Night 22: Glasgow


We hope you all had a good time in Manchester last night. There were some cracking comments, so thanks very much to all who posted. It’s what keeps this blog ticking along.

David and the band make their way up to Scotland tonight for what promises to be a fantastic, unforgettable night in Glasgow.

If you don‘t want to know the setlist, don’t read the comments. The songs will be revealed and we don’t wish to spoil the surprise for anyone. (Surely no one is still in suspense, are they?)

So enjoy yourself if you’re going to be in Glasgow’s armadillo-like theatre tonight and remember that we want to hear all about it upon your safe return to a computer.

How was it? Which song was your favourite? How did the audience behave? What did you think of the sound, the lighting, the seats, the price of beer…?

Just tell us everything, you know you want to.

Also, check out Belgian TV channel, La Deux, if you can. David will be appearing on its ‘D6BELS’ programme several times over the next week – on Sunday 28 May, Wednesday 31 May, Thursday 1 June and Friday 2 June.

See the website for full listings and look for Musique on the homepage (it’s on the left).

If you saw tonight’s programme, do tell us what it was about.

A great big "Merci beaucoup!" to Michèle and Ralph for letting us know.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

150 thoughts on “Night 22: Glasgow”

  1. I just can’t wait for the dvd now! ( I need something to look forward to!)

    I hope that everyone has a marvellous time tonight- I’m quite positive that you will for I’m stil on a gid from last night!

  2. The setlist for Glasgow is as follows:

    First half: Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Fat Old Sun, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Arnold Layne, Comfortably Numb.

  3. Rob P in CT – I think it’s great that your kids are now getting into it. My 4 year old son is too, there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t ask to hear “Leave the kids alone” It’s important to get them listening to this stuff. Lets face it, David’s got getting any younger, and musicians like him are a dying breed. David should think about holding guitar summer camp for the kids. His music MUST live on.

    David – I can’t believe you got all those guys to sign your program!! You lucky dog =) If I see it on ebay, I’ll have to get out my pointy stick again.

    I’m glad everyone had a great time last night. How could you not?! For all of you still reeling, be aware it took me about a week and a half, two weeks to recover. The sad thing is, I didn’t want to recover. =)


  4. Not sure which blog post to comment against but as the “Later…” show finished on the 27th this one will do. As of 20:00hrs, DG has got 61% of the vote for the best artist on show 4 of this season closely (?) followed by Paul Simon at 16.5%. The massive differential’s got to be down to the readers of, however, I think Paul Simon deserves to be right up there (but still 2nd!). What I’ve heard of his new album is very enjoyable.

    Circumstances have precluded me from trying RAH for tickets next week so I’ll have to settle with anticipation of the DVD release of the OAI show. FEd – any idea of release dates?

    [Hopefully the end of the year, Don. – Features Editor]

  5. Caption Competition

    The Jedi Council were taken by surprise when the lights went out…but with Obi Wan Gilmour at the helm they knew they were safe…

  6. It’s a shame there’ll be a few empty seats at the RAH if eBay is any indication… (approx 50 seats for the 30th and 31st)

    I guess the RAH don’t know exactly which seats are on sale on eBay so they could let deserving fans in on the night and take those seats…

    But on t’other hand at least the profiteers will be left out of pocket 🙂 Fnarr Fnarr…

  7. Just read about the empty wallet thingy. Went to Manchester…handed out at the door? I don’t think so. Can I have mine pleeeeeaaaase?

    [I expected this. As soon as I read the story, I just knew that people would write to the blog to say that they missed out. It’s nothing to do with me, sorry. You’ll have to take it up with EMI. – Features Editor]

  8. Nice pic of David performing. Sort of like capturing lightning in a bottle (I know, that was bad – I’ll pass around the nooses), although I eagerly await the DVD with bated breath.

  9. Hey Everyone!

    Finally had some time to read the blog properly. Damn, Kenyon, stop showing off and making all us bloggers jealous!! *grin* But then I guess you earned it. Hope you didn’t drink any champagne straight from the bottle this night.. 😉

    I got on the wrong tube this morning (damn, that Earl’s Court station is confusing), so instead of going straight to Portobello Road, I decided to check out the RAH first. Great building, too bad it started to pour by the time I got there and didn’t stop all afternoon.

    Did get to check out the World Press Photo Exhibit at the RAH, although some photo’s were too horrible for me (although they were very good. Too good).

    I then made my way to Notting Hill to continue my quest for Polly’s book. Am very happy to be able to report to FEd and Lucia that it is now in my possession and reading will commence tonight!! (But not untill after some super secret preparations for tomorrow.. *evil grin*)

    Hugs, Bianca – Dutchy flying solo in London 🙂

    [Pleased to hear it. We’ll make Newsnight Review yet. – Features Editor]

  10. Just got back to my hotel.. What a fantastic show..

    Several Species Of Musicians Gathered Together In the Cavernous Armadillo and Grooving with The Picts, The Scots, The Irish… oh and the Portugese (Hi to those in seats D15 and D16).

    Tonights set list

    Speak to me, Breathe, Time, Breathe reprise
    On An Island complete (except Take A Breath between Smile and Stones) 30 mins break

    Shine On 1-5, Wots Uh…. The Deal, Fat Old Sun, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes (23 mins)

    Wish You Were Here, Arnold Layne, Comfortably Numb

    Fantastic Performances especialy echoes and Fat Old Sun.

    Crowd really came to life during Coming Back To….

    Some Great Heckles

    But I can’t put my finger on it (no shivers down the spine, no rush of adrenalin) the child who saw The Wall in London has grown the dream has gone….

  11. BIANCA! At last you found Polly’s book! GREAT!

    LAURIE, I hope your reading is going on …I look forward to make our Newsnight Review…I start preparing my point!

    I wish a great new tour perfomance to our fantastic band, of course! At the end I thank Polly for the wonderful novel and I hope she enjoy reading our future “Newsnight Review” salon!

    Sweet dreams to everyone!


  12. Unbelievable emotional heartfelt soothing exciting visual extraordinary raunchy loud quiet sublime soulful unforgettable beautiful rich mere words cannot describe what I witnessed tonight.

    David Gilmour is a master of his craft and he took us along with him on an incredible journey of old and new in the exquisite Bridgewater Hall in my hometown of Manchester.

    He kicked off with a few tracks from Darkside Of The Moon to get us in the mood before playing his new album ‘On An Island’.

    I’m not ashamed to tell you that tears were flowing down my cheeks on a few occasions. Played live this album takes on a whole new dimension, it is incredible. Our seats were perfect and it was like having the whole band in your own living room. Crosby and Nash were enchanting and appeared themselves to be in awe of David. The Manchester crowd were very well behaved and soaked up the whole experience.

    The second half was a Pink Floyd fest. Not surprisingly quite a few of the Division bell songs were sung but we were also treated to the likes of Fat Old Sun, Arnold Lane, Shine On and of course Echoes, followed by Wish You Were Here and Comfortably numb. I could now, after seeing the show tonight, sell my Royal Albert Hall tickets on e-bay for a nice big profit but what do you think. This is another memory that will remain with me to my dying day and made all the better by Mrs.fossil being with me, I think after all these years I have at last converted her.

  13. Oh I wish I could be in the UK seeing these shows….

    Seeing that pic… gets me wondering: Any chance on an update of the tour galleries in the stuff & nonesense section any time soon?

    I would love to see more pics, particularly after the RAH shows 🙂

    Wish I could be there….


    [There should be more soon, Kurt. – Features Editor]

  14. Love that setlist! The Arnold surprise is a lovely touch – must have thrilled and delighted those concert geeks that must have thought that they’d missed it that night.


  15. FEd

    Glasgow Set List at 7.54pm – now that’s just plain showing off!

    Pity Jools didn’t somehow work Rick’s name into the proceedings.

  16. [ Did get to check out the World Press Photo Exhibit at the RAH, although some photo’s were too horrible for me (although they were very good. Too good). ]

    I saw the same exhibit in Amsterdam last week. Very powerful images.

  17. Craigie! Brilliant review!

    (Except..”Echoes (23 mins)” looked on your watch during that song??? AAAAARGH.. *grin*)

    And Lucia, does this mean I now have to watch a full episode of Newsnight? *eek*.. 😉

    Hugs Bianca

  18. Just back from the Armadillo in Glasgow. One of the best shows ever to be seen in Glasgow. Setlist was superb, Dave was on top form. Was in fourth row centre. Nearly wet myself when i saw David Crosby walk onstage! Well done guys.Oh, and Guy Pratt – what were you doing during the second half of echoes? did you lose something in the haze?!

  19. Well, the Glasgow gig was ace.

    I was close enough to the front that I was spitting distance from the band — although obviously that wouldn’t have been very pleasant 😉 Close enough for Guy to clock me taking a sneaky picture of Rick during Arnold Layne, I think it was. Sorry Guy 🙂

    The only thing that would have made the evening better would have been a signature or two on my copy of On An Island, but that’s plain greed.

    3 hours of excellent music. Cheers to the band, and of course, to all involved in running the show and the blog. Cheers guys 🙂

  20. alright, Im takin off for London 😀

    I’ll be catching the shows on 30th and 31st. Dont know if they have internet and all in that part of the world so I dont know when I’ll be blogging next. Everyone heading for the RAH shows, hope you have a blast.

    [Yes, London is quite civilised these days. Running water, electric light… – Features Editor]

  21. Just getting reports back from a couple of mates who were at Glasgow – including Pete of course who had my original tickets! Errr……good doesn’t even begin to sum it up!!

    So little time until Monday now and the excitement is building! I’ll re-post this in the soon to come RAH blog but, if anyone wants to meet up for a pre-gig beer I’ll be in the Queens Arms, just round the corner from the RAH, in Queens Gate Mews. Post code is SW7 5QL if you want to find a map online…..

    Should be there around 5ish…anyone wearing a beard is warned it may be tugged 😉

  22. Just back from the Armadillo.

    What a gig, as good as I could have imagined, Im 20 years old so im too young to have seen Floyd live, anyways….The whole band were outstanding, it was amazing to hear David live, his voice is outstanding, and we dont need to say anything about his guitar playing. The were no real mistakes, although Davids digitech whammy pedal seemed to cut off during “the blue”, but he improvised brilliantley.

    When he was introducing the band he missed out Rick Wright, the audience yelled “what about rick”, david then realised he hadnt introduced Rick and did so, with Rick getting a thunderous reception.

    I would just like to say thanks a bunch to David and the rest of his band, I thoroughley enjoyed myself tonight and I cant wait to fly down to London for Monday nights show and see it all again.

  23. its just before midnight 27.

    we have just got back home from the best concert ive seen in years.Words dont come close for this
    thank you david and all the crew,we would love you to come back soon.

    thanks again.

  24. That was a dream come true tonight in Glasgow! The whole evening was spectacular. David’s voice sounds better and better the older he gets:-) I hope that the warm reception he got in Glasgow (and I assume everywhere else), will be incentive enough for him to tour again very soon.

    Brilliant!!! Echoes was incredible, Comfortably Numb was superb and the Breathe, Time, Breathe Reprise was an amazing opener. The new album in its entirety is also a delight. I needed to catch my breath following that breath taking performance of ‘Take a Breath’.

    I shall never forget this night!

    Thanks David, Rick, Phil, Jon, Dick, Guy, David C, Steve, and everyone else who made my dream come true.

  25. As a follow-up to my previous post:

    I was amused when David forgot to introduce Rick, and subsequently when Rick jumped up, all-smiles, when he got his turn.

    I was amused when somebody growled something incoherent from the back, and David said “I can’t hear a bloody word you’re saying” — far enough away from his mic, but close enough for the front to hear.

    This was one hell of a show. David looked like he enjoyed himself, the band looked like they enjoyed themselves, the audience *certainly* enjoyed themselves. Well worth it.

    I was really pleased to see the band gel so cleanly — Steve DiStanislo was having a whale of a time, as was Guy. So were the rest of the band, obviously, but those two are certainly the most animated about it.

    One night to remember, that’s for sure.

    (I’ll stop now, let everyone else add their thoughts 😉 )

  26. just back from the glasgow concert well done everyone involved it was an unforgettable night

    thanks guys arnold lane was amazing!!

  27. FED sorry but somehow my Manchester review has ended up with the Glasgow gig. Can you sort it out?

    [You’ll have to copy it and post it in the correct place, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  28. David did say tonight “See you again ‘One Of These Days’…” following Arnold Layne.

    Somehow I think it’s wishful thinking….

    Can someone remind me and David of the date that the Floyd/David last played North Of The Border.??

    [I believe there were two Floyd shows in Edinburgh in November 1974. – Features Editor]

  29. great show in glasgow echoes was by far the best thing i have seen in concert.loved the on an island set as well.couple of surprises with arnold layne and wots ugh….. the deal.and we only got mr crosby tonight as mr nash was having a family emergency.but david and the band were burning and the smiles on all there faces at the end said it all they got a standing ovation .haste ye back mr gilmour

  30. So glad everybody who went to the Glasgow gig enjoyed it as much as my partner, Yvonne and I did at Manchester on Friday, it was awesome, we’ve both seen the Floyd quite a few times over the years including The Wall in 81, Momentary Lapse tour in Versailles in 88, Division Bell in Paris and Yvonne seen them back in the early 70’s at the Empire in Liverpool and we both agree that the show on Friday was just as fantastic as those shows if not better.

    We are, quite frankly still on a high and eagerly awaiting RAH gig on Tuesday. The whole show was just incredible especially Echoes, Arnold Lane (absolutely amazing) I’m still rewinding it from the Jools show which was also brill and of course Fat Old Sun.

    We can relate to everyone who went to Glasgow tonight and relish in the fact that we are lucky to be going to see it all again in London.

    Thanks to Dave and everyone in the band and especially Rick and all the sound and lighting people, the light show was stunning and roll on Tuesday, can’t wait.

    Aly & Yvonne
    Huyton, Liverpool

  31. What an outstanding gig,great light show, fantastic sound quality, some people thought the tickets were a bit pricey but for a total of 2hrs 40mins on stage it was well worth it.

    My favourite songs were Wish you were here and Comfortably Numb.

    Cheers for a great night, I’m off to burn my CD now, thanks again.

  32. Hi, dear FEd. Hope you’re having a nice weekend.

    Wasn’t sure if you’re still accepting links to articles but here is one…hot off the virtual presses:

    The accompanying photo of The Man is just peachy!

    Cheeky in Atlanta

    [Thank you, Cheeky. It will be on the Press page in the morning, possibly in the form of a PDF/scan. Here it is for now, anyway. – Features Editor]

  33. It’s great to see all the rave reviews from the Bridgewater/Armadillo shows.

    Sounds as though David and the band are back up to speed after their interlude since Night20.

    Next stop RAH… and the DVD shootout.

    Is it possible that David will surpass all the excellent shows that have gone before?

    I can’t help but think he’s going to pull more rabbits out of the hat, if only…

    Has Mark Brickman got any extra-special treats in store for us, judging by the recent reviews, the visuals for “Echoes” sound to be truly transcendental.

    Well, I’ll just have to be patient, let it ebb and flow and FEEL the warmth, etc. etc.

    I’m chuffed to hear about the news of the “No empty wallet blues – An intriguing idea”, a fine gesture from EMI… will provide a “Smile” on a lot of faces for years to come…

  34. Bianca,

    Hope you’re enjoying your time in London, ahead of the RAH shows.

    Will look out for your “Carrot top” in the Queens Arms, you should make a good focal point for all fellow Bloggists to form a cluster(one)

    I hope you can make it there for a tipple with the “ragged band” [who follow in our (David’s) footsteps]

  35. Hi Features Ed,

    Thank you ever so much you have put my mind at rest.

    Good night mate,

    [No problem. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  36. Just back from the Armadillo. What can we say, what a gig!!! We were slightly worried about the reports from last night regarding the slightly poor sound quality on the first half of the show, but all I can say is the sound engineer did a great job from the first song.

    We were lucky enough to have Mr Crosby singing backing vocals tonight, unfortunately Mr Nash had a “family emergency”, although looking at the state of his fellow singer who made it on stage, slightly “more relaxed” than should have been necessary, we are not sure if his better half had not been in one of Glasgow’s finest gentlemen’s clubs for longer than necessary.

    Echoes was possibly the best version that has ever been played, and Comfortably Numb went on for ever, we just hope it’s not another 32 years before we are lucky enough to see it again. Arnold Layne was a very welcome to the encore, completely unexpected too.

    Although David’s playing was exemplary and at times outstanding, one cannot forget to mention the other stars in his fine backing band. Guy, we love you, Phil, you are “El Magnifico”, Steve, Nick would be jealous at your playing, Dick, you are the finest sax player who has ever lived, and Jon, you are everything that you ever could be. Sorry, almost forgot about Richard, as did David when introducing the band, “How could you????” Echoes could never be the same without you.

    For the people who are lucky enough to be going to the Royal Hall of Albert next week, you are in for an amazing show. Shine On!!!!!

  37. I’m really enjoying reading the reviews from the latest show! I’m so glad to hear that the lasers and Arnold Layne are still in. The first London shows didn’t have the lasers or Arnold Layne. I think they give the show a “Pink Floyd” feel. The small venues and great first set let everyone know this is a David Gilmour show! What a treat. Enjoy all you lucky souls!

    I must add here that I’m really looking forward to reading FEd’s review when he sees the show! Poor guy’s been reading review after review but hasn’t seen the show in person yet. Have fun FEd and be sure to share all the insider stories with us!

    I’m still enjoying the High from the 3 shows I was lucky enough to attend.

  38. I hope “Wearing the Inside Out” would make it to the RAH show. It is one of my PF favourite and I hope it would be included in the DVD too. Too greedy I am!

  39. Thought Glasgow concert was my best ever !! Echoes was truly amazing.Also thought that playing the whole album made me appreciate it even more. Now I can imagine what it was like to see, when I listen , which is very special.

  40. hey,

    I love the set list except the fact that “Wearing the inside out” has been ommited. I was in the oppening night at massay hall, toronto and will be in royal albert hall on may 31st and am SO SO SO SO happy seeing that comming back to life (is one of my top 15 or even top 10 pink floyd songs) is there and at the same time so upset about not seeing wearing the inside out.

    all in all, I feel like im one of the luckiest ones in the world. I would never, never imagine or dream about seeing david live 2 times in less than 2 months !

    And here is the thought. this blog is so cool and hundreds or maybe thousands of ppl check it out every now and then but we all know that the show time is almost over. and the feeling that maybe this webside get isolated because of not having any news (reember, it took 12 years after PULSE). I was hoping if I can log in again, like I do everyday since december, not once or twice a day, but 10 times a day and read stuff. I wont take my hope to grave, will I ? (Im only 24)

    our dearest FED, we dont wanna miss yo.


  41. my brother and i went to bridgewater hall on friday night after buying the tickets on e bay.absolutly fantastic show.thanks david

  42. Yesterday I have bought the tickets for the next gig in Venice (San Marco square 4th august)

    I am very happy….me, my girlfriend, david and Venice (San Marco square in the evening!!!!)….is it a dream?

    only a question: me and my 30 collegues would like to know news about the DVD of Pulse….dear F.E. can you help us?

    [I can’t, I’m afraid. I don’t have any extra news. If we can announce a definite date, we will. – Features Editor]

  43. Whoops

    I’ve put my review in this thread by mistake. Is it possible to move it to the Manchester section.

    It was dated 27th May 2006 11.36pm

    Sorry to mess you about.

    [As I’ve already said, I can’t move posts. You’ll have to do it yourself, sorry. – Features Editor]

  44. well, looks like i lied about getting back on b4 monday….Its 8:40 am. I’m still drunk and oh yes David Gilmour indirectly has given me a black eye!

    perhaps I should explain myself…..

    Umm was out all day celebrating the impending best concert of my life….

    I got home about 2am and decided to go get my copy of live in pompeii to play on the comp….
    i tripped over one of the stairs on the way and eye butted my bottle of stella…OUCH, also DOH.

    so my blog buddies….if you wana say hello i’m gonna be seriously easy to recognise…i will be the bloke with the puffy eye!

    Shiner on!!

    p.s. Ed….you little fibber!!! David and Co played 3 tracks on Jools….sneaky !!! I nearly fell off me seat when Tricky Ricky blasted the first line of Arnold Layne!!! That my friend was absolutely brilliant…as was on an island…..WOW what a double guitar solo!!!! pure class…I (think) I did notice that DG’s axe went out of tune mid ‘breath’…bummer!!!! at the end of the track just as the camera was panning away I noticed that he was furiously twiddling the tuning keys ….. he also IMO looked a little nervous!!?? hehe anyhow It was magic to see, and thankfully I can still see out of both eyes. I need no blessings but i’m counting mine!

    Soon the RAH, so soon!!!!

  45. Hey FEd… just read a post from Bianca saying -among other things- that she finnally found Polly’s books. Well, to Lucia and others that might be interested, I got both Polly’s books off of Amazon. Maybe those who are after a good read, can try there 😉

    Nice weekend to everyone!

  46. Hello. This was a dream come true for me and a very personal experience despite being in an auditorium full of people. I am still post-concert high and its now the next day.

    Best bits were Ricks ‘forgotten’ intro, and the brilliant Arnold Layne, Smile, and of course Confortably Numb, Wish you were Here and Shine On.

    Dave, you could of played anything and I’d have loved it. You and Rik are wicked man!!

    One of these days !!!!! xxxxx

  47. Just a reminder that BBC 6 Music are re-broadcasting PF’s BBC Radio 1 1971 In Concert tonight [28th] at midnight. So of course we can check out how Echoes & Fat Old Sun have changed over the 35 year gap.

    BBC 6 Music is on DAB, Sky:0120 & Freeview:707.

    The ‘Live At Midnight’ 6 Music website misleadingly advises that the broadcast is on Monday 29th [which technically, it is] but it’s on at 00:00 – ie. late Sunday night.

  48. I am completely, insanely jealous!! I WANT TO SEE DG!!!!! Yes, I was there when Regal Cinemas showed the Mermaid gig, but… not really the same as seeing a live show from the musician whose work has inspired me for the past 29 years (and I am only 40).

    It’s good to be able to read all the great reviews here, to get the feel of what these shows are like. It seems that David knows how special it is when people can interact and talk about all things Gilmour. It builds that sense of community.

    Thanks, Ed/Edwina, for making it possible. This is my favorite place online.

  49. [I expected this. As soon as I read the story, I just knew that people would write to the blog to say that they missed out. It’s nothing to do with me, sorry. You’ll have to take it up with EMI. – Features Editor]

    Don’t suppose you have a name and e-mail address at EMI we can contact? I was at Manchester and didn’t see anybody handing out CD wallets (but then again I came in through the booking office entrance as I needed to pre-pay for car parking!). Shame to miss out on this.

    On a different line – Ohhh, what a decision, would I have preferred to have got “Wots. .” rather than “inside out” and C&N???? Really wish I’d gone to Glasgow as well now!!

    Enjoy the London shows!

    Toodle pip


    [I don’t. But sit tight and, depending on how many people write in this week with a similar request (and can prove that they were really at the Manchester show), we’ll see if we can get you one. Send in your full name, address, seat numbers, reference number and last four digits of the credit/debit card you used to purchase your tickets and we’ll check our system. Of course, none of this information will be published on the blog, but obviously we need to check that you were really there, otherwise we’ll get all sorts of requests from all over the world. We also need to know where to send your empty case. If you got your ticket through eBay or any unauthorised source, then there’s nothing we can do. – Features Editor]

  50. Cheeky in Effin Atlanta

    That article was a good find! DG does have an acerbic side to him… 🙂

  51. Sniff, he played Coming Back to Life one of my favourite PF songs. Damn, if only I had got tickets 🙁

    Ohh well if DG does anouther album this time Ill get tickets!

  52. Last night was quite simply the most excellent performance i have ever seen. the show was fantastic, the first set starting with breathe/time/breathe reprise and then into the oai set which was stunning live and then i thought it does not get any better than this and then came set 2, fan-bloody-tastic

    highlights of the night ECHOES, the lights, take a breath, fat old sun, the lights, arnold lane, david forgeting to introduce richard to howls from the audience , the lights , did i metion the lights? christ the whole show!!!

    so looking forward to tuesday at the r.a.h

  53. glasgow 27th…..absoloutely blown away by the performance. speechless. The new album certainly deserved to be no.1. Thanks to dave and the rest of the group for an unforgetable night. hope they tour again soon. tremendous .. steve age 26

  54. Does anyone know who the woman was who was kneeling down in the isles of the ‘stalls’ taking pictures last night? at first I thought it was Polly, however, when Dave forgot to introduce Rick and everyone started screaming she shouted “Reeeeechard” in a very foreign sounding accent.

    Ive been trying to think of my fav moments from the show, and I can honestly say they may have been in the first few seconds, when he sang ‘Breathe’ it was great to hear how powerful his voice sounds live. Another fav moment was during ‘Time’ just where he took a step back ready to start his guitar solo, goosebumps at that part, thinking about how im finally going to hear this amazing guitar sound in person.

    I have to say again, the rest of the band were great, especially Rick. Steve was perfect on drums, Jon carin note perfect as usual, Dick Parry couldnt have been better on the sax, Phil Manzanera always had a smile and played perfectly, and ofcourse Guy Pratt did the same. Guy, you’re really entertaining to watch on stage, you cant stand still for a second – keep it goin

  55. Absolutely blown away what a fantastic show in glasgow last night.Dave seems to be getting better.Dick parry on the saxs in shine on was hypnotisting and brought tears to my eyes.

    Come on Dave get Roger back for one last gig cheers.The dream is still there the child has not grown.

  56. It sounds like it was another fantastic night from a fantastic band. I wish I’d been there. I’m not going to any of the shows, so I’m just going to have to wait for the DVD to come out. I hope it doesn’t take as long as P.U.L.S.E.!

    I also hope that Eyal’s friend makes a decent donation to charity as the Ed and JT suggested. To be given a free ticket is no big deal. JT, you are very kind indeed and I hope that Eyal’s friend buys you a drink or two.

  57. Re: Empty CD Wallets at Manchester. I spent at least an hour in the bar/merchandise area and saw no one handing out CD wallets or anybody with them:

    Details as requested:


    [Thanks, Dave. I’ve got your details, so we’ll see what we can do. – Features Editor]

  58. We enjoyed last nights concert immensely. It was a pleasure to watch someone share their talent with us. I will probably never see another gig that was as good as Dave Gilmour.

    Highlights for me was hearing his new album in its entirety, fantastic!

  59. [Bianca,

    Hope you’re enjoying your time in London, ahead of the RAH shows.

    Will look out for your “Carrot top” in the Queens Arms, you should make a good focal point for all fellow Bloggists to form a cluster(one)

    I hope you can make it there for a tipple with the “ragged band” [who follow in our (David’s) footsteps]

    I’ll be there. I checked the net though and there are about 100 pubs and such called ‘The Queen’s Arms’, so I am guessing we are talking about the one at 30 Queens Gate Mews here. I will be there with Rado (Stephen Radovanovich, but I think his name is too long.. ;-)). We we will be the ones dressed very chic since we are going to a fancy restaurant to have real English Afternoon Tea at 4! 🙂

    So not sure what time we will be there. What time will the rest of you be there?

    We will be an easy to spot bunch, wont we:

    Carrot top chic: Bianca
    NY chic: Rado
    Shiner: Ripper
    Fake beard: FEd.. *grin*

    Anyone want to add their description to this list?

    Meanwhile I am not doing much today. I was busy finishing all that secret stuff untill 2.00 am and then I read Polly’s book till 2.30 am (loving it so far) and then I tossed and turned untill 5 am and was back up at 10 am… pfffft.

    And it is probably going to be a late one tonight.. :-s

    Hugs, Bianca, Tired but Excited Dutchy reporting in from London

  60. The excitement increases as I read each review, it’s almost possible to begin the countdown in hours rather than days.

    Anyway, was it ever adequately explained why Wednesday nights show at RAH starts at 8.30pm instead of 7.30pm as the others do? Do we have something special to look forward to or is it as simple as clearing away an event from earlier in the day?

    Enquiring minds need to know 🙂


    [It’s as simple as clearing away an event from earlier in the day, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  61. Glasgow 28/5. What a night! Had been waiting for this opportunity for years and wasn’t disappointed.

    I remember an interview comment by David years ago : “Music to move people … simple as that” Well, that’s what happened last night. However, I was so moved by ‘Comfortably Numb’ that I couldn’t move, if that makes sense!

    ‘Echoes’ was outstanding, as was … well, the whole gig. Only imperfections were mobile-phone toting folk holding up their light-emitting screens and spoiling the visuals for the rest of us.

    Stayed around the venue for a while after the gig … great to meet other David Gilmour fans/devotees. Nice to meet Stefan and friend from Germany … goes to show we’re all prepared to travel to catch the gigs of a lifetime.

    Rock on David, and don’t forget to keep Scotland included in future (we hope) tours.

  62. Great reading all the reviews on the gigs. I think I must be thick or something, I don’t understand some of the posts and what they are trying to say. Craigie – are you saying the concert was fantastic but lacked emotion?

    I’m puzzled why David doesn’t play the whole of SOYCD. This showcases his muscianship so well.

    Erin and Kevin H – did you write to High Times magazine and, if so, did you get any feedback?

    There is an interesting interview of David in The Telegraph. Does David get to OK this interviews before they are printed, I wonder? He was talking about the Rolling Stones and the interviewer wrote “The unexpected waspish tone of this comment makes you wonder whether the Pink Floyd bust-up all those years ago was entirely the fault of Roger Waters – the usual theory.” I didn’t like this comment much.

    David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party, was on Desert Island Discs today. He chose Wish You Were Here. Said it reminded him of his university days as a mate of his there played guitar and was trying to learn how to play this number.

  63. my review for glasgow gig

    First half:

    Breathe – he opened with this amazing i must say he switched from the lap steal straight to his black strat his voice sounded powerfull was on key the whole way through

    Time – he again used his black strat for this which i thought the red strat would have sounded better on personally the solo was really close to pulse i noticed he was getting into it at this point he started puttijg his tongue to the side of his mouth and lifted his right shoulder

    Breathe (Reprise) – again he used his black strat and it sounded like magic guy prat was trying some sissor kick jumps and the crowd knew what they were in for at this point

    Castellorizon – similar to the album version i noticed some of his bends werent going to the right pitch

    On An Island – i had a feeling he would bring out crosby and nash but sadly it was just crosby but it was very similar to the jools holland show version which i really did enjoy

    The Blue – i noticed during the solo his digitech didnt work so guy prat had to shout to mr taylor but sadly he couldnt get it work either so in the end david decieded just to slide it and bend which in my view sounded ok but wasnt what i wanted to hear

    Red Sky At Night – gilmour did the sax solo and i noticed some of the notes he was really struggling for a breath but he managed to bring it bak on key

    This Heaven – this was brilliant he used his gibson gold top for this the solo was brilliant

    A Pocketful Of Stones – only song i didnt enjoy so i didnt really listen to it

    Where We Start – my fave track on the album he tinkered a bit with the fx rig nd shouted taylor over and he aded some delay but then it started the solo was fantastic better than the album version

    Second half:

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond – he opened with this using his candy red strat but i noticed really bad he mucked up the opening chord he started on cminor instead of g and had to slide down very quick but the delay caught him out but he still carried on

    Wot’s… Uh The Deal – i loved this i thought he might have played wearing the inside out so during this i shouted is it dicks night off

    Fat Old Sun- i hated this track never enjoyed it one bit,

    Coming Back To Life – he used his black strat for this which shocked me but it really was the best version i have heard wen the opening synth started i was praying for sorrow but i knew he wouldnt

    High Hopes – i loved his classical solo at the end that was the keyopint of that song

    Echoes – i jumped from my seat and cheareared part 2 was the best i love the way he set his delays

    Wish You Were Here – i knew he would play this so im glad i came prepared with the words written on my hand was alot like the live 8 version

    Arnold Layne – after hearing richard sing this on jools holland i thought it couldnt get worse but my god if richard thinks he can sing now then he needs help was shocking it dseemed an isult to me that he played it


    was shocked dick parry was only on 2 tracks i thought that was bad

    although crosby sounded great sining shine on with dave that was a high point all in all i enjoyed it it was trhe best 16th birthday of my life let aLONE THE BEST DAY but the worst part for me was arnold layne never gonna listen to that track again

    oh and if ian the guy i met on the train is reading this let me know

  64. ChrisB i have 3 cd wallets for smile if u want one give me a shout at the moment i cant find the cover just the cd sticker

    [That would be good, seeing as the idea was one for each person… – Features Editor]

  65. Glasgow concert – absolutely fantastic evening. I never thought I would ever see David Gilmour playing live let alone from 9 rows away.

    David, Phil, Guy, Steve, Rick, Jon & Dick you all played to perfection & made the whole evening a night that will always be remembered.

    Those who mastered the lighting & lasers deserve a special thanks as the effects added so much to the feel of the night & complemented the music so wonderfully.

    Highlights – the whole show was special but stand out songs for me were Take A Breath, Echoes, Fat Old Sun & Arnold Lane.

    Can’t wait for the DVD to be released from the RAH concerts.

  66. JJ,

    My friend already approved of the deal 😉 and will make a generous donation to a charity if this dream actually comes true.

    Beer for the 3 of us will be on me if JT will would like that! You know what, 2 rounds of them! 🙂

    [Good on you, mate. I hope it works out and that you all have a great time. – Features Editor]

  67. Right then. Hey all Glasgow fans….so glad you all enjoyed the show. As if you wouldn’t…ha. Oh and how neato that Crosby and Nash are popping in for the rest of the shows. Which brings me to a briliant idea.

    David, why not return the favor and pop in on CCSN&Y’s show here in the states, namely St. Louis for an outdoor show on September 12th? Would be a fabulous surprise, and David’s voice would fit in so beautifully with their voices. Think about it will you?

    Hey I love ya even if I don’t get to see you again in this lifetime.

  68. Last night in Glasgow was amazing. Fat Old Sun was just immense, as was Echoes and Arnold Layne. Lets hope that David returns to Scotland soon.

    Steven in Glasgow

  69. Hey Fed!

    Really looking forward to Monday night – it’s going to be amazing!

    Just wondering – I work as a lighting technician, and I have a copy of ‘Lighting and Sound International’ with a really in-depth article about the tech-aspects of DG’s Amsterdam show. I couldn’t find it in the press section, and thought it might be of interest to site-visitors.

    I’d happily post it to you guys (as a thanks for the Mermaid tickets!!!), so drop me an e-mail if you fancy it!


    [That would be really kind of you, John. I’ll check with the webmasters first, just in case there is a copy lying around somewhere, and I’ll get back to you on that. Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  70. sad…

    you will leave the fans that buy thier tickets on ebay because they want good seats (and are willing to pay for it) out in the cold, cancel their tickets…

    just to push your Socialist agenda

    I was a much bigger David Gilmour fan before I started reading this board!

    [I think you should read more carefully, Judy. No one is being left out in the cold. We have been more than fair with this issue and, because of our actions, many more fans have been able to see David in concert without having to break the bank. You can call it a socialist agenda if you want to. That says far more about your political leanings than ours. We prefer to call it putting fans first and doing our small bit towards stopping fan exploitation. – Features Editor]

  71. Thoroughly enjoyed the Glasgow concert last night, highlight of the evening for me was “Wots…uh the deal” the singing was outstanding.

  72. I thought the concert in Glasgow was fantastic – so glad to finally have heard him live. I just wish that I hadn’t been constantly interrupted by inconsiderate apes getting up to go to the loo all through the performance. And the selfish cow in front of me filming bits on her PDA with a bright screen- what’s the point in having signs up forbidding this equipment? Very distracting. Wish I could see it all again.

  73. It is so good to hear about, what we enjoyed on the other side of the world. The set list is definately the cream of Davids crop. To all the very lucky ticket holders out there…. enjoy the show!

  74. Glasgow concert was OK but I didnt like the lights and the music was a bit iffy. Luckily I took a book to read as I got bored but then I fell alseep and only woke up when the flashlights came on of the cameras that the band were using to “capture” the audience!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ha ha ha ha only joking!!

    ian Pearson

  75. Just back from Glasgow, yeah it has taken a long time but I am on a different planet on the edge here-North Scotland etc…

    The Concert was an experience I will never forget and I could say so much but will leave certain details to later in the week. For now it’s the concert I’ll focus on.

    Its been said before but the lighting was fantastic and almost stole the show, but there was a funny smell which I couldn’t work out what its was and oh how fun it was to see the dry ice cover the security guards!

    Soundwise I thought it was quiet at start but soon changed my mind as the volume made my leg vibrate on its own! I was in the third row and could really feel the sound. Here I was looking up at the stage causing neck ache but I didn’t care, getting lost in the emotion.

    Highlights for me were “Take a Breath”, “Fat Old Sun” and of course “Echoes”. “Arnold Layne” surprised me not by being included but by me knowing the words, which I sang along to loudly. Richard sounded far better than on Jools show.

    Stevie D worked like crazy and should be promoted to the front of the stage but maybe that would stop Guy jumping around and we cant have that. David on sax was better than I expected. I mean if you want a sax tune why not get a saxophonist and not use guitarist. But hey the man did good.

    The whole band seemed to enjoy themselves with all of them exchanging smiles and with constant eye contact. I did wonder how far artists can see into the audience when performing but now I know its to at least row C as my thumbs up to Guy was acknowledged but then I expect he does that to everyone!

    The event lived up to my expectations easily and nothing was going to spoil it not even those stupid, annoying members of the audience who were taking photos. Why oh why do you feel the need to do it. I know there is at least one person who has reviewed this concert on this site who has taken photos, so explain to us why you feel the need to do it and annoy the performers. I left my camera outside. I have memories and don’t need digital images to enhance; memories last forever without ever being destroyed. I have written to the SECC Security to ask why they had a problem implementing this “no camera” policy.

    The audience were more noisy in the second half which I expected and whilst I don’t approve of hecklers the shout of “ taxi for Govan” during a break between songs proved the subtle nature of Glasgow humour lives on in style!

    Venue was great except for lack of toilets. Come on, I mean 3000 people and just one set. I ran next door to SECC and enjoyed the luxury of a completely empty row of urinals.

    Thanks David for a superb show. You looked tired though, especially during WYWH, I noticed you slump a bit. Don’t over do it now!

    It was good to see David Crosby join the band but maybe it was the sound but I didn’t hear his contribution enough. I hope all the band and its equipment had a very SAFE south trip and cant wait to hear all about the RAH concerts.

    Just thinking if Polly’s middle name was “chips” then it would be most appropriate because for support and protection what better material is there than “polchips”!

    Ian Pearson

    PS The programme was great with good photos and graphics

  76. cannot believe that some people are dissapointed at the changes to David’s set last night, the guy is on tour and he may want change things around from time to time and judging by the roars of approval last night I think most folks would agree with me

    and as for arnold layne and fat old sun they were magical and some people have no taste. By the way wee man there was no cd wallet on my seat or my friends or anyone else that i could see, looks like there will be a few on e-bay very soon. handing them out at the door would have been better

    [No doubt there will be plenty for sale on eBay. I think there are already some on there. Handing them out at the door didn’t work in Manchester, and leaving them on the seats leaves them at the mercy of fans with sticky fingers, which is why some go home with nothing while others go home with three. Let me know your details, mate, and I’ll try to get one to you. – Features Editor]

  77. Must admitt i think Liams review is a load of b*llocks? can i say that? well I have now anyway.

    Ive been playing guitar for years and he hit every note on castellorizon perfectly, I noticed the bum note during Shine on, but that was about it.

    I cant believe you didnt enjoy Fat Old Sun, this was done brilliantly and its a big fav with the fans.

    Is it not a bit disrespectful to David to say you didnt pay any attention during ‘a pocketful of stones’! I mean if your not a fan of any of the songs its still nice to listen to them and appreciate the live sound.

    I cant even defend ur comments about arnold layne, that track was a treat, everyone loved it, Rick was awesome!!

    As far as which guitars Dave selected for each song, im sure knows best which ones will sound better.

    Still good that you had a good time but theres too much negativity in there. The show was outstanding! best ive seen, cant wait till RAH 2morro

  78. What a unbelievably immense performance by Dave Gilmour and co at the armadillo !!!!!!…it was everything i hoped it would be and more!!!! The sound of Gilmours guitar grabbed hold of my soul and will live with me til the day i die. It was a dream come true to see this musical genius perform.

  79. Just got back home from the Glasgow gig last night….What left is there for me to say?

    Absolutely fantastic! A dream come true.

    Only problem on the night was the annoying woman in row J seat 34 /35. She constantly took pictures on her camera, then when the camera battery died she then used her bloody phone! For god’s sake – If anybody wants to see photos – just pay the tenner and buy the programme! like I did.

    Back to the music, brilliant set list – played brilliantly by a bunch of guys who obviously enjoyed themselves as much as the audience! – And the lights / lasers – absolutely stunning…Shine on……

  80. We watched David on Jools Holland on 26/05/2006 and were fortunate to get tickets for David’s On an island tour in Glasgow last night 27/05/2006, and only need one word to describe the evening…………BRILLIANT.

    The man is a genius and we were in awe to see David and his band live in front of us. We never thought we would.

    THANK YOU David and thanks to all your musicians for coming to Scotland and giving your fans in Scotland a night to remember. We will never forget it. THANK YOU once more.

    Angela & Ian Whyte

  81. Hi Fed , Well im at work tonight but im trying to wangle the night of so i can be fresh for tomorrow , well after Friday night im more excited about tomorrow im getting a lift down from another blogger Ken another amazing person who does not even know me but offered the lift you bloggers are amazing , ill be struggling to keep quiet about the show after seeing it on Friday but i will not spoil it for them ,

    also im meeting a mate down there who is a lighting technician ,its a small world he was working at the RAH last night for a band called Delirious , they are a very big Christian band,

    hope to see some fellow bloggers in the pub tomorrow ill have to watch what i drink as im a light weight when it comes to alchohol ,

    anyway bye for now Fed and all my friends who blog, by the way Fed what shows are you going to out of interest

    [Tonight’s and Wednesday’s, mate. Let’s hope we all have a great time. I’m sure we will. – Features Editor]

  82. Kris, Liam is 16 years old. You know how arrogant they can be, they think they know best, he probably thinks he could play better than David!





    [Thanks! I’ve added you to my list, mate. – Features Editor]

  84. i will be in london one the 31 of may for your concert(for the 3e time this tour)

    i dont no off you read your mail ,but everytime i hope to meet you for a picture or signature so please please……… i hope and hope and hope

  85. Hi, fellow bloggers!

    You surely talked about it, but I’ve missed to read the blog during the last days… are you finally going to meet before and/or after Monday’s concert? I’ll be arriving in London at midday and have nothing to do until the event.

    FEd, as I think you’ll be coming to the RAH, will you be joining as for a beer?

    I’ll try to check the blog tomorrow morning before taking the plane.

    See you!


    [I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, César, but maybe. The pub of choice seems to be the Queen’s Arms at 30 Queens Gate Mews. If you go back through the last three or four entries, you can see who will be there. – Features Editor]

  86. I have to agree with you Kris. It’s too bad Liam wasn’t able to appreciate the show that well. Hope everyon else had a fantastic time!

    -Chris McKay

    P.S.- I sincerely hope that Arnold Layne is included in the DVD.

  87. I am sure that many people will be asking this and it will get a little tedious for you and I apologise but I too didn’t get my thingy from the manchester gig and I saw the post saying to email in but may I ask which email adress to send it to?

    Thank you so

    [Just reply to the blog in the usual way with all the required details and we’ll see what we can do, Chantelle. – Features Editor]

  88. Glasgow concert last night courtesy of the lottery system set up earlier in the year. From where I sat I didn’t see Phil M until he took his bow at the end and I was less than seven rows from the front on the left side of the stalls!

    First half with the exception of ‘Take a Breath’ was lacklustre and at times needed a kick up the arse from the rhythm section. Sax solo from David was not what the LP had led us to expect and was a little disappointing.

    Second half – excellent. Hearing tracks from ‘Obscured by Clouds’ and ‘Ummagumma’ were a real treat. ‘Echoes’ was stunning – it showed just how well Wright and Gilmour work together. ‘Arnold Layne’ with Richard on vocals was fantastic. Whilst David at times seemed a little flustered – bum note on ‘Shine on’- Richard Wright was the dogs.

    Having seen the Floyd several times since the mid-70’s I guess I have been a little spoiled as to what to expect. Don’t get me wrong – it was a great overall performance but the sum of the parts at times failed to reach expectation.

    P.S. David Crosby? Nice harmonies – a little shimmy and then what? To busy to come on for applause?

  89. Hi F Ed,

    I saw the response you gave to a fan earlier about the wallets and, like him, can’t find an e-mail address for EMI. It was a great idea from them to give these away as a freebie to fans who attended the shows but somehow something went wrong. I was one of the first through the door at Manchester and I can assure you nothing was being handed out, they just checked tickets. Luckily they didn’t rip them in half so I have something for the scrapbook. It would be nice to have the wallet as well. My details are as follows:


    I would be eternally grateful if you could send me 2 of these promo’s and I will reimburse you for any postage. Alternatively, if you give me an e-mail address for EMI I will bother them instead.

    P.S. My daughter and I have been Gilmouring all weekend…may it never wear off. Is this what it’s like being Comfortably Numb?

    [Thank you, Ian. I’ve got your details, so sit tight and we’ll see what we can do. – Features Editor]

  90. Hey Liam, Ian here, we met on train. You posted a good review, honest and focusing on technicalities which went above my head. Sometimes less is more though and it wil be good to do some comparrissions next month eh? I think we need more subjective reviewing which i hope we get from RAH. i dont think some of the songs will work in front of 100,000 people as they did on Sat night.If less realy is more then small is the new large!

    ian Pearson

  91. Liam

    Thanks to you review I’m out of work and the band are hurriedly re-arranging the set to make sure there’s a sax solo on at least 90% of the songs…

    I thought your in-depth, incisive review was in direct proportion to the depth of knowledege you have of PF classics especially as you had to write the lyrics to WYWH… anyway when I say to you “break a leg” I really do mean it… 🙂

    [If anyone’s wondering, that was a joke! – Features Editor]

  92. Hey David, I know you will be recording the RAH,shows for dvd, you could make the world’s day if you also released a live double cd from these shows similar to the Pulse cd which has rarely left my vehicles since I purchased it in 96 I believe.

    This band and these shows are beyond description and as fans we will take every mode of delivering this incredible music especially the OAI album which translates fantasically well live. Maybe it could be packaged together dvd/cd. Man what a Christmas gift.

    Thank you David, Band and Crew.


  93. What a fantastic night!!! Glasgow May 27th 2006. David your performance and the performance of the band were spot on. The set list was fantastic as was the lights & lasers. My own personal highlights were Coming Back To Life, Shine On, Comfortably Numb,Echoes,Arnold Lane,etc… In fact the whole show was fantastic from start to finish.

    A special thanks to Guy Pratt for signing my tour programme, I saw him heading out the front entrance for a cigarette and he was chatting to a male & female outside who he appeared to know. I waited until he finished his cigarette and his conversation and asked him to sign it for me which he done with a smile. What a Guy!!! Sorry for the pun.

  94. Lesley – I didn’t write High Times because I felt it would be a waste of time. Someone that has SUCH a skewed view of things isn’t worth the effort.

    I think David and Roger attract the kind of people that they themselves are. (As we all do)
    I listened to Roger’s solo stuff long before I ever listened to David’s. I’ve found that people who strongly support Roger feel the need to bash David, much as Roger bad mouthed PF during all their turmoil. I have found through this website mainly, that strong supports of Gilmour don’t feel the need to bash Roger, but rather except and apprciate him for all the postiive thing he did in PF. More of a David kind of attitude.

    This is definately a generalization and certainly doesn’t apply to everyone. Just one gal’s opinion.

    Glad everyone had a great time last night. Can’t wait to read your review later this week Fed.


  95. – Hi, Liam…I thought about Liam…Gallagher when I read your post ! ( a joke, of course!)

    Seriously, I don’t think a concert has to be “dissected” (?) as you did ! When I attend a show ( specially a David’s show ), I enjoy the music, the atmosphere, the feelings expressed by the guitar, the saxo, I don’t try to analyse everything. Je ne pense pas que la musique soit une science exacte, mais je pense qu’elle doit toucher, émouvoir (excuse me, I’m not able to tell that in english! Ikkar, help me !)

    – Fed, I wish you a great night when you will attend your show in London ! Enfin le grand moment est arrivé! finies les frustrations !


    [Merci. – Features Editor]

  96. The Glasgow show was pure quality. I loved it. My ear drums are still drumming!

  97. In reply to the question from Lesley:-

    Craigie – are you saying the concert was fantastic but lacked emotion?

    Lesley, it may just be me, sat way up in the gallery in Glasgow, I did witness one of the best shows I have ever seen – but having been spoilt by witnessing such dramatic and intensely emotional performances of The Wall in Earl’s Court, being brought to tears by the beauty of Short and Sweet and You Know I’m Right on the About Face tour, and the sheer electric cold shudder thoughout my body as Richard and David opened SOYCD, seen through a haze of Dry Ice and hash smoke, stood on the pitch at Maine Road Manchester – it was not for me personally, the most magical of concerts.

    Fat Old Sun, Time and Echoes always were and still are my favourite Floyd tunes and all 3 were exceptionally performed last night.

    “Thinking that I’m getting older and wiser, when I’m just getting old…”

    Put it down to my advancing years…

  98. Great reviews everyone. Real shame to hear that so-called ‘fans’ still bloody-mindedly take photographs, let alone people on a landgrab for free CDs. I like to think I’m a relatively easy going guy, but this sort of thing really p!sses me off. A few things…

    1) USING FLASH IS POINTLESS. All it does is upset the musicians and DOESN’T CONTRIBUTE TO PHOTO QUALITY AT ALL. Trust me on this – unless you have a professional setup (which you wouldn’t be allowed in the venue anyway) there is no value at all in using flash on a compact, or even pro SLR. For those interested, you need a long, fast lens and a tripod for the reduced lighting conditions and for an audience position – anything less and you’ll have a shot of a small blurry performer and lots of running light lines. Pointless. Spend the time ENJOYING the show. As us scuba divers say, take nothing but memories and leave nothing but bubbles…

    2) I’m surprised to read that a couple of people don’t like certain songs, like Fat Old Sun. Fair play, each to their own. But to scrutinise the performance through a microscope is just a tad over-critical imho. Sure, there are parts when tunings aren’t right, voices are a smidge off etc – but these are the daily realities of live music – and one of the reasons why I love it so much. It’s real. It’s 100% uncut. Personally I loved David’s little variations on Later with Jools, and it sounds like the live shows have not been note-for-note album versions. This is a sign of a great musician, not someone fluffing up. I could listen to the boys jamming on anything, but David’s music? Heaven…

    3) I’m still bemused by that political post, and well done FEd for a top reply. I think the word is reactionary, but I don’t want to antagonise.

    Just know this Gilmourauders: there are plenty of idiots out there masquerading as fans (nicking CDs, eBay ticket scalpers, impulsive flash photographers, banshees, nay-sayers etc). If I were you guys at times I’d absolutely question the value in all the hard work that goes on that we don’t see. BUT…there are those of us here who absolutely love you for it and completely appreciate it. I like to think that you guys know this, but am saying it anyway because it can’t be said enough.

    Anyhow, the GREAT news is that this time tomorrow I’ll be at the RAH loving life 🙂 (sans flash)


    [Cheers, mate. I needed to hear that today, so thank you. Nothing is ever straight-forward here, is it? As with the damn ticket fiasco, which is still giving my conscience trouble, this will prove yet another unnecessary headache as people who did get a copy ask for another, more mysteriously find their way onto eBay, genuine people who missed out – possibly because someone grabbed three, as we’ve seen – feel offended that we have to ask so much of them in terms of their ticket/booking details… It will be sorted, but how frustrating that these things have to be sorted when they should simply have been done properly in the first place?! The mind boggles… – Features Editor]

  99. What a fantastic night. I was sitting just a few rows back towards the right hand side of the stage.

    The sound wasn’t quite right at the start but was tweaked to perfection during the first half of the show. The bass sound was just fantastic during the second half. The lighting was perfect throughout the show. Very atmospheric and with just the right amount of ‘wow’ factor for the size of venue. The lasers and colour changes during echoes were just jaw droppingly good.

    The crowd were well behaved with just a little Glaswegian banter thrown in for good measure. Every song received a huge cheer with standing ovations in all the right places. I just wish a few people sitting in front of me had maybe consumed one or two pints less. I mean, who wants to go to the toilet during echoes?

    The band really seemed to be enjoying themselves and even what seemed to be slight technical problems with David’s setup were all taken in there stride.

    Listening and watching David and Richard musically jousting during echoes is something I’ll always remember. It was like being swept back to 1970. The whole song was played with feeling and emotion.

    As has been reported many times, the OAI tracks take on a new life when performed live with some brilliant musical additions/modifications to some of the songs. My only complaint of the night…. It all shot past far too quickly. In reality time it was 3 hours. But in “Gilmour listening time” it unfortunately seemed more like 30 seconds.

    Please David, can we have some more?


  101. [i came prepared with the words written on my hand.]

    Are you right in the head???

    [Say what we’re all thinking, Paul! – Features Editor]

  102. Ian

    I think I just clicked on the “Polchips” reference… although it is nearly 8pm here, the weather has been wonderfully hot and after the barbeque I am a tad squiffy after a few of Mr. Sleeman’s best ale… hic burp…Zzzzzzz

  103. Morning FEd,

    Well, the big day has finally arrived.

    Just getting my final fix from the blog before my journey south, from t’Yorkshire Dales.

    I must remember to pick up Simon in Bradford on my way down…

    Though why he should want to see David again so soon after Friday night beats me :o)

    Looks as though were in for at least ONE surprise tonight, according to Cerebral-Harm site:-

    “Rumours abound of guest stars, but we DO know of one musician who will guest on all three nights (and chatted briefly with this person yesterday about it) but won’t spoil the surprise for you! If you are going to any of the nights, which are being recorded for a DVD hopefully later this year, have a great time!”

  104. [Bianca at May 28, 2006 01:37 PM

    We we will be the ones dressed very chic since we are going to a fancy restaurant to have real English Afternoon Tea at 4! 🙂

    So not sure what time we will be there. What time will the rest of you be there?

    We will be an easy to spot bunch, wont we:

    Carrot top chic: Bianca
    NY chic: Rado
    Shiner: Ripper
    Fake beard: FEd.. *grin*

    Anyone want to add their description to this list?]

    Today, I will mostly be… Balding bloke in blue: KenF

    Bianca you really need to come to Yorkshire for a proper English Afternoon Tea, the scenery is so much better, apart from the RAH, that is…

    Hope to see you in the Queens Arms after your Cucumber sandwich, scone & Earl Grey, for a proper drink…5’ish ;oD

  105. Wow! Lots going on here!

    Kudos to Nigel Farndale of the Telegraph. “Still on the dark side:” One of the most interesting and insightful David Gilmour interviews I have read.

    On a different note (mentioning no names): FEd, do you remember when you were sixteen and were certain that you knew everything? I am reminded of a quotation attributed to Mark Twain: “When I was sixteen I was convinced that my father was the most ignorant man I had ever known. By the time I had reached the age of twenty-one, I was impressed with all he had learned in five years.”

    Note to David: Please don’t be discouraged by the occasional bad critique. Keep your chin up and keep practicing with your guitar. Trust me, with practice you will get better. You have a lot of potential, and gosh darn it, you know it. If you keep at it, you’re gonna be a big star some day! You too Richard, I promise! 🙂

  106. Hi,

    one simple question. Will there be lasers in the Firenze summer shows?

    [I think so. – Features Editor]

  107. I’m off to London this morning to catch the 2nd RAH show and as you can guess I’m very excited. It’s going to be emotional for all sorts of musical and personal reasons.

    This is my last chance to log in before the show.

    Thanks Fed for being a marvelous moderator and thanks to the bloggers for funny, informative and occasionally perplexing!

  108. I came with my wife from Milan Italy to see David!!!
    It was a fantastic!!!

    Now I wait for Florence!!!I will be there!!!

  109. Hi Fed

    i’m packing my bag for London – i just don’t know what to wear! Unfortunately my 1981 Wall t-shirt must have shrunk in the wash becuase it dosn’t seem to fit me anymore! erm….

    I hope the weather stays sunny and outs the band in an extra special mood.

    Best wishes for those lucky people going tonight – enjoy the special guest!

    Love and kisses



  111. Erin

    That you for replying to my post. I agree totally about what you say with regard to the two sets of fans. What I can’t understand is that the Live 8 reunion seems to have done nothing to change RW die-hard fans to alter their opinion. It is the vindictive and snide comments that make me upset.

    I wonder whether small venues, being up close and personal, makes the audience more critical of the performance. Playing in a large stadium, with a lot of other noise going on, probably the audience will not be so critical. This is unfortunate because, despite what anybody thinks, there will be comparisons made between David and RW tours!

  112. Hi,

    I am Liams Dad. Yes i know !!!

    He is 100% enthusiast and a huge DG fan. He has been singing along since he was influenced by me when he was still in nappys ! He probably should still be in them !

    He does play the guitar, and his set up is wholly based on DG’s. Just a bit more economical. Unfortunately at his age he thinks he knows best !!! And yes he thinks he can play better than DG, but DG could play better with 2 fingers on his hand and the other tied behind his back in reality !

    He did have a fab night and please don’t get upset at his blog all you bloggers !

    I’ll give him a slap when i see him (Only joking) !

    Phil – keep up the good work ! Liam says he’ll take you on if you get the push ! can you put up with the cold and greyness in Aberdeen ?

    I’m looking forward to the 3 nights at the RAH – Liam free !!!

    Bloody Kids ! Who’d have them !!!

  113. well im waiting for ken to pick me up for our trip to the city , cant wait , twice in one week seeing gilmour cant believe it, looking forward to meeting up with some fellow bloggers in the pub, Fed thanks for making this tour all the more enjoyable you have realy added to the whole axperience , see you all later , ill post tomorrow bye for now

  114. Hey Matty, wear the most fancy outfit you have. After all we are going to be in THE Royal Albert Hall and we may end up on a DVD.. *grin*

    I had a fabulous time last night at Guy’s show, he was brilliant as ever!

    Had a ride there from one friend and one back from another friend and up till a few months ago I didn’t even know anyone in London!!

    All the secret gift giving worked out brilliantly
    And I wasn’t the only one bearing gifts so I am now the proud owner of a cowboy head thanks to Rado. Think I should wear that tonight FEd?

    I am sooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to tonight’s show! YEAH!!!

    WOOOHOOOO *jumping up and down – getting funny looks from hotel personel, so I stick out my tongue to them and keep on jumping*


    (So if you see a carrot top Dutchy in fancy dress jumping up and down today.. yeah.. that would be me I am afraid.. ;-))


  115. Hi again…

    Have just watched ‘Arnold Lane’ from Jools Holland – fantasic – David even does a little dance! (well almost).

    Seriously the huge smile exchanged between David and Rick at the end just said it all for me bravo!

    See you bloggers at the Queens – i have decided i will be wearing my ‘oh by the way'(which ones pink’ tshirt so so hello if you see me.

    joy to the world


    (now very very excited – good grief i’m nearly 40 and i feel like a kid!)

  116. A spectacular show to say the least.

    Being in the second row from the front really enhanced the experience.

    Highlights for me were Take a Breath, Smile, Echoes and Arnold Layne (Rick looked like he was loving it).

    As a side note I had to laugh at Guy’s t-shirt.
    Emblazoned across the front was the slogan ‘Didn’t they do well?’- a reference to Bruce Forsyth’s catchphrase on the programme the Generation Game. With all his jumping about he must have felt like the young son! Great stuff.

  117. Fed…I have no idea why, but I am really excited for you to see the shows. It must have been hell for these past two months reading reviews on how people rave about what a magnificiant experience it is. If I were in your position, I would just go crazy with the anticipation.

    Have fun…looking foreward to YOUR review!
    -Chris McKay

    [Thanks, Chris. Maybe I’ll write one when I’ve got all the posts online. – Features Editor]

  118. Two days on from one of the best nights in my life I now find myself at work on while most people are enjoying a bank holiday.

    However what is getting me going through this most dull of days are the memories of Gilmour and co performing a truly sublime show in Glasgow which blew me away!

    I discovered the magic of the Floyd just before the Division Bell and their music has since played an intergral part in my life.

    So you can imagine how gutted I was when I failed to snap up a ticket for the Armidillo concert as they were snapped up in 20 minutes flat leaving me deflated for weeks.

    However my mood rose to elation two days before when a work colleague told me he had a spare!

    My pre-gig ritual was listening to Dark Side and On An Island still finding it difficult to come to terms I would be seeing the great man play some of these gems in the flesh.

    I stumbled into the hall at 7.30 as the lights came down and the heartbeat of Breathe kicked in.

    And then he appeared.

    It was something surreal to see Gilmour less than 25 yards from me(I was in the stalls-row G)and I actually I had to convince myself this was really happening!

    I sang with all my heart to Time a song which at the ripe old age of 30 I can relate too!

    And then came the whole of Davids new album which continues to grow and grow on me.

    It would be unfair to pinpoint some of the newies as hand on my heart I can safely say they were all mighty impressive.

    What was also more than impressive was Gilmour’s guitar playing which he done so nonechantly.And he certainly showed no signs of a man only five years away from his pension!

    Seeing Richard Wright was also incredible and an added bonus. He appeared genuinely pleased with his nights work particulary on Arnold Layne.
    At the break I headed to the bar for a beer and a cigar which tasted so sweet as I pondered on what lay ahead.

    And if the first half was mesmirising the second was something out of this world!

    What can I say about Echoes?! I was shocked to hear the opening sounds of this amazing track and accomponied by the fantastic light show I would be hard pushed to say this was not the best thing played all night.

    Although both Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb were sublime.

    What I also enjoyed from the whole night was the faces of those around,people of all ages who seemed awestruck and like kids at Christmas!
    All in all this was one of the best nights of my life.

    Thanks Dave.

  119. Fedmeister et al…

    It sounds like you’re in for a superb night tonight and for the subsequent RAH concerts…The band sound like they are “cooking” after the Glasgow and Manc reviews…

    More guests whoever they are!!!… I cannot even think that anything that has already happened can be “topped” but I guess it’s a matter of “watch this space”… 🙂

    So enjoy guys!

  120. I think the guys at Q107 must be having a day off!!! No results yet…

    I’m monitoring the site though… F5, F5, F5, F5… refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh…

  121. The concert in Glasgow was fantastic. David Gilmour and guests were as one would expect, legendary. Sound and light were first class. The performance of the all the musicians was truely mind boggling. It was great that David decided to play all of his latest album “On An Island.” This is definately his best solo album to date, the others are great too of course. Started the gig with “Breath” and “Time.” Went down a storm with the Glaswegian audience.

    A funny moment in Glasgow was when David introduced all his musicians on stage. He introduced everyone except Richard Wright. Possibly this was a deliberate ploy as Richard being Pink Floyd’s keyboard player needed no introduction.

    However, as David soon found out in Glasgow people don’t miss a trick. Soon the Glaswegian crowd began to heckle him shouting for Richard, and “What about Richard?” Eventually everyone began chanting Richards name. It was obvious that David would have to do something so he made the introduction and the whole crowd started cheering for Richard, it was a funny but great momemnt. Needles to say Richard had to stand up and take a bow. Just goes to show the people of Glasgow love and respect Richard Wright as much as David Gilmour, two brilliant musicians.

    The rest of the show was awsome and a rendition of “The Division Bell” went down particualarly well. Another brilliant track side 2 of “Meddle” was out of this world. The stage lighting and effects of dry ice really added to the atmosphere. I was in the second row for the show and the dry ice was swirling around the edge of the seats. Another funny moment was when the bouncer sitting right in front of the stage was so immersed in dry ice eventually only his head could be seen.

    All round a first class performance by one of the greatest musicians of all time. All the band must be commended as being great, and well done to them for their fantastic musical imput. I recommend going to see David Glimour. He is an outstanding musician who as far as I can see is truly a genius in his own right. Of course emanating from the 60s music explosion, the greatest era in the history of pop music, David and Richard have proved what cannot be disputed, they have contributed somthing unique in the world and history of popular music.

  122. Hello folks

    Glasgow on saturday night then?!?!

    Absolutely fantastic! I had a sneak peek at the Manchester gig so I thought breathe/time may be first but it was fantastic when it finally hit me. I could go into detail song by song, but there are many reviews on this page already.

    I must express my concern though, regarding the use of phones and cameras. I don’t know who these idiots are but I fail to understand what compels them to hold up their devices like frantic, excited children in a sweet shop and spoil the show for other people. In my opinion, it should be treated like a cinema, any camera action and you are thrown out immediately. Only fair! My companion dissapeared halfway through ‘Take a Breath’, and I thought he was long gone but he fortunately appeared just before the second half in a higher state of conciousness by the looks of it.

    Fat Old Sun was most excellent, the solo still swirls in my mind and I enjoyed hearing the song live. Everything else was tip top, my most noted points being the extended jam somewhere in the OAI set (I can’t quite remember where) and Davids voice was EXCELLENT for ‘Coming Back to Life’.

    Echoes coupled with light show was super-modern and quite supreme, Arnold Layne was an excellent surprise, I was loving all the red smoke conjured up next to Rick – he was loving it in his white shirt, reminds me of an 8mm film I seen of Floyd play at Hollywood Bowl in 1970’s.

    I certainly enjoyed this gig more than Amsterdam, particularly because there were slight elements to the set which were altered and slightly more developed, which really shows they have a great time as a band to nurture the music, and possibly becase I was right down the front section in my home city.

    The band were excellent, thumbs up again all the usual suspects have been mentioned, my two favourites being Guy and Jon as their energy appears to shine through very well. Dick was on the ball on saturday too, a friend of mine stood up and clapped immediately after being wholly impressed at the speed of which Dick weas changing instruments. Another excellent addition to the night being David Crosby who didn’t make it for the last hurrah at the end but performed stunning backing vocals at a few points throughout.

    Thanks to the band for their efforts, great gig, great atmosphere – enjoyed by all and will reside in the memory banks for a long long time.


  123. So, Liam dares to criticise and everyone jumps on him. God, how predictable.

    I thought his review was interesting, far more so than the endless “it was perfect, wonderful” comments most people post which tell me nothing about the concert. Sure it was written in the black/white manner of youth, but at least he gave an honest opinion, and it gave me a good impression of how well it went on the night. And, no, it was not ‘negative’, he was not dissing David. On the contrary, he seems to have enjoyed it.

    Nickster – you talk about “the daily realities of live music” in order to criticise his review. But that is exactly the point – every concert IS different. Some things are ‘better than’, others are ‘worse than’ – why else do people go to several gigs from the same tour? Liam has reported some of those ‘differences’ from this gig and I thank him for it.

    Lesley – he may be ‘only’ 16 but he has a brain, and thankfully is prepared to use it.

  124. I came from germany to see the show, we (my girlfriend an me) visited the show in Frankfurt before, and after frequently reading the blog i was curiously looking forward to the Glasgow show.

    Compared to Frankfurt it was an improvement, the lightshow has been “better” in Glasgow (for those who like more lights 🙂 ) and listening to Arnold Lane and Coming back to life was simply stunning. Another difference between the show in Glasgow and in Frankfurt was the assortment of drinks offered at the SECC. Where you can get non-alcoholic and other beer, Coke and Fanta in Germany, they serve several Whiskeys and beers in Scotland. I guess the two guys in front of us have been more to the restrooms than to the show.

    Btw., besides the show about which everyone told everything here in the blog, Scotland is worth a visit. Arriving on Saturday afternoon we visited Glasgow, which was not as impressive as expected unless you like shopping. After staying at Loch Lomond we travelled some miles around the Southern Highlands, the landscape there is fantastic, the people are friendly and if it rains – no matter, just visit the restrooms. If you return from it there will be sun again…

    The concert was a highlight of this wonderful weekend, thanks to David and his crew.

    Looking forward to munich in August now, let’s see how the show will be at daylight and outside :-).

  125. I loved every minute of the Glasgow show.

    The performance which stood out for me the most in the first half was This Heaven because I hadn’t expected to like it as much as I did, but live it sounded great.

    Also Pocketful of Stones which is my favourite song on On an Island.

    Second half was terrific but if I had to pick one song above the others it would be Fat Old Sun – that was a tremendous performance by the band.

    Echoes was great also of course, both the performance and light-show – the multi-coloured spotlight effect on David in the middle section looked a bit like a UFO I thought. 🙂

    I don’t think many in the audience would agree about the comment previously about Arnold Layne – they went crazy for it.

    Overall a great night of music. When you see David live it is difficult to overstate how much you really appreciate the skill and the obvious hard work he puts into his music.

  126. ..Matty…You have been debating what to wear for the last 3 weeks…You are driving me mad, I shall buy you another DG Tshirt to shut you up !!…..

    P.s Pick you up at 10.00 am..don’t forget the tickets!

  127. Hello FEd!

    ….I’m going to leave Rome from the 9th to the 15th of June for work and…I have a “gruesome” habit when I leave for a journey: I used to say to my family and my best friends what I’d like to leave to each of them if…something go…wrong! I know is “gruesome”, but I am a Agatha Christie fan, remember… 😉

    And seeing that there are some simple things that I love very much, I like knowing that they will finish in good hands! I hope coming home, of course! But I am a providente person! So, there’s one friend who will inherit my dvd, another one who will have my books….and one who will have the most precious thing I have: MY CDs! So, I’m thinking to tell him that you can still have all of them except…Radiohead! Because he is already a fan so he don’t need them! And so…I’d like to leave my Radiohead Cds to you, so, in my memory, you will be able to listen and appreciate them! I trust you, I know you will have care of them! I know you hope I will come home again (and I prefer that case too!), but tell me: are you happy to be insert between my heirs?

    Bianca can have my Polly’s books!

    I’m working too much! Do you agree? 😉

    And only very boring works…in these world I’d like to do something more useful…or, at least, something funnier! And have a journey on the Thames like Jerome K. Jerome…it’s become one of my dreams! It seems so funny! …now that I’m thinking…this site give me the opportunity to read a lot of good books I’ve never read! Great!

    Ok! I start working again…this post is useless like my job (but don’t tell that to my editor!)

    Sorry…I will send the next mail to my friends who is used to tolerate my odds speeches!



    [You make me laugh. You’ll leave me your Radiohead CDs? Do you want to drive me to manic depression and possible suicide?! Only joking, mate. Bless you. – Features Editor]

  128. GLASGOW 27.5.06

    Beautiful, powerful, touching, poignant, soulful, lifting, sorrowful, emotional, inspiring, foot tappin’, head rockin’, heart racin’,soothing, happy, sad, delightful, unforgetable highlight of my life………
    A perfect, perfect evening (to me – but obviously not Liam)

    Just totally mesmerized and incredibly moved by tonights performance and the instrumental solos.
    (Always having a major crush on Dave Gilmour probably influenced my experience too- lol- sorry Polly.)

    David, your voice is wonderful and it was so good to hear Rik singing too. Can’t wait for the DVD and I hope to see PF play one of these days. If I never do this will live with me forever anyway.
    And as for the odd bum-note, toilet goers,cameras/PDA’s etc etc.. I don’t think folk are selfish for that.. you’ll always get that.
    Get real and love life. NOTHING could have possibly spoiled this for me.. not even if a 20 foot wide camera had descended slowly from the rafters above and landed flatly on my head… lol..

    P.S Definately going to buy a sax now and learn it once and for all. Any lessons going David ???

  129. The Glasgow concert was to me the pinicle of my concert watching “career”. The set list sprang a few nice surprises, notably “Echoes” and the effervescent “Arnold Layne”. David and his band which to be fair consisted mostly of artists who had toured with Floyd on the “Pulse” tour, were on top form, performing a fantastic, tight 3 hr show.

    The lighting and effects were a scaled down Floyd gig and provided a perfect backdrop to a genius who is clearly loving every minute performing live. Light entertainment was provided by Guy Pratt who frantically searched on his hands and knees for his pedal through the dry ice!

    David thanks a million for a memorable night that I will carry to my grave. You are a legend!

  130. FEd,

    Really hope you enjoy the shows you’re attending – the least you deserve mate 🙂

    As you know, I was lucky enough to be at the Bridgewater Hall on Friday – obviously I’d love a ‘Smile’ wallet some time if it’s possible. If you get inundated with requests and it proves to be too much of a pain, then no worries bud – I’m sure I can survive without one lol

    Here’s my booking details just in case:


    D’ya reckon the Djibster will soon be following in Nando’s trail out of the Anfield exit door?

    All the best,

    [Thanks for those, Ali. I’ve got your details, so we’ll get that sorted for you as soon as we can. I do expect Cisse to move on. I hope we hurry up and buy someone who will score a good 30 goals a season. What do you think of Craig Bellamy coming to Anfield? Can you see it happening? – Features Editor]

  131. well im still on a high after davids glasgow show and now i am just getting ready for the trip to london for tuesdays show ( david gilmour twice in one week….amazing ) would just like to say fed i think we all apreciate your efforts in trying to make sense out the ticket and cd wallet fiascos (hopefully the ones on the seats at the rah do not get nicked) and keep up the good work

    [Thank you, mate. It will be sorted, don’t worry about that. As was the case with much of the nonsense concerning tickets, the fans weren’t to blame, so we will do our best to help. – Features Editor]


  133. Glasgow Concert 27th May –

    Set was excellent, one surprise after another.
    “Take a breath” was excellent a classic already and i just hope the DVD also showcases “Wots Uh”, “Fat old Sun”, “Arnold Layne” and “Echoes” which individually is the most amazing piece of music i have ever heard or witnessed – shivers down the spine etc.

    Maybe we can also get a live CD released of the Polish gig in front of 100,000!(We all have to dream)

    What they made of Glasgow banter between songs I dont quite know! (Go on yoursell Big Man!)

  134. Dear Fed,

    [ I don’t try to analyse everything. Je ne pense pas que la musique soit une science exacte, mais je pense qu’elle doit toucher, émouvoir – Michèle]

    Oh, yes! Jerry Lewis says that frenchies always want to analyse everything… Though I think Liam is not French…

    I don’t like to analyse, page after page, song after song, note after note… ART is made for emotions, not for analysis. Or, maybe, Liam is ONLY a scientific (sorry for the scientifics … well, I mean, all scientifics aren’t like Liam… well, I hope… – joke-)…

    [Sure, there are parts when tunings aren’t right, voices are a smidge off etc – but these are the daily realities of live music – and one of the reasons why I love it so much.- Nickster]

    You know, in ’77, in Paris, I saw 4 shows of the Band David used to be with, and one of the show was… how can I say that? , well, there might have been some tension between our heroes, and the show was less “perfect” than others… In fact, I think I keep the most strange and sweet memories of THIS concert – even if the others… aarghh!

    Well, what I mean is “ENJOY music and shows”

    – It’s the ONLY REAL THING TO DO…
    …because, “WORDS!” comme dit…
    …and, “tout le reste est silence”, comme dit…

    Ikkar, with love

  135. FEd,

    Here’s a link to the Manchester Evening News review of last Friday’s masterclass 🙂

    The stingy bugger only gave the boys 5 stars lol


    [Thanks! Keep the press coming in. The best ones are added to the Press page. – Features Editor]

  136. David get Rog back for one of these gigs? Did I read that correctly? Man, some of you just will not let it go, eh? I would love for a Pink Floyd reunion to occur but there are more reasons not to do it than there are to do it.

    For example,

    I do not believe any of them have any desire to do stadiums – both Rog and David are on record as being completely through with shows of that size.

    David has no interest in recording again with Roger and what kind of a money grab would it be for them to just go out there and play the golden oldies? Would it sell? Like nothing you’ve ever seen, but david wants nothing further to do with it. When someone says I would not be happier doing x,y, or z thing, why would others selfishly thrust it upon them and try to force their hand?

    It’s over folks. It’s been over. Since 1985 it’s been over. The sad truth is not a one of them has recorded anything apart that is as good as the stuff they recorded together. They were a magical band from 73-80. And there is some good stuff before and after those years, but the horse has died – get off and hail a cab. The good news is there is a splendid catalog of music to enjoy for the rest of our lives – not to mention some very good solo efforts.

    They gave us Live 8 – now move on. . .

  137. The Armadillo gig was a cracker – The performance of Echoes not only surpassed the original live recording, but took its trousers down and thrashed its bum. Coming Back To Life and Fat Old Sun were heart-warmingly lovely. Thanks David and band for a great night.

    One sour note – The vast swathes of inconsiderate arses who spent much of the gig going to the bog, a totally unexpected side-effect of having consumed 3 pints of lager at the bar earlier. I did not pay to watch these imbeciles shuffling about in front of me. An announcement made over the intercom stated that David would be on stage at 7.30pm and anyone not in their seats by that point may be refused entry. They then let droves of people in anyway after the start, and allowed them to come and go pretty freely during the gig. Poor show, Armadillo staff. I think if you pay money to see a gig, you sit on your arse and watch it. A radical suggestion, I know, but worth considering.

    Other than that – Terrific gig, I loved every minute of it.

  138. Joolz – I’ve seen most of your comments on this blog (and others) they tend to be negative where David is concerned. I guess you’re a fan of the other one!

    [Please don’t go there. I’m struggling to stay awake as it is, without that old thing. – Features Editor]

  139. Hello mates!

    😉 I enjoyed very much reading the comments to Liam review! Michèle with Liam Gallagher, Timbo and the others…I dont’ think Liam wanted to be provocative…he were honest…BUT (there always one BUT) agree with Ikkar…I love feeling music, not analyse it!

    Oh, Liam Liam Liam! There are wrong notes or little moments of voice out-of-tune, in live show and in live Cd, that you should relish in all their magnificent! I love listen and listen them again because…they are so imperfectly real! So, dear Liam (if is true you are 16 years old, you are very lucky!!!) the next time try to let you carry…instead of listen like a music teacher with his student! It’s wonderful, you can trust me! At the end…David’s show are great and Fat old sun is fantastic!

    Have a great evening, my dears!


  140. hello

    this comment is for chris

    sorry chris i annoyed you…you should of said something..i am woman in the j row who was taking pics with her camera and fone ..i got some great pics , almost as good as the program..

    To David and David..Thanks for the Greatest Concert I have gone to in YEARS!!

  141. Dear Mr.Gilmour and the rest of the band!

    I had been dreaming of going to a concert with you guys for 11 years, and never thought it would ever happen. But, it did, and it was a very emotional night for me. Tears of total happiness were streaming down my face when the tones of Comfortable Numb finally came, and the version of High Hipes was amazing. I travelled from Norway just to see you guys playing. I now have this empty feeling inside since the dream is fulfilled and the moment is over, so I really hope I’ll get to see you again. Thank you for a fantastic evening I will never EVER forget!

    Lots of love from Karianne in Oslo, Norway

  142. [Joolz – I’ve seen most of your comments on this blog (and others) they tend to be negative where David is concerned. I guess you’re a fan of the other one! Posted by: Lesley at May 30, 2006 04:41 PM]

    1 – this is the only blog I have ever written to.

    2 – show me one post where I have been ‘negative’ to David.

    3 – I repeat what I have said before – I am a ‘fan’ of Pink Floyd, and therefore of ALL their (ex-) members. I do not idolise one to the exclusion of the others.

  143. The show was amazing,and filled a viod that had been empty since october 1994 at earls court.
    However, i was disappointed by The Main Man using an alternative side door and denying a small band of faithful fans the oppurtunity to have either programs or albums autographed. This would have taken a small period of time.

    I appreciate that there is no obligation for Mr Gilmour to carry out this exercise, but a small gesture like this by him would have made the whole magical experience so much better.

    Hopefully, the chance will come to try again in the near future.


    but even this event could still not take the shine of a experience of a lifetime.

  144. is there any chance of getting one of the cd wallets? i managed to get tickets via your draw (fantastic gig by the way)


    cheers , dave.

    [We’ll see what we can do, Dave. We’ve got all your details. – Features Editor]

  145. It was a truly magnificent performance

    comfortably numb was hair raisingly good, echos left me stunned and arnold lane nearly made me fall of my chair, however some things did spoil it as has been mentioned before, people kept comming in and out (i was in row D, i found it frustrating, i cant imagine what it must have been like further back) but the worst thing was a small group of older fans behind me giveing a runnign commentary and comparrison of different versions of the songs!!!! Havign said that the gig was fantastic, ive been too few better, the light show was fantastic, the sound was good, the musicians fabulous, though it would have been nice if they had spent a few minutes signing autographs.

    Thanks for a great performance




  147. the concert in glasgow was amazing. i was waiting a very long time to see david on stage again. absolutely perfect sound. now i bought tickets to see the concert in munich. i need that !!!

  148. thought this may interest you

    attending the recent fantastic gig in glasgow by dave gilmour we were dissapointed to find that some swine had nicked all the complimentary numbered cd wallets from our seats ( did not spoil the gig though )

    a few of us commented on this on daves web site and lo and behold two poped through my letter box this morning courtesy of daves managment one fifteen

    just goes to show there are still some musicians out there who really care about their fans

    well done dave , a fantastic tour, a fantastic album, fantastic merchandise and a fantastic managment co

    cheers big ears

    [Thanks very much, mate. – Features Editor]

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