Night 24: London


Finally, after reading what seems like thousands of reviews, I see what you mean about these shows being a bit of alright. David’s not a bad guitarist, is he? Not bad at all…

But bias aside, we do love reading what you thought of the performances, so please keep it up.

The setlist will obviously be mentioned, blah blah blah… If you don’t want to know what will be performed tonight, then please don’t read the comments below.

Tonight’s concert is being filmed, so please don’t use cameras, mobile phones, PDAs etc. to try and capture footage of the band. These things are incredibly annoying for the people sitting behind you, not to mention the people on stage who put their hearts and souls into the music for you.

A DVD of the London shows will be out later this year, so whatever you film is going to be pretty pathetic in comparison. For everybody’s sake, just don’t bother.

Have a super time tonight, everyone. You are surely in for a treat.

Once again, if you want to meet with other blog readers for a drink and a chinwag before the show, then pop in the Queen’s Arms at 30 Queens Gate Mews.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

145 thoughts on “Night 24: London”

  1. Bowie doing “Arnold Layne”? Are you kidding me? Not that I wouldn’t be buying the DVD anyway, but if that makes the cut it’ll be worth the price of admission. Congats to those who witnessed the show. I’m green with envy (or maybe that was the Margaritas I drank yesterday?)


  2. really david gilmour is fantastic, you are luck to appreciate this show.




    [Hi Rafael. There are no plans to visit Brazil, I’m sorry to say. – Features Editor]

  3. Hi all,

    I’m leaving for second night hoping for even better experience,


  4. Wow guys, it seems you had a great night yesterday!!!

    Please keep on telling us what you’ve seen and share it with us… we miserable bloggers… who didn’t have the chance to go to the RAH concerts!

    My dear Rudders… how can you keep up with the blog? I’m just wondering… you are beginning to get very little sleep my friend…

    FED… give us YOUR personal impressions on the show… we would like to know what was it for you to be there…

    My dear bloggers… it’s time to leave… gotta get back on desgining that thing I was doing 😛

    Shine on you lucky RAH attendees!

  5. Am off again tonight with my girlfriend Deb and will try to pop by the pub (she’s coming straight from work so timing could be tight). Again, I’ll be wearing a motorbike jacket and carrying a silver helmet – if you see me, please say hi – i’ve no idea what anyone else looks like and I’m an ikkle bit shy 🙂

    Looking forward to Fat Old Sun tonight, and any other surprises up David’s sleeve.

    I’m also ready to have a friendly pointy stick duel with you FEd over the Q107 guitarist poll, but we’ll save those shenanigans for a quieter time. Still, I’m delighted that David is at 4, although I’d place him at least above a couple of the others any day…


    [Hendrix, Clapton, Page… They’re not bad, I suppose. – Features Editor]

  6. Caption Competition

    The oversized cameras being held up by the audience to take pictures were now impinging on the stage… but Guy’s attempt to mount his pogo stick distracted them as the six snipers with laser sights on the roof picked them off…

    (I worry about my imagination at times!!!)

  7. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing DG (and friends) last night and it definitely goes down as the best overall musical event I’ve attending in my short life (27 years).

    The music, the lighting, the surprises (where did Bowie appear from?) were all spot on!

    The Echoes performance was absolutely breathtaking and worth the price of admission alone!

    Just wish I was going tonight….

  8. Mr. F’Ed. Just wanted to say that I’m thrilled that you finally, finally got to go to the show. I hope you were able to put all of us out of your mind and just enjoy yourself.

    And people, pleeeeeeease, heed David’s request regarding phone cameras. The show will be released on DVD. No need for the crappy 30 second blurry digital recording.

    Congrats to everyone attending these shows. To have Crosby, Gils, Nash and Bowie perform is an once in a lifetime opportunity. That’s the highest order of rock and roll royalty on stage there. What a privilege.

    Have a wonderful time tonight.


  9. Question for everybody:

    What exactly do people think they’ll be lighting up when using the flash on their cameras from 50′?

    Don’t spoil tonight’s performance too!

  10. Wow! David Bowie! I’m going to have to dig out my 1973 David Bowie Pin-Ups LP and listen to his cover version of See Emily Play. It has been a long time since I’ve played that.

    I’m so glad these shows are being filmed.

    To everyone going to the shows: Enjoy!


    Mike from Connecticut

  11. I loved the show on the 29th, i dont need to go into detail because other people have, but Echoes, WOW, David Bowie, WOW, that damn solo on comfy numb, WOOOOOW!

    I hope everyone who goes to tonights gig has as good a time as I had.

    Feat Ed, has anyone given any indication as to how much of each show will appear on the DVD?

    [I can’t say anything, sorry. Lips sealed and all that. – Features Editor]

  12. To all of you that are going to the London shows, have a great time. This is truly a timeless event and it should be appreciated in every aspect. I was at the Chicago show on 4/12 and I agree with FeD that the damn cameras are a pain in the ass!! Be respectful to this website, FeD, and Dave and the band and leave the phones/cameras, at home. Don’t come crying to this blog or FeD that your phone/camera was confiscated. They warned you!!!!!!!

    Regarding the show itself, “Echoes” will blow your mind. Having seen Floyd numerous times over all the years, I have to say this was singlehandedly the most aweinspiring performance I have ever seen. Dave and Rick created magic that night in Chicago. Everything that was played was a treat and I enjoyed it to it’s fullest.

    Have a great time folks. You are about to see a true legend perform as no others can. Standards cannot measure up to things Dave is able to accomplish with a guitar. Appreciate it, this is a once in a lifetime event.

    Billy, Ft. Lauderdal, Florida

    P.S. Oh yea, leave the phones and crap at home!!!!

  13. Hey, I was sooo looking forward to see Pink Floyd live (I missed it when I had the chance years ago), as a guitarist but more a music lover for a big part because of David Gilmour. And now I see he will be playing live near my home. How great is that?

    And then I read reviews of concerts and that David doesn´t play for money anymore, really just for fun, with his friends….wonderful and I go and try to buy tickets for me and my girl…and they cost from €75 to €100???????? What???? (A friend of mine said: Hey, I get a festival pass for three days for that money with 50 bands!).

    Still thinking of coming to David´s concert but if I do, it will be very hard to give away sooo much money. Can anyone tell me why this must be the most expensive concert this year? A little bit sad, isn´t it? And I would really love to come…but is any concert worth that much?

    [It’s not the most expensive, is it? I know that’s not true. – Features Editor]

  14. WOW!

    What a night! It was worth every bit of the 23 hour flight from Australia to attend. A fantastic orchestration of music, light’s and effects.
    I have been to a lot of concerts and this is simply the best one I have ever attended.

    The David Bowie suprise was awesome too.

    Thankyou for an outstanding night David and team. I could only dream that the show could make it to Australia one day so I could see it again. Great set list, great quality of music for a live performance as well.

    I will not complain one bit on the 23hr trip home either 🙂

    In appreciation,

  15. I’m really happy for all the fans that can see Gilmour on stage!

    Thank you for the DVD information, I think I will buy it when they release it… Really, I’m upset for not having the possibility to see him.

    Please deareast Gilmour, come here to South America!!! We love you very much and you have a lot of fans here!!! For everybody have a nice show today and have fun!

    Greetings from Colombia-Bogotá

  16. Maybe further surprises are in store…

    Don’t know if anyone else caught the BBC local news, London Tonight, at 6.30pm but towards the end there was a small piece & interview with David about the RAH shows. Also shown where what appeared to be rehearsals from the RAH, but I couldn’t tell if they were from earlier today or not.

    What particularly caught my eye, and ear, was that as the voiceover was doing his…voiceover, the pictures were showing someone singing a song we haven’t heard in the UK yet and being sung by someone we haven’t yet seen on tour. It looked like Polly was taking pictures too.

    I won’t say anymore FEd, but I hope it’s for Wednesday’s performance:-)


  17. hello all

    just back in ireland from the monday show. amazing. “take a breath”,”coming back to life”,”shine on..”, “echoes”, “wish you were here”, “arnold layne” and “comfortably numb” with bowie! so many highlights. here’s to anyone who gets to see this show!


  18. last night was really something else. i’m still in a state of shock here. i know for sure that i saw one of the best concerts of my life, and i’ve seen a lot of top acts down the years. have a really good time tonight and let us know what it was like when you get back. surely it can’t be any better than last night but if it’s half as good, you’ve done alright. david, i bow at your feet. you are a musical genius.

  19. cheers for the reply Feat Ed, im just hoping each show gets its fair share of tracks and we dont end up with about 2 tracks from one show and then the rest from another.

    Im sure it wont disappoint though 🙂

  20. jippieee

    tomorrow we are going to see david in london!!! first time in paris,then amsterdam and finally londen the royal albert hall. i’m so nervous…..

  21. Here is tonight’s setlist (you can wait a little longer to find out the special guests, I’m sure):

    First half: Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, The Great Gig In The Sky, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Find The Cost Of Freedom, Comfortably Numb.

  22. Chris asked “Can anyone tell me why this must be the most expensive concert this year?”

    A certain Bass player is charging a lot more in venues much, much larger and he’s not giving the audience any new material so I think the question is a nugatory one…

    [I’m also thinking of the Eagles and Rolling Stones. Madonna, Andrea Bocelli… – Features Editor]

  23. [It’s not the most expensive, is it? I know that’s not true. – Features Editor]

    Unfortunately it might be the most expensive (ok, I didn´t check if there is any more expensive totally insane just for real rich people one this year.).

    btw. I´m referring to the concert at Burg Clam in Austria. And I was really looking forward to it.


    f.e. there is the Nova Rock festival…3 days, over 60 bands (including Mettalica, Placebo,Massive Attack, Live,Guns n´ Roses, Tool, Bloodhound Gang, Queens Of The Stone Age,…), I really don´t wanna post ads for them, for €98 overall. Compared to that (and many other great and even cheaper festivals this summer) one concert for €75 or €98 (if you wanna see something) is quite insane.

    Fact is that all of my friends who are DG fans as well do not come because it is sooo expensive and I´m the only one who still thinks about it.

    So, Features Editor, if maybe doing the second most expensive gig in Austria (?) helps making it not that sad for you, fine, but for me ? That answer doesn´t help.


  24. What a night…Got 2 tickets for monday to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, terrific show with some lovely surprises, RAH is a great venue, i,ve not seen too many concerts but that will live with us forever, thanks to all and hope people going enjoy it as much…Awesome.

    Thanks David and all.

  25. To Chris or anyone else wondering whether or not David’s concerts are “worth the money” – Just read these reviews and the comments of bloggers still coming in over a month later – the answer is YES YES YES! Buy your tickets while you can!

    I went to the concert on April 10th and I still can’t get the solos and other highlights out of my head! I’m patiently waiting for the DVD.

    If you are any kind of fan, you will definitely regret not going. I’m not kidding.

    It doesn’t matter whether there are guest stars or not, the concert is simply fantastic! It was amazing! It’s the concert of the century! (get the idea?)

    I was thinking about going to one of the summer concerts, but I would not be able go across the pond without taking my 4yr old, and after reading that a blogger’s 4yr old was disturbing other concert-goers I thought better of it. Besides, I live in the hope that David will come out with a new album eventually and tour again. We’ll go see him wherever he tours.

  26. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all of the reviews of the RAH shows. I’m eating it here in Tennessee but now I can’t wait for the DVD to come out. I’m glad to hear that Bowie sang Arnold Layne as he’s such a big fan of Syd Barrett (as we all are). And to have Robert Wyatt taking part in the gig is like icing on a very large cake. The only thing that could possibly top that would an appearance by Kate Bush or Syd. We can always dream, can’t we? By the way Roger, which one’s Pink?

    Peace, Michael

  27. Hi FED,

    my brother and I attended the Manchester Bridgewater Hall concert but did not receive the CD/Case for the Smile single!!

    Would it be possible to post me 2 for my brother and I?

    Details Below.


    [I’ll see what I can do, Keith. – Features Editor]

  28. [Still thinking of coming to David´s concert but if I do, it will be very hard to give away sooo much money. Can anyone tell me why this must be the most expensive concert this year? A little bit sad, isn´t it? And I would really love to come…but is any concert worth that much?]

    I reckon the answer is, to each his own.

  29. “The Great Gig In The Sky”?

    I think, Sam Brown was one of the special guests. 🙂

  30. To Andrew:

    Yeah, I know I will regret it if I don´t go. Cause I know that it will be great and of course I read all this comments here (man, I´d love to be in London tonight, unfortunately my first island visit will be in June).

    I have nothing new to answer you, unfortunately, those two souls are still arguing in my head.;-)

    But thanks for your words.

  31. Enjoying reading all the reviews, but wheres yours FED? Will you give us a review on the last night?

    Loved hearing about the surprises, just love surprises, suppose we all do, we never know whats going to happen

    Ian Pearson

    [I’m swamped at the moment, Ian. Maybe when the dust settles. – Features Editor]

  32. Hello,

    Home, home again… with a new lifetime memory of this phenomenal show we witnessed on Monday.

    For everyone, spectators, crew, band and you Fed., who is in the Royal Albert Hall the last two nights; have fun!

    And David Bowie was awesome, he did covered “See Emily Play”, years ago, thought he did also “Arnold Layne”, but I’m not sure. Maybe I’m confusing with “Arnold Corns” (?). Nevertheless, David Bowie and “Arnold Lyane” could it be autobiographical? Fun and wonderful done.

    Tonight it wil be Another Great Gig In The Sky… amazing.

    Were can I pre-order the DVD?

    Heard some rumours about Mica Paris… and yesterday we saw John Lord & was it Sam Brown (?) entering The Albert Hall…

    Cheers and again thanks…

    Helen & Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

    [These rumours… – Features Editor]

  33. I am vicariously living through all you lucky souls who have seen DG and crew these past 2 nightsat RAH. Your stories/experiences have been a delight to read.

    I do love all the details and was hoping someone would share what David did when he forgot the words to OAI?? Which line was it, and did he hum or make up new words?? Please tell! I can see his grin now. I do hope that is included in the DVD. Sounds like a fun moment between David and his band.


  34. David Gilmour concerts cost less than a general service on you car. And the fix will last forever!

    Me and my sixteen year old daughter were well impressed! But then, we knew we would be.

    Paul. B

  35. I came all the way from New York even though He played Radio City Music Hall in manhattan last month.After seeing his dvd from a few years ago i figured i would have to see him at Royal Albert Hall on 31-05-06

  36. Just about to hit the hay as i have a 9.00am flight out of Belfast,i already have the words of wywh on my hand…………joke.

    Yeee Haaa

  37. I understand your comments Chris, but for the memory I have of David the 14 hour drive and the money I spent were well worth it. I would pay double if he came again, that is how inspiring this show truly is. The only word we could come up with to describe the show in its entirety is “EPIC!!!” David is a tremendous artist and the group he has assembled is such a great group of musicians- I am thinking of draining my savings account to see him once more this summer because it was that moving. It is worth the money because everytime I hear “Echoes” or “Pocketful of Stones”, I close my eyes and picture the show and what I was able to see.

    PS- And don’t worry FED, I am not closing my eyes for the visions while driving!

    Matt in Maine

  38. Food for thought

    Hmmm… Features Editor and David Bowie at the same show at RAH. Could they be one in the same???

    [Oh no, I could never walk in those ridiculous shoes that he used to wear. – Features Editor]

  39. Whoooaaaah!

    29th was fan f’king tastic! just off the plane…

    First off..sorry I didn’t make it to the arms…couldn’t find the bloody place anywhere!!

    ended up in the glouster arms….

    we found it today (30th) completely randomly and went in for a pint, but there was no sign of anyone, it was only about 2pm so was a bit early…

    anyhow i’m really knackered so i’ll post a review tomorrow…

    one thing i would like to point out is that take a breath was UN UN UNBELIEVEABLY CLASS…i was dancing around the door T entrance like a madman..I simply cannot get the whopping solo at the end out of my head…sweet sweet sweet.

    thats a big life TODO entry chalked off..

    thanks guys for the best night of music I have ever experienced! every man kicked ass !!! wahoooo…wish i was there now 🙁 ah well I can dream!

    p.s. shout out to cookstown cymbaline if you are reading! Wish I could have found that bloody bar and could have met the rest of you guys…

    peace out.

  40. invite roger and play Mother with a wonderfull guitar solo… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Ye God’s – what a day Monday was!! Carefully laid plans thrown into total disarray by small children (mine!), the wrong choice of footwear from a lady(my wife….wear trainers I said, did she listen…), missed appointments and where the hell are the toilets in Kensington Gardens?? (well camouflaged is the answer).

    Having battled through all of that we wandered past the RAH, stopping briefly to listen to the sound of the soundcheck blasting out of the recording trucks, and headed off down to the Queens Arms…..slowly, very slowly, due to aforementioned poor choice of footwear. Great atmosphere in the pub, managed to meet up with a few non-blogging mates that were also going and, miraculously, managed to grab a table, right in the corner at the end of the bar. Time went by quickly and it was off back up to the RAH….slowly, I mean REALLY slowly!! Then had the surreal experiance of joining a queue for the gents that was 5 times longer than that for the ladies – weird!

    The buzz was electric – or was it the smoke machines? – great opening, superb sound, and then the whole of OAI – out of sequence but it worked. It was all good, but the title track, with messrs Crosby and Nash is just stunning, as was Take A Breath.

    Mad rush to the loo again in the interval – one pint too many Neil ::) – then on with the second set. Thrilled to hear ‘Wot’s….’ and ‘Coming Back To Life’ but it bears saying again, ‘Echoes’ was simply stunning!!!!! worth that admission fee on it’s own if you ask me! It has to be said that by this time Mrs Pudders was struggling…until David Bowie walked on stage, that sure woke her up!

    Thanks to ALL involved in making our day, it really was quite fantastic.

    PS: Dumb question. I assume it was Mr Soundman in the middle of all the mixing desks at the back of the Arena? Boy, was he having the time of his life!

    PPS: Why did so many people feel the need to clap a full minute BEFORE the end of Echoes?

    [I was wondering the same thing, Neil, but I like to think that my telepathic cursing and threatening stopped people from ruining the beautiful acoustic ending to ‘High Hopes’. – Features Editor]

  42. Hi you all!!

    I’m just wondering if there will be any special guest in the Italian shows?? … I’ll be in Florence and Venice.

    I just can’t wait for my gift.. 1st row on the Venice concert on August 5th, my birthday!!!

    Please FED let me have my On an Island copy signed by David.. Or maybe meet him personaly!! What a birthday!! Please!! Contact me!!!

    [I can’t do that, I’m sorry. You’ll have to be in the right place at the right time with your CD and pen. All I can do is wish you luck and a very happy birthday. – Features Editor]

  43. YEAH BABY! I’m just back from the RAH and a second night of loving life. I splurged quite a big entry last night, so I’ll try to keep this one concise.

    – Echoes at the RAH: Just too good for words. Beautiful lyrics, amazing music both in a fantastic venue for it. It just doesn’t get any better than this in my book. David’s voice and guitar work constantly blow me away.

    – Rick: I noticed Rick’s playing a lot more this evening and wow, Mr Wright blew my mind. As fun and as good as Bowie’s vocals were on CN the night before, I have to admit that I really prefer the David and Rick version – no great surprises there, but I was really glad to have caught both versions. You can’t beat D & R 🙂

    – Fat Old Sun: Again, another benefit of going to more than one night – I got to catch another favourite. Loved it for the monster jam towards the end – it totally rocked (literally) – can’t wait to relive that on a DVD later on. They could have kept that groove going all night…it was ace…

    – Mica Paris: Amazing voice – couldn’t work out if she missed her cue or the mic was off, but after that she filled the venue with her amazing voice. Lovely stuff…real treat.

    David’s oops in SOYCD was also followed by a save that would have made Superman jealous. Good work fella 😉

    Ok, said I’d be concise. Have to mention the review in Evening Standard – good review, but what a miserable git the reviewer was – he complained that it was too long??! There really is no pleasing some people. I loved it, every single minute. Thanks again everyone.


  44. Wow the 29th was out of this world.

    I’m sure tonight and tomorrow will be equally as good. I wish I was there again.

  45. No Bowie tonight? Or tomorrow, I take it? Bugger, I was really looking forward to that, as was my girlfriend. Hope tomorrow night (31st) has something extra special in store…can’t wait.

  46. Superlatives are not enough when trying to describe tonight (30th)…One of those evenings when you come out feeling privileged and basking in the quiet satisfaction that you’ve been a witness to something really special

    What a sensational three hours !!

    The first half was good – opening with breathe, time and breathe (reprise), and moving on to all the tracks from on an island…Smile, The Blue and the title song stood out in the a that switched effortlessly from mellow (smile) to outrageously flashy (take a breath)

    The second half was the closest I have ever come to utopia in a concert hall

    – SOYCD – Rock Solid, but did God actually make a mistake in the opening ?
    – Fat Old Sun – Awesome, especially the jam at the end
    – Arnold Layne – What a surprise !!
    – Coming back to life and High hopes – Good, solid gilmour
    – Echoes – Without a doubt the highlight of the evening. Would never have guessed that it would make the set list at a concert…Can’t wait for the DVD to listen to it again !!

    Encore – Had to have WYWH and CN and it did. What an end to a fabulous evening !!

    Which leaves me with only one thing to say – anybody with extra tickets for tomm ? 🙂

  47. Just got back from the rah last time I saw Dave Gilmour was 1975 Knebworth tonight was magnificent sound is always hard at rah but they got good tonight and the lights 10 out 10 audience a bit stiff but a lovely evening with my wife of 35 years

  48. Nickster..

    “David’s oops in SOYCD was also followed by a save that would have made Superman jealous. Good work fella ;)”

    What happened?

  49. AWESOME night – this just had to be the best concert I have ever had the privilige to attend! Everything was fantastic but take a breath was stunning. The dude on the drums was superb and the sax playing was absolutely brilliant – what a team. David may you and your fellow musicians live forever.

  50. Hi all glad you all had a good night although that was never in doubt , ive seen him twice this week but im still jealous of you lot , thanks again to Ken for giving me safe passage to the big city, glad you could go last night Fed and tomorrow if anyone deserves it you do as i have said before you have made the whole experience all the more enjoyable

    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  51. [Mica Paris absolutely butchered Great Gig. most disappointing indeed.]

    mica paris is fantastic! i find it hard to believe that she could butcher ‘great gig’.

  52. Hi all – a few comments about tonight’s show (Tuesday)..

    – Even better than last night!
    – Loved the arrangement on Then I Close My Eyes.
    – Great to see the red EMG strat back in action on SOYCD

    And Guy – please consider hanging onto the Rick after Arnold Layne, donning a white cape and black tights, and treating us to a 20 minute bass solo!

  53. Hello london ! that was a long trip from toronto and I just arrived (couple of hours ago) and will see you all tonight (31st) and im so so so so so excited, yayeeeeeeeee


  54. Hey Everyone,

    This Sunday, me and Suzie are heading over the Atlantic to the place which started OAI…Greece. We are going there for 3 weeks and can hardly wait. There is a nice beachfront hotel room on Naxos with our name on it.

    David and Polly, If you are heading out to Hellas for some June RnR come to Naxos..we would love to see you and show you the island if you like. We have stayed there now for the past 10 years and love it very much..even more than home.

    Cheers, Howard

  55. “Great Gig” was part of tonight’s set list ? Wouldn’t this be the first time it has been played since the Olympia ? Would’ve loved to see that.

    Sounds like everyone had a great time indeed….and the shows keep getting better. Wonder who tomorrow night’s surprise guest is !

  56. Re Greece

    Fed you are most welcome to pop in as well. We can both wear bags over our heads to protect our identities. ;-)) Howard

  57. Rudders,

    Hard to say what happened – at a sensitive part early on in the build up phase of SOYCD something went wrong and a sound came out a bit like David had invented a new chord. At first I thought it was a broken string but he recovered brilliantly (with one hell of a lick doubling all the way back up again in a long run…pure class) so it couldn’t have been that. Right fingers in the wrong place perhaps – but in any case it was forgotten within bars. Unfortunate place for it to happen, but it was the grace and skill of the recovery that showed David’s real mettle.

    “and if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes” and all that 🙂

    Whilst I’m posting – I don’t suppose there’s any chance that Polly could join David for ‘Smile’ tomorrow night? Pretty please Mr G…


  58. I’ve just got back from the RAH and still have goosebumps and tears that will not quit!!! I just wanted to say thank you to David for giving me this opportunity, been my absolute dream to see you perform Echoes and it more than lived up to my greatest expectations. I’m so moved I just can’t put it into words, my love just grows and grows 🙂

  59. Here’s to the F.Ed’s telepathic entreaties for quiet at the end of High Hopes. In retrospect, that was one of the most beautiful moments at Radio City–and is captured quiet nicely on the AOL sessions as well. It’s an extraordinary coda to an amazing song, and a testimony, I think, to sense that the elegaic elements of High Hopes were premature–that much of the beauty of On an Island as a whole is that the creativity is ongoing, but in a new and interesting timbre.

    Glad to hear all is well at RAH. Looking forward to summer shows and the DVD.

  60. Hi everyone

    Great show tonight!

    Watch this space I’ll have a big post for you tomorrow…

    Things are afoot…


  61. Time for bed so most important things first:

    Bloggers meeting: for the third night also at The Queens Arms (go down the Queens Gate from Hyde Park, take the first street right and another immediate right into a little alley and there is the pub.

    BUT AT 7 PM INSTEAD OF 6 since the show starts an hour later (although some bloggers will be there earlier and they do great food there if you are looking for a place for dinner as well)

    Got a great bloggers meeting together today, but not after I did a sweep of the entire bar asking people if they were from the blog. Found at least 4 sets of 2 people and finally had an actual meeting! Now where would you all be without your very own carrot top Dutchy, huh? *grin*

    Concert was great, more about that later. Need… sleep…

    BIG HUGS, Bianca the pub-sweeper

  62. W O W ! I am still speachless – tonights performance excelled last night and last night I was speachless till morning! THANK YOU with the biggest WHOOP and AHH!

  63. OH MY GOD WHAT A NIGHT!!!! i was actualy almost in tears when echoes came on ive loved that song since i was little.. i still am little compared to most of you probably lol im only 20 but ive grown up listening to pink floyd so i love them all the same! but still this is the first time and prob the last time i will ever have the privelage to see dave gilmour doing what he does best! i will remember it for the rest of my life! i really cannot wait for the dvd!


  64. Wots..uh,the deal about coming onto this blog and complaining about the price of DJ tix? It’s simple: don’t buy them, then! {duh}

    When tix went on sale in January, I would have paid ANYTHING to get tix, and spent $400 for my husband and I to attend. Spent $100 in gas, $55 in parking, $75 for a crappy sushi dinner, $75 in t-shirts, $25 for some beers, and left my 2yr old son with a stomach virus with his grandparents. It’s just money. The night was memorable. Absolutely amazing. So quit your whining and stop boring those who truly love David’s music and talent and who have enjoyed seeing these live shows.


  65. P.S cant wait to see Roger perform DSOTM in hyde park! not sure what ill think of it without david gilmour tho im sure it’ll be no less strange for me than listening to dave perform floyd music without roger! both such amazing people! well im off to dream that ive traveled back in time to watch dave all over again such an amazing gig! and again ECHOES WOW would have liked to see Bowie performing Arnold Layne although it MUST be said Rick Wright did a great job yet another amazing guy! now all i gotta do is find Nick Mason and ill be sorted!

  66. Caption: Lighting crew becomes confused when David performs “Red Skies At Night” and misinterprets it for an old PF tune, “Let There Be More Light”, to David’s obvious chagrin.

    [Hendrix, Clapton, Page… They’re not bad, I suppose. – Features Editor] – I concur. They’re okay enough, FEd, but these guys haven’t “progressed” as much as David. Clapton has kind of been stuck in the blues. David’s style has been much the way it’s always been, yet is far more interesting which is especially demonstrated in his song writing. His songs aren’t as simple and direct as far as the music and arrangements. His playing stands out more because of this (in my humble opinion).

  67. Boy,would I like to be a fly on the wall for tonight’s final RAH concert. Hi Y’all.

  68. Hey FEd

    RE: David Bowie. Over the years, I have read how he and the likes of Mark Bolan (T-Rex) are often credited as being the pioneers of Glam Rock or Proto-Punk. Likewise I have read articles over the years where these pioneers have cited Syd as being a part of their inspiration. I wonder, if Bolan were alive today, would he have been up on that stage as well.

  69. I’ve been meaning to post something for a while, but can’t think of anything valuable to say.

    I’m from Caracas, Venezuela (does anyone know where this is??) and, knowing that possibilties of Mr. Gilmour coming to this latitudes are less than the least… I really want to express my appreciation with you people posting comments on the site…

    this way I can at least get a glimpse of what my dream of attending a DG concert might look like so well, keep posting.


  70. Hi my blogger friends,

    thanks for all your reports on the London nights. What amazing gigs! I’m really jealous for not being at the RAH but you make me re-live the gig in Milan again. Thanks.

    Now I can’t wait the DVD. I want a time machine! Can I find it on ebay?

    Have another great London night.


  71. All set for my hop accross the Channel.

    Hope you will be there somewhere tonight FedMeister.

    Best regards to all,

  72. Another great night… Echoes was sublime – think it has to be the one that ends up on the DVD. Unless, that is, they can better it tonight? Nah. Can’t be possible, surely?!

    I realised I’d left my pointy stick in the car last night, most frustratingly, and not taken it with me – despite sharpening it especially for the occasion. WHAT IS IT with people who CANNOT fathom out how to cancel their flash, or figure it doesn’t matter if they use it? And MORE ANNOYINGLY, those fools who have it on red-eye reduction!

    First, at the distance you are, there is NO chance of getting red-eye (or even possibly seeing the musician’s eyes), but second, there can’t be many people who enjoy – in some cases – your camera frequently firing off 5-6 flashes in rapid succession. STOP IT!!

    Rant over. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, FEd! Hope you enjoy the show, those of you lucky enough to be going tonight. Let’s hope it is a cracker, and maybe see you in the ‘Arms beforehand (great choice of pub, by the way – hope another barrel of the strawberry beer has arrived!)…

  73. Howdy kids!

    Now I so can’t wait for the dvd, Bowie? Bowie?, great gig in the sky? Oh my.

    Calling all manchester people, can anyone tell me what that amazing little harmony thing that sir gilmour, crosby and nash did at manchester was called and do you know whether that will be on the dvd because it was amazing!

    I bid you a good day to you all!

    [The same to you, Chantelle. It was called ‘Find The Cost Of Freedom’ and very nice it was, too. – Features Editor]

  74. Could anyone out there give me the setlist for last night’s gig (30th)? I believe it was different to the 29th.

    [Two setlists have been published, one for each night, with considerable repetition of each. Look through the comments and you’ll find it. – Features Editor]

  75. to the person asking if the price was worth it,are you mad my friend -3 hours of unrelenting quality, Echoes alone was worth admission, the man delivered on all points ive seen floyd 3 times and it was better than any of them , the intimacy of the venue, the sound the lights -my god mate its the last nigth at the RAH get your self there , if you call your self a fan of mr Gilmour then you need to be there if you can , i would have been gutted to miss this i went twice only wish i could go tonight ,to all going tonight enjoy,enjoy,enjoy

  76. Just wanted to say a quick ta to everyone who has posted reviews, I wish I could have been there myself. Good to hear of David Bowie’s guest appearance, I’m very much looking forward to the dvd coming out.

    By the way why do people take cameras? the photo’s they take invaribaly come out as a blur anyway.

    To everyone going tonight, have a great time, I shall look forward to reading the blog tomorrow. 🙂

  77. Fantastic show last night.

    I’ve no idea why some people insist on watching the concert through their mobile phones though; there will be a DVD of it for gods sake.

    Cheers Guy – I look forward to tomorrows entry! 🙂


  78. I see some have questioned the pricing of the gigs. Well, I suppose that is understandable if you weren’t there. Believe me, I am not accustomed to spending over £50 per ticket for any gig, much less leaving the pastoral settings of South Wales for the grime and stress of London; but this was the opportunity to be there for the soundtrack of my life being played live.

    Of course the first half was great but the second half of the show was truly transcendental and I view the ticket price as a footnote, an irrelevance in the experience. As far as I am concerned the experience was priceless and I view the opportunity to be there as a gift from David. And this is an opportunity for me to say a final THANK YOU to FEd and everyone involved in the pre-sale who gave me the opportunity to attend the show and enjoy such an unforgettable experience.

    It was nice that Bowie was there but I’d have been equally happy if it’d just been David and the band – nothing could have topped their performance. If you are going tonight then I hope the show is at least as good for you guys too – I’m intruiged by Guy’s comment above – surely there can’t be anything more special to add to tonight’s show???

  79. Last night i went along to the concert without a ticket,and unbelievably 30 seconds after getting off the bus outside the Royal Albert Hall i had in my hand a ticket in row 13 on the main floor!
    The ticket seller was a guy from Colorado U.S.A. his girfriend was feeling sick back in there hotel room so it was her loss my gain.

    The asking price for his £65 ticket was just £40 and he said pay me inside the venue just to prove that it was a genuine ticket and that he was sitting next to me.

    A nice guy and a Gilmour blogger as well, so thank you Tommy.

    Gary Hurley.

  80. Ah, thank you very much mr fed.

    It was amazing! Do they do that at every show because I reckon everyone in the world should have the pleasure of hearing it although at the same time I don’t!

    But the whole night was great but that and then comfortably numb, gosh overload!

    I could talk about it all day but I think you catch my drift!

  81. I would just like to say thank you to David and the team, I went down to the Mermaid and also to the first night at the albert hall. I had a great time, I hope David checks this site but my great thanks go out to a fellow Cambridgeon. I must say it was great guitar solo, the besty ive seen. Thank you, oh and i touched his blackie strat, sorry david!


  82. only a minor point, but i think its worth mentioning if any of the production crew are made aware of it, but the only flaw i noticed in an otherwise perfect show was that the smoke machines were noticably making too much noise at the start of both great gig and echoes…at moments it was a bit distracting from the quiet openings of these songs from where i was sitting at the front of the stalls..

  83. What exciting blog and what excited bloggers! In the last two days really seems Christmas! Even because the suprises were so many and so great in the last shows…and GUY’s post arriived to excite no-british fan too! THANKS GUY!

    And about Q107 guitarist poll…I think the 4th slot is really good…at the end, David is in the guitarist’ Olympus with Hendrix, Clapton, Page…not bad! I think they can seat at the same table and drink together to their magic fingers!

    Hey, mates! Have you see what a beautiful video spot is on The Bik Ask site? You can find it on the important staff page…I think it is really poetic and incisive too…I love it! ANGELO ORTIZ! Go to watch!

    Have a great day!


    P.S. FEd! I know you are a great working person…but yesterday you posted at 4 a.m. and…I thought you was having a long, deserved rest! But the hours passed and…you know I worry if I don’t listen you! And you know I become bored if I don’t read posts! In the afternoon, I was so disperate that I was thinking to cheat you with the Radiohead message board!

    [Judas! How could you even think of betraying us?! I forgive you. It will be the same tonight, I’m afraid. I won’t be able to publish any comments until tomorrow afternoon. – Features Editor]

  84. What a fantastic show. We were standing in the gallery right at the top directly opposite the stage, in one of the bays with the cameraman. So we were looking down through the lasers – quite incredible. Hopefully they will include some of these shots in the DVD. The music was magical, great set list and further enhanced by Messrs Crosby and Nash and Mica Paris. Find the cost of Freedom was a brilliant inclusion.

    Thanks Dave and Co – we really had a good time.

  85. Hi

    really enjoyed last nights show (30th May).

    Cant help feeling that I wish my guitar playing was half as good as Mr Gilmours.

    Last night will be a really happy memory that will stay locked in my head – especially Echoes which was tops – even Mr Gilmour was grooving throughout the song – classic and well worth waiting 10 years for (I went to see PF at Earls court in 1994)

    I must keep practising my guitar playing though…

    Good Luck to David Gilmour for the future – he’s a legend and definately deserves to be up there in the top 5 all time great guitar Players!!

  86. So much for the requests not to take pictures! The guy in front of me last night took a picture every few minutes and at one point was talking on his mobile phone. It didn’t spoil my enjoyment of a great show (Echoes wow!!!!) but it really made me angry.

  87. Risking the wrath of every committed Fan of DG who couldn’t get a ticket / attend any shows…I went last night courtesy of a friend with a spare ticket. In the first half I had the usual problems associated with not having heard the album; I could appreciate the musicianship, the texstures and production values, but I could have benefitted from having put in some homework. Great to see the legendary Robert Wyatt out there. No such problem in the second half, and I have to put my hand up and say…truly memorable. An excellent show. I’m now in hot pursuit of a set list so I can work out what albums I need to get hold of…

    [The dude on the drums was superb]. He (Steve DiStanislao) is indeed, and a very great chap to boot. I’ve met him a couple of times when he’s toured with CPR and Crosby and Nash.

    And speaking of Crosby & Nash; “Find The Cost of Freedom” (written by Stephen Stills) was shivers-down-the-spine time, the vocals just filling that hall.

    To anyone going tonight and to any other shows – you lucky, lucky people. Enjoy.


    ps respect to FEd and the site managers and contributors.

  88. last night, 30th, at RAH the gig was brilliant. the second half was mostly floyd stuff and it was awesome. highlights were “shine on” and my favourite floyd track “wish you were here”. Micah Paris guested on “great gig in the sky” and crosby and nash came on with there excellent harmonies, Phil Manzenera played throughout and of course Richard Wright played keyboards. what a night. please David, get the band back for one last tour. You are a modern day genius that needs the stage to show the world your god given talent.

  89. Monday’s show was outstanding !!!

    Many thanks we had a fantastic weekend

    Duncan & Linda

  90. A mate of mine had to back out of the show last minute, late last week, (he must be gutted!). Gave the RAH a call for a refund as mentioned on this site rather than sticking it on Ebay. Not only did I get a refund for my mate’s ticket, but they also offered to upgrade my standing gallery ticket to a seat in the Grand Tier, fantastic!

    Tuesday nights show was beyond description. I look forward to the DVD, although I’m sure it’ll be very difficult to capture the atmosphere and magic of actually being there, but I’ll be first in line to buy it!

    Highlights for me included the Island Set, (sounds even better live than the CD) Fat Old Sun, Echoes and Arnold Layne. Hopefully David’s recent choice of music for the tour will inspire some of the PF tribute acts to dust off some of the lesser known classics too!

    What a treat, thanks very much

  91. [Watch this space I’ll have a big post for you tomorrow…
    Things are afoot…

    I’m intrigued… what revelations can we expect next???

  92. Did anyone else notice Robert Wyatt murmer “oh f**k” when he split some notes during his cornet solo?

  93. [Watch this space I’ll have a big post for you tomorrow…
    Things are afoot…

    12 inches
    be safe Guy

    Ian Pearson

  94. I’ve just been checking out the poster I bought at Monday’s show, It’s the one with David standing atop the RAH(Cool or what?).

    I’ve just realised that it looks like I’m now the lucky owner of a “Limited Edition” print.

    They’re numbered up to 1000, mine’s 36.

    So anybody going to tonight’s show, I strongly recommend you splash out on one, while you can.

    They’re only a tenner and it’s on top quality paper(really thick), as you’d expect.

    Because it doesn’t look as though they will be available on the merchandise site, unless some go unsold tonight.

  95. [Watch this space I’ll have a big post for you tomorrow…
    Things are afoot…

    As Peter Cook would say ‘I like to keep abreast of whats afoot’.

  96. I think Guy’s blog is actually a coded message for the Pointy Stick brigade in preparation for the invasion of Europe in a few months…

    “I’ll have a big post for you tomorrow” which means that the large pole he’ll give us will need to be whittled down into shorter, thinner sticks called “things” or as they used to say in t’olden days “thaengs” and in this case they need be twelve inches long…

    Easy! 🙂

  97. Hi all,

    Firstly, the most important business of the day:

    I HAVE A SPARE TICKET FOR TONIGHT! One of my friends has a family matter that is about the only thing more important than seeing David tonight.

    So far there’s 3 of us, myself, Andy and Stuart and the extra ticket. They’re great seats on the right hand side…obviously being sold at cover price. I’d hate for this ticket to not get used.

    The plan is to meet up about 6.15 in front of the RAH at the Albert Memorial (yesterday was beautiful sunshine, watching the film crew helicopter, eating sarnies).

    Get in touch – DG/PF Floyd lovers only (banshees and flash idiots need not apply :))

    Anyone that says the price of admission is too high is smoking better stuff than me. £65 for a 2.5-3 hour show at the Royal Albert Hall, packed from front to finish with brilliance – I’d pay double that for that experience. Absolutely value for money but most importantly a musical experience to stay with you for the rest of your days. £65? I’ll have 3. Oh, I do 🙂


    p.s. It’s worth trying the Box Office today for any returns – when I was in the queue to pick up my tickets for yesterday, the very nice guy I was speaking to said he’d landed FRONT ROW SEATS that day! Lucky lucky lucky…

  98. Hi F’Ed and bloggers, hope you are all well.

    What an amazing performance last night (30th), absolutely stunning. We had great seats (via the kind souls who run this site) although in such a splendid venue I doubt anyone could moan about the view! The sound was spot on, the lights were just right, the music was awesome, the audience was 97% brilliant (the 3% = too many flashes, the odd shouty person and some dick in the choir who’s camera emitted a red light so bright that it almost rivalled anything that Marc Brickman had produced…) and the experience was everything I hoped it would be.

    My friend and I created an image in our heads of David crushing cameras live on stage, each stomp receiving a huge cheer of appreciation from the audience. In fact it was similar to the ‘In the Flesh’ scene in The Wall movie… I suppose that’s not so good! A lady in front of me was taking pictures but with the flash turned off. I could see her reviewing the photos, one blank one after another! Anyway, I could moan all day about the cameras but I won’t as it will detract from what was a fabulous show…I need more superlatives.

    I imagine that the DVD will be rather special too and I can’t wait to relive my personal highlights, Fat Old Sun and the unbelievable Echoes.

    Oh, the sweetest part of the show? One of David’s children (I presume) shouting louder than the noisy chap at the back “Hello Daddy”…that’s probably all of the appreciation that David needs.


  99. So much going on! I have to say, my skin is turning a weird shade of green over here across the pond. I can’t wait for the DVD to hopefully see some of this in person!

    Hmmmm…I am quite intrigued by Guy’s post….I just love surprises!

    Have a great time tonight all! We’ll be glued to the site tomorrow afternoon!

    Oh…and FEd…Have a MANGNIFICANT time…You deserve it!

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  100. Hi FeD just to say the blogs have made great reading…I dont know about you but after seeing Monday’s breathtaking RAH show I think DG has raised the guitar/vocalist standard to new heights..(perhaps even ABOVE the RAH ..and fly that standard in BLUE my man !!!):)

    SO we can safely Forget all the ‘who is best guitarman debates’ and concentrate and appreciate the REALITY that in DG we ARE witnessing the GREATEST living & STILL developing guitarist/musician of our era.

    Long may he Reign …I feel ‘Castellorizon’ is ALREADY an all time CLASSIC and fits nicely alongside CN and SOYCD:)

    Hi to ‘GUY’, and have a GREAT night all you DG/RW fans.


    [Martin, I would have dearly loved to have had Eric Clapton seated to my right, Jimmy Page to my left (and Jimi Hendrix hovering about in spirit), during Monday’s show. I would have taken great pleasure in giving a little nudge, a cheeky wink and saying “See? You have to admit, he is better than you, isn’t he? Hmm?” – Features Editor]

  101. Hi all,

    Long time reader first time poster. Just thought I would thank David and the band for a stunning show on Monday night. Out of all the shows I have seen by any artist Davids is firmly set at No.1 now. Best show ever for me.

    Only thing that spoilt it for me were all the people taking photos with flashes. As I was lucky enough to have one of the choir seats I could clearly see just how many people were taking photos. I was annoyed at the people who blatantly ignored the request at the start.

    Such a great night that I will never forget. Was also great to hear my Dad (whom I took along with me) raving about the show. Was even better to hear him continually going on about seeing David Gilmour & David Bowie on the same night.

    Once again thanks to David and the band. Pure brilliance.

  102. [Watch this space I’ll have a big post for you tomorrow…
    Things are afoot…

    Guy! Let me guess: an exact to-scale replica of Stonehenge to be dropped from the ceiing during “Echoes.” Or Rolf Harris guesting on a last-minute addition of “Flaming”?


  103. I was at last nights show. It was absolutely fantastic. My god that man can play! Mica Paris gave her rendition of great gig that was truly emotionally powerful but for me, the highlight of the night has to be the performance of Echoes in full. I never thought I would see the day. Even when he made a glaring mistake in the intro to Shine On, he seamlessly continued as if it was meant to be there. My wife didn’t even notice! I came away awe stuck and am still buzzing and listening to the master right now.

  104. Superb concert last night, especially the second half. The rendition of Echoes was simply awesome – even better than Paris Olympia. I have to say, however, that Mica Paris’ performance of “Great Gig In the Sky” fades into insignificance when compared to Sam Brown’s. Also, what was up with David’s throat during the first half? Hoarse? Get the man a Strepsil.

  105. Just got home from seeing both concerts on 29th and 30th……what can I say, just sheer perfection and absolutely exceeded my expectations !!

    Echoes was by far the best piece I’ve seen played live both musically and visually. David you are a genius and I’m only sad that I can’t be there again tonight.

    Please, please David don’t let this be the last tour you do……….there is still life in the old dog yet and it’s appreciated by all your fans as displayed by the rapturous applause last night……we love you !!

    Thank you for two great nights – can’t wait for the DVD as a permanent reminder.

    Jacqui, Coventry

    [Who are you calling an old dog?! – Features Editor]

  106. *Wow, Wow, Wow* is all I can say!! Still gobsmacked and blown away by last night – a m a z i n g!

    I was in the choir seats, and although steep we were really close and had a clear, unobstructed view right through, what a treat!! The camera thing…grrrr.

    What bugs me more is that I did the right thing by leaving my flashless camera phone at home, but many, many, many others didn’t and now have their own personal momentoes now that I don’t. Yes I KNOW the pix will be crap, that’s hardly the point of a personal photo!!! So I will always be taking my phone to every gig in the future now. So much for ‘really strict’ security!

    Another thing for people going tonight, if you are thinking of standing outside the stage door for an autograph – don’t. You’ll be wasting your time like I did last night for over an hour as the temperature dropped. Only the staff, press and assorted friends with backstage passes come out that way. There’s an underground carpark for the band to escape from.

    RAH is an amazing venue – glad it’s not kept soley for classical music purposes!

    Have a FABULOUS night tonight everyone – I’m really looking forward to seeing the highlights on DVD, but I have my own memories locked away too.

    David – you are an amazing musician – keep on playing for a looooooong time please!

  107. Hello everyone!

    I had read months ago that Nick Mason could be in the attendance of one of the shows in the RAH.
    Will be this the surprise?

    greeting from Costa Rica FEd!!
    (sorry for my english)

    [Interesting… – Features Editor]

  108. When can we expect the DVD to be released? i hope its not too long oh and when IS pulse coming out? it keeps gettin postponed… wish i could go tonight if i had any money i would be there in a heartbeat

    [We hope that David’s DVD will be out towards the end of the year. We don’t really care about ‘PULSE’ right now. – Features Editor]

  109. Thanks Guy, can’t wait to see what’s afoot.

    Speaking of which, my left foot is healing fine and I am ready to join up with Wayne Rooney to compete in the World Cup. LOL. Fed, I’m sure the fans will behave,and make sure you keep the WOOHOOS to a bare minimum,okay? Good Luck you fortunate person. You deserve it.

    [Thank you very much, Frank. Have you been sleeping in an oxygen tent, too? – Features Editor]

  110. hi there, im at work and paronoid my boss may catch me, but i meant to say davids comfortably numb solo was amazing and had some new little rifts in, free style,

    also i did notice robert wyatt sware and i wana know what guy has in store…

    maybe john squire to join david or jimmy page for a mega final, of pure guitar madness!!!

    [Or maybe Page and Clapton, to put this silly Q107 thing to the test. – Features Editor]

  111. wow what a night last night was awe inspiring comes to mind i was blown away by Echoes just awsome the lightshow and lasers was on par with Pulse but waaaay better.

    Thanks for a wonderful night Davind and the Band you all were enjoying yourselfs and it was me who shouted out Nick Mason David.

    Again thanks for a top quailty show as always David have fun on the tour and i look forward to buying the DVD when it gets released

    Take care aaron burrows (slough)

  112. Superb, absolutely superb!!!!!

    i had a ticket for the choir for last nights gig (30th). Got to the RAH about 3 and nipped into the box office to see if I could exchange for a better seat. No problem got a good seat on the left behind one of the cameras filming the gig. Well worth checking at the box office!!!

    The highlight for me had to be Echoes, and David’s playing on Comfortably Numb was sublime.

    I heard Robert Wyatt murmer “oh F…” as well.

    One bone I have with Mr Gilmour is that when I down loaded the Island Jam track from this site I immediately went & bought a Les Paul. I already owned a Tele and after last night I’m going to have to buy another Strat.

    One last thing I know it was kinda warm yesterday in London (spent 2 hours lounging by the Albert Memorial) but why was Graham Nash barefoot on stage (Sandie Shaw syndrome???)

    Once again SUPERB!!!


  113. Hello

    i just came back from london ( i’m french )and i just want to say one thing : FANTASTIC . This was my second show for this year , not the last , and David and the band play better than ever . The solo on fat old sun was simply amazing like echoes of course . See you end of july in Munchen . Please go fast for the dvd !!!!!

  114. Hi all,Fed

    After pondering the RAH performence witnessed on the 29th,I have come up with a few ideas that may help David and the rest of the band at such future events.

    First of all;Richards second keyboard appeared not to be level? a few decent sized books would be sufficent to correct this imbalence.

    That Nash fellow?,surely the band could have had a whip round and got the chap some shoes, It was painful to watch from our angle because from our seats we all thought we could see drawing pins on the stage I reckon that DG may have put them down for a laugh.

    A full sized mirror directly infront of David.

    A trampoline for Guy during Echoes[stunning playing].

    A little man with an endless supply of towels for Steve.

    Free membership to CAMERA for life to Crosby”looks like he can sink a few”.

    A big torch for John just incase he drops something.

    And a crown for Phill Magnifico[pleasure to watch].

    Thought the Audience were great as well until the last minutes of Echoes start of Shine etc.And get that Dome removed or fill it with that foam stuff, Techs wouldnt have to mess with the sound then.

    All in all though Marvelous Absolutly Marvelous.Thanks to the band and crew and a Big thanks to the Unseen.

  115. Tuesday night show. What a dream !!! What a great experience and musical feast. David is THE best guitarist out there. It is not often that one gets to see him (or for that matter PF), but never has the saying “quality not quantity” been more appropriate !!


  116. Hi all

    I never got to see PF live, I did not have the funds to do so when I was younger. Within the space of minutes on Tue 30th (Breathe/Time) I had welled up, much to the amusement of my wife. Being 15 stone and heavily tattooed adds to the lack of dignity. By the time David played cn I was achieved a state of happiness I have not experienced since my daughter was born. This was for me a life event.

    I thank David , Richard and everyone involved for giving me the opportunity to play catch up. Thank God for the odd blunder to remind me this was live.

  117. Chris – aren’t you sorry you ever questioned the expense of the gig?! Seriously, it was TOTALLY worth it – I hope you’re there tonight and don’t miss out.

    I bet tonight will outdo both of the previous concerts – what could better Bowie…?

    Anyone else going to see Roger in Hyde Park? I LOVE DSOTM and don’t know what he’s going to do to replace DG, but I reckon he’ll find a way of making it BRILLIANT! Can’t wait!! Can only dream of a reunion, but not likely…

    Enjoy tonight you lucky people at the final RAH gig – I’m soooooooooo jealous!

  118. What a fantastic experience!

    The highlights of the show for me was The Blue, Fat old Sun(the guitar solo rocked!) and Echoes. My mate Steve realy enjoyed it!

    Hi Bianca, Matt and Martin, it was great to meet you and put faces to your names, hope you enjoyed the show too?

    Thank you features Ed and Nancy for sorting the tickets out, it was a great night.

    Cheers All.

    [So glad that you enjoyed, Adrian. – Features Editor]

  119. What an evening was had on Tue 30th May!!

    A couple of downers….

    Touts – was harassed outside the RAH when my brother and I went for a stroll around the outside of the RAH in the afternoon, a few hours before the gig. Also got harassed when we arrived at the RAH in the evening.

    Cameras – what is it with those idiots that cannot read or listen to what is asked of them?? I was bloody annoyed with the amount of ‘flash’ photography going on. If I was annoyed away back up on one of the tier’s heaven knows how the band felt!

    Anyway rant over…..

    As for the gig – words cannot describe how good it was, it exceeded all my expectations. The On An Island tracks sounded phenomenal live. As for the second half, WOW!!! Echoes – thought I’d died and gone to heaven – the light show with was superb!! The jam at the end of Fat Old Sun was cracking. Really can’t wait for the DVD. Judging by some of the images on the monitors at the sound desk – they’ve got some cracking footage!!!

    F’ed – hope you enjoyed the show tonight (Wed) – wonder what the surprise will be!

  120. Just got back home to Brussels after seeing the gig last night (30th). Some thoughts:

    – on the Eurostar, just before arriving in London, there right in front of my eyes was Battersea Power Station – I could almost see the pig floating there. A good omen.

    – sitting next to me at the RAH was a little girl around 12 or so who was totally into every number. How’s that for fans across the generations? I didn’t even have the heart to tell her to stop taking photos (OK, she didn’t do so many …)

    – I’ve seen Pink Floyd on the last 2 tours, and this band was better! Absolutely rocked! Sorry Nick, you weren’t missed 🙂

    – ECHOES ECHOES ECHOES, absolutely unbelieveable, it was just perfect, David and Rick’s vocals were superb and the lighting matched the music perfectly. The 22 minutes felt like about 3.

    – My favorite songs from OAI (OAI, Take a Breath, This Heaven) were even better live. Take a Breath was supercharged.

    – I was so-so about Castellorizon and Red Sky at Night on the CD, but live they sounded much more powerful. A pleasant surprise.

    – I’m a Rick Wright fan, and he didn’t let me down. Excellent vocals on all the songs he had or shared lead vocals on.

    – Dick Parry has a tough job, he’s only on stage for about 2 minutes so it’s either sink or swim. But his playing at the end of SOYCD was great (nice switch of instruments in the middle).

    And just a couple of minor complaints:

    – Crosby and Nash, sorry, for me they were “superfluous to requirements”. Sure they’re great singers, but the band has six vocalists already, why two more? The stage really seemed crowded when they were up there, normally the singers doing the harmonies are at the back dancing when not singing but they were right at the front. Crosby stood there with his hands in his pockets looking bored, and Nash just threw his arms around a lot.

    But of course, the biggest problem was that when they were there Guy didn’t have any space to dance 🙂

    – SOYCD, I prefer the original version and wish they’d played it.

    – Then I Close My Eyes, it’s the one track on the album I really didn’t like and unlike other tracks, it didn’t improve being played live. Seems to me a lot of bits of music that don’t really jell.

    Overall, one of the best gigs I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for Vienne now, what will the light show look like in an outdoor arena?


    ps I was sitting in front of the stage in Arena B, on the left hand side – in the next section to my left there was somebody wearing glasses going just crazy – that had to be one of you out there, right?


  121. Andy,

    Yes I noticed Robert Wyatt`s little rant aswell, I don`t think he thought it would be a audible(and I was at the very back of the hall!), as it was though!

    And Nickster is right, Mr. Gilmour made a slight phaux par during the start of Shine one, and being the true magnificent talent and professional he is, he got out of it in complete style!

  122. The tuesday gig was fabulous, bar the odd bum note. Still shows these guys are human after all. Sound wise, Glasgow was better at the front of the hall, although RAH is a superb setting.

    Having told the chatty American contingent behind me to “shut the f@£k up” (trust me it was deserved, there is a big difference between listening and hearing) the gig was great, apart from MICA. Sorry David, she is no Sam Brown, McBroom, or Torry, and I think she knew it. Saved only by Richard, clearly enjoying one of his finest pieces.

    I thank the band for ECHOES. I waited 27 years to hear it live, and it was worth every note. I look forward to the DVD, and wish David every happiness and success.

    For those attending, didn’t we do well???

  123. David Bowie and Mica Paris?? Wow! That’s so awesome. Mica has such a wonderful voice.

    Fed, thanks so much for your work on this blog. It has been a pleasure reading everyone’s comments, and I’m sure sometimes we made you want to jump out of a window.

    I’m glad so many people got the chance to see David and his great band, because there will be no other artists that can rival their performances. Thanks!!!

    Marty G.

    [Thanks, Marty. The thought has briefly crossed my mind, but mostly I prefer to think of pushing people out of windows. We’ve had a few candidates, haven’t we? No names, of course. – Features Editor]

  124. Glad to see David introduced Guy last night with his full title… ‘Bass player AND bloggist’

    I have a question for Guy, what on earth was Rick doing on that second verse of Comfortably Numb, it certainly seemed to make you all laugh (and me!)

    These shows have been great, thanks for a wonderful three nights.

  125. [Mica Paris absolutely butchered Great Gig. most disappointing indeed.]

    Butchered is not very subtle, but I didn’t like this version either. Too many differences with the original. But many others liked it.

    [- SOYCD – Rock Solid, but did God actually make a mistake in the opening ?]

    Hahahaha ..

    [- Great to see the red EMG strat back in action on SOYCD]

    Just what I was thinking! Good ol’ days of the 80’s 😉

    [Did anyone else notice Robert Wyatt murmer “oh f**k” when he split some notes during his cornet solo?]

    I did. Hilarious.

    Tuesday was marvelous. Absolutely marvelous. I really had a great time. I Saw David & team in Amsterdam, but wasn’t pleased by the sound, seating, flashing cameras & rude people. Came especially to London for a second David concert and it was worth it. Besides from better sound, better seating, etc, the show was much better. I really liked the David/Rick solo on Echoes. That was the highlight for me (well, all of Echoes was in fact..).

    Crosby & Nash gave me goosebumps all over. Very good. I was wondering about the average age on stage: David, David, Graham, Dick, Rick, Robert. Centuries of rock experience. Wow! Much respect!

    Unfortunately, I’ve been waiting for 1,5 hour at the stage door, but I’ve seen noone. Only 20 people were waiting, so I was hoping this exit wasn’t avoided 🙁

    Great show, guys!

  126. Does anybody know when (date) The Great Gig In The Sky was last played (before the 30th May)?

    I went to the show on the 30th and it was absolutely mind-blowing. Echoes was the highlight and lived up to it’s full potential.

    Also, when David made the mistake in SOYCD, did he go back and repeat some of it again? Or did he just carry on playing? I was a little bit confused.

    [‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ was performed in Paris in March with Sam Brown. – Features Editor]

  127. [the gig was great, apart from MICA. Sorry David, she is no Sam Brown, McBroom, or Torry, and I think she knew it. Saved only by Richard, clearly enjoying one of his finest pieces.]

    i still can’t believe that mica didn’t do the song justice. ed, what did you think of mica on the final night?

    [I thought it was very brave of her get up there and not replicate the original, as everyone else does. That takes some guts. I liked it. It was coming from the heart, which is where it should come from. – Features Editor]

  128. tuesday albert hall: gig was amazing even better than glasgow and i did not think that was possible……nuff said

  129. Hy there,

    Are there any plans for more tourdates then the ones published now… Especially switzerland would be great…

    Otherwise Ill travel to Munich. I just have to see david live!!!!

    (Ill go to see Roger Waters playing TDSOTM in Berlin, but I think it’s a must to listen to some Pink Floyd songs with the original guitar and piano players… and on an island for sure too…)

    Greez, Thomas

    [There are no plans for more dates at this time, Thomas. – Features Editor]

  130. Well, what can be added to the above comments. I saw Floyd in 94 in Paris, and spent years recovering, now I’ll have to go through it all again after Davids concert.

    Only things to add are, yes great jam on Fat Old Sun, Echoes was so good it had better make the DVD. Mica Paris did her version of Great Gig, and as I was only seven seats from her, it gave me goose bumps!

    Apart from Davids strange ‘bum’ note and Roberts four letter word, which if you caught Ricks face caused a look of panic, what about the start of the concert?

    The band played the intro to Time, and when Steve looked up from his drums for the cue to go into the mainpart of the song, no one looked at him, he got flustered, then returned to the roto toms again, which brought huge grins to David and Guys faces, had they set him up? I think they might have.

    Oh well, back to life…

  131. The Spirit of the 60s lives on and what a great band to have Crosby and Nash backing singers, Phil Manzanera, Rick Wright and a rhythmn section so solid. Great songs. David’s guitar was like Miles in that the notes were struck upon a star. And the touch David has – solorama never felt this good or long lasting. Still got that inner glow. Thank you.
    Oh and that light show always great too. Nigel

  132. Flew in with aircrew friends from Vancouver, Canada and enjoyed the concert on Monday night. What a blast with the extra special guests! First time at Royal Albert Hall too. Architecture & laser beams. Thanks for the memories and music!

    Sammycat & crew

    ps Met Bowie this winter when he was going sledding in Canada on my flight. Told him that we’d met 9 years earlier… at Mme. Tussaud’s Wax Museum 🙂

  133. Wish to thank all of the people at the David Gilmour Tour camp for offering fine tickets for the RAH gigs. I took the opportunity to attend the show and also take my family for a UK Holiday. We saw castles at Warwick and Hever, visited Stonehenge, Durdles Door, Stratford-on-Avon, and finished our stay in London.

    Even made a pilgramage to Pete Cornish’s Hawkhurst shop to pick up some guitar cables. Pete’s really far out there in the county and while I was there a chap from Roger Waters camp had to call in for directions as he was lost. I didn’t want to tell him that this country boy from the USA had no trouble finding the right spot.

    David’s show was great. Seeing Arnold Layne performed live was the highlight of my trip. David and Guy provided nice backup vocals to David Bowie’s performance for a super arrangement. Thanks for performing some old material. Even though I have seen every Floyd show since the Animals Tour (my first concert at age 15) I never thought I would hear Echoes, Domino’s, or Wots..

    My web ticket got me 30 yards from stage. Great seat! With the help of opera glasses I was able to make out that David does indeed play with Pete Cornish cables, as well as that he uses his middle and ring finger at times to play finger vibrato. As a guitar player myself, I never did this – I have always used only my index finger. Suffice to say that by the end of the show it was like I had a mini guitar lesson. Now if we could only see one more studio recording from David, Roger, Richard, and Nick where they all equally contribute. That would make my day and a thousand other fans as well.

    All the best,

    Mark Owen Nutto and the Unemployed Teachers

  134. Tues 30th What a brilliant night. Thanks to all involved. So great to be there and witness Echoes – been revisiting ‘Pompeii’ footage – so it was magical to hear it all live and faithfully reproduced.

    Also thrilled by the appearances of Crosby and Nash.

    Bet Robert Wyatt’s cursing Tuesday version doesn’t make it onto the DVD – which would be a shame! Doesn’t have to perfect.

    Addicted now all over again. Wish I had a ticket for Venice!

  135. My sister and I were in town from Seattle for my sisters 30th birthday. We decided to try to get in the show on Tuesday night. well, I scored two prime seats together – 2 rows off the floor. What a great show! David Crosby and Graham Nash singing background was a great surprise. I had not seen any Floyd’s since the Wall in NY in ’80.

    A memorable night that we will not forget!

    Royal Albert Hall is a jewel
    Scott from Seattle.

  136. HELLOOO!! Hi David, I come from Argentina, Live in Mar del Plata And soy one of your fans in this great contry. I have 15 years and desde hace tiempo te escucho. Me encantaria que vengas a la Argentina seria uno de los priemros en ir a verte. gracias por hacer una musica tan maravillosa. Sos un grande. Gracias. Thank you. Lautaro

  137. We went to NY to see what we werent able to get to in London, then once tickets were available for the RAH, we went there too. Neednt say more than the fact that if the budget will stretch to it we will go to Venice too (I hope my wife is reading this).

    So… at the RAH we were right behind the mixing desk, can anyone tell me what the guy near the middle (who looked a bit like like he was “conducting an orchestra”) was actually doing? The band couldnt see him, could they?

    [I suspect that concerned the lights and lasers, George. – Features Editor]

  138. Attended the gig on the 30th at the RAH and, well…

    I guess it’s that old thing of wanting so much from an experience that in the end it can only fail to deliver. Some problems I had were –

    -the audience, the vibe. little kids in the audience and the people shouting ‘go on dave’ made it all seem a bit pub rock. We were pretty well stoned but it didn’t seem that anyone else was, that’s fine and everything but it did give us a certain ‘us and them’ feeling.

    -the first half! I’m not in love (don’t mind it though) with the new album and at times I felt truly bored by it all. If he’d simply played half of it I would have probably had no problem with it.

    -crosby and nash. waddling on stage to sing four words and then waddling off again, I didn’t like their contribution to ‘shine on’ either, kind of spoilt the song really, it wasn’t anywhere near as good as on the gilmour live 2002 dvd.

    -robert wyatt. I mean what was the point, I know he had issues or something with his trumpet, but it was all a bit ‘jobs for the boys’.

    -comfortably numb. no suprise really, i was expecting it to fall short because of the arrangement david always seems to use. Too grungy on the verses and no acoustic guitar on the chorus. Rick wright tried his best, but his voice is too similar to daves for it to work. Anyway I’m horrendously picky about this song, The Wall Live is the only version that gets the dynamics right IMHO (including the studio version).

    -the drummer. I’m sure he’s a talented fellow, but he just didn’t do it for me.

    However two things pretty much made up for all of that,

    -echoes. For twenty minutes I was in a different place. Everything that left me cold or annoyed was forgotten the second the first ping rang out. Without any doubt the finest song i’ve ever seen and heard live.

    -David’s playing. He was my favourite guitarist going into the concert, but I was really blown away by his control and style. He is just amazing, he really does get more emotion out of those instruments than anyone else.

    So all in all it was a mixed bag. Half of me is glad because all in all it was a good/great gig. The other half wishes I hadn’t gone so that the myth i’d created hadn’t been brought down to earth. I had tickets for roger waters DSOTM but I’ve sold them now. (of course if the floyd reform for that hyde park show, I will probably kill myself or someone nearby)

  139. I’m a bit late with my review of the show, on Tuesday 30th, but better late than never right?

    So what did I make of my first experience seeing David live? It was a wonderful evening, but be warned, my review is not going to be an exercise in ‘sunshine blowing up the proverbial’.

    The first half was brilliant, and in my view I think it might have been better (in my opinion) than the second. The new songs were, after all, the reason that David was on the road, and the intimacy of the music from OAI seemed to be at home in the RAH setting.

    Special points of note from the first half. ‘Then I close my eyes’ with Robert Wyatt was a really lovely song. Made me feel like I was sitting around a campfire with friends…not a care in the world. I noticed Robert’s expletive, and he took a little while to get going, but that made it all the more human. I saw the AOL performance of ‘Take a Beath’…and it didn’t take my breath away at all…why was everyone saying it was so good? At the RAH…I realised why everyone was saying that…David pulled out all the stops on this one…and I think it was one of his best efforts on the fretboard all night.

    Second half? I think the most enjoyable stuff for me was the older material…Fat Old Sun was simply extraordinary, and is tied in first place with ‘Take a Breath’ for best performance of the evening. I’m not really a fan of the pre-meddle Pink Floyd…but Arnold Layne was brilliant too…and seemed right at home in the RAH.

    Shine on was good…but I’ve heard it many times. I enjoyed when the full band rejoined the fray towards the end…just before the sax solo began…very nice.

    Coming back to Life and High Hopes I’ve heard a million times in various forms, and I wasn’t all that gathered up by them, truth be told.

    It was very cool when Mica Paris came out to sing Great Gig. It wasn’t an earth shattering performance…but it was still very good, and I enjoyed seeing and hearing Rick and David playing it.

    Echoes was brilliant…suddenly the stage was owned by those two old friends…I was witnessing a moment (or many moments) in history. I noticed Rick give a big exhale of breath during one of his keyboard changes towards the end…and realised he was actually looking a little weary. I guess a 20 minute song isn’t as easy to play as it was thirty years ago. The ending was magic…and I was on my feet with everyone else at the end.

    WYWH and Comfortably numb I’ve heard a million times as well, and there wasn’t anything strange or startling about these performances. Maybe it was just me…but David and co seemed a little tired by this point in the show. Find the Cost of Freedom was gorgeous (as were the harmonies provided throughout the show).

    There were a few downers to the show. I had been told that the accoustics in the RAH were fantastic. Maybe it was another RAH they were talking about, because I didn’t think the sound was outstanding. I could hear each drum-beat reverberate / echo, and the smoke machines (or something) were VERY noticeable at the beginning of several songs (great gig and echoes).

    Now’s the part where I commit blasphemy. I was at a Roger Waters show in 2002, and on the whole it pipped David’s concert. Maybe it was the sound…the drum solo at the beginning of ‘Time’ shook one’s bones at Roger’s show, and it was quite weak in comparison at David’s. And Roger used the quad system during his show…which added so much to the experience. I think David’s performance really would have been enhanced if he had used a quad set-up. On an Island is very atmospheric, and would lend itself to a surround system very well…and Echoes / Fat old sun / Arnold Layne would also have been even more impressive with the old azimuth coordinator doing it’s thing.

    On the whole, a brilliant evening. Worth twice the price of admission, and I will certainly be repeating the experience if David is kind enough to treat us again.

    Thanks to David, Rick, and the rest of the crew (you included FeD) for months of joy that came to such a great climax for this little black duck.

    No ‘Rainbow Connection’ though

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