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It seems that lots of you enjoyed the Stuff & Nonsense piece about David Crosby and Graham Nash (WHY CROSBY STILLS & NASH ARE STILL IMPORTANT, 30 April).

Thinking also of the songs many of you chose as ‘Tracks Of My Years’ (even if we didn’t all follow the rules), it would be interesting to know how many of you have been fortunate enough to see CSN in concert, with or without Neil Young.

Better still, why not share your snapshot memories of the gigs you attended during the Sixties and Seventies with us all? It would be a good education for these young whippersnappers who spent the last decade blowing on a whistle, so consider it community service.

Please keep your comments short and easy-to-read, and don’t feel obliged to write if you don’t have anything to say. We’ve no news for you today, so call us even. This is an interesting (to some, at least) stop-gap until tomorrow, when there will be some news. Honest.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, the above photograph was taken by Buzz Person at the Kodak Theater on 19 April.

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  1. In regards to the comment about not seeing CSN with or withour Neil Young, you are in luck if you are in the states, CSNY (Freedom of Speech Tour) are going on tour late summer/early fall. Just thought I would throw that out there to let some people know if it was not known.


  2. Growing up in the Grateful Dead family I got to see CSN&Y a lot. They really are great musician’s and great people. Hearing that they played with David is fantastic!

  3. My wife and I own and operate an event design company. A few years ago, a client of ours hired us to design and produce his 50th birthday party. He had us build a luxury tent village on his coastside property (5000 acres of land) including 5 star catering tents, oyter bars, valet service etc. He had about 300 people come spend the weekend with him. To keep this short(er). We built 2 concert stages, and we hired CSN as the main act. Mickey Hart’s band, Morris Day and the time and a few other bands were there too. It was a strange juxstaposition to see CSN play for such a small group of people in the middle of the outback.

  4. Glad to hear your doing better Fed. I’ll be thinking about you when I have my broccli beef for lunch.

    Ian, my heart goes out for you. With it being just one year since your wife’s passing, this must still be a very raw issue. Thanks for sharing with us. My prayers are with you.

    Fed, does it count if you saw a band FROM the 60’s and 70’s (rather then IN the 60’s and 70’s) . . .? No?! Ok, this “young whippersnapper” will just take it all in. It’s not my fault I was born 20 yrs too late. People say I have an old soul. Great subject, can’t wait to read what the Old Farts have to say (I mean that with all the love in my heart).


  5. I would like to know (a question for David) if he’s planning to release the extra material from “The division bell” with the Pink Floyd name, as it seems impossible that the Floyd (without Roger of course) release a new album.

    Thanks a lot and congratulations for the album, it’s stunnig and very close to the late floyd albums spirit!!

    [I don’t think David’s thinking about Pink Floyd at the moment, Xavier. – Features Editor]

  6. Never been overly keen on CSNY myself (sorry, don’t hate me) and have never seen them live, though a friend is a big fan.

    My induction to live rock gigs (rather than classical concerts which I attended with my father) was Hawkwind in 1972. If you know anything of Hawkwind circa 1972 then you will understand why it’s probably best I don’t go into great detail, and why it would be the wrong kind of education for your young whippersnappers!:)

    Ah, such memories ….

  7. Sniff, too young to have been there. Wish I was though and I look forward to envying you all who were there!!!

  8. Being one of the young whippersnappers I can proudly say that I’ve seen CSN an numerous occasions in the Netherlands. In my opinion there will never again be 3 voices that fit so perfectly well together…..

  9. Off-topic, but just to let you know:

    If you haven’t yet got a ticket to the London shows, it’s worth checking the RAH website regularly. I did so, and much to my surprise, yesterday morning the “Sorry, there are no available tickets…” message changed to a nice order form. Needless to say, shakingly, hurriedly, I ordered a ticket, and thankfully, my bank account was co-operative… Then when I checked back a couple of minutes later, it was the old “Sorry…”.

    Consider me lucky. See you on May 31st!

  10. Hi FEd,

    The year was ’65/’66, Hollywood Bowl, KRLA ‘mega show’, lots of bands on a rotating stage. If memory serves David Crosby was there with the Byrds, Stephen Stills & Neil Young there with Buffalo Springfield (no Graham Nash as I remember but I loved all of the Hollies songs “Bus Stop” etc.). Buffalo Springfield probably brings more raw emotion to the surface for me simply because I lived in So. Cal. during the time of the Sunset Strip riots (“For What It’s Worth”), Viet Nam ‘conflict’, Kent State (“Ohio”, “Find The Cost Of Freedom”), anti-war marches, etc. When will we ever learn, indeed!!

    Took my daughter and a friend to a CSN&Y concert at the Tacoma Dome February, late ’90s? — missed half of it since 3 of the 4 mtn. passes were closed due to avalanches & it took us 8 hours to get there!! We saw CS&N at the Gorge Ampitheater late Sept. 2001 (more sad times). Absolutely fantastic music each time (even though the Tacoma Dome acoustics totally suck!)

    I saw Neil Young, with Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in ’70/’71? Around “Harvest” time, I believe. That was a fantastic show and a little surreal — sitting in this ornate theater with the crystal chandeliers, Neil in his typical torn-up jeans, flannel shirt — but, man, did everyone feel right at home! How could you not?

    There’s my little bit of nostalgic trivia for the day.

    Best to David, Richard, Guy, Jon and their respective families!!

    Washington State

  11. In the mid/late 70s there was a rumour that a “big name” was playing a small club in Swansea (South Wales…. near England!)

    We sat in the club which probably accommodated about 200 people and waited….and waited… the doors burst open and the band walked through the audience to the stage…. Jon Hiseman, Gary Moore, John Mole and Don Airey… it was Colosseum II playing a warm up gig…

    [Surely not in Wales! That bit tacked on the west side of England? I can’t believe it. – Features Editor]

  12. Caption Competition

    Graham Nash caused some consternation amongst the band as he played an “air” lap steel guitar solo during On An Island…

  13. Hi all,

    I’ve been lucky enough to have seen CSN and CSNY a few times, most noteably at the Bill Graham Memorial Show in Golden Gate Park in 1991. We were there at 6am and were level with the soundboard – apparently there were 400k people there that day, so we were pretty close. CSNY and the Dead doing Wooden Ships blew my mind, but the whole day was just inexpressably good. All of Bill’s friends had come to honour his life in the best way they knew how – through music – and it was a day that I consider myself blessed and lucky to have experienced. Anyone will tell you – the energy there was unbelievable. The setlist included ‘Love The One You’re With’, ‘Long Time Gone’ and ‘Forever Young’ and they meant so much more in the context of the memorial. Everyone’s performances were 110% passion and all the hundreds of thousands of people just magnified it to the point that Bill himself would have felt it! 🙂 I remember the sun breaking through the fog and hitting the stage, and four hundred thousand people cheering as if it was some kind of acknowledgement. One of those moments.

    I’m 35 now, but I was 21 then, and for someone of my generation (from London) to have been able to experience those artists together in San Francisco…well, mindblowing doesn’t even begin to describe it. I also saw CSN play at a Ben and Jerry’s free show in Golden Gate park a few months earlier, along with Santana, Blues Traveller, Hot Tuna… and along with the Dead and Phish regularly in the area, well, let’s just say I’ve been really spoiled/lucky for someone who missed the entire generation.

    Hence why many of the tracks of my years are outside of my physical years, because my musical years (like dog years perhaps?!) make me a lot older.


    p.s. Buzz Person – you’ve just taken #1 spot on my coolest-names-ever list. My surname is Fine, so we could start a partnership called Fine Person 🙂

  14. I went to see Quo headlining a concert at Cardiff Castle 1976 with Hawkwind, The Strawbs, Budgie, Curved Air and compared by the legendary John Peel…

    The concert was excellent and something very strange happened to me as we all walked out of the castle grounds…

    Thousands of long haired, bell-bottom clad youths walked out to the noise of empty beer cans being kicked around when for no reason at all I put my arm up in the air and caught a can that was about to hit the guy walking next to me… I didn’t even see the can coming, caught it, threw it to the ground and carried on… the guy next to me had no idea that he was nearly assaulted by a can of Felinfoel Ale… spooky!

  15. This is exciting, I’d love to see photos of 60’s and 70’s concerts. It’s certainly interesting!

    Any chance of that photo in high-res?


    [Sure! Why not? When we get a few more, there’ll be a new Gallery added. – Features Editor]

  16. Never been to one yet, but I’ve noticed that all four are on tour this summer, and I’m seriously considering. My biggest problem is I really am dropping a lot of dough on tickets and travel for David’s tour, and there’s still Roger’s tour to consider. But I do hope my finances allow it, because they are all still in top form, and any concert performed by legends such as these are worth more than their ticket prices.

  17. Oh my! CSN in any incarnation have always been a fave of mine. I saw Crosby & Nash at the Mississippi River Festival in Illinois sometime back in the 70s. Saw (and was on-stage for) Neil Young back in 1973.

    So easy to get on stage in the 70s. All we did was walk up the steps and blend in. Security back then was almost non-existent, unlike today where you need special wristbands or whatever, to even get close to the stage. I like the 70s concerts better!


  18. I’ve been fortunate enough to see CSN twice in the UK – the last time was last year and they still sound absolutely magnificent. Close your eyes, listen to the harmonies and let yourself slip back 30 years…Getting carried away there, but of course hope to see C&N again later this month in London with a certain Mr Gilmour.

    By the way, getting a little anxious as ticket hasn’t arrived from the RAH yet – when are they going out?

    [Did you purchase them from the RAH box office? – Features Editor]

  19. My first live music experience pretty much ruined all subsequent concerts from that point on. But I’m not complaining.

    In 1975, as a budding 17 year-old guitarist, I ponied up the princely sum of $8.00Cdn so I could see Pink Floyd live in Hamilton. After that show, I thought all concerts would have such special effects as quad sound and planes and scoreboards exploding. (How wrong I was.)

    The next big show I attended wasn’t until 1977. Again, the band was Pink Floyd – only this time it was in Montreal. (Yes, THAT concert.) No need to describe the show here – it’s already been throughly disected elsewhere. But, what I did take away from that show was the conviction that a certain bass player had some…issues.

    I’ve seen many other concerts since those two but nothing has ever topped them – not even the ’87 and ’94 tours. However, seeing David at Massey Hall recently came pretty close.

  20. [we’ve no news for you to-day…features editor]

    and the LP version ‘on an island’ coming out on 29th may ?, it’s very nice, I wondered if it would come on !!!

    I will not speak about D.Crosby and G.Nash, because I don’t know them very well, in fact not at all, (sorry for that)

    Fed, I don’t understand what does “whippersnappers” mean…sorry, I feel ridiculous, but I would like to know…


    [It’s a word that older people sometimes use to describe younger people, implying that they’re small and not very important. – Features Editor]

  21. Hi Feat Ed.

    Was lucky enough to see CSN on tour in early 90s. Great voices & harmonies and great musicians. Would advise any ‘new comer’ to check out 4 way street or any of the early albums. Saw Crosby & Nash on their tour last year – hairs still tingled on the back of my neck.

    I hope the CSNY reunion comes to Europe this year – would be great to see Neil Young on stage with the guys after so long.

    Starting to get a bit concerned about the RAH tics – do you know if they have been posted yet? Sorry if this Q has been repeated over and over but its May already and I’ve been running home to check the post every day.

    Thanks for continuing the great work on the site.

    Tom B Dublin

    [From whom did you purchase, Tom? Trinity Street (if you got them in the internet presale)? See Tickets? RAH returns? Please let me know. – Features Editor]

  22. A quick sixties memory . . .

    Hearing the Azimuth Co-Ordinator for the first time (quadraphonic footsteps and echoing Farfisa organ) whilst watching a “creature from the deep” (aka the long suffering roadie!) wandering round the audience with orange smoke belching from a hand held flare! Magical!

    June 69, Free Trade Hall, Manchester

  23. Justin’s comment regarding CSN&Y triggered a memory of meeting Bill Kreutzmann (GD drummer) in the early 80’s at a benefit event in Toronto. A lovely man and a great musical talent. As for CSN&Y, I confess I have never seen them, although I believe they are scheduled to come through Winnipeg this summer. Neil Young is certainly one of our city’s best exports to the world 🙂


  24. I’m confused…first we try and get folks to put the cameras away for the concerts now we’re posting the results of those flashes?? Aaarrrrgg!

    Irregardless, CSN&Y (collectively and individually) remain a powerful voice in music and have stayed true to the origins of rock as a voice by SAYING SOMETHING (unlike countless others). Aside from being a superb lyric brigade, they continue to thwart efforts to pidgeonhole them into a genre as they float effortlessly from rock, grunge, folk, blues, country and any other “genre” you want chuck into the pot and stir. I don’t love all their songs nor share all their opinions, but I applaud their passions, depth, and talents to the end. If they happen to read this, here is a hearty handshake and thank you!

    Now that the speech is over, be aware that S. Stills is doing a short solo pre-tour!

    [Don’t be confused by the photo, Craig. It wasn’t taken by a naughty fan with a flashing camera. Buzz Person is a friend of David and Graham, so you can safely deactivate your hypocrisy radar. It’s not needed. – Features Editor]

  25. Not being old enough to have seen any gigs in the 60s or 70s (I was born in 1987) can I give you a gig that I saw about three years ago that I consider to be one of the best I’ve seen? Neil Young’s solo and acoustic ‘Greendale’ tour of Europe. I saw him in Manchester and he just blew me away, esp. Be The Rain. Neil was just perfect although people getting up and going to the toilet or shouting out song requests did spoil things somewhat. Still, not bad for a sixty-year-old hippy!!! Oh and for those in America this summer, CNSY are touring.

    Lots of love from a very warm Paris, Dom.

  26. I have seen CSN several times over the last twenty years. Actually, the last time might have been ten years ago, or more.

    You always new walking in that the audience would be as quiet as church mice, or shall we say Cathedral Mice. Now there is a great one to hear live back then.

    I saw them once at the Palace Theater in Albany, NY. It’s a beautiful old theater with great acoustics. When they pulled out songs like Cathedral, everyone just held their breath in awe.

    David Crosby always had a habit of shushing the audience before each tune. It was great to see him do that in NYC.

    They have such a beautiful, distinctive sound that you can’t help but remain as quiet as you can as soon as they open their voices. It’s similar to when you hear Gilmour’s work. You know who it is right away, then just sit back and listen.


  27. I saw the Beatles at Convention Hall in Philadelphia on their first go round; that was the first time I ever heard an audience sound like the roar of a jet engine! I was sitting about the 25th row but got pushed up closer because everyone started to rush the stage and wound up standing on chairs.I actually DID get to hear them sing!

    I saw Cream at the Electric Factory,I was sitting about 5 feet away from Eric Clapton .That was seriously awesome.

    Never did get to see Floyd 🙁 .

  28. I’ve always been a big CSN fan, back in the 80’s
    My band was lucky enough to open for David Crosby
    on one of his solo tours. Its always a treat to hear their vocal color.

  29. As a relatively young whippersnapper myself (all of 24) I don’t need further education to know what I truly missed during the 60s and 70s. My musical taste roots are in this era, and I really feel displaced in current times. Lord only knows what I would give to have been able to see Led Zeppelin, classic Pink Floyd, the Who, the Stones, etc… It’s hard for me to really find and meet people with similar tastes as mine. Sure there are those who are the trendy fans and like the popular stuff of those bands, but to find the true fans, is a rarity.

    To those of you (many I’m sure) who were fortunate to experience the very shows I only dream I could’ve seen, consider yourselves the lucky ones. There aren’t many times that I feel envious of people.

    The Golden Age of Rock has given way to the present Dark Ages of Rock, an age I’m not at all excited about.

  30. Hey Everyone,

    Caught CSNY about three years ago in Toronto, and yes Fed you are correct, these guys are still as relevant today as they were 36 years ago either as a group or on their own. In the same way David Gilmour is either on his own or with the other members of Pink Floyd.

    To me the proof of this is when newer bands such as Pearl Jam, who are very good live in their own right insist on performing at least one song every show written by either Gilmour/Waters, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, or Pete Townsend.

    I will close by saying that after seeing CSNY not too long ago and David Gilmour in April in Toronto. These performers just keep getting better, I envy our U.K. friends you are in for some very special nights. Hell I still haven’t gotten over David’s Massey Hall concert. I will have that memory forever and ever. (The Grass is Greener).

    P.S. Just a note CSNY will be performing this summer I believe in July at the ACC in Toronto. If you can get tickets go for it you won’t be disappointed. Later Everyone.


  31. I was fortunate enough to see CSN last Fall. After the show we were led backstage where we were able to meet Stephen and David (Nils Lofgren was right behind me but left before I got the chance to speak with him.)

    David, David and Graham performing Find The Cost Of Freedom was terrific! Possibly my favorite part of the show and I hope it would be included in any future releases of the performances. How great would it be if Mr. Gilmour were able to join CSN & Y for their upcoming tour? CSNY&G.

  32. I saw Stephen Stills at the Arcosanti Festival in 1977 with Richie Havens and Todd Rundgren. Great show, great place to be, too bad about a 1000 cars burned up in the canyon. Somebody roasting wienies down there didn’t notice all the dead brush under the cars.

    As far as pictures…I snuck alot of things into concerts in those days, there simply wasn’t room for a camera as well. Wish I did have photos of those shows….I can tell you some stories.

  33. Vinyl, what’s that? I haven’t seen new music on vinyl since the early ’90s, and it was rare even then. I think it’s great that David is releasing this LP. If more artists did the same, I would dust off the turntable and play some MUSIC!!

    I went to a show at Bill Graham’s Fillmore East in (I think) 1970, when I was 4 years old. My mother took me. I have no idea who was playing, but I have distinct memories of the charged atmosphere of the theater and its occupants. Someone recently told me the building is still there.

    I’ve seen CS&N on TV but never in person. I remember they were the first gurst on Jay Leno after 9/11. It was the night that the networks went back to regular programming after three weeks of nonstop 9/11 coverage. CSN played a very moving song (don’t know what it’s called) and talked with Jay about how religion can inspire us to greatness just as much as it can inspire us to fly airliners into skyscrapers. It was (I think) their way of saying we were gonna be alright. It was the message we needed to hear at the time, and I was greatful to them for it.

    I saw Peter, Paul and Mary about a year or two ago. They still make great noise together, so many years later. Peter sang a song to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon” about people who insist (incorrectly) that “Puff” is a drug song.

    Around ten years ago, I saw Big Brother and the Holding Company with all of its original members (except, obviously, for Janis Joplin). They could still rock the roof off of the place! And the singer they had was even better than Janis (if that can be imagined).

    That’s as close as I have gotten to hearing ’60s bands live. (Well, I saw Floyd in 1980 and 1987, and I saw David Gilmour in 1984; though they were around in the 1960s I don’t think of the music as ’60s music.) At the age of 40, I’m just too young to have meaningful memories of live music in the 1960s.

  34. I was born in 1972. Alot of cool albums came out the year was born. My Floyd listening started in 1987. Perhaps I am half a Whipper-snapper! Cory

  35. Caption: Graham Nash leads the rest of the group in transcendental meditation. “Ommmm”

  36. Woohoo..! I’m going to be able to make it to the show after all! I just can’t wait..!!!

    [Glad to hear it, Eyal! – Features Editor]

  37. CAPTION: As the full moon appears the transformation takes shape. ” Mr Crosby has a head start me thinks”

    ED: There was a blog entry recently that stated overseas tickets could be collected at RAH on the night … I rang them ( offical ticket distributor ) and they have informed me that tickets will be sent to the address stated when booked.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Hmm. Possibly “overseas” means anywhere except for the UK and Ireland. Thanks for letting me know. – Features Editor]

  38. Great news about the forthcoming vinyl-edition!

    Fed, have you already been able to eat your bricks? I hope your stomach is feeling well again.

    [It is, thank you. I decided against bricks. It was probably for the best. – Features Editor]

  39. Last year we went along to the Hammersmith Odeon to see Crosby Stills and Nash in concert.
    Our seats where centre stage row 7 in the stalls, we watched a excellent show in the first half of the concert,but after the intermission Stephen Stills just kept wondering off stage and walking around the stage looking lost!

    Both Crosby and Nash played on with a look of “Hear we go again”.

    Gary Hurley

  40. I started going to gigs in the eighties in Italy, so had no chance to see CSNY live, but I know basically their complete discography.

    Social and political fights are profuse in CSNY songs, particularly I would like to invite everyone to dig into the history of Neil Young “Southern Man”.

    [Absolutely. Well said, mate. – Features Editor]

  41. Fed, where is my post from yesterday-evening? I wondered what was the meaning of the word “whippersnappers” ?, though to-day I have an idea…


    [It is on the page, timed at 8:24pm. – Features Editor]

  42. Not to be edited, please: yes, I saw, excuse me, I am unforgivable, or I have to wear glasses… mais vous serez indulgent, n’est-ce pas, avec une petite Française perdue sur ce so british blog ? merci.


    [Une erreur très facile. C’est trop britannique ou il y a un trop beaucoup de langue d’anglais? Il y a une grande différence. – Features Editor]

  43. Dear Fed,

    everything is allright? I hope so…

    Hum hum… musical memories…

    I never saw CSN on stage, but I saw Neil Young twice, in Paris. And, en vrac,

    – Genesis (6 times, with or without Peter Gabriel) and the fabulous “the lamb lies down ” show…
    – Peter Gabriel ( twice, and one at the Olympia…).
    – Elton John (twice), and one, in a theater, alone , just with Ray Cooper for the second part of the show… ô, “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”!!!, when Bernie Taupin appeared behind the curtain…!
    – Roxy Music, of course (twice)… delicious, elegant…
    – The Who (twice). I always loved them…
    – The Rolling Stones (no comment)
    – David Bowie, the Thin White Duke tour… too clinical, even if…
    – Emerson, Lake and Palmer (hum, je vous parle d’un temps que les moins de 20 ans ne peuvent pas connaître…)
    – Yes. So poetic, at the time…
    – Supertramp (Dreamer Tour)
    – Gentle Giant (at the Olympia)
    – Dire Straits ( the same sounds on stage and on CD! un peu trop, à mon avis… )
    – Eric Clapton (who was late, because, dixit the speaker, he had forgotten his… guitar!)
    – Simply Red (comme l’un de mes dessins pouvait peut-être vous le laisser deviner…)
    – The Police (in the théâtre antique of Orange… ô, that place!)
    – Stevie Wonder…
    – Queen, and the extravagant Freddie Mercury
    – Carlos Santana
    -… and many others… mais pas assz à mon goût, bien sûr.

    and of course, PF (11 times): my first and my last concerts.

    …le privilège de l’âge… don’t envy me(!)

    Ikkar, with love

    [It’s easier said than done! You’ve seen some amazing talent. – Features Editor]

  44. Radar away Fed…just pickin’ on you 🙂

    The last time I saw CSN&Y was the last night of the tour in St. Louis-2000 (longer ago than I thought!). Incredible show. I was amazed at how well their voices blend and how much fun they were having. I also recall S. Stills playing a very small club in CT (I think it was in the early-mid 80’s) as a fundraiser for a local politician.

    Unfortunately, a few idiots thought it was a prime opportunity to continuously heckle him for supporting the candidate. He made the point to these folks that antics like theirs was why he hated playing small clubs…didn’t they come for the music?? It was too bad, I could listen to him play that 12-string for hours!

    I was also watching an old clip of David playing with BB King from a few years ago (Eyesight to the Blind)..He should consider doing an instrumental album heavy on the blues/jams).

    [I’m sure you’ll need it some other day, Craig! Let’s hope not. – Features Editor]

  45. Sixties and seventies??? I was born in 1970, so I didn’t hang out at gigs much during my first ten years on this planet.. (Let alone during the ten years before I was born..)

    However I am from march ’70, so I was concieved during the summer of love.. does that count for anything? *grin*

    Hugs, Bianca

    [Yeah, I’d boast about that. – Features Editor]

  46. [From whom did you purchase, Tom? Trinity Street (if you got them in the internet presale)? See Tickets? RAH returns? Please let me know. – Features Editor]

    Hi F’Ed,

    purchased tickets direct from RAH, was told they would be posted a month before the show (Show is Tues May 30th).

    Would appreciate it if you could let me know if tics have been sent yet and if any bloggers have received them. I will contact RAH directly if there is a problem.

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Tom B – Dublin

    [Thanks, Tom. I’ve got a statement about tickets. A new blog entry will be online very soon, so please sit tight for now. – Features Editor]

  47. I used to be very into CSN, as I was very into Floyd before that. So the inclusion and C and N on Davids album was a very pleasant development. It’s best of both worlds I think.

    Not so into Nash as a solo artist, but the sound of his harmony over Crosby and Stills is unbeatable. Most of all I was a Stills fan.

    I saw CSN in 1996 in Boston, in 1997 in Las Vegas, and saw CSNY in 2000 in Boston. Although their rockers are classic and powerful, my favorite music is their gentle acoustic stuff, particularly off of the “CSN” album from 1977. In the last ten or fifteen years though they have focused on the heavier rockers, I think to prove that they’ve still got it, and as a “Greatest Hits” act. (With the exception of the 2000 CSNY album).

    In my opinion On An Island could have used even more collaboration with C and N than harmony on one song.

    On a side note, I went to high school with Crosby’s daughter, in 1991. One day I left an assembly early, walked outside, walked across the street, and thought “gee, that guy I just passed looked like David Crosby. Naw….” He looked about 80 years old, and that was 1991. Later my friend said it certainly was him. They were playing in Springfield MA that night, so he came by campus for a visit. I wasn’t into them at that time, so it didn’t really register. We made eye contact, we were the only ones standing on this sidewalk. I missed a golden chance to say hello and shake his hand! Just my little story…

    Guinevere is a beautful song, maybe David Gilmours voice would sound nice on that.

  48. My very first concert was Pink Floyd in 1972(i think) at Wembley pool the performance of echoes has stayed in my memory ever since fantastic night.

    i also saw Santana the same year at wembley a bit of a let down i could n’t hear them properly.I also saw Lindisfarne who headed the bill above Genesis!! Peter Gabriel on vocals.

    i saw the Pink Floyd Knebworth concert in 1975 & thought the spitfires awsome, we could tell Rick was having problems although a certain Mr Waters did try & explain about voltage etc. Captain beafheart on the same bill “im gald that noise is over” someone said as he finished. Roy Harper i believe also appeared.As did steve miller band i think everyone was disapointed in him as he did not sing the joker….sanitaion was awfull, some people are worse than animals. Me & my mates started to walk back to Barnet & we got a lift from someone claiming to be a lighting engineer for Pink floyd we were a bit sceptical but it saved us a hell of a walk, i got home about 6 am.

    looking forward to RAH on 29th

  49. Happy Thursday,

    Sad to say, never seen CSN or Y. Nothing wrong with their music, in fact I have plenty of it, just never taken one of the umpteen chances given to me over the years. Gonna live to regret it I think.

    Memories of 70’s concerts: I wont pick on one in particular however, in general, think of a world where you had to queue for tickets (sometimes overnight), no mobiles or computers, not having a card to pay for things, hitch hike to venues, run out of money at a festival then realise that somehow you need to get home, buying beer at a uni bar while standing in 3″ booze (actually its still like that where my daughter is based), buying an album was about a sixth of your take home pay etc etc……… great memories ???

    Pete – Coventry

  50. Fed,

    just spoke to RAH box office – tickets were printed yesterday and should arrive early next week!!!

    I’ll let you know if & when they arrive. Need to chill now. Thanks again.

    Recommended CSN (Y) listening: Lee shore; triad; get the live album 4 way street and you’ll see these guys can also rock – its great to hear them battling on lead guitar.

    Tom B – Dublin

    [I think a lot of people will be pleased to hear that! Thanks. – Features Editor]


    I’ve never seen CSN in concert, but the most important concert I have gone are: DAVID GILMOUR (Rome 2006), U2 (Rome 1997), R.E.M. (Rome 2005), Lou Reed (Rome 2001)…but, above all, RADIOHEAD!!! Florence 2001 and Verona 2002. AH AH! Sorry! I can’t resist, but I promise you I won’t mention Radiohead again! I put this post just to be a little naughty! But the shows were really wonderful!

    I almost finished Polly’s book…but I cheat and yesterday I read the last story (Lucky) that a lot of you said it was the favourite. And it’s true! Really fascinating! So real, so clever, so honest…I love very much Polly’s style. This night I’m going to finish the book and tomorrow will say you which were my favourites stories…but I can only say that I love all the book. Really. Congratulation Polly! It’s extraordinarily well write. And I know this even if I can’t speak english very well. I feel it while I read. GREAT!


    FEd! First of all, I hope your sickness finished, then you should come to Italy. It’s wonderful! If you want, this summer we could exchange our flat and while you come in my home in Rome, I could stay in your home in London! Free accomodation! Not bad!

    [You’re too kind. You would be sure to take all your Radiohead CDs with you, wouldn’t you? – Features Editor]

  52. Happy Thursday again,

    I tell you what though. When I go to concerts nowadays I am much more attentive. I wish I had had more forsight when I was younger. I can, at best, vaguely remember some of the concerts. I was on my best behaviour at Pink Floyd concerts. Thankfully I hoard things and I need to refer to ticket stubs, programmes, posters etc and have a hard think about things. Bits come back though.

    I went to see John Martyn last night and hung on to every note. Its great to still have the opportunity to see some of these people.

    Pete – Coventry

  53. Hello, F.Ed, glad to hear you are feeling better.

    This ‘whippersnapper’ is a ‘pup’ who is still ‘wet behind the ears’ as far as most people are concerned. I take great joy in reading experiences of the ‘old fogeys’ who were around in the ‘good ol’days’ like I will never see. It’s like sitting around and listening to campfire stories, to some degree. I like reading and listening to people’s experiences of seeing the likes of Floyd, Hendrix, the Stones, CSN(&Y)Aerosmith, and all the other bands who have set the standards and influenced countless people.

    Thank you for posting your experiences. I, for one, greatly enjoy reading them.

    The press and S&N pages have been great reading. It really amazes me to see how the press tries to inflate percieved squabbles in PF’s relationships with each other. For example, the whole Battle of Ex Floyd men spin of David and Roger’s divorce with David having ‘custody’ of Rick and Roger having ‘custody’ of Nick. I guess just the fact that David doing his own thing while wishing Roger and the others no ill will is too boring of a story.

    Have a great day, all,

  54. Dear FEd, I’m not so kind, ’cause I was thinking first of all about MY free accomodation in London! Then, of course, I’m glad to lend my flat to you too! What are you thinking to do to my Radiohead CDs if I leave them in Rome? …DON’T TOUCH MY CDs!!! Or I’m going to keep in hostage your canary! However, I’d never leave my CDs in wrong hands!


    [I wouldn’t touch them, honest. They’d be very safe. – Features Editor]

  55. Graham Knight – Knebworth 75, nice one, great memory indeed although I not sure that the band enjoyed it. Monty Python were also on. Trouble was though, we were about 100 yards away.

    That has just jogged another memory. Knebworth 76, after promising my Mum we would be back sometime on the Sunday we eventually got back Monday lunchtime (had to throw a sickie that day). Anyway, my Mum had cut out a photo of an aerial view of the crowd, estimated at 200,000, from her Sunday paper. LOL, Where abouts were you she asked. Anyway, I still have the cutting.

    Pete – Coventry

  56. [une erreur très facile, c’est trop britannique ou il y a un trop beaucoup de langue d’anglais ?il y a une grande différence. Features editor]

    OK, Fed, vous avez raison, si j’ai bien compris, je réponds ” pas trop britannique, mais trop de langue anglaise pour moi”, David et vous, me faîtes travailler mon anglais comme je ne l’ai jamais fait avant, surtout pas à l’école !!!Et ce n’est pas génial, je sais…

    Is that the answer you expected to, dear Fed?
    You know, I love reading your french !

    Qu’en pense Ikkar ?

    [Oh, I know you do. You’re very sweet. My attempts at French must prove that British people are the most ignorant of all Europeans when it comes to other languages… But hey, you know I try! I’ll try some French tomorrow when I’m feeling a bit more adventurous. I’ll be sure to have fish for lunch to help my brain. – Features Editor]

  57. Musing about gigs and cameras …. aside from music, my other main hobby is photography, and I can remember going to gigs in the mid-70s with my full SLR kit. Bands like Fairport Convention and Curved Air at the local Uni. I used to try and be inconspicuous, and generally used a telephoto lens. Maybe I got away with it because they thought I was a pro!

  58. Never been a hardcore fan of CSN, can only take so much of Neil, even though he’s a Torontonian. Sorry. Two of my greatest memories of other bands were J.Geils Band at Maple Leaf Gardens, they rocked, Full House is an excellent album. Peter Wolfe was astounding. Saw Led Zep in Montreal for the Physical Tour where Jimmey played with a broken finger, how, I don’t know. Amazing show. I heard Wayne Rooney isn’t playing for England due to a metacarpal fracture in his right foot. The same injury I recieved on my left. OUCH. Take Care.

  59. Your wise crack makes you look very crab! You were nicer when you are sick! You’re lucky ’cause I have a lot of english sense of humor and I laught reading your words! But…maybe I will pluck out your canary’s feathers the same! 😉



    [You wouldn’t harm an innocent canary! I don’t believe you. – Features Editor]

  60. I was lucky enough to see CSN at Wolf Trap Virginia in the early 90’s. I grew up listening to them and Neil Young; but prior to that show never had the opportunity to see them live. They were, of course, amazing. Wolf Trap is a lovely small outdoor venue and we had lawn seats so it was really intimate and enjoyable. I’ll never forget that day as it’s the first concert my mother ever experienced, she bought a T-Shirt and still has it – she really loved it 🙂

    Thank you Phillip for the heads up about CSN&Y this summer! I would have probably missed that if not for you. I got tickets today for the Mansfield, MA show and am looking forward to it! I learned today that Neil Young released his album online before it was released in stores; I thought this was a wonderful gesture.

    A bit off topic if you’ll humour me Features Editor… But just out of curiosity, a question to my friends here from other countries… Is it only the U.S. that is plagued with these organizations buying up tickets to everything important and reselling them well over their original value?

    [I’m afraid these callous b*stards are everywhere, Lisa. Horrible, aren’t they? – Features Editor]

  61. You are making my brain waves fry trying to go that far back, but I swear I saw all of these

    1. Tom Jones (at 16 he was my hero)
    2. Grand Funk Railroad (I discovered Rock &Roll)
    3.Led Zeppelin (Houses of the Holy tour 1973)
    4.Pink Floyd (Dark Side-Wish You Were Here Tour
    5.Rolling Stones (too much yelling by Mick)
    6. Yes- (Rick Wakeman-wow)
    7. Jethro Tull (Aqualung)
    8.Bob Dylan (played along side the Band)
    9.Santana (Carlos could wail)
    10.The Who (Daltry was the man)
    11.George Harrsion (During the Dark Horse period)

    Those are the ones that stand out the most, but still believe PF The Wall performance in L.A. in 1980 was the greatest show I ever saw- David and Roger were at their peaks vocally and musically!

    Dave in Ft. Wayne—-Used to live in Los Angeles

    [You’re making some of us insanely jealous, you know that? – Features Editor]

  62. wow . . . . shows from the 70’s . . . . I saw plenty of them to be sure. I began my love affair with live music in 1975 in Phoenix, Arizona (15 years old) . . . . . started with Grand Funk Railroad, then Pink Floyd, Yes (one of the funniest concert memories ever was watching for all the people who were tripping (LSD for you youngsters) to jump out of their seats trying to ‘catch’ the laser light beams that were fanning through the crowd . . . ), Genesis, Gentle Giant (at the “Celebrity Theater” – a round theater with a revolving stage in the center, about 1000 seats – ALL GREAT – MANY GREAT SHOWS THERE !!!) Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Elton John, the Beach Boys (why didn’t someone tell me that was HASH iced tea I was drinking . . . ???!!!), Todd Rungren, Queen (with Thin Lizzy – anyone remember them???), Renaissance (Annie Haslam has the most perfect female voice on the planet . . ), Led Zepplin (one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen – horrible sound problems and they played for about an hour and just left the stage and never came back . . . . mad crowd . . . ), Earth, Wind & Fire (they ‘landed’ onstage in a UFO . . . ), ELP (3 stone geniuses), The Moody Blues (also brilliant, brilliant, brilliant . . ) . . . I remember the all day shows at the baseball field at Arizona State University (6 or 7 bands) . . you’d look for the different flags on the field to know where to go for different drugs . . . we always looked for the pot leaf flag ourselves . . ), Mott the Hoople, Uriah Heep, Montrose, Deep Purple . . . . . the list goes on and on . . . there are SO many great memories . . . it’s fun to sit for a few minutes and recall them (or attempt to anyway . . . . it was afterall . . the 70’s . . .) I do feel incredibly fortunate to have come into musical awareness (and appreciation) at a fairly early age and thus, was able to go and see all these people in the ‘early days’ (for the bands – AND – for concert-going in general . . . it WAS a whole different vibe . . )

    well . . . . you asked . . .

    how you feeling F’ed?? All better now I presume?

    [I’m feeling great now, thank you. – Features Editor]

  63. Good Evening, FED, glad to hear that you are better ! It’s funny…just Tuesday night, I happened onto Neil Young’s new work and it left me speechless ! And at times I couldn’t help m’self, but some of the songs were SO damned powerful that I couldn’t help but get verklempt.

    I have not had the pleasure to see CSN (& Y), but knowing that they are touring this summer and will be coming here to S. Florida I am so there ! I have always loved their harmonies and the structures to their songs. I WILL deafinitely attend their show when they come.

    On a side note, this whippersnapper ( all of 39 on the 12th, June ) is listening to PF Live @ The Electric Factory 26-9-70 right now. Excellent performance so far. I have once seen Neil when he came here in ’81, or was it ’82 ? He blew the crowd away and I would love to see him again. Angry Neil is fantastic. I also urge you all to see his new movie. Jonathan Demme did Neil justice in this film. Neil is deafinitely one of my heroes !

    FED, Rudders, and all of you I highly recommend that you catch this flick.

    ( Lastly, FED, if you find yourself suffering stomach maladies on semi-regular basis I really urge you to seriously look into the Fenugreek bit. It’s helped me quite a bit. )

    Right now, one of the Blue Angel’s just buzzed my house as I’m listening to ‘Fat Old Sun’. We’ve an Air & Sea show this weekend. Their practice runs pass right above m’house. Awesome ! Should be listening to ‘Learning To Fly’. 🙂 Well, pardon the pun, but I’ve got to jet fer now. Love to all !!

    Cazart !

    [I’ll definitely take note of that. It was just a bug of some sort, thankfully. – Features Editor]

  64. I got to see CSN on the pier in New York when they were touring for their Daylight Again album. It was a beautiful summer night, they were in excellent voice and I had a really cute date. Great night all around.


  65. Concert Memories form the 1970s:

    My first concert was Pink Floyd. The Animals tour at Madison Square Garden in New York in 1977. Excellent show, but I remember idiot fans blowing off fireworks indoors and getting lots of boos for it.

    In 1978, I really started going to shows, all in New York. Some brief memories below:

    – Hot Tuna at the Palladium – long show. 45 minute acoustic set of Jorma Kaukonen alone, then the full band played for 6 hours!
    – Peter Gabriel at the Palladium – toured to support his second album. Had a trippy stage that lit up underneath him. He rolled and writhed around on it during Moribund the Burgemeister. Robert Fripp joined for the encores.
    – Genesis at Madison Square Garden – And Then There Were Three Tour – Dual drumming between Phil Collins and Chester Thompson amazed me. Peter Gabriel joined for the encores.
    – Black Sabbath at Madison Square Garden – Ozzy was campy and the band was upstaged by their relatively unknown opening act. Some young upstarts called Van Halen!
    – Yes – in the round at Madison Square Garden. Excellent show. My only chance to see the classic line up until they reunited in 2002.
    – Rush – at the Palladium – supporting their Hemispheres album. I was absolutely amazed at how much sound 3 guys could produce at once. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson played their pedal boards as well as their bass & guitar.

    I’ve seen many more shows since then, but these were particularly satisfying as I was still forming my musical tastes.

    Since the topic is shows. I just have to say once more -as I’m sure I’ve said it in previous blogs – the David Gilmour show at Radio City Music Hall on April 4 was absolutely fantastic. I’m still high on it. I hope this feeling lasts until the DVD comes out.


  66. I saw CSN at Hammersmith Odeon in 1992. Graham Nash introduced one song saying the title came from something David Gilmour said when he answered the phone whilst staying at Graham Nash`s house. I think the song was called something like “House of Broken Dreams”. David Gilmour was in the audience a few rows in front of me. Phil Collins, Dustin Hoffman and (I think) Terry Gilliam were also there.

  67. Good Thursday evening FEd,

    I started my concert experiences waaaaay back in early to mid 70s with (GASP – cue dramatic drum roll and suspensful string section) The Osmonds at the old (Buffalo) War Memorial Auditorium (RIP). Shortly there after I had the pleasure of seeing Neil Diamond (1977) and then Sean Cassidy – 1978 (dad was Sean’s body gaurd, so don’t blame me for that one!). I didn’t get it right until I saw the Police at SU in 1981. Can’t say I remember much from those early 70’s concerts (and glad to say I’m just as happy being blissfully ignorant of those painful admissions!).

    However, as I careem into topic laden territory, I DID in fact see Neil Young and Crazy Horse on October 31st, 1996 (at Copps Coliseum, Hamilton Ontario). One thing you must know about Neil’s reign with “the Horse” is that their mutant form of rock and roll is neanderthal and curmudgeon-like yet very entrancing! (To quote Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, “Hillbilly Funk”).

    Though I know some don’t like Neil’s guitar prowess (or perhaps lack thereof for those naysayers who furrow a brow to his heavy handed guitar technique), there’s no denying the hypnotic groove that Neil and Crazy Horse conjures up… ESPECIALLY in a live setting!

    It was on the eve of Halloween 1996 that this particular show seemed to go on forever… nothing but good, I must add! The jams were stretched out to the edges of the stratosphere, and the band seemed to be having a blast. The show was loose and though not without some mishaps Neil shrugged them off and made us laugh in the process. Its that kind of stage presence, a mixture of fiery and intense rock, mixed with a wonderfully laid back candor, that makes these types of shows my favorite! I can remember feeling very privileged seeing one of my musical heroes on stage playing songs I consider to be my favorite, and injecting a fierce live re-reading far beyond the scope of their existence on lp or cd.

    The fact that Neil Young is still here with us (thank heavens), readying to embark on the much ballyhooed “Freedom of Speech” tour with old stable mates CSN, and releasing an amazing new lp Living With War (still politically fiesty, ala Mssr Springsteen and his Vote for Change tour) is validating proof that he’s STILL a viable and vital musical force—-the greatest Canadian export to grace the US !!

    Hey FEd, how about starting another list of favorite concerts? I’m game if you are!!!

    G’night and God bless,

    [Good idea. We’re going to have one off-topic blog entry a week from now on, so any idea as to what it should be about is most welcome. I’ve added your suggestion to the list. – Features Editor]

  68. Well, I’ve never seen CSN&Y together; but I’ve seen them all seperately!! First was Stephen Stills, who showed up with George Harrison at the L.A. Forum, around 1976. Then would be NEIL, who is fabulous live. I love his concerts! I saw him at the Warfield in San Francisco; around 1994, and the Santa Cruz Civic the next night (where I was working at the time), and also have seen him at the annual Bridge School Benefit in the Bay Area. (Benefit’s his children’s school for the disabled). Wonderful bands are plentiful at those shows, and it raises money for a good cause! Last, but not least (!) I saw Crosby & Nash at Jay Leno with our most wonderful Mr. David Gilmour & his Band! Also saw them later that same evening at Universal…
    ALSO wonderful about that day was meeting up with my fellow Bloggers & sharing fun stories! (Thank you again, FeD! You gave me wonderful memories!!)

    The most ultimate concert of all had to be the Division Bell tour in ’94. I saw it at Oakland Stadium 2 of the 3 nights (still mad at myself for not attending all 3!). Nothing else like it.

    David Gilmour at Gibson Universal still has me walking on air!! Thank you again for coming our way!!! xoxoxox

    I won’t go in to all of the shows I’ve seen… too many and you wouldn’t believe me! LOL And who cares anyway??

    Trust me, Pink Floyd was the best.

    p.s. That ‘Radiohead’ band is touring US right now…

  69. Hi Fed, hope your ok but can you please tell me am i barred from this site

    [Of course not! – Features Editor]

  70. I’m sure I have seen all versions of these guys.
    I have even seen Buffalo Springfield and the Hollies. I just can’t recall the details………

  71. I wrote above that I had never seen CSN or Y live. That’s not true. Here is how I saw then.

    In the early 1990s I lived in Portland, Oregon. President Clinton held one of his legendary town hall symposiums there, circa 1994, to bring people together to dicuss saving the last of the old growth forests. Rednecks, lumberjacks and Republicans planned a gathering to support logging the remaining 9% of old growth that still existed in the USA at that time.

    When environmentalists found out about that, we organized an even bigger gathering to support preserving those old trees. Some of those trees were here when Columbus “discovered” America.

    In a fifteen-day period, we organized one massive show. It was held in a park in the center of town, within earshot of Clinton’s hotel and also of the convention center where his town tall was. We got MTV to air it live, nationwide. Phish did an a-capella set, which was amazing. CSN and Neil Young did separate sets (Young played a cool organ complete with pipes). Richie Havens did a short set. It was really a cool event.

    Needless to say, we blew the lumberjacks right out of the water. Their gatehring had a few hundred people and no musicians you’ve ever heard of. We had hundreds of thousands of people, plus anyone watching MTV that day. It was a proud moment, a great cause, and an unforgettable show.

  72. HI,FED & ALL,

    Phew thank goodness you didnt barr me Fed I now I broke a rule & sorry it wont happen again ok. Now Fed if I wasnt barred what happened to my last 3 posts,I forgot all of them but one was about OAI coming to vinyl is this true and is it going to be available everywhere.THank you

    I hope your better now.

    [If people write in with suggestions for a rainy day/off-topic blog entry, I don’t post their suggestions. Rest assured, they are all received and all considered. As for the vinyl, we’ll let you know when it’s going to be available outside Europe as soon as we can. – Features Editor]

  73. I saw the first reunion of CSNY at the Bridge Concert circa 1986 at Shoreline in the Bay Area which also included Sprigsteen harmonizing with Neil Young! You had to be there

  74. YAY! I got tickets to the CSN&Y concert in Atlanta in August. I’ve never seen them and it’s about time I did. This tour this particular summer in this contentious political climate will be especially resonant, I’ll bet. Cool.

  75. have a question the album has been out for a small time.

    i live in USA i moved from arkansas to california i have not heard one song from the album on the radio from one end of the country to the other is it just not being promoted here?

    could be why sales are low in USA no one is playing the best album of the year.

    [Most radio stations take requests and will play what you ask them to play. Why not contact your local station with a request? – Features Editor]

  76. I saw CSN (pre-Y) at their third ever gig in 1969. They played acoustic material only, and were out of tune and pitifully bad. I figure it was bad drugs.
    The brief moments Crosby and Nash spent on stage with Gilmour this year took all those memories away.

  77. i wait in anticipation the night of the 26may at manchester bridgewater nothing compares to this night. My new job,my holiday to ibiza in june,or catching a salmon on the tyne. My partner and i are booked in to the bridgewater hotel right next door, so no hanging around. I took my partner katrina to see the division bells earls court and we did get into the bands party after the show. Dont ask how, one of the roadies managed to get me all the autographs all but daves,as i was too nervous and shy to ask them myself. After swilling down lots of wine which was freely on offer i felt my courage rise. I had a long conversation with nick, i sat and chatted with rick, then in walks david. Knowing he is a shy person like myself i quietly called his name as he walked by twice i recall, but he just walked by me. As i turned to kat to say he did not hear me i turned back round and he had come over. All i could say was great gig dave!I never asked for his autograph and that haunts me still to this day i hope he did not think i was too much of a sad case.

  78. I saw CSNY in Milwaukee, WI during their first “reunion” tour in 1974 (several stadiums across America). They were supurb. One of my most striking memories, however, is the ticket prices. I bought mine in advance at $7 US. My friend who went with me got scalped, however, paying $10 outside the gate. Ahhh, for the good old days…

  79. hello FEd & blogsters – i have been out of touch for a few days, and missed you all! musical memories…


    i was a Byrds fan, and my big sis got tickets for 4 of us to attend a radio-sponsored show in ’66. in those days, we could catch 4 – 5 pop groups for a few dollars – each would play two or three songs. Crosby must’ve been all of 24 when i saw them that night, in his green suede cape – they were great; lovely harmonies and McGuinn on that gorgeous Rickenbacker 12-string…

    at that same show i saw the incomparable Roy Orbison, among others. inimitable voice!

    two other 60s shows stand out:

    the Rolling Stones first US tour, in ’65 i think – Brian Jones was with them! the stage was bare except for a basic drumkit and 3 amps; they had ONE each, about the size of a Marshall 100a.
    we walked right up to the chainlink fence and took pictures between the links. i still have one somewhere. if i can find it, i’ll get deborah to scan it and send it to you.

    i saw Otis Redding on his final tour, less than a month before his death. i got tickets and took my 15-yr old friend Diane for her birthday surprise – she adored Otis! afterwards, we politely asked the guards at the backstage door if we could get Mr Redding’s autograph. we were led straight to his dressing room door, which he opened with a friendly smile when told there were fans outside. he autographed a showcard poster i had swiped for Diane. we about died! best b’day surprise i’ve ever managed for a friend. he was a lovely man…

    Gene Pitney was my the first concert i remember, around ’63 or ’64.

    more Soul: James Brown (twice), Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett


    *CSNY at least twice
    *Neil Young solo
    *John Mayall
    *Jethro Tull (first was in ’72: Thick as a Brick)
    *Muddy Waters several times
    *BB King several times
    *Howlin’ Wolf
    *4 Tops
    *Stevie Wonder
    *Ike and Tina Turner
    *John Prine
    *Loggins & Messina
    *The Nighthawks (crikey what a harp player)
    *John McLaughlin & his double-neck monster
    *Weather Report
    *Little Feat – the real version with Lowell George, at least 3 times
    *Chuck Berry

    oh, and Rudolf Nureyev in Swan Lake from the 7th row – that’s off-topic, but was quite amazing.


    *Stephen Stills solo on the Delta Queen, N’awlins
    *Iggy Pop (opened for The Pretenders)
    *Carole King
    *Elvis Costello (Crash Test Dummies opened)
    *David Bowie
    *James Taylor
    *Eric Clapton
    *The Kinks
    *Bonnie Raitt
    *Lyle Lovett & his Large Band
    *Robert Cray

    i never did see Graham Nash solo, unfortunately. i was a bog fan once i heard “Military Madness”; i wore out two copies of his first solo LP on tape. remember tape? :O)

    i could go on but wouldn’t want to bore one whom i so admire, FEd – please take better care of yourself – i know we ran you quite ragged for awhile there; it’s no wonder you caught a bug.
    if/when you go onstage to reveal yourself, will you wear something like a Dalek costume to conceal your ID for all time? that’s what i would recommend.

    OH, lest i forget – NONE of the above generated as much anticipation as waiting to see David Gilmour at RHMC-NYC. somehow i never saw Floyd, so seeing David play was at the very tippy top of my list. i’ve listened to virtually nothing else since Live8. my sister thinks i have lost my mind.

    i hope you have reinforced your canary’s cage to thwart Lucia’s kidnap attempts! she is SO funny! thanks to the blog, i get to read Lucia.

    [But I wear a Dalek costume all the time. I’ll have to make an effort for the Royal Albert Hall… – Features Editor]

  80. Missed CSNY unfortunately.

    Mostly 70s rock stuff. Did see Johnny Winter, then again w/Muddy Waters. Return to Forever with Stanley Clarke were good. Jeff Beck, the Wired album stuff. Saw the WYWH and Animals tours. The Kinks mid 70s. Lou Reed with an amazing band. Very practiced, exteremly tight -more just good rock than heavy stuff. Few Gr. Dead shows. Roxy Music, w/o Brian Eno. Blue Oyster Cult. Foghat.

  81. Surprised to see this question still active, so here’s what I remember… it was the 60’s after all.

    My first ever rock show was Eric Burton and the Animals in about 1965 maybe 1966 in about a 2-300 person hall. I saw Chuck Berry in that same hall a few of years later.

    I was in my late teens in the late 60’s, so I went to every show I could gather enough money to attend. A high point was seeing Jimi Hendrix in ’67, and there were some other bands rounding out the bill including some guys with an odd name, Pink Floyd, I believe it was :-}

    I loved Fairport Convension and saw them at least twice with some less memorable bands.

    I stayed in California for a couple of years, off and on – My cousin and friends took me to several concerts; one in Santa Monica, in a rather small hall again, but all I could remember was a lanky bass player and a silly song that really stuck in my head – it was about Apples and Oranges – they seemed obsessed with fruits and vegetables.

    A somewhat more memorable big stadium concert was to see Canned Heat who opened for C,S,& N. They were brilliant!

    I wanted to see them because I missed seeing Buffalo Springfield, but had seen the Byrds and loved David Crosby’s voice (and look).
    We went to the Hollywood Bowl quite a few times, with and without tickets. Back then you could sit on the rise in the dirt and grass behind the bowl, and party while trying to see, but clearly hear the bands. That’s where I saw the Moody Blues and the Pink Floyd. Both where absolutely brilliant!!

    I remember seeing the Doors not too long before Jim Morrison died – most disappointing. He was so drunk he slurred, forgot words, and almost fell off the stage. That had to be in early 1971.
    I saw the Who twice, Led Zep once, and Rolling Stones once… don’t know exactly where or when, though. I remember they were all good shows.

    Oh, and back to the 60’s, saw Grateful Dead and chatted with Jerry, before I knew who he was – he was sitting out back on a step – he seemed very nice and personable. Jefferson Airplane was the other band on that bill…loved Grace’s voice!

    Saw Cream and met Eric Clapton, and had a few words with him, too. Again out back, when he came out for a quick fag during intermission. It was so quite, then suddenly he was barraged by a screaming herd of girls pleading for autographs – which he politely gave. They ran off as quickly as they had arrived. He had the audacity to look down at me and ask if I wanted one, too. Of course I was much too cool to accept… Yes, I (rather rudely) turned down Eric Clapton. I was an idiot and have been kicking myself over it for years.

    Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, saw the G.Dead many times, once with Bob Dylan. Even married my husband after one of their shows. We initiated our children to concert going when we took my son and daughter to see the Dead, the Who and the Pink Floyd. I’m proud to say aren’t ageist and both are big classic rock fans. All my sons friends are sooo impressed by the bands he’s seen.

    I know there were many other shows back in my youth, but just can’t remember who, where, or when any more… Except for one…

    Back across the pond, just in time to get over to Hyde Park for a free show. Sadly a couple hundred thousand others learned of it, and attended too. Very crowded, but the band became my lifelong favorite. I absolutely fell completely head over feet for this unbelievably, drop-dead gorgeous guitarist with long blonde hair, and when he sang he took my breath away – and he still does! And, did recently at the Gibson. A Huge Thank You to David for filling my life with his brilliant lyrics and music and for sounding as fabulous at 60 as he did at 24 – maybe even better.

    And, thanks FEd for asking, it was quite a journey down memory lane.

    (London and Los Angeles)

  82. Also – interesting phase around the Wired album time. Lot of bands started tending towards the smaller halls with better acoustics. Plus using much much better sound systems. Volume levels clearly dropped, but not overly so. Ample, full, and very clean sound.

    Imagine that’s something that pretty much comes and goes all along though.

  83. Ummm…speaking of musical memories. Is that the side of a barn pictured on the first solo album? I must be the only one who can’t make it out. My copy must be too worn or something.

    Would’ve liked to have seen those shows.

  84. Seeing Graham and David, two of the greatest musicians of our time, along with DG would be an absolute mind blowing evening. I have yet to hear any of the other cuts on the new DG album, but the reviews I’ve heard have been excellent.

    The CSNY Tour is going to be tremendous.


  85. Hi..its been awhile now and I’ve been…will there be live photos from the Toronto gigs posted….The New York city picks are wonderful but plz post some new pics… I’m sure there are many who would enjoy this…

    Thanks for taking a moment of your busy day to read this


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