More European dates

venice.jpgDavid’s diary has just been scribbled in again, as I can announce three more dates for August.

As well as visiting Austria, Germany and France, David will also visit Italy this summer.

He will return to Venice for a show at St Mark’s Square, shown here, as well as visiting Florence.

Further details, as always, at

For those waiting for news about tickets for the Royal Albert Hall shows, it will be here tomorrow.

And for those who are going to see the Mermaid show in the US tonight, have a great time.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

150 thoughts on “More European dates”

  1. Royal Festival Hall shows???

    Have I missed something…

    [My time-travelling machine. I thought I’d go back to 2002. Pardon me, but you knew what I meant. – Features Editor]

  2. On a positive note i have just managed to get a stall ticket for the 29th (Brag) after frantically calling the RAH hotline everyday for the past month, so everyone who hasn’t got a ticket, just keep ringing!!

    Vince : )

    [Good for you, Vince. – Features Editor]

  3. Hi all,

    So, the magical mystery tour unfolds a little more. Lucia, you must be delighted 🙂 (Lucia in the Sky with Diamonds…heh)

    I’m trying to guess where’s the next mystery stop is going to be. After much gazing at a map, my guess is somewhere a little further east… The Czech Republic, or maybe Poland? Just ticking away a dull day 🙂


    p.s. FEd, do all these new dates mean impending message volume and the usual questions? (“recorded”, “live CD”, “tickets” etc). If so, is there anything that we can do preemptively to help? other than to stfu that is… 😉

    [You can form an angry mob and harass all the people who ask questions before looking for answers or wondering if the answers can’t be revealed at such an early date, if you like. – Features Editor]

  4. I’m going to see Mermaid Show tonight at a theater in Branford Connecticut.

    I’d much rather be going to see the show live in the Piazza de San Marco!


    Mike from Connecticut

    [Have a good night, Mike. Let us know all about it. – Features Editor]

  5. Tonight I will be going to a theater in Miami, Florida to see the Mermaid Show (hopefully). I’ve already got my tickets but it’s been raining cats and dogs since yesterday afternoon, and we’re on a thunder storm & tornado watch until later in the evening…

    On a different note, once I get home, I will be balancing my checkbook to see if I can afford to go to Venice and catch one of David’s new shows there. *crosses her fingers and toes*


  6. I like Buff, good ring to it. Suggest also admirer or devotee. Zealot does not do. Italy, you are so fortunate. Go Arsenal!!!!!! I can watch it tomorrow after my weekly snooker match.

  7. Florence, Venice….WONDERFUL PLACES! Great choice, David! And I can read (ciao Lucia!) on the home page! What a honour! You make me laugh so much! I really love the staff who work for this site! You are almost much nicer with me than my relatives! If I will become an important person I will ask all of you to work for me! Good salary and good holiday, of course! And a lot of company’s parties!

    Thanks mates! Have a great evening!


    [It’s a deal. I’ll work on a list of demands tonight and you can keep them in a safe place until you find fame and fortune. – Features Editor]

  8. OOoooooOOOooh, Venice.. ooooOOh..

    Congrats to Lucia!!! Not only is David making it into your part of Europe, you also personally made it into the Latest News Page! 🙂



    [I have no idea, John. – Features Editor]

  10. VENICE!!!!! Thank you Mr. Gilmour and all the people of the management….

    I can’t wait… a dream comes true!

  11. This Mike from New Jersey will be catching the Mermaid show in Philadelphia this evening. Perhaps we may have a Mike from each state united represented on the blog by tomorrow. I’ll be knocking back a couple of cold ones at the Engine 46 Steakhouse on Reed St., just ’round the corner from the Regal Theater.


  12. hi Fed.

    Great News again. After the Venice concert 1989 – another visit from David! Im sure this time the concertpromoter will make a better job then `89. When they forgot the toiletts and waters stands for the 200.000 People on Marcus place!!

    And thanx for visting Austria!


  13. Hi Everyone!

    Just one week away from our departure for a nice holiday in Scotland, and of course a fabulous concert i Glasgow on the 27th of May.

    We were extremely lucky to get 2 of the presale tickets, a much appreciated service for a Danish couple, with no concert nearby. Thank you very much for that.

    And now new dates in southern Europe. Our summer holiday may surely go that way, if tickets are available.

    We have been following this fan fare for more than 2 months now, and would like to thank Fed and all the bloogers for their input, which have only made us more excited about the concert in Glasgow.

    Can’t wait to hear Echoes!!!

    Michael & Louise

    [Have a wonderful time in Scotland, both. – Features Editor]

  14. I’ve got that giddy feeling about going to “the” show tonight…even if it is just on the big screen! At least the fellow fans will be there to make it all seem a bit more real!

  15. Sorry for this.. but is true?

    “Roger also is said to have phoned David Gilmour a few weeks ago to invite him to join him on stage… whilst Richard Wright has attending the show, David has yet (to our knowledge) to declare a decision on this.”

    I go to buy my aerea ticket

    [I don’t know, Rodrigo. It certainly makes a good story. I read that Richard turned Roger down, myself. – Features Editor]

  16. Caption Competition

    David was impressed with the kid’s play structure erected in the garden whilst he was away on tour…

  17. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! A TRAGEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was thinking about Florence (just 2 hours and half by car – Venice about 7 hours…) and I realizes….I COULD HAVE MY ORAL EXAM IN THOSE DAYS….it’s terrible ‘cause I will be able to know it only at the end of June, when the Federation will inform me if I pass my writing exam and, in positive case, tell me when I will take my oral exam: maybe in July, or August, or September or October…it is a tragedy…I can’t organize nothing till I don’t know my exam date….the joy becames pain! I can’t go to a concert in Florence the day before my exam…I’m a anxious person, I will not be able to do it! To be, or not to be…ok! Be calm! I need to think more…

    DAMN…Lucia in the sky with diamonds in this moment is a ruined woman!


    [Oh, that’s a nightmare. I’m sorry to hear it, mate. – Features Editor]

  18. Que show.

    David podia aproveitar essas novas datas , e marcar, datas aqui no Brasil.Por Favor david, venha ao Brasilll.

    Se fosse possivel , com certeza teria ido à algum show nos EUA ou Europe, mas não tenho como.

    Cara David Gilmour é o melhor sem sombra de dúvida,se um dia tiver a oportunidade de encontrá-lo, terei realizado mais que um sonho.

    Fico imaginando quantas pessoas tem esse mesmo pensamento, conhecer alguem que é grande, um verdadeiro grande homem.E é exatamente isso que penso a respeito de DAVID GILMOUR.


  19. I think David should consider filming some of the outdoor shows for extras on the DVD.

  20. I went to see both the shows in Milan in march, i’m going to see Roger Waters at the Arena di Verona in June, and now we got this wonderful news.. I’ll be there…

    A sort of floydian overdose 😀

    David, we are waiting for you 😉

  21. I want to go I want to go I want to go I want to go I want to go! Venice or Florence? Venice I think. How exciting!

  22. Laurie and I (and Marvin, in case there’s any foreign-ness to be translated, like obscure British colloquialisms) are going to see David & Co. at the theatre tonight. Too bad it’s only a one-showing; I’d sit through it over and over all night long if they’d show it.

    ps- Edwina, you’re in line for a spanking for editing my last post. No, you can’t talk your way out of it so don’t try. I know, I know – “hok mir nisht a chainik!” 😉


  23. Yay. I’m going to the Mermaid movie tonight with my daughter. You have no idea how much I need this today. Seriously….


  24. Can’t wait for tonight’s show in New Rochelle, NY, although I must admit that the AOL sessions continue to keep me going. They are amazing, and although I’m sure they serve a promotional purpose, in essence they are a real gift to all of us who enjoy this brilliant stuff…

  25. Can’t wait to see David on the big screen tonight! A great time will be had by all.

    I am curious to see the turnout for the showing near Dayton, Ohio. No Cincinnati location means that any SW Ohioans who want to see the show have to go to this one. As of an hour ago, you could still get tickets, so I know it’s not a sellout…at least not yet.

    Full report to come!

  26. I’ll tell ya, Mr Gilmour is one class act. Thats very nice of him (and his band, naturally) to extend this tour into other European communities. hmmmm, I wonder … if he remains in such a giving mood, maybe he might want to swing back around and visit Western NY with his band. Sheas Theater is rather lonely and awaiting his return!

    I’ll be at the Mermaid theater experience tonight with my fiance and her friend. Its great to be able to have another viewing of this all too rare experience of seeing the master live and unfettered! I wonder, though, if this recording might be offered as a DVD extra with the RAH show DVD, or perhaps on its own merits. Other concert films (i.e. Murray Lerner’s brilliant Listening to you – The Who Live at the Isle of Wight 1970) were offered to the public as a DVD, too. FEd? any word on this?

    I’ll write a review later tonight…..


    [Not a murmur, Darren. – Features Editor]

  27. Congrats Bianca you got your wish. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, and I can’t think of a better time. . .Oh well.

    Raymond, good luck with not smoking. I haven’t had much success, but I’m hoping after this week of finals I can give it a real go.

    I, too am extremely excited to get another Gilmour fix tonight.


  28. Come on Fed,

    All these shows are now only a couple of months away.

    When are the tickets on sale ?

    Are there lessons learned as to who gets these tickets ?

    Why not have some prequalifying questions to answer before you get the tickets.

    Therefore the touts will be eradicated and the fans will get the best seats !!!

    The regular Bloggers should get first shout !!! what do you think about that one ?

    [It’s not up to me, Timbo. My ideas for just about everything are always considered too radical. I’m all for making people earn their ticket, but it would never happen. – Features Editor]

  29. Lucia!! I immediately thought of you when I read this post about Italy!!

    You must be dancing in your shoes!!

  30. Hi FEd,

    Wow, David is brave. St Marks Piazza in August is boiling hot (even at night, it is still very warm!). Let’s hope he remembers his sunblock!

    Just to let you know that your message, about fans buying tickets they don’t really need, has reached at least one set of ears.

    I was logged onto this website on Saturday at 2pm and read that tickets were available for the 31st at RAH. Twice in one hour I went to the RAH site and nearly bought an arena ticket as its a better ticket than the one i already had, which is restricted view. At one point I was entering my credit card details to purchase it but decided not to purchase them at the last moment.

    I had already spent a lot of cash on tickets to the shows but mainly didn’t want to take away a chance for another fan/buff/connoiseur[insert correct term here]to get a chance to see him.
    But Lord, was i tempted!! So FEd, even though you may feel you are saying the same thing over and over again about people buying extra tickets they don’t need, the message is getting through!!

    Re: the Jools Holland show – it has been confirmed that the audience has been cancelled, even to BBC staff, and now the show is going to be production crew only. So it looks like there won’t be any audience at all.

    Neil – sorry you missed out. I hope that you get another chance to see him.


    PS. As a staunch Man U supporter, i would like to say (through very gritted teeth!!) good luck to the Arse(nal) for tomorrow night. Their victory can only help promote English football.

    [Thanks for all that, Vicky. – Features Editor]

  31. Hi Fed,

    Just having a wander round the site. Picked up a snippet in the press section of an article called sound designer from Japan. Read the trailor in English, thought this may be interesting and then opened the file.

    What a scream ! Too say you caught me out is an understanding.

    All the article is written upside down in hyraglyphics Cambridge University couldn’t decipher. And to top it all in the how to set your effects up section they are showing you how to set your pedals up for a song called In The Fresh !!!

    Come on Fed, this is taking the pith !!!!!

  32. I can’t stop thinking! I said I am an anxious person! Do you think I should buy the ticket the same, even if there the risk I will not able to go? WHAT SHOULD I DO? Because I fear that if I buy the ticket after I know my exam’s date I risk it is sold out…what a dilemma. A friends of mine said I should be satisfied I saw David one time one month ago…but he can’t understand what a great experience is listen David and the band in a live show…FEd! GIVE ME AN ADVICE AS IF I WAS YOUR SISTER!!!! What would you say to her? However, I’m very happy for the new tour’s dates…because it means that David and the band enjoy themselves and it is wonderful! And Florence and Venice are two fantastic cities. The shows will be wonderful: a city of art, the night, the stars and David’s voice. WOW! It will be so exciting! (I saw Radiohead in Santa Croce Square in Florence, and it is a really suggestive scene)

    WHAT SHOULD I DO? Please, help me to decide! This exam’s date is going to destroy my summer! I can’t booked my holidays, I can’t booked concerts…I can’t do anything! I can just wait till the end of June to know this date! Damn!

    Uhm…and now that I think…I have to prepare a little thesis for my oral exam too…I HATE EXAMS and I’m too old to take them! Phew! If I will born again, I’d like to be the keeper of a holiday’s villa of a rich family! Please, forgive my outlet…I’m like the Pandora’s vase: nice till closed but dangerous if something open it!
    SWEET DREAMS, mates!


    [I would buy the tickets. I doubt there will be the same issues that we have had with the London shows. If you can’t return the tickets, you will be able to give them to someone else. It is a real dilemma, Lucia. I feel for you. – Features Editor]

  33. Oh yes! this is a great news!

    This is a great day for….music! 😀

    Thank you very much!


  34. Lot’s going on chez Pudders as the RAH shows arrive – pending good news tomorrow from the F’Ed on if I’m going to get past the barricades of course 😉 Still haven’t heard if the BBC have solved their audience issues affecting the ‘Later….’ recording – unless anyone out there knows something that is…speak to me Vicky!

    Managed to send another happy punter in the direction of the nearest music shop today after he heard OAI playing in the background during a meeting in my office (subtle huh!)…..another good day at work then 🙂

    Hope everyone enjoyed the Mermaid film – would love to have the chance to see that over here sometime….

  35. I bet Lucia is over the moon and rightly so, It`s great news! And I hope our friends across the pond enjoy the mermaid show tonight.

  36. I’m a 20 year’s old boy from spain. Please David, one show in spain. My dream is see you this summer..:).

  37. Venice, Venice, hm…

    Wasn’t there something between the city authorities and a certain band David was playing in ages ago, or is my mind fooling me…

    [I was surprised at the news, too. – Features Editor]

  38. Ahhh. Now you’re hitting below the belt. Venice and Florence?? I got married in Italy 2 years ago, and I’ve been dying to go back since. Those will be fabulous venues. Jealousy courses through these veins.

  39. If only Sardinia were included! then he could record the live On An Island… on an island! For those of you have the capability, while waiting for the 5.1 mix to be released, On An Island sounds GREAT if you coerce your CD player and surround amplifier to cooperate.

    By the way, anyone else notice the very light harmonica parts on the LP (The Blue)? It’s uncredited, I figure it’s David.

    And just what the heck IS he thumping into at the very end of Castellorizon? Sounds like he’s falling over his cat!

  40. i vote david comes to montreal. i was born too late to see any pink floyd shows and i really have my mind set on seeing dave live.

    he’s a god.

    the end.

  41. I love the first two solo album’s on cd that David did and I was wondering if they will be re-released again on cd. Plus I’m waiting for my wife to get home from work, So we can leave for the theater to see David Gilmour Live on film to night, I bought my tickets the first day they came out… Thank you fed.


    [They will be re-released on CD soon, Thomas. We’ll let you know a date as soon as we can. Enjoy the Mermaid show. – Features Editor]

  42. Hi dear FED,

    Hear is something and I wanted to ask.

    If you remember in my previous post I mentioned that I thought that I will be able to get ticvkets for one of may 29-30 or 31 and I even got my tickets (Canada to London) and after purchasing my ticket I couldnt purcahe the show’s ticket. then I went on eBay and got a pair of tickets at a VBERY NICE and reasonable price ! both together are not more than 5% more expensive than the face value ! and I got them.

    Now here is the thought… I got a pair of tickets for london, I already have purchased my plane tickets and the price for the tickets were GREAT like really really close to the face value. I wanna make sure that no one will tell me: you are not allowed to get into the hall. In toronto’s show I had my tickets from and they didnt ask for a recied of proof or something like that. I just want to make sure that I have not done anything illigal and I CAN get in.

    I know everyuone hates eBay in here for lots of valid reasons.. like myself, for toronto I ended up having one extra ticket. I post a message here to FED and a guy left me his email add and I gave it to the face value to him. I didnt even sell mine ticket on ebay but I REALLY REALLY wanted to go to the london’s show ALL THE WAY from canada and I already have my everything. just plz, tell me that I can get in and my valid tickets are going to be valid at the entry point.



    [This issue of ticket reselling and profiteering has caused many headaches, believe me. We set out our argument early on and that was not to buy from eBay, or any unauthorised seller, because Royal Albert Hall staff were closely monitoring online auctions, forcing them to close, cancelling the tickets and giving the sellers no choice other than to return their now invalid tickets to the RAH for a refund (so they’d get what they paid for their tickets, not a penny more). This was to stop one form of profiteering at the expense of genuine fans and applied to the three London concerts only. (Can you honestly imagine Ticketmaster going to such trouble in North America without any profit to me made from such an operation?) Anyway, doing this has made many tickets available to fans at face value. We’ve been saying that this would be the case since 27 December, when we first warned you about the likes of eBay. If you have a ticket that did not come from an authorised seller (either the Royal Albert Hall, See Tickets, Stargreen, or Trinity Street if you got your ticket in the presale), then it might not be a genuine, legitimate ticket. If so, you will certainly not be allowed into the venue. This is common practice all over the world. In the case of eBay, you could well have bought a fake or cancelled ticket. Either way, it will be rejected. Read through the blog and you’ll see several cases of people who did just that and were refused entry. We can’t do anything about that. Rules are rules. We asked people not to buy tickets from eBay. We said that buying from any unauthorised source simply exacerbates the problem of ticket profiteering and fan exploitation. We said that, by ignoring eBay sellers and assorted touts, they would not be able to profit – the only way they will be beaten – and more and more tickets would be returned to authorised sellers so that they could be sold fairly and legally to fans. We said that the only safe way to acquire tickets would be to try your luck at snapping up a returned ticket. We’ve done a lot to help fans, but we needed your co-operation to be completely successful. We were helped by many fans, and those who trusted us enough to keep ignoring the greed and temptation of eBay/brokers have been rewarded for their patience and faith (and persistence) with returned tickets. It doesn’t matter to us, or anyone, how reasonable you insist the tickets you purchased on eBay were. They were still sold on for profit, which we have put many, many hours into trying to stop for the good of all fans. We haven’t gained anything from doing this, other than the deep gratitude of those who have been able to obtain returned/reissued tickets at a fair price when they thought they’d originally missed out. We have every right to deny anyone entry if they have broken our terms and ignored our advice. Again, we’ve been saying this since 27 December (and I’m sorry to say that we decide whether or not your tickets are valid, not you. Clearly they aren’t, because you bought them from an eBay seller, who was breaking very clear rules, at more than face value – therefore allowing him to profit). There’ll be a new blog entry later and all will be explained there, hopefully ending the stream of ticket questions once and for all. I’m sure that what we have decided won’t please everyone, but we have put an incredible amount of thought into this. Please don’t put your tickets through the shredder or have a nervous breakdown until then. – Features Editor]

  43. O SOLE MIO!!!!!! It’s nice to see David add some more European dates for fellow fans. Nice pic…..pardon me for saying, though, this place is for the birds.

    [A bit of lippy and maybe a wig and you’ll be fine, Joseph. – Features Editor]

  44. FEd –

    The tickets for Théâtre antique de Vienne are on sale now, and I’ve just booked two tickets. The venue looks incredible and should be an amazing evening.

    I got mine through Gérard Drouot Productions (click my name) who I’m hoping are legit, but so far no reason to think otherwise. If I was able to find this place then so will others.

    Would hate to think that bloggers could miss out on tickets, so just giving a heads up 🙂



    [Thanks, Nick. I can’t comment on Gérard Drouot Productions as yet, but confirmed ticket links will be on the site on Wednesday. Your link is provided for those who want to investigate further. – Features Editor]

  45. Just got back from the Mermaid show. Brought back great memories from Chicago. My favorites were his incredible version of The Blue and Wearing the Inside Out with Rick in great voice! I was a little bit let down with David’s Chicago performance of The Blue but he played it flawlessly at the Mermaid. Hope the DVD coming will be just as good. Thanks David for another great performance and show!!

    Dave from Ft. Wayne, IN

  46. I just got back from Regal Cinema’s Mermaid Show in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was awesome. I must have looked like a baby as I began to tear-up when David began to play on stage. I can only imagine how alot of you that actually saw him in person must have felt. “Take a Breath” really translated much better live than on the album. It was by far the best thing I saw. Seeing Rick Wright sing “Wearing the Inside Out” was delightful. The new twist on “Shine On” was great. What a pleasure it was to have had the opportunity to see David play a concert, although at the movie theater, I felt like I was there.

    Will this performance be on DVD or not?

    I appreciate the effort that David and his people have made in showing tons of his fans this performance. This was a great idea and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take it in tonight. Thanks for sharing your music and work with us all David. We here on Earth are much more happier and at peace thanks to your music.

    Brad Fuller
    Fort Wayne, Indiana

  47. Just got back from the Harrisburg, PA showing of the film. What a great way to relive some of the concert magic! (I was fortunate enough to attend the April 4th show at Radio City.) To everyone who made the film possible, and brought it to the U.S. – Thank you!

  48. The movie was great! A marvelous crowd in Atlanta, happy, enthusiastic. Not ONE phone rang during the entire show. A miracle…. When it was over, everyone clapped and yelled, “encore!”

    Thank you, David et al. Amazing.


  49. Enjoyed the Mermaid show at the Regal Cinema very much!! Though there were only about 20-25 people in the audience, they were very quiet and worshipful and only applauded after “Comfortably Numb” if I remember correctly. I saw one Division Bell shirt, one David Gilmour OAI, one DSotM prism and a few others, not counting my Pink Floyd London 1966/1967 shirt. The film itself seemed slightly washed out; not sure it this was due to it being filmed for high definition as opposed to theater release per se. “High Hopes” and “Take A Breath” were fabulous. And no one’s fly was down! Excellent work!

    Would have liked to seen the birthday bit with David blowing out the candles and all that, but I suppose one shouldn’t be greedy, should one?


  50. I just got back from the showing of the Mermaid Concert in Baltimore. “WOW” just doesn’t convey enough… I don’t feel as left out, having missed the New York show, now. I was suprised to find that there were not that many people there. How were the other venues?

    Anyone know if/when this will be a DVD for purchase?

    [You’ll have to ask the BBC. – Features Editor]

  51. I just saw the Mermaid show replay in Ballston, VA. The high-definition footage was great and the band put on a very tight show for a first night performance. The close-up shots of Rick singing were great and Dave’s performace on ‘Shine On’ was particularly touching.

    It’s funny, the crowd tonight was more quiet and respectful than the crowd at the Radio City show. And Dave should know that quite a few people clapped after a few of the songs, even though it was only a movie.

    Thanks for doing this. I hope alot of the people who couldn’t make it to a live show were able to enjoy the replay tonight. Thanks, David.

  52. Hello FEd, David, and others…

    Like Mike from Connecticut, USA, I saw the “Big Screen Concerts” showing of DG Live from the Mermaid Theatre.

    It was a nice opportunity to tap back into that original experience from April 7th @ Radio City Music Hall. (Sorry, no comparison!) Would you believe that there were 4 middle-aged men sitting behind me chatting through a good portion of the event? How unnerving. Aside from that and the quirky marketing scheme…”Big Screen Concerts” identified the theatre as IMAX…it was a normal size screen and the sound was a bit low, hey, I had a great time.

    I was surprised to see how relaxed DG seemed. The Shine On…rendition was priceless. RW was golden and glowing.

    Thanks DG, and thanks FEd for letting me vent.

    Terry H
    New York, NY

  53. I just got back from the Movie here in Chicago.
    Wow, what a great flick.

    It opened with the ‘On an Island’ video, then the interview with David, then the Mermaid concert.
    The clarity of the HD recording was incredible. I was at the show here in Chicago laast month, which was incredible, but it is nice to see them up close now. I hope they include this with the dvd!

    I do love ‘High Hope’ it has always been my favorite since it came out years ago. And with the end as David plays slowly fading out…

    Thank you for putting this movie out!

    So Long for now (or at least until DG heads back to the states for round 2!)

    John P in Chicago

    (hey at least I can dream)

  54. Just got back from the “one night only” Mermaid show in Olathe, KS (suburban Kansas City). Great stuff, needless to say. It brought back happy memories from the April 13 Chicago show. Everyone was in fine form, though I’m sure some will mention that the wrong lyrics were sung at one point in “Shine On.” And I didn’t miss the lasers; the lighting effects were great. (Of course, the music was better!) 🙂

    I liked the opening On An Island video and behind-the-scenes feature every bit as much as the concert itself. The music video/documentary/concert footage combination put me in mind of David’s 1984 “About Face” video (for anyone who hasn’t seen that, track it down!). I hope the extras make it onto the upcoming DVD … who am I kidding, how could they not?

    On a totally unrelated note–did anyone else think Guy Pratt bore more than a passing resemblance to the guy who plays President Logan on “24”? (I guess only American readers will get that reference, and only a percentage of those, LOL!) 🙂

  55. By 4:00pm today, my fiance (Libby) sent me an email commenting on how the day was dragging; I couldn’t agree with her more. By 5pm I was clawing at the walls, but the lure of seeing and hearing David Gilmour’s lullabye hush vocals and searing squeel of his Strat kept me afloat.

    By 7:50pm, I felt renewed. Though my brother in law wasn’t by my side this time, it had felt like a mere month and some odd days had stripped away and I was heading back to see Gilmour in concert – again! The Transit Regal cinema was a buzz with Floydian ecstacy. Gaggles of couples, some in threes, were hanging about outside just before the event. A guy in an old and faded Pink Floyd tour jersey offered to sell me a ticket for the show, but I gratefully declined.

    By the time Libby, Maryann (her work-associate/friend) and I got to our seats, the lights were dimming and the promotional video for On An Island started up. What a great idea, I thought, laying the groundwork for the concert by playing the title track and a quick segment alternating between a relaxed Gilmour giving an interview (in sound bytes) sequeing into a montage of “making of” footage for his latest lp. A perfect teaser to set the pace and atmosphere for the first live performance of said album.

    What was great about seeing this in a theater was the patrons, again like the first night at Massey hall, of all different ages and sizes. Giving it more of a “concert” experience, small groups would cheer, some would clap, all in the true spirit of things. The last time I had attended a similar event was during the unveiling of the (then) recently upgraded Murray Lerner masterpiece- Listening to You – The Who live at the Isle of Wight. The only difference was that the theater management got it right this time, in sound and picture!

    Now, let me just get this out of the way (hopefully not to a hail of bullets from you fellow bloggers who’ve made it thus far without wanting to put a bullet into your own skull!). The transition of rendering the original netcast of this Mermaid footage from Pal format to NTSC, blowing it up onto a much bigger screen, revealed the typical artifacts you’d otherwise notice if only looking for them; stairstepping/interlace issues upon camera movement; an odd greyish “cast” to the images; over attenutation of lighting – most notably with the use of blue and red spots during the performance. Having said that, trust me, this viewing experience was a pure 10 out of 10!!!

    The camera work sidestepped the kinds of Mtv pitfalls that would have normally taken away from important emphasis (i.e. watching Gilmour carefully double bending during a solo versus a long, drawn out shot of the audience staring in absolute wonderment and awe). The cuts were fluid, and seemed to be in cadence with the music which tended to add to the musical tension on stage. The sound was perfect and loud enough to not shatter ear drums. Dave’s playing… ahhh what can I say? Considering the pressure the poor bugger must have been under with the maiden voyage of this new group, let alone new album (!), David and Co. performed admirably well! I realized during certain portions of the show that some “shaky bits” originally aired without censor during the first internet broadcast were cleaned up, most notably parts of Blue and Wish You Were Here. Hell, I’ll admit, I’m spoiled and am a perfectionist when it comes to Gilmour/Floyd; the edits were spot on and truly seemless. Finally, the inclusion of High Hopes as the pentultimate song was a clincher for me. At long last I could enjoy that wonderfully sincere acoustic playing that was all but snuffed out amidst wild ballyhooing and much clapter at the aforementioned Massey Hall show (1st night).

    After having seen Mr Gilmour front and center on April 9th, then again being allowed to relive that experience through this wonderful film (hopefully to become a DVD at some point in time??? Please?????)I can once again say how truly priviledged I am to be a Gilmour fan.

    Consider this a titanic teaser for the much anticipated Royal Albert Hall DVD to come out later this year.

    Cheers (and thanks for reading),

  56. Was Russia ever considered on David’s tours?

    [Many places were considered. – Features Editor]

  57. Hi,

    Just wanted to post some U.S. feedback on David’s one night engagement at the Regal Cinemas.

    The first time I saw Pink Floyd was in 1977 in New York City. The Animals Tour changed my priorities in life, and I’ve stayed current with ALL activities related to the band members.

    I was lucky enough to see David et al at New York City (6th Row) and Chicago (2nd Row) – both shows were in April, 2006.

    My first reaction to the Cinema showing was that the sound quality was incredibly sharp. The video was very nice as well, because I saw things (different camera angles) in the movie that I did not see at either live show. The material, flow and genuine persona of David and the contributing cast was humbling. (How can such great musicians be so cool and relaxed?)


  58. Well…I just returned from the Concert Movie, shown in the Tampa, Florida area, as well as around the states. And I must say, David, thank you for the opportunity to see your show! The concert movie shot at the Mermaid Theatre in London was attended by about 200 people, who saw David and the ensemble in a more intimate setting, and heard tunes old and new reinterpreted in fresh ways. I don’t know if this blog plans a page devoted to the “moviegoers” – but you should. It was a very cool time for us stateside fans.

  59. Just back from the Mermaid show in the cinema in New Rochelle, NY. Incredible stuff, and beautifully filmed. High Hopes was a particular highlight, as was Wearing the Inside Out…though it all was excellent. Very interesting to see the band fresh out of rehersals. Thank you for another wonderful evening.

  60. Mermaid Theatre – 7th March, 2006 – – via our local movie house in suburban Chicago, IL. Quite interesting to see how the band started out on this great tour. Quite a good performance too! Particularly the version of Shine On You Crazy Diamond (!!) – – perhaps the greatest reading of the song I have ever enjoyed! Love David’s new arrangement for that one. Beautiful. Thanks for the Mermaid gig playing here in the USA. Was icing on top of icing. Who can get enough though…?

  61. ok…..just got home from the dG Big Mermaid Video playing at various theaters here in the USA.

    1st off let me say it was GREAT and I was as entertained as I was in NYC on the 4th. I even had stupid talking nutsacs sitting behind me like I did at the RCMH. At one point a friend offered to hold a cell phone up in front of me to block the view.

    I loved the show and it was great listening to David and Band on everything! Even the part on SOYCD where he plays a few licks different. And we had a good laugh about the missfire on the fog machine. I have to add that the audience there looks about as spodie odie as the audiences here on this side of the pond. Haha Guy was great too but I am wondering how many miles he has logged on that shirt. Is this why Gilmour is moving to an outdoor venue? A bit ripe? Plus, I really dig his upright bass..good sound.

    Now…here is my only gripe.

    I was 99.9999% sure this was advertised as an IMAX deal. Everything I read prior to being there indicated it was to be “on the big screen”.

    On the main site for this deal they had a link listing all the IMAX theaters where it would be.
    I had family and friends drive here from other cities because we understood it was an IMAX showing. Wrong. Cheated. Small Screen. OK sound system. I may not hear the end of this for a while though so I plan to write to Regal Theaters to complain.

    All in all though, I am grateful for the chance to see this concert again…can’t wait for the Dvd and other stuff to be released. Thx g.

    Oh yeah, one more thing about the Mermaid audience…they seemed very polite. How nice.

  62. Just got back from the theatre. It was a really great show. Far to short through. I talked to a lot of people at the theatre. I must say, I’ve never talked to a Gilmour “buff” who didn’t seem like a cool person. You attract a good kind of person, David.


  63. I just saw the Mermaid show in Phoenix, Arizona. Since I actually saw the real show live in Chicago, it of course didn’t measure up to the live show, but was still good! I was surprised though that the theatre did not have better sound quality or even turn the music up for a concert movie! It is interesting to see a London show after seeing a USA show. I think the USA crowd has a rowdier crowd. Anyway, keep up the good work and I will be looking forward to more good music!

  64. hello,

    Please, where are the dates on official site?
    It’s writen “all concerts in Europe are sold out”
    Dear Fed ??? What are you doing ?

    Cheers and SOY

    [I’m shaking my head. I don’t write the News and that’s where the dates are: They were probably hidden by the reminder to US fans (that they could see the Mermaid show at the cinema last night). You should be able to see them now and I’m sure they will be added to the Live Dates page soon. – Features Editor]

  65. Well I must say that I envy those who saw David live at the Mermaid in London. The movie of that show was great. I was curious to know if people clap at movies in England. Alot of people started cheering during the part where Richard Wright was introduced and that was cool to see. I didn’t realize, until after seeing the movie, how good a bass player Guy Pratt is and how much volume he adds to the tunes. That particular version of Shine On was my favorite so far, I think and I was really happy that they played Wearing the Inside Out and the other Division Bell classic High Hopes. I could tell that the On the Island tunes had an added extra dimension when heard live. It was a great picture and it wasn’t too long. In fact, I could’ve sat there another thirty minutes to hear Echoes and maybe Wish You Were Here. Also, Polly is one fine looking lady and I wish they would have shown more of her! I’m Glad and grateful that the movie was released and I didn’t mind when the various yahoos started screaming at the screen as if it were a live event. In fact I myself could be heard clapping at the end.

  66. I live about 8 km from Venice, i saw David in Milano 2 times…..

    Do you want to make me cry ??????

    Thank you David, thank you again !


  67. Just got home from the Mermaid show, finaly a well behaved crowd…everybody in Scottsdale Arizona loved it! Tell the band they go well with a bucket of popcorn and a soda.

    It did remind me, in spite of the distraction in Universal City, of just how delighted I was with this Tour. The film came out great, I was wondering how you would capture all the effects. I take alot of pictures myself and simply loved the raw footage…it realy made me feel like I was on stage, great angles, good editing (was pieced together well). I also liked seeing the close ups of all the stage “goodies” ~ great guitar Phil, nice shirt too, Davids guitar pics…just how many pics and drum sticks are tossed out a night anyway? The boys sounded sharp, and David realy got in a groove early on, and kept a hell of a show going.

    If you read this David, I do want to Thank You, Polly, the band, and everyone else that made this all possible.

    For those of you getting another chance to see a show, be happy… very happy, your in for a treat. I can’t wait to hear about them.

  68. Hi, Fed, could you tell our friends tickets are now on sale for the théâtre antique de Vienne (France) on the same official site as for Paris on march. I think they will be quickly sold !

    Thank you.

    [You just did it. Thank you! Please note that confirmed ticket links for all authorised sellers will be on the site later today. – Features Editor]

  69. Nice photo of St Marks Square, think I can see an outline of two eyes and a mouth, can I? Maybe its a herd of wilderbeasts!!!

    Good feedback Fed on my last post, all points taken on board.

    Plans to Glasgow on schedule with train tickets booked, nearly as “cheap” as DG ticket.Add another £50 to get to Inverness. Hence this concert will be an experience and not just a few hours of entertainment in Town.

    Loved interview in Evening Standard, David you CAN write about emotions but we dony have to see them.

    Ian Pearson

  70. Hello Dear F.ed

    I was just thinking.

    No chance to have the Mermaid Show in the french cinema anyway in a close future ?

    [I don’t think there are any plans to, but it would be nice, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

  71. This news (especially Venice) rocks. It would be great if the concert would be broadcast somewhere (afterwards)… Or maybe for the DVD???

  72. Had a perfect blast at the Mermaid show – what excellent photography, sound quality, and of course the performance was amazing to see so up close and personal.

    I look forward to the DVD which I’m sure will have a lengthier, more representative length of an actual concert.

    I imagine the shortened movie version was to foil piraters and/or buy time for editing special features (a girl can hope).

  73. Wow, 17 years after Pink Floyd in Venice, David and Rick’s return to the magic St. Mark Square! Hey, it’s going to be an incredible event this summer in Italy… I’m looking forward to be a part of this dream.


  74. St Mark’s Square in venice: The best place in the world to see David and the band performing Echoes!


  75. Everything about our man is out there at the moment. I have just watched a video of David playing Purple Rain with Tom Jones. The guitar solo is absolutely priceless. Wonderful!

  76. Happy Wednesday,

    Firstly apologies to Ian Pearson. I will, in future, keep the footy chat down. As the Fed says though, once it is in the blood……

    The Fed also said to let you know how we got on in our cup final last night. Well we won 2-0. And I have a little medal given to me. On Sunday I play at the Ricoh in Coventry. But dont go thinking you have a Reina or Dudek (I play in goal) at this keyboard. I do an easy job in a very good team of young lads. A lot of local business’s put sponsership into the stadium and this is a ‘prawn sandwich brigade day out’. I work for one of those companys and, between us, we have been playing in various tournaments for the right to be part of their entertainment. But dont get me wrong though. I am very pleased to have the opportunity.

    I am pleased for the Italians having seen that David has announced more dates. They are tempting and I have not booked a holiday yet apart from Porthmadog straight after the RAH show.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Nice one, Pete. Glad to hear that you won. Good luck on Sunday. Keep us posted. – Features Editor]

  77. Can I suggest that David come down to Australia this (southern) Summer? He could perform outdoors at some of our magnificent wineries and catch some Ashes cricket during the same trip.

    We’ve missed out for far too long.

  78. I`ve got very good tickets for Munich!

    I`m the luckiest person in space today.

    Thanks a lot for this informative blog with that sense of humor I love.

    Without this blog I`ve never know about this concert.

    See ya all at munich.

    P.S.: Sorry for my funny english, I`ll do my best.

    [Good for you, Jenny! I’m pleased for you (and I’m sure that no one here has any trouble with your English). Have an excellent time and do tell us all about it. – Features Editor]

  79. Still holding out for pompeii!!!!

    or preferably hyde park as it would save me a clean fortune in travel but i’m guessing that its all booked up this summer…

    still ain’t it awesome that DG is doing more shows. I bet he will bring down all the roofs 🙂

    Yes i did that on purpose sry!!

  80. Caption: after his rendition of Hushaby Mountain, David Asks Polly if it would be ok to do a little number from Mary Poppins.

    are umbrellas provided during the performance?, one in the eye is supposed to be good luck is n’t it.

    [I almost got a flag pole in my eye the other day. – Features Editor]

  81. Tonight, I relived two of the greatest concerts I have ever seen in the comfort of my local movie theater.

    I had forgotten just how cool Mr. Pratt’s electric upright bass was. The ending to High Hopes was simply amazing, the switch between the beautiful slide solo to the nylon guitar was really emotionally charged. I loved how there were so many up close shots of Mr. guitar god Gilmour in action. The apparant ease and the swift dexterity of his hands (which simply work magic) really impressed me, and brought a whole new appreciation for the solo from Castellorizon and that 2nd solo from On an Island…wow…just…wow. Those will be the next two solos I’m going to learn, they are so emotionally laden, simply magnificent. I really think those two solos are some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever heard from Mr. Gilmour. And I really enjoyed seeing Mr. Wright rock out during Take A Breath!

    OK, I think I’ve already made this comment a bit too long. Floyd or no Floyd, I really hope that Mr. Gilmour will continue to make more music.

    Thanks again for the memories.


  82. Hope Ed doesn’t mind:


    originally set for release last December, will now hit stores June 27, according to Columbia Records.

    pinch me

    [We can’t vouch for this, but I want to see this DVD in the shops as much as the rest of you. Just don’t pick on me if it turns out to be another failed deadline! – Features Editor]

  83. The Mermaid show was really very good, if too short. David and friends seemed cheerful and confident with material they were presenting for the first time. My fave of the night was “Take a Breath” which sounded like a sudden burst of thunder on a lazy Sunday afternoon (surprising and different). ALso I liked the very different rendition of “Wish You Were Here.”

    Sadly, there weren’t very many people in the theater with me (maybe around forty or fifty people) and the woman I was with disliked the show. You cannot please everyone. I think some people have an idea of what Floyd or its members should sound like, and David dares to sound like David, so people pre-judge themselves out of enjoying the music in its own right.

    Overall rating of the film: great music, should ahve been longer. Thanks for making it available for poor sods like me who couldn’t get out to see David in concert.

  84. I wonder why isn’t Gilmour doing any show in Spain. I think he’s visiting almost every country in Europe except Spain. There are lots of fans here.

    Please come to Spain! You are welcomed here.

  85. Went to the Mermaid show yesterday. What a great concert that was! I even won one of the posters the radio station was giving away. Everyone in Buffalo was really excited at the theater because they clapped after every song. I can’t wait to see the dvd of the RAH show when it comes out.

    Thanks to David & Co. for another great night!

  86. Frank!!!

    Your snooker matches take a long time!!!! A week! 🙂

  87. CAPTION:” Has our hero joined forces with another band ? A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS!!.

    They are pigeons of course but hey poetic licence …

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  88. Vicky

    Thanks for passing on the bad news about ‘Later….’ c’est la vie. I had my bit of good fortune when I saw the Mermaid show so I have no right to complain….unbelievably bad timing though!!

    [Sorry to hear it, Neil. Hard luck. – Features Editor]

  89. Hey To All You Gilmour-Floyd Fans, Buffs, Enthusiasts and so on,

    Radio Program “Floydian Slip” is reporting June 27 as the release date of the new Pulse DVD. Their source is Billboard Magazine.

    This is shaping up to be a great summer!

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

    [Please don’t ask us if it’s true or not, because it’s nothing to do with us. As a fan who wants to see this wonderful concert on DVD as much as the next person, I’m happy to let you pass the news on, but please be aware that it could turn out to be yet another false hope. – Features Editor]

  90. hey the tickets for france are already for sale!!! Get on them people!

    [A confirmed list of all our authorised ticket sellers will be on the site in an hour or two. Ripper’s link is provided for those who want to investigate further, so please click his name below. – Features Editor]

  91. The day after the Mermaid theater showings, and I am still smiling….OH it would be so great if they did this with all the concerts….Richard and David (and everyone) sounded amazing, and loved seeing how well everyone worked together, you could tell they were doing what they loved. Guy Pratt was very…bouncy lol and fun to watch. Great crowd at the theater, no phones or talking during the show, and the theater seemed to up the volume from a regular movie showing a bit 🙂 Publicity could have been better – a local radio station actually said this would be a showing of the New York concert. I don’t recall if I heard this advertised as IMAX or not, but that would have been something if it were!

    Thanks so much to everyone who made this possible!

    Sharon, from Cloud 9

  92. Hello guys!

    I look that the news’ tour dates shake us a lot! Like BEES bzzzzzzz! A lot of us in high spirits, someone stree (like me!), someone disappoint because David is not to going in their Country. To this last category of friends I say: It’s august! If you can, take some days of holiday and come in Florence or Venice to see David. This is a FANTASTIC combination of 3 good elements: David, holidays, Italy! And don’t forget italian cooking (don’t tell this to Michéle, but ours is much better than French cooking…and even if David prefers Polly’s cooking…is because I’m sure that Polly cooks him a good plate of pasta!!!).

    And…FEd, I agree with you. I should buy the tickets and keep my fingers crossed!!! Pray for me!


    LAURIE!!! Are you reading Polly’s book? I hope you’re loving it…but above all, I hope I hope you’re spending beautiful moments with your father…have a good day!

    [Good for you, Lucia. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope the dates work out fine. – Features Editor]

  93. it’s great to hear there are new dates for this summer.

    is there any plans for greece??

    there are many great places where David can play here, like the ancient theatre of Irodou tou attikou (i don’t know how you call it…it’s the theatre right down of the Acropolis in Athens)

    it would be like a dream come true..

  94. nice turnout for the movie last night in buffalo.probably %90 full in 400 seat auditorium. there was applause after every song, and no cell phones rang. my favorite parts were the close ups of Daves playing.Nobody on earth can stretch strings like David. Reminded me of spare digits from meltdown.. a great time for all..

  95. David…please…Come to are the best guitar player in the world

  96. [Regular pleading from the Fan Fare pages has obviously paid off,…]

    What this F’ed. pleading works for adding more shows? It can’t be that easy!..So here is my plea from a David Gilmour “BUFF”..Revisit the US in stealth mode (Intimate venues/gardens, assumed names, quaint bed and breakfast lodgings a short drive from NYC, and private car service from JFK (in a highly stealthy Minivan..hmm I can help here).

    Knowing that the tour is winding down and it has been a hectic few months (and hopefully a great one for everyone involved), defer the visit if you must until the next business/family trip. Bring the band or just bring the acoustic…it doesn’t matter…just come back someday?

    Suggested Stealth Band Names
    -Return of the Black Knight
    -Laser Fun Night
    -Thanks To Polly
    -Guys with Guitars (of course, Guy P. should come along for this show)
    -Aire Supply (That will keep the crowd down)

    Rudders and the Gang-Other names? You folks are the creative ones..clearly I am not!

    [Hey, that was good! But just in case anyone without a sense of humour is wondering… No, nagging doesn’t guarantee results. That was just irresponsible writing on SNEd’s part. “Regular pleading” doesn’t work, sorry. – Features Editor]

  97. We are very lucky to be on track again after very fine concerts in 11.03.Hamburg & 19.03.Amsterdam will see the band in Munich, 29.07.06 again..

    Thanks David & all Bandmembers

  98. Went to see the Mermaid Show last night at a theater in Branford Connecticut. Nice big screen, sound was loud and clear. David’s guitars got right inside me again. I was just starting to come down from my Radio City concert high. This brought me right back up again.

    As I was driving home I was thinking, “How could Roger ever have thought that Pink Floyd was all about him?” I know this is a taboo subject, but I just can’t help myself. When you see and hear David play, you know you are in the presence of a person with very special gifts. You can’t help being drawn in to his music.

    Sorry for the rule breach.


    Mike from Connecticut

    PS – Would the 9 songs from the Mermaid Show make a nice little CD?

  99. Hello folks!

    I must agree, Glasgow shall be a mighty gig. Michael and Louise, I hope you enjoy your visit to Glasgow, should be a great time. I would advise a trip to a little-known cafe called ‘Tchai-Ovna’ located in the West End (I believe it’s down a lane just off Great Western Road). Been there once and the odd food was nice and the poeple were great, everybody was smoking flavoured tobacco through shisha’s, although now that there are laws banning smoking in public places in Scotland it may not still be the case.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d have a general muse on members of the band as I’m starting to get quite excited for next Saturday. David and Rick must be looking forward to playing more gigs after the break, especially as it is a special tour and they have been playing together for so long!! Looking forward to Rick’s album and it would have been nice to see him and David play Dark Side at Magny-Cours or Hyde Park, but I’m sure they’ve given us enough recently!

    Steve DiStanislao – I have never heard anything he has played on before, but I enjoyed hearing him in Amsterdam, solid and depandable and looked to be really enjoying himself on the AOL sessions.

    Phil Manzanera – What a life it is when David Gilmour is your neighbour and you can casually help him with the new album and then go on tour around beautiful places throughout the world. His Roxy music stuff is just out of this world. You can just see he is enjoying this lower-key tour very much so. His efforts, especially acoustic, are much appreciated.

    Jon Carin – What can I say? The most trusted Floyd (and my favourite) collaborator! Two complete Floyd tours, two ultra-albums, and the man so trusted that he tours multiple times with both David Gilmour and Roger Waters, even in the same year! Excellent

    Guy Pratt – Check that, Guy is also my favourite. Now I can’t decide. Anyway, where would they now be without ‘young’ Guy holding the reins of the instrument previously filled by Roger? What a place to fill, and how well he has stepped in too. Reverently homaging the basslines of the past, while maintaining a more then strong anchor for Floyd and Gilmour of the future. Well done, your style is most excellent and I couldn’t imagine it without you. C’mon the P-bass!

    Thanks for listening folks,

    P.S Three Cheers for Scottish football second division team Gretna who battled all the way fairytale style to the final of the Scottish cup, nearly usurping Premier league 2nd place Hearts in their quest for the tournament, only to be put out in penalties!

    [Absolutely! Fairytale stuff. – Features Editor]

  100. well, well….i was fortunate to take in the mermaid show in bel air, md last night, but i was even more fortunate to catch the live show in nyc…my fiance is a HUGE fan and he has spent the last 8 years educating me in the “dave” department and i must say he has showed me the light…however after seeing dave and company with my own 2 eyes in person and last evening on the big screen, i too consider myself a HUGE fan…thanks dave for memories i will take to my grave and beyond…

    ps. i love to watch your fingers!

  101. Hello!

    I’m jealous reading about the Mermaid concert. I hope that some Canadian distributor picks up the concert too!

    I see someone got Munich tickets. I didn’t even know that they were on sale yet. There is nothing about it on the live dates section yet? Where are they being sold?

    FED: A linesman was photographed wearing a Barcelona shirt? What was he thinking? Yikes!
    Good Luck today! My fingers are crossed for Arsenal.

    On a sad note, I just heard that a celebrity couple (ie former Beatle) is separating due to “the daily pressures surrounding” them.
    That’s really too bad. I hope all the best for David and Polly. I don’t worry about them because they seem really grounded and they really focus on their family life. (Although I’ve heard that the tabloids are really over the top in the U.K.)

    [A confirmed list of authorised ticket sellers will be on the site shortly, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  102. -Lucia, you will not have “the last word” about the best cooking, come in France, see or rather taste…

    I do hope you will attend your David’s concert in Italy despite the problems…

    -Ikkar, to replace “fan”, no, no, no “zélateur”, too snobbish and and with a religious connection I think, no. I suggest “chouchou”, a friendly and funny french word which means something like : favourite, prefered, beloved…

    Fed, “chouchou” sounds very nice, doesn’t it ?


    [Sounds great! – Features Editor]

  103. I was a tad letdown by the Mermaid movie…not by the movie itself, but by the cinema (Beavercreek, Ohio). First off, the video for “On An Island” came on without any sound. They only restored the sound halfway through the song, and without going back and playing it again. Secondly, the music itself, while very crisp and clear sounding, was a bit “thin” on the bass end, and the volume in the theater was *way* too low. They should have upped it, especially for a concert film.

    Other than that, we really, really enjoyed the performance. We had an extra ticket at the last minute and took my mom. I expected her to be pretty lukewarm to it all, but she really loved it!

    Yeah…I think they used a bit too much of the artificial fog during “Shine On.” LOL.

    Anyone else catch the show in Beavercreek last night? Curious to hear your take.

  104. How about an australian leg of the tour? theres gilmour fans here to, Come on david, i will attend if not anyone else. 🙂

  105. David,

    I’m waiting for you in my city, Florence…! (Firenze!)

    Don’t let me down..I’m sure you won’t!


  106. Hi all,

    went to see the Regal cinema showing of the Mermaid gig last night in San Diego. I thoroughly enjoyed it in spite of the theater. It played in a very small theater and the sound was pretty bad. I went with a couple of friends and insisted we get there early to get good seats- I payed for it the whole night as we got there about a half hour early and joined the 7 or 8 people already there. If 20 people ended up in there I’d be surprised. The performance was excellent, especially in light of the fact it was the first outing before the tour began. Shine on was definitely the highlight for me, as was the acoustic guitar outro to High Hopes (heard it way better than at the Gibson). I understand what others meant about David being shrouded in smoke. Good thing they got that worked out fast! All in all a great experience… though it just wet my appetite for the forthcoming DVD!


  107. Just got word today that Pulse DVD is slated for release on June 27. Extra goodies included, but I’ll leave that for you Fed, to post. I would like to say THANK YOU to Richard for continueing the tour. We have the Gilmour and Wright Shuffle to admire once again. Roofer, maybe a match in the future?

    [It’s nothing to do with us, mate. I don’t think we’ll even be mentioning it, so feel free to share the extras as you wish. – Features Editor]

  108. Good Morning! I went with my wife to see the Mermaid Theater film in Nashville last night, driving in a pouring rain part of the way. To echo most of the comments that I’ve read on the site today, the film was excellent and done very well. You could actually study how David was getting some of the guitar effects he used and how he plays. The sound system in the theater could have been a bit better as I strained to hear Phil Manzanera and Richard Wright in places and the mix had a bit too much on the high end. I don’t know if that problem lay in the mix or in the theater but the feed from the BBC broadcast had a better mix and was more balanced. All in all it was a good show and happily not one phone rang during the film. Bravo Nashville! My only regret about the film–I MISS THE PIG!!!

    [That’s no way to talk about Roger, Michael. Or did you mean Nick? No wait, the inflatable pig. I’m with you. – Features Editor]

  109. Still basking in the glow of the Mermaid show last night. As others have said — it was fabulous! I found “High Hopes” very moving and thoroughly enjoyed the documentary footage shown at the beginning. There are wonderful camera angles in the footage — most notably on “Wearing The Inside Out.” As always, a real bonus is getting to talk to fellow fans at the show!

    Sending good thoughts to Lucia — I’m sure everything will work out!

    Go Arsenal!


  110. I saw the Mermaid concert at the movie theater here in Austin, TX last night. I thought it was great! Seeing Mr. Gilmour perform The Blue gave me a new appreciation of the guitar work on that track – very impressive! And I loved loved LOVED this version of Shine On when it was just David playing and singing. It would be great if he tried this format with other songs.

    I’ve seen references that this was filmed in hi-def, but I have to say the picture quality when projected on the screen was not steller, although certainly good enough.

    Since this was the very start of the tour, I expected David’s voice to be a little rough, but was pleasently surprised that the vocals were very very good. Almost made me think there may have been some post dubbing that had been done. 🙂

    I want to close by thanking Mr. Gilmour and everyone involved in making this film available to us. It was added work on top of a busy tour schedule, but please know that this fan is immensely grateful.

  111. Oh….one more thing about my Mermaid movie experience. It was like a Fellini moment…..

    After the movie ended I sat there and watched all the credits roll to the end. (something I never do) I stood up and walked to the exit when I noticed that “Everyone” was still in their seats staring at a blank screen.

    You could hear a pin drop..when my kid said, “what is everyone waiting on”?

    A little voice from somewhere peeped: “the encore”

    Thats when I starting laughing and said “its over folks” “this was only a movie”.

    With that the crowd came around from their dazed state and started leaving. hahaha what a riot.

  112. Does David have any plans to return to the UK for more shows in the summer? I know many people who didn’t get the chance to get tickets for Manchester or London, though I’ll be in London watching on 29th May – WOO!

    Any chance of Mr G. adding ON THE TURNING AWAY to the set?

    [Well, seeing as he keeps up-to-date with the comments, maybe he’s read your 1,001 requests for ‘On The Turning Away’ and thinks “No bloody chance!” I know I would. – Features Editor]

  113. [Anyone else catch the show in Beavercreek last night? Curious to hear your take.]

    haha, I thought the Irish were bad with a town called ‘Muff’

    Any Irish bloggers a member of their diving team?

  114. I saw the Mermaid concert movie last night in Austin. There was excellent sound in our theater…sorry to hear it wasn’t the same in Beavercreek, Ryan. I am so glad to have been able to get a larger concert like experience (since I was not able to attend the live show) instead of just having to see a version on my computer or tv.

    I LOVED it! My audiophile-too-cool-for-most-music boyfriend loved it too.

    David you are an incredible artist. Thank you.

  115. Hi, thanks for the information about italian concerts. That is really great.

    But since everyone writes english (and I do) I take this occasion to make an ITALIAN LESSON N°1 to all of you who don’t know my language.

    In the news section you referred to the Florence square as to Piazza San Croce.

    The correct name is Piazza Santa Croce. (in english: holy cross sqaure). Since the Cross (croce) in italian is feminine, the adjective must be feminine (santa). In the case of Venice, Marco is a male saint and he wants the male adjective: santo which can be abbreviated in San.

    End of ITALIAN LESSON N°1. 😉


    [We do apologise. I will make sure that this is changed at once. – Features Editor]

  116. I know the new tour dates have just been released, but I was wondering if there is any news as to the setlist. Will it stay the same?


    [Pass. – Features Editor]

  117. Saw the Mermaid show last night in Bel Air, MD too! Hi Christie…

    Everything was great…the sound was a little “toppy” (too much high end) as David would say, but all in all it was great to see it on the big screen and hear it loud.

    I went to the RCMH in April, and it was great to re-live the experience again.

    This entire album has been on a continuous loop in my head since March 7th…it just won’t stop!!!! (and I don’t want it to)

    Cheers one and all…cna’t wait for the DVD.


  118. Ha! I had almost forgotten. Just like “alternate gilmour,” stated, everyone in our theater just stayed seated throughout the course of the credits, as though waiting for a bonus scene. Not a single person got up! 🙂

    That’s another theater flub I forgot to mention: they NEVER turned the house lights back on at the very end, even after all the credits had scrolled. We had to stumble out in the near dark.

    Did anyone else’s local radio station set up camp outside the theater? Dayton station WTUE was there running a promotional contest to win a guitar (not sure if signed by Dave or not, don’t think it was) or a number of OAI movie posters. I didn’t hear anything today, so I guess I didn’t win one. Oh well.

  119. After Sam Brown in the Paris show, wouldn’t be wonderful see again Rachel Fury singing “Great Gig” in piazza San Marco?

  120. Hi David, hi FED, hi everyone,

    what amazing places for the gigs.

    David, you know how to make your fan happy.
    Thanks for coming, you are very very welcome again in Italy.


  121. Coming back to life! I mean my real life, after vacation it is good to find all my friends, my house , my cats and of course you, people on this blog. I am happy to read you again and again… And my dear f.é. hope you still enjoy your fabulous work that you do so beautifully. Are you going to have some vacation soon. I feel so great, Mickey was cute and Cinderella…no words to describe.I miss David s music so much so today, i have listened his songs all day long. With this rain… Bisous xxx

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [Sometimes this job is like a vacation, Sylvie. Not very often, but sometimes! It’s good to have you back. – Features Editor]

  122. Well, I have to tell you, FED, last night’s viewing of OAI in our theater here in Ft. Lauderdale was DEAFINITELY FANTASTIC !!!. The theater was pretty much packed. The only seats available were the ones closest to the screen.

    The sound was exemplary. Most everyone was quiet & circumspect. There were a couple of exceptions. Want to take a guess ? Yes, it was inconsiderate naffers with their bloody cell phones ! Oh, plus my guest began to sing along to ‘Comfortably Numb’. Nobody else did And with a quick shush from me, he stopped. All in all it was magical.

    Guy, as I was reminded from somebody’s post way back, was very much “The Energizer Bunny”. I had to smile. Phil was great as such a pro he is. He didn’t miss a beat. And ‘Wearing the Inside Out’…well, what can I say…okay, how about, WOW !! Rick sounded real good on ‘CN’ and ‘WTIO’.

    It was a little surreal.

    Jon Cari, IMHO, proves himself to be quite the talent. He’s “right for the part”. : )

    And Steve D., all I can say is is that I would like to see more of him. Very good.

    And now on to the prolific Guitar God himself. Beautiful !!!!! I have been smiling all day. It’s funny, people looking at me, like “What is he ON ?” I have had the biggest s***eating grin on my face. My facial muscles are getting tight !

    Oh, I am so not worthy of seeing him for 3 nights!!! After the that last note resonates that night Wednesday, the 31st in RAH…

    My head just might possibly explode “a la Scanners” fashion.

    I’m also reverting back to my computer nick of Rabid Soul ! God, I’m rabid with adorement for Gilmour and his music !! I am out for now.

    Cazart !

  123. I am echoing Vince’s comment – IT IS WORTH ringing the Royal Albert Hall. I was ringing daily, sometimes twice daily, for a ticket. 3 weeks ago I managed to get 1 ticket for the 31st May and I have just got a ticket in a box, for 30th May. Now I just need one for Monday and I can see all 3 shows!!!

    Call me a nut, but I have been a fan since 1973 when I first heard DSOTM – it blew me away and it still does.

    So guys, call every day, it really is worth it.
    I am now a very happy fan, as I thought I would never get a ticket.

  124. A Small group of friends went to see the Gilmour viewing at the Discover Mills movie theatre just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. We also saw David live in Chicago. Our friends that tagged along at the theatre missed the live show. I thought the show was well layed out. Was a bit short though. We partied in the parking deck before the show. All in all a good night for a tuesday. Thanks David for allowing others to see your live performance on the big screen..

  125. Hi All,

    I saw the show via the beebs internet broadcast, and let all who’d listen know how fabulous it was. When it was announced it would play in the states at selected theatres I e’d my son and suggested he take his bride (she’s a fan of David’s, too). Well, just heard back from them, she said Thank You! and he said it was fantastic. Putting it in cinemas was a great idea, so thanks to whomever thought of it!


  126. Dear Fed,

    Hope you are are well. I am going to Venice, of course. According to a local news paper, the concert will be only acoustic and without laser or light show. Can you please address this issue?
    Hope it is not true and we can have a full show. Thank you in advance.

    Secondary, should David and the band need a reliable guide to the nord of Italy, (August is quite desert in Italy) i can do that for free, of course. – I don’t need a signature! (well, it is nice to have a dream….)

    Thank you for all you are doing….

    [You know more about the summer shows than I do! I’m sure the details will be announced soon. Have a wonderful time in Venice, mate. – Features Editor]

  127. Good morning to all

    Please, can you tell: is the schedule of this year’s concerts with this six “new” concerts complete for this summer or year? (“The schedule is now:…” ) Isn’t there any chance for a concert in the Czech republic in the near future?

    I apologise for this question, but now it is the highest time to arrange the tickets to Austria or Germany and probably many people here in the Czech republic would prefer to enjoy this beautiful event in our country, if we know if some concert here is considered. It is hard to decide now.

    Thank you for all good news.

    [I’m afraid I can’t say just yet, Šárka. – Features Editor]

  128. [haha, I thought the Irish were bad with a town called ‘Muff’

    Any Irish bloggers a member of their diving team?]

    Posted by: Anon. at May 17, 2006 04:04 PM

    HMMMMMM Well in about two weeks I shall be between the 1st and 2nd leg of this great tour .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Close to Muff , Dublin )

    [Easy! – Features Editor]

  129. GRANDIOSO!!!

    and what about ONE OF THESE DAYS???


    Venezia loves you

  130. the Mermaid concert flick was great! i loved David’s relaxed rapport with his audience. smiles and grins! that made the film seem more intimate than the RCMH show. ok we’ll take jetlag into account, and much more tech prep for RCMH – still, the Mermaid concert was like listening to him play in my living room. aaah.

    LUCIA! you crazy person! BUY THE TICKETS. if you can’t go, it is very satisfying to sell them to someone like Angelo, and make a new friend very happy! i’m sorry to say i have not found time to read in the past two weeks; things are not good. but as soon as i have some free time, i will finish it because it is a great book! you must visit the USA and stay with me someday; we would have a lot of fun.

    FEd, when deborah told me she wrote you in Yiddish, i laughed SO hard…

    also, did no one else hear the Dr Who theme in ‘Careful with that Axe”? ach, more hallucinations… i’ll get me coat…


  131. “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” – the one on Delicate Sound of Thunder.

    tell me it’s not the Tourette’s again…

    – – kidding!


  132. Just got my tickets for David at castle clam in row 1 – I’m so happy to see him one more time this year. I’ve already been to Frankfurts Alte Oper in March and it was brilliant. I also Would like to see Polly again somewhere taking photographs…or maybe on stage this time…

    Anyway, thanks to FEd – you’re doing a great job here! I’ve got a question: Do you know if David will sing together with Kate Bush on one of the dates. Are they in contact with each other?

    [These things are almost always surprises, so you’ll just have to wait and see. Enjoy the Clam Castle show. – Features Editor]

  133. Hi Fed,

    what’s wrong?

    No tickets on sale nor any sort of warnings on

    Instead we’ve got a lot of rumours (from Venice sources) sayng that there will be no more shows in Venice!

    Tell us something, please 🙂

    Thank you very much

    [I’m waiting for an answer to this and will let you know as soon as we get one. Did you call the box office and ask them? – Features Editor]

  134. hi Dave! I heard you would have some trouble in Venice! What about Turin, the Olympic City? We have many wonderful place to play in! You would be impressed by this wonderful City and ev’rythin else around Piedmont!

    Mind us!

  135. “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” – the one on Delicate Sound of Thunder.

    tell me it’s not the Tourette’s again…

    – – kidding!


    Posted by: laurie at May 19, 2006 12:47 AM

    “Careful with that sax Scott ” is a better song on DSOT. “One of these days” I’ll think of a good pun ……………….

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  136. Just to let you know that tickets for the Italian shows in Florence and Venice are neither avaliable nor available yet trought TICKETONE, as written on the Live Dates section.

    Apparently some problems with the venues have occured at the moment.

    [That is very annoying. Please accept out apologies for the inconvenience while we shout at Ticket One. – Features Editor]

  137. Now they (Ticketone) say that the tickets for Florence will be available shortly. The Venice shows are to be confirmed.

    [The Florence tickets should have gone on sale at 5PM local time. It will be a few days before the Venice tickets go on sale. – Features Editor]


    I’m so happy I almost cried! We got 2 tickets to the Venice concert and I don’t have a clue where I’m sitting! Does anybody know where I could see a seat map or what these seats mean?? Where is section PL15? We’re coming all the way from Texas and would sure like to know! My husband is giving up his Harley ride to Sturgis for this concert so you know we want some good seats!

    Happy Day Happy Day! I can’t wait!!

  139. I got my 2 tickets for the Venice show but I don’t have a clue where I’ll be sitting. It says Sec PL15 row 4. Sounds good but WHERE is it. Any seat maps? I’m coming a long long way so I’d love to know something soon.! Thx

    PS What time did they go on sale?

    [We can’t possibly answer these questions, I’m afraid. Please contact the ticket seller. – Features Editor]

  140. Hi Folks,

    Went to see David, Rick and the rest at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester last night. Absolutely wonderful, the venue was great too!

    Opened set with Breathe, Breathe Reprise and Time, played On an Island in all it’s truly wonderful entirety, although a slightly re-arranged order of play – My highlight of the first half – This Heaven, very personal to me – A big thanks to David and Polly for that one.

    Second half opened with Shine on ‘, then – not sure of order of some of these, as it was that wonderful! – Fat Old Sun; Coming Back to Life; High Hopes; Wearing the Inside Out; Arnold Layne and the piece de resistance – Echoes – absolutely terrific, awe inspiring, a track written in ’71 but played as though as it was written yesterday!!, Wish You Were Here; a classic Crosby, Stills and Nash track by David and Graham and the grand finale – Comfortably Numb!

    What a set, all that was missing were Nick and Roger, but no worse for their absence, I saw The Wall, Pros and Cons, KAOS, Momentary Lapse ‘ , missed out on the Divison Bell concerts at Earls Court, saw In the Flesh and thankfully was there to experience Pink Floyd classics being played by half of the group in such an endearing manner for the last time. Wonderful, awe inspiring, the band were professional to every last man. A night to remember and the best £40 I’ve ever spent! Thanks David, Rick et al.

    If Blair, Cameron Menzies and their entourages of self glorifying psycophants were as professional as the members of Pink Floyd and their entourages then this country of ours would not be in the desperate throws of terminal decline…and they wonder why we don’t vote!

    Shine on fella’s, Shine on…

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