Night 16: Chicago


It’s hard to believe, but we’re at the halfway stage of the North American tour.

It’s the second Chicago show tonight, so do let us know if you’ll be in attendance.

As ever, we’d love to know how you’re feeling ahead of the concert. It goes without saying that we’re also extremely interested in what you thought of the performance upon later reflection, so don’t by shy!

The setlist will be revealed here, as per usual, so please don’t read through the fan comments if you don’t wish to know which songs the band performed.

We appreciate that many people with tickets to the remaining shows (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manchester, Glasgow and London) have somehow managed to avoid all mention of the previous performances, because they want to be surprised on the night, and we very much respect that.

To everyone lucky enough to have tickets for the Rosemont Theater tonight, enjoy!

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

255 thoughts on “Night 16: Chicago”

  1. Just letting you know that we are so excited about seeing David tonight,the blood is flowing. Can’t wait to hear the opening notes of castellorizon………thanks for touring and coming to such and intimate and aweseome venue…….

  2. ONLY 3 DAYS TILL OAKLAND!!! My friends and I are getting seriously/insanely anxious. That’s all we can think about.

    David, you are my favorite guitarist and musician of all time! If I could choose to be anybody in Rock history, it would be you.

    I know you are a producer as well, so I was kind of wondering if you could check out my band and give me some feedback about the songs.

    Shawn Sariti

  3. What a great show last night. I honestly didn’t think it would compare with the UIC Pavillion show in 1984. It exceeded my expectations 100 times.

    I can go happily to my grave now after seeing an outstanding performance of Echoes, Fat Old Sun and Wot’s Oh The Deal? The light show was also fantastic.

    Many thanks to David and the band!

  4. I just wanted to say a few words about my experience at the Massey Hall show. I would have written earlier but I just arrived back home in St. John’s, Newfoundland (for anyone who isn’t familiar with the area, Newfoundland is an island on the East coast of Canada, St. John’s being the most Easterly city in all of North America).

    I attended the concert on Monday night and I have to say I didn’t really like it…I loved it! The show exceeded all my expectations (which were pretty high to begin with). The bands flawless performance and Marc Brickman’s light show were absolutely wonderful in that intimate setting.

    I was considerably delighted with the setlist as well since it included three songs from my favorite album of all time – The Division Bell. Before playing Coming Back To Life, David Gilmour dedicated the song to his “girlfriend”. I can only imagine how much Polly Samson must have been blushing to hear those words.

    I was actually fortunate enough to meet Polly while there in Toronto. I felt uneasy about saying hello at first, remembering that they didn’t appreciate being harassed by fans at JFK airport and after all, I could see she was minding her young children. Determining though that this situation was considerably different I decided to briefly introduce myself. I must say, Polly was very sweet and even signed my copy of On An Island.

    If you happen to read this Polly thanks again and best wishes to you as well (I look forward to reading Out Of The Picture).

    Thank you very much David Gilmour for sharing your beautiful and inspiring work with us. It is music like yours that can provide hope and inspiration to people in a less than perfect world.

    And of course thank you Features Editor for providing all of the bloggers with this means of communication (just because I don’t write very often doesn’t mean I don’t read it everyday).

    In closing I’d just like to say that my 2000 km journey to Toronto was more than worthwhile and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Happy Easter everyone!

  5. I never miss the daily utterings, no matter how cringe worthy, and I think the world would be a much duller place without Rudders, Nickster, Angelo Ortiz, Clemens, Lucia, Frank Par, Ian Pearson, and the many other Blog irregulars

    Wow!!! Rudders et al! Thats’ your 2nd mention Rud!!! Pretty cool for all of you to be mentioned. I guess I fall into the “other irregulars” category. Teach me thy ways Rud so I can get honorable mention! LOL.

    I suppose you aren’t the author of that statement Fet Ed, or I should feel very hurt that you would leave me off… I mean after all we’ve been thru together!


    [You’ll have to blame the SNEd for that. – Features Editor]

  6. Will be there tonight. Leaving work (downtown) at 4, to make it to Rosemont by 5 meet up with 5 friends that will be going to the show as well. Going to “RAM” on Higgins Rd., decent brewery/resturant.

    Note: anybody from out of town, staying downtown and driving to Rosemont-give yourself plenty of time to make the concert. The Kennedy expressway can be terrible. Don’t leave downtown at 6:45-7 for the 8 oclock start. You just may walk into Rosemont Theater half way through David’s OAI set.


    I hope everybody that came in from the band/crew to fellow fans enjoy the day today. It is georgous out. Cant beat 75 degrees in mid April.

    Did I say I was FIRED UP ABOUT TONIGHT?!?

    Everybody enjoy tonight.
    Jeff in Chicago

  7. I live in Dallas,TX and traveled to Chicago to see you guys at Rosemont Theatre tonight. I’ve been waiting for this day since I bought my tickets back in December. Me and my friends are so excited about tonight’s show that we already know that we are gonna have a great night that will be live in our memories forever… and of course, I will post my comments tomorrow.

  8. Hey,

    saw david perform last nite (the 12th) here in chicago. echoes was a surprise and it made me jump to my feet. i will be attending tonights concert as well (13th). flew all the way to live8 just to see pink floyd perform. was my 1st time in england too. im hoping to get a backstage pass for tonight. have a few contacts, lets see if they can come thru. and yes, you rock !!

  9. Dear Fed been a few days since posting. my son got his leave so both of my sons and I will be attending tonight. This has been a life long dream, taking thim to see David… Must say you have impress me with the job you do and the and you still keep your wits. Dont really want to know who you because would take away from the mystery person you are. Please dont unmask your self. Tonight is taking forever……. Fed thanks for doing such a great job here. Have a good Day Everyone………

    [Thank you, Gayann. Glad that both your sons will be able to join you. Have a wonderful night. – Features Editor]

  10. Well, I can’t believe the day is here finally. My nightmares (2 total) that David decided to drop Echoes for the Rosemont show on the 13th will prove prophetic or neurotic. I would much prefer to be suspected of neuroticism in this matter (puh-leeezze play Echoes tonight!! and Wots Uh the Deal . . . ahem . . . composure). Seriously, all this excitement has been a lot of fun. Having a blog to support a tour like this is great. Thanks F-ed

  11. Which ponderance do you think Rick is contemplating in this photo? A lovely capture Polly!

    (1)If I built a time machine with all new parts, then I went back, would the parts I used dissapear because they didn’t exist then?

    (2) If I was traveling at the speed of sound and I turned on my keyboard would I be able to hear myself playing?

    (3)Hmmm…..What do I do if I see an endangered animal that eats only endangered plants eating one!?

    (4)If the universe is really expanding, what is it expanding into?

    (5)If I had x-ray vision, and I can see through anything, wouldn’t I see through everything and actually see nothing at all?

    Enjoy the moment,

  12. Looking forward to the shows in LA.

    However, my wife is pregnant and ready to pop. Hence she won’t be attending. That being said, I have 2 Tickets available in the orchestra right section,row n. These were purchased under the TicketMaster “Hot Seat” promo which includes a the new cd,a custom cd case, and a plastic laminate.

    These tickets cost $350 ea. Anybody interested?


  13. I was at the show last night and at the risk of sounding like everyone else, I’ll jump right into the fray and say that the show well-exceeded my already lofty expectations.

    I have seen David about 4-5 times by now, but this one eclipsed them all. I think the smaller venue format has something to do with it all, but I also feel David’s playing is better than ever before. If you were there…all I have to say is Fat Old Sun. Have you ever heard anything like that before? I haven’t. Amazing energy! What a terrific arrangement they have for that tune. Same should be said for Wots (uh) the Deal. Beautiful. Those 2 songs alone made my night. Just fantastic. Too bad David doesn’t play Fat Old Sun every night – cause I want my wife to hear it this evening as we’re headed again tonight (last night it was a few friends and I). I’m still trying to come to terms with it. That good!!

  14. caption: Please God don’t let David catch on I swiped one of his t-shirts, oh hang on you are David!

    and for the bloke who was yapping about the blog. If nobody posted there would be nothing to read. DUH. Dunderhead

  15. David & Co- Excellent show last night!!!! I hope you weren’t embarassed about dropping your slide during “Smile”….

    Anyway, it was one of the best nights of my life. Very much looking forward to see you again tonight!! Have a nice stay in Chicago. Thanks for the memories… One question concerning the small acoustic that is on a stand- is that a baby Taylor that you use for your acoustic slide parts on stage?

  16. Great caption Victor!! LOL!!

    [She has a good sense of humor so if you REALLY want to have some fun, if you see me, walk up and give me a huge hug as if you know me really well! Tim Taylor]

    Hey Tim,

    I will be sure to do that!! I am sitting way at the top in the balcony section. But any seat at the Gibson is great. I have seen many concerts there. I felt Kodak was to big. Hopefully I will see you there.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  17. Flew into Chicago from Detoit. Without a question the best rock show I have ever witnessed live. (I’ve seen David and PF 5 times since ’84 and Roger twice.) Over the top, above and beyond the call of duty. How can… You have to see and hear it firsthand to get it!

    The audience was the only disappointment of the evening. My sincerest congratulations to the IDIOT in Section 203, Row Q, Seat 19 for making a complete ass of himself. Unfortunately, he was bigger than me, and I had to surrender my pointy stick at airport security This MORON (I am sure he is not literate, so he won’t be offended) took the opportunity at every quiet moment of the show to shout out what must have been answers to some triva contest in his Sh*tforbrains mind. Here is a sample:

    “DAVID GILMOUR!!! Yeah!!!” (sounds great with the intro to “Wish You were Here”)

    “NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M F***ING TALKING ABOUT, PINK FLOYD! (sounds great with the quiet introduction to “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”)

    “DAVID GILMOUR, YOU’VE GOT TO BE CRAZY!!!!” (I think that goes well with “Smile”. No, Sorry you MORON, that’s “Dogs”)

    I could go on but…

    On last note to future attendees, if you are not familiar with the “Meltdown” version of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”, don’t try to help David sing it. The phrasing is completely different from the studio and previous live versions. I cannot imagine how annoying it must be to be singing an acoustic solo, with 4,000 people trying to sing along out of tempo.

    To David: You are truly a gift to the world of music. To all of the band and crew (way to go Marc Brickman, unbelievable!) Thank you for a great show.

    Also to Mr. 203Q19, No Rick Wright is not that guy from Crosby Stills & Nash! (FEd, I am not joking)

  18. I’m heading to the show at Universal Amphitheater next thursday (I refuse to call it Gibson), and I’m worried. I don’t attend many concerts these days. The herd you like cattle, charge you $$$ for trinkets and foamy beers, and the crowds are terrible. People, it seems, cannot behave at a public function. Many people seem to believe that a rock conert is a like a drunken fest and that you can do whatever it is you like and behave like an idiot. Please, please, don’t let any of those idiots sit near me at next weeks show. I would assume that this show would skew towards a more mature, higher income crowd, and you’d think they could just enjoy the show. It’ s my only fear going into the show next week.

  19. OK – Deborah/Nickster:

    My current gear is as follows:

    A 1960s Classic Les Paul from 2001. This is the heaviest guitar I own and I kept the original pickups even though they are hot.

    A Fender American Designer Series Strat with Texas Special pickups, silver sparkle with all black accents. A bit flashy but fun to play.

    And from the vintage world, a 1971 Gibson SG Professional with a Bigsby, P-90s all original in mint condition. Prior owner bought it originally in 1971, played it a few times and then stored it under his bed until I bought. This guitar is super sweet.

    I’m also in the midst of building a Crimson Red with maple neck American Series Strat with David Gilmour DG20 EMG pickups. I know his is Candy Apple Red. And I’m also building an Japanese Contemporary Strat with a single EMG 81 at the bridge.

    Nickster, your Ibanez sounds like it is in need of a professional set-up. Maybe it will feel better for you then.

    I didn’t see David playing his Candy Apple Red Strat on this tour. I saw the Goldtop Les Paul and the Black Strat and Duo Jet but not the red Strat. Did I miss it?


    Now it’s Deborah’s turn to share.

  20. i went to 1st chicago show it was the most amazing i have ever seen,i cant find any words to discribe,just totally amazed at the talent,on an island was a jam! short break, then older stuff,everyone on thursday get ready for an experience you will have for a lifetime,it will always be a remember when we saw david gilmour thing- a best of life experience!

  21. Christopher Martin: I know where St. John’s NF is!!!!! I will be there to explore your time zone challenged province (ha-ha) when I ride my 2006 Harley Davidson Roadglide throught the Maritime Provinces in July. This is the bike I designed as a tribute to Pink Floyd’s DSOTM (the Egyptian Pyramids turned out great). I just hope my ride across the island will be great, I’ll just have to watch out for the moose. In fact I probably will be playing DG on your island. Just let me know where the fun night spots in St. John’s are.

    Tonight I’ll be in Chicago for the show, and I can’t wait.

  22. I would like to thank everyone who’s been sharing their concert experiences over the last few weeks. For all of us in the UK it’s been (and still is) a long wait for our turn, so reading all your experiences has been a great way to pass the days and helps to increase the excitement immensely.

    Fed, I think you’ve done an extraordinary job of keeping things in control. You have to laugh when someone writes something insanely stupid against this blog or David, as if they expect a mass of sympathetic type scribbles from similarly insane people. You know full well they’ll be shot down in flames within seconds; perhaps they’re just slightly masochistic?

    I think you’ve got the balance just right, allowing people with something negative to say the ability to do so, just so long as they understand the backlash they’ll be letting themselves in for. After all, I expect 99% of the people who come here are in full appreciation of David and his music.

    A quick mention about the David Gilmour UK online shop. I ordered a couple of things two days ago expecting to have to wait a week and yet they arrived today, even though I live in NE Scotland. Now that’s what I call a speedy service.

    Now, just to keep everything in balance I’ll have to mention my negative comments about this blog………errr……….Ok I don’t really have any! Other than the fact that productivity around the world is in a steep decline due to the millions of DG fans being unable to ignore this blog for longer than 5 minutes. I hope you can accept the responsibility for this Fed and it doesn’t ruin your 2 hours sleep each night?

    [Cheers, Mike. Glad to hear that the goodies reached you quickly. – Features Editor]

  23. Thank You Dave!!!! This was one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen. Wots…the deal, Fat Old Sun & the baddest Echoes of the tour!!!

    In Gilmour We Trust

    My only regret is that I am not going tonight, because this is a great band and the new album is even better live.

  24. My son, Scott, is so enthusiastic about tonight’s show that it has now gotten to ME! Scott is a guitar player who can’t believe that THE concert event of the year is only a few hours away. And what about me? Well, I missed Pink Floyd’s various concerts here when I was my son’s age, so I just couldn’t afford NOT getting us to THIS David Gilmour show; I’m comfortably pumped!

  25. Well, if you’d like to know how I’m feeling about tonights show before I actually see it, then I’d have to say that I’m very excited about it of course. I am, however, slightly dissapointed that I missed out on Fat Old Sun and Wot’s…Uh the Deal. FEd, please forward this message to David as fast as you can and tell him to repeat last night’s set! Just kidding. Keep up the good work on the website.

  26. Caption Competition:

    David’s and Rick’s reaction after hearing someone say a killer rabbit is loose in the building.

  27. Well….I`m from Chile in South america…I,m just want to say…thank you for everything….for pink floyd… like High Hopes , for yourself.You are a master to me…I try to play your songs..and enyoi…just keep making new songs..ok? When do you coming to chile??…Here are a lot of fans…good bye, and good luck…David.

  28. I was fortunate enough to have been at last nights Chicago performance. It was great. David, thank you so much for including us in your busy tour. There were no disappointments, and plenty of surprises. As a veteran Floydian, particularly a Gilmour fan, you guys Rocked! “Take a Breath” live does’nt compare to the recording, and “On an Island” was heavier, real good heavier. So so good.

    David, Namaste Brother.

  29. Hello, F.Ed, SNEd, even Mr. Ed,

    Caption: Rick looks on in disbelief as a rowdy fan repeatedly bangs his head on the stage…

    Those are interesting #’s in the S & N page. It looks like this is a popular place.

    There is good reading in the press section, too. David, your opinions about music today echo my sentiments as well. I am only 28 and I would much rather listen to 70’s and some 80’s vintage stuff. I would rather listen to PF, Fleetwood Mac, ELP, ELO, Genesis/ Collins, that kind of stuff than what is the latest and greatest.

    By the way, I never knew you were a Founding Member. that must be the best kept secret so far! (see Toronto Sun Apr. 10 picture caption)

    Have fun tonight, hope the rest of your tour goes well.

    Have a great day, all,
    Mike (King of Simpletons)

  30. Cant wait for the show tonight. Cant wait to hear Echoes and High Hopes. Hoping to get a treat off of Animals.

  31. Dear Fed, and all,

    to Michèle:

    -my best concert of PF? Maybe one of the 4 of ’77 (the third, I think). Many reasons. I was in front of David (à 5 mètres!!!); Oh! ses mains! And the band was enjoying to be here and play (this was not the case the day before)…
    – Chantilly, too, with that dry storm, and “éclairs” (comment dit-on en anglais?), which “ponctuèrent” the end of the show (supplément de light show). I’m sure you remember!
    – and the Olympia, of course! maybe, because it will be the last one? surely, because David never played like that! ce petit supplément d’âme. And we were waiting for him depuis si longtemps!!!

    – to Lucia:

    I try to translate the words of Voltaire (1694 – 1778):”I don’t agree with what you are saying, but I would die to allow you to say it”.And another sentence: Albert Camus (1913-1960), prix Nobel de Littérature in 1957: “Les vrais artistes ne méprisent rien, ils s’obligent à comprendre au lieu de juger” ( “true artists despise nothing, they force themselves to understand instead of judge”. (sorry, Albert, it’s better in french!)

    Unfortunately, I don’t know many true artists… And you? even people who say they ARE artists spend their time to judge (and I know many people like that!! too many…)

    And if you want to see a nice picture disc of David, click my name. It’s an official disc !(I don’t want to speak of bootlegs…! quoique…)

    Ikkar, with love.
    (excuse me, dear Fed, for this long post).

    Have a good night.

  32. While driving home from the Rosemont Theatre last night, I kept telling myself “it couldn’t have been any better”. And at age 50, I’ve seen several exceptional shows involving the best bands and artists. But this was my first David Gilmour experience.

    I was totally impressed with the band, the production, the sound, lighting… everything about the show was spectacular.

    My personal favorite from the “On An Island” tracks… “Take A Breath”. Good advice, and hold onto your seat.

    For the second half of the show, I’m still taken back by “Echoes”. Whatever DG’s issues are/were with this song, it’s just exceptional to hear out there in the audience. Thank you from someone who listened to it repeatedly on a lo-fi record player when released about 35 years ago.

    The range of ages in the audience was both interesting and occasionally annoying. Advice to the incoming… as a courtesy to those sitting around you, leave your mobile phones and other toys in the car. The gallery of photos available on this website are light years better than anything you’ll take with your camera phone anyway. Your ears are available to hear a performance that many long to experience, so shut up and listen.

    I sincerely hope there’s a tour DVD, maybe with a piece on each of the small venues involved.

    Thank you for visiting Chicago. It’s a great city. Please come back.

  33. A couple of things regarding the link in my name:

    First, Jay’s a good guy. If someone from David’s management gives him a call I’m sure they’ll fix his name.

    Second, do we know if that is right? Is David the only guest that night? That would be so cool if it turns out that way.

    [More details on the show when we have them, Michael. Has the name been altered yet? We did ask. – Features Editor]

  34. Wow!!!It was absolutely fantastic to be there that night. The playlist, the musicians, the effects, and of course, Dave in his best…The crowd was furious, unwilling to go home after the concert ended.It was delightfull to hear again such old numbers as “Fat Old Sun” and “Echoes” among the more popular and the new stuff.

    Big THANK YOU, David, Rick and company!

  35. ON AN ISLAND DVD…can’t wait after catching the Massey Hall show.

    Any hints on additional material to be included?

    [No idea, David. – Features Editor]

  36. Caption:

    David does a Lou Reed impersonation while Richard contemplates the Great Gig in the Sky.

  37. David and freinds, thank you so much, your the inspiration for me to take up music. I finally got to see your expertise last night in chicago, i was not disappointed. I felt like I died and went to heaven when you played the full version of Echoes. Also, I love your new album, thanks for everything, including inspiration and guidence.

  38. I will be there tonight!!!! Long waited for this day to come. I cant wait till this evening. I will give my report tonight after the show. As will many others Im sure!

    Bob Fasano….Worth,Ill

    [Looking forward to it, Bob. Have a good night. – Features Editor]

  39. I’m 30 and I must say it. It’s the first occassion I’ll be united with my father after all these years. It’s fu**ing mad. We’ll been mad for all these years. Floyd is the only vehicle in which we could meet again. Thank you. me and him.

  40. What a GREAT show last night. From the 1st note of Castellorizon, I knew that the sound in this place was going to be fantastic! The new album reaches a new level in a live performance… I though Take a Breath would break the foundation of the building… makes Run Like Hell seem like a ballad (lol).

    The 2nd set was even better than expected. Echoes is just incredible to hear live. The band seemed very tight and all looked like they were enjoying themselves, especially Guy Pratt (on stage it looks like this guy is still in his 20’s). I’m gonna have to let this sink in and give a full report after tonight’s show. It’s amazing how hypnotized one can get by watching David play, hanging on his every note. The crowd, from my perspective, behaved better than I expected, especially during the 1st set. I’m really looking forward to seeing it again tonight!

    Hey Guy… hope you like the copy of 8mm I handed you last night : )


  41. My years of patience finally pay off this evening! As with everyone, I am SO excited. To make things better, I got to meet Gilmour yesterday afternoon between sound checks. Signed a few autographs for most everyone and took pictures for a bit(although only about 5 people around). Totally laid back guy like I expected. Anybody else from Oklahoma going tonight?

  42. Only days away from the Oakland shows. A very special thanks to BigAl for coming through on some tickets to Monday’s performance. Because of your kindness, you have made our rainy winter sunny! Thanks again, and we’ll see you Monday…

    Bay Area, California

  43. Caption Competition (my first ever entry so be gentle with me!)

    Rick to David: “If I promise not to moan about having to wear a black t shirt every night, will you take the guitar off my neck as I can’t see the keyboard”

  44. Another pesky question concerning “The Making Of The Dark Side Of The Moon” DVD… is the Strat David plays during the bit about Breathe his favourite old black ’71?

    And maybe this is one for the FAQs – how many black T-shirts does David own?

    FEd, if you ever get to visit him at home be sure to nip into the bedroom, open up the wardrobe and take a quick photo for the blog.

  45. oh i forgot to mention the chicago crowd ,i thought everyone was cool not like the new yorkers

    [Like some New Yorkers and visitors to New York, you mean. – Features Editor]

  46. It’s less than 4 hours to show time for the second night in Chicago. So excited to see an inspiration such as David. Thanks for coming to Chicago!

  47. Let’s hope people behave themselves!

    Good God, come back to the UK where you will not be bothered.

    [There will still be nuisances at the five UK shows, Philip. Wait and see. – Features Editor]

  48. Hello again our most wonderful Sisyphean.

    WAY TO GO Stuff & Nonsense Ed!!! Well said! Thank you (I am sure from everyone here) for that. “curmudgeonly” – I love that word!!

    Fellow “Gilmourauders” – take a moment and read today’s “Stuff and Nonsense”. There is a lot of content there you don’t want to miss.

    Dear Mr. Wexler, Have yourself a really good evening, and please do watch that door doesn’t hit you in the backside on the way out.

  49. I had the the most wonderful experience at the concert last night at the Rosemont. Watching the group have fun even with a somewhat strange crowd heckling them, led me to respect you, the artists, even more. I just wanted to say thank you for giving us crazy Americans a chance to see your wonderful musicianship and kind heart. I think that concert restored my love of music. And btw Mr Gilmour, your tone quality and control of your scoops on the saxophone were quite impressive. You have a cleaner saxophone sound than I do and I’ve been playing that instrument with a love/hate relationship for a decade. Congratulations for a great show boys! Wish you the best on the rest of your tour!





    [Hi Simon. Thanks very much for the kind words. Pink Floyd would have played in Yorkshire many times, especially in the early days (Hull University, Leeds Town Hall, Sheffield City Hall etc.). I can confirm that they did indeed play in Selby, at the Selby Arts Festival in July 1969. You have a good night, mate. Take it easy. – Features Editor]

  51. It’s 5pm in Chicago, an I just scored 2 tickets! There is a God! I can’t wait to soar with that amazing guitar tone.

    Break a leg boys.

    MW 😉

  52. What can say? Outstanding performance.

    Take a Breath was fantastic!! and who knew David could play sax? A brief moment of humor when David lost the slide for the steel guitar.

    Fat old sun, Whats …uh the deal, WOW!

    Nice to see John Carin with you again. We missed the female back up singers

    A big thank you for playing the entire new album I love it.

    One request for the audience please keep the camera phones in your pockets, IE:the 2 idiots in sec 108 row t seats 14 and 15 you spent more time holding those damn phones up in the air and because they are so bright there were a bit distracting. You were right in front of me I was the guy asking you to put then away. a few years ago I wouldnt have been so polite.

  53. My oh my…what can I say? David, you ROCK! Your band rocks, your songs rock, and you ROCKED the Rosemont last night! I must say that I just had an amazing time hearing your beautiful guitar tone in person, and I practically had a heart attack when I heard those first notes of Echoes! It was so great seeing you and Richard on stage together, and GUY PRATT IS MY HERO! I just love how he gets so into it and does those cool little jigs! It was a special night for me, because I brought my father, and it was quite a bonding experience! So thanks for everything, keep up the great work, and we look forward to seeing you again VERY soon 🙂 Cheers Dave!


  54. I was at the Rosemont last night, and have been making my way home all day, with lots of stops. David was a rock in a tsunami of gorgeous sound that washed over us. My favorite moment was during the far over fantastic solo at the end of the Blue — it occurred to me that the spirit of the chicago blues found a home in him right then. He kicked all asses last night. He’s the best.

    After the show, I asked some security guys if there was a meet and greet, while my date, my oldest daughter went for the car at the valet window. There were only 12 people or so around the private door in the north lobby, and after waiting in silence a few minutes, the ‘cops’ opened a door and gestured for all the go in. But when I was just there at the door, they stopped me, ’cause I had no backstage pass thing on my shirt. Shoot. I didn’t harrass them , but man, so close.

    Thank you, David, for rocking us so well.

    Oh yeah, another highlight was when this big male voice hollered a couple times: “LOVE YOU DAVID!” We do!

  55. Ahh Rosemont, DG, good food and the Dan Ryan being dismantled you goota love Chicago!!! During several of Davids interviews, he had spoken how unfullfilled he, and people in general would be if the player didnt nail the leads at the show he attendend. Also how the shows are so close to the audience he could acually see the eyes of the people attending. I swear I saw him acually thinking those thoughts during the Chicago show on the 12th and second guessing himself on leads several times. Glancing at the crowd, and going back to the classic Gilmour stance slightly unerved at the close proximity,

    It was all love man, no hostility, we just couldnt get enough, I guess we were kinda Gilmour/Floyd starved. I sensed some innner pressure to play the parts somewhat exact, but having his free soul fighting it a bit. Chicago had many older floyd fans and even the younger fans( I had a kid sitting right in front of me wearing a pasley shirt who looked exactly like a young Roger Barrett) and I commented not being able to see past his obligatory hendrix perm and the guys next to me got a laugh out of it. The crowd was absorbing each note like fine wine and steak from Gibsons steak house. They knew all the parts by memory and David wanted to jam out “”just let me play for you his strats were shouting!!” ill comeback to the marker parts at a later time in the songs, We enjoyed every millisecond. Thank you David, Phill and all who pulled the tour togather. Thanks Rick for bringing that angry hammond for the middle part of Echoes!! that part would not funk and rock out without it.

    GET!!! a live cut of Take a breath out to the AOR stations as soon as you guys can it was ten time as heavy as the album and ruled!!!

    See ya next time!!

  56. I wish I could have attended the Rosemont shows. I hope everyone that goes has a fantastic time. I went to the Radio City shows and it was something I will never forget. Family and Finances prevented me from driving to Chicago, but I’m hoping it will not be the last time I see David live.

    David, I hope you can overlook those that complain, and Know that there are many of us that are very thankful you headed our way. Im hoping your Jay Leno appearance helps shoot the sales of OAI back up in the states. May I suggest blowing them off their rockers with Take a Breath? Of all the songs on OAI, I’m willing to bet that would be the one to get people interested. I do my part and request tracks from the album on local radio stations all the time, but to put it bluntly they suck and would rather play the usual.

    Good luck on the rest of this leg, and good luck to your son on his exams.

  57. Andrew: see previous day’s blog for my (comparatively boring) guitar info.

    That’s some happening gear you got there. If I had money and actually played somewhere other than my kitchen, I’d snap up some nice git-fiddles as well, but there’s really no need. Rock on!

    …and this link’s for you: “cookin’ in the kitchen, acoustic-style” or CAREFUL WITH THAT HAND BEATER, EUGENE!


  58. Fed, pardon my bad memory if that’s the case, but has there been a photo of the Rosemont theater posted here? Curious to see it.


    [I think so… Have a look at the 21 February entry, Tom. – Features Editor]

  59. I`m not in a good mood all,

    I`ve just learned that my uncle malcom has been diagnosed with altzimers, he is only fifteen years older than me, and I`m thirtythree this year, how can someone so young suffer from this horrible thing?

    It does put everything into perspective.

    I`ve been posting on this site from virtually day one, and the blog community back then used to have a laugh and all sorts, the blog has lost it`s way somehow(NOT FED`s FAULT), People seem to be only intrested in themselves, what David will perform, can we have this, can he play here, can he play there,(I will still have to travel for a hundred or so miles too see him too even in the U.K!) where for me David could get on stage and play god save the queen, and I`ll love it because David played it!

    I hope that I don`t fall into Richard wex…whatever his name is, catergory of being a sad person, I`d rather the features ed tell me there are people who want to break my leg`s(which really tickled me features ed!).

    And to anyone who does not know why the features ed is called so it is because before fan fare it was called, “features”.

    I only wish it was like those days.

    sorry to rant,

    all the best.

    [So sorry to hear about your uncle, Adrian. It takes something earth-shattering like that to make you realise that all this, with the greatest respect, is really quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I know what you mean about the apparent self-interest. You feel free to rant here anytime you like, mate. – Features Editor]

  60. [More details on the show when we have them, Michael. Has the name been altered yet? We did ask. – Features Editor]

    Yes, his name’s been fixed. But no, he’s not the only guest listed anymore. Tom Green of “Freddy Got Fingered” fame is also a guest. I’d have rather had Randy Jackson to remind him what a real “Idol” is all about. But then again Randy was at the London Live 8 (with Mariah’s band) which puts me into fits of jealousy.

    But anyway, I’ve been watching Leno, and apparently there’s an outdoor stage with an outdoor audience they’ve been using lately, some sort of corporate sponsored “concert series” or something. Jamie Foxx was on that stage last night promoting his album. So I gotta assume that’s where David will be playing. And that doesn’t rule out having David sit on the couch for an interview, because Foxx was on the couch then went out to the stage during the commercial.

    Now I know I won’t be able to go because I’m on the wrong coast, but I have to wonder how one gets to be a part of that outdoor audience. Maybe the indoor audience just goes outside during commercial, but it could be a different audience too. (Also know I’m doing a lot of assuming here, so people reading this had better not get their hopes up too high.)

  61. You are a diamond features ed,

    I`m so sorry I got a little worked up, I really am not good with words, and I know it`s all off topic, but for some reason you understand!

    Good night mate, make sure you get your rest as well!


  62. To end all debate here folks. The debate between David sounding better with Fender or with a Gibson in his hands, is at a final rest. Sorry Gibson fans…. It is true that David is an absolute b@!! breaker on steroids with a Gibson. However it becomes quite clear… David becomes an atomic detonation with the strat in hand.

    The Chicago show was an absolute wonder. I want to appologize to David for sneeking in a couple of pictures and what not for MY OWN PERSONAL archive. I’m sorry David but having to spend close to my monthly mortgage on concert tickets, a T-shirt doesn’t quite cut it. I did feel quite a bit guilty for doing so. I think it has alot to do with my absolute respect for Mr. Gilmour as a person and as a professional musician.

    My brother and I waited outside after the show hoping to get an autograph but that was not to be. I do wish that David would’ve signed this one guy’s customized strat he brought for Dave to sign. This guy risked a lot briging that thing to the show. It was a USA strat with the DG series EMG pick up system. This guy brought a guitar that was probablly better than the one David was using on stage.

    All in all this was a very good show for me. Some of the audience made the show for me a bit less loved than it could’ve. But David did deliver the goods and cannot be held responsible for what the dummies in the audience do.

    A word to the wise… This is concert is mostly mooded for SITTING DOWN and NOT TALKING. I’m sure that alot of you spent a fortune to see and hear Gilmour. This dude beside me kept running his mouth about all kinds of dumb, ridiculous, and INACCURATE info on Gilmour and Floyd.

    Another thing NOT to do is remain standing when everyone else in the whole theater is sitting. Thank God these chicks were anorexic.

    I know I sound as if I didn’t like the show, but on the contrary, it was a highlight in my life. Then again I knew it was going to be, I was just wishing for the whole complete uninterrupted package with David’s autograph. Actually I would’ve loved to have seen David sign the one guy’s Strat more than to get an autograph. See I’m not selfish or anything.

    Shine on everyone!!!

  63. Hello again!…Back in GA from my less than 72 hour road trip to Chicago and back!!!…My only regret is that I didn’t buy tickets for tonights show as well!…The show more than met my expectations!!! Absolutely wonderful!!!

    Having bought OAI the day it was released…I was well prepared for the first half of the show. I have to say my favorite performance from the OAI list was Pocketful Of Stones…a song that I have not listened to as much as the others…is now at the top of my favorites list.

    David…your sax playing was wonderful and really cool to witness…way to go!…the guitar playing goes without saying!!! always inspiring, moving and the best ever! The voice still sexy, haunting and strong… Dick P. awesome is all I can say about the sax swinging!!! Guy…you dancing around reminded me of the Division Bell Tour and I loved seeing you again! Rick…your voice is as strong as ever and I am sooooo glad you are traveling with David for this tour and we want to hear more from you too!…you guys still compliment each other so well and when you hit that first note of Echoes it was all I could do not to run down to the stage and hug your neck!!! Thank-you everyone who is part of the show…Outstanding…the lighting and the sound were terrrific and I have no complaints whatso ever!!!

    This trip meant more to me than you know. My husband and I are huge fans and we are so glad we took this journey together…we did the same 12 years ago! My husbands only request is that David put out some really dirty bluesy stuff…he really loves when David plays that type of music!

    Now…my only hope is that someone is recording all of this for a fantastic DVD set so that I can re-live it daily!!!

    And…David…I hope you put out all those other songs that you have sitting around out there…would love to hear them to!!!

    Safe journeys to everyone…Thank-you so much again for coming to the states and here’s hoping David won’t wait another 10-12 years before we see him again!!! (lots of love)

    Holly Moore…Rome,GA

  64. We went to the show last night in Chicago. We would have to agree with Kevin in Michigan regarding the jerk in section 203. Just shut up and listen. I had to laugh during shine on you crazy diamond. The audience wrecked that song. But in any case the show was great and Echoes was by far the best tune all night. We drove over from the west side of Michigan and drove home that evening. Long day but worth it.

    Hey FED can you tell me who the child was to David’s right just off stage? They had the best seat in the house.

    [I can’t, sorry. – Features Editor]

  65. I can’t stop thinking about getting to the Los Angeles show…it took me four hours to get 3 tickets and they are all separated due to David’s talent, creativity, popularity, and longevity. A compliment.

    Me and my gal are flying out west from Rochester, New york for the show. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience. I’ve seen Roger Waters’ “In the Flesh” tour which was fabulous. However, I don’t think his show will compare because Sir David is my guitar hero!

  66. Please forgive my ingnorance for I am a huge PF fan but am new to this webpage. Was at the show in Chicago on the 12th and exceded my expectations ten fold. The sound of the all black guitar that dave used for the majority of the show was what I would call perfect if I had to imagine an instrument sounding perfect. What is it exactly, just wondering. Thanks

    [A Fender Stratocaster, Ed. The guitarists among us can fill you in on all its specifications, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  67. Aw, shucks, SNEd…thanks for that. It really made my day! (That goes for you too, Fed…)

    Adrian, I’m sorry about your uncle. That is really young! My grandmother suffered from a siliar illness (multi-infarct dementia), and it is a difficult thing to go through (for everyone in the family as well). Scrap books for alzheimers patients help. Pictures of relatives and places help preserve memories when everything else seems to be fading from sight.

    Good luck to you…

    Focusing on Gilmour,

    Anyone hear “Lie for a Lie” from Nick Mason’s Profiles? Listening to it last night I realised that, if he wanted to, DG could go the Phil Collins route and throw out top-40 pop tunes. That’s a fun track, no?

    (No offense to Phil Collins fans)

    Out of curiosity, are people getting together before/after the shows in LA? My wife has given me her blessing to go on a Gilmour pilgrimage…

  68. TONIGHT BEING APRIL 13th, 2006
    AT 12:36 TONIGHT


  69. Last night’s (Wednesday’s) show in Chicago was INCREDIBLE! David’s voice and guitar playing were suberb. It was so nice to see him at the Rosemont Theater from the 20th row rather than at a football stadium where I have seen him play in the past. It was a much more intimate setting, and an evening I will not forget. David had some of the top musicians in the world on stage with him. It was a treat to hear Richard Wright sing with David on Comfortably Numb (a great way to end the evening). I was thankful that the soundboard team had the volume set just right so I did not have to wear my earplugs and could enjoy the great sound that David and his band created for us.

    The set list was great. I enjoyed hearing On an Island performed live for the first part of the show. The second half of the show had some classic songs that were terrific live. It was just amazing when David strapped on his stratocaster and played his solo during Fat Old Sun. It was definitely worth the trip to Chicago to see the show. I will be looking forward to the DVD so I can watch it over and over and show my friends what an incredible evening it was.

    I thought that the crowd was well behaved and was impressed by the applause and roaring sounds of adoration that were bestowed upon David and his band at the end of the show (there was a lot of praise being poured out in appreciation of a tremendous performance).

    Thank you so much David for going on tour and making it possible for me to see you and your magnificent band in person!

  70. Looking forward to the show in LA at the Kodak Theater, However, My wife is pregnant and ready to pop. Hence she won’t be attending. That being said, I have 2 Tickets available in the orchestra right section,row n. These were purchased under the TicketMaster “Hot Seat” promo which includes a the new cd,a custom cd case, and a plastic laminate. These tickets cost $350 ea. Any body interested? Reach me at I will be attending, so I will bring them to the show.


  71. Saw David et. al. 1st night in Chicago, April 12th.

    I agree with Kevin from Michigan about the IDIOT in Section 203, Row Q, Seat 19. Hard to believe, but my wife and I were in seats 9 and 10 of the same row.

    Unfortunately, the IDIOT wasn’t alone. I was VERY DISAPPOINTED in the audience. No respect. If David never comes to U.S. again, I think I know why. Down right embarrasing.

    Enough of that. The show, of course, was brilliant! I was expecting a scaled down lights show, but was really amazed. Awe inspiring.

    And the energy they played with. Wow. My favorites of the night: Fat Old Sun, What’s The Deal, and Echoes. Man, Echoes was AMAZING. They just ROCKED it. It was interesting that David dropped the “uh” part from What’s, Uh, The Deal. Maybe the ‘uh’ was something Roger wanted but bugged Dave? and now he can do it properly? Who knows.

    The show was briliant. Listening to OAI several times a day for the last month paid off in spades. I really enjoyed the first half of the show too. (on the Momentary Lapse tour, I wasn’t very familiar with the new material, and vowed never to make that mistake again.)

    Thank you David and team for the perfect performance, for the music, and for the memories. Thank you for the sacrifices you and your families are making. Please know that we aren’t ALL jerks like the IDIOT, and we’re truly grateful for all the crap you put up with to give your REAL fans such a wonderful treat.

    Old Hippy

  72. Hey Everyone, hope are American cousins enjoyed the Chicago shows as much as we did in Toronto earlier in the week, I know you will, how can you not, what a band.

    I finally figured this out. OAI is actually the second disc of a double cd. The first disc is Obsured by Clouds, seriously check it out. David’s voice and guitar are almost as good then as they are today. Some great guitar licks. It’s just that the first disc was recorded about 35 years ago.

    Anyway got to go and listen again. just finish that roach and glass of beer first. Later.


  73. WHY would you take your cell phone into a concert??? I don’t get it!!! They should be banned at the door…

    I will do my best to ignore the phoneheads in Oakland…

    Can’t wait to see you again Mr. Gilmour !!!

    JAK – Colorado

  74. Hello Everyone

    Great to hear all these good stories, I’m tuning out the bad ones. It’s getting closer to final show of the U.S. tour…I can’t wait! I am looking forward hearing all the new stuff…it is such a smooth piece of work.


    I was impressed at all those early shows you saw. I told a story of all these animal noises everyone was making before a “Wall” show. Think you can tell us any stories about how those old show’s were. I pretty much know about all the show’s since “Dark side of Moon”, would love to hear something about the “Meddle” show’s…. come on, give us a little taste of history.

  75. I just returned to my hotel room from the Rosemont Theater after a FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC performance. I feel no matter what, I can die having lived a full and complete life. This was the best performance, let alone Pink Floyd performance, I’ve ever been to. Every note, every lyric, was played and sung perfectly. David was very interesting tonight in terms of his occasional conversation and said more than his ‘Thank you very much indeed’.

    Some high points of the show were Take a Breath which had incredible lighting effects, same with Time. Echoes was just incredible. I personally loved that he played Coming Back to Life and his guitar solo was beyond words.

    Those who are going to this show on the west coast you are in for a real great treat.

    The BIG problem I have was with the audience.

    During the first set, On an Island, all you could see was movement in the audience. People were constantly getting up, coming in late – the clown in front of me got up 5 times in the first set!

    Before the start of the show, smoke your last cigarette, drink your last drink, nibble your last bite of food, address your bodily functions, then sit the hell down and show some damn respect for an incredible group of musicians!!!

    Thank you David and band for a wonderful performance – my wife flew us here from Tallahassee, FL for my birthday and it has been the most memorable one in my 33 years thus far.

  76. Deborah,

    I originally learned to play on a couple of cheap Japanese guitars. I’m still not a great player but always wanted this kind of gear. So when I got some money, I spoiled myself. It certainly is a nice to have. And you should try playing a Gibson SG sometime. They are not as heavy as a Les Paul. By the way, loved the pics.


    Stay strong. Life throws these things at you and I realize that sometimes they really start to hit home. I lost my older brother last year. He was 60 and I’m 19 years behind him – yes that makes me 42. He suffered 6 months in the hospital before he died. Growing up, we were always very close – we even shared our birthday. But then we drifted a bit. Anyway, those 6 months in the hospital brought us back together again and we were very close again. Now he is gone and sure I miss him – but I’ll always have the memories. By the way, he was also an influence on music for me. I used to stay up with him in his room listening to some of that great FM radio. Yes, I was a rebel – I was 6 or 7 years old staying up till midnight or later listening to music in his room. His favorite PF recording was The Wall.

    So Adrian, don’t let this site get you down. There actually still is some pretty humorous and fun stuff going on here. Check out all the sillyness a few days ago with the PF cheese songs. Hang in there dude – I think a dose of DSOTM will help you or maybe a newer Floyd release like MLOR or The Division Bell. Heck – listen to all three back to back and then write back.


    [Good on you, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  77. Ah, the Rosemont, saw some good shows by my dad’s band (GRATEFUL DEAD) there.

    Sounds like David’s have been wonderful.

  78. No matter what, I know I’m going to absolutely love the show on April 20 in Universal City…but if David played “Coming Back to Life,” I think I would die of happiness.

  79. Bravo Mr. Gilmour…Bravo….oh ya…if anyone wants some of those “On An Island” pamphlets that were on the seats…let me know…I have about 100.

  80. To: Adrian Kavanagh hang in there, I know what it is like to have someone close have something devestating happen to them. My father was diagnosed with cancer when I was seven and and passed away in September 03′ when I had just turned eighteen the previous month. It definitley puts a damper on your moods but you have to try and remember good things, for instance it is my father that got me started (It’s a long story that i’m sure nobody wants to hear) on this PF mania that i’ve been on since he passed. In fact, it is that very mania that has led me to David’s individual work as well as the solo stuff from the other members. So I am grateful for my time with him and unfortunatley that is what you have to do with your uncle, if he is still in the beginnig stages of that horrid disease, create some more memories listen to OAI together! anyways try to have some fun with the man now, while he is still here. Here is to better days ahead for you and yours.

    Cheers Mate!

  81. What a great show with so many parts that stand out, the greatest of which being… “Take A Breath” the fast tempo and energetic rocker really seemed to electrify the already enthused audience. “Breath/Time/Breath Reprise” everyone was on their feet singing along with this fantastic ensemble. And the best moment in current rock show history… “Echoes.” The lasers, the lights, the space…

    All in all, one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, I’m not goning to say anymore about it just yet cause the feeling is still so fresh, but I can say I’ve never left a concert with such pleasing ringing in my ears.

  82. One more question I am curious about for some reason – do you know if David uses a Mac, or a PC?

    [A Mac. – Features Editor]

  83. Date: 4/14/06 at 12:53am EST. Well i missed out on the Chicago’s shows so now I am hoping to see if i can get a ticket for the san francisco show on 4/16 & 4/17/06. Mr. Tom Quinn no need to apologize really but I accept your apology. For frank par and to Angelo Ortiz you guys keep me at least “hoping”..It is nice to know that there are some people out there wishing me “good luck” on getting a ticket to see the one and only Mr. Gilmour and team. I read the entries every single day after work. My work week is about 60-70hrs per week in the hospital as a RN on an acute care unit(s)..I have to be honest i read the excerpts from the people who have seen the shows and i get choked up all inside and i am not by nature an “easy one to turn on the water works”. I can not describe how and why I am feeling this way. It is sort of a fantasy that has come to fruition and the proverbial carrott in front of the donkeys nose. I feel absolutely hopeless and powerless. You know you read the articles about how an ” avid fan meets their idols” etc. For me that is all a pipe dream and nothing more. I have not given up. Some how and some way there has got to be a way for me to sit in the venue at one of Mr. Gilmour’s shows whether it be in the US or in England. I will keep my ‘eyes on the prize’ but always knowing in the back of my mind and the depths of my soul that there is a chance that the final outcome would be horrific for me. In 1994, when Pink Floyd was touring “Pulse” I paid for my friend to go to not one but 2 of the shows…I at that time was working full time like now and taking care of a mother with Lou Gerhigs. To be totally truthful i heard of Pink Floyd and some of their songs but he wanted to go and i had the money and made his “wish come true x2”. This may sound farfetched but i do not smoke anything and i don’t drink and i don’t do drugs of any kind–not now and not then and not when i was a teenager….I was “introduced to the world of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour in 1995. This person bought the pulse vhs and kept saying,” Linda you need to watch this part and that part”…Never did until I was all alone in the house and in went the VHS ( I already prepaid for the DVD version to come out hopefully soon)….I was watching this concert from beginning to end and did not move a muscle. I don’t even think i blinked. My hairs stood on end. It was magical and love for me at that moment. Then I went and bought the mlor cd and was floored and then i bought my own copy of pulse and the division bell and played it until i had to buy two replacements. David’s music and playing takes me to a place that i can not put into words. Seeing the video of Pulse was and still is a ‘Event’ for me. Comfortably Numb and the light show and the background singers and Nick Mason on drums and Richard Wright with Guy Pratt its all too much. All of my senses are totally bombarded and peaked to a point that is hard in achieving with what i face everyday. David Gilmour, Polly and team congratulations on the Platnium. I hope and pray you reach number one all around the world. There is still a stupid little child in me that wishes for a ‘break’, a special word from the one an only and since i am a fan of both Polly and David’s –just something…So every night i check my email and nothing…I mentioned before it is like ” Charlie” in the Willy wonka and the chocolate factory yet i know it is not real and it was a movie and make believe…but by the wonderful sounds of the people who have seen the show it is amazing and breathtaking.

    Dear feature editors thank you again for letting me go on. I am sure that Mr. Gilmour is ” sick to death with all this stuff about him and his family and for that i am sorry and mean no disrespect”. I admire you and what you have meant to my life and yes Mr. Gilmour I never needed drugs or anything else to make me appreciate your work(s). Not a single one. I get high listening to On an island and all of your other works. You are a master of the guitar and the voice and now saxophone. You simply look fantastic and happy. I hope that everyone ‘lucky’ enought to meet you up close and personal are respectful of you and the team and of course Polly and the children.

    God Bless.

    ps: Tom Quinn, frank par and of course Angelo Ortiz thank you again for your kind and encouraging words…they mean so much to me…No winning ticket yet for me. Not yet.

    Polly congratulations on being named one of britians best dressed 50 women in Tatler magazine for April 2006. You do have impeccable taste and are elegant and definetly classy and beautiful. You deserved to be on that list…You too are simply the best and i could use lessons on fashion that is for sure….Keep it up Polly you look great without the designer frocks but WOW you look fantastic at events that you and David attend. I thought i would mention that also. Everyone needs to know the positives and not so much of the negatives or criticisms. I find that people are too quick to judge. You are a far cry from ” Clarence the crossed eyed lion” if that statement was ever true!

  84. Caption…

    (Richard thinking)

    “Methinks the reflections off my earings are adding nicely to the light spectacle… methinks”

  85. I’m looking forward to taking my 9 year old son to the show at the Kodak Theather this coming Wednesday. I’m hoping we get the opportunity to hear David and the band play “Fat Old Sun” and “Wots…Uh the Deal”.

    “Echoes” holds a special place in my heart as the first Pink Floyd song I remember hearing when I was only 5 years old. There’s nothing like being scared out of your wits late at night by the screams of the “whale song/seagull” guitar sounds. I attribute this early experience to my enjoyment of Pink Floyd from their beginning to now. And I want to express my great appreciation for David’s guitar playing, whether in Pink Floyd, solo, or in supporting role (w/Kate Bush, Supertramp, Pete Townsend, et al.).

    Thank you David!

  86. Wow!

    I just got back from the Rosemont (Chicago) Show. From the minute you walked into the venue, a fog fills the air. There were OAI flyers on every seat in the house (4400 seats).

    The show opened as usual with OAI which was mesmerizing and beautiful. The crowd I thought was very well behaved. A few yelps and whistles here and there, and I only heard one request yelled out and that was for “Us and Them”.

    The second half was simply incredible. The guitars, the lights, the smoke, the lasers, the music, all made for the perfect show. I don;t have a full set list, but the did play ‘What’s Uh the Deal’ and ‘Dominoes’ tonight.
    And Echoes…what can you say???

    That was the most incredible 20 minutes in my concert going life (I’m 42). Echoes is the embodyment of Rock and Roll. I wish it could have gone on for another 20 minutes! (at least).

    And to end it all with ‘Comfortably Numb’ was the best. I love that song, especially the way David just makes that guitar sing away.

    Thank You David and the rest of the band.

    Thank you for an incredible night of music, and PLEASE come back to Chicago again soon!

    John P in Chicago

  87. Did DG pick Leno, his management, did Leno pick DG? Is this David’s type of crowd??? Leno is such a bore and not worth my tv time, but of course I will make an exception this one night. I would prefer to see DG on the Daily Show even though they don’t do musical performances, except for White Stripes. At least MTV is not interviewing him, they’de probably cut to a commercial mid sentence.

    BTW, I think DG should do Echoes on Leno;)…sublime subversion.

  88. aaaahhh..its 1am and i just got back from the gig…my 3rd time seeing david perform and it was amazing…not even a single slacking moment when compared to the 12th…but david, you should have at least waved to ur fans(us) outside when u got into the van- all u did was gesture someone to get in….that was the only disappointing part of the night…its not the 45 minute wait outside, its the 8 year or more wait for us….anywaz…enuf of that- as my mom says “PINK FLOYD IS FAHAD’S ONLY WEAKNESS”….

  89. “BLOG! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? UH…ABSOLUTELY SOMETHING! […] – Stuff & Nonsense Ed.”

    What can I say? I agree.

    Sorry everyone.

    Richard Wexler

    [No problem, mate. – Features Editor]

  90. Well, what can I say! I just came home from the show in Rosemont,Il. It was GREAT!!!!!! I had an excellent night. David and the whole band were awesome. They all looked like the were enjoying it themselves. Are we sure David is 60??? coulda fooled me. Echoes was played in its entirety and sounded great.

    A big thanx has to go out to David and the band for coming to Chi-Town. Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!! I really hope he comes around again soon sometime. I saw him last in 1994 at Soldier Field when he toured The Divison Bell with Pink Floyd. I dont think I can wait another 12 years. I really hope he can come back soon.

    Bob Fasano….Worth, Il

  91. Just to confirm tonight’s setlist:

    First half: Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Dominoes, Coming Back To Life, Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  92. Good evening everyone!

    What a glorious performance tonight! I have to admit that I woke up a little bit disappointed this morning when I read that David and the band played “Wot’s . . . Uh the Deal” on the 12th. But Sven, buddy, you came through for me! Second song of the second set, after Shine On, there it came! Wot’s . . .Uh the Deal”! Two nights in a row. Thank you thank you thank you David, Rick and crew. I was thoroughly enraptured.

    The On An Island first half was beautiful. Hearing David solo live was the musical highlight of my life. I realised tonight that On An Island has a very special place for me. When I listen to Floyd I think about when I was younger, friends gone, times past. On An Island is the only thing by any member of the Floyd that has come out since I met and married my wife. She didn’t come to the show with me tonight and I had the most lovely time thinking about her during On An Island, especially during Smile and This Heaven. Thank you, Mr. Gilmour, for making such a beautiful record.

    The Floyd half of the show was wonderful. What a nice tribute to Syd to play Shine On and to play Dominoes. I have a childhood friend who fits the role of Syd in my own life. How important it is to remember and honor those brilliant luminaries of our youth who somehow became lost along the way. All of the band were very entertaining. I love Guy’s dancing when he plays.

    For the tears I shed, the happiness I felt, the beautiful melodies, harmonies, dissonances, and reemergences from dissonance (I’m thinking about Echoes especially): Thank You!


    P.S. Sven, I really owe you. Are you a roadie? I felt like yelling “Thanks Sven” to the roadies as they began to take things down when the show ended. I decided not to be obnoxious in case you aren’t one. Thanks again!

    [No, I’m not a roadie. So glad to hear that you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  93. Hi FEd and all,

    I’ve been a bit distracted lately and haven’t felt up to bringing anything to the ‘bloggers’ table, although I have been reading (and reading and reading!!) through the many varied posts. It seems that everyone, save a few odd ducks, greatly enjoyed the 2 gigs in Toronto and the 2 in Chicago. Only a few more days until the big journey to Oakland and Los Angeles — if there is a cure for the low-down blues I think David and crew will be it! Spending a few days in Los Angeles with my son after the concert will be fantastic too!

    Reading all the posts from people regarding the many PF/DG concerts they’ve attended makes me green with envy … the only Pink Floyd concert I went to was back in 1971 ? at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (Ummagumma or Meddle era). Between moving to Washington State, being broke, starting a family and then a family-operated business, the tours never came at a time that ‘worked’ unfortunately. While I was able to take my kids to many other great gigs, they only knew (and loved!) PF/DG music through the albums, videos, and finally the DVD of ‘Pink Floyd at Pompeii’ that I’d been telling them about for years. I’d seen it originally back in Westwood/LA as a double feature along with ‘Gimme Shelter’. There were only about 10 other people in this theater (with the latest thing … quad sound system!), we were in a slightly altered state of mind, kicked back and thoroughly enjoyed the films!!

    I would like to tell Guy that I really enjoy reading his posts … getting the band’s perspective and all! Look forward to more of those. Also, I’ve noticed in the last few days that many people have been commenting on Guy’s enthusiastic dancing on stage as well as the positive ‘groove’ that the whole band has in. Yes, a good dose of ‘musical medicine’ is just what my aching soul is in need of!

    FEd, I have three available tickets for April 17 in Oakland and two for April 19 at the Kodak in Los Angeles … I’ve toyed with just putting them back into the big ‘TicketMaster Exchange’ machine if necessary, but would like someone who’s been posting on this site to be able to get them if possible. My question to you or BigAl would be how to go about it??? Anyone? I’d certainly like someone that would’nt be drunk, yelling, and embarrassing themselves if at all possible, but I guess that I could deal with them myself if necessary. Considering the ‘grand funk’ that I’ve been in I’d have no trouble playing ‘bouncer’!! Appreciate any input you or BigAl could offer at this late date.

    I’m actually feeling much better just being able to blather on for a few minutes tonight … maybe I’ll actually sleep for a change! I know that you’re probably getting giddy from sleep deprivation by now … but you still are able to keep most everyone in line if they need it, offer a little consolation, as well as keeping up with the good/bad jokes, answering the multitude of questions (sometimes over and over), and maintain that good-natured sharp wit!! I’m certainly impressed! When this job is over, can I please borrow some of your positive energy for a bit??

    Goodnight (or good morning in your case FEd)!

    Peace and harmony!
    Washington State

    [Thank you, I appreciate that. Good luck with the tickets. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of interest here. – Features Editor]

  94. Hi Ikkar,

    Ahh Voltaire (aka François-Marie Arouet)… We just got to love these guys from our enlightenment don’t we? There are many lessons to be learned from this period and its people.

    Anyway your ‘Camus’ sentence got me thinking: artists are primarily human of course, and from that humanity (and often a slighlty ‘different’ point of view) they present themselves as unique individuals with something special to express… So perhaps the characterisation of Camus only applies to the part of the human that is the artist… Anyway we generally know artists because of their work, so perhaps Camus was just having a nice fantasy at the expense of reality… It al depends on the context of his words of course… 😉 Who said the tone of this blog was too shallow (SNED right? LOL)?

    Unfortunatly my David show (a true artist [for as far as my limited observation powers allow me to judge] IMO) is already in the past. Because of that I fail miserably to comment on todays topic. I can only hope that people have a great time, and I’m looking forward to reading your comments again.


  95. Hello David,

    It has been suggested that one of the reasons you read the comments posted here is because you are always searching for new ideas.How about including a song in one or more of the future shows on this tour from one of your favourite musicians or band.I say so because your rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Don’t” from the Meltdown DVD is amazing and I always listen to it after the main event is over. (as it is an extra.)I’m sure,no I know, that it would go over extremely well.

    (Possibly an idea for another Blogger’s choice F.E?…Song from David’s faves that you would most like to hear him perform.)Beach Boys,Bob Dylan et al.Perhaps you can remind us of them as they were posted so long ago.

    [The ‘fantasy cover versions’ entry was way back on 8 January, John. There were some interesting suggestions and, of course, anyone is welcome to add to them. Go back and have a look if you missed out. – Features Editor]

  96. ‘And lo, the Angel Wright did gaze down upon the land, and he did say unto the Gilmour, ‘Man, yo can play!’

  97. Fat Old Sun – night one. Dominoes – night two. Wot’s…Uh The Deal – both nights. Echoes – ENOUGH SAID!!!

    Thanks David, Richard, Phil, Jon, Guy, Steve & Dick for two nights of musical virtuosity.

    My two brothers and I thoroughly enjoyed the shows. We hope you, in turn, enjoyed playing for us also.

  98. Please

    Let us all remember that rock-n-roll is a personal event. Every one of us is entitled to our own personal experience. Each one of us is here to enrich ourselves in the moment, not to uphold anyone else’s expectations. To assume that the crowd should shut up and listen and not allow a soul to dance and be vocal is completle absurd.

    By the way, which one’s pink?

    James Britton

  99. Ahh..These comments from last night’s Rosemont show takes me back.Glad you enjoyed as I have people.Joyous memories for all of us.

  100. [What can I say? I agree. Sorry everyone. – Richard Wexler]

    Hey, well that is nice to see. We’re cool, mate. Forgiveness should not be forgotten, it’s all too easy to criticise isn’t it?

    Hope you have a great time on this blog, there are really a lot of nice people around here.

    By the way, I know someone with spare glasses, are you interested? 😉


  101. [What can I say? I agree. Sorry everyone. Richard Wexler]

    Welcome Richard…Humbleness is one of our best qualities.Join us in our celebration of David’s music.Eeouw,ickk,uggh..sounds like a cult statement doesn’t it?It’s not.We simply just like him and like to say so.I’ve made a couple of questionable comments myself,(had to repost defences) but with no harm intended.(just kind of joking around)

  102. You won’t want to post this F’Ed for obvious reasons but, if you need any evidence of the annoying behaviour of a few of our NY friends a listen to an roio from RCMH should do the trick – even the bloody taper couldn’t shut up!! Shame, because it’s a cracking show sonically……

    I wonder if David did consider taking the Peter Gabriel route, offering soundboard recordings of each show through the fan site – great for those in attendance to have a permanent record. I know it’s been mentioned before but, at the end of the day it’s Davids decision and I’m sure there are a multiude of reasons for not doing it so we as fans have to abide by that and not badger the poor fella!!

  103. Hi FEd! Hi everyone! And HI DAVID AND ALL THE BAND!

    I left my pc yesterday, in “15 Night: Chicago”, and when I come back this morning I found more than 100 posts! Incredible!

    I’d like to say HAPPY EASTER to everyone!!! Click my name to see my wishes.

    See you!


    P.S. Thank you, Ikkar, for the translations!

  104. Comparing Sky’s On-Screen info guide with the Jay Leno website listing, it looks like UK viewers get to see the show 5 days later [Sky Channel 505].

    So if this pattern continues, DG will be on Tuesday 25 April at 10pm. Obviously worth checking in case things change though.

    Also, I just put in a request for BBC 6 Music’s Live At Midnight show to re-broadcast PF’s 1971 BBC In Concert, which they have agreed to do.

    It will be broadcast on digital radio’s BBC 6 Music [Sky:0120 / Freeview:707] on 29th May at 00:00. [ie. Sunday 28th May at midnight]

    Whether or not it is coincidence but it’s nicely slotted in between the Glasgow and 1st R.A.H. show.

    Yet again – let’s hear it for the BBC….

    Click my name for their site and all the other live re-broadcasts on the way. It’s an excellent show.


    [Nice one, Dave. – Features Editor]

  105. To Richard W.:

    I don’t speak english very well, but I would like to tell you: Ok, you had the bravery (maybe it’s not the good word ?) to come back on this blog, it’s certainly was not easy for you, but you did it, so total respect for that.Everybody can do mistakes, but not every body is able to admit them. so, welcome to you, hope you will enjoy this blog with his qualities and his defaults, ” after all, we are [just] ordinary men”…


  106. I’m with you, Clemens. My David show is in the past as well and I’m already longing for the next one. Maybe we could quit our jobs and follow him around a la Grateful Dead fans. Since he’s not touring that much we’re gonna have a lotta down time….

    Speaking of guitar equipment, I bought a black Squier Strat and hope to take lessons this summer. Or should I get the Pete Seeger Teaches Guitar record? That worked out brilliantly for our David. 😀

    There is a nice little article about David’s New York concert in today’s online Christian Science Monitor, of all things. Not any new insights maybe but it’s nice to see David’s shows being covered in a variety of publications and websites. Click my name for the URL….

    [And it’s nice to see that he’s not just the ‘Voice and Guitar of Pink Floyd’ but the ‘Soul’ as well. – Features Editor]

  107. Hey FEd…or SNEd!

    I’m so confuse! Who’s FEd? Who’s SNEd? WHO AM I ?!!!!

    I read the post titled “BLOG! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? UH…ABSOLUTELY SOMETHING!” in Stuff & Nonsense and I loved it! I’m very happy you (or SNEd) mentioned my name. Of course, the post is addressed to everyone write on…but I feel you (or SNEd) gave back my english language efforts! Thanks!

    I’m thinking to improve my english reading Polly’s novel (in past you said me there aren’t italian translations) so I’m thinking to buy them on internet. But do you know if Amazon can send them in Italy? Or do you know if the books will be published in Italy too? It would be easier! ; – )



    [SNEd is short for ‘Stuff & Nonsense Editor’. I’m not sure about Amazon delivering to Italy or Polly’s books being published in Italian, but click your name and maybe that will help you. – Features Editor]

  108. Hi Andrew,

    Nice guitar collection! Must admit, that ’71 SG sounds lovely…

    I’m nowhere near competent enough to warrant a pro setup on my Ibanez. If anything it makes me a better guitarist when I pick up a tele or a strat because it’s just such a pig to play! Mostly these days I pick up and play my original classical guitar that was handed down to me by my aunt for my first guitar lesson as a child – I love the tone of nylon strings and the simplicity of accoustic….plus this particular guitar sounds like no other – such warmth and tone.

    In fact I spent time yesterday playing the arpeggios of ‘Wots’ on it and loving it 🙂


  109. [One more question I am curious about for some reason – do you know if David uses a Mac, or a PC?]

    [A Mac. – Features Editor]

    You can add that to the 357 reasons David is a man after my own heart. I loves me Macintosh. 😉


  110. Last night’s show was utterly amazing! I couldn’t stop smiling, so much that my jaw muscles are sore this morning!

    I can easily say, that was the BEST show I’ve seen in my life.

    Thanks and congrats on the album!

    -Karl, Chicago

  111. Thanks Becky! The last line of the review is really beautiful!

    I’m happy to read that Richard Wexler come on his foot! Welcome!

    At the end, I’m one of the few that have never seen Pink Floyd’s concert (David’s show 2006 was my first one…and it was FANTASTIC!). Can you tell me what do you remember about the young David? I’ll read you comments tommorrow…because I’m preparing a great escape from my office to came back to my little town for 2 days! New wishes!






    [I posted the setlist at 7:33am this morning. Look and you will see. – Features Editor]

    [I posted the setlist at 7:33am this morning. Look and you will see. – Features Editor]

    [I posted the setlist at 7:33am this morning. Look and you will see. – Features Editor]

  113. Ciao Lucia,

    you can use Amazon (English website) also from Italy. I often do it.

    Salutami Roma


  114. [To assume that the crowd a show should shut up and listen and not allow a soul to dance and be vocal is completle absurd – James Britton]

    Ah, yes, the ‘Rights Of The Individual’? But what about everybody else’s rights too? You see, there are 2 parts to that – you have your right to enjoy yourself in any way you choose, so long as it does not interfere with my right to do the same. It’s called Give And Take. Respect For Others. Compromise.

    Sounds like the band are having a riot in North America doesn’t it ….


    PS – People seem to be giving the impression that this is somehow a uniquely American (specifically New York) problem. But it isn’t. I remember a concert by Richard & Linda Thompson in Norwich (UK) at the university. This would be 30+ years ago. It was by no means full yet Richard had to remonstrate with a noisy sector of the audience because Linda could not hear her cues properly.

  115. I just wanted to say a very HAPPY EASTER to….

    Polly + Assorted mini Gilmour’s
    The Easter Bunny
    The Loch Ness Monster
    And that alien who keeps abducting me about twice a year (next time I’ll be wearing metal underwear! HA HA)

    Have a good one ;o)

    [The same to you, James! – Features Editor]

  116. Good!

    So, thanks to FEd for the books’ informations! Thanks to SNEd for the mention! Thanks to everyone for our pleasant daily company! Above all THANKS To DAVID FOR ALL THAT!

    See you!


  117. [I’ll forgive you, seeing as you were so young at the time! – Features Editor]

    thaks fet ed i knew i should have checked my facts . just after i sent the message i thought to myself i bet i am wrong . i could’nt retract my post by then . 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing 🙂

    adrian i am sorry to hear about your uncle . i know this is such a hard time for you and your family . you and your family are in my thoughts .

    Linda penner good luck at getting a ticket for the gigs . never give up as you never know what can happen . there seem to be always returns . you deserve to have some luck come your way . keep trying .

    well done to SN ed as well . though we have had some very good stuff on the stuff and nonsense page , when does the nonese start . i could help as fet ed will tell you i am good at nonsense 🙂


  118. Fed are there any photos from the Chicago shows on the site. What a remarkable show! Past 2 days I have awoke in the morning and On An Island was going thru my mind, definitly left an impact.

    [Not yet, but I’m sure there will be. – Features Editor]

  119. Happy Easter Everyone! :o)

    I also wanted to say how much I’m looking forward to the concert at the Royal Albert Hall in May – and if the album and the write-ups are anything to go it’s going to be very special –

    Just over a month to go…

  120. Dear FEd,

    I attended the April 12th show in Chicago. It was my first David Gilmour/PF show. It was beyond words, an out of the world experience… That’s all I can say….

    Many thanks to David, Richard, Dick Parry, Jon, Phil, Guy,Steve and the rest….Saw David leave the theatre with Polly and kids (and Richard and Jon)….Unforgettable…..

    Thanks again for everyone and to you too FEd..


  121. David & Company, you ROCKED Chicago last night!!!!! All I can say is ThankyouThankyouThankyou!

    From the first note of On An Island, I’d say you were enthusiastically (understatement) received. Wine, cheese, David Gilmour, some things just get better with age.

    It took us 2 hours to get home after the concert, a drive in which Mother Nature supplied the light show. The lightning storm made it seem like the laser spectacular we’d just witnessed was still going on. I was too tired to write then, but this morning I’m still so charged up about the concert I had to tell everybody.

    My seat was a little to the performers’ left and I had a great view of Rick in his white shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

    Rick: Was that the fake fog, or were you BURNIN’ UP the keyboards during Echoes???? You are awesome, and I’m so glad you’re on this tour with David. LOVE YOU! Your vocals are right on and haven’t changed a bit. Your and David’s voices blend so beautifully. Having you there was the icing on the cake. Thanks so very much.

    To Guy: What was that huge bass thingie you were playing? It thumped in my chest so hard, I wasn’t sure if it was that or my heart was trying to leap out of my chest! And by the way, loved your “hop & skip” moves on Echoes. You looked like you were having a great time up there……well, YEAH……who wouldn’t? You must have the greatest job in the world!

    David: You are an amazing talent, and in my opinion, PF wouldn’t have reached the heights it did without you and your guitar. You have a distinct sound, and nobody does it better. I’m glad I bought OAI when it came out; being familiar with the songs makes the show more enjoyable, and now I like them even more. Take A Breath was well, breathtaking. (ha)

    Yes, it was an awesome night. I loved the first half, but the second half was a once-in-a-lifetime experience since I’d never seen you live before. You’re the greatest.

    I think maybe we kinda liked you……..could you tell???

  122. [What can I say? I agree. Sorry everyone. – Richard Wexler]

    Dear Richard, welcome back and hats off to you! Not everyone would have the character and courage to react like that!

  123. I waited until after night 2 to comment since I went to both shows. Amazing stuff. To think you can assemble such a great show and get to see it within a small theater like this is unheard of. Its still like a dream.

    Thoughts on the shows:

    Wednesday I was up close and Thursday I was a bit toward the back of the main floor. Sound was better Thursday but that might have been mostly due to my seat position. Plus I’m sure the sound guys can tune better after a full show.

    I would give a slight edge to the Thursday show. I thought Set #1 was better. Take a Breath is a great live song and was breath taking both nights but better Wednesday. I like the version with the Pocket Full of Stones intro better. The light show during pocket Full of Stones was good Thursday and I don’t think it was even there Wednesday. Was it me or did they run through the first set much faster Thursday night?

    Set #2 was great both nights. I’m going to give the slight edge again to Thursday becaue of Coming Back to Life which is always a crowd fav and should be there every night.

    Normally I ignore bass players but Guy changed all that. This “Guy” is fun to watch and brings a ton of energy. I’m not sure what he is on but make mine a double.

    Its obvious some people don’t understand the diference between a stadium show and a theater performance. We had a guy in our section Thursday that in my opinion should have been kicked out. I’m sure if you were there you heard him. By the second set he had worn himself out. I’m not sure if it was the cronic or the 10 visits from security.

    All I can say overall is Thanks for coming and don’t stay away too long. I can’t imagine how these 2 nights could have been better. Maybe a third so I could have completed the hat trick.

    Thanks to the guy from MN for the Wednesday ticket. I met some great people both nights. I talked to many people around me last night. I hope you guys understand the way this music touches people. We can sit there and relate back to a day 20 years ago and remember the day like it was yesterday and it because of the music created by great people. There are few things in life that leave such a mark with people.

    Good Luck with the rest of the tour and I can’t say thank you enough.

  124. It’s the morning after the 2nd show and I still can’t get Echoes out of my mind. Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the wife and I anniversary. A show that will always be remembered.

    Only complaint is the 26 year old girl behind us who talked thru the whole freaking show! How do I know how old you are? Because you couldn’t help but hear your stupid conversations! What are you there for?! I actually couldn’t hear David’s vocals on Comfortably Numb cause you were screaming so loud. It’s your favorite song; maybe learn the words next time!

  125. Hello All DG fans- First, I want to say I was a little disappointed in the 2 write-ups I read in the Chicago newspapers. They made the shows sound dull, monotonous and bland- the show is the complete opposite of this. I was appalled at the writers who think that David should be back with PF as a whole- granted it would be a great day to see them perform- but David is at a different stage of his life and his new album and shwo are amazing. That tells me that the writers of these articles are not true musical fans but more fans of mainstream music. They should go watch American Idol and listen to Clay Aiken because apparently that is real music to them.
    I attended the second NY show and I am awaiting the day the DVD comes out so I can see it again. I have watched a snippet of his 2002 concert on DVD every day since seeing the show and I miss being at the show more and more. Was without a doubt the shortest 3 hours of my life. Any idea when the DVD may be coming out Fet Ed? I was told it would be based on the 3 London shows so it would probably be towards the end of the year.


    Thank you,
    Matt in Maine

    [There are no concrete plans as yet, Matt. – Features Editor]

  126. To Richard W. – Welcome to the blog family! I’m sure you’ll find we are a nice bunch 🙂

    Re: Gilmour vs Waters (Angelo, you may enjoy this)

    My husband when I first met him, thought that there is no PF w/o Waters. But DB cd & concert changed his mind on that! Plus, he has acknowledged the fact that DG IS the voice & guitar, and all the BEST PF songs are co-written by Roger & David.

    After getting home from the Toronto show and back to reality, I asked him who’s solo show he preferred (he saw Waters Pros & Cons tour) he said, well Roger had a bigger production, but for pure musical quality, definately the Gilmour show was way better. He has seen the light fully! After all the music IS what it’s all about!

  127. Justin (WJK), your Dad’s band played at the Rosemont Horixon. The theatre is about a quarter of the size of that venue! Are you going to Oakland?

  128. All I can say is WOW! I would first like to thank Mr Gilmour and his whole band for one of the best nights of music in my life. I have been blessed to see every one of my guitar heros at least twice…i.e. Brian May, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, but there is just something about Mr. Gilmour, and his sound, that makes him my favorite. The bands performance of “Echoes” was simply amazing.

    I just want to thank Mr. Gilmour for all the great music through the years and hoping he makes much more in the future!

  129. The show was great……Take a Breath in the first half was atomic…….Echoes was bombastic……..Time was timeless……Comfortably Numb left me wanting one more……

    Great musicians, great sound and great light show…….Question: Is David Gilmour trying to channel Jerry Garcia, or do all older guitarist dress in all black to accent their grey hair?


    Can I get a refund for half of my seat, because some fat chick sitting next to me kept on infringing on my personal space and paid for seat……I practically had to sit on my left cheek the whole show……dumb luck of the draw… least she bathed (I think)……the only thing that gave me partial protection was the arm rest and it was being strained to its maximum load……

  130. I did not come to see the show expecting it to be a Pink Floyd Show. It was truly a great performance of the new Album. The second half was a bonus! I did miss your songs from MLOR and the backup girls.

    Well Done!

  131. memories from the front row – Chicago, night one . . . . . . .

    what a privilege . . . one word pretty much sums up my ‘front row experience’ . . . . MAGIC . . !

    I giggled every time an usher looked at my ticket and told me “keep going . . . alllll the way down front . . ” my friend (who flew in from Florida) & I hugged each other for a full minute when we finally arrived at our (dead center) seats . . . and then hugged the 2 guys sitting next to us for good measure!!!!!

    one question . . . why was I the SOLE woman in the front row . ???? Ladies . . .????????? and all you men . . . you were all big and bad before the show, but once David and company arrived onstage . . . you all managed to do a fine mannequin impression . . .

    the experience was . . . . EVERYTHING I could have hoped for. the facial expressions that David makes when he plays that (those) guitar(s) . . . watching the way his fingers and hands move . . . . mesmerizing. an endearing moment when he dropped his slide and made a sort of “duh” face as he bent down to retrieve it . . . for some reason it compelled me to stand up and applaud (girl thing perhaps??) . . and the rest of the band . . . . I know it’s been said multiple times before, BUT, HOW much fun is Guy Pratt having up on that stage ???? that’s a rather large . . . . . bass you have Sir. Rick was wonderful the whole night, Phil was fairly reserved but is just sooooo smooth and elegant (his look AND playing). . . Steve and Jon round out this group perfectly . . . and Dick Parry was SUCH a treat . . . the man can BLOW . .

    I knew I’d ‘choke up’ when “Shine On” and “Wish You Were Here” were played (they’re special to me – what can I say . .), but I must admit . . . I think “Red Sky . .” got me more than anything else . . David and Rick together are sublime. and “Take a Breath” was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC also . . !!

    I’d like to apologize to the band for the ever-lasting glare coming off my teeth from the spotlights shining on them . . . . I grinned from the moment I reached my seat til the moment . . . . . well . . . I’ll let you know when I get to that moment . . . . .

    after seeing that show I have to say that I’d rather watch that group of guys just sitting around playing versions of “chopsticks” than see most of the bands touring the world right now.

    the sole bad moment of the evening was at the end, when the guys were saying their ‘farewells’ to the crowd, some rude asswipe bruised my arm pushing me aside to get to the pick that had landed on the stage directly in front of me (I believe Guy had tossed the pick) . . . then adding insult to injury . . . as the guys were leaving the stage, he (asswipe) was shouting for a “setlist” and stomped on my left foot so hard, I believe he actually may have broken my pinky-toe . . ! what a macho man . . . roughing up a girl to get a pick and a setlist. hope it’s worth it to you dude. I however, will not speak of or think of that incident again when recalling this wonderful night. I suppose it was a small price to pay for having such an up-close and intimate experience . . . . TRULY a once in a lifetime.

    so THANK YOU David, Rick, Guy, Phil, Steve, Jon and Dick Parry . . . THANK you for coming and playing for me in Chicago. what a phenomenal bunch of musicians you are !

  132. David, I was at your April 12 show and it was absolutely amazing. I waited behind the theater too, but you didn’t sign any autographs. 🙁 I would have loved to at least just shake your hand, you are the reason I started playing guitar. I was the one who yelled re-unite Pink Floyd. Now that I think of it, that was kind of a rude comment. I apologize, it was a fantastic show and I loved every second of it. You are amazing. I saw you and Mr. Wright get into that van and it was just so cool knowing that I just saw the best guitarist ever in concert.

  133. Hello all, the show was amazing! What a GREAT band. I just wanted to say cheers to the FOH mixer. The PA sounded wonderful. GREAT JOB!!!

    MW 😉

  134. FEd, a suggestion:

    i keep reading comments about nonbehavers who are identified by their section, row and seat number.

    when the offendee can pinpoint where the offender is sitting, i would suggest they have the person removed. it can be done simply and discretely. think of the great favor you would be doing other rapt concertgoers!!

    you would improve your concert experience [and that of others], AND – this is the kicker, FEd – THEN you could post a POSITIVE and descriptive review of the concert for us all! everybody wins!! except for the offender, and a little behavior mod might allow him/her back in. then no one has to look bad!

    whatcha think, FEd?

    [Sounds interesting. – Features Editor]

  135. Greetings,

    I am still reeling from Toronto show. Maybe a real dumb question but is there peddlars of tickets outside every venue including the U.K.? Contemplating a trip across the pond for one more fleeting glimpse.


  136. To Gabrielle,

    Would like info on those tickets to the Kodak on the 19th. Would love to take my 9 yr old son. He has been listening to the CD along with me. I have one ticket for the 20th because I couldn’t afford two at the time. But I got some extra cash. Contact me Please Thanks would greatly appreciate. Unless someone has contacted you that doesn’t have tickets then I would rather them have it

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  137. Just got in from a hard day off at studio glassblowing and wanted to get this off my chest, ( no not the bra!!!). Really enjoyed reading all the posts and reviews of the concert. Whats realy interesting is the variety of views from different people but at same concert. Amazing.

    There has been some deep messages as well and may those that need it gain strength from others. I find its the little things that take on more importance and combine this with a humour slant helps. For instance this is what I did today;

    Took digital photos of my Glasgow tickets, put them on computer and printed them out. Then cut them out and sealed them inside a piece of glass, marking the glass with the message “In emergency break glass”!. I have done this with other items such as ciggies, condoms and a lobster but never with tickets let alone David Gilmour tickets. Now just imagine if I got the copies and the real tickets mixed up and sealed the wrong tickets inside. Even worse, if they were the real ones and as I was melting the glass I got the flames too close and burnt the tickets to ashes. Oh how I laughed. The big question is where do I keep the tickets in a safe place??????????????

    Ian Pearson

    PS Richard, you’re great.

  138. Dear Dave and Polly.

    Right, you are close to the end of your amazing tour and what a nice way to finish it of would be by coming to Victoria, British Columbia and having a nice relaxing few days. Perhaps stay in The Empress Hotel overlooking the inner harbour. What ya think? 🙂

    Bob in Victoria, Bc, Canada!

  139. Phew! Just got done driving all night from Chicago (left right after the concert); 10 hours back to Alabama can sure be very tiring. I drove up on Wednesday morning to catch the 12th then stayed overnight to see the 13th.

    At 19 years old I can say that these two concerts were, well how do I say this, phenomenal. I enjoyed every second of it. The entire band is so very talented, to each their own. Great music, lyrics, muscians, and fans will be impressed upon my mind. As some lyrics once said “Remember that night,” whether it be a night with some dear friends or in my case two great concerts always remember your memories and keep them close to the heart.

    As Mr. Gilmour said before he left “Thank you very much, indeed” I want to thank David, his family, the entire band, stage crew, and any person who helped in creating the On An Island experience.

    Phillip from Alabama

  140. Hi Peeps!

    Its About Time! Oakland is finally next!

    2nd Chicago show looks to have had a first on tour: Wot’s… Uh The Deal > Dominoes > Coming Back To Life. A first in combination.

    I dont know about anyone else, but I’ve had a spreadsheet working since beginning of tour. It makes it look like i am working!!! A few variations as we always note, but it can still be one of a KIND!

    SeeYa Sunday boys & Girls!

  141. I’m thrilled that David is back doing his thing! I just don’t understand why there are so few shows. Please come to Boston, as the old song states!! Is there a chance the boys will be back again anytime soon??? (To answer an earlier Q., I saw the “Animals” tour at Boston Garden many moons ago. I still have the ‘hash-oil’ drenched ticket stub as a memento!!! lol)

  142. Okay, i managed to avoid commenting on the concert i saw in Toronto (april 10th show) due to the fact that i’ve been feeling way too overwhelmed. But i think i’m ready now to thank David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Guy Pratt and co. for one of the best nights of my life.

    In my opinion i think that this show was way better than the show i saw at RCMH (april 5th) not only because i had great seats but for several other reasons as well.

    First off, the audience was quiet and respectful. Second off, David Gilmour seemed to be in a much better mood (just my opinion) which made the show all the better. I felt such good vibes from everyone and all in all my husband and I were extremely content, and impressed.

  143. Adrian, I just wanted to reach out and extend my heartfelt sympathy, it is horrible to contemplate. My only offer of advice is to live each day to the fullest and enjoy the time left with your uncle. Too often we think we have time to say the things in our heart and we bite our tongue in embarassment of revealing our emotions, be brave and true, let him know how you feel. I also have heard that a scrapbook helps, put it together with him if you can, listen to his stories, enjoy the moments.

  144. What I’m particularly thrilled about this weekend, is that I’m taking 4 other music afficionados to see David and the band who have never seen him nor the Floyd live before. They all like his music, but they have yet to be deflowered, so to speak. They’re going to be blown away, and they’re going to be hooked. For good. Or I’ll beat them with the dull end of my pointed stick. I’m very excited about this.

    I haven’t been keeping tabs, and I’m going to be lazy in asking this: to anyone who has followed all of the setlists religously, is David alternating the songs nightly per city, or does he switch when the inspiration strikes?


    [I think it’s more when the inspiration strikes, myself. That said, there’s been a good mix for anyone who has been lucky enough to see both shows at any one venue. – Features Editor]

  145. I don’t really want to say anything bad about April 12th in Chacago, David and the band were all Marvellous, Spectacular, Wonderful..etc.! David’s playing was spot on and the band never wavered or even remotely messed up on any song (excluding during “Smile” when David’s slide fell on the stage and he couldn’t find it for about 2 measures).

    This was my first in-person David Gilmour/PF show of any sort and it was wonderful.

    My only complaint was the fans in the section I was sitting in. They had no respect for David’s new album. I heared a number of comments such as (as the OAI set got over and people were exiting for the intermission) “man, I need a beer so I can wake up from the first half…that Sh*t was boring” and “FINALLY, we get to the good stuff”, and I even heard one guy say “Oh..? He put out a new album?” Those people were there for the PF aspect of the show…I was there for the David Gilmour aspect of the show. Next time I’m spending more money on tickets (poor college students don’t need to eat, right?) so I can sit with the crowd that was there for OAI and supporting David Gilmour…the peope who respect Gilmour’s work and respect him as an artist presenting his art.

    IN closing…the concert was wonderful, thanks.

  146. **Guy Pratt read**

    Oh and by the way if anyone has any extra tickets that they don’t need for any of the CA shows, i’d be more than happy to take them off your hands for you.

    Also i would like to personally thank Guy Pratt and Richard Wright for hanging out outside of Massey Hall and allowing me to meet them. LOL, i doubt you’ll remember me but i was the girl who asked Richard if I could take a picture of him, then decided not to and put the camera away wearing the lavender button down shirt with a dark blue jean jacket, shoulder length dark red hair.

    Just to let you know i didn’t take any pictures inside or outside the venue at any point of the night. But anyway i’d like to add that Richard Wright doesn’t look a day over 25, and Guy you are absolutely hot! Are you married? hehe, j/k

    thanks again guys, i had the best night of my entire life!


  147. I am so happy I can come here and indulge in my guilty pleasure of loving David! I am having difficulty getting back to everyday living after seeing the NYC show on the April 4th. I spent two solid months dreaming of that show, and just about everything I have experienced since then pales. Now what? Well, the BLOG!!! That’s what! Thanks to all who come here to appreciate the best musician in the world! You are all feeding my fire and keeping the experience alive. I love it! And of course, thanks to FEd for all the hard work! It was nice to see that David gave you a credit in the program, although I think you should have received the VERY special thanks! 🙂

    David, On a personal note to you..I don’t play guitar, but I am a singer. I am a female tenor and I am completely in your vocal range. Nothing gives my heart and soul more of an electrical charge then when I am singing with you! And I don’t just mean your words, I also love to sing your guitar solos! Nirvana!!!!

  148. I want to harken back to the About Face days for a second. For a laugh I watched David’s video for ‘All Lovers are Deranged. Love the song, particularly live. He and Mick Ralphs had some fun with it on tour. But DEAR GOD?? What a video. That’s some pretty good comedy value there. Sorry David, but some video writer and director gave you some baaaad advice on that piece. And in this PC day and age, I don’t know that you’d get away with pushing a lady with bad ‘Human League’ hair about.
    It’s a classic.

    Here’s a related question that David won’t answer, but I’ll ask for a laugh anyway. Do you still have that bomber jacket that you wore in all your pics back in those days?

    See you in Oaktown! Literally cannot wait! This is GREAT!


  149. You “irregulars” are making me very jealous. So many nice, kind wirds about David’s (and company)shows, which I would increasingly give great things to attend.

    These blogs are getting to be challenging to read thru, when each one has over 200 entries and some are lengthy. The issue is that my time is limited, not that too much blogging is going on (which would be a ridiculous thing to say). I miss being able to read everything. I miss that place in my life where I could drop everything and drive several hours to attend a show. Luckily, I have what matters most, which is the OAI album itself.

    This blog is addictive. Thanks, all who contribute.

  150. “Anyone hear “Lie for a Lie” from Nick Mason’s Profiles? Listening to it last night I realised that, if he wanted to, DG could go the Phil Collins route and throw out top-40 pop tunes. That’s a fun track, no? (no offense to Phil Collins fans)”

    Speaking of Phil Collins, I was kind of disappointed that Genesis gave up after he left. The one album that they put out with Ray Wilson wasn’t bad.

  151. Great Show!!!! Now, I’m in the the post gig depression and wish I could see it again, but I will have to wait until the DVD. I will post again later about the show.

    Thanks to David, Rick, Guy, Steve and Phil for a spectacular show.






    [That question is going to open a can of worms! Obviously we can’t encourage bootlegging. This is David’s official site and these recordings are unnofficial and illegal. – Features Editor]

  153. It’s Friday morning here in Seattle and the rain is coming down hard. I can hardly wait to jet down to SF tomorrow, cruise around Chinatown and Golden Gate Park, maybe the Wharf for a day, then enjoy the show in Oakland Sunday night!

    Have been reading the posts since the site opened and thoroughly enjoying the reviews from the Europe and US shows to date.

    Anyone else from the Puget Sound going?

    David, Polly, Richard, Guy, et al – see you soon!

    FEd – thank you very much for keeping this site up to date and letting the fans chat! It’s been real!

    Soon, oh soon!

    Seattle, WA, USA

  154. Congratulations on a fantastic concert last night at the Rosemont Theatre outside Chicago. I flew down from Minneapolis/St. Paul to see it, and so, naturally, worried that somehow it would not be what I’d hoped for. It was everything & more. The echoes from the show are still roiling around it my head (in spite of all the airport noise & confusion). It absolutely rocked.

    The blue programs hanging on the back of the seats when you walked into the theatre (misty & dreamlike with the smoke to enhance the lights) were a nice touch. It set the mood of the evening in blue (my longtime favorite color incidentally.) Right away with “Castellorization” the ocean was invoked in fog sounds, lights and rumbling ships and echoes of seagulls and wind, sand and sky. And that hung in the mind all night.

    I love the new material. “On an Island” is one of the best albums ever. The walls of electric thunder strobing and breaking over you in “Take a Breath” were shattering. The balance of sound was perfect – absolutely piercing and exploding, yet when I walked outside my ears didn’t ring at all. Whatever the decibel level was, it was ideal.

    The lyrics in “Take a Breath” have had particular significance in the divorce I’ve just been through. My emotions could not be more perfectly matched than with the lines “This kind of love is hard to find / I never got to you by being kind / If I’m the one to throw you overboard / At least I showed you how to swim for shore.”

    My only regret is (and you can’t please everybody, right?) that the newer material wasn’t mixed with the old. I love Pink Floyd music. It would have been cool, too, to hear something like “No Way” or “There’s No Way Out of Here” from the first Gilmour solo album. I could have lived without hearing “Dominos.” My bias is that I first got into Pink Floyd/David Gimour during the Gilmour era. “Momentary Lapse of Reason” came out when I was a senior in high school. “Division Bell” – the best Pink Floyd album, bar none, of all time in my opinion – came out when I was finishing college. I’ve never thought the Roger Waters didactic anti-war hymns (no matter how much I agree with them philosophically) measured up musically. “The Wall” is a great album, but it isn’t listenable. And I’m frankly a little bored with “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” (“Bing bing bing BONG” and the audience produces the requisite “whoop.” I was like “when will this one end. I’ve heard it, like, a million times.” Horrible Clear-Channel classic rock stations have over-played it, and “Dark Side” to death. If you, like me, follow what Lemme from Motorhead called “The new religion the electric church/The only way to go,” It is a sacrilege.

    “Echoes” was – with the possible exception of “Take a Breath”- THE brilliant highlight of the evening. I never thought I’d get to hear that song live – not in a million years. It was a rock & roll evening which was a little surprising. I’d expected it to be more like the “Meltdown” concert on the DVD. I’d got kind of over-dressed (blazer) for the occasion, expecting cellos and gospel choirs or at least the (I’d thought obligatory) three women backup singers. No worries, though.

    I would have liked it better if the show had not ended with “Comfortably Numb.” Finishing with that seems to undermine the message (“get your heads out of the sand”) in “A Pocket Full of Stones.” “Echoes” would have been a perfect encore and end of the show. So would “Coming Back to Life.” Just a passing thought, though.

    Taken all together – three HOURS of fantastic music – I was blown away & couldn’t be happier. I hope this isn’t the last time you tour. And I hope that next time around you make it to Minneapolis.

    All the best to ALL the musicians, and all the other people who made last night possible,


  155. I watched the 4/13 Rosemont show. It was an awesome show. But deep down in my heart, Floyd is songs are incomplete without Nick and Roger.

  156. Hey Guy or anyone out there with sway…

    Just a tiny request for Wot’s… Uh The Deal at the second Oakland show next Monday. It’s my favorite Pink Floyd song and my lid was pretty much blown by the fact that David decided to play it this tour.

    Anyway, I realize that all the whinging around here about why didn’t you play in my town, or could I hear this, or that, and whatnot is pretty lame, but Wot’s… Uh The Deal. Well… um… please…


  157. At Rosemont on Thursday fifth time for me seeing PF/DG. Second time with my kid sister & bro-in-law. First time with my wife of 23 years. After all these years SHE FINALLY UNDERSTANDS. Concert was GREAT beyond explanation, sorry for being redudnant however Echoes was like “an out of body experience”. The only way it could have been better is if David played it shirtless like at Pompeii!! 🙂

    Thanks guys.


  158. Good evening, dear Fed, and all,

    to Clemens:

    of course, there is a human part in artist (fortunately!), and maybe, artist is the person who has the most important human part in him.

    In fact, the problem is that people take themselves seriously, whatever they’re doing or thinking. People have no retrospect (“recul” in french), no autoderision. And it’s tragic. Maybe, true artists have. I don’t know. I hope. If this is the fact, so, they can only try to understand, and not judge… You know, I work with a lot of artists (painters, sculptors,…)and they all (except some…) think they are the best!(even when…). Oh, I’m not saying I am better than others!!! When I draw, it’s just for fun (I don’t sell what I’m doing, and the first time I exposed -it was the drawing of David you can see on my blog-, it was just because a painter didn’t come! ), and I ONLY enjoy drawing or writing some nights. I never take myself seriously. So, even when I don’t like what some artists do (and, in particular, those who make autoportraits! how self-important they are – except, of course, let say, Dürer, Dali, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, … but they ARE genious!!!-), so, even when I don’t like (which is my right, after all), I wonder (or try to wonder) what they want to say…

    Maybe, the world would be better if people looked at what they do with a smile of derision.

    See. The simple fact of writing, here, in english is like a joke… for me who love french passionately… but I HAVE to exercize, and finally it’s good for me, even if it’s not for you to read my poor english!

    Ikkar, with love

  159. By the way, thanks for the help with my RAH tix refund. Everything seems to have gone smoothly. Wish I could’ve gone, but there’s all that swimming to get to your shores!

    Anyway, as I’ve commented before, the April 4th show was tremendous.


    Village Vanguard

    [Happy to hear it, Stephen. – FEd]

  160. To Fed, it was said previously, you are mentioned in the Tour Program. Good for you, we still don’t know who you are. Maybe in London when you attend. At least you won’t need a pointy stick, noone will know.

    Good to see Chicago went well.

  161. Hi Fed….

    Hey what happened to the newest news???? ( thought i might have to answer that trivia question)

    Also, do you know…are the shows in Manchester and Glasgow..going to be “full sets”….? ( ie: 3 hour type show..with all the dressings..-smiling)

    Am having one of those… day dreamy ..kinda of thoughts..and any insight will be helpful….

    [The newest news? Sorry, I don’t follow. I’ve got my stupid head on today. I can tell you, however, that the Manchester and Glasgow shows will certainly be as long as the others. They’re going to be great. I don’t need my clever head on to tell you that! – Features Editor]

  162. Hello,

    I would like to pass along my compliments to Mr. Gilmour and the rest of the group. Last night’s show at the Rosemont was simply the best 3 hours of live music I have ever seen (I will spare everyone my “Pink Floyd” fan resume).

    I think it says something about the quality of the new material that after hearing such gems as “Echoes” & “Wots… uh The Deal”, that today I have the music from the “On an Island” resonating in my brain. Keep up the good work….

    -Andrew Smith

  163. Frost…said…

    memories from the front row – Chicago, night one . . . . . . . what a privilege . . . one word pretty much sums up my ‘front row experience’ . . . . MAGIC . . !

    Frost, I am sitting front row on Sunday, how was the sound mix that close?


  164. David & Rick,

    Hey! Yes, I was at the show last night in Chicago 13 April 2006. If by chance you both read this, ABSOLUTELY SUPERB!!! More later.

    I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was more like a Pink Floyd show back in the day than anything, with the new album in the 1st set and vintage Floyd in the 2nd. An interesting assortment, especially with Echoes. Keep it up.
    Will you be back for the second leg of the tour? Haaah! I’m still in AWE!

    Yours sincerely,
    KW Bartlett

  165. I attending the Thursday show and it was beyond belief. Words cannot describe the feeling I got during and after the show, I do not regret going to the show by myself. I am 25 and this was my first PF/DG concert. None of my friends could afford to go and I was lucky enough to score a ticket in section 107 row M. I meant three others around me that also had to attend the show alone so that made me feel better. I might of came alone but I sure didn’t feel alone as the crowd was electric. The show was incredible. Echoes was just plain awesome, they jammed it out big time!! I loved hearing Coming back to life, as it is one of my favorite songs. Thanks to David, Richard and the rest of the band for an incredible night, I truly will never forget it.

    -Scott Ullig, Michigan




    [No worries. Everyone has their opinion on this controversial issue and, of course, the official line has to be that bootlegging, in all its forms, is wrong. Fans will obviously disagree and will continue to trade in ROIOs regardless of what I say. (No comments in defence of bootlegging, please. I’ve heard it all before.) – Features Editor]

  167. I missed “Dominoes” last night? *cries* Wednesday night was stunning…I was way up in the pauper seats but it was the highlight of my concert year thus far.

    Is there a full set list for the Thursday show?

    “High Hopes” and “Echoes” made me a very happy girl.

    Thank you very much indeed, David, Rick and the band/crew for a magnificent evening. 🙂

    [Yes, there is. It’s already there. Scroll up. – Features Editor]

  168. The lawn grows colorful little yellow weedflowers and all the rain here at this old house just minutes from the Paramount is helping them get taller every day. But the mower is on holiday since discovering this incredible blog.

    Just drove past the Oakland Paramount Theatre. The sign reads, DAVID GILMOUR, APRIL 16 – 17.

    I have followed Pink Floyd since purchasing Ummagumma as a teen, but was never afforded the chance to see them live until the Division Bell show we were lucky enough to attend in 1994. Please consider playing Several Species Of Small Animals Gathered With A Pict. Yea right. Well, atleast I asked.

    I for one will be thrilled to see Caroline work her cello.

    Have a wonderful time here in the Bay Area.

    Cheers, Guy R

    [You won’t, I’m afraid. Caroline played on the album, but is not in the band. – Features Editor]

  169. If someone else has posted this info already, I apologize profusely…

    An interview with David will be on Sirius Satellite Radio Saturday, April 14th at 3pm ET. Click on my name for the link.

    ps – David, I HEARD what you said about possibly adding concert dates in the summer! Ed/Edwina will hurt me for doing this, but please come to Atlanta. I promise the front row will be filled with nice starry-eyed southern belles as opposed to all those anorak boys drooling over your stomp boxes (sorry, guys! oh no, now everyone’s gonna hurt me…).


  170. Someone made the comment about if you knew the seat number of the idiots you should have had them thrown out. Well to be honest my opinion of the security is not very high. As for our section idiot security made a visit more than a few times and shinned their flashlights or shall I say spotlights on him numerous times.

    In the end they created as much of a distraction as he did. If you have to visit the guy more than once then throw his azz out. When they shinned the lights on him it was obvious he was so wasted he wasn’t going to remember the show anyway.

    As for the usher in our area, well he was too busy taking pictures of the show with his camera phone to worry about the comfort of the paying customers. In front of me was a family with their kids and they had to endure his wrath of obsenities and second hand smoke as security enjoyed the show and got some awesome pictures.

    I also feel sorry for the people down front stage right that had to endure some idiot standings up all night pounding his fist in the air no matter what was being played.

    There are times you just wish you had a blow gun with some poison darts and the skills to take these guys down from long range…hehehehe

    Ok I feel better rank over.

    Thanks again to everyone working on this tour for your hard work and dedication to deliver an experience that far far exceeded the price of admission that I will never forget.

  171. I LOVE this blog…. it makes me feel like I’m in a concert-ticket line; waiting for tickets to go on sale with other fans, all discussing our David Gilmour & Pink Floyd Memories & Experiences! I will be attending David’s last night of the US tour show at Universal. Like other bloggers, I am very concerned that there might be idiots around me spoiling the show! I hate that this happened to so many of you… I’ll be driving 450 miles to see him; but I know it’ll be worth every mile. I’m SO excited that I want to scream.. well, I DO scream, sometimes, when I’m all alone! LOL I can’t WAIT!!! I love “On An Island”, and get butterflies when I look at the set-lists for this tour!! I can’t ever remember being so excited for a show… (except for maybe the last PF tour in ’94). Thanks for sharing, everyone!!

  172. to Mike Mack . .

    in answer to your question about the sound mix down front . . . . I’ll go ahead and tell you that the sound was perfect . . . but . . . I’ll also say that I doubt you will be scrutinizing the ‘sound mix’ sitting in that fortuitous spot . . .

  173. What a fantastic, lyserically-enhanced experience I had last night at the Rosemont! Absolutely the BEST. Thanks especially for “What’s Uh The Deal” and the peerless “Echoes”.

    All I can say is “More acid!”

    Thanks for everything guys, spread the love.


  174. Ahoy!

    I just got back home from a nice 1500 mile drive to Chicago and back! It was worth every mile! The show on the 12th was the most amazing show I’ve ever seen. The highlights for me were ‘This Heaven’ in which David’s all out blues solo was nothing less than phenomenal. ‘Take a Breath’ rocked me harder than ever before. The band sounded incredibly tight and again, when David launched into the solo after the breakdown all hell broke loose. Then ‘Echoes’… there are really no words to describe it. The lighting along with the music completely captivated me. And finally ‘Comfortably Numb’. David added what seemed like 2 extra minutes onto the closing solo, and he was DEAD ON with the guitar. It was the best Comfortably Numb solo I’ve ever heard, he was in the zone!!! God I hope they come out with a DVD with that solo on it!!!

    The only song I wished he played was Coming Back to Life! But even though I felt 110% satisfied!

    There was a Guitar Center across the street from my hotel, and after seeing David rock the hell out of the guitar all night I was dying to get over there and play! The next morning when I checked out, I walked over to Guitar Center and played guitar for 3 hours until I ventured home! It was what I would consider a miracle!

    Then on my 12 hour trip home I listened to the On an Island album at least 8 times! haha

    But I have to say, as an aspiring musician that concert gave me a whole new perspective on live music and a ton of inspiration! Now I shall return to practicing!!!

  175. Well,

    I was in the 2nd row on the 12th at Rosemont. This is the closest seat I have ever had at a concert. My impressions were the whole night exceeded my expectations. I intentionally did not look at any setlist info. It was great getting surprised. Guy Pratt seems to be a bit of a comedian. At several points during the concert he was looking bored and yawning. he sure woke up for Take a Breath! This performance made the mix on the CD seem very weak! They really rocked it. I don’t know how David was able to switch off so much to different instruments. At times he was barely keeping up with shuffling guitars, and slides…

    It was disappointing to have folks in the row behind us talk almost non-stop throughout the concert though. The best times were when they went out to get beer and use the toilet.

    Anybody who likes David and Pink Floyd will be very happy with this tour.






  177. i was at the show last night, i dont think there is a word out there to describe how cool it was. i cant belive they played time and when he sang for about a third of the song he was looking up at our section. i cant belive he played crazy diamond like he did. i freakin loved the green light clouds during the comfortably numb solo. and then to end the night as they were takin bows david looked up at me and i waved my arms and he smiled and waved.

  178. Hi,

    I have tickets already for the Gibson Theater show but BrianK offered up two of the $350 special seats I believe for the Kodak theater show. Is there someway you can put us in touch? I would love to buy Brian’s tickets from him and yes, having a baby is one of the few things that trumps Gilmour! Thanks if you can make the connection.

    [Brian has your details now, Les. Keep an eye on your e-mail for a message from him. For anyone else thinking of contacting someone who posts here, please note that if you wish to make contact for any reason, you will need to post your e-mail address and wait for a reply. I can’t possibly pass on details for everyone. Thanks. – Features Editor]

  179. Wow, what a show!!!

    Got to the Crowne Plaza hotel around 12 noon Thursday morning. Checked in, walked over to the theatre (Right across the street mind you..) for some pictures by the theatre. My girlfriend loves that camera. We relaxed and got some food. Started drinking Heineken around 3:30. (Couldnt find Oranjeboom anywhere, to my dismay.) I had about 4 Heineken, a Samual Smiths pure brewed Lager pint, and lastly a Chimay Red for ceremonial purposes.

    Walked to the show around 7:05.The first thing I wanted to do was get a shirt. The T-shirt line was big and disorganised. It took around 20 minutes to get my blue On an Island Tee. Then made our way to our seat. Section 209, Row R, Seats 11 and 12. I was on the end seat. I knew I would be high up so I brought my 10+25 binoculars. They helped greatly. I didn’t write the setlist down like I wanted too, I was entranced, I presume.

    The sound was the best that I heard in my entire life. The acoustics, and I am guessing a Meyers sound system, did help. Wish my band had that Rig!!

    Every part of the show was fantastic!! Being a guitarist, I was almost always focused on David. But with 10+25 Binoculars, I had a great view of everyone. Stevie D impressed me greatly. Top notch. Guy’s Stratwork on So Then I Close My Eyes was cool. Rick was awesome!! John was exceptional, and Phil played some wonderful chords. I was brought to tears a number of times.

    The intermission came, and I went down to use the restroom, and the line was longer than you could imagine. So instead of wasting time by waiting in line, I went back to my hotel room, and chugged the rest of my Chimay! I intentionally booked my room in close proximity to the show, anticipating long lines for Beer and Urinals. My plan was executed flawlessly.

    I returned to the theatre, sat down in my seat, and within seconds the lights dimmed for Shine. Perfect. So I thought. This Drunken Idiot walks up during the opening volume swell and says,”You are in my F**ing seat!!” Which I wasn’t. I stood up and told him to get the Attendant. Like a buzzing pesky fly, he went away. I thought he was going to deck me!

    Then the PF set started. Again I was brought to tears time and time again. My girlfriend looked through the Binoculars and she said they were wet. I would have liked to understand what David was saying in between the songs, but the drunken shouters stoped most of that perception. How did those idiots get cameras in to the theatre anyway? Security was a bit Lax.

    I loved Echoes. Flawless. Coming Back to Life caught me off guard, I wasnt expecting that. Totally awesome. Hats off to the band and crew!!

    More later. Bravo!!!


  180. Great show last night. Thanks FEd for helping out with the setlist. 😉

    Good to hear Wot’s the Deal.

    Fahad, David indeed waved to everyone on his way to the van. It was also neat because he and Polly were sitting in the middle of the van where the light inside was right above them. They plan every aspect of the night!

    First time I’ve gotten to see anything Pink Floyd and it blew my mind. Thanks for the experience David.

  181. Wow! What a show! Awesome! Magic of music! Like a Magic music show!

    On an Island

  182. I have to say that I am in awe of how truly awesome David is on guitar live. From the first note my legs were shaking in excitement. When he tore into the second solo of On an Island, my thoughts were “Man, and he is just warming up!” He has been mightly blessed with a gift.

    My gift to myself when I complete my Master’s degree this summer is to invest in some guitar lessons. I guess I would be dreaming if David would be interested in giving guitar lessons? Hey, everybody has to dream every now and then.

    Anyway, to David: Thank you for your contribution to music and I throroughly enjoyed every moment of the concert on April 13 at Chicago.

    If David as any pointers that he would like to share please let me know. Thanks again!


  183. Angela,

    LOL! This must be pretty common, then. Once you know…you just know….if that makes any sense?

    The music speaks volumes.

  184. I just want to say thank you to David, Richard, Guy, Phil and the rest of the band for making my life become a little more complete. I came into Pink Floyd and David’s passionate guitar playing many years after my brother, and never thought I’d have the opportunity to see any of you in person.

    My husband bought us tickets to celebrate my 40th birthday at the Chicago show, and I couldn’t have asked for a better present. The show in Chicago was awesome and you offered more than I thought I would get to hear.

    Thank you for introducing us to your new CD, but, even better, for playing some Pink Floyd songs for someone like me who missed the boat the first time around.

    I can now die a peaceful death, knowing I heard David’s guitar playing in person. (Of course, I’m not planning on leaving this planet too soon).

    Thanks David and band. Thanks to my husband.

  185. Hmmm…how to describe the 2nd show in Chicago?? Mind-blowing… Orgasmic… Out-of-this-world… – but that still doesn’t even come close to giving the performance its due!! I’m 23 and brought my favorite girl Emily along (we’re both writers – shout-out to Polly). It was very special to hear “coming back to life” – it’s our song and has guided us through good and bad times. “Echoes” was simply epic with David and Richard feeding off each other and flowing beautifully.

    The encore was a dream. We were sitting in folding chairs detached from any of the theatre’s sections, so when people began pouring into the aisles to get closer to the stage, we were able to likewise move up. It was a sea of people, standing and singing along in appreciation of David’s wondrous finale. As he plunged into the second solo of CN, you could tell how focused he was on pushing that guitar to new horizons. It sounded so beautiful, so wonderful. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to see him play. For everyone yet to see the show, enjoy, you will be blown away.

    Can’t wait for the DVD. Please come back to the States SOON.

  186. Hi Ikkar!

    What can I say, I think I agree with you 100 % mate. I can hear ED sighing in relief, no art debate… 😉

    Anyway, I generally don’t mind a few sentences in French. I don’t speak it very well, but do enjoy dredging up old memories to ‘decipher the code’.

    Complete texts do offer more of a problem. In that case I have to flee to humanities passive memory, the internet, and more specifically the old babelfish 🙂


  187. Did someone say there are rumors that David might play some dates this summer? If he plays anywhere near here, I’ll be there. Just the rumor has made my day, but I know better than to get my hopes up before any official word.

    [They’re just rumours, Dan. Please don’t get your hopes up. – Features Editor]

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