Tonight Show with Jay Leno

14570014_blog.jpgWere you wondering why I asked if you were going to the show at the Gibson Amphitheatre? Well, wonder no more!

Maybe you already guessed (if so, pat yourself on the back), but I’ve got a little treat for some of the people who will be seeing the final US show in Los Angeles.

I’ve got some tickets to give away to see David’s performance on the Jay Leno show. All you need to do is turn up and look keen.

What’s more, I’ll give you up to four tickets so that you can take three of your friends along with you.

If you can get to the NBC studios at 3,000 West Alameda Avenue, Burbank, CA 91523 for 4PM on Thursday 20 April, I want to hear from you.

I need your full name and postal address, as well as the full names and addresses of up to three guests. You all need to be over 16 and will each need to take photographic ID with you in order to claim your tickets.

Here’s the catch.

If you haven’t already replied to yesterday’s question, you’re too late. Sorry, but I don’t care for your excuses. No more entries will be posted, let alone considered, and that’s that. I have my list of names to choose from.

If you did reply yesterday and it was your first ever post, then I’m afraid you won’t be hearing from me. This is for regular contributors only, as was made very clear from the start. Sorry.

If you haven’t posted many times before, then I’m sorry, but you won’t be hearing from me. I have had far more replies than I have tickets, so have had to prioritise.

Please note that David is not going to be chatting with Jay Leno. He will play just two songs in the (hopefully) glorious sunshine before a select audience, so you will be concert-only guests (you won’t be part of the studio audience). But you will get to be on TV – a show that’s shown worldwide, don’t forget – and, if you’re going to be hanging around waiting for that night’s gig at the Gibson Amphitheatre anyway, what have you got to lose?

So, let me know if you’re interested in bagging up to four free tickets to see David up-close and personal, along with all the necessary details, and you might just get a congratulatory e-mail from me on Tuesday.

If you don’t get an e-mail from me on Tuesday, please don’t write to ask why not. My reasons are clearly explained here. You can’t all win, unfortunately. I wish you could.

The recording will be just a short distance from the Gibson Amphitheatre, so should not affect your arrangements too much.

Tickets are non-refundable and it goes without saying that I want everyone who has a ticket to attend. There will be a crowd of just 125 people, so please only express your interest in these tickets if you are sure that you can attend, otherwise other fans will miss out.

If you cannot attend, but your friends can, then I’m afraid you are not eligible. You need to attend to get your friends in. You are the representative of David’s blog – and this seems the perfect way to meet others from the blog.

I’m not posing any questions. It’s not a competition. It’s a pure give-away to blog regulars. Just let me know all your details and promise that you, and up to three of your friends, will give David the warm reception he deserves.

“Full details” means just that. Please be sure to include your full name and your full address, with the full names and full addresses of up to three friends. Sorry to be strict, but time is of the essence and if you give me incomplete details, you will no longer be considered.

Ideally, I would like one post from you and one post only – and that one post will include all the details.

Nobody can cash in on this offer. You need to be on the list to get in, plain and simple. That’s why the next bit is very important, so please read carefully.

Photographic ID will be checked at the door and must match what I already know about you and your friends, so these tickets cannot be used by anyone other than the people you choose and tell me about. Choose wisely!

What you tell me is final. It will be carved in stone. If you name two people, you cannot decide tomorrow that you’d actually like to take three friends with you. I need all the details quickly and accurately. There’s no time for messing around, so please choose your guests carefully and be sure that they can attend before contacting me. If you can’t do this, the next person on the list who can will take your place.

It’s a holiday, so please don’t make even more unnecessary work for me.

Don’t worry, all names and addresses will be visible only to me and to Jay Leno’s team for cross-referencing purposes, and will not be made public in any way.

If I do not have your full details by Tuesday lunchtime (LA time), you will not be allowed to the recording. No excuses, no sob stories, I just don’t care.

So, be quick and good luck. Once my allocation has gone, that’s it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

140 thoughts on “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”

  1. Hi FEd, Hopefully I’m considered a regular, but if not, thanks for the chance anyway, I understand you’re dealing with lots of people 🙂

    At any rate, here’s my info;



  2. Cool, I will set my analog tape recorder for that. Enjoy the shows on the West Coast! Cor

  3. “…your full name and your full address, with the full names and full addresses of up to three friends…”


    Guests: My, Myself, and I…

  4. I will be alone, so only need 1 ticket; for


    Is there a dress code?

    Thanks for your consideration; and HAPPY EASTER!

    [Thank you, the same to you. No dress code, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in. – Features Editor]

  5. Hello FEd and all!

    With High Hopes I give you the required information (I would only need 2 tickets):


    If this happens — oh my — I can’t even tell you how happy it will make me! And to share it with my son (20 yr. old) would be outstanding to say the least.

    If I’m not one of the chosen, FEd, I’ll not hold it against you — I can imagine the numbers of people clambering for these tickets.

    I’ll wish myself luck and hope to hear from you Tuesday!

    Peace and harmony always!
    Gabrielle Childers
    Washington State

  6. I had a hunch it was gonna be that, well done to everyone that gets to go and hope you have a good time. I can’t wait for the RAH gig on the 29th


  7. *patting myself on the back* 😉

    See, I told you Guy already won anyway..

    A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the lucky buggers that actually get to see the band perform TWICE in one day!

    Fed, any chance it will be available to watch online later for people who can’t watch it on NBC?

    [I’m not sure about that. I’ll try and find out. If so, we’ll announce it on the site. – Features Editor]

  8. Mr. Fed,

    Addresses of my other two friends: […]

    Hope we all have the chance to see David live before the show at Gibson!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  9. At last, tickets for May 29th concert arrive: relief! The excitement and anticipation is getting too much! Keeping up-to-date with events within this site is a daily ritual I enjoy. What the hell is going to happen at the end of May? Withdrawal symtoms? How will I or anyone else cope? Maybe David should start his next project straight away to save us all??? And what is FEd going to do post 3105? (And thanks for all the info over the weeks FEd!) Has there been any indication of when the concert DVD will come out? At least that will be something else to look forward to!!!!

    [No news on the DVD as yet. It’s still only an idea, don’t forget! – Features Editor]



    [You said you were going to the Gibson show. Sorry to hear that you’re not. – Features Editor]

  11. Love to see David and can definitely make the Tonight show…two tickets would be great but just one for me would be fine….!!!


  12. Cheer like hell, you lucky dogs!* You’ll be there representing us all…do us proud.


    *But not during the songs. After!

  13. Good on you FEd, for spelling it all out simply and toughly.

    I only wish I was able to be there.

  14. Wow, what a great gift. Good luck to all. We have not been able to get tickets for the UK leg of the tour but I do have the CD :-)I just wish we could have afforded 2 tickets for the gig in Manchester.

    Donna and I have spent some time each day over the easter Hols just listening to Castelorizon and pretending we are at the gig….. It might not be the same as being their but what a fantstaic album and what a great way to pass some quality time.

    Role on the next album and tour and hopfuly we will be at the next round of gigs looking forward to all the next new material and hearing tracks from Castelorizon. Enjoy the gigs where ever you are. And if you have seen the tour already WOW lucky you.

  15. I was just thinking today that I was going to try to get to the NBC studios early Thur. morning to see if I could get tickets to the Leno show, but luckily I checked out this site first…

    I’m going to the Wed night David Gilmour show, which I am THRILLED about, but it would be lovely if I could get 2 tickets to the Leno performance as well!!

    My name is Shirin Shahbazi, and my address is […]

    My friend who would like to attend is […] (that is what is on his driver’s license.)

    I am a third year college student and I will be seeing Mr. David the guitar god Gilmour for the first time this Wednesday, and I am ecstatic that I will see my hero perform live. He is the reason I picked up the guitar (and the reason why I saved up for months to buy a DG20 Pickup set…) and his new album shows that he is as much “creative genius” as any other member of Pink Floyd…perhaps even more of a genius for not BREAKING UP my favorite band. Ok I’m sorry for the rant, I will be eternally grateful if I could get the tickets and will continue to defend the good name of this man through my Stratocaster, fending off the P-bass enthusiasts of WWII, particularly the Anzio Bridgehead.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

    With admiration and respect,
    Shirin Shahbazi

  16. I just made it hope from an extended trip to Chicago for both nights. I have a lot of reading to do. I have missed the discussion, and am excited to catch up. The shows were wonderful and I will write more later. As you’ve probably heard, during the shows there were people yelling “Thank you David” between songs. How increadible! There also was a man behind me who was unfamiliar with the potential setlist. For each of the songs after the intermission, he would say “Oh Shi-, it’s Fat Old Sun” and so on. We were all blown away.

    It was my birthday the night of the second Chicago show, and my wife was having contractions as she is due with baby early May. We made it! Thanks to all again!

    Happy Easter!

    Brian (from Iowa)

  17. how cool! Won’t be there for Leno but will watch it for sure on the TV. What a great thing to do for the fans!!

  18. Well I was really surprised when my wife told me that we have two tickets for the David Gilmour concert for our twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary in Oakland, Calif. Well this wonderful surpise came to an end yesterday. My wife has been taken… The tickets we were going to receive never came and the money she had saved is now gone thanks to the internet. People please be careful when buying over the internet. Will miss you David..


    [So sorry to hear it, Thomas. – Features Editor]

  19. Come on FEd…I’ve waited all this time…tried to be patient all along, addicted to HERE, and feeling the vibe the whole time. Now it’s Easter Sunday and time for us to depart, next stop 19th Street, Paramount via Luka’s as planned…and all this excitement about LA’s show?

    Ok, Leno is cool and all(not really), and it would be killer to see it…but it’s not happenning. Enjoy to the lucky ones that do.

    I am so excited I can hardley type.chdvvdbccdc.

    OK, I’m over it. WOOOOHOOOOOO.


  20. Happy Easter FEd,

    I hope you haven’t eaten too much chocolate and don’t feel as sick as I do. (Who knew one person could eat that many Smarties eggs! I think i’ve set a world record)

    Congratulations to everyone who’s going to the Jay Leno gig – if it’s half as good as the one at the Mermaid, you guys are going to have a blast.

    I can’t believe the US leg is nearly over. I received the RAH tickets yesterday (I got a pair together – all those people getting single seats were having me worried)and now its starting to feel a lot closer. I can’t wait – bring it on.

    Don’t work too hard FEd, the break is for you too.


    PS. Nice result against Blackburn. You’re catching up! We had a shocker against Sunderland. I still can’t believe we couldn’t manage to get ne goal past a team that’s about to be relegated. Perhaps Man u were being charitable and wanted to give them a chance of survival!!

  21. Dear FEd,

    I would love to go the Leno show, as a regular poster and answering your post yesterday we would love to go. I have two friends flying in from Atlanta. As my friends will be in town I have taken the day off work ad it would be easy for us to be there. I am


    My two friends:


    We are HUGH fans and would love to attend!

  22. My Wife and I can be there, for sure! I’ve got my fingers crossed, it would be a once in a lifetime chance.


  23. Have an amazing time to the lucky people who are able to attend.

    Fantastic giveaway – awesome work FEd! 🙂

    This site gets just gets better and better every day!


  24. Leaving for the Oaklnad show right now. We are extremely excited to see you tonight, David and crew. I know we are in for a treat! I will write about our experience when I get back tonight…

    Bay Area, California

  25. whew! FEd, i had no idea how hard it was to stay away from the musicblog! i hope you got in a good visit w/ your grandfather, and got a little break from us.

    how could i miss you? all i know about you is that you’re human!

    since the blog had its own purpose that didn’t include me [damn and blast], i’ve been reading Polly’s novel, “Out of the Picture”, and it is really excellent! i enjoyed her short stories, but this has me more involved since i can easily get into the main character’s skin. highly recommended!

    so, that’s how i spent my easter holiday! you folks in L.A. are going to have SUCH a treat!!! you must tell us all about it, even though we’ll be watching you, we won’t know the before and after parts.

    good job, FEd – now you just have to sort them out. [please let Angelo Ortiz go – he is just the nicest person!!]


  26. Good Morning David, Fed & All

    Im just wandering is David on Jay leno going to be available to watch over the net as here in OZ we do not get Jay’s show, maybe on Austar I don’t know.Please let me know bye 4 now LUV 2 U ALL

    [Will do. It will be posted on the main site as well as here as soon as we can confirm all the details. – Features Editor]

  27. […]

    HUGE FANS!!!

    Very Excited……..

    Is there a dress code?

    [No, there isn’t. – Features Editor]

  28. Sorry to post again, but I was in such a rush when I gave you the required information that I forgot to promise that I would be able to attend the show. I WILL be able to attend the show. We are leaving from Albuquerque, NM in the morning and we will be in Los Angeles about 9:00 a.m., plenty of time to catch the show if I were lucky enough to be picked:) Again, sorry I could not put all this in just one post.

  29. Wow! What a wonderful gift for those of you who are able to go!

    Me? I won’t be in LA, but right now I couldn’t be feeling more grateful. After what seems like forever, my shows are now just three hours away. Tonight to cry through, tomorrow night to obsess upon…. 31 years (to the month) since I last heard Echoes performed live.

    Will post the set list within the hour after the shows, so they’ll be waiting when F’Ed awakes.

    Hope to meet some of you tomorrow (Monday) at 5:00 at Luka’s.


  30. Fedmeister

    Excellent prize! And congratulations to all those who are lucky enough to attend…

  31. FEd, I had a feeling the surprise was related to the Leno taping. I wanted sooo badly to lie and say that I was going to the show just for a chance at scoring entrance into the taping but my conscience took over and I didn’t do it. I am happy with my decision but am oh-so-jeleous of those that will be attending. To those that score….have a GREAT time, you lucky b*stards!!!!!!

  32. Wow!

    First the Mermaid, now this for our U.S. chums. You and your team are total dudes Fed!

    Trust me – I’ll be watching like a hawk this time next month!

    Well done everyone!

  33. Caption Competition:

    Sh*t! I wish I’d given the Fedmeister the names and addresses of the rest of the band…I’ll have to play both songs on my own now!

  34. Dear F’ed –

    I realize that I probably BARELY made the entry requirements for this as I believe I had only posted once perhaps twice prior to yesterday.

    That was about a month ago before my trip to see the shows in Holland…sorry for not posting more but I’m not a very internet savvy / post happy individual.

    I am however an avid reader of the blog and greatly admire the job that you do maintaining and moderating it. Thanks for doing what you do, I get a great deal of enjoyment/distraction/therapy and valuable knowledge from your daily efforts, and I applaud them.

    That being said, I would LOVE the opportunity to bring my friends who are going to the April 20 show with me to the Leno taping if I am deemed worthy / or there are still tickets available.

    Here is the information you requested:

    My Name and Address:


    and if possible I would like to bring my friends along with me:


    We are all well above the age of 16, and would have photo ID’s with us.


    I also solemly promise, that if chosen to attend, we will all give David the warmest of receptions, because you are right, he certainly does deserve it!!!

    Hope your Holiday was most enjoyable, and that through all of this madness you deal with on a daily basis that you were able to enjoy some family time.

    All my best, and thanks again.


  35. Caption:

    The main man auditions for a part in the upcoming musical:

    ‘David and his Amazing Technicolour DreamStrat’

  36. i went to the show in new york with my husband and best friend. it was everything i imagined it to be and more. that was the first time ive ever been to new was a trip ill never forget for the rest of my life.when david walked out on stage i couldnt breath. my husband laughed at me,my heart was beating so fast,i thought i would never catch my breath.but i did and ill never forget any of it.thanks david for touring. we waited outside to catch a view of you leaving but only seen you in the window.but i did see robin williams while waiting out back. we love you david keep doing what you love,because we love everything you and polly write. great music!! i dont post often but i read everyday. im so addicted i got internet on my phone. thanks tracy

  37. Awesome stuff. I’m kicking myself now, I used to subscribe to Foxtel/Austar which in Australia is the pay television network – which is the only way we can see Jay Leno. So typically, what happens when I leave the service? Mr. Gilmour makes a cameo on Leno.

  38. Boy am I jealous!!!


    Actually I have no complaints coming, I’ve been really lucky myself… but I will get out my pointy stick if I don’t hear about all the details from all the winners Friday. And I hate to be a pain in the ass (but then again, I wouldn’t be myself otherwise), but could I put forth the humble request to our esteemed Features Editor to NOT post comments about the gig itself from our winners until after the show airs?

    [Absolutely. Although if our winners refrain from posting their comments about the Leno recording until the day after (in a blog entry just for such comments), that would be even better, as Thursday’s entry will be about the show at the Gibson. It would be good if everyone could start putting their comments in the right place from now on – for the sake of orderliness and the people who don’t read everyday. Yet the show airs around the world on different days – up to a week later than you’ll see it in the US – so I think it will probably be better if we have an entry for Leno on Friday and people who don’t want to know about it just don’t read that day. If I delay publication of someone’s post by a few hours, I get a second post asking why I didn’t post the first and sometimes a third and a fourth… If I delayed their Leno review by a few days, it would be a nightmare. – Features Editor]

  39. A belated Happy Easter to our esteemed FEd, David and his band of mellifluous minstrels, Polly and all the accompanying families and of course, my fellow bloggards – whether a poster or lurker be.

    Just returned from Ewood Park FEd, after a ‘reet’ good afternoon in the Lancastrian sunshine (at least we gave Rovers their biggest home crowd of the season, 3658 [approx 🙂 ] more than the visit of certain outfit from Salford 😉 ) Nice to see the minute’s silence for the 96 being impeccably observed by the Blackburn fans. However, I was a bit surprised to see the club shop selling bootlegs – albeit of the Houghton Weavers LOL

    Anyhow, I’m off to the Theatre of Screams next week for the semi – I’m sure a warm welcome awaits!

    [The away fans didn’t half make some noise! A good win for us, Ali. Bring on Chelsea. – Features Editor]

  40. I would indeed enjoy a chance for my father and I to go to the Gilmour taping for the Tonight show.


    If we can’t get in the Tonight Show taping, I’ll still enjoy the concert later that night regardless.

    Thanks for all the hard work you do for the blog FEd.

  41. If anyone needs a “friend” – I would love to attend. Arriving in LA Wednesday am to catch the two shows, Coming alone, so please consider before you finalize names and addresses of your friends – thanks Ed

    [You‘ve never left a message before. Look at all the bold, underlined text at the top of the page. Rules are rules – these are very simple ones at that – and you’re trying to bend them. The answer’s ‘no’, sorry. – Features Editor]

  42. […]

    I’m taking my wife to see Mr. Gilmour at the Kodak Theatre the 19th,and will be in hollywood a couple of days, this would be icing on the cake! this will be are 10th anniversary

  43. “Dan Johnson”? That’s my name too. Are you the same guy from upstate NY that I’ve met a few times?

    Hi Shirin, you mean you’re not going to the Gibson show?

  44. Thanks Fed and hi Sned, I would love to go but can’t. Something called work is holding me back. Just thought to include something since you mentioned two songs. Only one will air, probably OAI hopefully with Stills and Nash. They will cut out, and if I remember correctly, you can tune in on the NBC Leno web to hear the second song. Doubt it will be Echoes, wouldn’t that be swell anyway. To LINDA, if you can make it, I’m pulling for you big time. Is there going to be available Fed, for us to see the two songs here somehow for us diehards? Or, added to the future DVD perhaps. HHMMMM? This may be aired outside too. Wear your shorts people. Wish We Were There.

    [I’ll let you know if I hear anything, Frank. – Features Editor]

  45. Fed.

    Please remeber us occasional posters, we are EVERYDAY readers, Hardcore, every lyric, about face, self titled, Warrern Zevon, Peter Cetera, Paul McCartney, etc, etc fans for 28 years with a family ….

    please reconsider having multiple posting with maybe long time posters or maybe even 2 tix per poster thanks. Anyway thank you…….

    [Someone who posts just once – and that’s only when there’s a chance for them to win something – isn’t an “occasional poster” in my book. Sorry, but there have to be rules and the rules are very clear. – Features Editor]

  46. Hey Fed,

    I was so excited to hear the news about the tonight show. I would like to bring 3 of my friends with me. Here are their names and addresses:


    [Too excited, it seems, to read the rules. – Features Editor]

  47. fingers,toes & hammers crossed.. i would give them all to you for the chance to go, so heres my info. […]

    thanks for this chance to see the best DAVID GILMOUR

    [You haven’t read the rules… – Features Editor]

  48. Fed, Great surprise! Hoping that I’m in the running since my entry was on yesterday’s posts. So, here’s the info:


    We can be there for SURE! Hope to get that magical email tomorrow.

    Fed and everyone have a good night.

    Mike Lewis

    [Of course you’re in the running, Mike. Unlike the two above you, who can’t read. – Features Editor]

  49. Hey congrats to everyone that won. Even though I am going to the Gibson and have been I regular poster. I did miss the contest. Of course just my luck. I was at my sisters house for Easter. Blast!! Oh well hope you guys enjoy the show.

    Great Idea for a concert Fed Ed

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  50. This is a great chance for the DG fans. I feel guilty, my boyfriend(& I) are loyal fans and would be going to one of the shows in CA but my baby sister’s wedding is this coming weekend and we have to go to NY for it. We can’t be on opposite shores of the US at the same time and I hope this will be her only wedding.

    Hope all you lucky people going to the shows enjoy for yourselves and those of us who can’t be there.

    Thanks for the great site!!

    Patty J.
    Phoenix, AZ

  51. Hey Fed

    What is a fan? Here is what will be involved in me going to see David at the Tonight Show.

    I will take a holiday (as the English would say) from work. Not a big deal, my boss has already said “Go for it!” I will drive 1 hour to Detroit Metro Airport. I must be at the Gate 1 hour prior to a 12 pm EST departure on Thursday. I will take a 5 hour flight to LAX. (I reserved my itinerary on Saturday). I will arrive in LA at 2 pm PST. I will then take a 30 minute taxi ride to NBC’s Burbank Studios. Hang outside for an hour or so. Then hang out at the venue for an hour or so meeting some of my fellow Fan Fare Friends. Then I get to witness David & Crew up-close and personal for two songs (my three hours at the Rosemont last week have now been crystallized into 5 or 10 minutes: the state of Nirvana has been realized!) I then take a taxi back to LAX and wait with some Moonies for the Redeye back to Detroit. I arrive in Detroit at 7:35 am EST Friday. I then nap for 2 hours in the Detroit airport terminal. I then go to my vehicle in the carpark and get my suitcase and check it in for my 11:00 am flight to Chicago for business.. In Summary: Travel time involved for me to go and see David in LA: @ 16 hours. Cost @ $600. Number of Songs heard: 2. Seeing him live in this context: Priceless!

    Oh, and if I am there it will be one less seat being taken by some IDIOT Sceaming, DAVID GILMOUR!!, I NEED A DIRTY WOMAN!!!” just before the coda in “Take a Deep Breath Now”. Oh, And if I don’t get a ticket, please make sure someone from the Pointy Stick Brigade keeps a keen eye out for suspect Rosemont 4-12 Sec203RowQSeat19!

  52. Yes, I really want to go! I was gonna try to get in that morning at like 5:30 AM, but this would be much better, haha.

    I just now found out about this; I’m going to the 4-20 show, and you’d make me happy beyond belief and I’d be eternally thankful 🙂


    [You only just found out about it because you’re not a regular reader, never mind a regular contributor! And your friend has also entered, naming you as guest. Funny, that. – Features Editor]

  53. I’m on an Island & want to be closer to Sir DAVID GILMOUR & HIS GREAT MUSIC ALL…He is my favorite musician and singer on this planet…All my love Polly Samson & Sir David Gilmour…

  54. FEd,

    I would LOOOOOVE to be a part of this taping, and best of all, I’m only asking for lil ol me (1 person) to be put on the list for the Leno show.

    Here’s my information: […]

    Thanks very much!

  55. Congrats to all competition winners. You run a great competition Fed, you mustn’t ever change. Look forward to hearing more reviews later.

    If you want to stay a regular poster then I suggest eat “Special K”, works for me. And I got to “Mermaid”

    Ian Pearson

  56. Dear FEd,

    Have any of the regulars already posted the comments by Anoushka Shankar, daughter of Ravi Shankar and a respected musician in her own right, on “On An Island”? If so, I missed it. I’m a regular reader, but this is my first post. Here’s what she said in the March 26 New York Times, when asked what she’s been listening to lately:

    “I really like this album; even though it’s a vocal album it has so much emphasis on the instrumental part. When you hear songs, you’re used to a chorus and a verse 1 and a verse 2 and a bridge, and he really breaks that up on ”On an Island” (EMI). The songs all have vocals, but sometimes it takes three minutes for his voice to come in. The first song is very melodious and kind of old-fashioned, then his voice comes in and makes it fresh. His voice is funky and almost cynical; it changes the mood of the song completely. It just seems like the voice is one equal part of the whole album.”

    Interesting that a fellow musician should emphasize the innovative songwriting and singing on the album.


  57. Wish I could go, but I’ll be tying one on at or near the Universal Ampitheater ’round 4pm. I know they’re just a few miles apart, but Television tapings are notorious time traps and I can’t imagine getting out of there in time to get in line.

    Do we know if Dave is lip synching a couple of the new tunes?

  58. Hi – I was going to try to hornswoggle myself into Leno but this seems more “in the family.” I have tickets to the Kodak show and have posted a few times – not as many as some – and for some reason find myself compelled to read most of the blogs … there is something about David’s music that has had a hold on me all these years…so…here is your info:(and I did answer the question yesterday!)…


    And if 4 tickets are not available, 2 would suffice and I will even be pleased with one.

    Please note that I am the avid Gilmourian here – the aforementioned are fans but not like me!

    This is a classy operation all around even if I don’t get one of these tickets. An apt representation of the artist himself.



  59. Cool contest! 🙂

    Too bad I missed yesterday’s blog 🙁

    Good luck everyone!

    See y’all at the Gibson

  60. Oh……….God…….. Nothing short of spectacular; details later.


    First Set:
    Speak To Me / Breathe / Time / Breathe Reprise (Honest!)
    On an Island
    Red Sky at Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Take a Breath
    A Pocketful of Stones
    Where We Start

    Second Set:
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
    Wot’s…Uh, the Deal
    Coming Back to Life
    High Hopes

    Wish You Were Here
    Comfortably Numb


    Matt Parish: Scored the pins!


  61. Hello i don’t want to go to the leno’s show, but now you demonstrated the importance of post on the Fan Fare :D.

    Good Luck to everybody.

    Sorry for bother you, but im reading the blog and it seems that you know about everything… you are like a Delphic Sibyl (well ok, not so much 😉 ).

    I know there’s no future plans (as far as i know) to came to Argentina ( or South America ), but maybe David is preparing a sourprise and came here without saying anything… do you know something about it?

    Good bye, and thanks

    [I’m afraid not, mate. There are no such plans. – Features Editor]

  62. Opened with Breath>Time>reprise…On An Island…set2, Shine, Wots, Coming Back to Life, High Hopes, Echoes, E: WYWH, CN


    Enuff. goodnight.

    SWEET Dreams

  63. OK Fellow Bloggers, I’m upset and disappointed.

    We finished soundcheck at 6 and I went straight round to Luka’s to say hello to the bloggers who were supposedly gathering there, but after walking round the restaurant twice, seeing no “Gilmour Bloggers” sign and even asking the Maitre’d if you were there I had to give up. All I wanted to do was show you some support and encouragement..Oh well.


  64. Just got back from the first show in Oakland, Great show!

    Looking forward to 2nd show + 2 in L.A

  65. Oakland Setlist 4/16/06

    Morning Fed and fellow fans just got back from the front row at the Paramount show! David made a comment after the first songs that they must be on the West Coast…Trying to figure that one out, but it got the crowd going big time.

    Set 1

    On the Run-Breathe-Time-Breathe..
    (that is not a typo folks)

    OAI in its entirety (out of order)

    Set 2

    Shine On
    Wots Uh the Deal
    Coming Back to Life
    High Hopes


    Comfortably Numb

    I must say frost was right, the seats in the front have magnificient sound and I did not even need to wear earplugs! It was a real treat to be right there watching not only DG but the other solid musicians entertain. It was surreal to the point of it almost feeling like we were on the stage with the band. Watching them communicate through eye contact and head nods was really neat.

    David’s voice was awesome and his solo work shined as expected. The CN must have clocked in at nine minutes long. (sorry for the people behind me for standing up, but the solos made me do it).

    The OAI set was great. If I did not own it prior to the show, I would be making the purchase right now. Great reworking of new and old songs alike.

    Guy was very irritated at parts of the show, so much so, my wife thought he was barking at her. As it turns out, some jerk wad was taping the show with his little digital camera from the second row right behind us! Why bother? The sound and images are probably distorted and unwatchable. Folks..leave the recording gear at home! But I must say we did share a laugh with Guy when we realized he was not mad at my wife!

    Magnificient evening.

    Thank You all!


    Just got back from the first Oakland show…David’s voice is still just as strong as ever. That was a nice surprise that he can still hit those notes so beautifully at 60.

    My raves:

    – Coming back to Life and Pocketful of stones were highlights for his vocals. His voice was soaring.
    – Echoes was absolute nirvana. I have seen people on here rave about echoes, and I am sure David is tired of people focusing on that one song, but you can feel the difference in the whole theater with that song (and with Comfortably Numb). Rick was bouncing around during the solo section, and Guy was doing a funky two-step thing during the bridges. Everyone was into it and it showed more than any other tune. (IMHO)
    – I am glad to see Rick singing solo on Roger’s part of Comfortably Numb. He pulled it off beautifully.

    I wanted to point something out, and please forward this onto David if you can. It’s very important. The kick drum was miked way too loud during the entire show. I was in row 11 and my ears were pounding. You may think it was just me, but lots of people in front of me had their ears covered during the louder songs. It was miked very well for the softer tunes, especially those on his new album. But Time, Take a Breath, Coming Back to Life, parts of Echoes and Comfortably Numb were absolutely painful and really detracted from the overall enjoyment of the show. I really don’t want fans on Monday to experience that. Hopefully some other fans will email on here and back me up. The soundman was all the way in the back, so it must have been different back there.

    Other than that, the show was remarkable and the best of his or PF shows I have ever seen. His music is best performed in intimate venues and Paramount was a perfect choice.

    One last thing…if that was Polly standing by the sound board after the show, she was looking as beautiful as ever.

    Thank you for the memorable evening David!

  67. Oakland Easter show comments. They started with Breathe-Time-Breathe Reprise, then did OAI… hope no one was late for that.

    I felt like OAI was a little out of order but not sure. As other folks have mentioned: Echoes was mind bending. Describing it is like trying to take a photo of the Grand Canyon from a parking lot.

    The crowd was great throughout the show.

  68. The only reason I am not going is I don’t have tickets….will travel for a promise of tickets.

    I thought you were offering tickets to fans. I qualify!

    Keep up the good work FEd. This must be a lot of work.

    Hi to Polly and the band.

    Best regards,

    P.S. the new album is great I love it! Instant classic. Fantabulous !!!

  69. Congratulations to all those who win the invitations.

    You could wear a T-shirt with a big “Hi Features Editor, I’m here” written on the front of it.

    Ok I’m joking.


  70. Well, it’s 2 am (PST) and I can’t sleep. I’m like a kid on Christmas eve. Not only am I excited about the concert, but about meeting some fellow bloggers.

    David’s music is sooo much more then music. There is something that is so much more that it goes right down and touches your soul. I feel it is why us bloggers feel such a connection to David and to each other. Us regulars may look like we’re ‘obsessed’ by people on the ‘outside’, but I think we just like that people in our little community ‘get it.’

    I thank David and Fed and anyone else who is part of the Leno surprise, it just shows they ‘get it’ too.

    14 hours till showtime! (too early to count down?)

    I plan on taking pictures of our gathering at Luka’s maybe Angelo or Fed can help me share them. I’ll have my post-concert post ASAP!

    Gonna try to sleep again =)


  71. Congratulations to those going to see David and his band, you will have a fantastic time!


  72. I feel bad for you, dear FEd. You’re working too hard! I’m going to try to cut back on my posts to help you out.

    Thank you so much, FEd and everyone at, for everything you do.

  73. hey Fed!!

    First of all, happy easter to all of you!! and above all to our editor whom we overwhelm with work.

    Sadly i have to report someone is selling illegal recordings of the Frankfurt show on dutch ebay. How can we stop this??

    [It’s being stopped, mate. We’re forcing sellers to end their auctions all the time. It’s a holiday today, but tomorrow our colleagues return to work and eBay will be trawled immediately. Thanks for letting us know. – Features Editor]


  75. Hi FEd/all,

    Sounds like a fantastic prize, congrats to all the winners…hope you have a wonderful time!

    I finally got my tickets through on Friday for the RAH on 31st May – sooooo excited!

    Happy Easter all (a little late!),

  76. Congratulations to all the lucky winners. I remember what it was like when i saw my name in the list of winners for the Mermaid concert!

    I do wish someone out there would sort Linda Penner out with a ticket no one has pleaded more than her im sure there must be someone who can help her, like the F.ed i actually thought she had got one for a moment until her next post.

    [I don’t have tickets to give away, Neil. – Features Editor]

  77. well…LA is a bit far away from this little country named portugal…to the people that can make it i wish you the best luck and enjoy it if you have the oportunity to see the show…im hoping at least for a dvd to be able to see david live..

    anyway thanks for the chance fed

  78. What a fantastic prize – congratulations all you lucky ones. The competition is a great incentive to get more actively involved in this blog rather than being just an avid reader.

    More work for you though Ed.

  79. Any chance of David doing The Conan O’Brien show on the way back back home?

    I have friends in high places there… ( And I am prepared to arrange that if need be )

    Actually, everyone is in high places there as it is on the 7th floor ~

    Shine On ~


  80. Congrats to the winners

    I’m guessing he plays: On An Island and Take a Breath

  81. Hey Angelo,Deborah & Laurie:

    I bet you are thinking why didn’t Guy pop in for a tall one at Heartland Brewery with us.

    NY, USA

  82. For anybody who lives in a country that does not get the Tonight Show, or one that gets it on a delay, it should be noted that Jamie Foxx’s performance last week, which is also a part of their concert series, is on their website. So there’s a great chance David’s performance will get the same treatment.

    I don’t know just how quickly it got up on the website, but I discovered it sometime the next day.

  83. first of all . . to Mike Mack . . . . TOLD YA !!!!!!! and don’t worry . . . it only takes 4 days for that grin to subside . . . . keep putting vaseline on your teeth til then . . . .

    then to Mr. Guy Pratt . . . . I’m crying on the inside . . . . we had about 15 concert-goers at Gibson’s in Chicago (night 1 – pre-show) . . . . . . ohhhhh . . . if only . . . what a thrill to have bought you a drink (or 2 . . . . ) !!!!!!!!!!!

    have fun all you LUCKY California folks !!!!

    and to you F’ed . . . you must be exhausted !!! do you EVER get a day off ???? and please tell me that you will have your own front row seat for whatever show(s) you will be attending . . . . . . ??? if anyone deserves to sit in the front row . . it’s YOU F’ed !!!! I hope to be reading your own ‘review’ of your show . . . . . yes??

    good day all . . .

  84. I can not believe my good fortune?!!! Is this really happening? I must be living right or something….. geez…

    Hey, thanks to FEd, SNEd, Ted, Right Said Fred, and whoever else was behind this Leno thing!!!! I’m sure David and Polly are back there somewhere, too….wow…I just…feel….so….


    ..oh, dear…this new york thing has taken hold of me again and has been possessed by some fan from Sao Paulo…

    Happy Birthday, Brian (from Iowa)!!! And good luck with the baby!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the show, now you see what we mean about how good it is!

    Question: Was your wife having contractions before the show or during? That baby probably wanted to come flying out to sing WYWH…..

    Aww shucks, Laurie…. 🙂

    Oh Man, Guy!!! You were there?! That’s great, but what happened to David Warner and the rest of the gang? That would’ve made for a kick-*ss time!

    And for that matter, no on has taken the lead on picking a place for both shows in LA (though I guess I now have somewhere to be the 20th). Is someone going to step forward? Actually, I think Leno must finish up at 5:30pm-ish if a group of us wants to walk over somewhere..?

    FEd, it is not lost on many here the amount of work you put into this blog. I remember Rudders writing about nominating this site (what ever happened to that?). Tackling this competition on a holiday is above an beyond the call of duty and I think we all agree that you deserve a heap of thanks for that.

    I’ll keep track of when and where I’m posting. LA is another three hours away from you, but I have a feeling I won’t be hitting the hay until 2am-3am those days so maybe I won’t be that far ahead..or is it behind…

    …damn…I have jet lag already…

  85. Hello and congratulations to all the winner!

    I wish you a time as good as the one I had when I went to the Mermaid, and congratulation as well to FEd for working on Bank Holiday!

    FEd, I did not see my post from yesterday, I hope I did not offend you in any way.

    Take care everyone,

  86. Grats to all those in CA going to see DG on the Leno show! 🙂

    Thanks MM for the setlist and review. Here’s what gets me on the whole recording thing: why not just enjoy the moment and get on board the music, not some half-baked attention just so that you can show someone some pixellated rubbish.

    For us UK folk, does the Leno show get aired here at all? I think Letterman used to broadcast here in the UK the next day after US broadcast…am hoping the Jay Leno show is too.


    [It’s on CNBC every week night at 10pm in the UK. You want Sky channel 505. – Features Editor]

  87. I’d like to think that I was in the running. However to be fair to all, I will have to withdraw if I was so as to give others fellow bloggers a chance. Thanks for the opportunity.


    PS – I was sorry to read Guy Pratt’s last post. How cool is that he actually went out of his way to hang with some bloggers? It is such a shame that no one was there.

    Guy, it is so great to read your insights and efforts. Thanks.

  88. Guy,

    OMG! You’ve got to be kidding!!I CAN’T believe no one was there!! Please, Please, Please come back to Luka’s tonight. I’ll be sitting there with my “David Gilmour Blogger” shirt on, you won’t miss me.

    I would have been there last night, but I only have tickets for tonight.

    It will be so cool if you come out. Man, I can’t believe no one was there. Thanks fpr supporting us bloggers, come to think of it I guess your a blogger too, being part of the band shouldn’t exclude you.

    I’m so glad the set was mixed up, I wonder if there will be any surprises tonight?

    I noticed Vinnie took a stab at the Leno songs: Take a Breath and Comfortably Numb.

    I was thinking those would be the best songs as well. Unless of course he does 2 songs from OAI, then I think it would be title track & Take A Breath.

    Hope to see you ALL tonight! =)


  89. To all UK bloggers, you can catch ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Sky Digital channel 505 every weeknight at 10pm. By looking at the schedule on the Jay Leno site, and looking at the UK TV guide, we are currently 3 nights behind the US, and since it doesn’t show on weekends, the Gilmour show should be showing here on Tuesday night. 🙂 But I’m still going to watch every night just in case I’m horribly wrong!

    I reckon he’ll play OAI and Take A Breath. 😛

    Congrats to all you winners!

  90. I don’t know if the e-mails for tix to the Leno pre-show went out yet [or if I was going to get any] but I (unfortunately) won’t be able to make it..Sorry F’ed but possibly good news for others.

    To everyone still yet to see the shows in the US and abroad, don’t forget to wear your “Craig Says Thanks” T-shirts!


    [Thanks for letting me know, Craig. Sorry you can’t make it. – Features Editor]

  91. i’m there!

    going to gibson and on my own – and looking for something cool to do in the afternoon before the show. what could be better than this? i’ve been a regular reader since the site went up – but haven’t blogged yet. can i go?

    many thanks!



  92. Saw the post from Mr. Pratt. That was so firme (cool) of you to go try and meet the bloggers. You are such a nice guy.

    The Oakland show sound cool it is just building the anticipation for the Gibson concert on Thur.

    Thanks Fed Ed for everything. How about coming to my house for a traditional Mexican Fiesta. Complete with Mariachi’s and margaritas?! 😉

    P.S. Firme means cool, awesome etc. in Barrio talk LOL !

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  93. Just one comment:

    The kick drum and the sound rocks! Please don’t turn anything down. Volume is our friend.

    Rock on Steve DiStanislao, you are the man.

  94. Guy, drop in at Luka’s this evening if you can. We’re going to be there and we’d love you see you.

  95. [OK Fellow Bloggers, I’m upset and disappointed. We finished soundcheck at 6 and I went straight round to Luka’s to say hello to the bloggers who were supposedly gathering there, but after walking round the restaurant twice, seeing no “Gilmour Bloggers” sign and even asking the Maitre’d if you were there I had to give up. All I wanted to do was show you some support and encouragement..Oh well. – Guy]

    Guy ~

    I will be at McDonalds tonight at 6:30

    I will be holding a sign that says, “I’m not loitering, I’m waiting for Guy”

    That was so cool of you…

    Wish you were here ( in my town )


  96. Dear feds: I don’t know if it is too late BUT yes i can name 3 people to attend that concert with me and who else would be such an avid fan of your website than myself! I am not “new” to the blogs as you are well aware and I am still hanging on to a dream that just may come true? The 3 people are as follows:


    I really hope this is what your seeking so i can have a chance of winning and going to see Mr. Gilmour in concert at the LA Gibson Amphitheatre in April 19/20th!

    Great picture of David Gilmour and keep up the great work.

    Linda Penner
    Williamsville Ny

    [No, you misunderstand me. If you were going to the Gibson show on Thursday night, then we could give you up to four free tickets to see David’s performance on Jay Leno’s show earlier that afternoon. David is playing just two songs for Leno. We don’t expect people to travel for miles and miles for just two songs. That’s why this offer is only for those who already have tickets to the Gibson Amphitheatre and will be hanging around waiting for the evening’s show to start. I’m sorry, but those are the rules and they are very clearly set out at the top of this page. Please read them carefully. We are not changing the rules for anyone, so I’m afraid you’re getting your hopes up for nothing. We don’t have tickets to the Gibson show to give away, I’m afraid. We are only giving tickets to people who are going to the Gibson, who already have tickets to see David on Thursday night, who have contributed to Fan Fare regularly in the past, and who responded to my “Anyone going to the Gibson?” question on Saturday. That’s final. – Features Editor]

  97. Stephen,

    I doubt he would’ve had the time anyway being the start of the US leg and all. Besides, JFK wasn’t exactly a nice start to this trip…

    Linda, you really have to read through these posts very carefully. There are tickets available from bloggers here. Now, if you don’t have the $$$ for travel and lodging then that’s different.

    I do hope you get to go….

  98. Stephen R. wrote: I bet you are thinking why didn’t Guy pop in for a tall one at Heartland Brewery with us.

    Guy was afraid I’d chase him around in my knickers, that’s why. Really, I’m a good girl. I would have behaved myself.

    Edwina, I wish I was over there so I could help with your editing. I would gladly take over for you every other day. I think by now I know what you want edited anyway, wouldn’t you say? 😉


  99. I stayed up all night trying to work out flights,hotels,scalped ticket offers…to be there for the Leno gig. Actually, it would be worth it even if I couldn’t land a ticket at the Gibson. I even fell asleep at my keyboard…Problem is….well,there is no problem…rules are rules….if by some chance there is another one of these surprise deals…I hope I’m in on it.

    [You’d do all that for just half an hour or so? I salute you. – Features Editor]


    This is a last-minute reminder to those of you who will be attending the Gibson Amphitheatre show on Thursday.

    Many of the people who said they were going when I asked on Saturday have yet to send in their addresses. You only have until Tuesday lunchtime (LA time) before the final list is confirmed, so do hurry if you want to go to the recording of David’s performance on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’.

    And to all blog regulars (again, that means no first-time posters) who are going to the Kodak show on the Wednesday and could attend the Leno recording without too much trouble, let us know your full names and addresses and those of up to three friends. If you can get the details in quickly enough, you can be on our back-up list should we have any spare tickets.

    No first-time posters. Sorry, but you will not be considered no matter how often you claim to read the blog. Please read this entry very carefully before sending in your details.

    Thank you.

  101. i can make it to the leno performance although i cant go to the gibson. if possible id just need 1 ticket


    thank you

  102. [Well this wonderful surpise came to an end yesterday. My wife has been taken… The tickets we were going to receive never came and the money she had saved is now gone thanks to the internet. People please be careful when buying over the internet. Will miss you David.. Thomas]

    –God, what a fan’s NIGHTMARE!! Please dispute it if you used a credit card on PayPal (Ebay).

    I feel SO bad for you & your wife, Thomas… I pray my ticket is good when I get to Universal. Only bought 1, but paid a bundle for it… I had to chance it to make it to the show.

    I hope Eugene’s axe will catch up with that crook that took your wife’s money. So sad.

  103. Well.. guess I ought to join in on the “song predictions” for Leno… “OAI & CN” … although I agree with what someone mentioned; that they may only air 1 song; unfortunately… (maybe air the 2nd song during credits at the end, which would be horrid!). Hopefully they’ll give Mr. Gilmour his full 2-songs during the show!

    For those of you planning on going to NBC early to try & get in… keep in mind what the posting said about the studio audience being seperate! You may wait there all day, and they put you in the studio when Mr. Gilmour will be playing OUTSIDE. Don’t want that to happen…

    ….FED.. all I can say is that you’re doing a great job. It doesn’t matter how you choose the winners for Leno, you will not please everybody no matter how you do it. Someone will always claim it’s “unfair”. I don’t envy your job!! (not this part of it, anyway!) You’re in a lose-lose situation, unfortunately…

    I thought the rules were outlined quite clearly; yet I am amazed as I look at the postings.. one after another…. POOR FED!!!! Keep your chin up, FED! (and how are you organizing & keeping track of this guest list?? Sounds like lots of WORK to me…) We know your hard work will pay off. We’ll see proof of it, when we see our fellow bloggers doing us proud in the audience at Jay Leno, representing ALL OF US!!

    Thank you for all of your hard work, FEd!

    …and, Guy… if I were in Oakland, I sure would have been there to have a drink with you!! How about Universal?? If we ever hear of a place (other than Leno) where folks are meeting, that is!!! Otherwise, I’ll see you at the show!! (I’ll be the one with bags under my eyes from no sleep from all of this EXCITEMENT!!!!)

    [Thank you. You should see some of the ones that I choose not to publish. – Features Editor]

  104. I can be there for Leno. Also, is there anyone staying at the Sheraton Universal City Hotel? I suggest that we have our own pre-Gilmour party before the show and the night before.

    My information for game is


    [Isn’t that your third entry? – Features Editor]

  105. I live on maui and will be attending the kodak show ,but need one ticket to the leno performance.Any chance?????I leave maui in 20 hrs.I leave tuesday at noon hawaii time for los angeles.Please help!!!!!!!!

  106. If one leno ticket becomes available,my info. is […] I will be flying to los angeles on tuesday to attend the wednesday 19th kodak show and would love to attend the 2 song performance on thursday.Ive been a regular on this site for the last 6 weeks.Aloha,mark

  107. ive posted plenty but i got a new computer recently, anyways hope you have a way to see it. anyways heres my info in case im considered. i only need 1 ticket


  108. The video tape is at the ready, the VCR is programmed, and the excitement is building for the Tonight Show with special guest David Gilmour and the band on Thursday April 20th. David Gilmour on Jay Leno! “Wheely…you don’t thay!…Heee heee hee.”

    With the time constraints, I wonder to what degree the songs will be modified. Perhaps we’ll hear a new piece or perhaps Island Jam?

    To the lucky few who will be in attendance, do let us know if you happen to catch word of David warming up with Kevin Eubanks and the Tonight Show band.

    I remember when David played a beautiful bluesy piece with G.E. Smith during his Saturday Night Live set in the late 1980’s, which, I believe, was the the last time David performed on a major US television show.

    David Gilmour on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Thursday, April 20th! The applause lights will not be needed!

  109. ‘ello, I did reply yesterday but didn’t include my full name and address at the time because I didn’t know I could actually make it out to Cali- But now I know that I definitely can, so here’s the required stats:


    Hope I’m not too late. Thanks very much.

  110. I’m in the same boat as alternate gilmour, although my wife and son and I are going to California, coincidentally, to see friends…but even if we weren’t going out there to see friends I’d get out there for the SOLE purpose of seeing David Gilmour for a mere half an hour or so and take my chances on getting last minute tickets to the full concert at the Gibson

    Jake from Phoenix Az

  111. I may have a spare third mezz ticket for Kodak – I would be willing to sell for my cost to a DG fan. However- you must not be a first time poster to this site, enjoy Pink Floyd or David Gilmour Music, not be attending the Jay Leno party, taking a few days of your holidays to attend two shows in the LA area, nor bad mouth F Ed on this site! Meet me before the show.. I’ll be the one in the Tan David Gilmour Windmill Tee Shirt with On an Island and Horses on the back… Ed

  112. I’m guessing that many of the people who said they’ll be at the Gibson on Thursday don’t want to see David live on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ after all, because they haven’t sent in their home addresses.

    That’s a shame, as there are still some tickets left, but not much time…

  113. I would love to attend if someone who responded Saturday/Sunday did not truely want to go to Jay Leno – I’ll be there –


    Thanks for consideration

  114. I suggest that we have our own pre-Gilmour party before the show and the night before.

    Posted by: Craig Nicol

    …at Saddle Ranch Chop House. around 6pm …. (Before Gibson show on 20th)

    See you there!

  115. i don’t recognise half these names. so much for no first-time posters. what a waste of ed’s time.

    [Indeed. Well spotted. – Features Editor]

  116. I just wondered if I qualified. I’m not a first-time poster, but I probably wouldn’t fit into the “regular poster” category either. Then again, I’m not sure what constitutes a “regular poster” in the first place. More than… 5? 10? 15 posts?

    I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

  117. i must say i dont agree with the way this was done by calling out those going to the gibson and saying they are going? what about the hundreds of people such as myself who could not get decent priced tickets because theyre all for sale online for 300 or more? now those lucky folks get to see mr gilmour at no cost and people like me are stuck at home watching it.

    im very angry about this however other than this the site is great and is updated frequently which is great


  118. [Congrats to all competition winners. You run a great competition Fed, you mustnt ever change. Look forward to hearing more reviews later. If you want to stay a regular poster then I suggest eat “Special K”, works for me. And I got to “Mermaid” Ian Pearson]

    I find “All Bran” helps to keep me a regular poster of b(rown)logs …

    Hope everyone has a great gig at the Jay Leno show tonight and the Gibson Amphitheatre (Last night before the Poms).

    To David, family, band & crew have a safe journey back over the pond to good ole Blighty

  119. Guy, sorry to hear that nobody was there to meet with you at Lukas. I know that I will be at the Rumba Room after your show and I will be wearing a “Beeblebrox for President” button on my shirt (along with probably one or two others with the button). I ‘d be happy to share a mug with you.

    Take care and hapiness to all…

  120. 9:16 PM PST. Waiting for the redeye to Detroit at LAX. All I can say gang is “How cool was That?!” Thanks FEd! Thank you David Crew! Guy, Thanks for the knod to the bloggers! It was great meeting Angelo, Susan, Chris, Erin and so may other “true believers.” This was for me a day well spent. God bless.

  121. Hi bloggers ad Fea.Ed. I just saw David perform on Jay Leno, and all I can say is My God he (David) is so incredibly handsome it just takes my breath away! I may have some sweet dreams tonight, let me tell ya. If I didn’t already know it, I would never guess that he is 60. you bloggers who were at LENO! IT looked like a small, intimate set-up. What was it like? I so wish I could have been there, it looked like a dream come true to be so up close and personal to him. That’s how it came across on tv anyway. Can’t wait to read some bloggers’ comments. That said, I bid you all goodnight.


  122. How nice to see David on Jay Leno. He gave such a nice smile to fans who were there. It seems he was recognizing that you are among his greatest fans! Would have loved to have been there! Well played! Great piano solo by Rick during WYWH!


  123. Stayed up late to watch David on the Tonight Show. It was great to see him singing OAI with Crosby & Nash but what a tease it was. The guitar solos were so abbreviated they almost weren’t there at all.

    I thought this would be a great way to get one last look/listen before the gang headed back to the UK. I feel bad for the folks who didn’t get to see any of the shows. This was probably their only opportunity to see David play until the DVD comes out. I’m glad I saw the show in New York.

    Well, that being said, the singing was great. And I’m glad David got a chance to promote the album.

    To David cast and crew: Thanks for entertaining us here in the US this month. Come back anytime!

    Mike from Connecticut

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