The 'Blog House' Rules


Yes, I’m afraid they’re needed and I apologise in advance if anyone feels patronised by them. Much of this is common sense, and many of you will already follow these rules without even trying. But many of you don’t, which is why I’m making them clear.

There are more changes in the pipeline, starting with a possible major change with regards to how you post your comments later this week.

I hope you can see that the following are not unreasonable requests. They’re for the good of everyone, to improve the blog’s appeal to newcomers and to make reading the comments easier for all.

So, here we go:

– No queries about rumours you’ve seen or heard, particularly on fansites (if I have something to tell you, I will tell you).
– No questions that belong on the FAQs page (David reads, but he’s not going to answer you).
– No URLs (even in the URL field, which is soon to be removed; for now, they will be deleted by me if you can’t do it yourself).
– No names of websites (eBay and Amazon excepted).
– No requests for us to link to your website (the answer is always ‘no’).
– No e-mail addresses to be included with your comments (it’s just not happening anymore).
– No home addresses and telephone numbers (for obvious reasons).
– No references to Pink Floyd tribute bands (you’re not getting any free advertising out of us, sorry).
– No personal questions about David’s family, including any mention of his children’s names.
– No questions about Pink Floyd releases (it’s nothing to do with me, I’m involved with David only).
– No requests for autographs or other freebies (as refusal may offend).
– No reference to bootlegging (you know ‘our’ stance on it, so let it drop).
– No speculation as to the identity of “The Mysterious FEd” (very boring).
– No ridiculously lengthy posts (yes, you know what I mean by that).
– No snapping at someone who demonstrates a contrasting viewpoint to your own (please try to be a little more tolerant).
– No adding comments relevant only to old blog entries to the current entry (please put them where they belong).

That’s not so bad, is it?

Prior to this, I have edited much of the above to enable your comments to pass through. Now I’m going to have to start deleting entire comments if they don’t conform to these guidelines. So, please bear all of the above in mind when writing, and, as well as a happier FEd, you’ll notice that your comments will be published much faster.

If everyone stays on topic, makes their long comments a little shorter and shows a bit more respect for the opinions of others, I’m sure we can welcome more people into the fold and enjoy ourselves more.

Let’s remember that this website and tour are by-products of David’s new album, ‘On An Island’. That’s what I’m interested in, so that’s what I want to be discussing. Anything else is likely to be deleted.

Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

228 thoughts on “The 'Blog House' Rules”

  1. Fedmeister

    Good on you for the new rules…not bad at all! I for one hope it cuts down on your workload and after reading some of the late night blogs from the previous blog I think adding:

    – Bloggers must pass a breathalyser test

    May help 🙂

    Are you still ok with the Captions I post though? if you are then todays is…

    Caption Competition:

    Phil has just read the new rules and has decided to get his coat…

    [I couldn’t bring myself to shoo away the captions. I still chuckle at the robot one. – Features Editor]

  2. I’ve printed the new rules out and they are pinned to my office wall… 🙂

  3. My wife and I were lucky and saw David at Leno on Apr 20.What a great show.Then to the Gibson for the concert.FANTASTIC.Mr.Gilmour and band thank you so much.The show the sound unbelieveable.I have been to many concerts but DG blows everyone away.Hope you make it back soon. Thanks again.

  4. PHEW!!! And there was me thinking something really serious was going to happen!! 🙂

    All the rules seem completely reasonable to me, and I like to think that I’ve mostly kept within them (those I’ve broken I didn’t know about…sorry!).

    Forgive me, but I can’t make out who today’s mystery guest photo is of. I’m pretty sure it’s not David, so it pretty much limits it to Guy, Phil or Jon (my guess is Jon wearing a cap?). Anyhow, it’s a perfect caption: “The strap rivalry between band members got a little out of control when El Magnifico appeared”.

    Here’s to a new phase of our community, and a less frazzled FEd. Onwards and upwards as they say…


    [Thanks, Nick. It is Phil Manzanera. We have some other changes lined up, but decided that it would be better to just see how things go with the rules set out clearly for now. – Features Editor]

  5. Fedmeister

    Just to let you know that the Blog House Rules does not show up when you click on the Fan Fare section from the home menu…. it still defaults to David On Screen…

    You can only get to The Blog House rules screen through the David On Screen screen….if that makes sense….

    [Yes, it does. Often there’s a delay. Give it half an hour, then we can sharpen our pointy sticks. It’s been a while. – Features Editor]

  6. “David reads but he’s not going to answer you”

    Could you possibly be any more snotty than that?!!!

    [I could be, but I think that’s clear enough, and clarity is all I was aiming for. David does answer fan questions, but that’s not to say that we want the blog to be bombarded. – Features Editor]

  7. Ah, piece of cake. I may only have broken a few once or twice 😉

    Now I can cancel my dentist appointment, no teeth gnashing necessary…


    [Don’t worry, mate. I’ve broken a few. – Features Editor]

  8. I agree with the rules of the “Blog House” as in “Blog House” Rules but what is a “blog house”???

    Ian Pearson

    [Ask SNEd, it was his idea! – Features Editor]

  9. Dear FED!

    Though some are extreme measures… I guess everything’s to have a healthier and better FED, right? So let’s all fellow bloggers join you on this effort and help you get it right 😀

    Finally, what happened on the FED of the year prize we were making for the FED? Any news on that?

    Shine on bloggers!

  10. Hello FED !!! Hope you have had a nice weekend and all that. Just watched AOL session. Beautifully done !! Plus the simple fact that we were all able to hear Dave’s and Rick talk as well. I’m still a bundle of nervous energy.

    BTW, just read the new rules governing ‘Fan Fare’. I’m in total agreement with every aspect that you approached, so I will keep this “short and sweet”.

    Sure, I felt a little cheated by the Leno show, but it was still fantastic, but the pay off was WYWH. The network at least gave us fans here another view of Dave and Co. so we really shouldn’t knock it.

    Anyway,I am looking forward to RAH Shows. If any body would be able to give a first-timer to England any tips, I would be grateful. Cheers to all and lastly, my thoughts and prayers go out to the poor chap who lost his son. Made me cry a little as I’m an uncle many times over. Take care to all.

    Cazart !

  11. Great, no problem here with all of this! I’m just very glad to see the blog evolving even more…it’s a great site for a great guy!


  12. Hey you all, I don’t know if anyone has heard but I found tickets to a show that is happening on May 16th in movie theatres all over the place. It sounds like it is supposed to be really good. I am going to go and maybe if anyone else wants to go we can share notes afterwards. It is a David Gilmour event.

  13. Hello dear Features Editor,

    Just read your inexorable rules and I believe I can understand why.

    Maybe a bit of spontaneity will dissapear. So hope you come up with some good blog topics (as usual), that will stimulate us with some nice short and to the point comments.

    But lets get back to David Gilmours great album and forget the rules you made…

    …Take a Breath take a deep Breath now…

    Keep smiling,
    Nick from the lovely south of the Netherlands.

    PS Yes I know some people will not like to read this but: Can we skip items about football too?

    [With Liverpool in the FA Cup Final and Arsenal doing so well in the Champions League? No chance. – Features Editor]

  14. [ Thanks for reading and feel free to let us know what you think ]

    On other sites they offer a PM (private message) button so members can trade emails, links, etc.
    Would this be an option somewhere down the road?

    I have made a friend (and owe him bigtime) from this site and I dont think I would have been able to make contact with him had these guidelines been inforced.

    Just asking F*Ed, You know I’m a team player 🙂


    [We don’t think anything like that would be introduced here, Matt. – Features Editor]

  15. “what is a “blog house”???”

    Ian…A pun on The Cider House Rules film title I would guess…(Michael Caine…)

    And I’m still impressed with the Snedmeister’s use of the word curmudgeonly! Good one!

  16. All large communities need some ground rules. Especially in ones such as this one, with so many people from so many places. These rules all seem quite reasonable to me… even common sense I’d say…

    I thought people trying to figure out who you are, dear FEd, was funny… the ‘need’ people have to know who is on the other side…you could be Marvin, a telletubbie or a real guy/gal…you’d still be FEd…LOL

    Anyway…its monday, lets all hope for a nice week!

  17. [I agree with the rules of the “Blog House” as in “Blog House” Rules but what is a “blog house”???]

    The cyberspace house of the blog family? Ed is the landlord, sometimes frustrated with unruly guests… 🙂

    But he knows the family stays true to the purpose of the house. Worship of the guitar god.

    Ok sorry, I’m doing some research in Roman religion, which partly explains this weird thought. I’m gonna take a break now…


  18. I will solemnly swear to abide by the Blog House Rules from now on (as far as I haven’t so far already) 😉

    And no need to apologise for these VERY reasonable requests. I was thinking the changes would be much more drastic.

    I just hope it will be enough to make your life a little easier, since 12 hours day and 7 day weeks are ridiculous even for a totally dedicated DG fan.

    I hope you know we all love you to bits and I hope you can get a little of your life back now. (If not don’t hesitate to take the nessecary measures to do so after all)


    [Aww, thank you. We do have more that we could introduce, if need be. I’m sure we won’t have to. – Features Editor]

  19. I don`t think that`s much too ask for. The rules seem fine to me. I`m sorry I`ve broke one or two of them in the past!

    By the way Features ed, thank you for your email regarding Rupert. It`s a small world isn`t it?

    [It sure is. – Features Editor]

  20. I can certainly understand the need for these rules, and will abide by them. Just keep in mind that the album is not new anymore and the tour is on hiatus, so if rumors are off limits you (the Features Editor, though we regulars will help) are going to have to come up with some pretty good topics of discussion to make sure we can get plenty of activity while staying within the rules.

    So I’ll think of some interesting topics (the ones popping in my head now aren’t all that interesting), but in the meantime I’d like to mention that my RAH tickets arrived today, so those Americans who won the right to order the good seats offered by should expect them soon. I got 8th row for the 29th! Not so bad!

  21. Can we still talk about David’s past?, because I got the “David Gilmour In Concert” DVD on friday and I would like to gush a little about it

    [Gush away. – Features Editor]

  22. I guess I should have been patient and saved my last post for this blog…….rats!

    Hey, if you’re going to title it something, how about “The Anderson Council”? Get it?!!


  23. Dear Feed ed… The new rules are reasonable. After all it IS Davids’ site, not ours. I know I have been guilty of a few excessively long posts. I’ll try to curb my verbosity (is that a word??? Rudders? Fet Ed?). Anyway- thanks for all you do Fet ed.


  24. Shit ya! My one fear was that you weren’t going to allow us to use bad language anymore!

    On a serious note, I think the rules are fair FEd. I was more of a lurker before the US tour, simply getting information from this site and because of this wonderful site, I was able to find out about Gilmour’s tour dates rather early and get terrific seats to opening night. So, thanks! I am looking forward to seeing the blog become a nice community again, and it appears it has started heading that way in recent days.

    Great job, FEd.

  25. “I’ve printed the new rules out and they are pinned to my office wall… :-)”

    Worryingly, so have I ::)!

    Nothing to worry about as far as I can tell with the new blog rules – as the F’Ed says, it’s mostly common sense!

    So, anyway the influence of David and co is spreading in the Pudders houselhold – 10 year old Luke is now offering his mother obscene amounts of money to buy her RAH ticket…..she’s quite happy to settle for a ‘keep your room tidy for a month’ type agreement. The discussion continues!

  26. Well done on the rules!

    One question, will David and the band ever come to Malta? Im dying to see him perform.


    [If he’s planning any trips anywhere, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  27. – No snapping at someone who demonstrates a contrasting viewpoint to your own (please try to be a little more tolerant).

    If I may get a clarification on this one, this means no rude remarks, name calling, bashing, snotty remarks, etc., but it does mean we may offer our opposing views in a intelligent yet polite manner. Correct?

    I know that sounds like a dumb question, but you’d be surprised how often I post polite responses to rude remarks only to be accused of picking a fight.

    [Yes, I think that’s fair and I know what you mean. For what it’s worth, I’ll always chip in and back you up if that happens. It’s so very easy to misinterpret words. You need to be a mind-reader sometimes. The latest example is Victor’s remark about American TV being shallow. I took it that he meant American TV, but “shallow Americans in general” naturally caused a stir. It’s perfectly fair that someone should want to bark at him, but what does it achieve? Nothing other than making you feel superior for a split second. So I hope we don’t have any of the “You’re stupid, we saved your ass in two world wars, it’s no wonder everyone hates you” remarks. It would have been better had someone asked him to explain himself first. – Features Editor]

  28. I can’t beleive it. I have a ticket for the 31st show and now it seems I won’t be able to attend. Damn..!

    I was going to fly all the way from Israel for the show, but because it’s 1st-2nd of june is a holiday there are no flights back in time to be with my family for the holiday.

    I am so depressed now..

    FEd, any idea if RAH will refund my ticket?

    [They should do. Did you get it from them, Trinity Street or See Tickets? – Features Editor]

  29. Okay your rules sit well with me. Thank you so much again for the Leno tickets!! Damn great to see those guys upclose. I have seen David before with 80,000 other people, but that Leno show was something I will talk about for years.

    Dave Carrera……..

  30. Hi all,

    I understand the rules and will try to live and breathe them 😉

    Yesterday my wife and I were watching a travel program in Holland (no, not the one with Floortje, it had to do with a bicycle (sp?) route through Northern-Holland) and the background music was an almost complete version (and sometimes very clearly audible) of Red Sky At Night. Gave the report a very warm touch. The music made us stay longer on that channel 😉

    FEd, we may not post names of David’s children (privacy reasons, I guess) which is understandable, but we may still wish his kids all the best when you or SNEd tell us there is an exam coming up, aren’t we ?

    And on the main DG site, I read that the webmasters went to the last two shows in LA (and Jay Leno too), did that include you (I hope) ? Sorry if it’s been answered before, but I had to work also last night, so couldn’t catch up with all the previous blog-days like I use to do.


    [Hi Piet. I didn’t go the LA shows but our very hard-working web guru did, and he had a great time. Regarding David’s children, then please feel free to zap your positive vibes in the general direction of south-east England. – Features Editor]

  31. FEd, you are hereby nominated to head up a European task force on road safety and defensive driving. If you can get the drivers on my route to work in morning to follow a set of common sense rules similar to the blog house ones, I’d be eternally grateful …

    [I’ll start working on some right away. I can just see them being flashed over the motorways. – Features Editor]

  32. Blog Rules Rule!

    Looking forward to more DG focused comments from this fabulous online community.


  33. fair enough…just one thing..i think it would be nice to have a kind of cronology on this site..related to david of course..tour and studio dates..that sort of would help to beat the static sites that mr gilmour doenst like very much..i read that somewhere..

    keep going

    [Good point, Paulo. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  34. I apologize if this question has been asked already, but I’m curious as to why David has started wearing his wedding ring on his right hand??? Anyone?

  35. Hey Fed,

    Your new rules come at an unfortunate time. I was about to ask David if he would ever consider cloning himself so that he could do a world tour to please all of his fans, while staying home and spending quality time with his family AT THE SAME TIME! I guess we’ll just have to wonder about that one….

    [We’re one step ahead of you, Matt. The clones will be available on the merchandise page soon, complete with a choice of wedding ring on the right, or left, hand. – Features Editor]

  36. Fed i still want to know if Marc Brickman was the designer and operator for the show is it possible to answer that question i need to find out for a mate who works in lighting who is a fan of his (fancy been a fan of a lighting tech all though he is good)

    [He certainly is the lighting designer. Mark Risk is the lighting operator/programmer on this tour, and they are assisted by two lighting technicians (John Wynne and Chris Davis). – Features Editor]

  37. All seem very fair and hopefully everyone will be happy with these new rules.

    The last thing I think most of us want is for the blog to disappear, so whatever it takes, FEd!

    By the way, hope everyone is checking out the Ken Bruce show on BBC Radio 2 this week… 🙂

  38. Is Pink Floyd going to re-unite and play the pyramids next year? Just Kidding.

    Side note: Truffle Oil. The greatest thing ever to make it’s way into cooking. Use it with asparagus, pasta, seafood etc. never cook with it – only add afterwards.

    I thought the tour was great, went to two shows and enjoyed them both immensely – I don’t care what brand name was up there – the music was fantastic being it David Gilmour, Pink Floyd or the Flying Hubcaps… whatever you want to call them – doesn’t matter to me.

    If I have any requests for David, it would be to use his status – as he did with Live 8, to advance his politics. I live on the West coast of the USA and it’s very important to me that we get away from this awful track that the world is sliding down. He’s one of the people that can make a difference with some nicely tuned strings and a guitar pick. His children will have to live in the same world as my children one day – I hope things get better.

  39. I’ve just watched the Leno Wish You Were Here video… a song I never ever tire of and considering recent events has new depth of meaning…

    The multimedia available for the OAI tour has been outstanding and I’m also looking forward to seeing the packaging for the DVD which I’m sure will be as good as the CD package…

  40. Great.

    Is it me or was every one of the rules common sense ?

    BTW did i mention that you ROCK !!!!

    I trust LA was good,& hope to see you at the RAH.

  41. I think you’re trying to hard to ‘own’ a medium that was never meant to be owned. Attempting to control everything that goes on here so it all looks ‘peachy’ is misguided and *so* 1980’s.

    Give us some bloody credit to self-police the wrong do-ers – that’s why this kind of thing is called a ‘community’ and not a dictatorship.

    [OK, let me remind myself of Rule #15… – Features Editor]

  42. Rules are cool.

    FINALLY had some free time to sit and watch the AOL Session all the way through. Thoroughly enjoyed both the performance and the post performance chatting. It makes them seem more personal. My wife is a borderline fan but she too came in to watch the Session with me and also enjoyed the show.

    I don’t post often but do enjoy my daily read. I agree that things may have been getting a bit out of reach…but it didn’t stop me from regularly looking for any thoughts or concerns regarding the CD or any live performances.

    Nice work FED for keeping things in check.

  43. The new rules seems very reasonable! Sorry if I haven’t always followed each one, but I will make sure I’m more careful.

    If this makes you life somewhat easier Fed, then I’m all for it! I can’t imagine the hours you’ve been keeping lately, especially the night that there were shows! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this, I certainly appreciate it!

  44. I wonder if the new rules will generate some Dan Brownesque “Ambigrams” and hidden codes…

    Don’t you just wish you could just avoid all this
    Animosity and let everyone post comments without
    Validating everyone and their comments…
    It really is a lot of hard work that makes each
    Day a slog…

    Good on you for being so open minded and just
    Introducing rules that are common sense and very
    My worry would be that people abuse trust and
    Openness and see that as a sign so they try to
    Usurp your authority even though you facilitate
    Really well….

    Ooopppsss there’s a hidden code now!!!… 🙂

    [Good stuff, Rudders. Acrostic poems are great. We’ll have a blog entry just for island-themed acrostic poems in a few days time, I say. Someone please remind me if I forget. – Features Editor]

  45. This Feature Ed thinks himself is something. Unfortunately he is just a poor bloke hired by David.
    I just don’t like people respecting him like David, this bloke is nothing but a IT technican.

    [I think I’m something? Get lost, pal. I think people like you spoil what could be a good thing, hence the need for patronising rules and close moderation. If you don’t like it, f*ck off. I say that, of course, with respect. – Features Editor]

  46. Whew! I thought the “rules” were gonna be a lot worse. I must admit I’ve been guilty of breaking at least one of those in the past, but I’ll be better, promise. I hope these changes make your life a little easier Fed.

    I got my movie tickets for May and am really excited. Thanks for re-posting that setlist Fed, and thanks again for Leno. My 2 seconds of fame =)


  47. Hello Everyone

    You may be interested to know the site owner himself is guesting on the Ken Bruce show on B.B.C. Radio Two all this week, in a small slot in the show called “Tracks of my years”. Here an esteemed guest chooses his favourite Cuts which are then played.

    Today David choose God Only Knows and Wind Cries Mary with an explanation for so choosing. well worth listening too.(you can listen again on the B.B.C. site)

    Can I in a most humble way suggest a further rule , Please no posting in capitals?

    Best wishes

    [Yes, good point. If anyone wants to suggest further potential guidelines, be my guest. An update on the latest DG news will follow later today. – Features Editor]

  48. Ed/Edwina wrote: The clones will be available on the merchandise page soon

    Put me down for three David clones please. Can I put my purchase on a long-term payment plan?

    I see FOOTBALL isn’t on the “do not speak of this!” list. I now know more about Liverpool’s team than I ever really intended. 😉


    [I’m just making you a better person. It’s all part of my plan for a world dominated by plastic Scousers (and, of course, ruled by real ones). – Features Editor]

  49. Quite impressed with the Leno show preformances. I am glad to say I broke only one rule, my curiousity over the fedmeister’s identity. Most of my ancestery is of english origin. My grandma’ maiden name was Gilmore. A few letters off of David’s. Someday I will visit London and drink some real tea! I wish we would had rules for the drunken idiot hecklers at the Rosemont!!


  50. I’d like to offer my guess towards answering the pressing question of DG’s wedding ring poser…

    As a (married) guitar player myself, I find that a ring on my fretting hand makes unwanted clicks against the neck and frets. My guess is that during gigs and while recording, David slips his wedding ring onto his right hand so it won’t make any noise. Afterwards, he slips it back onto his left hand.

    How’s that?

    (By the way, I tried to post without including my e-mail and url but it wouldn’t let me. It said they are “required”. fyi)

    [It’s remembering what you originally entered and asked it to remember, I suppose. Don’t worry, I’ll deal with it. It’s only really the fansites that we are trying to prevent, because I don’t have time to check them out first. – Features Editor]

  51. [This Feature Ed thinks himself is something]

    He is something and he’s (I’m assuming you’re a he, apologies if not!) put a lot of effort into keeping this blog going when a lot of us might have thrown our computers out the window and got a one way ticket to Mars.

    These rules are both understandable and necessary in my opinion.

    Unfortunately sometimes there is a need to be a little blunt to get the point across.

    Good luck f.ed

    [Thanks, Veronica. One reason why I’m tired of all the speculation as to my identity is because this site is about David and David only. If I thought I was “something”, surely I’d be relishing it? I just want to do the job I’m paid – and privileged – to do. I did try booking a ticket to Mars last week, but I’m going to wait until the Americans colonise space first. It would get lonely otherwise. – Features Editor]

  52. I have permission to gush away so here goes, The DVD is great!!!, extraordinary, fantastic, wonderful, oh hell choose your own word for very good. The point is that the concert and the DVD for that matter was well done. Favorite moments? yeah, I got em’. “Coming Back to Life”, ” Je Crois Entendre Encore”, “Smile” (Which by the way is one of my all time favorite songes ever not to mention on the new album, thank you David and Polly, but that is a topic for another time) “Wish You Were Here”, “Comfortably Numb” (both the Robert Wyatt and Bob Geldof versions were superb)and “Dimming Of The Day.”

    In the extras, “Don’t” would have done Elvis proud (maybe even a little jealous) and Shakespear’s Sonnet 18 I think was incredibly touching.

    Also the home movie was excellent, just fun stuff.

    However I am a little dismayed, it seems that poor audience manners are not a new thing, during “Shine On You Crazy Dimaond 1-5” the audience would whoop and hollar in between parts! this concert happend four years ago and I am on my couch yelling at audience members to shut up, insanity! also, some rude bloke yelled out at David after a song, I forget which, that sounded something to the effect of, “play animals in its entirety” in which David slyly replied, “no.., if we did that we would still be here past curfew”. How did this clown even make it on the DVD he should have been edited out. I am sorry I am not trying to be rude or hostile but seriously! to just shout at someone in the middle of a quiet, intamate performance, the nerve!

    Okay, I am sorry for that but I had to get that out. I hope I didn’t break any rules but based on what has been said in the past here I think most of my fellow bloggers will agree with me.

    All in all a great pickup in my DVD collection and well, well worth the money. Thanks once again David for making such wonderful music.

    and thank you once again Feat. Ed for reading all of our silly little comments, blessing be upon you

    Cheers Mate!

    [Thanks, Josh. It just goes to show that there are noisy, rude people everywhere. It certainly isn’t unique to America, as some would have you believe. – Features Editor]

  53. F Ed,

    Just wondering if you had considered switching to a message board system with a lot of already built-in capabilities rather than a limited moderated blog?

    [We considered several things, but still feel that this is the best option for our needs. – Features Editor]

  54. YIPPEE!!!

    Thanks to the untiring efforts of my truly wonderful stepmother, practically camping at the ticket counter for weeks, I will be at the Royal Albert Hall on the 29th of May!!!

    I’m so damned excited I can barely sit still!

    I’m still wrapping my head around the whole concept and trying not to think about the hit my credit card is about to take in purchasing an air ticket from New Zealand to the UK.

    David Gilmour is going to have to answer to my wife though. It’s his fault that fans love him so much they’ll jeopardise their marriages to fly halfway around the world for him and he needs to get his excuses ready…(just kidding, my beloved is very excited for me).

    It was my birthday yesterday (the 24th – it’s now early on the 25th here in NZ) and I couldn’t have asked for a better present.

    Anyway FEd, on another subject, I think the new blog rules are an excellent way of keeping the house in order. I know I’ve unwittingly broken at least a couple of them in the past, contributing to the debate over your identity for one, but I’ll mind my Ps and Qs more carefully from now on. I think you do an exceptional job at moderating the contributions and preventing this site from descending into the sticky morass that many forums/blogs end up in. There are many that I no longer read or contribute to because they seem to end up being centred around the little community of regular (and sometimes obsessive) posters and its peculiar dynamics and petty arguments, rather than the intended subject. It gets very boring when all you really want to do is read about your subject of interest.

    So there you go! Hopefully I’ll meet up with some of the regular bloggers at the concert. Oh, I’m so excited!!!

    [A belated “Happy Birthday!” to you, Warren. – Features Editor]

  55. Message received and understood. I think!

    I’m led to believe that a mans mid-life crisis is identified by his desire to buy a sports car that is totally unsuited to his lifestyle. Money, or lack thereof, dictates that my desires are a little more reasonably priced. Thanks to Davids influence over the years, I’ve just decided to buy my first guitar (of the acoustic variety).

    I’ve never had one before. I can’t read music. I’ve got relatively small hands. (Stop giggling at the back!) Oh, and I’m left-handed too!

    I must be bonkers but by the time my next major birthday comes around, I am determined that I will be able to play some of Davids music. Properly. ‘Ish.

    Wish me luck.

    CJD (who watched the last 20 minutes Saturday thru crossed fingers and the contents of a very large glass of red wine)

    [Good luck, Colin! – Features Editor]

  56. guy you’re so funny. phil really is el magnifico. to be called that by david must make him giggle like a schoolgirl. wow. good rules. i think i’ve known about them for awhile now. somehow. keep it together. thank you f ed

  57. Stephen Cheng

    For goodness sake you really have
    Upset the Fedmeister with your
    Comments. The Fedmeister really is
    Keen to calm things down….

    Of course if you persist then we can assume the
    Fedmeister will crack down and issue a
    Firm retort to your inane postings…

    We are here to enjoy ourselves and really
    Appreciate what is being done for us but it seems
    No amount of telling people the rules works and
    Keeping a site like this going for the fans is
    Exacting work and the majority of the fans
    Really appreciate what is being done…

    Probably not for posting on the blog as it does break a rule or two but I enjoyed it…

    I’m practicing for the acrostic day and I guess Mr Cheng wouldn’t know what acrostic means anyway… 🙂

    [Well, I was upset, but that sure as hell made me laugh. Besides, I can break the rules when it suits me. Looking forward to Acrostic Day. – Features Editor]

  58. Rudders,

    Lend me some of your creativity. It would take me weeks to accomplish what took you a couple hours (at most).


    Same message, but also some advice: You have to learn to trademark those phrases when you come up with them before you blurt them out. Someone’s going to steal that and make a lot of money. Also, since it’s not a rule, may I hound you once again to bring your stand-up act to the USA?

    Wait… Guy’s act doesn’t fall under the tribute band category, does it?

    [Guy can break the rules if he wants to and we can all break the rules for him. He is our favourite bass player, after all. – Features Editor]

  59. I will never post again…

    Instead, from this day forth use “in addition to, additionally, also, besides, further, furthermore and moreover”



  60. Caption:

    As Phil starts playing ‘Virginia Plain’, the assembled Jawas nod their appreciation 🙂

    (apologies for breaking the unwritten rule – cringe-inducing abuse of CaptionWorld! )

  61. [“…Let’s remember that this website and tour are by-products of David’s new album, ‘On An Island’. That’s what we’re interested in, so that’s what we want to be discussing…” Posted by Features Editor at April 24, 2006 06:05 PM]

    Right on FEd,

    Where we start is where we end.
    So much behind us, still far to go.

    Let’s not stray from the path…

  62. I like today’s topic. Without rules every blog should be very boring.

    We want it that way…i hope not

    I agree with you.

    To Fed…what about a poll to discuss about the songs in the way of we heard and saw at the gigs ?

    For example i heard a lot of people celebrating “echoes” with shivers (i don’t kwow if the term is correct) by the power of the performance added to the terrific lightwork…impressive !

    ciao !

    [That’s certainly something to consider… – Features Editor]

  63. Blimey, there are some touchy people around aren’t there? Kinda sums up why you had to make the changes F’Ed…..

    Anyway – back on topic – Rudders makes a very good point about the quality and quantity of the multimedia package that has accompanied the On An Island CD and Tour. I know for a fact that it has all been very well received beyond the walls of the blog so a big ‘well done’ to all the clever peeps driving this forward.

  64. respect goes out to you , re:Stephen Cheng blog,you may be an it tech but your an it tech and gilmour fan who has helped us all enjoy this whole experience of the gilmour tour from start to finish , you have helped make this tour much more memorable by letting us post now and again , i dont believe you ever set your self up to be anything you are not, allo you’ve done is enriched our experience, this blog has given me and people like me the chance to air our comments while we wait for the finale at the RAH , at the risk of building you up to gilmour status (what ever that is)respect is respect whether its gilmour or the Fed, i for one will always be grateful for this blog and the way it has enriched my whole experience of the tour- thank you F ED you are God like in stature and surely a knighthood is on the way in the new years honours list , i love the way you lay your life on the line every day for us , we worship the ground you walk on (tongue in cheek – firmly)but i do thank you

    [Whoa, so much praise! I don’t deserve all that. I’m not even an IT tech. – Features Editor]

  65. Dear F Ed.

    I don’t know I go away on holiday for 2 weeks & I get back to a load of rules. Who has been naughty then?

    I agree with the rules & seem very sensible to me.

    I must say it was great to seriously unwind whilst I was lying on a white sandy beach on an Island listening to On An Island.

    Back to reality, but closer to May 26.


  66. Fet ed… ok….following rules… sweating profusely… turning beet-red… this is hard! Want to comment on Stephen Chengs’ comment… can’t do it… can’t “be respectful of other views”… that’s ok- I don’t have to. Your answer was perfect (and actually got a chuckle out of me with the last sentence!). You get em fet ed! Don’t put up with any crap. You are far too well liked anyway…. we’ve got your back!

    So happy blog thoughts…. Ohhhhhhhhhm… oooohhhhhhmmmmmmmmm!!! It’s nice we’re having weather, isn’t it?


    [I think Rudders said it best with his acrostic poem. – Features Editor]

  67. Ever notice that you never see the mysterious El Magnifico in the same room as mild-mannered guitarist Phil Manzanera?

  68. These rules rule!

    Erm… Sorry, I’m in the middle of final exams and my brain is just about short-circuited. But seriously,the new rules aren’t bad at all.

    On a different subject, I’m on my way to get a pair of tickets for the David’s big screen concert on May 16th. Nyan nyan nyan~~~~ I’m going to the one at Regal Theaters at The Falls in Miami. Anyone else going to that one?

    [Good luck with the exams, mate. – Features Editor]

  69. Love rules. Easier to catch up on main issues.

    Like others, trying to keep up with events and news of the great man everytime I get a minute, long blogs and bleats are real killers, sucking precious skimming time.

    Need to get off this hamster wheel or get some brakes for this thing, to create more time for important things in life!

    Reading these!

    Thanks F Ed for assistance!

  70. Good Grief FEd, even when you try to be fair you can’t win. The rules seem very appropriate and fair. Frankly, I’m glad to see them. Some of the postings were getting very frustrating and irritating. I like the idea to return this to what it is intended for and for everyone to have some respect for the site and others who are reading. Esp, for you and David Gilmour and band and maybe family. Thank you for the Cyberhouse Rules.

  71. Hello FEd, Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to mention as well the ‘Tracks of my years’ show on BBC Radio 2 in the morning this week; I have been able to listen to it today, with the 2 first songs chosen by David and it is always very interesting to hear comments and opinions on other artists by artists themselves, to see what is very good music to them, especially when we really like them!

    I don’t know if any of that makes sense but what I mean is that it’s a really good show!

    See you,

  72. I can`t belive that there are certain people hell bent in spoiling things for everyone else, after everything that`s been said.

    These induviduals cannot be real DG fans, otherwise they would not post such things!

    Hat`s off to you Features ed for sticking up for yourself, and for the intrests of everyone else.(I don`t think I need to name anyone-rule 15 I belive?)

  73. I think the removal of URL’s and Emails are a little to much. This is afterall a blog, even though dedicated to davids album it shouldnt be neccesary to prevent people from contacting each other. Just as long as things are not being spammed (wonderfuly protected and edited by FE anyways) Whats the Harm? Just my opinion, please take it easy on me.

    [I do see your point, but allow me to explain. The idea is that people use the blog to comment on the album, tour, DVD, TV/radio shows etc. Many people are using the blog – often inadvertently – to show off their websites (often chockablock with copyright infringements), concert photos (a bit of a cheek considering that even Guy asked, on behalf of the band, not to take photos during the shows) and e-mail addresses (we know that bootleg CDs and concert photos are being traded). I’m just not having that. If this were a fansite, there’d be a different approach. As it’s David’s official site, we have to be professional. With the above in mind, I don’t think we are being unfair to ask you to respect our guidelines. – Features Editor]

  74. Glad to see there are some common sense rules and I am happy to be a tiny part of this great

    I went to the second Oakland show only and it made me a better person.

    I have played OAI everyday and every night since it was released.

    Thanks for being here!

  75. I agree with Guy too on “The CyberHouse rules”!

    Regarding the ring issue… David wears it on his right hand. I guess all you guitar players either take your ring off or change it to your right hand when playing. I do it all the time to play!

    Angelo, if you see this message please send me an e-mail.

    Shine on you respectful and obedient bloogers!

  76. damn!, I was just getting ready to ask for David’s address, phone number,email address, access to old master tapes, can he put me up while I am in the UK and a loan of a few thousand….. 🙂

    The rules are very common sense,the sad the about common sense is that so few have it.

    Thanks for the new album and tour!

  77. Great job on the rules.

    But I see there are still dumb-dumbs getting through. Can I still say that?? So I guess you can’t please everyone huh? Well maybe this blog will get back on track, like when it first started. BTW I still like the caption competition. You are doing a killer job Fed Ed.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    [Thank you, Renee. Doing a killer job is better than considering making a job out of killing, like last week! – Features Editor]

  78. Excellent work on the rules!

    In keeping with the rules, I’m resisting the urge to respond to the post regarding the F.Ed. being “nothing but an IT technician.” I thought the F.Ed.’s response was excellent and well deserved.

    Is everybody else addicted to the AOL sessions? They are incredible, particularly “High Hopes,” which was such a beautiful part of the live show. The final few minutes of it…amazing. They are a wonderful treat; thank you all so much for them. I liked Richard Wright’s comment about DG being among the best guitarists on the planet–very well stated.

  79. Damn. I welcome the new rules ‘n’ all, but fear they will preclude me from posting my friendly (and deadly serious) death threat to all would-be disruptive and/or disrespectful fuckwits attending the RAH show on the 29th May.

    [Oh no, don’t worry about that. Those are still allowed. – Features Editor]

  80. Marty –

    I think the consensus opinion for David wearing his wedding band on his right hand is purely as a practical measure for performing (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). Right handed guitarists use their left hand to grip the neck, and having a ring on your ring finger can be uncomfortable, feel weird, pinch etc. Otherwise it’s a secret move that turns David from mild mannered Clark Kent type into a guitar superhero…but we’ll never really know for sure 😉


  81. Im soooooooooooooo bored this job of mine is a real stinker if i did not need to get cash for the gilmour concert & the small matter of my 2 beutiful , geourgeous daughters and one hell of a sexy wife to support ide leave tommorrow, so you’ll be on your way to cardiff will you Fed? they played well that sticks in the throat that comment been a leeds fan ( we’ll show u how 2 play next year when we qualify for the champ league , win the premiership and last but not least the FA cup??????, back to gilmour, i had an arguement with a mate who considers himself a superfan we where talking about an interview we both saw at differant times now he says david played at the isle of white festival he would not back down i say he never played but did attend as a fan can you please clear this up there’s a ten pound note on this! whos right or are we both wrong, by the way re earlier blog by some one if your just a IT tech bloody hell what does that make me as im only a lowly security guard, there will be no respect coming my way

    [David was there as a fan and, although he didn’t perform on stage, he did more than just watch. Phil Taylor, David’s long-time equipment technician, says that some of the Floyd’s WEM PA was being used to bolster the sound system and Peter Watts, the Floyd’s road manager, was helping with the sound. When Hendrix came on, David helped mix the sound. Your mate will be dead impressed with that and you should get the tenner! – Features Editor]

  82. Just one thing – and this is the only time I’ll mention it because it’s new rules day. This post is not aimed at anyone in particular, just a comment for the future.

    There are always going to be those people who like to throw a stick in the works, because for whatever reason, they find it fun. I think it shows great integrity that in light of today’s post FEd didn’t dropkick that post into the bitbucket.

    What’s really important here is that the rest of us don’t jump to it. I know I have, and that’s why I’m saying it’s the last time I’m going to pass any kind of comment on anything related. So, let’s just do our bit and ignore obviously provocative posts…

    (that was my last long-ish post too, but had to be said and I don’t think FEd could have said without compromising editorial integrity)

    [Thanks for that, mate. Criticism is always allowed and it always has been, just as long as it hasn’t been childish and spiteful (and clearly driven by a warped desire to show ‘support’ for Roger Waters). I’ve been accused of only publishing comments that make David look good and people have complained about their posts not being published because the blog is so “heavily censored”. That’s really irked me, because that’s completely untrue. Now with the new blog rules clearly defined, some people will grumble even more about censorship, which is why it’s even more important to be tolerant of criticism. The truth is, there is already much criticism of everything ranging from the tickets being too expensive to the management picking the wrong TV show for David to perform on, the merchandise being over-priced, to Polly’s lyrics lacking substance… These haven’t been hidden from public view, even though I disagree with these sentiments entirely and have often been tempted to delete them for the sake of a quiet life. I do respect all views. I hope people can realise that obviously there are going to be more positive comments than negative ones, because this is David’s site and the people who post tend to be highly supportive of him. This does not mean that I am fickle in what I choose to make visible to the public and I’m sure that anyone with an ounce of intelligence will appreciate that. – Features Editor]

  83. 1 last time i promise Fed to all bloggers i learnt the other day that if we use capital letters some people with dyslexia cant or find it hard to follow so for the sake of all lets try keep it lower case, thanks to bianca for that tip and i hope you are now enjoying the blog alot more bianca shine on everyone

  84. The new rules are very fair. This is something the blog needed and it mite keep us on the straight and narrow now. Maybe a happier Fed now to.

  85. Yep, common sense and mutual respect. What more do we need on this site and in the world!….On an Island:) A great album which really grows on you.

    I’m looking forward to travelling from Melbourne to UK for the RAH concert. I hope there are some nice surprises.


  86. The rules are more than reasonable, dear Fed! I’m not sure if others are aware, but some very famous rock bands offer blogs/boards like this only to annual dues-paying members. And, in fact….tickets to something like Leno would have ONLY been offered to their dues-paying fan club members. (Not that I spend a lot of time listening to other artists, mind you….!) I know there is tremendous expense involved in running websites, so the fact that you have provided so much to the DG fans, free of charge, is quite astonishing. This blog has been a tremendous gift. I’m glad the football comments will continue. You need to educate us Yanks as to what real football is. Great work, Fed!

  87. night fet ed . ok i have read the blog house rules and have no problem obeying them . well maybe one . how in the name of god do you expect me , the biggest maker of rambling posts , to keep my posts short . i’ll give it a go to the best of my ability on my word of honour as an irish woman 🙂 one other rule i might break is the discussion of football but only now and again. i hope that won;t be too bad 🙂

    sleep well fet ed !


  88. I bought On An Island after hearing DG on Radio 2 a few weeks ago – I was hugely impressed with it – great lyrics and sublime music. It encouraged me to start replaying some old favourites such as WYWH; I even went out and bought the Meltdown Concert DVD which is absolutely great. Keep it going David.

  89. Great AOL gig and Leno was worth wating-up for. I have been reading this site for a bit and wanted to say that it is well worth the visit every time. I am envious of those who can make the concerts and hope that all who see David have great experiences.

    Thanks David and band, I listen and listen and listen! My office mates are listening now also!

  90. The rules are quite fair I think. I am going to miss being able to have contact with people I meet on this blog if we can’t share emails. There are still some shows left and some have used this blog as a way to honestly unload extras.

    Also, there was one person from this blog who I hung out with on 4/19 (cough-Jorge-cough) that I lost his contact info. I was going to post my email, but alas…..

    I’ll be a good boy and live by the rules….

    And here we thought they’d be draconian measures..not bad at all.

  91. Hey there Guy, Cyberhouse, sounds better than Blog House, I personally prefer Cat House, they also have rules, or so I’ve been told.

    Just kidding Fed, the rules are fine and needed, That should get us through the show and now it’s time to go. Thanks Guy and Fed.


    [I think ‘Nut House’ is more suitable… – Features Editor]

  92. [OK, let me remind myself of Rule #15… – Features Editor]

    [I think I’m something? Get lost, pal. I think people like you spoil what could be a good thing, hence the need for patronising rules and close moderation. If you don’t like it, f*ck off. I say that, of course, with respect. – Features Editor]

    Just a reminder to remind you to remind yourself of rule #15 F.E…Gotta luv ya. That was awesome!

  93. To all the fellow bloggers…

    We had a untimly passing of a friend to our family this past weekend…’The Blue’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ helped the weekend pass, thanks David.

    And Fed, with the new rules, how are we going to keep things interesting with the lull in the tour? …kidding…

    Chris McKay

    [I’m sorry to hear of your loss, Chris. – Features Editor]

  94. Hey, there’s another Marty on this board!!

    Marty Gutierrez (The one who is not curious to know which hand David wears his wedding ring on 🙂

  95. OK, can I now ask if that was, in fact, Erin at whom I shouted “David Gilmour Rules” (speaking of Rules) on Olive Street in Burbank after the Leno taping on the way to her car and the Gibson? Tim, Tom, Angelo, et al, it was a pleasure! (It was Angelo who spouted “wrong, do it again” when Jay repeatedly flubbed the promo — which garnered a grin from David)

  96. Marrrrty

    Your question was asked in a previous blog and the answer given was that it wasn’t a ring on his right hand but a plectrum/pick…

    Can’t say I noticed myself but that was the answer given…

  97. Good day,

    I knew it was only a matter of time that some discipline had to be restored to the ole blog. I’ve always had a rule to guide my way through this thing we call life. I call it the 80-15-5 barometer, 80% of the world mainstream, 15% slightly off centre, 5% gonzo. The way I look at it FEd will get 20% of his time back(much deserved) I have truly wondered how this blog has not went tilt. Thank-you for keeping us honest!!!!

    Rudders-Toronto Did you hear who’s coming to your town in September?? R—- W

  98. The new rules seem more then fair. We must remember to try and obey them or else we will have to use the old method of relaying messages, kind of like playing the childrens game telephone.

    The album was on par with almost anything David did with the Floyd. Gilmour/Samson has almost the same ring as Gilmour/Waters ( a different sound for a differnt time and frame of mind). On an Island shows a artist at peace with his place in history as a musician, guitarist, and Family Man. It showed he had nothing to prove, but we all know if it bears the David Gimlour name it is worth the wait and will be nothing short of perfection.

    When ever I tell someone I saw David Gilmour at Radio City they are instantly jealous. It was like being there to watch DaVinci paint the Mona Lisa when Echoes was played. I know long posts are a rule now, but it will take sometime to get used to. Thanks to David and Polly and their family,Richard, Guy, Phil, and everyone who had anything to do with the tour/island. Now I have to wait until May 16th.

  99. I was fortunate enough to see David and company at the Easter show in Oakland. Front row seats,what an experience. There is no one on this planet that can put on a show like that. Thank you David for all that you give to us. The bending of the notes, the new stuff, the old stuff, it was all remarkable. I have seen many shows in my day, (I’d like to brag and shell out band names, but I won’t) but I have never had the hair on the back of my neck stand up like Easter Sunday night. Could you find it in your heart to do another tour in the future? You have many millions of fans that would be forever grateful. Food for thought. The new CD is nothing short of genious stature. Keep up the GREAT work and we will keep being your loyal flock. Your devoted fan and follower.


  100. While I’ve mostly lurked here since the original website began, I’ve read nearly every blog entry since the inception of Fan Fare. There comes a time when rules and a moderated forum are essential to keeping the whole thing from spinning out of control. I’ve seen many newsgroups spiral into flame wars over time and 99% of the content is unrelated to the “newsgroup topic”

    This forum has been great and it would be nice if it stayed that way. Thanks FEd for setting up some rules.


  101. Don’t worry, Fed. Canadians are good at following rules 🙂

    Must be our colonial legacy. Please note that the post form still requires an e-mail address. Nice to hear that the tour ended so well for David, his band and his family.

    Kevin (in Canada)

    [The rule only applies to e-mail addresses being included with the general comments so that it can be seen by all, Kevin. I should make that clearer. Seeing as I’m British, and considering our colonial legacy, I really should be better at laying down rules. – Features Editor]

  102. Hi Fed & All,Well Fed the rules are not so bad, I know I have been guilty in some of my posts I swear (f*ck) I’ll be very careful ok.And gee Stephen cheng what a JERK you go fed tell him,You are someone and most people on here have really grown fond of you even though we dont know you. And looking forward to more topics about David. LUV YA”S ALL MWA

  103. Features Ed/Edwina, I think it is great that you’re setting the rules. They are all very reasonable rules, and should cut down on some of what sometimes bothers me about blogs (not only this one, but blogs in general). Especially I like the rules about respecting David’s privacy. If we say that we love the music, then we ought to respect the man and let him live the life he wants to live.

    Shall I break the other rules now? Ed/Edwina, I think you’re Sid Vicious (it was the most ridiculous name I could think of on the quick). Naaah, admitit, you’re Graham Chapman. (I’ll stop this before someone takes me seriously… like you said, it’s so easy to misinterpret the words of someone else…) My website is Free beer for the first 500,000 people who check it out! And who the hell dares to think that Roger is even worth a mention here, let alone that some of his music might be worth a listen!? THE PERSON WHO THINKS THAT SHOULD BE SHOT!! Oh, and I see there are no rules against making requests. That said, I request that David hire an orchestra and choir and play “Atom Heart Mother” at RAH because it was my best friend’s grandmother’s favorite song of all time. (And can David do “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” as an encore?)

    Yes, without the kind of rules you are setting, the site quickly denegrates into exactly the kind of thing I am mocking. Thanks for keeping this site safe for people who, um, actually like the music.

  104. Does this mean that GUY has to remove HIS Link?

    I filled up the Gas Tank in my Toyota Forerunner V8 today($51).

    I have decided to carpool with the only person who lives nearby. It will take me a while to get used to his cheap Cologne.

    Gilmour Rules !!!

    Jersey Dave

    [Guy and I are exempt from the rules. – Features Editor]

  105. Rules and structure are a good thing, good job in laying out the guidelines and boundaries.

    Thanks for the passion you have put forth in maintaining the blog.


  106. Hi Y’all,

    Regarding the rules and the subsequent complaints, nicely done, FEd. Looks like we’ve got us a new sheriff in town:

    [I think I’m something? Get lost, pal. I think people like you spoil what could be a good thing, hence the need for patronising rules and close moderation. If you don’t like it, f*ck off. I say that, of course, with respect. – Features Editor]

    “If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time-a tremendous whack.” –Winston Churchill

    I don’t think most of us will have too much trouble with the rules. Rules are better than no blog. This is a nice place. Let’s all do what we can to keep it a while longer.


  107. CAPTION:

    “so this is what it looks like when all those cell/video phones pop up during the Big solo…”

  108. That rule #15 is a tough one. It’s all one can do to not snap back at smart arse comments like SC. Looks like your taking care of business yourself with that pointy stick. You’ve proven your committment many times over. You know you’re something! This cyberhouse and the connection that it has made with so many fans has been awsome (Rudders, I can’t stop using the word…).

    Rule #13…So, you are someone who is bored by speculation? Hmmm.

    I will comply. More OAI news and insight to David’s work…Bring it on! More Guy friendly? I hope so.

    Keep it up,
    Brian (IA)

  109. How about “The Gilmour House Rules”??

    I think the rules are fine. I, too, was expecting something drastic!! *Whew*

    {I apologize if this question has been asked already, but I’m curious as to why David has started wearing his wedding ring on his right hand??? Anyone?

    Posted by: Marrty at April 24, 2006 07:40 PM}

    …my guess is that playing guitar is more comfortable with the ring on His right hand. Just a guess…. And it WAS on his right at the Gibson show & Leno, so the “reversed photo” theory is out.

  110. Let’s hope the rules work, I have a feeling some of the feedback will be minimized anyway. Now that the waiting for a cd, and waiting for the tour is over for most of us. However, I am looking forward to “one night only” in movie houses, and the DVD release.

    Whats after that? (<–did I break a rule?)

    [You didn’t. You’ll have to wait and see what’s next. – Features Editor]

  111. Mr. Stephen Cheng,

    re: [This Feature Ed thinks (of) himself (a)s something.]

    Methinks you may perhaps be in the wrong blog-forum.

    The FEd IS something. Our link to David.

    [Unfortunately he is just a poor bloke hired by David.]

    Methinks FEd’s ability to be hired by David makes Fed worthy. We should all be so lucky.

    [this bloke is nothing but a IT technican (s.c.)]

    FEd being merely an IT technician? If as many people understood what IT means to the current world, compared to the number of people running it, we would all be so lucky. . .

    Per Rule #15, FEd, I’m not snapping am I? Apologies in advance if I am.

    -Best Regards


    Doubt I am wrong
    And my song
    Voids any wrong
    Intrepid Cyberhouse Pong
    Devoid of long

    Guess I’m wrong
    Inside the throng
    Lilihammer and strong
    Methinks so long
    Our saviour song
    Us and them
    Rival the lawn

  112. Anarchy! No Rules! UP THE IRONS!……….

    Never mind……I think I can play along.

    I may be able to answer the wedding ring question. As a guitar/bass player any rings on the hand that works the frets can be annoying and sometimes pinch when using the thumb as a bridge. This is just from my personal experience. I, of course, have no idea what’s in David’s head.

    Hi FEd, how ya doin’? More football talk would be welcome. The other poster just needs to watch a good match and they’ll come around! Take care, John.

  113. How about “The CyberHouse rules?”



    only if Charlize Theron can “discipline” us when we abuse our privelidges and when we step out of line. Rowwwwrrrrrr!

    Good luck in the stand up gig Guy… I’m sure you’ll do great…

    all the best,

  114. Its 4:45 am i have nothing to do apart from clock watch untill finishing time and look at the site, when i came in tonight to work i noticed my bosses had took the keyboard from the computer to stop me using it , so ive borred the bosses(must remember to put it back), have they never been excited before my bosses are kill joys the lot of them, well im counting the days now till the RAH gigs, its torture now ive read the reviews for all the shows my appetite to see Gilmour is so high i have seen floyd 3 times but i was never this excited and believe me i was excited then ,isnt this meant to lessen with age im 35 now and im more like a child waiting for christmas than i was when i was a child, ive always been a bit obsessed with Floyd but its Gilmour in particular, my family said i would grow up soon its just a faze im going through , that was when i was 16 so this is one long faze im going through, thanks Fed speak to you soon , wonder if i can leave early without my bosses finding out as i work on my own, no ill get caught i always do i can’t get away with anything

  115. Dear FEd (I’ll refrain from using your name),

    You rule. Thank you for the fabulous job you’re doing in keeping all of us blog-addicts in touch with everything “On An Island.” The new rules are great. Peace!

  116. Sounds good to me, I liked your comment to a blogger and told him to F off, I would have told him “Up The Khyber.” Welcome back Fed.

  117. To me it seems like theres a bit more fear now of this site re-fireing the bad biz that closed the Floyd site after the OAI tour winds down and David chills with his family for the summer.

    Thats really never happened here so its been a great experience all of us sharing the Album and tour as a big family of enthusiastic DG fans.

    There will be some exciting things comming down the pike. To see a dvd with the same intensity, sound, and lighting as was experienced on April 12th will be a summer highlight for all of us Blogers. Especially the ones who never got a chance to see any of those golden shows. Im looking forward to this and possibly a new openess …Keep Talking, and enjoy the summer fellow blogers!!

  118. Happy Tuesday,

    Well I have read the rules and, after going through each point, have concluded that

    – certain ones I am not guilty of
    – certain ones I may be guilty of (but only a tiny bit)
    – and certain ones I cant do because I am a complete neanderthal when it comes to computers. What is a URL link ??. I see the box but dare not touch it.

    I guess then Fed that games are allowed now and again.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS – Cant we have a little bit of snapping?

    [Well, maybe just a little snapping, but only where absolutely necessary and solely at my discretion. As for games and general silliness, it would be better, if you have an idea, to send it in for consideration. I will not publish it, I’ll merely think about it and keep it to one side if it’s a good ‘un. When there’s no news to report, I’ll choose one to use (perhaps we’ll have one a week). It will run for that day only (well, until there’s a new blog) and further ‘silly’ posts to blog entries other than the ‘silly’ one will be deleted. That way, people who don’t want to read the silly stuff don’t have to. Please also see the new rule just added about putting comments where they belong. This would also help. – Features Editor]

  119. ED: The new rules are fine and I shall adhere to them.

    After adding ” Learning to fly to the setlist our heros decided to try learning to be an air traffic controller”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy

  120. Any plans for a real message board like most other fan sites?

    I could see you being moderator in chief?

    [We’re sticking with this for now. – Features Editor]

  121. Next best to the sites’ fellow bloggers comments are yours FED, especially when giving a well deserved and ever so polite f*** off to some tw*t. Do like that very much… .

    On a different subject. Davids drummer and bass player on his first solo Album. The drummer appears on OAI too. Can you pls elaborate a little about those two musicians? To me they are not well known…, just curiosity.

    Cheers mate, keep on going, Robert

    [Well, Willie Wilson plays drums on ‘Smile’. He’s been a friend of David since the pre-Floyd days when they played together as Jokers Wild and later Bullit. He also worked with Pink Floyd, performing ‘The Wall’ live in 1980 and 1981. His other bands include Cochise and Quiver (later Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, with Floyd rhythm guitarist, Tim Renwick). He is now in a band called The Bucket Boys. I’ll leave someone else tell you about Rick Wills, because I didn’t have to write a brief biography about him recently and I see I still have about 308 blog comments to plough through! – Features Editor]

  122. [I think I’m something? Get lost, pal. I think people like you spoil what could be a good thing, hence the need for patronising rules and close moderation. If you don’t like it, f*ck off. I say that, of course, with respect. – Features Editor]

    I’m sorry but I can’t agree with that response F’Ed, it’s too strong. If you don’t like a post then ignore it or don’t print it, surely that’s reasonable. You are obviously annoyed by that post (and many others) but every angsty reply just perpetuates the negativity of the original post. I already feel like I’m walking on eggshells every time I post in case I upset someone. I guess the Rules are needed and I don’t envy you the role that you have but I feel that you replied correctly to a previous entry with [OK, let me remind myself of Rule #15… – Features Editor]!

    Damn it….I’ve just realised that I now need to ‘remind myself of Rule #15’. I’ll get my coat!

    [No, you’re quite right. – Features Editor]

  123. Posted by: Charles at April 24, 2006 08:21 PM:

    “I think you’re trying to hard to ‘own’ a medium that was never meant to be owned. Attempting to control everything that goes on here so it all looks ‘peachy’ is misguided and *so* 1980’s.
    Give us some bloody credit to self-police the wrong do-ers – that’s why this kind of thing is called a ‘community’ and not a dictatorship.”

    Posted by: Stephen Cheng at April 24, 2006 08:37 PM:

    “This Feature Ed thinks himself is something. Unfortunately he is just a poor bloke hired by David. I just don’t like people respecting him like David, this bloke is nothing but a IT technican.”

    With the sort of comments like this it’s difficult to follow this rule:

    “No snapping at someone who demonstrates a contrasting viewpoint to your own (please try to be a little more tolerant).”

    But I’ll try………..(just cooling down a bit)….

    To Charles and Steven: There are probably plenty of blogs out there where you can get your #¤%#¤¤&%//”#”¤%$£$£$#¤#¤## out of the system, You don’t need to do it here. So why don’t you just stick to the rules that is set and be happy about it. If you can’t express what you feel regarding Mr. Gilmour and his music within the rules you probably should seek help…

    With all respect (of course)


  124. yeah, I’d say the rules are cool too – shame about no weblinks, but I guess that’s as much to protect everyone’s PCs from potential security threats as anything else.

    And hey – anything which cuts down the name-calling/sniping is always good

  125. “I apologize if this question has been asked already, but I’m curious as to why David has started wearing his wedding ring on his right hand??? Anyone?”

    At a guess I would say that the photo has been inverted? Not that I have noticed the photo in question.

    More power to your elbow F’Ed.

    And Mr Cheng, while I respect your viewpoint about F’Ed, may I point out that you are wrong, very wrong. For all the time and effort F’Ed has put into this site he does command some respect with the regulars (of which I notice you are not one), for the patience, good humour and down right helpfulness, qualities of which you appear to be lacking in. So go away, get back to your homework and go haunt some teen chat room where your pathetic anger might look cool to other 14 year olds.

    Sorry F’Ed that turned into a longer rant than anticipated. Feel free to edit as you like.

    Idiots, I hate idiots.

  126. David-

    It’s been just a little over a month now since I hopped a plane with 2 long-time friends to see your Heineken Hall shows. At the time, I thought them to be the best concerts I’ve had the pleasure to attend.

    Now that the excitement of the moment has passed, I still feel the same, and upon further reflection I find myself grateful to you for providing the impetus for those wonderful evenings spent with good friends… warm memories indeed.

    A heart felt thank you for giving the intimate tour that accompanied the release of On An Island.

    All the best to you!

  127. Morning Fed,

    The new rules makes sense, especialy the sniping bit after all we are here because we appreciate Davids music & i guess we came from as many different walks of life/religions/political viewpoints. It just proves how good Music can cross all these barriers.

    i did wonder if including “the important stuff” (here i go again) would enflame some people whose views dont agree, there again its good to have a bit of subtsance for those of us who have broader interests, just a bit of tolerence is needed from us all i guess.

    ta ta for now

  128. Good morning Fed, just been talking to a mate did david ever play with tangerine dream if so what on and when thanks mate

    [Now that one can go to the FAQs page! I don’t think he did, off the top of my head. Atomic Rooster, yes… Someone will correct me, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  129. Stephen- this is global community and a mostly friendly one. Sit back, relax, have a listen to ‘On An Island’ and let your tension and obvious negativity flow away…

  130. With all the rules, what left is to talk about – that’s interesting?

    Why doesn’t David respond to fans?

    What’s wrong with mentioning a tribute band?

    What’s wrong with a little free advertising to (tribute band) PF and DG fans who are interested?

    What’s wrong with asking about rumors?

    Isn’t this what fans do?

    All the other rules seems reasonable though.

    FeD, I do appreciate you get a lot of inappropriate posts, which are a pain to sift through and reject repeatedly.

    [Well, the simple answer to all your questions is that David’s site is for us to inform the fans, not to answer to the fans. The rules are a reminder that the blog is about David, not the fans and certainly not tribute bands. It seems to me that tribute bands owe far more to David than David owes them, so I fail to see why they should promote themselves on here. That’s just tacky. Rumours… If the rumours were about David, it would be one thing. We can’t comment on Pink Floyd rumours. As for the rumours which are about David, then what can I say? Fansites spew out these stories with such little regard for the fans (they’re too keen to be the first to break a story and not keen enough to check that the story is true) and, to be frank, it’s not our job to give answers when fans demand more than just the bare bones of shaky story. We will let you know when there’s something to tell you. For example, there were more than 30 queries about the Meltdown show being shown in US cinemas in the space of just an hour or two – none of which were published – because we let you know these things in our own time, not before. Fansites are like the tabloids – they print gossip. If you want to read them, that’s fine, but please don’t look to us to further elaborate on them. When rumours turn out to be false, who suffers? The fans who have had their hopes dashed. Who gets blamed? We do, yet fansites just keep on churning out their rubbish, so we have every right to take a firm stance on their rumours. And believe it or not, David is an incredibly busy man. That he even finds time to read what the fans have to say is wonderful. Very few artists would even bother. – Features Editor]

  131. To all U.K.Bloggers.

    22.00.Hours (10pm) Sky channel 505 CNBC.

    “The Jay Leno show” with Mr David Gilmour.

    Gary Hurley.

  132. YES YES YES

    I rang the RAH and got a couple of tickets for me & the missus.

    there is a god!

    does any one want me to do their lottery tickets …… im feeling lucky today.

  133. Good morning to all, the CyberHouse rules sound fine by me.

    Just a note to let you know I was surfing the US site and OAI is still in the top 20 top sellers in music; it’s # 17. And ahead of the much heralded Artic Monkeys 🙂 🙂

    Hope the band and families had a safe trip home and hope that David’s son, who shall remain nameless, aces his exams.

  134. Stephen Cheng clearly doesn’t know the responsibilities of an IT Tech 🙂 And, at the end of the day, we each rely equally on each other to get things done. I rely on lots of tech support for my work; I wouldn’t be so quick to belittle anyone in any IT field.

    Good to see the new rules. Hopefully that’ll lead to blog posts that *don’t* have 200+ comments…

  135. Introduction: I LOVE YOU, DAVID! I LOVE YOU, FEd!

    What is going to be written could have no sense…but you have just to know that I love this blog, who have though it (David, of course!), who manage it and everyone who wrote here!

    RULES??? Ohhhh! There are rules on the island too! It is not the earth of “hippies” as I though! Where are freedom, flowers, peace and love! I knew one day the party would be finished! And you became a tyrant! I thought to star this post telling you I hoped your football team have won, that you cats were well, the your ugly pigs were into the fence…but the a read the rules… 😉

    I’m joking! Yes, I understand you needed to put some rules…it is reasonable but…too many rules! And it’s not easy leave a bad habit when you are completely addicted! In this blog I felt like Charlie in Mr Wonka’s chocolat factory! But you are right: “The child (have to) grow”…but the dream don’t have to go necessary? Isn’t true? What I meant to say is that I’m sad for myself but I agree with your rules.

    Phew!!! I didn’t write for some day (have you noticed?) because I hoped to help you to have some rest…but it wasn’t enough! I left myself a part, I stayed far from you and my bloggers…for nothing! My sacrifice was useless! It is so depressing! If I have known, I would have posted millions of messages before you put the rules! 😉 NO! I’ve never done this to you!

    But now that I can’t write what I want on the blog, I will have to buy a secret diary! In the other hand…why David Gilmour should have built a secret diary blog for me?!!! This is David Gilmour blog and it is a FANTASTIC gift David have realized for his fans. I will never stop thanking him for his past, present and future music…and this blog is more than he had to do for us!

    So…ok! I try to respect your rules! And you still will be my favourite internet friend too! And not just because you are the only one, but because I will never forget your ability to speak with us and you kindness to speak with me. And I want to tell the same of a lot of our fantastic blog’s friends! THANKS MY BLOGGERS!

    For the future, I’d like to write another review on David’s show…so…DAVID! COME BACK IN ITALY SOON!!!! Until that day, I will have to squeeze my meninges to find something right to write! Sorry! I’m raving! On Friday I will have the first half part of one of the most important exams in my career (and I hope one of lasts!) and I’m a little tired and I little nervous! Tell me good luck and, on Friday, think about me!

    At the end…


    DAVID! I’m waiting for you in Italy again! And Fed, also you!



    [Good luck with your exams, Lucia! – Features Editor]

  136. Dear FEd, thank you for the much needed rules and for all your work with this site. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to sort through all of this on a daily basis, but we all appreciate it very much!

    It’s wonderful to have a place like this to get solid information on the tour and Mr. Gilmour and to have contact with real fans from around the world.

  137. Don’t worry FED I think you are something special and I also respect you and your actions, just as the majority of other readers/bloggers do. Ignore what “Sthephen Cheng” had to say, I’m sure you enjoy what you do and it’s people like him that ruin great blogs like this!!! I think the new rules are a great idea and I will try my hardest to abide by them at all times.

    Vince Cater

  138. Dear FEd,

    A week ago I requested your assistance in remedying my ticket dilema. I still haven’t received them. I know its not your responsibility but maybe you can help.The tickets were purchased through Trinity St. It appears they may have gotten lost in the mail. Any suggestions on steps to take for replacement or entry to the show. My tickets were purchased for the May 31 show. I can furnish you with my ticket order number if that may help. Please let me know what you think my next course of action should be. Or do you think the mail delivery will still take place. I am just nervous because the show is getting closer and a lot of people have already received their tickets.

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

    [I have nagged and I am still waiting for an answer, Stephen. I will nag again on your behalf, don’t worry. However, I don’t think anyone in the US has them yet, so you’re not the only one waiting for Trinity Street. I haven’t forgotten about you, and will keep being a nuisance. – Features Editor]

  139. “- No ridiculously lengthy posts (yes, you know what I mean by that).”

    Well, I do know what you mean…but I fear this may impede upon my 5 and 1/2 show / 2 continent report, summary and thoughts that I’ve been assembling for the blog now that my travels finally find me back at home. Guess I’ll have to keep it a bit on the short side. Does this mean I can procrastinate a bit longer with it?

    [By all means. Maybe you could post it in several instalments if it’s going to be long? A lot of people skip through the longer comments, so that would certainly be helpful. I’ll look forward to it, Solomon! – Features Editor]

  140. [No URLs (even in the URL field, which is soon to be removed – for now, they will be deleted by me if you can’t do it yourself).]

    Is it actually necessary to do this? Some people have posted useful links to articles/reports etc directly relevant to David – like the one you left in from Guy – but now they can’t do that. Just a bit of a shame that’s all.

    [No names of websites (eBay and Amazon excepted)]

    Agreed except shouldn’t you ban Amazon too – after all, there are many other online retail sites.

    Anyway, all the best with this. Hope it works out.


    [Fair point. If anyone wants to share a link to a site referring to David, they can. Include it with your comment and I’ll see that it’s at least considered for addition to the Press page. – Features Editor]

  141. Dear Mr. Gilmour,

    I want to thank you for coming to the perform your great new album. My wife and I were at Radio City Music Hall for your opening night. we took the train from Pittsburgh to see your show, and you did not dissapoint. You sir, are truly a great musician and a credit to your profession. We have attended other Pink Floyd shows but to see you in a smaller venue was truly the hightlight of our concert going career! Please keep the new music coming and please don’t wait another 12 years to visit again! David, Thank you -again Rick & Di

  142. FEd,

    Good job, maybe I will get to read more about David, the album and the concerts, less about personal things that I don’t give a rats about or what looks like a transcription of a personal AIM session. I say this because I come here often, but tire rather quickly reading most of the content. I usally resort to scanning through the posts to find something interesting. Enough rambling, thanks for implementing the rules, I hope they are sucessful.


  143. Here Here !!! Feat Ed you are much more than an IT Technician to myself and the majority of people on here.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease David Put Arnold Layne on the dvd as an extra? it’s one of my all time favourites.

  144. Sorry FED for mentioning a certain band in my post yesterday- the rules were not published by that time but I want you to know I am here in support of David and not to plug any band.

    With that being said, I wanted to let you all know I was the first person in the State of Maine to buy tickets for David’s concert on big screen. I am very excited because I have had this feeling that the concert was like a dream and so surreal that it almost did not happen, but now I will be able to see this movie and relive the wonderful evening I had at Radio City.

    Thank you for producing this film so that those of us who did see the concert can relive the dream, and those who did not can be part of the dream!

    [No problem, Matt. Hope you enjoy seeing the Mermaid gig. – Features Editor]

  145. Re: Stephen Cheng

    Here, here F’ed!

    Take it to the bridge! 😉

    (Where do these Tools come from?!)

  146. Re: Stephen Cheng

    Here, here F’ed!

    Take it to the bridge! 😉

    (Where do these Tools come from?!)

  147. Hello, F.Ed,

    The rules are a necessity to return civility to this place. I support them. There is nothing unreasonable there. So now the Blog House hopefully turns into more of a Blog Cabin, more warm and friendly feeling.

    Have a good day, everyone, and especially F.Ed. IT tech or not, you are doing the job you were hired to do, and doing it well.


  148. F’ED!!! You did it!! Or, coincidentally, my tickets for the 31st arrived the day after I wrote asking for help…In any case – 2 seats (and they’re even next to each other!) in “Stalls K”, Row 8. I could not be more excited….I say, let the filming be done with so we can enjoy the final night of the tour in peace. As for special guests…that remains to be seen…I won’t say any more, since rumours are not allowed, but….hmmm….you’ll see.

    Thanks again, F’Ed…I think you’re “Something”


    [I’m just glad to hear that you got them, Terry. Stephen Radovanovich, you could get yours any day now. – Features Editor]

  149. Hey Fed…was it my comment about Guy`s “Link” being out of compliance, or my SUV Gas guzzeling/car pooling remark that got me deleted?

    Remember, you can omit a post but you can`t take our love for David and his music out of our hearts. Some of us can`t conform to the rules. Just like those kids in “THE WALL”. Maybe you should run us through the Meat Grinder!!!

    Jersey Dave

    [Deleted? Your comment has been published. Scroll up and you’ll see it, timed at 3:22am. Maybe you should go through the meat grinder, after all. – Features Editor]

  150. We may need to produce rules for attendees of DG concerts…

    – Be relatively sober
    – Be considerate to fellow fans nearby as they have purchased tickets and possibly travelled a great distance to be there
    – Stay quiet during the performance
    – Save the cheering and applause until the song is over
    – Stay seated – everytime you stand several people behind you miss out because if you do stand then the reverse “Domino” effect occurs!
    – Talk to the people around you, who you don’t know, as they are fans and will have a story to tell. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable!
    – And if you do break any of the rules above be wary because a pointy stick may be winging its way towards you at any time…

    And remember these words… people are born with one ar*e’ole and they don’t need a second one which is what you will be if you break the rules…. 🙂

  151. Oh bugger…

    …i removed the two or three pictures from my blog that were in violation of the sacred code of concert photography….

    …and i guess i won’t be able to share shots of the bloggers that got together at the gibson…


    But I did save a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!!!

  152. Can we add another rule about excessive congratulatory posts to the Features Editor about the new rules banning congratulatory posts?

    This is starting to sound like a rider in an old Pink Floyd contract…

    I keed, I keed…


    [Yeah, that’s a good point! That’s what Stephen Cheng was getting at, to be fair. I get more praise than David. – Features Editor]

  153. Hey FEd,

    Kudos to you sir for maintaining a fantastic site. Sorry it had to come to a re-establishment of the rules. I don’t think you are being unfair; whatsoever, to ask people to respect your guidelines. I mean, isn’t there enough to discuss about Dave and the band?? The incredible CD and tour??

    Come on people!! Be happy that we even have this site. Be thankful you don’t have to spend hours searching the internet for information anymore. It’s right here!! Appreciate it.

    Thank you FEd.

  154. I was also lucky enough to attend the LA show at the Gibson theatre. Sitting in the Hard Rock Cafe before the show it was odd that in kitchen area close the where we were sitting was a Momentary Lapse poster. This set the tone for the evening we know at that point we were in for a very enjoyable show. From the Pink Floyd concerts I have seen this was a different setting. Since those shows were stadium shows and this was a smaller setting I felt more connected to the musicians.

    The “On an Island” portion of the show was remarkable. “Blue” and “Smile” sounded the best. Especially “Smile” with the acoustic slide solo.

    To me both Echoes and Arnold Layne were a real treat. Coming Back to Life was also awesome. Kicking the show off with Breathe gave me the nervous jitters of what was to come next.

    I want to thank David and his band for truly a memorable evening that I will cherish forever.

    Thank you for all the music, and all you have done for the charities you support.


  155. OOPs!

    i must have broken a rule somewhere? sorry

    have had a couple of posts not not sure why

    Just to say the rules common sense especialy the sniping bit …..tolerence being the word.


    i got me a couple of tickets to RAH on the 29th via returns from the box office, not only that, they are in one of the box’s. I have had a smile ever since. I suggests others keep trying you too may be lucky.

    Bianca thanks for hoping…it did the trick

    [You have two previous posts in this blog entry. – Features Editor]

  156. [Oh no, don’t worry about that. Those are still allowed. – Features Editor]

    Thank goodness! You can be damn sure that people in my immediate vicinity are going to be very well behaved indeed… possibly because some of them will be unconscious.

    If you’re going to break the rules, do it in style, eh Rudders. Who’d have believed that acrostics could be made cool? Nice job.

    Keep that chin up, F Ed. The overwhelming majority of visitors to the blog realise and appreciate the hard work you put into keeping this place going.

  157. I’ve been watching the AOL sessions a lot and have to confess that my absolute fave is “High Hopes”. The ending is magic and just completely changes the character of the song. I almost like this more than the original recorded version.

    One of the things I love most about David’s music is it’s continued relevancy even in this Age of short attention spans, soundbites and newsflashes. The thoughts contained in them always ring true and it’s where I go to find my ground and perspective time and time again.

    Thank you David and co. for sharing your gift with us all. We are better people for it.


  158. >>Fed i still want to know if Marc Brickman was the designer and operator for the show…

    FEd: [He certainly is the lighting designer. Mark Risk is the lighting operator/programmer on this tour, and they are assisted by two lighting technicians (John Wynne and Chris Davis). – Features Editor]

    At the Chicago shows the lights were operated by three Marks:

    1) Marc Brickman (I would have to call him the lighting conductor as well as being the lighting designer. Marc goes all the way back with David to doing lights for The Wall shows in 1980!)
    2) Mark Grega (Mark dates back to the Pink Floyd Momentary Lapse of Reason tour as a laser and lighting technician)
    3) Mark Risk (aka Sparky) (he also did some of the lighting programming)

    And I have to say all three did a brilliant job with the lights! The lighting complimented the music perfectly. I particularly liked how the lights framed all the musicians on certain songs, while on other songs the lighting emphasized David as the center of the show. A real treat to watch.

  159. Hope David and the band are having a well deserved break and will be all fired up for the end of May!

    I’ve been reading some great things about the tour and the aol session was a real treat as was the Leno show.


  160. Good rules. Last night I was visiting a friend who just came back from a 3 week trip. He had taken tons of high quality photos that we viewed while listening to On an Insland (& then Island Jam). Wow. The new album seems to get better and better. It just seemed to go with the stunning beautiful pictures of the Grand Canyon, and the isolated areas & National Parks in Utah. It is his “soundtrack” for his vacation pictures now. Great music goes with anything. Thank you again for the new album.

  161. Hello F’Ed,

    Nice one on the rules. They seem nothing out of the ordinary.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    Loads of fun to everybody involved in and attending the upcoming RAH gigs.

    Best regards,

  162. Rudders, can’t stop laughing with your last acrostic…

    Dear Fed, I totally agree with a point that made me understand the difference between having “THE BLOG” and having a fan forum or something similar. As you said, this is part of David Gilmour’s official website meaning that there’s no place for bootlegging, exchange of unofficial pics during the concerts, etc.

    Well… that’s it for me today! By the way… it’s 10AM so have a great day fellas!

    Shine on you bloggers!

  163. caption:

    Phil Decided to quit the band and help out with the david gilmour webservers that seemed to have lost network connectivity…

    ok that was a bit geeky

    [You sound like a mere IT tech… – Features Editor]

  164. Hi FEd,

    I think the idea about the rules is a good idea, and hopefully will bring you back from the jaws of insanity, however I have one teeny-weeny concern.

    I’m sure there were many people here who were hoping to meet up with one another before the UK shows and without access to people’s email addresses, this could prove tricky.

    Are we still allowed our addresses in our “posts”? If not, could we have a temporary lifting of the ban a little closer to the tour dates so we can arrange things? Once the shows have finished the ban could be imposed again. Otherwise there could be a lot of people here who would have liked to have met up who may not get that chance.


    [Yes, fair point. I was thinking of that. We’ll sort something out. – Features Editor]

  165. [How about “The CyberHouse rules?”]


    CyberHouse or CiderHouse ??

    Looking forward to seeing you at the MAC in Birmingham during May.

    Pete – Coventry

  166. Hi all,

    I’ve just noticed the ‘syndicate this site’ option on the right hand navigation bar and have now got FanFare subscribed to through my e-mail client. I’d recommend it to anyone – no more hitting F5 🙂

    Copy the URL from the link (right click, copy link location as, or equivalent for your browser). Then in your e-mail client (I think Outlook and Outlook Express do it, but Thunderbird definitely does) all you need to do is to under the News and Blogs (or equivalent), hit manage subscriptions (or equivalent) and paste in the XML link that you copied originally. Then voila, you have FanFare updates in your e-mail client. No more guessing if there is an update, just wait for your client to go ‘ping’ and all new FanFaredom is yours 🙂


    [I didn’t know that, Nick. Thanks a lot! Some IT technician, I am. – Features Editor]

  167. Sorry Jorge,

    I lost your info….so sowwy… y tenemos nuevas reglas, hermano! Must stick by them.

    You’re resourceful, though. I’m sure you could find a way if you let the past be your guide.

    [Yes, let the past be your guide. Go back to 19 April, ‘Night 19: Los Angeles’ and the tangible prize will be yours if you can find Angelo there… You know it makes sense. – Features Editor]

  168. Just a reminder to those who do not agree with these Blog House Rules:

    Every one of us has the right to start our own David Gilmour themed forum with our own rules if we choose to do so. There is nothing and no one stopping us, not even David himself (unless of course we start breaking some laws, although I imagine it’ll be the record company getting involved and not David himself). The only thing we can’t do is call it an official David Gilmour forum. But if the trade-off between having it not official and being able to set your own rules is worth it to you, then go for it.

    Now I like this forum with the rules in place, so I have no intention of leaving or joining another forum. But if you don’t like it, remember it’s a free world. You do have a wide range of options.

    I apologize if it sounds like I’m trying to disguise my way into saying “if you don’t like us get out of here”. That’s not my intention. I like the people who post to this blog and sincerely hope they continue to post. My intention is communicate the fact that forums have rules, just like real communities have rules (Heck, I can’t just dig a swimming pool into my front lawn, can you?), and the moderators of those forums set and enforce those rules, and that does not make them “dictators”. They’d be dictators if they forced you use their forums under their rules and no other, but that clearly is not happening. You can use this forum under this forum’s rules, or you can use another’s forum under their rules, or you can start your own forum and use your own rules, or you can choose not not use internet forums altogether. So we clearly have nothing resembling a dictatorship here.

    [Well said, Michael. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  169. on my way to work now , not looking forward to it last night they took my keyboard away from the computer so i would not spend lots of time on line at this site, would not surprise me if they have took the whole computer away , dont they understand a happy worker who is aloud to keep up with the blogs is a good worker for them so they would benefit in the long run , that should convince the bosses what do you think?

  170. Hi all and of course our esteemed FEd,

    Took a while to search the dictionary and web for ‘Acrostic’. Then I reread this days blog (well, actually two days) and finally understood the poems. And they’re nice indeed. Another thing learnt about the English language 😉

    About your words about “there is already much criticism of everything ranging from the tickets being too expensive to the management picking the wrong TV show for David to perform on, the merchandise being over-priced, to Polly’s lyrics lacking substance…” please allow me to say a few words ?

    Tickets are only for a small part in the hands of management. If people look at the additions costs organizations like TM places on top of the face value (simply because of sheer domination of contracts with venues) that’s one explanation. If David wouldn’t lose a lot of money on a tour he’d be happy to give the tickets away for free, me thinks.

    Decisions on which TV show, DVD and/or CD live registration, etc. are things we fans would love as much as possible but often it’s best to save the energy of the band for the gigs (touring is exhausting enough, so I’m told) and thus a choice for Leno i.s.o. Letterman or whatever show could be energy-saving, coverage-expanding (maybe even the American Idol on that same Leno show generated so much extra watchers to the show that would otherwise have missed David Gilmour ?) and we could go on. Decisions are up to David and his trustees and NOT upto us !

    The prices of the merchandise were a bit steep, but well explained after questions rose. Environment friendly productions (and fair-trade for those who do the actual work on the shirts) is a worthy cause. And if we don’t like it, we can choose not to buy it, can’t we ? That’s called freedom.

    Polly’s of David’s lyrics, I won’t even get into that, other than listening to Pocketful and Where We Start and me being emotionally shattered by it says enough in my book. And I still find new meanings and angles behind a lyric everytime I concentrate on them.

    Piet (this last long post is shorter than most of my previous, does that count for rule #14 ? 😉

    [I was enjoying that, so it could have been twice as long, mate. – Features Editor]

  171. Peter

    URLs – Uniform Resource Locators are addresses that identify resources on the web such as documents, images, web-sites, downloadable files etc…Hope this explains it for you…:-)

    But as I am only a mere IT Technician as well and have only passed six exams to become one I couldn’t possibly now that…

    Sorry Peter/Fed… still venting over that previous blog…

  172. Hey..I just noticed that “Duke of Url” Guy Pratt posted an url!!

    What should the punishment be?

    -Ushering each blogger to his seat at the RAH shows?
    -Watching my kids for a long weekend while I take my wife to Vegas
    -Listening to “The Best of Air Supply” in its entirety?
    -None-were are glad he’s here!

  173. To all those who want to fight with each other.On the”Press” section of this blog there are a couple of reviews of David’s show where one can post whatever one wants to about the article or about David. Nanci and I have had an ongoing war with some “Bleeding Heart” member for almost a week now. Pretty good stuff,check out the Mercury News on 4-17 to start.

    [Ooh, let me see that… – Features Editor]

  174. I can accept the rules, and respect your opinion. I think however you might be a little rough on the fan sites. Afterall they have kept the public in tune with whats going on with David and other members of floyd for years before this site was created. Almost anything on fansites can be found in any search engine and although may not be being shared properly, its important to remember the big picture which is exposure to David and others. Most of them might not know they have things on their site that are infringing because they are being shared all over the net, and probably have been submitted to them by others. Lets also not forget that there was a great anticipation for Davids new album far before his “Official” site was created, due in large part to the fansites promoting that and keeping people filled in on how the project was going. I strongly feel that it made a difference. I wont comment further, I just wanted to voice my opinion on it. Im glad the blog will live on and look forward to many more great views on this wonderful album and tour. Just remember to “Keep Talking”


  175. setlist question…o

    I noticed David changed the opening word on “Wot’s Uh the deal”…from heaven to someone…

    i figured, well to an athiest, maybe there is no heaven…

    but then, I recall set 1 and “This Heaven”

    Just curious, why the change on Wots?

    by the way…Oakland night 1, one of my top 2 shows ever (200+ concerts)

    mike mack

  176. Femeister

    Maybe we should add a rule in a few days that stops us talking about the rules… 🙂

    [Indeed. 180 comments so far! – Features Editor]

  177. “quote”For example, there were more than 30 queries about the Meltdown show being shown in US cinemas in the space of just an hour or two – none of which were published – because we let you know these things in our own time, not before. “quote”

    You do realise there are people who work for companies affiliated with David releasing this info and asking the fansites to post it? Also insulting fansites who work hard dedicating themselves to bring Fans info is not appropriate. We are not tabloids and have been proving Pink Floyd fans with info for years before this site was dreamed of and while a defunct “official Pink Floyd” website lies still and silent.

    [Fair point, but I stand by what I said. – Features Editor]

  178. Features Editor – You probably can remember what I feel about tribute bands, so I, for one, am glad of that rule! I thought at the time it was a damn cheek that a tribute band was advertising on this site to see them after the Gibson concert had finished.

  179. “Cyberhouse Rules”

    Do I get a prize for spotting the author of that particular comment? Maybe Jon Carn’s very nice Jacket which I saw him wearing a few blog entries back?


    [You wish! – Features Editor]

  180. The news link that Dave Hollingsed refers to above is a perfect example of what happens when the “pigs” take over the “farm”…

    I posted an Orwellian related blog many moons ago which referred to exactly those type of shenanigans…

  181. {dont they understand a happy worker who is aloud to keep up with the blogs is a good worker for them so they would benefit in the long run , that should convince the bosses what do you think?

    Posted by: SIMON EMERY at April 25, 2006 04:58 PM}

    I agree 100%, Simon… I’m getting grief from hubby. All I ever hear is “are you blogging again??”

    They just don’t understand how addictive this site is!! (And valuable!)

    I recommend you pack a keyboard with your lunch.

  182. “quote”I thought at the time it was a damn cheek that a tribute band was advertising on this site to see them after the Gibson concert had finished.”/quote”

    Im not in no way affiliated with the tribute band that posted here the other day about the after Gilmour show but do want to comment. What is so bad about inviting a bunch of bloggers that apparently love David Gilmour and Pink floyd music, come and check out a FREE show? In other circumstances I can see the problem, but after the show at the Gibson, come on over and check out some more music for free? Oh the diabolical scoundrals they are.

  183. Dear Fed,

    So, we all agree. Hum… a post to say that?!…
    No, just one point for the gilmourians here who like some blogs (some are funny or great, you know…). As Nickster said, don’t forget you can copy the links as your “favoris” (how do you say in english)? so, go and read again the previous entries, and copy the links, before they “disappear”…

    But, you know, dear Fed, we all agree…

    Ikkar, with love

  184. Hi Fed

    I have not checked David’s site for a bit and have just read through the “blog rules”, suffice to say I feel quite badly with my earlier emails back in the early March timeframe regarding providing David and his new album some free advertising on the Televator network. I sincerely was not offering this with the idea of self promoting me or Televator or getting a face to face meeting w/ David…it was done sincerely to help sell albums out of my absolute excitement and appreciation that he was back to work (sort of speak). I truly apologize if I offended you or David or his website for that was not my intention.

    Best regards


    [No need to apologise, Jay. It was nice to know where people could hear David’s new album. – Features Editor]

  185. Fedmeister…

    Here you go… have a virtual beer… cheers!

    As Thomas Edison once said:

    “you haven’t failed. you’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

    Edited slightly to reflect the mood you may be in around now… 🙂

    [Cheers! – Features Editor]

  186. {What’s wrong with mentioning a tribute band?

    What’s wrong with a little free advertising to (tribute band) PF and DG fans who are interested?}


    In response to that comment, I would like to say that for those who are interested in Tribute bands, they can do an internet search! This site is for those interested in DAVID GILMOUR!!!

  187. {We may need to produce rules for attendees of DG concerts…}
    Rudders, could we add another rule to that?? Being: NO cell-phones/photo-taking! Cell phones OFF and put away!!

  188. {Simon… Did you remember to put the keyboard back? :-)}

    …..and do that thing that erases the web-sites you’ve visited, you know??

  189. To the Ed.

    I prefer pale and downtrodden IT gimp, but hey. :p

    Dunno about the rest of the IT bloggers, and I think someone else mentioned this, but If it weren’t for us lot you would have no internet, i.e. no ebay, blogs, news, online gaming, online grot (if that rubs your rhubarb), on demand music and video, I could rant on all night. I shant. Give the guy a break, this site is meant for the DG camp posting news, there is the real possibility of the man himself reading this bull****. If you met David in the street would you cry yap and whinge at him, I think not.

    I remember the first day of the blog, I felt soooo nervous making a post, I had to rewrite it about 20 times before I was happy that I wasn’t making a fool out of myself, anyways I strongly recommend you use the preview button before you post. Lets just have fun (poems captions etc), and post our thoughts on the performances (good, bad and ugly).


  190. CAPTION:

    “They’ve got those damned camera-cell phones out again!! Now where did FeD hide that sharp, pointy stick???

  191. FEd, you’ve been editing my posts again! But when I think about it I have to admit that you’ve been doing a good job of keeping me on the path.

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