European Tour

vienne.jpgSo… Have you heard the latest?

David has just confirmed that he is to perform several open-air concerts across Europe in July, one of which will be at the Amphithéâtre de Vienne, shown above.

For the latest confirmed dates and venues, please see But get your passports ready, because you just might want to visit Austria, Germany and France this summer.

David’s band will remain unchanged and they will perform for audiences of between 4,000 and 8,000.

Full details regarding box office contacts and ticket prices will be confirmed shortly, so please don’t request it. It will be added to the site just as soon as I have it, along with a few more dates.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

270 thoughts on “European Tour”

  1. Frantically searching for my passport…

    David live in the South of France, how can I pass that up?

  2. Hot damn!

    Im going to be in Vienna on that exact date. Now for the tickets….. hmmmm.

  3. A big congrats to those in Europe on the added dates!!

    For the band..don’t forget that my offer for playing “open air” in my backyard in the US still stands as an open invite! Of course, we’d have to sharply limit the seats and adhere to local sound ordinances. On a positive note, I could easily confiscate all cameras/picture phones coming into the venue to limit the distractions.

  4. that will be so great for the many European fans! Outside would be a great way to see DG. Congrats to whoever gets to see one or more of these DG shows. The band must be having a good time, happy!

    Ok then I haven’t popped in here for a few days (had to get the dark clouds out of my head, but thats another time and place. I have some catching up to do.

    Love to all,

  5. Open air this time. I wonder how that’ll affect the accoustics. I wonder how that’ll affect the visuals. I wonder how that’ll affect the setlist. I guess we’ll have plenty to talk about now.

    I guess neither Jon Carin nor the Features Editor will be getting too much sleep this summer, will they?

  6. Fed,

    Nice to see David’s added dates. Please forward to David that if he chooses to tour the US again this summer, please consider the beautiful, serene new Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center where the NY Philharmonic will be housed each summer. It is located in the Catskills Mountains, NY , seats about 4800 in open-air. I live 2 miles from it and would gladly offer the Gilmour’s fine wine and dinner at our private lake before the show 🙂 Tell him I have a 12 yr old Beagle, named Bernie, who loves the tune “Seamus.”

    One other neat note: This is the exact site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival, where his buddies, David Crosby and Graham Nash played as CSN. No doubt his pals would want to join him again.

    [There are to be no new dates in the US, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  7. You know if Pompeii is one of those unannounced dates I’ll freakin swim the across the Atlantic and half the Mediterranean if I have to.

  8. Wow!!!

    I leave the blog for a few hours and look what happens! More dates!!!… is there no end to the surprises and presents you lavish upon us?

    As that superlative comic and wonderful raconteur, Wee Jimmy Krankie once said…Fan’dabi’dozi!!!

  9. Wow! I am very very sad! He couldn`t play an evenning in Mexico City or another south America place and now there will be more summer dates in Europe. It hurts so much, really.

    Well, people from Europe… enjoy it.


  10. RELAX I COULD !!!!!!!!!!!

    Now david goes and announces more dates .
    To my pregnant partner I apologise in advance ,for I shall be trying to get tickets to the french leg.

    ED : Do you reckon if I tell her it’s a romantic break she might buy it???? saying this she was at the stratpack and cried more than I did when David played , and she is going to the 3 nights in RAH ,mind you I did promise her David would play ” Coming back to life ” just for her.

    BLOGGERS GOING TO RAH ANY OF THE NIGHTS : I shall be frequenting the Queens Arms if anybody would like to say hello.

    Rgds an excited Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

    [I think she’ll fall for it, Geoff. Give it a try. There’s plenty of time to be romantic before and after the show. – Features Editor]

  11. Greeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Expecting (with the heart open wide) moooooooooore Greeeeeeeaaaaaaaat Neeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwsssssssss


  12. Oh my god!! This is unreal!

    Will more shows be added? If so, will there be any in the UK?

    Peace, David.

    [Not that I know of, David. – Features Editor]

  13. Now we are talking, hopefully the rude Yanks will stay away from these

    [I’m sure you mean rude people in general. – Features Editor]

  14. Caption Competition

    The local Mayor’s idea of extending the concert seating up to the base camp of the Matterhorn was a tad greedy…

    I know… Vienna, Matterhorn…two different countries… 🙂

  15. Wonderfull.

    Great news.

    I may have to plan a European Vacation after all!

    Thanks Fed.

  16. No, I haven’t seen the latest news, but it’s getting me excited, nonetheless. 🙂

    If the band is to remain the same, these dates can obviously be no earlier than July 17, as Jon Carin is touring with that other guy until then.

    By the way, I thought Vienne was Vienna, but appearently it’s not – Vienne is a small town just south of Lyon, France. The amphitheatre is clearly visible on Google Maps’ satellite images. Looks cozy.

  17. Wow, good for you. Hope Poland and South America are included. They are most deserving. How about Toronto one more time David. Bring the Fed the next time around. Me thinks that the next DVD will be a double or triple set. Fed, a good fast pasta recipe. Prepare pasta, rinse, and lightly saute with Roasted Sesame Oil, same for veggies. Coming Back To Life here. Yeah.

    [Thanks, Frank! – Features Editor]

  18. Great news!!!

    It would be a nice opportunity to have few days on holiday in these lovely places during the summer time, very attractive. But I can’t and I’m not so sad.

    Exactly in those days I expect to become a dad, my first child. Maybe she’ll be born while David is playing Smile in front of an excited audience. It will be a fine coincidence.

    Happy for the lucky people that will attend to the shows. Sure you will have a great time. I had a great one in Milan last March and I’m still thinking about it.

    I’ll follow your comments on this blog so I can enjoy your experience.

    Have a nice time!!!


    [Congratulations on the expected arrival, Roberto. Keep looking for the extra dates, coming soon. Perhaps there’s a show closer to you a little later… Yes, that is a clue. – Features Editor]

  19. thanks for this news, but please, try to sale in priority to the fan because, after, the ticket is for sale on ebay for a crazy price…!

  20. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vienne here I come…

  21. More work for you then f.ed lol!

    Good luck to David & band for those dates, probably best not to trust the good old british summer.
    My sister went to an open air concert at Audley end (Essex) last year and it chucked it down! oddly enough when my other half and I went to the same place a week later for a different concert it was blazing sunshine. You’ve just got to love our weather.

  22. A profiteering eBayer was selling DG tickets for the RAH at ridiculously high prices so I asked if he/she was going to inform the winner that they may not get in…. here’s the response:

    listen Mr/Ms smart arse, these are members tickets and have nothing to do with the promotor/RAH.

    Members are allowed to do what they want with their tickets, (why don’t you ring the RAH and check these facts).

    I think that i may know a little more about RAH’s policies than you!

    I have been selling members tickets on ebay for years and have never had a refusal against a single tickets that has been sold, read my feedback (it would seem that you have plenty of time on your hands).

    I suggest you get a life before you think about getting a ticket?

    This idiot freely admits to profiteering from “members” tickets for years so I’ve emailed the RAH and asked them if they do support their members doing this and see what they say…

    If anyone has any info that will help me out on this crusade please let me know…

    [Good for you, Rudders. I’ll also be passing this message on to the top dog at the RAH. – Features Editor]

  23. Ohhh !!!! David at the Amphithéâtre de Vienne in France (800km from my home) on 31st July ! and I take a plane to Symi (dodecanese Island) for holidays on this night ….no, not possible ! a so fantastic place, I could have felt myself in Pompeï…

  24. I’m going over for the Royal Albert Hall shows.. then I’m staying around to see Roger 2 nights in Verona… Do I dare skip work for a whole month to see David at the end of July??? oooh!! SO tempting!! 😀 In this global economy, maybe I could pull it off… I could telecommute! hmmm…

  25. man i guess us fans in the usa get the short end of the stick AGAIN. I went to both nites in chicago and left happy and wanting more, and im very happy for that but PLEASE DAVID IF YOUR GONNA KEEP GOING, COME BACK TO THE USA! dont forget about us…i paid some LOSER on EBAY $225 per ticket for $50 tickets for the first night, and bought all 6! he had…just too see you (not to mention $1500 in travel and room). I WILL PAY THAT AGAIN.


  26. Really great, great news about the added concerts; but let’s hope that the “David play here, David come to this town etc”-thing doesn`t start anew now. Think about our poor Fed, who has to process all this!

    [Bless you for that, Georg. The truth is, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference. There could be a hundred requests for a show in any random place on any continent, but it wouldn’t change the schedule. The dates and places have already been decided. – Features Editor]

  27. Holy Cumbus!!! – to the Bat Ferry and on to the Bat Hire Car!!

    David, if you’re looking and stuck for any open air venues in good old Blighty then my back garden is available all summer!!

  28. WOW! I wish I could go to the concerts… so sad I live in America…

    Lot of time without writing in the blog… but… trust me… my job’s giving me hell…

    Well, just wanted to say hi and mourn ’cause I’m not going to Europe…

    Shine on you lucky europeans!

  29. Hey, it’s on my finals ?!

    Oh well, I am getting 2 concerts of this tour… 🙂

    European friends, you simply CANNOT allow yourself to miss these! The best band of 2006 in open-air… wow …

  30. Additional thought about the new concerts: as we see this years touring schedule unfold, I suggest we should nominate Jon Carin for the medal “Hero of Work”; what is he up to? No friends or family at home? Does he have to pay back vast mortgages for a new house, or something like that? – sorry, just kidding; Fed, if you can, please pass on greetings of respect and admiration for this seemingly tireless man working in both camps!

  31. Please show me the dates a.s.a.p.

    Will the U.K. be part of the tour of Europe?

    Gary Hurley

    [Excuse me? What am I, some kind of skivvy? They’re on the Latest News page. There’s a clear link to it above. And no, the UK is not included. – Features Editor]

  32. that’s terrific! our unfortunate friends who had to miss the earlier shows can try to catch one of these concerts!

    that amphitheatre in Vienna [“Clam Castle”? seriously?] is utterly GORGEOUS! i can’t wait to read more craziness from more of our fellow fans.

    – – of course, that does mean more work for you, doesn’t it… such a nice person, to be such a glutton for punishment…

    [Not Vienna. It’s Vienne in France (near Lyon). – Features Editor]

  33. This is exciting.

    I guess this means David and the band had a good time so far and they’d like to extend it. If they’ve had half as much of a good time as we fans did…Hooray! Perhaps they will come back to the US again later in the year.

    If not, I’d love to go see David in Austria. How about a airfare & ticket package contest to send some of us US bloggers over there to cheer him on? LOL.


    Mike from Connecticut

  34. David Gilmour outdoor concerts!!!

    Tomorrow DG website releases US/NA outdoor venues? (fingers crossed)

    That venue in the pic looks badass. (drool & jealousy)

    Brad T in Minnesota

  35. Outstanding news for those who now will have a chance to see this new music performed live. You won’t be disappointed. As for the picture of that amphitheater…..simply stunning. What a place to enjoy a show (especially David Gilmour). IMHO outdoor shows are the best. There is a freeness about them that just can’t be matched in a stuffy auditorium. Later, John.

  36. Great news for everybody……….The venues look interesting , somewhat larger than the intimate settings of the first leg of this tour…

    This year just gets better for David and his followers….It’s great to see David back and relaxed with this fine selections of musicians….Good luck for the rest of the shows

  37. Cool, is there a chance David will do any other dates in England? Open air would be excellent!!

    cheerz FED

    [As far as I know, there are no UK shows. Continental Europe only. – Features Editor]

  38. This will be MORE than GREAT…! Fantastic to know to see David and his great band again in GERMANY ! “You are welcome, David…”!!! Hope there are more shows than Munich…!?!!

  39. I’m really excited about the “new outdoor dates”.
    I’ve been telling “my over-seas” pals about it hoping for an invite to come and stay over to see a show….I feel so cheap…(not really).

    I’m also excited about a soon to open Symphony Center to open here called the “Schermerhorn”. This Symphony Center is being built to be acoustically perfect with the hall able to modify its environment to fit the sound. Too bad its too late for dG.

    P.S. Neil Young’s new cd “Living w/war” is great!

  40. Well Craig if you changed from a backyard to a garden you might have chance. Just a thought from an american living England.


  41. Hello!

    I can not believe it! That is great news!!! I will be in France in july, and not too far from Vienne!!

    Thanks for those news (and for the running of that blog FEd as a general thanks (!), and to whom it may concern (!), thanks for the decision to go on with the tour!

    see you,
    Baptiste (from Cambridge but not for long anymore…)

  42. The stage and the front row seats near what appears to be the orchestra pit looks like it forms a face. One that is smiling or shouting out a jubilant “Hurray!! David is coming to play!”

    [Oh dear, not you as well? At least this time it’s a happy face, not like those evil robot heads that live in the Gibson Amphitheatre seating. See the 14 April blog entry if you’re wondering. – Features Editor]

  43. Caption Competition:

    “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! HALLEEEEE-LUJAAAAAH!!!
    Fooooor the Lord DavidGIIIIL-MOOOUR Reeeeigneth! HALLEEEE-LUJAAAAH!!!!!”

    * The voices of thousands of Gilmour Fans echo in the hills over Vienne with a spontaneous rendition of ‘The David Gilmour Chorus’…..

  44. My absolute first thought on the new shows was of poor Jon Carin rushing round the world.

    It would seem his tour schedule is currently with David, then switches to Roger’s touring band in June & July, then back to David’s band for the new open-air shows, and then finally [?] back to Roger’s band for his September/October North American Tour.

    If Waters & Gilmour are talking of nothing else, there must surely be some communication over Carin.

    Likely scenarios:

    “Shall I take lead keyboards on this song David…er, I mean Roger?…..”


    “…But David did it differently to how you’re doing it…?”

    Dave Carlin

  45. Huge ups to everyone that can make it to the new European gigs- you will absolutely love it! Just sixteen more sleeps until the Glasgow concert- sweet…

  46. Hi FEd,

    It’s good to hear that David’s going to get out and about again. Obviously he really enjoyed the tour.

    I have just had a rather unpleasant thought about the “Later with Jools Holland” session that David is doing at the end of May.

    Due to a problem with licencing, at the moment the BBC is unable to allow any members of the general public in as audience members to any recordings at Shepherds Bush that involve live music, and so has asked us, the BBC staff, to make up the audience members.

    It was only anounced today so I’m not sure whether this will affect the Later programme or not as they may resolvethe issue by the end of May. However, it does say on the BBC website that “Members of the public due to attend shows at Television Centre in May are advised to call the corporation’s information helpline on 0208 576 1743.”

    I would suggest that anyone who may have managed to get tickets to the recording, give the helpline a call just to confirm the situation.

    When I go into work tomorrow, I will try to find out what is happening and let you know.

    I don’t want to worry anyone but better you know early. Sorry to be the harbinger of potential bad news.


    [Thanks for letting us know, Vicky. – Features Editor]

  47. Do the World Cup, hang out for a few Gilmour shows. Sign me up.

    48 hrs F’Ed. Any predictions?

    [I do fancy Liverpool, especially with West Ham’s injuries. 3-1 with Gerrard to score first. – Features Editor]

  48. Echoes in a 2000 year old Roman amplitheatre.

    Hmm…. Where have I seen that before.. [[big grin]]

  49. What a venue!

    Now playing: Queens Of The Stone Age – Over The Years And Through The Woods

  50. AAAARCH,

    First I go broke to be able to see the very last shows of this tour and THEN they tell us those are not the last shows..??!

    (Sorry, I am Dutch, we like to complain about everything.. *grin*)

    Btw: there is a very nice park in my hometown that Pink Floyd has already played in once in 1989… 😛


  51. Now if He & His band would just come back to the United States…

    I’m still smiling from that April 20th show 🙂

  52. This is BRILLIANT news.

    David, my brother, was really, really, REALLY miffed at missing out on going to the RAH with me on the 29th, as he will be on holiday in the States.

    If only he had waited a while to book his hols, he could have probably seen DG on both sides of the pond.

    He hasn’t seen David for quite while now and he is getting serious withdrawal symptoms, the last time was MLOR tour at Maine Road, way back in ’87.

    We both travelled down to the fateful night at EARLS COURT – Division Bell Tour, when the seating collapsed.

    He couldn’t make it to the re-schduled date because… yep, he was on holiday in the States.

    Deja vu or what!!!

    When I tell him this news he is going to be well made up….. YEEEEEESS!!!!! :-))

  53. Thats good to know that David is extending his tour dates in Europe. I still Can’t get April 13 at the Rosemont out of my mind. Time to listen to David Gilmour, About Face, and On an Island. I am going to see old chap Roger on September 30th. However, I have always been on David’s side of the isle. Have a good European open air tour!


  54. Glad to hear about the new summer dates. Hope to see some US dates too . . . .(I can dream). We have lots of beautiful “open air” venues. I’m with Craig, I’ll be a confiscater. Can I get a billy club? Any other bloggers up for it?! I’ll get right on the t-shirt design. LOL

    Finals next week, wish me luck all.


    [Good luck, Erin. – Features Editor]

  55. Outdoor venues – Mapping the stars for a while!

    A second leg for the European tour. Absoultely magnificent! Outside, no less. I like what I’m hearing! I cast my vote for a second leg swing through the United States, as well. Another two nights at Radio City Music Hall would be spectacular! Given that David Gilmour and his band blew the roof off Radio City during their two sold out shows there in April, it is now considered an outdoor venue. Bring back the steam curtain.

    I’m sure Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young would absolutely love to have you as a guest during their ‘Freedom of Speech’ tour at the outdoor Nissan Center in Virginia. It’s only fitting that you support them on their tour as well! Find the Cost of Freedom without Gils?

  56. Hi all,

    Just in from seeing Stereolab in Camden. A great evening of music, and one of those gigs that you wish won’t come to an end. Almost every tune makes me smile and although my french isn’t good enough to get into the lyrics, their sound is just so delicious, warm and happy.

    So, new dates eh? All very exciting…looks like I’m going to have a few european adventures this summer. Good work Gilmourauders – now there’s all kinds of fun to be had post RAH. Eagerly awaiting ticket info.

    And the Amphithéâtre de Vienne – wowser! Pompeii anyone? 😉


  57. Fet ed,

    will the RAH shows still be taped for the DVD or will it be put on hold until the new dates are done?

    Congrats to all you lucky Euro-peans (in best redneck voice “yer a doin’ WHAT?”) who will get to attend these shows! It ought to be great! An outdoor show! I’m jealous!


    [They’ll still be filmed, Tim. – Features Editor]

  58. Just a quick rant. In response to everyone that replied to my post the other day. I never said give up. I’m all for being kind to my fellow human, helping people, animals and keeping the surroundings clean, not pouring oil down the drain, not toxifying my environment and myself/others with household chemicals seems pretty obvious to me; I’m not against commonsense – I wasn’t attempting to advocate or condone the wanton destruction/neglect of our surrounding environment/ecology and beyond.

    However, it would be more useful if people would see things as they actually are; ever since the whole recycling/ecology/conservation agenda/delusion was put forth, people have actually increased consumption – world wide. Industry has steadily increased production and expanded – there has been NO significant gain in the area of chemical reduction and emission; one of the primary arguments for recycling. It’s a very wasteful system. The generation and transition of electricity from power stations isn’t geared towards the individual, it’s geared toward the total amount of energy needed to maintain even flow throughout the entire grid; the amount of electricity in the grid is relatively constant; a good percent is wasted due to atmospheric/geo/electromagnetic fluctuation and anomaly – whether you or the entire population has it’s “TV” in standby or not is inconsequential.

    Consumption is fate. The raw amounts and shear variation of chemicals being released into our environment have increased at a geometric rate – they have not decreased. Any alleged emission reductions are in the main based on locality – meaning that relocation; not elimination has been achieved; many of the world’s most polluting chemicals are manufactured in far away and secretive locations – manufactured in facilities where by-products are freely transmitted to the surrounding environments with apparent immunity from any rational intelligence – condemning the environment and populous to slow and hideous deaths – people who will die without any real knowledge about the cause/reason for their conditions.

    We have created substances that will persist in our environment for millions if not billions of years – substances that in minute quantity’s could wipe out all life on earth. The ruling class are well aware that these events are occurring and have made a conscience decision to allow these events to continue unabated for short term gain – the big wheel will turn till the end.

    Ultimately, most recycling will end up in landfill – the chemicals will leach into our environment/ecology. There are many chemical reactions whose environmental impact have yet to come into fruition; billions of tons of chemicals have been dumped in barrels over the past seventy years. Cocktails of chlorinated and brominated dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans etc. There are literally tens of thousands of highly toxic chemicals that were and are being dumped in our worlds oceans. There is no solution for these actions – the damage is done. Carbon based life on this planet is in for a rude awakening over the next couple of hundred years.

    Are we more serious now than we ever were about our environment – I doubt it. Chemistry will take it’s inevitable course. Aren’t we humans an egocentric race; thinking we can solve the problems of our own making is both disturbing and ironic – if not fundamentally humorous – considering our true purpose. How intelligent can we truly be? [sic] The predicament of the human race isn’t a case of simple solutions for complex problems; the problem is ultimately the solution. Are we now not the machine that we were created – no better, no worse?

    To quote from one of my previous posts: “Why else would the world be in such a sorry state? Working class people don’t own the industries that are causing our environmental disintegration. We are just the robotic tools of the worlds ruling class – pedalling their bike to oblivion. It’s in our makeup to destroy ourselves – both as leaders and followers of this mad system. The destruction of our fragile life support system is irreversible. There is nothing that can be done to stop the death and destruction that our earths changes will reap. It will end the human race as we know it. Truly DNA distorting stuff. ”

    Nothing will hinder the greed and structures that the ruling class have created – our earth will be fine without us.

    Thank you for letting me have my say, Features Editor.

    Hysteron proteron

    [Not at all. Thank you for having it. Again, I sadly agree with much of it. – Features Editor]

  59. Angelo Ortiz you are right that is a great picture david always puts alot of passion in his playing and singing,I could set for hours and listen to him play and sing but as far as the liver you will have to count me out sorry not my dish

  60. Great news on David’s Europe concerts. I daresay he’ll manage without me! 2 weeks and a day before the Glasgow concert and planning trip now. Doesn’t appear to be many on this site going.RAH is getting a lot of publicity, so is there anyone out there also getting excited for Glasgow or is it just me 🙁

    Ian Pearson

  61. Its good to see that David is keeping at it while he is in such good form. As what appears to be ,to the uninitated ,the Gilmour V Waters chase each other around the concert circuit game continues perhaps David could stamp himself as the ultimat winner by touring Australia. It would make a lot of us “bronzed aussies” very happy. After all we are an Island

  62. Hi guys,

    what a wonderful news!

    …but I have a question, does David think to come in Italy for some gigs in this summer?

    bye from Milan


    [Hi Marco. A few more dates are being added and, unless there are last-minute changes, I think you’ll be pleased. As soon as we can confirm anything, we’ll let you know – both here and at – Features Editor]

  63. I know you have been invited to Italy. I hope that you will accept (or you have accepted) to come back. But Inside myself I am pretty sure you will come back. 🙂 Milan 25th of march was a great show. I just hope there will be something in northern Italy.


  64. Wonderful!

    Great news, we can’t make it to one of those days: other gigs planned, worked etc., but good to give more people the oppurtunity to see the brilliant show.

    Keep rockin’
    Nick from a lovely sunny South of the Netherlands.

  65. I would love to see david in an open air concert but the timing is pretty bad as my baby is due on the 29th july.Anyway cant grumble as a i will be seing david and the band in glasgow.15 days and counting!!!

  66. This is excellent news! Though I won’t be making the trip to the continent to see these shows, my thanks have to go to David & Co. for extending the tour 🙂

  67. Hi FEd

    An update on the Later with Jools Holland Sessions problem.

    At the moment, the series IS affected and today (Friday 12th) they will be ringing people to cancel the general public attending the 16th May recording.

    Because of the precariousness of the situtation, and the fact that nobody knows the exact timings of when its going to be resolved, the BBC won’t know until later next week whether the audiences for the recording for the 26th are going to be denied entry or not.

    Anyone with tickets needs to basically “wait and see”. Although, in all honesty, the situation doesn’t look good. Audience Services will be in touch with anyone who has tickets to let them know what is happening.

    Regardless of what happens, the show will go ahead either with a BBC staff audience or with members of the general public.

    Hope this helps


    [Thanks again, Vicky. – Features Editor]

  68. WOW that venue in the photo looks a great place to watch a concert…………if it does n’t rain, reminiscent of Pompei to me, where is it tho?

    Good for David adding some more dates, he must be enjoying himself touring, i hope so anway, he is certainly giving us lot a great deal of joy.

    [It’s Vienne, near Lyon. – Features Editor]

  69. Caption:

    With the heatwave going on in France, the band was rather happy to find out that what they thought was a stage, turned out to be a swimmingpool after all

    Hugs, Bianca

  70. Hi Fed & All JUST BLOODY FANTASTIC NEWS DAVID AND I’ll BE JOINING Michael kelly swimming as well if David was going to pompeii.


  71. I don’t read Italy in the new list. So sad! Italy have so many beautiful open-air spaces: the Arena of Verona, the Caracalla’s Terme in Rome…..However, I wish them to play under a beautiful, starred sky!

    Guy don’t post here since some weeks…GUY! WE MISS YOU!


  72. I finished Polly’s book….I’d like to say a lot of thing about that….hurry up Bianca and Leslie! Finish it soon!

    FEd, I finished the book yesterday evening, while the girl I live with was watching football on tv and I went to my bedroom beacuse I almost hate football…I’m thinking: the girl I live with loves football and doesn’t love Radiohead. Would you like have a date with her? …uhmm…you look like a clever person…I can’t believe you don’t like Radiohead! Can I persuade you with some good plate of pasta? 😉

    And the end, about “Is there anybody out there”, I know David is a modest person…but I’m sure he could have played (and can play) that in a wonderful way!


    [Hi Lucia. You read fast! See, your English is much better than you think. – Features Editor]

  73. What a great news !

    I just hope he will come to Belgium with is band. Lets dream….but dreams come true sometimes !

  74. [let’s hope that the “David play here, David come to this town etc”-thing doesn`t start anew now]

    It already has mate, it seems there’s no pleasing some folks.

  75. I think I mistaked Laurie with Leslie…or something similar…I’m sorry! I con’t have confidence with foreigner..a part the most common John, Jack, Thom…sorry! Laurie…or Leslie….or whoever, other than Bianca, is reading Out of the Picture!


  76. “You know if Pompeii is one of those unannounced dates I’ll freakin swim the across the Atlantic and half the Mediterranean if I have to.”

    Ha! So would I.

  77. The goodies just keep coming, don’t they
    Excellent news.

    Did I hear you mention “more dates coming soon”, Feature Ed ? You certainly know how to get anticipation soaring 🙂

    Best regards,

  78. Waiting For David – Day 3

    For those of you who didn’t read Day 1 or Day 2 and have no idea what’s going on then you’ll just have to catch up in your own time. It seems that the Blog has spoken and people are keen on a much shorter daily noodle from me. I was on for 1 500 words a day but I’m going to aim for 500 now. So let’s get on with today’s instalment and see how we do.

    Today I’ve been considering what sort of a David Gilmour fan I am. The continuum goes from the complete “David who?” non-fan right up to those who actually believe they really are David Gilmour. I’m quite happy to accept David Gilmour himself into the latter category but anyone else that thinks that they’re him may need some help. I think I’m somewhere around the middle of the continuum but then I would say that wouldn’t I? I must admit to having the same haircut as Mr. Gilmour but this is more a reflection of my age and genetics rather than a statement of my undying allegiance.

    During “TheWall” shows at Earls Court in London I did manage to get David’s autograph in a chance meeting. For a teenage fan this was an enormous thrill, especially as Roger, David, Rick and the other one were always quite mysterious and somehow unapproachable compared to the more public, easy access rock and pop stars splashed across the tabloid newspapers or teen magazines like “Smash Hits”. By the way Nick – we love you really but you have to admit that drummers are usually the wallpaper for most groups and people never remember their names. Just ask poor old Bongo from The Beatles! Fame is a cruel mistress.

    Anyway, I did get David’s autograph and I do treasure it. I didn’t stalk him or hassle him for it. The opportunity just came up and I grabbed his scrawl. It actually means a lot to me but I’m unsure why. Whether it is because it is palpable evidence that I met my hero or whether it works like a photograph that reminds you of a specific time and place. I haven’t really figured it out. I was however very grateful for the time he took to make his mark. I didn’t for a minute feel as though he was obliged to sign as if he owed me something. Bizarrely I do get a sense from some fans that they feel that they are owed something from their guy and I do find this strange. Like he’s given you the music and now you want more? To some extent one could argue that David encourages this in as much as he puts his stuff out for public purchase and he does public shows. If it really was just about the music he could have recorded “On An Island” on a minidisk and just listened to it himself at home. There must therefore clearly be a need in his psyche to be praised for what he does. I guess we all have that within us and experiment with our confidence to display our inner selves from the time we first draw a scribble on a scrap of paper with a crayon and proudly show it to our parents. [That’s lovely dear. What is it? It’s a dinosaur flying on a giant cheese-making machine chasing the baddies – isn’t it obvious?]. Clearly then David wants complete strangers to listen to his stuff and feedback to him. So he does need/want some kind of relationship. That seems fair enough but a strange thing does seem to happen to some people in as much as they know all of David’s music and then begin to believe that they now know all about David too. Like what sort of a guy he is and what his personality is like. That’s when they start to imagine a little more about the “relationship” than is perhaps healthy.

    I’m not sure that I’ve gone quite that far. I mean, from what I know, David seems an OK kind of guy. He’s apparently got no criminal convictions for puppy strangling or walking on the cracks in the pavement. He seems to have a nice family and an OK life and he makes some cool music that I really like. I think that’s kind of it for me. I don’t feel that owning all of his albums and knowing all of the songs really entitles me to camp outside of his house or thrust myself in front of him demanding an autograph. Mind you, one can never underestimate one’s own ability to be a hypocrite for despite writing all of this I have to say that if I did bump into him shopping in the High Street I’d probably try and say “Hi” and something inane like “I like your stuff” and then perhaps see if he’d sign my Tesco’s carrier bag. I mean, I do feel that an autograph is still a cool thing if it’s viewed in a relaxed way so maybe I am more of a psycho fan than I thought – which is quite worrying. Mind you I could put the autograph on the wall in a little frame so that when I showed friends around my house I could say “Yeah – and that’s David Gilmour’s autograph”.

    And then they can say “Who?”

    Today’s concerning thought: If camera lenses are round then why aren’t the pictures round too?

    Today’s most obscure track request likely to be called out all night by the drunken idiot allocated seats next to mine: “Play Misty For Me! Whoo-hooo!”

    Today’s concert worry: If my wife goes into labour during the show could we hang on until the end?

    Today’s comment from the wife: Don’t even think about it, Buster.

  79. Happy Friday,

    [You know if Pompeii is one of those unannounced dates I’ll freakin swim the across the Atlantic and half the Mediterranean if I have to.]

    Wouldnt that be something (not the swimming, the venue). I read this lovely story about young lads from a nearby village that used to come up each day and watch the filming of Pompeii.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: I’d freakin well swim there too

  80. “man i guess us fans in the usa get the short end of the stick AGAIN.”

    Shut up. Just shut up.

  81. Now this is exciting news. I woke up this morning with a terrible hangover…but saw the news, and was instantly cured. Thanks David…and have fun!

    -Chris McKay

  82. I see the face… looks like a happy pumpkin to me (Jack-o-lantern, with bags under his eyes).

    Hey Rudders- you get em man! Pointy sticks are ready! If it weren’t for the fact that this kind of thing is so common, I’d be shocked (see why I’m religious folks? Clear evidence that humans are “sinful” and need help- well we all do, just some more than others!).

    Hey Fet Ed- just for kicks you oughtta compile the top ten topics that stirred up controversy and a firestorm on the blog….. on second thought, naaaaaaaa- the firestorms would rage again (anyone recognize the little firestorm clip where the main character in an OLD movie whispers “he was really ten” and causes a whole group of people to start arguing over a long dead issue? “He was six. He was Siiiiiiiiix!” Anyone able to name the movie reference? All I have to do is start singing a song from the movie and my wife cringes.


    [Now that would be a controversial one, especially if we ranked them in terms of how much controversy each one caused… I don’t know the movie, by the way. Someone put me out of my misery before I give in and cheat. – Features Editor]

  83. Dear Hysteron proteron,

    I understand your realism (I dont’ know if this word exists but I meant to say “see things as they actually are”), but I realized that you wrote your post at 03:55 AM…and I can’t stop thinking that maybe, if you sleep more during the night, you will be more optimistic! I agree with you that it’s not easy as we say but, remember the lyrics, “don’t tell me there’s no hope at all. Together we stand, diveded we fall”. I reapet, I’m not a strong environmentalist, but…let me us to be an optimistic! The world can be better! Do you know David and Golia’s Bible story?

    Have a great day, mate!


  84. “And the end, about “Is there anybody out there”, I know David is a modest person…but I’m sure he could have played (and can play) that in a wonderful way!”

    He does. Listen to the version in The Wall film, that’s David. I prefer it.

  85. […Perhaps there’s a show closer to you a little later… Yes, that is a clue. – Features Editor]

    FED, you drive me crazy!

    The pushchair is already in the car, the baby is coming and…..where do we have to go?

    Thanks !!!


    [Forgive me, Roberto. I must wait, too. As soon as we can name the place, it will be here. – Features Editor]

  86. [Hi Lucia. You read fast! See, your English is much better than you think. – Features Editor]

    I read on bus, during the travel from home to office…and, unfortunately, there are a lot traffic jams in Rome! My record was during Christmas time: more than 1 hour waiting the bus and almost 1 hour to cover 1,5 mile. Terrific! I was really hysterical in that period!

    However, I read very fast even because when I love something I read I can’t stop reading! And Polly’s book is really fascinating!

    Hurry up, my readers! I want to comment it!


  87. Wow!

    Just read the news. I had better start looking at the leave situation & get booking some flights.

    Thanks Fed.


  88. Well, it looks like the wife may be getting the European vacation she wanted after all. I have been trying to figure out how to get to a show at RAH and I just can’t make it work for me. But with new tour dates, I’M THERE!

    Craig, keep me in mind for the backyard show. I’ll even cut the lawn before the show if you want. I’m not picking up the dog poop though.

    [Oh, come on. If you want it that bad… – Features Editor]

  89. for some reason i know what’s happening before it’s announced. i thought there would be a couple bigger out doorsy type shows this summer. this has got to be too much fun to stop now, especially with the greatest rock band around hitting it like they do. so very special. tuesday night is almost here. cheers. go sabres.

  90. Hysteron proteron,

    It’s hard to counter-point your logic. I see and understand what you say except for one point…

    Let’s say we accept all you wrote about our current condition as fact (which I think you’re dead on about), how would that be “more useful”? Do you mean from the perspective of taking action or something else?

    Expand on that, if you will…..


  91. Bit of a downer regarding the ‘Later….’ recording which I was due to attend. Sounds like it’s unlikely to happen now…..still, fingers crossed, you never know, eh?

  92. This is fabulous news for those that missed out on the first round!! To all who score seats to the summer shows-If they are half as good as the 4-5-06 Radio City Music Hall you are in for a treat. I’m sure that the band is even tighter than in early April. ENJOY!!


  93. [I’ll even cut the lawn before the show if you want. I’m not picking up the dog poop though.]

    Thanks for the offer Joe but I’d gladly cut the lawn and try to comply with any odd details of the band’s rider (even picking out the brown M&M’s if required)..Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?

    Rick…nice post on the autograph..I missed a BB king show years ago as my wife had just delivered the night before. I snuck out of the hospital and managed to meet him and get an autograph after the show. The autograph was nice but it meant more to me to be able to simply shake his hand and give him a simple thank you for the music, his passion, and dedication over a lifetime. Now the autograph is less of a “trophy” but rather a more meaningful reminder of that simple exchange.

  94. The Amphithéâtre de Vienne looks like it might be Roman. It’s the same shape as the Coliseum in Rome.

    You can almost imagine all the gladitors beating the living daylights out of each other, glad they don’t do that anymore!

  95. Great news!

    I was wondering if david and the band were enjoying the tour. I know they said they were but was that so? well now we know, yes it is true which is terrific for both them and us! After all its not in the least about money as that is not an issue.

    Blog readers with tickets for the R.A.H. but in need of somewhere to stay could try a close by hotel “Hotel Montanna” Kensington easy to book online and good value(just search for it). This was recomended in an earlier blog entry many and thanks for that.I have just booked and rooms still available.£89 for one room for three.

    Best wishes


  96. “Bit of a downer regarding the ‘Later….’ recording which I was due to attend. Sounds like it’s unlikely to happen now…..still, fingers crossed, you never know, eh?”

    Neil, keep your fingers crossed as the Beeb are doing everything they can to resolve this. They thought it may only take 10 days to get the licence in place (although they can’t be sure) and in the meantime are trying to relocate shows away from TV centre to other places that already have a music licence so there may still be hope.

    I hope that you manage to get to see him as I believer Crosby et al are also on, although there is a rather bad part of me that is thinking that if the recording does change, I might just try to get me a ticket. Although I have a sneaky feeling it’s due to be recorded on the same day I’m seeing Clapton at the RAH.


  97. “Vienna waits for you…” No wait thats a Billy Joel song…

    How about, “Wish I Was There”, no wait thats not right…forgive me its early.

    Great news F*ed,

    Congrats to our fellow fans across the pond!


  98. “Now we are talking, hopefully the rude Yanks will stay away from these

    [I’m sure you mean rude people in general. – Features Editor]”

    Hey, if anybody thought that “rude Yanks” were a problem at Davids concerts, they should wait and see what drunk/stoned Scousers are like at a concert. Many a good northern Roy Harper show has been ruined by a scouse accented pillock shouting all the way through it (and making sheep noises for some strange reason??). Just have to hope that either not many of them got tickets to the Manchester show or the noisy ones are all too scared of a good slagging off on here to misbehave !!

    . . . and just to proove I’m not against all Scousers, I hope Liverpool paste those bubble blowing “cockernees” and bring the FA Cup back to the North West tomorrow!

    Ohh – that was actually quite vicious for me, must be too much coffee, apologies to anyone I’ve just offended!!

    Toodle Pip


    [Rudders has an up-to-date list of people we’ve offended. Scousers are already on there. – Features Editor]

  99. Nice Gilmour 🙂

    Any chance for a Norwegian date for any of these new dates I wonder, hmmm Hope so.

  100. Hi Hysteron,

    [The ruling class are well aware that these events are occurring and have made a conscience decision to allow these events to continue unabated for short term gain – the big wheel will turn till the end.]

    I wonder, can you give me a source for this statement? Where have you learnt that it really was a deliberate decision that would continue our current state?

    Not that I disagree per se, I just wonder on what info you base this?

    On another topic, great that more shows will be added. David is aware that there are some nice locations in Holland… 😉 Just kidding, but great to see he has extended his tour. Frankly, I did not expect that.

    I thought the tour was to be short just because David did not want to pressure his family too much?

    Anyway, I guess this means that David is really enjoying himself!

    Great news


  101. Hello !!!! I have a question, does David think to come in poland for some gigs in this summer?

    bye from Gdansk

    Pozdro,Pozdro bye,bye :P:P:P:P

  102. -Lucia,

    I enjoy myself very much “trying” to speak english, but it’s hard for me, and as I said to Laurie on the previous blog entry, I know I often use wrong words instead of right ones and I’m not sure everybody understand what I want to say, it’s very frustrating (?), I can only talk about banalities (?), but cannot express myself when it’s too complicated or too technical! So, it’s why I sometimes speak to Ikkar in french.

    But I will try to write in english for you, Lucia, for example “french cooking is far better than italien cooking !”, no, it’s a joke of course !(LOL, as Fed taught to us)

    -I’m very proud David comes back again in France, and I’m sure he will come back also in Italy, he loves Italy (…and France !) and we all love him !

    – Fed, I will keep on trying to speak english if you keep on trying to speak french, cela s’appelle du “chantage” (pas beau !, n’est-ce pas, Ikkar ?)

    – Fed, “l’important n’est pas de gagner, mais de participer”: devinette: qui a dit ça ?


    [“Chantage” est un mot nouveau pour moi et je l’aime. C’est un mot joli. Nous avons une accord (?) même si c’est chantage! Je regrette à dire que je ne peux pas répondre à votre devinette, mais c’est la numéro un expression sportive en Grande Bretagne – en Angleterre en particulier – particulièrement pour le tennis! – Features Editor]

  103. oi, sou brasileiro,e sonho em assistir a um show do David, creio que ele nao virá ao Brasil ,por isso fico apenas olhando as fotos que estao disponiveis no site, imagino que estes novos shows serao fantasticos,principalmente o de viena, ao ar livre, on an island,esta maravilhoso,e tem muito a ver , creio eu, com este show.

    parabens David

  104. fantastic….

    david gilmour,is the best musicman and play guitarist of world,

    my favorite artist, the best
    Rafael (from Brasil)

  105. Hello Dear Fed,

    I’m back.

    I’m staying in France during this summer.

    And I think I know where, if I can get the finance in time, if my wife is ok, if I can have a baby-sitter especially for this night at this place, if I can be there, if I can be there, if I can be there. NO……! See what I mean ?

    [I do hope everything will fall nicely into place for you, Antoine. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  106. Hey I love this site. To sit and talk to people all over the world about a great musician, It must be wonderfull David to know that your music has touched so many people in so many places all over the world,an still you are going strong an still entertaining people for over 39 years an hopefuly for many more. I wish i could see a open air show but i guess that is what i get for living in America ( Its very overated ) Have a great day everyone an Blessed Be……

  107. Good job Rudders, I also enjoy giving a hard time to stealers-ebayers. This ebay speculation business must come to an end, and I really appreciate the campaign DG did and is doing with the RAH.

    Lucia, saro’ a Roma in due weekends, che ne dici davanti Coin di S.Giovanni Ven 19 o Sab 20 pomeriggio? Tieni Out Of The Picture in mano e ti riconoscero’ 🙂

  108. This is so amazing that for years we wait patiently for David, now this. An implosion of epic proportions seeing David and continuing the frenzy. Gotta love it. Jon will definetly be beyond busy. HELLO GUY, Are You Out There!

  109. If I may offer an opposing position, might I say we Americans were pretty darned lucky. We got the chance to buy OAI packaged with Island Jam, we got 8 concert dates to choose from (still more than any other country even after these added dates, plus two more in Toronto), and I for one am looking forward to Tuesday night. Plus David was nice enough to record a couple online gigs and do Leno for us (not to mention invite as many loyal fans as he possibly could, for free I might add). I admit the idea of a nice summer night outdoor concert in an intimate setting sounds wonderful and I do envy those who will get to go, but who am I to try to hoard all that happiness to myself?

    And anyway there are plenty of other great concerts on the horizon. We’ve got Roger, CSNY, and The Who all coming our way. I don’t know if The Who will get out here by the end of 2006, but if they do we can declare this the best American concert tour year of the decade, if not the best since the ’70s.

    Oh and let’s not forget Radiohead. 😉

  110. Hey Fed. Im new at this the site and the computer thing just wondering if David or Polly ever post comments or replys on site… sure would love to get one!!!

    [They read regularly and are happy with that, Clarice. With so many people hoping for direct correspondence, it’s probably wise not to start writing replies, because would they ever be allowed to stop? – Features Editor]

  111. I went to Paris to see David in Olympia… A nice image from that memory rises here and there… It sounded very fresh, refined and powerful!…

    Well, i hope for this time being i have the luck to see him in my sunny Portugal…

    One of these days…

    Cheers to all the effort!!!

  112. I think Jon Carin is the luckiest man alive. To be touring for nearly a year with arguably two of the greatest musical minds in recent history has to be a great honor. It has truly been a great year for any serious Pink Floyd fan. Great…and very expensive!!

  113. ale oh-oh, ale oh-oh
    I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    come to Italy too!!!!!!!!
    I’d wish so much to share that unforgettable moments I lived in Rome with my love too!!!!!!!
    Greeeeeat MR G!!!!!!!!!

    uh,…ehm, ok. nice news,FEd


  114. Thanks Michèle. I understand very well what you feel…sometimes I fear they can’t understand me too…and your english is really better than mine. But I love speaking to anyone of our blog’s friends…and I’d like to continue to speak to you too, but english language is the only way! And I’m sure that our english language can understand our words, even because after all these months together there is a sort of confidence and in part I think they can guess what we meant to say, at the other hand I hope that, if they need some explanation, they ask before disagree with us! You can write french with your french friends, of course. but, sometimes, think about me!

    ROBERTO!!! CONGRATULATION FOR THE WONDERFUL NEWS!!! It’s a son or a daughter? Really fantastic! Greetings to you and you wife!



  115. Hmmmm….

    This is the response I got from the RAH about their members selling tickets on eBay…

    Thank you for your email.

    Although we retain the right to cancel tickets which have been purchased from our box office if we find that they are being resold, seats that are privately owned do not come under our jurisdiction. In brief, funds for the Hall were raised in the late 1860’s by selling licenses to occupy a number of seats on 999-year leases. A number of the stalls seats and many of the boxes are still in private ownership. These are like a piece of real estate and are available to us only if the owner wishes us to sell them on their behalf. The member is at liberty to dispose of his seats however and to whoever he wishes. Having never been our property, they cannot be ‘resold’.

    I hope this makes the circumstances clear and please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

    Not good news…

    [Another example of privileged greed… – Features Editor]

  116. [I do fancy Liverpool, especially with West Ham’s injuries. 3-1 with Gerrard to score first. – Features Editor]

    I understand that a certain Cockney catering company has been hired for pre match meals.

    [Oh dear! – Features Editor]


    and airfare, and food, and a place to stay . . .

    (always read the small print)

    My birthday is July 26th. It would make a great birthday present.

    Doing horrible with quitting. I guess I’m a true quitter, quitting quitting. How are y’all doing? Haven’t heard from Guy in awhile. Let’s hope no news is good news.


  118. It’s going to be a long hot summer for Jon Carin! I am going to see him also at the 10th of June when performing with Roger!

    But anyway, great for those who haven’t seen David perform that there will be a few more shows. Now make sure you get a ticket!

    Good luck!!

  119. Hi Fed and all well not long to go now, great to hear about the new dates a great opertunity for others who missed out , great i cant believe what music i have been listening to lately ive just got all my old albums back after years im listening to the Sex Pistols at the moment , im reliving my youth with bands like the above , the clash, anti nowhere league, i know the Sex Pistols once said that they hated Pink Floyd well Gilmour will always be my idol but you have got to admit there is a real energy to Punk

  120. Dear Fed..

    I understand completely what you mean, but it is nice to think that thay mite read the comments and it never hurts to ask.

  121. Regarding the eBay situation and my previous blog…

    Another way to look at this situation is that as the RAH do have a number of members who own seats then if these people don’t sell the tickets to the public the seats would remain empty for the majority of the time…

    It’s a shame that these “members” are selling the tickets for such high prices… This will make the “other” profiteering harder to control especially for the RAH…

    And I’m still waiting for Tessa Jowell’s response to my email…

    [I hope it’s better than the one I got from Blair recently. Amateurs and phonies, the lot of them. – Features Editor]

  122. Anyone give a listen to the new Richard Butler album yet? thought? Here’s an online review I found.

    “With both the artist’s name and the album’s title belonging to a single man, you might not expect this disc to be the result of a collaborative effort. In truth, however, the creation of Richard Butler (the album) was the joint effort of two men: Richard Butler and Jon Carin. Now, I’m not saying that the duo should get joint billing. I possess the rudimentary knowledge of the machinations of marketing required to understand why this is billed as a one-man show. The name on the front cover simply must go to the lead singer of pioneering post-punkers The Psychedelic Furs and rather enjoyable alt-rockers Love Spit Love. Richard Butler comes with a great pedigree. Jon Carin, on the other hand, was the keyboardist and singer for a mid-’80s synth-pop band called Industry, who had a minor hit with “State of the Nation” before seeping into the topsoil of obscurity. Carin hardly disappeared, though. He’s since performed and recorded with many great artists, including The Who, Pink Floyd, Corey Hart (wait, what?), The Chieftains, Gipsy Kings, and—aha!—both of Richard Butler’s former bands. Certainly, this album marks his greatest achievement yet, as he recorded every instrument and engineered, mixed, and produced the entire record.

    Knowing that these guys have a 20-year history together underscores the quite apparent sonic sympathy shared by Butler and Carin. The songs on Richard Butler were crafted during writing sessions at Carin’s home studio, and Butler credits the depth of his partner’s musical ideas as inspiring the honesty behind his lyrics. For a dude who used to ooze with cool, it’s refreshing to hear lines like: “I should bite my lip / Let my big mouth sleep / ‘Cause the whole damn world don’t turn on me”. It’s a safe bet that, earlier in his career, Butler wished to be at the axis of everything, in the spotlight of the world’s attention. But perspective teaches us that “the same sun shines on everyone”. A great deal of the emotional resonance of these lyrics comes from Carin’s music. Typical of the album as a whole, spacey synths float and burble over a programmed beat, while a guitar picks out a bittersweet melody.

    The reflective nature of Richard Butler is probably most directly attributable to the recent deaths of both men’s fathers. The first page of text in the CD’s liner notes is reserved for an austere dedication to the two men, both of them doctors (another trait the two artists share). And, while the album is undeniably tinged with the sadness of loss, it is also buoyed up by the hopefulness that comes with letting go. Only occasionally brooding, the music here mostly soars, albeit in an understated way. A slow grower, Richard Butler is easy to ignore on first lesson. On the second time around, however, you’ll find that several of the songs crept into your brain while you weren’t paying attention. “Broken Aeroplanes” will get you first. It’s the closest thing to a rocker offered on the album, with its gritty little guitar stabs and loping bass line. Mostly, this disc conjures up the mellower moments from Radiohead’s The Bends and the astral interludes of Pink Floyd’s ‘70s classics. This is probably the album that Coldplay will be making a few years down the line, when they finally give up on trying to shake arenas U2-style and work more toward their atmospheric strengths.

    But that’s another topic for another day. We’re here to praise Richard Butler, not to bury Coldplay. This is a lovely album and a very welcome return from Butler. His vocals still have the coolest texture around, a synaesthetic concoction of fine grain sand and warm brandy pouring into your ears. And, regardless of his newfound openness, Butler’s lyrics remain evocative. The great discovery here, though, is Jon Carin. For over two decades now, he’s been buttering our bread (musically speaking, that is), and we didn’t even know it. Sure, you could make the obvious choice and visit Richard Butler’s fancy-schmancy website. Instead, why don’t you drop on by and leave a hearty congratulations on his message board. Currently, there are a total of, um, seven posts. With so fine an accomplishment as creating the lush musical soundscapes found on Richard Butler, Jon Carin should be every bedroom producer’s new hero. And this very good album should be added to every listener’s collection.”

    [This review has been allowed because a) it concerns Jon Carin (although this isn’t his blog, so there’s no real reason why it should be allowed) and, more importantly, b) I can’t be bothered to read/edit it right now. But no more pasting of reviews, please. If the posts in general can’t be shortened, then they will be deleted from now on. As I know from the number of unpublished comments which follow every lengthy post, they aren’t appreciated and they aren’t read. In fact, people just write to say that they thought lengthy posts were not welcome and that they make trawling through the blog difficult. So please let this be a warning to all: no more than a few paragraphs and about 200-250 words, please. There are about 150 words in my response and, as I‘m sure you‘ll agree, this is quite long enough. – Features Editor]

  123. That is great news about a extended tour. Enjoy all you lucky fans in Europe. I still can’t get the NYC show out of my mind. Gives me goosebumps everytime I think about it. What more can we expect to see both guys in the same year, and I don’t have to travel 600 miles to see the other. He is going to be right in my back yard (20 miles). Can’t wait until Tuesday night. I bet it is going to be great to see David on the big screen. My kids keep telling me that I am having a mid life crisis, but I thought that I would never see David again, and he made my dreams come true.

  124. Just a quickie to say have a great weekend everyone. Hopefully it’ll be the beautiful English spring days that we’ve been spoiled with the past few. Thankfully a friend of mine is an ardent West Ham fan and has FA Cup tickets, so his Santana ticket for tomorrow night is now mine. Yippee!!

    FEd – best of luck for Sunday. Ordinarily I’d have probably sided with the London team and underdogs, but seeing as they’re partially responsible for our lack of champions league footie next season, I’ll be behind the reds all the way 🙂


  125. Fed,

    As a Yank, (not all are rude), can you clarify ChrisB’s post… what are “cockernees” and “Scousers”?

    Great news about added dates, I think from one of your earlier responses it’s pretty clear the U.S. won’t benefit, but it does show that David’s enjoying the touring, so maybe there’s hope for another tour in the near future.

    All the best.

  126. [man i guess us fans in the usa get the short end of the stick AGAIN]

    Grrrrrrrgh! Just as well you couldn’t hear the expletives I just used …..

  127. I love the new cd and the songs were even better live. Do you know yet if a guitar tab music book will be released of the On An Island cd?

    [There is going to be one, yes. Full details to follow shortly. – Features Editor]

  128. Carissimo GianLuca,

    mi metti in difficoltà! Il fatto è che io sono tanto disinvolta sul blog perché mantengono “l’anonimato” ma la verità è che non sono affatto brava a dare confidenza agli “sconosciuti”! D’altra parte sono convinta che tu sia un’ottima compagnia , ma non posso non confessarti che l’idea di incontrare qualcuno del blog mi getta in un ingiustificato, quanto gigantesco IMBARAZZO! Lo so che è ingiustificato, ma…che posso farci? Però mi sento stupida anche a dire “no, mi vergogno”! Senti! Visto che manca una settimana, che ne dici se ne parliamo e decidiamo nei prossimi giorni? …e se dopo questo messaggio da misantropa stai pensando che non vuoi più incontrarmi, hai la mia comprensione!

    Buona serata!

    P.S. Che strano scrivere in italiano! Wow! È molto più rilassante!


    FEd, dont’ worry! I didn’t write unkind words but I wonder if you can understand and control the Italian language posts too. I’m curious! But, I repeat, you don’t have to worry, my post is really polite!

    Happy evening to everyone!

    [I trust you, Lucia, but I still have to use an online translation service to check all non-English posts. We’ve had some not-very-nice comments in languages I have no knowledge of, and they’re not slipping through. I’m not letting any clever buggers get the better of me! – Features Editor]

  129. [I think Jon Carin is the luckiest man alive.
    Posted by: Mike Lawler]

    Both David and Roger are just as fortunate. Jon helps fill in the holes brilliantly…

    Are you from New York, Mike?

  130. Vicky – thanks for the positive vibes re. the ‘Later….’ recording – certainly sounds more hopeful!

    And F’Ed thanks for your comments elsewhere – much appreciated. Best of luck for the Cup tomorrow by the way – may the best team win…at least you haven’t got the prospect of away trips to Colchester and Southend to look forward to :/)

  131. All I know is Jon Carin is going to be one busy dude this summer.

    Jeff in chicago

  132. I have the feeling than some people mistake Vienne in Austria for Vienne in south of France.

    For those who would like to know, the “théâtre antique” is from the roman period, eriged in the first century and could then contain 15000 spectators.It’s only in 1922 that it was excavated (?) from the hill of Pipet. It was first well known in France for its “festival de jazz” and later for its rock concerts (I think “The Who” are performing there in mid-july -not sure ?) and its exceptional accoustic (surely David knew that !).

    [le plus important n’est pas de gagner, mais de participer], from Le baron Pierre de Coubertin, who renovated the Olympic Games , you had guessed the connection with sport !

    Have a very nice week-end.

    [Merci beaucoup pour l’information et URL, Michèle. Votre information est une grande aide à moi, parce que je lirai plus au sujet pour un blog plus tard. Merci encore. Merci aussi pour la réponse à la devinette! – Features Editor]

  133. I think we are overdue for a word from Guy.

    Wazzup Pratt? Hope The Lowry is great fun!

  134. Dear Fed,
    [et chantez pour Liverpool pour moi demain, s’il vous plaît. Allez les Rouges! – Features Editor]
    I promise. I’ll think of you, and I’ll sing for you tomorrow… if you sing for Olympic de Marseille!

    Michèle (avec accent grave)

    [- Fed, I will keep on trying to speak english if you keep on trying to speak french, cela s’appelle du “chantage” (pas beau !, n’est-ce pas, Ikkar ?)]

    C’est vrai, ce n’est pas beau… Mais tant pis!

    [- Fed, “l’important n’est pas de gagner, mais de participer”: devinette: qui a dit ça ?]
    Ah, ce cher Pierre…

    Have a nice night…

    Ikkar, with love

    [Bien. Mais je préfère… Lyon en raison des liens (?) de Gerard Houllier avec Liverpool. Excusez-moi, Ikkar! Mais est-ce que comment je peux oublier que Marseille battement Liverpool (3-2) en… 2004 avec deux buts de Didier Drogba?! Ah, c’était horrible! Je me rappelle aller à la maison cette nuit après une longue journée au travail (pour le deuxième match de UEFA Cup) dans l’obscurité et la pluie… Je suis arrivé à la maison – affamé, froid et humide (et avec un mal de tête, parce que il y avait beaucoup personnes stupide sur la bus avec moi) – et voyant la match sur la television… Je souhaite que je resté au travail cette nuit! Vous savez, le football est drôle. Je commence par parler du dernier directeur de Liverpool (Houllier) mais, naturellement, le directeur de Liverpool – Rafa Benitez – était directeur de Valencia en 2004 (je suis désolé pour rappeler la finale, Ikkar). Et Drogba est maintenant avec Chelsea, ainsi je peux détester Drogba sans risque, non votre équipe de favori! Bonne chance, Marseilles! – Features Editor]

  135. After seeing David at the Paramount in Oakland, I’m seriously considering flying over and taking the train around Europe to see all of these new shows.

    At a minimum I’m pretty sure I can make Vienne. Any other American bloggers up for a European adventure ala Gilmour?

  136. Dear F.ed,

    Just I sigh of relief from Norway…. All RAH tickets has arrived so everything is ok.

    Great news about the additional dates in Europe. My regret is that after the Paris, Amsterdam and RAH gigs there is probably not money enough for more travelling for my part. But I have definitely had my share of enjoyment this spring!

    It’s just great that more people get the opportunity the experience On An Island live + of course the great Floyd classics.

    If, by any chance, there is some more shows to be added and Norway was to be on that list (yeah right!), I really hope it won’t be the first week in August as I will be in London on holliday that week. That would be a holiday with mixed feelings I can tell you.

    In excactly 17 days we will be sitting in RAH probably listening to Comfortably Numb on the first of three glorious nights.

    I’s really mixed feelings listening to that song on these gigs. We all love that song, but we also know that the show is almost over…

    (by the way, with the added shows and maybe some more to come I guess that the great Jon Carin will be a bit confused jumping back and forth between the Gilmour and Waters sets..)

    Best regards


    [I’m so pleased to hear that you have your tickets. Enjoy the shows and your holiday, of course. – Features Editor]

  137. Heeeeeeeeeeey, this morning I clicked on ‘book tickets now’ on the RAH site for tuesday the 30th just for the hell of it (been doing that a few million times this week) and I nearly fell of my chair when I got a screen through which I could order!!!

    So I (and Stephen R) now have tickets for the tuesday as well!!

    It is gallery though, but hey, we will be inside the building and I have GREAT binoculars and no fear of heights *grin*

    I am not sure why it says ‘standing’ though when there are seat numbers there.. so I am hoping that word means something else.. Do you know FEd? (or anyone else?)

    And LUCIA, did you see my answer to your question in the previous blogentry? I am NOT Brazilian! hahaha

    (and I went to the local bookstore this afternoon to see if they had Polly’s book, but alas.. we will all have to wait I am afraid)

    Hugs, Bianca

    [Good for you. I don’t know how the tickets are categorised, unfortunately. Maybe someone else can explain that. – Features Editor]

  138. The new outdoor shows are great news, and I do intend on going to one of them (France maybe), it might also be an excuse to take the common law wife Natalie for a little break! maybe then the nagging “you never take me anywhere” may stop, then again probably not!!!

    I`ll just keep a look out for the details.

    Have a great weekend all.

  139. Got out of a restaurant last night to find my car had been broken into and my passport and a whole load of stuff including my ipod had been nicked. Bad new as I need my passport in two weeks! At least the cretin who nicked it, if he/she bothers to listen to the ipod, will get a proper musical education (and using my extra special Etymotic earphones where you’ll hear more Floyd than you ever heard before)!!

    Got home to find my tickets for DG at RAH, was I worried anymore? Not in the slightest!!

    Even though I have to miss the gig for which I got the “special” tickets, the day before will make up for it and I am counting the days. Who knows, if my replacement passport does not arrive I may still make the Tuesday gig, which would be nice.

    Looking forward so much to hearing David and his band I can hardly wait, and then it will all be over 🙁


    [Sorry to hear that, Peter. There are some vile people out there. – Features Editor]

  140. I went to go see Poseidon today. I’d give it about a 7 out of 10. Anyways they showed a preview of the concert next week on the 16th. David singing “Take A Breath.” It got me so excited. It looks really good!


  141. Glad to see that David is taking that wonderful show out on the road again. Seemed like it would have been a shame to not let more fans appreciate the magic of watching him perform live.

    Am looking forward to the 16th and the screening of the Mermaid concert here in the US – I’m sure that it will surpass my wildest expectations.


  142. Just a quick comment about Jon Carin, accompanying both David and Roger. I think this speaks volumes for this man’s talents, he was amazing with PF on the Pulse Tour. The version of Dogs he sings on Water’s In the Flesh dvd (which is basically Gilmour’s part) is nothing short of brilliant. I was lucky enough to catch Jon at Massey Hall in April with David’s current lineup of outstanding musicians and he can fill in a hell of a lot of parts that need filling in when this music is performed live.

    I think this really just shows the respect that both David and Roger have for first class musicians of which Jon is one. The fact that David and Roger have worked their schedules out so Jon can perform in both bands, tells me that whatever differences they had or possible still have They both have mutual respect for one anothers talents. I know I certainly do, and I am looking forward to see Jon perform with Waters in September in Toronto.


  143. To Lucia and Michelle..your English is wonderful and expressive. I am so enjoying reading your entries. One of the other wonderful things that David’s web site has done. I am appreciating, also,the caring messages from bloggers to those who have had their lives touched by sadness, whether it be a death or critically ill family member. This may be gushy, but the exchange of ideas, comments, information, condolences, congrats and yes even football make this site a fine place to come to. David is bringing people together this way as well as with his music.

  144. Excellent news. Congratulations to all who choose to attend, it is a marvelous experience. I am really glad to know the band enjoyed the experience enough to carry on.

    My summer includes a vacation to Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, not centred on music but very much soaked in beauty.

  145. Good luck tomorrow. In all honesty all I really want out of this final is a good, entertaining hard fought match. Wouldn’t mind the win either, but I’ll settle for the former.

    Just to stay on topic a bit, I’ll be curious to see how the set list evolves since the band has had some time to relax and then rehearse new stuff, if indeed they were so inclined.

    [The same to you, mate. I’m sure it will be a good game. – Features Editor]

  146. Do the folks in the USA have a chance at a few more shows here? Maybe in the south. Atlanta,GA would pack a show………Please David consider this……………

  147. I knew that once David got the feeling of playing live in his blood again, he wouldn’t be satisfied with such a short tour. I love it.

  148. why does David Gilmour not come to scandinavia ?Norway or sweden?He has a lot of fans here to

  149. Wow…such beautiful venues……I could see the filming for the DVD and possible for I-MAX done at one of these venues. Hope this is so. Seeing David and this band on the big I-Max screen would be absolutely breathtaking. David is a man wayyyyy ahead of his time, and I am looking forward to seeing him on the Regal cinema screen on the 16th when I visit Portland Oregon. My wife and I are making a special stop over in Portland while on a trip, just for this. (Any true blue fan like myself would do this eh!) I don’t think any other musician has done this concert in a cinema thing befor have they??

    So…back to the big screen of the I-Max……I have always said that these cinemas are totally underutilized by the music industry. The cinemas have huge screens, huge sound and are perfect for a concert. I went to The Rolling Stones once in there, and had a great time!

    David….I sure hope this is a direction that you are considering.

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada

  150. Great news regarding the extended tour. Mr. Gilmour must be enjoying himself.

  151. Hmmm… Sounds ilke the message Rudders got from the ticket seller came from a real “winner.” This says a lot about what you are dealing with when you buy tickets from a scalper.

    David just wants to make some music. Obnoxious fans and unbalanced ticket agents, among many other people, make it very hard for him to do it. Makes me wonder how many talented artists there are who choose not to subject themselves to that kind of thing, and we lose out on the fruits of their talent.

  152. HEEEEYYYYYYY…remember about portugal!!!it would be great…im going to see one ex-member of pink floyd this summer(which name i cant tell)…and to see david and rick would be awesome…anyway im very happy to know that the tour is getting bigger,that might tell us that mr.gilmour is enjoying very much…

  153. Hello,

    Think Loreley near Koblenz (Germany) who suited well for the open-air gigs.

    If the band is still free on July thw 28th I can recommend to come to that great amfitheatre to watch some new bands (and my favourites); RPWL, Fish & Mostly Autumn.

    Have a great weekend, the sun is shining again and just 2 weeks to go.

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  154. Thank you Lucia.

    She is a girl and maybe she has already a good music taste. Few days ago, my wife and I were in the car, the CD player started to play Money and she started to kick. A sign? A coincidence? I don’t know but I’m already proud of her.

    Have a nice weekend everybody.


  155. Hey all gilmourlites,

    Two weeks to go till the Royal Albert Hall gigs and can’t wait. Going to be a dream come true, i have got standing seats in the gallery and just wondering if anyone else has ever been up in the gallery? What is the view like and is the sound quality just as good. Doesn’t really matter as either way I’m going to be seeing Dave Gilmour so any seat will do I just don’t know what to expect


  156. Great news for Europe! After all the extra things that went on in the USA, I am happy for the fans in Europe to be able to see the additional shows. Here in the states, we had the TV appearances, and the Regal theater screenings, the AOL sessions, etc….

    Perhaps with the larger outdoor venues, many people who have yet had the chance to see David will now be able to.

    Enjoy it you all, I wish I could be there…
    –Tim B.

  157. This is great news for the European fans! You are all in for a big treat. This show is so special, you couldn’t possibly imagine it. As good as you think it will be….it will far exceed anything you had in mind. I still get chills (and tears) thinking back to Los Angeles last month. Enjoy!

  158. Hello fellow Bloggers and sir fed.

    I just read an interview with Mr guy pratt in the manchester evening news. Well I didn’t realise what a busy boy he is, gosh.

    Beautiful venue for a concert and a rather nice picture today even if David isn’t in it.

    Only two weeks until I get to see the great man, oh my I can hardly wait. I feel like a teenage girl all giddy and excited, oh wait …. I am!

    Happy weekend folks.

  159. Dearest Fed

    With the full knowledge that it may be judged best to not open this can of worms, and you may think best to delete this post, I must relate that I was a bit stunned by Roger Waters billing himself as “The Creative Genius Of Pink Floyd” on the new tour posters. Certainly he has the right to claim his quarter ( or fifth !) of one of the most enduring and influential rock bands of all time. But the self-proclaimed title of “Creative Genius” seems to me to be a deliberate attempt to discredit the contributions of the other 3 or (4!) Jeez, what a difficult person he really must be to deal with.

    I will take the genuinely humble – “The Voice And Guitar Of Pink Floyd” any day or even “… and on keyboards, Rick Wright.”

    Thank you very much.


    [A perfectly fair point, John. I agree entirely. And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, the above comment is published because this is something we have discussed previously and I recall there was some criticism of David for allowing a little “The Voice And Guitar Of Pink Floyd” sticker on his new CD. It works both ways, as John has observed. – Features Editor]

  160. FEd,

    What a game! FA Cup football at its best. Grats to the Reds. Gerrard is a hero beyond heroes…


    [I should be humble and say that the only winner is football, because it was such an exciting game for the neutrals. But… Thanks, Nick. I’ve probably aged about five years and don’t have much of a voice left after all the singing, but it was great. – Features Editor]

  161. I`m pleased for you Features ed, what a superb cup final, brillint to watch. I have to say gerrards goal from 40 yrds out… fantastic!

    I hpoe you have a few beers to celebrate!

    Cheers mate,

    [A few. – Features Editor]

  162. Commenting on Post by: Hysteron proteron at May 12, 2006 03:55 AM


    My friend inherited a beachfront at the New Jersey Shore and has two Teenage Daughters who will watch it get washed into the Atlantic Ocean someday. The Sea levels continue to rise and there is nothing anybody can do about it! Sorry to be such a “downer”.

  163. About Hysteron proteron’s comments..

    I agree with your comments, depressing as they are. The earth would be just fine without us. However, I try to make my existence have some sort of meaning.

    I am borderline poor in US standards of living, which is still pretty fortunate in comparison to the rest of the world. Part of this is that I value my time more than stuff.

    (By the way, I just got rid of my internet connection, as I am trying to scale back on lifestyle pacifiers..I get sucked into surfing and chatting way too long. Using the library limits my weekly use..still have to visit the DG site here and get my concert experiences vicariously through’yall!)

    Anyway, having limited resources, I don’t shop often, other than for food or occasionally thrift store treasure hunting. I just went to a major mall to get out of the heat before I was to meet a friend downtown. It is really an overwhelming experience to see the tremendous amount of just….extraneous stuff. Imagine the energy it must take to create, ship, store, and sell it.

    I remember when I used to work as a gift department manager. I had to work a miserable 40+ hours to peddle knicknacks made from oversea sweatshops…at meat locker ac temperatures too, which takes up more energy. I hated the time taken from my life, but what did I do to make myself feel better at payday? Shop and feed right back into the cycle.

    I think a step to revolutionising our life on earth is to value our time more.

  164. So I’m sitting here taking a break from studying, listen to Island Jam. Wouldn’t that be cool to hear live!! Maybe a nice surprise for the RAH shows or the DVD. When I came on to the website I had Island Jam playing with todays clip, and it sounded really good together. The man never ceases to amaze me. Thanks David for all that you are and all that you do for so many people.


  165. Waiting For David – Day 4

    Well here we are on day four of what feels like the longest wait in history. Today however took an unexpected turn or, to be more accurate, I took an unexpected turn on my Mountain Bike and ended up in the hospital. The very good news is that I’m fine. The bad news is that along with my bruised ribs, grazed shoulder and dented pride I have managed to break the thumb on my right hand in two places! Thankfully I have been discharged tonight but I have to return tomorrow morning to be admitted for surgery. My thumb is going to be manipulated back into the right shape and then have some wires and screws put in to fix it. Still, for any fellow Bloggers who wanted to come and say “Hi” at the gig on the 31st I should be easy to spot with my plaster cast and my hand propped in the air in a permanent wave.

    I was just thinking this morning that if I considered my wait to see David Gilmour in terms of weekends rather than days then the gig was only two weekends away which sounds much shorter than seventeen days. In all fairness the pain in my thumb has seemed to take my mind off such things today however I would be loathe to recommend going over the handlebars of your Mountain Bike at speed as an appropriate form of distraction therapy for those hanging on for the concerts at the end of the month.

    Hopefully I shall resume my Blog in full tomorrow providing that the anaesthetic doesn’t leave me too confused. Who knows, it may improve my style! Cheers!

    Today’s concerning thought: If an orange is orange then why isn’t a banana called a yellow?

    Today’s most obscure track request likely to be called out all night by the drunken idiot allocated seats next to mine: “Play-dough! Whoo-hooo!”

    Today’s concert worry: I wonder if David will sign my cast?

    Today’s comment from the wife: You’re an idiot!

  166. Hi Fed

    My computer crashed awhile back, when I got back on I noticed no link to the FAN FARE and STUFF AND NONSENSE at the top of the home page. I just got through with the link in the news article….. I am assuming it’s a glitch on my end, considering there is actually a page here with others writing in. Can you help me with this?

    [It must be something at your end, sorry. – Features Editor]

  167. I belong to a small DG fan site. Someone posted an interview (in Italian) which we THINK said that David really liked the book Memoirs of Hadrian. Now we all are rushing around trying to find copies so we can read it. David is the new Oprah! (I’m kidding OF COURSE.)

    Great news about the added dates. Makes me think David and the gang like what they’re doing and that idea makes me happy. Maybe touring like this isn’t so onerous and he will want to do it more often. I hope so.

  168. F’Ed, congrats to you. That match proved greater than I could have hoped for. Your man Gerrard is a giant among men. What an incredible talent. Proud to be a Hammer today. The lads gave it a hell of a go. Great day for football I think.

    [Quite right, mate. The best FA Cup final in living memory? I thought the West Ham fans were fantastic. The way they applauded the Liverpool players as they paraded the cup around the ground was really heart-warming. They were great outside the ground, too – before and after the match. There was no trouble, just an unbelievable atmosphere. It is a shame that someone had to lose and penalties are so cruel. – Features Editor]

  169. Just got back from a great solo stand-up show by Guy Pratt and I can’t recommend it highly enough!!! Very funny indeed. If you get a chance to see him, do! Although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to the song “On An Island” without thinking of Guy’s AOL additions and as for Madonna, David Crosbie and especially David Coverdale. . . well, just go and see the show!!!

    Highlight of the show though – Guy informing us that he’s had the smoke alarms switched off in that part of the building so he can have a fag on stage (well about a dozen actually!), then halfway through his act the whole building (about 3,000 people – most of them watching an opera) get evacuated as the alarms go off!!! See smoking can be bad for you!! (no, I’m sure it wasn’t really Guys fault).

    Now who do we have to see to get Guy put on as support for David’s Shows (or at least added as an “easter egg” for the DVD!)

    Cheers all


    ps – FEd, I’ll look forward to this post appearing about Weds next week, just after you have finished celebrating the footie result!!!

  170. i am SO looking forward to seeing the film of the Mermaid concert this Tuesday! i feel no ‘short ends of sticks’? all of my sticks are quite long, thank you! [and no pointy ones to report]

    Lucia, hi, it’s Laurie – or Leslie, if you prefer – i have a short attention span and little free time with my Pop so ill. if you want to discuss Polly’s wonderful book before i finish it, don’t let me stop you! put a short warning at the top of your post: DO NOT READ etc etc BOOK SPOILER.

    FEd, you said [Excuse me? What am I, some kind of skivvy?] i am entirely confused. during WWII, ‘skivvy’ was slang for undergarments. i have heard my father use this term many times. so, to me, you just said “What am I, some kind of boxer shorts?” enlighten me, please, that can’t be right.

    i am so happy for the European fans, getting extra concert chances. as i recall, they actually BOUGHT On An Island, didn’t they? in large quantities…

    FEd, also, you will keep us posted of any special goings-on at the final UK show, won’t you? you did say they’d be filming the 5/30 show, but NOT the 5/31… OH i remember what i wanted to mention! anyone else notice that on Careful With That Axe, Eugene, right before the creepy voice comes in, they play a bit of the opening theme to Dr Who? [picturing FEd in a Dalek suit reminded me…]

    SO many happy memories of going to NY to see David and everyone… all helping to get me through some rough times. you blogsters mean a lot to me, in a weird way. thanks especially to Ian, Michèle, Lucia, Angelo, Stephen, and you FEd. you affect us more than you know. ok, now i gotta go, i’m verklempt…and i can’t spell it.


    [Oh dear. I assure you that I meant one who gets treated like a servant, doing all the menial jobs and generally running around so that The Man doesn’t have to get off his backside. But apparently, in Australia, it’s “a tight-fitting item of clothing, made of knitted cotton, with a high round collar.” – Features Editor]

  171. Dear Features ed,

    I hope you are still out celebrating, you work too hard, and you deserve it!

    I`m sorry for making extra work for you through a hangover, but I just thought I`d let you know I for one am very grateful for your efforts!

    [Thank you, Adrian. That’s really nice of you. What’s a hangover? – Features Editor]

  172. Hysteron proteron,Angelo,and all

    From what I understand amongst all your words is that we are slowly killing our planet by using our resources which in turn metabolizes to toxic by-products that will eventually lead to armaggedon.This premise reminds me of winemaking.Yeast reproduces itself by converting sugar(their resource)to ethanol and carbon dioxide(their toxic metabolites)Eventually their population is so high that their ecosystem is poisoned by the release of these chemicals and they all die.Perhaps if they could control their population growth they would thrive.So maybe that’s our answer.Sterilize everybody to control overpopulation(which seems to be the enemy here)since fewer people equates to less pollution generated.

    Hey, why don’t we go back in history and start it at the industrial revolution when the infection really started.Then maybe we wouldn’t be in the so called “pseudo” mess we are in now.As far as maintaning the fragile microorganisms order…Hogwash..they have been the one constant since evolution began.They continue to mutate for adaptation to their current environment.I believe this is also true for Humans.We will always find a way to keep it going.We will never destroy ourselves.Only a natural disaster will.But if we all die in spite of ourselves it is because of natural evolution.And if you are reading this Angelo please don’t ask me for sources,stats, or data points.This is just my own opinion.Not all of our glasses are half empty.

  173. Does anyone know if there are filming on the 29th??

    [Yes, they are. – Features Editor]

  174. Sorry Fed, if you are awake now, didn’t see the game, unavailable on my television. LLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVEEEEEEERRRRRRPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL wins. Didn’t mean to make this too long. Good for you mate.

    [Thank you, Frank. What’s the best way to express, in type, that you’re giggling uncontrollably? – Features Editor]

  175. Hello my dear,

    this is the best format I could have found of the David’s review on italian’s news paper Repubblica. It is a pdf file and the review is in page 20. I’m very busy now, so I have to greet you immediaty…I hope I was useful!



    [Thanks very much, Lucia. I’ll pass it to our webmasters and it will be on the Press page soon. – Features Editor]

  176. Hi FED, it says at the top of the page that the box office details along with a few more dates will be added shortly, could one of those new european dates be england?

    cheerz Vince

    [Could be, but from the places I’ve seen listed, there won’t be a show in England or any part of the UK. That could have changed over the course of the weekend, so I’m afraid I can’t say anymore than that. – Features Editor]

  177. Hi Fed and All,

    Fed I’ve been reading alot of these blogs and my god I just want to say some of these are just plain out ridiculous and surprised youve even allowed some to go through.

    I thought this was all about DAVID, some posts dont have anything to with David at all Shame FED,also thought you said no long posts hey now who’s broke a rule ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take Care Love ya’s

    [Yes, very good. – Features Editor]

  178. David doing more shows – that’s great!! I do hope that Jon Carin keeps fit and healthy! I also hope his allegiance would be to David first. Jon worked with David a long time before he worked with Roger. I find it ironic that Roger criticised everything David did post Waters Pink Floyd, but he has not been averse to using Jon when doing his “solo” thing, has he?

    I may ruffle a few feathers, but who cares, this is David’s site, after all.

    I read a comment the other day which I found very interesting, I quote:-

    “Is Roger trying to re-write history by putting forth the notion that DSOTM was really a solo album? Or is he using a guaranteed crowd-pleaser to sell more tickets? I think this is just going to be a case of Roger pounding on his chest and saying “You hear this? I did this! This was all me! I did it ALL”. And, of course, the crowd will leave the arena thinking “Yep, that Roger Waters sure is the man! Screw those other guys! Roger is Pink Floyd”. Which is exactly what he wants you to think.”

    Trying to re-write history – no, trying to make history – possibly. His touring right now makes me feel very uncomfortable. It seems sacrilege to me why anybody would want to see Roger performing DSOTM without David and Rick’s input. I hope Roger’s voice has improved since Live 8!!

    I am still watching the brilliant AOL Session. I haven’t seen many comments about Steve’s playing, but I think he is absolutely fantastic, and I’m so glad the band is going to be staying together!!

  179. Hi all,

    Saw Santana last night at Wembley Arena – a venue I’ve not been in for many many years. My reason for posting is that my experience last night absolutely validates David’s choice of smaller, quality venues for the tour. Santana is a remarkable musician, and whilst I’m not really into his more recent material (Supernatural etc), his back catalogue is astonishing, we he played stuff from 1, 3 and Abraxas.

    However, those large indoor arenas are just too big to do the artist, their music and their performance any real justice. For me it just didn’t feel special, whereas at smaller, more ‘classical’ venues, it always feels like the artist is performing for me/us. It’s just much more of an occasion and feels that much more special, rather than being herded into a massive hall.

    I won’t be going to any more shows at Wembley Arena, or similar venues. 99% of the artists I like wouldn’t play in such a venue, probably for the same reasons that I experienced last night. The experience is just a little too hollow imo.

    I’m really looking forward to the RAH now. I’m a regular at the RAH, RFH and Barbican (as well as the Empire and Koko) and these places feel like musical homes to me. I’m just really glad that David has both the taste and the integrity to play in such venues, rather than the musical barns…


  180. Well FEd,

    Just got back from Cardiff 🙂 – luckily my stolen ticket was replaced by LFC with a different seat allocated for a ballot (sadly, it still left 1000 loyal fans without due to the robbing barsteward and his network of touts)

    Boring, boring Liverpool eh? lol The BBC must be made-up, we’ve given them the Luton, Manu, Chelski matches and now the Final – now that truly is entertainment! The first thing my youngest daughter said when I got back was: ‘it was great but the commentator wanted West Ham to win’. Motty consistently does this in Liverpool games and I’m afraid it’s time for him to hang-up his sheepskin – senile demetia has set in!

    Peter, thought the Hammers and their fans were fantastic – couldn’t have argued if they’d have won, but a replay would have been a better outcome. Nice to see two traditional clubs who conduct themselves properly contesting such a spectacle – I think even David and Guy will concede it was a slight improvement on
    last year’s Final 😉

    The Irons had their tactics right and played to their limits whereas a lot of our lads were under par (felt sorry for Xabi, obviously not fit to play). Momo was immense again wasn’t he (better than a young Viera IMHO), especially in extratime when even Stevie’s legs had gone! The nature of all the goals was typical of the season, give gifts away and score crackers lol

    Great news about the outdoor tour – only 12 days ’til the Bridgewater Hall, happy days 🙂

    [Glad that you made it to Cardiff, Ali. Was worth the trip, wasn’t it? I completely agree about the BBC’s anti-Liverpool bias in their commentary. It’s been bugging me for ages. I also agree that a replay would have been better than the lottery of penalties. If it’s any consolation to West Ham fans, then their boys could teach the so-called ‘bigger’ clubs – Liverpool included in recent years – how to play in a final. They were, and always are, a credit to the game and I’m not surprised at just how many people wanted them to win yesterday because of that. – Features Editor]

  181. Bianca, regarding tickets: did you call the RAH or check the website? I guess I was too intimidated to try to call from the US (does that make me a Luddite of sorts?) so I’ve been looking at the website: “sorry, no tickets are available!”

    It’s crazy for me to even think about getting a ticket at this late date but, I must say, the idea is exciting! In my past life, I haven’t been known for doing things on the spur of the moment but, as I get older, I seem to be doing just that. It’s effin’ FUN! How cool would it be to jet over to England (which I have never visited…quelle domage) just to see David? My boss has already told me that I could have a few days off…. Could it still happen? (insert zany, grinning, twirling emoticon here)

    Becky in Atlanta

  182. [Fed I’ve been reading alot of these blogs and my god I just want to say some of these are just plain out ridiculous and surprised youve even allowed some to go through.

    I thought this was all about DAVID, some posts dont have anything to with David at all Shame FED,also thought you said no long posts hey now who’s broke a rule ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

    Funny how you failed yourself to post on topic in this particular post.

    This is not a personal attack, but I just observe that there is also a group of people here only criticising and saying things that have been said a thousand times before.

    Anyway if it gets posted it is approved so I dont see the reason in wasting your time going on about it.

    This is Davids blog, but many subjects are related to things David might find interesting. Such as the environment issue.

    I cant he imagine he is uninterested in peoples opinions on this. Especially not if he cares. I guess he wants to create awareness, or else he would not have created the ‘important stuff’ part of the site. Which in itself has got nothing to do with the tour.

    Good day all,

    [Hi Clemens. As you say, many issues are of interest to David and Polly, so they are published. I am proud that almost all posts left here are allowed. Yes, there have been some long posts, and the people who have left them have been asked to shorten their future offerings. I think this is far better than simply deleting them, especially when they are interesting. Sometimes it’s just not possible to say all that you wish to say in just a few lines. I would also point out that David and Polly aren’t vain enough to wish to read about themselves all day long! A bit of controlled variety is a good thing and if people don’t like it, they know that they can leave at any time. We can’t please everyone. – Features Editor]

  183. HEY FED,


    LOVE YA Mwa X

    [Not to my knowledge, but time will tell. – Features Editor]

  184. Becky,

    call the RAH NOW.. I heard this afternoon they still had several tickets for different shows left. They are VERY VERY nice people and if they can put up with my Dutch-American accent, they will have no problem with yours.

    Hey FEd,

    Hope you had a nice weekend so far. I have to admit I had some withdrawl symptoms going on, but I was proud of you, thinking you finally took a whole weekend off.

    But then I see you are back to work on sunday afternoon already, and I have all these mixed feelings:

    ‘YAY, the blog is back’ and ‘HEY, wait a minute.. take a weekend off already!!’ *grin*

    Hope we wont need to start protecting you against yourself here? 😉

    Hugs, Bianca

    [What can I say? I just can’t keep away from the place. – Features Editor]

  185. ChrisB,

    thank you for your report of Guy’s show. I saw it before, but that was before the Gilmour gigs, so it is nice to hear he has some new material. At least I won’t be bored when I go see the show again in Salisbury! *grin*

    (And I second that easter egg idea!!)


    I am afraid ChrisB’s post sort of gave away that Guy has not exactly quit smoking.. (I don’t consider a dozen an hour to be ‘cutting back considerably’ either.. Maybe he just works too hard?)

    I hope his lack of succes won’t influence yours or any of the other bloggers though. KEEP IT UP! YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Hugs, Bianca

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