Night 19: Los Angeles


There are just two American shows left before the band return to the UK, and tonight they play the first of two sell-out concerts in Los Angeles.

As always, we want to know all the details, so do add a comment if you’ll be there.

The setlist will almost certainly be mentioned when the fans report back from seeing the show, so if you don’t want to know which tracks were performed, don’t read the following comments.

Have a great night if you’re heading to the Kodak Theater. You should know by now that we enjoy being able to share your thoughts, so do tell us how you’re feeling and what you’re hoping from the evening.

If you’re just going to be nervously twiddling your thumbs all night, waiting for the lucky ones to return from the show and spill the beans, why not have a look at the new tour photographs on the Stuff & Nonsense page?

Many more of Polly’s photos still to come.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

182 thoughts on “Night 19: Los Angeles”

  1. I’m looking forward to the show tonight! Hoping for “A Great Set!” Will be 5th row Orchestra R. Thanks for keeping us in the loop with the blog, I love checking in and seeing peoples comments on the shows and what not. Too bad I was out of town to reply for the Late Show tickets 🙁 Cheers!

  2. [If you’re just going to be nervously twiddling your thumbs all night, waiting for the lucky ones to return from the show and spill the beans, why not have a look at the new tour photographs on the Stuff & Nonsense page?]

    Yep, cool! Love those green lasers. And the pics with David & Phil in cones of white light. Magic!

    Still twiddling though.

    Can’t believe the US leg is nearly done ….

  3. Caption Competition

    “Mr Woo’s A Window Cleaner Now” sang David as even the drunken malcontents stopped WooHooing to gaze in awe at this peerless George Formby impression…

    “Fedmeister… had to be that one eh!”

    [“Have you seen it? Eh? Eh? Where’s me washboard? How queer!” – Features Editor]

  4. Caption Competition

    DG thought… City Of Angels Huh! The colostomy bag on that angel above me has just ****ing burst!

  5. Dear FEd/SNEd,

    What a brilliantly written piece on the SN pages. Really honest and open and absolutely feelgood. Too right about FEd doing a sysyphian task! I know that he/she knows that we all appreciate it beyond words can say. The feeling off community around here is palpable. Wow, I’m getting all loved up again 🙂

    Maybe I’m the last person to notice it, but I’ve just been to the merchandising pages. Instantly fell in love with the olive army shirt and have ordered one – fellow bloggers – get in there quick – it’s the coolest one by miles imho. Also, great call on the hemp/natural fibres products too. I bet some desperate fool somewhere will try and smoke one before a show 😉


    p.s. “Mermaid Two” – still chuckling…

  6. I’ll be @ the Kodak Theater this evening. My wife and I are very much looking forward to the show, and hearing On An Island played live.

  7. caption competition: David’s concentration peaks as he auditions for Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree with his rendition of “My Woman Ain’t Pretty, but She Don’t Swear None”

    Fet ed- it seems like a quiet day with fewer posts than usual. I hope that means you are taking it easy after the last few days of rabid insanity… you deserve it. Naaaaaaa- chances are your working hard as ever. And you didn’t respond to my hypothesis that you are a women. Come on Fet ed… I don’t expect you to answer, but a nice biting return would be fun!


  8. Kodak is a beautiful place with no bad seats! I saw Jethro Tull there a few months ago.

    Tip to anyone who is going and will be sitting in the balcony: bring binoculars! Even though you have a view of everything, doesn’t mean you can see everything. In other words, you’ll see David’s shiny sax but you won’t see his face.

    I’ll be seeing David on Thursday night at the Gibson. Never been there. Can’t wait! 🙂

  9. My doctor encouraged me to start smoking….he said I wasn’t getting enough tar.

  10. Hey, I’ll see everyone at the tonight show taping tomorrow!

    The tickets were amazing easy to get. Just went by NBC in Burbank and picked up a pair. I’m sure line to get in will be unbelievably long to get in. It it looks like it’s going to push up against show time I’ll bail, but hopefully it won’t. Wonder which tune Dave is gonna do?

  11. What are everyone’s guesses for the songs played on Jay Leno? I am guessing On an Island/Take a Breath.

    Do you think the whole band will play or will it be a stripped-down version? It will be interesting to see if he does a Floyd song for the second song. Considering he is promoting the new album, it’s proobably doubtful. Gotta keep ’em short though for the show and the second song is usually cut short by the show credits…

  12. LA People, have a wonderful time at whichever combination of the three(!) performances you’re able to attend. We’re sending Erin down as the Bay Area Blogger emissary; treat her well.

    People have spoken so eloquently about their experiences at the Oakland shows that I’m not sure I have much to add that hasn’t already been said. I’ll try not to be too redundant, but I had promised to share…

    First night: I was surprised that it was “Wot’s…uh the Deal” that made me burst into tears, I would have expected it to be “Breathe” or SOYCD… and of course I cried from ping to ping during Echoes. I’d not heard it performed live for 31 years (to the month!) and thought I might never again… All these songs mean so very much to me; the joy of hearing David perform them live is overwhelming.

    I was able to be much more present – fewer tears – the second night. Partially because I had been able to dump much of that emotion the night before, and partially because the musicianship this second night was so incredible as to be completely paralyzing. I found myself going for unhealthy periods without moving or breathing (and I’ve not done any drugs for a very long time!)

    Random stuff:

    -I was blown away by the tightness of the rhythm section, how Guy and Steve played so much as one.
    -I was even more blown away by having had the opportunity to tell Guy this in person.
    -Rick Wright’s contribution can’t be overstated. The combination of subtlety and presence in his style is indescribable so I’ll stop trying.
    -Both shows were brilliantly mixed; the sound was excellent from my seats both on the floor and in the balcony.
    -Brickman is magical; a rare and wondrous talent. The lights were superb.
    -And the show would have been great in the dark.
    -David was in excellent voice; I swear he seems to get better with age!

    The people around us were friendly, mostly quiet, sober enough. We didn’t have any screamers or whistlers and the drunks were far enough away so as not to bother us. There were a couple of annoying camera / phone picture people around, but I found it fairly easy to tune them out.

    I was going to make a comment about how I’ve found Oakland or Bay Area audiences to be “better” than elsewhere, but I think that’s probably chauvinistic and untrue. I think the idiots are probably everywhere, and it’s the luck of the draw as to whether you happen to be seated near them.

    My girlfriend – new to DG / PF in the last few years – didn’t understand why we had to go both nights, why we had to get a room when Oakland is really only 60 miles away, why we had to meet all these strangers at Luka’s, why we had to bring all the old tour programs and ticket stubs, why we had to help some guy in NY get his tour pins, why it was so important to so completely immerse ourselves in the experience…

    She gets it now. All of it.

    Warm regards to all,

  13. My God! Tonight is the night I’ve been waiting for…I’m skipping Physics to go home to LA and get ready for what will definately be a spectacular night. It’s still completely surreal at this point. Ooh the anticipation! Well, I’ll get back to you after the show.

  14. Dear F. ED

    Excellent mission/purpose statement in Stuff & Nonsense.

    TO Fellow Bloggers: If you haven’t read it, go check it out.

    Still not quite believing I am seeing the show tonight, Thursday and thanks to you – Leno in between!!


  15. Caption:

    No more old stuff. Only country music from now, Let’s start with The Rings of Fire

  16. Great news about the DVD. Perhaps the songs played on the Tonight Show could be included as a bonus feature on the disc.

  17. Hey Fed,

    Yes indeed, I shall be seeing David Gilmour at the Gibson Ampitheatre THIS week and I am looking forward to it tremendously!!! (I hope you’re still not getting this sent to you 🙂

    This will be my last post until Monday, and I hope to chat with some of you!!! Fed, thanks so much!!!

    [Afraid so. There have been six so far today. Can you believe it? Enjoy yourself, Marty. – Features Editor]

  18. Well, Im really fan of David (i don’t know, who is the leader of the blog? Is David?), ok…

    In the site of friends, some people have been furious with this blog, i don’t know why…

    Because they are of Brazil (like me too), but I have to ask a favor… David Gilmour, I know you are a important people, but, if you have a little and short time, come here (Brazil), I’m your fan, and I need to see one, one show of you! Please, make this dream come true, to all fans of Pink Floyd and of You, ok?

    Tenha um bom dia (have a good day)


  19. back again hi all , been on patrols (im a security guard for those who dont know), how bored am i , nothing to do i have been banned from the computer and i am not allowed to watch tv at work , god i need another job , to all fellow bloggers out there going to the gig tonight have the most amazing time as i know you will, i am so jealous of you all , 2 more to go then back to the uk, to all my fellow bloggers in the us of a and europe im curious to know who is travelling the furthest to see gilmour live in london , maybe while your writing you can add a l;ine on the end telling me if your travelling over the pond, also i thought it would be good for us fellow bloggers to meet up if there is any one travelling alone let me know on […]

    may 29th is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long away , should be a good night with the confirmed dvd and the setlist , special guests etc, i feel i may of got carried away with my comments yesterday about the richard wright bit from victor sorry mate and sorry to all those who had to read my tirade, theres 2 minutes you’ll all never get back, the blog is the same in a relative way but your older , shorter of breath and one day closer to death!, see you on the dark side of the blog……..!

  20. just have to chime in that I love the picture of Dave wuith the banjo –

    I’m going to send it to my dad, who played tenor banjo in NYC and New Orleans professionally, just to tweak him a tiny little bit –

    LA, you have no idea what magic you are in for, strap yourself in…

    [Have a look at the Stuff & Nonsense page ( for a bigger version if you haven’t already. And I have to say that it’s a cumbus, not a banjo. I’m sure I’ll get a ticking off from someone if I don’t. – Features Editor]

  21. The pictures of Radio City Music Hall on the Stuff page are amazing. I have been waiting for pictures of this show for a while and it is giving me chills to look at it.

    Thank you David, Rick, Guy, Steve, Jon and Phil for your art and music you bring to us- it is pure joy and happiness to us fans!

    And thank you Fet Ed for posting all of this and putting all of us fans into a common area- if it were not for you we would all be on some mismanaged site!

    Matt in Maine

  22. I can’t believe David and crew have already reached the last city of the US leg of the tour. It all goes by so fast.

    I got to see the first US show at Radio City and I’m still on a high from it. The songs from On an Island came across so well in concert. I’m glad the last shows will be captured on DVD. It will be great to see/hear it all again.

    Looking forward to the Jay Leno show tomorrow night.



    [As a DVD is being filmed in London, I would certainly think so. I’ll watch the semi-final on TV, but I won’t miss the final. I’ll get tickets to that one instead. Such confidence! – Features Editor]

  24. Dear Fed,

    Already at LA! Can’t wait ’til 8PM to get to see the show. It’s AMAZING to already be here.

    I guess no one paid attention to the post on where we were going to meet before the concert and I only saw Angelo say he was going to Pig’n Whistle… I’ll probably catch him over there.

    I’ll try to post a review of the concert as soon as I get back to Mexico!!!

    Thanks again for everything!!!

    Shine on guys!

  25. sorry back again i forgot to say one thing on the subject of songs david has sung, now i know he started with this at the division bell tour but i had it playing on my ipod on the way to work and it sounds amazing- astronomy domine, although i did read in an interview that he felt uncomfortable with his part in it , dont know why? while im at it ill throw in a couple of otheres maybe jugband blues,set the controls…, (a personal favorite of mine)see emily play, nearly finished the one that i would realy realy love to hear on the 29th at the rah is dogs that would blow me away i just love the way davids voice sounds on the recording and you just know he would sound amazing singing it live, in the end you’ll pack up,fly down south , hide your head in the sand, just another sad old man all alone……, bloody hell just imagine it.

  26. Caption Contest

    Gilmore brings out the banjo for a few Bill Monroe tunes when David Grisman makes a surprise appearance in Oakland.

    (I guess I’m missing Jerry today.)

  27. I don’t make frequent posts; however, I do visit the blog almost on a daily basis and read some of the amusing comments, you charming (and wacky) people write. As I was driving to work this morning, while listening to Where We Start and thinking that David’s tour is almost over, I couldn’t help but wonder: is the blog’s existence also coming to an end? Please say it isn’t so… I wouldn’t know what to do without my (almost) daily fix of David’s news….

    [Gosh, ask me tomorrow at about 6:15am and I’ll tell you. – Features Editor]

  28. I’m going to both of the shows in LA tonight and tomorrow night. I’d sh*t my pants if David busted out with “Obscured By Clouds” or “There’s No Way Out Of Here”! I remember distinctly that “Obscured By Clouds” was the song that Pink Floyd opened up with during the Dark Side Of The Moon tour. I’ve been a lifelong fan and am really excited to be going to the concerts!


  29. Caption:

    David includes another surprise track in the set list:

    If you could see what I could see, when I’m cleaning windows, when I’m cleaning windows!

    George Formby ROCKS!

  30. hello , hello , hello is there anybody out there….?( IE: F ED, rudders etc) Just type if you can here me, is there anyone at home, there is no pain ……. (that will be the repetative strain injury)

  31. Features Editor,

    You seem to be on the edge lately. Noticed in the news section that your a little upset. Just wondering.

    Jeff in Chicago

    ps: Chicago show on the 13th was great. I hope that band had a good time in Chitown

    [I don’t write the News, Jeff. I’m not upset. Frustrated, irritable and over-tired, yes. Upset, no. – Features Editor]

  32. Really looking forward to tonight’s show. I hope we get some surprises! I’ll be sure to post a review when we get home after the show.

    Thanks again FEd for all that you do!


  33.! I’m going to the 31st show.. Now I won’t be on the DVD??!!

    At least have the guest appearences on the 31st show too.. please? Ed?

  34. unfortunately i think that on an island only got to 3rd place in portugal or so…but its a great result if we attend to the fact that the promotion of the album was almost zero…i listen to radio not so often..but few days before the release of OAI i listen to it on a brodcast from a portuguese station,they broadcast the whole album…since then nothing…

    fed, will this blog keep on running after the last concert of the tour? or it has a life limit?

    [It will continue beyond the final London show, I believe. – Features Editor]

  35. Dear Fed, and all,

    I hope you all enjoyed the US shows as we enjoyed the french ones. C’est si loin, déjà…

    It’s funny, by reading posts, we learn to know each other (un peu…), if we are married, if we have children, how old we are,… and even if we smoke…

    And what about our jobs?

    For me, I work in a museum (no no, I WON’T take pieces out my museum, don’t dream!!!)… And you?

    Well, good night, you all.

    Ikkar, with love

  36. ‘And lo the light did shine down from the heavens, under which our Lord Gilmour could even play a frying pan’

    [I think he’s doing a George Foreman there, myself. Never mind a new album and more shows, creating and demonstrating giant saucepans with very long handles is the future (he’s about to take the lid off and show you the most perfect sweetcorn you’ve ever seen). Wait, hold on. Someone will get their knickers in a twist over that remark. Stand back and wait for “But he’s a guitarist! He should play the guitar! I don’t want him to sell saucepans. He’s a guitarist and he should stick to playing the guitar!” – Features Editor]

  37. Caption: Oh where oh where are you tonight? Why did you leave me here all alone? I searched the world over and thought I found true love. You met another and plplplplplplptt!! you was gone.

  38. Tomasz…”Ring of Fire”…. just reminded me…

    Completely off topic here but “Walk The Line” is a wonderful film… I brushed a tear away when JC asked June Carter to marry him…. marvellous film!

  39. “Afraid so. There have been six so far today. Can you believe it? – Features Editor”

    Just goes to show there are people out there who are as thick as a Ghurkha’s foreskin….

    [If not thicker… – Features Editor]

  40. For Jay Leno:

    ideal for me set would be Sorrow/On An Island

    realistic one which probably will be played in my opinion is Castellorizon/On An Island

  41. Caption:

    “David contemplated the future employment prospects of his guitar tech when, following the calamatous snapping of his G string in the middle section of Comfortably Numb, he was passed the first thing that came to hand…..”

  42. Can anyone tell me how I can still get a tour pin? Can’t seem to locate on Anthill.

    Congratulations to those going to see David for the Leno taping. Have a super time. I was so surprised to see so few comments…is the excitement over? worn out?..I am still reliving the concert from April 13 in Chicago. Never had any idea that it would be so wonderful. Wish I had signed up for two concerts, but didn’t seem like a fair thing to do. Can’t wait to hear about the LA shows too. ENJOY!!!

  43. hope you’re feeling better today, ed. i can tell that you’ve been stressed. i think we should all remember that it’s quality you want, not quantity. what are you planning on doing to the blog, ed? i’m worried. can you tell me? i won’t tell anyone. great photo today, btw.

    [We haven’t decided yet, but it will be noticeable. – Features Editor]

  44. Shirin, I’m skipping physics on Thursday as well. This whole week has just thrown my life out of balance, and I’m loving every minute of it.

    Dave, I’m glad Jennifer enjoyed herself. She is quite an artist. I swear, after seeing her do the “On the Island” stuff, she could have done the album for David (and probably would have for a lot cheaper). =)

    Hey Fed, between Deborah and Dave’s g/f, Jennifer, (not to mention the other hidden talent bloggers out there) we should start so kind of art area.


  45. Great new photos in the Tour Gallery.

    Any one notice that David is wearing his wedding ring on his right hand?

    I have to take my ring off when I gig on guitar as it catches the neck…but the wife doesn’t believe me as she thinks I’m cruising!


    I have a really nice stage shot I would love to send you to possibly put on the Tour Gallery, where do I send it?

    [I’ll e-mail you tomorrow, Nance. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  47. Greg wrote: I’d sh*t my pants if David busted out with “Obscured By Clouds”

    me too, since I never heard of that song, only an album by that name.

    I think David will play “Take a Breath” on Leno. Hope so anyway.

    David GILMOUR not Gilmore! who did that?? am I gonna have to come over there? don’t make me come over there!!

    (I need a drink, Edwina…it’s gin & tonic tonight, doubles)


  48. Got to LA – a few people waiting in line hoping to have a ticket drop before tonights show. My son was suppose to arrive at 5:30pm to the airport, but flight has been delayed.. argh!! Hope it arrives be 6:30, or we’ll miss the show! Met some folks who will be at Leno’s tomorrow, didnt’ have a ticket for me though! LOL. Oh well, next tour… Enjoy

  49. My RAH Tix arrived today Yipee!!!!!! 🙂 – I think posting here must have helped as there are new pictures by Polly in the Stuff & Nonsense as well…….. (I think Fed must have some influence) – Does anyone one know what all the lettering around the edge of the Cumbus says?

    Ps- What a day – Simon found the CAPS lock too!

    Enjoy tonights concert all you lucky people and dont forget to tell us all about it tomorrow.

  50. saucepan salesman..???

    well, ok….as long as he learns how to correctly pronounce “aluminum”.

  51. Ed/Edwina wrote: Wait, hold on. Someone will get their knickers in a twist over that remark. Stand back and wait for “But he’s a guitarist! He should play the guitar! I don’t want him to sell saucepans. He’s a guitarist and he should stick to playing the guitar!”

    You have a memory like an elephant, don’t you? People, watch what you say to Edwina! it’ll come back to haunt you.

    (I loved David playing the cümbüs live, and this post is completely devoid of Hee-Haw references for the sake of our friends in the UK and those in other faraway places who have no idea who Grandpa Jones was.)


  52. Hi David,Fed&All

    Sorry I havnt posted for a couple of days been busy working,Went to post last night but thought I’d read alot of the posts first. That is such fantastic news about Davids OAI coming to dvd Is that right due out around christmas I can’t wait I know it will be spectacular.And Fed do you think in one of Davids shows he might sing have a cigar,most fans would absolutly love to hear David sing it,so please David if you read my post can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
    sing have a cigar,I adore your singing it doesnt matter what song you sing David you have the most beautiful alluring magical voice ever.Also the last couple of photos were beautiful.Gee Fed I see what you mean when you said if you were to miss a day how much back log posts as I missed acouple of days reading and boy I need a drink after all that so I can imagine how you would be if you missed a day my god you do a fantastic job to keep up everyones posts do you have a few of you there at least to help or do you just do all the posts, bye 4 now LUV YAS ALL MWA

    [No, it’s just me. – Features Editor]

  53. “well, ok….as long as he learns how to correctly pronounce “aluminum””

    Here’s a potentially useless piece of information….

    The original name was alumium while trying to isolate the new metal from the mineral alumina. In 1812, the name then changed to aluminum to match its Latin root.

    The name then changed again to conform to the -ium suffix precedent set by other newly discovered elements of the period e.g. potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and strontium even though spellings for elements were not unknown at the time such as platinum, which had been known to Europeans since the 16th century, molybdenum, which was discovered in 1778, and tantalum, which was discovered in 1802, all have spellings ending in -um.

    The United States adopted the -ium for most of the 19th century however someone used the -um spelling in an advertising poster and to cut a long story short the spelling aluminum became the standard in North America, even though the Webster Unabridged Dictionary of 1913 continued to use the -ium version!

  54. I’m at work and it is almost 5 pm. Gonna leave soon and drive down to Hollywood and Highland. Luckily it’s only like 2 miles from here. I’m super ready.

  55. Caption-

    Behold – David plays his Cumbulos cloudbuster and it magiacally Rains!!!

  56. I found the “mermaid two” amusing as well Nickster, But at the time I was devestated as you were.

    I suppose they say time is a healer!!

    Cheers mate,

  57. Oh dear, oh dear! I stand corrected – I realize there’s a song titled “Obscured by Clouds” on the “Obscured by Clouds” album but it took a few gin and tonics for me to remember that. Cleared my head right up.

    So that’s my Floyd f*ck-up for the day. Ya’ll don’t start with me; it’s been a lousy week.


  58. Hey fellow bloggers. I got to meet Guy Pratt at Luka’s the other night. He mentioned not ever meeting FEd though. It is true one of us mentioned FEd should get a bump in pay and Guy confirmed how hard a job it must be and what a good one is being done at that!

    It has been a pleasure to get to know some of you here and I hope we can continue this fun admonition of our similar tastes in music and our favorites from all the years David and Co. have been writing and playing.

    If anyone wishes to contact me to share stories or other musical interests I should enlighten myself with, please click on my name and it will lead you to my space.

    FEd, If it is OK, I would like to also direct people to David’s my space site and comment there if possible (not that this site isn’t already a phenomenal tool, but I’m sure the fans like to know everything they can about David). This site might also be a way for us to communicate with each other if/when this blog wraps up. Thanks for all you do.

    Bay Area, California

  59. FEd, I haven’t seen any photos of David playing Red Sky at Night live with the red lighting. I would love to see one to remind me of that moment. Is it out of line to ask Polly to give it a shot?

    Bay Area, California

  60. Caption…..

    “Damn it….you passed me the bedwarmer instead of the banjo”.

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  61. Good night , Los Angeles. Good night , David and band.

    I hope very succes and will like to see show live in Brazil .

  62. Just goes to show there are people out there who are as thick as a Ghurkha’s foreskin….

    Not sure what that is…. ignorance IS bliss!


  63. I don’t know if it holds any water or not, but the musical guest section on the Tonight Show Web site says:

    Thursday, April 20:
    DAVID GILMOUR, the voice and guitar of Pink Floyd, performs the title song off his remarkable new disc, On An Island.

    So that should clear up at least one of the songs to be performed on the show. My guess for the other would be “Wish You Were Here.”

  64. [Wait, hold on. Someone will get their knickers in a twist over that remark. Stand back and wait for “But he’s a guitarist! He should play the guitar! I don’t want him to sell saucepans. He’s a guitarist and he should stick to playing the guitar!” – Features Editor]

    Fet ed… you’re in control here…. say whatever you d***well feel like saying and don’t worry about people getting their knickers in a twist! They will anyway, so why give them a moments thought? Besides… we love your off-color, slightly (slightly?!?!?!) biting remarks. Your funny when you’re tired. Keep it coming… no apologies!


  65. Dear F.ED.

    Thought you might be interested to know that I just as I was leaving for the Kodak I got an email from Sony ( I am on their David Gilmour fan list) saying there were 50 spots open for the Leno taping tomorrow and that to be considered I must send my info in immedietly, etc..

    What a great feeling to Take A Breath, A Deep Breath now – knowing I had already been hooked up yesterday afternoon by the Fedmeister!

    Man I better go hop in a cab!

    Thanks again

    [There you go. Maybe the whiney, Johnny-come-lately first-timers got lucky after all. – Features Editor]

  66. I’ve been wondering about all the setlist additions/changes – is it cause Richard wants to sing more tunes? Or does David really want to bring out tunes that he has said in the past he’s too old to sing, or is it Guy trying to get then to play tracks he always wanted to hear as a fan?

    How about dusting off Cymbaline, Green is the Colour, Eugene, The Golds its in, Childhoods End? – in fact – dump the present second set and do the WHOLE of Obscured by Clouds and the whole of More!

    I might come to a UK show then which i’m still considering after my Paris experience

  67. Caption:

    David’s attempts to erect (oooh, errr) his new ‘signature’ umbrella came a tad too late for the incontinent giraffe

  68. Caption Competition:

    Beam me up, Scottie. I’m supposed to perform on Hee Haw with Buck and Roy.

  69. this is one of my favorites F’ed . . . this ought to make you feel pretty good about the ‘job’ you do here in this little universe of ours . .

    “To affect the quality of the days, that is the highest of the arts. Every man is tasked to make his life, even in its details, worthy of the contemplation of his most eleveated and critical hour.

    Our life is frittered away by detail . . . . simplicity, simplicity, simplicity ! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand, instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumbnail.”
    HDT (about 150 years ago . . . .)

    now have a great day F’ed . . . .

  70. Hope the last couple North American shows are incredible! I have to agree with all who speak to the quality of David’s voice. Beautiful to begin with, it seems to get better with age.

    Here’s my quiet vote for some continued incarnation of the blog after the tour is done…it’s an addiction, certainly, but illuminating as well. Gilmour Nation?

    By the way, any thoughts among bloggers for a favorite song off the new album? I can’t decide, myself, as each has its merits, and all came alive at Radio City… How about The Blue?

    [This has been discussed in a past entry, Gus. Maybe someone can remind us which one? – Features Editor]

  71. one of my fellow bloggers brought up an interesting point, when all these fun and games are over will this here blog continue?

    If my voice counts for anything (and i’m sure it doesn’t, but…) I say this forum must coninue.

    If for no other reason than to serve as a liason between David and his multitude of fans.

    Also if it is true that “both David and Polly enjoy the blog very much” than there should be no reason for ever stopping it’s existence.

    So here is to you Feat Ed. for all the hard and agonizing work you go through trying to keep us bloggers happy and in the know.

    And also to David, Polly, and company thanks once again for coming overseas and creating memories for a lot of people that they will have for the rest of their lives:) IF there is a next time I will find a way to join in, blessings be upon you and yours

    Cheers Mate!

  72. [Caption Competition

    DG thought… City Of Angels Huh! The colostomy bag on that angel above me has just ****ing burst!]

    Rudders, that was nasty! Keep ’em coming!

  73. Hi Fed a question if you dont mind i am wondering who Davids management are now i know Steve o Rourke was the Pink Floyd manager before, i need to know thease useless bits of information!, and who is the pink floyd manager now or are they one in the same?

    [As I refuse to comment on the affairs of Pink Floyd’s management, I’ll ignore that bit. But David is now managed by Paul Loasby. See the album credits. – Features Editor]

  74. First set done and this material has really ripened !!! Take a Breath has a freak out section on par with vintage Floyd…and it rocks out hard!!!

    And the return of Crosby, Gills, and Nash!!!! Wow!

    I’m here with Jorge. And Ed, that was me going to Leno!! We met in the lobby!!! LOL!!!

    More Later….

  75. Hello all,

    To all attending the shows in L.A. (my childhood home), if the shows are half as good as the Oakland 16th show, your in for the show of a lifetime! Enjoy!

    To our English friends,

    Oh how I wish I could be there on the final nights of the tour! Have a great time but remember we will all be watching you forever on DVD so set a better example than a few did here in the States in the audience.

    I while back I came across a site that many of you may already have found, but if F. ED doesn’t mind posting the link, it may be something new for some of you out there. [REMOVED]

    Also, to F.ED,

    This blog. Has been a great way allowing everyone to experience this tour in one way or another. It allows those of us that have been able to attend a show a way to vent some of our excitement. I know that some of the people I work with are most likely tired of hearing me go on about the show I attended, but damn, it’s hard to keep from telling them how great it was. So thanks for the therapeutic opportunity your giving all us bloggers. Who knows haw may job, friendships, lives you may be saving! Keep up the great work.

    Regards to all,

    [I do mind, sorry. I’m not linking to that site. Never have, never will. – Features Editor]

  76. A little bummed out, I won’t be able to see David on Leno (gonna have to tape it)

    WHY? (happy again) I’m going to go see Johnny Winter in a small club in Hamilton,Ont.

    Boy this has been a fun couple of weeks

  77. Caption time: Phil, Phil, come on quick, here’s our chance to play “Duelling Cumbus’, Er ah Cumbii, whatever”. Had to bring that back Fed. California Dreaming, you lot are so fortunate. But we all can see Leno tomorrow. Caption 2: “Oh give a home where the buffaloes roam and the skies are not cloudy all day.” Gday ya’ll.

  78. I can’t believe I will be seeing David Gilmour in concert tomorrow! I’ve talked to people who were going to the Kodak Theater and they were exstatic.

    I’ve just been listening to all the songs that were on the other shows’ setlists. *Cough* Echoes *Cough* At one point David will be 4 streets away from my house when he does the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

    It is an honour to see two legends David Gilmour and Richard Wright, as well as some of the greatest musicians ever in Guy Pratt and Dick Parry.

    This website has always been an everyday stop for me and has kept me updated and is the reason I got the tickets (because I thought they went on sale the week after they actually went on sale) I thank and the Features Editor!

    You guys can expect a full concert summary from me after the show on April 20th!

  79. [I think he’s doing a George Foreman there, myself. …. – Features Editor]

    Gloves on. Seconds out. Round 1 ….. LOL

    By the way chaps, the new pics on the S & N gallery (Radio City) are by Todd Kaplan, not Polly. Credit where it’s due etc

    [No, they’re not. The new ones are on the second page, not the fourth. All photos are going to be set in chronological order from now on. And Todd Kaplan has had more than enough credit, not to mention free publicity, thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  80. CAPTION: Echoes has been replaced by another magnum opus ” A SAUCEPAN FULL OF SECRETS”

    CAPTION: Not happy with just singing in the shower Our hero has resorted to taking non electrical musical instruments with him.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  81. David Crosby and Graham Nash were special guests at the Kodak Theater. The songs performed were (with songs featuring an appearance by Crosby and Nash marked with a *):

    Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island *, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take a Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond *, Wearing The Inside Out, Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Wish You Were Here, Find The Cost Of Freedom *, Comfortably Numb.

  82. I didn’t get tickets to Jay leno….but I will probably drive up there to see if they’ll let me in….who knows..maybe someone doesn’t show up. if you guys have an extra ticket, let me know, see you guys tomorrow at the Gibson!! Can’t wait!

  83. So is it now time for the endless gushing to begin?

    FRIGGIN WOW. What an incredible show at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA. It started at around 8:10pm, and finished up at 11pm.

    So moving, so wonderful, so awesome. Probably repeating what everyone else has said about all this.


    Speak to Me
    Breathe (reprise)

    On an Island (w/ David Crosby & Graham Nash on backing vocals)
    The Blue
    Red Sky at Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Take a Breath
    A Pocketful of Stones
    Where We Start


    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (I-V) (w/ David Crosby & Graham Nash on backing vocals)
    Wearing the Inside Out
    Fat Old Sun
    Arnold Layne
    Coming Back To Life
    High Hopes

    Wish You Were Here
    Find the Cost of Freedom (short a capella version with David Crosby, Graham Nash & David)
    Comfortably Numb

    Echoes was easily the highlight for me, and I imagine for most, but the whole show was fantastic from beginning to end. Of course, I’m horribly biased, but that’s ok, right?

    I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  84. [By the way, any thoughts among bloggers for a favorite song off the new album? I can’t decide, myself, as each has its merits, and all came alive at Radio City… How about The Blue? [This has been discussed in a past entry, Gus. Maybe someone can remind us which one? – Features Editor]]

    I may be wrong but didn’t you prefer to wait till activity died down next week for this kind of thing? Anyway, mine’s Where We Start!

    [If my voice counts for anything (and i’m sure it doesn’t, but…) I say this forum must coninue. – Josh]

    That’s all very well while the tour is still fresh and there is a lot of ‘David’ activity going on but what then? And think of all the work involved …

    [Hmm, maybe it’s been done twice. I remember picking three. Maybe it was a dream. Anyone? – Features Editor]

  85. Hi Fed,Did I miss Something that Tims post was suppose to have some other lines in it (Did someone not no who David Gilmour was)and to Deborahs post she calls herself a floyd fan, she’d no that theres a obscured by clouds song.FED my Hat goes of to you to do all these posts alone (If I had a hat LOL)Also I read a post about red sky at night photo I thought there has been one! bye 4 now love ya’s MWA

    [Tim or Tom? If you mean Tom (post timed at 5:46am), then you’re all supposed to miss it. I removed mention of a specific website for good reason. – Features Editor]

  86. Regarding song selection for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, to be broadcast later this evening (Thursday, April 20th)…

    Of course, there’s always room for yet another spectacular surprise from David and the band, perhaps even a new piece, but, I’m guessing that given the time constraints, On An Island (at nearly six minutes) is a tad too long for late night television today, unfortunately. My guess is that the songs performed will be:

    An abbreviated lead-in of Red Sky At Night with David on Sax, followed by… The Blue, and later, Smile (with extended guitar solo a must!).

    Or, perhaps, This Heaven, will be chosen, providing David’s children get to stay up beyond their bedtime.

    Where We Start would be fantastic! But, due to time constraints…

    How about TIME? Your bass combined with David’s low E really rattled my bones at Radio City, Guy!

    Finally, an important note to the producers at NBC, please don’t cut away during any of David Gilmour’s guitar solos, like MTV did during LIVE 8! Your ratings will certainly slip and the NBC Tonight Show mailbox will be inundated.

    The band featured on Jay Leno last night performed a nice version of Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl which was approx. 3 min. in duration, if that helps us with song selection.

    A longtime friend of David Crosby & Graham Nash…a rather animated Neil Young appeared exclusively on CNN yesterday expressing outrage regarding the war in Iraq, the intelligence failures leading to 9-11 and “planes flying into buildings,” and general displeasure with the current administration.

    Has David had any time to see Neil Young’s movie “Heart of Gold?” I’m greatly looking forward to seeing David Gilmour and this stellar group of musicians on the Big Screen! David’s voice is never better! THIS BAND IS JUST FANTASTIC, THAT IS REALLY WHAT I THINK! Standing ovation all around!

  87. morning, ed. thanks for the early start and setlist. it’s good to be able to see it before work. i wonder if crosby and nash will be at the london shows. i’m sure david would want them on the dvd. i also feel he’d do both dominoes and arnold layne in london for syd’s sake (royalties). i’m curious to see what you do to the blog. don’t be too harsh, will you? have a good day, all.

  88. [maybe it’s been done twice. I remember picking three. Maybe it was a dream. Anyone?]

    I remember reading it, but maybe we were in the same dream!

  89. What!!? The Crosby, Gils, and Nash didn’t come together in Oakland? It’s Ok. This tour get’s better every second.

    I am forever wishing I were in RAH for the Orchestrated performance of OAI with the Nash and Crosby boys.

    Is it possible Polly may sing?

    We love you, Polly! If you choose to, we will listen. Not only will we listen, you may kick yourself later knowing that you could have and should have. David will comfort you on stage and even let you lead. He is, after all, great at the waltz!!!

    Bay Area, California

  90. I’m in! Whatever it is… I’m in…anything David Gilmour…count me in. It is SO difficult finding a true mark these days.

    Mr. Gilmour…Thank you for being true.

    Bay Area, California

  91. Fed, Catching up on the comments from the San Francisco blog and currently chuckling at your comment to the lad who wanted a guitar pick. Talk about wars being start over minor stuff.

    You have to admit it is funny.

    So what are we allowed to talk about(what shall we do to fill the empty spaces) in the time between the end of the US & UK legs of the tour.

    Pete – Coventry

    [We just want to return this part of the site to being a blog. It’s not to begrudge anyone anything. This is turning into a free-for-all forum. Yes, it’s very nice to have varied discussions from time to time, and I’ve tried to allow as much as possible (within reason), but there’s just too much now. There are too many posts with too little that’s specific to the day’s news, and moderating it is taking up far too much time. When people are having their own private discussions and treating this as a way to plug their fansites and show off their photos (which should never have been taken, don’t forget – even Guy asked you not to take photos of the band during the concerts), some might say that they’re just taking advantage. That’s a forum in my book, not a blog. With the greatest respect, this was set up to inform fans, not to allow fans a safe environment from which they can dictate what they talk about and when they talk about it. Who sang about giving people too much rope? (“Muslim or Christian, Mullah or Pope, preacher or poet, who was it wrote, give any one species too much rope and they f*ck it up?”) I always forget his name… – Features Editor]

  92. First time poster, everybody.

    Just returned from the Kodak Theater. I purchased a ticket 45 minutes before showtime. God bless the arcane workings of theater seating charts — they seem to grow chairs at will.

    DG was in fine spirits. The 1st set opened with Breathe and Time and was followed by the entire new album. It sounded like a dream, very Piscean and susurrous. I loved it. David Crosby and Graham Nash took the stage to accompany him too.

    The 2nd set opened with SOYCD, which was rapturous with Crosby and Nash doing backing vocals. There were 3 songs from The Division Bell — Wearing the Inside Out, Coming Back to Life, and High Hopes. Then a “blast from the past”, Arnold Layne, followed by Fat Old Sun, and finally the best song of the performance, Echoes. That song was written five years before I was born; I thought I’d never get to hear it. It reminds me of playing video games on snowy days as a prepubescent. (I don’t use drugs; go post your own reminiscences of Meddle if they’re that much trippier.)

    The band sounded tight, tight, TIGHT. David was in top form; people near me were commenting on his “bends” and “sustain”. The sound quality was crystal clear.

    The encore was rounded off with WYWH and Comfortably Numb. As well as a brief vocal performance of a Crosby, Stills, Nash song that I had never heard.

    May I editorialize for one moment at the expense of this site’s websmaster, Mr Gilmour? It’s a bit disingenuous to maintain that Pink Floyd will never be regrouped … and yet to tour with a band that is comprised of almost the entire Pink Floyd lineup circa 1987-1994.

    I can say that a lot of people were made very, very happy tonight. I heard them talking during the intermission. Please tour more, David. Consider it a public service. Your music is beloved by young and old. I have never seen people ages 20-60 — whole families, even — in unanimous agreement on music before tonight.

    Longtime fan,

  93. Favorite’s of OAI…

    1. Smile (David+Polly =OAI)((love the slide guitar, David))
    2. Take a Breath (be true to yourself)
    3. On an Island (don’t forget lost loved ones!)

    p.s. (4) When I Close My Eyes…Damn good track!

    Bay Area, California

  94. Just got back from tonights concert at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.. it was a wonderful show.. I met some real nice peope after the show waiting for Dave to sign autographs.. three lucky people got their cd signed.. i snapped one picture of him signing then my camera died.. stupid me forget to bring my cd. I can’t wait for tomorrow..

  95. What a commanding performance!

    Great to see the band and set evolving from the start of their musical (and geographic) journey.

    Moving the Darkside medley to the front of the OAI set definitely mesmerizes the crowd into submission so they can focus on the brilliance of the new material–though, the Europeans don’t need such whiz-bangery to get the show going 😉

    Second set was phenomenal from start to finish. Crosby and Nash as guests were tremendous! Arnold Layne was such a treat (played on a white telecaster, I belive). Big shout out to Mr. Rick Wright who TORE the keys up during Echoes. Bravo, bravo! The whale mating sequence was extra trippy with lots of extra ambience from everyone. The lights by Mr. Brickman, were unreal.

    The band is just SO tight, and David’s playing is pristine–it seems like he couldn’t hit a bum note if he tried 🙂 It’s truly comforting to know this tour will be recorded for posterity and put to DVD, because the show is truly brilliant, and awe-inspiring.

    The Kodak is an elegant, small venue. Like a smaller Radio City. The crowd could be described as “overly-enthusiastic” at points, but gave David and the band standing ovations on numerous occasions (all well deserved).

    Anyway, the band is just fantastic! (That is really what I think) 😉

  96. Just got back from the Kodak show in LA. Still in shock.

    One word: ECHOES. 20 minutes in another dimension. The call and response interaction between David and Rick was transcendent and the climactic laser-extravaganza was nothing short of mind blowing.

    HILARIOUS ANECDOTE: In Row J of the Parterre on the right side, there were these four drunk Armenian guys, who screamed “WOOOOOOOOOO!” every time the music got really quiet and played overly-enthusiastic air guitar (a la Wayne’s World) every time the tempo picked up. Their crowning achievement, though, came during the first set when one of them managed to VOMIT all over the floor (leaving an interesting smell that the ushers desperately tried to cover up with some oddly fragrant powder that just made it worse). I’ve always considered Gilmour/Floyd shows to be a MULTI-SENSORY experience, but I don’t think this was what David and the band had in mind!

    Hopefully the final show at the Gibson will be odor-free! I’ll let you know.

    Off to bed now, with echoes of Echoes still echoing in my head.

  97. “[This has been discussed in a past entry, Gus. Maybe someone can remind us which one? – Features Editor]”

    Dear Gus,

    we had this one around April 11th, if I’m not completely mistaken. But I don`t know if we should revive it here, given the fact that our poor fed understandably needs a litte bit less work to do, I think; so better ask him, before continuing this)

    [I’d rather not, to be honest. If anyone hasn’t already chipped in, then they are of course very welcome to add their comments to that day’s entry. – Features Editor]

  98. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! David, Phil, Guy, Rick, Dick, Steve, Jon, David C. and G.Nash!!! What a @%#%#%* GREAT SHOW!! The set list is already mentioned so I won’t bother.

    Echoes was definitely the highlight for me. Ever so slightly disappointed that ‘Wot’s …..the deal” wasn’t played, but Echoes!! WOW! That’s all I could say on the way home. I hope I never forget this moment!

    Thank you guys for a fantastic, super dooper show! WOW!

  99. Morning F’Ed and bloggees.

    I was wondering if anyone else on here remembers David’s appearance on the French and Saunders Show (UK TV sketch show) in the late 80’s/early 90’s? I think the sketch was set in a courtroom and involved several famous guitarists. It all had something to do with the ‘dots’ from guitar tab books (is that the right term?) being stolen and so no-one could play guitar anymore. I think. Can anyone enlighten me?


    [Mark Knopfler, Gary Moore and Lemmy from Motorhead were among the witnesses giving evidence. None of them could follow the music in Ralph McTell’s instructional book. It was from their third series, aired in April 1990. – Features Editor]

  100. What does David think of people bootleging his shows? At the Meltdown concert he made a joke about ‘Smile’ “This is a new one, so if you are..umm…bootlegging, start your machines now.”

    Does he mind people bootlegging his concerts? He must know of the thousends of Pink Floyd bootlegs avainible on the internet.

    [This has been covered numerous times. Of course he doesn’t like it! It doesn’t make a difference how many times we repeat the management’s statement on bootlegging, it will still occur at all the shows. – Features Editor]

  101. Just got back from the Kodak Theatre. What an INCREDIBLE show!!! I saw David before the show giving an interview, that was cool. I have never been so close to him :-).

    The hightlight of the show for me was definitely Echoes, an out of this world experience!!

    I have to admit I had tears in my eyes during Comfortably Numb as I realized this might be the last time I see David live! 🙁

    I love you David! Thank you for a great show!

    Just a footnote. I just wished security would have thrown out the drunk stoned dudes in back of us earlier and not during WYWH and all we heard was F$%* you, F(*& you! F^&* the people that can’t enjoy a great show and keep their mouth shut and their butts on the seat….

  102. [Caption: David finally gets a tune out of his new kitchen utensil, “Saucepan full of Secrets”! Ian Pearson]

    Your not too far off there, Ian….

    The Cumbus is a relatively young instrument. It was developed in Istanbul in the early 1900’s. The inventor, Zeynel, was born in Salonika, now known as Thessaloníki, Greece. He eventually settled in Beyazit, Istanbul, opened a music shop, and became known as Zeynel Abidin Bey. He was also known as a local Oud performer. Eventually he began to design new instruments. It was on January 24th 1930 that Zeynel’s instrument received its name from a fellow native of Thessalonica, the famous Ataturk Mustafa Kemal. Ataturk began his service to Turkey as a soldier. Later as a national leader he founded the republic of Turkey, and became Turkey’s first president. Drawing on the sound of the instrument for inspiration, Ataturk dubbed it ‘Cumbus’. Pronounced “joombush”, “Cumbus” is Turkish for ‘revelry’. Soon Zeynel was manufacturing and selling his Cumbus. In 1934 the Surname Act was passed, requiring all Turkish citizens to take a family name. Zeynel Abidin Bey now became Zeynel Abidin Cumbus. About 30 years ago, the Cumbus stepped off the classical stage. Today, it is still played by the people out of the cities, especially at weddings, and special ceremonies.

    Originally this Turkish chordophone had a leather soundboard, much like an American Banjo. The narrow fretless neck was designed to easily disassemble from the aluminum body by loosening a large screw mechanism. IT HAS BEEN SAID THAT THE BODY LOOKS LIKE A KITCHEN FRYING PAN; the back and sides are solid. There are vent holes on the top surface around the soundboard. Today the Cumbus have Mylar soundboards held in place by a bolted tension ring. For its light weight, the Cumbus is very sturdy and remarkably loud.

    David can you rustle up some bacon ‘n’ eggs when you’ve stopped playing????

  103. Nice comments from last nights show.Excellent setlist , again with C & N .

    Ed , How many Jim Henson creations have questioned the release date of the dvd yet?

    Your poor heart will be broken with that one …

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

    [I’m saying nothing. I don’t want to tempt fate. – Features Editor]

  104. Dear Fed

    Three favourite tracks: I found it again; it’s in the blog from April 10th.

    [Thank you, Georg. If anyone would like to add their thoughts, they are more than welcome. – Features Editor]

  105. Hi Fed,Sorry I am posting again,I was talking about tims post at 1:40am I must be missing something there Ive tried keeping up with every post but you know how it is.Dont worry I wont post again It’s 9:30pm here now I’m on my way out so I’ll catch up on your posts when I get home.


    [I don’t think you’re missing anything, just a few letters where Tim edited his naughty word (very helpful, thanks for doing that, Tim). Many months back, there was a remark about fans being so keen to see one of the shows, they would probably be happy if David played the tambourine all night and did nothing else. It was obviously meant as a joke, but there were replies along the lines of “I wouldn’t like that!” and “He should play the guitar, that’s what I’ve paid good money to see!” So it was just a sarcastic dig at those people. The lowest form of wit, it may be, but it’s nice to be able to throw some crap back after taking so much of it on a daily basis. – Features Editor]

  106. Uhmmmm…I’m so worried about Rudders therapy against cigarettes! What is going to happen to us, poor smokers? 😉

    Rudders! I hope you are going to suggest us something better than cigarettes….or will you fit us with collar and chain?!!!

    Look forward to hear your final resolution!



    P.S. #1 Hey FEd. This become a great curiosity: could you explain us why David was wearing always black t-shirt? I’d like to say him that the green t-shirt he was wearing in Live at Pompeii emphasized his wonderful eyes! I’m sure that today the result would be the same!

    P.S. #2 Hey FEd! If you are not female neither gay…but a perfectly straight male who is disinterested in loose women…you have to be an angel! Lucky who will marry you! …even if….to be disinterested in loose women don’t mean necessary to be devoted to a wife….who knows?

  107. [Who sang about giving people too much rope? (“Muslim or Christian, Mullah or Pope, preacher or poet, who was it wrote, give any one species too much rope and they f*ck it up?”) I always forget his name… – Features Editor]

    Brilliant, wonderfully put. And feeling slightly guilty of starting things up that are possibly not connected with the days news………point taken.

    Pete – Coventry

  108. Desperate to help you Fed. Would it be better if only one post per person per day was allowed? And/or make the system not accept posts on one day such as Sundays/Mondays. Sure your database can help. Humans make systems, dont be a slave to the system.

    Playing OAI in car tomorrow night loud at Thurso Railway Station, ( look on map) as train arrives from Inverness with my brother-in-law and wife arrive for holiday. He’s a Moddy Blues fan, whats the bet I’ll convert him by Sunday?

    Ian Pearson

  109. Hello FEd!

    You are right when you wrote:

    [We just want to return this part of the site to being a blog. It’s not to begrudge anyone anything. This is turning into a free-for-all forum. Yes, it’s very nice to have varied discussions from time to time, and I’ve tried to allow as much as possible (within reason), but there’s just too much now. (…) – Features Editor]

    I think there are two reason:

    First of all: people who write in this blog is so nice that speak to them about everythingh is natural and instinctive!

    Second: I’d love tell again how fantastic was David’ show but unfortunatly I had my shows and I won’t have another one…in this days, at least. So I can’t speak about the show in Rome another time!

    But this blog make me feel nearest to the great Pink Floyd’s voice, guitarist and soul…and I love this feeling! And you are very nice too, so I love post daily…but, dearest FEd, I understand what you mean…and I’d like to say sorry for my useless post! I promise you I will read the blog everyday, but I’ll post just if a have a good reason!

    Your work is FANTASTIC! Thank you for evething you, and the others (SNed and so on) do for us!

    With gratitude!


  110. [Mark Knopfler, Gary Moore and Lemmy from Motorhead were among the witnesses giving evidence. None of them could follow the music in Ralph McTell’s instructional book. It was from their third series, aired in April 1990. – Features Editor]

    Thanks for that, I’m most impressed. I think he played ‘Another Brick’ if I recall.

    On a side note, my favourite Fast Show sketch ever was a ‘That’s Amazing’, (the world of the strange and bizarre), when Paul Whitehouse played a character who had been witness to an earthquake. A classic!

  111. Boy, are they having fun this tour or what ? Special guest that even fly (maybe were already there ?) to the other side of the country to perform on 3 tunes again. Songs never played live before get into the tour, number of different guitars (and other instruments) played increased this tour. A whole new album played (and I think moving the DSotM tracks to open with is indeed a nice way -was going to say ‘trick’ but that has a negative feeling for me and I don’t mean it that way- to get everybody sitting in time for the whole new album) and then they even find the time to dust off the oldest single (not counting Lucy Leave/King Bee) for a refreshing change 😉

    I think the classical ending to High Hopes is improving the song even more.

    David has stated before something along the line of ‘this is the only band I intend to tour with this year’ and why would he change that. They are such a tight group and clearly enjoy performing. Great to continue to read all those raving reports !!! Keep ‘m coming. Wish I was there (I am in spirit, every night)

    And now for the grand finale. Leno and the final show in the USA.

    BTW Haven’t seen it in todays blog, but congrats to David, Guy and FEd on Arsenal’s victory. Henry’s goal should have counted, although Villa was withheld a penalty. Perfect European way to say goodbye to Highbury (93 years, so I read in our newspaper). Hope they’ll stand the return in Spain and then FEd can hopefully join David and Guy (and other band members ?) for the finale in Paris ! (17 May 2006 UEFA Champions League – Final in Stade de France – Paris) Hope it doesn’t conflict with Guy’s performance at “Midlands Arts Centre” the next day ? Well, the audience will understand, I hope, if he’s got a hangover 😉

    [I hope they win it, because they can be a joy to watch at times, but I’m not a fan. – Features Editor]

  112. CAPTION: David again alters his setlist adding the ’75 Wish you were classic ” WelCUMBUS to the machine.

    oh god I feel a cheese moment coming on after that one Ed

    Rgds Geoff Duffy( Dublin)

  113. got some good news in my email ken f fellow blogger is going to the london shows and driving both ways and guess wat he live 15 mins down the road gosh its a small world isnt it, was getting a bit worried thought i would have to swap my tickets for the manchester show-to those who offered to do this thanks for offering

  114. Great news about the DVD from the RAH shows; can’t wait for it to released… I hope it doesn’t take as long as Pulse.

    Also, did I really hear David say he thinking of picking up the tour, later, in Summer. If so, for heaven’s sake, please go to Brazil, just to stop the blood begging! Those fans down there are relentless.

    Thanks, Cheers.

    14 1/2 hours to go.

  115. good on the arsenal. i’m not a football fan but i’m told they play an attractive game and even i can see that thierry henry is a bit special. just wanted to thank everyone for their reviews from last night. i remember david on french and saunders, chris royle. he played for longer than they wanted him to play by the looks of it and the audience laughed. they should have just been grateful to hear the man play an extra few notes! he did play another brick in the wall.

  116. To The Canadian Bloggichards (You’ll understand that I hope)

    The Jay Leno show is on tonight at 23:35 ET and is on about six different channels so no excuses 🙂

  117. [We just want to return this part of the site to being a blog. It’s not to begrudge anyone anything. This is turning into a free-for-all forum. Yes, it’s very nice to have varied discussions from time to time, and I’ve tried to allow as much as possible (within reason), but there’s just too much now. (…) – Features Editor]

    Very well stated. I apologize for missing the earlier posts regarding the best tune on On An Island. You are indeed correct, and you continue, F.Ed., to have my continued and unqualified respect and admiration.

    Can’t wait for Leno tonight!

  118. Interesting to see the set changes over the past couple of weeks. Wot’s… really seems to be off the menu for the moment. Thank God it was at my show :-))))

    Cheers, Howard

  119. The Jay Leno show is on tonight at 23:35 ET and is on about six different channels so no excuses 🙂

    Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at April 20, 2006 02:11 PM

    I’ll be wat”CHIN”g sky digital on the other side of the pond. Trapdoor is repeated on one of the kids channels Rudders as you are probably already aware.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  120. Chris…

    “On a side note, my favourite Fast Show sketch ever was a ‘That’s Amazing’, (the world of the strange and bizarre), when Paul Whitehouse played a character who had been witness to an earthquake. A classic!”

    That was the one and only Carl Hooper with Whitehouse and I remember it well 🙂

  121. can we get the jay leno show in the uk on sky or cable , can you let us know please F ED , did i read it right are you a middlesborough fan mate if so let me introduce you to Leeds United, the team of the future, please tell me the answer to the above question leno as im pulling my hair out trying to find out how to view it , cheers mate we appreciate all the crap you have to wade through for us on a daily basis(most of it from fools like me)whether your gay straight or swing both ways or have female tendancies who cares as long as it does not affect your valuable contributions to the blog, thanks again mate dont know how you do it but what ever it is keep doing it yours faithully…….

    [You want Sky channel 505 at 10pm, Simon. We are a few shows behind in the UK, so we won’t get to see it tonight. Wednesday? Will remind you when it’s confirmed. As for football, then I’m a Liverpool fan. – Features Editor]

  122. (Also, did I really hear David say he thinking of picking up the tour, later, in Summer.)

    Fed, is there any truth to this?

    [If there is, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  123. Adrian –

    It’s long forgotton by now. Spit happens, so to speak and it wasn’t anyone’s fault, and it has all been resolved. It’s ancient history and all i’m excited for are the RAH shows. Ok, I’ll be a little bit more shallow – can’t wait for Echoes at the RAH… 🙂


  124. Do we know what David will be performing this evening on Leno?

    Maybe “Welcome To The Ma-CHIN-e” ?

    [Yes, we do. A new blog entry is coming soon. All will be revealed then. – Features Editor]

  125. The Kodak Theatre show last night exceeded even my wildest expectations. To see all of On An Island played live and have David Crosby and Graham Nash share the stage with David just blew me away. Then to see David pull out Arnold Lane really caught me by surprise (I missed the recent postings about Oakland). Having missed the Division Bell tour, I especially enjoyed seeing three songs performed from that album. Echoes brought tears to my eyes, literally. The fact that I even got a ticket was an amazing stroke of luck. I went to the Kodak Theatre box office the day the tix went on sale and was four people away from the window when they told us it was sold out. I knew I could not afford to bid on e-bay or buy from a scalper. Monday night I checked on Craig’s List, and among the sets of pairs for $440 and up there was one guy offering a single ticket for cost. Too good to be true, probably already taken, I thought – but I responded and within 24 hours I got a call and was given a third row ticket in the first mezzanine for $115! Someone up there likes me.

  126. My guesses for tonight’s Jay Leno show are On an Island and Smile. Whatever David plays, it will be wonderful!


  127. [The Jay Leno show is on tonight at 23:35 ET and is on about six different channels so no excuses 🙂

    Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at April 20, 2006 02:11 PM]

    Oh yes there is Rudders. Not only have I not got a mobile phone I dont have Sky either.

    Pete – Coventry

  128. Hi all,

    Apologies if this has already been asked/answered, but does anyone know if the Jay Leno Show is aired in the UK at all? Anyhow, to all the Leno goers – have a wicked time as our delegates 🙂 Tom Green is one of his guests, so if they show it on screens you’ll definitely have a giggle before seeing the boys blow several million american minds!! 🙂

    About last night’s setlist: C&N on WYWH must have been amazing…can’t remember if they shared vocal duties at the NYC show, but I hope one of these versions make it onto the DVD. Also, Arnold Layne again…you lucky lucky people!

    However, this introduced what I often hear referred to as a ‘high quality problem’ (!) – given the choice, would you rather hear Arnold or Wots (or Dominoes). The agony of choice 🙂 Personally as hard a call as it is to make, I’m a major Wots fan – probably because it feels much more like a David song. Same for Fat Old Sun – quintessentially DG imho, and timeless because both Wots or Fat Old sound like they could have been written yesterday (especially in comparison to recent new Meltdown stuff and OAI). Anyhow, moot point really…just one of those thoughts that jumped in. Oh, and I still love Dimming of the Day – I know it’s not David’s, but it sounds like it is. Doesn’t get mentioned enough around here imho 🙂


    [It won’t be shown in the UK tonight, as we’re a few shows behind the US, but you want Sky channel 505 at 10pm. Possibly on Wednesday. There will be a reminder that day for UK fans to tune in. – Features Editor]

  129. Good Morning everyone!!

    It’s 7:30am LA time and I was so excited for tonight I couldn’t sleep! I will be leaving the lovely confines of my wonderful City of Fontana for Los Angeles (about an 1hrs drive)at 1:45pm. Going to Leno then heading over the The Chop House to meet up with fellow bloggers. Then the Gilmour show then the Rumba room after the concert. Whew, what a night. This day has finally came I am so excited. Just so you guys know I will be wearing shorts and a black t-shirt. Hopefully there is no dress code for the Leno show, but I will take my jeans just in case I have to change.

    The kodak show seemed like it was surreal. Nash and Graham? How cool.

    Well see everyone tonight. Is anyone meeting before the Leno show?

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca

  130. Tonight with Jay Leno (from CNBC Europe website)

    23:00 – 23:45 CET
    Sat & Sun
    21:00 – 21:45 CET

    Tonight Show with Jay Leno is shown three weekdays after broadcast in the States, (i.e. Monday’s episode airs on Thursday).

    Saturday and Sunday episodes are CNBC Europe’s selection of the best programmes shown during the week.

    So it should be on Tuesday the 25 11 pm in Europe and 10 pm in the UK, Live performaces are at the end of the show.

    [Many thanks for that, Tomasz. – Features Editor]

  131. Wot… a show! So thoroughly enjoy myself… The crowd for the most part, well behaved, sat when Mr Gilmour asked them to during “his part of the show (On an Island), but almost everybody sat during the second set, which really surprised me. They did stand during “Comfortably Numb”. I needed to move down to the front side of the 1st mezzanine to be able to stand durning the second set. Maybe DG enjoys listeners sitting during his shows, but I hope the crown is more enthusiastic during the Gibson show. Even if for only a few songs. There were a few “WOOOOO’s” in our section too, and my son said a lot of people left repeatedly during the concert to get another drink (some $7.00 a drink). Boy, when I get into a concert, I want to enjoy the tunes. Those going to NBC this pm, enjoy, I’ve got Leno envy!

  132. Has Rick posted on this forum as of yet?

    I truly would love to hear his thoughts on the tour and his triumphant return. Some of my all time favorite moments regarding The Floyd’s music have been their instrumental breaks with David and Rick weaving their aural magic. “Any Colour You Like” has been a long standing fav of mine…


    [He hasn’t (only Guy has), but I’m sure he’d be flattered to know how strong the support for him is. – Features Editor]

  133. From memory, This Heaven, Pocketful and Where We Start. Are these the three Fed? Glad to see you are back to your rambuncious self. Thanks.

    [I could probably pick a different combination of three each day. I really like ‘Take A Breath’, though. – Features Editor]

  134. Great show! I had a great time. Arnold Layne was really cool to hear and see. Echoes blew me away. Great to have Crosby & Nash join in! I’ve heard David’s tone on various albums and live recordings for the last 15 years, but never got to experience it for myself. David’s tone is like no other! It brought a tear to the eye.

    Unfortunately though there were people in the front left who seemed to try their best to disrupt the experience for the rest of us in front left (I was far left Orch C). Security towards the end was interrupting every song to pull people out of the seats in front of me and in the middle front of the L ORCH section. They would block the view of David and their talking could be heard even through the incredibly loud speaker stack that was 15 feet in front of me! They did this almost every song in the second half! The seats in front of me changed occupants every other song. I’ve never been at a concert that had such disorder.

    I’m looking forward to tonight’s show and am hoping that it will not include such disruptions. Bravo to David and Rick and everyone! David’s guitar work was as always without flaw!

    I can’t wait for this evening’s show!

    Thank you David and company for coming to Los Angeles! I’ve waited some 12 years for this (having just discovered Pink Floyd and David’s music in late ’94 and missing that tour).


  135. Fed

    A few thoughts on last night at the Kodak.

    For me the first set was the highlight of the entire night. I thought that everyone in the band was spot on and truthfully much more focused and inspired for the “On An Island” songs than the “Old Songs” as David called them, during the second half. It is becoming apparent to me- especially in direct couterpoint to older work – that “On An Island” may be David Gilmour’s masterpiece. It is at once hummable, accessable and deeply moving and multi-layered in mood, and poetry (lyrics) and oh hell I’ll say it – love. Love of a man and woman; Love of family. Love of Life.

    Grateful for the blessings and accepting of the pain.

    It is joyfull, nuanced ( and calming) love letter between Mr. & Mrs. Gilmour and therefore a message of hope and love to all of us. All of this was made crystal clear by everyone in the band last night- that first set will stand for me as one of the best I have ever experienced. Ever, anywhere.

    Highlights from the second half for me were “Echoes” – Richard Wright was a Mother*@#&er last night-wow!

    I had a terrific seat and was able to watch the band’s expressions and interactions with one another. I was so impressed by the palpable respect and sheer head shaking joy David Crosby had for David Gilmour’s playing. Crosby kept making comments to Nash and the two of them just stood dumbstruck at times.

    David Gilmour stands as one of the few real innovators and geniuses on their chosen instrument of the last century. He brought to mind Miles Davis last night- David Gilmour’s playing right now is peak, consumate, perfect. Precision with nothing random.

    The audience was terrible. Thankfully most of them ( even the self-proclaimed “Big Fans”) found nothing to scream about during the first set so instead of leaping to their feet, arms stretched like some hysterical Evangelical Parishoner to the heavens they were bored and spent the time walking in and out buying drinks trying to sneak into a “better” seat and generally distrurbing other peoples experience.

    They just got worse in the second half -really intolerable. Most specifically with those Demonic camera phones thrust in the air (again blocking sightlines) recording 15 secs of unwatchable “video”…. it really is pathetic ( and a true triumph for phone company/”virtual” life is better marketing) to see so many hypnotized idiots missing the Moment again and again staring at a 1 inch screen when a Genius is playing some of the best music of his life 30 feet in front of them. Made me sad I must say. I finally understand why David Gilmour’s old partner stepped to the edge of that stage and spit on that “fan”some 35 years ago.

    But that Band last night! That BAND was in it far more often than not and they gave me some Moments I will treasure the rest of my life.

    “Where we start is where we end.”

  136. I correct myself: the song on the new album is “Take a breath”.
    Whatever, it was all just magic.

  137. david i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for fullfilling my dream at the kodak theater. for a kid in his early 20’s inever had an oppertunity to see floyd play, i did with division bell but was too poor to afford tickets. but last night was so incredible. i want to thank you for the memmories and hope to see you again in los angeles, you know you’re always welcome!

    Thank you,
    Arthur Shchiglik
    Los Angeles

  138. The sky is so… blue this morning. The clouds so fluffy white.

    I can still taste it. Arnold Layne, Crosby Nash Gilmor Wright – Echoeing in my head while that Fat Old Sun shines in the sky.

    I feel as I’m On An Island… and it just felt right.

    Loved the switch up of the set. A taste of PF at the start and then On An Island complete, intermission and then a dream set of Pink Floyd.

    I do say, the people in attendance who felt it necessary to yell “Pink Floyd…YEA!!!!!” during the quiet parts of songs really were annoying. Like David is going to say, “Oh yes, that was what we were called, I forgot.”

    You don’t get to witness Pink Floyd live everyday, or year or decade for that matter, now, and you scream through the songs?!?

    That aside, Hollyweird was blessed last night.

    Thank you for the memory.

  139. One more thing.

    Even with witnessing Echoes live, which has been a dream for 20 years.

    I woke up this morning with “Take A Breath” repeating in my head.

    “On An Island” is brilliant.

  140. to john covert: i really enjoyed your review. thanks for sharing it with us. sorry to hear about the camera phones. if someone waves one of those things in front of me at the albert hall, i will have to fight the urge to snap his or her arm! why don’t the ushers put a stop to it? why do people take them with them in the first place? it’s so selfish and not like you get a good quality or length recording anyway.

  141. John Covert, You said it all so perfectly. It is a shame there are so many fans who can not understand that just because David is playing a tune they are not 100% familiar with they can’t seem to enjoy it for what it is, pure genius! Glad there are some of us who do get it.

    Dave in Ft. Wayne, IN.

  142. [“I finally understand why David Gilmour’s old partner stepped to the edge of that stage and spit on that “fan” some 35 years ago”- John Covert]

    All I can say is…

    “Waiting…… weed out the weaklings”

    Maybe next tour David can activate the lasers and have some fun…

  143. Hello all,

    I was at the show last night at the Kodak and I waited 11 years to see David and it was all that I dreamed about.

    It was “UNBELEVABLE” what a great show, I will never forget it, when I heard ECHOES that is when I lost it…..

    A lot of people were shooting though, not classy…

    I would love to hear from people who were there last night and share memories

    Thank you David for all the memories you are the best!!!

  144. Last night was phenomenal.

    The anticipation kept building and and building…as I entered the Kodak and found my seat, I kept hearing from all around me, “Can you believe we’re gonna see David Gilmour?!”

    When Speak To Me began, the crowd went crazy (which makes it appropriate that he opened the show with a few songs from a piece for assorted lunatics…). You could feel the energy of the crowd, the sheer joy and the admiration directed towards the man with the unforgettable smile.

    Though I must say, there were a lot of inconsiderate idiots there. Yelling things, talking loudly throughout songs – I mean come on. You have David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Dick Parry, Guy Pratt, among other top notch musicians in front of you, and you take your attention off them to talk about some insignificant aspect of your life? Give me a break. Other than that, I like to think that the rest of us gave you a warm welcome, and the majority of us where there to be immersed in the beautiful music.

    The first chord to Breathe. The slide guitar, and then…

    “Breathe, breathe in the air…”

    Upon hearing that magnificent voice, it finally hit me that I was about to witness something extremely magical. I was about to see a group of extremely talented musicians perform some of the greatest pieces ever recorded.

    The crowd was really feeling it, and I think that Mr. Gilmour felt the crowd’s energy as well.

    I was honestly blown away by how good this show was. There was lots of improvisation, simply delightful! Mr. Gilmour really rocked out last night, I loved it! The set list was fantastic, we got such a range of classics – Time, Fat Old Sun was a great surprise (nice solo!) and ARNOLD LAYNE???? What a pleasant surprise! Take a Breath really rocked. Red Sky at Night – nice sax playing sir. Your talent seems to know no bounds. Aww, and Smile was beautiful.

    But what affected me the most was Echoes. I still cannot believe I witnessed my favorite Pink Floyd song of all time performed live. In all honesty, I was teary eyed and overcome with emotion. That solo right before the jam section…gave me chills.

    I will be Raving and Drooling over this performance for the rest of my life. Prior to the show, I would speak of how Mr. Gilmour has influenced me to play the guitar. After seeing the man in action, that would be an understatement. I think in an interview a while back, Mr. Gilmour once said that he wanted to lock himself away and practice until he was as good as B.B. King. I hope he knows that many of us feel the same way about him.

    I could go on about this forever, and I kind of have already. But really, thank you sir, from the bottom of my heart. You made my dream come true, as I never had chance to see you perform. On An Island is truly an impressive accomplishment, and you’ve created yet another timeless masterpiece.

    I hope to see you again! Enjoy every second of the love, the admiration, the respect, the recognition – you really deserve it.

    [As a sidenote, I don’t really expect this portion to make it on my posted comment, but Roger Waters is a fool…and I think he’s well aware of that now. He was working with 3 talented musicians who managed to create intricate, beautiful music while not getting along. He left the band why, to create music? Music that would convey his message with greater impact? I don’t think he understood the dynamic that the Floyd had. The music and lyrics are equal to me. What the lyrics have to say the music amplifies and adds shades of emotion and life to them.

    The strange thing is, is that I’m a very confused person. I love the Division Bell. I also love the Final Cut. That says something right there. My Pros and Cons vinyl is right next to Gilmour’s first solo on vinyl.

    My point is, that after last night, I realized that Mr. Waters took away 20 good years of potential Pink Floyd from us. Not to say that you all owed us anything, but had the band gotten along, who knows? We could have had at least 3 or 4 other PF albums over that span of time. Mr. Gilmour really was valiant in keeping Floyd going for 2 more albums, as well as continue to give us the gift of new music in his third solo release.

    It’s just sad that both of them had the same ultimate goal – to create rich, complex music that really meant something – and yet…?

    Well, I apologize for the length of this entry. Much respect and recognition to you too, Features Editor. I saw you were thanked in the show’s program. Nice! =)]

  145. This is a joint review/debrief of the Kodak from Jorge and Angelo. We wrote this at 2:41am local time (10:41am UK?), and Jorge crashed in my room until 6am for his flight back to Mexico. You can click our names for pictures. I do not share these pictures with everyone gratuitously. I just want to provide visuals of the experience as best as I can….

    That said, forgive us both for a very long post as well as spelling errors. My acoustic guitar in our hands until 5am, you can be sure we had a very late night indeed….

    Angelo’s Review:

    It becoming clich at this point trying to describe these David Gilmour performances, but let me start by saying that this performance on the whole was better that 4/5 RCMH. It hard to image how that is possible, but it is. Why? For starters it appears as if the band is performing on a different plane than NYC (maybe the time together on the road). Secondly, I would take a risk by saying that the warmth/energy coming from the fans over the last few weeks must have helped to transform their performance. I would like to hear what Guy Pratt thinks after the tour is done (by the way, that was me giving you the thumbs up, Guy, on your way into the van tonight backstage).

    Maybe it all in my head, but the reaction by fans we spoke to is pretty consistent: this concert is n experience not just a performance.

    David Gilmour was in one of his zones tonight (even when he was flubbing, which I love to see because it keeps me grounded that he is ctually not a real od .)

    I didn take as many pictures as I would have wanted, but I think I e had my fill of those anyway (Jorge has news for you, Fed).

    In sum, tonight was artistic craftsmanship arranged in movements summarized metaphorically in one 21 minute piece: Echoes.

    I can write more, but it could never be enough .

    Jorge Review:

    Wow! I trying to follow up Angelo, however; actually even trying seems to be a challenge. The reason is after hearing David and the band performance tonight at the Kodak you first need to digest what you e seen in order to then barely try to express it. I l try to explain what I still digesting saying that t was like a perfectly orchestrated performance, based not on the mundane but on the rich and passionate self inside of David

    Ok, so now getting a little bit into the music I like to make some special comments on certain songs on the set list. In general, OAI makes a lot more sense to me after hearing it live. It really got matured as a project and I bet David has already chosen some songs from it as part of the second part of the set list on his following tours.

    On an Island: Perfectly played with a special exchange of notes between Phil and David on the solos. You guys seem to have centuries playing together perfectly worked out solo.

    This Heaven: If it sounded bluesy to you on the CD you e really going to love watching the DVD of OAI. It a lot more aggressive the way David plays the blues live, still, he manages to keep it right at the threshold where it a perfect song. Great, great solo on David Les Paul. You can get to play that kind of blues on a Strat (don blame me on this it everyone opinion, even David as I got to see tonight).

    Take a Breath: What can I say? I wasn expecting so much from this already great song. I was wrong on that. It was a lot warmer and you could feel what David was trying to say with his guitar and voice. Great visual effects on this part of the show. This song made that even Floyd only fans attending to the concert ask which song was it and saying that it played awesome.

    A pocketful of Stones: Totally mystical as in the CD, however; a LOT more feeling into the song made it spectacular.

    Those are my highlights for the OAI part of the set list now for the actual second part
    Shine on you Crazy Diamond: Perfectly, perfectly managed song. I can say it sounded better than what I used to hear however; there was this very interesting part where David was only playing a few selected notes from the whole harmony still allowing to clearly hear it but taking you up until the edge of wanting the whole chord strung.

    Wearing the Inside Out: Great Rick singing. He too seems to be on the top of his playing.

    Fat Old Sun: Can you believe David actually managed to put the whole song together as in the original version? He began playing it as in the Meltdown DVD concert and finished playing a tremendous solo on his electric.

    Arnold Layne: Well do I need to comment on this one? Perfect. Rick sounded AMAZING in here. Angelo noted that Rick even used Syd accent for the song.

    Coming back to Life: Guy fellow, you seem to have lots of fun on the bass. By the way, thank you for being at the blog with us. Great soloing from David.

    High Hopes: Great, great version and performance. Red lapsteel on stage. David changing from his nylon strings guitar to the lapsteel and back to the nylon strings again, priceless. Great, great slide part. Actually David pushed the slide the way where he began almost playing on the bridge WOW!

    Echoes: Everyone says it so I can miss my chance: This song is worth the concert, the trip and whichever price you had to pay to see this concert. 21+ minutes of the best version of Echoes ever heard, and I sure no one will disagree on this one. Great laser experience mixed with a perfect setting of Echoes parts. I specially loved the part when they fade away almost il silence and then they go back to play this single note at a fast beat for a while following the harmony and then BOOM! David starts playing the triad sounding riff. Believe me guys it would even make your bones shiver. Echoes; best on the concert for me.

    Wish you were here: WYWH is a very meaningful song for me and the way they played it tonight moved my inner Jorge pretty much.

    Cost of Freedom: Great a capella from Graham Nash, David Crosby and Mr. Gilmour. BTW, I didn mention that Mr. Gilmour voice is better than ever.

    Comfortably Numb: Last but not least Great, great laser show, it got everyone singing and moving at the Kodak. Great picture. And to close the whole concert what could be best than the longest solo for this song. Perfectly played and seriously way over every other single interpretation. Pure heart.

    Well guys that it for the moment. I might be able to post later something more juicy out from my head but first I need to get some sleep and then catch a flight.

    Dear Fed, please thank David and his team for me. They e made me the happiest guy on earth. And if you were wondering if your finger crossing helped on getting my autograph, IT DID! I got my OAI disc signed by David after the concert. He only signed three albums and I was one of the lucky guys.

    By the way, I like to publicly thank Angelo for letting me crash in before my flight and also for his great company. We had such a good time here at Hollywood. Thanks for everything Angelo.

    Shine on guys!

    [Glad to hear it, Jorge. I’m really pleased for you. Sounds like you both had a good time. – Features Editor]

  146. [is the blog’s existence also coming to an end? Please say it isn’t so… I wouldn’t know what to do without my (almost) daily fix of David’s news….

    [Gosh, ask me tomorrow at about 6:15am and I’ll tell you. – Features Editor]]

    Um… Your tomorrow, or mine? I’m in the US, East Coast… although I guess it doesn’t really matter since it’s already past 6 am… Or was my question too stupid and you’re just being sarcastic? I can never tell, sorry!

    [No need to apologise, mate. Forgive me. It’s just been a rough week and I’ve been a right old misery. I could give you a different answer to your question every day. We are going to have to make some changes to the blog, because the volume of posts we get now is crazy and moderating it is now more than a full-time job. But the idea is that it will continue beyond the end of the tour. – Features Editor]

  147. My family and I are attending the Gibson tonight. Very exited. We travel from Lancaster, California, North East of L.A. about a 45 minute drive to Universal City. Departing about 4 p.m. to dinner and then the mandatory t-shirts and the show. I am disappointed to see that there are sites on the net still selling tickets for tonight show at exuberant prices. On the one hand, it would be nice to see the venue full for the band and David. But, for the fans’ sake. I hope some of these sellers end up with unsold tickets in their hands, after the mess they created for the honest fan who couldn’t get a ticket when they went on sale or pay the proper price. Looking foward to a night of magic and memories.

  148. Great show at the KODAK theater. Hearing the new material was thrilling. Arnold Layne is one of the all time faves. Echoes was how I remember it. I saw Pink Floyd twice in 1975 at the L.A. Sports Arena for the Wish you were here Tour. Amazing. I remember the weird comic Book of Pink Floyd acting out each of the tunes. Wish I still had that. I also was lucky enough to see Floyd perform The Wall in 1980 at the same venue. But this night at the Kodak was David Gilmour at his peak. He is a Master of his Instrument(s). Even when he pick up the sax.

    This is what I remember from the set list (I was Sober):
    1. Breath
    2. Time
    3. Breath Reprise
    4. OAI (Entire Album)
    2nd Half
    5. Shine on you crazy Diamond (with Crosby & Nash) pts 1-5
    6. Richard Wright Tune (What was the name of this one?)
    7. FAT OLD SUN
    8. Arnold Layne
    9. Division Bell tune
    10. Division Bell Tune
    11. ECHOES
    12. Wish you were Here (with Crosby & Nash)
    13. Comfortably Numb)

    I must comment on the crowd. Many people who have absolutely no class or respect for the artist. Morons who could care less about the genius on stage and the magical atmosphere of the Kodak Theater. One Gal in front of me talked through the entire ON AN ISLAND. I was in the 3rd Mezzanine and I am deaf in my left ear. Plus the drunken fools who continue to ruin the experience for people who are there to see David Gilmour play. They were yelling things that meant nothing to anyone. In the quiet parts of OAI some would yell out PINK FLOYD or the gal in front me yelled out THIS ALBUM IS BULLSHIT. I wanted to throw her off the Balcony. Folks, listen, if you were one of the many people who find it necessary to continually get up, yell, talk, and think it is cool, you are wrong. Get a grip on reality. You are ruining the experience for many people who also want to see you gone. It makes no sense to many of us. Go home, put on the album, drink to your hearts content and pass out. Then some of these people (I use that term lightly LOL) drove home for god’s sake.

    Anyway, that is my rant on the awful crowd. And I agree with many here on this blog that Camera Phones should be banned from concerts. They are so annoying and distract from the general focus of the concert.

    The Harmonies on Arnold Layne were dead on. I love that tune. Piper at the gates of Dawn was my first Floyd Album. The First Floyd Album. It had Astronomy Domine and also a Little known tune from Barrett called the GNOME. Pick it up if you do not have it. It is available on Import. Echoes in 1975 had the same Ice/Fog beneath the band. But the light show at the Kodak was well thought out and intense. It was great to see David pick up the Alto Saxophone. I played wind Instruments and that was one of them. It is a Very difficult Instrument to play and David was a Master at that as well. The Slide Guitar is such a beautiful sounding Instrument. The Only other Musician that can play as well is David Lindley.

    Well, that is my review. I know that this is a Rock Concert. But for some of the individuals there, they think they are alone and there is no one else around them. To those individuals, please get some sense of reality. A musician like David Gilmour deserves the respect and SILENCE during the intricate quiet parts of his music. Kudos to David Crosby, Graham Nash, Richard Wright and the rest of the band. Thanks so much for the truly memorable Experience.

    [The Richard Wright tune was ‘Wearing The Inside Out’ from Pink Floyd’s ‘The Division Bell’ album. The others from that album were ‘Coming Back To Life’ and ‘High Hopes’. – Features Editor]

  149. Wow!! I saw him in Chicago, but now I sort of wish I had waited and seen him in Cali! The only thing about the new setlist that I don’t like is that “Wot’s…Uh The Deal” was replaced. I’m glad I got to see that one, but we didn’t get “Arnold Layne”. I just hope they manage to include both of those (and, of course, “Fat Old Sun”) on the DVD. If we’re lucky, they will include all (or most) of the songs from the tour on there by playing two completely different sets each night in London. I’ll probably be in Navy boot camp when those shows are recorded/released, but you can bet that the day I get out, I’ll go and get ’em!

  150. Regarding the fans last night:

    I have to say NYC has got nothing on LA in terms of loud and rowdy fans. And the picture phones!!! It seems, in general, that it must be a cultural/group consiousness thing. One person does it and it becomes the sonic equivalent of a grandstand “Wave” rolling through the audience . (That’s the social scientist in me dissecting this clinically)

    I am proud to report that two individuals who refused to sit received sharp pokes from my pointy stick with maximum effect.

    Regarding Wright: The man is playing and singing like a man possessed. I am VERY happy for him.

    Regarding the band: They make a lot of eye contact with each other. Everyone seems to look at David not just to watch a maestro but to tune in. Seems like that to me anyway…

  151. What an incredible show. My buddy and I walked out of the Kodak theater in a stupor having been put into a blissful state of sensory overload. We flew in from Phoenix and spent alot on getting the tickets and getting there, but my money has never been put towards a more worthy and incredibly satisfying adventure – ever.

    I am sorry to hear about the fans around John, and as for the idiots yelling at every chance. I have been told that idiots will take every opportunity to provide proof for the whole world.

    I was in the center of the 3rd Mezzanine in the front row and was surrounded by a group of people that were very focused on the stage and had not one distraction, save the late-comers, throughout both sets.

    When I got the tickets I thought “Oh well, nosebleed seats are still at the show.” I couldn’t have been more wrong about the seat. From my vantage I believe I saw more of what happened on stage than did many on the floor. During Echoes, I was right in the middle of the laser show and was just blown away as the Strobing lights on stage built higher and higher and then when right on through the roof! I guess you can tell I enjoyed myself.

    Flew back to the desert this morning and have had many people ask me about the show. “All that I can say is …. Holy S#!t!”

  152. [We just want to return this part of the site to being a blog. It’s not to begrudge anyone anything. This is turning into a free-for-all forum. Yes, it’s very nice to have varied discussions from time to time, and I’ve tried to allow as much as possible (within reason), but there’s just too much now. (…) – Features Editor]

    Dear Fed, ô, si cher (chère),

    of course , you’re NOT wrong when you say that… but, we’re human – so humble, poor men and women… Well, what I mean is, you can’t ask to speak only about shows, or music, or love we have for David, etc… this love didn’t fall upon us, just… like, let’s say,rain or snow, or storm, or, more, a rainbow after rain. No, it’s not because David IS a Genius, and a so kind person, that we love him… otherwise, everybody in the world, would love him, would HAVE TO love him!

    No, we love him ALSO because of our lives, because of who we are… I mean the facts which made who we are…

    Of course, we can all, here, say”I love David”. And that is what we say. Sincerely. Deeply. But WHY we love him – and not only because he is HE…-, that’s also a good question… No?

    Hey, in fact, we can’t forget that Himself wrote that or that, because of life…

    Well, forgive me, Dear Fed, ô, si cher (chère), I don’t want to offense you or anybody else here. It’s just what your sentences inspired to me [- because I do love David, since… si longtemps…- but I’m not the only one, and maybe (smile of autoderision, … don’t you see it?) I’m not the best fan in the world -], and I’m sure (?) many gilmourians think like me…

    But, again, re-again, re-re-again, re-…, forgive me… and if you want to say me “f**ck off”, say it…! (even if I would be so sad, but I would certainly deserve…)

    Ikkar, with love (all my love)

    PS.Excuse my poor english

    [You certainly don’t deserve that, mate. I know what you mean, believe me, because I’m also a fan and I feel what you feel. But the blog wasn’t designed for me to spend an average of 12 hours a day, seven days a week moderating mostly ‘irrelevant’ posts or directing public conversations between sets of fans. That’s why there have to be changes and we hope people will respect that. – Features Editor]

  153. Wondering about ‘fans’ who complain so much about any changes in the music. I welcome any new version those fantastic artists want to play. It is David’s music and if he wants to keep creating then, go for it David. To be able to be there live while it is happening is such a gift.
    Next, are the complaints of ‘it cost me this and that in time and money, bla bla bla’ These are probably the same fans that get there and then spend all of their time out of the theatre drinking, smoking and doing drugs. Why did they come? They certainly were not 100% present.

    I still feel so thankful that I got to see such an incredible show. Thank you so much David Gilmour and band for coming on this tour. A dream come true. ‘On An Island’ is so very beautiful.

  154. (quote)[Who sang about giving people too much rope? (“Muslim or Christian, Mullah or Pope, preacher or poet, who was it wrote, give any one species too much rope and they f*ck it up?”) I always forget his name… – Features Editor](quote)

    I believe it was V. Lenin that said ‘When the last capitalist is hanged, it will be with the rope that he created…’

    Not sure if that was the quote you were thinking of, but I thought I would add my two pence…

  155. Last night at the Kodak was the best concert I’ve ever witnessed. David Gilmour and the band gave me more than I could ever hope for. Every note, every riff was perfect. I really teared up during the first songs, cried for my good fortune to hear this genius play and sing in person. I will always consider this a landmark event in my life, and will always be thankful that I had an opportunity to hear these wonderful musicians.

    Thanks to all of them for the best show ever! I hope they give us more tours in the future.

  156. Wow… finally woke up… and gotta go back to bed because there’s work tomorrow.

    God… I’m still digesting everything. It was AWESOME… it’s the best musical experience I’ve ever had.

    Sorry for the many ortographic and grammatical errors on my review yesterday… Trust me… By that time I had somewhere on the 24hrs+ without sleeping. Just as soon as I got myself inside the plane I knocked off… woke up landing at Guadalajara’s airport…

    I GOT TO SEE DAVID LIVE! :D! That was a MUST in my life guys… Thanks for everything David and the Band… really… thanks for such an amazing show.

    Shine on guys!

  157. Kodak show was the greatest show I have seen! Well it’s also the only one other than Pink Floyd Division bell Tour in El Paso, TX… but I have to say that I’m truly amazed by the musicianship and just overall professionalism of this show…

    It was fun, but it was real… glad that it was intimate… smaller than i thought it would be.

    I loved the fact it was 3 hours, and maybe why he’s only doing a handful of dates, but I can’t wait for the DVD!

    What a great memory, I’ll remember this for years!

  158. Hi FEd,

    In response to (among others) ayako and Ikkar you wrote about the changes in the blog to relieve you of a lot of work (12 hours in a day is simply way too much to be enjoyable), I think and hope that once the USA leg is over (eg. NOW) and after the UK-shows a lot of the irregulars/first time posters will forget about this site and it will return to its cosy warm place it was before the tour started.

    Hopefully everybody (me including) can contain themselves and only post relevant things for the community as a whole.

    BTW I really loved those raving reports of night 19 (and of course the other nights). Have to read the ones for the final USA show yet (yesterday it had only 3 comments).

    This band is so tight and so much fun, judging from what I saw in Amsterdam and what all those fellow bloggers wrote about the other shows. The changes in the setlist reflect this.

    David Gilmour & band & entourage (THANK YOU POLLY for “letting” him tour and for your beautiful pictures and lyrics and warmth !!!)

    Have a safe trip back “Home, home again” and good luck David to your child preparing for the exams !!! Enjoy your free time on your way to the UK-gigs. Hoep to hear/see you record/perform one day again. “We step out sweetly, nothing planned”. Happy waltzing 😉


  159. Thomas Dobson

    The quote you mentioned [Muslim or Christian, Mullah or Pope …..] – it’s from an album entitled ‘Amused To Death’ by none other than Roger Waters. Which just goes to show our FED is a balanced individual who knows his/her onions.

    Thought you might like to know.

    [Ah yes, that’s the one. – Features Editor]

  160. Best Show!! Way to give us just enough of the OLD stuff, “FAT OLD SUN” “ARNOLD LAYNE”, and the greatist treat “ECHOES”. The NEw Album was also beautiful. Thank You David, Rick, Guy, and all who helped make a spectacular show.

    A True Fan, Joe

  161. I can sum up last nights show in one word…EUPHORIC.

    It was an event I will remember the rest of my life. David, Richard, David and Graham are truly masters who take thier art to a higher place and transend the listener to a place high on the mountain top. Add breathtaking visuals..and some mother nature it is a kind of religious experiance that removes one from the cares and worries of this F–ked up world and instills a feeling of EURPHORIA.

    I know david is not found of touring but to not share his gift with us more would be akin to closing the systine chapel or the Louve.



  162. 20th April 2006,

    This was a night to remember. David’s performance raised the bar for “Guitar-God”, raised it to a level many of the so-called “Guitar-Shredder’s” can only dream of reaching up to. The quality of his playing, and the show he put on were jaw-dropping. The band with him, was just as phenomenal. What a joy to see David and Richard together again. Now add David Crosby and Graham Nash, and I guess the only thing that could be said is Oh My God. If David ever reads this, Thank You, Thank You David, for truely a most memorable evening.

  163. From Mark & Carol (Syracuse NY)

    Subj: April 19, 2006 Kodak theater concert

    To Dave, family and band………..

    We had a wonderful 3 day trip out to Hollywood/Kodak theater…the flights were fast for me and wife Carol. We are so glad we went out to see your concert….The Kodak theater was a great setting for you Dave, it sounded great!!!!! similar to SPAC-Saratoga Performing Arts Center or Carrier Dome. Hope to see you soon…..even if we head over UK way… We flew back to Syracuse last night with great memories and look forward to more…. PS Polly your pictures are great, it adds a wonderful touch to the web site…You guys did a great job on it!!!

    Take Care , see you all soon….Mark & Carol 🙂

  164. Since others have kindly posted their reviews of the show itself, which I agree with – and have to find a NEW word to describe how incredible the night was…I am posting to give you another perspective of how David made this night even more special for some of the fans.

    I don’t know if some of you saw it – but I am the girl who got David’s pick at the end of the Kodak show – he was so kind to give it directly to me – directing me to it when I fumbled it on his toss the first time!

    I was also one of the lucky three, along with Jorge, who got the new cd cover signed by David after the show.

    Before the show, so you all know, David did stop and sign a few new cd’s for about 4 guys who were outside waiting for him as he got there – we arrived 15 minutes too late for that run-in – but again, were lucky enough to see him after. David was very clear that all he would sign would be the new cd cover – nothing else. He stayed true to that before AND after the show – even refusing to sign for one fan (who’d flown in from Hawaii) who held out the lyrics page the crew had just given him inside the show an hour earlier.

    I was at Gibson on Thursday night as well and, even though David did throw one pick out that night as well, the fans who were literally on the floor fighting over the pick (which I can understand the reason) were not respectful fans to begin with – they had jumped the chairs to get up front at the encore – so they really weren’t supposed to be up there anyway. I felt the fans at both shows need to learn some respect for David, the band, and for the fans who sat respectfully all night listening to the power of the music…not drinking and talking and shouting to DG whenever there was a moment of silence.

    I have to tell you all how fortunate I feel having received personally the pick at the Kodak – I realize it’s rare of him to do so – and I am truly honored and will keep it proudly and safely for as long as I live, alongside his amazing signed cd cover.

    Again, I’m posting only to prove to some posters I read previously who were angry that David did not “give” anything away during shows. I’m sorry, but we shouldn’t expect to be “given” anything from the band except the gift they’ve already given us – the music. However, to prove the one or two posters I read who said he didn’t “give” – I wanted to prove you wrong and tell you that David is as generous as a legend can be in the situation he’s in each night – he was gracious and very accommodating for those who had been in the right place at the right time.

    Thank you for the great posts…I’ve only read up until now – so I appreciate all the great stories.

    Orange County, CA

  165. FEd, brilliant response about returning this part of the site to being a blog. I deeply enjoy the forum, but it is increasingly difficult to find the day’s news. I fear that pulling in the rope and being Mr. Nice Editor isn’t easy. “Make em laugh, make em cry, make em dance in the aisles. Make em pay, make em stay, make em feel ok.”

    Thank you for all you do!

    Brian (IA)

    [Thanks, Brian. Some people aren’t going to like the changes, but they’re necessary. It’s definitely a case of “too many home fires burning and not enough trees” here at the moment. See how I seamlessly slipped that in there? I might have to listen to the album now. – Features Editor]

  166. just wanted to thank David for opening my eyes on the world poverty issue. Thank you David

  167. awesome show at the kodak! …and Crosby and Nash to boot! Incredible. They should have been recording this show for the DVD..would love to hear or see this particular one again….On an Island complete and then Crosby and Nash singing Shine on with Dave, and superior versions of Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne, and Echoes(among others)!!!!! WOW!! didn’t want it to end…..thanks so much for the great show!

  168. The Kodak experience will be a memory that me and my wife will remember for the rest of our lives. The performance that David produced for us is a special gift that was truly incredible. To take time from his family and compile a show on this level is a wonderful gift for us fans.

    I do have to make mention along the lines of some of the fans that were at the show. I watched a lady in the front middle row of the 2nd Mez drink enough to tip a rhino over and then on top of that take enough pot hits to where I think her feet were off of the ground. I think after a while she felt she was actually the focus of the crowd instead of David.

    I want to thank David for his masterful performance and to the rest of the band. It was such a treat to see Mr. Wright and Mr. Gilmour perform together. The whole time that Echoes was being performed I kept seeing visions of Pompeii. This was an absolutely wonderful experience. Fat Old Sun and Arnold Layne were a treat but the peak for me was the Comfortably Numb and the full experience of Echoes.

    Eternally Grateful,

  169. Does anybody know which show was the first one, that David played saxophone live for Red Sky @ Night?

    [David has been playing saxophone on stage since the start of the tour, which was his birthday party warm-up on 6 March. – Features Editor]

  170. I hit my 7th show of the NA tour tonight at the beautiful Kodak theater. It wasn’t very beautiful, although the metal detector pat down was a nice touch. David seemed to sense something wasn’t right, also. Other then the surprise visit, this show was riddled by the worst sound of the tour and the biggest crowd mental cases. There was three separate fights within the first 20 rows of the stage, throughout the show.

    Fans were so clueless that they didn’t let Crosby and Nash sing SOYCD – screaming from the crowd instead. Nash finally told everyone to SHUSH into the microphone which did make it a bit better but still hard to hear their work on that song… Nash had a great moment when he walked on stage for On an Island and immediately whipped of his shoes towards Steve’s base drum to sing barefoot. I am sure that Steve has smelt his feet over the years with CSN. Right Steve?

    David announced Dick Parry again after SOYCD and then proceeded to thank Mr. Nash and Crosby again, saying “they really can sing”. DG went on to say…”and NOT BAD DANCERS TOO” , referring to Nash’s silly dancing and air guitar. He (Nash) seemed like he had the most fun, including the crowd, of the night.

    Speaking of the guests, I wish I could of heard the long conversation that went down between Crosby and Guy Pratt during The Blue. They where just chatting away – bla, bla, bla. Similar to the rest of the 2,000 plus so called fans from LA – chatting away!

    Lets HOPE the $300 ticket price (I paid 3x more) for the Gibson on Thursday’s closing night has a similar format but quieter Audience participation.

    Hey FANS – IF YOU WANT TO SING ALONG, WHY DON’T YOU DO IT FOR FREE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM???? Why ruin a good show for a man who hasn’t head lined in town for 20 years?

    Finally, I thought it was funny how the fight broke out during WYWH 15 row, left of stage. About 6 security guards stood there and David saw it to abruptly end that song and introduce the good ol’ boys once more for their special encore.

    Everyone was screaming for comfortably numb and as soon as the first guitar solo started, 20% of the crowd started to leave. Typical LA BS. Ever seen a Dodgers game before the 3rd inning or after the 6th? If you have, you must not live near LA…..

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