of a blog entry of its own. – Features Editor]

  92. your right about the Free kick Lehmann did not deserve to go but the off side could have gone ever way dont you think some times you get the call sometimes you dont, re a newspaper report about the linesman getting photoed with a Barcelona top on , me thinks the ref had one on under his black shirt, did you see that report if not you will not know what im on about

    i have just had the best news ever ive been lucky enough to get 2 tickets for the Manchester gig on the 26th im taking my wife she has never been to a concert before , shes a concert virgin, what could be better and more romantic than Me the wife and David Gilmour playing live, she is always saying i dont know how to be romantic, well ill show her plus manchester is half hour away so we will be home in no time at all so ill get a bottle of wine chilled and carry on been romantic my only worry is i will not be able to shut up about the concert when we get home

    thanks to my fellow blogger you know who you are , gilmour fans/conisseurs whatever are just the best , Fed you have made the build up to the concerts an all round better experience so a big thanks to you

    [Thanks very much for that, Simon. Enjoy the Manchester gig. – Features Editor]

  93. Good Day, FED and all ! Hope all is well with everyone. Gee, sorry about the couple of typos in yesterday’s post, but what can I say, I was basking in the shadow of the other evening’s triumph, I rode on that steel breeze that was the Mermaid performance !

    On the issue of touting/scalping I have to relate a story that happened back in ’94.

    Because of my then fianancial dire straits at the time, I didn’t purchase my PF ‘DB’ Tour ticket for Joe Robbie Stadium, March 30th until the last minute. What I had done was pawned my stereo system for $100 +. And I had called a woman who had listed her ticket in our local newspaper’s classifieds. I had paid double the ticket price, so out of pocket I spent $ 80 dollars.

    But damn, it was well worth it !

    Even though I went with friends I had the best deal of everyone in my group. I was on the floor ! Before the show began, they had a catered affair. Complimentary glass of Champagne, two for me ! Plus, they offered a dinner of either Chicken or Beef. It was quite something. And when the show did begin @ 8 o’clock it was just like the AMLOR show @ The Orange Bowl…wet and wonderful. The laser show was particularly highlighted by the conditions.

    In a word…AWESOME. And, I have to tell you that I was given a wrist band that allowed me to get within 12 rows of the stage. The show was absolutely fantastic and I was floating on air for a week and change at least.

    So, if it wasn’t for that lady that I bought my ticket from ( at double the value ), I would not have had the most amazing experience of 1994 !
    But all in all, I believe the most of these people who take advantage of people’s desire to see a show should be penalized if they are truly abusing, exploiting, preying, whatever you want to call it, it is wrong to GROSSLY profit from other people’s desire to go see their favourite band.

    So, kudos to you, FED and everyone else involved in addressing the issue of touting/scalping and the problems customers face when they believe they are getting a legitimate ticket when it turns into something ugly and some of these Innocents get swept up and don’t get the chance to see what they have bought for with their hard-earned money ! It burns me up ! However, I had the chance to witness a wonderful show back in ’94, thank you to lady who sold me a ticket at double the value. For me I was willing to pay the price. But in this day and age,when it is easy for asses who prey on the unsuspecting to sell illegitimate tix, they should be prosecuted to the fulest extent of the law !

    Well…I guess I made myself clear on this issue. But for all of us that are confirmed to see David and Co. from the 29th to the 31st let us be happy !

    We get to see our hero in action !

    Closing out with ‘The Blue’ < damn, it’s so beautiful !

    Well, FED, I’ve said my piece. Thanks and take care of yourself. To everyone else…

    Cazart !

  94. Hi Jack,

    You lucky dog you….I’ll just have to be content with seeing the movie screening this time around unless I can persuade the spouse that Europe in the summer is really worth visiting especially if David is on tour.

    Would be too good to be true if we could actually make it there but hey, it never hurts to dream…


  95. RUDDERS!!!! Your caption..

    I said NO SPOILERS! &^%$#@*(!


    And LUCIA!

    I don’t have much time either at the moment, I am really busy with making presents for all the nice people I am going to meet in London and worrying how to smuggle them on the plane with me.. (there is a 20 kg bagage weight limit.. darn)
    And now I obviously have to add something for Nancy and the RAH Box Office Staff 😀

    But, like you, I also have the blog open all day!! Are we addicted you think? Hahahaha

    Hugs, Bianca

    ps: I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MY LONDON TRIP!!! (You better order some nice weather though, FEd… )

  96. Erin –

    My friend Sean and I will be at Mt. View as well, possibly with our wives this time.

    Sounds like we should get the gang together again. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll bump into Guy Pratt this time.

  97. I was about to make a joke about impersonator’s
    when it occured to me that only a few times and even fewer “talents”, has it ever, if ever been done. As an example, (1) the Elvis’s. (2) Beatlemania. (3) PF Tribute Bands.

    Am I right on this?

    I can’t think of any other occurance. And if I am right… what does that tell us….somebody should do a paper on this.

    AND!!! If I am right….look at the grouping!

    What would that tell us about any other bands?

  98. Hi Fea Ed and fans of DG–

    I saw the cinema concert the other night, and although good of course, it just didn’t compare to the “real” thing. Nice most of all was being able to see the band members’ faces, especially DG’s gorgeous face. Overall enjoyable.

    The ticket situation…I have mixed feelings about. When the supply is way under the demand, what is a desperate fan to do? I for one would have done whatever was necessary to get in to see DG somewhere, either by overpaying or sleeping with the doorman, whatever it took. Of course DG’s free to tour as he wishes, but should fans just not go at all? Tough one. I see DG’s side, but as a fan I also see the fan’s side.


    [Fortunately, for those who didn’t play by the rules, we also see both sides. – Features Editor]

  99. Not a problem in the least, Ian. Don’t ever feel like you’re bugging anyone just for asking a question! It was a small poster (maybe 12″ by 14″) of the OAI album cover (I would’ve much preferred a live shot of David bending steel, but free is free! No complaints). They gave out several before the show. It was actually rather amusing because the crowd was small at the time of the drawing (40 people perhaps?) and they must’ve given out 20. None for Wendy though (that’ll teach her!).

    (By the way FEd, thanks for cleaning up my last ramble! It’s nice to use paragraphs once in awhile, isn’t it??)

    [Well, I never do when I reply. Yet more hypocrisy… I just know that some people skip anything that looks too demanding, so breaking things up a bit is easier for them. – Features Editor]

  100. FEd, I think you have a good idea with the ticket sales bar codes, I only hope one of the sales monopolies sees the light. Ha – if for no other reason than to carve themselves a bigger slice of the pie. After all, if there are no more scalpers, then EVERYONE would be buying their tickets from TicketGodsR Us or whoever.

    On an aside….is the “he” in A Pocket Full of Stones anyone in particular? It reminds me very much of my autistic child. Lovely sweet song, glad he shared it.

    [I don’t know, Sharon. I think David is very happy for people to make whatever they want out of his songs. The fact that it reminds you of your child shows that there’s something special about the song, doesn’t it? – Features Editor]

  101. Mike

    October sounds good but it is a no go….my son and daughter start Soccer and I am coaching this season. So I know I will be a nervous wreck…9-10yr olds…what was I thinking? Any Ideas for Soccer team names FED?

    Well Fed…you are truly doing one heck of a job. If you are ever in the states, Southern Cali to be exact you got a Homie over here.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Bless you, Renee. Hmm, a good name… – Features Editor]

  102. Now I haven’t posted for a while, largely because I haven’t had anything intelligent to say. But I’m now counting the days – just four more and I’m on a plane travelling halfway around the globe, and a mere 10 until I’m sitting watching David at the first of two RAH shows I’ll be attending!

    FEd, am I allowed to sing the praises of my darling wife? We are just an ordinary family, hardly awash in money, and her generosity in letting me make the trip is truly wonderful. There was so much else we could have spent the money on, but she understands how much this means to me.

    Maybe I’ll bump into some fellow bloggers at the concert. “Didn’t they do well?”

    [Sing her praises as you wish, Warren. You’re making one hell of a trip for these shows. I tip my hat in your direction, sir. – Features Editor]

  103. To ‘alternate gilmour’ (time for you to change your name!) I ‘echo’ Elaine. Sydney Greenstreet indeed!!!! On David’s worst day he is still one of the best looking men around. You maybe can’t see it, but millions of women do. Greenstreet was a very unattractive, unappealing man, altho good actor.

    to Lucia –I just love your last posts…Miss Marple indeed! Can I please join you in this town you might build?

    Also, I loved your ‘Pandora’s vase:nice till closed but dangerous if something open it.’ I agree with FEd, buy the tickets and grab the chance. And the best of luck.

    To Leslie: what is this about David and Tom Jones and Purple Rain??? Where can I get this?

    To FEd…The vision I now have of ‘webmasters who are throwing their toys out of prams…priceless…and priceless are all of you who are trying to ‘right’ the awful ticket sales system. Praying that this has a huge revolution in the U.S. too.

    Saw the film of the Mermaid concert. The advertising in our city for this was very disappointing. Our theatre did have very good sound at any rate. Can’t decide, David on screen larger than life, or live in concert?? Heart palpitations either way.

    [Very kind of you to say so, Jan. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  104. I see nothing wrong with ticketmaster fees & reselling tickets, I remember the days waiting in line outside a venue for 12 hrs + to get decent tickets, I would much rather have someone do that for me!

    something makes me think you people are Socialists, true?

    [Something makes me think you’re not. – Features Editor]

  105. it is funny how a guy that has so much money can get down on others making a little cash reselling tickets with $35 concert programs and tshirts

    I guess it depends who is making the cash

    I tell ya, I was a bigger fan of Davids before I found out he was like this

    what a turn off!

    [Yet clearly not big enough to read his website. David hasn’t orchestrated any of this. He wants his fans to be able to see him in concert and he doesn’t want them to have to pay obscene amounts of money to do so. His management and promoter have voluntarily worked together to try to make tickets available to fans at face value, so that they don’t have to pay more than they need to pay from people who are out to exploit them (so that they can make “a little cash reselling tickets”). As has already been said, David didn’t set the price of the T-shirts, the tour programmes, or any of the merchandise. The majority of money made from such sales will go to Anthill, not David. – Features Editor]

  106. Re: Sharon

    [On an aside….is the “he” in A Pocket Full of Stones anyone in particular? It reminds me very much of my autistic child. Lovely sweet song, glad he shared it.]

    Having a family member on the spectrum myself, I find yours to be an interesting take on what is my favorite OAI tune.

    “David Gilmour, former guitarist for Pink Floyd and a man whose last performance was before a global audience of millions at Live 8… It is easy to overlook this when talking to Gilmour, who is modest and a little diffident, shirking eye-contact, although in a shy rather than a shifty way. He says that his wife, the writer Polly Samson, thinks he is ‘a bit autistic’ and that he can only truly express himself through music.” (From the Guardian 2006/03/03)

    My first and strongest impression of who “he” is: George W. Bush (I hope G.W., Dick and their toadies don’t read Fanfare!). He fits the lyrical metaphors perfectly. Out of respect for Polly’s work, I won’t translate those metaphors in this forum.

    P.S. If my next post signs off with “Kevin from Guantanamo” you will know why. : )

  107. Hi my fellow David Gilmar Bloggers.

    Please disregard the comments of “Kevin from Michigan.” I resent him calling me a met-a-for.” I have never been for the Mets! Heck, I used to own the Texas Rangers! Yes I am reading. Heck, my wife was a librarian, he, he, he. Here comes my boss Dick… Gotta go!

    [George, George, George… There’s so much I’d like to say to you, but this is probably not the place for it. – Features Editor]

  108. Terrific job, Fed et al, in working to reduce or at least discourage ticket scalping (touting).

    Here in North America it has reached crisis proportions for major acts, with large shows being SRO shortly after phone lines open for credit card sales. Web sites use special software in an attempt to eliminate computerized purchases of multiple tickets, and the real fans are usually the losers.

    Lucky for us, Winnipeg is a regional market (less than 1 million population), so acts like the Cult or CSN don’t necessarily sell out and regular folks can buy a ticket.

    Keep up the good fight 🙂

    Kevin in Canada

  109. Sydney Greenstreet – My god Alternate Gilmour. what a doppleganger…

    that is spooky…

    type Sydney Greenstreet into google images!!

    p.s. not long now eh? eh?

  110. JAN: (…Miss Marple indeed! Can I please join you in this town you might build?)

    Oh, yes! You can join us…if you will win the election you could be the lord mayor too! I will content myself with the office of laticlavio a vita senator!

    …no Miss Marple, no Radiohead…why your are down on my tastes! MY TASTES ARE GOOOOOOOOOOD! I bet David and Polly like Miss Marple! 😉



  111. [George, George, George… There’s so much I’d like to say to you, but this is probably not the place for it. – Features Editor]

    Posted by: George W. B. from Washington D.C. at May 19, 2006 01:57 AM

    HEY FEd, I can’t understand very well what is happening…but if you will be arrested, I’d like to inherit your job…very tiring but funny too! This bloggers are really crazy!


    P.S. Don’t worry, I will bring oranges to you in prison! BTW, how are the queen’s ravens? I read they were close in the Tower of London againt the avary flu….I hope well…they’re are wonderful! So big!

    [I think they’re doing fine. We haven’t had an official day of mourning yet, anyway. Did you know that, apparently, they have their own official food and accommodation budget? They live in comfort and are looked after by someone called a Raven Master. I love animals, but I’m sure that London’s homeless wouldn’t mind being locked in the Tower every once in a while. Legend has it that, should the ravens ever leave the Tower of London, both monarchy and tower will fall. You have to laugh. – Features Editor]

  112. Yeah, FEd, I know the legend about raven and monarchy and, even if I agree with you about homeless (I remember you wrote you are not a fan of monarchy). I have to confess that I think legends are very fascinating! (I’m a dreamer!) So..I like the “idea” of the monarchy (kings, queens, princes and princesses, horses and coaches…like a tale for children!) but I think that monarchy is a great, useless waste of money that could be use in a better way…I respect England and its fascinating traditions…but in Italy we waste too much (useless) money for pay politicians…I’m very happy that we haven’t to spend more for a queen to! Let me dream of kingdoms, but use my money to do better actions!

    When I went in England the first time, with my class school, in 1991 (I was 13 years old) the teachers carried us in a hill with a sort of giant horse traced on the hill…can you remember me what I’m speaking about? And stonehenge…fantastic! England is really a beautiful Country but…you should visit Rome…its monuments can leave you without words! (In this blog I discover I am very patriotic! Strange!)


    [Perhaps the White Horse of Uffington Castle, Oxfordshire? – Features Editor]

  113. Shannon says: “something makes me think you people are Socialists, true?”

    Yes, indeed. Socialist they are with a big fat S. PF music (post Dark Side anyway)is filled with Socialist principles. Not being disparaging, just stating a fact.

    [Sorry that you have a problem with that. – Features Editor]

  114. [Perhaps the White Horse of Uffington Castle, Oxfordshire? – Features Editor]

    Maybe…I look for the Uffington Castle in internet and I found the Long man of Wilmington too…and now I think I saw that too…they’re so familiar! I have the suspect that if you show me a picture of the Lock Ness monster I would say: “Oh yeah, I know the monster! I saw it when I went in Scotland last summer!”

    No news from ticket one….no tickets on sale….I’m waiting….


  115. [with a sort of giant horse traced on the hill…can you remember me what I’m speaking about]

    If you went to stonehenge as well the the white horse you visited was probably the westbury While horse in Wiltshire.

    That is up a steep hill, having said that there are a few white horses in wiltshire as shown below with the estimated dates of construction.

    Westbury – 1778
    Oldbury or Cherhill – 1780
    Pewsey – 1785
    Marlbourough or Preshute – 1804
    Alton Barnes – 1812
    Broad Hinton or Hackpen – 1838
    Devizes – 1845
    Broad Town – 1863
    Ham Hill or Inkpen – 1860s
    Pewsey – 1937

  116. [Sorry that you have a problem with that. – Features Editor]

    I don’t. Not at all. I was merely passing a factual comment.

  117. I’m writing in reply to my boyfriend “Buffalo Phil” because we went to Regal in Williamsville (Buffalo) and I didn’t win a poster (well if that’s what he WANTS to call it…I think of it as a legal sized copy! haha). Well I didn’t win with ticket #630 (don’t know where he got #328!) BUT I was just about the ONLY one who didn’t win so that makes me all the more special! It’s all about INDIVIDUALITY baby! haha

    Commenting on the David Gilmour show, it WAS very enjoyable and I’m glad I got the chance to go. VERY VERY talented person. Goes to show you what REAL music is (not rap that all you have to be able to do is dumb, weird, hand motions and talk fast and you’ve got yourself a record deal!!). I admit I never listened to Pink Floyd (I know bite my tongue, well in this case typing finger!) but Phil introduced me to them, namely, Gilmour.

    I think one of the best songs is “Smile”. It’s so beautiful and relaxing and it made me cry! Defintely a must buy CD. I’d like to thank Phil for taking me to see this! You’re the best babe! <3 Just wait until the Spice Girls come to Regal or better yet Grease soundtrack! haha

  118. Ok, Now I am downright angry at this post!
    (it is funny how a guy that has so much money can get down on others making a little cash reselling tickets) by Billy posted may 19

    Many other bloggers will put it better I am certain. It seems that this person sees no problem making money off someone else’s talent. Then to trash David!! Who has earned his money and given a huge amount to charities besides. There are numerous ‘stars’ who have made much more than David and have not given back. This guy does not know what he’s talking about.

    I am wondering just how much this ‘little cash’ amounts to and how often he enjoys this ‘perk’. How many others are you making money off of? And probably not reporting this either.

    I have to stop now and jump off a bridge somewhere. This attitude makes me so disappointed in people and what they feel they are somehow owed. There is something called ‘responsibility’ that is lacking these days.

  119. Stonehenge is a wonderful place to hang and listen to some PF. Unfortunately I understand that now you can’t really get near it. I was lucky enough to still visit when you were allowed to wander between the huge stones and touch them.

    Lucia, did you get close to the stones back in 1991?

  120. Lucia… What is ‘the office of laticlavio a vita senator’? I don’t want to interpret this incorrectly.

    By the way, I hope I did not sound that I was criticizing Miss Marple…indeed, I liked the idea, but no thanks on the lord mayor, but I am looking forward to your choice of a David Gilmour song for the ‘city anthem’

    Hope to hear that you got tickets to go to the concert.

    To the best…THE FEd..

    thank you for information from Leslie. I most certainly do understand and would not presume. So once again I am in your debt. Starting to worry now when it comes time for you collect. (not really (worry that is, but collect you can) Wish there was a way to return to you all the patience and time you have put in on this site.

    I know that we are all greedy with the subject of not getting enough of David Gilmour. Compared to many artists, he has put out a small volume of work. Please try to put aside all the demanding comments. The music is just so beautiful that it touches my heart. Makes me sad or happy depending on the song.

    I am somewhat amused when I read about David’s reference to the ’60 year old men playing their old tunes’ The music is timeless, David, timeless and I don’t think this music is ever going to be irrelevant (?) if it continues to move the soul. Yes, David, ****** brilliant!!!

    And I second the comment made about the ‘lifestyle’ change. Keep that beautiful, humorous, intelligent and caring Polly close to you. Sounds like she is your lifeline along with your family keeping you grounded. (I have her books on order and can’t wait to read)

    Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

    [The same to you, Jan. – Features Editor]

  121. It’s too bad we can’t post photos ‘cos I had pics to support my claim. Everybody that plays has a “guitar-face” that creeps up when they are really into it. G has two and I have named them the greenstreet and the kemp. I have a horrible one that that my kids call the Han… it is suppose to look like han solo was hit with a bat then was frozen in that block of black ice.

    I think everybody has at least one of these and wonder if it would make a good contest.

  122. David Gilmour in concert!! where do I get tickets…. rats all sold out. Desperately scanning E-bay wondering should I, should’nt I? Rang the RAH – tickets sir? how many 2, ok, will a box be alright? This was a week or so ago so the system does work. Genuine tickets, face value – at least I know we will get in. Thanks for the efforts to make unused tickets available.

    [Cheers, Gary. Enjoy the concert. – Features Editor]

  123. FEd…no ticket on ticketone…..I start to be angry…not with you! With this stupid italian company….STUPIDS! I ask sorry from all the italans to all foreigners who wanted to buy a ticket for Florence and Venice…sorry! What a poor figure!

    HI JAN! First of all, no problem for Miss Marple…I don’t want murders in my life! But she lives in a nice town and her old age seems so quite but so exciting too…it could be an idea!

    But, dearest Jan, you ask me about “laticlavio a vita senators”…oh my god! A public law lessons! However, thaks for asking me an explanation who something that I wrote in a not clear way.
    I’ll try to be quickly and not boring!

    Italian Parlament is formed by 2 Assembly: the deputies’ and the senators’. The deputies and the biggest number of senators are elected, but some person are not elected and they are “laticlavio a vita” (form latin), that means “senator for all the life”. Now are 7. They are ex President of italian Repubblic and persons who gave a lot of honour to Italy (people who won the Nobel, or resarchers or businessmen or writers…). For those reasons the president of Repubblic incumbent can decide to make those persons “laticlavio a vita”.

    And seeing that I invented the city of the David Gilmour’s pensioners, I think I deserve this honour’s office! Don’t you think?

    I’m very happy you are thinking about the anthem! Good boy! But…want we stai in England or we should choice Italy…good weather, good food…ticketone a part! We should have an election day for decide something!

    Ok…now I go out for a walk…



    P.S. I was watching tv this morning and I had listend “one of these days”. It was a tv reportage…and I thought that any time there’s a reportage on italian tv you can liste “one of these days”! It’s the most used song for reportage! FUNNY!

  124. ANDREW, about Stonehenge, not very close, but a good visual…we couldn’t touch them, of course! One time I read the people love to go to see the dawn there, in a particular day…there was some legend, if I’m not wrong…do you know something?

    Have a great week end you too!

    Bye bye


  125. Hi Fed Ed, no, I’m not saying that the bidders are more dedicated fans than those who kept the faith, because I fall into the latter category and have been richly rewarded for doing so- I’m just saying that the level of the bidders (misguided though they may be) is an indication of the high regard David, his former band and his current band are held in. I consider myself to be very, very fortunate in being able to see David and his band perform but I also can’t help but feel a wee pang of sympathy for those who are so desperate to see David live that they are willing to deal with those people who are out to make a few quid off the back of these true fans devotion…

    [I know what you’re saying. It’s a tough one, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  126. Hello FEd,

    I am sorry to write to you in this forum but I am having trouble getting anywhere with returning my tickets for the RAH show on 5/31/06.

    I did originally contact you and you were nice enough to foward my email to RAH they contacted me and told me that my tickets were purchased through I have sent out emails to them at three differnet email addresses. That was last Thursday and I haven’t had any response at all.

    I am unable to attend the show and I am trying to do the right thing and return these tickets so another David Gilmour fan can go and enjoy this show. Do you have any contacts at and if you do can you please have them contant me so I can get these tickets refunded and can be sold to another fan.

    Thanks again for all your help I really do appreciate it.


    [I’m terribly sorry to hear that the matter has yet to be resolved, Mike. Several people have commented that they don’t reply to their e-mails. You’ll be pleased to know that they do reply when we intervene, which is what we’ve just done. You should get an e-mail soon. Please let us know. – Features Editor]

  127. ED,

    You guys have done it!!! Scalpers are getting scalped……

    Since this issue was raised and also because I bought some tickets on ebay, I have been monitoring the sales of DG’s tickets for interest’s sake.

    Today I have witnessed touts getting stung by sales for less than face value. One guy sold 4 tickets at an original face value of £250.00, for only £120.00! What is amusing to watch, is that many of the sales are now going to other ticket touts – they seem to be in a bit of turmoil! What is also good to see, are sales by what appear to be genuine fans (checked by previous sales), selling tickets at face value, or slightly above, to other fans. You have managed to pull off something I have never seen before.

    Good on you guys, now we just have to try and give Ticketmaster a bit of a kick up the butt! A harder task I know, but the fans are behind you.


    [Thank you, Tim. – Features Editor]

  128. Lucia….thank you for the wonderful explanation of ‘laticlavio a vita’ and I agree you certainly deserve the honor of that title.

    I mention for my husbands sake that ‘good boy’ will not apply here. Gender not made clear by my name.

    Did you ever get your tickets for the concert?
    Hope so. Many people here congratulating those who have gotten tickets and have not been to the concerts yet. I too am excited for all who are going yet. I saw my very first concert with David Gilmour this April. It was superb and extremely moving. It is hard to put into words exactly how this incredible music reaches into your heart.

  129. Ok a late note from me about the Regal cinema show I saw in Portland Oregon on the 16th.

    As a huge David fan, and a long standing one at that, (since the late 60’s) I have to honest and say that this cinema concert experience was terrible. The sound was bloody aweful and had no fullness or body to it. It felt like a poor amplification of an a.m. radio broadcast.

    Volumes were all over the place…no richness or texture to the concert at all. I left there very dissapointed and looked for the manager of the theater to chat to. A lovely gal named Jennifer spoke to me, and as soon as others saw this they also expressed their dissapointment.

    Something was terribly wrong with the sound. I got my money back as I was an out of towner, and others got complimentary passes for another show. She offered her sincere appologies and said that they had done their best. I don’t know what happened, was it the cinema equipment or just them doing their best with what they had to work with in terms of the audio on the film?

    There is no way David would have endorsed such a poor product to be shown in 100 cinemas across the U.S. David has always been on the front of audio quality and the live concerts are getting rave reviews from all over the world in this regard. We David Gilmour and Pink Floyd fans are a discerning lot I know…but this was a screw up plain and simple. The sound was just plain BAAAAAAD!

    Was this just my experience at this particular cinema or was the complaint wide spread all over the U.S. ?

    Anyway….onward and upward they say!

    Cheers from Bob in Victoria, BC, Canada

  130. Good on ya. The sooner we smash our way through some of the world’s greed, the better. It’s a start. We all have a part to play in this, so shame on those who exploited their fellow fan to make a quick buck (and to those fascists who said that there’s nothing wrong with doing so).

    I have been reading through many of the posts I missed (yep, I’m a newbie) and I saw someone whining because he felt it was OK to sell one ticket for a profit in order to fund his costs (ticket and train fare).

    What is it with morons who cannot see that this is out and out greed?! You make me sick!

    I think I’m going to like it here…

  131. Lucia, at one point the English really didn’t care about Stonehenge from a tourist perspective. In fact, I know there are images out there from the 60s of hippies climbing and hanging all over the site.

    I was there back in the mid-1980s and like I said at that time, tourists were still allowed to walk between the stones and touch them. You have to make special arrangements now to make that happen.

    There are still many theories as to what Stonehenge is and why it was created. One theory was that it was originally created as a huge ancient clock. Others think it has religious meanings.

    To me it does remind me of the music of PF. Kinda like the Live at Pompeii video.

  132. Some think Stonehenge was built to worship the sun god. The way it is built suggests this, once every year the sun shines through the stones to make a clear beam on the ‘altar’ this happens on December 21st, the winter solstice. They used to celebrate the winter solstice back in neolithic times because it was seen as a time for new life and re-generation. Nowadays of course people tend to celbrate the summer solstice, so they are effectively celebrating the wrong one.

  133. ukveronica. Thanks for that. I do remember reading something like that at one point.

    So what would be the approriate song to play at Stonehenge on December 21 for the celebration? Shine On You Crazy Diamond, High Hopes or maybe A Pocket Full of Stones?

  134. JAN: (I mention for my husbands sake that ‘good boy’ will not apply here. Gender not made clear by my name.)

    Sorry! I didn’t understand the gender by your name…I have some problem with foreigner names! REALLY SORRY!! And when I’m not sure I usually used the male gender…I’m not a great femminist, I know! Male gender sounds me more neutral than female identification’s words…or maybe there’s some Freudian reason! I don’t know! SORRY! But now that I know you are a woman, I’d like to say that I’m sure you are a very beautiful woman too!!!

    UKVERONICA: Thanks a lot for the explanation about Stonehenge. And it’s true ANDREW, they remind me Pink Floyd and Pompeii video too! However, that play is really fascinatine and I think that waiting the dawn there must be really a wonderful sight…I’d like to do it, one of these days…or one of these years, perhaps! But I think I will choose the summer solstice (the wrong one) because I think that the night is very cold during december…I come from Italay (O SOLE MIO!)…I hope you could understand!

    A lot of greeting to all of you!


  135. Lucia…….Please, no apologies necessary about my name. I only felt it was fair for you to have an understanding where the direction of my comments were coming from.

    And, I’ll bet you are beautiful too.

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