RAH ticket update


Just to allay your fears if you are nervously waiting for your tickets and starting to get tetchy…

Stop biting your fists. Everything is in order and you have nothing to worry about.

We can confirm that tickets purchased directly from the Royal Albert Hall have now been sent out. If you are a UK resident and have not received your tickets, please contact the Royal Albert Hall and ask why not.

If you are a non-UK resident, please wait until Friday 12 May to receive your tickets. If you have not received your tickets by this time, please contact the Royal Albert Hall. (There is really no need to start panicking until this date!)

The tickets that have been purchased via our authorised agents (Star Green and See Tickets) are currently on the way to the agents, so will be despatched by them shortly. Again, if you haven’t received your tickets by Friday 12 May, please contact your point of purchase.

Of course, if you have any concerns at all, please let us know.

A little bird (called Rudders) tells us that Toronto radio station Q107 is currently running a poll to determine the 40 Most Influential Classic Rock Guitarists of All Time.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

You can choose three from a list of 100. The results will be posted online but, even better than that, you can listen to the countdown online from 8 May.

Not that I’m saying you should all vote for David so that he wins, of course.

Thanks for letting us know about this, Rudders. If anyone spots anything else of similar interest, do let us know.

And finally, just in case you missed the Latest News, ‘On An Island’ will be out on vinyl in the UK and Europe on 29 May. Details on its release around the world will follow just as soon as we have them.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

153 thoughts on “RAH ticket update”

  1. ED: Fears I had , butterflies I have. Excellent news because I was worrying as they had said ” Please wait until 5 days prior to the event to contact us “. You see I would have already crossed the Irish sea at that stage clinging to my ” David Gilmour is the most influential guitarist of all time ” banner and wearing one of his quality TShirts . Happy I am that you have settled my anguish.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Let’s hope that anguish of yours doesn’t return! Have faith and do let us know when they arrive. You won’t have to worry about this ‘five days’ malarkey, I’m sure. You’ll have them before it gets anywhere near the week of the show. – Features Editor]

  2. *Thanks for casting your vote for the 40 Most Influential Classic Rock Guitarists of All Time!*


    Thanks Rudders and F*Edders 🙂


  3. Caption Competition

    The evidence was there for all to see!.. Guy was caught just off stage having a crafty cigarette during DG’s Castellorizon solo…

  4. “So the licence to wear whatever you like, get drunk in public, and indulge in an opinion (such as this one, for instance) on a public forum isn’t something handed out at will – it was won by a generation of activists with slightly loftier ideals struggling to break the hegemony and secrecy of repressive governments.”

    So this how liberals make themselves feel important now? No activist ever won these rights and activists certainly don’t make sure such rights are protected from say.. terrorist attack. These rights were bought and paid for in blood a long time ago and no long haired(or short for that matter)activist has ever appreciated that. I’m done with this blog. Thanx for all the fish and good luck.

    [Well, I didn’t write that, but I’ll just get back to my hippy music and mind my own business. – Features Editor]

  5. Rudders: Thanks for the heads up on Q107’s “Most Influential Guitarists” poll. My votes went to Jeff Beck, Robin Trower, and some guy that plays guitar for an obscure UK band (Pink…ummm…??? whatever. The guy is fantastic!)

    [I think I know the one. I might have voted for him as well. – Features Editor]

  6. Could the wonderful Rudders in fact be my dear old friend Andy Frost?

    Either way, keep up the great Q107/Toronto tips. The survey results should be interesting.

    Kevin (missing the mighty Q here in Wpg.)

  7. Hi Gilmoureans!

    I was waiting for the date to get closer but, as we are speaking about the RAH concerts, does anybody have any plans to get together on May 29th before the concert?

    I’ll be flying to London by mid-day that date and I’ll fly back to Madrid very early next day (I arranged that extremely quick trip when I still had a job, snif, snif).

    Any suggestions from the londoners?

    See ya,

  8. Well, I went and voted for David. That was the easy one. To pick 2 more was hard, they have a lot of really great guys on the list.

    I’ve loved reading about all the concerts, you old farts are so lucky. Music like David’s is a dying breed. It truely is sad where music is today. Just one “whippersnapper’s” opinion.


  9. Can anyone translate Japanese? The article in the Press section looks good. Especally since I’m learning how to play guitar. In the Fresh?! Too funny!!


  10. Hi all,

    Have voted – but what a heart-wrenching decision it was! Thankfully the 3 choices didn’t need to be put in any kind of order, else I’d have been really conflicted.

    My favourite guitarist on that list is David Gilmour (quelle surprise), who also happens to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time. But – in terms of influence, imo Jimi Hendrix broke moulds/innovated in a way that no other guitarist has done. I’d love to know who David would vote for (any chance FEd?), because I’d hazard a guess that Mr Hendrix would be high on his list too.

    I have a long running (jovial) argument with my best friend and concert buddy – he’s a Clapton/Green devotee, whereas I’m Gilmour/Hendrix. All different sides of the blues coin…

    (my final 3, in no order, Gilmour, Hendrix, Page)


    [It would be nice to know, Nick. I wouldn’t bet against Hendrix, but Peter Green is a good shout, too. – Features Editor]

  11. Any of you blokes want to send me a vinyl copy? I would include a little extra $ on top of price/shipping for your trouble.

  12. I know that this has nothing to do with your post, but, when you make the new gallery. will it be possible to post pictures of Davids guitars?


    [It depends on the shots we get, Andrew, but our intrepid webmasters will hear your cry. – Features Editor]

  13. I know who’ll I’ll be voting for!

    Seriously, there are many great rock guitarists that come to mind, but David has been a favourite of mine for many years.

    I haven’t looked at the list yet, but I would be inclined to also vote for Steve Howe and Mark Knopfler.

    How would everyone else vote???

    [You can’t ignore Pete Townshend… – Features Editor]

  14. Q107 Top 40 Classic Rock Guitarists…

    It’s interesting that when you see the list of guitarists that DG is the first one… maybe the person who put the list together knows it’s a foregone conclusion… 🙂

    Little does she know it but my wife has just voted for DG…. 🙂

    [It’s clearly meant to be. – Features Editor]

  15. I won a pair of tickets (YEAH) in the contest that was held back in december, you know when the first three hundred who registered on the site were offered advance booking tickets. Well when will they be sent out? I live in Sweden by the way. 😀

    [My understanding is that they have been sent out, Richard. I’ll see if I can get any information from Trinity Street for you. Is anyone else still waiting for presale tickets? – Features Editor]

  16. Rudders, just noticed it was you who had commented the other day that there was no Buffalo Regal theater showing the Gilmour concert film. In case you don’t go back and read old posts, let me throw out the info here: The cinema you’re looking for is the Transit Imax in Williamsville. Williamsville is a suburb of Buffalo (North of the city). The address/phone number is:

    Transit Imax
    6707 Transit Road
    Williamsville, NY

    Tickets are $10.00. Hope that helps.

  17. Finally the vinyl release, i’ve only been waiting 2 months for this and it sounds awesome. Glad its got the gatefold, do the artwork proud. In less then a month i will be able to grave my new lp player with an awesome album. Cheers for the up date

    Andy…I cant wait for the 29th May…Shaw

  18. Erin…

    Maybe the next few songs to learn could be…

    – Learning To Fry
    – Coming Back To Rife
    – See Emiry Pray

    I’ll get my coat… 🙂

    [Be sure to update the list first. – Features Editor]

  19. Buffalo Phil…

    Yes I did see your post on the previous blog – thank you 🙂

  20. Looking forward to the vinyl. I have every Floyd and Floyd-related vinyl release and I need to keep up the collection (I mean obsession)! I don’t like that there will be edits, however. The same was done with The Division Bell LP – “Wearing the Inside Out” got chopped up a bit! Why not make it a double LP? Better yet, a double LP with a little EXTRA music on it! More of an incentive for everyone too!! Alas, it has already been mastered…Still looking forward to it though!

  21. [You can’t ignore Pete Townshend… – Features Editor]

    Thanks for the nod to Pete, Fed. I still enjoy watching Pete’s Deep End Live video with DG in the band – best of both, as it were. 🙂


    [My copy’s a bit chewed, but how good is that acoustic version of ‘Pinball Wizard’? – Features Editor]

  22. Cool contest. I definetly voted for David. (DUH!)

    Hope your doing better fed ed. All is well here in Sunny southern Cali. My life is back on track with Little League Baseball and Soccer. But I still eagerly read the blog. Great job and it has slowed down a bit. Still love the Caption Comp.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Thank you very much, Renee. – Features Editor]

  23. Well this is email #3! I gather that the website moderator is far more efficient than ours! I have checked and noticed that my emails have not reached the public domain of the forum. I have no problem with this as my emails are directed to Mr. David Gilmour (Uncle David) rather than the public. Please please tell me that somehow they may have reached David. I’m certain he would react to them in his own fashion and I would hope that he would find a place in his heart to reply. Even if it were to say … My life is complete, go and enjoy yourself but leave me alone!!

    I’ve waited 13 years out of respect before i plucked up the courage to try and contact DG directly. I know it’s cheeky but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

    Anyway, I spent the morning watching Discovery Wings Channel on Sky TV and I thoroughly enjoyed a feature of the Mustang P-51. I am led to believe that DG owns one of these!

    Please don’t misunderstand me sir. I am not a bunny boiler!

    I’m close to hanging up my guitar strap and I feel I’ve got nothing to lose by sending you these emails.

    Forgive me for annoying you but come on! Give me a sign! LOL!

    Steve Mac

    [Efficiency is all part of the service, but flattery will get you everywhere. The other two have been picked up and acted upon. There are some things that we don’t want in the public domain for obvious reasons – which is why I’ve edited this ever-so slightly (check out our rules) – but that’s the only sign I can give you. Sorry I can’t do more. – Features Editor]

  24. [My copy’s a bit chewed, but how good is that acoustic version of ‘Pinball Wizard’? – Features Editor]

    I agree – certainly a highlight of that show. Overall it’s great to see DG vibing so much on Pete’s repertoire. Perhaps there’s another similar collaboration between them in our future …?


    [Who knows? It’s a nice idea. I wonder how much the touts would charge for tickets… – Features Editor]

  25. If it is not out of line, could someone go to q107 and vote for me? I don’t have access….please?

    David Gilmour (face it, he is really the most eloquent of all guitarist’s)

    Don’t care who you pick for the others as I am not privy to the list.

    Could I nominate Rudders for this request?

    [Rudders? It’s a bit like a postal vote and who would ever mess with those? – Features Editor]

  26. Just for info…

    Pete Townshend’s DVD “Deep End Live” is available on his “eelpie” website…

    [You heard the man. – Features Editor]

  27. Play “MURDER” nice song… very good song.. I dont uderstand why not never play again… Sorry for bad english;;;;

  28. Hi All,

    Voting has been the name of the game today, I`ve had my `protest` vote in the local elections and I`ve voted in the Q107 poll.

    My choices were:

    1. David Gilmour
    2. Brian May
    3. Joe Walsh

    It is a little over 3 weeks now to see David in concert, and I can`t wait!!

    Thank you to Rudders for sharing the poll with us, one question mate, where do you get the time to find all this out, and post as often as you do?

    All the best,

  29. Thanks for the DVD info on Deep End, Rudders. Time for me to update …


  30. Hi all,

    I know I’m off topic, but I just wanted to say the sound clip today was really cool! The guitar had that fuzzy feed-back sound to it (what would rock and roll be without feed-back?) and the drums had an unusual echo-y sound that mixed really well with the fuzzy guitar. David certainly didn’t leave behind aural debris when he sifted through his bits to make “On An Island”! There is some quality stuff on that hard drive still! Thanks for the bits David!


  31. Jan

    Can’t vote for anyone else as you need to enter an eMail address… sorry!

    [Jan, if the address you use to post here is OK, I’ll vote for you. Let me know. – Features Editor]

  32. i know this is off topic but here goes. i watch ellen degenerous show alot,one of my favorite comedians. she asked for people to send in there most crazy wish and she would make it come true. well she only picks a few out. i sent in that i wanted to go to meet david in london.now is that crazy or what!!! just thought i would try,never hurts to ask. ive never flown in a plane either!but i would for him.

    [You have to be in it to win it, as they say. Good for you, Tracy. – Features Editor]

  33. Caption: The “Dark Side of the David” emerges from time immemorial as he plays a haunting rendition of “Eclipse”.

    I find it extremely difficult to narrow a choice of the most influential guitarists down to a paltry 3 out of ‘only’ 100, let alone the 3 most personally influential.

    I have to confess that the list was a little more impressive than that awful “Rolling Stone Magazines top 100 guitarists of all time” nonsense.

    Does anyone remember that?!! What an absolute atrocity!!!!! There were guitarists in that list who only specialized in a certain genres or played strictly blues. Typical, hyped-up magazine fodder.

    “Classic Rock Guitarists” makes a hell of a lot more sense. It was nice to see guitarists on this small list that “Rolling Stoned out of their mind” crassly overlooked.

    It’s nice to have a poll like this so anyone who can may contribute. All in all it really is relative and a ‘favorites’ list anyhow.

    My very personal ‘favorites’ from this list have definitely influenced me and my own playing are as follows

    1: David Gilmour – primarily for his acoustic playing and song writing sensibilities, secondarily for his electric guitar work. I like his sustained solo work immensely. There’s a deliberateness in his delivery that it is just the right ammount to leave an indelible impression. (favorite singer, by the way)

    2: Steve Howe – Again, great acoustic and electric plaing plus song writing. In my mind, true “progressive” rock guitarists really adopt and incorperate the widest range of styles into their playing.

    3: Terry Kath – I was surprised to see him mentioned on this list. His playing and singing were totaly uninhibited. Jimi Hendrix’s favorite guitarist by the way.

  34. I will certainly vote for David. He is tapped in to a realm of awareness musically that few have approched. Jimi Hendrix had this energy, but David channels every note: As if each note has its own universe. Particularly the second On an Island solo, and The Blue. Beautiful tone at the Rosemont on April 13th! Turbosound wedges Ehh?

    I still Don’t know what was in those WEM boxes,…

    Off to Google! Cory

  35. Caption Competition:

    Polly: daVID?! Are you boys going to come out of that cellar or are we going to have to DRAG you out?!

    David: Just a second, we’re almost done….! Damn…I have to go you guys…. One more run through, then…. but THAT’S IT!!!

    “The secret Pink Floyd Reunion rehearsals were not going well…”

    I voted for two guitarists on Q107: David Gilmour and the other was a write in….

    …Nick Mason…

    i’ll get me coat…..

  36. Well I think I have voted in the “Classic Rock Guitarist” thingie, although with my lack of skills of using a mouse I think I also have voted in the English Bye Elections and we will wake up today to a new Prime Minister!!!! Of course it had to be David , followed by Steve Howe, ( love his guitar on wheels!) and Neil Young, ( love him at his rawness).

    Ian Pearson

  37. Dear F.Ed!

    Thanks for the updated on the ticket info…. just in time before I really was starting to bite my fists…

    Good news about the vinyl release. As I will (for some reason or other) be in London on the 29th I’m really looking forward go into a record store and buy vinyl again….. what a joy!!!

    Have a nice day!

    Best regards


  38. RUDDERS: Cheers for the heads up on the vote.
    I could not help but notice that Hank Marvin aint on the list. Scandalous. I agree with ED Peter Green is a legend but I think for melodic atmospheric guitar David has no peers period!!!!

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  39. Hi FEd ‘n’ Rudders,

    Thanks for the tip-off re: Q107 poll

    My vote has been cast…

    I’m sure David will be duly elected as the winning candidate for the said constituancy.

    Choosing 2 & 3 wasn’t easy, though.

  40. FEd,

    As the 29th May is the release date for the vinyl of OAI, will they be on sale at RAH???

    Perhaps David and the band can autograph a couple of thousand copies ;-P

    [They’re much easier to sign, of course… But no, I’m afraid they won’t be on sale at the RAH. – Features Editor]

  41. Bah you can’t vote for david 3 times 🙁

    had to pick syd…

    and don felder… just because i think Jimmy is going to be the main competition ;p

    Excellent news on the tickets, I must get a safe installed in the house!

    Have a good weekend Ed and bloggers


  42. Be careful, FEd: canaries might be innocents, but cats are subversives. I could corrupt its! Which pet do you have?

    However, I’d like to say to my blog’s friends who love as David’s art as Polly’s one which are my favourite stories from Lying in Bed. First of all I have to say again that all the book is great! But the most fascinating stories, in my opinion, are: “The right girl for the job”, “Moss roses”, “Looking for signs”, “Lying in bed” and “Lucky”. I think these are the most original stories in which Polly showed all her ability to dig in human deepest thoughts. Really good!

    And now, I’m going to read “Out of the picture”. Have some of you read it? I hope to be able to follow the story despite my english but, if I need an explanation about something I couldn’t understand, is there someone who know the story and will be able to help me to understand?

    Have pity of this poor italian girl!



    [It would be my pleasure to help you get unstuck, Lucia. It’s a lovely story. I think you’ll have no trouble, as your English is very good. By the way, I’ve got a dog. – Features Editor]

  43. CAPTION: While on late night radio giving an interview a strange sultry female caller rang in and asked our hero ” PLAY MISTY FOR ME” to which he obliged….

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  44. Hi all well im back on line after my computer got fixed could not use one at work as i have been told if i use it again ill get the sack , they are fed up of seeing davidgilmour.com on the server, ive missed you all how are you rudders, Fed and all a big thanks to Ken for contacting me and offering me a lift to the concert Gilmour fans are the best i have never met you before but you have made my month i dont think i would be able to go without your lift so thanks again and Fed thanks for giving us the chance to meet other Fans without it ide have a ticket and be stuck in bradford england and thats not a pleasant thought thanks once again Fed glad to be back my bosses at work have no soul has anyone got any tips about getting round a server

  45. Ehm.. Rudders is a BIRD??? *thud*

    FINALLY the truth comes out..

    He isn’t a canary is he? Because he may get plucked by Lucia if he is not careful.. RUN! I mean.. FLY RUDDERS FLY!

    Okay this is just a whole bunch of silly nonsense, isn’t it? I seem to be in a funny mood today. Must be the sun and the 25 C we have here in Holland.

    Can I just boast a little more about being concieved in the summer of love? *grin*

    ps: SIMON EMERY: Safest way to get around work server: post in the blog from home only.. We already have one fired fan in here, that is more than enough. So be careful.

    (Glad you are feeling better FEd, hope your weather is as nice as ours. I am off to do some cartooning in the sun!)

    Hugs, Bianca

    [It’s a gorgeous day today. Let’s hope it lasts all weekend. – Features Editor]

  46. Hi all,

    In case anyone was wondering, I got in touch with AOL regarding Dave’s terrific set for the “Sessions” show on their website and, as expected, the material is not available in any format,off their site, for copyright reasons.

    So, Dave, here’s an idea. How aboout releasing a limited edition four song CD….all “High Hopes”…all the time. Four different versions –

    1.Division Bell.
    4.AOL Sessions

    Sound like a plan?

    C’mon…I owned up to crying like a woman hearing the exquisite version in the AOL set. Don’t I deserve a little something in return for being so candid?

    Best regards,

  47. “And now for something completely different…”


    I was going to post this today and checked out the TIS section….nice to see an update! I guess I’m on the right wave length here….

    This month’s “WIRED” magazine has Al Gore on the cover with the title “Climate Crisis! The Pro-Growth, Pro-Tech Fight to Stop Global Warming”

    I picked it up yesterday and haven’t read it fully, but it seems to have a North American/U.S.A. slant in the issue. Articles include:

    “The Next Green Revolution”
    “The Resurrection of Al Gore”
    “The Rise of the Neo-Greens”
    “How Can I Be More Green”

    Other goodies include special trends and people to watch in the movement, a 12 step program to kick the carbon habit at home, and a little reality check Carbon Quiz.

    Go break the nasty carbon habit!

    …how are the smokers doing in breaking theirs? How would you folk like to be the living metaphors for breaking the carbon habit? If you guys can stop smoking, then there is hope for all of us carbon addicts?

  48. My votes for the influential guitarists poll:

    David Gilmour
    Jimi Hendrix
    Pete Townsend

    Angelo – Have you read ‘Earth in the Balance’ by Al Gore? It’s a pretty good read, shame that most of the good work he pursued while in office has been undone by the present administration…

    BTW, not sure if anyone else might have seen it, but the BBC is co-ordinating the biggest climate change modelling experiment in the world. Everyone who takes part downloads a slightly different climate model, which then runs as a background application (uses about the same processing power as a screensaver), and sends the info back for analysis. I’m not sure what the numbers are like at the moment, but if they can get 10,000 people to take part, it will be be the biggest (and therefore most accurate) climate model ever run.

    Sorry for going a bit off-topic FEd…

    I’ve managed just over a week without so much as a whiff of the demon weed…got a busy pub-filled weekend, so we’ll have to see how it goes! How’s everyone else doing?

  49. ANGELO ORTIZ: I have persuaded my dad to install solar panels in our house and I’m very proud about this! Unfortunatly, I can’t do the same in my flat in Rome…even because it is not my flat but a leasing! But I wish I could! I’m not a strong environmentalis but I think that with some little action by everyone could help our earth to survive…even because, as tsunami and katrina have proved, if you don’t defend the planet, the planet difend by itself…so…how human race can be so stupid?

    FEd, I prefer subversives cats…dog are too many snuggle and are too much addicted by the man. I have not a maternal soul! but if you forgive I don’t like dogs, I forgive you don’t like Radiohead….
    And the match is closed!


    [Sounds fair enough to me. Have a good weekend, mate! – Features Editor]

  50. Ai voté pour David Gilmour sur Q107, et pour deux autres qui me sont inconnus, comme ça, pas trop de concurrence pour David ! wouhhh, ce n’est pas bien de faire ça, mais c’est tellement bon !


  51. Happy Friday,

    Great pick Rudders but I have narrowed it down as follows:

    DG, plus 2 of Eric Clapton, Stan Webb, Robin Trower, Alvin Lee, Paul Kossof, Peter Green, Steve Howe, Rory Gallagher, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia

    Pete – Coventry

  52. “when you make the new gallery. will it be possible to post pictures of Davids guitars?”

    I will second that request. I did not bring a camera to the Toronto concert because of the comments made in this blog. However, before the concert I went up to the stage and looked at all the nice equipment there. The fellow next to me said exactly what I was thinking “I wish that I brought my camera” I would like to think that I wouldn’t have taken a pic during the concert, but I didn’t think about taking a pic beforehand. Doh!

    I voted for David, Brian May and Steve Howe, although I have to question Hank Marvin being left off. Only the Mighty Q would list so many people and not put them in alphabetic order. I guess that they don’t know their A-B-Cs 😉

    Good Luck David!

  53. Hey guys!!!

    It’s good to hear you’re all doing great… at least from the regular bloggers and the Fed!

    Fed… if you’re not cheering England… are you cheering France? Brazil? Who’s the next FIFA WC Champ for you? Well… I hope you put your canary in a safe place btw! And c’mon Radiohead Fed?

    Aynone has a good idea on where to get the vynil for OAI in Latin America? It hasn’t appeared on Amazon… probably you Fed have some ideas on this…

    Rudders… I already got to put my top three guitarists… obviously Dave Gilmour, SRV and Slash! Probably not common selections, still I think I’m too young to know all the music arena as must of you guys do!

    Mes amis qui parlent francais… c’est bien de lire votres mots ici. Beaucoup de fois c’est pas facile… mais je fait un grand effort en accomplir vous lire. Et quelqu’autre plus grand en essayer d’écrire ici! =P Alors… que j’ai mangé sushi hier soiré et le poison ne m’a aidé pas Fed!

    Well… gotta go back to work!

    Shine on you crazy bloggers!

    [Hi Jorge and merci pour les mots français. J’ai besoin de la pratique. I won’t really be cheering for anyone when the World Cup gets underway. I’ll just be hoping for lots of good, competitive games and for the Liverpool lads to do well (so that probably means I’ll be rooting for Spain). There’s no news on when the record will be out beyond Europe, but we’ll let you know as soon as there’s a feasible date. – Features Editor]

  54. Dear Features Ed…Thank you. I wanted to ask if you could vote for me, but did not know if that would be in the rules. Please do vote for me. If you have trouble finding my request…it is of course…David Gilmour as number one. I have always enjoyed music…was a bit of a snob feeling classical was ‘it’…now that I have finally ‘discovered’ David Gilmour and Pink Floyd, I finally understand how beautiful this music is.

    His guitar definitely ‘sings the siren’s song’ to me. Since I have purchased every thing that I can find with David Gilmour about 6 months ago, I have not stopped listening to it each day at work. Then I take the cd’s home and play them when I am not playing the dvd’s I purchased.

    This music ‘own’s’ me right now, I can’t seem to enjoy anything else. Even tho I know I will at sometime. Not good at explaining how really wonderful it is to me, like some of your other bloggers. But, I find his music very moving. Sometimes very sad. In fact the lyrics, guitar, melody’s and voice can really touch my heart. It seems as tho you can see into some of his life of which appears not to have been so happy all the time. Polly and his family seem to be helping him find happiness in himself. Bless her.

    Don’t care alot who the other two are. Again, FEd, I would be grateful to you if you could cast my vote.


    [In the interest of fairness, I voted for David and David only (you could choose up to three, but you didn’t have to select more than one). So consider your vote counted, Jan. – Features Editor]

  55. Caption:

    For some unknown reason David felt a bit rocky on his feet at The Heineken Music Hall concert…


    And through the window in the wall
    Comes streaming in on sunlight wings
    A million bright ambassadors of morning.

    PING, 24 days to go….Beginning to feel the excitement build!!

  56. I hope the voter turn out is better for this guitarist poll that it was for the local elections in jolly old England. Anyhoos, my votes went to:

    1) Mr David Gilmour
    2) Mr Jimi Hendrix
    3) Mr Neil Young


    [I’m sure it will be, Dom. Isn’t it sad when so many people don’t bother to vote? – Features Editor]

  57. Hi fed,

    Not really off topic.I was in the loft sorting out my record collection a few years ago, i do mean records (LP’s) & my son climbed into the loft for the first time & asked

    “what ya doing Dad?”

    “sorting out my records” i replied

    “Records? what are they” came a puzzled voice
    he then answered his own query with a knowing smile ” Oh yeah, they’re those funny big black CD’s are n’t they”

    I still have them but have no means to play them any more, god i bought some rubbish but also a few gems as well. My PF records being the gems of course.

    Have a good weekend folks


  58. Have forgot to mention how much I love today’s photo. The black and white contrast is fantastic – maybe ask Polly if she’d consider reprinting it as a black and white shot because I think it would work really well without those mid-tones across David’s left hand side (stage right that is). Then enlarge as much as it’ll reasonably go (grain is good) and send me a copy 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone – to those mad dogs and Englishmen lucky to have this sunshine, enjoy! I like to think of it as some kind of karmic retribution (or maybe pathetic fallacy?) that this sunshine coincides with the political mauling that our genius government got at the poll booths last night 🙂 Now all I need are the Hammers to fall on Sunday and life will goooood!

    Hugs, kisses, and all kinds of sun-inspired goodwill,


    p.s. Just got tickets for Santana at Wembley Arena for a couple of weeks time. I last saw Steely Dan there years ago and the acoustics were SO bad that I vowed never to return (massive concert-ruining bounceback/echo off the back wall). Apparently Wembley Arena has been rebuild/redone – so I’ve taken my chances. Does anyone here know anything about this refurb?

  59. Kxx,

    I haven’t read ‘Earth in Balance’ yet, but it is on my list after I finish two others I’m working on at the moment: ‘The New Imperial Presidency’ and ‘Return of the L. Word’….


    That’s great about your dad’s solar panels. I lease too, but there’s this plan with my gas & electric company (ConEd) to switch over to ‘green energy’. Without going into too many details, you essentially pay a little more a month and ConEd has to pull into their grid the equivalent amount of electrical juice you use from non-coal burning ‘green and clean’ power sources.

    Funnily enough, they don’t promote that too much….hmmm…

  60. I already contacted the Royal Albert Hall, and they replied they are NOT going to send me my tickets. I have to collect them at the box office the day of the show.

    I’m really NOT very happy with this !

    Can you please help? Thanks.

    [If those are their rules, then I’m afraid we can’t do anything. Sorry! But look on the bright side: this is a good thing, as at least they can’t go missing in the post (presumably you didn’t have to pay extra for recorded delivery, then hang around the house waiting to take delivery of them) and you can’t forget to take them with you on the night. Still unhappy? I’ll shut up. – Features Editor]

  61. Hi All,

    what a wonderful idea Rud! DG is the best,obviously

    Fishing in Internet I found two jewels :Pete Townshend and David Gilmour and The house of rising sun performed by Pink Floyd …it’s not easy in Italy to listen some gigs W web world and the blogs

    Kisses from Rome

  62. Hello FED and fellow bloggers,

    I am sorry to hear (for all you Footballers) that Arsenal’s stadium will be closing. I am sure there is much history there and am sad to hear that. Hopefully it will pave the way for a newer staidum with a box especially for David! He deserves something like that for all he has given us.

    “Strangers passing in the street, By chance two seperate glances meet, And I am you and what I see is me.”

    Matt in Maine!

    PS- Thanks for the info Rudders, now I need to get to a computer that does not block me from the sight so I can vote for David #1!!!

  63. Hey FED,it’s Ray here. As I am looking forward to this weekend – an Air & Sea show Sunday, a friend’s birthday barbecue tomorrow, absolutely gorgeous weather ! Of course I voted for Mr. Gilmour. Hendrix doesn’t deserve a vote because He is truly the Guitar God most have emulated. It’s a no brainer that Jimi is the standard that most rock guitarists pursue ! IMHO Robert Fripp is another one. He has influenced so many as well. My third choice was a toughy, but I went with Edward Van Halen. There were so many to choose from that it broke my heart not to include Townsend, Richards (with his no-nonsense approach)…it…it proved to be a daunting task. Page ranks right up there. Lifeson. Zappa. Vai. Satriani. Aaaaargh !

    ( sound of explosion )

    That was my head !

    I should be hearing from m’cousin about the tickets sometime this weekend, hopefully ? Royal Albert Hall here I come !! I really, really hope to meet some of you folks when I come over in the next three weeks. I told m’cousin to book @ the hotel close to RAH.

    FED, you have an excellent weekend ! I’ll be looking forward to next week to see what new titbits have come up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to nab me a vinyl of OAI when I come over the pond.
    ( Provided they are not all gone by then ! ) Peace and Love to all !

    Cazart !

    [Enjoy your weekend, mate. – Features Editor]

  64. Thanks Rudders, for the poll tip on Q107 – have cast my vote in favor of the “man” and hope to see him top the list.

    In other news, a local radio station here in DC announced the winner of two tickets to see DG play at the RAH on May 30. Unfortunately it was not me though that would have been pretty cool 🙁

    There is also chatter on this radio station from their classic rock deejays about an RW-PF show later this summer. Now we all know that PF isn’t coming back together ever again (for now anyway…) but I did find it quite interesting that the tour was being touted as such when it will be obviously quite different in reality. LOL. Some pointy sticks may be needed !!!

    F.Ed – glad to see that you are over the stomach nasties.

    Have a great weekend all.


    [Thank you, Nisha. You have a great weekend, too. Sorry that you weren’t lucky with the competition. At the risk of being criticised for being a killjoy again (go on, you know you want to), I have to say with a groan that this idle chattering is very irresponsible. I know it’s filler and the norm to prattle on endlessly when you’re on the radio, but David is concerned that fans hear such speculation, assume that it’s true and get their hopes raised for nothing. They’re definitely worthy of a pointy stick or ten. – Features Editor]

  65. Hi FEd and friends everywhere!

    Well I cast my votes and it wasn’t easy. David was a given, but then just 2 more from that amazing list … not so easy. I changed it a couple of times before I focused on the “most influential” aspect.

    David Gilmour — completely unique style obviously

    Jimi Hendrix — another completely innovative, unique style, influencing just about everyone else

    Carlos Santana — again, another unique multi-cultural style, influencing many others

    Like everyone else, I wanted to choose many more, but …

    It’s beautiful here today in the North Cascades as well — warm, sunny and all the wild flowers are beginning to bloom!! Enjoy your nice weather FEd and glad to hear that you’re feeling feisty again!!

    Washington State

    [Thank you! It’s so nice to be able to stomach real food again and I just had the most delicious strawberries for breakfast. Er, I’m sure you all wanted to know that… I did have the most disturbing dream about prawns last night, though. Very odd. – Features Editor]

  66. Reponse to Graham Knight.

    Buy a record deck straight away. There’s something rather splendid (if you remember vinyl) about listening to the original LPs that one purchased!

    And you’ll be able to listen to OAI when it comes out as an LP as well.


  67. Adrian

    How do I find the time for this?… working long hours in front of a PC in my home office… so I switch off for about 10 minutes an hour and check the site!… a busman’s holiday!

    And believe me you lot are more fun than some of the numptys I deal with… 🙂

  68. Hello, F.Ed.

    The pics of Castellorizon are magnificent. We are truly blessed that places of such beauty exist in the world. I hope we don’t tank this place which we live.

    It’s really intresting seeing what people are doing to help in reducing waste and emissions. I agree that the world in general and the US in particular can do alot more than is currently being done. It seems like every day, the price of gas is headline news. People are frustrated and going off on gas station owners, attendants, anybody they can. I just shake my head in disappointment. All we have to do is tighten our belts and conserve a bit. It’s so simple. We have, for the most part, the cheapest energy in the world for an industrialized nation. The up-side to our current situation is that higher energy prices are driving a renewed effort to find alternative green energy. One big change is that Ethanol production is increasing, biodiesel is gaining more momentum, and things are looking up.

    I work in the heavy truck industry, and the company I work for is a leader in developing hybrid technology for the trucking industry as well as ways to cut back on engine idling time. There has been a significant increase in demand within the last few years for alternative fuels/ hybrid tecnology by our customers. I think that there is a slow but deliberate effort by America to start weaning herself from the OPEC bottle. Is it going to take time? Yes. The culture is going to have to change, but it will. There will still be the die-hards who will kick against the goads, but I do feel that the tide is turning. Industry is starting to see the benefits of green technology, and willing to invest.

    I see that someone took their toys and went home because Activists were hailed with freeing people from oppressive governments, ect. You know, there are views expressed on here that I don’t like, and I have expressed views that others disagree with. Like I have said before, opinions are like noses, most people have one and they usually pick their own. If you disagree with someone, be a grownup and realize that’s how the world goes ’round. Get used to it.

    Anyways, I apologize for encroaching on the ‘no long post’ guideline, please forgive me.

    Have a great weekend, all.


    [No need, my friend. When a post is interesting and gets the old brain whirring, I don’t want it to end – and that was very interesting. This is something I personally never tire of, and both David and Polly have a serious interest in the state of the planet, as you know. I do hope the tide is turning. I know it’s naff and idealistic, but we could all do so much without even trying. Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth. Recycle your beer bottles. Switch the TV off instead of leaving it on stand-by. It astonishes me when people say they just can’t be bothered to make simple, effortless lifestyle changes for the sake of the common good. I appreciate that no one likes being told what to do, but to turn a blind eye to this is selfishness and ignorance on a whole new level. Anyway, I digress before I make your post even longer! – Features Editor]

  69. While we’re on the subject of environmental issues remember the smallest of things can help.

    You can help the natural balance of your garden by putting up houses for insects like bees and ladybirds. Ladybirds in particular are great to have around because they feed on greenfly, think of them as an organic means of pest control.

    Sorry for going off topic F.ed

    [Please, keep it coming! As Frank Lampard says on that horrid advert for a horrid newspaper, we love it. – Features Editor]

  70. Please help Fed ive asked before and one of the bloggers said he never but i need to know if Mr Gilmour has ever recorded with tangerine dream a mate gave me a song he said gilmour played on it but im not convinced its called legends i think please help me answer this problem its been bugging me for some time you are my last hope with your vast knowledge surely you know or can find out so please help me Fed

    [If you mean Tangerine Dream’s ‘Legend’ soundtrack, David did play some fantastic guitar on the first track, ‘Is Your Love Strong Enough’, on which Bryan Ferry sings. So how much money do I get for settling these bets of yours? Either I get a cut or the questions go to the FAQs page in future, as per the rules. – Features Editor]

  71. Hello, Jorge, I’m very happy you tried to speak french, I’m very proud. I have so many difficulties myself to speak english.

    Où habitez-vous ? Où avez-vous appris le français?

    Fed, vous n’avez pas “pratiqué” aujourd’hui ? pas bien… David ne serait pas content, lui qui parle si bien français !


    [Je n’ai pas pratiqué, c’est vrai. J’accroche ma tête dans la honte. Mais je n’ai pas mangé les poissons jusque la soirée, et il était trop tard pour pratiquer par ce temps. Une excuse acceptable, non? Mon professeur français dans l’école penserait (?) ne pas, mais je suis sûr que vous êtes plus bien sympathetique, mon ami… – Features Editor]

  72. I must be the luckiest guy on the planet. I just won the UK NATIONAL LOTTERY, from their online Sweepstakes International program.

    Can you believe I have won this about six times in the past year?

    Word must be getting around because people in places like Uganda are trying to give me unclaimed inheritance monies too.

    [I’ve won it twice this week! It’s crazy! – Features Editor]

  73. Dear Fed,

    Qu’il est bon de lire notre belle langue, n’est-ce pas…? Et comme le dit Michèle, lorsque des “estrangers” font l’effort de la parler, c’est délicieux. So, thanks , dear Fed, and Jorge.

    By the way, I heard that the US language nearly was… french (by one vote!!!). Is that true? Tell me. Imagine! USA speaking french!!!

    Have a nice week-end.

    Ikkar, with love

    P.S…. J’ai fait comme Michèle, pour le vote (pas beau, hein?)

    [Les gens qui parlez seulement anglais sont les plus ignorant dans la monde! Je sais ce fait et tous les Européens sais aussi. Si vous pouvez excusez beaucoup d’erreur stupide dans mon français simple – et si je peux inventer des mots français parfois! – j’écrire le français pour vous. – Features Editor]

  74. Depression is starting to settle in here. Now Ethers is out for the Final. We’re running out of players.

    [It’s not looking good, is it? But anything can happen in the FA Cup. – Features Editor]

  75. Had a couple of spare tickets for the Tuesday night at RAH which have gone to a guy who is coming all the way from New Zealand to see the show on the 30th. Lets hope its a good one as he is so excited.David Gilmour number one.

  76. Just discovered this really tiny Jabeye-link on the homepage. Fed, forgive me, but now I’m curious: Is this company employing all those people administering David’s homepage or are you working directly for David (or his management)?

    [Now that would be telling… – Features Editor]

  77. Hello everyone,

    Just poking my head in. I have been terribly busy with work and my kids. Baseball season is in full swing and both of my boys play. My girls haven’t ever really been in to sports much other than watching so that makes it a little easier.

    Angelo, with all due respect my friend, I hope you have not been deceived by the machine. I believe in keeping our planet clean and preserving our world for future generations too.

    But I don’t think that ANY politician is someone to be trusted. EVERY politician that makes it to the big stage of Washington will change their position for a price. Whether the price be money or votes, there is a price. They don’t want what you want. They only want the power of the position.

    They are all the same, just trying to marshal power from different angles within the same corrupt system. All of the world’s governments are essentially the same within this repsect.

    Whether it’s Gore or Bush or Clinton or whoever, they are all after the same thing first…power. How they camouflage their pursuit of that power is called politics.

    They will do precisely what they want to do. Whether they truthfully let us know what they are doing is another issue. There is nothing we can do about it. The machine is too big. It’s momentum cannot be stopped.

    Think about it, who could possibly ever effect any significant change from within the system? It would gobble them up. How many instances in the past can you think of where someone started doing a good job of effecting change and they were eliminated or removed from influence? The Kennedys, Martin Luther King Jr., Gorbachev, Ghandi, Lincoln, many more… Do you think that any of them suffered their fates at the hands of those who held the reigns of power? Power is derived from money. Money is made by industries. The icons of the industires are the ones with true power.

    Examining history, I fear the only way to effect change in this corrupt system would be through revolution. But who could revolt against the greatest military powers the world has ever seen? It would result in the systematic destruction of a significant portion of the world’s population and nothing more.

    Sorry to be such a downer today. I only suggest to you that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. And you probably shouldn’t put any of your eggs in any basket that has anything to do with Washington or any other national government. America wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. But they found all the loopholes in what was founded as the greatest country ever. They have figured out how to make it corrupt and they have done well.

    I suggest that you spend your time loving your friends, loving your kids, loving your families and for me I will love God.

    I hope I have something a bit more positive to say soon.

    [I’m with you, Brad. You take Bush, I’ll take Blair. It would be fun if nothing else, right? – Features Editor]

  78. Now for some some news!

    Yes its the new Pink Floyd tour. Yes if you were wondering. First off, The Floyd will have a 10 mile stage. 134,000 touring trucks, with enough lasers to blind a blind man. The sound system will be of 640,000 watts. 480 touring buses and a mini coop for Roger. 380 spitfires, a tank, and urban assualt vehicles. One Aircraft carrier, and some herriers for the heck of it. Please bring sunglasses. Fans will be given full anti nuclear outfits, and a key ring. Please dont wear tennis shoes, or white sox. And please remain quiet during the show, as the spanish inquisition will be checking for Identification. Carefull as you might get the comfy chair treatment. Well enjoy the show. As with any advert Pink Floyd Concert may cause , actuall enjoyment , bleeding of the gums, anticipation, Love, resentment, anxiety, broken ear drums, Physical embarrassment, liver damage, psychological breakdown,, and or disturbing family matters. So have a cigar, and welcome to the machine, and all in all its just another brick in the wall. So Enjoy every moment.

    Take Care

    PS: Go England In The World Cup with or without Rooney

    [And no cameras! For God’s sake, leave them at home. – Features Editor]

  79. It finally feels real.

    My tickets from Trinity Street made their way across the big pond and into my hands. I have not stopped grinning. I assume H stall seats are very nice :-).

    So good to hear, Features Editor, that you are feeling better slowly but surely. I’m not sure what it says about my control issues, but one of the worst parts of being sick is having to let it do its thing in its own time. Also, it’s just really no fun!

    I have done my duty and voted at Q107. I, too, was rather horrified with the Rolling Stone Guitarist issue. Here’s hoping the Q107 poll will reflect the true reality, i.e., DG at number 1.

    It’s a beautiful day in DC. I am home from work, the dog has been walked, my daughter is at an overnight band thingamagiggy, my husband is in India on business travel, and I am having some wonderful alone time on the back porch with my only companion – well besides Bo the 100-lb golden – the ipod set on shuffle. Bliss. It’s amazing how many times DG and PF songs shuffle into play. Wonder how that happened?

    Looking forward, as always, to RAH on May 29.


    [Glad to hear you’ve got them, Karima. Must be a weight off your mind. – Features Editor]

  80. Rudders…

    Keeping in mind “most influential.”(not just good.)

    1.David Gilmour
    2.Jimi Hendrix

    As you notice my #3 is still open.I’ll glady vote for you but have to keep it fair and real.Any way you can record yourself crankin out the “Numb” solo and posting it somewhere so that I/we can have a listen?

    Perhaps some day F.E. can accompany you on the recorder for a whole new sound….Yikes!!!


    “Nothing gets past me. Not even smoke!

    But hey,..now might be a good time to cover “Smoke On An Island”..err I mean Smoke On The Water”…whatever…”

    [The recorder? You’re hoping, aren’t you? Wooden block, perhaps. – Features Editor]

  81. Caption: Gotta pee, gotta pee, uh, uh, AAAAAAHHHH. Sorry David. Hi bloggers, my vote at the Q was David, Jimi, and a toss up between Page or Eric. HHHHMM. I was wondering, if David has extra material on hand as previously mentioned. Wouldn’t it be great to expose a new song for the end of the tour? SOUNDS good to me.

  82. Hey all,

    i just read the post by Nickster about tickets to Santana @ Wembley, but arent those shows relocated as the stadium isnt finished? An english girlfriend of mine had her Bon Jovi show rescheduled as well due to the contruction problems…….

  83. Along time ago, when all this blogging first started, I asked for a potential swap of priority tickets (RAH for Bridgewater). I must thank the editor for giving this chance all those moons ago, as I have now been able to swap with somebody in Spain. Tickets now received at both parties. Thanks very, very much for this!!!!

    PS And eBay made no money out of it!!!

    [Glad to hear it, mate. Hope you both enjoy the concerts. – Features Editor]

  84. [Thank you, Nisha. You have a great weekend, too. Sorry that you weren’t lucky with the competition. At the risk of being criticised for being a killjoy again (go on, you know you want to), I have to say with a groan that this idle chattering is very irresponsible. I know it’s filler and the norm to prattle on endlessly when you’re on the radio, but David is concerned that fans hear such speculation, assume that it’s true and get their hopes raised for nothing. They’re definitely worthy of a pointy stick or ten. – Features Editor]

    Perhaps that is the only way they can sell tickets hmmm…..? Personally, my respect for David grows every time I see or hear stuff like this because it just proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he doesn’t need or use the past to sell himself. His lets his talent speak for him and one only has to listen to OAI to know that.

    No criticism from this corner F.Ed – I’ll set aside an extra pointy stick or two for you 🙂


    [It’s a deal. – Features Editor]


    My RAH tickets for the 29th just arrived in the mail. It was a bloody miracle they arrived at all as both my name and adress were spelled all wrong and there was no zipcode (which is the most importnat part of the adress here).

    So THANK YOU TO WHICHEVER FORCE THAT RULES THE UNIVERSE (Zaphod maybe?) for getting them to me despite the wrong spelling.

    Now I just need to get my hands on a ticket for the 30th.. 😉


    [May I ask who sent you the tickets, Bianca? – Features Editor]

  86. OK, I did the Q107 “My dad is better than your dad” guitar favorites poll…. What??? No Tiny Tim? For the love of ….!!!!!!!??!?! Whats this world coming to?

    Seriously though (and agreeing with FEd) how can you ignore Pete Townshend. One of my choices, along with David Gilmour, David Gilmour, and David Gilmour (I found the site key where you bypass repeat votes, allowing the visitor to vote for one artist as many times as possible). Oh, did I just type that?

    Rudders: regarding the Deep End DVD finally available on Eel Pie, I wish it was … however, I think you’re mistaking the truncated, single cd release of the show with a DVD release. The Brooklyn Academy of Music/Psychoderelict performance (1993) is just released on DVD recently. To my memory, the amazing Deep End Live (Brixton 1985) video has never made its way to DVD format yet (only video format (short and extended play versions) as well as a Laser Video Disk). If any show from that very short tour were to hit the marketplace, I’d much rather get the Rockpalast performance from France that same year (a much better performance/set list, IMHO).

    Hey FEd, how about that “10 favorite potato chips” list? You promised!

    Have a great weekend everyone,

    [It’s got to be Prawn Cocktail for me. But lest we forget Worcester Sauce, now banned for containing traces of Sudan 1, the illegal dye that can cause cancer. – Features Editor]

  87. Just a comment on “The Important Stuff”….hope that is ok to mention here. Ed, feel free to whittle it down if you want.

    I pat myself on the back about not using a car, (shhh…I think that sort of thing can get someone deported from Texas) but overlook the fact that I waste energy in other ways. Though the “The Big Ask” campaign is focused on the UK goverment, the issue reminds myself about my wasteful habits.

    1 Too much dependence on my air conditioner to sleep well (summer started in Austin about a month ago). Solution: using a window fan to blow in cooler night air.

    2.Using regular light bulbs is another. Switching to fluorescent which saves 75% less energy and gives off little heat.

    3 Not recycling because of the lame excuse that my apartment complex does not provide that sort of trash management. I have neighbors who drop off their recycling with places that do provide it.

    4. Baths when I should take brief showers.

    5. Subscribing to Austin’s green electriciy power program (fueled by wind)when they expand for more customer use.

    Anyway, I am trying to make more responsible choices (for both the climate and my finances), and will be using my pay bonus to get some fans and energy saving bulbs, to start.

    Thanks David and Polly for having a link to the bigger issues we all need to think about. Sometimes I hear commentators on the radio or tv complain about celebrities discussing politics or world issues. I disagree with them. If you have the attention of the public, it is a worthy and responsible thing to call attention to various “important stuff” in our world.

    [Indeed. – Features Editor]

  88. “i just read the post by Nickster about tickets to Santana @ Wembley, but arent those shows relocated as the stadium isnt finished? An english girlfriend of mine had her Bon Jovi show rescheduled as well due to the contruction problems”

    Emiel, the Santana show is at Wembley Arena, a second venue, which is right nect door to the stadium. I nearly bought tickets but decided to buy for BB King instead.

    I’m having trouble deciding between Clapton and Page for my third guitarist. I think i’ll go Page as he was more of an influence.

    Fed, glad to hear you’re better.


    [Thank you, Vicky. – Features Editor]

  89. Thanks Fed all questions will now be directed to F A Q Page and as far as a cut , trying to get a yorkshire man to pay up on a bet well you have more chance of Pink Floyd touring , well i got my vote in but i only voted for the one guitarist Gilmour of course so dont know whether it will be accepted anyway see ya all later

    [It should be. You could choose up to three. – Features Editor]

  90. [Please, keep it coming! – Features Editor]

    Really? Ok then 🙂 I was going to say before that you dont need a garden the size of a small country to put up these insect houses. They really do make a difference, the bumble bee is on decline (not helped by modern farming methods) so we put a bumble bee box under a bush and bingo, loads of residents! Don’t forget that all type of bees help to polinate plants and will not be agressive towards humans unless they feel threatend, so they are safe to have in your garden.

    Another tip: if you have a slug problem try not to use slug pellets, ok they kill slugs but remember hedgehogs, which are also in decline feed on them. If a hedgehog eats a slug that has eaten a slug pellet it will certainly die too. There is an organic method of disposing of slugs called Nemaslug, this is not harmful to any other wildlife. 🙂 failing that, chuck them over next doors fence.

  91. Hi Y’all,

    Just cast my vote. Funny how DG is the first name. Says it all really !

    Add Steady Eddy VH and Alex “Don’t push me ! especially on New Year Eve” Lifeson and i reckon there’s the 3 best Guitarist / Lick Creators ever !

    Got all my tix now thanks FED. Why do these box offices leave it till last minute !

    See you at the RAH for 3 nights.

    Shuki, mines a large 1 ! (beer and all !)

    Timbo !!!

    [They’re not printed until quite late. Glad you’ve got them all now. – Features Editor]

  92. Deeply disapointed fan by these money makers buying up tickets to make a massive profit,how much have i got to pay to see David at RAH? BUY IT NOW price on EBAY upto £250 for £65 ticket,i would if i could afford it.


    [It’s still not safe to buy tickets on eBay. You could be refused entry on the night. Call the Royal Albert Hall box office and see if they’ve had any returns instead. – Features Editor]

  93. Hi all bllogers,

    David’s On An Island totally rules in Poland third week in a row on Top 50 of Polish Radio Proramme 3 chart show.

    I voted for David, Ritchie Blackmore and my local hero Andrzej Nowak on Q107.

    Next thing, what do you think about box in RAF, is it a good seat?. I saw a few DVDs shot at that hall (Led Zeppelin1970, Zuccero and 2005 Cream). Boxes looked ok, but may anybody’s personal experience.

    Have a great weekend,

  94. [Les gens qui parlez seulement anglais sont les plus ignorant dans la monde! Je sais ce fait et tous les Européens sais aussi. Si vous pouvez excusez beaucoup d’erreur stupide dans mon français simple – et si je peux inventer des mots français parfois! – j’écrire le français pour vous. – Features Editor]

    Dear Fed,

    Oh, please, INVENT words!!! That’s what I often do (in french… and in my poor english – forgive me for that…)…

    So,go on, speak french… and if anyone, here, wants to speak french, like you, dear Fed, or Jorge… welcome!

    I’m sure Michèle will be glad, like me.

    Ikkar, with love.

    [I got that last bit wrong, didn’t I? “J’écrire le français”?! Inventing new words is great. Or, if you know the word in another language, use that instead. – Features Editor]

  95. […I know it’s naff and idealistic, but we could all do so much without even trying…]

    I dont think it is naff and idealistic. Personally I dont understand how people can look at themselves comfortably in the mirror living their reasonably comfortable Western lives, and have the damn nerve to criticize people who care for a increasingly pressing cause.

    Sorry, just my 2 cents.

    Best to all the family,

    [Amen, brother. Let’s get the pointy sticks out. – Features Editor]

  96. Hi Brad,

    WOW! It’s amazing the feelings thqt get stirred up with the mention of a politician! LOL!!!

    Don’t worry my friend, there’s no kool-aid in my cup. You are right about the machine, and it would take lot more than a pop-culture article for me to surrender my trust to politics. I still haven’t read the piece about Gore, but the other stuff serves as a good awareness raiser in the least.

    Once people pursue or are elected to higher office, reality becomes a Salvador Dali painting: all the normal rules and ethics the average person lives by is morphed by power, money, and the ambition to acquire both.

    Now, if politicians and political action groups use environmental issues as a method to pander for votes and money, then this evil is the lesser than the alternative: no attention whatsoever.

    Of course, it is up to us as citizens to listen, read, and educate ourselves as much as possible to decifer that echo of truth in all that noise (oh yeah, and listen to On an Island at least three times a day with your selection of aromatherapy to detoxify yourself). Then, in our own small way, make individual choices that make a difference. After all, the only thing we have real control over is ourselves.

    So good on you, Brad, for throwing a squinty eye at politics, and don’t worry about me because it will be a cold day in hell before I’m bought by some agenda!!!!

    (*Paid for by the Green Gilmourrim Party and The Campaign for Global Sonic Bliss)

    ….oh, damn…

    i’ll get me coat…..

  97. [I’m sure it will be, Dom. Isn’t it sad when so many people don’t bother to vote? – Features Editor]

    Ah yes!

    That’s what I was meant to do!

    At the end of the day i’ll still live in Rotherham which is a waste of space in the world.


    I voted big Dave, just something about him. You know he can just play as fast as anyone else, but can also play slow and better than 90% of other guitarists.

  98. Well David Gilmour is a given as #1 pick for me…no explanation needed there! Absolutely the most emotional guitar player I have ever heard. David’s composition skills are also in my view often overlooked….his playing is all most people talk about, but writing that stuff takes a special gift.

    #2 was Eric Clapton….I mean, there are some unbelievable players on that list, but if we are going to talk about the last 40 years then he had to be one for me.

    #3 was Carlos Santana for the same reasons as above…..40 years and still brilliant and relevant

    Bob Mitchell in Victoria, BC, Canada.

  99. I wonder if anyone in the band ever loses concentration and f**** up when David’s playing a spectacular solo.

  100. Regarding political issues, I saw a great sign that said it all:

    “Same ole shit, different Assholes”


  101. I just voted for David, Pete and Jimmy. Here’s hoping David is #1 on the list!

  102. I’ve just read that DSOTM has become the first Billboard album in history to hit 1500 weeks in the chart. I know this isn’t a PF blog, but congratulations David! What is lovely is that a statistic like that really illustrates just how many people over have bought and loved that album over so many years, and continue to do so. Salute!

    – must have bought it at least 6 or 7 times over the years: LP, tape, CD, 24k gold CD, the 25th anniversary CD plus a few worn/lost copies along the way…and that’s just DSOTM

  103. I’m envious of all of you who are looking forward to RAH…

    I know I just saw him in L.A., but it’s a good thing my passport is expired, or I’d be scrambling for a concert & airline ticket to see him again!

    You are all so LUCKY!!! I’m excited for you!!!

    p.s. Top 3: DG

  104. Just a huge pity that not all genuine fans can attend the RAH-shows:

    I bought 2 tickets at eBay for the first RAH-show at 29th of May. This was my only chance as Gilmour does not visit Belgium (where I’m from) and I could not order tickets for the Amsterdam show online, ’cause I have no Mastercard or Visa. I was so delighted: at last I was going to attend a concert of Gilmour! All went well, untill the seller of the tickets got a letter from RAH that there would be a thorough search for eBay-tickets and purchasers of these tickets at the cash desk at the nights of the RAH-shows, in order to make sure that only the real fans will attend the concerts… My ass!

    Now please tell me, who’s the real victim here???? The one that bought the tickets from the RAH to gain money out of his purchase or the real fan that is so thrilled to see this concert???

    Anyway, I cancelled the tickets in dialogue with the seller because it was too risky to go to London without even being sure that I would’ve got in.

    This was probably my last chance to see Gilmour…

    [Bert, I’m sorry to hear that you’re disappointed. However, as we’ve been saying since December, it’s not safe to buy tickets on eBay. You could be refused entry on the night, as we know who has which ticket and it’s easy to spot who is selling their ticket(s) for profit. We don’t fans to pay obscene amounts for tickets from eBay. The reason you and “genuine fans” couldn’t get a ticket when they first went on sale is because people bought up many with the sole intention of reselling them for a large profit on eBay. Call the Royal Albert Hall box office and see if they’ve had any returns. If you’ve been reading the blog regularly, you’ll see that many people have been lucky this way… and they didn’t have to pay silly money, either. Please don’t give up. Their number is 020 7589 8212. This, of course, applies to anyone considering eBay. It really isn’t worth the risk. – Features Editor]

  105. I have two spare tickets for the Mon 29th May show at the Albert Hall, I would like fellow fans to have a chance to go rather than risk them ending up with touts. They’re in the 2nd row of the circle facing the stage. I am selling these at face value, £120 for the pair. Please let me know if interested.

    [Bert? If you reply to this, I’ll pass your e-mail address on to James. If you’re not quick, I’ll do the same for the next interested punter. – Features Editor]

  106. Hi Fed,

    Just want to have my say on voting and without doubt DAVID GILMOUR WINS HANDS DOWN



    My 3rd was a tuff choice but I decided on P.F

  107. Hello all sorry to hear about a fellow fan who lost out with Ebay if you are a regular hear we ahve all been wartned but some words of hope for people out there after many phone calls to RAH box office i got 2 returns and a few friends who have tried have also been lucky , so to all out there still try keep phoning you will be lucky because all the idiots who tried to make a quick profit have only one choice they have to return there tickets to get there money back so as the Fed said keep trying returns are coming in all the time according to the lady at the box office – dont give up untill the last possible day have a good day all

  108. Ed/Edwina and all the rest of you,

    Back in the early ’90s I was very pleased by the way Paul McCartney handled his ticket sales – if you were a member of his fan club (yearly dues were reasonable), you had the option of purchasing up to four tickets for his shows. These were all very good seats up front and were at face value. Paul was surrounded by fans who love him as opposed to lots of media types or people who had an obscene amount of cash for scalped tickets.

    Of course no system is perfect when it comes to ticket sales but this worked out better than most. It would be nice if David would consider doing something similiar for his next tour (yeah, I’m going to be optimistic and say ‘next tour’) and go a step further to insure that good seats get into the hands of fans.

    Edwina – Je vous souhaite un dimanche tranquille et les bloggers qui sont brefs. (meaning may be questionable but thanks, Marvin!)


    [Merci. Les mêmes à vous (et Marvin). – Features Editor]

  109. [My RAH tickets for the 29th just arrived in the mail.

    [May I ask who sent you the tickets, Bianca? – Features Editor]]

    Yes you may 😉

    I bought them from the RAH directly. They were returns I was able to get my hands on by phone on april 24th. I spelled my whole name and adress, but it wasn’t untill later that I realised they were going to use it to send me the tickets.

    They said they would arrive in two weeks, but they arrived in one and a half 🙂

    I understood from the RAH that the only days they get returns for are monday and wednesday, since these are so called ‘member’ days and members of the RAH can decide whether or not they want to attend the show. If they do not, those tickets will become available as ‘returns’.

    However I would like to see the tuesday show very much as well (since that is the second day for the DVD taping), but am not sure how to find tickets for that.

    Ebay and such are out obviously, but I wondered if there maybe was a place where you could safely trade tickets or something. However this “Please also be aware that the Royal Albert Hall does not permit tickets to be resold on to third parties” confuses me very much.

    Because if the tickets are not returnable (or you are not a member) and can’t be resold, will that mean all the seats from people who can’t go after all will be empty? That seems like a real shame.

    Hugs, Bianca

    [It’s quite complicated, isn’t it? My understanding is that the RAH will have returns for all three nights, as people who have already purchased, and are in receipt of, tickets realise that they can’t attend and will want to return their tickets to the RAH or perhaps sell them on eBay (which isn’t advisable and is likely to be foiled by box office staff, as Bert mentioned earlier). So my advice would be to contact the RAH in the same way and ask box office staff about tickets for Tuesday 30th. Maybe there won’t be as many, but there will be some. It just depends on how many people – members or not – return their tickets. (Has anybody else purchased returned tickets directly from the RAH for the Tuesday night concert?) Tickets, as a general rule, aren’t meant to be returned or resold. RAH staff have tried to stop profiteering by monitoring eBay and many would-be sellers have been stopped in their tracks. In theory, once caught, they’ve had to return their tickets to the RAH for a refund – so they’ve made no profit – and these tickets have then been resold by the RAH, meaning that fans have been able to purchase these reissued tickets at face value from the RAH instead of paying whatever eBay’s auction dictated. As Bert pointed out, this meant that the tickets he thought he had purchased were in fact non-existent, because the seller was caught breaking the RAH’s ‘do not resell’ policy before he or she could resell them (probably before the would-be seller had even received them), leaving Bert without tickets. RAH tickets are returnable/refundable (we want you to return them, we don’t want you to resell them) and two of our authorised sellers have been extremely helpful in accepting returns when normally they wouldn’t in order to stop tickets from ending up on internet auction sites such as eBay. This is why so many returned tickets have become available and why we’ve been encouraging people to keep trying the RAH box office, even if it means making a speculative phone call every day. There won’t be empty seats because we are accepting refunds, which means the RAH can resell the returned tickets, and we are also stopping fans from reselling their tickets, which means the RAH can reissue and resell those tickets as well. So give them a ring and ask about Tuesday 30th. I do hope you’ll be lucky. – Features Editor]

  110. Hi all of you

    what’s a miracle?This morning italian daily press “Repubblica” with a long article/interview by Curzio Maltese with DG.Title:the double life of David Gilmour,the leader,voice and soul of Pink Floyd band (-1st miracle,yeah) …but 2d miracle: both article and interview are realistic,true and sweet, a little bit.

    Wonderful father (late surprise, he said),in love for family and Rome (..a lot of time in the last five years) interested in literature and art… It’s a picture of a good man envolved in rock and music biz but so far from the “mythus” of death and himself ruine so frequent in the 60’s 70’s rock and roll years.It’s the portrait of “our” David in these years :so he looks like very much our 50 y.o.girls picture!(sigh) Really not too bad !

    Kisses from Rome

    [Thank you, Diana. We’ll have it in the Press section as soon as possible. – Features Editor]

  111. Man oh man, I’d love to have one of James’s tickets. I’m in the US, though, and it might be hard for me to make all the arrangements to get there. It would be worth a try, though. Could someone help me with air and hotel? Is there a David Gilmour Travel Agency???

    I missed the voting on the greatest guitarist but, of course, David is first in my heart. I’d have to include Hendrix and Page, although, as everyone has said, it’s a difficult choice.

    On the topic of the environment: one thing that is working against us is the dying out of people who lived through the US depression of the 1930s. A lot of those people became natural conservers and some (thankfully) passed those values on to their children. I’ve tried to be mindful of not wasting things for decades now.

    It’s difficult to see that it takes SO long for the metaphorical ship to turn…I do believe it is turning now but if we had listened to Jimmy Carter in the 1970s we’d be in a much better place now. I could go on a giant rant but will spare you all.

    On another topic: I need an amp for my turntable and speakers. Any suggestions? Does this make me sound like a hypocritical consumer now? I’ll get me coat. (Actually, I’d be happy with a used amp, if that helps.)

    Peace and love,

    PS–In the US we spell it “hippie”. Why is that?

    [I don’t know, but when “football” gets rather lazily shortened, “footie” is much more common than “footy”. Inconsistency? I don’t think anyone really understands the English language, eh Rudders? – Features Editor]

  112. Hello again,can i be Bert? 🙂

    Is it possible to send me James email addy? 29th May perfect date for me also,not only its a bank holiday its also my mrs birthday,wot a treat for her.Thanks for the info about Ebay i’ll stear well clear.

    [If Bert doesn’t get back to me by the end of the day, I will e-mail you tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  113. [ I prefer subversives cats…dog are too many snuggle and are too much addicted by the man]

    That made me smile, it reminds me of the saying dogs have owners cats have servants.

    [I know it’s naff and idealistic, but we could all do so much without even trying]

    No it’s not idealistic and certainly not naff, you are quite correct to say that we could do more (and should)just things like

    1.Walking to the corner shop instead of driving
    2.cycling to work in nice weather
    3.Recycling as much as you can
    4.Using organic means of pest control
    5. leaving a small patch of unmown grass on your lawn to encourage wild flowers to grow and in turn polinating insects.

    These are only small things but just imagine if everybody did it…

    [It would make a hell of a difference. – Features Editor]

  114. Dear all,

    nice to see that there are people offering me tickets right now at this site, but I’m afraid it’s already too late for me:

    my fellow that was going to join me in London, isn’t very keen on the whole thing anymore, not because of the price of the tickets, but the train trip (eurostar) had to be settled at least 21 days before the actual trip to get a fair price (of 80euro per person). If I book now for 29th of May, the Eurostar-trip costs 200 euro… It’s becoming a very expensive evening in that case, considering the fact that I did not check anymore for a place to stay at night (and as far as I know, there is no David Gilmour Travel Agency? 🙂 )

    So to James, thanks for the offer but you can send them to for example Michael

    To Michael: have a nice night over there…

    To Fea.Ed: thanks for the understanding

    (I’ll have to be happy with the gig of Waters and Co at Arrow Festival in Holland next month….)

    [Well, I hope you enjoy that, Bert. Sorry the offer of help has come too late. I’ll e-mail you right away, Michael. – Features Editor]

  115. [If those are their rules, then I’m afraid we can’t do anything. Sorry! But look on the bright side: this is a good thing, as at least they can’t go missing in the post (presumably you didn’t have to pay extra for recorded delivery, then hang around the house waiting to take delivery of them) and you can’t forget to take them with you on the night. Still unhappy? I’ll shut up. – Features Editor]

    Hey Fed and all…

    Just had a brainstorm after reading this response. If all tickets were sorted out this way (picking them up at the show) then this could be the answer to the profiteering ebay’ers and sort. You’d buy the tickets online or phone, go to the show and have your confirmation number and ID ready. Instead of a delivery charge, you could add a service fee for more staff to hand out tickets.

    Not sure how well it would work, but it’s an idea.

    On An Island note, I am excitedly looking forward to our Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada in two weeks where I will indeed be On An Island and can’t wait to put my headphones on and soak up this CD there. Where better to re-experience this wonderful music than being litteraly On An Island.


    [I agree with you, Dan. I’m told that it would be too great an inconvenience to expect people to turn up hours before the show to queue up for their tickets. Inevitably, some people would forget the credit card they used to book their tickets or the relevant ID and there would be all sorts of complications… I still think it would be a better system, though. Personally, I’d like to put all the opportunists who sell tickets for a living out of business, because, as I’ve seen from many of your comments, very often they don’t seem able to do their job properly. But I’m not supposed to say that. Enjoy your weekend, mate. – Features Editor]

  116. What about me, FEd? I beat Michael in asking, didn’t I? Maybe you thought I wasn’t serious….

    May I have James’s email address then?

    Thank you kindly,


    [I’m sorry, Becky. I didn’t think you were serious. James was selling a pair, anyway. – Features Editor]

  117. Bert, dont fret buddy…Im sure this tour isnt David’s last one. He seems to be going the way of fine wine, getting better every day.

    Michael you lucky dawg. Enjoy the show. I wanted the tix too, but you beat me to it :/ I hope I get the next pair 😀

  118. Wow, thank you for your long reply FEd.

    But when I bought my tickets two weeks ago, it was specifically mentioned that they were non-returnable and non-refundable. And I have been calling the RAH daily (sometimes twice or more) for the past two weeks, and the people on the phone explained this member thing to me and assured me they would not have returns for tuesday. They don’t even check their computer when I ask for tuesday tickets.

    So it sounds to me that the box office operators on the phone do not know about the tickets being refundable…

    I must compliment the RAH on how nice their box office staff is though. They keep telling me to try again, even though they are probably being called a million times a day about DG. 🙂

    I will call again tomorrow and ask them about it though.

    Is it okay to give us the names/numbers of the two authorised sellers, so we can try them as well? Or will all returns only become available through the RAH?

    Hugs, Bianca

    [In fairness to RAH staff, if they sold you – and countless others – tickets that had already been returned/reissued once, they wouldn’t really want to refund them a second time. Nor should they have to. Once is already once more than the general rules state, and it is fair to assume that one who buys returned tickets so close to the date of the concert will indeed attend. The RAH and two of our authorised sellers – all their details can be found on the Live Dates page – have accepted returned tickets and issued refunds for those who purchased their tickets when they first went on sale (including the presale), which has been quite a difficult task. There is no reason whatsoever why they should accept a reissued ticket back. Anyway, I’ve found out a bit more about Tuesday’s concert. From a RAH perspective, this is called an exclusive let. This means that the RAH gets to sell every seat in the house, which they have done. If you want tickets for this night, then your only chance is to keep trying the RAH. I have it on good authority that there will be some returns, but not as many as there will be for the Monday and Wednesday shows. – Features Editor]

  119. Can I say I`m humbled? This is what I think this site is all about! Trying to sort Bert out with tickets is just the best!

  120. I see not too many people here have mentioned Jeff Beck as one of their three choices. You would think that more Gilmour fans would appreciate Jeff Beck the way they do guys like Page or Clapton. I know Gilmour, Page, and Clapton do 😉

  121. I watched two articles tonight on 60 Minutes and Dateline on Ethanol, flex autos. It’s amazing to see that cane sugar by products, grasses, wheat, tree bark, and anything green can be be utilized to produce fuel and reduce consumption of oil. Of course, big monopolies will lose out. So what? They have the finances that we all have given considerably to convert and aid to make this a better place for all.”It’s Always About The Money” people. Cellulose is available world wide, refuse from vegetation is available worldwide. Poor countries can help out as well. What’s wrong with Solar Energy? It’s free!!!! Nikola Tesla proved this in the early 1900’s until Edison and Westinghouse interfered. WHY? MONEY folks. Peace.

  122. Hello all,

    I have suggestion to David, but first:

    As I have read all there is to read on this wonderful web site, including most of Fan Fare, and now when I have almost worn out the On An Island CD, and added a couple of extra rounds on the old PF and RW material, all I have to do is wait for the tour DVD…

    Reading the tour reports, the DVD will be an awesome document, with a new take on OAI and up-to-date sounds of PF classics. I can’t wait to hear Echoes of the 21st Century… sure hope it makes it to the DVD.

    Having read the tour reviews I see that David’s choice of PF material is to a high degree material which have a big “David and Rick Factor” (I guess you know what I mean when you think of it). I love that factor. Therefore I have a suggestion to David.

    There is one song that is missing, and while you’re back in the UK, resting the tour out and getting the children into normal routines again, consider adding one more song that is rarely played live, but still one of my absolute favourites!

    Beginning with a pastoral Rick, ending with ruminating guitars fading away to heavenly pastures, and – in between – almost raving and drooling lyrics turning into a blissful dive into the empty space… When you think of it, no DVD could be complete without a version of SHEEP!

    OK, if David is not comfortable with Rog’s vocal parts, don’t let that stop you, there might be somebody else in the tour band with an appropriately venomous tongue? Just like bass player Timothy Schmit took over the Glen Frey vocals on “I can’t tell you why” on the Eagles live album “Hell freezes over”… regardless of other points of comparison…



    // GusFields

  123. Good morning, dearest!

    Had you a nice week? Mine was very good! I’m looking for Repubblica’s link page to show you the review about David…but I can’t find it…damn! It is very good! But I can’t try to translate it…’cause it is really long. Too much! Maybe Diana, whose english is better than mine, But I think it is too much longor for her too. However, just I find the newspaper page, I’ll show you.
    Have a good day!


    [Thank you, Lucia. We are always looking for press from around the world. – Features Editor]

  124. Hi F’ed & all,

    What a great day yesterday for me, not only was it my 50th birthday but Arsenal won the last ever game at highbury & i guess i do feel a bit sorry for Spurs (stop smirking Graham) I watched Roger Daltrey singing his song on the centre circle yesterday & wondered if it was Harpo Marx reincarnated.

    As i say a great day yesterday i cycled down the village to get the sunday papers i came back & the whole house was covered in balloons & banners they must have work like trojans as i thought the household was asleep when i left.

    My better half got my Meddle on CD for me as i only ever had a copy on one of those big black CD’things.(see earlier post of mine)forgotten how how lovely pillow of winds is…any chance of David performing……

    Reading on here about fellow bloggers who have recently lost someone close to them, yesterday some thing very special happened. My first marriage broke up & my son took it badly he would not talk to me for years & i know he blamed me for the break up, i wanted to see him, to be with him to let him know i still loved him, everyone said give him time….yesterday he turned up on the doorstep, that was the best birthday present i could have ever hoped for. There is light at the end of a long dark tunnel after all.


    [Pleased to hear it, Graham. A hearty “Happy Birthday!” for yesterday. – Features Editor]

  125. FEd and all Greens (and wanna be’s),

    Don’t know what is available in your area but in Toronto there is Bullfrog Power, an electrical distributor that is Ontario’s first 100% green electricity retailer. They provide clean, reliable electricity from 100% renewable electricity (80% hydroelectric, 20% wind). It is a little more expensive (9.1 cents per KWH) than the rate from other retailers but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing that we can always do more. Google Bullfrog and read more. And I hope that there ARE similar ventures around the world.

    Let’s hear it if there is!

  126. Happy Monday Fed,

    Hope your well after the weekend.

    So another development to May 29th. Coventry has a jazz festival that finishes on that day. And the last day includes The Soft Machine Legacy (A band of ex Soft Machine members). I was gutted at this clash, however, it turns out that they are on at 1:30pm. And as the event is sponsered by my bank they have given me complimentary tickets. So if Phil Collins can get from London to Philadelhia for 2 concerts then I am sure I can get from Cov to London.

    Life is full of ups and downs but the Gods are certainly smiling on me at the moment.

    Pete – Coventry

  127. Hey FEd! In the last days you update the blog not so often as you did some week ago. No problem, but I wondering if you:

    1. are falling in love and spend your time walking with your new girl around London, lying in Hide Park, kissed by the warmed spring’ sun.
    2. David don’t pay you enough so you had to find a second job, and you divide your day updating the blog and mowing glass from some classic english garden.
    3. You are bored with us
    4. You are still sick and tired and have to pass a lot of hours in your bed with a wet shred on your forehead.
    5. You didn’t pay the bill and the internet company stop your pc.

    ….is the reason one of those? However, I hope you use your time without us to enjoy yourself very much!

    I started reading “Out of the picture”…I can understand enough…but I wonder why Lizzie hate your “second father” so much. He seems nice….what I’m going to discover? uhm….And, not a good idea, in my opinion, become his boss’ lover! I don’t trust Tony!

    Have a good day!


    P.S. I haven’t still found the Repubblica review in internet. Sorry! Maybe tomorrow

    [You make me laugh! None of the above five points contain a single shred of truth I’m happy (and a little relieved) to say. I’m glad you’re enjoying Polly’s novel. Keep reading and all will be revealed. I didn’t like Tony from the start, either. That said, there’s something attractive about him, isn’t there? He’s dangerous and you know that he’d quicken your pulse. All girls secretly like bad boys, don’t they? – Features Editor]

  128. Yeh, I have been trying (and enjoying, of course !) for months to speak english here despite my difficulties and sometimes the feeling of been ridiculous with my bad english, ( heureusement que Ikkar me soutient et vous auusi, Fed !), so I would like to ask our english or american friends : could you try to describe David with on single french word? ( for example: “formidable” ou “humble” or whatever you want ( you also, Lucia, comme “amoureux des chats”, I think David have many cats !).

    The first to begin is you, of course, dear Fed, even if you invent a word, it’s so nice…


    [Um… C’est difficile. Un? Modeste? Il y a beaucoup de mots. – Features Editor]

  129. Dearest FEd,

    I dont’ know if you are a man or a woman, or if you are 20 or 40 years old, but the clues let me think you are nearly 30, so I’d like to know if you can feel what I’m feeling! I read a few of pages of Polly’s novel, so I can’t still tell you what I think about Tony…but I have to admit that when I read the summary in the last cover page I thought I can empathize with the protagonist: young, at the first moments of her job life, searching for love, thinking about his childhood. But just I started reading I realize Lizzie is 19 years old…and now I feel I’m too old to empathize with her! I suffer a lot of Peter Pan’s syndrome…how much I wish I would be 16 y.o.!!! I hope I will be able to emphatize with Lizzie, because this could mean I’m still young…but in this moment I’m above all envious of her 19 years!

    At the end, my real model of life is my grandmum, who was 37 years old when have married my granddad, who was 24 years old!!! GREAT!!! 13 years younger!!! My Grandmum was really a clever woman!

    Kisses and Hugs!


    [I know what you’re feeling, mate. Trust me. – Features Editor]

  130. Thank you for your long explanation about the tuesday tickets FEd, I appreciate it very much.
    **biiig hugs**

    I just called the RAH and this time they did check the computer for tuesday. No luck though, but I will keep trying! 🙂

    Becky, I wasn’t sure you were serious either, but if you do want to spent the money to go to the UK on such short notice, you should keep trying the RAH as well, they do have returns for monday and wednesday quite regularly!

    Hugs, Bianca

    [I hope you’ll be lucky. Maybe you can try the RAH website, too. Cheaper than ‘phoning all the time. – Features Editor]

  131. Dear Michèle, I can’t speak french…not even a word! Or..better, I know “libertè, ègalitè, fraternitè”…and I don’t know if I wrote it in the right way! But if you asked me a word to describe David I choose: well-balanced. Maybe you could say “èquilibrè”. And I mean to say that I think he know the right limits between passion, wisdom, jokes, responsability, madness and reliability…I think it is the best recipe: hilarious but reassuring. Do you think is David èquilibrè?
    And I hope he likes cats! (ukveronika, funny the sentence: “dogs have owners cats have servants”)!

    Bye bye!


  132. Marvin says “David est ingénieux.” I told Marvin even modest David might get the big-head if he heard that.

    Pero David es asombroso.


  133. Hello again, F.Ed.

    I have been glad to see some good ideas for conserving energy. I almost forgot about using flourescent light bulbs, that was a timely suggestion. I need to replace some and that was a nice reminder to take another positive step towards energy conservation.

    One thing that I do think is underestimated by the more intense people of the Environmentalist movement is the strength and resiliance of our Earth. Earth has been around alot longer than we have, and been through all kinds of stuff. Earth is tougher than some want to give it credit for. In many ways, we have treated the earth very poorly, and we are starting to see the results of this mistreatment. Earth, in it’s resiliance is fighting back. I just read a piece over the weekend about the Global Warming has contributed to things like tropical diseases being found in Canada, and how the hurricane season this year is predicted to be one of the worst on record. Many mindsets have always been that Global Warming = a little less ice at the Poles, no biggie. We are seeing that the problem is more severe. It all boils down to “action- reaction”. People took the action of pollution, wasteful and gluttonous use of our resources, and Earth has reacted by new strains of deadly diseases, weather, and temperature. Let’s hope we can change things before it’s too late.

    Have a good day, all. Think Green!


  134. [In many ways, we have treated the earth very poorly, and we are starting to see the results of this mistreatment. Earth, in it’s resiliance is fighting back]

    Well yeah, but the problem is that the earth couldnt care less. If we make the world inhabitable for our species, another form of life will adapt. There is not 1 ultimate balance we should not disturb. This is a common misconception.

    We must make sure things dont get out of hand for our species….


  135. [could you try to describe David with on single french word?]

    Oh, Michèle, en voilà une idée qu’elle est bonne!
    ONE word?!!!!

    -Si c’est un mot qui doit le désigner, lui seul, peut-être (en dehors de “génie”,etc…) “violette” (I know, it seems absurd, but I have violets in my garden, and when I see them, I think about David… Crazy!

    -Et si c’est un mot qui doit le définir par rapport à ce que je ressens (que c’est présomptueux!!!), I would say (“secours”). But this is a VERY personal story…

    That was a strange question, Michèle. And you? Quel est votre mot?

    Ikkar, with love

  136. [All girls secretly like bad boys, don’t they? – Features Editor]

    Don’t get me started.. *grin*

    This conversation between you and Lucia about Polly’s novel has made me curious though. So I started looking for it on the net, But if I get it through a Dutch website (cheapest p&p for me) it takes several weeks to be delivered. So I think I may be better of buying it when I am in London anyway. Will any bookstore carry it?


    [Should do. Click on your name for perhaps the most well-known bookshops in the UK. Those are the ones closest to the RAH. You could call or e-mail the store in advance and ask them to order or reserve a copy for you. – Features Editor]

  137. With all these ticketing comments, spare a thought for me FEd – my Cup Final ticket was one of those ‘half-inched’ from a Royal Mail van in Liverpool city centre on Friday afternoon 🙁 The club are powerless as it’s the FA’s decision on how to solve this conumdrum – and they had already stipulated that duplicate tickets would not be produced for any reason whatsoever…

    [Oh no, that’s terrible. Sorry to hear it, mate. – Features Editor]

  138. Hey FEd! We are good spot for Poll’y’s book! Maybe, one of these days we will be invited in some tv salon to speak about it! From the stalls, to the stars! But we would pretend to be literature experts…I will buy a pair of glasses and you could wear a necktie!



    [Looking forward to it! Maybe when they turn it into a film? – Features Editor]

  139. Thanks to Features Editor for passing on James email address to me, I’ve spoken to James and have made arrangements to collect the tickets. WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO 🙂 sorry you could’nt make it Bert.

    To anyone else trying to get tickets keep trying RAH,i spoke to them on sunday before i got lucky here and they said they have tickets being returned quite regular.

    ROLL ON THE 29th

  140. to UKVeronica…loved your idea to fling the slugs into the neighbors yard, but considering the albeit slow possible return, I pick mine up and put them in a jar filled with a salt and water mixture which kills the slugs immediately. Rather ugly and I do go to bed hearing the immagined crys of little slugs…not. I belong to some animal organizations and don’t allow any of those nasty chemical companys to spray my lawn, figure it does me good to do the clean up myself.

    to Michelle…you make me wish I could speak and read french.

  141. Does anyone know why the last night of the tour at the RAH starts at 8.30, whereas the other RAH nights kick off at 7.30? The people at the RAH don’t.

    [Or maybe they’re just not telling… – Features Editor]

  142. What’s the status on his first 2 album remasters?
    Does anyone have any info?

    [Not yet, but they won’t be in the shops for a short while. We’ll let you know when as soon as we can. – Features Editor]

  143. [Does anyone know why the last night of the tour at the RAH starts at 8.30, whereas the other RAH nights kick off at 7.30? The people at the RAH don’t.]

    [Or maybe they’re just not telling… – Features Editor]

    Aaaaah, now you are just being evil, FEd.. hmm.. I LIKE IT! *grin*

    But then I have a ticket for the 31st so I will find out for myself.

    (Maybe it just means the show is an hour shorter.. *eek*)



    Online at RAH – Front Arena for the Wednesday night

  145. Just wanted to say thanks for the heads up on the ticket releases for the Royal Albert Hall shows. I got tickets for the final night (31st). I’m really looking forward to seeing David in such a historic place (even if the sound is less than stellar from what I hear). I was lucky enough to see him in Chicago (1st night) and left the show needing another fix (see my post under the April 12th Chicago show thread, its the last post) With the help of the wonderful people behind this website I am now able to get my fix. Thanks again!!

  146. Hi!

    I finally managed to buy some tickets from Stargreen, but unfortunately, I’m still a bit confused as to whether I’ve gotten only a single ticket, or two as I was aiming for. The order says “SEATS GRAND TIER BOX (Ordering 2 tickets as a pair only) £73.00” of which I chose a quantity of 1. I phoned the ticket agent and spoke to a woman who said that the price should be for 2 tickets, but I’m still a bit anxious that there might have been a misunderstanding somewhere (bearing in mind that there could be a slight language barrier and I’m not familiar with typical ticket prices or categories at the RAH).

    Has anyone bought similar tickets, and know what kind of tickets and how many I actually have gotten?

    Your advice would be much appreciated.

    [It seems to me that you have a pair of tickets, Bent. – Features Editor]

  147. I want to play Marooned in a live situation but find it impossible to switch between the slide and LH finger playing. And just listening to Blue and I hear the same effect. Is it a magic box or is it a blending of different takes? It’s a great effect as is the chord sustain jobby you use for the Shine On intro these days.

    Congrates on the On an Island Album. So tranquil. Vocals and solo on title track are as my girlfriend says: a Musical Orgazm. Hope to see you at Albert Hall.


  148. [Has anyone bought similar tickets, and know what kind of tickets and how many I actually have gotten? Your advice would be much appreciated.

    It seems to me that you have a pair of tickets, Bent. – Features Editor]

    Are you sure about that FEd? Because there are 2nd tier tickets on sale on the website right now for 65 pounds a piece and I would think Grand Tier are better seats, since they are one floor lower. But then I don’t know what would exactly make for a good seat at opera’s and stuff..

    There is one thing I have found out about RAH seating though: Gallery tickets are standing places. So no seats.

    Lucia and FEd:

    I emailed Waterstone’s a while ago about Polly’s book but no answer, so today I called them instead. Turned out they never got my email and the only bookstore that had a copy of the book was in Nottingham!! But they will do their ultimate best to get that copy to London by the weekend, (since it is too late to order one now apparently).

    Hugs, Bianca

    [I’m not sure about anything concerning tickets anymore, Bianca! If there’s one thing that makes my head spin, it’s the never-ending ticket saga. It’s so uneccesarily complicated. I’m afraid that the venue will have to give you, Bent, or anyone else an answer. That’s the only answer that I’d trust. Anyway, I hope you get your hands on that book. You won’t be on Newsnight Review using four-syllable words otherwise… – Features Editor]

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