Night 13: Toronto


It’s the night many of you have been waiting for.

David and the band play the first of two shows at Toronto’s Massey Hall tonight.

As always, we want to know all the details, so do let us know how it went if you were in attendance.

Please note that the setlist tends to get a mention among the fan comments below, so if you don’t want to know what was performed tonight, don’t read on.

Everyone at wishes you a fantastic time if you’re heading to Massey Hall. We enjoy sharing your thoughts, so do tell us how you’re feeling and what you’re hoping from the evening’s entertainment as the show draws nearer.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

209 thoughts on “Night 13: Toronto”

  1. I am seeing the concert tonight and I am extremely excited to say the least…

    FEd, do you know at all if there will be a laser light show, similar to the one in New York City?

    [I don’t know, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait and see. Hope you enjoy it, anyway. – Features Editor]

  2. I’m going to see the show tonight. Never seen David or any of the Pink Floyd perform before, so this should be great! Waiting to not only hear the classics, but also the new tracks from ‘On an Island’. I was dissapointed that nothing from ‘David Gilmour’ or ‘About Face’ was on the set list, but then I bought the new album and I changed my mind.

    See you all there!

  3. Chicago! 4 days and counting. I can’t believe the concert is almost here. I’ve been listening to OAI and various Pink Floyd albums (it seems non stop) for the last 4 months!

    As for the guy who asked about Chicago radio and David Gilmour…

    93.1 fm WXRT is the best station in Chicago.
    97.9 fm WLUP is the local “classic rock” station which also plays alot of PF and David Gilmour.

    Gibsons Steakhouse is a classic Chicago steakhouse. It has a wondeful bar (spacializing in Gibson Martini’s! The food is world class, though it tends to be very pricey)

    Can’t wait until Thursday night!

    Have a great show in Toronto!!

    John P in Chicago

  4. You have a tower that stands above the CN playing tonight ENJOY

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  5. Lucky folks in Toronto – wish I could see every show David plays; I’m a greedy little Gilmour piggy…Stephen, take me with you to London, please! David is addictive it seems.

    Edwina, was the photo on today’s blog taken at one of the New York shows?


    [No, it wasn’t. That one’s from The Olympia, Paris. – Features Editor]

  6. Pete, coventry(only down the road from me!)

    my Floyd album would be DSOTM, but I really don`t have a favourite,

    A solo album would be, David Gilmour(about face and on an island is on a par, but that is not the rules!)


    1.Iron maiden- number of the beast
    2.Guns&Roses- appetite for destruction
    3.Little Angels- jam
    4.Def Leppard- hysteria
    5.Metallica- black album
    6.Queen- a night at the opera
    God, that was hard!(I love Led zepplin,Black Sabbath and all sorts!)

    I went to see the aussie floyd thursday night, and although I must admit I was dubious, they were brilliant. You can close your eyes while they are playing, and you are listening to the real thing.

    They started the show with the whole album of WYWH, had a break then played random Floyd classics. One number that stood out for me was a great gig in the sky, the female vocalist was that good it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, and I swear it was a better, IMHO than Clare Torry or any live outing on video I`ve seen or heard.

    It was so good I`m going to watch them again at the end of april in leicester, and my dad want`s to come this time!

  7. Fed and all the others (I love you all)-

    So, I went out of town for two days…and let me tell you guys, I really missed you all. I’m way too tired right now to go back thru all the posts…I’ll just hope I didn’t miss anything big. Everyone doing well? Man…Fed, do you put nicotine in the forum or something?

    -Chris McKay

  8. well i won’t be there tonight but i will be there tomorrow night! this will be my last visit to the blog before tomorrows the past i have always been keen to have a look at the setlists but i would rather not know anything about toronto before hand!! can’t wait..this time tomorrow i will be at massey hall!

  9. I neat little fact about Massey hall that not everyone will know. Everything you see has to be loaded in from the front down the center isle , there is no back loading dock to my knowledge… unless it’s rather recent. Also see you all on the 10th I’ll be in the 5th row :D:D…

    also does anyone know what exactly the ticketmaster hot seat includes?? I bought my tickets through them and never recieved anything but the tickets , I’m rather disappointed in them .. after a few phonecalls and emails they still haven’t gotta back to me .

    but the important thing is I have my tickets !

    [If you were definitely a Hot Seat Package purchaser, then you should have had a ticket to a seat in the first seven rows, a copy of the album and an exclusive hemp-covered zip-up CD carry case. You should also have had an e-mail from Ticketmaster containing VIP Hotline contact details. Keep nagging them, David. If you paid for that, you should get it. Let us know how you manage. – Features Editor]

  10. I have a ticket for the Chicago show on the 13th. Man I am so excited. Can’t wait. What an awesome theater to see David perform. I have seen many concerts here before including Neil Young unplugged. I go to many concerts but I don’t recall so looking forward to one!

  11. Quick question – Is David using the quadrophonic speaker setup (speakers in the back of the hall) that Pink Floyd used to use?

    [I can’t answer officially, because I don’t know for sure, but I would imagine so. – Features Editor]

  12. You guys are just about done with the first set! What an incredible album. OAI has quickly climbed my list of favs! The second set you are about to see/hear will leave you wondering if what you just experienced was real or just a dream. I hope you soaked up every note, every sound, every sight. The few hours I spent in RCMH were one of the best times I’ve ever had at a concert. Enjoy your memories and congrats to anyone who has tickets to the other shows.

  13. you lucky people that are watching it at this MOMENT… i will be there tomorrow, waiting with deep anticipation. this will be the show that I remember most when I’m an old man thinking of my youth!

  14. Caption Contest!

    David’s reaction to a certain Roger walking into the theater.

  15. Hi Gang!

    Back from the Grand Canyon (Havasupai Falls)! It was a great hike with only minor blistors (20 miles will do that). It looks like a sad, terrible thing happened in NY. David, I hope this sort of thing never happens again. I won’t go back and read all the blogs on that… I have heard about Crosby and Nash joining the show there. That had to be an amazing event! Bad things happened but David gave a great show… what a professional and a pretty darned decent human being!

    Well its great to be back and I hope those going to the show have a wonderful time, and I hope the band and David have a great time performing!

    And the desert island disks question: Great topic… I’m late but here goes…

    Pink Floyd: The Division Bell
    Solo: The soundtrack to the David Gilmour Live DVD (I know it doesn’t exist on CD and I’m technically cheating… but I’m not really on an island either [no pun intended])


    Kitaro “Ten Years”
    Andreas Vollenweider “Trilogy”
    Led Zeppelin “Physical Grafitti”
    Pearl Jam “Ten”
    Rush “Hemispheres”
    Kansas “Leftoverture”
    Greg X. Voltz “The River is Rising”
    Boston “Boston”

    Holy cow!!!! That was TOUGH! If you asked me tomorrow they would be different… who could ever choose 8????????


  16. I’m counting down to the Kodak Theatre next week! This will be an all time thrill for me. I’m thinking they should set up a special crying room for us sentimental, middle-aged women! I cried during the Live 8 telecast; I cried the other day playing “On An Island” for the billionth time; heck, I cried for the first 10 minutes of a Roger Waters concert six years ago. My husband is still trying to figure out exactly which part of Roger singing “In The Flesh” got me all choked up. I’m bringing extra Kleenex next week….I get teary-eyed just reading about the recent setlists.

  17. It’s funny how sometimes things can come full circle. The first time that I saw David live was in 1977 for the “Animals” tour in Cleveland. Myself and 11 friends spent the night before in a bar seeing a popular band named Max Webster (featuring Kim Mitchell)and after the show drove through the night to Clevland to see Pink Floyd at “The Mistake by The Lake” Cleveland Stadium.

    Tomorrow night I will be heading to Toronto and stopping at the Hard Rock Cafe beforehand where Kim Mitchell will be broadcasting his 3:00 – 7:00 radio show for Q107.

    I have anxiously been awaiting this show since December and can’t tell you how thrilled I am that it’s finally here and hope everyone in the band enjoys their stay here in Canada.

    Cheers to you F.Ed. for your numerous hours spent entertaining us and letting us feel so closley connected to David and his extended family.


  19. Good Evening

    I have just returned from MH. I cant quite think right at the moment. My immediate reaction is Wow.Lasers were there tonight. Highlight was Echoes. No Special Guests. No Suprises in Setlist. Just a Brilliant Performance, Especially OAI. Goodnight from Toronto…

  20. Hello y’all! I’ll be attending this Thursday’s show, along with my brother. Whats a good ‘lax nearby bar with a good assortment of brew and a bite to eat? Anybody know? If there is a good, sizable, reasonably priced (sorry I’m not doing steakhouse) bar/restaurant joint nearby, let me and the rest know, please. Otherwise I’ll just wing it to someplace and hope to see that Floydian twinkle in some fellow’s eye. First round is on me.

  21. its 11:30 PM, I just got home from Massey Hall.

    David Gilmour was astonishing. I had no idea Richard Wright was going to be there. The Whole performance was incredible, and his Pink Floyd half blew me away. He can still sing perfectly at the age of 60.

    This was an AMAZING concert.

  22. My life is complete. Thank you David Gilmour, and thank you everyone else in the band… absolutely outstanding. I had always heard the description ‘perfect’ of Pink Floyd shows, and granted, David Gilmour is not Pink Floyd, but the perfection was there. I get it now.

  23. Well, that was one hell of a show! Massey Hall was packed to the rafters and it was a David Gilmour love-in.

    Nice to see Rick dancing around during “Echoes”. For me, it was almost a perfect evening. I’m still not a fan of the new album but it was played well. They played Fat Old Sun AND Wots Uh Deal. Those were spectacular. David was in terrific form. The sound had some issues but nothing major. The bass drum was so loud it was leathal. And the lighting was a little spotty. He played Comfortably Numb practically in the dark – until the very end. But over all, well worth the time, money and anticipation.

    I’ve been going to see David Gilmour since 1975. This was the best venue so far and with some very few exceptions, it was a well-behaved crowd. I expect excellent reviews in tomorrow’s papers. Great show.

    Thank you David – for giving us the chance to spend an evening with you. It won’t be forgotten. EVER.

  24. Fantastic. Absolutely Fantastic

    Wots uh the deal and Echoes in the same show, I’m still shaking.

    Going again tomorow night.Same set list or different, it doesn’t matter. See you there if your one of the lucky ones.


  25. WOW…….what a day….3 days away from turning 47…I woke to a beautiful, sunny, spring day in Toronto…7 hours of Masters coverage on the big screen then off to Massey Hall to see David Gilmour.

    I remember my first visit to Massey Hall in Grade 4 to see the symphony…I have returned many times since to see numerous shows including David in 1984. There are no drinks allowed in the Theatre and very little smoking although Mark’s fog machines are working from the moment we get to our seats….we are sitting in the first row on the balcony, 3 seats from the wall/stage.

    With 3 right hand guitars in the band, the left side of the Hall is by far the best to be on and we are so close we feel a part of the stage.

    At 8:00 SHARP the lights dim and the first few notes of Castellorizon float from the stage…Canadians have pretty tough winters and every February and March most of us plan a vaction down south, Jamiaca. Dominican Rebublic and heck we can even travel to Cuba…just as long as we can be ON AN ISLAND! Well the first 58 minutes of the show was my vacation down south…having listened to the album almost everyday since David’s birthday I thougt I would know what to expect but live the album comes to life.

    Back to the normal set list with no guest appearances the band was going strong and Mark’s lightshow kicked into overdrive during “Take A Breath”…David’s voice was strong all night!

    The crowd, a mixture of Canadians, Americans and World Travellers were “Awesome” in their behavior…A huge welcome for Richard when he was introduced.

    After a 20 minute break, they kicked off with Shine…Whats the Deal…Wearing the Inside Out…Fat Old Sun…Breath/Time/Breath…(might have missed something, my mind is floating)_…(The sound of the bell) High Hopes…PING…PING…A full on Echoes, with Brickman going wild on lights and lasers…The crowd goes wild and it’s encore time.

    Wish You Were Here became a sing along and then into my favourite song…My memories of David standing on top of the WALL in Long Island…the first song at my wedding…COMFORTABLY NUMB!


    David, it was an honour and a pleasure.

    See you again tonight!

    PS. Claude was no where to be found!

  26. I just got back to Newmarket from the concert. Well it was marvelous. I would first like to acknowledge the contribution of the drummer, Steve diStanislao. He absolutely tore up Time and then kept the momentum going for the rest of the show. Outstanding. Then Mr. Phil Manzanera, nice job on Comfortably Numb and loved the leather pants. Mr. Richard Wright, you added dignity and sweetness to the evening, thanks. What an evening. I have to say the audience did itself proud. We were a bit like anxious puppies and clapped at the wrong times once or twice, but on the whole very well behaved. I don’t think David and company thought that such a small crowd could make such a large ovation at the end but David et al, it was well deserved. Master musicians with great material.

    David, well what can I say. First of all for those of you who have not seen the show yet, David moves the whole time, he’s playing something or other all the time, the man works the show! What I enjoyed the most was all the little extra treats thrown in. That is why, dear audience, you must be very patient and hold your applause until you are very, very sure the last note has ended, don’t believe the lighting cues, because if David’s in the mood, he will just carry on and these little bits are not to be missed. Every single song is superb in its own way but I have to comment on Fat Old Sun, Comfortably Numb and Echoes. Dear readers and bloggers, you may think you have heard Echoes before, I would say you have not heard Echoes until you are priviledged to witness one of these performances. I had obstructed view last row of the top balcony and everything was superb. I cannot wait until tomorrow night with my hot seat! Thank you David for coming to our City, it was a privilege to enjoy the concert._

  27. I traveled a long way to see David, Rick, and the rest of the crew perform at Massey Hall. I was not disappointed in the least. In fact I left with a big smile and endless memories of a WONDERFUL concert! Massey Hall is a very intimate venue and it makes the performance that much better. My compliments to you David and the rest of the band for such an incredible performance! THANK YOU!

  28. John: oh yeah! Can’t wait for the Rosemount show either. 5 more days.

    How did Friday’s Recording in Manhatten go, btw? I didn’t get picked to go, but who went? Was it anyone from here? I’d like to know how that was.

  29. Wow, sorry to post so fast again.. I was reading the news section of the site.. It seems as if they are conducting Phase 2 of OAI campaign, and are cutting singles for Take a Breath & This Heaven. Did I call that or what? Those songs are by far the highlight of the album, in my opinion. On An Island single still is the best song overall, but the other 2 mentioned tracks are going to do very well in US charts! At least they better, for David’s sake. Poor soul has worked his ass off!

  30. I’m guessing my comment from a few days ago regarding David and a NY radio station was not posted. And I think I know why.

    [After what happened at JFK, we didn’t want to announce it. My apologies, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  31. Just got home, incredible show nice to see the old stuff, and double WOW Fat Old Sun, and “Wot’s…uh the Deal.” in the same night. Thanks for the nice replies Mr. Pratt, nice to see you guys are reading the posts, see you tomorrow night, gotta go. I want to lay down with my 2 year old son, and 8 year daughter and let it all sink in. See ya.

  32. One question on the clothing in the Official Store. Are the sizes listed U.K. or U.S.??? I bought a Silhoutte t-shirt at RCMH and it was labeled an XXL but it looks more like an XL. I really like the black thermal t but would like to get some kind of idea on how the sizes run. Thanks.


    [I’ll find out for you, Andrew. As there’s different stock for North America and Europe, I would have thought that the items on sale in New York were from North American stock. – Features Editor]

  33. Massey Hall concert…WOW!

    Aside from being absolutely stupified by how insanely incredible this concert was, I do have a quirky question…

    Guy Pratt (bass player) was wearing a t-shirt tonight that said “don’t they do well” (or maybe “swell”). I remember a photo of David Gilmour circa mid 70s wearing a t-shirt with that same slogan. Where is this slogan taken from and/or otherwise what does it mean?

    [Guy posted the answer a few weeks ago, David. It’s a reference to Arsenal ‘doing the Double’ (topping the league and lifting the FA Cup) in 1971. Both David and Guy are fans of Arsenal Football Club. – Features Editor]

  34. Just came back from the concert. It was fantastic. We are going back tomorrow again!

  35. Just to follow up, tonight’s confirmed setlist is as follows:

    First half: Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Take A Breath, Smile, Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s… Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Fat Old Sun, Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise), High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb.

  36. I’m so excited! I’m going to the Wednesday night show in Chicago and it will also be my first time seeing Dave and Rick. I’m also ecstatic that David Crosby and Graham Nash have joined the tour. Folks, this tour will be downright legendary!!! I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to be one of the few to experience it in person. Keep in mind that these are small venues–the Rosemont only seats 4,400 people, so every seat in the house is a good one. By the way, if you were at tonight’s showing, please hurry up and post the set list! Thanks! 🙂


    Thank you David!

    First night in Toronto was spot on, I can’t see how they could have played better.

    Normal set with “Take a Breath” moved back and “Wot’s uh the Deal” and “Fat Old Sun”. The crowd was well behaved and the band seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves. I’ve seen David play probably 30-40 times and I can’t remember a more solid performance.

    That was show 1 of 8 for me…can’t wait for the rest.

    I’m off to bed…thanks for the show gentlemen.

    Robert from Toronto.

  38. Just back from the show @ Massey Hall & it’s almost time for bed, so i will give a quick rundown. (no special guests)

    1st half – OAL, but out of sequence, will have to check the CD. 4th song was Red Sky at Night ( i believe this was the Gilmour sax song)2 more songs, then Band intro’s, then Take a Breath, Smile, Pocket & Where we start to end 1st half

    20 – 25 break

    2nd half

    Shine on, with slight different vocal arrangement
    Awesome Dick Parry Sax solo, (played 2 different saxes – did not know this until i saw it live)
    Wot’s Up
    Wearing the inside out
    Fat Old Son
    Breathe>Time>Breathe reprise
    High Hopes
    Echoes (awesome, with lasers)

    encore – Wish & comfortably numb (again with awesome lasers)

    Sold tour books inside & out of the venue & after show)

    Yes they did sell a Tour Badge pin.

    Great show tonight, thanks to Mr Gilmour and company for this awesome treat. I have a ticket for Monday’s show as well. And yes, i was fortunate to see him play at Massey Hall on the 84 tour as well.

    that’s it for now

  39. up early again, ed? thanks for your dedication to the cause. i have to see the setlist before work, how sad am I? don’t answer that. going in early today so i know how you must feel with the early start. it’s horrible getting up when it’s dark. thanks for thinking of us anyway. interesting oai song order last night.

  40. Fedmeister…

    It’s gone 1am and I’m back from the concert… my emotions are mixed…

    To see the band play and be part of the whole concert was wonderful but it was marred considerably by several drunken idiots in the audience who kept shouting and whooping which ruined the majority of the songs… I did express my displeasure by shouting at them “If you shut the f**k up we can hear the song” without any joy so I called security who glared at some drunks nearby for a while but as soon as security left they started again…

    The first half was ok… DGs will admit I think that his lead on The Blue was not good… many bum notes… at one point I thought the guitar wasn’t tuned correctly. Highlights of the first half were OAI, Smile, Red Sky (DG was very good on Sax) and Take A Breath but the rest of the songs were loose to say the least…

    The second half was much better especially Wots…Uh The Deal and I thought that the band really started playing well together when they played Fat Old Sun which was superb…

    The rest of the second half was sublime with the light show only adding to the music to make it more enjoyable. I became really p*ssed off again when during the quiet section of the latter part of Echoes complete tw*ts shouted out “do something” and “Bring it on home Dave” until they were drowned out by the music…

    The encore was perfection as expected…and I must mention Jon Carin who is an oft unmentioned mainstay of the band… his contribution was exceptional.

    One other thing… just before they started playing Smile a fire alarm was going off in the background and DG asked “What is that strange noise?” which was amusing…

    I realised as well what an exceptional Bass player Guy Pratt is…

    So… in summary I did enjoy the concert but it was spoilt by a bunch of drunken w**kers shouting and hollering throughtout the set…And my comment afterwards was that I was looking forward to the DVD so I could enjoy the whole concert in relative peace…

    I’m sure the band will look forward to playing back in the UK where the audiences are more circumspect and appreciative…

    If nothing else I would ask the audiences in forthcoming show to shut the f**k up and actually listen to the virtuoso performances of the musicians in front of them but alas the minority are intent on spoiling it for the majority and at Massey Hall they achieved that goal…

    My apologies for the language but it is late and emotions are running high!

    On a lighter note I met Frank Par who is as mad as a bucket of frogs! and hello to Andy as well 🙂

    And where was Howard??? I had your CDs with me!

    [Hey mate, sorry to hear about the assorted simpletons and buffoons (good words?) who put a dampener on things for you. Hope you gave them hell with your pointy stick. I can go back to bed now that you’ve posted! Take it easy and write more after a good sleep. Things will be better then. – Features Editor]

  41. We Sleven arrived safely. Heard Dub Side of the Moon. Good reggae version. Got to the HRC, no problems. Looking for bloggers. Met Sandy and Dave, along with Andy. I left Andy whilst taking a tour of Toronto with me friends. I hope Rudders behaved. Yes we met. Dear Fed, you would have been amazed. No obnoxious behaviour from the fans. We all listened without any incident, pure Toronto magic as always. The first set as usual, OAI. Half tme. Basically, Wot’s Uh the Deal and a beautiful rendition of High Hopes. Fat Old Sun, Wow, the guitar solo at the end is typical Gilmourian and more. Shine On, magnifique. Wearing The Inside Out with Richard, David and Dick Parry. Awesome(darn that word) Exquisite. Thanks for that,and Time. We move onto Echoes, so wonderful to hear again, very dramatic to see David in and out of the shadows, especially at the mid eerie sea gull part. Great finish too. Wish you and Comfortably ROCKED to high heaven. Massey Hall brought the house down, we almost convinced another song. That was it. No smell of weed, very unusual, we were in the upper left balcony. Very disciplined from our area. Tommorrow on the floor. Will give you an update on that. Thanks Guy for your recent message, Toronto will always welcome you and the band anytime. BTW Guy, you played David’s blonde Strat, my eyes almost fell out. Surely, can’t remember if it was Take a Breath or Then I Close. Definetely will watch that solo exchange with David and you tomorrow. Thank You David and crew, INDEED. P.S. I did notice that David appeared a bit nervous tonight, or maybe he has a lot on his mind. No doubt though. See ya tomorrow, er I mean today. Thanks Fed, Rutters ie. Roofer and I will probably meet again, same bat channel for another show tonight. The crowd, I was so impressed. Thanks.

    [Glad to hear that you had a good time, Frank. Wish I’d been there, myself! – Features Editor]

  42. i’ve also been hanging on for rudders! glad i stuck around. sorry to hear about the w*nkers, rudders. i’m getting angry just thinking about the loudmouths who might spoil the rah show for me. why do they do it? ffs, can’t they control themselves? will i be able to control myself when i feel i want to punch them? better get to work. good day/night all.

  43. Every time I hear about one of these shows I get more and more excited for Thursday night in Chicago. If I had one wish it would be to hear Wots…Uh the Deal that night. You know when a song fits perfectly with what you’re going through? Wots…Uh the Deal is that song for me. I haven’t seen too many blatant, gratuitous requests like this on the blog. Hope it works. Whatever the set list, I’ll be in heaven that night. Sounds like Toronto is a good place to see a show. Some day when I’m not a poor student I’ll check it out.

    Peace. And see you Thursday.

    P.S. Sven, do you get any acknowledgement at the show for the fantastic job you’re doing on this site? You should.

    [I probably get more thanks than I deserve from David and Polly, who both love the blog. – Features Editor]

  44. Fedmeister

    I’m almost feeling guilty about my previous post now after reading others who have just returned…but I stand by it…

    Look out for Dick Parry’s “shoulder switch” between Saxaphones! it’s a classic move and something I guess he’s practiced many times 🙂

    I forgot to mention Steve on drums – he was exceptional! When DG introduced the band Richard Wright received a long standing ovation which was heartwarming… and I though RW on CN was nearly as good as the original… 😉

    I’m calmer now after a few brewski’s but if I ever see that Ginger tw*t who was in front of me again I will make a kebab out of him with my pointy stick…

    One other thing… I wonder if Guy will remember that silly woman who was front row, stage left, first balcony who made every attempt to attract his attention by dancing and waving her arms around. Unfortunately she wasn’t close enough for me to say… “Oi… Stupid Woman…NO!”

    Fedmeister… I look forward to the rest of the shows and will continue to Blog with alacrity…

    [Oh Rudders, you and your words… – Features Editor]

  45. Rudders,

    This may be only of small consolation, but 5+ days after Radio City my memories of the event are of how great David’s two solos were on “On An Island” (not to mention Graham Nash’s accompanying air guitar), how wonderful it was to hear “Fat Old Sun” the way it was meant to be played (didn’t watching David strap on his Strat while the others were singing “Sing to me…” give you the biggest feeling of anticipation you’ve ever had?), and feeling like I was in a 1971 Pink Floyd concert during “Echoes” and its dry ice and light show. I don’t even think about the screaming drunks blocking my view of the stage anymore.

  46. [i’m getting angry just thinking about the loudmouths who might spoil the rah show for me. why do they do it? ffs, can’t they control themselves? will i be able to control myself when i feel i want to punch them?]

    Hi Victor ,

    I too am a bit anxious as to the presense of loudmouth yahoos at RAH . Could we possibly tape their mouths shut with ( wait for it…..) THE GREAT GAG IN THE SKY.., ( my worst pun yet sorry!) .

    Looking forward to Leno and the AOL thing .
    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  47. Sorry Just to add , Has anybody that booked through SEETICKETS taken delivery of said tickets?

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  48. Just got home from the show and i’m still thinking how great this night was. Gilmour and his band played Echoes and what a treat it was.

    Love the new album. anyone who has tickets for the 10th is in for a an amazing experience of live floyd songs.

  49. Happy Monday,

    Good to read some positive stuff from Canada. Some ‘meetings up’ are being organised and, across the whole tour, a lot of people taking their kids with them. I love the idea of that. My kids have not got the remotest interest in my love of music whatsoever. Dont get me wrong I have 2 wonderful daughters aged 20 and 16. They are the best I could have wished for (well ar’nt they all) but their music tastes are a bit iffy. Where did I go wrong.

    Some fantastic selections on Holiday Desert Island Discs. And, if it is any consolation, I had big trouble with it too. I did notice that some of the selections that I had to sacrifice made it onto other lists. I also noticed stuff on peoples lists that I had not even heard of. Given the trouble that people had compiling their lists then those selections must be worth checking out.

    Finally, I thought the idea of a download list was a good one. Not that I own a machine to download tunes onto. So, for anyone interested, at the end of Fridays posts I have included my downloads list.

    Pete – Coventry

  50. Was Rudders at the same concert as the other people who have only great comments to make about the concert? And do you think the “drunken idiots” that he encountered were David Gilmour fans or really Roger Waters fans trying to cause trouble?!!

  51. uh oh… from the looks of this, it appears as though I may have falsely gotten my hopes up for Crosby and Nash being there. I hope they join Gilmour for the Chicago shows too, but I’ll try not to get my hopes up again! Anyhow, it’s good to see that he added “Wot’s…Uh The Deal” back into set. Whether he brings out any special guests or not, I think the Chicago shows will still be amazing! 🙂

  52. [“awesome show. Wish we could’ve smoked some dope inside though. oh well. go leafs go” – BOB ]

    …umm, yeah Bob,…THIS is what you have to say about Sundays Massey Hall show ??!!!

    Buddy, come here while I stick this white-hot “L” into your forehead!!

    I just came back from the show and I have to totally agree with Rudders;…drunken idiot f**king simpleton buffoon w*nkers DID (nearly) ruin many beautiful moments tonight.

    The number of times I heard “…YEEAAAHH!!! WOOOOO!!!” in the MIDDLE(!) of a song. Or songs with amazing soft outros (the beautiful (new) acoustic end of High Hopes for instance) that were drowned out by impatient “‘Floyd Rulez”-knobs who had to be the first to get their “Yeahh-F***in’-Woooo!!”‘s in and thus start a chain reaction of premature applause that tragically smother David’s precious last few bars of the song. (… notes that he tried to keep playing ; desperately wanting us to hear them.)

    ….I [and I’m sure many other TRUE DG fans] strained to catch them (as fleeting and precious as they are!!)through the growing din, but we couldn’t. Those moments were so achingly frustrating I could’ve cried.

    …and Bob I’m willing to bet that YOU were one of those brain-dead F***ING MORONS inappropriately Yeahhh/AllRight/Wooo-Hooo!!!-ing your way through this magical show.

    …well screw you pal! There’s this guy named Claude in Montreal you would get along great with.

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour and band (you were all great), I truely enjoyed it and had an amazing time ,…despite TOOLS like “B-O-B” BOB.

    Good luck to you TRUE fans in Chicago and LA in not suffering the same fate as most of us did tonight.

    (Yes it was still amazing though, wasn’t it Rudders? Fat Old Sun and Wot’s.. were brillant)

    …and all you Bob’s out there can go jump in the Lake.

    >:( Tom

    [Take it to the bridge, Tom! Woo! Yeah! My favourite post in ages. Hats off to you, sir. – Features Editor]

  53. Hey everyone, back form the Massey Hall show. Was absolutley great! I have to disagree with Rudders though. Where I sat it was quiet during the songs, and the whistling didn’t really bother me. The first set was great, but the second set really made the ticket prices worth it. The encore was really fun, and I looked around and saw everyone singing along to Wish You Were Here, and if im not mistaken, David didn’t even sing one line of the song due to his voice being drowned out by the audience.

    Thanks alot David and Band!

  54. Hey.

    For a while now I’ve been leaving messages asking David to play ‘On The Turning Away’ at the London shows (or all of the UK shows). But here is why:

    ‘On The Turning Away’ is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, about world suffering (which I thought would have fitted Live 8).

    The ending solo to the track is brilliant, especially the version on the ‘OTTA’ CD single.


  55. uhhhhh….dearest FEd!

    About my request to give us the possibility to listen Fat Old Sun in concert’s version, you wrote: “We can’t put bootlegs on the site, sorry. That would be very naughty”. This is not the answer I was waiting for, dear FEd! What a disappointment!

    I need to find something to corrupt you! Uhmmmm…the only thing I have is a little, poor car! The house where I live in Rome it’s not mine…I could try to banish my parents and lend you my family’s villa in a little town near the sea…in front of Sardegna…more or less! Is it enough? My parent’s could stay to help you in the houseworkes, if you prefer!
    Let me know! I wish so much listen Fat Old Sun again!

    Anyway,,,we were still friends!

    Have a good day!


    [Sorry, I’m not taking bribes this week. Although that villa does sound delightful… – Features Editor]

  56. Hi FEd,

    You go away for a few days and all hell breaks loose…I was really feeling for you whilst trying to read the 900 or so emails from last week. I didn’t want to post as I didn’t want to be drawn into the furore. But I’m glad, for everyone’s sake, that everything has settled down now.

    Anyways, I’m glad that Rudders et al had a good time in Toronto. It’s a shame there were a few whoopers and hollerers but there will always be some drunken idiots who spoil the party. C’est la vie.

    I’m very late for Pete’s album choices but better late than never, I suppose.

    Solo: Amused to Death

    Albums: I’m pretty stuck with the album choices as the lack of greatest hits albums means that Black Lace’ Agadoo and the Conga might not make the list! Oh well..
    I suppose it’ll have to be U2: The Joshua Tree, Kate Bush: Hounds of Love, Radiohead: OK Computer, another band called Pink Floyd who coincidentally also released an album called “the Wall”, Queen, and AN other which I can’t think of at the mo.

    Keep smiling FEd, and always know that no matter how mad the mails might get you are truly appreciated and worhsipped as the Blog God you are.

    Take care

    PS. two-nil, two-nil, two-nil two-nil etc

    [You were making me feel good until the last bit! – Features Editor]

  57. Caption:

    Aw crap its that pesky juggernaut again.


    Frankie goes to hollywood managed to bag the presale tickets

    RE: Geoff Duffy – I’m in the same boat mate, my fingernails are gnawed down to the bone in anticipation.

    Quick heads up on a pre/post show get together for the RAH on the 29th. Anything good going? don’t suppose theres a tribute floyd band doing a late set?? (dreaming again).

    oh and as said before. Great to see Guy P posting with the xx at the end again. I thought he had fallen out with us :p

  58. Noticed a post from Guy Pratt earlier today.

    Thanks Guy, for taking the time out from your busy tour schedule to read the blog. It is interesting to read both the band’s and the audiences perspectives of the shows especially since I won’t be able to see you in person this time around.

    Wish you and the band a great “rest of the tour”.


  59. [To complete the question of Pete: What would you take to spend your time on this desert island ? (books, TV, …?)
    For me: it would be: paper and pencils (for drawing and writing). And you?]

    Ikkar – Pen and paper sounds good to me. Along with my Walkman and, more recently, a pair of glasses as my eyesight is getting worse by the day.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Tell me about it, mate! – Features Editor]

  60. Hello everybody

    I really enjoyed the top album choices everyone contributed to.How about a top ten Pink Floyd and solo members chart Fed?

    If that’s cool then here’s mine =

    1 Wish you were here. (David at Meltdown version)
    2 Arnold Layne.
    3 Pigs.
    4 Terrapin (Barett version)Though David’s is great
    5 Effervescing Elephant.
    6 Learning to fly.
    7 High hopes.
    8 Take a breath.
    9 The bravery of being out of range.(Amused to death)
    10 Echoes.

    Wow that was difficult look forward to seeing everyone elses.

    Keep up the good work Fed

    [It would be better to save it for a non-show night, if you don’t mind. Have a good think, everyone. – Features Editor]

  61. Stuff and nonsence: has anybody seen the facts and figures in there. They are quite staggering.

    Another fact I have just found out. As I have mentioned ‘Little White Bull’ by Tommy Steele was one of the earliest records I ever owned. It was written by Guy Pratts dad.

    Is this true or am I being wound up here.

    Pete – Coventry

    [It’s no wind up. David saw your post and passed on this piece of trivia to Polly, who passed it on to me, and I passed it on to you lot… Something for you – especially the demanding ones – to think about, there. – Features Editor]

  62. Whoops forgot to add commiserations on last nights result for Arsenal David maybe next year 🙂

    Good luck in Europe though

  63. Hi Adrian,

    I’ve seen the Australian Pink Floyd a couple of times as well (at the RFH I think, but def on the South Bank) and they were good, but I have to say that I wasn’t able to close my eyes and have them musically replace PF. Musically they were very good, but the lead singers voice is absolutely not David and every time he opened his mouth it reminded me that I wasn’t at real thing. IMHO they’re an excellent tribute band but there’s just no substitute for the real deal…


    [Good point. We forget what David’s voice contributes to the Pink Floyd sound (no pun intended). – Features Editor]

  64. Hey Deborah!

    Ask Angelo for my email address so we can correspond. I almost went to the Toronto show but had to bail. No one wanted to take the ride.

    Best Regards,

  65. Rudders,

    Sorry you had a mixed ordeal. That Dick Parry switch was irreproachable. I managed to see it through my binoculars…

    What shall we do with our pointy sticks, then?

  66. Angelo

    Are you going to relay your story about when you first became a Pink Floyd fan, etc?

  67. So David Gilmour did an interview this morning on the NY radio station Q104.3. It was wonderful to hear him talk about OAI and the tour.

    What I found particularly interesting is David talking about the saxaphone experience. Apparently his son was taking lessons and David decided to try it out as well. He said the teacher was a 24 year old who didn’t really know who David was but eventually learned. So how cool is that?

    Its unfortunate that the info on this interview could not be posted before it happened but I understand why.


  68. Wow! Massey Hall was an absolute blast. I honestly believe that this was the finest concert I have ever had the opportunity to witness. Echoes alone was worth the drive and the ticket price. There may have been some yelling, but from my seat on the floor (left side centre is definitely the place to be) the fans were excellent. Fat Old Sun was also a major highlight. To those headed out tonight… will not be disappointed!

    David, thank you sooo much for an enchanted evening and the tour as a whole

  69. I have been thinking a lot over the weekend about the recent blogs to the live shows in NY and Toronto. More particularly the audiences and their whoops and the gasps and the dancing and the drinking and the smoking.

    There are a lot of important and poignant issues been raised here.

    For example, I went to see Hatfield and the North last year. The vast majority of the audience were 40+ and were taking the whole thing in.

    David Gilmour obviously attracts a mix of the older and the younger fan.

    As a youth I was, I guess, a fairly obnoxious person. I danced, drank to excess, smoked far to much. I do wish though that I had taken more in and appreciated the event more as I do now.

    Putting my head above the parapet now. Could it be an age thing.

    Pete – Coventry

  70. Hello Everyone,

    I have been strongly encouraged to share this particular photograph with you. It is one I took of David Gilmour on 4/5/06. Deborah cropped out the periphery to create this DG-only image.

    FEd, I hope sharing this picture here okay. Additionally, is there a way to send a print to EMI for David and Polly? I thought perhaps this New Yorker could actually “give to them” instead of asking for anything in return? Just a thought…

    David, if circumstances were different (eg you not being hounded by a dozen askers), I might have had brief conversation with you. That, of course, is presuming I kept my wits about me while that close… funny how the mind goes blank like that?

    Click my name….

    [I’ll e-mail you the details, Angelo. – Features Editor]

  71. Hi

    I went for the Concert yesterday in Toronto.

    Concert starts at 8pm sharp amidst the roar of the crowd. David’s feel is still supreme. Take a breath was exactly that: breathtaking.

    Post intermission was Floyd tracks. And he pulled out the biggest surprise of the evening.

    No Floyd aficionado would have expected “Echoes”. The Wright-Gilmour combination was truely sublime. There were the “pulse concert” type of lighting which complemented the fidelity of the music.

    Last but not the least , The comfortably numb version was similar to Pulse. An extended version to the point that it was nothing but protracted orgasm!!!

    High Hopes, Time, Breathe followed. In the midst of cries for Dogs and Pigs ( me included) , David with his nonchalance let his fingers do the talking.

  72. Thank you David and Richard and the rest of the marvelous band!!!

    I was at the show last night with my 16 year old daughter and the show was Fantastic!!!!

    I think On An Island is an instant classic.

    Take a Deep Breath was really powerful and intense!! I loved A Pocketful Of Stones in the first set. The lyrics reflect alot of feelings I have about our surroundings.

    I think David Gilmour is a really nice guy and as he stood a played his heart out, you could feel the emotion with each bent drawn out note. To me, it was his personality that shines on like a crazy diamond!!!

    Fat Old Sun, Wots…Uh The Deal, Echoes, Breath,Time, Wish You Were Here, Shine On!!!! (not to take away from the Division Bells songs). Truly amazing.

    The last time I heard David perform Echoes!!! was in 1975 with the Floyd and 31 years have passed. I honestly cannot believe that Time!!! has flown by so fast. When I heard Wish you were here and Shine On You Crazy Diamond live, it was just before it was released. When he played it last night, the feelings I felt back then came back and it was like visiting a dear friend again.

    On our way back home after the concert, we had to drive down the QEW and back over the border to the USA since I now live in Western NY and when the border guard asked me for my ID and where we were coming from, I told him we went to see David Gilmour in concert in Toronto!! It was 1am by this time. He looked at me, he knew who David was and he asked me “Was It Worth It”. I Smiled, looked at him and said “Yes!!!, every 127 dollars worth!! He grinned, gave me back my ID and said, Have a nice day!

    Thank you again David!!! It was a pleasure to see you in concert again and it was extra special since I was sharing it with my daughter and it will be something we will cherish and talk about for a long time!!!

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip here in North America and I hope to see you again in concert in the future!!!



    P.S. My daughter was the envy of her classmates in highschool for being able to see you in concert!!! I am sure she will have alot to talk about when she gets back as she wears her new On an Island T-shirt

  73. From now on, the word “perfect” has a new definition…it’s the sound of David and his band…

    Thank you David and thank you Band!

  74. Saw last nights show at Massey Hall. What a great venue. While I have seen many Floyd tours, (Dark Side of the Moon, Wish you Were here, Animals, The Wall, Division Bell) I have never had fantasic seats. Well last night I was priviliged to sit front row center. What a treat! The show was absolutely stunning. I can’t quite put into words how moved I was by the whole experience. I had always wanted to see Echoes one more time and last night fulfilled a long awaited dream. Anyone who is yet to see the show will not in anyway be disappointed.

    I see that Guy posted a comment: “Well we thought it was our best yet…”. Guy sure looks like he’s having more fun than humans should be allowed to have. I’ll be reliving this concert in my mind for sometime to come.

    Rock on Dave, rock on.

    Joe from Niagara Falls, and that’s Western NY not “upstate”

    PS. Claude is still a Dork.

  75. Wow. Last night at Massey Hall was great.

    There was so much smoke during Take A Breath, the fire alarm went off!!

    Massey Hall was a great venue. It was so great seeing the band larger than the size of ants. Light show was amazing for such a small venue.

    I thought the crowd was pretty good. The occasional “WOOOOH” is to be expected really. I noticed a young lady dancing through Comfortably Numb and Guy Pratt seemed to get a kick out of that.

    Echoes was the highlight. I always thought the studio version was a bit timid, but this live rendition rocked!!!

    I have a very strong, pragmatic feeling, that this will be the last time we’ll see David Gilmour. It was fun. Thanks.

  76. Hi Mr Fe/Ed,

    Sad to read the posts about some near ruined evenings due to more of the selfish a**holes about.

    How can screaming all over something you have paid a lot money for and probably waited years to see be having a good time?

    I have been to gigs where I have had loads of trouble from these weirdoes doing there best to destroy everyone else’s fun.

    I hope no one does this s**t near me at the RAH, I can’t help wondering do these same people pay thousands of pounds on a high end stereo and sit there at home going WOOOOOOHOOOO YYYEEAAAHHHHH all the way through every album they play?

    Please if anyone feels the overwhelming need to do this (getting pissed and screaming s**t) at David’s concert’s get it out of your system at home first and give us all a break.

    Music is for listening to! not seeing if you can drown it out by screaming and whistling! believe me you DON’T sound better than Mr Gilmour.

    When the band has finished playing each song is the time to go crazy and show your appreciation NOT IN THE MIDDLE.

    I’m sorry to be negative but these selfish people are the bain of live concerts. At Earls Court in 1994 everyone sat quietly during the songs and it was absolutely wonderful, on only one occasion in the five gig’s I saw were there any problems.

    It was due to a couple of girls with whistles blowing on them constantly thankfully they were dealt with by security.

    I apologise this will be my only rant here as nearly everyone on this blog don’t seem the type to do any of the above, and if you are the type I hope you might possibly think of others!! shocking thought I know.

  77. Question for Fed Ed.

    Is there a way I can access posts of a certain individual thru a search on the site? Need to contact a few about their prior posts but it’s like looking for gold on a sandy beach. Thx

    [I’m afraid you can’t, Mike. Our search facility needs some tinkering. Let me know what you’re after and maybe I can help you through the admin. side. – Features Editor]

  78. i went to the show last night at massey hall-amazing..thanks to my uncle deets-he’ll probably read this, and thanks to dave and the band it was an amazing show, had great seats..and just everything was awesome, best night ever!

    thanks again

    -krystal w.

  79. David hope you will have a concert as soon as possible in Istanbul. Wish You Were Here…

  80. I loved the show, although the first set only really came alive with Take A Breath – much like the new album only really rocks at that point – but I digress. I would rather have heard, say Learning To Fly or even Keep Talking than the title track from The Division Bell. It seemed to bring the momentum to a standstill. This is just minor quibbling though, about a wonderful show. We had a “Yeah!” and “Hey!” guy sitting behind us, too. But compared to a lot of venues, the distraction was pretty minor. It was funny when the smoke detector went off! Fortunately it didn’t continue for long.

  81. Dear Blog,

    Took the boat out on the lake yesterday – first day of the season. Thought – hey I should bring my OAI CD. Well I can tell you, it was quite serene floating with the engine off, lying in the sun, listening to David’s music. HIGHLY recommended!

    Now, here’s what my alternative/punk rock-listening 14 year-old daugher had to say about it: “OK, I’ve heard enough of your DRAMATIC BIKER MUSIC”

    Don’t ask… I have NO idea….

    [Kids, eh? What are they like? – Features Editor]

  82. Generous, the Sunday night show was generous. It looks like the Gallery at the top was the place to be for this show. The hooting wasn’t even close to a distraction. David just kept adding precious little bits everywhere. It’s like the whole band pulled out a necklace of emeralds and diamonds and then at the end David reached into his pocket a threw a handful of rubies on the table. Rudders I am truly sorry you missed the joy of this show. It was extremely wonderful and if I did miss a bit of the Spanish guitar at the end of High Hopes I had many, many more enjoyable moments of sonic overload. Well done to the whole band. I’m glad you enjoyed it Guy, the people up in the rafters were darn near swinging by the end.

  83. Have seen 7 shows on this tour so far and have to say that by far last nights show was THE best one yet, Dave was on fire! ive never seen him play as good as he did last night. Comfy nmb solo was outstanding as was FOS. I thought the crowd in genera were pretty well behaved, a few whooopers and whistelers but compared to the NY shows it was nothing, you could have heard a pin drop for most of the show last night, you would have had a hard time hearing a bomb drop at the NY shows!!

    looking forward to doing it all again!

  84. Was at the show last night. If I had to sum it up in one word… FLAWLESS!! This show tops the Pink Floyd concert I saw in Hamilton in 1975.

    Rudders > I would actually like to know where you were sitting as I thought the audience was fairly well behaved. It’s a LIVE show for f*** sakes… of course you’re going to hear some screaming. For the record, we had no “drunks” sitting near us.

    And some of your comments…

    “The first half was ok”
    “many bum notes”
    “the rest of the songs were loose to say the least”
    “the rest of the second half was sublime”

    What f***ing show were you at?? And… after reading all of the blogs on this site… I’d say you’re in the minority with your assessment of the show!!

    David… to you and your band… again… FLAWLESS PERFORMANCE!! Looked like all of you were having a great time… as I did! Wish I had tickets to tonight’s show!!

    Regards, Sam

  85. FEd ~

    There was mention of a commemorative “Tour Pin” in one of the posts. I did not see one offered when we where at Radio City Music Hall ( I could have missed it ). My question is will it be offered on David website?


    [I’m afraid it doesn’t seem to be listed with all the North American merchandise, Matt – and there are no plans to include it, either. I can confirm that it is to be included with the European merchandise, however (that will be online later this week for sure). Not my fault, so no complaints from anyone, please! If you want to order it from Europe, you’ll need to check that they will deliver to your part of the world first. Alternatively, perhaps you could write to Anthill and ask them why they don’t have the pin badge on offer to fans in North America if they had them to sell at the North American shows? – Features Editor]

  86. The Toronto show last night was very fulfilling. The performance of Echoes alone was worth the price of admission. The enthusiasm of the crowd was wonderful and appropriate for the emotional quality of the performance. David and the band gave 100% for an impressive 3 hours and I hope they feel that Toronto gave back.

  87. For those who are interested, this morning’s interview with David by Jim Kerr on New York’s Q104.3 radio station is available for download/podcast. Link’s in my name. Haven’t listened yet myself because I’m at work, but I’ll listen on a lunch break. There’s also some older interviews with Nick Mason further down the list, in case you missed those.

    [Thanks very much for that, Michael. – Features Editor]

  88. David should release a DVD for the whole Toronto performance and call it Live thrills in Toronto, or Live On the Island in Toronto, or Live Piece in Toronto. LOL

  89. Warning : Long post. Scroll down to the next entry if you want !

    Oh, Rudders, your posts are so much needed here. The only drawback is each time you post (I’m not native/fluent in English) I have to either get my old dictionary, or Google when I’m again Lost for Words 😉

    “Alacrity, noun. From the Latin alacritus meaning promptitude. Similar in meaning to its synonyms Velocity and Celerity, all three mean quickness in action or movement. Alacrity stresses promptness in response to a suggestion or command, cheerful and eager willingness, appropriate quickness, and in general the beginning of fast movement.”

    In regard to this blog, yes, but not in regard to David’s playing. The often (when appropriate) slow, expressive way of playing is so soothing for my soul. Of course there are those times in Echoes, Fat Old Sun and Wot’s … Uh The Deal where he really gets loose. I think that’s also the advantage of not have the complete Pink Floyd film-backdrops, etc. There’s more room for instant variations.

    Is it me (I know it’s “not done”, but I’m fortunate to have some recordings from this tour) or is the drumming in Echoes changing ? It’s SOOOO powerful now (and the crowd loves it). I think Steve really is even more integrating into the songs. Or didn’t I simply pay enough attention in Amsterdam ? I was so ‘on cloud nine’ as you’d say (you probably have a more eloquent word for it, like exultation ? Reminds me BTW of Porcupine Tree’s Voyage 34). The same appreciation is valid for Guy when he starts the powerful basslines in Echoes: he gets some well deserved cheers (and then hopefully the crowd goes back into silence until the end of the song).

    Tom, sorry to hear that just like Rudders you had some people around you spoiling parts of the show for you.

    And then we have Guy (hi !) telling us “Well we thought it was our best yet…” and we even get two kisses (not three ? Most of us have been nice to you, haven’t we ?). Great to hear the band is enjoying themselves and that you find ways to improve during touring. Wish could see some of the upcoming gigs… Everybody going to see one/more of the shows: ENJOY.

    Thanks you Guy and all of the band for your music, your thoughts, your presence. THANK YOU (repeated, then slowly faded out)

    Other topic: I know David wants to have things perfect, but the idea sb. mentioned about making the gigs all available for fans would be very appealing to me. I’d go for it without thinking ! I like the news of the surprise acts and the growing into the tour and trying/changing things to keep it fresh, even though I’ve already seen ‘my’ two shows in Amsterdam. Hopefully, if a DVD emerges, spare parts can have some of those special moments.

    About the spoiling shows for fans like Rudders and Tom : Maybe it’s an idea to get the ushers move all w*^nkers to a separate area where they can hear the show through a glass -soundproof- window on speakers ? Or have them drink a special potion which will numb their voices for the next 2 hours ? Maybe that could be added to the beer and after 5 beers the voice shuts down for 2 hours and tranquility sets in ?

    What really surprises me in a good way is I haven’t heard a single comment from people yelling for Money or some other tune David doesn’t want to play. Maybe responding to them with “You want money ? Go to an ATM, we’ll play this instead” and then starting a blistering version of Interstellar Overdrive (sorry, had in on in the car this morning) will help ?

    Well, more than enough rambling from me.


    [Ramble away, Piet! You’re welcome anytime. – Features Editor]

  90. My son Joel and I are just besides ourselves.Jumping in the car now for the trip to Toronto.Be there in about 3 hours.

    (Rudders,bringing a tazer with me to take care of the scousers, hooligans and scoundrels)

    [No, leave Scousers alone! Hooligans and scoundrels, definitely. Give them hell. – Features Editor]

  91. Too bad Rudders, I hear you. Upper left gallery would have made your evening much better. It seems that the closer you are to front stage, the attitude of audience changes. I hope our experience tonight on the floor will not dampen the show. I forgot to mention, Jon was excellent, great job on the slide. You are very shy from what I gather, hiding in your little cubby hole, but very professional. The standing ovation Richard recieved from David’s introduction brought the house down. David allowed the audience to acknowledge this moment entirely. Great show, see you tonight. In Toronto at 2:00pm, early dinner at Bumpkins, hopefully it’s open. Then to the HRC. Rudders, if you are attending the show, we’ll definetely spend some real quality time, and Andy too. Glad to see that Guy posted “best show so far”. Thanks Fed.

  92. Im sorry if this has been answered but I have not seen it. WIll the complete touring band be playing on Jay Leno?


    [I’ve got no details for you on that, sorry. – Features Editor]

  93. I don’t go to concerts anymore because of one thing: the audience. For David though, I’ll always make an exception. There were the odd shouts, but overall, I found the great unwashed to be pretty well behaved. Mind you, I was sitting behind a Napoleon Dynamite clone and his geeky buddy who constantly whispered and fidgeted with their cell phone cameras. Even they weren’t too bad. Sadly, I was sitting right in front of the guy who was yelling out “Right on DAVE!”; “SYD!!” and “Dominoes!” at the quietest moments. But, whatever. It IS a concert after all. But everyone around me stayed in their seat and there was very little irritation. It was one of the better shows I’ve ever experienced. I think it’s due to the respect we feel for Pink Floyd in general and David Gilmour specifically. They’ve always done well in Toronto. And I’ve always tried to be in the crowd.

    Sure, there were some knobs. But overall, I was proud of the way the audience conducted itself.

    But MAN, they’d better address the product sales issue. They only had three people selling shirts, hats and programs – to the great heaving throng. (2 and a half if you count brain matter.) I waited for 25 minutes to buy some stuff and finally had to give up. These people really weren’t up to the job and had absolutely no idea about efficiency or handling crowds. Often, two sales people would stop selling to explain to the third person how to process credit card and debit transactions. I felt bad for David because he lost out on some serious coin as many of us simply gave up in frustration over the lack of coordination at his sales kiosk. Hopefully the matter will be sorted out by tonight. Too late for me though.

  94. In about three hours I’ll leave for the drive to Toronto from Buffalo. I am very excited. I hope there aren’t too many idiots in the crowd tonight. I want it to be like the recordings of European shows I’ve seen where everyone is sitting and there is applause at appropriate moments but not any that covers up the music. I hate when I go to concerts and everyone is standing despite the perfectly good seats behind them, which forces me to stand in order to be able to see. I hate getting nailed by flying beer too. I hope Massey doesn’t sell alcohol. I think I heard that somewhere.

    [They do sell alcohol, but you have to keep it in the bar. Have a great time, mate! – Features Editor]

  95. Dearest Guy,

    is always fantastic, when you speak to us! Thanks so much! You, David and all the band are fantastic! I saw you in Rome and the show was UNFORGETTABLE! So unforgettable that I wish I could listen you again and again! I loved in particolar Echoes and the brillant version of High Hopes and Fat old sun….ohhh! FAT OLD SUN! Fantastic! I tried to corrupt FEd so that he would put a Fat old sun bootleg in the site…but he is incorruptible!

    Could you intercede for me, please?!!!

    Stop joking! I hope that you, all the band and your family are enjoying yourselves very much!

    I’d like to thank you for communicating with us. It is really great!

    Please, say David and all the band that the show was fantastic!

    And one of the most beautiful thing was that, when a was seeing to the stage, I could see a band formed by real friends who enjoyed themselves and give joyful to us!


    Good luck for the futures show!


  96. Hi, can you please clarify what Guy Pratt was refering to when he posted “Well it was our best yet” – Best show of the tour in N.A and or Europe, or was he referring to a particular song?

    To Guy, great energy at the show & loved the Townshend windmill move during C. Numb. Your bass playing, kinda reminded me of Chris Squire’s playing.

    Thanks again, for a Great Show

  97. Hey FEd!

    Click my name! You will see some pictures of the little town we were talking about… you know! 😉

    And the pics are not so good as the reality!

    Remember: near Rome, near the see, near the country, near everything you want!

    Think about my offer!


    [OK, I will. – Features Editor]

  98. Saw the sunday show at Massey Hall, came home stunned! I had only expected to see something like the Meltdown concerts, and didn’t expect any lightshow or anything like that.

    The first set was great, especially Take a Breath and This Heaven. The second set was absolutley genius and it seemed like there was more and more energy as the show went by, until Breathe played. If someone wasn’t going crazy when Breathe started, they definitley were when Time did.

    Echoes was the highlight of the show, absolute craziness.

    Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb was the favourite part of the show for me, alot of the audience participated, but the band really shined on these tracks (especially Rick’s piano on WYWH)

    Great Audience, Great Band, Great Venue, 5 stars out of 5 for this show.

    Thanks David, Rick, Guy, Phil, Steve, Jon, and Dick for that show, best i’ve ever seen!

  99. I was at Massey hall last night. 9th row RSF. Words cannot even come close to describing what an incredible experience this was. To feel the magic of Gilmour’s guitar this intimately is something I will always remember. The sound is incredible. During the 20 minute masterpiece Echoes my jaw literally was touching the floor. It is one of my fav Floyd tunes and I would never of thought they would play that tonight..unreal.

    Onto Rudders point. Yes you are always going to get morons in the crowd who have no concept of timing, who holler during the most hypnotic phases of a song and blurt out ridiculous things at ridiculous times. One idiot even yell ‘kick my ass Richard’…ummm ever think that may be mistaken for ‘kiss my ass Richard’, show some respect. I guess people need to understand that this is not a metallica show. For the most part the crowd was amazing, I think Gilmour was taken aback when we cheered for an was deafening and you could see him look at Rich Wright share a ‘Wow’ look.

    Overall it was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you so much.

  100. I’m quite shocked at the number of posts focusing on how “rude” the crowds are. I think expectations out there are way too high.

    This is a live show! Gilmour’s fan base is not limited to die-hard fans who are going to be sober, quiet, and totally focused on every note. Even though I happen to be one of them and had orchestra seats (10 rows back) at Radio City on April 4th, I thought the crowd behaved better than most live shows I’ve seen.

    Let’s be realistic…look at Pink Floyd fans from the 602, 70s and early 80s. If they’re still alive, they’ve probably calmed down with the partying, right? Attending a show like this would probably kick up nostalgia…and with that comes the booze. And booze makes people behave badly.

    In all, I’m kind of tired of reading about how “bad” the fans behaved. How did it feel to see Gilmour and Richard Wright playing together?How was the set? How was the light show? How was Gilmour’s voice? How were the solos? The sound quality? Etc? Etc?

    Hey, this is most likely the last time any of us will see Gilmour (and Richard Wright) perform live.

    Thanks for reading.

    Terry H
    New York, NY

  101. Thank you David Gilmour !!!

    I last saw Pink Floyd in Toronto inJuly of 1994 with my dad and that was a night i will never forget.

    My dad passed away in in 95 and last night at Massey Hall I was able to relive some of those moments with my brother.

    Mr. Gilmour and his band were absolutely amazing last night, it was a night I will never forget !!

    The highlights of the show for me were ths songs “Echos” and “Wish you Were Here”.

    Once again thanks again David, it was all that I imagined it would be and more. You are the greatest gift to music.

    Shine on.

  102. Here in America we have a cableTV game show that I think we ripped from the British…I believe it is called “Distraction”…a panelist tries and answers some mundane questions while he is squeezed into a phonebooth with 10 very old and fat naked street people or pummeled to the ground by very large tvwrestlers and bikers. (yes, we turn to the motherland for a “wide variety” of cultural entertainment….hehe)

    Anyway, you have to tune this madness out and keep your eye on the ball to win. If anyone recalls my “input” of the NYC4th show….that is what I had to do….yes,I was angry…but in the end, when all is said and done, the payoff is worth it. Given a choice of “no show” or a “show-with-cranked-up-shrills-puking-out-from-their-blowholes”…I’d still opt to be there.

    To be there and hear the maestro (and band) in person is unlike anything else. A cd or dvd is just not the same.

    To those yet to see this tour, I hope your audience is respectful and that you enjoy yourselves.

    To Guy: please wear a shirt that says “sit down and shut up”.

    To David: Sir, you made a comment in an interview that people didn’t care about themed albums. Well, I don’t agree and hope you keep doing them. Also, when you do the release on cd and dvd’s for this tour…could you release an “American-tour-version” and a “European-tour-version”???? I don’t believe this has ever been done and would be really “cool”. Your loyal brood of fans & students &braindamaged sots would like to see&hear both.

    To Polly and kids: Have fun while you are here and make sure the adults take you to places like the Grand Canyon and Sedona and Yellowstone and Yosemite. When I was a kid, they did a thing called the “firefalls” from Yosemite….they spent the day building a monster size bonfire on a cliff and at night “slowly” scraped the coals over a 2000ft cliff. It was like a waterfall but with fire and you could see it for miles.

    Anyway, ignore the people and enjoy the Nature.

    P.S. Polly, I like your writing.

  103. Michael Kelly: thanks so much for the links to the interviews; my dial-up connection decided to take a long snooze the minute David came on and I missed everything.

    Stephen! sorry you couldn’t get to Toronto. If I had decent wheels and money we would have hit the trail. I’ll email you.

    Thanks for stopping in, Guy. I wish I could’ve said ‘hello’ in NYC but you and David ‘Speedy’ Gilmour were moving too quickly.

    (…and the link below is to a drawing I did of circa 1972 David – enjoy)


  104. I was in Massey Hall on Sunday. I was in the last row of the upper Gallery slightly right of center directly in front of David. In my opinion, these were the best seats in the house. The seat rake was steep so that sight lines were not obscured by people in front of me but I was only about 100 feet from David. The sight was however Obscured By Clouds (of fog from the fog machines). If you were on the floor, you missed a great deal of the lighting, especially the projections on the stage floor. The sound was good due to the fact that I was against the back wall so slap echo off the rear wall was not an issue. The line arrays were well aimed as well. The show was as good or better that most Pink Floyd shows I have seen (at least one show on every tour since 1973). In my area, the crowd was respectful, quiet (in the quiet parts you could hear a pin drop) and sat down for the most part. No rowdy beer guzzlers near me only sincere fans who were very glad to be there. In short, David was just as good as he ever was and I had a very enjoyable time. Thank you David and the Massey Hall staff.

  105. I saw the show last night at Massey Hall… Just a quick observation. The bass guitarist was wearing a shirt with “They Do Well Don’t They” which looked very similiar to a shirt David wore back in the days of Roger Waters. Any significance in the phrase???

    [As it says above, it’s a reference to Arsenal’s 1971 league and cup ‘Double’. Both David and bassist Guy are football fans and support Arsenal. – Features Editor]

  106. hmmm, Im getting a little worked up now hearing about all the “woo-hoo”ing in the crowd. Im pretty sure I want to go home after the concert and not spend the night in a cell for, errr, politely tapping some fine folks on the shoulder and telling them to calm down and warm their seats.

    I managed some nice seats right up the front for the Oakland show. Is the crowd behaviour a problem only in the back seats? I cant imagine who would pay thru their nose to gets seats up front and then do the baboon dance while echoes was winding down. I have half a mind to reach the venue early and make arrangements with security beforehand. Like if I stand up and spin around twice, means a drunken baboon at 2o’clock–go get him.

    While Im at it, might as well try and find out more about the pointy stick. Ive seen numerous references to it, but seem to have missed the posts where it all started. Whats that one all about then, F’Ed?

    [Just an angry mob’s accessory-cum-weapon of choice. Call us sad, call us sick, but we do enjoy fantasising from time to time about inflicting gratuitous pain and suffering on the people who annoy us. We’ve even got one of our regulars manufacturing the things. Noisy, drunken fans, eBay profiteers and ticket brokers have all been savagely attacked by said mob with said pointy sticks. Only in our minds, of course. Only in our minds. – Features Editor]

  107. I just wanted to thank David, the band, and everyone involved with putting together this wonderful tour. The Wednesday night RCMH show was a once in a lifetime experience. I thought you all might find it interesting that we had 3 generations of our family at the show. My mother-in-law surprised us all with tickets (you won’t be hearing me complain about my mother-in-law anytime soon!)

    Just wanted to say “thanks” for a superb performance, and let David know how much his music has enhanced my life. As a troubled youth growing up, there were many times that I felt like music (specifically Pink Floyd) was the only thing that I had holding me together. And sometimes music can put things in perspective like nothing else can. Wednesday’s show had that effect on me.

    I hope everyone else enjoys the upcoming shows as much as I did.


  108. Fabulous show last night, highlights I thought were Fat Old Sun, really outstanding extended ending, had the young fellows siting behind me asking “What’s the name of that song!!!” afterwards and Echoes was magnificent.

    thanks for the beer Rudders and pals, and maybe see you guys and/or Frank at the Hard Rock tonight as well.


  109. Alternate Gilmour, Nice of you giving Polly advice on where to take the kids, but the firefalls at Yosemite has been gone from there for at least 25 years. Has something to do with not being very good environmental wise, let alone the huge fire hazzard. Do not quit your day job to be a tour guide. Just kidding!

  110. More recollections from last night…

    I forgot to mention that I was extremely impressed by the rhythm section! Besides being excellent players, both Guy on bass and Steve on drums were exceptional. It was very nice that they “studied” to original versions of songs. Specifically, Steve learned and PERFECTLY recreated the drum fills for “Time” and “Echoes”. BANG ON! And Guy did a very credible hommage to Roger’s bass playing during “Echoes”. Too often we get approximations. Last night we experienced the closest thing there is to Pink Floyd. (And I for one am still processing the event.)

  111. [Just an angry mob’s accessory-cum-weapon of choice. Call us sad, call us sick, but we do enjoy fantasising from time to time about inflicting gratuitous pain and suffering on the people who annoy us. We’ve even got one of our regulars manufacturing the things. Noisy, drunken fans, eBay profiteers and ticket brokers have all been savagely attacked by said mob with said pointy sticks. Only in our minds, of course. Only in our minds. – Features Editor]

    I’ll be leaving shortly,but bringing my hockey stick instead

    [That should do the trick. Enjoy the concert! – Features Editor]

  112. lots of great reviews. thanks to everyone for sharing. seems like a better (quieter) audience than new york, but it goes to show that you get rowdy people everywhere. they will be in all the uk shows too, the uk is not perfect and people don’t wear straw hats and sip earl grey 24/7. i’m a bit p*ssed with the guy who had a go at me for being anti-american. i thought we were getting over that as it did everyone’s head in. i stand by what i said, but of course meant no offence.

  113. Hey Fed!

    I read your info about “ON THE NATURE OF POPULARITY” on the stuff page. Intersting looking at those numbers. Good Job! I recommended a wage increase a couple of months back, go get it!

    Great drawing! Looking forward to your email. And yes we should hit the road for another show. I heard interview on Q104. It was great, a couple of questions revisited but David indicated that they are looking at adding a few shows after his son’s testing is over.

    Thanks for the link MICHAEL.

    Best Regards,
    NY, USA

  114. Caption:DG, Loudly, I TOLD YOU ONCE BEHAVE!.

    Back home in Blighty All is calm, Yippee Ha!im in the chior.

  115. David has such a glorious speaking voice and I was wondering has he ever considered narration for a children’s book or movie?



  116. Quick heads up on a pre/post show get together for the RAH on the 29th. Anything good going? don’t suppose theres a tribute floyd band doing a late set?? (dreaming again).

    oh and as said before. Great to see Guy P posting with the xx at the end again. I thought he had fallen out with us :p

    Posted by: Ripper at April 10, 2006 12:05 PM

    I’m 100% sure our fellow Bloggers will arrange some sort of post show activity for RAH . I’ll be in kennsington for the three nights and I assure you I intend to unwind something savage after ( NOT DURING ) after each show.

    Can’t come quick enough my friend .
    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  117. Jeopardy answer for today:

    The best day to see David Gilmour

    Question : Wots….Uh Fat Old Sun…Day

  118. Don’t worry kingzorghh. The show is fabulous and you will hardly notice any annoyances from fellow fans. just get lost in the music and don’t get worked up anticipating these people 🙂

  119. Hi Fed.

    In Germany over 100.000 Albums of “On An Island” are now sold – thats GOLD!! Congratulations David!!


  120. I have to say I agree with Terry’s comments on audience participation. What the Hell do you expect going to a live show? If you hate all the “yeahs” and “wooos” and so on, maybe you should just sit at home and listen to a cd instead of attending a concert. Part of the experience is getting excited with everyone around you — it’s a social function. I actually think it’s kinda cool when a song is fading out and it gets drown out by the sound of the crowd coming into it. The crowd is a part of the song. It makes it feel organic, as opposed to just sitting there passively listening to it. And for those thinking “I came to hear Day-Vid, not you,” then sit at home and listen to David and over-analyze every note he plays. And avoid people at all costs.

    I thought the audience was great last night. Quiet at appropriate times and loud at appropriate times (the crowd response to Rick Wright was awesome). And the show was nothing short of fantastic. When Gilmour launched into the guitar break coming out of the “spooky” section of Echoes, I thought the walls were going to come down.

    Buffalo, NY

  121. Going to the show on Sunday in Oakland. we’re so
    excited. I saw Pink Floyd twice back in ’94 at the Rose Bowl. Wow!

    David is putting on Quite a show for us this time, Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to see who joins him, it’s gonna be one hell of a night!

    Oh ya, I’m sitting 2nd row!!!

  122. Nice to hear some good comments about the Radio City Show, it was a remarkable two nights

  123. The shouting wasn’t as bad as some are suggesting (and not nearly as irritating as the brainless self-indulgent “caption contest” many here contribute to regularly).

    This was a fantastic show. The emotional highpoint for me was Wots uh the Deal, but from beginning to end, this was all great. David blew a bit of air on the Sax, but that just made it more “live.” And yes, it was great to see Richard perched behind the keys.

    The last time I saw Mr. Gilmour was Cleveland in 1977 from the 50 yard line. I have to say that Row G Massey Hall was better. For those going tonight, you’re in for a great experience.

  124. (…and the link below is to a drawing I did of circa 1972 David – enjoy)

    Wow Deborah! Very nice drawing!

    […Noisy, drunken fans, eBay profiteers and ticket brokers have all been savagely attacked by said mob with said pointy sticks. Only in our minds, of course. Only in our minds. – Features Editor]

    Only in the mind or not, it is strangely satisfying… Yes, I’m seeing my psychiatrist soon… LOL


  125. [quote] We’ve even got one of our regulars manufacturing the things. Noisy, drunken fans, eBay profiteers and ticket brokers have all been savagely attacked by said mob with said pointy sticks. Only in our minds, of course. Only in our minds. – Features Editor]

    Strange you talking about pointy sticks Mr Fe/Ed I got one stuck in my mind once.

    I know I really should stop playing with it but you know how it is when there’s no body about to poke with it you naturally start experimenting don’t you?

    I tried an extra long one once but the accuracy diminishes the longer it gets and…..hang on a minute what am I on about? – see what happens when you have to wait till the end of May to see Mr Gilmour!


  126. Only 3 and a half more days till the Rosemont!! I have 177 miles to drive to the windy city. Then its check in time. See you all there!!!!! Cory

  127. [Putting my head above the parapet now. Could it be an age thing. Pete – Coventry]

    yes and no pete . i am 31 and have been going to gigs on and off for the last 10 years . marillion for example attract a mixed age audience but for the most part (unless singer H encourages us to sing or clap along ) the shouting and noise making is left to between songs where it belongs .
    it can also depend what type of gig you are used to . stadium gigs where you can make as much noise as you like and still be drowned out by the music or smaller gigs where you listen to the music and relax . if you are used to stadium gigs the smaller gigs can be a bit of a shock to you as talkin drinking and making noise can be a bit of a no no . just my theory anyway !

    have to run , talk to you later .

  128. Do you know if there be a Polly Samson website anytime soon?

    These two shining examples of her stunning collaborative work with David qualifies her as one of today’s finest lyricists.

    “Now life devalues day by day
    As friends and neighbours turn away
    And there’s a change that, even with regret, cannot be undone”

    “While you were hanging yourself on someone else’s words
    dying to believe in what you heard
    I was staring straight into the shining sun”

    And currently “On An Island”, “Pocketful Of Stones” and “Where We Start” have just completely captured both my imagination and my heart…

    Thanks ~


    [Well, there is a website for Polly’s debut novel, ‘Out of the Picture’. Link’s on the Links page. – Features Editor]

  129. I saw Sunday nite’s performance in Toronto, and hear is my quick analysis: 1st half, excellent, 2nd half, OFF THE CHARTS! My highlight was Echoes: never saw it live before, heard good reviews, and it didn’t disappoint. Drove over 300 miles to this show, and it was worth it. Thank you, David & co.

  130. A little bit off topic, but I am sitting here grinning to myself, listening to something which is either a total piss take, or is totally inspired, I am not sure.

    If you can find it , search out Gregorian – Masters of Chant Chapter V. They have done a version of Comfortably Numb, complete with violin solo for the middle part and a ripping electric guitar solo at the end. All I could think of was medievil monks playing air guitar. But I will say this, the song plays very well with the harmonies.

  131. well here is my review of Sundays’ show at Massey Hall, unf*ckingreal. Rudders and Tom have to disagree with your take on the crowd, Boys not sure where you were sitting I was in the gallery and really everyone one up there was farely well behaved. yeah there was some yelling and whistling but it settle down once the songs started.

    the show was everything I hoped it would be and more. 24 guitar solos all different and the lights were mindboggling at just the right times. My son commented that it was like a stadium show in his bed room.

    between Massey Hall and David Gilmour and his band he proved the old saying correct. Things really do get better with age. Everyone attending the show tonight at Massey Hall then Chicago and California enjoy yourselves as you are about to attend possibly one of the best concerts you will ever see, it really does not get any better.


  132. Can we please add ‘coming back to life’ or replace ‘fat old sun’ with it?

    I’ll be in Chicago Thursday and I’ve asked very, very nicely once a month since December.. 🙂

    You have played it at prior concerts but only a couple times I believe.

    See you 4/13!! And thanks for the tour!

  133. For those of you fortunate enough to see this show this evening, PLEASE relish this opportunity. I have been trying to book a lfight and buy a ticket to the show in Chicago since seeing him in NYC last week. And please do not get up and walk out of the first set if you are only there to hear Floyd songs, the first half of the show is why “HE is here”, most of us are there for Floyd. So pay him the respect and listen, it is an amazing part of the show!

    Matt in Maine

  134. Stephen, sorry you never made it to Toronto. I would have joined you myself if able. Check your in-box later…

    Lesley, I haven’t forgotten to put up my story. That’s cool you remebered. I’ll probably share that tomorrow between tour dates.

    FEd, thanks! I’ll check my in-box later.

    Oh yeah, thanks to Deborah for puttin that picture up on a link! Cool drawing by the way…multi-talented I see. You play guitar, are a photographer, and draw!

  135. For some reason, my comments on the Friday night thing wasn’t posted, either, but I have to say, what a great priviledge it was to attend that. THANK YOU DAVID for that.


    [This is the only comment we have ever received from your e-mail and/or IP address, sorry. Nothing has been denied, so the reason it was not posted was because it never reached us. – Features Editor]

  136. Oh no…just heard the 104.3 radio interview…

    David Gilmour has thought about summer tour dates but there’s nothing solid yet…?

    You know what that means…..

    Scene: Staffers at work feverishly to increase server capacity as their David Gilmour blog caapults their site ranking past Green Day and Eminem….

  137. F.ed, I was just thinking as some folks sell air guitars on ebay, why don’t you try selling an air pointy stick? You never know they might catch on lol!

    [Especially if I scribble something faintly resembling David’s autograph on it with an air pen, eh? – Features Editor]

  138. I saw this comment above from an annoyed UK fan regarding those who yelled things during the concert: “I’m sure the band will look forward to playing back in the UK where the audiences are more circumspect and appreciative…”

    In fairness to the Canadians & Americans in the audience, I saw Dave at Royal Festival Hall in January 2002, and there was EVERY BIT as much yelling from boisterous and/or drunken fans at that show. Seems to be the norm at a Dave concert.

    [Fair point, Matt. – Features Editor]


    [There’s a gap of about 34 days between the second LA show and the Glasgow show, Simon. This is to allow one of David’s children to take his school exams without any disruption. There is talk of the London shows being filmed, but nothing has been confirmed officially by David’s management yet. Several shows have already been filmed, by the way. – Features Editor]

  140. I’ve now officially reached the “posting to pass the time until Thursday” stage.

    I was just thinking about what a privilege it will be to see David solo on Comfortably Numb. Perhaps the greatest tribute to how special seeing and hearing him do it live happened at Live 8. There the band is, playing together. Rick and Nick have seen David play the solo live probably, what, two hundred times? Five hundred? Someone with a better idea about how many times he’s played it since it came out would be able to say. Anyway, there they are, playing along, everything is going great. And then right before David plays the bridge solo you catch a glimpse of Nick taking his freaking headphones off so that he can hear the freaking solo (I assume that this is the reason he did it. I’m not a musician, so I don’t officially know what the band hears through the headphones up on stage.) What could say more about how special this is than a professional who’s seen it hundreds of times taking his headphones off so that he can savor every second of it? Truly remarkable. I can’t wait for Thursday!


  141. Don’t get me wrong,…I was rabidly yelling/screaming/clapping after every song Sunday night at Massey Hall. You have to. The raw emotion of the event and the quality of the performance demand it.
    Yes it is a Rock Show (…of all rock shows!), but it’s also a gathering of peerless musicians pouring their souls out to bring one humble man’s meticulously-honed Swan Song (?! …God I hope not!) to life.

    On An Island is a serenely beautiful CD. We’re all* blessed to be able to hear it live *( those not lucky enough to get one of the Golden Tickets will be in for a treat when the DVD comes out!).

    You just have to show some respect to the fans and artists who have both waited years for this.

    They want to hear our appreciation, but they also want us to hear ALL of the song. Just try and be patient, …try and take in the beauty of every precious note. I think David and band would want that.

    Look I know this is all a moot, bullshit point. There will always be this at concerts. It didn’t ruin the show for me,not by a longshot; it was too indescribably amazing to do that. The lack of respect just made me want to weild my pointy stick at someone.

    Thanks again to all of you onstage for a very special night. Enjoy the rest of your journey.

    🙂 [not >:( ]


  142. Thank you for “Fat Old Sun” It was performed brilliantly. I love that song. Always have. My wife was not as familiar with it, but she is now. The performance of “Wot’s…uh the Deal”….WOW! Thanks for that too. Brings me back. Way Back. I think I have grown old too David. My kids have had their fill of David Gilmour/Pink Floyd these past few weeks as that is all they’ve heard in the car.

    Keep playing forever please, I will always be there listening.

  143. Saw the Massey show last night and what a show/venue! Not a bad seat in the house. I was in the balcony, 9th row back (out of ten rows), directly in front of Mr. Gilmour.

    First set was what I had expected after reading about the previous shows but what i didn’t expect was the total silence during “A Pocketful of Stones”, wonderful. That and “Smile” were my particular faves from set 1. I thought the audience was great during that first set, unfamiliarity perhaps?

    Second set was what the masses came for and hence what Rudders said earlier about the buffoon yelling during “Echoes”. He was in my section about Row G or H seat # in the 70’s if I had to guess. Had he’d been closer to me I think I would have lost it. As it was he was only a minor irritant and the crowd overall was fantastic 🙂

    Great show and I just wish I could have stayed for night 2 tonight.

  144. I think it’s great that DG is going on Leno this month. That could bring his charting back to where it should be in this country.

    Don’t get me wrong. I know that chart positions are merely numbers. However, from David’s point of view, I imagine that with all the work he’s put into this album, he’d like it if someone in the USA got to hear it. Leno gets a larger audience than most other shows, and the people who tend to watch his show are those most likely to be interested in David’s music. So, I cannot wait to see David on Leno (both because it’s the best chance to see him live, and also because it’ll be good for David).

  145. Hey there, Feat. Ed it has been a while since I posted but, I haven’t had anything to say…until now. As I am reading these reviews of the lucky ones who got to attend David’s no doubt mystical performances, I am extremly disheartend to read that drunking morons are ruining the show for some people. I have long been a proponet of peace and diplomacy but if you are one of these fools, I must say KNOCK IT THE F**K OFF!!!! I am not even attending the shows (Due to uh….location issues 🙂 but I can empathize with those who are trying to enjoy the show and those who are performing. Who knows if David and crew will ever do another tour and it is these bloody idiots that put pause into their considerations. So here it is Shut up and enjoy the show because there are people who did not get to go who would give their left arm for (literally) to go and to show this much disrespect to both these people and the performers is unexcusable and if you are one of these imbeciles you deserve all the violence that is brought on you!!!!

    To David: Thank you so very much for coming over to North Amercia and playing and Please, please, please excuse these ASSES that are disrupting you. Please don’t think that we are all like that, again thank you for your time, music and patience and I do hope you are having some fun over hear.

    Whew, now my face is not red any more and I can actually breathe. That’s it for me hopefully I don’t make another angery post, because it sure takes the fun away from this community.

    Cheers Mate!

  146. I was at last night’s show at Massey Hall, lucky enought to be in the third row on the floor. The show was simply amazing. Being familiar with the DVD from 2003, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this show had an intimate feel for some songs, but a Pink Floyd experience with great rock and roll for others. I thought the sound was great, the performances superb, and the experience unforgettable. If anyone still has a chance for tickets on future dates in other cities, I would highly recommend they pursue them to see this once-in-a-lifetime show, no matter what the cost.

    Although every tune was absolutely thrilling to enjoy, I must say that Echos in its entirety was a particular highlight. Fantastic job guys! I’m already envious of people who are seeing Toronto’s second show tonight!

  147. Hi Nickster,

    I have read through my post again, and I can see where I went wrong with my point(I`m not very good with words). I was not suggesting that the aussie floyd are as good as the real thing, absolutley not, and like you I was reminded at times during the show that I was not watching floyd. But they are the closest thing to PF to watch as it`s evermore unlikley PF will ever tour again. That said I did enjoy the show.

    I`m sorry for missleading you and everyone else, I was really drunk at the time, and I hope you don`t think of me as being a plastic fan?

    sorry again,

    all the best

  148. Angelo wrote:

    Oh yeah, thanks to Deborah for puttin that picture up on a link! Cool drawing by the way…multi-talented I see. You play guitar, are a photographer, and draw!

    I also make a mean strawberry cheesecake and can program a DVD recorder, if any of you single men out there are paying attention. 😉

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photo of David with the blogorians, Angelo. I’m sure everyone (well, everyone smart enough to click on your link) appreciates your generosity. I know I do.


  149. i drove from canton,oh to toronto to see the show last night, about a 6 hr drive! it was well worth it, GREASTEST concert i’ve ever seen in my life. i’m still amazed he played echoes!!!

  150. Well we have just arrived home from our 3 hour flight from Toronto. Saw the show last night and was TOTALLY blown away, was perfection !! Thought the sound was fantastic and had goose bumps all over for almost the whole show, what an experience !! Echos, what a mind blower !!

    Thanks to David & the band for an unforgettable night !!

  151. It’s a beautiful spring day here in Chicago (a.k.a. the Windy City). Low 70’s in temperature (that’s 21 degrees C. for the rest of the world) and bright blue skies. Maybe some clouds before David and tour bring their much anticipated shows to our fair city. I can hardly stand it until 8:00 PM Tuesday evening when the lights dim at the Rosemont Theatre and the first notes of Castellorizon flow from the fingers of David to may waiting ears. What’s that I hear in the backgroud Ping ….Ping….. It’s just another play of Echoes on the CD player as I write this. Gotta go and close my eyes as I travel through time and space of one of the most brilliant songs ever presented.

    David, Polly, kids, and band, enjoy our fair city. It is beautiful all year round but springtime is special. Hope you enjoy the trip. See you Tuesday.

    Hope all is well in your world.

  152. What an experience last night in Massey Hall. I have to start by saying a huge thank you to Eric from Ottawa for holding a ticket for me.David Gilmour is larger than life !!

    I don’t know where to begin but to say thank you so much David for playing here in Toronto and especially for coming back to Massey Hall.The music speaks for itself.It was so surreal hearing you bend those notes. The haunting Shine
    On You Crazy Diamond and the highlight of the evening was hearing ECHOES..what a masterpiece of sound and vision.David, I realise this might be the last tour you ever do and I along with all of your fans wan’t to say thank you for all those years of magic. Your music is timeless and will be enjoyed by many generations to come.

    SHINE ON DAVID,ROGER,RICHARD,NICK and to “SYD” THE PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN who started the journey all those years ago…


  153. My best friend and I are going to both shows in Oakland, we talk on the phone 4 times a week like little kids because we are so excited. I hope everyone in Oakland is respectful of the intimacy of the music and keeps there mouth shut when it should be shut, and cheers when it is time to cheer. We didn’t pay $500 a ticket to listen to some drunk shmo scream during the quiet parts on echoes. I am so excited, I have been driving my wife crazy for 4 months. David Gilmour is the man.

  154. Greetings!

    Glad to see the Canucks put Davey over the pltinum top.Message for Rudders- I don’t know why you were so upset with the drunken’ louts, they were sitting in front of me not you. I don’t know what was more bothersome, their brainless outbursts or you constantly jumping up and down in your seat row J. What’s the deal, bad back or have to urinate?-Mr.seat83 row J.

  155. Whew…I’ve been reading posts for hours! My DSL went out over the weekend and I got dreadfully behind. And one should never get BEHIND on one’s blog reading.

    Clever FEd and bloggeristi: is there something I can do, some trick, to make it easy to know which posts I’ve read and which I haven’t? If I can’t read an entire day’s worth of posts, I find I have trouble picking up where I left off and ultimately I become flummoxed. (If not, no worries….)

    To David Gilmour and all the guys in the band and Polly and the family and everyone at the website, especially the FEd, and the crew: I love you!

    Becky the Ebullient

    [Sorry, Becky. If there is a way, I haven’t discovered it. But we’re looking into numbering the posts. – Features Editor]

  156. Aaron

    Believe me… you do NOT want to miss Fat Old Sun! trust me… I’m a doctor…

  157. Madcap…

    “brainless self-indulgent “caption contest” eh!

    Hmmmm…. I’ll make sure I redouble my efforts just for you… 🙂

  158. Just wanted to say I am going to Wednesday’s show in Chicago (11th row, I can hardly wait!!!). I’ll be posting my review– as soon as I can get to a computer. Saw PF @ Soldier Field in ’94 and it was as close to a religious experience as I may ever see. From all the other posts, it’s looking like this show will be a ‘second coming’ of sorts. Maybe all of us bloggers should devise some kind of system to recognize each other by… I dunno.

    Anywho, 46 hours to the show. I can’t wait!!!!

  159. The concert last night was amazing, David and the band put on a great show, the music was as always..orgasmic! I have seen David Gilmour perform, I can now die happily..or wish for another concert!

    I also know that his fans in Egypt are very jealous, David has millions of fans in Egypt, like everywhere else!

    Thanks for an amzing performance..

  160. Overall, I loved the show, but man, the kick drum was mixed way too loud. Took a while to get past that…

    The solo at the end of Comfortably Numb had me weeping with joy.

  161. to geoff duffy: sorry i didn’t reply last night. i was getting my quick fix of gig reviews and forgot to answer you. we should definitely gag their mouths shut if they make too much noise at the rah. i don’t feel that’s having fun. it’s just being a fool for the sake of it and having no respect for anyone around you. this music is way too special to drown out. i want to hear every single note. btw, in case people in the uk don’t know, we can get jay leno’s show over here. my girlfriend told me the channel on sky digital. it was 5… something. will find out for you.

  162. [It’s no wind up. David saw your post and passed on this piece of trivia to Polly, who passed it on to me, and I passed it on to you lot… Something for you – especially the demanding ones – to think about, there. – Features Editor]

    I’m stunned. You know that this is going to go to my head now.

    And I demand that ‘Little White Bull’ be added to the set list on May 29th.

    Happy Tuesday
    Pete – Coventry

    [You tell ’em, Peter. And ‘Little Brown Jug’ as well. – Features Editor]

  163. Hi all,

    So saddened to hear that the wailing morons are out on tour this year. Glad to hear that both band and fans are having a good time, but this issue of over excited/drunked fans is such a shame. What really irks me is that DG is playing tiny venues with great sound, only to have it ruined by a moron who thinks he’s in a 70,000 seater stadium (and at a PF show, not DG).

    If these fools keep up this kind of behaviour I worry that DG will feel less like playing publically in future, and let’s face it, that’s the worst thing that can happen. I really don’t want a minority of morons to influence David at all, but especially if it interferes with my listening pleasure and/or listening opportunities.

    I wish I were as optimistic as somone posted, something along the lines of ‘the brits will be better behaved’, which might be true (quiet desperation and all that) but we too have our share of banshees here (albeit possibly less – but all it takes is one…and there’s always one…).

    Is there anything that can be done prior to the gigs to prevent this? Seems a shame to have to make an announcement prior to the band going on stage by management, but maybe it will come to it. Something along the lines of ‘we want you to enjoy tonight’s performance, but please, anyone found excessively shouting during a song will be asked to leave to ensure everyone’s enjoyment’ or words to this effect…(or even ‘Careful with that Axe, Nickster’).

    Thanks for all the reviews. On one hand Guy thinks they had a great night, and on the other Mr Rudders thinks they were a little loose on the OAI half. I wonder if the effect of these banshees has a direct effect on the band and their performance, or in the very least the perceptions of the audience? As for me, I’m keeping an open mind and holding any kind of opinion until I get to hear them first hand next month….


    [You’d think the management and band would at least start considering my ‘suspended sniper’ idea, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t even notice him shooting tranquilliser darts at the rowdy ones in the audience what with all the lasers. I’m sure Marc Brickman could fit a sniper into his light show. – Features Editor]

  164. An incredible second night in Toronto! Thanks to David and the band for a show that will leave lasting memories for my son and I.

    Just a short note for all you folks lucky enough to have tickets to future shows, when they say the show starts a 8PM, it does. Be on time! It’s your loss if your not in your seat! When the band plays, listen until the last note on every song. Alot of songs end softly and it does sound great if the crowd allows for it.

    Enjoy, we did!

  165. F*Ed ~

    Sorry to bother you but I cannot find a post and wanted to know if there was a reply. There was mention of a “tour pin” and I was wondring if this was going to be offered on Dave’s merch site.

    I did not see it being sold at RCMH on the 5th of April.

    Thanks ~

    [Please excuse the delay in answering your question, Matt. I had to chase up an answer (which is the case for many people who send in queries that are not answered immediately, so please be patient). It seems the pin badge isn’t – and won’t be – available to buy online through the North American merchandise page. However, it is to be included with the European merchandise. This will finally be online later this week. If you want to order it from Europe, obviously you’ll need to check that they will deliver to your part of the world first. Presumably, they will. Alternatively, you could write to Anthill and ask them why they don’t have the pin badge on offer to fans in North America, seeing as they’re based in New York and were selling these items at the New York shows. They do have an answer to this question in their Help section, however. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but only Anthill can give you an answer. – Features Editor]

  166. Hi all, I just want to say you go Josh I couldn’t have said it better myself I totally agree with you. NOW YOU HEARD THE MAN SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS & JUST enjoy DAVIDS magical voice & guitaring. Bye 4 now. I LUV YOU DAVID X


  167. April 9, 2006

    The show was so unbelievably good. I have seen Pink Floyd music played note for note by the Australian Pink Floyd experience, but to see the man himself playing the songs and singing the tunes, this was an experience that will never go unforgotten.

    David Gilmour, thank you for being in existence and thank you for bringing your genius to Toronto!!!

  168. [Sorry, Becky. If there is a way, I haven’t discovered it. But we’re looking into numbering the posts. – Features Editor]

    in the meantime, what I do is take a copy of the last line of the last post and save it in notepad. Then later when the blog updates, simply copy the line in notepad and press Ctrl and F – this brings up a text box. Paste the line in there and click find next. Hey presto, takes you to where you left off. I thank you.

    Ripper (smugmode)

  169. [Doesn’t anybody have anything remotely intelligent to offer on these postings]

    Is this the Mensa blog then? sorry I didn’t realise.

  170. I very much enjoyed the show at Massey Hall on Sunday. It was everything I had hoped for and more. I was very happy to hear Fat Old Sun, Wots uh the deal, and Wearing the inside out instead of Coming back to life. Don’t get me wrong, I very much love (cbtl), But I saw it live twice in ’94 and have never seen the other 3 songs live that I mentioned. For that matter I’ve never seen Echoes live (except for Pompei) and it was just wonderful. What a show!!! I broke the bank to get 2 tickets (3rd. row from the stage) and it was worth every penny.

    For those of you going to future shows Please take note of everything Tom Connolly said on his posts on this page. (especially his second post) I wish that the crowd would have let David and Co. finish every note before clapping and cheering.

    As for the Drunken Fans, We had one 3 seats away from us and he wouldn’t stop shouting “we love you” during the quiet parts of the songs on the first set. (very annoying) Some people near us complained to the usher during the break and he put a stop to it. The guy was quiet the whole rest of the show Thank God. You know, no matter how much people are complaining on this blog about the drunks and the (during the music) noisy fans this is the way they are and they are not going to stop. They don’t care that they are annoying others and most of them will do it more just to be more annoying. Who knows maybe a building will fall on them “one of these days”.

    Thank you David, Richard, Guy, Dick, Phil, Steve, and everybody else involved for an outstanding performance.

    Rochester, NY

  171. re Becky the Ebullient: “Clever FEd and bloggeristi: is there something I can do, some trick, to make it easy to know which posts I’ve read and which I haven’t? If I can’t read an entire day’s worth of posts, I find I have trouble picking up where I left off and ultimately I become flummoxed.”

    here is a primitive but effective solution: in your scroll bar is the little square that slides up and down as you scroll. at the point you stop reading a blogpage, put a post-it note pointing to the entry. next time you go that blogpage, just scroll to the note. hope that de-flummoxes you.

    (i used a similarly primitive/effective set-up with clay and toothpicks when i ran a Super Trouper in the day. as a result, i was always known for being ahem ‘spot-on’ my target.

    re Matt Parish and the Elusive Tour Pin: i saw something tiny pinned to the wall of t-shirts at RCMH on 4/05, but couldn’t get close enough to make out what it was. no price was posted. as someone else has mentioned, the sales staff were so koff koff efficient, i didn’t bother to ask, as i wanted to get into my seat. if that is what i saw, Anthill should ideed be offering them for sale on their site.

    oooh – now i’m among the elite “bloggeristi”! i should’ve put that on a t-shirt. all i could think of was ‘Gilmouron’ which has much less polish, don’t you think, FEd?


    [It has a certain ring to it. – Features Editor]

  172. I’ve been a fan of Pink Floyd and Mr. Gilmour since I was 13, when The Division Bell album came out. Since then, I’ve been an avid collector of everything Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. Unfortunately at the time, my mom thought I was “just a little girl” to attend the tour’s kick-off show at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, so needless to say, I had never had the opportunity to see PF or David perform live… until the 9th of April.

    I was lucky enough to get a pair of tickets in the 6th row for the Toronto show. And let me state the obvious, it was unbelievable!

    For someone who thought would never get the chance to see Floyd songs performed live, imagine the excitement I felt when I heard Rick Wright strike the first high note of Echoes on the keyboard. I went crazy.

    Seeing David only a few meters away from me, along with Rick Wright, the other wonderful musicians (Guy Pratt’s energy was so contagious), the lasers, the smoke, the lights, it all added up to an amazing, mind-blowing show. I was in some sort of trance, and had it not been for David asking about the “annoying sound”, I wouldn’t even have noticed when the fire alarm went off for a few minutes. I was astounded.

    Thank you, David for the wonderful experience. I could not contain my tears as I SAW and heard you beautifully play the guitar (among other instruments), and sing many of my favorite songs (Wot’s… Uh The Deal was an extremely pleasing surprise).

    Now I’m back in Miami, back to reality. However, I will always think of that night as one of the highlights of my life. Couldn’t ask for more.

    With love and gratitude,

  173. Had the fortune of seeing half of floyd live on the april 9th show….one word to describe it..Breathtaking! Simply blown away by the music….Thanks Mr. Gilmour, Mr. Wright and rest of the band…come back to Toronto soon!

    Can anyone post the setlist for the april 10th show?

    [Is that a joke? It’s already very clearly set out – twice – in the 10 April comments. You can’t miss it. – Features Editor]

  174. Sorry to post again within an hour, but I was driving down the road and it dawned on me that I forgot to add Jon Carin to my list of people to thank. How could I forget Jon? For one thing I am a keyboard player and absolutely admire him. I’ve seen him twice with Pink Floyd, once with Roger Waters, and once again with David at Massey Hall. My memory is terrible. Gee I wonder what that’s from??? Speaking of that, Every show I’ve ever seen, I’ve either been Drinking, smoking, or both. This was the first show where I attended completely sober, and I enjoyed the show so much more!!! There definetly are advantages to getting older.

    Good day to all and enjoy the upcoming shows.


  175. Thanks, Ripper and Laurie, for your suggestions. I was hoping the Features Vizier could enable some cookie-related thing that would mark all the posts that have been read but maybe the board isn’t set up that way.

  176. [Doesn’t anybody have anything remotely intelligent to offer on these postings.]

    Posted by: MEDDLE at April 11, 2006 03:26 PM

    Yes, ban someone posting as Meddle

  177. Gilmour’s grace, timing, and clean notes/bends combined with a smashing vocal range were further augmented by the sheer enthusiasm he received from the audience. Almost three quarters of his set list received standing ovations from various fans; some of which were particularly ebullient, for example after “Wish you Were Here”. He had a new arrangement for “Fat Old Sun” that took the classic tune into a medley of dual and triple power-harmonics that won me over again and again. Only one note was missed during the night: after the second verse of “Echoes”… but only by a half note. Echoes, by the way, was phenomenal… THE maker of both nights. He took command of various instruments throughout the night, including the electric, slide, acoustic, and banjo. For one of his new songs, “Red Sky at Night”, Gilmour showed off his talent on the zaxophone. I’m assuming this was a recent skill, as I’ve never known him to play a wind instrument. The song was obviously created to showcase his new found talent. As you would expect of a person of the CBE, he was very courteous the whole night… and we reciprocated, of course!

    The pyrotechnics used in Massey Hall were unlike any other concert I’d seen in such an intimate setting. The effects included lazers, strobes, coloured lights, mist/fog, etc which sometimes engulfed the entire hall, giving the illusion that the audience was part of the concert stage. The fog/red lights used for “Take a Breath” gave the impression that the band playing within a solar flare; a fire cloud in perpetual motion. This was followed by strobes simulating a thunderstorm and ended with an explosion of lighting that probably put Toronto’s primary demand through the roof! (Better fire up Lakeview GS!!! Oh wait, it’s been shut down!) For “Time” they propelled focused lights into a spiraling motion reflecting against positioned mirrors causing an amazing effect. Also noteworthy was a brilliant use of incidental light. Imagine a fog covered stage with a single focused spotlight streaking in front of the band. The effect is best described as “ghosting”, as the band seemed partially transparent. Speaking of fog, the fire alarm was set off BOTH nights due to the mist. This show should be used as a qualifier for any concert-FX personnel.

    Touring with Gilmour was Rick Wright, pianist of Pink Floyd. Unfortunately his voice has deteriorated in the past 12 years, causing him to fall back on his piano talent. Recall his haunting vocals to “Hey You” during the Pulse tour… wowie!

    It is evident from Gilmour’s new album that he appreciates slower melodies that attempt to immerse the listener into his world. Fortunately this was met with little opposition from the Canadian audience. Apparently some people were a bit figity (but still were enthused) at the New York shows. Note of interest: the new album hit platinum in Canada before any other country. Yay us!

    It’s become resoundingly clear to me that the Pink Floyd sound was truly a hybrid of Roger Water’s gritty, poetic pessimism and Gilmour’s appreciation for finesse. It’s amazing they stayed together for so long; they are truly opposites… but what sounds they created together!

    Today I had a mixed sense of euphoria and sadness. Knowing I saw my guitar idol and inspiration has left me whirling, yet I’m sad to know I may not get the chance to see him perform again.

  178. [Is this the Mensa blog then? sorry I didn’t realise.]

    Posted by: ukveronica at April 11, 2006 04:03 PM

    Sorry Veronica,

    Regarding intelligent banter I can’t help because you see ” I always been mad like the most of ( BLOGGERS TELL THE TRUTH ) us have .

    I’m getting worse ………….
    Rgds Geoff Duffy( Dublin)

  179. I bought my first Floyd album in 1968 and my first concert was David with Floyd in Manchester in 1972. Well, here I am going on four decades later and I’ve just come home from taking my wife and two teenage kids to see his concert in Toronto.

    I’m delighted that fate happened to place me on planet Earth at the same time as David Gilmour. His music has made my life a better one. Thanks David, bloody brilliant show. You made the kids and I very happy.

    Best regards and thank you for your kind consideration.

    Robert Godwin

    (CEO – CG Publishing Inc)

    Editor – The NASA Mission Reports, Director “Apollo 11 Moonwalk” & “Forty minutes in the Ocean of Storms”, Author, Arthur C Clarke Award winner and David Gilmour fan.

  180. the show at massey hall was amazing!!!!! echoes was the highlight of the night. there better be a live album released for this tour! well im on the subject of live albums, how about one from the animals tour in 1977?

  181. I was fortunate enough to pick up a ticket from a scalper on Monday night in Toronto. I payed $300 for a balcony seat but money was not an issue on this night for me. I got to see the man who inspired me to become a musician and was the catalyst of my music career now. I went alone to the show and when Mr.Gilmour came on stage, I could not prevent the tears from streaming down my face. The show was almost too much to handle. This man and the music he created with Pink Floyd, I remember, carried through little stereos in secrecy and was used as our defense against the suppressive regime of Islamic Iran, where I am from, and on Monday, I saw him live for the first time. Thank you Mr.Gilmour for everything you have and are achieving as a musician, and as a human being. I hope that our paths cross someday as my endeavour in the music industry, and in the fight for social change to end injustices towards humanity and towards our planet, grows stronger.

    Salamatee(cheers in Persian)to you and your family

  182. just following up on my last post in this thread… i checked and it’s channel 505 for sky digital customers (uk). hope you don’t mind me posting this info again, ed. everyone should know when it’s on and watch if they can.

  183. hey Mr. Gilmour I think yhis is a big improvement for you because you had a great sound with pink ployd and you sound great solo too and good luck please do comfortably numb on your next album its my favorite song

    Brandon James

  184. I flew from Edmonton for this concert. I have waited my whole life for it (I’m not being dramatic… I really have). I was totally blown away. I didn’t think that On An Island could get any better. Take a breath really stuck out.

    Echoes is my favorite song of all time, and never thought in a million years that I’d see David and Richard perform it live. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

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