Night 15: Chicago


Thank you, Toronto. The band enjoyed their stay in your fair city tremendously and, from your comments, it seems you enjoyed having them.

Did you see what David was given to hang on his wall by Sony BMG Canada? Have a look at the Latest News page for that.

The next stop is, of course, Chicago.

As if you needed proof that the band members are enjoying themselves on the road, here’s Phil Manzanera playing the guitar with his teeth – as you do.

We have many more of Polly’s fantastic photos for you. Expect to see them shortly, in all their glory, at

Speaking of which, a few people have asked us which type of camera Polly uses. It’s a Leica 35mm film camera, which she customarily uses with a long lens (don’t ask which long lens, because I don’t know).

Anyway, if you’re heading to Chicago’s Rosemont Theater tonight for the latest from David’s hugely successful ‘On An Island’ tour, have a good one.

If you don‘t want to know the setlist, please don’t read the comments that follow each blog entry.

If you do want to know the setlist, please don’t ask me for it! It will be among the comments, trust me on that. You just have to look for it.

So, if you’ll be there tonight, be sure to let us know how it goes, won’t you?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Thats one cool picture of Phil. I predict a million caption contest entries

    heres one for the off:

    Phil heard about the Cheesey PF songs and thought he would try out the cheesestrings for himself.


    the roadies decision to attach magnetic strings to phil’s guitar played havoc with his metal fillings

  2. Of course, no mention of this fabulous tour would be complete without a tip-o-the-bowler to our fearless Features Editor. There must be an insane amount of material to filter through each hours or so and yet it’s done efficiently and cheerfully.

    Thanks for not only keeping up with us, thanks for keeping us up on all things David. Great work! Cheers.

    [Thank you very much, Wray. I appreciate that. – Features Editor]

  3. At last! David is in town! I hope David, The Gilmour family and the band/crew and their families enjoy their stay in Chitown.

    Cant wait for tomorrow!
    Jeff in Chicago

  4. If anyone with an inside ear comes to read this : Do you know what I miss ? A bit of solo guitar on Echoes… The three notes on the Bb/A/G# before the first verse and the (nearly chromatic) solo beetween the verses…

    That put aside : JUST – GREAT.

  5. GREAT PHIL! This pictures is fantastic! I love very much reading that the band members are enjoying themselves! I think this is the best way to enjoy the fans too! Every show seems a great friends’ party! And this blog too! I enjoy myself very much!

    Great work, David and the others! Great work FEd! Greetings to all the wives and the children of the band too (in particular Polly – who take wonderful pictures – and yours, Fed)



  6. David, Band, and Crew:

    Welcome to the midwest! We are all pleased you made it. I never thought April 12 and 13th would get here!

    -Jon, Nebraska

  7. David and crew,

    I hope your stay in Chicago is warm and friendly. I am a few hours away, and although I cannot be there tonight, I will be thinking about being there. If I go outside to somewhere quiet, and the winds are just right coming across Lake Michigan, maybe I can hear a few familiar sounds…

    (hey, a guy can hope, right?)

    Best wishes, hope tonight goes well.


  8. Congratulations to David for going platinum in Canada (and for all the gold everywhere else)! We knew he was more than a little special all along. 😉

    Ed/Edwina – that’s a very nice photo of David with his On An Island award on the main page; any chance of getting a larger photo of it up in the gallery?

    So Polly uses a Leica film camera? That would be my choice as well (if I had the money) – I prefer film over digital any old day. I love my old 1970 Nikkormat and Nikon lenses a lot (I have one of the first zoom lenses made by Nikon, a 43-86mm), and it’s still working fine. If I’d had room in my carry-on to NYC I would have taken it along with the digcam.

    (ps Angelo – ’tis a strange, evil tale you tell, son. We’ll discuss this Roger thing later!)


    [It will be on the Gallery shortly, Deborah. – Features Editor]

  9. I can’t tell you how happy I am for David, Polly, Rick and the band with the tremendous success of this album and tour. By being in Pink Floyd, David cannot truly understand the impact he has on his fans and what his music means to us.

    I’ve always felt that way about The Beatles. They never had a “Beatles” to listen to, cheer for and follow. Same thing goes for the members of Pink Floyd.

    To David and Rick it’s just their band and they can’t (as members and not fans) fully comprehend the millions of hours that their fans have spent just holding onto their album covers while listening and dreaming. “On An Island” continues this wonderful tradition by transporting the listener to where they can feel the warmth of the sun, feel the wind in their hair and smell the cocoa butter and fragrances of a far away land.

    Thanks again David for such a gloriously warm return…

  10. Sweet Home Chicago… Enjoy! 🙂

    I’m a lot calmer today than I was the other night so I’m looking forward to the reviews of the show…

    WooHoo! You Rock Dave! Bring it on home Dave!…I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist that dig at those vacuous, malodorous, inebriated malcontents who I wouldn’t trust to sit the right way up on a lavatory…

    Ahhhh…. that’s better….:-)

    PS… the reason I kept HAVING to stand up at Sunday Night Massey Hall concert was because of the **nkers sat in front of me who kept lurching around drunkenly in their seats…

    I’m spent now… 😉

  11. David, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    This is the good stuff, isnt it? Such appreciation for your new music? It’s well deserved.

    All going to Chicago, have a great time!


  12. Caption Competition:

    The new water bottles issued to the band were proving somewhat difficult to use…


    PM’s new highly magnetic pick-ups in his Les Paul caused a few problems before he changed his metal rimmed glasses for contact lenses…

  13. If that’s David with the guitar in today’s blog photo, I have a really good caption for it…but I’ll stop right now and save you the trouble of editing it completely out, Edwina. And trust me, you WOULD. 😉

    See? I’m trying to be helpful.

    Can’t wait to hear all about Chicago but wish I was there…


    [If you’d read that it’s Phil Manzanera, you’d have saved us both the bother of typing. – Features Editor]

  14. feature editor and especially to Mr.& Mrs. Gilmour:

    Thank you for all the wonderful things that you are doing for us fans. Polly your photographs are the best. Have fun to all the people attending the Chicago shows on 4/12& 4/13/06. My thoughts are with you and above all the show/concert itself.

    I would like to take this moment to also thank a fellow fan named: Angelo Ortiz. Mr. Ortiz youre one in a million. thank you for sharing with me and for giving me the heads up..I don’t want to get too excited but just perhaps there may be a way for me to see Mr. Gilmour’s concert. You are thoughtful and very kind and took the time to not only read my ‘rantings’ but actually acknowledged me (thank you so much).

    To Tom Quinn in the last blog you specifically addressed me and a fellow named “Howard”. I have no idea what message you are trying to get across. Maybe it is my mindset or too many things on my mind but i don’t get it. Maybe “Howard” does but i do not. I would hate to think yet I am well aware that it goes on that a fan of David Gilmour’s would in some way be “making fun of them for not being able to attend this wonderful concert”?? I was not going to mention it but something inside me had to.

    To all of you who have tickets you should be thankful and also more understanding of the ones that could not obtain tickets to this show. It is sad when the ones who have it deliberately put the people ‘down’ that do not or are not as LUCKY as those that do. Gloom & Doom! You have no idea what is happening in someone else’s life or the stressors that some deal with so for you to suggest that i am making it gloomy is just not true.

    Thank you for letting me get that off my chest, for the most part the people who have said anything about me on this blog have been kind and considerate. Especially Mr. Ortiz & frank par just to name a few.

    The raves out here in Western NY have been great regarding Mr. Gilmours new cd. I even set up an “On an Island” theme party for the 3-11pm staff and patients at my work to ‘celebrate’. I also donated more to Crisis by doing so. As always keep up the fantastic work feature editors. And to Mr. Gilmour and Polly and team good luck in Chicago and with the rest of the North American Tour and of course the touring back in the UK. David, thank you again for putting and doing this for the fans and for whatever personal reasons that you had for putting together this wonderful cd and great show. I myself have NOT heard a single bad thing about it–it must be spectacular!

    Mr. Ortiz feel free to write to me anytime you wish. You are a true gentleman and i hope i don’t embarrass you by saying so. Bless you Mr. Ortiz and to all the fans and concert goers and to Mr. & Mrs Gilmour and the wonderful musicians with David.

    Keep up the great work.
    Linda P.
    Williamsville, NY

  15. My friends Kirk, Rolan and I are going to the Oakland shows! I can’t wait because I am going to both the 16th and 17th (9th row) shows.

    Pink Floyd is the sh!t! I saw you guys (David, Richard, Guy, Jon) twice in 94 when I was 19. I am so grateful you guys decided to tour again and play small venues. David, You are the biggest musical influence in my life so thanks for the timeless tunes and the On An Island album! Richard, your keys are very smooth. Guy, you are an amazing bassist (as I am as well Ha Ha). I love it when you slap on One Slip (Delicate Sound). Jon, great keys, vocals, and guitar.

    I can’t think of anything else but the shows this weekend! WoooHooooo!

    I want a job, are you guys hiring? 🙂


  16. Welcome to Chicago Mr. Gilmour! I’ve been waiting to see you again for 12 years now-the last time I saw you was at Soldiers Field in 94! Words aren’t enough to describe my anticipation for tonight’s (and tomorrows) show! Any chance of playing a tune from your self-titled solo album? It would be nice to here “There’s no way out of here” or “Short and Sweet” Please enjoy your stay in Chicago. I live in Lombard, Il if you want to stop by and jam after the show….

  17. CAPTION: Phil has strapped on the L plates as he takes up his first HENDRIXISM class.

    CAPTION: Phill says “If David can blow into a wind instrument and we are playing the windy city well I might as well give it a go too”.

    Enjoy the gig tonight guys.
    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  18. welcome back DAVID and company to CHICAGO

    the anticipation for these 2 concerts in this town is unreal.
    i saw ANIMAL’S tour 1977 and MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON TOUR 93… i’ll be there on the 13th……this will be one of my and my son most magical moments of our lifes

    the ROSEMONT has great sound and seating… as a good fan of yours i sold my extra tickets for cost. i was lucky enough to get them on the presale…..theres 2 people out there i’m sure appreciate that!

    hope you play ECHOES on the 13th

  19. Of course we will! I’m Sure it will be amazing! Maybe you can slip the good word to David Gilmour to play MAROONED? That would be outrageous! For the second show that is……Im sure EVERYONE would enjoy that song….thanks mate!

  20. I’m surprised David didn’t say anything about the Platinum when he was on stage at Massey he would of got a standing ovation from the crowd.

    [He’s far too modest for that, Matthew! – Features Editor]

  21. Caption Competition:

    PM playing the John Hurt role in the new Broadway Musical version of Alien wasn’t quite as scary as the original…

    And to all you sourpusses out there…. (__@__) It’s just a bit of fun 🙂

  22. Comportment – a word to remember as the OAI tour heads back to the land of yahoos. Do try to keep the hee-hawws and the yooohoos to a minimum, as there may be people who are actually interested in listening to the music. Perhaps you should become familiar with the On An Island album so you do not embarass yourself by screaming for “The Wall” for the entire first set. Also, if you want autographs, go to ebay and buy them. David Gilmour does not want to be bothered. Chicago, you are lucky to have him play. Give him a warm welcome

  23. Oh there’s going to be a million of these…

    “Researchers are now suggesting there may be side effects to playing music by Jimi Hendrix while patients are undergoing hypnosis therapy to quit smoking.”

  24. congratulations to david on the platinum sales in canada and congratulations to all the lovely canadians who made it possible. that’s a huge achievement and it’s very well deserved. great album by a great man. enjoy the show tonight, guys! hope it goes as well in chicago as the toronto shows seem to have gone (give or take some noisy morons who like the sound of their own voices a bit too much).

  25. Hi there!

    Just arrived at Chicago from Minneapolis. Me and buddy, Maziar, are going to see the show tonight!

    As you can guess we are extremely excited!!!

    Any gathering/before party tonight?!


  26. *Caption Contest*

    Phil proves that during the “ON AN ISLAND” tour with “DAVID GILMOUR” it is indeed, all “ABOUT FACE”

    ( See what I did there? )

    *pulls a muscle patting myself on the back* 😉


    [Genius, mate. – Features Editor]

  27. [i saw ANIMAL’S tour 1977 and MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON TOUR 93]

    Ed tut tut MLOR toue 93 hmmmmmmmmmmm. Unless Dr who post this message I think you will find it was Circa 87 ,88 . You are doing a top job by the way . All this time posting and it’s my first time to compliment you , for that I am sorry but rest assured a lot of us here in cyber space hang on your every word Keep it up Buddy.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)Humbled

    [Thanks. You’re quite right about the Momentary Lapse tour. You caught me slacking, there. – Features Editor]

  28. Hey Fed Ed, I see you are awake & at your designated post. Please post this for me.

    This is for:

    JEREMIAH Going to the LA. SHOWS
    PAUL – DON – or PETER Going to the RAH U.K.Shows

    Please contact me at […]

    Thx again FedEd (r u the FedEx man?)

    [No. – Features Editor]

  29. Platinum – brilliant David, congratulations. And Congratulations to the band – you guys are all brilliant! To the folks in Chicago, you are in for a treat. I would be there myself if I did not have to work. I can’t be greedy, I saw openong night at Radio City and it was a sight to see.

  30. Sitting here in Houston waiting for tomorrow! I am flying to Chicago in the morning. I cannot wait! Please save Wots..uh the Deal for Thursday!!! 😉

  31. Caption:

    If you don’t eat your guitar, how can you have any pudding?
    How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your guitar?

  32. I am sitting at work right now with 2 hours left until my vacation starts. I’m departing Michigan tomorrow morning and the wife and I are coming to Chicago!

    Can’t wait to get there, eat, drink, listen to good music and unwind! Tomorrow is going to be a good night.

    Does anyone know how good the seating is at the Rosemont? I’m on the floor level in the back right. Row EE I believe.

  33. These captions are great hhahah LOL

    But now I’m curious, Phil man, what ARE you doing?? I’m betting that if we knew the truth it would be just like one of these captions… 🙂


  34. [Boys, I think I know what you guys are going through, and Howard touch on it. He thinks this may be the last time David performs live and he may very well be right, we hope not though. I think what we are all suffering from here is post concert depression…. Now the Gilmour concert is over and my son (who was at that show with me and two other buddies) and I are moping around the house like our dog just died, (my wife and daughter are now laughing at us ). I have checked in with my friends that were at the show and are also huge Floyd/Gilmour fans and they feel the same way.]

    [Today I had a mixed sense of euphoria and sadness. Knowing I saw my guitar idol and inspiration has left me whirling, yet I’m sad to know I may not get the chance to see him perform again.]

    Very well said! It is nearly four weeks now since the Amsterdam concerts and I am not over it yet! Especially after reading all the comments from Italy, the US and Canada.

    I have a strong feeling of a great loss! I am very happy to have witnessed one of the Amsterdam shows. I had never seen Mr. Gilmour performing live before. It was absolutely marvelous. But it might well be the last time, and that makes me sad!

    One can only hope there will be another time…

  35. Hey my little French Girl Michele. How are you doing??????????

    I haven’t heard back from you.

  36. Can’t wait for tonights show. Meddle being one of my favorite Floyd albums, I’m really looking forward to hearing/seeing “Echoes”. Hope everyone enjoys tonights show!

  37. Hi Y’all,

    Bit late, but finally got back from Toronto and a chance to catch up on the blog. Some of the reviews are perplexing to say the least.

    I’ve been going to concerts for over 25 years, and Monday night was easily one of the best. I was surprised and really enjoyed the much higher energy level and intensity than the Meltdown dvd. (And I’m not knocking the Meltdown dvd, which is one of the best things there is.) I’ve seen bigger spectacles, like Roger’s P&C tour, but for sheer musical bliss, you’d be hard pressed to beat this band. And it really is a band, in the sense that it is definitely not “David and the back-up musicians.” All these guys (lights included) gel together in a way that most live bands don’t. It is easy to see why Guy’s having a great time. They all look, and sound like they’re having a blast.

    Although it is hard to compare new music to songs you’ve known for 20 years or more, I thought the first set held up very nicely against the second. As someone said earlier, the show could have stopped there and been plenty good. Having said that, the second set and encore were excellent. Just plain WOW.

    Small venues have a wholly different feel than stadiums and coliseums. In large places, I’ve always felt like the lights and music were coming towards me from “over there” somewhere. At Massey Hall, the music and lights filled up the entire space and engulfed you. It felt like you were inside of it all, somehow.

    The show was incredible. Those of you with tickets have a truly wonderful time coming to you. If the only thing you choose to take away from it is the “woohoo” people and a missed note, then I feel really bad for you. Live shows aren’t perfect–the audience makes noise, and the musicians, being human, make mistakes. The crowd was quiet by any standard other than the symphony. And like we used to say at Dead shows, “if he hits a bad note on the way to a really really good one, I’m willing to forgive him.” There was no shortage of really really good ones. Before you whine too much, you might consider the tens of thousands of people without tickets who would gladly suffer such indignities to see David Gilmour and the rest of the band play for a little while. If you want perfect, put on a CD. If you want magic, go to the show.

    I have never seen so many people over 40, myself included, at a rock concert. And we old folks were grinning ear to ear from beginning to end. Few things can make grown men and women look like little kids on Christmas day. Many thanks to David and the boys (you too, Polly) for giving us that. Definitely one to remember.

    You guys with tickets will have a great time,

    PS Angelo, enjoyed your story. I had a very similar PF upbringing–must have been something about that time period. A younger friend of mine (in his twenties) was on a similar path more recently. The Meltdown dvd started turning him around, and judging by the look on his face after the Monday show, I’d say his conversion is just about complete. Hope you keep posting.

  38. Welcome to Chicago David! Looking forward to two incredible shows.

    If anyone is interested in some deep dish Chicago style pizza between shows, might I suggest Lou Malnati’s on Higgins Rd in Elk Grove Village. It’s only eight miles from the Rosemont Theatre. Good stuff.

    Here’s hoping everyone enjoys their time in Chicago!

  39. Caption:

    Desperate, as the catering caravan had been stalled for days at immigration, the band members were determined to at least get themselves some roughage on the fly.

  40. FOR ALL OF YOU HALF SISSIES, CANNUCKS INCLUDED, THIS IS HEAVY METAL, NOT A DOG SHOW. We all love Floyd, theres no reason for name calling. The shows in New York are already legendary, oops I didn’t see Crosby and Nash in Canada. God bless America and save the Queen.

  41. Caption:

    Phil: Ooooooh baby, I’ve waited so long for this moment, now were alone we can…

    David: AHEM um what are you doing here with my guitar Phil?

    Phil: Oh er, I’m just tuning it up for you.

    David: What, with your face?

    Phil: Er yes, it’s a new technique Phil Taylor showed me.

    David: Oh……………!

  42. Going tonight! Can someone tell me about the venue?

    I was told a couple of times that they refer to the Rosemont as the barn. I’m three rows back on the balcony. Good seats or not? Sound quality?

    Dave, if you read this, Milwaukee loves you!

  43. F*Ed ~

    Did you know that an anagram for ~Features Editor~ is “A Fortitude Seer”

    I like that in your case, it is certainly appripo… 🙂

    Shine On ~


    [I was expecting something really bad, then! – Features Editor]

  44. Linda –

    I want to apologize for my lumping you in with Howard. Not as an excuse, but as an explanation…

    When you go (nightly)into the blog you want to take with you sense the excitement of being there and sharing these wonderful experiences with passionate lovers of this unique musical event in our lives right now. At that moment, the “One-Two” punch of both your letters in quick succession was such a downer that (in knee jerk fashion) I wrote what I felt at that time. I’ve seen (we’ve all seen) your letters for some time now, and everyone knows you to be kind and compassionate to a fault!! In fact I dare say that if suddenly we could wake up to see next to “Fan Fare”, a clickable item named “Linda Penner Ticket Fund”, you’d be going to the Chicago shows within hours. I would get a “Pay Pal” account for myself, just for the occassion, and contribute – and I’m not rich by any means. I’m a self employed musician, who will be paying for my 4/19, and 4/20 DG tickets through Christmas and beyond. But, I digress…

    I apologize, Linda, and wish you all the best!

    tom from san diego

  45. Good dy Fet’Ed.

    I was wondering, do you have any idea what equipment Polly uses in taking all of these photos, particularly the live ones? I presume she’s using digital. She clearly has talent as a photographer, but she must be using a nice rig as well. I guess I’m curious because I’ve been doing a lot of research on cameras recently.

    Anyway, I hope the weather breaks here just a bit for the tour posse. We’ve had something like 60 days of rain out of the last 70 days. It’s beautiful here in the Bay Area, and it would be nice if the band, crew and families could enjoy that during their brief visit.

    Stay in the groove gang! Knock’em out in Chicago, and then come here and do the same. Good luck.


    [All I know is what I’ve already mentioned in today’s blog entry, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  46. yes geoff…….it was in 88 MLOR TOUR…,my it has been along time……

    animals was june 17, 1977 (soldier field) it started about 1 hr after the sun set…….perfect orange sunset…. while we waited they piped through some ummagumma

    … of these days…. and others

    how could i ever forget…..must of been a momentary lapse of reason……touchee

    mike heider

  47. I am so looking forward to tonight’s show! This is going to be great. I did get into a bit of trouble with the in-laws for skipping the first night of Passover to be at this show, but it’s worth it. Perhaps David could offer a “Happy Passover” sometime during the show?

  48. Enjoy the next two nights you lucky mid-westers. I was at the Sunday Toronto show and head is still in the clouds. It has been very difficult to keep focused on work since returning the 3000 kilometres or so home.

    Thank you David and family, Rick, Guy, Jon, Steve, Dick and Phil for coming to Canada and doing your magic. Out of all the great tunes played “On an Island” is now constantly roaming through my head. Great tune and lyrics. The entire album gets better the more I listen to it and hearing it live in its entirety was amazing.

    Thanks again David and Polly. Keep those creative juices flowing so we can “see you again”, like you said in your farewell Sunday.

  49. Welcome to Chicago all of you. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have this chance to sit before you both nights.

    I am most looking forward to the live version of your newest work. While I will no doubt enjoy it all, this newest creation is a wonderful piece of work. Congrats to all involved.

    I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope the people of the midwest welcome and respect all of you for the great artists you all are.

    I play some guitar myself and all of you have been a great inspiration. So before the lights even dim All I can say is Thank You for coming and enjoy your stay!

  50. To David, The Band, and Family,

    Thank you from the bottom (and top) of my (Atom) Heart!!!

    Your performance on Monday at Massey Hall was as magical a show as can be. I honestly think there are very few shows in my lifetime that will go as well remembered as the show in Toronto.

    It was amazing to see you again after 12 years. I noticed you were having a blast and the sound was magnificant in there. I can’t think of a better show I’ve seen in over 3 years! You consistently outdo yourself every time I see you.

    I’ve noticed that this time around, you are spending a considerable more about of time and energy playing more unique and different improvisation than when I saw you last, and the various instruments you’ve learned sound amazing for a musician whom has mostly played the electric guitar on stage his whole career. The improv jams really brought the “musical” aspect of the experience out in Toronto, and I really enjoyed that you focused so clearly on the musical sounds and experimental language of the jams in each song.

    I must say, along with everyone else, that the Echoes alone was more than worth the concert ticket prices, traveling expenses (I drove 5 hours one way from Ohio to see you spending 2 days in Toronto while staying in a hotel, renting a car, and spending a lot of money on the road for various costs… gas, food, etc….) and inconveniences we went through to see you and your amazing band.

    I honestly wanted to get a chance to thank you very very much for all you have done for me to inspire me in my own personal life. The show blew my socks off, and touched me in places I didn’t know existed. Thanks for the concert experience of my life!!

    Much love to you and the band and your family, and I wish you the best on your further travels through North America and back to your home!!! Keep the good vibes flowing.

    Angelo Giallombardo

  51. Welcome to Illinois David and family. It will be a great honor to see you play tomorrow night.

    It is going to be a beautiful 80 degree warm spring midwestern day. Hope you enjoy your stay in the Windy city. I hear the Pizza is good up there. I am from downstate Illinois, and haven’t been there in 15 years.

    Have a wonderful couple of gigs. We should have some good ol’ High pressure (Atmospheric), for your intonation. Have a great day!

    And thank you Features Editor: Will we ever get to know the real identity of you? Lets say, after the tour is over?


    [Honestly? I doubt it. I like being anonymous. – Features Editor]

  52. Caption:

    Everyone wondered why Phil was constantly getting giggly during the concerts as each night night went on, but no one was aware of the hidden flask….

  53. Caption: Gosh, these Guitars are not so Primative after all!

    Has any of you heard Phil Manzanera’s album entitled Primative Guitars. It is brilliant.

    I finally have David’s OAI and I must say it ticks all the right boxes. Well done Mr Gilmour!

  54. I’m a professional audio engineer that tours with the USO project around the world for the troops, and I always do my inital sound checks with david gilmour/ pink floyd music. I have loved the music of david for many years the way it gets into your body and takes you to another world like no other music can do. I only wish I had the opportunity to mix for david and have him perform at one of our USO shows. I did this with the legendary willie nelson now all thats left to complete my life of touring is to work with david gilmour. What a dream this would be.

  55. David, Polly et all. Welcome, Welcome to the (Daley) Machine. Those of you in Chicago know from where I speak with that reference. I am so damn excited about the show tonite I can hardley stand it. And I heard, David, that you were on WXRT radio today. How was that? Today was the first day in a while that I was unable to listen to XRT during the day and low and behold, you end up being on the show. I hope they recorded it for playback later today or tomorrow.

    Enjoy the lovely days and nights in Chicago. It is beautiful today, albiet a bit windy. I hope everyone enjoys their stay in our Sweet Home, Chicago. We love you all!!! See you at the gig!!

  56. Just a suggestion ~

    Since there are so many folks (myself included) that have inquired about obtaining David’s autograph then perhaps when this tours DVD is offered maybe there could be signed ones offered as well?

    David could do these at his leisure (I understand that this task would all but negate his leisure time rendering this point moot!) but when he did find sometime after he has had a chance to sit back and soak in all the success of the tour.

    As I said before this is just a suggestion and I appreciate any and all considerations…

    Matt ~

  57. Hey all you camera flashers out there, has anybody posted pictures from any concerts on a website??

    I’m sure people who didn’t get to go to the concerts want to see what we got to see.

    [I’m sure people who did get to go to the concerts want to break your legs… – Features Editor]

  58. Caption: Phil tries to show them all what he could do with his teeth in case any other autograph hounds come along. Take THAT autograph people! “I got your back, Dave!”

  59. Congratulations David on your Platinum Certification!!! (Do these award ceremonies ever get old?)

    “Milk and platinum cookies all around”!

  60. “It’s a 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarrettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses”

    “Hit it”

    Welcome Mr. Gilmour and Band… As Donald “Duck” Dunn said in our film “We’ve got a band so powerful we could turn goat p*ss into gasoline” he could have been talking about you….

  61. Those New Yorkers damn near killed you dave! They do NOT speak for everyone in this country I assure you. There are indeed good hearted people who know how to respect someones privacy. And im SURE you will enjoy your stay in Sweet Home CHICAGO…….

  62. Is it Thursday yet? I have been listening to nothing but Floyd & On An Island & I can’t wait another minute.

    I am so excited I’m not even driving to the show, I am taking a limo cause if I don’t I will end up in a ditch cause of all the excitement.

    I cannot wait for this incredible show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Caption Comp: Helping out during rehersals whilst pulling up the lighting rig David inadvertantly pulls on the wrong strap!

  64. Edwina wrote:

    [If you’d read that it’s Phil Manzanera, you’d have saved us both the bother of typing. – Features Editor]

    Oh yeah. I must have slipped into a coma momentarily reading that sentence. My utmost apologies for being an unattentive ignoramus.

    Now that I have your attention with a good word like ‘ignoramous,’ Edwina – tell us who’s playing piano on “Where We Start.” I don’t believe the information is given on the album credits (and I read it 3 times just to make sure it wasn’t Phil M. or someone else plonking away with his teeth). 😉


    [I assume it must be David, but don’t know for sure. – Features Editor]

  65. hi fet ed . thought you might like to know dad has just told me arsenal are 1-1 against portsmouth but portsmouth’s goal scorer lua lua injured himself in a goal celebration . he always does a cartwheel or a tumble or such like when he scores and he crocked his leg . silly eejit .

    well i am falling asleep here so i will keep it short and sweet . i am sure arsenal will score again so i will let you know the final score .

    night !


    [I’d forgotten they were playing tonight. – Features Editor]

  66. Have a great time at the Rosemont tonight people.You will be wowed.As Mr.Guy Pratt posted earlier,this band Rocks!

  67. Got a special delivery letter today, containing 2 pre-order tickets for David at the RAH 30th May, now it all seems so real with tickets in hand. I can now get those deal tickets on the train, and look for a cheap and cheerful hotel near RAH.

    One very happy camper here 🙂

  68. Milwaukee: Rosemont Theatre is a 4400 seat auditorium. Very small and initmate. Not a bad seat in the house.

    See you at the gig!!

  69. Dear Fed, and you all,

    To Michèle:

    My concerts of PF:
    – December (?) 1972: Palais des Sports, Paris, with The Ballets of Roland Petit
    – 1974 (June?): Palais des Sports, Paris, Dark Side of the Moon Tour (2 concerts)
    – September 1975: Knebworth (Wish You Were Here)
    – February 1977: La Villette, Paris, Animals Tour (4 concerts)
    – June 1988 (22): Château de Versailles
    – July 1994 (30): Chantilly
    – March 2006 (16): Olympia…

    11 concerts…

    Unfortunately, I didn’t see David on stage in 2002… It was not because the concert was in a distant town from mine. No. It was just because I had not the money… It was just after Christmas… and all I could offer for that Chritmas, was… deux tablettes de chocolat… oh, a good one, but only chocolate. That is the past. Now, I haven’t much money, but I can pay for a concert. That’s the difference. A big one. Specially, when the concert is a David Gilmour’s concert… But this time… !!!On my knees! I would have gone on my knees!

    Assez d’apitoiement!

    For those who will be at DG’s concerts: Get good time! they are so exceptional!

    Ikkar, with love.
    (excuse my poor english)

  70. Caption….

    I know there has to be cheese in there somewhere.

    (I promise this is my last cheese entry)

  71. FYI

    There are tickets for tonight and tomorrow avaiable on as of 5:45pm et.

    Good luck, and see you all tomorrow.

    Posted by: NYC at April 12, 2006 08:11 PM

    With all due respect NYC,It’s CANUCKS,1 N only.

  73. This is a non sequitur, BUT:

    I’d still love to know, from Guy Pratt, what it’s like having your father-in-law in the same band.

  74. It’s been a week since seeing Gilmour at Radio City. I’d thought that perhaps my daily check in with this blog would become a thing of the past, but I remain strangely addicted. I also can’t get Dominos out of my head–or anything from the concert for that matter. Both the new album and the second set were incredible.

    A quick question: In one of the interviews linked to this site David talks about having an initial plan for the sequence of songs on the album which was then adjusted by Phil. Does the sequening of On An Island songs at Radio City (and perhaps since) represent David’s original vision of the order of songs? I loved the new order, by the way…

  75. “Hey all you camera flashers out there has anybody posted pictures from any concerts on a website??

    I’m sure people who didn’t get to go to the concerts want to see what we got to see.”

    [I’m sure people who did get to go to the concerts want to break your legs… – Features Editor]

    Posted by: Matthew at April 12, 2006 09:34 PM

    ED, Whats going to happen come the KODAK gig? ((Again sorry.)

    To Mick Heider, We all have the lapses mate!!

    I’m so envious of your 77 escapades. Thats one for the gran kids. I was lucky enough to catch a paris gig on the MLOR tour , hence my chronological challenge. I’m salivating at the prospect of RAH where I think the intimate setting will not be beaten.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)








  77. I got a 10th row seat from my hot seat package too. But this is what the ticketmaster website says :

    “Hot Seat Packages include: tickets in the first 20 rows, exclusive merchandise, collectible laminate and David Gilmour’s new CD, “On an Island”.”

    Nothing here about the first 7 rows so cant call and shout at em.

    Oakland date is drawing nearer, yay 😀

    I had won the lucky draw for the fans on and bought 2 seats for RAH 31st May. Any idea what kind of seats that get you, F’Ed? Front row?? I hope so!

    [I think it’s the first 20 rows, but I’ll have to double-check to be sure. – Features Editor]

  78. It has been one week since I saw the show last Tuesday at Radio City. I just want you to know that even today, when I listen on my ipod a song that was performed last Tuesday, it still makes the hair on my neck stand up.

    I have seen hundreds of bands over the last 30 or so years. No other performance has ever had this kind of effect for this long.

    One other comment regarding the picture posted today. I play guitar as well. I never could understand the urge some people get of playing their guitar with their teeth. To me it is the same as scratching your fingernails on a blackboard (I can see all of you cringing right now). There are so many tastier things to feast on than metal (of course, unless you are “…in the back seat, Trying to pick her locks”). Tell me, does PM also crush beer cans on his forehead??


  79. I’ve just read the site statistics in Stuff & Nonsense, and I’m quite amazed to see David so far up the list. It becomes even more obvious that he is a huge star. It is hugely heartening to me that somebody as old, unfashionable and irrelevant as David probably is to the vast majority of the youth market (sorry David, no insult intended but you are over 20 and you don’t rap…) can still make such an impact.

    What worries me is that at 34 years old I virtually never buy new-release music by anybody under 50. In fact it won’t be long before it’s anybody under 60. And there are others like me. What will we all do when David and his contemporaries finally retire?

    On that subject, who (apart from David) are people here listening to at the moment? In terms of new or recent releases that is. Starting with you, FEd.

    I’ve got Donald Fagen’s “Morph The Cat” spinning in the player right now when David’s taking a break. Robert Plant’s “Mighty Rearranger” is coming up to its first birthday but it’s still getting a regular outing. Leonard Cohen’s “Dear Heather” is also a favourite among recent releases. Anybody else?

    [I really liked Jet’s ‘Get Born’ album, Warren. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s last was good, too. – Features Editor]

  80. Hi all,

    David et al. – grats on the platinum record!

    Toronto – grats on making NYC look bad re: well behaved fans 🙂

    Bloggers – grats on WAAAAAY too many funny cheesy PF references!


    p.s. FEd – you mentioned another editor – SNEd I think? Can you enlighten us a little more…?

    p.p.s. What was tonight’s setlist? 😉

    [We should make it like the game, ‘Guess Who?’. “Does he… have a beard?” – Features Editor]

  81. I’ve pretty much cut out TV-watching so that I can read all the latest news about David and keep up with the blog messages. Good trade.

  82. As they say in Yorkshire (the centre of the know universe) “Eeeee bye gum lad, congrats to thi on t’ut plat’num in Canada” (just next to the centre of the know universe)

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

    PS Looking forward to seeing you on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno later this month….oh and have a chat with him about his car collection….he’s a bit of a car nut like yourself!


  83. Hey TC & Angelo, can I take a guess and say you are in your mid to late 20’s? The reason is because my experience with Pink Floyd was similar.

    I remember at a young age singing along to David “We don’t need no education” What kid doesn’t like that song? My 8 and 3 yr olds love it too. Then DSOTM was laid on me. There’s no turning back after you’re exposed to that. After going through all the PF album, and then reading about Roger spliting off, I thought I’d see what they did solo. Being influence by other Waters fans I listened his stuff 1st. I found the words to be good, but the music never touched me like PF music. The I started to listen to David and found out what we all know to be true.

    I won’t get into ‘Which ones Pink’, but I’ve had people who aren’t familiar with David solo work ask me “Is this Pink Floyd?” more then once. Never has anyone ever said that with Roger’s works to me.

    Have fun everyone in Chicago!

    Just a reminder to folks going to the Oakland shows . . . We’re meeting at Luka’s at 5 p.m. for drinks, I look forward to meet some of you.


  84. I leave tomarrow morning for Chicago!! I wish I could see the show tonight, but I couldn’t make it.

    So finally this will be my last comment before seeing the show that I have waited to see since 1994. I am not going to be able to sleep tonight. Will you read me a bedtime story Fed?

    See you boys in the windy city.


  85. This is in response to Michele’s suggestion and for anyone else interested. The following are the Floyd related shows I’ve had the opportunity to see:

    Pink Floyd-Apr 14th,1994, Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego, California
    Pink Floyd-Apr 16th,1994, Rose Bowl, Los Angeles, California
    Pink Floyd-Apr 21st,1994, Oakland Coliseum Stadium, Oakland, California
    Roger Waters-Jun 13th,2000, Alamodome, San Antonio,Texas

    And upcoming:

    David Gilmour-Apr 19th,2006, Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, California
    David Gilmour-Apr 20th,2006, Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, California

    Would love to have seen more, especially would have loved seeing Floyd in London but hey I’m very happy having the opportunity of seeing them at all.

    PS. Also got to meet Nick Mason at his book signing, Virgin Megastore, Los Angeles, California, Apr, 2005. I was able to get a picture with Nick and several autographs. I’m very happy indeed!

    Have a good night everyone. Anyone going to the Chicago shows, enjoy!!!

    Mike L.

  86. To NYC, a song from Stevie Ray Vaughn. That was a “Cold Shot”. Thanks, John,not from Florida. Maybe we will get to see Steven and Graham on Jay Leno, maybe, the band is practicing this tour wholeheartedly so they may perfect it elsewhwere. Did you consider that? Don’t brag, you should be honoured to see everyone you did.

    To Linda, Thank You. I read your messages and wish you well. I really hope all turns out in the end.

    DG to PM: “Phil, Phil, okay, let’s go for dinner.”

  87. Caption contest: “Phil getting his licks in”

    OK, so it’s a very bad caption. My apologies. Wonderful picture, though!

  88. Hello David and all!

    As others have said, we thought April 12th/13th would never get here.

    We can’t wait to see you on Thursday, it will be beautiful! What a way to start the concert year!

    If you can make it, you should come to Griffins Public House at Halsted and Diversy after the show, and play with the band Hack ‘N Wheeze! You join us to celebrate one of the last days Griffins is in existence!

    Welcome to Chicago!
    -Christine and Dan of Woodstock, IL
    We think you’re neat! 🙂

  89. How very Jimi of Phil Manzanera. Looks like a good time is being had by all.

  90. David, as we say in Washington Heights, “Yo, repreSENT, SON!!” (translation: “Congratulations!”)

    Linda P,

    Good luck to you on the tickets. Let us know soon, we’re pulling for ya’!

    Thad C,

    I think you’re right about there being something about that period/generation of fans. It seems so silly now, doesn’t it?

    Oh, Deborah, “I was a baaaaaad boy.” (said in my best Lou Costello voice)

    Is there a Chris Sausville of Clifton Park, NY around here? I missed your comment to me from last week. Sorry…

    Alas, I am nothing like the FEd….


    Thirty years. I can’t imagine how hard this year has been for you. The anniversary of her passing will be here soon… I’ll be thinking of you….

  91. Cost of a gallon of gas at the pump = ~$2.78
    Two tickets to OAI tour = (does it matter?)
    “Sharing a dream” in Chicago tonight = priceless

    ~soon the Blue………so soon…………

  92. wow. you guys didn’t give a standing ovation monday? do i have to do everything?

    i think those couple of you that complained about the noise forgot you’re at a live rock show. you also mistook some highly anticipated excitement for drunken idiocy. we all don’t act so belegerent when we’ve been drinking, but we do get very excited about very special events. such as sunday night was. let’s not forget guy said they thought it was their best.

    also, i was just as moved during the first set. it’s beautiful stuff david. don’t ever stop.

  93. In a prior post, in a prior string, it states that a tour pin was for sale at the NY shows?? I checked out every stand last Tuesday at RCMH and didn’t see it. That is something I would have really wanted to pick up. So I’ll have to see if the European site will deliver to Jersey (New Jersey that is).

    Deborah, so can you take a picture of yourself playing guitar and making a mean cheesecake all at the same time??

    Big Al, I know the answers to your question for the tickets – but there is no way I could make it out to Oakland. I hope they end up in some good hands.

    And, Features Editor, have you seen any of the performances yet?? Or did you get a private show?? Maybe you should go out to Oakland, I’m sure Big Al would be happy to set you up if he still has those duckets.


    [I’d love to. It would be murder facing the blog upon my return, though. I haven’t seen a show yet, but I was lucky enough to see the band perform at David’s birthday party. There were more than 800 comments waiting for me when I got home, though. My eyes still haven’t returned to their normal size or shape. – Features Editor]

  94. Platinum, way to go Canada, Diamond next? Miss the band. Thanks for coming to Massey.

  95. Is this really a David Gilmour blog? It seems that there are a hand full of hangers on who post on and on, do these people think they are gaining some sort of celebrity for doing so?

    In their minds they are, I’m sure. Post hogs deluxe.

    Everyday the same hundred or so people whining, asking, saying the same things over and over, making inane captions about quality photos, try hard humorous comments etc.

    I’m surprised that they can even see through those fat black framed glasses.

    This site gets hundreds of thousands of hits, but out of them only two hundred or so comment?? Ask why!

    This blog makes David and co look stupid. Nerdy people are hanging off your coat tails David. People with selfish, moronic agendas.

    They only want something from you, they aren’t truly happy with the music. Do they come from the hardcore moronic PF/DG/RW sites perhaps?

    It’s a real shame that this blog is moderated to hell because of these simpletons. David said in a recent interview that he was sick of reading the blog because it’s the same group of people everyday. I agree!

    You are losing customers because of these people. If they weren’t selfish morons, they would stop commenting and let others have a say. I guess they don’t really care what David says.

    At the end of the day it’s all about THEM in relation to David. Sad.

    Do something Fed. Taking a pay check isn’t good enough.

    Richard Wexler

    [Do you want to do my job? Or maybe you can just tell everyone what they should be writing about instead? And if you’re talking about the Sound & Vision interview, then I think you misinterpreted what David said. What he actually said was: “It’s interesting to know what they suggest – though it seems like the same small group of people put up the suggestions every day. [laughs] But I do think about them.” Forgive me if there’s another interview out there where he slates the place. If so, I’d love to see it. – Features Editor]

  96. Cool, cool, cool! Its finally my turn to see the show tomorrow!!! Bag is packed and I’m out of here in the morning, cannot wait for this show! Still can’t believe I’m going to see David on stage.

    May not sleep tonight.

    See you tomorrow!


  97. The show tonight was amazing, I feel so honored to be able to see Mr. Gilmour live. I hope you all have a goot time tomorrow on his second date.

    Thank you

    –Jon, row M, seat 6

  98. Warren Loveridge writes: “What worries me is that at 34 years old I virtually never buy new-release music by anybody under 50. In fact it won’t be long before it’s anybody under 60. And there are others like me.”

    I’m 30, and I don’t like a lot of the crap that the “kids” listen to these days. But there are a few newer bands that I do like. Off the top of my head, Collective Soul is one. Green Day is okay. Train is another, and I’m sure I could think of a few more. But yeah, by and large, the stuff that gets promoted by the music industry tends to suck these days!

    “I really liked Jet’s ‘Get Born’ album, Warren. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s last was good, too. – Features Editor”

    I like ‘Get Born’ as well! I saw Jet in concert opening for Oasis at Madison Square Garden a few months ago. (Or was it over a year ago…I can’t keep track of time anymore!)

    [You have great taste, Matt! – Features Editor]

  99. David,

    I just came home from your concert tonight. I want to thank you for a very emotional night. I lost my husband 2 years ago to heart problems. He was also a kidney dialysis patient. I had to go tonight for him .He loved Pink Floyd and your music. He never missed one of your shows. I have never gone. He went to the shows before I met him. I have all your cds though. I saw you in the live 8 concert and it totally blew me away. God bless you for playing “Wish You Were Here” and “Comfortably Numb”. I cried during both of those songs. It brought me closer to him and I though of him while you were playing them. Thank you for that…..even to have him there with me in spirit was enough for me. Again thank you and God Bless. Please get back together so I can have the total experience of having him there in spirit and for me to also enjoy your wondeful music.

  100. …no, not a canine to be seen anywhere.

    …but also no long hair, spandex or miniature Stonehenges either. Just fans loving the music, and trying to hear all of it.

    Read the other posts NYC

  101. For those of you who plan on taking pictures or video or even smoking an occasionaly woopie………..dont even bother…….Securtiy is extremely tight…..Several people got tossed out for taking pictures, even without a flash…….Just a WARNING

    [Good! About bloody time! We’ve been telling you not to take cameras all along! – Features Editor]

  102. Caption for photo….

    “Damn it ….my tounge is caught in my G string”

    Bob Mitchell in Victoria, BC, Canada

  103. To Marilyn re-post (I just came home from your concert tonight. I want to thank you for a very emotional night. I lost my husband 2 years ago to heart problems.) Thank you for sharing so personal and emotional feelings and for setting such a good example.

    To Richard Wexler re-post (At the end of the day it’s all about THEM in relation to David. Sad. Do something Fed. Taking a pay check isn’t good enough.) You are entitled to your opinions and all credit to Fed for posting it. I obviously disagree with such comments as no doubt others will too. Still we live in a free society and tolerance of such strong views is a reflection on our humanity. Just dont call me sad right!!!!!!!

    To Angelo Ortiz re-post (Thirty years. I can’t imagine how hard this year has been for you. The anniversary of her passing will be here soon.) Yes 3/5. Thanks. I will focus on music more as I feel a little guilty about raising subject.

    Ian Pearson

    [There’s no need for that at all, Ian. If we can discuss cheese for two days, you are more than welcome to share your feelings with us. If we can help in any way, all the better. Take care of yourself. – Features Editor]

  104. As I wait for the show to finaly get here (LA) I pulled my old stubs out, the live shows I’ve seen MR. Gilmour are:

    May 6th, 1977
    November 26, 27, & 28, 1987
    APRIL 15, 1988
    APRIL 14, 16, 17, 1994

    Now I have tics to two more APRIL shows, 19 & 20….Boy April is my lucky month!

  105. David, Richard and the rest of the band

    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!

    For such a great performance!

    What a night it was. Such a great venue and a magnificant performance! I will never forget this night.


  106. Thankyou FEd and Matt for a couple of good leads.

    I’m perfectly open to the possibility of new acts that are great to listen to, but with the music industry the way it is these days they must be buried pretty deep under layers of dross acts.

    Actually Matt, now that you’ve mentioned them, I do like Collective Soul’s output from the 90s, but I haven’t heard their more recent stuff. Are they still up to scratch?

    Pearl Jam have had some fine moments too.

  107. WOW! About all I can say at the moment is wow. I’ll make sure to post tomorrow, when I have my wits about me. But feast on this blog readers… my top previous concert moment– 60,000 people singing ‘Wish You Were Here’ in a light rain at Soldier Field in ’94 with the lasers capturing the raindrops. Seeing 4000 people bobbing their heads in unison to the jazzy break-down portion in the middle of Echoes was just too much!!!

  108. Dear Richard Wexler,

    Wrong side of the bed this morning? :-0

    Mate, if you find it that annoying, just don’t read it.

  109. Tonights show in Chicago was incredible. Half way through and I was already excited for tomorrow’s show.

    I brought a friend whose doesn’t know much of David or Floyd’s music, and he was speechless at David’s playing of all the different instruments, and couldn’t believe Echoes was one song.

    I’m lucky I’ve got a ticket for tomorrow, one more in Chi-town.

    I hope you enjoy your stay.

  110. SET LIST!: but first…an actual dream from many years ago. (I have so many dream journals that it may take me a while to find the date).

    I was milling about on the general admission floor of a PF show playing alot of Syd’s tunes, the floor crowd began to diminish as people weren’t into these rarities and waited to come back for the classic ones. Suddenly, I found a salad bar in the middle of the floor and had a nice meal while enjoying the playful old grooves thoroughly all by myself.

    I mention this for several reasons, I finaly got to hear a few PF rarities, like Wot’s Uh…The Deal-a sweet ditty and Fat Old Sun -a great bluesy jam (which I’ve had the sheet music for and played since I was 17…uh 23 yrs ago), and they worked perfectly for the smaller venue along side Wearing The Inside Out and High Hopes. I actualy enjoyed this kind of song collection more because they were performed with a rich and intimate musical flare that totaly sells in a smaller space(4,400 seater) and could easily have mixed itself into the 1st set which was the whole tranquility of OAI. You never felt some of these tunes where written 35 yrs ago. Unfortunately no actual Syd tunes but the feeling was there.

    In contrast, the classics like Crazy Diamond, Breathe, Time, WYWH and Comfortably Numb definitely have a colossal sound that works perfectly for the stadiums yet define PF at specific times in their career. While enjoying them nonetheless, IMO the band played these as a nod to there former selves w/o the typical “space your face” immersion, but don’t tell that to the classic rock only listeners, who must have been sleeping during the 1st set, as the pot smoke started wafting down the aisle. (Pot is passe at a DG show, when you can get high off the music alone is when you really GET HIGH).

    ECHOES was the exception. This song transforms everytime I hear it, emotionally dynamic. My revelation this time was that I don’t want some low budget, less is more, tunnel of white light when I die, I want a PF lazr light show damn it! DG was being blessed by a flashing rainbow as the notes from his guitar cried out. Overcome with compassion, I cried.

    Set 1:
    On An Island
    Red Sky at Night
    The Blue
    Then I close my Eyes
    This Heaven – you bet it is
    Take a Breath – a nice light show w/ punch
    A Pocketful of Stones
    Where We Start

    Set 2:
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Wot’s Uh…The Deal
    Wearing the Inside Out
    Fat Old Sun
    Breathe Reprise
    High Hopes

    Wish You Were Here
    Comfortably Numb – still the best damn written guitar solo ever

    How some people began to leave during the best damn written guitar solo ever escapes me. Ten minutes later I’m crossing the street back to my car realizing this doesn’t feel right. 10 min ago I was hearing the best damn written guitar solo ever, I should be in a floatation tank or something. It’s just wrong I’m now walking amid the traffic madness. Yes, the night has to come to an end but the experience will linger for a long time. The music mixes with the mind like water poured into water.


  111. some thoughts on “A Pocketful of Stones”…

    Matt commented he suggests the theme of the song is one of live for the moment, and that David’s athiest views support this view of not worrying about any afterlife.

    Myself I think it’s saying more that ignorance is bliss to some, and (most importantly) sadly so. This ignorance can be sustaining to the individual (existing within their comfort zones), but at what cost within the Grand scheme.

    Secondly, Tim comments that although a great song, it seems “truncated”; leaving you wanting more.

    …I agree. To me it has the feel of the first half of a classic Supertramp epic; a la Fool’s Overture or Rudy (a good thing!). David and Zbigniew Preisner’s arrangements really add to the haunting feel at the end.

    But it’s this ending that just seems to beg for an up-tempo bridge solo to one or two orchestral verses that expand on this feel. And with a soaring solo at the end I think this could not only be Davids finest work, but also by far, better than any Pink Floyd material. And that as you all know is saying an awful lot.

    As it is it’s one of my favourite Gilmour tracks.

    …Makes me hope he’ll collaborate with Rick Davies again sometime.

    (just my two cents…)

    Tom Connolly

  112. Just wanted to drop a quick line about this evening’s show (12 April).

    Having never been to a Pink Floyd, or related concert, I must say what a worthy experience. I sat about 7th row behind the orchestra pit, so my view was primo! The sound was excellent and the laser/fog during “Comfortably Numb” were tripping me out despite not being under any influence.

    I thought the idea of playing one’s new material in its entirety was a great idea. I have to say now having been there, I wished Mr. Gilmour kicked it as hard on the CD as he did live; the ON AN ISLAND songs were sounding killer!

    My only criticsms were that David didn’t play anything from his first two solo records (although “Burning Bridges” and “Wot’s…..” made up or it abit), and that there seemed to be a bunch of people whooping for Floyd songs. It seems some folks didn’t look closely at their stubs………

    [‘Burning Bridges’? Do you mean ‘Fat Old Sun’, Michael? – Features Editor]

  113. To Richard Wexler,

    [It seems that there are a hand full of hangers on who post on and on] – I am one of those who post a lot. It is the first site where I have ever done this type of thing.

    The reason being was that the vibe I picked up here was one of fun and friendliness.

    Hold on, I get it now. Is’nt David back in America right now. Oh shit. Am I glad that I am out of here for the next few days.

    Enjoy the blogs to come !!.
    Pete – Coventry

  114. Rosemont Highlights !!

    A pretty darn well behaved crowd, For Chicago.

    People yelling were truely being blown away and were very appreciative to David, Richard and Band. Not too many were succombing to substances and yelling from lack of conciousness.

    Take a Breath just plainly rocked!! The band, the sound AND the lazers simply Nuked!!

    Driving home I kept thinking everyone had their brake lights on from my eyes being cooked well done so beautifully. Smile, OAI, Pocket full of Stones, Davids sax, Hi Hopes, Wots Uh the Deal…so smooth!!

    Wish You Were Here was like a huge sing-along. Echoes.. the Seagulls … after all these years they still seem to climb down your spine and send chills..Specatcular!!!

    Confortably Numb, Yeah that about says it.’

    Gonna take days for what we saw to sink in.

  115. As one of the many Irish David Gilmour and Pink Floyd Fans I have to ask the simple question Why have we been ignored for all these years when it comes to doing gigs in our country. Its good enough do gigs in Milwaulkie. Whats wrong with Dublin?


  116. You’ve been editing my posts again FEd – I must remember that there are sensitive and easily shocked people out there…

    [Sorry, mate. I don’t want any tears here, if you know what I mean. – Features Editor]

  117. Dear Richard Wexler,

    Who the hell do you think you are?

    Not only do you insult a generally nice group of people, who share a common passion, you seriously misunderstand the nature and atmosphere of the people and this blog.

    That is all fine of course, understanding is not a gift that was distributed to everyone as you most clearly show. BUT it is no reason for some of your statements that are possibly (I think you are not worth thinking about for much longer) offensive to people who have done you no wrong.

    “stop commenting and let others have a say”

    ??? What do you mean? Everybody CAN have a say. I actually think it is nice that other topics are being discussed. Else it would possibly get boring (well for me at least) I can only read so much reviews, especially if that would be the only thing this blog would consist of. Besides, who said this blog was for show review only?

    The fact that your message was posted shows that this place is not heavily moderated. Although, ED, if I’m honest, this message was in no way constructive. I would not have minded it to be removed (I think this crossed the line). Richard it seems to me that YOU are the whiner. If you (think) you see a problem, why don’t you act like you plan to solve it instead of starting to insult people? Pathetic. And more importantly, it will get you nowhere.

    From a certain point of view, you are lucky this is cyberspace. If you would say/suggest such things to me/about me in real life, I guess I (and possibly some other people here) would teach you a lesson in humility.

    Take from that what you will. I’m done with this nonsense. Sorry Ed, I can’t believe I just wasted my time on this. These are the posts that do ‘defile’ this blog.


    [Kick ass, Clemens! Seriously though, if I were to delete comments such as Richard’s, the ignorant people who accuse me of only posting positive messages would be right. That was Richard’s first post and who am I to deny him it? I believe in allowing people the chance to have their say and I believe in giving people a second chance. If people continually pose inflammatory comments, they’ll be banned. I happen to like the community we have here. If you don’t, then you can take it, or leave it. You don’t have to read, you don’t have to comment. Richard’s words were a criticism of my ability to moderate the blog as much as they were a criticism of all who post here. What he, and others, ought to remember is that this blog was designed for us to inform and for you to comment. It’s not a forum. We could deny everyone the chance to comment with one mouse click. It’s moderated because fans had, and completely ruined, a perfectly good forum (the official Pink Floyd forum). No one is going to ruin this. If someone posts something you consider offensive, stupid or pointless, just ignore them and they’ll go away. If Richard feels the way he does, he’ll go away. If he, or anyone else, keeps being awkward, then I will make them go away. – Features Editor]

  118. With regard to Richard Wexler’s post:

    Dear Richard,

    I wouldn’t judge this as harsh as you do; sure, there is, as always, and everywhere, also on this blog, a fair element of self-exposement and narcissism; but – come on – don´t we all have to have a little bit of this in order to simply start talking to each other? You have to expose yourself to reach other people; and isn’t it wonderful, that a shared passion for a certain kind of music gives us a possibility to communicate via this blog, to talk to other people which otherwise we would never have come to know? If that’s not an important achievement that music can bring to our lives!

    And that there is – albeit indirectly – now some sort of two-way-communication between the musician, who talks to us through his music, and us listeners – always provided that this communication has a serious and not a demanding or fetishizing character from our side. I think that’s a much better way of making contact than autograph-hunting at airports or backdoors or yelling “play Money” at concerts.

    Besides that, IMHO you can get a lot of practical information out of this blog by reading Fed’s comments and other peoples posts; only think about the value this blog has for all people who could not obtain cards for the concerts and are now at least able to read about them through others posts. The only wish I would have regarding this blog is that we really should talk more about the music and the meaning of David’s new album in itself.

    Sorry for this exceptionally long post!

    [We’ve had longer, believe me. Plus, it was an exceptionally good post. – Features Editor]

  119. Hi Deborah,

    “tell us who’s playing piano on “Where We Start.” I don’t believe the information is given on the album credits”

    If you check your booklet (you did buy OaI, didn’t you 😉 you can see the credits for this track as “David – Guitars, vocals, bass, percussion, Hammond organ” and “Andy Newmark – drums”.

    On the other hand, I don’t have the CD right here with me (just scans of the booklet) so I have to check at home if there’s really a piano in it. If it is, Andy is doing a great job emulating a piano on his drums 😉

    Long ago people asked how they got familiar with Pink Floyd. First I heard the LP The Wall. I thought it was great. Then I lend everything from my now brother-in-law. The first album I put on was Relics. Nice few songs. Then it got to Interstellar Overdrive. After a few moments I stopped the album (WHAT IS THAT NOISE) and returned everything. Nowadays it’s one of my favourite tracks 😉

    After that the CD’s set it. First was The Final Cut (ignorant of how the band evolved at that time). Thought it was great too. After that I got to hear Dark Side and Wish You Were Here. Hooked ever since. Got the rest of the albums (have to check my receipts somewhere for the order of purchase) and the solo efforts and videos and DVD’s.

    Fun story about Dark Side is I taped it (without listening) and played the tape at full volume around 5.30 in the morning doing my round of newspapers. Brilliant. When I got to Time, I’ve never stopped so fast to get rid of the headphone (and then lower the volume). My heard was filled with clocks 😉 Has been great over the years to wake people up when we were out with a bunch of friends.

    And then I realized what I’d missed in 1984: both Roger and David had toured in Holland that year. In ’88 I missed out on the Rotterdam gigs (was in a cafe when people came back telling me there were still tickets to be bought through scalpers), but the first gig was the kickoff in Werchter in ’89, then 2 shows in ’94 (3 and 4 september) and then Roger in Anvers/Antwerpen in ’00-/’02 I guess (don’t remember the year) and now 2x David in Amsterdam.

    I’ve also been collecting recordings for quite some time now (both to relive the gigs I went to and to understand something about how they evolved though the years). Of course I have everything that’s officially available !

    About the ‘pin’, it’s the same logo of the wire-man as on the blue sweatshirt with the red embroidered logo that’s available on shows. Wearing that sweatshirt right now 😉

    Ok, on with the shows. For the band, those stories how the blend more and more reminds me of sb. at a 1974 show “There’s getting better all the time” …


  120. And further more Richard Wexler,

    I enjoy a drink, people I drink with know of my lifelong enjoyment for music but they would rather talk about other things.

    I enjoy football (soccer), people I play with and go watching football with know of my lifelong enjoyment for music but they would rather talk about other things.

    I enjoy and love my family. My family know of my lifelong enjoyment for music but they would rather talk about other things.

    I enjoy this blogsite. I can come out of my closet here.

    Finally, before I sign off, you came up with a lot of negatives and very little positives. How would you like to see things run here.

    Pete – Coventry

  121. No probs FEd.

    Now on another topic altogether, today I finally obtained a copy of “The Making Of The Dark Side Of The Moon” DVD and watched it. Is it me or has David lost a lot of weight since that programme was made in 2003?

  122. This is for KINGZORGHH & G.DUFFY who are going to the R.A.H. shows.

    Please contact me at […]


  123. [….It’s moderated because fans had, and completely ruined, a perfectly good forum (the official Pink Floyd forum). No one is going to ruin this. If someone posts something you consider offensive, stupid or pointless, just ignore them and they’ll go away. If Richard feels the way he does, he’ll go away. If he, or anyone else, keeps being awkward, then I will make them go away. – Features Editor]

    Once again you speak much sense. Good on you. Online forums can be wonderful, but all too often they degenerate into banality. And good on you too Clemens!


    [Thanks, Joolz. I know not everyone will agree, but I’m going to realise one of these days that you just can’t please everyone. Besides, there’s just no pleasing some people. – Features Editor]

  124. Please put “Wots, Uh The Deal” in Chicago’s 2nd night set list. I realize it was played last night, but it’s worthy of both nights!

  125. Just a by the way to Richard Wexler,

    You have posted a myriad of negative comments but have failed to come up with one positive one.

    Futhermore you have made a number of sweeping generalisations about people you do not even know.

    Posting on here helps people like Ian who has had a bit of a tough time lately.

    As I said previously if trival, personal and chatty types annoy you so much just don’t read them, don’t deny other folks the right to post their comments just because you don’t like reading them.

    Coming on here making unpleasant comments about people just does not help at all.

    Oh dear, now I’ve rambled on, sorry.

  126. Fed, Matt and others

    Re the “what’s new” discussion.

    My finger is not exactly on the pulse so I have no tips from recent months.

    However in terms of reasonably current acts out there that have something of the Floyd spirit about them I think the Radiohead connection has been made often – certainly featured consistently in the Desert island CD’s and they have an album out soon which will need to be checked out – who knows they may even plug the guitars back in!

    I would endorse Green Day American Idiot as a solid piece of work and recommend Muse and Starsailor also.

    Though a bit obvious, I think also Coldplay merit a bit of credit for warmth and depth as well.

    Unfortunately if it’s the guitar virtuosity of David’s “spaced” sound you hanker after, I suggest you just keep spinning the same old disks (and wait for the DVD of course!!)

  127. Dear Fed,

    Voltaire said: “Je ne suis pas d’accord avec ce que vous dites, mais je mourrais pour que puissiez avoir le droit de le dire”.

    I hope Richard Wexler understands french…

    Dear Fed, be courageous! We’re ALL with you, and we love you!!!

    Ikkar, with love

    [He spoke a lot of sense, that Voltaire… Thanks for that, Ikkar. – Features Editor]

  128. Hello,

    -to Mike: Ok, apologies, I will e-mail you soon.

    – to Ikkar: waohh !! 11 concerts of PF !!! Which one did you prefer ?I have some boots (chut!)of these concerts, I like these ones about the wywh period (74-75): soycd, you’ve gotta be crazy, (oh, great guitar work, great improvisations )

    – to Richard W.: Nobody prevents you to send more interesting and more intelligent posts if you want !! I don’t think [ this blog makes David and co stupid]. I personally enjoy reading posts of people who tends to become our “virtuel” friends like Ikkar, Lucia (so enthousiast!), Clemens, Rudders, Linda, Sylvie de Montréal, and so on, apologies for those I forget, they are so many !).

    As for David himself, I read somewhere he thinks: “there is place for everybody in this world” probably he thought of music or even of R.waters, but, he is certainly more “tolerant” than you. I try myself to be tolerant (it’s not always easy), so if you post again, I will read you… excuse me for my bad english…(oh, jamais personne ne m’a critiqué sur ce blog pour mon mauvais anglais, merci à vous tous, mes amis!)

    -to dear Fed.: il y a trop longtemps que vous ne nous avez pas fait de joli commentaire en français, çà manque terriblement sur ce “so british” blog ! moi, je n’ai pas envie de savoir qui vous êtes, je préfère imaginer… En tous cas , ne changez rien, c’est parfait !


    [Merci, Michèle. C’est important pour moi. Ma tête est si fou parfois, je ne pourrais pas penser en français! Il est difficile de penser en anglais parfois! – Features Editor]

  129. I’ve just read Wexler’s comments!!

    I’m not even going to give him the benefit of a direct reply. Sure, he’s entitled to his opinions but what gets me is why the need to offload it here?

    If he doesn’t like what’s happening here he has the ability/freewill to sod off elsewhere and take his grumbles with him. It says more about the individual posting blindly negative things than what he actually said (which I disagree with).

    I love David’s music. I’m an unashamed fan – not a sycophant or robot soldier, but someone who loves David’s output. I make no apologies for this, and I won’t ever need to. This place is filled with others who have like minds, and as with any community there are disagreements, but we’re all on the same side ultimately. You my son, aren’t.

    Nickster’s Top Tip: Go and find something to feel passionately about and go get involved. If it isn’t David’s music, that’s fine – but find someone whose music affects you like it affects us and you’ll feel the way we do. It’s a beautiful thing, and you can’t undermine it 🙂


    p.s. I hope you didn’t get a ticket for the tour 😛

  130. Andrew wrote: Deborah, so can you take a picture of yourself playing guitar and making a mean cheesecake all at the same time??

    I’ll see what I can do. Anything to amuse the troops.

    Piet: yes, I bought OAI and I read the credits. I definitely hear piano on “Where We Start.” Take a good listen.

    ps – “Get Born” rox. I think Jet must have been weaned on their mamas’ BTO and Stones albums.


  131. David – I went to the Sunday night show at Massey Hall. Second row to the right. Seeing you play live was the realization of a 30 year dream. In the past the opportunity never matched up with circumstances. But I have been a life long fan – your music, be it Floyd or solo is rarely out of my CD changer. I am an artist and I find the music enormously inspirational in the studio.

    Thank you for a great concert and a great memory.


  132. Dear F’ed-How about a charity auction for a duplicate On an Island Sales award?

    Though I’m sure the original would look nice in the mixing room on the Astoria, a copy would also look nice in my basement rec room (if I ever get the holes in the ceiling, and the leaky bathroom patched).

    While I’m on the topic, I wonder where all the rest of the awards are kept? It must be a large room, garage or hall. I’d love to see a large poll of popular musicians to hear where these things end up.

    To the bloggers..keep the reviews coming!!

    To Jon C. I’m not far from Big Sky Studios, let me know if I can get you to play Dogs for my wifes birthday! We’ll come to you..

    [It’s not bad, is it? They don’t give those things out willy-nilly, that’s for sure. – Features Editor]

  133. And this really is my last post of the day cos I am going now.

    If the likes of me piss you off then fine I can live with that. Would I lose any sleep…no not really.

    However, a week or so back the debate was on the New York shows. With the best will in the world you got sucked into the differing views. The Fed had to control it all. I can only guess on how he/she felt at that time.

    Can I suggest you read those blogs and then let us know you could have handled them as well.

    To suggest that the Fed does not earn his corn was bang out of order.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: New bands (well new to me) PINEAPPLE THIEF.

    [You tell him! How did I feel that week? Let’s turn it into a quiz: ‘With all the controversy and wild accusations flying around the week of the New York shows, did the Features Editor feel: a) somewhat amused, b) mildly aggrieved, c) uncomfortably irritated, or d) like murdering someone brutally with a pick axe?’ Answers on a postcard to…. – Features Editor]

  134. [Kick ass, Clemens! Seriously though, if I were to delete comments such as Richard’s, the ignorant people who accuse me of only posting positive messages would be right. That was Richard’s first post and who am I to deny him it? I believe in allowing people the chance to have their say and I believe in giving people a second chance. If people continually pose inflammatory comments, they’ll be banned. I happen to like the community we have here. If you don’t, then you can take it, or leave it. You don’t have to read, you don’t have to comment. Richard’s words were a criticism of my ability to moderate the blog as much as they were a criticism of all who post here. What he, and others, ought to remember is that this blog was designed for us to inform and for you to comment. It’s not a forum. We could deny everyone the chance to comment with one mouse click. It’s moderated because fans had, and completely ruined, a perfectly good forum (the official Pink Floyd forum). No one is going to ruin this. If someone posts something you consider offensive, stupid or pointless, just ignore them and they’ll go away. If Richard feels the way he does, he’ll go away. If he, or anyone else, keeps being awkward, then I will make them go away. – Features Editor]

    Yes, you are right. You have my apology, I did not mean to question your integrity. But I do still have a problem understanding people who post this, as their first post (I did not know that). I just thought this would not be appropriate due to insults that were directed at the people on this blog, who I happen to like also, without any further constructive criticism. The only thing it effectively did was to insult people and make people react to it, which does not improve atmosphere. In that respect, I think I should not have responded to Richard.

    I’m moving on, reading the new comments with pleasure!


    PS: “I’m done with this nonsense” did not apply to the blog but to me thinking about that post.

    [I didn’t think you were questioning my integrity. No problem and no hard feelings. I did wonder if it should be published or not, and I truly do value your opinions. You are all welcome to pass similar comments anytime. Only time will tell if it was the right decision or not to post it, but I won’t let any individual make the same mistake twice. If people need the jackboot approach, they’ll get it. – Features Editor]

  135. Me Again,

    Good to see the pic of the other guitar hero in the band. To my mind, Phil’s contribution, both to the CD and live, is often underplayed. The guy deserves a lot of credit.

    And, if you’re looking for something else to listen to why not check his last 3 CDs – VOZERO, 6PM and 50 MINUTES LATER (checkout Technicolor UFO for a Roxy workout). David’s fans ought to connect with them, and of course, he guests on a couple of tracks.


  136. Hi all,

    Firstly congratulations David on your Platinum,also a great photo of you,also David are you going to continue to play some sax and is there any other instrument you’re wanting to play? I’m sure no matter what instrument you play it would be beautiful.

    Hey Fed, you’re not Syd and you still have not answered if we guess are you even going to let us know? Maybe at least give a hint, Male or Female? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

    Also great shot of phil.

    Well bye 4 now


    [Nope. No hints, sorry. I’m happy being anonymous, so you’ll just have to learn to live with that. – Features Editor]

  137. from what i heard and read i guess the tour is getting better as it goes…it would be nice to have a longer one but its understandable..but i hope that this OAI wont be the last solo album of mr david gilmour…because is a great work and it should be continued

    concerning pink floyd i really think that they re done…i do believe that they will get toghether again in one o two ocasions with or without r.waters,but an album or a tour i dont quite see that happen…im a floyd fanatic but ,and it might sound strange, for me the good ones are also those who knows when to stop…now its time to see and support mr.gilmour solo carrer, that i think even not very prolific can give us a couple of surprises now and who knows in the future…

    keep going mr gilmour,congratulations for this blog..and of course for mr features editor=)

  138. Rosemont show was just awesome. I grew up on Floyd, my Dad was a musician and a huge fan. So when I saw David was coming to town, I was all over the tickets. Dad hadn’t seen Floyd since ’71 at the old Amphitheater in Chicago. This was the best Father/Son outing I could hope for, we were both blown away and had a great time.

    David’s album sounded great live. Makes me appreciate it even more. I was actually surprised he played so much Floyd (pleasantly surprised of course). I never got to see Pink Floyd live and prolly never will, so this was a show I will never soon forget.

    Thanks to David and the guys for putting on such a stellar show!


  139. Just now woke up after driving 185 miles back home from the show.

    What a fabulous experience to see one of the worlds great guitarist blow everyone away. Lots of people in their 20s were there to witness what many of us lucky folks already know-nothing is better than David blazing on a classic Floyd tune!

    The new CD sounded fantastic and I just wish I had one ticket for tonight’s show. I would drive again from Ft. Wayne, IN in a heart beat.

    P.S. I met ScherevilleMike by complete accident, asking him where I could find a decent priced drink. Nice guy!

  140. Good Morning, F.Ed,

    Fellow bloggers, there is a trend emerging. At both US stops, our blog has been riddled with people spouting off about stupid stuff. I don’t know if they are looking for attention, or just trying to start fights (I think it’s the latter, myself).

    We all would love to give the Richard Wexlers and the Bleeding Heart Artists of the world a free ride on our Pointy Sticks, but after seeing what happened on the New York dates, I don’t think it’s fair to our Features Editor or David to go through that ordeal again.

    Friends, I feel that it would be best if the Richards (or in the US with our nicknames, we may call them Dicks) spout off, have a good laugh at it and move on.

    That is all of the server space I will use this time, F.Ed 🙂

    Regards, and have a great day


    Caption Comp “David? Guy? C’mon, guys, this isn’t funny. I’m stuck!…..Guys? Rick? Anyone?

    [I don’t know about Richard, because it was his first and only post. But the frequent trouble-makers are only here to stir up trouble, and it doesn’t take a genius to realise why they’re doing it. It’s what ruins every Pink Floyd site, forum, blog and newsgroup. That’s why nothing they post is ever published, so they may as well go away and find someone else to bore with their warped fanaticism. I’d love to give them a piece of my mind, believe me, but ignoring an attention-seeker is far more effective. Banning them is a cheap thrill, but I’ll take it. – Features Editor]

  141. WOW…i was at the concert in Chicago last night and let me tell you….AMAZING!!!!!! It was the greatest thing I have honestly ever seen…i’m still beside myself how fantastic the concert was…MR. GILMOUR YOU ROCK!!!!!

  142. “I haven’t seen a show yet, but I was lucky enough to see the band perform at David’s birthday party.”

    So jealous, F Ed.

    Really can’t wait for 29th May. The Amsterdam shows were just so wonderful.

    It sounds dramatic, but David Gilmour truly is a genius when it comes to making music. At his best, he’s untouchable. And he’s hands down the greatest guitarist ever. Pink Floyd told the world how music could be made, how it could sound. His influence has been immeasurably huge. I know David refers to the Floyd as ‘just a pop group’, but surely he realises that they were so much more than that. Something in the music resonates very deeply with people. There’s something intangible communicated in the sounds.

    Listening to them as a child, I would get SO excited. The words were just incredible; the music utterly thrilling. They were never just another band. It always felt like so much more. It still does. And David’s playing never feels flashy, even something as astonishing as Comfortably Numb. There’s so much more to it. Seeing him live is hearing the master at work. Nothing and no one else comes close. His music realises the potential music has to do… well whatever the hell it does that makes it so integral to people’s lives. Can’t put my finger on it. And the more I discover about him, the more I admire him as a man as well as a musician.

    Terribly inarticulate, I know, but I’ve never been able to find the right words. Essentially, David, I want to thank you. Your life has made a huge difference to mine.

  143. RICHARD WEXLER>>>>>>>>>


    Depending on where you are, may I say good morning, afternoon evening or goodnight (the latter has a nice ring to it in this case). You see ED does not distinguish between the above for ED is tireless in his/her quest to post our comments however they may come.

    Yes I do post a lot on this blog and my thick black glasses – “should have went to specsavers” – are somewhat rose tinted but you see for since the dawning of my time I have been a David Gilmour fanatic and the opportunity to converse with simular folk is too hard to stop. So while ED is willing to have me here I shall continue to post my feelings.

    Richard, you have stated the lack of proper David Gilmour conversation yet all your BLOG entries are rants about the ED and ourselves. I missed your constructive David Gilmour topics, HMMMMMMMMMMM, sorry.

    Chicago seemed to follow suit with another stormer, keep it up.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

  144. An anagram for Dick (Richard) Wexler is

    “Lewd Rex Ick” which is completely on target as I find his prehistoric and neanderthal thinking disgusting…

    F*Ed, I’ve changed my board name to my last name as there seems to be a multitude of “Matt’s” here 🙂

  145. Wow! What a great show. I really enjoyed the musical soundscapes of On An Island performed live. Wow! Awesome to hear & see “Echoes” as well as many others dug out of the archives. Wow! The band sounded top notch. Really got off on the light show. Wow! I snapped some shots from the balcony with my camera phone. If they come out good enough, I’ll post them on my web site in the coming days. I’m going to tonights show, sitting on the main floor, so it will be interesting to see the show from another vantage point. Did I say “Wow!”? I really mean it…Wow! What a great show.

  146. [I really liked Jet’s ‘Get Born’ album, Warren. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s last was good, too. – Features Editor]

    Good call on the Jet album FEd! – I got the white vinyl LP version and I have to say not only is it an excellent listen, it is also one of the sexiest looking records I’ve ever seen!!! (err… have I just stepped over some line there!!).


    PS – FEd if you have any influence at all in this area, please can you kindly ask Robbie Fowler to stop scoring goals against us!!

    [I couldn’t do that, Chris! The more goals, the better! He could be your player next season. – Features Editor]

  147. Ooops! Forgot to add my congratulations to David for OAI going Platinum and Gold in so many territories, now wouldn’t it be nice if the LP version reflected this and came in the appropriate coloured vinyl (now that would be sexy!!!).

  148. Hello everybody!

    And thank you Michèle! Your post make me feel nearest to all of you! Today I read that a lot of people have been to a lot of Pink Floyd’s concert, while this David’s show was my first one! And when I read Voltaire’s sentence (“Je ne suis pas d’accord avec ce que vous dites, mais je mourrais pour que puissiez avoir le droit de le dire”) I have to admit I feel a little discouraged! I know Voltaire, BUT I DON’T KNOW ONE WORD OF FRENCH! So I think “Nooo!!! I have yet a lot difficult with english….I can’t be able to learn french too!!!”. But I undestand that Ikkar’s message had to be very beautiful…so I decided to search in internet and I found italian translation! Thanks Ikkar! Voltaire’s words are really right and it could be repeat more often, in all the world!

    I think this site is a wonderful place, I love all of you and I’d like to thanks David again, who gave us FANTASTIC shows and this FANTASTIC place too! And all my sweat effort to understand your posts (you can’t know how many words I need to look up in the dictionary!!!) is not useless effort! I love read everything you say! And this is a very good english school too!

    Thanks everybody! Thanks FEd!

    dall’Italia con amore! (from Italy, with love!)


  149. Georg Kunz writes:

    “also on this blog, a fair element of self-exposement and narcissism; but – come on – don´t we all have to have a little bit of this in order to simply start talking to each other? You have to expose yourself to reach other people; and isn’t it wonderful, that a shared passion for a certain kind of music gives us a possibility to communicate via this blog, to talk to other people which otherwise we would never have come to know? If that’s not an important achievement that music can bring to our lives! And that there is – albeit indirectly – now some sort of two-way-communication between the musician, who talks to us through his music, and us listeners – always provided that this communication has a serious and not a demanding or fetishizing character from our side. I think that’s a much better way of making contact than autograph-hunting at airports or backdoors or yelling “play Money” at concerts.”

    Absolutely. That sums up what I feel about it. Good post.

  150. With all the hype on this blog, I had built up expectations that had me shaking before the show last night. Who wouldn’t be?

    When the show started, the time was 8:08; a few minutes later than 8:00 sharp but that only built the expectations higher. The theatre darkens and David walks out. The initial few notes of Castellorizon float through the sound system and I finally realize the experience is about to begin.

    For the next hour or so, David and mates treat us to an rendition of OAI that emphasizes what that album is all about. Hightlight? All the songs were highlights but two truly remarkable events are the guitar solo of OIA and Take a Breath. The set ends and I need to “Take a Breath” after what I just witnessed and heard.

    In 15 minutes or so, the lights dim again and out comes David and the beginning of Shine On You Crazy Diamond are heard. Part 2 of the show begins and for the next 90 minutes or so, I have an out-of-body experienced like never before. Again, all the songs are highlights. The guitar solo on Fat Old Sun is ridiculously phenominal. The crowd was mezmerized by it. Other over-the-top memoents were Breather/Time Breathe (reprise) especially the lights at the start of Time, High Hopes, all 20-some minutes of Echoes (duh), and Comfortably Numb. I especially loved how the fog and lights changed around David during the final guitar solo of CN. It appeared as though he floated in and out of the fog. Very erie; Way cool!

    One thing I want to add. Guy Pratt was having a ball. He seemed to be smiling all through the second set, having a grand ole time. As a bass player myself, I love to watch how my fellow bass players “act” on stage. Guy, I must say, you are an inspiration. I hope you were really having as much fun as you appeared to be.

    Not that any of the other members didn’t look like they were enjoying being up there. Everyone received ovations when David introduced them, Richard receiveing the loudest. Everyone’s vocals sounded great and their musicianship is second to none.

    David, Rick, and the rest of the band, THANK YOU for one of the most memorable nights in my life. To those reading this and attending a future show, be ready. This is one you will remember for a VERY long time!!

  151. [….if I were to delete comments such as Richard’s, the ignorant people who accuse me of only posting positive messages would be right….]

    Hey FED, I agree with you.

    We live in a world where people have different opinions and of course it is bound to happen that some people don’t like this blog. Maybe more criticism will arrive in the future but if it’s constructive then it can help for getting better. Unfortunately these people are only able to moan and to be negative and that’s really irritating.

    In my opinion you are doing a great job!!!



    [Thank you very much, Roberto. – Features Editor]

  152. [You tell him! How did I feel that week? Let’s turn it into a quiz: ‘With all the controversy and wild accusations flying around the week of the New York shows, did the Features Editor feel: a) somewhat amused, b) mildly aggrieved, c) uncomfortably irritated, or d) like murdering someone brutally with a pick axe?’ Answers on a postcard to…. – Features Editor]

    Since people are generally multi-layered emotional constructs I say you felt a, b, c and d all at a certain stage/time. Most definitely d! LOL

    [You’re right! – Features Editor]

  153. [You tell him! How did I feel that week? Let’s turn it into a quiz: ‘With all the controversy and wild accusations flying around the week of the New York shows, did the Features Editor feel: a) somewhat amused, b) mildly aggrieved, c) uncomfortably irritated, or d) like murdering someone brutally with a pick axe?’ Answers on a postcard to…. – Features Editor]

    GREAT FEd! You are really brillant! You are able to find always the right connection and the right way to govern this blog! I suggest to my director to call you for a job!


    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  154. [Thanks, Joolz. I know not everyone will agree, but I’m going to realise one of these days that you just can’t please everyone. – Features Editor]

    Very true. Although one can only please some of the people some of the time… (or is that fool some of the people some of the time), I have found that one can easily p*ss everyone off.


  155. [You tell him! How did I feel that week? Let’s turn it into a quiz: ‘With all the controversy and wild accusations flying around the week of the New York shows, did the Features Editor feel: a) somewhat amused, b) mildly aggrieved, c) uncomfortably irritated, or d) like murdering someone brutally with a pick axe?’ Answers on a postcard to…. – Features Editor]

    My guess would be that you were uncomfortably numbed by the whole thing…

  156. I’m making the pilgramage from Cleveland to Chicago tonight for the second show. Could hardly sleep last night in anticipation!!!

    I’ll drop a note tomorrow about the show.

  157. Hi Fed,

    i received my tickets for the 29th may at the albert hall and cannae wait for the big day to come around.

    one wee moan if i may, i checked out a london theatre guide website that indicates where the best value for money seats are located at the RAH.

    arena floor – row1 1-6 only, as the arena floor is not sloped and any seats further back may suffer from obstructed views.

    well mine are in row 14, not really the best seats in the house as promised.

    it also states that the stalls seats next to the stage are actually better seats as you get a far better view, so if you have seats in either of the sections next to the stage then i wouldn’t worry too much about them being value for money.

    [Hi Kev. Sorry to hear that you’re disappointed with your tickets. I’m waiting for confirmation from the Royal Albert Hall, but I do know that there are about 20 rows in the Arena and you should find that the 14th row is actually very close to the stage. A broker would charge double for these seats. – Features Editor]

  158. [How did I feel that week? Features Editor]

    What you really felt is probably unprintable but to put it more politely, you felt like.

    1. Sitting through an ‘Eastenders’ omnibus for it might have cheered you up.
    2. Hiring Gordon Ramsay as your personal bodyguard.
    3. Going to Hull, Corby, Stevenage, Slough (or any of those other places that reguarly win the crap towns contest) for a nice day out.

    Happy Easter to you F.ed and to anyone else who happens to be reading this blog. 🙂

    [Very good! I could have taught Gordon Ramsay some new swear words that week, I reckon. The same to you, Veronica. Have a nice weekend. – Features Editor]

  159. [Terribly inarticulate, I know, but I’ve never been able to find the right words. Essentially, David, I want to thank you. Your life has made a huge difference to mine.]

    Hi Gem,

    I think many people here know exactly what you mean. Sometimes emotion is just not easily expressed into words. Although English is approaching the 1 million words milestone!! Want to know what I’m talking about? Click my name!

    Bad news for you friend Michelle, I’m afraid… 😉


  160. [This is in response to Michele’s suggestion and for anyone else interested. The following are the Floyd related shows I’ve had the opportunity to see: re Mike Lewis]

    The concerts I have seen live:
    Hyde Park, London 1969 rolling out Atom Heart Mother
    The Rainbow, London 1973 pre Dark Side of the Moon
    Earls Court, London 1980 The Wall
    Wembley Stadium, London 1989 Delicate Sounds of Thunder tour
    Earls Court, London 1994 Divisions Bell tour

    Royal Albert Hall, London. May 30th 2006, David Gilmour, On An Island tour.

    Wish I had seen more, particularly David’s previous solo work. But hey! I am happy with what I have been fortunate enough to see and the forthcoming delights!!

  161. Firstly I’d like to say that the Chicago show was unbelievable. It was the epitome of a live show. All the band members were enjoying themselves, specially Guy Pratt.

    Dick Parry was superb too, and might I add, very modest too. While David was introducing him, the person with the spotlight didn’t put it on the correct person! David had to tell him to move it more to the right.

    I think the band did an exceptional job with the entire OAI album. Take a Breath was the most intense song during the first half. It was so intense that nobody dared move from their seats and nobody dared talk on their cell phones (yes people were doing that too).

    High Hopes was outstanding and we got a special treat where David kept on going after what the audience thought was the end of the song (despite Guy Pratt making gestures that it wasn’t).

    And Echoes, was truly unbelivable. I have no words for it.

    Of course there were morons walking around and taking pictures with cameras and cell phones. This is something everyone should expect, accept and ignore, and you will enjoy the show. And Mr. Sec102, Row K, Seat 5, you were very annoying. Why were you so aghast and shocked that David played the sax? You didn’t have to curse him at the top of your lungs for playing a new instrument. Also why did you have the need to leave your seats during *every* solo? You should be taken to the guillotine.

    And Mr. Banging Your Head & Hands on the Stage, please don’t ever do that again. You had distracted Richard Wright. You are lucky that security did not throw you out when you did it the second time. May be you should head to the guillotine too.

    FEd, you were thanked in the booklet that they were selling. They didn’t reveal your identity, however!

  162. Erin,

    I’ll be 37 in May actually. I guess we’re not alone in ur experiences. There are many “repenters” here it seems!

    Richard Kirk,

    Interesting stuff on your link! I enjoyed your art work.

    Richard Wexler,


    …by the way… there’s a chance I maybe posting here from Los Angeles! I’m not sure what to feel right now… a little surreal this is….

  163. In reply to:

    [You tell him! How did I feel that week? Let’s turn it into a quiz: ‘With all the controversy and wild accusations flying around the week of the New York shows, did the Features Editor feel: a) somewhat amused, b) mildly aggrieved, c) uncomfortably irritated, or d) like murdering someone brutally with a pick axe?’ Answers on a postcard to…. – Features Editor]

    I guess you were feeling uncomfortably numb. And by the way, careful with that axe!


  164. Wow. What a great show.

    The only bummer was that our tickets were on the far left side of the Rosemont Theatre, so we couldn’t see the whole band.

    Hearing “Echoes” live was worth the price of admission alone; it gave me goose bumps.

  165. [Here Here, Richard Wexler – Philip]

    WHERE WHERE, Philip?

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

  166. David or Roger? Roger or David? I find it both amusing and annoying reading posts that bash one over the other. Bottom line is that they are both huge creative talents that were instrumental in providing us some fantastic music. And I guess the irony is that all of us crave seeing the band reunite, yet we get into these little petty arguments.

    Take a cue from Jon Carin. He is currently playing with David on both OAI as well as the tour. However, if you check out Roger’s band lineup, he is working with Jon as well. The interesting question to me is that Roger is touring Europe in June & July. But in a recent interview David said they are “considering” doing some shows in the Summer. So where does Jon land?? But I’m sure the big boys will figure all that out. O, and FYI, it was announced that Nick Mason will join Roger for one show on the tour. And I also find it amusing that Roger has three guitarists in his band. Read into that what you will.

    Believe me, I love this release that David put out and the show I saw was phenomenal. But I’ll be checking out Roger’s show as well when he comes to town.

    Both are top notch creative musicians. Why do people find it necessary to choose one over the other? Heck, even David admitted that he likes some of Roger’s work.

    How did I get into the music of PF? For me radio has always been an important component of my life. And it was the tracks I’d hear on FM radio of DSOTM that got me hooked to buy the album. From there I just wanted more and more. It also didn’t hurt that I have an older brother who I used to borrow records from. And radio back in the 1970s is not like radio today. Back then if a DJ wanted to play a whole album side or play a track like Echoes, they could. Even though it was usually late at night but what better time for hearing something like that. FM radio was phenomenal when personalities like Alison Steele (The Nightbird) (RIP Alison) and Vince Scelsa (The Sailor & Bayonne Butch) used to really dig deep and play music that gets no recognition today. That is why, it is important that you fellow bloggers expose our youth to releases like Meddle and Atom Hearts Mother and Saucerful of Secrets, then you can move onto Ummagumma. Take your daughters and sons to see David. I was 11 when I saw my first concert (The Ramones). Buy them earplugs if you must (although I’ve never worn them and I’ve seen hundreds of bands from Iron Maiden to Shainia Twain). Talk to them about music and share with them some of the history. There is lots of good stuff to talk about. O, and encourage them to take up playing an instrument. If they get the interest, feed their creative urge. You never know what can happen.

    And there is good music being created today. It is just harder to find because radio is so programmed today. Jet is an excellent example, Velvet Revolver isn’t bad either. But I always liked some of the more obscure bands like Primus and Down – stuff you don’t hear on the radio and you have to search out. Geez, just last week I picked up a recording by Gilby Clarke (for those that don’t know – he was the one that replaced Izzy Stradlin in Guns N Roses). It was actually an OK release – a few awful songs but still listenable.

    Sorry for the long post, just had to express myself. I really love music. Thanks for the forum.


    PS to Deborah: Looking forward to the pic. Tell me are you a Strat girl or a Gibson girl? What is in your arsenal?? Show me yours – I’ll show you mine.

  167. Just got to work. About 4 hours later than normal. What a performance! I saw PF in Milwaukee during the tDB tour (or MLoR…I can’t remember anymore!)

    At 43 years-old…it was my honour to have been a part of opening night here in my hometown, Chicago.

    I brought a die-hard YES fan with me who also fancys Floyd because of his 48 years breathing. After TAKE A BREATH, he turned to me and insisted that that particular performance was as pleasurable as he had ever witnessed. Until ECHOES dropped, I would have to agree.

    The night was great. The fans were hospitable. The band was as polished as any new car might look after driving it off the lot. I look forward to whatever visual (Official) memento makes it way into my AV system (by Christmas, perhaps?) to re-enjoy, in my opinion, a remarkable experience!

    Thanks Mr Gilmour. For everything you’ve brought into my life.

  168. hi fet ed . here is another of my famous rambling posts :

    As one of the many Irish David Gilmour and Pink Floyd Fans I have to ask the simple question Why have we been ignored for all these years when it comes to doing gigs in our country.

    as a dubliner myself i have to agree with david’s post , i would love to see david and his band play here . we would make him welcome , honest ! i don’t think he has ever played dublin with the floyd or solo so maybe on the next tour, if there is one , david might consider a visit . i know that no band can play in every country but i would like to see david here sometime , well i can dream can’t i 🙂 by the way i don’t want anyone to think i am moaning as david has made some seriously good music throughout the years that i have really really enjoyed . i know i have no right to demand anything . i just i would love to see him live once thats all .

    on another topic i know i ramble on in my posts about anything and everything , especially soccer ! ( arsenal only drew in the end against portsmouth last night . that susprised me !) i know there has been a complaint or two about off topic posts in the last day or 2 .well what i say is this . if fet ed does’nt think my post is suitable for making public on this blog he won;t post it and that goes for anyone else posts too . also you can skim through my posts if you don;t like what i have to say . simple as that , therefore no one is hacked off .i will keep posting as i usually do it is up to fet ed to decide about the suitability of my posts for this blog no one else .

    i have to say fet ed shame on you not knowing arsenal were playing last night . your bosses favourite soccer team 🙂 united are playing tomrrow . home to sunderland i think . if we don;t win that you can call me an eejit for sure 🙂 liverpool are away to blackburn on sunday as you probably know . that won;t be an easy match but i think as much as i hate to say this pool should win 🙂

    “Nickster’s Top Tip: Go and find something to feel passionately about and go get involved. If it isn’t David’s music, that’s fine – but find someone whose music affects you like it affects us and you’ll feel the way we do. It’s a beautiful thing, and you can’t undermine it :)”

    well said nickster . i know as i am unable to go to any of the gigs i probably don;t have as much to say about the tour as someone who has seen any of the gigs but i am here as a i am a huge david gilmour fan . on an island blew me away so much i did buy a copy for a friend 🙂

    ok then thats me . take care fet ed time to go out and strech my legs . shopping to buy and photocopying to do for work !


    [To be fair, David did play in Dublin – and Belfast – on his last tour. Unless I’m mistaken, Dublin was the first night of the tour. I don’t think he played in either Scotland or Wales in 1984. Wales is missing out this time as well, so have a heart and think how the people of Wales feel! – Features Editor]

  169. I had thought the show would be incredible, what I didn’t realize is HOW incredible!! Didn’t realize Rick was playing with David and it was a pleasant suprise. I have never been so emotionally moved to actually cry at a concert, not only did I cry, but I cried several times!! What I experienced last night did not meet my expectations, but exceded them-the light show was also incredible and hearing 20,000 harmonize to SOYCD on the ONSET of the second act-I just knew I would be blown away!! I envy those going tonight!! Enjoy! I will never forget it!

  170. Excellent show last night in Chicago. Highlights for me – Take A Breath, Fat Old Sun (exceptional jam at the end) and of course Echoes (blew me away). Muscianship of all band members was outstanding. Gilmour playing all types of guitars (sax too)- the consumate professional. I hope I have the chance to see him again.

  171. [To be fair, David did play in Dublin – and Belfast – on his last tour. Unless I’m mistaken, Dublin was the first night of the tour. – Features Editor]

    To Linda,


    I think the Helix would have been a great venue but hey what can we do …… He did indeed play Dublin in 1984, national stadium, a great gig it was too.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

  172. I just got back from the first Chicago night, man it was beyond incredible, im speechless, the set list was great, the ligh show was incredible, the band was just outstanding!

    Great show David, thanks for giving a relative young fan (21) the time of his life! It would be nice if you can take a couple minutes of your busy schedule to mingle with the crowd and sign some autographs for the hardcore fans that wait for hours to see you at the end of the show, just a suggestion.

    Thanks again and we hope to see more of DG in the years to come!

  173. TODAY IS THE DAY! I’M WAITING FOR MY RIDE, and SHORTLY I’LL BE DRIVING TO CHICAGO FOR THE SHOW OF A LIFETIME! MY heart is just racing, I’m not kidding. I am so psyched! Holy shit, I can finally say, instead of “see ya in Chicago” now I can say “see ya tonight!” Ok then now where the hell is my ride?

    See ya tonight!


  174. What more can be said of the Chicago concert? It more than lived up to the hype and my high (hopes) expectations after reading the blogs here for the last month. I don’t need to say anything about the show that hasn’t been said before here. Hats off to Guy Pratt for his stellar performance on the bass guitar and his genuine enthusiasm on the stage. Thank you David and company for what was the best live show I have ever seen.

    On the downside, I unfortunately had to sit next to Beavis and Butthead who thought it was important to scream during the most inopportune times.

  175. I saw the show last night in Chicago,,, the Rosemont was wonderful. It set the mood rather nicely. The show was 100% off the charts for me. I was totally absorbed from start to finish. Sat 4 rows in front of the sound boards dead center.

    We had the new cd the day it came out and took it to our cabin right on the river and blasted it. Sitting by the fire over looking the river, all I could think of was one word,,,,,SWEET! Then, I went last night, and I do not have words to describe the gamet of emotion thru David Gilmour and the rest of them. They grab you up and take you places completely. I was in awe of it all. Nowhere have I been taken like Gilmour, Wright, Pratt, Manzanera, Carin, DiStanislao and Parry took me. I will forever hold last night in the best of the best of my memories. A once in a lifetime experience and I thank them all for coming to Chicago. For those that are not able to go,,,the only thing I can say is–I am very very sorry.

    If I could do it again tonight I surely would.

  176. [only a cannnuck would care – chitown]

    Guess you didn’t get it chitown.

    Just focused on the spelling to show I was ignoring his nonsense. Couldn’t care less about the spelling as I have speling isuse of mi oun. Was just making a point.

  177. ‘Wots, uh the deal’ with “Wot’s the Deal”?

    I notice that the original song from Obscured by Clouds album has dropped the “uh” from the title for its reincarnation on the tour – (it’s a fantastic version by the way).

    Any reason in particular that David has made this change – it also changes the rythym of the vocal somewhat when the title is sung…

    [Maybe he just feels silly? – Features Editor]

  178. Richard Wexler:

    I can’t speak for everybody, but I post here because I am a fan of David’s music and I think he’s a hell of a guy, and I enjoy sharing views, ideas, and even the occasional DG related web links with like minded people. If only a certain number of people do post here regularly, perhaps that’s because some people are shy about posting their feelings or because what they have to say has already been said by others, but I do welcome more posts from more people. And I don’t worry whether or not David or anybody connected to him reads my comments. If he does that’s fine, and if he doesn’t that’s fine too, because I don’t worship him or anything, I just hold his music in high regard and I think he’s a decent person.

    Now I could get snippy with the Features Editor like some others have, because I’ve certainly had posts edited. But the only times they have been edited are when I’ve posted links (embedded in my name of course) which contained content which were not officially released (the EPK comes to mind, and that was officially posted at a better quality a day or two later) or because it contained off topic comments that could have been viewed as controversial, and thus could have taken the discussion completely off topic. But I don’t get snippy with him, because I know a moderator’s job is to keep the discussion on topic and to prevent the spread of unreleased or inappropriate material.

    And actually, the Features Editor has gone beyond that scope. He’s been helpful in getting ticketing information, he’s posted setlists for those of us who are curious, he’s answered trivia question, and he’s patiently dealt with people (myself included) who pester him with silly questions that have already been answered. The only thing he hasn’t done is revealed his secret identity, but at least he’s been a good enough sport to play the game a bit.

    BTW if the Features Editor is a she, please excuse my use of pronouns.

    [Good on you, Michael. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  179. This may be inappropriate, but did David, Rick, Guy, or the gang ever emerge from the Stage door where the crowd and security had gathered? I had waited in hopes with my son but it had gotten a bit late. I hope others were fortunate enough and had as equally great a time as we did.

  180. Hello, hello, hello….

    This is my first posting and I have been avoiding the blog lately so the set list would be a surprise.

    April 12, 2006

    I arrived at the Rosemont Theater when the lot opened at 6:00 pm. The usual autogragh hunters were waiting by the back door. But the band was quickly ushered inside from two white vans and heavy police presence. I was told the Dave gave a few autographs after the sound check in the afternoon.

    As I was entering the theater, I noticed a huge full moon just above the tree line. I knew this was a very special coincidence!!!

    I was seated in sec.109 row R seat 13 and was surprised to find that this was an aisle seat!! The show started around 8:00.

    The crowd was enthusiastic. In fact, there were two ladies in my area that talked on and on throughout the first set.

    I enjoyed all of the songs from the new album. Smile, Then I Close My Eyes, and Take A Breath were highlights for me. It seemed that no one was singing the intro lyrics from Take A Breath. These vocals may have been pre-recorded.

    Prior to the final song of the set, Dave introduced the band. Rick got a standing ovation. No surprise. Does anyone know what was on Guy’s T-shirt? I couldn’t read it from where I was.

    During the intermission, I checked out the concert T-shirts for sale. I personally was not impressed with design. They were like the album images. I tried one on and it felt a bit snug for me so I did not purchase one.

    The second set began and many people were still moving about. This made it somewhat difficult for me to focus on the first parts of Shine On… I thought this version would be like the one on the DVD, so I was pleased when the back kicked in for part 3. Dave took the vocal section alone (like the DVD version) then the band finished strong. Great sax solo to end the song.

    Wots..Uh The Deal was very nice. I do not think that was ever performed live before this tour. I liked the rearrangement with the piano and slide guitar solos at the end. Nice job by Rick on Wearing The Inside Out, strong vocals. Fat Old Sun rocked! Full band jam. The whole crowd stood and danced to Time. I liked the classical guitar ending of High Hopes. Echoes sounded great, but it was the stage lighting that was really special. Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb were definitely excellent. I was surprised that Rick sang the Waters vocals (on Numb) alone. I thought that maybe Guy and/or Jon should’ve joined Rick for a fuller sound. But In retrospect, it might’ve sounded too much like the PULSE version. Rick singing those verses alone made this version unique.

    (I am curious as to why they dropped Dominoes from the set list. Dominoes is not my favorite song, but I was hoping for something from Syd. Dave didn’t even mention him. Any thoughts on why Dominoes was dropped???????)

    Dave thanked the crowd, and we thanked him and his band. He said that we were a great audience and he wished us all a good night.

    Outside, there were about 100 fans lingering by that back door hoping for an autograph. I had heard from security that they were have a party inside and weren’t going to leave until 12:30.

    The parking lot had cleared by 11:30, so I decided to leave, knowing that the alarm clock would be waking me up for work the next morning.

    Thank you for reading about my experience. I will be looking forward to (hopefully) a DVD of the tour and (hopefully) a second sweep across the USA next year. You never know!!!

    Woodstock, Illinois

  181. thanks for the set lists & stories about last night, is there any chance he’ll play Echoes two shows in a row? I guess a guy can dream!

    [Have a look at the other 14 setlists (from 10 March), Carter. You’ll see how often it’s been played. – Features Editor]

  182. Just to get this off my chest……Richard Wexler and Phillip ……….you guys suck!! ok I feel better. Sorry Fed Ed.

    I finally had time to get to reading the blog regularly as I have been sick these last few days. Thank god I wasn’t sick next thursday 4/20. Whew close call. Even though I don’t post that often I do enjoy reading the blog. I hear from very different opinions and even get a chuckle or two out of it. I enjoy the pictures. I have been reading this since the site first started. It’s where I heard about to get my tickets EARLY. Even though I only have one I am still going. I am honored just to be in the same room as Mr. Gilmour. All the talk about the concert is really getting me excited about the Los Angeles show. Maybe some fellow bloggers would like to get together before the Gibson Amp. show at Citywalk? I think it would be fun. Hard Rock cafe is there along with a bunch of other restaurants.

    A quick message to Mr. Gilmour, thanks for giving a girl from the Barrio some hope. Your music has inspired me.

    Well everyone have a great time at the concert tonight.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  183. This will be the fifth time I have been in the same structure as David to watch him perform. I remember the days of long hair and beards. My first experience was in Milwaukee County Stadium in 1975, and got a chance to experience the DSOTM, it was a rainy night, and really the only thing I remember about that night was when David sang, “I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon”, the rain stopped, the clouds opened and the full moon stared at us. At first we thought it was the bands light show, but we quickly realized God was a Pink Floyd fan. (ED: Maybe you can ask David if he can remember that night and that moment, because it was a big stir that night and 65,000 people reacted the same way, a very loud AHHHHHH)

    David, I am glad you have decided to step out from the shadow of Pink Floyd and let us see how you perform on your own. But I have a couple questions:

    Since this is a solo tour, are you going to step out and play some Chicago Blues for us tonight?

    And secondly, and I have asked this question before, Can I get you to sign my DSOTM Harley, I am not asking so I can turn a profit, because it is not for sale, nor will it ever be, but Pink Floyd and its members have been a source of great joy for me during my life and if you knew me you would realize that the question is pure without any other motives, but to have each member see it and enjoy the tribute that I made to the greatest rock group of all time.

    Thank you,

    Anthony Sherwin
    Milwaukee, WI

  184. any fans out there who fancy communicating about floyd/gilmour please get in touch on […] as im a loan fan and no one can understand my devotion some would say obsetion about all things gilmour/floyd so come on fellow fans drop me a line , also im going on my own to the london shows so maybe any friendly people out there could drop me a line so i dont feel as im totally alone when i get there cant wait im so excited seen floyd 3 times dont know what it is i had a choice of hyde park london with roger waters or gilmour london to be honest it was not a hard choice there is only one voice and guitsr of floyd, cheers F ED for all you do you are one of the luckiest people alive to have a job talking reading all things gilmour and you get paid for it if you need cover for your holidays i am available free of charge, just let me know dont be shy, ps when is the news letter coming out

    [Good question, Simon. – Features Editor]

  185. To Andrew and Deborah,

    Mine’s an Ibanez Artist – 1981 one, fairly battered, but with both original pickups and the loveliest tone. It’s also the heaviest guitar I think I’ve ever worn, and possibly the least friendly neck. Someday I’ll find a way to get a proper strat (US, not squier, japanese or similar), a Les Paul and a flying V…heck, maybe even a dobro whilst I’m at it 🙂

    And Andrew, re: David and Roger, in my mind it’s not a case of either/or, but a case of both – just not at the same time. I must admit that I don’t listen or really like much of Roger’s solo stuff (Dunroamin’ is fab though) but his contribution to the PF sound is undeniable…and I think his cynical edge is an absolutely essential ingredient in the PF mix. It just got out of control (imho).


  186. going to the chicago show tonight. i’ve been excited for weeks and now just a few hours to go. since this is my first david show ever i do not want to miss anything. the tix say 8:00 but does anyone know what time the band hit the stage last night??? gracias.

    [It will be 8pm on the dot, Mike. Get there early. – Features Editor]

  187. I was at the April 12 Rosemont Theatre show.The sound was fantastic.The venue really does make a difference.David and the band deliver.They went on at about 8:10PM and took about a 20 minute break and got off the stage at about 11:10PM.If you are a Gilmour or Pink Floyd fan you are in for the much better sound than a large venue.When the band played Echoes you’ll realize how great the band and the venue are.

    [There you go, Mike. 8pm on the dot. Told you… – Features Editor]

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