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Fans in the US got to see the concert in the cinema last week, not to mention the lucky ones who got tickets to the event itself, but tonight German radio station NDR 2 will be broadcasting eight songs from the Mermaid Theatre gig of 7 March, so you can listen to it again from the comfort of your home.

Of course, you can all listen online if you can’t physically tune in your radio.

Simply visit the NDR 2 website and click on the picture of David. In the column on the right, you’ll see NDR 2 im Internet hören. Click that, select your preferred media player, click the red Audio starten button – and then just sit back and enjoy!

The broadcast begins at 9PM CET.

Toronto radio station Q107, continuing with their ’40 Most Influential Classic Rock Guitarists of All Time’ poll, have announced the latest guitarists to make their esteemed countdown.

11. Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
12. Slash (Guns N Roses)
13. John Fogerty (CCR)
14. Brian May (Queen)
15. Jeff Beck
16. Neil Young
17. Randy Rhoades
18. George Harrison
19. Keith Richards
20. Steve Howe (Yes)

With no sign of David as yet, perhaps it’s fair to assume that he will now feature in the Top Ten. This will be revealed next week, so do check back for that.

Finally, even more reissued London tickets went on sale today. Call the Royal Albert Hall box office now on 020 7589 8212 if you’re interested – and good luck!

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Fed thanks for the heads up on the tickets – i have now got two for the 31 st so it really is worth the effort to phone up (although there is always a long queue it is worth it)



  2. Good to see Knopfler get up there so high. He’s one of those great guitarists that always seem to get underated because they choose not to hog the limelight.

  3. Must share this with you. I am speechless at all the fuss over the tickets, It seems you Fed and all the staff at RAH are being pushed from pillar to post, so unfair. There are so many fussy ungrateful people around.

    I was GIVEN ( for work done) a ticket for the RAH 31st May concert. Sure I could have gone, taken two days leave, cancelled many expensive meetings, paid nearly £200 etc etc.. blah but I thought hey hold on., I am seeing David at Glasow and seen him at Mermiad, I DONT need a continous fix ( I am still a fan- I dont subscribe to the theory that you have to put your life on hold for anyone)), so gave my ticket away. But who to? Sorry to say it was not anyone on this site which I know may seem mad, but in all honesty if anyone on this Site hasnt got a ticket it must be through choice( yeah yeah I know they get lost/stolen etc.. but…I hope you get my drift).So I gave my ticket to someone who half likes the music of David. My therory is that he will be converted and become just like us all( oh dearie me). Already he has gone out to buy OAI, so another sale! This is the best way to promote the music. Maybe next rainy day, have a quiz on who would one give a spare David Gilmour ticket to? It can be someone alive or dead, famous or not. How about it then?

    Ian Pearson

    PS On the day I was given the ticket, my late wife’s dog collapsed. I am giving him treatment which he is responding to and although hes just a dog, I agree with you Fed, there are more important things in the world than attending every concert and getting the best seats.

    [I have to say first and foremost that it’s been a real pleasure to be able to help where we have been able to, and many of the people we have helped have been so incredibly grateful. But of course, we have had some, perhaps, slightly unreasonable requests. So for what it’s worth, Ian, I completely know what you’re saying. I’m going to two of the London shows and that seems somewhat greedy to me. Each to his own and all that – I’m not knocking anyone – but that’s just the way I feel. I also feel just like you when it comes to dogs. I do hope that he gets well soon, mate. Enjoy the Glasgow show. – Features Editor]

  4. Did Syd get placed yet?

    [Not yet. It would be nice to see him in the Top Ten, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

  5. Knoplfer is god, but DAVID GILMOUR IS DAVID GILMOUR,he the best guitar player of world.

    rafael coelho from Brasil

  6. ooh … Some nice names on that list (except for that awful no 12). But with Neil, Beck and Knopfler outside of the top ten, makes you wonder who are the remaining 6 (apart from David, Jimi, Syd and Ritchie of course)?

  7. CAPTION: If it’s not people with bloody camera phones it’s clowns throwing popcorn!!!!!!

    BLOGSTERS: Any gatherings planned for RAH preshow/post show ???????

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  8. F’Ed,

    Not to rain on anybody’s parade (don’t you hate qualifying remarks), but I find it unlikely that Syd Barrett would place in this Q107 poll. Not that Syd is undeserving, (the opening riff of “Interstellar Overdrive” is one I HAD to learn!) it’s just that Syd Barrett is simply not well known in North America. My experience is that at least half of self proclaimed Floyd fans have never heard of him, and even fewer have actually heard him (wittingly anyway, as “See Emily Play” still gets occasional airplay here). Syd’s demise began pretty much on Pink Floyds maiden tour of America, he was already an Underground icon in London by then. But if he does place in the top 10, it will speak volumes about the cyber influence of this here blog!


    [Sadly, I don’t think he will be in the Top Ten, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. – Features Editor]

  9. [Not yet. It would be nice to see him in the Top Ten, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

    Most definitely. The older I’ve become, the more I’ve learned to appreciate his playing. Clearly he wasn’t a technically gifted guitarist, but his sound is perhaps more unique and impossiple to replicate than anyone elses.

    I love David’s version of Dominoes. I wish he’d play it more often. But even when played by David it becomes apparent how unique Syd’s plying was: that out of tune, sloppy, meandering, stuttering steely and gorgeous sound.

    How incredible that one band had 2 such brilliant artists play the guitar. I know both David and Syd are loathe to hear it, but I love them for music they have given.

  10. I’m going to need about $2,500 US (2,000 euros) if I want to go to Venice for 2 days to catch one of David’s new shows. I know I should be grateful enough to have had the chance of seeing him perform live in Toronto last April, but it was my first time and I don’t want it to be the last one! I want more, dammit!!!! Then again, I can’t afford to blow over 2K in a couple of days… Or can I?
    Hahah, no, I can’t. Ok, maybe I should just wait for the DVD.

    Wishing I lived somewhere in Europe,

    P.S. The Mermaid show was very nice. Brought back wonderful memories *sniff*sniff* Oh, and Ian, hope your dog gets well soon. I know how it is to have a sick puppy 🙁

  11. CAPTION: David, befuddled by a request from the audience to play a song from Pros and Cons of Hitchiking, motions for his sax once again! This time, to use as a bludgeoning weapon!

    FEd, kudos to you and the staff who are working diligently to help out the fans in their quest for tickets to the RAH shows. I think THAT type of devotion to the fans is exemplary, and I for one wish others would perk up their ears and pay attention.

    In regards to another blogger (whos name I have forgotten, sadly) who posted regarding the filming at RAH and his hopes of the fans to be more curteous than US fans, I echo those sentiments, wholeheartedly. I would have to say that the UK fans will be more austere and pay more respect in when NOT to clap and hollar, carry on with cell phones, etc…. (if the Mermaid theater show, Meltdown shows, etc… are anything to go by).

    For Springsteen’s Devils and Dust tour, small leaflets were handed out (to all concert goers) spelling out proper rules of conduct. Several of the items included : 1) no admission to your seats would be allowed until a song comes to a complete end (and applause is being conducted); 2) no cameras, cell phones, etc…. at the time of the show. All will be confiscated. There were 7 other rules, and believe it or not, this made for an amazing atomsphere at these special, acoustic shows. You could nearly hear a pin drop during the songs and the melee of camera toting embeciles were cut down to nothing! I hope the RAH venue and staff can hopefully do the same ESPECIALLY when these shows are being filmed for later distribution.

    and finally, to Ian Pearson: you have a big heart and I fully agree that life is not about putting a life on hold for any musical hero. There are much more important things in life to adhere too (I admire your devotion to your pet; my fiance and I are both pet owners and love our animals to death).

    Between 2000 and 2002 I too put my life on hold for many bands, catching 7 to 8 shows across the continental US per each group. Like anything good, my appreciation for said shows flatlined and I now rather make the most out of 1 performance with someone who truly cares to go with me, and leave the rest for other fans to enjoy; I’d feel like a hog if I snatched up as many tickets in the past, feeding more off the palpable enjoyment of a neophyte who may never have witnessed Gilmour (or any artist I love) in concert. Like the song said “Too much of anything, is too much to me”

    Nuff said,

    [Well said, mate. – Features Editor]

  12. eu espero que David esteja entre os dez melhores desta lista pois se não, estará provado que tal revista não é nem um pouco séria e competente.Todas as pessoas que conhecem um pouco de musica sabem a importancia de David Gilmour como guitarrista, afinal ele já foi intitulado como o rei da guitarra melodica , ou o monstro da pentatonica, enfim , o rei dos bends, e tremulos.

    DAVID é um incone da guitarra e ignorar isso, é sinal de falta de informaçao e conhecimento sobre musica. Espero que justiça seja feita, e coloquem DAvid Gilmour no lugar que ele conquistou com muito talento.


  13. I’m glad to see Steve Howe in the top 20. Same with John Fogarty and Jeff Beck. There are some real musicians out there, the kind who inspire others, and we’re always lucky to share the world with a few of them. If the list were for musicians generally, rather than guitarists specifically, there are great people to mention… Miles Davis, Rick Wakeman and Tony Levin come quickly to mind. David should easily place in the top ten in Canada. Here in America, though, there are far too many people whose knowledge of David Gilmour includes the phrase “David who?”

  14. – Deborah, entschuldigen Sie mich, aber ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch (it was for the fun) und ich habe nicht alles verstanden ! wer ist Marvin ?
    [geben David ein grosser Kuss von Marvin und von mir – Deborah]: Oh, the dream ! it would be such a pleasure!, but, no, I have to keep my feet on earth ( Fed, au secours ! ça se dit en anglais ou en allemand “garder les pieds sur terre” ? )

    – Chris McKay, Peter McConnell, viele Danke, thank you very much for your explanations about the meaning of the lyrics of “a pocketful of stones”, but I keep on thinking that everyone could have a different version of what David and Polly wanted to express, I will read again and try to have my personal idea, but it’s difficult because of the fence (?) of the language…

    – Fed, Ikkar, au secours à nouveau! je peux parler français ? oh la la …great blog !


    [Hi Michèle. Garder les pieds sur terre… “To keep my feet firmly on the ground” is often used in English. – Features Editor]

  15. screw that list. Steve Howe at 20?????

    what nonsense….SH can easily outplay anyone.

    He may be the only artist I know of that can play Gilmours riffs as they were written.

    By the by, I was never going to go to another concert after seeing dG in NY but I did go see SH play for a small group a couple of weeks ago.
    What a genius!!!

    Also, I hate all these RAH tickets popping up now that it is so late to plan a trip. I’m stuck on the road here for the next few weeks.

  16. Personally I would place David as number one. To back this up I present.

    Comfortably Numb, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, High Hopes and Marooned. Need I continue.

    Thanks for all the albums worth of excellent music and good luck on where you end up.

  17. Wow, we’re getting down to crunch time with the greatest guitarists list. Fed Ed. in your opinion have you seen any surpises with the positioning of the people who have made the list? Do any of you other fellow bloggers see any suprises, thus far? Just wondering and REALLY ENJOYING THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [Hi Mark. I am quite surprised, actually. Mark Knopfler, Brian May, Tony Iommi, Jeff Beck, Joe Walsh, Slash… I can’t think of anyone – that’s anyone who would usually make such a Top Ten – who’s missing, other than Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton. So just who else will fill the Number Two to Number Ten positions behind David (bearing in mind that the poll is called ‘The 40 Most Influential Classic Rock Guitarists of All Time’)? Also, if John Lennon (!) can be in there, then I don’t see why Syd Barrett shouldn’t be! – Features Editor]

  18. CAPTION : Even David has trouble playing his guitar and jogging at the same time!!!

    PS:- Anyone recommend a good pub near RAH?

  19. Caption: {{{BAA EE YAA EE YAAAAA….WAH-WAH-WAH}}}! Oblivious to the dust devils and tumbleweeds, axeslinger David Gilmour remains steadfast and stoic as he stares down his opponents in a showdown of the good (David), the bad and the ugly. BWAANGG!! David is #1.

    Caption: Appearing only in head, hands & guitar, David does his own variety of pantomime as he auditions for Mummenschanz.

    So, it’s getting down to the wire, isn’t it? Nice to see some of my favorites made the top 20. Brian May, Jeff Beck and especially Steve Howe. David will be in the top 10 or even the top 5 I think. God save the queen!!! I’ve always wanted to shout that.

  20. Caption Competition

    Phil Taylor to DG: Put Parfitt’s Tele down! I know you’ve played with the Who and the Beatles but you’re not playing with Quo…OK!

    You’d have to be a Quo fan to think that one remotely funny (Rick Parfitt is the rhythm guitarist with Quo and always plays a Telecaster – normally a white one but sometimes blonde) And if you’d ever heard Quo’s brand of 12 bar boogie you’d understand that it’s highely unlikely that DG would ever collaborate…

    And DG was once quoted as saying “I’ve played with the Who, I’ve played with the Beatles so what do you think of that?” (expletives deleted)

    Great news that DG is in the top ten… we just know he is 🙂 And I really do hope Syd is there as well as he really was an influence on Bowie, Bolan and many others in the 60s…

    [David in Status Quo… A scary thought. – Features Editor]

  21. After all the anticipation I’m leaving for the airport in an hour or so, beginning my long pilgrimage to see David.

    I read Ian Pearson’s comment with interest and it’s fairly obvious he’d have an opinion on me flying all the way from NZ to see David. As a matter of fact I do agree with him on the whole, but to me, as a lifelong fan of all things Floyd, it is a truly wonderful opportunity, and perhaps the only one I’ll ever get, to see David live. I guess it’s all a matter of weighing up your own priorities.

    Now FEd, I assume it’s a fairly safe bet that you won’t be revealing yourself to the assembled crowd at the RAH. However I’ll give you a wave and a thumbs up in greeting when I get there. I’m bound to be facing entirely the wrong direction at the time, but rest assured it’s meant for you. We all owe you a lot.

    [OK, thank you. I’ll chuckle beneath my fake beard if I see anyone waving in random directions. Have a safe journey and a great time in London, mate. – Features Editor]

  22. Looks like we did a great job voting, can’t wait to see the first 10 now…

    Thank you Fed for the Happy Birthday today, it was a nice one, lots of thinking, projects, nice people around, and lots of cake… munch munch… want some?

    [Yes, please! – Features Editor]

  23. hmmmm…..Countryside Alliance….hmmmm….,
    I wonder, does this give David an attack of the hmmms? Shame on you Roger and Nick, it’s not the important stuff…..

    Band Du Lac do lac du taste peut-etre?

    Looking forward to Monday at the RAH

    [It makes me want to get the pointy sticks out. – Features Editor]

  24. Hi Fed

    This would be my guess for the top ten;

    1 David Gilmour
    2 Jimi Hendrix
    3 Eddy VanHalen
    4 Jimmy Page
    5 Stevie Ray Vaughn
    6 Carlos Santana
    7 Robin Trower
    8 Joe Satriani
    9 Eric Johnson
    10 Eric Clapton

    There were a couple more realy good choices that I didn’t see listed already, but these are my choises…can’t wait to see who made the list.

    [Not a bad list, Stephen. I forgot about Jimmy Page. I think Joe Satriani has already been mentioned, though. – Features Editor]

  25. German radio thing should be good.

    Be nice seeing Syd get some recognition. There’s a lot of music out there, those go a lot of ways. Reminds me of a lot of stuff to listen to, seeing all the artists.

  26. Very nice Telecaster David. I have never seen that one, colour, I mean . Good choice.

  27. Congrats to all who got tickets, and sorry about the dog…having just put down two ailing pets, I know how you feel, and hope things work out better for you. I still can’t look at the last pictures I have of them in my camera.

    Ohh just viewed the AOL sessions show someone mentioned earlier, thanks for that. Now if only I could figure out how to get it on my iPod…(god I love gadgets)

    CAPTION: You want me to WHAT?

    G’night from the East Coast of the US…


    [Thanks for the suggestion, Sharon. I’ve added it to the list, even though it’s not shown here. – Features Editor]

  28. Hi Fed and everyone,

    I got my ticket! This morning I bought my ticket for The Firenze concert, just before coming to work. I feel a certain relief now.

    About Italian insults topic, I can teach you right here the most common but it sounds rude and… not necessary anymore since Ticketone is working now. 🙂

    A couple of things. An italian guy seemed to know the placement of the seats in the square. Where can I find this information?

    On the second hand if any “fan group” is organizing a bus trip to Firenze just let it know here or to me please. 🙂

    My personal opinion about photos with phone-cameras in concerts. I don’t wanna appear strict but:

    1) The photos made that way are crap. if it is just a memory, well….there is the ticket.

    2) the atmosphear gets ruined for those who don’t make photos and don’t give a sh….er….don’t care.

    3) You guy, yes you…making photos. Are you listening to the music or what? every 5 seconds playing with that thing…Come on, JUST LISTEN.Seems to me that you would bring a physical piece of flesh out of David if you could. that’s fetishism.

    Italian crowd in Milan was very annoying from this point of view. On the other hand I think we were so warm, applauding with so much passion at the end of songs yet standing religiously silent in our seats while listening. Come on, Italian crowd is great!!!

    So enjoy your concert, and just care about the MUSIC.

    CIAO. 🙂

    [I’m really glad that you have your ticket. Have a wonderful time at the concert. We’ll save the Italian insults for another time. – Features Editor]

  29. CAPTION: David rehearses “Is This The Way To Amarillo” for his RAH shows

  30. [hmmmm…..Countryside Alliance….hmmmm….]

    They are a scary bunch, in my opinion any blood ‘sport’ is barbaric and should have no place in the modern world.

    Then again if Roger and Clapton feel that way that’s their choice, I don’t agree with it but it’s a free country I suppose.

  31. I’ve just phoned the RAH box office on the off chance that they’d have some returns available but didn’t have High Hopes.

    When I was told I could have an 11th row seat for Monday I almost fainted in disbelief.

    I’d given up hope on getting a ticket but now I’m over the moon.

    It pays to make a phone call!

    [Good for you, Neil. – Features Editor]

  32. BINGO ! I cannot believe the share of luck that I just had.

    First try and bang : two closing night tickets in the G-section confirmed.

    Chihuahua !

    Have to rush to make travel arrangements now.

    Will there be a pre-gig blogger-get-together ?

    Best regards,

    [Good for you, Ralph. Enjoy the show. I think some people are meeting in a pub before the concert on… was it the 29th? – Features Editor]

  33. I’m calling for a boycott of Q107 and their advertisers if Syd isn’t in the top ten. ‘Most Influential’? He influenced David Gilmour, FFS.

  34. Hi Fed,& all

    I read the post about a fellow blogger wanting to exchange tickets for better ones & i have to admit that i see where he is coming from in a way.

    It just a fault of human nature we are never satisfied with our lot are we? a month ago i would have been satisfied with a ticket to see David anywhere, it would have not have bothered me where the seat was. I did not hold out any hope of ever getting a ticket but i persisted in calling the RAH box office & eventualy 2 tickets were mine, not only that, they were tickets for one of the box’s & the lady (was it Nancy?) told me that i was lucky to get them & they were excellent seats & that was certainly how i felt, I was overjoyed at finaly getting the tickets.

    They arrived some weeks ago & still i felt so incredibly lucky.

    Then i read about people swapping tickets for better ones & for a brief moment a seed was sown that mabe i could get better seats? (where? what me & the missus sat on David’s lap on stage!) I suddenly felt very daft & ungreatfull, I will stick with my “lousy” box seats i think.

    It must be Human nature to just demand more, more, more, from where to watch a perfomance on stage, to telling that perfomer what to perform & who with, to raping the earth & giving nothing back. Blimey! calm down.

    6 days to go, As me & they missus were sat down on the sofa last night she turned to me & said “this time next week we will be at the Albert Hall”.

    i really am overjoyed at getting my tickets.

    [I hope you both enjoy the concert, mate. – Features Editor]

  35. Vais m’attirer les foudres des fans de RW, but can’t resist:

    RW has claimed great theories about war’s absurdity for decennies (Malouines, Irak…), but participates in an event to benefit the UK’s Countryside Alliance (pro hunting, I think) It’s a shame, I hate his behaviour, even if he does what he wants, I know, I hate his ostentatious (?) and noisy (? = “tapageuse”) publicity, proclaiming himself “the creative genius of PF”, I hate all that he represents !

    Have you seen pictures of him at Highclere Castle with his big pink scarf ? ridiculous !!! (LOL !)

    OK, I shouldn’t have said that, mais, ça fait du bien ! allez vous me censurer, Fed ?


    [Il n’y a besoin. Je suis très clément avec certain sujets. – Features Editor]

  36. [ooh … Some nice names on that list (except for that awful no 12). But with Neil, Beck and Knopfler outside of the top ten, makes you wonder who are the remaining 6 (apart from David, Jimi, Syd and Ritchie of course)? – Posted by: Yoni H]

    A guess …..

    Hank Marvin
    Les Paul
    Jimmy Page
    Jimi Hendrix
    David Gilmour
    Eric Clapton
    Robert Fripp
    Pete Townshend
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    John Petrucci

    Maybe Syd instead of one of the last two. Blackmore has already gone.

    Wadya think?

    [Looks good to me. I don’t think Hank Marvin or Les Paul will be there, bearing in mind that it’s supposed to be about Classic Rock guitarists, so God knows who will be. – Features Editor]

  37. About crowd behaviour, I was sure us Italians being the worst 😉 just until experiencing gigs here at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.
    At David concert people were walking in and out the hall smoking and chatting while passing by even while he was playing…

    Another nice one was a couple of weeks ago always at HMH seeing Zappa Plays Zappa (Dweezil Zappa is great and truly inspired, later Steve Vai joined, unforgettable), well he’s very friendly to the audience, but this doesn’t really mean you can literally throw him a CD with your playing to make him hear it!!!! It hit his chest rightaway and of course he got a little pissed off….

    I’m going to see Joe Satriani on June 12 (anyone around?), let’s see what happens…

  38. Hi FED! Hope you had a good weekend. (We just had a long weekend in Canada for Queen Victoria’s birthday).

    Don’t know if someone already mentioned this:

    In this month’s Guitar World, Alex Lifeson of Rush describes the music that made the most impact on his life. One of the songs he mentioned was Comfortably Numb. He writes

    “David Gilmour is so well respected, and while he’s often overlooked among guitarists, I think people who appreciate rock guitarists regard him as one of the best. He’s a brilliant player and has such passion and feel. You can sense he’s a smart man: you can hear how he puts it all together and how it fits, which is a real testament to his songwriting. He’s such a bluesy player, to boot. My eyes water whenever I hear this song. Pink Floyd have such incredible arrangements; their songs are rich and complex but not particularly complicated. They can take as long as they want to tell you a story, but it’s always interesting.”

    That sums it up nicely.

    [It does. Thanks for that, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  39. F*Ed,

    Will Sam Brown be around for the shows in London town?

    For she is the apple of the eye for all those wanting “Great Gig in the Sky”



    [I don’t know about that, Matt. I’ve heard that there may be a surprise guest or two, but I couldn’t possibly tell you who. (I made that last bit up for rhyming’s sake. I don’t really know who will be there, sorry!) – Features Editor]

  40. I hate wishing time away but next week is going to be so much fun on the blog with everyone getting to see the RAH concerts…

    Fedmeister… two nights huh? so one night you’ll have the faux beard, pointy stick and sack cloth…. the second night I would suggest maybe an off the shoulder number with a beehive and some pointy Manolo Blahniks…

    [I was going to go as a Dalek, but… – Features Editor]

  41. Howdy all,

    Just out of interest, is anyone going to be making a big banner that says something along the lines of “Fed Rules!!!” or “We love Fed” or even “Fed Forever” for any of the RAH shows? Me thinks it would be a nice expression of “well done and cheers for all the hard work” . That and the embarrassment factor would be classic!!!

    Anyhoos, to all those going have fun, wish I could go but I’m stuck in Franceland doing stupid exams (why did I decide to be educated and all that?)

    x x x x

    Ps. Love today’s pic., that Telecaster is simply beautiful.

    [I’m already one step ahead of you with the banner, Dom. Don’t tell anyone. But seriously, the thanks have to go to Andy and Nancy. – Features Editor]

  42. about the placement in the square in Florence. I am from there, but I live in Dublin.

    The info is not on line, what a shame, but some fans in the forum where I wrote manage to see it in the box office shops. Apparently the first 3 areas are in the arena, 4 and 5 are stalls around and in the back.

    The square is big but not huge…thats what I know so far.

    My brother is going to a shop to buy the tickets right now, I ‘ll ask him and let all know better

  43. I was going to mention the pink scarf, but didn’t think I should, but what the hell!!

    [Wags might say that, the next thing you know, he’ll insist that he created the colour pink. Not me, though. I don’t want to get sacked. – Features Editor]

  44. Happy Tuesday,

    Great to hear that some of the right people are now beginning to get tickets.

    Regarding a previous comment, as much as I would have loved to, I also could not bring myself to go and see Roger at the concert for the country side alliance. Besides, my daughter who is studying animal sciences and vetinary at university would not have been happy with me.

    Pete – Coventry

  45. Call received from my brother in Italy.

    The sector in florence are just like I wrote.

    1.2.3 arena 4 lateral stalls, 5 backward stalls.

    Unfortunately it is impossible to see the general distribution or understand how far from the stage they will be. According to the prices it is just not acceptable from ticketone.

    i will let u all know if i get more news.

    fed u r doing an amazing job here. thanks for everything

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  46. We should have a little contest to see who is the closest to the final ten:

    Here is my final 10

    1. David G.
    2. Jimi H.
    3. Jimmy P
    4. Eric C.
    5. Pete Townshead
    6. Eddie Van Halen
    7. Carlos Santana
    8. Stevie Ray Vaughn
    9. Robin Trower
    10. Syd B. (should be but won’t)

    I bet anyone that is as close to the final countdown as anyone can get! Give it your try!

    Dave from Ft. Wayne, In

  47. I don’t know about 10, but my Top 5 would also be:

    1. Gilmour
    2. Hendrix
    3. Page
    4. Clapton
    5. Townshend

  48. Hi Fed,

    this message is to express my personal thanks to ENRICO who gave answer to my doubts.

    I took a 4 stall ticket because of my…finances.

    But as I said, I am there to hear more than to see and I have my personal binoculars to have a sight to David slicks now and then (and the rest of the band obviously).

    Actually I agree about the fact that is not respectful to ask people to buy tickets with eyes closed. Why? If I am lateral I would prefer to be far as the quality of music is better. Now I have a ticket with a seat I didn’t choose. the only chance I had was to boicott the concert but…that’s too much no?!? 🙂

    enrico, if you know, through yoru friends, of buses to Firenze from Milan let me know.


  49. there are plenty of trains from milan to florence. and a very popular irish company flies to pisa as well from most of europe.

    better the train anyway. Check on the trenitalia web site, 3 hours, 30 euro, and u’ll be in the middle of florence.

  50. [Hi Mark. I am quite surprised, actually. Mark Knopfler, Brian May, Tony Iommi, Jeff Beck, Joe Walsh, Slash… I can’t think of anyone – that’s anyone who would usually make such a Top Ten – who’s missing, other than Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton. So just who else will fill the Number Two to Number Ten positions behind David (bearing in mind that the poll is called ‘The 40 Most Influential Classic Rock Guitarists of All Time’)? Also, if John Lennon (!) can be in there, then I don’t see why Syd Barrett shouldn’t be! – Features Editor]

    Well, since others are doing it, in no particular order I’d like to see: (and I’m excluding Hendrix, because for me, he warrants his own exclusive, no more members allowed club of greatness)

    Roy Buchanan, Richard Thompson, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ry Cooder, David Hidalgo (I’m pretty sure I’m one of only a few that would think that, but what a musician he is), Eddie Hazel, Leo Kottke, Pete Townsend (Live at Leeds era), Freddi King

    *Every 2 weeks rotate in: Doc Watson, Rick Derringer, Albert King (actually, any blues guitarist with the surname King is automatic), Steve Howe, Buddy Guy, Dave Davies, Robby Krieger, John Mclaughlin, Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Lowell George………

    What a fruitless and yet so satisfyingly oxymoronic exercise.

  51. Finally find the time to get back on here!! Great news for the Poles – I was in Poland in 1979, on a school trip believe it or not! Had a great time in a great country with great people – hope you all enjoy the show.

    So, I’m now sitting at home trying to forget the fact I should be making my home from the ‘Later…’ recording but, there is some good news – my wifes father has been told that the cancer has not spread as feared and he is on the road to recovery. We’re all so chuffed!

    What that all means is that Louise can relax a bit and she is now really looking forward to the gig next Monday. Are you going on Monday F’Ed – if so are you joining the Bloggers for a spot of pre-gig imbibing? Actually have we settled on a bloggers pub…or is it a bar in the RAH?

    [Great news for your family, Neil. I’m pleased to hear it. I will be there on Monday, possibly with a fake beard, but I won’t have much time for anything before the concert, unfortunately. It’s all going to be a bit of a rush that day. – Features Editor]

  52. to enrico:

    Yes I know getting to Firenze is easy. Difficult is to come back in the night without staying all night in a slow train or to drive….But I will find a way..

  53. [Great news for your family, Neil. I’m pleased to hear it. I will be there on Monday, possibly with a fake beard, but I won’t have much time for anything before the concert, unfortunately. It’s all going to be a bit of a rush that day. – Features Editor]

    Thanks F’Ed – and thanks also to the bloggers who expressed their best wishes earlier, I’d love to think that all the positive energy helped!

    Understand what you are saying about Monday, but if you change yor mind……

    God help anyone wearing a beard that night as well!!

  54. I hope David tops the chart and even though I don’t expect to see Syd listed, I would love to see him included somewhere in the top 10.

    Would Syd be considered ‘Classic Rock’?

  55. FEd, as you are “très clément avec certain sujets” – can you imagine David touting one of his daughters ‘modeling’ topless on the internet? ah, yes, class will out, won’t it…

    Neil, i am so pleased that your father-in-law’s prognosis is good!! it is so difficult to enjoy yourself when a loved one [parent OR pet] is ill. fortunately the NYC concerts happened when my father was well enough that i could go, in good conscience.

    and thank you, dear irregulars, for your words of encouragement and support for me while my Pop is sick. you can’t know how much they mean… this online community, and OAI, have more meaning for me every day.

    caption contest: Polly’s request for “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” is quashed when David emphatically plays Rock to her Scissors.


    p.s. FEd, if you go as a Dalek, you can’t be the only one. a Lone Dalek – everyone will know it is you! there would have to be a small Drove of Daleks. this could be problematic. still, you can’t beat a Dalek suit for coverage, can you.

    why not just go as Weird Al Yankovic?

    [But I’ve got my outfit ready now. Alright, I’ll stick with the fake beard and dress like everybody else instead. – Features Editor]

  56. not wishing to erm receive the pointy stick, may i add another caption entry, FEd –

    Polly’s request for “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” is assured [if reluctantly] when David emphatically plays Rock to her Paper.

    thank you. i had obviously confused my media. it’s a wonder i didn’t throw in a dish sponge, some cufflinks and a Toby mug…

    must. get. a. grip.


  57. Hi

    Just three days to go to seeing the show on the last night in the RAH. Since I bought the CD I cannot stop listening to same. I knew it would be good but not that good. Watched the performance on Jools show Friday night and it only whets the appetite for Weds show.

    As new dates were added I still cling to some hope that David will play in Ireland as I don’t think we are that far away and amongst my friends I am the lucky one to be going this week even a certain ROGER is playing in Cork in the not too distant future.

    Anyway looking forward to seeing the maestro that is David Gilmour.


  58. there is no way that syd will be in the top 10, i’m sorry. if people put their brains in gear, they would think about the question and give a suitable answer. then the likes of john lennon would not be included at the expense of more able guitarists. syd is not top 10 standard. it will be gilmour, hendrix, clapton, page, van halen and the like – as it should be. syd does deserve to be in the top 40, just not the top 10.

  59. I’m rather disappoined with the lack of U.S. dates and venues scheduled for David’s latest tour. Playing in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles can hardly be called a U.S. tour. Furthermore, the cinema addition of a live performance can hardly be called “another chance” for his fans to see him because those venues are as rare as his live shows. Perhaps David should give his U.S. fans more consideration the next time he decides to tour. Whenever that may be.

    [Bob, no offence, but perhaps you should either read the old blog entries (because we’ve done this already) or just be grateful that David visited the US at all. There were more shows in the US than anywhere else. You got Island Jam before anyone else. You got to see the Mermaid gig in the cinema when no one else on the planet had that opportunity. Trust me, your comment will be considered selfish, dull and ignorant to most of the people who read this blog. I hope that, by pointing this out to you, it will prevent others from doing so in a more aggressive manner. – Features Editor]

  60. These were the Top 10 in the Q107 poll:

    1 Jimi Hendrix
    2 Jimmy Page
    3 Eric Clapton
    4 David Gilmour
    5 Eddie Van Halen
    6 Stevie Ray Vaughan
    7 Pete Townshend
    8 Angus Young
    9 Carlos Santana
    10 Alex Lifeson

    Not that I totally agree, but a nice list altogether. My three picks were in the top 5.

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