Regal cinemas

blog3.jpgJust to update you on the ticketing situation for the one-night only showings of the Mermaid Theatre concert on Tuesday 16 May.

Obtaining tickets has caused quite a few headaches. Not all theatres have an online booking option in place, so your best bet is to contact the cinema directly if you can’t get anywhere with the Big Screen Concerts website.

Click here for a full list of the 101 participating cinemas across the US, then find the telephone number of your chosen venue online or in your local directory. Give them a ring and they will be happy to assist you.

If you’re determined to book online, then you can also give Fandango a try, as many of you have told us that you have purchased your tickets through them already.

The concert, recorded in London on 7 March and attended by many blog regulars, features the following tracks: Castellorizon, On an Island, The Blue, Take A Breath, Smile, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wearing The Inside Out, High Hopes and Comfortably Numb.

Do let us know if you’ve got tickets. If you’re curious, have a look at the 8 March post to read what those who attended the concert had to say about it.

That’s all for one week. Have a good weekend, all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Happy Friday again,

    As we are on the subject of the cinema I do remember when Pink Floyd in Pompeii was released. In Coventry, at least, the demand to see it was that great that it had to be transferred from the cinema to the theatre that we had at the time. Sign of the times I guess but the theatre was demolished a few years back.

    Pete – Coventry

  2. The closest location in the US that has a Regal Cinema is Buffalo, NY State which is probably about an hours drive from Toronto…

    Several of us were talking about a road trip but Buffalo isn’t on the list so that made the decision for us…so all of you who are going enjoy!

    Never mind though! an evening in front of the television with The Meltdown Concert will ease the pain 🙂

    (Sounds like you’re having the weekend off Fedmeister? I hope so… enjoy the rest!)

    [Thanks! I’m not really having the weekend off, as I’ll still be adding all the comments, but there won’t be a new blog entry until Tuesday. – Features Editor]

  3. to all my friends in the USA who are going to the cinama i have seen it on tv when it was shown over here plus the extended version that was available on line at the bbc, you are in for a treat a nice reminder of your time at the concert (if you managed to get there , if not then this is a bonus enjoy my friends whats the chances of seeing the version shown in the cinamas over here anywhere on line etc cheers mate are there any plans to make it available, have a great bank holiday Fed and all , cant believe i have been given the weekend of

    [There are no plans for anywhere else as yet, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  4. Sorry for being a bit OT but wooow, the perfect beginning of the weekend – have just finishd the weeks work in the office, while listening to OAI on my discman.

    – I simply LoVe that sound and the way every single note is nutured and cared for – many thanks to Gilmour, his magic fingers & the crew.

    ~ martin, copenhagen

  5. I’m going to see the movie in Beavercreek, Ohio (near Dayton). I question my sanity a bit driving 2 hours round-trip to see a 1-hour film, but since I didn’t get to see Dave live, I figure this is the next best thing — until the DVD is released! I am curious to see how filled the cinema is. Since there are no Regal Theatres in Cincinnati, anyone from my area will have to see the film at the Beavercreek location. So, I figure it’ll be a fairly good turnout. We love our Floyd here in SW Ohio. 🙂

    [I believe it will be more like two hours in total, Ryan. There’s some promotional stuff thrown in for good measure. – Features Editor]

  6. For those living in the DC Metro area, I was able to get tickets using Fandango. There are three theaters in VA showing the concert on the 16th – in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax.

    Am soooooo looking forward to this. Many many thanks for including “High Hopes” in the screening set list – that is gonna totally make it for me.

    Thanks F.Ed, for the rundown on how football clubs are set up. That was a real interesting read. I do have a follow-up question, if you wouldn’t mind answering it. So how is the English team for the World Cup selected ? Do you have to be on the winning team or are the best players regardless of League chosen ? Or is it like the Olympics where you can live in a totally different country (US Hockey comes to mind) or play for a totally different country team (like Beckham) but still play for your homeland ?

    Thanks and have a good weekend all, on both sides of the pond.


    [The national teams are made up of the best players, Nisha… Supposedly! It doesn’t matter that Beckham plays his domestic football in Spain. He’s English, so he plays for England. You do have players, like Owen Hargreaves, who play for the English national team even though they’re not English. He was born in Canada and (I think) has an English mother and a Welsh father. In these situations, you can choose who you play for as long as that country wants you. – Features Editor]

  7. Just bought my ticket to the Regal in Ft. Wayne, IN. for May 16th. Hope we sell out the place and remember how sweet it was in Chicago! Dave

  8. I got my tickets the day they went on sale. I had such a beautiful time at RCMH…I had to see David live again. I did watch the Mermaid show online, and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen with the big sound too.

  9. My only hope with this Regal concert is that it will be so popular that larger cinema chains will see the potential to show a concert like this to the rest of us who can’t go because of our location. Canada for example, and many other countries have no Regal cinemas. I have always felt that our local cinemas were underutilized when it comes to music concerts.

    The concept of concerts in cinemas, is hopefully about to take off.

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada

  10. Hello to David, FED and all bloggers-

    The weekend has arrived and as we all put on our “On An Island” CD’s let us enjoy the music which David has share with us all.

    The movie should be fantastic, everything by David is!

    On another note, being here in the States limits my ability to view Football, but I am excited to view the Arsenal V. Barcelona match, it should be a splendid time. Hopefully David can get you a ticket FED and you can attend the game with him.

    Shine on Bloggers,
    Matt in Maine

  11. got my tickets on Fandango the second they went onsale, online…never used that service before and although it was very easy to do,…I’d likely never have a need for it again.

  12. Oh, I´m green with envy. No need to say that there are no Regal Cinemas down here in Brazil. Anyway, I am looking forward on the release of the OAI Tour DVD. You know what´s funny? Don´t know if it´s just me, but every new Gilmour´s (and Floyd´s)album sounds quite strange to me, at the first time. I´ve felt it with every single album since Animals and David Gilmour. It takes some time to fully apreciate it. As you keep hearing and discovering the layers and nuances, you discover things that you didn´t realize that already were there. Maybe, that´s why it´s so unique. That´s why it lasts so much. And that´s why it´s so magic. Happy Holidays everyone, and thanks for the attention FEd.

  13. Just curious, since we are left out here in Canada. Will the Mermaid be available on DVD, or used as a bonus feature for the upcoming scheduled DVD. You can shoot me now Fed, I’ll wear a blindfold and last cigarette to finally quit. LOL. Lucia, just wondering what you are studying . 7 hrs. Must be Law or Medicine?

    [I’ve no idea, sorry. – Features Editor]

  14. Ryan…

    Don’t worry! you’ll love it…make sure you have the OAI CD in the car for the trip back as well 🙂

    I’ve seen both the transmissions (The half hour and full hour) and even though all the concert lighting wasn’t unleashed on the audience it really is an excellent show…and watch out for the the over-eager use of smoke which was released over DG during Shine On….:-)

  15. Sorry, Fed and everyone, if this has been asked and answered. Did I miss information on how to see the Mermaid show online? Is it the BBC doing it?

    To everyone attending the Regal showings, have a great time 🙂

    Kevin in CAN

    [It was available online for a limited time from 11 March, Kevin. – Features Editor]

  16. I am planning to go, looks like have 2 choices, both about 1 hour drive. Sorry to go slightly off topic, but I just called a classic rock station in my area for the request lunch hour. I have never called before but since I haven’t heard anything from On an Island in my area i deciding to try. I got right through and requested some new David Gilmour and was told “sorry, it is to mellow. We play stuff that rocks”. I said, What about Take a Breath. It definately rocks. Was told sorry, but got the impression he never heard Take a Breath, so I said play floyd, He said I can Definately do that. I was wondering, is take a breath getting any radio play yet in the US. I thought I saw here it was being released and allegedly On an Island was #1 on Classic rock station (but I never heard it in my area).I sorry, but I am sick of Comfy numb, and the radio standards, however the refreshed way the stale stuff was played live by David and the Guys I cannot wait to hear them again at the theatre. sorry for so long and have a good weekend.

  17. I’m disappointed that the Mermaid concert isn’t being shown in Canadian theatres. If it was, we would take our daughter (almost 5yrs old) to see it. She wasn’t happy that we went to the concert without her, as she really loves David’s music and Pink Floy-yud (as she calls them). She also likes my Dark Side of the Moon boxer shorts. (maybe that was too much information)

    I guess that she’ll just have to wait until the DVD comes out.

    By the way, I am surprised that there are fan’s of David’s that have not yet seen the DVD. I bought it the first day it came out. My wife’s comment was “I guess that we’ll have to buy a DVD player”. Up to that time, I didn’t think that there was any DVD worth buying. So the DVD essentially cost me as much as two tickets to the April concert. I thought that both were a bargain! I was surpised to read that people complained about the price of the concert of a lifetime.

    Have a good weekend.

  18. I also got my tickets the day they went on sale and am very anxious for this showing. I will be at the Regal Sawgrass in Sunrise, FL and can’t wait to see Dave once again.

    For those having problems, use the Fandango link. Be sure to print the confirmation page. That must be brought to the ticket window in order to receive your tickets. You must also bring the credit card used to secure your purchase. In reading some entries, some of the folks that have a long drive getting to a Regal cinema, it is worth it!! If you didn’t get to see Dave on the US tour, trust me when I tell you that this is worth seeing. Especially on the big screen.

    FeD, the filming for the DVD in being shot at RAH on the 29th and 30 of May, correct?? Is there any talk of a tentative release date yet??

    Have a great day everyone,

    Bill Hayden, Ft. Lauderdale, FLorida, USA

    [You’re right about the dates being filmed, but wildly optimistic about there being a release date at this early stage! Sorry, Bill. We’ll let you know the details as soon as we can. – Features Editor]

  19. Lovely jubley, PC is alive and well, scandisk was ok…

    This Cinema gig sounds a lot like the pf idea I had a while back, shoot 1 gig and pipe it worldwide, so do I get a prize? Anyhow I bet it will be lush with all the surround sound features of cinemas, and the crowd, bound to be almost like you are there. I’d love to see an IMAX version of the show, imagine a forty foot Gilmour ripping into a 10 foot strat!!!! If I were in the states, I’d just go first show and watch it over and over till the cinema closes!

    Caption: Is that you Rudders mocking my thong? You mess with me you messing with the best! Say hello to my leetle friend (guess the film, slightly edited incase there’s minors watching replace mess with an f word)

  20. I’d love to see P*U*L*S*E get a theatrical release to coincide with the DVD release. Not likely though.

    Afternoon F Ed mate. Hope you’re making the most of the spring sunshine.

    [Unfortunately, I haven’t. I’ve been feeling unwell, so I’ve been in bed most of the time. – Features Editor]

  21. Fet ed,

    I have my tickets for the Regal showing… can’t wait!

    Not a day off but a little less stressful hopefully Fet? Hope you enjoy it!

    Everyone have a great weekend! I will! Have some cool plans with the kids tomorrow as well as celebrating my 41st birthday! Holy cow I’m getting old!


    [Happy birthday, Tim. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  22. Talking of cinema’s this is the first live bands I saw. Now in those days there was a whole fleet of bands on. It was at the Adelphi Cinema, Slough in approx. 1964? and the bands were:

    P.J. Proby
    Swinging Blue Jeans
    Cilla Black
    Can’t remember his name but he sang “Little Children”
    The late Gene Pitney
    The Hollies

    Then in 1968 the same cinema had a similar show but the line up was a little different apart from one act:

    The Swinging Blue Jeans!
    The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, who was famously craned onto stage with his head alight!!
    The Who

    The same cinema had Love Affair on in 1968 who I wasn’t particularly interested in but the girl I was trying to impress was. So I had to show willing didn’t I?

    The next live band I saw in a cinema was at The Mermaid, London and was Pink Floyd when they were working on the Dark Side Of The Moon tracks prior to recording the album.

    Halcien days!!

  23. Bought my tickets, luckily there is a Regal cinema in my town, and I’ll be there. now i can actually see the band’s faces, I couldn’t in Chicago. I’m glad DG keeps popping up with things for me to look forward to…it gets me through the day.


  24. Hi FED.

    Based on the list of songs you posted, am I right in understanding that Echoes is not included in the screening? I was really looking forward to seeing it on film.

    [It wasn’t performed at the Mermaid, Marc. – Features Editor]

  25. Good luck to all of today’s new non-smokers. I’ll catch up to you shortly. Got a couple of things to take care of before quitting the evil things (like going to Spurs Bolton on Sunday) but I’ll be joining you for sure.

    To all the US bloggers: you’ve all GOT to go see the Mermaid shows on the big screen. If it goes down well, it will be remembered in the future as a good thing to do and maybe happen more…and I’m a big fan of positive reinforcement 🙂

    Have a great weekend all. The sun is out, so I’m going to BBQ for dinner tonght for the first time this year (gotta love the english – 2 mins of sun is all we need!). Another massive weekend of football…good luck to everyone but arsenal 😉


  26. [The national teams are made up of the best players, Nisha… Supposedly! It doesn’t matter that Beckham plays his domestic football in Spain. He’s English, so he plays for England. You do have players, like Owen Hargreaves, who play for the English national team even though they’re not English. He was born in Canada and (I think) has an English mother and a Welsh father. In these situations, you can choose who you play for as long as that country wants you. – Features Editor]

    Which is solely why we should have an English manager…I mean at the end of the day, if we lose, the manager always gets blammed, so let an English manager get blamed!


    Any chance of them showing it over here?

    I was there so i’d kinda like to see it on the big screen, then scream whenever I appear.

    I was sat right infront of Polly and the kids, felt quite good.

    Although I need an apology because his kids were kicking the back on my seat, normally I would say something, but it’s big dave so I let them off 😀

    Felt a little sorry for Polly though as she got hounded for autographs at the end.

    The best bit though, was when he was playing Shine on You Crazy Diamond and the smoke appeard and it completely covered david, and one of his kids shouted “Where daddy gone”

    Good times.

    Good Times!

    Cheers for the opportunity anyway Fed, you see how close I was to the deadline? It was like 3 minutes to mid-night.


  27. Yey 3 day weekend and a wonderful picture of David to celebrate, bliss and it isn’t raining. The world is no longer broken.

  28. This is an excellent opportunity! Thanks for thinking of all of us and making a way for us to see you do that thing you do. I can hardly wait to see it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  29. Found on Fandango….

    They apparently do NOT offer prior ticket purchase at that location –
    Connecticut – Only Location listed
    Branford Stadium
    David Gilmour
    1 hr. 20 min.
    ** 8:00am **

    YIPES….I have to wait for the theatre to open to inquire – I hope the 8am showing is a typo… Although it would be a lovely way to start my day.

    Shine on,

  30. If Football clubs were women…

    Fulham = Charlotte Church…Proof that money can’t buy class but could look more attractive if the Welsh bloke was given the elbow.

    Birmingham = Pamela Anderson…Used to look good in the cups but now a declining force plus millions of people watched them get a good seeing to.

    Wigan = Davina McCall…Poor attendances confirm they’ve been promoted above their ability.

    Portsmouth = Girls Aloud…Only one class act among the hastily assembled line-up.

    Sunderland = Kerry Katona…Once the people’s favourite but now an embarrassment. Fun while it lasted – now disappear from where you came from please.

    Spurs = Keira Knightley…Undeniably easy on the eye with an attractive English spine and proof that two little ones up front needn’t be a drawback.

    Everton = Dannii Minogue…The poor relation to the more glamorous sibling.

    Arsenal = Jordan… Were more likeable when they weren’t packed with expensive foreign implants.

    Newcastle = Jodie Marsh…Impressive front two but embarassing at the back. Had surgery but needs a lot more work to compete at a higher level.

    Aston Villa = Dido…Bland, boring and still trading off the one big hit they had years ago.

    Liverpool = Sophie Ellis-Bextor…Individually all the components look great but stick them together and it doesn’t work.

    Chelsea = Rachel Stevens…You’d rather just watch them than listen to all that painful whining.

    West Ham = Vicky Pollard…Nothing more needs saying as a team’s fans speak for themselves – Chavs in Chav’s clothing.

    Bolton = Clare Balding…You wouldn’t. Not even if they were the last team on earth.

    I’ll get my coat after I’ve updated the “insulted” list!

  31. I wanted to thank you, Gerry, for your response, along with yours Ripper. I just came on to check and see what’s new here before I head out for the weekend.

    I’ve a question for you, FED: Those wonderful little snippets of music when you first sign on here, are they outtakes from the album that never made it to the final pressing ?

    BTW, Good Luck to all on quitting the tabs. I am officially quitting as of midnight tonight,EDT. God, help me. I’ve been smoking for 24 years now and frankly I miss being as physical as I used to be.

    So far, I’ve at least one good friend going with me to watch the 16th, May viewing of the Mermaid
    Show. I hope to get at least three more friends to go. One of them is a lady I went with to the AMLOR show in ’87 @ The Orange Bowl. She blew the chance for us to see the second encore ! Argh ! Methinks I’ll strap her in her seat when we viddy the movie !! lol

    Well, FED and everyone I’m off for the weekend, Have a great weekend !!

    Closing out with ‘Murder’, bloody, bloody beautiful guitar !!

    Cazart !

    [They’re assorted ‘bits and bobs’ from David’s collection. – Features Editor]

  32. Got my Regal tickets for 5/16 in Center City Philadelphia. Saw the show at RCMH and had to have more. Planning to make a full day of it.

    Too late to post another top 10?

    F Leetwood Mac – Gold Dust Woman
    E agles – Hotel California
    A erosmith – Back in the Saddle
    T om Petty – Here Comes My Girl
    U 2 – Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
    R olling Stones – Miss You
    E merson Lake and Palmer – Lucky Man
    S antana – Black magic Woman

    E ric Clapton – Pretending
    D avid Bowie – Catpeople

    Acrostics or Coincidence?

  33. I got my tickets the day they went on sale. There is only one showing in southwestern PA (Butler), but a 2 hour round trip is way better than the 12 hour round trip to RCMH (only gas price wise). All in all, David is worth it. I Can’t wait for the DVD.

    Fed – May I ask what the going rate is for your gasoline??

    [You may. Unleaded petrol is almost £1 a litre. That’s $1.83 US. There are roughly 4 litres to a US gallon. – Features Editor]

  34. I have a question for anyone who may be able to help did Mr Gilmour ever play on a Tangerine Dream track if so wich one and also did he ever accompany the Beatles in the early days (i dont mean Paul Mcartney-as i know he worked with him)i was told he did with both thease acts i need it confirming – Can you Help Fed or anyone out there cheers enjoy the show my American friends

  35. Talking about David and movies…

    Sometimes I think on his relationship with Roger Waters like the one Shatner and Nimoy had as Kirk and Spock…lol.

    Wright would be the sensitive Bones and Mason, the practical Scott…

    Things we think when the work is boring as can be.

  36. I deafinitely have to have a pint and a half before the show. At least I’ll be circumspect and all for the show…can’t well behave like a complete bugger ! Lookin’ forward to see what treasures David will conjure up from the treasure chest ! Perhaps I will bump into you Gerry and we might run into Ripper ! I’m still a bundle of energy. I fear I won’t sleep very well until Wednesday the 31st.

    BTW, I’m smoking my last cig. Thank you, Guy, for being an impetus for this group endeavour.
    However, one thing occured to me, tho’…will there be a seperate forum for us ? Keep me posted.

    Have an excellent weekend.

    Cazart !

  37. Like Pete, I also saw the “Pink Floyd Movie” (now known as Pompeii)in the early 1970’s. There were no Video Recorders, or Cable TV at that time, so that was pretty much the only way you could see it. It was great, I still remember how thrilled I was back then, and the film still holds up today.

    I got my tickets for “one night only” through Fandango, it was realy easy. In the process of obtaining these tickets online, I came across a web sight pertaining to “big screen concerts”. Now…that thought had crossed my mind to share this information with everyone, but then I remembered the rules… no, I mean guidlines. I don’t realy know what would happen to any of you once you were exposed to this type of information, but the guidelines are the guidelines.

    No offence Fed, just a little humour

  38. Have a great weekend bloogers!!!

    And I’d love to be able to see David again, however; there are no Regal Cinemas in Mexico either! :S

    BTW, I like the comments on “fútbol” as it’s in Spanish! And yes, it will be great to see the Arsenal vs. Barcelona FC match! Are you ready for the WC FED? My favourite team is Netherlands, I hope they do great this time… I’m a Van Nistelroy fan! Are you going for England FED? Well… guess gotta go back to the DG subject!

    I was wondering if one of the topics for the blog on the future could be about David’s musicianship. And actually I’d love to hear some tips on how he creates some effects on OAI and the way he puts together the harmonies, the solos, etc. I guess that would help us have a better understanding on the actual disc… for me it works… and getting to know how to play David’s music helps me understand, sometimes, the mood he was in or what he felt at the time of composing. I like that… well… give it a thought…

    Shine on guys!

    [Hi Jorge. I’m looking forward to the World Cup, but I won’t be cheering on England. – Features Editor]

  39. Government Plans Ticket Tout Strategy…Hmmm

    I would be interested to hear in six months time how this strategy pans out…

    It will also be interesting to see which ticket agencies actually do sign up to the guiding principles and how they will create a “Ticket Tout” blacklist – how will they know?. I’m also intrigued how they can stop tickets for un-confirmed events being sold in advance…

    I purchased some tickets today (granted I’m in Toronto, Canada) and Ticketmaster would have allowed me to purchase 8 tickets which could have been 2 for me and six on eBay. There are already 30 instances (specific to Toronto) of the same tickets I bought today on eBay!!! (YES!! THIRTY INSTANCES = APPROX 60 TICKETS!!!) And some greedy b*stards are even selling the password for the on-line pre-sale tickets as well!

    So until the outlets. especially eBay, get onboard with clamping down on Touts then my hopes for this being sorted out are somewhat diminished…

    Tessa… I hope you are a DG fan and read this Blog!

    On a lighter note I watched a DVD last night of Robin Williams live on Braodway and he kept the first two rows free saying it was for film equipment but just before the concert started he/someone went up to the back rows where he believed the “true fans” were and invited them down the front…nice I thought 🙂

  40. Just an FYI: On the Fandango website page for my particular movie theater, it has the running time of the Gilmour movie at 1 hour, 20 minutes.

    [Right you are, Ryan. Not 120 minutes, as I thought. – Features Editor]

  41. Hey FEd,

    Have you started listening to Radiohead yet? I had a hard time listening to them at first, but after several run throughs of “OK Computer” they started growing on me. I would say just put them on in the background at first, then you’ll maybe want to hear one or two tracks again a couple of times. After a couple of listens, you may even want to repeat the disc again. I did. In fact I’m listening to it right now.

    7 hours might be a bit much though, for any type of music. It would be like taking a test for seven hours which I havn’t done in over fifteen years. Good Luck Lucia, I am listening to OK Computer and thinking of you. Your exams are probably over by now, and I hope you did very well.

    My Best,

    [I’ve been throwing up for two days, so I’ve had to give Radiohead a miss. Maybe when I’m feeling better. I can’t face them just yet, I’m still feeling a little tender. (Sorry, Lucia!) – Features Editor]

  42. On the subject of my previous eBay blog…

    I’ve asked eBay about their policy on ticket profiteering so it’ll be interesting to hear their response… I’ll keep you posted!

  43. Hello All,

    I am one of the lucky ones who saw David and crew at RCMH. The trip to my local movie theater will be much easier than flying to NY! I am very excited about this show though. What a great idea! I hope they really crank the sound up! Have a great weekend Fed and keep up the great work.

  44. I’m on a roll!!!

    I’ve also sent an email to Tessa Jowell! 🙂

    I must get a re-inforced soap box as mine is wearing out…

    [Fight the power, Rudders! – Features Editor]

  45. Hmm interesting news about the goverment looking into ticket sales, it’s really high time they did do something about it. You’ve only to look on Ebay to see what happens to a lot of tickets, sadly the prices on there are out of the reach of many fans.

    It is not just concerts it’s sporting events too, I recall tickets fot the Ashes were selling at way over 5 times the price.

    Also I was trying to purchase tickets for rugby at twickers but again most of those ended up on Ebay. *sigh*

  46. Just came back from a week on holiday near London. FED I was working for you 😉

    Maybe you already know, but just in case, the new May issue of “Guitarist” is dedicated to our favourite guitar player. The interview is mostly the same of Guitar World’s one but there is also a “behind the scenes” extra bit from the recording of the album by Phil Manzanera, a very enjoyable read.

    ciao ciao

    [I’ve got a copy, but I haven’t read it yet. Thanks, Roberto! – Features Editor]

  47. I guess I’m lucky. There’s three locations within a 25 minute drive I could have chosen from (Philadelphia, King of Prussia, and Bensalem Pennsylvania). But then again Regal is kind of big in this area.

    BTW my tickets are for King of Prussia. Better parking.

  48. I’m anxiously awaiting May 16. Was able to score tickets at Fandango, Irvine Spectrum is the place. Plenty of places to have dinner and a cocktail before the movie.

  49. ….my first appearance on the big screen, and I’ll never get to see it.

    I’ll have to put the album on and console myself with that.

  50. The news report on ticket companies aggrevaited me. I hope something can be done about these companies getting tickets. I see tickets on sale for hundreds of dollars, at least a month before I even know a show is going to take place. Concert prices are high enough for bad seats, hopefully Ms. Jowell can do something, and then knock some sense into someone here in the states.


  51. FEd,

    On a more serious note…

    Read “The Important Stuff” when it was first intro’d. Picked up “High Tide” by Mark Lynas. Read it through and found it quite interesting, especially how truly global the situation has become. Coincidentally, PBS aired NOVA’s “Dimming the Sun” just last week and I watched it. Now I consider myself as knowledgeable about global climate change and its causes as any well informed person but to see this presentation truly shed a most disturbing light on the whole issue of where we as a planet are heading. The concept of global cooling is just as real. I strongly recommend anyone with a conscience and an interest in climate change to view this NOVA presentation. The data and its implications are most disturbing.

    Steve D.

    [I saw a documentary last night about water shortages, the exploitation of water resources (by the world’s largest beverage company, you know the one), water privatisation and the fact that, what is surely a basic human right, is now an extremely profitable commodity. It was shocking. That half the world’s population is living in unsanitary conditions without access to clean water in the year 2006 is disgraceful. – Features Editor]

  52. Got my tickets for the showing in Harrisburg, PA as soon as you made the announcement. They weren’t for sale through Fandango, but they did have a link to, which is how I bought mine. See the rest of you Central PA Gilmour fans at the show!

  53. hmm, I’m beginning to feel a bit unloved, my last few blogs have gone into cyberspace somewhere, but not here where they belong. Maybe my tone has been a bit depressing as of late, I don’t know. Anyway, I am really looking forward to the cinema concert. Got my tix today.


    [They’ve all been published, Elizabeth. – Features Editor]

  54. I’m going to see the concert in Buffalo, can’t wait! It’ll be great to see David & Co. on the big screen.

  55. Hello all of you

    back home after some days (not too bad,but not too pink: no DG concert!) in London (just job…).

    In Italy rumours about next DG and band show in Florence.What’s about? And, if possible, when?

    OAI chart: N.3 (…in Italy!!!!)

    Thanks great Fed

    [More rumours… If there’s anything to report, please trust us to report it. – Features Editor]

  56. …and watch out for the the over-eager use of smoke which was released over DG during Shine On….:-)

    Too true Rudders – mind you we saw it coming, unlike David who just disappeared from view! It was the intimacy of the whole evening that was so special and I think a little of that does come across in the broadcast version – would love to see it as a bonus on a future DVD but we’ll have to wait and see about that I guess.

    F’Ed take it easy over the weekend – pity the weather looks like going pear shaped by Monday though eh?

  57. Just got my cinema ticket from Fandango. I also received my concert tickets for RAH 31st May show 😀 I got those tickets from the contest on….I was kinda hoping the fan seats would be closer than the 21st row, but eh, its still pretty good.

    So hows it goin F’Ed? Hangin in there?

    [I sure am, mate. Hope you are, too. – Features Editor]

  58. I had some initial technical problems in trying to get tickets online but my order eventually went through for Regal Cinemas in Taunton, MA. The Big Screen Concerts website worked for me for the Taunton theatre but not for Framingham – hope that’s helpful to some of you.

  59. I was just wondering, now that the tour is comming to an end. Does this mean that the web site is eventually not going to be updated anymore, and just sit dormant in cyberspace like If that does happen, I am really going to miss my daily doss of David Gilmour bloggers. I might even have to get a life. Please FED, don’t ever let that happen. I will keep paying you for your time. Well maybe not. When David goes back into hiding does that mean FED does to? Lets keep this thing alive, and kicking. What do you say?


    [Do the words “guilt” and “trip” mean anything to you, Dan?! – Features Editor]

  60. Now that Arsenal won, do they play a two game series with whomever, or is the final going to be 1 game, and where? It must have been decided previously, no? And lastly, mid May? Wow, talk about prep time. Just learnin. By the way, does David play snooker as a past time? It’s my ultimate indoor game, a true gentleman’s (women too) game. Good Weekend All, you too Fed.

    [The final is a one-off between Arsenal and Barcelona. If the winner can’t be decided after 90 minutes, there will be extra time and penalties. The venue changes each year and this time it will be in Paris (on 17 May). – Features Editor]

  61. Having paid quite a lot attend the 4th of April show in NYC, I’m happy to say that I STILL haven’t got my Gilmour fix yet, and purchased a ticket to see the San Diego showing of the Mermaid Theatre concert 🙂 Will be great to see the band on the big screen!

    Cheers, Geoff

  62. INTRODUCTION: Hello guys! How are you? I’m very tired tonight! This post is very boring, my dear! So, I suggest dont’ read it to everyone who doesn’t want to know about my exam and about my work! And I’m sorry starting this boring discussion…it was just to forced FEd to listen to Radiohead! However, when I went to do my exam I listened to Radiohead, but when I came home I listened to Shine on your crazy diamond at a crazy volume! Wonderful! Both! However, after dinner I decided to read my blog’s friends posts and what I had to read? That someone thinks I’m a liar! This is mad! So, I decided to explain my exam….really boring!

    I started my exam at 11 p.m. and I finished at 19 p.m.. Really stressing! Hey FEd, I think you didn’t listen Radiohead because my exam was very hard and I’m sure that if you was listening Radiohead it would be easier! 😉 Thanks a lot to everyone who said me good luck! It was very nice! Thanks! And now, I need to defend my honour from the people who sospect I am a liar! I think it will be very boring, but I have to defend myself! HOW COULD YOU SOSPECT OF ME?

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    [I’ve been feeling unwell, Lucia. You wouldn’t torture a sick person, would you? – Features Editor]

  63. I’ll be seeing the Mermaid show at the Regal cinema in Bakersfield, Ca. Got 4 tickets through Fandango for $44 Total. I will be going with my wife and my 12 year old and 14 year old sons. It will be their first Floyd related show.

    Well, Fed and fellow bloggers, till next time,

    Mike Lewis

  64. I wanted to go to the movie theatre shows; hopefully they wont be sold on in a week. I was about to buy a ticket, when I saw Roger Water’s tourdates were announced. I make a paltry sort of living you know, bread line.. less. Tickets for my show go on sale tomorrow so I had to save for them (just like when I spent my christmas shopping money on tickets for David’s concerts).

  65. I thought I would never use Fandango again after the YesSpeak movie showed in NYC, but it came in handy when the news broke about the Mermaid concert because I was already registered. I did see the BBC internet version and it’ll be great to hear it with a good sound system and without all the garbled noise between the songs. I don’t remember, was High Hopes was included on the webcast? FEd can you clarify?

    Rob from NYC

    [It wasn’t included, Rob. – Features Editor]

  66. Absolutely wonderful to hear that David Gilmour and the band will be on the Big Screen at Regal Cinemas in the United States May 16th. Having seen both performances at Radio City Music Hall, I’m greatly looking forward to this special screening of the On An Island Tour.

    My initial viewing (online) of this performance at the Mermaid Theatre was somewhat compromised due to dial-up connection. The Big Screen should bring this grand performance into finer focus with the added advantage of superior cinema sound.

    Of further note, the AOL Sessions in studio is absolutely superb! The inclusion of the behind the scenes footage was a nice touch, as well. I hope AOL keeps this up and running online for a while. Does anyone know when the AOL sessions will expire, for online viewing?

  67. Caption…
    (Very sad and not right but the only thing I can think of for this one is..)

    “Dee dah dum dee doo bing bang bung…island…”

    (Feel free to ban me anytime F.E..I will understand)

  68. After the two shows & Leno in Southern California, I’m looking forward to the Big Screen showing at our local theater. It will be nice to see closeups of DG and the lads, hopefully see some of the fretwork and keyboard work too. Since my sons going to see the Aquabats live that evening, I’ll probably sneak in a couple of Boddingtons or Newcastles, sit for the playing of songs from On An Island, then step to the back to dance to the remaining songs… Don’t know how many other people will drop $12.50 or $15.00 US to see this show, maybe I’ll be there solo! Ed from Utah

  69. Not able to make it that night to the movies theatre. I have to work. But hope everyone has a great weekend. Those going to the show have a great time.

    Have a great weekend Fed Ed.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  70. I can’t believe I got tix for something Pink Floyd related and I don’t have to drive 2 1/2 hours to get there!!! Thank you!

    BTW, we know now that David is an Arsenal fan. Does he like Formula One too? If so, what’s his favourite driver?

  71. Well…

    I’ve just watched the Mermaid Theatre 30 minute concert again (OAI, Shine On and CN) and it truly is a virtuoso performance! Shine On is probably one of the best versions I’ve heard and there is one section where DG and RW are the only two playing and it is moving…

    One other thing that came to mind during the performance is that I think I can now classify GP’s movements on stage as the “Guy Pratt Stomp”…:-)

    If you are in the US and haven’t already booked tickets for the Cinema Show(!) then do it… you will not be disappointed…

    Signing off now… from slightly squiffy in Canada 🙂

  72. As many others, it was a real thrill to see beebs broadcast of David at the Mermaid Theatre concert… David, Rick, Phil, the whole show- absolutely fantastic! Just imagine the difference in sound and picture quality when it aires on B-I-G screen! I bet it will overwhelm the senses. Hope those lucky enough to go will report back, so I can live vicariously through their experiences.

  73. Man I can’t wait! Got my ticket on Fandango for the Las Vegas showing. I heard from a friend that the Rolling Stones big screen showing was really quiet, and sent in by satellite so the theatre had no control over the volume. ??? Anyhow I hope that doesn’t happen this time. I get to leave work to catch it! (but then gotta come back, damn!)

    It won’t compare to Gibson last week but it’ll be awesome indeed. Glad David is doing so many appearances/performances/specials with this album, it’s nice to be able to catch good music almost everywhere you turn right now!

  74. Just been down to Post Office to collect parcel from DGStore and congrats for speedy service. Ordered items only on Tuesday-first time for me on Internet, always been scared of releasing credit card details but thought the risk here was acceptable. Got T Shirt ( On An island )and happy with that, looks good, happy also with pin badge although I detect a subtle design difference between this and other versions on album and other media. Also got Beanie hat as thought it would replace my woolly hat but the two are vastly different products.And the beanie hat appears to be over priced at £15. I know it might not be, but perception is vital in marketing-I’d be interested in sales figures. Excuse me for sounding daft but why is it called a “Beanie Hat”? Will I look like a “pillock” wearing it? Well in the great cause of supporting David I shall now go out and wear it whilst walking the dog. Off to Thurso Harbour, scene of big surfing championships so I may look cool( actually freezing. Maybe the dog should wear it?????????

    Ian Pearson

  75. One other act that was on at the Adelphi Cinema in Slough in 1968, and how could I possibly forget him, was Joe Cocker. Great performer.

  76. Ok I visit the FanFare every day, not necessarily posting something, but when the London shows will be finished what shall we do? what shall we chat about Fed? or are you looking for a new job… kidding…just kidding…of course….;)

    I wonder if David has any project to release an “On An Island Live Tour” cd someday?


    [There are no plans for a live CD, sorry. – Features Editor]

  77. Just a few words to say bye. We are leaving for 2 weeks for vacation with the kids to Florida especilly Walt Disney World. This month everybody saw their idol; we saw David and the kids will see Mickey and all the rest… I want to say Hello to Becky in Atlanta; we make a short stop in Atlanta on our way to Orlando! I will think HI, BECKY! So i am going to miss you but i ll enjoy my vacation. See you in 2 weeks!!!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  78. Dearest FEd! I worry about your safe, after your message I read yesterday night….and today, there’s any new post…dearest FEd, how are you? I hope all is ok…or that all is going to be ok soon. Or I hope you didn’t posts our messages because you are having some holiday! You really deserve it! Take care and have a wonderful week end!

    Bye bye


    [My apologies, Lucia. I’ve got a stomach bug of some sort and felt pretty rough yesterday. – Features Editor]

  79. Dear Feds and fans:

    it has been awile since my last entry. Respect that fact that there are now ” guidelines”. Where would the world be without “guidelines”? The site is wonderful and i printed up the new guidelines so i don’t inadvertantly cross over these guidelines. Wonderful picture of David Gilmour. The OAI cd just gets better and better. Anyone know a place here in erie county that needs a RN with a BSN. I have unfortunately found myself out of work…Will relocate if needed? I hope i did not cross your guidelines i am desperate and the coin has ” flipped”…..thanks to all

    Linda Penner

  80. “Bing bung bing buuuuuung”.

    Four fine notes in one of the most brilliant combinations ever. Transcendant.

    Got my ticket for May 16…the Fandango process was easy. The only problem I have is whether I’m going to get popcorn or not. Somehow it doesn’t see right at a David Gilmour concert movie!

    I really enjoy making song lists and reading everyone else’s. Just went to the used CD store to see if I could find some of the songs that you all listed but that I didn’t have. Didn’t find most of the stuff I was looking for but I DID get a copy of Pulse with the blinking light. Nice.

    Happy weekend, FEd and everyone….


    PS–Neil Young’s new album is available for streaming on his website. (May I mention that, dear FEd?)

  81. Hi everyone. Great news about the Regal Cinemas. I’ve been away for the past week down in St. Pete, FL to be with my ailing grandfather who passed away last Wednesday evening. I brought many songs with my on my i-pod, but the only song I could listen to was “Wot’s, uh, the deal”(and Island Jam).

    It looks like I’ve missed a lot over the past week. I’ve reviewed the new blog guidelines and appreciate the need for them. I’ll have to remember the date of your post, F.ed, so I can refer to them.

    Are captions still acceptable?

    [They are. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather, Joseph. All the best to your family. – Features Editor]

  82. hum,

    I was on the wrong side of the channel when it was recorded for BBC.

    Now I’m on the wrong side of Atlantic to attend it in theater.

    Quite frustrating. There are fan of DG worldwide but actualy only a very little part will enjoy the Mermaid.

    So patiently waiting for the release of the RAH.

  83. Looking forward to the May 16th event! My local theatre in Portland, OR offered tickets via Fandango, and it seems to have worked very well. Thank you, dear Fed, for the explanation of the football leagues. I really enjoyed that. Would you be able to tell us poor Yanks about the hidden meaning behind the Arsenal jersey symbol/logo — the “0” “2” thing?

    Thank You & Happy Weekend!

    [Sponsorship, my friend. That’s a big mobile phone company. Unfortunately they all have to have a brand of some sort plastered across their chests these days. – Features Editor]

  84. Not only did we just get our tickets to the May 16th film but from the looks of it the film will be in the Imax Theater. This will be an event indeed! We’re looking forward to seeing this one and seeing some of what we missed of the tour! Thanks David!

  85. I hope tickets dont sell out for the show in CT(i forgot what town) because im not sure if I can make it as my car needs a little work before i take it to far but thats ok because I saw the greatest show that I probably ever will on April 5th and the dvd has been confirmed. Don’t take this as a complaint-it definitly isn’t one, I saw the gig on my computer and allthough it didn’t have the lazers or as extreme of a light show it still was a very good and definitly a much more intimate performance and I hope everybody that is going has a great time. It sure was a great idea to bring David to the big screen to let more people get to see what they couldn’t see live.

    One more thing if I may: I meant to say this a lot earlier but never got around to it. I would just like to thank the features editor and let him(or her) know how good the tour program is. There were a few things that I was very suprised about and didn’t even notice in concert. 1)Jon Carin on slide guitar(allthough I knew it wasn’t David playing the first solo on “take a breath”, now I know where it came from 2)Steve Distanislao on vocals and the thing that probably suprised me most 3)Dick Parry on keyboards. The program is filled with nice pictures and you even give a little biography about everyone along with telling us exacly what instruments each member plays, you did a wonderful job and I thank you very much for it.

    Kevin H
    Southington, CT

    [Your thanks will be passed on, Kevin. Thank you. Glad you like it. – Features Editor]

  86. Just wondering if photo’s from Davids dates in Toronto will be posted soon…..I’m jonesing here man!

  87. [It is a full-time job, Tara. Literally. – Features Editor]

    So if you quit, you will be FEdEx?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂 Hope you are having some well deserved time off.

  88. Does anyone know if the Regal show will be digitally projected or conventional film?

    [All I know is that it was filmed in high-definition and that director David Mallet has worked his magic on it. – Features Editor]

  89. Fedmeister…

    Get well soon… hope you’re getting better.

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  90. Hope you are feeling better FED? Remember your health and this goes for everyone, is the most important thing in the World. I missed you but if it came to a choice between this site and your health, you would win everytime.

    Ian Pearson

    [Thank you, Ian. – Features Editor]

  91. Hi Fed, sounds like food poisoning to me. Do you remember what you ate? Could be the source. Just guessing. Be Well, Take Your Time. We need you.

    Hi Sned, where are you, or are the both of you sharing duties at hand here? May 17 is circled.

    [13 May is much more important. Liverpool in the FA Cup final is the one you want to circle! – Features Editor]

  92. Dear Mr. Gilmour,


  93. Dear Mr Features Editor,

    I posted a comment back in Feb 13 to be precise about if On An Island will be released on vinyl and you answered that it would be, but I can’t get it anywhere and have been told that it was cancelled. I’m ashamed to say that I still haven’t got it as I’ve be waiting for the only serious format vinyl!

    Please put me out of this misery is it coming out on vinyl?

    Many thanks Karl

    [It is coming out Karl, but it’s not out yet. We’ll announce it here and at so that you can get a copy on the day of its release. – Features Editor]

  94. Hey FEd, I’m really sad reading you were not well….I hope now you’re feeling better. If my FEd don’t feel well, I don’t feel well to. Really! …even if…I think it is a strange coincidence, as you have to listened to Radiohead! Uhm….are you cheating?!!! 😉 I’m joking! I’m really sad for your stomach. Are you eating light food? Rice boiled with a raindrop of oil, for example? It is good for the stomach.

    Then, I’d like notice you that Amazon deliver to me Polly’s book and yesterday night I start reading “Lying in bed”: GREAT! I love it! Even if I read just 2 stories. I’m sad because I can’t savour her style perfectly, because it’s not the same to read a book in your language. And it is a sad thing. But I love what the story told about! And the books’ covers are really good too. I’m very satisfied I have bought them!

    On the other hand, I can’t be happy about Regal Cinemas because I haven’t it in Italy. What a disappoint! I hope my bloggers friends who are going enjoy themselves! …and, if David is asking what I’m thinking about a cd live, I’d like to say him that I agree if he will decide to realize it!

    And…RUDDERS! “My name is Lucia and it’s been almost 2 days since my last cigarette”. Really! BUT I FEAR I WON’T RESIST ANOTHER DAY!!!! But I’ll try to resist.

    At the end:

    TO PIET: I’d like to learn you something, but there are 3 problems: 1. I don’t think I have something to teach to someone, so I don’t know if I was a good teacher; 2. I couldn’t understant what is a “multiple layers” editorial; 3. my english is so bad that I can’t understand the second point…least of all I will be able to explain something of technical! I’m sorry! Or try to explain me again…sorry…I am very ashemed for my english…sorry

    TO TIM: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! But…are you the same Tim who think I am a liar? If you are…A LOT OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORE, my friend!

    TO ERIN: good luck with your exams too, my dear mate!

    Geat evening to everyone!



    [Thank you, Lucia. You are very sweet. I haven’t been able to eat for three days, so when I can eat again, I will eat well! I will also be brave and try to listen to Radiohead. Good luck to you, and everyone else, who is trying to give up smoking. – Features Editor]

  95. [Sponsorship, my friend. That’s a big mobile phone company. Unfortunately they all have to have a brand of some sort plastered across their chests these days. – Features Editor]

    the only team i can think of who still remain sponsorless (at least on their shirts) are Barcelona, or did i forget one?

    Have a great time off, Fedmeister, you deserve it!!

    [I think you’re right about Barcelona. – Features Editor]

  96. [Unfortunately they all have to have a brand of some sort plastered across their chests these days]

    And they have their name on the back of their shirts, just in case they forget who they are…

  97. Hello everyone.

    Well it’s nice to be home in the bosom etc..

    I must confess I haven’t knocked the tabs yet, although I’ve cut down considerably, and haven’t had a drop of the demon drink since I got home if that’s any consolation…

    Next week?

    Pathetic I know..

  98. [Sponsorship, my friend. That’s a big mobile phone company. Unfortunately they all have to have a brand of some sort plastered across their chests these days. – Features Editor]

    Yeah it sucks.

    Formula 1 is the worst for it.

    And tennis.

    Its awful.

    Unless your a tennis player…

  99. I may be wrong but I am quite sure that the AOL sessions are there without expiration for us to enjoy for eternity. It is a fantastic performance and quite good to get my fill of Gilmour until the DVD comes out.

  100. Feel better soon, FEd.

    Hi, Sylvie! I’ll wave as you come through Atlanta. Hope you and your family have big fun in Orlando.


    [Thank you, Becky. – Features Editor]

  101. Rudders, Guy Pratt Stomp sounds better than Prance….its settled then.

    Fed…liquids, man…. Feel better. Got any gatorade? That gets me through the bug….

    David and Polly, hope the studying is going well. Good luck on the exam to….is it just one or several of your children….aw, heck.. Good Luck to all!

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  102. wow . . . . just caught up w/ posts . . . . sorry to hear you were under the weather F’ed . . . . . mint tea and a small supply of cannabis does the trick for me with a stomach malady . . . . .

    just sayin . . . . .

    hope you’re feeling better . . . .

    good day all . .

    [Thanks for the tip! – Features Editor]

  103. Sorry to Guy and crew–I made it through Friday but cracked Saturday night.

    Rudders was right. Avoid strong drink! I’ll try again Monday. Filthy habit!

    Hope the F.Ed. is feeling better.

    [Thanks. Keep at it and you’ll get there. – Features Editor]

  104. “and that director David Mallet has worked his magic on it.”

    Timmy’s brother? 😉


    (p.s. Aaron Lennon – wunderkind – needs to go to Germany…)

    [Nick, it’s going to be so cruel on Spurs if Arsenal win the Champions League and your boys miss out. – Features Editor]

  105. I’ve been in lovely Monterey, CA all weekend. Came back and sat down for, what I thought would be a few hours of reading, to find that things have slowed down some. I hope you are resting some Fed, sorry about the tummy bug. Their nasty. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    I haven’t smoked all weekend =)

    However, I’m a social and stress smoker, so we’ll see how things go once Monday comes along. I hope you all are have success as well. I wonder how long after David quit could he really notice the change in his voice.

    “Beanie hat” at least in CA is something that you wear mostly when snowboarding or skiing. Of course, the “rockers/stoners” especally teens, tend to where them whenever. I have to a agree, with the price being a bit high for the quality. I also got a shirt. I had to get a men’s so I could get the tour cities on the back. I’m wearing it tomorrow =)


    [Thanks, Erin. Good luck with the smoking. – Features Editor]

  106. I got tickets for the big screen down here in Florida, I am sure it’s not as good at the real deal, but better then nothing for me! And only $22.00 for two seats:) I can’t wait for the DVD as well.

    I wanted to say thanks to all those who contributed to the offical DG site and kept me informed through out. Wish Rogers site was the same. Thanks for all the vids and pixs too:) Loved it all. Espically I’d like to thank Polly as well:) Be good to Dave!

    Shine on! – Mike

    PS I ordered some shits for the big screen show too:) I can pretend, I am sure the show will still bring tears to my eyes 😛

  107. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling so great FEd, hope you get better soon…

    Haven’t had a cigarette since Wednesday night, and have been to the pub twice in the meantime…doing OK so far ;->

    [Thanks! You’re doing really well. Keep it up! – Features Editor]

  108. well, its a shame really that the final will be in Paris. That will rule out one of the finer players of Arsenal, our very own dutchie Dennis Bergkamp. I think he would be able to go by train as it could well become a highlight in his career, if mr. Wenger will let him play that is………any rumours if Dennis will be in France for the final?

    On our Fed’s health problem, as a pharmacist i can only advice to take plenty of rest, light fluids, and crackers n stuff. All the best to you!!

    Do you have any idea when the winner of the RAH tickets will be announced? i for one am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

    [Thanks for the tip, Emiel. I’m afraid I don’t know when the competition winner is announced, but the best of luck to you. – Features Editor]

  109. “I ordered some shits for the big screen”

    Wow… you can even order “those” in the US???

    I love those accidental typos that bring new meaning to a sentence… :-))))

  110. Hey Guy, take a breath…take a CLEAN breath now……

    Come on, buddy! I know you can do it!

    I’m rooting for all of you quitting here, too!!! It’s tough, I know, but remember those cancer sticks are another attempt by the “man” to keep you down!!!


    (yelled in my most enthusiastic FEDMEISTER-chant/New York accented voice)

  111. [PS I ordered some shits for the big screen show. Posted by: Mike Grega at May 1, 2006 03:02 AM]

    Come on Mike, the show’s not that bad! Or are you referring to the audience?


  112. Lucia- no I’m not the one who thinks you are a lyer. I’m the one who can’t understand why you are so hard on yourself about your English. I wish I could speak a foreign language enough to have the courage to post on a web site in another language. Give yourself a break! And thanks for the birthday wish. It was a nice weekend.

    Fet Ed- everyone has advice when you are sick… does the sick person ever really want (or take) all that advice??? Tell ya what you do fet ed… have your legs placed in traction so your head is below your feet, drink plenty of hot tequilla from a hollowed out barrel cactus while burning incense mixed with peyote while chanting mystic utterances (which sound unbelievably like the singing on Radiohead albums). LOL Hope you feel better Fet ed. And I’m with you, don’t attempt radiohead when you feel bad. I think they are an interesting novelty, but I can’t sit through any of their albums all the way through.

    Guy- keep trying buddy! I remember there used to be a great poster by the American Lung Association. It showed a woman whose face was all gnarled and charred and really quite nasty looking. The caption read “If smoking did to your face what it does to your lungs, would you still smoke?”. Classic!

    Ok everyone, the nice weekend is over and I have to get ready for work. Happy May 1st (doughnut day at work… woo hoo… if the pay rate doesn’t keep you maybe monthly doughnuts will… lol!).


  113. To everyone attempting to give up the tabs…

    Even though everyone hasn’t started yet at least you’re thinking about it… you’ve just had your “Alcoholic’s moment of clarity” and now you’re in the right frame of mind to try and give up…

    Here’s to a smoke-free blog… 🙂

  114. just wanted to say “great job” on the CSN & Y piece in the News on 4/30 . . . . WELL put !!! (is that you who wrote that F’ed . ?) CSN & Y will be here (in Michigan) at the end of summer . . . . I’ll certainly be getting my tickets . . . . another great show for 2006 . . . !!!! and speaking of GREAT harmonies . . . . . the Eagles are also going to be here this summer . . . . . GOOD year for musical delights ay . . . . ????

    haven you felt up to eating yet F’ed?? at least get some soup in you . . . . chicken soup especially . . . has a bunch of good enzymes, etc. that will kick up your immune system a notch or 5 . . . get you feeling better . . . (there’s usually some pretty good science behind most of those ‘old home remedies’)

    [Not yet, and the Stuff & Nonsense page is nothing to do with me. – Features Editor]

  115. Hope you’re feeling much better, Fed. I agree with Ian – i.e. if it’s down to your health or wading through our many sometimes dubious blogs, then your health prevails. If I lived 5-6,000 miles closer, I’d bring you some of my mother-in-law’s outstanding chicken soup.

    BTW, my late father was born in Burton Rd., east end London, which explains my lifelong anglophilia (love of England and all things English, for those without an Oxford at hand).

    David and PF both fit rather nicely into this category, don’t you think?

    Best always,
    Kevin in Wpg.

    [Thank you, Kevin. That’s two chicken soup recommendations, so there must be something in that. – Features Editor]

  116. Erin

    “I’m going to see the concert in Buffalo, can’t wait! It’ll be great to see David & Co. on the big screen.”

    Double check out whether Buffalo is on the list as I couldn’t see it when we were thinking of a road trip around there from Toronto…

  117. CAPTION: David’s is ticking off the days left for RAH by ecthing ex’s into his strap.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy( Dublin)

  118. Is there anything better than taking work off on a Monday? Nope! Hmmmm, how I love to sleep in on a Monday… ahhh

    Anyways… brevity, right…

    I’m not a daily blog user here, more like a weekly. Always found this to be the most pleasent blog of all of them (as opposed to other rock band sites I visit on occasion). Saddens me to see people throwing around the same boring arguments of America v. Britian or… whatever else people find to argue over on a musician’s website. These are always arguments for the close-minded people. I’ve always thought America is given a bad rap (thanks Republicans) for being too shallow and uncaring (like Republicans), but I think most reasonable people see that we just struggle with some occasional a-holes (Republicans) the way the rest of the world does from time to time. We’re good people, you’re good people… just don’t get me started on those snots from Tibet… (j/k… bad taste?)

    Brevity… oy. Just want to say thanks again, FED, for the good work you do here. These posts are still as entertaining as they ever were. “Take ‘er easy Dude!” If you don’t toke than I will take a toke in your good name. We’ll be tokenly taken towards better health and mind. Cheers.

    [Cheers, Kurt. – Features Editor]

  119. Hello, F.Ed,

    I am sorry to hear of your stomach bug. I hope you have a spedy recovery. Is there a kid at the grocery store to pin it on this time? 🙂

    Guy posted:

    “I must confess I haven’t knocked the tabs yet, although I’ve cut down considerably, and haven’t had a drop of the demon drink since I got home if that’s any consolation…

    Next week?

    Pathetic I know..

    It’s not pathetic. Cutting down is a start. Laying off the drink helps, too. The two go hand in hand, it seems. I know that you (and the other ‘quitters’) don’t know me from Adam, but take my word for it when I say don’t give up. It’s not going to be easy, but neither is a career in music. If you can go through all the trials and hardships you have to endure to be successful in the music business, you have what it takes to be successful to quit smoking. You and all the others can do it! Quitting is not easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Tackle it one craving at a time. I am not tring to sound like a broken record, but I want to voice my support for all of your efforts.

    Have a great (and hopefully smoke-free) day, all.
    Again, get well soon, F.Ed


    [Thank you, Mike. – Features Editor]

  120. I tried giving up smoking ages ago, it didn`t work!I thought a cigar with a pint of beer wouldn`t hurt, but now I smoke cigars full time and I think they are worse!

    So I`m with Guy and I`ll try to cut down!

    Hope you are feeling better Features ed?

    [I’m getting there, thanks mate. – Features Editor]

  121. It would have been great to watch the Mermaid show on the big screen here in the UK. Anyway I was lucky enough to have been there so I won’t complain.

    I will complain about having to have worked on a bank holiday today though 😉

    Good luck to those trying to give up smoking. I’ve never smoked myself but I can imagine it’s not easy to give up. Just think of all the money you’ll save on top of being healthier. A winner I’d say!

  122. Fed,

    Is it possible that David, Rick and company will be donning face paint, like Kiss does? If not, can they really say that they’re doing their best to entertain the audience?

    Just wondering,

    [Good point. They could always do more… – Features Editor]

  123. Erin, thanks for feedback on “Beanie” hat and its nice to know that I am not the only one questioning value for money. Yes, yes I know I wasn’t forced to buy one but now that I have I am sure constructive criticism is valued. Comparing other “Beanie” hats to that with David’s name on I see that the Rolling Stones, Bowie and Sting may be dearer but that appear to be of superior quality, all knitted whereas David’s “Beanie” is 100% Acrylic. Maybe it’s my age. Maybe we should have a “silly competition” on 3 things one can do with a “Beanie” other than to wear it.

    My choices would be:

    – Polish CDs,
    – Fill with dry ice from one of David’s concert and keep for that magical time when someone says
    “There’s no smoke without fire”, then bring out said hat full of dry ice and say “Oh yes there is!!”
    – Tape to window in house at election time pretending that you are the leader of the “David Gilmour for Prime Minister” party!

    Ian Pearson

    PS F. Ed any news on any posters for sale?

    [Sorry, I don’t. I have asked. – Features Editor]

  124. Hi FEd,

    Nice write up about CSN on the stuff & nonsense page.

    NY, USA

  125. it’s been a little while. hope you’re back on top fed. we hate to see you down. can’t wait for regal night. that’ll be tons of fun. have i told you lately how beautiful on an island is? it is. you can trust me. hope the boys are enjoying their break. watch out uk kids, they’re really gonna punch you in your stomachs. in that good music enlightening way. have a good day. it’s beautiful right now.

    [It’s not a good time to think about punching stomachs, trust me! – Features Editor]

  126. I see there,s still alot of RAH tickets exchanging hands on e-bay for large amounts of money and it seems that some of them must have been purchased through the pre-sale judging by the seets. I hope this is still being monitored by the RAH, 1 PAIRS UP FOR £1000.00 that stinks!

    [It is a disgrace. – Features Editor]

  127. Hi FEd and the ‘extended family’,

    FEd, what’s … uh the deal? My tummy is churning today while I give a quick glance through and you have a belly ache too. Very strange indeed! Take care of yourself, and I agree with the steemed (brown) rice but would suggest you add a bit of avocado … very healing for the tummy.

    Guy, good that you’re cutting back on the smokes … definitley a good move!! Take care and thanks again for being such a sweetie!

    Someone up above made some comments on the quality of the printed program (which I agree with wholeheartedly) and would like to thank whoever was the ‘in-charge’ person in the creation/production of these programs on another aspect. I’m what you might call ‘the canary in the mineshaft’ in that I’m HIGHLY sensitive (as in makes me extremely sick, dizzy, etc.) to chemicals, inks, etc. The program didn’t smell of those toxic inks, didn’t make me taste ink, and didn’t give me the all-around horrible feeling that most printed items do. Did I make any sense just there??? By contrast, the printed flyers handed out made me immediately smell and taste that nasty inky poison. Anyway, thanks from one of the growing numbers of environmentally ‘sick’ people!

    Hope David and family are enjoying some quiet time (even with exams and all).

    Take care of each other out there!!

    Washington State

    [Get well soon, Gabrielle. Thanks for the tip. – Features Editor]

  128. Hi F.Ed, hope you are better.

    A quick question for Mike Grega; Mike posted; (i added parentheses)

    “PS I ordered some (shits) for the big screen show too:) I can pretend, I am sure the show will still bring tears to my eyes 😛

    Where are these..umm.. things located? I didn’t see any in the web store. It would bring tears to my eyes, too, if I had those during a DG show. You could pretend with the tried-and-true hand in the armpit method, you shouldn’t have to buy anything. Maybe it’s just slang or something, like Fags being slang for cigarettes.

    I’m sorry, I’m in one of those moods. 😛 I’m sure you meant shirts. Sorry to make fun of your post. Enjoy the show.

    Sorry, F.Ed for the toilet humor, please forgive me.

    Have a good day,

  129. I like the changes in the blog. I wasn’t going to post for a while, as I could not attend the shows, and there is only so much then to contribute and be comfortably on topic. In addition to that I am trying to limit my net surfing overall anyway. It is very exciting to hear that I can have some of David’s concert experience to check out the show on the big screen.

    Fed, try some strong ginger beer for nausea (not Canada Dry, something stronger)…let it warm to room temperature and get a little flat, and sip it.

  130. happy birthday to me today is my birthday!hope your feeling better.

    [Happy birthday! – Features Editor]

  131. Re Jeanne’s “ginger beer” suggestion: Does Canada Dry actually market ginger beer in the UK? Or did you mean ginger ale …?

    I know that flat ginger ale will definitely help Fed’s tummy to feel better 🙂

    Kevin (the Canuck)

  132. [It is a full-time job, Tara. Literally. – Features Editor]

    “So if you quit, you will be FEdEx?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂 Hope you are having some well deserved time off.”

    OK, so I am not Rudders.:(

    If you can’t stand drinking ginger beer or anything else, try ginger capsules, you can get them at a health food store. I’ve taken them for air sickness and they worked.I hope you knock this thing on it’s ear soon.

    [Thank you, Elaine. – Features Editor]

  133. Aw, Fed!

    Please feel better soon! The old-fashioned remedy is chicken soup… and soda crackers may help your tummy xxx Hope you’re back to your old ‘self again soon!! (Gatorade, too! Don’t get dehydrated!!)
    [PS I ordered some shits for the big screen show. Posted by: Mike Grega at May 1, 2006 03:02 AM]

    Mike… is that to FLING at obnoxious audience members?? LOL
    Guy posted:

    “I must confess I haven’t knocked the tabs yet, although I’ve cut down considerably, and haven’t had a drop of the demon drink since I got home if that’s any consolation…

    Guy… & others who are trying to quit… You didn’t develop a habit overnight; and doubt you can quit overnight. Cutting down is certainly a start, I would think! Stay strong & determined!!

    I’m proud of all of you for trying xoxox

  134. Hi everyone – glad to see youve brought in some rules – they were needed. Personally I was losing interest for many of the reasons you’ve banned- any chance F.ed can do some rules for Davids concerts? e.g. no waving useless phone cameras around – 50 yards away with a wide angle lens the size of an asprin isnt going to give you a half decent pic so stop distracting the rest of us. If you dont like Davids solo stuff – DONT BUY A TICKET- if you do – its a David Gilmour concert so shut up and listen to it all not just the old Floyd stuff.

    Could go on but you’ve banned lengthy posts!!!
    Can I mention Guy Pratts show – he is Davids mate after all!

    [Of course you can. – Features Editor]

  135. Hello Everyone-

    So I have a confession to make. I always get really excited when people copy and past Guy’s posts…because I am either not computer-savy enough, too lazy, or to stupid to find them. I seriously have seached since I started reading this blog…(december?)

    So can somebody please help me if it’s not against the guidelines Fed? I feel like I’m a poor excuse for a ‘blogger’ if I can’t find them.

    Chris McKay

    P.S. I hope you feel better Fed. Lots and lots of Vitamin C. Always does the trick for me.

  136. Fed, I knew something wasn’t right when I saw no new postings going up. So sorry to hear you got the nasty little bug. Take care and you should be getting better day by day.

    P.S. Can’t wait for the big screen show………..


    You must have missed my post about the quitters not being allowed to go to the RAH shows unless they kept it up.

    You do have an understudy right? RIGHT? *EEK*


  138. FEd – I trust you’re on the mend and will be ready for a few bevvies on May 13th.

    Well with the mancs slipping up tonight, maybe us Reds can snatch second place after all (if necessary, I’m sure we can pay ‘onest ‘arry off with the promise of a lifetime’s jellied eels this Sunday 🙂 )

    I went to the 1986 FA Cup Final rematch this yesterday (think it was on Sky?) in aid of the Marina Dalglish Oncology Unit – a very respectable attendance of 33000 for this worthy cause 🙂 As expected, the play was so slow it made our favourite teutonic sloth Didi look like Thierry Henry lol Rushie’s still fit as a fiddle and Stevie Nicol rolled back the years with countless foraging runs down the right flank.

    With Lucia’s attempts to lure you into Radiohead-land, maybe we should tempt this lovely young lady to be of the Red persuasion?


    PS apart from Barca, Athletic Bilbao also play without a sponsor on their shirts 😉

    [Hi Ali. Can’t wait for the Final. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. I saw the charity match on TV. Really enjoyed it. Jan Molby is still class, isn’t he? Great to see so many people turning out for such a good cause. Heart-warming stuff. As for Radiohead, then I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stomach them. It doesn’t seem like a fair deal to me. Lucia gets to watch top quality football from the five-time European champions, the history, the passion, the witty songs… I get earache to go with my bellyache. Lucia, if you’re reading, I’m afraid the deal’s off. I just can’t go through with it. – Features Editor]

  139. David’s Show cost me my job! Yes it’s true. I faked illness at work and skipped town (boston) to see David’s show in new york, which was quite probably the most memorable of my life. When they actually found me not logged on when i told them i’d be working from home, i failed to respond to numerous e-mails and later, after i got back, got the elbow. So now i am jobless and penury stares me in the face with aged parents to support. Can someone recommend a course of action? David, i heard your axe grind, could i have also have your shoulder’s to cry on. I feel all knotted up inside and it’s wearing me out. Somehow i feel this is it and i will merge with the sea and into the white light. Goodbye cruel world, goodbye all you people.

    [Kris, that’s terrible. So sorry to hear it. – Features Editor]

  140. SNED!!! You kicked butt on those last two entries! Wonderful stuff! I’m jonesing for CSN and know where I’m going for a quite retreat with my family!

    Those pictures would make a great screen saver….

    And I never commented on the tour gallery which is also superb…


    …and thanks….

  141. Happy Tuesday,

    Simon Emery (I think) asked if there was any association between David and The Beatles and Tangerine Dream. Well (apart from David playing guitar on a Paul McCartneys album and playing live with him at the Cavern) I think the answer is no to both.

    However I was reading through a couple of Tangerine Dream concert programmes that I have (they once played Coventry Cathedral) and one of them was littered with references to Pink Floyd being an influence along with Jimi Hendrix and others. But interesting it mentioned that the only music, other than their own, that they played live was the beginning of ‘Intersteller Overdrive’. They used that as a jumping off point to play something free and improvised.

    Pete – Coventry

  142. Bit angry about the Latest News today (2/5/2006). It says that guitarists out there shouldn’t bother to try & sound like David. As David has inspired so many people ( to the point that some have actually wanted to make music too ), then there’s nothing wrong with trying to put similar expressions into our playing. I’m sticking my tongue out at the person who wrote that!

    [Well, it wasn’t me! I’ve offended the people who run fansites, so I’m not going down that road again. – Features Editor]

  143. FEd,

    On the Nonsense page there’s now a lovely story about Crosby & Nash (beautiful insight into a bit of musical history), but also about the island Kastellorizo, for which photographer Andy Ward is credited. The pictures however consistently mention Andy Watt. Now I don’t know which one is the photographer, other than Andy Ward is a fantastic drummer (formerly of Camel) … Bye the way, congrats on Arsenal’s win (although 4th position seems unreachable) and ManUtd draw. Looks like more chance for Liverpool to be second after all !!!

    Keep up all the good work. I really enjoy and appreciate it.


    [Thank you, Piet. The photographer is Andy Watt. SNEd must have had Camel’s drummer on his mind when he wrote that. If it hasn’t been changed by now, it will be changed soon. – Features Editor]

  144. Hey FEd, sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. I’ll send you some healing vibes:
    *transmitting* 😉

    I am not trying to create more work for you now that you are sick, but can I please just come in here to drool about Andy Watt’s photo’s of Castellorizon? (for the other bloggers: go to Stuff & Nonsense).

    I LOVE them! That island is incredible. I am a real waterfreak, so the idea of stepping out of your frontdoor and only be a sidewalk away from water THAT blue.. WOW!! (If that is the sea it is a good thing the Mediterranean doesn’t know tides as such, though ;-))

    okay, I’ll shut up now, so you can get better 😉

    Many healing hugs,

    [Thank you, Bianca. – Features Editor]

  145. I agree with some of the other correspondants, the blog is so much better for having a set of rules.

    fed. If you are feeling a bit peaky, then try this as a cure: three pints of Theakston’s Old Peculiar and a very hot curry. After which you’ll be fine.

    27 days to go and if my tickets arrive I’ll be at the RAH!! Can’t wait.


    [I’ll take your word for it, Peter! – Features Editor]

  146. sorry about the punchy f ed. funny stuff on the news page. you leave me in stiches. thanks. i was really curious about the return inputs on the phase shifting quantifier as well as the mind-delay. haha.

  147. Hi there,

    Two quick questions –

    1. Where does the ambient music on the website come from?
    2. Is there any way to acquire a copy of the AOL session Dave did? Quite apart from all the other amazing material, the version of “High Hopes” is absolutely exquisite. Brought tears to my eyes – all apologies, I am a girly man.

    Congrats and best regards,

    [You’d have to ask AOL about that, but the music on our website comes from David’s vast collection of goodies. – Features Editor]

  148. [SNED!!! You kicked butt on those last two entries! Wonderful stuff!]

    Hi all,

    Angelo I agree. Those Castellorizon pictures were also very beautiful. Got some reading to do, was very busy the last days.

    Ed, everything ok again? 😉


    [Still feeling dodgy, mate. – Features Editor]

  149. Chris Mckay…

    When you are on the blog page press the “ctrl” and “F” buttons together and a “find” pop-up will appear. Type Guy Pratt (or whatever you are looking for) into the text box and click “find next” then you find each entry for whatever you’re looking for – keep clicking “find next” for any more entries…

    No charge for that 🙂

  150. Fedmeister

    I enjoyed the latest “Latest News” entry and particularly the paragraph about learning to play like DG. I have the magazine and CD and I must admit it has helped me learn the first lead solo in CN…but…

    This brings me onto yet another soap-box topic of mine which a lot of would be guitarists tend to forget when they try and recreate DG’s sound and music… and that’s that he wrote it!

    So in my mind the likes of Dwayne Fontana the 3rd, Steve Kilminster, Snowy White etc. etc. Even though they are excellent musicians in their own right they are re-creating someone else’s music and not playing their own which is the difference between good and great…

    Saying all of that I will still continue to increase my DG/PF set-list for those huge “arena” like concerts I play in my basement…arf arf!

  151. Good Afternoon, FED, I certainly hope that you are feeling better ! Coincidentally, I suffered a bit this past Sunday. Of course, I believe I can attribute it to one too many gin & tonics. Usually, when I suffer a stomach malady I find that green tea helps to soothe my tummy. Also on a regular basis I take, in capsule form, fenugreek seed. Pull it up on the net, FED. Always do a little research before taking any remedy or ask your local health store owner. Very helpful !

    On another note, I bought 4 tix for the Regal Theatre through Fandango. I had absolutely no problems getting them. Deafinitely am counting down the days now ! ( In my best football announcer’s voice: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE !!!! )

    Seriously, though, FED, take care of yourself !!
    Y’know we love you and we would be devastated to hear that our favourite FED has taken ill. As I’ve said before…you are a treasure. But, really look into the fenugreek seed bit like I mentioned. I was a sceptic at first , but after the first two weeks of taking you WILL feel a difference within yourself. BTW, like Guy, I haven’t quite quit the tabs either, but I made a pack of smokes last the whole weekend, even with the gin & tonics Sat. night. Brought OAI along to my grandmother’s, she enjoyed ‘Red Sky At Night’ !! And she’s 83 ! DG certainly knows “how to reel ’em in”. lol

    Take care, FED. Love to you !!

    Cazart !

    [Bless you, Raymond. You lot really are sweethearts, aren’t you? – Features Editor]

  152. Apology from News Ed.: No disrespect intended to any guitarist seeking inspiration from David; the comments are more to do with people who (understandably) want to know the ‘secret’ to David’s sound. David’s technical team try to avoid complete lists of gear, partly because it’s constantly changing, but also because an individual guitar style is just that – individual, and it’s ultimately much more rewarding to develop your own unique style. Assimilate influences by all means, but attempts to copy exactly are likely to be self-defeating. Keep playing, though! News Ed.

  153. Sorry to hear your feeling dodgy FEd – there’s some nasty stuff doing the rounds at the moment (must be the changing of the seasons…). Get well soon…although we can’t live without you, we will! Plenty of fluids and hopefully you’ll be feeling human again in no time(personal faves are lots of Ribena and chicken soup but obviously not together..!)



  154. Hey FEd! Use you sickeness (quote: “I get earache to go with my bellyache”) to break our deal is not a brave behaviour! But…ok! At the end it’s not important for me if you listen to Radiohead or not. Sure, you are my FEd and I prefer you love them…but it’s the same! Anyway…use your sickness…uhm! Not brave!!!! 😉 Jokes a part, I hope you’re feeling better now. How are you?

    Ali: I don’t love football (I watch just italy’s mondial matchs) and so I will not able to be a good supporter, but just I’m not a football fan, I’m ready to root for any team you ask me to root for! The Red devils? Ok? Where are they? Manchester? Liverpool? And are they good? Do they win? I need a scarf? Let me know!

    Rudders…yesterday night I started smoking cigarettes again…sorry! But I realized I could have done a weighty mistake in my exam test…and now I’m worried. And I need to do something to relax myself…and, Rudders, I could choose between alchol, drugs and cigarettes! What should have I done? 😉 Sorry!

    Polly’s book is wonderful! I love it very much and I can understand its english enough to understand that it have written in a wonderful way. Really great! The stories are fascinating and her style so real and sincere. I love it!


    Bye bye!


    [If it’s any consolation, I also find Neil Young a bit too hard to handle when I’m feeling under the weather. Does that get me off the hook? – Features Editor]

  155. “at no time do you believe it’s David Gilmour playing the licks”

    How true… you can certainly learn the notes played but when you see how DG bends up to those notes! that’s when it all falls apart 🙁

    And my apologies to Dwayne Fontana the 3rd…(sorry Doyle Bramhall II) – I watched a programme with him and Eric Clapton where Clapton traced the roots of one of the guitarists that gave him inspiration and DB is a class act…but he still didn’t write the music…

  156. Dear Mr. Features Editor,

    Can you please offer us some definitive, official comment on the rumored remastering/re-release of DG’s first 2 solo albums? I’ve seen some stuff around the net about it, heard of bonus tracks being offered, and I have even seen May ’06 release dates listed in some places. But this is not really confirmed anywhere, I’ve yet to see anything that lists the supposed bonus tracks, and those of us who love those records- which have been out of print for years here in the US – are keen to get the details.

    Many thanks.

    [I’d be delighted to. I’ll even use my most serious-sounding voice (even though you can’t hear it, I’m sure you appreciate the sentiment). As has been said at least four times in the last fortnight, they won’t be out in May and there won’t be any bonus tracks. When we do have a definitive and official release date, we will definitively and officially announce it here. – Features Editor]

  157. Hi FEd,

    Just a quick note regarding Rolling Stone Issue 999 which had a short, but nice, review of David’s April 4, 2006, Radio City Music Hall show.

    David Fricke wrote: “A David Gilmour guitar solo is not much to look at. … the guitarist played as he always has: head bent, in half-light and half-turned from the audience in concentration. But the sound of his guitar is an undiminished thrill: long peals and bent-note dives steeped in reverb. Gilmour cut through the air with such carefully sculpted tones that vocals often felt superfluous.”

    Fricke goes on to say, “Gilmour’s faithful rendition of Barrett’s fragile, stunned-march longing in the song (Dominoes) was a reminder of the eccentric but earthly humanity Barrett took with him when he left.”

    That’s all folks!

    Washington State

  158. Fet ed- hope the last few days have been kind to you and that you are feeling better.

    I have to say, seeing the pictures of Castellorizon really gives insight into Davids’ “on An Island” theme!!! What an amazing place! I feel like I understand the music better having seen the pictures… especially The Blue! Would love to go there someday! Thanks to the SNed!


  159. Re DG’s first two solo albums being “out of print” –

    On behalf of Spammy and our many other American pals, I just checked HMV Canada’s website and both the DG and About Face titles as they currently exist are apparently available.

    Have you already checked with HMV or Amazon’s U.S. online services?

    Hope this helps,
    Kevin in Canada

  160. “Apology from News Ed.: No disrespect intended to any guitarist seeking inspiration from David; the comments are more to do with people who (understandably) want to know the ‘secret’ to David’s sound. David’s technical team try to avoid complete lists of gear, partly because it’s constantly changing, but also because an individual guitar style is just that – individual, and it’s ultimately much more rewarding to develop your own unique style. Assimilate influences by all means, but attempts to copy exactly are likely to be self-defeating. Keep playing, though! News Ed.”

    Even if someone had the talent to reproduce his playing, and had all of the technical specs available on how to reproduce his sound, it still wouldn’t be achievable. The best anyone could ever hope to achieve is to approximate his sound/tone. The bottom line is that the most important component of any individuals sound is the player him or herself. A person’s physical attributes: their size, strength, energy all contribute to a sound as do mental and emotional attitudes. There are no two identical beings and therefore no way to reproduce someone’s style and or sound. So News Ed is correct. Find yer own guitar identity. I have. People have been known to describe it as , DEAR GOD THAT SOUNDS AWFUL, TURN IT OFF!

    ps: Fet’Ed, my club is running out of players for the final. Hopefully we have enough healthy players to field a remotely competitive side.

    [You’ve had some rotten luck with injuries. – Features Editor]

  161. Thanks Rudders…I’m slowly but surely becoming more and more computer savy.

    -Chris McKay

  162. Tim,

    To expand on this thread a bit, I agree with you. Those pictures reveal so much about themes found on OAI. The tranqulity, the beauty, the rusting swings, the empty streets, the harbor, and I can imagine how that sky at night looks.

    Twelve years ago when my wife and I were married we were between Italy and Greece for a get away honeymoon. We decided Florence and Venice over Greece (Hi Lucia), but always felt something “pending” with a trip to Greece. I’m serious about knowing where to go now…. All I have to do now is stop going to Gilmour concerts long enogh to save-up for the trip!! LOL!!!!

    Just ‘Colour Us Blue’, why don’t cha’!!!

  163. Hi F.ed, sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather, there seems to be loads of really nasty bugs about at the moment.

    Hope you perk up soon, you take care of yourself, ok?

    Thanks for the new press articles, I had already seen the Mojo one but not any of the others you posted so cheers for that.

    Sending healing cyber wishes for you!

  164. Just read the Guitar magazine interview. I always enjoy their interviews because you get more info on the musician rather than the usual info on the man. I’m sure this has been mentioned somewhere on this blog, but I can’t read all of the postings, so apologies for the rehash.

    I found a few of Phil Manzanera’s points interesting. One, that he thought at one point On an Island would be a triple album. I’m sure he’s taking some artistic license there, but clearly that means they flushed out an awful lot of musical bits into actual songs that were ultimately passed over. I beseech thee David, don’t be afraid to let those tunes loose on us. They may not reflect where you are in life necessarily, but they would undoubtedly be cherished by most of of your fans.

    Phil also said that the album David released would not have been the album he would have released were it his decision. Again, very interesting in that it means there is excellent material sitting on a shelf somewhere on the Thames just waiting to see the light of day. I suspect that Phil prefers the more up tempo stuff, so there must be some ‘rockers’ in ‘Floyd time’ that were passed over.

    I also find it interesting that when David and Phil refer to each other in th media, they usually refer to each other as neighbors, rather than as friends. I would have to think that they’d be chums spending that much time together at each other’s homes, but who knows, maybe it’s a professional colleague type of relationship.

    Good read that article.


  165. I agree with the blogger who was writing about how great High Hopes was on the AOL sessions. I hope some thought will be given to making the sessions permanent somewhere somehow.

    FEd, hope you are starting to feel a little better. Thanks for hanging in there and putting up the posts.


  166. Hi FEd,

    I hope you’re feeling better. If not, just look on the bright side – at least all of your metatarsals are in working order! I keep seeing the headlines in the news and think i’m having a 4 year flashback!!

    Keep your spirits up, FEd and keep taking the medicine.

    Incidendally, the RAH HAVE sent out their tickets for people who booked them online. I booked mine on the day the tickets went onsale and received them both last week. So if you’re in the UK and haven’t received them yet- maybe a quick call might help.

    I’m still awaiting the ones from See tickets though. Has anyone received theirs yet?


  167. Well I made it to Monday night, and then . . .

    Oh, well everydays a new day right? How’s the other “quitters” doing?

    Great News page today =)


  168. I know the news page is nothing to do with you features ed, but I do buy publications such as guitarist, guitar techniques and total guitar if there is something intresting I want to learn.

    I remember about 10 years ago total guitar tabbing the parts for shine on, although parts of it were useful to get a start, I found it quite cumbersome to learn the parts as they transcribed them.

    I find it more enjoyable to try and learn any of David`s guitar by ear, by this way you are putting your own influeces in there. It might not be exaclty the way David played it, and the purist`s will tell you that, but isn`t it the case with playing guitar that you do it for your own pleasure first, so then everyone else can enjoy?

    I do want to play like David and I`m not ashamed to admit it! I like trying to!

    (I`ll have to ask Rudders where you get those reinforced soap boxes from!)

  169. True Story: Went to visit a couple at a stag and doe prior to my band’s last show together. My wife took a nasty fall and went face first to the ground and chipped a tooth and a cut lip. She bravely got up and attended the show. Excellent night, the last song, Comfortably Numb got applause galour. I don’t copy note for note, never have, never will. I take bits and pieces of all David’s version of the song and include my own. Sunday night I blogged off, got up, and awkwardly twisted my left foot and fractured a bone. Talk about breaking a leg. Feeling better now though. Thanks Fed and Sned.

  170. Well said Peter,

    I had the luck to see “The Austrailian Pink Floyd Show” and was astounded how well the two guitarists were able to reproduce Gilmours’ sound. I then read somewhere that when Gilmour once saw them he had the opportunity to step in and replace one of the guitarists. First thing he said as he strapped on the guitar and looked at the array of equipment around him was, “How do you fly this thing?” Even for him it was not going to be easy to play the part of the person he replaced.

  171. 3. There’s only one David Gilmour – so don’t bother.

    I agree. Or one could say:

    “The influence of genius is to make me admire … and do otherwise.” – Gerard Manley Hopkins

    Hope you are feeling beter.


  172. 3. There’s only one David Gilmour – so don’t bother.

    I agree. Or one could say:

    “The influence of genius is to make me admire … and do otherwise.” – Gerard Manley Hopkins

    Hope you are feeling beter.


  173. Re DG’s first two solo albums being “out of print” –

    On behalf of Spammy and our many other American pals, I just checked HMV Canada’s website and both the DG and About Face titles as they currently exist are apparently available.

    Have you already checked with HMV or Amazon’s U.S. online services?
    – – – – – – – – – –

    I have, but please understand I’ve had CD copies of these records for well over a decade and vinyl copies before that. It’s a remaster with upgraded sound – especially for the first DG record – that I’m looking for. What a superb albums that is! Perhaps a bit of new artwork might even be in order!

    Was about to be mightily impressed with the timing and efficiency of the DG organization to offer us new and improved versions of those eariler records right on the heels of the new CD and tour — something hot off the presses for all the many new fans David has been making, n’est ce pas? Sorry to learn this is not, in fact, the case, and sorry, too, to hear that bonus tracks are not forthcoming either. David has said in interviews that in the fortnight it took to record his first LP he and his small band laid down *lots* of tracks. Like many other fans, I’d love to hear the stuff that just missed the cut.

  174. In response to post : Kris…….May 2nd 3:59am

    Remember…When one door closes,another one opens!!!

    Jersey Dave

  175. Fed, thanks for allowing me (I hope) the chance to share my introduction to the music of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. This is my therapy for today 3/5, as its first anniversary of my wife’s death. I know we all suffer in different ways, therefore we all react but not in same way so apologies for being cringing, selfish and petty, but here goes. My heart goes out to you all who have “lost” but believe me to have “lost” you must have “gained” in the first place and we should count ourselves lucky, so lucky for that!

    “Atom Heart Mother” on John Peels radio show got me into the music. I know no one else really likes this album but I still play it and it was so refreshingly different to what I had been listening too. A few years ago when my wife got a computer she gave me a present of my personal e mail address, “”. How could I not like that album after that. Saw Floyd first time at Crystal Palace and bought “Relics” from a stall. Remember weather wet and sheltered in an ice cream van whilst “Fat Old Sun” was being played. Cool in more ways than musically taste! First time I got drunk was when the intended showing of “Live at Pompeii” was cancelled at the Rainbow. Instead of seeing film went across road to pub for a night of drowning sorrows. Vaguely remembering that I thought I was an aeroplane and buzzing people at bus stop! What made things worse was that I had turned down a date with my girlfriend who would be my wife to see this film. The guilt lives on :(. Saw Floyd again over few years at Rainbow, Wembly and Earls Court. Queuing overnight for one concert and really do appreciate how one can get caught up in the mob mania as I was thrust against plate glass doors drowning in screams, punches and swearing. Ticket sales have always presented challenges. Vividly remember that I “treated” my wife to see Pink Floyd, two nights running at “Empire Pool”, Wembley and on the second night was the night I caught my wife sneaking ear plugs in. A few years later as the music got louder and when it was time to see “The Wall” she stayed at home. Moving to Scotland from London seemed a good time to take a sabbatical from Floyd etc.. After a time engrossed in fostering, (now that’s real frustration Fed), and other domestic issues found it was time to return to good music by way of MLOR and even attended one of the Division Bell concerts at Earls Court, unfortunately it was the one with the collapsing seats so by the time I get to the Glasgow concert I will nicely hyped up, thankfully maturity will curtail any high screaming!

    I don’t know how today will turn out. It would be easy for some to say listen to David’s music or watch a Floyd DVD. But I feel the sounds of Daniel O’Donnell or Runrig coming on as these were my wife’s favourite acts.

    Thanks for listening Fed et Al. Typed this in draft form on last Sat morning and at 5.53 am on Radio 2 exactly as I type these words “Great Gig in the Sky” is playing. If that doesn’t mean anything then I don’t know what does!

    Ian Pearson

    [Bless you, Ian. – Features Editor]

  176. Happy Wednesday,

    Rudders, can you add Snowy White to your list of apologies. He has released 7/8 albums where, if memory serves, the majority of songs were written by Snowy.

    Finally who can get a blog on here at 01:02:03 04/05/06.

    Pete – Coventry

  177. [If it’s any consolation, I also find Neil Young a bit too hard to handle when I’m feeling under the weather. Does that get me off the hook? – Features Editor]

    Isnt it strange how music tastes change with the way you are feeling. I also find that mine change with the weather/seasons. I am listening to a lot more summery music at the moment.

    Pete – Coventry

  178. To all those giving up the Fags, i better rephrase that had n’t i ….smoking then.

    It can be done…im feeling smug i had my last cigerette in 1978 just prior to Arsenal V Ipswich cup final when under great provocation from my mates who supported Sp(spit)urs kept offering me cigs during the game, i made a point to say no, more out of pride to show that losing a cup final to a club of a lower division did n’t really bother me (it hurt like hell, & i felt so humiliated) afterwards i gained strength from realising that if i did n’t succumb after such provocation nothing would get me to smoke again.

    Then you get to the point of realising how you clothes stink when you come home from the pub & that you must have smelled that bad all the time, i started to play football again. I ran again, even ran a couple of marathons. Im not ashamed to blow my own trumpet about this as its a major thing to give up… you guys(& Guy, have another go) keep at it, dont light up that next ciggie…

    Its my birthday on Sunday i will be 50 & get my guitar, im reading all the comments about Davids playing style etc. I can dream cant i?? i do suspect, however, that my playing will be of the DEAR GOD THAT SOUNDS AWFUL, TURN IT OFF! school of playing, & be banished to the shed at the bottom of the garden.


  179. Dear Fed,

    Hope you feel better. As I use to say “Ne faites pas les pieds au mur!!!”. Don’t try to do what you were doing before. Keep cool. We’ll wait for you, don’t worry. And, even if you’re well, don’t forget, your name is NOT Pantagruel or Gargantua… Il faut laisser le temps au temps, as we say in french (how do you say that in english?)

    Ikkar, with love

    [I don’t think there’s an English equivalent, but thank you for the message. – Features Editor]

  180. [Find yer own guitar identity. I have. People have been known to describe it as , DEAR GOD THAT SOUNDS AWFUL, TURN IT OFF!]

    OMG! That is MY (bassplaying) STYLE as well! We should be in a band together.. Any awful drummers out there to complete this band?

    hugs, Bianca

    (ps: Feeling better today FEd? Did the healing vibes and hugs work? I hope so)

    [I do feel better today, thank you. Those vibes of yours must have helped. (And I’m so hungry, I could eat bricks…) Thanks again to everyone for writing a little something or other. I’m really touched by what a bunch of sweethearts you are. Bless the lot of ya. – Features Editor]

  181. i just recieved my monthly copy of a dutch magazine called “Gitarist” which contains a large interview with David in dutch and also a little piece by Phil Manzanera. It reminded me slightly of the interview in Guitar magazine i read on this site.

    Im glad youre feeling better, Fed!!! Whats your favorite food by the way? apart from the bricks that is, which can be quite stomach-filling i can imagine…….

    [Hmm. Chinese food is my favourite, but I can’t think of that just yet! – Features Editor]

  182. Ian,

    My thoughts and feelings go out to you today, man. I can imagine that any comfort you feel from wherever you can get it can only hold a candle to the void of loss, but I do wish you as much of it as you can find.

    Atom Heart Mother: that made me smile because there have only been two people I ever met that liked that album along with me.

    I’m turning 37 this month, and I have been together with my wife for almost 18 and a half years; that’s half my life. I have “gained” so much in my time together with her that entertaining the idea of her “loss” makes me tremble at the thought…

    …but tremble is all I can do as I send you comforting vibes through cyberspace. To know how you must feel is impossible for me, and to imagine it is terrifying. My deepest condolences…

  183. Dear all,

    Don’t know if I should be posting this here (Up to the FEd to decide), but I just got this piece of info today, hope it is useful for all waiting for RAH’s tickets. It comes from Royal Albert Hall Box Office:

    “Contradictory to my original information, the promoter of the David Gilmour Concerts has now asked that all over seas patrons collect their tickets on the evening of the performance. I apologize for any misleading information as this a new rule that has only recently been stipulated, and hope this will not cause any problems on your part. Your order numbers and references remain the same. On the evening of the 29th of May, please ensure you bring the card you paid with to the pre-paid ticket counter located on the right hand side at Door 12 of The Royal Albert Hall. Your tickets will be held underneath your surname. This counter will be open from one and half hours before the event”.

    Hope you’re not having a hard working day after the loooong weekend!


    P.S.: Dear FEd, might I ask some help from you, now you are feeling better? I purchased the ticket with a Corporate credit card that, as I have been fired, will not be available by the end of the month. I’ve asked the RAH BO for a workaround, with no response yet. What can I do?

    Thanks much!

    [Thanks very much for that, César. I wouldn’t want to interfere just yet, as I’m sure that Albert Hall staff will reply to your query, but if you haven’t had a reply by the weekend, please let me know and we’ll see what we can do for you. I’m sure there’ll be no problem. – Features Editor]

  184. Hello great folks and friends in the David Gilmour message board. I write from my desk in work, defenitely bored.

    I look forward to the show in the 27th May in Glasgow, first time in Amsterdam was excellent, a real special show. Come to think of it, they all sound very special from reading reports.

    Features Editor, for Radiohead i’d defenitely try ‘OK Computer’, particularly songs like ‘Subterraenean Homesick Alien’ and ‘Karma Police’ + ‘Lucky’ for example – real works of wonder, subdued and filled with emotion. (for mega experimentation I’d try Kid A, one of the most genius recordings of music in history, however it may not take you where you’d like to go – just yet!)

    But these are just examples and suggestions.

    If David happens to read the blog, I would wholeheartedly suggest “Terminal Frost” to be played in the UK tour. Personally, the first time I listened I was walking to work in rainy Glasgow and the song actually nearly just brought me to tears!

    However, I fear that there may not be enough band members on this tour to support a song so detailed and comprehensive.

    Besides, I’m just happy to hear the new album once again as I’m still in disbelief that they are playing the whole album. David and co certainly know how to put on a gig.


  185. “David has said in interviews that in the fortnight it took to record his first LP he and his small band laid down *lots* of tracks.”

    IMHO that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is much unused stuff lying around, because some of this – should it really have existed – could also have been used for the subsequent solo- or Pink Floyd-records (and this could also be the case with regard to the leftovers from the Division Bell-recordig sessions). But nobody knows that, and in the end only David himself could tell us….

  186. Dear F.Ed!

    I’m waiting for my tickets from See tickets…..getting a bit worried, especially when I read about people getting return tickets etc direct from RAH.

    I guess I’ll just have to be patient. One thing that does worry me regarding See tickets though is that they state that we must wait untill 5 days before the show before contacting them if we have not received the tickets….. That means (worst case scenario of course) that when I can call about the last RAH show and ask it won’t be time to mail them to me, or if they already are in the post it’s weekend and it won’t be in my mailbox untill around noon on Monday the 29th and that’s after I have left for London…..

    I’d better not think about that….

    Over to something else…

    Hope you are getting better! And by the sound of it you’ll probably be well in time to the FA cup final (I guess it must be very serious if it shall keep you away from the TV that day, or what???)

    You state in a previous post that you won’t be cheering on England in the World Cup, who will you be cheering on then? Or is your team not qualiyfied (Scotland, Ireland, N-Ireland or Wales maybe?)

    I always cheer on the British teams and Ireland in international fotball, my fotball-heart is in the Brittish Isles….

    By the way…. I have really enjoyed the way you have been teaching the Americans about football. I’m glad football and especially English football has been a part of my life more or less from I was born. They started transmitting “Match of the Day” on Norwegian television in 1969, so I was about 2 years old when I saw my first match and have loved it since……

    Get well and hopefully the FA cup final will be a good one (but, I’m sorry to say, I won’t be cheering on Liverpool…. I am after all a Man.U.supporter)

    Best regards


    [A Man. U. supporter, eh? I’m very, very sorry. Moving ever-so swiftly away from football… I see your point about See Tickets. Funnily enough, I bought tickets to see another act from See Tickets several weeks ago and wondered the same thing when I saw that. Five days?! They must be good, otherwise they wouldn’t say such a thing. I’m sure you’ll have them long before then. I wouldn’t worry yet. Wait another two weeks, then I’ll worry with you. – Features Editor]

  187. – Just coming back from holidays in Croatia on last saturday (two weeks, woah !!!);

    – Tried to read all the comments I missed, impossible: too many posts, too much football on the blog, too many people pleased with their “regal cinemas” tickets (oh, jealousy, what a naughty thing !), too many discussions about Radiohead ( one song, I love, two songs, I like, but an entire CD, I can’t !, too depressing, sorry, Lucia, and it’s the same with “the wall” !), and, above all, too many difficulties to read quickly in English!

    – Then, I learnt you were feeling unwell, dear Fed, so I didn’t want to give you more work, you had to have a rest, I was so sad for you! But, to-day, you say you feel better, so I can’t resist to post again.

    – Fantastic pics of “Castellorizon” (they remind me “Symi”, another Dodecanese island where I like to go, maybe David knows this one also…), great items (not the right word?) on the press section, great job from all of you, great site !!!

    -I hope David and his family have a great time at home, despite the pressure of exam for one of their son !

    – Reposez-vous bien, surtout, cher Fed, et ne vous inquiétez pas, nous attendrons le temps qu’il faudra !

    – un petit coucou à Ikkar, ça fait du bien, parfois, de lire du Français sur ce blog.


  188. [“Atom Heart Mother” I know no one else really likes this album but I still play it]

    Ian Pearson…At least 2 of us do. I love AHM. For me the ‘noodling period’ was the greatest. From reading interviews I dont think, from an artistic point of view, it was Davids favorite time (I maybe wrong). However, in my psyche, the music, memories etc are priceless.

    Pete – Coventry

  189. [Hmmm. Chinese food is my favourite …]

    Oh no, Fed, not chinese food, but french food ! and french wine ! I understand now why you were sick ! it’s a joke, of course, for example, I appreciated Croatian food where I was there on holidays !I’m not so …comment dit-on “chauvin” en Anglais ?


    [Chauvinistic, but I don’t think you are. Italian food is a close second. (Hey, I have to make it up to Lucia somehow! Does that work, Lucia? Now will you forgive me?) – Features Editor]

  190. To Ian Pearson,

    My thoughts are with you (I lost my mother a year ago next week, even though it’s not the same thing I know a bit about how you feel). It helps a bit to remember the good things even though it hurts as well… (tricky those feelings)

    Good luck, and as you see we feel for you.

    By the way, AHM is my number 2 favourite record after Animals. My girlfriend for almost 21 years claims that having the title track as one of my absolute favourites just confirms I’m a nutcase… I guess she’s right…but I love it!

    Take care!

    Best regards


  191. I wish all her senses would be locked up from any others feeling that don’t is origened from me. She was the idol who seduced all my heart’s wishes, broke all my mind’s ability, denied any other lover to my soul’s street, any other pain, any other dream, for ever.

    Everyday, every hour, she win my mind and my soul more, without break, against my will, against my opposition. Her speech, her look, her gesture, her minimum movement come into my heart.

    I think this is not a good translation…sorry! But this morning I woke up thinking about Gabriele D’Annunzio poems. He was a strange person but I love his poems. His stories are not so good, but his style moves my soul’s string. Maybe I woke up thinking about him ’cause I think Polly’s style is very intimate? And then I read Ian post and I thought he loves her so much…that kind of feeling that go beyond everything and everyone. Wonderful! Ian, I think you and your wife were very lucky to live a so powerful love. And I remerbered this D’Annunzio’s words…I hope my translation have a meaning!

    Castellorizon photo gallery is fantastic! Greece is really a good place! I went when I was a child but I can’t remerber not so much. Last year my parents went to Santorini and Myconos. I watched their picture: INCREDIBLE! I can immage who many wonderful moments David passed in Greece. It’s fantastic!

    But, Angelo Ortiz, Italy was the right choose! It is wonderful too!

    At the end, dearest FEd, I hope you feel well…but, after you disappoint me with Radiohead, I expected you say that your favourite food was italian food! 😉

    HAVE A GREAT EVENING, my dear friends!


  192. [Chauvinistic, but I don’t think you are. Italian food is a close second. (Hey, I have to make it up to Lucia somehow! Does that work, Lucia? Now will you forgive me?) – Features Editor]

    Uhmm…second choose….forgive you….I don’t know! Have you ever been in Italy? Maybe, italian food is your second choose ’cause you have eaten just italian food cooked in England! You should come and eat the real italian food. Unconquerable! Uhmm…forgive you? I don’t know! I need to examine you better! I waiting for reading what you’ll write the next time! However, you’re write more comic words, today. i think your stomach is better. Glad to know!


    [Thank you. I do feel better today, but I’ve never been to Italy, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  193. Ian & JT — I’m very sorry about your loved ones. Please know that I’m sending good thoughts to you both.

    My best friend is an AHM devotee all the way…I still get goosebumps remembering David’s rendition of “Fat Old Sun” at the Kodak Theatre. It was exquisite.

    Hope you are continuing to feel better, dear Fed! Thanks for explaining the Arsenal jersey. Eeeek! I should have known….the logo is so prominent and here I was hoping there was some cool English mythology behind it. Take good care of yourself, Fed!

  194. “I asked eBay about their policy on ticket profiteering so it’ll be interesting to hear their response… I’ll keep you posted!”

    Here’s the response…

    Sellers are not supposed to misrepresent the face value on tickets in regulated locations. However because we do not possess or examine the items for sale we are in no position to judge the legality or authorized nature of the item. We are also not experts in the area of ticket prices. As such we are hesitant to remove tickets if they comply with our policies. We rely on government agencies for a more authoritative view on what is and is not prohibited. Ultimately honesty is the sellers responsibility.

    If you feel that the face values on the tickets are being misrepresented I can suggest that you may want to contact your local law enforcement agencies. eBay has a longstanding policy of providing full cooperation with law enforcement agencies and we will gladly assist them in an investigation of unlawful conduct.

    Hmmm! eBay seem to be spectators to this sport and until the Governments change the rules then they will allow it to carry on especially as eBay keep getting their percentage of the profits!

    Tessa Jowell hasn’t replied as yet so we’ll see what she has to say… maybe the UK Government are a tad pre-occupied with finding a new Deputy PM once Two-Shags gets the push for his recent horizontal Morris Dancing shenanigans!

    Watch this space!

    [Interesting (not the bit about Prescott, that’s just nauseating). Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  195. “David has said in interviews that in the fortnight it took to record his first LP he and his small band laid down *lots* of tracks.”

    IMHO that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is much unused stuff lying around, because some of this – should it really have existed – could also have been used for the subsequent solo- or Pink Floyd-records (and this could also be the case with regard to the leftovers from the Division Bell-recordig sessions). But nobody knows that, and in the end only David himself could tell us….

    – – – – – – – –

    Well one potential bonus track we know about for sure is the demo for what became “Comfortably Numb.” Apparently, that was an instrumental David recorded during the sessions for the first LP that was later played for producer Bob Ezrin, who insisted it be used for “The Wall.” Roger wrote words to DG’s music and the result was, you know, not too shabby. There are unauthorized copies of the DG instrumental Comfortably Numb floating around but it sure would be nice to have a proper version out – ideally as a *BONUS TRACK* on the re-release of the first, eponymous DG CD. Hey … what a great idea!!!

    Yours in bonus trackishness,
    StP –

  196. to Michèle…

    Je me demandais s’il y avait encore des Français sur ce blog… OUF!!!


    Ikkar, with love

  197. I have a ticket for Alexandria, VA.

    The first concert I ever went to was Pink Floyd on August 23, 1988 (not a bad one to pick, eh?). This will be my first time seeing a rock concert in a movie theatre.

  198. I haven’t read through all the posts so forgive me if this is redundant information, but I noticed that a Toronto fan posted that they did not see Buffalo on the list for Regal theaters showing David’s concert film. Not so. The cinema you’re looking for is the Transit Imax in Williamsville. Williamsville is a suburb of Buffalo (North of the city). For you Mapblasters here is the address:

    Transit Imax
    6707 Transit Road
    Williamsville, NY

    Tickets are $10.00 a piece. Enjoy!

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