'On an Island' on DVD


There was a great reaction to the surprise inclusion of one of Pink Floyd’s earliest songs at last night’s Oakland show. If you don’t know which one was given a dusting down, then I’d love to know how you manage to keep yourself in a state of blissful ignorance. Please share your secret.

If your curiosity is now starting to get the better of you, have a look at the Latest News or read through the millions and billions of comments received yesterday from fans who were lucky enough to be at the show.

There’s certainly some interesting news today. Maybe now you can stop nagging us about there being a DVD of the tour?

The tickets to ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ have been dished out – metaphorically speaking, of course – so you can expect a congratulatory e-mail shortly.

If you don’t get one, please don’t ask why not. The answer will either be:

a) You never posted a message until we offered you something for free (so why do we owe you anything?);
b) You didn’t send your postal address to us, even though it was plainly requested several times; or
c) You posted multiple times, using different e-mail addresses to try to be clever, and p*ssed me off.

To those who do receive an e-mail, have a wonderful time at Thursday’s live recording. Remember, you’re representing David’s blog, so don’t let us down. We’ll all be able to see you on TV, after all.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

207 thoughts on “'On an Island' on DVD”

  1. The wait is killing me! You know when you start thinking about something and you get all these doubts in your head?

    Now I’m afraid that maybe I spelled my email wrong! Or I forgot to include someone! AHH!

    Anyway, I can’t wait until the show Thursday evening. You guys are awesome for doing all this.


  2. F ed:

    Thanks in advance for your ticketing decisions for the Jay Leno Show. It couldn’t be easy with the requests you had, and the people that did not respond to your repeated requests for full information. Regardless of my getting a ticket, it will be a memorable and great couple of nights in the Hollywood area. Looks like the sun will be shining, 80F (24C) lows mid 50s, so slap on the sunscreen and enjoy! Ed

  3. Oh no, now I’m really upset I won’t be at any of the RAH shows. I’ll have to stuff my head into a pillow and scream for three nights. You lucky LUCKY people getting to go! I hope they don’t wait forever to get the DVD out. Please don’t be cruel. There are seriously addicted Gilmourians out here.

    Speaking of pillows – Nickster, if David & crew played “Pillow of Winds” AND “Echoes” live, it would be better than love. And sex. And chocolate. All at once. Of course as usual I’m preaching to the choir here and Edwina is already grumbling “shut UP!”


  4. Can it get any better?

    Arnold layne being performed and now a new DVD!

    I noticed on the festival hall video that Rupert style was one of the producers. Is this the same Rupert I knew from my UB40 days when he worked with Brian Travers`s film company?, If so I can tell you a tale or two, but that is most certainly another story! He would also(probably) remember me as I-ron, as this was my nickname(cause I used to wear Iron maiden T-shirts).

    I hope if it is him he`ll be involved, because he is a nice chap!!

  5. Wow, how exciting for those of you that get to go to the Leno show! So happy for whoever gets to go! Have a great time & represent us bloggers well!

  6. I think I finally figured out the real identity of the mysterious Features Editor.

    He’s none other than Publius. I bet he wont give us any hints on solving the enigma, either.

    [Nope. – Features Editor]

  7. I’m gonna be at the RAH on the 29th of May and I feel honoured! I can’t wait for the show and now theres gonna be a DVD to commmorate the event.

    thanks again for the up to date info and keep up the good work FED

    cheerz, Vince

  8. hi guy. good on you for meeting up with the fans last night. you made their day, probably their whole life. anyway who wants a bet that people will still ask ed why they didn’t get an email about the jay leno tickets? i say they will (we know they don’t read) and the blog will be full of whiney remarks from unreasonable people tomorrow. a word of advice to you in advance ed, f*ck them. they’re not worth it.

  9. Guy… Fellow Bloggerismers…(!?)

    “I’m definitely up for the stop smoking idea”

    Guy has said he’s up for it so let me know who else is and I’ll put something together to monitor the volunteers regularly!

  10. great news about the dvd…know i have nothing to complain about…hmmm..let me see…what about a 2dvd edition with a lot of extras?..as long as it dont take an eternity like one dvd from the floyd that should be on the stores this century or so…but that is other bussiness…great to hear about arnold layne,its good to know that old songs are being played and very well acepted..keep going with the surprises…what about see emily?

  11. Mr. FEd,

    THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am hoping to meet up with some great fellow fans b-4 and after the Gibson show, looking forward 2 meeting RENEE B. and all the others at Camacho’s and the Rhumba room after !!!!!!

    I do hope that I will be able to give full details on the Leno show !!!!!!!!!


    LOL ;-))

  12. Dearest Features Editor

    Our highly esteemed venue roof spotting party has unfortunately become stuck in Duluth.

    I have their seats on hand

    May I make them available here ?




    2 at Kodak 2 at Gibson

  13. Caption Competition…

    David was quite taken aback at Crosby and Nash’s new idea of yodelling the harmonies to On An Island but Richard had already heard them rehearse it in the team bath after the sound check earlier…

  14. Dear feauters ed,

    I did read what you posted re: Anyone going to the gibson, but when I read the comments, there were so many regulars who posted in the cheesy line that I felt the urge to do the same, obviously not knowing what it was about.

    I`m so sorry for making extra work for you, but if it is any consolation, my easter was crap as well, I spent the most time looking after the kids(more like refereeing them) while Natalie was at work!

    Hope you get a break soon mate.

    all the best.

    [Don’t worry about it, mate. – Features Editor]

  15. Crikey – fancy the boys pulling old ‘Arnie’ out of the hat! Must have been great to be there to hear that. I see ‘What’s Uh The Deal…’ seems to be absent quite a bit recently – obviously they want it to be fresh for the first RAH show……

    Thanks F’Ed for facilitating the Rudders-Pudders email link up, much appreciated.

    Hope all those going along to the Leno recording have a great time – having been lucky enough to be at the Mermaid I know how special these events can be so enjoy the all too brief moment folks!

  16. “I’m definitely up for the stop smoking idea.

    Next week?


    Go for it Guy – I knocked it on the head eventually – and if I can do it I’m damn sure you can too! Mind you it turned me into a cantankerous sod for a while…..you have been warned ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Is there going to be a DVD from these shows? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry FEd, couldn’t resist it – hopefully the last one. Very much a ‘oh, have we got a video’ moment (a la Young Ones) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think the reason I was so blown away by the inclusion of Arnold Layne was because the second set has been so mindblowing for the previous dates, with Wots, Dominoes, Fat Old and Echoes in there for the connoisieurs that I didn’t expect it to get even better with another classic like Arnold included. I lived in Oakland for a couple of years and went to plenty of shows over there, and I have a good idea of just how well Arnold would have been received. Shows real character of David and the band to give the Bay area such an appropriate treat…. makes me smile just thinking about it. How I wish I was there…

    What makes it all the more exciting is that it opens the mind to all possibilities, and that’s when the ideas come flooding it. I just can’t help but see/hear David performing Fearless or A Pillow of Winds – they’re both so suited to David’s current output imho.

    In all the shows on the tour David has really covered his PF history, but there is one album that is conspicuously absent from his choices of setlist – David Gilmour. I love this album, and There’s No Way Out of Here and No Way are both great tunes that would play out well live (imho!). Would love to know what David’s opinion is of that album…

    Anyhow, the setlist as it has stood has been amazing and Echoes itself is the greatest treat, so Fat Old Sun and Wots for me move it into the stratosphere (biblical as someone suggested – I totally agree!). I’m just chasing my mental tail wondering about the possibilities…hey wait, that’s the story of my life ๐Ÿ˜‰


  18. Went to both Oakland shows, great! Thanks so much for an excellent performance and I hope the crowd was more to your liking then our east coast neighbors. I thought they were respectful and I heard not too many peeps. Thanks again for your showmanship and the surprises and line change ups.

  19. Guy, I’m with you…..I loved the Chicago show because of the lack of smoking!!!!!!

    The haze was real.

  20. WOW !! Up late I see Mr. FEd. Very fast posting on the board for My last post.

    Sounds like you need a night cap ??????

    LOL ;-]]

  21. If there is a sight for sore eyes, what is the equivalent for ears that have been bombarded by the same processed and hollow music that endlessly presents itself to you in various disguises and costumes?

    On An Island.

    The atmospheric, extended musical passages are familiar, especially the way they perfectly mirror the lyrical poetry in both mood and message. The emotion that I hear in Mr. Gilmourโ€™s playing is something that I have not encountered elsewhere. And he makes it sound so effortless; it seems as if his guitar playing is an extension of himself. He brings to life what those little characters of ink scribed into your album story book. The exquisite playing on this album gives a soul, a breath of fresh air, to the cognitive aspect of the lyricsโ€ฆjust like they did in the glory days of Floyd.

    While you eventually process and interpret the text, in however way you relate to them, you find that the music envelopes their content and amplifies their volume, adds shades, texture, and a hint of color, much like the photos within the album.

    One of my personal favorites, This Heaven – it seems as if this song is a reflection of Mr. Gilmourโ€™s life now, as it appears to us, the invisible fans. After a tough, troubled time, things have seemed to come full circle with Mr. Gilmour. He seems to be extremely happy in his marriage to Polly, he has 8 kids, so Iโ€™m sure he is busy and happy to spend his time with his family.

    Congratulations sir, on all your sucess, and may you enjoy many years of health and happiness with your family.

    Thank you for still taking some time out to create some music that touches us, each fan in their own way and to their own interpretation. Although your album seems extremely personal and intimate, fans such as myself love and enjoy your music so much because we are able to relate to it in our own ways. This is why Pink Floyd and the associated musicians have a special place in my heart, throughout all time periods of your careers โ€“ us fans were able to relate to both song and lyric, and you werenโ€™t a rock and roll band so much as you were Impressionistic and Classical painters, using a recording device for canvas and notes of various devices as paints and textures.

    Thank you again,
    and see you tomorrow at the Kodak!!! =)


  23. Caption Competition…

    Richard was bemused that David couldn’t quite keep up with Crosby and Nash on the A Capella version of “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”

  24. Caption Competition…

    Richard to David: Psssttt… see I told you they played “pocket billiards” when they needed to hit a high note…

  25. It’s great that the DVD has now been confirmed. It’s a shame they’re not filming the 31st May show, because thats the one I’m attending! Oh well, it will still be a memorable evening, especially if there is going to be some guest appearances. I wonder who it will be?! Hmmmm, my mind in running wild at the possibilities!

    I can’t wait any longer!! Arrrgggghhh! ๐Ÿ˜€

    By the way, Guy, ‘you da man’! After seeing you at the Mermaid Theatre, you have now pipped Billy Sheehan to my number one favourite bassist position! You’ve got a killer sound, and such energy on stage, keep up the good work mate!

    Peace, David.

  26. Just a note to say how much I enjoyed last night’s show at the Paramount in Oakland. The inclusion of “Arnold Layne” was a hilarious surprise. I hope more from that era is forthcoming, i.e. Interstellar Overdrive and Lucifer Sam woudl be great additions tot he set. David’s guitar playing was, as expected, inspired. Many thanks to Guy Pratt and Nick Graham for making it possible for me to attend. The new material sounded great as well. Well done!

  27. I’m with Rudders and Guy on the stop smoking call! Count me in! (Next week, maybe?)

  28. Oh no he didn’t!!! C’mon, Arnaold Layne???? Mr Gilmour, you never cease to amaze me.

    Back in Toronto after a four show stint (2x Toronto and 2xChicago) and I just want to thank David and the band for some of the best times of my life. Three of the shows (first night in Chicago) were like a religeous experience. What the hell was up with the crowd on the first night in Chicago- jesus, a worse audience I have never seen.

    Question for Fed…rumours persist of some shows being added in europe this summer. Could you please ask the boss if there is any truth to this as I will have to plan my vacation time accordingly.

    cheers to all!

  29. Michael- Renee has changed the pre show thing to the Saddle Ranch Chop House at 6pm. She said she would have a sign. Hope to see you and the rest there.


  30. Congratulations to those who won (or soon to win) the contest to see David Gilmour on the Jay Leno show your a lucky bunch! Wish I could be there too unfortunately I wasn’t eligible I donโ€™t think. But anyway do enjoy yourselves and let us know how it went. Also I wanted to mention something funny that I seen on television. Last night I was watching “Adult Swim” on Comedy Central channel and two of the programs I watched had both made references to Dark Side of the Moon album. I thought it was pretty strange That it was not one but two separate programs that I watched in the same night. Hmm I wonder if it was a coincidence. I guess Iโ€™ll never know…ps thanks to whoever answered my question about GP. Irene

  31. Come on, then. Let’s hear who got an e-mail and what you have to say to your favourite FEd.

    Really, I need to know that the e-mail went out alright, so do let me know. Thanks.

  32. Guy,Rudders..Let’s not get crazy about quitting things here.What’s next? Quitting the topic of the infamous Seinfeld pact episode?

    (Tried to be as tactful as I could about this one F.E. Really bottom tier humour I know but couldn’t help it.)


    I’ll be seeing everyone who’s going to the Jay Leno on Thursday! To see David perform to such an intimate crowd is a dream come true! Two Gilmour shows in one day? Wow! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyway, thanks everyone. You guys are the greatest!


    [Thanks, Jake. – Features Editor]

  34. Simon…

    You’re a star! you make me laugh!


    Does anyone think that Victor could be the second head if the Fedmeister were Zaphod Beeblebrox??… Quote “a word of advice to you in advance ed, f*ck them. they’re not worth it.”…. love it!

    Or would Victor be the “Red Devil” to Fedmeister’s “White Angel” in the scene from National Lampoon’s Animal House where the red devil suggests to Pinto that he “*uck her brains out” while Mayor DePasto’s underage daughter lay on the bed comatose….

  35. WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! OK- I was really getting bummed there. It’s very late in the UK so I thought I was out of luck… not one, but two e-mails from our esteemed Fet ed (to ensure I got at least one I presume)!!!!

    THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU Fet Ed!!!!!!!! I’m way excited!! Gonna be very cool!!!

    Sorry if I sounded like I was getting down in the mouth.

    Any of you other folks going to the Gibson that are meeting at the Saddle Ranch Chop House before the show get an e-mail??? Hope to see you all there.

    Thanks again Fet Ed! Your a class act (even without tickets you are!).


    [Ye of little faith. Midnight’s nothing, Tim. Neither is… 1:30am. – Features Editor]

  36. When I read that arnold was played in oakland I almost flipped and upset that wasn’t in chicago. FED now that we know there will be a DVD, were other shows recorded, and will other songs like arnold be included as extras.


    [Sorry, I don’t know. – Features Editor]

  37. FED >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you

    [You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welc… You get the idea. Enjoy it, David. – Features Editor]

  38. “Come on, then. Let’s hear who got an e-mail and what you have to say to your favourite FEd”

    Kinell… you’ve got me watching the Blog waiting for responses as well!!!! and House is on soon…oh dear….

  39. I promised no more posts, but since you asked…

    YES!!! WOOHOO!!! (angelo, control your inner new yorker….)

    Seriously Fed, you have helped make this whole Gilmour 2006 experience one I will carry with me the rest of my days. I could not be more indebted to you, big guy…or gal….

    Aaahh! …now where did I put my lucky Henry McClean socks?….

    [Hope you enjoy it, mate. Now I know that the e-mail went out without any problems (just a bloody delay, hence the second e-mail), I can go to bed. Glad it means so much to so many of you. Goodnight all. – Features Editor]

  40. Hey… Tim!

    Good man! you deserve it… enjoy! and if there’s any memorabilia pinch two and please remember me ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Hi, Rudders. I googled The Fast Show and read a little about it on Wikipedia. Then I tried to order the DVDs on Netflix but those lame-asses didn’t have it. I’ll keep looking. Thanks for the info!

    Insecure Woman

    PS–Oh! This is DAVID’S blog, right? Great news about the DVD, mate! I’m chuffed to bits…. And I’ve attached a link to another concert review. Cliquez mon nom….

  42. Thank you, Thank You! A dvd, yes.

    F.ED. I know a harem of beautiful ladies who want to meet you?

    [Hmm. Not sure that would really be my scene, but thanks all the same. – Features Editor]


    “I’m shakin’ like a leaf”! There are no words…

    Lord don’t let me get in an accident on the way!!! and if I make it, I hope Jay Leno’s Legendary Proboscis doesn’t take me out as he turns around to introduce David!


  44. Good morning, F’Ed, and I hope you slept well –

    Have pictures of our get-together with Guy last night. Please advise how best to get them to you.

    Warm regards,

    [I’ll e-mail you later, Dave. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  45. Dear FeD,

    Thanks for the e-mail, indeed ๐Ÿ™‚ And for organizing, sifting, and replying to all the entries–Herculean AND Sisyphean! Looking forward to the show(s) immensely!

    Enjoy the remaining tour closers, everyone!

    Shine on

  46. Great news about those two RAH gigs being filmed – not least because they’re the shows I get to attend! And now with Arnold Layne in the repertoire, I guess anything could be possible at the RAH.

    Perhaps Polly will consider singing some backing vocals?



    Jake Smith and family, Phoenix Az

  48. Fed, received the email. I greatly appreciate it. You are the one and only Fed! Again, Thank You so much. Anyone else going to Leno, see you there!!!!!! Also will be be at the Kodak and Gibson and Rumba room after. Thanks again Fed, you are the Greatest!!! Goodnight Fed and fellow bloggers.

    Mike Lewis

  49. Mr. FEd,

    If You are ever in NORCAL, give me an e-mail, and I shall hook U up with MANY pints and a nice bed and breakfast to stay in !!!!!!!


    Michael !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. The FEd has gone to bed…..good night sweet prince. My kids are watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang right now and the song Hushabye Mountain is playing. It made me think of a recording I heard a couple years ago of David Gilmour doing that song in concert. Anyone else heard this?

  51. Hey guys, I’ve only seen a comment from Angelo that he’s gonna be at the Cat n’ Fiddle for the Kodak Theater concert. Is this happening? Come on guys, I bet it will be a great time the one we are going to have. Do you think Guy will also have the chance to meet us there? What about having David going there?

    Well… too much talking and no proposing… I don’t know LA and if you guys have recommendations and ideas on where we should meet before the concert, please share them. I took a look on Google Earth and Cat n’ Fiddle seems to be pretty close to the Kodak. Do any of you have a better recommendation?

    I don’t know what I’ll be wearing tomorrow probably I’ll have the time to write again in the blog tomorrow before catching the plan to LA. Either way I can probably get something to show myself as a DG Fan in there!

    Shine on guys!

  52. Fed, I’m still in dis-belief as I sit here at work thinking about Thursday! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!Sorry for shouting but I want to make my co-workers as jealous as possible. I’ll get a David Gilmour Blog shirt made up! This is outstanding. I used to be an atheist mere minutes ago. I don’t even care what songs are played! Anyway, I better get back to work as I have to finish the 6’oclock reports. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!

    Jake Smith in Phoenix Az

  53. My take on this is…that the crowd’s reaction to Rick could be because of the roller-coaster ride he had in the past with PF]

    I couldn’t agree more Rudders. Count me in for the stop smoking too. This site and you people just keep getting better and better.

    Thanks Fed, your the greatest! Angelo right, without this site and you this would be just an experience, instead of a lifestyle. Thanks again for all you do!

    I’m looking forward to meeting more bloggers at Saddle Ranch Chop House @ 6 p.m., and of course at Leno. I’ll have my “David Gilmour Blogger” shirt. I’m remaking it.


  54. Well, only a few more hours before I fly to L.A. I have been waiting for this since May of 1994. I saw Floyd at the Ohio Stadium and two days before at Cleveland Stadium. I was also fortunate to see them at Ohio Stadium when I was 14 yrs old in 1988. My 5 year old son loves Floyd and always wants to hear Comfortably Numb while riding in the car. Thanks Dave and band for coming back! Thanks Fed for keeping the blog interesting. I like to read the blogs more than post.

  55. OH MY GOD thank you sooooooooooooo much I dont know if my heart can take this, able to Mr. Gilmour twice is like I said yesterday,(icing on the cake). My wife is in tears she is so happy,this is our 10th anniversary and what a perfect way to spend it, agian thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, we will not only represent Mr. Gilmour but all of Pink Floyd and everyone that could not make it to this show.

  56. Sensational news about the DVD. Even better given that I will be there on both nights. At the risk of again pushing the stuck record would it not be grand if the DVD came with another shiny disc within it’s packaging. When placed in a cd player in the lounge room or perhaps even in the car it would play the music from the DVD (aka a live CD)bringing joy to our lives whereever we are rather than when we are only in front of the TV. Perhaps it could even then be put on itunes and better still maybe some of the clips from the DVD could be put there as well. We could all be happy knowing that as we walked into the lamp post it was David we were watching. Please help to enrich our lives to the fullest rather than just confine us to our plasmas

  57. come on F’ed . . . . . . . HOW is it possible that you don’t have the best seat in the house for your particular show(s) ?????????????? THAT is a crime . . ! wow . . . . I could ramble on about your dedication and tact, your patience and sheeeeer stamina . . but we’re all on the same page here (most of us anyways) . .

    SO . . . . here goes . . . .

    (you’ve got to post this F’ed)

    perhaps ‘someone’ (perhaps our own Mr. Pratt . . . ??) could . . pull a string . . . make a call . . . . throw some weight around . . . I think we’d all agree that our devoted F’ed most certainly deserves a serious hook-up on a front row seat.

    had to say it F’ed . . . . I know you never would . . .

    [They’re not bad seats. At least I’ve got two which are side-by-side, unlike some people. – Features Editor]

  58. It’s really nice to hear the dvd is comfirmed, it was really was inevitable. I can’t wait to watch it and bring back memories from when I saw it live, I hope lasers are used at RAH but it will still be a great dvd if there isn’t any.

    Kevin H
    Southington ,CT

  59. Caption:

    Golden Throat to Silver Tongues: Save the swan song for the DVD.(Hmph! Why do they get shiny microphones?) Just kidding. We know David loves these guys.

    This is going to be SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!! I know this will be one of my favorite music DVD’s (with David Mallet at the helm, it’s sure to be!). Although not confirmed, if David Crosby and Graham Nash appear on it, I’ll go out of my mind (and try not to pass out). I really hope all the older tunes I’ve read on previous set-list posts will be included, plus all the special feature goodies we get spoiled with. Maybe some interviews, some hidden “easter eggs”. Maybe a 2disc DVD? Who knows. All I know is it is coming! So be patient!! Keep vigilant, fans!! I intend to keep thouroughly imbued in Gilmour/Floyd music so as not to suffer from irregularity until the DVD’s release. Good news!!! Good news!!! yik-yik-yik!

  60. DVD! Yes, maybe everyone can put their cameras away now!

    Quit smoking, I had to when I moved from mexico to Toronto, Bilmey! smokes up here were 20 times as expensive. SO here’s the deal, move to a “developing country” make some dough and then move back into a strong economy, it works! Maybe I should start one of those wuit smoking seminars, you up for that , Take a breath can be our anthem? Think about the possibilities!


    I told my wife before you announced that the prize was “Jay Leno tickets”, that there was something big going down. She kept rolling her eyes at me everytime I came to the computer to see what was happening. After I told her what it was, I rolled my eyes back at her as she was calling family members to tell them what was going on. All kidding aside, I want you to know Fed…whoever you are…how happy you made us.

    Thank you again, very very much!

  62. Great about the DVD. Saw both Rosemont shows. My favs were Take A Breath, Fat Old Sun and of course Echoes. All I can say about your Jay Leno give away is classy. A true treat for the fans who deserve it. Careful with that sax, David. You’ll be putting Dick Parry out of a job if you get any better on that thing.

  63. Looking forward to that DVD!!!! Hope they don’t wait years to release it!!

    I love reading through this blog. Thank you very much FEd!!!! It is keeping me connected to the shows.

    Job well done, indeed!!

  64. Got the email…..sooooooooooooooooooo excited….I really feel a part of something…..


  65. Alright Tom Q! Glad to hear you got an e-mail. I’ll have to meet you so I’ll know someone in your band whenever I finally get a chance to see you guys play!

    Rudders… got yer back buddy. By the way… didn’t you post that you were going to the Gibson and were looking forward to it tremendously??? Ah what a tangled web we weave…

    Fet Ed… yes I admit my faith was waning. 1:30am! Holy cow! What time do you start your day? By the way I think I have ascertained that you are female Fet ed… something about a picture of you in pink pj’s and a harem of beautiful girls not being your scene. Either that or…. so, its nice we’re having weather!

    Thanks again Fet! I shall report the experience in detail. And sleep well (as I’m sure you are doing as I type away).


  66. I’m prayin’ for more Syd! I’d love to hear a more obscure track like Late Night or a more Daved up version of tracks that sounded like they never made it past the demo stage, like Dark Globe, She Took a Long Cold Look, Feel, etc. so many great Syd songs! Tell him, Polly, tell him for me!

  67. Wow, I didn’t expect news so soon about a DVD of these awesome performances. I can’t tell you how high my hopes were for this to happen. Seeing Gilmour and gang was a lifelong dream come true in Toronto and now that I will have a piece of it to watch over and over again is unbelievable news.

    Looking forward to Leno and congrats to those lucky enough to attend.

    BTW RUDDERS, I have seen mention of helping nominating this site for an award but not sure how to participate. If I missed something let me know.

    peace ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Thanks for the email FEd!! Your work in sorting this out and getting us set up to see David at Leno is very much appreciated…I know us bloggers will congregate there to share kind words about you!! I’m sure the others will agree, finding that email was like winning the lottery! Better! Thank you, thank you! I don’t think I’ll be getting a wink of sleep before Thursday….

  69. Guy, go for the no smoking thing you can do it. I did about five years ago, however it’s the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think before go to bed. I do miss it after sex, it’s definitely better than eating jelly beans.

    I still smoke the occasional cigar and joint, but I don’t inhale, well I don’t inhale one of them. Anyway Guy, if you quit the daggers, you may live to be 100 and still be playing bass,which is a good thing for the world.

    Good luck on the rest of the tour and please rush the dvd to the streets as fast as humanly possible David and Polly. Later Everyone.


  70. Awesome I can’t wait to get this. I wonder what guest David will have lined up for the DVD.

  71. Since David and the band are playing the classics, how about a Rick Wright tribute with a rendition of Saucerful of Secrets’ “See Saw”? “Another time… Another day…”. “Arnold Layne” must have been a shocking surprise… much like I felt when I first heard “Astronomy Domine” on Pulse. I’m envious! Tomorrow’s show at the Kodak Theater can’t come soon enough! ๐Ÿ™‚


  72. Michelle’s Chinese Food
    3121 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA (0.08 miles away)

    Anyone up for chinese before Leno ???????? Or if U have a better place, let us know.

  73. To the all power and all mighty FEd!

    Words cannot begin to describe how lucky Iโ€™m feeling right nowโ€ฆMaybe I should go get a lottery ticket!

    I thank you, my friendsโ€™ thank you, my girlfriend thanks you and even my dog thanks you! I just canโ€™t believe it, David Gilmour with just a few fans! WOW

    Be sure to watch for us when the show airsโ€ฆIโ€™ll be the one screaming โ€œFreeeebiiirdโ€ during the quite pieceโ€ฆ.JUST KIDDING! We will be on my best behavior, and be sure to give Mr. Gilmour the utmost respect. Not to mention we are the representatives of this wonderful blog. Donโ€™t worry other blog members you will be proud of us!

    Thanks again and thank you for all your hard work!


  74. Okay – I started early on this site and have been here for many months now. Don’t write much as my skills , time , and ablility to keep up are very limited. ( I am getting to be late middle aged and have trouble understanding new things anymore ) however, I am ONE OF MANY of David’s most devoted fans and have been for about 24 years now. Let it be said that I love everything Dave ( even met him once 22 years ago – funny story!! )

    As I read about a suprise song last night – I just knew it was a solo song from one of his other two solo albums ( if you do not own them – order them now !!! – you have no idea what you have been missing for all these years !! ) – but again, Arnold Layne – Pink Floyd – ( don’t take me wrong – LOVE IT ! ) but I saw the show 04.04.06 RCMH – NYCNY – other then the ignorance from the audience, ( by the way, the show was simply heart-stopping – I wept!) ….I sure did miss “No Way” or “Cry From the Street”

    But Please Dave, on the DVD, can you give us one or two solo pieces – they are loved, as you yourself, by many like myself…..more then you will ever know. And I just need to say that these songs are greater then you must think – they stand alone and deserve a play in my opinion. I was more excited to hear a solo David Gilmour tour then then a Floyd show….I really wish it was more Dave then Floyd.

    But in closing let me say I am sorry to offend anyone at all as I no doubt have. I just needed to epress my opinion publicly.

    More importantly – Those of you who have yet to see the show, I sure do hope you understand the importance of this concert and do not take your ticket for granite – it is priceless. I think I speak for all who have seen the show when I say that you are about to imbark on a virtual voyage. You should really sit and watch in silence the master as he creates sound scapes unmatched. You are about to see a true legend at his prime. When you think about it ( and I haven’t done the math completely ) but to my estimations, if you have a ticket to see Dave, you are one in about 100 – to – 125 thousand fans WORLDWIDE !!!!! ( this is less then the number of people he has played before in a two night stay in many cities in the past ) – I can only advise to savor every single note – you truely are one of the lucky few…and this is the hottest show in 12 years since the Division Bell tour.


  75. The news of a DVD is wonderful! I can’t imagine hearing Arnold Layne played live, what a surprise. This tour keeps getting better and better! Congratulations to everyone who was selected to see David and Band play on the Jay Leno show. You all deserve it as you and the Features Editor make the Blog what it is – enjoyable!

    Please let the rest of of us know your feelings and thoughts as to what it was like being at the taping. One of the cool things about this site is you never really know what is going to “pop up” next.

  76. Congratulations to all bloggers who will be at the Jay Leno taping. Do us proud!! Will you be wearing identifiably blogger related t-shirts? with banners?

    I just wanted to briefly thank David et al. for the decision to make the DVD. I hope the rest of the dates are as much fun as the beginnings were. The DVD cannot help but be amazing.

    I want to acknowledge Polly’s contribution. Polly, without your pictures to add to this website, without your presence beside your husband, I am positive this tour would not have happened. Thank you for your generosity. I hope the constant travelling hasn’t been too hard for you and the children, (along with all the different time zones you’ve been through!)

    And, a very gentle nudge from me that it has been a while since I have been able to purchase a new Polly Samson work of fiction. I know, life has a way of running away with you, but you too are a talented artist and I have enjoyed your works tremendously. Keep on and (on a completely different tangent) if you ever wanted to add a suggested reading list (beyond what has already been posted), both non-fiction and fiction, I would be interested and enlightened.

    Richard Wright, forgive me for being petty, but I for one am glad that you declined the offer of another gig this summer, would have liked to know if you worded your response politely or honestly. Looking forward to your new material, when available.

  77. I cant breathe anymore….

    A DVD coming our way, I’ve got tickets for both shows in Los Angeles. I own a Strat (although it just doesn’t sound the same as someone we highly admire), the On an Island discs are everywhere; work, home, car, no bathroom sorry, And by the way, the Kodak Theater is an amazing piece of work (saw J.Tull there recently for my first visit). It will truly be a memorable evening in a most elegant venue with the sounds and feelings of Mr. Gilmour and band. And then I’m On the Run to the Gibson Ampitheater, an intimate setting of 6000 people. I have to admit!!! Thank God I’m not sitting with another 100,000 people! I am so excited to see such the magnitude of this man and his bandmates in smaller settings. I feel that these U.S. venues will bring down The Wall. The sound will be fantastic, the closeness will be heartwarming…Thanks so much for the planning for the tour and doing it right!!!

    Hmmmmm…. the Dogs are barking. Where’s my Mother? Well, after looking around, I see it’s all The Blue. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Peace be with all

  78. Thanks!!

    We we will be at the Gibson, and our seats are located in loge 21, row E, seats 103 and 104. If anyone is near us, stop by to say hello!!!

    Okay, my bags are packed (since Sunday), we have a dog-sitter, and the house is clean. Just hope I don’t forget anything important on our way to the airport (like the concert tickets!!).

    I hope everyone has a great time at the concert and the Leno show !!!!

    Marty Gutierrez

  79. Thank you so much for the opportunity to see David on the Tonight Show!!! I almost didn’t think I had won (the email I got ended up in my junk inbox where all the spam ends up). I’m glad I doublechecked. Anyone else who entered the contest may want to doublecheck your junkmail inboxes as well if you haven’t already. It’s going to be awesome to see the band up close. I can’t put into words how excited I am. Thanks FED!!!


  80. Hey the Leno thing is so cool for you Californians! Congrats to those who get to go! I’ll be interested in hearing what you think of it. This site is just so cool. I mean how many major stars, be it acting, music, whatever, really give enough of a shit about their fans to set up an interactive website for them? I think it’s says so much about David giving his fans some firshand insight, news, and simply the opportunity to talk to eachother. A few of my friends thought I was a bit obsessed, and I admit I am, but not like some stalker fan. I just continue to be humbled and hypnotized by the way DG speaks through his guitar. The solos in Comfy Numb are so amazing, masterpieces in my ears. I rambled on and on, and I’m not drinking or smoking. Just still in a daze from last weeks’ show in Chicago! OH! The DVD will be a major seller. Just think of all the unlucky fans who were unable to get tickets for whatever reason. I know I’ll be buying it for myself and as gifts for a few people who would truly appreciate it! Even though filming is in the UK, its the same tour and this is the best keepsake ever for the shows. Plus my husband and kids would love to see it. I was in such an awed state during the show that I would love to relive it and see what I missed in my shocked state. I’m telling ya, seeing DG live was like a religious experience to me. I knew it was happening, but yet it didn’t seem real, almost dreamlike.

    So enough from me tonight!

    Elizabeth (yes my keyboard is messed up. It drank a soda yesterday.)

  81. One more important item for those attending the Kodak show that have not been there before. It is right in the middle of Hollywood = massive traffic!!! Last time I was there, it took me over an hour to get out of the parking structure. Please be advised. If you’re meeting up somewhere afterwards, it might take awhile.

    just Take a deep breath now….

  82. Dear F.ED.

    Well, lo and behold what did I find when I logged into Yahoo?

    THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO in the subject line!

    Wow. I really can’t thank you enough.

    What a week – Arnold Layne, A DVD, The Kodak, Leno and Gibson.

    One for the record books and you made it happen.

    A very heartfelt and sincere thank you.

    Best Regards

  83. “I’m definitely up for the stop smoking idea.”

    14 Days and counting for me!!!! We`ll have to see what happens this Summer when the PNC Arts Center opens up for Concerts and Tailgating!!! Perhaps Cigars will suffice!

  84. I just came back from my son’s game and saw my email and….. I AM GOING TO LENO!!!! YEA!!!

    Thank you Fed Ed you so rock. I think it is safe to say you are my Homie.!! I am still going to the Chope House after the Leno show. Maybe we can caravan? If anyone needs a ride let me know,

    Going to bed now talk more in the morning.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  85. I like the news about the DVD!!

    On may 29th i will be on row 6. I can not wait. And it will be the third time that i will see the show.

    The year 2006 i will not forget easily. The problems in the family and the 3 concerts of David and his band.

    Keep up the good work FEd!!

    Have all a good day today and tomorrow and the day after that,and ….


  86. Thanks for the opportunity to see David at the Leno taping. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for both my father and I in both the intimate setting of the Leno show and my first David Gilmour concert. Again, we appreciate your hard work with all this information and feedback on all of the creations of David as well as other fun tidbits to keep all of us David Gilmour fans amused everyday.

    Again Thanks to all involved in this blog for everything you guys do.


  87. I have a quick question about the Identification and proof of address. In the email it stated we needed both.

    Three of my friends are coming with me, but only two of us have a driver’s license which has our addresses on them. The other two can bring their school ID for the name verification, but I was wondering what you wanted for the proof of address? Would a piece of mail do?

    Thanks again everyone. Sorry if it’s getting annoying but I just want to make sure I have everything!

    [School ID and any utility bill or bank statement will do, Jake. – Features Editor]

  88. Hi Roofer, no offence mate, I was joking about, and remembered the line. I was honoured actually. It came to mind as I posted. Thanks.

  89. well thank you very much. I am positivly tickled that there is going to be an OAI DVD. now a whole lot of people who didn’t get to attend well still be able to relish the concerts. Just a suggestion though, during the editing process edit out those loud hooligans who nearly ruined the show for those in attendance. (they don’t deserve any face time anyway). I will be having my eyes glued to the set on thursday for Jay Leno it is pleaslantly (yesh, spelling) surprising for David to be playing on a talk-show. Oh and feat ed. Although, obviously I could not win tickets (again, location) I think it was mighty nice of you to give passes away to the show. Oh and I hope you had a fantastically wonderful Easter with good family and freinds, (mine was kind of a drag). Until next time, Cheers Mate!

  90. I sincerely wish you fans all a great time at the shows.

    You will never forget them. I won’t forget any of the Floyd/Gilmore and Waters shows…ever. They were all beyond my expectations. Always left me with a terrific natural buzz, an actual natural life high, that lasts for almost a year. (and the new album is always timeless and lasts forever. The music has really inspired me up until this point in my life.) If we could only get these boys to tour more often.(and write a couple dozen more albums)

    Hi to Dave and Polly, and to Rick …Marc all of you good luck with the Leno Show. Knockem dead. I know you all will.

    Guy, good luck with the smoking. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in over 12 years. I have been known to smoke a few quality Cuban cigars, and a bit of God’s Green now and then. Better to smoke God’s Green than smoke or chew the Devils red. At least you get something out of it.
    Good luck Guy! Je connais bien c’est dificile. Vous etes capable.

    David in Montreal

    P.S. FEd I think we all want to know a bit about you. How about posting a photo and small biography. Tell us how you got the job. What was it like the first time you met Dave…assuming you have. What kind of reports do send to him? Re: the blog, fan feedback, positive/negative posts, Reviews, etc.

    Just Curious….I think we all are…

    [Curiosity killed the cat. A rubbish band, but a very true statement. – Features Editor]

  91. I’d like to make a comment for the rest of us who could not see David live for whatever reason we all had. Lets face it, there are millions of fans who would like to see the show and only a small handful who actually will.

    I am so glad that a DVD will be done at the RAH…that way we get to share the experience as best we can on a DVD and see the most inspirational and gifted musician (which means nothing without a very hard working ethic) I have had the pleasure of following for all of my adult life. Sure wish that I could have seen you but that’s the way life is.

    Really looking forward to the DVD!

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  92. Arnold Layne, impressive indeed. More surprises please, for the DVD. Looking forward to Leno. The west coast is treating you well. I happened to notice that Phil wasn’t wearing his famous polka dot shirts for the the NY show(s) photos. Good luck to all the winners. Rudders, I just finished Lost Secrets of The Sacred Ark, by Laurence Gardner. I recalled a book you mentioned previously and thought that it might expand your awareness. Not that you need any. LOL. Take Care.

    [Some of them were taken at the soundcheck. I think Phil saves his spotted shirts for best. – Features Editor]

  93. Feddie… Here come the periods again… Sorry… heh… As for Guy qutting smoking.. What an idea.. I’m having sort of a song writing frenzy for reasons ought to be known???
    For Guy of course.. No.. I don’t think he’s cute either.. If you don’t respond, Feddie, I completely understand..

    rake in the drag
    that fad to be had
    for it’s no more
    more wrinkles for sure

    drug stores they pass
    on every corner
    my last stop

    Peace Guy.. Slap On!

  94. Caption: David’s busking spot on Grafton st was quite lucrative until that pair showed up

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  95. Ohmygawd! My head is still exploding after Monday nights show @ Oakland’s Paramount theatre.I was blown away, my high expectations exceded. David’s guitar was soaring, and the band was tight. The crowd did it’s best to hold the applause until the last notes…UNBELIEVABLE! David, you pulled out all the stops. Your extended solos,especially on “Comfy Numb” were astounding!! Thank you All for giving us so much richness in our lives,through your music. We’re deeply touched! Hey,Guy – It was cool that you returned to LUKA’S. I just shook your hand,and said,”Thanks for coming”! I’m grateful that the band included “Coming Back To Life”,and the OAI set was fabulous! [I ordered CA. licence plate ONANISL ].

    Cheers to you all! Stevie G


    God I’ll have to shave my legs and put the make up on for that. I sound like Arnold Layne there don’t I? Now where is that washing line

    Rgds Geoff ( yep A guy, Newbies won’t get that joke will they ) Dublin

  97. Great news about DVD, looks like it’ll be a good Christmas.

    Clemens, Do your Scouts sing Floyd songs at camp? I couldnt believe mine when they broke out into chorus’s from “Final Cut”. What a choice.

    Simon, excuse me for commenting but why the capitals? and be careful about your job please. This site is good but surely not worth risking employment for or even relationships.

    Guy, be strong and give up smoking, I believe you have the inner strength to do it, now just prove it. I am sure we are all with you here.

    Finally I know this is a David Gilmour site but have to congratulate Rick on his performances and also to say that “Broken China” is a great album, especially when you think of the subject matter. Hope you are keeping healthy Rick.

    Ian Pearson

  98. “I hope Jay Leno’s Legendary Proboscis doesn’t take me out as he turns around to introduce David!”

    …O.K., O.K., it’s his chin you gotta watch out for, not his nose. The point is (!) his face arrives before he does!

    …some brain short-circuits you just gotta sit back and enjoy!!

    Thank you soo much Ms. Fed!!! ( gotta be Ms. if you’re reaching for chocolate in the heat of battle – right?) L.A. here I come!!

  99. Latest News quote…

    “Make sure you also invite a few friends who haven’t heard On An Island so they talk all the way through those tracks, then hand them all 6-packs and disposable cameras for High Hopes and Comfortably Numb so they can whoop, holler and burp in your ear in the quiet parts, then flash lights in your face. Hey…it’s not ballet, man!”


  100. FEd,

    Fantastic news about the DVD – really can’t wait to see this one.

    I know this might annoy you as it is yet ANOTHER question regarding the DVD, but do you know if the two nights being filmed will be edited together? Or will the first night be a ‘tester’ night and the second night be the real DVD?

    Keep up the good work!


    [Nothing has been decided yet, sorry. – Features Editor]

  101. Ah! At last the news of a DVD has arrived! And I will attend both shows ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear Editor, please inform Mr Gilmour that he must include every little piece that’s filmed from the studio sessions for bonus features. Nothing must be wasted! How about a 10 disc set? Ha ha!


  102. Happy Wednesday,

    Arnold Layne………thats wild, where did that one come from?. And news of a DVD.

    So what extras will be included. Guy’s trip to the pub to meet bloggers maybe, one of Davids many interviews, the Island Jam video.

    I do not like wishing time away but must admit that I am starting to get exicted now.

    Pete – Coventry

  103. Guy et al

    Good luck with the smoking thing. My workplace is just about to go no-smoking so a couple of my female colleagues have given up in anticipation, but didn’t tell their partners – it took one husband no less than 8 days before he noticed LOL. I gave up about 5 years ago when I went into hospital and just never started again.


    PS – good to hear about the DVD. Wouldn’t it be nice if Rado Klose was one of the special guests ….

  104. Roger opened with Arnold Layne his last tour, with some footage of Syd and the band.

  105. I better dress up for 30th i supose.

    I have had some very good news flash the last ยฝ year or so ~ all of them leaving me speachless i think.

    David will release his soloalbum –
    Go touring –
    Presale RAH tix –
    Me getting the change to buy them –
    The lineup –
    The Album –
    The setlist incl. echoes, f o sun, darkside, ENTIRE OAI !! –
    Me finally recieving the very good seated tickets –
    The release of the DVD –

    arrrhhhh to much beauty !! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~ all the best to Fed, David and the entire team

    Martin, Copenhagen

  106. Heheh, DVD right? Good stuff!

    I need at least one date of this tour in my dvd collection to watch!!! It would be a historical drama if footage would not be available!!

    So thanks!!!


  107. woohoo, the show on the 29th of may at the royal albert hall is being filmed for a dvd and i’ll be there. this will be the first time that i’ve been to a filmed show and it will be an amazing memento to remind me forever of an incredible night.

    i wonder what surprises will be sprung on the night(s), special guests (Nick maybe), songs that haven’t been played in years, etc.

    i can’t wait.

    oh, and guy, you can look forward to a smoke free show in glasgow because a smoking ban in public places has been introduced in scotland. i was in the pub the other evening and it was great to get up in the morning without the noxious whiff of cigarette smoke all over my clothes and hair.

  108. Arnold Layne!? Live!? COOL!

    I am soooo pleased that the RAH shows are being recorded, I’ll be there on May 29th!

    Please play ‘On The Turning Away’ at London, PLEASE!

  109. A DVD!!!!!!(dancing around computer, would dance to “Take A Breath” if it wasn’t 6 AM and I didn’t have neighbors )

    Thank you, thank you, thank you from all of those not lucky enough to get to see the live shows.

  110. I have heard of Michael Parkinson and I have heard of Jonathon Ross but who is Jay Leno?.

    To those who are going, have a wonderful time.

    As a DVD extra, how about the interview with Bob Geldof when he gave his version of the events that led to the Pink Floyd reunion last year. The way he told it was really funny.

    Pete – Coventry

    [He’s an American talk show host, Peter. – Features Editor]

  111. Latest News

    [(Make sure you also invite a few friends who haven’t heard On An Island so they talk all the way through those tracks, then hand them all 6-packs and disposable cameras for High Hopes and Comfortably Numb so they can whoop, holler and burp in your ear in the quiet parts, then flash lights in your face. Hey…it’s not ballet, man!)]

    Add a big fat guy dancing like a spaz to a beat that no one else is hearing and I’ll have RCMH all over again! I think I’ll just kick eveyone out of the house and see how good my speakers are. Take care, John.

  112. Ali: re your football (soccer) comment.

    My friend and I booked the RAH for May 29. Both of us go and watch Coventry play. My friend especially as he is a season ticket holder. He was sweating when we had a push for the play off positions a little while back. The play off final is also May 29.

    Pete – Coventry

  113. F’Ed-

    Just got to LA after the long drive through the desert and after checking my email, I had to write to thank you.

    Cheers to you and all involved. Quite the class act you have all, yet again shown yourselves to be. I for one, as well as those who are to accompany me GREATLY APPRECIATE the Leno invites!

    Thanks so much for what will certainly be a fantastic Matinee to the final performance of the US tour.

    Sincerely, this made my week! Thank you, and all else who are responsible!

  114. Sigh!

    Reading comments and reviews every day since his tour has started, i’m one of the unlucky ones who couldnt get a hold of a ticket any where in North America, My last chance is a contact in the UK for his last show in May….. Keeping my fingers crossed. to all that post thanks for sharing .

    Maria (Montreal)

  115. Hahaha, it is really nice to read the happy posts from all the people that that got their Jay Leno tickets. I am hoping it makes up a little for all the irritating people that were trying to get in despite the rules, Fed.

    I hope the deserving ones that did get a ticket will have an absolute fabulous time.

    About this ‘stop smoking’ idea, I am all for it (I am not talking about myself though because I have never been and never will be a smoker) but I wish everyone that is seriously thinking about it, lots of luck.

    I am afraid Guy will have to wait a little longer before he quits though. He is set up to fail anyway, as long as he is in a band that is really smokin’

    (Aaaaah, really lame joke. I know. I am sorry. I should stick to sarcasm, I am so much better at that ;-))


  116. I have a little request for SIMON EMERY.

    If there is no compelling reason for you to post in capitals, could you maybe go back to normal size font?

    I am asking because I am a dyslexic, which means that this blog with its little on screen letters (not to mention it’s in English, which I am not) is not the easiest for me to read. It also means that posts in capitals are simply impossible for me to read.

    So I have no idea what you posted up to now, besides your name ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s up to you if you are willing to adhere to my request, but it would be highly appreciated


  117. A new DVD, another great piece of news! Thank you.

    It reminds me when I received the Meltdown DVD. The Pink Floyd website mailing list sent me the advice of the new DVD. As it happened just before my birthday, my wife, who read the message in advance, kept it secret, binned it and arranged for a birthday present. So when I opened the presents, I couldn’t believe it, what a surprise. It was just the night before my birthday, around midnight and of course I couldn’t wait for the next morning. Another present was a pair of headphones, what a coincidence!

    Ok, just a brief story about my life, but I learnt two lessons:

    1.don’t share e-mail address with your wife ๐Ÿ˜‰
    2.every cloud has a silver lining :-))

    Tomorrow I’m going to England, just for a short holiday. See you soon.

    Ciao Roberto

  118. To all you Jay Leno Attendees…

    I’ll be planted in front of my television watching the JL show so please do us proud and let’s see a few “Hello Fedmeister” or “Hello Bloggers” cards being held up for the camera… ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. Ahhhh the green eyed monster strikes again! Iโ€™m so jealous I would clean out my bank account to see David play again (for only the 3rd time on this tour) let alone see him in an intimate setting like that. Oh well I was never one to have that kind of luck anyhow winning contests and whatnot even if I was eligible. But again have fun and don’t forget about all us lost souls out here on the east coast, and on this blog. And a message to David Gilmour: If you do decide to add more concert dates this summer PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider coming back to the east coast! I’ll personally make sure the audience behaves (or at least my row)…Your true and humble fan Irene A.

  120. Good morning Fet ed! I hope you got some sleep after the mayhem I’m sure you endured yesterday. Your news section cracked me up today- throw all the elements of a live show together…. so we can have RUDDERS experience!!! Wheres my camera? Where’s my beer??? Where’s my cell phone (oh wait… don’t have one… got rid of it… way too much money).

    Anyway, wanted to say I have never in my life had so much fun surrounding an album release. Your efforts and this web site with all my fellow bloggers have kept the interest level at a maximum for months now. First the excitement of waiting for the cd to be released, then actually hearing it and posting/reading comments on it. Then the anticipation of the start of the tour followed by hearing about the shows and peoples’ experiences. Now the anticipation of going to the Leno taping and seeing the Gibson show. And as if all that wasn’t enough, the announcement that the RAH shows will comprise the DVD- waiting to see what kind of extravaganza that turns out to be (so we can see the set-list that will be the DVD) as well as waiting for it to be released! What a ride this has been, and still is!

    I have been excited about new album releases before, but don’t remember much about the actual releases… I’m sure this whole experience will linger in my memory for many years to come (and I doubt it will ever be repeated… unless of course Our Man decides to make another solo album). Thanks for all you do Fet ed, and thanks to all the other bloggers out there. This is so much fun!

    Finally… my wife is getting as excited as me about the activities coming up on Thursday. And all I have to do is sit down in front of the computer and she gives me that knowing look (the one that says “I just KNOW you aren’t getting ready to play solitaire!”). In fact I asked her to make a “Zaphod Beeblebrox For President” name tag for me to ID me as a Gilmourite… she brought a whole sheet of them home (though she refuses to wear one. Honestly she doesn’t qualify… she’s not a blogger). Anybody want one for the Gibson??? Come on guys, don’t make me be the only fool wearing one (thought about getting a t-shirt made, but not enough time).


  121. Oh I forgot… I’m on board for the quit smoking campaign. There… I quit. That was easy… of course not being a smoker to begin with made my chances of success just sky-rocket, but hey… and speaking of smokers… whats up with those people that save their butts in the car ash tray, only to dump the collection in the nearest parking lot once it’s full? I see people flick cigs out their car windows all the time (actually there is now a phone number where you can call in and report people for this. They get a warning notice in the mail- I know, they can’t do anything unless they see you- but hey its at least an attempt to curb these idiots… especially here in San Diego where most of the county burned up a few years ago. Gotta get that number!).


  122. Crap!! Saw a post about a bowling alley around the corner from the Kodak…I love bowling!!!


    Forget it…too last minute!!! I’ll be at the Pig-n-Wistle at 6pm. If no one is there by 6:45 I’m walking over to the bowling alley for a quick game…

    Oh SH*T…I have to board the plane!!!!!

    WAAAIIIT!!!! WAIT FOR ME!!!!!……

  123. Becky

    Check out the URL under my name and it’ll take you to a search result for The Fast Show from Amazon… one DVD is a whole series so maybe worth dipping your toe in for one and see how it goes….

    You will enjoy it and your friends will want to borrow it as well when you start saying such gems as…

    – Scorchio!
    – You ain’t seen me right
    – I’ll get me coat
    – Does my bum look big in this?
    – Ain’t mums brilliant!
    – Nice…
    – Here! Where’s me washboard?
    – It’s the drainage in the bottom field, sir…

    The list could go on and on…

  124. I can’t wait for the DVD! WOW! Thank you David ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also I can’t wait to see Polly’s new photographs of the tour!

    Shine On…

  125. Hi Guy, Rudders et al – yep, count me in with the quitting smoking too…I nearly managed it as a NY resolution, but seem to be slipping a bit ;->


  126. While on the subject of DVD’s a friend of mind bought me one called the Pink Floyd anthology (I dont have an account myself). It was only a fiver and contained lots of nice old film of them. Last but one track was down as ‘Careful with’ but turned out to be ‘Atom Heart Mother’. Another cock up but one which I was delighted with.

    Pete – Coventry

  127. How about a blogsters Pink Floyd kareoke DVD. Now that would be a larf wouldnt it. All the regular blogsters, and the Fed, each getting up to do a turn.

    Pete – Coventry

  128. I have been fortunate enough to have been chosen for tickets to the RAH show on the 31st. I was wondering, since I will be coming in on the weekend and not leaving until Friday after the show, was there any celebrations planned that I might attend?

    [Not that I know of. – Features Editor]

  129. Guy/Rudders/Smokers: I ought to join you in this quitting drive, but I’m writing my thesis and it’s just about the worst time for me to do it (I know there’s never a good time). The good news is that the RAH has been no smoking in the auditorium for years (which was flagrantly ignored when Phish played there, but it was mostly blueish smoke…)

    Elisabeth: I too am guilty of feeding my keyboard too many liquids! If you spilled a diet soda onto your keyboard there’s a good chance it will be okay, but the more sugary sodas leave sugar deposits everywhere and kill keyboards quickly (as do sugary hot drinks). You might be lucky – put it in the airing cupboard (or somewhere it can dry out) and fingers crossed you’ll be fine…


  130. Good morning, F.Ed,

    I’ve been occupied the last few days and this is the first chance I have had to catch up. Man, I missed alot!

    Arnold Layne. How cool is that? That is great that David is keeping in touch with the PF roots.

    Good news on the DVD, but keeping with what we know about the process, it’ll be quite some time before we see it, so it will be fresh and new and exciting all over again ๐Ÿ™‚

    For the group that is going to quit smoking; As a former smoker, I can honestly say quitting is THE BEST THING HANDS DOWN you can do for your body. You wil have more energy, the air will smell cleaner, not to mention your clothes and car, etc. Food tastes better, and you will give yourself more money to spend on other things. Your significant other will like not having to kiss an ash tray, there are so many benefits, I could go on and on. Congrats for making the decision to quit. I am cheering for you guys.

    Have a good day, all, congrats to the Jay Leno winners.


  131. I didn’t get an e-mail but don’t really care. My wife and I love David and the band, his family, Pink Floyd, their music and their legacy, and of course our brothers and sisters in music, peace all.


  132. make you laugh do i rudders in a good way i hope mate, is it at me or with me? keep up the good work rudders 29th may so far away

  133. 1) Were all the Leno tickets used or did you not get enough responses from people claiming they could go when first posted last Saturday and Sunday?
    2) How can I sell my single Kodak 3rd mezz ticket tonight? Could someone jump up and down, turn around three times with their hands over their head and yell “I’m on an Island” right before the doors open so I know they are a true fan, and not just an occasional blog reader?
    3) Anyone been allowed into this venue with a small digital camera?

    [Well, in answer to the first question… There are no extra tickets available and we’ve got a large number of fans from the blog going to the recording. We didn’t get the details we needed from all those who said they were going. Lots of people said that they were going when really they weren’t going at all (they just posted for the hell of it, as you do). Lots of people who really were going didn’t follow up by sending us their addresses, so they’ve missed out. And even now, lots of people are still requesting tickets, even though they’ve already been distributed. This place never ceases to amaze me. – Features Editor]

  134. Way cool Renee! See you at the Leno show! And yes we are planning to go to the Chop House after the Leno taping. Should be a blast!

    Guy… I’m sure it will be a busy day for you guys. If you can’t squeeze in the Chop House before the show, several of us will be at the Rumba Room for the after party. Hope we run into you!


  135. It’s not the ballet, lol, i love it. Interesting set list in Oakland, loved the inclusion or Arnold Layne. The RAH shows are probably going to be the best he’s done, this has all been practice

  136. So this Tony Hicks at the Times (see Becky’s DG concert review link) says David is 62 (wrong), plus gets through a concert review without mentioning the wonder that is “Echoes” performed live?? Unforgiveable. I did like the bit about “it was like watching an old lion, comfortable in his natural habitat, surveying the plains” for some reason.

    (Ed/Edwina, if you can make it through the first week or so of June, after all the RAH people have sent out their last “woo-hoos,” I think you could humanely put this blog out to pasture and get some rest. Until the DVD comes out, of course, when “woo-hoo” time will return with a vengeance; but if the P*U*L*S*E DVD is any indicator, David’s 2006 tour DVD won’t be released until 2010. Hope I’m proven wrong.)


  137. [Clemens, Do your Scouts sing Floyd songs at camp? I couldnt believe mine when they broke out into chorus’s from “Final Cut”. What a choice.]

    Haha that is brilliant! What a choice indeed… But no, my scouts don’t sing rock songs… They like R&B/rap mainly, which the girls tend to sing/dance to. The boys are generally embarassed about singing (and I better not mention dancing to them LOL).

    Don’t worry I’m educating them… David’s voice is often heard when I’m near the soundsystem… ๐Ÿ™‚ I got them to like Queen already…


  138. Guy,

    As has already been pointed out, you’ll have to nip out into the cold for a sneaky ciggie when you’re in Glasgow. The Scottish smoking ban has been in place for almost a month now — and very successful it has been so far.

    Apart from people always standing outside the pub across the road from the flat, it hasn’t affected me adversely at all!


  139. My last blog till saturday, Off too L.A. Thanks to you Fed, my wife and I are going to see Mr. Gilmour twice,thank you, thank you, thank you agian, whoops gotta go my plane just pulled up ๐Ÿ™‚ latter

    Mark and Ade

  140. Giving Up Smoking?

    So far I have:

    1) Guy Pratt
    2) Simon Emery
    3) Gus
    4) Erin
    5) Kxx
    6) Nickster…maybe…

    Anyone else to add to the list? I’ll wait until GP gets back to Blighty next week and when he says go we’ll start…

  141. Congratulations to everyone who won the tickets to ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’! Congratulations to the bloggers who met Guy! Congratulations to everyone is going to see one of David’s next shows!

    But congratulations to me too, because today, while I was choosing an album to listen while I was wearing, I realize a particular that I loved very much…even if, maybe, is just in my unhealthy mind!

    I’d like to tell you my discovery like it was a quiz! Just a game…if you want! Click my name. This is a picture from the cover of an english band’s album. What does it remember to you? Which is the association from this picture and Pink Floyd?

    In my opinion, this english band could have used this to celebrate Pink Floyd, even because the vocalist of the english band’s recorded a Pink Floyd’s cover too. I think they are Pink Floyd’s fans too! And the cover is not in the same album of these picture…but the cover is linking to the pictures…at least in my mind! Ok! I’m becoming completely crazy! Some days ago I see the devil in a theatre (but you’re guilty for these, FEd!), today I see connection everywhere….what I’m going to see tomorrow?!!! I fear!


  142. Photo caption….”Who are all those Pink Fosils who have come to see us??”

    I’m sure there will be a lot more than one “Pink Fosil” at the RAH…..wish I was one of them!

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada

  143. Caption Competition…

    David’s audition for the lead in the Stage Musical version of Tintin was not quite first-rate due to C&N’s substandard performance as the Thomson Twins but Richard knew his role as Cuthbert Calculus was safe!

  144. I wish stop smoking…but is it really necessary? …I smoke just during the night….I love my nightly cigarettes! I hope you will be able to persuade me stopping! ….but…then…which new bad habit can we exchange cigarettes with? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  145. I’ll quit smoking if Richard quits too.. Wait we are talking about cigarettes right?? Who else is taking part in this? I dont know why I bother asking questions…Irene

  146. Those of you going to RAH may be interested in a website which has (IMO) a much better seating plan and seating description than the RAH site. Those allocated via the pre-sale arrangement do appear to be very good seats. I’ve got 2 in Block O which is in the stalls, very near to the front, tiered and with seats that swivel to allow you to see the stage square on – avoids neck ache! Click my name to go to the website and find the venue via left hand panel and scroll down.

    I’m sure many of you will have already stumbled across it but if you haven’t you may wish to check it out.

  147. News of the DVD is great! Thanks again and again. I have the TIVO set for Leno. I am still in the clouds from the Chicago shows. I had a chance to buy RAH tickets and now I am kicking myself for not doing it.

    Also a big thank you to the editor. Its been nice to read news and updates and have the chance to read everyone’s comments about the tour. I know you have to put up with lots of crap but thanks for enduring and making this blog so good. Thanks

  148. Tonight at the Kodak Theatre,Tomorrow the Gibson Ampitheatre then the after party. I am staying at the Universal Sheritan. I am having a 4-day Floyd weekend. This is a dream come true.

    michael miller Ivan Fernandez Cathrine Carloss- Team Floyd

  149. Glad to hear about the DVD! As I was logging in for a video conference at work today, they had “Take a Breath” playing before the conference started. I thought that was pretty cool!

  150. Finally a response from the F-ed after one of my posts. I offer F-ed a harem of beuatiful women and the response was “not my scene”. So does that make you female or a gay male, or happily married. Come on now, no one is really happily married, well, except maybe…hmmm.

    [Well, I’m not married. Which would you prefer, a female FEd or a gay male FEd? Of course, I could be a perfectly straight male who is disinterested in loose women. We can’t all be tarts, after all. – Features Editor]

  151. Hey Tim: I’ll wear a name tag! Why not.

    [Michelle’s Chinese Food
    3121 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA ]

    I’d be down for a bite before the Leno show or just to kill time.

    I’m pissed, my friends that said they would be available for Leno, now aren’t. They said they didn’t really think I’d win. Thanks for proving them wrong Fed. So I’ll be making the trip from Sacramento solo =(

    Good thing I’ll have the comradery of my fellow bloggers. =)

    See yah Thursday!


  152. “I’m not awfully goot at this funky sort of thing, but sometimes when the inspiration strikes, I can get down with the best of them.”

    The quote, David Gilmour, but which one of you bloggers out there can tell me where it is from.

    Sadly, there is no prize but you’ll have my respect.

    (I already know the answer by the way I’m listening to it right now.)

    Feat. ed you can play to if ya like

    Cheers Mate!

    [It’s the horny fourth track from Mr Gilmour’s second solo album, I believe. – Features Editor]

  153. Does anyone know if the AOL radio event will be available for listening for a period of time after it is first broadcast (like Live8)?

    “(Make sure you also invite a few friends who haven’t heard On An Island so they talk all the way through those tracks, then hand them all 6-packs and disposable cameras for High Hopes and Comfortably Numb so they can whoop, holler and burp in your ear in the quiet parts, then flash lights in your face. Hey…it’s not ballet, man!)”

    Don’t forget standing on furniture, and dancing badly too.

    LOL! Gawd, that ALSO reminds me of trying to turn a friend on to a new album or song I purchased… Press play, wait 5 seconds into the song and “blahblahblah…”

  154. Still reeling from the two Oakland shows…

    Very lucky you RAH ticket holders. I sense an orchestra at these performances. A true gem to be savored.

    Can’t wait for the DVD…

    Bay Area, California

  155. Great news about the DVD, it will definitely become part of my collection. This will be my last post for a few days, will be leaving for L.A. in a few hours.

    When I get back home on Saturday, will put my two cents worth on the Leno taping and Kodak and Gibson shows.

    Take care everyone, will catch up on Saturday.

    Mike Lewis

  156. EVERYone’s RAVING about the shows!!!!

    [Thanks for posting that review, Justin. It will be on the Press page soon, if it’s not already there, so I have removed it from your post. From now on, to cut down on the length and sheer volume of blog posts (one of several ideas – some of you won’t know what’s hit you in a week or so), such reviews will no longer be posted here. You’re all more than welcome to send us details of anything interesting, but it won’t be published. It will be checked out and added to the Press section if SNEd gives it the nod. If people want to read them, darn it, they can look for them. I’m going to teach some of you lazy sods if it kills me! – Features Editor]

  157. Fed,

    Here is something you might want for “The Important Stuff”:

    World T’ai Chi & Qigong Day
    April 29th, 2006
    the 8th Annual Celebration

    [That page is only for things deemed important to David and Polly, mate. But it’s welcome here. – Features Editor]

  158. Hello fellow Bloggers and DG faithfuls-

    The news just gets better and better with the new annoucement of a DVD, but for those of us lucky enough to have seen the show it is going to be a way to relive our greatest memories. For those of you who did not get them (I am sorry that you were not able to see the show) you will now get the opportunity to view this. This concert is a life-changing event.

    I also hope the links I sent you FED were good for the press page. If anyone gets a chnace, check out the Oakland Tribune as there is a 1:06 photo clip on there that is great!

    Enjoy the next 2 nights of the show to all who are lucky enough to attend, I envy you for being there!

    Matt in Maine

    [Much appreciated, Matt. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  159. Guy,

    Good on you for wanting to quit.

    Just think: Your clothes will smell good, your hair will smell yummy, your teeth will be whiter, your skin will be smoother, your food will be tastier, you’ll never have to get up from the restaurant table to sneak a ciggie, your lungs will be healthier, you will statistically increase your lifespan, you will not be putting money in the hands of american tobacco corporations (there will be more in your pocket), your non-smoking friends will embrace you (remember, you smell better).

    Did I forget a benefit?

    Oh yeah, your kissing will be …… (of course that’s a private benefit).

    We just won’t talk about the potential poundage that comes with quitting ๐Ÿ™‚ Although, given the way you bop around the stage, I don’t think that’s a problem.

    Anyway, Good Luck with your resolution (and all you other bloggers too!). It’s so worth it.

    Huggs and Kisses (non-smelly ones)

  160. What a wonderful day today !!!!!!!

    First the confirmation for the DVD and than…..I received my tickets for the Royal Albert Hall :-)))))))))))

    THANK YOU SO MUCH to David Gilmour and all people which made it possible to order these tickets on davidgilmour.com.

    Now Iยดm looking forward to May 30 tremendously.

    Best wishes to ALL

  161. Congrats to all the people going to the Leno show. I will be waiting in glory, glued to the TV set. I wonder how we can find out what the ratings will be on Thursday night from this show.

    I would be curious to know. I have informed many people that he will be on.

    DVD – Can’t wait.


  162. Clemens: I remember stomping around the school playground chanting ‘we don’t need no education’ as a 9 year old (this from the guy now doing a PhD!). Am glad you’ve weaned them onto some Queen – you’re definitely doing the future musical generations a favour by trying to get them into rock, not rap ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rudders: “let’s see a few “Hello Fedmeister” or “Hello Bloggers” cards being held up”. Great idea! Here’s some suggestions for cards/t-shirts:

    – Grateful FEd ๐Ÿ™‚
    – Disciples of FEd
    – In FEd We Trust
    – Comfortably FEd
    – Wish You Were FEd
    – Corporal FEd
    – FEd Old Sun
    – Us and FEd


  163. Such great news on the DVD. Hopefully we on the 31st in RAH won’t be left out of some surprises…

    Great to hear Arnold Layne is being performed. I guess David really took notice to the 5 song lists we had way back (seems like ages ago, doesn’t it).

    But I guess we knew that when the first “ping” sound echoed across the halls ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. Many thanks Dave and band for the memories. Too bad I cannot attend any of the shows, but the fact that you are out there is enough for me…!

  165. I need to redress the balance. There are too many bloggers on here from strange sounding places like Toronto, Los Angeles, ‘Effin California!

    Great to hear the news about the DVD. Albert Hall here we come.

    Thanks Fet Ed

  166. So F’Ed,

    Has anyone correctly guessed who you are yet? I am now willing to make a large wager that I know exactly who you are…but at the same time I don’t suppose that you would want your true identity splashed all over this blog. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to keep quiet! I don’t want you thinking that I have been some sort of wierdo trying to find out either…I just kinda stumbled upon it and something twigged!

    Anyway, great to see the DVD will be filmed at one of the concerts that I shall be attending, makes you wonder what David has in store.


    PS Although I’m no gooner I do wish them good luck tonight. Will the band be watching I wonder?

    [You should pick your feet up. I’d rather hoped that people would pass caring by now, Chris. I don’t know why it matters. I’m just a humble fan. So… How much money are we talking about here, anyway? – Features Editor]

  167. A thought on the DVD recording in advance of the show: Put a camera on (maybe attached to) somewhere on the balcony, tape the entire show from there (with the whole band framed), and make that a second video option on the DVD. The point being to show what it would be like to actually see the whole show from one vantage point, with the band interacting, the light show, etc. By the way it needn’t be from dead on center–sometimes an angle seat is better. No dubs, fancy graphics, overlays or anything. The problem with most concert DVDs IMHO is that they don’t give you the real experience of being there, because if you were there you would see the whole band the whole time, and from one vantage point. Jump-shot close-up editing cannot give this perspective.

    Another thought: tape it in some type of cutting-edge 3D format. At the very least hi-def.

    Yet another thought: make it a 2 DVD package and put in two shows! Who says you can’t enjoy seeing the same song twice, especially if its something like Echoes or the new good stuff.

  168. SMOKING. I smoked from the age of 14 up until 2004 when I got zapped by a stroke at the ripe old age of 46. Lying semi-paralyzed in a hospital having all kinds of unpleasant things done to you (respirator, gigantic tubes down the throat..I fought them so hard that they actually knocked out one of my teeth to get the tube in.And last but not least was the feeding tube, which by the way they just pull it out of your stomach. Big ouch! Well, thats one way to quit, but I don’t recommend it by any means.To show you my stupidity and the power of addiction, I smoked some cigs and happy smoke while in Chicago 4-13. I am still thinking of how good a cig would taste after eating, etc. Good luck to everyone in their attempt to quit.

  169. Sorry Bianca here you go, didnt even realise i was doing it, where are you from bianca are you getting to any of the shows – hope so!, sorry you could not read any of my blogs , you never missed any thing , just me ranting on about my favorite subject- floyd/gilmour, i bore my wife and anyone who is prepared to listen or anyone who is cornered about floyd/gilmour, i am currently brainwashing my children , in the car the other day the 11 year old started singing -hello is there anybody in there, just nod if you can here me, i have never been so proud of my little girl, once again bianca sorry, and to rudders so glad your laughing with me its usually the other way round, are you going to any of the shows in england, see you all later, i will be back, this pesky job just gets in the way.

  170. Hello again Feature Ed,

    Confirmation on the DVD, Arnold Layne…
    Things are just getting better every day.

    And yes, Guy & Rudders, I’m signing up for the ‘stop-smoking’ thing. Count me in, please.

    “… Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” ?
    Simply hilarious, Rudders, truely ๐Ÿ™‚

    To those of you who won the Leno-tickets, have a wonderful time. You are a privileged few.

    Fed, a while ago I inquired about the availability of the OAI sheet music. Have you any news on that matter ?

    Best regards to all,

    [I’m afraid not. We’ll let you all know when we do, though. – Features Editor]

  171. Hello,

    I’m in the process of quiting, but hey, Guy next week is not proper way to do so. (neverending or continous next week) My decision is that I started last pack today and will finish it tommorow. Good luck to all bloggers-smokers.


  172. 31+ hours and counting ’til the Tonight Show ! Put me up on the list to quit smoking. I love this place ! Here I am fritterin’ and wasting the hours in an offhand way !! I came on 9:30 EDT and still here I am. 3:38 pm ! Thank God for David Gilmour ! We are all in this together. Ahh, well off to the salt mines, off to work I am. Never thought I’d be a blog hound, but here it’s good company. It’s like being in a warm bath. Pleasurable.

    To all of those going tomorrow,ENJOY !!!

  173. I’m so jelous of the people that got to see Arnold Lane, that must of been great.

  174. Thanks to DG and his wonderful band for Monday’s show at the Paramount in Oakland, CA. Possibly the best thing I have ever seen in 30+ years of concert going. The whole show was great but the versions of “Fat Old Sun” and “Echoes” were totally amazing. I’m still buzzing off the memories 2 days later and guess I will be for a long time still.

  175. So rumour has it that Nick Mason is going to attend one of the London shows. Me thinks that maybe, just maybe????? I don’t know, but a brother can still dream right? By the way, my being in South Carolina and not being able to see this show is really eating me more and more each day. Therego, this DVD is really making me happy. Speaking of DVDs. Dream Theater playing Dark Side of the Moon kicks ass. You should check it out.

    One thing is for certain folks. David brought the kitchen sink on tour this time. I mean Arnold Layne? Come on! What else can he do?


    [We like rumours. Where did you hear that? No, don’t tell me. I can probably guess. – Features Editor]

  176. Great news about the DVD ! I suppose the next question some people will be on at you is when is it due for release !! lol


    [If anyone asks me that, I will use the F-word and ban them from posting forever. – Features Editor]

  177. Congratulations to everyone who got e-mails to day for Jay Leno. Enjoy! Enjoy! You all deserve it.

    Fed you humor me everyday and give me something to smile about.

    Quit smoking…..ahh have think some on that one.

    Everyone have a good day.

  178. Caption:

    David is genuinely flabbergasted at the choice of Hulk Hogan & Jerry Springer as a warm-up act, meanwhile Rick remains bewitched.

  179. Fed- A most shocking emergency has arisen at work and I won’t be going out to California so please go ahead and give my tickets to another deserving blogger. I won’t be seeing David but I am getting promoted so it kind of evens out ๐Ÿ™ Well, not even kind of but since Mr. Gilmour won’t be paying me…Thanks anyway. Jake from Phoenix

    [Sorry to hear it, Jake. – Features Editor]

  180. Hey Rudders,

    Sign me up for the quit smoking plan. Maybe this will be the time that sticks. 20 years is probably enough, and one couldn’t ask for a better support group.

    Best of luck to everyone that tries to stop,

    PS Hang in there, FEd. With the tour, the community that’s been created here, Leno tickets, news of the dvd and on and on, there’s an awful lot of very happy people out here. Some of that energy must be headed your way.

  181. UKPete,

    Many thanks for the link to the RAH seating plan. It is a lot better than the actual RAH site.

    May 29th can’t come quick enough.

    I’m in the Stalls(Block H – back row centre) should be a great view.

    Never been to RAH before, but it always looks so REGAL on t’Last night of Proms, etc.

    A very fitting venue for our hero…

  182. Only a few hours to go… I’m so jazzed I haven’t been able to sleep tonight!

    I’ve averaged seeing a Floyd concert once a decade, for the past 4 decades, but have never been this excited about attending a show. I know it is in large part due to the combined energies and sentiments of fellow DG/PF fans sharing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I wanted to thank bloggers, here, for energising me.

    One post I found extraordinarily touching (Mark Stevenson, April 17). There are not many places where men are so open, genuine, and honestly express emotionality. Floyd fans are certainly atypical; their warmth, gentility and sensibilities are truely an homage to the David, Rick, and the others (present and past) of the company. I think that in appreciating and horouring our heros we become a representative reflection their best (or worst) qualities. David’s fans appear to honour him by reflecting a gentle intensity and quiet nature.

    Since I was too excited to sleep, I thought besides reading through missed posts and FAQ, I’d look at Polly’s latest photos. She captures expressions that are often quite subtile – really quite beautiful. They’re less of big laughs but of gentle smiles or faces deep in thought or study. Her photos are a great way of documenting the collaborative efforts that have gone into making OAI and tour. Its nice of her to share them with us – Thank You.

    Finally a note to FEd, its easy to get off topic, and to strain your resources, but how wonderful the sentiments, kindness and generousity that fill so many posts. And, how exceptional it is to read comments that are unasshamedly filled with raw emotion. This is a unique place and hope it won’t need to be changed too much.

    Now that thats said, maybe I can get a couple of hours of sleep. Oh no, now the voices in my head just took up a chorus of, Oooh sleep, come on me soon…

    15 hrs to go!
    Thanks, Cheers.

  183. “- FEd Old Sun ”

    Nickster.. ROFLMFAO!!!

    “Sorry Bianca here you go, didnt even realise i was doing it, where are you from bianca are you getting to any of the shows – hope so!

    Posted by: Simon Emery at April 19, 2006 07:15 PM”

    Hey Simon, thank you so much! I am very happy I can read your posts now, you seem like a very nice person. I am from Holland and I got to see the first show in Amsterdam. It was so amazing I decided the next morning I was going to go back to Amsterdam to try my luck in getting another ticket for the second show, but then my brother-in-law stumbled in suffering from a stroke, so I got to spend the day in hospital with him instead.

    He kept saying: ‘go! I’ll manage here on my own!’, but of course I wasn’t going to do that. Not even for David Gilmour.

    At the end of the day I could take him home, because his symptoms were not that grave and he was already on bloodthinning meds, but it had been a big scare for all of us anyway.

    And I was infinitly sad I couldn’t go to the show and just cry my eyes out to all that beautiful music.

    So I am still secretly looking for ways to get my hands on a ticket for one of the London shows. I really would like to still see that ‘one last show’ that I got to miss, and it would be worth the flight to london.

    So if there is anyone with a spare…? *trying my cutest smile here* ๐Ÿ˜‰


  184. Just a very quick question (sorry, I’m late), any reason the final show ISN’T being filmed?

    [The Royal Albert Hall is being used in the afternoon of the final London show, so it’s not possible to get all the equipment set up in time. – Features Editor]

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