Night 25: London


David brings his triumphant three-night residency at London’s Royal Albert Hall to a climactic close tonight.

If you’ll be there, cheering the band on (at all the right moments, of course: not until ‘High Hopes’ has fully ended being just one example), let us know.

There have been some surprises throughout the tour and who knows what’s in store tonight?

As always, the songs performed will be revealed below. If you don’t want to know which songs were performed, please don’t read on.

Judging by the comments made, and general reaction by, some fans during the shows, it seems that many people are genuinely surprised to hear certain tracks. Naturally, we don’t wish to spoil the surprise for anyone who might be clueless as to the possible set.

Here’s a surprise that we are happy to spoil…

Tonight’s concert is being professionally filmed for a DVD, which is hopefully due out later this year, so we would be very grateful if you could leave your cameras, PDAs and mobile phones at home.

People putting their arms in the air and bathing white light everywhere has been a constant topic of discussion since the tour began in Germany on 10 March. The consensus appears to be that it’s selfish, rude and disrespectful to wave something that emits a bright light at eye-level and above, thereby blocking the view of the person or persons sitting behind you.

RAH staff will confiscate your equipment if you repeatedly annoy audience members, so please show some common courtesy for the people seated around you and let them enjoy the concert without bothersome distraction.

If you are being irritated by such actions, please let it be known by discretely requesting the assistance of a member of staff. Other fans will no doubt thank you for it.

The blog’s meeting place of choice is still the Queen’s Arms pub, located at 30 Queens Gate Mews, so drop in at around 7PM and see who’s there if you have time before the concert.

Have a wonderful night and don’t forget that tonight’s show starts an hour later – at 8:30PM.

Please note that no comments will be published until tomorrow afternoon.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

333 thoughts on “Night 25: London”

  1. Just a quickie – I’ll reveal all behind the shirt saga later – but just wanted to say this…..

    Huge thanks to all the bloggers that we managed to contact – everyone of you agreed to our mad idea without questioning (Heaven knows why!!). Mark (Rudders) and I are well aware that many others on the blog would have loved to have been a part of this and chip in – to show their appreciation for all that the glorious F’Ed has done for us. Our suggestion – and it has already been alluded to in recent posts – is that you could, if you wish, make a small donation to Crisis, a gesture that I’m sure the F’Ed, David and Polly will appreciate.

    Got to dash, apparently I’m supposed to be working!! More later…..

    [That’s always much appreciated, Neil. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  2. The 29th of May was our 30th Weding Anniversary and we were able to be there courtesy of the RAH offering extra tickets. What a treat! I’ve seen Pink Floyd many times since 1969 but this was one of the most satisfying performances of all. Echoes was masterful. I was delighted to See Rick Wright playing so well and looking so relaxed. I’ve always felt that he was the unsung hero of Pink Floyd. It was his contribution in the early days that gave them their unique sound. Anybody agree?

  3. It was really inspiring to see David Gilmour give so much of himself to such an awesome performance on Wednesday. The show is actually so overwheleming it’s too much to grasp in it’s entirety and I look forward to seeing it again on DVD.

    Also, just to note that in a box approximately at stalls block L, I am almost certain was sitting Jimmy Page (Led Zep of course). He left about 25 minutes before the end though, about half way through Echoes!! Can it be confirmed??

    [Jimmy was there, possibly feeling guilty about his higher (undeserved) placing in the Q107 poll, but mostly to take notes and learn. You know I’m only joking, right? – Features Editor]

  4. [Ian, I could hug you. It’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. I don’t know what to say. You’re a glass-blowing genius and I take my hat off to you. – Features Editor]

    Where can I see this? I checked out your site (when that was still possible) and saw some very nice sculptures there!

    It sounds great!

    Too bad the tour is almost over now… At the very least it will linger in my mind as one of the most moving events in the concert going part of my life. I can’t wait for the DVD!

    Best to all!


  5. Greetings,

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned or if this is the appropriate place to ask, but I’ll try, is there any information on the release date of the SACD of On an Island?

    Thanks……………Scott H.

    [You’re very welcome to ask, Scott. I don’t know anything about this, but will see what I can find out. – Features Editor]

  6. Evan – I regard Vicky’s comment rude implying that the concert wasn’t good enough for Roger to have performed in. That is a very sweeping statement, and if Roger’s (and band’s) performance is not 100%, where does that leave him? Let’s hope he does perform 100%!

  7. Nickster

    We tried… We tried! 🙂

    I left several messages on your web site without success…

    Sorry! As Neil said – we realised more people would have participated but we just couldn’t get hold of them…

  8. Sorry so late on catching up here FEd. Just had a new edition to the family yesterday (the four-legged kind) so I’ve been a little caught up with things. The Irregulars were emailing all the info to me thoughout the day though. Some how the new pup managed to escape being called “Gilmour”, but it was in close contention. (All my animals have been named after musicians or musical references…Currently we have a Piper [I don’t think you PF fans need to know where that came from] and Marley)

    Anyway…on with what I meant to post…

    Us sneaky?…hee hee! You didn’t think that you could be the only one that was mysterious, could you?! We are so glad to hear it went off without a hitch. Lord knows it was killing us trying to keep it all a secret. You should have some fun rereading some of our posts with double messages now FEd!

    Guy, thanks for posting such a special message! Also Guy, thanks so much for all your coordinating and helping us pull it off! I still can’t believe we managed to do so, but I am so grateful for the spirit and being a part of it all. Plus, I have some wonderful lasting friendships from it all now.

    FEd, You truely have your own “fan” club for making this such an incredible experience for us. I don’t think you will ever realize how much it has enhanced our experience in so many unexpected ways…But I’m glad we were able to give a little back to show all our appreciation.

    [You do realise that every doorway in my house will now have to be widened just so that I can get my big head through, don’t you? Think of the dust. Think of the carpets. You are all far too kind. Thank you, Shelley, and congratulations on the new addition. – Features Editor]

  9. Rebuttals to some of the slight criticism I’ve seen here:

    -Monday was good, but Wednesday was even better. You know when top sports performers (football players for instance) on special occasions get everything together and excel in their art? That’s kind of what happened on that last night. The whole band, and David in particular, of course, seemed to be in a “state of grace”, where inspiration and energy flowed abundantly. This was especially evident on On An Island (the song). It didn’t hold for all songs, but no one could demand that.

    -Mica Paris did a very nice performance. She “cheated” a bit on the first part and the bridge, but the quiet part was fabulous.

    -Rick didn’t hit the wrong key on Comfortably Numb. He was imitating David Bowie’s performance.

    -It’s only natural that the special guests (and Rick) get extra applause. The same would happen if David were to appear on one of Roger Waters’ shows. (No, I haven’t seen any rumour about that. :))

    -People shouting between the songs only added to the atmosphere and intimacy. Most comments were quite funny, such as someone shouting “Money!” just before the start of Echoes.

    -The sound was a lot better where I sat on Wednesday (floor row 20, off to the left) compared to Monday (floor row 11, center). I don’t know if anything had been improved, or if it was just the further back location that made the difference. Could anyone who sat in other parts of the hall perhaps comment on the sound?

  10. Not one for gushing sentimentality…. Mondays RAH show was stunning. My 16 year old son (2nd rock concert) enjoyed it so much he couldnt stop talking about it and wishing he could see it again.

    As someone who had a fairly poor childhood and early adult life I never had the chance or money to go to concerts so to finally see David as David and then the “part” Floyd was sensational. Now I am more finacially secure I just hope David will tour again to give me another chance to delight in his present and past music.

    If you read this – thanks David and all the band for a really great experience.


  11. So Mr Page was at the RAH? Between David, Jimi’s guitar strap, and Jimmy Page, we had THE three greatest guitarists of all time in the same venue at once, if only Jimi in spirit. I actually met Jimmy Page at the RAH years ago when I was 18 at a Gypsy Kings show. They were sitting a couple of boxes over and my girlfriend’s Dad, who managed the Gypsy Kings, said ‘sure, I’ll introduce you’ – and I shook the man’s hand, jaw on the floor. I’ve not washed my right hand since 🙂

    Rudders: Shame – maybe my overzealous spam filter might have caught it 🙁 Good on you for sorting it out though 🙂


  12. well, FEd, at last we know you really got the goods from Ian and Neil, much credit to Rudders and Guy for organizing. Ian worked many hours on the glass Wireman. a number of us shared countless emails, discussing what else we could do for you that would also honor David and Polly, thus the Crisis gift.

    as Angelo said, David and Polly are the reason, and you the catalyst, for bringing us all together here. a number of us have found that we not only resonate to David’s music, but also share similar views on other issues as well.

    the OAI tour will go on a couple more months. we hope David’s website and this blog continue. David, make music only as long as it gives you pleasure. we love it.

    personally, FEd, i am just ITCHING to know the full story of Guy’s presentation to you. can you give any indication whether you will describe the scene? the reactions all round?

    you have given a few words of acknowledgment, but only when asked. you seem – dare i say it – reticent to comment.

    are you plotting something, hmmm? perhaps for the break between gigs? as eloquent as you are, i KNOW you have it in you to tell us all about it… i can’t see you blush from out here, even if i squint.

    what say, dear FEd? will you tell?

    it’s only cuz we love you.

    Irregular as ever

    [I’m blushing a bit, but the red that’s quite possibly dazzling you is probably from the bash that my forehead just took. I smacked my head on my desk from laughing so hard. Eloquent?! Oh dear, that’s almost as good as the “sensible” I got the other day. What can I say about you lot which won’t offend people who reside in mental wards? Better add them to the list in advance, Rudders. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. – Features Editor]

  13. [F’Ed, don’t suppose you you know if the footage filmed during the tour was done in High Definition? – Posted by: TonyK at June 2, 2006 07:22 AM]

    Just to let you know that it has been shot in High Definition, Tony.

    [Don’t know if this has been mentioned or if this is the appropriate place to ask, but I’ll try, is there any information on the release date of the SACD of On an Island? – Posted by: scott at June 2, 2006 01:59 PM]

    Scott, the 5.1 mix is finally done, but there are still things to tweak. Don’t expect it for a few months yet. We’ll give you a report on how it’s coming along when we have some developments.

  14. Hi FEd,

    I would appreciate it if you would remove my original post from the comments page. I don’t wish anyone to get upset or angry by what was obviously a poor choice of words on my part. I expressed my opinion inarticulately and it has been taken in a completely different way to that which I intended.

    I would like to apologise for any distress that I caused to you or to others who read the post. This was not my intention in any way.


    [Vicky, please don’t apologise (and forgive me for publishing this and ignoring your request, but I want others to see it). As Evan said, your review was very well-written and perfectly valid. I personally disagreed with several points, but thank goodness for that. We don’t want everyone to agree on everything all the time. Can we please not snap at people who express their views? The blog is a forum for people to have their say. We want contrasting opinions and I don’t want people to be upset because others have snapped at them for daring to have a voice. – Features Editor]

  15. Fed: Any possibility to post a picture of your glass-sculpture on the blog? Would be very interesting to see….

    This blog/website is a wonderful example of how music can connect people – isn’t this great? Not many things can achieve this!

    [I think we should. Ian? May I? – Features Editor]

  16. I attended tuesdays show at rah,I have to say this I came away from seeing floyd at earls court back in 94 saying I`ll never see a better concert.

    how wrong I was tuesday night blew me away.
    hearing Arnold layne live gave me goose pimples.
    Take a deep breath was awesome as was echoes.

    I would like to say a big thank you to mr gilmour and his band for a fantastic nights entertainment and his music for giving me such pleasure.

    come back soon david.

  17. Just a couple of random observations –

    Saw DG and his excellent band at Manchester – no special guests other than C&N but don’t know that any of us felt cheated by that (personally I’d probably prefer to hear Richard Wright singing Arnold Layne than David Bowie – assuming you can’t get hold of Syd (!) – but I can understand the excitement of those who were at the Albert Hall).

    Saw Pink Floyd perform Echoes back in 72 but this version was stunning – those lights were amazing, and my wife (who hadn’t seen DG before) grabbed my arm as we were approaching the final verse and said it was the best thing she had ever seen – EVER !!! I couldn’t disagree…

    Sometimes think Pink Floyd got a little too gimmicky in the 70s – flying pigs and brick walls are all very well, but DG’s decision to play comparatively small venues and use relatively low-tech effects was most welcome. Reminded me of those times I saw Floyd in places like Liverpool Empire or the Philharmonic Hall. Intimate and dazzling.

    And finally – one of the many things about David Gilmour that make him Great – his generosity to others, both musically and as a human being. Thrilling to see Richard Wright playing such a prominent role in the band (and did it feel at all strange for him to be singing the Roger Waters parts in Comfortably Numb ?) and – I think I’m right in saying this – I believe DG has featured at least one Syd Barrett song in every show he has done over the past 12 years other than Live 8 (I rather hoped they would open with See Emily Play, but there you go). And his decision to close Jools Holland’s Later with Arnold Layne instead of just plugging his own album will, of course, gain Syd a few more royalties. Even if he hasn’t seen him in over 30 years, DG probably remains the best friend Syd has ever had.

    I’m probably being a bit presumptuous with all this, but as I’ve been saving most of it up over the past few weeks – and, up until a week before the show, I didn’t think I’d be seeing it anyway – hope you’ll excuse that.

    So, for all of the above and more, thank you David Gilmour and friends for one of the best shows any of us will ever see.

  18. F’Ed,

    Congrats on your well earned appreciation gifts. And mostly thanks for conducting this blog. I have never participated in a blog prior to this, and it has been truly enjoyable. My regret is I did not stumble on it before March, so I believe I missed out on much including most of Guy’s inputs here.

    The last couple of years I’ve been short on time while plowing through the days making a proper home for my family. I was not aware of this site or David’s preparation of OAI and subsequent tour. I missed any opportunity to share in the live events of the tour. This blog has enabled me to share in the experience and I am truly greatful for it. Thank you!


    Your contributions as a link for true fans is truly wonderful and quite unusual. Cheers for you. And by the way, I’ve always appreciated your prowess on the bass guitar over Roger’s pedestrian plunking!! ; )


    Your talents have spoken to me (and millions of others) for many years and served as a catalyst for my own musical endeavors (however modest) for 28 years. I still remember the feeling of enlightenment after removing the shrink wrap from my copy of DSOM received on my 12th birthday and hearing your steel guitar lines in Breathe for the first time. My life was never the same. So many wonderful hours of my adolesence spent listening to every piece of Pink Floyd I could find. Including my discovery of our Crazy Diamond, Syd.

    “On An Island” has been a reminisence for me. I have digested this record in a way I havent’ in 15 or 20 years. It has brought back all of the fondness I shared as a teenager for the work you and Pink Floyd produced. You have inspired me to play the guitar. The guitar for me, has served as my most sacred place in life. I can always find peace therin, no matter what trials or tragedy’s I have faced in my 40 years. Thank you for your inspiriation.

    With Love,

  19. Hello everyone,

    I’ve been reading this blog from the start but haven’t felt the need to post anything until now.

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to David and everyone involved for the fantastic show on Monday 29th. My wife and I had a great night. On an Island live is just wonderful… Wot’s Uh The Deal had me beaming from ear to ear… and Echoes live… WOW!

    Cheers again for a brilliant evening.


  20. Well, I wasn’t going to post, thinking that it would all have been said by now, but I just needed to add my feelings on how wonderful the 31st was.

    After 4 days spent in London with my wife, seeing Theatre (go see Titus Andronicus at The Globe for a bloody ((literally)) marvelous night…they lost 4 audience members to fainting the night I went!! And, since it was the Monday bank holiday, we were treated to a fireworks display that could be seen through the open roof of the Globe while the show was going on…a very Floydian touch, I thought..), Museums and various landmarks, Wednesday night was upon us.

    Dressed in my best black, I wound up at the Queen’s Arms purely by accident! I hadn’t had Internet since going to London on the 26th, so I had no idea. An non-blog friend suggested going down there and we arrived at 5:15pm looking for anyone who may be a kindred spirit. We met a few folks,had some drinks and a light dinner and then left at 6:15 to wander Kensington Gardens…I missed the bloggers!!!

    In any case, I briefly said hello to Matt Johns before the show as he was pointed out to me by one of my fellow American compatriots in Stalls K and then I was immersed in the concert. Most of what I could say has been said…

    I had a great view of dancing man and I also noticed that the fellow with the wandering camera got some stealth foootage of him…he also got some great shots of the sound and lighting board ops, who were great fun to watch. The Lighting director was like a sorcerer calling cues with his hands in the air…I hope he makes the DVD…

    What else can I say? An emotional night with Nick in attendance, a stunning Comfortably Numb solo to end it all and a brief run-in with Graham Nash at Heathrow on my way out of London yesterday. And Echoes was stunning…At the end, I turned to my wife, who is not familiar with the song…she looks at me, wide-eyed and says: “That song lasted a half hour!!” I replied…”That’s the short version!”

    Cheers to Features Editor and all of us! It’s a beautiful community to be a part of. One thing I didn’t notice ….did anyone here actually meet you on the 31st??? Besides Guy, that is…I was waiting for David to call you onstage!


    Terry Shea

    [Well, if anyone did meet me on Wednesday, then they didn’t realise it! – Features Editor]

  21. if ONLY i could see the blushing and the head-banging from out here (of course i tried!). but, as i said before, squinting does not seem to help.

    RE: your comment “More later” – posting the photo of Ian’s Glassman would give you the perfect opportunity. for the “More”. erm, as it would then be “later”. you see. [o broad, the broadest of hints]

    so, put me on the list with the mental patients! i don’t care! certainly won’t be the first time…nor the last, likely… *mutters to self*

    [Yes, I think Glassman deserves to be seen by all. I don’t want to spoil the British Society of Scientific Glassblowers’ story, though. – Features Editor]

  22. London is such a kick ass place when it comes to music and concerts. You always read of stories that so and so turned up at some concert. Yes, I live in the NY area and on occassion you have “special guests” but it seems that in London it happens much more often. Just compare this tour – on the U.S. dates it was basically Crosby and Nash as special guests. On the three dates in London you had David Bowie, Mica Paris, Robert Wyatt, David Crosby, Graham Nash and Nick Mason. C’mon – how much better can it get???

    And I also feel that the British are just so much classier. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like hearing a Brit talk. Even though that based on the posts here, there was some rowdy behaviour at some of the shows such as cell phones and yelling, etc. I don’t think that was all imported. Not to say the British aren’t outspoken at times – just raise the question about the Monarchy or mention the wrong football team….

    Also, the coordination of the bloggers with Guy Pratt to recognize the fearless Feat Ed. is just awesome. Hats off to all. Thanks to Guy for the “I’m just like one of you” attitude throughout these posts.

    Thanks to the rest of the band and all the guests for putting on some amazing performances. And most of all, thanks to David for doing it all again. Life is too short and I say this as I learned that Ian Copeland recently passed away at 57. No, Ian wasn’t a musician but he was a key member of the musical community as well as the brother to both Stewart Copeland of The Police and Miles Copeland of IRS records. We’re not getting any younger and for David to not only go back into the studio but to also put on this great tour is just a blessing for all of us. Personally, Ian Anderson was right when at the end of the song he sings: “You’re never too old to Rock’n’Roll if you’re too young to die.”

    (Geez, how did I manage to get two Ian’s into one post???)

    So, a big thanks to David, you still got it mate. And a word of advice – after this tour, if you decide to take a holiday in Fiji – stay away from the coconut trees.

    Thanks for the forum.


  23. [Forgot to mention that the Friends of the Earth are running a campaign called The Big Ask, supported by Thom Yorke. There’s a link from the main site under ‘The Important Stuff’ – if you’re a UK person you can e-mail your local MP through the site to encourage them to sign carbon reduction bills]

    Thanks, I don’t think my MP gives a stuff but tough, he’s getting a letter anyway! Having said that climate change seems to be a bit of a political hot potato at the moment, plus there is loads of stuff on the BBC about it, so it’s as gooder time as any to write. It’s a good website FOE have there, I enjoyed rerading about Wayne Hemminway’s hybrid car.

  24. Dear Ed/Edwina – playing with all your toys? wearing yer Liddypool FC jersey (or is it in a place of honor)? Now you are officially “special” (but we all knew that). Glad you’re pleased with all the goodies. Thanks again for babysitting with us.

    And don’t let David sweet-talk you out of that fabulous glass sculpture of Ian’s. 😉


    [Thank you, Deborah. I think that shirt deserves to be framed, it’s so beautiful. As for Glassman, than even Mr Gilmour would get the pointy stick treatment (gasp!) if he tried taking that away. That truly is a work of art. – Features Editor]

  25. “Hi FEd,

    I would appreciate it if you would remove my original post from the comments page. I don’t wish anyone to get upset or angry by what was obviously a poor choice of words on my part. I expressed my opinion inarticulately and it has been taken in a completely different way to that which I intended.

    I would like to apologise for any distress that I caused to you or to others who read the post. This was not my intention in any way.



    Don’t sweat it…My review of the Toronto concert was a bit critical in places and I got taken to task by a couple of folks. For what it it’s worth I support you 100%. Thicker skins definitely come in handy ;-))

    Cheers, Howard

  26. By reading all these posts,

    – I’ve got a feeling that everyone speaks as if the whole thing had ended on May 31st, and that makes me sad and uncomfortable. No,the band has a break (well deserved) but will tour again in Summer (seven dates ! come in France, Fed !) and I hope this blog will remain alive …I’m afraid, Fed, you have still to work hard ! we will not leave you quiet, you have still to learn me english (more funny that at school!)

    – On the other hand, I’m very, very, very, happy for the success of David & co, for the pleasure the band had to play live, for the lovely post of Guy, for everything coming through this blog, for the feeling I have David will tour again later…la vie est belle, du soleil aujourd’hui!

    [je suis nase (est-ce que c’est correct? Features editor], non, Fed, ce n’est pas correct en bon français, mais c’est génial d’avoir utilisé ce mot, “mi-argot”, c’est juste ce qu’il fallait dire!


    [Merci. Je ne pense pas que Babelfish comprends le mot “nase”, mais c’est une expression que je me rappelle et j’aime. Ici un autre est “Je suis fracasse!” Est-ce que c’est correct? J’ai plus d’energie aujourd’hui, naturellement, ainsi c’est faux pour moi en ce moment. Peut-être – et pardonnez-moi si je fais une stupide erreur ici – je dis “J’ai la frite!” ou “J’ai la frites!” aujourd’hui? – Features Editor]

  27. [Well, there’s not long to go before the very same band that’s wowed thousands over the last three months get to Austria for five more European shows, so think of this as a well-deserved break. – Features Editor]

    Here, here! Time to fill the fridge with lager, pull the tv outside near the bbq and get ready for a month of 3 football matches per day. Ah, if only.

  28. Any possibility to post a picture of your glass-sculpture on the blog? Georg Kunz

    [I think we should. Ian? May I? – Features Editor]

    I would regard it as a privalige to see “your” glass sculpture pictured on this site Fed. Glass as you probably know is difficult to photograph but at Glasgow there was a very good photographer, forgotten her name but think it was Polly something!!!!! My photos are of Guy,Rick and me with Guy holding the glass and this was good for a few captions. I wouldn’t dare ask you to pose with it as respect your iddentity. Certain comments between bloggers on protecting your iddentity with various body positions caused great mirth I can tell you!! Yep go ahead and publish. At least itll prove to me you arent displaying it upside down!!

    Ian Pearson

    [Well, they won’t win any awards, but I’ll pick out the best one. – Features Editor]

  29. God! So many things… have happened in just a single day… I’m so glad… it all worked out and now you FED have the great FED kit…

    I still need to talk to Rudders… I forgot one of my duties as an irregular… I just had a very tough month…

    Cheers to everyone…

    Shine on surprising bloogers!

    PS. God I’ve been “not on fire” with my writing pretty much… I gotta put more effort on my comments for the blog 😛

  30. Vicky,

    You can chill-out and not worry. Be free to be you and say what you will, its up to us to not get our panties in a bunch when we read things we disagree with.

    And when we disagree, be cool about it…

    If we need to calrify something, that’s fine too…but let’s not edit what we have to say by the “are-they-not-going-to-like-this?” filter in our heads.

    “You’re cool peoples,” as the kiddies say here in Washington Heights/Inwood, NYC….

  31. “David being talkative, telling the audience about how Richard had played the now-covered-up organ of the RAH, “almost slipped into Cops & Robbers”, “it’s Guy who is supposed to do the stand-up” and responding “What would the future look like if I did?” to the person in the arena shouting “Gilmour is God”.”

    I heard the reply, and the comment to which I think it was addressed. Somebody yelled “bury the hatchet with Roger!” – it was this that prompted the reply, “what would the future look like if I did?”

    Makes far more sense – and begs the question… what WOULD it be like?

    The Fab Four?

  32. If I was the subject of a fan website, I would be keen to hear valid criticism when appropriate.

    I have made a couple of points – eg. about the dire delivery ( IMO ) of Mica Paris – why should anyone think that an adult can only face unqualified adulation?

    QUALIFIED adulation, on the other hand, is very welcome.


  33. Love ya Fed!!!

    Glad you had a great time.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Aww, bless ya. – Features Editor]

  34. Vicky…please try to not be distressed about your post. You have the right to your opinion and others have the right to disagree. Sometimes the hardest thing is dealing with the fallout from a comment. You may not have intended it to sound as negative as it did to some, but don’t let it get you down. We just don’t like to hear criticisms about our ‘hero’, but that is not your problem, it is ours. My heart is aching for your obvious pain…and I can truely relate to how you feel. We all need to learn to have thicker skins, and that goes for both views.

    Keep posting and don’t let us lose you. Yours would not be the worst or first negative comment. I’ll bet David has heard stuff that would make your ears burn, but he keeps performing, thank heavens. And criticism is necessary for improvement. Remember the lyrics from Take A Breath?

    ‘This kind of love is hard to find
    I never got to you by being kind’

    I think that it shows that David understands criticism. I have gone on too long, but I just really hope you will forgive and forget and keep enjoying the blog. We need everyone.

  35. Angelo-

    I think you did a good job summing up what we are thinking. Thanks bud…still wish we could have met before the show at the Gibson…(for those of you In the U.K., “bud” is the same as “mate” in North America).


    I hope you got a nice laugh from some of the posts a day or two before your surprise. I know that we were laughing our arses off at some of them while knowing that you wouldn’t have a clue. It was all out of love and appreciation for you, no disrespect at all. Your time and efforts spent nurturing this blog ended up bearing fruit in the relationships that are continuing to evolve.

    Without you and this “place” of sorts, none of it would have been possible. We still would have all just been strangers with similar musical interests instead of intercontinental friends. And David Gilmour is the source of all of this because this site is his. Thanks David. (P.S.–it’s nice to see after several months that people have figured out he doesn’t like to be called “Dave”….good grief, that took long enough….hmph)


    Thanks for all that you did. It must have seemed a bit bothersome at times with sound check and phone calls and the hustle bustle of it all. I am thankful that you held tough and took care of the love sent for the FEd. Thank you for the posts. I think I can speak at least for the “irregulars” in saying that you have been a huge part of making this little community have a heartbeat and a sense that you, David, Polly, Richard, Steve, Jon, Dick and Phil really care about the fans and even peek into our little place now and then. I guess we are the renters, David is the landlord, Fed is the Super and you are the …???…I can’t finish it. Anyone?…throw out some ideas….

    I can hear David right now:

    I have always been here…
    I have always looked out from behind these eyes…
    It feels like more than a lifetime…
    Feels like more than a lifetime…

    Anyway, I think I am burning up too many neurons right now trying to make this go somewhere…my greatest point is, thank you to the FEd, and to all that have made this thing be possible.

    Henderson, NV

    P.S.–FEd, I am guessing that there were pictures taken of you when you got your surprise(s). I wonder what it would take to get some of those posted…Polly?????…that’s your game!!! Don’t leave the FEd out of the pictures if you do…

    [It would take a lot. A hell of a lot. – Features Editor]

  36. FEd: Simply put…You are so very welcome!

    Thanks for the personal message to us and letting us know how it all played out. I could imagine it all playing like a movie in my head from your description…But as the camera zoomed in on you, there was nothing but a blurred image…but I could make out that out that you were smiling 🙂

    [Like a Cheshire cat. Thank you, Shelley. – Features Editor]

  37. To the blogger who believes that Rick Wright is an unsung hero I’d wholeheartedly agree.

    Rick is a quiet and unassuming guy who doesn’t have a high profile. I’ve often thought of him as the forgotten member of floyd as he’s rarely mentioned in the same breath as David & Roger, perhaps for obvious reasons given the history and Nick’s profile is reasonably high given his interest in Sports Cars and of course the book.

    I firmly believe that Rick was an integral part of the whole floyd soundscape and that his understated playing was just so right for the group.

    I was so pleased to hear that he was on tour with David and it was a pleasure to watch him on Monday night. He was certainly relaxed in the second half of the show after the technical problem he’d been experiencing was sorted. I saw him turn and give a thumbs up and smile to his techie during SOYCD (I think it was that song).

    He was certainly enjoying himself and was very animated during his ‘duel’ with David in Echoes.

    Overall, it was a superb show and David can be justifiably proud of each and every member of the band and himself. My only regret (and it’s very minor) is that David chose not to play anything from his first two albums.

  38. [As for the Blog being what it is, who will forget Rudders and his Captions, or the alter ego of Big Al? I have been a ‘regular’ here since January and I will remember for a long time the conversations and viewpoints of Clemens and Hysteron Proteron, as well as Becky and the Hotpants. I could go on about the memories, and I’m sure others could as well. The most important factor, in my opinion, is the tireless work by F.Ed to keep this place from being overrun by a bunch of know-it-all, loudmouth ‘fans’, and the Which One’s Pink garbage (this one strikes a nerve with me anyways. I mean, this is such an frivolous argument to begin with, but that’s for another discussion…).]

    Yeah, I mirror the sentiments of your post. Its plain fact that I have never had an experience such as this before on any blog.

    It has been interesting, fun and brilliant all at the same time.

    Thanks all,

  39. Last night I put on Pulse video and watched younger Guy, and Jon, Richard, Dick, Tim, David and Nick. Amazing bass lines. Money especially. What a perfect recording.

    To all the bloggers, keep typing. Wonder if we should pool together and get Fed a vaccuum cleaner now. Kudos to IAN,NEIL and ROOFER RUDDERS.

    Go Oilers Go. Bring Stanley back to Canada.

  40. THANK YOU SO MUCH, UNCLE GUY!!!!!!!!! (we are a great family, after all these months! Isn’t it?)…dear Guy, all these was possible because you (Guy and David, Polly, Fed, Sned…) made it possible! You gave us so many emotions and warmth that for us was simply natural answer you in a warmth, thankful way…your kindness with us is incredible…thanks!

    You really make we feel kings and queens, even if David and all the people who work with him are the real protagonist of all the things are around to this magical tour. Music and not only!

    FEd, I agree with everything Guy said, no doubt. On the blog, you always made we feel at home, DEAR UNCLE FED! You tollerate me so many time…a psychiatrist would costed me a lot of money more! Instead, free vent and free therapy! I wish it would never finish (maybe you wish, FEd! So you could have some rest of all our rivers of words)…in any case, it will be a really GREAT experience and memory….but before the blog close, I want my Newsnight Review day on Polly’s book! Remember!

    At the end, I want to thank you all the bloggers, who made me laugh, who made me think, who made always feel so welcome! YOU ARE GREAT, mate!



    P.S. I hope to find the the Features Ed souvenirs in the my city’s shops!

    [I think Polly is absolutely right about the people on the blog being so nice. Lucia, you prove this with each message. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  41. Vicky, judging by some of the comments in the adjacent boxes to where I was sitting on Tues night, a few other’s shared similar thoughts to yours.

    While for me the gig was out of this world, my brother, who was with me, didn’t share that view. His highlight of the gig was WYWH and CN and he wasn’t impressed with Echoes…… Let’s just say it led to some ‘lively’ discussion after the gig.

    But that is life, everyone is different (each to their own and all that). Makes life a bit more interesting.

    PS Fe’d have you seen the Times today and the list of Greatest 100 Albums of All Time, by NME and British Hit Singles and Albums? (I wonder if someone will do a top 100 of the different top 100 lists at some point – there seems to be one every other month!) Not strictly David Gilmour, but DSOTM made the top 10 and you’ll never believe who made the No 1 spot. Sort of ironic considering the interview David gave the Telegraph and David’s comments re a certain band.

    [Funnily enough, I just saw it. Very interesting indeed. I nearly threw my new cup and saucer at the nearest wall! Thanks for the link. – Features Editor]

  42. Hi Fed.

    Can you explain me why David Gilmour invites Nick to play because David + Richard + Nick = Pink Floyd… and he says every time that “Pink Floyd is in the past…”…

    Why he continues to make shows with Pink Floyd members if he says “Pink Floyd is over” ?

    I really don’t understand.

    One day he wants to play with Pink Floyd other members, another day he says it’s over…

    ? please answer me.

    [I see your point, but all that really matters to my mind is that the name printed on my ticket read “David Gilmour”, not “Pink Floyd”. That Richard and Nick also made up “Pink Floyd” is not really relevant. Guy, Jon and Dick have each made large contributions to “Pink Floyd” as well. When they were all on stage together, they were members of David’s band, touring because David has put out a new album and asked them to play a part in its presentation to whoever is interested enough to pay the entrance fee, sit still and listen. Maybe David could have presented it all as “Pink Floyd” (certainly lots of people would have made more from it financially had he done so), but all the more credit to him for being himself. If he wants to get away from the “Pink Floyd” brand name, then who can blame him? David has alluded to heavy burdens and big snail shells for ages now. If he wants to use the musicians he considers most able, then who can criticise him? Some might even say that David has finally and conclusively given everyone a very clear answer to the old “Which One’s Pink?” question by doing all this minus any familiar branding. I wouldn’t do that, of course. I don’t want to get sued by Pink Floyd’s Creative Genius. I’m just saying that what all those who were fortunate enough to attend one of David’s shows saw was “David Gilmour”, not “Pink Floyd”. And it was damn good. – Features Editor]

  43. Our community is special ain’t it? I definately feel like we have a family here. We have been through news as exciting as new babies (2 & 4 legged) and as mournful as hospital trips and passings. We truely are a family.

    I see so many people in my daily life, who just don’t seem to get “it”. “It” being lots of stuff we’ve hashed out here, everything from music to religion to the enviroment to government polices. I was starting to think that I was the strange one.

    Now I’ve found a community of strange ones, our irregulars. I may still be strange, (and maybe the most irregular of the bunch) but am no longer alone. There are no words to describe what this has meant to me. I can’t remember the last morning that I didn’t get my coffee and sit down in front of this screen for my daily morning read.

    I’m glad to hear it has meant so much to so many of you others as well.

    Thanks again to all who has made it possible: Fed, irregulars and regulars, all the people behind the scenes (who don’t have nicknames yet).

    Of course most importantly to David & Polly. You do attract to you who you are. I truely believe that. So remember the next time your wondering why your fans are so wonderful, it is because you truely are as well.

    Much Love To You All

  44. To Chris: I never mentioned it at the time because it was too much trouble to rant, but at the Paramount on April 16th, the man sitting next to me spent the entire show exchanging e-mails on his blackberry, and left his seat no less than 6 times in the second set to make cell phone calls. Short of having a family member in the hospital near death, I could not fathom why he would behave that way.

    And to Vicky: Don’t worry so much about the way people have reacted to your post. You clearly are someone who enjoys David’s music, and you’re entitled to your opinion regarding the performances. Whether this is the proper place to express criticism is a judgement you had to make prior to posting, but like I said, you made your choice, and you’re clearly fan, so don’t worry so much.


  45. Dear F-ED,

    Well I just caught the comments made about Vicky’s post, but had not read her previous one. I have just done that and I am totally with you – I disagree with her comments wholeheartedly. I too went to all 3 shows and I reviewed each one of a Floyd forum I belong too. This is my review of the final night.

    “Well another awesome gig. I have never done anything like this before, but going to all 3 shows turned out to be a great decision. No show was exactly the same and each held a different gem, with tonight’s being the jewel in the crown. Every performance was executed perfectly (apart from the very occasional bum note!) and despite the fact that the shows were being filmed, there was no intrusion at all by the film crews – that alone is some feat. The DVD should be brilliant.

    The more I hear ‘On An Island’, the more I appreciate what and beautiful compilation it is. Seeing David perform it live, really shows the effort he has put in and the range of instruments he has used, is impressive. He plays them all note perfect and listening to him play the saxophone was a rare treat. A consummate professional and a man who appears truly at one with his exceptional talent.

    The show started as normal and after they had finished playing the second number from On An Island, some wit in the crowd shouted “Very Good” This got a laugh from David, who replied with a grin “Thank you” it was an amusing moment which drew the audience in. David seemed to be very relaxed tonight and engaged in witticisms and chatted away a lot more between numbers.

    There was also a slight re-work of Then I Close My Eyes, with Dick Parry and Phil Manzanera performing small solo’s, before Richard Wyatt’s cornet piece, which was error free tonight!

    After the break we were straight into SOYCD and the third number seemed to be one that not many recognised. Dominoes is a Syd Barrett number from 1970 and he was acknowledged by David and a member of the crowd.

    I have to say, the atmosphere on stage tonight seemed the best of all three shows. Smiles abounded from all and they were clearly having fun up there. The GGITS proved popular again with Mica Paris, especially amongst the band members. Rick Wright gave her a standing ovation, as she walked off stage. Her rendition is very different from the original on DSOTM, with differing tones and timing, but I have to say I enjoyed it. Lastly again, was a perfect Echoes.

    With the main show now over, we moved to the encore……….. and as the band took their places David announced the arrival of Nick Mason on stage. This was a wonderful climax, Nick was beaming from ear to ear as we all witnessed the crowning moment of the UK tour – there they were for all to see, post Water’s Pink Floyd on stage together! The crowd lapped it up as they swung into WYWH. Nick played flawlessly and like David makes a guitar sound like “David Gilmour”, Nick Mason made drums sound like “Nick Mason” Very special indeed and this was lump in the throat stuff guys!

    After Crosby & Nash’s piece David asked Nick to lead them into the last number and he had a cheeky grin on his face, when he said “that just leaves one more then….?” We all knew what it would be and the smiles on stage were a pleasure to see. Rick Wright’s lyrics were a tad flaky, but I believe he was enjoying himself so much, that he got a bit carried away – I think the band themselves were by now all Comfortably Numb! Wonderful stuff………..

    So there we have it, the 3 Royal Albert Hall shows concluded and Echoes was again a real highlight for me, together with Comfortably Numb, Arnold Layne and seeing Nick Mason with the guys again. Others have mentioned it, but the lighting and mood created on stage during Echoes was masterful.

    David’s guitar work in places was spine tingling and it will live long in my memories as one of the finest things I have seen performed live. However, if I had to pick only one thing from all 3 shows, then it would have to be the appearance of David Bowie. To hear him sing Arnold Layne and Comfortably Numb was a musical treat of epic proportion and likely to never be seen again.

    I feel extremely lucky to have been there and it will be a memory I will always treasure.

    Thank you again David Gilmour for 3 magical night’s – look out Roger, you have something incredibly special to live up to!”

    Additionally, I thought the comment’s made by John Lockwood about his 14 year old daughter were extremely unfair. I got the impression he felt David owes some sort of debt to his fans? Not so, say I – I think we owe him our thanks and gratitude for enriching so many of our lives for nearly 40 years! I don’t think David owes us one thing at all. He has always struck me as a very quiet, gentle and generous man (what other celebrity do you know, who gave up his home to help the homeless?) and such a person would naturally shy away from huge gatherings of ‘bounty’ hunters. And what responsible parent keeps a 14-year-old daughter up till 2.30 in the morning to pester a fellow human being? I think your performance was poor Mr Lockwood, not David Gilmour’s.

  46. KenF

    Re your recent offer of the Wallet… Simon has lost your Email address so mail him again and he’ll forward it to me….

    Sorry Fedmeister…. 🙂

  47. [ As Polly said to me today, “How come David’s bloggers are so nice?” ]

    For me, it’s because we’ve all rather resolved ourselves to the fact that David had retired from perfoming. To be able to share our joy and excitement for a musician who has meant so much to all of us over the years is a real priviledge.

    I for one did not think I would ever be able to see David play live again. David certainly deserves his retirement and peace. I’m hoping the positive energy from this tour has re-awakened his desire to play.

    Perhaps David should take a page from Eric Clapton’s book: an annual homestand at the RAH. I live in California, but I would plan to attend every year.

    And of course, the fact that we are so nice is merely a reflection of the wonderful job Fed has done in shaping this community.

  48. Re Vicky:

    One thing I forgot to say and it’s a valid point made by the Feature’s ED – even though most on here have disagreed with what you say, don’t back down Vicky, as that’s your opinion and thankfully it’s your right to express it.

    As my grandfather used to say at the heat of many an argument “I disagree with what you are saying, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it”

    Long may we live in a democratic society so we can freely express our views, however controversial some may find them?


  49. Thanks for the commentary and news…this has been a wonderful place to come and read everyday. I truly enjoy the music of Mr. Gilmour and hope that he continues with more music in the future….especially with such a great fan base.

  50. Now that the “original” tour has concluded, I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Gilmour, his family, his band, Features Editor, and all other parties involved in the album and subsequent tour.

    The last six months have been exciting and enjoyable. As Nickster stated so simply, yet eloquently above, you have given me, and others, far more than money can buy. Thank you.

  51. Hi F.ED.

    Congratulations on your presentation you definetly deserved it for the work you put into to making this blog what it is.

    To Guy,

    Thank you for your views from inside the band and your wonderful words in your latest message and not forgetting the energy you have put into your bass playing through out the tour Superb!

    May 30th 2006 was as good as it gets, i truley hope its not the last time i see David play live but if it is then what away to end. Sat 4 rows from the stage with David right infront of me with a set-list that was incredable.

  52. When do you think we will get to see some updated tour photos? Just wondering…thanks for the hard work.

    [Soon, I hope. I’ll let the webmasters know that the fans are getting fidgety. They are very busy working on something new for the site, though. – Features Editor]

  53. FeD

    Congrats on your surprise. I wish I could have been a part of it.

    This blog is a truly positive and uplifting place.

    All the best, allways.

    [Thank you very much, John. – Features Editor]

  54. First I like to thank David and all the band for a wonderful evening and FEd for this great blog.
    I have been following it since last December and really feel like family here. What great bunch of people. I have something to share about the 31st that I will never forget.

    My little adventure,

    Here we are with our tickets in hand heading to the door, that has the restrants and bars for a bite to eat.

    It something like just after 7 and the concert starts at 8:30. In we go after passing the doorman who checked our tickets. Off we go to find something to eat and as we walk I hear music. As we get closer to the hall ouside of the actual arena the music gets louder and its a Pink Floyd song . Oh someone is playing a CD or or setting up the sound system I think to my self.

    The curiosity got the better of me. I go the door of the arena and peer inside, then it hit me, in the darkness with only the stage lights on I see this fellow on stage in a black tee shirt grinding out the solo to Comfortbly Numb!

    I was only feet away from the stage! It was David Gilmour playing with his band before the concert started in front of my very eyes. Of course by then I have my kids and wife watching and few others.They were telling to take a picture but I refused, this was special and didnt want to be a distraction. I could see his expressions on his face , we were that close!!

    It wasnt long before a usher came and gave us the boot, I begged to stay, hung on to the rail and said no no no, but she would have none of it. No sense of humor that girl!!

    Was I pumped! to say the least!

    Out we went and we sat down at a table to eat and have a refreshment all the while I could still hear him playing in the arena. He was playing a Syd Barrett’s song Dominoes, I couldnt take it any longer, sitting there and he was playing on the other side of “The WALL”, up I get again with Trevor my son hot on my heals and with the voice of my wife and daughter fading in the distance ” you will get kicked out of here” .

    I went to another door but was further from the stage this time and watched him play until another usher came, a different one this time.

    We went back to my table and I sat down behaved my self.

    But man was I pumped!! I will never forget it

    We took our seats in the choir section. It is up a bit behind them but right to the side of the stage. I was worried that when I got the tic’s I wouldn’t see much, boy was I wrong! We where a lot closer than the upper ring and you could see right down on all the musians and watch the keyboards or drummer play, You were close enough to see them adjusting the equipment.

    Well I dont know what I can say that hasnt been already said about the concert except that is best I have seen and I have seen alot , including PF 4 times. Man David you can play guitar and at the encore out comes Nick Mason. I was in heaven. Thank you.

    This was our first time to London and RAH and the short three day adventure was just fabulous for these four Canadian’s. I also found the people out on the street very helpful when we where trying to navigate the tube. What a great city with great music.

    next time Troy

  55. [You’re all mad… – Features Editor]

    We’ve always been mad. 😀

  56. First off, I would like to say, THANK YOU, FED, Nickster and John C. for your well wishes. Here it is Friday. A week ago this time I really pondered my own mortality and I was reduced to f***ing tears when the lyric came to me and broke down.

    So break the bread and pour the wine
    I need no blessings but I am counting mine
    Life is much more than money buys
    When I see the faith in my children’s eyes

    When the wave passed I thought that no matter how much my cous’ spent for me to come with and see Dave @The RAH…in spirit and mind, I was there. Monday night, I would’ve met the lot of you at The Queen’s Arms. Physically. But on a slightly metaphysical (get it ? 🙂 ) level I was with you all. Same thing Tuesday & Wednesday. I was with you all !!

    Thank you,FED, Nickster and John C. for your well intentioned blessings of good health. But I’ll tell you right now, I AM counting mine.

    Life is SO much more than money buys, Thank you, Padraig for counting me on a wonderful celebration of music and camaraderie…

    And now, someday I WILL see the faith in my children’s eyes

    And for those of you to bash Vicky’s viewpoint, FOR SHAME…in this world that David, Polly, though FED’s graciousness, wish to emulate, there should be acceptance of divergent opinions. I’m sure I would’ve spotted / heard any miscues or flubbs. As much as I love PF and Gil, Rog, Rick, Nick and Syd we have to remind ourselves…WE ARE ALL HUMAN ! We are not perfect and if other’s notice something wrong they are quick to point out our mistakes, it is called criticism. Some of it can constructive and a lot of it can be demonstrative, harsh even.

    So to all those who are quick to jump on Vicky, we must think to ourselves…was anything she said baseless ? And if it was, SO WHAT !

    We are here through the machinations of David and Polly’s, and of course the inestimable, FED…we live in a critical time and we are all brought together to share our views and opinions whether embracing the ideal of Gilmour that we all hold. Or not. What’s that poem about fences ?

    Because of what happened to me within this past week, I was not able to “see” Gilmour & Co., but I’ll tell you all I was able to SEE ( envision ) what I had missed and that for me was enough.

    Maybe, because of the lack of seeing Gilmour I have reached an epiphany of sorts. I am counting
    my blessings. Had I continued on, I, literally, would have been brain damaged. Bad pun there. I surely would’ve been dead had I gone.

    FED, bless your heart, I thank you immensely for keeping this Gilmour afficianado very happy through these past four months that I have been posting here. Rudders, Simon, Ian, Gerry in Dublin, Bianca, Lucia and all you regulars I give a hearty thank you and leave for my weekend of more rest and recuperation.

    Mr. Gilmour, you are definitely one of the Several Wonders of the Universe. Thank you for years of sonic, aural pleasure and some of your poignant lyrics.

    You have quite a way with the guitar. With your friends over the years you have been the cold, refreshing splash of water on my conciousness. I certainly hope to see you within the next year or two. Please extend my warmest regards to your lovely wife and keep at it with the little wains, I’m sure you are a wonderful father.

    I’m counting my blessings and one day I will see the faith in my children’s eyes.

    And my mind fastens on to the one lyric from ‘Dogs of War’ :

    One world…one world…

    We should all embrace the differences in this one , beautiful world, it’s the only one we have.

    Cazart !

  57. Angelo, you may wear panties but I prefer briefs or boxers. I know it’s just an expression but I just couldn’t resist.

    You’re right though in your response to Vicky. We all have the right to our opinions and to disagree.


  58. I’ve been a quiet “irregular” for a while watching for the outcome of the presentation to the Fed. I am so glad that everything worked out. Many people were involved and last minute details on transporation etc… made for an exciting last few days. I was happy to be a contributor. I am so glad you enjoyed our little scheme, Fed, and in a way, I hope that Ian doesn’t make anymore “wiremen”. It would be kind of nice knowing you have the one and only.

    I hope the band and crew gets their well deserved rest before continuing the tour. I still have my memories of the NY show back in April and look forward to the DVD to relive it.

    To all the bloggers who were part of the surprise: Didn’t we do well? I think so.


    [You did very well. Thank you so much. – Features Editor]

  59. Wow, today’s blog is full of interesting posts.

    Fed: Nice to see that you were honoured with such wonderful gifts, you really deserve it.

    Vicky: Thanks for you post. It was very informative (like the part about David’s interaction with Nick) and opinionated. I don’t agree with most of what you wrote, and that too is okay; besides, it is obviously not a “Roger is better” or a “David should only be in PF” kind of post, it was just a review of the concert as you saw it.

    The only thing that really concerned me was the line: “Let the arguments begin”, which seems like you were asking for a rebuttal. However, as most of us are not professional writers, it is easy to understand how we can write something lengthy and have it turn out to have an unintentional slant.

    Now, what are the odds that Roger is now trying to get Vicky barred from his concerts? Can you imagine the post the day after? 😉

    Regarding Richard Wright’s role in the Pink Floyd sound: I have always regarded David’s guitar, Richard’s keyboards and David’s voice as the top 3 components of the PF sound as we know it. Ricard’s playing has such wonderful texture. Of course, the bass lines and drumming are an important part as well, but Richard being part of this tour was definitely a highlight for me. I also liked the fact that he sang on CN, I thought that it was a brilliant choice. I took part in the standing ovation for him out of respect for all he has done over the years. What’s wrong with that?

    Anyway, glad that the UK leg of David’s tour was such a success, good luck to the band for the summer concerts.

  60. Dear fed

    I just wanted to pass on katrina my partners thankyou for asking after her mum who has been unwell. She is feeling a bit better, as i have said we are both going to venice in august and really looking forward to the trip.

    i just read about nick getting on the drums must have been a real treat for the fans. I wish david and the band all the success in europe and a safe journey hope to catch up with him in venice.

    Ps katrina thinks you may be lady any hints! if not i do apologise on her behalf.

    [No need for apologies, mate. – Features Editor]

  61. Oasis!? Isn’t that a clump of trees in the middle of a desert? Never heard of them before I had read David’s comment in the Telegraph about them lifting tunes. Guess I am gonna have to look for some Oasis that I can download for free on the Internet. One shouldn’t have to pay for mere shrubbery!

  62. Hey there,

    As I write, I’m listening to David’s beautiful and heart-rending version of “High Hopes’ on AOL’s “Sessions” site. (If you haven’t heard it…don’t wait. Go now!!)

    Okay. Here I go again – would it be too much to ask to have a 4 song special edition “High Hopes” CD release put together? All “High Hopes”.. all the time.

    1. Division Bell
    2. Pulse
    3. Meltdown
    4. AOL

    While I have no intention of dying anytime soon, I’d love to leave the AOL version to my wife in remmembrance of our life together. (Not trying to make you feel guilty…but it’s true.)It’s such a beautiful song ‘I’m sure I’m not the only onr who feels that way.

    Best to all,

  63. Hey, it’s me again. Slept all night and half of the day but still tired.. *grin*

    I don’t know where to start really… So I will just blurt out stuff as it comes to me in the blog every now and then.. is that okay?

    KenF: It was really cool meeting you as well. I am sorry we were an hour late, but at least you had fun going all round that pub all that time asking every lady with even a hint of red in her hair if her name was Bianca, right? 😉 And thank you for commenting on my attire on that day. I felt dead sexy in my black skirt and my cowboy boots! GENUINELY SPIFFY! *GRIN*

    I also loved all the other bloggers I met. I am sorry that I don’t remember all your names, since I am really bad at that. So sorry if I don’t mention you all by name.

    Nickster, you didn’t seem shy at all! I kept looking over my shoulder to see if I could see you in the stalls that last night, so that I could take a pic of you and your sign “smile if you are a blogger”, but I must have looked right passed you.. damn..

    Did you hear that ‘woohooo!’ when David mentioned the blog when he introduced Guy? That was me.. hehehe

    Ralph, it was nice to be able to speak Dutch/Flemish to someone the past week!

    Matty and Andy.. I love you guys! you have a special place in my heart 🙂 Wish I had your email adresses.. *lol*

    FEd, it was really nice meeting you too, although you probably didn’t know that I know we did, but then I can spot a fake beard a mile away, so I am sure it was you.. (I am only kidding guys.. did your heart just skip a beat FEd? ;-))

    I also had fun meeting a couple of the so called ‘lurkers’ of this blog (people who read but do not post). Had a very nice chat with one of them in particular. Just wanted to say it was really nice meeting you, since I know you will be reading this. 🙂

    And last but not least.. Rado.. baby.. what can I say.. LOVE YA TO BITS, MAN! 😉

    Who else could I have taken photo’s with of our heads between the chimneys of Battersea Power Station pretending to be floating pigs?

    Who else could I have run around London with, yelling ‘DIDN’T THEY DO WELL?’ all over the place (even on the tube!) hoping some blogger would remember that that was supposed to be the secret code and identify him or herself to us. I am afraid we (and FEd) were the only ones that knew that was supposed to be the secret code though, since nobody responded as hoped.. hahaha (but maybe at least FEd heard us and laughed in his/her fake beard… *grin*).

    I had a heaps of fun with you and I am missing you already. And give your kid a hug from me, she is one cool gal, but do it when nobody is watching, since it is not cool to be hugged by your dad in public at her age.. hahaha

    Hugs, Bianca

  64. [To the blogger who believes that Rick Wright is an unsung hero I’d wholeheartedly agree.

    Rick is a quiet and unassuming guy who doesn’t have a high profile. I’ve often thought of him as the forgotten member of floyd as he’s rarely mentioned in the same breath as David & Roger, perhaps for obvious reasons given the history and Nick’s profile is reasonably high given his interest in Sports Cars and of course the book.

    I firmly believe that Rick was an integral part of the whole floyd soundscape and that his understated playing was just so right for the group.]

    I’d just like to say that I agree with all of the above. Check out some of the earlier Floyd albums (from WYWH back) and see how much material, and what music, was contributed by Rick. I honestly believe that the only thing that stopped him from having just a high a profile in the group as David and Roger was his own introverted personality, not a lack of talent. Personally I feel that Momentary Lapse of Reason lacked variety due to Rick’s absence – check out songs like Marooned and Wearing the Inside Out from the Division Bell, the difference is clear.

    I would also invite anyone who hasn’t heard it yet to check out Rick’s solo album “Broken China”. Doing this album was incredibly brave – with no fanfare, very little promotion and a subject matter (depression) that doesn’t exactly feature prominently in top 40 selections. As far as charts and stuff go, it never had a chance. But Rick did it anyway and the result is an album of striking depth and beauty. In my opinion, tracks such as “Night of 1000 Furry Toys”, “Along the Shoreline” and “Breakthrough” are right up there with the best of the Floyd – compare it to The Final Cut, for example, and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.

    After reading “Saucerful of Secrets” by Nicholas Schaeffner, it came across that Momentary Lapse of Reason was a DG solo album disguised as Pink Floyd. The Division Bell is not, and Rick’s involvement is a big part of that. All credit to David, then, that he has taken the opposite approach this time – produced his own album but not afraid to have PF influences on it, including having Rick involved. I am sure that Rick is in the band not because he is the hottest vocalist/keyboard player out there at the moment (probably Jon Carin is 🙂 ), or because of some PF memories, but simply because who else could he feel more comfortable with?

    Seeing Echoes and Arnold Layne played live for the first time ever on Tuesday, I can say that it just would not have been the same without Rick, and not for sentimental reasons. Seeing David and Rick playing it together, it just felt (w)right.

  65. Fed,

    I’ve been sitting quietly and enviously reading the many reports of the shows and, if you would indulge me I’d like to make a few comments.

    There’s a bit of an “end of an era” feel about things right now, don’t you think. I know the summer gigs are still to come (Boy oh Boy – St Marks square, Venice for Christ’s sake. That venue defines star quality and pulling power.)

    A lot of good and interesting sentiments have been expressed and I imagine a few of us “irregular” bloggers hold back to avoid repetition. However every now and then I think it’s nice that everyone weighs in and the team get a real feel for the amount of feeling (and indeed love) out there.

    We’re all well and truly looking forward to the DVD. Whether or not David can muster the enthusiasm for more touring I wouldn’t presume to judge. Hopefully this site has shown him just how deep an appreciation there is for his special talent and just maybe he’ll want more, but most probably he’ll carry on with what sounds like a pretty happy lifestyle – it’s all there on the disc.

    Of course, contemplation of Mortality is one of the themes of the album and it’s also a strong connector to the PF legacy and one can’t help feeling that we are coming to the end. I think that’s partly why any PF activity generates such enthusiasm – this is precious and rare to so many us us.

    If I may also briefly weigh in on the DG / PF theme. Make no mistake, David plus Rick and Nick, Guy, John, Dick, Sam is not PF in disguise. It’s David’s initiative and he’s chosing to play with friends. Great. Roger play’s Dark Side in Hyde Park. Great. It’s the music that’s important and it can and should exist outside the PF vehicle. Nobody complains that La Boheme shouldn’t exist without Puccini!

    However, and I say this fully aware that this is David’s site, I would like to express the hope that PF is not dead and I’ll tell you why. Live 8 could indeed be a nice way to end. It would in some ways be fitting, but I just get the feeling that we now use PF as a negative term – that we only see Stadiums and mega-tours and committment, hassle and creative differences. Live 8 showed – and David has reinforced the mood – that it doesn’t have to be like that. The appetite is there for something more mellow, more selective and contained – but the power for good is undeniable if it can be harnessed. Just think of joy and goodwill – the vibe of this site – of that day. Just think how that could be harnessed.

    It’s a dream. Yes it’s selfish. But we have something special here don’t we? Enough said and I hope I haven’t wound anyone up too much. You know I mean well!!

    Finally Fed it was great to read about your surprise presentation. Thanks to Rudders, Simon and I’m sure lots of others who put in the effort and came up with some thoughtful and appropriate gifts that I’m sure you will cherish. Just remember to think of us when you wear the shirt! Perhaps you could provide a photo !! I’ll chip in something to Crisis and you should remember that because of YOUR efforts (and the price of tea and a slice) some people out there are going to sleep safely from now on. Feel good about that.

    Love to all

    [Bless you for that, Tim. Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  66. Just some random comments on the past week: (part 1 ;-))

    Dick Parry is now my new favorite DG band member (sorry Guy *grin*).. I have had heaps of fun yelling DICK PARRY RAAAAAAAAAAH all week (which apparently mimics the behaviour of a four year old, but then acting like a four year old is one of those things I am reaaaally good at anyway, hehehe).

    Since I am an orphan, I am hoping he might be willing to adopt me as a (grand) daughter?
    Dick? What do you say? *grin*

    My favorite show from the RAH: I have no f-ing clue!! Since we sat at 3 very different places they were all very different shows to me. The second night may have been really good, but was slightly spoiled by two very drunk Italians yelling all through the songs, singing off key and literally jumping, throwing around chairs and wrestling in the box next to us. I tried to focus on the show and not let it spoil it for me and I managed to do at least that last thing, but all the turmoil and the RAH staff going in and out of that box did take some off the attention away.

    My favorite musical bit: The lenghtened a cappella ‘Sing to me’ bit from Fat Old Sun sung by (I think) Guy, Phil and Jon? Guy was that high voice yours? Dead sexy indeed, Deborah, you should have been there! 😉 I could have those 30 seconds of music on a loop and play it all day without getting tired of it..

    ‘Siiiiiiiiiiiing to meeeee, siiiiiiing to meeee…’

    Favorite guest: Bowie.. gaaawd that voice.. he completely turned that Arnold Layne into his own song and I loved it. Many people may go to concerts to hear an exact replica of the record, but I am not one of those people, so I loved his alterations in tempo and melody.

    Mica Paris was fantastic as well. For the same reasons mentioned above, I might add, so that person that said she butchered that song, may have been to set on hearing the exact original. But since the singing on that song is more of a vocal solo than an exact melodic line, that is like asking David to play the exact solo on Comfortably Numb as played on the album…

    Best treat ever: Hearing Echo’s live three times in a row! *thud*

    Okay.. trying to keep the posts readable so more random comments as they pop in my head later 😉

    Hugs, Bianca

  67. RAH 29th May: a lot has already been said by so many so I will keep it short! It was amazing – thank you to David & Co for such a spine-tingling show… beautiful music throughout. It was my son’s first concert (not a bad start – I’ve warned him he is starting with the best and will have to work his way down from here…) We were lucky to get seats at the front courtesy AND thanks to RAH managed to get another ticket so we could all be there. Highlights? The entire show! (High Hopes ending is knockout – I could listen all night to that.)

    Nearly choked on my coffee on the train on the way back – reading a show review in the paper: I think some of these “writers” are missing the point to the show/music and add really unrelated & unnecessary comments.

    The only downside to the show is my wife has walked off with the OAI CD and I’m having difficulty getting it back…

    I only hope that there isn’t too long a wait before the next CD & tour – DG to have a couple of years off maybe? Once again, thanks to everyone (you too FEd!)


  68. Don’t you feel sometimes you are a nanny McPhed? Okay, I’ll beehive. Wonder what movie we watched today? LOL. I hope Raymond,and Susan a speedy recovery soon. Simon, I suggest Floyd for a boy, or Floydette for a girl. If there’s a third, heaven help you.

  69. Hi FEd

    Since getting back to Norfolk after Wednesday night been reading the comments with a big grin, me and the Wife were lucky enough to be in the audience at the Mermaid gig being the first time in seeing our hero and in such an intimate venue it was breath taking.

    Could that be topped well Wednesday night was amazing,how could such a venue of the size of the RAH feel so intimate as well, but Mr Gilmour gave a performance of light and shade with the dynamics that most musicians would die for.

    All I can stay as to comments on the Blogg even thou during the tour we have been treated to God like performances by DG and the rest of the troupe they also have showed the human side as live music will always provide who ever you are.

    Thanks to all concerned in making these wonderful experiences and you yourself FED for keeping the flame burning for us fans who hate being in the dark, keep up the good work.

  70. (I hope that Ian doesn’t make anymore “wiremen”. It would be kind of nice knowing you have the one and only.) from Tim

    Been tempted Tim but I have no plans to make another glassman. I couldnt do anything exactly the same anyway, it remains a one off. Why, even I havent got one!

    Fed, got email with photos OK and yes you can use photo with pleasure

    ian Pearson

    [Thank you, Ian. In that case, it will be here very soon. – Features Editor]

  71. When do you think we will get to see some updated tour photos? Just wondering…thanks for the hard work.

    [Soon, I hope. I’ll let the webmasters know that the fans are getting fidgety. They are very busy working on something new for the site, though. – Features Editor] – Brent at June 2, 2006 08:45 PM

    Something new for the site???

    Don’t tell me, your going to name & shame all the “Irregular” bloggers… 😉

    [It’s an idea of SNEd’s that should be of use to everyone that visits I can’t say more than that. The webmasters are busting their buns getting that ready, plus new galleries, so please be patient. – Features Editor]

  72. Can’t wait to see the images of Ian’s Glassman.

    When does the full production run start then, Ian?

    You’ve got a captive market here…

    Percentage of every sale to Crisis…

  73. Just got back to Southern California Thursday night and I have to say that the three concerts at the RAH were incredible. I cannot wait for the DVD.

    It was refreshing that one could wander anywhere at the RAH including walking right up to the stage to look at the instruments at intermission and not get hassled.

    In all I had the great opportunity to see six of the shows including the first night in Oakland and the two in Los Angeles. I bought my tickets from the RAH after they released some arena seats ten days before the shows and the ones we had in California were bought through the presales so I was able to attend the shows by purchasing my tickets legitimately.

    My rock and roll pilgrimmage began on Saturday evening with a flight from LA to London where I connected to Eurostar and made it over to Paris in time for Sunday’s Eric Clapton concert. Monday morning I visited the cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried before heading back to London where over the next three days I saw three unbelievable concerts and visited London rock and roll sites such as the Abbey Road Studios while walking along Abbey Road, Baker Street, the London Palladium, Earl’s Court, and the Olympic Studios. I also got some great pictures of the Battersea Power Station and met some interesting people at the shows. My only non rock and roll diversions were lunch at Harrods one afternoon and a tour of Wimbledon.

    What an incredible time I had. All of the venues were great, the band was awesome and it was amazing to see the special guests such as Crosby and Nash, David Bowie, and Nick Mason who graciously signed autographs after Wednesday’s show.

    If I had to pick the top two shows they would be night one in Los Angeles at the Kodak Theatre and Wednesday the final night at the RAH. The performance of On An Island on Wednesday was superb. But all the concerts were fantastic.

    The nitpicking and negativity of some of the blogger critics is mind boggling. We have just witnessed greatness and those concerts should provide fantastic memories for those of us who were fortunate to attend.

    My favorite moment was watching my friend Carrie getting to stand up against the stage at the Gibson Theatre in Los Angeles during Comfortably Numb and hear her favorite song played by the amazing David Gilmour from less than ten feet away! It was priceless as she was so in the moment! Although only in her early 20’s Carrie is such a great Pink Floyd fan and has been one since age seven!

    I cannot remember a better time for attending concerts. During the past year I have seen David Gilmour, Robert Plant, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones and U2. I lost my father to cancer a year ago and the music of these inspiring artists have helped in dealing with the void. Thank you David for the fantastic On an Island and the concerts. And thanks to you F’ed for the great work that you do on this site. It has been a pleasure reading each day.

  74. FEd,

    Just thought I would pass on some memories from the RAH gig on the 31st – where do I start!! Never been to the RAH before, impressive looking building from the outside but once inside it looked even bigger (think TARDIS!!) The atmosphere was electric, full of expectant fans, lights dimmed and there in a blue haze DG putting on that familiar guitar strap to rapturous applause. I was a bit worried that the UK tour might have taken its toll on the old vocal chords but his voice was in fine form.

    Loved the way the running order to OAI was mixed around – did’nt expect that!! One track that really stood out for me from OAI was Then I Close My Eyes. So melodic, so serene, sounded much better live and took me by pleasant surprise. Could hardly wait to hear Shine On as its my all time favoutite strat solo and this version was really superb – slightly different from the Mermaid rendition as well.

    My first introduction to PF was way back in 1972 when a friend played me this long instrumental track which started with a sonar like “ping”. Being twelve and a fan of the TV series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” it had me instantly hooked. I have never heard Echoes live before, so when that first “ping” rang out, many happy childhood memories came flooding back. What a performance! It was just breath taking, the light show went into complete overdrive, the music built up towards a thundering climax and DG nearly missed his cue but dived towards the mike in the nick of time!!

    The gig was full of pleasant surprises but the best came right at the end – in the form of Nick Mason!!! Wish You Were Here was a fantastic sing a long, I was going to mime at first but I thought what the hell and sang along with everyone else. I have heard DG guitar style described in the music press as “seagulling” Well the final solo on Comfortably Numb could be akined to a Wandering Albatross riding the South Polar winds – dynamic soaring at its best.

    Thank you for an outstanding evening.

    P.S.-FEd Your doing a fantastic job with the blog, nice to see your efforts being much appreciated by so many friends.

    [Thank you, Tom. Glad that you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  75. Hello David & Co,

    What can i say? I eventually managed to get a couple returned tickets for wed’s FANTASTIC show @ the RAH, & boy, was I the hapiest girl alive that day, (& for many days after that.)

    Anyway, my friend & I made the trip up from Devon, (a place not too far from the school that Polly attended before she was eventually expelled), into a 2day/night mini break – the BEST mini break ever i must add!

    We took in a show, did the sights etc, but nothing could have prepared us for what you & the band had in store for us that night. Getting to watch you preform was a dream come true, I can’t really describe the emotions i’ve felt over the last couple of days, obviously I was on a complete high on wed, but on thurs going home everything just felt like a dream that hadn’t hapened. (It’s official – my bubble has burst & it’s back to reality for me, & so many others! I’ve taken a sigh, taken a deep sigh).

    On a lighter note, thanks for you’re music & devotion, what more can i say. I really do hope i get to see you again sometime in the future, (& I hope you get round to reading this).

    Much respect, admiration & love etc, Laura. xx (Devon,UK.)

    FED, thanks for your hard work, what a job you have there, is there any going? I could do with a change. (Hey, i make a mean cuppa!) I will continue visiting the site, i do enjoy reading the various comments even if i do end up reading them till stupid o’clock & losing precious beauty sleep. AND i’m at work. Oh well such is life, at 31 i’m not past it yet!

    Thanks again to you all!

  76. Dearest FeD

    [I think Polly is absolutely right about the people on the blog being so nice. Lucia, you prove this with each message. Thank you. – Features Editor]

    We’re so nice because you are so nice (and fair and firm when needed) Not unlike David and Polly I suspect.


    [We’re all like little sunbeams, aren’t we? Peeping through the clouds with a cheery smile. We’re going to get sick of this soon… Where’s that guy who kept going on about Montreal? Oh yes, I banned him. Yes, I’m so nice. – Features Editor]

  77. Dearest FeD

    [I think Polly is absolutely right about the people on the blog being so nice. Lucia, you prove this with each message. Thank you. – Features Editor]

    We’re so nice because you are so nice (and fair and firm when needed) Not unlike David and Polly I suspect.


    [We’re all like little sunbeams, aren’t we? Peeping through the clouds with a cheery smile. We’re going to get sick of this soon… Where’s that guy who kept going on about Montreal? Oh yes, I banned him. Yes, I’m so nice. – Features Editor]

  78. Dear Fed,

    Well it’s thanks to your blog that I got a tip off about the extra tickets that were on sale and managed to get some good seats for the concert on the 31st. I was also one of the lucky ones that managed to go the Mermaid gig. It was a fanatastic evening but I left with mixed emotions as I had failed to get a ticket for the tour!!! As much as I am a fan I was no going pay over the odds.

    Last Wednesday I took my old mate, a guy who grew up with punk detesting bands like Pink Floyd. He was absolutely blown over with the performance (and he has seen hundreds of bands over the years and ironically put up all the posters at Earls Court for the Division Bell Tour!) He loved Arnold Layne and was so impressed with the Guy’s Rickenbacker that he’s going to buy one!!

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m already on holiday in August I would go again and be there in Venice.

    For me the high points were getting the chance to hear/see the new album all the way through, Arnold Layne & Echoes

    One last thing, do you know if the Albert Hall gigs were recorded in HD?

    Cheers, Paul

    [They certainly were. – Features Editor]

  79. [PS Fe’d have you seen the Times today and the list of Greatest 100 Albums of All Time,…]

    Posted by: blootoon at June 2, 2006 06:47 PM

    [Funnily enough, I just saw it. Very interesting indeed. I nearly threw my new cup and saucer at the nearest wall! Thanks for the link. – Features Editor]

    No need to be so upset F.E.,as #89 obviously invalidates this poll!

    F.E…A nice warm mellow feeling came upon me on reading about the wonderful heartfelt gesture that fellow bloggers and Guy,no less,have bestowed upon you.You so deserve it as you have been, and am sure will continue to be greatiness!..(Sorry about the last word but if you can use sneakiness…)

    Caption… An audience member gives David a perfect 10 on his new designer striped hat.

    [89… Was that the one with ‘Wannabe’ on it? Oh God, someone kill me now. Of course the Spice Girls’ debut is better than ‘Hotel California’. The Eagles didn’t have Girl Power. They could write their own songs and play instruments, but what does that count for? These polls, eh? Madness. I love the quote about voters being knowledgeable. Sadly they’re not knowledgeable enough to realise that Oasis are merely a rip-off of The Beatles, Radiohead a rip-off of Pink Floyd (sorry, Lucia!) and Nirvana only popular because Kurt Cobain is no longer with us. It’s enough to make me want to throw up all over my Fedmeister shirt. – Features Editor]

  80. Hi there dear FEd and Friends!

    Just wanted to chime in quickly to say that we’re so happy that you finally got what you deserved, so to speak!! I’ve had so much fun being a part of this musical and magical journey from the start, and was so happy to be in on the Fedmeister’s Special Surprise … we couldn’t have accomplished it without the ‘inside men’, the artists, the accomplished coordinators, and the many accomplices!

    Others have expressed the collective thoughts and thanks that we all share in a more articulate manner than I ever could. Just let me say that I see David and Polly as the pebble that, when dropped in the water, started the ripples outward that enveloped all of us and made us all a part of the same wonderful experience, and I thank them and all of you sincerely!!

    Also, let’s all send out some of that community energy to one of the group who’s having a health issue — I’ll bet the sounds of On An Island are filling her heart and mind with some healing energy right now!

    Peace and Harmony!
    Washington State

    p.s. I turned 55 today — my daughter says to me “Mom, now you can get a senior discount when you eat at Denny’s!” Aaaarrrgghhhhhhhh!

    [Happy birthday, Gabrielle. Take your daughter to Denny’s several times a week. That’ll teach her. – Features Editor]

  81. I know, I know, eight billion posts is a bit much and I should probably keep this to myself. But I’ll share three things. I think that the tone of today’s posts–even our response to differing views–is an amazing one.

    First–the response of the F.Ed. to the post about the Pink Floyd brand name was brilliant. I think that the fact that this is a David Gilmour tour, and not a Pink Floyd tour, is very important. And I think that the F.Ed. articulated perfectly the importance of that distinction. What I got to see at Radio City Music Hall were two of the best nights of my life–and they had nothing to do with the brand name on the ticket and everything to do with the voice and guitar on stage (and the amazing band.)

    Second–Polly is absolutely right. I’m a Floyd/Gilmour freak, and I was originally drawn to this blog by that simple fact, but what has kept me coming back has been the fact that this is an incredible community of people. You guys rock–and the F.Ed. deserves both gifts and our ongoing and unqualified respect. From a distance the job doesn’t seem easy.

    Third–Rudders, you rule. Excellent, excellent call. Guy, you are the man. And am I the only one of our group who hasn’t been able to keep off the dirty sticks?

    [Cheers, Gus. Thanks a lot. – Features Editor]

  82. When I heard DSoTM back in 1973 I was stunned with what is sounded like, and more importantly, what it made me feel like. I have heard it countless times since then, and it still stands up today for me. It’s like and old friend that I really love. When WYWH came out I was a bit skeptical whether or not it would be as good, and stand up to the mantle previously established by Dark Side. But after a few listens it began to grow and grow.

    This is the secret of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. The work gets better and better as you become friends with it, and listen to what it says and how it makes you feel.

    I learned to trust David Gilmour with this. When OAI came out I had no hesitation in knowing that it would be good. That’s just how it is with David…..he just always puts all of himself into it, and I trust him to take me along with him. As always, he did not disappoint me. OAI is a remarkable piece of work in a time when we are all inundated with the assembly line top 40 songs on the radio. Many I like too…but 40 years from now, will there be 3 dozen or more tribute bands all over the world emulating this…I don’t think so! But this music of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour will stand the test of time, it already has and certainly will continue to do so…..because it’s that bloody good. The writing and the execution of it is second to non.

    It’s about trusting David and his ability to show you something new, and to make you feel something new, or feel something deeper than before. But you have to be open to the experience. It looks like many big fans of David’s who were doubters about the OAI album, suddenly after hearing it live, became believers. …..they “got it”. This album for me stands up as well as many of my favorite Floyd albums, and better than the others.

    David and all of you associated with this work…….thank you.

    Thank you F’ed for your work here on the blog. Bloody great job. (whoever you are!!)

    Cheers from Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada

  83. [To the blogger who believes that Rick Wright is an unsung hero I’d wholeheartedly agree.]

    Rick brought his distinct style to the PF music. I love the “Wearing the Inside Out” from DB and wish the live version from this tour would be included in the upcoming DVD.


  84. What are these silly comments I am hearing from Mr.Gilmour in regard to the Rolling Stones? It is Ok for him to do shows but not them? I think if anyone is up to the task at any stage, age in one’s life, in ANY field, then it is inspirational for all of us. I don’t like it when my heroes start turning into ‘grumpy old men’ then slag others off and hypocritically do the same thing themself.

    Incidently, I saw the Stones recently and could not believe they could be beter than they were 10-25 years ago……Amazing!!….Keep on Rolling, yers all!!


  85. This has been a great place to share thoughts throughout the tour. This mass communication on a global scale is a great flipside to the intimate community it created between the fans and the Gilmour camp, along with all the great intimate venues along the way. A lot of credit has to go to David. He did it all on his terms and with the kind of integrity that you just don’t see from artists of his caliber these days. And of course, thanks to the old FEd-ster for keeping us all in line. Well, I guess there’s only one thing left to say…

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!


  86. Well,

    I was working in the Albert Hall on Wednesday for my College’s (Imperial College) graduation ceremony. I was there all day, and those Gilmour Tshirts and posters were teasing me.

    I had actually forgotten that it was one these three dates, because I gave up hope of getting tickets a long time ago when they were sold out and I saw that they were costing 400-500 dollars for the show on the net.

    However once I got there, I couldnt resist and went to the Box office three times, no luck. Finally bought a ticket from a tout (huge risk) for a 100 pounds. As i was waiting for the show I was hoping I hadnt made a huge mistake….and it turns out that it was the best money I ever spent.

    My ticket was a box ticket in the Grand Tier and sitting to my left was Evan Mcgregor, the actor. As for the show, well I’m originally from Bangalore, India and hadnt seen much concerts there…we have a huge Floyd/Gilmour/Waters following there and I saw Waters in Bangalore when he played to about 30,000 people. But this night just redefined the standard for me. I’m seeing Metallica on the 10th, and im not even interested now, nothing can match up to what I saw.

    I almost passed out during SOYCD and CN. For that matter I had goosebumps for atleast 2 hours of the three hour set, and had tears in my eyes during Coming Back to Life.

    I dont think I’ll ever witness something like this again.

    Thank You to everyone involved in this tour.


  87. Morning everyone, morning fed, beautiful day here, will be making the most of it once I’ve finished typing this message.

    Fed, just wanted to say thanks for the lovely email, glad you liked the gifts, you could have shared the chocolate though lol!

    [No chance of that, sorry! – Features Editor]

  88. Hi FED,

    Oui, on peut dire “j’ai la frite”……

    Dans 2 mois je vais revoir le show…donc j’ai la frite….

    Thanks everybody for the great time we had in RAH….

    [Merci, Genevieve. Une expression fantastique. – Features Editor]

  89. Tuesday’s gig was truly superb, I’m still suffering withdrawal symptoms. Let’s hope it wasn’t Gilmour’s last UK gig..

    In response to comments about the absence of Roger, are people really that suprised? The man has a bigger ego than the rest of the band put together and he wouldn’t want to be seen as playing second fiddle to David Gilmour, now would he?

    Am I the only person that finds this continuing battle of wills between Messers Gilmour and Waters rather tiresome? A cursory glance at recent press articles reveals that Gilmour is still feeling hurt and Waters is still winging on about The Division Bell, Spinal Tap, Polly, his (sole) creative contribution…etc. When are these guys going to wake and realise that Pink Floyd were always greater than the sum of their parts. The combination of Roger’s lyrical genius and Gilmour’s gritty vocals and distinctive guitar sound has produced some of the best music I have ever heard and I’m sure that will never change.

    It’s about time that Gilmour and Waters put their egos aside and acknowledged each other’s unique contribution. Only then will they truly be able to put the “shit to bed”, to quote Mr Gilmour’s recent Mojo interview.


  90. Heading out to Greece tomorrow!!!!

    WOOWOOO!! On an Island here we come!!!

    David, Polly and FeEd..the offer still stands.

    Cheers, Howard

    [You’re a gentleman. Have a great time, mate. – Features Editor]

  91. [Radiohead a rip-off of Pink Floyd (sorry, Lucia!)]

    dear dear dear FEd, I wish to love you like a sister/brother…but you spoil all! I can’t stand you don’t love Radiohead. I can’t love you like a brother/sister…at most, I can love like a far cousin! WHY? WHY? WHY DO YOU WANT TO BREAK MY HEART??????????

    NICKSTER! In the past I didn’t want underline that Thom Yorke support the Big Ask campaign, but I’d like underline that if I love Thom and David so much is just not because they do great music…above all for their music, of course…but also because they use their notoriety to do good thing! GREAT!

    Not important stuff! I’m reading “Fahrenheit 451”. I LOVE IT and suggest it to everyone…something like an american George Orwell (1984)…both very interesting!



    [Please forgive me, but they don’t deserve to have two albums in the Top Ten, do they? Better than ‘Pet Sounds’, ‘Rubber Soul’, ‘Brothers In Arms’, ‘Blonde On Blonde’, ‘Electric Ladyland’, ‘Hotel California’…? Surely not. – Features Editor]

  92. Hi Fed and all bloggers here and there

    I have now woken up but have not yet come down after the RAH shows.

    To Bianca

    You and Steve (Rado) really made Andy and I feel like long lost friends!

    Lots of love


  93. The strngest thing happend to me in town today , I am walking down grafton street in my RAH T shirt when a girl asked me if I was Geoff Duffy ( Dublin ) from the blog ? . I replied yes to her question and she said she knew all along as she seen the T shirt 2 blocks away and followed to ask me. An Andy Warhol moment for me and very funny. Thank you ED for giving me my 15 minutes of fame.

    ED: Congrats on your glass sculpture well and trully deserved .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  94. Hi, Fed and everyone –

    I was so pleased to read the UK reviews of David’s shows; it’s as if the traditionally cranky media there has awakened to what David represents and how wonderful the band must have sounded.

    I was truly moved reading the reports from those who were there, and imagining how deeply the music resonated for everyone.

    Will the blog be continuing to track the European shows, including Gdansk, as you’ve done to date?

    I don’t envy your workload, Fed – now you have to field questions about the RAH DVD as well … 🙂

    Again, on the subject of ticket scalpers (touts), Fed and the DG team deserve a huge thanks from everyone (even we North Americans) for taking a stand on this insidious practice.

    Hope your weather in Blighty is as nice as here – we’re edging well into the 30s (C) and off to see an airshow in Portage la Prairie, Man. today.

    Best always and keep up the stellar work,

    [Hi Kevin. It’s a gorgeous day today. We will cover all the European shows, don’t worry about that. We might all need translators, but we’ll cover them. – Features Editor]

  95. I must say all the release of OAI has got me excited about David’s earlier solo work. I thought I had a CD copy of his first release but I can’t seem to locate it in my 5,000+ CD collection. I know I have it on vinyl. And I believe I still have About Face on cassette somewhere.

    Is there any plan to re-release these? How about a special edition box set that includes the originals, OAI and maybe a live disc or two from the current tour? I’m sure some of the bloggers on this site would eat that up. Especially if it includes a chocolate bar or two, right ukveronica??

    [David’s first two solo albums are being re-issued. Hopefully it shouldn’t take too much longer to get them in the shops. There are no plans for any live albums from this tour, though. That 25-disc box set will have to wait. – Features Editor]

  96. Hello All!

    I will follow Bianca’s lead and post a few times with all that I have to say about this fantastic experience.

    First things first, Bianca you are the BEST! I can’t imagine doing this type of thing again without you there. You made this trip extra special. When I tell you all that she is a special person, believe me she is. A big kind heart and super Floyd/Gilmour fan.

    Secondly, I thank David, Polly, Guy, Richard, Dick, Steve, Phil, Jon and their entire team for 3 brilliant shows.And of course all of the special guests too!

    I cannot and will not forget the special bloggers that Bianca & I met at the Queens Arms:Andy(I will email photos soon), Matty (have you washed yet,hehehe), Martin, Tracy, Chris, Ken F., Nickster- I can’t believe I missed you waving your sign. My daughter saw it and asked me if I was sleeping,Not.,Ralph from Belgium:Will you be flying in to other shows in Europe?,Ray, Matt Johns and forgive me if I forgot anyone.

    FEd, what can I say. Your special work here induced me to have a trip of a lifetime. The many friends I made was just icing on the cake, Thank you.

    My take on the 3 shows coming soon……

    Best Regards,
    Stephen Rado (sometimes Steve)
    NY, USA

  97. hi this is john who wrote the other day about waiting with 14year old daughter who was upset.When you explain it like that i see what you mean i hope you don`t think i`m been disrespectful Mr Gilmour is a legend and maybe one day he may grace the lockwood house hold with a signed photo and treat us to more great concert either solo or as pink floyd.My best wishes to him and his family in whatever life gives them.

    regards john.lockwood

    [No problem, mate. I think a lot of fans made the mistake of waiting around for David and felt as disappointed as you. – Features Editor]

  98. “[Please forgive me, but they don’t deserve to have two albums in the Top Ten, do they? Better than ‘Pet Sounds’, ‘Rubber Soul’, ‘Brothers In Arms’, ‘Blonde On Blonde’, ‘Electric Ladyland’, ‘Hotel California’…? Surely not. – Features Editor]”

    You’ve got good taste!


    [It’s what I tell everyone, Kris. – Features Editor]

  99. [Bianca you are the BEST! I can’t imagine doing this type of thing again without you there. You made this trip extra special. When I tell you all that she is a special person, believe me she is. A big kind heart and super Floyd/Gilmour fan.]

    You just called me a ‘fan’…

    I will now have to kill you. *grin*

    Hugs Bianca

    ps: FEd, if you keep upsetting Lucia by insulting that fantastic band Radiohead, I may have to kill you as well.. or at least come over and do some redecorating on that beard of yours.. *evil grin*
    (You know I am only kidding, right? ;-))

    [I hope so. I’m rather fond of my fake beard, thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  100. [I hope so. I’m rather fond of my fake beard, thank you very much. – Features Editor]

    Aaaaw, and may I say, I am sure it looked really nice on you as well.. Maybe Polly and David should have joined your disguise to make sure they were not hassled by fans..

    But then again.. you may have been mistaken for ZZ-top.. *grin*

    hugs, Bianca

  101. [something like an american George Orwell (1984)…both very interesting]

    Looking at the world today 1984 came true didn’t it? scary stuff, though I personally thought Animal Farm was better. Thanks for the recommendation I will look out for that book.

    [Especially if it includes a chocolate bar or two, right ukveronica??]

    Anything that contains chocolate is worth buying, it’s good for you you know.

  102. Still on cloud nine after RAH 31st !!The BEST concert I have ever attended. What are the chances that David will decide to come over here to Ireland ?

  103. “[Please forgive me, but they don’t deserve to have two albums in the Top Ten, do they? Better than ‘Pet Sounds’, ‘Rubber Soul’, ‘Brothers In Arms’, ‘Blonde On Blonde’, ‘Electric Ladyland’, ‘Hotel California’…? Surely not. – Features Editor]”

    Well, I for one thought it was fantastic the list contained Radiohead, Oasis, Stone Roses, Libertines, Smiths, Nirvana & The Strokes.

    But then I was born whilst Pink Floyd were touring The Wall. So maybe it’s a generational thing? Adults aren’t supposed to understand the kids’ music, eh?? I mean- Brothers In Arms, Pet Sounds…. yuk! 😀

    [That’s an interesting point, Elliot. – Features Editor]

  104. Dear Fed,

    “Je suis nase” (or “naze”, if you like), “j’ai la frite”… Well, sometimes, I wonder if you’re not… french… un frenchie qui veut nous faire croire qu’il ne l’est pas en s’amusant à détourner sa langue… parce que vous m’avez l’air de bien connaître “certains” mots… 😉

    Autre chose: comme dit Michèle, I’ve got a feeling that everyone speaks as if the whole thing had ended on May 31st…comme s’il s’agissait d’un adieu sublime… hey… Dear Fed, you promised this site won’t end at the end of the tour. Didn’t you? please…!

    Ikkar, with love

    [N’inquiétez pas, le blog/site est non fini. J’aime la langue d’argot en anglais ou français. C’est une langue fantastique. J’ai écrit les expressions “Je suis nase”, “Je suis fracasse” et “J’ai la frite” (mais j’ai écrit “frites”, désolé) dans mon livre d’expressions il y a beaucoup d’années. Aussi, “Fais-mois des vacances!” J’aime cette expression. “Give me a break”, non? A l’école, nous avons un étudiant-professeur (?) de France pour un petit périod. Il était très, très drôle et il dit beaucoup des mots terrible! Une example: “Tu me fais merde!” (Pardon!) Nous avons un grand temps avec cette homme drôle. J’aime regarder dans la dictionnaire pour des mots de intéressant, aussi, mais probablement je n’emploie pas les mots correctement! – Features Editor]

  105. Hi ya’ Stephen, (are you back?)

    Glad you got a chance to see all three shows…you know….

    Next time I’d love to carry the New York banner with you to London… it sounds like it was as great as I’d thought it would be….

    Looking forward to reading your reviews…I’m sure it kicked the tar out of RCMH’s show….

  106. [Please forgive me, but they don’t deserve to have two albums in the Top Ten, do they? ….. – Features Editor]

    Sorry FEd, I hope they will have 3 ALBUMS IN TOP TEN soon! What can I do if Radiohead’ music and Thom’s voice make me feel the shivers…maybe there are bands who are better (better for you, however!) but I have to admit that the bands you named (at least the albums I know) don’t give me the same exciting than when I listen Thom sing Karma Police, Sail to the moon, Exit Music for a film…I like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Eagles…but I listen them in the same way I listen news on tv…I know this is horrible to say…but it’s true! When I listen Radiohead…I feel really live! I can leave my job, my family, my friends…if only Thom would call me to mow the green in his garden! I love him…so I respect what you say, but don’t ask me to agree with you!

    Thanks Bianca for the moral support!

    At the end, I think Radiohead are often compare with Pink Floyd because they realize sperimental music (KID A is a great example) and lyrics about the human condition…of course their sound is not clear and good like Pink Floyd’s sound…but, for me, both are really really emotional…and if David loves Radiohead I think that that’s because they are good…otherwise the comparison had to offend him!

    So, now your sad blog’s friends go to have a walk…and this afternoon your sad blog’s friend will come back to Rome by car….WITH RADIOHEAD REALLY REALLY LOUD!

    Have a good sunday!


    [You say Radiohead should be included three times in a chart of the ten best albums of all time? Lucia, I don’t know what to say. That only leaves seven spaces for Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, The Who… Don’t play Radiohead too loud in the car because you might make people want to crash into the nearest wall or drive off the nearest bridge. You don’t want their blood on your hands, do you? (I hope you know that I’m only teasing!) – Features Editor]

  107. ^^^^[I don’t like it when my heroes start turning into ‘grumpy old men’ then slag others off and hypocritically do the same thing themself.]

    10 astounding differences between David Gilmour and the Rolling Stones:

    1- DG does not live in the past.
    2- DG has appeal.
    3- DG offers new material to fans therefore does not rip them off with constant trips to the past with recycled material.
    4- DG does not look stupid on stage.
    5- DG does not pretend to be in his twenties.
    6- DG has an air of humility.
    7- DG does not look like my dad trying to dance.
    8- DG performs. The Rolling Stones re-form.
    9- The RS are the past.
    10- The Rolling Stones have reached the bottom of the hill first. The rolling has stopped.

    Go on…have a bite of that !!!!

    [Ouch! – Features Editor]

  108. Matty (have you washed yet,hehehe),

    Sadly Rado i have had to wash the hand that shook Mr Gilmours hand but the memory of meeting such a nice bloke will remain forever!

    Best wishes to you and your daughter.


  109. Again with this autographs thing…

    Don’t you think an artist like David expresses himself through the music not through autographs..?

    Just make treasure of the unforgettable experience being there listening to the show.

  110. Sharon, your post made me smile even if it was a bit harsh on Mick & co. You know Bill Wyman is retired from all that stuff yet he seems to be the nicest, the most generous and the most normal one of all of them. I’ve never really liked the Stones myself but if they can still fill a stadium and people are happy to go and watch them then fair play to them I suppose.

    PS: fed, I don’t like radiohead either, jeez so depressing!

  111. It was a great deal to get tickets for this concert in a legitimate way and thanks to the many phone calls to the box office of the RAH getting inquired about returned tickets, I finally got two. But it was worth while. We really enjoyed the concert in the RAH on may 31th.

    Some highlights:

    What a nice surprise the band starting off with “Breathe” and “Time”.

    “Castellorizon”: The guitar solo a beauty in it own right which sets your teeth on edge (this is meant in the good sense)

    “Great gig in the sky”: So beautiful and warm voice of Miss Paris

    “ECHOES”: It was in 1971 (yes I’m an almost fossilized fan), to the best of my memory, when the Floyd came to Brussels during their “Dark side of the moon”-tour: I was one of the lucky dogs to enjoy this concert and this 25 minutes lasting masterpiece of music along with other amazing tracks. (such as “Careful with that axe Eugene”)

    Now, 35 years later, “Echoes” hasn’t lost a single bit of its beauty, elegance, power and fantasy instigating features. This is a real classic and in my opinion there is no doubt it deserves its place between the classical masterpieces of past centuries and all times. (This statement applies to some other Floyd songs as well)
    Of course to mention the beautiful and splendid lightshow going along with it.

    And finally but not at least “Comfortably numb” with its brilliant almost endless but never boring guitar solo. With reference to the concerts in Amsterdam I read the heading in a local newspaper: “David Gilmour plays the guitar as though God Himself holds his hands “. This nice statement expresses completely my feeling.

    Only one point of disenchantment with regards to the show:

    Pretty much loving a powerful sound that is required for rock music and certainly not having that sensitive ears, sometimes it appeared to be a little bit to loud. There might be some other music lovers to agree with me: the higher the decibels are, the less you are able to hear the melody. This is my personal view; perhaps I am asking too much.

    But nevertheless all in the end it was a really enjoyable show !!

    Hoping not having made to much mistakes against English grammar and choise of words,

    With kind regards

  112. Bianca wrote

    “Matty and Andy.. I love you guys! you have a special place in my heart 🙂 Wish I had your email adresses.. *lol*”

    Bianca, Steve (Rado) has my card/email, if you get in touch I can give you Mattys email too, be great to hear from you”

    Andy (Whizzyfinger)

  113. Features Editor:

    Congratulations on your surprise. You deserve recognition and gratitude for the difficult job you handle with grace and diplomacy. This blog has been a real treat. When I went to my concerts in Toronto and others around me had questions before the show, I was astonished at how much information I had gleaned from the site and looked forward to the performances with a special feeling of somehow belonging to the experience.

    I want to thank David and Polly for allowing this madness to begin as well as letting it continue. It has been enlightening to find that so many people can live life differently but agree on many of the important values.

    To all the members of the band, thank you for sharing your skill and your love of music with us, you helped make each night’s performance a unique and stunning piece of art.

    Finally, I want to point out that as shy as David says he is, all he is, is there, and always has been there, in his music. He has been honest in what he delivers as an artist. It has been interesting to read his interviews where he has talked of his struggles like never before.

    David, we all struggle and your music, which deals honestly with many of life’s issues has touched me deeply with its clarity of thought.

    Walk your truth and you can’t go wrong.

    [So very well said, Kimberley. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  114. I’ve now left sunny England and I’m relaxing at a relative’s in Bangkok en route home to New Zealand. Another short post because I don’t want to hog dear old Uncle Graeme’s computer for long, but I’d like to say thankyou to Guy for being so obliging when I briefly met him outside the RAH on the Monday night. He was very kindly signed a scrap of paper for me, and then when I realised I had a ticket in my other pocket he obligingly signed that as well. It was really good of you Guy, and after coming all that way to see the concerts it was a pleasant and unexpected bonus to meet you and shake your hand.


    [Have a safe journey home, Warren. I still think you’re amazing. – Features Editor]

  115. I only saw the cinema version. Based on that…

    – Comfortably Numb
    – Wearing the Inside Out
    – On An Island

    However, based on the other responses, it appears that I really missed out. What I would have wanted to see:

    – Echoes
    – Arnold Layne
    – Fat Old Sun

  116. Loved both shows (Tuesday and Wednesday). Won’t rate the songs as I thought they were all great, but “find the cost of freedom” was a special treat.

    Since I’m an american, I was amazed by the “laid back” atmosphere of the concert. Since I turned my flash off my camera and used manual mode so to not irrate the folks sitting behind me, my photos aren’t really very good. Oh well, I’ll see it again around Christmas when the DVD comes out (a camera man gave me that little tidbit).

    I had a great vacation and look to come back again in the future, maybe when all of Pink Floyd plays (it was nice seeing Nick playing).

    By the way, is there anywhere I can download the Single “Smile” for free? Then I can use this label that came with my seat at the RAH.

    [Nope, I’m afraid not. – Features Editor]

  117. Hi all,

    I have returned from my trip to London. All I can say is that it was the most amazing thing I have ever heard and seen ! I managed to get to all three nights in the end and took a couple of friends, who also thought it was amazing.

    On an Island was superb, the whole album, was such a display of musicianship by the whole band. Brilliant. Echoes was the highlight both aurally and visually, that first ‘ping’ was electric ! I thought my head was going to explode with all those strobes ! And the lasers were just incredible. The sound was excellent and David’s voice was perfect throughout.

    I thought Bowie was perfect for Arnold Layne and generally I thought the song sounded superb on both nights. Great to see Nick Mason there ! It was nice to see him and Steve standing together for the final bow.

    It was really great to meet fellow bloggers too – Matty and Andy, Steven, Bianca, Adrian, Matt Johns, Ralph and all the others I have forgotten the names of. It was a really good atmosphere. Great to meet you all.

    Congratulations to you FEd on your award, you certainly deserve it for all your hard work!

    Thanks to all for a brilliant performance.Utter, Utter genius.


  118. Only my opinion…I finally answered for myself, anyway..the Which Ones Pink? dilema. It is ‘who cares’ I know who I want to listen to, and that is David Gilmour. And if that silly Q107 poll has him at what..he is still number one as far as I am concerned.

    I have only been listening to this music nearly every waking moment for the last 7 mos. Most all of you have been listening for years. I have had to adjust to the birth and the death of Pink Floyd in such a short time. I have done lots of reading of books, interviews etc. all about the anger of the fans, the ego of Roger and his seemingly unending vendetta against the band members who had the ‘nerve’ to continue rather than fold. For a man of ‘genius’ he has invested much energy in his ridicule of David Gilmours lyrics’ and smirking remarks of Polly’s colaborations. He has twisted his own arm patting himself on the back for his ‘genius’. It does not take a ‘genius’ to see that this man has a warped sense of self importance.

    However, I don’t care anymore, Which One Is Pink? I know that for me David Gilmour’s music is what I love.

  119. Dear Sharon.

    All I said is how sad it is when my (our) heroes start turning into grumpy old men and slag others off. David Gilmour is one of my heroes and I have seen him and Pink Floyd several times…My we are sensistive! Sorry if you did not get it, my email that is. Anyhow, here is my 10 point rebuttal for your amusement;

    1- DG does not live in the past?

    Arnold Layne 1967!
    Breath/time 1973!
    Wish You Here 1975!
    Shine On 1975!
    Comfortably Numb 1979!
    All performed live in London the other night.

    Coincidently the most talked about songs on this blog……Old tunes! Since when has performing music living in the past? If Mozart was still around he would, so too Duke Ellington or John Lee Hooker.

    2- DG has appeal

    So have the Stones otherwise how come so many people love going to their shows? No one said DG has not, read my comments again.

    3- DG offers new material to fans.

    The Stones must be forgiven putting out another album last year. Some would call it new. It was a Rock ‘n’ Roll album called ‘A bigger Bang’. They are a Rock Band. God love ’em! DG has a new album too. It is a Rock Album too I would think, nothing tooo ground breaking or new there, sweetheart!

    4- DG does not look stupid on stage

    ‘Ahem’. Neither did Jonnie Johnson in his 80’s or Segovia in his 90’s. But then others from bygone Punk days thought Pink Floyd shows were pretty stupid as well.I betcha’ lot of kids think Dave looks pretty stupid now say, compared to Beyonce!

    5- DG does not pretend to be his twenties

    Just because Mick is fitter than most twenty and thirty year olds does not mean he is pretending to be that age….He and the Stones are admired because they can work hard for 2 and half hours a performance. Nothing more nothing less…

    6- DG has an air of humility

    Does he? How come he slags off his contemporaries, including fellow Floyd members. Don’t hear the Stones telling anyone what they should or should not do with their music.What gives him so much humility then? Please check birth certificate, Dave.

    7- DG does not look like my Dad trying to dance.

    DG looks more like my Dad than Mick, Keith, Charlie put together…same waste/hairline!

    8- DG performs.The Stones re-form

    DG performs because his old band are incapable of it.The Stones have never had to re-form Sharon, because they have never split up.

    9- The RS are the past.

    That took some thinking of. Go straight to Oxford. DG and the Stones ARE the past…That is what makes them GREAT!

    10- The Rolling Stones have reached the bottom of the hill first…The Rolling has stopped.

    ???? What hill are you talking about? Anyhow,I never considered Music, Art or the Performaning Arts in the same breath as say sport or football.Did not think it was Man U v. Liverpool/ Deep Purple v. Led Zeppelin etc.etc. Nor do true artists and musicians and this is what I find so ‘humiliating ‘ coming from some as astute and brilliant as David Gilmour. You Crazy Diamond……stop being so silly.

    Regards, Rob

    [No responses to this, please. Let’s not start bickering about what such-and-such an act is and what it isn’t… unless it’s Radiohead, of course (sorry, Lucia). You can’t believe all that you read, the press twists everything to sell a story, David is a fan of the Rolling Stones… Let’s not squabble. – Features Editor]

  120. Dear Features Editor,

    Back in Norway, I’m still comfortably numb …

    Would you allow me to sum up what I feel, after those three fantastic evenings at Royal Albert Hall:

    The most … :

    … moving moment:
    when David starred at Richard, telling him by his eyes,- every night – how magnificent his vocal is

    … athletic moment:
    when Dick Parry changed from the baryton sax to the tenor sax within seconds, and did it! (every night!)

    … political moment:
    reading the tour programme where David Gilmour ask us to read George Monbiot. Great!

    … wonderful moment:
    when Nick entered the stage

    … impressing moment:
    when Richard Wright sang Comfortably Numb the very last evening

    … the most touching moment:
    when David told us what lay beneath the lyric on the title track “On An Island”

    … the most goose skin moment:
    when David played Red Sky At Night, every evening!

    … the most surprising moment:
    when David Bowie entered the stage, – and what a great performance he did!

    … the enjoyable moment:
    that everyone on stage seems to have it real fun, every second, all three nights!

    Thank you very much, David Gilmour, and the rest of the band for what you’ve given us those nights


  121. Does anyone know when the dvd will be released?

    [We hope the end of the year. – Features Editor]

  122. It’s now a week since the RAH gigs. Am I the only one who is still floating on a cloud? The brilliance of the final night just will not fade. I keep trying to tell ‘non music’ lovers what they missed. They just will not believe that DG and the band can be that good. It truely was an awsome set of gigs. Can’t wait for the DVD, Any idea of the release date?

    Best wishes to all.

    [The end of the year, hopefully. – Features Editor]

  123. Hi

    I was at the last show in London and thought the whole thing was fantastic.

    Having seen Floyd and number of times in the past at large venues I thought the intimacy of the Albert Hall was spot on for the new album. In the second set the old fav’s sounded just as good as they ever did. Wonderful stuff , and may it be repeated again and again.

    On another subject , bearing in mind David and Polly’s obvious interest in Climate change issues I thought they and others might be interested to know a bit about what a small UK company is doing to reduce Co2 emissions in developing countries around the world.

    The company I run has a venture known as EcoMethane which targets large emissions of methane from rubbish dumps in developing countries of the world. If you imagine some of the large cities of the developing world, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, etc. The sheer tonnage of waste that is produced and buried in the ground is mind boggling in scale. The resulting methane emission to atmosphere are enormous. Methane is 21 times more potent as a green house gas than Carbon dioxide, so by just capturing the gas and combusting it there is a net reduction in emissions to the atmosphere.

  124. Rob

    If you want to find out more about the Rolling Stones go to their website.

    By the nonsense that comes out of your mouth, maybe you’d be better off there whilst leaving the REAL David Gilmour fans here.

    Have fun x

  125. Sharon

    Your 10 point childish deal obviously backfired! You treat artists and musicians with contempt. No problem with being a FAN except when it comes to being FANatic!

    Dear Editor.Thankyou for your comments regarding this matter.I fully agree with you and will continue to applaud both David Gilmour and The Rolling Stones duelly! With No Division Bell!

    End of arguement….lots of love always

    [Cheers, mate. I do like the Stones. – Features Editor]

  126. Hey Rob,

    Sorry this seems to have upset you so much but you asked for it matey.

    Calling DG a ‘silly’ ‘grumpy old man’ and ‘a hypocrite.’ Listen again to what he actually says and you might even see a margin of truth in it.

    OK OK, maybe I was a bit harsh on the RS. Of course they were fantastic in their day and I loved them for that, but I really do think they’re a rip off now. Feel free to disagree, its just my opinion.

    David plays PF nostalgia to please his fans wishes, but I’m sure if he had wanted he would quite happily play OAI on its own merit, but he offers us new stuff too. He DOES NOT live in the past but I happily enjoy fleeting glimpses of it.

    I understand that you feel you must defend the Stones from Davids opinions and mine. You are entitled to that but I feel it was very much misplaced HERE.

    ‘Your 10 point childish deal obviously backfired!’ – I don’t feel that atall,

    ‘You treat artists and musicians with contempt.’
    – Actually I don’t although you can assume that if it makes you feel better. I have the ultimate respect for artists for what they are and were and if you really knew me you’d know that, however, I don’t respect rip off merchants. Simple as that.

    ‘No problem with being a FAN except when it comes to being FANatic!’
    – Rob don’t be silly mate. You can’t post an opinion and expect others not to respond. So if you can’t handle a reply don’t start a subject.

    ed… I am sorry this has been perceived as an argument. I didnt actually mean to argue, I thought of it as an exchange of opinion, but Rob has clearly been annoyed and then tried to suck up to you to gain favour. These boards are brilliant to read, but not when you get drawn into this kind of stuff. I didnt want this thread to end on a sour note as it spoils what is a wonderful site.

    So in a positive note, all the best Rob mate, whatever you believe!!


    [That settles it, then. Now let’s all clap and pout our way through ‘Under My Thumb’. – Features Editor]

  127. WOW GUYS!!!

    would like to extra specially thank you all for a fantastic first ever concert and it was listening and watching to my partners, (dave,who i bought the dream come true for and was with me on the night) most ever listened and idolised for many years hero,DAVE GILMOUR!!!, and all the adjoining band who were great!!!

    i would like to say a special hello to GRAHAM NASH who pulled myself and dave up the next day and introduced himself,to ask if we had enjoyed the previous nights gig,(dave had his t-shirt on that id bought at the concert for him!!!)and we were still shocked and amazed hours later that graham had stopped us in the street for our opinion,what a finalle to a wonderful,memorious,dream-come-true,experience to have been a part of,so THANK YOU soooooh much for a wicked night which will never be forgotten

    thankyou all
    lorraine and dave

  128. How sad that you are so pathetic and protective and won’t let any genuine critical comments through………..

    the lighting was shit… he made loads of mistakes…. I paid £65

    and as a result of your refusal to accept any criticism of the over rated .. out of date icon.. I think it’s time to chuck the CDs in the bin … fan sites at their worst.. you all go ahead and have a good corporate masturbate…. THE GIG WAS SHORT OF ORDINARY!!!

    [How sad that you are so pathetic you couldn’t even check the right blog entry for your previous post. You posted your criticism to the ‘Night 23: London’ entry on 6 June at 6:46pm. It’s there. I know because I published it. Now, if anyone looks like a tosser, I think you’ll find that it’s you. – Features Editor]

  129. Reply to Andy,

    To quote a song title, ‘the bravery of being out of range’.

    Pete – Coventry

  130. Chers Gilmouriens

    Quel plaisir de vous lire,chaque belles pensées,et merveilleux commentaires que j’ai lu,mais je suis tellement mais tellement d’accord avec vous.J’ai vu 2 expositions a Toronto et suis impatiente de me taper une soirée spectacle dans mon salon, la musique dans le fond,en VISIONNANT le fameux DVD s.v.p. dite nos � quand la sortie?

    Merci pour ce blog fantastique,cette bulle d’Amour collective pour l’Amour de la musique de David est presque palpable,je crois que le jour ou le DVD va sortir on va étre une méchante gagne � assister au show en meme temps le meme soir. SUPER


    Sylvie de Québec CA

    [Sylvie, le problème avec votre ‘text’ est aussi ici. Je ne sais pas pourquoi. J’ai changé le ‘?’ pour les corrects lettres (j’espoir les corrects lettres!), mais pardonnez-moi si, avec mon français limité, j’ai employé une lettre incorrecte. – Features Editor]

  131. Cher éditer, je trouve mon texte parfaitement lisible,et votre français impeccable et bien sûr vous êtes toute pardonner.J’aime mes textes ils se démarquent des autres avec leurs petits dessins.

    Au plaisir!

    Sylvie de Québec

    [Merci. – Features Editor]

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