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Many of you are curious to discover the outcome of the ’40 Most Influential Classic Rock Guitarists of All Time’ poll that Toronto radio station Q107 conducted recently.

But first, a very important note regarding tickets to the London shows.

The Royal Albert Hall has today confirmed that staff will be taking refunds up until two days before the show date only.

You can get refunds until this time, but under no circumstances will any tickets be accepted for return/refunds issued after this time.

So if you have spare tickets to return to the RAH, please do it now and don’t leave it until the last minute.

Now that’s out of the way, here are the latest results:

21. Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple)
22. Joe Satriani
23. Frank Zappa
24. Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
25. The Edge (U2)
26. John Lennon
27. Steve Vai
28. Duane Allman
29. Randy Bachman (The Guess Who/BTO)
30. Joe Perry (Aerosmith)

It’s too late to vote, but the next ten will be revealed next week. No sign of David (or Syd Barrett) so far, which is what we all want.

Thanks to Rudders, Buffalo Phil and Michèle for either letting us know, or sending in the second part of the countdown. Apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Curious, so RAH will take refunds only 2 days prior to show date. Which means that if something comes up the day before the show or on the show date you are relinquished to either let the tickets go to waste, give them to a friend or sell them off to someone else. Hence the scalping issue is not totally resolved either.

    Guess you just can’t win that game. But at least they’re trying.

    [I’m afraid so. They’ll take refunds, but if your tickets are for the show on the 29th, for example, you’ll need to return them no later than the 27th. This is to give our authorised sellers a good chance of reselling them. – Features Editor]

  2. I guess David wasn’t on it because he is so far above it. He is the standard everyone else strives for.

    Oh, I too, have found a site that claims a re-release of Pulse. I sure hope so!

  3. David and syd deserve to be in the top twenty, I did however vote four times via the AOL screen names I have in my account!

    And one thing that Pleases me.. No DELIGHTS me is that the likes of Steve Vai(although I have great respect for him) only manages twenty seven!!

    It only goes to show what I`ve belived in all along; LESS speed and more feeling(in a guitar sense of course).

    Being able to write a tune in the first place surely counts for something more than how many notes you can squieze into a certain phrase!

    So David must be number ONE!(I hope)

  4. Caption Competition

    The Mekon avoided security to rush up and try to grab DG’s mic stand…

  5. Well, I lost my cell phone last week. Just went and got a new one and went online to download some ringtones. There were a few Pink Floyd, but they also have 3 from OAI. OAI, Take a Breath, and This Heaven. Just thought I’d let y’all know, if you got Cingular, as your provider.

    Echoesbob – That sounds great. I talked to Dave Warner, he’s going too. Guy might not make it, but maybe we can talk Jon into it.


  6. Simon…

    Fantastic news about you and the missus going to Manchester… you have a guardian angel 😉

    And let’s hope your weekend is made complete by Leeds going up eh! Yes Fedmeister I’m a Leeds buff… 🙂

    [Well, good luck to them on the weekend. It would be good to see them back in the top flight. – Features Editor]

  7. I know this is the “On an Island” sight, but there is a recent piece of work David has done that I have not heard about on here, or missed? I just picked up “A Valid Path” by Allen Parsons, I got the CD/DVD version (it’s a cd on one side and a DVD on the other). David is on a track called “Return to Tunguska”, he is also on the DVD. I won’t give away too much, but it is a short interview, I think from the top side of the Astoria? Anyway, it’s a good CD, as you would expect from Allen.

  8. David will certainly win that contest!!!!!fed can you tell me if the foto above is from this tour??im asking this because i got curious…about the guitar he´s holding

    [Yes, that’s a photo from the West Coast. It will be added to the Gallery shortly, along with some other good ones. – Features Editor]

  9. Caption: David finds a new “axe” to grind as he dedicates and wails out “Run Like Hell” to touters.

    I do believe this is the first pic I’ve seen with David and his Telecaster. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

    Good news! Good news! yik yik yik! It’s nice to see that David hasn’t been mentioned in the latest results. I’m sure he’ll be at least in the top 5 if not number 1. Good to see Ritchie Blackmore make it close to the top 20. One of my favorites as well. Huzzah!!!

  10. Hello Fet.Ed. You know that Guy Pratt said on his stand up show”my bass and other animals” that David and Roger are practicing side by side, one on the studio 1, and the other on the studio 2 of a famous complex studios? and that Jon carin is running from one studio to the other?

    Do you know more things about this?

    [I don’t, but it sounds like a good story. – Features Editor]

  11. Dear Features editor,

    Are there any websites in english that I can purchase Euro pre sale tickets.?????

    I have only posted a couple times here, but I would like to say that the two evenings I spent seeing David and his splendid band in Hollywood were a fine tuning and smoothing of my soul. The last year of my life was a test ( I passed ) and after seeing songs like “Wearing the Inside Out”, “Coming Back To Life”, “On an Island” in its entirety and “ECHOES” performed by such powerful players, I feel BLESSED and thank my lucky stars for my solo pilgrimage from the mountains of Colorado to So Cal, experience is Life.

    Please give regards to David Gilmour and his band of Magicians, You really soothed this 31 year olds bruised soul who thought he would never have the pleasure of seeing David play anything live once, to say nothing about TWICE!!!
    “Whats ..uh the deal” was the keeper of the whole trip and a double dose of “Echoes” was pleasent also…ahh hell..I LOVED THE WHOLE THING….. ALL OF IT… YOU IMPRESSED ME, MOVED ME..


    You Guys made me full AGAIN..Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

    Dan Simpson

    Maybe I’ll see you in Europe

    P.S. i think Guy Pratt is a bad ass bass player..too

    [The only places we’d recommend are the authorised sellers as listed on the Live Dates page of http://www.davidgilmour.com, Dan. If they don’t give you the option of conducting your enquiry in English, then you could always translate the page into English using the link I’ve provided. Please click your name for that. I hope it helps. There is no presale as such. – Features Editor]

  12. Hi Fed.

    Again thanks for the Leno tickets! What about his 2 other CDs? I think there great!! I would love to hear anything from eithier of them (live professional recording). Besides the About Face video does anybody know of any other recordings?

    [I don’t think there are any official releases, so you’re in the realms of bootlegging now. This is something we aren’t willing to discuss here, for obvious reasons, but you should find plenty of fansites with such information. – Features Editor]

  13. Caption: As David gets into the chorus vocals, a little Pig On the Wing appears at the right bottom corner of the photo.

  14. Isn’t it fantastic that Syd made Q107’s top 20?

    Fed, I’ve got a question that’s been keeping me awake for months – on the credits page I see ‘Samson’ and ‘Gilmour’ who I assume to be Polly and David, but who or what is ‘GilmourSamson’? Have Polly and Dave merged like Brundlefly or something?

    [Although I’m sure that David’s in the Top 20, there’s no guarantee that Syd will be. There were over 100 guitarists to choose from and you could also add your own suggestion were he, or she, not already listed. Fingers crossed and all that. ‘Gilmour/Samson’ means the music is by David and the lyrics by Polly. ‘Gilmour/GilmourSamson’ means, again, that David is responsible for the music, and both David and Polly wrote the lyrics together. – Features Editor]

  15. I know you like getting press but the article im going to tell you about isn’t a positive one, and I for one don’t agree with it. In the July issue of High Times magazine there is a article in the review section titled “Darkside of the Floyd” where the author goes on about how big of assholes David, Roger, Nick, and Rick are for going on and playing his songs without him and also notes on how Gilmour went on performing “Rogers songs” 20 years later. he closes the article with a short paragraph on On An Island……..

    “So who is this man David Gilmour, who feels no shame in hijacking the genious of those he’s been lucky enouph to work with?

    Well,, if On An Island is any clue, David Gilmour is a pretty satisfied man who dosn’t mind regurgitating riffs from Meddle and The Wall and writing songs with his wife about how much he loves his kids. If your having trouble sleeping, go ahead, put on On An Island and drift away to this smooth, jazzy ode to a wealthy rock star’s own complacency.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I love High Times but the author of this article has a lot of things wrong and you better bet I’m writing them a letter about it.

    On their website they have articles from the magazine but unfortunatly this one isn’t on there(at least I didn’t see it) and I don’t have the technology to fax it or get a copy of it to you, unless I photo copy it and send it to you in the mail. If you know any potheads, see if they have the July 2006 issue of High Times its on page 34. They also show a small picture of David with the caption “watch your back around this guy”. You probably wont even be interested in reading it but if you want a copy, give me an adress and I’ll be happy to mail it to you.

    good day
    Kevin Hodlin

    [Thanks for letting us know about it, Kevin. Each to their own and all that. I’ve got a really, really pointy stick with the author’s name on it. – Features Editor]

  16. Well, so many great guitar players!!!

    But, hey, thanks for this picture !!! David with a telecaster. I love this guitar. I suppose it’s a pic from the recent rehearsals (you know, in studio 1 and Roger in studio 2, according to the funny rumour…)


  17. Hi FED

    Thanks for getting the ticket people to contact me – i really do appreciate it. I know i have been a bit of a prat about this.

    Now for the bad news – i have actually lost my tickets, i cannot find them anywhere. I have just had to text my fiend Andrew to tell him. I feel really bad believe me.

    This is such a shame because last night (Thursday) I met Guy Pratt at the Midlands Arts Centre after his show and spent the evening getting pissed. He is a really nice and funny bloke and speaks highly of you (but would not reveal your identity!)

    best wishes


    [Glad to know that the cheques I’ve been sending him have served their purpose. I hope we can get your ticket problem sorted, Matty. – Features Editor]

  18. So far its great but there is soething that I HATE to see…ppl are brain washed and unfortunately we will see some crappy players like Kirk hammet (the guitarist of the gruop which changed lots of good stuff in music to CRAP!, I know you know which group.. metallica ( god I do hate them)) and then another pschyco named kurt cobain ( he really was the mean which MTV used to start brain washin ppl… Oh god why in the world where David can play and roger can make, these idiots should even get a chance to make a noise !)

    In my heart and all those who really kniw music (Im not like them) david is the best of the best. Marc knopfler and eric clapton also have their own good place but david, you david you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahaed of them. no one will EVER be able to play something like comfortably numb..no one, neva …

    Cant wait to see the results…if david becomes top 5, in means that ppl can still think…if he is not top 5 then it means ppl with no right sence of jugment have sorrounded us. So david id number one and this voting just shows whethear ppl are stupid or not 😀

    kasra kasra kasra

    ( Cant wait to see david in london, so excited)

  19. while I am still sad and trying to sort out my problems with my london tickets ( i cant go, i couldnt get a refund for a misunderstanding, they got lost or stolen on the way to london where I did sell them at face value)the news today that David’s band and Roger’s band are both in the same studio in london to refresh and prepare the tours put a big smile on my face.

    divorced parents will never be back together, but the idea of them a dinner together is nice no?

    By the way, looking forward for my tickets in florence…and if i won’t get one, i will just open the window, and listen to the echoes of the concert in a florentine summer night…

  20. Strange the way this list is panning out, mind you we all differ in opinions or do we………..

    Q. Who is number 1
    A. ????????????????????????????????????
    Q. Who should be number one
    A. ” Now that’s an easier quiz me thinks”

    CAPTION : When heckled to play something from Animals our hero picked up his dog bone shaped guitar and preceeded to play………… “Now that would be telling ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  21. Hey FEd,

    I was buyning my ticket for the Florece show but…ticket one doesn’t work…the site say there are no David Gilmour’s show…do you know why? ..???… ..???… ..???.. The fate paly against me!

    Bye bye

    L ..???..

    [I have no idea, Lucia. I’ll see if we can get an answer for you as soon as possible. Did you call the box office instead? – Features Editor]

  22. Happy Friday,

    Can I just say how much I enjoyed Guy Pratts show at the MAC in Birmingham last night. Consisting of humorous stories and anecdotes from when he began playing bass, to joining his first band, working alongside many of the planets biggest names and through to the current tour with David Gilmour. These experiences are are delivered in a totally off the cuff manner and are told as they happened. Basically it is the stuff of dreams that most yearned for as a youth but at the same time happy in the knowledge that some did make it. Thanks for sharing those memories Guy.

    And as a bonus I got to meet a fellow blogger. Martin from Birmingham. So good morning Martin I enjoyed the chat.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Pete – Coventry

  23. Hi FED , hi everyone.

    Just a question about the picture. David is playing a Telecaster, was the picture taken during Arnold Layne?



    [I would imagine so, Roberto, as it was taken during the West Coast shows. Unless my mind is playing tricks on me today, ‘Arnold Layne’ was first played during the 17 April show in San Francisco. – Features Editor]

  24. Thanks Fed for pointing me in the direction of the article about Davids equipment, there’s so much to see on the site that i missed it & generally my first port of call is the fanfare bit which i am becoming increasingly addicted to,if i dont have a quick read of the posts before work my day just is n’t the same.

    I read a review of this site on another David Gilmour fan site(you have mentioned it in your links section & i had a quick look) there was an article ranting about us bloggers & how sad we are, wanting David to play here there & everywhere & telling him what to play & the usual topic of a PF reunion.i agree some of the writers complaints.however the writer was so scathing of our community, as thats how i see this site, that i felt compelled to write a reply on the site trying to put a more balanced view, mabe i should have been a bit stronger but at the end of the day I like David Gilmour’s music & should n’t really care what others think about….i guess i really do care what other think after all. I may not be able to convey my view as articulately as some of my fellow bloggers on here, it still does mean i dont feel the same injustices.

    Toys back in the pram Graham…oops

    [Good for you, Graham. It takes all sorts to make the world go around, as they say, and it would be very boring if we all agreed all the time. Glad that you found the Total Production International piece useful. Feel free to ask similar questions, as I’m sure you’ll get a helpful answer from someone here. As you say, this is a community, and a lot of people are happy to oblige in any way they can. – Features Editor]

  25. Dear Fedmeister, fellow bloggers,

    I know my post is not exclusively David-related but I’ll give it a try anyway.

    My first Floyd gig was the June 21 1988 Chateau de Versailles performance. That was an experience that I still remember vividly as it simply knocked my socks off.

    Footage of the “Great Gig in the Sky” is on the “Delicate Sound of Thunder” video.

    If I am not mistaken, the gig was also broadcast on French television.

    Over the years I have visited many Floyd fan sites, skimming through the FAQ’s and posting questions here and there whether more footage of the Versailles gig(s) is available.

    Up to now, my search has yielded no results.

    Would anybody here know if more footage is available and if so, would you please be so kind to tell me.

    Thank you kindly and best regards to all,

    [There’s nothing official available, so if there is any footage out there, then it is likely to be an audience-recording. This would make it a bootleg, which is a topic we prefer not to discuss here for obvious reasons. Sorry, Ralph. – Features Editor]

  26. Reply to Kasra,

    Listening to music is subjective. And that always has to be respected. There is no point, in fact no need, to resort to bad mouth any body who you do not like to hear because someone somewhere will certainly enjoy it. If you yourself enjoy listening to David then thats all that matters. Listings are great but, personally, I couldnt give a damn if he comes bottom of the list. That would never change the pleasure I get in listening to him.

    Pete – Coventry

  27. Dear FEd, I try to phone to ticketone.it, but I can’t get the free line…so I try to write to them…and now I’m waiting…I’ll inform you if I have news…


    [Thank you, Lucia. – Features Editor]

  28. To my fellow GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Blogmonsters…

    One ticket on a certain airline that flies between Toronto and the UK divided between us = Not much.

    Frank’s stretch Limo as a taxi service = $1 per Litre

    Use of my spare bedroom and hot-tub for a few nights = Free

    Guy Pratt playing in Toronto in front of a packed house = Priceless

    Let’s start a 2GT campaign! Get Guy To Toronto 🙂

    (Fedmeister… not quite the same as the Australian “Did Anyone Tell David” Tour but maybe more of a possibility? You’ll have to go way back when for that blog!)

  29. Fantastic News!

    Taping the 31st show for the DVD! Top hole old chep!… and I hope whatever the band had planned for this show as it WAS the last concert still happens and is recorded…

    Maybe the extended European leg of the tour could be treated as a short sojourn to enjoy the relaxing and restorative qualities of Southern Europe…

  30. Hi All,

    Went to see Guy’s show last night. Really enjoyed it, very funny ! Some excellent anecdotes from the current tour too. If you haven’t seen it – then go ! Got to have a chat with him, so thanks Guy for sharing some funny stories ! Also great to meet some fellow bloggers, Pete – really good to meet you and Matt and Andy.

    Getting very excited for the RAH !


  31. Any news on the tickets for the Italian concerts in August, they were supposed to go on sale this morning, but there’s nothing yet on the ticket websites which were given on the official site.

    There are rumours that the Venice concerts have not been given the official OK yet, according to “Il Gazzettino” yesterday anyway. Apparently there are still memories of the damage which was caused by the 200,000 people who were at the 1989 Pink Floyd concert at the same venue, and the two concerts might have to be moved to Parma or Taormina if the go ahead is not given by Venice.

    [SNEd’s shouting at Ticket One as I type, Stuart. News when we get it. – Features Editor]

  32. Thanks Rudders i trully so have a guardian angel cant believe my luck i have never been lucky up to now , im so pleased my wife can come with me , she has never ever been to a concert she is a concert virgin she will never be able to go to another after this as she will be setting all other by Davids show no one will be able to compete thanks my guardian angel (you know who you are )Come on leeds you can do it

  33. Question for FEd about the London shows.

    I have a ticket for the 31st. I see the time is listed as 8.30 start, rather than the 7.30 start time shown for the previous 2 nights. Surely it won’t be a shorter gig? Will it finish later then? I’m curious more than anything else…I’m just so thrilled to finally get the chance to see David live :o)

    Thanks! Keep up the good work

    [This one wasn’t being filmed, because there was something going on in the hall earlier in the day, so we didn’t think we could get all the filming equipment set up on time. Now it is being filmed. Presumably this has something to do with the late start. I’m waiting for an answer from the RAH. I don’t think the show will be any shorter than the other two, though. – Features Editor]

  34. hey lucia! take it easy, remember the other gigs in italy. when the rest of the italians realized that he was going to play it was march…and we had the tickets since december…this is the good side about being a devoted-nerdy fan. dont worry, when the tickets will be out we will the first there.

    I think the delay is due to the fact that our local autorities are still a little confused about giving those tow magnificent squares to a concert…bc they have no clue about the nature concert itselfe…

  35. Joe Satriani and Steve Vai only in the 20’s?! Thats an outrage! They are two of the greatest guitarists to walk this planet. I know a lot of people, when they think of these two, think that they’re just “shredders” and just play as fast as they can for four minutes, but that is not the case! They have revolutionised guitar instrumental music, and Vai in particular has written some of the most beautiful instrumental songs of all time. I urge you all to listen to For The Love Of God, or Lotus feet, by Vai, and THEN say that he’s just a shredder…If you want an out and out shredder, check out people like Rusty Cooly or Michael Angelo Batio.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents, just sticking up for two of my heros!

    Peace, David. (very pleased that the 31st is now being filmed!)

  36. [SNEd’s shouting at Ticket One as I type, Stuart. News when we get it. – Features Editor]

    SNEd, you are my hero! Be strict!


  37. – In response to knut Arne Vedaa (woh ! where do you come from ?), “carré or” is a french expression which means nothing else than “best places in the venue, the closest ones to the stage”. In Vienne, these are reserved seated places but not numbered, so you have to come soon to choose the best ones (among the best ones !!!)

    Good summer holidays, and excuse my poor english…

    – Fed, in the first days of this blog’s life, I didn’t trust Rudders who told me you used a site to translate your answers in french! but you suggested Dan in Colorado to use “Babelfish”; you use it ? Cela s’appelle “tricher” et vous méritez “a pointy stick” (si j’ai bien compris le sens de “pointy stick” and that is not sure at all …)

    – but no matters, Fed, yesterday I got my tickets for Vienne, I can’t be on bad mood!


    [Je suis triste. Vous n’avez pas confidance dans moi?! J’emploie Babelfish pour lire l’italien et le pourtuguese (avant que je peux éditer les expressions et phrases que je ne sais pas ici), mais je n’ai pas le confidance pour exprimer mon expressions avec Babelfish – une machine! Babelfish emploie les mots que je ne sais pas! Mon phrases sont très simple parce que je comprends chaque mot. Babelfish est trop compliqué pour moi, avec beaucoup de mots fous. Il est bon de savoir que vous avez des billets pour Vienne. Ayez un temps fantastique, mon ami doutant (?). Oh, je suis très triste maintenant… – Features Editor]

  38. Hi FED…

    and hi to Martin and Andy (Mabbett) who i met at Guy’s show at the Midlands Arts Centre last night.

    I can only agree that Guy’s show was a comic tour de force and he was a really nice guy in the bar afterwards – he did not rush off after a few minutes but was thrown out with the rest of us at closing time.

    To any one wnating to go to the Albert Hall – call them they really are getting returns in every day.



    *(FED – i was hung over when i first posted today and really distraught at losing my tickets (I even called my (soon to be ex)wife up to see if she could think where i had out them. It looks now like i have thrown them out with my bank statements etc ie shredded. Anyway i have calmed down a bit and have contacted Trinity Street to see if they will re issue them. Thanks again for chasing this up and looking after us all).*


  39. Dear Fed,David And All hi how r u all, I’ll keep it short fed as Ive alot of catchin up to do as have been soooooooooooooo busy just want to say firstly NICE PHOTO OF DAVID,Now I knew DAVID WOULDNT BE IN THE NEXT LISTINGS HES NO# 1 When I catch up I’ll re-post so take care and have a nice weekend Love ya’s mwa

  40. “Guy Pratt playing in Toronto in front of a packed house = Priceless”

    Ruds…you got my vote..Lets try and get it done..

    Cheers, Howard

  41. just catching up on some blogging issues from some seriously bloggers:

    Graham – regarding other Gilmour fan sites bashing on this one, I’d say shrug it off. There will always be Gilmour envy when one starts to think their site is the bestest (spelling purposefully massacred for sarcastic embellishment). Of course, we’re different… we KNOW we are the best! (heh heh heh). Believe me, if this specific fan site you comment upon thinks we are being precocious because we happen to celebrate being fans of one of the greatest guitarists around, they should check out some fanatical Who sites on the net. I mean c’mon, if Who fans have brass ones for posting set list requests in the middle of the night on Pete and Roger’s hotel doors, that kind of stuff makes us look positively tame! Celebrate the Gilmour and be proud of it, I say!!

    Rudders: regarding the “lets get Guy to Toronto” pitch, I’m in!! Where do I send my cheque?

    Kasra/Pete: regarding the best guitarist popularity poll, both are right and wrong. Its ok to post views in here, and if someone gets emotional or feels a bit of hubris in their opinion, well kudos to you! If it becomes ill willed and a bit snarky, watch out for FEd who speaks softly but… (well, you know). I am to blame for putting my emotionally charged feelings out there regarding my love or disdain for one guitarist or another. Hell, I’ve even had sublimely ridiculous discussions (ad nausem!!) about “who holds their guitar more naturally than the other” etc… In the end, if you are passionate about your guitarist, thats what will come shining through in the end. Its that love, the bravura and furthermore the empassioned emotion that makes me stand up and listen. I respect that type of opinion more than the emotionless dribble that anyone can post at Amazon.com.


    (Oh yeah, and FEd, your the best too… fair dinkum, eh?)


    [You’re too kind. – Features Editor]

  42. Thank you Michèle. Je viens de Norvège, ainsi mon nom étrange. 🙂

    I still can’t decide what will be the “best” places in Vienne – very close to the stage and seeing the guys close up, or farther away sensing what I think must be the special atmosphere of the amphitheatre and the surroundings… but then it’s a luxury choice, of course. 🙂

    There nothing yet on the Italian ticket sites however, apart from a news item saying that the Firenze concert is confirmed, while the Venezia ones are not.

    [We don’t expect there to be any news on Venice tickets until early next week, as there are still things to clarify. Sorry for the inconvenience, guys. – Features Editor]

  43. Pete,

    Here, here. I couldn’t have said it better. So I’m glad you responded to Kasra’s rant.

    To each his own.

  44. Michéle, j aurais vraiment tendance a croire que notre ami f.é. parle vraiment français meme si j adore notre fabuleux Rudders.I translate for our friend Rudders; i think that f.é. speaks a very good french and he does not need a site on web to translate. it is my feeling… good night all my precious web friends…

    sylvie de montréal

    [Merci, Sylvie. J’ai probablement BESOIN un site pour traduire pour moi (ou vous avez la patience d’un saint pour comprendez-moi!), mais beaucoup des mots et d’expressions reviennent (?) à moi, et c’est fantastique. Peut-être je devrais faire la même chose avec mon allemand. Il semble comme une telle perte apprendre une langue beau et ne pas d’employer puis. – Features Editor]

  45. FED rules!

    The lovely people at Trinity Street WILL reissue my tickets! I can tell you I cried with relief – i really could not face telling my best mate that we could not go after all of the anticiapation – so maybe see you there.

    (my ex even called me back to check i was alright and had sorted the problem out – ahh)

    love and kisses

    [I’m really pleased to hear that, Matty. – Features Editor]

  46. [Babelfish…Features editor]

    Ok, Fed, i’m relieved (?), it’s the answer I hoped, our Fed is neither a cheat, nor a liar and doesn’t need a machine to speak french.

    “J’ai bien-sûr confiance en vous” (and not “confidance”).

    Have a great week end despite the rain ( ici “il pleut des cordes” ! maybe you say “it rains cats and dogs” ? I saw that in this blog !, great school…).


    [J’ai probablement BESOIN une machine pour parler BON français, mais je peux écrire les phrases simple si vous êtes patient avec moi. (It’s definitely raining cats and dogs today!) – Features Editor]

  47. Ed,

    Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic (excuse me there). Thanks for the info re more tickets being made available. I phoned the RAH and managed to get a ticket for Monday night’s gig, which makes all three concerts now. I have worked hard for these and even bought some on eBay, as mentioned in an earlier post I made, concerning the sale of such tickets.

    Now I know there was a comment on here about people going to all three shows and the word GREED was mentioned. This author was also making this comment alongside some disparaging remarks towards tickets touts. Now I agree the tout issue needs resolving, but to call devoted fans greedy, for wanting to see DG is just plain disrespectful. I have been a huge fan since the very early days of Floyd; I have everything they ever produced as well as everything David has produced. As he has now entered his 6th decade, there has to be a limit to the length of time David wants to work – and let’s face it, the guy deserves to kick back a little and enjoy life!

    So I don’t think it’s greedy to take advantage of what may well be my last chance to appreciate what he does so well, before he hangs up his guitars. I always thought greed was an evil term and the desire to own or control more wealth. Hardly applicable to the desire of fans wishing to appreciate one of the world’s most talented artists!


  48. David may not be on the list because he doesn’t play the game. He plays his game. Thank God.
    That’s my opinion.

    Since I heard my first Pink Floyd album many, MANY years ago, David Gilmour’s guitar strings have been plucking my heartstrings across time itself. Can’t explain it.

    Don’t want to.

  49. Fed, pas besoin de patience pour vous comprendre, c’est un réel plaisir de vous lire.

    Merci à vous.


    [Merci beaucoup. C’est un plaisir pour moi, aussi. – Features Editor]

  50. We all knew he’d be top ten at least and it’s confirmed…. here’s 11 – 20 of the Q107 poll…

    11. Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
    12. Slash (Guns N Roses)
    13. John Fogerty (CCR)
    14. Brian May (Queen)
    15. Jeff Beck
    16. Neil Young
    17. Randy Rhoades
    18. George Harrison
    19. Keith Richards
    20. Steve Howe (Yes)

  51. ”Kasra/Pete: regarding the best guitarist popularity poll, both are right and wrong. Its ok to post views in here, and if someone gets emotional or feels a bit of hubris in their opinion, well kudos to you!” –

    Absolutely right and, Kasra, apologies if you took me up the wrong way. I just wanted to make the point that so long as you enjoy a particular musician/type of music then IMHO nothing else matters.

    All the best
    Pete – Coventry

  52. Interesting countdown. David has to be in the Top 10. Aerosmith are so over rated and since when has Satriani been considered ‘Classic Rock’?!

  53. I agree with Ben. Aerosmith are one of the most over rated bands in the world. They’re just a bad American rip-off of the Rolling Stones IMO. I don’t know why John Lennon is included.

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