Night 21: Manchester


It’s the night we’ve all been waiting for.

The tour resumes tonight as David and the band begin the UK leg at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall.

As always, we want to know all about it.

We very much enjoy sharing your thoughts, so let us know how you’re feeling ahead of the concert and what you’re hoping from the evening’s entertainment.

The setlist will almost certainly be mentioned among the fan comments, so if you don’t want to know what was performed in Manchester, please don’t read on.

Have a great time if you’re going along tonight. We’re sure that it will be a fantastic night.

Don’t forget that you can see David and the band performing on Later… with Jools Holland tonight. That’s BBC2 at 11:35PM (UK). Let us know what you thought of it.

You can also vote for the show’s best performance on the Later website, so be sure to let the BBC know what you thought of the show, too.

Finally, if you’ve got tickets to return to the Royal Albert Hall, do it now! No tickets will be accepted in the two days prior to the date of the concert and remember that Monday is a national holiday in the UK. So, if you want to return a ticket for a refund, you need to do it soon.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

128 thoughts on “Night 21: Manchester”

  1. For all the lucky fans going tonite and at the RAH, enjoy it, it is just amazing….

    For those wondering about tickets in Florence, I was told by my brother that box office, Boxol is the alternative authorized reseller, and they have a map.

    He managed to buy a 3rd row central….

    Apparently they just dont have the tickets on line…dont know why. check it.

    Again, great concerts to all of u lucky ones!

    [Click on Enrico’s name for the link, but please note that this site is not one of our authorised/recommended sellers. – Features Editor]

  2. I can’t wait to see what tonight’s set list will look like. If it is the same as the other shows that would be great, but I hope Dave and the band worked on a couple suprise numbers! For all that are going to the show, have fun and let us know what Dave played.

  3. Caption Competition…

    From behind the drums: “Phil!! Duck!!!” … and fortunately the arrow only just missed his head!

  4. Whoohoo! Tomorrow I’m leaving Sweden to check out one the Monday RAH show… And to enjoy a London weekend too (although that is just a bonus tom the “main feature”)… Can’t wait!

    Good luck with the upcoming shows to all involved and especially to David and the band. Fed – keep up the good work.


  5. DG… forgot to mention this in my “good luck tonight” blog…

    Hope the exams went well! 🙂

  6. I’ve got my ticket for Piazza Santa Croce!

    A dream come true,thanks for these new dates and see you there.

    I’d like to know,who plays the harmonica in ‘The blue’? The booklet don’t says it…

    good work

    [We all assume it’s David. If I ever get confirmation, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  7. Im seeing David at the RAH on the 30th and words cannot describe how exited I am. Thank god David is on Jools Holland tonight I dont know what I’d do without my daily fix knowing that the manchester folk are seeing the great man tonight. I dont think Im gonna sleep. By the way if you read any of these comments david I want you to know that you are in my eyes and many others the greatest ever guitarist – you are more emotive than any other I know and you use so much feeling when playing. Cant wait to see you on the 30th. Mitchemeister.

  8. Have fun all you lucky ticketholders for the upcoming gigs!!

    Fed, I don’t know if you remember me asking you to ask David and crew to consider the old Woodstock site if they tour in the US this summer(you responded that there will be no US dates this summer). I wanted to share that I just got an email that CSNY will be their in August. It is a new performing arts center on the old Woodstock ’69 site. In my continued desperation, any chance David would make a surprise appearance in return of their OAI North Am. appearances? I am still offering he and his family a nice dinner and fun on the lake if they are out here. I am literally 2 miles from the site.

    Fed, I had surgery and need to catch up on some posts, so I apologize if this has been brought up already, but are you catching any of the OAI shows this summer?


    [I haven’t given it much thought, to be honest with you. It’s been a mad month. Interesting to know that CSNY are performing at the famous old site. I have no idea if David plans to drop by. (Sorry, I’m not very helpful, am I? They don’t tell me anything!) – Features Editor]

  9. you are lucky people,

    all the people,they can see shows of david,in the kingdom,but I not, I am in Brasil,therefore they use to advantage



    [For what it’s worth, mate, I do. – Features Editor]

  10. I hope that all my friends in the UK will have a wonderful time at the show!!

    I’m looking forward to seeing if there are any changes to the setlist.

  11. Good luck to david an the rest of the band tonight, im really looking forward too seeing him in glasgow tomorrow night. If hes going to the bar after the show there will be a pint waiting for him….(does he still drink guiness?)

  12. If you follow the “Later” link to the website and select the DG interview and then return back to the David Gilmour page (bottom) you get the option to watch the show. The resolution is cr*p but if you’re impatient like me then….and it is the updated version as it does contain High Hopes…

    I would also urge everyone to follow the BBC “contact us” option and ask if the show will be released on DVD…

    Hopefully the resolution will be a lot better when it’s available at the scheduled time so I can wire it up t’telly…

    Yours impatiently 🙂

    (Hmmm… it’s 8:37pm in the UK… I’m jealous)

  13. …..I’m jealous…. for those of you going Bridgewater Hall ( or it might be already in progress…EST/U.S here) what a wonderful treat (we tried). We went to the 1st night at Massey Hall…another small and incredible venue ..sat up close and personal…made it just to perfect for words…… (chicago too…but nothing like toronto)A night to truly cherish!!!!Enjoy

  14. Fed and our friends, if you want to know :David Gilmour will appear on belgian TV (“la deux”) on it’s show named “D6BELS” on Saturday, May 27th, and several other days. See the link and click “musique” on the homepage.


    [Merci! I’ll be sure to mention it when the blog is updated tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  15. Dear F.Ed.

    Soon we’ll leave for london (Monday morning) and my friends and I are getting really excited. “Luckily” I have had a lot to do the last couples of weeks so I haven’t had that much time to think about the trip. That means everything around the concerts has been put on hold, including returning my extra tickets. I have asked some people I know if they wanted tickets but in the end they couldn’t go after all.

    So I will bring my extra tickets (one for the 29th and one for the 31st) and give them away for free to some poor fans that hasn’t got tickets but still will be outside the RAH (there’s always someone, so I guess that won’t be a problem to find). I just love the combination of surprise, disbelief and excitement in peoples face in that situation (I gave away a ticket to the L’Olympia show in Paris to a really nice guy and it was such a joy to see the expression on his face when he finally realised that I wasn’t kidding). I’m looking forward to it and as it’s not reselling I break no rules….just pleasing someone (and myself)…

    Now I’m getting even more excited!

    Hope everyone in Manchester have a great time and I’m looking forward to see the setlist as I have a feeling it will include a surprise tonight….

    Best regards


    [That’s really nice of you, mate. Bless you. – Features Editor]

  16. FEd – while you can –

    take a breath. take a deep breath now.


    [I’m back in training, don’t you worry. – Features Editor]

  17. The setlist for tonight’s show (and let’s see who’s paying attention when they get back from the gig, eh?) is as follows:

    First half: Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wearing The Inside Out, Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Find The Cost Of Freedom (with Crosby and Nash), Comfortably Numb.

  18. Hi

    I am so excited about seeing David Gilmour in concert at the royal albert hall on monday.It should be amazing.

    I am also looking forward to the later with Jools Hollanfd show tonight.

    This is supposed to be an amazing show.

    For anyone going to the manchester show, enjoy and please post reviews and the setlist if you don’t mind.

    Thank you in advance for doing this.

  19. Just arrived in Glasgow for Sats gig and all safe and sound if you know what i mean. Sussed out Clyde Auditorium and looks great as does set list for tonight. Cant wait cant wait !!!!

    Ian Pearson

  20. At long last the Glasgow concert has arrived….well, in a day’s time anyway. It’s been a long wait, as David travelled through Europe then America. All we UK fans could do was read the reviews and look at the pictures (which I’ve totally enjoyed), it just seemed like May the 27th would never arrive. But… after 6 long months, it’s finally here (fanfare).

    In a way I’m kind of glad that we’ve had ‘The big wait’. I now enjoy listening to ‘OAI’ even more than I did on its initial release (which is saying something as I thought it was great back then). All the songs on ‘OAI’ now seem like old friends. They’ve all gained that little extra respect I give to music I repeatedly enjoy listening to over a long period of time.

    I hope David and the band really enjoy their flying visit to Scotland. I know I’m going to enjoy (understatement) listening to them perform ’OAI’.

  21. Fedmeister

    Night 21 eh! I remember way back when debating with you whether “Night 10” should be written as “Night Ten”…

    Doesn’t time fly… and month seven is not far away! What did we do before all this…

    [I don’t remember. There was something before this? Are you sure? – Features Editor]

  22. Did you go to the show Fed? I know you like Coming Back To Life. Hope you were there to enjoy it. If not, have fun at the gig you’re going to. Seriously, you deserve it…

    Not trying to get brownie points-
    -Chris McKay

    [Thank you very much, Chris. I wasn’t in Manchester tonight. I’ll get my fix next week. – Features Editor]

  23. Caption: During rehearsal, instead of playing Castellorizon, Phil quickly turns around and starts playing Castellano (Que Bueno Baila Usted) from his 801 Latino album. OLE’!!!

  24. Hi FEd & friends,

    Looks like the same set-list as the Kodak Theatre and, with the exception of Crosby & Nash, the same as April 17 at the Paramount. Just fantastic! I really do think that changing up the order, putting Breathe/Time/Breathe(reprise) in front of the ‘On An Island’ set, was a great idea. It gave you a little taste of the dreamy/rockin’ Pink Floyd, segued into the new album beautifully, and got you perfectly primed for more classics!! David always refers to them as ‘a blast from the past,’ some call them oldies, but I like to think of them as classics that will always be relevant and interesting to listen to. ‘On An Island’ is a classic in the making!

    Simon, are you and your lovely wife still floating in the clouds? What a great first concert to attend! Many more to come, I’ll bet!

    My best to all of you out there — am anxiously awaiting the reviews from you all.

    Washington State

  25. Crosby and Nash, again. Very nice. Their voices really added to the two NYC shows I attended.

  26. Mr Leno,

    I advise you to watch David Gilmour on Jools Holland’s show tonight if you want to learn how to treat a legend on your show in the future.

    Enjoy the UK gigs everyone I saw David in Amsterdam and it was amazing.

    [Indeed. Did I say the other day that there were two songs performed for Jools? There’s a third to come, so keep watching because it’s going to be a good ‘un. Must get that abacus out… – Features Editor]

  27. Ian

    Glad to hear you made it in one piece and enjoy tomorrow night… looking forward to your report on the concert… 🙂

  28. Two great songs on Jools Holland tonight. I’m curious about the third. I hope it’s ‘The Blue’ or another from OAI. Did you see David grooving to The Streets and also David Crosby clapping out of time? Hurry up and finish your song Elvis.

    [Interestingly, David has always spoken very highly of Mike Skinner. – Features Editor]

  29. Great watching Jools tonight, for years now it’s been the best music programme on tv. Where else could you see two 60 year olds in David & Paul Simon sharing the stage with new boys like The Streets?

    Can’t wait for next week to see the real thing in person.


  30. Fellow Bloggists

    You can now vote for who was the best on the Jools Holland show…

    As of now DG has 70% of the votes….:-)

    Waddya mean I didn’t see it here in Canada?!?

    [Get voting, guys. Wait for the last song if you’re in any doubt. – Features Editor]

  31. Thanks for changing the name in my last posts from Jay to JJ, Ed. I appreciate that.

    There’s not much time left for David to do another song, so it must be a short one. What could it be? I didn’t look at the fansite that gave the songs away earlier. I’m glad you don’t do that here, Ed. Some of us like a surprise.

    [No problem, mate. – Features Editor]

  32. Jolly Good Show with Jools.

    Sleep well.

    Have a great show in Glasgow.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands, almost in London Town 😉

    Arnold Layne…. awesome… well done Rick!

  33. Just got back from Bridgewater……WOW. Took my 10 year old daughter with me and we had a fantastic time. The crowd was brilliant and obviously thoroughly enjoyed the concert(quiet and noisy at all the right moments). On An Island, on CD is almost pitiful compared to the live performance, it really was sooo good. And yes, the Take A Breath, does take your breath. Fat Old Sun, oh my GOD, what a versiom and Echoes was phenominal. The theatre is small but fantastic inside. Arnold Layne was ‘Dink Dank Doo’. My reviews are clearly not for the technically minded but to sum up better than the Royal Festival Hall(I only went when Bob appeared) and I wish I was now going to London. And yes a few little guffs, but who gives a damn, this was legendary!!!!!

    PS. David usually says at the end of shows something on the lines of ‘hope to see you soon’ etc. He didn’t. Is this the last?

  34. Arnold Layne! I should have guessed. David always gives fair credit to others, if it’s letting Rick take the mike or letting Crosby and Nash do one of their songs on his tour. Not many would do that. They’d want all the glory for themself.

    [Well said. – Features Editor]

  35. Good luck David and Band, Rudders is right what the hell did we do before OAI. This album has made the classic Floyd tunes as Gabrielle rightfully decribes them feel new again. Fed and the rest of our British and European friends, have a blast this is truly an unforgetable show.

    Look forward to the reviews and be safe everyone.


  36. Well at about 2:30 p.m. here in California, I was on my way to pick up my daughter at school. I figured the concert was well under way over there. I popped in OAI and just had a relaxing drive. During the solo on OAI, my mind started wandering to the concerts (Oakland & LA) and the Leno show, and meeting bloggers and Guy and just the whole experience of this blog. We are all connected through this man’s music. What an AWESOME force!!

    Thanks again to all who makes this what this is.

    Looking forward to hear all about tonight’s show.


  37. Erin

    Now that is the correct use of the word “awesome” …… 🙂

    [Yes, we’ll take that. – Features Editor]

  38. well im home what a night ive seen floyd 3 times but let me tell you that was the best better than any others ive seen the venue was brill the crowd where excellant the highlight had to be Echoes, one Question why does Nash where no shoes and socks odd dont you think , the wife loved it anyway

    im knackered off to bed more tomorrow Arnold lane also brill , it was just amazing the lot , the seats we had where excellant we where dead centre in line with Gilmour on eye level you could see into his eyes the seats where that good

    Roger beat that ,i think not you had better get your coat

    [Good to hear that you both enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  39. Really enjoyed the Jools show – and great to hear Arnold Layne at the end….almost made up for not actually being there as was originally planned. Amazing to think that the two youngsters, David and Paul Simon first met back in 1964!!

    Ali, mate, hope you enjoyed the show tonight, catch you later no doubt!

    Right off to watch the rest of Live At Pompeii – God I so want to be in that band!!

    Night F’Ed 😉

  40. Rudders,

    I think the debate should be between 21 roofs and twenty one rooves. And what would one do with all of them?

  41. Back from the Bridgewater after witnessing tonights amazing concert.

    What a top night. It was everything I hoped it would be but the light show blew me away. Its a long long time since I’ve seen lighting so sympathetic to the music.

    High Hopes was amazing and is one of my all time favourite Pink Floyd songs.

    But Echoes was simply as stunning a performance of a piece of music as I have ever seen. The lights, sound, performance and lasers meshed to make it a hypnotic experience.

    Can’t wait to see the show again in London on Monday. It won’t be better than that though. Surely?

    The night began great when I arrived at the hall and dropped my mum, who is 80 and a candidate for the oldest David Gilmour fan on the tour so far, off at the stage door so she didn’t have far to walk to the entrance. Who was standing right at the side of the car as I pulled in but Graham Nash.

    I grabbed a pen and got him to sign my ticket. A great guy who was so friendly warm. His wife asked my mum if she had brought her ear plugs. To which she replied no but I’ve got some cotton wool. She said that was going to be a good thing tonight. I guess they had just been soundchecking.

    Graham and his lady walked off into Manchester like the local boy he is returning home.

    As he left he patted mum on the shoulder and said “Take care kid”. She was stunned!!.

    Thanks Graham for being a really nice guy and for helping make my mums night.

    Thank you David and all the band for giving another amazing performance.

    Dave Metcalfe

  42. (Don’t forget to plug David’s appearance on Later with Jools on BBC2 tomorrow night @ 23:35.)

    [You’ll have to wait and see. Jools could really boogie-woogie his way through ‘This Heaven’, couldn’t he? He doesn’t, though. Two songs were performed and that wasn’t one of them. – Features Editor]

    FEd you’re playing tricks again…. TWO songs ???

    Back to school for you, me thinks…

    Later with Jools has just racked up my anticipation for RAH on Monday night a couple more notches…

    Take a Breath – Really rocked.

    Interesting revelations from Paul Simon..

    On An Island – accompanied by David Nash on Air Guitar and occasional belly bashing, Graham Nash on Air Drums and pogo dancing…

    Arnold Layne – to close the show, WOW. Great to see Rick take on lead vocals and see Phil with very fetching psychedelic cuffs on his shirt.

    Some lucky people from Bridgewater Hall may have even been lucky enough for an instant replay.

    Simon I trust your wife had an ecstatic baptism to our hero tonight, I’ll see you on Monday morning, 11 o’clock’ish for our little jaunt to the “Smoke”…

    The Queens Arms looks like it will be shifting some ale early next week, see you there folks,
    what’s all this about the 1st round being on Guy


    [No tricks, I was just being dense. My apologies. – Features Editor]

  43. The Later With Jools Holland was wonderful! Arnold Layne?! Who would av guessed?! Its a shame Jools didnt speak to David tho, but you can’t have everything! The bit where Crosby was trying to clap along to The Streets was hilarious, cracked me right up! Also, the moments where you could see Crosby and Nash looking in awe at David’s amazing solos in On An Island, TV magic.

    I really cannot wait any longer for Wednesday night at the RAH!

    (on a footballing note, any predictions for Soccer Aid tomorow? Should be tight. England played better mid-week, but ROW has Maradona, Dunga and Zola!)

    [I’m afraid I haven’t seen any of it on account of having a Robbie Williams allergy. His voice brings me out in a nasty rage, so I try to keep my distance. As Diego was once the best player to ever grace a football pitch in my humble opinion, I’ll go with Maradona’s team to win and lots of money to be raised for UNICEF. – Features Editor]

  44. I’ve spent all day listening to a playlist that duplicates the April 17th show I was fortunate enough to see at the Paramount. With each song I’ve gown more whistful, wishing I was spending the next week in the UK.

    And then David plays almost exactly the same set tonight in Manchester. He must have been channeling my vibe from 8000 miles away (and Erin’s as well.)

    Since i’ve been listening to nothing but Gilmour’s music, I’ve had all day to consider what makes it so special. My two favorite guitarists are Gilmour and Clapton. Both excel at putting huge amounts of feeling and emotion into their playing. But David, especially when playing alongside Rick, makes music that is transcendental. As the great Miles Davis once said, “It’s the notes you don’t play..”

    So to all of our European friends – get ready to have the experience of a lifetime.

  45. Hey FEd

    I echo Erin’s and Rudders’ sentiments: It is quite awesome! 🙂

    As I was mowing the lawn this afternoon, it was showtime in Manchester. With headphones on and Sony Discman stuffed in the back of my jeans, I listened to “About Face.”

    FEd, I noticed that you’ve said that you get to get your DG Live fix next week. As you have said to so many of us so many times before: Have a good time. I hope you enjoy the show. May you be free from the occassion that requires the wielding of a pointy stick!

    [Thank you, Kevin. I’m going to be leaving my pointy stick behind, so I really do hope that people will also leave their cameras and mobile phones at home, in their hotels or in their bags. As the concerts are being filmed, a load of dancing white lights will really spoil the occasion. – Features Editor]

  46. David Gilmour and Co on Jools were fantastic, looks like they all had a great time. Great little titbit from Paul Simon, re the jamming session he had with David away back in 1964 – imagine Simon and Gilmour……

    It was a shame that David wasn’t interviewed by Jools, but then again who was watching to hear David speak… The guitar playing and lyrics said it all!!!

  47. Just watched Jools Hollamd on BBC2 . David and friends were formidable. Crosby and Nash were totally awesome (and are coming back nest week according to Mr Jools who got two oncamera commits). Gotta say Rick Wright (Mr PF Understated)was great. I love Wet Dream. Drop in from the top, man, anytime.

    Really looking forward to the Clyde Auditorium tomorrow night, I will be in the bar at the Glasgow Grosvenor Hilton, looking out of fashion in a black t-shirt (because white is now what David now correctly wears, right?) drinking Guinness (because I am Irish and I have yet to discover a better brew). So if you approach me and say “Didn’t he do well” I may buy you a pint of Scottish Heavy. Thank you and good night

  48. Well was it worth the wait – you betcha 🙂

    As for the set list – sonic perfection personified! The solos on Fat Old Sun, Echoes and Comfortably Numb redefined the term ‘blistering’. The complete OAI reminded us lucky folk what a modern-day classic it’s already become.

    Bumped into a terribly decent Guy beforehand sneaking a crafty ciggie – what a pleasure to talk to, a genuinely lovely fella.

    For all of you going to the upcoming dates, no matter how high your expectations – prepare to have them surpassed with ease 🙂

  49. Hi, Just completed my 260 mile round trip to the Bridgewater Hall to see an absolutely fantastic show tonight.

    Is DG the coolest Rocker in the world or what! He just looks so laid back, wears the obligatory T-shirt and Jeans and does the business.

    I’m not one for exaggerating, but this blew me away. I’m still buzzing I’ll struggle to sleep, and I was on n/s yesterday! I won’t bleat on but I loved ‘Fat Old Sun.’ This time it had the guitar solo in it and he really nailed it – I couldn’t stop grinning. Echoes was fab, and ‘Take a Breath’ is awesome. Have to mention the band who were also brilliant – even the bloke with no shoes and socks and the guy with the hat, sorry I mean messrs Crosby and Nash.

    What a superb venue too, bags of character, and the seats we had in the circle were dead centre with Mr G. I agree with the guy further up the page, the light show was like nothing I’ve seen before. Closest I’ve seen is the Aussie Pink Floyd but this was something else. Anyone going to the Royal Albert, you will have a Ball.

    Just want to say to finish, I loved David’s final words when leaving the stage after a rapturous ovation; ‘Thankyou and goodnight… whoever you are’. Priceless! At least I think that’s what he said!

    Hope we see some more of you David,

    An absolute living legend, thanks again,

  50. I loved Dave Metcalfe’s story about him and his mum going to the show. Reminds me of my Grama, she was one cool rock’n’roll old lady too! Hope she had a great time and it was not too loud for her.

  51. [Indeed. Did I say the other day that there were two songs performed for Jools? There’s a third to come, so keep watching because it’s going to be a good ‘un. Must get that abacus out… – Features Editor]

    Are these going to ‘officially’ appear online anywhere? i’d love to see them.

    [I like to think so, and I do make frequent suggestions for additions to the site, but most of my ideas are ignored for various reasons. One of these days we’ll have a blog for things the fans would like to see (without nagging or being too demanding, of course). I’d bet that most of your suggestions are already on my list. – Features Editor]

  52. So it’s been 52 days since I saw the April 5th show at Radio City…it’s still fresh in my mind. I still love reading about all of the other shows and how everyone has enjoyed them.

    I am also very proud because my two boys (4-1/2 and 3) are now asking mommy and me to play either Pink Floyd or David Gilmour instead of the Wiggles…Oh, what a feeling 🙂

    They are even asking to watch the Royal Festival Hall DVD on a regular basis (over Thomas no less!) – AND, they keep asking me when I will take them to the next concert…Is there any truth to the “hint” from the NY radio 104 interview that David said there might be another “end of summer tour” to be added??? My boys may be young, but I’m happy to report that their musical tastes have really changed for the better! I think it would be pretty neat to try to talk my wife into letting me take them…

    Fed: I can’t believe you’re still going strong after all these months…you should be knighted!!!

    [You’re too kind. I haven’t heard that rumour, but I do hope that your boys will get the chance to see David perform one day. – Features Editor]

  53. Blast it….the Lear jet won’t start and it has a flat tyre again. So I regrettably won’t be at the RAH gig ….but those of you who know me over there in the UK, have a beer or two for me in t’ut pub and raise a glass and say…”Bob this ones for you!”

    All the best to you DG and the phonomenal sucess of your latest album. It’s fantastic, and such a breath of fresh air in a world filled with production line pop music.

    Bob Mitchell in Victoria, BC, Canada.

  54. Features ED,

    Many thanks for posting the set-list; it’s interesting to know exactly what he played, for those that could not go.

    I hope he does the same in London – I will be ecstatic if he plays Echoes – have not seen him do that since 1975 at Knebworth!


  55. its saturday morning 9am,and i cannie wait for tonights gig in glasgow.hope we get crosbie and nash too.

  56. May 26th. Manchester. !!!! To those going to the RAH – you are not going to believe it. Take a deep, deep breath. I’ll leave the set-list to others. What a cracking night. C & N turned up as hoped for, and they too are amazing. Many, many thanks to David and all band members for an unforgetable evening. Superb. Superlatives abound.

  57. The Jools Holland show was great!

    Great artists, although I did not like the streets that much actually. Can’t see what the fuss is about. Paul Simon was briliant, great new album he has indeed!

    But the high points (for me) was surely On an island (wonderful soloing David) and Arnold Layne (Rick, you ROCKED man!)!

    All in all, I enjoyed the show immensely, thank you David and BAND!



  58. fantastic gig in manchester!!! Arnold Layne and Graham Nash AND the wonderfully laid back David Crosby. Great night, Thankyou.

  59. Great set on ‘Jool’s and I thought The Streets were fantastic too, no wonder David’s an admirer. Picking up an earlier point, it was interesting to see David allowing Phil to have a (excellent) stab at some of his solos. I was at the Mermaid gig and it’s fascinating, seeing how the band has developed in such a short space of time.

    Welcome to Scotland ya all- hope everybody who’s there tonight has brilliant time 🙂

  60. What an amazing show in Manchester last night (thanks FEd and the team for arranging the advance tickets, the seats were perfect).

    For all those who missed it (and those yet to see it) we got to see some DSoTM, some special guests (nice to have C&N here, but the backing singers on the last tour were a lot better looking…lol), a great live version of OAI, One of the better versions of Shine On (with backing vocals again – did anyone else notice Graham Nash playing air guitar throuought all Davids solos!!),a wonderful two sax solo from Dick, Rick singing (excellently too), FAT OLD SUN!!! (and I’ll say that again as its my favourite Floyd song – FAT OLD SUN!!! – the playing of which actually brought me to tears but I made it look like I was wiping sweat from my brow in a manly fashion so I don’t think anyone noticed me drying my eyes!!!),

    A strange sort of fellow made an appearance (and what an appearance), best song of the night so far!! then we had more blistering guitar work from David, a man playing a bloody great bell with a hammer (how he didn’t drop the hammer when he changed over to the sticks amazed me – he didn’t miss a beat, excellent drummer – good choice David!) then a mighty version of Echoes with the amazing bouncing (and Cheshire cat grinning) bassist! – Guy looked like the luckiest man alive having the best time in the world all the way through the show – and the light show (you have to be there to get the full effect!!).

    A quick singalong to WYWH for the encore then CG&N with some close harmony vocals leaving us all Comfortably Numb (and shivvers up the spine during the second solo – does anyone else only get this when the second solo kicks in??) – and then a big bow and time to go home!!!

    What a fantastic night – thanks to the band (not yet mentioned the also grinning Phil and the studiously cool and efficient John) and a big thanks (but not mentioned by David, strangely) to the lights and sounds guys for getting everything just right. Well thats me signing off and I’ll now go into hibernation untill Davids next album and shows in Manchester!! Ta Ta then.


  61. No pointy sticks required at the Manchester show. A very reserved audience. One song finished and there was a second or two’s silence before applause.

    Echoes a gorgeously unreal highlight with spectacular strobe & laser effects.

  62. Hi everyone!!

    Arrived safely in London!! Plane had weird wings, but flew anyway. Trip was a drag. Taxi driver was nice but I may have undertipped him.. he didn’t look too happy after I payed him.. (but then my Lonely Planet Guide said to round if off to the next pound, so I turned 12.20 into 13 pounds.. was that too little?? FEd? Anyone? )

    Hotel is okay. I was in just in time to see the last song performed on Jools, what a nice way to be welcomed into the city!! Was that last wave for us bloggers, Guy? :-p

    I am in the Comfort Inn Kensington, so in case any other bloggers are there: I am the carrot top Dutchy having late breakfasts and sitting in the bar with her laptop! 🙂

    Weather today: clouded but not too cold.

    I am off to Portobello Road! And I will stop by the Notting Hill bookstore to pick up my copy of Polly’s book. Finally!!!!


    Big hugs, Bianca

    [He probably hoped for £15, but you shouldn’t have to tip people. I hate the culture of being obliged to give tips. People in offices and factories don’t get tipped, do they? They usually get less in their pay packets as well. Anyway, have a good stay in London, Bianca. – Features Editor]

  63. Echoes! WOWWWW!!!!! Someone nail that bass players feet to the floor – all that bouncing around – made me dizzy!! Thanks to Guy – signed my programme – and got one or two others on it too – DG, Rick, Phil, Jon, Dick, Steve and Mr Crosby – how cool is that!!!! Offers over a billion pounds – cash only!! No way – thats going nowhere other than somewhere very safe to be taken out every now and again to remind me what a fantastic night I had

    Thanks to the band and lets not forget the people behind the scenes – without them theres no sound – which is ok if youre at a take that concert – and theres no lights – ok if its an open air concert in the daytime- but it was neither so thanks to them all – great job everyone.

  64. If the world would have ended after last night’s performance I wouldn’t have cared. It was the best night of my little life and when crosby and nash strolled on it was the icing on the cake. I sat in absolute awe though the set and the lights and the ‘oh my gosh he’s 10 feet away from me playing comfortably numb’ when he played arnold layne everyone went crazy and were singing and the band looked as though they were having a marvellous time. My only criticm is that it ended although it was a decent lengthed set, I am stil on a high and will be for some time.

    Gilmour I love you!

  65. “tick, tock, tick, tock, time goes by, so slowly”

    Like everyone else I’m counting the hours till monday evening.

    I’m really looking forward to see DG, RW, JC, SdS, GP (I’m sure you “will do well”), PM, DP and hopefully a load of special guests (Sam Brown, C&N???) perform in the Royal Albert Hall.

    Being a musician myself I feel it is very special to be in the Royal Albert Hall (not to mention playing in the RAH, can only dream of that…).

    Seeing and hearing one of my favourite musicians perform live on stage in such a wonderful location… WAW!

    It looks like a lot of frequent visitors of this site will be attending the concerts in RAH.

    Great, I look forward to see you all.

    Also in the audience (or maybe backstage?): our beloved FEd. I would suggest we all give a giant loud cheer just to acknowledge how thankful we are to him/her (and everyone else at providing us with such a great way to communicate and debate on the music of mr. David Gilmour.

    Shine on!

    [There’s no need for that, mate. We know. You’re a good bunch and it’s a pleasure to be able to do this for you. – Features Editor]

  66. Hi all,

    Later With Jools was great last night – David shone, and what was really nice was the look on the faces of all the other musicians in the studio. I particularly liked the way Graham Nash gets into the groove, and there was a nice shot of Graham and Steve exchanging glances during David’s solo on OAI.

    Have to admit that having read reports here of Mr Crosby being a bit more staid didn’t hold true of the recording, because he stood there nodding with apparently genuine appreciation for David’s guitar work.

    Hope Manchester was great last night looking forward to hearing all about it. For myself, I heard Dub Side of the Moon last night for the first time – ordinarily I can’t really handle those variations (blasphemy!) but I really enjoyed it – for me it remains faithful to DSOTM, which is rare.

    Anyhow, roll on Monday and happy weekend all!


  67. David on Belgian TV.

    Those of you able to receive “La Deux”, the second channel of the french speaking Belgian TV, will probably wish to tune in at 18:20 to 18:55 today. Programme is called ‘D6bels’ (decibels). I have no further details, it just says ‘David Gilmour’.

    Best regards to all,

  68. i went to the bridgewater hall in manchester last night and i tell you what it was the best night of me life been waiting twenty years for this and it was worth the wait the lights sound and quality of the show was the dogs bollocks dave gilmore and the band were brilliant blown me away the heart beat on breathe o my god pissed me pants if your going on monday you will enjoy yourself but if your to ill to go i will go for you hahahah jay(pigs)

  69. Just logged in today and thought I would leave a short memory with you from last nights unbelievable concert in Manchester.

    I feel so privileged to have witnessed the great man in action. We managed to purchase (costly but worth every penny) tickets from ebay and I am so glad we did.

    There were many highlights to the evening, Take a Breath was so powerful it nearly took our heads off!!

    However, Shine on You Crazy Diamond and Echoes were just outstanding, the band were awesome and Dave is just a class above any musician I have ever had the pleasure of watching…and what a voice!!!

    A few years ago I had the pleasure of watching Roger Waters at the MEN Arena and I remember when he performed Comfortably Numb that although it was outstanding something was missing and of course the missing piece is Dave, this was proved last night as I was nearly brought to tears with my all time favourite piece of music….no one can replace his voice and his craftmanship on guitar – he is a true genius and I love all of his work!!!

    Thank you Dave for an outstanding evening, the most enjoyable experience I have ever had at a concert.

  70. I’ve seen Floyd play 9 times before, going back to ’67 at Liverpool Stadium where I first got hooked. Earls Court in ’94 had always been my all time favorite concert – until last night at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.

    There are not enough superlatives in the english language to describe it fully. I paid £256 for 2 tickets on ebay, and it was worth every penny. God, I so hope they are going to bring out a dvd of this tour because Echoes has to be one of the most incredible stage performances ever, with the lighting designers and crew taking half the credit. It was quite simply stunning. The lighting throughout was groundbreaking, and completely sympathetic to the music.

    It was such a treat to hear Arnold Layne too. I never thought I’d hear that played live again. And lovely to see Graham Nash and David Crosby up there on stage too. All in all Dave played for nearly 3 hours – 7.40 to 10.50 with a 20 minute break. The first half was Breathe followed by all of On an Island and then Floyd stuff after the break.

    One of the things that made this concert special was the auditorium. I never thought I’d see half of Floyd play again in such an intimate environment now that vast arenas are the norm. I used to be a sound engineer, and get really annoyed at crap mixes and faulty speakers. No such problems here of course – the sound quality was outstanding.

    If you have tickets for this tour then you’re in for a real treat. If not let’s all pray together for a dvd that takes a lot less that the 12 years Pulse has so far taken.

    Dave, you are an absolute genius!

  71. I was lucky enough to go to see David last night at the Bridgewater Hall, i can honestly say it was one of the best nights of my life!

    David was on top form (as usual), his performances of echoes, high hopes and wearing the inside out were just staggering!

    I’m in awe of you all going to the RAH show… Your all in for a fantastic evening!

    Shine on!


  72. Watched the show last night and was lucky enough to snag front row seats. It was a truly phenomenal performance, very honest, very raw and totally enthralling. The band really seemed to be having a lot of fun and the closeness of a smaller venue with great acoustics did wonders.

    For me, the highlight was Echoes all the way through and the new outro to High Hopes which was beautiful. Props to Rick on Wearing the Inside Out which was simply beautiful. I hope everyone else who was there enjoed the show as much as I did.

  73. Fantastic Manchester concert at a great venue

    Thanks DG it’s something I’ll never forget

  74. no Wot’s uh the deal ?? I hope the song will be add for the last concerts !!

  75. awesome night in manchester got some great pictures of the band you will defo enjoy this fella dave and his band of superbly talented kick ass musicians playin tunes that are 30 to 40 years old plus his new stuff which if you have the album on an island listen listen listen cant wait to c him again and again

    FAT OLD SUN was the highlight for me personally as how can you hide a track like that on a superbly laid out trippy album which has someone havin cornflakes typical floyd echoes spine tingling and i sang my heart out to the wonderful wish you were here

    av been listening to floyd waters and gilmour for about 22 years saw them on the oclock c typical floyd outstanding concert saw waters 2 yrs ago birmingham nec i will never stop listening to these guys

    keep blowin them tunes out guys we will meet again dont no where dont no when but we will meet again

    to all you lucky people who are going to c him in the royal albert hall you are in for a total mind blowin evening of old and new mega concert enjoy keep up the great work you guys do for charity and in the music world we couldnt live without your music could not imagine life without meddle wish you were here dsotm etc keep bendin those e string to the point of no return

    thanx again for another memorable evening i and my friends will never forget


  76. Hope you’re ok Fedmeister…

    You don’t normally leave us unattended this long… you never know what mischief we’ll get up to! 🙂

    [Bless you. I knew you’d all be fine without me for the day. Besides, Saturday is my chance for a bit of mischief. – Features Editor]

  77. Great performance on ‘Later with Jools Hooland’. All three of the songs were great and I was surprised to here Arnold Layne (never heard it before).

  78. Where will I be able to purchase a clear 7″ vynil on June 5th?

    [Your local record shop? – Features Editor]

  79. On wedsnesday my husband and I were lucky to buy two tickets for Munich for the first row, but unfortunately not side by side, but about 50 seats apart. All other tickets for the best rows were already selled (five minutes after enabling)!!

    A few days later I came to know why: via Ebay there were lots of tickets offered, which are located in the best rows. I really got upset about those people, who just buy every good ticket they could get to sell it high priced at Ebay. And I´m sure, that I´m not the only one with such an experience while buying concert-tickets.

    I´m feel like writing mails to all those ebay-sellers to let them know, what we (the real fans) think of them, but I don´t expect, that anything helps to make them change…

    [It would be like water off a duck’s back to these greedy people, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  80. Bloody hell! Can’t believe that I managed to get a ticket for Monday at the RAH – off their site. Big up to David & his people for their anti-scalping stance. Just goes to show that money doesn’t always have to be the bottom line. You just have to do the right thing. Good luck to David & the band tonight in Manchester – just hope the tourbus has locking wheelnuts! (arf!arf!) Mind you, I can’t talk, I live in East London…

    Have a good one guys!

  81. Well what a show in Manchester!

    two very small gripes aside that was one of the best shows I have ever had the pleasure to see. The gripes…..DG’s vocals were a bit muddy at the start but the sound guys seemed to fix that quite quickly, and I thought DG’s guitar was mixed too much to the fore during Wearing The Inside Out and it dominated Rick’s voice. Other than that the view from second row centre was impeccible.

    The set has already been posted so I won’t repeat it, but highlights were the second half of Take a Breath ( the new Astronomie Dominie?), Fat Old Sun and of course Echoes, The jangly guitar re-entry was worth the admission price on its own.

    Anyone else think that when God gifted Graham Nash with a beautiful voice, he countered it by giving him absolutely no co ordination or rhythm? :0) He was like a drunk uncle at a wedding trying to dance.

  82. Saw David at the Paris Rex with little anticipation of what to expect. At that gig the new material first and the “classic” after the break worked brilliantly. A well constructed concert that I would consider truly Floydian in its execution (Echoes – I’d have bought a ticket just to see and hear that one track).

    Manchester and having read these blogs etc that anticipation was somehow slightly repalced with expectaion. I’d seen the inclusion of DSOTM material creep into the introduction during the US set lists and had to question why? It was delivered almost halfheartedly – was it an external influence that brought about that change I wonder?

    Anyway, the band soon comforted themselves with the new material and put on display the fine talent that was noisily overseen by the music and lighting mixer guys that sat just to my right. David, was that your wife taking photos amoungst these guys? and if so can you please publish them her results?

    For the second half I was too expectant of Echoes. So what if you had played Arnold Layne – I so wanted to hear Echoes in it’s entirety. The Division Bell just delayed the wait. And then you delivered. The lighting was at times questionable, there were sequences when things appeared synchronised but brief periods when you were in playing in the dark. A couple of token gesture Floyd favourites and you were gone.

    We concluded we had witnessed a musical genius, more at home with the new than with periods from the past. Thank you David and the rest of the chaps with you last night

    [You can see Polly’s pictures in the Gallery section of – Features Editor]

  83. Forgot that DG was on Later….. last night. Got back from work about 1130, thought should I go to bed or just see what’s on the box. So glad I did. Great to see David Crosby & Graham Nash there as well, kinda makes me hope they’ll be at the RAH on Tuesday???????

    Great to see Rick singing “Arnold Layne” as well!!

    Can’t wait till Tuesday

  84. [I’ll go with Maradona’s team to win and lots of money to be raised for UNICEF]

    Even though he is getting paid £100,000 for appearing? Strikes me this ‘soccer aid’ lark is not quite as charitable as it seems.

    [I thought charity was supposed to begin at home! – Features Editor]

  85. Hello all. Just to say my brother and i were blown away at manchester last night. This was the first for my brother, he could not beleve his luck listening to all the floyd numbers. we stayed in the jury hotel for the night, so my brother wanted to wait and try and catch a glimpse of dave leaving i told him that david would have left almost straight away but he was not having it but rick came out i must say i dont think he was feeling well we both hope he is ok

    just to finish, if you could pass on to dave i sent him a post card from hexham northumberland in 1994 showing a picture of the little theatre there i posted it to abbey road i wonder if he got it and did it have any influence on his decision to do small venues wishfullthinking on my behalf.

    Once again the BAND WERE JUST FANTASTIC that is really what i think and we knew who was pink.

    [David reads the blog, so perhaps he’ll remember your postcard, Damian. Glad that you both enjoyed the concert last night. – Features Editor]

  86. I am just back in Ireland after the most amazing experience in Manchester.

    It started at around 4.30 when 3 silver people carriers pulled up outside the Artists’ Entrance to Bridgewater Hall, and we saw everybody arrive, I was in the Hotel across the street and had a great view from the 4th floor, perfect to build a little excitement.

    After a few beers we headed over to take our seats in what must be one of the BEST venues I have ever been in (Made Amsterdam look like an old shack!). We were only 3 rows from the front and it was superb to observe all the last minute tweaking that was going on with the really complicated looking equipment (Makes my little fender amp and digitech effects box look like kinder suprise toys).

    It was nice to see a modified set list, and even nicer not to have to squint to see the band.

    Where does Guy get the energy from? He was hyper, but good as ever.

    Rick was superb, and when they broke into Arnold Layne, he came into his own. Thank you so much for including that song, what a bonus.

    David was the legend/god/icon that he always is, I could write pages on his performance last night, but we all know, David…… you rock!

    Dick Parry was marvellous, even down to the way he switched sax in ‘Shine On’.

    I am still dumstruck by the whole performance, and can only envy all those lucky people in Glasgow, London and the rest of Europe yet to enjoy this spectacular show.

    Afterwards, we went to chill out back at the hotel, and what should come on the TV, but Jools Holland, a well deserved bonus and a perfect finish to the night. (We noticed out of the window , a stream of people being let in to the back of the Hall…… errr, where was my invite? LOL)

    Thank you to everybody involved in the tour, thank you to this website (for getting me such BRILL tickets) and good luck with the rest of the tour.

    I do think it would have been nice to see a date in Ireland though (Slane Castle, could you imagine?)

    ps You all missed a super curry afterwards.

  87. JT,

    I’m coming with a friend of mine all the way from Israel to see the show. Unfortunately, only I have a ticket and he’s counting on his luck to get one at the show night.

    JT, If you’re willing to give away the ticket to a poor soul who’s also a friend of this blog reader, let me know.

  88. Hi All,

    Just got back from Manchester as I stayed over after the gig. Did I say ‘the gig’, sorry…it was ‘THE GIG’ ………………of my life.

    I’ve seen Floyd before but this was so much better. The smaller venues were a brilliant idea…I know less people got to see him, but for us few…us lucky few, we were treated to an exceptional concert that defies reviewing!!

    All I’ll say is that Fat Old Sun was perfect, Echoes was awesome and On an Island, which someone mentioned before, takes on a whole new level when heard live. I implore all fans to nag and badger for the DVD as it will show the concert and the light show in all it’s glory.

    My thanks to the following:

    – Abby, for putting up with my Gilmour mania and now being a convert herself.
    – F Ed and the back room boys for allowing me to buy tickets on the presale and not get e bayed!
    – David and the Band for a flawless performance.
    – Marc Brickman for an amazing light show.
    – All the fans who attended the gig last night for being so well behaved and friendly.
    – And finally whoever is in charge of this great big universe who put me and David Gilmour on this planet at the same time so I can appreciate his genius. Long may it continue!!!!

    That’s enough from me as I sit here with my On an Island Tee Shirt, my memories of last night still fresh in my mind and the biggest grin on my face which will take weeks to wear off!!!!

    For all those off to Glasgow and the RAH….enjoy!!!!

  89. Great hearing all the Manchester show details from the bloggers.

    I think everybody here needs to give David a big heartfelt thanks for putting “Echoes” on the setlist and keeping it in. Ed/Edwina, waaaay back when you asked what songs we’d like to hear never in my wildest dreams did I expect David would even consider playing a song as lengthy as “Echoes” so I didn’t bother listing it (though it was at the top of my “wanted” list). Surprise!

    Still can’t believe I heard and saw him perform it live. I’m sure a lot of other fans feel the same. Thanks, David; you’re damn good to us.


  90. WOW.

    Was it worth travelling 150 miles, getting stuck in traffic for an hour, bomming down the M1 and getting pulled by one of West Yorkshire constabluary’s finest (incurring a £60 fine and 3 lovely points on my licence) and therefore missing the entire first half of the show (grrrr!) for a seat in the very back row of the gallery?

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Echoes on its own was worth the price of admission. Arnold Layne was the icing on the cake.

    Mr Gilmour, I salute you. Please come back and do it all again soon, and if possible come to Newcastle so I can get the bus!


  91. Hi Fed, Took my 11 and 8 year old boys to Bridgewater Hall what can only be described as a once in a lifetime experience, I would love it if you could pass on our thanks – my lads have yet to take off their David Gilmour tee shirts.

    One little thing that perplexed me that you may be able to cast some light on – I read on the news on the website under the “latest News” posted on the 27 May with the title “No Empty Wallet Blues – An Intriguing Idea” an empty CD wallet and details of how to burn your own Smile CD single.

    At Glasgow and RAH they will be placedon seats but at Bridgewater Hall they were handed out? We were there from 5:30 to 11:59 (yep those boys went autograph hunting, without any luck, but the fun was in the hunt) and we never saw or heard about any empty CD wallets. Did we miss something? can you help us get them if we mised them? Thanks, Dave, Freddie & Gus.

    [I only heard about this when you did, Dave. It was an EMI promotion, so I’m afraid you’d be better off asking them about it (unless someone tells me otherwise…?). – Features Editor]

  92. Eyal,

    I guess taking the trip from Israel hoping to get a ticket should qualify for one of my extras. Which night are you going, the 29th or the 31st?

    Best regards


  93. Great concert reviews all. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to more. x

  94. Thanks JT!!!

    31st is the night i’m (we are..hopefully) going to.


    [You are more than welcome to use the blog to arrange a meeting time and place, but that’s all that I’m prepared to allow, I’m afraid. We’ve explained the rules and I’m not willing to bend those rules to facilitate any kind of ticket trade. I’d like to think that, if JT is kind enough to give away a ticket, then a donation to one of David’s favourite charities would be considered by your friend, Eyal… There are plenty of links if you click your name below and scroll towards the bottom of the page… – Features Editor]

  95. WOW, absoultely fantastic.

    First time ever I’ve seen David Gilmour, and to be honest I did think a while back that I would never get the chance to see him live, but then came that fateful day when I managed to get tickets for the Manchester show..and what a treat.

    Echoes has to be my all time fave from the Floyd and it was totally amazing live! Then add all the other songs off the setlist and I’m almost in 7th heaven.

    Great credit should go to the lighting designer because that was really THE best light show I have ever seen. I had read posts saying how good the light show was but nothing could live up to the real thing. In the first half I almost thought that the lighting was subdued, but it was building and building throughout the whole show and by the time Echoes was nearing its end the visuals were in meltdown, again brilliant, so in tune with the music.. magic.

    Please don’t leave it so long next time inbetween tours. I am hooked and need a regular Gilmour/Floyd live fix.

    We salute you.

  96. [I like to think so, and I do make frequent suggestions for additions to the site, but most of my ideas are ignored for various reasons. One of these days we’ll have a blog for things the fans would like to see (without nagging or being too demanding, of course). I’d bet that most of your suggestions are already on my list. – Features Editor]

    Don’t ge me wrong, this internet gizmo has provided a lifetime’s worth of goodies over the past few months. But I know David loves to play on Jool’s show, and I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic. i guess I shouldn’t be too greedy.

  97. Glasgow gig out of this world totally amazing it was worth getting ripped off from a ticket tout on e bay the best £100 ive ever spent.

  98. Eyal,

    We’ll do it this way. You come up with a place to meet, somewhere around RAH/the Hyde Park area. If you’ll stay at a hotel nearby I can drop in there and meet you. Best time for me to meet you will be a couple of hours before the show on the 31st. Make sure you can identify yourself so I can be sure I give the ticket to the right person. You’re time/place suggestion must be on the blog under this topic by 22:00 cet Sunday night as I leave for London early Monday morning.

    AND please do as our dear F.Ed says, tell your friend to make a donation to one of Mr. Gilmour’s charities (my favourites are Amnesty and Crises). I guess your friend had planned on spending some money on a ticket anyway so please make him give what he can.

    My last ticket (to the 29th) will be given away outside the RAH on Monday before the show……

    Thanks for your assistance F.Ed!

    Best regards


  99. I have been a Floyd fan for 33 years

    went to Earls Court in ’94 but Friday night has to have been the best night of my life!

    Bought tickets on ebay for £200 on the front row! The best £200 I have ever spent.

    Can’t believe that David was only 10 feet away.

    Echoes and Comfortably Numb -AWESOME!

    Thanks David you have made me a happy woman

  100. After waiting 13 years to see him live, i have to say that his show in manchester was absolutely amazing. Echoes alone was worth the entrance fee alone and coming back to life and high hopes were fantastic. So looking forward to wednesday night am sittng in row 5 of the arena – that close i should be able to see his sweat.

    Many thanks David (and band) for a great night

  101. poor ed. i feel sorry for you. first it was the tickets, now it’s an empty emi wallet that you have to sort out for people. they do say no rest for the wicked! david and the band were fab on jools holland’s show. i almost missed it but i’m so glad i didn’t. jools was full of praise for david, wasn’t he? it got a bit embarrassing after a while. just one complaint and that’s that there wasn’t much atmosphere from the audience. you could tell there were music industry people there, not real music fans. how can the bbc not get its licence sorted in time with all the people working there and all the licence payers’ money?

  102. Ejal and JT why don’t you come to the Queen’s Arms like the rest off us before the show? It is at 30 Queens Gate Mews.

    Hugs, Bianca

  103. JT,

    I suggest that we meet at the RAH. 18:00 seems ok to me. I’m not familiar with RAH so just by looking at their site, I say let’s meet near door #3.

    I’ll bring some kind of ID.

    If you prefer something else, just post and i’ll abide by that. I’m flying wed. and will be in london only at noon.

    Many, Many thanks!!

  104. My sister and I were at the Bridgewater Hall on Friday night. Absolutely fantastic show, didn’t want it to end. Echoes brought tears to my eyes!

    But whilst I admire David Gilmour for his music, having been a fan of his and Pink Floyd since I was a teenager, he really could do with learning a few more people skills. After an arduous 5 hour drive up the M5 and M6 from Wiltshire, we were checking in at our hotel which was right opposite the ‘artist’s entrance’ just as Wright, Crosby and Nash were arriving so we wandered over to take a look. Then David arrived.

    There were a handful of lads hanging around with old Pink Floyd LPs and whilst I can understand he only wanted to sign the new album he really could’ve been a bit less grumpy and given them a smile! After all, he may not have a thing to prove to anyone, but if it wasn’t for all those Pink Floyd LPs being sold, he really wouldn’t be where he is today so maybe showing his fans a little more respect would be nice.

    I think at the grand age of 51 I’m disappointed and disillusioned and finally realise that David Gilmour is human and not on the pedestal I put him on 35 years ago!!

    [Well, David is human and I’m sure that you, like everyone else, would get tired of crowds of people asking you for things all the time. It’s not grumpiness. David had to make the same journey up north and he has said many times that he feels uncomfortable giving autographs, so much so that he avoids crowds of fans wherever possible. He says it in today’s Telegraph! As much as I see your point and don’t wish to appear cold, this “respect” thing works both ways. If I knew that someone preferred not to be bothered, and if that person was giving off all the necessary “Please leave me alone!” signals, then I wouldn’t bother them. Surely we go to a concert to see the artists performing on stage. The other stuff smacks of the sickly celebrity-worship that David has always dismissed throughout his career. Also consider, if you will, how many old Pink Floyd LPs are sold for silly amounts of money to fans desperate to add to their collections. Sadly you can’t assume that all those who ask for an autograph are keen collectors of Floyd memorabilia with pure motives. Bearing in mind what should by now be our very clear contempt of fan exploitation, the only logical way to stop it is from the top: if not to refuse such requests entirely, then to limit them. I know that it’s another argument that can never be settled, but that’s our side of the story for you to consider, anyway. – Features Editor]

  105. Fine by me! Queen Arms it is – 18:00.

    JT – if you read this, post a comment before you head to london..

    If you don’t post – i’ll assume we meet at 18:00 at RAH.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

    And, As I said in a different comment – my friend agreed (of course!) for the charity deal!

  106. Hi Eyal,

    I’ll meet you at the RAH at 18:00 by door 3!

    By the sound of it it will be the best place to meet as there probably won’t be anyone else there since they are all at the Queens Arms!


    We might pop in and have a drink with the rest of you. I guess that will be the meeting place all 3 nights…

    See you all in London (only hours to go now!!!!!!!)



  107. What about the setlist?

    [It’s there, posted at 10:16 PM. – Features Editor]

  108. Awesome,just wonderful you dave..
    wanted you to play the fab..symphony hall on Birmingham..never mind..great stuff..and what a to see rick singing and playing with his great friend/songwriter again..please write together again..We need you..there is nothing like your kind around and never will be..

    Kind regards..Your next drummer..ha.Paul.

  109. Hi, it’s been a long time. Too much work and not enough time to sleep or post here. Also missed quite a few days of insanity at work where there simply was no time to scan the blog. I appologise for that !

    Meanwhile, I’ve just cast my vote for Later… and David is now at 60.2% with 1071 votes cast. And next week Jools has C&N on the show ? What a dream of a shows he has …


  110. Hi again Eyal,

    This is fun, us writting back and forth without having read the last post the other has written….. Will probably be confusing in the longrun I think!

    Well, here is my final post before I go to London. We’ll follow Bianca’s advice and join the gang for a drink or ten…….

    See you at the Queens Arms at 18:00 on Wednesday!

    Now I have to pack, get a couple of hours sleep and go to the airport……………………….This will be lovely!

    I wish everyone that is going to London a nice trip and I’ll see you there! Hope to see you to F.Ed and if so I will of course buy you a couple of drinks!


    Best from

  111. Oops, good thing I took a peek here..

    Got your message JT (In case you’ll read it sometime between the 29th and 31st).

    We’ll meet at the pub.

  112. Manchester Bridgewater Hall was indeed terrific.
    The first half unveilled qualities of the “On an Island” album that can’t be plucked from the hi-fi at home; though this is quite usual, it was far more than expected.

    But then, when it became clear during the intercourse test sounds, that “Echoes” was on the list for that night I was immediately put among the stars. I never had the opportunity to hear and see Echoes live, it was perfect (thank you very much indeed for such overwhelming moment Messrs. Gilmour and Wright).

    “Fat old sun” was not so surprising (I believe it is an obvious choice from the early PF catalogue signed by DG), but the Telecaster driven “Arnold Layne” recalling Syd Barret was meaningful and ammusing.

    Word to bass and drums (messrs Pratt and DiStanislao): the visible pleasure you play with is contagious.

    The funny thing to me was the quietness of the audience. Were the concert in Portugal (my country) and everyone would dance, jump and sing… and ask for much more!

    I regret that somehow I missed the empty wallets and sticker… maybe because I was one of the last to exit the room (very difficult thing to do).


  113. Hi from Brazil… i’m very sad to see many shows in the Europe and UK.. and nothing here in Brazil…Brazil have a lot of fans of David and Pink Floyd…SO, PLEASE, COME TO PERFORM IN BRAZIl..

    Good night and good show to everyone!!

  114. Dear FEd,

    I read some posts about the missing CD wallets at Manchester’s Bridgerwater Hall. I know it’s probably becoming the bain of your life at the moment but would appreciate any help you can offer in getting them for me and my sons.


    Again, thanks for any help you can give. David.

    [Certainly, David. As soon as the dust settles after the final London concert, we’ll get straight onto it. – Features Editor]

  115. Late posting on the Manchester show, but I must join in and show my appreciation.

    The day did not start well! I was on a training course near Reading and did not get away till about 1:30, should have been plenty of time, but bank Hol weekend and roadworks conspired against me. Got to my travel lodge hotel at 7:30 pm !! I just dropped the case in the rrom, ran out and grabbed a cab as I did not have a clue where Bridgewater hall was, I got into the hall just a “Breathe” started, could not believe it, I hadn’t missed a note!

    I stood at the back till a pause after “Breathe reprise” before taking my superb Row E seat (thanks to this web site) I had not read any of the earlier show reviews deliberately, so I was gobsmacked when C & N wandered on to the stage.

    The whole show was amazing, I had not seen Floyd live since Bath festival 1970 (Atom Heart Mother Live!) due to RAF service, over seas all the time, but got lucky with Live8. I saw RW in the Flesh 2002, an have caught the Aussies a few times, but this show just eclipsed them all (nice pun eh?), seriously the venue ,sund , lights all just did everything to maximise the experience of hearing and seeing top class musicians really enjoying doing what they do best.

    Highlights for me, Echoes, High Hopes, Take a breath, This Heaven, and of course, Comfortably Numb, the masterpiece that will be played as my wooden box slides behind the curtains when the game is finally up!!

    Thanks to david and everybody else involved in a great evening, I was still buzzing driving back home to Plymouth on the Saturday morning, with OAI on the stereo I didn’t even notice all the caravans heading west!

    Now when can I get the DVD: 🙂

    Big Al

  116. I would just like to say the gig at the bridge was maybe the best gig iv’e been to ..although i’m going to hyde park to see mr Waters so we’ll have to compare ..

    i am also jumping on this blue wallet wagon ..
    i think i seen mentioned on a diferent page on this site about getting intouch with proof of purchase of tickets ie: last four digits of credit card .. but what if you sat outside the bridgewater hall at daft o’clock in the morning cueing and paid in cash.?

    i have the stubb that came with the 3 tickets purchased with a box office acount number on it , so would this do .

    maybe i should phone the bridgewater hall and see what the script is and why they were’nt handed out (cos if they were i did’nt see anybody doing so)and what can be done to obtain these mysterious blue wallets ..

    Thanks to mr Gilmour and friends for a top show and a good choice of venue for Manchester.

    Jonesy (Manchester)

    [You’re quite right. Just let me know your seat numbers, your name and address and I’ll add you to my list. – Features Editor]

  117. Hey there, here’s the details for that cd walltet thingy from the manchester gig.

    I hope that this is enough info for you, if not let me know.


    Thanks very much.

    [That should do it. Thank you, Chantelle. – Features Editor]

  118. where do i send my details to .?? do i just post on here ??


    [Please. Name, address, seat numbers, a booking reference if you have one and the last four digits from the debit or credit card you used to book. – Features Editor]

  119. Hi.I hope its not to late for my chum and I to be sent a couple of wallets for Smile,please? We were both at M/C but sadly saw no-one on the door dishing them out.Thanks in anticipation.


    [No problem, Neil. I’ve got your details and we’ll make sure you get some. – Features Editor]

  120. hello there FE heres my details

    these tickets were bought at the same time



    [Thanks very much. I’ve got them on file. – Features Editor]

  121. It was a wonderful night for sure.

    I took a flight from Lisbon just to see Him playing. And it was worth it!

    A night in the life!


  122. Brilliant Concert. Missed getting CD Wallets. Who do I send my Details to?

    [If you simply post your name, address, booking reference number, seat number and the last four digits of the credit or debit card used to purchase your tickets, I will add you to the list. This has to be done by the end of the day. No more requests will be acknowledged after midnight tonight. Don’t worry, none of your details will be published on the blog. – Features Editor]

  123. hello FE thanks for the help with the wallets i recieved them in the post today ..

    thanks again

    jonesy (mcr)

    [Glad to hear that you got them. SNEd sent them out to everyone, so your thanks will be forwarded to him (possibly telepathically, I haven’t decided yet). – Features Editor]

  124. Dear FE,

    Just a quick note to thank you and the lovely One-Fifteen for sorting me out with the Smile tour CD wallets which arrived today.Your attention to detail and considerate treatment of DG’s fans is very much appreciated.Website of the year,for sure!


    [Glad we could help, Neil. – Features Editor]

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