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Just a little something to keep us occupied over the weekend, courtesy of Nickster:

Which is your favourite ‘On An Island’ lyric? Just share one or two, and give just a few lines from each. Which words/phrases stick in your head long after listening?

There have been many suggestions for a rainy day and it’s certainly raining today. Thanks to everyone who has made a suggestion to date. We have many to choose from, but feel free to throw your ideas at me if you can think of a good one. Please note that it must concern David.

We’ve got lots more for you next week, including details of another European date. Sorry to keep you in suspense, but everything has to be carved in stone before we can get your hopes up.

Have a great weekend, all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

183 thoughts on “Favourite lyric”

  1. CAPTION : Jon tries out for the cover of David’s new single.” Say cheese Jon! ” ” Oops did I mention cheese again ED ?

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )


    When the blog gets on your nerves ED may I suggest ” take a breath , take a deep breath now! ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [Good advice. – Features Editor]

  3. My pick:

    “..Dreamers may leave, but they’re here ever after..”

    Haunting, poignant and a perfect fit to the mood/theme of this track.

  4. These two lyrics kept popping in my head this afternoon as I was cutting grass:

    One day he’ll slip away
    Cool water flowing all around
    In the river and on the ground
    Leave a pocketful of stones and not believe in other lives.

    When you’re down is where you’ll find yourself
    When you drown there’s nothing else.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  5. Ever since the first listening, the lyric that has consistently ‘haunted’ me has been:

    “If I’m the one to throw you overboard
    At least I showed you how to swim for shore”

    It’s that tough love/compassion thing coupled with the way David sings it that really makes it stick for me.

    Favourite lyric is:

    “To find my way home
    to your smile”

    Because it makes me think of my Debbles. I love the sense of a smile/an emotion being home because that’s my kind of perspective (i.e. home isn’t bricks and mortar).

    Fab suggestion 🙂


    [Three cheers to the clever so-and-so who suggested it… – Features Editor]

  6. “Dreamers may leave but they’re here everafter”

    I know this was written about David’s friends who are no longer of this world.

    But it also describes how I feel about his music, most of which I experienced from afar, many years after it was recorded. It seems like a dream to have been a part of David’s performance of this new music and certainly something to recall “here everafter”.

  7. Favourite OAI lyric:

    This kind of love is hard to find
    I never got to you by being kind
    If I’m the one to throw you overboard
    At least I showed you how to swim for shore

    Very cool.


  8. Favourite OAI lyric…

    Has to be from Smile…

    “To find my home to your smile”

    because it reminds me of my children and the way they just love unconditionally…

  9. Caption competition – “See I have cleaned my teeth!”

    Favourite lyric, well has to be any line from “Castellorizon”, “Red Sky At Night” or “Then I Close My Eyes”!! OR from “This Heaven” – “Life is much more than money buys, When I see the faith in my children’s eyes”. I think we can all learn form this so thanks Polly.

    Ian Pearson

  10. I love these games . . .Favorite OAI lyric hmmm

    “Dreamers may leave, but they’re here ever after.”

    “When you’re lost you need to find yourself, then you’ll find out that there’s no-one else.”

    “So much behind us, still far to go.”

    And by FAR my absoulte favorite is: (drumroll)
    “I need no blessings but I’m counting mine. Life is much more then money buys, when I see the faith in my children’s eyes.”


    PS – I hope your playing too, Fed =)

    [Of course! You’ve all suggested my favourites already – proving what excellent taste you have, of course. I really like the opening of ‘The Blue’: “Shameless sea, Aimlessly so blue, Midnight-moon shines for you…” I think that’s very clever and takes gorgeousness to a new level. – Features Editor]

  11. “We waltz in the moonlight and the embers glow
    So much behind us
    Still far to go”

    …gets me everytime.
    -Chris McKay

  12. Caption Competition

    Jon was feeling very pleased and a tad relieved that his new incontinence pants were up to the job…

  13. When you’re lost you need to find yourself
    Then you’ll find out that there’s no-one else.


    I need no blessings but I’m counting mine…


  14. my two favorite lyrics hit a personal note within me. These lyrics express the profound joy I’m currently experiencing as my life get ever more interesting and wonderful.

    “Time passes slowly our hearts entwined
    All of the dark times left behind”


    “Now I’m here in a state of grace
    This earthly heaven is enough for me”

    Great great stuff from Mr Gilmour and Polly.

    Nuff said,

  15. I always have “sighing… signing…” stuck in my head. But these are my favorites:

    We walk ourselves weary, you and I
    There’s just this moment

    We walk ourselves weary, arm in arm
    Back through the twilight
    Home again

    For all his self-bashing, David really can turn out a good lyric when he puts in the effort.

  16. “Children again, on rusting swings getting higher”

    This has such a “Twilight Zone-Kick The Can” episode imagery to it…

    I just love it…

  17. The lyrics to “Where We Start” paint a lovely picture of a place in time. I like to think of the song as David’s older, wiser and quite ~articulate~ “Fat Old Sun.”

    Thank you for writing it, David.

    (Ed/Edwina – Marvin says “Haben ein nettes Wochenende.”)


    [Danke schön, Marvin. Schönes Wochenende. – Features Editor]

  18. Caption:

    Jon’s ecstatic having mastered that previously alien concept – a day off 😉

    One week and counting 😀

  19. When I become 60 and still sing these lines from the bottom of my heart I known that my life has succeeded…

    “We waltz in the moonlight and the embers glow, so much behind us, still far to go…”.
    Beautiful, charming.

    18 years behind us, to work on that one… (will let you know then, when the blog is still in the air).

    Have fun and a nice weekend,
    Nick from the lovely south of the Netherlands.

  20. I’m going to sound like everyone else now…

    “If I’m the one to throw you overboard
    At least I showed you how to swim for shore”

    but I also think the closing stanza is wonderful, (and seems to me to be very similar thematically to the closing lines of a record called “The Final Cut”)

    “so much behind us – still far to go”.

  21. Ebb and flow, let it go. When we need to; here, once in a while. Roofer, Guy would certainly be great to see at any Yuk Yuks in the GTA. I’m sure he just needs to book it. HHHHMMMM. You can be his agent too.

  22. I’ve re-read the lyrics in the booklet and it’s dawned on me that there aren’t a great deal of them… it’s almost the same as DG’s music style..

    It’s what you don’t say that counts as much as the words you do say…

    [That’s a very good point. I think ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ says an awful lot. – Features Editor]

  23. “Dreamers may leave, but they’re here ever after.” is a favourite of mine too, seems to be popular. 🙂

    This line really does say it all, I don’t believe that when somone dies they go to another world, you are just left with the hopes and dreams that that person had. It dosen’t stop you thinking about them or missing them like crazy though.

  24. “Let the night surround you
    We’re hallway to the stars
    Ebb and flow
    Let it go
    Feel her warmth beside you”

    A catch in my throat and a pang in my heart everytime. It puts me in mind of a Duke Ellington quote:

    “The greatest duet in the world is the sound of a man and woman going steady.”


  25. My favorite ( I think you’ll find me mentioning it back in the heyday of the pre-tour blog) is :

    “still, Marooned” from The Blue

    a connection to the subject of the sea which Marooned and The Blue have in common, as well as both tunes using the same guitar effect and a nod to Floyd…

    …which he also did with ( “we all have a Dark Side, to say the least”) and the Hey You riff found on tunes from the Division Bell and even with the echoing, “we fall-we fall-we fall…” on About Face…

    clever chap, that David…

    and…are they indeed filming all 3 nights at RAH as it says on the news page? I thought it was only going to be the 29th and 30th…either way, I’m looking forward to the 31st!!!!


    [It was always going to be the first two nights, Terry, but the third night is going to be recorded now as well. – Features Editor]

  26. Ok Erin just scared the crap out of me…my choices (in no particular order):

    – “Dreamers may leave, but they’re here ever after.”
    – “So much behind us, still far to go.”
    – “Life is much more then money buys, when I see the faith in my children’s eyes.”

    Erin, you could charge ten bucks a head to read palms! Scary.

    By the way I’d also have to throw in The Blue. The lyrics and music fit together perfectly to produce a very tranquil, floating feeling. Very fitting for a song about the hereafter.

  27. “Where we start is where we end
    We step out sweetly, nothing planned…”

    Pretty much Budhist circle of life, I dig it. I’m instantly hooked.

    “We lay side by side between the moon and the tide
    Mapping the stars for a while”

    The imagery instantly places me in my own warm memories. Beautiful!

  28. “Let the night surround you, we’re halfway to the stars. Ebb and flow, let it go. Feel her warmth beside you.”

    Love that lyric. I also agree with Fed on The Blue. Great lyrics that perfectly match the tone set by the music.


  29. I really like

    “Life is much more than money buys
    when I see the faith in my children´s eyes”


  30. “Would this do, to make it all right
    Where sleep has taken you where I’m out of sight
    I’ll make my gettaway time on my own
    To find a better way to find my way home to your smile.”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “Smile” is now on of my favorite songs of all time.

    Just the idea that you love somebody so much that you’ll do anything to be as close as possible to them. I can’t wait to find that kinda love

  31. “We lay side by side, between the moon and the tide, mapping the stars for awhile.”

  32. I have 2:

    “I need no blessings but I’m counting mine. Life is much more then money buys, when I see the faith in my children’s eyes.”

    “Remember that night, the warmth and the laughter.”

  33. I don`t know why, but I love it;

    “waves roll,
    lift us in blue,
    drift us,
    seep right through,
    and colour us blue.”

    With the melody behind it, it is brilliant.

    Have a good weekend all!

    [The same to you, mate. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  34. “so much behind us still far to go” thats my favorite one..maybe because im in love..dont know..anyway its a great phrase..not very complicated,not very deep..just simple but with a lot of meaning…and it sounds great on that track

  35. This Classic Album is so full of Timeless Lyrics that thinking about my favorite and reading everyone elses favorite means one thing, its time to for a some OAL.

    Thanks, PK

  36. it has to be something from Smile….

    All alone
    Though you’re right here
    Now it’s time to go
    From your sad stare

    Make my getaway
    Time on my own
    Needing a better way
    To find my way home
    To your smile

  37. I know I’ve already posted, but just looking at the selections compels me to comment on the incredible QUALITY of this work. Not a syllable is wasted, and each phrase encompasses meaning both deep and wide.

    In terms of lyrics, Polly may be David’s finest collaborator ever. The maturity and ‘trueness’ of their work is simply stunning.

    Sorry Editor for making you read my stuff twice in one day.

    All my best from the home of The Gibson Amphitheater (I am STILL vibrating).

  38. First of all, the lyrics to the entire new album are brilliant. I love the simplicity of the Take A Breath lyrics, particularly the “if I’m the one to throw you overboard…” bit, but my favorite line on the album is from The Blue, simple, but beautiful:

    “Still marooned”

    Hope all of you enjoy the RAH shows. I’ve got tickets for France!!

  39. “I need no blessings, but I’m counting mine…”

    I’ve had some hard times, but I know there are so many more people who’ve had harder times. Life is quite good right now and I’m greatful for the blessings that I have.

    The bluesy soul of “This Heaven” is my favorite part of OAI.

    Peace to all!
    Julie S. from Springfield, MO, USA

  40. Thank you so much Fed!!! Called the RAH box office and secured 13th row center in the arena for the performance on the 29th. As I had mentioned before I’m flying over from Toronto to see the Manchester and Glasgow gigs (caught the presale on these-thx again) and thought the icing on the cake would be to catch the show at the legendary RAH. The only show that fit into the itinery was the one on the 29th- so I was unable to take advantage of the opportunity a few days back to buy tickets for the 30th or 31st. But I kept logging into this site dilligently and was rewarded today when I woke to find your message. I can’t thank you enough for saving me from the touts!

    Favourite lyric by far is:
    “So break the bread and pour the wine
    I need no blessings but I’m counting mine
    Life is much more than money buys
    when I see the faith in my childrens eyes.”

    Thanks again!

    Kind regards,
    Robert from Toronto

  41. Hey all,

    My choice would be amongst the many who have said it already:

    “Dreamers may leave, but they’re here ever after.”

    And of course the “Sharing a dream, on an island, it felt right” which is where I’ll be in about an hours time. It’s a beautiful little island on Ramsey Lake (the largest lake contained within city limits in North America). Good history, good friends, good times. I can not wait to stick the CD in and finally listen to this on my favrite island.

    Have a great weekend everyone! Espescially those in Canada for the Queen Victoria Day long weekend… Do you get a long weekend like this too where you’re at Fed?

    Cheers everyone!


    [We get one next weekend, Dan. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  42. Paulo,

    are you familiar with Robert Frost’s line:

    “I’ve promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep”

    Almost has that same feel and sentiment as (Where We Start) “so much behind us still far to go” After hearing this lyric, I immediately thought of Frost’s line. Scary how great minds think alike, eh?

    Why the Jesuits didn’t teach us Floyd imagery and lyrics I’ll never know!

    Terry: you are so right about the “still marooned” lyrical link. That grabbed my attention after the first listen and I thought “what a brilliant chap, this David Gilmour”!! The allusion to Waters (from what happens to be my favorite track of the lp, Poles Apart) with the opening line “Hey you” is yet another perfect example of this.

    Have a great weekend FEd. (by the way, my favorite potato chip is Yukon Gold… simply deeeelicious!).

  43. Buffalo Phil – Great minds think alike. What can I say? I like you already.

    [I think ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ says an awful lot. – Features Editor]

    I couldn’t agree more Fed. This would be #2 on my list.


  44. One of my favorites is:

    ‘Time passes slowly our hearts entwined
    All of the dark times left behind’


    ‘Still, marooned
    Silence drifting through
    Nowhere to choose
    Just blue..’

  45. “far to go” seems to be a winner. Ever since I heard the repetetive snippet on the site, well before the album came out, it stuck in my mind. Afterwards hearing the full song, and then hearing it live… a real treat!

  46. “When you’re down is where you find yourself
    When you drown there’s nothing else
    If you’re lost you’ll need to turn yourself
    Then you’ll find out that there’s no-one else

    When you’re down is where you’ll know yourself
    That if you drown there’s nothing else
    When you’re lost you need to find yourself
    Then you’ll find out that there’s no-one else”

    I think you got to be in a really dark place within your own depression and alone to really grasp this one. I know I’ve had to deal with depression and it’s like having a heavy weight on you all the time, dragging you down.

  47. How English is this:-

    “We lie in the Bluebells, a Woodpecker laughs.”

    Conjures up the English countyside perfectly.

  48. tear down THE WALL “of studios 1 & 2 in West London”

    tear down THE WALL!
    tear down THE WALL!

    its really that? dave knows, jon too

  49. “… and I reach out and touch your face,
    This earthly heaven is enough for me….

    I need no blessings, but I’m conting mine,
    Life is much more than money buys,
    When I see the faith in my childrens eyes.”

    “Where we start, is where we end….

    We walk ourselves weary, you and I,
    There’s just this moment…

    Time passes slowly, our hearts entwine,
    All of the dark times, left behind…

    We walked in the moonlight, the embers glow,
    So much behind us, still far to go…”


    David and Polly,
    Thank you for such beautiful lyrics.
    So poignant, to so many…

  50. A bit off track, some lyrics for Simon Emery for Sunday…

    “Marching on Together”

    Premiership here we come…?

  51. Dear Features Ed,

    I have a suggestion for favourites, how about everyones favourite Gilmour guitar solo?, everyone has one even if you don`t play guitar.

    My personal favourite is the solo from comfortably numb!

    If this has already been sugested please tell me to shut up, but just a thought.

    [I’ll certainly add it to the list, Adrian, and maybe we’ll use it next time. Please, no one answer just yet. It’s not raining today. – Features Editor]

  52. Oh my…so many…and most of them said.

    My favorite:

    “So break the bread and pour the wine
    I need no blessings but I’m counting mine”

    I don’t have children so as for the the second half, I don’t really have as much connection with, but I think they are great lyrics.

    As for the comment about the instrumentals having their own story…I too feel they say alot. But then again, David’s music has always been like words to me. (I’m one of those freaks that sings the guitar notes instead of lyrics)

    I absolutely love Castellorizon. I feel like I’m on a boat floating down a winding river through different “worlds”…every turn around a bend my emotions changes along with the scenery.

  53. “…If I’m the one to throw you overboard,
    At least I showed you how to swim for shore…”

    Actually FEd, regarding your response to my post in the blog of the 17th, the whole trip didn’t seem very difficult at all once I’d got through the messy agonising involved in the decision to go or not.

    I mean, once upon a time it took six months on a leaky boat to get from New Zealand to the UK, or vice versa. Now it’s simply 24 hours of air travel. I’m not sure there’s anything particularly heroic in that.

    And I will of course, in addition to David’s concerts, get to have a good poke about one of the great cultural capitals of the world.

    [Good point, but I still admire you. I dread four hours on a train. I don’t like sitting still! – Features Editor]

  54. My favorite lyrics are:

    “If I’m the one to throw you overboard, at least I showed you how to swim for shore.”

    “Rivers run dry, but theres no line on his brow. Says he doesn’t care who’s saved.”

    The latter brought to mind “A Pillow of Winds”

    I was saddened to see that Tony Iommi was not in at least the top ten of the most influential guitarists.

    Cheers all

    Rob NYC

  55. What about,(I`m breaking the rules)

    “Over and over we call,
    no one hears,
    and further and further and further we fall,
    though we pray that we soon will awake,
    it is clear there is no hope at all,
    our lives are at stake.

    I cannot belive,
    or even pretend,
    that the thunder I hear,
    will just disapear,
    and the nightmare will end….”

    That was done from memory, so sorry if I got it wrong or for spelling mistakes.

    Powerful stuff though!

    [And our David can’t write lyrics, can he? – Features Editor]

  56. LYRICS:

    Words are well and good but I must admit when I heard the first ping of the the strat on track one I shed a tear for what is a rebirth in my books of a sleeping giant

    Sleeping no more Ladies and gentlemen SLEEPING NO MORE

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  57. “though the earth is dying his head is in the stars..chances are this sparks a lifetime”

    “its just the dice you roll the here and now..and he’s not guilty or afraid”

    The experiences in life that it took to write this whole album is intense. In my humble opinion


  58. Fed-

    Ich hatte keine Ahnung dass Sie Deutsch verstehen können. Oder können wir ein ander dutzen? Deine (oder Ihre) entscheidung…

    Chris McKay

    [Ich dachte daß mein Deutsch war besser als meine Französische, aber jetzt ich bin nicht so sicher! Alle Sprachen sind hier willkommen. Für allen Deutschen-sprechern hier: Entschuldigen Sie bitte für die vorhergehenden Sätze. Ich bin sehr rostig. – Features Editor]

  59. Caption…

    “Must keep smiling but if one more cad asks me to autograph their Jerry Seinfeld DVD, I’m getting me pointy stick out!”

    Favourite lyric

    “Life is much more than money buys
    When I see the faith in my children’s eyes”

  60. “This kind of love is hard to find
    I never got to you by being kind”

    That and…

    “Still far to go”

  61. Caption: Jon chuckles and bashfully shies away as the spotlight shines in his direction.

    Lyrics: “Hopless to reminisce through the dark hours…….We’ll only sacrifice what time will allow us….You’re sighing…..”

    Very beautiful. Very poetic. Very eloquent. I like reading and pondering over that one again and again.

  62. “Dreamers may leave but they’re here everafter”, but more specifically just hearing David sing “everafter”. Also, “You’re sighing…”

    P.S. Still love my daily read. We just had our baby boy! Life is good.

    Brian (Iowa)

    [Congratulations, Brian! – Features Editor]

  63. Michèle, je suis vraiment très jalouse de vous! Vous allez voir David pour une troisième fois, je ne l ai vu qu une seule fois, j aimerais etre a votre place: vous avez une de ces chances…

    While we were on vacation my step father died; i did not tell you yesterday but today is an appropriate time to talk about it. The sense of :dreamers may leave, but they re here ever after, takes all this sense to my family now…

    sylvie de montréal

    [My condolences, Sylvie. – Features Editor]

  64. Favourite Lyric: “Dreamers may leave, but they’re here everafter.”

    Favourite Lyric and Delivery: “We walk ourselves weary, you and I…”

  65. Caption Competition:

    “Jon Carin and the band get a kick out of Richard Wright’s impromptu center-stage solo on the Casio AZ-1 Keyboard-Guitar….”

  66. Hi Y’all,

    Funny thing about this blog is that you can always count on someone saying exactly what you’re thinking before you get a chance to post.

    This time it was Adrian’s post about the “waves roll” verse in The Blue. The whole song is magic–there’s a synergy between the lyrics and the music that is exquisite.

    FEd, any idea if Polly labored over the lyrics to get it ‘right’, or if it appeared more or less intact?

    On a slightly mystical note, since returning from the Massey Hall show I get a smiling, giggly sensation thinking about the rest of you guys going to see upcoming shows. Never before felt that way about other people getting to see a concert. Odd, huh?

    Have a great weekend,

    [It just shows what a nice person you are, mate. I don’t know how the lyrics came about, sorry. – Features Editor]

  67. -So break the bread and poor the wine, I need no blessings but I’m counting mine.

    -We lie in the bluebells, a woodpecker laughs

    This album reminds me of David’s earlier works, mainly the soundtrack recordings, I allways loved the simple yet strong lyrics of those. Syd was very good at “simple yet strong” as well, and that is what makes On an Island so enjoyable…so smooth.

  68. Favourite Lyric

    Love the music and general feel of Take a Breath, but fav lyrics (this week) are from Where We Start:

    “… Along by the river we feed bread to the swans
    And then over the footbridge to the woods beyond

    We walk ourselves weary, you and I
    There’s just this moment

    I light a campfire away from the path
    We lie in the bluebells, a woodpecker laughs

    Time passes slowly our hearts entwined
    All of the dark times left behind…”

    Love these lyrics because they take me back to days gone by – I can feel the bluebells, see the swans and the riverside. Then it reminds me how being held close by the one I deeply love washes away the darkest days.

    A great song on multiple levels, as is so common with David’s music.

    Thanks, Cheers.

  69. …” we step out sweetly, nothing planned …

    …so much behind us
    still far to go”

    The joy of life and of love. Simple. Beautiful.

  70. “When you’re lost you need to find yourself, then you’ll find out that there’s no-one else.”

    that line can be read so many ways and like ‘coming back to life’ has given me strength.


  71. woohoo! ding ding ding

    Thanks for the update on ticket availability F’Ed. I stayed up late for early morn in London and just called and got myself another pair of tickets for the show on the 30th. 9th row seats 😀

    So now I have 2 nights, back to back…30th and 31st. happiness is me!

    [Good stuff. If you put the effort in, it usually pays off. – Features Editor]

  72. “To make the moves that you can do
    When you fall from grace your eyes in blue
    Your every breath becomes another world
    And the far horizon’s living hell”

    It’s one of my automated signatures on my business e-mails.

  73. My favorite lyrics are:”Where we start is where we end, we step out sweetly, nothing planned. Along by the river we fed bread to the swans. And then over the footbridge to the woods beyond…”

    I feel like these lyrics were written just for me, kind of like at the concert (4/10)I was so in tune with the show that I felt like I was the only one in the entire room listening to them play. We often enjoy taking walks/hikes to and around the lakes and the woods here when the weather permits. We love nature, taking walks its actually one of our top favorite things to do in our free time. As a matter of fact a couple of years back there was this one spot that we’d visit so often that we had a small family of swans trained to and by the sounds of our whistles (lol long story).

    Also another set of lyrics that not only stand out because they were the first lyrics I heard off the album, but they also remind me of another personal experience involving my first night on my honeymoon in Jamaica. The lyrics are: “Remember that night white steps in the moonlight”, and “We lay side by side between the moon and the tide mapping the stars for a while”

    I think every song on the album is absolutely beautiful and in my opinion some of the best work I’ve ever heard from David Gilmour!

    Sorry if my posts are confusing, I’m not so great at describing my thoughts, and sometimes I tend to ramble on and on trying to explain myself.

    Anyway Hope everyone is healthy, and happy and enjoying life…Irene

  74. There are so many but,

    “Dreamers may leave, but they’re here ever after”

    It’s just a beautiful line and it makes me think of my beautiful friend who recently died which makes me smile to myself.

    Aswell as

    “When you’re down is where you find yourself
    When you drown there’s nothing else
    If you’re lost you’ll need to turn yourself
    Then you’ll find out that there’s no-one else”

    But for me echoes lyrics have always stuck out I mean they are so amazingly true and deep.

  75. Hi!

    Friday morning I was trying to get relaxed before a job interview, by listening to On an Island on my iPod. My body and mind did become more and more quiet as I let myself to go deep into the sounds and lyrics. The interviewer arrived late and the last song I managed to listen to was “Red Sky at Night”. I thought about next week’s concert too and “The blue” made me remember my hometown by the sea: “Still, marooned, silence drifting through, nowhere to choose, just blue…”

    All went so well that the company called me a few minutes later to make me an offer next Monday!!!

    So thanks Mr. Gilmour for driving me to such an inspired state of mind before the interview!

    Apart from the excerpt from “The Blue”, my other two fab ones are:

    “so much behind us… still far to go”

    “Leave a pocketful of stones and not believe in other lives”

    Maybe someday I’ll have that carved on my tombstone…

    [Well done with the job interview, Cesar! – Features Editor]

  76. Hi, Fed and all. My lyric choice is –

    Still, marooned
    Silence drifting through
    Nowhere to choose
    Just blue…

    My 6-year-old daughter does a freeform ballet type of dance when we listen to Blue, so that’s a family favourite.

    Cdn. Kevin

  77. Since I make it a point to read all things Gilmour, I picked up a High Times magazine. That guy has a lot of nerve. I’m writing him too. He really makes David out to be a horrible ingrate, who stole PF from not only Syd, but from Roger as well.

    I guess after all these years, David has gotten use to idiots like this and it probably doesn’t even phase him. I don’t think I could handle fame well when it comes to people like this. I have too much of a temper. I’d be more like Russell Crowe, and hit ’em with a phone. =)

    I was thinking that the favorite guitar solo might be a fun game yesterday. I told you great minds think alike.

    Have a great weekend all

  78. Last weekend and yesterday extra tickets went on sale for the shows at the Royal Albert Hall.
    When I called the box office and the Stargreen Ticket agent the reply was “sorry the tickets are now all sold”

    Today (20/5/06)in the Daily Mail newspaper on page 5 is a 1/6 of a page ad from SPORTSEXCLUSIVE who have for sale box seats at £145 each for 5 to 10 people or stalls seats at £195 each!

    How do these people get a box for 10 people when I cannot get 1 ticket.

    Gary Hurley

    [Good question… – Features Editor]

  79. the song “OAI” for me is about the persistent beauty and eternal truth of memories: nothing/no one remembered is ever gone, but always with us.

    “The Blue” is utter peacefulness. i wish this for my father when it’s time, and it is very soothing to me.

    “This Heaven” is how i feel about religion. the lyric “Where we start is where we end” is my philosophy, more like Buddhism.

    “We lie in the bluebells, a woodpecker laughs.” eight words that speak volumes about the kind of love i foolishly wish for myself before i die: peaceful and happy, away from everything, quiet enough to hear a bird’s laugh.

    the beautiful phrasing, dynamics and cadence of David’s guitar work are poetry. Polly’s lyrics are evocative and flowing, spare and rhythmic, like music. no wonder they are soulmates. they are sharing more of themselves and their lives with this album than we realize. i thank them for the insight and comfort they give me – a tremendous gift, which i need now more than ever.


  80. My favourite line:

    “So much behind us
    Still far to go”

    … because this perfectly describes my personal mood regarding my own life, and I think this is also true for most of us, unless you are very young or close to death.

    … because this lines are so wonderfully ambiguous and can be read to have both a positive and a negative connotation.

    … because this lines are the perfect last words on the album and leave you behind in a reflecting mood as the music slowly fades out.

    One last thing: why do all those guitarist rankings omit some really great guitarists, playing together in one of my other favourite bands: Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew?

    Have an nice weekend, all you people out there!

  81. “Seep right through
    And colour us blue….”

    and, there are so many lines I could quote from “Where We start,” but in particular:

    “We walk ourselves weary, you and I
    There’s just this moment….”

    “Time passes slowly our hearts entwined
    All of the dark times left behind….”

    And, of course, I love the photo that accompanies “Where We Start” — it’s absolutely stunning!

  82. Look ma, no cavities.

    I agree with the blogs, Then I Close My Eyes says it all.

  83. I need to think! I’m just a poor italian…I can’t remember each lines!

    TschuB und Kusse


    P.S. Hey FEd! Do you think you was the only one that can speak German? …maybe yes! I know just 3 words: TschuB und Kusse! Wait! Someone else: danke, ubermorgen, guten nacht…! Great!

    [You know more German than I know Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Dutch… I think your English is amazing. – Features Editor]

  84. “Time passes slowly our hearts entwined, All of our dark times left behind”

    “If I’m the one to throw you overboard, At least I showed you how to swim to sure”

    Also the fantastic solo during The Blue, that is a very emotional and touching solo for me

    p.s. tickets for arena at the RAH for the 30th and 31st are available online


  85. My three favorite lyrics from ‘On An Island:’

    “When you’re down is where you find yourself
    When you drown there’s nothing else
    If you’re lost you’ll need to turn yourself
    Then you’ll find out that there’s no-one else”


    “So much behind us
    Still far to go”


    Star-crossed you and me
    Save our souls
    We’ll be forever blue”


  86. Fave Lyric this is a tough one they are all classic, this might freak some off you out but i am a practicing Christian, it has to be “i need no blessings but im counting mine”, we all should count our blessings in this world with the state its in , about the Christian thing i hope it puts no one off me each to his own i believe , what ever gets you through the night some one famous once said, dont get me wrong im not embarresed but i have had some weird responses of people once they know about me , i am constantly counting my blessings, and let me tell you i have been truelly blessed this week (Manchester bridgewater), never dreamed i would be going but a Guardian Angel out there has made my year by making it possible , anyway ill sign off now and whatever you believe, tolerance is the key to a happy life, live and let live , Fed have a great weekend and the same to everyone out there God Bless to you all i tip my hat to you all you are all amazing bye for now

  87. ‘Children again, on rusting swings getting higher
    Sharing a dream, on an island, it felt right’

    Thanks to ~Matt~ for nudging my emotional memory bank, I had that image from The Twilight Zone — Kick The Can segment in my head, Scatman Cruthers wasn’t it?

    ‘Lift us in blue
    Drift us
    Seep right through
    And colour us blue

    Wait for me
    Shameless you, the sea
    Soon, the Blue
    So soon …’

    And then into that dreamy sound, finishing off beautifully with David’s exquisite guitar work! That entire song has the perfect mix of minimal lyrics and ethereal instrumentals that can just take me away from it all for a while …

    ‘I need no blessings but I’m counting mine
    Life is much more than money buys
    When I see the faith in my children’s eyes’

    All of us who are fortunate enough to have children in our lives know why this lyric is so moving!

    Have a pleasant weekend everyone, and FEd, don’t work too hard! Better take advantage of this slower time … you have another big round of ‘events’ ahead of you. Good thing you don’t like to just sit still I guess.

    Just one more comment before I go … I want to thank David and Polly sincerely for their words, music, and their efforts to make some change for the good with regards to Mother Earth and those who share ‘space’ here. They’ve ‘dropped the stone in the pond’ and the ripples move outwards to touch so many people in different ways.

    Because of David & Friends I was able to share with my son so many unique experiences that will live on in our memories forever! David was the catalyst, but so many other events occurred because of his taking time out of his family life to share the music … I just can’t thank him and Polly enough! And everyone else involved in making this musical journey so memorable for all of us.

    Enough for now.

    Washington State

  88. Dear F*ed:

    How about:

    Let the night surround you
    We’re halfway to the stars
    ebb and flow let it go
    feel her warmth beside you

    I love the lyrics on this album – and the music. This is truly a great record. It has been out over two months and I can’t stop listening to it.


    Mike from Connecticut

  89. He’s sending stones skimming and flying
    Circles spinning out his time
    Though the earth is dying his head is in the stars
    Chances are this spark’s a lifetime

    Those lyrics make me think of a book I recently finished: Carl Sagan’s Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium

    At the end of the book he chronicles coming to grips with his mortality, and the lack of a afterlife. (He died of pnemonia as a complication of treating myelodysplasia)

  90. “If I’m the one to throw you overboard, at least I showed you how to swim for shore.”

  91. It is hard to pick just two songs off the album. For the whole album has alot of meaning to me.

    When I start listening to the first track, It makes me think of how I remember the first time I heard David play. I was only sixteen and the year was 1968. I was kind of crazy back then with hair down to the middle of my back with no cares at all. Then with David’s record playing I started to remember growing up and how things started to change. I start seeing how my life had changed growing up and getting a job. Then getting married and then all your great friends that you have go on to there own journeys(even though you still hear from them). You not as close to them anymore. But life keeps going on and you have watched your family grow.

    This album is a great record and it helps with remembering my life. Thank You David and Polly.

    God Bless


  92. My favourite lyrics are: “Life is much more than money buys, When I see the faith in my children’s eye”.

    However tempting it may be at the concept of purchasing a ticket to see Gilmour & Co at RAH, I cannot bring myself to leaving my baby daughter at home whilst I am enraputered with Echoes.

  93. My personal favorite is from “About Face”. One of the best songs ever written I think….

    Standing in silence, holding my breath
    Disconnected and dry
    And though I’m certain that there’s nothing left
    To hold on to, to give or to try
    Some things never change, no don’t ever change
    And I’m feeling the cold
    Thinking that we’re getting older and wiser
    When we’re just getting old

  94. – Sylvie, I’m very sad for your father-in-law, it’s hard to loose someone you love, above all if it happens when you are not at home . I think very much of you and your family. Yes, dreamers may leave, but…

    – Marvin (?) and Chris McKay, ich bin französisch, spreche sehr schlecht (?) Deutsch, aber ich freue mich daB es auf dieses blog nicht nur englische Sprache gibt ! Wird Sie David in München sehen ?


  95. I love the blue,my favourite words are:’Save our souls,we’ll be forever blue’,and I think the mood of this song is wonderful.The words ‘Still marooned’ seem to remind the whammy pedal,and David uses it at the end of the song!

    Great,see you at Venice,it’s my dream since 1994 tour.

    good work

  96. my favourites lyrics in on a island are in pocketful of stones (my prefer song in on a island).

    in general my favourites lyrics are in dark side, wish, amimals, the wall, final cut, radio kaos, amused to death.


  97. Je suis desolee, Sylvie.

    So many of the lyrics are touching and moving and many of you have mentioned some of the best ones.

    “This earthly heaven is enough for me” could be my motto for life. And the two simple words “home again” say so much. Thank you, David and Polly!

  98. Greetings from the Caribbean FEd!

    Favorite OAI lyric:

    Out of touch he’ll live in wonder
    Won’t lose sleep he’ll just pretend
    In his world he won’t go under
    Turns without him until the end – “A Pocketful of Stones”

    I have to respond to Adrian’s blast from the past…

    I don’t want this anger that’s burning in me
    It’s something from which it’s so hard to be free
    But none of the tears that we cry in sorrow or rage
    Can make any difference, or turn back the page – “Murder” Words & Music by David J. Gilmour

    It is a moving lamentation on the death of John Lennon, but can be generalized to describe the senseless wasting of life and limb of which our species seems to be so fond. Listen to this one (my G*d, that oddly familiar bass guitar sound!). Read the lyrics. Then go find someone to argue with about “which one’s Pink.”

    Off topic: 12 December 1987 on NBC-TV’s (USA) “Saturday Night Live” David performed a tune with G.E. Smith and the studio band called “Ah, Robertson, It’s You.” I wonder whether the vast and resourceful staff at dg.com have a way of posting this perfomance on the site (or suggesting that it be included in the “Extras” on the OAI DVD)? I have never been able to track this one down.

    [Now that would be good. – Features Editor]

  99. i Know certain people have said David is not a good lyricist and i think ive read an interview where even he says it does not come easy well nothing comes easy if its any good , Division bell lyrics(and i know others helped but the depth of feeling WOW Momentary Lapse….. WOW again then we come to OAI Double WOW even the guiter playing is so lyrical he plays words his guiter playing speaks to me and many others i believe he says just as much when hes playing an instrumental,

    cant wait untill Friday 26th for manchester its so long away im counting the Days and hours i was speaking to a friend who is a musician and has played there and he was saying that accoustically its as perfect as you can get,

    just a little plea to any one going Wait for the DVD , leave the camera phone at home or switch it off, Go to the Toilet before the show or wait uintill the interval if you cant hold it then you should be at home tucked up in bed, and nearly last thing clap , cheer, hollow by all means , show your appreciation but timing is the key , this could be the last chance to hear the man live (hopefully not but you never know), lets give the man and everyone else respect wait untill the song is over believe me you’ll enjoy it more and definatly last thing if you want a drink of Lager /Beer go for it, Quality not quantity is the key after all you want to remember the show afterwards if you want that kind of concert experience get your self to a festival , because i bet the majority just want to listen and appreciate,

    Fed sorry for the long outburst its just that im taking my wife to her first concert and ive been telling her the differance between a Floyd/Gilmour show than to others not to mention this is the high light of mine and many others year lets all enjoy, like i sdaid Fed sorry for the rant hope you have had a good weekend and that bgoes to all bloggers out there i love you all

    [I hope that all those who attend the five UK concerts show respect for band and audience. The London shows will be professionally filmed, so there’s really no need for cameras. We’ve already established that they piss people off. – Features Editor]

  100. Just to let you know, I would pick the entire album if it were allowed….er. maybe I kind of did. *blush*

    I am counting Castellorizon….I have always felt that David’s music conveys so much more than mere words.

    “Ebb and flow, Let it go, Feel her warmth beside you” (the past is the past. Take notice of the little things that make life worth it right now.)

    “When you fall from grace your eyes in blue, Your every breath becomes another world, And the far horizon’s a living hell…Take a breath, A deep breath NOW” (this too, will pass….)

    And in the same song (is that allowed?) “I never got to you by being kind, If I’m the one to throw you overboard, At least I showed you how to swim for shore” (I love it, it has such a “Don’t say I never did anything for you!” feel)

    I can’t pick a favorite line from Smile, it has become my new favorite song, and I just have to say that although David ~is~ the guitar god, he certainly does not need any instruments to back him with a voice like this.

    And, as I had mentioned another time, this reminds me of my autistic child….”Out of touch he’ll live in wonder, Won’t lose sleep he’ll just pretend, In his world he won’t go under, Turns without him until the end…Until then he’ll live in wonder, He won’t fight or comprehend, In his world he won’t go under, Turns without him until the end” (oh, and love how lyrical David’s voice is in ‘Circles spinning out his time’)

    And breaking the rules a bit, “Fire bright by candlelight, And her by my side, And if she prefers we will never stir again” has such a perfect peace feel to it.

    Great topic…just don’t ask me to pare it down to one quote!

  101. Oh My Gosh!

    I can’t believe I forgot Then I Close My Eyes, which is what I do whenever I listen to it.

  102. I know this page focuses on David’s new album, but my favorite lyric…..

    “It’s a sin that somehow
    Light is changing to shadow
    And casting it’s shroud
    Over all we have known
    Unaware how the ranks have grown
    Driven on by a heart of stone
    We could find that we’re all alone
    In the dream of the proud

    On the wings of the night
    As the daytime is stirring
    Where the speechless unite
    In a silent accord
    Using words you will find are strange
    And mesmerized as they light the flame
    Feel the new wind of change
    On the wings of the night”

    OK, so it’s from a Pink Floyd album. But it was written by David Gilmour and Anthony Moore. Not Waters, Gilmour, Wright, or Mason (or any combination). So it’s a Gilmour song to me. Just as much as any song written by David and Polly. And I like it. And I’m sure you do too!! Would be a great song to add to the Royal Albert Hall gigs for the DVD! Peace out! –Jonas

    [Yeah, I do like it. – Features Editor]

  103. I just saw David’s “Important Stuff”

    tell me he doesnt believe that global warming crap? that is a joke right?

    [Oh dear. A non-believer. It’s not George Bush posting again, is it? – Features Editor]

  104. my favorite lyric from On an Island is: When Your Down is Where You Know Yourself. From the Take a Breath song (my favorite song on the album)

  105. My favourite “on an island” lyric:

    -shameless sea…
    wait for me
    shameless you, the sea
    soon the blue
    so soon…

    because: just a few words and it’s enough (along with the music) to feel floating (?) somewhere between sadness and hope or peace (sorry, can’t say better in english)

    PS: I don’t understand anything in the lyrics of “a pocketful of stones”, it doesn’t matter, I can imagine with the music all that I want !


  106. “If I’m the one to throw you overboard, at least I showed you how to swim for shore.”

    Interesting that so many are attracted to this song, myself included. It’s the most possibly ‘Floyd’ song on an otherwise very Gilmour album (OAI is where all of that incredible beautiful Floyd music went, thank you, thank you David and Polly and band)

    The line reminds me of “No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun”. Roger’s not the only one who can write a good, terse lyric.

  107. Michèle-

    Leider kann ich David in München nicht sehen. Ich werde züruck in der USA in dieser Zeit sein. Aber in März habe ich David in Hamburg gesehen. Dass war aber geil und ich würde den Konzert wirklich vorschlagen! Viel Spaß dabei…

    -Chris McKay

  108. Bah! chucking down with rain again today.

    Just popped on to remark on the Finnish rock band ‘Lordi’ winning Eurovision, it was hilarious.

    We done as well as ever, 25 points and 19th place lol!

    [Do you get the feeling that Europe generally hates the UK? I wonder why that is. – Features Editor]

  109. Michèle – Marvin sieht nicht David in München leider und Marvin wird sehr niedergedrückt! Wenn Sie gehen, Geben David ein grosser Kuß von Marvin und von mir.


  110. [tell me he doesnt believe that global warming crap? that is a joke right]

    Oh my god it’s Michael Critchton!

    [Do you get the feeling that Europe generally hates the UK? I wonder why that is. – Features Editor]

    I just can’t think why nobody likes us anymore. Lets face it, Eurovision is a farce, it has nothing to do with the singing.

    We could put the Beatles, the stones or even Robbie in and we would still not win.

    I can’t remember Finland ever invading another country, I’m sure that must have helped them.

  111. [Oh dear. A non-believer. It’s not George Bush posting again, is it? – Features Editor]

    Woo-hoo! LOL….

    Don’t be so quick to blame poor ol’ Bush! (That post could have been written by anyone in his administration or an oil company executive or the makers of behemoth SUVs or any number of naysayers who profit from refuting the truth. Despicable.)

    NP: Living With War by Neil Young. (It’s rockin’ and kickin’ ass!)

    Happy Sunday all….

  112. Two lines from 2 songs have been permanently etched into my mind from the first time I heard them:

    “I need no blessings but I’m counting mine…”
    This Heaven

    “… colour us blue….” (Oh how I love that!)
    The Blue

    Just came back from a trip to Greece. Wanted very much to see Castellorizion – but we must respect people’s space. The Greek Isles are inspiring to say the least! Swam many times in the moonlight listening to this album….

    Kelly, Victoria, Canada.
    a D.G. fan all my life.

  113. ukveronica, Fed,

    if [Europe generally hates the UK…Features editor], then Europe also hates France, we did worse than UK (Eurovision), I think we reached 23rd place !!! it doesn’t matter…


  114. I went to the 2nd night Toronto show and thought it was the best thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a bit. I am extremely excited about a dvd coming from the RAH shows. How long must we wait??

    I remember reading that David was a big Beach Boys fan. I just was wondering if he is into Bryan Wilson’s new one Smile. I am having a wonderful time with it.

    cheers from North Carolina

  115. Sylvie, my prayers are with you and your family.

    I can’t believe that people can live on this planet and still be SOOOO blind to the facts. Global Warming isn’t something you can dis-believe. It IS a scientific fact. DUH!!


  116. Children again on rusty swings getting higher. Sharing a dream on an island it felt right.

  117. Thanks David for getting your picture taken with Me and Guy Pratt at Windsor Arts Center on the 19th i was suprised and shocked to see all the band there i couldnt belive it. Funnily enough thats the 2nd time i have met you Guy and Jon Carin as i met you all at Mermaid Theatre.

    Best of luck with the up and coming shows at the Royal Albert Hall and the shows after i wil be at the RAH on the 30th May and i look forward to seing the show again.

    Take Care

    aaron burrows(slough)

  118. Sorry for posting again f.ed, last time today I promise.

    There is a program on BBC1 this coming Wednesday that some bloggers may be interested in called Are we changing planet earth?

    See details below that I shamlessly nicked from the radio times website.

    “In the first of a two-part documentary, David Attenborough explores just how far climate change is altering our planet, from drought-stricken rainforest to declining polar bears, from flooded homes to bleached coral. He searches for the evidence that it is our daily activities which are radically changing the climate, leaving the future of Earth largely up to us.”

    [Hi Veronica. I noticed that, too. Let’s hope that people can tear themselves away from the National Soap Awards, or whatever they’re called, for a moment or two. Anything with David Attenborough makes for wonderful, thought-provoking viewing. – Features Editor]

  119. Hey all,

    thank you Fed : always amazing games…

    My lyrics:

    “Dreamers may leave but they’re here ever after”

    Everyone has got or has been a dreamer.

    Any problem about tickets in Venice? That’s normal. Do you remember Venice …? Do you remember…”organization”.?.but it’s a great present, really.

    Have a good night you all.
    diana from rome

  120. [PS: I don’t understand anything in the lyrics of “a pocketful of stones”, it doesn’t matter, I can imagine with the music all that I want !


    Think environmentalism on this one. When the album first came out, I thought it was a song about acceptance of his mortality etc, but I read somewhere that it’s primarily about mankind’s disregard for our Earth. Anyway, I’m going to throw my rendering of that song into the mix of David’s meaning, and declare the whole enchilada my favorite song off the album lyrically.


  121. “Shameless sea…” I’d never think to call a sea shameless and yet its a beautiful descriptive. Just the blue, no worries, shamelessly at peace. I love it, and the music that describes it all even better.

    Someone said: “tell me he [David] doesnt believe that global warming crap?”

    Worrying about whether our kids are going to have a livable home isn’t ‘crap’, its called ‘giving a shit’. Try it sometime.

    Japanese scientists have recently suggested the O-zone may be gone by 2050. I suppose your solution would be to wait and find out, huh?

    Grrr… How someone could scoff at the genuine fact-based worries people have for their planet… and yet actually have the taste for someone of Mr. Gilmour’s intellect and humanity befuddles me. Oh well. Peace. Love you David!

  122. Let the night surround you
    We’re halfway to the stars….(Reminds me of ascending Haleakala with my girlfriend last September…..)
    ebb and flow
    let it grow
    feel her warmth beside you..



  123. Caption Competition:

    Jon Carin was more than happy to give an interview despite forgetting his bobblehead collection was visible on the keyboard behind him…

    Hello to the FEd, David, family and friends. I hope all is well and happy with all.

    [The same to you and yours, Brad. – Features Editor]

  124. In my early years a haunting guitar sought my out, flowed through me, captivated me. That guitar…..how does is “NOT” move you?? Before I could even put a face to David Gilmour, or a name to Pink Floyd, I was already hoplessly and defiantly devoted!!

    With the exception of a single childhood friend (a fellow Floydian) and blood relations, NOT ONE OTHER THING has stood so constant through my life as “all things Gilmour”.


    On an Island; it’s beauty and eloquence move me so deeply, I am blissfully inspired to attempt the utterly impossible: …..echo back. I turn 40 this 8th of June, and the ONLY wish I have, TO GIVE SOMETHING OF MYSELF IN RETURN.
    But how do you embrace a force of nature and express your amazement for all it’s creative power and beauty?

    How do you touch someone who ‘literally’ has the world at his fingertips?

    What meager gift can you bring back and bestowe upon someone who has given away so much of themself, and asked nothing in return?
    How do you express ‘Thanks’ to one so great, when your own smallness can never be heard over the constant din of fame?

    Truly, I DO NOT KNOW, but I cannot stay silent.

    I am spilling over, bursting with words, and a lifetime of gratefulness, and I must try…..

    [Thank you, Kathryn. – Features Editor]

  125. Hope Guy had a good night playing with Bryan Ferry the other night at the Highclear castle , hes a busy man he got some great reviews , well of to bed to dream about Manchester on Friday so long to wait

    Bye for now, wont mention the apparently bad version of comfortably numb done by someone else(i forget his name-only joking people out there)but once again its proof no gilmour no floyd

  126. Ciao,

    first things first. There is an image that is clear in my mind, an image depicted in “on an island”….”Candels burned, though the church was deserted”….Very simple yet very evocative..the feeling of a presence of someone who is not there, the warmth of the flame in the cold stones of a church….

    Regarding Italian shows I would like to point out that today tickets are still unavailable for Firenze show. Only a page has been inserted in the ticketone site to tell that there will be a concert!!!

    and third: you see, the problem is not that OTHER europeans hate UK. the fact is that you consider yourselves UK, the rest of the continent is Europe.

    I am sorry to inform you but you are Europeans. Both geographically and culturally. haha. 😉

    [Yes, I have to agree with you on your third point (I’ll just silently curse a secret response to your second one, because I’m trying to cut down my bad language and be less fiery). But the “UK” is – to me, anyway – a way of saying “England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland”. Britain is not just “England”, as so many people incorrectly insist. And I just couldn’t bring myself to ever say “Great Britain” because that’s just plain ridiculous. I’m personally pro-European and wish that President Blair would remember his European friends a bit more. – Features Editor]

  127. ‘On An Island’ lyrics?

    This Heaven, I feel, holds a message that should be embraced by more people…This earthly heaven is enough for me…Life is much more than money buys…Which is true, unless you don’t have enough of it for the essentials, then it seems to become all encompassing. Those without it unfortunately tend to loose sight, and the earth begins to change, grows a little dark empty and detrimental, then the far horizon’s seem like living hell. Trust me I’ve been there…So break the bread and pour the wine…I need no blessings but I’m counting mine…


    Where We Start is where we end, we step out sweetly, nothing planned…We waltz in the moonlight and the embers glow, So much behind us, Still far to go -Amen to that, and thanks again for your inspiration 🙂

    James Mickelson

    PS Great Mother Earth, it is getting warm in here, and people are starving 🙁 what do I do??? The cries keep drowning out my fun and enjoyment of your magnificent beauty…I give thanks I have David Gilmour music, for in the mist of a thick darkness, with his music and lyrics I can still see, and find my way…I especially love how he can make his guitar scream like an Eagle in flight. All this brings me to my favorite pastime. Going to the North Fork of the American River in California daily to listen to Mr. Gilmour’s guitar scream through the canyon as the Eagles circled above…Then his voice, soft like the cool misty air beneath their wings…WOW, what an added experience, thanks…

  128. Hi Fed

    Simon im in the same boat as you, its my missus’s first ever concert on the 29th & i want her to enjoy the experience. We dont often get an evening out away from the children (who we both love) so this is a real treat for us.

    My favourite OAI lyric

    “We lay side by side between the moon and the tide mapping the stars for a while”

    I guess there wont be a moshe pit at the RAH then. Actualy,thinking about it, the majority of us Gilmour fans may not be in the first flush of youth (speak for yourself Graham) how about a spa bath instead, that would go down a treat…..;-)

  129. hey, sorry for the OT. Lets say my tickest for the 29th are lost or have been stolen, as probably is. How can I at least make sure that nobody will use them?

    If I am not seeing the show, and I am not getting my money back, at least I want to give an hard time to who took them…

    I will wait to see if they arrive in london by the end of this week, then I will do anything it is possible.

    [You could contact the authorised seller and tell them about it. Maybe they can help? Let me know the details, Enrico, and I’ll see if I can help at all. I don’t know if there’s time, but we can try. Post them here as usual. I won’t publish them on the blog. – Features Editor]

  130. Hi guys! If my translations were good enough, I can tell these are my favourite lyrics….and I try to put them in order…seeing that I should have choosen just one and, as usual, I am not able to choose!

    Finally, dear FEd, you are very kind to flatter me for my languages knoweledge, but you know that italian is the only language I can speak better than you! And I bet that if you start studing it, you will able to win me in italian too!

    But now…lyrics…..

    1. “Children again on rusty swings getting higher. Sharing a dream on an island it felt right (…) Dreamers may leave but they’re here everafter”.

    2. “Hopeless to reminisee through the dark hours. We’ll only sacrifice what time will allow us. You’re sighing… sighing”

    3. “This kind of love is hard to find. I never got to you by being kind. If I’m the one to throw you overboard. At least I showed you how to swim for shore”.

    4. “Life is much more than money buys, when I see the faith in my children’s eyes”.

    [Great choices…. and you’re too kind! – Features Editor]

  131. Since someone referred to “that global warming crap” which David believes in…

    Go to Alaska and witness firsthand how the polar caps are melting. Go to Florida, or Louisiana, and see the devastation caused by recent years’ hurricanes. Go to Mount Hood in Oregon, whose timberline is rising. Go to Venice and compare paintings from hundreds of years ago with what’s there now. Then you’ll have seen the effects of global warming for yourself. If you think global warming is a farce, go ahead and take a look at our planet. Compare what you see today with what is known to been there just a few years ago. You’ll see what all the talk is about.

    David Gilmour has been all around the world. He may have seen this stuff for himself. Perhaps that is why he believes it.

  132. Happy Monday,

    Great blog. My favorite lines from the album are

    ‘I need no blessings but I’m counting mine.
    Life is much more than money buys when I see the faith in my children’s eyes’

    another one I like as it reminds me of an incident in Tenby many years ago is

    ‘We lay side by side between the moon and the tide mapping the stars for awhile’

    Pete – Coventry

  133. Since they’re producing a DVD at next week’s shows, in my opinion, the band’s management should work closely with and lay down some strict protocols with the Royal Albert Hall staff and it should be known that if you leave your seat for any reason during the performance, you should not be allowed back in for the rest of the show.

    Also, they should open the Hall earlier and search for and confiscate cameras and cell phones. I went to two shows in the US and I was disgusted by the amount of moving around there was during the performance, and it seemed more people were taking pictures or making moves than were not.

    Hopefully English audiences have more class than what I observed of the American audiences.

  134. There are many deep beautiful lyrics in the album, but my favourite is still the opening “Remember that night, the warmth and the laughter.” because it comes from sharing those feelings with people who died, and I recently lost some of my dearest friends and relatives.

    But I’m not mentioning that to be sad, no sadness, today I’m turning 37 and I’m happy. I bought a houseboat in Amsterdam that is the best place to play my amps loud, I’m an IT professional, I’m having fun being a student at SAE, and I’ll be able to see David again in some of the most beautiful italian squares, so what do I want more..?

    [Have a very happy birthday, mate. – Features Editor]

  135. Countdown to Glasgow

    Haircut ( to suit beanie)
    6 x £1 coins For car park Inverness
    Kissing Ticket

    May I reccomend the following to anyone visiting Glasgow-St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art where one can see “Christ of St John of The Cross” by Salvador Dali

    Finally can I ask if goods on sale at concerts can be paid by credit/debit cards or is it cash only??

    Ian Pearson

    [I would imagine it’s cash only in order to keep the queues down. – Features Editor]

  136. People keep asking about the meaning of the song “A Pocketful of Stones”. If anybody wants to hear about the meaning of the song in David’s own words go to the AOL Session Questions and Answers part, question 4.

  137. Happy Monday to everyone …. and, as Elvis Costello once opined “welcome to the working week”

    Well, the next 10 top 40 guitarist tabulations are in…. and, as you’d surmise, Mr Gilmour looks to be in the top 10!!!! Here’s the latest for those keeping score:

    11. Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
    12. Slash (Guns N Roses)
    13. John Fogerty (CCR)
    14. Brian May (Queen)
    15. Jeff Beck
    16. Neil Young
    17. Randy Rhoades
    18. George Harrison
    19. Keith Richards
    20. Steve Howe (Yes)

    Now, the shining questions stands: WHERE in the top 10 will Mr Gilmour place?

    (sorry for straying from the lyric topic, FEd, but one must celebrate where celebrations are necessary).


    [I agree. David has to be Number One. I’m going to throw my toys out of the pram if he isn’t! – Features Editor]

  138. I haven’t written anything on the blog in a day or two, because I have been pondering over a post for Brian and Sylvie, but I just don’t know what to write.

    I wanted to congratulate Brian with this new life he and his wife are now blessed with.

    And I wanted to extend my condolences to Sylvie who lost her stepfather.

    But something struck me about the fact that these two posts appeared right behind eachother. Something about the circle of life I guess. But I just can’t find the right words for it.

    Sometimes joy and grief are so close together. That is the feeling OAI conveys so well. So maybe it takes a songwriter like Polly or David to find the right words.

    I hope you both know what I am trying to say, my thoughts are with you.

    hugs, Bianca

  139. Hi Fed,

    I think ticketone sometimes (to be polite) doesn’t work effectively and efficiently. Use whatever bad words you want to my Italian colleagues, these usually work (especially bad words in Italian)! 😉

    Regarding the UK issue I was abviously joking, but I wanted to point out that People from UK feel a bit superior at times, maybe still remembering of ancient times of Glory.

    And about the term “England”. That’s funny. I lived in Scotland for some months, as a student, and I must tell you all never call a Scot “English”. In Italian just everybody uses the term “Inglese” to indicate anyone coming from
    …England, Scotland or Wales (Irish from UK are still “Irlandesi”!). So we incorrectly adress anyone as “English”. No one should be offended by that, and no one would if they would know our culture. Anyway, if you tell “english” to a scotsman or someone from wales you really risk to be kicked in the teeth or to have a “Glasgow kiss” (a very warm form of salute consisting in strong hit of the head of your interlocutor in between your eyes. F***ing painful).

    the conclusion to me is: unless we begin to think we are citizens of europe, we will always make the fortune of those who want us, european countries, separated. During the roman empire it was used the expressione “Divide et Impera”. Divide and rule. because it is easy to rule over separated people. Europe must become strong.

    Sorry for the excessive length. 🙂

    [No need for apologies. I have to agree with you again. I do hope that the ticket situation is soon resolved. You must teach me some suitable Italian insults! – Features Editor]

  140. Over the weekend, I managed to exchange my Gallery tickets on 31st for fourth row Arena…couldn’t be happier!! Thanks so much FEd, for keeping us up to date with all the ticket shenanginans…

  141. Well said Dan! And Michèle:

    “A Pocketfull of Stones” geht über wie wir an die Umwelt aufpassen sollen. Dass ist ja natürlich ein Metapher…aber eine geile Metapher. Und unter anderm Dinge wie wir den Wald retten musss..u.s.w. Ich hoffe dass du es jetzt verstehen kannst, weil ich aber kein Franzöisch kann. 🙂

    -Chris McKay

  142. Hi Fed,

    This is a message for Polly, has she forgotten to pick up any piccies from Boots to add to the Gallery.

    Also,i like the idea of walking in the woods through the bluebells & lighting a fire, toasting marshmallow’s etc but i can see me being chased off by an irate farmer wielding a pitch fork shouting “get off my land”.

    I suppose with some imagination the back garden suffice but then it will be called a BBQ & the lady next door will no doubt have her washing on the line complaining about my smoky fire….followed by “Daaaad im cold” I think ill leave it to David to paint the picture, far better idea.

  143. Dear Fed,
    and all,

    Hope you had a great week end. Rainy, -just like us… parce qu’il n’y a AUCUNE raison pour que vous ayez du soleil, et pas nous, n’est-ce pas Michèle?! -!

    Europeans hate UK?

    I just heard something about frenchies: Europeans think we have bad manners, we are “les plus inhospitaliers” in the world, … and some other qualities…! what do you think about that? poor frenchies we are…

    for lyrics (I hope it’s not too late), I would mention just some words:

    “this hearthly heaven is enough for me”, and
    “…and not believe in other lives”…

    Ikkar, with love

    [Sadly, I think it’s very easy for people to believe and use such stereotypes. It’s lazy and wrong. When the World Cup starts, the British press will go crazy with such unfair labels. It makes me cringe with embarrassment, really. Surely this is one reason why Europeans have every right to hate the UK! – Features Editor]

  144. Hi all,

    As of just now (3pm Mon) tickets are still available from the RAH box office. I’ve just booked tickets for Deb and I to go on Tuesday night…she’s naturally delighted and I’m out of the doghouse 🙂

    T-7 days and counting… how excited??!


  145. I have two tickets for the 30th May, Circle R, Row 3. I just noticed that there are Front Arena seats available. I phoned the RAH to see if I could get these exchanged, but they said it wasn’t possible until the day of the show (when they’ll probably be gone). This is quite a shame, as they’re only 5 pounds more expensive.

    I would obviously prefer Arena over Circle, but it seems I won’t be able to. Any idea of what I can do, anyone?

    [Just be glad to have tickets at all? The RAH staff are working their buns off to assist the fans. They are still accepting returns and putting reissued tickets on sale. I’m sorry, but I don’t see why they should swap one good ticket for a slightly better one when there are people with more serious concerns. – Features Editor]

  146. the tickets for florence are out now….with very high prices…and not specification or anything about how they will be located…well done ticketone…again…

  147. 11. Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
    12. Slash (Guns N Roses)
    13. John Fogerty (CCR)
    14. Brian May (Queen)
    15. Jeff Beck
    16. Neil Young
    17. Randy Rhoades
    18. George Harrison
    19. Keith Richards
    20. Steve Howe (Yes)

    It’s looking good aint it….

    With such luminaries in the above a pat on the back is deserved no matter where in the top ten David appears , but toys and pram do spring to mind if he aint NO1.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin )

  148. [Anything with David Attenborough makes for wonderful, thought-provoking viewing. – Features Editor]

    Indeed it does, I was lucky enough to meet sir David last year and he really is the sweetest guy. All this stuff he says about the environment and conservation, he really means it. Some say he does for his own publicity agenda but that is certainly not the case.

    As for the soap awards, having never watched a soap opera in my life I can’t say I’ll be glued to those, or that other reality rubbish on channel 4, grrr!.

  149. about moving around a lot. Sounds a little bit like the beginning of the The Wall concerts that Gilmour made with the band some years ago…

    by the way, I agree…in italy we were any better with phones or cameras…but we were all good and seated. hipnotozed…

  150. Dear Fed i have a problem I have tickets on the left but i want to sit on the right do you think the RAH will be able to help or better still maybe David can meet me at the door, sort it out with the staff and then escort me to my seat and at the break maybe a cup of Tea served only by David i dont think its to much to ask do you Fed after all if the RAH can go the extra mile then surely we should push them 5 mile, its not as if they are busy a week before the concert,

    (ONLY JOKING, its in response to an earlier blog, i personally am very grateful for making thease tickets available if not i and many like me would not be going at all, lets count our blessings that we are going cos believe me there are 1000’s out there who would not care whether they where in the stalls,circle etc, i know i wouldnt, sorry Fed it just made me laugh the way people sometimes think that theres is the only ticket problem that needs dealing with, i personally believe that society today is fast sliding towards a me, me, me culture, are we never satisfied anyway see ya

    [I agree with you, Simon. It’s very worrying. Just so that I can let David know in advance: one lump or two? – Features Editor]

  151. Re Flying Pig, come on mate if you represent the English with its so called class then God help us English people,sorry to see your clearly superior class does not allow for ignorance and the art of been offensive, is there any wonder other countries dont Like the UK, I LIVE here and from time to time i dont like it lets remember people make a place and not the other way round

  152. [Just be glad to have tickets at all? The RAH staff are working their buns off to assist the fans. They are still accepting returns and putting reissued tickets on sale. I’m sorry, but I don’t see why they should swap one good ticket for a slightly better one when there are people with more serious concerns. – Features Editor]

    Most certainly, the RAH staff were very helpful in assisting me and explaining all the minor implications. Even when I came to book my ticket, I’d lost my reference number, the spelling of my girlfriends surname (Maziarczyk or something, can never remember it), and then finally the card number which I couldn’t find.

    I finally got it together and booked a ticket for one in row 4 for the 31st. I’m rather short for the money, but I figured this will be my last chance to see David Gilmour do his thing, so why not do it twice? That might sound rude, considering many are dying for tickets, but there are still some available and I’m paying good money, anyway.

    Next week is looking awfully exciting now. See you there everyone!

  153. Hi FEd and everyone!

    Just wanted to say that I hope everyone attending the Manchester gig will heed Simon’s advice … get all of your business out of the way BEFORE the music starts, WAIT until the appropriate moments to applaud, woo-hoo, and DON’T sing every song, no matter how much you feel the need (with the exception of Wish You Were Here, which seems to have become the sing-along song no matter how hard you try not to)! At the Kodak Theatre we had 3 women behind us who sang EVERY SONG at full volume and woo-hooed every time the sound got to that very soft, intimate level (as in the beautiful acoustic end of High Hopes!).

    Have a fantastic time at the upcoming concerts all you lucky folk … and crossing my fingers for those who may be able to pick up those just-released RAH tickets! Rock on!

    Washington State

  154. “We waltzed in the moonlight and the embers glow,
    So Much behind us, still far to go.”

    Just makes me have an optimistic viewpoint towards the World. When things get me down I listen to this lyric and it makes me realize there is a lot more then the issue at hand.

    Matt in Maine

  155. Hey fellas!

    Well, finally got time to post something… last week was hell for me at work… way too much time designing 😛

    Anyhoo… I like today’s blog… and I’ll certainly say… “On an Island” and probably “Take a Breath” are my favourite ones regarding lyrics. And I TOTALLY agree with Angelo… “Dreamers may leave, but they’re here ever after”

    My dear Tourist Feeder as some may recall… long time not seeing you, it’s back to be here with our community… tout c’est bien avec votre francais? Sorry for the Arsenal… still it was a good game… Barça played great…

    Cheers my dear bloogers…

    Shine on guys!

  156. hi, a florentine update. apparently sector 1 and 2 are for the arena, sector 1 is almost sold out. the other areas are the side stalls and the back one. The square is more or less 100 metres long

  157. Sorry, I’ve come to this thread late, so no doubt this has already been mentioned several times but it’s,
    ‘Shameless sea, aimlessly so blue. Midnight-moon shines for you’ from ‘The Blue’.

    It’s my fave track from the album, a truly beautiful song and one which would make a great single?…

  158. Can’t pick a favourite lyric from oai it’s all so damn good, Polly your words are amazing, if I was a reader I would buy your books (I will wait for the films instead.)

    watched AOL sessions again lst night, the slide guitar solo and the classical ending of High Hopes makes David the number guitarist of all times, at least in my books and every other blogger also, we already know and the rest of the world will too eventually. Can’t wait to follow the blog once the concerts start up again.

    Thanks Polly, David and you too Fed.


  159. you’re right about then i close my eyes f ed. it’s powerful stuff. so many elements of this record stick in my head after i (somehow) stop listening.

    – we lay side by side, between the moon and the tide, mapping the stars for a while.
    – feel her warmth beside you.
    – this earthly heaven is enough for me
    – find my way home to your smile
    – leave a pocketfull of stones and not believe in other lives
    – where we start is where we end.

    it’s all so beautiful it’s painful to break up any of em. thanks so much for putting this out here for us. and for you.

    by the way. phil es el magnifico. that’s true.

  160. Just had a brainstorm: I think it would be nice if Polly or someone would record David in the bath singing “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” and then post it on the website for us to hear.

    Edwina, I’m just so full of………….. GOOD IDEAS.


  161. To Kathryn Terry:…..Perfectly done….I second this wholeheartedly..

    Difficult to articulate how much this music touches us, but you have made an admirable start.

    To ‘Benny’ ‘global warming crap’? I’m assuming you might be a Benny Hill?

    To Simon Emery…great post…hope people can give the artist his due…hoping you get ‘high’ on the music and the wonderful experience.

    Glad someone mentioned a lyric that I love and did not post.

    ‘Standing in silence, holding my breath
    Disconnected and dry’

    from ‘Near The End’ on the About Face album.

    I, also, love

    ‘There’s an unceasing wind that blows through this night
    And there’s dust in my eyes that blinds my sight
    And silence that speaks so much louder than words of promises broken’

    This guitarist can evoke many moods and pictures with his lyrics and guitar. How can he say he can not write lyrics? I am not excluding Pollys beautiful lyrics. Such talent you both possess.




    [Nice one! – Features Editor]

  163. “Shameless sea, aimlessly so blue, midnight-moon shines for you”

    “Floating down, the sound resounds around the icy waters underground”

    So nice!

    Which one is Pink? Polly!

  164. “this earthly heaven is enough for me”

    need I say more?

    Brad T in Minnesota

  165. “So break the bread and pour the wine
    I need no blessings but I’m counting mine
    Life is much more than money buys
    When I see the faith in my children’s eyes”

    I wish more people could feel this and realise that life isn’t about material things.

  166. Jan, I think you and I are twins, because those two lyrics you mentioned from “Near the End” and from “Sorrow” are without a doubt my favorite lyrics too. And how about the final guitar solo on both those tunes. Does not get much better than that!!

  167. So wonderful – I got tickets for Monday 29th today from the RAH box office. Taking my two sons to see David – approximately 33 years after I first saw the Floyd live. Wow!

  168. To Dave Hollingsed….twins? Could be.

    Re: Lyrics from Near the End and Sorrow. Listened again to the solo’s so that I would be certain I could totally agree that they are very fine. Also, love ‘Let’s Get Metaphysical’ and ‘Cluster One’. I know very little about the guitar, but my ear can certainly tell that the bar has been set very high by David Gilmour. I am such a latecomer to the music of David and the Floyd. So I have been playing catch up every chance I get. My earphones are on every day at work. I read all I can about them. I judge all music now by the Gilmour and Floyd yardstick.

    My husband and I enjoyed his concert in Chicago so much. Most wonderful concert I have ever been to. I really enjoy David’s solo work and OAI. Am a big fan of Momentary and Division Bell. I especially loved him playing the acoustic (?) for ‘Dimming of the Day’ on the concert dvd.

    Am enjoying waiting for the Q107 list, but regardless he is number one in my mind.

    By the way, do you like his sound on ‘Fletcher Memorial Home’?. He does a number of pieces where he makes such a ‘growl’ with the guitar. His style is truely amazing. He makes the guitar speak.

  169. Hello FE and of course to David. I would just like to suggest that perhaps David could possibly play at the Liverpool Summer Pops event in the near future. I`m sure the show would be rapturously received.

    Also i like the OAI lyric “at dawn we went down through empty streets to the harbour”.

    bye for now, Paul.

  170. Jan, I was near my “twin” in April cause I saw both shows in Chicago. I have been a fan for 30 some years and I am glad you are cathing up to the high standards David has set. And once again we agree on something, the only thing really special about The Final Cut is David’s blistering solos. How about the brief solo from Just Another Movie off of Momentary Lapse CD. That one just rips power and emotion. Too bad it doesn’t last longer though. Anyway nice hearing from you.

    Dave in Ft. Wayne, In

  171. David: good name for my ‘twin’. You lucky person,both shows. Silly me. Knowing what I know now, I would have gone against the rules and seen both. Esp. as probably the only ones I’ll ever see.

    Ok, Now this is really getting interesting! ‘Just Another Movie’ is one of my TOP favorites. By the way, I am not a fan otherwise of Final Cut except for David’s work. What about ‘Dogs’? Only reason I even listen to ‘Animals’ is again Davids work. (I don’t want to make anyone irate here. Just my personal view)

    Would I be correct in thinking the interpretation of “Near The End” is referring to the end of the Floyd group?

    Thanks for your post,
    from your Mpls twin(how fitting, if you know about our baseball team)

  172. Jan, I do not know for sure but I think Near The End was written about the time when PF officially called it quits in 1984, so you are probably right. I know he was writing about Roger on The Division Bell’s Lost for Words and for Syd on Poles Apart. All the people who think he cannot write lyrics are absolute fools.

    I just today finally heard Island Jam from OAI extras in its entire form and it is a bluesy little gem.

    Hope you have a great Memorial Weekend and stay safe my “twin”.

  173. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
    Thou art more lovely and more temperate
    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May
    And summer’s lease hath all too short a date

    Sometimes too hot, the eye of heaven shines
    And often is his gold complexion dimmed
    And every fair from fair sometimes declines
    By chance or nature’s changing course untrimmed

    But thy eternal summer shall not fade
    Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest
    Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade
    When in eternal lines to time thou growest

    So long as men can breathe or eyes can see
    So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

    – William Shakespeare, Sonnet 18

    Pick up the Meltdown DVD. Check out the Extras section. No Strat to be found on this tune. Just voice, orchestral strings and piano (Thank you Michael Kamen). The Bard wrote it, and Michael did the arrangement, but here David makes it his own. One can easily sense for whom he is singing it. Guys, take notice. Hubba hubba!

    [Thank God that David isn’t doing that one on the tour. Not because I don’t like it – it’s beautiful – I’m just thinking of Liam getting all the words on his hand. – Features Editor]

  174. No dobut – the best lyrics in the album is in the song “Pocketful Of Stones”.

    Such a wonderful lyrics!

    “Out of touch,
    He’ll live in wonder.
    Won’t lose sleep he’ll just pretend.
    In his world he won’t go under
    Turns without him till the end”

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