Night 17/18: San Francisco

041_blog.jpgDue to the Jay Leno ticket give-away, I’m afraid the two San Francisco shows get just the one entry.

Please note that there are several reviews of the first night from Oakland in the previous entry (Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 16 April) – and I ain’t gonna move them. For the sake of orderliness, please post any further comments of relevance here, and all future comments in the right place. Thank you.

Do let us know if you were at the concert at the Oakland Paramount Theater last night, or if you’ll be in attendance tonight. We’d love to know how last night’s show went, and how you’re feeling ahead of tonight’s.

As usual, the setlists will be revealed among the comments, so don’t read through them if you don’t want to know what was played.

If you’ve got a ticket for tonight’s show, I hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to hearing from you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. The setlist from the first San Francisco show (Sunday 16 April) was as follows:

    First half: Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Dominoes, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  2. Caption Competition…

    Spoken by two members of the Pointy Stick Brigade just out of picture…

    William: Longshanks!? Where’s your pointy stick?

    Longshanks: Sorry William but it was taken off me by security along with my Canon EOS so I found this piece of wood called Stratocaster!… I will call it Stratocaster of Stirling and poke the Drunken WooHoo malcontents with it…

  3. Hi Fed,

    Any chance of this performance appearing on the web (so those of us not there can see what we missed)?


    PS: Thanks very much for the pic of David with his Platinum award! Here’s to many more such presentations.

    [The entire San Francisco show? No, I don’t think so. Sorry! – Features Editor]

  4. Congratulations to those who will recieve tickets for the Leno performance! “Wish I was There”

    I just finished reading yesterdays postings and enjoyed your responses, Fed, to the regular contributers that wanted tickets.

    Sorry you had to work on Easter, keep up the good work.

    All the best.

  5. You ask, what is the quality of life….
    seeking to justify the parts we play…

    Oh, my quality of life is being severely hindered knowing that for the 1st time ever in my adult life, I’ll be missing the show. Oh woh is me…

    I was too young to see the Animals tour, at least according to my parents. “We know what they do at those concerts”. Oh…always wished I coulda been there…the last tour with Pink all together.

    I saw “The Wall” in LA. It caught me quite offguard, not knowing it was a theatrical production…it completely blew my freaking mind.

    Then, David in Berkeley in 1982. Awesome!

    Then, Floyd remade for 1987 was it? Momentary lapse of reason tour. I touched the great flying pig! Of course at that exact moment I was deluged with security guards. At the 2nd show I attended.. I headed for the floor after the intermission… distracted the security just long enough…

    Then I think it was Roger out on his own. Also an awesome show. Oakland.

    Yes, then Floyd again! In the 90’s, and lastly Roger just a few years back in Mountain View.

    So…it pains me ever so greatly to have learned David has a tour planned, but for so very few people.

    I wore out 2 copies of Wish you were here on LP, and one on CD. Same with Dark Side of the moon.

    I still own all my vinyl. Everything from Ummugumma to Davids 2 previous solo albums, and even Rick’s solo album. Pretty much every floyd album ever pressed. Ha, but none of Roger’s.

    More than anything I’ve always loved David’s soaring guitar sound…the endless sustain, like on the 1st solo album….cranked way up….Less is more is true with David…but with a style uniquely his own…I think my favorite mental image of him will always be, from the top of the wall, playing comfortably numb..

    Anyone have an extra ticket for tonights show?

  6. Hmm, I notice David and crew have moved Breathe/Time to open the show. Is this a strategy to keep the idjits who only came to hear Floyd songs in their seats for the (excellent) OAI set? Whack ’em over the head first thing, that’s the ticket. Shut up and sit down.

    Though extremely jealous, I’m still excited to hear everyone’s reviews of the shows in CA. Bring it on.

    (move along; nothing to edit here…)


  7. Dear Fed, and all

    to Laurie: thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Nice. You’se so sweet…

    … I hope you had good Easter. Don’t ask me: I was working!!!

    Good evening, and be careful with chocolate!!!

    Ikkar, with love.

  8. Hey Ed, just to wish you and the band a great Easter time (in Italy today it’s holiday, so fortunately I’m not working):

    just a question, please….is David going to realise his live gigs available for download? I’m really tired of listening to crappy bootlegs and love to have some decent recordings of the dates I attended in March (Milan and Rome). Many bands or solo artist do it (for example Pearl Jam, Gov’t Mule, Phish, The Who, Peter Gabriel and so on).

    Please, consider my suggestion and give all the fans the possibility to download songs in shorten format or flac one.

    Hope you’ll pass my request to David. Thx a lot!


  9. Hmmm…interesting how David mixed up the set in SF by taking the DSOTM stuff and starting off the show with it. It seems as if the show was still the same in length as other performances on the tour, it just made the first set longer.

    Personally, I love the fact that you have no idea how the set will work out from night to night. I realize that it ticks off some people and raises the questions of “How come you didn’t play…” But it is also what makes each show special and allows fans to say, “I saw/heard….”

    It probably also keeps thing fresh for the band. Curious as to how the set list develops for each performance. Do they use a big hat with little slips of paper to determine the set list?? Or did David write a program on his Mac that does a random generation each night?

  10. Guy, So sorry, we were there starting at 5:45 or so…until 7:30. Tim Aves and a gang of 12 were in the front, and my group of 6 was in the middle. Turned out I was sitting at a table next to fellow-blogger Brian Slater. When we said hello, and mentioned the blog…we figured out that I had his Tuesday tickets…so we were able to ‘share a moment’ on the way from Luka’s to The Paramount.

    What a night. Guy’s non-stop bouncing was either his interpretation of the Easter Bunny or just one excited and happy bass player to be playing in a brilliant band, and obviously ‘in the pocket’ with SteveD. Your slapping in OAI was very nice, and your bouncing throughout energetic to say teh least.

    Gee, you think I am going to be working much today?

    Guy – If you go to Luka’s tonight(I won’t mob you don’t worry), I’ll be at the bar(starting at lunch?)…but now that I have a better idea of what you look like in person, I can keep my eye out for you. Seriously though, maybe I’ll just wear my superman outfit?

    I just don’t know what I’ll be wearing. Certainly not one of the many boot tee-shirts @ Luka’s or outside.

    California dreaming…on the run…

    ps – taxes are due in case David and band have any last minute deductions…

  11. Dear FEd,

    I don’t suppose you happen to have any Spurs v Arsenal tickets for next Saturday on the surprise ticket list??! 😉


    – desperately trying…!

    p.s. Happy Easter matey…

    [I wouldn’t mind seeing that one myself! – Features Editor]

  12. Wow!

    Did anyone see this comment by Guy (posted on the last post-“Tonight show…, april 16”)?

    “OK Fellow Bloggers, I’m upset and disappointed. We finished soundcheck at 6 and I went straight round to Luka’s to say hello to the bloggers who were supposedly gathering there, but after walking round the restaurant twice, seeing no “Gilmour Bloggers” sign and even asking the Maitre’d if you were there I had to give up. All I wanted to do was show you some support and encouragement..Oh well.”

  13. Hi all,

    The BBC is running a feature on favourite lyrics, and I thought you’d want to know about this because I bet a certain DG has sung some of your favourite lyrics of all time. This is something we ought to do as a group sometime (favourite lyrics) but good ole FEd is prolly in meltdown already with the recent volume of posts for the competition.

    So, in the meantime why not express your favourite DG or PF lyrics over there 🙂

    Head over to the BBC News site, find Have Your Say on the left navigation bar, and then you’ll see What’s Your Favourite Lyric (wanted to put Wots Uh Your Fave Lyric, but it would confuse!).

    They’ve got a U2 lyric down as the nation’s favourite, and whilst I’m not knocking U2, the rest of the nation is clearly having a momentary lapse of reason 🙂


  14. Brilliant! Love the new Set 1 opener!! It’s quite a catchy little ditty you know!

  15. Guy:

    Any stories or insights into the decision to move Breathe/Time/Breathe to the first set in SF?

  16. Hello to everyone attending the shows in California!!

    I was at the Chicago show, 4/12, and I left speechless. Please understand what you are seeing is the chance of a lifetime, so appreciate it for all its worth.

    Dave will not entertain your vocal requests for ‘Floyd’ during his OAI show. I just will not happen. The people at the Chicago shows were great. Yea, we have the occassional putz that has to scream and yell between songs, but overall, great crowds.

    And leave your damn camera phones at home. The pics in the galleries are better than what you would take anyway.

    That being said, the song/set-list is fantastic. “Take a Breath” and “Echoes” stole the show. I have to say that “Echoes” was masterfully done. Rick and Dave were jamming like I have never seen before. WOW!!! And the light show…..good lord. Never expected it to be this good.

    Folks, please enjoy the show(s). You are in for a real treat. To Dave, Rick and all of the band, I want to thank you for the show of all shows. The memories of that evening will remain with me forever. Best of luck with the final legs of the US tour.

    Very sincerely Shining On,
    Bill Hayden, Ft Lauderdale, Florida

  17. What a show last night. Unforgettable!! I can hardly wait for tonight. The laser show was so spectacular. I was mesmerized! I thought that the audience behaved pretty well compared to blogs from the other shows although I had two idoits in front of me who did not stop talking throughout the entire show. (I did tell them to shut up and listen during On An Island). Please tonight do not make Comfortably Numb into a sing along tonight. This is not a Tom Petty concert. Up until the end the yuppies behaved pretty well. The old hippies tolerated the jackasses with a grain of salt.

    Thank you so much David!! Take a Breath, Take a Deep Breath Now!!!

    Thank You FEd.


  18. Didn’t go to the local show last night but EVERYONE here in the Bay Area said it was GREAT!

  19. Much thanks & appreciation to David & Co. for a truly memorable evening at the Paramount Theatre. I thought I had died and gone to heaven … :0) The SF Bay Area luvs ya!!

    Julie & Jonathan Fenno, too

    BTW: Did anyone notice the fan dressed up in light bulbs sitting in the balcony? OMG … LOL!

  20. Hey everyone! I already have my bags packed for LA, even though we are not leaving until thursday morning 🙂 I’m going to California! I don’t know if many people from the blog are going to be at the concert, but I will post the night before what my fiance and I will be wearing ( and where our seats are) that way some of you could tell us hi! By the way, those people at the leno show, wave to us on the camera 🙂 j/k


  21. Hello,

    I was with my family far from home, far from my computer and far from David’s blog for Easter and I ‘m happy to come back for one day, because this night I get away on holidays to Croatie for 12 days !!

    Sorry, dear Fed, I know it’s difficult for you to work these days…

    I’m happy for those winners of the previous days, enjoy and tell us your feelings !!What a pity we could not have this kind of opportunity in Europe!

    Hey, isn’t it a pic from The Olympia to-day? I remember the very nice solo on the acoustic guitar after the lap-steel on High Hopes…What a night!

    Je vous souhaite -en retard- de joyeuses fêtes de Pâques, dear fed, et total respect de continuer à travailler pour nous, même les jours de fête! A quand les vacances ? Je ne pourrai même pas vous envoyer de carte postale de Croatie !


  22. Wow, I wonder why they did Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise) before On an Island. Sounds cool.

  23. “Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island”

    This is a brilliant show opener!

    I always thought that “Castellorizon” should have been followed by, “On An Island” but I understand why it was not at the RCMH dates. ( It would have diluted the “special guest” announcement a bit )

    Nicely done David !

  24. Guy –

    Sorry we missed you at Luka’s last night. We’ll make sure to have a sign tonight. I wasn’t there personally, as I only have tickets for tonight’s show. I’m pretty sure at least Erin, Dave Warner, BigAl and myself we be there tonight.

    So all bloggers attending tonight’s show, let’s get to Lukas early tonight and hopefully Guy will have time for a quick stop. Eleven hours and counting. I don’t think I’ll be getting any work done in the office today. I’ll have my headphones on with OAI->Meddle on a loop.

    See you at the show tonight.

  25. “Berk opened The Trap Door to find David and Drutt rehearsing the intro to Comfortably Numb…”

    I used to love Trap Door!

    Interesting to see Breathe and Time opening the show. Wonder why that is.

  26. Hi Features Editor, most excellent work on this Blog!

    There is a good interview with David in Saturday’s April 15th Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper. Not sure if anyone out there has an electronic subscription to the paper and could forward the article or if you have journalistic connections in order to post in the Press section. Not sure on copyright requirements here.

    I can always take it to work tomorrow, scan and send if thats allowed.


    [It would be great if you could, thank you very much. I’ll e-mail you tomorrow if that’s alright. – Features Editor]

  27. Congrats on the winners to the Leno show- I know it is going to be a long day of work here on Friday staying up to see David (and I know I can Tivo it) but seeing it when they run it should be great.

    Sorry Fet Ed you had to work on Easter, hope you still got some candy!

    Hope all goes well with David this last week in the States and that he has enjoyed his stay here. I know I have enjoyed knowing he was bringing his art to us and it has been a great experience.

    Thank you Fet Ed!

  28. this tour looks like its goin great, great band and a great setlist.

    Im just counting down the days till I see the band on the 27/ in glasgow and then ill be flying out to london the next day for the first RAH show.

    Hey Guy if your up for meetin bloggers I certainly wouldnt mind catchin you in Glasgow!


  29. the crush of anticipation is unbearable. blog reading has become an excercise in frustration as I am powerless to do anything but watching the days of the calendar count down to this week. with friends flying in from all over the country and relentless phone calls coordinating everyones itineries…theres still time for pacing and staring at my tickets for the last two shows of this sparse and amazing tour.

    I simply can not wait!! Echoes! finally!

    I remember the 87 tour started out with Echoes only to be pulled in Chicago never to be seen again. In april 88, we were fortunate to score front row seats at the LA coliseum. we used some form feed printer paper and made this really long message, “Play Echoes Please”!!!
    we convinced the rest of the row to help us and as comfortably numb was finishing up, we unfolded it and waved it in dave’s face, and also all during the two encores. Dave just kept looking down at us laughing as he was playing his arse off. as the final bowing was completed dave finally “spoke” to us and said “not tonight boys”.

    while there is no room for dissappointment, seeing dave and the boys after 12 years, sure wish he would be doing a song or two from his his first two solo LPs. maybe he will break off something on the last two nights!?

    thank you dave for putting this together and allowing us to be priviledged to witness more live performances.

  30. [ Interesting to see Breathe and Time opening the show. Wonder why that is. ]

    What better way to start the show than with a softly spoken magic spell?


    What shade of colour is in that light? Blue oyster I think.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  32. I know I should be working on my paper, but this blog is so addicting.

    I wanted to comment on Ken’s statement about idiots singing along and being loud at a David Gilmour show.

    I saw Robert Plant in October and you couldn’t even enjoy the concert because people were so loud screaming “Robert!”, holding up led zeppelin pictures, and spilling their beer everywhere.

    Also, nobody cared to hear Robert’s new stuff, but when he played Zep tunes everybody went crazy. I just hope that there aren’t people like that at David’s show.

    Is this just a U.S. thing?

    Thankfully David and his band can look past the idiots and put on a great performance for the fans that aren’t annoying!

  33. Luka’s tonight…I’ll be at the bar at 4:45 or so…if i can make it that long at work!

    Green is the Colour…of my shirt. Short & Sweet…with goatee…The Blue jacket too.

    Light Bulb guy was in Luka’s last night.

    more tonight…more more more


  34. Ok In response to Angelo’s post and anyone else going to the show on the 20th at the Gibson. How about meeting up at a restaurant at Citywalk? Here are three choices….Hard Rock Cafe, Wasabi, or Camacho’s. Kind of got different types of food. Let’s see what happens. I will make sure I keep up on the posts

    Hope everyone has a good time tonight.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  35. Regarding the Leno opportunity …

    What a lovely gift to the fan fare regulars from David and this site!

    Congrats to all who win their seats. I’m sure it will be memorable.

    Lovely too that Guy took time out of his personal schedule to seek out bloggers and say hello.

    Belated Happy Easter to all. (I may be all done with my quota of ham for awhile but there is no quota on chocolate ever).


  36. I’m going to the show tonight and I can’t wait I’m like a kid floating on cloud nine I don’t think I’ve been this excited since I got 3rd row seet for ozzy like 7or8 years ago for the Sabbath Reunion. But I can’t believe all this time thinking I’m never gonna get to see anypink floyd in my life is now over. I wish I had gone last night as to but I wasn’t able to get a ticket I almost drove out there to see if there were any scalpers were there anyone just wondering? Tonights gonna be one of the best show I’ll ever see. Just in case anybody wondering I’ll be the guy in the darkside of the moon pants.I CAN’T WAIT FOR TONIGHT!!!!!!!

  37. Darren said:

    The kick drum was miked way too loud during the entire show. I was in row 11 and my ears were pounding.

    D..I don’t think so…I was in the front row directly in front of that kick drum and it sounded awesome. I am very sensitive about loud concerts and overblown mixes and I must say there was nothing wrong with the mix. Although the very front may be a bit lighter in volume now that i think of it..

  38. Since no one has posted regarding the Oakland show # 1 yet, I guess I’ll chime in, albeit it briefly.

    No one will be surprised when I say that the show was excellent, or at least the band and the music were. The band is so tight and so versatile. It really is something to behold. So effortless.

    It was good to see Phil grab a few solos (Dominoes and OAI). John Carin has added slide guitarist to his repertoire, so that he basically plays the part of vocalist, guitarist and midi symphony orchestra concurrently. Guy’s been David’s bass player for nearly 20 years now, and it shows. He is master of the groove. It’s the first time I’ve seen Steve play. He’s a good fit for the band. He managed to play very energetically, but with restraint. It’s hard to describe unless you see him. He had a good time on Echoes.

    Which leaves Rick and David. I was caught off guard by them. When the lights went up for Breathe, it was a very surreal moment. I’ve been listening to their music for 35 years, have seen them both live multiple number of times, and yet they still caught me off guard. They have a different presence, aura mybe(?) then I remember. It’s probably in my head, but I felt it nonetheless. Even though I’ve always known of their status in the pantheon of history’s great musical innovators, I don’t think I ever paid much attention to that. I always just wanted to hear the music. But last night, I definitely had the “HOLY CRAP! THAT’S DAVID GILMOUR!” moment.

    Point is, it was an honor to see them again after all of these years, and I felt a little bewildered that it was actually in person, and not on dvd.

    What surprised me about David, is just how strong his voice is. Honestly, I don’t think he has ever had a better voice live than he does now. At the interval my wife told me that she was surprised at his voice and said that he must have been a choirboy when he was a kid. And as for his guitar work: all I could do was shake my head and smile. He hasn’t lost a step, in fact, in some ways he’s better than he’s ever been. He uses less volume than I remember and less tremolo trickery, but his tone and feel for the music is awe inspiring. Even his finger dexterity seems to have improved. I count myself very lucky to have been able to see David again. It means a lot to me, and I thank him, and the band for the music. Pure magic.

    The Paramount: This is a stunning art decco theater. Very comfortable and clean and very beautiful. BUT, the sound isn’t good in my opinion. The acoustics could be very muddy, and it was hard to hear the vocals clearly at times.

    The crowd: Somewhat strange vibe from the crowd I thought, though maybe it’s because I haven’t been to a concert in a while. They were well behaved enough; quiet when they needed to be. It was hard to gauge the level of enthusiasm of the crowd. We’ve all got a bit older, so maybe that’s what it was: with age comes restraint. What was a completely new phenomenon for me was the intrusion of the digital eequipment. People would walk right up the aisles with their camera phones and snap pics or film mpegs. It felt like these people were at the zoo or a museum. “I’m just going to get a little closer to get a picture of the lion honey.” Weirder still, and fairly annoying I might add: the fellow sitting next to me felt the need to check his email on his blackberry every 10 minutes or so. Seriously??

    Overall, a brilliant experience. I look forward to tonight.


    [People have posted regarding the first Oakland show. As it says at the top of this page, “Please note that there are several reviews of the first night from Oakland in the previous blog entry (Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 16 April).” Admit it, none of you bother reading what I write, do you? I am wasting my time. – Features Editor]

  39. Hi to All

    Back home in Blighty,

    to stop the twitching affliction I have developed over the last few weeks,I called the RAH London UK, and enquired about said tickets for a show there on the 29th, [in chior section].[gloat].

    Dont worry they will be released 1 month before;so patience is virtue.

    Hope thats stopped a few twitchers.

  40. I used to love Trap Door!

    Gem… methinks the Fedmeister is too young to remember The Trap Door…

    [I vaguely remember it, but, then again, I’m trying very hard to resist the urge to stick my head through my monitor at the moment, so I can’t think too much about anything too wacky. – Features Editor]

  41. Sorry, I wanted to post but wanting for the Leno madness to calm down. Awesome pictures from Radio City. It takes me back viewing them. Thank You!

  42. Hmmm…interesting how Deborah and I both started our posts with the same words and thoughts.


  43. Just wondering, was there a technical reason for moving Breathe/Time/Breathe to the first set (like perhaps to even out the lengths of the two sets) or was it just to keep things interesting for the band? Or was it to punish those who show up late (David’s version of a pointy stick)?

    [Most likely the band just fancied a change, Michael. – Features Editor]

  44. I live in Berkeley and have seen numerous shows at the beautiful Paramount.That may have been the best last night! I saw the Wall in LA, Gilmour in a small club in SF in ’84 and at the Greek theater the next day…plus 3 shows on the 87 “pink floyd” tour. this could have topped them all. Echoes was unbelievably fanstastic. Rick and Dave’s jamming was awesome. The opener from Dark Side was a nice surprise and all of OAI sounded even better live. Crowd was extremely enthusiastic. Dave please keep making music!

  45. [Admit it, none of you bother to read, do you? I am wasting my time. – Features Editor]

    We love you Fed!

    How else but through this amazing blog could we have Guy wander into the local bar looking for fans to chat with? I’m just kicking myself for not being there.

  46. […Admit it, none of you bother reading what I write, do you? Am I wasting my time. – Features Editor]

    No, many of us do read what you write, every single word. And others just have an affliction called select reading.

    Hope that makes you feel a little better.


    [A little. Nah, not really. Sorry. Tell me, are the rules to the ticket give-away easy enough to grasp? – Features Editor]

  47. Fedmeister…

    [Admit it, none of you bother reading what I write, do you? I am wasting my time. – Features Editor]

    Pardon?… sorry?… I missed that… 🙂

    Most of us “irregulars” hang on your every word so maybe we could volunteer to edit the “Pillock Posters” for you… could be entertaining if not potentially litigious though! If we all contribute to a PSF (Pillock Slush Fund) then we may just get away with it…

    [I’m loving the idea, mate. Maybe you could just teach them to read? They only have to read what’s in bold text, for goodness sake. It’s so clear, isn’t it? Yes, there’s a lot to read, but it all has to be there because otherwise people ask questions and get stroppy if they don’t have an answer within the hour. We are still getting people saying “Yes, I’m going to the Gibson, so give me a free ticket, damn you!” Lord, give me strength… – Features Editor]

  48. Guy –

    If you happen by Luka’s tonight, look for the sign: “Features Editor ROCKS.”

    If it wasn’t for the great job he’s been doing, we wouldn’t have this great community.

    [Bless you. If it wasn’t for the nice, sensible, kind-hearted among you (the ones who can be bothered to READ), I really would rock. Constantly. Back and forth. In an old rickety chair that faces a wall, whilst muttering something incoherent about the black and the bold. – Features Editor]

  49. Fed,

    The ticket give-away is easy to grasp, however there are lots of people out there who just want to get in and don’t care about anything else.

    Sounds like your having a tough day. I hope it gets better =)


    [Thank you. The thing is, some of these people are seriously p*ssing me off, so they won’t get in. That’s the downside. It’s also what’s keeping me going. And yes, I did cackle as I typed that. – Features Editor]

  50. best show ever last night. still speechless that I just saw my favorite band play the best floyd songs ever. Might have to find tickets for tonights show to see it all again.

  51. Fedmeister

    [A little. Nah, not really. Sorry. Tell me, are the rules to the ticket give-away easy enough to grasp? – Features Editor]

    They are easy to grasp but I would suggest that because people didn’t know the prize they entered anyway in the vain hope they may win something…so don’t beat yourself up over it… just wait for a new poster to say something vaguely controversial then you can grammatically dissect them with a manic smile on your face…

    [Oh, just grammatical dissection? That’s no fun. – Features Editor]

  52. [Tell me, are the rules to the ticket give-away easy enough to grasp? – Features Editor]

    Absolutely. But human nature says that if you are giving something away – people will always line up and assume it includes them as well. Even if they don’t qualify. You can also translate to the generalization: People are greedy.

    However, it was also nice to see how many people who did qualify, replied with “I only need one ticket” or “I’m only bringing two people.” As well as people who replied, “Thanks, but I wouldn’t be able to make it.”

    [Indeed and hats off to them. It’s not going unnoticed, believe me. Now let’s see the change in approach as people who have acted like greedy b*stards thus far try to redeem themselves… – Features Editor]

  53. We were at Luka’s last night before the show. The place was packed with fans and I even saw a few of my blogger mates there. It turns out I was sitting next to BigAl. Very nice people and great fun that we share the same interests in music.

    The concert was nothing short of spectacular. David was on the mark in his playing and singing. David, you have seriously inspired me to continue with my Tenor Sax lessons! I was speachless!!!Steve D’s drumming was incredibly on time and during Echoes I was mindblowingly elevated and images of Pompeii ran through my head. Guy Pratt was stunning on the stand-up bass and of course using what appeared to be a slide on parts of Echoes. It was an absolute thrill to watch Phil play on that beautiful Les Paul. Richard, I can’t say enough about you and how well the sounds you create take all of those songs to the peak of audio delight!! Jon Carin played the slide guitar?! Well done Jon! It shows as much diversity as David on the Saxophone.

    You made my night, gentlemen! On an Island is beautifully written and exquisitely performed live. The Cumbus, the slide guitar, the crowd was at your full undivided attention throughout. I can only imagine how much more this performance can sound with a live orchestra! I’m sure there may be plans for such at the RAH shows. You lucky dogs!!

    For those who have already seen the performance, I’m sure you will agree, and for those about to see it, you will soon know how intimate this venue truly is. I felt as though it were a private viewing for a select few fans that were treated to a night of wonderment and awe. Nothing short of complete delivery for any amount paid for entrance. I will go to my grave enlightened by this experience and will aspire to see, hear, and play music to this degree always.

    Thank you to David, Richard, Guy, Phil, Steve, and Jon for your performance last night. A special thank you to Crosby and Nash for your contribution to this elegent album and especially to Polly for inspiring David to write such a heartfelt masterpiece that has many tangents to my marriage and the love of my life, Jennifer.

    Please know how much the Bay Area loves you all and Thank You for stopping here on your journey to share that special moment with us.

    Brian Slater
    Bay Area, California

  54. [I really would rock. Constantly. Back and forth. In an old rickety chair that faces a wall, whilst muttering something incoherent about the black and the bold. – Features Editor]

    And he has a sense of humor too, What a great guy!

    Thanks Fed for all your great work. Our little community could be possible w/o you. We can’t thank you enough.

    [Thank you. – Features Editor]

  55. [Bless you. If it wasn’t for the nice, sensible, kind-hearted among you (the ones who can be bothered to READ), I really would rock. Constantly. Back and forth. In an old rickety chair that faces a wall, whilst muttering something incoherent about the black and the bold. – Features Editor]

    Don’t forget the Pins! You lock me in the cellar and feed me Pins!

    [I’m ruining my painting and pushing over Mother’s easel as I type… if it’s possible to do all that. – Features Editor]

  56. Chin up, F Ed. 🙂

    Sod the blog for an hour or so, and instead frolic in the sunshine with your doggy.

    [Thanks, mate. The trouble is, you leave the blog for an hour or two and you find 1,642 messages waiting for you when you get back. – Features Editor]

  57. Oh, Guy!

    First, thanks for a spectacular show; looking forward to seeing you again tonight.

    Second, thank you so much for trying to meet with us at Luka’s. I know I speak for all of us when I say I’m heartbroken to have missed you.

    We were never able to muster any energy or commitment on the blog for a Sunday night get-together, so for some weeks now we’ve been planning it for tonight, as Erin and EchoesBob have tickets for tonight’s show only.

    It is most assuredly a go for tonight, with Erin in her “Bloggers” T-Shirt and my lovely Jennifer making a second “David Gilmour Bloggers” sign even as I type.

    With admiration and disappointment,

  58. Caption…

    (David to audience member,perhaps Rudders)

    “You needn’t bring your guitar tonight,that’s my job”

  59. “frolic in the sunshine with your doggy” is this some sort of euphemism for a salacious activity!

    I have no idea what’s going on with this Blog! If you were my son, Fetaures Editor, I’d bend you over my knee and give you a good span……… Oh dear!…………… I’ll get my coat…

    [All very innocent and respectable, I assure you. – Features Editor]

  60. [Admit it, none of you bother to read, do you? I am wasting my time. – Features Editor]

    I will pretend I did not read that… 🙂

    [All the intelligent, observant people who do read are coming out now. I’ll get me coat. – Features Editor]

  61. Oakland, CA APRIL 16TH

    I’ve seen Pink Floyd a few times over the years and I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of concerts in general. For me, the show last night ranks as the best Post Jerry Garcia Show since 1995 and ranks as one of the Top 5 shows I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t know if the song list I’ve seen posted is correct. Seems like something is missing.

    The light show, the sound system, the band, the music was just amazing.

    The crowd needed to be still a few times…they were clapping when the band was making some quiet music but all in all the crowd was great.

    I’d sure like to know where one could find a copy of these shows out there. If the band doesn’t put this out there for free they should. They would sell more music this way.

    Other bands as you know often post “free” music for download and for sharing with others.

    I’m so buzzed from last night. I hope a DVD comes out in the future.

    Thank you band and all involved.


  62. Kris said, “Hey Guy if your up for meetin blogers I certainly wouldnt mind catchin you in Glasgow!”

    I second that, but fear this would be too much pressure on Guy and am content to just see him play. Where you sitting Kris? I will be in row 3.

    Talking of merchandise which I wasnt but… Are there any posters on sale? Sorry of this question has been answered and I havent read it, thus upsetting Fed 🙁 Thats the last thing I would want to do, actually its the second last thing!

    Ian Pearson

    [No problem, Ian. That does need to be addressed. There are posters for sale at the shows, but we don’t seem to have any for sale through the website. I’m waiting for a good reason as to why they’re not on the website. The same goes for the pin badges that are for sale online for Europe, but not North America. As soon as I hear anything, I will be sure to offer an explanation here. – Features Editor]

  63. This isn’t a request, but I was just listening to “Green is the colour” and David’s voice is just amazing on that song. It would be a nice old nugget for future tours.

    Nine and a half hours to go to showtime. I really am not going to get any work done today.

  64. Fet ed… did you say something??? I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening (reading). J/K

    Now I know I promised not to write today Fet Ed, and I have been trying hard all morning to keep my word (trembling hands hovering over the comment box). But you obviously are NOT taking a day off. And everytime I click refresh, Rudders has said something else… I can hold back no longer. I feel totally left out this morning!

    Now, you said “I really would rock. Constantly. Back and forth. In an old rickety chair that faces a wall, whilst muttering something incoherent about the black and the bold. – Features Editor”

    You crack me up Fet Ed!!! Reminded me of the good ol’ days when I worked (yes WORKED) in a locked psychiatric Hospital! What a mental picture!

    Rudders, I’m with Fet ed… grammatical? I have an old dull scalpel that goes back to my high school biology course in the 80’s… in fact I could get some bailing wire and give the “pointy stick” a whole new lease on life!

    Renee, OK- I’m gonna see if my wife would want to go meet up with you fellow bloggers before the show. Once all those who plan to meet finalize plans (where and what time) I’ll see if I can make it there. Hey wouldn’t it be cool if Guy tried again at the Gibson? I dunno- I’m hoping to be one of the lucky ones to go to the Leno taping. If I do any meet-up would be after that.

    Guy- how cool of you to try to meet some of the bloggers! You just keep breaking the norm for “rock stars” doncha? I’m sorry you didn’t run into any of them. You may see me around at some point that night… I’ll have a “Zaphod Beeblebrox For President” name tag on. I’ll buy ya a beer!

    I have not seen any response to my question for the bloggers- forgive me if I missed it- but didn’t someone say there was a Pink Floyd cover band playing around the time Davids’ show ends somewhere close to the Gibson? Any plans for an after show drink? Bloggers? Guy?

    Ok fet ed, for someone who intended not to post today I’m getting awefully long winded. I’ll stop. Whenever you get your day off, I hope you enjoy it (perhaps the night you get to see David at the RAH???).


    [I wouldn’t count on it! We’ll either have to get someone in to moderate the blog or just close it for a night or two. These ideas are all being considered. – Features Editor]

  65. [Tell me, are the rules to the ticket give-away easy enough to grasp? – Features Editor]

    1. You must have posted one time or less.
    2. You must be planning to make elaborate travel plans to attend, coming a long distance.
    3. You may bring as many people as you like, provided you notify Fed at some point after the initial posting.
    4. Any other extraneous information you provide will improve your chances.

    How did I do? What do I win?

    [Oh, I don’t know… Tickets to the Gibson show itself? It’s all in bold. You’ve got to love the bold. – Features Editor]

  66. “[Oh, just grammatical dissection? That’s no fun. – Features Editor]”

    We’re reading alright, and very afraid right now. For the sake of your pets do we need to hide your sharpened spoons?! 🙂

    [No, my dog reads better than many of the people who have posted today. He’s perfectly safe. – Features Editor]

  67. Going to the show tonight!! Front ROW!!….did I say front?….I mean, the folding chairs they set up right in FRONT of the stage!

    Yes, I admit. I got the hookup.

    Cant wait. I met Nick Mason at his book signing last year. And now this. AND a new Kate Bush CD last year? AND a Dead Can Dance concert last year?

    What did i do to deserve this?

  68. Tim..

    “Rudders, I’m with Fet ed… grammatical? I have an old dull scalpel that goes back to my high school biology course in the 80’s… in fact I could get some bailing wire and give the “pointy stick” a whole new lease on life!”

    Scalpel!… let’s get that old rusty Speculum out just for the hell of it…

  69. “…but didn’t someone say there was a Pink Floyd cover band playing around the time Davids’ show ends somewhere close to the Gibson?”

    just so Dan doesn’t have to write this…

    20 minutes after the Gibson show, at The Rumba Room, on the Universal City Walk, walking distance from the Gibson. No cover – excellent band!

  70. hmm, occurs to me that my computer-deficient self probably missed the boat posting about the 2nd Chicago show on Monday (doh!), so just at the risk of trying the patience of the “fabulous FED,” I’ll repost it here, and by the way, pleasepleaseplease release a DVD of this, or a CD, or a record, anything! I would have bought a copy of the shwo I saw in a heartbeat had it been available.

    so here’s my somewhat dated post:

    well, a bit late here, but first off on behalf off all Chicagoans let me fully apologize for our lame-ass rock critics.

    They suck.

    Always have, always will. It’s what happens when you’re too busy critiquing during a show and can’t actually loosen up and enjoy the moment.

    moving on, what an incredible, incredible experience. from the first note of Dave’s guitar I knew my expectations were going to be left in the dust, and indeed they were.

    the OAI set was great, wonderfully dreamy at parts, rockin’ at others, but most importantly to me was the opportunity to hear new melodies and sounds coming from Dave & Company, somehow the critics get so caught up in their own expectations that they lose track of what is happening, an evolution of sound, rhythm, melody and harmony in real time. it gave me a whole new appreciation for the classic material in the 2nd set to boot.

    and what a 2nd set – my wife & I were thrilled to hear Dominoes, we had just seen (highly recommended) a new DVD on Syd that has great interviews with David and the other PF members, and I believe Robyn Hitchcock plays this song on the DVD (my wife is a big fan of him as well).

    and of course, Shine On was magical, the few people trying to sing louder than Dave didn’t last all that long, fortunately. I hung on every micropscopic twist and turn Dave put on his original vocals, it was beyond a treat to hear him essentially harmonizing with the vocal on WYWH.

    Breathe and Time were just sick, completely crazy – it was like a DSOTM full body massage, the bass notes were hitting me in the chest like a sledgehammer, I’m amazed I didn’t actually drool.

    Wot’s Uh the Deal is one of my all time favorites, and this was a beautiful rendition. Especially love the solo by Rick at the end, what joy!

    Coming Back to Life was amazing, and I was overjoyed to hear my two favorite cuts from the Division Bell, but Echoes –

    Echoes rivalled any piece of live music (or otherwise) I’ve ever seen, and I have to imagine it rivaled any piece of music EVER played. Every note was impeccable, the tones were sheer beauty, with a depth and precision Mozart would have been proud of. But the famous transition from the chromatic C#m – A descending/ascending line to the C#m funk jam was pure over-the-top rock god bombastica.

    I would have paid the full ticket price for just Echoes, so WYWH and Comfortably Numb were just icing on the cake – and at one point in Comfortably Numb it felt like time just stopped (no, I wasn’t on acid, either!), and Dave was just WAILING, I don’t know where he pulled this guitar solo out of, but it was incredible beyond words.

    What an honor and a privilege to have been a part of this tour, thanks to all who made this happen.


  71. [People have posted regarding the first Oakland show. As it says at the top of this page, “Please note that there are several reviews of the first night from Oakland in the previous blog entry (Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 16 April).” Admit it, none of you bother reading what I write, do you? I am wasting my time. – Features Editor]

    Simmer down junior. When I started my post there were no other postings re: the show. When I clicked submit post last night, I left the computer and went about my business, which is to say, I went to bed. This morning I found that my computer had frozen and that my post had not gone through. Yes, by then other people had posted. I had to get to work so rather than editing the post I merely re-submitted it, thus prompting you to hold your breath until your face turns blue. I read all of your announcements. I don’t read all of the posts, but I read all of your announcements.

    I wish I had read about the bloggers meeting up with Guy. I was at Lukas at 6:00 PM in the pool room. I’ll be there again if he’s still inclined. It would be my pleasure to offer him my support, mainly in the form of a pint.


  72. ed, i haven’t posted in a few days because of it being easter and seeing how busy you’ve been. you’re supposed to be on holiday, ffs! hope you get a day off soon. we must drive you up the wall. sorry to hear that so many people are too lazy or stupid to read the rules. (not to mention fickle! why the hell should they get a freebie if they’ve never even posted here before? i bet they never even read the blog!) you’ll have the last laugh when you don’t give them a ticket, hehe. anyway, seeing as i’ve started now and made more work for you, i should finish. let me just say good on you for taking the time to make sure that the regulars get the goodies. that means a lot in a world where the person with the most money and/or power usually gets the goods. it shows you care and it obviously means more work for you. i’m in the uk, so i can’t win, but i still say thanks. it would be nice if a few of the hopefuls said it as well, but there you go. it’s times like this that you see who’s selfish and greedy and who’s not. shine on, ed. take it easy.

  73. Hey Rob,

    How ’bout hookin up a fellow blogger? A folding chair should great to me =)

    (Never hurts to ask)


  74. Talk about front row bullcrap…a long-haired gent in fron row last night CENTER got up at least 5 times, MID-SONG. One time, during High Hopes, just as David was shuffling over to his slide…the guy gets up and proudly walks out…same thing during Echoes!

    I hope he paid way too much for that ticket…he clearly did not deserve it!

    Nice job by the ushers last night and the screamers were kept to a minimum…bathrooom lines at set-break werent even too bad. Lots of pix being taken…guy in front of us mustve took hundreds…it was like he watched the show thru the lens of his camera phone. What a fool.

    All in All…AMAZING NIGHT!

    SeeYa tonight

  75. [“frolic in the sunshine with your doggy” is this some sort of euphemism for a salacious activity! – Posted by: Mary Whitehouse]

    Hey you Whitehouse, ha ha, charade you are.

  76. This was my first concert involving anyone associated with the Floyd; on past tours, I’ve either been too young or too financially unsound to pay the inevitably eye-gouging prices the brokers charge to get decent seats. But on this occasion, I made a Faustian pact for approximately 1/3 of my soul, mortgaged over 30 years at 98.9% interest. In return, I got the approximate “street” amount of $375.00 to score a sixth-row seat. It was well worth it. 🙂

    Although I risk sounding like a broken record (or is that CD player?), Dave and Co. sounded fantastic. The “On an Island” set carried beautifully through the Paramount’s cavernous, high-ceilinged interior, sounding almost more like vintage Floyd than the Floyd stuff did. There was the requisite number of mooks shouting Floyd requests throughout many of the tunes, but they were at least respectful enough to quiet down for some of the more reflective moments of songs like “Smile”, and the sax solo on “Red Sky at Night.”

    As for the Floyd stuff… well, it was spectacular, of course. The opening, with “Breathe” and “Time” moved up in the setlist, was a big surprise. Even if it was essentially a “throwing the dogs a boney” move, it was a smart one; it revved up the crowd and got them into the show, making the first half more than just a “snooze until the second half” affair. I loved the jazz-inflected variations on the vocals for “Shine On”, and DP’s sax solo at the end was massive. “Wot’s… Uh the Deal” and “Echoes” both sounded terrific as well (Rick was a madman on the latter!); they were the highlights for me.

    I sat for most of the show, as did the rest of the crowd, but I had to stand for “Comfortably Numb”, because really, how can you not? Fortunately, I was in exile at the far edge of the aisle, so with the exception of a couple of security guards trying very hard to look professional whilst tapping their feet, I don’t think I obstructed anyone’s view.

    Thanks very much to Dave and the band for making it out to Oakland on this tour; it was an amazing evening. Here’s to a great show tonight…

  77. [All the intelligent, observant people who do read are coming out now. I’ll get me coat. – Features Editor]

    I don’t understand that… What you are saying is: if there are intelligent observant people on the blog, its a reason for you to leave??

    Ok I’m sorry for that… 🙂 You are doing a great job mate. All those greedy (and dumb) people would probably ruin my day too. Ah well, thats life. Just know that there are many people who do indeed appreciate your “Herculean efforts”. Or perhaps you feel like Atlas, carrying a part of Davids fanworld on your shoulders…

    To all blog buddies, have a great time at your shows!

    To Guy: I have respect for you mate. Too bad your suprise didnt work out the way you would have wanted.

    To David and Polly: thanks again. What WOULD the world be like without artists like you two people… For what its worth to you, you have my respect and gratitude.


    [Hi Clemens. I was just saying that you, and the other good guys, had proved my accusation (about no one reading) wrong, so I might as well give up and leave before anyone else proved me wrong! Of course, you know I’m glad to have you lot onboard. It’s nice to be proved wrong sometimes. – Features Editor]

  78. I vote for Rudders as the stand in moderator for Fed’s nights at RAH. He’ll keep the unruly mob in order.

    Fed – Any requests for the design of your “Feature Editor ROCKS” sign? I was thinking OAI blue might be nice.

    [OAI blue sounds good to me, mate. – Features Editor]

  79. Tim wrote…

    “Whenever you get your day off, I hope you enjoy it (perhaps the night you get to see David at the RAH???).”

    For some reason I got the image in my head of you sitting in one of the nice seats at RAH, maybe your own private box complete with waiter service, WiFi laptop on your knee, moderating the blog in between numbers. There is no escape, surely the robots from the other day told you that. Well…they told me.


    [Those pesky robots. They should have told you that my seats aren’t as good as I’d hoped, but I’m just glad to be there. I probably will end up moderating the blog on the train. – Features Editor]

  80. Fe’ Ed,

    Please understand the needs of the many don’t necessarily reflect the hearts of the few. We enjoy your dilligence and commitment to this site. Thanks for doing what you do. Thought these positive words may soften the heart a little…chin up!

    [Cheers, mate. – Features Editor]

  81. Fellow Blogmours…

    “I wouldn’t count on it! We’ll either have to get someone in to moderate the blog or just close it for a night or two. These ideas are all being considered. – Features Editor]”

    Vacancies at the Addictions Unit of The Priory are quickly disappearing so for non-attendees of the final RAH show best book sooner rather than later…

    [The job plays hell on your obsessive-compulsiveness, I tell you. – Features Editor]

  82. Nice change in the setlist. I bet that grabs everyones’ attention. I saw someone else mention scans of reviews. Features Editor, I have scans of the New York Times and New York Post reviews if you are interested. Thanks.

    [We’re always on the look-out for newspaper scans, William. If it’s not too much trouble, we’d love them. – Features Editor]

  83. Fantastic show! Took my 12 year old son (+ a couple friends) to his first concert last night. They were blown away as was I!

    Yes, I saw the light bulb man.

    Hope to see a live DVD come from this tour.


  84. David Gilmour on Broadway (downtown Oakland)…

    The tap room (the closet watering hole to The Paramount Theatre in downtown Oakland) was bumping with excitement before the first of two bay area stops for the David Gilmour tour.

    Let’s roll another one for candy, the current bun and the man in the light bulb suit.

    Cheers to the lucky few who were proudly displaying freshly signed “on an island” cd’s. It seems that Mr. Gilmour is keen on signing all things OAI related while items with the brand Pink Floyd are given less priority. If it is an autograph you are seeking, you may want to take note of that.

    The Paramount Theatre is a true bay area jewel. These two dates must be two of the most intimate of all the OAI tour stops. Upon entrance to the performance room two things become very clear: we are all very lucky to be where we are and the dream like haze inside the venue, perhaps a sign of foggy memories to come.

    Set list transporters are a gasp when Oakland night one is treated to an unexpected set list rearrangement. The theatre goes dark as does the east bay moon with two classic cuts from the best selling classic rock record of all time. The sounds of Richard Wright’s fragile vocals hit home with tear jerking affects… “Never seem to find the time” . Comments were made from David about the other type of smoke quickly filling the theatre “smells like the west coast”. I guess some things in the past 30 years have not change. A complete performance of OAI follows with impressive detail. Every one of these songs sound far better than the recorded album versions. I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone inside The Paramount tonight, who would choose to disagree. Speaking of hard pressed…The Paramount was oddly filled with OAI handouts/ads on every seat in the house. This strange waste of paper should be reconsidered for night two. Not only is this a very non-eco friendly move it also smacks of record label intervention. Are sales for OAI low in the bay area or in the entire US market?

    Has this been done at other venues on this short and sweet tour? Most of these print out ads ended on the floor of the theatre by the night’s end.

    “Shine on” leads the way into the second set with blinding precision followed by the obscure classic “WUTD”. The lap steel solo cuts through the thick fog and leads us into a stark and focused Syd Barret classic called “Dominoes”. It was so very nice to hear a Barrett song on such a magical night of music. A couple of Division Bell songs pave the way for “a million bright ambassadors of morning” which shine upon this art deco marvel like a prism in world class jewel display case. The band is ultra tight, the lasers sharp and bright and the crowd simply ecstatic. This is easily the finest live version of a Pink Floyd song I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing live…bar none, hands way folking down! This performance is worth the price of admission alone. Two complete FM Radio classics follow in a short third set before we are released back onto the streets of Oakland. No pig, no mirror balls and no flying/exploding beds just “the voice and guitar of Pink Floyd”, Richard Wright and one hell of a band making music that will ring out for ages inside the walls of this legendary art deco era theatre.

  85. Last nights show at the Paramount was incredible, maybe too incredible for words.

    I first saw David in 84 at the Greek Theatre in what I thought at the time was the best show I had ever seen, then of course The Pink Floyd tours, which totally blew me away, I saw Roger Waters a couple of times, and then David again last night, WOW is about all I can say.

    I was in row 8, and could feel the bass guitar pulsing through my body, the song list was great, Echoes blew me away, Breathe/Time was a great way to start the show, the new CD sounded great live.

    Thanks David, Richard & the rest of the band for taking the time out of your lives to thourghly entertain us for 3 hours last night, it was an unforgetable performance, David NEVER sounded better, wish I could go tonight.

    Manteca, CA

  86. hello and happy passed Easter

    back to “my” blog after a heavy job (here, in Italy terrible days for…political causes) and a short easter holiday.

    This blog is a very sweet chain and I’m blog addict…Thank you FED

    Big kisses


    [I’ll leave one of our experts to answer it, Simon, as I’m swamped with names, addresses, shoe sizes, allergy lists… I remember they did ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘Sorrow’, ‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘Run Like Hell’. I’m sure there was more than that, though. – Features Editor]

  88. Ed,

    I can only imagine the begging letters coming your way for the Jay Leno thing .Do you know if Jools Holland will be doing a simular dip for fans this side of the pond . Mind you if I was you I would be washing my hands of the process in finding that audience.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

    [I don’t know, Geoff. Jools is great though, isn’t he? – Features Editor]

  89. Rudders- speculum? Dunno what it is but it sounds hideous… it has that raunchy, snotty sound like “sputum”… it’s gotta be bad. You get your disks yet?


  90. Finally! The time has arrived to make my descent down the Sierras to see David Gilmour, live, in concert! I’m beyond excited at this point, as reading the blog almost daily has steadily built the anticipation for this DAY since I rec’d the tix from my husband as a Christmas gift (he’s even staying home with our twins who turn three tomorrow, so I can attend tonight – phenomenal!).

    I also hope to meet some of the people behind the familiar names at Luka’s tonight – what a bonus 🙂

  91. I saw the recent post about the merchandise. I am a diehard collector and want everything from this tour. I went to both NYC shows, flew up from Florida with my girlfriend and another couple. Had the Hot seats night one and 3rd mezz night 2. Beatiful!!!

    About these tour pins! I didn’t see them at radio city and I see only the european website has them. Are we Americans going to see them at the merch site, or did I miss out?


    [As I’ve said before, I have asked the people behind the merchandise for an explanation. As soon as I get one, I’ll let you know. You could contact Anthill and ask them yourself. If enough people request them, it would carry a lot more weight than my query. – Features Editor]

  92. My concert experience is over since Chicago, but I needed to get a complaint off my chest.

    Has U2 or any members ever given any credit to PF, Roger or David? The critics go nuts over these guys no matter what they put out, but so many of their riffs are ripped right off of old Floyd tunes. If it wasn’t for David G., the Edge would be a dull blade!

    Those two critics from the Chicago newspapers need to look carefully who really are the icons of music. Yes U2 are great, but they better thank the legacy of Pink Floyd because without that influence- their sound would not be the same!

    Sorry to rant, but this drives me crazy!

    Dave in Fort Wayne, IN

  93. [Hmm, I notice David and crew have moved Breathe/Time to open the show. Is this a strategy to keep the idjits who only came to hear Floyd songs in their seats for the (excellent) OAI set? Whack ’em over the head first thing, that’s the ticket. Shut up and sit down. – Deborah]

    David said after the Beathe/Time/Breathe opening, and I paraphrase quote.”How was that? Thought we’d just warm you up a bit. And now I’d like to play my new album in entirety, so just sit down, relax and enjoy.”

  94. I just wanted to say I was unable to catch Dave at Radio City,my buddy won the chance to buy two for RAH and of course because of work and my infant child we can’t go.

    none the less I have seen floyd Wash. dc. 94 tour and Roger twice in 99 and 2000. Floyd and Compay are by far the best Rock band in the history of Rock. Dave a brilliant gutairist and writer Roger a Brilliant bassist and writer.

    I was able to catch Dave interview on Sirius this weekend and looking forward to Leno!!!!

    Please lets see if Dave can do more gigs in more cities. You know it will be a sellout. Maybe during the Summer or in the Fall.

    Please Dave I am begging of you.

  95. [Admit it, none of you bother to read, do you? I am wasting my time. – Features Editor]

    FEd, you’re doing a splendid job…I promise you some of us do read every word, yours and others! Would a nice cup of tea and a sit down help?


  96. caught the show last night. a great show despite the absence of “fat old sun”. (i will admit it good psychology to get the dsotm stuff out of the way and then tell the kiddies to sit down and listen to the music….but at the cost of f.o.s.???) we will catch tonight’s show as well and hope for the restoration of fat old sun. great to hear ‘echoes’ again (i would have been really bummed if that had vanished again.) i am sure that the o.a.i. material will be getting a few more, and more attentive, listens by many who caught the show, perhaps even the “pink floyd rulz!!” dude, who was, fortunately, not very vocal last night. with luck, tonight he’ll stay home too…and f.o.s. will return.

  97. Getting excited now only only 42 days to go!!! 😉 (RAH May 30th) Reading about all your experiences the US concerts is whetting my appetite – Echoes……And OAI live cant wait!!! I have enjoyed seeing Pollys excellent pix. I notice the new Live ones in the GAllery for NY april 4th are by a Todd Kaplan has polly hung up her camera? or just having a break? I live in Canada and was wondering also when the Tix will be sent out for RAH may 30th as some have said they have already got tickets? And FED Dont eat to much choccy (Its only good in Moderation 🙂 )

    [Polly’s photos are still Number One by a long way and there are many more of her pictures to come. I’ll ask about the tickets. I imagine they’re on their way to you right now, as people in the UK only got theirs last week, but I will check for you. Did you get them in the presale? – Features Editor]

  98. Three perfect days in the bay area:

    Day 1: arrive in SF and check into The Hotel Triton outside the Gates of Chinatown. Walk the streets for a couple of hours, then meet up with FanAsylum hosts and other DG fans at local gathering place. Eat, drink and talk for a couple of hours and get to know one another. People from Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX; Vancouver, BC, Canada; Monterrey, Mexico; Seattle, WA; and many places CA came for one purpose: see David Gilmour and company!

    Day 2: hop on a cable car and go to Fisherman’s Wharf. Spend the day walking, shopping, people watching, quaffing a few beers, eating a bowl of chowder and that fine SF sourdough bread! Take in the Hard Rock Cafe and get in the mood for the evening. Head back to hotel to meet with FanAsylum folks again, eat some, drink some, and get our tix (row 4 – up front & slightly right of center). Take tour bus to Oakland Paramount Theater; stop in at local pub (Luka’s) and hang with other PF/DG fans. Last chance for brews? Enjoy a wickedly outstanding concert put on by a great showman and his crew – BRILLIANT!

    Day 3: wake up early to jet back to Seattle, my wonderful wife and family. Back home now writing this post.

    I had a similar experience to another blogger which was: at one point in the show I realized it had been a loooong time since I first saw PF in NYC (1974-75). Here was David and Rick looking considerably older (but hey, who doesn’t these days) yet playing even better than before! I appreciate the artistry more today than back then. Probably ‘cuz I’m a bit mellower and introspective these days. OAI is a prefect blend of harmony and soul; that was reflected nicely last night. And those guys also ROCKED the joint – man alive! The set list was well done lads! Opening with Breathe/Time/Breathe (Rep) was such an unexpected treat! Nice touch!

    It was a pleasure meeting fellow PF/DG fans and sharing the ride together!

    Thank you FeD for your time and long hours on this site.

    David, Richard, Jon, Guy, Steve, Phil and Dick: thank you very much for the show!

    Safe journies.

  99. ps – w.t.i.o. was missed last night in oakland as well, as might be gathered from the standing ovation rick got when introduced by david.

  100. Dear Fed,

    1642 messages! wonderful!!! it only proves we all love you (and David, of course…).

    Ne soyez pas triste, même si cela vous donne beaucoup de travail…

    When this blog started, did you think it would get bigger and bigger?

    We NEED you, every day -it must be love… no?

    Good night, dear Fed, be courageous, for us

    Ikkar, with love.

  101. Anyone else who’s gone to the shows just *dying* to see it again? I saw both NYC shows and I still feel like I didn’t fully take it all in. Luckily I have RAH on the 31st to look forward to ( IF Trinity Street ships my tickets!!!). It’s an addiction, not unlike the blog itself…I have friends essentially following the tour, Dead-style and they can’t get enough.

    I watched some very early Floyd footage last night of the filming for a promo for “Set The Controls…” This was sometime in ’68 and there are several takes where the filmmakers are getting closeups of each band member. David is soooooo new to the band at this point and essentially stands still, playing moodily, but when he forgets about the camera and gets going, the “Gilmour-Face” kicks in…the pout we all know and love…and while David looks all of 17 in this footage and his hair has a “just back from the beauty parlor” look to it, the man we know today is right there…because of the trademark Gilmour-Face.

    The more things change…the more they stay the same…thanks for all the music (and the faces), David…..

    Terry Shea

  102. Fedmeister

    Stuff & Nonsense says “The addition of Fan Fare was a last-minute fix to enable the Features Editor to post new Polly Samson photographs each day over Christmas. There was some discussion about not enabling the ‘Comments’ button…”

    So your daily job went from just “busy” to “this is taking over my life” just after some discussion…!!!

    I mentioned in a previous Blog that I wanted to nominate this site for a Web Award and the one that seems to be quite big is the “Webby” award but it seems that someone from the site has to nominate themselves then we can vote for the site… Is this the best award to be nominated for or can you suggest another one?

    [Well, SNEd could have said that the news wasn’t getting online fast enough prior to the introduction of the blog, so getting Polly’s photos and instantaneous news out to the people who wanted it warranted us having a blog. Of course, David wanted fan involvement then, and we all still want it now, but it has snowballed drastically. Anyway, I’m not about to nominate this site for an award! That’s just wrong! It’s a lovely idea, though. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  103. Hey Tim,

    Yes there is an after-party at the Rumba Room at the Universal Citywalk. One Pink Floyd tribute band will be performing for FREE at 10pm. What a way to hang-out after the show. I am going just for a little while. But I think it would be cool. So hopefully we will see some of you guys there.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  104. Gem

    See that doggy frolicking…. that’s you that is…:-)

    Apologies if you haven’t seen Baddiel and Newman…

  105. Renee B.,

    I eat anything. The key is making sure there is plenty of space by the bar in case we don’t want or they don’t have an available table. The Hard Rock in NYC is forever full, but you I imagine would know better than I what those three choiced you mentioned are like.

    I say you just make your best choice and we’ll follow you there.

    Thanks for doing that!

    1,600 plus+!!!! Uh…. that’s…. a lot FEd….

    ….I am also a clinical therapist if you’d like some free sessions….. If you’re staring at a TV half naked like Bob Geldof, let me know and I’ll make an emergency home visit… 🙂

    [I’m not quite at that stage yet, thankfully. That said, I might take you up on your offer one day. I was exaggerating about the number of daily posts, but there are a lot, which is why we need to make a few changes to how the blog operates. – Features Editor]

  106. Seems like the Bay Area is buzzing over the show last night (a gross generalization I know, but allow for some artistic liscence)

    I’ve heard several radio stations talk about how great the show was. I’ve just come back from our local lunch joint, and there were several people in there talking about how great the show was. I also read a review in the San Jose Mercury that raved about it, although they said that David’s voice ranged from OK to poor. Huh? The man didn’t miss a note all night. Pocketful of Stones had me mouth agape: just beautifully sung (and the arrangement was gorgeous).


    [You haven’t offended me in the least, Simon. Don’t worry about that. I don’t know why you’re getting that message. Is anyone else having the same problem? – Features Editor]

  108. Caption Competition…

    David trained hard to follow the ethics code of Bushido to eventually become a Samurai Warrior but he always tried hard to get the first Comfortably Numb solo in before delivering the final blow…

  109. Dear Features Editor.

    I am in infrequent poster to this blog, but an avid DG fan with tickets for the RAH and I’d like to thank you.

    You’d made it possible for a lot of fans to share information and stuff and I can imagine some the the guff you have to go through!

    Keep the faith as soon you’ll have nearly as many fans as DG himself!!!

    Take the last three days in May off and draft in a couple of helpers as I feel you’ll be inundated after the UK gigs!!!



  110. ‘ello,

    i saw david in chicago and it was amazing to say the least. i was a little disappointed however with some of the fans. A handful of the people saw the show the night before and weren’t interested, or it seemed like it, and kept gettting up to leave during the first set. it was irritting to say the least. the On an Island portion of concert was great and i think a bunch of people were to anxious for the pink folyd material. anyway, it was a show that was to great for words and every song played was perfect. thank you david for performing for us. we owe you one.

  111. Simon

    The 1990 Knebworth setlist was..

    1) Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    2) The Great Gig In the Sky
    3) Wish You Were Here
    4) Sorrow
    5) Money
    6) Comfortably Numb
    7) Final Farewells
    8) Run Like Hell

  112. Tim

    Not yet but the Easter break has probably delayed things… I’ll let you know as soon as 🙂

  113. [I don’t know, Geoff. Jools is great though, isn’t he? – Features Editor]

    Ed, He most certainly is excellent . what a bevy of talent in that studio for said recording. Nice of him to SQEEZE David into his show. (Sorry my puns get ever increasingly worse)

    Bought three TShirts today , a bit sad the Black one with the Stratpack picture is sold out. Can I order stateside or do I have to wait for new stock.

    BLOOGERS: My broken record continues with the same question . Has anybody that booked tickets for RAH through SEETICKETS.COM received anything?

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

    [I’d wait for new stock, myself. It shouldn’t be a long wait. – Features Editor]

  114. FEd, I think you’re just a big blue meanie. Guy Pratt followed all the rules in bold (he’s a regular contributor, he’s going to the Gibson concert, and he posted those words inside the quotation marks in time to be considered), and he STILL got turned down flat. Where’s the justice, I ask you???

    [You make a very good point. – Features Editor]

  115. BTW, Senor Editor. I do apologize for causing you consternation this morning. Believe me, I’d be hopeless if I didn’t have this board to share the past 4 wonderful months. Your efforts are most appreciated. Thanks.

    Now, back to paying taxes for my business. Thank goodness for the show tonight, Uncle Sam and the State of California are raping my mostly empty coffers right now.

    Can’t wait for that first guiness at Luka’s tonight.

    Thanks again Fet’Ed. You do a great job.

    [No need for apologies, mate. If you do insist, then I at least owe you one in return. Some of the entries we get whenever there’s a competition of any sort are quite unbelievable, really. Banging your head against a brick wall doesn’t even compare frustration-wise. They turn FEd into a right old misery-guts, for which I apologise to anyone I may have offended today. – Features Editor]

  116. Also Fet Ed,

    I did not know if you saw the great write-up on the New York Times after the Radio City shows. I did not see it in the Press page so wanted to forward it to you if you are interested. Let me know because I have it saved to my favorites and it was a great write-up.

    Thank you,
    Matt in Maine

    [Yes, please! The more press, the better. I will e-mail you tomorrow just as soon as the Leno tickets are sorted. Thanks very much, Matt. – Features Editor]

  117. Guy ..not knocking Luka’s…Im sure they were there,but not quite making a big enough fuss..Come back to Toronto(Hard Rock Cafe,pre and post show)FreakOut predicted, especially if you bounce on in!

    I’ll have to leave my girlfriend at home though, otherwise all of a sudden I’m a nowhere man. As well for sure if you also show up F.E., but you’d also incite a “kinda like rock star person status” riot.Don’t want that!

  118. Going tonight…front row. I promise not to walk out in the middle of a song.

    Im excited as I can be…the setlists ive seen are great.

    That said, heres what Id add to make it “perfect” in a personal way.

    Green is the Colour
    Short and Sweet

    But hey, the guy doesnt have all night!!…lol

    See you all there!

  119. [We’re always on the look-out for newspaper scans, William. If it’s not too much trouble, we’d love them. – Features Editor]

    Features Editor,

    I am happy to send the scans. I also scanned the program passed out at Radio City Music Hall, which has an article on Mr. Gilmour. I will send it, too. However, I am unsure of how to attach something to my post. Is there a direct e-mail I can sent them to? Thanks.

    [It’s not possible to attach anything to blog posts, but if you’re sure it’s not too much hassle, I will e-mail you the best place to send them tomorrow – just as soon as the Leno tickets are sorted. Thank you, William. – Features Editor]

  120. Dearest Features Editor

    4/16 Oakland Paramount
    From my humble point of view

    David and Company blew the roof off of this grand old building last night

    It has been a process all through the night and day for the DG/BGP/Paramount crew to repair this old place.

    They are repaired and prepared Just in the nick of time for David and Company to blow the roof off of the place again tonight




  121. Hi David and his Merry Minstrels,

    Wish we were out there in LA to see the final show, Greg’s been playing WOW for 2 day as it’s his April school break, seeing you would be the only event that would possibly get him off the game.

    I’ve never followed blog’s before…Never wrote into one before…But this has been really fun.

    FEd: You deserve an award and the holiday of your choice when this winds down – Lovely job holding it’s cohesiveness and essence – First rate.

    Hope you all have mammoth silly grins at the grand finale to a tour that has been glorious and memorable for so many lovable souls! Enjoy getting back to your homes, family and friends that were not able to come with you!

    Regards to Phil Taylor – You deserve the best in life – Such an unsung hero!

    Smiles to Polly and David! Thanks so-o much – Wish I was there and bless you -NANCE

  122. “Anyone else who’s gone to the shows just *dying* to see it again?”

    Not ‘arf!….. my memories of WooHoo! You Rock Dave! Bring it on home Dave!…and all those other vacuous, malodorous, inebriated malcontents who I wouldn’t trust to sit the right way up on a lavatory have dissipated somewhat and now I’m trying to remember the concert song by song with the light show and the whole atmosphere… marvellous isn’t it……Mmmmm

    I remembered PM’s shirt matching his guitar (The Polka Dot one) and now realise why DG wears black t’shirts… they match his Strat!

    On reflection I think seeing the show twice is a must because the first time is a blur regardless of buffoons and then a second viewing allows you to enjoy it all the more… I have two things to look forward to now and that’s the OAI DVD (hopefully) and PULSE… what a weekend of viewing that will be…

    (I still want to nominate this site for an award so, Fellow Blogmourians please support me in saying you’ll vote… I want to see an award on the Fedmeister’s mantelpiece next to his Bronze Swimming Certificate!…

  123. Hello Fe/Ed I think it looks safe to come back in now!

    I’m sorry you have had a fraught Easter seems like you need a holiday.

    I think it will be easy to spot you at the RAH show, you’ll be the one who looks totally knackered with a nasty case of typists claw topped of with a squint.

    Do they pay you overtime?

    Take it easy

    [Are you spying on me? – Features Editor]

  124. [You haven’t offended me in the least, Simon. Don’t worry about that. I don’t know why you’re getting that message. Is anyone else having the same problem? – Features Editor]

    I’ve had it a few times (Ooo errr) but I think in my case it happens when I try to post a second Blog very quickly after the first…

    [I can’t see why anyone would get it otherwise. I will look into it and at least change the message. – Features Editor]

  125. Please, David Gilmour, come to Brazil, i never seen your show, i’m great fan of your songs, since i was child, i want to spend a lot of money, only to see your show in ROYAL ALBERT HALL, but many fans like me don’t have money to see your show, because our financial conditions break us.

    Please realize a dream of milhons of fans. And that show in brazil will be forever and ever.

  126. Re tix for RAH May 30th

    [I’ll ask about the tickets. I imagine they’re on their way to you right now, as people in the UK only got theirs last week, but I will check for you. Did you get them in the presale? – Features Editor]

    FED – Yep I was lucky to get them in the Presale.

    Anyone else notice David’s Floydian slip on the WWMR radio interview – He mentioned that the windmills picture On the OAI artwork are the same as on the cover of ‘Obscured by Clouds’- Maybe they are there under the clouds somewhere!!

    Yours – Lurksmore

    [In which case, I shall pester Trinity Street tomorrow. Is anyone else still waiting for tickets? – Features Editor]

  127. To Everyone,

    A fantastic night with David and company last night in Oakland!!!

    David and the band were all in perfect form. From the unexpected selections at the start of the show to finish it was an excellent concert. The Paramount Theater was a beautiful setting for the show. Our seats were in mid section balcony and as far as I’m concerned the balcony is the place to be for this theater and this show! Those of you going to tonight’s show are in for a great treat! It was more like being at a private show for close friends, all be it about 3000 friends! With the exception of a few (always to be expected) overly excited and or chemically enhanced yodelers/hecklers, the crowed was pleasant to be a part of.

    To David and band,

    Thank you so much for a wonderful time! Listening to the new material live in the first half of the show was incredible! The special touches you gave each song in a live performance such as with “Take A Breath” have us all hoping for some form of a live CD and or DVD coming out of this tour.

    In the second half of the show you treated everyone to some of our favorites. Echoes was candy to the ears with the interplay between David and Richard. Another highlight I especially enjoyed was the soft and wonderful acoustic ending to “High Hopes” I only wish that Michael Kamen were still with us so that I might have been able to see him play the open as he did on the 2002 DVD! Every member of the band was in top form last night!

    Lastly, and I’m sorry for making this so long, but I know it takes more than a band to pull off this kind of show, so I would like to say thanks to everyone that worked on bring this show to life last night. Everything from the lighting, sound and laser show was spectacular! It all went together to make it something that all who attended will remember always!

    Thank you!

  128. FEd

    I’m sending you a giant gin and tonic over the internet, it sounds like you need it. Keep up the good work and don’t let the “reading-afflicted” get you down. You do an amazing job.


    [Thank you, Vicky. I’ll knock it back in one and order a second, if I may. – Features Editor]

  129. How about a message board on this site? That would really be a great addition.

    Too late for a lot of meetups for this tour, but would be right on time if David decides to do ANOTHER tour sometime SOON… ::nudge nudge::


  130. Leaving for tonight’s show now! I will be at Luka’s by 6pm. Hope to meet some of you fellow blogger’s there! Here’s to another great performance…


  131. [Yes there is an after-party at the Rumba Room at the Universal Citywalk. One Pink Floyd tribute band will be performing for FREE at 10pm. What a way to hang-out after the show. I am going just for a little while. But I think it would be cool. So hopefully we will see some of you guys there.]

    Do you have to be 21 to enter this show? I looked on the website, and for some performances it clearly states that you have to be 21. However, I could not find anything saying that you had to be 21 to enter this performance. Sorry and thanks for your help!

  132. Renee B,

    I received an email about that after-party? Hmm, how did that happen…..

    Anyway, I plan to hang out there afterward as well. Does that mean we are having a before and after get together?

    I like that David is keeping things fresh, if that is what he’s doing. He could play just about anything and I’d be happy.

    Great reviews out of the Bay area by the way. My wife and I are planning a trip to California now that I’m heading out there all alone. Our first stop will be the Bay area if it all pans out.

    FANS GOING TONIGHT: Keep the reviews coming! I’m curious to read how OAI is sounding better than the album (which is really good to start with!). I’ve seen that mentioned and am curious to see how the material is maturing through the performances…?

    ..okay…no more post from me today!

  133. Hmmm.. I’m so glad I went to the first night in Chicago instead of waiting to see him in California. It appears that “Wearing the Inside Out” has been pulled from the setlist and I attended its final performance (I feel very lucky to have done so). Still, I think it would be cool if another soft surprise was added to the set–particularly for the performance on Jay Leno, such as “Green is the Colour”, “Cymbaline”, “Lost For Words”, or maybe one of his older solo pieces such as “Mihalis” (my personal favorite). Just a thought…

  134. Fed. in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make?'” Thanks for the site…..

  135. Fed
    Re Tix

    Thanks in advance – appreciate you checking with Trinity Street .

    Let me know if you need any of my details.

    Thanks – Lurksmore

  136. *** IMPORTANT ***

    This is a last-minute reminder to those of you who will be attending the Gibson Amphitheatre show on Thursday.

    Many of the people who said they were going when I asked on Saturday have yet to send in their addresses. You only have until Tuesday lunchtime (LA time) before the final list is confirmed, so do hurry if you want to go to the recording of David’s performance on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’.

    And to all blog regulars (again, that means no first-time posters) who are going to the Kodak show on the Wednesday and could attend the Leno recording without too much trouble, let us know your full names and addresses and those of up to three friends. If you can get the details in quickly enough, you can be on our back-up list should we have any spare tickets.

    No first-time posters. Sorry, but you will not be considered no matter how often you claim to read the blog. Please read Sunday’s blog entry very carefully before sending in your details. Full terms and conditions are there.

    Thank you.

  137. [In which case, I shall pester Trinity Street tomorrow. Is anyone else still waiting for tickets? – Features Editor]

    I get ‘a’ message every time I post F’Ed – is that meant to happen – not that it bother’s me I just assumed that was normal.

    Rudders – we need to talk pal, but how the hell we contact each other I have no idea!! F’Ed are we allowed to post email addresses or does that transcend the unwritten law??

    Oh, once you’ve finished that G&T F’Ed go to bed and get some kip will ya – we really don’t matter you know 😉

    [There should be a general message displayed whenever you send a post to us, just to explain that the blog is moderated and, therefore, that your post won’t appear immediately. You can add your e-mail address to your post if you want to. Up to you entirely. – Features Editor]

  138. How funny was – “Well, I can tell we’re on the west coast” hahahahaha I got a kick out of that!! I moved out to the West Coast recently and LOVE it – I feel like it’s a small island of sanity in the middle of this political nightmare that’s happening in our country.

  139. I can’t wait to see the show tonight. We have travelled from the UK to Oakland specifically to see and hear my all time hero of music David Gilmour & team. It will be the culmination of a lifetimes following of the bands music for me personally. The show is a surprise for my wife who is also a fan from my son Simon who lives in SF. We are already holed up in Oakland taking in the atmosphere & preparing ourselves for a great time. We can’t wait. Post show text to follow.

  140. Ooops, apologies for the wrong quote by the way… ::)

    Yeah, that message does say something about ‘the first time you post’ which could be confusing some folk I guess.

    I’ll bung my hotmail email in if that’s ok then…not so concerned about that one going astray! It’s [address removed]…..come in Rudders, your time is up!!

    Promise you’ll hit the sack when MOTD finishes F’Ed…… 😉

    [That’s fine. As soon as Rudders says that he’s got it, I’ll go back and remove it for you. – Features Editor]

  141. It’s not that I don’t want to be a regular (or irregular, as the case may be) but I only came across the blog the day after RCMH #2 and I didn’t want to appear that I was trying to jump on the bandwagon or push my way in with the cool kids. I haven’t missed a word since and have gone back and read some of the older stuff. My wife says I need help. I say she needs to join the party! This is only my 3rd or 4th post but if you guys don’t mind a “newbie” hangin’ around I’m sure I can get that number up in no time!

    As for those going to the show, I’ll be thinkin’ about you as I replay the 5th in my head! Have a good show.

    FEd, please keep up the witty remarks. It’s one of the things that keeps things lively around here! Also, don’t let dunder heads get you down. They give others something to point at and laugh. Take care, John.

    [Thank you, John, and please post when the urge takes you. Newbies are very welcome. – Features Editor]

  142. [In which case, I shall pester Trinity Street tomorrow. Is anyone else still waiting for tickets? – Features Editor]

    Hi Features ed,

    I didn`t want to pester you, but as you`ve asked I have not received my tickets yet. But that said you did say to give it a fortnight and it is only just that.

    Many Thanks,

    [No problem, Adrian. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll see what I can do. – Features Editor]

  143. In response to the Rumba Room I tried calling and there was no answer. I will try calling them again. Also I have made a decision about where to go before the show.

    Once the lucky people are done with the Jay Leno Show. We can meet at 6pm or so. How about Camacho’s? They have a bar and are centrally located at Citywalk. The hard rock is way on the other side. SO Angelo yes we are having a brfore and after party….WOO HOO!!

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  144. “BLOGGERS: My broken record continues with the same question . Has anybody that booked tickets for RAH through SEETICKETS.COM received anything?” – Geoff Duffy

    Hi Geoff, I haven’t received my tickets from See yet, so don’t worry you’re not alone. Also the RAH have only just sent me my Clapton tickets this week and he’s playing a week before David so those ones haven’t gone out yet either. I’ll post when i get my See and RAH ones.


  145. What a great setlist! You lucky SFians (though I bet you’re kicking yourselves for missing Guy…) I can’t wait to hear if he came by Lukas again tonight…

    Renee, Angelo and others going to the gibson show, count me in for the after party at the Rhumba Room, see ya there!

    FEd, I’ll add in with the others, there are many of us listening, so don’t get too down!



    I caught your post re: your uncle a bit late . . . but I wanted to let you know that I went through a similar situation with my Dad this past 4 years (he died last June).

    Point being . . . as the sole care-giver (only child), I have LOTS of information (drugs, tips for you, etc.) that I would love to be able to pass on and make a difference to someone who is now on the road I just got off.

    Please feel free to e-mail me directly if I can offer assistance […]

    thanks for the indulgence F’ed.

    [Not at all. It’s very good of you to offer some help. – Features Editor]

  147. Caption-

    ‘One way or the other, David was determined to get ‘Blue Light’ back into the show’

  148. Fedmeister…

    “I can’t see why anyone would get it otherwise. I will look into it and at least change the message. – Features Editor”

    Is there a filter that looks for any “key” words and if one is recognised it triggers the “you’ve been naughty” message?…

    [No, it’s definitely for multiple posts. I posted three in quick succession last night and it didn’t like that. – Features Editor]

  149. RE: the Gibson. I have had to give my ticket up unfortunately, so I will not be able to attend the Leno soire. Work prevailed in this case. Thanks for the generous offer. Have a wonderful time all ye who will be attending.


    [So sorry to hear it, Peter. Thanks for letting me know. – Features Editor]

  150. Just one more post before I make my way over to Luka’s. Here’s a great review from the Bay Insider. Got to love this line:

    “Gilmour’s lead on “Castellorizon” was nothing short of spectacular. In the space of roughly a single minute, he was able to say more than most guitarists do during entire careers. He continued to soar along, buoyed by piercing notes and dramatic runs, with the new album’s title track.”

    Click my name for the full thing.

    And with that it’s off for a few pints and an evening at the mercy of the Gilmour band.

    Life is very, very good.

    Have a great show everyone.

  151. Hi David & All

    Hey Fed How r u, Just writing in regards about (none of us read what you write)Well I’m just letting you know alot of us do read all especially regulars I actually read everyones posts every day,(you do such a wonderful job and luv some of your comments)Also Love the photo of David.Bye 4 now LUV YA’S MWA Oh P.S I also give up trying to guess who you are I’m just taking it that you are a friend of Davids,But if you want to let me know you can, you have my email.

  152. Features Editor,

    I would be interested in back-up tickets for the Leno show. I’ll be at both the Kodak and Gibson shows.

    But first . . . . . and the main reason for this post, I may have 2 extra tickets for each night in LA. If they become available I would like them to go to a fan. How could I best accomplish this? I hope to know by tomorrow evening. Are there any folks that you know of that are going to the Leno show that don’t have Gibson tickets and might be interested?

    Ticket info- […]



    [If anyone is interested, please leave a message, including your e-mail address, for Matt. – Features Editor]

  153. Hear ye! O courtyard minstrel, distinguished troubadour. Sing us your serenade. Play us your haunting air. Deign unto us, who suffer from romantic madness, the secrets of music.

    ………Alas! I haven’t seen a show. I wish I had some experience to post, something to contribute. I sincerely enjoy all the others I’ve read over the past few days. If there ever is a next time, I will avail myself of the first oppurtunity to see a show. Nothing more, nothing less. The prospect of the DVD gives me something to look forward to. ’till then.. (Forgive me, Fed, if I sound pensive. I’ve had a few.)

  154. [BTW: Did anyone notice the fan dressed up in light bulbs sitting in the balcony? OMG … LOL!]

    Julie!! OMG I can’t stop laughing!! What a visual!! I just hope that person is attending the Universal show & wearing the same outfit!!

    Gotta love it!! Thanks for sharing !!!

  155. Oh….the pain…

    I’m in Sac…and there’s no way I’ll make it to Oakland in time, and even if I did. What are the odds of scoring a ticket? If I did, how much would it cost?

  156. david.

    Thank you! It was a spectacular show. Congrats to you and the band. We hope to see you again soon in the Bay Area


  157. Angelo Ortiz,

    Sorry to post this here, but don’t know how else to reach you. r u going to BBKings on May 6th?


  158. The tour pins were not easily seen at the concerts. I asked for a pin and they grabbed me one. Those around me who saw the pin bought one too. Don’t forget to look for them. I did not see any posters for sale in Chicago. I’ll keep looking online.

    Fedmeister, I’m still hanging on your every word. Keep it up.

    Brian (Iowa)

  159. I just had a thought about all the unruly audience members here in the States screaming for “floyd!”.

    Every poster ( and there are a lot of them here in LA) that I have seen says: “The Guitar and Voice Of Pink Floyd” in that Gerard Scarfe-esque font.

    Now if I were a guy who only knew my “floyd!” from oldies hit radio and drank a whole lot of cheap beer and took to screaming in public, I would see that poster ( note I wrote “see” not “read) and just might figure ” Hey, this Gilmour guy’s doing Floyd tunes…”

    So what is one supposed to do?

    I tell them to sit down and shut-up. Usually they do. Really.

    Lets hope it isn’t necessary this week at the Kodak and Gibson.

    Everybody enjoy the show tonight!


  160. Someone mentioned a tour jacket that has been (is?) for sale at the shows.

    Anybody know if that is true and if so perhaps how much they are?

  161. Last night’s show was transcendent, with outstanding performance, it was an ideal situation!

    Thanks to the band and crew for bringing this to such a classic venue!

    The sound and vision was superb from the 19th row, and it was a good crowd that didn’t yell out at inappropriate times too often. (I would image that the fine ambience of this theater would tame the wildest of coyotes).

    And for a visionary start to the evening, we saw a stunning rainbow with a full arc while on the drive east towards Oakland. It appeared to span from Berkeley to downtown Oakland (no doubt leading us to the musical pot of gold to be found at the Paramount theatre!).

    I am levitating today as a result of that show, and expecting to be up here for a long time (all as a result of no substances other than the music!).


  162. Hi Fed, and everyone

    Getting the Honda Hybrid ready to head out of town, (getting about 45 miles to the gallon) and already packing; CD’s, water, cell phone, concert tickets….by the way, Besides the car only one of those items is a must!

    Hope you don’t mind me plugging Hybrid cars…I love mine, it dosen’t just save me money, it cuts my emissions in half!!!!….”save the humans”

  163. [It would be great if you could, thank you very much. I’ll e-mail you tomorrow if that’s alright. – Features Editor]

    Hi Fed, yes please e-mail me. I managed to get the interview electronically and can send along with another one I found from Toronto. Just need to know where to send.


    [Great stuff. Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  164. “I can’t wait to see the show tonight. We have travelled from the UK to Oakland specifically to see and hear my all time hero of music David Gilmour & team.” – Peter Bennet

    Wow, that’s quite a trip! But I would make just as long a journey myself to see these outstanding musicians perform again! My brother lives in the UK now, so I need to go pay him a visit one of these days anyway! 🙂

  165. Hello! Sorry, this review is a little late. I saw David on Thursday the 13th at the Rosemont. I took my fried Carlos, who is not really all that into Floyd. Doesn’t dislike them, but has just never really delved in and listened to their stuff. (My brother was supposed to go, but he canceled… and does deeply regret it. He had to unfortunately.)

    First set, OAI: On an Island was done just right, and I remember being pleased at the effort I was hearing in the vocals.

    The Blue was really great, and I liked the lighting. The drummer, Steve DiStanislao, really did impress me, as others said he would. Providing a rolling, faster, yet very “on” tempo that I wasn’t always expecting.

    Take a Breath was great, again with the lighting. Seeing Guy Pratt literally kinda jump into his notes is always fun.
    I love A Pocketful of Stones on the album… just one long drawn out melodic line, but it was different hearing it shortly after Take a Breathe.

    Some slight changes to that, and to Smile, seemed to give it all pretty good feel. Everything I expected it to be really.

    Set two: Loved SoYcD as always. Was half expecting to hear the type of singing from the 2001 Meltdown show, but was treated to yet another take. Sweet. And Dick Parry… played, what seemed to me at the time, to be the best solo on that song I’ve ever heard. It was, no doubt, very impressive.

    Breathe-Time-Breathe was just beautiful. I’d never seen David before, this was a first treat for me. It’s hard to describe after so many years of being enamored by Floyd’s music and by David’s playing, what it was like hearing these songs. To be honest, Time kind of had me holding my breath. Because this song features great solo work IMO. And David did not dissapoint. I would have forgave him if he did not live up to what he was doing twenty years ago. But I think hes as good as ever.

    Dominoes was pleasent. And I won’t talk about the end of the show, except to say that I’m glad its where it is, and it closes out the night perfectly. It all builds up to one of the finest nights I’ve spent in a while. My friend Carlos, whom I brought really because I’m teaching him some guitar basics, is now a complete convert, as I promised him.

    Thanks guys! I do sincerely hope to see you around again!

  166. Okay Roofer, I’ll put my dibs in to nominate Fed for the “Best Blog Site In The World Award” Anyone else? Can’t say that I’m mad as a bucket of frogs now, eh?

    Good Morning Fed, keep pointing the Narrow Way.

  167. How many of you that were at the Northern California shows will travel to see the Kodak/Gibson shows? Ed


    [We had as many hopeful posts from first-time posters as we had from people who are regulars. – Features Editor]

  169. Grand Entrance with Steam Curtain!

    Having seen both spectacular performances of On An Island at Radio City Music Hall in New York on April 4th & 5th, I’d like to know if the “steam curtain” effect, where smoke & steam thunders up vertically from the stage, is still being used at the start of the show (especially given the latest opening song lineup modification). What a grand entrance! Very reminiscent of when Dark Side of the Moon was performed live by Pink Floyd at Radio City in 1973.

    Is the “steam curtain” entrance still being used at other venues, or was this only used at Radio City? A special thank you to Marc Brickman for his lighting magic, and for his kindness in taking a moment to chat with a delighted fan outside the stage door.

    Song selection as it pertains to Jay Leno, given the time constraints (providing two songs will be performed):

    On An Island
    The Blue -or- Where We Start

  170. How about this? They played Arnold Layne tonight, apparently for the first time ever? Seems hard to believe, but that’s what David said.

    And, Fat Old Sun. Glorious, stupendous ,utterly make my day Fat Old Sun.

    More tomorrow.

  171. WHAT a SHOW!!!!! i won’t say more about it. that’s all that i need to say. except i sure wish the 2 idiots in front of us were NOT there. not even sure these dudes even looked at the stage the whole time! talk talk talk. oh yeah, one more thing. was i hearing things, or did David and crew actually play Arnold Layne? WHAT a TREAT! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the best show of my life!

  172. Oh….. my……. God…… II

    This will go down an one of the greatest days ever… Got to meet Erin and her good man Mike, EchoesBob and his very interesting friend from Ireland whose name escapes me at the moment, Kingzorghh and his lovely lady; also BiGal, who is truly mad, and oh, yeah, the incredibly generous and fun Guy Pratt. All that, and somehow tonight’s show seemed tighter even that last night, and the set list had a Special Surprise! Longer post tomorrow.

    Thanks and thanks some more. What a band!


    First Set:
    Speak to Me / Breathe / Time / Breathe Reprise
    On An Island
    Red Sky at Night
    This Heaven
    Then I Close My Eyes
    Take a Breath
    A Pocketful of Stones
    Where We Start

    Second Set:
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
    Wearing the Inside Out
    Fat Old Sun
    Arnold Layne (Yes, it’s true!)
    Coming Back to Life
    High Hopes

    Wish You Were Here
    Comfortably Numb

    Goodnight, and thank you very much indeed!


  173. Just got back from the Paramount Theatre show in Oakland tonight and it rocked our socks off! A gentleman sitting in the seat next to us, row RR seat 12 we believe left something. Please contact us and we can return it to you.

    Leave a post with your email on it and we will check back and email you.


    Nick & Katharyne
    Eugene, OR

  174. To Fed and the rest of the faithful, I have one word, OHMYGODHOLYFLIPPINWOW! I went last night and had my head blown completely away. Tonight was no different, well, yes it was. . .

    1st Set:
    Speak To Me>
    Breathe Reprise
    OAI (Enitire Album)

    2nd Set:
    SOYCD (I-V)
    Wearing The Inside Out
    Fat Old Sun
    Arnold Layne (no typo!) – (last known performance 10/6/67)
    Coming Back To Life
    High Hopes

    Comfortably Numb

    The Band was more ‘on’ tonight. Definitly tighter and had better cues amongst them. Richard was on fire especially on Echoes. But the absolute surprise of the evening (maybe the tour) was the absolute bust out of Arnold Layne. I had heard a rumour that they sound checked it during the MLOR tour but never played it live. Tonight they did. Like I said above. OHMYGODHOLYFLIPPINWOW!

    I really didn’t think last night’s show could be topped, but I believe it was. The hall sounded more controlled and some changes were made to the lighting design all of which, for me, enhanced the show. I have lots more to write, but I seriously have to decompress. . .I have to be at work in five or so hours. Sleep, we don’t need no stinking sleep!!

    Dave, Polly and Crew. . .Bravo, and thank you.

    Marcus Buick

  175. Oh, Yeah! Oakland show number two! The big surprise… “Arnold Layne”, sung by Rick! All in all, a wonderful show. Here’s hoping that David will tour again!


  176. Great to see a lot of pictures from the first night at Radio City, I saved them immediately. I posted after I got back, but I forgot to thank David specifically for playing Echoes. We all mentioned it in the posts, but I don’t think anyone thought you would actually play it. The harmonies, the rocking out, the lasers! There are so many things that blew me away, and I was having such a good time I actually forgot about Wots the deal being absent until after the show was over.

    I’m afraid of my chances of seeing you again because of all of the things I’ve read that happened, and I’m sorry about all of that crap. It ‘s ridiculous, and it pisses me off that people can be like this. You rock David, and I’m very grateful for your album and tour… and Echoes… Come Back Soon 😉

  177. Well its 1:30 AM on wed April 18th..and I am getting ready to leave the mountains to brave LA solo to see the next and last two shows of the N.American tour for On an island…..AND MY SKIN IS CRAWLING WITH ANTICIPATION……LASER Lights, Echoes, OOOOHHHHH YYYYYEAHHHHH. It feels like Christmas and I’m about ready for the real deal…

    See You all there, ESPECIALLY YOU…FED ED

    From Morning till night…
    Dan In Colorado

  178. I just got back from the second night at the Paramount Theatre.It is a perfect place to see David At.A very well behaved crowd.the sound was fantastic and OAI is much better in a live setting.David was in fine voice.His Guitar playing was inspired all night long.I saw Pink Floyd 3 times on the ’87 tour in Oakland.But this night he was at his best.The whole Band was really tight.Richard Wright was playing and singing his heart out.After the Band played Fat Old Sun.They played Arnold Lane.After the song was over David looking at Richard asked when was the last time we played that song?David then answered never!A total surprise.No dominoes or whats.. uh deal.Still Aronold Lane was a special treat.One of the best shows I have ever seen.

  179. Just got home from tonights show… All I can say is DAMN…..David and his crew knocked it out of the park for me. had Great seats too. While I would of loved to seen them play Wot’s… Uh The Deal last night.. We got to see Arnold Lane..and Echos was just insanly awsome. The whole show was just amazing. Thanks Dave. You ARE the man. That guitar just penatrates my soul.

  180. [it cost me a week’s salary to get to NYC to sit quietly through that stellar show. i took no pictures of David, nor did i yell at him or ask for his autograph. i didn’t get drunk or act rowdy in any way. i don’t want to waste blogspace on this, but it’s hard to be an American these days. i would give my right leg to emigrate to Canada or the UK. if Pete’s comment is another slam on Americans, then ‘ouch’.]

    Laurie and all American contributors, an apology. On 13 April I did have a pop at the Americans. I saw your comments and they did make me think. My outburst was on the back of the NY episode and I had tarred and feathered all Americans with the same brush. Catching up on all the great blogs over the weekend I now realise that maybe I was wrong.

    Yours humbly
    Pete – Coventry

  181. Just saw the Oakland show (04/17)


    Thank you for playing Arnold Layne!!!

    Thanks, Guy for being such a nice person.

    More later; still trying to sort everything; if I post more now, it’ll be a long, jumbled mess. I was floored!

    Cannot wait to see you at the Kodak Theatre the day after tomorrow!

  182. [In which case, I shall pester Trinity Street tomorrow. Is anyone else still waiting for tickets? – Features Editor]

    I’m not waiting for tickets, just a reply to my e-mails regarding the 29th RAH ‘presale’ pair they sent me. You may recall they are not together! If you could pester Trininty St on my behalf I would be extremely grateful. Alternatively, can you point me in the direction of another contact address/number to try? Getting no response is more frustrating than getting 2 random tickets – well almost.

    [I’ve already had a good whinge about that and am hoping something can be done. Will let you know when I get a response. (See, it’s not just you that they ignore, it’s everyone!) – Features Editor]

  183. ARNOLD LAYNE!!!!!!! It sounded fantastic and was a real treat… myself – along with the other die hards were VERY PLEASED to hear it! Thanks guys!!!!!!! That simple song gave me plenty of smiles!!

  184. I Just Got home from possibly the best show I’ll ever get ta chance to se in my life it was flawless. I’m still in aww I really don’t know what to say except it was AMAZING. This albumn really needs to get made into a live albumn the albumn just doesn’t come accross at all like it does live not to say it isn;t great as it is but live it’s ten times better and its just got so much more energy and virtuosity live. WEll the band was flawless as far as i could tell. The venue amazing I walked around not a bad seat in the house and the accoustics marvelous. I loved the light show especially the laser. I’m 21 and iI’ve seen 100’s of band for instance I can think of at least probably 40 or so bands I’ve seen more than once some as many as 4-7 times zakk wylde another guitar hero of mine counting with ozzy I’ve seen 10 times. But this just blew them all away It’s definatly in my top time all 3 best shows. OH well I really cant put it into word how excited and happy I am and how amazing this show really was. So I’ll Just shut Up and end with this tyonight was a night I will never forget even through the cronic haze. Tonight was simply put AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. well, Guy said we would have three surprises…Wearing The Inside Out, Fat Old Sun, Coming Back To Life, ARNOLD LAYNE, Echoes! Atleast three. Thanks Guy!!! You da man!

    Holy shite.

    bed time for BigAl

  186. Great 2nd show!

    They played Arnold Layne!!! Great show overall. The setlist was very similar to the previous night’s setlist. ECHOES was fantastic! Words can’t describe it!

    The band came on just after 8pm… Took about a 20 minute break in between sets and then played until 11pm.

    Sorry this is short on details, but I need to get to bed.


  187. Just got back from the show and it was absolutly perfect…He did play Wearing the Inside Out and Arnold Layne….Everyone behaved pretty well except ONE idiot that decided to stand and dance the entire time, blocking alot of peoples view..

  188. [Admit it, none of you bother reading what I write, do you? I am wasting my time. – Features Editor]

    Oh! FEd! I read all the words you write…I wish I understand very well every single word you (and our bloggers) write…but sometimes I can’t! The english’s language people who don’t read your post well had to be really crazy!

    Have a great day!


    P.S. The Trap Door was an ’80 tv series….uhm…if you can’t remember it very well you could be 26-30 years old! Is it true? Wow! So young and so good to hold back so many unchained fans! GREAT! Some days ago I was thinking that when Pink Floyd become famous they were nearly 25 years old! Wow! So young and so famous! It had to be funny…but very difficult to manage too! I think I wouldn’t be able to do it!

    [I could fit in that age bracket, but that would be telling. – Features Editor]

  189. Hi All,

    Tonight’s (Monday) show which was another incredible Floydian experience and the second in a row for me personally after a fantastic Easter Sunday show. Both of these shows have included a reworking of the set list from all previous shows. The band repeated the Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise opening segment of Set 1 that they did for the first time on this tour Sunday night before doing On An Island in it’s entirety but not in the CD running order. The Set 2 changes for tonight (Monday) were that they dropped “Wot’s …The Deal” and went straight from Shine On to Rick’s lead vocal tune from Division Bell called Wearing The Inside Out. Then they did Fat Old Sun which started in it’s regular fairly acoustic arrangement then went completely psychedelic electric jam that was well “epic” if I can find a decent word to describe it. Then…they bust out Arnold Layne which was very cool and when done Dave said to paraphrase that “we’ve never played that one before but it was the first song we recorded” referring to his band and The Floyd respectively.

    If I called Fat Old Sun Jam “epic” then need a better word for Echoes which was say “biblical” and hope that I don’t offend anyone since that was a quote from a road crew member I met before the show that said that is about how they feel about it every time it is played.

    I ran into Guy Pratt’s bass guitar tech at of all places a Taco Bell (fine California cuisine) and as we munched on taco’s told him how much we want Dave to keep playing and come back to play a larger place (no stadiums of course but maybe the Shoreline – 20K or even better the Greek Theater -8K where Dave played in 1984) so that another few thousand people can see the show since I know a lot of people in the San Francisco area that would have liked to see the show but didn’t have the money or proper timing to buy tickets to see these two stellar shows. I am lucky and know it so am counting my blessings!

    This was as good as it get’s for a Dave Gilmour / Rick Wright Floydian experience and also have to give well deserved credit to the fantastic Band of Non PF members including Phil Manzenarra (Guitar – Roxy Music fans know who he is), Guy Pratt (Bass), Jon Carin (Keys – long time Pete Townsend session/touring musician), Dick Parry (Sax – i.e. Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here session musician), and the new drummer whose name I can’t recall that had a lot of shoes to fill for Mr. Nick Mason and did an OUTSTANDING job!

    Just my 2 cents from Northern California and thank you, thank you, thank you Dave, Rick, and Band!


    SET LIST (April 17th)Oakland Paramount

    FIRST HALF: Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise, Castellorizon, On An Island, Red Sky At Night, The Blue, Then I Close My Eyes, This Heaven, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    SECOND HALF: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wearing The Inside Out, Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    ENCORE: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  190. Quote [Are you spying on me? – Features Editor]

    Psssst (It’s ok I’m whispering no one else can hear) don’t worry Fe/Ed I won’t tell anyone about the whips! Chains!! rubber underwear!!! and strange tribal dancing to Take A Breath!!!! that goes on at Fe/Ed towers.

    Your secret is safe with me ;o)

    P.S I’d stop doing that funny thing with your pointy stick though! (could be dangerous)

    [That’s all untrue! Well, apart from the dancing to ‘Take A Breath’ bit, but doesn’t everyone? – Features Editor]

  191. Caption:

    Thinks David:-

    “…Mmmm, the best bit about not touring with Floyd is that now I can do my favourite bit from Spinal Tap live on stage & play all my guitars at once…”

  192. Just to confirm the setlist from the second night in San Francisco (and no one can miss it, because this is the umpteenth time it’s here):

    Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky at Night, The Blue, Then I Close My Eyes, This Heaven, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wearing the Inside Out, Fat Old Sun, Arnold Layne, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  193. hi fet ed . as promised i managed to restrain myself from posting here until today . you must have been up to your neck sorting out the jay leno competition .

    i hope all here had a good easter and fet ed i hope you ate enough chocolate for me as well as yourself . i ate no chocolate al all and i am very proud of myself . i did have some christmas pudding and a tiny bit of ice cream though !


    simon i don;t think you have peeved fet ed in any way . i got it a few times then realised i hit the post button more then once by mistake . this is just an anti spam device , all message boards i go to whether musical or not have it in this case it stops the right honourable fet ed getting flodded with the same comments more then once
    ( by the way , and this comment is not amied at anyone here it is just a curious thought . what would be the point in posting the same posts more then once as fet ed has to have a look at them before they are posted . all it would do is serve to raise his blood pressure up another 10 points ! ) if you want to make a second diferent comment just after making a first one give it a couple of minutes before sending it . i should know i once made 4 comments in a row ! poor fet ed really had to put up with my crap that day !

    i just want to say that i hope everyone who goes to see david on jay leno will have a great time . a mini concert for the most devoted american fans how cool !

    by the way if fet ed won;t kill me for plugging it and anyone is the least bit curious i have a personal blog on my space and yes i did plug this blog on it ! if you feel the least bit curious to see who i am click my name. thanks for letting my advertise fet ed !


    p.s i notice you were more then a little peeved recently fet ed ( i am not saying you are worng i am just speaking of the fact ) . i send you a cyber double whisky to help you cope with all of us bloggers 🙂

    [Thanks, Linda. You’re not trying to get me drunk, are you? – Features Editor]

  194. OK the campaign starts here!

    Get FEd the Day Off!

    We need to find a day (or two) where there is no gig and, collectively, we have to agree ( as difficult as it might be, this site is as addictive as crack to some people!) that we will not post for that day/two days. FEd can then go off , gambol in the countryside with his doggy, sink loads of large G&T’s, take advantage of the fresh air, safe in the knowledge that he is only going to come back to a handful of posts pleading for DG to play Brazil and Argentina, which he can promptly delete.

    For those of you who have trouble reading long missives, the lessons start here.





    Get FEd the Day Off!!!

    FEd, shame you are not going to Manchester, would buy you a pint.

    Anyone know of any good bars in manchester near the venue for a pre ( and post) gig drink. Girls and poles optional.

    [Thanks for that, mate. All very good books, by the way. You should have seen them play. – Features Editor]

  195. I’d heard from someone that Arnold Layne had been played last night, and was astonished (if a little sceptical) – good to get confirmation of this here.

    Wow! Where did THAT come from? I love the fact that the setlist keeps on changing – keeping us all on our toes! Wonder if there will be any other additions to the set before the tour concludes?

    Hope you, FEd, and David, Richard, Phil, Guy, Jon, Steve, Dick, and families, all had a great easter. Two more shows before the roughly five week break prior to the UK shows… hope you enjoy it guys.

    And to all those off to Leno/Kodak/Gibson, have a great time and looking forward to your comments!

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