Bridgewater Hall


On Friday, the UK leg of the tour gets underway with a show at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall.

Opened in September 1996, this £42million state-of-the-art venue holds just short of 2,500 people and is noted for its stunning design and excellent acoustics.

The stage is 19m wide at the front (its widest point) and almost 13m deep.

The building itself is a fiery mix of stone and metal, its roof made of cast iron.

Last in Manchester in 1988 when Pink Floyd played at Manchester City Football Club’s old home, Maine Road, David has only really performed in Manchester in his early Floyd days, performing at universities in 1968, 1969 and 1970.

He also played at the Free Trade Hall in 1972 and the Palace Theatre in 1974.

If you’ll be spending your Friday night at the Bridgewater Hall for what promises to be a triumphant return to Manchester, do let us know. We hope you have a wonderful time.

One extra point of interest:

David’s next UK single, ‘Smile’, has just entered the BBC Radio 2 playlist. Let them know that you want to hear it and, if you do hear it, let us know when.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

85 thoughts on “Bridgewater Hall”

  1. I’m going to be there, second row seat 24 ( centre-ish).

    Starting to get excited now.

    Anyone know of any bars forum-ites are frequenting, inviting band members to?

  2. Hello,

    What a wonderful theatre!

    “Smile” is a nice lullabye and I really like the lyrics. If it will work out as and single? I hope so!

    To my deep regret I can’t buy singles of David Gilmour in the recordshops in my nabourhood. And on David Gilmours shop at his website there aren’t any available too.. strange…

    Maybe I can buy something in London… I heard there’s a special record shop called 1.15?

    Have a nice weekend, here in the Netherlands it starts now, for the most people… ;-(

    Nick from the lovely South…

  3. Wow! Bridgewater Hall looks like an awesome place to see a concert. The design certainly does look stunning.

    I can imagine that David’s performance at this venue will be phenomenal. Sorry I won’t be there to see it.

    I hope no one needs to use their pointy stick here.

  4. Hello from New York.

    RE Poland. That’s fantastic news. Is it the same band? Wonder if Zbigniew Preisner will take part. Perhaps a string section? (Just fantasy, not a suggestion). For those who haven’t checked out Preisner’s various soundtracks, definitely do because they’re fantastic. Especially the work he’s done for Krzysztof Kieslowski’s films.

    Andrew wrote: [As for not having official live recordings or video. I beg to differ with you…]

    I share this frustration (thin catalog of live shows from the 70s). Pompeii and the Wall recordings are great. Though eternal damnation to the wretch who threw out the archived footage from the Pompeii sessions which obviated the ability of the director to truly do a new director’s cut! (Pause for breath).

    Haven’t been to the blog in a while and I’m sure there are rules about links, but there are some I believe legitimate internet radio stations – one in particular having to do with the late Bill Graham’s estate (hint), that are playing some live recordings from the Oakland show in 1977. Fed if this is a no-no excise away.

    Looking forward to the news around the RAH shows.

  5. [I hope no one needs to use their pointy stick here.

    Posted by: Andrew at May 24, 2006 04:55 PM]

    People are alot like fires and need to be poked once in awhile when they get too “heated”…

    Remember only YOU can prevent boorish fires…


  6. I see a giant spider sitting under the lights waiting in the photo.But no face.

    Is the Manchester gig a warm up for Glasgow? ( just jesting)

    Ian Pearson

    [I see the giant spider, too. – Features Editor]

  7. I can hardly contain myself, I don’t want to upset anyone but, ‘I’LL BE THERE’ yey! Sat just a few rows away from the man himself, oh gosh I am so very much looking forward to it.

  8. Ok, whats up with David picking halls that all seem to have faces??? Looks like a shogun warrior to me (remember those? Of course I had one when I was a kid). Looks like a great place for a show.


  9. I have been informed by the box office at Bridgewater Hall that David will start at 7.30 and will have an interval after an hour. This seems a very early start, little chance for a few beers. Can anyone confirm this?

  10. Great news about Smile, but how does one vote for it to be played. I went on website but got confused. errrrr do we phone?

    Ian Pearson

    [You can. You can also text and e-mail. Each show has its own contact details, so have a look at the link below. Most of the shows have a ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Contact the Show’ link in the right-hand column, allowing you to submit a message. – Features Editor]

  11. Bridgewater hall looks great. I loved the “Smile” Video it was so sweet, just like the song. Hopefully todays blog won’t cause so much contraversy ( hope I spelled that right.) Hope everyone has a great time at the concerts coming up. I am definetly looking foward to a long weekend with the kids. (Memorial weekend in the US) I hope you enjoy yourself to FED. So any ideas on Soccer team names ?? 🙂

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [I just can’t seem to think of any good ones. Anyone else? – Features Editor]

  12. Caption Competition

    The angry Cylon hid at the back of the hall pretending to be a whole tier of seats waiting for the audience to arrive!

  13. CAPTION: “Can I have a P please Bob?”

    Is it just me or does that pic look like the play board from Blockbusters.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  14. Hello

    My first posting so bear with me!

    Been looking at the news but can’t see anything relating to David being on the BBC on Friday night.

    According to my tele mag, he’s on ‘Later with Jools Holland’at 23.35 on 26 May for an hour. I presume it is a recording as he will be in Manchester (my city)that night. As far as I know, he’ll be covering some tracks from ‘On An Island’.

    Hope this helps all those who cn’t get to see him that night!!!

    [David certainly is on TV this Friday. More details tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  15. Well im not going friday but i will be there saturday and the clyde auditorium, and im looking forward to it more than i can discribe. im hoping David will play Smile, as its one of my Girlfriends favourites, and im bringing her along (….i know its not very cool….i got nagged..:p)

    Im curious to know whether david or any of the band will be going too a nearby bar or if anyone else from the forum will be there and going out for a post concert drink and discussion


  16. Well, I certainly hear what everyone is saying regarding a lack of live recordings from the 1970s. But in the 1970s the technology for live recordings was certainly subpar and especially subpar for a band such as Pink Floyd.

    To me the music of PF is best experienced with either being at the show or listening to the studio recording. Sure some bands had great live recordings back in the 1970s – Frampton Comes Alive for example worked. KISS Alive worked but they did cheat a bit on that recording – it wasn’t all live.

    Yes, I hear all the people who are saying that they didn’t ever get to see PF. Why cry about the past – take the opportunity to enjoy what you can see today. I wish I could have been at Woodstock. But I did get to Live Aid.

    I even found out that Pink Floyd played a local college that is 2 minutes from where I live back in 1972 and I wish I could have been there. But I did see them perform on TMLOR and Division Bell tours. And of course I got to the RCMH show David did earlier this year. Yes, and I am going to see Roger later this year even though his tour is certainly more about the money.

    So I think we should all just look forward to the eventual release of Pulse on DVD and the new OAI DVD that David will eventually release as well. The quality will certainly be much better. And if you haven’t seen David yet – do what you can to get to a show. It’s like what Walt Disney used to say, “If you can dream it – you can do it.”

  17. Ahhhh, Maine road ’88- I remember it well (kind of!) first time I ever saw David, Rick and Nick (not forgetting Guy and Jon) live- I very much hope Saturday isn’t the last either…

  18. Hi Fed and all , this week has truelly been a great week first of all i got blessed with 2 tickets for Manchester, then best of all my wife has just told me she is PREGNANT i cant believe the week im having , we have been trying for ages and already know the name if it is a boy its going to be Aaron(after Elvis),Luke,Floyd Emery i wanted it to be Floyd,Luke Aaron but she would not go for that , God is blessing my week

    [Congratulations to you both, Simon. – Features Editor]

  19. Just seen the Smile video. Brilliant piece of work, especially using the sheet as a backdrop setting throughout. Now, will Polly entertain us all in London as well? Hope so. And you, Fed. All you have to do is Smile for the camera and say CHEEEEEESE both nights.Feel like you are hiding in a round room with no corners? LOL. P.S. The shots of David, guitar theme, and Polly in shadows at the end is perfect.

  20. This is the picture I`ve been waiting for! The Brdgewater hall looks a great venue.

    I`ll be there Friday night and I can`t wait, I`ve never seen David nor PF live before(except on videos of course), so I`m really excited!!

  21. Im at RAH on the 30th so i do hope David will buy me a beer, or at the very least leave me one in the pump!.

    I dread to think how much a pint of lager is in the RAH!!!..

    Remortgage time 🙂 ……..

    Great job on the site, all.

  22. Is there any chance at all that David will be doing a few more concerts in the states. I look at Davids web site every time I’m on the computer. I see he is adding a few more concerts in Europe.So I was hoping that maybe he would maybe play a few out door concerts in the U.S.A..

    Thanks Fed for keeping us all in informed of the lastest concerts going on.


    [There aren’t any plans for a return to the States, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  23. Nice Theatre, David knows how to pick them, this looks very similar to the concert hall in my home town known as Centre in the Square in Kitchener Ontario. I will be there next week to see Roger Hodgson perform with the Kitchener Symphony, I mention this as I am sure David has worked with Hodgson either solo or when he was with Supertramp, at any rate they both appreciate true concert venues.

    The video for Smile is absolutely beautiful and so is Polly, I can see why David loves to work with her as a writing team, She’s damn good. Later everyone.

  24. Just seen the “Smile” vid. Very cool and fresh.
    « Previous
    Looks like he’s cleaned up again with another fine performance.

    Although I must say, if I may be so BOLD, it looks as though David’s performing on a washing line at times.

    Not that he’s anything other than whiter than white.

    Was the theme inspired by Kate Bush’s AERIAL track, Mrs.Bartolozzi.

    Anyway another DAZzling performance, me thinks.

    Well I’m all washed out… All this SURFing is affecting my ability to think straight.

    I’ll go and hang me coat out to dry…;-)

    Venice tickets on sale at last… Result.

    What’s the THIRD track going to be on the single?

    1 – Smile
    2 – Island Jam
    3 – ? Answers on a postcard, please…

  25. I`ve just wacthed the video to smile, from the `on an island` page, and what brilliant piece of footage it is. Polly`s voice is beautiful, and I think relaxing. If only Natalie`s(the common law wife), voice could be like that instead of issuing its regular rollocking!!

    I really enjoyed David`s interview with Mr. Jensen, It shows that David is a true Gentleman,Hat`s off to you sir!

  26. After what seems like an AGE since being blasted into orbit by David and The Band in Amsterdam (on both nights) I am getting a warm feeling of anticipation in my solar plexus as the time draws close.

    I hope the Manchester crowd behave themselves and can work out where the ‘flash OFF’ button is on their cameras and we get together and give David a warm Mancunian welcome to Bridgewater Hall.

    I got presale tickets through and will be just three rows from the action, I can hardly contain myself!

    By the way, if anyone wants to join us for a post-show curry in Rusholme, let me know. David and The Band would be most welcome (The Poppadoms are on me!)

    Good luck to you all with the ‘home-leg’ of what has been an amazing tour.

  27. Have two tickets for the Manchester show – one for me one for the girlfriend. She dumped me on Monday. So I told my mate, who’s a big David Gilmour/Floyd fan, the tale. I told him I’d got a good news/bad news story. The good news was that he could come with me on Friday as I now had a spare ticket. But I’d been dumped. “So what’s the bad news?” he asked!!!!

    Anyway only 40-odd hours to go – “mad for it” as they say up here – allegedly.

  28. I shall be attending the Manchester Bridgewater Hall Gig! I am so looking forward to it. I have never seen David in concert before!!! Yay!!!! 😉

  29. Caption –

    On the bridge of the Death Star, Mancunians felt a presence they had not felt since…

  30. Caption: In a sinister move, promoters try to replace David with a surrogate band (What nerve!!). The audience’s reaction is evidenced in this snap-shot 5 minutes later.

    Nice pic. The design reminds me a little of Gerald Scarfe’s Stadium drawings from The Wall.

    I watched the “Smile” video. Nicely done. It was kind of a treat to see my favorite lyrics from OAI in the video: “Hopless to reminisce through the dark hours…….We’ll only sacrifice what time will allow us….You’re sighing…..” – Sweet.

  31. Hey FEd…

    Any information on DG coming to the States for round 2?

    Terry H
    NY, NY

    [Not a word, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  32. Bravo! Wonderful video. Also, congratulations to Poland.

    Brian (Iowa)

  33. Just wanted to say that the picture of that auditorium looks very Floydish to me. The roof of the place in particular and the whole scheme of it. Very metallic with what looks like a very interesting light display already set up. Put Bob Geldof on the balcony and it’d be a perfect set for The Wall. The seats don’t semi-circle around the stage like most venues I see, but look perfectly straight and centered. Borderline creepy, but I like it.

  34. Hi again, sorry.

    Just wanted to say that I’m puzzled at all the interest in this Canadian ‘Top 40 Guitarist’ list. Definently glad to see Knopfler be put above Slash… but I gotta scoff at these lists. John Fogerty? Neil Young? Beautiful song-writers who, with their band, have their own sound… but I really wouldn’t call them exceptional guitarists, or even all that influential (musically speaking). They were both put over Keith Richards…. and I’m sorry but that just don’t make sense to me. I’m not a big-time Stones fan, but surely Richard’s singature ‘licks’ are a lot more played and imitated than anything either Fogerty of Young did. I’ve hung around guitar stores long enough to know thats just a fact. Just a gripe. Not that I don’t love the Creedence or anything. Nice to see Knopfler there and hopefully Gilmour will get his due as well.


  35. Definitely looking forward to Friday night and David’s return to Manchester.

    I’ve been to the Free Trade Hall many times (David appeared there with the Floyd four and a half times there between 69-72 – the half being a performance cut short by a power cut!), but haven’t been to the spectacular Bridgewater Hall.

    Can’t wait to see if there are any changes to the setlist and/or special guests.

  36. I hope David enjoys his return to Manchester.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend any of his concerts, but if I were granted one wish it would be that David played the extended guitar solo at the end of Comfortably Numb at the RAH concerts to be recorded on DVD. Oh, and to keep in the 22-minute version of Echoes, but that goes without saying!

  37. Hi guys,

    yesterday I bought the ticket for my third concert of David!!! We’ll see in Venice on 5 august





  39. Hi Folks,

    Howabout a game suggestion for a quiet day…

    Since there’s a high number of football supporters, and since the world cup is just around the corner, howabout a David G Football Bloggers chant competition?? I’ll start the ball rolling…. if we can get a good one together perhaps we can chant it at the RAH between sets :p

    David G,
    Can’t you see,
    you’re so f’kin quality,
    with a nick nack paddywhack,
    give the man an axe,
    keep pumping out them quality tracks.


    Cheer up David G.
    Oh what can it mean.
    To have a ‘wet dream’ believer.
    In your sweet sounding team.

    time for some work methinks…

    [“There’s only one David Gilmour… There’s only one David Giiiiiilmour… Only one…” Look, now you’ve got me at it as well! – Features Editor]

  40. Hello folks!

    Yes, Manchester is a real home of music, a city with a great culture of music fans. It looks like an excellent theatre and david and the band should have a lot of fun


  41. [I have been informed by the box office at Bridgewater Hall that David will start at 7.30 and will have an interval after an hour. This seems a very early start, little chance for a few beers. Can anyone confirm this?]

    Have you looked at your ticket? should say on there…

  42. I would have loved to be at the concert in Manchester tomorrow, however at the time i had already ordered my ticket for the RAH and couldnt afford it but i was at the concert in 1988 at Man city,s Maine rd ground and having supported Man City all my life it was the most increadable night for me standing there on the pitch watching Pink Floyd live for the first time.

    5 days to go until i see David at the RAH!

    In the Smile video are the live shots of David from the Mermaid Theater concert ED ?

    [I’m not sure, Neil. Will find out for you. – Features Editor]

  43. Well the day is nearly upon us. I will get to see David play live tomorrow. The theatre looks fantastic and a worthy venue for such a brilliant artist.

    See all you other DG Blogites at the show.


  44. I’ve been waiting months for Davids gig at the bridgewater and the day is finally upon us!

    This is the first time I’ve seen Gilmour ‘live’, I had the opportunity to see the floyd on the Division Bell tour, but being a poor student at the time decided to turn it down in favour of buying a guitar… in hindsight the right decision. Is he mad I hear you say? Well 2 weeks after the Earls Court gig, the whole thing was shown on the BBC, although not nearly that same as being there, it was a good 2nd. I’ll probobly now never get the chance to see the floyd ‘live’, but I did learn to play the guitar pretty well, funnily enough by playing along with the whole of D.S.O.T.M and Echoes over and over (Gilmour makes a great tutor!).

    I’ve seen Roger Waters perform on his last tour, now I get to see David and Rick Wright, all thats left is Nick Mason and I’ve seen all of the Floyd (minus Syd of course)… just not on the same stage..?

    Gilmours playing has been a huge influence to me, so to see the man perform ‘live’ is gonna be fantastic!!! Echoes man… ping!



  45. I really like the Smile video, it’s beautifully shot, very artistic.

  46. Guy said…Hope the fire alarm doesn’t go off this time.

    No tabs backstage and you should be fine 🙂

  47. Thanks for Radio advice FED. I requested all shows to play “Smile” especially Chris Evans as they wanted something interesting about requestor and I thoight well I am a glassblowing in Glasgow at that time. Listen out maybe eh/

    Peter, yep I will be at Clyde, 3rd row. Ill be wearing the blue tee shirt, benaie, beard, glasses and looking old!!Might bump into you, ( especially if my glasses fall off.

    Re times of concerts, heres the Clyde times ( official form venue itself

    7.30-8.30 first set
    8.30-8.50 interval
    8.50-10.30 second set
    10.31 bed time!!

    Guy, funny you should mention fire alarms, I too have that problem but then I do things with flames. See you soon and keep your hands steady.

    Ian Pearson

  48. Re Manchester 1988

    I don’t remember a fire alarm going off, Guy (too many weird sounds to notice anyway).

    I do remember a coat hanger with some tinsel and bog roll attached to it coming out out of the stage during Learning to Fly. What was that all about?

  49. Ebay News Update…

    Still no response from Tessa Jowell, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in the UK so I’ve followed up with a reminder, not a terse one yet… more on the brusque side… 🙂

    [Give ’em hell, Rudders! – Features Editor]

  50. Simon

    Way to go you old dog! Congratulations to you and the missus!

    Enjoy the next nine months and get as much sleep as possible 🙂

  51. What a nice venue. I’m looking forward to reading all the fan reviews.

    Have a good time to all who will be there tomorrow night. x

  52. Happy Thurday,

    Great vibe to the blog today. Everyone seems to be getting excited which is great. Looking forward to Monday myself immensly followed by a weeks holiday. So look forward to reading all the, hopefully, good reports while I am away.

    Really hope everyone enjoys the concerts !!!

    Pete – Coventry

  53. FEd

    I finally got email with instructions on returning my tickets yesterday. Thanks again for all your help, I really do appreciate it.


    [I’m very pleased to hear it, Mike. Glad to be of help. – Features Editor]

  54. “Smile” video is really good…it seems a family’s album: sweet, inmost, delicate…the colours are wonderful, the images’ movements too..and seeing David and Polly smile together is so…a really positive immage! So in love, so friends, so near, so sure of their love…I think the world need to see this positive images…sometimes it should be send during the newscast too…perhaps after some idiot, greed, ambitious politician or manager’s quote!


  55. Guy said…Hope the fire alarm doesn’t go off this time.

    No tabs backstage and you should be fine 🙂

    Rudders – it wasn’t the backstage fags that set it off, Guy was openly puffing away on stage all night!!!

    FEd – Congratulations to the team, you did manage to review the Bridgewater Hall without mentioning the fact that it sits on a bloody great set of springs!!! (best said in your finest Fred Dibnah accent).

    Wasn’t part of Ummagumma recorded in Manchester (College Of Commerce?) – so we have a little bit of Floyd history here!

    See you all tomorrow then (don’t forget to say hello – I’m the fat ginger one with the long hair!)


  56. Renee,

    Team Names (For youth, right?):

    Tiger Eyes
    The Agenda
    Kastel Roso
    Anderson Council
    Hysteron Proteron
    El Dorados
    New Horizon
    Avalanch or Avalancha
    Jessica Simpson
    The Team Formerly Known as ‘Jessica Simpson’


    Fed, I picked up a companion book to “High Tide” called “Red Sky at Morning”. Is that a coincidence or is OAI’s “Red Sky at Night” a veiled reference?

    Or is that one for the FAQ?

    [Interesting… Is it any good? – Featutes Editor]

  57. Just a note to wish everyone seeing David on his latest string of dates, this time in Blighty, a fantastic time. I’m sure the shows will be truly memorable, and I’m looking forward to seeing people’s comments about them.

    Hopefully will meet up with a few fellow bloggers at some point before the RAH shows – it’ll be good to put faces to names.

    FEd – you are doing a great job still – have the rules helped your workload a bit? And are you looking forward to seeing the show for yourself, rather than just working your way through all the messages that we have been bombarding you with? You deserve to have a great time… can’t believe that it’s now over five months since the blog appeared!

    Finally, to David, Richard, Phil, Guy, Jon, Stevie, and Dick – enjoy the performances, and don’t hold back on the surprises! 😉

    [The rules have certainly helped, thank you. There are many more changes that I’d like to see, but it seems to take about 53 people to approve a change and at least as many days to make it. Maybe one of these days… – Features Editor]

  58. Congratulations, Simon, all the very best.

    Strange Gilmour Connections:

    In April last year, we booked a box at Fairfield Hall Croydon to see the Australian Pink Floyd for my brothers birthday, which is where Dave Gilmour did the very same thing previously to watch the same band, which is where Pink Floyd played (and I think premiered a couple of tracks) in 1970. So there is the faintest possibility that we have sat in the same chair at some point in time.

    Have a fantastic night in Manchester.

  59. Hi Fed,

    I have done the Chris Evans Thing, same as Ian Pearson I made sure Chris Evans knew i was going to see DAVID Gilmour on monday.

    I chose smile as my track with an option to play comftably numb, I cant beat Ians glass blowing though.

  60. [In the Smile video are the live shots of David from the Mermaid Theater concert ED ?]

    Posted by: NEIL MCONIE at May 25, 2006 10:59 AM

    I can confirm that the live footage is indeed from the Mermaid gig, Neil.

  61. Congrats Simon! May I suggest a name?


  62. Thanks Angelo,

    Great names, I let my daughter pic one out and she really liked Element. Her team is 10 and under girls. I sure hope I survive the season. 10 giggling girls……whew!!


    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  63. Everybody keeps asking about more tour dates. Believe me, there was nothing better then seeing David live, especally at Leno (I was so close!! Thanks again Fed).

    However rather then doing more tours, I’d much rather see him get back to the studio. We all know he’s got a ton of quality tunes, just sitting there. Phil even said he thought OAI was going to be multi-discs at one point. So I say, give the man a few years and then we can do this all again with more and probably even better material. I’m convinced David’s like wine, improves with age.

    Can’t wait to hear from y’all going to the shows this weekend. Have a pint for me =)


  64. Hi FEd and the rest of the family,

    Congratulations Simon!!! Your baby is also going to a David Gilmour concert and probably qualifies as the youngest to date! Have a fantastic time.

    Nice to see Guy back on the site. It’s been a while I think, although I’ve been so busy between running our business and fighting back the raging river it may actually be that I’m the one who’s not been here for a while!

    Have fun one and all!

    Washington State

  65. Simply just can’t wait…….

    I remember very well my dad asking me if I would like to go and watch,as he would call them ‘yer dads foegy band’ Pink Floyd at Manchester Citys Main Road stadium in 1988

    I was a teenage heavy metal monster in those days but accepted his invitation…..the rest as they say is history….Transformed eternally

    Trips to Manchester in 1988,Rotterdam & Earls Court in 1994 were unbeliveable..If tomorrow is half as good as any of those shows were all in for a cracker.

    Dad..thankyou for introducing me to The Floyd,they are the soundtrack to the great times we shared,you will be in my thoughts tomorrow..Rest in peace


  66. Features ED?

    Can you help? I am going to RAH next week and I cannot wait. However, somebody just told me that Richard Wright is only appearing at Tuesday nights performance (30th May). I have a ticket for the final night and I was under the impression that RW was doing all the gigs – is this true or has my friend been misinformed?

    If it is I am gutted, as I wanted to see RW and I have just checked and the RAH has sold out the Tuesday show, but there are a few seats left for Monday and Wednesday.



    [I think someone’s winding you up. I was under the impression that Richard would be performing at all the concerts. If I hear differently, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  67. Footy chant (to the tune of Sloop John B) :

    They’re playin’ 5 times, they’re playin’ 5 tiimes
    In old Blighty, they’re playin’ 5 times

    (1 year on from Istanbul, eh FEd? Me bowels had nearly recovered then came Cardiff lol )

    [Who knows the damage that those two games have caused to our hearts? – Features Editor]

  68. Just a BIG THANKYOU to Fed and the team for allowing me the chance to get tickets for tomorrows Manch Concert.

    Train tickets booked.Hotel booked….can’t wait.

    Many thanks guys!!!


    [Have a good time, Ian. – Features Editor]

  69. ~Erin , I could not have said or written it better.
    I, you and millions of other fans would certianly welcome another new CD from David. And of course the tour that would surely follow.


  70. To Simon, congratulations mate,what fantastic news. I named my son; Jack Gilmour Kavanagh(now nearly four), I wanted David Gilmour, but Natalie didn`t like the name David(no taste!!).

    All the best mate.

  71. Posted by: Ripper at May 25, 2006 09:24 AM

    “Since there’s a high number of football supporters, and since the world cup is just around the corner, howabout a David G Football Bloggers chant competition?? I’ll start the ball rolling…. if we can get a good one together perhaps we can chant it at the RAH between sets :p”

    How’s about this one…

    A play on words from “Marching on Together”, care of Leeds United fans. (Sing along Simon)

    We’re all On An Island together,
    And we’ve had our ups and downs.
    We’re gonna stay with you forever,
    At least until the world stops turning round.

    Every day
    We’re all gonna say
    We love you
    Gil ..Mour

    Every day
    We’d all love to see you play
    Gil ..Mour

    Gigging on Together,
    We’ve come to see you sing,
    Laa la la la la laa.

    We are so proud
    We shout it out LOUD
    We love you
    GIL ..MOUR

  72. Renee, good luck! I’m honored she picked one of the suggestions. Let us know when Element makes the playoffs! 😉

    [Interesting… Is it any good? – Featutes Editor]

    Well, I bought ‘High Tide’ on a bookseller site (named after a famous forest that rhymes with Castellorizon). There was an option to add ‘Red Sky at Morning’ as a companion piece….and it looks pretty informative….

    I haven’t started it yet, but the sub-title is “America and the crisis of the global environment”, which gives you a clue as to the content. The book was written by James Gustave Speth who was an environmental advisor to the last two democratic US presidents. He’s also currently a Dean in the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

    I’m particularly interested in getting to Part 4 towards the end where he addresses eight suggestions concerning “The Transition to Sustainability”.

    The book seems written for a western atlantic ocean audience. Even though I’m still very much a student of this subject matter, perhaps this book can be a candidate for “The Important Stuff”?

    Just in case, “…a link provided, I have…” –said in my best Master Yoda impression.

    [Thanks for that, mate. – Features Editor]

  73. I happen to know that two front row attendees tonight at Bridgewater Hall bought their tickets on ebay at a cost of over £300 each. You should publicly embarass them if you can, their names – Tasker.

    [You just did. – Features Editor]

  74. Hi Fed and bloggers

    Well it like Christmas Eve again – i hope that everyone going to the shows over the weekend has a great time and report back on the atmosphere and meetings of fellow fans and bloggers.

    I can’t wait till Tuesday -not just for the show but to meet some more fans and bloggers. i was lucky enough to meet a few last week at Guy’s show in Birmingham and they were all nice genuine people.

    Don’t forget if you are planning a meet up in London on either Tuesday or Wednesday then give us a heads up.

    Regards etc


    ps I’ve just met someone really nice and am feeling doubly happy!!!

  75. re: ’88 Manchester gig w/ fire alarms. perhaps the attendant “coat hanger with some tinsel and bog roll attached to it” was some primitive form of Azimuth Co-ordinator which malfunctioned; this would of course result in a small fire.

    i read with interest the bit about Angelo’s book recommendation, “Red Sky at Morning”. i wouldn’t connect that and the tune “Red Sky at Night”, though. a red sky in the morning often precedes foul weather later in the day, and is a warning [and thus a logical title for that book]. a red sky at night indicates [well, besides smog] the weather will be improving, and is more optimistic.

    oh, dear, was that too much thinking, FEd?

    ok, just ONE more idea, then i promise to stop thinking for the rest of this entry. why not disguise yourself as one of us Irregulars? since you now have an idea what some of us look like – for example, Ian Pearson (see 12:21 pm entry above): “I’ll be wearing the blue tee shirt, beanie, beard, glasses and looking old”. beard is included!!

    xo, laurie

    [I think I should be able to blend in with all the other Irregulars, mate. – Features Editor]

  76. Cheers Ripper…

    Is that a yes then? Are you there on the 29th?

    We could have a practice in the Queens Arms beforehand.

    Guy could work on the baseline :0)

  77. It does look quite small. I would have loved to have been there tonight.

    I’m off to bed now. Night all. Will read all your reviews tomorrow after work. x

    [Take it easy, JJ. – Features Editor]

  78. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

    What a night,front row seats you could have been singing just for me David.It was a great gig I have not stopped smiling all day I thought Earls Court 94 was great but the intimacy of yesterday was just amazing.Counting the minutes till Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday.

    Thanks again

  79. [I see a giant spider sitting under the lights waiting in the photo.But no face. – Posted by: Ian Pearson at May 24, 2006 05:43 PM]

    i can see him. i hate spiders. looks like a really nice venue.

  80. To one and all!

    (I really hope my comment is posted?! I really do!)

    (The Past)

    From a very early age, (the early 80’s) I remember my father, putting on the stereo, putting the old 12 inch vinyl on, and then hearing the sound of a heartbeat, then the ticking of clocks, then the voice, cash till, continuing up until the scream of the lady, and then after around about two and a half minutes you hear……..”BREATH….. BREATH IN THE AIR…..”

    (The Present)

    27th of May 2006 Clyde Auditorium approximately 19.45hrs…..

    I feel like I am a kid again… hearing this sound for the very first time….. Only difference….. I’m seeing my heroes, my gods, (I appreciate, not all of them) perform this in front of my very own eyes….. LIVE!

    There is no words that can describe what I felt….. I know it may sound crazy, it may sound mad! But I felt that I had no regrets, I had made no mistakes in life. I felt like I had found what I had been looking for all my life! I guess it felt very spiritual. (And I am not really a spiritual person.)

    The band played the whole of the new album. Which they performed sublimely! There was a short interval. Then they took to the stage again to perform some of the….. greatest pieces of music ever written!

    Yeah! They played WISH YOU WERE HERE! At which at the end of I screamed at the top of my voice “THANKS GUYS!” They played COMFORTABLY NUMB! ECHOES! ARNOLD LAYNE!

    It was just an amazing night!

    Threw the whole show I felt the lump in my throat get bigger and bigger! When the show finished, I burst into tears! I was so overwhelmed! So happy!

    I will never forget the 27th of May 2006 for the rest of my life!

    Was the it the best night of my life?……

    If I said “No!” I’d be lying!

    Would I spend the £200 I spent on tickets again?

    I would have paid double! (Even though I sat three rows from the back!) It didn’t matter.

    It was perfect!

    Thank you for being who you are guys, for making history, and still performing for us!

    “THANK YOU!”

    All the best!

    This 27 year old guy who feels like a 5 year old again!

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