Night 23: London


David and his band play the first of three concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall tonight. Although these have been ‘sold out’ since day one, the RAH has released more seats in the choir area, right behind the musicians, for all three nights. See for more details.

If you’re going to this evening’s show, do let us know how you’re feeling at the moment.

When you get back and feeling has returned to you your fingertips, do let us know how the night went.

You know what we’re like here at – we want to know every little detail, so don’t be shy.

As always, the setlist will be mentioned among the fan comments below. If you don’t want to know which songs were performed, don’t read the fan comments.

As you know, tonight’s concert is being filmed for inclusion on David’s new DVD. Please refrain from using cameras and mobile phones! They will be especially irritating tonight.

You’ll see posters around the Hall requesting the same thing. Please pay close attention to them.

RAH staff will be particularly strict over the next three nights and anyone found to be breaching these rules will have their offending camera/phone confiscated immediately.

No matter how many pictures or videos you record, they won’t match the quality of the DVD that will be out later this year, so please don’t use any cameras during the performance.

This request comes not only from us, the people who will be filming, the RAH staff and the fans who have already commented on how annoying people with cameras are. It also comes from the band members who have been irritated by flashing lights throughout the tour. They are trying to perform for us, after all.

So no cameras tonight, thank you.

Enjoy the concert, everyone. If you want to meet with other fans before the show, then the Queen’s Arms at 30 Queens Gate Mews seems to be the place for it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

157 thoughts on “Night 23: London”

  1. Has anyone given the Queen’s Arms a heads up that they’ll be busy and to have plenty of suitable music playing?…

    How am I feeling Fedmeister? Jealous! but also like a proud parent waiting for the kids to come back and report what went on… 🙂

  2. Hi Fed & everyone,

    Just about to grab a spot of lunch then me & the “missus” are on our way…I CANT WAIT. It’s just like being a child at Christmas.

  3. Just leaving now !!!

    See you all at the Queens for a few looseners !

    Bring it on DG !

    Are you joining us FED ???

    [I couldn’t make it, sorry. Hope you all had a good time. – Features Editor]

  4. YEEEEHAH! Today is finally here 🙂

    I woke up this morning thinking of the show tonight. Very much feels like Christmas morning, or maybe my birthday 🙂

    My friend Andy and I will be in the Queen’s Arms tonight from about 6ish, so hope to meet some of you later on. I’m a tallish guy, medium build, wearing black glasses and short hair – I might be wearing bike gear and carrying a silver helmet. If you see me, shout ‘oi nickster!’ and grab me 🙂
    Otherwise I might just take my chances and shout ‘oi bloggers’ – If I do, come grab me rather than leave me to look like a nutter… heh 🙂 Will also keep any eye out for some exceptionally well dressed Italians just back from tea. Fortunately Andy speaks fluent Italian, so if you hear an italian version of ‘oi lucia’, same applies 🙂

    Other than that, I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next few hours. It’s a gorgeous London day here so I might just go for a long ride to burn off this excess excitement…

    FEd – are you going tonight? Would be great to meet you in the Queen’s Arms (oo-err). Don’t make me print a ‘Oh By The Way, Which One’s FEd’ t-shirt 😉


  5. Not telling the budding David Bailey’s about the snipers inside the hall…. nice touch Fedmeister 🙂

  6. Not that it needs to be said, but I can’t wait for the show. I moved to London (from the US) last August and have been waiting for this for months. It’ll be my first show at the RAH, too. It’s one of those places that you hear so much about and now I’m finally going to see a show there and it’s David Gilmour no less.

    So anyone have advice for those of us viewing in the gallery? I know it’s pretty far up there and it’s general admission so I’ll be sure to get there early.

  7. Just getting ready. Eager anticipation is coursing through me. My wife Ann is coming too. We are going up early to get a meal and perhaps a jar or two in the “Queens Arms”. See you all there.

    Good luck to David and the band, although I don’t think they need it!

    Good luck anyway.

  8. Very excited now…going to 30th and 31st..(provided Matty doesn’t lose the tickets again!)

    Good note about the cameras…Please folks don’t be selfish…You will just annoy everyone else.

    Andy (Whizzyfinger)

  9. Hello Dear F.ed,

    Hope You will enjoy the tonight show at the RAH.

    I was just having a look at the video of Smile. Not the Clip of the year, but sweet, simple and sometimes the best way to make feel the emotions.
    (Euh… Do you see what I mean ? In fact,I really prefer this one than Blue light and All lovers are deranged…)

  10. Fedmeister…

    So will you be jumping across the fence and becoming a mad Blogger later tonight/tomorrow morning with your review and comments?

    Stop Press… Just In….

    Q107 Poll…. TOP FIVE!!!!

    DG is in at number four…

    1. Jimi Hendrix
    2. Jimmy Page
    3. Eric Clapton
    4. David Gilmour
    5. Eddie Van Halen
    6. Stevie Ray Vaughan
    7. Pete Townshend
    8. Angus Young
    9. Carlos Santana
    10.Alex Lifeson

    [No way! Fourth?! That’s not on. I might let my professionalism (yeah, right) fall away and write as a we’re-not-worthy fan later… If I can get all the posts online before Christmas, that is. Then again, I might get my pointy stick out and wave it menacingly in front of anyone who voted for Hendrix, Page or Clapton. On second thoughts, that might require some serious waving. – Features Editor]

  11. Hey Whizzyfingers (Andy) don’t worry we are now on the guest list on Tuesday so no tickets to lose this time! (sorry for all the panic mate)


  12. Is Nick Mason still due to be in the audience at the RAH? Is there the remotest chance that he might guest on a song or two???

    Which night(s) will you be attending?

    Other quick question…is the band due on stage at 7:30 or 8:00pm (or some time in between) on Tues 30th?

    [Pass, pass, last night and Wednesday, pass. Sorry! Actually, I think the answer to the last one is 7:30 (it’s 8:30 on Wednesday), but please check with the RAH or other fans to be sure. – Features Editor]

  13. Leaving at 3 from sunny (although its hidden behind black foreboding clouds) Kent with my Wife & 2 sons in tow. I feel very nervous at the moment but then when you’ve been looking forward to this for months now, what else can I expect.

    Been avoiding the blog page to avoid hearing about setlists & so on.

    Should be a beautiful night by all accounts. Especially looking forward to hearing the On an Island tracks performed live. The album has grown & grown on me since its release.

    Good luck David & all.

    Ciaran, Lisa, James & Joseph

  14. I’m counting down:) I have traveled from Australia, and am so excited about seeing David and the gang tonight. I hope that you make a public announcement at the start of the concert reminding people about cameras etc. This was not done a couple of days ago at the Eric Clapton concert I attended, and flashes were going off during the concert….It was a pain! So I hope there is a public announcement at the start.

    It will be fantastic, and I can only wonder if there may be another suprise or two tonight. What a great line up nonetheless:)

    See you there


  15. Mica Paris – Great Gig in the Sky, by any chance? She’s got a fantastic voice!! Let’s hope!!

  16. To all those going tonight… See you in the pub. Getting closer and closer and am buzzing

  17. Yes, Yes, Yes…

    At last can put it down. I arrived on Sunday (to avoid any plane delay), and I went to find out how to get to RAH, it was OK, but I couldn’t find Queen’s Arms. Certainly I was on the Queens Gate, but it will be easier with the address given on the main page.

    I have centre to the stage seat in the second Tier of Boxes, so I think it will be perfect for the listening and of course for any special effects.

    What I feel, it’s a very good question, but it is not easy to give quick answer. Definitly it’s something exceptional and excitement arises with every minute.

    Bye for now,


  18. How am I feeling: extremely excited.

    Sitting here in Kent just wishing the hours away so I can get in the car and get up there to London.

    Won’t be long though, I might leave now so I can stop the car along the way at least five times to make sure I have the tickets!!!

    See you all there.


  19. Hello Dear F.ed,

    It’s already the RAH concerts ? Time flies.

    If I remember well, You go to one of these show. Don’t you ? Lucky you. Hope you will enjoy it as well as the rest of all the fans of course.

    I wish I could go to the RAH because it’s really a beautiful place to listen classical or pop music.
    Please F.ed, don’t forget to give all the details.

    By the way. I really like the simplicity of the clip of Smile. Sometimes, it’s the best way to show the emotions from a song.

    Have a good show tonight (I wish I was in London !!!)

  20. Hi Everyone,

    Have Fun in the Albert Hall, the sun is shining and a big Blue David Gilmour banner is greating you at the entrance.

    See you there (I’m wearing my white home made On An Island shirt, can’t miss ;-).

    Nick from the lovely South of Hyde Park.

  21. so jelous guys….i guess i’ll wait for the dvd…

  22. Caption: Nothing in the world could stop Richard from giving an outstanding performance, not even the freight train bearing down on him.

    Although I won’t actually be at RAH, I’ll be there in spirit with my pointy stick sharpened. So all you phonies better not ruin my DVD.

  23. My dear bloggers who are attending RAH please enjoy yourselves and smile at the filming cameras.

    Best to you all…and also have a great week!

    Shine on!

  24. Nickster, you are ready for anything and anyone!

    Great! I wish a wonderful night to all of you, mates!

    Let us know the details!

    bye bye!

  25. Well said about cameras FED. Cant wait for YOUR review and reading about your experiences.

    Rudders got your message and yes you are spot on re polychips. Not long to go now eh? My heart is beating faster.

    Ian Pearson

  26. Sounds great! starting to get the real buzz now – will travel over the pond tomorrow am for the show tomorrow night.

    Everybody enjoy these shows they’re gonna be special..

  27. B*mmer!

    I’ve tried ringing the Queen’s Arms several times but can’t get through!

    I wanted to say hello to some of you and wish you the best of times…but the technology didn’t allow it…

    Looking forward to the reviews 🙂

  28. Alright Nick – Another t-shirt maker!! I’m not the only one!!

    Rudders and I are eagerly awaiting all your reports. You kids have fun =)


  29. Hi, just wondering if David or any of the band will appear at the stage door after the show? Also does F ED know if there is an official Richard Wright website, i havent been able to find one…

    Thanks, will see you all tommorrow night

    [People will no doubt try their luck, but we really can’t say one way or another. As far as I’m aware, Richard doesn’t have a website. – Features Editor]

  30. Just a query F’Ed. I didn’t see any posters for sale (or even advertising the concert) at manchester. Do you know if any were used to advertise at any other venues? Would love to get my hands on one to frame and put up in my Library.

    [Interesting question. I’ll find out for you. – Features Editor]

  31. The sun is low in hyde park and the hall is drawing close. Enjoy the show everyone! I will!

  32. Hi Fed / all,

    I was a bit interested to see what was special about the Island Kastellorizon, and whilst searching I located this picture (amongst others). Some of you may have already seen it, but I think it is quite fitting to the album don’t you?

    Hope the link works,


    [Thanks for that, Dave. Very nice. – Features Editor]

  33. Just to stray for a minute. The most influential guitarists poll has David in 4th place behind Clapton, Paige, and Hendrix. Well we all know he is number 1!!! Go blow them away at Royal Albert tonight David.

  34. Well, back from Russia … almost … delayed in Frankfurt airport but hoping for liftoff soon. On the Eurostar to London tomorrow, RAH tomorrow night – just can’t wait. Have been following the blog entries the past week, thanks guys, will go to the Queen´s Arms beforehand and hope to catch some of you there! I´ll be the guy looking very tired and jet-lagged …


  35. Why do I feel so lonely ‘up in the north’.

    Loved Bridgewater, Love to be at RAH.

    It’s just not fair 🙁

    Will the DVD be out next Monday!!!!

    Just can’t wait:)

  36. Hi,

    Can somebody tell me when the DVD is coming out in the shop?

    I Was in Amsterdam , great show with one of the best tracks ever played

    Greetings RENE

    [Give us a chance to get it filmed first! The end of the year, we hope. – Features Editor]

  37. Only one more night to go (RAH 30th May) Great to see gems Fat Old Sun and What’s uh….the deal. Heard rumours about Dominoes and Great Gig any comments????? Especially looking forward to Echoes, lets beat the 23 minutes in Glasgow…..

    [We like rumours. – Features Editor]

  38. Here here about the mobile phone rule!

    I’m sick of people watching concerts through their camera lenses – it not only spoils it for the people around you with the irritating flashes and the lights popping up, but surely watching it through a rubbish mobile phone screen is even worse!

    Rant over! 😉


  39. Fed,

    It’s 10.50 PM in France, I think 9.50 PM in England, I’m in front of my computer, I’m connected on the BBC radio 2 and listen to David’s performance at the Mermaid theater and I think about you, you ‘re attending the show at the RAH, you can forget all these months spent working for us on this blog, trying to solve all the problems, certainly often getting angry with bad posts !

    Now, I listen to ‘the blue’ (my favourite one) and I imagine David playing now his ‘on an island’ album, wohhh !!!, wish I were there ! I hope nobody shouts, nobody takes photos, everybody is respectful, I’m sure everybody enjoys ! Fed, I do wish you a fantastic night ! And a big merci pour tout ce que vous faîtes pour nous…

    PS: Are you well hidden behind your fake beard?


    [I was very cosy with my bushy beard, thank you. It gets hot, though. – Features Editor]

  40. Dear Ed/Edwina – are you going to give us YOUR concert report/critique? How many beers did you have? Were you spotted and found out by anyone? What was your favorite tune? How many flashes went off? Did you beat any loudmouths to death, or was the crowd too polite to even clap? Did you approve of David’s fashion choice for the evening? Was the sound good? Any fire alarms go off? Any solos flubbed?

    Deborah (completely in control of my ‘flash off’ button btw)

    [Gosh, so many questions… – Features Editor]

  41. Tonight’s re-broadcast of the Mermaid show on Radio 2 was definitely much better than the original broadcast in March, which was spoilt with excessive background hiss.

    The BBC Website Real Player Mermaid footage seems to cut out a split second BEFORE the final chord of Comfortably Numb [Stream time is 1.03:34] whereas Media Player is complete to the end [Stream time 1.04:04]

    With significant vocals on Time, Wearing the Inside Out, Echoes, Arnold Layne, Comfortably Numb, Rick is getting far more vocal exposure than he ever did with PF.

    I guess the tour set list was probably drawn up with Rick’s vocal input to relevant songs in mind.

  42. Just sending best wishes from someone who is stuck in the USA tonight. Enjoy the show everyone and be sure to post plenty of reviews so I can read them tomorrow. And yes–Get the DVD out asap!!

    Michael in Tennessee

  43. WOW!

    That was just perfection personified.

    Crosby and Nash, and Bowie coming out for the finale.

    Just, brilliant.

    David you are a God.

  44. Hi all,

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I’m trying to think of something eloquent to say, but all that’s coming out is ‘wow that was f**king amazing’ !

    Rather than just gush endless praise for a mindblowing show, here are the highlights for me:

    – Echoes – WOWOWOWOWOWOW! I can’t say enough. Mindblowing. From the first ping to the fade out. Unbelievable.

    – David Bowie on Arnold Layne and Comfortably Numb. When David said ‘and now, David Bowie’ we all paused as it registered. Then Mr Bowie came out and did Arnold Layne brilliantly. His voice/accent/tone was perfect and really did the song justice. Syd must be proud.

    – The rhythm section – I just loved watching Phil, Steve and Guy doing their thang. Phil has a lovely groovy wiggle, Guy does his bouncey strut and Steve smiled his way through. The boys really looked like they were having a blast.

    – Robert Wyatt’s cornet is just so beautiful. Between Robert and his horn and David and his sax, along with Dick Parry, it was a wonderful evening for the brass section. I’m convinced David could play a pennywhistle and it would still sound hallmark Gilmour – his sax on Red Sky at Night was beautiful and just oozed Gilmour.

    – Time/Breathe/Time – what an opener. Time is one of my all-time PF favourites and the clockwork lighting was ideal.

    – David’s last minute decision to change the verse order on OAI 🙂 Great shot of a cheeky grin as he looked over at the rhythm section with an ‘oops’ look. Everyone loved it 🙂

    – The lighting for The Blue was perfect for the RAH. It really felt like we were in a massive goldfish bowl, or some magical lagoon, as we were bathed in deep blue light in our large round bowl. All of the lighting was spot on (bad bad pun) and the laser touches made a huge impact. I loved the grid/array thing during CN solo.

    – Crosby Nash & Gilmour – Find THe Cost of Freedom was amazing. The harmonies, the simplicity, all breathtaking.

    I could go on and on – it was just a brilliant show from start to finish. I loved all the new little phrases dotted around, I loved the jams, I particularly liked Steve’s spicier drums on Echoes, and the rockier version of Take A Breath. I gotta stop here… it was all SOOOO good!

    Oh, and Richard’s voice was perfect. I’m not just saying that – it was fantastic. I don’t know why people have questioned his voice because on the back of that performance it was perfect. Anyone who thinks otherwise is, err, talking bollocks, as we like to say here in London 🙂

    “Now I’m the man on the inside looking out” – a massive thank you to FEd and the Gilmourauders on behalf of myself and Andy. What a night. Thank you David and all the band. Did I mention Echoes yet?? 🙂

    Oodles of love, thanks and a few big sloppy kisses,


  45. Unbeleivable – when he announced that David Bowie was going to come on stage I simply did not beleive what I was watching.

    A mate is going tomorrow and I’m wondering if the Bowie factor is for one night only?

  46. Hi Everyone,

    …. simple brilliant…

    We saw some old paintings today had a cappucino, listening to Ravel, Bach & Vivaldi… and tonight it was more as a Rembrandt and the great music of those composers from the past.

    …. simple brilliant…

    Think it was the same setlist as in Manchester, “Find the Cost of Freedom” from Graham Nash & David Crosby was sung as encore.

    The sound was more as amazing and again a astonishing light show.

    .. no more…

    … simple brilliant…

    Thank you Guy, Phillip, Steve, Jon, Dick Parry, Robert Wyatt, Graham, David C., David Johnson (most people will know him as David Bowie!!!)(singing Arnold Layne (funny!) & Comfortable Numb), Richard Wright, David Gilmour & crew.

    x x x
    Helen & Nick from the lovely South of Hyde Park.

  47. Hi all,

    Just returned from RAH what a surprise Mr. David Bowie joined the band to perform Arnold Lyne and Comfortably Numb (Roger,s part).
    Generally show was excellent, especially second part As far as I remember at the begining it was to silent, during Breathe than it was better.

    Best parts for me:
    Take a breathe,
    Red sky at night from the 1 st,

    And all songs from the 2 nd, I was especialy happy because wearing the inside out was performed.

    I’m wainting for tommorow, especially count for a better sound set for pocketful of stones.

    The whole David Gilmour team did a great job, and I want to say all of You Thank You very much, great pleasure for o be able to participate.


  48. Fedmeister…

    Backstage party?… swayed by the bright lights and champagne? Get in there my son!!!! 🙂

  49. I am so looking forward to tomorrow night, I can`t wait to see the show!!

    Thank you Features Ed, you are a star! worth your weight in gold mate!!

    Many thanks,

  50. Just got home to Kent.

    The gig, to use a phrase from our American friends, was just “ossem” (at least that’s how they seem to say it!).

    First half was pure David, second half was pure Floyd. If anyone ever doubted how much influence he had on that group, tonight put that to rest.

    The sound was great, the light show was fantastic and not too many buffoons with cameras. In fact, the audience were very well behaved.

    A truly awesome experience, so much so that the only music I had on in my car whilst driving home was in my head, reliving a really, really great gig.

    The whole band were superb, and bringing on David Bowie for the encore was a great move.

    David, thank you so very much, you deserve everything good in your life for sharing that with us all.


  51. Well here is tonight’s setlist – not quite the same as other night’s, with the big surprise of David Bowie coming on for the encore….

    First half: Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s Uh the Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encore: Wish You Were Here, Find The Cost Of Freedom (with Crosby and Nash), Arnold Layne (with DAVID BOWIE!), Comfortably Numb, also with David Bowie singing RW’s lyric’s – fantastic.

    Monday 29th:

    What a night…… I am breathless right now, extremely horse after singing my heart out and suffering a bit of post concert euphoria!

    The concert was spectacular and David Bowie singing Arnold Layne nearly took the roof off! The crowd just went CRAZY. An amazing night and Echoes was a real highlight. I won’t drone on too much, as I am sure many other will put reviews here. What I can say is that, “The child has grown, but the dream returned tonight – I am totally and utterly – comfortably numb!”


  52. Wow! What a night! Just got back to Reading. David Bowie singing Arnold Layne and Comfortably Numb! Echoes was my highlight and I knew it would be when I found it was on the set list!

    I must say that I didn’t see any cameras being confiscated, but they were EXTREMELY frustrating as they take your attention away from the band! Also, I didn’t see the RAH being strict at all! The bloke next to me was taking pictures all night and I wish I took my own camera along now. >:o/

    Dan – 7th row from front

  53. Best version of Echoes I have ever heard. Robert Wyatt on trumpet, Crosby and Nash on sundry backing vocals as well as a song of their own. Then one David Bowie singing Arnold Layne and duetting on Comfortably Numb. It just doesn’t get better.

  54. Fantastic…what can I say? And Bowie was a superb turn at the end of the show…hope it makes it on to the DVD!!

  55. Wow! Just back, mindblowing show, won’t mention those guests, I’ll let someone else do that! Brilliant!

    There’s a free-ness to David’s performance, maybe it’s because it’s a solo show, he is ‘of’ the Floyd, rather than ‘in’ them. 7 days ago I didn’t think I’d be going, now I’ve been & I’m not disappointed. Well done David, Rick, Phil, Guy, Jon, Steve & Dick, not to mention the others – you know who you are! A priveledge.

  56. can’t sleep tonight, going to see the main man tomorrow night, after the disappointment of the mermaid,(when ade & i got there late & missed the show) we’ll be cheering at the albert hall, can’t wait, shine on!

  57. Dear F.Ed, and all fellow bloggers!

    What can I say, except for something that rhymes with clucking bell!!

    This is one of those nights I never will forget (and it’s two more to go…wow). The show was fantastic and the band really sounded great (much much better than in Paris and Amsterdam in March). It sounds like the stay in the US has done them good.

    The Royal Albert Hall is a very nice venue and it was just amazing to be there and with the performance tonight….I’m speechless.

    Anyway, it was great and I’m looking forward to tomorrow and Wednesday already………..

    Didn’t get to the Queens Arms today, but will be there tomorrow. Hope to see some of you there!

    Best regards


    PS! Did you go to the RAH today F.Ed? What did you think?

    [I think David could go far… – Features Editor]

  58. David Gilmour
    Robert Wyatt
    Nash and
    Bowie – Wow, did you all get THE treat! Excellent for you. After all, the UK fans were the first.



  59. David Gilmour
    Robert Wyatt
    Nash and
    Bowie – Wow, did you all get THE treat! Excellent for you. After all, the UK fans were the first.



  60. David… F-ing… BOWIE!! *thud*

    (this Dutchy has died and gone to heaven..)

    Sorry to the bloggers at the pub that I was way too late for the meeting. Still got to meet KenF and friend though at 7 there (nice meeting ya guys!)

    How about a second try tonight then? Queen’s Arms at 6 pm again anyone?

    Remember: carrot top Dutchy..

    hugs, Bianca – who would have passed out hours ago already if she wasn’t still so psyched about the show!!

  61. well just got back , another great show , David Bowie wow, everything was great even David forgetting the words to On an Island (very funny), message for the man in front of me , what where you doing you wached all the show through the screen of your camera, what a waste , even after you where asked not to , also there was a drunkren idiot dancing like mad to comf numb , wish i had an air rifle he would of been perfect for target practice, the concert was amazing Echoes again stands out Richard was realy going for it he was amazing , everyone was ,

    well twice in a week cant believe it , even managed to get my wife there , only problem is i need more , hurry up with the DVD David please, lets see you again soon please , what web site am i going to go to once you have finished o dear im already getting panick attacks at the thought of it anyway off to bed love to all, and Ken thanks very much for the lift you are a gent and my wife was very touched by the flowers

    bye for now Fed hope you had a good night you deserve it mate, sorry i missed everyone in Queens arms

  62. Have just gotten back (to Cambridge) from the first of the Royal Albert Hall gigs and can’t get to sleep after a memorable show highlighted by an amazing final forty minutes. `Echoes’ was an amazing closer to the main set, with the whole hall drenched in sound and light for twenty-odd minutes. Then the crowd favourite `Wish You Were Here’ was followed by the most lo-fi moment of the night: Gilmour, Crosby and Nash sharing immaculate accapella three-piece harmonies.

    Next David strapped on an old white Telecaster, presumably heralding the Rick Wright-led rendition of `Arnold Layne’ that I saw on `Later . . . With Jools Holland’ a few nights ago . . . but instead he asks us to “welcome Mr David Bowie onto the stage”. So, standing ovations and general worship all-round and then into a storming version of the first Floyd single, with everyone’s favourite space cadet being an effortless showman — quite a contrast to the pure musicianship and shoe-gazing the characterizes the “our” David. Another standing ovation dies down and then the two David’s agree to “do one more”, and it’s into `Comfortably Numb’, with Bowie essaying an, er, interesting interpretation of Roger’s part — full of character, but a fifth (I think) higher than the nominal melody. Either way an effective contrast with the soaring vocals of the chorus and then the sea of lasers that greeted the blistering first guitar solo. Then, after a long and powerful outro, it was all over, some three and a half hours after the show began.

    Most of the rest of the show was more predictable, with the mini-`Dark Side’ set preceding a full, if slightly adjusted, rendition of the `On An Island’ album. Highlights for me were the overture and title track (the latter again with Crosby and Nash duetting), David’s excellent sax playing on `Red Sky At Night’ (much clearer than at the first of the Chicago shows), a powerful version of `Take A Breath’ and the set-closer, `Where We Start’ which seemed to have just the right delicacy and melancholy — not too rocky. Some of the other tracks meandered a little (one guitar solo too many?), but it was nice to see Robert Wyatt doing his cornet solo.

    Then second set was also pretty much the same as previous shows, starting with `Shine On’ (in the best form it’s ever taken?) and `Wots, Uh . . . The Deal?’ (difficult to remember how to punctuate at this hour). The mid-set trio of songs from `The Division Bell’ (`Wearing The Inside Out’, `High Hopes’ and an energetic `Coming Back To Life’) are all nice, especially the slide solo at the end of `High Hopes’, but to me lacked the drama and structure that most of the seventies material has. That’s a minor quibble, though — more important was the tight band and the fact that David still has his amazing voice; just listening to him sing is wonderful in itself.

    I’m off to The Albert Hall again tomorrow, and can’t help wondering about what further surprises are in store. But really I’d be happy just to see and hear `Echoes’ again. And `Shine On’. And maybe `Time’, too. And . . .

  63. Fed!? Where are you? Too busy partying with the band to come back and give us a report? I gotta know all about the Bowie acts. I would’ve loved to see that CN. I wouldn’t have guessed him as a guest. David is just full of surprises.


  64. Hope all went well tonight. Loved the interview with David,thanks to Becky from previous post. I enjoyed David’s comment of Polly, regarding ” onomatopeic”.

  65. Just to confirm (and echo Tim). The setlist for the first night’s show at the RAH was as follows:

    First half: Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes (with Robert Wyatt), Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s…Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Find the Cost of Freedom (with Crosby & Nash), Arnold Layne (with David Bowie), Comfortably Numb (with David Bowie).

  66. David,

    Play some old Gilmour stuff at these shows, so they can be on the DVD!! Please. I love the old stuff too, ya know!?!? And I’m sure Guy would love to play “Murder” with the nice bass solo in the middle. A happy extended bass solo. Think of the FUN it would be! Peace.


  67. David Bowie on Arnold Layne. I never would have thunk it. How very apposite.

  68. Congratulations David on ending up in the #4 spot for the 40 Most Influential Guitarists of All Time. Not bad considering the guys ahead of you.

    You are still NUMBER 1 in my book! Good luck at the RAH gigs, I can’t wait for the DVD to come out.

  69. Bowie on Arnold and Comfy Numb?, and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven in Oakland. . .Bless Y’All. . .I hope it keeps getting better and better. . .I literally cried when I heard the setlist from tonight. . .and Robert Wyatt, sniffle. . .I only hope FEd was there. . .

    [Thanks, Marcus. That’s really kind of you. I was there and it was wonderful. – Features Editor]

  70. Echoes! What a superb performance. On its own would have made the whole event worthwhile.

  71. Wow..a beautiful evening. One of those nights where you can’t believe you’re really there. I can’t wait for Wednesday.

    And thenks Mr G for playing the Albert Hall..what a perfect venue. A glorious frame for a perfect evening.

    Thanks also to the audience for _listening_. You could have heard a pin drop while the band were playing and then everyone going crazy at the end. Stunning. No annoying whhooping in the quiet bits.

  72. Naaaaaa!!! Wh…what?!?

    Bowie singing arnold and comfortably? Oh my…..

    Now you must put this into the dvd you have to. This bloody DVD must contain 4 hours of show to put in all the extra songs and special performances!!! Tell me you’ll do that!!! tell me.

    While you were all ther for David I was in my country in Verona at the Arena with the Eagles.I know this is a DG site but let me enjoy my pleasure with everyone. GREAT show, very very nice. And tonight I will be in Milano for…..Carlos Santana….sounds a great 2006 for music.

    I feel jealous for all the people in London who can attend to such special shows by their citizen Gilmour.

  73. Wow….

    what a show

    i was right up at the top in the gallery and what a view it was!!!!!!

    loved everything about the show!! especially the appearance of david bowie at the end!!

    Cant wait for the DVD so i can relive the whole thing again!!!

    Many thanks for the show and keep rocking on!!! (got a new album soon??)

    Ben Thomas

  74. Went to RAH last night , and have to say whole experience was incredible.

    DG and the band were very tight and the songs from the new album in the first half stood up very well indeed especially The Blue.

    Second half was incredible , Echoes the best version I have ever heard live.

    As for Bowie , audience reaction was rousing to say the least.

    Just like to say thanks to Dave and everyone for a night that will not be forgotten and wish all going to RAH over the next two nights as good a gig as I saw.

    Was so good , might see if I can get in again tonight !

  75. Glad you all had a great night, where were you all sitting and what were the views like

  76. Hi all…

    Tonights the night for me..he he..

    I’m on my way so look out for me and my mate Andy (whizzyfingers)around and about and i fully expext to be blown away!!!!!!!



  77. Hi,

    Sun shines and today it’s my birthday and the best present for me will be the show tonight!!!

    It will be a long trip, plane, train, and I ‘ll arrive just on time for the show.

    I’m sure it will be a great evening

    Thanks David and everybody for such a great present ! I don’t really dare to ask, but I’ll be delighed if tonight you play Cruise or Short and Sweet. Thanks

  78. Well my wife and I arrived in London in statley style, by Underground! Walking up Gloucester Road looking for somewhere to eat and I suggested a pub I knew called the Queens Head! We got there before they started serving food but we spent a wonderful couple of hours soaking up the atmosphere and passing the time with the neighbours at the next table. Thanks to Andy and his wife for their company, we hope you enjoyed the gig us much as we did.

    David, you and the band were just brill. The sound was crisp and clear. The lights were great and of course the music was superlative. Although we were in the highest row up in the gods, we could still see everything very well. Good venue.

    I was certainly not dissapointed and it will take some time for me to come back down to earth (musically enhanced not chemically!).

    Thanks David and all the band plus of course Robert Wyatt and David Bowie. A realy great treat. It was fantastic to see Richard as well and I am sure that was evident from the ovation during the introductions.


  79. I’m already waiting to see David in Florence this summer, hoping he will change the tracklist a little bit, if compared to the italian shows in March.

  80. Hi Fed

    The show was mind blowing, David Bowie was brilliant, what a surprise.I thought Stevie D a great drummer too. As for David, exceptional.I agree with what has been mentioned before regarding Echoe’s Rick & David sparring off each other was stunning.Jon, Phil & Guy were also in fine form, Can Graham Nash not afford shoes & socks!! mabe thats why he sings so well.

    The effects were stunning, load of laser work & those rotating lights/lenses were very effective. The strobe lighting may have been over the top mind you but i did enjoy. How does any one play an instrument with all that going on?I love the dry ice effect(allways have done) when it spills over the stage into the audience.

    CAMERA’s hmmmm, notice’s, announcments yet still people continue to take no notice.We were in a box & i could see people in our box & the box next door blatantly taking pictures during the performance.I felt like a grumpy old git but during the break i reported it to a “red coat” who stopped the guy in front of me using his picture phone. Mabe a statement from David before the show tonight & tomorrow may help.

    Also in a our box was a guy who brought along his guitar, i shuddered to think why, please, no, not an air guitarist with a real guitar, or did he think he would be called on stage as ” special guest” in the end me & the missus just shrugged our shoulders looked at each other both of us said “prat” at the same time, then laughed.

    i hope everyone enjoys tonights & tomorrows performance’s

    Thanks David & the rest of the guys for a great show.

  81. Not the top rank! But then again, who cares!

    1. Jimi Hendrix
    2. Jimmy Page
    3. Eric Clapton
    4. David Gilmour
    5. Eddie Van Halen
    6. Stevie Ray Vaughan
    7. Pete Townshend
    8. Angus Young
    9. Carlos Santana
    10.Alex Lifeson

  82. Stunning, simply stunning the sound was incredible and Bowie!!!! coming to do Arnold Layne I was in hogs heaven

  83. Hi all. Well last night’s gig alone was worth the ~24 hour flight from Australia, and still another show to go tonight! So many highlights. Fantastic to hear 3 tracks off The Division Bell, and Echoes was an obvious standout. Bit bummed I didn’t get to hear Rick singing Arnold Layne, but happily enjoyed second-best last night 😉

  84. MY pedantic ear noted a very few missed notes and pauses in the first half. Nicest surprise for me was how well “Take a breath” works live – its a belter – maybe I’ve just not played it loud enough at home.

    David and co. played for about an hour and a quarter, then a 30 minute break. The second half, as has been indicated above, was pure Pink Floyd. Of the secon half, “echoes” was, for me, the highlight. This is a blistering track and the whole band really seemed to be enjoying playing it. The lightshow was at its peak during this song, and the 20 minutes spent listening to it just vanished.

    C&N came on for the encores, singing a short but very sweet acapella with Mr. Gilmour.

    Then, a line I’ll remember for many years – “just in case you thought we’d finished, here’s Mr. David Bowie”.

    The audience went wild, and I must admit that his voice is near-perfect for Arnold Laybe and Comfortably Numb.

    A great nights entertainment, thanks Mr. Gilmour et al.


  85. Wow. Have wanted to see David Gilmour/Pink Floyd play for the last 20 years and was not disappointed. Performance of On and Island was stunning, particularly the instrumentals and the harmonies.

    Shine on and a spacey Echoes were the highlights of the second half….until the collective jaw-dropping when David Bowie came on to sing Arnold Lane, which he did superbly. Plenty of searing guitar be expected but nonetheless great.

    Thank you David and the band for what will be a memorable evening for all.

  86. My first posting on this list but I’ve read it since the tour started.

    A great night at RAH last night and for a while I was swept away to a time over 25 years ago ….

  87. WEll how do I feel? GREAT super great, fantastically great and now I have just read that Bowie appeared last night in addition to the abso terrific news that Crosby+Nash are going to be there…. and that makes me fell even more….. oh God I ‘ve run out of adjectives!

    I wonder if David, David David and Graham are as excited now they know that I will be there tonight.

    I’ll be in the choir seats but I can’t promise not to sing!

    Thank you all very very much – incl you oh worthy FeatED


  88. Sounds as if it’s going to be a great DVD. I can HEAR Bowie singing “Arnold Layne” and “comfy Numb” in his own inimitable style. I can imagine Wyatt in his wheelchair with his coronet. You who were there are one lucky lot, but you don’t need me to tell you that. Can’t wait to read more about this as more people post, and I can’t wait to read about the next two shows.

  89. Dear Fed,

    I hope you had a great monday… après tout le travail de ces derniers mois, vous le méritiez bien!
    … dites-nous vos impressions (c’est bien votre tour, après tout!)

    Ikkar, with love

  90. hi there, the show was fantastic last night, was a real treat to see bowie, and even more so to see wyatt, i have heard a rumour that mica paris may be on tonight with david! fingers crossed for that and i put a spell on you!!

    [We like rumours. – Features Editor]

  91. Hello again FedMeister and everyone,

    Getting all excited about closing night now.
    And there’s more.

    Due to circumstances I shall be attending the gig alone. I have two G-section tickets…

    I would hate to have an empty seat next to me and a disappointed member of this community without a ticket outside RAH on May 31st.

    So yes, I have one spare ticket and I prefer to pass it on to “one of us” rather than to a complete stranger outside RAH, who then might try to sell it for a higher price. I would just like to recuperate the GBP 65,- that I paid for it directly from the box office.

    I assume the meeting point for closing night will remain the “Queen’s Arms”, so that’s where I will be, with the spare ticket.

    I believe I am not violating any of the rules of the blog with this post, but if I’m wrong, FedMeister, could you please advise me how to post appropriately ?

    Best regards to all and have a splendid time tonight,

    [As you can’t get a refund from the RAH now, and as you’re not looking to make a profit (and as I’m sick to the back teeth of tickets!), go ahead. As was the case with Eyal and JT, we won’t assist in any way and the rule about e-mail addresses still applies. However, if you can arrange a time to meet in the Queen’s Arms pub, that’s fine. – Features Editor]

  92. What a party! Some quick points:

    -Then I Close My Eyes and A Pocketful of Stones were the definitive highlights of the first set.
    -Coming Back to Life had the most inspired guitar playing.
    -Echoes was out of this world.
    -Bowie was very cool on Arnold Layne.

    One serious complaint though: The SOUND was absolutely SUB-PAR where I sat (dead center row 11 on the floor). I mentioned this to the soundguys in the break, but it didn’t really seem that they cared that much. I understand that this may be due to the nature of the hall, but I don’t think that cluster of speakers in the ceiling was the very best idea. Band / crew members reading, please consider improving this for the next two nights!

    Aside from that, hm, well, really good value for the money, I’d say. Thank you very much.
    See you again on Wednesday. 🙂

  93. Sorry for posting twice instead of bundling my thoughts, Fedmeister.

    Thank you for answering my recent question regarding the 1988 Chateau De Versailles Floyd-gig.

    One more practical question.

    For the obvious reasons I have no intention of using my camera inside the RAH, but will be carrying it on me as I’ll be travelling in and out of London for the occasion. Do I risk having it taken from me at the entrance or is there no problem as long as it remains unused during the concert ?

    Thank you kindly,

    [You’ll be fine if you keep it in your bag or pocket, Ralph. – Features Editor]

  94. My thoughts on what was a fantastic evening…

    I think it was the promoter, Harvey Goldsmith, who made the announcement about cameras etc before the show. So what do we make of people around me taking their pics and video clips, sat as we are about six feet from a professional cameraman using the latest HD technology to capture David in all his Hi-Def glory? Yes, of course your “insert-camera-brand-name-here” will be better. Doh!!!

    Rant over, it wasn’t too bad overall.

    My personal highlights were:

    Castellorizon – still my favourite track on the album.
    OAI – did my ears deceive me or did David forget the words at one point? It was quite funny to see knowing smiles pass between the band members.
    Take A Breath – Ok I’m convinced now, it really is a rocking track but I’m glad I’m not epileptic 🙂
    High Hopes – A truly fantastic alternate ending, well respected by the audience who all seemed to understand.
    Echoes – Yeah, well what am I supposed to say? Gulp!
    Arnold Layne – A rousing reception for David Bowie and an excellent rendition.
    Comfortably Numb – Bowie & Wright on vocals, who’d have thunk it, finished off with the classic Gilmour solo.

    A little extra story, I was sat next to a guy who was probably mid-20’s and had never seen David or PF before. We got talking while the band were having their half-time oranges and it transpired that he had managed to avoid hearing about any of the previous setlists, so he had no idea what was to come. The look on his face as the setlist unfolded was great and I thought he was going to pass out when the first ‘ping’ sounded for ‘Echoes’.

    Sorry for the long post FEd, hope you enjoyed it as much as you expected and my thanks go to David and all members of the band & crew for a memorable evening.

    See you Wednesday 🙂


  95. Just wow… it doesn’t get any better. I hope David’s minor ‘senior moment’ in OAI makes it onto the DVD and doesn’t get sanitised out 🙂 It epitomised the sense of fun and friendship apparent in the band.

    David’s playing and voice were just devine and Rick was clearly having a ball in Echoes.

    I hope all of you people lucky enough to have tickets for the remaining gigs enjoy the show as much as I.

  96. Its Tuesday and still on a high from Saturday night in Glasgow.

    I’m not sure John and I have the words to describe how wonderful the concert was.

    It was a personal high for John to get to experience the FULL version of Fat Old Sun, I caught little tears in the corners of his eyes!
    That was the first ever Pink Floyd track he heard all those years ago.

    So really its a big thank you to Mr Gilmour and the band for an amazing evening.

    Trish & John
    (Newcastle ish)

  97. I’m very happy the concert was fantastic yesterday with David Bowie, I knew he was a big fan of Syd Barrett.

    If you want to read a review of last night, see the link and click on ‘Gilmour wins Floyd battle’ (it’s an awful title, isn’t it?)


  98. I’ve just managed to obtain a ticket in the stalls direct from the RAH for tonight’s show (30th)and having just read through all the comments above, my excitment has gone through the roof! Right now I have got On An Island playing on the CD and the Meltdown concert playing on the DVD simultaneously! Good on yer to the RAH, and David, have a bloody good one tonight!!!


  99. I yay yay, have become Comfortably Dumb(founded)…

    A BRILLIANT day had by all, me thinks…

    My dear friend, John the Bruce, yesterday had his intiation into the David Gilmour “experience” and savoured every moment.

    Remembered to pick up Simon, presented his missus with some PINK carnations to celebrate her pregnancy news..

    Had a hassle free journey down to old Londinium, which was nice…

    Made it to the Queens Arms for 16:30, couldn’t see Rippers “shiner” anywhere? but hung on long enough to meet and chat with Bianca & Rado. Only wish there had been more time to get acqainted, they had over-indulged with their afternoon tea at Park Lane Hotel, so they didn’t turn up until 45 mins before showtime. Bianca lived up to her billing and was very chic, Rado looked very suave also in his 1966 Pink Floyd cap(that’s seen some wear…), it was a REAL pleasure to meet these two guys, what dedication to the cause, staying over to see all 3 RAH shows, you lucky buggers…

    Hey Bianca/Rado, how did last nights show compare to Amsterdam/New York? Enhanced or what??

    Other folks will probably provide a more “scrutinised” review than I, but the “stand out moments” for me personally were:-

    – A “giggling” Gilmour, fluffing his lines in – On An Island.
    – Redeeming himself with a great performance on the sax, for – Red Sky At Night.
    – Then I Close My Eyes – with fine renditions from Dick Parry & Robert Wyatt.
    – Take A Breath – certainly took mine. Sounds, Lights, Camera’s(The LEGAL ones), ACTION! WOW this REALLY ROCKED, a new “classic”.
    – Shine On – Now with added nuance…
    – Wot’s… Uh The Deal – Really pleased to hear this, it’s SO underrated, the lyrics get me every time I listen to it.
    – ECHOES – What more can you say, AWESOME springs to mind. Aurally and visually STUNNING. The senses were well and truly ASSAULTED. Rick was having it Large. Guy was doing wonderful things, even though his bass had slipped off his shoulder a bit, the copious amount of dry ice seemed to be a cause of some amusement:-P
    – Find The Cost Of Freedom – You could have heard a pin drop… Crosby looked chuffed at the end, swingin’ a right hook when exiting, stage left – that’s wrap, then.
    – Arnold Layne – WOWIEEEEE, BOWIE… Thousands of jaws drop to floor in total disbelief.
    I thought he could have done the Laughing Gnome whilst he was there …(Shut up):o(

    …Then back again for – Comfortably Numb. Wow, Wow, WOW…!!!

    Not mentioned Phil, Jon & Steve but they were ticking all my boxes…(Did I really say that, I’ll get me coat) sorry guys, you were GREAT in your own ways.

    Thank you.
    Thank you, for On An Island.
    Thank you, for THE BAND.
    Thank you, for THE MUSIC..
    Thank you, for THE SHOW…
    Thank you, for MORE GREAT MEMORIES.
    Thank you, for BEING YOU.



    Will life ever be the same…

    “Remember that night…So much behind us, still far to go.”

    Good bye, cruel world…GOOD BYE…

  100. Posted by: Features Editor at May 30, 2006 04:08 AM

    Good Morning, dear Sleeping Beauty!

    This make me think that you went to the show, yesterday night…what a great show! The White Duke too! Wow! What a lucky people, these british! So, tell us Fed: which was your favourite song? This night I thought about a joke…but I wasn’t able to find some funny story to make you laugh…maybe tomorrow!


    [I don’t know. It was all so magical. I have too many posts to publish, I haven’t got time to think! – Features Editor]

  101. What a show!

    Personally I enjoyed the second half more than the first half – this is down to the choice of songs and the lighting/lasers being better after the break.

    David couldnt resist smiling when he forgot parts of the lyrics for “On an Island”. Guess yesterdays version wont make it to the DVD. 🙂

    Bowie did a brilliant version of Arnold Lane, whilst I kinda wish David performed Comfortably Numb himself.

  102. Greetings earthlings!

    Last night´s concert at RAH was a triumphant return of a true master musician, DAVID GILMOUR.

    I feel very fortunate to have been able to experience such a concert in person.

    Christmas Eve came early this year. 😉

    The assisting elves did some memorable work.
    None mentioned, none forgotten. And what great joy it was to see this magnificent line-up live.

    The set list did include some very surprising choices. I was completely hooked from the very start as “Time” includes one of my very favorite guitar solos. Together with “Money” ( which well be hearing tonight or tomorrow?)

    I have actually damaged a pair of good speakers because of these songs.

    But I won´t press any charges Mr. Gilmour!

    “On an Island” and the rest of the new album tracks proved to be of great value live. I´m sure many, like me, will go home and listen to the album again, but this time from a new angle…

    “Shine…” was extremely handsome with an pleasant adagio feeling in the beginning. BRAVO!

    A brave choice to include “Echoes” which was performed with a rarely heard vivid force.

    Mr. Bowie made us all look like question marks when entering the stage for the final. A great come back of an important artist. What a performer he still is!

    And finally a grand long version of lovely “Comfortably Numb”. A highly underestimated song if you ask me…

    And please Mr. Gilmour! Don´t let us wait too long for your next album again.

    How about a simple down-to-earth-home-made-on-the-boat-acoustic album?

    I bow my head in deep respect and admiration.

    Tommy Silverros

  103. WOW! I’m so happy for all the lucky people who went to see the concert last night and for the next two nights.

    David Bowie is my second favourite singer (no prize for guessing who is first) and to see both of them together must have been truly amazing!

    Please, please include this on the DVD if possible!!!

  104. Hi all,

    Firstly, apologies for my extended posting last night. Was full of excitement and was braindumping the joy 🙂 Last night’s show was probably my favourite ever (no mean feat!).

    A quick word on the behaviour of the audience – I think considering how much excitement David generates, the crowd was very well behaved. Yes there were the idiots who just steadfastly refused to turn off camera flashes, but they calmed down as the show went on (maybe they had their cameras confiscated by staff). The only time it became a problem was during Castellorizon when the spot lights on David were perforated by flashes. It definitely screwed up my night vision a little and distracted, but it was soon forgotten with David’s guitar.

    As for banshees, there really weren’t any – or any near me. SOYCD and CN inevitably became sing-a-longs, but it was v. tolerable – as if everyone was singing it quietly to themselves rather than shouting lyrics. Considering how many people love those songs, I’d say it wasn’t too bad at all…in fact it contributed to a really nice atmosphere in there – and I don’t normally like that kind of thing.

    Roll on tonight 🙂


  105. Well after that breathtaking performance I just have to go again. The wallet is burning but I don’t care.
    Even if its the same set with the same guests it will still be money well spent

  106. Is the start time for wednesday really 8.30pm as opposed to 7.30 for the other albert hall dates? does anybody know the reason for this?

    I’m now so excited i think i’m driving the people at work potty…..

    Slightly dissapointed i missed david bowie (another one of my hero’s i’ve yet to see….) but really exited at the thought of what my evening holds.

    See you all there,


    [Please go back and read through the comments. This question has been answered at least three times this week. For the very last time… It’s an 8:30pm start on Wednesday because the RAH is playing host to another event in the afternoon and more time is needed to get the sound, lighting etc. set up. So it will be a later start and a later finish. – Features Editor]

  107. Manchester – what more can I say. I think the girl with tears rolling down her face sums it up. Extraordinarily moving…

    Did anyone see the free sleeves – I feel a little cheated. Someone, somewhere now has a boat load of these. Ebay will be the winners again. Can Ed. tell us the contact at EMI.

    [No, but if you let us know your seat number, booking reference number, the last four digits of the card you used to buy your tickets (obviously this applies to authorised sellers only) and, of course, your name and address, Ed will make sure that you get one, two or however many you should have had depending on how many seats your party occupied. It was one slipcase per person and I’m afraid we do need all this information. It’s only fair, otherwise every Tom, Dick or Harry will expect one and will say they were at the show, even if they weren’t. – Features Editor]

  108. Hi everyone !

    What a Gig !

    Precisely at 7.30pm the warrior entered the arena. From the emotional opening of breathe to a rapterous ending of comfortably numb absolute pleasure ! The energy and deliverance of echoes was just blinding. Even the neutrals would be blown away with the grace and statement of echoes. A true masterpiece.

    Fancy the Maestro forgetting the words of On an Island !!! Shows we are all human ! Perhaps he needs an autocue !!! This didn’t however detract from a majestic performance overall.

    From Dicks powerfull mastering of the Sax’s to Stills and Nash harmonies, even Mr Bowie accreditted himself well although i am not a great fan of his. It was pure brilliance.

    Power, energy, precision, masterfull, the total performance of David was appreciated by everyone. And i am lucky to have another 2 nights of this !

    The cheers for the classic Shine On made the mostly grey hairs stand up on the backs of everyones heads !

    One annoying factor Fed were the pricks with the cameras. Once one started the ignoramous amongst the audience like a flock of sheep followed. Mostly in the second half. Maybe a further announcement at the start of the second half ???

    Mr Bowies entrance was treated with raptures, and the introduction of the band showed the affection everyone has for this project and indeed Richard Wright. Lets pray it is not his last !

    Fed, didn’t see you in the Queens. Are you there tonight ??? You should wear a pink t-shirt with the lettering “I know who the guest is” on it. We will all know who you are then and you can buy us all a drink for keeping you in a job !!!

    I’ll be in there about 6ish !

    To another enchanted evening of perfection and of course drink !

    I am on my way !


    Timbo !

    [I couldn’t make it on time, I’m afraid, and I’m not going to tonight’s concert (so yes, your posts will be online tonight). – Features Editor]

  109. The world stopped yesterday when David Bowie appeared on the stage…

    Wow, that was amazing, specially when he started singing Comfortably Numb, first verse all alone and second with Rick. One of the advantages of being on the west choir was that I could see the artists on the backstage before they came in. Bowie was holding a white guitar, but he finally seemed to discard to use it.

    Apart from that, the end of Then I Close my Eyes with Wyatt and Parry’s interlaced solos was thrilling, and what to say about Wearing the Inside out. David’s guitar plus Dick’s sax were brilliant!. My best moment? David’s voice at the beginning of A Pocketful of Stones. It almost made me cry. And Echoes…. and how Rick embraced Guy at the end of the show!

    Rick seemed to be very uncomfortable during the whole first set. Apparently a speaker behind him was having some kind of issue… he was constantly looking backwards and pointing at it. The technicians tried to repair it during the intermission but it kept on bugging Rick. I hope it does not interfere in today’s show.

    FEd, fellow bloggers, I did not manage to read where you were to meet yesterday before flying to London! I would have loved to meet you all! I’m thinking seriously to try to get tickets for Venice’s concert, yesterday’s one was well worthy but I want more!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the shows!

    A very tired but smiling César from the sunny Madrid.

  110. David and David. Wow. Can’t wait to see that. Great to hear the crowd behaved as expected. How was it for you Fed? My suggestion for today, Fed. Anyone who has seen a show. What was the highlight memory of the concert? Here’s mine. During the introduction of the band, Richard was introduced. The audience applauded at least a minute or two at the first show in Toronto, sending chills up my spine. The second show wasn’t even close to that.

    [The crowd was pretty good, but could have been better. I had six people in front of me who kept sticking their cameras, mobiles and PDAs in the air throughout the concert – and there were only four rows of people in front of me. That’s really annoying. – Features Editor]

  111. I LOVE RICK WRIGHT !!!!!

    ( oops…did I say that outloud? )

    Sorry, my inner monolouge is on the fritz again…

  112. Just arrived back in Glasgow after this show — pretty damn ace. I was surprised at just how slow (and just plain tardy) the RAH was at getting people in, despite the lack of security checks. This disappointed quite a few people who couldn’t get to their seats in time for the show to start. Also, I was surprised at the number of spare seats — hopefully not people who couldn’t make it at the last moment, for one reason or another. I even had a pair of seats free next to me. Odd. Hopefully they’ll be better for the next two nights!

    The screens showing the captured film footage were looking good. The DVD should be excellent, if that’s anything to go by…

    Bowie was an amazing surprise. He was announced while the crowd was cheering, so we weren’t sure who was introduced — lots of hushed whispers and squinting eyes managed to deduce Bowie up there in front of us. Very random, very surprising, but surprisingly welcome!

    All in all, a great show. Echoes stole the show for me, as well as Take A Breath. This song has really grown on me, especially after seeing it live.

    Hope y’all enjoy the shows tonight and tomorrow — they’ll hopefully be equally ace… 🙂

  113. WOW!, what a finale, a real surprise with Bowie coming on, he did Numb and Layne superbly. Show was worth every penny, just wish I was at tonights as well. Great view from row 3, felt like I was on stage with them, RAH was a great venue.

  114. Hey Fed! You are really sleeping too much! I start being worried? What strange food have you eat yesterday night? Have you met some wicked person while you was coming home from the show? I hope you decide to have a day of holidays….oh my god! Have David boot out you from the blog? In this case, I hope I’m not guilty! Come back soon, mate! In the meanwhile…sweet dreams!


    [Sleep? I wish! It’s not wise to leave the blog for a few hours, never mind a whole day and night as I did. I haven’t been sleeping, I’ve been adding comment after comment after comment.. – Features Editor]

  115. Wow…another suprising treat to remember. David Bowie dueting on Comfortably Numb!!??

    Wish I was there….


    P.S.-Hi FEd…miss talking to you. Been so busy can’t even Take A Breath…I know, cheesy to the nth degree….

    [Ah, bless you. – Features Editor]

  116. Hi FEd & everyone,

    What a great show!! Bowie is quite the surprise guest … I wonder who else might be waiting in the wings for the next shows.

    I look forward to more show reviews and experiences and I hope everyone is having a fantastic time, including the band and you FEd!

    Washington State

  117. Hey All

    IT’S HERE!

    I’ve baled out for a while because I couldn’t cope with the brevity thing. I’m still labouring under the misapprehension that “brevity” is a type of toasted sandwich maker.

    See you all there …

    And F’Ed? We still need to negotiate my full book deal for the forthcoming concert review!

    Stall L, Row 10, Seat 118, a pregnant wife and a blue plaster cast to match the “On An Island” theme.

    Come and say “Hi” …

  118. I wonder if the Bowie encores will be featured as one of the extras on the DVD, rather than within the main concert footage, similar to the RFH DVD.

    Watching the encores as represented for the vast majority of the tour, with just the six regular band members and Wright & Gilmour singing verse & chorus would seem a better option.

  119. wow, what a night! im only 18, so i never had the chance to see the real floyd play live, but i guess seeing half of the real floyd ain’t bad…

    it was a great idea to start of with breathe/time, as it really got the crowd well and truely settled in.

    the second half was just increbile. my personal favourite was ‘echoes’. just as soon as rick played that first note, the crowd went ballistic.

    and having david bowie as the suprise guest was genius. his singing on ‘comfortably numb’ was great and david’s playing all through the show was just spot on.

    all in all, the sound, the lights, the singing, the mood, the songs were all perfect. thanks to the whole band for putting on an unforgettable show. and david, thanks for being a legend.



    ps. those smoke machines were a bit noisy werent they?

    [And smelly! Maybe that was the person sitting next to me. – Features Editor]

  120. Travelled from Scotland for last nights show because everything was booked before the Glasgow show announced. So glad I went last, the whole show was fantastic. Echoes was out of this world and the encore, well, you had to be there. I’m not a religious person but if there’s a heaven and I end up going there, David Gilmour will be playing the guitar solo of Comfortably Numb at the entrance gates !.

  121. First off, my congrats to Mssr Gilmour for placing 4th in the Q107 Most influential Guitar player poll. I’d hoped he placed higher, but considering the names and established history of those players therein, I can see where the “popularity” vote would put them into the ranks they are in. Sadly, but understandably, no Syd. :O(

    Next (and onwards towards more relative blogging ground), the RAH shows sound extremely wonderful! I’ve got a feeling that those guests will be included onto the upcoming DVD (pending their approval/signature to release their performances). Bowie on Comfortably Numb and Arnold Layne? Verrrrry nice! Nice to hear R Wyatt came along to blow some brass during Then I Close My Eyes.

    After watching the Jools Holland performance of Take a Breath, On An Island, and Arnold Layne, I can easily see how the RAH shows could be so special; the intensity and enthusiasm on stage (Jools Holland) was palpable, showing especially in Dave’s playing. Hats off to R Wright for a killer vocal on Arnold Layne. Who knew he had the pipes to belt that one out… outstanding!

    I can’t wait to hear what else is in store for the UK fans!!

    (FEd, toys still in the pram? watch where you’re waving that pointed stick!)


  122. It sounds like an incredible show. Crosby, Nash, Wyatt, and Bowie making guest appearances. It couldn’t get much better. I cannot wait for the DVD. I am also looking forward to Feature Editor’s review.

    To everyone going the next two nights–enjoy yourselves.

  123. RAH 29 May.

    HOW DARE !! David Gilmour and Company be so superb.WHAT else is left for anyone else to do ??
    The (nigh on) 40 year musical journey that we witnessed and experienced was quite simply SUBLIME.

    PEACE….and Careful With That CAMERA Eugene ..coz it’s NOT NEEDED (honestly !!)

    Martin,Trudy,Tasha and Stef.

  124. Bowie.

    I’m speechless.

    (begins thumb twiddling and toe tapping in await for the release of the DVD)

    Seriously, BOWIE?!?!?!

    I’m just blown away.

  125. Fantastic show, loved every minute. Going back tomorrow!

    A friend of a friend was in a pub in Richmond recently and he reckons David Gilmour came in and played a couple of songs…. Any truth in this or was it an imposter??

    [Gosh, I’ve no idea. – Features Editor]

  126. These reviews are excellent and are really reflecting the joy and emotion that was enjoyed by the majority but FFS please give it a rest with the picky little requests for this, that and the other on what is proving to be an outstandingly successful tour…

    (Fedmeister… I would have passed a message on acrostically to the nit-pickers but I can’t be a*sed…)

  127. “Gilmour wins Floyd battle” Article…

    Proof that London is years ahead of everyone else… two years ahead! 🙂

  128. Après Paris…(grand rex) Londres (rah) enfin… Aucun mot n’est assez fort pour qualifier ce concert…on ne voudrait que cela ne finisse jamais…on en redemande…!!

    et avec David Bowie en plus….génial…great…beautiful…!! Frissons et larmes de bonheur garantis…

    Merci pour tout Mr. Gilmour et Wright ainsi que tous les autres…Merci d’exister…

    Grosses bises à tous
    Nadia – Switzerland (Geneva)

  129. I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but when Wish You Were Here starts and the whole of the audience chime in and start singing along…that’s a pretty big buzz!!! It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up…

    What a fantastic night!! I only wish I could make it up there for another…I was totally blown away by the standard of the performance, set list and light show. I’m no sound engineer, but down on the arena floor it sounded pretty damn perfect to me!

    Had 2 numbnuts with cameras a couple of rows in front of me in the rear of the Arena floor bit and I got very p**sed off towards the end as they were holding the cameras up so high to get good video that they were blocking the view…Some people are just so small minded and selfish. Why the hell would want to stare at a 2″ video camera screen trying to get a good clip when the greatest guitarist in the world is 50 feet in front of you giving it his all?

    I’d have thrown ’em out…but to my mind the staff at the RAH just seemed to be turning a blind eye. (maybe they were carried away by the show!)

    Well done to all concerned, that was the gig of a lifetime!

    Sorry for rambling – but I’m still up in the clouds!

    (all the happier for meeting DG at the Guy Pratt gig last weekend – shame I couldn’t get any of the right words out….Maybe some other time!)

  130. I see we’ve been added to the ever growing insulted list that you and Rudders have put together!

    [The Royals are here! First George Bush, now the Royals (I forget their names). We are lucky. – Features Editor]

  131. dear ED.I just wanted to let you know i cancelled my holiday to ibiza i took my brother to manchester fri 26 my partner katrina could not make it as her mum has been ill in ireland. kat and i were due to fly out to ibiza 08/06/2006 but she needs to fly home again during these dates. So what we aim to do is take off and go and see dave g in europe anywhere but if we can we would like to see him in italy. Does anyone have tickets or are they still on sale can you advise. i have been on a bit of a downer since manchester same feeling i had after the wall concert all those years ago.

    [I think they’re still on sale. Have a look at the Live Dates page of for details and my best wishes to your partner’s mother. – Features Editor]

  132. Oh how I hope they show the Bowie footage on DVD!

    Now that’s what I call a surprise guest!!!

  133. wow! i don’t know what else to say other that i’m honoured to have been there. david was on fire.

  134. Further thoughts on the revised, laid-back delivery of “Wish you where here”. This has attracted some negative comment elsewhere, but the more I think about it, the more appropriate the current delivery becomes.

    Mr. Gilmour sings about an old friend whom he misses, and the slower version just brims with pathos and a sense of “what could have been?”

    This is one of the tracks that has been going round in my mind since monday night.

    A very fine song, very well delivered.

    [Hear, hear! – Features Editor]

  135. Getting excited FED? I know we are, last night and all that. Pressume there be fancy hats,choruses of Rule Britannia and Jeruselem, similar to “Proms”. How do you plan to unwind eh Fed? Does the band chill out or just party til dawn smashing wine glasses, bottles TVs etc…Itll be good to hear how you think tonights show goes compared to Mondays but knowing how sensible you are you will respond by saying that each is different and shouldnt be compared-quite right. Whatever just enjoy and do let us know all about it including how long you had to queue for the toilets!

    Ian Pearson

    [I haven’t been called “sensible” in years. Thank you, Ian. – Features Editor]

  136. FEd,

    RE: the “SMILE” CD wallets on the seats at RAH.

    On the 29th I was seated in the Stalls, Block H, Row 11, Seat 23. Not very far away from me were TWO seats which remained VACANT, ALL EVENING(can you believe it!!). Anyway, at the end of the show I picked up the wallets, No’s 6173 & 6174.

    Do you have it in your wonderous powers to establish who the recipients should have been.

    Assuming they were genuine fans and not caught out by the EBAY scam. I would be willing to forward them on to the rightful owners. If they had missed the show of a lifetime, for genuine reasons and to then miss out on these “exclusive” freebies would be doubly gutting.

    Had I have left them, they would have probably only been binned by the cleaners (or would they?)

    If you can’t, well fair enough…

    In which case I propose you allow me to dispatch one of them to RUDDERS, for services rendered on the blog.(You’d have to give me some contact details)

    You wouldn’t say no, would you Rudders…??

    I’d be obliged to retain the other copy for myself, although not for Avaricious reasons you must understand.

    Enjoy the final RAH show tonight, FEd….

    I notice on the inside back page of the programme you get a “Special Thanks” mention and quite rightly too. You have nurtured a WorldWideWeb community which has brought thousands of kindred spirits together.

    Will your identity FINALLY be revealed tonight???

    Yours in anticipation…
    Ken Carter

    P.S. To Bianca and Rado, enjoy tonights show and have safe journeys home…

    [You lot are too kind (but not so kind as to make me want to reveal my simple and quite boring identity, so I shall continue to enjoy my anonymity and wonder why on earth it should matter to anyone who I am). I did notice a few empty seats that night and wondered what would happen to the CD cases. If people missed out, they missed out. If they were turned away because they had dodgy tickets, as unfortunate as that is, it’s not my place to help to arrange free gifts for them. I won’t let the blog become a trading area, with addresses being swapped. Once that starts, it won’t stop and there could be all sorts of problems with bootlegs and the like. You can do whatever you like with them, but I’m afraid it’s nothing to do with me and I’m not prepared to help. Everyone will want one if we encouraged people to pick up more than one so that they can send one to a blog friend. We’ll gladly help those who missed out in Manchester and Glasgow, but there were plenty of slipcases lying around in the RAH (a shocking waste of paper, but that’s another thing). If people missed them, tough. I know it’s harsh, but there are only so many hours in a day and this blog can take up an entire day quite easily without me being overly helpful. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  137. Point taken FEd. Apologies…

    Just me being naive, I guess…

    Rudders, if your’e interested can YOU give me your contact details…

    [No need for apologies, mate. In trying to be fair to everyone, it must seem as though I’m being quite unfair at times. I’ll turn a blind eye to any reasonable trading or selling, just as long as it’s conducted away from this blog. – Features Editor]

  138. KenF

    Thank You!!! 🙂

    Yes Please 🙂

    Will do 🙂

    We Understand Fedmeister 😉

  139. First half: Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes (with Robert Wyatt), Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s…Uh The Deal, Inside Out, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Find the Cost of Freedom (with Crosby & Nash), Arnold Layne (with David Bowie), Comfortably Numb (with David Bowie).

  140. FANTASTIC!!!

    I was at the 29th May show and I got back from London today.


    Set 1:

    1. Breathe
    2. Time / Breathe (Reprise)
    3. Castellorizon
    4. On An Island
    5. The Blue
    6. Red Sky At Night
    7. This Heaven
    8. Then I Close My Eyes (with Robert Wyatt)
    9. Smile
    10. Take A Breath
    11. A Pocketful Of Stones
    12. Where We Start

    Set 2:

    1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    2. Wot’s…Uh The Deal
    3. Wearing The Inside Out
    4. Coming Back To Life
    5. High Hopes
    6. Echoes


    1. Wish You Were Here
    2. Find The Cost Of Freedom
    3. Arnold Layne (with David Bowie)
    4. Comfortably Numb (with David Bowie)

    I did notice one thing during “Shine On..” the fact that Phil [Manzanera] “cocked-up” at one point and he and Guy [Pratt] laughed about it.

    Apparently, rumour is that this is the best version of “Echoes” that Dave has done on the tour.


  141. I went to the first night at RAH and I didnt expect to get such a fantastic treat as was provided!

    David was brilliant and his voice had that great live edge to it. Crosby, Nash and Wyatt were great additions, but the biggest treat until the encores was hearing David and Rick doing “Echoes”, this with the stunning lights was truly heaven, thankyou. My jaw dropped and I am still pinching myself that David Bowie guested and sang Arnold Layne & Comfortably Numb!!!! The hairs on the back of my neck are tingling now thinking back on it!!!

    Thank you all. SM.

  142. Oh by the way I meant to say to David….Please please please release “Take a Breath” as the single after “Smile”. For me, “Take a Breath” is possible the best track he has written fro years, because it ROCKS! It reminds me of early PF, even sounds of Syd, you know how coffee wakes you up? this track has the same effect!!

  143. Was sitting 6 m from david’s right side…say no more. What a night!!! Thanks.

  144. Monday night was amazing. My brother and I were right at the top, near the side. The way the lighting was done ‘pulled’ you towards the stage at times, and then threw you back.

    We liked the way the lights were around the hall, creating a very cosy atomsphere, very complimentry to the music. Stunning show. The quality of sound was superb and the music spoke for itself.

    Well done to all involved since these events do not just happen. Hairs are still standing on back on neck!

  145. I have just read the review in the Sunday Telegraph – the critic must have been on another planet. I went to the third RAH date, and I got exactly what I paid for, a night of pure bliss!!!

    I last heard Echoes played live at Wembley 1973,and it still brings a chill to my neck when I hear that first note! Nick Mason playing the last few numbers was the cream on a very very great night. I look forward to the DVD so I can relive a memorable night.

    5500 people cannot be wrong – long may David Gilmour play!

  146. Hey,

    My boyfriend went to the concert and hasn’t stopped telling me how amazing it was, does anyone know where I could get a concert tshirt for him as he didn’t get one on the night.


    [Click your name below, Nic. You’ll see the link to the web store on the left. – Features Editor]

  147. Erm… am I allowed to say that I thought the lighting was really ..really messy… and I have to be honest.. there were a lot of mistakes on Monday night.. I wasn’t convinced I got my £65 worth… sorry

  148. Unfortunetly you never played in Hungary. I’d never have thought that I’d have the chance to see you.We spent a few days in London with my wife,the first thing I did was to go to the RAH box office,and what a surprise!we could get tickets(for the choir)-we were amazed!!!And the concert…Everything was so beautiful right from the beginning,getting higher and higher to the top…ECHOES.Thank You All.

  149. the past you have been so kind to help me with some situations that I am almost afraid to make this post. Please believe that I intend this in the softest of terms and only from another point of view. I do not wish to be labled another ugly American, as I am offended by bad behavior as much as the next person.

    A post from ‘Bob at May 29, 2006 03:31’ caught my attention. I felt his comments were put rather badly,but I was, also, offended by your comment ‘just be grateful that David visited the US at all.’

    Believe me, I am extremely ‘grateful’ that I was able to go the the ‘concert of my life’. I can not tell you how much this music moves me. I know we were very fortunate about the Island Jam and the Mermaid cinema.

    I felt your comment was rather hurtful, as well as Bob’s. I don’t like to see the whining, and yet if you look at the numbers of people going to the 3 London concerts and compare it percentage wise to the population and then do the same with the U.S. maybe it shows that in actuality fewer of us got to see him. More shows does not necessarily mean that it was a balance.

    Yes, he is one of you, and lives there and did not need to come here at all. I am just feeling that perhaps this is rather harsh in view of the huge population difference and the view that we are doing all of the whining. Isn’t the whining coming from all over? And, yes, I certainly have read of the countries that have been entirely left out. There is no easy answer. Just sometimes seems we are unjustly criticised. (or maybe I am just scared that the next time he will leave us out)

    And, now I will lay awake tonight wondering if I will be considered, as you put it ‘selfish, dull and ignorant’. And wondering if we are so awful over here that David Gilmour and family and band will find no reason at all to come back.

    signed..Wishing I Lived in London

    [Jan, let me first stress that the band had a great, great time in the US. Now, let me apologise for offending you with my response to Bob (‘German radio’, 29 May, 15:31). Having read my words again, I understand your misunderstanding – and certainly do not consider you selfish, dull or ignorant for bringing it up. However, many of the comments about the “limited” tour are unfair, unreasonable and unwelcome. They are often intended to stir up trouble and I am not interested in refereeing the oh-so predictable ‘The USA versus the Rest of the World’ contest (it seems that President Bush has an awful lot to answer for, not just the state of the planet). I did not want people to attack Bob for his views with accusations of being a selfish, ignorant American. I did not want people to find what would inevitably ensue (when Americans snapped back at Bob’s critics and accused them of being anti-American for the umpteenth time) to be as dull as I would no doubt find it. I did not want to ignore his point, because he is entitled to make it. Above all – and at the risk of opening another can of worms – I do not feel that fans have the right to vociferously demand so much of David at this stage in his career. There have certainly been requests of all sorts from all corners of the world, but the largest number has always come from the USA. That’s fact. Comments such as Bob’s are particularly annoying to me because I see how much effort went into the American tour. Of course, I also get to see (very often, thankfully) the positive and deeply thankful comments that came from the US… and still come on a near daily basis. The simple fact is that the US is a vast country and to tour it to the extent that fans would like is absurd. The tour was never about making money and neither was it about putting David’s face on every advertising board or in every magazine. It was always going to be a short tour, for the sake of performing David’s new music in beautiful settings. Either way, the US did very well out of the tour – far better than any other country – and, like it or not, people who fared less well are irritated by what is (mis)interpeted as constant ungratefulness. This has all been covered many times, hence the fact that my initial remark to Bob was to either go back and read our clear reasoning in the 100-odd blog entries that came before the one he decided to contribute to, or to just appreciate what has occurred. Now is too late to complain. The tour is over. What does he want? More shows in the US because the US has one of the world’s largest populations? David didn’t visit China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia… Incidentally, sales in the US were rather disappointing. There were just two shows in Canada, where sales were far, far better. If this were entered into the equation, one could reasonably question why David put as much effort into touring the US as he did. I know this. If others also knew it, and could appreciate it, maybe I wouldn’t have to reply to comments such as Bob’s in the first place and risk offending people like you, for which I once again sincerely apologise. – Features Editor]

  150. To Bob at May 29, 2006 03:31 PM & jan at June 9, 2006 11:12 PM

    You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. – Abraham Lincoln.

    The tour was never about making money and neither was it about putting David’s face on every advertising board or in every magazine. It was always going to be a short tour, for the sake of performing David’s new music in beautiful settings. Either way, the US did very well out of the tour – far better than any other country – and, like it or not, people who fared less well are irritated by what is (mis)interpeted as constant ungratefulness. – Features Editor.

    If people had wanted to see David and the band perform that much, they would (and in many cases) have travelled from the ends of the earth. – Me.

    Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. – Sir Winston Churchill.

  151. FEd…Thank you very much for your comments. Your points very well taken. And understood. The same words can have as many different interpretations as there are people.

    I, also, agree with you about the very dismal showing for OAI in the U.S. I’ve tried calling stations, bought it for friends. Have posted the poster for OAI in my cube at work, anything to get more interest going. It’s been a frustration for alot of us who want to hear this and can’t seem to get past the hip hop and rap generation (please no offense intended to those who love it, I just don’t happen to and would rather hear other new music.)on our radio stations. They seem to have a’carved in stone’ play list. I don’t have Sirius and maybe need to talk my husband into this.

    As I mentioned in my post, you have always been very kind, and am glad again for your response and reply to my entry. Extreme tact on your part. A good lesson for all.

    I consider it a privilege to be able to post on this blog, and have enjoyed it immensely. And your attitude has kindly alowed me that.

    [Thanks very much for that, Jan. It never fails to fascinate me how the written word can be interpreted so very differently. It’s a good thing, because it makes life interesting, but I’m sure that none of us intend to offend quite as often as we do. My apologies again, as well as my thanks for posting. It’s as much a privilege for me to be able to read all these wonderful, varied comments. Please don’t hesitate to question anything. Every opinion is equally valued. – Features Editor]

  152. At the concert on 29th May, RAH had a fantastic night!! When is the DVD release planned?

    [We hope it will be ready by the end of the year. – Features Editor]

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