Well, well, well!


A big thank you to everyone for being so supportive and encouraging of the new blog rules (we’ll call them ‘guidelines’ to put a positive, New Labour-type spin on things). It’s much appreciated.

A couple of things you might not know about.

First of all, even though you’ve probably seen it online by now, don’t forget that you can catch David on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ tonight (minus the car advert if your timing’s good) around Europe. If you’re in the UK and a Sky subscriber, it’s on channel 505 at 10PM.

You can also hear David sharing two of his favourite songs each morning on BBC Radio 2 this week. You can listen online if you’ve missed today’s and yesterday’s (David chose tracks by The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush and Leadbelly).

You want Ken Bruce’s ‘Tracks Of My Years’ programme – just click ‘Listen Again’ and the day of your choice.

Seeing as Operation Happy Blog is going so well, why not kick off with some controlled silliness? Let us know your own ‘Tracks Of My Years’.

Like David, you can pick just ten. If you cheat and pick more than ten, your comment will instantly be binned, so choose wisely. To make it a little easier, no David Gilmour or Pink Floyd songs are allowed.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Hello Dear F.ed,

    It’s Been A long time, isn’t it ?

    But I’m Back. I had to make a research in my old archive to find out the About face Tour on videotape. Remember one of my previous review ? For the Forthcoming DVD of the OAI Tour, that would be a perfect bonus but I will tell you my point of view tomorrow.

    Have a good night.

    [The same to you, Antoine. – Features Editor]

  2. Caption Competition…

    The new thong Polly bought David chaffed somewhat…

    [You know how to tread that fine line with some of your captions, Rudders… – Features Editor]

  3. Grudging congratulations to David / Guy and other misguided Arsenal fans. (gonna need to be better in the final though)

    On to the business. 10 tracks, No DG or Floyd(!)

    No particular order…

    1)Paranoid Android – Radiohead (come on raaaiiiin down on me)
    2)Lucky – Radiohead (Just love that bass)
    3)Little Wing (Hendrix/Sting/Stevie Ray Vaughn (butterflys and Zebras and moonbeams)
    4)Since I been lovin’ you – Led Zep live (epic)
    5)Highway Star – Deep Purple (has to be Made in Japan for sensational lead guitar)
    6)Rocket man – auntie Elton (haunting)
    7)Don’t stop me now – Queen (you just have to sing it)
    8)Back in Black – ACDC (the riff to end all riffs)
    9)The first time ever .. – Roberta Flack (real beauty)
    10)The End – The Doors (the most dangerous song in rock. Period)

    Boy, I’m knackered.

  4. God, this is difficult, isn’t it? Whose stupid idea was this?

    In no specific order:

    Manic Street Preachers – A Design For Life
    John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom
    Gerry & The Pacemakers – You’ll Never Walk Alone
    The Eagles – One Of These Nights
    The Beatles – In My Life
    Quicksilver Messenger Service – Who Do You Love
    Frank Sinatra – That’s Life
    Neil Young – Southern Man
    Bob Dylan – Hurricane
    Bob Dylan – A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

    It would be hard enough to choose ten of Bob Dylan’s songs…

  5. Hello FEd,

    sorry if it is strickly speaking not related to David, and maybe a bit out of the ‘guidelines’ but I had to mention it: Is somebody going to try to Paris for THE final in few weeks?!!

    Bonne nuit!


    [Good question! – Features Editor]

  6. 1. “Levon” – Elton John
    2. “Georgia On My Mind” – Ray Charles
    3. “Waterloo Sunset” – The Kinks (I’m with you on that one, David)
    4. “A Song For You” – Leon Russell
    5. “The Long & Winding Road” – The Beatles
    6. “At Last” – Etta James
    7. “I Am Yours” – Derek & the Dominoes
    8. “Hideaway” – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers
    9. “All Along the Watchtower” – Jimi Hendrix
    10. “Positively 4th Street” – Bob Dylan

    (subject to change daily… and I could easily have listed 100 or more, but RULES IS RULES, Edwina)


    [Ten is just plain silly… – Features Editor]

  7. Oooh, fun times! My ten (sometimes a bit naff but still poignant) tracks are…

    Air – All I Need
    Doves – There goes the fear
    Primal Scream – Loaded
    ELO – Mr Blue Sky
    Blur – Girls and Boys
    Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
    Oasis – Supersonic
    Ooberman – Shorley Wall
    Procol Harem – Whiter Shade of Pale
    The Verve – Lucky Man

    I can guarantee that my choice would be different if I were to do it again tomorrow!

  8. Ed/Edwina wrote: God, this is difficult, isn’t it? Whose stupid idea was this?

    Exactly. Glutton for punishment, aren’t you dear?

    “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Gerry & the Pacemakers? well now, THERE’S a surprise, you plastic Scouser! 😉

    (gee, we’re not doing a very good job promoting David Gilmour today, are we?)


    [It’s not my job to promote. I like to see this as more of an education, with today being the last day of term when you’re allowed to bring your toys in. But I trust you’ve listened to Radio 2 this week? – Features Editor]

  9. Ken Bruce eh..? is that the one Chris moyles takes the mick out of, cause I`m still not listening to radio 2!!

    anyway here`s my tracks, in no order;

    1.Eagles- hotel california
    2.ACDC- highway to hell
    3.Def Leppard- armageddon it
    4.Metallica- follow the god that failed
    5.Led Zepplin- stairway to heaven
    6.Queen- bohemian rhapsody
    7.Gary Moore- still got the blues
    8.Fleetwood Mac- tango in the night
    9.Iron Maiden- no prayer for the dying
    10.Little Angels- i aint gonna cry

    Took a lot of thought that did!!

  10. It’s much harder without PF/DG! Not easy…

    1. Neil Young – Old Man
    2. Supertramp – Gone Hollywood
    3. The Police – King of Pain
    4. King Crimson – I Talk To The Wind
    5. Paul Williams – Tomorrow (from Bugsy Malone OST)
    6. Zero 7 – Destiny
    7. Led Zeppelin – Your Time Is Gonna Come
    8. Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing
    9. Grateful Dead – Eyes Of The World
    10. Vince Guaraldi Trio – Pebble Beach

    It feels wrong not having SOYCD on there! 🙂


  11. Not in order, but here are 10:

    Europa – Santana
    Because We Ended as Lovers – Jeff Beck
    At Last – Etta James
    A Day in the Life – Beatles
    Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
    Cliffs of Dover – Eric Johnson
    Standing in the Rain – ELO
    Whos behind the Door – Zebra
    In That Quiet Earth – Genesis
    Bridge of Sighs – Robin Trower

  12. no particular order…

    Where the Streets Have No Name…U2
    In a Big Country…Big Country
    Ziggy Stardust…Bowie
    Easily…Red Hot Chili Peppers
    So Lonely…The Police
    The Spark that Bled…Flaming Lips
    Driver 8…REM
    Exactly where I’m At…Ween
    Promised Land…Springsteen
    Crawling Back to You…Tom Petty

  13. Off the top of my head, in no specyfic order:

    Porcupine Tree – Dark Matter
    Genesis – Heathaze
    Heather Nova – Heal
    Queen – Innuendo
    Marillion – Beyond You
    Suzanne Vega – In Liverpool
    David Sylvian | Robert Fripp – Damage
    All About Eve – Are You Lonely (yeah, David played on this one, cross it out if it’s against the rules;)
    Peter Gabriel – Sky Blue
    Garbage – Sroke Of Luck

  14. Chris Rea – The beach
    Todd Rundgren – Hello its me
    Eagles – The last resort
    Gilbert O Sullivan- Alone again
    Eric Clapton- The Core
    The Who- My Wife
    Rush- Subdivisions
    Niel Young- Cortez the killer
    Toto- Hold the line
    Zeppelin- The rain song

  15. It’s been a while since I watched the Tonight Show and watching it this evening reminded me of why I stopped. However David’s performance (love the guitar strap!) more than made up for the 20 minutes with the gent avec parrot who broke a rib on holiday. Too bad CNBC played only the first note of Wish You Were Here however.

    Looking forward to Glasgow on May 27th, revisiting Scotland and sampling some genuine haggis.


  16. In no particular order:

    Over The Hills And Far Away – Led Zeppelin
    Hurdy Gurdy Man – Donovan
    Five to One – The Doors
    Handle With Care – Traveling Wilburys
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Beatles
    Living For The City – Stevie Wonder
    Kodachrome – Paul Simon
    Rocket Man – Elton John
    Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits
    You Might Think – The Cars

    I’m really not as old as most of those songs might suggest, but what else was there to listen to in the 80’s? (That’s why I wound up turning to PF for my musical influence.)

  17. 1965: ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ – Bob Dylan. Possibly greater now (and more necessary) than it was then.
    1966: ‘Hey Joe’ – Jimi Hendrix. Unsurpassed. The definitive version.
    1975: ‘You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio’ (live) – Joni Mitchell. With Robben Ford on guitar and his fade-out call-and-response.
    1976: ‘Don’t Take Me Alive’ – Steely Dan. The dirtiest Larry Carlton solo sound ever.
    1980: ‘Maybe Tonight’ – The Stiff All-Stars. As heard on Radio 1.
    1991: ‘Weather With You’ – Crowded House. From ‘Woodface’ – and not a bad track on it.
    1993: ‘I Should Have Known’ – Aimee Mann. Her first solo single, and if it had charted, she might have had an easier time of it.
    1999: ‘Radio’ – The Corrs. An acoustic Sharon Corr song and never better.
    2005: ‘I Love This Town’ – Nanci Griffith. Clive Gregson’s songwriting wit gets major exposure.
    2005: ‘Everybody’s Gone To War’ – Nerina Pallot. Rated but not yet charted. Let’s hope that changes.

  18. Here is my ten

    1. Winter – The Rolling Stones
    2. Sign Language – Eric Clapton
    3. Tiny Dancer – Elton John
    4. Bird of Paradise – Snowy White
    5. Going to California – Led zeppelin
    6. 5.15am – Mark Knopfler
    7. Sway – Mick Taylor & Carla Olsen
    8. Goodbye Tiger – Richard Clapton
    9. Licence to Kill – Bob Dylan
    10.Shut out the Light – Bruce Springsteen

    I guess the above kind of dates me somewhat.

  19. OK, heres my top 10…

    In no specific order.

    Little Wing – Hendrix
    Lenny – Stevie Ray Vaughan
    No Quarter – Led Zeppelin (what a riff!)
    Layla – Eric Clapton
    For The Love Of God – Steve Vai ( guitar virtuosity at it’s best, beautiful song)
    The Light And The Glass – Coheed And Cambria (beautiful in the progresive metal kinda way…)
    Aint Talkin Bout’ Love – Van Halen (ya gotta have a bit of 80’s hair metal!)
    Bullet In The Head – Rage Against The Machine (the most headbangable song ever!)
    Street Spirit (Fade Out) – Radiohead (haunting yet stunningly beautiful)
    Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley (what a voice…)

    Man, that was hard!

    Peace, David.

  20. Tracks of your years it says – well, I can’t let the fact that nickster has posted his tracks of his years but many are outside of his own years! He’d be too ashamed to admit the 80s music in his formative years, so I’m here to bare a few of his 80s skeletons that are definitely tracks of his years. Hohoho – that’s why I’m the evil one.. 😉

    1. Toni Basil – Hey Mickey (1st single bought)
    2. Alphaville – Big In Japan
    3. Blancmange – Living On The Ceiling
    4. Falco – Rock Me Amadeus
    5. Five Star – System Addict
    6. Huey Lewis and the News – Jacob’s Ladder
    7. Landscape – Einstein A Go Go
    8. Level 42 – Lessons in Love
    9. Marillion – Kayleigh
    10. Men Without Hats – Safety Dance


    Evil N

    [It more… interesting if you cheat a bit (only with this game, not with the rules in general, of course). Being born too late is not your fault. I’m not going to punish you, or myself, for that. Notice that there was no mention of the real ‘Tracks Of My Years’ rules for that very reason. I’m not stupid. We don’t want to see a load of embarrassing Eighties crap listed, unless you really enjoyed it and, as you see from the above, I suspect that you’re lying if you say you enjoyed most of it. That was a dreadful decade for music. So Mr Evil, tell your brother that he can come out now. He’s not alone in his shame. – Features Editor]

  21. I’ll give this a go… no order…

    The albatross – fleetwood mac
    Take this waltz – leonard cohen
    Hotel california – eagles
    Adagio for strings – Samuel Barber
    Just too good to be true – four seasons
    sunny afternoon – kinks
    Rio – duran duran (stop smirking)
    live and let die – guns n roses or the original.
    billy jean – wacco jacco
    Revolution 2003 – DJ Blackcat

    I think with the above list I need to explain myself – these tracks all represent different periods in my life to date, and listening to them remind me of times past. These are by no means the best 10 tracks in the world, but the ten that act best as my life theme music (obviously DG and PF would bump out the majority)

    anyways, I doubt that any other list is going to be as diverse as that !!

    IT wierdo might be a fitting title F’ed 🙂

    [That is an impressive list. Not bad for a mere IT weirdo. – Features Editor]

  22. eeeek, thats as in me not you or any other tech.

    [You’re alright. I’m more an IT freak, myself. – Features Editor]

  23. Tracks of my years…

    1. Leave The Light On – Jeff Healey
    2. The Musical Box – Genesis
    3. The Weakness In Me – Joan Armatrading
    4. Everybody Needs Somebody – Blues Brothers
    5. Duw It’s Hard – Max Boyce
    6. Rock And Roll – Led Zeppelin
    7. The River – Bruce Springsteen
    8. Driving The Last Spike – Genesis
    9. Ripples – Genesis
    10.Clear White Light – Lindisfarne

    Sh*t… I think I’ll make a CD of that! Thanks Fedmeister 🙂

    [Max Boyce! Get in! No ‘Rudderless’ by the Lemonheads? – Features Editor]

  24. Hello again,

    here is my selection…in no specific order..

    -A life less ordinary- Ash
    -5th Hungarian Danse- Brahms
    -Le Chasseur- Michel Delpech
    -Bridge over troubled water-Simon and Garfunkel
    -Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong
    -The sidewinder sleeps tonite-REM
    -Perfect Day-Lou Reed
    -Sowing the seeds of love-Tears for Fears
    -Exit music(for a film)-Radiohead
    -Private Investigations-Dire Straits

    Well, not really all tracks of my actual years, but still listened to a lot today!

    Have a good night everybody,

  25. Oh this is ridiculous – how can you pick just ten….!!!

    Right the first ten that came to mind and that all played significant roles in the musical journey through my early years are:

    The Beatles – Yesterday
    The Small Faces – Tin Soldier
    The Who – Behind Blue Eyes
    King Crimson – In The Court Of The Crimson King
    Genesis – Firth Of Fifth
    Deep Purple – Child In Time
    Free – Mr Big
    Cream – White Room
    Rush – Xanadu
    Barclay James Harvest – Mockingbird

    Err….can we do an entry every day, I’ve only got to about 1977!!


    [Maybe we should, but not this week. I see at least 150 posts that need checking. Or is it 1,500? – Features Editor]

  26. Fed ed- great idea to exclude PF/DG songs… takes the pressure off… well, wait… JUST 10 songs??? Well so much for THAT idea!

    Anyway, feeling all soft and squishy, warm and fuzzy… liking the new, nicer version of the blog… so far!

    My 10… hmmmm… I’ll have to say this is in no particular order.

    1. Rush “Hemispheres” (yes it is technically a “song”. It just happens to take up a whole album side- for those of you that recall vinyl).

    2. Yes “Awaken”

    3. Collin Ray “Little Rock”

    4. Boston “Don’t Look Back”

    5. Steely Dan “Deacon Blues”

    6. Led Zeppelin “When the Levee Breaks”

    7. Kansas “Icarus- Born On Wings Of Steel”

    8. Derrek and the Dominos “Layla”

    9. Mercy Me “I can Only Imagine” (song came out just before a very good friend succumbed to cancer- hit me like a hammer. Very encouraging song.)

    10. Since I got off the silly track above I feel the need to repent, so without further adieu…. number ten is Cutting Crue “I just Died (in your arms)”. How’s THAT for silly? But I really do love that song!


  27. Hi there FEd and all! I haven’t posted in a while since I haven’t had anything to add to the discussions really but I thought it was about time to join in again! here’s my 10 in no order

    1. Alibis – Ocean Colour Scene
    2. With God on My Side – The Neville Brothers (Dylan Cover)
    3. First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes
    4. Country Feedback – R.E.M
    5. Star Star – The Frames
    6. Oh My Sweet Carolina – Ryan Adams
    7. Get Blown Away – Ocean Colour Scene
    8. Muffin Man (live) – Frank Zappa
    9. Ending (An Ascent) – Brian Eno, Roger Eno and Daniel Lanois
    10. Paris, Texas – Ry Cooder (the first track from the soundtrack)

    there, I think thats a suitably eclectic mix, so how about your top 10 FEd? I would be very interested to know!!

    [I posted it already, Lewis. But I might have to post another if we’re going to follow the real ‘Tracks Of My Years’ rules, which means tracks from your lifetime. I think only one of mine was written after my birth, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  28. 10 songs? impossible. but it’ll show, hopefully, the wide diverse tastes of your visitors. i haven’t chosen any songs by other members of david’s band/pink floyd either.

    1. regret – new order
    2. a design for life – manic street preachers
    3. one – u2
    4. hallelujah – john cale
    5. i know it’s gonna happen someday – morrissey
    6. europe endless – kraftwerk
    7. we are all made of stars – moby
    8. the next life – suede
    9. stop crying your heart out – oasis
    10. pretty vacant – sex pistols

    [Good to see the Manics in there, Mark. – Features Editor]

  29. This is almost impossible, but I’ll throw a few out there.

    1.) “Sofa No.1” – Frank Zappa
    2.) “Time” – Alan Parsons
    3.) “Captain Coconut” – Jimi Hendrix
    4.) “Uncle Albert” – Paul McCartney
    5.) “Just one Victory” – Todd Rundgren
    6.) “Holdin On” – Robert Cray
    7.) “Carry On” – Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
    8.) “tipertina” – Professor Longhair
    9.) “A Run For Life” – Dick Dale
    10.) “Scuttlebutten” – Stevie Ray Vaughn

  30. I am all about silliness!

    1. AC/DC-Rock n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Polution
    2. King Crimson-Larks’ Tongues In Aspic, Pt. 1
    3. ELP-Karn Evil 9
    4. Yes-The Revealing Science of God
    5. Bach-Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
    6. David Bowie-Moonage Daydream
    7. Genesis-Return of the Giant Hogweed
    8. Grateful Dead-Darkstar
    9. Roger Waters, Give Birth to a Smile
    10. Syd Barrett-Birdie Hop

    Hope that wasn’t too silly. . .

    [I should have said no solo stuff from any Pink Floyd member, but seeing as you chose ‘Birdie Hop’… – Features Editor]

  31. Wow, this is a tough one… and I’m sure that my list is capable of changing with my mood!

    Not allowing Mr. Gilmour or PF created quite a challenge. Good job, FeD! You made us THINK!!

    1. Wind Cries Mary – Hendrix
    2. Emminence Front – Who
    3. Enter Sandman – Metallica
    4. Bouree – Jethro Tull (what does ‘Bouree’ mean in French?)
    5. Going To California – Led Zep
    6. Little Wing – Hendrix
    7. Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
    8. Wild Horses – Stones
    9. Always With Me, Always With You- Joe Satriani
    10. Tears Go By – Stones

    [I love ‘Wild Horses’ as well, Susan. Great choice. – Features Editor]

  32. Nice idea to pass the time between gigs Fed!

    1. No Quarter- Led Zep (Song Remains the Same Version)
    2. Join Together – The Who
    3. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel
    4. Tumbling Dice – Stones
    5. The Wind Cries Mary – Hendrix
    6. Blue Sky – Allman Bros.
    7. White Room – Cream
    8. Peace Frog – The Doors
    9. Sunshower – Chris Cornell
    10. Allison – Elvis Costello

    Perhaps even harder than coming up with just ten songs, is not to allow Floyd come to mind while trying…

  33. Ten non-David Gilmour/Pink Floyd songs:

    1. Come Sail Away -Styx
    2. Bohmenian Rhapsody -Queen
    3. Imagine -John Lennon
    4. Bridge Over Troubled Water -Simon and Garfunkel
    5. The Boxer -Simon and Garfunkel
    6. Beautiful Noise -Neil Diamond
    7. Thick as a Brick -Jethro Tull
    8. Stairway to Heaven -Led Zepplin
    9. American Pie -Don McLean
    10. Beautiful Day -U2

    That took some time.
    -Chris McKay

  34. Okay here we go. Man this is going to be hard.

    Rush – 2112
    Led Zeppelin – What is and what should never be
    Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon
    Beatles – Hey Jude
    Eagles – Hotel California
    Johnny Cash – Hurt
    Eagles – One of these nights
    Tom Petty – Breakdown
    Ac Dc – Its a long way to the Top
    Lynard Skynyrd – Tueday’s gone

    It will be a different list when I wake up…

    [Another shout for ‘One Of These Nights’! – Features Editor]

  35. Spoonful – Howling Wolf
    It’s Alright, Ma – Bob Dylan
    The Wind Cries Mary – Jimi Hendrix
    Feeling Good – Nina Simone
    White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
    Strawberry Fields – The Beatles
    Helpless – Neil Young
    God’s Away on Business – Tom Waits
    Everybody Knows – Leonard Cohen
    6 Underground – Sneaker Pimps

    [I love your Dylan and Cohen choices, Becky. – Features Editor]

  36. Hello FEd and ‘the extended family,’

    I’ve been attempting to post for a full day now — can’t seem to find the time or the words. I still have at least 8 days’ past posts to puruse (can anyone say alliteration?) … oh, what to do …

    First let me say that the Kodak Theatre performance goes down in history (mine) as one of the most memorable events ever! And then the much-maligned Leno show (ya had to be there I think) was a blast … meeting Erin, Angelo, and all the others and finally getting to see David up close and personal (I’d been in the balcony)! Thank you so much David for doing the gig even though you got stuffed in at the end (all the musical guests get the same treatment)! AND THANKS TO YOU DEAR FEd for the opportunity to watch David’s magic fingers play that guitar up close!

    Then there’s Guy … and what a great guy he is. I ran into him (twice) before the show (once with Jon Carin). Both of them were very sweet — Guy even tried to help me with a ‘ticket malfunction’ by making a call to the powers that be. Very generous of spirit, good people!! I’m so glad that I could share all of these moments with my son.

    Hopefully David and Polly got a chance to visit the “Ashes and Snow” exhibit by Gregory Colbert down by the Santa Monica Pier — what an extraordinary show!! We were stunned into silence by the moving photographs and film displayed … absolutely gorgeous!

    Okay, now for ‘the big 10’ (yes I did read the rules and will only list 10), in no particular order as this is an almost impossible task:

    Mutineer (Warren Zevon)
    Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley)
    Desolation Row (Bob Dylan)
    Imagine (John Lennon)
    A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
    Love Letters (Ketty Lester)
    American Triangle (Elton John)
    Night Train (Rickie Lee Jones)
    These Are The Days (Van Morrison)
    Scarlet Tide (Alison Krauss)

    Later y’all!

    Peace and Harmony!
    Washington State

    p.s. I just read this over and must say that my choice of songs definitely reflects my gemini-ness!!!

  37. Here is my list. Enjoy. Dan

    1.Gigolo Aunt- Syd Barrett
    2.Sail Away- David Gray
    3.Heroes And Villains- Brian Willson
    4.Pride In The Name Of Love- U2
    5.Dimming Of The Day- Richard Thompson
    6.Pig- Dave Matthews Band
    7.Knockin On Heavens Door- Bob Dylan
    8.Champagne Supernova- Oasis
    9.Get Back- The Beatles
    10.My Own Sunrise- Crash Test Dummies

  38. Here’s my ten songs for today:

    1.Lynyrd Skynrd – The Ballad of Curtis Loew
    2.Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
    3.Buddy Guy – Five Long Years
    4.Joe Walsh – Rocky Mountain Way
    5.Grateful Dead – Casey Jones
    6.B.B. King – The Thrill Is Gone
    7.George Jones – Bartender’s Blues
    8.Doors – Five To One
    9.Black Crowes – She Talks To Angels
    10.Metallica – Fade To Black

  39. Caption…

    “HELLLLO Mars!!!!Are you ready to ROCK!!!!”

    Play Red Sky At Night David!!!!

  40. God is that all it is 12:45 in the morning uk time, what a drag, hows the new rules going mate are they giving you more time , i must say the Blogs are more like blogs now and not like a chat room (of which i was guilty of on occation-sorry), this is like chinease water torture waiting for the 29th May, working night does not help as it makes the days feel longer, i had to borrow another Keyboard tonight as they have taken to removing it so i cant log on to the site, i have so far remembered to put it back but its only a matter of time before i forget to replace it or they check the servers, whats there problem eh they have no culture see you in the morning will write more later keep it up Fed ,

  41. “Tracks of MY Years” (The eclectic mix, Vol. 17)

    1. Albatross – Fleetwood Mac.
    2. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel.
    3. I Heard It Through The Grapevine – Marvin Gaye.
    4. Imagine – John Lennon.
    5. In My Place – Coldplay.
    6. It’s Too Late – Carole King.
    7. Silver Machine – Hawkwind.
    8. Since Iv’e Been Loving You – Led Zeppelin.
    9. Spectral Mornings – Steve Hackett.
    10. Why – Annie Lennox.

  42. Listed in the order that I thought of them – totally reserve the right to change my selection tomorrow….

    1. Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
    2. L.A. Woman – The Doors
    3. Bad – U2 (the Live Aid version)
    4. Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits
    5. Can’t find my way home – Eric Clapton
    6. Fools Overture – Supertramp (from Paris)
    7. Colorful – The Verve
    8. Take me to the River – Talking Heads
    9. Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
    10. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen


  43. From birth..here are my very first favorite songs..in the order that they became so….
    (ie: not my fav top 10..my 1st fav’s)

    1.Greensleeves-London Philharmonic-circa 194x78LP
    2.Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,2nd movement-Mozart
    3.Overture,Ben Hur-Miklos Rozsa
    4.Prelude,Ben Hur-Miklos Rozsa
    5.Parade of the Charioteers,Ben Hur-Miklos Rozsa
    6.She Loves you-L&M
    7.I Want To Hold Your Hand-L&M
    8.Shake ’em on down-Furry Lewis (was a friend)
    9.DOCK OF THE BAY-Otis Redding&Steve Cropper
    10.Light my Fire-The Doors (1st heard this on a far away AM station I tuned in when I was 16 in a stolen car heading for Ft Lauderdale..and spring break…loaded on smoke&beer)(don’t any of you kids do this…)

  44. Hey, it’s me again!

    We (my family and I) have a little log cabin resort here in the mountains of Washington State. The day I returned from California I checked the business email and had an inquiry for a reservation from a David Gilmore! It took me a couple of seconds to see the different spelling … talk about your coincidences!!! Ah, if only it were true …

    Washington State

  45. In no particular order:

    1)”Wonton Song”-Led Zeppelin
    2)”I’m Your Captain/Closer to Home- Grand Funk Railroad
    3)”Strawberry Fields”- The Beatles
    4)”Fire & Rain”- James Taylor
    5)”Into the Great Wide Open”- Tom Petty & Heartbreakers
    6)”Ants Marching”- Dave Matthews Band
    7)”Traveling Riverside Blues”- Led Zeppelin
    8)”Eyes of the World”- The Grateful Dead
    9)”Change the World”- Eric Clapton
    10)”Melissa”- Allman Brothers Band

  46. I love games!!

    In no particular order:

    Hotel California – The Eagles
    Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
    American Pie – Don McLean
    Straight Up – Paula Abdul
    Shoop – Salt n Pepa
    Hey Jude – The Beatles
    Watching the Wheels – John Lennon
    Imagine – John Lennon
    Here I Go – Whitesnake
    Beat It – Michael Jackson

    What!? 10 already!? Man, I was just getting started. Y’all gotta remember I listen to everything, and my musical taste in my younger years was, lets say, skewed.

    After listen to PF and David, and studying music, most of these songs bore me now.


  47. Fed,

    Off topic from the song choices and I almost hate to ask given that you’ve already done so much for the community. But, is there any chance that you or David could use your influence with the Trinity Street people to have the returned singles offered up to us fans? I’m flying over for the Manchester and Glagow shows and would dearly love to see David at the historic RAH.

    Thank you kindly,
    Robert from Toronto

    [Not at all, Robert. I can ask, at least. Have you tried ringing the Royal Albert Hall box office? – Features Editor]

  48. I love reading everyone’s 10.

    Thanks FED for keeping things positive and happy. This blog almost always cheers me up ( just like David Gilmour’s music) and that’s what matters.


  49. I love reading everyone’s 10.

    Thanks FED for keeping things positive and happy. This blog almost always cheers me up ( just like David Gilmour’s music) and that’s what matters.


  50. Sorry to post again in the same day Fed, but after reading the interview David did with Ken Bruce, I just HAD to!!

    “I’m tempted to do it in fact – go back to the versions of these songs before they were anything near the finished stage and put that out later as an ancillary release”

    How cool would that be!! We could really see the process of making the songs what they are.

    I hope you ‘get around to it’, David.


  51. Yea! Now we are back to basics….

    Here are my 10;
    No particular order

    Everlong – Foo Fighters
    House of the Rising Sun – The Animals
    BYOB – System of a Down
    Como La Flor – Selena
    Mic Check – Rage Against the Machine
    Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash
    Nice to know You – Incubus
    Crush – Dave Matthews Band
    California Love – 2Pac Feat. Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman.
    Far Behind – Candlebox

    Ok so I know some of it is cheesy but These are mine.

    Renee B.
    Fontana,Ca USA

  52. My tracks, no David and Pink Floyd …

    Get It While You Can – Janis Joplin
    Hey, Hey, My, My – Neil Young
    If I Need Someone – The Beatles
    My Lucille – B.B.King
    Summer Nights – John Travolta& Olivia Newton-John
    I Will Dare – The Replacements
    Train in Vain – The Clash
    Babooska – Kate Bush
    Wasted Time – Kings of Leon
    Trouble – Coldplay

    and more …

  53. Into the Mystic- Van Morrison
    New Kid in Town- The Eagles
    Put Your Dreams Away- Frank Sinatra
    Caldonia- Louie Jordan
    Steam- Peter Gabriel
    Something About You- Level 42
    Blackbird- The Beatles
    Hey Nineteen- Steely Dan
    All Along The Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix
    Waiting for the Miracle- Leonard Cohen

    That’s my list today. Would change tomorrow.

    Has anyone read Nick Hornby’s *Songbook*? Hilarious! It’s a collection of essays about his 31 favorite songs. Very well-written, funny, even if you don’t like/never heard the songs. One of my favs is that he talks about how everyone goes through a Led Zeppelin phase (usually when you’re a teenager)- just all around hilarious. My 2 yr old son is going through that Zeppelin phase already! His favorite song is “When the Levee Breaks!”


  54. 10 songs…and no DG or Floyd, hmmm…

    In no particular order:

    Since I’ve Been Loving You- Led Zeppelin (IMO, best live Zep track)
    Ordinary World- Duran Duran (beautiful song)
    Come Undone- Duran Duran
    Riviera Paradise- Stevie Ray Vaughan (great SRV instrumental)
    The Show Must Go On- Queen (Freddie comes to terms with his mortality)
    Return To Tunguska- Alan Parsons (DG on slide, does it count?)
    I Feel You- Depeche Mode
    Twilight Zone- Golden Earring
    Crystal Ball- Styx
    Have A Drink On Me- AC/DC

    …and I’m just gettin warmed up with this!

  55. No particular order..as been said before F.E..this is way too difficult.Will look at my choices tomorrow and be pi**ed at myself for not choosing this or that or why did I include that?The whole list could change!

    Led Zeppelin-Misty Mountain Hop
    Genesis-Supper’s Ready
    Blind Faith-Can’t Find My Way Home
    Paul McCartney-Maybe I’m Amazed
    Elton John-Tiny Dancer
    Teach Your Children-Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young
    Every Breath You Take-The Police
    The Pretender-Jackson Browne
    Hold On-Phil Collins
    The Thrill Is Gone-BB King…(my blues entry)

    [And a fine blues entry it is, too. – Features Editor]

  56. Top 10 Tracks of My Tears:

    Across the Universe – John Lennon/The Beatles
    The Crow & the Cradle – J. Browne & Graham Nash
    Goodbye to Love – The Carpenters
    Just the Time of Year – Peter Frampton
    Every Time You Go – Paul Young
    No More Lonely Nights – Paul McCartney (sneak it in?)
    Feed the Birds – Soundtrack from “Mary Poppins” (Sherman & Sherman)
    Because – The Beatles
    When She Loved Me – Randy Newman/Sarah Mclaughlin
    Never Comes the Day – The Moody Blues

    [You can sneak ‘No More Lonely Night’ in, Tom. Whoever plays that gorgeous guitar solo is a damn fine guitarist. – Features Editor]

  57. no David or Floyd eh? ok…

    Santana – Oye Como Va
    Zeppelin – No Quarter
    Neil Young – Down By The River
    CSNY – Carry On
    The Doors – The Soft Parade
    The Who – Quadrophenia
    Medeski Martin & Wood – Retirement Song
    Alan Parsons Project – I, Robot
    Band of Gypsies – Who Knows
    Wish You Were Here Live – Limp Bizkit

    hahaha, that last one was a joke… very much so. horrible cover. Phish – YEM is my 10th

  58. These are not in sequence. It all depends on my frame of mind!!

    Led Zep-Dazed And Confused(Live)
    Led Zep – Kasmir
    Yes – Starship Trooper
    Yes – South Side Of The Sky
    Boston – Foreplay

    Who – Eminence Front
    Frank Sinatra – It was a very good Year

    [No Floyd allowed! Pick three more, Dave. – Features Editor]

  59. Hi David Fed & All,

    Hey Fed this as going to be tough can i just name the top 10 Artist or does it have to be song and Artist.

    [Song and artist, I’m afraid. We want to make you squirm. – Features Editor]

  60. Not in any particular order and subject to change:

    Led Zeppelin–Since I’ve Been Loving You
    Jimi Hendrix Experience–Are You Experienced?
    The Rolling Stones–Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
    The Allman Brothers–Dreams
    The Doors–Peace Frog/Blue Sunday
    The Beatles–I Am the Walrus
    Derek and the Dominos–Bell Bottom Blues
    Neil Young–Down By the River
    The Who–Behind Blue Eyes
    Rush–Working Man

    [‘Bell Bottom Blues’ is a great choice. I’d forgotten that one. – Features Editor]

  61. 1. Radiohead – My Iron Lung
    2. Coverdale/Page – Pride and Joy
    3. Cream – I Feel Free
    4. Eric Clapton – Bell Bottom Blues
    5. John Lennon – Just Like Starting Over
    6. John Lennon – Mind Games
    7. Led Zeppelin – Bron Yur Stomp
    8. Paul McCartney – Maybe I’m Amazed
    9. Paul McCartney – Let Me Roll It
    10.Roger Waters – 4:41 AM (Sexual Revolution) – I know, I’m sorry. I just finished listening to it though.

    That was really hard!

    [‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ is another good one. This is difficult, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  62. 1) When The Night Comes – Boomtown Rats
    2) Night Crawler – Starz
    3) She’s Got Balls – AC/DC
    3) Confutatis – Mozart
    4) Fracture – King Crimson
    5) Tales Of Brave Ulysses – Cream
    6) Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix
    7) Flirtin’ With Disaster – Molly Hatchet
    8) Big City Nights – Scorpions (I’m in the video!)
    9) Beyond The Realms Of Death – Judas Priest
    10)Steppin’ Out – Joe Jackson

    This would make a nice playlist for me if I was to guest on a radio program. There are bands and genres that I didn’t even touch but you did say only ten (it feels like my record collection is glaring at me. I don’t think it likes me playing favourites.).

    Take care, John.

  63. In no specific order:

    Dave Brubeck – Take Five
    The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down
    Marcy Playground – Sex and Candy
    Enigma – Return to Innocence
    Leonard Skynyrd – Free Bird
    Nine Inch Nails – Closer
    Tool – Anima
    Foo Fighters – Everlong (acoustic)
    Ted Nugent – Stranglehold
    Elton John – I guess that’s why they call it the blues

    Nice to see fed posting without the brackets. You are one of us. Good fun to look up songs that I don’t know.

    Brian (IA)

  64. Ten??? Then it will have to be old gold then… Just off the top of my head…

    Jimi Hendrix – 1983 A Merman I Should Turn To Be
    Jimi Hendrix – Castles Made Of Sand
    Jimi Hendrix – If 6 Was 9
    The Beatles – A Day In The Life
    John Lennon – Instant Karma
    The Doors – Riders On The Storm
    Black Sabbath – War Pigs
    The Byrds – Eight Miles High
    Cream – Sunshine Of Your Love
    Leonard Cohen – Suzanne

    Songs from albums you should own… Enjoy!!! Tally ho!!!

    [‘Suzanne’ is such a beautiful song. – Features Editor]

  65. Wow only 10, OK here goes in no particular order:

    Why does Love go to be so Sad, Derek and the Dominoes (Live at the Filmour)
    Karn Evil 9, Emerson Lake and Palmer (all three impressions if it doesn’t break the rules)
    A Day in the Life, Jeff Beck’s instrumental version
    The Mystical Potato Head Grove Thing, Joe Satriani
    Shame, Shame, Shame, Kenny Wayne Shepard
    Voodoo Chile, Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Smooth, Santana and Rob Thomas
    We Close our Eyes, Oingo Boingo
    Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton
    The Analog Kid, Rush

    As a few people have said, this would probably change tomorrow, so I will change it tomorrow but I’ll add a new dimension, tomorrow I’ll redo the list with the same artists just different songs! (or would that be breaking the rules?)

    [I think we could all do that. – Features Editor]

  66. Bad Company — Bad Company
    Venus and Mars / Medicine Jar — Wings
    Blow Up the Outside World — Soundgarden
    Tangled Up in Blue — Dylan
    Riviera Paradise — Stevie Ray
    Summertime — Janis singing Gershwin
    Question — Moody Blues
    Lazy — Deep Purple
    (Don’t Go Back to) Rockville — REM
    Dreamer — Supertramp

  67. Hi, Fed. Here are my 10 songs in no particular order:

    Rush – Spirit of Radio
    Oasis – Look Back in Anger
    Joe Jackson – I’m The Man
    Neil Young – Cinnamon Girl
    The Jam – Here Comes The Weekend
    The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again
    The Beatles – She Loves You
    Golden Earring – Twilight Zone
    INXS – Don’t Change
    Thin Lizzy – Southbound

    Thanks (once again) for the opportunity to share. I have never contributed to a global blog before, and this one continues to be a vital community with an obviously deep love for David Gilmour’s music.

    Greatly looking forward to your UK bloggers’ reports on the shows in Scotland, Manchester and London.

    p.s. – Can you explain the current UK football standings in 10 words or less for us North American bloggers? Much appreciated …

    Kevin (the Canadian one)

    [How do you mean, Kevin? – Features Editor]

  68. I (love to) hate lists, but…

    Hendrix: Purple Haze
    Rolling Stones: Paint it Black
    Van Hallen: Jump
    Rush: 2112
    U2: Where the streets have no name
    Doors: The End
    Jethro Tull: Aqualung
    Beatles: Help
    Elton John: Rocket Man
    Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms

    [‘Paint It Black’… – Features Editor]

  69. Wow, picking just 10 of your favorite tracks is like picking 10 favorite potato chips!! Well, hookay here it goes:

    Jeff Beck – Star Cycle
    The Who – Naked Eye
    The Clash – I Fought The Law
    Neil Young – Don’t Let It Bring You Down
    Pearl Jam – Even Flow (original single version)
    Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – I Need Your Love So Bad
    Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar
    Queen – We Will Rock You (fast version found on King Biscuit compilation – Best of the Biscuit)
    Bruce Springsteen – Streets of Philadelphia
    Dixie Dregs – Take It Off the Top

    That sure was a bit of a brain drain at 12:26 am!!


    [Favourite potato chips next week. – Features Editor]

  70. Tracks from my years as a midwestern farmboy:

    10. The Last Resort—The Eagles
    9. Pink Houses—John Couger Mellancamp
    8. One—U2
    7. Go Your Own Way—Fleetwood Mac
    6. Rhymes and Reasons—John Denver
    5. You’ve got a Friend—James Taylor
    4. All My Lovin’—The Beatles
    3. One—Metallica
    2. Something—Paul McCartney’s version on “The Concert for George” DVD This is a must see!
    1. Baker Street—Gerry Rafferty

    From John Denver to Metallica. David falls somewher in the middle. Music is truly the art of life.

    -Jon, Nebraska

  71. Without any particular order

    Air Born- Camel
    Ice- Camel
    Brothers in Arms- Dire Straits
    Sultains of Swing- Dire Straits
    Son of Alerik- Deep Purple
    Child in Time- Deep Purple
    Paranoid- Black Sabbath
    Fear of the Dark- Iron Maiden
    Looking for Love- WhiteSnake
    All Along the Watch Tower- Jimi Hendrix


  72. 1. Radiohead – “How to Disappear Completely”
    2. Bob Dylan – “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only
    3. The Who – “I’m One”
    4. Elvis Costello – “Lipstick Vogue”
    5. Pixies – “Where is my Mind?”
    6. Neil Young – “After the Gold Rush”
    7. Peter Gabriel – “Games Without Frontiers”
    8. The Clash – “Straight to Hell”
    9. Tom Waits – “Alice”
    10. Supergrass – “Pumping on your Stereo”
    (because the rest of my selections are so
    dang FUN)

  73. Ten faves;

    All Along the Watchtower- Jimi. Brothers in Arms-Mark Knoffler. While My Guitar-George Harrison. Telstar-The Ventures. Crying- Roy Orbison. The Messiah Will Come Again- Roy Buchanan. Red House- Gary Moore ala Jimi. Kashmir-Led Zep. River of Tears-Eric Clapton and finally, Imagine- John Lennon.

    That’s tough. What’s yours Fed?

    [Have a look towards the top of the page. Like everyone else, it would change daily. – Features Editor]

  74. I just found out that they are going to show David Gilmours concert in Portland, Oregon. My wife and I are going to see the concert at the movies and I really want to thank David for this chance to see him and his mates playing. I realized that David can’t play in every state and I really thank him for doing this.


    Thomas O’Connell

  75. [God, this is difficult, isn’t it? Whose stupid idea was this? Posted by: Features Editor]

    Barclay James Harvest – Summer Soldier (great sentiments, lovely guitar)
    Renaissance – Song Of Scheherazade (orchestrated Prog genius)
    Sleeper – Sale Of The Century (a bit of gratuitous BritPop)
    Moody Blues – Best Way To Travel (thinking, of course)
    Phil Manzanera – Technicolour UFO (Roxy for the 21st C)
    The Tubes – White Punks On Dope (kick ass)
    Johnny Clegg – The Crossing (rousing South African – “the tide is turning” and it did!)
    Fairport Convention – Rising For The Moon (Sandy Denny – need I say more?)
    Hawkwind – Wings (sad song about the Exxon Valdez oil spill)
    Monty Python – The Bright Side Of Life (to cheer us up)

    Oh dear, I keep changing my mind. This is by no means a definitive 10 best favourites list because I couldn’t possibly make one. This’ll have to do for now!

  76. Tracks of my years! Well sorry, I have too many years. Ten is impossible, 100 I might just manage.

    How to cope – OK, here’s 10 tracks I love from artists or groups from the same musical “genre” as DG/PF. I also enjoy electronic, chill, blues, and new indie-style bands (I even have Madame Madonna and Mr Eminemememem in my CD collection), but they’ll have to wait for another day, another blog …

    (1) The End – Doors
    (2) In the Beginning – Genesis
    (3) Eleventh Earl of Mar – Genesis
    (4) Child of Mine – Fleetwood Mac
    (5) Planet of New Orleans – Dire Straits
    (6) Misty Mountain Hop – Led Zeppelin
    (7) Synchronicity II – Police
    (8) Optimistic – Radiohead
    (9) The Everlasting – Manic Street Preachers
    (10) Along the Shoreline – Rick Wright (you said no DG/PF, not any other PF solo, so …)

  77. I’ll get the cheesy one out of the way first…

    Singin’ in the Rain – Gene Kelly
    Paint it Black – Rolling Stones
    The End – The Doors
    People Are Strange – The Doors
    You’re My Best Friend – Queen
    I’m Deranged – David Bowie
    The Heart’s Filthy Lesson – David Bowie
    Wake Up – Rage Against the Machine
    Where is My Mind – The Pixies
    Wish You Were Here – Radiohead (that’s allowed, isn’t it?)

  78. The Police – Spirits In The Material World
    Peter Gabriel – Mercy Street
    Dire Straits – On Every Street
    Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms
    Supertramp – Dreamer
    Coldplay – Don’t Panic
    Radiohead – Airbag
    The Cure – Fascination Street
    Rush – La Villa Strangiato
    Jean-Michel Jarre – En Attendent Cousteau

  79. Happy Wednesday,

    10 tracks of my years:

    Moody Blues – Have you heard
    Arthur Lee and Love – Always see your face (Get well soon Arthur !!)
    Beatles – A day in the life
    Caravan – Winter wine
    Nektar – Do you believe in magic
    Porcupine Tree – Yellow hedgerow dreamscape
    King Crimson – Epitaph
    Van der Graff Generator – Darkness
    Indian Summer – Another tree will grow (Great Coventry band)
    Otis Redding – My Girl

    I was on my way home after my eldest daughter was born in 1986. I turned on the car radio and ‘My Girl’ came on. I had to pull over for a short while as I suddenly burst, uncontrollably, into tears. Nowadays I burst into tears when her university bills come in.

    Pete – Coventry

  80. Neil Young – Heart of Gold
    Genesis – The Musical Box
    Rebekka Bakken – Didn’t I
    Ezio – Thousand years
    Bob Dylan & The Band, Friends – I shall be released
    Bruce Springsteen – Sprit in the night
    Coldplay – The Scientist
    Helen Sjoeholm – Gabriella’s Song
    Astor Piazolla – Escualo
    Jaquin Rodrigo – Concertio de Aranjuez Adagio

  81. Here’s 10 in no particular order:

    Running on Faith (Dobro version) – Eric Clapton
    The Thrill is Gone – BB King
    And You and I – Yes
    In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed – The Allman Brothers Band
    My Funny Valentine – Miles Davis
    To Lay Me Down – Jerry Garcia Band
    Have You Ever Loved a Woman – Derek & the Dominoes
    The Sky Is Crying – Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble
    Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix
    Traveling Riverside Blues – Robert Johnson

    Recent TV sighting of Guy and Phil-

    The INHD hidef cable channel in the states has been showing “Isle of Wight with Roxy Music” from the 2005 Isle of Wight festival. Guy sounds fabulous on the two songs I caught last night. Have a peek if you get INHD from your cable system.

  82. Very good morning FEd,

    Here are my 10 tracks…(in no particular order except for the first one, which remains first..)

    1. Until the last moment–Yanni (Instrumental from Live at Acropolis, my favourite of ALL TIME)
    2. He ain’t heavy he’s my brother–Hollies(I love this song, somewhere on the top of my list)
    3. Fields of Gold–Sting
    4. Stairway to heaven–Led Zappelin
    5. Hotel California–The Eagles
    6. Brothers in Arms–Dire Straits
    7. Clocks–Coldplay
    8. My Father’s Eyes–Eric Clapton
    9. Another Day in Paradise–Phil Collins
    10.Red hill minig town–U2

    I am sure the list goes on….

    Have a great day FEd.

    Best Regards,

  83. My Tracks in No order.

    1. BELLX1. Eve the apple of my eye.
    2. BUFFY ST MARIE. The big ones
    3. TORI AMOS Winter
    4. KATE BUSH. Cloudbursting
    5. JUSTIN HAYWARD Forever Autumn
    6. GARY WRIGHT Dreamweaver
    7. HAZEL O CONNOR Will you
    8. THE ADVENTURES. Broken land
    9. DELAMITRI Nothing ever happens
    10. ALAN PARSONS Sirus/eye in the sky

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  84. Hi Ho All,

    At a minute’s notice and a few minutes thought …

    Radiohead: Paranoid Android
    Sex Pistols: EMI
    Dead Kennedys: Holiday in Cambodia
    The Exploited: USA
    Sex Pistols: God Save the Queen
    RATM: Bullet in the Head
    Radiohead: Fake Plastic Trees
    Frank Sinatra: Fly Me to the Moon
    Bjork: Hyper-Ballad
    Tool: Pushit

    Mind you, only because you put on the limit of no Pink Floyd or David Gilmour; then none of them would have made it. 🙂

    Rock On

    i am remotely morty

  85. No Floyd or Gilmour? That’s half my top ten!

    In no particular order…

    Stairway – Led Zeppelin
    Dream On – Aerosmith
    Dream of Mirrors – Iron Maiden
    Beyond the Realms of Death – Judas Priest
    We’ll Burn The Sky – Scorpions
    Post Tostee – Tommy Bolin
    Coast To Coast – Scorpions
    Rock Bottom – UFO
    Lost Horizons – Michael Schenker Group
    Nutshell – Alice In Chains

    … And the Oakland Gilmour show was the best I’ve ever seen except one … The Wall in 1980 in LA.

  86. Hmm…. the tracks of my years, eh. Well rather than just list ten songs that I love, I’ll try and list ten songs that meant things to me over the years.

    1. Neil Young – Harvest Moon
    2. The Who – Baba O’Riley
    3. The Beatles – Dear Prudence
    4. The Stones – Gimme Shelter
    5. U2 – Bad
    6. Genesis – The Musical Box
    7. Oasis – Live Forever
    8. The Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection
    9. The Charlatans – One To Another
    10. The Arcade Fire – Wake Up

    jeez, that was harder than i thought it was going to be

  87. Current selection (makes me want to grab the records again and start listening and dreaming)

    1 Camel – The Hour Candle (the raw emotion about his father’s death)
    2 Strangers on a Train – Perchance To Dream (Tracy Hitchings’ Great Gig)
    3 Strangers on a Train – Occams Tears (hypnotizing)
    4 Marillion – Marouatte Jam (from the Brave sessions)
    5 Marillion – Neverland
    6 Deep Purple – Child in Time (shivers down the spine)
    7 The Doors – The End (freaky lyrics indeed)
    8 Alice Cooper – Halo of Flies
    9 Supertramp – Fools Overture (live a Paris)
    10 Camel – Ice (another master of the guitar)

    I could have included songs from Roger Waters and Richard Wright as those were not exluced in FEd’s rules, but I chose te broaden the musical taste a bit more, although the 3 bands with two songs in my list clearly reflect my inner self 😉


  88. Well done to the Gunner’s i need something to sooth my nerves after that game, something by DG would do that.

    As for the tracks of my years

    The Clash – Straight To Hell
    Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing
    Jimi Hendrix – Rainy day dream away
    Jimi Hendrix – still raining still dreaming
    The tornadoes – Telstar
    The shadows – Apache
    Nashville Teans – Tobacco Road
    Alan Parsons -I Robot
    Sonny Landreth – Native stepson

    that was hard! i agree with Cris Royle i think my choice would differ from day to day.

  89. My top 10 for today are, in no particular order

    Fragile – Sting
    Dancing Queen – Abba (I am suitably ashamed of this selection but I kind of like it!)
    Fergus sings the blues – Deacon Blue
    The boys of summer – Don Henley
    Your latest trick – Dire Straits
    Still got the Blues – Gary Moore
    Never tear us apart – INXS
    Days – Kirsty Macoll
    Imagine – John Lennon
    Blinded by the light – Manfred Man

    [Don Henley’s ‘The Boys Of Summer’. Yes, I need to include that one, too. – Features Editor]

  90. [with today being the last day of term when you’re allowed to bring your toys in]

    great, pass the parcel or pin the tail on the donkey anyone?

  91. No particular order about this:

    1. Cowgirl In The Sand – Neil Young (New Album on the way!!!)
    2. Pocohontas (Year Of The Horse version) – Neil
    3. Coldplay – Politik
    4. Placebo – Follow The Cops Back Home (Only Placebo can write a song that is genuinely beautiful)
    5. Placebo – Nancy Boy (Alcoholic kind of mood…)
    6. Radiohead – Street Spirit
    7. Oasis – Sad Song
    8. Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who
    9. Lynyrd Skyrnyd – Freebird (14 min. live version – The mother of all guitar solos)
    10. Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

    Ps. As a huge fan of Placebo, Neil Young and Oasis t’was very difficult to choose just a few of their songs, it was like choosing cereal – a decision that I find very difficult to make (best free toys, sugar content and all that).


  92. Hi all – Pleased for the Arsenal last night – I guess their time maybe has come. Still, I can’t help but wince at the fact that they are the last English team left in the competition….hey hum.

    Top ten songs here goes – no PF or David – eek?uhh?

    1. Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
    2. Freebird – Lynard Skynard
    3. Teenage Kicks – The Undertones
    4. Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix
    5. Albatross – Peter Green – Fleetwood Mac
    6. Layla – Eric Clapton – Derek & the Dominoes
    7. Magic Bus – Live at Leeds – The Who
    8. White Room – Cream
    9. Pinball Wizard – The Who
    10. All along the watchtower – Bob Dylan

    gees that was hard


  93. Well, here are my 10 in no particular order:

    The Stranger – Shadows (My first guitar heroes and I’m not THAT old!)
    I Feel Fine – Beatles (That feedback is iconic)
    Hurt – Johnny Cash (Fragile Beauty)
    Rat Race – The Specials (My urban youth ideals)
    Black Steel – Public Enemy (Brutal power)
    Patio Song – Gorkys Zygotic Mynci (Whimsical joy)
    Ice Hockey Hair – Super Furry Animals (Pop perfection)
    Little Baby Nothing – Manic Street Preachers (Culture, Alienation, Boredome and Despair)
    Tangled Up in Blue – Bob Dylan (Awesome)
    Police and Thieves – The Clash (RIP Joe)

  94. So, music that highlights stages of my life, or memorable moments. Off the top of my head the first ten are:-

    Green Green Grass of Home – Tom Jones ( I would ahve been about 9 or 10, really the first bit of music I thought I liked, ignoring all the Boney M and Abba that my folks played on long car journeys)

    Demolition man – Legs Akimbo ( live music in Falstaff during a world tour I was on. Saw these guys live in a bar on Independance Day and their encore was a 15 minute version of this, stunning stuff for a ‘pub band’)

    Redemption Song – Bob Marley ( was played in the taxi taking us to the airport while we were being deported from Belize, heady heady times)

    Echo Beach – Martha and the Muffins ( quite simply the best ‘pop’ song ever written)

    Losing My Religion – REM ( first song heard after coming out of the jungle in Guatemala and El Salvador – it seemed fitting somehow)

    I’m Not In Love – 10CC ( to remember the first dance with a girl I first had a crush on)

    In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins ( sorry for bringing Phil Collins into this, but this was on in the distance as I lost my virginity having a knee trembler)

    Streets Of London – Ralph McTell ( Played loud every morning during my 6th Form, just to annoy my Housemaster whose wife used to go out with Ralph McTell. Should have got boring very quickly, but never did)

    Cecilia – Simon and Garfunkel ( for knowing when I heard that I would have to get up off the floor, relaxing on a warm summer Sunday afternoon, to change the record)

    Stay With Me Til Dawn – Judie Tzuke ( first time a solo singing female voice totally captivated me)

    There so many more significant moments I could list – in fact there could be a web page in this, My Life In Music where people post up their lives via songs that represent specific moments.

  95. Caption Competition

    David had an inkling that the Fedmeister had bribed Marc Brickman to only use only red lights during the final show… but when the second set included a version of “Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey” the Fedmeister’s dastardly game was up…

  96. OK here’s mine:

    1. Genesis – Suppers Ready (Seconds Out Live)
    2. Kate Bush – Cloudbusting
    3. Radiohead – Let Down
    4. Rolling Stones – Honky Tonk Woman
    5. Alanis Morrisette – Thank You
    6. Genesis – Driving the Last Spike
    7. Peter Gabriel – I grieve
    8. Radiohead – No Surprises
    9. Phil Collins – Both Sides
    10. Camel – Drafted (it sounds remarkably like a certain David Gilmour – both the vocals and the guitar – try it…..!)

  97. Fed,

    You have assumed control……….

    Some great lists that contain a mix, memories, surprises, similarities and s**t I forgot that one.

    Nice one
    Pete – Coventry

  98. Hi Fed,

    Narrowing it down to *just* ten tracks is a bit tricky, but here we go:

    (In Alphabetical Order):

    Badfinger – No Matter What
    Beatles – Let It Be
    Black Sabbath – Solitude
    Deep Purple – Fireball
    Iron Maiden – Stranger In A Strange land
    Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird
    Marillion – Kayleigh
    Queen- There Are The Days Of Our Lives
    Snow Patrol – Run
    Status Quo – 4500 Times

    There! Give me 30 minutes and I’ll prolly change my mind! 🙂

  99. In No order.

    Alter Bridge – Find the Real
    White Stripes – Hardest Button to button
    Nirvana – Sappy
    The Kinks – Come Dancing
    Bayside – Blame it on bad luck
    Cat Stevens – Wild World
    Cream – Sunshine of your love
    The Smiths – What differnce does it make
    Gary Moore – Back to the blues
    Mountain – Nantuket Sleighride.

    Not a bad list for an 18 year old.

    And to say if we could put Floyd tracks in, there would be no other band in the list.

  100. My top ten:

    1. Angels – Robbie Williams
    2. Albatross – Fleetwood Mac
    3. And I Love Her – The Beatles
    4. Child in Time – Deep Purple (live version)

    7. No Quater – Led Zeppelin (live version)
    8. War Pigs – Black Sabbath
    9. She’s Not There – Santana
    10. Mourning Sad Morning – Free

    [No Floyd allowed, sorry. It’s in the rules. – Features Editor]

  101. Hello my favourite FEd! How are you? How your rules? Do they work? I hope!

    I love doing lists, so I can’t quit this opportunity! Even if my friends tell that the songs I love are too much sad and angry! Btw, you know I use a lot of esclamation mark (too much, I know…but they make me feel happier!) and yesterday I realized you used them often when you answer me: ARE YOU PULLING IN MY LEG?!!!! 😉 No! I’m sure you did it to be kind! And, using SNEd words, I think the world would be a much duller place without esclamation marks!!!! (Btw, greetings to SNEd!)

    Ok! My list! …I think these are the song I listened more during the last year…not new but very beautiful!

    3. So fast. So numb – R.E.M.
    4. Sail to the moon – Radiohead
    5. Fake plastic trees – Radiohead
    6. Glosoli – Sigur Ròs
    7. Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap
    8. Circle of Friends- Edie Brickell
    9. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division
    10. Alive – Pearl Jam

    P.S. I can’t stop wacthing AOL session! High Hopes final solo is wonderful! When I will be able to listen FAT OLD SUN in the new version again? I miss it!

    Have a great day


    [No Pink Floyd songs allowed, sorry. I say that you must use an exclamation mark when you have something to exclaim. I know that some people don’t like them, but I like them! There you go. – Features Editor]

  102. Without my usual Floyd defaults, this won’t be easy…but here goes:

    10. All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix
    9. Match of the Day – Genesis
    8. Eastbound Train – Dire Straits
    7. Ol’ 55 – The Eagles
    6. Nowhere Man – The Beatles
    5. Start The Car – Jude Cole
    4. Fly By Night – Rush
    3. If Not You – Dr. Hook
    2. I’ll Lie Myself To Sleep – Shelby Lynne
    1. North and South – Gerry Rafferty


    [Ah, ‘Nowhere Man’… – Features Editor]

  103. My top ten.

    1 Marilllion. Kayleigh (The name of my 7 year old)
    2 Jimi Hendrix. Fire.
    3 The Nice. Country Pie.
    4 Lynyrd Skynyrd. That Smell.
    5 Rush. 2112
    6 ELP. Tarkus.
    7 The Who. Long live rock.
    8 Genesis The Knife
    9 Audience. The house on the hill.
    10 Uriah Heep. Tears in my eyes.

    Gary Hurley.

  104. Ashes Are Burning ~ Renaissance
    Close To The Edge ~ Yes
    The Rain Song ~ Led Zeppelin
    And Hiding Away ~ The Innocence Mission
    Here, There and Everywhere ~ The Beatles
    A Day ~ Styx ***
    Lady Stardust ~ David Bowie
    Riders On The Storm ~ The Doors
    Ticking ~ Elton John ***
    Autumn ~ The Edgar Winter Group ***


    F*Ed ~ If you’ve never heard these please try to. Especially the Elton John song. It’s Bernie Taupin’s best lyrical work.

    Cool thread…


    [I don’t know it, Matt, but I’ll look out for it. I quite like some of Elton’s songs. – Features Editor]

  105. Am loving everyone’s lists. I’ve just made an MP3 playlist of my tracks of my years and am listening to it now – suggest you try the same for yours… it’s a beautiful memory lane rollercoaster ride!

    Am going to try to put together some of yours as playlists, where I’ve got the music. Am on a constant search for new music and you’ve all just given me loads to explore… nice one! 🙂


  106. I had such a nice start to my day this morning. It’s funny because DSOM is such a great album, but I cant remember the last time I actually took out my CD and listened to it. But this morning I spontaneously decided to bring it along for the car ride to work (45min drive). I must say it was such a nice treat listening to Dark side and watching the sunrise on sunrise hwy. The sky looked especially beautiful too with all the purple, pink and orange colors, a real picture perfect moment.

    Anyway here is my list: if i cant choose PF or DG

    1)Radiohead-No Surprises (ok computer)
    2)Radiohead- There There (Hail to the Thief)
    3)Radiohead- Fade Out (The Bends)
    4)Radiohead- Nice Dream (The bends)
    5)Radiohead- Sail To The Moon (HTTT)
    6)Morrissey- First of the gang to die (you are the quarry)
    7)Morrissey- This world is full of crashing bores (you are the quarry)
    9)The Smiths-What she said (Meat Is Murder)
    10) Morrissey- The More you ignore me the closer i get. (vauxhill and I)

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Irene…

  107. 1. Deja Vu – CSN&Y
    2. Aja – Steely Dan
    3. Hurt – Johnny Cash
    4. Sober – Tool
    5. Dust in the wind – Kansas
    6. Old Man – Neil Young
    7. Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin
    8. 2112 – Rush
    9. All That You Dream – Little Feet
    10. Tangled Up In Blue – Bob Dylan

    Damn…….I’m pretty pleased with that!

  108. 10 Songs:

    Not the best songs, just that each is associated with a different old friend and good times:

    Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
    You’re my best friend – Queen
    TVC 15 – David Bowie
    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
    Locomotion – Grand Funk Railroad
    Stairway to Heaven – Led Zep
    Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple
    Razamanazz – Nazareth
    Tempus Fugit – Yes
    Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room – Brownsville Station

    Love the new rules. Keep it up!

  109. 10 songs; no particular order; I limited myself to one song per artist and I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow, but for today…

    Awaken – Yes
    The Night Watch – King Crimson
    Supper’s Ready – Genesis
    Five Years – David Bowie
    Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads
    In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
    Wooden Ships – Jefferson Airplane
    Let It Down – George Harrison
    Just One Victory – Todd Rundgren
    Nevermore – UK


  110. I made my list before I scrolled through the others so I wouldn’t be influenced by their selections:

    1. Bruce Springsteen – She’s The One
    2. Pearl Jam – Release
    3. Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue
    4. Led Zeppelin – Rock n Roll
    5. Who – Fooled Again
    6. Beatles – Helter Skelter
    7. Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath
    8. Aerosmith – Train Kept a Rollin’
    9. Bruce Springsteen – Empty Sky (sad but beautiful)
    10. Yes – And You and I

    I could easily choose 10 Bruce songs but I tried to be diverse. It was fun thinking about it though.

  111. Just like everyone else, this will change tomorrow. And this is hard without any Floyd or David. FEd, you’ve probably prompted a hundred compilation discs to be made!

    1. Blind Willie McTell – Bob Dylan (one of his best)
    2. The Divided Sky – Phish (powerful guitar work… amazing to see live)
    3. Come Rain or Come Shine – B.B. King & Eric Clapton (two greats on a classic track)
    4. The Future – Leonard Cohen
    5. Pink Moon – Nick Drake
    6. Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel (coming to terms with going solo… appropriate here, eh?)
    7. New Age – Velvet Underground
    8. The Weight – The Band
    9. Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan (“Judas” version… has he ever sounded so passionate/angry/sarcastic?)
    10. No Surprises – Radiohead (just a beautiful song)

    [Passionate/angry/sarcastic Bob is my favourite Bob. There’s a version of ‘Idiot Wind’, probably on one of the ‘Bootleg Series’ discs. You’ve just got to love him when he’s got a bee in his bonnet about something. – Features Editor]

  112. Hi FEd

    10 songs is seriously hard

    Led Zeppelin – Stairway TO Heaven (Spookily it started playing on the radio as I write this!)
    Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fade Out)
    Rolling Stones – Jumping Jacl Flash
    U2 – The Unforgettable Fire
    Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
    Kate Bush – Running up that Hill
    Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms
    The Police – Wrapped around your finger
    Don Henley – Castles in the Air
    The Beatles – Fool on the hill

    If I could have had one more, it would have been BB King – Another Blues Stringer. I saw him a few weeks back and he was out of this world. Unbelievable that he’s now 80! The man can play.

    [You can sneak ‘No More Lonely Night’ in, Tom. Whoever plays that gorgeous guitar solo is a damn fine guitarist. – Features Editor]

    For my shame, I loved that song for years without knowing it was David and always thought the guitar solo was the best thing in it – often skipping right to it and missing the rest of the song. I always wondered why Macca never played like that on his other songs!! LOL

    Now, at least, I can say I have found “the light!”


  113. Fed… let me help Kevin out…

    Mmmmmm Football…isn’t it…or Soccer as you like to call it over there…our Canadian brothers…poutine and a 24 of blue please….Mmmm

    1. Chelsea 88 Points (35)
    2. Man Utd 79 Points (35)
    3. Liverpool 73 Points (35)
    4. Tottenham Hotspur 62 Points (36)
    5. Arsenal 58 Points (35)
    6. Blackburn 54 Points (35)
    7. Newcastle 54 Points (36)
    8. Bolton 52 Points (35)

    () indicates games played….

    Such a big industry these days… forget there’s a game going with the corporate entertaining going on…It’s a far cry from small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts. Isn’t it? Mmmmm. Marvellous….

  114. Hello,

    Ten tracks…

    I’m not very good at remembering track titles or artist’s names for that matter but hopefully you’ll know which ones I mean…

    Absolutely in this particular order:

    1. The one that goes: da da daa, da da da daa, da da daa, du du.
    2. And then this one: deh deh deh dhum, deh deh deh dhum, deh deh deh dhum etc.
    3. I love this one: Der de der, der, der, der, derr de der der.
    4. Oh and this comedy track: Durum, durum, durum durum durum, durum durum durum.
    5. No list would be complete without: de dum, de dum dee duum’m, de dum, de dum dee duum’m, di dum di dum dii duum, dum, dum, dum, di dum.
    6. The axe man cometh: Ugh egh, ugh egh, ugheh et er.
    7. Sends shivers down my spine: Um um urm. um um uur-mm.
    8. This takes me back: Der da da da daa, da da da da daa, da da da daa, der der der, dur dur da, der da da da daa, da da da daa.
    9. Ahh, lazy days: Der de der, der de der der de’eer.
    10. I know it’s against the rules (a bit), but I’ll sneek this one in: Der dee der duurr, der dee der duur, der dee der durr, dum dum dum dum dum dum dum, DER DEE DER DUURR… Oh sorry, I’ve just come!…der dee der duurr…

    Ask me tomorrow and I’ll probably come up with a completely different list as I will have forgotten todays. Pardon.

    Now, where did I put my ears?


  115. SORRY FED!!!! In my list I put 2 Pink FLoyd’ song…I forget they are allowed…but…my list is about my best 10 in the last year (more simple than in a life!). This is different? Isn’t it? Is it a good excuse? If not…on friday I have an exam. Is it a good excuse? Or..I’m italian: I can’t speak english! At the end…THAT’S NOT MY LIST!!!


  116. Tracks of my years:

    1. Motherless Children, Eric Clapton
    2. Squonk Genesis
    3. Secret Journey, The Police
    4. I need a lover, John Cougar
    5. Rocket Man, Sir Elton
    6. Back in the USSR, The Beatles
    7. Higher, Creed
    8. The Streets have No Name, U2
    9. Son of a Sailor, Jimmy Buffett
    10. Walking the Tight Rope, Stevie Ray Vaughn

  117. in no particular order, the picks of the day would be…

    the smiths – the queen is dead
    the manic street preachers – if you tolerate this your children will be next
    magazine – definitive gaze
    no-man – only rain
    donna summer – i feel love
    soft cell – torch
    blue nile – tinseltown in the rain
    radiohead – how to disappear completely
    william orbit – barber’s adagio for strings (ferry corsten mix)
    sex pistols – anarchy in the u.k.

  118. Some great tracks appearing, but I can’t believe how few of Roger Waters’ songs are listed.

  119. Well, here goes and in no particular order:

    1. Massive Attack – Angel
    2. Pulp – Common People
    3. Queensryche – Silent Lucidity
    4. Oasis – The Masterplan
    5. Led Zeppelin – Kashmir (Unledded version)
    6. The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again
    7. Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms
    8. Genesis – Ripples
    9. Bruce Springsteen – Jungleland
    10 Eva Cassidy – Over The Rainbow (Whenever I hear this, the room I’m in becomes strangely dusty and my hay-fever seems to come on!)


  120. Forgiven – Alanis Morissette
    Easy Lover – Phil Collins
    Down By The Jetty – Dr. Feelgood
    Mustang Sally – The Commitments
    Even In The Quietest Moments – Supertramp
    I Know What I Like – Genesis
    Show Some Emotion – Joan Armatrading
    The Musical Box – Genesis
    Easy Livin’ – Uriah Heep
    Rhayader – Camel

    My second list… but all appear in my collection somewhere…yours acrostically… 🙂

    [You’re just too clever for your own good, mate. – Features Editor]

  121. If instrumentals are allowed:

    1.Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits
    2.I’ve been losing you – A-ha
    3.Flamenco Scetches (instrumental) – Miles Davis
    4.Amused To Death – Roger Waters
    5.God Only Knows – Beach Boys
    6.Rose (instrumental) – Manu Katchè
    7.40 – U2
    8.The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress – Radka Toneff
    9.Under The Surface – Marit Larsen
    10.Something – The Beatles

  122. most are kind of old(er) . . . but hey . . . so am I I suppose . . .

    “Spinning Wheel” – Blood, Sweat & Tears
    “Utopia” – Todd Rungren
    “Modern Music” – Be Bop Deluxe
    “Trilogy” – ELP
    “Surfs Up” – Beach Boys (can ANYONE interpret those lyrics . . ???)
    “Jungleland” – Bruce Springsteen
    “2112” – Rush
    “Brothers in Arms” – Dire Straits
    “Tin Pan Alley” – Stevie Ray Vaughan
    “Jesus of Suburbia” – Green Day

    love everyone’s lists . . . . excellent idea F’ed . . .

  123. who else is reading these lists & saying “oh sh*t i forgot that one” some great stuff.

    Great idea Fed i can see this one running for a while.

    im resisting posting an alternative list….

    for the moment.


  124. OK! These could be the 10 most important songs of my life:

    1. STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN – Led Zeppelin (I listened for the first time when I was 12 years old. My brother in law played it with the guitar when we were in Mexico for holiday – and my brother in law wasn’t my brother in law yet – and I loved this sound immediatrly! But he didn’t tell me the title of this song (he is a very naughty boy!) but after Mexico I went to London and I listen the same song in front of the Robert Plant’s waxwork in the Madame Tussaud Museum! FUNNY! I love this song!)

    2. JOGA – Bjork (the man of my dream lended me the cd…he broke my heart…but he is a fantastic boy!)

    3. THE BENDS – Radiohead (It make me remember the wonderful years in a house when I lived with fantastic friends, some years ago!)

    4. SONG # 4 in the album ( ) – Sigur Ròs (It make me remember Iceland, where I went in 2000. I LOVE IT! It’s a wonderful place, where I dream to go back.)

    5. THE END – The Doors (the fantastic years during the secondary school! Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll…more or less! I wasn’t a bad girl! I’ve always been a good girl! REALLY)

    6. GET THE MONEY – Goran Bregovic and Iggy Pop (I listened it a lot when I wrote my graduation thesis. I felt so relieved when I have finished the University. Then arrived the job…not better!)

    7. SAVE ME – Aimee Mann (Magnolia soundtrack. Magnolia is one of my favourite movie. I love it)

    8. KARMA POLICE – Radiohead (because 1 minute is enough for lost yourself! And “for I minute there I lost myself” a lot of time! He enchain me! I love Thom voice. I could do everything for a man who sing for me in that way!)

    9. YOU AND ME SONG – Wannadies (Or video killed the radio star by The Buggles..or Radiohead by Talking Heads…are funny! They make me feel good!)

    10. I confirm HIDE AND SEEK – Imogen Heap – because is a fascinating song and I think the lyrics are very good!

    This is the 10 songs of my life…for today!



  125. CAPTION:

    “Close your mouth when getting spray on tan ” seemed good advice at the time

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  126. Hi, mr. fed. ed.

    My tears are gone. No chance to visit a concert. But I found a team of attorneys and they want to fight against the ticket-mafia in germany!!! I had enough.

    my list:

    Dire Straits – Private Investigations (12 min.-live)
    Eagles – Hotel California
    Johnny Cash – Hurt
    Nina Simone – Feeling Good
    Dire Straits – Telegraph Road
    Elliot Goldenthal – Burn it Blue (Frida)
    Moby – Everloving
    Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights
    Pete Haycock – Thunderbird
    Marianne Faithfull – The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
    Tindersticks – Tiny tears

    huh its not easy to find only 10 tracks. But hey, i`m a woman – over 40years old, it could change every hour. So this is the list for this hour! 😉

    Best wishes

  127. Just Great….

    Have today off things to do and all I have done is keep reading the blog and digging around for CDs I havent listened to in ages. Some are missing and I know my 23 year old has them.I don’t think I will get much done today. Oh well, enjoy seeing songs I forgot about.

    Everybody Have a great day………

  128. Why do so many people have raidohead in their lists? I know its an opinion, but they are terrible. Most over-rated band ever. Thats ever.

    Fed, whats your list?

    [My list is already on the page (near the top) and I have to say that I agree with you about Radiohead. I just don’t see the attraction. Or the point, for that matter. The new Pink Floyd?! – Features Editor]

  129. Courtesy of my iPod, here’s a selection of 10 songs which strike me every time as just being damn good, or songs which struck me as particularly original when I first heard them… I’d probably need a week to rifle through my CD collection proper to come out with THE 10 😉

    Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
    Every Rose Has It’s Thorn – Poison
    Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez
    Lateralis – Tool
    Money For Nothing – Dire Straits
    No Surprises – Radiohead
    Scattered Blacks and Whites – Elbow
    Sit Down – James
    Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin
    Staralfur – Sigur Ros

  130. ‘Tracks of My Years’ i.e. milestones in music:

    1] Scheherazade – Rimsky-Korsakov
    2] Room to Move – John Mayall
    3] To Cry You a Song – Tull
    4] Death and the Maiden – Schubert
    5] Skyline Pigeon – Sir Elton
    6] Offbeat of Avenues – Manhattan Transfer(the single)
    7] The End of the Innocence – Don Henley
    8] Fell On Black Days – Soundgarden
    9] Rusty Cage – Johnny Cash (cover)
    10] Rain – Chris Maresh

    FEd, when you take David Gilmour and the Floyd out of the equation, you’re liable to get just about anything out of me… and i could go on & on…

  131. FEd-

    Dylan’s “Idiot Wind” from Bootleg Series 1-3 (disc 2) is the one you’re thinking of. That version drips with sarcasm… Anyway, good call!

    [Think I’ll listen to it right now. Thanks, Ryan! – Features Editor]

  132. Ten songs that touched and changed me in some way.

    …just the tip of the iceberg but here goes,…

    – Catherine Wheel – Black Metallic (great songwriters)
    – XTC – Making Plans for Nigel (intellectual pop!)
    – New Model Army – Green and Grey (haunting. Intense band)
    – Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This… (brilliantly lush songs)
    – Roxy Music – Avalon (apres-party classic / amazing album)
    – The Tubes – Turn Me On (theatre rock at it’s best!)
    – Supertramp – Rudy (second(!)-favourite group of alltime)
    – Gomez – We Haven’t Turned around (heard it. bought it. loved it.)
    – David Bowie & Bing Crosby – Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth (favourite Christmas tune. brilliant harmony. will always send a shiver down my spine.)
    – The The – This Is The Day (Matt Johnson;…pure genius!)

    🙂 Tom

  133. Ten songs that touched and changed me in some way.

    …just the tip of the iceberg but here goes,…

    – Catherine Wheel – Black Metallic (great songwriters)
    – XTC – Making Plans for Nigel (intellectual pop!)
    – New Model Army – Green and Grey (haunting. Intense band)
    – Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This… (brilliantly lush songs)
    – Roxy Music – Avalon (apres-party classic / amazing album)
    – The Tubes – Turn Me On (theatre rock at it’s best!)
    – Supertramp – Rudy (second(!)-favourite group of alltime)
    – Gomez – We Haven’t Turned around (heard it. bought it. loved it.)
    – David Bowie & Bing Crosby – Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth (favourite Christmas tune. brilliant harmony. will always send a shiver down my spine.)
    – The The – This Is The Day (Matt Johnson;…pure genius!)

    🙂 Tom

  134. Original post…..April 26th@ 3:11am

    Sorry Fed…..I guess I did not read the rules completely. I can be a real Bonehead !!

    Anyway to complete my list(without Floyd stuff):

    Genesis – Suppers Ready
    Jethro Tull – Oh God
    CSNY – Country Girl

    I have been looking up some of the Artists listed above. Many ,I have never even heard of…pretty cool!!!

    Jersey Dave

    [Thanks! – Features Editor]

  135. “The one that goes: da da daa, da da da daa, da da daa, du du.” Kevan

    FEd, I am so sad, as soon as i saw this, i instantly worked out this was “Smoke on the Water. And the second one is Beethove’s fifth!

    I need to get a life


  136. Caption, As you can see with David being extremely busy during this tour, he has brought his Dentist along. Say AAAHHH David.

  137. Fedmeister…

    I’ve never really listened to Dylan so can you suggest a good “first” album to buy?

    [That’s a tough one. Maybe you should go for one of the many compilations just to get a taste of what he’s all about? There’s a good range of tracks on ‘The Essential Bob Dylan’. – Features Editor]


    At first glance – All time favorite 10 songs should be a breeze, hours later and leaving two-thirds of my final list resting in the wastebasket and so many more running rabid in my head – Thank you for the entertainment Fed!

    Randomly this is my final decision:

    – SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW – Papa John Creach on fiddle or Izzy’s Hawaiian version.
    – THE GREAT PRETENDER – The Platters
    – DESPERADO – Eagles
    – MR. TAMBORINE MAN – Bob Dylan
    – BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND – Bob Dylan
    – SUZANNE – Leonard Cohen/Sung by Judy Collins
    – BOTH SIDES NOW – Joni Mitchell
    – THE SOUND OF SILENCE – Paul Simon
    – UNCLE JOHN’S BAND – Grateful Dead

    Shine on,

  139. My top ten list du jour (in no particular order):

    Svefn-g-englar (Sigur Rós)
    Have You Forgotten (Red House Painters)
    Most of the Time (Bob Dylan)
    Delicate (Damien Rice)
    Revelator (Gillian Welch)
    Naked As We Came (Iron & Wine)
    Gold Heart Locket (Jeff Black)
    Beggars Banquet (Nathan Sheppard)
    Former Glory (Ron Sexsmith)
    I Wish It Was Over (Teddy Thompson)

    Best I could do on short notice! =) Enjoy.

  140. Here’s my ten…this was hard…

    In no particular order:

    Since I’ve Been Loving You – Led Zepplin (any version)
    Fantasy – Earth, Wind, & Fire
    Summer of ’69 – Brian Adams
    Thank You (Fallenttinme Be Mice Elf Agin)- Sly & The Family Stone
    Black Dog – Led Zepplin (How the West Was Won)
    Grease – Frankie Valli
    Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees
    Night Fever – Bee Gees
    Eres Tu – Mocedades
    Dear Prudence – The Beatles

    You can not deny the seduction of a good groove…

    “You do not realise the POWER of the Disco and the Funk. Search your feelings, you will KNOW it to be TRUE….” (said in my best Ian McDiarmid impression)

  141. Here’s my 10 in no particular order! But the best is at the top of the list.

    Super’s Ready – Genesis
    Killing Youself to Live – Black Sabbath
    Sweet Revenge – Motorhead
    Space – It’s Immaterial
    You Can’t Catch Me – Chuck Berry
    Blueberry Hill – Fats Dominoe
    Little Queenie – Chuck Berry
    Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You – Led Zeppelin
    Mr Cotton Picker – Tennesee Ernie Ford
    I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Frank Sinatra


  142. Dear dear dear Lesley,

    if you are a man, if you are between 26 and 33 years old and if you have a snug cottage in the England country, I’d like to marry you! At least…for the summer months! I love pass my holiday in England! It’s good even if you came from Iceland, Sweden, Norway…don’t worry for the ring! I don’t wear them! 😉

    Have a great evening!

    See you in July in your country house!

    Remember to water the flowers!


  143. FED!!! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? You agree with Jack Rodgers about Radiohead. You think Radiohead are terrible? What a disappointment! FEd! I couldn’t marry you even if you had a wonderful country house in england! But…ok! We can still be friends…David Gilmour and Pink Floyd still join us!

    But…try to rethink your opionion!


    [I’m afraid I’m not a fan of Radiohead, Lucia. But David is. – Features Editor]

  144. In no particular order.

    Johnny Cash – Long Black Veil
    SRV – Texas Flood
    Blind Melon – Mouthful of Cavities
    Bob Dylan – Buckets of Rain
    Tool – Disposition/Reflection
    Willie Nelson – Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
    Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    Faith No More – Evidence
    Jimi Hendrix – Red House
    Led Zeppelin – Achilles Last Stand

  145. Just got my tix for the screening on May 16th! Just in time. Was going through Gilmour withdrawal after the L.A. shows.

    Okay, here goes…

    Peter Gabriel – Signal to Noise
    Jethro Tull – My God
    Rush – 2112
    Neil Young – Cortez the Killer
    Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box
    Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
    Led Zeppelin – Kashmir
    Bob Marley – Exodus
    Alice in Chains – Rooster
    Erik Satie – Gymnopédies No. 1-3

    Jumping offline now to listen to all of these!


    [I suddenly have the urge to play ‘Black Hole Sun’ for some reason… – Features Editor]

  146. Without wanting to turn this into a Radiohead blog thingy (I believe that wold be against the rules), I just wanted to say that I too was once a non-believer in Radiohead (depressing, lacking in tune and all that) but if you give them a chance and listen to OK Computer or The Bends then you’ll see why people like them so much (‘cos they’re great and wierd). But they are a bit over-rated i’ll give you that. As for the new Pink Floyd, they are (I think) huge fans, Echoes being a firm favourite on their tour bus apparantely (can’t remember where I read that – here maybe) but they’ll never replace David, Rick, Roger and Nick or Syd. I think we can all agree on that.


    P.s I still haven’t chosen my cereal

  147. lol Vicky!

    There’s a classic sign up in a guitar shop in Denmark Street that says ‘anyone heard playing Smoke On The Water, Stairway to Heaven or Sweet Child Of Mine should seriously reconsider whether they have a future in the music business’ – makes me giggle every time I see it. Not that they’re not legendary tunes mind you, just legendarily overplayed…


  148. Hello, F.Ed,

    Here’s my list for now. In no order, of course.

    Peter Frampton- Do you Feel Like We Do? (I know it was played to death on the radio when it came out, but long guitar solos still rock)
    Van Halen- Eruption
    Joe Walsh- Ordinary Average Guy
    Paul Simon- Call Me Al (always lightened me up)
    Blind Melon- No Rain (Shannon had more talent than people realized)
    AC/DC The Jack
    Bobby Mc Farren- Don’t Worry, Be Happy (I know it was a ridiculously cheesy song, but it always puts me in a good mood)
    Dire Straits- Money for Nothing- Love the guitar riff.
    Supertramp- The Logical Song
    AC/DC/ Money Talks

    Love the lists posted. Still laughing at Safety Dance- ranks up there with Down Under from Men at Work. (I am not trying to sneak an extra one in there, F.Ed, I respect the Rule of 10.)

    Have a great day, everyone.


  149. How can Rudders find so many acrostic? It is extraordinary! I justify myself telling that I can’t speak english so well…but the thruth is that I am not able to do acrostic even if I write in italian!

    Congratulation, Rudders! You are really brilliant!

  150. Here is my list…

    Queen – The Millionaire Waltz
    Eagles – Life In The Fast Lane
    Aerosmith – Voodoo Medicine Man
    Archive – Again
    Chris Rea – The Road To Hell
    Dire Straits – Brother In Arms
    Jimi Hendrix – Little Wings
    Eric Johnson – Manhattan
    The Who – Who Are You
    Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

  151. FEd

    Like many others I couldn’t just think of 10 that represent more than just this fleeting moment in time (and I’m a lazy bugger too), so I let my iPod do the thinking, here are the first ten it threw at me when set to “random”(hope this isn’t cheating!):

    Unsolid Ground – IQ
    In The End – Rush
    South Africa – Roy Harper
    Eagles Son – The Pretty Things
    Cryin’ In The Dark – Nektar
    The Stretch – James Taylor Quartet
    I’ve Seen All Good People – Yes
    Death Trap – Hawkwind
    Ain’t No Other Way – Herman Hitson
    (Omnidirectional) Bhadra – Ozric Tentacles

    Incidentally it took ’till choice No. 17 to get to a PF number!!!

    Keep up the good work and remember it’s only 30 days to get a report on the Bridgewater Hall done!


  152. OK, here goes…in no order:

    Desperado -Eagles
    Hotel California-Eagles
    Layla- Eric Clapton/ Derek and the Dominoes
    Crossroads (live) – Cream
    River Man – Nick Drake
    California Girls -Beach Boys
    Low Spark of High Heeled Boys -Traffic
    The Rain Song – Led Zepplin
    Kashmir – Led Zepplin
    Europa -Gato Barbieri

    Of course this could change by tomorrow 🙂

  153. Kevan’s #6 is Purple Haze and #10 is Shine On -which is illegal.

    I need to get a life.


  154. BRILLIANT Vicky . . . !!!!!!

    “Smoke On the Water” . . . . HA !!! how many of us ‘hummed’ that out . . . and indeed . . . you’re right !!!

    SO funny . . . .

  155. I feel you might like this one.

    Morning Dew- Jeff Beck Group, Summertime Blues- Blue Cheer,Time has come today- Chamber Brothers, Do the Strand- Roxy Music,Stay with Me- The Faces, Along the Watch Tower- Jimi Hendrix Experience, Going Home- Ten Years After,Srange Days- The Doors, Communication Breakdown- Led Zepplin, Highway 66/friends/Highway 66 Revisited- Terry Reid.

    I really hope you will enjoy this List.

    Thomas O’Connell

  156. Well done Vicky, the first is Smoke on the Water, a bit obvious but I had to make the first one easy. I wish the second was Beethoven’s fifth because that would make me appear cultured, but it isn’t! (and I’m not).

    Have you worked out any of the others yet?


  157. This is a hard one

    1. Iron Butterfly – In a Gadda Da Vida
    2. Supertramp – School
    3. Beatles – Helter Skelter
    4. Deep Purple – Lazy
    5. Metalica – Where ever I may roam
    6. Van Morrison – Into the mystic
    7. David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
    8. Neil Young – Like a Hurricane
    9. Peter Frampton – Do you feel like we do
    10. Reo Speedwagon – 157 Riverside Ave

  158. Here are ten of mine (there are, of course, many more)…

    INXS – Original Sin
    Tears for Fears – Mad World
    Mad Season – River of Deceit
    Supertramp – Take the Long Way Home
    Alice in Chains – Got me Wrong (Unplugged)
    The Grateful Dead – Weather Report Suite
    Jackson Browne – The Load Out/Stay
    Jerry Raferty – Baker Street
    Toto – Africa
    Don Henley – The Boys of Summer

    I moved all around the world as I was growing up and whenever I hear some of these songs, I am instantly snapped back to the place I was when it was popular. Anyone else with a similar experience?

  159. “Tracks of My Years”

    Another list that changes every day

    1. Seven Percent Grade (Bryan Beller)
    2. Cause of Breakfast (Mike Keneally)
    3. All Blues (Miles Davis)
    4. Kid Charlemenge (Steely Dan)
    5. Jermey (Pearl Jam)
    6. In the Light (Led Zeppelin)
    7. I Robot (Alan Parsons Project)
    8. Prove It All Night (Live) (Bruce Springsteen)
    9. Freeway Jam (Jeff Beck)
    10. Rally Round (Steel Pulse)

  160. Sorry to be so obscure with my p.s., Fed. I hope I’m not breaking the rules with this followup, but I guess David G’s support for Arsenal has been well documented. The structure of the UK soccer league divisions is often confusing for North Americans. I was watching a match recently (Arsenal vs. West Brom?) on one of our specialty channels, and the announcers didn’t provide much in the way of league or playoff context – more of an emphasis on the perceived rivalry between the teams and who the key players were. I DO know that teams can be relegated downward with poor performance, unlike divisions in ice hockey or baseball where the conference or division is largely a category, not an indicator of wins/losses. Sorry to ramble. Is there a definitive internet source to explain how the UK league system works vis-a-vis divisonal status?

    The Canadian Kevin

    [This is a most welcome diversion after lots of headaches this morning, my friend. I’ll have a go at explaining it myself. Get yourself a notebook and pen and make sure you’re sitting comfortably… Well, if you take just England (because there’s no sole system for the whole of the UK and it’s different for Scotland – although you have a similar system, just fewer teams – and there are a few Welsh clubs playing in the English leagues, but never mind that)… Teams can indeed be promoted or relegated depending on their performance. There are 92 clubs split into four divisions, which are placed in two leagues. There are two leagues because the top 20 clubs broke away in (I think) 1992 and formed their own league, called The Premier League (this was motivated by greed, but that’s another story entirely). However, it’s still best to think of the Premier League as the top division (Division One, as it was always known) and the other three divisions (which are in the Football League and were always known as Divisions Two, Three and Four) as being interlinked, because three teams from the Premier League, or Premiership, are relegated to the division beneath it each year, whilst three teams from that league are promoted to the Premiership each year. Imagine one giant league table consisting of all 92 teams if you will, because they are placed in an order of sorts. In essence, any team can move from the very top position in English league football (top of the Premier League, currently Chelsea) to the very bottom position (Rushden & Diamonds are currently bottom of League Two, which used to be called Division Four, but they just had to tinker with a good system to confuse people) and vice versa, occupying any of the 92 positions over time. That’s the beauty of football and it gives hope to all. These are all full-time, professional clubs, by the way. So any of the 92 clubs can be promoted (unless you’re in the highest league there is, the Premier League, with nothing above it) or relegated. You can be relegated from even the bottom division (League Two), as there are other ‘leagues’ beneath it. This is where it gets complicated, because these clubs play in non-league divisions which are often based on geography. These teams are striving to achieve league status. We won’t worry about them. So anyway, the Premier League, the Football League and the 92 teams… At the very top, you’ve got the Premier League (Division One), known as the Premiership. There are 20 teams including your Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool (and West Brom, but they probably won’t be there for much longer). These teams cannot be promoted to a higher division because there‘s nothing higher (although the top three at the end of the season get to play in Europe’s premier cup competition, the Champions League, as a lucrative reward for their high league placing with the top teams from all over Europe), but three teams are relegated from the Premiership each year. They are relegated to the next division and league, which is called the Football League (directly beneath the Premier League). The Football League is divided into three divisions, each of which has 24 teams. The first is the Championship (which used to be Division Two) and three teams are promoted from the Championship to the Premiership each year and three are relegated to the division below it. The division beneath the Championship is called League One (the old Division Three). Again, there are 24 teams, three of which are promoted and four relegated. Beneath League One, you have League Two (Division Four). Three teams are promoted and two relegated each year. Now, if you are relegated from League Two, you lose your Football League status and play the following year in the Football Conference. This is another league (remember, it’s Premier League/Division One first, then Football League/Divisions One, Two, and Three and then Football Conference). The Football Conference is known as non-league. It has three divisions and 66 clubs. Some are semi-professional and they only get a small crowd watching them play each week. They must work their way to the top of the Conference League so that they can be promoted to League Two and thereby achieve league status. How’s that? Get me started on some topics and I just won’t stop, even if it means breaking my own rule on lengthy posts. Naturally, there will be a test and next week we’ll be looking at the offside rule. I especially want ladies to be able to understand it. Don‘t miss it. – Features Editor]

  161. Here’s my favourite ten tracks of all time…this is not my preference order…

    1- You Have Been Loved – George Michael
    2- Never Tear Us Apart – INXS
    3- Slightly All The Time – Soft Machine
    4- India – John Coltrane
    5- Atlantic City (Live in N.Y. version) – Bruce Springsteen
    6- Highway Star – Deep Purple
    7- Master Blaster – Stevie Wonder
    8- Me And My Melody – Arid
    9- Rapunzel – Dave Matthews Band
    10- Madre Dolcissima – Zucchero ‘Sugar’ Fornaciari

    I’m sure i’ve forget some songs but this is all i can give nowdays…i think this is the best Offiacial Artist Site on the net…Go On like this!!!!

    Mattia Mitrano

  162. To Ron M:

    Thanks for the post. It clears things up a bit for me on the soccer. FYI, poutine is a Quebec specialty, not too prevalent in the rest of Canada.

    As for Labatt’s Blue, it is absolutely not typical of quality Canadian beer 🙂

    Try a craft product like Manitoba’s Fort Garry Dark (a local favourite here in Winnipeg) or Ontario’s Upper Canada range. Labatt’s may have heritage, international profile etc. but it’s brewed for the masses and tastes as such.

    Best regards,

  163. So who is going to compile a list of the 10 “Tracks of My Years’ most often mentioned here?

    [Not me… – Features Editor]

  164. This is off topic but is there any news on the rumored remaster/re-release of DG’s first two solo albums? The first self-titled CD – always one of my favorites, is out of print here in the US and I’ve been told there is a remaster with BONUS TRACKS planned for the near future, possibly May ’06.

    Can you confirm any of this, please?

    Many thanks.

    [They definitely won’t be out in May and there are no bonus tracks. Who told you that? As soon as we have news, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  165. This is much trickier than I thought it’d be…

    No specific order:

    Sheela-Na-Gig: PJ Harvey
    Back in NYC: Genesis
    Dorothy Parker: Prince
    The Unforgettable Fire: U2
    Help Me: Joni Mitchell
    Peace on Earth: George Harrison
    I Loves You, Porgy: Nina Simone
    Subterranean Homesick Alien: Radiohead
    Mailman: Soundgarden
    Dirty Knife: Neko Case

    Kind of starts off ready to throw down, finds grace in the middled then descends into darkness at the end. A manic session indeed.

  166. FEd, taking a lead from our esteemed Canadian chum I’m sure you’ll recognise why I’d like to include a second list of 10…

    David Bowie – Space Oddity
    Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat
    Van Halen – You Really Got Me
    Isley Brothers – Harvest For The World
    Del Amitri – Driving With The Brakes On
    Paul Simon – Homeless
    Otis Redding – (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay
    Lonnie Mack – Falling Back In Love With You
    Love – Alone Again Or
    Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart


    [It’s acrostic time again! – Features Editor]

  167. Okay, here goes (in no particular order):-

    Lamb – Gorecki
    Richie Havens – Back To My Roots
    Nick Drake – Things Behind The Sun
    Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower
    Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing
    Leonard Cohen – Alexandra Leaving
    Bob Dylan – Shelter From The Storm
    Beth Orton – Stolen Car
    Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven
    Jackie Wilson – Higher & Higher

    Really difficult to whittle it down to just ten; even more difficult to have no Floyd/DG in there!

    [Jackie Wilson! I love his version of ‘Light My Fire’. Have you heard it? Now you’ve got me thinking of soul music. ‘(I Get The) Sweetest Feeling’ is too good to omit. Then there’s Al Green, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Wilson Pickett, Smokey Robinson… Oh dear. – Features Editor]

  168. Rudders-

    FEd is right… for the best taste of Dylan, try his Essential collection. Then from the tracks you like best, try the album they come from. As I’m in a Dylan mood now, I’m wondering what David’s favorite Dylan songs/albums are? Hmmm…

  169. Hi FEd, David, Polly, Richard, Guy, Steve, Jon, Dick and Phil.

    Haven’t had much to say lately after seeing the show at the Gibson Amphitheater.

    I guess I have gotten into a bit of a slow spot since the show is over. I only have my recordings of David and Pink Floyd to listen to without the thrill and anticipation of knowing that I am attending an upcoming show. It’s kind of a weird feeling.

    But I thought I would just check in with friends and say hi.

    I know I have said it before, but thanks FEd, for all that you have done. You (and the fellow regulars) have made this experience something that is unmatched in the music industry.

    The ability to create a “community” of sorts out of people that would otherwise have only known each other in passing at a show is incredible to think about. And for us to have shreds of thoughts about actually having a line of communication with those that make the music (albeit almost completely one way) is astounding.

    Good day and peace to you all…

    Brad N

  170. “Kevan’s #6 is Purple Haze and #10 is Shine On -which is illegal.

    I need to get a life.

    Cheers!” Mike from Connecticut

    Of course, I had to sneak Pink Floyd in some how!!! Teh Hee!!!


  171. Kevan,

    Couldn’t have done it without the lyrics –

    7. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

    Still working on the others ! Sheer genius btw. I’m so much better at this than “acrostics”.


  172. Ok, I’m going to do mine again and use the propper rules. Anything from 1986…hmm this is gonna be hard since most the music I listen to is from the 70’s!

    In no order.

    Coheed And Cambria – Light And The Glass (please check this band out people! They’re a progressive rock band who might be heavier than you’re used to, but u sure won’t have heard anyone like them…)
    Robert Cray – Time Makes Two
    Steve Vai – For The Love Of God
    Steve Vai – Lotus Feet
    Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fade Out)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge
    Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
    Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of
    Coldplay – Fix You
    Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

    Are you gonna have a go Guy? I’d love to see your top 10.

    Peace, David

    [I salute you, David. It’s not easy when you take the Sixties and Seventies tunes away. – Features Editor]

  173. This is of course a list that changes, but I’ll give it a try. Keep in mind that this is what I am finding indispensible THIS week, next week it’s bound to change.

    This week as I have been for the last several weeks, I have listened to On An Island every single day, sometimes twice or more, so for this moment with NO Gilmour or Floyd…

    Numero Uno for me is:

    1. Requia For Molly – John Fahey (Psychedellic acoustic from the slide master of all time)
    2. Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles (gotta love the version on Anthology V.2!)
    3. Distance Makes No Difference (In Love) – Carl Perkins & George Harrison (rare, but worth searching for)
    4. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys (‘Nuff said)
    5. The River – Duke Ellington (an extended ‘suite’ written in 1969, he follows the river for 45 minutes and exploring it musically. At one point ‘The River’ passes by a hippie commune, and the Duke writes in a psychedellic genre for REAL)
    6. On Tomorrow – Captain Beefheart (Hoo-BOY!)
    7. Maggot Brain – Funkadelic (Eddie Hazel, PHEW!)
    8. Alligator – Grateful Dead (Space, the final frontier)
    9. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues – Bob Dylan (So real, so right)
    10. All Thing’s Must Pass (version one) – George Harrison (Yeah, the BIG version)

    Hey, that’s ten, but there are so many more! And I gotta say, this list IS woefully incomplete without PF or Gilmour represented. Theirs ARE the tracks of MY years!

    Y’know, a day has yet to go by that (since it’s release) I have not listened to On An Island. Sometimes twice a day, and a live one to cap it all off.

    Yeah, I probably shouldn’t mention the live tapes of the tour, but they are out there, and I
    love every single one of them.

    And NO list of mine is truly complete if I can’t include Wish You Were Here. Breathtaking in it’s simplicity, yet so complex it can even make the iron maiden I call my wife weep like a little girl. Nice topic! Thanks!

  174. Dear FEd:

    I have to take the opportunity to thank David and his band for his recent tour. It was one of the best experiences – of ANY kind – of my life, and others too, I’m sure. Me, a friend, and our wives caught his show at the Paramount theater in Oakland, and I can’t think of a SINGLE thing that could be improved on. The venues chosen, the set lists, David’s incredible playing, and the KILLER band was truly an experience not to be missed. Never in my WILDEST dreams would I have thought I’d hear ECHOES, WOTS THE DEAL, FAT OLD SUN, etc. in a live setting ever, much less performed SO WELL! I swear, by the time ECHOES finished, people were having to pick themselves up off the floor, wondering what the hell happened. And the BAND – my God! And to hear the new music evolve in a live setting was a real treat. On a scale of one to ten, I give it a fifteen. So David, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You and your band made America a happier place to be during your prescence here, especially considering all the CRAP going on in the world right now. Thanks for offering us sanctuary. And I’m looking forward to, hopefully, a live CD of the Tour (make it a triple – put out everything – I’ll gladly pay for it!}, and a DVD of the Royal Albert Hall shows – tour documents are a must. And David was extremely gracious, as there were about 15 – 20 fans waiting in the back of the venue on Sunday waiting for his arrival. He signed autographs and was cordial, and that alone was worth the admission. So thank you again, sir, and keep that band together, because they are ON FIRE!!!!

  175. [I’m afraid I’m not a fan of Radiohead, Lucia. But David is. – Features Editor]

    Right thats me off.

    Been nice knowing you.

    And i’ll remember to throw a large object at Mr Gilmour if I see him for liking Radiohead, they are almost as bad as Oasis.

  176. I’ve really enjoyed this site. Well here goes my list.

    10. Every Breath You Take (The Police)
    9. So Far Away (Carol King)
    8. In My Room (The Beach Boys)
    7. Songs Of Freedom (Bob Marley)
    6. Jump (Van Halen)
    5. Will You Still Love Me (Chicago)
    4. The Long Run (The Eagles)
    3. Desparado (The Eagles)
    2. Taking You Home (Don Henley)
    1. The Heart of The Matter (Don Henley)

    Thank You For The Fun.

  177. Please forgive my uncharacteristic off-topicness but I have a question that has “ramifications of the utmost moment”… (Too dramatic? Sorry – but this IS a poser.)

    In the AOL Q&A, David reveals that Polly bought for him the very guitar strap used by Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970. Here’s where it gets wonky: In the photos of Hendrix playing that show, he does use a similar guitar strap but it’s brown suede. David’s strap is black leather.

    F’Ed… Can you please help shed some light on this one?

    [I knew it wasn’t a good idea to believe that eBay seller… – Features Editor]

  178. Just wondering when the rematers of the 2 first CDs are coming out as I noticed Amazon keep on pushing the dates further and further away from our hot little hands.

    [They won’t be out for a while, I’m afraid. As soon as we know the date, we’ll tell you. – Features Editor]

  179. Ufff! Tough one… here’s my favourite songs no specific order:

    1. Guns n’ Roses – Coma
    2. Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark
    3. Santana – Europa
    4. Slash’s Snakepit – Life’s Sweet Drug
    5. Van Halen – Eruption
    6. SRV – Little Wing
    7. Eric Clapton – Layla
    8. Led Zeppelin – Achille’s Last Stand
    9. Gun n’ Roses – Sweet Child o Mine
    10. Metallica – Enter Sandman

    And yeah… if you’re wondering I am guitar player!!!

    By the way… Angelo… great I saw something from Mocedades on your list… I love “La Nueva España” and some others from them… by the way… thanks Angelo and FED… I already left a note for Angelo in the past!

    Shine on you picky bloggers!

  180. I grew up to in the 80’s. I did enjoy this music but I don’t neccessarily still enjoy it. Most of what I like now I discovered later in life but here goes

    Dire Straits- Money for Nothing
    Depeche Mode – Fly on the Windscreen
    Peter Gabriel- Don’t Give up
    Beach Boys- Good Vibrations
    The Cure- Fasination Street
    Primus- To Defy the Laws of Tradition
    John Lennon- Imagine
    Bruce Springsteen- Glory Days

  181. Tracks of my years

    1. Telegraph Road – Mark Knopfler
    2. Cold Shot – Stevie Ray Vaughn(funny video too)
    3. Bad Love – Eric Clapton
    4. Jingo – Carlos Santana
    5. Cover of the Rolling Stone – Dr. Hook
    6. Madman across the Water – Elton John
    7. Smugglers Blues – Glenn Frey
    8. Watching the Wheels – John Lennon
    9. Gallows pole – Led Zeppelin
    10.Brothers in Arms – Dire Straights

  182. Fet ed… last day to bring toys in??? That sounds ominous! And by the way… I was a teenager in the 80’s and I LIKED a lot of the music back then! Where’s my pointy stick!

    Tara- your 2 year old has very good taste (When The Levee Breaks” is my all time fav Zep tune).

    Alan- that for me is one of the coolest things about music! It can take you to back to places and experiences from the past (in the same way that scents do) as well as take you to new places! That’s what is so cool about On An Island… it has a familiar sound to it, yet takes me to where I’ve never been! Great album!


  183. OH the shame of it!

    No body else has mentioned a def leppard track, and in their book(I`m digging myself deeper!), they have tons of respect for PF.

    I either have crap taste in music(which is I, suppose is impossible as I`m here), or I need to get out more.

  184. Dear Fed,

    10 chansons seulement?

    Bon, pour aujourd’hui… non, pour l’heure:

    – Roxy Music: Avalon
    – Elton John: Sorry seems to be the hardest word
    – Peter Gabriel: Don’t give up
    – Yes: Owner of a lonely heart
    – Police: Don’t stand so close to me
    – The Who: Behind blue eyes
    – David Bowie: Heroes
    – Julien Clerc: Utile (version piano/voix; texte de Roda-Gil)
    – Genesis: Carpet crawlers
    – Richard Harris: Mac Arthur Park

    Ikkar, with love

  185. Ten songs? Boy, this will be hard… especially since no David Gilmour or Pink Floyd songs are allowed.

    1. X Japan – “Alive”
    2. Yoshiki – “Amethyst”
    3. The Beatles – “The Long and Winding Road”
    4. George Harrison – “Brainwashed”
    5. Beethoven – “Moonlight Sonata”
    6. X Japan – “Crucify My Love”
    7. Yoshiki – “Ima wo Dakishimete”
    8. Dir en grey – “Ain’t Afraid to Die”
    9. The Doors – “The End”
    10. John Lennon – “Imagine”

  186. [My list is already on the page (near the top) and I have to say that I agree with you about Radiohead. I just don’t see the attraction. Or the point, for that matter. The new Pink Floyd?! – Features Editor]


    First you support the Mickeys, now you can’t see the appeal of Radiohead !?! (note excessive punctuation)

    You know where the cloakroom is …..

    (if you’d like me to back this up, do ask, but this isn’t a Radiohead fan site and I am rule compliant)

    [The singer’s voice feels like fingernails being scraped across a blackboard to me. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  187. Hello again,

    I’ll do it properly now, well kind of…

    This is “Tracks of My Year” (singular) and the year is 2005 (easier to remember as they’re still on my Mac!).

    1. Wake Up – The Arcade Fire
    2. Tied Up Too Tight – Hard-Fi
    3. The Painter – Neil Young
    4. This Love Affair – Rufus Wainwright
    5. We Are Nowhere and It’s Now – Bright Eyes
    6. Frascati Way South Bound – Ralfe Band
    7. Un Air De Guitare – Françoise Hardy
    8. Mercy Now – Mary Gauthier
    9. I Feel Like The Mother of the World – (Smog)
    10. The Vice Like Gist of It – King Creosote

    I’m a Piscean, what can I say?


  188. at the risk of being booed off the blog. Here is my present 10

    Dylan ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
    Joan Baez ‘Diamonds and Rust’
    Joan Baez ‘Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer’ by S. Wonder

    Loreen McKennitt ‘Bonnie Porthmore’
    G. Harrison ‘Something”
    Beatles ‘Eleanor Rigby’
    From Riverdance ‘Caoineadh Cu Chulainn'(may have killed the spelling)
    Kiri Te Kanawa ‘Straus’4 Last Songs”

    ‘take a breath, take a deep breath now’ hoping to make this ‘short and sweet’ cause I’m so far away’ and ‘there’s no way out of here’ but there are ‘signs of life’

    I have to end with my hat off to ‘Rudders’ who is the most creative blogger ever.

    [No booing from me (on the contrary, I applaud you for including ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright’), but David’s songs aren’t allowed. Want to pick two more? – Features Editor]

  189. Okay now that I’ve had time to really think it over I would like to change my top 10. SO if in all actuality I had to suddenly choose 10 songs for the radio I would probably come up with a list similar to this:

    1-Radiohead-no surprises
    2-Syd Barrett-I never lied to you
    3-Radiohead-there there
    4-The Cure- Just like heaven
    5-The Misfits- Teenagers from Mars
    6-Richard Wright-night of a thousand furry toys
    7-Leonerd Cohen-Sisters of mercy
    8-Leonard Cohen-Everybody knows
    9-Morrissey-Alma Matters
    10-Syd Barrett-Baby lemonade

  190. 10 @ random:

    – Be Still – Los Lobos
    – Maggot Brain – Funkadelic
    – Take it With Me – Tom Waits
    – The Running Kind – Simpson, Hidalgo, Krishnan, Srinivasan (Merle Haggard)
    – Marc Ribot – Postizo
    – Cockney Rejects – Forever Blowing Bubbles (Had to throw it in there after all)
    – Minas de Cobre – Calexico
    – Conference of the Birds – Dave Holland Quartet
    – Who Does She Hope to be – Sonny Sharrock
    – The Beggar – Mos Def
    – The Future – Leonard Cohen

    [Peter, what were those red cards in aid of last night?! – Features Editor]

  191. An eclectic mix

    Tasmin Archer – Sleeping Satellite
    The Stone Roses – Love Spreads
    Camel – Three Wishes
    Peter Green – In The Skies
    David A Stewart – Lily Was Here
    Richard Marx – Hazard
    Jimi Hendrix – Still Raining, Still Dreaming
    Queen – Brighton Rock
    Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl
    Hawkwind – The Fifth Second Of Forever

  192. Off the top of me bonce:

    Rush – Freewill
    Genesis – Firth of Fifth
    Steve Hackett – Air Conditioned Nightmare
    Yes – Gates of Delirium
    XTC – Senses Working Overtime
    Purple – Highway Star (Made in Japan version)
    Icicle Works – Little Girl Lost
    Sabbath – Symptom of the Universe
    Teenage Fanclub – Sparky’s Dream
    George Thorogood – Gear Jammer

  193. Rudders: Blood on the Tracks is my fave Bob album. Try that. Again Fed You allowed us, remember? HEE.

    1) Night Flight- Led Zep. 2} In the Mood- by everyone, Big Bands. 3} The Lonely Bull- The Ventures. 4) Midnight Train- Elvis. 5} And You and I- Yes. 6) Thrill is Gone- B.B. King. 7} Samba pa Ti? Santana. 8} Jump- Van Halen. 9} It’s a Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong and 10} Like A Hurricane, Brian’s version is superior, sorry. Thanks.

  194. Hey Fed, the songs have been fun, great idea, but as most have said it’s tough to name 10 tunes without the likes of Gilmour/Waters/Wright/Barret or Mason in there.

    Just some great songs submitted so far. Here is another list for you.

    1. Isn’t it a Pity – George Harrison
    2. Walking On Hot Coals – Rory Gallagher
    3. Song for Europe – Roxy Music
    4. Animal Nation- Peter Gabriel
    5. Always You – Phil Manzanera
    6. Be the Rain – Neil Young
    7. Black – Pearl Jam
    8. Back in N.Y.C – Genesis
    9. Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve
    10. Carry that Weight – The Beatles

    Hey Fed I did squeak DG in the mix, No it’s not Pearl Jam, but they often do a Pink Floyd tune in their live shows and do a decent job of it at that. Later Everyone.


  195. For us well marinated folks – You might enjoy my new “Favorites” list a dear friend sent me recently –












    Shine on,

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