Night 20: Los Angeles


It’s the second show in Los Angeles tonight – and the final show of the tour in North America.

David and the band move on to the Gibson Amphitheatre and we want to hear from you if you’ll be there, too.

We’d love to know how you’re feeling ahead of the concert and, needless to say, what you thought about it upon later reflection.

We’d also like to know how you lucky ones enjoyed being part of ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’.

Many of you have been throwing guesses around since we announced that there’d be just two songs, but we can now confirm – stop reading right now if you don’t want to know! – that David will be joined by David Crosby and Graham Nash for a shortened version of ‘On An Island’. The band will also play ‘Wish You Were Here’ over the closing credits, so if you’re watching on TV, half of that will be lost.

Don’t forget to tune it tonight if you can. Please note that fans in Europe will have to wait until Tuesday to see it.

You know it by now, but please don’t read the fan comments below if you don’t wish to know the Gibson setlist.

And if you don’t want to know too much about the Jay Leno performance, you’d better give the blog a miss for today.

If you’re going to the concert tonight, and/or this afternoon’s NBC recording, we hope you enjoy it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

240 thoughts on “Night 20: Los Angeles”

  1. I keep reading these blogs if I need a huge grin or to get my energy pulsating and it just goes to prove:

    Wine, cheese and David all improve with a bit of aging!

    Of course I thought David, Rick, Nick and Rog had perfection back in ’68…. It’s just amazing how you think somethings perfect at the time and then over some 38 years it continues to grow into perfection so-o many more times!

    Only mix I sort of miss are the back-up singers.

    Shine on David, Polly and all you Merry Minstrels,

  2. Good day, all. Have been reading the blog every day for a long time, but this is my first post. I am going to tonight’s show at the Gibson and am beside myself with anticipation. I have been looking forward to this show for months and cannot believe it is finally here!!!

    Any word on if Crosby & Nash will be making an appearance at this show? That would be a nice bonus! Also a little concerned that I won’t get to hear Fat Old Sun tonight since he played it last night (it is one of my favorite all-time songs), but I know I will not be disappointed with anything I hear tonight.

    Anyway, work is gonna be hell for the next 7 hours but at least I have something to look forward to.

  3. Saw both chicago shows-just magnificent-soooooo sad ever since that its over. Enjoy every note- its way way beyond precious. Thrilled to hear @ a dvd down the road. Infinite thanx to Mr. G, band, family and staff- hope your North American Tour was enjoyable. Safe journey home.

  4. Rumour has it that Crosby/Nash made it to the Kodak show. If so, they’re odds on favorites to make again tonight. This is Los Angeles, so the possibilities for guest appearances and audience members is always high. We know that Alan Parsons is coming to the show tonight — Return to Tunguska would be an off the hook surprise. Arnold Layne appeared again last night! I declare “420” (for you Europeans, this refers to, among other things, April 20 — what you would call 20/4) to be “David Gilmour Day” from this day forward.

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t think of a darn thing to say! I can’t express how excited I am right now! In another few hours (wife had to go to work for a little while this morning) we’ll be hitting the road for the Leno taping, pre-show get-together, concert, and after party! Going to be an eventful day! I’ve never actually done anything like this before! So cool!

    The details of the Leno performance (I won’t mention the specifics for those trying to avoid knowing them in advance and yet not posessing enough self control to not read the postings- LOL) just floored me!!! The songs chosen are absolutely perfect- fantastic!

    Do I sound enthusiastic??? Dear Fet Ed, I know you are tired and worn, but hopefully hearing the excitement and joy you (yes you- as an integral part of the Gilmour team) are bringing makes your efforts worthwhile. I’m sure they must, else you wouldn’t keep doing it! Have a great day!!! Once again THANK YOU for including me in the Leno taping. I truly deep inside appreciate it!!!


  6. Hope you enjoy the show tonight. Send David and the band home safely as we are looking forward to seeing him here in London in the near future!

  7. Hi

    Excelent news about the Tour DVD. It will be great to see again David in these wonderfull performance of OAI songs and classical Floyd songs.

    Well, I saw the DVD Director will be the same Director of In Concert DVD, which is a guarantee of great quality.

    But we have a request. Please include a subtitle option to, at least, the lyrics of the songs. For us, foreign, who does not understand well the English language, is important to follow the songs singing the lyrics on TV screen.

    Thanks in advance.
    Sergio (from Brazil)

    BTW thanks for your help with TicketOne. I got the tickets for the Milan shows. Wonderfull nights.

  8. Just a question fed.

    When will us UK’ers be able to see it. I know we get to see David Lettermans show. But never seen Leno. Any chance of a time, date, channel, that’s if its actually gonna be on UK tv.


    Also I’d like to say how gutted I feel not being able to get tickets for the Royal Albert shows as they will be on DVD now. I was phoning for like 3 hours for tickets. Ah well I did get the tickets for the Mermaid theatre show, which I will take to the grave.

    Anyway, the lucky Americans – Have a great show.

    [Tuesday, 10pm, Sky channel 505. – Features Editor]

  9. David, Polly and Band:

    I certainly hope you enjoyed your stay here, and the NA tour was enjoyable for you! You have thrilled so many of us here with your amazing performances, and we would love to roll out the red carpet again for you soon! Have fun at your last show, and a safe journey home!

  10. My thrill has come and gone(Massey Hall),but still not over it.Enjoy and savour every second of tonight’s North American finale Gibson A. concertgoers.You will be moved.When the realization finally dawns on you that it’s over, remember that we alway have F.F.A.(FanFare Anonymous) for support. F.E. is also helpful but don’t piss him off!

    (Show change announcement)

    David resurrects tye dyed TShirt from Ummagumma days rather than wearing usual black one.Ummagumma himself can be seen by his signature 3 red eyes.

  11. Birthday?

    There was a impromptu audience performance of “Happy Birthday” last night at the Kodak during the intermission?

    Did I miss someone’s Birthday?

  12. I was only going to go to the Gibson show, but my husband and I decided to shoot down to Hollywood at the last second and see if anyone had extra tickets. We managed to find what seemed to be the last two seats available, for a little more than face… I still can’t believe we actually got in! THAT was my first time seeing David, and I’m still blown away this morning.

    I can’t wait until tonight!

  13. Does anyone think it’s a coincidence that David is playing on Jay Leno on 4/20? Just wondering…

    Chris McKay

  14. At first I was very excited that David was going to be on national television in the US, on “The Tonight Show”. When I then heard that they were going to force him to shorten “On an Island” and cut off “Wish You Were Here”, I was utterly disgusted. I thought that television had evolved a bit in the last 50 years, but I suppose I was wrong. US network television is truly in a sorry state if a tremendous talent like David Gilmour cannot have any and all the time he deserves. Does anyone remember “Beat Club” out of West Germany in the 60’s and 70’s? Now that was a show that did not put chains of musicians. Still though, this is the best thing to happen on TV since Live 8.

    Everyone have fun at the show tonight!

  15. Since I knew who David Gilmour was I have been dreaming of seeing him live. Tonight is my night!

    I am so giddy with anticipation I cannot possibly work. Tomorrow will be a bittersweet day as i will realize that this rare opportunity is over and my hero for the past 16 years will be on his way back home.

    However, all of that garbage aside, this is going to be one of the pinnacle moments in my life. Mr. Gilmour is not only a masterful musician, but also the cosmic God of song. I have dreamed of seeing Pink Floyd since I was a boy and now as far as i am concerned I am seeing the heart and soul of Pink Floyd tonight!

    I only hope that I will be able to see him again, many times over. MR. Gilmour your fans in America love you and welcome you today and everyday! Thank you for this show!

  16. Following what’s been happening on the American tour and having a ticket for RAH is a bit like being a fan of a football team that’s in the cup final but have a few league matches still to play. Sure, you hope they do well, but the main priority is to avoid key players getting injured or ill – stay healthy guys!

    Now there’s a thought – the OAI gang as a football team. How would they line up? How about:

    (1) Goal – Guy Pratt (plays the position nobody else wants, provides great support to his teammates up front)
    (2) Right Back – Jon Carin (solid in his preferred right keyboards position, but also happy to push up to slide guitar)
    (3) Left Back – Dick Parry (mainly selected for the jazzier matches)
    (4) Centre Back – Steve Di Stanislao (new player, plays the holding position at the back)
    (5) Centre Back – Rick Wright (wily veteran who leads the back four, vocal contribution particularly important)
    (6) Midfield – Phil Manzenera (another newcomer, years of experience with another top club)
    (7) Midfield – Sam Brown (not seen much this season, but popped up with a vital vocal contribution in the Paris match)
    (8) (9) Wingers – David Crosby, Graham Nash (in and out of the side, providing superb support on the harmonies for the forwards when available)
    (10) Forward – Polly Samson (key supporting role, passes well-weighted lyrics to the centre forward for him to blast into the audience)
    (11) Centre Forward – David Gilmour (the team’s star player, scores most of the goals and gets most of the headlines, but not selfish – always willing to step back and provide an assist to a teammate when the time is right).

    That’s it, could do better but I have to go out now…

  17. [Does anyone think it’s a coincidence that David is playing on Jay Leno on 4/20? Just wondering…

    Chris McKay]

    That was a good for several “brownie” points Chris, 😉


  18. Looking forward to tonights show! Last night was great, and I hope tonight will only be better!


  19. Arnold Layne!!! That was SICK! Almost crapped my pants on that one…Rick sang it just like Syd. Really belted it out. Echoes was insane too…I kept flashing back to the Pompeii version with Dave and Rick singing in harmony. Just beautiful…then there were those bird sounds. Whoa…flashback central. Who needs drugs with music like that?

  20. Aaach. It drives me nuts when they have to shorten songs to fit tv air time. My suggestion would be, cut all of the verses except for the CGN ‘let the night…” bits, and have one long ass kicking solo. But that’s just me.

    ps: Dear Fet Ed. I’ve been posting on this site daily since December, and I simply cannot believe that you have yet to throw me your mouse after completing your day’s moderating. Surely after all of our support, it’s the very least you could do. Rock and roll legend’s blog moderator indeed! Coat—>left the room.

  21. how annoying to hear that they’re going to cut the end off wish you were here (and that on an island has to be shortened). american tv is crap. so many adverts and you never know when you’re next going to see an episode (i’m thinking of lost and how crazy the scheduling of that was). i’m sure tom green will get plenty of time to blabber on. typical. btw i loved your football team, don. very good. i’m more of a rugby man though.

  22. To Adam Garrie: while I’m sure more fans would have enjoyed hearing full renditions of On An Island and Wish You Were Here, to get them on TV at all is — if nothing else — pretty good marketing for David and his tour.

    I’m quite sure if David didn’t want to cut the songs, then he wouldn’t have played. 🙂


  23. I consider it an insult to David and the Floyd to cut into Wish You Were Here on Leno. I sat and watched some blond actress babble on and on about NOTHING for 15 minutes on that show last night… And they are playing Wish You Were Here for the closing credits? In this era of instant mash potato- wanna-be -American Idol- crap-sheepism, I guess that is to be expected.I will have my VCR set however, to capture a bit more of the magic for which I experienced at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago on April 13th. For all who are attending at the Gibson, Have a great time! Cory

  24. David’s songs MUST be cut short so Jay can tell his the three millionth Monica Lewinsky joke.

    Cant you people appreciate comedic genius?

  25. Half a day later, I’m twice as thrilled!

    Last evening’s performance was extraordinarily invigorating. “Fat Old Sun” was absolutely the finest performance I’ve ever witnessed David deliver (and I’ve seen more than a couple of dozen live shows). The band jelled and was most solidified during “Take a Deep Breath” and that song was also the high point for the light/effects and sound.

    The Kodak is beset with sound challenges that the operators attempt to overcome with multiple speaker positions. The sound crew did a smashing job with the roof reverb (we were in the upper balcony) and overcame all of the venue’s inheirent nuances. Save for poor vocals on Rick Wright. Really lost him in the mix and he even noticed it himself, especially during “Inside Out.”

    Echoes! (Do I hear an echoe?) Astonishing clarity and visual harmony melded with sonic creativty. Art. Awe inspiring. Thank YOU very much, indeed, David and Rick.

    Sure would be a treat to hear tunes from the first two DG dics tonight (we can dream).

    We will savor every moment with the band this evening.

  26. Good evening Fed and all , i have a night off tonight thank god, should be sat down with the wife, but thought ide just check the blog out first , so Fed who is your team mate Leeds are always looking for fans, one more night and then home for mr gilmour and friends what will they do with the month break will they all go on holiday maybe ‘on an island’ somewhere, seriously or will it just be more rehearsing, as we no he is a bit of a perfectionist, hopefully you will get a bit of a rest that month untill the uk shows-you’ve earnt it, hope you carry on after the tour but whatever is desided the web site will still be awesome-im assuming it will not close down all together see ya all of to sit with the wife

    [Thanks, Simon. I support Liverpool, by the way. – Features Editor]

  27. The Leno thing..could be considered blasphemous,I agree,but this particular episode installment is not a total dedication to him.The fact that we get to see him perform somewhat and that he gets to promote his interests on international media(and I’m sure he was briefed before hand how it was going to be presented),let’s just go with it and enjoy…Dammit

  28. Wow last night was amazing! What a show. I’ve been to many shows including Roger and this show blew them all away. I enjoyed this show much more then both the Momentary lapse tour and the Division Bell tour.

    Fat old Sun was brilliant and Echoes….what can I say?

    Crosby and Nash…Arnold Layne…I especially enjoyed Nash dancing with Guy during the guitar solo of OAI.

    Now on to the Tonight show and the Gibson.

  29. I was lucky enough to see Mr. Gilmour last night and lucky enough to see him again at the Leno show today. Ooh, I wish I was going to the Gibson as well! But now I’m getting greedy, haha. Thank you, Features Editor. We all refer to you by this enigmatic title…I wonder who is the man (or woman?) behind it. You are noble, plodding through the sea of comments you must recieve every day. Including the lengthy one I posted about last night’s show..I’m sorry, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Well, till next time.

  30. The Chicago show was unbelievable! I’ve been sad ever since it ended but got very excited to hear he was on Leno. TWO SONGS! LIVE AGAIN! YEA!

    Now I hear it’s a shortened version and they cut short WYWH.. Maybe Mr. Gilmour should rap a version of ‘on an island’ Then they would play it.

    Utterly pathetic!

  31. HI All, Fed.

    There HERE! Yep,Gruelling day at work and a two hour slog on the M6 in the rain,the first thing i trod upon when i reached my sanctuary; was a White envelope with four tickets to see David Gilmour at the the CHIOR section…………..! [gloat]

    Fed I have drawn up a list of essential things to take to the show, what do you think.

    [1]Four pairs of Christmas Island sun glasses. [Eye protection from flash bulb exposure]
    [2]One, Dettol Neutra air. [Protection from Band flatulence]
    [3]Two packs of Blu Tack.[one of my party suffers from Vertigo]
    [4]One, Incontinence pad.[save any unnecessary trips to the toilet]
    [5]One Pointy stick.[Idiot, whoopee;yahoo, repellent]

    Cant wait….do you think i have missed anything out??.

    [Your ticket! Don’t forget that, for God’s sake. – Features Editor]

  32. bored sitting with my wife so here i am back again did i read that right liverpool you know we have a good national health system over here(maybe not good, but free)seek help, got my tickets today cant understand it people are still saying they can not get tickets but my mate got 2 last night by ringing albert hall box office direct returns tell all please f ed

    [You’ve done it for me. People should keep trying. There will always be returns. – Features Editor]

  33. Jey folks- last post til Saturday when I come home from Universal for the Gibson gig… just wanted to chime in on the Leno show. I agree its a shame to cut songs and have WYWH under the credits, but I’m not going to let it be a downer. I am so looking forward to the Leno taping! It’s going to be incredible, I’m sure! To those of you going to Leno and the show, I hope to meet some of you! I’ve got my “Zaphod Beeblebrox For President” sticker!


  34. Listening to ‘Astronomy Domine’ off of ‘Pulse’ right now.

    Just got an e-mail from one of my cousins in Strabane, Co. Tyrone Ireland this a.m.. He suprised me.

    I’m coming over the pond to see Dave and Co. ALL THREE NIGHTS !!!!!!! YES!!!!

    I have everything I want…drift on water…ahh.

    Into some distance I’ll be traveling. I’ll be arriving into Shannon Airport. I’m coming in on the 25th,Thursday. Damn, my hands are shaking !!!!!

    Could anyone recommend what are some good hotels near The Hall, but not at out of the sky prices ??

    Will be taking Hover over. God, I’m in a state of bliss…

    Congratulations to all of you here in The States who have gotten to see David Gilmour and Rick and the rest of the crew live. Guy, you are one class act.I’m also considering the notion of quitting the cigs, m’self. Great that you were able to meet some of the blogger /fans.

    Listening to your bass line for Keep Talking, Damn, you JAM !!

    Looking forward to a fun filled holiday with m’cousins for 2 and a 1/2 wks. The 25th ’til the fifth of June. Then exactly one week later will be my 39th year bash !! I believe it will be a David Gilmour Theme this year.

    Can’t wait to see David and everybody jam !!

    I’ve seen Floyd 3x. Rog 1x Dave 1x ( soon to be 4x !!! ) Total : PRICELESS

    My body is tingling ! I’m gonna be floating on air for the next several weeks !!! I wanted so badly to go to the 2 RCMH shows, but couldn’t wing it – financially speaking. After all this is an expensive hobby for me. Concerts nowadays are an investment !! lol

    I’m having 8 people over tonight for a the viewing of Gil on the Tonight Show. I have been shameless in my promoting tonights appearnace on The Leno bit. Been telling frinds and colleagues at work. Oh, you lucky_____.

    Everybody enjoy the taping this afternoon. Give us an update here. I even broke down and have a good friend catering the whole bit tonight. We’ll be reminiscing about past shows and stuff. NO smoking allowed. I’m trying to quit. { no, not yet really, I’m sure to be smoking ater a couples of pints, Guiness ,of course and a few halfs of Paddy’s.

    How strict is the smoking ban now ? Would like to know. Last time when I was in Clarinbridge and Bundoran in ’01 smoking was still allowed.

    God, I’m as giddy as a schoolboy being given his first remote controlled car !!! I am sooo looking forward to see The OAI Tour. I would’ve been despondent that I had missed a brief glimpse of Heaven this year.

    Point Me At The Sky. I’ll be touching it.

    Great pics !!!

    FED, you have done such a bloody wonderful job on this. You deserve a long holiday. Perhaps on an island ? 🙂

    I love the site. Damn, hands are still trembling !! I am going to be a ball of energy until the very last note resonates in RAH on Wednesday night, the 31st. Then I think I’ll just possibly exlode. I am so glad for all the fans that have gone and supported Dave on this tour. You all have been magnificent.

    Simon, you’re a bloody treasure. Rudders, what can I say, quite a bloke, would love to catch up wit’ ya after show possibly. Wher’s a good after party going to be ? M’cousin and I are quite civilised for a couple of Micks. Our mothers didn’t raise no idiots.

    Sorry, got one bone to pick tho’.

    I haven’t seen as much pettiness in that one jerk demanding a guitar pick. You don’t interupt God while he’s working his magic. Bloody naffers !!

    Anyway, looking forward to my trip and the chance to see my hero. FED, do take care. You are the beacon on this island. Simon, Rudders and all the rest, I’ll be catchin’ y’all later

    Am siging off to ‘High Hopes’ right now. How perfect is This Heaven ? bbl

    P.S. BTW we should all be grateful to Polly !!

    Cazart !

    [Good for you, Raymond. Pleased to hear it. Hope you have a great time. – Features Editor]

  35. will someone please post a setlist from kodak theatre ?

    [Look at yesterday’s blog entry, ‘Night 19: Los Angeles’, and you’ll see it. – Features Editor]

  36. Caption contest:

    David, pondering the future thinks, “Can’t wait to be home and get to the market. . .Marmalade, I like Marmalade. . .”

  37. Jamie Foxx’s Outdoor Concert series performance was put up on Jay’s website. Anybody know if David’s performances (especially the to be cut off WYWH one) will be on Jay’s website as well?

  38. Hello FEd, David, Polly, Guy, family, the rest of the band and friends,

    To Tim Taylor, Angelo, Renee and others, I hope the Chop House is still on tonight at 6pm. I am driving in from Las Vegas and will see you there. Tim, I will have my Beeblebrox button on too.

    I had better get going since I am still in Las Vegas. I have spent the last two hours catching up on the blog so I can know what’s going on.

    I am planning on being at the Rumba Room tonight also after David’s show.

    See you soon!

    Brad N

  39. I’m going tonight. Yes! Yes! Yes! Can hardly think of anything else. I’m at work and the clock couldn’t be going any slower!!! Can’t concentrate on any work. I was checking out Polly’s pictures last night in the S&N section. WOW, some very cool shots! My anticipation grew ten fold last night looking at those. A BIG “THANK YOU” Polly! Picture “1” on the second page with Rick watching David, David, and Graham is just too cool! Also love the laser shot with the Mashita grating. (Love using that one myself)

    I knew I would be excited to go tonight, but I didn’t realize how it was going to build like this. My very first concert EVER was Pink Floyd’s “In The Flesh” Tour. One reason it was so incredible is that although we were up in the “nose bleeds” at Anaheim Stadium (before it was closed all the way around), the sun was setting and a little rain cell started to sprinkle over the stadium and the sunlight coming through the pillars created a rainbow directly over the stadium just before the band came on. Wow, what a special effect that was. Almost like God was introducing the band. They played all of “Animals” in the first half, and then played “Wish You Were Here” from start to finish for the second set. Then an encore of several songs from “Dark Side of the Moon” was played. All the inflatables, and the exploding pig off the top of the “Big A”… it’s never been topped for me, and I’ve seen a lot of concerts, including the first night of “The Wall” (When the curtains caught fire), two “Monetary” Shows, and a “PULSE” show. One of my very favorite Gilmour moments though was at the very amphitheater we’re going to watch him at tonight, when he was on his “About Face” tour. He had Mick Ralphs with him on Guitar, and they did a version of “Money” where they got into a guitar duel. They looked to be having the grandest time going back and forth. It remains the best version of money I’ve ever heard.

    Hey how about adding Neil Young tonight and play “Money” in the set. Now that could be a mind-blowing guitar thrashing experience!

    With all the great entries in the BLOG, from folks that have seen the show, has painted images in my mind that I can’t wait to experience.

    If I can write about it, I’ll let you know how it went.

    I’m a bit shy about writing in these things, and it’s the encouragement of the Features Editor that caused this entry. (There is a part of me that wants to relate to David how his influence has been in my life for over 30 years now, but it would take a lot for me to get it all in written words)

    Is it time for the show yet? Well at least I got rid of some nervous energy writing this while anticipating the great show we’re expecting tonight. Can’t wait to see you guys (DG, RW, GP, DP, JC) live again!!! It’s been too long. Yet a week is too long, let alone 13 years!

    [Don’t be shy, Danny. We’d love to hear how you found it, so write whatever you feel. Hope you have a great time. – Features Editor]

  40. The fact that we are going to miss half of Wish you were here is really disturbing. It reminds me of the tradgedy of what was Live 8 boradcast on American TV. Is there anyone we can write to or Harrass to shorten up the show to allow the full song to be broadcast? In other thoughts, im sad that the North American Tour is over. It went way to fast, and although I only got to see one show, I want to personally thank David for coming this way. Also please keep us in mind this summer, if you decide to go back out on the road. Cheers

  41. The ONLY reason Leno ratings will be up tonight is because David and the band are performing. That is also the ONLY reason I will watch Leno. Figures that some of the best moments of the show will be “obscured by credits” but don’t expect much more from American TV fare these days, anyhow.

    For those of us unable to go to any of the shows or watch the actual Leno performance at least we have the AOL sessions to look forward to before the DVD comes out. Can only hope that these sessions won’t be cluttered with commercials, overlays or rolling screen credits.

    Btw – tuned into the Sirius Satellite performance last weekend. David was great (lovely story about Castellorizon – explains the spookiness of the song) but the rest of the interview sounded a bit disjointed. Not David’s fault – I think editing was the culprit. Four tracks were played including OAI and Comfortably Numb.

    And for someone that asked – I do not think Sirius has playback capability – they may broadcast the show again but I do not believe it is available for download over the Internet.


  42. Come on people. 1 minute of OIA is better than no OAI. No doubt this apperance will get the album some exposure and turn some non Pink Floyd fans onto the genius that is Mr David Gilmour. I watch Leno enough to know there was not going to be a 20 minute set and the fact that there is a 2nd song does not normally happen even tho it will be cut off.

    To anyone going to the final show tonight, enjoy the moment and cherish the memory. My thanks again to everyone on the tour and have a safe trip home. I can’t wait for the release of the DVD. I think before the summer is over OAI will gain popularity in the USA and people are going to look back and wish they could have seen this tour. I feel lucky to have seen it twice.


  43. Nothing short of mezmerizing. From ‘Breathe’ to David Crosby and Graham Nash cameos (and protest song) to ‘On an Island’ in its entirety. The ‘Kodak Theatre’ was the place to be. Even the ‘Lonesome L.A. cowboy, Jim Ladd cancelled his show “Headsets” to play Gilmour and Floyd songs for those going home after the show on 95.5 KLOS FM. He will do the same tonight for the Gibson amp attendees. Hope you all enjoy something spectacular tonight because you WILL be blown away. If David doesn’t get a Grammy for this incredibly strong album, this world sucks!

  44. F*Ed ~

    When ya get a chance click my name…

    ( No need to post this if ya dont want to )


    [Thank you, Matt. You made me chuckle for the first time in a few days with that. (Just what is David doing tinkering with church signs when he should be getting ready for tonight’s show?) – Features Editor]

  45. Can’t tell you how glad I am that David will get some exposure on American TV. I will be tuned to (and taping) The Tonight Show! Frankly, I thought he might make an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman while in New York for the Radio City shows, but Letterman was on hiatus that week (and perhaps there were other reasons?)

  46. /Ok This is my so called first blog on here. So since I entered the contest to go see Davids show in may on here as it is birthday on may 30th I found it only right to start chatting away. As an american living in England. Which I do love it here, and now wonder why my fellow country men talk so loud, and so abbrassive. Anyway My Pink Floyd story is. The first time I listened to the wall back in 1979 , and only being 13 years old at the time. I had no clue what is was about, But as the years grew on I found myself listening more and more, and as a guitar player I cant think of another guitar who has influenced me so much. I knew I bought my strats for a reason when I was so young. Really hoping to see this show in May. I do wish however that the boys from all of the floyd could do such a tour one more time. We have bought there records and whatever else it was that we bought. They owe us.LOL. I wish to thank David for all the great music over the years. I know you are no BB King , but hey who is?lol. Have a safe journey back home Gilmour Family. thank you again for all the wonderful music. Oh and by the way if you like classical music. Please pick up Caroline Dale Such Sweet Thunder. Great Record. By the way David plays some guitar on a song on there.


    [‘Babbie’s Daughter’ is the track and damn fine it is, too. – Features Editor]

  47. How do I feel? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!!! I never imagined I’d get to see Gilmour perform live four times in a two week period! What an experience, and to share it with fellow fans is precious.

    I’m looking forward to meeting fans and fellow bloggers as much as I am seeing Gilmour!

    Thanks again , FEd. I won’t let you down.

    I’m getting full, and I imagine by tomorrow morning I’ll finally be sated…..

    …at least until I start getting hungry for the OAI-DVD desert menu…..

  48. Synchronicity

    The last proper studio album by the popular beat-combo of the late 70’s / early 80’s known as The Police.


    A word defined by Merriam-Webster as “the coincidental occurrence of events…”

    As the US tour comes to a close later this evening, thoughts turn towards home. Waiting for me at home this evening when I returned from work was an envelope containing two very welcome tickets. Great tickets? Who cares, at least I’m in the bloomin’ building! NOW I can begin to get excited!

    Bon voyage David & chums, see you on May 29th.


  49. I am going tonight and absolutely can’t wait! All of these comments pump me up even more for what will be one of the best days of my life. Thank you so much David for giving some of the younger crowd to see you in concert.

    The new album is wonderful and I have listened to it many times. I love the beauty of all of it and it is just so universal and yet so personal, it is magical.

  50. Wot’s..the deal, with cell phone pics, people. Why would you even want that pic when you can access good pics on here. Of pics I have seen on line, all are not very good unless taken by Polly or a Professional (ie. a newspaper, mag). What would you rather have, a picture of a once in a lifetime moment (that you missed while taken the photo. or at least did not fully experience), or the actual experience itself (and professional pictures that look even better). Not to mention respect and the enjoyment of others around you. I mean I was at Radio City the 5th, but the pics here are from the 4th, but I can still tell what song was being played most of the time the pics were taken using commen sense and my memory of the similar show. To me it is obvious, to some maybe not.

  51. Hi FED – Liverpool fan eh? You must be Fearless (oh bad)

    Anyway up the Baggies – we don’t need fans but we do sure as heck need some players!.

    Hope the Blog survives the break till the RAH shows – don’t let the b*stards grind you down you’re doing a sound job.


    [Cheers, Matty. – Features Editor]

  52. Guy and the rest of the band (if they read and respond)

    Tell us your favorite North American city during the OAI tour. In spite of the NY debacle at JFK, you still gotta love that city (sans assholes that hang out at airport arrivals)

    Favorite restaurants? Parks? Audience? Other? Thanks for sharing!


  53. What I don’t like about OAI being shortened and WYWH being background for the closing credits is that if Brittney or Madonna (insert name of hose-bag here) wanted to come on and do a 10 minute lip syncing air-hump they would show every second! Oh well, I’m gonna watch anyway. A little is better than none. Take care, John.

  54. Totally stoked! I got online last night 8:20 PDT and hooked up lower orchestra at face value.

  55. I just found out that a local radio station is giving away a trip to see one of the RAH shows! Flight, hotel, spending money……the works!!!! Man, if I win that I would be on top of the world!!!!!!! Take care, John.

  56. I was fortunate enough to David on his About Face Tour @ the Universal Amp. which is now the Gibson Amp. It was the first concert I was able to buy tickets for and that my parents would let me go to when I was in H.S. . What an experience!!!! Needless to say I’m beside myself for tonights show & the possibilities for who may show up as guest for the the show is amazing!!I just hope that we will see more from david in the future and this isn’t the last time we get hear his music live!!

  57. “better give the blog a miss for today”

    The punchline to this joke is the same response I would have to the suggestion above 🙂

    This is from an old Cheech & Chong sketch…

    Imagine the room… full of kamikaze pilots during the second World War.

    The Honorable General gives a speech to the Kamikaze pilots telling them that they will fly up into the sky and down onto the ships below killing themselves and all aboard… Before he gives the ceremonial Saki toast he asks if there are any questions…and there is one from a pilot called Sakimoro…

    Sakimoro: Honorable General Sir!

    General: Yes…you… Sakimoro… up the back!

    Sakimoro: Honorable General Sir! Are you out of your ***king mind?


  58. wowee zowee. arnold layne. what else? what else? hope you had a great time in north america. we certainly enjoyed your company. come back and visit anytime. you’re more than welcome to. taping the leno tonite. just a taste really, but i don’t need much more after the 4/9 toronto show. i suspected a dvd in the works. confirmed. i wonder if my other suspicions will be confirmed…? hmmm. only time will tell. as always. a hearty “Thank you” to our tireless features ed. always on the ball, always with the news. you’re johnny on the spot. we love your antics.

    [Thanks, but I wouldn’t say I’m particularly on the ball in terms of giving you news. However, unlike certain fansites (who ignorantly blurt out any old rumour and reveal things before we are ready to), we have to tie up all the loose ends before excitedly squealing about something or other. At least we do things properly, I suppose. – Features Editor]

  59. The Oakland show was breathtaking. I will never forget it. Every song was great, especially Coming Back To Life, Take a Breath, High Hopes, and of course Comfortably Numb, Echoes and WYWH.

    Even more exciting perhaps, I had the honor of being one of ONLY 6 people to get my OAI cd personally signed by the MAN himself.

    Thank you for a magical evening.

  60. In need of a serious recovery from aural excitations at the Kodak!!!

    What a tremendous show last night, I’m seriously drained today, physically, emotionally. Yesterday was spent with breathing problems I was so excited and anxious and David didn’t let anyone down! With David Crosby and Graham Nash, to Fat Old Sun, to Echoes to one of the highlights Take a Deep Breath Now. The entire new CD was outstanding. David’s playing was masterful, the solos, the tone. I do agree with some of the other bloggers that I would have loved to have heard some of the first 2 solo cd’s material. Especially Mihalis or You Know I’m Right. When I saw David on his 84 tour, those were definitely my highlights, along with Murder.

    I was really exploring the different times in David’s life with About Face and On an Island. Thinking about the songs, from All Lovers are Deranged (cant see him wanting to play that one anymore 😛 )to The Blue I feel he is in such a serene state with Polly and his new family. I could not be happier for this man and his family to be where they are today sharing each other’s happiness. Because he has sure brought me extreme pleasure with his music for the last 30 some odd years.

    See everyone tonight at the Gibson!!!! for round two.


  61. I hope to see all you fellow bloggers at Gibson tonight. The build up to this show has been so unbearable at times, especially reading all the positive reviews. Anyway, enjoy the show this evening and thanks again to David and his band and cheers to FED for running an increadible blog.


  62. After seeing the first two shows at Radio City Music Hall and the show last night at the Kodak, I have come to conclusion that my life is complete. I can go at any time and be perfectly happy with my life. BUT… not before tonights show. 4 Times a charm! Cant wait, and will write a full review on all 4 shows after tis evening.

    Thanks Dave for the amazing memories of this pass months performances. Each night blows me away like it’s the first time seeing you!

  63. David, and band, I would just like to think you for traveling overseas to bring such an amazing tour to America. We have all enjoyed having you here immencely. I hope you have a wonderful last night here, and a safe journey home. Dan

    P.S. I am praying that tonight is not the last show you will ever play in America.

  64. Last night I got the local NPR station to announce David’s Leno appearance on the radio. Trying to do my little bit in the way of promotion – after all, I owe David quite a lot for playing “Echoes” and “Wot’s…” live at Radio City. Payback, baby!


  65. You REALLY wanna know? Well, it’s about 4 hours and 45 minutes before show time. I’m wondering how I’m going to last that long.

    I only saw David once in 1970 when I was 15. I avoid stadium gigs, so this is my first real chance to see my favorite guitarist up close.
    I’ve been following the set-lists, and am salivating at the prospects of what I am going to hear this evening.

    On An Island is such a wonderful work of art, and I look so forward to hearing the opening strains of Castellerizon like you wouldn’t believe.

    I know I’m not supposed to post spoilers here, but there’s one tune they’ve been doing every night that sounds something like er… reverberations that if they play I simply may need an ambulance for.

    And if they even TRY and pull out the song about that old panty sniffer like they did in Oakland on Monday night, well, just call a hearse.

    Am I excited? I am more excited about seeing David in such a small hall than any gig I have attended since I FIRST saw him in 1970!

    The big magic that night? In the middle of Cymbaline the band would stop. You then heard the sounds of someone walking AROUND the ROOF of the venue. Only years later did I learn that this was simply an early Quadrophonic sound set up.

    No flying pigs, no big TV, no airplane crashes, just that astounding fat tone of David’s axe singing it’s way into my soul.

    Yeah, you could say I am a bit excited.

    Thanks to David for being grown-up enough to record an album BY a grown-up, FOR grown-ups. A singularly beautiful work.

  66. Well, I’ll be watching for DAvid on Leno tonight. sorry about the songs being cut, and yes, American TV really blows sometimes. Like when MTV cut away from David’s 2nd solo in Comfy Numb at Live 8 to put the camera on one of their babbling VJs. I really hate Leno, but will suffer through it for the reward at the end. Letterman is funny, Leno is an asshole.


  67. Safe journey home David, band and family. Good luck to your son/s with school exams. May they fufill all their ambitions.

    Ian Pearson

  68. Cheers for the Info FED.

    I’ll make sure to tune in, and Sky + it of course.

  69. Well, I’ve seen the last 3 California shows and tonight will be my final!!! What an amazing week!! There have been surprises at every show from starting with Dark Side to Arnold Layne to Crosby and Nash. I wonder what tonight will bring. David’s guitar playing and vocals sound better than ever and the performance of the whole new album is astonishing. Thanks to David and everyone who has made this amazing album and tour possible.

  70. Thanks David for bringing the band to the USA.

    It was nice having you here.

  71. I`m not a kiljoy, but I for one can`t wait for this part of the site to become a blog again because I`m not good with words and having kid`s I can`t get on the site till late when they are in bed, so I try to read everyones posts(and get in a right muddle), then I send a comment, then worry about it all the next day at work wondering if I`ve made a fool of myself.

    All that I`m trying to do is show David my respect for him, and for David to know that I`m a massive fan of his!

    So if I may start procedings;

    My favourite song of the moment is pocketful of stones, the lyrics are so powerful, anyone who has been through a breakdown will certainly understand!

    All the best,

    [Thanks for that, Adrian. I hope others will also understand that these changes are necessary. – Features Editor]

  72. Hey FEd, I’m here with Erin, Gabrielle, Patrick, Susan, Tom, Kevin, and a slew of other blog irregulars at Leno.

    We’re so close we can tie his shoes!!!!!!


  73. Brad N. I’m here with a slew of irregulars that are going to the Chop House AND the Rumba Room.


  74. What a day!

    I’m not going to any concerts tonight other than the sitting in front of television in the basement for the Leno show later but I do feel part of the West Coast excitement… Angelo rang me earlier as he was queuing up of for the Leno screening… Frank rang me and we chatted away! even though I’d stepped out of a meeting… thank you Frank it was a blessed relief to have a break 🙂

    I’ve had Emails from several other Bloggers….

    So a big thank you again Fedmeister for facilitating this Blog :-)…

  75. ….that…was…….


    I just got out of Leno. Can I tell you how great our fellow fans are? There we were, the Fan Fare-ites feet from the band making eye contact with them all, smiling and enjoyibg David’s craft.

    Thanks David……..i’m spent….

    Off to the Chop House

  76. Quick report from the Leno taping:

    Pretty straight-forward. Security didn’t check addresses or IDs, only names on the list. We all went through airport-style metal detector, hung around the stage for a good 45 mins or so until the band came out. People who chose the concert taping only got to be up front, people who saw the studio taping of the show, didn’t, but they still saw the performance.

    David and company (including David Crosby & Graham Nash) played a TV-shortened version of “On An Island,” and then a full “Wish You Were Here” after Jay cut a couple of promos.

    Jay Leno said that you could log on to to see/hear the full performance of the 2nd song.

    Onto Gibson we go!

  77. I’ve been getting a few error messages when I try to post. Not that this is any great loss to society or anything … I’m just sayin, is all.

    [Sorry to hear that, Andy. Has anyone else had any similar trouble? – Features Editor]

  78. Just got home from Leno.

    It was absolutley great. The wheather, the atmostphere, the time (right after work) Gilmour and the entire band looked very happy and sounded great! I could’nt afford the 300 dollar tickets. For the Gibson so this was just awsome free and about 10 feet away THANK YOU FED.. A true long long time fan…..

  79. So glad to hear the news about the tour DVD. I hope it will have all of the suprises like Arnold Layne. Looking forward to Leno tonight. Angelo, you are sure making me jealous. Have a blast tonight!

    Also, big thanks for reminding me to look at the new pictures on the stuff and nonsense page. Great pics! What an experience. Glad I didn’t waste my time snapping them with my cell phone!

    Brian (IA)

  80. everything’s been done properly, far as i can tell. but really. fat old sun? thank you. i’ve been waiting so long. so very long. tie the loose ends and then spill em. balance is for man who yearns to know.

  81. The NBC site has On an Island and Wish You Were here videostreaming from The Tonight Show link.

    It looked and sounded great!

    John P in Chicago
    Still living in a dream from last weeks show!

  82. I’m so disapointed right now. The only song they showed on jay leno was On An Island which was completly shortened. Maybe he decided to shorten to solo when all the fans started screaming during the begining of it. Jay leno said go online to hear Wish You Were Here but I dont see anything about it on his site, he has a whole page about David Gilmour but it dosn’t say anything about seeing or hearing the performances from today.

  83. Is it me, or was David led on a bit by NBC on what they were actually going to show live on the Tonight Show? Shuffle WYWH to the back burner, and make us log onto their website. What a freaking joke. I think I watched 27 minutes of commercials. I’m sure everyone here would like to know what the “real deal” was for the Tonight Show. Could you shed more light on this feddie?

    [I haven’t seen it yet. I’m sorry to hear that. All I knew about it prior to the show was added here, and no one has mentioned anything since then. That said, the day is young. – Features Editor]

  84. FED, Guys.. just watched David’s performance in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and it was amazing seeing David once again. He played This short version of On an Island (adapted to TV time… I guess)and he also played Wish you Were Here. If you guys outside U.S.A want to watch the videos, click my name.

    I hope you guys enjoy them.

    Pedro Cabrera
    Dallas, TX

  85. This will probably be the twentieth post on the subject, but I thought the tonight show went very well! David did a flawless version of “On and Island” with Crosby and Nash sitting in. They cut about two minutes off the end.

    “Wish You Were Here” was not televised, but they did play it. They said to watch it to go the the URL below, but as of tonight there was still a Jamie Foxx song on the site. Hopefully by the time this is posted, they’ll have it updated.

  86. I Just watched our boy on Leno…..special guests for On an Island once again. Nice Job Guys!!!!

    I did not know that I had to log on to NBC to catch ANY of “Wish You Were Here”. They should have wasted less time on air with that moron…Tom Green(and his Parrot) or that 12 year old kid. It Would have been nice to hear a couple of more tunes on Air.

    PS…what was all that “hands in the air swaying”. I felt like i was watching an audience for an “Air Supply show” !!!

    Jersey Dave

  87. >:( …yes, that’s a frown face! It’s a frown face to Jay Leno for not introducing Richard Wright… AT ALL! I waited to see if anyone would, and nobody did… He didn’t even get a good camera shot, and on the version of “Wish You Were Here” on the web, the good camera shot went to Jon Carin! I guess neither Jay Leno nor the cameraman were Pink Floyd fans… *sigh*

  88. David and that parrot had something in common. Both had their wings clipped. David could have been a lot better had he been given the chance to spread his wings and belt out the full solos for OAI.

    David was good given the restrictions, but he wasn’t given the chance to blow people away the way he does in his concerts. Quite honestly I could have used a little less 13 year old brat and a lot more of the four rock legends who were on that outdoor stage.

  89. Just saw David & band on the Tonight Show. They only showed On an Island. Click my name to see the videos, for those who missed it.

  90. Ok, I haven’t posted to the blog since my blissful night in Chicago a week ago tonight. All I can say is that I have been on a Gilmour High since that day in December when I bought my presale tickets.

    What can I say to David and his crew other than thank you for waiting to release your best work now and choosing to give fans, not only here in the states, but the rest of the world, another chance to see your God given talents yet one more time.

    The performance in Chicago was nothing less than stellar. Shine on was probably my favorite. The arrangement couldn’t have been cleaner.

    On The Tonight Show, it was a tad unfortunate that the world didn’t see Wish You Were Here live, because I can honestly say, the quality of this particular performance was so smooth. I am thankful though that David was given the opportunity. He deserves it! I am sure by now most bloggers have watched it on the net several times over, but if you haven’t seen and, more importantly, heard this performance, it is a must!

    Looking forward to the DVD. David has mentioned in the past that it will be in 5.1 surround. Can I suggest the DTS format? If a concert ever deserved DTS, it should be David’s.

    On another note, Guy, thanks for the short wave and smile before you entered the Rosemont Theater on the aftenoon of the 13th.

    Sorry F-Ed for the rambling, just know, as you have been told many times over, your work here is so appreciated! I am looking forward to your reaction to the shows in London next month!

    You deserve a front-row, center seat (with a pointy stick, just in case)!

    -Jon, Nebraska

  91. As I sit here at tenish P.M. figure it must be ’round ’bout time for a dose of Mr. Barrett’s Arnold Layne maybe (if the Gibson crowd is lucky as we were the second night in Oakland) but I doubt it will happen, choosing to believe that gem was for us alone. Still, I know special treats are happening there as they did here.

    Thank you so much Features Editor for all you have done, keeping me abreast of this joyous month of April, especially. I will never be the same thanks to you, and all the fans who have graciously shared their hopes, wishes, desires, etc. Not to mention their experiences. To all of you on this blog . . . . THANK YOU KINDLY!

    To NBC . . . . I personally am ashamed of you for chopping up Sir David’s work! How dare you! Either you want the collective works or you don’t. Apparently you want it. I will watch Leno, but only the end to catch a fleeting final glimpse of my hero as he weaves one last spell before returning home. After tonight, it’s back to my ‘funny’ David (letterman), never to look at that Jay mug again. Sorry. I must protest. Obviously you do not know what a positive change this North American tour has made for thousands upon thousands of citizens, from coast to coast. Yes, NBC, I think I speak for nearly every one of us!

    Have a safe trip home, and PLEASE return soon.

  92. I loved Raymond’s comment today, funny man indeed and John not far from fla, you’re a riot, keep it up. Saw Leno , good to see the boys play, but I sincerely missed the 2 leads. Teasing us Mr. Gilmour, as he occassional has a right to, due to time restraints. Wait’ll the DVD comes out. That’ll show em by crickey. Hi Roofer, glad the meeting went well, thank you. Hope the band and family bask in sunshine and enjoy some days with each other, you deserve it. True Story. In my late teens We went to an English Pub. I noticed many , many pendants along the bar shelf. The bartender looked at me and sayed “What’s your favourite team?” I wasn’t into soccer, sorry! Football, that’s better!! I grew up Canadian, watching hockey,curling, baseball, our football leagues. Sorry Leafs, Quinn should have stayed and John Jr. get the boot I must say. So I looked up and saw a pennant and uttered,” Arsenal.” The bartender scoffs at me and says, “Oh Arsenal are Arseholes. Who’s laughing now! Good night Fed, thank you.

  93. Bah they did not play any of Wish you were here on Leno and they shortened on an island big time. The video is available on Jay Lenos site if anyone missed it. I was also dissapointed that Rick was not introduced, he did a fantastic piano solo on wywh. (I know its Davids tour and album, but still a introduction would be proper) Well what can you expect from American Tele, I hope it helps sell a few albums here in the states.

  94. Photo caption. “Hello my name is David Gilmour……..and I’m a Floyd-a-holic”.

    Well, it tickles my funny bone anyway!

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada

  95. Dear Features Editor,

    Hope you are ok, you’re a bit quiet and sound a bit down at the moment…. It might be because you’re a Liverpool fan??? Or just fed up with all us bloggers (maybe MS Words dictionary is right when it tries to correct bloggers to floggers)?

    Well, just need to say that I got my tickets to RAH yesterday (stalls, good seats obviously), so now I can dare building up the excitement for a new batch of Gilmour shows (a couple of my friends will be sitting on row 2 in the arena, the lucky bastards)

    Hope you will present yourself on one of the RAH shows and receive a massive well-deserved standing ovation!!

    Best regards

    [Thanks, mate. – Features Editor]

  96. At first, I was having a subversive fantasy of DG playing “The Gnome” or “Bike” as a sing-along, but as the show dragged on Leno made me cringe, like a junkie just before getting a fix (on DG) and shake, like a wet dog. I couldn’t believe DG was put at the very end of the show and had to follow a 14 yr old rug rat. Leno bookended the heads & tails of the performance with crass capitalist advertising/sponsorship plugs, which reminded me of why I don’t watch network tv.

    I apologize for continuing to moan but the camera work/ jib arm & switching during OAI was horrible, even the PA vocals were a bit dry sounding. This is the problem when you have bottom feeder talk show tv crews covering a polished class act. The cuts & composition had no musical flow. It must have been intern training day on the remote truck.

    Well, it was nice to see Nash & Crosby, but no C.U’s on Rick. Looking forward to the professional DVD shoot on HD from RAH.

    In any event, I hope there was some merit from this appearance, but I am dumbfounded as to why DG would appear on Leno, it just doesn’t seem like his crowd. I’m feelin more ignorant than arrogant, as a higher being than I knows the answer (uh, publicity manager?)…please share. However, I’m sure DG enjoys playing no matter where he is, even if it’s in a bathroom…on a train…in India..sipping Chai. ok, maybe that’s too visual.

    Yes, we must show compassion even for talk show hosts we disdain, so bless David for doing the Leno show and Leno for having David, THE Heavyweight Musician, as a guest.

    Cheers, S.L.

  97. CAPTION:

    David’s new backing band the Jawa’s from starwars seem not to want the spotlight.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  98. Editor,

    I was wondering who I ate taco’s with before the show on Monday night in Oakland about an hour before the show 200 yards from the back stage entrance that said his name was Sid or Syd and claimed to be Guy Pratt’s bass guitar technician with laminate passes and appropriate tour dress that I know from Rock and Roll and which since he was a very nice English gentleman we had a farily brief but very good discussion about the tour. It suprised me to hear that a crew member didn’t know how fast the shows had sold out in the San Francisco area (5 minutes) and it turns out we were staying in the same Marriot hotel in Oakland since he said that is where the crew was staying. Anyway, this nice English gentleman 20 years older than I am shook my hand and when he said is name was Syd/Sid I just said nice to meet you and left for the show to get my ticket to get in.

    Please don’t post this if you don’t want but you can send me an email back if you want since I haven’t seen any photo’s of Syd Barrett recently and if he is on tour with the band or am I just speculating on a name that perhaps is commen in England.


    [It certainly wasn’t that Syd, Steve. Sid Pryce, perhaps? It is a fairly common name. – Features Editor]

  99. For all those who missed it, or want to see it again, the NBC website has both songs in full, to view whenever you desire… click the link in my name to go directly to the relevent page.

    Also tides us Europeans over until it airs on Tuesday, on CNBC Europe.

    Nice performances, if a little short. Bet it felt odd for David to cut short the solo at the end of OAI!

  100. I just saw David at the Gibson here in CA – and I must say it was fantastic. David’s playing of every note from On an Island through the excellent Pink Floyd set was absolutely perfect. Hearing David’s playing and voice live is almost like an out of body experience! The light show was very good, even without the normal Floydian effects. All around a great show – Crosby/Nash were a treat as well. Thanks David! Please come again! I flew 1500 miles to see this I would do it again in a heartbeat!

  101. Hmmmmm Anyone have a guess at who the FED is? I wonder because he even knew babies daughter off of Caroline Dale’s record Such Sweet Thunder. Will the mystery Fed please Identify Yourself.

    [No. Half the people posting here regularly could have told you that David plays on ‘Babbie’s Daughter’! – Features Editor]

  102. For those who don’t have sky or any other means of watching Jay leno you can see the clips online, just clicky on my name 🙂

    Are any bloggers able to see themselves?

    There is an annoying advert for a well known make of car before each clip so just ignore unless you really want to watch it of course.


  103. First, of all Bravo David!!!! But regrettably the sound people at NBC, should have their ears checked. The guitar was so low one had to stain to hear, the vocal mic was much to how and the keyboards, drum and bass could have used a small boost as well. None the less it was great to see David on TV, even though I would have preferred an hour of music and five minutes of interview.

  104. David at April 20, 2006 08:39 PM

    Oh david i hope your winding me up mate be grateful for what you have got they owe you nothing, thats all i have to say on this matter, its you who owe them…….Dont make me come out there david

  105. Just got in. It’s 12:39 AM. What a stinkin’ gig. Man alive, I have been scalped. I’ve heard almost every gig from the tour, but I was NOT prepared for the MONSTER band that played tonight. Manzanara was on FIRE! The Croby/Nash/Gilmour trio is an amazing blend live.

    The lights were absolutely astounding, but this band is so freakin’ hot they could play under a bare light bulb.

    David played his Strat, a Tele, a Gretsch, his lap steel, nylon acoustic, steel string acoustic, sax and banjo. He played them all very well with REAL soul.

    And yes, both Echoes and Arnold Layne showed up, though Rick’s solo spot was gone.

    There were people around me with actual tears in their eyes.

    What a wonderful evening, and one I will never forget! You folks in the UK better brace yourselves. You’ve got THE tour of the year headed your way!

    Thanks David and band, and thanks also to the tightest tech crew in the business.

  106. Just back from the Gibson show. Last night’s show at the Kodak was extraordinary, but tonight was better on all counts! Better acoustics, more respectful crowd (i.e., you could actually hear the quiet moments at the end of High Hopes and Echoes), lasers even more effective in the bigger venue, and the band seemed to be really relaxed and just having a blast on their last night in the U.S. Plus, all the solos seemed just a little longer, as if David didn’t want the songs to end.

    Crosby and Nash were there again, with harmonies from another dimension, and Rick Wright got the hugest ovation and seemed really happy.

    Echoes was once again the high point, with the entire crowd standing for 20 straight minutes through the entire song! The improvisational call and response between guitar and keyboard had the audience in shock. Amazing to watch David and Rick, two artists at the top of the game, who know each other so well and have played together for so long, just feeding off each other’s energy and having the time of their lives. Rick was going nuts and dancing around the keyboard during the funky jam section in the middle. As Echoes ended, some guy behind me yelled out “No need for a Pink Floyd tour – this IS Pink Floyd!” I couldn’t agree more.

    Oh, for the sticklers, here’s the setlist…

    SET ONE:
    Breathe/Time/Breathe (reprise)
    On An Island
    The Blue
    Red Sky at Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Take a Breath
    A Pocketful of Stones
    Where We Start

    SET TWO:
    Shine On
    Wot’s… Uh The Deal
    Fat Old Sun
    Arnold Layne
    Coming Back to Life
    High Hopes

    Wish You Were Here
    Find the Cost of Freedom
    Comfortably Numb

    Thanks again to David and Rick and the whole band and crew for bringing us this incredible gift! We no longer need to wish you were here because you were here!

    Marc in L.A.

  107. If anyone is intertest about the Jay leno show and want to see David play either on an Island or Wish you were here. Click my name, go to the Jay Leno show and you can watch both performance all the way through.

    Fed you have done a great job of keeping us informed on the going ons with David and the band.

    Thank you and God Bless,
    Thomas O’Connell

  108. ‘Moring FEd! ‘Morning everyone! ‘Morning David, Polly, Guy and all the band, of course!

    I know I wrote taht I never write anything that isn’t about David and Pink Floyd…but I read on the newspaper that today is a special day in Uk…and since I love England very much, I’d like to share this day with all of you…even if…I don’t know which is your opinion about monarchy…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR QUEEN! Maybe…this is the reason David played Happy birthday.

    Kisses and hugs


    P.S. Hey FEd! Can you forgive me if I don’t honour my promise? 😉 At heart, David sung Happy birthday…so, this news could be about David! Right?

    [I don’t think David played ‘Happy Birthday’. I thought some people in the audience just started singing it. – Features Editor]

  109. A bit of background…I’m a big fan but have never seen PF or David live before.

    Overall, the show was f*cking amazing. Sheeet!

    OK…he opened with Breathe/Time, both of which were awesome. Then he launched into the new album, again with Crosby and Nash providing vocals. The new album stuff was actually fantastic live. Take a Breath was a show stopper and every song was great. Just brilliant playing, brilliant execution, brilliant sound, brilliant lighting. By the way, when I had to choose which venue, I really felt that the Gibson would be better for this show because of the large, open room format with one tiny mezzanine, instead of the Kodak’s small footprint and four mezzanines stacked on top of each other. I don’t think I was wrong. The visuals at Gibson were simply and utterly stunning.

    The second half was much like the other show setlists…opening with SOYCD and closing with a full length Echoes, which was off the hook. Holy sh*t! One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Encore this time was WYWH, followed by Dave, Crosby and Nash doing CSNY’s “Find the Cost of Freedom” acapella. The closer was then Comfortably Numb which was just jaw dropping and wonderful.

    So, as you can deduce, the show was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. Lighting was state of the art and absolutely lived up to the hype. What a night. I’ll NEVER forget it.

    So here’s a question for the DG/PF fans out there. I was lucky enough to have taken my 16yo son tonight and on the way out he asked me “why doesn’t DG tour more often” and I couldn’t answer the question. Anyone know? And why did he only book two shows in L.A. (probably could have sold out 6 nights at Gibson) and why ain’t he playing a full US tour? I mean, how long am I gonna have to wait to see that guy again?

    Thanks all….

    [One reason is that David has a 16 year old son of his own, plus three who are younger than that. Family life is of more importance and travelling endlessly around the world with a young family in tow isn’t something that would appeal to many musicians who have achieved all they ever set out to achieve in their careers. If you have a look at the Press page (, you’ll notice that, in almost every interview, David explains how bringing up his children is his main priority. – Features Editor]

  110. Hi, FE/Ed I just wanted to wish David, Band and Families a possibly ‘slightly early’ WELCOME HOME back to old blighty.

    All your UK fans can’t wait too see you (especially ME!) we have all been patiently waiting and reading all the news about the tour with increasing excitement.

    I would also like to show my appreciation to David regarding the sound quality of his shows, it makes such a huge difference.

    The best gig’s I have seen to date were on the Division Bell tour and the sound quality was stunning, I believe the best ever for live concerts “I think that may change at the end of May at the RAH”.

    The fact you spend time and effort in this department means you give your fans the best possible experience Thank You.

    I hope mentioning this subject isn’t too boring for the blog? It’s just I have seen so many gig’s ruined by crappy PA systems that threaten to make your ears bleed!

    No one I can think of cares about this aspect of their performance like David does, of course musicians of this calibre need their playing to be shown off with the best possible sound.

    See you all soon at the RAH

  111. Morning FEd, Simon, Rudders and all fellow blogartists,

    Now that David and his entourage have played their last show in the States, will they be heading straight back to Blighty, or are they taking some time-out over there.

    Perhaps they’ll be sailing back over, with Rick & Guy at the helm(after their exploits 3 years back).

    Nice to see Rudders compiling the definitive setlist for RAH/DVD.

    Might I dare to suggest that as a reprise to the encore(WYWH & CN) David and the band play FEARLESS. Why you ask???

    Reasons are twofold.

    1. The lyrics(even if they are Rogers) sum up the achievements of David/Polly, et al of writing, recording, releasing & touring the classic that is On An Island.

    2. At the end of the song, the audience get to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Rather a fitting finale/tribute to David, Rick, Guy, Phil, Jon, Steve & Dick.


    What do you think?

    Should make for a great climax to the show in homage to the Maestro and his “Ragged band”.
    And a subliminal message/appreciation from your Blogists of your tremendous efforts and involvement in making OAI a truly Global event.

    Guy can you coerce David into this for me? There’s a pint in it for you if you can. I believe “Ripper” recommended The Queens Arms as a good venue for a post sound-check/pre-show venue for a tipple, what do you say???

    Enough Raving & Drooling… I’ll get me coat 😉

    [Oh yes, they must do a full-blown version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. That’s the best song ever. They can practice tomorrow when they see the Mighty Reds beat Chelsea. – Features Editor]

  112. I am typing this on my treo phone in the car after the gibson show….what a great show tonight…for the encore I was front row center…wonderful….i was at the tonight show performance…very cool…what a great day…i gotta go to london next month…

  113. All I can say is WOW!!! That was the most incredible concert I have ever seen. Even though I could anticipate the songs, having been a regular reader of the blog, I didn’t expect the energy and passion with which David plays his music. Mindblowing.

    The setlist remained the same as Kodak except they played Wots…uh the deal? instead of Wearing the Inside Out. Fat Old Sun stood out (what a brilliant guitar solo at the end) as did Echoes and Take a Breath. But the whole experience was amazing.

    My only disapointment was there seemed like there was no air conditioning on in the Gibson. I saw David, several times, wiping his brow, as I’m sure it was hot as hell up on stage. But I think the audience and the band worked through this slight inconvienince, as a great time was had by all.

    Well, I just wanted to throw my two cents in, as I am still in awe from what I just experienced.

    Thank you David for playing the music that means so much to all of your fans. We greatly appreciate that so much. Come back soon.


  114. Oh! Yeah! Of course…SAFE JOURNEY HOME to David, the band and their families!



  115. Yo blog,

    Have been absent for a bit, and I have no sick note. The dog ate it or something. Anyhow, glad to see that the surprises just keep rollin’ in. (arnold layne, leno show, dvd)

    The thought of backdating all the blogs over the last 6 days is making me feel ill, I feel for f’ed, you must have severe blog-itis by now… anyways ….

    I loved the pic of god thanking f’ed, made me lol.

    oh and I hope that David & co are bubble wrapped and sent via special delivery back to the UK. Dont forget the ‘this way up’ stickers or they might get head rushes. It’s getting oh so near to the 29th now! woohoo

    p.s. good luck to David’s nipper who is doing his exams over the next few weeks, I feel your pain.

    exams, I hate exams.


  116. After reading all the blogs and viewing every possible setlist, I was still left in amazement!!! And even though I knew what songs to expect to hear, it was pretty cool to hear the people around me just sound off in exuberance when the first notes to Shine On and Echoes were heard. The guy next to me asked himself if he was really alive at that point right when the Echoes “ping” kicked in. Even my dad left pretty satisfied as I’m sure it was the best concert he has seen in years. My only complaints are not of the show, but of the people constantly getting up and leaving during the OAI songs, the people having the nerve to fire up a cigarette indoors (dope smoking was to be expected) I happened to see MLoR tour sax player Scott Page at one point during the intermission, but didn’t have the chance to say hi as he was caught up in conversation with someone else.

    Bottom line…I’m glad I was one of the 6,000+ in attendance, and all the so-called “spoilers” had no effect what so ever. I even got home in time to catch David’s performance on Leno.

    What a night…!!!

    P.S. I was the one wearing the Pink Floyd shirt…haha

  117. Just to reiterate. The songs performed at the Kodak Theater – with songs featuring another guest appearance by Crosby and Nash marked – were as follows:

    Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island *, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take a Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond *, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Wish You Were Here, Find The Cost Of Freedom *, Comfortably Numb.

  118. First thing is, I had perfect seats – Orch 3, row DD. That’s 4 rows behind the pit, 4 rows up from the floor, about 30 feet from the stage. Slightly to Dave’s right, so could really really check out his playing. Could not have been better.

    […. wait … Tonight Show’s on. Look at all these jackasses waving their arms like they have slow motion flies in their faces . God that’s so weird. Did someone tell them to do that?]

    Anyway, set list, as I remember it, was:

    All of OAI – “Take a Breath” moved to next to last song.
    Wot’s the deal
    Fat Old Sun
    Arnold Layne
    Coming Back to Life
    High Hopes
    WYWH (w/Crosby & Nash)
    Find the Cost of Freedom (w/Crosby & Nash)

    Not sure if they’ve ever played Wots and FOS in the same show before (maybe last night), but it was great – GREAT. Generally, the whole thing was a Gilmour/Floyd geek’s dream. All the new stuff, lots of obscure stuff, a few big hits, immaculate musicianship and insane guitars. Dave was really loose and smiling, seemed to improvising a lot in the solos. In excellent voice, best I’ve ever heard from him. Manzanera is superb, Guy Pratt and the whole band are superb and Rick Wright is *the* secret weapon. Wright totally takes the show to another level and it’s just about impossible to imagine Echoes without him.

    The OAI stuff was very good, if just a bit monotonous at times. Was very cool to see Dave play sax, but then Dick Parry came out and showed everyone how it’s really done. My friend has never heard the OAI record before and he was impressed. And on one of the OAI shows, Dave played a gold top Les Paul that was just amazing. (sorry … guitar geek). In the second set, we all sang along on SOYCD, including Crosby & Nash, who were on 2 songs (OAI and The Blue) in the first set. Dave on the red strat for Shine On. Wots sounded great, and I was really really happy when FOS came next, thinking that he would only do one and not the other. The solo on FOS was ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING — best moment of the show for me. Wait ’til you all hear the roios.

    Being as much of a Syd fan as I am, it’s hard to know what to say about hearing Arnold Layne. A dream, maybe? Dave’s intro was very funny – a song so old it’s “from before my time.” He played a yellow telecaster on that one – no paste-on mirrors, though. On either Coming Back to Life or High Hopes (can’t remember) Dave switched to this bitchin’ Gretsch Duo Jet. More guitar geek drool material. As expected, Echoes was next and it was just as awesome as advertised – even better than at MSG in ’87 (psych!! forget it … don’t want to argue anymore). Dry ice fog, sharks with fricken laser beams … that song had it all. Encores were just more of the same — winding up what, for the proper Gilmour/Floyd geek, was a perfect concert.

    A few last observations. It was hot in the hall – and there was lots of fog in the air (to reflect the lasers I guess) and it gave the show an intensity that was really a bonus. Great crowd, very diverse. Young and old, just about evenly mixed male and female, etc. Tons of people taking cell phone pics and videos, rolling vid cameras. No security hassles at all that I could see. And, finally, completely unlike the Roger solo shows I saw in ’99 and 2000, I never ONCE had the feeling that something, or someone, was missing on stage. Dave’s music has really moved beyond Roger. He doesn’t seem to need him anymore, definitely didn’t tonight at all. But the show would have been much less enjoyable without Rick Wright. At the end of Echoes, Dave and Rick do this call and answer thing on organ and guitar and it was amazing seeing just the two of them do this — nearly 40 years of history there. I love that they’re both in their 60’s, that they both look great and healthy and can still play their asses off. Was worth every penny to go to this show (and the tix, bought from a broker just this afternoon, were, ahem, pricey.) This was just not to be missed.

  119. WOW! I’ve seen Floyd in ’87 & ’94 and caught David’s first solo tour at this very same venue back in ’84 but tonight I am speechless. I just arrived home from the Gibson Amphitheater and what a performance! David was spot on tonight and so was the band…including Crosby & Nash. The latter joined David during the encore for an a cappella version of Find The Cost Of Freedom – nice touch guys!

    The set list was fabulous. What a great variety of tunes. I knew there would be surprises in the second half…and there was! I purposely hadn’t visit this web site since the tour began because I didn’t want to have any preconceived ideas but I can sincerely say I wasn’t at all prepared for that first keyboard strike in Echoes. I was floored! That song alone was worth the price of admission!

    David, thank you so much for your effort tonight. It was certainly enjoyed and will be remember for a lifetime.

  120. I’m sure by now, other people have submitted their reviews for the Gibson Ampitheatre show.

    I can only compare it to the Kodak Theater show, and using that as a benchmark, the performance tonight was not on par with the excellence of the previous night. And despite my being a biased David Gilmour fan, there were plenty of flubs and errors that were more apparent (maybe cause it wasn’t new to me anymore? I don’t know.)

    From lighting messups during the back-and-forth keyboard/guitar portions during “Echoes,” to David missing the first verse of his guitar solo on “Wots the Deal” (no Uh anymore) because he was seemingly late on switching a pedal effect on the guitar, there were a lot more flaws in the performance tonight as compared to the Kodak show.

    And that’s just from what I remember.

    Another huge huge huge problem at the venue, was the lack of ventilation. My friend had to go outside during “Echoes” to get some air because of the stuffyness in the building. I truly sympathized, because between the pot smoke and smoke machines, the whole show was really viewed in an unfortunate haze, which was not at all the case at the Kodak show.

    This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the show. Far from. I thought “Fat Old Sun” was actually improved upon from the previous night, and you can never go wrong when 6,000 (as opposed to 3,100) people are singing “Wish You Were Here” in unison. And the guitar solos on a lot of songs were just as great as the night before. However, on the whole, there were more notable mistakes, and was not as awesome as the night before.

  121. Just saw David on the NBC website and was f-ing great! Yet too short …

    And Rick’s solo on WYWH was a delight, although the director obviously didn’t even know who he was.

  122. Hi,

    All I can get is wish you were here . How do I view the rest of the performance?

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

    [Click your name for ‘On An Island’, Geoff. – Features Editor]

  123. Hi Fed & everyone,

    not posted for a while, been on an island (Tenerife) on holiday, lucky sod eh?

    I am getting a guitar for my birthday as i have mentioned before (its now in the house but hidden somewhere untill 7th May) David has said in an interview or i read it somewhere he admires Hank Marvin as a guitar player, i can see why he would too sort of similar styles (to a tone deaf person like me).I do as well, and as a 5 year old would air guitar my way through apache or wonderfull land. I thought if it was good enough for David to use him as a starting point i would TRY & do the same. I wonder if Hank Marvin has ever asked David for advice !!

    I entered the competion for RAH tickets, i got terrible feeling i have entered it twice which i guess would invalidate my entry, is there any way of knowing? i read that there is a slim chance on ticket returns to the RAH shows, is it best to pester the box office there.

    Fed, thanks for a great site how about you getting that day off, you deserve it.& i reckon David & the Gilmour posse deserve a break too, exams apart, sorry to remind you Charlie!!


    [Which competition was that, you lucky s… I mean, Graham? The presale we ran on the site back in December? If you haven’t heard anything, I’m afraid you weren’t one of the first 600 to express their interest in snapping up a pair of tickets. Those people would have been told that they were successful soon after giving their details and they would have had to cough up the money immediately. The tickets have just been sent out, so if that’s the one you’re referring to, then I’m sorry to say that there’s no chance now. However, there’s more than a slim chance of getting tickets directly from the Royal Albert Hall. Keep trying their box office. Ring them every day if you want to. I hope you’ll be lucky. – Features Editor]

  124. Just got back from an interesting night (and day) of Gilmour packed fun.

    The Jay Leno show was amazing…I couldn’t believe how close we actually were to the man himself. I don’t even think the people down in the pit at the Gibson were as close as I was. I had tears in my eyes during Wish You Were Here. It’s a shame Rick Wright wasn’t introduced on stage though. As a sidenote – Spammythepig:

    […. wait … Tonight Show’s on. Look at all these jackasses waving their arms like they have slow motion flies in their faces . God that’s so weird. Did someone tell them to do that?]

    Yes. They told us that’s how people get on TV. By swaying to the music. Or by being a jackass. Either or.

    Speaking of being a jackass, I must say tonight’s audience was a bit disappointing. (Oh yes, did I mention I spur of the moment bought tickets to see him tonight after having the time of my life at the Kodak?)

    The audience tonight was just rowdy and disrespectful. Yesterday was so magical because I think the musicians were feeding off the positive energy of the crowd…hence more improvisations, just a better aura I suppose. It seems as if they were more comfortable last night. The show itself was fantasic. I was getting more and more irritated though as time went by. Many people were having loud conversations, yelling and screaming like drunken idiots, basically disregarding the band during the On an Island set. Even the “security guards” were being loud and obnoxious. I thought the playing was detrimented by the negative energy of the crowd. Though I thought that Rick and Dave were really in tune tonight, I mean the jam from Echoes – well, the whole 22-23 odd minutes of it were top notch. Wots Uh The Deal was very cool, another obscure and wonderful surprise.

    I suppose that the difference in the audience had to do with venue size? As I believe the Kodak was about half the size of the Gibson, maybe less. Much more intimate, I really dug that show. Tonight’s would have been perfect had the audience had the decency to give you guys some measure of respect.

    During the Leno show, when people were yelling out their usual this and that, I really wanted to scream out “THANK YOU DAVID!” I regret not doing so.

    Well, I hope to see you again Mr. Gilmour. On an Island has such a special place in my heart now. And I have yet to get over the Leno performance. I was drooling over your signature black Strat with the white pickups and tone knobs for a good while before you came out. To think I was, what? 20 feet away from my muse was quite an experience.

    Thank you. So much.

  125. [Click your name for ‘On An Island’, Geoff. – Features Editor]

    Ed You are a true gent /lady thank’s for that . Mr Nash seems to enjoy David’s fender me thinks

    Rgds Geoff Duffy( Dublin)

    [No problem, mate. My pleasure. And methinks you’re right about Mr Nash. – Features Editor]

  126. Dear all,

    Prayers have been answered!! This is the setlist of choice imho!! WOWOWOWOWOW! You unbelievably lucky lot! Shine On -> Wots -> Fat Old -> Arnold is the greatest combo that I’ve seen on this tour. Pure delight and yet again, wish I was there. Please do this again at the RAH – anything then leading into Echoes and I’ll be happier than a happy thing from happyland, wearing a happy hat and really happy grin 🙂


  127. So the end of the US tour. With Europe done that just leaves the UK. I think everyone will agree that it has been a facisinating journey so far. Certainly for me, being new to blogging, it has been.

    [Oh yes, they must do a full-blown version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. That’s the best song ever. They can practice tomorrow when they see the Mighty Reds beat Chelsea. – Features Editor]

    Fed, I play for a works footy team. I am a couple of games away from an inter works final. The final is at the Ricoh during May. If we make it then I want you and other local bloggers in the stands giving it some.

    Pete – Coventry

  128. [Oh yes, they must do a full-blown version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. That’s the best song ever. They can practice tomorrow when they see the Mighty Reds beat Chelsea. – Features Editor]

    Simon would probably prefer it to be “Marching on Together”, the Mighty Whites will return…

    Hopefully in my lifetime 😉

  129. Dear Fed,

    Thanks for your kindness.

    soyez sûr(e) que nous comprenons tous le travail immense que vous effectuez, et que nous l’apprécions à sa juste valeur (combien ici le feraient? Personne, je pense). Mais comme le dit Piet, le nombre de posts diminuera sans doute avec la fin de la tournée et tout redeviendra normal, comme au début… Patience, donc.
    Soyez en tout cas remercié(e) pour tout le travail fourni depuis Décembre (je sais, je vous lis depuis le 1er jour), et pour la compréhension dont vous faites preuve envers chacun d’entre nous (c’est ça, aussi, la classe!). And be sure we all love you (without you, Dear Fed, we’d be nothing, or just a poor little thing, lost in the frost and the darkness… and it’s not a joke!!!)

    Ikkar, with love.

    PS. Please, excuse me for writing in french, this time. It’s less difficult for me. And if you answer me (but don’t think you must!!), maybe, you’ll do it in french… I LOVE IT, when you do. Si si.

    [Merci, Ikkar. Pardonnez moi si mon français simple ici est plus mauvais que habituel, s’il vous plaît. On ne peut pas satisfaire tout le monde – c’est impossible (et je déteste le dire, parce que je suis très têtu… comme une mule!) – et c’est difficile quand vous essayez de faire ceci avec de bonnes intentions et quand vous échouez (?) chaque fois. Nous avons besoin de moins de messages ici, ou peut-être plus d’heures chaque jour. C’est impossible faire plus d’heures, mais nous pouvons changer. Nous avons changer quelques choses, parce que j’ai d’autres responsabilités, aussi. Je regrette de dire que j’ai peu de patience, mais les mots aimables sont beaucoup apprécié. Merci, mon ami. – Features Editor]

  130. Nothing to do with the US gigs but my tickets arrived for RAH on 29/5 yesterday and I am so PLEASED !

  131. Just checked the streams on the Leno site… Great performance guys!

    Rick man, that piano part in wish you were here was BRILLIANT!! Really great stuff!


  132. I absolutely love David, but I do think David Gilmour fans have a much more tolerant attitude to Roger, than Roger Waters fans to David. They seem really vindictive and malicious, and want to blame David for absolutely everything. It is now being said that Rick is not touring with Roger because David wouldn’t like it!!

    Die-hard Roger Waters fans can get really down and dirty, can’t they? Nobody minds constructive criticism but some of the things that have been said about the concerts have been really nasty, calling David & Co frauds, and saying that Arnold Layne was terrible and that it has been played by tribute bands 100 times better. And what is it about tribute bands? I don’t get it. In this day and age when people criticise artists for not writing their own material (and, boy, has David been criticised), they are prepared to put money into the pockets of bands who imitate legends because they can’t write and perform their own stuff, then have the gall to say that David and Rick are the frauds.

    I do not know why Roger’s fans feel the need to keep trashing David left, right and centre. I know, Features Editor, you have said in the past not to defend David, but I just can’t help it. I could say so much more, but I won’t.

    I hope David has enjoyed this tour, and that people who have tried to disrupt the concerts have not spoilt it too much for him. I wonder if he will want to tour again, and I don’t think I could blame him if he didn’t, but that’s probably what Roger’s fans want, to pave the way for Roger’s “solo” tour (THREE guitars in his line-up). I hope he sings most of his songs, whoever heard of a solo performer playing just bass?

    Welcome back to the UK, David and family. I hope only your “true” fans are going to see you. You deserve it!!

    I am sorry to rant, but feel a little better for saying it. I expect this will cause a furore if you post my comments.


    [It would be nice if the people who disagree could just grudgingly respect your view and move on to the next comment, instead of firing back – and yes, there probably will be a predictable (tedious) response to this – but I’ve past caring. There’s a response to everything. When the blog returns to being a blog and people can pass comment without having to be drawn into discussions/arguments with one another, perhaps people will express their opinions more truthfully. Fear of generating a response makes for a dull blog. I happen to agree with you completely on all of the above and, as nothing pleases everyone, let it be said. Perhaps it sounds childish to say so, but it’s fact: this is David’s site and it’s for David’s fans. Why on earth linger here, waiting for something to pounce on, if you’re not a fan of David’s? And believe me, some of the people who have posted are not fans. You haven’t seen the outrageous posts we get regularly from the Roger-obsessed. As well as being an embarrassment to Roger, they prove your theory right whilst also proving that, sadly, the blog desperately needs to be changed (and also that we’d have to be barking to give fans a forum/even more freedom of expression than we’ve given already). That saddens me. – Features Editor]

  133. [Oh yes, they must do a full-blown version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. That’s the best song ever. They can practice tomorrow when they see the Mighty Reds beat Chelsea. – Features Editor]

    Dear F.Ed,

    I think it might even be ok to perform it in Manchester if the so called “mighty” reds beat the Chelsinkies tomorrow……. It’s not many days in my life I hope L’pool win, but tomorrow is one of them….. Good Luck!

    Another thing, it was a bit fun to see the question regarding Guy’s t-shirt stating “don’t they do well” on the night Arse was beaten by United…

    Anyway, I’ll have to admit that “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is a great tune…

    Best regards

  134. “Sorry to hear that, Andy. Has anyone else had any similar trouble? – Features Editor”

    Nothing else other than the message you get when you try and post several in quick succession…or click the post button twice…

  135. Dear Fed,

    can i start by saying what a great web site this is. I have just recieved my 2 x tickets for The Royal Albert Hall for Monday May 29th, and felt i had to say thank you for helping me gain these pieces of gold !! It was after looking on your website that the Albert Hall had more production tickets (30) that i phoned up a to my suprise bingo 2 x tickets !! Can’t wait

    regards steve

  136. David and the boys were FABULOUS on Leno . . . ! So what if they had to cut OAI down . . . . it was still GREAT . . . they seemed to be having fun (David seemed to not really know who the hell Jay was . . . TOO funny . . ) . . and WYWH was perfect. LUCKY crowd !

    here’s wishing for a ‘2nd leg’ of this Island party to swing around later this year . . . . I need to go again . . .

  137. I have read every line and every post of this Blog. I have yet to post as I don’t have much to say currently. That may change after I catch DG at the RAH at the end of May. In the meantime in order to break up a little of the repetetive pattern of the posts here is a wry look at how many DG Bloggers it takes to review a gig from the “On An Island” tour? Enjoy …

    How many DG Bloggers does it take to review a gig from the “On An Island” tour?

    One to go to the gig and to post that it was absolutely awesome.

    Twelve to share similar experiences of the gig but to point out that it would have been truly awesome if DG had played “The Narrow way”/”Mudmen”/”Cirrus Minor”*
    (*delete as applicable and feel free to add even more obscure tracks. The more obscure the track, the more hardcore you are!)

    Seven to ask when is DG coming to Chickasaw Falls/Aberystwyth/Kathmandu*
    (*again – delete as applicable and feel free to add even more obscure towns and villages.)

    One to point out that if he was going to come to your town it would have been up on the itinerary.

    Two to point out that they were only asking because they love DG.

    Seven to point out spelling and grammatical errors in the previous posts and to ask to get the Blog back on topic.

    Five to flame the spell checkers.

    Three to correct the spelling and grammar of the five who’d flamed the spelling and grammar flamers.

    Six to argue over whether DG is as good as PF in concert.

    Another six to condemn those six as stupid because of course DG in concert is different to PF in concert.

    Two older posters to inform the Blog that anyway the Syd Barrett era was the best.

    Five know-it-alls who claim they were there in the late sixties and it was good but they can’t quite remember why because it was all such a haze … man.

    Nine to post that this is supposed to be a Blog about DG’s “On An Island” gig and not a forum debate about what the best PF line-up was.

    Eleven to defend the PF posting to the Blog saying that without PF there wouldn’t even be a DG so it is relevant.

    Six to drag the Blog back onto the topic of the gig and complain about people “Whoo-hooing”.

    Seven to post that they never heard any “Whoo-hooing” at the gig.

    One to post that this was because they were probably too busy “Whoo-hooing” to hear the “Whoo-hooing”.

    One to post “Whoo-hooo!” … yes, very funny.

    Four to post that they didn’t go to last night’s gig but they have tickets for tomorrow night’s gig and can’t wait.

    Three to post that they haven’t got tickets and just leave their post hanging there in case DG himself reads it and feels sorry for them and invites them to the gig to sit backstage with him.

    Thirteen to finally get us back on track and say that they had an awesome time last night and thank you DG.

    Four to post “me too”.

    Five to post that they will post later as they are currently driving home/flying home/under arrest (*delete as applicable)

    Four to say “roll on tomorrow night”.

    Thirteen to ask if there will be a DVD of the gig?

    Nine to point out that there will be a DVD and it says so on the website … D’Oh!

    Four to post “cool” but not the same four who posted “me too” or “roll on tomorrow night”.

    One to hijack the Blog altogether and ask if PF are going to reform?

    One to post “Did anyone go to the gig last night? What was it like?”

    … and soooooooo – back to the top of the page!!

    Keep it up F’Ed. You’re doing a manful job …

    [And you’re my new favourite. Thanks for that, Rick. I, for one, needed that and am going to print it out. But first, can we also have something about “Seven (hundred) to enquire about this rumour that they’ve just heard and…”? – Features Editor]

  138. Hi all,

    Just watched the Leno video – fantastic! Lots of thoughts, so just going to go ahead and braindump..

    – I’ve not noticed David lick his fingers before soloing (presumably to grab a pick?). Made me grin because it’s a lovely sign of impending solo! (much like stepping on a pedal, just cooler…)

    – Hands waving in the air – I’m one of those quiet British types who would feel embarrased doing it! Apparently there was a reportedly marked difference in the audiences at the ’94 PF shows – the US audiences would boogie all the way through (where poss, eg. Run Like Hell) whereas the UK audiences were much more staid…

    – On cheering BEFORE the solo: why??! I know it’s the expectation and excitement of the impending emotional ride that are David’s solos, but surely it’s better to stay hush, keep the excitement in, and focus on the solo…then let it all out at the end? Also easier said than done – if I were outside in LA hearing David and the boys play, I can’t be sure that my closet/inner banshee wouldn’t sneak out 😉

    – So who was wearing what? There’s lots of backs, some very bright coloured shirts, and one or two faces that turned back to camera. Let me know who you are so I can pick you out 🙂

    – The Leno Show cameramen/producers seemed only to have eyes for David, David and Graham!! From the footage you wouldn’t have known that there were any other musicians present. I guess there’s just no accounting for taste/clue…! (erk – meant as a compliment to Richard, Guy, Steve and Jon, could have been misconstrued…).

    Anyhow, great peformance all. Hopefully that will have introduced millions more to OAI and albums sales peak over the next week or two in response.

    – still floating over last night’s setlist…Shine On, Wot’s the deal, Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne – back to back bliss. Also, nice idea moving Take A Breath to the end of the set – keeps the overall tempo balanced better imho, and a more natural segue into set 2…

  139. I hope whatever kind of crazy surprises they pull out on the first two nights of Royal Albert Hall they continue on the last night.

    It is extremely exciting to look forward to this show, and I count myself lucky to have gotten tix, after the eBay fiasco. I just hope the last night isn’t kind of a deflated balloon after two nights of (hopefully) surprise guests or songs. Regardless, it’ll be amazing and the last night is always special. You can’t have your cake and it too though.

    I saw Floyd twice in ’88, twice in ’94, Waters in ’99. Hearing Echoes and Fat Old Sun will be a real treat.

  140. Aw, they did Fat Old Sun and Wot’s the Deal AND Arnold Layne last night?? That’s the show I should have attended.

    Watched David’s (abbreviated) appearance on The Tonight Show. Blink and ya woulda missed it. Suffering through Jay Leno made me wanna do an Elvis on the TV with a .345, but I gritted my teeth and made it through to the end. Had a bit of an issue with the harmonies on OAI but otherwise good on yer, lads. David looked marvelous.

    Have a good trip back to the UK everyone and thank you for coming to the US. David, Atlanta is nice in the fall (as I’m sure Richard can tell you), so if you get the itch to hear applause once again…


  141. Just seen and heard the AOL session which is now available from the link in the ‘News’ section of Really enjoyed it, the quality is much better than I was expecting even on my modest setup. There’s even some behind the scenes stuff. Can’t play This Heaven for some reason, though.

    Another great taster of what is to come (for us in the UK!).

  142. Thanks for the hook ups F*Ed. I just watched both vid’s and they were truly great. I love the “Smile” Dave lends us when he knows that all is right in his world. What a great way to cap off such a successful and well received tour. Kudo’s to Dave, Rick, the band and everyone else involved. Also a special tip of the brim goes out to you, F*Ed for the brilliant captaining of this board and by helping to steer this publicity ship back on course on a daily basis…


    [Next week I’m going to be steering it wildly off course, shooting any dissidents along the way, before crashing it on an island (no, that wasn’t intentional, but I’ll take it) where the rules are so strict that even Stalin would feel the pressure. Make the most of your liberties, guys. You’re about to be robbed of many of them. – Features Editor]

  143. Well, now I remember why I don’t watch Leno! An idiot with a parrot and a goofy kid got more time than a timeless legend of rock, accompanied by 2 other legends of rock.

    On a positive note, I just finished watching the AOL Session with David and the band and it’s magnificent. It gives me the sense of what the lucky people who have been able to see the live performances have experienced. The guitar solos seem to flow from David like water….outstanding!

    David, thanks you for On An Island and I hope that you are inspired to create your next project soon.

    All the best

  144. Evan –

    “and you can never go wrong when 6,000 (as opposed to 3,100) people are singing “Wish You Were Here” in unison”

    Really? I beg to differ!! Sounds like mass karaoke to me, where personally I’d like to hear David sing. I can see exactly why David & co have chosen to perform smaller venues, because larger venues would have turned into drunken yell-a-thons, everyone singing along to their favourite songs. This, imho, is what the shower is for!! 🙂


  145. Hi Fed,

    im pretty certain the competition i entered was not as early as December.It was after the mermaid competition i do know that.Any way ill try the RAH direct.If not i await the DVD

    The thought of not seeing echoes is haunting me i have to say.My dear old grandmother back in 1971 actualy like Echoes & asked who she was listening to, i showed the meddle cover & she opened it up & said they write such lovely music but why on earth dont they cut their hair they look so untidy…..if she could see them (& me)now!! by the way, my dad told me she was stone deaf & ruined the affect for me. what did he know, Rock on Nan!

  146. Just seen the AOL Session. What can I say? Marvellous! Excellent job to all involved

  147. Thanks to all who posted links to the Leno clips. I cant beleive he introduced a F***ing car before he introduced David.

    Great to know all the smiling faces down the front were fellow bloggers though.

    safe journey home David & band cant wait for May 30th.

  148. [Nothing to do with the US gigs but my tickets arrived for RAH on 29/5 yesterday and I am so PLEASED !]

    Posted by: madcapnmalc at April 21, 2006 12:22 PM

    And again he asks ” sorry”

    Hi madcapnmalc,

    Did you happen to book through

    God I just wait can I ………

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  149. Thank you David and band for a terrific tour. It was truly a pleasure to see you perform live again.

    Best wishes for your UK tour! I’m really looking forward to the dvd!

  150. [Oh yes, they must do a full-blown version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’]

    Eeeek, my colleague has that as his mobile ringtone, it was funny the first time but 5 or 6 times later, oh dear, grrr!

  151. Everyone should go to the Tonight Show’s website and inform them of what you think of them cutting Wish You Were Here, having David cut the length of On An Island, and not giving any recognition to Rick Wright. Go to the Tonight Show Home page and hit Feedback. This MUSICAL LEGEND should have been given time for a lengthy interview, and time for 2 full songs at least!

    By the way, My wife and I saw both Chicago shows and were totally blown away! Highlights for me were: the blistering solo at the end of FAT OLD SUN, of course ECHOES, Coming Back to Life, the amazing Take a Breath, Breathe, and CN end solo!!! Brought back wonderful memories of 94. David and Rick ARE Pink Floyd. You can’t have PF without them.
    We love you guys, and can’t wait for the DVD. Hope you come back soon.

  152. hmmmmmmmmmm . . . . either I guessed your true identity F’ed . . . . or . . . . I stepped over some line with the birthday ‘tune’ . . . . ???

    either way . . . . . quite interesting . . . and sorry F’ed . . . nothing malicious intended I assure you . . . .

    [No offence taken, but I have to say that I was going to ask you to explain yourself, because I was well and truly baffled by that. (What was that all about?) But then I decided that I’m sick of the curiosity surrounding my identity – among other things – and decided to just edit it. There’s going to be a lot more of that from now on, sorry. This blog is about David, so let’s get it back on track. – Features Editor]

  153. @ lesley

    What you describe is something I have always hated about fans. If that is what people (David) see as fandom then I am not a fan.

    I do not stupidly and mindlessly adore/demand. I think about why I appreciate (logically and emotionally) an artist. I know artists are human, and have low and high moments too.

    All these trivia and dumb comparisons really bug me. It shows a complete misunderstanding of artists, and does not help create respect from artist to fans and the other way around.

    Its almost if people want to create/sustain these dramatic stories.

    For me that is not what Davids (or Rogers, I respect him as an artist too) music is about. I refuse to put any energy in that discussion.

    I think both David and Roger would agree.

    Just my view on this.


  154. [I absolutely love David, but I do think David Gilmour fans have a much more tolerant attitude to Roger, than Roger Waters fans to David.]

    I had never thought to look to see if Roger had a similar site to this. Call me naive but surly we all love Pink Floyd music and our love for the different members should all be equal. I honestly did not realise that there was this thing between the fans.

    You have certainly opened my eyes Lesley.

    Pete – Coventry

    I am quite shocked to read this. Maybe I need to get out more.

    [Definitely go out more. It’s if you stay in, you see it. – Features Editor]

  155. It’s sad to see the North American tour come to an end. Well, to be honest, I have to say I’m glad that it happened at all. For years I’ve been lementing the fact that I would never get to see Pink Floyd (and in particular David Gilmour) live in my lifetime. But on Monday, April 10, 2006 in Massey Hall in Toronto I finally got to scratch that off my life’s “to-do” list. I know David has his family among other other things as a priority right now (and I applaud you for that, David!!!), so I figured he wouldn’t make the trip to North America let alone Canada. But I am soooo glad he did. And let me just say that the album version of “Echoes” does not do the live version justice … and I love the album version.

    Ok, I may recieve a lot of criticism for this next comment, but I think that “Live 8” was the perfect way to put Pink Floyd to rest (and this is from a die hard Pink Floyd fan)… David and Roger on stage together after 20 years … aaaand with Nick and Richard … for charity …. at a free concert?!!! How can you top that!!! Thanks for all the wonderful music, guys! I hope there is more to come from all your solo projects!

  156. All I can say about lst night was WOW!!

    First off the Leno show was incredible. I was so close I could have felt Mr. Gilmour’s sweat if he was sweating 😉 The Leno show was a magical experience. Yes they did tell us to sway our hands, But who cares what we looked like? We were there and you weren’t (spammy) HA HA. I was standing next to Leno and Tom Green but was oblivious, Tom Green kept looking at me mouth the words to the songs. Also there some fellow bloggers there, Mike Lewis and Tim Taylor and there significant others. We had a great time. I think we were just behind Angelo and the others.

    Then it was off to the Gibson. Had to fight traffic and didn’t get to the Chop house till after 6pm. Ran into Angelo and Erin and then Mike and his wife. We couldn’t get drinks at the Chop House( to crowded) so we went to eat Hot Dogs at this place around the corner and ate around a trash can. It was fun!!

    The show started at 8:15 and I was sitting near Tim Taylor and his wife. All I can say is this show was incredible. I tuned out the morons and just engulfed myself in the music. The setlist has been posted already so I won’t comment. Guy was on fire last night, Mr Gilmour amazing, Rick Wright his solo on Echoes was sick!!My favorite songs have to be Echoes and Take A Breath they rocked! This young girl next to me cried during comfy numb ( I think she was drunk LOL) But it was cool to see her so into it. I went to the Rumba Room after with Mike his wife and Tim and his wife but it was crowded and getting late so I bade them farewell and left.

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour and band, I loved every minute of it. I am truly a grateful fan.

    Fet Ed…..My sincerest gratitude for giving me the opportunity to see Jay Leno. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  157. WOW! My God! WOW!

    I just got back from night two in Los Angeles at the Gibson Amphitheater, and my head is spinning. David and the band were ON FIRE! My less than stellar experiences with the Kodak Theater were completely redeemed by my experience at the Gibson. I was approximately 15 rows from the back, just left of center (LOG 11, row M). Perfect view of the stage from anywhere in the house by the looks of things.

    This time, no ear protection was necessary and the sound was absolutely stunning! Everything was crystal clear and David’s guitar cut right through to your soul.

    As with the last few shows, David warmed up the crowd with Breathe / Time / Breathe Reprise. The guitar solo in Time was a preview of what was to come, as it was full of energy and he just started to let loose! The crowd jumped to their feet, where many would remain for most of the night. Next up was Castellorizon into On an Island (with Crosby & Nash again of course!), followed by pretty much the same order as the night before. It’s incredible to see David jump over to the Saxophone for Red Sky and then go right back to blowing us away on of his guitars. Take a Breath was really rocking and got the crowd really going again. Pocketful of Stones was beautiful as the sound really was fantastic at the Gibson.

    On to part two and the red strat comes out for Shine On with Crosby & Nash. Once again a stunning rendition of a beautiful song, with Dick Parry tearing it up with multiple Saxophones. I really liked on both nights how he skillfully flings the baritone sax aside to pick up the tenor.

    Next up if my memory serves me correctly was a lovely rendition of Wots.. The Deal. This stumped many in the crowd but I was singing along quietly 🙂 The white Telecaster came out for Arnold Layne again, followed by a mind-blowing Fat Old Sun. David and the band really tore this one up. Incredible. Next up like the night before were Coming Back to Life and High Hopes, which David attacked with equal energy. He missed the first note or two of the slide solo because he forgot to flip a pedal switch on the Cornish board, but he gracefully dove in at the right place.

    And then…… Over the deafening roar of the audience a single note from Rick and we all know what’s coming (Echoes). The crowd erupted in a fury of excitement and we all witnessed David and Rick’s stunning performance. As I said at the beginning: the band was ON FIRE tonight! When it was over, I picked my jaw up from the floor and stared blankly at the stage in disbelief! Unbelievable!

    What a difference it makes to actually see what’s going on and hear it without security talking loudly and evicting the same guy for the 5th time (are you reading this Kodak Theater?)

    Wish You Were Here began the encore, I think as from the night before. David’s energy showed no signs of winding down here. Next up was the a cappella rendition of Find the Cost of Freedom with an explosion of applause and screaming from the audience as Crosby and Nash left the stage. And finally of course Comfortably Numb. During the bridge solo the green laser fanned out to cover the edge of the balcony all across the amphitheater. It looked really neat below it, and must have looked really interesting from up in the balcony. Very cool. David finished us all off with an incredible rendition of Comfortably Numb. I’m still in disbelief at how great a show it was. It was the single best concert experience I’ve had, out of about 30 shows of various bands. This one takes the cake. David I hope to see you again.


  158. To Rick Strang – I chuckled (probably with mild embarrasement) all the way through that.

    The truth hurts.

    Nice one

    Pete – Coventry

  159. Stayed up until 12:30 to see a shortened OAI, and no WYWH. Taped it at the end of my Live 8 VHS – remember them?

    I was at RCH, so I got my chance to see the full Monty.. I can feel for the disappointment that Leno was not a Gilmour-fest, but as a player myself, I feel good for David etal, to get his smiling face on Leno, in support of a new cd at aged 60. Only true royalty can pull that off.

    Thanks for coming to the USA. Don’t be such a stranger!

  160. [Make the most of your liberties, guys. You’re about to be robbed of many of them. – Features Editor]

    Why must you get so (p)irate with us? 😉


    [Sorry, Matt. Maybe I’ve just read too much about Tom Green’s parrot today. Either that or the ol’ pointy stick just isn’t doing it for me anymore. – Features Editor]

  161. I attended the show in Oakland. I sat 2nd row in the Pit near center. Gilmour has always been my idol and this was my first ever concert to see Gilmour or even Pink Floyd. I was in awe the entire show. I knew it was going to be amazing and it even surpassed my expectations. David Gilmour just has “IT”. Plain and simple. I show was amazing and I will never forget it. I hope I get to see him again sometime. PLEASE COME TO ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! Gilmour is the best. Just love the dude.

  162. Rick Strang….very funny & true.

    im not sure what category this blog is but im sure you will let me know


  163. Thanks to David and the Band for a great North American tour. Best of luck in the UK. Hope you enjoyed your stay

  164. Oh my! Did both shows in LA because if David is in town, I’m there. Just mesmerizing, and I can sit and watch him play guitar for hours and hours on end. On an Island is just as wonderful as anything else. And what a treat to be with people who feel the same way. And our appreciation goes out to everyone in the band.

    Just a note that I think the Gibson is a much better venue for music than the Kodak. Proud to say I was at the 1984 About Face show as well.

    Thank you David, you bring peace to my soul and a smile to my face. And my husband feels the same way.

  165. I for one am absolutely disgusted with the Leno appearance:

    a) the sound, couldn’t have been worse (and yes I have cheap TV but the audio was processed).
    b) treating David like any other American Idol reject

    On the other hand, I just watch the AOL session, it is BRILLIANT! I wish we could see some more interview footage. The band was bang on, the audio is perfect, just missed the light show , but hey you cant have it all for free. Stop reading now (if anyone actually bothers to read this and go to aol NOW!)

    [Apparently some people do read this, so to help them out, I’ve added a link to David’s AOL Session. All they have to do is click your name below, Paul. – Features Editor]

  166. I stopped being a Leno fan back when he stabbed Letterman in the back. I dislike him even more now and his parrot-toting-pal. (just awful)

    I’m not thrilled with NBC shorting the outdoor concert either….why bother? DG should have appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel”..its a better show.

    I didn’t think the vocals were as tight as people claimed…not sure if it was the tv/mix or because of the “bands-monitors” or lack of…

    I know when I haven’t used them and you can’t hear yourself….things can&do go bad. I played this tape over&over..and think its Graham who is off pitch…just a bit.

    Just noticed “G” still used a separate vol-pedal.
    I thought he had that built into his board..hmmmm

    Anyway….can’t wait for the 516 show.

  167. With regard to the DVD: Features Editor do you know if the London shows will be shot with Film or HD? In a recent interview David stated that shooting the 1994 Pink Floyd concerts on video was probably a mistake. I’m wondering if the new tour will be shot using one of the great advances in imaging technology since then? I hope so 🙂

    Thanks again to everyone and to you Features Editor. I hope David and company had a great time in North America and I hope one day to see them again.


    [I would imagine it will be filmed in high-definition format, Kurt. Expect full confirmation here when we have it. – Features Editor]

  168. As a long time fan last night’s show was a outstanding. Seeing On An Island performed live really underscored how brilliant that album is. The real treat was experiencing the Floyd tunes Dave selected. They not only please an old time fan, but reflected the uniqueness and genius of that band and Dave’s guitar work.

  169. The Good Stuff:

    1) The music was outstanding. David really stretched himself on some of the songs and band was amazing. I can’t say enough about the group of musicians Dave assembled. They were very tight and kept the energy level extremely high. The drummer in particular really stood out. Nick tends to play a bit behind the beat, but this guy was driving the beat without being overbearing. It looked like Guy really enjoyed playing with him. Again, everyone was good.

    2) Song selection was great. I was very surprised to hear Arnold Layne–it was awesome. And Dave’s versions of Fat Old Sun and Wot’s Uh the Deal were fantastic. The guitar solo on the former was incredible.

    3) Having Nash and Crosby show up and sing a few songs was fantastic.

    4) Overall, a very good show.

    The Not-So-Good Stuff:

    1) The venue was very hot and stuffy. It got hard to breath at a few points because there was so much pot in the air.

    2) David was having technical problems all night. He kept fiddling with various knobs and that disrupted his playing on several songs. He looked a bit frustrated at times and it affected his concentration (he came in late several times, made a few big mistakes, etc.).

    3) The worst thing for me, which probably didn’t affect most others, was that we had these supposedly amazing seats ($150 each) just two rows up in the loge level. The seats did have a great view, but there was a constant stream of idiots walking in front of us ALL NIGHT. I couldn’t believe it! At all previous Floyd and Gilmour shows I’ve attended, literally everyone sat for the show. But last night, there were dozens if not hundreds of people walking around with big cups of beer, chatting, standing in front of us, looking for seats, changing seats, taking pictures, etc. It was horrible! This is not David’s fault in any way, but I’m furious at the Gibson people for not getting everyone to just sit down and stop blocking our view. The couple next to me (also long time Floyd fans) left their seats in disgust. I’m curious if this is just an LA thing or if other people have had similar problems in other venues.

    Anyway, overall, it was a good show, but it would have been MUCH better without the idiots.

    Thanks for listening. 🙂

  170. F*Ed ~

    Sorry to be a post-pest today but your convo with Kurt got me thinking (and thats saying something)

    Do you or anyone know if there is any available footage from the “Animals/Wish You Were Here” tours?

    I was lucky enough to be at Madison Square Garden for one of these but my greed knows no boundaries and I would love to be able to re-live it if at all possible. These were such legendary and historic shows it would be a shame if no one bothered to record any of these.



    [I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you, Matt. I’m sure there are all sorts of bootleg recordings. – Features Editor]

  171. Just watched the AOL sessions. Fantastic! Just pure performance, no lights or lazers. It shows how well the songs stand on their own.


  172. To Geoff Duffy:

    I also booked through and also have yet to receive my tickets. If you go to the ticket tracker thing, it says that they are still waiting for the tickets to come into stock…

    If they don’t come next week, I’ll give em a ring.

    Peace, David.

  173. Have to agree with several of the posters here regardig the Leno appearance. I just didn’t care for it. What, with the utterly terrible D level guests (apart from the band) with the coreographed arm waving of the crowd, the very poor sound mixing and the omission of the solos, David didn’t stand a chance. Although it did look like he’s made a shopping trip on rodeo drive for the occasion.

    Haven’t seen the AOL Sessions yet. I’ll be sure to pass that link on to everyone I know who saw the Leno show so they can see what the man is really all about.


  174. I saw David in Chicago Apr 13 and didn’t get enough so I came out to see last night’s LA show. It was another inspired performance and pulling Arnold Layne out was awesome. Coming Back To Life is a phenomenal live song, Echoes was beyond words, and Take a Breath is now one of my favorite tracks. The show was well worth the cross-country trip I made from Tallahassee, Florida to see the show.

    One thing I wondered about is if the set list for this tour determined the size of David’s band ahead of time or vice-versa? Obviously, there are a lot of great Pink Floyd tracks on Momentary Lapse of Reason none of which were played at any show like Learning to Fly which seems to require multiple percussionists and On the Turning Away which seems to require accompanying female vocalists.

    Now I just need to figure out how I can afford to get to London for the end of May! 🙂

  175. Dear Fed

    I spotted a two man crew shooting High Def behind the scenes/ crowd shots at the Kodak. Would you happen to know if they were a TV Crew or something in a more official Gilmour capacity? Just curious.

    Oh yeah – everybody back in Great Britian -you have the best live band I have ever seen on its way back home! I am jealous. Enjoy.

    [No idea, John. Quite a lot of the shows have been filmed by various people, so who knows what that’s for? Let’s hope it’s for the DVD. – Features Editor]

  176. MY GOD:

    Just watched the AOL thing and it’s truly fantastic. take a breath is an instant live classic ” Amazing ” stuff lads well done . What an ending on High hopes .. That ending takes that song to new heights ” More rungs on that ladder for your peers to climb” . I really am moved having seen that. The band spirit seems 100% on the behind the scenes footage too. All I can say ” choked up ” is WOW and thank you.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  177. I just read the set list from the past 2 show and all i have to say about that is NO FAIR! HAHA j/k. But seriously I think I would have dropped dead if I heard “Fat Old Sun” considering that its one of my top favorite songs.Anyway I know that I shouldn’t be posting but I was wondering whats going to happen to this message board after the end of the tour? Also I saw the Tonight Show last night and I will say that I was slightly dissapointed that David was not interviewed by JL (even though i already had an idea after reading something on this website about it), but seeing him play “On An Island” was a nice treat, and It made me so happy to see him play once more. As usual it was perfect, and David looked like he put effort into dressing nicely for the show, not that I have a problem with his usual black teeshirt/ black pants outfit. Anyway I hope everyone had fun last night, and lets all keep our fingers crossed that DG will come back on tour again in the near future. I dont think I can wait another ten years for a new album! I might be dead by then, or really old ( the big 3 5)…Irene

  178. it’s Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday today . . .

    [Oh yes, of course it is. I’m not a fan. – Features Editor]

  179. FEd,

    I know Rick’s tongue in cheek mail touched on a few nerves, and you must be frazzled after reading through 300+ posts in recent weeks – but it’s exactly because many of those truisms are what makes it great around here. Sure, it’s predictable but many are all just signs of affection, in weird and wonderful ways.

    No doubt once the tour has finished the sheer volume of postings here will drop to manageable levels again and there should be a direct correlation between post volume and FEd sanity. Or we’ll drive you bonkers again with some more lists 🙂


    p.s. I fear that I’m one of those geeks who liked the idea of The Narrow Way/Mudmen/Several Species suggestion 🙂

  180. David’s AOL Session is fantastic! Thank for the link! The High Hopes’ final solo is really wonderful. So sad, so sweet. I LOVE IT! I can’t understand very well the interview, but I liked very much saw them smiling!

    This guys are reallt great! I’d have liked listening Wish you were here and THE NEW FANTASTIC VERSION of FAT OLD SUN too…but…I can’t ask the moon!

    DAVID! You are really great! And you choose fantastic friends for this adventures! I hope the shows in your Country will be wonderful!

    Have a great evening!


  181. Feat. Ed, hey there I think you might deserve a day off. It seems as though this task of hearding the cats is getting to you a little. Seeing as how David is going back home and won’t be performing for about another month, I say you take a holiday and just relax and recharge a little.

    Remember:”Take a breath, take a deep breath now”

    All the Best, Cheers Mate!

    [OK. The blog is closed for a week, so no posts will be accepted… The cats are fine. It’s the pigs that give me trouble. – Features Editor]

  182. I’ve seen dozens of shows at the Gibson and hundreds of “name” act concerts (including PF ’75 @ The Sports Arena, ’77 @ Anaheim Stadium, ’94 @ The Rose Bowl and Roger ’99 @ Universal and Deer Creek). Last night was the best sounding show I’ve ever seen/heard — period. All of us were just staring at each other — the guitar tone was sick, sick, sick. Met tons of Bloggers (“irregulars”) at the Leno taping and on the City Walk — what a privilege to share a Floydian experience with those of like (warped) minds! The reason for the “swaying” on the Leno taping was that the “barker” came on before the band took the stage and told us that the swaying was the best way to get yourself on TV. It was lame, but I wanted to get in the shot if possible to have an incredible memory of this Gilmour appearance with me in the video (I am in a similar video that played on VH1 when David played with Paul McCartney back in 99 @ The Paramount Studios for the PETA benefit). I have not yet gone to the tape to see if it worked this time. You should have seen the puzzled looks on the faces of the “non-Bloggers” at the Leno taping when the “Fedmeister” chant broke out — then we all harassed “Stuttering John” (for you Europeans, he’s the “voiceover” man for the Leno show who used to be on the Howard Stern radio show) on the way out of the Tonight Show outdoor stage — good humour! I have many more thoughts but went to bed at 4 am and I’m working on a raging hangover! Great meeting many of you in person — thanks for sharing that magic with us!

  183. i really hate american tv. as neil mconie said, leno introduced a bloody car before he introduced david. what a shallow, greedy… don’t get me started or i will cause offence. that was laughable. the crowd looked stupid (sorry, but you did) and the wooing really ruined it for me. but david, you were in fine form as per usual and i can’t wait to see you in london. you won’t get a single “woo!” out of me, that’s for sure.

  184. Hi

    The AOL show is great – thanks for the link. Not sure I’m going to bother with the Leno thing though, from what you lot have said.

    Lesley – I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment, but why did you spoil it by having your own little dig at Roger? […(THREE guitars in his line-up)…]


  185. The show last night at the Universal Amphitheater was terrific!

    “Echoes” was the highlight of the evening. Just a fantastic jam. What a song. Some element so the new album were tiresome but the musicianship was always tight and interesting to watch. I saw many overweight, 50-ish guys with faded Division Bell t-shirts and knew the blogger squad was out in force. Speaking of watch, what’s the deal with Guy Pratt and all of his jumping around? That guy never stands still. The sight-lines and the sound mix were spot on in the amphitheater. Good place to see a show. Those $12 beers were ok, too. I found the crowd, for the most part, were well behaved (at least in my section). I did have to tell 2 guys to sit and one guy 2 rows back to keep quiet, but most were just unaware of their behavior and needed a reminder. Came home to watch the Leno show and wasn’t really surprised, but it was nice to show my fiance what I had just seen (no way would i drag her to a show she had little interest in). This will probably be the last time we see Dave coming around, so I’m just going to pick up my tour DVD and remember the swell show.

  186. OMG … those hands! Those swaying HANDS!! That was so unbelievably embarrassing! NEVER would have happened on the David Letterman show (which tapes in NYC at the old Ed Sullivan theatre.) That’s the show Dave should have done.

    Imagine, if I hadn’t gone to the Gibson last night to see the mightiest rock show I’ve been to in decades and instead waited up at home until 12:30am just to see THAT??? Imagine the state I’d be in today ….

    You who attended the Leno gig – yes you! (Renee B. included) Stand up, walk to the board and write 50 times: “I will never sway my hands on television again.”

  187. “Thank you very much indeed, and good night to you! Thank you!”

    And that was it. The North American OAI Tour ended. It’s literally all been said already so I can’t add anything new about the performance except two things.

    On Echoes Richard Wright was spanking that trusty organ like a naughty child!!! I’ve never seen him in better form…

    Then there was that lul right after Echoes. The amphitheater became a see of lighters and cell phone glow as the standing crowd WOOHOO-ed David back for the encore. Seeing everyone on their feet doing this was touching. I saw it as a final gesture of solidarity and appreciation for a wonderful performance and tour…maybe I read too much, but it was a sight to see.

    We missed Brad and Tim before the show, and I missed everyone afterwards. That Rumba Room was freakin’ crowded!!!

    You should be able to rest now FEd. The North American Features Creatures are now back watching from the outside.

    As for me, I don’t know what I feel. I loved meeting so many fellow irregulars who share a passion for this music/art.

    WARNING: Vulnerable Moment! Strangely, I lost it on “Wot’s…uh”. There I was hiding behind binoculars with tears streaming down my face. Why that song, I don’t know, but that was my cathartic moment. The whole arc of my life would provide some explanaition, but suffice it to say that as the credits roll on this two week experience there was this:

    Waiting for his performance on Leno I briefly caught David’s attention. There he stood, black strat in hand and no more than six feet from me. This time my voice worked. I looked him squarely in the eye and with placid sincerity said twice, “Thank You”. For what, he’ll never really know and won’t have to care as to why. He’s heard it a zillion times from countless others. For me, however, it has much more profound significance…

    I’m done. I go back tonight, but before I go, I’ll be heading to somewhere, anywhere, along the Pacific shoreline with acoustic and mini digital multi-track recorder in hand to do something I should have done a long time ago; not for anyone else, but for me…….because the spirit moves, and because I can…

  188. Hey Nickster,

    Let me be honest with you. it sounded NOTHING like karaoke. It sounded like a 6,000 voice choir, with David singing to us, singing THOSE lyrics DIRECTLY back to him. It was a truly wonderful moment of the entire audience of 6,000 not simply OBSERVING, but PARTICIPATING in what was as spiritual a moment as any I have experienced.

    Nickster, it’s been said before, and it’ll be said again, you simply had to be there.

  189. Hello All,

    I’ve just watched both, full AOL session and Jay Leno and I really like it. After reading several negative comments about Jay Leno I expected something bad. But in my opinion it was OK. We need to take into account that it was guests appearance, so it cannot be on the same level as AOL Session, which was great.

    I’m happy that many bllogers could participate in Leno’s recording, hand waving no problem at all. Relax, there are much worse things around, and we do not pay any attention to them.

    Lot of fun during the weekend


  190. Saw the Leno show, for those in the UK, skip the first 45 minutes, it is a total waste of time. David and co. looked relaxed and happy. Phil, has joined the dress in black brigade, hopefully it was just a temporary lapse in colour sense. Well done Richard, again your playing is coming through as remarkable. David looks likes he is having just having a great time.

  191. Wish that I could have gone to the show last night…even looked at tickets on-line. Suffice to say that the premiums attached to them were absolutlely outrageous ( and I used to sell tickets too). For the most part after the show starts you used to be able to pick up tiks out front for face value or possibly lower. Not now….these greedy bastards hold out until the very end and they just become a cost of doing business i.e write off. I can remember selling tickets at many shows (off-site of course, LOL) and once it started I would virtually give them away ( got a little $$ for them but not what I bought them for ) it was more of a karma thing at that point, several times I have given tickets away for free…afterall they become worthless in a few hours time.

    Why am I spouting off on this???

    I’m probably not the only one who wanted to go but refused to pay for someone else’s lifestyle through some of the most expensive tickets I have ever seen.

    How many of you wanted to go but A.) did’nt get tickets in the first 30 seconds of offering or B.) refused to pay over $300 for a ticket that has a face value of about 90 bucks.

    The “system” is unfortunate for those who refuse to support it.

    And before I get flamed with “but it’s david…etc”
    I would like to point out that if Clear Channel had’nt screwed up with several acts in the past (i.e. Peter Gabriel recently) we would’nt have been faced with ticket prices that were pretty high to begin with..but then add on the $50 t_shirt and the $15 beer (there are ways around that, LOL)

    Sorry for the rant but am dissapointed that I missed the show for matters of principle, maybe I’m a better person for it though….

    Maybe not….LOL

  192. Since the setlist has already been put up there, I’ll put in my two cents on how I thought the show was, as well as the Leno taping. We got to the studios at about 2:30 to wait to get into the outdoor venue, and were “released” into the show at 4:30. They were trying to get us in to watch the Tonight Show, because there wasn’t that many people in the show to watch Tom Green, nor did I want to. I think this is the most patient I have ever been for anything in my life. 5:15 rolled around and Gilmour walked on stage with David’s CD backwards, with some of us bloggers telling Leno to turn it around. I was in the second row against the right railing, and because I waved my hands I got my bright yellow Arizona State hat on TV. I could spot myself from anywhere on TV when I got home, because it stood out so well. I am still awestruck at how close I got to the stage and the band. I will remember that for a long time.

    The concert at the Gibson was absolutely awesome, although we were in the cheap seats. I enjoyed Arnold Layne, Echoes and of course Comfortably Numb the most. What detracted from the concert experience though were those damn cameraphones. A bunch of screens sticking up everywhere flashing and detracting from the experience. Everytime I would get locked into the show, multiple flashes would go off. We also had a woman in front of us, who would get up every 5 mins during Echoes, and other songs. I think even one time see came back to her seat and Where We Start just ended. The security stunk getting into the Gibson, they didn’t check for cameras or cellphones or anything. Other than all the minor distractions, memories that will last a lifetime.

    Thanks to David, Rick and the band for everything.

    Mike Schmidt


  194. I too liked the show last night, but I can’t help but wonder about the setlist for this tour.

    First off, playing the entire new album… It works if it’s The Wall or Dark Side, but On An Island simply does not cut it. But okay, I guess I can deal with that. And Take A Breath was awesome last night, much better than on the CD.

    As to the second half of the show, I think it is peculiar that there was no Money, Young Lust, Run Like Hell, something off Animals… I mean that’s what people want to hear, right? Only the hardcore purists would pick Arnold Layne over rocking out to Run Like Hell. And nothing off the other solo releases either, Until We Sleep, Raise My Rent, etc.

    In sum, I liked the show too, but it could easily have been so much better considering Gilmour’s back catalogue.

    [It’s a crazy, wacky notion, but maybe David played what he wanted to play, instead of what (some) fans wanted him to play? And your comment about “hardcore purists” is going to cause debate, so thanks for that! You seem to like the harder numbers, but not everyone wants to “rock out” as you put it. The man’s played ‘Arnold Layne’, Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ and ‘Echoes’ (in a show that’s about his new album, don’t forget). You can’t get a more mixed bag than that. If the idea is to try to please everyone, then I think this setlist the nearest anyone could possibly get (short of playing for six hours, that is). If the set consisted of only the louder numbers, people would grumble about that. Just goes to show that you can’t please everyone. – Features Editor]

  195. Night 20…my God…the perfect set!!!! Wots…Uh The Deal, Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne, Echoes and Coming Back To Life…you gotta be kidding me! David, do me a favor, do this set list for the DVD and I will be happy for the rest of my life:)!!!

    Cheers, Scott Nase, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    (ps – Feel free to come back…anytime to play, you haven’t been here since Nov 1970!)

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