Another European date


We’re delighted to be able to announce another date for David’s summer tour of Europe.

David and the band will now be visiting Poland, as well as Austria, Germany, France and Italy.

The show in Gdańsk will be before a whopping crowd of 100,000 and marks the 26th anniversary of Poland’s 1980 revolution, where nation-wide strikes led to the eventual fall of communism.

Pawel Adamowicz, Major of Gdańsk, has invited David to perform a special concert in the Gdańsk Shipyards on Saturday 26 August – a national holiday in Poland, as it commemorates the day in which the Solidarity trade union was founded.

Further details, as always, will be at just as soon as we have them.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

107 thoughts on “Another European date”

  1. Crikey! that’s like not a very small venue lol!

    Seriously Poland is a great country, wonder if Lech will attend. 🙂

  2. Fed,

    Where in Poland is Gdansk ? Whats the nearest airport ?

    Better start growing my Lech Walesa moustache !!!

    [It’s in the north, the capital of Poland’s Pomorze province. Click on your name below and have a look at that site, Timbo. It should be helpful and it’s available in many languages if anyone is thinking of going along. Also, have a look at Gdansk Lech Walesa airport. – Features Editor]

  3. again WOW!

    hey are there any other dates being discussed or is this a firm absolutely the last concert of the tour?

    Congratz to all the Polish fans…looks like your prayers have been answered!!


    [That’s it for now. – Features Editor]

  4. Hi all,

    It’s very good news for Polish Fans, early July R… comes with his premiere open air preformance of Ca ira in Poznan, and nearly 2 months later David will play in Gdansk.

    I’m, personally even more happy because yesterday I booked second night in RAH with excelent seat.

    Really good news

    Have great time

    See you soon in London

    Tomasz (Poznan, Poland)

    [I’m very happy for you, Tomasz. I hope you enjoy all the concerts that you will attend. – Features Editor]

  5. Wow. I’m sure the folks will have a wonderful time in Gdansk, but I’m glad David chose small venues for this tour. I attended the Radio City Music Hall show in New York. Last time I saw David perform was the Pink Floyd show at Yankee Stadium. I’ll take the more intimate setting, with the better acoustics anyday. Even though it was 8 dollars for a beer!


    Mike from Connecticut

  6. erm don’t want to be a tool or anything, but is’nt this a ‘non intimate’ venue. I.E. the main reason that…er forget it, i am being a tool

    [Well, this is something that David has been invited to attend and he is honoured to accept. 100,000 people or not, it will be an incredible experience in an incredible city to commemorate an incredible anniversary. – Features Editor]


    For as long as I can recall countries have begged David to perform on there home turf and David has granted many with his presense where applicable and some he could not “POLES APART”

  8. A 60 year old man playing his old hits from the 70’s in front of a football stadium sized crowd. How insane!!! Why would anyone want to see this?

    David, who went to see the Eagles last year (roughly 60 year old men playing songs they wrote in their 20’s) and apparently *loved* the show, is just sooo right on by using this as a rationale for not reforming PF. And in the process for implying there’s something wrong with us – the audience, the fans – for wanting to see such a thing come about.

    [Hmm. Old hits play second fiddle to a new album, played in its entirety, which went straight to Number One in Poland… Where David has been invited by the city to commemorate the anniversary of something he personally holds dear… Which also just so happens to be somewhere he has never played before. It’s hardly the same as churning out the Floyd hits in vast North American arenas for a bumper payday and ego boost, is it? I’m sorry that you don’t get it. – Features Editor]

  9. Hi FEd,

    That’s a great news for all polish fans ! We’ve been waiting for this show – I couldn’t wait anymore and seen David in Dortmund 🙂

    I hope that this show will be as good as last year’s Jean Michael Jarre performace in Gdansk !!

    See you there David !!


  10. This is really a great occasion for David and band to attend. His heart is really in the right place!

    Does this concert mean that Zbigniew Preisner and orchestra will be performing with David? It’s not quite clear?

    [No details are clear enough to announce just yet, Lesley. We’ll let you know just as soon as we can. Nice idea, though. – Features Editor]

  11. Yes, let’s all sit back and wait for yet more greedy complaints from the USA because a country other than theirs is getting something nice.

    I’m pleased for Poland. You deserve it. If there’s anywhere in the USA with such history and culture, I sure as hell don’t know about it. Get a life, Spammy.

    No offence to the US citizens who aren’t self-obsessed and full of it (there are many). You have to be as irritated by these ignorant remarks as the rest of us. They make the USA look so stupid.

  12. Just a thought: On the Turning Away would be a quite appropriate song to play at that event. Don’t you think?

  13. I am happy for Poland, why? Several reasons

    1) they are the NEW Europe, David is Old europe, and they get together

    2) the record was number one there.

    3)the orchestra conductor is Polish.

    4)Poland is far from many many concert and music and they deserve this. too few big stars go there.

    5)They had communism and when I was a free guy in a free country listening to free music they weren’t. It’s your time now poland to taste freedom, music and rock is a perfect expression of that.

    6) It would have been an insult not to accept from David. and David didn’t insulted polish people.

    7) I have seen David Gilmour and “the other band he was playing in” and many many other concerts. I cannot be but happy when someone, maybe younger, maybe new to that, is enjoying what I enjoyed before. It is selfish not to be happy for other people’s happiness.

    Is That Enough? Poland, enjoy David…it will be GREAT, promised.:-)


  14. Ben wrote: Yes, let’s all sit back and wait for yet more greedy complaints from the USA because a country other than theirs is getting something nice.

    I think if you’ve read the blog at all you must realize people from South America have also been pretty vocal about wanting David to play in their country as well (and who can blame them). As for the USA – yes, we have very little “culture” as compared to Poland, but then we’re simply a bunch of whining mutts comprised of Europeans, Irish, Scots, Poles etc. who unfortunately found they were unable to subsist on culture only.


  15. David goes where he wants to make music.Deal with it.

    I am in the US and wished he’d come through Philadelphia but I have the album and the AOL sessions and will have a DVD. I think he’s done okay by me.

  16. Wow great news for the poles and anyone who can travel! Wish I could be there.

    Fed, any updates on Later with Jools, is the recording soon? Any news on how many tunes David will perform? Did I read sometime ago (on this blog) that C&N are to perform also?

    I was also wondering on the sales of the album do you know the total sales to date? Must be a couple of million by now. Has any other solo artist formally with a mega group sold as many? Okay just thought of Lennon, McCartney strike that question.

    My eldest had chicken pox for the last two weeks and it was looking doubtful if both me & my wife could travel to London next week as our two little girls had not got it yet. The spots arrived this morning, great news (in a very selfish way) the girls should be over the worst of it by the start of next week fingers crossed. I’ll be spoiling them all week.

    Roll on the weekend! Later even, Later with Jools maybe.

    Keep up the massive effort and where did you say you were doing the big reveal next week?

    Regards & itchy spots

    Tom B

    [Chickenpox is no fun, so you have my sympathy. Crosby and Nash were scheduled to perform on the same show, but a quick look at the ‘Later’ website shows that they’re no longer listed (click your name for that). Album sales go way over my head, and are the concern of the record company, rather than us. No big reveal, but if you see anyone with a dodgy-looking beard, please don’t tug on it. – Features Editor]

  17. I’d like to comment on the Countryside Alliance. I don’t know much about it. I grew up hunting deer & rabbit. I was always taught that if you hunt you need to use all of the animal. I don’t have a problem with hunting at all if the animal is used. So is the whole Countryside Alliance just for sport, the animals aren’t used?

    Congrats to Poland, what a treat that will be. I agree with an earlier post; there is nothing more free the rock and roll.

    Can’t wait to hear all the details from RAH. Have fun all, especally you Fed, you deserve it.
    I’ll be thinking of you this holiday weekend. BBQ and OAI . . .this earthly heaven is enough for me.


  18. To Piergiorgio:

    Thank you very much, You outlined the most important items, I wanted to do so, but it’s even better that someone outside Poland see it in that way.

    To Fed:

    I’m not an opera lover


  19. [Yes, let’s all sit back and wait for yet more greedy complaints from the USA because a country other than theirs is getting something nice. I’m pleased for Poland. You deserve it. If there’s anywhere in the USA with such history and culture, I sure as hell don’t know about it. Get a life, Spammy. No offence to the US citizens who aren’t self-obsessed and full of it (there are many). You have to be as irritated by these ignorant remarks as the rest of us. They make the USA look so stupid.]

    Sorry, but on what level does anything I wrote have to do with the USA or being American??? Or being cultured or not cultured, or being self-obsessed? Where is there a shread of evidence that I’m upset because this show is in Poland? You’ve all hopped the track.

    My beef is only with Mr. Gilmour recent swipe at people who wonder about his refusal to play PF songs with the other members of PF, and the idea he called “insane” that people would want to see them play again in a large setting.

    The Wall shows were 25+ years ago and the last real tour nearly 30. There is no video to see of those 70’s tours, no official live audio. People like me would like to see PF play again because *we never got to in the first place*. Not an unreasonable desire I feel, and for many fans of the band this endless nonsense of DG playing Dark Side without Roger, and now Roger playing Dark Side wthout DG, is the act that’s grown stale.

    And Mr. Fed, I wonder if David and the band would be invited to play in front of 100,000 people if he announced beforehand that he was only going to play the new record. No Breathe, no WYWH, no Comfortably Numb. As the NY Times wrote in their review of his Radio City show in April: the first half (OAI) was why David was there, but the second half (the old, dusty takes-a-back-seat to “Smile) PF songs were why the *audience* was there. And that’s why there’ll be 100,000 happy drunken Poles at the Gdansk show, too — happy to listen to OAI but waiting to hear the hits.

  20. [Just a thought: On the Turning Away would be a quite appropriate song to play at that event. Don’t you think?]

    It would be great, but I’ll be happy with whatever will be played.

  21. I was just wondering how many people have grovelled after making their feelings of outrage heard when they thought that David wasn’t coming to their country following the announcement of these new dates?

    Or are they just too ashamed?

    Friday seems so far away, team Gilmour, yey!

  22. Caption Competition

    DG was pleased with the speaker cloth for his larger stack for the Gdansk gig… it really did look like a mural of the old Gdansk Crane Building on the Harbour…

  23. What about Ireland?????????????????

    can I just point out that this comment does not represent every Irish voice. MATE GET A FLIGHT TO THE RAH…last I looked there were tickets available. and squeezyjet return flights are only 40 scoops.

    It would be way cool to see David at a multi day festival of sorts (knebworth 30th anniversary sounds like a good excuse to me :p).

    But mustn’t be greedy, 29th will do just nice 🙂

    keep it real (and ‘happy’ ofc) ;p

  24. Ben, we’ve seen ignorant remarks from every country. Ignorance knows no boundries. You can insult the country I live in, and I am not offended. I believe the comments people make, make themselves look stupid, not the country they’re from.

    And…generalizations show the ignorance of the person making them.

    I am happy for anyone who gets to see David live.

  25. Hey Dave and the gang,

    Hello all, just taking a breath from life and would like to say a few things that I feel need said.

    1. To the editor, I want to thank you for taking the time to work on this site. I enjoy reading the comments and it really is a high to think that something I say might be read by our good friend Mr. Gilmour

    2. Thanks to the audience for being respectable so that this site is tolerated to exist so that my commments are actually allowed to be read by my good friend Mr.Gilmour.

    3. To my good friend Mr. Gilmour, you do not know me, but I assure you we are good friends because I feel what you play and I want to thank you for your tour – like I said before I didn’t get to see you because I needed to buy a guitar for my album – maybe if you come to America again – if not I understand – I would never leave Astoria if I were you. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that there is someone out there trying to continue what you started and push the musical envelope a bit further.

    To all of you, thanks and best wishes – my guitar awaits – kind regards –

    [Thank you for that, Shawn. – Features Editor]

  26. Hi all… non-greedy, non-obnoxious, non-smoking American here (North American for those of you who insists its not the ONLY America… aka US of A). I’m here to tell ya’ll that seeing David at the Gibson was great. He came and he left. I’m happy. Looking forward to the RAH shows so I can get an idea how the DVD will pan out, then looking forward to the DVD itself. If david came back to the US for another tour, I’d try to go. But I’m not sitting here pining away (whining) for another north american tour. I’m happy with what I got.

    Looking forward to the next show I get to attend (Def leppard and Journey). No- I don’t live and breath David Gilmour (my wife may argue the point, but…). I enjoyed immensely the build-up to the release of the album and then the tour- thanks completely to our Fet ed and this site. But all good things must come to an end (or as someone else said, they get stale). I’m happy for all those who will get to go to the summer shows in Europe. I’m not even jealous of them! I had my turn. Now it’s theirs. The cup is always half full folks!


    [Good on ya, Tim. That’s the spirit. – Features Editor]

  27. Out of curiosity (and possibly laziness ‘lest it be written here and I have missed it) what is the log photo of specifically? Is it of the shipyards, or of a concert hall? Interesting looking building.

    [The shipyards, Peter. – Features Editor]

  28. I’m sorry if I skipped over the answers due to my speed reading, but is this going to be a multi-artist gig? And if so will this be a short 20-30 minute set or the usual two sets plus encore?

    Either way I’m both happy for Poland and jealous of Poland at the same time (I know I have no right to be jealous, but I am anyway).

    [Good question. There are few solid details as yet, but it’s very much a David Gilmour concert. It’s not a benefit gig, as such, in the sense that there will be other artists coming and going for a few songs each. As soon as I know more, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  29. Being that it is a list of 40 most influencial guitarists and this is a poll of the public I have to say that the number one spot will probably go to Jimmy Page (how could you have forgotten this one Feat Ed??).

    I do think that the top 10 will include Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Santana. All classic rock guitar icons.

    David should make the list as well. The problem is that his name is not as recognizable as the others I mentioned. PF always put the music first. Of course On An Island does help promote David and his music. But if you ask the average radio listener to name the members of PF – it will present a challenge.

    Just like Rush. Many don’t know the names of the members of the band. (Alex Lifeson should be in the top 10 as well.) It’s a sad commentary but when I got my tickets to see David, I would mention to some people that I was going to see him and I got back the question – Who’s that?? It wasn’t until I mentioned PF that they got it. Too bad for them.

    Of course if this poll was done in the late 70s or early 80s then you would also have Tommy Shaw and Ted Nugent on the list and maybe even Rick Nielson. All classic rock guitarists who are missing on the list. (Did Neal Schon make the list? Real whimpy band but he is a great guitarist.)

    Anyway, to follow the logic of these polls, I imagine that Kirk Hammett will be there too. Like him or not, he was influential. So in summary I think it will go like this:

    1. Jimmy Page
    2. Jimi Hendrix
    3. Eric Clapton
    4. Pete Townsend
    5. David Gilmour
    6. Santana
    7. Stevie Ray Vaughn
    8. Eddie Van Halen
    9. Alex Lifeson
    10. Kirk Hammett

    The one I think everyone forgets about is Andy Summers (The Police). He is another one who can get some unique sounds out of his Strat.


  30. Caption Competition

    DG: The LAAAAAAAND of Chocolate!!!

    Then of course the background music from that Simpsons scene starts playing.

    [I love it when he bites the dog. Thanks for reminding me, Michael. – Features Editor]

  31. Spammy,

    I don’t think David gets mad at people for WANTING PF to reunite, I think he gets mad at the people who DEMAND it. I want PF to go on tour just as much as you do, but I don’t demand that David neglect his family and put aside the other things he wants to do with his life just to please my own personal fantasy. There’s a big difference between wanting and demanding.

    And to be quite honest, even if he did do that, I’d be royally disappointed if all he did was play those old 70’s songs, and I know he would be too. I get a bigger kick out of hearing new great things than old great things.

    Did you see David this year? Wasn’t the song ‘On An Island’ freaking GREAT live? Didn’t ‘The Blue’ blow you away too? Wasn’t the extended version of ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ with Dick Parry playing his sax something you’ll always remember? And what about David’s acoustic slide on ‘Smile’?

    Yes, the old stuff was great too, especially Echoes. But the new stuff is what I’ll remember the most 20 years from now, because that was the first time I’d heard those songs live, and they were great.

    So I guess my point is that I’d rather see a creative David Gilmour playing new great songs than see PF playing the old retreads one more time. That’s not to say I wouldn’t see the old retreads (I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing one of Roger’s concerts, and heck I’d bet David himself wouldn’t mind going to one either if he could manage to avoid being harassed to get up on stage), but just that I place a higher premium on creativity. That’s my opinion of course, yours may vary.

  32. Curious what David will play for a crowd of 100,000. I would have thought that many of the songs from OAI wouldn’t play well for such a large crowd. Smile and Then I Close My Eyes are wonderful, beautiful songs, but it would seem like they’d be lost on such a mass of people. Oh well, whatever it is, I’m sure it will be tremendous. David will sort it.

  33. Wow, great news for our polish friends, right? I’m glad for them and… hope from the bottom of my heart that David would make it to Mexico and South America on his next tours or appearances… I guess he has reasons for not coming, probably because OAI didn’t make it as well as in Europe, etc…

    Regarding Spammy… man… we kinda’ get what you want to say… and it would be very valid… if and only if… people like me went to see David thousands of miles away from home only to see old PF’s stuff… however; OAI is breath taking… it’s superb and I guess a real DG fan feels what OAI is intended too… even more thatn PF’s stuff… I personally don’t agree with you and I invite you to spend more time listening to OAI, I bet you’ll feel it with the time…

    Dear FED… smart as always…

    Shine on my dear bloggers!

  34. Fedmeister…

    What excellent news!
    It will be a celebration of the strikes that
    Liberated the Polish people from Communism and
    Let them enjoy freedom…

    The picture of the old Crane Building on Gdansk
    Harbour will surprise a lot of people as it
    Expresses the old and the new of the city and it
    Really will surprise people who probably
    Expected the place to be quite depressing.

    Beauty is always, and in this case especially, is in the
    Eye of the beholder…

    Another thing I’d like to mention…

    During the uprising Lech Walesa, a graduate of a
    Vocational school was fired from his job and not
    Depressed by this went on to win a Nobel prize in 1983!

    Sorry Fedmeister… had to ask… 🙂

    [Fortunately for you, my good sir, I happen to think that all questions expressed in the form of an acrostic poem should be answered (that’ll get them writing acrostic poetry). I wish I could say that there will be a DVD of what promises to be a remarkable show, but I really don’t know. I doubt it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it will be televised in Poland. That’s my personal suspicion, rather than any official word, however. – Features Editor]

  35. In reference to all this sniping between Ben and Spammy. As an American of Polish heritage I feel I have two dogs in this fight!

    Firstly, nostrovia to Poland! I vividly recall watching the Solidarnosc movement as a 14 year old. My father was very focused on the news of the time and my family revered Lech Walesa as a folk hero and a true freedom fighter. My parents traveled to Poland in 1976 when it was behind the Iron Curtain and they found the Polish people to be yearning for Western culture. While my parents went there hoping to immerse themselves in ancient European history and our own Polish heritage, the people there were more interested in grasping news and culture of a free western world. These events helped to shape my ideals of what is important in the world.

    David Gilmour should feel a great honor in being asked to celebrate this event with Poland. Poland is often overlooked by many in the world, but they have contributed greatly over the centuries to Western culture in the sciences and arts. Nostrovia Polania!!

    Now for the bit on the USA. While I don’t agree with Spammy’s opinions about being denied the chance to see PF en total, I think Ben is a bit out of line in cutting him down. He certainly said nothing of David not returning to the USA or any of the other bunk that Ben espoused. Ben seems to be chomping at the bit when it comes to any American opinion. While I will be the first to air grievance with my government about the role the USA is playing in the world, it certainly does not warrant belittling its citizens.

    Regardless of whatever misdirections the USA has made over the last century, it’s fair to say America has contributed greatly to ideals of freedom and the belief that people are indeed capable of governing themselves.

    Surely I’ve used my 400 words by now. I am proud for Poland, and proud to be an American.

    Peace to all,
    Michael Orzechowski

  36. Sorry spammy but I think you misintepreted this, this marks an important day in the history of Poland and was, still is a great day for freedom (cue for a song!) As I see it an inviation like this from the Mayor and Lech is a once in a lifetime opportunity that quite frankly anyone in their right mind would be daft to turn down.

    I think it’s great for the Polish people, they deserve it and I for one hpe the concert is a massive success.

  37. Fantastic news for our polish friends ! I’m very happy for you, because I think this day represents so many things for you, the creation of solidarnosc, maybe more freedom !

    Sure, you will enjoy the day and the show !


  38. Good for you Poland. Poles Apart would definitely fit well here since as I recall, hasn’t been played live to date.

    I have a thought for Polly and David. In Sept. Oct. wouldn’t it be ideal to do a venue in South America, one show. To be aired around the world like Live 8. Ticket sales available from small to large scales. Donations to his charities,special guests, etc. What a party to end all parties.

    To Spammy, point taken. I have to say, Whatever David decides is fine by me. I’ll never be disappointed, who knows? Things may change in the long run. I think that’s why we’re here watching everything unfold.

  39. So he’s playing in Poland..great! but who cares? I could care less if he never plays in the U.S fact i hope he tours all of Europe including Russia straight through the next ten years wether anyone wants him to or not so that these Eurowhiners can have something new to feel superior about

    [There you go, Ben. (One) point proved? I think so. – Features Editor]

  40. I am very, very happy for the fans in Poland. Enjoy!

    I am not very pleased with the bashing. Stop it.

    On a happier note, I almost copied over my dG on Leno dvd. I caught that before it became a boo boo…. and enjoyed that show again at brunch.

  41. Spammythepig – what you seem to miss here is that the show in Poland will be an event. And I do believe that it would sell out regardless if David played the “old hits” or not.

    In other parts of the world many bands are better received than in the U.S. or the U.K. For example, The Runaways and Mr. Big were a huge success in Japan and they would always sell out. Geez, in some parts of the world the fans don’t even understand the words in the songs yet they go wildly crazy because they make it an event. They groove to the music and have a good time. Isn’t that what it is all about???

    As for not having official live recordings or video. I beg to differ with you. Ummagumma was a live PF recording. And The Wall was released as a live recording as well. I also recently picked up a live recording from 1967 which was an official release.

    And on the DVD front, Live at Pompeii is a little crude but is still a wonderful PF video where they are working on DSOTM material. Of course there some others as well.

    Be happy with what you are getting from David. It is better than not getting anything at all. And if he chooses to play PF or not, it is still David who is playing guitar. I think that some fellow bloggers would agree that even some material on OAI evokes some of that PF sound.

    Give the bloke a break already.

  42. I can’t believe it’s about to happen again. I have read and loved this website from its inception but have always been a little hesitant to post, but after the current entries I feel compelled.

    What is it with SOME of you people? Your (hopefully) primary reason for even being anywhere near the site is because of your love of music generally and David Gilmour/Pink Floyd specifically and within the space of 10 months we have had (or announced) Pink Floyd reform, a new Album from David, a World Tour from David, a new album from Roger, a World Tour from Roger, former members working with other form members of Pink Floyd, web casts, radio broadcasts and numerous features in print and on radio.

    On top of ALL this, you have website postings from one of the active members of the band (thank you, Guy) and a features editor who has probably gone way beyond anything people normally would do when dealing with any corporate entity in terms of helping people out with regard to ticketing.

    It is a fact of life that there will not always be enough gigs in enough countries with enough tickets but that’s absolutely no reason to start beating each other up.

    Please, let’s get back to discussion and disagreement, memories and let-downs, silly competitions and the genius of David.

  43. Is it me or is the anger starting to creep back into this blog ? As for hits vs OAI/solo material, it’s David tour and he should be able play whatever he wants!!!! If he wants to play “Hard Rock Hallelujah” whilst dancing on a unicycle then that’s his choice. I’m sure it would be a wonderful, albeit odd, cover!!

    Anyhoos, going to bed as I have to shop, revise (bof!!), listen to OAI tomorrow.


    Ps, Many congrats go to Andy & Nancy. Job well done!!!!!

  44. Hey spammythepig,

    I was at the Radio City Music Hall show. I went to see On an Island performed live and to see/hear Pink Floyd songs. I enjoyed the whole show. It was a an excellent set list: a mix of fresh new material, deep cuts from the back catalog, and a few wildly popular crowd pleasers.

    I will not speak for other fans, but I for one was totally pleased with the show. If David were to change anything, I would suggest squeezing in a song or two from his previous two solo albums.


    Mike from Connecticut

  45. Re. Gdansk: Obviously its hard to imagine any decision made by David (and that surely applies to most other rock musicians too, as a general phenomenon of popular culture, I think) which is not met by controversial discussions, complaints or demands; so if you would be in the shoes of such an artist, would you be eagerly turning out records or announcing tour-dates and the like if the reactions are always so predictable and you seemingly never can get it right?

    As far as im concerned, I was and will not be able to attend ANY concert of this tour – be it for an audience of 1OO or 100.OOO – out of personal reasons (chronic tinnitus because of listening to music too loud for many years…), but although I am a really passionate “fan” (“enthusiast” would IMHO be the better term for this group of people), I can live with that, because I can listen to the CD and the forthcoming DVD; and, although I have my whishes too, I can easily live with the fact that this DVD will not include every single note played at all venues of this tour, and even with the fact that David will not go straight into the studio after this tour and produce the next five solo records or untertake an earth-scorching Pink Floyd-reunion tour…

    So relax and just accept what is offered – only a short time ago we would never even have dreamt of this abundance of PF-related and solo-activity right now.

  46. No, No, No, spammythepig has surely got It wrong?

    I want to wach DG in concert, His set list could be made up of “God Save The Queen”,(Ok that`s a bad example but I hope you get my point!), and I`ll enjoy it. It is nice however that he is playing some Floyd classics.

    What fantastic news regarding the poland performance and it will be on my Birthday as well! I won`t be able to go unfortunatley as it`s costing me a fortune to go to vienne!


  47. Sammythepig,

    I am having trouble trying to understand what you are trying to convey. Is it that you want David to stop telling people that his reason for not touring is that he doesn’t want to ride the gravey train? Or that he should stop liking the Eagles? I mean as it turns out, we live in a free world and people can like whomever they want to. Just because I enjoy watching a rugby game, doesn’t mean that I want to go onto the field an play myself.

    As it turns out, despite being one of the greatest guitarists and songwriters on the planet, David is also a person with his dreams and his goals. Pink Floyd has only played once since 1994, and I, and most bloggers here, are satisified with that. Of course it would be grand if they suddenly reformed and went on a 1000 date world tour, but David doesn’t want that, and honestly neither do many of the true fans.

    I personally would rather feel happy that David is enjoying his time. The fact that he can release this new material, play the entire album on the tour, and bring his entire family along is remarkable. That is a lot to ask for a man of 60 when most, if not all of his peers are retired.

    And please don’t bring up the idea of OAI versus older Pink Floyd hits. David has every right to play what he wants to at his concerts. David spent his entire life in the Pink Floyd and defined what it was and what it still is. On this tour David is playing songs like: Wot’s Uh…The Deal, Wearing the Inside out, Dominoes, Echoes, and Arnold Layne. These are songs that have either not been played ever live, or rarely. So if you think that the Polish fans are going there to hear “Another Brick in the Wall” or what have you…well sir, you’re wrong.

    Regardless of whether they know the new album or now, they will be stunned by it. OAI stands alone, and proves that the genious behind the Pink Floyd after all those years can still create an amazing piece of art in the form of music.

    Please take the selfishness elsewhere…

    -Chris McKay

  48. [hey are there any other dates being discussed or is this a firm absolutely the last concert of the tour?]

    [That’s it for now. – Features Editor]

    Posted by: Ripper at May 23, 2006 03:45 PM

    FEd, You keep teasing us…

    Are there yet more revelations to come??

    I see you’re now going to TWO shows at RAH.
    I recall you were originally only going on the 31st. Which additional night are you now attending? If it’s the 29th are you up for a bevvy in the Queens Arms(seems to be the place to congregate, judging by previous comments from fellow bloggists).

    What’s the score with the Venice tickets, has there been some sort of glitch with the venue? I hope not…

    It’s strange to imagine, but by this time next week, David will have been revealed as No1 in Q107 chart, performed on the Beeb, Later with Jools and completed the UK leg of his OAI Tour via Manchester, Glasgow & RAH(x3), it seems to have taken forever to arrive, but sadly it will be gone in a flash, meanwhile the anticipation increases with every passing moment…

    P.S. What’s happened to Rick Strang’s daily countdowns, has he broken his other arm or something.

    [There could be more dates, but there are no plans as yet, so it’s probably best to take Poland as being the last. I will be there on the 29th, but I don’t think I’ll have time for anything before the show, unfortunately. The Venice tickets… Well, what can I say? I’m as pissed off as the rest of you at what a shambles that’s been (if you’ve got any complaints about Ticket One’s handling of this, let’s see them). I think Rick Strang got tired of his posts being chopped up. If you’re reading, Rick: sorry, but rules are rules. – Features Editor]

  49. For Spammy:

    John Lennon on a band he was once in:

    “It was just a pop act. It doesn’t matter. And if fans want to relive the past they can listen to the records.”

    To Fed: Thanks for the good news and I suspect biting your tongue!

    For Poland: Congrats. Enjoy, you deserve it!


  50. I am really happy for the polish fans.So anxious to read about the Albert Hall shows.F.E., i know you don t like to talk about it but is there any chance that we see you on this d.v.d….and is there a chance that we read your opinion after the show.

    Thanks everybody for your nice thoughts… Michèle et Becky, merci beaucoup. Ou avez-vous appris le français Becky.

    Sylvie de montréal xxx

    [There’s no chance of either, sorry. This blog is for you lot and I hate cameras. – Features Editor]

  51. I would be shocked if David and band didn’t play “A Great Day For Freedom” from the Division Bell at this event.

  52. Mr Adamowicz has great taste in music. Am just wracking my brain for appropriate tracks for the occasion. Maybe WYWH for those lost during the struggle, anything OAI because of the shipyard venue and lots of nautical references, Wots because of the change in lyric to ‘now I’m on the inside looking out’ and of course Smile.

    It’s on Zbigniew’s home turf too, so maybe Poland’s favourite composer will drop by? 😉


  53. Is it me or does the top of that building want to turn into a vampire bat and fly away to Transylvania?

    [let’s all sit back and wait for yet more greedy complaints from the USA because a country other than theirs is getting something nice. No offence to the US citizens who aren’t self-obsessed and full of it (there are many). You have to be as irritated by these ignorant remarks as the rest of us. They make the USA look so stupid.]

    While I feel you’re appeal for some US citizens not to be offended is genuine, Ben, I can’t help but feel a bit slighted by some of the rancor reflected in your remarks. Not to sound preachy, but a little discernment can go a long way. A person’s remarks make themselves look stoooopid, not the USA’s.

    [A 60 year old man playing his old hits from the 70’s in front of a football stadium sized crowd. How insane!!! Why would anyone want to see this?]

    Why wouldn’t anyone want to see it, Spammy?

    [implying there’s something wrong with us – the audience, the fans – for wanting to see such a thing come about.]

    I can’t help but see that you’re imputing Mr. Gilmour with false motives over something that YOU felt he implied. There’s millions of fans who never got to see PF live and missed the boat, myself included. But, for those who missed out, two words—-too bad.

    [And that’s why there’ll be 100,000 happy drunken Poles at the Gdansk show, too — happy to listen to OAI but waiting to hear the hits]

    You assmume a great deal. How can you speak for 100,000 people that you don’t even know? David’s new album and tour are a personal statement. There’s more to it than reveling in PF nostalgia. If I were there, I’d be equally enthralled with both sets.

    (Sorry for the long post FEd, I had the urge to interject. My two cents are spent)

    [You spent them well, Joseph. – Features Editor]

  54. Hi FEd and friends,

    I had intended to mutter a few comments, but have since changed my mind — don’t want to play that game. We should all be past the name-calling stage by now, eh?

    All you lucky enough to be going to the upcoming gigs, smile once for me!

    Washington State

  55. Fed,

    As always, this has nothing to do with the post, but remember the old video from the Hammersmith-Odeon Gilmour concert in 1984 during his About Face Tour? Can you ask David if the saxaphone player was Ron Jeremy or just some guy getting ready to go to a WWF wrestling match? I figured this wasn’t a “FAQ” or an “Ask Phil” question, so here it is in this post that has nothing to do with this post. Posted.


    [It was Raff Ravenscroft and I’m sure he blames a tasteless decade for his tasteless attire. The rest of us do. As for looking like Ron Jeremy, then that’s spooky, but we won’t be having any porn jokes on the blog, thank you. – Features Editor]

  56. I am from the USA and after all the european gigs announced have I yet complained?

    As for the ‘Americans have no culture’ comment my husband, who is part native american indian, could tell you otherwise. Before you give lectures on ignorance, Ben, look in the mirror first.

  57. Hey Fed and Everyone!!!!! I have not posted in a while because I have been finishing up the semester at the university. Ahh, I can breathe now!

    Congradulations to everyone who is attending the show in Poland! My fiance saw Pink Floyd in El Paso, Texas in 1994. There were thousands of people there (it was in a stadium) and he was in the very last row. He did not have to be up close gazing into Gilmour’s eyes to feel the intimacy between the band and the audience (Joking about the gazing into Gilmour’s eyes part :). He laid on the grass while looking up at the stars and listened to the Division Bell performed live.

    You guys are going to see an awesome performance. But the polish already know that, because OAI has done extremely well. David has so much more to offer than the Pink Floyd hits of the 70s.

  58. This is very good news; I remember how people felt in 1990 when RW gave the concert on the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin; a lot of them were from former Eastern Gernmany and for them it was simply unheard of to attend an event like that. It is special, even more so having spent years in isolation. Our Polish neighbours will be delighted, simply happy, maybe honoured?, but definitely will have a great time with David -I did enjoy very much the Olympia in Paris…,

    viel Spass, Robert

  59. Great news for Poland. Fitting to do “Shine-on” re Polish/polish furniture etc.. make it shine-get it ha!

    But whats with all this focus on numbers, 100,000, raised eyebrows it seems, crikey thats a few “Earls Courts”. Would it make a difference if it was for 1, 10, 100 or 1000? Surely size isnt everything.

    Not long to go for Sat now, and then it will be all over ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Does David know I will be at Glasgow? Go on tell him please, please

    Ian Pearson

  60. Hey you,

    it seems to me that we are getting a bit wild in this blog.

    I don’t want to take part to this petty discussion but want just to say that I have no wonder that is a MR. Spammythepig (a Mr. nickname) who is pouring all his anger over us.

    I was used to read names and tho share positive feelings, at least in this place.

    It is childish to argue about DG decisions. there will always be a place where he will not go or he has not been..come on…..

    Thanks Tomasz, I have been in Poland just for holidays (in Krakow) and I found it wonderful and lively. Welcome in European community (not in Europe as you already are there since…some time!!!!! hahaha) 🙂

  61. I’m happy that David’s new single “Smile” appears on the bbc radio 2 playlist


    [It’s just been added. – Features Editor]

  62. hey fed……any chance of letting us in on what david played when he recorded jools holland last night……going to manchester on friday and want to keep the excitement going with a few snippets of info…cheers me old fellow red fan

    [Well… I can say that there were two songs. – Features Editor]

  63. I see that there is really people out there with nothing better to do than show the world how poor and mentally limited they are. And they do with their own words!! What is the point of fighting in this vulgar way over a concert date?!? do you all think you are good people with common sense? I ask all those who have a brain not even to take care of this kind of provoking: in italy we say “chi ha più buon senso lo usi” –> the one who has more common sense has to use it.

    and I would suggest FED to use censorship if necessary: freedom of speech must be deserved. And respect for others is the paramount proof of the right to speak.

    Let’s keep this place clean.

    An occasion for polish friends to be happy is occasion for others to argue. Pretty disgusting.

  64. Getting a
    Little excited
    Shaking about visiting
    Glasgow to hear
    On An Island
    Well played

    Is this what you mean Fed by (that’ll get them writing acrostic poetry)? Never heard of the term myself but then I’m a philistine.

    Ian Pearson

    [That’s the stuff, mate. Not long to wait now, eh? – Features Editor]

  65. I kicked up quite a storm. Sorry about that.

    Spammy: I assumed you are from the USA by the language used and the way you used it. Am I wrong?

    Deborah: I know that many people are vocal. South America hasn’t had a show. That’s the point. The USA got more than anyone. There is arrogance in your post. This is why many hate the USA.

    Jake: There is nothing but arrogance in your post, but then you think the USA won two wars all on its own, so I wouldn’t even bother getting into anything with you.

    Michael Orzechowski: US citizens voted for your current president. Twice. I’m hardly going to big up US citizens for that, am I? But I hear what you’re saying and apologise for offending you.

    Joseph: The same to you. I really didn’t mean to offend and thought I made that clear enough. You noticed that part of my post, but no one else seemed to. Thank you for that.

    Piergiorgio: I’m sorry to squabble but I’m more sorry that our US friends are so paranoid and quick to snap. Maybe all that ridiculous Fox sensationalism is making them edgy and they’re believing that everyone is against them.

    I thought I was allowed to express an opinion. I’ve read the rules, but some clearly haven’t.

    Thank God there are some people here who are reasonable, rational and respectful.

    One more time, sorry if I offended anyone.

    [And that closes the matter once and for all, thank you. – Features Editor]

  66. Hello again Fed and everyone,

    Congratulations to Poland. Excellent news.

    Considering the contribution of Zbigniew Preisner and the very special occasion for this gig on his own ground, would it be too far fetched to assume the audience might be in for a very special treat ?

    Have a splendid time attending this performance.

    Best regards,
    Ralph, from Belgium

    — still enjoying the afterglow of Le Grand Rex, Paris and now getting very excited for RAH May 31

  67. Slightly off topic, re: the important stuff, there is an excellent article about the environment in the Independent newspaper today, you can read it online if you don’t want to buy the paper. 🙂

  68. Last year’s performance of Jean Michel Jarre marking the 25th anniversary of founding Solidarity was broadcasted by radio & TV (and via Polish TV’s official website, too) and was later released on DVD. Hopefully the same will happen with Gilmour’s show…

  69. Well, Spammythepig got exactly what he wanted, and those that replied played right into his game… The more things change, the more things stay the same… Tally ho!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “About Face” Enjoy!!!

  70. I thought David’s fans knew the meaning of the word “tolerance” .

    Africans, europeans, chineses, americans,…, David, his band and his family, we are all human citizens of the same world, with our defaults and our qualities, no-one is better than his neighbour, we are only different ( fortunately, if not, it would become very boring ! )

    “y en a marre des polémiques” (d’accord, Fed ?)

    let’s enjoy the life !


    [Absolument. – Features Editor]

  71. Hi,

    Reference the editor’s comments of the other day regarding eBay and reselling tickets for a profit. I agree it is wrong, there should be a limit (law) of face value plus costs i.e. postage but if we are going to talk about profit in live shows then artists have to consider their position.

    They adopt a free market view of ticket pricing, managers and/or promoters determine the price the market will stand for a given artist and charge accordingly. I suspect your average manager or promoter does not consider ethics when setting prices. Why should they, lets be honest people go into music to make money, and lots of it. If Floyd did tour, I hope not – Live8 was a fine final chapter – the only reason promoters can band round the quoted numbers of $200M+ is because they know there will be loads of people willing to pay small fortunes to see them , in turn funding huge profits for all concerned.

    So while I fully support any effort to stop reselling at a profit, when are the artists and their representatives going to take a more “ethical” stance on ticket prices? When are ticket agencies and other outlets going to stop charging silly “admin” fees for tickets? If the music business wants to use the free market to its advantage then the private inidivdual has every right to as well, remebering that as soon a ticket is sold it is no longer the artists or venues property. How about a law limiting ticket prices to tour costs plus say 20%? I’d sign up, but then I’m not a major league artist, I live in hope….

    Welcome to the Machine….


    [At the risk of getting fired, I agree. – Features Editor]

  72. Will be David playing in Prague ( Czech Republic )? Please David you, must will go to the Czech Republic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. you remember on Strahov 1994

  73. And we have a winner with Martin from the Czech Republic!

    -Chris McKay

  74. Tim, I agree with you as well. But it is no different with movie prices. At one point, $20 was enough for admission for two, popcorn and maybe a bite afterwards. Now, $20 barely gets you the admission.

    And when you look at concert prices today. I paid about $120 at the box office to see David. I know he has expenses and has to make a living BUT $120 is a lot of money for two hours of entertainment. And those premium package prices. $300 each ticket and you get to sit in the first 10 rows plus you get a CD and a t-shirt. Geez, in the very least it would be special if the CD was at least signed by the artist.

    Please understand I am not knocking the artists. And I’m not trying to portray David as a greedy b*stard. As I said before, he has every right to earn what he needs to earn. And I think he is quite generous in other ways. It is what the market will bear.

    And every now and then we are graced with artists not doing it for the money, i.e. Live8. Just yesterday there was a free concert in NYC by World Trade Center 7 with Lou Reed and Suzanne Vega among others.

    But it is also interesting how ticket prices for classic acts such as David are in the $100 range and yet scalpers still are able to charge even more than that. It just boggles the mind.

  75. “US citizens voted for your current president. Twice. I’m hardly going to big up US citizens for that, am I? But I hear what you’re saying and apologise for offending you.”


    No offense taken, apology not required. I had the distinct pleasure of voting against Mr. Bush not twice, but three times. Once while living in the state of Texas as he ran for governor. Your frustration could not possibly match my own as it pertains to my fellow citizens. Many of them, I’m afraid, have been duped by Bush’s feaux John Wayne act, and his assertion that “God is on our side”. Which is much different then a former great American president, Abraham Lincoln, stated, “… my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side…”. The irony, as I see it, is the Bush administration bears a strange symmetry to the Islamic fundamentalist movement that has declared Jihad on western civilization (which includes Europe). The point I make for you is that political winds do shift. America will tire of the Fox News paranoia we’ve been gorging, and tire of the great human expense of the war in Iraq. Do not loose faith in Americans. We need each other in the world to fulfill our common ideals of freedom. Look no further then the history of Gdansk to know the importance of that.

    Best Regards,

    [Great post, Michael. That’s exactly the kind of sensible, reasonable, calming attitude we want here. People can get a bee in their bonnet about all sorts of things, and I like to think that there are plenty of good souls here who will humour them and let them rant and rave until they get tired of being angry. We all need that every once in a while, just as we need sympathy or advice at other times (God, that sounded dangerously close to something that Jerry Springer might say). You just proved that, even though Ben’s post was considered offensive to some, you can rise above it. So why can’t we all rise above it? Sorry if it sounds patronising, but good on you, mate. We can all learn from that. Now please, let’s have less snapping and more opinions. They make the blog more interesting. – Features Editor]

  76. In Poland, Phil can show off his famous Polka Dot shirts. Guy’s tee shirt reads, Gdansk Do Well? Thanks Fed, keep pointing the stick.

  77. I’ve waitin’ for Mr. Gilmour all my life. So does my father! Thank U David for this decision. The Madness is about to begin!

  78. [It was Raff Ravenscroft and I’m sure he blames a tasteless decade for his tasteless attire. The rest of us do. As for looking like Ron Jeremy, then that’s spooky, but we won’t be having any porn jokes on the blog, thank you. – Features Editor]

    Raffy, the man who put the ‘aker Str’ in Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street. I must say, even Mr. Gilmour wasn’t immune to the fashion disaster that were the 1980’s. A quick search of the internet will reveal some interesting results.

  79. After reading most of the more political/social/whatever posts, which I did indeed contribute to…I was thinking how hilarous it would be if the Bush Administration had a blog where people could freely post. Would you be up for that job as well Fed?

    With silly regards,
    -Chris McKay

    [Um… In a word, no! I would post the occasional message, though. – Features Editor]

  80. Dear Fed, and all,

    to Michèle:

    [I thought David’s fans knew the meaning of the word “tolerance” .]

    D’accord à 1000000%!!!

    [Africans, europeans, chineses, americans,…, David, his band and his family, we are all human citizens of the same world, with our defaults and our qualities, no-one is better than his neighbour, we are only different ( fortunately, if not, it would become very boring ! )]

    … Et parce que certains s’estiment supérieurs (économie, armée, religion, …),il y a des guerres… sh***!

    And, just two words about David: Plato, and the Ancient Greeks, used to say that a man must be “kallos kagathos” (ie. “beau et bon”, “beautiful and good”), because the inside beauty goes with the outside beauty. And David IS “kallos kagathos”, whatever he does or says. So, thank you for that, David…

    Have a good night.

    Ikkar, with love

  81. There is a lot of anger out there. David has announced a date in Poland, and we are free to go to it if we want to, and we are equally free to stay home. What does it matter that this is to be a large audience? What does DG in Poland have to do with American politics? Why are people so quick to become negative in response to this announcement? What is wrong with us?

    DG, if you are reading this, I’m a fan no matter where you play (your own living room, the largest venue ever built, or anyplace in-between) whether I’m at the show or not. Even a few years ago, when it looked as though you’d retired, I was still a fan. You have brought a lot of great music into the world, and you have always done it your way, and I am very happy with that. Plus, you have always worked for the things that matter to you (your work with Crisis, amongst other things) when others are content to complain about the way things are.

    It is sad that people are always trying to make demands, that no matter what you give people always want more. I think the fact that you do it your way (whatever “it” is at the time) is important. Bravo to you for not giving in to those demands.

  82. By the way, how does one pronounce “Gdansk”? Is it like “GUH-dansk”?

    [I believe so. – Features Editor]

  83. Out of curiosity (and possibly laziness ‘lest it be written here and I have missed it) what is the log photo of specifically? Is it of the shipyards, or of a concert hall? Interesting looking building.

    [The shipyards, Peter. – Features Editor]

    Hi all,

    Not exactly Fed, it would be difficult to pack 100.000 crowd to that buildnig. Proper answer gave a few lines earlier Rudders (You Man Know Everything) in his Caption and it is: the old Gdansk Crane Building on the Harbour. Worth seeing.


    [Thank you, Tomasz. So there you have it. – Features Editor]

  84. Mr. Gilmour,

    Exist the posibility to play in Spain this summer… Could be fantastic!!! Thank for your music and words…

    Sebastián from Madrid

  85. Hi,

    In reply to what Ikkar wrote…I don’t want to sound annoying but it is just a matter of respect for old Greek language.

    The expression Ikkar mentions is “Kalos kai Aghatos” (beautiful and good)and not “Kallos Kagathos”. And yes, this represents the ancient ideal of how a man should be.

    Ciao 🙂

  86. The year 2006 is “FLOYDIAN TIME” for me.

    I saw David in Amsterdam in march. In July I will attend The Australian Pink Floyd Show (LIVERPOOL – BIG TOP ARENA), then next week: me, my girl and my younger brother will attend David in Ostereich – Burg Clam and of course, finally in august – Gdańsk 🙂 I hope, that this summer will be great and magic.

    All started in Praha, September 1994 🙂

    Andrew – Poznań (Poland)

  87. yeahhh!!!

    My dreams come true once again.. I’ll see David Show:)

    I saw David in Dortmund on the 10th march. Now it’s time for Gdansk:)

    Thank You David!!!!

    Chris (Poznan, POLAND)

  88. whoa!! what a complex blog! i had the impression FEd, you were trying to stand back and see if we Irregulars could sort it out on our own, and get ourselves back to the nice sunny blog place.

    Spammythepig – the name says it all.

    i am elated that David is doing a HUGE concert for Poland. such a great country. to be well-read and involved in the arts, in the years that culminated in the 1980 strikes – you HAD to know who Lech Walesa was, what he risked, what he was up against, and how he NEVER backed down, and the Polish people WON, against all the odds. The whole uplifting saga was reflected in the arts and literature that came out of Poland then – the plays, poetry, music, everything. Poland at that time was setting the example, writing the manual for the overthrow of oppression by the common man.

    definitely an occasion to celebrate. to be ASKED to PARTICIPATE is a huge honor! many of us would do well to re-read how Poland achieved its Solidarity – as we so sorely need that now. we may feel a degree of paranoia due to the actions of a repressive government we did NOT vote for and do NOT support, but must live with until we join together to change it.

    we would do well to give the Polish people a rousing standing ovation for what they risked, and what they won.

    then we should review what they did, and how they did it. SOLIDARITY! it is no less important today than 26 years ago. Poland, congratulations. i am very happy for you.


    [Very well said, Laurie. – Features Editor]

  89. Wow..The ‘Offense’ and ‘Defense’..Had to take a break from this site. Come here daily to read what are usually wonderful, creative, positive, warm and fun posts. I was overwhelmed by the rancor posted here. Thank heavens for the post by Michael. You may have saved the day. And I’d like to be on record for having NOT voted for Bush(twice). Favorite book..’Bushisms’

    Seconding your comments,with the hope that we can all go back to the exchange of ideas and opinions, done with humor and tolerance. Labels don’t seem to be the direction to pursue.

    Perhaps David shouldn’t have written the musical question ‘What Do You Want From Me?’ Many seem intent on telling him exactly what that might be. There is only so much he can give and then there is nothing left. The joy will be gone for why he did this in the first place.

    With this talent that we all crave to hear and experience, isn’t it enought that he exists at all? I love all of the Gilmour music, and I, too, would be willing to listen to him sing or play anything he darn well pleases. Bless him for going to any venue of his choice, and what a compliment to him from Poland.

  90. Dear Fed,

    to Piergiorgio:

    I said “kallos kagathos”, because “kai” (=and) was “contracté” (I don’t know how it’s said in english), for this expression. But, it’s true , we can say “kallos kai agathos” if we want…

    Sorry, Fed, didn’t want to sound annoying…

    Ikkar, with love

  91. I’ve just heard the news from my best friend and we both are thrilled about it!!! Especially that we live half an hour from that place. For me it’s like making my dreams come true. I’m a great fan of PF, and as they stopped playing many years ago I thought I would never have a posibillity to see Gilmour alive! I’m just 20 so I was a kid when they gave the last concert. And here you are!!!! The new CD of Gilmour and the concert in Gdańsk. I just hope I’ll get good tickets :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  92. David Gilmour in Poland? Is this a dream? Just can’t believe that I am finally going to see him live…

    And I don’t care about politics anymore.

    I only want to have a great time at the concert and any other thing doesn’t matter.

    Best regards from Poland

  93. [So he’s playing in Poland..great! but who cares? I could care less if he never plays in the U.S fact i hope he tours all of Europe including Russia straight through the next ten years wether anyone wants him to or not so that these Eurowhiners can have something new to feel superior about – Posted by: jake at May 23, 2006 09:24 PM]

    i’ve been away for a few weeks but i see that some things haven’t changed. the funny thing is that many americans wonder why their country and general mentality is mocked by others, but how far do you have to look to find the answer? i feel sorry for my american friends, i really do. they get a hard time because of such ignorance and arrogance. anyway, this is really good news for poland. i’m pleased for you. i hope it’s a great concert and marks a great anniversary (regime change without bombing the hell out of people and leaving them with nothing – how we could learn something from that). what an honour to be invited to perform at such an event. you deserve it, david.

  94. Well, never in my wildest dreams have I expected DG to come to Poland. Never in the wildest of those wildest dreams have I thought he would come to Gdańsk, my hometown. I do not mind the crowd of 100,000 – it’s not a problem if the sound technicians do a good job and the acoustics is prepared better than at last year’s J.M.Jarre’s show. I know David will concentrate on playing his music rather than talking to the audience too long as Jarre did. I’m looking forward to a concert that will be moving and unforgettable and I’m it will be so.

    I wonder if Rick Wright comes along with David to sing a song or two. I also hope to see Zbigniew Preisner conducting the orchestra and Leszek Możdżer, the other Polish contributor to “On An Island” playing the piano

    P.S [dańsk is pronounced ‘gidansk’ by Brits and Americans, while Poles (no matter if together or apart;)) pronounce it’gdansk’ with the ‘n’ somewhat similar to the ‘n’ in the English ‘-ing’ 😉


  96. Thats great! David Gilmour is a word class guitar player and I will enjoy beeing on his show even that Im living in a south of Poland, in Cracow.

  97. Not sure if this has been posted before (havn’t trawled down this thread.

    The nearest airport in the Lech Walesa about 10km outside Gdansk. Wizzair, Easyjet and LOT (Polish airlines) fly there, but LOT fly via Warsaw or Frankfurt usually, and the budget airlines are direct).

    The Holiday Inn in Gdansk (if there are any room left) is about 6000-800 metres from the shipyard.
    There is a TGI restaurant on the front of the Holiday Inn (but is under half price compared to Britain).

    Last year for Jean-Michel Jarre there were thorough bag searches and cameras were confiscated (as were umbrellas, fireworks, flares, bottles and knives!!!).

    Gdansk has numerous places to eat/drink (and there are other hotels but I’ve not had any experience of any of them).

    There is a reasonable amount of English spoken but it good to know the Polish from Hello, goodbye, please, thanks, can I have a beer, etc…..

  98. PLEASEEEEEE…. if ever david reads this…


    you have gone all along europe but, not Greece? Why??

  99. I am coming all the way from America to Germany just to see you live! It shall be awesome, espescially since all the north american dates are sold out. Looking Forward to it!


  100. Last years Jean Michel Jarre concert was bigger than the organiser expected. 120,000 people inside the grounds and another 50k – 70k outside around the streets near the grounds.

    The show was amazing.. really. Because it’s also a celebration, commemorating the signing of the august agreements..a VERY important event for Easter Europe, the atmosphere was incredible. People had tears in their eyes because it meant so much.

    Can’t think of a better person than David (and crew) to celebrate “bringing down of the wall” 😉

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