Night 25: London


David brings his triumphant three-night residency at London’s Royal Albert Hall to a climactic close tonight.

If you’ll be there, cheering the band on (at all the right moments, of course: not until ‘High Hopes’ has fully ended being just one example), let us know.

There have been some surprises throughout the tour and who knows what’s in store tonight?

As always, the songs performed will be revealed below. If you don’t want to know which songs were performed, please don’t read on.

Judging by the comments made, and general reaction by, some fans during the shows, it seems that many people are genuinely surprised to hear certain tracks. Naturally, we don’t wish to spoil the surprise for anyone who might be clueless as to the possible set.

Here’s a surprise that we are happy to spoil…

Tonight’s concert is being professionally filmed for a DVD, which is hopefully due out later this year, so we would be very grateful if you could leave your cameras, PDAs and mobile phones at home.

People putting their arms in the air and bathing white light everywhere has been a constant topic of discussion since the tour began in Germany on 10 March. The consensus appears to be that it’s selfish, rude and disrespectful to wave something that emits a bright light at eye-level and above, thereby blocking the view of the person or persons sitting behind you.

RAH staff will confiscate your equipment if you repeatedly annoy audience members, so please show some common courtesy for the people seated around you and let them enjoy the concert without bothersome distraction.

If you are being irritated by such actions, please let it be known by discretely requesting the assistance of a member of staff. Other fans will no doubt thank you for it.

The blog’s meeting place of choice is still the Queen’s Arms pub, located at 30 Queens Gate Mews, so drop in at around 7PM and see who’s there if you have time before the concert.

Have a wonderful night and don’t forget that tonight’s show starts an hour later – at 8:30PM.

Please note that no comments will be published until tomorrow afternoon.


  1. greggeyah

    OH GOOD LORD…. The Nick Mason thing on the encores… it’s a pity that Dave won’t come to South America. There’s surely a big mass of Mr. Gilmour’s fans here in VENEZUELA (i mean, if Roger Water’s concert here in 2002 was a sellout… imagine DG)

    Well, basically hoping to win the lottery or nail some important business transactions so I can cross the Atlantic -or make it to NY if it’s the case-, i fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way… hoping that DVD comes out soon.

    Blessing to you all… blogger from CARACAS, VENEZUELA (next to Colombia, bassist Cicho Machado’s country) SOUTH AMERICA WANTS GILMOUR!!!

  2. Paul Sexton

    Great show on Wednesday.

    I was there for my 40th Birthday and it really couldn’t have been better.


  3. sylvie

    Dear f.é. i hope you had a wonderful evening at the RAH yesterday night. A bientot!

    sylvie de montréal

    [Merci. – Features Editor]

  4. Julian Clark, Aylesbury, UK

    It has now been three days since my visit to the RAH and I thought I was lucky, which of course I was. Seeing the person I had gone to see, David and the rest of the band. I felt extraordinarily lucky that I was there on the night that David Bowie made his guest appearance. But is it OK Fedmeister to feel just a little green twinge at the fact that Nick Mason joined David last night?

    Well done all you guys that saw that. But I am really happy that I got into the RAH at all and feel very priveliged to have witnessed live the show that I did.


  5. David Cochrane

    Last nights show….the 31st was superb i loved the new stuff just as much as the old old and the new old and as for the guests….wow.. you could even tell who they all were from up in the loft….(the gallery) !

  6. Oscar

    Enjoyed the 1st RAH show. Just like I did in Paris and Amsterdam.

    One thing that annoyed me a bit in the RAH was the lighting in the theater. Why was the audience sitting in this blue light all the time? I think the light show didn’t look as good as it looks in the dark. Also, it makes you aware of everything that happens in your view, which distracts you from what you came for. Am I the only one going nuts from the guy with his 2 cameras that was running back and forth all the time?

  7. PH

    There’s so much we could all write about last night. But, well…it was just the most amazing night, show experience and performance. When Nick Mason come on for the encore made the whole audience go bananas – and seeing the latter era Pink Floyd perform ‘in the flesh’ (so to speak) has made me sure I will be grinning like an idiot for weeks!…

    Thanks guys. It was simply stunning.


    All the best.


  8. Stephen S

    Strange to see that it’s all over. Well, not quite, but that the planned end of the tour has been reached. Frankly, the wait for the gigs was unbearable at times, and yet the 3 hour-long shows I attended flew in so quickly.

    It was simply excellent to see and hear the reactions to the shows both here and at the gigs themselves. Yes, I did take a couple of sneaky photos, but it really was a couple (and tastefully done, with no flash, and no waving my camera around over my head). These are in part *my* memory of the events, and in part to annoy my father who ended up unable to attend.

    I’m glad you finally got your chance, Mr/Miss/Mrs/Ms Features Editor, and I’m glad you enjoyed the show. What’s it like to attend a show anonimously, and yet have a special ‘thank you’ in the show programme? 😉

    What with David clearly enjoying himself, Rick talking of a new solo album, Nick joining the band (thus presenting Pink Floyd in London on May 31st, 2006), Roger talking of new albums, David releasing a DVD of these shows, the PULSE DVD to be released, clearly us fans of Pink Floyd and its various members are spoilt for choice. And that feels pretty good to me.

  9. Features Editor

    The confirmed setlist for the third and final London show:

    First half: Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Fat Old Sun, Dominoes, Arnold Layne, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, The Great Gig In The Sky, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Find The Cost Of Freedom, Comfortably Numb.

    Special guests: David Crosby, Graham Nash, Robert Wyatt, Mica Paris and Nick Mason.

  10. laurie metter

    i KNOW it’s afternoon there now, FEd – just how legless did you get partying after the show, eh?
    REPORT, please. we await! meanwhile, two embarrassing anecdotes.

    a boyfriend’s band once opened for the Steve Miller Band in the 70s. i was backstage and asked some guy where the bathroom was. he showed me. later i found out that was Steve Miller. augh.

    then i found out that Mr Miller had a small Oriental-type rug in front of his mic stand, because he’s nearsighted and wouldn’t wear glasses onstage [back then]. the rug was how he found his mark. [he had probably memorized the way to the loo…]

    years later i was at a fundraiser concert in DC – i worked the venue, but wasn’t working that concert. i went backstage on other business, and in the darkness someone banged into me. i turned to see who it was, and gasped aloud in fright. it was Tiny Tim – pretty scary up close, in the dark. at least i had recognized him!


    [Legless? You must be thinking of someone else. I drank water all night. – Features Editor]

  11. victor

    i wanted to say something else. steve’s drumming was amazing. i was a little worried about a newcomer joining the fold, but he did a great job. well done, steve!

    [Well said. I challenge any man, woman or child to keep his or her feet perfectly still whilst that man is drumming.- Features Editor]

  12. Mike from Michigan

    Hi F.Ed,

    Julian Benson posted: “If there was a scrap would that have made the DVD extras?….. :-)”

    There’s a great idea. A DVD extra of Gilmourauders Gone Wild. A mix of WWF, Springer, and Cops rolled into one…..well, maybe not such a good idea.

    On a more related note, David seems to have given RAH concertgoers quite a treat. With the long list of special guests, including Nick Mason, David has done great at surprising his fans. I hope everyone enjoyed, especially you, F.Ed.

    Also, a note of congrats to David and PF for DSOM placing 8th in a recent British Hits Singles and Albums poll.

    Have a great day, all


  13. jan

    To all you concertgoers:

    Can’t begin to tell you all the shades of green I have been while reading your posts. I am reliving my April concert all over again. There is just nothing like seeing it live. So glad you are all having so much fun.

    That David Gilmour is just a bit of alright and no too bad on the guitar either.

    Thank heavens we have this site and the FEd so we can enjoy this over and over.

    Matt: loved the hedge clipper idea!

    And wish I could have heard the ‘hi Daddy’. How really sweet. We tend to forget these ‘idols’ have real lives.

    Thanks again to all. Keep those great reviews coming. (Sorry, FEd, don’t want to push you over the edge, but we love this. It’s addicting)

  14. ~Matt~

    Although I wasn’t there I wanted to congratulate David, Polly, Rick, Nick and the band on such a stellar evening and successful tour. Being that I was fortunate enough to see this show in April I feel that I’ve been part of something very special.

    I just wanted to once again thank David for his creative mind, talented voice and hands and more importantly his heart and his compassionate understanding of his world wide fans.



  15. sean


    can someone please post the full set list, i was there but i cant remember the order and need to gloat to my uncle!!


    [You’ll find it above, Sean. – Features Editor]

  16. HowPinkIAm!?

    Just heard a thing. Roger was invited for David’s last night show. But he turned down. Is it true? Anyone knows it better?

    [Another good story. – Features Editor]

  17. Rudders - Toronto

    Thank **ck for that!!!

    Fedmeister… you have no idea how many emails have been exchanged “behind your back” and how long we’ve been holding our breath waiting for this day!

    We’ll tell you all about it at a quieter time :-)

    [I’ll look forward to it, mate. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  18. Rudders - Toronto

    And a HUGE BIG THANKS to Guy for being our “Inside Irregular”…

  19. marcus buick

    Guy your a freakin’ poet. FEd, you more than deserve it. A cheer to Guy, FEd, and the whole freakin’ crew:



    Guy let me tell you i personally have never felt like a passenger in all this – only joking(see RW hall of fame induction)

    Fed you are so so deserved of all you got you have made this tour so much more enjoyable, its down to you that we have all felt life passengers unlike Roger been a passenger on this journey has been a pleasure and without turning into a gush fest you really have made all this so much more real hopefully in some way this site will stay active, bye for now

    [Thank you, Simon. – Features Editor]

  21. Piet

    So I guess the RAH staff didn’t pay enough attention to the band ?

    I remember hearing/seeing David explaining in a short interview (BBC 2 ?) that Pink Floyd got banned for life from the RAH because in ’69 the crew nailed Nick’s Drum-set into the floor to secure it 😉

    Great to read those reviews. Now it’s waiting until the DVD gets released !!!


  22. Kevin from Michigan

    Cheers to you FEd! Thank you so much Guy for your help. I haven’t been able to concentrate on work all day. The suspense was killing me. (FEd, go back and re-read some posts: many secret messages!)

    [I’ve noticed that there have been a few odd ones. I thought there could be a code of sorts being shared between some of you, but then again, maybe you were just speaking in tongues or cracking up. Far be it for me to act as a psychiatrist or priest! Thank you, Kevin. I’m really touched by your kindness. – Features Editor]

  23. frank par

    GOTCHA FED. If we were any sneakier, we would have chipped in running shoes for both of your afoots. Can’t wait for your reactions. Guy’s sentimental blog today almost brought tears to my eyes. Oh shame. Peace, not pieces please, Fed.

  24. Chris McKay

    To everyone-

    I have to say that Guy’s message was quite touching. I think that it’s difficult for us all to express in words how we felt during this tour. The release of the new album…the fantastic opportunity to be able to see him in Hamburg, and keeping us feeling part of the world of Gilmour in this blog. This blog has brought people together, created a connection between the audience and musician. That is, it completely destroyed what Roger was writing about in the late seventies. It shows we’ve grown.

    Thanks Guy for the post. Thanks David for the album and tour. Thanks Fed for the musings…hope the updates aren’t too far and few between…looking foreward to reading all your comments…

    Chris McKay

  25. Scumhawk

    What a show! I still cannot believe that I actually got to see David playing last night, nevermind seeing the Floyd.

    The lasers during echoes were absolutely fantastic as was the lighting and sound throughout the night.

    Did anyone else notice the american guy dancing by the stairwell at arena section B? During the second half a cameraman came and secretly filmed him while he strutted his stuff. Perhaps this footage will be a hidden extra on the DVD. That guy really cracked me up… I’m glad he was enjoying himself though.

    Guy should have done some standup during the interval. :)

    How long was echoes last night? It felt like over 30 mins there was alot of jamming going on.

    Take care – Scumhawk

  26. Kris

    Great post Guy.

    The band has been immense and seeing David live has fulfilled my life ambition, at age 20 ive never seen Floyd and dont think I will but this definately makes up for it.

    I had an amazing time in Glasgow on the 27th and again on the 29th in London.

    Cheers David, Rick, Guy, Phil, Steve, Jon and Dick.

    Kris Junner

  27. Simon Proven

    Well… I had to wait almost 12 years since Earls Court 1994 for last night. I have to say it was worth the wait and Dave and the band’s efforts exceeded my expectations (and they weren’t low!).

    Particularly enjoyed On an Island, Arnold Layne, Fat Old Sun – especially the solo at the end, Echoes of course, never heard that live before, Wish You Were Here, Take a Breath, This Heaven, Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise, and of course Comfortably Numb. Nick joining for the encores was a nice treat. It was all great and too much to take in in one show, but I only had tickets for last night unfortunately. I had the same problem at EC in 1994 really.

    There was some out-of-it guy over on the left somewhere who shouted out something unintelligible every so often, though I only heard it between songs. I’m pretty sure he was in the seat behind me at Earls Court! :-)

    I loved the tone on Dave’s guitar, particularly on This Heaven with a very fat, bluesy sound. I don’t recall the sound being as great during the 94 concert – maybe that’s as much down to the venue as anything else. I hope it comes out like that on the DVD recording.

    I woke up this morning from a dream about chatting to Dave in the men’s loos at the RAH!

    Thanks to everyone involved. If you do choose to tour again in the future, please let me know 😉


  28. Bert

    Yes, and now back to reality :-) :

    (after I had the oppurtunity to go to RAH on 29th of May, but we had to blow it off because of the RAH-control on eBay-tickets, after I read all comments here and after I listened to Comfortably Numb right now for the I-do-not-remember-how-much-th time)

    When will David tour again? This was not his last tour ever, was it??

    For next tour, please notice: BELGIUM is a country too!

    We all wish you were here, comfortably loud, with a lot of echoes afterwards…

    [We’ll let you know, don’t you worry. – Features Editor]

  29. alice

    [As for David, well the guy can still play, there is definitely no question of that. His soaring solos and choice of music still are far and away better than anyone else around at the moment, but I got the feeling that those “fat little fingers” (as he once called them) may not be as deft as they once were and that time is starting to creep up on him. (I saw the same thing with Eric Clapton last week). It is only to be expected, after all he is 60 and no matter how much they try to hold back the years, even the greats must succumb to the ravages of time. – Posted by: Vicky Custerson at June 1, 2006 01:30 PM]

    how unbelievably rude. i’d love to follow you around your place of work for three days and pick holes in whatever it is that you do, because that’s all you’ve done to david as far as i can see. he doesn’t deserve that! that’s just incredibly rude and condescending. i don’t mean to be as rude to you as you have been to david in your review, but maybe you shouldn’t have gone to all three concerts?

  30. Peter Schueler

    Emotional significantly understates how I feel after seeing this performance.

    Anticipation gave way to real worry…oh god they’ve done three songs from Syd’s era; great now Mica Paris is on for Great Gig, we heard the Division Bell… oh no we’re running out of time they’re not going to play Echoes then Ping..Ping…

    Sublime must be reserved for true inspiration and this performance was just that. Right from “On an Island”, it was just edge of seat stuff.


  31. todd

    Is it true that David invited Roger Waters but Roger declined due to being busy and tired from his upcoming tour rehearsals??

    [Now, who told you that? – Features Editor]

  32. Joe near L.A.

    First off…Raymond from Orange County, what’s the name of the restaurant?? I hope it isn’t down in South OC as that would be a bit far for me to go.

    The upcoming DVD keeps getting better and better everyday. Hopefully the David Bowie appearance will be some sort of extra. 2006 is turning out to be quite a year for Floyd-related media.

    Have there been any thoughts of a live CD to accompany the DVD? Sorry if this has been answered already.

    [There are no such plans, I’m afraid. We’ll let you know if that changes. – Features Editor]

  33. Lesley

    Vicky – Well let’s hope that Roger’s shows are perfect, then! I trust you will do an indepth study of Roger’s (and band’s) performance!

  34. Bas Daborn

    What a show… David you are the master. What a band. Never thought i’d live to see Echoes done live Rick you were great. Keep making the music. Great venue. Thanks to you all.

  35. Erin

    Come on Fed, give us some details!! Did you meet the band? Did you see Guy give David & Polly the check for CRISIS? Curious as to their reactions. Does your jersey fit? I take it Ian’s glass made it to you in one piece? It was a concern. This has probably been mentioned, but will the blog continue until after the summer shows are over? Will those concerts make it on the DVD?

    Sounds like you enjoyed yourself, good, you deserve it.


    [Question overload! Yes to all of them, except for the last one (I’ll have to pass on that, sorry). David was very appreciative of the donation to Crisis. That was a lovely idea. More later. – Features Editor]

  36. Raymond McAteer

    Alas ! I wasn’t able to make it to THE EVENT OF THE YEAR. Man, I missed so much. I would’ve given anything to have witnessed history. Bowie doing ‘Arnold Layne’ and ‘CN’. Crosby, Mica ! And Nick last night. OMG !!! I really am close to breaking down and have a cry. FED, Rudders and all of you ! Man, I wished I was there.

    Last Wednesday, as I was already packing to leave for Providence, Rhode Island,USA I was feeling a little poorly. Didn’t think anything of it. Well, only three hours before I was to leave Thursday morning, I got violently ill and developed a fever of 104 degrees ! Nauseous and all, I feared the worst, like an appendix about to burst, I didn’t know.

    By 13:30, 1:30 p.m., to the general public, I was admitted into an Intensive Care Unit at my local hospital with 106 degree fever. By 2:15, 14:15 I spiked to 107 and was immersed into an ice tub. They thought I was going to die. Trooper I am, though and with the excellent care of a fine medical staff I home now. I was released Monday evening.

    I WANTED to die. I had missed the greatest three nights of 2006.

    What happened was I had an intestinal virus from a parasite that had taken up residence in my large intestine.

    Every night since Monday I have come close to tears thinking about the majesty of these most excellent performances.

    I certainly hope to hear and see some great snippets from you guys. FED, I am SO Glad that you were able to take a break and see Our Hero in action.

    I sincerely hope that all of you that have borne witness to seeing God play and be playful and graceful had a great TIME !!! :(

    My cousin, Padraig took his 13 year old nephew for his birthday, this past Tuesday. He filled in for me. God, I know he got to see some great shows.

    Well, I am DEAFINITELY over my quota here and I am feeling weak now, so…

    I LOVE YOU GUYS !!! GLAD YOU ALL got see the Shows.

    I know I missed an EVENT, but as the song goes – I’m coming back to life.

    I still want to cry. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!! sniff sniff

    Glad for all of you. I’ll be home for the rest of the week looking over the reviews and postings. Wishing I was There!

    Cazart !

    [Oh Raymond, you poor thing. I really feel for you. Look after yourself, mate. – Features Editor]

  37. Mike from Michigan

    Hello, F.Ed,

    Thank you, Guy, for your kind words. it’s touching to know that this Blog means that much to you and the others.

    F.Ed, although I was not personally involved with the tokens you received, I hope they bring you joy and good memories. To those that were involved, hats off to you for your acts of kindness. Things like that are what make this blog so much different. So I gotta ask…F.Ed, did you get your own Pointy Stick?

    As for the Blog being what it is, who will forget Rudders and his Captions, or the alter ego of Big Al? I have been a ‘regular’ here since January and I will remember for a long time the conversations and viewpoints of Clemens and Hysteron Proteron, as well as Becky and the Hotpants. I could go on about the memories, and I’m sure others could as well. The most important factor, in my opinion, is the tireless work by F.Ed to keep this place from being overrun by a bunch of know-it-all, loudmouth ‘fans’, and the Which One’s Pink garbage (this one strikes a nerve with me anyways. I mean, this is such an frivolous argument to begin with, but that’s for another discussion…).

    Polly asked “How come David’s bloggers are so nice?” I feel one reason is because David is so nice. David and the crew at DG dot com have gone out of their way for so many of the bloggers here. I have lost count of the times that fans here have been helped with ticket issues, plus with the contests that were held with a stipulation that fans to the site since it’s infancy were given first priority on contest prizes. This is not to mention the joint efforts with RAH staff to curb ticket touting. Actions like these give this place a personal touch that many similar places don’t have. One other thing that stands out to me is the lack of marketing blitz on this site. There is the web store, but one is not bombarded with constant adverts and shameless propaganda. This site, much like David, has genuine class.

    Again, thanks, F.Ed, Guy, David and everyone. It sure has been great to be a part of this Blog.


    [I got shivers reading that. Thanks, Mike. – Features Editor]

  38. peter McConnell

    Well I’ll be.

    A hearty thanks to those blogateers who fashioned the plan to honor our Fet’Ed. He surely deserves our gratitude, and I think it’s fantastic that you lot took the initiative to tangibly express yourselves. I don’t think this blog would ever have taken off as it has if the F’Ed weren’t manning the controls as diligently and as tirelessly as he has. For a very long time he put in long, long hours, managing submissions on a global time frame. It was literally the blog that never slept.

    It’s also so gratifying to know that this blog has been a true medium between the band and the community at large. It really has made the whole experience more enrichening.

    An example: When David introduced the band at the Paramount shows, you could tell where the pockets of bloggers were in the audience when Guy was introduced. Guy deservedly receives a hearty ovation, but certain pockets of people were definitely more enthusiastic. I just knew they had to be bloggers.

    Speaking of whom; a very special thanks to Guy for taking the time to chat, and for giving us little glimpses of what the backstage vibe is. To piggyback on Guy’s wall reference, these last few months on the site with you all and with Guy did in fact make me feel like I was part of a community that included the artists as well as the aficionados. This sense was particularly manifested for me at the concerts themselves. To have some understanding, minimal as it may have been , of what the band’s take on the tour was, added to the whole experience.

    Funny little tool this internet thingy.

    Anyway, congrats to you F’Ed. You made all of this happen, or expedited it all at any rate. Congrats to Guy and the band for giving us music performed honestly and at such a high level. And congrats to David, well, for having led the life he’s led. We’ve all come off better for it.

    As long as there’s room on the supporter’s bus, count me onboard.


    ps: Is the tour considered officially over, or is there a merely to be a hiatus before a distinct tour begins? Will David’s summer band be the same as the current one? From Guy’s post, it sounded like he was saying goodbye.

    [Well, there’s not long to go before the very same band that’s wowed thousands over the last three months get to Austria for five more European shows, so think of this as a well-deserved break. – Features Editor]

  39. Vicky


    I’m sorry you thought my comments were unfair. I didn’t mean them to be. Perhaps i didn’t express myself very well.

    In no way did i mean to take away from what was an incredible night, and it WAS incredible. David’s concerts are still head and shoulders above all of the other acts out there.

    What i was trying to say albeit badly was that I felt Monday and Tuesday’s concert were slightly better, Monday especially as it just felt perfect and looked as if everything seemed to gel together. I guess I just noticed a few errors in last night’s performance – but this was an incredibly minor part of the show.

    Overall, it was an absolutely thrilling and stunning concert. The band were on fire. David and the team should be incredibly proud and happy with what they achieved as it was an amazing show which we all loved.

    I’m sorry if that didn’t come across in the review – I obviously didn’t express it very well. I didn’t mean to cause any offence.


    [Don’t be silly. There are no hard feelings on my part. We want honest opinions and a bit of debate is healthy. It gets boring otherwise. – Features Editor]

  40. Matt in Maine

    Hello Fellow Bloggers,

    First I want to say I agree with Guy and the forum here is polite and I think it has to do with the man himself, David. He exudes kindness and humanity and I think that is reflected in the bloggers on this site. I believe we are all here for a common purpose and that is to share our experiences in regards to life with David and the band.

    It has been great to be able to read about the shows in-depth and we owe a huge shout of gratitude to you F ED. I was not at the London shows and was not in on the gifts you were presented but am glad because you mananged to bring us all together. It seems through YOUR work, we were able to keep David and the band members inspired and that means a lot to me personally.

    I look forward to the DVD as I got to see the show in its early productions in New York City.

    Thank you all fellow bloggers, you have made me feel like I have been part of each in every show- even though I was not there in body, I was there in mind and spirit and it is because of everyone’s vigilance to share. This is truly a great site. Keep up the great work!

    Thank you and Shine on!!!
    Matt in Maine

  41. craig

    For those interested. Mr. Waters wasn’t invited to play at the RAH. The truth is I invited him to drive up from the Hamptons and play in my backyard/garden. And it’s not that he declined, he just didn’t reply yet. I hope this clarifies the story.

  42. KenF

    Looks like there’s been a bit of a conspiracy going on behind the scenes against you FEd.

    But for all the right reasons. :o)

    It was really great to read Guy’s “MY DEAR FELLOW BLOGGERS” post about the surprise presentation of the tokens of appreciation.

    Guy, you’re quite right in your comments.

    We’ve ALL been passengers on a “globally connecting” adventure.

    It’s been an AMAZING trip, so far. Long may it continue…

  43. Raymond McAteer

    Oh My God ! This Heaven opened up and spilled David Gilmour across the firmament. And we mapped the stars for awhile.

    God, you people were so lucky ! Nick, Bowie, Wyatt’s moment ( would’ve loved to see those precious moments that prove we are not infallible. Even Mr. Gilmour shows he is still a humble man. Who just happens to milk every note from every guitar HE touches ) Guy, you are one of the class acts in this world. Polly, thank you for taking Dave into your heart. And write some pretty darn good lyrics too !! Crosby, Nash.

    It must’ve been PURE magic these past three nights. I wished I could’ve met so many of you fellow bloggers at The Queen’s.

    Mr. Gilmour, Please, if there is going to be consideration of touring the Sotheastern U.S., implore to your touring management of doing a Miami / Fort Lauderdale show. We have quite a few good theaters you could choose from here.

    To everyone who saw the shows…you all have been blessed with a religious experience of sorts that will stay with you for the rest of your natural lives.

    So glad you could too, FED, looking forward to your reviews.

    Waaaaah ! :( Wished I was There ! Can’t wait for the DVD !

    Love to all. I am out for the day. I ‘m really knackered. Need to lie down…

    Cazart !

  44. Ali

    Hi FEd,

    Thought you’d like the shirt mate 😉 (the 05 can signify the year the blog started and Istanbul, the number of superb UK shows and lest we forget – We’ve won it 5 times…)

    Take care pal,

    PS what’s with all this spending spree at Woodison?

    [Ali, I love it (the shirt, not the Evertonians strengthening their squad, of course). Seeing the Reds win that beautiful trophy last year was one of the highlights of my life (if I’ve watched the DVD a hundred times since then, it never loses any of the drama or euphoria), and sitting there on Wednesday with so many wonderful people and so many wonderful presents was another very special night. Thank you all so much. – Features Editor]

  45. KenF

    Well deserved FEd,

    Where and when did Guy stitch you up? Was David and the rest of the band also present??? Doh…, they must have been(presentation of cheque for Crisis).

    Explains the inactivity on the site this morning & afternoon, me thinks. (…after a night on the tiles, yes??)

    Looks like Guy’n’Rudders have been major players/conspirators, no surprises there, then…
    (Is there a pun in there? …Cloakroom time again)

    Pointy stick time again!!!

    [The pointy sticks can rest for a while, I think. This all happened on Wednesday at the RAH. It was a lovely surprise. – Features Editor]

  46. Gordon CS

    Those guitars sang pure magic last night.

    Fat Old Sun was pure power, Echoes transcendental bliss, and CN a trip to the outer edge of the solar system.

    Thanks for the privilege

  47. Ian

    Message to Gerry who wrote

    [I have a spare one from RAH, if you are still after one I will happily post it on to you Ian.]

    Thanks mate that really is kind of you but now we have the Fedmeister on it, it will soon be sorted! Aren’t DG fans nice people.

    Glad to see the RAH gigs went so well and, like everyone else, can’t wait for the DVD. Would there be any chance of releasing the gig as a CD as well as the an extra.

    P.S. What will you be up to now FEd? After the cracking way you’ve run this blog I reckon you should run the country and declare the month of May as ‘Gilmour Appreciation Month’ so we can worship the Fat Old Sun and reflect in deafening surround sound the glory that is Echoes. For ever and ever Amen……

    [I’d love to. I’d hate to hastily undo so much of President Blair’s fine work, though… – Features Editor]

  48. john.lockwood

    hiya, me my partner and 14 year old daughter were at rah on wednesday night, fantastic show great to see Nick Mason on drums, really enjoyed it.

    At the end of the night we went round to the stage door hoping to get an autograph of the great man. Mr Mason came out and was a gentleman signing my daughters book, all i can say is its a pity Mr Gilmour wasn’t as generous, we waited outside until 2.30 in the morning with my 14yrs old daughter in tears because we got told he had left from another exit which to be honest is a little bit poor.

    Wonderful show but poorly treated fans wanting a quick glimpse of the legend.

    regards john lockwood

    [I’m sorry to hear that your daughter was upset, John. With the greatest respect, Nick did just three songs. He hasn’t spent the last three months touring, getting everything together, leading a great band from the front. His neck isn’t on the block, so to speak. David doesn’t often give autographs, as has been said here many times. We have tried to discourage fans from hanging around until the early hours for this very reason. David isn’t full of a sense of self-importance, as are so many others, so he generally tries to shun the celebrity worship and avoid the autograph hunters. I really can’t blame him for not being willing prey to pens, posters and photographs and like to think that many others would agree. Wednesday’s show marked the end of a successful, but stressful, tour and 2am is a time for winding down with family and friends, not fans. – Features Editor]

  49. KenF

    Have I just had an “out of body experience”???

    I’m sure I saw Guy’s “Things are afoot” response post, but no… It’s gone AWOL, or is it just me…

    [No, you’re not losing your mind. It is there. I just had to temporarily take down a few posts, including that one. They’re all back now. – Features Editor]

  50. ayako

    Aww man! Nick Mason!? I wish I could’ve been there *sighs in disappointment*

    Thank you for all your comments; they help me visualize what the concert must’ve been like.

    Dammit! I’m actually feeling a bit envious of you lot… Better go back to Zen-meditation.

  51. KenF

    The OFFICIAL DATE has finally been set for PULSE DVD release….

    July 10th – UK/Europe
    July 11th – USA/Canada/Elsewhere

    OAI DVD in time for Crimbo please…

  52. Peter Schueler

    Steven Said:

    “Yes, I did take a couple of sneaky photos, but it really was a couple (and tastefully done, with no flash, and no waving my camera around over my head). These are in part *my* memory of the events, and in part to annoy my father who ended up unable to attend.”

    Yes but lots of people took the odd couple too and it became a real nuisance (even though there wasn’t always flash the LCD was very distracting) – it just wasn’t necessary was it and I bet the quality of the image is rubbish unless you were using a SLR

    Did you see Guy angrily stare at the chap who kept taking photos with flash?

  53. nickster


    I’m glad to hear you’re okay though – sounds like you had one hell of time. Your intestine had a momentary lapse of reason…

    For what it’s worth there were video cameras covering EVERY angle on all 3 nights. I’d never seen automated cameras before (or at least they appeared to be cambots!) but there were a few on stage tracking all the action. You can be sure to get every ounce of goodness from the shows into the DVD – I know it’s not the same as being there, but you can bet your large intestine that it’ll be the next best thing you can get…actually, maybe even better because even from my good seats I couldn’t see all that I wanted to. There was one right on Richard for all of his solos and I bet the footage will be incredible – better than anyone there will have seen (barring Richard, and maybe Jon!).

    All the best,


  54. Raymond

    From Joe near LA who asked – [First off…Raymond from Orange County, what’s the name of the restaurant?? I hope it isn’t down in South OC as that would be a bit far for me to go.]

    I know I’m answering this for other people in the LA-So Cal area, not just Joe. The restaurant is Karl Strauss Brewery and Restaurant in Costa Mesa. I also ate at the Universal City Walk location before David’s concert at the Gibson Amphitheatre. Best microbrews around in my opinion.

    I’m sure the background music is probably a progresive rock station on satellite radio or Muzak….still great to hear none the less.

    I didn’t expect anyone to respond to my posting, rather surprising. Glad you asked Joe.

    Raymond in Orange County, CA

  55. Mike Ticehurst

    What’s Guys news? Have I missd it?

    [Scroll up the page, Mike. It was left at 5:37am on Thursday 1 June. – Features Editor]

  56. Mike Bull

    While some people are daring to be honest- and our intrepid FEd does say that all opinions are welcome- one thing I would say, is that I think that much of the raving about Rick singing so much on this tour has been as much out of fan loyalty to the man as it has to any real vocal ability he has- regardless of what he’s sung on record in the long distant past, many of his vocal performances now can at best be described as ‘weak’, and that’s being charitable. Go discuss!

  57. Ikkar

    Dear Fed,

    Well, well, well…

    Je n’ai pas assisté aux concerts que vous avez vus, et il se peut bien que celui de l’Olympia soit le dernier que je verrai de David… But, I’m so happy you could see them, dear Fed! You’ll NEVER forget them. C’est aussi de cette façon qu’un Homme se construit, avec ces infimes particules d’émotions, ces éclairs soudains de conscience, ces larmes irrépressibles, et cette infinitude d’amour et de désespoir…, enfin, avec des instants comme ceux-là, qui, dans mille ans, seront encore dans votre coeur…

    Ikkar, with love.

    [J’espère. Il était magique. – Features Editor]

  58. Michael Kelly

    And the rumor I’VE heard is that Roger WAS there but as a spectator only…

    Who knows which rumors to believe? It’s fun to speculate, but it’s not worth taking too seriously.

    But I will say this: If he was there, I do hope he was allowed to enjoy David’s music by the rest of the crowd. And should David choose to be a spectator at one of Roger’s gigs, I hope his fellow spectators will refrain from pressuring him to jump on stage and allow him to enjoy himself as well.

  59. mark

    just a message for Vicky C , all’s you’ve done is slate the band big style,mistakes happen in live music you know,that’s what make live music so special,if you wanna hear perfection ,put the albums on your cd player , wasn’t so long ago you were on here,absolutly begging for tickets to the mermaid theatre!remember that do ya ??

  60. Flying Pig

    To the Features Editor:

    It would be nice to gain some insight at some point into all that is involved with producing a high quality DVD. I realize the Pulse DVD has been delayed a number of times for technical reasons and it would be interesting to know more about those various technical details that go into producing a quality DVD product. Maybe they could include a “Making the DVD” section on the DVD made to be made from the Royal Albert Hall Concerts. I am sure many would find it very interesting

    Also, to the people who insist on writing long, nit-picky, critical reviews, that is obviously a function of your personality and you likely annoy the hell out of people who have the misfortune of working with you, or even worse, being related to you.

  61. Bianca

    DIDN’T THEY DO WELL???? (Steve? didn’t they? ;-))

    I am back home.. totally physically and emotionally exhausted (but still happy) so time to crash (literally)

    I will do reports tomorrow hopefully.. Also on meeting all the fantastic bloggers (I haven’t read all the messages on the blog for the last few days, but I am already blushing on how often I saw my name come by during the quick scroll and scan. ;-))

    For now all I have to say is..


    Hugs, Bianca

  62. Iain Andrews

    3 gigs in 3 nights but unfortunately not all at the RAH this week for me.

    I posted earlier this afternoon when I got home after last nights show in London…..still gobsmacked basically.

    Couldn’t relax sharing a bottle of red with my wife this evening as one of my friends (or by now ex friend) bought tickets for George Thorogood and the Destroyers in Glasgow and I said I’d go.

    Nothing against the band but the sweaty guys with b.o. and tops off in the seats beside me made me realise I was being punished for having such a good time in London!

    I felt like telling them, don’t you realise Dave Gilmour graced this very same stage only five nights ago?

    The same so called friend purchased tickets to see Journey in Edinburgh tomorrow night which I’m praying will be better. Is this my worst nightmare?

    Can’t Dave & Co just appear instead…..please!!!!!!

    I just want to relive Wed night forever……no gig will ever be the same.

  63. Rick Meeder

    I plan on purchasing the DVD since I live the USA.

    Maybe the managment could consider adding some video of Guys standup as bonus footage, or at least outtakes of the mad humor during the tour.

  64. adrian kavanagh

    so you lucky lot saw the modern day PF perform, something I have never seen or ever will! now I am depressed!!!

  65. laurie


    very impressed by your sleight-of-keyboard. can we have Guy’s message back later? if we’re good? we promise, no camera-phones, screeching, hooting, jumping up from our seats, and NO begging for autographs.

    but don’t take away our *snif* Guy!! not for long!

    you know we love you anyway, right?

    the ever Irregular
    laurie XOXO

    [You certainly can. It’s back now. – Features Editor]

  66. John Covert


    Really sorry to hear what you have been through and what you had to miss but remember you are still here to miss it!

    Good thing you didn’t get on that plane and try to soldier your way through it. After all, they don’t have an ice bath on an international flight and an unchecked high degree fever like that could have easily cooked your brain.

    Get healthy….. and look forward to many more years enjoying (and crying over) the DVD.


  67. John Covert


    Really sorry to hear what you have been through and what you had to miss but remember you are still here to miss it!

    Good thing you didn’t get on that plane and try to soldier your way through it. After all, they don’t have an ice bath on an international flight and an unchecked high degree fever like that could have easily cooked your brain.

    Get healthy….. and look forward to many more years enjoying (and crying over) the DVD.


  68. Amedeo

    Yeah Whatever Vicky, you obviously need to get a LIFE!!! It sounds like you said all that stuff just to anger others and get amused by what they write because of it. You said some really distasteful stuff and personally it angers me that you got to see them as many times as you did.

    I’ve seen the Floyd a couple times, and some of their solo acts including David at Massey Hall on April 9th, and I’ve gotta tell you, I wish I could have seen even 1 more show than I was able to.

    You see, I love these guys and their music very much and I would see them on their worst nights no matter how many mistakes they made. Then you wrote back and said you didn’t want to express yourself that way, but you did. It was very disrespectful to Mr.Gilmour, who let me remind you, does this for the fans and friends and not for the money.

    Most of us can tell that you’re just one of those negative people who have to find fault with everyone and everything, and loves to stir up crap. Even though I know it’s what you want, I’m pretty annoyed with you and think you should rethink your life!! Most of the rest of us will continue to admire and love the material put out by David, Roger, Richard, Nick and all accompanying musicians and hope that we haven’t seen the last of them.

    For everyone who’ve had to put up with Vicky’s posts, why not put in one of your favorite Pink Floyd or Solo cd’s and have a laugh at her misery. I myself am currently listening to my ON AN ISLAND cd and am smiling.

    Good day to all.


  69. Steve

    Dear FeD,

    Love on the Air…., just had to say last night’s show was more awesome than ever expected. I became a Floyd fan at Manchester FTH concert in ’72 – love at first sight, when I was also dating the Girl of my dreams. She is now my Gorgeous wife and mother to our Girls.With her sat next to me, bathing in that sight and sound that I’ve loved for so long, almost on the point of choking on tears of joy or grinning in shear delight – oh what a night to remember, because of you we’ere no longer ( nor ever were ) two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl.

    Thank you ,David



    [Cheers, mate. No problem at all, it was really kind of you. – Features Editor]

  71. TonyK


    don’t suppose you you know if the footage filmed during the tour was done in High Definition?

    That would look stunning.



    [I don’t, but I can find out. – Features Editor]

  72. Chris Royle

    Good Morning F’Ed and other people.

    I just wanted to make a couple of points if I may.

    Firstly, I realised that the comments I made about the show on the 30th turned into a bit of a rant about cameras and I just wanted to underline the fact that the show was amazing and was in no way ruined due to a few selfish people. I do tend to get the bit between my teeth on these things but I don’t want it to detract from a brilliant show, so thanks to David and the band for a blinding night.

    Secondly, I would just like to add my thanks to you F’Ed for the great work that you have done over the past half a year(!) and you thoroughly deserve the recognition that was mentioned in Guy’s post. The blogs have been a handful at best and a nightmare at worst and yet you have chosen your words (or lack of them) with great care. The result has been entertaining, informative, thought-provoking, passionate, annoying and brilliant all rolled into one and so I thank you for your efforts and also the people who have posted and made this the first page I have looked at everyday for nigh on 6 months. Well done!

    Finally, I know that this has already been asked and will no doubt be asked again, but I was wondering about the future of the website? I would like to think that it will not sit still after the tour has finished but will go forward for a long time to come. Although I’m certain that David and family will be having a well earned rest I hope that the website can be used effectively.

    My personal wish would be to see the links found in ‘The Important Stuff’ and charities on the ‘Links’ pages promoted more. I’m sure that a lot of interest has been raised already and it would be a shame not to use the popularity of this webby to continue the good work. This is my own opinion of course, and who knows what David’s intentions will be? I’m sure that a lot of thought has already been put into it.

    It’s a bit sad that the tour is almost over, it’s like nearing the end of a great holiday. I guess I’ll just have to start planning another one…

    Have a good weekend everyone. I’m off to see a band in Brighton so I’m looking forward to sitting on the beach in the sun for the first time this year….bliss.


    [Thanks for that, Chris. Please don’t apologise for being irritated by the selfish people who clicked, beeped and flashed their way through the shows. They were bloody annoying! Even though we’ve repeatedly asked, the fans have asked (in tones ranging from polite to angry), Guy has asked (on behalf of the band) and even the promoter got on stage and asked before the London shows… These people still took their photos and got on everyone’s nerves. On Wednesday, there were three people in the bloody front row snapping away. When Polly was taking photos – which we all get to see on the site, don’t forget – one guy jumped up and crouched next to her so that he could take a few. Then, when he sat back down, he took one of Polly! Unbelievable. Most of the people reading agree with you, Chris. It’s a testament to the band that, because they put on such an absorbing and enthralling show, they simply didn’t give our dazzled minds enough time to dwell on the morons. – Features Editor]

  73. Vincent

    Hi FEd,

    Not really a blog entry, but just to let you know the Belgian newspaper Le Soir had a very nice review of the London shows in its issue of yesterday. Might be interesting to include in the Press section of the site.

    Thanks for the good work with the blog :-)

    Vincent from Brussels

    [Thank you, Vincent. We always welcome more press. – Features Editor]

  74. chantelle

    Vicky, I mean how rude can you be?

    You went to three shows with obiously good seats and found fault with all of them. Let me guess, you are a Roger fanatic rather than David? Fine but why on earth go to each and pick holes in them. I mean talk about being a cynic! Ordinarily you may have made me rather mad but I am still on a high from when I went to see him so how could I be.

    Some people would have given their right arm to be at those gigs and you come across as rather ungrateful to be frank.

  75. Warren Loveridge

    I’m running on very expensive internet at the YHA so I’ll keep this very brief! I made it to all 3 concerts, they were all fantastic beyond belief, and it was worth every cent spent in getting to London. Thanks to David and all the band for 3 wonderful evenings.

    And thankyou FEd, and to the whole community of David/Floyd freaks out there. I realise I’m not alone…

    [I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, mate. – Features Editor]

  76. diana

    Dear Fed and you all

    Thank you for these days together by “our blog-chain” that’s love for music and David Gilmour.

    Thank you David,the young boy I met near Camden in a far June 1972,thank you for your style,music,brain,soul,life in these 38 years.

    Thank you all for this daily love.

    God bless you
    diana from Rome

  77. Ripper

    Hi chaps / chapettes

    How about this for a plan, get David to release the 135 odd ideas he has left over on his minidisc and let the blog take a vote on the top 10. Then in early 2007 release a new album.

    Yes that is a great idea!!

    loved the story about the american dancing to take a breath at the back of the arena section, I did the same myself at the back of the circle section on monday night. It simply is not possible to stand still when take a breath is playing. I’d almost go whole whack and say it was better than echoes…but anyway howabout a top 3 live tunes poll now things are gonna quieten down…mine are:

    Take a breath

    uh, oh… third is either wots, shine on or then i close my eyes…I can’t decide…

    Mr Wyatt – you really really ROCKED my world monday night, I loved that sound soooo much.

    Mr DiStanislao – I totally agree with F’ed, you shone like the sun. The more I think about it the less pissed I am that I missed Mason.

    frantically trying to raise the funds up to get to venice this summer, just incase the ’07 album doesn’t happen :p

    quick suggestion – there are word count scripts all over the net, it would be nice to see how many words are in your post when hitting preview, coz I think this one might be a bit long.

    btw a tee totaller?!?! near fell of my seat reading that Ed!

    [Well, I didn’t say that… Everyone, please save your thoughts on your favourite three live songs for now. We’ll use that for sure this weekend. – Features Editor]

  78. Evan

    I have no way to know whether Vicky’s review of the show was on target or not, but I for one, appreciate the honest reviews of someone who DOESN’T gush endlessly about a performance.

    Those are a dime a dozen, especially on a blog dedicated to the performer. How many times can one read “THE SHOW WAS GREAEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAATTT” before one pukes?

    At least Vicky was able to substantiate her opinions with thought and substance, and that’s what makes her opinions valid.

    And Vicky, you shouldn’t backpedal at all. You gave your honest review, there’s no reason to sugarcoat it because certain asshats can’t handle a well-written criticism of their hero.

    All that being said, I hope you’re completely wrong, but I suppose only the DVD will be able to bear that out at this point. :-)

  79. ukveronica

    Ah good! glad the ‘handover’ went well, we’ve been watching Ian’s beautiful sculpture progress over the weeks. F.ed you wouldn’t believe how many emails we’ve all been been getting while all this stuff was going on and not a pointy stick in sight.

    We’ve all cyber bonded so well we don’t want to lose touch now, so thanks f.ed for inadvertantly making more wonderful cyber friends for me.


    [Aww, bless you. – Features Editor]

  80. Howard Bayliss

    [‘Fedmeister… you have no idea how many emails have been exchanged “behind your back” and how long we’ve been holding our breath waiting for this day!’]

    You had better believe it!! My mailbox floweth over…LOL

    Cheers, Howard

    PS FeEd…You da man/woman

    [You’re all mad… – Features Editor]

  81. Justin Bailey

    Well I was lucky enough to be at the show on the 30th and it was fantastic. I suppose Echoes has to be the highlight of the night but all the songs were played with class. I got a lump in my throat when David played the final solo on On An Island and Take A Breath was just savage. No other way to describe it. Amazing stuff..

    The two comic moments for me were firstly when Harvey Goldsmith asked for no cameras or phones to be used during the gig people actually took pictures of him saying it!! Quite incredible (shakes head)..

    Secondly Robert Wyatt saying “Oh f**k” after a wimper of a note when he must have not taken in enough air during his cornet playing on When I Close My Eyes. I think everybody near the front heard it and it went down very well, very Monty Python in timing (This must be included on the DVD guys!).

    The only annoyances for me were the assorted lunatics with mobile phones and flashing cameras,especially one chap sat next to me that was taking at least 10 pictures for every song and all were of David! (How many pictures do you really need?) and also I had to get up from my seat about 10 times during the show to let people past. Why do they do it during a song?

    I must add I saw Clapton at the same venue a week earlier and the sound was 1000% better for David’s shows, full credit to the engineers and crew.

    Anyway thanks to the band, David, Polly and our resident F.Ed for making the past week so enjoyable. Lets hope we can all do it again sometime.

  82. Chris B

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I know this late coming but I just wanted to express my thanks to David and team for such a truely awe-inspiring performance on Tuesday at the RAh. I have been a Floyd fan for about 8 years now after my Parents made me ‘see the light’ as it were. Just a reminder that this music really appeals to the younger generation I am now 22, so most of my teenage years were spent listening to the likes of Echoes, DSOTM, The Wall etc.

    I envied anyone in the generation before me because i felt had missed out on so much and they were so lucky, however, David Gilmour changed all this for me this week! And i am forever grateful!

    The concert was fantastic, I love the new album and it was great to hear the Floyd classics.

    Highlights for me were definately Echoes – absolutely mind blowing! Arnold Layne – never thought i’d see that played live! Of course the classics from DSOTM and Wish You Were Here were superb but the clincher for me, although it may seem stereotypical, was Comfortably Numb.

    That song strikes a chord with me that no other song can. It stirs my emotions whenever i listen to it but to see it played LIVE, to feel it, to witness and absorb THAT solo put tears in my eyes. This was truely a defining moment in my life and I am the happiest man on earth now that I finally got to experience it ‘in the flesh!’

    So, thank you David, Rick, Guy, Phil, Dick, Steve, Robert, Mica, John, Crosby and Nash and all the crew and team behind the scenes for putting on the greatest concert i’lll ever go to. You guys rock!

    Chris B

  83. KenF

    (Mike from Michigan at June 1, 2006 08:38 PM)

    Well said, Mike.

    I “Echo” your words entirely…

  84. victor

    [While some people are daring to be honest- and our intrepid FEd does say that all opinions are welcome- one thing I would say, is that I think that much of the raving about Rick singing so much on this tour has been as much out of fan loyalty to the man as it has to any real vocal ability he has- regardless of what he’s sung on record in the long distant past, many of his vocal performances now can at best be described as ‘weak’, and that’s being charitable. Go discuss!]

    i’ll have a go. i went to monday’s show and thought rick sang well (unlike the mermaid theatre), but i made a similar sort of point about how fans go wild when rick is introduced to the crowd. it seems so fickle. he is a great musician and i’m sure he is also a great guy, but my point was that fans make a fuss of him because he’s a part of pink floyd.

    i said that people are nostalgic for pink floyd and that this seems an insult to david, who is doing this as a solo artist. it’s also an inslut to rick if people cheer for who he is and what he’s done in the past, not what he just did.

    i mean, david’s album is the reason for the tour. his voice and guitar is the reason people love pink floyd imo. i don’t think rick contributes any more on stage than guy, jon, phil, or steve. i’m not having a go at rick now, and i wasn’t having a go at him then, but they’re a team and no one should get special treatment imo. it seems like it was the same when nick came on stage on wednesday night. also dick parry to a lesser extent. it must be a bit annoying for the others who have put in a hell of a lot more over the course of the tour.

    i didn’t jump to my feet when bowie came out either. i’m glad that he’s looking so well and thought he did a great ‘arnold layne’, but my standing ovation was reserved for the regular band and particularly david.

    i realise why i was there and why everyone else was there as well.

    david introduces everyone in turn and none of the applause is directed just at him.

  85. Matt Johns

    Wonderful post from Guy, and wonderful that you, FEd, have had the recognition you deserve. Like you, I was unaware of the plotting that went on, and missed out on contributing something suitable… Will add my own bit to what has already been donated to Crisis in commemoration of your sterling work, and as a thank you to David, Richard, Guy, Phil, Jon, Steve, Dick and their guest performers for what has been a fabulous few months.

    And after all, despite the fun and frolics of three magical days in London, the tour is not over yet (hooray!). I’ll sadly not be at any of the shows in July/August, but will keenly be following what transpires… the band really work SO well together, and those who are going to any of these shows are in for a real treat!

    [Thank you, Matt. – Features Editor]

  86. Knut Arne Vedaa

    Back in chilly Bergen, Norway from a nice trip to equally chilly (but not as rainy) London.

    London was very nice. Did a lot of sightseeing and so unfortunately couldn’t make it to the pub. Did make it to the concerts though – had a ticket for Wednesday, called the RAH when I arrived in London on Monday and got a ticket for that night as well.

  87. Ralph Kringhs

    Hello again FEd, fellow bloggers,

    As I reported earlier, closing night was simply fabulous.

    Met Nickster, Martin, Bianca, JT, Steve and quite a few others at the Queen’s Arms. Quite nice to get to meet the fellow bloggers and have a chat and a drink.

    What really struck me was how apparently much more relaxed David and his band were, compared to night three in Paris.

    From my G-stall, row 2, number 7 seat it felt like I was getting a private performance. So close. I could see the smiles and the expressions on the band’s faces and clearly they were having a good time.

    David being talkative, telling the audience about how Richard had played the now-covered-up organ of the RAH, “almost slipped into Cops & Robbers”, “it’s Guy who is supposed to do the stand-up” and responding “What would the future look like if I did?” to the person in the arena shouting “Gilmour is God”.

    Saw Guy making funny faces at the camera that was next to Phil and him.

    During, I believe, SOYCD I noticed Guy reflecting a beam of light off a tuning peg of his bass guitar into row three. I could not see exactly where it went but from the stern look on his face, I believe Guy had spotted someone filming and was trying to reflect the light directly into that person’s camera.

    All of that while they were playing the roof off the RAH.

    I cannot express the feeling of privilege that I have, being able to have attended closing night.
    And that is solely thanks to your tireless efforts for this community, Feature Editor. Keeping up with our comments and questions over and over again and reporting about the recent RAH ticket availability. A great big “thank you very much”.

    If ever you or any of the band members decide to visit my home city of Antwerp, it would be my honour and pleasure to buy you a couple of drinks and show you around in gratitude of what you have given us.

    My best regards,

    [That’s very kind of you, Ralph. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  88. Kxx

    Absolutely fantastic! Great seats (fourth row centre)…seeing how much fun the band were having up on stage…looking around during Wish You Were Here and seeing every single person singing – gives me goosebumps even now!…the outro to High Hopes – beautiful…Crosby & Nash guesting on On An Island, among many others…and of course, the return of the mighty Nick Mason! Not to mention hearing Arnold Layne, Fat Old Sun and Echoes played live, something I never thought I’d see in a million years.

    I know there have been a few doubters who questioned the decision to play On An Island in full in the first half of the show, but it worked perfectly. The more laid-back feel to the album was a perfect set-up for some of the tougher stuff in the second half, and did the new material full justice. IMHO, it translates even better live than on the disc…

    Everything combined to make it a truly unforgettable night. I think that will be hard to beat…

    Thank you so much David and co…


  89. Kxx

    What a lovely idea to surprise the FEd! Good on yer mate, you deserve it!

    Nice one Rudders, Guy et al…


  90. KenF


    I’m curious to learn of the contents of “The Features Ed Survival Kit”…

    Can you oblige…?

    [It’s a real box of goodies. Things to eat, drink, burn, smell, squeeze… A lovely cup and saucer (which, apparently, I am allowed to throw against a wall should the need arise), a little stress ball (that my dog will try to claim, no doubt), my very own Fedmeister mask, eye drops, handkerchiefs… It’s fantastic. – Features Editor]

  91. Mat

    Just wanted to say thank you for Wed night RAH. Brilliant!

    Mat in Wokingham.

  92. Bob

    Interested to see comments glad it was a good show, could not get tickets this time, perhaps because so many people felt the need to go more than once! what is all that about!

  93. Kxx

    [Like you, I was unaware of the plotting that went on, and missed out on contributing something suitable… Will add my own bit to what has already been donated to Crisis in commemoration of your sterling work, and as a thank you to David, Richard, Guy, Phil, Jon, Steve, Dick and their guest performers for what has been a fabulous few months.]

    Good idea Matt, I’ll join you in that…

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  94. Ian Pearson


    Been waiting a while to post this.

    For those that don’t know I made a glass interpretation of the sculpture “wireman” re Guy’s post 1st June 5.37am. Irregulars have seen it and a photo of it will appear in the July issue of the Journal of the British Society of Scientific Glassblowers,( how cool is that). Copies available from all good bookshops!

    Glad you liked it Fed, ( as if you wouldn’t! ), you deserve something special so that’s what you got. Credit to Rudders for spurring me on but also to David MaCilwaine who created original concept. All I did was heat up the glass and shape it accordingly with a few alterations. Sure I burnt and cut myself a few times but hey it was fun.

    Actually it was “hairy”. One of the worse moment is when I lost power to my workshop towards the end of heating a part. I had very limited time before the whole piece would shatter but with the help of the Scottish Electricity Board and a few part time electricians the glass survived and I am pleased to see survived the journey South.

    So thanks Guy and whoever took it down. It was fun meeting with you and others at Glasgow, you needn’t have been so worried about transporting it down need you? Hope the “emergency ciggies are safe!

    After safely handing the glass over to Guy, I left the Clyde Auditorium to a few cries from “fans” who asked me if I had got any autographs. I replied, ” No, why should I, they never asked me for mine”. With a shocked look on their faces I continued, ” remember there are more musicians in the World than glassblowers!”. Moving rather rapidly on as these autograph hunters can get aggressive, my passing comment was, that we are all heroes in the end, each and every one of us. Its been “fun” to be part of something that I would never think would have helped me cope seven months ago.

    Technically speaking the design is very challenging. If one compares what is on the website, the moving one, that which is on the hard copy publicity and the pin badge, they all appear slightly different. I used a version “captured” from the web to aid me. Interestingly if the guitar is removed from the body the groin seems to drop to knee height. hmmm. The glassware lends itself to attracting light so Fed if you wantt an exciting image (for DVD!) put one end of it in a flame and you will see the whole guitar light up proving that David indeed is a flaming great guitarist!!!!

    Ian Pearson

    [Ian, I could hug you. It’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. I don’t know what to say. You’re a glass-blowing genius and I take my hat off to you. – Features Editor]

  95. Angelo Ortiz

    I knew it would be a great surprise! Here’s to the master mind and perennial favourite blogger, Rudders, and to his two lieutenants, Ian and Neil! Here’s to Guy for playng such a critical and so willing role in this plot!

    Why? I suppose Guy alluded to some of the reasons in his post. This album and tour has been an unusual experience all around. As one who was fortunate enough to see David and the band a few times, I am not surprised by the superlative descriptions of the performances this last week. Guy is right, this band is feeding off some intangible energy that we help perpetuate and builds on itself (okay, he didn’t put it quite like that….)

    It also kills me to know I wasn’t there at Queen’s arms. My experience was heightned immesurably by meeting fellow bloggers, and I knew the temptation to go to London would be to great to bare. I missed you all as well as what I knew would be a climatic performance, but I assure you I’ll get to London next time….and I’m sure there will be a next time…

    David and Polly, you realise this all started with you. You have set the tone with your music, your lyrics, and your obvious care and appreciation for us fans. Those of us who banded together outside of this space to conspire with Rudders, Neil, & Ian did so because words aren’t enough…

    Because this experience has been so fullfillng,
    Because this blog community is such a wonderful medium for sharing and has been so well maintained,
    Because you, FEd, have been crucial to its maintenance with you electronic “green thumb”…

    Cheers all around! I may not have posted much recently, but I’m always here and I’m always amazed at how long this buzz keeps lasting….

  96. Jonathan Wright

    Just thought that I’d comment on something that was said earlier:

    “One comment made from the audience was picked up by Mr. Gilmour: “bury the hatchet with Roger!” The response was along the lines of, ” What would the future look like if I did?”

    I think the actual heckle was “David Gilmour is God” to which David responded, “What would the future look like if was?” There was a further retort from the heckler and David told him polietly to be quiet.

    ..Having said that I was up in the top of the Circle with a restricted view of the stage- Rick Wright, Jon Carin and Dick Parry were all hidden from view unless I stood up. So I do stand corrected if I misheard….

  97. nickster

    Hi all,

    Wish I’d known about the secret FEd package – would have definitely contributed something to the bundle of fun. Next time :)

    Thanks so much to Guy for posting here and bringing us bloggers into the fold (and of course FEd). I definitely feel a connection to the band and part of a lovely community here, all with a common passion. When you think about it, it’s actually an incredible feat to have a feeling of such a small community within such an enormous global fan base spanning decades. Pretty cool…

    Even though it was only 3 days, last night at 5.30pm I felt like I should have been leaving to goto the RAH… to park the bike in my regular spot, to meet new friends, sit in the sun outside the UK’s most beautiful venue, to hear David’s music. I’m still buzzing from Wednesday night – I’ve got little soundbytes and lyrics buzzing around my head. I think my musical head has been spoiled rotten this week (or rather the bar has been set just SO high for all others) and I may even have a form of music-induced institutionalisation (is that even a word??!) :)

    The best news of all is we’re about a week away from the World Cup, and then it’ll be time for the Amphithéâtre de Vienne show in France. Life is gooooood!


    p.s. Forgot to mention that the Friends of the Earth are running a campaign called The Big Ask, supported by Thom Yorke. There’s a link from the main site under ‘The Important Stuff’ – if you’re a UK person you can e-mail your local MP through the site to encourage them to sign carbon reduction bills. We all made the effort to mail the Radio 2 DJs asking for Smile to be played, so let’s also use that community influence for an important environmental issue. It takes literally 2 minutes to do and will mean SO much – plus there’s lots of footage of Thom speaking his mind.

    Do it now before you forget…

    [Absolutely. Click below for that. – Features Editor]