Mermaid Theatre webcast


Due to popular demand, as of Monday night, you will be able to see improved footage of the Mermaid Theatre gig on the BBC website.

It’s the same as footage shown recently in cinemas across the US, minus the promotional material. It will also include ‘High Hopes’, which wasn’t included on the original BBC webcast.

It’s improved in the sense that this will be the full nine-camera edit rather than the five-camera edit used previously. The sound has also been remixed.

We’ll remind you of the webcast on Monday.

For now, please see the Latest News page for a new release date for the ‘On An Island’ LP, plus details of the ‘Smile’ single, download and limited edition 7" vinyl.

If you haven’t requested that the assorted Radio 2 presenters play ‘Smile’ on their shows, then what are you waiting for? We can’t have it on the C List, can we? It’s much better than that.

Please also note that tickets for the Venice concerts are now finally on sale. Please see the Live Dates page for all the details.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

56 thoughts on “Mermaid Theatre webcast”

  1. Caption:

    Increase the tractor beam, this earthling will make a fine specimen.

  2. Could you give us a direct link to the mermaid theatre footage? I can’t seem to find it.


    [You wouldnโ€™t, because itโ€™s not on the site yet. Weโ€™ll let you know where to find it on Monday, just as soon as itโ€™s added. – Features Editor]

  3. Wow, what an abundance of goodies offered to the record collector – one cannot help but simply “smile”!

  4. Well that’s some great news indeed .

    Can’t make it on monday do I have to be in the albert hall that night (smile)

    I’ll check it when I back from london !!!

    And we will be seeing David and his band on the mainland again this summer 3x that is 7x this year I love 2006 .

    thanks mr Gilmour for all the great music!!

    cheers Bas!

  5. Hi Editor,

    Just some news I want to pass along.

    I love the package to the new CD. The bound booklet is stunning. I was concerned about the rubber dealie (spindle) that actually held the disc in place falling off. I need not have worried. The darned thing has disintegrated. It now looks like a mushroom split in a hundred pieces. It no longer holds my disc at all, and the disc itself (because the rubber spindle will no longer hold) has fallen to the ground becoming terribly scuffed.

    I intend on purchasing ANOTHER copy this afternoon, but will also be buying a hard shell plastic case for storing the new disc.

    While I applaud David’s attempts at achieving ‘Carbon-Neutral’ status, I’m afraid the package is having the reverse effect. I am in fact going to be unfortunately contributing to plactic waste by needing to buy a plastic case.

    This is NOT meant as complaint, but as feedback so that hopefully a real solution can be found.

    here in the US, I used to work for a record company called Rhino Records. We tried very very hard to be ‘eco-friendly.’ We led the fight to ban the wasteful ‘long-box’ CDs were originally shipped in here in the US, and experimented with all paper packaging (digi-pak’s). I’m afraid, after about 6 months the digi-paks had to be discontinued. The disc is intended to last a lifetime, but the packaging was falling apart after only 6 months!

    Again, this is NOT to be taken as harsh criticism, but feedback from a guy who really has listened to OAI at LEAST once a day EVERY day since March 7!

    Thanks for listening!

  6. CAPTION :

    ” Who brought the skateboard on stage. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,

    ED: Thank you so much for looking after all us excitable bloggers over the long months since this Blog was born.

    I now have to go catch a plane across the pond to witness what all you guys have praised so highly with your nightly reviews.

    BLOGGERS: See you all at the RAH

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  7. Caption Competition…

    Because of the decision to play on a floating barge in Gdansk harbour DG had to concentrate quite hard … and no-one had taken into account the choppy seas or Jack Bauer arriving by helicopter to take him back to CTU…

  8. Even though I don’t have a turntable I’ll be buying the LP… it sounds an excellent package!

    And while I’m there I may as well get the 2 track CD… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Back to the eBay issue… I’m heartened by the fact that currently there’s only one posting on eBay relating to the concerts in Europe… something seems to be working…

  9. I watched the video SMILE and it is great. I really enjoyed seeing David and his wife Polly singing together. Plus I really enjoyed seeing Richard and the rest of his great band in the video. David sure loves playing the Dobi(I hope I spelled it right) guiter. It sounds great. David, Please keep putting out more video’s from On the Island, Like Take a Breath or This Heaven..

    Take Care, Thomas

  10. Fedmeister – Heads Up…

    If Chris Evans rings you about you requesting Smile to be played don’t worry…. when the form asked for something interesting about yourself I said I ran David Gilmour’s Blog…

    Hope you don’t mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

    [You little scamp. – Features Editor]

  11. Caption:

    David rehearses playing while off-balance to prepare for the surprise Italian concert in Piza.

  12. I’d like to thank Mr David Gilmour sincerely for his great decision to perform in Poland on 26th August. I’ve been really waiting for that moment my almost whole life becouse Pink Floyd music and especially David’s delightful and brilliant guitar sounds and vocals were and are THE VERY IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE.

    Thank you very much INDEED!!!! I’m looking forward for the moment of That The Best GIG (in the sky ;-)in the shipyeard)!!!

  13. Congrats Simon and family. I like the Where We Start theme today, very serene and New Age feel. Wish I Were There for RAH. P.S. The smoke alarms went off in Toronto, in case people are interested.

  14. I saw the Mermaid concert at a Regal cinema in Albany, New York. It’s a good show, kinda short in length and without the full light and laser show. It’s got great versions of “Shine On” and “High Hopes” that are very different from the record, giving an intimate feel. This shows David at his best as a musician. It’s certainly worth catching this webcast.

  15. Hi Fed,

    I might be missing a trick here, but I can’t find a link to play the promo video for “Smile” on the “On An Island” page. I can see the details on the list but no link.

    Can you point me in the right direction?

    Looking forward to a great show in Glasgow on Saturday!



    [Hi Johnny. You definitely want the On An Island page. There’s a banner with a choice of media player. You need to select the relevant High/Low text to view the video. Click your name below. – Features Editor]

  16. Cannot wait to see the concert.

    I really wish I had managed to get tickets to see you live lol. Only one in Scotland though.

    High Hopes is one of my favourite songs, looking forward to watching that and the rest of the concert after my last exam ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. I’ve never been one to wish my life away – but the next 21 hours and 34 minutes can’t pass quickly enough lol

  18. Caption

    Ah cannae dae it Captain – the tractor beams at full strength!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the latest footage from the Mermaid, it was one hell of a gig from DG & co and I was in it for a fraction of a second!! (bald, brown shirt – leaning forward with intense concentration for the intro to shine on)

    The 31st can’t come soon enough.

    Tom Byars

  19. Hi all,

    It’s that Friday feeling ๐Ÿ™‚

    To David and the band – best of luck tonight and next week. I’ll be the guy in row x either floating 2 feet off the chair or with the silly permagrin.

    To all northern/Manchester bloggers going tonight – have an amazing time and get back to us with some reports. I need to live vicariously day to day now to keep the excitement handled…

    To anyone who STILL hasn’t got a ticket for next week, one of my best friends just today bought a pair of great tickets for Tuesday night (both of them have DG/PF flowing through their veins like I do !:)

    What this means is that the lovely folks at and the Box Office at the RAH really have made a difference by freeing up the tickets from the scalpers and getting them back into the hands of the fans. I’ve witnessed it first hand – it’s true! Good work all… massive karma bonuses to all involved ๐Ÿ™‚

    Am off to plant a few ‘Smile’ seeds to some Radio 2 DJs now… have a great weekend all…


    p.s. Told you about Aaron Lennon – the boy is all talent. I think he proved tonight that he will fill Beckham’s shoes sooner than expected…and he’s a lillywhite! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Just thought you’d like to know that “Smile” is being played on Caithness FM local radio – 11.10pm Thursday, Does that beat Radio 2?

    Ian Pearson

    [I don’t know, but it’s what we want to hear (meant both ways). Thanks for letting us know, Ian. Has anyone else heard it on the radio? – Features Editor]

  21. Hey FEd,

    Don’t forget to plug David’s appearance on Later with Jools on BBC2 tomorrow night @ 23:35.

    Mmmmm, how will he manage to be in two places at once??? I guess the show is already “in the can”. How many/Which tracks did he play?

    – The Blue ? (Jools collaborated OAI)
    – This Heaven ?? (VERY Jools stylee)
    – Smile ??? (Plug the upcoming single)

    [You’ll have to wait and see. Jools could really boogie-woogie his way through ‘This Heaven’, couldn’t he? He doesn’t, though. Two songs were performed and that wasn’t one of them. – Features Editor]

  22. Whilst I’m on the subject of guessing setlists…

    Can we expect that the RAH shows will contain ALL of the tracks previously played on the European/US(& Canada)legs of OAI Tour, especially in view of the shows being recorded for the forthcoming DVD.

    I do hope so…

    In which case, if he does, we can expect to hear:-

    1. Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise
    2. Castellorizon
    3. On An Island
    4. Red Sky At Night
    5. This Heaven
    6. Then I Close My Eyes
    7. Smile
    8. Take A Breath
    9. A Pocket Full Of Stones
    10. Where We Start

    Short Intermission for Refreshments/Comfort break…

    11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    12. Wot’s…Uh The Deal
    13. Wearing The Inside Out
    14. Dominoes
    15. High Hopes
    16. Great Gig In The Sky (If Sam Brown is present & correct)
    17. Fat Old Sun
    18. Coming Back To Life
    19. Arnold Layne
    20. Echoes

    Take a Bow… Encore…

    21. Wish You Were Here
    22. Find The Cost Of Freedom (If Crosby & Nash are in attendance)
    23. Comfortably Numb

    Followed by…

    A tumultuous crescendo of rapturous applause from besotted appreciative audience(s), who have all behaved absolutely impeccably throughout the entire evening(s) of aural/visual bliss.

    Who knows, If the audience do behave in such fashion, he may come back for a second encore and play DAVID GILMOUR, ABOUT FACE and all the remaining tracks from the Pink Floyd catalogue… :0)

    [But then you’d have people trying to get in for the second concert while the seats are all still taken up by those who attended the first! – Features Editor]

  23. Excellent news. I am looking forward to seeing the new edit. Thanks for the heads up F’ed.


  24. Hello,

    Who is going to see David on Monday? Is there a bar in the nabourhoud where we can meet? Think it would be fun to meet some of you, yes Fed you too ๐Ÿ˜‰ You’re invited.

    Anyway, hope the band will have an excellent and joyful show this night after the break.

    And for you all a great weekend

    See ya,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  25. Would I be right to say the live sequences blended into the Smile video are from the Mermaid Theatre on 7th March?

    A great night, I just hope the web cast on Monday with Radio 2 does it justice.

    FEd, any prospect that that video recording might become a full DVD release?


    [You would be right about the ‘Smile’ video, Don. As for a full DVD release of the Mermaid gig, you’d have to ask the BBC. – Features Editor]

  26. Caption: Shocked photographer becomes unbalanced snapping a shot of David who unexpectedly shifted from playing “The Blue” to wailing “Blue Light”.

    Caption: David descends from the light to play “Out Of The Blue”.

    “Out of the blue, with wings on his heels
    A messenger comes, bearing regrets
    For the time that he steals”

  27. Dear F.ed.

    Just a few days to the RAH gigs now and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been some time since the Paris and Amsterdam shows, so I’m as excited as I was before the first show I saw…

    To all those going to the Manchester and Glasgow gigs I can tell you that you are going to love it.

    To all those going to the RAH shows.. See you there!

    As I have said before, I hope you – F.ed. – show yourself to receive our thanks for the job you are doing!

    To Renee:

    A Gilmour fan for a coach, a bunch of girls playing…. It must be ‘The Gilmour Girls’ then… (and you already got your own “TV-commercial” going)

    Best regards


  28. Hi ED,

    Thanks for confirming that the live shots of David in the new Smile video are from the Mermaid Theater concert.

    To everyone going to Manchester tonight have a great time!

  29. Good luck to David and the band for the next leg of the tour. I am waiting in quiet anticipation until the RAH on Monday night.

    Have a good show to all you bloggers.

    Thanks FeatEd for your patience, humour and ad?? can’t spell it (bollockings). It has been a great build up and I want the moment to last!

    See ya all on Monday!

  30. YAY its finally arrived…

    my hands r sweaty just thinking about it !!

    I dunno if i will get another chance to post, so if you are going on the 29th May. Theres a major chance that my lot will be in the queens arms from about 5:00pm ish, it is the nearest pub to the RAH so if anyone looking a pre pint wants a chat, call in and say hello.

    A friend of mine wasn’t sure if he was able to go to the concert or not, so he didn’t get a ticket. His exams finished last week it turned out, so he was absolutely gutted for not getting a ticket…

    A certain stylish webmaster announced that more tickets available from the RAH on their site, so I phoned him and gave the number….

    now the B*****d has better seats than me !! jammy git. you will be able to recognise him – he will be the one going nuts to shine on you crazy diamond. He has listened to that track almost everyday since 2001, lol. and last count he has about 15 different versions of it…

    anyhow thanks again for the heads up on tickets Mr. Ed. Hope your throat doesn’t get ‘hoarse’ from cheering on David on the 29&31st


  31. Hi Fed & everyone,

    Definately got that friday feeling, its a mufti day at work a bank holiday coming up also……not long till Monday & the RAH show,I have been waiting what seems for ever for the day to arrive, i know i wont be disapointed at the show i just hope that afterwards there is n’t an void to fill after all the excitement.I was hoping England would help but after last nights efforts, im not too hopefull.

    i am trying to get over RBS (Repetative Blog Syndrome). i cant keep away.

    im not sure i will ever get over my RGS or why i would want to (Repetative Gilmour Syndrome)i keep listening to him.

    Have a good weekend fellow RGS sufferers & mabe see some of you monday.

    .SMILE. lovely video.

  32. Thanks Fed for the concern you displayed re my kids chicken pox. Its been a tough couple of days. Poor Emily she’s not yet three and she got the worst of it all. My wifes had it tough too cause shes the one one that has been up through the night most of the last 2 weeks. But this morning the two girls are on the bounce.

    Looking forward to Later tonight, then its only the weekend to go and we’ll be on a plane to catch David @ the RAH.

    Hope everyone attending these shows has a ball! Good luck to David and band for tonight.

    Great news about smile containing Island Jam – hope it will be released in Ireland.

    Have a great weekend all!

    Tom B – Dublin

  33. Hi all,

    With regards to meeting up for the RAH shows beforehand, perhaps we could meet either in front of the RAH (by the statue) or behind the RAH in the small courtyard?


  34. Watched the ‘Smile’ video – very nice. My word, Polly has a gorgeous profile, hasn’t she?!

  35. Hey everyone,

    I haven’t posted much as I have been preparing for my London trip. But all the gifts are finished and packed. Now I just need to pack the rest.. and I have only 4 more hours.. AAAARGH

    And I can’t find that post back about that pub we were going to meet before the show on monday.. was it Queen’s something?

    So what did I miss these past few days? In a quick scan I saw some boring posts about another Europe/America fued *yawn*, another post by our smokin’ bassplayer about setting off fire-alarms and the new Smile video.. Is that it?

    Well I better go back to packing or I might end up on the streets of London with nothing to wear.. now THEN you can call me ‘buff’!

    HUGS!! from a completely pshyched Bianca WOOHOOOOOO

  36. I was lucky to see David in concert at Radio City and in the theaters last week and they were both phenomenal shows. Mermaid was a little shorter then expected but was a great show just the same.

    To those of you lucky enough to see this weekend’s events- ENJOY! These will be the best 3 hours of your life so make sure to take it all in, it is a truly amazing venue.

    FED, I hope you will be in attendance for at least one of these shows, please let us know!

    Shine on!
    Matt in Maine

    [Will do, Matt. – Features Editor]

  37. well just hours to go now i still cant believe what has happened to me , ive been blessed all over my wifes pregnant, i have been blessed with tickets for the show in manchester and my beutiful wife is coming with mre , this will be a night to remember , thanks to all you bloggers who have helped with the anticipation while waiting for the shows and a massive thankyou to you our favorite Fed cheers mate see ya soon

  38. Hi F.Ed,

    Do you know if the North American Anthill store will be adding the vinyl album to it’s music sales catalog ? Just wondering where I can buy it in the US.

    Jun 5 seems to be shaping up as a banner day – along with everything else, it’s also the broadcast date for David’s Artist Confidential performance on XM Satellite Radio.

    David Gilmour Monday, June 5th at 6PM EDT

    David Gilmour helps unravel his history, present and future in an Artist Confidential recorded at Sony’s legendary West Side studios. Accompanied by Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music fame, David plays selections from his newest work, as well as, engages in conversation with fans from around the World who showed up for this remarkable event.

    Mon., June 5 at 6PM Deep Tracks – XM 40
    Wed., June 7 at 9AM Fine Tuning – XM 76
    Fri., June 9 at 2PM Deep Tracks – XM 40
    Sat., June 10 at 3PM The Loft – XM 50
    Sun., June 11 at 3AM XM Cafรฉ – XM 45

    Enjoy your weekend.


    [Sorry, Nisha. I’ve no idea whether or not Anthill will offer it for sale. As soon as I get an answer, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  39. Hi,

    I will be travelling from Germany to London on Tuesday to attend the RAH concert on May 30.

    One question: I will be going to the RAH after spending the day sight-seeing in London. What will happen to my digital camera? Will I be allowed to take it inside, or will someone collect the camera at the entrance?

    Thanks for clarifying this.

    I am looking forward to a cool concert next week.

    Best regards,

    [Hi Ralf. If you keep it in your bag or pocket, it will be fine. Staff will be looking for people who are taking photos during the concert. They will then have their cameras confiscated. – Features Editor]

  40. To all pending concertgoers…Have a great time and keep the riff raff in check.

    For those going to the tapings at RAH, don’t forget to wear you “CRAIG SAYS HI” T-shirts to the show so I get instant fame when the dvd comes out!

  41. Theme from Jaws .As David gets into the solo, a Blue Shark makes an appearance.

  42. Don’t know if you have already mentioned this elsewhere but Friday 26th May, BBC2, 11.35pm David will be on Later with Jools Holland.


  43. To clarify Thomas’ comments on the Dobi guitar David plays on “Smile”. I think you intended to say Dobro, which is similar but not the same as what David is playing. The guitar he is playing is called a Weissenborn and is a Hawaaian lap steel guitar made in 1920s. It’s a beatifully delicate instrument who’s body extends almost the length of the neck. The finest Weissenborn playing I have ever heard can be found on Ben Harpers first records. Absolutely mesmerizing performer and songwriter if you’ve never listened. I was thrilled to hear David playing it on OAI.


  44. Hi FED, I just heard some potentially bad news about touts here in Canada and the US.

    It seems that TicketMaster is going to start auctioning tickets to certain events, essentially saying “If you can’t beat them, join them”. I can’t believe that they are essentially becoming scalpers (touts). They say that the artists and promoters will be getting a cut of the higher price, but without saying how much (probably not much).

    This could mean that the best tickets will not be available to those waiting in line (or at their computer or on the phone).

    When I bought tickets for one of David’s concerts in Toronto, I showed up at the local ticketmaster outlet before it even opened. At 11:30AM they gave out numbers to everyone in line. The person whose number was picked from a hat (by a passerby) was deemed to be first in line. That lucky guy was me, and I got third row centre seats thanks to the quick typing fingers of the person at the Ticketmaster terminal.

    I fear that true fans are now going to be forced to bid (high) for tickets to get seats like that.

    Yikes! I hope that the artist can decide whether an auction for tickets can even occur, otherwise buying tickets anyplace other than on-line auctions may become a thing of the past.

    Battling ticket touts by becoming ticket touts is like the police battling crime by becoming criminals.

    There has got to be a better way than this.

    [That’s terrible. – Features Editor]

  45. Hi All

    With regard to a meeting up place before the RAH shows, I think the pub that Ripper suggested, The Queens Arms looks like a good place. a nice traditional pub !

    Hope everyone enjoys the show, especially you FEd !

    Have a good weekend all and hopefully meet some of you next week.

    A very excited Martin.

  46. 3.30pm , the wife finishes at 4pm ,she says it will not take her long to get ready (i wont hold my breath though), then i will be on the road for 5pm we are driving there well my wife is , we are a bit nervous as driving in Manchester is not the easiest for all travelling by car apparently there is a multi storey next to theatre and it charges by the hour (its expensive) but if you have a ticket for the show you can get it validated by the theatre and it only costs 4pounds 20 pence, hope that helps someone,

    Fed can i say one last big thankyou to the wonderful Gabrielle for making this possible , i dont even know this girl yet she blessed me with 2 wonderful tickets , gilmour fans are a differant breed,thanks for letting me do that i know your not a message centre,

    anyway Fed gotto go now will be on line with a full run down when i get home tonight , i believe my wife is in for the most romantic night she has never been to a concert, and she is only just opening her eyes to Gilmour/Floyd see you all later

    [Have a good night, Simon. – Features Editor]

  47. Oh no, this prospone means I’ll just miss David’s Day (Good idea for an international holiday, don’t you think?) as I’m leaving the UK on sunday night. Was really looking forward to get all these crisp vinyls. FED do you know if there will be a way to get the 12″ Smile single outside of the UK?

    Everybody who’s going to Manchester tonight, have the time of your life!

    [I’m sure there will be plenty of sites offering it. We’ll let you know just as soon as we can. – Features Editor]

  48. Hello, F.Ed.

    I have a question; Is there plans to update the pics in the Gallery section, or are there new ones in another place that I am missing?

    In response to Andrew S’s post: I think Ticketmaster hired the marketing firm of Dewey, Rapem, and Howe. Ticketmaster couldn’t care less about touting or scalping, as long as they get their cut. I hope someone with some sense of ethics puts a stop to it.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend, all (in the States, at least). Enjoy the show, all who are going.


    [There are more pictures coming, Mike. We’ll let you know when they’re added. – Features Editor]

  49. Hello FEd & All,

    Tomorrow my journey begins. I am on my way to RAH and of course the wonderful sites of London!

    To my fellow bloggers impatiently awaiting at Queens Arm Pub – “I will be joining you there”

    Shine On,
    NY, USA

  50. Hello all

    Sirius radio has been playing alot of OAI on channel 18, “The Spectrum”, pretty much every track as well.

    As for those of you “across the pond” going to the upcoming DG events, ENJOY! I’m glad I got to see them @ Chicago for the 2nd night. I believe it was also the last NA show where David opened the show with Castellorizon, IMO, the intro of all intros.

    Keep up the good work Fed, it is very much appreciated.

    Brad T from Minnesota

    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  51. [But then you’d have people trying to get in for the second concert while the seats are all still taken up by those who attended the first! – Features Editor]

    Doh!!! Silly me…

    That would suit me fine, I’m there on the 29th ๐Ÿ™‚

    [Perfect! Just take some sandwiches along and you’ll be fine! – Features Editor]

  52. I’ll be watching as I missed the original. I’m looking forward to it.

    P.S. I’m changing from Jay to JJ as there’s already a Jay here. I didn’t realise before.

  53. Oh, and FEd.. Thanks for helping make this hapenning!

    [That’s OK, Eyal. I’m sorry I can’t be more co-operative, but I’m sure you appreciate our position on this. There’s already been enough confusion (hypocrisy?) over tickets for my liking, and I won’t let any more of it creep into this part of the site. Again, have a brilliant time in London. I’m sure that you will enjoy the concert. – Features Editor]

  54. Are there any plans for David’s company to let the BBC broadcast the Mermaid Theatre concert on TV?

    [Not that I know of, sorry. – Features Editor]

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